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File: blyat.png (130 KB, 460x205)
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>be me
>in room
>sister walks in
>currently learning how to tie shemagh while listening to music
>this was on when she came in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXlmTWASM0E&list=PLgX5_oymjEAOR_ndtt3U559vipzAw34v2&index=20
>stares at me for a few seconds

Welp, there goes my opsec. Anyone else fucked up recently?
Ah sisters. One time I had my K98 out in my room and my sister ran in and locked the door during an argument. She wanted to pour water on the gun. A fit of autistic rage overwhelmed me and I bashed the door with my foot, barreling in with my finger out saying don't fucking touch my gun.

Then my dad got home and my ass got kicked cause I was 15 and my dad made me work to replace the door. We still joke about it 10 years later. God I miss that K98.
File: CS92R80NT.jpg (76 KB, 1500x691)
76 KB
Be me
>16 year old
>have step sister shes 12
>sitting in room relaxin
>half sister comes in
>she sees pic related
>got it at an airshit place because gun was shit and knife is one hit kill so i would just run around with it actually got a few "kills"
>oooo anon can i have this
>she grabs it
>i start grabbing it too
>its facing up and im directly in front of it
>she finally lets go
>it goes streight up into my eye
>yell "fucking shit"
>its hot out.
>windows open
>patio next to my room
>grandma and grandpa are visiting from north carolina
>grandma hears me
>dont swear infront of baboshka
>open eyes
>one eye is lookong straight
>the other about 10 degrees up
>everything looks crooked
>go outside
>everyone all quiet
>dad says, what happened
>say got stabbed inna eye
>no. sit down and have a beer.
Lel, that's either the most Russian or most redneck thing I've heard in a while.
What happened to the k98 anon
Dad took it, after he caught me being "indecent" with it
File: 1529119071712.gif (1.48 MB, 295x216)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB GIF
File: 1527782740914.png (1.25 MB, 775x792)
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1.25 MB PNG
amazing anon. how old where you when he took her away?
File: neckbeardlips.jpg (12 KB, 210x230)
12 KB
>he caught me being "indecent" with it

Don’t just assume the weapon’s gender anon
all firearms default gender is female.
Bigot, my Sks identifies as a hind
Op we’re waiting for you to deliver
File: oof.png (13 KB, 904x219)
13 KB
Thats not me you fucking faggot. End yourself.
Sold it. God you autists are pathetic.
For the love of Christ, how am I supposed to masterbate to this now?
so you play undertale too? :3
File: show proofs.png (76 KB, 1817x726)
76 KB
Try me.
>Select area with (You)
>Paint in with background color

Git gud fgt.
No, since I only listen to autistic music in the car like every other sane human being.

Your sister sounds like a cunt, and you sound like a poorfag who can't afford his own place.
>dude just get your own place as soon as you turn 18
Turn on the tv sometime grandpa
18 year olds should not be allowed to vote, drink or own guns. They're too retarded.
nice try oh ye proxytard
post bp
Yo that's a great song
File: kKfGXGw.png (93 KB, 207x285)
93 KB
Not recent, but from a while back.

>at job
>job is hiring new guys
>new guy shows up for interview, older dude, wearing hunting camo
>must be a cool guy
>we start talking about a loading dock
>loading dock door is too small
>boss jokes about knocking out some of the concrete to make it bigger
>boss knows about my autism, new guy obvs doesnt
>start talking about using explosives to do it
>discuss shaped charges and homemade detonators
>i'm infodumping about improvised explosives while wearing a serbian milsurp jacket and 5.11 pants
>realize how sketchy this must seem to the new guy, i shut up
>guy says "yeah I dont think this job is for me"
>mfw I scared off a new hire with my /k/ autism
>mfw everyone brings it up at lunch
>mfw everyone convinced I'm a terrorist even though I just had too much time on the internet as a teenager and at one time wanted to be a demolitions engineer
>just finished 5k practice
>cool down walk
>start thinking about pistol tactics class I took a while back
>go through motions of firing, removing magazine and reloading down the sidewalk
>notice what I've just done
>can't tell if anyone saw me so I just broke into a jog and went home

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