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>be me
>21 yo mtf, passing, living fulltime
>move out to the big city
>no friends, no family, just me being completely independent
>score a sweet job, going to be making serious bank, but dont start for another two weeks
>money pretty tight, but shit i'll be able to afford SRS by the end of the year
>cute lesbian girl on the train flirting with me
>curly haired redhead art student
>mostly into guys, but i DO want to fuck a girl at least once before SRS
>i mean if you got a dick you might as well try to use it properly once
>its like, the biological prime directive or some shit. progenation or whatever.
>she asks me out for coffee
>turns out she's bi, goes to college at some fancy university
>she thicccccc and pretty
>we have a nice first date
>go to a coffee shop, walk around the city, get a little lost
>i act a bit awkward since I haven't been on the dating scene in a while and had been going steady with my last boyfriend for a long time.
>spaghetti every now and then but she seems to be enjoying herself
>we hold hands and kiss and shit
>decide to tell her against my own best judgment that I'm a tranny
>she seems fucking thrilled and finds it hot
>everything goes well and I say bye
>next day realize how fucking broke I am
>holy shit i need money fast
>have some leftover adderall from a friend
>hmm... well... she does go to college... maybe some college kids would buy this shit off of me for cramming or whatever
>text her if she knows anyone who would want to buy addy
>she flips her shit
>tells me i'm weird and must be some kind of druggie
>i try to explain but she more or less says she never wants to talk to me or see me again
>confidence crushed

haha... im ok... who needs her? lol
calling shit "blogposting" is a dumb meme that encourages everyone-posts-no-one-reads playtime interactive shit
>i DO want to fuck a girl at least once before SRS
>i mean if you got a dick you might as well try to use it properly once
>implying you wouldnt do the same
uhhh get a loan or something dumbass
>tfw no credit history so no one will give me a loan
>tfw my bank wont even give me a credit card

besides, i dont think that would make her come back.
>fuck someone with my dick
yeah no
>meet a cute girl
>i ask "hey do you know anyone who wants to buy drugs from me?"
>mfw she doesn't want me to contact her again
idk, she was an edgy artist type. thought she'd be cool about it.

I don't know if you already thought about it but likely she didn't turn you down because the drug but because she was having second thoughts about dating a tranny thinking about the whole day made up her mind she just waited the moment to tell you to fuck off.

That's how cis girls thinks believe me I'm on E.
You dodged a bullet. Cute or not she's a degenerate retard who cares more about her sense of the world than the reality of existence. Especially if she's a stuck up SJW amerilard. You're missing nothing. Just get tinder.
uhhhh or maybe drug dealers are objectively bad people
>adderall "dealer"
>a drug that literally does little more than give you energy and focus
>a drug that's sold in such low doses that it's practically impossible to be addicted to it

keep dreaming
who cares about any of that. a dealer is a dealer
Just consider it your karma for considering her a potential experimental fuck and move on. If you're qt enough to get randos excited over you and you're making dollaz you will not lack for options in the future.

Also fuck you how do you make money I'm sick of being poor.
You have the entire year to fuck a girl before the surgery, dont be retarded.
Also you came off as an addict buddy, dont do this shit again...
thx for the advice. I think I needed a good reality slap in the face.

also, IT Helpdesk. I'm making 50k, entry level. What a meme.
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Wow you're so fucking stupid
Why are you so fucking dumb lol

How the fuck can you be so stupid to text a date you're looking for someone to buy drugs off you?

Dumb as shit.

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