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Game of Thrones is power fantasy nonsense, the stories mean absolutely nothing from a philosophical didactic standpoint as they are mere power fantasies for juveniles.

They are fun when you are a teenager, but beyond early adulthood you need to move past the power fantasies that occupied a powerless youth's ambitions.

Western Fantasy does it better, though Game of Thrones is garbage whose only value is in shock. Tolkien really set the bar because his work is so layered in his philosophy that you can read his stories over and over again and find new pearls of wisdom, even C.S. Lewis understood that the stories needed to mean something timeless in the end, and the power fantasies of Game of Thrones don't really mean anything, kids are occupied by them because kids have no power, but once you realize that power is a meaningless theme to center your stories around, you set out for real mediums of story-telling.
holy fucking shit you nerd, just turn off your brain for a second and just enjoy yourself for once in your life
>i don't like popular things and want to rationalize my dislike to show you how novel i am

we get it
>the stories mean absolutely nothing from a philosophical didactic standpoint
What is a "philosophical didactic standpoint?" I don't think these books are meant to illustrate a grand philosophy or anything. If they are, they're absolutely abysmal failures, but as a reader who is currently in the middle of A Feast for Crows, I really don't think it's meant to be particularly philosophical. It raises questions about historiography but that's as close to philosophy as it gets. History and philosophy aren't identical, though.
This, use your heart instead
Are you saying that power fantasies for juveniles is not "philosophically didactic" because thats when i stopped reading.
Honestly, literature, of any kind, having a 'point' or 'message' is absolute bullshit. It can only ever provide shallow, undeveloped, basic platitudes for ""meaning"". It's superior when it means 'absolutely nothing', as it can be construed from many different angles and modes, or simply enjoyed for it, itself (as escapism, or for artistic finesse or creativity).

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