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Social workers removed Yulia Savinovskikh’s two foster sons last year on suspicion that she had planned a sex change operation after undergoing breast reduction surgery. A local district court sided with social workers there and declined to return the two adopted sons to Savinovskikh in Yekaterinburg last week.

"Savinovskikh’s self-identification as a male — taking into account her marriage with a man, the desire to adopt a social role peculiar to a male — in essence contradicts the principles of our country’s family law, the traditions and mentality of our society," reads an excerpt of the court’s motivation published by Savinovskikh’s lawyer.

Alexei Bushmakov, the woman’s lawyer, said the courts used the same-sex marriage argument after claiming that Savinovskikh had "some sort of disease that prevents her from being a guardian."

"In other words, the judge has found that Savinovskikh is in a same-sex marriage with her husband, and children should not be brought up in a same-sex family," Bushmakov told the Advgazeta.ru legal publication.

"If anyone else still has doubts, they can leave the country," Bushmakov wrote on Facebook on Monday.

>That Court's reasoning
Literally retarded. Thank god for English law.
Nice try SHILL but we all know russia is BASED and loves lgbt. Anti-Trump propaganda just tries to lie and demonize them! We need to be more like russia in every way to battle degeneracy and it would probably be for the best if we just made Putin president here too after Trump's 8, or maybe more ;), years!
You're not even doing a good job in baiting or trying to convince people you're from /pol/ and seriously believe this
Well I mean....yeah? Isn't that the whole IDEA of being trans that you are the opposite sex right? Idgi. They aren't pronouncing a woman a man they pronounce a man a man.

In the UK trans women got special permission to keep all their male privilege/inheritance. A trans man cannot gain inheritance by converting to firstborn son status, but a firstborn son who converts to female still gets all her inheritance and it burn my biscuit.
>special permission to keep all their male privilege/inheritance

what exactly do you mean? sauce?
I wasn't really trying desu senpai, just mocking them and shitposting
I'm sure a real one will be along soon enough

I'm guessing by focusing on "firstborn son" they mean like inheritance of actual noble titles and shit.
So how exactly does that work for transgender people?

Men may be entitled to more possible financial privilege but ALL women are privileged above the lowest men even if they become alcoholic or schizophrenic, etc., especially if they have any beauty.

>The Act gives people with gender dysphoria legal recognition as members of the sex appropriate to their gender (male or female) allowing them to acquire a new birth certificate, affording them full recognition of their acquired sex in law for all purposes, including marriage. The two main exceptions are a right of conscience for Church of England clergy (who are normally obliged to marry any two eligible people by law), and that the descent of peerages will remain unchanged.
>the descent of peerages will remain unchanged.

So mtf still get all their inherited titles they would otherwise have gotten as firstborn son as one of the few exceptions to their recognized gender. Cis women and ftms still can't inherit shit of course.
In the West, mtfs are male when it suits them and female when it suits them. Russia is like "nah nope you're a man now so this relationship is GAY c-ya" and I can appreciate that.
>Men may be entitled to more possible financial privilege but ALL women are privileged above the lowest men even if they become alcoholic or schizophrenic, etc., especially if they have any beauty.

How so?

Also you know feminine beauty fades, right? What good is beauty? Masculine beauty has a much longer shelf life.
Are you a prince or something? Do parents not get to choose who to leave money to over there?

No, inheritance goes to sons. I'm not a prince its just something telling about our society and how we treat mtfs vs cis women.
Women are not allowed to fall as far, especially if they are pretty. No such thing as an attractive young white woman homeless on city streets. Women can always be resurrected, and, if young enough, made pregnant, making them useful again. Men who are too ill to labor are not useful to anyone and are discarded. You know this and intentionally downplay the social advantages of adopting a female persona.
I’m confused.
Beauty takes a lot of work. Homelessness makes you ugly in and of itself.
>Women are not allowed to fall as far, especially if they are pretty.
How so?

>No such thing as an attractive young white woman homeless on city streets.
Are you talking about survival sex, where a woman trades sex for shelter so she doesn't get raped at the shelter? You have an interesting idea of "falling as far".

>Men who are too ill to labor
What about women who are too ill to be sexy?
Women are given more resources and a chance to get with low-tier men even if they are disgusting. They are still prized for being women. Men who are mentally ill or drug addicted are simply ignored by most. How can you honestly deny that men are left to fall further by society? There are so many more homeless men than women. Women can always find a supportive male partner if they get their shit together even 20%.

Men cannot use survival sex to their advantage as much as women. That's WHY HSTS exist so that mentally ill gay men can get the better treatment women get so they won't be ignored as much by society. They make themselves more visible to a male audience with makeup and hair.

Women who are too ill to be sexy can still have kids and people naturally take greater pity on women.
File: women_poverty3.jpg (48 KB, 594x297)
48 KB
>Women are given more resources
No they aren't.

>a chance to get with low-tier men
??? No they aren't. I mean, yeah, a woman can get with a man. She can even get with a man who is abusive alcoholic piece of garbage man which is what I assume you mean by "low tier man".
But a man can also get with a woman.

>. They are still prized for being women
Lol no. Beautiful women are prized for being beautiful. Women are seldom prized for being women.

>. How can you honestly deny that men are left to fall further by society?
Because you haven't substantiated it all. You just say "women can get a man".

>There are so many more homeless men than women
Sure, thanks to the survival sex mechanism you mentioned last time. You are just crazy though if you think using sex to get out of a homeless shelter (so you don't get raped or molested which vastly happens to homeless women) counts as "not falling as far".

> too ill to be sexy can still have kids
Nah, not normally. I'm struggling to have kids at the ripe age of 30.

Once again men only see beautiful women and are blinded by the ugly ones. More women than men are in poverty and are food insecure, and unlike homelessness which effects << 1% of men, poverty effects 14% and disproportionately effects women at every level.
Those kids you keep crowing about? Put women deeper into poverty with single moms being the most impoverished group in the US.
Really? How many dollars are invested for each homeless woman vs homeless man in the United States?

Idk and its really hard to find data on homeless men vs homeless women as a whole, usually it goes something like "single homeless man", "single homeless woman" "homeless families" (mostly homeless women who have children).
Families of course get extra benefits (as they well should) and most of those are headed women, but I don't have any numbers.

Talking about "survival sex" like its a grand benefit and a blessing to women is fucking stupid though.
>>Women are given more resources
>No they aren't.
[citation needed]
Don't have to prove a negative u do
>In the West, mtfs are male when it suits them and female when it suits them.
Give one single example of MtFs being male when it suits them BESIDES titles of nobility.
Whenever they expect the whole world to revolve around their dicks
>"No they aren't (I hope and you can't prove me wrong naaaa!)"
Not one single example, got it.
I gave one in pic related duh.
>but ALL women are privileged above the lowest men even if they become alcoholic or schizophrenic, etc., especially if they have any beauty
What does that have to do with inheritance?
Calm down your mra rage.
Trannies are (mostly) men who are skilled at lying and get off on it.
They seem to be talking specifically about noble titles, not financial inheritance.
So bs that doesn't effect the vast majority of people but they've chosen it as their goalpost of the moment to try to shit on trannies.
Trannies shit on gay people by claiming that sexuality is not fixed and gay men can become straight women. Denying the innateness of sexual orientation IS homophobic.
lol kid you need to be 18+ to post here
Even with as many retards as 4chan has people know that the burden of evidence is on the positive claim.
You're just shitposting to try to save face and it's really quite embarrassing.
>projecting this fucking hard
Women will always be more valued by society because they are constantly wanted, even if they are ugly. A 4/10 woman probably gets as much attention as a 6 or 7/10 guy. This is why they have such a large advantage, a women will always be worth something to somebody, where a man can be actually worthless
More non-sequiters, that has nothing to do with the topic and question of inheritance.

Seriously if you just want to rant about how much you hate trannies feel free to do so but don't pretend to be responding to topics you're not and don't use other anons as a prop to project your strawmen on.
It's in your own best interests too because this just makes you look confused and unhinged.
>Women will always be more valued by society because they are constantly wanted
No they aren't. Sexy young women are wanted by horny men. That's about it.

You are judging worth purely based on sex appeal. But sex appeal is nearly meaningless on its own and does not improve your quality of life, otherwise we wouldn't see women with much lower net worth than men.
File: 1374122321732.jpg (88 KB, 768x768)
88 KB

Russia is pro-trans. It allows sex changes and legally recognises people as their post transitioned gender. Transpeople are also allowed to adopt children.

Russia isn't pro-gay though. Being gay is legal but it isn't not a protected class and they do not like gays around kids. They don't recognise gay marriage either.

So this situation is what happens when these two attitudes clash. A normal cis marriage becomes an illegal gay marriage and the former cis woman becomes an gay man who is an unfit parent.

Ironically if this was a transwoman getting married to a man and then adopting kids that would be perfectly legal in Russia.
Wow those evil tranners, getting male privileges like their fathers' dukedoms and banning pussy hats! Being a real woman has never been so hard!
That has nothing to do with the context of that post.

Seriously who do you guys think thou're convincing with these non-sequitur rants?
They'd be more effective if you used them on their own instead of pretending to be in response to unrelated shit, it's just weird and makes you seem confused or dishonest.
I hate trannies. You are mentally ill men and will never be women.

So trannies can adopt kids if they chop their balls off but gay men can't? More proof that trannies are homophobic uncle toms willing to hurt themselves to gain a moment's privilege.
>Calm down your mra rage.
Why do feminists think MRA is an insult?
I'm not a feminist but MRAs are largely trainwrecks SO.
Because only cis women are allowed identity politics.

Gays and Trans have never had anything in common. Homosexuality is about defying gender roles and Transgenderism is about upholding them.
Ahhh that reminds me of that time a play got shut down at a college for glorifying statutory rape and terfs tried to lie to the media for support and pretend that it was shut down because of some eeeeevil vagina-hating trannies.
Truly trannies are the ultimate oppressors!
File: 1517338920304.jpg (48 KB, 368x475)
48 KB

>le terf meme
sorry some lesbian didn't want to suck your girl pickle
>I hate trannies
Sure that's what I'm saying, just be honest about it instead of pretending your shitposting is a reply to some specific topic, it just makes you look dishonest and confused instead of just booty-bothered and obsessed.

>So trannies can adopt kids if they chop their balls off but gay men can't? More proof that trannies are homophobic uncle toms willing to hurt themselves to gain a moment's privilege
So trannies with little political power especially in places like russia are somehow responsible for gays not being able to adopt?
It seems like that's just a flimsy excuse and you're really just bitter and taking on a bucket-of-crabs mentality that everyone deserves to suffer as much as you if not more.
HSTS are just extremely gay men though. Agreed though that AGPs have zero in common with gay men though as they are straight men.
I didn't mean it as an insult, the rage part was the insult.
I mean just read those posts,
people were talking about inheritance laws in respect to trannies and then that anon out of nowhere started ranting about how privileged women are.
biological males who are attracted to other biological males deserve to all be treated equally.
>HSTS are just extremely gay men though.
False. >>9555655
>when you can't dispute terfs lying about trannies to protect a pedophile play so you make a nice easy strawman pretending that anyone was talking about sex with trannies
gender critical feminists. terf is a slur and promotes violence against real women.
People should generally be treated equally legally imo
but that's not actually an explanation of how trannies are to blame, just another non-sequitur
like seriously, are you ok? because you're having trouble following a simple conversation and keep veering off into random ranting and feels-based opinions that you can't back up
Trannies are allowed to marry in Iran. Gay men are not. There are social advantages to be gained by shedding a gay identity and pretending to be a straight woman.
File: 1516594052951.png (975 KB, 540x1035)
975 KB
975 KB PNG

I don't know or care about pedophile play or """""""terfs""""""""""" but the pussy hat thing was 100% real and 100% hilarious.
ALSO since when do mtfs care about pedophilia? Remember deercr0ssing?
File: 1505250490042.png (1.78 MB, 1292x1904)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
>terf is a slur
yeah, like racist! Oh wait, no they're just descriptors lol

Terf stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist, as in the radfems who aren't inclusive to trannies, like for example ones that might lie to the media that evil trannies are shutting down their play that was actually shut down for promoting pedophilia.
The whole "x is a slur!" bs is just playing the victim for pity points and to portray people who disagree with you as evil oppressor REEL bigots.
That still doesn't answer how trannies are responsible.
I keep asking the same questions and you just keep spouting unrelated non-sequiturs.

Seriously anon are you ok?
You seem really confused and upset, unless you're just a dishonest troll trying to avoid open direct discussion to push your feels.
I want to die
File: nf6spfi.png (149 KB, 719x652)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
>Terf stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist
Yeah no shit.

But IN PRACTICE its used against anyone who doesn't want to suck "girl pickle" or who reminds mtfs they are physically males (even if they feel different in their hearts uwu).
I've been called terf plenty of times but I'm not any type of feminist let alone "radical feminist". Its a fucking meme.
The pedophile play was also 100% real and hilarious, this reply chain started with me saying the hats affair reminded me of the play one.

>since when do mtfs care about pedophilia?
Since when were mtfs, not even trannies specifically mtfs, not allowed to care about pedophilia?
This strawman is so baseless it's silly.
>Remember deercr0ssing?
No I have no idea whatever meme you're talking about but based on usual troll tactics I'm guessing it involves some creep that you want to imply represents all mtfs while hypocritically denying association with creeps of your own group.
Because they game the system knowingly to attain benefits other gay men can't get.
ftms are never quite the mega molesters that mtfs seem to be.
>sure that's the ACTUAL meaning but if people get triggered by it or misuse it then it's a slur!
lol so exactly like people who say "racist" is a slur like my pic.

You're actually defending people who lied to use trannies as a scapegoat for a pedo play and saying that calling them trans-exclusionary is a slur.
I mean your pic >>9559378 is implying that I'm just calling anyone I don't like trans exclusionary but it was in response to me literally talking about trans exclusionary radfems.
You undermine your own argument with your actions.
You were just talking about pedophilia, seriously stop jumping between goalposts and topics at the drop of a pussy hat you disingenuous trolll.
I hate trannies. I think encouraging y'all to suicide and denying you hormones is a good thing because your lives are predicated on your ability to deceive people into obtaining the benefits women get naturally from society.

People who will kill themselves if we don't let them get privileges they don't deserve, don't deserve to live.

Just know that many of us are actively rooting for /repgen/ and the like.
>I hate trannies.
lol just be honest then
Stop trying to lie and misinform and make bs excuses and just be honest that you're booty-bothered and want to stick it to the people who trigger you.
I bet you'll find that people take you much more seriously and be open to listening to what you have to say.
I don't think it is lies or misinformation to say that you are serial liars and that nothing about the transgender movement is legitimate except that they have disguised political and social aims.

You are either gay men in denial or straight men latching on to gay rights, and either is equally detestable and fake.
>Denying the innateness of sexual orientation IS homophobic
It’s a mistake to justify rights by innateness. Even if someone chose to be gay, they should still have the right to express themselves. Just as someone who is innately a psychopath is not just allowed to murder people.
Nobody chooses to be gay. Your premise is false, so your conclusions are flawed.
>say that you are serial liars
Nah it's just a booty-bother opinion and pathetic emotional appeal.
>nothing about the transgender movement is legitimate
Yeah that's just another triggered opinion.

The lies and misinformation I was referring to is more how you keep making excuses you don't really care about and moving goalposts and responding with non-sequiturs so you don't have to face and justify actual arguments.

I mean, in response to talk about trans exclusionary radfems you ranted that terf is a slur even when it's accurate and implied I was just calling anyone I disagreed with terfs when I was specifically talking about actual terfs and not accusing anyone in the thread of being one.

>latching on to gay rights
Lgbt rights have never just been about gays it included bis and trannies since the beginning.
They banded together based on shared discrimination, not out of some autistic obsession with categorizing a group based on being gay.
I wouldn't be surprised if you're the type to try to rewrite history and insist that it was just gay guys at stonewall but the actual arrests that triggered the riots were made on the basis of gender-inappropriate clothing, ie trannies.
My premise isn’t people choose to be gay you retard.
Nobody should go to jail for refusing to refer to a biological male with a penis as a woman to arouse them. This is just men trying to force women to go along with male sexual impulses, as usual!

Nobody chooses to be gay. Trannies choose to deny being gay or pretend to be gay when they are not actually same-sex attracted.
See this is just another non-sequitur, this is what I'm talking about.

You're not actually responding to or refuting anything I say, just trying to distract and save face by changing the topic to a new goalpost.
My post might as well be just a picture of a cat for all the relevance your response has.

This is the shit I'm talking about that makes it seem like you're at best dishonest and obsessed with some personal bias and issues or at worst delusional and unable to follow normal conversations and discern reality from your imagination.
>discern reality from your imagination

ironic given that you have nailed the problem trannies suffer from
Except not according to the actual professionals who determine such things, just your triggered feels which you-half admit before jumping back to throwing up a sea of excuses and forest of goalposts to justify your feels.

Just try to be honest and self-aware for a second, if you're constantly responding to posts with non-sequiturs that have nothing to do with the content of the posts then you either have trouble with reality or are just a dishonest deceptive disingenuous troll who only cares about pushing their feels and not truth or facts like you claim.
They are paid to humor your lies, I am not. I don't want to have sex with you or collect cash from you therefore I am actually honest with you.

Believe whatever you want, but know that you are mentally ill, and refuse to get the actual help you need, because paid charlatans want to sell you self-harm, and tell you it will make you pretty.
>They are paid to humor your lies
>it's a CONSPIRACY!!!
lol, no kid.
This excuse to ignore medicine that triggers you is just so ridiculous.
trannies are an incredibly small minority who often lack insurance and are in poverty, hrt meds are cheap, already used by cis people, and have generic versions. It would make much more sense to target a larger market or give them a more expensive treatment that doesn't involve generics they can get from someplace else.
It's especially revealing of your dishonesty and hypocrisy that you use "big pharma conspiracy" as an excuse to reject tranistion yet the anti-psychotic memes you push as an alternative are generally more expensive, experimental, and proprietary so they'd make much more sense as a conspiracy to make money.

You're just making up illogical, easily refuted, bullshit to justify your feels.
have a little respect for yourself and just be honest about your intentions and reasons instead of all these bullshit excuses and distraction.
It isn't a conspiracy, they have shit to sell and you are willing to buy it and they don't care about your reasoning or motivation.

Estrogen is cheap but laser surgery and reconstructive surgeries are not. Making someone a lifetime medical slave is very profitable if you sell medical services.
>they have shit to sell and you are willing to buy it and they don't care about your reasoning or motivation
You could use this argument to reject ANY treatment that triggers you, it's meaningless.

Also way to totally ignore my actual argument that it simply doesn't make sense from a financial standpoint.
laser and electrolysis isn't actually that expensive but again cis people also get those treatments.
This conspiracy also relies on countless unconnected doctors, who often only treat trannies as a small proportion of their patients, conspiring together to "hide da truf!".

Come on just be honest, you just hate trannies.
Making these flawed excuses just makes you seem dishonest and therefor harms the legitimacy of your opinions.
Most treatments don't result in sterilization at the request of a physically healthy person.

I'm not saying I don't hate trannies, I am saying my reasoning is entirely justified by your compulsive deception.
>Most treatments don't result in sterilization at the request of a physically healthy person
This is another non-sequitur, you just keep moving the goalposts and changing the topics which strongly suggests that you don't really care about or believe most of the shit you spout and are just using it as an excuse for your feels.
>my reasoning
You have no reasoning, just excuses, which is why you keep switching goalposts and changing the topic with non-sequiturs when you can't defend your opinions.

You're so disingenuous that you're incapable of actually responding to what people say or standing by and supporting your claims.
Please feel free to keep shitposting, all you're doing is making anti-tranny autists look deceptive and stupid.
Ironically, though, you are the ones with the highest rates of autism (and HIV):

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Gender Dysphoric Children and Adolescents:



Autism in trans adults:


Living between genders, links between autism and gender dysphoria:


Increased gender variance in autism spectrum disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder:

Oh you're that dedicated tranny obsessed shitposter that always spams that copypasta and expects no one to be smart enough to realize that a high rate of autism is not the same thing as them all just being autistic like you like to imply.

Again, feel free to keep making the anti-tranny crowd look like deceptive obsessed trolls, thanks for the help!
No group has a higher rate of autism than transgender people.
Great, still doesn't support your bullshit that all trans are autistic.
Again, your blatant deception just makes the anti-tranny obsessed look bad, thanks :^)
so in an attempt to undermine trans rights they actually legitimized transsexuality? top kek
>therefor all trans people have autism
is not a logical conclusion you can draw from that
you have mental issues
Why do you want people to die? Do you honestly think people transition only to get privileges?
Where I live hormones are free, also surgeries. Cause that is how the health care system works here cause we pay taxes for that. What do you think about stuff like that? Just curious.
Yes, and lie about it.

I think you know that you don't deserve it. Other people are trying to feed their families and you think you need D-cup breasts on a taxpayer dime or you will threaten suicide. I think you know exactly what you are doing and they are letting you get away with it, for now. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Feminists don't think, they only lie and hate.
I am not mtf but I was just wondering. But if a trans person gets to transition and then just goes to live their life isn't that good? If they just work and do stuff like anyone else? I think that's better than them killing themselves but one day maybe there will be another way.
>women the largest recipients of taxmoney by far
>men the largest contributors
>this never concerns feminists (obviously)
>but don't you dare be a tranny and try to get treated
Different poster but men have higher incomes by far.

Average trans woman wouldn't; last 1 day as a single mom....that is the real hard mode.
>No they aren't. Sexy young women are wanted by horny men. That's about it.
This is pretty much true, kids on the Internet act like the whole world is their fucking college bar because they're fucking retards who have no problems thanks to being somewhere comfy. So all they think about is sex. Go to a goddamn third world country and see how awesome life is for female children getting sold as sex slaves and being raped to death by 14, tell me how good females have it.
Their comfort is solely at the expense of others who are then forced against their will to participate in your delusions.

No doubt plenty of trannies get great joy watching people in professional settings awkwardly have to refer to you as a woman when they can tell you are a man.
it makes ya think at least imhonk

Transitioning is the most effective treatment of the mental illness known as dysphoria and is correlated with improved mental stability








Dysphoria is strongly correlated to neurological structures different than those of cis counterparts regardless of orientation





Trans children experience the same benefits adults do and have low desistance rates, despite what the politically correct Fox and daily mail pundits would have you think ;)

Transgender behavior also dates back at least as far the as Mesopatamia with the Salzikrum and has been found in all corners of the globe.

Hi! You're wrong! And probably not for the first or last time in your life. Just calm down and we'll get through it together ok? Lets apply your statement to the real world so it can die like a baby bird pushed out of mama's nest:

>Passable tranny
Because of the presence of masculine/feminine secondary sexual characteristics (what we use to identify male, female, andro) you would naturally assume the usage of the person's appearant gender.

>Borderline tranny
Because they look androgynous it's more or less up to you to remember that cis people are often andro as fuck and in the grand scheme make up the majority of androgynous looking bastards. Cavegals and hipdudes all.

>Unpassing tranny
Because its not their fault that they cannot pass and because it's unreasonable to hold up cispassing as credentials for preferred pronouns when unpassable cis folk exist in abundance; there is no harm in showing some courtesy to unfortunate and/or aesthetically rebellious folk.
You may think, linkspamfag you cute little bitch, pronouns have always referred to biology!

To which: remember genius HRT morphs sexual characteristics relevant to the traditional subconscious gendering of others practiced throughout history

Now you're thinking, linkspamfag you're so adorable omg, but pronouns refer specifically to chromosomes! Like George Washington intended!

To which: remember albert wisenstein chromsomes weren't even discovered until the freaking 1900s. And even then if this was how humans behaved we would have federally mandated chromsome scans and exchange medical records prior to any gendering.

Check out these statistics on who controls global wealth

The ultra rich luxurious scumsuckers called the 1% is 98% male

The United States, center of global hegemony, has had 100% male presidents. 19% of the House of Representatives is female. 79% of Congress is male.

0% of major western political offices are held by transfolks

Transgender people are at an intense economic risk:

why do you people always make me dunk on you
do you crave it
do you crave my dunkings

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