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Scanned a fairly rare, out of print book. How do I go about scrubbing it of all metadata and disseminating it on places like libgen, etc. so that someone looking for it will be able to do so with relative ease? I see some stuff in the sticky for #bookz but I have never used that.
To clarify, it is a PDF scan.
to upload something on libgen you need pass and username. username is genesis, pass is upload
Well there's a upload section on libgen, you can also put it on archive.org I guess. For the metadata, calibre's not enough? What's the book?
Book is The Cheap Eaters by Thomas Bernhard. I am not concerned with adding metadata beyond author and title, I was more referring to removing any metadata pertaining to myself from the file.

Thank you!
What is this book about? Doing Gods work anon, the tower will be built once again.
The plot is pretty bizarre it is about this guy developing a theory of physiognomy crucial to which is observing these men who eat at an inexpensive restaurant and always order the cheapest item on the menu. If you are not familiar with Bernhard, he gets compared to Beckett and Kafka. He is known for his characteristic style which consists of a continuous monologue or rant with lots repetition and exaggeration. He's very funny. I had read all his other novels and had to get this one through a university library because it's out of print. Still good but definitely a lesser Bernhard. I'd recommend Woodcutters or Concrete to try him out.
I've got to check that out, Krasnahorkai always gets compared to him and I love his style, feel like it could work well with something kafkaesque
>bernhard fans might stalk me
legit fear, bumping for /g/
Bumping because I've got Plautus's, Seneca's and Virgil's Complete Works from Delphi and been too lazy to figure that out and upload them.
Man Delphi fucking sucks, but I couldn't find some of those texts fucking anywhere else.
I want to start uploading things too, but wanna know how to erase all personal info. Pls help

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