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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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Anyone else here ever have people just assume you're gay even when your not?

>Hit on by way more guys then any of my other straight friends
>Even every girl I dated at some point even accuse me of being gay.
>I have never been sexually interested interested in a male.

Though I do have a few strikes against me:
1-Wear female underwear
2-Cross dress on Halloween
3-Paint toes (dark colors mostly)
4-Pirced Nipples
5-Tried anal with a strap-on, and a few other toys a bunch of times, never really got into it.
6- Overall fairly disinterested in sex
7- I admit that if I was single and met a guy who I made me feel the same way I felt about a girl, I'd have no hesitation in becoming romantically involved, But I have never felt that way about a man.
8-Occastionally enjoy "girly" things (nail art, music, anime, ect.)

I can understand why some of my friends think I am a faggot, They have known me for many years, and have seen many acts that are not actually homosexual, but still kinda "gay" on my part. But there are times where I am not showing my faggot power level where dudes hit on me, or a woman will talk about a random usually hyper-feminine topic.

Is there some secret gay tell that I have to avoid doing?

6'4" 210lbs White, Redneck/Hippie, Happy guy who loves to have a good time and laugh, Short hair, only facial hair is sideburns
have you ever felt like you would have been happier born as a girl?
R u cute? Show face!
Just explain to them that AGP (>>8980354) is nothing to do with being gay.
Yeah it means you are a straight male who crossdresses and has autism. Be honest with those two things and good things will come.
Are you metro? Do you take care of how you look, skinny frame, tight clothes? These are things that are stereotypically gay but they've become a straight fuccboi thing too
agps are usually straight men, or if they transition they'd be transbians.
Straight mtf's with agp are rarer. Just try comparing how often you find transbian erotica versus straight mtf erotica and you'd see transbian erotica overwhelmingly engrosses straight stuff.
the fact that agps have own own erotica instead of using straight erotica should show we're different.
>tfw no agp gf (male)
>"Why does everyone assume I'm gay?"
>proceeds to list all the reasons people assume he's gay
Well it's transformation erotica.

I've fapped to straight stuff though cause finding transformation erotica involving men is pretty difficult. Usually most stories revolve around forced fem by their wives or gf's. It's hard to find stuff that isn't transbian stuff.
File: 1496149112703.jpg (1.54 MB, 2448x3264)
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1.54 MB JPG
Nope, I always felt it would be a grass is greener kinda deal, sure it would be fun to have been a girl, but I bet there would be a whole lot of shit that would annoy me. I never felt dysphoria, Though it would have been fun to be a bit smaller so I could have trapped for a but I was 6 foot by 14.

I love being a guy, I am a White Male in the United States of America. But gender being a spectrum I'd peg myself at about 75-80% Male, 20-25% Female.
{Pic unrelated}
I know that, I have been at peace with that for years, those are some of my random acts of faggotry my friends know of. No autism though, I am a functioning member of society.

nope, jeans and a t-shirt, filp flops and painted toes.

I understand I am a weird dude, That isn't my complaint, I am just trying to figure out what is it that makes someone think that someone is gay.

Most of those reasons random people wouldn't notice, Who knows my toes are painted, and I am wearing a thong, if I am wearing pants and shoes?
why do you want that?!
Are you baiting?
>Painted toes and flip flops to show them off
>Hurr whydo da pople tink am GAAY?!?
File: 1495355869865.gif (543 KB, 500x368)
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543 KB GIF
why is that baiting? musicians can paint their fingers and be cool, I paint my toes and I'm a faggot?
Well are you a musician?
File: 20170604_153846.jpg (925 KB, 1836x3264)
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925 KB JPG
Here is a picture of Me and the Pope, we're close pals, as you can tell.

No I am an Attorney, I think I have the right to paint my toes and not get called a faggot. Women can wear pants, and have jobs, what did men gain out of women's liberation?
I am taking nail polish.

Flip-flops are a result of me being a pot smoking hippie I wear them from March to December for the past 15 or so years and have walked 20 miles without issue.
You being an attorny probably makes it seem more like you're closeted.
You're doing girly things in a tradtionally "masculine" career field. Yes, I realize girls are attornies, but they're actually considered more "power women" and are considered less feminine.
You doing what you're doing sets people off due to the juxtaposition of the rest of your life in comparison.

If you're not gay that's fine, but I can't give you any recommendations to stop people from thinking you are. There's no reason you should be forced to stop what you're doing. Underwear is just underwear, painting nails is just fun, etc. It's just people gossiping and gossip is annoying.
Do you admit to having autism?
tfw no gay attorney bf
dude you give new meaning to a "round face" its shaped like a bowling ball
I think you've already figured out the answer. Straight guys don't have a lot of behavioral wiggle room. Don't worry about what other people think, you're ahead of the curve.
File: 1489438251831.jpg (63 KB, 523x535)
63 KB
I've walked in my office with flip flops and Holographic glitter toes. No one give a fuck on the professional level what you do, as long as you do it good.

I have been on a ski lift, and been hit on by a dude. All my gear is black, only tell may be music (EDM, Taylor Swift, Country, Folk)


Alright, I like you
>I've walked in my office with flip flops and Holographic glitter toes. No one give a fuck on the professional level what you do, as long as you do it good.
Yeah but you're bitching about people calling you gay not that you suck at your job. Gay people can be attornies too.
>No I am an Attorney, I think I have the right to paint my toes and not get called a faggot.

No, you have the right to paint your toes AND get called a faggot. Why did you even make this thread if you're not wondering "why" but instead rejecting the "because"?
>Is there some secret gay tell that I have to avoid doing?

Um, it seems like you answered your own question with that long list. Do whatever you want, but if a male falls outside gender norms at least in the US he's labeled gay.
>tfw you'll never ever get hit on by anyone ever

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