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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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Why is the lgbt community so promiscuous? Kinda makes me lose hope of ever finding anyone that hasn't had multiple other partners before. Am I alone in this?
It's not.
It's what the straights tell themselves to downplay their own complete lack of sexual morals. "at least we're not like those damn queers".
It's like the age old definition of being a sex addict.
>A sex addict is someone who has more sex than you
No you're not alone. But you also shouldn't just expect people to behave in the manner you want.
When I was repressed I drank all the time, did a bunch of drugs, and slept with slutty chicks. Just because I didn't want to be gay and hated myself. I am really ashamed at how I acted.
So now that I've moved past all that shit I've become determined that my relationships are all going to be meaningful and long term. That attitude severely limits my dating pool but I'd much rather hold out for the right guy, someone more on the same page as I am.
Lesbians aren't particularly promiscuous but gay men are certainly above the average, and the reason is simple and obvious: men are hornier and have less qualms with physical intimacy without emotional intimacy.

Women are the gatekeepers for straight sex. With gay men men are the gatekeepers, and they're far less selective.
I'm still single and virgin because of that, i want to be worth for my partner. I want a single, serious person, that will be loyal with her life, just like i'm going to be until the very end. But it's hard to find and i'm kinda giving up on hope. I mean, where do you even find someone like this?

Even when i thought i had found someone like this, the person was sexting with weird people and i gladly jumped out before anything happened.
History of needing to stay in the shadows -> only meeting other men through hookups -> can't really push for monogamy because can't be seen in public and are viewed with a suspicious eye if they live with another man alone
It's changing now though. But a lot of guy's first experiences are still secret hookups.
In this day and age, nowhere. People like us are living fossils
>90percentof the single younger gay men were seeking monogamy.
I was reading through the study, wanting a monogamous relationship is one thing but over half of the respondents to this survey were found on grindr. The study is basically
>Who here wants to make more money?
>Who here wants to actually do the training and work the OT to get that promotion to get more money?
I thought about "finding each other" but i guess people like this are the complete minority...

What's the worth in life if it's impossible to find true love when it's the thing you most want?
I don't know, Anon. I ask myself the same question every day but I have no answer.
Not really, you're not alone.
Just follow up with your passions and you may find someone like you.

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