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File: Umbra P5.png (272 KB, 1000x1000)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
Happily Ever After? Edition

Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin (Be warned they are long, I am working on it)
Part 1: http://pastebin.com/shurgbZ9
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/WSp0Cpxv
Part 3: http://pastebin.com/ZTwyKsMN
Part 4: http://pastebin.com/dVKsDRhX
Part 5: http://pastebin.com/PEVVbQHu
Part 6: http://pastebin.com/e0b3Ercz
Part 7: http://pastebin.com/Di70hQAv

>What is this? Another Rule 63 thread?
No, not really. This is a thread about Queen Umbra and her adventures with everyone's favorite human Anon!

>So a story thread then?
Yes! This is a story that takes place after the Reflections comic arc You know the one where Celestia loves that Sombra from the mirror universe where everyone good is evil and everyone evil is good. Before the last thread died our heros failed to kill the wolf that Umbra wanted to hunt, but in return they acquired a cute puppy that they have named Ammy. Now two weeks after that, our hero Anon is out looking for the perfect gem for Umbra's engagement ring

>So it's just a thread for your story?
No of course not! Like always if you want to write something go ahead
If not sit back and enjoy or talk about vidyas of your choice
>Walking down the tunnel behind DD, you start to wonder how long you've been walking
>It actually feels like it been thirty minutes of winding tunnels and gems
>"Is it me or is it getting hotter?" Wedge asks
>You know he's kinda right
>It was cold as ice outside
>The Grotto was just a little bit warmer
>Now it feels like you waking down a heated staircase
"You're right." You say "Hey DD where are we going? Or better yet how far out of the empire are we?"
>"Far." DD says
>Eventually you can see a red glow towards the end of the tunnel
>The heat is picking up as well
>It actually starting to feel like an oven!
>DD stops and turns to his right
>Coming out of the tunnel, you see what causing all this heat
>Standing on top of the ledge, you look out at the lake of lava before you

I knew I should have bumped before I left this morning
File: The Church.png (736 KB, 1364x608)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
>"Wow..." Wedge says
>This place looks like something straight out of Mario level
>Balls of fire hop in and out of the lava
>The lave crashes against the cliff you're standing on
And towards the center of the lake is a large island
"Where the hell is this?!"
>"A cave I found while digging." DD says "I thought hot meant good."
>It looks like there's a way down to some land to your left
>DD hands you the binoculars before pointing off towards the island
>"The gem I was talking about is over there." DD says
>Looking through the binoculars, you finally can see what's on the island
>It looks like an alter of some sorts
>And on top of it a huge gemstone! Floating in mid air
>It's shape is rectangular and it's color is that of whitish red
>But it looks like it's changing colors down there
>Then again it's hard to tell with the lava
"It's perfect." You tell DD as you hold the binoculars for Wedge "Just tell me how to get it."
>"You don't." DD says as he turns back "There's no way to get across the lava."
"There has to be some way to get over there!"
>"Anon, can you move the binoculars up?" Wedge asks "So that they're looking at the ceiling?"
"Huh? Oh yeah sure." You say "Now DD why didn't you just have a pegasi fly ov-"
>A pillar of lave erupts from the lake, completely shutting you up
>"That's why." DD says "And I don't have enough lava resistance potions to swim across either."
>Those exist?
>"Besides, this place does not feel right." DD says "There is something ominous about this cave."
>You look back at the altar that holds the gem
"I need to get that gem, DD." You tell him "For Umbra."
>DD looks back at you once more before shaking his head
>"It is impossible, Anon." DD says "There is no way to get over there."
>"Not necessarily." Wedge says "We might be able to just jump across."
>You and DD both look down at Wedge, who moves the binoculars away
"I don't think I can make that jump."
>"You can't make a two foot jump?" Wedge asks "That's how far you'd have to jump when we bring those stalagmites down."
>You look up to see the large stalagmites he was talking about
>"I say we have a fifty fifty chance that they could stay above the lave for us to traverse across them." Wedge says
"Us?" You asks "You don't have to come along. Wedge. This looks a little dicey."
>"Isn't everything we do dicey? And of course I have to!" Wedge says "You're one of my best friends. I have to help my friend get this stone for my queen."
>You smile, but a thought quickly wipes it away
"Wait. How are we going to bring those stalagmites down?"
>"You still practice magic, right?" Wedge asks
>You nod your head
"Umbra and I practice occasionally in the mornings."
>"So just be like a unicorn and shoot them down." Wedge says "It shouldn't be that hard for you."
>"Are you two sure about this?" DD asks
>You nod your head
"We'll get that jewel."
>"Then get your armor." DD says "I don't think you want any stray lava burning through your nice clothes."
>You look down at yourself
>He's right
"Guess that means I'm heading back to the castle."
>Should we just meet back up here?" Wedge asks
"Yup." You say "See you back here in thirty?"
>"You got it." Wedge says
>"Then follow me." DD says as you all head back into the tunnel
Queen Umbra Thread? Tsk tsk tsk.

It's gonna be Reflections Thread~
>You are Umbra
>Currently as of this moment you are just signing off on documents that you have been putting off
>Really it's just a way to pass the time until Cadance and Celestia's arrival
>This whole situation has you annoyed
>Why did Celestia not just ask you if she could stop on her own?!
>Maybe she was afraid you would reject her
>You most likely would have honestly
>She just wants to see Anonymous!
>What else would she come her for?!
>For you?
>You stop writing and lay down the quill
>Speaking of Anonymous...
>You wonder what he's up to today
>Maybe it would have been best to ask him
>You're pulled from your thoughts when you hear a knock at the door
>Ammy who was playing with a ball, begins to bark at the door
>Getting up, you open the door hoping to see your beloved
>But instead it is your brother
File: 1489296241936.jpg (44 KB, 461x600)
44 KB
"Oh it's you, brother." You say as you turn back to head to your desk
>"You sound like you were expecting somepony else." Sombra says "Princess Celestia perhaps?"
>Your eye twitches
>Turning around you open your mouth to chew his head off, but instead her pops a cookie into your mouth
>"I kid, sister." He says as he place down a plate of cookies "Here, I brought these from The Emerald Cafe."
>Swallowing the cookie in your mouth, you smile
"Thank you, Sombra." You say as you sit back down "But tell me, why were you there?"
>Sombra uses his magic to scratch Ammy behind her ears
>"I just felt like going out to eat." He says "You should join me next time."
"I suppose I could make time for you, my dear brother." You tell him "Sombra, have you seen Anonymous?"
>"I have not." Sombra says "He is your human not mine."
>Where did he run off to?
>Ammy rolls around onto her back
>"In any case, I'm here to help you with your dilemma." Sombra says "Involving Princess Celestia."
>Well at least you won't be alone for this
>Upon hearing another knock at the door, Sombra opens it to reveal Ariadne
>"Lady Umbra, the princesses have arrived." Ariadne says

Fuck it feels good to type up so many parts in a day! Hopefully the thread is still alive when I wake up
Good Morning Equestria! bump
I shall protect this thread!
Bump protection go!
>You sigh before picking up the plate of cookies
"I suppose it's time." You say as you eat another cookie, before handing the plate to Ariadne
>Heading out the doors and down the stairs, you come to the main hall where you see Cyprus and Arthas, standing with the princesses
>Waving them off, you approach Celestia and Cadance
"Good afternoon, princesses." You say "I hope your trip here was a smooth one."
>"You may leave us." Sombra whispers to Arthas and Cyprus
>"It went well." Celestia says as she looks around the main hall "The spell you gave us worked perfectly."
>Might as well burst her bubble now
"Anonymous is not here at the moment." You tell them (her) "I actually do not know where he has gone to."
>"Oh." Celestia says in a disappointed tone
>You knew it!
>"Instead I will be joining you in his place." Sombra says "If you'll have me of course."
>"I don't see why not!" Cadance says "I think it'll actually be nice to sit and talk with you Sombra. Wouldn't you agree, Auntie?"
>Celestia looks over to him and nods her head
>"After everything we have all been through with one another, I think it would be nice to start over." Celestia says before looking over at you "The same goes to you, Umbra. I hope we can build new relationship that does not feel like just an alliance."
>You give her a skeptical look
>"My sister is a very stubborn mare, but I am quite certain that the two of you can work towards that goal." Sombra says for you
>Glancing over to Sombra, he smiles at you before you turn back to look at Celestia
"Excuse me if I seem a little cold to you. Our recent history has made me a little hesitant to start a friendship with you." You tell her "But maybe we can start slow here today and see where that takes us. Let us go up to my study, there we will not be disturbed and my head maid we be able to bring us refreshments and food."
>Turning around, you lead the princesses to the stairway
Why doesn't someone just use telekenisis or teleport over to grab the stone?
Too easy
File: 10 INT.jpg (15 KB, 222x227)
15 KB
>You are Anon
>After exiting the tunnel and then The Grotto, both you and Wedge split up to get your armor
>Coming back up to the castle, you open the doors and head inside
>Shaking some of the snow off you, you look around the main hall
>No one is here
>Did Celestia and Cadance show up yet?
>Heading on up the stairs, you get up to the top floor
>As you step out into the hallway, you can hear talking coming from Umbra's study
>Celestia and Cadance voices can be heard through the doors
>So they are here
>Well it's best not to disturb them right now
>As you start creeping down the hall, you're quickly stopped when the sound of barking comes from the door
>The doors open and you see everyone sitting at a table drinking tea
>"Anonymous! You have returned." Umbra says as the glow of her horn dies down "See that, Celestia? Our little pup is amazing at finding Anonymous."
>Dang it, Ammy!
>She impossible to sneak past!
"Hey Umbra." You say "Celestia, Cadance, It's good to see you two again."
>Celestia smiles
>"Come sit with us, beloved." Umbra says "We were just having some tea and sweets."

Anon only has 10 INT and Wedge is an earth pony also >>29682147
And he has no points in sneak either i see
>You scratch the back of your head
>Sombra seems to notice your hesitation
>"Uh I can't right now." You tell her "I still have some things to do. I'm just here to grab my armor."
>Umbra pouts once again
>"What is it that has your attention?" Umbra asks "Or better yet, why do you need your armor? Has something happened?"
"DD is having some problems down in the caves and he asked if Wedge and I could check it out real quick." You tell her "It's nothing too serious, but we want to be safe."
>Umbra sighs
>"Okay..." She says, nodding her head "Just be careful and hurry back."
>You smile and come into the room before giving her a kiss on the head
"I will." You say before looking up to Celestia and Cadance "Then we could all catch up again."
>"We'd like that." Celestia says
>"Good luck on whatever you're up to, Anon!" Cadance says
>Rubbing Ammy's head you head on out and towards your room
Just once?
File: image.png (158 KB, 688x596)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
File: Anon Armor 1.jpg (94 KB, 1280x720)
94 KB
>After getting your armor and Rebellion, you made haste to The Grotto
>Arriving at The Grotto, you quickly head down the stairs to find Wedge and DD already waiting for you
>You see him adjusting the black crystal armor before her sees you
>"Hey Anon." He says "Everything go alright?"
>You nod your head
"I ran into Umbra, she wasn't too happy that I had to run off again." You say "I kind of want to wrap this up quick so I can get back to her."
>"Then we should get to it!" Wedge says as he throws on his helmet "You brought yours too, right?"
"Right here." You say "As much as I don't like wearing it, it might be best since we're going to be walking around lava."
>"We don't need it burning the face of the Queen's lover." Wedge says
>"It shouldn't if you drink these." DD says as he brings over some flasks
>There are four flasks filled with an orange liquid
>"Are these the lava resistance potions you were talking about?" Wedge asks
>DD nods his head
>"I think you'll need them more than I will." He says "They last for only an hour though."
"So two for you and two for me?"
>Wedge nods his head
>Taking two of the flasks, you put them away in your bag as Wedge does the same for him
>Putting on your helmet, you plant your fist into an open palm
"Now that we're ready, let's get moving!"
File: mIhse.gif (397 KB, 853x480)
397 KB
397 KB GIF
>Heading through the tunnels again it takes less time to get to the cavern this time around
>Entering the cave of heat again, you sigh when you feel yourself already beginning to sweat
>"I will stay right here and watch." DD says as he leans against the wall "Be careful, I don't want to be the one that tells Queen Umbra what happens if you two fail."
>You give him a thumps up
"Come on, Wedge." You say before pointing forward "We can get down from over there."
>"Wait, Anon." Wedge says as he takes his helmet off "We should down one of the potions now. That way we don't get burned trying to drink them down there."
>You take off your helmet
"Good point." You say as you reach into your bag
>Pulling out the flask, you take the little cork out while DD helps Wedge with his
>Sniffing the inside it doesn't smell horrible
"Down the hatch!" You say, putting the flask to your mouth
>Downing the orange liquid, you taste cinnamon
>Finishing your drink, you wipe your lips with your arm and set the flask down
>You look at your hands and body
>You thought it would make you glow or something
>"Tastes like medicine." Wedge says as he shakes his head "Yuck!"
>Putting on your helmet again, you both begin to travel down to the small platform below you

Alright. Tomorrow should be fun. See you Anons in the morning.
>You and Wedge slowly start to make your way down the narrow path
>"This is actually pretty exciting." Wedge says "I didn't think I would actually be doing any of this today."
"I glad you came out here to help." You say to him "I honestly wouldn't have figured how to get over there without you."
>"Come on, Anon. You're a smart guy." Wedge says "I'm sure you would have."
>Steeping down on the platform below, you both walk over to the center
>You look up at the stalagmites
"So how should I go about bringing them down?"
>"You know that move you do?" Wedge asks "Where your sword glows red and when you swing a red beam comes out?"
"Oh you mean the Drive?"
>Wedge nods his head
>"Try doing that to the very top of the Stalagmites." Wedge says "You'll cut right through it."
>Wedge point to three different ones
>"Get those." Wedge says "They'll be our stepping stones."
>Unsheathing Rebellion, you hold it and begin to focus your magic into the blade
>Upon hearing the crackle of the lighting, you swing three times
>Three beams of red energy fly out as they slice right through the top of the stalagmites
>From there you step back from the lava as they come crashing down
>Some of the lave splashes out towards you and Wedge
>"Back up!" Wedge says
>But before it can touch you, it just gets repelled away from your body
"So that's how it works."
>"The effect stacks too." Wedge says "That's why DD wanted to get more so he could drink them all at once."
>You both look and see that the stalagmites are still above the lava
>Leaving you a clear path to the other side
>"Awesome, it worked!" Wedge says "Come on, Anon."

Today has been an interesting day for a wrestling fan. Sorry about that."
What has happened
Don't know if you know the diva Paige, but some "Private Stuff" Got leaked.
>Finishing your drink, you wipe your lips with your arm and set the flask down
>You look at your hands and body
>You thought it would make you glow or something

Now Im imagining when Anon dies he will get teleported to a bonfire but everything he has ever done will be reset and only he remembers everything
Placing Rebellion onto your back you follow right behind Wedge
>When he comes to the edge of the rock, he looks back at you
>"I think we should go one at a time." Wedge says "We don't want to put too much weight onto these right after they've fallen."
"You're right." You say as you step up "I'll go first."
>Wedge stops you
>"I'll go first, Anon." Wedge says "It's for the best in case the worst happens."
"When you put it like that I actually don't want you testing it." You say "I mean the gem and Umbra are important to me, but I don't want my friend getting roasted for it."
>Wedge smiles
>"Don't worry about it, Anon. I'm not as slow as Biggs." Wedge says "I can just hop back before that happens."
>He gets ready to jump
>"I appreciate the thought though." Wedge says as he jumps to the first platform
>You anxiously watch as your friend tries to determine if the stalagmites are safe to walk on
>"Well since it hasn't sunk yet, I think it's safe to walk on." Wedge says as he jumps to the next one
>He does the same to that one and the next one before jumping to the island
>"Alright Anon, it safe to cross!" Wedge says "Just take your time!"
>Nodding your head, you leap to the first
>It shifts a little bit, but it eventually ceases
>Jumping to the next one and the next one, you finally hope over to the island
File: Phantom.gif (2.86 MB, 480x270)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB GIF
>Landing on the other side, you smile
>"That went better than expected." Wedge says "We're already here! I really expected something to go wrong there."
"Same here. Maybe we will be able to get that gem and go."
>Making your way across the island, you continue to look around
>There isn't much around her beside a few pools filled with lave
>They kind of remind you of those underwater caves even though you can't see if they even lead anywhere
>You notice that Wedge keeps checking behind the both of you
>"This place feels weird." Wedge says "Kinda how DD said. It's creepin me out."
>The feeling is mutual
"The air does feel heavy." You say "Maybe it's because there's this strange alter her on this island for no apparent reason."
>You walk around a very large pool of lava before continuing on
>"Why is it here?" Wedge asks "It just seems so odd for something this creepy to be down here."
>Coming up to said alter, you stand at the bottom steps
"Honestly I just want to grab this gem and go." You tell him "This place is starting to bug me now."
>"Then let's grab this gem and go." Wedge says
>Climbing up the stairs, you finally come face to face with the gem
>This thing is actually a lot bigger now that you're right here
>It should still fit in your bag
>"Look at this beauty." Wedge says as you admire the gem "It's the perfect blend of red, white, and purple. It just mixes so perfectly."
"You're going to make a very special mare very happy." You say as you grab the gem out of mid air
>As you go to put the gem in your bag, you feel Rebellion pulse
>Wait, that's not right
>It feels more like your magic is reacting to something
>Spinning around, you and Wedge spot a giant spider burst from the large lava pool in front of you
I Hate Fukin Platformers!
Rager, buddy, you're spelling "altar" wrong. You keep using "alter" (to change something) instead of "altar" (a ritual table).
File: Phantom 2.gif (3.27 MB, 480x270)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB GIF
>What the fuck is that?!
>It looks like a spider made entirely of lava with rocks covering it's body and legs
>Almost looks like the rocks are holding the lava in
>It has six blue orbs that are all focused on you
>This feels really familiar to you
>You look over to Wedge, who is completely petrified in fear
>"Is that another G-Great Beast?!" Wedge asks "Why'd it have to be a s-spider?!"
>The spider begins to make it way towards you and Wedge
>Each step it takes shakes the ground below you
>Both you and Wedge back up as far as you can until you touch the altar
>Shit! You can not get cornered like this
>When the spider is finally in front of you, it stops and and studies you
>Lava is popping out from the exposed parts of the spider
>And the heat coming off it is unbearable
>"Bah! Another small one." It says "I sensed something a little bigger. What a disappointing catch."
>This one can talk normally?!
>It glances over to the gem in your hand
>"What do you think you're doing?" It says "Get you dirty hands off my treasure!"
>You look down at the gem in your hands
"Sorry buddy, but I need this gem to make my mare a very happy mare." You say as pet the open spot between his eyes "I'm sure you can just find another one."
>You don't do this to anger it, but to see how hard this rock is
>It feels like you're not going to cut through it at all
>That doesn't seem to work as its eyes go from blue to a deep red
>"You puny pathetic thing." It says "I'll step on you like an ant!"
>The spider laughs menacingly as it raises one of it's legs to strike you
>Wedge dives under the spiders right leg, while you use your magic to jump right over it

I know, I feel like a real dummy.
This story is so fucking long already, why do you still add so much filler? What purpose does a mini-boss fight serve?
Comedic relief, Anon, and awesome badassery.

I like it
I for one an interested in the fight. Faggot.

>Landing on the ground behind the spider, you stuff the gem into you bag and draw Rebellion
>You expect this thing to be slow, so that means-
>The spider leaps into the air and spins around before landing
>It's mouth opens and you see a glowing orb start to form
A ball of fire flies from the spiders mouth, and you roll just in time to avoid it
>Looking back, you see it hit the cave wall and explode
>That would have fucked you up had it hit
>Wedge comes to your side
>"We can't run away from it." Wedge says "It'll just try to blast us."
"Think we can fight it?"
>"That depends." Wedge says "How thick is that shell?"
"Pretty." You say "I don't think I can cut through it."
>"My sword is no where as large as yours." Wedge says "If only we had Biggs's hammer."
>You both shut your mouths as the spider charges at you
>The both of you use your speed to avoid the attack
>"Okay if we can't cut through the armor, then we'll need to cut through the meaty parts." Wedge says "Which in this case is the lava holding him together."
>He looks at you
>"I'll jump on top and pick away at what I can. It has armor so I can stand on it." Wedge says "You need to go face to face with it. Smack the lava out of his mouth."
>You laugh
"Alright. Time to squash this bug."
File: Phantom Retreat.gif (3.34 MB, 480x270)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB GIF
>You and Wedge run right towards the spider prepared to strike
>Splitting up you get the spider to turn at you
>"Return my gem and I'll make your deaths quick!" The spider says as tries to stab you with it's leg
>Stepping back, you wait for it's leg to get stuck in the floor before rushing in
>Wedge jumps onto the spider and begins to stab at the openings in the shell repeatedly
>"Get off, you bug!" The spider says
>"You're one to talk!" Wedge says
>With Wedge distracting him for the moment, you repeatedly slice at what lava you can on it's face and neck
>The spider reels back in pain before back handing you away with it's leg
>"Anon!" Wedge yells "Look out!"
>Shaking your head, you see the spider charging at you with it's front legs guarding it's face
>As you stand back on your feet, the spider opens it's guard and swipes at you
>But since it created an opening, you deliver a swift stinger right into the mouth of the spider
>It screams again as lave spurts out from it's mouth
>But thanks to the lava resist potion it's just reflected away
>You notice that the shell starting to turn more red
>Suddenly the spider shakes Wedge off him, and swats you away with it's leg again
>Sliding across the hot rock, you stop yourself before you go too far
>The spider cries out in pain before it dives into one of the lava pools
>As you and Wedge try to catch your breaths, you look into the pool
>"Did it just run from us?" Wedge asks
"Who cares?" You say "Let's get the hell out of here!"
>Placing your sword onto your back, you both hurry back to DD

Imagine if in Dragon Ball Z the show just jumped from the fight with Vegeta to Frieza to The Androids to Cell to the Buu fights with no filler. I like to put in the down time before we jump to the next serious part.

Also if we just jump to the next serious bit a lot of questions would be raised here asking how things are the way they are a year and a half later in the empire.
Little do they know there always a bigger spider
>While Anon and Wedge entered the tunnel to the cave for the second time...
>You are Umbra
>What are you doing, my beloved?
>Looking out the window, you want to go to The Grotto to see what is happening
>But you're stuck here
>"Would you like more tea, Lady Umbra?" Ariadne asks
>You shake yourself from your thoughts before looking up at her
"That would be nice, Ariadne."
>Ariadne fills you cup back up
>"What about you, Princess Celestia?" Ariadne asks with the kettle handle still in her mouth
>"I would as well." Celestia says "Thank you, Ariadne."
>Ariadne pours her some more before placing the kettle down
>"I must say Umbra, this puppy really suits you." Celestia as she pets Ammy's head "You said you acquired her during a hunting trip?"
>You nod your head
"We had hurt her mother, who was my target." You tell her "I just did not know she had this pup at the time."
>"So you and Anonymous are acting as it's guardians for the time being?" Celestia asks
>You nod your head before taking a sip of your tea
>"Umbra, may I ask you something?" Celestia asks
"What is it?"
>"I was hoping we could see how the repairs are going to the empire." Celestia says "It would help ease my mind if I saw the damage I cause was repaired."
>You may have just thought of a way to go to The Grotto
>Thank you, Celestia!
>Maybe you are not so bad after all!
"Why don't I show you around the empire so you can see the repairs?" You say as you stand up "Sombra, Cadance, Ariadne, would you like to join us?"
>You are Anon
>Climbing back up to where DD was standing, you see him poke his head out of the tunnel
>"Are you two okay?" DD asks "Is the spider dead?"
"It ran from us." You say, shaking your head "This is the best chance for us to get out of here before it shows up again."
>"Yeah. If it's healing then we won't want to be here when it comes back." Wedge says
>Entering the tunnel again, you all try to keep a brisk pace as your head back
>"At least we're finally get away from that place." Wedge says "I was starting to melt in there."
"Tell me about it." You says "I can't wait to get back out side to the cold air."
>"Anon, can I see the gem?" DD asks "Now that you've retrieved it, I'd like to actually get a good look at it."
>You smile and reach into your small bag
"Here you go."
>DD takes the gem and begins to examine it
>"It looks so beautiful!" DD says "All the colors continue to slowly swirl around."
>"I'm sure Queen Umbra will love it, Anon." Wedge says "So now you just need to take it to a jeweler, right?"
>You nod your head
"Yup then I just need to find a-"
>A loud crashing noise echos from behind you, causing you all to look back
>From down the tunnel, you see the spider crawling right behind you
File: Chase.gif (1.87 MB, 320x180)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB GIF
I forgot to post the image because I was in such a hurry.
>"You aren't getting away from me!" The spider yells "Return my gem!"
"You got to be shitting me!"
>You point to Wedge and DD
"We need to move! Now!" You say, pointing behind them "Go!"
>Wedge and DD start to take off down the tunnel with you right behind him
>Running through the vast corridors and winding tunnels, you hear a familiar sound
>Looking back you see the spider fire another fire ball at Wedge
>Grabbing Wedge, you chuck him forward just in time for the fire ball to almost hit the back of your armor
>"We can't bring this thing back to the empire!" Wedge says "There's no telling how many ponies it could hurt!"
>Dammit he's right!
>If it's allowed to follow you, then it'll emerge out near the farms and the High End District
>And that's too damn close to the school!
>You pull Rebellion out and channel your magic into the blade
"Then move your ass you two!" You yell "DD, I hope you don't care about this section of your tunnels, because I'm bringing it down!"
>Holding your sword with two hands, you swing at the cave ceiling
>The red beams fly out and explode causing the walls to shake
>You don't stop at all though
>Instead you just keep swinging
>Eventually the rocks start to fall behind you as the cave starts to cave in
>Looking back, you watch as the light coming off the spider extinguishes behind the rubble
>But even then, you keep running
>That won't hold him
>Running and running until you return to the main area of The Grotto
>But that's not enough
>It seems you all need some fresh air because you end up booking it out of there too
>As soon as you feel the cold air, you take off your helmet and cast it to the side before collapsing onto the dirt
>Struggling to catch your breath, you hear the sounds of hooves approaching
>"Anonymous?!" You hear Umbra say "What happened?!"
>Looking up, you see Umbra and the others staring down at you
File: g8eAl.gif (1.47 MB, 853x480)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
>Why is she here?
>She and the others rush up to you while Wedge throws his helmet off
>"Fresh air!" Wedge says as he takes in some air "Fresh cool air..."
>DD who is laying on his back is also gasping for air
>"I'm not used to running that much." DD says "I need some water."
>Umbra looks over to Wedge and DD
>"Are you three okay?!" Umbra asks "What happened down there?"
>You cough before sitting back up
"It was nothing." You tell here "We just helped DD with what he needed."
>Umbra frowns
>"Do not say it was nothing." Umbra says in a worried tone as she sits down in front of you "If it was truly nothing then you three would not have come bursting out of The Grotto as if something was after you."
>You laugh
>She's spot on
"Okay fine." You say "There was something in the caves that DD needed to get and we went down there to get it. We just didn't know that the whole cave system was going to fall on top of us."
>Umbra looks skeptical
>"Then what are these burn marks on your armor?" Umbra asks
"There was fire and lava."
>"My queen." DD says "It's true that they were helping me. I asked them to help me get this."
>DD pulls the gem out and shows it to Umbra
>Umbra's eyes expand when she sees the gem
>You smile
>A part of you didn't want her to see it just yet, but another part wanted to see how she would react to seeing it
>And judging by that look in her eye she loves it
>Now all you need to do is turn some of that gem into a beautiful wedding ring for Umbra
>Maybe Seth knows a good jeweler you can talk to
>Looking at Sombra, he nods his head at you
>Celestia and Cadance also can't help but admire it
>"It's beautiful..." Umbra says as she takes it with her magic "I-I've never seen anything like it!"
>She looks back at DD
>"Are you selling this, DD?" Umbra asks "How much would you like for it?"
>DD shakes his head
>"I'm sorry, my queen." DD says "It is not for sale."
>"Oh..." Umbra says as her ears flop down "I understand."
>Poor girl
>"That's only because I owe it to Anonymous." DD says "It's my thank you for dealing with my problem."
>He hands the gem to you
>A smile quickly forms on Umbra's face
>"We could put it in a display of some kind." Umbra says "I think it would look nice in our room!"
"That would be nice." You tell her "So long as you don't replace me for it."
>Umbra laughs
>"I would not dream of it." Umbra says before giving you a kiss
>But as you pull away, The sound of a horn rings through the air
>Looking in the direction of the wall, you see a pony fly of the wall and towards the empire
>"SOMETHINGS CLIMBING UP THE WALL!" You hear a pegasi guard pony shout as she flies through the air "NORTH-WEST FARM DISTRICT!"
File: Phantom Jump.webm (697 KB, 1280x720)
697 KB
>"What?!" Umbra says as she looks towards the wall "You there! Come here!"
>The pony lands on the ground and rushes right up to Umbra
>"My Queen, a large beast made of lave just emerged from the ground before it began scaling the wall!" She says "I was told to alert all guards in the vicinity!"
>God dammit!
>"Alert as many of the guard as you can." Umbra says "And try to keep civilians from getting close to the farms!"
>The mare nods before taking off into the sky
"Shit! He just doesn't give up!"
>Umbra gives you a confused look
>"Anon!" Wedge yells as he tosses you your helmet "Look like we're going to the third round."
>"Anonymous?!" Umbra asks as you put your helmet back on "Do you two know whats going on?!"
>You nod your head
"Umbra stand back with Sombra, Celestia, and Cadance. There's some unfinished business we need to take care of." You say before looking to Wedge "You ready, pal?"
>Wedge nods and pulls out another lava resistance potion
>"I could feel the effect wear off once we got back out here." Wedge says "You might want to take yours too."
>Reaching into your bag, you pull out your last flask
>Pulling the cork off your flask and then helping Wedge with his, you chug the liquid down once more
>Looking towards the wall, you see the spider's front legs climb over the wall
>The spider pulls back before it leaps into the sky
>As it lands on the barrier, you see it crack before breaking under him
>Allowing him to land right in front of you and Wedge
You keep spelling "lava" wrong - you've spelled it "lave" several times
Oh shit, I thought you were memeing on me. Shit! I'm really distracted because of wrassling and vidya right now. I really need to proof read better. Thank you, Anon.

Also is anyone picking up Mass Effect right now? And before I am lynched, a friend bought it and because we share accounts I got it for free!
I'm getting it, I understand the complaints but i still think it's gonna be a good game.
Hmm when you play it care to share experiences?
File: Final Showdown.webm (2.49 MB, 1280x720)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB WEBM
>You hand Umbra the gem before pushing her away
>Turning around, you face the monster that's been chasing you
>His two front legs are blood red and engulfed in flames
>"Recess time is over boys!" The spider say "Here there's plenty of room to get real nasty!"
>You notice that as he's talking, his back opens up and turns into a stinger
>"This time there's no holding back!" He yells before stabbing the ground in front of you with the stinger
>"It's a scorpion too?!" Wedge says "Dammit! I can't jump onto him this time!"
>"What in Equestria is that?!" Cadance yell
>"Another Great Beast!?" Sombra asks
>You notice the spider looks at Umbra
>"RETURN MY GEM TO ME!" He says as he tries to lunge at her
>You quickly dive in and slash upwards on the spider's face
"You're not laying a hand on her!" You shout back "This is between you and us!"
>"No, this is just one angry spider." Celestia says "A guardian perhaps?"
>"Anonymous..." Umbra says
>You look back and give her a thumbs up
"We can do this." You tell her "Just let us handle it."
>Umbra sighs before turning around
>"Sombra, Celestia, and Cadance! We need to form a barrier around them!" Umbra says "So that this fight does not spill out into the empire!"
>The four of them split up and surround you as they create a large barrier around you three
"Alright! Let's end this!" You yell as you and Wedge take a stand

It's okay so far... I've been playing since eleven and have now just gotten to the first actual planet you can go to. I still need to play it more to give an actual opinion on the game,
How are the faces?
They're fine. They're not too bad, but they aren't great. There's one in particular that is really bad and it's the one lady that says her face is tired. And sometimes my character looks cool and alright and sometimes they look like they need help.
Ive been thinking of buying the original mass effect trilogy after i finish persona 5 once it comes out, should i?
>The spider opens up with immediately by charging at you
>Not only do you have to avoid the fiery legs, but now the stinger that keeps trying to impale you
>"It's a lot harder to get closer to it now, that's for sure!" Wedge says as you both avoid the stinger
>The spider laughs menacingly before shoving it's face into the ground
"What's it doing?"
>Feeling a hot sensation under your feet, you look down and see an orange circle appear under you
>Both you and Wedge jump away from each other just as a pillar of lave explodes from the ground
>You continue to run to avoid the pillars from frying you
>Turning to look towards Wedge, you see the spider rush at him, ready to strike with one of it's front legs
>But before it can strike him, you block the attack with your sword and use your body to brace up against it
>You can feel the heat just tearing it's way through your armor
>Looking up, you see that stinger getting poised to strike
"A little help, Wedge!"
>"Wedge, go for his leg!" Umbra shouts "Cut it right off!"
>Wedge quickly grabs his sword with his mouth and dives right under the leg your holding back
>Snapping his head to the side, he cleaves right through the meaty lava tendon
>The leg falls and you roll back to avoid the stinger from striking you
>A deafening scream erupts from the spider as it's armor turns a darker shade of red
"Looks like that worked!"
>"Don't just stand there, Anonymous!" Umbra shouts "Go for the other one!"
>"You can not give it the chance to recover!" Celestia says "Take away it's means of fighting!"

One and two are pretty good games. I love the second one. The third one is... okay until it shits the bed at the end.
I'd say to give em a try. I'm sure you can get them for cheap
>Charging back in you go for the other leg while the spider still tries to recover from losing the first
>The spider tries to bring it's stinger down on you, but you spin around it and avoid it
"Time to bring you down!" You shout as you cleave right through the other leg
>Lava spurts of from the wound as the spider falls to it's face
>It writhes in pain in the dirt as it curses you and Wedge
>"Thanks for the assist!" You hear Wedge call out
>Wedge rolls over your back and drives his sword right through the spider's mouth
>He pulls it right back out and more lava flows out
>A part of you is actually starting to feel bad for this thing
>You both are just picking it apart at this rate
>The spider is almost as red as the cloth on your armor
>The spider remains almost motionless
"It's almost dead." You shout "Now to put it down!"
>Climbing on top of the spider, you gather all you magic into your sword extending the blade with red energy
>"NO!" The spider says as it tries to bring it's stinger down on you
>Gripping the handle of your sword with both hands, you cleanly cut the tail right off of it
>It crashes down into the ground and melts into the ground
Looking back down at the open pool of lava, you hold your sword above your head
"It's over!" You yell as drive your sword right through the center of its back
Abduction magic
Ah? Are you kidding me?
File: The End of Phantom.webm (1.33 MB, 1280x720)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB WEBM
>Feeling your sword go right through the spider and into the ground, you hear the spider scream in pain
>It tries to shake you off, but it's too late
>This spider is done
>The armor makes you assume that blood red mean fatal injuries
>"You... You're not just any normal creature." It says "What are you?"
>You look down at the spider
"I'm just a human." You tell it "And my friend over there is just a normal pony. We aren't anything too special."
>You push the sword a little deeper
"We'll take good care of the gem." You tell it "Sweet dreams."
>The spider takes its final breaths before breaking apart underneath you
>You take Rebellion out and jump off as everything but the shell of the head turns into dust
>Taking a deep breath you lean over
"Finally. We're done."
>"Hey Anon?" Wedge says "You might want to look outside the barrier."
"For wha-?"
>Outside the barrier is waits the full force of the empire
>They don't fuck around with security
>You see Wedge take a look around
>"I didn't think we were being watched." Wedge says "Think we put on a good show?"
>You chuckle
>The barrier around you comes down and Umbra rushes in
>"Anonymous, you two did it!" She says

Sorry, it's tough typing when a new vidya comes out
>it's tough typing
Slowly down, the more quality we get, the more we get perfect line.
File: 1419586201226.png (204 KB, 765x1025)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
I will go to bed now.
She purdy
File: 1482392640351.jpg (52 KB, 355x285)
52 KB
>Umbra jumps in and wraps her hooves around your neck
>Doing a little twirl with the mare in your arms, you put her back down
>"I still want to know why you two thought it was a smart idea to steal from a giant spider made of lava." Umbra says with a smile "Don't think you're out of the fire just yet, my reckless human."
>You smile
"I guess I should tell you the full truth." You say "Wedge and I went down there to help DD with getting rid of the spider, DD just offered me the gem in exchange."
>Umbra looks over to DD
>"Why didn't you just come to me for help with the spider?" Umbra says "We could have dealt with this without risking these two!"
>"I'm sorry, my queen." DD says as Umbra starts to chew him out
>You'll need to repay him for taking this bullet for you
>"Those two took down that monster by themselves?" You hear some guards say to each other "That's honestly impressive."
>Chatter continues around you as you sit down on the ground
>"Looks like we're going to be the talk of the guard for a bit." Wedge says as he sits down next to you "It was fun though. Thanks for bringing me along, Anon."
"Nah, Wedge. Thank YOU for coming along." You tell him "It was nice having you watching my back. We should hang out more."
>"We should." Wedge says "We make a pretty good team."
"Let's just leave the lava spiders out of it next time."
>Wedge laughs as you hear Arthas shout in the crowd
>"This place is just full of excitement huh, Auntie?" Cadance says
>"How come none of this happens back in Canterlot? Maybe it's because of Anonymous?" Celestia says "I wonder if we will see things like this happen every time we visit."
>"Make way!" Arthas shouts as him, Lance, and Biggs show up out of the crowd
I have a dream, about umbra rape me
>You see Ariadne and Eliza poke their heads out from behind them
>"Oh come on!" Biggs cries when he see's the head of the spider "See this is what happens when you rope me into a double date!"
>"Well I didn't know they were going off on an adventure!" Lance says "What the heck guys!?"
>You and Wedge just laugh at them as Arthas walks up to the skull
>He places a hoof on it and examines it before looking back to you two
>"I'm impressed." Arthas says "Congratulations on your victory here today you two."
>You both smile
>"I assume you both played to your strengths?" Arthas asks "Anonymous, your power and utility. And Wedge, you cunning and quickness?"
>You both nod your heads
>"You two have so much potential..." Sombra says as he steps into the picture "Now imagine what you could do Anonymous if you took the time to master your magic."
"I know." You reply back "I just need help with that."
>"And help you I will." Umbra says as she comes back
>"No offence, sister, but I think I should be the one to help him learn." Sombra says "After all, it was my magic."
>Umbra waves him off
>"Wedge, you're welcome to join us for lunch if you would like." Umbra asks "Sombra and I were just going to show Celestia and Cadance The Icy Gem Cavern and The Emerald Cafe until we return to the castle."
>You nudge him
"I think we could go for some strawberry sundaes to celebrate."
>Wedge looks at you before nodding his head
>"Good." Umbra says before turning to Arthas "I want this skull transported to the War Room, Arthas. Put it where the wolf's fang was meant to go."
>Arthas nods before turning around to face Biggs and Lance
>"Guess what you two are doing." Arthas says
>As you walk away with everyone else, you hear Lance and Biggs cry out
The mention of that name.
Don't you bring that evil in here!
>The rest of the day actually went a little bit slower thankfully
>Umbra and Sombra continued to show Celestia and Cadance around while you and Wedge followed behind them
>You walked around the many district of the empire before making stops at the The Icy Gem Cavern and The Emerald Cafe
>It was going to be the last stop before Celestia and Cadance had to go back home
>Thankfully the mares working the cafe didn't mention you or Sombra coming back
>Maybe because they were so worried on pleasing the royalty
>When everypony ordered their food, you all just talked about the adventure you and Wedge had
>Keeping your true intentions hidden, you just told them the whole story
>"Wedge is one of our smartest ponies." Umbra says "It doesn't surprise me how fast he came up with a plan to defeat the spider during your first encounter."
>Wedge smiles and places a hoof behind his head
>"It was really nothing." Wedge says "I'm just quick to analyze a situation and to see what the best course of action is."
"He's the smartest out of us four." You tell Celestia and Cadance
>You honestly wonder how he would be if he was the unicorn and Biggs was the earth pony
>"You know Wedge, Arthas keeps on pushing me to have you take Marie's spot in the guard." Umbra says "But I want to know how you feel about it first."
>You glance over to see that your friend is a bit nervous
>"I... I don't think I'm ready for it, my Queen." Wedge says "After all I'm still very green when it comes to being in the guard. We all are."
>He must be referring to Lance, Biggs, and yourself
>Which he's not wrong
>Even though you and your friends have been through so much since actually getting into the guard
>"Do you really think that?" Umbra asks "What about you, beloved? Do you think you four are still green?"
>You shake your head
"Honestly? I don't think we are."
>Umbra nods her head
>"Wedge, while it is true you and your friends have only been apart of the guard for a short time, the four of you have accomplished so much in that short time frame." Umbra says "Alastor and his ponies, Fazmare's, the prison, our trip to Cadance's empire, the recovery of Anonymous, and Celestia and her forces invading the empire."
>Wedge actually seems a little thrown off
>"You all have proven your worth to the empire countless times." Umbra says "So do not sell yourself short, Wedge. I do understand why you feel that you are not ready though. Arthas keeps pushing you to accept this new role and you still wish to fight alongside the others."
>Wedge nods his head
>"That is correct, Queen Umbra." Wedge says
>A smile creeps onto Umbra's face
>"Then do not worry about it for now." Umbra says "The empire is at peace for the moment so there is no rush to get a new captain yet. I will talk to Arthas and tell him to ease up a little."
>"Thank you, Queen Umbra." Wedge says with a smile
>"And Wedge?" Umbra says "Don't think just because you become a captain you'll be separated from Anonymous and the other. After all, they all might just follow you up there as well."
>After that late lunch which was pretty much dinner, it was actually starting to get late
>Meaning that Celestia and Cadance would have to leave so Celestia could switch with Luna
>It seems Celestia and Cadance enjoyed themselves here as Celestia invited Umbra to come to come to Canterlot for once
>Umbra said she would find the time for you and her to head out there
>Celestia was pleased with this answer and they said their goodbyes to you all
>When they teleported away, Wedge also said his goodbyes before returning home
>Umbra wanted him to come to the castle so that he could see the display for him and you
>Wedge politely declined and said he would come see it tomorrow and that he really want to catch some Z's
>With him taking off to his house, you, Umbra, and Sombra returned home
>Umbra wouldn't say it in person, but after Celestia left she confessed that it wasn't as bad as she expected
>You joked with her that they were already becoming the best of friends
>As soon as you got back home, Ammy was there to greet you
>"I wished Wedge would have came along." Umbra says as you climb the stairs "I wanted him to see this with you."
>Entering the War Room, you look across from the table and see the spider's skull resting on the large pedestal
"So you're okay with this being here?" You ask as you walk over to it
>Umbra nods her head
>"Well this is your home too." Umbra says "You can have your own space for trophies."
>You look back at it
>"You should be proud of yourselves." Umbra says "You've earned it."
>Placing a hand on the skull of the spider, you smile
"Thanks, Umbra."
>"Come on, Anonymous." Umbra calls out "You must be exhausted, my love. Do you want me to give you a massage when we get back to our room?"
>God you feel so stiff
>Nodding your head, you follow Umbra up to your room
Alastor did nothing wrong
File: 1490307465197.png (340 KB, 858x360)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Should I show you guys my plan for the rest of the story as an apology for getting distracted by Mass Effect? Or should I just keep it to myself. I'm only asking because I was churning up parts before it came out and I feel bad that stopped.

Also holy shit has anyone here watched the new Samurai Jack?
>tfw Samurai Jack steals an idea you had for the story and now it will look like you're ripping them off
At least I have gifs for said parts now...
File: keEU9.gif (499 KB, 256x147)
499 KB
499 KB GIF
No spoilers please!
New samurai jack is amazing, each episode just gets better and better
>Two months have past since Celestia's defeat
>You are Sombra
>Reading through the newspaper the empire has produced, you take a sip of your coffee
>It's so strange that you are now only finding out about these newspapers now
>You would not have know about them if the little paper colt had not bumped into you
>"Good morning, Sombra." You hear a voice call out
>Looking up from the paper, you spot your sister without her crown on
>And she has on her red bathrobe
"Good morning, dear sister."
>She yawns before walking over to her seat
>Edith quickly comes out and hands Umbra a plate full of pancakes and a cup of tea
"You are looking pretty normal this morning."
>"There is no day court today." Umbra tells you as she starts to dig in "Where is Anonymous?"
"Already gone." You tell her "He went on ahead. He was already done with breakfast before I got here."
>Umbra ears droop down
>While this may work on Anonymous, it will not work on you
>You have built up an immunity to this tactic of her's
>"Sombra, since I do not have day court or really anything planned do you think I could-?"
"No." You tell her dismissively "I have told you countless times that you can not be present."
Night Bumperino
>Your sister does not seem to like being cut off
>This is evident by the fact she stabs her pancakes as if she was some common thug looking for bits
>"Why am I not allowed to come along!?" Umbra asks "I tried coaxing it out of Anonymous last night, but he kept his resolve despite my best efforts to seduce him!"
>You almost choke on your coffee
"Really, Umbra?!"
>It must have been very difficult for him to hold his resolve indeed
>"I want to know why I can not be there!" Umbra says
"Because I do not want you interfering with his training." You tell her before taking another sip "You would just try and stop us whenever we push him too hard."
>"I do that because I care about him." Umbra says
"You treat him like a child sometimes."
>"That is absurd..." Umbra says before looking down to her pancakes "He comes home so exhausted. I always draw up a nice hot bath for him to unwind in."
>She looks up at you
>"That's when I see the bruises and marks all over his body." Umbra says "I want to see what you and Arthas are doing to him!"
>Finishing up your coffee, you close your newspaper and place it down
"Anonymous asked for this. Did you forget that?" You ask her "He wants to break those limits and reach new ones. For you."
>"I do not want him killing himself over getting stronger." Umbra says "And he doesn't need to work himself so hard. We live in a peaceful time now that our feud with Celestia has ended."
"Anonymous wants to be ready for the next situation to arise."
>Umbra sighs
>"Sombra, at least promise me that you will stop him before he seriously hurts himself." Umbra says
"It never gets that bad, Umbra." You say before getting up "Now if you will excuse me, sister. I am late and I need to be going. Enjoy your breakfast."
>Getting up you start to head out
>As you come up to the doors, you glance back one more time to see Umbra glancing at you
>She quickly adverts her gaze back to her food
>Shaking your head, you exit the dinning room and head off to the gardens
>Upon finding a nice spot, you use your magic to open up a portal and step inside
>Coming out the other side, you're met with the familiar gray skies
>A storm rages outside the barrier you have set up
>"Come on, Anonymous." You hear Arthas say "You are not done yet."
>Looking over to your left, you find Anonymous, Arthas, and his wife Jaina already at work
>Approaching them, you see Arthas and Jaina look up
>"My lord." Arthas says
>Anonymous rests on his knees, his hands buried under the snow
>It seems like he was pushing himself too much again
>He looks up at you and smile
>"Hey, Sombra..." He says in between breaths "Did Umbra try stopping you?"
File: Spoiler Image (55 KB, 779x433)
55 KB
>You nod your head as Arthas and Jaina step away
"She wanted to come along today." You tell him "Although I'm already sure you knew that."
>Anonymous groans before sitting up
>"Yup." He says as she rotates his right arm "I took all my resolve last night to turn her down because I know that if we had got down and dirty... Well let's just say that she was coming today or I wouldn't."
>Your eyebrow twitches
"Still my sister." You growl
>"Oops. Sorry about that." Anonymous says "Still though, I felt bad for turning her down. I need to make it up to her."
>Anonymous looks up at you
>"Think she's going to follow you?" Anonymous asks
>You shake your head
"She may try, but it will take her some time to replicate my spell to get here." You say "But knowing her, she may show up any day now. Maybe even today."
>Anonymous nods his head in understanding
"You can worry about that later." You tell him "As of right now you have much more training ahead of you. Get up."
>Anonymous sighs before standing up once more
>He pulls the cloth around his waist tighter
>The attire Arthas chose for this was smart
>Nature can be a great tool for strengthening the body
>Therefore Arthas had Anonymous dress in nothing but a pair of loose red pants
>Arthas takes over from her as he and Anonymous begin to spar
>"He's making good strides on controlling his magic." Jaina tells you as she comes up to your side "Although I can feel that magic inside him. It's almost like a wild animal."
"A wild animal that needs to be tamed." You say as you watch Anonymous land a blow to Arthas "If Anonymous can control his magic freely without exhausting himself then he could maybe be worthy of the title of King."
>Arthas retaliates by avoiding his next strike and bucking him right in his midsection
>"Then you will need to sit down and meditate with him then, my lord." Jaina says "It was once your magic, you may be able to help Anonymous learn how to tame it. Even if it does remind you of your past self."
File: 1296268218082.jpg (14 KB, 309x266)
14 KB
>"If Anonymous can control his magic freely without exhausting himself then he could maybe be worthy of the title of King."
Slow day bump
Hey not bad.
>Anonymous falls to the ground once more
>"Calling him a king already?" Jaina asks "Isn't it a little early for that?"
"With the way my sister and him are progressing, it is only a matter of time." You reply back "Once he proposes to my sister with a ring made from the gem, she would be the one to make it official on the day of their marriage."
>Arthas tries to keep the assault going, but Anonymous manages to kick him out of the air before rising back up
>"Really now?" Jaina asks
>You nod your head
"Of course. What is a Queen without a King?" You tell her "Jaina, I would like if you kept quiet about the matter. Anonymous is going to great lengths to make sure she does not find out ahead of time."
>"Of course, my lord." Jaina says "I will want to be present when he does ask for her horn in marriage. I think it will be a very magical moment for the empire."
>You smile
"As do I." You say "But Anonymous wants to make sure he is ready for that day before he can even think of asking her."
>Arthas lands and Anonymous tackles him to the ground
>"Do you think he will be a good king?" Jaina asks
>You continue to watch Anonymous
>He lands some blows on Arthas and even blocks his attempts to get him off
"He has the potential." You say "But if I may be honest, I think it is going to be nothing more that a title. Umbra most likely won't want to put Anonymous through all the work she goes through."
>She passes the excess paperwork onto you
>Not that you mind
>It keeps you busy
>"So are you and Arthas are so bent on training him so that he may play the role of protector?" Jaina asks
>You nod your head
"The funny thing is we did not want to train him." You tell her "He came up to us and asked us to train him. He wants to ensure that he can protect not only Umbra, but her ponies, and their home as well."
File: Raging Demon.gif (2.28 MB, 480x270)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB GIF
>Arthas finally is able to get Anonymous off of him by slipping out of an opening
>Anonymous tries, but is to slow to block Arthas's attack
>Which sends Anonymous eats a face full of snow before lying motionless on the ground
>You can only see his back quickly rising and falling
"I only hope that the day Anonymous asks my sister to marry him is not close." You say "We still need to sculpt him into a powerful force to be reckoned with."
>You begin to take off your cape
>"Come on, Anonymous! Get up!" Arthas barks while trying to catch his breath "Do not tell me you are done now!"
>"Uh oh, he's getting into it." Jaina says "Impressive for Anonymous. Most ponies never really get to see this side of my husband."
"That is a good sign. It means he's making progress." You tell her "How long has Anonymous been sparring?"
>Jaina reaches underneath her cloak with her magic and pulls out a small pocket watch
>"About three hours." Jaina says "Is it time we step in?"
>You nod your head
>Anonymous tires to get back up, using his elbows and knees to support him
>"Is this how you plan to protect anypony?! By just laying in ground?!" Arthas says "I trained you better than that!"
>Arthas smacks Anonymous over the back of his head
>"I know there is more fight inside you! Let it out!" Arthas yells as he kicks Anonymous in the side "Show me the power you want to use to protect Queen Umbra!"
>"Alright, Arthas that's-" Jaina says before you cut her off
"Wait!" You tell her "Look"
>Anonymous fists being to slowly close as his breathing gets more rapid
>Finally you see the red aura forming around Anonymous's body again
>Umbra hits on Shining
>he plays along
>pretends to be falling for her
>all the while, he's reforging the Crystal Heart into a Crystal Sword
>Umbra finally invites him to bed with her
>right as they're about to get it on, he drives the sword into her and uses it as a focus for the Empire's feelings of hope, love, and such
>vaporizes her
>gets to be with his wife again
>A very small smile forms on Arthas's face as he begins to step back
>"Come on." Arthas says as he takes a defensive stance "I'm sure we were only getting warmed up just now!"
>"I did not think Arthas would get this rowdy. It must be because he has no armor on." Jaina says "Are all stallions like this?"
"Some are." You tell her "This is why I felt Arthas was the best pony to spar with Anon. Even if Anonymous's magic takes over, I am sure that your husband can still stand up to him."
>Anonymous slams his fist down on the ground as the aura intensify
>"Alright, you want to see what I can do?!" Anonymous asks as he rises to his feet before charging at Arthas
>"We should step in soon, my lord." Jaina says "We can't help him if he's passed out."
>You have taken note that this magic of Anonymous only seems to flare up when Anonymous is pushed too far
>Just like it use to do with you
>The only difference is that he tries to channel it towards protecting those he holds dear
>While you unleashed it onto the ponies of your Crystal Empire
>You close your eyes
>Although passing your magic onto Anonymous was just a way for you to leave your past self behind, you can never really forget
>That is why Jaina is here
>She can help Anonymous with controlling his emotions so that his magic can not drain him completely
Overnight bump
>Arthas tries to dodge one of Anonymous's strikes by jumping to the side
>But you watch as Anonymous grabs him by the tail and slams him back down onto the snowy ground
>Arthas quickly rises up and rushes into Anonymous
>"You say you want to beat me, but it won't happen!" Arthas yells "Not today, Anonymous!"
>Anonymous just snarls as he raises his fist
>But right as they are about to collide, a purple magical barrier come between the two
>Instead they bounce off the barriers and fall back down
>"Alright Arthas, that's enough." Jaina says as the glow around her horn dies "I think you two are done for now, or do you want to be one to explain why you two are all bloody and beaten to Queen Umbra?"
>Arthas grumbles before looking away
>The red aura around Anonymous dies down, but doesn't completely leave him
>Jaina walks over to Anonymous, while you go to check on Arthas
>Standing over the captain, he looks up at you
>"I may have gotten a little excited." Arthas says
"It's quite alright." You tell him "Seems as if he was starting to get the upper hand on you."
>Arthas sits back up
>"He has gotten extremely better in combat." Arthas says "In just this solid month of training he is now just starting to push me into getting serious."
>Arthas sits up as Jaina sits down in front of Anonymous
>"Now if only he could blend his combat and magic perfectly." Arthas says "Then he might actually be able to beat me, but until then he will continue to have his emotions dictate his fighting style, which is not a good thing."
"You say that, but I think certain emotions can push him beyond his limits. Like his anger. He just needs to learn how to tame it." You say "The thing is, we can not seem to find the right trigger for him."
>And so far, it doesn't seem like you will right now
Bed bump
Ah shit sorry about that everyone. I been out doing stuff. Will get to typing right now!
>"I'm very impressed with you, Anonymous." Jaina says "You're actually keep some hold on that magic of yours."
>"Just doing what you told me. Thinking of Umbra kinda helped keep it somewhat under control." Anonymous says "It's still really difficult though."
>Jaina nods her head
>"I would imagine so." Jaina says "You told me when we first started your training that humans don't have any type of magic. As unicorn ponies, we are accustomed to our magic since the day we're born, even though it may be a little unstable at first."
>"But your bodies adapt to it, it's like a second nature to you all." Anonymous says
>"That's right." Jaina says "Since you come from a magicless race your body doesn't know how to really tap into that reservoir of power. It either takes too much or too little for you to work with at the moment."
>Anonymous sighs before looking down at the ground
>"It's really tough to manage." Anonymous tells her "Think I'll ever get the hang of it?"
>Jaina nods her head once more
>"Of course you will." Jaina says "You're Queen Umbra special somepony. She knows you can overcome anything. You should know that too."
>Anonymous smiles
>"Thank you." Anonymous says with a small bow
>"That's what I'm here for. To help you like the teacher I am." Jaina says "Arthas is here to push your physical strength and I am here to push your magical strength."
>Jaina and Anonymous take a deep breath
>"Now that Arthas has opened the door to your magic, let's see what we can work with." Jaina says before turning to you "My lord?"
>You nod your head before sitting down next to Anonymous
>"Alright. Let us begin." Jaina says
>You are Umbra
>"Lady Umbra, aren't you cold?" Ariadne asks
>You shake you head as you continue to study the spot where your brother teleported
>"Would you at least like a cape?" Ariadne asks "You're still in your bathrobe..."
>You feel Ammy tug at the bottom of your robe
"I am perfectly fine, you two." You reassure them "I just want to see if I can replicate the portal my idiotic brother created."
>It is proving to be a little difficult
>If only you could find just a little magical residue...
>"Ariadne!" You hear a mare call out
>Looking towards the door that leads inside, you see another maid of yours, a orange mare with a short red mane signaling Ariadne
>"What is it?" Ariadne calls out "Did something happen?"
>"The new outfits are here!" She yells back "They finally came!"
>"Really?!" Ariadne says before turning to you, a giant smile plastered on her face
>You chuckle
"Go on answer the door then." You tell her "Bring me back any papers that need to be signed."
>Ariadne nods her head before racing towards the castle
>Ammy remains by your side, taking a seat in the snow
"Now then, back to finding the magical key that'll let me open up your portal, Sombra." You say to yourself "I need to see what you and Arthas are exactly doing to Anonymous."
Rager pls
>You are Anonymous
>Taking a deep breath, you slowly exhale
>The magic inside you seems to have finally settled down
>When you're angry or in a fight like you were with Arthas, your magic feels like a raging storm
>But when you're like this, it's all calm like a creek
>When you started this training, you were having a real bad time dealing with your magic
>It would just tell you body to freak the fuck out and drain you
>Which pisses you off because you were able to use it to protect Umbra and Sombra by forming the Dreadnought armor around your body and still feel good
>Jaina suggested that it was because you wanted to protect Umbra and Sombra
>Anyway, Jaina wanted you to use that desire to protect as a leash to control your magic
>It's not easy at all
>A solid month has passed since you started training and you have now just started to get a hold of your magic
>You honestly pisses you off
>"Anonymous, I can see your magic flaring again." Jaina says "Calm down."
>You take another deep breath before return to the place that calms you down
>A quiet and secluded place with only Umbra at your side
>A sigh escapes you
>Last night was such a different night for you two
>After you dwarfed her attempt to seduce you, the both of you remained quiet for the night until she finally talked to you
>Every time you think back to last night, your heart sinks a little
>You look over to your side
>Umbra still has her back to you
>Ammy is sleeping at the foot of the bed
>You were a little scared that you'd have to put her in Sombra's, Eris's, or Ariadne's room
"Hey Umbra?" You ask looking back up to her "You awake?"
>She doesn't respond
>You need to get a word out of her
>She's been like this since you got her off you
"I know your awake." You say as you turn onto your side "Come on, Umbra. Don't be like that."
>She shuffles and pulls the blanket over herself more
>It's not a good sign when she doesn't even want to cuddle with you so that she sleep peacefully
>She rather have a rough night than be near you right now
>Damn it, you messed up again
>Scooting over near Umbra, you hear her sniffle
"Umbra, talk to me." You softly whisper as you wrap your arms around her "Please..."
>Umbra squirms slightly in your arms
"Please don't be mad at me, Umbra. You told me yourself that you don't like when we fight." You say as you hold her close "Just say something to me, even if it's to insult me. Please..."
>She still doesn't respond after that
"Umbra, I-"
>"I do not want to speak to you right now..." Umbra mumbles finally shutting you up
>Well it may not be the response you really wanted, but at least she said something
"I'm sorry."
>Umbra doesn't even turn to look at you
>"I tried to show you my love and you push me away?" Umbra asks "All because I just wanted to come with you tomorrow."
>You sigh
"I told you, Umbra. Sombra and Arthas told me that you shouldn't come along!"
>"And why is that?!" Umbra asks
>You hold her a bit tighter
"Because they just think that you're going to interfere with my training."
>"And you're just going to listen to them over the mare you love?" Umbra asks "Is training more important than your health, Anonymous? Is it wrong for me to be worried about you?"
>She's trying to grill you now
"Dammit Umbra, no!" You tell her "I just..."
>Umbra finally turns and those red iris's of her's come into view
>"You don't know how it feels, do you?" Umbra asks "To see the man you love come back with bruises and scrapes all over the outside of his body. Who knows what the damage is inside his body?!"
>You feel her hooves tense up
>"Anonymous, you collapsed as soon as we walked into the bedroom! After I had to help you up the stairs!" Umbra cries out "And even then you didn't even respond to me at first when I rushed to your side! I'm worried that you may be pushing yourself too much!"

Well guess we're back! Hope you Anons enjoyed the field trip!
Congrats you survived mlpol it was fun while it lasted!
It was. I should have done more typing, but to see the show unfold from start to finish was too good to pass up.
You try to lighten the mood by chuckling
"I'm fine, Umbra. Look at me." You say with a smile "Those warm baths that you always draw up for me help!"
>It doesn't seem to do anything for her
>"You have bandages all over your body. You always have them over your body during the night" Umbra says as she glances away "I may have to tell the doctor to stop supplying them to Sombra, Arthas, and even you Anonymous."
>If she does that, then you might not be able to keep pushing yourself
"Umbra, come on!" You tell her "I'm doing this because of you!"
>"Don't use me as an excuse for you hurting yourself!" Umbra says back "I want you to at least take a break!"
>Now it's your turn to stay quiet
>Umbra keeps her eyes on you while you figure out what to say to her
>"We woke up, Ammy." Umbra says "We should return to bed, Anonymous. If there's nothing left to say."
>Umbra begins to turn in your arms
"Umbra, do you know how it feels to be useless when it matters most?"
>"What?" Umbra asks stopping half way
"Remember during our fight with Celestia how I shielded you with my body?" You ask "And how it took me out of the fight?"
>Umbra stares at you for a moment before nodding her head
"I couldn't be there to help you when you we fighting with Celestia." You tell her "I had to sit on the sidelines and watch as you protected me."
>"Do you feel emasculated by me?" Umbra asks "Is that what this is all about?"
>You shake your head
"I should have been at your side the entire time." You tell her "That was my fight too, Umbra. And I just sat there with Sombra and watched you, unable to help you hold off Celestia."
>"But Anonymous, you-"
"Don't tell me I did enough before the fight." You say cutting her off this time "Because in my heart I felt like I didn't."
"I need to do this, Umbra." You tell her "Not just for you, but for me as well."
>You pull her into a tight embrace
>"A-Anonymous?" Umbra asks
>Letting her pull away, you stare deep into her eyes
"I love you, Umbra." You tell her "And that love for you is why I push myself so hard."
>You close your eyes
>"Umbra, if anything happened to you..." You tell her before shaking your head "I lost a mare that I loved once. Because of that it put me on a downward spiral that would have resulted in the end of my life had you not stepped in to catch me."
>You open your eyes again to look at the worried mare in front of you
"I can't lose you, Umbra. I won't." You tell her "Because if I did, I would be lost and I don't think I would be coming back from the abyss again."
>Small tears form in Umbra's eyes
"That's why I need to push myself, so I can be there to protect the most important thing in my life. You." You say "And..."
>"And?" Umbra asks
>You take a deep breath
"The day might come when we will be caring after something other then Ammy." You tell her "I need to be at my strongest to protect every single member of my family."

Alright bed time for me. We should be done with this little training bit tomorrow and move on to a "magical" evening with Umbra
ooh I like the sound of that
what did you think of pol?
Cool, god, I was tired from... Typing.
>Umbra doesn't say anything at first
>Instead she just closes in the distance and pulls you into a hug
>"I'm sorry, Anonymous, my love." Umbra says "I didn't know you felt that way."
"It's fine." You tell her "I just wanted you to know."
>"Can you at least see where I am coming from?" Umbra asks "I was actually worried when you collapsed."
"Yeah I could see why I worry you so much. Especially after I collapsed tonight." You tell her as you return the hug "Maybe I am pushing a little too far."
>"I understand now why you train, but I just don't want you pushing yourself too hard." Umbra says as she places a hoof on your cheek "You are already so strong in my eyes, beloved."
>You smile
"Thanks Umbra, but I want to be ready for whatever obstacle stands in our way next." You tell her "I'm not missing the chance to fight by your side in the future."
>Umbra smiles before she plants a kiss on your lips
>When she pulls away she smiles
"I promise I won't train myself to where I pass out on the floor again." You tell her "For you."
>You both embrace again before you feel something pawing at the blankets
>Ammy whines as she tries to scoot in between you two
>Umbra giggles
>"It's alright, Ammy." Umbra says "We aren't fighting anymore."
>Ammy barks as she starts to get comfy again
>You and Umbra do the same
>"I'm sorry I said I hated you." Umbra says as she nuzzles into your chest "I was just upset."
"Don't worry about it, I understand." You say "Hey Umbra?"
>"Hmm?" Umbra asks
>"Sombra like to go behind the garden when we teleport to our training ground." You tell her "Don't tell him or Arthas I told you that."
>Umbra looks up and smiles at you
>"I love you." Umbra says as you both start to drift off to sleep finally "Goodnight, beloved."

Wrasslemania is on, Anons. That's what kinda distracting me
>Back to the present
>You smile
>You'll keep getting stronger for her
>And for everyone else
>Even if she nags you not to
>"What is so amusing, Anonymous?" Sombra asks
>You open your eyes and look to him
"Your sister." You tell him "We talked last night about my training."
>"And tell me, Anonymous. How does she feel about it?" Jaina asks "Does she approve?"
>You let out a small chuckle
"I really think she's split on it now." You tell her "She's just worried that I might kill myself in my quest to get huge."
>Jaina laughs
>"Well that won't happen as long as I'm here." She says "If I just left you with Arthas and Lord Sombra, I'm not sure I could say the same thing."
>"We would have breaks!" You hear Arthas shout out before drinking some water
>"Knocking yourselves out while fighting doesn't count as a break, honey." Jaina says
>"My sister worries too much." Sombra says "I swear that-"
>Suddenly what sounds like something ripping apart can be heard
>All three of you turn your head to the right to see a portal open up
>Well that didn't take long
>From the portal come Umbra, dressed in her red bathrobe
File: 1491254886888.jpg (113 KB, 600x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>tfw Persona 5 comes out tonight
>mfw I just pre ordered it
>Came with a theme with this playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeSyAgUvwHI

Oh shit I completely forgot! Now I need to get some parts out before it unlocks!
>cant get it tonight cause busy
>need to wait for tommorow for my preordered copy
feels bad B
that music is legitimately the only thing from the game other than the trailer ive willingly exposed myself to
>"in my quest to get huge"

I think I saw what you did there
File: Triple Kek.jpg (60 KB, 850x470)
60 KB
I was hoping someone would get it.
>You smile
>Umbra takes a look around the area
>"So this is why you asked for a barrier crystal." Umbra says
>Sombra and Arthas exchange glance before turning to look at you
>You just shrug your shoulders in an attempt to lie to them
>"Queen Umbra!" Jaina says as she rises to greet her "It's wonderful to see you here."
>"Hello Jaina, I did not know you were here." Umbra says with a smile before looking at Arthas "I see you left the armor at home, Arthas."
>Arthas nods his head
>"Aren't you cold, my queen?" Jaina asks "We are very deep out into the wastes after all."
>"A little." Umbra says "But I will manage for the time being."
>Umbra walks over to Sombra and looks down at him
>"Well brother? Did you really think you could keep me away?" Umbra asks
>Sombra rolls his eyes
>"Why can't you just leave us be?" Sombra asks in an annoyed tone "I told you not to come."
>"I know." Umbra replies back "I just wanted to see my beloved human."
>Umbra comes over and walks over to you
>"Hello beloved!" Umbra says as she looks over you and your body "You look tired."
its fun
>The Honor
>Neh next game
>Persona 5
"Eh. I'm far from it." You tell her "All this training has done wonders for my endurance."
>"Really now?" Umbra says as she move closer to you "Maybe we should see how much of an improvement it has been. Just the two of us."
>You smile as she circles around you
>"Well you don't look as bad as last night." Umbra says "So I suppose that's good."
"Thanks Umbra. You look cute."
>Umbra smiles and turns back and face Arthas
>"How long do these sessions usually go for?" Umbra asks
>"Well we have been training since five this morning." Arthas says "Usually Anonymous and I spar for a few hours before Jaina takes over and meditates with Anonymous and Sombra."
>"Which we just in the middle of it before you interrupted us." Sombra says
>Umbra sticks her tongue out at him
>"Then after wards Anonymous and I spar one more time." Arthas says "But we may skip that today as we already tried to kill the other."
>Umbra looks over at you once more
>"How did Anonymous fare, Arthas?" Umbra asks
>"He did well. He actually got me to get serious." Arthas says "Things may have gotten out of hand had Jaina not intervened."
>"Our intention is not to break Anonymous, but more to build him up to be the perfect fighter." Jaina says "Would you like to join us in meditation, Queen Umbra? Anonymous magic seems to remain calm when he thinks of you."
>Umbra nods her head before sitting down next to you
>"I love to." Umbra says "I've always wanted to see his training with my own eyes."

But it's amazing!
what will happen
Persona bump
File: 1479497361685.gif (1.97 MB, 360x243)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
>mfw I hear Catherine music in P5

I regret buying ME:A. I would buy this game a second time if I could

I will type. Just give me a moment. Please.
>After that, you just continued on with your training
>Nothing too different
>The only difference was that Umbra was there now watching
>Well at least for the moment
>You continued to meditate with Jaina, Umbra, and Sombra
>Which actually felt nice since Umbra and Sombra were there
>You don't understand why, but having Umbra there helped you with controlling your magic
>Eventually you finally were able to gain control of a very small portion of your wild magic
>While it wasn't anything special, Jaina was very proud to see you actually control a portion of the magic that can boost your performance in power
>A faint red aura formed around your body which quickly dissipated
>Jaina had told you that when you are able to harness more power from the well of magic the aura would intensifies
>In any case, Jaina asked that whenever you had free time to just go about your business with your magic going
>"A way for your body to adapt to it." Jaina said so that way your body could have an easier time reaching the next level
>After that Arthas wanted to call it a day
>Really he just didn't want Umbra seeing you two spar
>Returning back to the empire with Umbra, the both of you decide that a nice date is the perfect way to rectify the fight last night
>With the mare you love beside you, you both ventured out into the empire

Okay end of this bit and now onto the next short bit
>Tfw it takes 3 hours to get to the actual gameplay
Never change persona
File: 1491193538111.jpg (225 KB, 800x533)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Feels great
>It's been five months since Celestia's defeat
>Three since Umbra invade your training ground for the first time
>Since then she has come to accepted the nature of your training and now even supports you in it
>Whenever she had the time she was there cheering you on
>And your training has been progressing nicely
>You've come to understand your magic a lot better now and Arthas has even brought your friends along so that they don't slack off
>Now your able to boost your abilities for much longer without getting exhausted
>And it's all thanks to your tutors and Umbra
>Life has been kind to you both
>The two of you couldn't be any more in love
>Anytime you both have free time you use it to go out into the empire for dates
>Or even to just interact with the ponies of Umbra's empire
>And then there are the nights where you both seclude yourselves in your room
>Those night usually end up in trying to show the other just how much more you love them
>Really it feels like your relationship is hitting a new wall so to speak
>There's only one thing left to do to break through it
>You smile as you look down at the little black velvet box in your hand
>You don't deserve her
>Not in the slightest
>But you might as well man up and do it
>"So what, Anon? Are we on for tonight?" A deep voice says, snapping your from your thoughts
>Looking up at The Icy Gem Cavern's owner, Rodin, you nod your head and put the box into your pocket
"Alright Rodin, can I really count on you and the band for this?" You ask him "I popping the question to her tonight."

Alright I need to go to bed early tonight so I can go somewhere, but I'll be typing as soon as I get there.
Maybe after another hour or two of sleep
>A sinister sounding chuckle escapes Rodin
>"I aim to please, so yeah you can count on us." Rodin says as he places a glass back up on the shelves behind him "Besides this'll be a good exposure for us here at the Cavern."
>"It nice to see that love for bits comes first." Sombra says as he takes a drink of his cider "Especially over my sister's happiness."
>"Zip it, Sombra." Rodin says "I'm letting Anon use my restaurant and my band. All free of charge."
>"So can we go over the plan again?" Lance asks "I just want to make sure I don't screw up my part."
>"Same." Biggs says "We only have one chance here once Anon and Queen Umbra show up."
>"We can't really afford to mess this up." Wedge says "
>"Why are you four so afraid of failure?" Sombra asks "I've told Anonymous before that my sister is going to say yes either way, even if this plan falls flat on it's face. That's how much she loves you."
"How many times do I have to tell you, Sombra?" you ask him "I want her to remember this night and cherish it."
>Sombra sighs
>"Very well." Sombra says "Where is my sister anyway?"
"Celestia is here again."
>Sombra nods his head
"Alright. Let's go over the plan a few more times "We have a few more hours before I have to head out and get ready for tonight."

So I started trying to catch up to the current point in the show and I just finished the gilda reform episode. At least I have the name of the griffon kingdom. It should come in handy for later.
>Finally time to ask Umbra in marriage
>Celestia is here again
I really wanna see how this turns out...
>"So Umbra, how do you feel about this?" The sun princess asks you
>You are Umbra
>Currently, you sit in your war room with Celestia
>Celestia, unbeknownst to you, decided to show up today to discuses some matters with you
"I don't know..." You tell her "Must I really be present at these gathering of diplomats? It sounds like a bore."
>Celestia nods her head
>"Many ponies, griffons, and all other creatures of Equestria would like to know about our newest ally." Celestia says "Luna, Cadance, Twilight, and I thought it would be a good idea for you to come along to Canterlot."
>Why did she have to show up today?!
>You have a date tonight with your beloved Anonymous!
>He is taking you out to The Icy Gem Cavern for a nice dinner
>And in return, you plan to show Anonymous just how much you appreciate his love tonight
>But you just need to take a bath, pick out a nice dress, and style your mane!
>And you can not do that while Celestia tells you about these diplomats!
>You do not have anytime to waste on these silly little diplomats
>"Umbra?" Celestia calls out to you
>Your eyes dart up to hers
>"Are you willing to meet with the diplomats?" Celestia asks "And did you even hear me when I asked if you wanted a seat with us whenever the Equestria Games occur again?"
>You let out a groan
"There is a reason I built my empire out here in the middle of the wastes, Celestia." You tell her "To get away from the diplomats that kept trying to pry their way into empires and or kingdoms."
>You lean back against your seat
"I think they just annoy me." You tell her "Politics in general are just boring."
>Celestia slightly laughs at your answer
>"We are much alike, Umbra." Celestia says "I too dislike dealing with politics."
>You chuckle
"As for the Equestria Games? What is that exactly?"
>"It's a series of games where ponies from all over Equestria compete." Celestia says "We thought about letting your Crystal Empire compete next time around."
>You place a hoof on your chin
"What do we win WHEN we win?"
>You beat Canterlot and their princesses, you're sure your ponies can win some simple games against them as well
>"W-Well your ponies could win medals and trophies." Celestia says
>A tournament to see which is the better empire and or kingdom
"Sounds fun." You tell her "Next time it comes around come and see me and we'll talk."
>Celestia smiles before you sigh
"Celestia, I will think about what we talked about today. but for the moment I think we need to call this little get together to a close." You tell her "Anonymous is taking me out for a wonderful dinner tonight and I can not afford to waste so much time talking today. I need to gussy up for my human"

So I just finished Season 5...
Why do people like Starlight? Like holy shit why?
>"O-Oh..." Celestia says "You and Anonymous are going on a date tonight?"
>You nod your head
"Yes. He seems very adamant on taking me out to dinner tonight." You say as you start to think "Which is strange because we usually just go whenever we have time, but this time he made arrangements and begged for me to keep my schedule clear."
>Celestia looks down at the table
>"I-I hope you two have fun." Celestia says "I assume Anonymous wouldn't want me to tag along for your special night."
>You nod your head again
"You showing up so suddenly actually threw a wrench into his schedule it seems." You tell "Although he looked somewhat relived as well."
>Celestia forces a smile
>"Very well." Celestia says as she stands up "I suppose I should let you go and get ready then."
>Celestia comes over and holds her hoof out
"Come again soon. Just give us a warning next time." You tell her as you hold her hoof "Like stop by the day after tomorrow."
>That way you can have some fun with Anonymous tonight and not have to get up tomorrow to do anything
>"Thank you, Umbra." Celestia says "Maybe we could take about the upcoming Sisterhooves Social."
"And what is that?"
>"It is a little type of competition between sister siblings." Celestia says "Luna and I thought about entering. Maybe you and Sombra would like to come."
"Hmm it seems we can't partake in that." You say "Although he acts like a mare all the time, Sombra is still a stallion."
>You giggle to yourself
"Perhaps I will just put him in a dress!"
>Celestia laughs
>"Umbra, the Sisterhooves Social has a loose definition of what constitutes a sister." Celestia says "It more of somepony you share a deep bond with."
"I think I'll still put him in a dress." You say "It's my job as his sister to embarrass him!"
>You both exchange a bow before you show Celestia out
>Once she teleports off, you rush back up to your room to take a shower

Alright I'm home so... Persona Time
File: umbra.png (158 KB, 790x764)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
No anal after three months? Or did ya skip it?
It's still coming. Actually really soon.
>You are Anon
>Returning from The Icy Gem Cavern, you take a deep breath
>You're actually going to go through with this...
>All you can do now is get ready for tonight
>You've entrusted Wedge to hold onto the ring tonight because you know he won't lose it
>Heading up the stairs, you look towards the War Room
>You wonder is Celestia is still here
>Maybe she's still chatting it up with Umbra?
>If that's the case, you don't want to interrupt them
>A quick shower wouldn't hurt if they're still talking
>Heading up to your room, you open the door
>Stepping inside, you hear the sound of the shower going
>You poke your head inside the bathroom
>"Anonymous!" Umbra says as she pokes her head out "You've returned! Did everything go well?"
>Her mane is covering some of her face
"Yeah, it did." You tell her "We're still on for tonight."
>"I can't wait, my love!" Umbra says "I was trying to get up here sooner, but Celestia did have a few interesting things to say."
>You chuckle
"So you had fun talking to her?"
>"It was okay." Umbra says with a smile "I just hope she doesn't think we're are the best of friends."
>Maybe Twilight could help those two out
>"Would you like to join me, Anonymous?" Umbra asks "Your fingers do wonders for my mane."
>Well it would save time...
"Sure Umbra." You tell her as you begin to undo your vest and tie
>As you continue to undress, you think back to how you even got a hold of the ring for her

>tfw when got home to play Persona
>Only to pass out because two hours of sleep along with typing and binge watching season 5

Well at least I got a bunch of parts out today
> been playing non stop
>every single night something happens during the day i cant do anything other than sleep
File: 1482774175407.jpg (35 KB, 475x546)
35 KB
>i am so close to finishing devil arcana
>E V E R Y F U C K I N G T I M E
>Two weeks ago
>Upon hearing the sounds of ponies going about their business outside you open your eyes
>Rubbing the sleep away with your arm, you glance down at the pony resting on your chest
>Umbra's already awake and just smiling at you
>"Finally awake, my love?" Umbra asks "I was wondering if you would wake before I would have to leave."
>You smile and lay your head back down
>"It seems I overworked you last night." Umbra says before planting a kiss on your lips "You were amazing last night, beloved."
>You smile and place your right hand on her flank
"You were too, Umbra."
>She smiles
>"You shouldn't be so good with those hands of yours." Umbra says "Honestly, I wouldn't have gotten so aroused if you hadn't had gave me that massage last night."
"You seemed a little stressed out." You tell her "And I didn't hear you say no."
>"I didn't expect you to start rubbing my flanks like that!" Umbra says as climbs on top of you, placing her butt right onto your crotch "And then you started losing all self control and then things spiraled out of control from there!"
"But who didn't stop me?"
>"It felt good!" Umbra says with a blush on her face "And I needed that after the day I had yesterday..."
>The both of you share a laugh and a kiss before Umbra hops off you
>"So, my love." Umbra says as she climbs off the bed "You said you were going to see Seth today?"
>You sit up and lean back against the headboard
"Yeah, I wanted to see if he could show me to someone."
>"About what?" Umbra asks as she starts to trot over to the bathroom "Care to join me?"
>You throw the blanket off you and head into the bathroom with her
"I just want him to show me someone that could look into something for me." You tell her "It's nothing you need to worry your pretty head about."
>Umbra smiles as she turns the shower on
>"I figure we could save some time if we both shower together." Umbra says
>Taking the time, you both wash off the remains of last nights activities
>Stepping out of the shower, Umbra quickly gets dressed
>"Well beloved, I hope everything goes well for you today." Umbra says as she places her crown on her head "I will see you when you return."
>Umbra come up and you give her a good bye kiss before she heads out
>Putting on your shirt and vest, you walk over to the little stand that holds the gem you got from the spider
"Alright. Seth said he found a pony that can help me out." You say as you take it out of the stand "Time to meet up with him and turn you into a ring for Umbra."
>Grabbing your jacket, you shove the gem into one of the interior pockets and head out
>tfw her royal highness will never sit on your face
File: 1487057876861.jpg (22 KB, 540x233)
22 KB
>Stepping out into the streets, you shut the door behind you and head out towards the High End District
>As you walk you wince at the small pain in your lower body
"Man she was so aggressive last night." You think yourself "I'm afraid what she'll be like if she was in estrus."
>If she's anything like Celestia then you won't need to worry too much about it
>These mares have tell tale signs that they're going into estrus
>Which you use to plan an escape
>Might as well call yourself Houdini because you've been able to escape Celestia every single time
>You always felt bad, but you told her that you didn't feel like dying because of a horny mare
>But it was always funny to see how much harder she would try to stop you
>Entering the High End part of town, you get to Seth's place and open the door
>Heading inside, you hear the bell ring above your head
>Seth, who is sitting at the counter looks up at you
>"Anon? To what do I owe the pleasure?" He asks
"The jeweler?" You tell him "You told me you found someone that could help me."
>Seth looks like he's drawing a blank before it pops into his head
>"Oh!" He says jumping off his stool "I remember now! Come on you, follow me."
>Walking to the front door he opens it and you both head out into the empire
>As you follow Seth down an alleyway, he leads you to another shop hidden away
>"You know how hard it was finding a jeweler with your specifications?" Seth asks
"What? I only asked for a pony that would keep quiet about the ring." You tell Seth "Cause you know, word of a ring that I'm having made getting back to Umbra would kinda ruin my plan here."
>"Yeah and that's the hard part!" Seth says "Do you realize how difficult it is to find a pony that would stay quiet?"
"Tough? Since you're nagging me about it?"
>"Almost impossible." Seth says "You don't have many friends here in the High End District ever since you and Umbra became a couple. They would have either sabotaged you or just told Queen Umbra had I asked them."
"You can't be serious." You say "Are they STILL hung up over that?! The festival was months ago!"
>"Anon, you swiped Queen Umbra away from a lot of stallions and even a few mares up here." Seth says "Also that incident with that spider didn't help. Some of the ponies up her say that you put them in danger."
>You roll your eyes
"Give me a break." You tell him "We had the spider handled. Also those stallions and mares need to get over themselves! they never stood a chance with her at all."
>"Whatever. I don't really care." Seth says "As long as you do business with me you're alright."
>Coming up to the door Seth looks back at you
>"Just don't touch anything alright?" Seth asks
"I got it."
>Seth opens up the door and you both enter the hidden shop
Bed bump
How active is this thread? I have a story I'd like to write to take some of the pressure off Rager boner
File: 1431032696412.jpg (40 KB, 480x584)
40 KB
Usually it picks up when I drop a choice in the story or we start talking about somethin
>When you enter the building you see a blue unicorn mare with a mane that borders on being either blonde or gray attending the counter
>She really kinda blends in with the place
>With all the blue, black, and yellow, you wouldn't be able to tell her apart from the walls if not for her mane and yellow eyes
>"Seth." The mare at the counter says in a cold tone "To what do I owe the displeasure?"
>"Margaret." Seth says "I brought Queen Umbra's pet. For the ring?"
>Margaret closes the giant book in front of her
>"Ah yes, I was beginning to wonder when you would show up." Margaret says before looking at you "Well hello there my future king."
>No pls
"Please don't call me that." You tell her "I can't be the king of anyone. I'll just leave that stuff to Umbra. This is her empire after all, I just want to take our relationship up a notch."
>Margaret smiles
>"See?" Seth says "He just loves Queen Umbra."
>You reach into your coat and pull out the giant gem
"Seth says that you can quietly turn this into a ring." You say "I was wondering if you could do this for me."
>in a back alley
>shop is blue
Why not just do your story in a pastebin?
because you touch yourself at night
>Margaret takes the gem out of your hand with her magic and brings it up to her face
>"My, my! Such an exquisite gem. Fitting for our queen." She says as she look over it "This is the one you received from the spider monster correct?"
>You nod your head
"Well we took it from it." You tell her "It didn't really drop it."
>Margaret continues to examine the gem
>"Where are your other siblings?" Seth asks
>"They are out getting the necessities for living." Margaret says before placing the gem down on a pillow "As for you Anon, please sit here."
>You do as your told and take a seat on the blue velvet stool
>You watch as her horn begins to glow with a golden aura
>The large book in front of you opens and the pages flip back to the start
>"Now if I am going to craft this gem into a magnificent ring then we need to look for a design that you think would best suit Queen Umbra." Margaret says "Take your time and look through each page. Study them until your heart is certain."
>You glance down at this compendium of ring design
>There's so many pages
"Seth, thanks for bringing me here, but you may want to go." You tell him "I think I'm going to be here for a while..."
>Seth shrugs before heading towards the door
>"You owe me one once again, Anon." Seth says "Just point Queen Umbra in my direction when she looking for someone to make that wedding dress. No other pony in this empire is getting that honor!"
>As he walks out, you bite one of your knuckles
>Maybe you shouldn't have sent that letter to Rarity if Seth was going to ask that
>Eh you're sure that you can figure something out
>After all he did say in THIS empire
>"Take your time, Anon." Margret says as she looks towards a record player "This is an important decision and should not be rushed."
>You nod your head before looking down at the book
>She places a record on the player before turning it on
File: 1491791250362.png (734 KB, 628x1086)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
>It feels like you've spent a lot of time here
>All of it was just you looking through this giant bible of rings
>Some of them have called out to you, but when you pictured said ring on Umbra's horn your heart says "Nope."
>You don't want something that looks way too over the top
>And you don't want something too plain
>You're the one getting the normal band after all
>There are a few that you want to actually show Umbra to get her opinion on
>But she's not dumb
>She would know
>"This is honestly a predicament." You tell yourself, rubbing the back of your neck
>"Are you having problems, Anon?" Margaret asks "You've stopped looking through the pages."
"I'm having a little bit of a hard time." You tell her "I just don't think I can find the ring that matches her beauty."
>You keep flipping pages
"I'm sure there is one." You tell her "I just need to keep-"
>You shut your trap as your eyes come across a design
>"Oh?" Margaret says "Has a development happened?"

Well mainly because I do post more parts than these right now, it's just that Persona has my attention for almost the entire day. If not for that game I would be shooting out more parts
Page 10 save
>You point to one design in the book
"This one!" You tell her "Can you tell me about this one?"
>Margaret comes to your side and glance down at the one your pointing at
>"Oh that's the one that has caught your attention." Margaret says "It one of my newer designs."
>As you continue to look at the ring your study every detail about it
>There is a medium sized circular socket in the middle of the ring for a gem along with two smaller sockets on both sides of the gems
>The band itself looks like it has a small slit that goes around the middle of it
>"I can place any type of gem you would like inside that slit." Margaret says "It will give it more life."
>That's pretty neat
>You try to imagine the ring on Umbra in your mind
>An image of her comes into view with the ring placed on her horn
>It looks natural on her
>So long as you can keep the band the same color as her armor
>But other than that, it looks perfect on her
>Not too flashy
>But not too simple as well
>It would be something you know she'll love
"This one." You tell Margaret "This is the one I want made for her."
>"Splendid!" Margaret says as she claps her hooves "Now onto the next step of picking out the supporting gems."
File: Spoiler Image (68 KB, 842x882)
68 KB
>Back the present day
>"Ah! That was so nice!" Umbra says as she walks out of the bathroom with a towel around her head and butt
>You follow right behind her with a towel around your waist
>"A nice shower is just what we needed to get started for our date tonight." Umbra says as she stands between her vanity and closet "Should I do my mane first of get dressed?"
>You chuckle as you grab a pair of boxers
"You should dry off first." You tell her as you drop your towel
>"You're right, my love!" Umbra says, not turning around "The anticipation for tonight is getting the better of me!"
"Don't worry, Umbra. We still have time."
>Putting on your underwear, you walk over and grab your best pair of black pants
>Umbra quickly gets to work drying herself off
>"So I told Celestia about our date tonight." Umbra says
>Oh boy...
"What'd she say?" You ask "Or really I should ask how did she react?"
>"I think she was going to insert herself into our plans tonight." Umbra says as she heads into the closet "That was until I told her that you had been planning this for about a week. She soon dropped it and wished us a happy night."
>You feel a little bad since you didn't even stop by to say hi
>"Maybe one of these days we could invite her to eat..." Umbra says "And maybe Luna could come along as well if I can drag Sombra along."

>Actually need to head back from a palace early because I had no SP
You know this wouldn't have happened if I could just MAKE SOME FUCKING COFFEE AT NIGHT!

Maybe I just need to stop being a shitter
Try upgrading kawakamis line, at max she can make coffee for you, do laundry, and help you go out at night when youve done a palace
I'd love to, but this cat keeps on stopping me
>You smile
"I didn't expect you to say that." You tell her as you reach for your undershirt "What brought about this change?"
>"Oh don't make fun of me!" Umbra says coming out of the closet with two dresses "She's just become more bearable to deal with is all."
>You laugh
"Is the magic of friendship rubbing off on you?"
>"Don't be ridiculous, my love." Umbra says as she place her dresses onto the bed "She's just a very good acquaintance."
"At least you two aren't mortal enemies." You say as you button up your red shirt "That's what I call progress."
>"Anonymous." Umbra calls out
>Looking over to her you see her just staring at you
"What's up, Umbra?"
>She looks over her naked self
>"You're already almost done getting dressed and I haven't even started yet!" Umbra says as she rushes over to her dresses "I still don't know if I should do my mane first or get dressed!"
>You smile
"Umbra, calm down." You tell her "There's still plenty of time."
>Umbra takes a deep breath before looking at her dresses
>She holds up a dark red dress that matches your undershirt and a sleek black dress that matches your jacket
>"Which one should I wear, Anonymous?" Umbra asks "Which do you think would look best on me tonight?"

Go ahead and chose Anons if you have a preference
P5 is slowing moving up my top ten to meet up with P3FES and P4G at the top
i like the red
File: 1491504833713.jpg (1.05 MB, 2208x3625)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
I heard you guys want to cuddle Umbra?
File: Pizza Time.png (338 KB, 1261x1181)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
>Umbra nods her head and places her black one back in the closet
>Coming back out she starts to get dressed
>Sitting on the edge of the bed, you watch her hum as she unzips her dress
>A small smile forms on you face as she goes about putting it on
>She looks so excited
>You are too it's just...
>You're nervous to all hell as well
>The closer it gets to you leaving to The Icy Gem Cavern the more your stomach freaks out
>You're actually going to ask this mare to marry you
>The reality is setting in finally
>Tonight is the night
>"Anonymous? Are you alright?" Umbra says, her head tilted to the side "You looked like you were staring off into space."
>You chuckle and boop her nose
"I'm alright." You tell her "It's just the beautiful mare in front of me is making me realize how lucky I am."
>Umbra blushes before stepping back
>"How do I look?" Umbra asks as she spins around before putting a leg out of the slit
>The dress hugs her body perfectly
>"Just wait until my mane is done!" Umbra says with a smile as she skips over to her vanity "It'll blow you away!"
>Upon hearing a knock at the door, you stand up and answer it
>Ariadne in her new maid outfit comes into the room with Ammy by her side

I like it, but then again her eyes are different
File: image.png (329 KB, 1295x1394)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
Pizza mm
>"Hello Lady Umbra!" Ariadne says as she turns to Umbra "Are you two about to leave?"
>Man that outfit she had made for all the maids is actually really fancy looking for a maid
>It's got ribbons and shit on the back and a giant jewel in the front
>It looks nice on her and the others though
>Ammy has grown a bit larger these past months
>She's almost the size of a golden retriever now
>"Once I finish my mane, yes." Umbra says "Ariadne, may I impose on you to watch Ammy tonight? As much as we love her, I would like to share a private night with Anonymous."
>You sit back down and scratch Ammy behind her ears, which cause her to make happy puppy noises
>"No problem!" Ariadne says "We'll have a little sleep over party!"
>Ariadne turns to you and gives you a huge smile
>She knows of your plans tonight thanks to Lance
>Not that you mind since she's kept quiet about it
>In return she just wants to be there when you ask
>As Umbra continue to style her mane in a way so that her some of her mane is obscuring her right eye, you continue to pet Ammy
>Once Umbra finishes up, she hops off the chair and turns to you
>"Now how do I look?" Umbra asks
"Absolutely stunning, my queen."
>Umbra smiles before hopping off the chair
>"Well then if there is nothing else left for us to do, why don't we head out?" Umbra suggest "We don't want to be late for our reservation."
>Grabbing your black suit jacket, you quickly button it up
"Let's go."
>"We're off, Ariadne." Umbra says "We will return later on tonight."
>As you start to head out with Umbra, you look over to Ariadne
>She mouths "Good luck!" As you pass her
>Giving her a thumbs up, you follow Umbra on out
i just finished persona and i want to play it again holy shit that was good
takemi is literally best girl and you can fucking fight me on this
I've never played Persona. Never really interested me.
F-felicia is that you?
File: Futaba-Sakura.png (285 KB, 750x539)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
>"How come we have to wear a suit?" Lance asks while adjusting his tie "We're not the one proposing!"
>"Stop whining. We're doing this for Anon." Biggs says "We can put on a suit to support our bro."
>"Oh this is so exciting!" Eris squeals "When are they going to get here?!"
>You are Wedge
>Sitting inside an empty Icy Gem Cavern, you wanted to have one last run through of the plan tonight
>You look down at the watch you got for this special occasion
"They'll actually be here soon." You tell everypony "That means we need to get into place here soon."
>"Are you sure you can handle this?" Arthas asks
>You nod your head and adjust your glasses
"Positive." You tell him "Anon put a lot of faith in me tonight to make sure this night goes off without a hitch. I won't let him down."
>Because he's your best friend
>"Then I leave it in your hooves." Arthas says "Jaina and I will see you tonight at the park."
>As Arthas takes his leave, Lord Sombra steps away from the bar
>"We must ensure that tonight turns out to be a magical night for my sister as well." He says "I trust you all will make sure that happens. Now if you'll excuse me, I must see two ponies and let them know of tonight. I shall see you all later"
>Sombra heads behind Rodin's bar
>"All right, I'm about to open the doors so it's time for you all to bounce out of here." Rodin says "You can count on me and the band to play our part."
>You nod your head before looking towards Lance
"Alright, let's get going!"

I will fight you on this! I'm already feeling Futaba as best girl and I just got her About to go on the school trip. Now I'm balancing between her, Makoto, Ann, and Chihaya!

Also Futaba has the best theme so far
I do agree that its one of the best palace themes, imo its a hard race between Takemi, Ohya, and Makoto
Makoto is adorable
don't bottle your anger
Love it.
I really need to binge watch Season 6. I'm just seeing a ton of new cute Celestia images being thrown around and have no idea whats going on in them.
busy bump
Same here. Only way I can watch them is when they come out on DVD. Yes, I have seasons one-five on DVD. there's still no word on season six DVD release.
>You are Anon
>Walking along the crystal pavement with Umbra by your side, you see the sun slowly being replaced by the moon
>"The evening has officially started." Umbra says, looking up to the sky "And it feels like it's going to be a wonderful evening."
>She has no idea
>Continuing on to the restaurant, you come up to it and find a long line already at the doors
>"Oh my." Umbra says "Did Rodin just open the doors? Usually he has them open even during the day time."
>He did you a huge favor by closing his doors today
"Maybe he was busy in the morning and afternoon?"
>Umbra shrugs
>"It matters not, my love." Umbra says "All that matters is that the restaurant is open now. So let us head inside."
>As you come walking up to the doors, you can feel the eyes of the ponies falling upon you
>"Queen Umbra and her human will be here?" A pony asks
>"Looks like we are lucky tonight!" Another says
>"Ah Queen Umbra and Anonymous." The bouncer pony says "Head on in."
>"Thank you." Umbra says before turning to you "Good thing I'm your special somepony, huh? We can just bypass all the lines."
>You smile and follow Umbra inside

Not feeling too well tonight, I will take time out tomorrow to type so there aren't any pause for up ahead
Feel better Rage
>Stepping inside the restaurant, you walk up to the pony at the podium
>"Hello Queen Umbra." He says "And hello to you too Anonymous. We have been expecting you."
"Table for two?"
>"Of course." The pony says hopping off his seat "This way sir."
>Following the pony into the restaurant, he leads you to the quiet section away from all the other tables
>The same place where you sat when you came out with your friends before Discord took you back to Canterlot
>Pulling out Umbra's chair she takes her seat
>Sitting down on your own chair, the pony bows
>"We hope you enjoy your evening tonight, Queen Umbra "We at the Icy Gem Cavern are looking forward to making this night unforgettable for you."
>"Oh! Well thank you." Umbra says
>"Mr. Rodin will be up here soon to take your orders." He says
>Umbra smiles at the pony as he returns down the stairs to let the other patrons in
>But coming up past him is Rodin

Still feeling it, but I'm trying to power through. I think it's because the season are changing
Fucking hell I hate being sick. Sorry Anons I was halfway through a part so it should be up early
Same, my allergies arent too bad this year, but i fear its gonna be hitting me hard soon
File: rodin.jpg (17 KB, 250x300)
17 KB
>As the stallion approaches you, you notice he's holding a small bucket of ice
>And resting inside the ice is a impressive looking bottle of champagne and two glasses
>"Well, well, well. if it isn't the Queen of the Empire." Rodin says, as he places the bucket down on the table "How's my favorite mare doing tonight?"
>"Very good, Rodin. Thank you." Umbra says as she fluffs her mane "Though I do hope you don't plan to talk to us too much tonight."
>"Damn Umbra, why you gotta be so cold?" Rodin asks
>"My beloved and I are planing to spend a wonderful evening together. I would like it if too many ponies didn't intrude on our alone time." Umbra says "Besides, I know it takes more than a few words to hurt you."
>Rodin laughs
>"You're right about that." Rodin says "But I can take a hint. Tell me what you want to eat so I can get out of your mane."
>Umbra went ahead and ordered herself a nice juicy steak with a side of salad
>You ordered the same
>"Heh, it'll be right up." Rodin says "Until then, enjoy the show."
>Rodin head off and you and Umbra turn to look at the stage
>Looking out over the railing, you see the musicians getting into place
>"Those platforms are new." Umbra says "I wonder why Rodin added those..."
>The band looks between themselves before they start playing

I hate it
When is Specter of Torment going to come out for the 3ds!?
>Umbra smiles as she places her hooves on the rail
>"This is nice." Umbra says "I think it is a wonderful tune to start the night off."
>Taking the bottle out of the ice, you remove the cork and pour some for you and Umbra
>Ponies begin to file in and take their seats at the tables below you
"Here you go, Umbra."
>Umbra waves to some of her ponies before turning to you
>"Thank you, my love." Umbra says taking her glass "Shall we have a toast to start our date."
"The only thing I can I think of to say is to us!" You says "And a wonderful night together."
>"And the many more nights we will have after this!" Umbra says as you toast with her
>Taking a swig of your drink you lean back against your chair
>"You know Anonymous, I was thinking about something earlier..." Umbra says
"What was it?"
>"When Celestia and I were talking earlier I told her that we were doing something different tonight." Umbra says "I was referring to how you actually took the time to schedule this date and how you begged me to keep my schedule open."
>Is she suspicious this early?!
>"I was just wondering to myself as to why you went to such great lengths." Umbra asks "Surely we could have just walked in here and be offered a table at any time. So why did you actually take the time for all this?"

I was just asking myself this right now, but for Xbone
Late Night Bump
>Damn you for loving such a smart mare!
>Alright Anon, calm down and keep the plan on track
"I just wanted to actually set up an actual date tonight." You tell her "Besides last week we were going to head out and you ended up having to deal with stacks upon stacks of paper work."
>"That was because Sombra was too sick to finish it..." Umbra says with a frown "I told him Ariadne's cooking was a roll of the dice."
>You chuckle
"He should have just stuck with a PB&J sandwich."
>Umbra smiles
>"He really should have." Umbra says "Anyway my love, I do want to thank you for treating me tonight. I'm sure I can return the love later tonight."
"I'm looking forward to it."
>Umbra winks at you before letting out a little giggle
>"Still, I can't shake this feeling of excitement!" Umbra says "Every time my horn begins to pulse it tells me that something amazing is going to happen!"
>You wonder if she has some clues already
>"My Queen." A pony says as he comes up the stairs with your food
>As he places the trays down, you look over the railing
>Down near the bar, you see Wedge and Biggs standing there with fake mustaches on their faces

I've decided to go with Futaba
Well, we have some news for Nintendo consoles. It'll come out on the Wii U on the 21st and 3ds on the 35th. No news yet on Xbone or PS4
Damn it! I really want to play it.
Stop it.
File: 286232.gif (259 KB, 500x354)
259 KB
259 KB GIF
Guess you'll have to wait to play it, Rager.
File: 1492587146832.png (10 KB, 232x241)
10 KB
>Going for the memesquid
Good taste
I'll go for pic related
>The Biggs waves to you, but Wedge pulls his hoof down
>Looks like their just watching to make sure when you leave
>You don't want to risk giving them away so you just turn back to look at Umbra
>The waiter places Umbra's and your plates in front of you and does a small bow
>"We do hope you enjoy tonight's meal, my queen." The waiters said "The chef made sure to put extra effort into this dish."
>Thank you, my pony." Umbra says
>"Shall I alert the chefs that you will be ordering dessert tonight?" The pony asks
"Yes. Please do."
>The pony nods before walking away
>"Well now, we're going all out tonight aren't we?" Umbra says before looking down to the little dance section in front of the stage "Are we going to dance tonight as well?"
"For you? We can do whatever you want tonight." You tell her "After all, tonight is about us having as much fun as we want."
>"I'm going to hold you to that." Umbra says "But the dance came come later. For now let us enjoy this wonderful dinner."
>Picking up your fork, you get to work on enjoying this dinner with Umbra

I'm trying to

We only allow smug Umbra's in this thread, Anon
Don't you taunt me dammit!
Rager i must amend my list
It is now Tae, Futaba and Makoto
I see what you mean now
>You are Wedge
"Don't draw attention to us, Biggs!" You say turning around "We don't want Queen Umbra to know we're here!"
>"Then why are we wearing these silly things?!" Biggs asks pointing to his mustache
"They help us blend in a little!" You tell him "They won't be of any help if Queen Umbra makes direct eye contact with us."
>Turning around, you motion for Biggs to follow you to the back
>Rodin looks as you two start to pass him
>"Don't go snooping around my shit my there." Rodin says "Unless you want to see my ugly side."
"Will do."
>Entering the back room, you walk up to the portal in the center of the room
>On the other side, you can see the top of the wall
"Eris, Lance?" You call out "Are you two still there?"
>"Yo!" Lance says looking through the other side "How's it going over there?"
>"So far so good." Biggs says "They just got to eating."
>"This wait is killing me!" Eris says "These fireworks are going to burst out of me."
"Keep holding them in." You tell her "They're really essential to the plan."
>"You know Lance almost dropped the ring off the wall?" Eris tells you
>"Eris!" Lance says before turning to you "ALMOST! Eris is holding onto it now until it's time."
>You let out a sigh
>First Biggs almost blows your cover and now Lance almost loses the ring!
>"Hey Wedge?" Eris calls out
"What?" You ask, looking at her
>"Won't Umbra notice all the ponies close to her gathering in the park?" Eris asks

She's so adorable
>The Okumura fight
Took me way longer than it should have.
Goodnight anons

PS4/Vita will be the 25th. Still no news on xbone release.
Part 2
>You shake your head
"I don't think so." You tell her "I made sure to talk to Ariadne after Queen Umbra and Anon left."
>"What'd you tell her?" Lance asks
"I told her that this needed to be a surprise for Queen Umbra." You tell him "She promised me that she would hide everypony that is going to be there to watch tonight."
>"How many ponies are gonna be there?" Biggs asks
>You push your glasses up one again
"Anon gave me a list of ponies that are supposed to be waiting at the park. It was actually more than I expected." You tell them "I gave that list to Ariadne."
>"Oooooh!" Eris says "So she's going to round em up?"
>You nod your head
"Round them up and hide them." You say "All they have to do is stay hidden until Queen Umbra says yes."
>"Cool just let us know when-" Lance says before he's cut off by the sound of a door opening
>Looking over to your right, you see Sombra come out of the door that Rodin specifically told you to stay out of

>That Casino music
Fuck this is some good shit!
>"Oh hello you two." Sombra says "I assume everything is going according to plan?"
>You nod your head
"They're out there eating right now..." You say before looking behind "What were you doing in there? Rodin seems pretty adamant on not letting anypony in there."
>"As I said before, I was just speaking to two ponies." Sombra tells you "They would most likely be the most interested in watching the proposal."
>Sombra smiles as he sits down on a chair
>You look back at the little open portal
"In any case we'll let you know if anything changes." You tell them "Be ready for when they leave."
>"Got it!" Lance says with a nod
>"You can count on us!" Eris says with a salute
>Turning away from the portal, you sit down on the ground
"I think I'm doing a good job so far."
>You just wonder how it's going with Ariadne...

I feel like October was taken from me

At least I got this out of it
Part 3
The end of this dungeon will fuck you
I gauruntee it
hes like the cold but loving father i already have
Part 4: The Resurrection
>You are Ariadne
"Ohhhh! I need to hurry and find these ponies!" You tell yourself as you look at the list "Wedge and Anon are counting on me."
>"Where should we hide, dearie?" Edith asks
>"Just tell us were to go, Lady Ariadne." Mister Credo says
>You look around before finding a large enough bush to hide them
>Pushing their butts, you move them into place
"Right here." You tell them "Please don't move until Lady Umbra says yes!"
>"We understand, Ariadne." Edith says "We won't make a peep."
>Running back to the center of the park, you wait for other ponies to show up
>Eventually you see that pony that made all the new outfits for the maids shows up with a blue mare
>You quickly rush over to them and throw the list on the ground
>They step back as you skim through the names and descriptions
"U-Uh Seth and Margaret?"
>They nod their heads
>You quickly get behind them before placing your hooves on their butts
"I'm sorry, but I need to hide you." You tell them "Anon's orders!"
>You look around and see Captain Arthas and a pretty mare come into the park
>Oh no!
>You left the list on the ground!
>You rush back and roll up the note before returning to push the ponies
>You are back to being Wedge
"I hope she's not having a hard time." You say to yourself
>Walking back outside towards the bar, you join up with Sombra and Biggs
>Sombra has to wear a hat and shades to conceal his appearance on top of removing his cape and wearing a coat
>He looks like a secret agent at this point
>Looking up to where Queen Umbra and Anon were sitting, you find that they are nowhere to be seen
"Where'd they go?!"
>"Calm yourself, Wedge." Sombra tells you "Sister and Anonymous are just on the dance floor now."
>Looking down towards the stage, you see them slowly dancing together
>The both of them look so happy
>"There won't be much time left in their date." Sombra says "All they have left is their dessert after they're done dancing."
>"I'm actually getting it made right now." Rodin says as he puts some ice cream into a large sundae glasses
>"So after they eat that, then it's time for us to go?" Biggs asks
>You nod your head
"We'll head for the park after that." You say "When we get there, we'll let Eris and Lance know it's go time."
>As the music comes to a close, the audience begins to clap for the band
>Remaining in incognito mode, you watch Queen Umbra and Anon head back up to their seats
Go up.
Love and Rape.
>tfw Xbox allows Custom Gamerpics now
I have no regrets at all
Oh snap! I know what I'm doing, if i ever make it home
>Talking about game
File: image.jpg (244 KB, 1280x1024)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Fucking YES
>You are Umbra
>Walking beside your beloved, you return to your seats in your private section
"That was so nice." You tell him as he holds your seat out for you "We've really nailed down our dancing with you being a human and myself being a mare."
>"It doesn't surprise me." Anonymous says "You and I can accomplish a lot as long as we're together. Even dancing."
>You laugh as you watch him sit back down
>This human is the best thing that has ever happened to you
>You tell him this every single morning
>And he tells you the same
>Anytime you two are together you feel as if you are on cloud nine
>It seems like your love for this human grows with every passing day
>He smiles at you, causing you to place a hoof on you chest
>It feels like your heart will burst with love at any moment
>You must find a way to relieve it...
>"Umbra?" Anonymous asks "You okay? You're just staring off into space."
>A small sigh escapes you and a small smile forms on your face
"I'm okay, my love." You say looking at him "I was just thinking about how happy I am when I am with you."
>Anonymous smiles before a you hear somepony approach you
>Looking to your right, you see Rodin standing there with two large sundaes in his magic
>"Here you go, you two." Rodin says before quickly taking off
File: 1490211808000.jpg (20 KB, 237x328)
20 KB
I gonna read that later. Oh wait, i did
Happy happy joy joy
>Looking at your ice cream, you lick your lips
"This looks amazing!" You tell Anonymous "Rodin makes even sundaes look like a work of art."
>"All the strawberries are perfectly place." Anonymous says as he look around it before picking up his spoon
>Picking up your spoon, you get ready to dig into this delicious looking dessert
>"Hey Umbra?" Anonymous says
>You look over to him
"What is it, my beloved?"
>"After we eat these, do you want to take off?" He asks "I was thinking we could stop off at the park before we head home."
>You smile and nod your head
"I would love that, Anonymous."
>You can't think of another way to end your date outside of the castle
>Inside the castle is another story...
>"Well then let's enjoy these and get going!" Anonymous says as he digs into his sundae
>Picking out a strawberry, you pop it into your mouth and enjoy the sweet treat
>inside the castle is another story...
Unf can't wait
>You are Wedge
>"It will almost be time." Sombra says "They're finally onto their desserts."
>"Then we need to get ready." Biggs says "Rodin, are you sure the band is ready?"
>"They know the cue." Rodin says "Once Umbra and Anon leave they'll get ready."
"Once they leave we need to tell Eris and Lance to get ready."
>"I'll go do it right now." Biggs says as he heads to the back "I'll catch up if they start to leave."
>Nodding your head, you let out a small sigh
>Things are going well
>Although a glass of cider wouldn't hurt
>"Wedge, it's time." Sombra says
>Rushing over to Sombra's side, he's telling the truth
>You watch as Queen Umbra and Anon begin to head down the stairs before leaving out of the front door
>"I'll go prep the spell." Rodin says "Both of you move your asses and follow them."
>You smile
"All right! It's time to pull off the greatest marriage proposal in the history of the Crystal Empire!"
>Walking behind Sombra, you both begin to head out
>On your way out, you can hear Rodin tell the audience that something has changed and that the band is doing a special show in the park

Story and mind wise yes. Difficulty wise not so much Lady Luck is always on my side with that. Still love that it was a little call back to P3's Boss Fight
I've got a bad feeling that we're gunna get blueballed on this one. Something's gunna happen
Hush you.
Inb4 alts show up and fuck in front of them
>You are Anon
>Steeping out into the cold night of the Crystal Empire, you try to get a hold of the butterflies in your stomach
>The entire time the date was going on you've trying to steel yourself for what is about to take place
>Every time you think you got a hold of it, you end up freaking out two seconds afterwards
>Well now it's time
>You need to man up
>"It is quite chilly tonight." Umbra says before looking to you "We should make sure not to stay out too long tonight, we don't want to catch a cold now do we?"
>You smile and nod your head
"Then come on, Umbra." You tell her "Let's head over to the park then before we head home."
>Umbra gives you an affirmative nod as the two of you walk side by side to the park
>Making a slight glance back, you see Wedge and Sombra slip out before they slink off into the shadows
>Walking along the crystal roads, you and Umbra soon find yourself at the park
>Taking a quick survey of the area, you don't see anypony around
>It looks like you have the park to yourself
>Although you know that there are ponies hiding about
>"I suppose it is late." Umbra says as she looks around "There doesn't seem to be anypony around."
>She looks back at you and give you a small smile with her eyes closed
>"I guess this means we have the park to ourselves for now." Umbra says as she tugs you along by the wrist with her magic "Come on, Anonymous. Let's take a seat on our bench."
>Being lead along by Umbra, you take a quick look back to see Wedge, Biggs, and Sombra show up
>They quickly take to hiding as you and Umbra come up on the center of the park
>Sitting down next to her, you watch as she tries to adjust her dress
>While she does that, you can't help but look at the side plot of hers
>Honestly that plot rivals if not exceeds Celestia's in how amazing it is...
>But looking up at Umbra you smile at how beautiful she looks in the moonlight
>When she turns to face you, she blushes
>"Anonymous, do you remember what I first told you when we first came here?" Umbra asks
Love... it.
>inb4 crowd starts doing this
Wow, this Specter of Torment is fun.

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