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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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I've always been curious as to how other people lost their virginity, post your age, gender and how you lost it. I'll start.


I lost my virginity to guys in fifth grade. I used to sneak out a lot during the night cause It was one of the few times I felt free. One night I was sitting in a gazebo overlooking the duck ponds by my house when four high schoolers I knew showed up. They liked to bully the kids cause they were loser ninth graders and it made them feel better I guess. I didn't know I was in trouble until they bent me over a bench and started stripping me. I spent the next two hours (two hours is my best estimate) being their plaything until they finally left out of fear of being caught. (I don't want sympathy, I've come to terms with it and have finally moved on enough for it to not bother me anymore)

I lost my virginity to girls in college when I was free from my christian parents. It was during a truth or dare game and everybody was half naked and one of the guys dared a girl to kiss me, she got a little exuberant with it and it escalated into her eating me out which made me cum. We left the game and hooked up privately in my car.

Pic related: My reaction to feeling semen for the first time
>itt: fake wannabe whore
both of those are my fetishes
Catholic school so stuck in their beliefs they thought it was ok to put teenagers of the opposite sex in the same room. Got put into a room with a girl who I liked, but was kind of an entitled bitch. So much that one night she just pushed herself onto me, it would technically be raped but I liked it so I guess it's cool.
>it would technically be raped but I liked it so I guess it's cool.
is there any crime women can't get away with?
>be me
>make friends with this trans girl though some third-degree contact in college
>We bond over nerd trash, mostly anime and being gay as shit
>End up doing a little more than just friendly bonding
>Friend has a fiance, eventually finds out, okay with it.
>We all be friends for a minute, they ask me to officiate their wedding
>I marry trans girl and fiance together and then have a threesome with them the same night.
>I end up actually fucking the fiance and cucking the trans girl

It was a wild first time????
Did you try to fight them off during the two hours or just cry or what? Did you ever tell anyone irl about it?
I am a 22 year old virgin and it's making me realize the lgbt community is fairly toxic with their obsession with sex. However I get bottoms wanting sex, so they can get off comfortably. I guess my conclusion is tops are cancer when left to run free and should be married to subs to only top them instead.
I lost mine to a guy that was like 5 years older and had a lot experience with women, like literally every girl in high school had been on his dick at least once

Greentext incoming

>be 19 and hanging out with a large group of friends
>er'body gets drunk
>stragglers wandered off or passed out it's down to me and one other dude matching shot for shot
>I've been the token bi/gay guy
>Out of the blue he looks at me after a shot and asks me "so you're like into guys right?"
>"yeah, I thought everone kne-"
>He leans in and kisses me
>drunk me goes along with it
>we make out between him telling me how he was struggling with some identity issues and how nobody could know and he wanted to try some things
>he tries to go down on me and even tries to ride me but I ease him down for the time being because he's wasted and I'm not and there are a bunch of people sleeping in the same room

Fast forward a week to the next gathering

>Lather, rinse, repeat, from the first night as everyone gets drunk
>I tell him early on in the night that if he was serious to not get too far gone and he could come back to my place that night
>he was into the idea because he holds off and catches a ride with me to my parent's
>we sneak into the basement with a bottle of lotion, half a bottle of jim beam bourbon and a like 4 beers
>I catch up to him and then we finish the bottle together
>we make out for an hour or so with a LOT of heavy petting
>Go down on him for half an hour, he cums, then keep going for another 30, then break out the lotion
>lube up and wait face down ass up until he lines up and nervously fumbles/drunkenly slips in WAY too fast
>Despite my panic at too much cock too fast for my literal virgin asshole he doesn't stop and after about 30 seconds or so I was asking for it harder and faster

I still jerk off to the memory and have been recently mulling over a potential booty call, he was hung and knew how to top. 2 rounds and a 3rd in the morning
I was bent over for most of it and the guys would hold down the back of my neck so there wasn't much I could have done at that point. I did squirm and cry a lot because it was more than uncomfortable though.

No, I never told anyone. I felt dirty and ashamed so after it was over I cleaned off my panties and showered four or five times a day for a month trying to get rid of the dirty feelings.
Did you see those guys again after that night?

You said you've come to terms with it. How long did that take and how does it affect you since then, if it does?
> being young
> not enjoying your youth
Good for you, anon.
With girl from school at trip
16 years old (close to 17)
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>I lost my virginity to guys
>I lost my virginity to girls
What does virginity even mean, you can lose it multiple times now?!
different virginities, silly
What happened and did you need agp thoughts to complete sex?
raped by my "best friend" at 11

>didn't actually have friends
>just kids related to my parent's friends

fortunately he had a tiny japanese dick so it didn't hurt too much

I lost it to my gf back in highschool

I think that was back when /r9k/ was down

I have a baby daughter now and if that happened to her I'd literally go full Rambo and burn my entire town to the ground to get back at those kids and their families.

Sorry I wasn't there for you but I'll be there for her, I promise you that, anon.
They were neighborhood kids so I saw all of them in middle school and even when I hit high school, two left for college but the other two stayed and I saw them until I left for college. One actually ended up at the same college as me so I see him in passing. He won't ever look me in the eye and some days I swear to myself that I'm gonna corner him and tell him off worse than his mother would if she knew, but whenever I see him I feel terrified and I freeze up.

Being so close to the guys became this constant reminder. And it also affected every relationship I've ever had with a male, I usually have to spend months doing trust exercises before I'm able to trust them. It took until highschool for me to stop having nightmares and I couldn't bring myself to masturbate until college. I also grew up with a warped view on sex, I can't find love in it no matter how hard I try to. Sometimes when I'm showering I get the urge to scrub my arms with the shower sponge until I bleed. That's caused a few problems with my manager at my work, but after I told him that I have a few outlying issues that won't affect my work, He has been super understanding, I didn't tell him outright but I think he recognizes the signs. I think this cause I found a sexual assault recovery pamphlet in the apron I keep at work. And after i told him everybody knocks on things when they see I haven't noticed them walking up.
So it affects me here and there but I'm not getting nightmares anymore and I don't feel terrified of guys when Im in a confined space as much (Places like am elevator or small bedroom) but I do get nervous when I'm left alone with a guy who is significantly larger than me though.


My only advice is to make sure she knows that she can tell you anything without fear of severe punishment. The biggest reason I didn't tell anyone was because I felt like my parents wouldn't love me and would hate me because I did a bad thing.
>>>8958864 (You)

I'll take that to heart. i don't want to have conversations with her about weird shit but i will listen and i will not judge, and i will be the hammer of god on anyone that hurts her
>How did lgbt lose their virginity?
And all things considered it looks like it'll stay that way for a while.
Not sure if this counts or not as my first time... I was going to stick it in this asian boy's butthole.. And I had to really talk him into it. I lube him up excessively, work it in and I push in about just half-way and he starts freaking out and begging me to pull out. The end.
i hope it's ok to say this. i get off to thoughts similar to op's experience and i wonder what people who went through it like op think about that. especially many apparently also have those thoughts afterwards. i don't know where i got them from maybe just being submissive. op coming to terms with it is admirable.
you get off to it because it is a fantasy, and even when lack of control is the focus, every variable is completely controlled and as soon as you are done, the fantasy is over.
Lesbian, repressed and claimed to be bi for years. Lost het virginity to an older boyfriend I loved, lost gay virginity by being drugged and raped by a psycho methhead chick. After a lot of therapy I can actually be gay without wanting to die.
>still have it at 26 as MtF
>relationships always fall apart before we get that far

I haven't.



>Catholic school so stuck in their beliefs they thought it was ok to put teenagers of the opposite sex in the same room

Meaning that they thought the students would be so adherent to Catholic beliefs that none of them would dare fornicate?


What the fuck?


That's just people. Heterosexuals of low caliber are the same.


Nice analysis.
>drugged and raped by a psycho methhead chick

Oh, sweetie.
Glad to hear you're healing.
We don't pick our fetishes or our feelings, we can guide our thoughts to better places but that's about it.

Whenever I'm alone with a guy I feel really submissive, like if he grabbed me and forced me into sex, I wouldn't fight back. I don't know if it's like a coping mechanism or what but I don't decide that. It happens. Some people embrace it instead of feeling ashamed. I wish I could do that. But I hold no ill feelings towards you for enjoying the thought, if I did I would have lied and said I lost my V card in a car on prom night or some shit like that.
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831 KB GIF

>Be dating a girl for a couple years in highschool
>She graduates a year before me and we try to make long distance work
>All through-out the relationship I made it pretty clear that anything sex related that involved my genitals made me uncomfortable
>Go to visit her at university for a weekend
>After the first night of listening to her roommate fuck gf decides she wants 'revenge'
> "So fake noises all night?"
> She wants it to be real.
> 0% okay with this but willing to try to make the distance work
> PenisInVagina.sex
> Start crying half way through
> She just keeps riding me until completion

Lost virginity with boys last month

>Have long term boyfriend
>Have great, gentle encouraging sex that didn't make me feel suicidal
>Meaning that they thought the students would be so adherent to Catholic beliefs that none of them would dare fornicate?
Yes, exactly.
Very similar
I ate her out, enjoyed watching her sqirm
Then she tried to "return the favor"
Shove her off, sit in silence. End up leaving.
I was 19 closeted mtf. A girl took advantage of me on a camping trip when I was drunk and my friends had left me. She said I could share an air mattress with her since my sleeping bag got rained out in the corner of a tent. I couldn't move or I was going to get the spins and puke, so I just lay there. She made fun of me for kissing like a girl. I felt gross the next day.
Do it.
>girl gets away with rape
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109 KB JPG

Me 2

File: 1498766708004.jpg (103 KB, 964x964)
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>tfw 22yo virgin
I remember when I was 10 and having sex ed I thought "wow one day I will have sex too" but now I can imagine staying a virgin the rest of my life.
I was sexually assualted by the boy I was dating while I was pretending to be straight, when I was 15. Idk if that qualifies as "losing my virginity" though.
i relate a lot to what op said about feeling really submissive.
why can't you embrace it instead of feeling ashamed?
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How to deal with internalized homophobia?

>be me
>gay as fuck and I know it
>strongly support the gay/bi community
>exclusively enjoy gay porn
>feel grossed out when actually talking to possible bf candidates,but intensely want bf
>set up a hookup with some guy but cancel with him after I meet him and think about touching him (guy was hot, and very nice, nothing wrong with him)

What the fuck do I do? I have this weird mental blockade for no reason. I'm a virgin because of it and it's keeping me from starting to date and function
dad when i was 6lol
Apart from this I just lost Virginity 2 months ago

LDR of 10 months
2nd date
Dinner and a Movie combo
I lure him back to the motel and I hopped on top of him, we kissed for a while, watched TV while I blew him then he flipped me over and broke 2 of the condoms so we went back to BJ and TV
Neither of us came
We were both virgins
It was super awkward
Still had fun though

1st date was super romantic, but this one was kinda ruined when I met his mom and she asked me for $20 :x
Very embarrassing for everyone.
>Be me, 19 yo, socially kinda retarded "guy" (now 26 yo MtF).
>Lots of sexy thoughts about men keep bothering me. I was very sexually frustrated, but thought that getting a BF would be too difficult.
>Finally, I decide that I want to get rid of my virginity and experiment with a man.

>I search for adds from a "local craigslist".
>Contact a guy whose text seemed nice.
>We chat a bit. He picks me up. I've never been so nervous in my life.
>Go into his house, sit on the couch, try to talk something. I was really scared and nervous but he managed to calm me down a bit.

>We start touching. Holy fuck it's amazing to actually touch someone like this for the first time in my life. Never felt so "high" from anything else.
>We move to the bedroom. Some making out. We undressed.
>I pressed myself against his naked body, and it just felt so right like nothing else. We blew eachother. He had a micro dick, which was too short to get inside me, but he fucked me with a dildo, which was nice. He finished on my face after me blowing him some more.

>Afterwards we talk some more about random things.
>He asks if I wanna spend the night. I would've liked to, but I was too afraid about my roommate finding out what I've been doing, so I say I have to go back home.
>He takes me home. Never seen him since.

I felt a bit dirty afterwards but no regrets.
I was diddled by a couple of highschool girls when I was 8.
No idea why my mom left me alone with her students when she went to buy some shit for the school festival.
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>What the fuck do I do?
Figure out what you're afraid of and develop a plan to minimize your crippling fear so that you can move forward.
Step One: What are you afraid of?
Being seen as gay?
Catching a disease?
Being submissive?

Once you identify your fears then you can look for ways to assuage them.

Therapy can help.
Sounds like internalized homophobia to me. If you've heard all your life more or less subtle hints that being gay is disgusting, unnatural, degrading etc., it's not really surprising to have some "mental blockades" about dating or having sex with another man.

If that's the problem, you need to deconstruct those "blockades" from your head in some way before you can be free to do what you want with your life. Maybe by learning to just not give a fuck or even trying therapy if nothing else works?
What did they do?
Idk, I can't watch guys kissing anymore, I never faced anything or witnessed any gay bashing, have a BF myself.

But watching it is gross, I honestly think it's because of all the politics tied to it these days, gay kiss on TV is empowering and shit, but SJW is all I can think of
>live in small town in Midwest America during the late 90's
>be kind of outsider but not really
>artsy music type, I play guitar, bass and a little but of drums
>record some songs by myself
>football quarterback muscle chad secretly queer
>after playing at a school event he breaks away from his sportsbro team
>comes over and tells me that they all liked the music
>asks me if I listen to american football
>say yes, my favorite band
>he says it's his too
>pulls out two tickets and asks me if I want to go since none of his teammates are that into music
>say yeah, totally. Unexpected but cool of him to ask
>we go to concert
>get blazed as fun during summer ends
>leave concert overjoyed
>we drive out to the fields
>it's late
>he gets a couple beers out of the trunk of his car
>we stay drinking on the cat roof talking about clique-culture and how most of it is really stupid
>wonder if there's more people that could be great friends but don't hang out because they're not in the same social circles
>he asks me if I have a girlfriend
>say no
>he asks me why not
>I'm pretty drunk and high so confidence is cranked up to max-level
>tell him I'm gay and I'm into boys
>he looks at me with astonishment
>tell him it's fine if he wants to stop hanging out with me or if he doesn't like me anymore
>he flushes red and starts stuttering that it's fine
>I ask him if he has a girlfriend
>he mutters no while looking away
>I chuckle and ask him why not
>he doesn't answer for a while
>tell him it's fine if it's personal and that we can just hang out for now
>he fumbles and drops his beer
>drunkenly jumps off his car and almost falls, doesn't look me in the face
>he starts laughing too and tells me it's not funny
>he gets out another beer and jumps back on the roof
>he looks me in the eyes for the first time again
>I'm pretty calm, but I can see that he's nervous about something

Got me naked and played with my bits and put some fingers in places.
One of them put my hands in her boobies too.
At least there wasn't a dick (or dildo) involved else I would have been raped for sure.

In short my mom left me alone with her students at the highschool she worked during some kind of summer festival, so the school was super empty pretty much and I was the toy of around 5 girls.
One even took some pictures of me with a shitty polaroid (was a long time ago I'm an oldfag here 29 at least for 4chan standards).
What's your letter?
sounds traumatic
Yeah, that's why I'm probably a virgin shut-in at 29.

And tons of gender issues, probably asexual too.
Come to daddy babe, I'll go easy on your boypucci. (:
File: 1466724200575.jpg (212 KB, 800x659)
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212 KB JPG
Sorry for you. I'm also a 22yo virgin, if that helps.
Please continue
cis gay here
>summer break, 14 yo, already was interested in boys
>parents aren't home, they went to visit grandmother in different city
>weekend, my older (17) brother's friends making bonfire
>I tag along, his friends are cool with me
>they all get drunk and I was given only two beers but was in charge of music so it's cool with me
>late as fuck
>escorting my brother home
>one of his friends comes with us
>I knew him good before, he was cool guy
>we had to actually carry him to bed
>I stayed with his friend outside, talking for some time
>he asked if I ever smoked before and if I wanted to try
>I told him I want to
>he pulled one out of his pocket, lighted it up
>when it was half done he gave it to me
>when I was smoking he smiled and told me it's like we kissed
>we looked deep in each other's eyes
>we actually kiss
>I took him upstairs to my room
>he pushed me to bed, put his hand in my pants
>kissing again
>ended up in 69
>came after seconds
>gave me his number
>next day I called him
>we became bfs
>he fucked me next weekend
>been with him for 10 years
>we are still together
Pretty sure without a dick, that's still rape. Fingers count, you couldn't fight back
Pretty please?
I totally forgot about this. And now I can't get the rest of the story to load properly. Give me a couple minutes and I'll try to get it up.
>be 18, trans MtF
>be bored out of brain
>go on craigslist
>see trans/crossdressers orgy
>decide to go, its free for trans girls
>get there, be only trans girl in group, one old guy in a dress and makeup
>Become centre of attention to all the guys
>get passed around in the hot tub (hugs and groping only)
>most guys are okay, only one old guy holds me, thanks me for sharing myself as apparently everyone ignores him at these orgies
>Two guys suck me off throughout the time I'm there
>getting sucked off is really lame and not all that great
> I get in the sling and was fucked by one guy.
>it was actually pretty great
> Decide to leave because I start getting intimidated as more guys turn up, but no other trans girls.

That was fun, but I still wish I lost my virginity to this guy in highschool, but I was too depressed at the time
>been with him 10 years

That's amazing anon... such a sweet story >>8968632
Yes! this is turning into such a beautiful love story :D
You do feel a bit dirty after meeting up with a stranger, but when I look back on experiences like that I just feel good about it. To be fair I haven't had a really bad experience yet.
buy a prostitute
Aww anon :( at least the second part was better. I hope it works out for you two.
Couple hours late. Sorry.


>I'm pretty calm, but I can see that he's nervous about something
>I tell him that he actually seems quite romantic while looking at the sky
>notice out of the corner of me eye that he hasn't stopped looking me up and down nervously
>starting to get flustered
>look back and ask if something is up
>he blurts out "I like you" like a Japanese schoolgirl in animes that wouldn't be released for another decade
>I get all red, back off and almost fall of the car
>grab for him
>he pulls me back up
>I land in his arms
>we hug
>hella fucking awkward but feels really good
>I silently ask him if he likes guys too
>he tells me he has no idea
>but he likes me, and that hugging me feels really good
>we stop hugging and look at each other
>tell him to stop me if this gets too weird
>lean in for a kiss
>he leans back
imagine some explicit smut happening here. I have the whole thing also in greentext format, I can post it as well. It's v lewd tho and doesn't really add any vital info to the story. Can still post if anyone wants to read though.

>next morning, super early like 5 am
>wake up/regain consciousness in car
>slept like 3 or 4 hours
>absolutely smashed from everything that happened before
>but I felt like a goddamn newborn
>he's lying on top of me
>unsure how he will react
>nudge him awake
>he doesn't respond
>he's pretending to be asleep
>I start tickling him
>he bursts out laughing
>stop, ask him if he remembers everything that happened
>he looks at me a bit ashamed and says yeah
>he gets off me and steps out onto the field
>I lean up and tell him it's fine, it can just be a one time thing and no one has to know
>couple of minutes of awkward silence, then he turns around with a super cute nervous smile on his face
>says he doesn't want it to be a one time thing, but he is afraid of people and his teammates finding out
>say it's OK, well figure something out
>drives me back home while summer ends plays over his radio
>the end

Best story ever, that was so cute. thanks for sharing anon.
Ty. I feel like I should expand the story a little more and spellcheck it a little better. Perhaps split it into three parts so the lewd part fits in.

But still, glad you enjoyed. The first time I properly used greentext to tell a story.
offer to pay some slut on grindr

the money will take all pressure off of yo
30, mtf
>Be closeted mtf that doesnt know what mtf is
>Be in middle school
>Go to visit my Aunt and cousins
>My mom goes to talk to my aunt
>Cousin thats a few months younger than me pops up out of nowhere, presumably to play
>"Hey anon, I need to show you something outside"
>She drags me outside behind the house
>"Hey what did you want to show me?"
>She pushes me against the wall, hard
>Grabs my shirt and starts making out with me
>Her hands are all over the place
>Feel weird because of how forceful shes being but I kind of like it a bit
>We make out for a while until we hear voices.
>Get scared but realise we where right under the kitchen window.
>We break apart and go back into the house.
>For the rest of the day, whenever we where alone she would give me these weird looks
>get super uncomfortable.
>Fast forward to later that night.
>Its bed time
>Share a bed with cousin because there where lots of people in the house for whatever reason.
>Sleep for a bit
>Get woken up in the middle of the night
>Cousin has been groping me in my sleep
>She rolls me over and climbs onto me.
>She tells me to hold still and be quiet
>We do it. She cums, I dont
>As soon as shes done she gets off of me and goes to sleep.
>We wake up tangled together
>She gets up and doesn't mention or try anything for the rest of the day.
>She occasionally drags me somewhere private to makeout.
>We play board games and watch tv for the rest of the time Im there.
>Literally never mentions it again after that visit

I think this is why Im so submissive to women, but then again I have no idea how childhood sexual development works so who knows?
That really was cute, not sure about smutting it up, I'm personally a sucker for yhat cutesy shit so who am I to listen to?
File: 1506908794560.jpg (88 KB, 738x777)
88 KB
damn thats hot
File: 1499468127998.png (795 KB, 364x558)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
this is why i browse this board
Is it really?
I always remembered it as awkward. I didnt really feel much and it kinda felt a little impersonal.

Lost it at 16 to the girl my best friend had a crush on. She invited me over to her house during a blizzard in February. Long story short, it destroyed my friendship, she ended up breaking my heart into tiny tiny pieces by the end of things, and all of my relationships have been downhill and self-sabotaged from there.

The sweetness of those memories are almost worth the utter destruction of the following events though-- probably will be one of the last things that flashes through my mind before I die.

Love is always a painful trap anons, just depends how worth it it is to get caught in it
My older friend took it. I was 14 back then, he was 21. My relations with parents sucked, they still do desu. I was spending as much time outside as I could just walking from here to there with no point at all. That's when I met him. I was sitting on a bench, he came to me and said I look like someone who has problems. We sat on that bench and just talked till it was dark. I didn't even know his name but I felt like he was my best friend. Next day we met again at the same place. Near him I didn't feel so alone. Eventually I started visiting him at his place, rather quickly it turned from friendship to romance. He was gentle, waited for me to start messing around, never pushed me. When we tried having sex first time I told him it hurts and he stopped. Pulled out and kissed me till it was okay. I still remember falling asleep in his arms. We were together for almost 4 years. Now he's in prison for selling drugs, but trust me. He wasn't selling it. He just used it on his own, he didn't even let me try any of it. When police came they found a lot of illegal stuff, they made up a story. I visited him in jail but now he isn't the same person. Jail changed him, a lot. I miss him, he will come out soon. I'm still loyal to him, never been with anyone else.
keep seeing him in jail and keep him grounded to the real world. eveyone he knew giving up on him is how jail messes people up
20 Male

got a bf when I was around 14 and we had been sucking each other for a few months. I guess he got bored and asked to stick it in my ass and I said yeah

it was really awkward tho
>Pre-trans, MtF, 19 years old.
>Bi, but more into guys.
>Had a really strong relationship with a female friend.
>Both talking about guys and how we never had sex.
>Decided to try it together because we're really close and trust each other.
>First few minutes were all laughing and jokes, it was awkward for both of us.
>All in all it was fun and we were both glad that we lost our virginity to each other and got to learn somethings in the process.
>Had sex together many times after that.
First sex is always awkward, nothing to worry about. First time my bf touched my dick I couldn't stop laughing because it tickled. Total turn off, didn't get hard but was fun anyway. It's great that you had someone to try things with. Many lgbt people have hard time finding others to experiment and it gets even more awkward when they have first time when they are 20+.
super cute
File: 1500138159387.png (47 KB, 150x192)
47 KB
yeah, I was really fortunate to have him desu

I can understand how it would be difficult to find someone though, it took me two years to find someone else after we broke up
21 cis les

allegedly lost it when i was 3 to 5 by a babysitter so my senpai cut him off and got ripped a new one

got innapropro touched by a girl older than me when i was in summer camp and a few other times often by women

consented to a girl at 19 and consented to a dude at 19 and had an epiphany that i like being doted on but ultimately wanna be with girls and dote on them instead
>and had an epiphany that i like being doted on but ultimately wanna be with girls and dote on them instead
Describe the epiphany and your switch around further please.
Hit up a bunch of dating sites at 22. Found a guy who seemed nice so I invited him over to fuck me. It was a little awkward and he came in like 5 minutes but it wasn't terrible.Cuddled for a bit. Never seen/heard from him again.

Banged like 3 dudes in the following year. All the virgins on here, it really isn't that scary. JUST DO IT
19 M

>had talked to guys online before multiple times, did some cam stuff before for years already.

>finally do something with a guy in real life

>I get to his place

>I'm super nervous cause I've never hooked up with anyone before

>He's an older guy, about 30 something, not really attractive but I've already come this far

>we get into it fairly quick with not a whole lot of foreplay before hand

>he doesn't have a micro peen but it isn't really what I'd call average

>he slowly undressed me which was admittedly nice, but wasted no time getting to the point

>there was a little sucking but soon after he got right to the anal, with a condom of course

>he also wanted me to eat out his ass but I was less than enthused

>he finishes and he tries to get me off too

>after a while if it not happening I just jerked myself off

>I leave it long after because he started getting weird about wanting to take me out to clubs and stuff, and was generally giving a clingy vibe

>afterwords I go into an autistic panic thinking my parents are gonna smell the sex on me or some shit

>buy spray deodorant and some mints in my worrying

>the whole time I feel incredibly disappointed, mostly because I didn't feel any different

>didn't feel better about myself or happier, but I also didn't feel any worse

>literally like it had no effect on me whatsoever

>i didn't even enjoy the sex that much, taking it up the ass didn't really turn me on a lot, and him trying to jerk me off was less than effective

> afterwords I try it with a couple of different guys with the same results

> one notable exception was one guy who really romanced me a bit before hand which was nice

>be me not even sure if I've actually been a bottom it even gay this entire time or not

>then be me trying to have sex with a girl and ending up with the same results as before

>I don't even know what I like any more

>send help
why do so many gays lose their virginity to a much older guy? It's kinda weird lol
Fake and girl college people are fucked hoes
Teenage yrs equals lust and no frontal love to control it:
>should mention I grew up in a household where being dead was better than being gay. And as such I had no clue about anything besides being straight. But then I went to hs in the village and holy shit going to school and seeing drag kings and queens going home for the night was like totally awesome.

Anyways. I wanted to sleep with a girl but I was so sheltered that even masturbation was foreign to me. One of my (ex)bff (cis male) att tells me he'll teach me. I wasn't smart enough lol. I show up we get high and drunk and watch Zack and Miri make a porno. Well there was an anal scene and I was totally intrigued. I turned to him and I was like let's do it. So before I had even kissed anyone I had anal w/o lube.

Anywho the next week I was over girl crush's house for her birthday party. I thought she wasn't into me but after 4lokos (it had just come out we didn't know ) she takes me upstairs, gets completely naked, and I just stood there like an idiot. I had no clue what to do but I decide fuck it right. This is like every persons' dream - for their crush to do this. I legit took two steps and had her on the bed. Score rught, wrong... her uncle came into the room, idk how but I jumped clear across the room and jammed the door before he could fully open it. He never suspected anything and we didn't Do Anything my god. It was terrible. But I figures I would pursue her, since she obviously ahiwed interested in me...wrong again.

She ended up telling me on my birthday (which is 6days after hers) that she loves me but she couldn't see a future with me.

it's been five years and she lives literally like a ten minute walk from me Till this day I've been unable to sleep with a woman. She however is happily married (yes to a woman).
Maybe you need a deeper more romantic connection with someone to enjoy the sex?
File: 1496872824440.png (222 KB, 540x428)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
I don't believe in virginity, I think it's a patriarchal cisnormative social construct.
because they have daddy issues and because older men have more experience seducing people and so they are more successful at getting you into bed.
File: fear3815.jpg (3.61 MB, 4986x3018)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
this thread gave me ptsd

>crush on a close friend
> we go out one night get super pissed
>she has to stay round mine so she doesn't piss off her family coming back so late and drunk
>start the night spooning in my bed even tho i'd set one up for her to sleep in was more fun to sleep together
>wake up about 5 am tryna find my phone
> she wakes up, pulls me in to kiss her
the rest u can kinda guess.
File: 1430154403589.jpg (148 KB, 640x1136)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
I dunno if it counts because I've not had anything up my or anyone else's butt yet, but I'm telling this story anyway

>browse /v/ and /r9k/ for too long
>get the idea that idea traps are cool
>discover crossplay on /cgl/
>end up ordering a crossplay and shaving my body
>took a few pictures and put them on 4chan
>parents are outraged and nearly get thrown out
>give up dressing up as a girl despite the dopamine hits and boners being really nice
>a few years later see an anon that could use someone to talk to
>quite reluctant to add them because of really bad anxiety but I didn't have anything better to do at the time and something came over me
>turns out we get along like a house on fire
>it's around Christmas and his birthday so I got him Senran Kagura and MGR
>at one point send him an old trap picture, not in a proactive way or anything we both talked about doing it
>later he tells me he fapped to it the night I sent it and I should get back into crossplay
>tells me he has a crush on me and he got me a weeb game as well
>only ever crushed on anime girls at this point and didn't think I was a homo, but I had feelings for him too
>spend the night crying because no one has had feelings for me before and I felt loved
>the next day we get freaked out and say maybe we shouldn't be gay
>that didn't work at all and two months later we book a hotel and met up at a convention
>first few hours was very awkward but we slowly opened up to each other over the day
>end up being sick in Costa Coffee because my hot chocolate was really bitter and felt really embarrassed
>welp, this is it, we're going to the hotel now
>Polish woman at the front desk gives us this smug look because she knows what's up
>my turn to shower and get shaved
>was in there for quite a while and thought he might rob me in the back of my head
>come out dressed in that same crossplay I sent him
>cuddle and start humping him really awkwardly because I don't know how sex works, let alone homosex
>try to find a position that works
>can't really see shit because I have this dumb wig on
>later he said it was like having sex with the girl form Ring
>start frotting and that was pretty good and finally manage to cum
>rub the semen onto his belly because I didn't know what to do with it
>he succs at one point and it was really good for someone that's never done it before, I didn't return the favor because I got nervous
I think I'm going to regret posting that last bit.
I mean it was bad, but it can't have been that bad if he's still my bf, right?
Your greentext is so whimiscal I love it! If this were a contest you'd win hands down.
8th grade. Neighbor was a latchkey, so was I. Semi-rural. Had a pool and a loft over the garage.

> be summer
> ride bike over to his house
> we toss a baseball for like an hour
> says we should hop in the pool (it's hot and humid, we're sweaty)
> tell him I didn't bring my swim trunks
> he's like "whatever, just hop in"
> strips
> hops in
> I'm a little caught off guard, but say "fuck it" and do the same
> start splashing and goofing off
> he grabs me from behind like he's going to pick me up (he's bigger than me)
> feel his dick get hard against my butt
> notice my dick get hard, but no homo rite?
> start wiggling trying to get out of his hold, get the idea to grab his dick to surprise him into letting go.
> hand ends up on underside of his dick, which was almost between my butt cheeks.
> I stop wiggling
> he starts gently humping
stop the fucking degeneracy and find a bf
autistic virgins are my fetish, moar

> Start moving my butt and hand a little
> continue for a few minutes
> him "we should stop, anon"
> me "ok, yeah"
> he goes into garage to get towels
> I'm on steps out of the pool, dick still hard
> he comes out with towel, looks at my cock
> comes over to me, drops his towel, reaches for my cock
> gets right next to me, puts our cocks in his hand and starts stroking them together
> I move my head to kiss him
> he hesitates, but kisses back
> I reach around and grab his ass
> he says we should go to his room
> brain "holy shit this is gay I shouldn't want this but I'm going to do it"
> go to his room
> get back to what we were doing
> I back us up to his bed and pull him with me while I get on my back
> kissing, frotting
> moaning
> heavy breathing
> he cums on my stomach and cock
> I cum on my stomach
Brain completely does a 180
> what the fuck did we do?
> "fuck this is messy, I need to wipe this off"
> he wipes all the cum up with his fingers, grabs both our cocks again and starts jerking
> slides a finger in my ass
> was not expecting this
> boner comes back
> he's jerking me and fingering me
> I'm a hot mess
>rub the semen onto his belly because I didn't know what to do with it

God, I hate it when guys do this.
Why don't you have a cum towel nearby?
> takes finger out
> gets in 69 position on top of me
> brain shrugs, says "do it faggot"
> pull his cock down and start licking bottom of his cock and balls
> brain repeats "DO IT FAGGOT"
> put it in my mouth
> it's sweaty and it's got cum all over it and I don't care
> get into it
> he starts sucking on me
> hips moving, humping each other's mouths
> grab his ass
> moving fingers around his asshole
> he moves his hips with it
> he gets up, turns back around, we're making out again
> he sits up and takes my cock in his hand
> puts it in his ass and stars riding me
> "holy shit this feels good"
> grab his ass and start fucking him right back
> grab his cock and start tugging
> he cums all over me again, some gets on my face
No kidding
> he licks it off
> I cum loudly
Don't know how long we laid on the bed after that. He says we should get cleaned up. We go into the shower and get in together without talking about it. He's smiling and can't take his eyes off my cock. We wash up, get dressed, play playstation like nothing happened.

Next time I come over, we don't bother with the baseball or pool. He wanted to fuck me like I fucked him. It was slow goong but after a week or so of fingering I could take him. Turns out, I liked bottoming.
We spent a few years on the down low. In high school, he used to fuck me more than his girlfriend. Stopped in junior year when he went full bro. Dude ended up married to a skank and had a few kids. Good guy as far as I know, haven't seen him in 15 years.
File: 1507114034884.gif (263 KB, 319x255)
263 KB
263 KB GIF
oral counts right? cause if not it's not happened yet

>met guy on /b/
>talk to him for a while
>hang out a few times
>eventually at his place
>blow him in his bathroom
>cums on my face
>kicks me out and I walk home in the rain
>buy snacks and call a taxi half way cause it's too far
>he stops hanging out with me for a long long time

I think I was 23 or 24. He had a gf btw
File: 1417795575913.jpg (961 KB, 900x900)
961 KB
961 KB JPG
Tank you, I think

There was a lot of spunk because we agreed not to fap for a week and it ruined all our clothes so we had to put it in the 'bag of shame' which is possibly in a landfill site now. Also I got semen stains on his jumper and thought it would be funny to play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDSzfpomRFA afterwards

>Why don't you have a cum towel nearby?
Because neither of us have done sexual things with someone with a peener before
abstinence only education lads
this was adorable omg
Glad you're getting sorted out honestly, that sounds like it'd throw most people off-kilter for life.
Haven't. Closest I got was with a fat beloved female friend in college that asked if she could help me out with my boner when we were chatting at 2AM. Also in college a twinkish beloved guy friend was roughhousing with me in my room and he had his shirt off, and he tried to take mine off, but I stopped him because of body image issues. He said "but I want to see you" and my heart melted, the dude's an only child so he gets really transparent and emotive when we get into childish shit, it's real adorable.
Realistically, I don't think I was ever close at all.
Pretty much. Didn't work out so well for some kids there.
your cousin confuses me so much
It's so strange that she can just use people like that, seems like she didn't get any kind of green light or anything and just decided to hop on it. #justalphathings I guess.
>have girlfriend
>stay over at her house for a weekend
>have sex last night before going home

it was okay
File: 1438155572710.jpg (41 KB, 747x711)
41 KB
>imagine some explicit smut happening here. I have the whole thing also in greentext format, I can post it as well. It's v lewd tho and doesn't really add any vital info to the story. Can still post if anyone wants to read though.
>Can still post if anyone wants to read though.

>we make out pretty hard
>gets pretty heated, almost fall off car again
>manage to get a grip though and both laugh like idiots high on horniness
>he jumps off car and helps me down
>not in a feminine way, in a playful "I like you" way
>pulls me in again and we kiss leaning against his car
>he opens the door nearest to us and I lie down on the back bench
>he crawls on top of me
>start getting undressed
>it gets lewd, but we're both horny so embarassment is diminished but still present
>awkwardly dry hump for a while
>his dick has a perfect size and he's being pretty rough, so I ask him if he wants to fug me
>says yes all breathy and hot
>autistically discuss logistics of how to do buttsex
>he decides to sit up and pulls me on top facing each other
>I always kinda felt guilty for being gay, but he was taking all my doubts about this
>his dick sliding up and down in between my buttcheeks is the best feeling
>we kinda combine saliva to lube up
>I sit, it hurts a little, but also feels good
>have experimented down there before so not too bad, and his dick is just average so I'm fine
>doesn't take long, we still make out, he's close, I'm close
>he cums first
>and pulls me in super tight
>he's finished and he softens up
>gently touches my dick and massages it in all the right places and I orgasm hard all over his belly and chest
>we kinda fall down
>his car wasn't the most sanitary space, we were sweaty and sticky
>feels filthy man.jpeg
>didn't matter, had great first time sex
>we laugh and talk a bit more and cuddle
>super exhausted
>we kinda just pass out/doze off

How'd you like it?
>>he blurts out "I like you" like a Japanese schoolgirl in animes that wouldn't be released for another decade
What are you talking about, there were tons of anime in the 90s that used this old cliche. People only think it's a new one because anime is easier to access now.
Shame on me then. Didn't really realize there were any like that in the 90's. Only anime I knew of back then were DragonBall and Ranma 1/2. And girls in both of those were portrayed vastly different to the ones in anime post like 2007/2008.

I'll edit that line for the next time I copy pasta this. Ty for the hint, anon.
Lost my "virginity" (defined as having an orgasm with another girl) when my heroin dealer went down on me on a piss-stained mattress in her apartment.

Otherwise, lost my virginity to a hair brush when I was 12.
Still have my v-card but sucked my first dick way back when i was young
I feel the same way about it when it’s in media, but just normal guys kissing is really cute
Virginity is overrated.

I was like ten and it was maybe a tad incestuous.

Oh fucking well.
hot, tell
File: 1500466465331.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1288)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Really cute/hot

Thanks anon, I miss being a gay teenager, I really fucking wish I just told this guy who I loved my feelings instead of just dating a girl.
>tfw regret losing my virginity to female

Really cute story though anon.

Lost mine to a woman back in college. It was okay, but it was nothing compared to the first time I plowed a guy.
File: IMG_7427.jpg (80 KB, 736x736)
80 KB

Don't fret anon. You want to be comfortable with a guy, right? Don't force it and don't worry.

I had the same issue with guys until I met my current bf and we agreed to take things slow and ease myself into it.

As for homophobia? What would Jesus do?

>>people can either accept me or go to hell
Tumblr is that way retard
>regret losing my virginity to female
How did it happen?
File: 1458279109157.jpg (45 KB, 719x683)
45 KB
>How did it happen?
Sophomore year started, new school
>was in love with this guy previously since 7th grade
>started growing apart closer to sophomore year because he was always busy in his sport
>was never confessed feelings to each other but did cute romantic stuff together constantly
>(will post stories if you want)
>For some reason my dumbass just immediately became obsessed with this girl on the first day and we dated until halfway through junior year
>Didn't fuck until about 12 months in but I still kinda regret never just telling him my real feelings
>I miss him alot

Also my mom didn't really care about my gf being in my room with the door closed so we would just do stuff together all the time, but we didn't have sex for awhile.
How did the relationship with the girl go?

>(will post stories if you want)
>How did the relationship with the girl go?

Pretty good actually, we got along almost always and we both really really liked eachother
>was the 'cutest couple in school' in yearbook

I really liked her honestly, she was a great gal and really loyal, we were both virgins too. Spent alot of time together and always talked, even supported me when I went on hrt for awhile, she liked switching roles etc. She was honestly really really innocent, she truly loved me. I just wish I could've not been into men so much.

Also stories incoming.
>even supported me when I went on hrt for awhile, she liked switching roles etc.
Elaborate on this, after the cute stories!

>I just wish I could've not been into men so much.
Anyways, where do I start. There's alot of stories.
>be me, 7th grade to about beginning of sophomore year and occasionally a few days during sophomore year of highschool
>13~15, friend was a few months older than me
>we were friends since 3rd grade, didn't start getting gay until later on
>best of buds, always slept in bed together.
I guess what I'll do is just type random stories from random ages??
>Freshman year, best year
>Him and his dad with his two older brothers want to take me ice skating
>all very experienced, it was my first time
>lets me hold onto his arm, I was terrified
>brothers and dad run circles around me
>he stays with me the entire time
>liked to tease and tickle me to try and get me to fall
>would retie my laces too
>he took care of me so much and I was in love
>fell a few times, he would help me up
>amazing time
>afterwards his dad drove him and me back to my house, (by the way it was december)
>both get undressed, wearing gym shorts and shirts
>I had put up christmas lights all over the ceiling before he came over
>played with eachother all night, would keep me from falling asleep by taking my blankets and tickling me
>grabbed my ass and small boi boobs alot
>at one point he grabbed my hand and put it in his shorts
>has me hover right above his cock
>"do it pussy"
>start blushing and rip my hand out, bury my face into pillow
>he changes subject by playing games
>silence for awhile
>he randomly says in quick succession, "I think I'm gay, and when I told my parents they denied it and said I wasnt, I guess thats just the life I gotta live."
>I awkwardly laughed and asked him if hes being serious
>"I don't know, am I?"
>cannot speak words because I am an babbling idiot around him
He would do stuff like that constantly, he would pull me in and then push me away all the fucking time. Edge me on like he wants me to make the move but when I get close he calls me gay and acts likes not.

cont? Theres alot.
I didn't have enough space to finish that one but that night we fell alseep, i fell asleep inbetween his legs with a pillow under me watching a scary movie.
>best memories falling asleep in my bed with him during the winter with my blinking crimbus lights on the ceiling, illuminating the room a reddish color so we could still see each other really well
>sometime in the morning i vaguely remember I was just about to roll off the bed when he grabs me from the sides and pulls me back into his chest
>he was so warm and his arms wrapped all around me and around my neck/arms made me feel so safe
>he even put his arm around my eyes to protect me from the sunlight so I could sleep longer
>fell right back asleep in him
>god I miss it so much
>that morning when his dad was there to pick him up i walked him to the door
>he checked to see if my mom was in the kitchen
>hugged me tight and gave me a fast peck on the cheek and scurried off
>was so goddamn happy

Yeah I'll get to that soon

cont though? sorry the first story is kinda lame but I have plenty more of cute stuff
i was raped by my cousin when i was 6
Why did everyone lose their v-card in their teens, why there are almost no good happy stories of people loosing it in their 20s?
File: 1457831659026.jpg (73 KB, 410x579)
73 KB
horny teenagers will be horny teenagers, exploring their confused sexuality and discovering themselves at such a young age is beautiful.
Was 17 at the time, had made two very good friends very recently, one F one M, and was kinda attracted to both, but highly doubtful either of them felt the same way, and having the feeling of belonging I got from being around them I wasn't going to push it and mess up the dynamic. We had been hanging out on weekends for months, and then one night we were able to get our hands on alcohol. Being introverted nerds who didn't really go to parties it was the first time any of us had drank. At one point it pretty much came out all three of us felt the same way I did, and for what has to be the first and only time ever a polyamorous triad of three introverted virgins just kinda naturally happened. An hour later none of us were virgins anymore, and I had already accomplished what I was sure was some far off sexual experience I'd likely never end up actually participating in. Males a nice story, until you add in the reality that none of us had any idea what we were doing, and several attempted positions just kinda failed to start. Lucky for me we were collectively smart enough to seek out makeshift lube, otherwise the story could have ended kinda painfully.
Fucking younglings!
File: 1492133850224.jpg (66 KB, 720x585)
66 KB
The really shitty part is that I can never really bring it up because I run the risk of her freaking out and telling my mom or aunt that I forced myself on her (she doesn't seem like the type but past attempts to ask about it have been met with a cold attitude or just plain ignoring/intimidating me while staring me in the eye like shes trying to kill me with eye lasers until I drop the subject) and this on top of being trans will probably destroy my relationship with my family (she doesnt know Im trans but she probably suspects it).
i stuck a pencil up myself when i saw my mom having sex, i was like 6
>Raised very religious
>Have a gf
>Only ever held hands and kissed on the cheek and neck
>Go to uni
>Meet an older guy there
>Takes me under his wing
>Shows me how to game the system, is a really good friend
>Eventually tell him I've never even really kissed my gf because I'm so nervous and apprehensive
>Refuses to let that stand
>Spends weeks convincing me it's entirely normal to be apprehensive and improves my confidence
>Gets me to talk to his bi girlfriend about it
>Coaches me how to be romantic
>Goes to stay with his gf and leaves me alone with his incredibly nice house, some champagne, master bed and spa
>Make out for the first time
>Always imagined it'd take time to get comfortable
>So turned on by kissing we go straight to bed
>Lose virginity to friend's playlist, in his bed
>Still one of the most romantic nights I've ever had
>He comes back the next afternoon
>High-fives me
>He and his gf give me a celebration card the next day

It was pretty great

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