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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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What activities do you do with your bf?
I'm in an LDR, we voice chat a lot every day, play games together, and watch movies. He's coming to visit me for the first time next week, I'm excited
Are you 2 going to have sex?
Hopefully. What activities do you do with your bf?
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>tfw no bf
smoke weed, make nice food, cuddle all day and watch star trek and game of thrones
tfw no bf
When we're staying at home, most of the time we're watching movies or youtube. We also like to get out once in a while to cinema, zoo, shopping or the likes.
>something for everyone
>except /clg/ and /foreveralone/
Huh let's see
>cuddle and watch youtube
>watch netflix/crunchyroll
>morning sex
>play local videogames sometimes
>I watch him play dotA
Just generic stuff.
He's kinda lazy and his sleep hours are a mess but i love when he comes to the bed around 4am to see me if im fine
LDR as well
Pretty much same.
I just went to visit mine last week, and only had a date and kissed. I had to leave for work and I had a friend with me for a concert and wasn't about to bunk her up with him.

We've had phone sex once and masturbated together 2x
We just had to cancel our next visit for work, so I've been abnormally horny lately
File: 1500026440227.jpg (28 KB, 402x604)
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This pretty much! We voice chat every day and play vidya and watch stuff together, and I text him every day at lunch. I really love him! I'm going to go visit him in February. And yes... we're going to fug.
Were you the one who made a thread about airport stuff a few days ago?
Idle games
Watch TV
Go hiking
Smoke weed
Drink, rarely
Suck his dick, often
LDR 2 years here.
Chatting, video call, video call while naked, raiding in WoW.
File: 1500101826976.png (176 KB, 500x583)
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>watch tv shows and youtube
>play videogames together
>watch him play videogames
>listen to him talk about stuff

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