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How niche is Gundam in NA and other countries that aren’t japan? Why do westerners seem to typically hate mecha?
Mecha in the west is just different. Where Asian mecha tends to depict more slender, humanoid like mecha. The west's adaptation of mecha is more industrial look non-humanoid, see Hawken and MechWarrior
as a non-american going to give an answer based on popular culture and the news?:

guns beat gundams.
supposedly it's easier to get a real gun in the states than a masterpiece megatron.
why have a power fantasy when you can go out and experience it for yourself.
>As a non-American

Well theres your problem

>Supposedly it's easier to get a real gun in the states than a masterpiece megatron

No comment
I don’t think it’s that simple. Most people in the US have no clue how to even use a gun, let alone own one.

I’ve met people who hated mechs so much, they didn’t even like the walker thingies in Star Wars.
Honestly it's just shit taste from the plebs. They also only know them as slow disasters or full lion-motif Braves. See the shit taste behind the Megabots team as an example. Lord I hate those fucks. Terrible representation of the US.
In Brazil it only had Gundam Wing on TV, the rest was on streaming sites, oh and they published those old Gundam Wing manga too.

After that they released Gundam VS game too.

And that is it I guess.
My East Euro country didn't get any mecha love during the soviet days, so what little interest there was towards sci-fi tilted and continues to tilt heavily to the west. Sci-fi is still niche. Japanese media too, so there's only a microscopic a cross section.
I don't think they ever even released any Jap giant robot shows here, only like a couple old Voltron episodes back sometime in the 90s and the Unicron Trilogy from Transformers if that counts. So kids that got into anime back when they were shown on television didn't develop an interest in mecha. Now there's no anime releases, and the local weeb subculture only cares for overhyped mainstream shit. There's a few people who are into mecha apparently, but they barely make their presence known.
Outside the weebs and genre enthusiasts, Transformers is the only franchise about giant robots I've seen people here care about, but most are only into the live-action stuff or the recent cartoon series. I admit I don't visit many local sites where this topic could pop up, but I have ran into a lot of anime discussions, and I practically never see people talk about /m/ things, be it Gundam or Eva or anything. It's all obscure, so communities don't care about getting into them.

Bleach/Naruto-tier Mainstream in Southeast Asia + Taiwan + South Korea.
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These little shits look like they get bullied a lot.
Let me tell you about buying a real gun in the states as a civilian, but replace gun with MP megatron.

You order your megatron online, the seller is not allowed to ship it to your door because you don't have a federal toy license. Instead the seller would send megatron to a documented toy store of your choice, you contact your nearest toysRus to have them send a copy of their documents to the online seller and notify you when they receive your package. Your package arrives, you show up at that specific toysRus, Megatron transforms into a pistol, so you have to be at least 21 to buy it. They open your box and put it on the counter for you to inspect. After inspection you give them your ID, they tell you to fill out the background check form on their computer. You type in your name, address, place of birth, date of birth, height weight gender ethnicity race, then a bunch of yes/no questions, are you buying this toy for yourself, are you a felon, do you smoke weed, have you ever been in a mental institution, were you kicked out of the military, do you have a restraining order, are you an illegal immigrant, stuff like that. The computer program checks your form to see if you are eligible while also matching your records to see if you were lying. After a 10 minute wait the system says you passed, you finally take the MP megatron and go home.

By the way your MP megatron will NOT have a stock in his pistol alt mode. You see, having a stock makes him a short barreled rifle instead of a pistol, an SBR requires a specific kind of dealer to process your order, you will also need to file additional paperwork and a $200 tax stamp. If you didn't buy the SBR version and choose to illegally modifiy your toy, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives might just kick down your door and shoot your dinobots.
or you could just buy it for cash at a con
those unlicensed sellers are usually shady scalpers charging extra to "save you the trouble" or random dudes selling their own possesion, they might not have the specific item you are looking for, or they might lie about its condition or authenticity.
Hell some booths put out their collection for display only they don't even sell anything
>Why do westerners seem to typically hate mecha?

Japanese hate mecha too, or are you too blind to notice this simple fact ? When in a country of a 150 milion people, a typical mecha show sells like what 10 000 blu-rays doesn't that scream NICHE ?
>unpopular Tokyo schoolboys Kouta and Mamoru are frequently bullied by hot-blooded punk Hiroshi Nagare, who shouts the names of his techniques when beating them up.
I am amazed by the stupidity of the metric you use to judge general popularity. Robot anime are still the 3rd, 8th, 12th, 13th, 17th, and 20th best selling anime disk releases of all time. Probably a more useful way to shit on the popularity of giant robots in Japan is that there are no robot games in the top 100 sellers this century, but there is also a shitload of Dragon Quest, Mario, and Pokemon games clogging that list up.

We're talking about modern Japan. Not something that used to be 30+ years ago. Today Japanese audiences don't give a flying fuck about mecha in general. Except for Evangelion and a couple of other pseudo-psychological-mecha shit.
Even Gundam has no place in prime time tv. G-Reco ? Late night anime. What got in prime time ? The show everybody fucking hates : the adventures of Sei and company.
Dude, just watch what the Japanese are producing. It's not complicated. You will find mecha shows that have "mecha" only in the title.
The good old mecha shows that /m/ loves are for all pratical purposes extinct. 1 good mecha show (if even that) every year or so is not a legitimate counterexample to my thesis.
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Same reason those who had little exposure to anime thought - it seems childish. In similar vein, anime community seems to think that its just show about bunch of toys with no "maturity" (ready edgy stuff where no one gets disney fairy tail happy endings. May be this is why Urobuchi is famous).
Ever wondered why IBO was praised by such person in the fandoms? For this very precise reason.
This also explains their reasoning behind love for "mecha anime which doesn't feels like mecha anime" i.e. NGE, code geass and to a certain extent - gundam franchise these days.
>The show everybody fucking hates : the adventures of Sei and company

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