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/lgbt/ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender

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>settle on a name
>use it for a few years
>decide i dont like it anymore for various reasons
>get a nice new name i like even more
>cant really get used to it
>still think of the old name at times and have problems responding to the new name

can anyone relate

does it go away in time
Are you serious? I can’t even be bothered to update my phone number when it changes. How do you deal with changing your name for no reason?
>How do you deal with changing your name for no reason?
That's what I'm trying to deal with now.

I didn't decide on a new name for just on a whim, a lot of thought went into it.
iktf. i changed my name because i found out it was a meme name. however i didn't use it for as long as you
I had a meme name too. Used pretty much exclusively by catfishes and lying whores. It didn't really resonate much with me but after going by it and my dead name I sometimes get identity crisis. My new name is special to me but it feels bad just going through names like tissues.
What were your meme names?

How do you change a name after transition and the first name change?
I don't want to say what it was.

I didn't get my stuff legally changed yet so that works out for me for the better.
thankfully it was before i changed my documents and records so i just did it like anyone else would do.
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>be trans
>changes name legally to Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
>ever since I changed my name people've been making fun of me
>can't even get a job
Transphobia is killing me :'(
this is kinda how I feel, worst case Ontario I start going by my middle name which is another name I was considering (first name amber middle name lauren, I chose amber bc i was already used to it from it being the first word of a screen name I used as a teenager, so everyone called me by it online)
solution: stop picking meme names
>pick one in the top 200 names for women born in your birth year
>pick one starting with the same initial as your birth name so it feels familiar
>hard mode: pick a name that has similar scansion to your birth name
>common names are better for us, to blend in
Let me guess- Alice?
I picked a pretty exotic name this time around. Only a very small handful of people in America would have it.


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