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Watched FMP movie 2. One new still (Arbalest), one new 10 second cut (Tessa), and one new 1-2 minute post credits scene of Kaname and Sousuke sleeping in class with Kyouko trying to wake them up. All of these are at the very end so most of the film is literally just ep 9-12

Only adapts 4 episodes so it’s even closer to just watching the TV series than the first. Remastering still terrible but nothing as bad as the first’s worst parts. Only merit of this existing is it being easier to recommend to people than a full TV series.

The first movie must have done bad because no new merch for parts 2 and 3 except for stupid meme t-shirts.
Masashi Abe, Izubuchi, and Kyoda are doing storyboards for IV (in order of eps 2-4).
So the first movie was a compilation of the first eight episodes? How was it? Hadn't heard anything about it, good or bad.

And we're to assume the third movie covers episodes 13-24?
I posted about the first when I watched it, should be in the archives.

The movies are titled after the books- Third is Into the Blue- so the third should be skipping the Gonzo original parts.

First removes some stuff but still remains coherent and the experience is ultimately equal to just watching the TV series. I don’t think the second even cuts anything which means it’s even closer to just watching the TV series.

New parts are insignificant and remastering is pretty bad with details getting mashed together into a huge mess of colours splotched together at points, but aside from one cut in the first movie it’s not unwatchable.

I think the movies would be easier to recommend to people than a full TV series but otherwise can think of no reason to choose one over the other. They’re equal.
>should be skipping the Gonzo original parts
Can you elaborate on that? Haven't read the original novels.

Did you get any of the cool bonuses for watching the movie, anon?
Mini shikishi

The entire arc where Sousuke goes to the middle east and fights Koyasu with a gatling gun was made up to pad the first TV series. Seems that most people hated it anyway so nothing to lose with dropping it entirely.
Gonzo is shit
I really liked that arc myself.
Reposting from /a/

Episode 1:
>Storyboard/Director: Katsuichi Nakayama
>Animation Director: Osamu Horiuchi

Episode 2:
>Storyboard: Katsuichi Nakayama, Hidetoshi Yoshida
>Director: Masashi Abe
>AD: Takeshi Yoshioka
>Mecha AD: Takuya Matsumura

Episode 3
>Storyboard: Yutaka Izubuchi
>Director: Daisuke Tsukushi
>AD: Aya Yamamoto
>Mecha AD: Nishii Masanori

Episode 4:
>Storyboard: Tomoki Kyoda
>Director: Kenta Onishi
>AD: Toru Imanishi
>Mecha AD: Takuya Matsumura, Yu Kato

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