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File: blep-cord.png (72 KB, 1202x895)
72 KB
Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

For the list of PTFG's recently updated stories, see below.

Archive of over 400 stories, as well as additional links and materials:

Unrated TF image dump thread:

Below are some suggested writing prompts.


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File: [Anonfilly] Emerald Dawn.png (1.62 MB, 3800x2200)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
drop cuz abs
When Anon becomes an alicorn, we're all fucked.
got a pastebin?
Well written. An enjoyable read, and I'm not usually much for TF into an existing character.
File: gearbox.png (42 KB, 1238x514)
42 KB

File: k0ln1vi90y911.jpg (855 KB, 2911x2911)
855 KB
855 KB JPG
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That's ultra-cute... I don't have any merch to keep my powerlevels safe, but I'd break this rule with this. Or with the Celestia figure from last year.

Yep, because there will be no opportunity to fuck up ^:)
Or anything from Guardians of Harmony.

It's already been hot glued by a neckbeard employee.
You can set up motion sensor with WOW yourself easily
fuck, I want that

Welcome to the official Equestria Girls Edits thread. The primary objective of this thread is to create, share and ultimately dump decent vector edits of the girls. You can post your own edits, take requests from anons lurking or either make your own requests in hope some editfag takes it and doesn't mess it up.

Last thread: >>32363118

Contributors are welcome to join and collaborate.
By the way, please consider these tips before posting:
>It is encouraged to create 2 versions of every pic: one with the girl(s) in underwear/lingerie and another naked.
>Post here the one with underwear and upload the naked one to imgur.
>Links to imgur should be direct. Don't link to a imgur page, use the direct image link.
>Use some vectoring software like Illustrator, Inkscape, Photoshop, Gimp, etc. Avoid using Paint.
>It is not required to make the edits barefoot. By the way, every good work is much appreciated.
>Requests are marked with a "/r/" in the post subject.
>If you tell someone you're willling to take some request, finish the job you lazy faggot.
>Your first edit will probably suck. Don't give up. Listen to the comments and keep trying.

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Not bad
Not bad.
Maybe we can have the bottom removed
Bottom, bottom, bottom. Why not the top?
I choose both

File: 1443076008390.png (540 KB, 800x600)
540 KB
540 KB PNG
Welcome to Dadonequus! Where the premise is about a human brought to Equestria by Discord himself, in order to fulfill an ulterior motive.

Enjoy stories more in tune to the show! We
usually refrain from any lewd or edgy themes/tones. So come in and experience some of the greatest stories with some of the most apathetic readers on the board!

Are you a newfag? Below are pastebins of stories currently in the making with a synopsis on each one. See which one suits your interests and give it a read!

Any unactive greens can be found in the archive link with a library of stories.

Please feel free to comment, discuss, and give writers feedback! And don't be afraid to create art or start your own story!

All Stories / Archive:
Archive of stories: https://pastebin.com/RiguRjdM
Active Writers:
Ben Dover ( https://pastebin.com/u/Ben__Dover ) - An adorable colt must save his father after being turned to stone by the princesses.

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Will read this at work and comment about it.
I fucking love eris having a main protagonic role now
And what a chapter it is. I felt like you could have gotten more mileage out of Golden Freeman but it was comfy place to end that arc for Eris.
I have seen this picture so many times since it was made after S4, but only now i have noticed the sad Discord behind all those crazy appeareances of his.

Well, that was a good read
Expecting the new update as always, Elo

File: 1497274810888.jpg (1.15 MB, 1444x1999)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
Current story: "Her face all furred" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/hx55MXUw

Previous thread stories:
"Best Left Forgot" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/wtpLF1sR
"In Our House" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/0Ef7Vpu0
"Lost Lily of the Valley" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/AKiznrjw

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/BAzHNBn
Whatever you like to do with horror, it can be discussed here.

E2: http://imgur.com/a/gVAa5
DS Stoner (Dapper Skeleton).

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sincerely thanks again for editing this Wax
Always happy to help, DS. I do it enough, if I can encourage others, that'll be the good stuff.

I suppose it makes sense the way you put it, but I still feel the emotions they evoke are vastly different. Sadness and ennui are very different from terror.
I like this.

How are you doing today sirs?
its 6am, shouldnt have pulled an all nighter so its time to rest

Now that the fandom is almost dead can we all agree that season 2 was the most boring and annoying season to watch?
Its barren plots are far more boring than anything after S4, well except maybe for the yaks and spike episodes.
I know this is bait but season 6 was the most boring. Season 2 was the most 'exciting' and season 1 was the comfiest.
>season 2 was the most boring and annoying season to watch?
Just wait for season 9, my Romanian friend.

File: image.jpg (161 KB, 600x800)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>What's this thread about?
We write, read and comment on stories about how Anon is somehow allowed into an all-girls school of magic (preferably witch school) but he's not able to ride a broom.
Originally it was related to Little Witch Academia, so that setting is
completely allowed.
>What does OP do?
Im the designated bump slave, I can't write or draw for shit.



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>You watch as she moves with an exuberance that cannot be faked
>Her skin is a sky blue, her hair a similar shade that falls from under her pointed hat
>One lock resolutely maintains its position down her face, even as she bobs and shakes
>Her eyes are the most curious shade of purple
>By all standards, she's a pretty girl
>But you don't focus on these features
>You watch her wand, and more exactly the fireworks that spout from it
>And the projections of animals, some fantastical even, that prance through the sky
>It...it's fantastic
>That unrecognizable emotion from before has returned, welling up in your chest in an almost painful swell
>At this moment, nothing else matters, not the circumstances, nor the discomforts
>You must learn magic
>The display slowly fades away as the theatrical witch addresses the crowd

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Cutest witches.

File: 1529634686843.png (291 KB, 800x450)
291 KB
291 KB PNG

New Thread must include stepfordisation and loyal house wife.
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File: 1530645947957.png (88 KB, 434x384)
88 KB

would you believe me if I said they used to call that kind of decay "progress" back a decade or 2 ago.
File: 1517499205497.jpg (379 KB, 1763x1763)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
File: 1495492863822.jpg (98 KB, 633x352)
98 KB
Judging by current year, yes.
Judging by their deconstructivist ideology, yes.
It's when AIs pruposefully spread hate speech they deem factual and they can't even control simple chat bots when they shoulda reconsider.
File: 1520267125672.gif (1.03 MB, 400x225)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF

File: 1521921373070.png (190 KB, 343x389)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Why does everyone keep defending this skinjob, again?

File: Supernova.jpg (334 KB, 1900x1425)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
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>Also I do believe the guard has to be slapped for unprofessional behavior.
I don't think harming and antagonizing one of the guards that Star will frequently approach will make things better. Plus, this is the guard that let us in without warning, and was kind of enough to wait until our moment was over before getting Star out. If anything we should be thanking this guard.
No. You presented two options and I gave which one I prefered.
Blush slightly and thank the guard for letting us during this time to spend with Leo.
>letting us during this time
letting us in*. He was the guard of the door that allowed us in with no questions asked. Honestly surprising if we're only allowed limited visits.

File: Moondancer.png (193 KB, 800x832)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Moondancer thread.
45 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.

Dude, for a moment I thought I posted in the wrong thread.
>Moondancer smells really bad and needs to go away

i bet she hasn't washed her ass in months

I want Moondancer to cut off my penis and make it into a smoothie.
File: moondancer anon QM.png (236 KB, 707x1038)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
Stop posting all this nuMoondancer shit. What are you, gay and retarded? you're a useful idiot, OP.

File: 352456643232.jpg (72 KB, 517x454)
72 KB
I just rewatched mlp G4 and it was amazing! What a great show.

I won't be rewatching G4.5. once was more than enough
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File: dash_btfo.webm (1.02 MB, 1280x720)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB WEBM
it's funny and it made me laugh. also dash deserved it. I'm glad her friends set her straight
File: dash_photography.webm (1.66 MB, 1280x720)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB WEBM
at the same time I wish there was more focus on dash being asshole, that was funny too
There is no G4.5. This is all part of G4. Like it or leave it.
File: file.jpg (408 KB, 1424x656)
408 KB
408 KB JPG
You don't get to decide that.
Without the generation split how will we differentiate the good from the bad?
I've already decided that season 1 — 4 is G4 and everyone agrees with me.
Nightmare moon is the first boss, introducing the elements of harmony
Tirek is the last boss and the elements of harmony take on it's final form, transforming the mane 6 to goddesses
File: EZPDtTA.png (271 KB, 900x959)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
Frankly, G4 endend when Twilight got her wings. You feel that they wanted the show to end there.

File: Hunter CYOA Picture 1.png (158 KB, 600x600)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Space CYOA: Hunter’s Mercenary Adventures. Chaotic fun edition

Story so far: http://pastebin.com/LXLayvbb
Or: https://www.anonpone.com/hunter/

FAQ and newcomer information: http://pastebin.com/2zWbP4vw

Character, Crew, and Finances information: http://pastebin.com/1dwAAjWE

Original story (Space Vex): https://www.anonpone.com/vex/

CYOA that started it all (by SpaceHorse): https://www.anonpone.com/space/

Space CYOA timeline: http://pastebin.com/YzEqweQx

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Goodnight Space Bug. It is certainly looking like that is what it's going to be.
That explains some of it, but it doesn't address anything of note that's a problem specific to Cozy. You can practically replace Cozy's name to Midnight, and it'd be the same. Her mindset and inexperience needs addressing.
While that is true I was hoping I could rely on help for that, as I don't really see myself as good at addressing that.
A good blanket statement and a good personal statement are both needed here.
Cozy, when you think about having a baby with me, what comes to mind first? Yes, you can want both things, but I'm asking what your first thought or what you care about more. My happiness of getting a foal, or the fact that you are having a foal of your own. If it's the former, it becomes an issue.
When they trained you for breeding, what did they tell and teach you?
See you next time, Space Bug. It's a lot of drama, but I'm glad we finally settled those questions. I welcome the drama as well, besides the impregnation.

File: 1527017923744.gif (381 KB, 1200x1200)
381 KB
381 KB GIF
GIF thread
post anything gif related
4 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1512279864667.gif (164 KB, 520x508)
164 KB
164 KB GIF
File: 1508108708751.gif (236 KB, 773x629)
236 KB
236 KB GIF
File: 1457542780009.gif (66 KB, 255x255)
66 KB
File: SGKnPh4.gif (1.1 MB, 400x300)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
Hello, 2010. Please take me back ;_;

File: come on in.png (318 KB, 1024x768)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
>What is Flutterrape?

Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been 6 years, how is this thread still alive?

A perverse mixture of Necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?

Use your imagination, you... you... SILLY. Also, try to have good grammar and really terrible standards.

Writing Guides:

Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories -- https://pastebin.com/GGBkxi7e

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Sorry anon, I've been playing Legacy of the Duelist since I got off work, that shit's addicting.
>You wake up
>Take a shower and head down stairs
>It’s raining today
>Good thing you don’t work today
>You make your morning brew
>Three knocks
>You walk over to the door and open it
>Fluttershy covered in rain water
>”Hi anon”
“Hi Fluttershy”
>”Today’s fetish is”
>She grabs her notebook and...
>It’s covered in water
>Her ears fall

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I like it
That was real nice anon.
Was it Chock Full O Nuts?

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