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Previous Thread: >>29512419
A Kingdom Hearts/My Little Pony choose your own adventure thread.
Itt: find adventure, music, action, DARKNESS, your friends being your power, and more dank memes than you can shake a stick at.

Now with homicidal electromagnets! How do they work?

General Kingdom Hearts/mlp discussion also
Last time, on My Little Pony: Forevermore Inverse Morning.


We now return to the intended content, with all the new adventures within.

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/QLAqK2kT
File: who's there.jpg (61 KB, 631x480)
61 KB
>As you wind your way through a valley of mangled cars the thumping grows louder and louder until you're finally able to hear it clearly.
>”What’s that sound?”
>Spike asks as he pulls the haft of his lance closer to him, recoiling every time the mechanical crash echoes down the valley.
>”It’s nothing, just an old automated piece of junk.”
>Dan replies, and spike seems slightly reassured as the three of you round the corner into a clearing where the crane finally comes into view.
>The crane is slowly swinging by as it quietly goes about its business of dropping scrap onto a dilapidated old conveyer belt that creaks by overhead.
As the belt funnels into the mouth of a hydraulic crusher at the far end of the valley you can see the orange electromagnetic head at the end of the crane’s arm pick up something significantly larger, the blue and back car Dan had described to you the day before.
>”Awww fuck, so much for that one.”
>Dan groans, kicking a stray pile of junk as the vehicle falls onto the conveyer belt and within seconds is crushed into a compact steel cube.
>”Okay, not a big deal this place is loaded with decent bodies we can use. Now all we need to do is find one.”
>Dan says as he pinches the bridge of his nose and leads the three of you deeper into the junkyard in the shadow of the crane.
“You know I was kind of expecting to run into heartless by now.”
>You say idly as you pick your way through the rows.
>”Yeah I guess all our running around yesterday either drew them away.”
>Dan says as he looks around suspiciously.
>”But keep your eyes peeled. I never was able to figure out why they congregated here so there’s got to be something off about this place.”
>At the back of your mind you can’t help but agree with him, because ever since the three of you arrived you haven’t been able to shake the nagging suspicion that you’re being watched.
>Despite the persistent eerie feeling it doesn’t take you long to find your first vessel candidate.
>A remarkably intact white Volkswagen beetle with the number 53 painted on the side.
“I don’t know, it’s a little cramped for interstellar travel don’t you think?”
>You ask as you examine the vehicle.
>”Yeah maybe but it’ll be easy to get back to the garage.
>Dan says exasperated clearly looking to get out of here as quickly as possible.
“Fair enough, pop the door open and Spike and I will start pushing.”
>Almost immediately after the three of you get the car rolling things start to go sideways.
>You notice a buzzing sound growing louder as it rushes towards you and then suddenly it simply shuts off.
>That sudden silence is followed immediately by a car crashing to earth directly in your path.
>You barely have time to register the fact that rolling in front of you is a rusted formerly red race car before the horribly loud buzzing resumes again, this time directly overhead.
>You look up just in time to see the crane’s giant electromagnet falling towards the three of you.
>You shout as you dive out of the way.
>Dan and Spike manage to follow suit just in time to avoid the sickening screech of metal on metal as the electromagnet slams down on you would be ride and hauls it off into the sky.
>As the magnet hauls the car away you catch a glimpse of something that defies belief.
>A furious pair of eyes glaring back at you.
>You call your keyblade to your hand as you pick yourself up and watch the magnet drop the bug onto the conveyor-belt before it swings back in your direction.
“Uhhhh I think I know why the heartless were coming here guys... And I don’t think it’s happy we’re here.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrIc_igR7w0 [Embed]

Anon: 42HP 60mp
Spike: 50HP 30 mp
Dan: 30 HP 5 flashbangs and a loaded scrap cannon.

Crusher: 75 HP
Magnet: 75 HP
Pull down the Solid Eye, snipe the magnet, have Dan fire his scarp launcher at it, and have Spike stand guard ready to defend us.

Quick question for Yen wherever he is, about high up would the lance and Spike go if they pointed directly up? Because with that figure, I might be autistic enough to do the math to see how far it would take Spike at different angles.
File: am_I_disabled.jpg (54 KB, 971x734)
54 KB


Fucking kill me
The scrap cannon officialy now has scarp launcher scratched into its side with the scarp crossed out and scrap written underneath.
Let's say 15 feet straight up.
Just for a frame of reference, Anon, if I'm remembering the rules right you start taking fall damage after 10ft of drop. So, rocketing 15ft straight up, if that's what Yen rules, is probably going to incur a couple d6 of falling damage unless we figure out a way to mitigate. Not saying don't do it, but given that the crane can probably also go even higher than that of its own volition, it might be a risky prospect. Especially when we just watched a car get crumpled under the weight of the Magnet. It could essentially be a Thunderfall but for the enemy.
File: Spoiler Image (31 KB, 694x530)
31 KB
Are the boss's names Wesley and Stephen?
Will cramming a toaster in the crusher's gears insta kill it do you think?
>wanting to sacrifice an innocent toaster

We'd be no better than the villains at that point.
Fair enough, what about one of those junk cubes the crusher is cranking out?
File: DragonTank.jpg (21 KB, 320x240)
21 KB
This actually brings up a solid idea imo.
We should look to see if the crusher has any exposed gears. Everyone knows that shit is a weak point
Is there any archive or something for all the art for this?
I don't think so. Wouldn't hurt to ask Namine-non when they pop up.
We should probably get on making a imigur or something
Me and Namine-non were planning to post the entire thing on Tumblr when the adventure ends (or at least enough material gets accumulated). Note though that only includes stuff made by us two. Me personally unaware if other people also drew things for this adventure.
File: Spoiler Image (598 KB, 720x1280)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
Previosly in KH MLP:Forevermore Inverse Morning:

>"Don't worry about me, Last of guardians of light. The fact that I can aid you in search of your loved and beloved ones is already a reward for me."
>"I always loved to help before... things happened. And me trying to remember how it felt, to be happy about helping others, makes me smile, like in an old times."
>"Now go, she is waiting for you."
>"How do I know that? Well, you can say that it's my special sense..."

blame Nyxion poster for that silly idea
File: weapon_Spike_Thruster.png (50 KB, 768x1024)
50 KB
As Xion said, we post all our stuff on tumblr, but that's only our stuff. Which is not a problem for now, while we are the only (I think) artists, but can be later. Hm, give me a minute or two...
File: adv_Timberwolf.png (188 KB, 768x1024)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
Hm, I've checked my folders, tried to copy all posted and no spoilers stuff, and I think...
File: adv_Cinderwolf.png (241 KB, 768x1024)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
...This can be used as a folder for all KH stuff until DM or anyone find a better place
Just boop if anything will be missing
I don't think we're missing anything in the imgur. It certainly has everything I've got saved anyway.
So are we going to try and tackle the magnet first or do we want to make our way to the crusher to try and disable it?
In my opinion, I don't like having a chunk of metal over our heads. That being said, I bet we could get away with one teammate running solo and looking a chink in the Crusher's armor.

Before all this, though, I want to get that investigation done to see if we can't find anything to help us.
I'd say Anon gets to work on the magnet, Spike can try to get at the crusher, and Dan can work on a way of shutting these things down mechanically. Pending an investigation that might alter those plans, of course.

I'm... actually not entirely sure why the Heartless are congregating at the Crane? Is it because they're trying to find a vessel themselves to launch into the abyss? Or destroy our way off-planet? Or just because of the despair that comes from literally destroying the hopes and dreams of entire worlds? I guess turning the blocks into materials for Heartless gummi ships makes a lot of sense, actually.
File: 1486616323697.jpg (34 KB, 576x472)
34 KB
>tfw we stumbled onto a Heartless weapons and munitions factory
Why the heartless are coming here was actually one of the clues as to the identity of this boss. You correctly deduced the heartless we're bringing the best shit to the crane, but you failed to ask why a creature of pure instinct would be doing such an organized action.

The answer being they wouldn't unless they were being commanded by a more powerful entity.

As for why the magnet is commanding them to bring it cars to destroy that's actually pretty simple. It's function is to destroy junk and it carries out that function obsessively.
So does that mean that the Magnet and the Crusher aren't Heartless? Or merely far stronger Heartless than normal?
They're not heartless. They're just commanding them in the same way Clayton, Jafar, or Malefecent might
That would be a little hardcore for world one
Um, it's world three...
Even if we were counting the tutorial world that is ponyville this would still only be world 2
He might be counting the Keyblade Graveyard as well.
I had forgotten about that one. Still I'd call that less of a world than ponyville seeing as it had all of zero encounters.
Sorry for derailing the course of action, but wouldn't Dan be more qualified to deactivate the magnet? Spike can distract it so Dan can jump over it and cut the wires.
I don't think the magnet's wires are that flimsy, but if they are, it could work.

I'd be worried that the first thing the magnet would do is slam into a junk pile and crush dam if he tried to get up on top of it.
That's actually why I'd figure we should send him after any other mechanical methods of shutting these guys down, we're smart enough to smack wires if they're in range, but if there's a way to stop them without tearing them to pieces I'd put my money on him finding it first since he's our resident tinkerer.

Of course, it might all be for naught and it turns out smacking it real hard is the only way to stop these guys, but that's what my reasoning is.
so what's the plan here? I'm feeling a little lost as to what you all want to do.
Investigation, first of all.

Second, I feel like, unless the magnet just wants to keep dropping cars on us, we can play defensively and strike when it tries to squish us.
Anon on the Crane with a Fire spell, possibly aiming for the wires if we can. I think the target's locked down, but not the method.

Spike is aimed at the Crusher, probably via lance auto-attack, with priority on exposed gears and machinery I think?

Dan is up in the air, he's aiming to disable one of the two targets but which one and how is unclear. I'm a fan of trying to find a control panel or something for him to work on, but other suggestions include hopping on the magnet, joining Spike on Crusher duty, or dodging the magnet while waiting for an opening.

Do I have that right guys?
Until we know what the Magnet's game plan is, it wouldn't be smart to go jumping around at it. It has eyes, though, perhaps we could try to blind with a flash bang?
For your investigation, you guys rolled pretty low in this zone, you pretty much just see trash here. but you also aren't near the crane base or the crusher so you could check again once you're there.
that said it is gonna take you a turn or two to reach it. In the meantime having dan pull >>29605263 isn't a bad idea.

So how do you guys feel about this

Anon and spike tag team magnet, anon fire magic spike attempt to melee.
Dan meanwhile flashbangs the thing.
Yes, let's go.
Let's get this dance started baby. There's a grim fandango with these fuckers' names on it, and I'm ready for Anon and company to take lead.
Its occurring to me you don't actually know the crusher is alive in character yet. We'll still run you towards it this turn and it'll be giving you a sign of life so you can actually act against it when you arrive.
File: A grim duo.jpg (308 KB, 1011x790)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
“When it gets back I get the distinct impression we should be somewhere else.”
>your eyes dart around looking for something that might give you the upper hand on a giant magnet, but all you find is heaps of worthless junk stacked haphazardly all around you.
>”Then let’s get the fuck out of dodge!”
>Dan shouts taking off down one of the paths twisting through the maze of ruined machinery.
>You and spike take off after him and for a moment you lose sight of the giant scowling magnet hovering over the junk yard.
>That moment however was doomed to come to a swift and violent end.
>”Do you think we l-“
>Spike’s question is drowned out by the droning of a sudden electrical hum as you round the corner and see the magnet swinging towards you like a wrecking ball practically scraping the ground.
“Oh fu-“
>Fortunately the sudden impact of the magnet with your body saves you from swearing in front of spike and donating another bit to Twilight’s swear jar.
>Less fortunately the impact of a couple thousand pounds of steel superstructure lays you out flat on your ass, where you are immediately joined by spike as the lip of the magnet catches him square in the forehead.
>You think surely Dan is about to follow you to the ground but, to your surprise, Dan manages to tap into some previously unrealized well of limbo potential as he bends back at nearly a 90 degree angle and lets the magnet slip by overhead barely scraping his stop sign pauldron as it passes.
>”Oh yeah! Suck my“
>Dan starts to shout as he springs back upright; but apparently, this is going to be one of those fights where no one can finish a complete sentence because as half way through Dan’s taunt the horrible screeching sound of tearing metal comes from the direction of the crusher.
>The sound isn’t the only thing that the crusher produces though.
>the smoke that has been billowing steadily from its location turns jet black laced with crackling streaks of violet energy.
“Something tells me we maybe oughta check out the crusher guys.”
>You say as you point out the obvious plume of abjectly unnatural smoke.
>”Do you fucking think Einstein?”
>Dan says as the Magnet slows to a stop just short of plowing into a stack of ruined cars.
>Spike picks himself up off the ground groaning as he rubs his forehead.
>”Ughh did derpy get put on heavy package duty again?”
>Spike says groggily as he tries to regain his senses.
>It only takes a few seconds for his eyes slip back into focus and he sees the magnet sitting there a temporary prisoner of its own inertia.
>”Payback time!”
>He shouts leaping at the Magnet as he lashes out with his lance.
>Unfortunately the little dragon is capable of doing little more than putting a pretty gnarly scrape in the magnet’s bright orange paint.
>”Aw for real?”
>Spike groans as he stumbles back from his unsatisfying blow.
>”You two get going and take care to not stare at the bright flash of light boys.”
>Dan says as he flings a grenade over the top of the magnet and he pushes the two of you further away.
>The two of you barely have time to shield your eyes before a brilliant phosphorous flash explodes in the magnet’s face and Dan goes streaking past you.
>”We really don’t want to be around when it can see again boys.”
Dan shouts back at you as he vanishes around the corner.
>He has a good point, but you can’t resist taking a potshot at the magnet with your new spell just as the two of you round the corner.
“Hot enough for you guy?”
>You say with a shit eating grin as you focus your will and the tip of your keyblade glows red shooting a condensed ball of flame directly at the giant magnet.
>You hear an intense buzzing coming from the magnet as the fireball impacts, a sound you can only assume to mean you’ve pissed it off royally with that last attack.

Anon: HP 32/40 55/60mp
Spike HP 40/ 50 30/30 mp
Dan 30/30

Magnet 54/75
Crusher 75/75
Ok so since this fight is in a much larger map your movement is going to be much less granular and precise. than we've done in the past few fights. this map doesn't really have an actual one square = x feet scale on it, it's more just there so you all can know what the general situation on the ground is. if we did it all to scale the map we would need would be ridiculously huge.

And while I'm sure most of you have realized I'll go ahead and point out that the three of you are the crown.
So, can we split up?
I don't know if it's the right thing to do right now, but it might be in the future
Yeah you can split up. though splitting the party is often a risky move.
We only have one bottle of aspirin for healing, and that requires the target to use it on themselves. Splitting up would probaly backfire hard if someone got badly injured.

So we're basically playing the run and gun game, then. Proably wouldn't hurt to shoot some more fireballs as we make our way to the crusher.
Magnet is temporary blind and angry, I don't think that revealing our direction by hitting it right now with magic is gonna be smart. After all, we are trying to run to Crusher and learn how bad is that double-boss fight, preferably without Magnet noticing and smashing us again. Aside from that, looks like magic does much more damage to metal than physical attacks (d'uh), which means using our limited magic as effective as possible on both bosses is top priority

Also, we should probably try to use Scope and see what awaits us at Crasher and what it's in general doing there. And try to trick Magnet into slamming and stucking in piles of garbage again if it will go after us (and only then hit it as hard as possible). And Yen, can we cast Bulwark at us and our friends while we run, or we must be still and take some time\turns to cast it? If Magnet will slam us again at least we'll both get some damage
well, spike actually just rolled a one on damage.

As for bulwark you can cast and move in the same turn.
Sorry guys I'm a faggot, Anon ought to be at 34/42 instead of 32/40
I was just asking if we were able to, since we were being represented by a single symbol
Couldn't see use the fact that it's blind to our advantage? We could attack it and then dodge it matador style so it wedges itself in another pile and we can blast it.

Bulwark absorbs damage, it doesn't deal any. If we're casting it, I'd say Thunder variant would be best, since the crusher seems to be venting electrical smoke and the magnet seems to be powered by electricity.

So, how does a scrap cannon attack on the magnet from Dan, a Thunder Bulwark for himself by Anon, and a lance slash from Spike when the magnet flies by sound? Or would we rather try to distract the magnet to go elsewhere and then beeline for the crusher?
Aren't we trying to get to Crusher first to learn "what was that probably bad violet energy" as soon as possible and then continue dealing with angry Magnet? Well, then it all comes to choosing between "first beeline to crusher and then take out magnet" or "first take out magnet and then beeline to crusher". Both sounds good to me honestly with state of magnet right now

Oh, we obviously able to do that by basic logic, it's just scale of map is too big to waste each square for a separate portrait.

Also, did a small "journal" with all available at that moment info, items, and skills (along with skills\spells ideas). Only chars and enemies detailed bio page is missing for now, not sure if there's any point in it (and some skills detailed info). I'll try to update it appropriately (and finish pics for all key items)
Whats the circle symbol next to spikes 1st picture?
HP and MP bars like Anon ones in his card. Not filled because at that moment I had no clue if Spike is going to have MP at all or not and tried many backup designs. Should finish that now and make it look like in-game icon and use it for other "main" chars too
Was that yellow bar always known as Focus?
It was drive in 2
Guys, Steel is weak to Fire that's Pokemon 101. Or 102 maybe since it's second gen.

Anyway, Anon needs to be using that sweet, sweet fire magic if we're gonna make any headway.
so while we wait on Sid to get back from game night what do we think that powerline summon is going to do for us once we figure out how to use it. Also how does goof troop world for with disney castle and does powerline being a gem mean Max is dead?
But then we would be punching the magnet in its stupid face, no? Fighting > Steel too. I knew we should have had Spike go unarmed.

We could have Dan fire a shot at a junk pile and hope it sends Stephen rushing over in that direction, if we want to misdirect it. Then hoof it to see what Wesley is up to. Yeah?
I don't see why he'd be dead. Mushu and Simba weren't dead, and they were gems.

As for the summon, I really want something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oskw8aGIFk0 where our Performance bonus can really shine.
Yeah but the gem doesn't contain max as far as we know it contains powerline.
I mean more like this:

>Mushu being a gem =/= Mulan being dead
>Simba being a gem =/= Nala being dead

Especially when we see them again later.
Fair enough, especially considering that actual death hasn't been explained in kingdom hearts
One more bump before bed.
So I'm seeing dan take a pot shot at the magnet with the scrap cannon before the three of you book it for the crusher? and while on the way have anon thunder bulwark spike?


Question, can we stack elements? Like making a triple bulwark or a Full Cloth Shroud like that unversed? What properties would those have?
Sounds like a plan to me.
>The Magnet twists in place searching wildly for the three of you and when it ultimately fails it retreats into the sky.
>You can’t help but feel like that’s going to end in it suplexing a car on top of you in the near future.
>”Can we not be here when it comes back?”
>Spike asks as his eyes dart around amongst the columns of junk looking for a direction to break.
>”Give me just a second.”
>Dan says in the same way one might ask for time to tie ones shoes as he slings his scrap launcher into position and takes aim at the fleeing magnet.
>when Dan goes to fire the makeshift cannon an excess buildup of pressure both knocks the angry little man flat on his ass and launches his impromptu projectiles at an incredible speed towards the magnet.
>While most of the missiles fly wide one does succeed in making its mark and tearing a chunk of metal off the magnet as the shot connects.
>”Ok now we can go.”
>Dan says slinging the cannon over his shoulder before calmly walking off towards the Crusher as the Magnet spins and twists in a fit of abject fury.
“Here spike, just in case we get clocked again, hopefully this should let you shrug it off and counter attack.”
>The keyblade begins to glow and crackle with electricity as you call on your magic and concentrate on twisting the raw elemental fury of your magic into a useful form.
“Thunder… Bulwark”
>You manage to spit out as you concentrate on holding the framework in your mind and in an instant a bolt of lightning shoots from the tip of your key to spike where it explodes into a shower of static sparks that whirl around at his side forming a glowing electrical wall.
“There that should take care…”
>You trail off as the three of you round another heap and finally set eyes on the Crusher.
>The conveyor belt is still feeding it junk as it continues to belch that inky black smoke streaked with violet into the sky.
“Well at least it’s stationary.”
>You say as you walk closer, the sound of the compactor slamming together trying as best it can to deafen you.
>But as soon as the words leave your lips something flings itself at you from off the side of a trash heap.
>It’s in fact five somethings. A quintet of little compact metal cubes stamped with the heartless crest and complete with glowing yellow eyes
>the five cubes fling themselves at you, and while the first four mist one them catches you dead center of mass.
>Despite the fact that the impact hurts like a bitch there is a silver lining in that the cube that struck you crumbles when it hits you.
>”I guess this is what the smoke was all about.”
>Dan says as he pulls his wrench and squares off with you against the other five.

Anon: HP 28/42 45/60mp
Spike HP 40/ 50 30/30 mp
Dan 30/30 4 flashbangs and a scarp gun

Magnet 40/75
Crusher 75/75
Cubes x4
>tfw the Magnet's so angry he isn't even on the screen

This looks like an ample time for Spike's Cleave ability.

Anon: Aspirin
Spike: Attack a cube, then cleave through another
Dan: Wrench another one.
The air conditioner straight up fucking dying on screen because he was so tilted did it for me. The Magnet was terrifying too, but he always felt like he was just trying to do his job, and that job happened to involve killing toasters and lamps and shit.
File: Otto's_Core.png (96 KB, 800x600)
96 KB
Bump with more finished stuff. Decided to deal with all "items" requests first
File: wolf's_tear_gem.png (48 KB, 800x600)
48 KB
Hm, about that gem, does that mean that Scope must be drawn too?
And shouldn't we show that to Dan so he could think of something? Or at least tell us if that's useful for anything
You're on fire, Namine. Try not to burn out, though.
Namine-non is not alone. :3
The final thing for now.
>Dan 30/30 4 flashbangs and a scarp gun
So scrap gun\cannon still available? Let's ask Dan how many turns he needs to load it again right after dealing with kamikaze cubes or if we can MASH TRIANGLE and put these cubes in cannon, unexpected payback to Crusher!. As for our actions, >>29613346 sounds fine. Better be in a good shape than try to take out all cubes in one turn (if we even strong enough for one-hits)

Good job
So... I see tetris near the back of Otto's core, at the "top". Two more important things, though: First, is Otto an alicorn? Because that MMC4 chip tho. The other is, I'm hyped for some chiptunes, which Otto can totally make with that Yamaha 3812. SoundBlaster like a motherfucker.

These are all pretty excellent, though I especially like the Magic Scope. It's our first leather strap on our way to a life of bondage-esque over-accessorization.
How many belts we are going to wear at the end of the game?
i dont think that number has been invented yet
File: Anons_final_form.jpg (69 KB, 500x667)
69 KB
Start with this, add some zippers, and we'll have a good starting point.
It would take you a turn to load the cannon again and yes if you succeed in overpowering one of the cubes you could load it into the gun.
So I suppose question is would we rather have Dan wrench a cube or try and load one into the scrap cannon?

Personally I'd rather try and load one of these little fucks into the cannon and try and shoot it into the crusher's gears next turn.
Worst case scenario, it explodes on Dan and it'll still be ded.
>"Rusted formerly red race car"
>Taken away by the magnet
RIP Lightning McQueen ;_;7
I concur, let's see if we can't give the crusher a taste of its own medicine. I'm still on board with Spike attempting a Cleave, and Anon should probably heal up while he has the chance with the Aspirin.
>You hear the sound of screeching metal and breaking glass off in the distance as the Magnet plummets down between the columns of junk and out of sight.
>That sound is immediately followed by a pneumatic his from the crusher as it spits out another five scrap metal heartless.
>”We need to keep moving or they’re going to overrun us!”
>Spike shouts as he swings his lance in a wide arc cleaving through a pair of the Crusher’s cuboid shock troops clearing the way for the three of you to advance.
>”Yeah sure just let me reload!”
>Dan shouts as he pulls the cannon off his back and slams the barrel down on top of one of the two remaining jittery cubes of scrap metal
>The cube tries and ultimately fails to escape as Dan traps the heartless inside the rough metal tube, scraping off the cube’s edges as he forces it inside and chambers the new live round.
>”Okay lets bounce!”
>Dan takes off sprinting towards the crusher as he darts past the last cube of the first wave.
>You pop the top on your bottle of asprin and force down a pill before running after the angry little man with spike in tow.
>The last cube bounds after Dan and catches him in between the shoulder blades, nearly sending him stumbling face first into the trash as the cube breaks up on impact.
>As Dan stumbles a cube from the Crusher’s second wave goes sailing through the space where his head used to be a second before.
>Meanwhile the remaining cubes bounce tumble through the air at you and Spike with all the aerodynamic fury of a tightly packed block of trash.
>Which, fortunately for the two of you, is not very much as you easily side step the two cubes bouncing your way and one sails clear over Spike’s head.
>The final cube catches the corner of the bulwark forcing it to crumble harmlessly as it spins out of control and crashes into the ground.
Anon: HP 36/42 45/60mp
Spike HP 40/50 30/30 mp Bulwark 9/10 hp.
Dan 24/30

Magnet 40/75
Crusher 75/75
Cubes x4
Awesome, looks like we've made it to the Crusher. Do we know if we can Home Run one of these cubes without it breaking? It'd be pretty damn cash to kil two birds with one stone.

Spike can move Southeast, then charge at the same turn, right? That could be useful.

Dan should fire his scrap at the Crusher, hopefully without putting it back into it for more Cube Bombs.
Well the non magical version of the homerun derby doesn't do any damage so I imagine that we should be able to.
Any chance we can Full Swing the small fry for a more effective clear? Dan can send his live ammo at the Crusher, Spike nails the last block and maybe Cleaves onto the Crusher? I know the blocks aren't 5-foot squares anymore, so it's kind of up in the air.

We could also AoE the blocks with Thunder, though that's a bit more of an unknown quantity what with us not knowing the Crusher's elemental affinities.
Well... The crusher is at full hp, so it's not like we'll heal it even if it does absorb electricity.
>inb4 the Cubes are immune to Thunder and turn into Thunder Bombs
Well the aoe variant of fire does hit everything within melee range for 2d8+ int if you'd prefer to try that.

As for full swing you can do that before the cubes move if you spend mp to enhance the maneuver.
Oh shit, there's AoE Fire? That sounds good, actually, hits a few more targets and frees up Dan and Spike to focus on the Crusher.

Might not be healing, it could be empowering too. Not sayin' to not do it, just keeping it at the front of our minds.
Cube already tried to slam ino Thunder Bulwark and not only did just 1hp damage to it instead of ~4-6 to char, but got destroyed as well. If anything, making 2 more bulwarks and "shocking" these cubes sounds like a good option. But that's for later, right now we can deal with them without magic
Thunder and Fire both have two variations: strong single shot (one lighting and one fireball, KH1 style) and Aoe (rain of lightings and fire ring, KH2 style), Namine even specified that in spreadsheet. Blizzard will probably have two variations too by that logic
Probably kh1 bliz for aoe and kh2 bliz for single target
Did kh2 blizzaga pierce targets or did that not start being a thing till BBS?
I believe the combo finisher pierced targets but regular bolts didn't I could be wrong though
Hmm well I hope that our blizz single target is more BBS in that case. Getting multipule hits on big enemies like large bodies is pretty dank
File: Spoiler Image (307 KB, 768x1024)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
Okay, that "hero" enemy was the strangest to draw and design so far, doesn't look that great probably. Skinny version only. I'll try to do more requests with Spike and ponies after that one (if there are any new ones from you, aside from Ace doggy, Pinkie's recording and throwing of Dan)
Looks more or less like what I was imagining except I was picturing it with kind of shit posture in the base form.

Thunderfall and talking down AUTO would be cool

One iconic scene per area
When we say talk down do you mean the scene where Otto pops his core out for uss?
I assume he means the stare down before he finally relented.
It honestly doesn't sound all that visually interesting.
“Okay let’s show em who’s boss.”
>You shout, your keyblade glowing red hot as you spin up a fire spell to clear out the accumulated trash cubes clattering around at your feet.
>That’s when you hear the sound of wind whistling past open windows accompanied by an earsplitting electrical buzz.
>The magic dies as you warn the others allowing three of you to just barely evade being crushed by the rusted out tow truck that the Magnet tries to body slam you with.
>Unfortunately that dodge doesn’t save the three of you from being pelted with debris thrown off the trashed tow truck.
>You and Dan take a couple of scrapes from flying chunks of metal and spike is nearly brained by a flying headlight.
>Or at least he would have been if the crackling energy of the thunder bulwark hadn’t caught the flying debris and taken the hit for him.
“As I was saying, let’s clean up this mess.”
>you say with a smirk as your keyblade glows red hot and you unleash a whorl of fire that consumes 3 of the four nearby cubes reducing them to smoldering piles of singed junk.
>”My thoughts exactly.”
>Dan says planting his feet as he brings his cannon to bear and launches his captive heartless directly into the crusher’s unprotected gears.
>Dan turns to spike as the gears jerk and rattle trying to chew through the wriggling heartless caught in their teeth.
>”Don’t let it recover, dunk on this fool!”
>The angry little man shouts as he points at the last remaining cube and a look of understanding washes over spike’s face.
>The little dragon nods as he drops his lance and grabs the cube with both hands.
>It tries to squirm away from the baby dragon but his claws dig into the scrap metal as he leaps up and crams the cube into the crusher’s still quaking gears.
>there’s a sickening screech as the gears grind to a halt.
>Parts begin to fly off of the crusher as its heavy steel compacter freezes mid motion.
File: Spoiler Image (1.9 MB, 330x248)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
“One down one to go.”
>You say as you turn to shoot the Magnet a predatory grin only for your confidence to evaporate as you find it staring back at you, with a swath of melted metal on its side and murder in its eyes.
>It begins to emit a hum so loud it rattles the teeth in your jaw as billowing shadowy smoke begins to roll off it accompanied by a crackling purple electricity.
>You’re about to pull up your keyblade to guard when behind you the crusher erupts in the same black smoke that billows out and begins swallowing entire nearby junk heaps.
“Guys I think we need to be somewhere else in a hurry.”
>you say as Dan and Spike nod in agreement and the three you sprint away from the two overloading machines.
>”So are they trying to self-destruct or what?”
>Dan asks when a loud noise from behind answers his question.
>As the three of you turn to look you see the sprawling body of the crusher, supplemented by the nearby scrap heaps reformat itself into a pair of legs with the crusher itself transformed into some kind of torso with a huge nutcracker like mouth built into its body.
>Dan says awestruck as the arm of the crane slides through the torso and reformats into this hulking mechanical figure’s left arm with the electro magnet’s head forming the parody of a hand complete with deformed scrap metal fingers made out of discarded I-beams and tow-truck arms.
>You say finishing his thought as the crane’s counterweight becomes this monstrosity’s right shoulder and the crusher’s conveyor belt spools up to become its right arm.
>Spike grips his lance nervously; pointing to the towering mechanical behemoth as a Heartless Crest appears on what used to be the crusher’s forehead.
>”So uh, what do we do about that?”

Anon: HP 34/42 40/60mp
Spike HP 40/50 30/30 mp Bulwark 5/10 hp.
Dan 23/30 4 flashbangs and a scrap cannon

Magnet 22/75>
> MagnoCrusher 107/200
Crusher 35/75>
I think with this new phase its time for a change of music


considering spike crit on the dunk and you all dodged mater with flying colors this turn went pretty well for you, Even the jam the gears plan worked out pretty well for accelerating this fight into phase two
Oh shit were in for a bad time.
I'd say we back off and study the enemy for structural weaknesses, while also focusing on evading and dodging any attack. Have Dan and Spike find a better spot that doesn't put them in stepping and crushing areas, maybe high up?
File: image.jpg (32 KB, 360x540)
32 KB
>No real head
So a ganmen?

Can Anon cast Bulwark on more than one party member at a time? If so, a party-wide defense boost may be in order.
I also vote for what >>29625345 said for this turn.

The mouth in the torso sounded like a Gunman to me, too.
File: Guard Armor.png (131 KB, 312x399)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
More like into picrelated if that's our variation of Traverse Town

Time to search for weakspots, things around us that can help and create two more Bulwarks. And try out Aoe attacks, will they damage all parts of that nightmare fuel or not
Didn't Yen say that we could try rolling Investigate again when we got to the Crusher? that might help.
I think it is more mecha than guard armor. GA is an animated suit of armor, this is at least partly mechanical in nature with darkness filling in the gaps.
I don't think you're going to be able to cast a party wide bulwark. At least not without researching something like that.
So, it's only one active bulwark of one element at a time for now? Well, that's a) a bummer b) a reason to learn Shroud next to have two type of shields for a party simultaneously. As for now, investigate and scan the heck out of it, search for safe spots, preferably use fire breath (like that thing have more than two form) and throw a flashbang at it... if that thing have eyes at all
No you can have multipule bulwarks of the same element active but you can't have more than one bulwark up per charecter. What I was trying to say is you can't cast bulwark on the whole party in one turn. You can hit the whole party but it's going to take three turns to do.
Was the crane just the Magnet? We might be able to use it to our advantage if it's still available for use.
Um, two, Spike's one still in pretty good shape. But thanks for clarification
I think I could have phrased it better when I said "party-wide." So let me see if I understand.

- One bulwark per character.
- Can only cast one bulwark per turn.
- Able to have multiple party members with bulwark (for example, we could take the next two turns to cast bulwark on Anon and Dan).

- Cannot cast one big bulwark to cover the entire party at the same time.

If I got that right, that sounds totally fair.
>you can have multipule bulwarks of the same element active but you can't have more than one bulwark up per charecter
How does that even work, if you cannot have more than one bulwark?
You can have thunder up on two different characters. >>29627034 seemed like it was saying you can only have one thunder bulwark full stop. As in if you have a thunder bulwark on spike it could not be cast on Anon untill spike's ends. That is not the case. Both Anon and spike may have a thunder bulwark active at the same time. That said Anon cannot have both a fire and a thunder bulwark active on himself at the same time.
So, the question becomes, can we target individual parts of this thing? The Magnet is getting pretty low, if we can focus down one part of it, the Crusher might revert to its more manageable form.

If the joints are made of that smoke like I think they are, we might be able to do our little photon bomb trick if we're up close; that said, trying to snipe these parts from further away is probably the safer choice. If we're Bulwarking anyone, it should be Dan, he's a little squishy at the moment compared to Spike and Anon. Dan should reload the cannon and fire if he can do both in the same turn, and Spike should be on defense until we see what this thing can do. As for movement, let's take cover if we can, and as >>29625345 said observe for weaknesses and behaviors. Plus our usual investigate check for environmental coolness we might also use to turn the tide.

And we can have a Thunder Bulwark on one ally as well as a Fire Bulwark on another. Mix and match as necessary, but limit one per customer per turn. Right? Sounds fair, if we want to be able to spread a Bulwark over everyone that'd be its own spellcrafting action . I imagine it's pretty advanced, too, that's two spellcrafts joined together.
If we jump attack, does that create Attacks of Opportunity? Or will they only counter once we hit the ground?

I'm not sure what a jump attack would do for us. According to DnD rules, we would probably provoke an attack of opportunity by doing that.
It was mostly out of curiosity, since we're probably gonna have to do that shit sometime. Also, I might have missed something, but I'm assuming the Magnet face's not ground level.
In terms of attacks of opportunity jumping up and down in your square doesn't provoke an attack.

That said this thing has more or less 30 feet of threatened squares around it. It only gets one opportunity attack per round but still a giant robot has some crazy ass reach.
Probably not wise to be anything other than careful when we're always in this Heartess's range.

So the plan is to Thunder Bulwark Dan while he and Spike lay down the law, no? Or did I miss something?
I forgot to respond to this earlier but the formatting on status readout got a little fucked. it was supposed to illustrate that the two have fused into a single unit. the magnet and the crusher no longer have distinct hp.
It looks like it's actually investigate, and observe for now.
I mean, I'm down for whatever. I wouldn't turn down a bulwark on Dan, but observation's fine too.
Oh yeah that also. I didn't mention it because it can be done during an investigation check
File: crunch time.jpg (11 KB, 480x360)
11 KB
>Before you get a chance to reply the gargantuan mechanical heartless begins lumbering towards you as its right arm clatters to life.
“For now, dodge!”
>You shout as the conveyor belt arm spins up to a frantic speed and the heartless swings it through a nearby junk heap.
>The three of you run as the high speed revolution of the conveyor arm flings a hail of junk your way.
>Dan manages to narrowly avoid being clocked in the back of the head by a flying carburetor, but you and Spike aren’t nearly so lucky.
>A spinning steel fan gets caught in the static field of spike’s bulwark but the shield simply doesn’t have enough energy left to stop the muffler that follows it.
>The shield slows the improvised missile but ultimately it tears through the crackling electricity and catches spike in the back of the head knocking him to the ground.
“You okay little guy? I gotch-ow!”
>You crouch down to help spike back to his feet only to get clocked yourself with a stray driver’s side mirror.
“We’re not going to get anywhere with this thing without a plan.”
>You say as you get back to helping spike up.
>”Agreed. Tactical retreat into the junk maze for now?”
>Dan asks as spike raises his hand.
>”I’d like to second that plan.”
>spike says with a wince as he rubs the back of his head.
“The motion carries.”
>You nod and the three of you skedaddle into the isles between the trash heaps and out of the giant mechanoid’s line of sight.
>You’ve bought yourselves some time to think but you have no doubt that it won’t take long for the giant heartless to start knocking over stacks of ruined car frames to get after the three of you.
“At least it can’t fall out of the sky on us now that the crane is gone.”
>You say as spike takes a defensive stance, waiting at the ready in case it can still send waves of heartless after you.
>”Too bad we can’t fall out of the sky on it.”
>Dan grumbles as he stuffs junk into the barrel of his scrap cannon for a future salvo.
>”Maybe we could if we climb one of these stacks.”
>Spike muses as he looks up at the towering columns of trash surrounding the three of you.
“Maybe, I’d hate to think what would happen if it smashes a tower while’ we’re on one though.”
>You say as you funnel energy to your keyblade and shoot a bolt of electricity in Dan’s direction that explodes out into the protective aura of a Thunder Bulwark.
“If we’re lucky we can find something back here to help us turn the tables and we won’t have to resort to climbing.”
>You don’t really belive you’ll turn up anything usefull but you get up and start poking around the base of the nearest junk heap.
>”I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one.”
>Dan smirks as he slings his loaded junk canon over his shoulder but you ignore the angry little man.
“Hey, you’re the one who said all the best shit ends up here.”
>You protest as you pick through the trash and something bright red catches your eye sticking out of a nearby heap.
>”I was talking about cars, I doubt this place has anything that can kill a giant robot.”
>However Dan’s reply falls on deaf ears as you’re too busy examining your new find to really pay attention to his bitching.
>Sticking out of the pile of junk is a thick red gauntlet with a purple circle painted on the back of its wrist.
“Dan shut up for a second and help me pull this out.”
>You call back cutting off Dan’s diatribe.
>After some tugging from the three of you the gauntlet fly’s free of its scrap metal prison.
>”Well… I stand corrected.”
>Dan says as the three of you look down at your find.
>Lying at your feet is a barrel chested suit of red winged armor with a hole torn in its chestplate.
Anon: HP 28/42 32/60mp
Spike HP 35/50 30/30 mp Bulwark 0/10
Dan 23/30 Bulwark 10/10
MagnoCrusher 107/200
Let's check if that suit of armor is usable in any way.
I'll go ahead and tell you now that the thrusters work and dan thinks he can dig up some controls. I'd rather have you all go ahead and figure out how you all want to use it than wait for me to describe dan examining it before you come up with a plan.
So remote controls, or could someone get into the suit and use it like improvised armor? We could at least turn it into an improvised missile.
Due to their size, either dan or spike could probably use what's left of the chestplate as an improvised shield
I say spike gets it if he can wield his lance one-handed, and dan gets it if the crap cannon can fit through the hole
Although crap cannon does sound like something he'd use for a name
It's probably a little bulky for us to use as armor, but we could maybe load it up with weights, flash bangs, or something explodey and try to blast the mech apart that way?
I was thinking we just kamikaze that shit into its center mass, but we could also stuff a flash bang in there to damage it, blind/confuse it, and knock it off balance. If we can I suggest we have Spike set it off to fly, so we can lightning the bitch, and Dan can scarp cannon it.
Are the controls simple enough for Spike to use them? I'm worried that anyone other than Dan controlling the suit might fuck up our one shot with it.
Spike would probably have a harder time with it than Dan.
File: image.jpg (36 KB, 640x480)
36 KB
So what you're saying is, there's a chance
I wouldn't go for it. We can easily fire the scrap cannon next turn, not to mention that Spike might be able to use his Fire Breath on the mech while Dan takes care of the rest.

What's the range on the Fire Breath?
its a 15 foot cone
It's time.
too bad you guys didn't take magic crit. anon just rolled a nat 20 on his thunder spell
File: 5562845589.png (383 KB, 680x875)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
File: spike.png (458 KB, 1371x1406)
458 KB
458 KB PNG
>Dan flips the mechanical shell over and begins fiddling with the interface for a few seconds before it flickers to life accompanied by a spurt of flame from the thrusters built into the suit’s seat.
>Dan’s eyes zip back and forth as he pours through the suit’s diagnostics trying to think of a way to put this thing to work saving your collective skins.
>”I think I can do something pretty sweet with this but I need the two of you to go out and buy me some time.”
>Spike grips his lance apprehensively as he shoots you a look that seems to say, does he really want the 2 foot nothing dragon and the autist to play bait for this thing?
>You answer Spike’s silent question with a firm nod.
“Don’t leave us twisting in the wind out there for too long.”
>You say as you hear the crashing sound of the robot’s gigantic footfalls coming ever closer to your hiding spot.
>”Well, lets get this over with. GRAAAAAAAAAA!”
>Spike groans before bellowing at the top of his lungs and charging out around the corner.
.”Fuck! I as going to say on three Spike!”
>You shout as you charge around the corner after him just in time to see Spike roll back to avoid being crushed by the mechanical heartless’ magnetic left hand as it tosses it out to the end of the crane arm’s cable.
>The hand slowly picks itself up like a grotesque mechanical spider and glares at Spike, but the little dragon is unperturbed as he puffs out his chest with a deep breath and scorches the Magnet with a gout of roaring flame.
>You’re not about to let the little dragon have all the fun as you pull your wolf’s eye down into position and your focus snaps forward giving you a perfect view of the magnet as it recoils from spike’s flames.
“Time for a shocking development of my own.”
File: Thundah.gif (808 KB, 640x480)
808 KB
808 KB GIF

>your keyblade glows a brilliant yellow as sparks of electricity begin dancing up and down its length before the magic discharges in a shower of sparks.
>A second later a bolt lashes out from the heavens and crashes into the reeling magno spider sending it crashing into the ground as the magnet teams with electricity.
>As the magnet cackles and sparks with the energy from your spell it begins to emit another bone shaking hum.
>”Oh man that can’t be a good sign.”
>Spike says as an alternator flies past his head crashing into the magnet.
>You scarcely manage to dip under a flying 20 inch rim as it whips by you crashing into the magnet.
>A picture flashes in your head of the trash flying towards the magnet pinning you to the beast allowing it to drag you back to be crushed.
“Whatever you do don’t get caught by the flying debris”
>You say as you manage to get clipped in the shin by a stray crowbar.
>”I’m more worried about it taking my lance.”
>Spike growls as he struggles against the pull of the magnet to keep his weapon.
>While he does manage to succeed, Spike is so focused on hanging onto his lance that he fails to notice the mangled bicycle flying his way until it’s too late to do anything about it.
>The twisted metal frame grazes inches from his face only for the bike’s detached chain lashes Spike’s back as it flies by.
“We just need to hold the line a little longer buddy.”
>You shout trying to encourage the little dragon when suddenly a roar echoes out from behind trash pillar the three of you have been hiding behind.
>The torn open suit of armor shoots up into the sky as Dan runs out from behind the pile and joins the three of you, his flashbangs mysteriously absent.
>”Sorry for the delay boys, but you better get ready to see some serious shit.”
>Dan says with a grin, whipping out the control panel as the suit of power armor arcs down towards the MagnoCrusher’s center of mass right arm outstretched.
File: nuke-005.jpg (51 KB, 600x360)
51 KB
>Dan shouts as he mashes a button on the controls and the suit’s outstretched fist is launched from the robot’s arm and smacks into the MagnoCrusher’s face only for the suit’s body to follow a few seconds later as it rockets downward at full speed.
>the fist only barely manages to dent the Crusher’s forehead but when the armor connects the force of the impact sends the giant heartless staggering backwards.
“Holy shit.”
>You say in awe as Dan checks a cracked wristwatch.
>”You ain’t seen nothing yet.”
>Dan says as he counts down the seconds on his fingers and when he hits zero a brilliant flash of light bursts from the gaping hole in the armor’s chest just as it tumbles past the Crusher’s face.
>The wave of sudden radiance burns of a layer of smoke clinging to the giant robot’s joints and a ghastly shrieking sound fills the air as metal scrapes against metal and the entire robot grinds to a halt.

>”Thanks for the assist gentlemen.”
Dan says as he un-slings his fully loaded junk cannon and priming the action with a pneumatic hiss.
>”Now what do you say we go push this chump’s shit in?”

Anon: HP 22/42 25/60mp
Spike HP 28/50 30/30 mp Bulwark 0/10
Dan 23/30 Bulwark 10/10
MagnoCrusher 49/200 (stunned for one round)
File: All_Out_Attack_P4G.jpg (161 KB, 1280x720)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Fire his ass, Charge his ass, Scrap his ass!

File: our time to shine.jpg (210 KB, 1188x673)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
It's down, let's hit it with everything we've got! LET'S GO APESHIT CRAZY ON ITS ASS!!!
And if it miraculously doesn't finish him, load spike+lance into Scarp Cannon and piercing shot it's ass for the finisher.
That, is bad ass son. We need a way to incorporate the keyblade so we can go full power rangers with that shit
How about this
>Encase lance with flame bulwark since it's close enough
>Load Spike+enchanted lance
>Fire the flaming spike shot
>Just who the hell do you think we are?
It might just be crazy enough to work
Personally, that sounds too silly. Not to mention that I don't think that would stack all the damage together like doing all three at once would.
On the subject of casting fire bulwark on the lance...
Since we're able to power up the keyblade with an element, are we able to power up the weapons of other party members? Like, for example, charge Dan's wrench with fire energy?
That sounds like Blade, which we don't know yet. Casting Bulwark on the Lance wouldn't do shit in terms of damage.
My first instinct on shit like this is to knock the enemy prone, but I feel like kneecapping might get old after a bit.

Since Dan's cannon is already loaded, I'm imagining something like him blasting one leg out, while Spike dashes through the opposite leg, and then Anon either stabs this thing right in the Heartless symbol or (if we're feeling lucky) we try to get inside the void in the crusher-chest and AoE fire from there. I'm imagining the latter would be a straight Fire nova that might reach as far as the arms and legs to light up the whole damn thing.
>to get inside the void in the crusher-chest
Um, you know that this has a possibility of us ending up, well, crushed? But aside from that AoE the heck out of that thing (and it's legs, to make it less mobile) while we can and

Spike and Dan go for damage, Anon goes to unlock the Heartless symbol.
I figured it was stunned for this round? Not like we'd stick around after we set off the spell, just jump in, detonate, and jump back out. Of course, we could also do like >>29637285 said and stab it, then shoot a Fire spell from point blank range. Heat Unlock!
Sounds pretty solid, especially since this turn seems free.
File: 1441597552996.jpg (43 KB, 460x355)
43 KB
>tfw we said we wouldn't be so stupid as to use Thunder on something that was immune/healed from it
>tfw we used Thunder on an Electromagnet
Yen is kill.

The DARKNESS has won.
yen is not kill, yen is asleep for near 16 straight hours today though. that said your turn should be ready in the next 15 minutes or so.
File: Spoiler Image (30 KB, 500x385)
30 KB
>By the time you nod spike is already charging towards the heartless, its limbs still screeching as it tries in vain to move.
>The little dragon darts forward and wrenches the throttle on his lance as he leaps up off the ground sending him careening into the colossal machine’s shin
>As the flame wreathed dragon crashes into the leg the force of the impact knocks the heartless’ foot out from beneath its locked leg leaving it balancing precariously on its right leg.
>”Got it set up for you Dan!”
>Spike shouts back to the two of you waving his lance in the air as Dan gets into position and takes aim with his scrap cannon.
>”Now to knock it down.”
>The angry little man growls as he fires the full payload of his junk cannon up into the heartless’s leg, every hunk of scrap metal finding its mark as they slam against the dented rusting armor of the mechanical limb.
>The heartless teeters precariously but still manages to stay upright as the last of the junk Dan crammed into his cannon clatters off the monster’s armor and tumbles down to the ground
>”Fall you son of a bitch!”
>Dan shouts as he runs up and kicks the leg of the wobbling mechanical monstrosity.
>Unfortunately it seems like all Dan is going to get for his trouble is a broken foot as he hops around clutching his shoe spewing obscenities.
>But to your surprise the heartless finally surrenders to the will of gravity and topples over throwing up a huge plume of dust as it slams into the ground.
>The force of the impact sends a chunk of scrap metal flying directly into your chest knocking you on your ass but as the dust settles you can see the bright red and black heartless crest sitting few feet away from your face.
>And in that moment it a flash of realization strikes you.
>You’ve just been handed the opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do.
File: Spoiler Image (549 KB, 789x960)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
“Here I go!”
>You shout as you pick yourself up off the ground and call the keyblade back into your hand.
“This blade of mine is burning red, It’s loud roar tells me to grasp victory!”
>The blade glows red hot as you channel raw elemental fire through the weapon.
“Erupting! Burning! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE!”
>You shout as you lunge forward plunging the blazing keyblade into the MagnoCrusher’s forehead, super-heated chunks of metal whizzing past as you break through the heartless’armor.
“And now… Heat End!”
>The hole around your keyblade is smoking as you finish your battle cry and shoot the primed and waiting fire spell directly into the inner workings of the MagnoCrusher.
>The mechanical beast roars as you spin around pulling your keyblade from the keyhole you just Domon Kasshued into its forehead and a series of explosions rock the monstrosity from within.
>In short order though the rumbling stops and whatever darkness was holding it together dissipates as the entire robotic body collapses into a pile of junk that you would be hard pressed to believe had ever been capable of moving at all.
>”You’re a huge fucking nerd you know that?”
>Dan says as he and spike walk up to you from opposite sides of the collapsed robot and a pair of bright pale red lights fly out of the newly minted junk pile and off into the sky.
“So I’ve been told.”
>You say as you give spike your customary post victory high five.
“So now that those two are out of the way we just need to find a car right?”
>You say as Dan nods in agreement.
>”With those two gone, the heartless don’t really have any reason to come here anymore.”
>Dan says as he kicks a stray gear fallen off the side of the now ruined Crusher.
“Well in that case let’s see what we can turn up.”
>You say as the three of you head out in search of a sick new set of wheels.
Final Status

Anon: HP 12/42 14/60mp
Spike HP 18/50 20/30 mp
Dan 13/30 Bulwark 10/10
MagnoCrusher -17/200

Dropping a fuck huge robot right on top of you end up being a risky move but it ended up being worth it to drop an auto crit weak point directly at your keyblade master's feet.

Post up some images of the car you guys want to find and I'll roll off to determine what kind of wheels you guys end up finding.

I'm going to start writing the next segment now and i'll patch in your decision when I finish.
the best and most appropriate ride for a wizard
File: what we need.jpg (36 KB, 564x443)
36 KB
going with the whole theme of "evil car run on the screams of children" I thought what was the most scariest car in any Disney movie? then I got it, Cruella De Vill's car mid chase scene when it's spewing fire from it's engine, thats the car we need
I'm bringing up the old idea for Cruella's car. If we want something bigger, we could go for a magical bus or something.
fucking hive mind boys.

I'll put two face on the die for theDe-vill roadster and one for the magic school bus.

and of course one for the trans-am
File: deloreanpt3.jpg (1.05 MB, 1600x1200)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
You know it has to be this one
File: image.jpg (266 KB, 1024x576)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Do they have to be old cars or can we go more modern?
Well seeing as more than one version of modern earth has been trashed at this point i'm going to say modern cars are fair game if less common.
File: image.jpg (133 KB, 980x644)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Fuck that we gotta go classic
File: image.jpg (18 KB, 284x177)
18 KB
Can we go full back to the future three with a God damn train?
i dunno, you guys would basically have to work on it where you find it because there's no way to bring a train back to the garage. And you'd have to weld together an enclosed space but otherwise i don't see why not. probably wouldn't be very comfy though.

unless maybe you hollowed out the tender box and turned it into some kind of lounge with whatever ratty old couch you manage to find.

fuck it we'll put it on the list.
File: image.jpg (48 KB, 664x498)
48 KB
We gotta put the stanza on the list man. Call these other cars are too cool for a sperg like us.
>A few hours pass by and the sun is beginning to dip behind the heap’s dilapidated excuse for a skyline.
>”I cannot fucking believe we haven’t managed to find a worthwhile car by now.”
>Dan groans as the three of you trudge around the seemingly endless expanse of derelict cars littering the landscape.
“I thought that Stanza we found earlier would have worked fine.”
>You shrug as Dan turns and glares at you.
>”And like I said when we found it, I’d rather not risk explosive decompression with the cracked windshield.”
>”What about that train we came across an hour ago, maybe we can work with that if we can’t find anything else?”
>Spike chimes in hopefully but Dan just sighs as he pinches the bridge of his nose.
>”I’d almost rather risk the Stanza than try and get that thing space worthy.”
>”Setting aside all the work it would take to get it ship shape there’s the small problem that we have no way to actually do any of that work.”
>”Looks like we might just be shit outa luck tonight.”
>Dan says defeated as he picks up a stray can and throws it down an alleyway formed between two teetering towers of junked cars.
>The three of you turn to head back when you hear an unusually hollow thunk echo back out of the alleyway.
>You and Dan look at each other and try to spin around and run down the alley way only to trip over yourselves and end up sprawled on the ground in a heap.
>Spike meanwhile turns around and leisurely pokes his head around the corner to see what all the fuss is about.
>”Huh, how about that. Guys I think this might be what we’re looking for.”
>Spike says as he turns back to you and Dan as you pull yourselves up out of the trash go to investigate the find.
>There, nestled in between the two stacks of cars is a relatively pristine example of modern American muscle.
>At least, pristine compared to the other wrecks you’ve seen so far this evening.
File: The heap.jpg (25 KB, 360x229)
25 KB
>“No fucking way.”
>Dan says as the two of you run up to examine the vehicle.
>Both doors are sitting squarely in their frames and the windows, were it not for the layer of dust and grime covering them, could pass as new.
>”Looks like we’ve got the seal we’ve been looking for, let’s get this bad boy back to the garage.”
>Dan says as you continue to examine the car.
>There are a few dents and dings up around the front fenders and the hood doesn’t quite sit squarely but otherwise it seems remarkably intact.
>Or at least it does until you lay eyes on the center of the hood.
>There’s a hole in the hood that you assume once made room for a shaker scoop but you can see through the now vacant hole that this car has no engine at all.
“I don’t suppose the lack of engine is going to be a problem?”
>You say pointing to the hole only for Dan to wave a hand dismissively.
>”What were we going to use it for in space anyway, just means we’ll have an easier time pushing this thing out of here.”
“Fair point. Hey spike we’re gonna need you to steer.”
>You call out to spike as you throw open the driver’s side door to allow him access.
>”You do know that’s going to be an absolute bitch without power steering right?”
>Dan says as he kicks the tires on your newly discovered Challenger before deeming them worthy enough for the short trip back to the garage.
“He’s a tough guy, he can handle it. Isn’t that right buddy?”
>You ask as spike throws his lance into the back seat and hops up behind the steering wheel.
>”You know it big guy. Handle what though?”
>He asks as you slam the door shut.
“Handle the car. Don’t worry you’ll be fine.”
>You say as you pantomime a steering motion before joining Dan at the back of the car.
>”Uh… Guys? I can’t see over the steering wheel.”
>You hear spike’s muffled voice calling from inside the car.
>”Then stand on the damn seat Spike, this isn’t that hard.”
>Dan grunts as the two of you brace yourselves against the car’s spoiler and begin to push the vehicle free of its resting place.
>As the three of you pass the remains of the magnocrusher on the way out of the Magnet’s former lair you notice something poking out of the magnet’s housing.
>the explosions that finished the heartless off seem to have blown a panel off the side of the magnet leaving a bright copper coil wrapped around a thick iron bar exposed.
>You stop pushing the challenger and run over to grab the coil.
>”What do you think you’re doing?”
>Dan grunts as he lets the car coast to a halt.
“I wanted a souvenir.”
>You say as you jog back over to Dan after yanking the coil from its resting place and throwing it in the passenger seat.
>”Whatever, let’s just get back on the road. I’d like to get this fucker back before sunset.”
>Dan grumbles as the two of you get back to pushing the heavy vehicle to your destination.
>The rest of your journey is largely uneventful beyond the two times Spike nearly steered the car into a tower of junk and the one time he actually did and managed to scrape a sizable section of paint off the right side of the vehicle.
>Fortunately for the three of you spike barely clipped the tower and managed to not bury the only functional vessel you’ve managed to find.
>By the time the three of you reach the garage with your prize the sun has already set and you’re ready to crawl into a corner and die after pushing the car all this way.
>Dan staggers to the door and throws the lights on inside the garage before lifting the door and making way for the car to park in an unoccupied bay.
>”Let’s Just roll it inside and we’ll deal with it in the morning.”
>Dan groans as the two of you roll it into the bay and pull down the garage door behind it.
>”Okay, I’m fucking done. Good job not dying today guys.”
>Dan says with a yawn as he shuffles down the hall to the office he’s been using as his room.
>”I think I’m done for the night too.”
>Spike says as he pops open the door and pulls his lance out of the back seat before making his way back to his broom closet.
>You shoot your way off world a hopeful glance before you stagger back to your own room and collapse onto your cot and pass out.

End Day 5
I'd like to think that this means that we're basically off the Heap, but I can't shake the feeling that we might be in for another stalling mission.
What would we even have left to do? We have everything we need and we beat the world boss. I can't even think of what else we would burn time on.
Maybe we can go out and look for an arc welder or something if we want to use the train as our vessel instead of the challenger.

Also is that magnetic coil a key item or just flair. Because that file name >>29642509 suggests key item but we didn't get a notification.
Yeah the magnetic core is in fact a key item. Sorry I didn't include that in my posts this morning, was in a rush to get it done before I had to head out to work.
It's probably nothing, but I wouldn't be surprised if any remnant Heartless would be attracted to the only place with activity.
I could see it going either way, honestly. I trust Dan hasn't been just hoping to make it through each night, he's probably got some defenses made up, though without the magnet and crusher to control them those defenses might be a little lacking against the remaining population of Heartless.

A bitchin' muscle car, huh? I dig it! Hopefully we can get the tape deck installed, no matter how late-model the car is, I highly doubt it's set up to play 8-tracks. Wonder if we should be nailing guns and booster rockets to it too...
I mean strapping rockets and guns to a car is probably horribly I'll advised. That doesn't mean we won't do it though.
Nice. A friend of mine bought a Nissan Stanza for dirt cheap, turned it into a race car, and painted it almost exactly like the one from the show, with the monarch logo on the doors. He mostly ran it in rallycross and it did a few track days too.
you know those are some fair points...
File: 1430869085140.jpg (63 KB, 321x339)
63 KB
>implying I'm not baiting you into making one more encounter

I know I'm ready.
oh speaking of bitchin muscle cars. what color you want? dodge has a pretty wide selection of vibrant colors to choose from.
The orange in >>29642479's pic is good enough for me.
File: plum crazy vs green go.jpg (1.01 MB, 2098x1558)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Personally, I'd love either Plum Crazy or Green Go.
I'm partial to the blue from >>29641406 myself.
File: gummi ship menu.png (277 KB, 500x347)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
>You awaken to the sound of Dan banging on your door.
>”Wake up chucklefucks we got shit to do!”
>You can hear him shouting from the far side of the door as he bangs on the door to spike’s broom closet.
>You groan as you haul yourself out of your cot and stagger into the hallway only to run into Dan.
>”Good you’re up. Start grabbing gummy parts from behind the counter and lugging them back to the garage. I don’t want to spend one more night on this fucking shit heap.”
>You’d normally have an issue with Dan’s tone but frankly you share the angry little man’s sentiment.
>You have absolutely no interest in spending another day in this shithole.
>So you just grunt sleepily and shoot the pint sized engineer a thumbs up before making your way up to the front of the gas station.
>Behind the counter you find a couple of almost comically stereotypical rocket engines with the word Fira-G engraved on the side.
>In addition to the rockets you discover what look to be a pair of large guns inscribed with the word Thunder-G along the length of their barrels.
>Finally you find a pair of long white triangular gummies completely devoid of any kind of marking along with a handful of simple cube shaped blocks that don’t seem to have any kind of discernible purpose.
>You’ll have to Ask Dan about what those are even good for you think to yourself as you pick up one of the peculiar basketball sized blocks.
>You tuck the cube under your arm and grab a second one before making your way back to the garage with your first load.
“So the rockets and the guns are kind of self-explanatory but what do these do exactly?”
>you ask Dan as you toss the pair of slightly rubbery cubes to the garage floor as a bleary eyed Spike stumbles into the room behind you.
>”These, are those structural blocks I mentioned the other day.”
>”Think of them like a Lego brick, they server as both armor, and an attachment point for all the other parts one might find.”
“Armor how? They don’t feel particularly durable.”
>You say as you poke one of the cubes and the pliant material yields to your touch.
>”Armor like this.”
>Dan says as he grabs his wrench off of the work table and slams it down on the cube with all of his might, only to be practically thrown back by the recoil of the impact.
“Huh. Well how about that.”
>You say as you look down incredulously at the still quivering cube
“But how do we actually attach these things to our ride? It’s not like we have a gummi welder or anything.”
>You ask as spike pulls up a crate and begins listening intently.
>”Well… they just kind of stick where you want them too.”
>Dan says as he picks up the cube and sticks it to the side of the Challenger in front of the rear wheelwell without so much as dab of glue to hold it in place.
>“Like so. Try and knock it off.”
>Dan says as he gestures to the cube hanging off the side of the car.
>You shrug and call the keyblade to your hand before hauling off and smacking the cube only to be spun around and knocked on your ass as the force of the blow is redirected back at you.
“Ugh I see what you mean.”
>Spike tries his best to suppress a laugh as you dust yourself off but ultimately fails.
>”Oh man that was priceless, I can’t wait to tell Twilight about this.”
>The dragon giggles gleefully as he shovels the contents of a can of ravioli into his face.
“Oh yeah tough guy let’s see you give it a try.”
>You say pointing to spike’s lance in the corner only for the little dragon to hold his hands up in surrender.
>”No way man I don’t need to test the magic cube, if Dan says they’ll work I believe him.”
>Spike says as he takes another bite.
>”My question is, if it was this easy to rig up, why didn’t we do it last night and hit the road?”
>Dan nods and kicks the second cube that’s still sitting on the floor.
>”Yeah putting the ship parts in place is going to be Easy.”
>He says before dumping out the contents from your raid on the Axiom on his workbench.
>“The hard part is going to be rigging up the controls and the power supply.”
>Dan says as he gestures to the guts pulled from the crashed starship.
>”So as I said earlier, we go shit to do!”
>Dan shouts shooing the two of you out of the garage for another load of hardware.
>For a while the work flies by as you and spike haul parts back to the garage and help Dan stick them to the body of the car.
>Before long you’ve built a framework out of the gummi blocks in front of the rear wheels and attached an engine on each side like a pair of ghetto warp nacelles.
“Nice, this is actually starting to look like a space ship.”
>You say admiring your handiwork as you and Spike carry in one of the Thunder-G blocks.
>”Yeah we’ve got a way to go before it’ll fly like one though.”
>Dan calls from within the car as he tries to piggyback the Axiom’s hardware onto the significantly less sophisticated computers built into the Challenger.
>The two of you nod and attach the first Thunder-G on top of the Fira-G’s housing.
>As the two of you are carrying the second gun into the garage the muffled boom of a nearby explosion shakes the room.
>”Oh shit, that was one of the anti-personnel mines.”
>Dan says as he pops of the car and runs over to the door leading out of the garage.
“You had anti-personnel mines this whole time?”
>You start to shout as you follow Dan to the door, but the question dies when you see the heartless approaching the building.
>At least twenty shadows that you can see accompanied by ten soldiers, but that isn’t the worst of it.
>Leading the pack is a pair of the yellow hazmat suited heartless and one of the deceptively frail supermen that dick punched you into low orbit the day before.
File: lets get nuts.jpg (56 KB, 630x400)
56 KB
>They’re still a decent distance from the station but they’ll be on you soon.
“Uh I think that we might have a problem here Dan.”
>You say as you summon the Mysterious Stranger and get ready to fight.
>”Nah fuck that shit we’re fine. I’ve been waiting for these stupid fucks to try something like this.”
>Dan says as he pushes your keyblade aside and goes over to grab the Thunder-G and hefts it over to the garage door.
>”Grab me one of those scream canisters and the power supply would ya?”
>Dan grunts as he slaps a couple pieces of rebar onto the ship board weapon to use as impromptu handles.
>You comply and run over to grab the two components and hustle them back over to the angry little engineer.
>”See I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but it’s really too big to take out into the field so I never got a chance to actually pull it off.”
>Dan says as he slaps the scream canister onto the side of the rapid fire cannon and connects the power supply like a trigger at the base of one of the handles and runs a hose from it over to the nozzle on the canister.
>”But now that they’ve come to us we can really cut loose.”
>Dan says as he throws up the garage door and hefts the home made minigun up off the floor and sticks it down on a spare gummi block anchoring it to the ground.
>”Let’s get nuts.”
>A manic grin creeps across Dan’s face as he throws a switch on the power supply sending energy flowing to the gun.
>Only for nothing to happen.
>”you forgot to open the valve on the canister.”
>Spike says as he reaches out and twists the valve and in an instant the roar of cannon fire fills the room as the gun blazes to life chewing up the wave of advancing heartless as Dan laughs maniacly.
>”Say hello to my little friend!”
>Dan shouts with glee as the heartless burst left and right until Dan finally shuts off power to the gun.
>”Ahhhh man, that was good.”
>Dan says wiping a tear of joy from his eye as the dust begins to settle.
>”I’ll leave you two the cannon, pick off any stragglers I’m going to go get back to work.”
>Dan says as he drops the gun and crawls underneath the challenger.
>”You think he got them all?”
>Spike asks as he peers out into the smoke.
“Yeah I think so. Wait no, looks like he missed one.”
>You reply as you try and squint through the settling dust.
>As the smoke clears you see the lone survivor and you feel a knot form in your stomach.
>”Oh… shit. We may have goofed on this one spike.”
>Standing there in the middle of the clearing is the rippling frame of a fully empowered Fallen Hero.

Anon vs. the Hero round 2

>Anon 42/42 HP 60/60 mp
>Spike 50/50HP 30/30 mp

Fallen Hero, One for All charges 4, power charges 10
HP 60/60
File: Seek that shit.gif (1.9 MB, 500x381)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
Ok so you have a mini gun and you need to hold this super heartless at bay till he runs out of juice. good luck.
I don't suppose we could pin the cape as easily as before, can we?

I'mma sleep on this, but we might want to play the distance game between Spike and Anon to keep them from being close enough for the laser eyes to hit us both again.
File: Cid cannon.png (203 KB, 438x423)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Cid would be proud of Dan (sadly he's probably ded, like everyone else)

Looks like it's a proper rematch with "Hero". I suggest finding more mines (we aware of their existence, few scan\investigation rolls or questions to Dan must help us find them) and trick bad guy into stepping on them. Or try to trigger them with minigun shots

Oh. That's easy, we just need a good bait to keep him and his laser far from our base until he is defeated or skinny again. Sadly, that bait is Anon and his key. And as >>29648288
said, let's try to not make "Hero"'s day even better by being close and so getting multiple hits from lasers
I'm more worried about the 9 other secret super powers this fucker might unload on us with than I am the laser.

That said I agree with the bait plan in principle
First round feels like it's pretty straightforward, Spike miniguns the shit out of this chump, Anon fireballs it or shores up defenses with a Fire Bulwark. Should we be doing something else?
Probably ask Dan if he has another defense systems and where is other mines. And as fast as possible
A preliminary investigate would be nice, if there's anything we could use.
Dan's work is too noisy for him to hear you, but
With a 17 on your investigation check you think you can see three more anti personnel mines that you might be able to kite the heartless to.
Then let's do that, see if we can't get Spike to aim his barrage so the easiest way to dodge would be towards a mine. If it doesn't step on it itself, we can hit it with a fireball to detonate it that way maybe? Primary goal is keeping that thing out of melee range as long as possible.
Just remember that it has ranged powers as well.
sounds like a plan, i'll get your turn up in a bit.
Bumping with the fact that the premiere for Season 5 of Samurai Jack's coming 'round the corner.
Not gonna lie i'm hype as fuck for a new season of jack
my body has been ready for what, 15 years?

“Uh Dan we got a supersized kind of problem out here. Where exactly are those mines you mentioned?”
>You shout back towards the challenger, but clearly Dan can’t really hear what you’re saying when he shouts back.
>”Yeah I can’t wait to get a supersize fry when we get out of here too.”
>Looks like you’re on your own locating the anti-personnel mines.
>Fortunately, when you scan the battle field, you discover that Dan didn’t exactly do the best job hiding the mines.
>In fact you’d have to be a mindless beast not to recognize at least one.
>Either that or blind drunk.
“Ok Spike, I know it’s just the two of us but I think between the mines and the mini gun we have this under control.”
>You say as you point out the three mines you can see poking up out of the trash littering the field.
“So what I’m going to need you to do is get on the Thunder-G and use it to corral the heartless into the mines after I lead it close.”
>You say as you throw spike on the back of the gun and summon your keyblade.
>”Uhhh if you say so Anon, but what about you?”
>Your keyblade glows bright read as you spin a bulwark of glowing cinders to protect yourself.
“Just don’t hit me I guess.”
>You say with a shrug and stride out onto the field waving your keyblade at the heartless.
File: whacha gon do.jpg (284 KB, 1200x903)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
“Hey come get me you fucking knockoff!”
>You shout as you run towards the nearest mine.
>The heartless’ eyes flash as it breathes deep and dashes towards you answering your challenge.
>You raise your keyblade to block its blow but the heartless stops short and blows an icy gale your direction.
>The ground crackles and freezes around you but your sizzling bulwark holds the frost at bay.
“Spike hit him now!”
>You shout as spike unloads on the super powered heartless.
>The heartless wheels around unleashing a torrent of its freezing breath into the hail of gunfire robbing the storm of lead of enough energy to do nothing more than force the heartless slowly retreat.
>Fortunately that retreat leads it directly into the first of Dan’s anti-personnel mines.
>The force of the explosion leaves the heartless’ body in tatters but as it teeters and begins to fall it’s eyes flash again activating a new ability.
>Before your eyes the beasts shredded body begins to knit itself back together and in a matter of second the near destroyed heartless stands before you whole.
“Huh, guess that explains how it survived the mini gun.”

Anon vs. the Hero round 2

>Anon 42/42 HP 52/60 mp
>Spike 50/50HP 30/30 mp

Fallen Hero, One for All charges 3, power charges 7
HP 43/60
Do we have a map of the mines? I'd like to keep our distance between Spike while still luring him towards the other mines.
I don't have a map prepared on the mines but it's not a complicated feild. It's more or less just a clearing with a couple of mines up in it. If you want to stay between spike and the fallen hero while luring it to the next mine you can do that.
I'm more wanting to make sure that we're far enough away from Spike so that All Might Mk. 2 doesn't have a chance to hit us both with one stone.
If it helps both the remaining mines are a minimum of 60 feet from spike. Plus the laser vision hits in a 120 degree arc. So as long as you're on the opposite side of the heartless from spike it can't hit you both.
Sounds good enough for me. Might as well put up another Fire Bulwark, unless we wanna try using the Thunder one instead.
My instinct says go with a Thunder Bulwark, just because I figure he's probably going to try to switch it up on us since his Ice Breath didn't work. Also, yeeeeee bois, we got 3 of his charges down and ended a turn without getting dickpunched into the stratosphere again. Lookin' good so far.
One more Bulwark then (if we really lost the first one and you not just forgot to put info of it in post) and continue luring. He's still is not aware what hits him, and even if he is, we still his priority number one and can detonate mines by ourselves too. Spike continue to shoot him, so Hero would use his charges on regen and not our butt kicking
You did in fact lose it since it was at an elemental disadvantage.
In that case yeah let's set us up a thunder bulwark
Hm, bulwark properties makes me think, what is the corresponding element to Thunder in KH universe? I remember Ice beating Fire and sometimes vice versa in games (and Fire always beating Water in case of enemies and bosses DANCE!), but I can't remember against what exactly - aside from Thunder related enemies and bosses, they nearly null's your spell - it was strong\weak
I was thinking about this myself actually. I would say thunder is weak to earth magic but that's the exclusive domain of one character from one game. Water is another underepresented element that is only accessible to the player in the form of DDDs baloon spells.

With how awkward the resists itself weak to the other mechanics of fire and ice is right now Im thinking of introducing common wind earth and water magic so that we can have a proper pokemon style set of triangles consisting of Fire>Ice>Water and Thunder>Wind>Earth.
No complains from here. It's not like these elements wasn't represented in games (quite opposite, and kinda even worked the same), just wasn't always available for players or wasn't in every game. And earth magic goes for two chars actually: Terra and Lexaeus (in refights in KH2). Also new water heartless in Aqua's little misadventures in dark realm
I was refering more specifically to player use, speaking of realm of darkness heartless there were those earth elemental ones in 0.2 as well.

I'm hoping we'll see some water and earth spells in kh3 with these new elemental heartless.
So do the new elemental resistance rules take place now or after this fight ends?
What about gravity, time, light, DARKNESS spells?
Last two obviously top each other, time is more of a status effect and not a damaging element, and gravity just did damage to everything ignoring types of enemies, no?
I'd figure Gravity, Stop, Reflect, etc. would be the element-less sort, like Ultima typically is? I guess if every spell needed an element, Gravity could go Dark and Reflect Light, and then Stop would fall under status effects a la Cure.
Sounds good. So it looks like we're gonna do Thunder Bulwark, then?
that's what im writing for you guys right now.
File: PlasticMan.jpg (15 KB, 250x338)
15 KB
>After the way the ice breath dissolved your defenses you don’t really have time to be standing around marveling at the Fallen Hero’s healing factor.
>You need a new wall up if you don’t want to be put on another express train to the moon.
“Thunder Bulwark.”
>You mutter to yourself as your keyblade glows yellow before swinging it across your body emitting a snap discharge of static electricity that crackles and pops as it floats at the ready.
“You’ll never catch me super-man!”
>You shout in your best Gene Hackman impression as you sprint towards the next mine.
>For a moment it looks like you’re going to outrun the heartless and hop over the mine putting you in the perfect position to set it off in the monster’s face.
>But you only think that because you’re too busy running to notice the Hero’s eyes flash as it activates a new super power.
>”Anon look out!”
>You hear spike shout from the garage and you look back over your shoulder only to see the heartless’ hand outstretched impossibly large ready to envelope you in its distorted grasp.
>The heartless is still some 15 feet behind you but whatever power it’s using now has allowed it to pull a full on plastic man and stretch its arm out to grab you while at the same time stretching its hand to the point it can crush your whole body in its grip.
>You thrash and struggle trying to break free of its grip but the super strength it has in this muscular form still seems to apply no matter how thin it stretches itself.
>Your vision starts to go hazy as it crushes the air from your lungs when suddenly a hail of gunfire from the garage blows the heartless’ grotesquely twisted hand clean off its body.
>The hand evaporates in a flash of black smoke as you fall to your knees coughing.
”Good looking out Spike.”
>You wheeze as you flash a thumbs up at the dragon.
>The heartless meanwhile simply shapes a new hand at the end of its arm using its temporarily infinite malleability.

Anon vs. the Hero round 2

Anon 42/42 HP 44/60 mp Thunder Bulwark 1/10
Spike 50/50HP 30/30 mp

Fallen Hero, One for All charges 2, power charges 6
HP 37/60

The crush grip apart from the actual damage taken also had a strength test portion you were failing till spike bailed you out with the Thunder-G. Still you're doing well so far, in that you haven't taken a mega punch to the stratosphere yet.
I say we need to start pelting the hero with fireballs if he isn't willing to chase after us.

Which of these power charges are the physical ones and the super power ones?
the physical one for all charges are a constant turn counter sort of thing. as long as it has charges in the bank it effectively has 20 in str dex and con and can hit like a truck.

the super power ones run everything that's not simply being strong as hell. That's your eye beams, frost breath, plastic man, and healing factor.
One for All is the thing that makes him go Hulk, and Power Charge are the ones that give him actual superpowers. So far we've seen:
>Laser Vision (element-less I think? Might be fire)
>Freeze Breath (Ice)
>Sniktbub style healing
>Dr. Incredible stretchiness

I'm expecting flight, telekinesis, and super-armor somewhere on that list too, but who knows what Yen has cooked up for him. I'm thinking you're right on the go-offensive point, but obviously we should still be trying to bait him towards the mines as we do so. And once these One for All charges run out, I also want to let him see the curvature of the Earth courtesy of Keyblade Airways, but that's later. For now, let's see if a fireball to the face does him any harm. Spike on minigun duty as usual.
File: Spoiler Image (518 KB, 640x480)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
>Spent days not able to post
>come back to boss already defeated AND our ride already picked

God damn it. Good job though, everyone

But come the fuck on, now. The only choice, literally the only choice for a ride shoudl have been the sickest junkyard piece of junk ever made. It would have a lot of space for ponies and even had a waterbed
the laser vision is actually half fire half light. that's why spike resisted it during your first fight with the fallen hero.
Bump To The Future!
File: up up and away.gif (1004 KB, 500x200)
1004 KB
1004 KB GIF
>You take a deep breath and pull yourself back to your feet as you begin funneling power into your keyblade.
>The weapon begins to smoke and smolder as you point it at the heartless, its tip glowing red hot as the magical charge reaches its peak.
>You shout as you sling a fireball at the fallen hero only for it to fly wide and crash into a nearby pile of trash where the ball of magical fire unceremoniously sputters out.
“Well shit.”
>You mutter as you turn tail and leap over the top of the second mine as the fallen hero follows in hot pursuit and blunders directly into the triggering mechanism.
>An eardrum rending explosion bursts from the little mine sending a hail of nuts bolts and screws ripping through the heartless.
>The fallen hero manages to stay on its feet this time though as its rubber physiology allows it to weather the blow without much difficulty.
>The heartless glares at you, its eyes flashing as the monstrous parody of a super hero crouches low to the ground, the trash and dust swirling around it before it shoots forward both fists outstretched as it hurtles towards you.
>You try to dive out of the way but the flying heartless catches you in the chest with both fists, the force of the blow rips through the last of your static protective field and crashes into your ribs sending you sprawling to the ground as the fallen hero arks up into the sky where it comes to a stop gazing down on the battle field below.
>”Anon, you need to get it back down on the ground. I can’t aim that high.”
>You vaguely hear spike calling to you as you try and catch your breath from your position sprawled in the trash.
“Yeah sure, I can do that.”
>You groan as you suck in a breath and stager back to your feet.
Anon vs. the Hero round 2

Anon 27/42 HP 39/60 mp
Spike 50/50HP 30/30 mp

Fallen Hero, One for All charges 1, power charges 5
HP 29/60
I think I've got something. We should patch up with an aspirin, then stand defensively just in front of the final mine.

If my guess is correct, then the Hero is gonna try and swoop us. We could lure it and dodge as it tries to ground pound us. The mine'll probably explode in it's face as it lands. At the very least, we can shoot a fireball to detonate it while the Hero's close enough.
This can work. As long as it doesn't try to laser us from the sky instead and probably trigger the mine in the process.
Maybe add a taunt, just to be sure?
This is the last turn of his One For All physical boost, so I don't see why he wouldn't use it. Taunt is good, if someone has a witty taunt.
Standing in front of a mine sounds like all sorts of trouble but the aspirin sounds mighty fine for all the beating were taking.
Quick question can the fire bulwark mitigate other fire related attacks? If so can we temporarily use spikes lance in some form?
It can, yes. Sadly, lance is probably too far to get it in one turn and activate like a rocket
It used to take half damage from fire attacks but I wonder if it straight up absorbs them under the new triangle.
anyone playing that mobile game up in here? We ought to get a party going when the multiplayer update drops.
I've played it actually, even got good freeplay desk. But after one of big december updates I and many other players couldn't run the app on some tablets. Should probably check if it's working now, actual multiplayer (finally!) and spoilers sounded really neat
All out taunts are Dreamworks.

It has to be from Megamind.
Oh fuck version 1.2.3 actually works and it works soooo smoooothly. Time to check if I'm still in a guild after maintenance and join your party, >>29660810

Best plan
I've never actually seen megamind. Anything specific you have in mind?
Unfortunately, I don't remember anything specific, but air think there's some good stuff during the final battle with the evil superhero he made. Would find it nyself, but I'm phoneposting from work when I can sneak a break.
Also there was a short where he tried to deal with one of his old "back up plans" that suddenly activated, "The Button of Doom". Time to dig up all snarky taunts
"Do you feel the taunting power of my eyebrow?", made better by the fact that no, he doesn't, because we have a green bag over our heads.

Other options:
"Y'ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?"
"Get down here so I can be the Joker to your Jason Todd, you fuckin' Great Lakes Avengers reject!"
Guardians-of-the-Galaxy style dance fight challenge (to the tune of "I Need a Hero") while Spike revs up the Thunder-G.
I need a hero always reminds me of the end of saints row three. Makes for good fight music
So with our new elemental roster do we get to learn them by reading twilight's notes, or do we have to find them around?
You're going to have to search for them along with every other magic type not listed in Twilight's notes.
File: 1484289018659.png (2.54 MB, 1600x1600)
2.54 MB
2.54 MB PNG

Damn, that's some fine art.


I do like the idea of doing something with "I Need A Hero", that's a dope ass song.
Wel we do have a stereo...
I'd love to see us do a Performance roll and just showstop the Heartless long enough with one of Bonnie Tyler's best hits for Spike to pummel him, but I also worry that if it doesn't work, Spike and Dan are going to be picking up little tiny pieces of Anon, assuming they survive the assault.

Maybe after the last turn of One for All ends, we can showboat; or fuck it, we can blare the song while we fight too, I'm down for whatever.
With absolutely no one available to get the songs out, since we're battling and shipbuilding.
Fair point.
File: meteor crash.jpg (225 KB, 2195x1552)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
>You pop the top of your trusty bottle of aspirin and you immediately feel the sharp pain of getting double fisted in the chest fade to a dull ache as you knock back a pill.
>You look around the battle field and try and come up with a way to lure the heartless down into range for spike’s gun that doesn’t involve it stomping you into a grease stain in the process.
>Unfortunately nothing comes to mind beyond taunting it into an attack and hoping you can get out of the way.
“Oh man this is going to fucking suck.”
>You mutter as jog over to get in place behind the final mine.
>If this is the end might as well take the fucker with you, you think to yourself as you take a deep breath and prepare for your final gambit.
“Autism guide my hand.”
>You whisper to yourself as you slowly exhale and slap your hands together before pointing up at the heartless.
“Where have all the good men gone, and where are all the gods?”
>You begin belting out holding out for a hero as you shuck and jive with as much fury as your battered body can muster.
“Where’s the street wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?”
>You croon as you point to the sky again daring the heartless to come at you.
>You don’t even make it to the refrain before the Fallen Hero answers your challenge.
>The heartless launches itself through the air with a burst of acceleration before its eyes flash again as it tumbles into a dual hammer blow position.
>As the heartless hurtles towards you its body is swiftly plated with overlapping bands of gleaming chrome steel that begin to glow red hot with the mounting atmospheric friction being exerted on the heartless as it picks up speed.
“Isn’t there a white knight upon a HOLY FUCKING SHIT!”
>You shout as you look up seeing the burning steel comet streaking towards you at a blistering speed.
File: fallen hero.jpg (85 KB, 768x1024)
85 KB
>You dive backwards trying to avoid getting crushed by the steely heartless comet, and while you succeed in not being directly under the heartless when it falls the force of the impact still flings you back several feet before you finally tumble to a halt.
>Fortunately you weren’t the only one tossed around in the impact, the final anti-personnel mine bounces right up to the heartless’ eye level before detonating, blasting the monster’s head with a hail of scrap metal.
>Unfortunately the gleaming steel exoskeleton seems to absorb the brunt of the blow on the heartless seems unfazed.
>The full metal heartless turns towards you and begins to slowly swagger your direction and it occurs to you that maybe you didn’t really think this one through.
>”Yeaaaaaaahh! Get some!”
>Suddenly you hear Spike shout from behind you followed immediately by a hail of gunfire that drives back the advancing heartless.
>You had almost forgotten that this had all been for the sake of bringing the heartless in range of spike’s guns, fortunately spike had no such issue.
>When the gunfire finally stops the heartless is standing still, it’s dented armor hanging loosely off its body as though the frame that was supporting them inside no longer existed.
>As you pull yourself to your feet the steel plates begin to fall to the ground one by one revealing the fallen hero in its natural emaciated form.
>As you look at the frail heartless emerge from its steel chrysalis you can’t help but grin despite your pain.
“Pay back time.”
Anon vs. the Hero round 2

Anon 20/42 HP 39/60 mp
Spike 50/50HP 30/30 mp

Fallen Hero, power charges 4
HP 18/60
Hit that asshole with the most powerful Thunder we can muster. Maybe do a Thunder cross-slash with Spike's Thunder-G cannon.
That faggot ruined our song! But that did it for the One for All charges; goodbye Ace, hello Dexter. What say we blast a fireball in his face? Hopefully between the heat and light, it'll blind him, which gives Spike the advantage on his attack and might just hold off his power activation, too. We want to end this before he can use another healing ability, otherwise this might get to be a slog.
That fag still have 4 charges, and one of them for sure able to null our fire attacks and shields. Just thunder his ass (again)
>implying he won't have a lightning rod power/do Rubberman again
Any reason we shouldn't just do an element-empowered swing then? Crack his skull and if he guesses the element wrong we get bonus damage for that as well.
We could do that, or perhaps a magic-powered homerun derby into Spike's Thunder-G. IIRC, the extra damage wouldn't be elemental, so he wouldn't be able to negate it.
Sounds pretty fucking sweet, I'm down
sweet fucking Jesus, it's been four years since the japanese release of the 1.5 remix. Is kh3 ever going to fucking happen?
According to the trailers and teasers, maybe. Everything lately seems to imply that there's no more filler releases before III hits stores.

SquareEnix are a bunch of Jews, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if they try to squeeze one more out of somewhere.
It's been 11 years since the release of the original kingdom hearts 2 and after handhelds and mobile games were getting the kingdom hearts 3 within a year.
We can wait a little longer.
File: gotta get back.jpg (57 KB, 1280x700)
57 KB

Eleven years have passed. But, it is not released.


Plot has lost its sense, yet the waiting continues.


Remixes and spin offs cover the past, present, and future.

"The game is complete.GORELEASEMORE REMIXES!

"There is a light for them, anons. Sora is the one who will open the door and will save them! Aqua will come home, there is much to fight for!"

Only one more remix, and then It is next!

The wait seems long at first, but we've already waited much longer..

Drop the series now and SUBMIT. Stay, and be simple and clean

"When you walk away..."

Very well!

Nomura already planned everything.

Gotta play the ending.

Gotta be free.


>fucked up the III

Well, it's been fun, comitting suicide now.
File: 1488423017871.jpg (60 KB, 600x600)
60 KB
at least you tried
>You have just the payback in mind for this stratosphere dickpunching prick as you charge behind the emaciated heartless.
“Let’s see how you like getting pushed around!”
>You shout, your keyblade humming with raw magic as you wind up and swing away smashing your weapon into the heartless’ ribcage sending it tumbling through the air.
>But before the heartless can crash into the ground its eyes flash and suddenly you’re the one flying through the air tumbling end over end before you ultimately crash into the ground about 30 feet from Spike’s machinegun nest.
>You wince as you sit up with a fresh set of cuts and bruises glaring at the heatless, its feet firmly planted where yours were only a few seconds ago.
“You’ve got to be kidding me right now.”
>You groan as you haul yourself back to your feet before turning to spike and shouting.
“Light this fool up I’m sick of looking at him!”
>”You got it big guy!”
>Spike shouts back as another hail of indiscriminate gunfire roars past you.
>But just as the rounds are about to hit home the heartless’ eyes flash again and blazing beams of crimson light lash out from behind the Fallen Hero’s mask and vaporize most of the incoming bullets.
>Still a few rounds manage to slip past the heartless’s furious gaze and tear through its gaunt frame sending it staggering to its knees as its eye beams flicker out.
“Just one more push Spike we’ve got him on the ropes!”
>You shout as you tighten your grip on the keyblade and get ready for your final clash with the cornered heartless.
Anon vs. the Hero round 2

Anon 14/42 HP 39/60 mp
Spike 50/50HP 30/30 mp

Fallen Hero, power charges 2
HP 4/60
Yeah, alright, I'm down for the Home Run into Spike's line of fire.
This is good. Let's wrap this up tonight.
It's also the exact same thing we tried to do last turn.

I'm thinking >>29670384 was trying to concur with the plan for the previous turn and just got beat to the post by Sid.

I'd like to go ahead and try nailing it with a fireball.
Might as well go for the Thunder then, since that's a large raidus that'll be difficult to dodge.
File: Dudley Rose.png (152 KB, 250x317)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
If I wasn't absolutely positive it'd get us fucked I'd suggest a cherry tap or pure melee.
It deserves it at this point.
Could we maybe fake a melee and cancel into a cast? Maybe get him to use a power that would block a physical move, then punish him for it?
I'm not gonna lie I've already written the entire thunder last turn. sooooo maybe next time.
Damn, you work fast; eh, from the sound of it, whatever we did worked, and as long as that holds true I'm not too bothered about how we did it.
File: punch rush time.gif (1.88 MB, 500x281)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
>You focus on your keyblade and its tip begins to glow the telltale crackling yellow light that leads up to a thunder spell.
>But before you get a chance to go full papa sheev on its ass the heartless’ eyes glow and in the blink of an eye it closes the distance between you, the trash on the ground swirling in the wake of its sudden burst of speed.
>The heartless moves so swiftly that you don’t even feel the distinct punches as it unleashes a flurry of body blows that nearly breaks your concentration and banishes the spell you’re trying to cast.
>but you grit your teeth as you force your way through the pain and your keyblade continues to glow a bright electrical yellow as you hold onto the magic you’ve brought to bear.
>As the fallen hero’s super speed expends the last of its stored energy and its rapid barrage of punches slows to a single limp wristed punch that you easily sidestep as you raise the Mysterious Stranger to the sky.
“Let’s see you outrun a bolt of lightning.”
>You growl, your keyblade flashing and the sky darkening as you call down a volley of pure electrical fury from the heavens.
>With no reserves left to draw on the feeble would be super hero has no way of avoiding your thundering onslaught and disappears in a cascade of electricity as your magic consumes it leaving behind nothing but a bright red light floating off into the distance.
“Those things have no business being that tough.”
>you wheeze as you fall to your knees, as the hail of punches directly to the torso catches up with you.
>”Oh gosh Anon are you okay?”
>Spike shouts as he jumps off the gun and runs over to try and help you up.
>He isn’t particularly successful in that regard being two feet tall but you still appreciate the gesture.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. Just need to catch my breath.”
File: plum loco.jpg (14 KB, 320x240)
14 KB
>You groan as you rise shakily to your feet and shuffle back into the garage.
>Once the two of you are inside you throw the garage door down and practically fall down onto one of the old crates you’ve been using as a chair.
>”Oh hey guys back already? Have fun with the mini gun?”
>Dan says as he slides out from under the challenger and sees the two of you have returned.
“No, can’t really say that I did.”
>”Yeah it was a blast.”
>You and Spike reply in unison as you shoot spike a dirty look.
>”What? The machine gun was fun you should have tried it.”
>You’re about to go off on the little dragon but then you realize that it was in fact your idea to go toe to toe with superman as a squishy ass wizard when you had a perfectly tanky dragon you could have supported from the sidelines with spells and machine gun fire.
“Ehhh fair point.”
>You sigh as you get up and fumble around for a bottle of water.
“So Dan what’s our ETA on getting out of this dump for good?”
>Dan rubs his scraggly goatee as he tries to come up with a response.
>”Well I think I got the controls down while you two were playing with the gun, now I just need to set up navigation and our fuel supply.”
Dan says as he pops the trunk and pulls up the mat covering the car battery.
>”If we swap the battery out for the power supply we looted from the van we should be able to rig up the canisters in the trunk no problem. Then it’s just a matter of running power from the power supply to the engines.”
>Dan explains as he pulls the power supply off the top of the Thunder-G and walks it back over to the challenger.
>”So I figure maybe a couple hours tops and then we’re out of here.”
>You nod as you glance around the garage.
>Is there anything you need to take care of before the three of you hit the road?

Anon vs. the Hero round 2

Anon 5/42 HP 39/60 mp
Spike 50/50HP 30/30 mp

Fallen Hero, power charges 0
HP -7/60
Let's read up on the Blizzard magic so we have something for every occasion.
If you all want to try and say, examine that magnet coil you looted or do any more magical research now's the time. or you could just pitch in with the work on the challenger and we'll be off.

also Since I had support for all four of the good colors I just rolled off for you. Looks like your whip is plum crazy purple.
>You’re about to go off on the little dragon but then you realize that it was in fact your idea to go toe to toe with superman as a squishy ass wizard when you had a perfectly tanky dragon you could have supported from the sidelines with spells and machine gun fire.

Food for thought, you nerds. I have no interest in participating (just reading), so remember that tidbit for the future.
File: Spoiler Image (77 KB, 600x629)
77 KB
Yeeeee, pimpmobile is a go!

I'd agree with this, we should definitely expand our elemental knowledge as fast as we can. Beyond that, yeah, I guess we never did actually look at the coil, wonder what it's for?

Perhaps ve could have, but zen ve vould not have taken ze furst step tovards becoming our truest selves, you silly-billy
File: 1479241874463.jpg (272 KB, 1042x1024)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
And miss out on the near-death experiences? That doesn't sound fun.
File: Spoiler Image (24 KB, 635x345)
24 KB
>magnetic component that comes from a giant magnet enemy.
I wonder what it could possibly be.
I say we help with the car/ship, the sooner we can leave, the better
We can probably study blizzard in the time it takes to find another world
So our plan is: read Blizzard, examine Magnet coil, continue to do it while on car-ship if we'll not finish both tasks in time?
I hate to be the one to put us in a deadlock but I agree with >>29671958 why be a dick and sitting around reading while dan works when we'll have plenty of time to do that inbetween worlds. Unless there's like a gummi mission or something
I suggest we run up to him so we can shove the Keyblade straight into this dude's Heartless symbol. And if that doesn't kill him, just dodge to allow Spike to finish him off.
Oh shit, it didn't load the rest of the thread. Never mind the retard.
Okay, but here's the thing: if we help out now and try to read while we're in the car, then we're putting a damper on the inevitable road trip jam session and relaxation time. I figure if Dan needs a hand we can lend one (we can even tell him that), but otherwise this is "work" time, and our work consists of being prepared to defend by being the best damn Mage we can be. I think we should do it homework now so we can play with our friends when they get their stuff done.

Speaking of, what's Spike going to be up to during all this? Is our boy going to buff up on his lance skills? Maybe try sending a message to Celestia about what happened so far? He could always get under the hood with Dan, too.
>Maybe try sending a message to Celestia about what happened so far?
That's actually, a good idea. Celly is aware of another worlds, was the one who technically send us all these and messages with stuff goes straigh to her. So if nothing bad happened to her (and no one in particular interfering), we can at least inform that "doing things like you asked us to do, with some troubles along the way but still" and check if we can write to her at all probably not, Twi didn't get any answers since Cinder wolf letter send and big "go to another worlds" one letter - not mentioning first one at all - received from her was it really from her? and have paper and pen

I assume that Spike will probably collect everything important to take on a ride with us, like stereo with tapes and food, or will help Anon\Dan. Not much stuff that he can do right now in such a short time
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 490x275)
47 KB
>everything we need for the trip.
Man this is gonna get uncomfortable fast if we need to travel for days instead of hours.
My money is on not being able to connect with Tia to be honest familam. I doubt spike's Magic can rock a interplanetary trip.
>we jump from world to world, sending the same message over and over
>each time, Spike winds up vomiting up the letter as a crude "return to sender"
>it becomes a tradition to do so the first time we land on each new world
>eventually we send it and... nothing
>maybe we're finally closing in on her?
>elsewhere, Celestia opens a crumpled but lovingly preserved letter with beautiful calligraphy, bound with fine ribbon and a wax stamp in the shape of a key question mark
We just nearly got our ass kicked, I think it's fair for Anon to rest up while Dan keeps working on the car. So let's study blizzard and check the magnet coil.

I also like the idea of trying to send a letter, even if it might not work.
What should our message be, or should we just let Yen make one for us?
I could whip something up but frankly I'd like to see what you cats have to say. Makes it all a bit more personal.
Here's something on the fly. Feel free to add or take from it.

>Dear Princess Celestia,
>If you get this, the plan went to shit.
>Someone with a black cloak broke our ride and split us up.
>I'm the new wielder of something called a Keyblade that's supposed to fix this mess.
>Other than Spike and another human called Dan, the others are missing.
>But we're gonna find them and fix this mess.
>If you do get this, a reply would be great.

>Your local human, and Keyblade wielder,
I think first we should send a few "Testing" messages, then if Celestia answers, go with >>29675947 's idea

I like it, i can second that shit
My blatant paranoia says we should downplay the Keyblade portion, in case >>29672833 is right and Celestia is somehow compromised. But I'm fine with trusting Sunbutt with that info, it's bound to get out eventually even if she is secure.
This is probably too far stretched, but only for me all this situation sounds kinda suspicious? I mean, sure, Celly goes the same route that Mickie went in the first game and "Ohshitmustactfast", but looking from a side she didn't answered previous (and probably later) Twi-fi's letters before telling everypony to go on a quest to fix Equestria's sun because she can't fix it and Luna is missing, not even meeting pons in person and maybe giving a good ship for that travel or telling pons to go to the Canterlot, just giving Twi formula's for spell.

And even if her letter to Twi was her own and it's was just an extremely dangerous situation to meet, black hooded Saix actions were really bizzare. Yes, he destroyed our vessel, the balloon, but for some reason made sure that all eight of us will go through the portal out of Equestria without a scratch. But why? Did he wanted all ponies to get to the outside world but get lost in it, or maybe make sure that they'll leave Equestria without any way and vessel to return?...

Ater finding all our friends we need to return to Equestria, and really fast. Don't mention in letter that we found "the key" at all, at least for now

First, checked on the dubs. Secondly, that sounds a little too paranoid. Even if Sunbutt is compromised, how would letting her know we have the Keyblade be detrimental to us? Maybe the Darkness comes after us slightly faster, seeing as they don't know where we are or what we're doing? I suspect Sunbutt is fighting the Darkness in Equestria to prevent the world from being destroyed before we return.
Didn't sunbutt specifically say she left equestria to track down moonbutt?
Nope, "Moonbutt is missing, I can't do shit, so YOU leave Equestria and bring key here", nothing about her going anywhere at all. Just like canon Celly, waiting for Twi to fix stuff
>Please forgive me for leaving so suddenly,
>I hate to leave you without guidance,
>If I can’t find Luna in time that may be our last hope!

There's an awful lot of talk of leaving to search for Luna in that letter. I mean maybe Celestia is searching Equestria for her but being that this is kingdom hearts I was under the distinct impression Luna had left the world and Celestia followed.
Looking back at the letter, all she says about the key is that it's the "key to our survival".

I guess the main question we need to answer about this part of the letter is "is this an in character reason to not talk about the Keyblade?" I can't help but feel that us knowing that the figure was probably Saix might be fueling our OOC paranoia that Anon might not have.
I can't really think of a good in character reason to not mention the keyblade.
Honestly, I don't see why anon would withhold that information.
This is a really good point, I'd say the only reason we might have not to divulge the info to her would maybe be that Dan made a big deal of the Keyblade attracting danger, and we wouldn't want our connection to both her and it to put her at undue risk. That opinion, though, would only really be valid if we believe Celly couldn't take care of herself; given that we're probably in the bottom half of the Mane6 tier list and they all look up to Sunbutt, I can't see why we wouldn't trust the leader of a nation to handle herself.

I too say leave the Keyblade reference in.

And so In it shall stay. Working on the next update now.
oh while I'm writing, what do you guys want to name your new ship?
there is only one answer to that question
I like Chiron, myself.

Alternatively, we could always call it Titanic.
Hey if we wanted to stick with a doomed ship motif we could always just call it The Challenger.
File: mlpfim_x_kh__surprise.png (2.59 MB, 1920x3840)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
Posting on 4chan is not available for Xion for a time being (that's a long story), so have a bump

>Meanwhile, on another side of the universe...
File: 2e0tf1l.jpg (10 KB, 383x278)
10 KB
a Charger named "Challenger"? We could paint a viper on the hood to confuse the shit out of onlookers.

the Speeding Bullitt?
the Immortal?
the Mystery Machine?
the Enigma?
Violet Tendencies?
>pic related?
File: charger.jpg (47 KB, 792x402)
47 KB
It is a challenger though, the charger looks like this.
I'm always a fan of a little morbid humor.
I vote for "The Challenger" approaches
“Well if there’s anything I can do to help get the car ship shape let me know, otherwise I’m going to do some homework on this whole magic thing.”
>You say as you tap on the cover of Twilight’s journal and slump back onto a crate to begin reading.
>”Don’t worry about me; you’d probably just end up breaking something anyway.”
>Dan replies as he removes the car’s battery and begins the work of installing the vehicle’s new power supply.
“Fair enough, it’s not like I know anything about turning a car into a space ship.”
>You say as you crack open the notes and start to flip to the section on ice magic before a thought occurs to you and you snap the book shut.
“Wait, how do you know how to do any of this?”
>You ask curious as to how an angry manlet from Burbank came to possess the knowledge necessary for this kind of project.
>”Well, the short version is my mechanic was stealing parts from my car to use in this giant robot fighting ring.”
>Dan says as he tightens the bolts attaching the power supply to the car with the casual attitude of someone who didn’t just say the thing he said.
>”Turns out mechanic Mike had bet the business on these fights so I ended up helping him build my car into a robot to win the business back for Mike in exchange for free repairs for life.”
>You cock an eyebrow in disbelief.
“I may not have all my memories but I’m fairly certain giant robots weren’t a thing on earth.”
>You say incredulously as you flip back to the note’s section on ice magic.
>”Maybe on your earth, but I can guarantee that story is 100% true.”
>Dan raves before storming off after some hosing to rig up a feed system for the canisters.
>You just roll your eyes and get back to work on the final element in Twilight’s notes.
File: deep freeze.gif (257 KB, 180x135)
257 KB
257 KB GIF
>Twilight opens the section on ice magic by pointing out that, while physically less dangerous than the other two forms of raw elemental magic she has been experimenting with, Ice magic has a propensity to slow down individuals touched by it.
>In extreme cases it can even freeze ponies solid, so be sure to take proper precautions when studying this form of magic and not get complacent because you can’t accidentally burn your house down when studying it.
>You make a mental note re: trying to freeze a heartless solid before continuing on.
>Twilight next warns that Ice magic when uncontrolled tends to burst forth from its source in a wide spread cone of freezing ice crystals or, in a worst case scenario when a caster loses focus halfway through the spell, shoots out in a single large chunk ripping through anything in its path.
>As you dig into the meat and potatoes on calling up elemental ice you can’t help but think that for a pony not interested in causing harm, Twilight is coming up with some awfully effective combat spells.
>By the time you get through with the primer on ice magic Dan is loading the trunk of the Challenger with the last of the scream canisters.
>”Well that’s the easy part done, Now I just need to run power to all the systems that weren’t originally part of the car in some way.”
>Dan groans as he collects a spool of thick black electrical cable.
“Well that was significantly less time consuming than I had hoped.”
>You mutter to yourself as you pocket the notes.
>As you sit there trying to think of a new way to occupy your time, the magnet coil you picked up yesterday catches your eye sitting in the front seat of the challenger.
>And as the gleaming copper coil sets there shining away under the dim lights in Dan’s workshop a though crosses your mind.
>You already know how to generate electricity magically.
>What potential paths could such understanding unlock for you? You wonder as you walk over and pick up the coil.
File: magnet time.gif (250 KB, 240x136)
250 KB
250 KB GIF
>Discovering a way to manipulate magnetism for a start?
“Maybe it’s time I started thinking about coming up with some magic of my own.”
>You muse as you pick up the coil, the cool metal heavy in your hands as the gears in your head begin to turn.
>”You’re going to start making your own spells? Radical.”
>You jump as Spike pipes up behind you, mostly hidden behind the box full of old cassette tapes the little dragon is carrying over to load into the back seat.
“Jesus little guy you gotta be careful about sneaking up on people like that.”
>You say trying to get over the heart palpitations as you pull the seat forward and help the dragon load up your tunes.
>”Shouldn’t be a problem, that was the last thing that we needed to load up.”
>Spike says and sure enough after a second look you can see boxes of canned goods and water loaded into the back seat as well.
“Looks like we’re about ready to hit the road, thanks for doing all the heavy lifting while I was studying little guy.”
>You say with a grin as the two of you take a seat near the car.
>“No problem, I know figuring out the keyblade is important.”
>Spike says as he rummages around in a bag near his chair and pulls out a slightly damaged scroll and quill.
>”I was thinking. Since we’re about to leave maybe we ought to try and let the princess know how we’re doing.”
>Somehow it doesn’t surprise you that writing supplies would be something spike packed for this mission.
>You think about it for a moment and while you’re not really sure how this particular spell works but you doubt that it’s something that reaches all the way to wherever Celestia is.
>Then again it might run off of quantum entanglement and distance might be a complete non-issue.
“Why not? Can’t be any harm in trying right?”
>After all If the spell fails you're just out a piece of parchment and, judging by the dragon’s grin, the moral boost is more than enough reason to make an attempt.
File: Dear princess celestia.png (329 KB, 1600x1652)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
>You sit there for a few seconds waiting for Spike to start writing but the little dragon only looks at you expectantly.
“Oh, you want me too… Okay give me a second.”
>You say pointing to yourself as you realize Spike is expecting you to dictate a letter as you’ve seen Twilight do so many times in the past.
>After taking a few seconds to gather your thoughts you clear your throat and begin.
“Dear Princess Celestia,”
“I’m not sure how to tell you this, but the plan kind of went completely sideways.”
“Someone in a black cloak wrecked our balloon as we were leaving Equestria.”
“We managed to make it off world but as a result of the attack we’ve been scattered.”
“On the bright side apparently I'm the new owner of something called a Keyblade that's supposed to be able to fix this mess.”
“I’ve managed to find Spike, but the others are still missing.”
“We’ve also managed to find a particularly angry little man named Dan who is helping us with our transportation problem.”
“With his help we're gonna find the girls then we’re going to come home and fix everything.”
“If this does manage to reach you, Spike and I look forward to your reply and any advice you’re able to give us.”
“Your local human, and Keyblade wielder,”
“Okay spike that ought to do it.”
>You say as Spike nods and seals the scroll before enveloping it in a small gout of emerald flame
>”Wait you know a Princess?”
>You hear Dan blurt as he pops his head out from under the car.
“And you apparently built a giant robot out of your car. How is this shocking to you?”
>You say as Dan crawls completely free of the vehicle and unceremoniously jabs the end of a power cable into the car’s gummi engine.
>”If you think the robot thing is shocking wait till you hear about the time I got into a blood feud with Canada.”
File: lets boldy go baby.gif (1.66 MB, 500x200)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF
>”The kind that’s going to get us off this shit heap.”
>Dan says with a grin as Otto’s eye flickers to life, his core crudely taped to the top of the cassette deck Dan has bolted to the center of the car’s dashboard and wired into the audio system.
>The AI says after booting up with a familiar chime.
“Oh snap, are we ready to go?”
>Dan nods as he pulls his console into his lap.
>”Yup and you’re driving. I need to stay back here and make sure we don’t blow the engines. Now roll this bad boy out so we can get this show on the road.”
>In short order You and Spike have the car rolled out into the clearing in front of the gas station, and after a quick trip back to the supply closet to pick up what few belongings you have the two of you pile into the challenger ready to depart on your interstellar journey.
>You press the ignition button and the engines roar to life as the fins attached to the sides of the thrusters lower into position.
“Okay let’s blow this popsicle stand.”
>”Wait! Wait!”
>You freeze as Dan shouts in your ear from the back seat.
“What! What! Are the engines melting down or something?”
>You shout, your knuckles blanching as you grip the steering wheel.
>Otto replies and you release your death grip on the steering wheel.
“Then what is it?”
>Dan simply reaches over your shoulder and slides a tape into the cassette deck.
>”Okay now we can go.”
>Dan says as a guitar riff reverberates out of the car’s speakers.
“If this song weren’t so appropriate I’d kick your ass Dan.”
>You say with a grin as you slam the gas pedal to the floor pinning the three of you to your seats as you roar up and away from The Heap breaking free of the world’s atmosphere just as the song reaches its refrain

~The Heap~
I'm going to go take a quick break and then either pass out or write the intro to your next world. In the meantime is there any road trip fun you want to get up to with the boys?
Have we fully explained to Dan that we just left a world full of adorable technicolor ponies? I feel like that may be something we should mention.

Also tell Spike the dirtiest most inappropriate joke we know.
File: party on, twiley.gif (454 KB, 600x600)
454 KB
454 KB GIF
Road trip jam session, for sure.

Other songs suggestions also recommended
Is there something missing between these two posts?

>”If you think the robot thing is shocking wait till you hear about the time I got into a blood feud with Canada.”


>”The kind that’s going to get us off this shit heap.”

Doesn't flow very well, imo.
I think it was just a silly transition. The time he "got into a blood feud with Canada" adds nothing to the story, so, while Spike and Anon (In Universe) had to hear it, we (the readers) didn't, so Sid didn't bother to put it in.
No >>29683780 is right there is a whole chunk of dialogue that went missing between
the missing lines are.

>It takes you a few seconds for your brain to process what it was that Dan just said as the little man piles into the back seat and attaches a monitor from the axiom to a line leading back to the power supply.
“What kind of life do you lead exactly?”
>You ask as you lean against the car’s frame and the panels inside flicker to life.

It must have accidentally gotten dropped when I was cutting up the post into 2000 character chunks.
But, what is the most inappropriate joke we know?
So, we already learned Magnet (and can think of new Magnet and Blizzard moves), or just started, like with Bulwark and others? And how much aspirin we have left after that fight? Also, I updated our journal (didn't fixed Spike's pic yet. Navigation between pages through links at the bottom of a page. Notify me if I should add\remove something\add whole pages with more stuff)
With magnet it's less than started really. More like had the idea for it.

Aspirin count is down to 17 I think. You burned one in both the second hero fight and the boss fight iirc
I think a key priority upon arriving to another world will be to find how we can get better equipment. Obtain some of whatever Yen is using for Munny.

Also, we must call our sweet wheels the Mauve Avenger.
Didn't we already decide this? IT'S TWALAGHT SPARKLE'S BALLOON™! though I'm fine with Challenger as well.

https://youtu.be/LaAdijhBKes a little focus on some tenderness while still being rad as heck,
https://youtu.be/NrOemQaEJGU a jam for putting pedal to metal, and
https://youtu.be/-Tdu4uKSZ3M some shit that will always be cool.
Can we dig through AUTO's memory banks? Maybe he can tell us what happened on his side of things?
>We had a keytar
>We have a giant key and a car
>Nobody wants to call it the Keycar
File: 1464147864773.jpg (177 KB, 710x888)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
I mean, if the option is still up, I'll give it a vote.
That pun reminds me of a dev notes segment. in The early planning stages your vessel was still an abandoned car but it wasn't a gummi ship hybrid. Originally you were going to use your keyblade glider as a frame you wrapped around the car to turn it into a vessel.
File: Ready to jam.gif (653 KB, 300x225)
653 KB
653 KB GIF

So once we put on some tunes, we are going to be JAMMING

While we ride through SPACE

There is only one option.

Bumping with a gossip topic: What world do you think we're gonna go to next, and which pone do you think we're gonna run into?

I'm thinking something like Buzz Lightyear Star Command and Rainbow Dash.

I agree with Star Command, but I think Twilight Sparkle is next pone.
Given the title of the last couple threads I'd say star command is a pretty safe bet.

As for pone, im not sure yet but I do know this is too soon for Twiggles to show up if she is in fact our Riku.
I'm betting on a hub world we can set up shop on like Traverse Town, so maybe Rabanastre or Guadosalam. But if we're not going to one of those, perhaps Echo Creek, where I figure we might meet a particularly frazzled Rarity? I'd think that Twilight might fit in better with Star and Marco, but it feels too early to meet up with her again just yet, so I could see Rareware trying to teach Star how to be properly princess-like.
You know I haven't actually watched star vs. How is it?
It's a pretty cool show, honestly. I'd put it above Clarence but below Steven Universe; good characters, fun situations, and an impressive amount of fetish fuel. Whiz-bang good time, give it a watch.
>below Steven Universe
Is it that bad?
Welp, trips say it's actually somehow worse than the SU.
I'm glad Dan is in this. It finally got me to start watching Dan VS and I love it.
Ditto! XD
I know you cats are pretty hype for the next world and I hate to break the momentum but St. Patrick had different plans for me tonight.
In the meantime while we're between worlds feel free to post any heap dev notes questions you may have. I'll throw the answers up tomorrow morning while I'm working on the next world's intro.
How fucked we would be if we went to the crane before meeting Dan and Spike? How other locations would have changed if we've destroyed magnet and crusher first? Probably just more enemies, because, well, heartless not gathering around crane anymore
Were there any particularly shiny toys we missed from botched investigation check?

Since we didn't really fully fight the EVE Heartless, were there any secrets we missed while fighting them?
Nothing particularly vital, you might have found one or two more little things of you went out and wandered the heap with your remaining time but it wouldn't have been anything vital.

The only thing you missed with the eve's were a couple of shot types. Nothing particularly interesting like the fallen hero's move pool.

This has a more in depth answer so I'll hit it when I get to work.
Pretty fucked, you know that wave that the machine gun chewed up consisting of multiple extinct world heartless? You'd have been looking at something like that without the benifit of a machine gun or additional party members. That said there also would have been a cool scene where dan and spike rescue you after you had either gotten your ass beat or managed to escape. Plus you would have gotten a reveal of the magnet as the word boss from day one on the heap.

As for how things would have changed you're more or less on the money with more heartless.
Speaking of the Fallen Hero, we got to see:
>laser eyes
>healing factor
>frost breath
>super stretch
>colossus armor
>pain switch/Professor X shield
Not counting One for All which would be super strength and maybe speed, that's only 7 powers; didn't you say it had about 10 it could cycle through? Which ones didn't we see, assuming that's the last we're going to see of the Hero for a while?
The last one on your list is actually a switcharoo teleport where he can trade positions with another character at will. You also got to see him activate super speed. That's what let him break turn order right before you finished him off. That's separate from one for all which is just a straight stat boost.

The powers you didn't get to see were dermal spikes and mind control.
>mind control

Shiet, that's one good reason Spike didn't fight him. I don't recall him having high Wisdom to resist that.
Where Dan as engineer and the Heap contrived at the same time, or did you ever have different plans for the Heap / Engineer pairing?
By the time that idea of the heap solidified finding dan as your engineer there was always a part of it. That said before there was a heap I did have other ideas for the identity of your engineer. I also had some other ideas for how the heap would play out that got left on the cutting room floor.
What kind of other canidates are we talking? Or is that too sensitive to discuss?
Bump, my dude.
Bumpity Bump
For now I think i want to leave all that under wraps just in case i end up using those characters or ideas in the future.
How did the keg run yesterday go?
went about as well as you'd expect for a shut in like me. we were going to go to a pub but discovered that they have like three hour waits on saint patricks day so we went out got as much liquor as we could carry from the local liquor barn and came back home to get completely thrashed while watching iron fist.
Any good? I heard it's pretty shit
Even though it's been done to death, part of me still wants to see halloween town show up, just to see what anon's world-specific transformation is
I really want Agrabah, if only because I want Anon to blurt out loud "Gilbert Gottfried?!" when we run into Iago.
Only for Idaho to hold a finger up to his beak and shout no one will belive you.
I'd ultimately describe it as a huge waste of time.
>halloween town transformation
anon's mask turns white and he gets little paper mâché back tentacles
So it's basically confirmed that the Heap doesn't have a World Heart, right? We'll have to come back and Key it if it does.
Is the Heap even a "world" in that matter? It sounded more like a combined trash from destroyed worlds that didn't make it to the Dark side (for better or worse), not something that had origin and existed by itself. And even if I'm wrong, it's not like Anon, Dan and Spike is aware of that or was tasked with "go and lock\unlock worlds" like You-know-who (more than 3 times)

But if we destined to revisit that depressing place once more for some reason, learning more about it's origin by characters in the game - and in term of lore, not the dev notes - would be nice
File: 1484356279522.png (85 KB, 400x500)
85 KB
No clue what this bumping image is, since my computer's not showing images right now.
Oh hey it's the dapper dan shop menu.

I'm not dead and I'm about halfway through the next update but I need to step out for a little while for family shit before I can finish it up. But we will definitely have something up by the end of the night .
Oh, according to journal and first posts from Keyblade Graveyard we still have Dan's Classic Pomade (and Wake up Tonic too). This might come in handy in next worlds if we'll go "let's talk about that and become friends" route with bosses or random characters again (of course we will)

And Spike forgot his Smaug's SSS on another planet
I thought he used it during the first Fallen Hero fight.
I was under the impression he had put it on before we left ponyville but is now unable to re apply it
Even if we don't have to come back for World-locking purposes, I can't shake the feeling we might be back for some cool salvage shit, whether that's more music, materials for Dan's machinations, or quest-related necessities.
New world hype bump
So, assuming that the Mane6 join the party as payable characters, what classes /jobs do you all figure they'll have? Spike is our Fighter, and Anon looks like he's shaping up to be a Blade Mage/Red Mage, With Dan going Artificer/Tinkerer (though he'll probably not be in for the long haul). Any class you hope will show up?
File: Submiggy Diggy.jpg (141 KB, 445x445)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>Spike, fighter
>Not dragoon
“Ok this is starting to get ridiculous.”
>You say bleary eyed and practically hanging off the steering wheel as you struggle to stay awake.
>It’s been several hours since the three of you left the Heap, and the fun of your box of cassettes and shocking spike with the dirtiest jokes you and Dan can think of has finally been eroded by the crushing monotony of the infinite star specked blackness the three of you find yourselves passing through.
“What gives I thought you said the way between worlds was dangerous? Where are the fleets of heartless ships and interstellar labyrinths you were talking about a few hours ago? ”
>You ask with an accusatory gesture at the void beyond the windshield.
>”I don’t know, I thought for sure we’d have gotten into a dog fight or had to navigate an asteroid field or something by now.”
>Dan groans as he sits upright in the back seat.
>”Maybe the Heap is so far out in the sticks that none of the things the legends mentioned applied.”
“Either that or your legends weren’t literal and we went into this woefully under prepared.”
>You say with a sigh as you tap the fuel gauge on the dash nervously.
>”Nah they were pretty specific about gummi blocks I don’t think-“
>Otto cuts Dan off in the middle of whatever he was about to say prompting you you yank the wheel to the right sending the challenger into a sharp roll.
>The force of the turn makes the car shudder and shake as a huge asteroid shoots past just beneath the challenger’s frame and glides silently into the distance as though it didn’t nearly smash the three of you unceremoniously into oblivion.
>”Well that wasn’t a dog fight but at least it was something. Think we might be getting close to populated space?”
>Dan asks as you bring the car back under control and the two of you watch the asteroid float away.
File: thinkin about fast.gif (502 KB, 500x281)
502 KB
502 KB GIF
>”Hey what’s that?”
>Spike says with a yawn as he wakes up from his nap, somehow managing to have slept through your near miss.
“It’s just a stray asteroid don’t worry about it.”
>You say dismissively, no need to freak the little guy out now that the danger has already passed.
>”No I mean that white thing over there.”
>Spike says as he points to a small white dot off in the distance slightly off the path of the asteroid’s trajectory.
“What are you talking about that’s just a star right?”
>You ask staring at the dot.
>But as you stare at it the dot seems to be slowly deforming from a white spec into an increasingly larger white blob.
“What the?”
>You pull your wolf’s eye out of a pocket and pull it on over your eye before examining the spot in the distance again.
>As your vision snaps forward through the emerald green tint of the jewel the truth becomes apparent.
>The white dot in the distance is some kind of space station.
“Guys I think we’re saved.”
>You say as you pull off the eye patch and hand the jewel to Spike.
>”I don’t get it, what is it?”
>Spike says after peering through the gem before handing it off to dan.
>”That, tiny Chris, is a space station and the answers to our prayers.”
>Dan says with a grin as he passes the eye patch back to you.
>”I’m still not following here guys.”
>Spike says as he looks back and forth between you and Dan, confused.
“It’s like a port city built in space to support spaceships. We can get fresh food and a place to sleep.”
>You say, your mind turning to rest again now that the rush from the near miss is wearing off.
>”Not only that, we’ll be able to pick up some navigation information so we aren’t flying around blind.”
>Dan chimes in as you change course for the station off in the distance.
“Dan, how are we looking on fuel?”
>You ask drumming your fingers on the wheel as you eye the ship’s throttle.
File: gotta go fast.gif (2 MB, 300x169)
2 MB
>”We’ve still got most of what we started with.”
>Dan replies as he checks the monitor he rigged up to keep track of the challenger’s new systems.
“Then I’m putting the hammer down. I’m a hundred and ten percent done with this lost in space routine.”
>”No! Stretch wait!”
>Dan tries to shout, but a shrieking cacophony erupts out of the back seat drowning him out as you yank back on the gear shifter turned throttle and launch the ship forward past the stray asteroid towards your new destination.
>The three of you are pinned back in your seats by the sudden acceleration and in a matter of minutes the space station begins to loom over your relatively tiny vehicle.
>You throw the throttle forward and the shrieking in the trunk dies as you step on the breaks, firing he car’s retro rockets slowing your approach.
>”Like I was about to say before you slammed on the gas like that, the feed system I was able to rig up on the canisters isn’t exactly super stable.”
>Dan says as he holds the display panel up for you to see, showing a fuel gauge sitting at about 10 percent that was hovering near 70 a few minutes ago.
>”It wasn’t built to just be blown open full throttle.”
>Dan says tossing the readout in the seat next to him as he throws up his hands.
“Oh… well no big deal right? We can refuel when we dock at the station.”
>You say momentarily shaken by the fact that you just wasted more than half your fuel in the space of a few minutes.
>”Yeah, maybe. Provided they even let us dock and it’s not some kind of military instillation where they shoot us on sight.”
>Dan says as he crosses his arms and sulks in the back seat.
>”Wait they might shoot us?”
>Spike asks as he shoots up in his seat alarmed at Dan's prediction.
“No Dan’s just being a pessimistic dick like always.”
File: FSOI 1.png (163 KB, 1280x750)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
>You say trying to put the little dragon at ease.
>Still you can’t help but feel a weight form in the pit of your stomach as you fly closer and closer to the station.
>Auto interjects as your radio crackles to life and auto begins flipping through the AM bands searching for the station’s signal.
>After a few seconds a voice emerges from the static.
>”-ance. Attention unidentified vessel, you are approaching Star Command special outpost Infinity. Docking is forbidden without proper clearance. Atten-“
>You hit the mute button on the car’s speakers as the message begins to loop and turn your attention to Otto’s glowing red Eye.
“Can we establish communications with them?”
>You ask looking back and forth between Dan and the AI.
>Otto drones in response as Dan nods in agreement.
>”Give me some credit here; I wouldn’t just leave us mute in space.”
“Good, that means I can say another thing I’ve always wanted to say.”
>You say as you look up at the massive station.
“Computer, open a channel."
I was just planning on barreling through another three or four more posts of intro but It's getting late and this seemed like an excellent opportunity for some player interaction. It's time for a diplomacy check gentlemen. how do you want to make the case that they let you dock at their station?

And also a thanks to Namine-non and Xion for preparing this slick drawing of Infinity station in advance so I can use it in the introductory crawl.
File: Star_command.png (432 KB, 753x433)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
I'd say we show them how desperate we are for supplies and stuff, something like:
"Come in Star Command Infinity, This is captain Anon of the starship Challenger requesting to dock. We have been stranded on a junk planet and managed to escape using scrap parts we could hobble together, we are running low on supplies and almost out of fuel, if we do not dock we will be adrift in space. I repeat, request to dock."

also may I suggest we have this play whenever we roll a 20 on charisma checks
I would suggest Anon rubbing some pomade for btter charisma, but it's not really helpful or logical when you can't see each other
I second this
True but there will almost certainly be some face to face after we land.

Yeah, but I think that should be an after talk but before landing action if possible. I like the idea of playing up desperation for the Persuasion roll.
And then we land, they go to fuel us and give us supplies, and then find tons of screampower canisters and canned spaghetti's. I don't think that military will be happy about that...
At this point, it'd be easier to defend that on the station as opposed to stranded in space with no way out.
Since when was spaghetti illegal? Plus we're more or less out of screams anyway. They're pretty much just empty canisters now.
>forgetting the 2341 Treatise on Smuggled Italian Foods
Might want to specify that we have some weapons on board for self-defense, so they don't pop the door and see Dan's junkcannon and freak out. Also worth noting that we're civvies, and as such our homebuilt ship doesn't have any identifying callsign beyond Challenger. Is the fact that they're going by Star Command and using the phrase "special outpost" enough to assume them to be some kind of military? Don't want our meta-knowledge creeping in ahead of Anon's in-story knowledge.
It could just as easily be some kind of deep space trading mining or exploration outpost. Special outpost is really too vague to draw any immediate conclusions.

First off, Dan just said that we're at like 10% fuel, so not that much, secondly, subsisting on canned spaghetti is no way to live. Just straight up being like, "almost out of fuel and only enough food for like a week", is excuse enough.
It's also worth noting that we blew through 30% in like 8-9 ish hours. If we're charitable and say 9 hours then with the 10 percent we have left we'll be dead in space in about three hours.
Wouldn't that be a fun way to end the CYOA: Death by Starvation in Space.
Whelp! Dubs called it!

Nice knowin'ya folks!

It's been fun!


Late night bump
Sorry about the lack of update again today. Had a special event in town today that ended up taking a few more hours than I thought it would. I should have something up early tomorrow though.
I have a feeling that exploring of the new world will be in the next thread, and in this one we'll try to get inside first

Also, only I am nervous over "clearance" part of that pre-recorded message?
If all else fails we can mention the Keyblade and hope someone knows what it means that we have it.
He's not Videogamedunkey.
Now I imagine Anon, Dan and Spike getting access to outpost station by warning Star Command about the grave danger looming above the universe, that the door is open
File: My Skeleton When.jpg (43 KB, 600x619)
43 KB
post yfw the door
is open
File: When.png (114 KB, 800x600)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
I feel like I'm the only one that wants to meet Captain Basch fon Ronsenburg of Dalmasca
What's that? Pop on down to the Winchester? Too right.
Basch lives! Don't believe Ondore's lies!
File: 1483595128528.jpg (1.4 MB, 4854x2598)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
I know we've already said this is star command but what if this were all a bait and switch for Lloyd in space
Wasn't that show basically Recess but in space? I never could bring myself to like stuff like that, it always felt like such a waste; they'd set a show in the vast, endless expanse of space and then just used it to play Space Dodgeball and Space Video Games when they weren't going to Space School on their Space Bus. Not that that's awful, just disappointing.
Yen is dead bump
Were there any Hub cartoons or shows about space and stuff? Considering Dan and his backstory, looks like post-KH universe consist of more cartoons based chars and places than just DIDNEY WORLs and Equestria
what are the transformers m8
>Otto responds as a chime ringing over the car’s speakers signals the opening of a communications channel.
>You clear your throat and begin to speak.
“Hey there Infinity control, this is Anonymous captain of the uh…”
>As you realize you never actually named your ship your eyes shoot back and forth between Dan and Spike looking for some kind of suggestion, only for your inquiry to be met with a shrug from your two crewmates.
>Fuck it, unfortunate associations aside Challenger is still a pretty rad name.
“…Captain of The Challenger. Anyway we’d like to request emergency permission to dock. We’ve been stranded on a deserted junk planetoid and, while we managed to escape by cobbling this ship together out of spare parts, we’ve hit a few technical difficulties thanks to our vessel’s patchwork nature. I know we don’t exactly have proper clearance but if we aren’t able to make repairs and refuel we’ll be floating dead in space in a matter of hours.”
>The voice from the station crackles back over the car stereo.
> “I see, I’ll need to present your case to our commanding officer, please stand-”
>”No need lieutenant I heard the whole thing.”
>A second voice says as it cuts off the first.
>”Star command isn’t the kind of organization that would turn away a civilian in need, give them permission to dock.”
>The lieutenant sputters in protest.
>”B-but sir the station hasn’t completed its shakedown yet, the regulations clearly state…”
>”Don’t quote the book at me soldier, I wrote most of it and the regulations aren’t meant to turn away civilian ships in dire states of emergency.”
>The second voice barks as it cuts off the lieutenant for a second time before addressing you over the radio.
>”Go ahead and make your way to the docking bay captain Anonymous, I’ll be down to meet you myself shortly.”
>The commander says in a much more civil tone before the line goes dead.
File: FSOI 2.png (191 KB, 1280x750)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
“Huh, I really wasn’t expecting it to be quite that easy.”
>You say with a shrug as you spin the wheel and send the car into a gentle roll down towards the docking bay on the underside of the station’s saucer.
>”You don’t think it was maybe too easy? What if they just arrest us for violating their airspace and put us to work for the rest of our lives in the spice mines or something?”
>Dan says as he pulls his wrench out from under Spike’s seat and throws it an empty seat for ease of access in case things go south.
“One, that’s crazy talk chill out. Two, it’s not like we really have an option. We can either stop here or starve to death floating in space when we run out of fuel and end up adrift. Just leave the junk cannon in the trunk and we’ll probably be fine.”
>Dan crosses his arms and grumbles under his breath for a few seconds before finally speaking up.
>”Fine, but I’m keeping my wrench on me. There’s no way I’m letting them put me in the mines without a fight.”
>”Holy moly guys look at that.”
>Spike says as a huge white ship glides up out of a launch tube on the top of the station and cruises past you as it circles the station before zipping off into the night.
>”We need to get a ship like that.”
>Spike says, his eyes wide as the gleaming starship vanishes into the void.”
“I whole heatedly agree, but I doubt that’s the kind of thing they just give away.”
>You say to the little dragon as the challenger passes through a glowing field covering the entrance to the docking bay and you bring the car to a rolling stop between the massive launch pads clearly meant to house ships like the massive one you just saw.
>However those pads all currently stand vacant leaving nothing but the odd shuttle craft to occupy the docking bay floor where the challenger is now parked and a lone man in a green and white space suit stands waiting for you.
“Okay guys, behave yourselves.”
>You say taking a deep breath as the three of you get out of the car and go to meet the man who just pulled your bacon out of the fire.
>”Greetings gentlemen and welcome to The Infinity deep space outpost, I regret that your visit couldn’t be made under better circumstances.”
>The Commander says, holding out his hand as the three of you draw closer.
“You and me both senpai, I’m Anonymous, and this is Spike and Dan.”
>You say, introducing your motley crew as you shake the commander’s hand.
“Thanks for breaking protocol to let us drop in for repairs; we’ll try not to cause any trouble for you while we’re here.”
>”Think nothing of it; it was a minor rule about non star command personnel not being allowed on inactive stations. If you all had shown up a week later when the Infinity is fully operational the lieutenant would have let you dock no questions asked. It’s certainly nothing worth letting three people die over, and what else is Star Command for if not protecting the citizens of the galaxy.”
>The lantern jawed commander says with a grin.
“All the same we appreciate you letting us aboard.”
>You say as spike nods enthusiastically and Dan just rolls his eyes until you jab him with an elbow forcing him to nod along.
>”Like I said think nothing of it, managing your case is just what I needed to fill the time it’ll take for the station’s full crew to arrive. And before we get much further, I’m Buzz Lightyear and I’ve been put in charge of overseeing the shakedown of this outpost. Now then if you’ll follow me I’ll show you to your quarters while you’re here on the station.”
>The commander says as he strikes a heroic pose and jabs himself in the chest with his thumb before leading the three of you off down the cavernous docking bay.
File: more like this.jpg (21 KB, 320x183)
21 KB
“Well I’m glad we won’t be inconveniencing you…”
>You say with a smile, nodding as you follow Buzz before his words fully register in your brain.
“Wait what was that about our case?”
>”Your security case naturally.”
>Buzz says causally as you feel a weight form in the pit of your stomach.
>”Normally as unexpected guests you’d be assigned a security officer until we can determine that you aren’t Zerg agents in disguise or some other form of threat, but with the station being on a skeleton crew we only have one security officer and he’s already dealing with another unexpected visitor we had a few days ago. So I volunteered to keep tabs on you boys during your stay.”
>The three of you exchange a glance before Dan speaks up.
>”Well it’s better than being thrown in the spice mines I guess.”
>Buzz laughs slapping the little man on the back as the three of you make your way down the hall with your new babysitter.
>”I knew you boys would be good sports about it.”
>Buzz says wiping a tear from your eye as you make your way into some kind of turbolift.
>”Anyway it’s just a precaution, you boys don’t look like the type to be Zerg spies. Frankly you boys are lucky I’m the one looking after you, since the regulations say I need to stay nearby at all times you’ll be staying up in the officers’ quarters. The usual observation quarters down on the security level aren’t nearly as spacious.
>Buzz says as the lift stops letting the four of you pile out into a gleaming hallway.
>”The three of you can use these rooms during your stay and you can find me over in room 001.”
>Buzz says as he points to rooms 2 through 4 before pointing to his own.
>“I imagine you three would like to rest after your ordeal, so I’ll let you get settled in. If you need anything I’ll be in my quarters.”
>Buzz says as his doors open and he leaves the three of you standing in the hall.
So what do you all want to do next and is there anything you'd like to discuss with the party Re: your current situation?
First, let's find some non-ravioli food for Dan's sake. Secondly, looking into this other visitor doesn't seem to be a bad idea.
Fair enough but I'm feeling some rest before we go looking into other npc's on the station. Anon was practically asleep at the wheel before we landed.
Nothing a mug of SPACE COFFEE can't fix.
I agree with >>29717253 on the food bit. Let's get some coffee to perk up and try to find this other visitor as well.
Also, ask about the other unexpected visitor, might be someone we know
Worst case scenario, he says we don't have authorization or something and we can just drop the topic
Let's make a note to inform Buzz that the "planet" we came from is likely hostile and should be approached with caution if at all.

Beyond that, I guess just advise Dan to try not to get tased by security, and like >>29717253 said let's requisition some food for our buds that aren't scavenged from deadworlds.
File: 16460.png (860 KB, 1000x719)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
I have a feeling that they will give Dan a SPACE CANNED RAVIOLI's
>wiping a tear from your eye
get some food for dan that isn't terrible, and then try and ask about the other visitor that's here
Yeah that should be his not your. As in buzz was laughing really hard, not you suddenly got weepy and things took an unexpected turn for the homoerotic.
It's not a KH story without some yaoi here and there for mares to have fun
>"Buzz-senpai... I..."
>"Let's go to Infinity and beyond. Together."
fair point but wouldn't that translate to a yuri subtext between twilight and pinkie here?
File: Buzz.png (27 KB, 730x568)
27 KB

that's brownie bun and marble pie, senpai
I'm home and working on the next segment now. We might as well crash this thread and use the new stuff as our first update in thread seven.
File: 1423717730409.jpg (59 KB, 500x375)
59 KB
Better start slamming, then.
File: 1485203994479.gif (417 KB, 480x197)
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417 KB GIF
File: 1487676445643.png (154 KB, 747x915)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
File: 1484121466807.png (1.46 MB, 1280x1024)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
File: 1484609804287.png (204 KB, 1024x768)
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204 KB PNG
File: kh7.png (300 KB, 978x817)
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300 KB PNG
Now after some 20 days the thread is finally falling. I'm definitely going to have to start picking up the pace on updates for this adventure, otherwise we're going to be here forever.

But Yen... This ride lasts forever!
that may be true but I'd like it to be a ride that updates more than once a day with more than an average daily post count of 25 posts. Things have been way too low energy lately and it's been my fault because of my shitty update schedule. Which of course ties back to my shitty time management in my day to day.
Ganbatte Yen-chan.
New thread over yonder gentlemen. >>29724765

>Looks like the boys are safe and sound nestled away in this shiny new space station, but one would do well to remember that only a few feet of steel separate them from the yawing void beyond the station's hull. Keeping that in mind one must ask oneself, what lurks between the stars? Find out next time in thread # 7 of Kingdom Hearts: Forevermore Inverse Morning.

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