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File: 1487589871386.png (112 KB, 588x537)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Best friends edition

>With one blink you wake up as a dragon in Equestria!
>Why you're here does not matter. For now.
>You are more interested in exploring your new body and the environment first.

Here are some writing prompts:

>The stars have aligned to break Rarity's pussy whip on Spike
>How will this be accomplished?
>You find yourself in Equestria
>With the kick ass body of a dragoness

>Will Spike fall in love with you?
>Will you fall in love with Rarity?
>Did Twilight bring you here to get Spike away from Rarity so she could have Rarity for herself?
>All these questions and more on "Dragonquestra 3: The quest for the dragon D or DD's"!

>You don't have any idea about what are you doing here.
>Or how you are supposed to do dragon stuff,of who you are, to start.
>But well, looks like Equestria has a awesome new Dragon resident.

>Let's see if you manage to settle in!
>Who knows what awaits you on your new adventure?
>It's your chance to make the best out of it!

Previous thread:
Buggernon's "Anon the Dragon": http://pastebin.com/u/Buggernon
Fiber's "Dragon Anon": http://pastebin.com/ADkW9G2Q
Kurgash's "Scholar with Scales": http://pastebin.com/u/Kurgash

Work In Progress:
Alcrowholic's "Mountainous": http://pastebin.com/7iJzrFDt
BizarreCoyote's "Rukodiora's Romp Around Equestria": http://pastebin.com/u/BizzarreCoyote
BlackRose's "Blackened": http://pastebin.com/9BiiAwiq
Bubblewolf's Crystal Draganon: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8dlbvjaz3emxv2h/Bubblewolf%20Crystalanon.txt?dl=0
(hosted on dropbox as a notepad file)
Clarissa's "No Fury at All": http://pastebin.com/U5q2gcBr
Dracononymous' "Deceitful (Not a) Dragon": http://pastebin.com/GQiUeKe7
Dragonlord Kolaghan's "The Gold Standard": http://pastebin.com/10Tytn1J
Harmonyrla's "Dragula": http://pastebin.com/m0i4tGEK
Punki's "Dazed": http://pastebin.com/ZStRTpMn
Sergeant Nonymous's "Anonymous the Wise Dragon": http://pastebin.com/CY698CQ0
Tambourine's My Tiny Ponies: http://pastebin.com/sBQrS8ZR
Treasure Mage's "Tonic the Dragon": http://pastebin.com/dbJ3Mnny
Woofr's "Reflection": http://pastebin.com/YUgjpmUL

Current Writefriends:
Dragonlord Kolaghan
Treasure Mage

Previous thread:

If you are a content creator, please use a name, and publish to a Google Doc or Pastebin so we can refer your work to someone.
For any newcomers, though The Gold Standard is my main green, I'm currently focusing on a cross over green, which is also in my pastebin.
File: Spoiler Image (143 KB, 674x545)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
I think there are some pieces of missing writing on here.

There we go. My try on Flamel. What are your thoughs? The eyes and 'hair' might need a rework
File: 1488677344117.jpg (217 KB, 800x1136)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Proposition for next thread; "We're not very good at making thread starters edition"

I'm not responsible this time, promise!
File: IMG_5843.png (176 KB, 581x595)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Back and still working on a crossover of my own.

>Time stands still as the words leave Daze's mouth.
>Your body isn't sure how to feel.
>The blood wants to flood to your face and show your anger, but it also wants to drain from your head entirely.
>You don't know how she wasn't fired the first time around, but she couldn't be that lucky twice.
>Shining Armor's face contorts into one of confusion, and you reluctantly turn your gaze to Cadence to see her reaction.
>She's glaring at Daze, and she slowly brings her hooves to her child's ears.
>C: "So...we meet again, bitch..."
>Immediately after saying this, her glare fades and her and Daze erupt into laughter.
>You aren't sure which is louder: their collective laughter, or the sound of your jaw hitting the floor.
>Daze walks over to her and they perform some complex handshake bullshit.
>D: "It's been a while, cunt!"
>What the fuck is going on here?!
>Your eyes again fall on Shining Armor, who still looks just as clueless.
>He turns toward you.
>SA: "I don't understand anything she says. It sounds...offensive, but my wife doesn't seem to mind."
>After a few more...choice words from Daze and Cadence, Shining Armor decides it's time he told us why we were summoned.
>SA: "We need you for a special mission. The fact that you two are dragons will really come in handy."
"But it's not just because we're dragons, right? You chose us because we're also some of the best!"
>SA: "Your methods are...unique."
>He shoots a nervous glance to Daze, who is currently looking around the room, looking less than interested.
>SA: "Your mission involves this..."
>He levitates a clear bag full of a white powder onto the table.
>This catches Daze's attention, as she immediately starts laughing.
>D: "You fuckers have a drug trade?! Can't be hard to find the culprits, just look for the cutie mark that says 'tweaked!'"
"We have to take this seriously, this stuff can kill!"
>SA: "What are you guys talking about? This is sugar..."
>Daze starts wheezing as her laughter intensifies.
"Y-you're kidding, right? Why is it in a bag?!"
>SA: "There's a smuggling ring for sugar, they try and get around the taxes for it because it's in everything."
"So we're gonna raid some kids fucking birthday party for some sugar?!"
>SA: "We need you to go undercover and disable the ring from the inside. It'll be easier to get you in because you're dragons, and they don't know about you yet."
>At this point, Daze is on the floor laughing uncontrollably.
>D: "....Go undercover! .....for sugar!"
Shit my sides.
That looks pretty perfect to me! Looks awesome!

Jesus fuck Mage this is the best green
Stop making lizard threads.
Daze is just priceless. I fucking love how she's just doing what she wants and it fucking works and she get's along with that.
>SA: "Do you accept the mission or not?"
>You almost forgot why you're here.
>This is the important mission you were summoned here for, it could boost your career...
"I...I guess."
>From the sound of your own voice, you don't think it's settled in yet.
>Daze yells out, her voice sounding hoarse from laughing so hard.
>D: "We're gonna take out the desert cartel!"
>SA: "Actually, we have another squad working on /them/, these guys are different."
>At this rate, Daze is going to suffocate.
"Alright alright, what's our first order of business?"
>SA: "First, we need to set up your disguises. You'll be street dragons, nothing special. Dragons sometimes find themselves in criminal practices to amass more treasure, you'll be no different."
"Sounds simple enough, where do we go to introduce ourselves?"
>SA: "Hang on, you can't just go there looking like that, both of you have to look like dragon thugs."
>He looks down at Daze, who is desperately clinging to consciousness by taking labored breaths in between fits of laughter.
>SA: "Daze...you're ready to go. Khoa, you however, are going to need some work done..."
"This better not mean what I think it does..."
>thinly veiled tranny thread
File: 1488763871561.png (789 KB, 1920x1080)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
>thinly veiled
Get a load of this guy.
"This is bullshit."
>D: "Don't be coy, mate, you're blazin'!"
>You stand in front of a tall body mirror, takin in your new outfit.
>It had originally been a casual outfit that Rarity was commissioned to make, but Daze has been making "modifications."
>Rarity walks around the corner and hands you a basic looking shirt.
>You throw it on and adjust it, but it doesn't last long.
>Daze goes behind you and starts tearing at it with her claws.
>Before long, your outfit looks...not unlike Daze's.
>The only thing missing is the leather jacket, which you would actually prefer. Without it, you just look like a slut.
>You stretch your arms out to the side and inspect yourself more. It almost looks like you just got water dumped on you.
"I've become the one thing I swore I never would..."
>R: "I rather liked the outfit before...but this /does/ make you look more like a ruffian."
>Daze walks around you, making a camera lense out of her fingers before turning to Rarity.
>D: "Looks good dunnit? Finer than frog hair!"
>R: "You certainly have an...interesting sense of fashion, dear."
"I look like a slut..."
>D: "Nah, mate, you look like a bad bitch, yeah? No one's gonna give you shit now."
"Let's just get this done."
File: 1489706452730.jpg (120 KB, 714x541)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
This shit is cracking me up, I fucking love it. 10/10 work Mage. This has become my favourite story in these threads as of late.

I'm gonna try and churn out a few one shots or maybe an update to the main story in the next few days. Not sure yet.
I have hit a wall in writing The Universal Solvent:
fucking british talk. I think I'll be able to hammer out something soon! Just bear with me if it doesn't come out perfect.
We should totally copy Dadonequus and make a writefag Discord group
File: IMG_5909.jpg (114 KB, 800x1163)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Yeah, we should have Punki write about a character whose an American redneck and see how that goes!

I would not be opposed to that
Tonic is best dragon.
I tried using this cheesy cockey translator- it was a little too hammy. And fuck yes, Punki you must.

I'd like that

Tonic is pretty good, but so are all of our dragons.
File: 1487941177054.png (116 KB, 317x524)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
I'd not be against this if I had any idea how Discord works. If someone wants to set one up, I'll try and figure it out I guess.
>punki you must
I will consider it, it sounds like a bunch of fun. No promises though, I don't like to commit to anything because I'm a lazy cunt.
>Yeah, we should have Punki write about a character whose an American redneck and see how that goes!
Wew lad. Everybody gang up on punki.
>You're Flamel and you're arguing with a british dragon.
>Just as you made the stunning discovery that both Khoa and Tonic hail from not only existed in different Equestrias, but they existed at different times, /they/ showed up.
>Some white dragon, wearing a leather jacket.
>She demanded to know who Tonic is and how they built this place overnight.
>At least, you think that's what she said.
>It's like they're speaking some other, more faggoty language.
>You /politely/ asked them to repeat themselves and now, well Khoa is trying to hold them back.
>Because the short one is /totally/ going to be able to hold back this raging lunatic in front of you.
>D: “Oi cunt! You gotta problem wit me voice?”
F: “All I did was ask you to enunciate faggot!”
>To: “Do you /know/ any other insults?”
>D: “C’mon you Yankee bitch! Let's fuckin’ go!”
>Okay, this might be spiraling a little out of control.
>You're a scholar for fuck’s sake!
>This poor, poor brit probably received a shit education!
>It should be up to you to be the bigger person.
F: “I'll kick your ass so hard, you'll be split in half more than the fuckin’ Brexit vote!”
>It /should/ be up to you.
>Tonic and Khoa both look at each other, worried looks on their faces.
K: “Wouldn't happen to brew tranquilizers too would you?”
>To: “Sure, it's right next to the aspirin I'll need for the headache I'm getting right now.”
>The white dragon shoves Khoa to the side, walking right up to you.
F: “Now hold on a sec-”
>Their fist connects with your jaw before you can finish.
>The mother fucker has a mean right hook, mean enough to knock you your ass.
>Oh so that's what it's like to see stars.
>That's fucking grand.
D: “It's Daze, not faggot, ya Yankee cunt!”
>Message… received.
File: IMG_0148.jpg (26 KB, 600x375)
26 KB
Bringing up the brexit, wew lad
>It seems like you passed out after being punched.
>By the time you come to, you half expect that white monster to kick your ribcage.
>But, when you look around, it seems the other dragons are just drinking coffee.
>They'd have best saved you some.
>K: “Oh! Looks like Flamel is up”
>Grunting, you sit up, clutching your head.
>K: “Daze, apologize for knocking her out!”
>The white dragon flashes a look like “Do I fucking have to?
>Daze must be the British one.
>Khoa shoots her own look at Daze.
>And it looks like Daze relents!
>What are they a couple or some shit?
>D: “Eh, sorry for the aggro mate, went a little barmy back there.”
>You go to mumble fuck off, but decide against it.
>This Daze could, and would, fuck you right up.
F: “Yeah, a’ight…”
>What managed to calm Daze down?
>Well, relatively calm at least.
>Was it the coffee?
>Khoa and Tonic perhaps?
>You don't give a shit, there are far more important things to question right now.
>Things that you've been needing to ask ever since you walked in here but never managed to until now.
>It's time to fulfill this duty.
F: “Can I get some coffee?”
>It's not the best cup of joe you've ever had, but you've had worse.
>As you sip at the scalding hot brew, you wonder if any other dragons are going to show up.
>At this rate it's very likely you'll see more.
>They’re probably already in town, dazed and confused.
>You wince, maybe just confused.
>Just thinking of her makes you want to rub your jaw.
>To: “So, if my life changed, I think it's safe to assume all of you have had some changes as well?”
>Not a bad assumption in all honesty.
F: “I mean, I suppose that's possible.”
>K: “As far as I can tell, I'm still a delivery woman.”
>To: “It wouldn't hurt to check if you still live where you once did, I got bounced out of the castle without even noticing.”
>Why did she live in the castle anyways?
>She's just some random dragon who can brew coffee.
>Khoa seems to take Tonic’s suggestion to heart, getting up to leave.
>K: “Want to come too Daze?”
>Daze, upon hearing her name hops up, tossing her fragile cup to the ground.
D: “Sure, beats faffing here with these sods.”
>The two walk off, Khoa mouthing an apology to Tonic as they leave.
>Tonic starts cleaning up the broken cup, sighing a little.
F: “I'm going to take a shot in the dark here, you were a chemist before this, right? You managed to replicate coffee, and must have had something to offer of you lived in the castle.”
>To: “Not really, no.”
>Just, come on.
>At least they aren't an English major, or some other worthless study.
>That's something at least.
>Or at least you hope they aren't one.
I'm pretty clueless when it comes to Discord as well, but I suppose I could monkey around with it
I use Discord so I can try setting it up.
File: top unf.png (58 KB, 323x338)
58 KB
drawfags please I need Daze and "modified" Khoa, for science of course
File: 1466694367654.jpg (41 KB, 468x301)
41 KB
listen here you Yakee doodle fucker that was pretty good
https://discord.gg/CN8dy The the link should last 24 hours
it expired, wanna send a new one?

This one has no set expiration
File: classic check.jpg (139 KB, 1600x900)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Chekd and thanks
File: Spoiler Image (167 KB, 765x624)
167 KB
167 KB PNG

Finished, I'm not completely sure about the colors yet. If you want any tweaks, just ask.
These are some cute lizards.
I approve.
I don't know what to say about that discord link, does someone know why it won't last?
File: IMG_5796.png (124 KB, 442x705)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>You wish you could speak of the badass events that took place after that.
>You wish you could recall the dangerous streets you had to prowl in order to find the dangerous criminals.
>You wish you could tell the tales of the strenuous tasks you had to do in order to prove your loyalty to the cause.
>Not to mention the sleepless nights as your undercover mission made you do things that were against the badge, against your very moral code.
>Of the friends you made on the inside, the ponies you got close to, knowing full well you'd be throwing them in a cell one day.
>Of the danger that you faced around every corner, risking exposure and whatever horrible punishment that could entail.
>You wish you could say all that, but it's not that fucking exciting...
>They're sugar smugglers for fuck's sake!
>You and Daze showed up, told them you wanted in, and they didn't even hesitate to bring in some rough looking muscle to help their operations.
>You did do some shady shit when they wanted you to steal a shipment of sugar from a delivery pony, though.
>It wasn't that thrilling though, Daze had already beaten the shit out of that guy a couple of months ago for some other shit.
>He just handed over the shipment without much trouble.
>Either way, you're close to having the evidence that you need.
>The sooner you get all of the evidence, the sooner you can go back to the guard...and take off these ridiculous clothes.
>Daze is having fun at least, but she always does.
>This is one job where she actually takes more initiative than you, even if it's still just a joke to her.
>She has to stifle her snickering whenever business is being discussed.
>Today is a big day.
>The day that you're finally going to be face to face with the leader of the smuggling ring.
>Once you know who he or she is, you'll be able to wrap this whole case up within a few weeks.
>You're walking down a dimly lit hallway toward the leader's office.
>Daze is beside you rambling on about what she thinks the guy will look like.
>D: "I bet it's some fat bastard who skims some off the top, bent as a nine bob note! Couldn't afford the taxes because he could get his arse to work, so he makes a smuggling ring!"
"Keep it down, will you? We've made it too far to be found out by your big maw."
>D: "Yeah...about that, I'm gettin' a little bored here, yeah? I'm thinkin' we just chin these fuckers and turn 'em in."
"What?! No, once we find out who leads this, we only have to be here a few more weeks! Just hold off until then, go punch some prick or something! Just not any of them!"
>D: "I'm not makin' any promises, mate. This low level debauchery is borin' the shit outa me."
"If you botch this, I'll shove my fist so far up your ass, your cup size will grow."
>D: "Ooohh, you've got some fire now, this life must agree with you!"
"Shut up..."
>The hallway is more like a tunnel than anything else.
>The hideout is mostly underground for the most part.
>The walls are made of brick and is lined with torches.
>They at least got the cool hideout part right.
"This place looks more like a European sewer or catacomb, you must feel at home..."
>Daze rolls her eyes and retorts, sarcasm dripping off of her words.
>D: "Oh yeah, I remember sellin' drugs outa my petticoat in places like these."
>Upon reaching the only door at the end of the long hall, you perform the "secret knock" and gain entrance.
>The room is small. It's just a regular looking office with a lot of flashy trinkets and bookwork scattered along a large wooden desk.
>Around the desk are four of the top dogs in the ring, all of which you had gotten acquainted with throughout your mission.
>Behind the desk sits a cloaked figure, it's hard to tell anything about them, gender and all.
>One of the lackeys around the table speaks up.
>"Glad you could make it. You've been doing good by us, but unfortunately the boss doesn't want to reveal themself to you just yet. You'll just have to deal with it...for now, shall we get down to business?"
>Your eyes slowly drift over to Daze.
>Her displeasure is evident.
>You elbow her in the side and a dress the table of ponies, but only look at Daze.
"That's fine, we /understand/, right? It's not a big deal."
>She grumbles in response, but she agrees to not go postal. Good.
>They brief you on the current situation they're in.
>They need you to go and steal another shipment from that poor bastard because they're running low on supplies.
>A few more runs like that, and their leader might be a bit more comfortable letting you in their circle.
>Daze just responds with one word answers, she's beyond done with this day.
>You tried to pay closer attention, in the almost certain event that she misses some information, but you're a bit distracted yourself.
>One of the ponies around the table keeps staring at you.
>'See Daze, I told you I look like a slut...'
>You want to jam two fingers in his eyes, that'd give that scum something to stare at.
>...You really are sounding more like Daze, you need to get under control. The last thing the guard needs is /two/ Dazes.
>The meeting comes to an end, and the boss waves their hoof, dismissing all of you.
>You have your next task, better just get it done before Daze does something crazy.
>You begin filing out of the room and into the hallway.
>That one rat bastard pony slaps your ass with his hoof as he passes you.
>He mumbles something provocative, but you can't hear him because of all of the red your seeing.
"You piece of shit..."
>He turns to face you with a smirk on his face, but you wipe it off not a second later with a swift left hook.
>You realize your mistake too late, and time slows down as you see him fall to the floor and Daze turn to look at what just happened.
>Your pupils dilate as you see a grin forming on her face in slow motion.
>D: "Does this mean it's go time for Plan: Daze?!"
"Nononono, it is /not/ time for your shit!"
>D: "Can't turn it off now!"
>Daze grabs two of the other ponies ahead of her and smashes their heads together in one swift motion, almost like she was contemplating it before.
>They slink to the floor and the fourth pony takes a swing at Daze.
>You reluctantly grab their arm and uppercut them, sending them sprawling like the rest.
>Daze begins an episode of manic laughter as she beats down any of the ponies who dare try to get back up.
>you just lean back against the wall and let out a sigh, shaking your fist from the two powerful blows it just delivered.
>You're about to reprimand your partner, but you are suddenly reminded of the crime boss that you just forgot about.
>You snap back to reality and look over at the big desk, where the cloaked figure is cowering.
>They see you staring at them and back away from their desk and make their way to the corner of the office.
>You've spent a few long weeks trying to figure out who this fucker is, you're done playing around.
>You make your way over to them with some serious aggro, and they begin whimpering.
>"W-wait! Don't hurt me! I'll make it worth your while!"
>You know that voice. It's nasally and annoying...
>You rip off the cloak to reveal...
"Motherfucking...Mr. Cake?!"
>From behind you, you hear Daze fall into another fit of uncontrollable laughter.

>SA: "You took down the key members of the ring, took all of their bookwork into evidence, /and/ you did it all a few weeks ahead of schedule...well done."
>You and Daze again stand in the Canterlot war room as Shining Armor congratulates you on your success.
>You try to move, but your jaw has been anchored to the floor again ever since you got back.
>You thought you were going to have you ass handed to you, but the outcome was immaculate.
>D: "It was all part of the plan...right Khoa?"
"...shut up."

And that concludes this episode! This was a rather long one, but I really enjoyed it. Sorry for any grammatical errors
>apologising for content.
I'm enjoying this, don't apologise for being good at something.

I was thinking by the way. Would you guys be opposed to a KIK group? Might work a bit better than discord is all I'm thinking.
I know nothing about KIK, but I'd be willing to if the people want it. I think discord is cozy, if we can get the link to work
File: 1442519929077.gif (972 KB, 500x323)
972 KB
972 KB GIF
>You are more interested in exploring your new body and the environment first.
Fuck that.

>Move into CMC's clubhouse.
>Only allow them entry into my new dragon's lair if they pay a tithe of comfy, food, or entertainment.
>Soft pillows, wool blankets and whatever else.
>Pile it in a corner as my "hoard".
>When I sleep on it I'm gonna be the most comfortable draconian asshole in Equestria.
This actually has potential for a comfy prompt if reworded a bit. I'd read this.
>Anon becomes a dragon
>like every dragon, he starts hoarding
>but unlike the other dragons, he's hoarding comfy

>his today's task is stealing the softest pillow in Equestria
>from Celestia's chambers
>the hoard must grow
This seems like a lot of fun. It's tempting but I need to think about Tonic some more. My dumb ass is having a hard time thinking of shit for her. I might try it if I get bored
File: swamp.jpg (107 KB, 660x385)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Dammit Sunbutt. Just because Im a hulking combination of undead dragon flesh and arcane might doesn't mean Im a force of evil and want to terrorize your kingdom by kidnapping princesses and asking for sacrifices.
>"But that's what dragons do in your world, right Anonymous?"
Well in stories ye-
>"Well, Enough about that. Dragons are a predatory species right?"
>"And predators desire strong mates that will bear them strong children right?"
>"I AM Equestria's foremost monarch/Goddess that means Im pretty strong. Why don't you come here, bend me over and breed me."
Fukken ponies get out of my swamp
File: 40keks.png (260 KB, 358x310)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
Silly princess, undead dragons are not for lewd.

Here's another one that should expire never.
Anon is a dragon version of shrek, except he just keeps on being a dick
To spark some conversation: what's a situation you want to see one of the dragons get into, and what dragon do you want to see in said situation?
Want to see Columba dripping in blood again to be honest. Got my willy pretty wet on that one.
Although timid, she eventually comes to find that she can't ignore her quite literal lust for blood
Hemophile maybe
File: 1489760961502-v.jpg (23 KB, 319x484)
23 KB
Yeah, sure. Sounds fun to write.
Is like to see Rarity confront Daze on her sense of fashion
By the end Daze is subdued and forced into a ball gown
Finally made it to the Discord. I'll have to download the app tonight. Thanks Kolaghan.
Daze needs to educate Rarity on Vivian Westwood and SEX in London back in the 1970's. That's a real mindfuck for ya' dontcha' know.
I'd like to see this, could be funny.
File: giant.jpg (365 KB, 1280x1042)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
>"P-princess Ember. Wh-what's that!?"
>"Oh it's just Anonymous...."
>*Sigh* "Anonymous the Well-Endowed. Dragonlord of Girth."
>"...Wielder of the Super Male Vitality."
>"He-he's a big guy. He must be thousands of years old."
>"Whatever, Okay Anon what's the problem?"
>"The last time you said that. You gave up after flying for a mile then you slept for 3 months."

>"And then my sister squee'd so hard she almost passed out!"
>"Classic Rarity!
>"Ah don' get it."
"Gosh, like, oh my God, shut up?"
>Be Anonymous the dragon.
>You are completely submerged in comfy inside one of the comfiest places in Ponyville and the surrounding area.
>There's only one problem.
>These fillies and their non comfy shit.
>Sure they payed their tithe, but goddamn, why do they talk about the most inane shit?
>"Don't be a jerk Anon."
>"Yeah, we gave you that body pillow!"
>"'Sides yew are the guest, this is OUR clubhouse."
>You poke your head out from the small hill of pillows and glare through slitted pupils.
"You lowly ponies think you're all that, you're lucky I don't force you into servitude like kobolds in a D&D setting!"
>They all cock their heads.
>Before they can ask, you slitter out from your hoard, still draped in a warm woolen blanket.
>Since you won't be getting your nap, might as well work on increasing your hoard.
>You grab a mug and sip.
>There's nothing in it, but the sipping is comfy.
>You move to the board near you and look at it's contents.
>There's plenty of comfy things to get.
>Like more pillows and cloth, maybe some mattresses so you can deck your lair in them...
>You know that "clank-clank clank-clank" trains do on rails? That's pretty comfy too, shame you can't fit a train in here.
>Okay, you will get more pillows.
>But not just any pillows.
>Royal ones!
>Oh man... they must be so large and soft... they probably smell all flowery from the princesses that use them...
>Top comfy.
>You take one last sip before moving to the door.
"Alright, I'm leaving. Don't touch my hoard, if I so much as smell any of you on those velvet sheets and feathery clouds I will unleash upon you a power so raw it would drive Gordon Ramsay into a murdering frenzy!"
>You are just putting up airs, of course, if you go apeshit the entire force of the Equestrian popo will crack on you, but they don't know that.

>You squeeze though and close the door behind you.
>You open up your leathery wings from the holes you poked in the blanket.
>You drape it over your head like a cloak as well, even more holes had been poked to accommodate your spikes.
>Now that maximum comfy was achieved, you took flight.
>Your target would be Canterlot castle.
>It's gonna take a while...
>Should have grabbed a bite to eat first, maybe take one apple while still in the orchard? Yeah, do it.
>As the wind blows through your scales, you take in the sights of the greenery of Equestria from the sky.
>You love being able to fly.
>It's so comfy being so free.
>You hum the theme from civilization VI as the blanket billows around you.
>You even go as far as butchering some Italian.
>Damn, that game is top comfy
>Shame you can't hoard what doesn't exist anymore.
>You fly upwards and poke through the clouds above, giving you the amazing view of the sun over a sea of white.
>You keep flying leisurely towards your destination.
>Soon you find yourself above the streets of the stuck up city of the royals.
>What would take hours by train takes less than one when you can just take a straight uninterrupted course to it
>You circle around the mountain side, scanning the place for possible points of entry
>You come upon a balcony and land
>You sneak onto the door and jingle it
>It opens
>You pump a clawed fist at the lax security.
>You slitter on all fours inside
>It's quite dark...
>No matter, it's still day time, so Celestia's chambers are probably unattenuated.
>You will penetrated the confines of her chambers without her consent and steal away her treasure.
"Eh, rape double entendre."
>"Egads! Our bedchambers hath been trespassed!"
>Fission Mailed already...
>"What doth thy desire be, vile fiend!"
>You turn to the large bed to see the moon princess in her bedhaired glory.
>You lock eyes with her bloodshot ones
>"Dragon? Hast thee come for our royal self!?"
>She pulls her sheets close to her

>"Hast thou come to steal away a princess, has is thy tradition!?"
>You lift yourself up from your four legged stance and catch a glimpse of something amazing!
>You can't tear your hungry eyes from it!
>You walk closer towards the bed.
>"Halt! Halt We say! Allow Us preparation!"
>You climb up onto the large bed, the mattress contorting to your presence.
>You feel the softness of the sheets...
>You move closer to the moon princess, her cheeks completely red.
>"W-Whatever thou are planing, We shall n-not waver."
>Her eyes close expecting something.
>You simply use a hand to push her aside as she whines.
>You have no time for this horse's depraved smut fantasies, for you have found what you came looking for!
>You grab the pillow, still warm from being used moments ago...
>"D-Dragon, what are thou doing with Our belonging?"
>You squeeze it, how soft and pliant... yet firm enough not to completely sink...
>And the scent...
>So homely...
>So comfy
>You will be taking this!
>You wrap your arms tight around it and make your way to the balcony!
>"Thief! Werenth thou supposed to steal Our heart instead!?"
>You push the door open with the help of your tail before perching yourself like a gargoyle on the safety rail.
>You spread your wings as the clip clopping of hooves grows behind you.
>It's still the frazzled moon princess.
>"Will We meet again!? Will thine countenance visit Our chambers once more?"
>Oh, you'll be back alright... back for those satin sheets.
>"Were shall We look towards for thee!?"
>You can only grin and hope your breath doesn't smell of shit. She's just setting herself up to be played with now.
>You look back at her.
"To the stars, princess... to the stars."
>You jump and fly away with your loot.
>Today was a good haul...
>And today you'll sleep better knowing that the princess will be wasting her time looking for you in the starry sky.
>Stupid royal horse and her stupid romance novel fantasies.
File: schindler's kek.gif (484 KB, 500x235)
484 KB
484 KB GIF
Magnificent. Please stay with us and write more.
There's no such thing as enough comfy.
>Stupid royal horse and her stupid romance novel fantasies.
File: 1439388229778.jpg (5 KB, 251x240)
5 KB
Great story, anon. I feel pretty entertained and want to thank you. Please go on! Also, get a Name by the way
Hell yeah! New green! Keep it up man!
File: IMG_2548.png (881 KB, 1600x1576)
881 KB
881 KB PNG

One thing about being dragonlord that Torch never told Ember...you gotta deal with Anon

I'm glad someone got to it, I was very interested. Good kek, my negro
Finally getting back to Tonic, sorry it took so long. I'm still not entirely past this block but I gotta get started sometime.

>You've never been so socially awkward.
>Yoy can't help but feel like a fool for how you just missed everything Twilight tried to tell you.
>She's keeping up her appearence, but you can tell she feels downtrodden.
>In your defense, you never wanted any of this to happen!
>You're just an average guy- well, girl!
>You've just been having some fun with your new life, and you've managed to get yourself in a mess of trouble in less than a week!
>Caused a dragon to undergo metamorphosis, brought your home dimension to the attention of a chaotic deity, scorned a princess, and oh yeah, stumbled upon a long buried conspiracy involving one of the most beloved political figures in the world...
>You accomplished most of this just because you wanted to swing your new hips around. God damn.
>Think, what would your dad do in trying times like this?
>You internally snap your fingers.
>Hey, that's right! He'd run away from his problems!
>It's not a bad idea, just focus on your alchemical and draconic studies. You'll figure something out eventually.
>The question still remains though: do you feel something for Twilight?
>You can run away all you want, but you at least need to answer yourself.
>You two have become pretty good friends despite having only been here for less than a week.
>She shares a lot of your interests: magic, ancient history, alchemy, and apparently...women.
>Sometimes she can be a bit obsessive with things, just like the show, but it's actually kinda cute.
>If you want to get shallow, just think about the never ending benefits of hooking up with a princess.
>Tonic the gold digger, choosing to give her luscious body to the princess of friendship in order to attain all of the historic literature she could ever desire!
>A smile creeps across your face as the thought enters your mind.
>T: "What's so funny?"
>Oops, you forgot you have a body in the physical plain again.
>You're smirking and looking right at Twilight.
"I was just...thinking about...you and Discord last night, it was quite the scene."
>For once you make a save that doesn't make you sound like a sperg.
>T: "Oh, /that/, he just annoys me sometimes..."
>Glimmer and you listen as Twilight begins a rant on some of Discord's previous transgressions.
>You listen halfway, but you're more focused on her in general.
>You study her as she tells her tales. Her warm smile, the comforting color palate of her fur, her easy going yet high strung demeanor...
>You could get used to her.
>You'll have to, she's your friend after all, but what about something more?
>She makes eye contact with you as she switches her focus between you and Starlight while telling her story, and you actually feel your face heating up at her attention.
>Do you feel the same way?
>...It's complicated...but you definitely feel something.
ill get ya sorted if im not too written off later tonight [/spoiler
>Ok, great, you have your answer.
>All you need to do now is focus on this conspiracy.
>...Eh, you'll deal with it later. Besides, you need to talk to Discord first anyway and see what he's hiding.
>What you need to do is just relax, get your mind off of all of this bullshit.
>You need to do something fun, pass the time until you get back to Ponyville.
>Should you read some more of your books? Maybe go and get Spike and read some of his comics like you did on the way here.
>Spike...you could fuck with him, that's always fun!
>He's probably had enough for one day, you've probably fucked with him enough for a lifetime.
>But not Twilight.
>...There's that voice in your head again. You would chastise it for being so diabolical, but you don't want to.
>'Tell me more, voice...'
>You haven't really fucked with Twilight yet. She feels alone because of what you did to her...maybe give her some attention.
>How cruel...you love it.
>You had been smiling and nodding as Twilight told her stories about Discord, but she has since run out of tales and is making idle chatter with Starlight.
>You put on your best half lidded eyes and get Twilight's attention by touching her arm.
>She looks surprised by your sudden change in demeanor.
"I bet you've got some /really/ interesting stories to tell, being a princess and all. Care to tell us some more?"
>SG: "Hey, yeah! I haven't heard all of your tales yet!"
>Twilight looks a bit shy from your sudden advance, and is reluctant.
>You give her a smile and bat your eyelashes.
>T: "Well, I guess I do have some crazy stories..."
File: 1466694368045.png (48 KB, 440x325)
48 KB
File: ba7.jpg (37 KB, 400x600)
37 KB
>I will unleash upon you a power so raw it would drive Gordon Ramsay into a murdering frenzy
might I suggest this dragon obtain the rarest and comfiest of things Treehugger's one of a kind pillow hoof-made with the express purpose of being used during travels to keep her comfy and warm, it'd make a perfect addition to the hoard
File: 1476133399701.png (29 KB, 326x224)
29 KB
>Think, what would your dad do in trying times like this?
There are things that are too powerful and therefore too dangerous to possess, even for dragons.
Tree Hugger's special pillow may be one of such things. It's too comfy. Once you fall asleep on it, you may never wake up. In which case you'd have to deal with moonhorse and her shenanigans.
She might just fulfill that wish
File: dragen.jpg (48 KB, 658x494)
48 KB
>"So Princess Ember. How did Anonymous came to be? Why is he so huge? What does he hoard?"
>"He is Anonymous the Infinite. One of the Greatest Dragonlords in the history of Equus. He ruled Equus long before the time of Discord, So great was his fury and prowess that it took the combined might of King Cosmos, Queen Gaea with the blessing of the Goddess Faust herself to defeat him."
>"K-King Cosmo a-and Queen Gaea was rutting on t-top of yo-. I must record this and tell the princess about their parents! K thanks bye Ember!"
>"I was going to tell her about the might of our race you know. I hate you."
>"What was that!?"
You're my favorite person

>May never wake up
These are risks we should take for comfort

Goddess Faust. Kek
File: Spoiler Image (113 KB, 310x553)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
forgot the name,,
>You put on your best half lidded eyes and get Twilight's attention by touching her arm.

I thought you knew better than this
Wrote a short something that could be a prequel to something larger if you guys like it. I usually draw for my stories but I'll get to that later when I have more free time.

“My lady,” a meek scratchy voice calls out to you.
>You yawn and snort in the direction of the sound.
>”Intruders holding us hostage in main cavern. Th-that is, the honor guard. Is… ”
>You ignore him, rolling over to scratch, a nearly unyielding scaley hide.
>Yep, still a dragon.
>The talking stops and you open your eyes to gaze at the kobold, Jakrur, you think his name was.
>His eyes are pried shut, the overly large iron pot on his head clanking against other bits of ramshackle armor, probably thinking you’re going to kill him or something for waking you up.
“Yeah, yeah.” you drone, flicking the kobold in the chest with a claw, making an audible clang against his pan cuirass.
>He was saying something about the honor guard and some hostage situation, you think.
>It’ll probably be another boring problem you’ll resolve in one minute.
>Wasn’t the honor guard supposed to guard you?
>Not that it matters, you’re pretty sure you’ve killed at least six of them.
>On accident of course.
>You’re not some heartless bastard just because you’re a dragon.
>Still, they don’t seem to mind too much, so you don’t feel too bad about it.
“Fine, I’ll take care of it.” you groan, rubbing the last bit of sleep from your eyes. “I should be up trying to figure out how to get home anyways.”
>”Ahh, yes!” Jakrur perks up, scampering along in front of you. “This way, my lady.”
>How long exactly had you been asleep?
>Your collection of shiny objects, gems and random knick knacks seems to have grown three-fold and you make a visible effort climbing over the pile of gems you were napping on.
>Stretching your wings out as far as they’ll go, and curving your back, you hear a pop and sigh in content.
>You think you’re not full grown yet, judging by the size of these kobolds, who are about a head short of your waist area. And you’re glad for it, or stretching this way would be impossible.
>Passing by another smaller cavern, you come across four sheep playing poker on a cobbled wooden table.
>”Hey, ‘Non. More trouble from the ‘bolds?” Kevin bleats, placing down his cards to wave at you.
You give him a half hearted wave back.
“Yeah, something about the honor guard.” You snort, a bit of flame getting expelled. “Why are you guys still here?”
>They all pause and swallow anxiously.
>You probably sounded more sinister than you meant to what with your low voice and S’s dragging out, if only a little bit.
>”I… uhh, Figured me an’ the lads would hang around a bit longer. Much nicer here without some cunt and her dog herdin’ us around like sheep at bloody breakfast.”
>”But we are sheep, ain’t we?” Jessi adds in.
>Everyone ignores him.
>”Or tries herdin' us when we’re trying to take a wallop of a crap,” adds Liam.
>”Hey now. That’s no way to talk to our gracious hostess.” Roark barks, knocking Liam on the head with a cup.
>Liam then headbuts, Roark into the limestone, the other sheep quickly joining in.
>You chuckle at their antics.
>Maybe some extra company that isn’t kobold will be a welcome addition.
>You clear your throat, causing them to pause again and look up at you.
“If the candle wears out, I think I have some in my hoard somewhere you can take. Don’t really need them myself. Low light vision and all.”
>He blinks in surprise. “Y-your hoard? You don’t mind us going through there?”
”Nahh, to be honest, I really don’t care for, whatever the hell any of this is supposed to be” You gesture to the cave in general. “And you seem cool enough.”
>He looks over to his other buddies who shrug back at him. ”Well, if you’re sure, ‘Non. Thanks!”
>You grunt at him and continue on. It seems your servant has left without you, not even bothering to check if you followed.
>No matter, you’ve been stuck down here for about two weeks now and can navigate around most of the main caverns.
>Finally reaching your destination, you slither into your granite throne and try to look as regal as you possibly can, being a half grown lizard.
>Jakrur and four other kobolds crawl out of the darkness to your side, pointing crude spears at the... intruders?
>In front of you are colorful ponies, a tinier purple kobold, and your honor guard being held in some weird magenta bubble.
>A white one, for some reason has light emitting from its horn. Ahh, a unicorn.
>Kobolds, Sheep, and now Ponies have graced you with a visit. You didn’t know you were quite the cosmopolitan.
>Wait, is that magic? Are these adventurers just like the ones from your tabletops?
>Maybe they can help you with your whole dragon problem.
>”Are you the leader of these… tiny dragons?” the purple one shouts, taking a defensive stance as she steps forward.
“Kobolds, actually” you correct.
>”Kobolds. Okay.” She breaths out. “So you’re the leader of these Kobolds?”
>”I suppose,” you lay back into your seat, trying to get comfortable. “You seem to have one yourself,” you say, pointing to tiny purple.
>The Kobold in question slinks down when you look at him. “I-I’m a dragon too!”
>”You don’t look it. Very small. You don’t even have wings.”
>He looks over himself, frowning.
>Great, you gave an infant dragon an existential crisis.
>Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Better sooner than later.
>”You’re… pushing him on me. Want me to be a mother to him? Is that what this is about? What did he do, get overly greedy and burn down your village by accident?”
>She seems taken back by your barrage of questions.
Satanic trips. Neat.

>”No... yes, but no. He’s my assistant.”
>You lean forward, eyes lighting up in the darkness.
>That sounds like a story. How much damage a little dragon could cause to a village?
”Anyways,” Purple peaks interrupting you from her thoughts. ”We’ve a long way on behalf of-”
A bit your elbow rest breaks off as you lean into it and crushes the Jakrur, probably killing him instantly.
>Lucky seven.
>The ponies stopped and are frozen in horror.
>They look way more concerned than they should be.
“Go on,” you encourage.
>”We… We’ve come on behalf of ponyville to put a stop to your thievery”.
”Thievery...” you muse, looking down at your captured kobolds. Of course they had to be getting all this random shit from somewhere.
>”I’ll have a talk with my kobolds about it.”
>The purple one opens her mouth again to speak but stops herself, probably surprised at how well her diplomatic mission is going.
”Is that all?”
>”You should give back everything else that you’ve stolen.” The white one shouts, now more bold at how agreeable you seem.
>Yeah, just give your hoard to a bunch of random adventurers, who will totally give each and everything back to their rightful owners.
>And you were born yesterday.
>”Absolutely not,” you growl.
>Even if you could trust them, your bro needs those candles.
>”Hey, yer lucky we ain’t draggin’ you out onto the farm and makin’ you work yer scales off trying to repay the sheep for their lost ones,” The orange one, yells.
>So she’s the cunt with the dog Kev was going on about.
>Your expression goes from slightly amused to grim in an instant.
>”And you need to pay for Fluttershy’s chicken you stole and ate.” A rainbow haired one adds.
>You didn’t get a chicken from your kobolds.
>One of the kobolds in the bubble as if on cue burps loudly, feathers comically fluttering out of it’s mouth.
>Of course.
”Well, I’ll be glad to.” You lazily lay back into your chair once more. “But I’m in a bit of a predicament myself and need help from benevolent adventurers, such as yourself. One that will surely put great riches in your pockets.”
>The look to each other in confusion.
>“We’ll... we’re always helping a friend in need!” The purple one exclaims. “That is, if you’re willing to be our friend.”
“Hmm, yes. I need you to go on a grand journey across the plains and valleys. There you will find a grand mountain that even dwarfs my own.” It’s their turn to lean in, listening intently as you go on. “On the very top of this mountain lies a place where you can go fuck yourselves.”
>They all collectively reel back in offense.
”Can you do this for me, friend? Now, If that’s all, then you’ve well overstayed your welcome. Keep those you have captured as prisoners of war or whatever. I don’t care.”
>”W-war?” Purple sputters having what looks to be a mental break down.
>That ought to bring some entertainment.
”Yes, war.” you snort, sliding off of your seat to make your way back into the cavern.
>Purple doesn’t seem keen on stopping you, so you don't.
>If there’s magic here then there has to be some other magic means to get back home.
>In the meantime, poker sounds like a much better way to kill time than sleeping.

File: 2dc.png (106 KB, 415x367)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
http://pastebin.com/tTCDh4s7 Corrected some problems with the maymay arrows. Here's the pastebin.
Im really liking this, would totes like to see more
File: f99.gif (816 KB, 400x398)
816 KB
816 KB GIF
>“Hmm, yes. I need you to go on a grand journey across the plains and valleys. There you will find a grand mountain that even dwarfs my own.” It’s their turn to lean in, listening intently as you go on. “On the very top of this mountain lies a place where you can go fuck yourselves.”
Sides? No we can't have those here
this is great Rhors I love it, please continue
Please continue dis
Absolutely perfect, now we're just missing Khoa in very Daze-esque clothes
File: IMG_0516.jpg (124 KB, 500x281)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I bring dishonor to my nation

She looks like she's about to knock some skulls, love it
Open them bloody peepers anon.
to what end
Hard to when it was deleted

Purple, you should join the Discord
dam son
Still workin on Tonic today. I'll get an update out within a few hours. It's kinda weird, with all of these new dragons and such, it feels like Tonic just isn't that interesting in comparison you know?
Mage, that's bullshit. Tonic is very interesting, when i was considering writing here, I read the beginning of Tonic to gauge content on here, and decided to join because of it. The story is just getting more interesting as you continue. Writer's block is one thing, but saying Tonic isn't interesting is inherently false.
Busy writing out a guideline for Dazed right now, have a totally new idea of where I want to take the story.

For the Anons who haven't swung by yet, feel free to check out the Discord. Lots of discussion about stories, art, and just general fuckery goes on there pretty frequently.

We were talking about steak butter last night.
Steak butter, blood baths, shit posters, dragons fucking, and more.
>You motion for Tonic to refill your drink.
>Rolling her eyes, she does just that.
>To: “This is all bullshit.”
F: “What do you mean?”
>To: “I get /somewhat/ used to living here, get caught up in some very important stuff, and just before I can get shit done… poof, I’m here.”
F: “Don’t worry, I’ll figure things out. I’m a theoretical physicist, this is my forte!”
>Tonic doesn’t look very confident in you, not at all.
>She’s just kind of glaring at you.
>You scoff a little, sure, she can think what she wants, you’ve got this.
>It’ll take you no time at all once you get to work on it, maybe a couple days tops.
F: “Speaking of, I think I should head to the library. Maybe they’ll have /something/ relatively useful for me to use.”
>To: “You have absolutely no idea what you’re doing Flamel.”
>Now it’s your turn to glare.
F: “Excuse me, is a barista who had a heart attack over a shitty meme telling a fucking scientist they can’t do this? This is my area of study!”
>To: “It doesn’t matter what kind of shit you know about physics, you’re living in a world with magic. I mean, I can breath fucking /acid/, you’re out of your league if you think just science played a role in this.”
>Chugging down the rest of your coffee, you hand Tonic the cup.
>You don’t need to listen to this, not right now.
>You’re just going to go to the library and find the most relevant books you can.
>And then you’re going to figure out what the hell happened, and why the hell all these other dragons are here.
>And maybe you can send all these other dragons back home and have your peaceful Equestria.
>The one you fucking came here for.
Join our discord, we talk about bloody dragon boobs
>You are FBI agent David Carrington, and you’re pissed about being woken up from your sleep.
>It was supposed to be a day off, a day for you to relax and wind down.
>But at about two in the morning you get a phone call about some supposed domestic terrorism.
>When you got to the site, you saw a relatively small blast site, a leveled warehouse and a few nearby buildings that were damaged.
>This does not look like terrorism, not at all.
>Why would some terrorist blow up a random warehouse?
>Sighing a little to yourself, you look over at the beat cop on the scene.
Da: “So, why exactly was I called out here? Looks like your average arson to me.”
>C: “Yeah, that’s what it looks like, but there’s a few things that just… they’re not normal.”
>They hand you something, looks like it’s a witness report.
>You start reading it over, it looks like it’s by the owner of the next door restaurant.
>Apparently the tenant of this warehouse lived there, and would constantly reroute power to the warehouse, among other weird things.
>Sure, that’s weird, but what makes this terrorism?
>The cop notices your skepticism, taking the report.
>C: “Traffic camera nearby caught the tenant enter the warehouse twenty minutes before the explosion. She never left. Yet, there’s no sign of a body in the rubble.”
Da: “You’re kidding, right?”
>They shake their head.
>C: “We also managed to recover the hardrive from their computer, looks like most of their files are encrypted to hell.”
>You mutter a curse, it looks like this is going to be a longer night than you wanted.
>Some random woman has been syphoning power, somehow isn’t found dead after their warehouse is leveled, and has some heavy encryptions on her shit.
>Maybe calling the FBI was not an exaggerated choice.
I was talking about it in the discord, but I just had a lapse of confidence in her. I'll get past it.

>Twilight thinks for a minute, mulling over all of her experiences and thinking of which one to tell.
"You have to /think/ about it? Just how many adventures have you been on?"
>Playing bimbo is fun.
>Twilight gets a little flustered but eventually settles on telling you about the hydra.
>She actually tells it like it happened.
>Hmph, she didn't embellish any details to impress you.
>Are you not worth impressing?
>Hey, relax. You're fucking with /her/, remember.
>Her story is impressive on its own.
"You charged a hydra?! You're so brave!"
>A bashful twilight tries to be humble, but you don't let it happen.
>You practically beg her for more stories.
>After a while, you switch seats in favor of sitting next to her.
>You're almost in her lap as you listen intently to her experiences.
>She's red in the face, sweating, and acting erratic in general. What you're doing, it's working.
>Are you a bitch for doing this?
>Hey, it's not your fault, right? Right.
>Discord taught you how to control your greed, not your overwhelming desire to be a draconic tyrant bitch.
>It's nice to see your affect on people.
I would but I got no name yet.
Make one up good sir
I got to write something first. Or keep drawing. Or both.
>Twilight shakily tells her stories as you fall all over her.
>You were initially worried that Glimmer would catch on to what you are doing, but she hasn't looked at you strangely at all so far.
>She must be more sexually oblivious than Twilight was, if that's even possible.
>Guess studying magic and leading a communist society your whole life will do that to you.
>Maybe you'll make that your next mission, break the stone wall that is Starlight Glimmer.
>They can't all be lesbian or bi, right?
>You can find out.
>You'll have all of these ponies clamoring for you!
>...Things are a lot more fun when you listen to your evil voice...
>Even still, you should probably calm the fuck down, yeah?
>At that moment, Spike comes into the car and takes in the sight before him.
>Twilight sperging out and a dragoness being a little too close to her.
"Spike! Glad you could join us finally. Twilight was just telling us about some of her amazing adventures!"
>Spike makes his way over to your seats gingerly.
>He's obviously uncomfortable with how you're sitting, but he's got no evidence on you.
>Let his mind wander. Two birds with one stone...
>S: "Telling stories, huh? Which ones?"
"All sorts! She's a great story teller, just like you. If it wouldn't make her uncomfortable, I would kiss her cheek for being a hero just like I did you."
>T: "I wouldn't feel uncomfortable with that!"
>That was a little loud. Everyone just stares at her.
>T: "I mean...we're friends, you know? I would be ok with it."
"Good, I know it's not exactly normal here. I'm just a bit of a rebel..."
>Her nervous smile grows as you lean in.
>Before you kiss her cheek, you whisper into her ear.
"You could say...I'm a bad girl."
>You kiss her cheek, but it doesn't matter.
>She passed out cold before your lips made contact.
>SG: "Twilight? You ok?"
"I'm sure she's just tired from telling so many stories..."
Get yo ass in here. Get a name generator from fuckin google and pick one that makes you look cool
"Dragon Transformation General #6: Steakbutter and bloodbaths edition" make it happen.
Why not both?
>You lean back from her and smile devilishly.
>You're getting quite good at this.
>Maybe you should calm down and remember that there are other people here!
>You become aware of your surroundings instantly.
>Starlight is poking at Twilight, and Spike is pretending like he didn't see what he just saw.
>You should be glad that they didn't hear your whispering, or see the satisfaction on your face from making the fucking princess faint.
"So...Spike, you wanna read some more comics?"
>He's still trying to play ignorant. Even if he doesn't know your game, he still saw Twilight basically get molested.
>S: "Uh...I'd like that."
>He seems to get more comfortable at the mention of one of his passions.
>He grabs out his collection and you both sort through them and try to get Starlight interested while Twilight takes her little nap.
>The trip eventually turns into all three of you reading individual comics while Twilight is out cold.
>A thought does enter your head while you read, however.
>And for once, your evil voice has managed to suggest something /productive/ for once...
>You /are/ getting pretty good at this sort of thing, aren't you?
>Discord probably won't tell you what you want to know if you just ask him.
>He's a chaotic master of deception after all.
>However, you already have a strategy that you know works for sure.
>You know his one true weakness after all...
I'll update more tomorrow. Sorry for the small updates, I know I'm human garbage.

I'm having a blast writing this though, I hope it's just as fun to read.
Said to you on the Discord man, I enjoy your stuff. Keep up the good shit, there are people reading.
I think I'm going to try and get the next part of The Gold Standard started soon. That is, unless people want more of The Universal Solvent first
Do whatcha want, pretty curious to see what you do with Columba.
the fuck,, i had a mini ban for drawing khoa
File: 1489982352047.gif (1.45 MB, 433x454)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB GIF
I love this green dude.
(also twiggles is best horse and deserves to win the Tonicbowl)
What a load, the mods bam people for posting Ember sometimes too. They need to learn that dragons are part of mlp too
That sucks ass man. There are much more rulebreaking things on this board than dragons in shredded clothes.

You should be A-OK, it was probably just a one off from some retard reporting the image. We'd love to drag your ass onto our Discord anyway. There's a few story spoilers/previews/drafts, steakbutter, brown rice, and even some dragon discussion as well occasionally. Might be handy for some art inspo or something? I dunno'.
>even some dragon discussion as well occasionally
>meanwhile thread has little to no discussion going on
This is literally the reason EVERYONE thinks that Discord is cancer. And it is.
You should drop that crap like a burning turd before it damages this newborn general further.
just did,,should i catch up on whats in there already??
We mainly use the Discord for discussing ongoing story ideas among other authors m80. It's mainly to avoid spoilers ITT. If anyone has any prompts or art ideas though, we usually post them in the thread.

I think that the Discord has its uses, but I can totally see where you're coming from.
i feel like im kinda drawing neopets,, working on that group image,, s-so many dragons,, like i dont think theres gonna be any bg,, just dragons,,,
im already fearing it with adding all the dragons,,i donnoe if ive bitten off more than i can chew''least majority of the line work is done,,just cleaning up the lines now
File: 1488564765322-mlp.gif (831 KB, 383x371)
831 KB
831 KB GIF
Ah jes do what ya can. That's all we could ask of ya on this Tibetan tea brewing enclave. Thank you for all your hard work so far, and thank you in advance for what you put out. I've loved every image you've drawn here, your depictions of the dragons really let their personalities shine through. It's impressive stuff, wish I could do it.
Your artwork is invaluable purple, we really like your stuff. I'm gonna be writing in some new outfits for Daze in the coming parts so that might be something drawfriend worthy at some points. I dunno.
File: Spoiler Image (55 KB, 301x273)
55 KB
thanks senpai ,, this thread is and has gotten me through some heavy shit,, shouldnt bee too much longer to get this done,,
ive kinda also got a little bit more of what i want to do for scylla,, just gotta actually write it down ,, and try and make sure i get the cmcs down pat and granny smith too
File: Spoiler Image (575 KB, 1036x622)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
also update for it too,,
File: checkem dragon.jpg (152 KB, 1280x701)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Trips confirm an excellent drawing in progress.
>Columba with mugs of what is presumably hot chocolate.
>Tonic with coffee.
It's the little things. Scylla looks adorable so far and Columba looks as beautiful as ever.
Do you have that picture you did of Tonic reading a book with Twilight?

The archive is broken sadly.
File: IMG_5634.png (262 KB, 903x513)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
Gotchu senpai
thank you lad.
File: 1424870681336.jpg (1.08 MB, 2500x2500)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
If you could dragon a dragon which dragon would you dragon?
File: 395935935.png (100 KB, 666x523)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Tonic obviously.

Look at those egg-laying hips.
Correct answer
So much for my lightning wyrm...I'll settle for a water wyrm instead. It's the next best thing
>become mechanical dragon
>settle in some remote hamlet on the outskirts of 'questria
>create a cult of technofetishist ponies that worship you as their mechanical god
>laugh as your servants start treating every gearbox as if it were part of your body
>laugh even more as you overhear them preaching that every mechanism in the world is, in fact, part of your body, no matter how remote, simple or complex

>start hoarding various devices, gradually upgrading yourself
>"upgrade" the most devoted, "blessing" them with your holy mechanisms
>secede from Equestria and form your own little empire with science and cyberponies
>contemplate building an army of cyber-undead ponies and taking over the world
>dismiss it as silly and continue to piss off Twilight with your technological advancement that doesn't involve magic in any way
So become the Omnissiah?
Technically, Omnissiah was the Emperor, the "messiah" of the Machine God. Unless you yourself believe to be physical manifestation of the Machine God, you are no Omnissiah but rather THE Machine God to those pastel horses, dogs, griffons or what have you.
Void Dragon then
I'll get an update out here in a bit, don't you worry. I think we're still missing some dragons though
This. The Discord consists of getting help with writing, spoiler talk, and random off topic nonsense. Whenever a question like "what situations would be cool for the dragons?" are asked, they tend to be cross posted here too. I know if I ask something like "what story do you like more?" I do it both here and there.
>You're only half paying attention to what's going on in the comic book you're reading.
>You're mainly focusing on your new devious mission.
>Discord has got some explaining to do. Knowing him, he won't hand over the information easily.
>So you're not going to ask nicely.
>Maybe he's rubbed off on you a bit too much.
>Less like a friend, more like a mentor...of chaos.
>The key to Discord is Fluttershy, and the key to Fluttershy is her animals.
>Angel still probably has a thing for you, maybe you'll visit the rabbit that found you in the woods and take it from there.
>It's not quite that simple though.
>What if she doesn't fall for your shit?
>Lisbians...or at least, bisexuals exist in Equestria. Twilight is proof of that.
>It's obviously not the norm, kinda like back at home, but is it almost non existent?
>You never saw it or hardly any romance at all in the show.
>Maybe this sudden change in Twilight is a result of your inter dimensional "corruption."
>Maybe it could be applied to Fluttershy...
>Or maybe you're thinking about this too much.
>It's a world based off of a cartoon.
>Maybe it's rules and properties are as simple and black and white as the life lessons it teaches...
>What would a children's cartoon say...?
>Love is love no matter what?
>Sounds straight forward and uncomplicated, just like a fictional world.
>You could be on to something.
Today we return to my main green- The Gold Standard!

>You trudge home after that, feeling overall disgruntled.
>But, moping around, bitching in your head isn't going to magically change anything.
>So, you decide to read to get your mind off things.
>Using your salary, a few cheap books are among the creature comforts you've been able to get yourself.
>The big thing is saving up to move out right now.
>Fluttershy has been great, and you're tired of free loading.
>Not to mention having some real alone time wouldn't hurt.
>But, you're not even close to that yet, so you just have to keep saving.
>You randomly grab one of the books piled next to your bed.
>”Out From The Dragonlands”
>Oh yeah, when you were buying these you were suggested this one.
>Might jog your memories or something like that.
>Although you have absolutely no need to actually jog any memories, it might still be a decent read.
>It's a travel journal in all honesty.
>Some unicorn traveled out there and edited then published their journal.
>So far, it's about what you'd expect.
>”Wow! How foreign and bizarre!”
>Seriously, this guy is very easily excited.
>You almost consider putting it down in favor of something else, but the next section’s title is of interest for you.
>”Mating Rituals and Courtship.”
>It’s probably going to be a bit more dry than sexual content you’re used to, but seeing as how you’ve been feeling a little odd recently, it might not hurt to look into it.
>Reading it over is both reassuring in some ways and worrying in others.
>Mentions of females going into heat send shivers down your spine, it’s not an image you like in your head.
>You’ve been horny before, but going into heat just sounds off putting.
>But, based on symptoms, you don’t /think/ you’re in heat.
>Then, what the hell is up with you?
>Frowning a little, you keep reading.
>No mention of anything quite like the awkward feeling you had around Spike.
>It’s time to consider this being a crush.
forgot text, fucking great
>Going over the facts, it’s obvious you’ve grown to be fond of the little guy.
>He’s nice enough, and you don’t have any major issues with him.
>But would you fuck him?
>Would you honestly fuck Spike one day?
>Fuck no!
>You can’t help but chuckle a little.
>It’s probably not going to be this cut and dry, but you definitely have no wish to do it with Spike.
>Which means you won’t be practicing with these egg-bearing hips any time soon.
>You groan, this author’s cheesy writing is starting to rub off on you.
>Seriously, fucking /egg-bearing hips/.
>You shut the book, tossing it to the side.
>Not really your cup of tea.
>Still not really tired, you decide to pick up another book to read.
>Reaching down to your pile, you’re greeted by one of Fluttershy’s suggestions.
>You smirk a little, happy with your choice.
>You fall asleep to the chorus of a heavy storm pelting the roof.
>It’s an almost hypnotic sound, sending you into a lull.
>You’ve always liked the sound of heavy rain, it’s soothing to you.
>You’re only halfway through your book, but your eyelids feel so very heavy.
>In the end, you don’t even manage to mark your page as you slip into a peaceful sleep.
>However, this is no peaceful night, not really.
>Despite the quiet comfort you’ve fallen asleep to, not all is so easy.
>Though most right now are probably in a similar comfortable situation, someone most definitely is not tonight.
>However, you are not cognisant of such things.
>At least, you aren’t yet.
>Easy sleep has been hard to come by for you as of late.
>And it’s going to be a little while until you have such an easy time like tonight.
>In the morning, you get ready for your work.
>Working in the postal service isn’t glamorous, but it’s a nice enough job.
>Once you’ve bathed and have your bag, you head out, waving to Fluttershy as you leave.
>Despite the anger and confusion you felt yesterday, your “no-fuck” revelation has greatly helped your mood.
>When you get into town, a lot of the citizens look unnaturally uneasy.
>You’re so used to a town of smiling faces and general comfort that it honestly catches you off guard.
>The closer you get towards the post office, you start seeing more and more worried ponies and guards.
>Did something happen?
>You assume it was some sort of quarrel, or at least, you hope so.
>But, once you’ve made it to the building, any hopes of that are absolutely shattered.
>There’s your boss, your overly optimistic, always elated boss.
>But they’re lying outside, not waiting eagerly inside.
>And… holy shit.
>Is that blood?
>You always sort of assumed everything here was still child safe.
>Then again, you’re able to swear and openly think about sex, so maybe not.
>But, you had never expected to see /blood/.
>Definitely not here.
>You feel dizzy just seeing it, seeing your boss lie there covered in it.
>A part of you is praying they’re just unconscious.
>But, you know damn well you don’t see their chest moving up and down.
>The last time you saw a dead body it was, well, it was /that/ day.
>Fuck, do not think about shit like that Khoa, you don’t want to make even more of a scene here.
>You’re shaking as you approach a guard, you have no idea if you’ll even be able to form the words.
K: “Wh-what… happened?”
>The guard looks at you.
>G: “Ah, good, we don't have to go and find you. Now, would you be so kind as to willingly come in for questioning?”
>Oh shit.
>Fuck, fuck, fuck.
>They think you did it, don't they?
>You, a random dragon with no identity who works for the victim and…
>Damn, you do sound fucking suspicious.
>You've been questioned by police before, so in theory this is no different.
>Such a cozy little interrogation room they have you in right now.
>As you wait for questions to begin, you start trying to formulate ways to prove your innocence.
>It'll all come down to who can vouch for you really, you don't have physical evidence.
>Spike was with you from when you left work until you started heading home.
>Fluttershy was thankfully home all night.
>And /somebody/ had to have seen you just walk into town this morning.
>You bury your face in your hands.
>This is too much.
>Why would somebody flat out commit murder here?
>And why must you look so damn suspicious.
>D: “Having some trouble there Khoa?”
>You snap your head to the side, sure enough, Discord.
>And he's in a fucking suit with a briefcase.
>D: “Need a lawyer?”
>You almost start telling him off, but in all honesty, you really fucking do.
>The next several minutes are the most surreal thing you've experienced in your time here.
>Discord is arguing with some random guard trying to exonerate you.
>Over a murder no less.
>He's pulling out all this evidence, random shit like a casting of your foot print entering town today.
>Yet, the way he explains everything makes /sense/.
>Sort of.
>D: “You see, this is a muddy footprint, which means my client had to have entered down /after/ the rain. There were no footprints leading from town, meaning my client entered this morning! And according to your reports, the body was found before dawn!”
>The guard looks more uncomfortable than you right now.
>D: “Shall I go gather testimony from Fluttershy who was with my client all night? Fluttershy is by /far/ one of the most honest ponies I have ever met!”
>You roll your eyes a little.
>D: “If the foot fits, you must acquit!”
>How does he?
>You shake your head, you don't even want to know.
fucking again
>One headache later you're in the middle of being released.
>You've got to hand it to Discord, he's annoying, but he's got your back.
>The guards apologize profusely, all the while keeping a close watch on Discord.
>D: “It's ironic really, that you tried to arrest Khoa here.”
>D: “You nearly arrested the one who's going to solve this case!”
>D: “Oh yes, Khoa here is quite the investigator! A regular detective!”
>You're about to blow your lid, but Discord flashes three fingers at you.
>The third favor- goddamn it.
>The guards seem to be eating this up.
>Dammit fuck shit God fucking bullshit motherfu-
>D: “She’ll start immediately!”
>The guards fucking agree.
>This can't be happening.
>You're not a detective!
>Discord ushers you outside, a smarmy grin on his face.
K: “A-are we alone?”
>He nods.
>D: “I do feel honored you express your vulgar side with me Khoa, I really do.”
K: “I'm not a detective Discord! I barely fucking passed that fluff forensics class in high school! You can't just expect me to fucking solve a murder!”
>He pats your head.
>D: “I'll have some reading prepared for you when you get home!”
>That's probably not going to help you much.
>Anybody can read a goddamn book.
K: “After this, we're done. You fuck off and leave me alone!”
>D: “You say that now, but I think you'll change your tune soon! Happy reading Khoa!”
>And with that, they're gone.
>You almost start heading to work.
>But that ship has sailed.
>Sailed into an iceberg.
>Not seeing much of a reason to stay in town, you make your way back home.
>It seems like there’s always /something/ to mess with you whenever you’re feeling good.
>But you’re used to it by now.
>All you have to do is keep on trying to get through this.
>The walk is quiet and uneventful thankfully, no interjections from Discord.
>When you step inside, you’re glad to see Fluttershy not present.
>You really don’t want to be the one to tell her there was a murder.
>It still feels so weird to think about.
>A murder in Equestria that /you/ have to solve.
>If your life didn’t already play out like fiction, it sure as hell did now.
>Going towards your room, you see a large pile of books next to your bed.
>Along with the books you see a nice, leather bound notebook, and what looks like a tweed jacket and pipe.
>Very funny jackass.
>Sighing, you sit down, looking over the journal.
>Pretty damn nice.
>Better than what you’ve been using.
>Might as well get started with this, right?
>The closest book is a relatively short one, sitting on the leftmost stack.
>”The Art of Deduction”.
>Sure, why not?
>Thus began your research into detective work.
>You wish you could say it’s easy, that everything just clicks with ease, but that’s just not realistic.
>Some things are common sense, others will need more thought and time before they fully make sense.
>That’s the same as with anything you need to learn.
>But, you don’t have much say in this, so… yeah.
>You tear through the first book pretty quickly, it’s written well in a way that just flows.
>In all honesty, it’s a nice read.
>There’s a note fixed to the inside of the back cover it seems.
>”Dear Khoa, I assumed you would pick this book first, and hopefully I’m right, because this message is best if you read it when you start all of this. These books are mostly to boost your confidence in the trade, you’ve already got most of what you need. Your mind works differently than any pony’s. You come from a different world, and I think that’s about all you need. - D.”
>The sappy message makes you roll your eyes.
>He’s just doing this to fuck with you further.
>But you won’t fall for that.
>Determined to make the most of this, you pick up a book on witnesses.
>And back to reading you go.
>F: “K-Khoa… there’s been a… d-death today.”
>You look up, Fluttershy has quietly walked in.
K: “Yeah, it was my boss, I was there. They brought me in for questioning and everything.”
>F: “O-oh my! I’m s-sorry you had to go through that Khoa… Um.. what’s with all these new b-books?”
>You look down at your bed, there’s a good four or five books scattered around you alone, not to mention the big stack Discord left next to your bed.
K: “I’m… going to solve the murder.”
>Fluttershy looks at you like she didn’t hear you right.
K: “Er… Discord managed to figure out I used to do stuff like this, before the accident. He thinks it would be for the best if I tried investigative work now, try and jog my memory. These books are to help me get familiar again.”
>You wish you could take credit for that lie, but Discord has left quite a few notes in these books all numbered in the order you’ll read them.
>You’ve even tried taking books with your eyes closed from the stack and you haven’t broken the sequence yet.
>F: “Oh! That sounds like a g-good idea! Makes sense, seeing how you’re so s-smart.”
>Now you look at /her/ like you misheard her.
K: “I’m not that smart, really.”
>F: “D-don’t be modest Khoa!”
>Are you being modest?
>It feels more like she’s being flattering.
>Either way, you kind of like it.
Found some ember tf art
>Guardian (Canterlot Castle)
gonna tell ponies their future but be cryptic as hell (how cryptic I am will probably vary by pony)
>What to believe?
>Is sexuality just like it is on Earth? Is the whole world basically bisexual, but heterosexuality is just 'in style?'
>You'd like to believe in the "corruption" thing.
>You've got some enchanting hips after all, right?
>They could turn a straight mare gay, and that's exactly what you aim to do.
>Either way, you have to try. Partly because it's fun, but mostly because Discord would probably just fuck around with you otherwise.
>You hear the conductor informing everyone of your approaching stop.
>Looks like it's go time. The girls are probably going to be awaiting Twilight's return at the train station.
>The train screeches to a stop and everypony gets up and retrieves their luggage.
>You look out one of the windows and sure enough, there's a compressed area of color that resembles your new friends among the crowd.
>Spike makes like the mule he is and gathers most of the luggage you all brought, and Glimmer makes use of her magic with her effects.
>While they shuffle off of the train, you focus on waking Twilight.
>She's cute when she's passed out cold from sexual tension...
>You lean down and slap her cheeks.
"Hey, Princess Sperg, it's time to snap out of it."
>She closes her eyes tighter and stirs in her seat.
>What did you do the last time she fainted again?
>Oh yeah...
>You do your best to stand her up and give her a firm smack on the ass.
>She suddenly and violently wakes up, mumbling nonsense.
>Luckily everyone is out of the car at this point.
>T: "I love you! Wha-what happened?! Are we there?!"
"Yeah, we made it. The girls are waiting outside, lets go!"
File: 1489720780521.png (190 KB, 400x400)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
Ey up bois. The Discord seems to be down.

Just working myself out of my funk. Next part may be a little short, but it'll be coming either tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Discord servers have been off and on all day m8
Serial killer Dragon anon when?
File: 954694965.png (295 KB, 491x679)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
edgelord pls go

this is a thread for comfy fics.
Comfy fics? Gold Standard just had a fucking murder
>Twilight is still dazed from her episode, but you walk behind her and push her forward.
>She's reluctant to move and continues her confused babbling.
>T: "We're here already?! Where's Spike and Starlight? What about our bags- eeep!"
>She's startled by you as you suddenly make contact with her backside again to move her forward.
"Relax, relax, we got everything. You just took a bit of a nap, I'm sure it'll come back to you later.
>Twilight rubs her head, and makes her way outside the train where she's greeted by a cliche group hug.
>The gang's all here, even Fluttershy.
>Discord is absent, however. At least you can get to work now and surprise him later.
>He is going to get a piece of your mind for not greeting you at the station, though.
>You might be conspiring against him, but you're still friends!
>Vietnam comes rushing back to you as the sound of a canon roars throughout the station accompanied by confetti.
>PP: "Welcome back party!"
>Pinkie is quickly silenced by Applejack who apologizes to everyone for her.
>AJ: "Well...I /tried/ to talk her out of throwing a party for this..."
>Jesus Christ, how does Pinkie still have hearing?
Write it Anon, I'm always game for new ideas.

Comfy is more my style, but I'd give it a read if you wanna try your hand at it.
Do you guys even /read/ Gold Standard? It's about a guy who commits suicide, hates himself, and is now having to solve a /murder/
All these dragons and yet none have banged Spike?

If you want it, write it yourself. Just don't expect any of us to read it.
File: hqdefault.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
8 KB
>give her a firm smack on the ass
They're working on it, m8. Don't get your panties in a bunch.
>TFW I'd read it for a change of pace.
Which anon, which dragon? I demand fucking details.
Tonic at some point, for sure. The rest, I can't say.
>fucking details

She's fucking the twiggle horse
And Spike. At least, that was the original plan.
>You stand outside of their little circle as the girls surround Twilight and bombard her with questions about your journey to the Empire.
>PP: "Did you have a party there?! Was it really bright and sunny?! Oh- oh, how was Flurry?! What did you do on the ride back?!"
>Twilight does her best to answer their burning questions, but when she gets onto the subject of the ride back she freezes.
>T: "On the ride back...? I uh...I..."
>A sudden look of shock crosses her face.
>Looks like she remembers.
>Her gaze shortly locks on to you.
>You smooch the air and give her a wink before she looks away in a panic.
>AJ: "Well, Twi? What did ya do?"
>T: "I...just told some embarrassing stories."
>The go back to talking about the trip, and Twilight eventually shakes off her worried look.
>At the edge of their circle stands Fluttershy.
>She looks on with a smile on her face, occasionally inputting to the conversation, but she's mostly ignored because she speaks too softly.
>You look her up and down. You never really got a good look at any of them, considering how distracted you were when you first got here.
>She's just as cute as ever.
>Oh yes, you can work with her...but will she work with you?
>Only one way to find out...
My story follows a plot, but it has nothing to do with love interest. Therefore, it doesn't matter who she ends up with. I've just been going off of what people want. If you want Spike, I'll do it. Same thing with Twilight. Maybe I'll do both and make something happen. It's really up to you guys. I started this story to make you guys happy, and I hope I've achieved that
I should've mentioned this in my previous post but Tonic did have a sex scene with spike. It's in my pastebin, but it was only a dream. I still rather liked it though
File: Hope.png (144 KB, 323x542)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
>I will try to write more soon
>write more soon
>2 weeks since I've been productive
I guess the faggotry is strong in me

>You are Hope and you are anxious as you see the group of ponies approaching you
>What was their intention?
>Maybe they just want you to leave. They surely don't want you around the town
>Dragon are well know for their... bellicose behavior
>However, they don't seem to be aggressive but you can say they were on their guard
>Except Fluttershy and the pink one
>The sight of your savior allows you to relax a bit
>She has been nice with you since you are here, maybe everything gonna be alright
>Your gaze stops on the purple one
>Something was weird with her, she has both a horn and a pair of wing
>An alicorn?
>You always thought they were only two in this world
>But maybe they were more common
>Well it's not like dragon's books are pretty recent or accurate...
>They are now in front of you and remain silent
>It's pretty obvious they don't deal with reptile of your size everyday
>They stare at you
>You stare at them
>Ok now this is akward, someone had to break the ice before the silence kills you
>F:"Hello Hope, let me present you my friends. So here is Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity and here it's Twilight Sparkle the princess of friendship"
>They all greeted you but your attention stay on the last one
>Princess of friendship? What the hell is that?
>Oh shit, she is a princess!
>You bow before her
"I'm honored to meet you Princess"
>She seems to be surprised by your manners first but she quickly pull herself together
>TS:"Forget formalities. Actually I'm not here as a princess, I'm here to help you"
File: 1488550964598.png (297 KB, 777x712)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Wewlads, tonight is a good night for green it seems. I'm just catching up on the gold standard tonight. What are you guys reading?
You got a Pastebin or somewhere with the whole story in one spot yet Hope? I wanna read your story, but I can't find the start of it. From what I've seen it looks really good.
Mate, wherever you take the story, you have my blessing. I just like reading about cute lizards, and cute lizard activities. Fuck or no fuck, it doesn't matter to me.
I'd probably give it a read. Just as long as it doesn't go full grimdark and take its self too seriously. I remember someone writing a comedy-horror green in AiE a few years ago about a serial killer pony. The writing was really well done, and the characters were funny as hell. Can't find it now, but if I remember right, whoever posted it had a pastebin.
It'll happen sweet Anon, just give it time. Someone will /ss/ with Spike for sure. It's inevitable.
Comfy =/= Sunshine and rainbows.

I find the Gold Standard comfy because I find Khoa relatable to how I was when I was younger, and how I slowly came to figure myself out. I can see the same thing happening for her, and it warms my heart. It's cute, just in a none-traditional sense.
My boi, you scared the shit outa me. Where have you been? I've missed you
>TS:"You see me and my friends have the duty to bring harmony in all Equestria by helping the other with their friendship issues"
>She keeps talking about some magical map, elements of harmony and butts shaking...
>You are not sure if you understood the last part...
>You rub your eyes with your right claw, and organize your thoughts
"So, what you are trying to tell me is, you are here to help me with my friendship's problem because a map tells you to do it?"
>TS:"Yeah that's it"
"I don't want to be rude with you but I think your map is broken, I don't have any friendships problem or something like that"
>TS:"A-Are you sure? I mean, the map activated just a few day after your appearance and it bring us in this area, it can't be just a coincidence. You must be the one who need us"
>You let out a sigh of annoyance
>All of this starts to upset you
"Listen princess, I don't need your help because dragons don't do friends. You can't help someone with their friendships problem if they don't have friends, right?"
>You look at the alicorn who was struggling to find a response
>But it didn't come from her
>"Pinkie Pie" jump in front of you
>PP:" SILLY! THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM! So now, you're staying with us and we will teach you how to have a lot of friends. But first I have to throw you a welcome party! I'm already late of four days!"
>She is now running like a lunatic toward the city
>Fucking hell, she scared the shit of you
>TS:"Apparently, Pinkie find your problem. So what do you think? You let us help you with this. It's not the first time I take someone under my wing"
>You consider the offer
>Why did you acted like this? They just want to help you
>Don't need to be such a bitch
"Can you give me some time to think about it?"
Past weeks have been eventful and I had a hard time writing this part, even now I'm not happy with the result
Still doesn't have a pastebin, maybe I should kill myself
Also I wanted to write this
>You are anon
>And you wake up with a fucking headache
>The last memory you got was a group of black dudes beating the shit out of you in a back alley
>Shit! Last time you tried to stole nigger's KFC bucket
>You get up and start analyze your surrounding
>You are in some sort of cave...
>Where the fuck are you?
>Ghetto can be extreme sometime but this is a bit ridiculous here
>You start to walk toward the entrance and feel your right foot wet
>You just walked in a pond
>Perfect, you wanted to look at yourself
>The fight should have left some bruise on you
>You are now flying in the sky with your new wings
>You have been reincarnated in an other plan of existence
>Gandi was right after all
>But the best part is you are now a fucking edgy dragon
>With black scales and red eyes
>Even Alduin wasn't so dark
>Maybe you should call yourself Dark Angel or something like this
>You keep wandering until you spot 4 other dragons fighting
>You hide behind a rock and take a proper at the scene
>Holy shit! this is Ember!
>You are in MLP universe
>Luckily you watch all the seasons
>Not like you appreciate the show...
>You were too cool for this
>Speaking of being cool
>Ember was alone against the other and seems to have some difficulty
>Too bad you didn't have your katana...
>Hours of maining Genji could have finally be useful
>One of the three opponent spit a fire breath in her direction and she didn't show any sign of movement
>White knight mode engage
>You dash off toward Ember and caught her with your arms before the fire touch her
>You hit the ground and roll with the princess a few meter
>You just save her life, she will surely reward you
>You get up and look at the sky, the 3 dragons aren't here anymore
>They had to flee when they saw you
>Your attention get back to Ember
>She look angry
>White knight mode disable
>Edgelord mode engage
"I have no name"
>Dammit Anon you are so cool
"You were about to be killed"
>Shit you didn't thought about
>Whatever it's still a POTG
>Ok maybe it's your chance to redeem yourself
"Don't worry Princess, I'll bring you back your treasure"
>Before she could say anything you fly away
>You keep flying until you find a cave and jack off during the rest of the day
>You already love your new life

>It’s Discord that greets you in the morning.
>Because /that’s/ what you like to see when you wake up.
>D: “Good morning detective! How was your research?”
K: “Fuck off, mornings are rough without coffee, don’t make them even worse.”
>Shrugging, he thumbs through one of the books you had fallen asleep with.
>D: “Oh, really jumped right into this, didn’t you? I’d dare say you’ve found a passion!”
>You would be hasty to argue if it wasn’t at least a little interesting to read about.
>Putting into practice still scares the shit out of you, but reading has gone well.
>Reading always goes well, it keeps you out of the action.
>This is why you never got outside as a kid, shit reasoning like that.
>Oh well, that’s all in the past anyways.
>D: “You’d best get going, the guards are waiting with an autopsy report!”
K: “They can… they do autopsies here?”
>Discord shrugs a little.
>D: “Not like what /you’re/ used to, but there is a legal system here Khoa.”
K: “I just can’t imagine cutting up a pony for an autopsy…”
>D: “Cutting up? You’re kidding right? We have /magic/ Khoa! We aren’t barbarians!”
>Bullshit, there’s no coffee.
>That’s fucking barbaric.
>You grab your notebook, making a very deliberate point of tossing the tweed jacket on the ground just to spite Discord.
>D: “Why do you antagonize me so?! What have I done to deserve such cruelties?!”
>Just don’t even pay him any attention, he craves the attention.
>Out the door you go, ready to go get this “autopsy” report.
>Khoa: Shitty Fake Detective.
>You’re on the case, whether you like it or not.
>Your boss, well, former boss, was a weird one alright.
>They were easily excited, and seemed to always be in a good mood.
>At face value, they seemed utterly forgettable, some background character a lazy animator might use.
>Kind of like your former co-worker… Derpy.
>Does this make them a suspect?
>Did you really just consider if Derpy Hooves was a murderer?
>This is why you need coffee in the morning kids.
>You’re fucked up without it.
>Once in town, you’re greeted by a few members of the guard.
>They greet you warmly, pointing you towards the castle.
>Oh shit, you’re going in the castle!
>You haven’t been in the castle before!
>Maybe you could meet-
>No, no, stop acting like a fucking desperate fangirl Khoa.
>That’s beneath you on so many levels.
>Well, not too many levels, but at least a couple.
>You hope.
>be anon
>middle of winter
>come home after a long day at work
>you open your door and walk into your tiny one-bedroom apartment
>its not much but you manage
>fall asleep in your bed
>"I think its dead bolt"
>"well at least we're gonna get a few hundred bits for its hide"
[starting anon.exe]
>you jerk up to The sensation of being poked with something sharp
>you hear startled screams
>you sit in shock
>that talked...
>you realize this is just a dream and mentally smack yourself
>wow this place looks cool
>you find yourself in a snow covered forest with tracks leading in the direction of the ponis
>well it is winter
>weird its snowy out but your not cold
>you look down to find a white and light blue body
>ookay that's weird even for a dream
>you pinch yourself to try to wake up
>its not working
>ok just calm down anon just relax
>its just a dream and you'll wake up soon..
File: IMG_1700.jpg (50 KB, 624x388)
50 KB
>I have no name
File: 1482995896474.jpg (25 KB, 471x480)
25 KB
Sorry if the quality is low on this one I haven't written in a while and I'm shit at writing
Keep going Anon
File: 1466694362345.jpg (39 KB, 413x395)
39 KB
>Vietnam comes rushing back to you as the sound of a canon roars throughout the station accompanied by confetti.
war vet dragon anon when?
War vet anon shall be serial killer anon
Do we even have a poor quality Dragon? These guys all seem pretty top notch
>The castle seems quiet today.
>You can hear every step you make, thanks to your claws clicking against the floors.
>If you weren't feeling self-conscious already, you sure are now.
>You're led off to a small room, where a few ponies are gathered.
>They greet you as /detective/ Khoa.
>Not much small talk today, they just!hand you the report.
>Scanning over it real quick, you don't learn anything overtly important.
>Body was found before dawn, time of death was probably in the middle of the night, cause of death was blunt force trauma…
>Seeing this kind of stuff here is still insane.
K: “Um… have any witnesses come by?”
>G: “Ahem, we do have /one/ witness.”
>Hey, that's a start at least.
>G: “Are you familiar with a pony named Trixie?”
>Hold back your sarcasm Khoa.
>Hold back your snide remarks.
>Hold it back, just smile and shake your head.
>You've got to be /professional/.
I'm slow with updates, and probably one of the weaker writers ITT, but people seem to enjoy what I put out.

I haven't read anything I don't like so far though.
>Be anon.
>Be busy trying to figure out if Mass Effect Andromeda is shit or good.
>It's no use.
>Turn off your cheap ass PC.
>Maybe that's why you get .6 frames per minute.
>Fucking piece of shit.
>As you bitch to yourself, you see a bright shining light from your window.
>It's that goddamn Puerto Rican kid with a flashlight again.
>You're ready this time though.
>This is why you've been jerking it in a cup for a week.
>Grinning, you dump your spunky spunk on the little shit.
>Fuck yeah, he's crying.
>You get a message on AOL.
>Wait, since when was AOL still a thing?
>"Yo nigga: I heard you like fucking dragons."
>"And Pone."
A: "Fuck yeah."
>"Nigga do I have an offer for you!"
File: Spoiler Image (1.78 MB, 1797x2018)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
its not the greatest, but just to have something up,, heres the first part for Scylla,, the first part starts with a nightmare so spoopy warning in this text i havent really done alot of writing and im still planning the next part to this,, but feed back would be cool
I hope this works,,
File: Spoiler Image (2.46 MB, 1743x2789)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
I have no idea if im even doing it right,, i hope its ok
File: IMG_5931.png (1.07 MB, 1334x750)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Pretty spooky. I like how it ends up being that picture you drew where she's sticking out of the clubhouse
>One thing that’s obvious about being a detective, there’s a lot of legwork.
>Go here, go there, talk to them, go pick up this.
>You can just feel that’s how today is going to go.
>At least with mail you can route out a quick path, with this you could be sent back and forth across town.
>Here’s hoping your leads are all going to be in one, conveniently small area.
>Right now, you’re looking for Trixie.
>A stuck up, self indulgent, cocky bitch from everything you’ve seen.
>Should make your interviewing her a real treat.
>Apparently she’s hanging around town, not doing much of anything right now.
>Which is great, because you don’t want anything to be mildly straight forward, that would be too /easy/.
>You sigh, your mood is kind of awful right now.
>If you’re going to be doing this, you need to at least attempt to be presentable.
>Deep breaths, calm down, don’t be a bitch.
>Easy enough in theory.
>You're not inherently a bitch.
>Unless you're talking to Discord.

I love it
Shit. the mouth is bothering me, gotta fix that.
>She's on the edge of this circle, she's isolated.
>Target locked. It's time to bag and drag.
>You make your way over to her, but a thought plagues you as you walk.
>What about Twilight?
>Your eyes find there way to her, now laughing and carrying on with the rest of her friends.
>She has no idea.
>Not only did you figure out how she feels after all, but you're planning on seducing and using one of her best friends to get at Discord.
>Not to mention the fact that you could just ask him nicely first, you're just jumping to this conclusion because it sounds like fun...
>She won't find out...you'll just mess around and get your info.
>Its not cheating if you don't /love/ Fluttershy, right? Isn't that how it works?
>Just a fun little swing, and then it's back to making Twilight pass out.
>You make it to Fluttershy and tap on her to get her attention.
>She jumps in surprise, but loosens up when she sees it's you.
>F: "Oh, I didn't see you there. Twilight was just telling us about your trip."
>Her gentle eyes are surprisingly striking, and she seemingly has an aura of light around her from the light shining off of her coat. The air around her smells floral, but you can't put your finger on an individual flower.
>This might be harder than you thought...
>You thought that you'd just run in like an Alpha and get what you need, but she's pretty damn attractive.
>Why was it so easy to talk to her before? Because you were so damn confused?
>Well get over it. You put this plan in motion, now finish it.
"Right on, I was thinking maybe we could go see Angel after this. He was the one who found me in the forest after all..."
>F: "That's a great idea! I think he's been wanting to see you again."
"I bet..."
You do you
File: Spoiler Image (95 KB, 586x459)
95 KB
There we go.
File: Dazehead.png (33 KB, 220x193)
33 KB
Not sure whether everyone is gonna' dig where I'm taking the story after this update, but fuck it, I'll take a chance, and if nobody likes it, I'll abandon it and kill myself. <3

Story is continued on from "Dazed" which can be found here: pastebin.com/u/punki

>[Meanwhile, back on Earth]
>You are Marty, and boy, has shit really gone south for you over the past two days.
*sniff* "Ugh"
>You're currently sat at Anons breakfast table with your head buried in your folded arms in front of you.
>Why did you have to go off and leave him.
>The pussy, brah.
>Not right now brain, no pussy is good enough to justify what has happened here.
>You know how he is when he's drunk, he can't keep his fucking mouth shut at the best of times, but when he's had a drink he turns into a pest, and you have told him for years now that you'd always have his back when those circumstances arise.
>Not this time though, oh no.
>Now he's dead, and it's all down to you not carrying out your duties as his friend.
>Christ, you could have done more.
>You should have done more.
>You break down crying at the table as you lift your head to take another swig from the bottle of whiskey you have next to you.
>You neck the remainder of the dark liquid in the bottom of your bottle before letting out a groan as you sloppily topple your head forward onto the table with a light *dumf*
>It's going to be a long night.
>[Back in Equestria.. 1 Week later..]
"For the love of God.."
>You are Daze.
"I did absolutely fuck-all, man. This is bullshit."
>You're currently sat in the Ponyville jailhouse drunktank bouncing a ball off of the wall opposite your bed while a white coated guard wearing overly shiny golden armour stares at you with an emotionless look on his face through the bars of your cell.
>This limpdick cunt won't even make smalltalk with you.
>You know this because you've been trying to make said smalltalk since you were first dragged in here at 2am last night with your tshirt around your head like a fucking pirates bandana.
>He didn't even say anything when you vomited all over the floor in front of him.
>Back home you would have got a good shouting at and maybe even a pasting for that one.
>Bitchboy is probably too scared of you.
>Yeah, that's it.
>Must be.
>Your eyes manage to trail their way over to the clock, and as luck should have it; time appears to work the same here as it does back home, so unless you've had another head knock in the past week, you reckon it's about 9am.
>God, you're bored shitless.
>And even more importantly, you're still incredibly fucking angry.
>Not so much about being arrested. In all fairness, you probably deserved that one.
>You're just pissed off that this uppity twat won't even shoot the shit with you.
>Not like he has fuck all better to do, I mean Jesus Christ.
>Even the coppers back home offered to bring you a newspaper and a cup of tea or coffee, and those guys were the biggest cunts going.
>Probably didn't help their attitude much when you frequently tried to spit at them and attack them while blitz'd out of your skull on Jagermeister mind you.
>Them were the days.
>Getting into fights and having Marty drag you off of people.
>Smashing up taxi's and having Marty get his ass kicked by a disgruntled taxi driver in a lay-by on the M5.
>You miss that shitlord.
>Wonder how he's doing without you anyway.. Hm.. Oh well, can't read fucking minds.
>Back to your current situation anyway;
>You barely did anything wrong, you only gave a couple of slaps to some daft cunt who set his lip up. It's not your fault that he decided to scream and go crying like a bitch to the guard.
>"I hardly even touched him" didn't seem to work very well as an excuse here when someone has a busted nose sadly.
>You let out an exasperated sigh before giving your ball one last hard throw against the wall causing it to bounce all over your cell before flying out through the bars and plinking off of the guards armoured body causing him to wince.
"Look, you can let me out you know"
"Oh, come the fuck on, at least say or do something you boring cunt"
"Rough me up! Fight me! Do fucking something aside from stand there you spineless git!"
>Fuck it, plan uh.. A.. B.. C.. D.. Yeah, you must be on at least plan J or K by now.
>Trigger plan JK.
>You walk up to the bars and begins to rattle them in frustration.
>If he's not going to talk to you, you can at least try and freak him out or deafen him.
>Your armored friend just continues to give you that trademark blank look before tilting his head to the side in confusion.
>"That's not going to get you very far, you know."
"You can fucking speak! Oh, how fucking f-a-n-t-a... uh.. s.."
>"t-i-c, ma'am."
"Oh, fuck off. On second thoughts; Shut your fucking mouth, I liked you better when you were mute. I know how to spell. When do I get out of this shit hole anyway?"
>"Shouldn't be too long now, ma'am"
"Alright plod, no bother."
>"Excuse me ma'am?"
>You let out a deep sigh, you're not in the fucking mood for this right now.
"Call me ma'am one more time, and you're going to have to fucking keep me in here to stop me from sticking my foot so far up your a-"
>Your little speech is interrupted by another guard entering the hallway and shouting down to you.
>G2: "Ms. Daze? You're free to go. It's 9:30. Let her out Star."
"Star? *pfft* No wonder you didn't talk much, officer Star. Give me strength. Aight' crack it open."
>You muffle your laughter in your hands as your new bestest buddy Star unlocks your cage.
>As soon as you hear the key click in the lock, you turn around and put your hands behind your back, you know the drill.
>Bet they're well impressed with you for that one.
>Taking em' a while.
"What's the hold up?"
>"Uh, ma'am, you're free to go."
"What, no handcuffs, no tackling to the floor as I try to make a run for it? Nothing?"
"Well then, fuck this joint, I'm out. Same time next week mate."
"You heard."

Stopping there for now. Hope everyone's enjoying the story so far, and as always, if you have criticism/suggestions/or just want to call me a twat. You can find me either here or on Discord. Cheers for reading.
Cute lawyer lizard.

Not sure what you did to the mouth, but oddly it does look better. Keep it up friendo.
>You are Discord, and you are creating the ultimate being!
>There's a carrot farm in town that you like to walk past every now and again.
>But almost every time you do, that farmer always screams and runs in terror!
>It's like she thinks you're some chaotic demon!
>Well, you've resolved to /give/ her something to scream about.
>Some of the "scariest" creatures are being brought together on your lab table.
>You donn your white lab coat and goggles and prepare to give it life.
>Rat's body, Spider's legs, Bat's wings, snake's fangs....what else are you missing?
>There's something you're forgetting, but what? It's all here!
>Tonic and Princess Twilight are coming home today!
>You spawn a wrist watch onto your arm and stare at it in horror.
>They should have arrived already, you missed it!
>Tonic isn't going to be very happy with you...
>You can still salvage the day! You just have to put this little project on hold.
>You begin cleaning up your lab when that darn carrot farmer enters the room and begins screaming again.
>"W-what are you doing in my barn?!"
"Sowing the seeds of your doom!"
>She runs for dear life and you finish cleaning up your mess.
>You teleport your scientist garb away and conjure up a present with some chocolate gold coins in it.
>Dragons do like treasure after all...
>Reality bends around you, and you're suddenly standing at the train station.
>A couple of the bystanders quickly leave, while your good friends turn their heads to see you.
>Most of them are accounted for, but you don't see Tonic or Fluttershy...
"Sorry I'm late. Where's Tonic? I got her a present."
>Rarity eyes the present cautiously, but ignores it soon after inspection.
>R: "Tonic and Fluttershy made their way to Fluttershy's cottage, something about wanting to see Angel. If you go looking for them, do tell Tonic to come see me, I never got to ask about how she liked the dress..."
I tend to improve the proportions of /everything/ when inking. but good to know that its a good change.
Don't let Daze forget about her ball. She'll need it next time
Natty Bumpo
Lol Discord is about to get kek'd hard.
I've got an idea for a story about a hydra where each head is a different anon, It will probably take me a while (if I ever get it done to a point I'm satisfied with) cause i'm a complete sped at writing
That's not dragon.
Fuck off, it's close enough and sounds fun
You fuck off. It's not a goddamn dragon and it sounds retarded.
Nice to see we're in fighting spirits tonight /dtfg/. Never change.
You do you man. Write a part and see what people think. If people don't like it, they'll always let you know after its been posted.
The original Lernean Hydra (and its father Typhon) are considered dragons
Hydra is often used as a general name for a dragon with multiple heads, like Orochi, trisiras, Herensuge or Tiamat
sweet,, does it read ok??
I dont know if i should play on the idea of scylla needing/relying on water,, with her being a sort of water dragon
Well, a water dragon, though not needing to constantly stay submerged, would still stay close to it, as well as being more comfortable swimming rather than walking. Basically, like an alligator, except bigger and cuter
Just throwing in my two cents.
>well might as well explore while your lucid
>you pick yourself up off the ground and start walking in the direction of the ponis
>wow this dream feels so real
>you walk up to a tree and touch it
>it feels...woody
>and quite firm
>as you follow the tracks of the two ponys and soon find a little snow covered village
>looks cozy
>as you walk into town the whole day seems to freeze
>then turns to chaos
>you hear in the growing crowd
>wait dragon?
>a rock pelts you across the face
>It didn't hurt and it was quite the stone
>ponies start arming themselves as you just stare at them confused
>then you realize if you don't run your as good as dead
> instinctively you open your wings? And take off
>as you climb into the air you see snow EVERYWHERE
>jeez you in Canada or what?
>when you feel like your safe you land but end up face planting into the ground
>gotta work on that
>as the moon rises you start to wonder why you haven't woken up yet
>what if....
>nah can't be that's not possible
>you might want to find a city or town in the morning
>of there are any..

[Spoiler]alright guys your choice is my command
A.anon heads to poniville
B.anon heads to the badlands
C.anon stays in winter wonderland
Yea,, that actually does help a bit,,
never thought id have fun writing a story,, get ready for a washtub scylla in the next part
C could be cool
stop this shit.
This I like the story so far, it's easy to follow
C sounds interesting, keep goin
File: 1466694366701.jpg (35 KB, 500x333)
35 KB
if you drag Marty into this story and have him dick around with Daze I swear to God I'll fucking have a giggle mate, sounds like a riot good stuff so far, keep it up
File: happy merchant.gif (1.44 MB, 300x289)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB GIF
oh boy here we go
I have no clue what you mean by C, so let's go with that
File: 1479748236490.jpg (74 KB, 500x806)
74 KB
Alright anons I'll post more tonight but a question
[Spoiler]should I become a namefag?
Because I want people to be able to tell my story from another[/spoiler]
>Mfw I fuck up the spoiler
>Mfw I do it twice in a row
Can I an hero now?
Yes, get yourself a name
yes, you can an hero
>as the moon sails overhead you wander the frozen land
>you're worried now
>why haven't you woken up yet
>why will you not wake up
>as you have a mental breakdown you come upon a bright orange light in the distance
>a fire is burning
>you make your way to the fire hoping there is someone ANYONE who knows what's going on
>as you near the edge of the orange light you spot a poni nursing the fire and cooking something
>now you realize how hungry you are and your mouth waters from the smell
>smells like the soup grandma no name used to make
>ah those were the days
>your cousins incognito and nameless were dicks
>never let you on their gameboy but would ask you for things
>you hardly realize the pony eyeing you in fear
>you exclaim
>the horned poni screams quite girlishly
>it covers its face and you see a nice pair of balls in your veiw
>nice anon real nice
>now your gay
>the poni continues to cower and doesn't even think to run or hide
"Why would I eat you?"
>the poni turns around slowly
>"c-c-cause your a dragon and dragons eat meat so p-please don't eat me I don't taste good"

Well sorry for the shortness of this one I'm tired because of work so I'll post more tm
Good night /dragon/
This is different. Keep going Anon, I'll stay up to date.
M8, my updates are pitiful too, don't worry. You'll fit in
I'll write more tomorrow. Today was pretty pitiful, eh? As always, criticism and suggestions welcom
tonic needs to make advances on discord
Well thanks anon
Used to do green for /tech but like many writefags I never got my green off the ground
Nice to see my work get attention

>you stare at the poni that's tearing up
"No no don't cry I'm not gonna eat you Jesus"
>the poni looks up at you in utter confusion
"Uh your stuff is overflowing"
>the poni looks over to the roaring fire
>the pot he was using bubbles over and into the fire
>"oh MY"
>he yells as he rushes over and tends to his food
>and seems to forget about you completely
>no wonder their afraid of dragons
>ponis are dumb
"So where am I?"
>the poni takes out a bowl and dips it into the soup
>"oh your in the deep north even further than the crystal empires magic can reach"
>he says with a mouthful
>crystal empire???
"What's the crystal empire?"
>you ask confused
>the poni stares at you like your slow
>"...you don't know what the crystal empire is?"[Spoiler]take a shot for every time I say crystal empire[/Spoiler]
>"well I don't expect it from a dragon"
>wow if you /were/ a dragon that would sound very racist
>you decide to ask the poni for his name
"So...what's your name?"
>now that your closer to him you see features that you didn't notice
>the dirty white coat
>the shoddy tent
>the tired eyes
>those ice blue eyes ..looks like his glare could cut steel
>the wind blows hard and the poni shivers
>your not cold though. Cool
>"so what's a frost dragon doing down here anyways?"
>frost dragon?
>peices fall into place in your head
>why your not cold
>why you woke up in snow
>why the ponis were scared out of their minds
>that thread you read before bed
>aw fuck
"Aw fucking hell"
>well. Shit
>this isn't a dream
File: 1489190042019.jpg (147 KB, 915x1014)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Why can I not fucking spoiler right
remove the "/" in [/Spoiler] m9
It's the capital S that's throwing things off.
Also have a link to my old
Bin with the story
File: 1448153014079.gif (750 KB, 320x180)
750 KB
750 KB GIF
[Spoiler]rip me[Spoiler]
>Mfw a / fucked me up three times
It's the capitalizing that fucks it up, you need "/"
>You find Trixie loitering around, looking annoyed.
>Probably because she was told to stay nearby during the investigation or something.
>Sighing, you approach her.
K: “Hello mi-”
>Tr: “What? What do you need from /Trixie/?”
>The use of third person makes you physically cringe.
K: “I'm, uh, in charge of the investi-”
>Tr: “So /you/ are the one limiting Trixie’s movements?! How dare you?! Do you know who I am?!”
>Sadly, yes.
>God she's being more egotistical than normal.
>Fuck it, she wants to play this game, fine.
K: “I'll be blunt. You're our number one suspect. Now if you would please stop with the theatrics, let's see if you can find a way to save yourself.”
>The sudden worry on her face makes you feel really good about this.
>Okay, maybe you are a bitch.
>Might as well revel in it.
>Tr: “Tri- er, I had nothing to do with this!”
>Yeah, she probably didn't.
K: “That's not what the /other/ witness said.”
>Just got to hold back your laughter at her worry, and this will all go fine.
can't spoiler on my life
Don't know why but it works without the / too
the wonders of technology
Just do "ctrl+s" you fuckin plebs
Anyway here is the pastebin http://pastebin.com/bRPwtEFq
I wrote a quick smut piece last night to appease the voracious Treasure Mage on the Discord last night, and people want me to put it here too- so sure, why not?

>The dream begins with you lying in bed, reading a book.
>Well, this is meta as fuck…
>You look up from the book to see Daze.
>Not clad in her iconic jacket either.
>Hell, she's not wearing anything.
>D: “Oi~”
>That smirk on her face, she wants something.
K: “Hey there Daze, thanks again for finding my j-”
>She's walking right into your room, quickly shutting the door with a slam.
>D: “Anything for you mate~”
>Daze is edging closer and closer to you, she's looking at you like you look at steak.
>Did she just lick her chops?
>D: “When's the last time anybody gave ya a good bang mate?”
>Noticing your confusion, she snatches your book, tossing it harshly against the wall.
>D: “I asked ya a question mate~”
>Oh fuck she is right next to you, breathing on you.
>Her breath smells like booze and bloody meat oddly enough.
>It's intoxicating.
>D: “Don't be a cunt and scootch a tad bit over on that bed.”
>You dutifully do so, gulping a little.
>Daze crawls right next to you, breathing down your neck.
>Her warm breath tickles your scales gingerly.
>D: “Oi, if you aren't a cunt, prove it~”
K: “D-Daze? What's going on with you?”
>She's acting so bizarre, so, so…
K: “A-Are you in heat…?”
>D: “I don't fucking know! I just know I need my favorite Yankee to prove her loyalty to England~”
>Is this her idea of foreplay?
>She really must be drunk after all.
>Probably in heat too.
>In heat…
>Your thoughts trail off as she caresses your underbelly.
>All you can do is blush as she runs her claw over the sensitive flesh.
>D: “I know you like it~ You're a horny toad like me~”
K: “N-no!”
>Daze rolls over slightly, putting herself right on top of you.
>D: “Fucking liar~”
>She means in, kissing your chest with a smirk.
>She wants to get you worked up and horny.
>And if she keeps this up, it won't take long at all.
>D: “Ever wonder what puss is like from across the pond~?”
>Oh fuck she's so corny.
>But goddamn does that work for you.
>You don't know when it devolves to you making out with her.
>A part of you likes to think you kept dignity until the bitter end.
>But deep down, you know that you caved quickly.
>Making out with a snout is easier than you anticipated.
>Daze has her arms wrapped around you in a fucking death grip, a domineering look in her eyes.
>She's caught her prey, and now she's going in for the kill.
>Her hips gyrate smoothly as you kiss.
>What you wouldn't give for there to be a certain something down there right now.
>But two ladies don't have such luxuries.
>Not that it matters, not in the slightest.
>You're too busy feeling Daze wriggle her tongue around.
>It's an invasive, blunt kiss.
>She's just fucking going in, claiming your mouth as her tongue’s new home.
>You're all for this new tenant.
>Sadly, she soon cuts off the kiss.
>D: “We've barely fuckin’ started fuckin’ and you look out of it~”
>You're not out of it!
>You're in it, and you are fucking loving it.
>Daze is rubbing herself against you now.
>Her larger body lined up just right on your’s.
>It's fucking heavenly.
>Each up and down sends shivers down your spine, your claws dig into the bed desperately as you shudder.
>Up, down…
>Up, down…
>D: “Don't just fuckin’ lay there! Help out~”
>You do exactly as she says, starting to move your body in rhythm with hers.
>Each minute spark of friction is the most diverting stimulus you've felt in ages.
K: “F-Fuck…”
>She's going faster, knowing fully well that you can't even come close to setting a tempo like this.
>The best you can do is follow along.
>And follow along you do.
>Up, down!
>Up, down!
>This beats your novels any day.
>They are all nothing compared to this.
>It's all nothing compared to this.
>This moment, this beautiful moment.
>You're close, you can feel it.
>Fuck, you don't want this to end.
>Not now, not ever.
>You need this.
>You need /her/.
>It's all thanks to her that you feel like this.
>That you feel so good, so alive.
>She's your rock, and now she's rocking you.
>Not your best play on words, but fuck it, who cares?
>Who really cares about anything besides this right now?
K: “D-Daaaze~!”
>You've had it before, but not like this.
>Not as a dragon.
>Not as a female.
>Not with Daze.
>All these factors, so new and so evident change the sensation all together.
>You've never felt such a release in your life.
>Thankfully Daze comes roughly around the same time.
>Means you're on a good tempo, that's great.
>First time like this and you already feel this content.
>Daze crumples on you, taking deep breaths.
>This was fast.
>Almost too fast.
>You frown, you want more.
>But… maybe not right now.
>D: “Oi… God save the queen~”
>What's she talking about~?
>Fuck that was great.
K: “I wish it wasn't just some nice dream~”
>Daze looks over at you, still catching her breath.
>D: “Wat? I woke you up for this mate, you fell asleep reading some shit!”
>She woke you up?!
>You were sleeping before she walked in and they woke you up?
>That means....
K: “Holy shit…!
Aaand, that's it. I apologize in advance.
This is why I've never tried it

Ooh boy, I've kept up with you so far but I know a lot of people wanted this.

It's magnificent. The voracious Mage is pleased
File: 1488930139654.jpg (41 KB, 540x960)
41 KB
>You hope that your disinterest isn't showing too much.
"I'll be sure to pass the message along."
>Disappearing from their sight, you travel along the route to Fluttershy's cottage until you come across Her and Tonic walking just outside of town.
>Rarity said that they were going to see Angel, but why does Tonic care?
"What are you up to...?"
>You mutter to yourself while you watch them from the shadows.
>Now you're curious.

>You are Fluttershy, and you're making your way to your cottage with Tonic.
>You're actually really happy that she's going with you.
>You love your animal friends, but being so far out of town scares you sometimes.
>...ok, a lot of times.
>You made sure to tell Tonic how thankful you were for walking with you.
>To: "No problem. I'd never let anything happen to a beautiful pony like you."
>You blush and shy away.
>Oh my, she's so nice.
>Once you got to know a few of them, dragons aren't that scary to you any more.
>You never realized how nice they could be.
>Or how gorgeous they could be.
>Oh dear...d-did you just think that?

Sorry I'm posting so slow right now. I've been a bit busy throughout the past couple of days. Hope you're enjoying this little Fluttershy bit so far
File: download (2).jpg (8 KB, 185x273)
8 KB
>Mfw I lost a 2,000 word update
Fuck this I'm going to bed
We've all been there my man.

Hurts, dunnit'?
File: 1473617027806.png (546 KB, 680x778)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
>tfw lost updates several times due to F5-related accidents
And that's how I started to use Notepad++ for writing.
File: IMG_5369.jpg (156 KB, 1600x1365)
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156 KB JPG
We are here for you
Judging by your track record, nothing of value was lost.
File: CIA Hacking Notepad++.png (16 KB, 1414x129)
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More ''No Fury at All'' green fucking when
All green is valuable
An attitude that absolutely reeks of desperation.
At attitude that respects creators and wants them to improve
File: 1488928679085.jpg (270 KB, 750x728)
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270 KB JPG
Fucking this.

What don't people get with this? How are writefags supposed to improve unless you let them post and then proceed to give them constructive criticism?

If you assblast someone and say "it's fucking shit, kill yourself" you do nothing to encourage them. If you say "it's fucking shit, but you can do x y and z to improve it" then that's fine.

As for the Anon you're referring to, their story is decent, but it does need some work in order to improve it, but he's never going to make that improvement unless you tell him what's wrong.

Tl;dr, being a cunt doesn't help artists, writers, or any contributers to the thread.
File: gorget.jpg (679 KB, 1280x989)
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679 KB JPG
They don't care about helping artists, writers or contributors, calm your tits.
>Princess Celestia had returned, looking amused as she hopped with the utmost grace over your swiping tail.
>She was already speaking before she landed.
>As though that HADN’T just happened.
“My chambers are just up these steps Columba, over here.”
>Your heart was beating a million times a minute as you jumped back.
>You could hear your tail slap the marble floor two or three times, and then came four loud crunching sounds
>It was one thing for pyjamas, hot chocolate and food to instantly appear and disappear.
>But this threw you off completely, it was such sudden thing, to see someone vanish.
“Ummm, Columba?”
>You blinked, Princess Celestia was looking up at…
>Looking up at you.
>You looked forward, at the corner between the wall and the ceiling that you were clinging to with all of your claws embedded in the stone.
>You’d leaped from the ground to here without letting Celestia out of your sight.
>Immediately you dropped down from the wall and apologized, your head hung low and your face completely flushed.
>”I am so so sorry.”
>You looked up, and saw Princess Celestia was smiling broadly across from you.
“This is quite the occasion Columba, I’ve seen a dragon get her wings.”
>Grumbling and rolling your eyes, you reached over your shoulder and touched your scaly back.
>It was flat of course, and Princess Celestia was giggling.
”It is alright Columba, I should not have appeared so close to you.”
>Celestia waited patiently while you stretched a little.
>You squatted and checked your legs to make sure you didn’t pull a muscle doing that ridiculous jump.
>Your eyes wandered between your legs… and when you saw the dust and the chunks of stone littering the floor behind you, you blushed intensely.
>Checking to see that Princess Celestia wasn’t looking at you, you swept it aside as best as you could.
“I’ll have a maid come clean that later, ma’am.”
>You turned your head towards who had spoken.
>It was Gleaming Star.
>…You’d completely forgotten about him.
>But you nodded, already too excited to get jumpy again.
>The more you thought about it, the wider your grin got.
>You just jumped over twice your height.
“Eight and a half feet.”
>Gleaming Star was staring up at the four gouges you’d left in stone.
>Then he turned his gaze to you.
>It was even more piercing than before, and you could tell his eyes were wandering on your legs.
>You stood up and knocked the dust off of your thighs.
“You’ve done those sorts of things before, haven’t you? But that jump there is the greatest you’ve ever managed.”
>For a second, you’d been worried, but Gleaming Star wasn’t looking at you like he was going to lock you up or anything.
>It was just curiosity.
>”Well, yeah. I did a lot of track and field.”
>Gleaming Star nodded.
“I see. Your technique is superb, even as a quadruped, I can see the benefit you get from the way you distribute your weight and the pushing force in your feet.”
>Your mouth gaped slightly for a second, before you recovered from your surprise.
>You were withholding some of the truth, but it was true that you’d done a lot of track and field.
>Most of your-
>Princess Celestia had her eyes on you again, and immediately you thought about how delicious that meal up in her quarters was going to be and nothing else.
>You breathed a sigh of relief only when she smiled and looked away again, speaking kindly.
“Are you ready to go again Columba?”
File: 1427143737956.jpg (104 KB, 553x747)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
>The rest of the truth could wait, and having Celestia find out by reading your mind wasn’t any good.
>You wanted it to be given out in an open discussion.
>That could only help you, moving forward.
>You fell in between Princess Celestia and Gleaming Star, then all three of you walked up the final set of steps at the end of the hallway.
>At last you’d reached the Princess Celestia’s floor, the hallways here had nearly ceiling to floor windows along their outside facing walls, letting in the vivid sunlight.
>The final step up was like rolling an elephant off of your shoulders, the atmosphere up here was so calm.
>Maybe it was the view.
>From here you could see for miles.
>On and on past great plains, crisscrossed with rivers and giving way eventually to deep forests.
>The forests passed into plains again, and plains into deserts, till all you could see beyond were the shadows lain across the distant crimson mountains.
>Ignoring even the view, there was a permanent air show taking place.
>Pegasi of all different colors, some fancifully dressed and others plain, soared above Canterlot like countless songbirds.
>You could see griffins in the crowd too, flying harder, with steeper pitches in amongst the gradual swooping motions of the ponies.
>After a minute or two, you tore your eyes away from the sight and looked ahead at what you assumed were the double doors to Princess Celestia’s chambers.
>Gleaming Star stood silent by the door while Celestia led you inside.

Probably done for tonight. I'll be lurking.

Dragon Jesus says to; Treat thyself to thy neighbour, and to thine neighbour's sheep.
Note for reader: This story is in no way tied to the main story "Dazed" on my Pastebin. It's just a one-shot set in an alternate universe where Khoa and Daze are housemates. Check out my bin, Mage's bin, and Kolaghan's bin for more Daze and Khoa antics.

>You are Daze, the hottest, most asskickingest dragon in all of Equestria.
>Yeah, dragon, not dragoness, what are you? Fucking gay or something?
>Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Where were you?
>Oh yeah, you were drinking a bottle of cider in Ponyville town square at 11am because you have nothing better to do.
>Man, since coming here you've been bored shitless.
>There's a grand total of fuck and precisely all to do around here.
>At least this bench you're stretched out on is comfy.
>????: "I could liven things up.."
>You practically leap out of your skin as you dart up to your feet and glance around at the bench.
"What in the name of Richard Branson, who the fuck was that?"
>Almost on que, the bench folds it's self into a little stage with curtains and everything, almost like some sort of freaky transformers bullshit as a snake lizard thing rises up out of thin air to introduce it's self before taking off its top-hat to you.
>"Why! I'm Disc-"
"Not interested, see ya' later mate."
>The stupid lizard snake gives you a puzzled look before you turn around to walk away, only to have your face met with its own pressed against yours.
>You fall back onto your ass and pick yourself back up to give this cunt a piece of your mind.
"AHH! For fuck sakes man, some fucking warning. Almost gave me a bastard stroke. You must be that stupid twat that Khoa briefly mentioned. Discunt, the magical lizard of infinite amounts of bullshit."
>"Quite the mouth on you! It's ever so rude to speak to a friend like that Daze, for shame!"
>This shit is really starting to wear thin on your fucking scales, if this guy is anything like Khoa says he is, you're going to wire his fucking jaw for him if you're around him for any extended period.
>Remember what Marty told you. Be the bigger man and walk away.
"It's a good fucking thing we ain't friends then innit?"
>You shove past him only to have him begin hovering along next to you without even using his wings, because fuck logic.
>For fuck sakes.
>You stop dead in your tracks and turn to face him, getting right up in his mug while simultaneously grabbing him by his chest(?) Fur and telling him how it is.
"Look here, you've got two options right now: Either tell me what you want, and then proceed to fuck off, or I'm going to wipe the fucking floor with you, you scaly, hairy, ugly, twat."
>He looks back at you with a look of shock and.. Is that even a tinge of slight fear in his eyes, right before poofing out of existence with a quick snap of his pawed fingers as you stare at where he stood while proudly smirking and walking away with your head high.
>And then you bump into him again, only this time he's wearing a stately outfit like your fuckwit head teacher did back in highschool.
>What a fucking burk that bloke was.
>"Now, now, now, what did I say? It isn't very ladylike of you to use such profanity, Ms. Daze! We're going to have to do something to teach you a lesson in etiquette!"
>Before you even have a chance to open your mouth, Discord utters "ah ah ah" before making a zipping motion with his fingers and then teleporting the two of you to the park opposite yours and Khoa's house.
>You spin a little on the spot before dropping your bottle and emptying your stomach all over the grass in front of you as a gang of fillies run away in fear while screaming.
"Don't fucking teleport me you cu-"
>He does that motion with his fingers again to cut you off.
>You just let out a muffled scream of "*CNNPHT*" to Discords apparent amusement, which just further fuels your fire as you lob your bottle at him, missing, and causing it to smash all over the pavement behind him.
>Feeling defeated, you just roll your eyes and stand with your arms folded before he sweeps his hand in the reverse zip motion to allow you to speak.
>"Now, Ms. Daze.. We shall begin your lesson in proper ladies etiquette with getting you out of those quite ghastly rags you call clothes, and into something much more.. Fitting."
"Oh no you fucking don't, I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going. You can fuck r... r.. Righhhttt... o."
>The cunt just magicked you into a fucking dress.
>I mean sure, at least it's dark, but it's a fucking DRESS.
>Discord just bursts out laughing and poofs himself out of existence as you lunge towards him in a swing, before reappearing just outside of your front door across the street.
>"Daze! Daze! This is a very necessary part of the proce - *pfft..aha* process!"
>That's it, you know what you have to do.
>You begin tearing at the dress as you walk towards the cackling dragonequus that is situated on your porch.
"You're fucking dead! You! You and every cunt you've ever known! You fucking CUUUNT!"
>You swing forward towards him and punch your front door with a crack.
>You hear laughing coming from the other side of your front door, followed by the sound of commotion from up stairs as Khoa falls out of what sounds like bed and shouts "Huh.. Daze?"
>You swing the door open with a bang as it smacks against your cabinet and breaks the glass door, only to be met by Discord in a maids outfit holding a tray of cake and a teapot.
>"Ever so nice that you're home for tea!"
>You're done playing games.
"You fucking wait here, I'm coming back for you."
>You begin your trec up the stairs, slipping over the front of your dress and tearing a chunk out of it before picking yourself back up and heading towards Khoa's bedroom.
>You kick her door open with a bang to be met by the little gold dragon scrambling up off of the floor.
>K: "Daze! What the hell are you doing?! Wait.. What the hell are you WEARING?"
"Get out of my fucking way Khoa, or I'll kill you as well."
>You shove past Khoa, and begin routing through her closet, throwing shit all over the floor.
>K: "What's going on! Get the fuck out of my room, stop throwing my stuff around!"
>You reach into the back of the closet and find what you're looking for. Ol'slugger. Your baseball bat full of nails.
>You hid this in here when you and Khoa first moved in in case some fucker tried to rob you.
>K: "What the fuck is that, and what is it doing in my closet!"
"You stay here now, I have some snakes to fucking clobber."
>K: "Daze I'm si -"
>You slam the door on her to cut her off before heading back downstairs to tend to your "guest"
>You run towards Discord with the bat over your head in two hands before slamming it down onto the table that was behind him as he vanishes, just smashing the fucking thing in half before you glance over your shoulder to see that the bastard has materialised leaning against your staircase.
>"Now, now, now Daze! You can't resort to violence! That's not a very *ladylike* way of handling things!"
>You growl in anger as you yank the top half of the dress off, and tear off the remaining portion around your legs leaving you with a tutu of sorts before tugging the bat out of what's left of the table, and pulling your spare black t-shirt over your head and brushing off the splinters of wood that got stuck in it from you pummelling it into the ground along with your furniture.
>You flick your hair up out of your face and charge him again.
>You swing the bat back around in an arc, this time smashing all of the banisters out of your staircase as a terrified Khoa yelps and leaps back into the wall.
>She scrambles up to her feet before looking over what's left of your living room.
>K: "Calm down! You're destroying the fucking house!"
>Meanwhile, you're running around the room, smashing fuck out of everything in your path, and so far, you haven't managed to hit that sneaky cunt because he keeps getting out of your way.
"I'll destroy more than the fucking house! I'll fucking kill him!"
>K: "Kill who?! There's nobody here you fucking lunatic!"
>You pause for a few moments to look around at your handywork.
>Your tables are smashed to pieces, your couch has tears all over it from your claws and nailed bat, and your light fitting is all over the floor in about a million pieces. Not to mention the holes in the walls, and the smashed to shit staircase, and.. Oh no.
"The fucking TV!"
>You let out an angry "FUCK" before letting off one final swing of your bat, letting go of it as it flies through the air, and smashes through your livingroom window.
>You walk over to the TV and slump down next to it before resting your head against it as you sulk.
>K: "Now, care to tell me what in the name of God that was all about?"
"Not really."
>K: "Well, you'd better have a damn good excuse for this episode! You've ruined the place!"
"Big lizard twat"
>K: "I'm looking at one."
"Not me, the other big lizard twat, the one that does stupid magical bullshit"
>K: "Discord."
>You let out a growl in response before Khoa just sighs at you and walks over to your side before sitting down.
>K: "Say no more."
"Wasn't plannin' on it."
>Despite your larger size, you lean into her and rest your head against her shoulder letting out a little sigh yourself.
>It's awkward, but it's still more comfortable than resting against your fucked TV set.
>She puts her arm around you in response and brushes your hair out of your eyes.
>She's a weirdo, but she has her perks.
>K: "You know, you can't just fly off of the handle like that when someone gets under your skin. Look at the mess.."
>You let out another sigh. You know she's right.
"I know, I need to try harder next time. I almost fucking had him."
>K: "That's not what I meant Daze"
>You just look up at her with a shit eating grin before winking.
"Don't ruin the fucking moment, Khoa"
>You both just sit there for the next 15 minutes looking at the battlefield in front of you.
>Impressive, even be your standards.
>You'll fucking get him for this.


Hope you enjoyed this little one-shot thing. Will happily write more if anyone is into it. Criticism, praise, "kill yourself, punki's" always welcomed.
Well this is going to be an interesting follow up to that.

>The kings eyes grow wide, and he turns to the crowd, his body visibly shaking from the mental force he'd found himself in contact with
>After a moment to compose himself, he manages to speak in a loud voice that somehow lacks the grandeur it had before
>”The great dragon, guardian of our people, wishes to go to the North! Let us all, each and every one, give him everything he needs to reach his goal!”
>He repeats the command in the gryphon language as well
>The gryphons cheer and many disperse, running to and fro to tents, spreading the command through the camp
>In the commotion, Tremble climbs atop your head and nestles among your horns
>You focus your thoughts up and on her, you need an update on what happened
>After all, none of this could have sprung up in the ten minutes you'd spent inside your own head
>You hear her speak from atop your head
>”Uh, Mr. Dragon, you've been asleep for a week now.”
>That statement stuns you
>How could it have possibly been an entire week?
>The last thing you remember was Celestia confronting you about something
>And then that horrible roar and you were...
>”It's okay, the gryphons will protect you. King Gunnar brought a thousand soldiers and more are coming from other large cities. Nothing to be afraid of.”
>You feel as though she's treating you like a scared animal
>Your thoughts turn back to wonder what had made Celestia leave in the first place
>”There was an...incident.”
>Oh this wasn't going to be good
>”After that psychic shout that came from you, Celestia and her guards wanted to get all the gryphons out of there so they could cordon you off and deny all access.”
>You feel Tremble's melancholy and hear her voice begin to crack
>”Svardr he...he confronted Celestia, put a claw on her to stop her. One of the guards overreacted and he...”
>She trails off, but you can figure out what happened
>You doubt Celestia had wanted to actually hurt you, or hurt that gryphon, but the matter was that it had happened
>You can't help but admire the restraint that the king had shown in simply expelling Celestia instead of calling for blood
>Tremble composes herself and continues, as you rise from your place in the camp and walk as softly as you can out to the forest
>”The elder, Yngi, has been calling for Celestia's blood though. She pleaded with the king, and when he refused she started praying to you for vengeance.”
>Your unease flows over the mental link, reciprocated by Tremble
>It was a good thing you were getting away from the camp, you certainly needed the moment alone
>Well, mostly alone
>”Mr. Dragon, what's in the North that you need to go to?”
>Hmm, shit
>What exactly was up there that the dragon wanted?
>He said something about restoration sure, but restoration of what?
>Maybe it was some kind of monument or sacred site that you could somehow fix
>All that you could feel is that it was of such importance that fixing it was a matter of life and death
>You transmit the certainty of the importance of the journey, but refrain from letting her feel the confusion of exactly what the journey was for
>You feel her contentment at your thought, and she settles down on the top of your head
File: smile (endivinity's).png (97 KB, 552x310)
97 KB
>Cutting off the mental link, you stare off into the distance, glaring at the peaks of mountains that seemed worlds away
>North said the dragon
>That was all, just go North and fix something
>Then you could go home
>Tremble stirs a bit on top of your head, grabbing hold of one of the large spikes that crowned you
>A distant but pleasant thought
>You turn back to the camp and see many of the tents have been taken down and more are in various states of disassemble
>Well, you should go back anyway, the adoring public needed you
>Gently as you can, you trudge back to the encampment
>Upon returning you lay down at the edge, gently rocking your head to wake the pony who'd made herself so comfortable on your crown
>You feel her stir and she gently climbs down the craggy ramp of your nose and onto the trodden earth
>She rubs her eyes sleepily and turns, then gives you an endearing smile
>Oh god, how were you suppose to respond to that?
>Before you can stop yourself, the instinct of smiling back has already worked its magic over your snout
>Your upper, more elastic, mouth covers draw back and upwards at the corners of your mouth
>But the front of your snout is bony plate, and is unflexing even as it is pulled back to expose your gargantuan, glistening maw of teeth
>There's no way this looks anything but hideous or terrifying
>But still, Tremble chuckles at your attempt and turns back to the busy camp
>Then you see a sizable number of gryphons going straight towards the pair of you
>And traveling at their head is the king himself
>Tremble kneels as he arrives in front of you, but he waves the gesture away
>Then he turns his attention back to you
>”Oh great dragon, we have spread word among our humble flock of your journey North. There are many here who will now return to their nestings and tell tales of this, but there are many more who will follow you and give aid as you roam.”
>A great cheer rises from the host behind him, many clanging objects together and making as much noise as they could
>The praise swells in your heart, and the promise of company does sound good at least
>As the swell dies down, the king speaks once more
>”Great dragon, protector of our people for generations, we would but humbly ask one thing of you before we take this perilous road in your footsteps.”
>Well that sounds easy enough, just one thing right?
>You nod your head towards him, to indicate your acceptance
>”So that the bards may compose songs, banners be made for you, and stories be written, all glorifying you above lesser creatures; please mighty one, grant us the privilege of your name!”
File: mzfdgxdfbv.png (848 KB, 840x668)
848 KB
848 KB PNG
>Another cheer, somehow drowning out the previous one rises from the crowd
>Your name?
>Anonymous is the first thing that comes to your mind
>But just as quickly as it comes, it slips away into nothing
>You weren't Anonymous anymore, you were a dragon dammit!
>But it couldn't just be any name either, it had to be the right name
>So what could it be?
>You think of the names of all the dragons you'd ever read about from old stories
>There was Fafnir, a guy who got turned into a dragon because he was a greedy dickhole
>But that wouldn't fit with you, even if it seemed to match the gryphon naming conventions
>Jormungandr would fit within that convention as well, even if he wasn't technically a dragon
>Leviathan would certainly be appropriate for your size, but still
>None of these names felt right
>But then you feel that almost familiar brushing against the bottom of your mind
>Now though, it doesn't merely stop at a brush, but drags at you, embracing your mind entirely
>And in that rush, a name is branded in your mind
>No, not a name, the Name,
>Your Name
>You hear the booming laughter of an ancient mind and feel yourself caught in its excitement
>And with a roar that shakes the earth and teeth turned to a sky glowing red, you shout your name into the thoughts of every being as far as the mountains themselves

Boy I fucking love melodrama. apologies for the lateness but here we go!
Fucking kek as always

Good seeing you update again, I'm really enjoying this.
What are some things people would like to see in The Gold Standard? I can try incorporating some things!
Good shit.
File: Spoiler Image (280 KB, 809x603)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
it might be a little while before i get another written update for Scylla,,
im kinda stuck on writing the next part,,with it being another group of characters but not having it feel kinda not just like,, bam you are these guys and you find the guy that the story just ened being told from,,
i donnoe if that makes much sense??
If you're having trouble with how the Apples find you, just throw in the crusaders. They go to their clubhouse and find Scylla, who is still scared. Shenanigans ensue
Thats pretty much how she gets found, it just changing it to them,,
also thinking of the rambling story for granny to say,, thats still all somewhat in character :<
I donne i have a couple things i kinda waht to do dor that part,, what would be better

> CMC find Scylla, faint of breath and not responsive, and then trying to figure out what do

> Scylla waking up to smol talking ponies and freaking out, jumping out the window, followed by CMC and KOs self into a tree

>Scylla thinking its still a dream, takes going to the farm before realising it not dream

> something about water??
Is go with something about water, just to challenge you.

If you go to the Discord, most of the writfags are there and they can help you out
As a newbie to the thread, what would you guys say is recommended reading?
Tonic is what got me started here so my recommendation goes there, I also highly recommend any of the active greens though. Dazed is probably the most fun read, Hope recently got their pastebin together, Clarissa's green is top notch, and of course I have to plug my green too.
I typically wait until a green is mostly finished/really long before reading it. I've been blue balled one too many times on here to be invested in a good short story.
File: 1490148403691.gif (71 KB, 517x396)
71 KB
Lost this three times
Please kill me with a spoon
>when you wake up the light if the sun blinds you
>your being carried
>to were?
>you sit up to find yourself in a wagon
>the white unicorn sits at the reins as two ox pull the little wagon along
>he looks back at you
>"oh good you're didn't want to wake you since you looked so tired"
"Were are we?"
>"Oh just outside the crystal empire"
>"I go here twice a month to get supplies"
>he says and then turns back around
>he was so scared of you now he acts like he's known you his whole life...
>something's not right
>as you near the big crystal city your amazed by just how shiny and smooth the ground looks
>the buildings cascade light everywhere
>you walk along side him getting only a few looks but most walk past you as if you didn't exist
>he walks up to a vender and gets some kind of veggies
>he hands the translucent pone a few gold coins and then moves on
>after all that shopping there's no room for you to sit in the back so you sit with him up front
>"you still didn't awnser me.."
>he says with a monotone
>"what's a frost dragon doing down so low? Don't you guys live on the highest mountains?"
>you have no idea
"Uhhh....yeah but I just like to see the wildlife?"
>"ohh one of them treehugging dragons huh"
>he nudges you playfully
>"well at least I won't have to worry about being eaten"
My story is fairly long already. It's not almost done, but I do my best to update daily. I read every story in this thread and they're all great.

>You are Tonic, and underneath your sly smile is a look of frustration.
>This really is harder than you thought.
>Not only is there a danger of falling for /her/ charms, but you aren't even sure if what you're doing is working!
>She's blushing, stuttering, sweating, just being coy all around.
>Here's the problem though: she's /always/ like this!
>How are you supposed to know if you're getting through to her.
>Guess it doesn't matter as long as Discord thinks you are...
"Where is that fucker anyway?"
>F: "Um...what?"
>Shit, did you say that out loud?
"Discord, where is he? He didn't even meet us back at the train station, I gotta yell at his ass!"
>F: "He doesn't have the best attention span, I wouldn't hold it against him."
>'Look, yellow bitch, I know you're the element of kindness but you're killin' me.'
"You don't give him enough credit. We're trying to teach him about friendship, right? He needs to start paying attention."
>F: "I suppose so..."
>You and Fluttershy finally make it to her cottage.
>Christ, it's a long walk. No wonder she has such toned legs.
>Hey, focus.
>The rest of the walk was you making more small talk and sprinkling in some low level flirting, but it's still hard to gauge her reactions.
>Stepping up to the cottage, you open the door to reveal Discord inside.
>He's trying to look casual.
>You know this because he's just laying on the couch as you walk inside.
>Since when has Discord ever done anything that simple?
>He must have been watching you...good.
>You pop you knuckles and walk toward him menacingly.
>Well, as menacingly as a dragon in a purple frilly dress /can/ walk.
"You remember that dummy? Why weren't you at the train station, I thought I was special!"
>Discord takes out a little present and holds it in front of him, almost like a shield.
>D: "No need to be rash, Tonic! I know I missed the train, but I got you a present!"
>You snatch the box away from him and open it with attitude.
>You won't let him forget this one any time soon.
>You raise an eyebrow at him when you see the small box is full of gold coins.
>D: "I know how much dragons like treasure!"
>Your dead pan stare persists as you crush one of the coins into a chocolate mess.
"You're lucky that ladies love chocolate where I'm from..."
>D: "No hard feelings?"
"For now..."
If he had a PhD he'd be Dr. Agon
>Maybe he did forget.
>This gesture really was sweet, kinda cute really...
>It's just too bad that you're planning one hell of a prank.
>D: "Now that that's out of the way, why don't we discuss what's going on here..."
>You underestimated him. He knows you're up to something.
>He must have been watching for a while, but he can't know what you're planning.
>Discord and you share a knowing glance as you put on a bullshit smile.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
>D: "Since when are you and Fluttershy such good friends?"
"I've known her longer than you. Besides, I wanted to see Angel again."
>You turn to Fluttershy.
"I was thinking maybe we could go somewhere to get something to eat after this."
>D: "Maybe I'll join you..."
>You wiggle your finger at him.
"Ah ah ah, just us girls."
>F: "A-alone? You mean like a...d-date?"
>You look at her with your best sultry eyes.
"What do you /want/ it to be?"
>It looks like you just told Fluttershy that you were going to murder her, but with a lot more blushing.
>Discord suddenly steps in between you two.
>D: "Alright alright, that's enough of that. Can I talk to you privately?"
>You flash him a toothy grin.
"I don't know, I feel really close to Fluttershy. Whatever you want to tell me, she can hear..."
>Both of you look over to Fluttershy, who's on the verge of breaking down.
>She's just standing there like a statue, her eyes glued to the floor and mumbling to herself.
>Discord looks back to you and then snaps his fingers, teleporting both of you outside.
10/10 keks
File: 1488928314916.jpg (15 KB, 480x360)
15 KB
If you want a one-shot to get in touch with the character Daze from my story, there's a short story here >>29724323 to give you a quick rundown on what her character is like.

Can't honestly say we have any bad stories, but I'd still strongly recommend "Tonic" if you're a new reader. That story is what got me into these threads.

Welcome to /dtfg/ senpai.
Thanks guys. Tonic is a sexy dragon.
And qt
File: 1476843819287.jpg (184 KB, 1920x1080)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Taking one-shot prompt suggestions.

Currently have one from Mage where Khoa and Daze bodyswap, and another from Kola where Discord forces Daze to act pleasant and ladylike for 24 hours while being unable to fly off of the handle.

Like both, just wanted to ask ITT what you guys might like to read about.
File: 54645645745754458.png (62 KB, 304x308)
62 KB
This guy knows what's up.
My money is on the ladylike one
Both are promising but I agree with >>29730251
I'd take either one

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