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/m/ - Mecha

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what brought you here? what is your story?
I came here from either GameFAQS or SRWG-W, back in 2009.
Back in 2008 I was getting back into anime and watching shit from different t genres to see if I liked them. I looked up what were good robot shows people talked about on /m/. I watched AT VOTOMS and Patlabor and I've been here ever since.
Played SRW K and AP when I was younger and eventually ran into srwg around 2012 and been here since.
File: 1472270671650.jpg (27 KB, 800x600)
27 KB
around August of 2004 somebody on asome forum posted an image macro of some anime kindergartner with "nigga please" on it.

he was told to go back to 4chan

I was intrigued at the idea.
Though I had seen Code Heads and Gundam 00, it was winter of 2013 when I started watching SPT layzner (thanks to needs more love section on TV tropes) and Mobile Suit Gundam. I was browsing 4chan around 2012 and used to lurk /v/ and other boards out of curiosity. This is how I discovered. Around mid-2013 my interest in gaming wanned and i started watching anime again. On the Christmas of 2013 during the era of Super God Clowdizer /m/ became my home board.

P.S.- I would like to add that my first visit to 4chan was in 2007/8 on my relative's PC when my household did not have internet and PC
I remember visiting /m/ too back then.
I still remember the " is this mecca" thread and a rage comic pic (when it was just the rage guy) about zeta Gundam.
The comic was just characters in rage form reacting to various deaths in the series
I started lurking 2014 when Fafner: Exodus was airing. I thought I was only person in the world who had seen Fafner growing up. I had no one to talk to about it and then I saw the weekly threads that popped during exodus' time. I know we like to shit on this literal shithole, but I'd just like to say thanks /m/. I feel like I know so much more about something I almost gave up loving.
watched patlabor and got into gundam by watching 0080 and reading up on background info and felt indescribably sad after watching these shows so I came to /m/ for mecha humor to feel better
File: gasora 2.png (1.18 MB, 900x900)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Gasora's Turn A porn.
I like cool robots and my main board got too crap to even lurk let alone post on, so I got here.

was into tactics games, saw that srw alpha gaiden was translated. got into that. then got into sdgo. afterwards got into the zeta gundam the rest is history.
Please tell me more
File: gasora 11.png (458 KB, 800x600)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
There's only 12 pics and he stopped making them years ago. But, they're the best drawn Gundam Porn of all time. Nothing else compares. Look at this.
File: gasora 12.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Forgot my link... wait, it's on E-hentai. Just look up his name.
What brought me here? Friend, I'll tell you

I came in search of what I enjoy, and I was not disappointed!
File: 1139425071635.jpg (255 KB, 1343x976)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
A friend showed me /f/ in 2005. Decided to check out other boards and /a/, /v/, /m/ and /jp/ were my first choices. I mean, I like anime, games, robots, and Japan in general. But I mostly stuck with /m/ and /jp/ since both /a/ and /v/ usually stuck to what was current, and I typically didn't. And that's how my life got flipped upside down. Bonus, first picture I saved from /m/.
This pic always stirs a strong desire in me get raped by Diana's gaze
I wanted to talk Toku but didn't like Tokunation so I eventually wandered in here. Then you /m/admen dragged me into the hell of Gunpla and super fighting robots
File: Tokunation.png (292 KB, 999x594)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
File: 1519605882239.png (1.6 MB, 1093x1077)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
I'm a huge Macross fag and its impossible to talk about that series on /a/ unless its currently airing like Delta was. So I visit here purely for Macross threads.
I don't really watch mecha that much to be honest.
Always liked mecha.
Gamefaq -> /v/ -> /m/
File: DSC_0030.jpg (304 KB, 800x800)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
>Dad was oversea's in Japan for most of my childhood for the Navy
>Brought over gunpla and built as much as he could in the morning
>Used to build model airplanes before gunpla
>Wake up early and hear him in the backyard with an airbrush
>Remember the sound and smell of the motor, he was shading his Real Grades in pic related
>Played Gundam Battle Assault 2, Gundam Journey to Jaburo, Zeonic Front, Battle Assault 3, Robotech: Battlecry
>Saw a trailer for Gundam Seed on Toonami one night, dad went to his shack to dig up the Strike Gundam kit and let my older brother build it
>When he wasn't building, he would play Armored Core, owned nearly all the Armored Core games

I only come here because /rwbyg/ is banned from /co/ and /trash/ is really quiet sometimes
Also, this sick ass Gundam 0083 trailer on the Wing Gundam VHS tape which I thought was cooler than Gundam Wing
File: DSC_0029.jpg (188 KB, 800x531)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
wrong pic
Hey, we appreciate backlogs here too.
Save the original Gundam series on Toonami when I was 7, got into Gundam as a result. Then I checked out Ideon, and Dunbine in middle school and other 80's mecha series as a result. Came to /m/ during 00's airing because I hated it then (now I love it, lol)
Saw a kit for the Astrea at a convention. Thought it looked cool, built it, watched 00 and thought /m/ was a pretty fun board
Never left
Indoctrination into the fandom at a young age by dad
I'm not ashamed to say that Pacif Rim brought me here. I LOVE that movie. To me it's the new Star Wars.
Too bad they never made sequels.

Then I watched Evangelion because of its popularity and because it's short.

Currently hooked on Gundam.
File: 38149492_p0.jpg (1021 KB, 1000x1412)
1021 KB
1021 KB JPG
Pacific Rim->Evangelion->Weeb for a year or two->Just mechs for now, engineer in me still gets a hard on from that->Venture into /pol/ since Trump got meme'd into Presidency->Redpilled AF now->Oh look there's a Mech board on 4chan

Never left since
my journey was like yours, skipping parts

Pacific Rim->Evangelion->Weeb for a year or two->Just mechs for now, engineer in me still gets a hard on from that->Oh look there's a Mech board on 4chan
Well, it started with watching beast wars as a kid with my dad. Then saw G on toonami. Eventually got more into Gundam and then other shit around 08.

Tried a bunch of other sites, eventually found my way here lurking mostly at about 2013, started posting more around 2014 then branched out to other boards as well around then. So not really an old timer by any means. Didn't help I had shit internet from 2008-2014 and had no internet before that. Stuck around because as far as places on the internet this is one of the better places to talk about robots since due to anonymity it doesn't become a circle jerk. 4chan basically killed forums for me.
File: smug chirico.png (430 KB, 640x480)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
Been watching /m/ since I was 5 or 6 years old and never got off the ride. It's a good ride.
File: High-Five.gif (1.91 MB, 500x308)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
Thought I was the only newbie here, what field do you specialize in?
Computer Engineering, specifically now Machine Learning

So yeah, I'm a "soft" one.
And I got excited when in the first epsodes of Gundam Amuro says that the Gundam "learns from previous battles".
File: 008.jpg (3.4 MB, 2964x4218)
3.4 MB
3.4 MB JPG
One day I decided that if I was watching as much anime as I was, I should check out something with giant robots because mecha seems pretty synonymous with anime yet I had never really watched it. I half heartedly watched a couple of shows but then Macross Delta was announced and I decided that I would watch all of Macross and partake in the threads on /a/ while it was airing. I fell in love with mecha while watching SDF and then as I watched more and more /m/ shows, I started spending more time posting on /m/.
>be a kid
>stuff like GitS, Chobits and 80's Transformers are constantly airing on TV
>prefered playing as robot characters in every game that permits it (e.g. Sonic Adventures, Sonic Heroes, fighting gayms n' shit)
>the first thing I did when I got Internet is binged the Transformers series right up to Beast Wars (I absolutely disliked that one)
I think that's enough.
I've known about this board for a long time but started lurking here only a few years ago because I'm too busy having fun with obscure /m/ content.
I came here to talk about super fighting robots, but after randomly wandering into toku thread i was dragged into the hell of man in spandex, boys in bulky suits and giant monsters.
Same here. Mostly because other forums are dead.
File: Kuma Sentai.jpg (151 KB, 1280x855)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
When I was about 13 or 14 I watched all of 0079 when it was on youtube after talking to my cousin on ow to get into the franchise. After that I moved onto Zeta but then watched Wing and 00 since they were all also on youtube. This was all over one summer but I was so into the series I'd burned through the the shows. By the end of the year I'd seen all the Gundam series at that point besides AGE, Seed, and Destiny. I'd started lurking here around that time and saw how those were the least well regarded series in the franchise. Posting here actually got me into other mecha series like Mazinger, Getter, Braves, and Votoms. Ironically I hated mecha anime as a kid because I saw Gundam Wing as a kid on Tonnami sand thought it was boring.
As for the toku side of /m/, I got into that like everyone from watching PR as a kid but when I was about 16 I watched Supaidaman which got me into stuff like Kamen Rider.
File: 1507274032420.jpg (20 KB, 380x285)
20 KB
I don't think there's a better way to spell "guaranteed job" other "I'm studying Machine learning software design".

I'm in my 2nd year in the mechanical engineer course and leaning heavily towards aerodynamics, best of luck /m/an.
File: What I expected 92.png (386 KB, 1008x403)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
I started reading the synopsis of evangelion, found it so strange and relatively smarter than other stuff.
It was the first anime I actually wanted and there was no unlimited internet at the time with free torrent of the series in 4K.
Being a total novice I accidentally bought the End of Evangelion movie first, quickly understood my error, I don't believe it could spoil me more than the synopsis I had read anyway.
I wasn't disappointed.

Just like the time I first discovered there was more to "Gundam" than Wing.
I had bought a Gundam game because the mecha were more "militaristic" than the super-robot of Wing.
It was "Federation vs Zeon" on PS2. A few month later I bought the 3 movies, only things available.

I don't remember when I first discovered /m/ or Patlabor despite it being exactly the mecha series I always dreamed for.
I started watching various anime series as a way to waste a little time before going to work of a morning.
0079's turn came up and that was that: I was hooked, and devoured the rest of the franchise as quickly as I could.
I'd bought GB3 around about the time I finished Gundam X, and was fucking thrilled that both X and DX's Satellite Cannons were useable.
Then, I saw the Turn A in-game.
>what a weird MS
>that doesn't look like a Gundam at all
>I hate it
I then watched Turn A Gundam, and seeing it drawn like that just slapped me about the face about how wrong I had been. It went from grotesque to being a drop-dead gorgeous masterpiece of design.
I just had to have a kit of it, and I cautiously made forays into the gunpla general threads to investigate.
I ended up buying the HG Gyan first, as a beginner's kit, but soon after I had the MG Turn A snapped together and panel-lined.
The SD Gouf Custom.
File: 1525186827335-1.jpg (64 KB, 360x553)
64 KB
gave up on star wars
/swco/ got shut down
later find my old manga of lost wars chronicles and f91 dvd, tryto talk about this on /co/ and got kick here by mods

i miss /swco/ sometimes
File: 1281749933167.gif (10 KB, 345x377)
10 KB
Was a transformers fan for a while but mostly stuck to /co/ and /tg/ when it came to 4chan. Picked up an interest on battletech along the way too. Then I read Zeonquest and got into 0079 which led me to the rest of Gundam. After that I started shitposting here.
came to 4chan from reddit for /r9k/ 2 years ago, then about a year ago i left for /fgoalter/ on /vg/, then i moved to /fgog/ (the one that used to be on /a/) because it had less shitposting, then when i got bored of fate i left for /a/ and from there i went here when i got bored of moe and started watching more mecha
A friend introduced me to /m/ shows and then I started lurking.
File: auto metal lathe.webm (1.61 MB, 578x344)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB WEBM
I came to 4chan around 2012 because of certain people I was following in the brony community, started visiting other boards out of curiosity. In 2013 I was looking for porn and came across a show called 'Henneko' which I decided to check out since it had hentai in the title, I continued watching it despite the fact that it wasn't really porn because there was some /e/ tier shit in there and I was curious about anime in general. It made for good conversation with my friends so I started looking for more shows.
I read Scott Pilgrim which brought me to Evangelion, which resonated with me because I was extremely depressed. Late last year after rewatching Eva I decided to dive deeper into the mecha genre, I've seen Ideon and like 7 gundams, and am currently watching LoGH.
I started frequenting /m/ when I finished 0079, because I enjoy reading people's discussions about shows I've just finished.
File: 1508016929032.jpg (130 KB, 640x678)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I got into anime around the time of Robotech, so I was really into mecha related works like Speed Racer, G-Force and later Galaxy Express 999. There was also Power Rangers, Masked Rider and Big Bad Beetleborgs on television at some point. It was also during the days of the Manga Entertainment dubs, so we got things like Devilman, Wicked City, Doomed Megalopolis, Akira, Fist of the North Star, you name it. Fun fact: I thought Macross Plus was the "adult" version of Robotech for a while (no wikipedia in my day). Honestly, it was a good time to be an Japanimation nerd. I feel bad for those who got into anime in the 00s. The younger the internet was, the better the otaku fandom was IMO. The content may have been harder to get, but the fandom was pure and really cultured. When I eventually heard about 4chan in 2005, I only went to /a/ at first but eventually discovered /m/. My love for mecha has only intensified since.

>Be kid
>watch to much TV
>Regional TV's shows are 50% mecha and the other 50% maho-shojo
>grown up, realize life is difficult
>regress to infantile state and procced to obsess over mecha
File: 1516398230848.jpg (122 KB, 784x1216)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
/v/ went REALLY downhill around 2012, and I decided I needed a new hobby, and it needed to have interesting history to learn about. I literally scrolled through 4chan's list of boards till I saw /m/ and then remembered how much I enjoyed G Gundam as a kid. Now I'm having fun watching the Getter Robo TV show.
File: based deck.png (259 KB, 406x350)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
stopped watching anime at 15yo because it was a pain to get them at the time, years later got into gunpla and started to watch anime again because of it, already browsed 4chan so why not go to /m/? it's my home board since, you guys are the broest of the bros
voltron, transformers, robotech, Iron Man comics, appleseed, ghost in the shell, bubblegum crisis, dangaioh, patlabor, macross evangelion, mospeada, gravion, (arrived on /m/) gundam, cross ange, votoms, harlock, rideback,
oh, wait...you mean what brought me to /m/? back in '07 i was googling trying to find that NGE "instrumentality" hentai, the really on-model one, and saw a post on some social media site telling someone else who was asking about it to try the /r/ board on 4chan. i went from /r/ to /b/ to /co/ (until DC rebooted their universe with Flashpoint and all my favorite characters ceased to exist) and i've been at /m/ ever since.
I came to this board about two years ago. I just wanted to get into more sci-fi, and /m/ seemed to be the unofficial science-fiction board. Doesn't hurt that I have no problem watching giant robots beat the shit out of each other.
I grew watching various /m/ anime on Toonami like the Zoids shows and G Gundam. In 2007, after really considering myself an anime fan for two years, I figured I needed to give more mecha anime a try, so I watched (per folks' recommendations on other forums) the 0079 trilogy and Getter Robo Armageddon. Ive been in love ever since.

I found my way to 4chan around '09 due to Type-Moon shit and Katawa Shoujo's development. After seeing there was a place to discuss robots and how /a/ seemed to only care about moe junk, I quickly found myself here.
I'm acutally really happy to see youngling being converted to /m/. I've been into it for decades, is there even another english speaking board for mecha?
Mecha seemed to be the anime genre least infested with ironic weebs and the like, so I decided to jump on board
File: 51gUbRvJLQL.jpg (39 KB, 451x500)
39 KB
G Gundam was my first, ZoE, Armored Core and Power Rangers was what kept my interest in mechs
Then TTGL happened and its what reminded me of why i love giant robots

The only reason i started browsing /m/ was for Kamen Rider though
>/v/ went REALLY downhill around 2012
people always say /v/ was always shit but this is actually when it shat the bed
Bubblegum crisis.
File: RT-Dad.webm (2.38 MB, 700x394)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB WEBM
Been a /m/ boy since growing up with Power Rangers. Before diving into "regular" anime, I was already watching Gundam. But most importantly it's the only decent place to talk about what is to this day my favourite slice of Japanese pop culture: Kamen Rider. Granted, /krg/'s gone down the shitter over the years, especially after Ghost and especially Ex-Aid.

The irony of giant super-weapons manufactured in the shape of humans to end conflict WITH conflict is a thematic element of /m/ I'll never ever tire of.
I was show /b/ by a friend. Then I thought 4chan could not be just made of faggots like that, so I kept browsing and found this holy shrine. As I grew up on toku (stuff like Juspion, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider) I felt at home. Tyvm for the good times /m/en of /m/.
File: WAR. IS HELL.jpg (23 KB, 599x354)
23 KB
Stuck to /b/ and /v/ from 2007-2011. Branched out to /mu/ and /m/ and found out about Gokaiger here.

Thank you, Over-Time.
I've always had a bit of a relationship with mecha, I loved Gundam and Transformers growing up and Full Metal Panic was one of my first "real" anime. Wasn't until PacRim hit theaters that my love for mecha went into high gear though, lurked here for a while, picked up more shows to watch and now here I am.
File: 1487435212908.png (1.1 MB, 1280x738)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
glad to see rider brought in a good amount of people
>what brought you here
G Gundam on Toonami. I mean before that I played megaman but i can't say I really cared about /m/ media related before G Gundam.
I watched Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla when I was a little kid.
Ex-Aid bringing in people isn't something to be happy about.
This is really cool that we are getting young /m/en and wo/m/en from Pacrim.
Here i was worried that Pacific Rim wasnt influential enough to get people excited about gigantic fighting robits, but now that we have testimonies like this as well as a pac rim 2 and an upcoming Gundam movie by the same company I'm starting to think that Pac Rim is literally saving mecha in the west.
I was starting to buy anime and the Mazinakiser OVA seemed a good purchase, things snowballed there from Gundam and SRW. I got GGG, G Gundam and Giant Robo in one Christmas and I was sold for life.
File: 1530834368699.png (48 KB, 849x365)
48 KB
I love these.
File: .jpg (39 KB, 434x543)
39 KB
How old is your dad right now?
File: 1495924388594.png (938 KB, 704x581)
938 KB
938 KB PNG
>"Beginning in 1979, Mobile Suit Gundam has continued to prosper for the last two decades"
>1999 was 19 years ago
I always liked Transformers and Megas XLR but fell off the bandwagon at some point. Then I was browsing 8ch's /v/ and someone posted a pics of Mazinger and Getter and something in me just clicked with them. I read both manga sagas and watched whatever shows I could get a hold of. I fell off again, but this time I had a foot in the door still. Then, just this year, I took my brother to see Mazinger Infinity and it rewoke my love for mecha stronger than ever. Now I'm trying to eat up everything I can find and /m/ over there is dead, so I find myself back here for discussion and recommendations, nearly all of which I've enjoyed thus far.

Thanks for the memories /m/, you'll always have a place in my heart.
>Be me.
>half-bros left cool 80s and 90s /m/ shit behind like gunpla and stuff.
>Watch Castle in the Sky with them as a toddler.
>Get random flashbacks of the robot from the movie without knowing or remembering where or what movie watched throughout my childhood.
>Watched top quality /m/ stuff like "Cubix", "Power Ranger Ninja Storm", "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight" and "Mystic knights of tir na nog" as a kid.
>Get my dad's old laptop.
>Cousin introduces me to anime and Roblox in 2010.
>Watch anime on my dad's laptop, not a lot though.
>Get into mecha anime.
>Cousin introduces me to 9gag.
>Browse 9gag.
>See pepe for first time.
>Ignore pepe.
>Fast forward to 2017.
>Since then i dropped 9gag for Reddit.
>Shit ton of pepes in reddit.
>Get curious, look for source of pepes.
>Find 4chan.
>Explore 4chan.
>See they have a board for mechas and stuff.
>Lurk in /m/ for a while.
>Get into gunpla.
>/m/ is good I guess.

Pic Related is my half-bros' gunpla, or what's left of it.
Forgot to say Castle in the sky was on Vhs.

Fuck Xenogears...but as for /m/, Macross DYRL brought over by my uncle in '85 when he was in Okinawa.
I got into mecha when I was like 15 because I really got into Valvrave at the time. I got interested into Mecha because of that so I started watching Evangelion and Gundam 0079 since it was heavily recommended everywhere. Ever since then I now pretty much only consume mecha related media. I’m 20 now if anyone thinks I’m underage.
I watched SAC here and there whenever it was on Adult Swim (I think that was around 2006) but didn't really know what it was and how to watch more if it.
Years later when I figured shit out about the internet I watched the whole thing, which was my first foray into anime, decided to give 0079 a try soon after that and got hooked.
I became a zeek the second I saw Char's Zaku II
File: 005.jpg (21 KB, 640x480)
21 KB
Watched Beast Wars as a kid

I used to ride to the bookstore on my bike in middle school, one day I picked up a Blue Destiny and Appleseed manga

After that I begged my parents to take me to this store called Florida Oriental Trading in Orlando, where I couln't find anything related to Appleseed, but I did find plenty more Gundam. I bought a VHS copy of G-Saviour, a copy of Encounters in Space, and a HGUC RX-78

Been hooked ever since
File: onemustfall.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB
the love of video games and giant robots
For me it was godzilla as a kid. anime growing up. had some time to kill and wanted to check out some big robot shows one day. started with gundam 0079 since I am a genius. then zeta etc. currently trying to watch victory now. it's a slog but at least it's comfy.
Grew up watching He-Man, then Voltron, then Power Rangers. Also saw parts of Robotech but never really followed it. Got into Cartoon Network when it debuted, which of course they had Voltron and Robotech. And then Gundam, which really got me proper into /m/ sorts of things and transiting online communities built for it. Roleplay boards and a retailer forum or two. Eventually led here around the time of Gundam SEED Destiny.
File: 1520893645619.png (345 KB, 498x569)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
Learned about 4chan through 40k and Battletech, watched Robotech, read that VOTOMS was as gritty as Mecha anime gets, got into current anime through RWBY, watched AoT, watched IBO up to the most recent episode (the 10th episode was going to air the next week), binged Eva in a day/half, then went to watch VOTOMS and original Gundam and got hooked on /m/-shit. Early last year, realized i had never been to 4chan, checked out all the boards, and the first thread i saw when on /m/ was anons posting the "moeagure gundamu" song word by word with a meme picture alongside it. /m/ has been one of my home boards ever since.
File: 827047525287.png (551 KB, 1022x1094)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
Armor Mothra fans were fucking annoying, I heard of this anime called Evangelion which had things that could beat it, out of respect I watched it and all the anime featured in Monster Archives. During this time one of the fem anons from this board (an Eva fag I'll just mentioned) threatened to reveal my private info here for not liking GaoGaiGar so I got spooked about this place until around 2012 when SRW Z2 Regen chapter/Asemu's arc in Age started coming up here. The point is Armor Mothra fags need Bright slaps.
File: latest[1].jpg (99 KB, 416x746)
99 KB
I've always liked robots since I have memory.
>Would watch Mazinger reruns with mom when she told me she liked the show when she was younger.
>She would also say she liked "a show with some tigers merging into one giant robot—Power Rangers are defo a rip-off from it". Didn't know it was Voltron at the time.
>After getting into videogames at 5, mecha themed games were my thing.
>Big into Megaman, went through all the NES and SNES rehashes.
>Also Probotector (It counts, even if only a reskin) and a bunch of japanese ROMs my dad got for emulation for both of us to play.
>Downloading them through dial-up at midnight. Bless that man.
>Played SD Gundam, Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie, G Gundam, Endless Waltz, Tetsuwan Atom, Cyborg 009 and Mazinger. All without a lick of japanese and storming through the moonrunes.
>Would eventually download things on my own once we got a better internet connection.
>Jumping through emulators, going on to the Front Mission games, the rest of the Megaman series, Mechwarriors and Mechcommander, Astro Boy: Omega Factor and more.
>Slowly getting into the manga and anime of many of those because I didn't watch a lot of TV.

I still don't know japanese. I guess I will never make it and make believe with old italian dubs of Grendizer and Getter Robo.
>what brought you here?
Pedo Bear jokes

>what is your story?
I was too young to watch GitS in the cinemas, so I earmarked some of my attention to keeping an eye out for comics or cartoons that looked similar, I guess.

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