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I like ponies and I like horror. Let's continue mixing the two.
Previous Thread- >>29607617

Soundtrack by Radiarc: https://youtu.be/zd7e85Lt88M

Previous stories
By Waxworks:
Vile Tipple

Phantom of Octavia

Mirror Mirror

By Anonymous:
Twilight in Apocrypha
File: 1489434685247.jpg (294 KB, 843x1191)
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294 KB JPG
She took care of her chores quickly, without singing, humming, talking, or making any noise at all, and when she was done and had made sure all the animals were properly fed, she came back inside, turned her head away from Angel to avoid his gaze, and hurried back upstairs into her room. The spiders were all waiting for her, and there were many more webs covering all the furniture, the ceiling, and between her bedposts. She navigated her way among them and sat down at the edge of her bed. One of the spiders waved at her and she shook her head in response.
“Nothing happened. I made him breakfast, did my chores, and came back up here immediately afterward. He didn’t touch me or say anything. Thank you for your concern, though.” She said.
Another one waggled at her.
“Oh, that would be nice, yes. I should really get to a hospital, but they would ask a lot of awkward questions, and I don’t know how I would respond. I don’t…” Fluttershy said, but stopped.
How much more of this should she take? She looked down at the bloodstained bedding she still had yet to change. She felt the weight of it all come crashing down on her again. She had no more chores to do. Nopony was expecting anything of her, and she had free time. She didn’t want to go downstairs and see Angel glaring at her again. She would have to pass him to go anywhere. She curled up on the bed trying to make herself as small as possible. It was all so much to deal with. She couldn’t leave, but she couldn’t stay. He needed her to take care of him, but he would only hurt her again. She felt the spiders crawl on her, and a couple in her mane started covering her wounds with silk. She fell asleep quickly, not wanting to think about anything at all.
File: Cadence Chrysalis.jpg (3.93 MB, 2480x3508)
3.93 MB
3.93 MB JPG
Hours later, when she finally woke up, it was dark outside. She sat up quickly, spilling spiders everywhere. She gazed around the room with her one good eye, watching the tiny motion of hundreds of eight-legged forms crawling up the walls. She felt at her head, at the tiny patches of silk covering her scratches and scabs, and a hoof went to her left eye, feeling another patch covering it. It still burned, but at least it was covered.
“Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate your help, all of you.” She said.
She heard a thump and froze. Her head whipped to the stairs, and she saw Angel sitting at the top of the steps, looking around the room. His eyes scanned the walls and ceiling with obvious disgust. Fluttershy pulled the blood-crusted blankets up to her chin, watching him with palpable fear. Angel pointed to himself, to her, then downstairs, and hopped down the steps. Fluttershy let out a sigh of relief.
“I didn’t know if he would try to squash all of you or not, but it seems like he only wants supper.” She said. Hundreds of legs waggled at her, but she shook her head. “He needs me to take care of him. It’s just supper, don’t worry so much. I’ll be back up soon. Thank you all for your concern.”
She slipped out of bed, spiders scuttling about avoiding her hooves on the floor, and she walked down the steps. She went straight into the kitchen without looking at Angel, cooked him a meal of boiled carrots and tomato soup. Her own stomach grumbled as she was making it, and she realized she hadn’t eaten anything all day. Angel hopped up onto the counter near her to eat and she flinched away, looking at the floor. She gave him a wide berth, pulled an apple out of the fridge and hurried back upstairs.
File: insect.png (863 KB, 1280x960)
863 KB
863 KB PNG
Once she got all the way back up the stairs, the spiders once again all waved at her at once. She smiled at the welcome and slowly ate her apple. They talked about anything and everything spiders cared about. Bugs, webs, predators, and hundreds upon hundreds of babies. The spiders were polite enough to avoid talking about Angel and Fluttershy’s injuries. They kept her company well into the night, talking, laughing, and being companionable. Her injured eye itched, but it was a pain that was far back in her mind while she talked. Eventually though, she succumbed once more to sleep, and laid down on the still-filthy blankets. Her spares were downstairs, and she didn’t want to disturb Angel while he was sleeping.
The next day was much the same. Angel stayed out of her room, only coming to the top step to bother her about food, at which point she would go downstairs, feed him, grab something small for herself, do her chores, then quickly disappear back up to her room, sleeping most of the day. She never replaced the blankets, nor did she bathe, or eat enough, and several days passed. Fluttershy was starting to look gaunt, filthy, and her eye itched. She was able to remove the bandages on her head, but her eye would definitely need more time. She slept far too much, but she didn’t want to see Angel, or have him look at her any more than necessary. She didn’t know what she was going to do when her weekly tea with Rarity and Twilight came around. The spiders had made their own, with webs covering every possible surface, leaving Fluttershy a path to go to the bathroom and to go downstairs when she needed to. They talked with her and tried to keep her spirits up, but she had stopped caring, and they were too small to do force her to do anything.
File: sweetie dummy.png (1.12 MB, 769x1000)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
As the sun peeked over the horizon and spilled into the web-filled room, Angel hopped up the steps. He peeked over the top step and looked around, scowling at the webs covering everything. Fluttershy had let herself go over the past few days. You kill one spider and suddenly she overcompensates and lets everything in her room get covered in spiders. It’s not like it was an actual friend. It was a spider. Gross, crawly, and they make a mess. Like this. Webs everywhere. It was nasty. She’d also stopped bathing and her room smelled like blood. She really needed to take better care of herself. Maybe tomorrow he’d tell her she smelled, then she’d actually wash.
Angel looked around at the floor and noticed the hundreds of creepy spiders were missing. He looked up at the ceiling and saw that the webs up there were empty too. Was it true, had she actually told them to leave like she promised but never did? Angel’s ears perked up as he scanned more of the room, finding not a single spider. He hopped up the last step, but stopped short. Maybe they were hiding. He slowly made his way closer to the bed, peeking under the bed from a distance, trying to catch a glimpse of any hairy legs. If he were a creepy nasty spider, that’s where he would hide. Finding nothing, Angel chanced sticking his head under, but still saw absolutely no spiders.
Angel looked up at the blankets on the bed. They were dirty, covered in blood splatter from that injury she’d caused him to make on her, and little bits of spider silk were everywhere. Gross. Grimacing, Angel grabbed hold of it and tugged, trying to get Fluttershy’s attention. She didn’t respond so he tugged harder, still getting no reaction.
He sighed and leaped up onto the bed. She’d gotten so fucking lazy since that eye injury. It’s not like it was her hooves that were ruined. She could still cook, and clean, and go shopping, so this was completely unreasonable of her. He crawled up the blankets, keeping an eye out for disgusting spiders. He got some silk stuck on his paw and he shook it loose, sticking his tongue out in disgust. Absolutely disgusting that she would let these things live in the house. He supposed she’d lied to him about how she wouldn’t let any spiders inside. It’s no wonder he’d had to get mad at her about it if she was going to be a filthy liar.
He made his way up to near her head, and stamped the bed, trying to wake her up. She didn’t respond, so he stamped harder. Still nothing. There was no glass of water this time, so he couldn’t toss that. He stamped rapidly, but she didn’t even so much as stir. Frustrated, he jumped on top of her chest and up to her face. She wasn’t dead because she was still breathing, so she needed to make him some goddamn breakfast. He stamped on her chest, making her cough slightly, but she still didn’t wake up. He climbed up onto her face, and made a face at that disgusting spider silk eyepatch. How she could let something so nasty on her face he didn’t know. He climbed up to her nose and pinched it shut. Surely she’d wake up if she couldn’t breathe. Her mouth opened and she started breathing through there instead, but he used his hind legs to keep her lips shut. Angel was so focused on suffocating Fluttershy awake, he didn’t notice her eyepatch swing open.
File: flutterflies.png (2.22 MB, 1902x1373)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Before Angel could react, a huge spider, about half the size of Angel himself, swung open her eyepatch and dashed out of her now empty eye socket at him. Angel had barely a second to react, but his paws were busy, and the spider was on him before he could even make a sound. Angel felt fangs sink into him as he kicked and punched back at the beast holding him. He felt a satisfying rip as he pulled one of its legs off, but his strength was swiftly fading. He felt a coldness seeping into him from where the spider had bit him, and slowly his paws stopped swinging with as much force. He swatted at it with the leg he’d ripped off, but Angel ultimately succumbed to the venom. His last thought was how right he’d been about deceitful, nasty, disgusting spiders.
Silently, on skittering legs spiders began pouring back in the windows. They crowded around Fluttershy where she slept heavily on the bed. Some of them checked on her to make sure the venom they’d injected her with hadn’t killed her. Once they were sure she was okay, they all turned to Angel and the trap door spider who had killed him. They bandaged the injured spider up with silk, and carried his leg over to where Louie still lay on the bedside table, dessicated and forgotten. Once the living were cared for, the swarm of spiders descended on Angel. Hundreds of fangs bit, ripped, and tore at the deceased rabbit. Blood was drained, fur was torn, and soon there was nothing left but bones of the much-maligned bunny. These, they wrapped up in silk, and as a group carried out the window, and off into the distance, never to be seen again. Spiders returned to their places in Fluttershy’s room, watching over her until she awoke.
File: angel food.jpg (330 KB, 1280x1467)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
Fluttershy woke up feeling groggy and weak, and it took some effort for her to get her limbs to respond to her commands. When she finally sat up, she blearily looked about the room, her eyes going to the top of the stairs, expecting to see Angel impatiently waiting for her. When she saw nothing, she sighed and fell back down into bed, closing her eyes again. She slept for several more hours. She awoke again, feeling worse than ever. Her head was pounding, her mouth was dry, and her stomach growled angrily at her. Weakly, she dragged herself into the bathroom where she retched into the toilet, nothing coming up except some bile, burning her mouth and throat. She turned on the sink, rinsing out her mouth, and greedily sucked down some water. It helped, but she was still starving. Literally starving, she thought faintly. She stepped out of the bathroom and looked to the top of the stairs. There was still no Angel. She walked over and slowly descended, peeking down until she could see the couch where he usually sat. There was nopony there.
Feeling a bit more brave, she stepped out into the living room, gazing around. It was a mess. Angel had left scraps of food and dishes everywhere. The cats needed their litterbox changed, and the birds their bedding. Her stomach growled, reminding her what she needed to do first. She made Angel’s breakfast first, placing it down on the floor as she looked for him.
“Angel Bunny? Your food is ready!” She called.
She got no response.
She left his food there, a little confused, but emboldened by his absence. She made herself a proper meal. Hashbrowns, eggs, fruit, and juice. Out of habit, she took it upstairs to eat, sitting on the edge of her bed.
File: arachnophobic.png (2.41 MB, 2000x1700)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG
The spiders were awfully quiet while she ate, only a couple even waved at her asking her how she felt.
“Oh, I’m fine, thank you. It has been a while since I last treated myself to a nice breakfast.” She said.
They went silent after that, but Fluttershy thought nothing of it. Once she was done, she looked at her blankets and noticed they were still the same ones from last week; filthy, and covered with blood and silk. They needed cleaned!
Fluttershy stood up, took her dishes back downstairs, and finished her chores, making sure the animals were all fed. She looked around at how neglected everything was, and decided she would start with taking care of the animals, since they depended on her. She started with the chicken pen, giving them fresh bedding. She cleaned out the litterboxes and cages, checking the animals for any illnesses or sores from her regretful neglect. Once they were taken care of, she came back inside and cleaned the living room. She picked up all the dishes and food scraps, swept the floor and beat the rugs after hanging them outside to air out. When she got to her bedroom she tossed out her old bedding, replacing them with clean and fresh sheets and blankets. There was sadly no saving them after letting the blood set for so long. Finally, after a long day of cleaning, working, and refreshing everything, she felt satisfied and accomplished. Finally, she went in the bathroom and looked at herself.
She was a lot skinnier than before. Her cheekbones were sunken and she had bags under her good eye. Her bad eye was still discolored, but it looked like it was healing well. At least on the outside. She started tugging on the patch, peeling it off in order to have a look underneath. The spiders in her bedroom waved frantically, but she didn’t notice. It finally came off and she gasped in surprise.
“Oh, my!”
File: buggyshy.png (743 KB, 724x1024)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
Twilight and Rarity made their way up to Fluttershy’s front door and knocked. Fluttershy had missed their weekly tea. They thought she might just be sick, so they’d brought her some homemade soup and tea in case she was feeling good enough to have it at her cottage.
“Just a moment!” Fluttershy called from inside.
There was a rustling and the tapping of hooves getting closer and Fluttershy opened the door cheerfully. She was looking thinner than usual, but her face was vibrant and smiling, her hair was shimmering and clean, and her fur was bright and lively. The only odd thing was that her left eye was slightly bruised and closed.
“Hello Fluttershy. You missed tea yesterday so we thought you might be sick and came to check on you. We brought soup and tea if you’re feeling okay to have it today.” Twilight said.
“Oh, thank you Twilight. Please, come in, I’m feeling fine.” Fluttershy said.
The two mares stepped inside and Fluttershy pulled some chairs out for them next to the coffee table.
“Make yourselves comfortable you two. We can try that tea I forgot last week!” Fluttershy called from the kitchen as she prepared the kettle.
“Thank you dear. But whatever happened to your eye?” Rarity asked in concern.
“Oh, just a small accident with one of the animals. It’s nothing to worry about.” Fluttershy answered. She hummed to herself as she pulled out the tea leaves and the infuser. She finished boiling the water and brought it out to the table, pouring each of them a cup. They all chatted quietly for a while, Twilight nor Rarity bringing up her eye again.
“By the way Fluttershy, where’s Angel? He’s usually here demanding biscuits or cake?” Twilight asked.
Fluttershy was silent, but smiled wide. Twilight noticed spider webs on the stairwell leading up to Fluttershy’s room and was about to ask about it, when a single long and black hairy leg poked out from under Fluttershy’s eyelid, creeping down her cheek.

The end. Happy ending?

Updated my journal: http://pastebin.com/KCweUpDg

Also, if the author of >>29669339 has a pastebin, let me know and I will record that for ongoing stories.

Any spooky requests for character or spooky things? I am open to suggestions for what to write, or else I'll come up with something on my own.
File: spider-02.jpg (118 KB, 800x450)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
For once I rooted for the spiders, and I'm arachnophobic.
Speaking of which, your story's making me want to revisit one of my greens that I barely started. I'll see if I can write some more.
Premise: Instead of ponies, Anon only sees pic related.
File: 1473098938524.jpg (18 KB, 270x270)
18 KB
>Anon has to deal with horrific spiders that act kawaii uguu~
Anon. Go make some friends Anon. Eight-legged friends.

>Pinkie as a jumping spider.
How adorable. I bet she'd even wear drops of water on her head.
File: 1464070795667.png (345 KB, 800x900)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
File: 880908.png (358 KB, 800x800)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
WTF I love spiders now!
File: Pink-JS-Droplet.jpg (16 KB, 500x333)
16 KB
Jumping spiders are the exception to my fear, due to the fact that SOME of them are actually cute, especially with the water droplets.

The rest have faces only a demonic mother can love. I have no idea why most people are not scared shitless when a close-up of a spider's face is presented.
How about the Nightmare on Luna St.? With Luna going psycho and becoming a Freddy Crooger type?
Or did you think of a way to start up the villagers cult?
I will work on both, then, and we'll see which one comes easiest.

>>29700053 Jumping spiders are super cute, but come on, I find it adorable when the Sydney Funnel Web rears up before he's gonna fuck shit up.
Don't forget it's closely related cousin, the peacock spider
File: 1449734066898.png (300 KB, 810x985)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (167 KB, 1004x999)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
>Time for some nightmares.

Golden Harvest trotted happily through the garden, pleased with how well the crops were growing. She had put a lot of effort into making sure there was more than enough for winter, so that she could share with her friends and family if it became necessary. It was her own personal little plot so that she didn’t have to pay the Apple’s exorbitant prices all the time. There were some vegetables she just didn’t have the time nor resources to grow because they needed more care than usual, but this time, it had all worked out. Giant carrots. Massive lettuce. Colossal cabbage. It was everything she’d ever dreamed of it being. She should be able to save up enough bits this winter that she might be able to buy those fancy gardening tools she’d been eyeing. If only her pumpkins would get bigger before autumn was over. The running of the leaves had already happened and her pumpkins still hadn’t grown beyond the tiny green bulbs. She looked at the weak little squash sadly and poked one with her hoof.
Suddenly it shook, bulged slightly, and grew a few inches. Golden harvest jumped back, startled, but after it looked like it was done moving, she approached it again. She looked it over, but it looked like a regular pumpkin. She gave it a sniff, checked the vines and the roots, and couldn’t find anything out of place that might have caused the sudden burst in growth. Why did it grow, then? She leaned closer and gave it a lick. It tasted normal. Nothing weird on it. She spat just in case it was tasteless, but as soon as she did, it twitched again, bulged, then grew another few inches.
“What in the world?” Golden Harvest said in alarm.
File: I DIDN'T LISTEN.jpg (336 KB, 612x900)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
It was growing so spontaneously! She looked around at the rest of the garden, and suddenly everything started growing! Carrot tops burst out of the soil, tossing dirt everywhere. Cabbage leaves spread wide, blocking the sun above her. The pumpkin turned a rich orange and grew larger and larger, reaching her own size, and continuing to swell. It got twice as big as her. Three times as big. Four times! Finally, once she had been dwarfed by her produce, the vegetables stopped growing. Golden Harvest slowly pulled her hoof away from protecting her head, and looked around. Her garden was filled with vegetables that would feed Ponyville for months! If these were properly chopped up and preserved, they’d last for years! A single happy tear rolled down her cheek and she reached out a shaking hoof to the pumpkin.
“Okay, don’t grow anymore please, but this is so amazing! I won’t have to buy anything from the Apples all winter!” Golden Harvest said. “I’m going to need help canning all of this, but if I share with everypony, I can get enough help. I’ll need to ask the flower sisters, for sure. Caramel might be willing to help out. Oh! I might even be able to get jars from Filthy Rich in exchange for some of the food! I could even take you to the fair, pumpkin. I’d surely win!” She said, hugging it as best she could. She felt it shift under her hooves, and pulled away in alarm. “No no! Please stop growing! You won’t fit in my garden anymore!” She pleaded.
The pumpkin didn’t grow, but it spun around to face her with a massive carved face, through which she could see a single candle burning with a blue flame inside it’s hollowed shell. The face was still for a moment, a wicked and frozen rictus grin gazing out at nothing. Golden Harvest was confused. It had just grown, why was it already carved?
File: 1488663693786.png (263 KB, 788x620)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Its eyes eventually moved, twisting, the chunk of pumpkin making up the pupils spinning in the empty sockets to point at her.
“Ah, Golden Harvest.” A cold, feminine voice said. “You spend so much time in the sun, trusting it. Loving it. Relying on it for your livelihood and well-being. I trust you appreciate what it has done for you today? Your vegetables are bountiful, giving of themselves in order to see that you might live.”
Unsure how to respond, Golden Harvest simply nodded.
“Of course. You are grateful, are you not? The sun provides, and you take from it. Praising it. Food grows in the moonlight as well, you know. There is more than one way to feed ponies. Why don’t we have a look?” The pumpkin said coolly.
As Golden Harvest watched, the pumpkin withered and rotted. As quickly as it had grown, it collapsed in on itself. Mold grew, spreading to the other vegetables as they all collapsed in on themselves.
“No, no, no! Please! I need those to eat! I can’t afford winter otherwise! The Apples will take everything!” Golden Harvest cried.
The remains of the plants disappeared into the soil, and night suddenly fell. The moon’s glow cascading down on her garden. As she watched, various mushrooms sprouted on the corpses of the plants. Morels, chanterelles, maitake, and many other varieties grew, even if they shouldn’t have been able to in such a spot. They grew massive and towered over her, replacing the greens and oranges of her lovely crops. One of them turned to her and smiled what might have been an attempted comforting smile, but only came off as creepy. Golden Harvest whimpered and began crying, falling down on the ground underneath the mushroom forest and covering her eyes with her hooves. She started sobbing and the world around her started wobbling as the poor mare woke up, leaving Luna alone in a twinkling void.
Poor Golden Harvest has a nightmare.

Updated my journal: http://pastebin.com/cYCvXPXB
This is where the fun begins.
File: 1355678759230.gif (92 KB, 536x563)
92 KB
File: 1388914.png (698 KB, 1256x1732)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
Death. Comes. Unexpectedly.
AM I pretty?
File: cmc will never.png (1.85 MB, 2050x700)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Applebloom’s head jerked away from her pillow. She sat up straight and panted hard. She looked out the window at how high the sun was and groaned. “Aw no! Ah slept in!” She leaped out of bed, quickly tied a bow into her hair and dashed down the stairs.
Granny Smith called out as she passed. “You be careful out there Applebloom!”
“I will Granny! Love you! Me and the Crusaders were gonna try our hooves at road construction!” She yelled back. Granny just shook her head and smiled as Applebloom disappeared off into the orchard. Applebloom waved to Big Mac, who silently waved back. Applejack wasn’t in sight, but she was probably on the other side of the farm. Applebloom dashed up the steps to the clubhouse and kicked open the door, startling the other two ponies who were already there.
“Applebloom, you’re late! We were supposed to meet ten minutes ago!” Sweetie Belle scolded.
“Ah know girls, ah’m sorry. Ah didn’t sleep too well last night so ah guess ah slept in.” Applebloom said sheepishly.
“Aw, it’s cool. We’ve all had days like that. So are you ready to become cutie mark crusaders road workers?!” Scootaloo said, holding up a hoof. The other two swung their own hooves up to meet hers and they yelled together: “Cutie Mark Crusaders road workers! YAY!”
The idea was Sweetie Belle’s. She’d seen some construction going on in Canterlot when she went with Rarity on a business trip. It had been incredibly boring even though she’d been told they’d go see a lot of cool sights. She’d been killing time staring out the window at the ponies rushing about. Taxi’s buzzing by. Unicorns strutting past with their noses in the air. Couriers dashing to and fro with packages. She’d finally latched on to a group fixing some broken cobblestones and had the epiphany! Road workers!
The majority of roads in Ponyville were dirt. This meant that whenever they had rain scheduled, nopony wanted to go outside because there would be mud in the streets. It would get splashed everywhere, messing up clothes, gunking up carts, and generally just being a nuisance. So the Cutie Mark Crusaders could fill a need, improve Ponyville, and get their cutie marks all at the same time! It was foolproof. The first they needed were cobblestones.
“Ah did some research, and ah figured out how cobblestone streets are generally made. We gotta find a big pile of round stones and then we just stick ‘em real close together in the dirt!” Applebloom said.
“Okay! I know where we can get a lot of good rocks!” Scootaloo said excitedly. “Everypony come on!” The three piled out of the clubhouse and down to where Scootaloo had parked her scooter. She attached Applebloom’s wagon to the back and the other Crusaders piled in, putting on their helmets. With a buzzing roar, Scootaloo revved up her wings and they were off.
They sped through town, Scootaloo deftly avoiding the ponies, carts, and obstacles as they went. While they rode through, Sweetie Belle held onto Applebloom with a pensive look on her face.
“What was your nightmare about Applebloom? If you want to share.” Sweetie asked.
“Ah don’t remember all of it, but ah remember ah was alone for all of it, except this… thing, following me around talking to me.” Applebloom said.
“A thing? What kind of thing?” Scootaloo called back, shouting to be heard over the buzzing of her wings.
“Ah don’t remember. Ah know ah didn’t ever get a good look at it at the very least. It kept telling me to spend more time outside at night.” Applebloom said, her brow furrowing.
Sweetie Belle tapped her chin with a hoof in thought. “That’s kinda similar to the one I had last night. Mine had a dress telling me it would shine best in moonlight.”
File: I heard it too, Rarity.png (845 KB, 1000x1000)
845 KB
845 KB PNG
“That’s kind of weird.” Scootaloo called back.
“Well they’re just dreams, ain’t they? Other than the mention of night, there’s really nothin’ connecting ‘em.” Applebloom said.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Scootaloo said. “No time to really wonder too much, either. We’re here, girls!” Scootaloo skidded to a stop and the Cutie Mark Crusaders pulled off their helmet, looking out at the sight before them.
It must have once been a riverbed, as it was a deep, stony channel cutting through a section of land outside Ponyville. It was about as deep as Sugar Cube Corner was tall, with soft, rounded banks that sloped gently down on either side. In the dirt scattered all around were a bunch of rounded stones, worn down by the time they must have spent in the long-gone river. Scootaloo smiles proudly and held out a hoof, pointing at the river.
“I found this while I was looking for good places to jump off of to practice flying!” She said.
“Wow Scoots, this has the perfect kind of rocks we need! Now we just gotta collect a bunch of ‘em!” Applebloom said happily. “Okay! Let’s create a chain and start bringing them up!” Applebloom said. She hopped down off the bank and slid down a short distance. She picked up the first few rocks she found that were rounded and held one up, waving it at the other two fillies. “C’mon you two! We need to start collectin’!”
Scootaloo jumped down after her and grabbed the rock from her hooves. She turned and tossed it up at Sweetie Belle, who panicked and tried to catch it. She kicked it back up into the air, dashed around in small circles trying to figure out where it would land, and accidentally kicked it back down over the edge. Scootaloo and Applebloom watched it roll down the hillside and frowned up at Sweetie Belle. “Oops.” She said with a sheepish grin.
the Cutie Mark Crusaders start roadwork.
This takes place very shortly after Nightmare Moon comes back and gets defeated, if anyone is confused. CMC have no cutie marks. Unicorn Twilight. Luna hasn't been to Halloween.

Updated my journal: http://pastebin.com/cYCvXPXB
"A little harsh, don't you think?"
>You sip some more of your bland tea as Luna stares into your fireplace, which displayed Ms. Harvest's nightmare
>"Tis necessary, Anonymous, unfortunate as it is."
>You set your cup down on your small, now glistening wooden table
"So everyone has a nightmare?"
>The Princess takes a sip of her own tea
>"Every now and then. Some I design, and some come simply from their own machinations.
>Sad, yes, but what are dreams if there is nothing to compare them with?"
>You nod, silently noticing you spilled some of your tea on the carpet somehow
"What is good if there is no bad?"
>You wince at the pathetic attempt at philosophy, before getting hit by a sudden dread
>In that moment, despite the crackling of the fire in your darkened living room, you hear your faucet drip loudly from upstairs

"...Do I get a nightmare, Luna?"
>Moonbutt answers with a twinkle in her green-blue eyes and a cheshire cat grin

>The dripping quickens as the fire slowly turns from a comforting red-orange to a deep, unnatural blue
>The ring of light the two of you are in starts to shrink from the color change
>You weigh your options as the darkness creeps up from behind
>Gripping the arms of your chair tightly, you lock eyes with the now ghastly-looking ruler of the night
>A small voice in your head then pipes up
>"If you're gonna get spooked, don't wait for it."
>The simple logic makes you lunge out of the chair and straight at Luna, now encased in darkness
>Except for her eyes, which flash wickedly from your sudden movement

>You take one step before the floor disappears
>Surprised, you shut your eyes as you fall face first into a cold, soundless void
>You flip onto your back, but then stop
>Slowly, you open your eyes to see ripples of moonlight just above you

>You're underwater
>In the middle of the ocean
>You sense something under you

>Oh God no

>You can't help yourself, but slowly twist around to look down
>It's the fucking abyss, its blackness almost on par with black holes
>Despite that, you think you see an outline--
>Two yellow disks, each the size of a town, flash at you from hundreds of met
>You see a hint if a rising tentacle before trying to swim fruitlessly up to the surface
>There's no real water, but whatever's substituting is making you fatally slow
>You're within' arm's reach before an appendage as big as you grabs your legs and pull--

"FUCK! Fu--..."
>You jolt yourself awake amidst a string of profanity
>It's morning, you're beside your bed on the carpeted floor, and you foot is tangled up by the sheets
>You take this all in before relaxing, your head swimming
>You then take in a deep breath
"Goddammit, Luna."

3am writing is best writing
Hah! That was nice! Good work, Anon, and thanks.
File: 278900.png (290 KB, 900x900)
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File: 139176396723.png (1.21 MB, 2000x2000)
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1.21 MB PNG
Shame this combo isn't more prevalent, it's quite enjoyable.
woah there page 10. I'm up.
That is adorable.

>She asks you to eat her out.
>Would you?
File: black-eyed stare.jpg (86 KB, 600x600)
86 KB
“Next time hold onto it a bit better Sweetie Belle. Just put ‘em in the wagon.” Applebloom said.
Sweetie Belle nods and catches the next rock and dumps it in the wagon. The three fillies dig up a good load of them, seeking out only the smoothest rocks they can find, and before long the wagon is full of stones and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are dirty and tired.
“So now we gotta drag all these back to town?” Sweetie Belle whined. “I’m tired!”
“Oh come on, Sweetie Belle. All you did was toss the rocks into the wagon. You didn’t even do any digging.” Scootaloo retorted.
“Don’t get so upset girls, complaining won’t get us nowhere. Scootaloo get on your scooter and start pulling, me and Sweetie Belle will push. I already know the place I want to fix up, and it’s not too far away.” Applebloom said.
With a groan and a roll of her eyes, Scootaloo put on her helmet, got on her scooter, and started flapping her wings. Applebloom got on the back of the wagon and butted her head against it, pushing with all her might.
“Ohhh, Rarity’s going to be so mad at me for messing up my mane.” Sweetie Belle complained, but she still started pushing as well.
It took the three fillies a while, but they eventually reached their destination; a small section of dirt road just across from Sugar Cube Corner. They flopped down to the ground, breathing hard. A few stray stones fell out of the wagon. Applebloom plodded to one side of the wagon, put her shoulder against it, and tilted the whole mess onto the packed dirt road.
“Alright girls, now, we just, -phew-, need to start digging.” Applebloom panted. She plopped down onto the ground, leaning against the upturned wagon.
“Do we have to? I don’t think I want to be a construction worker anymore.” Sweetie Belle whined.
File: 1488680834450.jpg (168 KB, 520x862)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
“Me neither. My wings are sore, and my hooves still ache from all that digging from earlier. Maybe we should have brought a shovel.” Scootaloo said. She stretched her wings out with a light crackling sound.
Applebloom sat there in the dirt in silence for a moment, before letting her head lean against the wagon. “Yeah, maybe you’re right, Scootaloo. Whaddya say we take a break and maybe come back to this tomorrow? With a shovel.”
“I’m okay with that.” Scootaloo said.
“Can we get milkshakes?” Sweetie Belle asked.
“Yeah! Milkshakes for the road workers!” Scootaloo crowed.
The three jumped up in a sudden burst of energy, leaving their mess of rocks in a pile, and disappeared into Sugarcube Corner, coming out much later licking their lips.
“Well girls, it’s been a productive day, but ah gotta get home and help Applejack with some chores. Same time tomorrow morning? Ah’ll bring a shovel this time.” Applebloom said.
“Yeah! I’ll bring some reflective vests!” Sweetie said happily.
“I think I can score some road cones from somewhere.” Scootaloo said.
“Fantastic! See y’all tomorrow!” Applebloom said, as she dashed off for home.
Applebloom arrived back to find Applejack and Big Mac cleaning up the barn and the farm, and she got quickly put to work running errands here and there, delivering tools among the shed and her siblings, and eventually was sent inside to help Granny cook supper. She set the table, called in her sister and brother when it was ready, and they all ate a pleasant meal together. Afterward, Applejack insisted her little sister bathe to clean herself of all the dirt and dust she’d accumulated during the day’s efforts, then tucked her into bed with a kiss on her forehead.
“Y’all sleep well little sis.” Applejack said, flipping off the light.
“You too, Applejack.” Applebloom said. She snuggled into her blankets and was asleep within moments.
File: Nightmare stare.png (290 KB, 1280x720)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
Applebloom found herself at the edge of a dry riverbed with the hot sun beating down. It was almost like the riverbed the Cutie Mark Crusaders had been digging in earlier that day, but the stones were much bigger, and there were many more of them with far less dirt covering them. Happy that she’d found even better rocks than they’d tried to use earlier in the day, Applebloom jumped down into the river with a gleeful cheer. She grabbed the first one she reached, and despite it being as big as her, she easily lifted it above her head. She laughed and spun in a circle, then tossed it up into the wagon that suddenly appeared on the riverbank. She picked up more and more of them, throwing them up to the wagon with ease. The wagon never seemed to get full, either, no matter how many of them she threw. She was enjoying herself immensely, knowing the other Crusaders would be ecstatic to see the stones she’d found. Maybe she’d get a cutie mark in geology or digging!
“Geology? How very droll.” A cold voice said.
Applebloom stopped and looked around. “Who’s there?” She asked, not seeing the source of the voice.
A tall, dark blue alicorn appeared next to her wagon, which was piled high with rocks. She shimmered into existence, her mane and tail looked like they were made of the night sky, and she smiled at Applebloom. The smile itself looked warm, but it never touched her eyes.
“Tell me little filly, why do you dream of digging in the daylight?” The tall mare asked.
Applebloom was confused. The mare was an alicorn, but only Celestia was an alicorn. Unless... Applebloom’s eyes widened in alarm. “Ahhhh! Nightmare Moon!”
The Alicorn’s eyes flashed in anger. The sunny sky slowly darkened, the moon appearing high above, looming large with the mare in the moon prominent. “I am NOT Nightmare Moon!”
Applebloom dreams.

Updated my journal: http://pastebin.com/cYCvXPXB
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File: 1473199997860.jpg (257 KB, 1920x1080)
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Just slipped my mind.
Cont. from http://pastebin.com/rf5LkTV0

>As everypony marches closer towards the fortress, its true form begins to make itself known.
>It seems it was carved right out of an ancient mesa with only certain parts and specific buildings made from other foreign stones.
>If anypony were to pass by, it would look to be abandoned.
>The old watchtowers and ramparts remain empty and many of the bastions and buttresses have large cracks from neglect.
>At the very top, old rusted flagpoles stand alone in the baking heat.
>The old banners that once flew from them have been taken down leaving the pole to defy the elements alone.
>The fortress's towering presence blankets everypony in a cooling shadow.
>A crumbling wall surrounds the fortress and a lone portcullis blocks the path of the group.
>Roadwind steps forward to investigate it.
>Unlike the walls, it seemed to be in good condition.
>There is almost no rust along any of the crossed bars.
>The old chains used to lift the heavy monster almost even shined.
>It's been used.
>And recently.
>Onyx sits down with his mouth agape.
>"This isn't a fort, it's a castle!"
>Spark sits down to rest right next to him.
>"What's the difference? Both are used for defense."
>"I was thinking more along the lines of a Motte & Bailey the Saddle Arabians usually made. I didn't think we would be infiltrating the Sultans damn vacation home."
>While the rest of the group settles down, Roadwind tries to look through the gate.
>Peering through the square openings, he could barely see some carts parked inside the courtyard.
>They are partially sunken into the sand, but the tarps look fairly new.
>The crest of a black falcon with its wings outstretched is printed on the side of one of them.
>"See anything Captain?"
>Copper is suddenly standing beside Roadwind staring through the gate also.
"You have some light hooves just like Specter."
>Roadwind doesn't turn and keeps scanning the courtyard.
>"A true trait I learned to care for when going on missions like these."
"How many missions 'like these' have you been on?"
>Copper gives out a little chuckle.
>"Strange don't you think?"
>He's ignoring the question.
"Yes it is. All the guards are missing."
>"Not a single soul in sight for miles. No weapons, clothing, not even corpses."
"They must've went inside. Take a look over there."
>Roadwind motions a hoof to the carts.
>"The Crest of Saddle Arabia. So at least we know somepony important is staying here. It doesn't look to big of a caravan, probably only four or five guards at most."
"And whoever that is we'll find out what they did with our scouts."
>"I'll get my things ready, go and get that Monk and fly atop to see if you can raise the gate."
"You're insane, they'll hear the chains! I suggest we just climb the walls, they aren't too high and we can just carry your stuff over."
>"If they knew we were here, they would be charging at us by now. I don't need any of my tools to be damaged by your clumsy hooves! Now call your subordinate and get this gate open now!"
>He turns back to the two turncoats and calls them to harness back up.
>Roadwind flies up to the wall and carefully peaks over to get a view of the entire courtyard.
>A broken fountain lays on it's side half sunk in the sand that has overtaken the bowl.
>Old clay pots are covered in cobwebs or are broken on the ground.
>It's completely empty other than the two carts.
>Roadwind hovers back to his team who are all checking on their equipment.
"Alright listen up, Me and Light will fly up to open the gate for you all. Nimble I want you to carefully guide it with your horn to prevent as much noise a possible. Once it's open sweep the courtyard and make sure it's clear, you know how much I hate surprises. When that's done we'll move our way to those storage houses, they're connected to the main building and we can use it as a stealthy way inside rather than those heavy front doors. Stay vigilant, we don't have eyes on any hostiles, but that doesn't mean they don't have eyes on us. Watch the windows, watch the doors, watch any opening for movement. Any questions?"
>Nimble looks hesitantly at the towering castle.
>"Sir, what will we do when we're inside?"
>Roadwind makes a glare at Copper who is looking over his things while the two turncoats wait idly by.
>Their keffiyehs cover their facial expressions, but Roadwind could tell they seemed uncomfortable.
"We're going to find our missing scouts."
File: 1488659887092.png (1.19 MB, 1024x1024)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
She stamped a hoof on the ground and a rumbling began. Smaller stones around Applebloom’s hooves started bouncing and shaking on the ground, and a hissing sound could be heard. The alicorn spread her wings and her horn began to glow with magic. Some of the stones lifted out of the ground, tearing themselves free from the dirt. One erupted from beneath Applebloom, carrying her into the air.
“I am Princess Luna, ruler of the night and of dreams! My dearest sister would have me believe that I will be welcomed back with open hooves. Too many dreams tell me that is a lie. Still, ponies do not enjoy my beautiful nights, and still they fear me as they feared Nightmare Moon!” Luna said sternly, looking at Applebloom.
Applebloom cowered on top of the floating rock, and watched Luna’s pupils turn to slits, then back again. Luna saw the fear apparent in the filly and sighed. She slowly lowered her to the ground. As soon as Applebloom was on the ground again, she screamed and ran away, trying to climb the far side of the riverbank.
“Stop running! Stop screaming! Stop being afraid of me!” Luna yelled. She stamped her hooves on the riverbank, and the hissing in the distance became the rushing roar of water.
Applebloom saw the roaring flood in the distance up the river, and she tried harder to climb the riverbank, but it was proving far too steep and loose after Luna’s assault on it.
“Every time I attempt to speak with my subjects they scream and run or cry in terror! ‘Nightmare Moon’, they call. Well if I can no longer be loved, then there will be no welcome for you in my realm! I will remind you all why you once feared the dark!” Luna shouted. Her voice was an imperious hammer on Applebloom’s ears, and the filly started crying as the water bore down on her. As it impacted her poor body, she awoke, her sheets soaked, screaming out loud in her bed.
File: scootalook.gif (408 KB, 723x433)
408 KB
408 KB GIF
“Applebloom?! What’s wrong?”Applejack burst into the room, her mane loose and flying in her face. She dashed over to Applebloom, who grabbed onto her and started crying into her chest.
“There-there was a *hic* scary pony who-who yelled at me be-because it was daytime, and then she tried to drown me!” Applebloom sobbed.
Applejack stroked her mane slowly, letting her cry herself out. She murmured reassuringly to her little sister until the filly had calmed down, her sobbing slowing to sniffling until it was gone altogether.
“It was just a dream, Applebloom. It’s scary, but it can’t hurt you.” Applejack said.
“Ah know that! But that mare was so mad, and she took away the sun, then tried to drown me! For no reason!” Applebloom said.
“Well, it’s a dream. They ain’t usually known for makin’ sense. Ah once dreamed ah was bein’ chased by a giant apple with teeth! The dang thing was tryin’ to eat me!” Applejack laughed, but Applebloom didn’t join her.
“Well anyway. It’s still just a couple hours too early for us to be getting’ up. Let’s get your bedding changed, and you might want to go rinse off in the shower right quick. You sweated up a storm! You and your blankets are soaked!” Applejack said, lifting the filly out her bed.
Applebloom realized that she was indeed soaking wet. Her mane was damp, her fur was damp, and she’d left an incredibly large wet spot on the bed. She slowly walked into the bathroom and turned on the tap, but as she was waiting for the water to heat up, she sniffed her leg out of curiosity. To her confusion, it didn’t smell like she had been sweaty. It smelled like she was just wet, in fact. Like she had been doused with water.
File: wendigo.png (1.5 MB, 750x1065)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
When she had rinsed and dried herself, she got back to her room, where Applejack had switched out her bedding already. “Now do you think y’all will be okay sleeping alone, Applebloom? You can come stay with me if you like.” Applejack offered.
“Ah’ll be fine Applejack. Thanks fer comin’ to check on me.” Applebloom said, climbing back into bed.
“Alright then. Y’all sleep well. See you in a couple hours.” Applejack said, and left the room, flipping the light out on her way.
Applebloom lay there in the dark, staring at the bed’s canopy above her. She didn’t know what to make of it. She wasn’t really afraid anymore, but she was definitely confused. It had been a dream, but she distinctly remembered parts of it feeling incredibly real. The feel of the dirt under her hooves, and the water when it struck her. She shuddered a bit at that. It hadn’t really hurt, but the fear of imminent drowning dredged up some unpleasant feelings. She couldn’t remember the pony’s name for the life of her, though. She had been a mare, that she was positive of, but why was she positive it had been a mare? Something about her had triggered that feeling. She had been… unique, somehow.
Applebloom twisted and turned in her bed, trying to fall asleep, or remember the pony’s name, or something. Anything to help her get this weight off her mind. When she’d lain there for maybe fifteen minutes she gave up, kicked the blankets off, and went to look out the window. She stared off into the night sky, admiring the moon. Then it hit her; Nightmare Moon! She dashed into Applejack’s room. “Nightmare Moon! It was Nightmare Moon that tried to drown me in my dream!” She yelled.
“Nightmare Moon? Oh Applebloom. It couldn’t have been her. Me n’ my friends defeated her. Go to sleep Applebloom.” Applejack muttered drowsily.
It was definitely Nightmare Moon.

Updated my journal: http://pastebin.com/cYCvXPXB

Great to see you're still going to finish it, Anon.
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File: Sombra Umbrum.png (437 KB, 396x410)
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File: 8452.png (3.15 MB, 2000x2000)
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3.15 MB PNG
Oooh, this is a thread now? That's lovely, I haven't perused in quite a while but had always wished for a thread like this.

I wrote these a long time ago for the FR thread as my first attempt at a horror story. Take a look if you don't mind the greentext format.

File: 887836.png (148 KB, 600x600)
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148 KB PNG
Thanks Anon, I'll give it a read tonight.
>"This is not what I meant when I said, show me how much you love me."
I want to fuck her ever changing orifices.
File: derpy walker.png (225 KB, 429x563)
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225 KB PNG
Annoyed by her sister, Applebloom grumped back over to her own room and rolled onto her bed. She rolled back and forth in frustration both at her inability to sleep, and at Applejack. Eventually, she gave up and decided to just head out to the clubhouse early and wait for the other crusaders. It was only an hour until dawn anyway. She tied her bow into her hair, cracked open the door, and slipped outside. She scurried over to the clubhouse, got the promised shovel she was going to bring, and waited. She tried to keep herself busy, but the clubhouse was empty, and she was all alone, and she still had a good hour or so to wait. She tried drawing pictures of what the roads would look like when they were all cobbled, but she’d been woken up early, and that wasn’t particularly exciting. She started nodding off. She slapped herself in the cheeks, trying to keep herself awake, but it was no use. Eventually, despite the hard, wooden floor, Applebloom slipped off to sleep.
She was on the streets of Ponyville at night, with a single lamp post gleaming in the darkness, shining its beam down on her. She held in her hoof a single apple, and on her back were her saddlebags, filled up with schoolbooks of all sorts. Applebloom looked around, and she saw next to her a sign that said ‘CARRIAGE STOP’. She was... going to school? She must be, or else why would she be waiting for a carriage with her schoolbooks? She was confused why she would be waiting in the dark, though. Was it near morning, or was it the evening? She didn’t know what else to do, and there was nopony else around for her to ask, so she waited.
File: reaching and grasping.png (1.35 MB, 1639x1231)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
She heard the clopping of hooves in the distance, and she turned to look. Out in the darkness, a swaying light could be seen, plodding slowly toward Applebloom’s carriage stop. Still holding her apple, Applebloom waited while the yellow and black carriage came toward her. The pony pulling it was a dark blue mare, wearing a bus driver’s uniform. She was an alicorn, strangely, and seeing her tugged at Applebloom’s brain. She was sure she remembered this pony, but she couldn’t think of where, exactly.
“Going my way, young filly?” The driver said, tipping her hat at Applebloom.
“Uh, yeah. Ah think so.” Applebloom said, and hopped in the back.
“Well, you just let Luna take you to your destination.” Luna said, winking at Applebloom.
She started off, Applebloom sitting in the front row of carriage seats, and rocked back and forth as it crossed the cobbles. Cobbles? Ponyville’s streets weren’t cobbled. Applebloom looked around in alarm. She was suddenly in the middle of a busy intersection, with carriages going to and fro incredibly quickly. She couldn’t identify any ponies around as their faces were blurred by the speed at which they were passing. Luna picked up speed, pulling the carriage and a swift canter.
“Can, can you slow down, ah think we’re at the wrong place. This isn’t mah school.” Applebloom asked.
“Why whatever do you mean? I’m taking you to your destination.” Luna said, not looking back.
Applebloom sat back in her seat. They didn’t seem to be in any danger, and Luna had the carriage well under control. She could probably calm down and wait it out without any trouble. She rocked back and forth as Luna expertly drove them in between carriages, weaving back and forth, buzzing past some, and speeding alongside others down city street after city street. Suddenly, they burst out of the city and onto some desert plains, akin to those described by Applejack near Appleloosa.
Good shit, Anon
File: lantern at night.png (618 KB, 797x1024)
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618 KB PNG
“Wait, wait! This definitely isn’t anywhere near my school! Ah don’t even know where this is! Are we near Appleloosa?” Applebloom said, scrambling to the front of the carriage.
“I never said I was taking you to your school. I said I was taking you to your destination. Your FINAL destination! AHAHAHAHA!” Luna looked back at Applebloom and her eyes, where they had been normal before, now had cat-like slit pupils, her green eyes glowing with a terrible inner light. Her wide grin had dangerous fangs filling it, and a long, thin tongue snaked out, licking her lips.
Applebloom pulled back in fear. “Ahhhh! Nightmare Moon!”
“Hahahahahahaaaaa! If that is what you wish, then that is what I am, but I think you have more pressing things to worry about! Your stop is coming up!” Luna said gleefully.
Applebloom heard a train whistle, and she looked up ahead where they were going. The road they were on crossed the railroad tracks, and there was the Friendship Express, chugging merrily along.
“Stop! You’re going to crash!” Applebloom pleaded. Luna merely laughed harder.
“Don’t worry, young filly, we’re right on track!” Luna cackled.
Applebloom looked around desperately. The carriage was going far too fast to jump off safely, but she might survive that fall as opposed to getting hit by a train, which she definitely wouldn’t survive. She tugged on the harness Luna was attached to, trying to pull it off the carriage so she could coast to a halt, but the harness was expertly attached, and without tools it wasn’t going to be possible to remove.
“Please stop! We’re going to get hit!” Applebloom cried.
Luna was galloping along at an incredible speed, the ground whizzing past. “Sorry, little Applebloom, but you don’t want to miss school! It’s time for you to catch your train!”
Applebloom put her hooves up to shield her face as the train impacted the carriage, and she was sent flying.
Applebloom goes to school.

Updated my journal: http://pastebin.com/cYCvXPXB
That was pretty good. Good ending especially.
File: Justsmile.jpg (50 KB, 1920x1080)
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I like how savage the changelings are in the comics.
Aw man, me too. I love the origin story Chrysalis has where they popped out of a sick tree growing in a pool of corpses. It was pretty great. I'm actually glad the show hasn't given them any sort of origin, because whether or not the comic version was true or not (for the comic's purpose), it was still pretty badass. "I've always been this way."
I haven't been following the comics, which issue is that?
Fiendship is Magic

Stories about the villains of Equestria.
File: Chrysalis1.jpg (2.51 MB, 1400x2154)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB JPG
Yeah, it's the fifth one in the Fiendship is Magic series. At the very end Chrysalis talks about herself. Took me a bit to find it in my files, but here are the pertinent pages.
File: Chrysalis2.jpg (2.52 MB, 1400x2154)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
Tree growing in pool full of corpses.
File: Chrysalis3.jpg (2.76 MB, 1400x2154)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB JPG
That is literally a unicorn skull. CORPSES.
File: Chrysalis4.jpg (2.59 MB, 1400x2154)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
>I think this place is nasty and bad. I'm gonna hammer a sign on the tree in the middle of the pool of death so that anypony who finds it will have to walk out there to read it.

WIZARDS. No sense of right and wrong.
File: Chrysalis5.jpg (2.78 MB, 1400x2154)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB JPG
"There is no story, I was born this way."
The implication is that she didn't actually tell Twilight that story, and just said that single line, but you could also infer that she did tell her the story. But I think the origin of the changelings being a mixture of dead flies, nasty acorn tree, and dead ponies, is pretty badass.
Thanks for posting!
not really
File: brutal.jpg (10 KB, 240x200)
10 KB
>visible rib cages
>dead looking ponies
>alien-like nests everywhere
>pool full of corpses
>skulls and bones

You know, for kids!
File: Brutal Pony Legend.png (2.02 MB, 1600x828)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
Damn right it's fuckin' brutal. I god damn love it.
>Ah you we're by my side all along
File: 1489185883417.jpg (461 KB, 1400x990)
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461 KB JPG
“Applebloom, wake up! We appreciate you trying to make up for yesterday, but now you’re holding us up by sleeping in the clubhouse.” Scootaloo said. She shook Applebloom again to try to wake the filly up.
Applebloom awoke with a shout, jerking upward and sending Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle sprawling. She patted herself all over, checking to make sure she was in one piece. When she was certain she was solid and not a mess, she sighed with relief and flopped backward on the clubhouse floor. “Oh mah stars, what a nightmare.” She said.
“Have another one of those dreams again?” Scootaloo asked.
“You have no idea. Two in one night. Every time ah go to sleep there’s this stupid mare acting crazy!” Applebloom said, pulling herself into a sitting position.
“Really? What does she look like?” Sweetie Belle asked.
Applebloom furrowed her brow as she tried her best to remember. “She was blue, and she was an Alicorn! She had a big starry mane that floated constantly! Like the princess!” Applebloom said. Then she gasped. “Girls! Ah think ah’m bein’ haunted by Nightmare Moon!”
The two other fillies gasped as well and leaned in close.
“But, didn’t Rarity and her friends defeat Nightmare Moon? How could she be back?” Sweetie Belle squeaked.
“It was Rainbow Dash and her friends, and yeah, the whole town heard about it.” Scootaloo said. “Are you sure they weren’t just- what’s that on your cheek Applebloom? Are you bleeding?”
Applebloom reached up to her cheek, poking around. She winced as she found a small spot near her nose that was sensitive. She wiped at it and sure enough, her hoof came away with blood on it. Her hoof shook a little as she looked at the blood, and was suddenly acutely aware of the pain on her cheek. That was when she noticed that she felt tiny pinpricks of pain all over her body.
File: glasgow smile smile smile.png (1.23 MB, 1639x1231)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
“That’s what you get for sleeping on a wooden floor. Splinters everywhere.” Scootaloo said.
Applebloom looked herself over, and she found that she had tiny scrapes, abrasions, scratches, and yes, splinters, all over the right side of her body. “Girls…” Applebloom began. “ah was dreaming about being in a runaway carriage, with Nightmare Moon pulling it. She pulled it in front of a train, and right before you woke me up, the carriage got hit. Ah… ah think these are from that. Because – because the nightmare before that, she tried to drown me, and ah woke up soaking wet!”
“Are you sure you didn’t just… you know?” Scootaloo asked, pointing down between her legs.
Applebloom rolled her eyes. “Yes ah’m sure! It didn’t smell like that!”
“But how could a dream possibly hurt you? It’s just a dream.” Sweetie Belle said quizzically.
“Maybe Nightmare Moon can do that.” Applebloom said. “Ah think we need more information, girls. To the library!”
“But what about being road workers?” Sweetie Belle said.
Applebloom sighed. “Fine. Bring the shovel, then. We can go dig after ah find out what ah want to know.”
Applebloom and Scootaloo headed outside, walking down the ramp of the clubhouse. Sweetie Belle grabbed the shovel and stumbled after them, trying to wrangle the hefty tool with her hooves. They all piled into the wagon and Scootaloo took the reins, pulling them off toward town.
“Do you think the library has many books about Nightmare Moon? I heard Twilight had difficulty interpreting the pro- uh, prophet-see? about her coming back because it was all missing.” Sweetie Belle asked.
“Ah’m sure there’s something. Or maybe we can find out some more about dreams in general. There must be something.” Applebloom said.
“I just don’t see how a dream could hurt you. Or why Nightmare Moon would want to attack you, Applebloom.” Scootaloo said.
“Well, the story from Nightmare Night says she wants to gobble us up. Ah’m not sure how hitting me with a train would help with that.” Applebloom said.
The three eventually arrive in town, to a huge hubbub. Ponies were crowded around in front of one of the houses. The library was just ahead, but their curiosity got the better of them, and the three stopped and crowded into the back of the milling ponies, trying to see what they were all looking at. Unfortunately for them, Rarity caught sight of them and pushed them back.
“Sweetie Belle! What are you doing here? I thought you were going to the clubhouse?” Rarity said, shoving them further away.
“We wanted to go to the library and find out more about dreams!” Sweetie Belle said.
“Well I’m very sorry, but you’re just going to have to go another way. Something has happened, and it’s not safe for you to be here at the moment.” Rarity said.
“But-“ Applebloom began.
“No buts! Please go find another way to the library.” Rarity insisted.
“Fine!” Sweetie Belle said.
The three got back into the wagon, and Scootaloo buzzed off a different direction. Applebloom peeked back at the crowd, and she saw a police pony and Nurse Redheart coming out of a break in the crowd, carrying a black bag of some kind. They moved to a carriage that had been parked out in front of the building and then Scootaloo turned a corner and she lost sight of it.
“Ah think somepony got hurt real bad, girls. Ah saw Nurse Redheart.” Applebloom said.
“That would explain why Rarity didn’t want me to see.” Sweetie Belle said. “I can probably find out what happened later tonight when Rarity starts drinking. She talks to the dress horses about her day when she doesn’t know I’m listening. I’ll let you know if I find anything out.”
Crusaders go to the library.

Updated my journal: http://pastebin.com/cYCvXPXB
When I read this, all I pictured was knights walking into my public library
>"Ave Maria! Bookeeper! Where are the scrolls of Saint Mikael!"
>"Sir you can't bring that weapon inside. This is a public library."
>"You dare deny a warrior of God! Have at thee!"
Just updated Blossomthing for all you thingfags out there: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/258844/blossomthing
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Scootaloo pulled them around the pony blockade, and they eventually came to a stop in front of Golden Oaks Library, where the new pony, Twilight Sparkle had recently taken up residence. They rapped on the door and waited. Soon enough, Twilight opened the door.
“Well hello my little ponies. Please, come in, the library is currently open, so you really didn’t need to knock.” Twilight said, stepping aside and motioning them in.
“Sorry. It’s a little weird having somepony live here now.” Applebloom said.
“I understand. Well are you looking for anything in particular?” Twilight asked.
“We wanted to look at some books about Nightmare Moon.” Applebloom said.
“Or dreams!” Sweetie Belle piped in.
“Oh certainly.” Twilight said. She used her magic to pull several books off the shelf and piled them up in front of the Crusaders. “These are all the books that detail the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon 1000 years ago. We don’t yet have any books on her recent return and defeat, but I’m sure they’ll come out soon.” She pulled a couple of other books off the shelves and put them in a separate pile. “These are all the books about dreams and the possible interpretation of them. Some of them are empirical, while a lot of them are entirely theoretical, so take those ones with a grain of salt.”
Scootaloo looked at the pile with dismay. “Uhhh, we were specifically wondering about whether or not it would be possible for somepony to hurt you in your dreams, and have the hurt be real. Like, could Nightmare Moon do that?”
Twilight put a hoof to her chin in thought. “That’s an interesting question. Nightmare Moon could easily influence a pony’s thoughts in their dreams, but actually injuring somepony? That I don’t know. That doesn’t really seem possible.”
File: Flimflam.jpg (310 KB, 871x1024)
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310 KB JPG
While the Crusaders were reading and debating dreams with Twilight, Luna floated in the realm of dreams, seeking and searching. With the coming of the day, her realm was black and empty, save a very few points of light. One of these was particularly bright, and she sped toward it, a toothy grin reaching her face.
Rainbow Dash flew faster than ever. So fast you’d think she was teleporting like a unicorn, but no, she was just, that, fast. Why wouldn’t she be? She was the greatest Wonderbolt ever. Barely spent a week as a rookie before they recognized she was the best flyer Equestria had ever seen and promoted her to Captain of the squad. Spitfire was allowed to stay on, but she was demoted to Rainbow Dash’s old position as rookie. Unheard of, yes, but so was Rainbow’s skill at flying. The current show was a solo performance by Yours Truly; Rainbow fucking Dash. She did loops, cartwheels, barrel rolls, aileron rolls, and even this impossible new trick she’d come up with where… well… it was impossible so you’d have to be there to see it. She had everything and she was the most popular flyer ever. She left her latest performance and went to shower before she went out to meet the cheering crowd. She checked her mane, spread her wings, made sure her uniform was impeccable, and stepped out to a raucous cheering crowd.
She let them cheer for a bit before raising a hoof, her bodyguards held the crowd back as she cleared her throat to speak. “Thank you! Thank you! I know you all came to see me, and thank you for doing so. I’ll take a couple questions from the crowd. Hmmm… you! The tall blue unicorn!” She pointed at Luna.Luna was wearing a baseball cap with Rainbow’s cutie mark on the front. She feigned surprise at being picked and motioned to herself in bewilderment.
File: Dash of blades.jpg (923 KB, 2560x1440)
923 KB
923 KB JPG
“Yes, you. Say the first thing that comes to your mind. How about: ‘Oh Rainbow, I’m your biggest fan!’ I always love hearing that.” Rainbow said. It was a dream, so it didn’t seem odd.
Luna smiled a wicked smile and spread her own wings. They grew impossibly big, dwarfing her body, until they were almost as wide as the entire crowd. “Oh! Rainbow Dash!” She said sarcastically. “I’m your biggest FAN!” When she spoke the last word, she flapped her giant wings down, creating a massive gust of wind that blew the entire crowd away. Ponies screamed as they all disappeared into the distance, the only pony who managed to stay grounded was Rainbow herself.
“Wha-*huuck*, what?” Rainbow said, the wind making it difficult to breathe or speak.
Luna walked over to where Rainbow was pressed against the ground. Her wings had shrunk down some, but were still oversized. “Oh, did you not hear me? I said I’m your biggest FAN!” Luna said again, flapping down at rainbow, the wind was directed straight at her, and it pressed her into the ground. “Your performance simply takes my breath away!” She said, as she kept flapping, the strong winds pushing Rainbow harder into the ground, crushing her ribs.
Rainbow tried to move away, turning away from Luna, she attempted to drag herself away, but the impossibly strong winds pressed her against the ground. She spread her wings, to catch some of the wind and maybe escape, but the sheer forced dragged her along the ground, rolling her with it until she came to a forceful stop at a wall of the stadium. She felt her left wing break as it was folded unnaturally between her and the wall. “Gaaaaaaah!”
Rainbow sleeps on the job. Again.

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Not. Yet.
I can hear her wing make a sickening crack.

This pleases me.
>Flying up atop the rampart, Roadwind and Light enter the gatehouse.
>A windlass sits in the center with the end of the chains connecting to it.
>Roadwind sets himself on one side of the wheel and Light the opposite.
>Giving a great heave, the chains strain at the pressure.
>For a second, it seems they are too weak.
>There are four sections for ponies to push and only two are filled.
>Roadwind's hooves begin to shake from the exertion, but he still endures.
>Through grinding teeth he gives Light an order.
>Light looks over at Roadwind, but still puts force on the wheel.
"Put your wings into it!"
>The two begin flapping their wings tirelessly in hoping it would provide some additional pressure.
>The gate shudders.
>Then it slowly begins to rise.
>Spark's magical green aura surrounds it as the two slowly watch it rise into the gatehouse.
>Once it got halfway up, the two lock it in place.
>They both lean on the windlass wheezing.
"Nothing like a *cough* workout to end a long march."
>"Couldn't have said it better myself Sir."
>Regaining their composure, they exit the room and join the others in the courtyard.
>The two Saddle Arabians already parked their carts behind the storage houses out of sight.
>Copper digs through one of the carts while they sit idly in the shade of the building.
>One of them takes off their keffiyeh and fans himself with it.
>Looks to be barely past the colt age range.
>Roadwind watches as the other one takes out a canteen and let's the younger sip from it.
>Probably his older brother or father maybe.
>Continuing with the sweep, Velvet motions him over.
>She is standing inside the fountain next to the toppled statue.
>"Captain, take a look at this."
>She points a hoof to the base of the statue.
>Looking carefully, there's a torn piece of cloth.
>A majority of it is a faded white, but the bottom part where the tear is has a bloodstain.
>Turning it over, the tips of black wings and the end of a golden spear peak over the ripped part.
>It's only half of the crest, but Roadwind recognizes it.
"This is from a scout uniform."
>He turns to face the castle doors.
"They were here."
>"They must've went inside, but why? Scouting missions consist of 'Report and Return' right?"
"Something isn't right about this."
>A harsh wind blows the cloth from Roadwind's grasp.
>It flies upward and lands against one of the high windows on the upper level above the doorway.
>A whistling can be heard.
>Looking for the source, Roadwind sees his team getting behind cover.
"Get down."
>The two duck under behind the base of the fountain and keep their heads low.
>Lifting his head from the sand, his sight ends on Light who is taking cover behind a couple barrels beside another building to the right.
>As their eyes make contact, Light stops his whistling.
>He motions his hooves upward in a square motion and mouths out some words.
>Window. Third row. Far right. Drawn curtain.
>Peaking over, Roadwind sees what Light was warning him about.
>The windows are tinted slightly to block out the sun, but the silhouette of a pony leaning against the glass can be easily seen.
>It stands there motionless.
>Front hooves pressed against the glass as if trying to push it open.
>"Did he see us?"
>If he did alarm bells would be going off.
>Why is he just standing there?
>The figure stands for what seems like hours before moving.
>But something is wrong.
>As it walks past the other windows, the pony would twitch its head.
>Each movement made seem jankey and forced.
>Similar to how a puppeteer contorts a marionette.
>Getting to the end of the windows it disappears behind the stone walls.
>Roadwind looks to Light who gives an all clear.
>Shaking the sand from his coat, Roadwind gives out a whistle and everypony returns behind the storage house.
"Okay, Onyx and Marble. Get your full plates on. Onyx is on point Marble cover the end. Velvet and Nimble will provide cover fire if things get hot, we're going to work our way room to room and see what this place is hiding. If you spot anypony or anything do NOT engage. This may be a fortress, but that doesn't exclude there won't be any civilians, if compromised subdue with force, maybe we can get some information as to what happened here. Dead or alive we are getting our soldiers back. Copper, you're with me behind Onyx. Get whatever gear you feel comfortable with and lets move out."
Oooo, shit's gettin' spooky!
“Oh no! Are you hurt? Here, let me help you. Anything for my favourite hero.” Luna said. She pulled Rainbow from the wall, and tossed her roughly back inside the locker room. Luna’s wings were their normal size again, and she followed after the tumbling blue Pegasus. “Surely there’s a first-aid kit here somewhere.” Luna said.
Rainbow pulled herself standing, finally able to catch her breath. She grimaced at her broken wing, and at the back of her mind she faintly wondered why it hurt so much. This was a dream, right? Nopony can make their wings grow that big in real life. She scrambled away, Luna mocking her as she stumbled away back into the locker room.
“Come back! Can I have your autograph?” Luna called.
Something stabbed into her right flank right before she slammed the door of the locker room. She looked and saw a quill stabbed deep into her thigh. She felt a thumping on the door as she tried to hold it shut against her rabid fan. Again Rainbow felt like she should know who this was, but couldn’t fully pull the memory to the fore. Dreams, blue alicorn. “Nightmare Moon?” She said.
The thumping on the door stopped, but Rainbow didn’t let go. She held on and waited to hear hoofsteps moving away. She heard a few tentative steps, the clopping going down the hall, and she held her breath, waiting to see if she was truly going to leave. She heard a suddenly rapid clopping, and panicked as she realized Luna was going to charge the door! She leaped to the side as Luna’s horn speared through the wood as though it were paper, and the whole door came off its hinges! Luna grinned down at her, a wild look in her slit pupils, her sharpened teeth gleaming in the light.
“Heeeeere’s Moony!” Luna crowed, and tossed the door off her horn. She advanced on Rainbow, her horn pointed down toward the frightened Pegasus.
Rainbow dashed down an aisle of lockers, and Luna walked calmly after her. In her panic, Rainbow was looking for a window, or a back door, or anything she could use as a weapon, but all that was in the room were harmless objects like soap, clothing, and towels. She picked some of these up and threw them anyway, hoping maybe one would cause her to stumble. Luna simply caught them with magic and tossed them to the side.
“Oh come now. You’re supposed to be the best Wonderbolt ever. Strong, powerful…” Luna gave an evil smile. “…FAST.”
Rainbow was acutely aware of her broken wing. She was fast on hoof, but not as fast as she could be in the air. Not even by a long shot. She led Luna in a large circle around the locker room, throwing anything and everything she could get her hooves on, all of which Luna just tossed to the side. Eventually, Rainbow was back at the entrance to the locker room, and leaped out into the hallway. She galloped down the empty hall, hoping she could outrun her pursuer. She sprinted for some distance, then turned around with a smile to see how far behind Luna was. To her dismay, Luna was walking casually behind her, keeping up with her full-bore run.
“Wh-what? How?!” Rainbow said.
Luna grabbed her hind legs with her magic, and yanked, knocking Rainbow to the floor. Her chin smacked into the hard ground, and she felt a tooth chip from the impact. Luna didn’t pull her anywhere, but Rainbow felt her right hind leg twist painfully.
“AHHHHH! Stop, stop, stop!” Rainbow cried.
File: quill and ink assault.jpg (405 KB, 943x1200)
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405 KB JPG
“Rainbow Dash, you’ve let me down. I thought you were the FASTEST. WONDERBOLT. EVER!” With every word, Luna twisted harder, until Rainbow’s leg snapped with the final syllable. Rainbow laid on the ground, sobbing and trying to pull herself along the ground.
“We… we defeated you. Nightmare Moon was supposed to be gone.” Rainbow sniffled, slowly crawling away.
“Oh, my dear little Rainbow Dash. You did. Nightmare Moon is super gone, and very defeated. This isn’t Nightmare Moon doing any of this at all.” Luna stood over Rainbow Dash and leaned down, looking her in the eyes. “This is entirely Luna. Sweet widdle Woona. Forever forgotten, ignored, and feared. Even after one thousand years ponies still ignore me and fear me all because I rule and live in the darkness. Even in their dreams, my very realm! They dream of my sister. I came back for this? You took away all my power as Nightmare Moon, all for this?!” Luna said. She stamped on Rainbow’s back, making the Pegasus cry out in pain again.
“Being loved by ponies isn’t everything.” Rainbow gasped.
Luna’s face twisted into smirk, a grimace, a frown, then she barked out a hideous laugh. “Hah! The pony who was dreaming about being loved by ponies tells me that being loved isn’t everything?! Oh! Oh my! Hahaha! HAHAHAHA! The sheer, disgusting, audacity!”
Rainbow Dash slowly and painfully lifted herself to her hooves and hobbled slowly away, knowing she couldn’t possibly outrun Luna once she began chasing her. Rainbow dove into the nearest room she could find. It was a restroom, and she flipped out the lights, climbed into the first stall, and lifted her hooves off the ground. She curled up, her right leg and left wing throbbing. She didn’t hear anything, but soon felt a breath on her left ear. She whimpered, but didn’t move. It wouldn’t help.
“Welcome to my world, Rainbow Dash.” Luna said, and struck.
Overzealous fans.

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Fucking brutal
File: 1489961124112.png (164 KB, 500x375)
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>Heeeeere’s Moony!
File: 118zan.jpg (32 KB, 572x634)
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File: ponnequin.png (825 KB, 900x720)
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The Crusaders left the library much later in the day, looking far more tired than they had when going in.
“Ugh, I’m exhausted and we didn’t even do any digging.” Scootaloo said.
“And we didn’t even learn anything useful.” Applebloom said.
“I learned that you can tell if a pony is dreaming by checking to see if their eyes are moving behind their eyelids! That means they’re in a state called REM, or ‘rapid eye movement’!” Sweetie Belle interjected.
The other two turn and glare at her.
“I thought it was interesting.” Sweetie grumped, kicking at the ground.
“Well it doesn’t answer any questions about whether or not you could hurt another pony in their dreams, so we’re no further along now than we were before.” Applebloom muttered.
As they trundled back to Scootaloo’s scooter, they saw Applejack galloping over to the treehouse. She barged inside, and there was some heated shouting, then both Applejack and Twilight dashed back out and headed in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres. Applejack yelled at her sister as she galloped off. “Applebloom, stay here inside the library! Ah’ll come getcha later!”
“What’s goin’ on?” Applebloom yelled at her sister as the orange pony cantered away down the road. “Well ah ain’t waitin’ here the rest of the day! Ah already spent the entire mornin’ in there! Scootaloo! Follow those ponies!” Applebloom commanded.
Without needing further prompting, Scootaloo revved up her wings and took off, dragging the wagon behind her. When they turned onto the road leading to the orchard and the trees started to get thicker, they could see off in the distance, Applejack and her friends all gathered around a single tree, with the same police pony and Nurse Redheart from earlier that morning. Scootaloo felt her heart leap into her chest when she saw a blue, rainbow-maned form lying on the ground under the tree.
File: blood gems.png (870 KB, 827x1100)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
Scootaloo jumped off her scooter, tossed her helmet to the side, and amidst calls from her friends to stop, ran toward the small crowd. “Rainbow Dash! No! Did she crash? Is she-“ Scootaloo began to ask, but stopped short as she was blocked by Rarity. She could faintly see Fluttershy sobbing into Big Mac’s shoulder, Twilight was talking to Nurse Redheart, and Applejack was saying… something to Rarity. Scootaloo saw her hero, her wing broken, leg twisted, and a hole in her neck. She was no longer bleeding, but there was a large trail of blood leading up the trunk of the tree to Rainbow’s favourite sleeping branch. She dimly felt somepony lift her off the ground, and she was dragged bodily away from the scene.
Everything was kind of a daze for Scootaloo after that. The three fillies were kept together at Rarity’s boutique. She brought they food they barely ate, talked to them about some things Scootaloo didn’t register, and when night came, she stayed with them in the room with the light on.
“Are you going to be okay if I go to bed, dears? It’s very late, and despite the excitement of the day, my body is only going to continue for so long.” Rarity said. Her eyes were droopy. She had removed her makeup earlier following the incident with Rainbow Dash and had never reapplied it. It allowed the redness from crying to show through.
“We’ll be okay Rarity. Thank you.” Sweetie Belle said quietly.
Rarity gave the three a sad smile and stood up from the bed. “Did you want me to leave the light on?” She asked.
“Yes, please.” Scootaloo mumbled, her own eyes wide and haunted.
Rarity nodded and stepped out the door, closing it behind her. Applebloom and Sweetie Belle then sandwiched Scootaloo in a big hug. “You okay, Scoots? You’ve been real quiet all day.”
File: eyes and rarity.jpg (554 KB, 1078x900)
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554 KB JPG
“I can’t believe she’s gone. She was my hero, and I was hoping eventually we could become the best of friends if only I could get her to notice me. But now she’s gone.” Scootaloo said.
“I heard Rarity say to Twilight that that makes two ponies murdered today.” Sweetie Belle said.
“That’s horrible! But how? Rainbow always sleeps really high up. Only a Pegasus could reach her, but there was a hole in her neck like a unicorn stabbed her with its horn!” Scootaloo fumed.
“Nightmare Moon.” Applebloom said.
The other two looked at her in confusion.
“That’s Rainbow’s favourite sleeping tree. She always said that branch had the best shape in the whole orchard, so that means she was sleeping when it happened. Nightmare Moon is an alicorn, so she has wings and a horn.” Applebloom said, her face deadly serious.
“But Rainbow is the fastest Pegasus, and a hardy fighter, how could anypony sneak up on her?” Scootaloo said.
“Because Nightmare Moon got her in her sleep!” Applebloom said, poking her cheek where her scab was.
“I don’t buy it.” Scootaloo said.
“I’m sure Rainbow Dash would have put up a fight.” Sweetie Belle said.
“Well we’d need to see the scene of the crime to determine that.” Scootaloo responded.
Applebloom slapped the blankets with her hooves. “That’s it! We’ll go investigate!”
“What, now?” Scootaloo said.
“Yeah! We sneak out and go to the tree and see if we can find any physical evidence of another pony being there!” Applebloom said.
“That’s a great idea!” Sweetie Belle squeaked. “I’ll get my flashlight! We’ll need to sneak past Rarity, though. She’s probably down in the boutique drinking. Especially after a day like today.”
“No problem. Cutie Mark Crusaders sneaky investigators!” Applebloom said.
Crusaders investigate a crime scene. Deus Vult

Update my journal: http://pastebin.com/cYCvXPXB
>Equestria. 1100 years ago, Discord's reign has ended at the hooves of the twin sisters Celestia, and Luna.
>With the power of the Elements of harmony, he is no more, mere stone. A memory
>Peace has set in. The establishment of the Royal guard force is made. To maintain, and protect the sisters and their new kingdom.
>Among the guardsmen, a capable young unicorn, Nether Star, is made head of the Magical Anomalies Over watch.
>Monitoring all forms of magic within Equestria. Finding those who would do harm to the empire with dark, or foreign magics.
>But a new, dark force is beginning to make appearances across small, outlying parts of the empire.
>Leaving only carnage, and death in it's wake.
>The Over watch force is tasked to find, and identify the malevolent force, whatever or whoever it may be...

"Hmmm, this isn't right, I've never seen magic use quite like this before, it seethes into the land and corrupts whatever it touches. Could it be a form of Chaos magic?" You contemplate to yourself, the other guards and your lieutenant surveying the damages.
>Be Nether Star, Captain of the Magical Anomalies Overwatch. Standing clad in silver, gold lined Armor. Your purple fur, black mane, and the yellow 4 pointed star surrounded in silver light, your cutie mark; made you easy to identify.
"This is certainly troubling....the kingdom /must/ be protected from this...whatever it is..."
>The small farming village, destroyed beyond recondition. Everything burned to ground and laid to waste. Cottages and homes, left in ruin. Bodies burnt and impaled on jagged pikes; from where they came you do not know.
>The design in their hilts and blades were like nothing you had seen before these attacks. Jagged blades and purple dyed wood is what made them.
>"Sir! Our surveying is complete, this /has/ to be a new form of Chaos magic we've never encountered, do you think it could be draconic?"
>Light break, your trusted second in command. He walks to your side, as you observe a stone, seething with a dark aura. As if it infused with the magic's corruption.
>Taking the stone off the ground, you observe the horror lay in front of you.
"Perhaps..." Pausing to observe the damage, the still burning village and maimed corpses scattered around. Blood stained the soil, giving it a red mixed with a grey color.
"But we cant be certain, Dragons don't normally leave bodies. They tend to /eat/ their prey."
>These attacks had been happening in places like this for the last 2 weeks, and it has been...difficult to discover just what it was causing the senseless destruction.
>It always seemed as if you were just one damn day too late.
>Adjusting your armor on your shoulders you make your way to a cottage, still on fire though it was nothing but a crisp. How is it still burning?
"This fire is unnatural." Still holding the stone you order one of the guards to bring you a containment casing, used for taking samples in unknown magics. "We must report back to the castle and have the alchemists test this rock..."
>"A rock?" Light gives you a curious look, "Why a rock sir?"
File: black stone.png (591 KB, 748x1067)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
"Look at it, Light. It seethes with corruption, perhaps the alchemists at the castle can help identify just what were dealing with. Now, gather everyone, we'll be moving soon."
>"Yes sir!, I'll get the team ready for movement right away!"
"Very good..."
>Light trots away shouting commands to the other guards as you place the stone into the small silver box, enchanted with a magic nullifying spell.
"Don't let anything happen to this, keep it on your person at all times!" You say to the guard holding the case.
>"Yes captain, I will guard it with my life!"
>Light brings in the other guards, gathering behind you.
>"Ready for movement sir, only awaiting confirmation order!"
>Light stands in front of the platoon, 8 in number. All selected by you personally. They are friends, practically family. All skilled Unicorns in combat and surveying magic. You had trained, eaten, and lived together in the Guard-force's barracks.
>They stood at attention, hooves together and faces straight ahead, each clad in dark grey armor, standard issue'd by the Guard-force.
"Gentle-colts! We've been following this pattern for sometime now, were closer now to discovering whats plaguing our lands. We will /find/ it and PURGE it from our kingdom!" raising your hoof, you shout "For Equestria!!"
>"FOR EQUESTRIA!" The guards and Light shout back in unison.
"Move out! We will return to the castle of the two sisters immediately!"
>The formation begins marching, leaving the still burning village, breaking apart into groups of 2s and 3s. Each group conversing among themselves.
>Light walked with you as he usually did, discussing what you had found.
>"It just doesn't make sense!" He says squinting his eyes, "How in Equestria could we have missed this until now, how could we have not seen this one coming?"
>He was referring to the village. It had been the 5th in the series of attacks since being tasked to find the source of the malevolent force.
"Yes I understand your frustration Light. Too be honest I'm unsure myself of what were dealing with, I spent my entire youth in magic. perfecting the arcane ways of Starswirl's teachings under Celestia's guidance..."
>"Hmph, you always had a natural talent, more so then most unicorns..." Light smirks at you, elbowing your shoulder.
"Hah! well I'm still far from learning as much as Starswirl, and I'm only a /little/ ahead of you Light."
>"Yeah, always just one damn step..."
>You both laugh as you walk.
"Tell me, Light, do you ever look at this world and think; you would do anything to protect it? To, preserve it?"
>You look into the distance, taking in the view if rolling hills of green, mountains piercing into the clouds off in the distance. The sky, partly clear, allowing the perfect amount of shade.
>"Well sure heh, thats why I joined the guard after all..." Light says waving his hoof.
"Right, but would you ever take...drastic measures I mean, to ensure it's safety?"
>"Well, I believe we do what we must for the greater good sir."
"Hm hm hm, good pony." you place your hoof on Light's shoulder.
>A few hours go by, continuing the conversation and making small talk with the other guards, it was a tight nit group you formed with them.
*Rumble* *Rumble*
>"What in the Tarturas is that?" One of the guards says as rumbling continues.
File: faceless one1.jpg (114 KB, 580x345)
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>A loud burst echoes through the hills and in the distance as a massive creature bursts from the ground, grabbing the gaurd in its tentacle arm.
>"The dark days will come again, with our rebirth, the old ones will rise and RE-MAKE this world for the Black Empire!"
>The massive abomination raises the guard over it's head and attempts to slam him into the earth before Light teleports the guard back to the ground.
>"Just what in Celestia's name is that thing!?" Light shouts as he and the guards ready to attack.
>The creature stood at least 20 feet tall, bipedal. Where its face should be was only a mass of flesh, tentacles portruding from it's chin, and arms. Eyes, glowing amber and speaking in a low-pitched deep bellowing voice. Deep purple skin, almost like scales, and a sash across it's waste; with a runic language written on it you've never seen.
>"You will all face the end soon!!" It boasts, readying for another attack.
"Avoid and counter-attack, surround and destroy it!
>The guards move into position, avoiding the creature's massive arms as it smashes into the ground, flailing it's tendrils.
>"I'll bring it down!!" Light says charging a magic missile spell.
>It fires in a radiant golden light, striking the monster dead in it's chest, knocking it off it's feet.
"Good shot Light, but we cant-" Your cut off by the monster's bellowing voice.
>"Such weak magic....you will all break easy..."
>The creature raises itself back to its feet, grabbing one of the guards.
>"Uhhhhahh! AHHH!" The guard screams in agony, the strength of the monster's grip crushing his armor and body.
"Cant get him in time!!" You say seeing the guard's armor break in it's grasp.
>The creature smashes your fellow guardspony into the earth.
>The sound of clattering armor and breaking bones fills your ears as you see one of your own die, lying there in the dirt. Blood, spurting from his muzzle.
>"So easy...death will devour you all..."
>Charging for an attack, you envelope yourself in a bubble of arcane magic; leaping into the beast's chest, tackling it and bringing it to the ground yet again.
>Leaping off the massive creature's chest and to it's side you order the remaining guards.
"NOW! Everyone attack!"
>A mass of light envelops the area as you each charge your horns; casting a barrage of arcane at the creature, each shot exploding in a violent display of magic missiles and arcane light.
>Creating a mass of dust a debris, it fades from sight, the attack ceasing as everypony catches their breath.
>"Did we get'em!?" One of the guards say, remaining in a fighting stance.
>"I don't know! What about Dawn!?"
>Dawn's Light, the name of the guard who'd you just lost. An older unicorn, experienced in combat, this however was something you were un-prepared for.
>The dust settles and the monster's corpse lay there, motionless, eyes still glowing a dark amber.
>I journey...to Ny'alotha....for each of us killed...100 more take our place....the darkest days are still ahead...you cannot stop it...hehehehehe..."
>The glow in it's eye fade into a lifeless stare.
"Ny'alotha? What in Equestria-"
>your train of thought was interrupted by the snap back to reality, one of your most experienced magi just died.
>"Dawn...how? Not you..." Light takes off his helmet, placing it at his chest, revealing his yellow mane, and orange fur.
"This...how could this have happened..."
>Theres a silence that settles over the battlefield. Each quietly mourning the lost friend.
"We must bring him back to the castle, this new development is something I must bring to the sisters personally."
>Ordering the others to carry Dawn's body back, you continue your journey, no one saying a word the rest of the way back.
"The Black Empire..." You think to yourself, "What could that possibly be?"

Thought I'd take a whack at this dark stuff. If anyone is interested in more just give a heads up.

Questions, comments, concerns all welcome.
By all means, please continue!
Is someone new?

Excellent more green!
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A new writefag joining the party? Nice.
Take a seat, make yourself comfortable.
My apparent has been completely infested with spiders for close to a year now since I had a previous fly infestation before
I'm ok with them, they know who is the boss around here, last night a wasp made its way here but quickly got caught in some spider web and was consumed at some point store this morning
It's a simbols really, I'm too dirty too keep the bugs away and they have no beef with me
The feedback is much appreciated! Here is another dump.

>The following morning. Exhausted from the journey and the fight, your team makes it's way to the front castle gates, being greeted by a couple of larger earth ponies.
>The usual types for gate guards. Their size and strength, making them ideal for ground security detail
>"Ah, Nether Star, you've returned!" One of the guards says, happy to see you, "were you able to find the source of the attacks?"
>Looking to the ground, you think to yourself the faceless beast your company had slain.
"We did....and its far worse then we could have imagined." You look back to your fallen friend, "I must bring news of some new development to Celestia and Luna right away! And bring a medical team to care for our wounded!"
>"Yes! Right away Captain!" The guards looks toward the rampart of the front gate, giving orders to the guards tending to the levers operating the gate, "Open the gate, let our fellow guards in! And bring a medical team to care for their wounds, Now!"
>The massive silver barred gates open, a small team of medics trotting towards your group, surveying your friends. And taking Dawn's body onto a gurney, into the medical ward.
>"Just what the Tarturas happened out their, Captain?" The gate guards asks, observing the looks of worry in your eyes.
"We were ambushed, by some kind of monster. It had no face and stood larger then most creatures. It attacked with the ferocity of a dragon. Theres /no/ way we could have been ready for a fight with a monster like that..."
>"Celestia...glad you made it back and...sorry for-"
>You raise your hoof, stopping the guard from finishing.
"Don't, just don't."
>You close your eyes and hang your head in shame, nothing like this had ever happened before. You were responsible for their safety, and you failed them.
>"Well, Celestia is in the main hall. Open court just started a few hours ago."
>"I'm sure she'll put it on hold for what we have to bring her." Light says as he joins the conversation, holding the containment casing.
"Indeed, lets not tarry any longer. Light, you come with me. The rest of you, be on standby until we receive further word. I'll meet you all back at the barracks."
>"Yessir!" Your remaining guards not receiving medical care leave you, as you and Light make your way to the main hall from the courtyard.
>"We can't let this darkness overtake our home, Nether." Light says as you walk by the market, observing the citizens all going about their day, not a care in the world.
"Whatever it takes...I will protect it." Looking to the castle, you look in awe at the marvel that had been constructed sinse Discord's defeat. "Whatever it takes..."
>Walking up the stairs that lead to the main doors of the castle, you and Light enter the main hall, a line of ponies of all types stand in line. Bringing whatever concerns and petty problems they may have to Celestia or Luna's attention.
>"Yes, that will be taken into consideration, Mudhoof. The trade routes through the Everfree marshlands will have re-enforced security."
>"Thank you your highness! We will be able to safely deliver salt and sugar to the palace much easier now!" The small orange earth pony takes a bow and leaves the podium. Allowing for the next subject to take his spot.
>Light leans in to whisper "We should intervene while we have the chance Nether..."
"Right right, this line seems to get longer and longer every month."
>Stepping out of line and to the front two sides of the podium, you ask the princess for a private audience.
"Your highness," You speak as respectfully as you can. "Light and myself humbly request a private audience to bring you a new development from the front."
>"Nether Star, Light Break!" Celestia's voice raises, excited to see yours and Light's return. "I'm glad you've made it back, I'd be more then happy to hear your information."
>Celestia leaves the throne quickly exiting the main hall motioning for the two of you to follow.
>"H-hey! what about-" The Pegasus was interrupted by the guards in the hall.
>"The Princess is on official military business, court will resume when she is done!"
"Pays to have perks, Light."
>"Yeah, no kidding." You both say as you follow Celestia out of the main hall to the water fountain outside.
>Meeting the princess in front of the fountain, she greets the two of you again.
>"My prized pupils return!" She paces her hoof on your shoulder, putting you at ease. Her presence was calming and warm. "You look terrible my little ponies, whats happened?"
>Gazing into the fountain at your reflection, you can see the deep bags under your eyes. As well as the pink hue in the where they should be white, the recent conflict and journey taking more out of you then either you or Light had realized.
"My princess," you say taking a bow, "first of all; thank you for this private audience, we will be quick with our report."
>Looking to Light, you nod at him to show her the black stone within the magic casing.
>"We found this at the most recent village we investigated, it seethes with a dark aura." Light reaches into the case and takes out the rock.
>"I see...." Celestia looks into the stone inquisitively. "Is this what has you both so worried?"
>Light continues the report.
>"On our way back to the castle after completing our survey, we were attacked by a creature of unknown origin, and terrible power."
>Sparing no detail, you both explain the encounter with the monster, which you decided to name, "Faceless one".
>"I see...it took that much power to bring down?" Celestia looks at the stone yet again, still shrouded in a dark aura, "Whatever form of magic this is, it deeply corrupts whatever it comes into contact with. It must be studied indeed. You've done very well bringing it here. And I am deeply saddened by the loss of Dawn..."
"Theres one other thing, your highness, it mentioned a place called 'Ny'alotha' and it said the 'Black Empire' will rise again." Celestia's eyes widen after hearing this. "Do you...know what it could mean?"
>"The sleeping forest..." She whispers to herself, lost in thought.
>"'The sleeping forest', your highness?" Light looks to you and back to Celestia, "What could that be?"
>Celestia closes her eyes and sighs, "I don't know much about it other then that its where an ancient evil sleeps, honestly I thought it was a mere myth. As its never been found before."
"And the Black Empire? What of that your highness?"
>"Enough, you have both done very well bring me this new information. I will handle it from here."
>Her statement catches the two of you off-guard.
"Wh-what? Princes Celestia please, allow us to continue our search! We can-"
>"No. This situation will be handled. The both of you are dismissed, await further word from the royal guard Colonel."
>Celestia takes the stone and begins to leave the fountain yard into the hallway leading to the alchemy lab.
>"Well this sucks, why did she suddenly get so defensive after you mentioned the Black Empire?"
"I don't know, but I want to find out. I'm gonna need to get stronger too. To fight these abominations." Looking back into the fountain, your mind races thinking of the coming conflict, "If what the faceless one said is true, then we are already on the brink of war."

More to come probably sometime tomorrow night or maybe Saturday.

Also, here is pastebin: http://pastebin.com/x87MRzsH

Same as last time, question, comments, concerns all welcome.
Spiders are bros. So long as there aren't too many of them. It'd get real ugly if they started hatching babies and got all up in your clothes.

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