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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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So /LGBT/ I need a non hug box view of my situation.
>2 years and 5 months hrt
>no surgeries yet because poor and in debt from suicide attempt
>I'm 5'4 140lbs losing weight though
>My head is kinda big like my jaw looks sort of masc
>I don't pass at all to strangers or family
>Never been misgendered
>Always get sir everywhere I go
>I have been diy estrogen and Cypro and progesterone but never came out only to one or two people that noticed my boobs

I can't live my life as a guy anymore I hate it but I'm not delusional when I look in the mirror nothing really changed Maybe I'm a little softer looking. Is it even worth it for someone like me to come out if Nothing changed at 2 fucking years of hormones should I just stay a guy on mones???
I feel like you're either trolling cus no pic or you're not trying hard enough.

Get a girly haircut, change your voice actually try presenting female.

Otherwise stop bitching
For God sakes your fucking 5'4 an 140 lbs I'd kill for that body type.. You cant be that far off

also if you're DIY and don't get blood tests rip your entire life however short it will be
who tf kept that shitty meme....

>be me
>hate myself cuz insecure
>see pretty trans girl on reddit
>steal her pic and make a shitty meme on ms fuckign paint
>post it onto tumblr while crying

and now the memes been reposted like thrice legbutts pls get better mayms and stop stealign my depression content
It's very hard to pass when you're over-weight, especially when you put the weight on before HRT so it's in a male pattern. So you should focus on losing weight, and get your hormone levels checked. If they're in the female range (and have been for at least 2 years) then you'll probably just have to save up for FFS.

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