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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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I thankfully had a late puberty and I'm attempting to screw up male puberty as much as possible while it's happening, but I can't take hrt right now. What do I do?
Remove your balls
Break your penis
Drink a gallon of mint tea a day
Lower your body fat below 10%
Eat lots of soy

Taking Antiandrogens is ideal and can be bought online and shipped to a p.o. box.
Also start rubbing your nipples

I bet you won't get a better answer
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my hookup loves it when i play with his nipples. it's nice to lay with him and pinch and suck them. he likes it a lot

lower weight in generall
just dont eat or move much

a good fresh outta auschwitz style should really be the only thing needed

keep balls warm
push them back in body or wear very tight underwear
Inject calcium hydroxide into your testicles
Stop destroying your body. You'll never get that straight dick, just depression. Your best best is to go back in the closet, masc up as much as possible and blow your bros.
Masc is strength. Masc is magic
anything to stay away from?
you can just google foods that influences hormones you lazy bitch
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Thanks, I'll do half of these to a lesser extent as I personally want to achieve the physique balance between cute and twinkish and masculine upper body the way god and the Greeks intended.

I'll probably abstaine from nipple rubbing especially at least for now.

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