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any negligent discharge story?
No. I’m an oldfag. I’ve owned guns for 25 years and never once had an ND.

I have a feeling that NDs will become more common as more “adults” behave like children. Just remember the 4 rules and never break them. The first rule prevents NDs 100% if you follow it 100%. Honestly, how hard is it to follow?
File: fcknrtrd.jpg (14 KB, 265x200)
14 KB
no, i'm not a dumb fuck, i know how to handle a firearm properly, have been for over 40 years, go shoot yourself someplace else and stay away from my range, stupid fuck
I had one, he's 3 now.
I audibly kek'd.
>I have a feeling that NDs will become more common as more “adults” behave like children. Just remember the 4 rules and never break them.
What'll happen is that you'll hear more about NDs thanks to social media, and you'll take that as proof that it's actually getting more common.
>What'll happen is that you'll hear more about NDs thanks to social media, and you'll take that as proof that it's actually getting more common.
This is it. It's not that people are getting dumber, most have always been dumb as fuck. We just now have instant access to proof of said idiocy.
>semiauto handgun
>failure to eject, brass stuck
>remove magazine
>rack slide
>brass falls out
>I assume I have an empty chamber
>squeeze the trigger to reset the hammer

luckily it was down range
I bet this is the most common ND , same guy here

i dont know how but it had fed a new round before the old round got stuck, dont know how, probably it got hit by the slide and it "flew" into the chamber, at the same time the old brass bounced somewhere and got catched by the slide

i removed the magazine and I assumed the only brass left was the stucked one, not realizing there was one in the chamber
kinda like failure to eject turned into double feed, but one of the 2 was the old brass
this is why i have guns with decockers
I third this.

Used to be you could surround yourself with only people on or above your level, now you're nearly forced to watch retards hurt themselves all day.
I ND'd into your mom once.

Got drunk, sent a load of buckshot through my ceiling. Didn't penetrate roof oddly.

Fight me, I don't give a fuck.
I had an improperly machined sear on my Mossberg and it sent some #10 shot through the roof, checked the attic, didn't penetrate though.

>I am 99% sure it was the god damn fudd store that shortly went out of business after they sold me a lifetime warranty for $15 and refused to honor it because the gunsmith wouldn't recreate the problem, and kept trying to slam fire it, acting like it was my fault, which was impossible because it was a god damn mossberg.
>They didn't act like they wanted to sell you a gun, I wasn't the only person they wouldn't honor
>If I see their faces again I swear I'll spit on their shoe.
>restraint gear
>leg irons

>grab mp5
>no mag is in it
>fuck these have wonky manual of arms
>pull charger back
>that felt anemic
>fuck charger a few times more
>pull trigger
wtf, still unsure what happened there guess ya gotta look inside
It took over 40 years of handling guns for it to happen to me....

>be at friends house sitting in livingroom
>he hands me his breakdown 1022
>I put the barrel on
>shoulder weapon
>squeeze trigger and promptly shoot his fan

fuck me, it had a loaded mag in it
stupidist I have felt in my life
I shot my own TV once with my .32 Revolver. Nothing interesting, I just was stupid and forgot I'd loaded it. I was trying to figure out my grip, since it was pretty small for my hands. I shot Peggy Hill in the head while I was watching KOTH.
File: 1522584876474.png (127 KB, 1080x1080)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>wtf, still unsure what happened there guess ya gotta look inside
>living next to guy and his pregnant wife
>shared wall
>one night laying on floor
>floor shakes like something was dropped nextdoor
>neighbor runs over says not to call the cops
>set off a 30.06 inside while showing it to his gf
>bullet goes out opposite wall at the same area my head was at, nextdoor
>bullet went off towards a neighbors brick house looked like
I drink 80ish% of the time before shootin and have never once had a ND. Pretty auristic about clearing the rifle even while shitpfaced.
File: boomer.png (70 KB, 380x349)
70 KB
>floor shakes like something was dropped nextdoor
>set off a 30.06
NOW THAT'S a cartridge
you're cool gramps
I never dry fire a gun unless my finger has touched the chamber and that I've looked inside to ensure it's empty
shit, could have had one a second ago,
>was dry firing gun with mag out,
>replaced mag to answer the door ( was expecting food)
> went back to rack slide and felt more resistance, ( thank god i ride the slide when i dry fire)
>immediately know what i did, drop mag, and clear chamber

fuck that could have sucked.

Also it may be because I am a safetyfag but I see no fucking reason to have your weapons loaded with a round in the chamber when you are storing them. Unless it's your CCW or your nightstand gun, even then I think for the latter you will have the time to rack and load it (Clearly you should always have a round in the chamber for a CCW).

I'd like to just know what jackoff thinks it's a good idea to have your guns fully loaded and ready to go in 'cold' storage in the gun safe or closet or case or up a deer's asshole wherever you normally store your guns.
>any negligent discharge story?
Yeah, once.

>still new to guns
>carrying a G19
>loaded, one in the chamber
>time to clean it
>remove it from my holster
>drop mag
>lock slide back
>release the slide
>remember I have to pull the trigger in order to disassemble it
>go on to the internet to make sure I'm doing it properly
>end up looking at porn
>somehow manage to land a squirt of jizz on my own face when I nut
>finish cleaning my G19 without further issues

That was my only negligent discharge.
File: 20180410_155638.jpg (1.07 MB, 1936x1936)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
>have an old Peacemaker-like revolver
>want to load it and carry it around
>hadn't heard the old cowboy trick yet (load one, skip one, load the rest, hammer back, let it down)
>skip the first chamber
>load 5 and rotate back to the empty
>count that shit out
>*click click click click click
>point the revolver out the door, let the hammer down hard
>bang.wav not found
>buddy in the livingroom pipes up
>bet you couldn't do that again
>oh yeah?
>unload, reload exactly as before
>point the barrel out the door
>told you
Not really negligent, but still.
No, that's pretty negligent.

No wonder you had a ND. Either the ejector was totally broken and the gun was unable to eject a cartridge, or you were only cycling that shit like 25% back.
I am friends with a guy who was shot by a 9mm tracer round from an AT-4 trainer in boot camp. Shot in classroom by a DI.
>Not really negligent, but still.

You're right, but only because it was fucking Nigligent you fucking double nigger.
1. Treat all vaginas like their always loaded with eggs
2. Never let the tip point at something you're not willing to impregnate
3. Keep the vagina in the dick until you're ready to bust a load then take it out
4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it
File: 20180912_203554.jpg (2.84 MB, 3024x1909)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB JPG
No that's not what happened. You can't put the barrel on when you chamber a round without a barrel in it unless the bullet was literally smack down the center and you magically didn't move the gun enough to misalign a bullet chilling in the receiver. I took my 10/22 take down to replicate what you did and you can't put the barrel in if you happen to close the action and chamber a round because the bullet will get in the way.
You sure told him bud.
>Off duty after 16 hour shift, carrying issued XD .45 Tac in SA factory belt holster.
>Get home, take holster and weapon off, set on bed, dump boots and uniform for t-shirt and sweats
> Reach over to pick up weapon by grip (trigger covered by holster) and press mag release to remove and clear weapon
>OMGWTF! Blink, blink. Ears ringing, cat looking at me from other side of bed like " What the hell was that?"

Noticed the hole in the sheet and mattress... And the hole in the 2" thick hardwood footboard. What was left of the hollow point round was on the floor about 6' from the end of the bed. Since the pistol was still in the holster the brass did not successfully eject. Dumped all into bag, put fan in window to suck fumes out and went to bed.
Took it back to the company armorer, explained what happened and asked WTF! Turns out he was aware of problems with the XD's but did not think any of ours were a problem. XD's were all packed up and shipped back to SA, we were then issued Sig in .45
How have these quads with this post gone unchecked?

Well done anon
My gsg5 extractor is totally fucked, doesnt do anything, if theres a light primer strike or one in the tube you gotta pry it out with a small knife or screwdriver.
Probably that last one, lets be honest. Guys got noodle arms
I, for one, appreciate what he did there
>Browning A5
>dark so don't see a round and think tube is empty when I was checking it
>bolt locked back so assuming tube was empty
>drop bolt and pull trigger cuz was about to store it
>00 buck through my roof
Don't ever pull the trigger unless you are about to fire. Luckily I was pointing in a safe direction so I only managed to punish myself by damaging the roof. Fundamentals of safety, exposure time, etc etc.
>Keep the vagina in the dick
The cable trigger in my Wasr got unraveled to the point that the safety stopped working, eventually it would randomly go off. My friends dumbass wife was standing in front of the barrel trying to talk to me ( Even when I told her not to) and she almost got shot in the foot.
>Out hunting
>Trip is done and im back at the car, about to unload my rifle
>Attempt to switch the rifle safety off
>Realize im pointng the gun at the general direction of our dogs
>Turn to safe direction and switch the safety off
>The shot went to empty forest

Im still unsure if the safety had somekind of malfunction or if i fucked it up and somehow hit the trigger. The safety was very stiff and difficult to switch. Rifle was old Sako L46.
L46s are prone to the safety tripping the sear if you don't clean them. Oil, grease, pine needles etc can cause pressure between them when you flip the safety
>unload magazine to make safe
>gun goes off

XDs never once
Yeah, he is. Not handling firearms properly is grounds for summary execution.
>fooling around with my coach gun
>think it's unloaded
>pull trigger
>big hole in ceiling
>crack open coach gun and remove both spent and unspent shell
>drop gun on floor
>heart races as I run up stairs
>knock on upstairs neighbors's door
>he opens it, shaken up but otherwise unharmed
>pellets went into his ceiling inches away from where he was sitting

He was surprisingly chill about the whole thing, never reported it. Landlord was also surprisingly chill about it, despite being a retired sheriff. I didn't get my deposit back, but otherwise nothing came of it, aside from a newfound appreciation for gun safety and chamber flags. I ended up selling the shotgun to buy a revolver.
File: doublecheck.png (433 KB, 789x414)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
kek, no.

i did have a kid ND during basic. good thing we were only given blanks. we had been left alone one afternoon by the DS to clean rifles for an hour or more, and somehow his went off. nobody snitched and no DS heard the shot. he went on to graduate basic, be discharged, then used me as a contact for his contracting intel job. those were the best days.
10/10 joke, my mom said something similar
>be me
>with family
>dad was a cop, family all has and loves guns
>the topic of NDs come up
>Dad goes, "I've never had a negligible discharge"
>Mom goes, "All of you were negligible discharges!!"
Only once and it was stupid
>argument with wife gets heated she decides that it is a good idea to threaten me with my Smith an wesson 40
She has it and i walk to her to take it and she holds it behind her pointing down at the bed i reach for it and as both of is have our hand on it (bang)
Shot a hole in the mattress through the boxspring and into the floor. never found the hole in the floor.
She won't touch the guns at home now only at the rang
Wrong. I dropped one in the chamber and pushed the "decocker" while talking to my gf and turns out I pulled the trigger.
That's why I take my clearing bucket to the range with me.
For Shitz-n-giggles, we'll call this guy Slavonik. We'll presume that Slavonik was a CW2 at the time.Slavonik had the opinion that his shit didn't stink, and rules did not apply to him.
Slavonik drove through the ECP at Eagle Base (Bosnia), and decided that he didn't need to clear his weapon at the clearing barrels. After all, Slavonik didn't recall chambering a round before he drove off through "Indian Country", nor did he feel the need since he was a CW2 AND he was Spessa' Fawce.
Slavonik drives to the DFAC, walks up to the clearing barrel at the entry to the DFAC and fires a round into the clearing barrel, much to the consternation of the troops sitting behind the barrel at the outside eating area of the BK, which was next to the DAFC.
Slavonik promptly racks the slide of his weapon, drops the magazine, points the weapon in the muzzle in to the clearing barrel and fires yet another round. OK, by now, he troops are leaving the AO.
A full bird snatches the weapon away from Slavonik and informs him that he can recover said weapon after he writes a statement of the occurrance.
Does Slavonik get relieved? (No)
Did Slavonik get reassigned? (No)
Busted (No)
Art15 (No)
Did Slavonik skate, even though he could have really injured several troops? (Yes)

Fucking occifers and Warrants, always covering their own asses.
Never ND'd
AD'd once in my apartment. that was a fucking crazy night.
Room mate was getting ready to clean his Tokarev one day and let out a shot through one of our interior walls in the apartment.
Thankfully on the other side was my other room mate's H&K G3 propped up against the wall. Stopped the shot and got hit right in the extractor. Didn't do much apparent damage but still rendered it useless until Tokarev room mate replaced it.
Really lucky nothing worse happened
>be out on patio drinking beer smoking cig
>guy walking around neighborhood asks me for cig, i oblige. then asks for beer, i oblige.
>turns out this dude fights with his baby momma, gets kicked out or whatever, is a huge alcoholic
>we end up drinking a fuck ton all night and into the day
>hand guy cz82, mag is loaded but gun is not chambered.
>he racks slide, then pulls the trigger gun goes off.
>i check wall to make sure it didn't go through into the neighbors (this was a condo/apartment deal)

no cops called, just a terrible hangover, have audio recording.
I've never had a negligent discharge (fault of operator), but I have had an accidental discharge (fault of equipment).

> In University.
> Poor.
> Want a second handgun, something concealable.
> Look at bulletin board on campus (in the days before the internet)
> Find 3x5 card posted by a guy selling a used Jennings 22 for $45.
> Buy Jennings, looked brand spanking new and in box.
> Go home.
> Load mag and chamber a round.
> BANG.exe
> Think to myself "holy fuck, did that just happen?"
> earsringing.jpg
> Yep, that happened.
> But I didn't have my finger on the trigger!
> Oh God, please tell me I'm not an idiot and didn't have finger on trigger.
> Look down at gun, finger curled around OUTSIDE of trigger guard.
> OK, wasn't me pulling trigger like an idiot, at least gun was pointed in safe direction (at ground), 'cuz good habits.
> Find casing, no firing pin indentation.
> Ask gunsmith about it later.
> He says to throw away that POS. Says they often have bad headspace (too tight) and it pinched entire rim all the way around upon chambering, detonating primer.
> Says can only be fixed by throwing it away and buying a decent gun.
> So I wasn't an idiot who pulled the trigger, I was an idiot for being a cheap bastard and buying garbage.

No more pot metal for me. I'm old now, still no ND ever but recognize I'm human so I try very hard to follow the safety rules and maintain perfect record.

My wife and I didn't child-proof our home, instead we had all our kids "gun-proofed" by the age of 3.
File: Omar.jpg (12 KB, 300x180)
12 KB
>pointing gun at a faggots head
>he discharged his leaking asshole too
>be teenager
>hunting with Mossberg bolt action .410
>walking along edge of field that borders swamp
>miss a "gimme" shot at duck
>pissed off
>chamber next round, put safety on
>still pissed, slam shotgun butt down on ground
>chambered round goes off
>HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!
I've only ever had a shoe thrown at me.
Serious shit anon...the shoe I mean.
Not me, but the guys we replaced in Iraq were telling us of an AF Major OIC who liked to do pistol tricks Western John Wayne style. Drawing, spinning, basically acting like a fucking moron. Well one day, dude drew his pistol, went to spin it and BANG, shot a round though three computers on the desk.
All of my kids are the result of negligent discharge, but I just can't stand rubbers.
Is that what you told the judge? Did he buy it?
I don't believe you.
Id bet the mortgage youre a lying fuck
I had been working this job, and had been up literally 36 hours. So tired I was seeing shit.

Wanted to move a rifle and make sure it was unloaded ,, yeah anyway BANG

Land lord was pretty chill about it. Patching my hole in the roof he found another one by a previous tenet.

Anyone who says they have never had one and is cunty about it, is no gunz or a liar

Shit go talk to some cops , they all have stories.
I just read the other guys story about chill landloard ND in an apartment. Weirdly similar.

But my apartment was 1 story only
what gun and how?
I NDd 2 paintball guns, one into my brother's chest
Cops are fucking retards, of course they all have ND stories. If you have an IQ over 90 and a teensy bit of self control, you too can avoid an ND.
Also they’re a fucking felony in some places and will get your guns taken away
>not using glorious clearing log
Never because I'm not a fucking idiot. If my next door neighbor ever ND'd into my house I'd kick the shit out of him.
File: 1531604261153.png (198 KB, 500x386)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
You'll pay for your mayhem, american swine I tell ya hwat!
>showing mom how to use shotgun in case of intruder.
>pump it thinking it's empty
>pump it again
>shell flies out

I didn't actually ND, but I was real close to shooting slug through the floor.
>vagina in the dick
File: 1531629278582.jpg (100 KB, 576x1024)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Nope. On 10 years of owning firearms, don't have a single story. That's the scary part, though, because I know that one day I'm absolutely going to have one, and because I've put it off for so long, it's going to be fucking horrifying.
It's the same thing with car accidents. I've never had one in my life, and now I'm terrified of having one, because for 13 years of driving, I've not had a single one. Only had 2 speeding tickets, as well, shit's been going too good for too long.
The only negligible thing here would be your family's collective IQ
looking at my Beretta 418. Get ready to put away. Insert mag, rack slide, "oh I don't want to leave the striker in firing position." Point at my shelf with my record collection. Ruined a Velvet Underground record and Booker T and the MGs album McLemore Ave. :(
Me and my other detective buddies have a game where we discharge our firearms in the office. We call it a desk pop. Great stress reliever you guys should try it.
>keeping your guns lying around with one in the chamber
>not even checking the chamber before you play around with them
It’s that fucking easy.
Would you change a powertool blade when it was turned on or even plugged in? Why in the fuck would you not do a quick check before pissing about with something that could fuck you up?
Buy a realsteel BB gun if you want a toy to fingerbang you dumb shits.
I feel the same way. I’ve cheated both NDs and car crashes for quite some time, and I know that one will happen someday. Kind of disappointing desu
AR15 that I built.
Only part I cheaped out on was the trigger group.
I pulled the gun apart for cleaning, cleaned it meticulously for about 30 - 40 minutes. Put the gun back together and loaded a mag (I always keep it loaded by my nightstand, I don't live in a nice area) after I chambered a round I went to flip the safety on and as far as I can tell the hammer snapped in half and the broken half got driven into the firing pin and detonated a round. I don't know if it was somehow broken while cleaning and I missed it, or the safety really did break it.
Last time I will ever buy a $20 trigger.

Anyways, when the gun went off, my dog had just walked in front of me, missed my dog, went through my tool bag, ricocheted off a helium tank, went through a TV we had just replaced that was sitting on the floor, went through the arm support of a couch and stopped dead in the wooden support between both halves.

If the round had gone a foot lower, it would have gone through my floor into my neighbors ceiling, if it had gone off a foot higher it would have ripped through my neighbors dining room.
I spent an hour trying to find the trajectory of the bullet and ended up finding it by doing some CSI shit and using my AKs cleaning rod to jam into the hole and see which path it took.
Took me two days to realize how the round ended up where it did and what it hit.

LUCKILY it happened at 8pm on a Friday so every unit except two was empty because everyone went out for the evening. One of the apartments that had someone home was a retired detective and he lives down a floor and one unit over and I asked if he had heard anything loud the previous night when I saw him take his dog out and he said he didn't hear anything.

The other person that was home was a floor above us and to the right and they didn't hear anything either.

I was kind of surprised M855 didn't go much further than it did, made me more comfortable about using it in a CQB scenario.

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