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File: 1523740769492.png (635 KB, 1257x721)
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>Dreaming that I'm lost in some city
>Getting chased by aggressive youths
>I somehow end up on the ground and can't run
>I pull my conceal carry pistol
>It's a 5 shot pocket revolver, I haven't owned one since 2008
>For some reason I know it's a .22
>I can't pull the trigger no matter how hard I squeeze
you're feeling pressured that niggers and 56% are coming for your guns, and you feel powerless to stop them.
Take the safety off, bru
File: 1432661544002.gif (1006 KB, 260x187)
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>I can't pull the trigger no matter how hard I squeeze

My dream ended the same way.

>dream inna urban area
>warm climate
>running among piles of dirt and concrete barriers thrown together as improvised fortifications
>run up to mound of dirt to engage enemy
>I know I've pulled the trigger far enough but it doesn't fire
>wake up

Spooky dooky.
I had one kept falling back asleep to be in again.

>fighting inna trench and my Browning Automatic malfunctions
>as I start to field strip it it becomes a lever gun?!?

>everyone’s rifles fail and I can fix them
>position overtaken I bayonet a few then am killed
>In bed
>Boom Boom Crash
>Pull revolver out of dresser
>Its not loaded for some reason, but I have a fist full of loose ammo
>Super clumsy, feels like I'm drunk
>Crashing noises getting closer
>Just kind of smashing rounds into the cylinder trying to get a few in before they're in my room
>Rounds are just falling through
>Trying to get cylinder closed with just two rounds sitting loosely in the chambers
>Wonder if the firing pin will just cause the rounds to scoot forwards instead of detonating
>Wake up

On the plus side, I have a lot of nice dreams where I find some gun that I didn't remember buying but am really pleased to have. Like, "wow, I forgot I owned this. I should shoot it."

It's something that happens pretty regularly. Usually the found gun is a shitty .22 pistol or something that might slip my attention, but it's a nice dream all the same.
I don't ever have dreams, does that mean anything?
For me I just have the recurring dream where I'm being chased and every time I try and shoot the rifle either keeps missing despite my sights being dead on or the the rounds do nothing.
Most of my /k/ related dreams are of the

>Under attack / home being invaded / in a firefight and my gun fires fine, I can see I'm hitting my target, but it's doing absolutely nothing to them

The firefight one was particularly interesting because I somehow knew my AR wasn't injuring anybody because I had it loaded with shitty 55gr plinking ammo.
File: 1511805819629.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720)
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145 KB JPG
>dreamed I robbed a bank with a shotgun
>shot several people
>distinctly remember one guard i hit putting his hands up begging not to get shot again so i left him alone
>police showed up, blocked me in
>surrendered and got arrested
>remember just thinking about spending the rest of my life in prison
>woke up

came out of nowhere
i'm not even broke enough to consider robbing anything

it all felt pretty real
File: 1472982545459.gif (478 KB, 500x348)
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478 KB GIF
My gats always work in my dreams, but whenever I'm driving in dreams the controls never work and I always end up in accidents. The thing is I'm much more confident in my driving than my shooting.
>Few weeks ago
>Have a dream
>At an apartment I used to live in San Jose many years ago
>The black guy I remembered trying to break in years ago is successful this time
>Pull out pistol
>Its a Glock. I don't even like Glocks
>Miss every shot
>Run into my room
>I still remember the layout of the Apartment
>Try to load in a mag
>its very light
>Trying to slide it
>My palms were weak and sweaty
>finally get it done
>Run out and see the door across from mine is open
>See the man on the bed
>He's raping my sister
>Kill him with a headshot
>Sister looks at me in amazement
>"Wow you actually pulled that off"
>Wake up
>"Yeah you're welcome"
I dont have any gun related dreams
>wake up in a small cabin
>a group of armed men in red garb surround the perimeter of the building
>pull out a 1911 out of hammerspace
>stand in the corner of the room ready to open fire on intruders
>two men enter and make their way towards the room I’m in
>attempt to fire through the door once I hear them outside
>10000lb trigger pull
>think to myself “I really wish I had a GLOCK right now”
>1911 morphs into a GLOCK 19 instantly
>the men enter; empty the magazine
>fuck no more ammo
>still guys outside of the house
>somehow make my way to the top of the building
>somehow the GLOCK is changed back into a 1911
>welp at least I have ammo now
>fucking 50 yd headshots on the rest of the men outside
>trigger is still stiff
>but not as stiff as my boner
>another guy I was unaware of right behind me, almost to the roof
>tactical roll off the roof
>lose consciousness
>wake up next to grave
>gravestone marked Baron von Steuben
>mfw I’m the Baron reincarnate
>mfw the armed men were all redcoats coming back for revenge
Low capacity and NDs are what my gun related dreams are cursed with.
And there's never spare ammo, always have to get another gun if one goes dry.
>at friends
>hanging with my usual buddies and a few people I sometimes hang out with
>pull out my revolver for no reason. Im in the back of the group and nobody notices
>I shoot James in the head
>fuck James, ya cunt'
>everyone stops talking and stares at me
>i panic
>shoot randomly into the group, drop a few of them while running for the door
>others dont react, just stare at me
>I make it out and bolt home, knowing Im fucked and the cops are coming
>get through door. Dad asks whats wrong, I say "nothing" in the most guilty, upset way possible
>"we have KFC" dad says
>run upstairs, jump into bed, cry to myself "wake up, wake up, wake up!" Over and over
File: mynig.jpg (129 KB, 980x552)
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129 KB JPG
yes. that's common with people with mental disorders.

Never had a basic bitch not competent enough with my firearm dream (ineffective shots or can't shoot). Butt I;ve had some good ones.

>Be me
>Zombies everywhere
>dropping fags with my 1911 and run into an abandoned barn as there's 100s of walkers chasing me
>suddenly confronted by Coolidge and Teddy Roosevelt
>say sup
>walkers now beating on this oldfag barn doors and begin to break in
>i run up to the ladder and start climbing while zombies are grabbing my legs
>next thing i know
Coolidge is on a fucking minigun mowing down deadheads like a champ. Teddy is leverfagging with his 1895 and campaign hat
>walkers get smoked
>minigun stops spinning and brass is scattered all over
>bright light appears
>it's the fucking ayys
>Teddy grabs me and says he's got this
>he runs over to the corner of the barn and bulls a sheet off a quad 50 mount and starts blasting their saucer while laughing historically and yelling GIVE EM HELL BOYS!!!! HAHAHA!!!
>me and Coolidge duck for cover and my dumbass dog wakes me up
File: IMG_5378.jpg (315 KB, 1600x1200)
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315 KB JPG
Had this one a week or two ago.

>be inna dream
>someone I love is being hurt far away, although I don't know who.
>some friends waiting in a car ready to head out
>I'm the only one with guns so I go to grab my pipe shotgun
>Can only find the receiver and stock, no barrel
>panic in dream because I can't remember where it is
>think maybe I'll find one where we are headed
>doubt I'll find a 3/4 pipe with threads cut off just lying around
>get indecisive in dream and can't decide where to keep looking or to go and hope for the best
>Decide to keep searching
>friends in car leave without me
>feel immense fear and longing as watch them go
>wake up in cold sweat

What does it mean /k/, I have always kept my shotguns barrel apart from the receiver but am scared when the time comes and something bad happens I won't be prepared.
>fighting in some desert country
>crawling towards the top of a ridge where a friendly sniper is set up
>he gets shot in the head
>medics take him away
>now it's my turn
>look through scope
>see enemy on another ridge maybe 500 yards away
>line up crosshairs
>take shot
>he's down
>rinse and repeat

>I can't pull the trigger no matter how hard I squeeze

I've also had this nightmare.
>in some sort of compound in the middle east
>sort of like in 13 hours
>on defense
>for some reason I have my own rifle from home
>take a few shots from over the wall
>main door is breached
>work my way down to the ground level
>take a few shots from a small hole in the wall
>aim towards the main entrance
>dream ends
Same here but a long time ago. Also one where my bullets are curving away just when they're about to hit the target. Then I've had a few where the bad guys are bullet sponges soaking up damage. I've also had knife fight dreams like that where I literally have to cut their head off to stop them.

But that was a long time ago. I think it stems from a lack of confidence in your equipment and/or skills. I broke a mag floorplate recently and got a new extended one. Long story short, I wasn't sure if my new one was reliable since I hadn't tried it yet at the range. I had a dream where it failed in a gunfight and I only had one shot at a time. Then I took it to the range and it worked, now I don't have that dream anymore.
>shooting 1911 onna range
>have a misfire
>for some reason decide to field strip it
>push takedown button that it has instead of a lever
>as I pull the slide off a bunch of super complicated G11 tier machinery and clockwork parts come spilling out
>keep trying to pull it all out of the frame
>pile of assorted gears, sears, levers, and random metal parts at my feet
>no end in sight
>RO sees me
>get kicked off the range and sent to a dumpster in the back
>have to hit the lid of the dumpster and yell BANANA over and over as punishment
>as I'm hitting the lid a guy pops out of the dumpster and shoots me
>getting shot feels strangely warm and soft
>wake up
>biting pillow
w-what did my subconsciousness mean by this
>childhood home being attacked in waves
>the nightmare is gathering guns but I can’t find any matching boxes of ammo
>The boxes I do find are filled with weird shit and randoms
That is one strange dream. At first it makes sense but the dumpster and banana part is beyond me.
Holy shit I've had that one too. Scrambling to load a mag but I can't find any ammo. I think it means we need more mags.
File: 1522031769903.jpg (151 KB, 388x443)
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151 KB JPG
>have a weird dream I'm eating at a chicken shack
>for no reason whatsoever it turns into a human sport hunting event and each table is a team
>everyone at my table is useless and breaks down crying
>I bolt to the armory which I omnipresently know where it's located
>it's mostly raided with no magazines in sight. Wall stocked with obscure guns mostly fudd and shotgun
>fn2000 spotted, I grab it
>bundle of loose .223 instantly appears in my hand
>start fighting people off loading one shot at a time. Feels pretty cool.
>escape through the upstairs arcade
>my best friend who is not my best friend but apparently some Armenian dude helps me escape

CBD oil is a hell of a sleep aid.
How much PUBG have you been playing?
File: iowa_1984.jpg (111 KB, 655x517)
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111 KB JPG
>I'm on some sort of navy boat
>a mushroom cloud of water spouts up right next to our boat
>we're taking fire from giant naval guns
>we're hit
>I swim over to some concrete columns that are protruding from the water
>start climbing a super convenient rope that just happens to be there

I think the navy is badass but I suck at swimming so I'm not getting on a boat.
I think you’re right, I’ve had it a few times enough to say it’s recurring

>Try to shoot back in a panic
> Handgun jams
> Pull slide back but it’s comes back 18” like it’s on a rubber band sling shot style
> can’t guide the slide now under rubber band tension back onto the rails correctly
>on a bus, like we're heading towards another field exercise.
> Look around, most of the guys are handcuffed.
> Some gagged, some crying
> Bus driver is Platoon Sergeant
> Pull into some huge barn, doors close
> Fuckhueg circular saws start cutting into the bus
> blood everywhere, screaming, more crying
> last thing I see is driver standing up with stupid smile, saying "Follow me" before getting sliced in half
> wake up in cold sweat, nearly punch gf in panic
I had a weird chicken related dream too

>at restaurant in South America
>it's some sort of opening ceremony or big deal event
>they're serving fried chicken
>whatever, I like fried chicken
>suddenly once we pick up the chicken it turns black and rotten
>people start throwing up
>fast zombies out of nowhere
>I go to the bathroom and wash my hands to get that nasty chicken gunk off me

I can't remember what happened next but I know it transitioned into some operator shit. The zombies totally had nothing to do with the next part of the dream.
>be me
>be sleeping
>inna dream doing dream stuff
>officer chick or something comes up
>go to bend down to get something
>fuckn mag dumps my neck
>end up on ground looking at sky holding my neck
>wake up heart pounding and sweating
Never had the unsqueezable trigger nightmare, but i’ve Had one before where I dump mag after mag into a burglar from my FAL and it doesn’t do anything.

I’ve also had nightmares where i’m Getting ready to kill someone (I don’t even remember what it was for, I just remember unbridled rage and that my AK was apparently genonly solution) and then finding out i’m Missing some inane shit like a stock screw and having to go and hunt for it and never being able to go and kill whatever I was gonna kill, all while arguing with various friends and family over wether on not it was the right thing to do and wether I gave a fuck right or wrong.
Why the hell do you do that?
File: nervous wojak.jpg (44 KB, 569x506)
44 KB
Worst one I ever had
>walking through the woods with a garand
>garand says "45-70 govt" on the barrel
>hear buzzing noise
>massive disgusting bee-wasp thing flies at me at 9001 mph
>stings my balls through my pants
>watch as it pumps a bunch of larvae into my nuts
>testicles swell to the size of oranges
>thank the wasp and keep walking (???)
>lean against a tree by a river
>take pants off
>watch as thousands of tiny bee things eat their way out of my nuts and fly off
>wave to them and wish them good luck
>die from blood loss
>wake up and cover my lower half with a plate of AR500 before going back to bed
>be me again
>be sleeping again later that week
>be dreaming again
>walking to my vehicle parked on side of a street
>random car pulls behind it
>hmmm that’s fishy, I’ll get in on the passenger side instead
>go around to get into passenger side
>close door and grab glock43 from holster and think about chambering a round
>think chambering a round is paranoid
>same guy and same car are now right across from me in the grass of the street
>he’s rummaging in his passenger side
>snaps around and fuckn one shots me in the face
>get thrown into passenger door
>blood and brains everywhere
>try moving hand
>slowly start to fade away
>wake up heart pounding and sweating again
File: 1518428560483.jpg (468 KB, 1728x1152)
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468 KB JPG
kind of gay, but here goes

>dream inna cockpit as pilot of what seems to be an A-6 Intruder cruising along at low level in the jungle on bombing mission in Vietnam, seems very benign and relaxing. soothing.
>turn to new heading towards target, as soon as turn is complete begin to see massive lines of tracer fire heading towards us and AAA exploding near us
>immediately my heart freezes and my skin crawls, pure terror takes over
>try to relay that we're being shot at to my bombardier-navigator that we're under fire, since he can't see because his head is looking down in the radar display to guide us in
>cant even speak because mouth has gone bone dry, begin to slur into intercom that we're being shot at, tongue feels like leather being rubbed against sand that's how dry mouthed i was.
>glance down at picture of girlfriend and immediately the anxiety and fear begin to melt away, i realize that the reason i'm fighting this war is so that she doesn't have to live in fear at home
>AAA and tracer fire still incoming, but can breath and talk normally now. feel an adrenaline rush that puts me into the zone, time seems to slow down and the aircraft seems like an extension of my will and body as i jink and maneuver around incoming rounds.
>have a feeling that intensely rivals any unnatural high i've ever been on. its a mix of pure concentration, warmth in the gut, and pure lack of fear and feeling as if i could do anything i wanted to. there was no limit to how wealthy, popular, happy, or skilled i could ever be.

dreams can be funny things.
>in NK or China
>fighting through the streets towards someplace
>I'm the last one of my group alive
>run out of ammo and go scavenge some mags from a few bodies laying around
>they're FAL mags
>I don't have an FAL
>I can't find an FAL
>large force approaches and I hide
>they start setting up chairs and a podium for some sort of ceremony or something
>I'm hiding right behind the podium
>troops file in, wearing some sort of Asian dress uniform or something
>some important dude starts speaking to them
>I come out and stab him in the throat in front of all of them
>get captured
>in prison
>prison life for a bit
>escape somehow and E&E through what looks like a suburb at night
>crouching behind hedges and shit
>crawl through a flower arrangement
>start getting shot at
>make it to the woods
>I escape
On the bright side, at least your boys were well protected for the rest of the night
I have dreams where I'm shooting a gun I want to own and it feels so real.
Super disappointing when I wake up.
Last one was an AR-180 and I spent the next week on GunBroker bidding, but I didn't win one.
MP5s come up a lot too.
sounds like you had a succubus
File: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png (382 KB, 600x376)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>stings my balls through my pants
>watch as thousands of tiny bee things eat their way out of my nuts and fly off
I think I just figured this dream out. I've had variations of it several times.

>in the gun store
>start looking at the glass cases
>there are some shitty knives
>a few rusted out small caliber revolvers
>look at the rifle racks
>just really old stuff that I would never want to own
>find something interesting but it doesn't have all of the parts (sometimes it's an SKS, one time it was a camo painted FAL)

I think this is what gun stores would be like if we lose the fight on gun control. Oh yeah and everything was way overpriced.
I actually had one today
>Be innagrandparents car
>They are happy to see me like usual and grandpa is still driving (old man is 80 and still drives even though he has to renew his license every year)
>we hit the road to go to their home
>suddenly we are in central america driving on a dirt road
>there's a poor looking latin-nigger playing with a yoyo while walking in front of us slowly
>somehow the trail is now super small like a third of the car but we are still going
>grandpa doesn't take no shit so after being behind the kid he gets annoyed and does a drift around the kid at super high speeds
>grandma is amused and happy
>after pulling a Initial D Deja Vu on a poor 8 year old central american kid grandpa returns to the road
>the kid's father turned out to be a big mafia guy so they start chasing us in black limos
>we are back to a road and I see them back
>my instincs /k/ick in and grab an AK74u and start blasting on them mofos
>no one wearing earpro but no problems somehow
>granny tells me to be careful while I'm shooting at them in fun auto while going at super high speeds
>they eventually fuck off and we arrive back home
>wake up
>granny tells me to be careful while I'm shooting at them
This one pissed me off.
>Decide to take my AK shooting in my yard
>Open door and step into metro.
>Start wandering around, eventually finding my way out of the metro
>Surface in London.
>Make my way immediately back to Metro trying to hide AK against my leg. Follow it back to my 'door'
>Door opens to an office building that has three bobbies in it searching people
>Well fuck
>Still trying to hide AK against my leg, realize door I just went through is now on the other side of the building
>Make my way across
>"Hey, you, stop!"
>Try to run
>whistle blows and my alarm clock goes off waking me up

I woke up pissed.
File: 1520618964534.jpg (99 KB, 446x484)
99 KB
>someone is breaking into my house
>jump out of my chair and yank my closet open
>I have an assortment of weaponry in there
>I stop and think "Hmm. The AR seems like the best choice, but blasting someone with a FAL would be totally rad."
>I can hear the intruder downstairs and I start to panic when I realize how much time I'm wasting
>Finally grab the FAL
>srtugglig to jam the magazine into the magwell while I hear the intruder thundering up the stairs to my door
>wake up

I have also had the unable to shoot/gun doesn't work/invincible enemies dreams that other anons have described.
They seem to be very common.
File: 1523303758037.jpg (39 KB, 409x487)
39 KB
I've had two gun related dreams
>Be me Inna underground bunker looking thing
>ton of pillars everywhere and I'm holding what looks like a mossberg 500 with Ithaca stamped on the receiver
>try to shoot a guy who looks like an unarmored combine soldire from HL2
>pump shotgun
>cycles new round perfectly
>he's prone on the floor 2 yards away shooting at somebody
>shoot him point blank in the head
>safety isn't on
>he turns his head to look at me and I wake up

My second one was a bit shorter
>standing in my kitchen
>my backdoor is open and my back yard is now an open field
>coke fag is next to me and he hands me a Type 14 Nambu
>gee thanks
>shoot first mag
>stove pipes 3 times
>run two other mags
>they cycle perfectly
>bretty fun
>gave it back to him and I woke up
>some guy robs me
>I don't have one of my gats on me
>he shoots me in each testicle
>I take his pistol and shoot him with it
>we both die and I wake up
>wake up
>"Yeah you're welcome"
I see what you did there.
File: SWAT KATS GET OUT.jpg (61 KB, 320x240)
61 KB
>Generic zombie dream
>Bullets actually work for once in this dream
>Driving around with my buddy collecting supplies from friends and family for our awesome fort
>Collected a generator and some insulation, now just need some tools
>Driving inna suburbs and just see a toolbox sitting on the sidewalk
>Jump out to get it and buddy just fucking drives off
>Suddenly zombies everywhere
>Battle zombies until I find a convenient dirt bike in someone's front yard
>Jump on and execute several improbable maneuvers to escape
>Get lost in a spooky part of town, but eventually find my way to the fort after some spooky exploring
>Buddy is sitting inside drinking beer and watching TV with his (now ex) gf
>"Oh hey anon. My girlfriend called me and said she needed me to come home."
>Motherfucker, you left me
>"Yeah, she said it was really important and I figured you'd be fine."
>Wake up pissed at friend
>Get even more pissed when I remember I don't actually have an M16
>Sulk until morning until my brain wakes up and reminds me that he hasn't actually done anything wrong to me in real life
File: IMG_0933.jpg (42 KB, 502x442)
42 KB
>yes. that's common with people with mental disorders
>I have this sleeping tendency to raise my head, drop it and hit my pillow quite hard when I turn around or make myself comfortable
>Dream that somehow I'm soviet infantry in Stalingrad even tho I am not slav at all
>Fucking Enemy at the gates fountain scene kind of setting
>This nazi rifleman spots me and starts sprinting towards me
>Jerry gives me a nice gentle bump with his Kar's buttstock right in the fucking temple
>I was doing my autistic headdrop at this exact same moment, but miss the pillow and hit the sharp edge of my nightstand at the same spot and moment I get the kraut's lovetap
>wake up seconds later, head spinning, bit of blood near the ear, eardrums ringing from my tinnitus

Shit was fucking surreal
I had the dreams where I couldn't pull the trigger, gun doesn't work/shoots bbs. After buying guns and becoming competent it stopped. Now I just lose my gun halfway through my dreams and startpanicking. I don't know what this means but maybe if I blame gun grabbers.
The only sort of /k/ dreams I ever have come in two broad sorts. Neither include firearms, which is sad.
>Sitting at some sort of picnic table in a park-sort of place
>elevated view overlooking some nondescript concrete jungle
>all of a sudden, nuclear fire
>turn into a fiery skelly
Terminator 2 fucked me up as a kid. I hate this fucking dream so much.
>Fighting for my life in a gladiator arena
>I hate sand.jpg
>chaotic battle royale, fighting like a madman
>until it's only me and some bare-chested, leather-speedo wearing oily musclefucker
>always end up getting my wrist cut off pretty quickly
>immediately followed by me falling to my knees and getting decapitated
I actually like this one, bar the ending. I'm always lucid in this one, which makes the inevitable ending kind of cathartic.
Ooh, here's one I had. The context here is I almost got into a fight at work with one of my employees at the time. He walks home since he doesn't have a car.

>wait for him on his route home
>fight him
>catch him in a rear naked choke
>he gets his chin in on the choke so i'm just squeezing his face
>I fishhook his nostrils and pull his head up
>choke sinks in deep on his scrawny neck
>choke the fucking shit out of him
>enjoying every minute of it

Wake up and my right arm is sore.
>doesn’t wake up
File: gE93Fa8.jpg (1022 KB, 1749x1200)
1022 KB
1022 KB JPG
Man, dreams fading to reality can really freaky.
My alarm clock, for some ungodly reason, does a little click sound, very soft, five seconds before it goes off. What's really neat is that my subconscious apparently conditioned itself to fuck up my dream on the double at the sound. Makes for really fucked up dream-ends as my mind tries to wrap up every loose ends in five seconds.

I can't even describe most of them. Well, other than the times where I just fucking explode in a shower of gore. Expedient, alright. It's like a bomb going off in the middle of an orchestra. I've had this damned clock for twenty years and I will die the day it breaks.
>be me
>sleeping after day spent with gf and niece

>right today
>the dream is coming
>I'm at home in front of my funcabinet™
>holding revolver
>some kind of SW in .357 with 4"
>suddenly the noise from the ground floor
>it's time
>grabs gun and ammo...
>there is one .38spec., one .22wmr, one .22lr and finally one 9mm (blank probably) in my hand
>somehow I managed to insert all in to the cylinder...
>see two empty chambers
>fuck it... spins the cylinder
>walk down the stairs to meet the noise
>Tally Ho!
>wake up...
File: 1509726909419.gif (990 KB, 176x135)
990 KB
990 KB GIF
>for some reason, my exgf's current boyfriend was looking for me
>was confident, knowing I have a gun on my belt, so I tried to be civil with him
>he ran up to me and started stabbing me in the gut, but only feeling like small scratches and not doing a lot of damage
>I pulled out a Glock 36 (I don't own one) and pressed it muzzle to temple and shot him in the head
>he stumbles backward holding where I shot him
>it only left a fucking dent
File: 1514366833798.jpg (61 KB, 800x792)
61 KB
>Standing on some dirt hill
>Shoot my bolt action at something
>Some guy several dozen yards away starts running at me trying to stick me with a bayonet
>Can't for the life of me cycle the bolt, it's not that I don't know how to but I just can't move my body at all
>At the very last second cycle the bolt and kill him
>Dream ends
A very similar dream ends with me just waking up when he's about to kill me. They're more nightmares than dreams I guess.
Not really a nightmare but

>go to gun store with gf
>I'm excited for guns, she's angry about them
>sandbags the whole time with other shit , doesn't want me to see them
>finally start browsing
>dream ends with me realizing all their guns are basically just porcelain statues for decoration or something

I woke up disappointed
It is normal to not remember your dreams very often, if at all. There is a brain mechanism which keeps them seperate from your conscious state. Typically we remember our dreams if we wake up suddenly while the dream is in progress (for example if it's scary), or if we're shifting in & out of sleep. Sometimes a recurring dream will be remembered, though that might be because we have the experience of recognition during the dream itself which can alter our consciousness.
>gun related nightmare
Just woke up from on, posting during my early morning shit.

>buy glock mixed with beretta m9 in dream
>take it back to my apartment next door to the mall that I bought it in
>realize they gipped me on mag extension floor plates or something
>go back to the gun kiosk near the front, wait in line, get to desk finally
>they were all out of the parts I needed so I got pinched for not wearing green on Saint Patrick's day.

It was an experience.
honestly i hate those 200k lbs trigger pull dreams but the neg discharge/shooting my nightstand gun in my sleep dreams are worse than that.
I keep having a variation of the same dream.

I have a gun; usually it's an older one, a flintlock, a percussion cap revolver, etc. But there's something missing that won't let it work; the flint is gone, I can't find percussion caps, there's no ammunition, etc.
File: patrulje1.jpg (86 KB, 735x709)
86 KB
>spent 5 days participating in NATO exercise
>OP post behind enemy lines

>inna dream
>still behind enemy lines, it dark and raining outside
>decide I need to crawl back and take a shit
>take my rifle with me with to go shit in forest
>while I sit down and shit I hear enemies walking right beside me.
>the enemies know our position, and starts shooting at my comrades
>try to shoot back but the safety is fucking stuck.
>fiddle with safety while my group is getting shot
>someone graps my shoulder
>wake up
nigga stop watching despicable me and minions so much

I have the opposite problem op.

I can only own knives where I live. I've stabbed to death 4 people in my dreams so far that tried to harm me.
dreams where my gun fails to function are the most common nightmare I get. I hate them so much.
I've had tons if dreams where I draw on some monster/bad guy and it's a dud.
I've had 2 tank related dreams so far
>be me
>in Panzer IV
>crew members are Yukari (GUP) myself, Adolf Hitler, Ron Paul and Nicholas II
>hear police sirens and realize I'm holding an Am
>open hatch and look around
>we're on I-80 being chased by police, the atf, Hillary clinton and Donald trump
>duck back into tank and close the hatch as atf shoots at us
>Adolf makes a hard right as we notice that there's 4 Abrams in front of us
>Nicholas and Yukari fire the main gun and knock out the first Abrams
>after reloading we're behind the Abrams formation and knock out another
>tank jerks to a stop
>an Abrams rammed us
>main gun fires again destroying that Abrams
>Adolf reverses to keep moving
>last Abrams fires and lights up our engine
>Nicolas begins to turn the turret
>shell penetrates the turret killing Nicholas and injuring Yukari
>I load a shell and fire
>Abrams fires again killing Adolf
>I get into the drivers seat and start driving us out because some reason the engine works
>drive about 300 feet before the Abrams fires again
>shell penetrates
>ammunition expo
>Yukari killed instantly
>I bail seeing as I'm on fire
>limp about 6 feet
>police tackle me
>wake up
File: cup.jpg (67 KB, 474x460)
67 KB
I dreamed that i punched my german teacher
And the only thing i could think of is how ill never be able to get a gun permit
File: 1523540044826.jpg (210 KB, 625x836)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
the last one I remember was about some qt I didn't have the balls to talk to, and that was like 10 years ago
>Be 30 years old
>Dreams of getting into a fight with a school bully
>10 minutes of wrestling,hand to hand fighting and attempting to choke the guy out.
>Finally gets a chance to draw my handgun when bully reaches for his box cutter.
>Shoots him
>Bullets bounce right off him like BBs
>Doesn't kill him
>I get slashed in the fingers like I did in real life
>Wakes up with sweat.

I talked to my psychologist about my recurring nightmares with bullies in school that happened almost 15 years ago. He told me I have a lot of unresolved issues that I needed to address.
I told him I don't know how.
I always get that feeling when I'm getting killed in dreams
I've had several. I remember this one for some reason so I thought I'd share
>apocalypse of zombies and demons
>my group and I raid a hardware store
>crank up old rv and driving through backroads
>suddenly there is a submarine in tow infront of us
>fuck yes we can escape this hellhole and live inna ocean
>head out and tactfully explore with m4
>head towards the junkyard near by
>suddenly shootout
>men and women in black uniforms are shooting at us.
>take a hit to the chest
>somehow still ok.
>Decide to say fuck it I'm going in
>Run into the field pointblank at them
>gun doesn't shoot
>their reloading
>I pull the trigger and nothing happens
>m4 turned into a nerfshit
>one is pointing the gun at my head
Wake up scared

Another dream of getting shot in the head
>be inna stan somewhere in the middle east
>operators doing operator shit clearing buidings
>take fire from the street
>whip out a rifles sniper with scope
>pop one goes down
>pop another goes down
>pop third taliban goes down
>swing up from position and see a muslim pointing his 1911 at me point blank in the head
>my rifle can't shoot him I dont know why
I wake up scared and confused

I really really don't want to get shot in the head.
You forgot to turn the safety off.
Try sleeping longer. I noticed if I sleep longer I remember dreaming, I don’t know what the dreams were about, but I know I had one.
>be in a large group of people in a field
>suddenly zombies and demons out of no where are killing us
>inner group takes out guns and I have a berretta firing off at the zombies
>there's too many of them and pistol is out of ammo
>Suddenly a dragon swoops in and picks me up and drops me off at some hotel building.
>get in and lock up and see a backdoor just in case
>suddenly pounding
>more pounding at the door
>shit brix and run out to the back door
>as I get closer to the door the front door breaks and I see zombies and demons pouring in
>run out and lock the door
>I see the dragon again and shitbrix
>I hide from it
>nope it found me, picked me up again and dropped me off at some location
>suddenly in group of other people and survivors
>group is way smaller than before
>Be under some sort of bridge and I see two baby dragons looking at us
>fucking dragon starts swooping down picking off people and eating them
>we're fucking running
>dragon eating people infront of me
>I sprint out at full force towards an abandoned pizza shop
>Hide under the table
>suddenly I have some kind of semi auto black shit rifle
>dragon's head breaks into the building looking for me
>it pulls away
>I make a break for the back door and suddenly zombies and demons
>I shoot getting head shots all the magical time
>No ammo
>There pouring at me from all over the place
>I feel zombies tearing into me as I fall
>I see the dragon in the distance with the biggest fire I've ever seen coming out of it's mouth towards the zombies and they simply melted down but somehow I didn't melt
>Wake up
I'm sorry dragon mom. I should have listened but you scared me.
Same exact thing happened to me in my dream last night. Pulled the trigger as hard as possible, even using 2 fingers and it wouldn't fire. Wtf I'm gay now
Is that the templeOS guy?
Most of my nightmares are like this. Not all of them involve guns, but they all involve me shooting/hitting/stabbing/verbing an enemy and it doing nothing to them. I hate them so much
File: image.jpg (110 KB, 474x375)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>some disaster happens
>younger brother injured, can't help
>for some reason have to shoot him and move on
>nothing else dies no matter how many times I shoot them
>get torn apart while firing gun in futility
I don't like sleeping anymore
>watermelon americans start war chantin
>its time
>get the squishy forever trigger bullshit
>final try
>it actually goes off and am rewarded with exploded niggermelons

Its nice when the guns actually work. For some reason they never otherwise.
>guns never work in my dreams
>everytime I run, hoping I will find a working gun
>getting killed everytime in various ways/woke up
> another dream, another set of circumstances
>look, there's that random non functioning gun again
>fuck it, gonna die anyway
>proceed to fight with my bare hands
>annihilate absolutely fucking everything i touch
>punching holes in the concrete wall
>woke up with a smile on my face
>never having gun/run dreams again
Not gun related by the other night I had a nightmare about being put in a rack and a giant drill forced into my mouth and drilling through the back of my throat
>Adolf Hitler in crew
Best story
Can't move or operate properly in your dreams, that's your body telling you that you're asleep.
Embrace that and go to town on your imaginary foe.
It's fun!
File: 1510786530508s.jpg (2 KB, 108x125)
2 KB
> Be me and brother driving around town
> Crazy people like zombies but not undead start running out from the woods
> Get to my house pass weapons around
> door getting broken down now
> Pull charging handle to chamber a round
> mfw no bcg in weapon
>go to use gun in self-defense
>for some reason it's unloaded
>go to reload
>bullets spring out of spare mag as I pull it out
>have to pick up loose bullets off of the ground and try to feed them
>magazine won't feed
>dropping bullets into gun one at a time

Shit was fucked.
My brakes always fail in my dreams.
That's about time to learn to fly and strike people down with your death beams.
Don't concentrate too much on details because that'll just wake you up.
I can fly in most of my dreams. I kinda know I'm dreaming, but kinda don't. The flying is weird though. Not really flying, but more slowly floating.
>I can't pull the trigger no matter how hard I squeeze
It's single-action, bros.
What did he mean by this?
File: 1491563695161.jpg (49 KB, 775x837)
49 KB
>Have a dream where my buddy convinced me that we have to see Tenacious D's concert when they come to town in 3 days
>We don't have enough money, so we get hired to build latrines at a summer camp nearby
>On the day of the concert, while burning oil drums of shit, we realize we can't make it to the concert in time
>Immediately get teleported by Jack Black onstage, congratulating us for our hard work to witness him
>He then pulls out 2 suppressed MAC-10s and mows down the front row

Man I get the worst dreams when I drink
>On an oil rig in a dried out ocean.
>Oil rig is gigantic, multiple miles in length and width. Multi story, ladders are everywhere
>PMC moved in, all wear Avon gas masks and old tac vests.
>I'm a saboteur for another government
>Have a bullpup m16, i go in under the cover of dawn
>Plant load, turns out its some kind of suitcase nuke. steal something pretty important
>PMC finds out, shootout begins.
>I start fucking lateral ladder hops to move and evade. I would start sliding down one ladder, then jump to another next to it.
>all while shooting
>My backup arrives for evac, I get shot doing a jump, fall to my death.
>Dream ends
I have a lot of ladder dreams for some reason.
ah yes the old '500 pound trigger pull' dream
>shooting someone
>they're shooting me too
>guns fire, eject, chamber and don't jam/reload whatsoever
>just point bullethoses at each other until the other dude dies because ??????????
>wake up in a cold sweat feeling like I was beaten with bars of soap inside of socks
File: wojakirl.jpg (4 KB, 215x250)
4 KB
I have a semi-related story.
>running down school hallway but it looks grey and industrial
>somehow I know I'm being chased, look behind me
>bald guys are chasing me and wearing only white underwear with sawed off SxS scattergats (they almost looked like pic related
>hallway opens into what looks like a cell block with railing
>i jump to the bottom and keep running
>*something happened here, I don't remember*
>eventually end up in what I know is the gym
>i'm up in the rafters and cant see the floor
>there are dozens of walkways that block the view to the floor, the stairs and walkways form like a forest canopy
>guys catch me
>wake up
I remember being fucking terrified when I woke up.
File: 1523836412984.gif (1.92 MB, 400x224)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
>go to sleep
>"Gunny died"
>wake up
>open /k/
Guess your going to have to choose between life in a cage or no life at all at some point in life. You choose jail in the dream.
Would you again? Id like to think I wouldn’t
File: 1425709470427.jpg (11 KB, 480x360)
11 KB
I'm going to use this and there isn't shit you can do about it
File: 165-a-1280.jpg (106 KB, 1280x1024)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>be me
>dreaming of being an ace in a day P-40 pilot
>run out of ammo and RTB
>coming in ridiculously fast
>surpised I didn't rip my landing gear off
>land my P-40 doesn't stop I am braking I've pulled the throttle back to zero I've done everything I can to get the thing to stop it keeps going and going.
>my P-40 doesn't stop until I have used every single centimeter of the runway
>wake up and think "man I should have just taken off at the halfway mark of the runway I still had enough airspeed to do it."
>Inside old, burned apartment on the 11th floor, 3 floors away from the roof which cannot be reached since the roof has collapsed.
>It's night, everything is pitch black tonight.
>Wearing full black clothing, can't even see myself
>Entire quarter of the building on the far end from the staircase at the end of the hall is destroyed.
>I somehow move to the destroyed section
>I take out what looks like a GIR PTR101, VCOG attached.
>Look down the street which the burned out apartment room at the far end of the hall has a perfect line of sight on.
>Destroyed cars and ruined structures everywhere, some are burning.
>Nobody in sight.
>Look straight into the coffee shop at the corner of another intersection through the front door.
>See guy with an m14 exiting the shop.
>Blow his head off.
>The dream ends.

Certainly more interesting than the dream where I had simply shot my friend in the side of the head with a 1911 while he was looking through his backpack.
Gf dreamed that we were married and had kids that were old enough to move out
>i was upstairs writing my book
>she came to check on me and bring me coffee
>she stepped inside to see me just as i blew my brains out with a revolver.
>she asks to me to buy regular pistols if im buying handguns
>apparently it was so real and visceral that it left her her hyper ventilating and in tears the rest of the night.
Lol bitch im buying a 357 next week.
anon if you really want to get married to her its probably not a good idea
these dreams are making me laugh
the fact that an IRL wojak was chasing you made me laugh

I always have a dream that I'm caught off guard, end up taking some 00 buck to the gut and lower ribs. Always a shotgun and same ammo, just dif scenarios.
File: 1522429871417.png (254 KB, 472x410)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
One that I had about 2 weeks ago
>In my house
>person trying to break in next door but fails
>they run over from the neighbor's and walk straight in my door
>point my 1911 at her and tell her drop it
>she raises pistol so I let loose with all 9 shots center mass (definitely hitting but no wounds)
>she doesn't even flinch and shoots me in the lower right abdomen once
>the "wound" literally hurt irl for about 3 days, I'm guessing because I was rubbing/grabbing the area in my sleep until it was sore
>tfw she holds me and my family hostage for what felt like ~2hrs
>tfw I snuck away and grabbed my shotgun but when I racked it and pointed at her some weird dream shit happened and she turned into a potted plant
>tfw I miss the plant but don't even question her transformation, just get pissed I didn't neutralize
>tfw I still feel like I'll never be able to protect my homestead from a womyn with a gun
It made me laugh too after I woke up and thought about it...it took a while before I made the connection but that's what they looked like.
>gets shot in dream
>wound area hurts irl
That's some /x/ shit right there.
What did she look like, by the way?
>Be me
>Doing some cheesy star wars get the plans/rescue the princess star wars bullshit
>shoot mook with my SKS
>tiny bit of blood, mook keeps on like nothing happened.
>unload the mag, for some reason have no clips with me.
>beat the dude to death with the butt of the rifle (SKS came without the pig sticker)
>take his gun, shoot the next guy
>the bullets from his gun don't do any damage either
>rinse repeat two more times
>get shot in the chest, bleed out on a staircase trying to run away
It was super surreal, any gun i had had the killing power of a BB gun, but the mooks guns all worked like they should
File: 1512956650825m.jpg (94 KB, 1024x576)
94 KB
Like I said I am guessing I must've been gripping and rubbing the area while in my sleep. I have a history of sleep walking and kicking in my sleep, so aggressively feeling the area of my dream gunshot wound isn't out of question. Was pretty stressful though to wake up shaken and have a deep, deep aching where the hole was. All I remember was she was thin and brunette but I couldn't recall any facial features or anything. Definitely not a woman I've known in person before.
>cannot pull the trigger no matter how hard I try

I've had this dream as well, as have a lot of shooters. It's fucking strange that it's so common.
Wait, what was she wearing? And how brunette, like a dark brown?
File: 1495558638138.jpg (212 KB, 700x525)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Have you like had a similar dream or are you just fucking with me..? If I recall she had some kind of jacket on, maybe leather. Full length pants, most likely jeans. Yeah like almost black but not black. Very intense vibe from her like she knew there was nothing I could do to control the situation.
Alright, it's not the same one. I think.
Not the same dream, though. It's a long story.
File: IMG_20180309_110023.jpg (13 KB, 148x230)
13 KB
There's no story too long for a green text, friendo
You might be a npc
Well, if you insist.
>was dreaming, don't remember what now
>wake up
>pale, dark-haired woman wearing white is straddling my chest inches from my face
>woman immediately runs into closet when she sees I'm awake
>fight or flight reflex engages, chase the bitch while screaming
>crawls behind clothes
>run in and slap jacket off hanger
>stop and forget what I was doing
>spend the next hour of morning in the corner of the room with knife drawn uttering curses
It's been a few months now, should I ask /x/?
Sounds like a low t problem
File: 1522711802433.gif (1.83 MB, 288x377)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
Did she vaporize after you calmed down orrr was she real?
No fuckin' clue. I searched my closet entirely but found nothing.
Pretty sure it was a mare if real. This is exactly why I sleep with weapons and blessed stuff nearby, skinwalkers and demons will fuck with you.
File: Screaming_cat.png (329 KB, 4242x1554)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
>mfw it's another "I put 3 magazines of bullets into the bad guy but they keep coming dream"
Similar situations happen a lot
Instead of shooting it's punching though. Like, I've had dreams before where I swing at a guy fighting me, and it suddenly slows down right before it makes contact and ends up just annoyingly shoving the guy with a fist. Feels like someone is holding me back. If I try to run it looks like Im underwater, if I try to scream it comes out a whisper. I think it's our brains keeping us from acting out our dreams as we sleep.
you might not have a soul
>be Soviet DP28 Gunner, gunning down enemy soldiers off unknown nationality
>be set up in third story window with tons of sandbags
>Commissar grabs shoulder, tells me it's time to storm the compound
>Mount AK bayonet on DP, remove current mag and eject the round in the chamber
>Load magazine of explosive rounds and charge DP
>Descend staircase to sound of katyushas firing in distance
>fall in line with bunch of dudes with pps-43s
>Commissar gives order to move out, we charge out
>open space the size of a football field dotted with craters and dead bodies
>charge into field, enemies in blue robes and baretta sub guns flood onto the field
>fire DP from hip, exploding cultists with each shot, vaporizing them into Pink mist
>stab cultist in face with dp, he starts going screeeeeeeee
>Blow him up
>Make it to compound on far end of field
>only I made it, descend staircase in silence
>Arrive in room of cultists standing in circle around a dark blue pool, they all walk into it
>One remains, he lowers his hood to reveal he is Mark Zuckerberg
>He explains that due to recent firearms laws, Facebook servers could no longer be powered by gunpowder, and they had to switch to black powder
>they discovered black powder has time travel capabilities and the Facebook servers started phasing through time periods, and he plans to use the server to travel back in time to establish a global government
>He jumps into the pit, after a few seconds a giant skull floats out and a layer of tissue then skin forms it into the hairless head of Zuckerberg
>Behold my true form
>Fucking empty the mag, half the head blows off as it crashes into the stairwell
>I bayonet the fuck out of his brain, then use a spare mag to scoop it out like a pumpkin spoon
>I wake up
Same thing's been going on for so accept the lady's a redhead (most likely well fed due to the tits) and she disappears through my bedroom door
Also I tried following her once but she led me into my kitchen before crawling into my cabinet in fact I owned the cabinets as "her home" and she wrote back "my names martha with love hearts"white
>inb4 check your house for carbon dioxide
Already checked and it said that I'm fine
Also that cabinet is empty
And I know for a fact that she's real
I always get stuck with some gun, like no mag, one in the chamber, or my tikka t3, trying to make my way to my gun safe where I can get what I really need to fight back against whatever is attacking me
File: image.jpg (586 KB, 663x1600)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
You need to get an exorcism. Hell, I'm tempted to burn my house down if that shit happens one more time.
I used to have this recurring dream (nightmare?), where I found out that by resetting a clock back before bed at the end of a day, I'd wake up and it'd be like the previous day never happened.
This would start out benign enough. I'd skip work (or school, if my brain decided I was still school aged), then wander around strange, scrambled versions of my town. I'd remain in these loops for what seemed like hundreds of cycles before waking up for real. I'm lucky I don't have an Inception-esque neurosis about being awake for real or not now, honestly.
Anyway, they'd start with me abandoning responsibilities or obligations, but I'd always end up getting more violent or depraved the more cycles the dream went on for. As long as I reset that clock before bed,I could do anything.
After a while, I'd start mugging people, stealing cars, getting into fights with people I know. Often, this is where I'd wake up.
But on around 4-5 occasions, the dream progressed to the point where I was killing/ raping friends and family and being totally fine with it, and either forgettIng or deciding not to set the clock back.

The sheer sense of panic I woke up with on those occasions is indescribable.

This all has almost no resemblance to your dream, but it reminded me regardless. I haven't had a dream like this in a few months, and I hope it never happens again. It raises too many questions about how much of your actual personality and predispositions come into play when you're dreaming.
You mean Americans in general?
My wife always wakes me up from gun dreams because I'm either running for cover, shouting for others to do so, or I'm battle crying, or laughing.
>be me
>t-34 tanker in stalingrad
>everything seems to have very muted colors, like colorized war films
>can't find my fucking tank, so standing with some civilians and another tanker
>dream self can't remember any actual russian i've learned
>turn to other tanker and just say in plain english, "wow this fucking sucks"
>turn back right as a building explodes
>wake up

i felt weirdly depressed for a little bit after waking up, too
Find that fag and beat the shit out of him
>bullets travel at walking speed in my dreams
>mfw forced to close the distance rapidly and rend my opponents' bodies apart with my grievously harmful talons
>my hands and everything else looks normal
I just wanted to blast fools in my dreams.
>>My palms were weak and sweaty
Mom’s spaghetti
>rob a bank
>bail into the women's bathroom and start kicking in stall doors looking for a window to jump out since my dream-self doesn't plan shit
>there's a tiny-dicked trap in each stall and they all overact surprised and scared when I kick in the door
>leave the bathroom and turn myself in to the cops
Then quit smoking weed ya dingus
Wow, dude.
I don't even...
This was the last /k/ dream I had, a while ago:

>be me
>be inna big city park or something
>having picnic with wife and kid
>reach into my pocket for something
>my fucking 92FS is in my pocket (how the devil did it fit in there? And I don't even own a 92FS anymore)
>try to be chill, so I don't get arrested for carrying (leaf)
>suddenly shouting, screams, and gunshots
>a bunch of brown hajii fuckers with AK's are attacking people in the park
>tell wife to grab kid, we are getting to the truck and getting the fuck out of here (plus I keep a Type 81 folder under the backseat of my truck)
>We're sprinting from cover to cover trying to make it to parking lot
>attacker notices us, starts shooting
>I push wife and kid behind concrete planter, level 92, open fire
>bullets do nothing
>16 rounds, slide locks open (wtf? My mags only held 10)
>pull mag from pocket, drop slide, fire again
>guy shooting AK runs dry
>rush him as he's reloading, fucking beat him to death with 92
>grab the AK and mags
>decide I need to figure out if it's an AKMS or Type 56-1
(It was a folder)
>I don't know why this seems important
>wife screams at me to hurry the fuck up
>we sprint toward truck
>another attacker off to the side sees us trying to escape, opens fire
>I drop to one knee, aim the AK
>again bullets do nothing
>in a rage throw the AK at him, he ducks behind cover
>we get to my truck, wife and kid get in the back
>as I fire it up she hands me up the 81 with a mag in it
>I burn rubber across the parking lot
>suddenly there's a large explosion
>wake up sweaty

I've had that dream twice now, almost the exact same both times.
I dunno what to make of it.
>be in blown out rubble town
>nork comes out of nowhere and knocks me over
>waste him with two 7.62x39 rounds to the chest
>wake up and masturbate
dude weed lmao could very well be a factor, seriously.
Fuck, had a similar situation in a dream, did some really minor crime, but somehow knew I was going away for a long time, did finger guns at swat guys and got lit up, full of neat little entry wounds, then my family showed up and I woke up. Freaky shit.
I get those too only when I have to wake up to a very important morning call or activity. It sucks but it's like I can't sleep deep. Don't think about your actions in that manner. Dreamspace especially fucked up ones are not transferable to real life scenarios. More like metaphors. It's hard to explain.
>can't pull trigger
That might be caused by when you sleep your muscles are basically disabled so you might be subconsciously picking up on that. I had a similar issue with blankets because I'm a tad claustrophobic and I would imagine myself being crushed inside a tank but still alive. Turns out the blanket was just wrapped around me and subconsciously I was scared because I couldn't move my arms.
Youre not confident with your loading speed, get a fucking moonclip or cylinder clip
>boyfriend is suicidal lately
>girl who used to be friends with bf
>tldr is that she said she doesn't care if he an heroes and was generally a cunt
>fucked his shit up and he irl almost killed himself that night
>he an heroes innadream
>get some guys I know together, 3 of us
>pay them
>use the money I had saved for the ar I was going to build bf
>drive up to this bitch's house
>one guy stays in the car to keep an eye
>other 2 of us go to the door
>ring doorbell
>she answers, hear her dog barking
>shove our way in and ATF the dog
I remember feeling sort of bad about that part.
>restrain her somehow, idk exactly it's a dream.
>force feed her lye, rub it in her eyes
>accomplice is freaked out by this
>tell him to go wait in the car if he's gunna pussy out
>continue doing this shit for indefinite amount of time
>leave her restrained but blinded and full of chemical burns
>we leave
>distinctly remember contemplating how I was going to kill myself after
>wake up
I hate that bitch. If bf does an hero I might actually go through with this, because fuck it.
>OP's fear of sexual dysfunction manifests as a dream about guns because he associates it with his masculinity
viagra is OK anon.

You didn't even fuck her?
She's fat and ugly, otherwise I probably would just out of spite.
are you gay or a femanon?
File: 1491075415723.png (1.83 MB, 1084x962)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
>Upstairs shooting the shit with my brother
>Hear backdoor crash open
>Nog alert
>I pull my SKS and get ready to meet the disadvantaged youth
>It's a rusty PoS for some reason
>Won't go into battery
>Unfold the bayonet just as two of Obama's sons come through the door
>Wake up

My SKS had been jamming lately and I'm unsure why, maybe my dream is reflecting that or something.
not a nightmare but its still a dream
>dreaming a basketball American broke into my house
>grab colt Python dump speed loader and put the second one in my pocket >(I don't even have one IRL I am a poorfag)
>he is in my garage fucking around probably trying to steal my four-wheeler
>open the door he is facing me he tries to rush me I empty all six 357 magnums into him
>for whatever reason when I look to my left my mother is standing there horrified that I killed a man
>The sheriff deputy comes and look at his body they don't even examine it they just stare at it and he says "yep it was self-defense" and just leaves.
You should try boxing or something. I had a dream last night where I fought someone and beat the snot out of him. Just repeatedly punching him in the temple after he was out. I could hear it too. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK
>Be me, innawoods with some friends
>Got this weird creepy feeling, but the others dont and laugh at me when I tell them
>Weird weight on my back, my usual pack then some. It feels right for some reason.
>Find this strange abandoned compound, really odd looking
>start exploring it, creepy feeling is intensifying now
>Tell friends I want to bug out, they laugh
>Still exploring, find my hand sliding to the weight on my back, feel wood. It feels reassuring.
>Its starting to get dark, creeps are over 100 by now, want to bug out.
>Friends finally start feeling it too.
>Start to back out, its too late though, I just know it is
>Hear something, friend looks over at tree line (were still in the compound)
>See something, its bad, im scared, friends are panicking
>Get down, slide the big wood weight off my back
>Its a Mauser T-Ghwer model 1918
>Dont even pause, cycle the bolt, hands are shaking
>Drop the round, reach for another one
>Thing is getting closer
>Insert the round, cant even see it, vision seems to blur every time I try to look at it
>Friends still panicking as I try to pull the trigger
>Trigger wont pull, seems to take all my strength
>dead round
>Clear and reload
>Its getting closer and closer
>Aim again
>Trigger wont pull
>Rise to a crouch, still straining on the figure
>Friends are screaming
>Look down at gun, trying to see whats wrong with it
>Hot breath on my neck
>wake up gasping and clawing at the air, covered in sweat

I live in bongland, so usually nogunz, and the Mauser 1918 is my favourite big rifle, but my friends have never come with me on a trip. Hell, most of them are townies or normies or just wouldnt be able to handle it.
File: 20180325_074409.png (777 KB, 1364x606)
777 KB
777 KB PNG
I can be a femanon for you, anon~
I had a dream where I as plugging gooks and they kept going, like the Walking Dead, but 40 years ago
>Take the safety off
on a revolver...fkin Gamer
No, that's Paul Harrell executing the TempleOS guy.
I know this feel. But instead of claws its telekinesis and magic missiles.
Had a dream last night
>Was a Nazi or some shit
>the Apache gunner sequence from Medal of Honor got squeezed in there somehow
>Guess we’re in Afghanistan?
>now in some sort of parade
>through a museum
>about Russians
>spy steel cased Slavic cartridges through a glass display
>Sweet, food for my Mosin I have suddenly
>Smash case, wait these are x39
>Here, guy next to me who suddenly has an AK and is suddenly my friend, you take these
>The other package is x54r
>Grab it, open the paper
>turns into x39 in my hand
>high ranking officer next to me gets mad
>get frustrated and wake up
>had a training at work I was late for
>boss sitting next to me is mad
Wish my dreams weren’t so fukkin stupid
>On campus
>Walking presumably to class
>Hear gunshots, run into restroom with four others
>Fuck I'm unarmed
>Girlfriend is one of the people that ran in with me, even though I wasn't walking with her
>I get her up on the toilet seat in the rear stall to avoid shooter seeing our feet
>Shots shred through the bathroom stalls, one of the four dies, she gets winged
>Hear struggling outside, notice that they're wrestling one of the shooters
>Run out, grab firear-
>Get blasted back, wall/entrance to restroom opens and I'm no longer on campus but on the second floor of a residential area facing out to the street
>Grab rifle, peek down to street level, see small child with AK-variant.
>He aims at me, I shoot him first. He's screaming.
bloodcurdling scream
>I go to the back to grab gf and she's holding her wound, and sobbing saying it really hurts
>Throw her over shoulder and lower her down to street level
>Armed people in streets, cut through backyards and ponds
>Wading through water, keeping her wounded area above water
>Hear her crying, asking me if I love her
>Wake up from sobbing sounds feeling too real for me
Had a dream I was at work and a crack head tried to stab me. I shot him and watched him die before I woke up
My dreams are usually pretty long and end up becoming completely different dreams somehow, so I'll just write about the relevant part.
>find out my brother has been replaced by an android
>go outside to search around house for my real brother
>take 1894 with me
>see strange creature on street shuffling towards me, looked like a taller gollum covered in pitch black seaweed with very bright white eyes
>shoulder levergun and work the action
>oh shit, there was already a round chambered, better pick it up and put it back in the rifle
>as I look up I see the thing is right in front of me
>the last thing I saw were its eyes
I had a dream, maybe ten years ago, where a crackhead stabbed me with a needle and I still feel dirty. I even went to the hospital to get it checked out in the dream.
Pull the hammer first.
I often dream something like this

>being chased or fighting a bad guy
>pull gun out
>clear the gun, pull out magazine, the whole spiel
>squeeze trigger again
>guy just stands there while I fumble with my fucked up gat


>pretty much same scenario as above
>squeeze trigger
>bullets slowly drip out of the barrel as if they are made of goo

I get pissed off during dreams like this because I know I take good care of my guns and they keep failing me and I'm pissed because I'll have to pay to get them fixed and also I might die
Same, I can just sit while walking and my legs lift up and I just stay hovering there

I also often dream that I can breathe underwater
>so you might be subconsciously picking up on that.

I guess that explains why when I piss in my dream i am actually pissing my bed.
"Some other nigger monkey channels use Ballistics Gel to simulate ballistics. No! Do it like a white man, use a meat target. A white man uses a meat target. You're trying to derive all of your data from penetration of a single medium you dumb fucking nigger. Humans and deer have bones in them."
Oh yeah I forgot OP was talking about a revolver. To be fair, OP never said what kind of revolver it was. Just that it was .22.

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