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Twilight is a weekly guest speaker at the schoolhouse. After arriving late one week, Twilight finds out the hard way that Cheerilee punishes tardy ponies of any age the same way. They still cry and kick their little hooves when peoper discipline is applied to their rumps.

Group Pastebin (140+ stories):


Featured Story:
For Educational Purposes by Zad (Cheerilee/Twilight)

Old thread:
always loved that picture.
>That picture

Anon-dad and Equestria Girls

This is unprecedented, thought Twilight. We’ve all been in trouble before, and we’ve all gotten spanked by dad, but never all at once.
Twilight sat in her bed in her pj’s, next to Pinkie. They had both shared a room together for the past couple of months. The girls switched who they roomed with every half year or so, just to keep things interesting. She and Pinkie got along pretty well as roommates, Twilight thought. As energetic as Pinkie was, she was always polite enough to give Twilight space when she wanted to study. Twilight looked over at her, lying on her back, looking at the ceiling. She was in her underwear and wearing a big baggy shirt that she probably stole from dad, as she normally wore to bed. Twilight observed her. Pinkie seemed very calm.
“Aren’t you nervous?” Twilight asked.
“Mmm….a little bit I guess” said Pinkie. She looked at Twilight, who clearly was. Pinkie sat up. She smiled. “Don’t worry Twi, it’s just a spanking. It’ll be over before you know it.”
“Yeah. I know. I just hate the waiting is all.” That wasn’t necessarily true. The punishment itself was obviously the part she was dreading, but the waiting wasn’t fun either. “We’ve been waiting up here for 45 minutes. And who know how long it’ll actually take for him to get to us.”
Pinkie leaned over and hugged Twilight. “It’ll be fine. It’s not the end of the world. And who knows, maybe he’ll do us first. Get it out of the way.”
Twilight snorted. “Yeah, great. Very optimistic, Pinkie, thank you.” she said sarcastically.
“You’re welcome!” Pinkie said smiling, without a hint of irony.
Twilight looked at the door. She listened. The large house was pretty dead silent, except for the occasional nervous chatter from the girls in the other rooms. Pinkie and Twilight’s room was at the far end of the hallway, away from the stairs. In the middle of the hallway, a couple doors down from theirs, was Rarity and Applejack's room. A few doors away from theirs was Fluttershy and Dash’s room, right at the top of the stairway. She could her the other pairs talking to each other in hushed tones every once in awhile, but couldn’t make about what they were saying. Applejack and Rarity sounded a little cross with each other, like they were arguing over something, but Twilight could still make out the anxiousness in their voices. More distantly, she heard what was probably Rainbowdash trying to calm Fluttershy down, but Dash didn’t sound all too confident herself.
Suddenly, they heard steps coming up the stairs. Everyone went silent. It was unmistakeable that it was dad coming up those stairs. The butterflies in Twilight’s stomach when nuts again. She was so nervous that she began to shake a little bit.
You think you’d get used to this, but you never do, she thought. Dad did spank the girls, but it wasn’t a super common occurrence. Most of the girls only got spanked once every two months or so on average (except for Pinkie, who somehow seemed to be over dad’s knee once every two weeks). Dad normally just lectured, or even sent the girls to time outs (even though they were teens), since most of them were pretty well behaved most of the time. Most of their offenses were pretty minor. Dad used spanking only for the serious ones. Which, Twilight thought, only helped to make them scarier when they did happen.
They heard the footsteps reach the top of the stairs, then go quiet. They all knew that dad was at the end of the hallway. In her head she could see dad standing there, trying to decide what room he should go in first. Twilight held her breath. She heard him take a couple of steps. Then she heard a door open. It wasn’t hers. She let out a sigh of relief, then felt a pang of guilt for being glad at another rooms misfortune. She looked over at Pinkie, who looked back, now with a little more of a hint of nervousness in her eye.
Through the walls, they heard dad talking, probably giving a brief pre-spanking lecture. It sounded like he was in Fluttershy and Dash’s room, Twilight thought, which was good. Normally, whenever Fluttershy was getting punished along with another girl (which wasn’t very often, since she was usually the most well behaved), she’d almost always get it first. Dad was aware that she’d probably have a heart attack from the waiting and witnessing otherwise.
Twilight heard the bed shift as dad sat down. She heard dad say something, and then some preliminary sniffling. She could hear the sounds of one of the girls hesitantly crawling over dad’s knees, and laying down.
Then all was silent, for a few seconds.
Fluttershy started crying almost immediately. Yup, I was right, thought Twilight. The smacks continued, brisk and hard, one landing every second or so.
The sounds reverberated down the hall, clear and audible for everyone. Fluttershy cried. Twilight’s nervousness almost went away in place of sympathy for Flutters. She thought about how big and muscular dad was compared to how small Fluttershy was. She could only hear the spanking, but she could envision it clearly in her head. Fluttershy sobbing, eyes shut as dad kept on, firm and steady. Dash was probably sitting at the other end of the bed, transfixed but terrified, knowing that she was going to be up next.
Yo, I'm a random anon up for drawfagging. Not very experienced and probably won't get around to it till tommorow, but does anyone have any requests?
Something from ISS:Scootaloo by Krishna would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
>They had both shared a room together for the past couple of months.
I really like the idea of younger (spankable age) characters sharing rooms...it's an underused concept.
The idea of them switching every few months is novel too, it allows you flexibility if you want to write more.

>Everyone went silent. It was unmistakeable that it was dad coming up those stairs. The butterflies in Twilight’s stomach when nuts again.
Good, tense anticipation here.

>She let out a sigh of relief, then felt a pang of guilt for being glad at another rooms misfortune.
One of my favorite lines. The balance between sympathy for another and fear for one's own butt is titillating.

>Dad was aware that she’d probably have a heart attack from the waiting and witnessing otherwise.
And everyone reading just had a boner attack from that line.

Good stuff...very few typos, you've proof read it well. Are we going to find out what they all did, or is that going to remain ambiguous?
Thanks. I'm going to continue it, probably around midnight. I'm a little too occupied till then.
>any requests?
Always need more mom or dad spanking.
There's so much erotic spanking (most of which can't be here because Scruffy is protecting our virgin eyes from horse genitals) already. Any remaining punishment spanking is usually sister stuff. There's a severe lack of plain old straightforward parental spanks, especially dads.

Partially because after 6 seasons and 4 eqg movies we STILL haven't seen all the characters parents.
Nurd gurlz need spankings too
Bump question while we wait for Anonymous writefag >>29649844 & drawfag >>29650027:

>You are Royal Guard
>But you fucked up
>Fell asleep on guard duty
>But you're lucky
>If this happened during war-time you could have been executed
>Sleeping on guard duty=serious business
>You're still in deep shit

>You're given a choice;
30 lashes on the rump, public, in the courtyard of the Royal Guard compound
50 lashes, private, in your Sergeant's office
You bend over and open your butt cheeks for Captain Shining Armor to pound your tight young ponut as he sees fit...minimum amount of lube allowable by law. Warning; he's angry as tartatrus, this is gonna hurt.

>Make your choice, Trooper, we haven't got all day.
I did hit a wall there. as I said earlier I'm not very experienced with website creation. and I'm learning how to do things as I go along.

The main issue I did get was.
I don't know how to enable user side (front end as they said it) upload ability.

The CMS doesn't allow public use of the image library.
Only 2 user groups are able to do so. Administrators and possibly author user.

I can make users authors but that would complicate things. author users for some reason will not be able to access the Story section.
These stupid stuff I keep getting. and sadly I don't know anyone with web creation experience willing to help.
And Experts online do charge a lot for their services.

So atm users are unable to upload anything to the media library.
you cannot even add avatar image for your forum profile picture. the only way to do that is to enable Gravatar profile (which is LOG-IN with your Wordpress Profile instead of the website profile)
>50 lashes, private, in your Sergeant's office
Does that include comforting snuggles with the Sergeant after the punishment?
>comforting snuggles with the Sarge
Standard Equestrian military protocol.
Woo!!! 40!!!!!!!!
We did it, gang!

Is it sad I wanna see this mixed in with DC's stuff?
Can't get the thought of a guard with a crush on the sarge getting into trouble on purpose just to get snuggles with him out of my mind.
This went on for a couple more minutes. Twilight could hear Fluttershy’s crying getting more and more intrepid, changing gradually from her meek, squeaky little sobs, to louder weeping. The spanks were loud as ever, the sound of each smack shooting right to Twilight’s core. She looked over at the pink alarm clock on her and Pinkie’s bedstand. It had been 4 minutes already. 4 minutes, Twilight thought, a new wave of concern washing over her. 4 minutes wasn’t that long for a spanking normally, she thought, but dad almost always went pretty easy on Flutters. Her spankings typically lasted half, or even a third of the time as they’d take for the other girls (Nobody ever complained about this, since they knew that she was a little more...delicate than the rest of them. Honestly, dad could probably just give her one slap on each cheek and that would be more than enough of a deterrence.) At least that’s what she thought. Thinking about it, Twilight had never really had the chance to look at a clock to measure how longs spankings lasted, but normally she was pretty good at estimating time, and this definitely seemed longer than usual. And if Fluttershy was getting spanked harder than usual, Twilight thought, then one could hypothesize that the same would be true for the rest of them as well, especially since she had really only been an accomplice. Twilight fidgeted. She looked over at her sister Pinkie, who, again, looked to be very sympathetic towards Flutters, but didn’t exactly seem to be too worried about herself somehow. Twilight wished that she could have Pinkies nerves right now.
Finally, abruptly, the sound of spanks stopped. Fluttershy was bawling loudly, as loud as Twilight had ever heard her cry before (and Fluttershy cried a lot). She heard her gasping out what sounded like the start of an apology, and then break down into more sobs halfway through. She heard dad say something back, in his usual, calm and together way. The crying continued, just as loud, for a couple of minutes. Fluttershy often just layed on dad’s lap and cried for a few minutes after getting spanked, and he always let her. After a while, when the crying didn’t really taper off, dad said something to Fluttershy in his collected voice, probably carefully urging her off of him. He did have five other butts to deal with, after all.
She heard Fluttershy stand up, still sobbing, and walk over to the other end of the bed. Twilight heard Fluttershy throw herself into bed, and her sobbing suddenly muffle as it was absorbed into whatever pillow she was probably hugging right now.
She heard dad say something again. Probably him telling Dash that it was her turn. She heard Dash say something in a nervous, explanatory voice. Probably her trying to give dad some great reason why he should skip her turn. That’s not gonna happen, Twilight thought. It’s just fighting the inevitable. Dad said something back that sounded like he was unimpressed. Twilight was right again.
Twilight heard the floor shift as Dash’s feet were lifted off the floor as she went over dad’s lap. Dash said something else that sounded like it was probably another crazy excuse. Dad again responded with something that sounded like he didn’t care.
“OW! Dad!”
Twilight looked at her clock. She was going to time it correctly this time. No, what am I doing, Twilight thought, I’m just going to drive myself crazy. She looked away from the clock. Then she looked back. She had to know.
In the other room, dad said something in an irritated voice, probably him telling Dash to stop kicking or fighting. Dash said something that sounded just a little too snappy. Dad responded with something that sounded like it was probably a grave threat. Dash piped down.
It was 8:46. Dash had only been getting spanked for about a minute now. Twilight looked over at Pinkie, who was fidgeting with her shirt. She still looked a little concerned, but seemed to have less sympathy for Dash, which made sense honestly, considering she was the one who practically blew the operation in the first place. Twilight felt guilty, but she admitted she had a little less sympathy for Rainbowdash too. But Dash was feisty, so Twilight wasn’t very worried about her. She had sort of had it coming for a while too, Twilight thought subconsciously.
The spanking continued, sounds of slaps resounding off Rainbowdash’s butt bouncing off of every wall in the house. Eventually her little vocal outbursts stopped, as she went silent for a while, and nothing but the spanks could be heard. Twilight couldn’t help but think about how soon it would be smacks coming off of her rear that would be ringing throughout the hall. She shuddered and tried not to think about it, which was obviously impossible.
Gradually, Dash’s silence was replaced with loud sniffling and quiet whimpers. Dash wasn’t like Fluttershy, who had no problem crying within earshot of her sisters. She tried to seem tough and avoided shedding tears for as long as she could. This seemed as pointless to Twilight as trying to talk your way out of getting spanked.
Alright, well this is a bit more of an epic endeavor than I expected, so I'm going to sleep. I'll probably continue tommorow if this thread is still alive.
my favorite duo

I thought I saw a colored version of this on Derpibooru...
So, I really want to write something with one of my own OC's, just to help break me out of this writer's funk I've been in

Trouble is, I have no idea which of them to write about. Sunny, Violet, and Heart...
Sorry Nomine I am not familiar with any of them. so either one you feel like it is fine.

>Speaking of ocs
how about a brand new OC.
Since this is a common trope how about we dedicate an OC for this.
>A grown mare that get transformed into a filly.
She doesn't act her age and gets in trouble for it.
-Smart mouth
-Lazy attitude

I even thought of writing a story about her first transformation day.
She get transformed over night..
The early morning she tries to go to her work. as normal.
but no one recognised her. and she gets into a mishap with the security guard. she failed to convince him that who she really is , and he refused to let her in. she tried to outsmart him which she succeeded to get over his nerves.
File: 1441706760334.png (254 KB, 740x1040)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Sounds a bit like a copy of Anon-filly...but if a good writefag can sell it without being derivative then it could work.
This is an adult mare transformed into filly not Human male (Anon) transformed into a filly. but I can see the resemblance. besides Anon Filly is not an original concept in the first place.

>Not familiar with any of them


I had meant to put a short description of each of them...my bad.

Sunny: Sundried T. Tomato, Young pegasus, preteen age. Smart beyond his years, but still highly immature. Accomplished alchemist. Class: Cleric

Violet: Secondary star of the story Krish and I wrote, Paraental Activity. Very odd filly, dines on fear. Read the story to get an idea of her, I can provide a link if needed.

Heart: A wandering mage whose magic is focused on Fire. Tends to find himself in VERY awkward positions just by blundering into them. Class: Sorceror
Sure enough, after a few more minutes, Rainbowdash’s whimpering rapidly changed into full on wailing, her voice cracking as it did every couple of sobs. The minutes dragged on and on for Twilight. She didn’t want to think about how long it must have felt for Dash.
Pinkie laid back on their bed, stretching out, almost like she was about to take a nap. How on earth is she so relaxed, Twilight wondered. She laid back herself, next to Pinkie, trying to replicate her serenity. She looked at the ceiling and tried to think of something else, but all she could think about was the sounds of misery that was coming from Dash and Flutter’s room. If you listened closely enough, you could hear Fluttershy still crying into her pillow. This was not going to be pleasant.
Twilight looked over at her alarm clock. She froze. It was 9:01. She bolted upright.
“Pinkie.” she hissed.
“What?” Pinkie whispered, sitting up. “What’re we whispering about?”
“It’s been 15 minutes!” Twilight whispered back.
“Huh?” Pinkie questioned, confused.
“Dash’s spanking has been going on for 15 minutes!” Twilight said under her breath.
“Oh….is that bad?”
“Yes! Yes, Pinkie, yes it is bad! That’s more than twice as long as we normally get! And if Dash is getting spanked for that long, then that means we’re probably gonna get it for that long too!”
“Ooooohhhhh….” Pinkie said, thinking. “....yeah, that doesn’t sound very good”.
“Very good? Very good?? It’s awful! We-” Twilight stopped. The sound of spanks from Dash’s room had suddenly ended. She heard Dash jump off of dad’s lap immediately, whimpering through choking gasps, her voice squeaking. She ran right to the other side of the bed and flopped down next to Fluttershy, her crying soaked into a pillow too. She heard dad say something, then the bed shift as he stood up.
“We what?” Whispered Pinkie.
“Shhhh!” Twilight put a finger to her lips. “Quiet.”
They heard dad open the door from Fluttershy and Dash’s room and step out into the hall. They were silent. Dad quietly shut the door behind him, and stood for a few moments. He was probably trying to decide what room to go in next, Twilight thought. After a couple seconds, dad started coming down the hall, his actually quiet footfalls sounding like the shaking of the earth to Twilight, the approach of armageddon. The footsteps continued. She was trying to gauge where they were headed. She listened. Was he past Applejack and Rarity’s room yet? Was he headed for their room? Her blood raced.
Suddenly there was a knock on Twilight and Pinkie’s door. Twilight's heart sank.
“Girls?” dad asked through the door.
“....yeah?” Pinkie said. Twilight looked at her like she was crazy, but it’s not like dad wouldn’t have come in if she hadn’t said anything.
The nob of the door turned, and dad came in their room. He quietly shut the door behind him.
Twilight and Pinkie looked up at him. Twilight would never say she was afraid of her dad; he was genuinely a really kind guy. But right now dad seemed terrifying to Twilight, towering over them like a big monster. He wasn’t the most muscular person ever, but he was pretty well toned. He was wearing a well fitting white tee shirt and his tan work pants. He gave a sad little smile.
“Alright girls, you’ve heard the spiel before. You know I love ya, but you’re going to get spanked. Pinkie, you’re up first.”
Dad sat down on the side of the bed, making Twilight shift upward with his huge body. Pinkie stood up from her side, the embodiment of tranquility, and walked over to dad’s side. Without a word she slid out of her underwear and put herself over dad’s knee.
Anon-Filly's butt can absorb a lot of punishment. Or not.
Either way she's getting it.

Good stuff, but 15 solid minutes? That's a little hard to believe.
Twilight was shocked by this. None of the other girls would ever, ever take off their panties without being prompted first, or without dad just taking them down himself. You’d hope that he’d leave them up, (which, she supposed, he rarely ever did) at least for the first bit of the spanking. Pinkie just assuming she was getting it on her bare butt right away seemed like madness to Twilight.
As if reading her mind, dad spoke to Twilight as he rested his firm hand on Pinkie’s buttcheek: “Twi, you might as well get ready while you’re waiting, OK?”
“oh-o..kay” she tried to say, but the sound barely seemed to leave her lips.
Dad started spanking Pinkie right away. If the sound of slaps had sounded loud from Dash and Fluttershy's room, they sounded like thunder to Twilight inside of their small bedroom. Pinkie’s cheeks bounced with each alternating slap of dad’s huge hand. The bed shook ever so slightly with each impact, sending vibrations through Twilight’s still untouched bottom. She knew she should stand up and get herself ready like dad had told her to, but she was hypnotized by the terrible rhythm of the spanking happening only a few feet away from her. Pinkie’s butt bouncing, being smacked over and over and over again.
After a few minutes, Pinkie’s rear started to become slightly more...well...pink. She started snivelling softly. She wiggled a little bit every couple of spanks, like she was trying pathetically to move out of the way, to clearly no avail. Dad had his strong left hand holding her in place anyways, so there was no getting away, even if she really tried.
15min straight is complete horseshit
Try smacking yourself for just a minute, that's an eternity already

In the case of this story, I would agree with the both of you.

That said, there are ways to make the spanking stretch out much longer than usual. Waiting a set amount of time between spanks, for example. You could also insert lectures, make the spankee fetch new implements (A favorite trope of mine), or even insert time-outs while the spanker rests his/her arm.

Even if you just delay the swats, the amount can be worked from there. Like, let's say it's a three second delay between swats, and each swat takes a second. That's fifteen swats a minute. Granted, that would mean 225 swats for a fifteen minute spanking, but still...
So, what would you guys say is a typical number of swats for a spanking? My only guess is somewhere in the tens.
Less than 30 hardly seems worth the effort.
More than 100 seems harsh unless you're including lecture breaks.

REALLY depends on how Realistic I'm going. I've been bouncing an idea around for having a "realistic" parental spanking happen in one of my stories. Like, just loving discipline, nothing vengeful or silly about it.
Sounds cute.
Looking for a story with cruel, punitive horsewhipping. Prefer the victim to be an adult stallion and don't care if he deserves it or not.
Ima disagree with all yall on this from personal experience. I've given hand spankings to a girl that've lasted around 20 minutes, and it was pretty aggressive with very little breaks, more for the sake of my hand honestly. If you're talking about with implements than yeah, certainly, but the hand is different. It kind of has the law of diminishing returns where you sort of adjust to it, so after your first 20 hits or so it starts doing less per hit.
Now everyone is gonna call strawman on this one, but that's my story and I'm stickin to it.
>I've given hand spankings to a girl
But are you talking about romantic, sexy spanking (no less intense) or a punitive spanking?
Since the conversation is rooted in Anon's EqG6 story we're talking about punitive spankings here. I can't imagine one of them lasting 15-20 minutes uninterrupted.
So once I've finished that Trixie story I've had lying around (and since this thread showed up, I've finally started working on it again), I may start up that Celestia/CMC fic I've been considering.
>Humanized, because I haven't written one of those in a while
>As part of their punishment, all three of them are forcibly undressed, bathed, diapered, and sent to bed early, because I'm predictable
>Celestia takes each one aside and spanks them individually (one right away, one during/after her bath, one after she's been dressed up)
And here's where it may be a little overly ambitious: I could never decide what order they should be spanked in... so I may write three scenes for each one, as a "variations on a theme" sort of thing. Different levels of severity (preferably, one light/moderate/firm spanking for each girl), additional punishments (corner time, mouthsoaping), etc. Some specific examples of possible scenes:
>[X] reluctantly offers to go first, receives a lighter punishment
>[X] tries to run off, is caught, given a stricter punishment, and put in time-out afterwards
>If neither of the above two go first, Celestia picks [X] and gives her a moderate punishment
>[X] mouths off at bathtime, gets a soaping and a bare-bottom brushing
>[X, probably Scootaloo] tries to act tough; Celestia decides to humiliate her by treating her as soft and delicate
>[X] is cooperative while being bathed and dressed, so is given the lightest (but as a trade-off, longest) punishment; 10-15 minutes of gentle bottom pats (with a firm swat mixed in every so often, to make sure she's paying attention) on Celestia's lap
And so on. I'll figure out the rest of it later; I still have my current greentext to finish first.
The technical quality is almost perfect. This writing feels right. Obviously been proofread. and there are multiple hot phrases.
>5 other butts to deal with

>Dash said something else that sounded like it was probably another crazy excuse. Dad again responded with something that sounded like he didn’t care.
The hazy Twi PoV is good. plus the unsympathetic spanker
responding to a plea with the first smack is a favorite of mine.

>Twi you may as well get ready
If that means take panties off early then we are enroute to bonertown.
Been curious for a while what real disciplinary spankings are like. Impossible to get an unbiased account. Like, nobody is online writing hyper detailed stories of how they were in time out or lost car privileges. Everything is clouded by memory and social context. Like what everyone else says they must be very short, or padded with lectures.

KK, DC, and I seem to enjoy that style, so go nuts.

Splitting hairs, the idea is very hot for me regardless. Mare or stallion to filly or colt (including cross gender) isn't the official Anonfilly story but it can debatably fit with that character if you just say they began as a horse instead. However the writer wants to do it is fine.

I say Sunny. Violet had her spotlight.

This pleases me

Look at the oldest stories in the pastebin. As well as fimfiction group maybe.
Everything here sounds delightful.

Can the time-out be bare-bottomed if it follows a spanking? You don't have to but
>Ah, ah, ah, little girls don't care who sees their bottoms
>Running off like that was very unladylike, little one...
>(huff) I'm not little...
>Shall I get out the pacifier?

I can't tell: do they all definitely have a spanking coming or is it from individual misbehavior during their bedtime routine? With the routine being a light punishment that they make worse. If the spankings aren't predestined, it may be interesting to have the 1 or 2 yet-to-be-spanked see the first victim's tush as part of the bathtime. Could strike fear into them, only to have them forget all too quickly. Heck, even with predestiny the close-quarters red butt nudity has interesting and uncommon story implications.

The pat lecture with occasional spanks is something I only see in that specific way from you but enjoy a lot.
>Can the time-out be bare-bottomed if it follows a spanking?
It probably will be. Maybe even go one step further and have the unfortunate spankee sit in the corner completely naked. Haven't decided yet. Also, that bit of dialogue sounds good. I'll keep it in mind.

>I can't tell: do they all definitely have a spanking coming or is it from individual misbehavior during their bedtime routine?
All three of them are getting spanked (with the bedtime routine being an additional punishment), and their individual misbehavior will determine how severe it is. Earlier in the day, Celestia will give them a few light swats and let them off with a warning.
>"Any further mischief, girls, and I will personally put each of you over my lap and spank you for real. Do I make myself clear?"
>"Y-yes, ma'am, whatever you say, ma'am."
Late nught bumo
>Transformed filly
I also think this is a pretty neat idea. I personally don't like that Anon filly OC. So I'm with you with writing an original character for this purpose.
What shall we call this OC and does this thread have dedicated drawfags to look into it ?
Fluttershy spanked by her mom? Or any of the Pie sisters by any of the Pie parents?

You shouldn't ask kind drawanon to read a fanfic. Just be specific about the characters and situation. Make it easy for them.
File: large.png (253 KB, 450x1024)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
Sexual obviously, but with the intention of mocking real life. I'm just saying that yall are greatly underestimating how long these things have the potential to go. If anyone thinks they seldom go above 100, they're mistaken. Sexual punishments are a little different, but not so different that the numbers have to be light years apart.
Expecially since we're talking about cartoon characters. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for a little bit.
Alright. A sad, motherly RD spanks the pajama'd Scoots with her hoof on her bare bottom.
Holyshit this thread is back yessssss. It's only been Slave Pony General lately for me.
It's alright man, you got time to work out the kinks. It's got a lot of potential, and the https feature on it is fucking awesome, too.
File: lc.jpg (529 KB, 792x2329)
529 KB
529 KB JPG
Is this comic new? It's hilarious.
I will be honest and say that, from the thumbnail, it looks like Fluttershy's head is another butt with a tail coming out of it.
Pinkie being compliant taking her spanking feels in character. It's like when she knows she deserves something, she doesn't fight the other person/pony because she feels bad for what she did and takes full responsibility.
Where is this from? I love it.
I don't expect more spankings to be in it.
That's a weird ass comic.
Spike needs a Twily spanking story.
Slave Pony
The anticipation aspect of this story is some of the best I've seen in the thread. The whole "Anon is father to the whole Mane 6" trope thing is not even one of my favorites, but the story is too hot for me to care.
That's a trope? I've only seen it before in "Fluttershy's Fetish" by DC?
So, what're you lot's favourite sorts of spankee?
Mine is "5-7 year old getting their first spanking".
mine's the spanking someone takes for another would-be spankee. I always feel guilty when my peen gets big
An attempted but failed blame-taking.
Daym, mom's a milfy milf
File: 1482650463550.jpg (87 KB, 513x648)
87 KB
Official comic screencap. Didn't write down the issue but a search by image on Desuarchive should reveal it.

The number of fucking times I end up fapping to comments on Derpibooru...

>Considering your old-fashioned parents you’re lucky you can still sit down, young filly.
>You can wipe that dirty look off your face too, young filly, unless you want to spend the rest of your corner time sitting on a sore rump.

There are more under the spanking tags of course.

Time outs (there's a tag):

The 15 minute thing is not a big deal but you can change it fairly easily. The point is that this spanking is longer than the others, so just scale it down to something more realistic.

Or (harder) do what someone said and extend the time with lectures, pauses, breaks.

Or don't change it at all, it's still very good.
Twilight had never remembered being so scared in her entire life. The anxiety was bubbling up, making her feel tingly all over, her stomach weak. Yet she continued to stare at the fate of her sister, which would soon be her own, petrified and entranced by her crying and squirming.
She was broken out of it, by dad giving her a mildly annoyed glance out of the side of his eyes that seemed to say: “What did I tell you?”. Oh...right, Twilight remembered, I’m supposed to get ready. With all the willpower she didn’t know she had (or maybe just her present fear of her father) she hopped off the bed and headed to the corner of the room to take her pajama pants off.
Just calm down Twilight, she told herself. Just remember to breathe. Think about it logically, you’re not it any real danger. You’re just getting punished by dad. This isn’t the first time and it...hopefully will be the last time, but probably won’t be. By this time...two or three days from now the sting will be gone and everything will be fine. Right.
Twilight hooked her thumbs around her pj’s waist to pull them down, and had a terrible realization.
She had forgotten to put on underwear under her pj’s.
Twilight mentally facepalmed. Ugh! How could she have been so stupid. Normally it was a 50/50 as to whether or not she wore anything under her pajama bottoms, and the one night it mattered she hadn’t thought to put them on. She had been so nervous when dad had all ordered them up to bed that she hadn’t even thought about it. Well there goes all hope of starting off easy.
She turned around and looked back at her sister Pinkie and her dad. Pinkie’s entire backside was no longer pink, but a bright red. Twilight couldn’t see her face, but could see her head and shoulders bobbing up and down with her loud sobs. Pinkie was like Fluttershy, she felt no shame in crying loudly when she needed to. She was clearly trying as hard as she could to be good and stay still, but was having a rough time of it. It was all she could do to not try to block dad’s hands or kick out, but somehow she was managing. Twilight could barely perceive the trembling of Pinkie’s butt in between spanks.
And then there was dad. The man who normally made Twilight feel so safe, the guy who she’d often go to with all her troubles for comfort. Though he didn’t really look any different now from how he normally did, he suddenly seemed so incredibly menacing to Twi. And it wasn’t because he looked enraged, or mad...or even upset at all for that matter. No, it was just because of how incredibly neutral he looked. He clearly wasn’t enjoying spanking Pinkie or anything, but he didn’t seem all to fazed by it either. Right now, just he looked how he would look if he was mowing the lawn, or shoveling the walk. He was just going about it calm and levelheaded, like it was a job that had to be done, while Pinkie bawled on his lap, rear in the air.
Twilight was broken out of her thoughts when dad shot her another quick glance, which again, wasn’t angry, but seemed to say: “You better do what I asked.”
Dem quads

Aww, Pinkie is such a cute. I wonder how she'll process her 15 min session if she's a lot like Flutters? 15 might make her really hysterical.
Her face turned red. She used all of her inner strength to bite the bullet, turning away from her dad and Pinkie and sliding out of her pants. Not knowing what to do with them, she just sort of set them down next to her. She felt so embarrassed. She knew her dad (and sisters) had seen her like this many times before, it wasn’t anything new, but that didn’t make it any easier. You never got used to taking off your clothes in front of your family. As many times as it happened, being half naked in front of her dad always made her feel so small.
This was one of her least favorite parts. What exactly was she supposed to do now? There wasn’t exactly a protocol or anything. It felt strange to just keep facing the wall, leaving her butt exposed to her dad and Pinkie. She could cover herself with her hands, but that would seem pretty redundant, since her bottom was gonna be up in the air on dad’s lap pretty soon anyways. It felt strange to go back and sit on the bed too. And sitting down on the floor might seem disrespectful. Instead, she decided to face them, standing there obediently, her hands held together in front of her girl area.
There was nothing for Twilight to do but stand and watch as her dad spanked her roommate. She couldn’t help but envision herself in the place of her sister, butt bouncing, crying her eyes out, a vision that would become true sooner rather than later.
Wow, she’s getting really red...like really, really red, Twilight thought....I wonder if my butt gets red? Or if it just gets a darker shade of purple? I’ve never really looked at myself afterwards….NO! Stop it Twilight! You’re driving yourself nuts, stop thinking about spanking. Think about anything else. About school. About science. About math. About history, about advanced chemistry. About classic literature. About-
Twilight froze. The sound of spanking had stopped.
this is pretty good so far.
Keep it up
File: whiteboard1371.png (28 KB, 209x309)
28 KB
>dedicated drawfags
well there is me and occasionally streny draws here.
>is there a drawfags to look into it ?
if you meant design one then here I just finished this one.
I used simple design to make her easily drawn and picked that coat color. so spank mark appears easily on her.
>thread OC
well I have been trying to create a thread oc for awhile (Dizzy) but I think people can relate to OCs and prefer the cast members . especially in in spanking related stories.

interesting story anon. it's not everyday we get "father daughter" setup in Equestria girls universe.
I really like the mental pressure twilight is getting.

Listing to the father going form one room to another is really nice touch.

>She had forgotten to put on underwear under her pj’s.
I really love this and want to see how it would play out.
>trying to create a thread oc for awhile (Dizzy)

Nigga that is the thread OC, fo sho. Dizzy is thread minx
File: whiteboard1372.png (33 KB, 265x203)
33 KB
here is another one as a grown mare.
I have no context to work with. If someone want to jump into this and write a story about her. I might have better scenes to draw her with.
Touch it

Touch it real good
Dizzy is great, but this one's just too damn cute. Especially with her thinking of you as her as her father. D'aww.
Maybe she's a friend of Dizzy.
Any suggestions for a name? The only I can think of is "Olive".
Had this idea today. Might make a short story. Sleepover, ponies decide to use makeup and make the first foal asleep look like they've been spanked. Foal probably would get spanked again at home if they really got spanked by somepony else. Foal has to convince their caretaker they weren't spanked, then they go and round up the pranksters for discipline.

Bluejay has Olivine, right? so no go.
Emergency Bump
Bumperoni n cheese
The parent seeing the red flank and deciding to spank their foal again, only to notice that the makeup begins running off their rump as the paddle spanks them. They realize that their little filly was telling the truth, and feels commence.
I've got something brewing that deals with an undeserved spanking at a sleepover, but it's different enough that we shouldn't be stepping on each other's toes here.
Nigga ain't no such thing as too many sleepover greens, keep that shit comin.
Thanks for being considerate. That story idea is up for grabs, I'm less sure I'm going to do anything with it. Hasn't been percolating in my mind long enough for me to fall in love with it.

What about that thing we were talking about? I'm really interested to see what comes of it.
>What about that thing we were talking about?
Still about third back in the queue...I don't want to overdo it and do two judicial stories back-to-back.

Right now my region is getting its ass kicked by a big snowstorm. No time to write, I'm afraid.
Yeah, me too. Spring was so close.
Do either of you live in New England, by any chance? We're seriously getting fucked right now.
Eeyup, the Northeast.
File: 20170315_003927.jpg (1.45 MB, 3264x1840)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Several threads ago someone posted that pic of Applejack and her satyr daughter and I made this sequel but forgot to post it.
Cool. Which state? I'm from NH.
New York. Not quite NE, but we've got a lot of snow here right now, too.
I don't recall the original.
I would imagine there's some trouble… pahking yuh cah?
Guys, you have to help me. I am in serious trouble. I have been threatened now by my friends with a spanking...One swat for every pun I make in the next week.

>Which state?
Also New York. Hudson Valley region.

>One swat for every pun I make in the next week.
So...you want us to keep count of your puns or something?
File: whiteboard1374.png (62 KB, 575x231)
62 KB
This drawing tells a story.
Teacher having to hide her spanked flank from her students while also dealing with the soreness? HOTTTTTTTT
Is that Dizzy at the bottom right sleeping?
yep thats dizzy alright.
she thinks she can fool her teacher hiding behind that paper like that.
I guess since the teacher isn't opposed to getting spanked, she probably dishes them out, too. Dizzy is lucky today that the teacher has a spanked flank and probably will be too paranoid it will be seen if she tries to discipline.
A friendly mare went back home to her husband. "honey I'm home". "I'm in the stable outside" he replied.
"Man you won't believe what I had to do today, you know that hard ass class that I've been put in charge of"
"yea what about it." - he replied while continue working on the wagon's wheels.
"They went and break the principal's trophy shelf. you know how Mr.Scovil and how he was always..."
"yea He wouldn't shut up about it. remember the last school meeting. gah he was going on and on.. My school accomplish this.. and that.. you know what he didn't do anything it's our foals who Aced that buckaball tournament. .."
"umm honey.." -she tried to interrupt him but he went on. he was swinging the hammer as he was talking.
"what about last year why did he cut the funding for the buckaball team huh what a.."
"what ?"
"let me finish my part of the story"
"oh I thought you were done"
"sign~ as I was saying after they managed to annoy the Principle he decided to reinstate the spanking role again."
The husband suddenly stopped what he was doing and got a bit more curious about that. the word "spanking' triggered something within him. the wife continued
"and guess what. I had to be the first teacher to do it- It was awful . pulling these foals over my lap and spanking them the old fashioned way ...it brought up bad memories"
The husband raised his head. he gave his wife a strange curious look and asked "have you been spanked before?" he was struggling on showing his grin.
"yea I did get my fair share when I was little. Pulling that bat filly over my knees reminded me of that time when my father did the same thing to me."
"your father ?" suddenly he changed his expression.
"both my father and my mother used to spank me. back when it was the only parenting method. Unlike today with all these psychology and stuff."
"you really did hate that ?"
"ofc I did hate it "
"that's not how I remembered it "
The wife's heart skipped a beat. "what do you mean"
"If it weren't for that day I probably wouldn't have married you"
"Honey what are you talking about"
"remember Mrs.Jane ?"
"our Gym teacher ?"
"That day when we snuck out inside the storeroom at our school .. remember"
the wife blushed "yea we were idot naughty little foals back then."
"yea but remember that time that Mrs.Jane caught us"
"I remember you chickening out and ran away. ditching me to face the consequences alone. why did you leave me huh?"
"hey I didn't want my parent to know I was making out in school."
"and what about me. you were a colt you wouldn't get it as bad as a filly"
"hey if I didn't do that I wouldn't have known you were the one"
"I didn't run outside the store room I hid inside the stackboxes. "
her face turned red "hey you were there all the time?
"yea I saw it all"
"you jerk you could have told me.. wait what did you see exactly ?"
"Everything. from the moment she was scolding you and pulling you over her knees. you were kicking and I saw how she moved your tail out of the way exposing your privates"
she "..."
"It was on full view as if she was deliberately showing them to me"
"and you didn't do anything. you just sat there and watch"
"hey don't blame me I was a horny little foal back then. and then I my first real super boner back then when she start smacking your fully exposed fat butt"
"hey I wasn't fat back then.... why didn't you tell me that. why did you keep it till now"
"well cause it something I'm not really proud of. but since I brought this up I'm gonna tell you. I fapped really hard watching you from inside that boxes."
"eww huh I'll put this on hold for now. watching your butt jiggle with each swat, how you were protesting and crying, and how the color of your rump turned red. it was way too much for me. This was the 2nd best fap I ever did."
"2nd... I'm afraid to ask but what was the number 1."
"I'll get into it in a little while. after she was done spanking you... you went to the gym's bath right?"
"oh no you didn't"
"As a matter of fact I did. I saw it all you little perv."
her face is flushed red now. she was about to kill herself from the embarrassment. "Nonnonono tell me it's not true"
"yes I saw it. you went inside the bathroom. and there you mastubated"
"nonono stop saying that it's really embarrassing."
"Embarrassing... what happened to miss "EWW" from before. looking at herself in the mirror touching herself. while slapping her already spanked butt"
"muhahaha. that's when I was peeking at you from the window.. there I fapped with you as you were touching yourself. that was my #1 best moment in my hoof penis relationship"

sorry for using this weird format, and not revising this.
there is more to this. I will write it later.
Based on the Discord alt-timeline from Cutie Re-mark, Discord spanking Luna and Celestia in a silly manner / forcing them to wear silly outfits to punish them for turning him to stone

fun story I was not executing to like. Nice change of pace from a lot of the stories here. Good word choices.

>wife saying idiot naughty foals
I love having adults saying they deserved to be spanked years prior.

>reinstate the spanking role
Meaning it existed before, nostalgiaboner

>back when it was the only parenting method. Unlike today with all these psychology and stuff."
more that makes it sound like adults approve of spanking

>fat butt
>>29675087 (Rustic)
Not making up clever pony names? I don't blame you...that's often the hardest part of writing these stories.

>"They went and break the principal's trophy shelf.
> the Principle he decided to reinstate the spanking role again."
Good setup.

>"yea we were idiot naughty little foals back then."
That line made me laugh.

>my first real super boner back then when she start smacking your fully exposed fat butt"
That one too.

I like this scenario...the introduction about the mare spanking her class...the casual banter between husband and wife. I'm wondering which one will end up getting a romantic spanking; the wife as your picture implies or the husband, who seems to deserve it for his past cheekiness.
File: Milky_Way9.png (162 KB, 1280x720)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
I want Milky Way to spank me while calling me a bad boy
Well, you probably have been bad...
Are you a human or a colt in this scenario?
Whoop that butt, whoop that butt
Together we can tan yer hide
Young human or adult human?

pic only somewhat related
This is totally random
My ween is still hard, but damn that stallion is a creep, like nigga that dude is a fucking serial killer
I guffawed, Applejack's expression kills me in this one
>filly steals from shop in ponyville
>shopkeeper chases but loses track
>finds other filly (Scootaloo) who looks the same
>Pleading and promising from Scootaloo that she didn't do it
>keeper spanks her until Granny Smith intervenes
>"Ya didn't do it?"
>"No ma'am!"
>Granny puts her hoof on the filly's rear
>"Ya SURE?"
>(...!) "N-no Granny!"
>She spanks her right cheek, then her left
>"Really Granny!"
>"Let 'er go, miss... no filly can lie with a backside that red. Get going, you two; I got half a mind to take YOU over my lap and teach you how much power we mares wield."
>(they respond simultaneously)
>"Y-yes ma'am!"
>they scamper off, Scoot with a red tush and the mare thanking Celestia she avoided the same fate
Funny, but needs to be a bit clearer.
It was Scootaloo who gets wrongly spanked by Granny Smith?
The wife was too embarrassed by this she tried to change the subject.
"Hold on... what were you doing peaking at me in the window" - she tried to shift the blame.
"oh right after that teacher spanked you. both of you just left. I was gonna check on you and apologize for ditching you like that"
"oh... "
"But after what I saw I couldn't just barge in like I used to ... and interrupt what you were doing... and if I did I wouldn't have known you were the one I would spend my life with "
"you are just a horny little foal "
"I am still the same person you know. " he pointed down to his unsheathed dick
"Oh honey you get turn on by old memories "
"yea all the talk about spanking did trigger my gun"
"what's a gun ?"
"I have no idea. but you should take responsibility of this " he was grabbing his dick.
"not here in the stable... anyone who passes can see us. let's go inside."
"so honey. since when did you have that spanking fetish ?"
"well from that day ofc. I don't recall having one before that because it was my very first time witnessing one in front of me."
"I see.."
"what about you ?"
"what about me .. ?"
"yes surly you have one too ?"
"no I don't."
"why are you denying it. I just said I saw you back then masterbating to it"
"stop bringing that up. it was a one time thing and I was a bit horney back then"
"oh i see.." he lowered his head a bit.
"you sound disappointed Ron."
"yea a bit. I thought we could have fun with that idea."
"who said we can't "
"you mean you are ok with it ?"
"sure if it pleases you"
"No. I won't do it unless you wanted to. not because I wanted it."
"Stop teasing. I said it's ok with me don't make me change my mind"
"ok let's drop this competitive mind games and do it already"
"alright .. umm... how shall we do it ?"
"I don't know I never spanked anypony before "
"hmm maybe if i stand like the you can lean on me and swing your hoof "
she stood on her 4 legs spreading them apart a bit. he stood on his 2 back legs .
supporting and balancing himself with one hoof on her back and his right front hoof is free to be swung across her backside.
"are you ready honey ?"
"yes ready when you are." -she replied
"wow my heart is racing. if you feel that we should stop let me know. I don't want to over do it"
"don't worry about me."
"alright here I go."
he raised his hoof up and...
he smacked her with little force. he stopped after that waiting for a reaction. he was worried that he did hit her hard.
she didn't say anything. she noticed that he was kinda worried. so without saying anything she just arched her back raising her butt up inviting him to continue.
he read the body langue and raised his hoof up again.
Smeck ... Smeck .. smeck
gave her 3 continues light smacks on her backside.
"honey my father used to spank me harder than that when I was little foal."
"but I'm not your father "
"and I am not a little foal anymore. "
"in that case"
He gave her one with more force.
She felt that and her body jumped. This stinging sensation started to sink deeper in her skin. this felt really good for her.
at slow pace he raised his hoof and again
he hit her other cheek.
she started biting her lips.
Smack! Smack!
"ow not so fast"
"oh sorry."
"don't apologize"
"what do you want me to do?"
"continue but slowly"
... smack! ... smack!... smack!
an uncontrollable little moan slipped through her throat.
"wow you are enjoying this honey"
she just nodded.
"well sadly it's not doing anything for me"
"really why not ?"
she turned around facing him.
"well this position is not good for me. my back is hurting me."
"if that so we can do it on the couch over there."
"and that's another thing. I need to feel in control not being guided all the way through."
"oh sorry hon. I forgot you stallions need to feel dominant ..."
she didn't mean to hurt his manhood. she quickly tried to fix the situation.
"how about if we role play."
"a role play ?"
"you know a role play. I'm just a naughty daughter who just came home late night after sneaking up."
"oh I see. Hey where do you think your going "
"busted! I was just out in my coltfriend house"
"your boyfriend huh. no daughter of mine spends the night at her coltfriend house. "
"no I'm sorry I wont do it again"
"you know what we do to a misbehaving little fillies in this house"
"no not a spanking"
"yes come here you"
he grabbed his wife from her back of the neck and pushed her on the couch . she leaned forward to it raising her butt up.
"no I'm sorry daddy please don't spank me"
... he stopped and didn't do anything for few seconds.
"you know what this doesn't feel right hon. calling me daddy ruined it for me."
"oh shoot. how about something else. you'd be a teacher And I'll be the naughty filly."
"like Mrs.Jane ?"
"exactly like mrs.Jane. but you be Mr.Jane"
"this could work."
"ok you just caught me making out with that little colt ."
File: Twilight filly sad.png (392 KB, 1087x1536)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
"Ummm, Mr. Anonymous?
Let's say a certain little pony...nopony in particular...did something bad, something you told her several times not to do.

If that little pony admitted the bad thing she did and apologized and was really, REALLY sorry then she wouldn't be in trouble and wouldn't have to get a spanking, right?

You know...just hypothetically speaking."

creative bumping

YES. Poor Scooty, but her booty probably still needed some heating up anyway.
"They would Twily, yes. They still disobeyed again, and despite being sorry, that filly is not just being punished for one mistake, but for all of the other times that filly wasn't sorry enough to stop herself from disobeying again.

But after the spanking, that certain pony would have plenty of help and guidance from her daddy to avoid making the same mistake again. Her daddy would do his best to make sure that his filly doesn't have to get spanked for that same mistake, because he loves his filly and wants to give her the guidance she needs.

Now Twily, do you have something you need to tell me?"
>"you know what this doesn't feel right hon. calling me daddy ruined it for me."

This was actually a pretty cool moment. It brought a sense of realism to the scene that otherwise has felt a little... off, I suppose. I know there have been times in my own experience where something RP related just doesn't work out, and we have to switch it up. It was a nice moment.

Also like the roughness he's showing her, pushing her down on the couch by the mane and neck area. It adds to the sense of dominance and makes the erotic nature of the RP more obvious.
Too bad Granny Smith didn't spank the store keeper, it would teach her not to wrongly accuse.
Agree, storekeeper needs spank

I'll third this motion, let's see that storekeeper's flank lit up.
Which Mane 6 poner would benefit most from a regular maintenance spanking regiment? I put my vote on Panka Ponk.
all the talk in these threads about maintenance spanking. and still no green/story about it
I thought my spankings were too contrived, and the one time I don't go for it people want it. I was sketching out the story in that earlier post as a way to bump with content. Given the positive reception I will probably expand it.

Although it's unrealistic, it is enjoyable to me. Thought about a continuation of An Odyssey involving it.

I believe Baked by CPL Punishment references maitenence spankings.
File: eleven Dizzy.png (6 KB, 211x169)
6 KB
Dizzy looks cute with that bow
There was Routine by Bluejay. That was a hot one.
This is really good. The descriptions of Twilight noticing how red Pinkie's bottom is, and how it's going to be her in a minute, is a personal favorite of mine. You have the pacing down perfectly, and the anticipation drags out the right length without being too long or cumbersome to read. The suspense is great throughout.
not that anyone even has to ask my opinion but i gotta vote twilight and rarity.
>all the talk in these threads about maintenance spanking. and still no green/story about it
its in two of my stories.
holyshit how could I have forgotten. There were like, so many spankings in them that it made me forget that there was such a heavy focus on maintenance spankings in them, too.

If you did one with Pinkie or Diamond Tiara my ween would explode
>There were like, so many spankings in them that it made me forget
yeah thats pretty fair there are a lot lol.

>If you did one with Pinkie or Diamond Tiara my ween would explode
I thought about putting pinkie in one but i just can't get in her mindset and unfortunately diamond just doesn't appeal to me at all for some reason. Only story i've got in my head right now is Twilight and Nightmare Moon from the season 5 finale. I mean what better way to get the information on time travel out of Twilight than a long drawn out series of spankings?
>I mean what better way to get the information

There is no better way. MOAR spankings. MOAR
Rarity ftw. Haughty ponies get tanned tushies.
I've warned you before, thread, if I catch you on page 9 again you're going to get the paddle! No excuses next time.
Page 8

No paddle
Better do a page 8 bump then, or we're in trouble
Haha beat you to it
File: Waful Dizz.png (6 KB, 159x214)
6 KB
I agree with that.
for some reason when other artist draw her. they seems to like adding that bow to her.
Let's hope I can wrap this story up
He played along and said
"Oh my what in Celestia's name you two are doing."
"oh sorry mr. we were just making out.."
"making out! and you say that out loud. what a naughty little filly you are"
"oh noes ~smirks , what are you gonna do to naughty fillies like me ?"
"I'll show you what we do to them. first we bend them forward.... umm honey bend over that armchair."
"oh ok... like this ?"
"yes but move up a bit..."
he picks her up and made her scoot up the armchair. making her legs barely touches the ground. her butt is way up top of the armchair of the sofa with her legs dangling freely.
"much better" then he changed his tone back "And then we move the filly tail out of the way"
"oh no teacher what are you doing"
he raised his hoof up and.
he hit her with more force than before.
and then prepared for another
Smack! ..Smack! .. Smack!
"hg.. en.. an..." she can totally feel that she let out a faint pain sounds.
"Bad filly " ~Smack! "naughty filly" ~smack!
Her butt shade is started to turn pink. she just laid there and took her punishment.
Smack! smack! smack! - he gave her three more smacks then he stopped.
he noticed that his hoof was wet. he sniffed it.
"wow you really enjoying this aren't you."
"don't break character you are ruining the moment"
"it's still not working for me... sweetie is it ok if I went a little more rough ?"
"umm sure I think i can take it."
"ok for that we need to change position. how about we do it the old fashioned way.?"
"oh you mean over your lap ?"
"yes." he sat down on the couch in front of her. and tapped on his lap inviting her in. she crawled up the couch and laid down on his lap.
"boy I sure feel silly in this position."
"one sec" he adjusted her rump further up making her upper torso lean forward toward the ground . only her rump is up on his knee. she had to balance herself with her forelegs on the ground. and her hind legs were slacking off on the back.
"this is much better. I have far more control over you this way."
"it's not as I'm running away or anything."
"heh.. well let's see about that.I'm gonna start going with a little much force now. let me know if you really wanted me to stop."
"how about we use a safe word ?"
"safe word ? don't you think it's a little more cliche ?"
"a little cliche is gonna be our safe word then"
"hahaha . oh silly you. don't make me laugh its ruining the mood"
he took deep breath and put on serious expression on his face.

"Alrighty now get ready"
"Aww! " she totally didn't expect him to start this fast. he let the pain sensation sinks in. and rubbed her smacked cheek.
SMACK! - he hit her other cheek
"ee" he rubbed it in then
he was doing slowly on purpose to warm her up for what's about to come.
then he adjusted her and grabbed her from her waist. securing her in. raised his hoof up and..,
Smack! Smack! smack Smack ...
"ha a .. aa. aww awe aaww"
he unleashed a barrage of 8 fast hard smacks alternating between each butt cheek. then he stopped and rubbed her butt.
She on the other hand did not expect this. and she felt that she was being punished for real. she was breathing heavily. she used the little break he gave her to catch up with her breath. after a short moment of peace he started again.
Smack smack smack smack...
Same fast pace but dragged it longer. she just couldn't stand still as usual and take it. her body protested. she start kicking and squirming in his hold. she felt a bit helpless. she was sinking deep in her mindset. this brought up some old memories of her getting it. she felt like a filly again. naughty filly.
he gave her few moment to breath. and rubbed her stinging butt. which made her feel good. a little too good about it. the stinging pain started to spread around her muscle sinking deeply. the endorphins kicks in changing her painful experience into pleasuring one.
He continued
Smack Smack Smack smack ~
she stopped protesting and started to enjoy it. this was so stimulating for her . she enjoyed having this rush. she couldn't help herself and started moaning.
Smack smack smack
"hnn ann nnnng mmm"
Her husband noticed how stimulated his wife were and got a kick out of it. his dick woke up from it's and raised the flag.
after a short continues smacks he decided to wrap it up. he gave her a few moment to breath. then quickly he grabbed and yanked up her tail.
she took a deep breath from her mouth bracing herself.
he unleashed a hard fast continues smack on her butt.
SmackSmackSmackSmack (almost 3 smacks per second)
on really fast pace. she started moaning loud. and got louder and louder the more he hit her.
she blushed and arched her body. rubbing her hind legs together tensing up. he continued
"hnn ah~ hnn~ " she couldn't hold it much longer she orgasimed.
she squirted a bit on the floor.
"hah hah hah" she was breathing heavily and he stopped right after she came. her legs were still twitching after she came.

he pulled her up to make her sit on his lap. "wow you really came just from the spanking alone"
she was already blushing. she didn't say. she just jumped at him.
She hugged him and start kissing him passionately. he wrapped his hooves around her back.
she then moved her other legs and sat down on his lap facing him. both her legs round him.
in this position her wet pussy rubbed against his massive errect penis.
she paused her kissing and said "oh hello there"
she rubbed herself against him. he just smiled.
"It's my turn to make it up for you."
She raised her his up and grabbed his cock.
she positioned it under her and squeezed it inside her.
she slowly moved her hip down pushing it inside of her. until she fully sat down pushing it all in. her husband just sat down and enjoyed the ride.
She slowly grinded herself up and down. wrapping her warm wet insides around his hard dick.
she continued humping him slowly as they both enjoyed it.
and as she was humping up and down she lost her balance. he soon grabbed her from the waist as she fell over him. their nuzzles touched. which lead to more passionate kissing.
she continued humping him in that position . without him noticing his hooves automatically went down toward her butt. his rational mind went on vacation and his penis took control over his body.
as she was humping him. he smacked her butt. He really felt her reaction to it. her inner veginal wall tighted up. became thick and curvy . grabbing on his inserted dick.
she enjoyed that and got a rush from it. she started working hard on his dick humping him faster.
after few humps she slowed down and arched her body extending her butt as if she was asking for more. he accepted the invitation and game her another smack which got her motor running.
and every few humps she slows down and he rewards her for her work with another slap.
his enjoyment bar was filling . almost reaching the climax. he slaps her harder and she continued going harder in return.
he didn't wait for her to slow down and just gave her another slap. she moaned "oh yes" he slapped her butt again. and again and she worked her self harder and faster.
she leaned forward and hugged him tighter.
he was getting motivated too. he turned her around making her lay down on the couch with her legs up in the air. he got the lead and start fucking her.
he went full force on her humping her really fast . she moaned loader. she let go of him and started squeezing the couch as he was thrusting her.
Thrut thrust thrust
.... Hnnnn~
they both came~
he leaned forward on her, feeling a bit exhausted. breathing heavly . her mind was totally blank for that moment she just orgasimed twice from that.
he then dropped down on the couch next to her facing the ceiling.
"That was fun wasn't it"
"hah hah... what ?"
"I said this was fun wasn't it ?"
"yeah. it was really something..."
"we definitely should do that again "
"we definitely should."
"and you said you didn't have a spanking fetish"
"shut up." she nudged his face with her hoof.
he just smiled.
"honey .. ?"
"yes dear ?"
"what's for dinner ?"
"how shall I know I just came from school and you started all this"
"chiness then ?"
"umm what's chinese ?"
"I have no idea"

the next day her butt was still sore and the spank mark were visible.
"honey look. how can I go to school like this . the student would tease me and I wont hear the end of it."
"wear something to cover it up "
"I don't usually wear anything for work"
"well start today"
"meh.. I'll wear that long jacket. it will cover my rump up"
"whatever you see fit. I'll be going for work now. lock down the house when you leave. "
"ok take care "

Picture related
during the school. her student still misbehaving as badly as ever.
She can barely hide her spank marks. so she was trying to avoid moving around too much.

yet her student continued to misbehave. She just continued to lecture then even though most of them weren't listening.
hoping the day would pass without anypony notices.
To her luck that day the principal decided to visit the class.
he saw how badly she was handling these foals. and he wasn't impressed by her.

later he called her to his office.
she came in and sat down on the chair.
he lectured her on how bad she was...etc
then asked her why she didn't enforce the spanking punishment system.
"well you see it doesn't feel right spanking these foals." -she tired to dodge it.
"there is nothing to it Mrs. (name) . you just have to do it. it would enforce your authority over then and forces them to respect you."
"but these are just little foals. It just doesn't feel right.."
"there is nothing wrong to it. you don't have to hit them really hard. it's a psychological thing. allow me to demonstrate ."
"demonstrate ?"
he moved up from his desk and moved towards her.
"if you please mrs. stand up and lean over the table."
"wait what you can't do that . it's inappropriate "
"oh don't worry I wont touch you or anything . just want to show you how to intimate the foals. "
"still ..." she just cannot do that or her flank would be exposed .
"you have nothing to fear. just stand there."
"why not ?"

>help her find a reason out of it.
-- btw this is just bonus the story is done already.
She could say that she already knows how it's done, maybe? I'm sure she's done it before. Otherwise I don't know. She might have to expose her butt.
>vagoo getting tighter from the spanks
My penis, help

It can only take so much
File: Vree - Dizzy - 02.png (22 KB, 285x133)
22 KB
I'm running out of bumping material
I have about 1000 words written for the "Realistic Spanking" story a couple people expressed interest in.

And yes, it is essentially a ponified version of something that happened to me when I was in second grade, with a bit of a magical twist.

If it goes over well, I may write a sequel for something that happened about a year later.
Here's the first part:


It never ceased to amaze me, how quickly a day could go from sweet to sour. I woke up without my usual headache, and before my alarm went off. I had my favorite breakfast, one that Momm...Mom fixed for me, and trotted off to school.

I got there, did my homework from the night before, smirking at the other fillies and colts trying frantically to finish theirs, comparing notes and copying answers from one another before Mrs. Linea came through the door. Of course, my work was done when she came in. I’m one smart cookie, after all.

Well...maybe not all that smart, I thought to myself, with a glance upward at my best friend, floating above me with a smirk on his reptilian face. Oh, he wasn’t going to help...not with this.

The note from Mrs. Linea hung very heavy in my saddlebags. I knew it couldn't possibly be that heavy...paper had barely any mass...but it sure seemed that way whenever she sent a note home. And somehow Mom and Dad always seemed to know everything that happened, even if I sneakily opened the envelope and read the letter myself!

I only did that once, that’s for sure…

But this was a big thing. I was in serious trouble this time. I not only called a teacher stupid, I cursed her out too!....on an unrelated note, I was being sent home three hours early.

I trotted some more, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my back. At least I still had that…

Mrs. Linea had started class with Math, as she always does. Simple subtraction, you just count down or make some tally marks. Then she set us the problem 5-7. I immediately wrote down -2 and she told me I was /wrong/.

I wasn’t about to take that lying down, no way! I know my math! She was wrong, and I told her so!

“You’re wrong! It is too negative two!” I yelled, earning me a glare from her.

“Sit down and be quiet. There are no numbers below zero. You cannot subtract seven from five.” she had told me...and then it happened.

“Why are you teaching math if you’re so stupid you don’t know about negative numbers?” I had screamed at her, stomping my hoof on the table.
i like this senario. a hard ass backward teacher refuses to change.
He is gonna get somehow an undeserved spanking.
it's interesting so far.

This actually happened to me, though obviously I'm not a pony. And yes, I did get spanked by my parents for calling her stupid.

The second thing, though, is made up out of whole cloth. That said, the full punishment is going to be pretty much exactly how I got punished as a kid when I majorly acted up.
are you that out of ideas to ponify your childhood's story ?
not that I don't want to read your story but just tell it as it is no sugar coating it. maybe in the forum or somewhere else.
Maybe he just wanted to write it.
I'm still interested, Nomine. All our shit is inspired from something or other.
Or he could write the story with the pony, AND the real life one.

Or I could just not write it at all, would you prefer that?

Hell, not like I don't have plenty of other things to occupy my time. Homework, studying, writing other stories for other people...the list goes on.

I do owe you a congratulatory message, though. You caught me at just the right time to troll me properly and piss me off. Well done!

Consider the story cancelled, if it bothers you that much.
Hey man, sorry, I was this guy >>29689497
I just meant that there was no reason you couldn't write a pony story just because it was from your own life experience. It's not like if you wrote one that you couldn't write the other if you chose to, but that other guy was acting like writing a pony story based on real life was stupid or something.

Sorry if that wasn't clear. I was trying to defend you but I guess it came out wrong.
all I (as random person over the internet) said that I would preferred if you separate your childhood stories from the thread.

Sharing your life story by ponifying it here is not a good idea in the first place.
Main reason. you are attached to it. just look at your reaction to it. imagine if someone was being negative about this you'd feel being attacked at personal level.
that being said. I would still like to read your childhood story but not here.
another point-how can we fap to it knowing it was you?

I misunderstood your intent, thank you for trying to defend me.


Protip, next time you want to suggest that, try just...suggesting it, instead of not-so-subtly stating that I absolutely must be out of situations and ideas because I chose to write this story based on my own experiences.

A little politeness can carry you a long way, even here on the internet. Don't go being insulting to someone and then act all "Hey man, all I wanted..." when they get angry.

As for my reaction, I'd probably be a lot more stable if I'd gotten any sleep these past two days. Hence the poor quality of the writing in the story.
File: a22.jpg (26 KB, 618x205)
26 KB
not sure who are you talking to.
Go to sleep Nomine maybe fap to release all your tension
Think you replied to the same person twice m8.

Sorry you're so busy, but do what you gotta do and thanks for sticking around here anyway! Take it you're a college student too?
bump before night
Page 8 wtf that was fast
Did anyone notice that the OP was "Tardy Again" because the thread was supposed to come back a day earlier?
Dressing Down

>you are a mare
>you take your filly to the mall
>she complains about having to try on clothes
>that doesn't deter you
>ponies need formalwear
>can't be a nudist at a funeral
>not that anyone you know is planning on dying soon
>you take a break a little later and head to the food court
>but again don't win any points with your daughter
>you make her eat cheaper and healthier than her preferences
>scrunchies, grumblings and mumblings
>but she gets through her hay, to her credit
>you get her to sit in a dressing room and try articles on while you hunt around for more
>she's old enough to be alone there
>dressing rooms are a weird concept
>public nudity is okay in this suburb of Las Pegasus
>but you're not supposed to slip in and out of clothes in the middle of the store
>you suspect it's a carry-over from the high fashion boutiques of snooty Canterlot
>there, nakedness is on the books as indecency
>it's basically unenforced
>just another thing the lawcolts throw at you if you're caught desecrating a historic fountain or plotting a rebellion
>the common-law history of corporal punishment is linked to nudity as well
>it was thought lewd (naked) ponies would be encouraged to hide their indecency with clothes if they had cane stripes on their rears to motivate them further
>nopony wants to show those off
>lost in thought, you haven't been in "efficient mommy" mode
>back at it, you gather up some seriously cute dresses
>horseshoes worth tap-tapping together in delight
>modest panties, you became what you hate
>your mom opposed "whorses" and didn't encourage you dressing like one either
>you swore you'd be different, but here you are walking away from the lacy stuff
>like there's a force-field around it
>you have enough to keep your daughter busy now
>she should be done trying on what she has
>you go back to her stall
>pick up your hoof and knock on the door
>no response
>"Tornado Bolt"~
(knock knock)
>"You there?"
>hearing no response and seeing no little hooves under the door
>you wait a little more and lower your body under the crack to verify nopony's there
>shit, what are you gonna do with all these clothes?
>you set them on the bench outside the stalls
>the clothes you asked her to try on are scattered around the empty stall
>she bolted!
>upset and a little worried, you do too
>where'd she go?
>you facehoof
>the place she's been asking to go all day
>The Enchantment Encampment
>you have to consult the map closest to J.C. Bits
>you're sure your daughter knew exactly where it was
>not close to where you are
>nothing is compact in this mall
>no reason to be, plenty of land in the surrounding area
>you're at the cacaphonous entrance
>after a brisk trot and a watering-hole break
>where could she--
>oh there she is
>at least she made it easy
>it doesn't count as hiding when she's prancing around on the giant piano meant to entice ponies walking around the entrance
>a small crowd is watching her
>3 adults and 5 foals
>Tornado is making a pleasant melody
>if this world had a theme song it would sound like that
>okay, problem sorta solved
>filly hasn't even seen you yet
>you don't want to break up a happy couple
>but she could've gotten lost or hurt
>even if not, she skipped out on an arduous chore
>you huff a bit as you settle your resolve
>her actions warrant a spanking
>(gulp) "H-hi mom!"
>"Why did you leave the dressing room?"
>would you like your rump roast rare, medium, or well-done, young filly?
>"It was so boring mommy, I waited forever and finished trying on all the stuff you gave me."
>"You did?"
>"Which ones fit?"
>"There's two piles in the dressing room, I'll show you which pile fits when we get back."
>would take a lot to lie about that
>at least she's honest then
>"You know you're not supposed to run off like that, young filly."
>"I know..."
>she shuffles her hoof on the piano and it makes a sound
>"Come here"
>you plop your bottom on one of the keys
>you aren't used to butt sound effects, but your filly sure is
>she's within hoof's reach of you know
>she approached when you asked and is compliant in scooching across your lap
>her backside is up in the air and exposed now
>thanks to your clever back-leg placement
>shame she didn't walk out wearing one of the dresses she tried on
>then she'd be in trouble for stealing too, you suppose
>"Dearie, you shouldn't run away."
>"I know mom..."
>you're repeating yourself
>foals barely listen at all when you talk to them
>it's only by slapping their hindquarters that you can briefly activate the nerves in the inner ear
>it's all very scientific
>having been observed and tested with impromptu experiments over many generations
>"I'm glad you know. This spanking should just be a study guide to remind you of the main points."
>"Aah! Ow!"
>you're warming up
>as her rear-end does too
>you spank once every few seconds
>you're not aiming for a high score
>or a once-in-a-lifetime thrashing
>"I'm not too upset, honey."
>"You're n--!"
>"(ow) -not?"
>"I should've been-"
>"More understanding and picked up the pace."
>you're not even whacking at full force
>but you're getting through
>Tornado Bolt is starting to kick
>"Just try to communicate more,"
(SPANK) (ping~)
>Tornado Bolt is still making music
>she's kicking out her front hooves and hitting the piano key in front of her
(SMACK) (bong_)
>and her back legs hit the key behind her for a lower sound
>back legs mix with backside percussion for a lovely duet
>"and I'll try and be more fair to you. Okay?"
>she's starting to sniffle
>your spanks are dying down
>you didn't realize at the start
>but you don't want to go passed this point
>nopony was hurt
>"No more sneaking out, got it-"
>"-my little Windy?"
>(giggle) "Moooom~!"
>she blushes
>You scoop her up
>There was still a small crowd
>The parents were satisfied, maybe a little disappointed you didn't do more
>you thought the splotch of pink on Tornado Bolt's bottom went well with her coat for today
>the foals, on the other hoof, were all cowering in terror
>two were sitting, three were reaching back with their hooves to cover their rumps
>all of them wrapped their tails tightly around their keisters, protecting their valuable assets to the best of their abilities
>"Hey Bolt, you want to play around on the piano some more?"
>(snif) "Really mom?"
>"Yeah, sure. I've been cooped up in clothing stores all day."
>Tornado Bolt was beaming
>"Just don't sneak off again."
>"Or you'll have to change your name to Tomato Butt."
>"Aw, Mom..."
>she looked back at her tush, wondering how tomato-like it got
>you played around with your filly for a few minutes
>both of you having a blast
>then got off the piano and let her do more solo music
>you saw her hopping around
>pushing four keys, one per hoof
>even doing spin moves, pink backside or no
>not a care in Equestria for who sees it

>rules are rules
>but even you see
>sometimes breaking them is worth heat on your seat


I've seen the image of the giant piano before but tonight I wanted to make something with it. One line comes from a non-pony comic involving cows and three sizes of a paddle.

>would you like your rump roast rare, medium, or well-done, young filly?

Totally unproofread, I hope the whole thing makes sense. Will fix it up for archival in the next 3 days.
Title: Hell is that noise?
Love it.
A light hearted short spanking story. And we can't have enough of mall related stories.

>giant piano
The piano scene was a nice touch. It's hilarious to imagine musicals keys being played with each spank.

Also about pianos
Lately someone suggested for me to dar a pony getting spanked by a giant piano. It was one of the strangest requests. Not that strange if I have to be honest. Cause I did write a story involving sweetie belle getting spanked by a giant piano before. In stupid cartoonish way.
The piano thing was weird in a good way, and both the rump roast and the Tomato Butt lines were insanely hot.
I fucking love this. So cute.
I'm not usually a fan of your works, due to the low level of post-spanking comfort and high level of public embarrassment
Def my favourite thing you've written so far.
Short and cute, always appreciated.
Nice, no overreacting, no bawling, something light.
Cute vignette.
Tomato Butt certainly had it coming.
Thanks for the kind feedback.
The spanked-by-a-piano thing is an old cartoon gag. Saw it on Deviantart and whatever it's based on. Tom and Jerry I think.

The giant piano in the story brings the whole thing together, in retrospect the story shouldn't have the piano without the filly being spanked on it. Glad others liked it.
>rump roast
Incredibly hot. Found a link for the comic I ripped it off from.
Leigh Rubin
>imaginging those paddles hanging on a barn always
>everybody being able to see how big a part spanking has in Clyde's life
gets me going, at least

My preference is always going to lean more towards the public, bawls-out style, but the gif was too cute to make it not a happy story.

Post spanking comfort is okay, but only after corner time, silly.

Epilogue that doesn't belong in the story: I figure they go back and finish what they started in the store, having not been away enough for their clothes to have been scattered or put back.

Any thoughts on the last 3 lines? I want it to convey a sense of punishment fitting the crime, and with certain things being worth the punishment.

Not hugboxing here, even without the back and forth these posts spawned, I like this setup and I hope you make more. Your first-person doomed-colt style is a treat. I think it would work well with Pip.

Almost fapped to the epilogue. Story was hot too. Would've enjoyed a dinner moment with her squirming in her chair. Maybe even asking to stand and being denied. How to get out of it:
>Sorry sir, I've been feeling off all day
>I'd pass out if I went over that table right now

Then they reschedule for a few days later and the principal does end up giving her some test spanks.
>I heard the foals still aren't taking you seriously. I think I do need to demonstrate.

>how to intimate the foals.
intimidate? One of those words that is close to another.
so you stopped writting?
File: 1489635925465.png (138 KB, 883x874)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Onesies just invite spankings.

Very minor revision for the archive.


more paragraph breaks
spelling fixes
Derpibooru link for image
no story or text changes

With the story and this >>29679060
I channeled Bluejay's exascerbated girl routine, little huffs before dialog.

Shit, forgot about this. Twi's anxiety is realistic for her character and the suspense and pacing is masterful. I hope it continues for Twi post-spanking and still listening to the last two girls being spanked. That could be an interesting combination of pain and hearing pain being inflicted. Her inner turmoil on not having panties and being embarassed on her being bare-bottom, plus knowing it will hurt more, is wonderful.

What do you consider maintenance for your stories? Is the minotaur's regular visit a maintenance spanking? Can you refresh my memory on which characters and stories have it?

Agreed, cool moment with the daddy turn-off and the forceful RP.


Does anyone else prefer more colorful terms like "getting a red bottom" or "having your hide tanned" over the more basic "spanked"? Spanked is a great word but we can go childisher!

Love the situation and pic/original
File: sharedpicture089.png (130 KB, 272x222)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
page 9 bump.
I'm running out of spanking material for these bumps.
>daddy turn-off and the forceful RP
it's a bit of cliche that I tend to hate/dislike in spanking RPs. "oh spank me harder... Harder..." or when the spankee says "sorry daddy" to her non spanker father. its a huge turn off.

speaking of Cliches I did plan on having something to do with that safe word 'cleche' in my story but I totally forgot about it as I went down with it.

Glad you two like that moment in the story.

Hugboxing? I thank you for the kind words, but I have no idea what that specific term means.
>I'm running out of spanking material for these bumps
It means only one thing
>"Over my lap and lift your tail, Dizzy"
Yeah the minotaur's regular visits and princess luna ended up giving twilight regular maintenance spankings at the end of twilight's political plot and one of my unfinished ones. The one where rainbow ended up spying in on rarity and twilight that i never finished, i can't even remember if i named it.
File: 164004632.png (17 KB, 101x110)
17 KB
Page 8. Retail is a bitch.
It's kind of like groupthink, when everyone just sort of congratulates each other no matter what, even if the quality of work that person did isn't all that great.
File: 12884003.png (77 KB, 666x382)
77 KB
File: 12884005.png (178 KB, 501x587)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>Onesies just invite spankings.
That works in EqG world too.
Although a butt flap would be convenient.
I like those, but the real (and unrealistic) fetishy ones are more legalistic and scheduled

I have to reread your stuff but I remember them being more loose
yeah that's fair i know what you saying but i'd consider both maintenance. Any spanking given not for a specific reason but just because its 'time' is what i'd consider maintenance.
Who is the spanker?

Yeah that makes sense.
bamping with pic from the last thread
>Who is the spanker?
Aryanne , that nazi pony.
it's just an old drawing that I made long time ago. before that OC became popular for the wrong reasons.
page 10
File: whiteboard1380.png (46 KB, 321x240)
46 KB
welp this thread is ded.
It feels like I'm the only one filling it with content.
Sorry man, I know that I've been personally busy as all hell with work and haven't had a chance to give the writefags and drawfags feedback.
I just realized that it's Shining spanking Twilight. Oh shit that's fucking hot.
Holy SHIT that tail pull and butt are hot even by thread standards. Dunno why thred is so ded.

Ah, thank you for clarifying that. That does change the tone.


Thank you, Pan.

I actually am going to continue it, now that I have actually been able to get some decent sleep. And I do apologize for my outburst. Suffice it to say I was not in good shape that day, having gone ~36 hours without any sleep at all.

Like I said, normally that set of comments wouldn't have bothered me, but they were the proverbial last straw.

I'm going to clean up and edit the fic. And whether folks like it or not, it will be based on things that happened to me, no sugarcoating.

I should have it done soon, though it may be...tardy again.

But hey, if it's tardy, it's tardy...you guys can just wait until....Late-r.

Yay! He's feeling better! I hope...

And great, I look forward to it!
would that colt in nomine's story uses puns?
and would he get in trouble for them?

Look forward all you want, just don't wear glasses on your butt.

Hind-sight is already 20/20

In this specific scenario? No.

Buttttt I might be able to make something up, gimme fifteen minutes.

Okay, here you go! Just a little something I threw together in 18 minutes (Had to get a drink)


I shuddered as I stared at the wreckage before me. My textbook, scorched to cinders! I mean, sure, it was a boring history textbooks, not one of the special books my best friend brought for me…but those books were fireproof! Which, clearly, this one wasn’t…hadn’t been.

And, right on cue, there came the telltale clip-clop of my Mom’s hooves up the stairs to my room. She must have heard the screaming…or smelled the smoke…or maybe felt the heat…

Either way, I was in for it now…Mom told me NEVER to practice my elemental magic inside my room, only in the special room she and Dad made for me when I got my cutie mark. Mom was gonna flip when she saw this…my book burned to ash, and my ash in for a serious…

“HEART!” my mom cried, the door to my room slamming open as she rushed in and grabbed me tight. “I smelled the smoke. Are you okay? Are you hurt? Were you burned?! What did I tell you about using Fire magic in the house?!”

Oh great…it was gonna be a panic-lecture. Settle in, readers…this could be a long one.

Wait…hey Narrator, got the signs?

>One Very Boring Lecture Later

Thanks, Narrator!

“Young colt…oh, you are in so much trouble…but I’m just so glad you’re okay. And it was just a book. We can replace the textbook out of your allowance…that can be your punishment.” Mom finished up by saying before finally taking a breath. She must be part whale or something…

Wait. Only my allowance? I wasn’t going to get spanked?

“Mom…I’m not going to get a spanking?” I asked her, looking up, giving her my Patent-Pending Puppy Peepers.

“No, sweetie. I think we can let this one slide, since I’m sure it was an accident.” She told me, smiling and kissing my cheek.

I rubbed it away…sheesh, Mom, I’m almost eight now!...and then something occurred to me. A good joke might make Mom even happier, maybe she wouldn’t even tell Dad!

“So Mom?” I piped up, hoping this would work.

“Yes, Hearty?” she replied, smiling down at me.

“Were…were you going to spank me at first?” I asked, feigning curiosity, since I knew the answer already.

In answer, she levitated my hairbrush off the dresser, making me wince. That thing was only reserved for the worst of the worst. Thick ebony wood…tough bristles…the works. Even carved with my real name.

“Heh..so, um, if you would going to use my brush, was my butt in a bit of a crisis?” I asked, setting it up and hiding my grin.

She nodded. “I guess you could say that, yes.” She told me, looking curiously at me now.

“So you could say that if you had spanked me it would have been a…Cris-Ass!” I chirped.

The next thing I knew, Mom had sat down, tossed me over her knees, and was raising the…

Oh bugger…

He fucking deserved it, the degenerate

Using puns like than n shit

Cute snippet of a story Nomine
>What did I tell you about using Fire magic in the house?!”
Fire magic in the house.
Never a good idea.

Neat story.
Didn't notice it was Shining until the cutie mark. His muzzle looks feminine. Maybe the hair too, not sure. Are the eyes too round for the male pony designs?

I know nothing about how males are depicted in this show and am grasping at straws
yea I kinda agree with you on how feminine he looks.
For some reason I always draw him like that.
that was the worst I have drew him. he looks like a female there.

this one is a bit better. but he still looks like female.

I need to get in touch with the MLP stallions no homo
>Oh I've taken my share of licks
Twilight sings about her spankings.

I never thought of that, holy shit you may be right. HEADCANON ACCEPTED
>no homo

Why not

Embrace the stallion homo
Also, would you say the spanking was more for punning or swearing?
not Nomine, but hopefully the punning. Society can't stand for that kind of behavior.
Cute and hot as this is, I am soooo wanting to read a story with Shining spanking Twilight in a disciplinary situation.

Maybe when Mom and Dad aren't home, and Shining spanks her on the spur of a moment in a heated situation, like when Twilight does something dangerous.
Fuck yes.
>"We never had a single fight"

Twily is too embarrassed to admit that she got spanked by her brother before.
I wonder if the principal wanted to, ahem, "demonstrate" as a punishment for not keeping her students in line? That stallion is good at coming up with reasons to tan tushies, apparently.
I broke my usual policy against sibling-spankings and wrote a Shining/Twily story, but the setup was pretty complicated.
Basically, he was under official orders from Celestia to do it.
--The mechanical invasion--
Act 1 - introduction
An Evil villein is territories the city of manehattan. She uses her evil robotic minions and other gadgets for her criminal acts. The poor ponies in manehattan didn't stand a chance.
No pony ever knew her true identity of the masked villein And no pony knew her Evil base of operation location.
many brave ponies tried to uncover her secret base location, but her Robotic army are more than enough to stop them. not even the police force got a chance.

Coco pummel traveled to Ponyville asking rarity and her friends for help.
The mane 6 Dropped everything and they went there to investigate.
the city was empty. as most ponies either left.. or hiding. the streets are rather clean for ghost town. the walkways, stores and buildings are kept in good shape. as if nothing happened.
but that wasn't how it looked like few weeks ago. there was a battle between the elite pony force vs that evil scientist's machines. but now it look like they cleaned this place . as if there wasn't a battles happened there.

The mane 6 arrived at the city. the train station was off limits to the public. but twilight used her status to make an exception. the train conductor was so nervous. he left with the train as soon as he dropped them off.

The mane 6 carefully walked inside the streets.
they were suddenly got alarmed by some of the flying security bots.
they hid inside one of the alleys away from the security bots optic eyes.
as they were hiding in one of the dark alleys , one of the hoof robot spotted them.
He was about to alarm the other robots of their location. but they immediately ganged up on him. the poor bot didn't stand a chance and was broken into little pieces.
they climbed up one of the safety ladders and jumped inside one of the empty apartment.
Twilight Sparkle : this is really bad we cannot do our investigation with all these robots around.
Rarity : what do we need more to investigate ? coco said the robots taking the city and there they are .
Twilight Sparkle : I know but we don't know how and where did they come from. what do they need ?
Fluttershy : Maybe a dragon caused them to migrate. as they are now adjusting to their new environment.
Pink : You know what robots are ...they are machines. they are not animals.
RD : why don't we just capture one of them and get some answers from him.
TW : no. he would alarm everypony else and we will be the one in trouble.
AppleJack : so what do you suggest we do twilight ?
TW : for now we just sit back and observe.
few min later.
RD : this is so boring...
Twilight Sparkle : just wait a bit longer. I have a theory.
RD: that theory of yours better come up soon or I'm gonna die from boredom.
Twilight sparkle took a peak from a window looking at the other robots walking to investigate the robot they destroyed earlier.
Few moments later a service robots came in and took the broken pieces and transported it to an unknown location.
TW : this is it. we finally got a lead.
RD : what do you mean ?
Twilight Sparkle : well from my observation i learned few things. First they got are well organized and following a procedure. secondly they got maintenance base. and they use oil. Rainbow Dash - they scouts report back to some place.
TW : If we follow one of those leads robots we can find the location of their Base of operation. and possibly who is making all of them.
RD : what are we waiting for lets go...
as rainbow dash was about to Dash off. apple jack grabbed her by her tail and pulled her back in.
RD : aaww
AppleJack : we can't just go after them like that we will attract unnecessary attention.
TW : excellent point ... we need to split up into 3 groups each one follow a lead then we report back at the train station with our findings.
OK! everypony said.
So they split into 3 groups
TW : Rarity and applejack you two follow the Robot maintenance bots.
TW : Pinkie and Fluttershy you see where they are getting their Oil.
TW : me and RD will try to follow those flying scout drones.
And so they went ...

Act 2 - infiltration
AppleJack and rarity were tailing one of the henchman robots. he was filling creates with trash ..
Rarity "are you sure he is one of the Scientist's robots ?
AppleJack : yes
Rarity : well it look like hes just cleaning the city , which is not bad.
AppleJack well we don't all know why he is doing this and what he need from taking the garbage.
they continued to follow him from a distance. he went into a back ally. they almost lost eye sight of him.
AppleJack hurry up rarity we don't want to lose him.
the robot was just finished emptying the trash box inside a garbage truck.
Rarity "pant pant... See he is just taking out the trash."
AppleJack : but where.
he got inside the driver seat and started the car engine.
AppleJack quickly dragged rarity and ran behind the truck.
AppleJack : hop in..
Rarity : hop in.. oh nno nnnnonononono
AppleJack we don't have much time the truck is about to move.
Rarity : I will never get near those disgusting trash...
AppleJack pushed rarity inside. her face and her upper body were sunk deep inside the garbage. AppleJack jumped in as the truck start moving.
Rarity pulled herself out of the trash. some dirt were still stuck in her mane and it was all messy. she spat out a dead fish that was inside her mouth.
Rarity : eeewwwwwwwww Damn it Apple Jack
>in the meantime.
pinkie pie and Fluttershy found an oil dispenser truck standing on the road. but there was too many robots gathering around.
Fluttershy : there are too many of them pinky. we cannot go any further.
Pinkie : but we are so close. we should sneak in.
Fluttershy : but they are too many of them. I don't think we can go without being noticed.
Pinkie : well you have a good point. The plan is to go there without being noticed. if the noticed us then my original unnoticed plan would fail. and good thing that you noticed that we are gonna get noticed Fluttershy.
Fluttershy : ...
Pinkie pie : I got an idea that might work. we could be the service bots.
Fluttershy : service bots ?
Out of nowhere pinkie put on a costume made from cardboard. and made Fluttershy were one too.
Pinkie pie : Ok I'll be the pinkie bot and you'll be the service bot..
Fluttershy : umm pinkie I don't think it's a good idea maybe we should....
but Fluttershy's words fell into a deaf ears. Pinkie rushed in and walked toward a group of robots.
Fluttershy nervously followed her.
they walked inside one of the robot camps.
One of the security bots noticed them and intercept their path.
Bot - Scanning... unknown bots detected raising the alarm.
Pinkie : oh wait Mr robot. I am... Just.. The .. New .. repair ... bot ... and .. this .. is (she pointed at Fluttershy)... A .. service .. bot ...
Bot : Ok .. you .. may continue your directive ..
the security robot walked away.
PinkiePie : Wew that was a close one right Fluttershy ? ... Fluttershy ... ?
Pinkie looked around searching for Fluttershy only to see her in her costume flying toward something.
Fluttershy was helping a little robot that got his foot stuck in the sewer drain.
"there there little guy , the service shy bot is here to help you.
The robot did not speak but made a sound bleep bloop sound for Fluttershy.
the little robot then moved his arm around as it was making a squeaky rusty sound.
he looked at Fluttershy and said Beep beep beep boop.
"tesk tesk tesk poor little fellow. Mama bot would make it better."

she looked around and saw Pinkiepie holding an oil can. Fluttershy swiftly rushed toward pinkie and took the can off her. pinkie pie fell on the ground as Fluttershy rushed back to the little bot.
she lube his joint. the robot then start swinging his arm back and forth. he jumped around happily.
then stopped and bowed to Fluttershy. "bweep bweep"
"I know little guy I was just doing my job .. now run along.."
and he left
Pinkie : you know these are Evil robots not your barn animals.
Fluttershy : "I know but I cannot just leave helpless little guys like that.."
Pinkie : they are machines. they have no feelings or emotions..
Fluttershy but he thanked me and He..
Pinkie interrupted her with a shhh...
one of the patrol robots was walking next to them
pinkie whispered " we'll talk about this later. remember we are on a mission. quick let's hide inside that van.
lucky for them it was the service bot van. the blended with the other service robots as the van drove away.

but they weren't as lucky as RD and twilight.
while they were tailing one of the scout drones. they got ambushed by other flying bots.
they dropped an energy draining net on them . they got captured and brought down to the secret base.

back to Rarity and AppleJack. the garbage truck stopped and unloaded the load into a conveyer belt.
they both fell first and got buried under the trash. and as they were digging themselves up the conveyor belt started moving transporting them inside the factory.
rarity gasped for air after digging herself up. her main was messy and dirty.
Rarity : what's that .. eheeew , my mane is totally ruined ruined I told you... wahahaaa. rarity was wallowing in her own misery.
Rarity : why did you dump us here applejack why ... applejack ?
she looked around and saw applejack still struggling under the trash.
rarity was still disgusted by all these filth but her friend needs help. she closed her eyes and sunk her hooves inside the mucky trash and pulled applejack up.
rarity : Darling, are you alright ?
Applejack : I think so. but where are we ?
Rarity : I have no idea .. it look like some sort of factory.
AppleJack : wait we are moving !

AppleJack looked ahead of the conveyor line . it was headed toward a compressing machine.
AppleJack: oh this is not good we need to get off this belt right Now!
rarity : eww look at my hooves they are all ruined , my mane is so messy . and what's that she sniffed her mane. wahahaaaa I smell horrible.
rarity lost it.

Applejack panicked and looked at rarity , she was just laying there wallowing in her misery.
then looked for a way of the belt. the conveyor belt was hanging high of the ground. and all gears and gizmos underneath. so jumping of was out of the question.
Rarity : but whyyyy . my mane is ruined ... I'm all dirty ... I'm just a trash now.
AppleJack : Snap out of it rarity. we need to get off this line NOW.
Applejack new that she cannot count on rarity in this situation and she had to do something now. she looked for a way off the belt.
They were getting closer to that compressing bars . she saw her doom . they would be crushed below it. pony body aren't meant to be squished like that.
then with a quick glance she saw one of the transporting bot floating near them. she knew she had this one chance.
she took a bite on rarity's tail. and then with all her strength she can muster. she jumped and hanged on that floating bot.
rarity got pulled out of the pile and was hanging by her tail.
Applejack was struggling to keep her balance. and was barely able to hang on.
the bot got startled a bit then continued floating .
Rarity saw the pile she was in getting Squished by that compressor. she got a grim expression on her face. she only now knew what AppleJack just did.
rarity pulled herself up a bit and hanged on applejack's waist.
rarity was dangling off holding into applejack.
rarity : hang on tight.
she then looked down. she got a grim look on her face then she tightened her grab on applejack's waist.
AppleJack : Stop struggling rarity you are kicking me off balance.
rarity : (whined )but I don't want to die ..
the flying bot was descending he couldn't fly regularly with all the extra weight. the bot carried them away from the belt toward another dark area.
they cannot see the ground yet. but that area had too many pipes . going horizontal and vertical.
as it was descending. he crossed on of the horizontal pipes. luckily for applejack the pipe went underneath her. but it was going to hit her right into the middle of rarity's dangling body.
Rarity : oh no nonononono ...
she tried to climb up applejacks' body. but she couldn't climb up. so she caught the pipe right in the chest.
Rarity : omphh
the bot and applejack continued on. she didn't want to drag applejack with her. so she had to let go.
Applejack : rarity !
rarity was hanging into that pipe .
Rarity : applejack !...
the bot and applejack were traveling further away leaving Rarity hanging in there.
Applejack : hang in there rarity I wil .. aay ve ..
she was further away rarity couldn't hear her anymore.
Rarity : this is rather importunate turn of event. I need to find my way out of the alone..
she looked around . the area was dark she can barely see a thing. she lit her horn to scout the area. she was too far away from the ground. there was pipes everywhere. then she saw a platform far below that has a catwalk next to it. but to get there she need to climb down on some pipes.

on another part of the base.
Rainbow dash regained her conscious . she saw herself being carried by one of the robots who was walking inside the factory. twilight was also being carried by another robot. but she was still unconscious.
Rainbow Dash with a swift quick motion. she struggled hard and got away from the robot. the robot eyes turned red. and raised an alarm sound
alert alert prisoner is escaping. prisoner is escaping.
Rainbow Dash : hey who are you calling a prisoner ...
she flew fast and tried to kick the robot who was holding twilight. but soon rainbow dash found herself being surrounded by all those robots that came in.
rainbow dash : not good. Wait for me twilight I will go find some help.
then rainbow dash flew inside the factory away from the robots. she looked behind her and saw flying security bot chasing her. being in confined area was a huge disadvantage for rainbow dash. and she didn't know her way around this factory.
the security bots were on her tail. she couldn't shake them of. so she flew inside some corridors. she made some sharp 90 degree turns. the bots couldn't match her agility. then rainbow dash hid behind one of the boxes that were laying around one of the corridors corners.
the security bots lost her. they scanned the area then disengaged and went back to their posts.
Rainbow Dash : phew.. well they weren't any match for the fasted pony around.
as she was saying that . air duct bars was kicked off the wall next to her. Rainbow Dash panicked and sticked a fighting pose. only to see pinkie pie climbing down that hatch.
Rainbow Dash : Pinkie pie ?
Pinkiepie : Rainbow Dash ! I know it was when I heard your voice I had to come out and see.
RaibowDash : what .. how .. why are you inside this air duct ..
Pinkie pie : well... it all started when I was at sugar cube corner. I was super busy preparing a huge cupcake order for some.
Rainbow Dash : Hey... not that .. where is Fluttershy .. you and her were supposed to follow the oil distribution...
Pinkie pie : oh yea .. we were walking in the streets when we got spotted by flying security bot. to avoid his mean look we went inside an ally ..
Rainbow Dash : wait a sec...
Pinkiepie : then we got spotted by that metallic robot we all jumped at him..
Rainbow Dash : Pinkie!
Pinkiepie : what ?
Rainbow Dash : I was there ...
Pinkie pie : oh I know you were.. but then why did you ask ?
Rainbow Dash : sigh ... I was asking you what happened to Fluttershy ?
Pinkie pie : well I was getting into that. as I was saying ... umm.. where was I again ? oh well I'll start all over again. well it all started when I was at sugar cube corner....
Pinkie : blah blah blah blah Coco pommel... blah blah blah....
Rainbow Dash was facehoofing herself.
Pinkie pie : blah blah blah rarity wanted to pack some dresses. but then twilight said there is no time for that.. blah blah blah a wind dropped applejack's hat on the floor she followed it and caught it .it was hilarious. anyway we boarded the train. but that purple train conductor was afraid .... blah blah blah.
Rainbow dash was slamming her head on the wall.
Pinke kept going on and on...
Pinkie pie : blah blah blah... we were at the van. the van then stopped. the boxes inside the van were actually other maintenance bots. they got off the van to be greeted by a mean looking security robot. he was scanning the other bots as they were leaving the van. Fluttershy was really scared from him. I told her there is nothing to be afraid of my disguises can fool any stupid robots. so I pushed her out of the van.
Rainbow Dash : so they captured her ?
Pinkepie : no silly Dashie . as I said my disguise are very well made. Fluttershy fell in front of that scary robot. he scanned her. then that robot said " scanning Complete .. Flutter-bot identified ! please carry out your directive.".
RaibowDash : wait the robot identified Fluttershy as flutterbot and he was ok with it ?
Pinkie pie : umm... yea ?
rainbow dash rolled her eyes then asked " then what happened ?"
Pinkiepie : well then I got off the van and stood in front of the robot. he was all gruff and boring so I wanted to lighten up the mood. so I danced . I spanned around then flew off the air doing 3 inner loop then I landed gracefully on one hoof.
Rainbow Dash ~well that sounds like pinkie alright~
Pinkiepie : but he wasn't all impressed. these evil robots have no sense of talent... they are EVIL rainbow dash ... Eee VvilLL.
she was saying that line while being really close to rainbow dash's face.
RainbowDash : yes that's why we are here. so what happened next ?
pinkie : well he scanned me of course and Identified me as awesome pinka bot . ..
pinke went silent for a moment.
RainbowDash : then ?
Pinkiepie : well ..
she was hesitating to continue.
RaibowDash pressed on " well ... what .. what happened ?"
Pinkie " the back side of my disguise fell off. my cutesy bubbly butt was exposed. the security bot's eye soon turned red. he grabbed my tail and scanned my exposed area . he then yelled alert alert intruder detected. he then shoot me with a beam. it hit my butt it really hurt. it made me jump up . somehow my tail got away from his grip and I start running.
he followed me and continued shooting me. shooting my butt . why is he shooting my butt. why ?
she grabbed rainbow dash and got real close to her. then yelled Why?
rainbow dash : Shh... lower your voice down we don't want to get caught again..
Pinkie lowered her voice " oh yea sorry but why were the bots shooting only my butt. look ."
she turned around to show her her butt.
Pinkie "it's all red and bruised."
rainbow dash : let's stop talking about your butt for the moment and continue .. what happened next ?
pinkie : oh nothing..
Rainbow Dash : what do you mean nothing happened ?
Pinkiepie : I just ran away and got inside those air ducts and crawled all the way inside .then I got lost until I heard your voice self claiming that you were the fasting pony alive .
Rainbow Dash : what about Fluttershy ?... hey I am the fastest pony alive that's a fact!
Pinkiepie : no you aren't the fastest one .. but I don't know what happened to Fluttershy.
Raibowdash : Tell me who is faster than me?
Pinkie pie : well there are ... Duck!
rainbow dash : a duck ?
Pinkie then pulled rainbow dash down to the ground. "shh .. robots" then she pointed toward 3 patrol robots passing them in the corridors.
Pinkie : we'll talk about this later but for now let's get back into those air shafts.
Rainbow Dash : why back there ?
Pinkiepie : its safer there they cannot see us. besides we cannot sneak around with a bright pink coat and rainbow colored mane.
Rainbow Dash : well that's a fair point . I'm not used to you being this smart.
Pinkiepie : te-he I have my moments.
they both climbed and crawled down the air ducts and got busy traveling there. meanwhile .

There is a huge gap in the next part of this story that I didn't write yet.
and I posted this unfinished as a way to ask you guys for input.

basicly I need some ideas of these ponies getting tormented (especially their butts) by some mechanical peril.

I already wrote the Act 4 , 5 , and the finally but Act 3 is missing.

>Act 3
This act is all about Tormenting all the 5 ponies currently in the factory base.( PinkiePie - AppleJack - Rarity - Rainbow Dash and Twilight)
Each one of them gets trapped in silly situation with one of the machines in the factory. The factory machinery would do something aren't meant for Ponies.
I went ahead and wrote down Pinkie and Rainbow dash sections here.

I know there haven't been any spanking or 'Action' yet. but I assure you its there pass that gap.
Please give me your feedback so I can continue this.. I've been working at it like forever
working on huge story like this alone is hard. especially for the amount of effort I put into it.

I asked people around to collab with me but I hardly found anyone who seemed interested. and only got 2 people. one of them went ignored me after I sent him this. the other well said mean things about it and dropped.
so you see I've taken some hits and it did put me down.

that's why I might not do anything big again. but that depends on how it goes here.
Well, it is big af, so it's take me a while to read, so I have to do it when I get back from my shift.

The fact it isn't separated by
does make the format harder to follow, though. All I'll say for now, since I haven't read it yet, but I'll get to it
Random thought would be a bottling conveyor belt of some sort, which could lead to various enema/inflation/mouthsoaping scenarios, with a cap or cork acting as a final butt reddening?
This stuff I'm looking for. this is just a standard stuff for me and I already included them in later acts
need more ridiculous scenarios like these.

this is only the beginning. i spent more than 3 months writing this. the meaty part is way longer. so take your time reading it. I made it as an adventure with many things happings at the same time. you won't get bored.(I hope)
Rarity WOULD be the pony to freak out about being "just trash now" (lol) as they head to certain doom. Rares always makes me laugh, and I can hear her voice saying those lines.

I'm a phone poster, so I'm still reading right now
It's hard to follow and a bit too hectic, and sometimes the grammar and syntax are off. But I got a kick out of Pinkie getting shot in the butt, as well as by how the costumes actually managed to fool the robots for some reason. I also really want to see Rarity get it for almost getting her and Applejack both killed, but it's hard to come up with scenarios right now.

Maybe Rarity, since she's so dirty, could get caught in a cleaning conveyor belt thing where she gets scrubbed all over, with a really, really rough haired brush, on her butt too of course. And then some jets of water, too.
What if Pinkie and Rainbow get their rumps stuck in the heating ducts somehow and can't get out until help arrives from some other Mane 6 member?
>stuck in ducts.
This could work.
I'm thinking of just skipping ahead to the next "Act" the events that takes place in Act 3 (the missing act" is kinda just a transitional filler.

Here some Guide line. and get into prospective on how big this story is.

>Act 1 - introduction
already posted

>Act 2 - infiltration
80% of it have been posted

>Act 3 - collective peril
wrote 40% of it

>Act 4 - meeting with the mastermind
100% done and ready to be posted

>Act 5 - Humilation
100% done and ready to be posted

>Act 6 - unfriendly reunion
100% done and ready to be posted

>Act 7 - Twilight's resistance
100% done and ready to be posted

>Act 8 - unexpected guest
80% done

>Act 9 - Epilogue
90% done

>Act 10 - Extras and deleted scenes
I posted one of them as a standalone story you might have read it before
it was The ginger experiment http://pastebin.com/4Z815Nd4
But there are few more extras lines and story scenes that I cut out. I didn't just deleted them I saved them for this section
Damn dude, that's a lot of story
I don't usually use the mane 6 in my stories. But in this one, I really tried hard to make them all stay in character.

My plan is to write this story as an actual episode.

>A bit too hectic.
Could you elaborate?
>grammar and syntax
Well nothing new , most of my stories are like that. I really hope it's not that distracting.

>rarity and appleJack
I am building this up. So it would feel abit justified when they gets it.
File: twilight-sparkle-rear.jpg (95 KB, 825x825)
95 KB
rump bump
Oh, that butt needs a paddlin.
Bump b4 shift

It was a bit of both, but mostly the punning. Swearing would have been met with soap...as the story will show when I finish and post it.

There will also be two spankings, with a lot of other stuff in between.
>butt needs a paddlin.
I think she knows it too.
She looks worried.
Sounds like something I can get... behind.

Stop trying to Butt in on my puns with you ass-inine jokes.
This is getting em-bare-ass-ing
Fuck alla y'all, alla dese puns n shit

No, no...these aren't shit puns.

I would never lower myself to such crappy toilet humor. All that does is piss people off.

And I warn you all...if any of you do it, urine for a major spanking.
Page 8 bump with a question.

If I were to take my favorite book, put it into my tea kettle, then infuse it into some water and drink it, do you guys think it would taste good?

I think it would...until the novel-tea wore off.




The only one I see that deserves a good spanking for puns is you.
B4 bed

Bring it
File: 1487106342839.jpg (28 KB, 350x454)
28 KB
Guards, remove him to the dungeon...
File: Spoiler Image (221 KB, 1024x1365)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
No twilight but here's a picture I found of someone's OC spanking spike, doesn't really make any sense because of his scales but whatever. sorry if this is a repost, I read through the earlier threads and I don't remember seeing it.
>Spike's tail lift

That's honestly sexier than it has any right to be.
Meant to reply to>>29663344
Lewd much?

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