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File: anon family.png (559 KB, 1600x1702)
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559 KB PNG
Feel free to discuss the current stories, start a new one, fight with each other, try art, draw, your choice.

Last colt:


Over 1.3 million words stronk
Erf (don't be intimidated by his size): http://pastebin.com/u/Erf1111

Didnt watch Samurai Jack this saturday
Elo (Smugest): http://pastebin.com/u/Elohemian

Illegal italian drug pizza dealer
Coffeeholic (Italian Anon/Linguini Anon): http://pastebin.com/u/Coffeeholic

Doesn't lift
Laskvurel (George/AnonFilly/Come Back to Us Anon): http://pastebin.com/u/Laskvurel

Lost in the rabbit hole
Bunny (AnonFilly & Drawfag/Shits Rabbit Pellets Anon): http://pastebin.com/u/Bunnyhood

Secretly planning DnD's:
Ben Dover (Actual Dad Discord/AdventurousAnon): http://pastebin.com/u/Ben__Dover

The most active writefag in the thread:
Hoers (MIA/We will always miss you bby): http://pastebin.com/u/Hoers

Found fraternizing with tetrahedrons in the bushes outside Day Hill elementary school
JekyllorHyde (WeirdAnon): http://pastebin.com/u/JekyllorHyde

On the lam for fork fighting outside Denny's family restaurant with Ted Kenedy's corpse
CookieSfh (Tentacles Anon/the green that actually has lewd in it): http://pastebin.com/u/CookieSfh

Having attacks of schizophrenia:
Wand of Inferno (Mexican Anon/"Special mind" Anon): http://pastebin.com/u/Wand_of_inferno

Russian guy in Argenta
Zenco (Newfag/Argentinian Anon): http://pastebin.com/u/zenco1

I can't believe this meme's still alive:
Gumball (Homeless Actor-Singer Anon/Try-Hard Anon): http://pastebin.com/u/GimmeSomeGumption

Busy bringing Timber to the children
speed weed (Beach Bum Anon) : http://pastebin.com/a364aFHZ (embed)

Formulating methods to bring terror to normalfags
Allegheny (Eris Anon) http://pastebin.com/huuuJFdN (embed)
File: 47747797989.jpg (87 KB, 724x1024)
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I like this picture OP. It tingle my fluttercord senses.
File: 1409508635301.png (934 KB, 900x771)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
In all honesty, if S7 doesn't adress what kind of friendship Discord and Fluttershy has, then I may as well proceed with my own interpretation. I hate that the show has a blatant Mary Sue now, and that suddenly everyone, even Discord absolutely loves her
File: 1488933362096.jpg (38 KB, 683x394)
38 KB
At this point they both are family
Yes, and I wasn't even saying that they should come and say if they are a couple or not. I'm saying that there needs to be an episode solely focused on Fluttershy and Discord, to see why they care about each other and how their friendship is. Because you know, that would actually flesh out both characters and their interactions.
There is plenty of fun facts about those two
Butterfly effect (Fluttershy cutie mark being butterflies) and Discord with his chaos theory, yet again I could be just imagining it.
Well 2 more episodes confirmed for S8. Hopefully they will adress their relationship as something more than ship tease. It would be cool if we got an actual Fluttershy episode where she interact with Discord rather than Discord shenangans where Fluttershy is just a plot device that motivate Discord to interact with other characters.
Their only duo episode was Keep Calm and Flutter On. The Gala episode was mostly Discord observing passive Fluttershy.
That's exactly what I want. Just a simple episode with Fluttershy and Discord being friends, done for the sake of simply exploring the characters's friendship.
did last thread become kill?
What do you think, friend?
File: rarity96.png (705 KB, 599x834)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
Surprised that last one died so quickly. I posted after Erf was done, resumed sleeping, then was dead when I woke up.
It's all Erfanons fault. He ruins anything and everything good.
That lil nigga is going nuclear
Yeah it's going to be really bad. I feel for the guy.
You know it always makes me wonder about why the best characters of the thread are villains, Discord, Chrysalis and Eris
Flim and Flam were more evil than her
How so? Eris is much more mean spirited than them
>Flim and Flam
Got over a world
Defeated by laser sisters
Yeah but FlimFlam actually saved the world while Eris keeps acting like a turbo bitch
>Bakes shit with Pinkie
>Loves Fluttershy like family
>Legit loves Discord like a dad
>Actually cares and loves Anon like a little brother
>Cadence and her immediatly clicks
>Actively helping in bringing suffering to Chrysalis
>Somehow a villain
>Flim Flam
>Saved the world
U wot
File: IMG_2728.gif (95 KB, 499x749)
95 KB
technically they did stop chrysalis and sombra, while sacrificing multitudes of ponies and eventually almost causing the death of their own world.
Are we getting erf or elo green?
its was my early sleep day. im at work
File: IMG_1612.png (632 KB, 1280x1295)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
File: IMG_4769.jpg (3.33 MB, 3000x2269)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB JPG
Too hot
I hope their kid will look cute but still original
Fluttercord ain't happening
now i cant respond to erfs green
Fuck, I got the weeks wrong
>I gave this one my all. and I feel it kind of wasn't good enough. or ma
ARgh, fell to the sleeps and thread dies. But regardless, that was one hell of a nice update. I didn't see the allegory you were drawing up with the Good Fellows until it hit, and that was masterful.

Chrysalis was adorable too. This is cementing what Anon fears to be loosing along with his interior unresolved conflict.

thanks for new thread OP!

Sure you can, anon, this post quotes the archived thread, or hell, here you go, this is the last Erf update in the ded thread

>> 29699528
>> 29699518
>> 29699495
>> 29699471
>> 29699400
>> 29699365
>> 29699334
>> 29699310
>> 29699293
>> 29699241
>> 29699179
>> 29699113

In reverse order.
File: sunset is a whorese.jpg (11 KB, 244x206)
11 KB
No wait, I suck endless cock, this is the list
>pay rent
>they forgot to pay the fucking power bill
Oh gawd wtf
Go write about it on your blog.
>Another day in La Habanna
Will Chrysalis ever win?
The betrayal about to happen is gonna really hurt.
You can reply to mine

Continuing from http://pastebin.com/w3Fwdhvt

>Butterfly effect? You do remember hearing that before somewhere. No, not the movie. It was something like… small things having big effects on anything, right?
>You nod while saying the exact thoughts you had to Discord
“I do, it’s like, something tiny having a big effect on something major. Even the slightest of actions can do something”
>Discord nods. “Exactly. And you my boy… just got the perfect talent for a prince of chaos. You’ve changed pony’s destinies as you said and even saved yourself from a stone prison… although you had my help there too. But the point is that you, my son, are now are in possession of a golden destiny moving onwards…”
>A golden destiny, uh? Well, you feel pretty great now, better now than ever. Nothing can ruin this moment!
>”Ehemm.” You hear a filly voice squeaking in the background. “Forgetting about somepony?”
>That voice! It couldn’t be, no way!
>”Oh right, almost forgot about our tiny guest over there amid all this sudden cutie mark stuff!” Discord pulled a red curtain out of nowhere and while wearing a black tuxedo, he started speaking as in a TV game show. “Now son, I present you behind the curtain number one!” He pulled it out and behind it was… oh… “Ta-Da!”
>Part of you wished your eyes were lying to you or it was some illusion from Discord, but if it wasn’t… then it was her, the marshmallow filly from town that you freed with the changelings back in Discord’s castle
“S-Sweetie Belle?”
> Her presence was sudden… didn’t you tell her to never come back to see you? Even with a cutie mark and talent in chaos, she is at risk being with you.
“What are you doing here?”
>She rolled her eyes and ignored you for a bit while talking to Discord
>”Finally… what took you so long? I was getting annoyed…”
>She is ignoring you? Why? You had something on your face?

>Wait, annoyed?
“W-What’s going on? Why is she here? I thought-“
> You stop mid sentence before you spill the beans.
“I… thought she was in the castle, what are you doing in here?”
>Discord placed his claw on Sweetie Belles’ forehead to stop her from moving forward and he started talking with you first
>”Ah you see my son… she is here because I gotta say, you sure copy some of the tricks of your ol’ dad here.” A bit of laughter came from him. “Trying to use the changelings into rescuing the ponies was a nice idea. Right chrysi?”
>The filly growled at him
>”Stop. Calling me like that.”
>Discord moved away and with a stoic face he answered her. “Gee, just have a bit of fun once in awhile, don’t be a harsh buggy wuggy.”
>…Chrysi? …Buggy? Oh no, your logic is coming home to roost
“You… aren’t Sweetie Belle, are you?”
>With a smirk and a chuckle the disguised filly stared at you
>”Good to see you are not entirely a fool like your father, still…” The filly shape shifts into her natural and disgusting original form, the queen of the changelings, Queen Chrysalis. All that disgust of a bug and that double voice coming back again. “You need to grow to understand how this world works…”
>She slowly made her way sauntering slowly up to you and looked down her muzzle at you with a sly smile
>”Using my children for your foolish plans was clever… NOT!” She started to evilly laugh. “Ah… young love is the most juicy of all, even more from a forbidden love such as yours.”
>You were left with your mouth agape in the shock and horror. Did she do something to Sweetie Belle? Did she hurt her? She… mentioned love. …OH RIGHT DAMN, those pests can feed on love! And Sweetie Belle was really into you that time.
>She… oh no!

>Chrysalis innocently placed a hoof on her chest and looked around as if you were talking to someone else
>”Me? I did nothing! My children on the other hoof…” That… cheeky smirk of her was back, more sinister than nothing. “I think they had a FEAST on that filly of yours, let alone they haven’t eaten some good love in a while. By now that filly must be an empty shell in sorrow… mmmhahaha…” She placed her hoof under your chin. “How truly brave on your part to use your title in luring my children toward your sway… but a title as yours don’t mean a thing kid, you are too young and you don’t show even a little bit of power like the jester that your father is.”
>Discord placed both his paw and claw on his cheeks while trying not to blush at what Chrysalis said as he twitters
>”Oh, my! I appreciate that chrysi, I really do! You make me blush…”
>Chrysalis just growled back at him
>You were starting to shake… as you feel…. Fucking anger and not a further care about it.
>You stare angrily at Discord and yell at him
>You were heavy breathing, trying to control yourself. This isn’t possible; this just… couldn’t be possible. This must be a joke! HIS joke! They don’t hurt kids! They just make them little assholes with that corruption!
>You don’t want to believe it’s true, you really don’t! This is a joke! An illusion! A fake! This… Must be all a prank! A big, bad, prank!
>”I did, I gave my draconequus word. Don’t you remember? It was your lovely bug queen right in front of you that did something to the filly. I promised I wouldn’t touch even the tiniest of hairs of hers, and I kept my word to the letter, but alas! Dear Chrysi wasn’t in on the deal.”

>It hurts… deep inside, it hurts. Why does it hurt to lose this filly? You meet her once and… it just went like that. You betrayed her home, yet you wanted her to be… free
>Why does it hurt?
>You aren’t thinking like an adult anymore. You aren’t talking like an adult anymore. Logic…? You won’t understand it anymore at this rate.
>You need to… calm down. At this rate you are going to explode in rage
>Queen Chrysalis just laughed at you, trying to provoke you
>But what was there left to provoke in you? You were done. She won. Discord won. You lost.
>They had the victory while you just had a broken promise in your hands… hooves… whatever
>You turn around and start walking your way out of the cave, there is nothing left for you in here or anything to argue. You aren’t the kind of guy that gets pissed off that easy… but this body, this kid body… could be.
>”What is it, kid? Giving up already? I thought you were that soooo~ marvelous “Hero colt” that little marshmallow filly cried for while my children were ceaselessly feeding on her”
>You stopped walking
>”Did I hit a nerve? Hmm?”
>You are not… a damn hero
>”Maybe, just maybe; I could let you visit her if you praised me from now on instead of your silly father. Of course, you would be visiting a pony without any emotion… but, I can sense the love you feel for her hasn’t changed, don’t you lie to yourself, kid…”
> You are not a hero!
>”Or should I keep calling for you like she did?”
>You grit your teeth as the damn bug queen keeps on teasing you to hell
>And just like that, you turn around and look onto her
>Anger, so much anger was in your veins. You could feel your blood boil
>You walk… then start running until you are near her, only to notice that… she hasn’t moved ever since she said the first word. She never finished the word now that you see
It's shit.

>”So my predictions have been found true…” The voice of Discord came by your side. “Your emotions are attached to your chaotic behavior, it’s such a wonderful discovery…”
“And? That’s not gonna stop me into hurting this damn bug…”
>”Yes, I know you want to beat her to… what you humans say? “Death”? Hmmm right, that’s it. But, do take a moment out of your busy schedule to hear me out on this, Alberto. “ Discord stopped talking as to see if you were calming down. Soon you did.
>”Look around… and tell me what you see in this magical world of uncertainty!”
>You do as he says, you look around and… are not sure what or when this happened.
>Around the entire cave were if not hundreds then thousands of… you. They were froze in place and each one had the exact same reaction you had when you were angered by Chrysalis.
>Each one had wrath twisting his face.
>”Now that’s being productive! You learned a new trick and it only cost some time, a town, a bug and a filly to do the job!”
>Is he being fucking serious!?
“YOU planned all this?”
>He shrugged.
>”Maybe yes, maybe not. All I wanted for you was to concentrate in what is important, the chaos and not the ridiculous friendship that those ponies have. You see, that little filly was an obstacle to your potential, and so was the town. But now? She isn’t! And take a good look at what your chaotic powers can already create!”
>Discord placed his paw over your shoulder
>”Just imagine how many powers you can collect… imagine how far you can go! You can have more fillies, just… ignore that last one, she was too white and squeaky anyway.”
>You stared at your clones again… each one with an angry face, one that spelled “murder” by looking at it
>…What were you thinking? Why are you doing this? She… Sweetie Belle isn’t this worth it. You keep forgetting Discord is a god, Sweetie Belle is just… Sweetie Belle

>Your pony ears drop and each of the clones start to disappear from the cave, only leaving Discord, Chrysalis and… you
>”Feeling better now, son?”
“…Eventually, I will”
>You promised that you would protect her… you promised…
>This is your entire fault. You did this to her…
>Slowly, time started to resume and with it, the queen of the changelings finished her sentence
>”Colt.” She saw you and Discord together for a moment, something she didn’t see at first since you were almost leaving the cave. She rubbed her eyes and looked again at you two. “What the…”
>You need a change
>You need… to change
>You’ll find a way to… make things your way one day. You know you’ll see Sweetie Belle again; hopefully… you get to see her
>You are sorry.
>You are so sorry for her.
>It’s your fault and you can’t do anything, no words can change things now.
>But, the actions of your future self… will change. You will train, you will show that you are not a weakling and grow to be a prince, the prince… of chaos! You did already take the first step with your cutie mark, but you need more time, more training, more… power!
>Chaos comes in many ways… either being chaotic good, neutral or bad… that was Discord’s rule, chaos gives you powers. There surely is a hole in the contract for you to get with your way.
>You will try each and every one of them and you will become the best prince of chaos Discord has ever seen.
>You need to sleep… regain strength and move on.
>But before you go out of the cave, you say one last thing to Chrysalis
“I hope you win that war.” You say while not avoiding eye contact with the Queen.
File: 1396422160506.png (500 KB, 857x693)
500 KB
500 KB PNG

>She finds that statement odd and pondered it for a brief moment
>”Hmm? Why’s that?” Chrysalis wondered. “If I were you, I would wish me nothing but defeat and destruction.”
“That way I can fight you and defeat you myself…”
>Discord ooe’d in the background while listening to you two
>”Hmm… so that’s it. Very well, kid.” Chrysalis started to hover, almost taking flight. “Now that’s an attitude of a prince… but I won’t go easy on you…” She started to crack on a bizarre laughter. “And once I defeat you and drain your whole body out of the love you have left… I will go for the fool you call “father”… and become the only ruler of this world!” Before Chrysalis flew out of the cave, she looked at you two again, specially you and quoted. “In the end, we’re all stories, kid. Just make your story a good one… just like I am going to! I’m going to make story by defeating not one but TWO kings! Mwahahaha! Hahahaha!”
>Chrysalis flew away out of the cave and while exiting the cave, thousands of their children flew at her side in a straight line into the north
>You looked at the swarm went away in the chaotic pink sky and with an expression filled with determination, you say to yourself
“Game on, perra.”

And with that I end the chapter 12, Golden Destiny!
Of course with this ends my serious writing and next chapter returns with some comedy and something something cute stuff
Be advised, I will do as Elo did once and some time will pass between this chapter and the other.
Yeah but how will you fix the fact that alberto is absolutely retarded? Not even memeing this time, the fact that he follows discord so loyally and without any doubt on his mind makes it look like as if Alberto had the IQ of a mushroom
>shitposting a legit question
Alberto isn't retarded, yes he has done dumb choices but in reality, he at the beginning thought Discord was the good guy and everyone else wanted him down, so he was loyal to his word.
Slowly he saw that he was wrong and he is the bad guy and that's why he at least wanted to do a good thing and save Sweetie Belle.
He is going to be careful about the choices he makes from here on.
This is why he didn't straight punched Chrysalis or started a fight with her, it was his fault, his choices.
And, as I said, some time will pass between this chapter and the new one.
I love Alberto
I think that you need to re-read your stuff because Alberto isn't intelligent at all. I still like the guy tho
Sweetie Belle is ded
Did the power ever come back?
yes, it got reconnected an hour later. seemed there was a mixup of some sort

sorry guys. my repeated naps got to me. heh, early days are a bitch.

>You slam your face into your bed. Right into your pillow, and begin to tear up.
>You didn't want to deal with the day. Hell, you were hoping you never had to get up again. You were an asshole. You were just letting it happen.
>Have to think of something
>Have to think
>Have to
>"A-Anon, are you ok?" You hear Scrappy's voice as you feel movement on your bed.
>You tilt your head enough to look back. There he was/ Looking as worried as ever.
"I thought Chrysalis told you to go back to your post?"
>You try to sound stoic.
>"I-I know. But I was worried. You seem really really hurt."
"I'm really really not. I'm just tired. Look, Applebloom probably wants to see you. Just go to her and let me nap."
>"But, even the queen is worried about you. I have to make sure you're ok"
>Scrappy brazenly stepped close to you and started massaging your head. "Does this help?"
>You shoo him away and turn the other direction. Getting annoyed.
"No, leave me be Scrappy. Besides, did she say she was worried? Or are you assuming?"
>"Well..erm. She didn't say she was worried. But I could feel it."
>Feel it?
>Being her spawn, it was possible he could have actually felt something. Especially since they feed off emotions in the first place.
>Chrysalis was worried? Was that progress?
"Or maybe, you really were the only one she could relate to.
"Scappy, let me ask you a question. Do you think your Queen really wants to crush all the ponies?"
>You look back at him expecting something. But that something was a resounding nod. "Mhmmm!She's always thinking about it. But she doesn't think of crushing you. Just them...which...ngh" Scrappy feels a heaviness in his buggy heart. Enough to put a hoof to his chest. "W-which, I wish she'd at least think it over. I don't want my friends to be crushed. But, she won't. She doesn't like any of my friends very much...she doesn't know their my friends..."
>Scrappy started to feel really down now as he slumped onto his belly. "Being the captain is hard..."
>You just stared at him. Anon, what are you even going to do with him? What's going to happen to him? The only real thing you could think of is to separate him from what's going to happen and make him a permadog. But would he be happy if that happened? Or would he go nuts? Or just become depressed....
>You sigh and reach over to him and give him a pat on the head. He instinctly wags his insect like tail. But he still looked pretty down.
"I'll be alright. You really shouldn't worry too much alright? I'll figure something out about that. You really should get going though. As a farm dog, you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of. You don't want to make Applebloom look bad by not showing up, do you?"
>"N-No!" He quickly stands up and hops off the bed "I C-can't disappoint Master Applebloom! B-but..."
>He looks up back at you with sad eyes "I don't feel right just leaving when you seem so hurt by something."
>You change your tone to slight annoyed anger as you wag your hoof towards him with a scowl on your face.
"I Said I'm fine. I'm just tired dammit. And when you're tired, the best thing to let that tired pony do is SLEEEEEEP. All you're doing is making things worse right now"
>"....o-h, s-sorry Anon...I..I get it now. I'll go. Y-you sleep good, o-ok?" Now he felt bad. Feeling he was the cause of your current discomfort.
"Yeah, I will..."
>You flip around to face away from him.
"Don't worry about it. It'll be fine"
>"...ok....bye" Scrappy, with a long face and down trodden attitude leaves through the portal door. Only hoping you would be ok after a nap.
>But you couldn't nap. You lied. You were being bothered, that was obvious. How can you handle this? What trick could you pull that wouldn't piss off the princesses?
>As you laid there, thinking, contemplating, you went back to Scrappy's words about Chrysalis.
"Or maybe, you really were the only one she could relate to
>Or maybe, you really were the only one she could relate to

>Was she truly worried? Even if she was. It was too late. IT WAS TOO LATE! WHAT WERE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO TO PROTECT HER?!
>You grab your pillow and throw it at the mirror. But you don't even make a crack in it.
>You got up and looked at the mirror, you looked at yourself. What a piece of shit! A PIECE OF SHIT!
>You slam your hoof into the mirror. But you don't damage it in any way. No matter how many times you lay into it.
"WHY?! WHY?! JUST...just..."
>You tried to hurt yourself through your own reflection. But as you look into it with tears, you realized you couldn't even do that.
"....what else could go wrong?"
>As you stared at your reflection. Contemplating. A bright light appears next to you. From it, a scooter dashes forward and smacks into you. Easily activating the house's personal barrier on you but still sending you into the wall, the ceiling, and then right to the floor, right on top of your head, like a pinball.
"E-eeee-eeegghh...ogh....w-what happened?"
>You just had to say those words...
>"MAIL CALL!" Cried out tthe familiar voice of the mischievous spirit of chaos
>You looked up in a daze. Discord was on a scooter in mailman clothes, holding some papers and a letter in his paw. When he noticed you, he looked down at you with a grin. "Anon, didn't you learn in school that standing in the middle of the road is dangerous?"
>Discord ignores you as he puts down the papers that were held by a small rope onto the ground next to you. Then he put down a purple letter. "Don't blame me. I have a schedule I have to abide by. How can I provide for this family if I get fired?"
>Suddenly, another Discord appears through the floor door, and starts yelling "DISCORD! YOU FILLED MY COFFEE CUP BY AN EXTRA OUNCE! YOU'RE FIRRRREEEEDDD!"
>"Hrn..." Discord, the one in mailman garb, just shrugs and tosses away his hat "Never mind Anon, back to looking in the papers."
>Why did you even bother?
"Discord...I'm having a bit of a crisis right now and...is this school work?"
>You look at the packed bundle, and it was indeed that. You toss it aside.
>"Of course, you did miss another day of school. And for all the wrong reasons too. Meeting with the princesses for some tea party. Egh, please tell me you at least put a spider in one of their cups" Discord looked at you as if there was nothing emotionally or physically wrong with you. Just treating things as seriously as he wishes to.
>Fuck it, never mind. You grab the envelope and take a look at the front.
>The purple envelope was from Starlight.
>One of your friends. Someone you cared about....someone Chrysalis wanted to crush just for being a pony.
>You go to open the envelope when you noticed it's already been torn open.
".....Discord, did you open my mail?"
>He nods "Mhmm, has to make sure there weren't any bombs, or knives, or killer centaurs. Things like that." He shrugs with a constant smirk on his face.
>You pull the letter out of the envelope and start reading. It wasn't much. She was just letting you know she was ok and JUST NOW decided to make her way to the Crystal Empire, explaining she got held up by a few things.
>Part of you didn't care. Another part hurt that there was a part that didn't care. Considering Starlight was a dear friend of yours as well.
>You just toss the letter aside. And try to summon up the energy to care. You shouldn't just care about Chrysalis.
>But she was the only one in immediate, or near immediate danger.
>As you sat there. Discord suddenly plucked you by the scruff and placed you back on your bed. "Anon, What's the matter? You're typically more amusing when I do something like this. Is something wrong?"
"...What do you care?"
>You just look down in shame.
>"It could be the fact that you're one of my best friends next to Fluttershy. Come on kiddo!" Discord snaps his paw. Sending you both into a dimly lit study. You were on a long sofa as Discord sat beside you in a suede jacket. He held a notepad in his talons and a pen in his paws. "Tell me what the problem is"
>You couldn't...
"...I can't"
>"Because Celestia said so Anon? Whatever it is, it can't be that bad. And if you tell your dear ole dad. I bet you'll feel better than ever. And if not, we can go pull a prank on whatever princess bothered you during that little tea party. THEN you'll feel better. Either way, I'm not cold hearted. You're my friend, and I want to do anything I can to help. Preferably with the latter way of doing things" Discord said as he tried to look like a psychiatrist, sound like one too. He looked bored as he tapped his notepad.
>You can't tell him
>You can't....
>If he can help...
>If he could somehow help you make sure you don't lose ANY friends...
>...But Celestia...
>No fuck it, he was going to be told sooner or later
>..so why not now? Right now?
Yeah, this will fuck up everything
File: 1416024557828.jpg (51 KB, 875x700)
51 KB
>Celestia tells Anon to not say anything to Discord because he will try to fuck things up
>Goes and tells him anyways
Goddamn Anon
File: 1329515079501.jpg (45 KB, 500x349)
45 KB
Oh boy...this gonna be gud
>Your cousin nodded at Eris with a sly smile drawn on her face ”Yeah, I hope so- Ngh!” Cadence suddenly flinched as her face contorted a little in pain
>You of course, didn’t doubt to run to her aid… Because man, you were now wondering if maybe telling Cadence about the changelings was a good idea in the first place.
>That kind of stuff is pure stress… and stress can have very bad repercussions on a pregnant mare…
“C-Cadence, are you alright? Do you need something? P-Please tell me and I will get you whatever you want!”
>Cadence regained her composure a little, but you guess that she saw how worried you were because she immediately gave you a motherly smile as she messed your mane with her hoof “Shhh, shhh… it’s okay Anon, there’s nothing to worry about… the baby just likes to kick every now and then, that’s all” Cadence let out a small giggle and sighed “She’s going to be a mighty kicker, let me tell you that”
>”More like she’s gonna rock the world with her magic” Eris said as she hovered above Cadence “She hasn’t even been born yet and I can already sense some REALLY crazy magic coming from her”
>That seemed to have gotten Cadence’s curiosity because she immediately asked ”You… can do that?”
>”Of course I can!” Eris giggled as she waved her paw “That’s the one thing that I have going over my old man, because let’s face it… Raw power? He says that we’re equal… but I say that I have an itty bitty more magic than him, but experience in using chaos magic? Bleh, of course that old coot beats me for like a couple thousand years! BUT I can feel different kinds of magic and their quantity… and that’s something that Daddy-O simply can’t do”
>”Well Eris, you had my curiosity before, but now…” Cadence crossed her front legs, leaned a bit forward and gave Eris a little smirk “You have my attention…”
>And yours too… thinking about it… she said something similar when she saw those hypnotized prisoners back at the prison. More importantly, she said that Discord doesn’t have that skill… which made you even more curious
“I… I have to admit it Eris… I would like to know more about that talent of yours. I mean, for starters… that’s super cool, and secondly… I was under the impression that you and Discord had pretty much the same skill set… sans the experience, of course.”
>”Well you thought wrong, anyways… eeehhh… I suppose that I could explain ya how my little magic detector works, but hmmmm… lemme think a bit how to say it” Eris scratched her chin, looking away from you and Cadence and thinking hard on her next words
>When she finally thought of something, Eris gasped and with an excited ”AHA!” making a candle to appear over her head “Alright-y, so hear me out on this, okay?” Eris grabbed the light bulb and waved it in front of you and Cadence “So imagine that a normal and lame pony is like this itty bitty candle… they all have magic and they can make it useful for some veeeeery small stuff because their magic isn’t really that big or bright, but then…”
>Eris traced a circle with her paw, replacing the candle with a light bulb and a the pony plushy for one that resembled Shining Armor… dude… that plushy was so detailed… that it gave you Goosebumps for some reason
>But just as you were creeped out by the doll, Cadence was equally as enchanted ”D’awwww! That’s my Shiny! Can I have a plushy like that one?”
>”Yeah, why not…” Eris shrugged and with another circular motion of her paw, a couple of Shining Armor and Cadence plushies poofed into existence “When your baby is born, I’ll make one of her so the family can be complete”
>Cadence gave Eris a big, warm smile as she hugged both plushies ”D’awww! I’m sure she’ll love it!”
>Eris giggled and rolled her eyes “Anyways, as I was sayin’… after the normal ponies, we have dudes like your cutie husband…”
>”Cutie?” Cadence asked with a small hint of smugness in her voice
>”Well…” Eris raised an eyebrow and gave Cadence a sultry smile “Are you gonna say that the dude isn’t a total cutie? Because y’know that would be a lie… with that said” Eris shrugged “Don’t worry! I won’t try anything on him! I mean, he’s already taken by somepony who I’m actually cool with, and besides… he’s really not my type…”
>”Lemme guess…” Cadence sighed “He went full dork on you, right?”
>”And stubborn… but yeah, you’re right…” Eris made a small scowl as she rolled her eyes “And don’t take this the wrong way, buuuuut… his guards aren’t exactly what I’d call “prime material” Like seriously… those guys really need lessons on “how be a stallion” or some stuff like that”
>”Oh dear…” Cadence gasped in shock, her pupils shrank and some cold wet ran across her forehead “Please, please, PLEASE! Don’t tell me that my Shinny still wants to do that “battle of the bands” thingy”
>”Yup…” Eris calmly nodded “And I met a couple of yer guards who are sooooo into that kind of stuff”
“Wait… so you also think that little concert is the worst idea in the history of the Guard? I have to admit Cadence… I didn’t see that one coming… and I’m pretty good at deducing what will come next”
>”Anon…” Cadence gave you a stern look “I love my Shiny with all my heart, he’s the best husband I could’ve ever asked for and every day with him its a dream come true… with that said…” she then lowered her head and whispered in an almost defeated tone “I have to admit that I kinda… sort of… asked the current general of the Royal and Night Guard to do a “surprise” evaluation on the Crystal Empire’s guard…”
“Oooooh! So you were the one who asked Moonlight to come here and literally burn down the hopes and dreams of the guards to have that first battle of the bands”
>Cadence shushed you ”D-Don’t say it like that! But yes… that was me… and General Moonlight… mostly General Moonlight…but you have to understand that we did it because it was… wait…” Cadence suddenly gave you a nervous look “Anon… did my Shiny… ask you to play a game called Ogres and Oubliettes with him and his friends?”
>You know… there are times when you actually regret some of the decisions that you made in the past, some times where you want to bash your head in for your lack of perspective and wisdom… but this sure as heck wasn’t one of those times
“Yuuup! And I said no… I don’t want to sound rude, especially because Shining Armor is a total bro, but c’mon! That game sounds like a waste of time, and more importantly… Cherrywood would rip me apart if she knew that I played such insult towards the studies of the paranormal”
>Cadence let out a sigh in relief… a really big sigh… like if she had just escaped from a close encounter with death or something like that “Good… Good… you did the right choice Anon… As I said, I love Shinny with all my heart, but there is some… eh… stuff about him that it’s better to not let it stick to you”
“Okay, but… can we please go back to Eris’ explanation? It was getting to the good part… and I won’t be able to sleep if she doesn’t finish it”
>”Sure” Cadence nodded, looking relieved and looked at Eris “Whenever you’re ready, teacher Eris”
>But Eris was… distracted… to put it mildly ”Wha-? Oh yeah! The lesson! Right, right! Where was I… mmm… oh, that’s right! Ahem!” She cleared her throat and then she made the little Shining Armor plushy to hover in front of you “You see this guy? You see how he’s a brave knight and all that?”
>”Yeah… just like his name says, he’s truly a knight in shining armor” Cadence replied with a dreamy voice
>”Well…Don’t take this the wrong way, but he’s just above average when it comes to magic… it’s pretty hard to find somepony like him, but even then…” Eris shrugged “He’s more like a light bulb… brighter and more durable than a candle… but still not that powerful…”
>”Well… he cast shields that can cover entire cities, you know? And he can keep those shields for days” That seemed to irk Cadence… if just a little bit
>”Yeah, I’m sure that he has his moments, but we’re talking about raw magic here… and while he’s much better than your run-of-the-mill pony… he pales in comparison to our next guys…” Eris traced a circle with her paw, making plushies of Starlight Glimmer, Moon Dancer and you to appear… wait, what?
“E-Eris, why did you-“
>”Ah-Ah-Ah! Remember the first rule, dork. Never interrupt a lady when she’s speaking…”
>”Eris is right Anon…” Oh c’mon! Why was Cadence giving you that stern look?! “It is very rude to interrupt a lady. Only jerks do that, and I’m sure that you don’t want to become one…”
“But, but! egh…. Fiiiiine!”
>You sat on the ground and crossed your front legs, huffing in annoyance.
>”I think that I REALLY like this princess” Eris giggled and gave you a mocking grin before resuming her explanation “Anyways, even when I make fun of my little dork, I have to give him something… he’s not a normal pony, and not because he’s actually kinda weird…” HEY! “But because ponies like him, the nerdy tutor and Motley…”
>”Motley?” Cadence asked with confusion
“She means Starlight Glimmer. Motley is the nickname that Eris gave her”
>”Oh yeah…” Cadence placed her hoof on her forehead and gently shook her head “I forgot that we’re dealing with her too… great”
>”Yup!” Eris nodded “And ponies like the ones in this new set of adorable plushies are actually extremely hard to come by, and the reason is ‘cause these three nerds are on a league of their own”
>You narrowed your eyes at Eris and growled
“Eris, I swear… if this is another set up for one of your jokes”
>But this time Eris simply shook her head ”I wish, but nope. Because you see my dear little brother… if normal ponies are like candles…” A plushy of a random pony appeared with a candle on top of it “And uncommon ponies like Cadence’s cutie husband are like light bulbs…” This time the Shining Armor’s plushy appeared, also with a light bulb shining on top of him “Then you, Motley and that other nerd would be more like this…”
>Suddenly, a blinding white light appeared, making you and Cadence to immediately cover your eyes
“Argh! What the hay, Eris! That’s not cool, mate!”
>”Exactly…” When the light died, you and Cadence rubbed your eyes “You guys have so much magic that it’s not even funny… of course” Eris chuckled “There are even more powerful ponies… namely my new favorite pink Princess, Twilight Sparkle… ewww, and the two crazy laser ponies, and even above them...it’s where my old man and I are…”
>That was a fine explanation and all but… it really had some glaring holes in it. And you sure as heck weren’t going to be left without an explanation for them.
“I don’t get it… As Cadence said, Shining Armor can cast shields the size of a city, while I can barely cast one that is enough for five foals. Don’t get me wrong Eris, it’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that I have to ask that If I really had so much magic in me, why I can’t do something as crazy like that?
>”Well…” Cadence spoke up, looking at Eris with a smile “As your big sis said, she can only sense the amount of magic that a pony has, not the experience or skill that he or she might have with it… but correct me if I’m wrong, you also said that you can feel different kinds of magic, right?”
>”Ding, ding, ding!” For a brief second, a billboard appeared above Cadence, displaying the words “You are the winner!” before poofing out of existence as soon as it came to be “That’s why I told ya to not be worried about our buggy friends. If there’s even one around here, then you can bet your pretty tiara that I’m gonna be able to sense it”
>”Shut Up! I thought that nopony liked my tiaras!” Cadence looked up and tapped her tiara with her hoof “It’s nice to see that at least somepony here has some taste for mane fashion”
>”You kidding?!” Eris happily hovered around Cadence “I was thinking on tryin’ your style like, right now!”
>Cadence rubbed her chin for a moment before speaking with an excited voice ”A silver tiara would look soooo good with your mane!”
>”Oh, sister!” Eris waved her paw “We just gotta share fashion tips!”
>You know… as lame as you found all of this girly talk… it was nice to see that Eris and Cadence were really getting along… which made you feel a bit sad that Cadence had to return to the original, albeit much more important topic
>”So…” Cadence let out a heavy sigh “Should I be afraid that one of those disgusting changelings has infiltrated the Crystal Empire?”
>”Hmmm? Is it me or do you have a... how do I put it? Ah, yes!” Eris gave Cadence a little smirk “An absolute hatred towards our little friends the changelings?”
>”Their Queen foalnapped me, locked me inside a cave, and then tried to take over Equestria with the love that she stole from my husband… and OH YEAH! HOW COULD I EVER FORGET” Cadence raised her tone… sheesh… you really hope that Shining Armor wasn’t so stupid as to make her angry “She also tried to marry Shiny while she was disguised as me! I have more than enough reasons to not like those insects!”
>”Okay…” Eris started writing on a small notepad “So when I see that Queen Chrysalis, I’m not only gonna turn her into a dancing cactus, I’m also gonna make sure that she can’t eat anything other than mud, is that good for you or do you wanna add something else to my list of “horrible things that I’ll do to Queen Bug”?”
>You thought that Cadence would explode at Eris for poking fun at such sensitive matter for her, but instead, Cadence just replied with a stoic voice ”… You better shave off those hay sticks that she calls mane too…”
>”Oh sister!” Eris giggled and dismissively waved her paw “That’s like, the first thing on the list along with replacing her fangs with super bitter sweets, but ah-ny-waaays!” Eris poofed out the little notepad and shrugged “You don’t have to worry about calling an exterminator, I can’t sense any bugs inside the castle”
>”Well…” Cadence rubbed her chin “What about the rest of the empire?”
>”Hmmm…” Eris scratched her chin “I dunno if my magic detector is that powerful… yet. But at least I can tell ya that I didn’t feel any bug magic on our way here
“Then they probably haven’t started to gather information about the Crystal Empire, yet.”
>”And what makes you believe that?” Cadence asked “Those bugs are sneaky, treacherous and feed on love and deception. They can disguise as anypony… maybe they aren’t inside the castle, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a changeling spy in the empire”
>You could clearly saw that Cadence was disturbed by the sole idea of a changeling gathering info on her and her family. That one of the ponies that she’s supposed to protect is working for a beast that wants to bring doom to everything that she knows and loves…
>She was right… just because Eris couldn’t sense the presence of a changeling inside the castle, didn’t mean that they weren’t among the crystal ponies… or close to the Empire… gosh, what an idiot you were from even suggesting something like that. You dropped your head in defeat and sighed
“I’m sorry Cadence… you’re right… you’re absolutely right, we can’t lower our defenses just yet”
>”No… I’m the one who should be sorry…” Cadence gently lifted your head with her hoof and gave you a warm smile “I didn’t mean to act like a jerk… it’s just that talking about the changelings just… irks me”
“Yeah… and I get ya… if Chrysalis had done something like that to me… then I guess that I would have a different attitude towards all this… but Cadence… now that I think about it… did the letter that my mom sent you mentioned Thorax?”
>”Yes, the letter also mentioned how you got that information…” Cadence slowly nodded “And I have to admit it Anon… I’m not very confident about that part. I mean, how can you be so sure that he’s not like the others? How can you trust the word of ANOTHER changeling? How can you be so sure that he didn’t lie to you?”
“That’s easy to answer actually…”
>You looked at Cadence right into the eye and gave her a smile as warm like the ones your mothers have
“Scrappy is my friend, and I know that you doubt his words because of what he is… but I won’t. You may not believe me Cadence, but Scrappy is much braver than what he realizes. He may love that beast of Chrysalis but at the same time he’s doing his very best to find his place in this world, in his own simplistic way… Scrappy is trying his best to discover the meaning of friendship and harmony, so with that in mind…”
>You took a deep breath, never stopping to look at Cadence in the eyes and holding that smile
“I want to give a chance to Thorax too. He’s looking for someone to laugh with, he’s looking for someone to share stories with… Thorax is looking for a friend and the changelings wants to destroy him for that. Cadence, I understand why you don’t like the idea of befriending someone who harmed you, but my moms taught me that it’s our work as royalty to shine as bright as the sun by bringing our warm friendship to those who seek it, and to be like the stars in the night sky by guiding those who seek the path of harmony…”
>”I see…” Cadence sighed and stayed silent for a moment. Then, she giggled and gently caressed your mane “My aunties might not be here right now but… you surely make it feel like that wasn’t the case. I’m still not sure if this plan will work… but you have my trust”
“Thank you Cadence… thank you very much…”
>”No problem…” Cadence looked down at you, some worry still was left in her “But I still have to ask what your plan is going to be? That Thorax guy won’t just come out from wherever he’s hiding, he’s doing that for a reason, you know?”
>Before you could speak up, Eris joined into the conversation, pointing proudly to herself ”You don’t have to worry about that part, because the little dork has me…All I gotta do is to trace a circle with my little paw and PRESTO! Bug’s Hideout discovered!”
>Cadence rubbed her chin for a second before shrugging “Okay, chaos magic and all that, right? That takes away one problem, but what about the love that Anon has? If I could sense it from a veeery big distance, then I’m sure that Thorax will be able to feel it too”
>You couldn’t help but to chuckle and give Cadence a little smirk as you smugly said
“That’s the plan…”
>To which she replied with a shocked “WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?!”
>This time you just laughed a little, you knew that it was rude but… meh…
“Nah! Just think about it, Cadence. If the search party was made up of only guys from the Crystal Empire’s guard, what would Thorax sense?”
>Cadence gave you a stoic gaze ”Fear, doubt and if Shiny goes with them… a desire to crush bugs with his hooves”
“Exactly! And as I was telling the exotic beauty that is hovering above you, our mission this time is to make contact with Thorax and convince him that we’re not here to destroy the poor guy. If the only feelings that come out from the guys who will be looking for him are hate and disdain, what do you think that Thorax will think?”
>”That… ugh…” Cadence rolled her eyes and huffed “That the changelings have found him… not the ponies that he ALLEGEDLY wants to make friends with”
“Yup! That’s why I have to go there, if Thorax feels someone who actually wants to give him a friendly hoof… then I’m sure that we won’t have any trouble in finding him.”
>Cadence sighed and gently shook her head ”I don’t know… you are basically placing yourself as live bait… that doesn’t sounds like a plan that the Royal Guard would come up with, but rather-“
>”Ze secret service?” The three of you turn to the source of the familiar voice that interrupted Cadence… and there she was, wearing a thick vest with tons of daggers strapped onto it and with her emotionless expression that you grew so used to, Aegia stood ready for anything.
>”I know who you are, you’re Anon’s bodyguard” Cadence narrowed her eyes at Aegia “But you realize that entering uninvited to somepony else’s room is not exactly what anypony would call polite?”
>Aegia gave Cadence a respectful bow before she spoke up with a calm, yet stoic tone “Excusez moi, Princess. Ze door was unlocked and I made myself in. It won’t happen again.”
>”Actually, Candy-kisses…” Hah! You were wondering when Shining Armor was gonna show up “It’s kinda my fault. This mad mare just rushed up before I could do anything… sorry for getting you and our baby stressed”
>”Awww, Shiny! You don’t have to worry at all! In fact…” Cadence happily glanced at you and Eris before looking back at Shining Armor with loving eyes “I had a wonderful time with Anon and my new friend, Eris!”
>”Heh… happy to hear that… still” Shining Armor rubbed the back of his neck “Can I do anything to atone for my fault, my princess?”
>”Well… I think there’s something that you can do” Cadence gently tapped her chin, and then she gave Shining Armor a little smile “And that something will be a kiss”
>”Then say no more my princess…” With a suave face, Shining Armor walked towards Cadence and planted a tender kiss on her lips…
>What a nice little moment… a bit cheesy… but heartwarming nonetheless. Even Eris was a little enchanted by it.
> But not Aegia, that mare sure as hay doesn’t care about romance… ”You will have to pardon moi for interrupting such a tender moment. But we have a mission to fulfill and time is not on our side”
>And she was partially right, you don’t know how close the changelings are to find Thorax or if they have found him yet, still…
“Gosh Aegia… just… give them a moment will ya?”
>”I know zat I’m being rude, Mon Petit…” Aegia walks towards you and pats your mane “And I apologize for zat. But we have to go now. And I’m sure zat Captain Armor agrees wiz me…”
>Shining Armor rolled his eyes and growled “Yeah, Yeah…” he then looked back at Cadence with a smile on his face “Alright Candy-kisses, I’m gonna go and bring that bug back to the castle so we can interrogate him. You stay here with Anon and-“
>”Ze young prince is coming wiz us.” Aegia quickly said
>Shining Armor glared back at Aegia ”Excuse me? Did I hear right?” He took a few steps towards her “Do you really plan on bringing a colt to a dangerous mission?!” Shining Armor let out a sarcastic chuckle and rolled his eyes “I knew that the secret service’s ponies were awful, but this? This takes the cake”
>Despite Shining’s harsh words, Aegia remained with her stoic expression, imiting herself to just raise an eyebrow “He may be a colt, but ze prince is ze only one wiz ze right skill set for zis mission.
>”Oh yeah?” Shining Armor narrowed his eyes at Aegia “How so?”
>Aegia placed her hoof on her forehead and gently shook her head ”We have to talk to ze changeling, Captain Armor, not capture him. You and I were boz trained in combat and ponies protection, not negotiation. Princess Luna and Celestia aren’t here, Princess Cadence isn’t in conditions to do zis kind of travel. But ze young prince is a natural at negotiations and talks. He fits ze job better zan any of us. Besides…”
“Yeah, and as I just told Cadence: We can’t go in with a bunch of guys who really, REALLY want to get rid of every changeling in existence, that will scare Thorax away and that’s the last thing we want!”
>For a brief moment, you could see a smirk on Aegia’s face “It would be wise to not underestimate zis colt, Captain Armor. He may be young but I’m sure zat he could easily give any of your guards a run for zeir bits”
>You looked up to Aegia and with a bright smile said
“Thanks Aegia!”
>”I just stated ze truz, Mon Petit” Aegia replied with a gentle pat on your mane
>Shining Armor opened his mouth to protest, but this time, Cadence was the one to interrupt him “Shiny, my love… I know that you’re concerned about Anon’s safety… I am too, but… do you really think that my aunties would have sent him here if they didn’t trust that he could pull this off?”
>”I…” Shining Armor looked at Cadence… but his wife’s kind eyes were more than enough to make him give up on any further attempt to stop your involvement with this “Okay… Okay… but what about you?”
>”Zat is easy Captain…” Aegia calmly looked at Eris with a subtle smile on her face “Mademoiselle Eris will make sure zat nozing happens to ze Princess. She will teleport us to where ze changeling is, and after zat she will return to ze castle to keep your wife safe…”
>”I mean, sure… I can do that” Eris shrugged “But how am I going to know when I’m supposed to bring you back in?”
>”Wiz zis…” From her vest, Aegia produced a small stone… that was incredibly similar to the one on your necklace “When we have completed our mission. Zis stone will glow, zat’s ze moment when you shall teleport us back here”
“Alrighty! We have a plan! Let’s do this! Let’s bring some friendship to that Thorax!”

Hope that you guys liked this update and you liked Cadence and Eris' new found friendship. I will update the pastebin later today... when my head stops aching
>”And it was then, that due to a simple swapping of plates at a dinner, that a deep resentment grew in the two warlords. Now, for warlords, they had waged very little war for a /long/ time. Thankfully, something so simple was able to fix that!”
>You’ve lost track of time as you begin Chapter Four of the book.
>This one is on “Murphy’s Law and You! How The Worst Thing Can Be the Best!”
>Like how with these two rival clans, everything went absolutely wrong, starting with a mix up at a meal, and ending with both clans being wiped out.
>Pretty metal shit for some fucking ponies.
>But, as you’ve come to learn through these three and a half chapters of content, there have been countless historical events never even touched by the show.
>Discord’s seen it all, well mostly.
>Their scope is far from infinite, but they have a rather /unique/ window into the world.
>Something in you relates to how Discord views things in this.
>Like, normally you wouldn’t find the accidental death of a warlord’s spouse while visiting a rival clan anything other than another bit of tragic history.
>But there’s some beauty in the irony of all of this.
>Both sides were trying to make things right, and it only got worse and worse!
>It actually coaxes a loud laugh from you.
>The hearty laugh throws you off, it was so… energetic.
>Suddenly feeling weird, you set the book aside.
>You’ve had enough.
>You do however quickly slide one of Discord’s notes into the book to keep your place.
>You’ve had enough… for /now/.
Eris and Cadence's super girly hour was actually really, really cute
I liked Cadence admiting that her beloved husband is not exactly the most perfect pone that has ever lived but she still is completely head over heels for him. That was nice and realistic in a good way
PhD is a confirmed magical powerhouse!
Damnit Elo you write these characters soo well.
Ya favorite of mine is eris
File: 1470627125468-mlp.png (481 KB, 1500x1400)
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481 KB PNG

As promised, I updated the pastebin, so here are the links
http://pastebin.com/uyaP8C5C (Cherrywood gets into a catfight with a ghost)
http://pastebin.com/kRLHheR0 (Eris, Aegia and PhD Anon arrives to the crystal empire)
http://pastebin.com/FTTLv7Nd (PhD Anon and Shining Armor show how bros they are, the captain and Aegia butts heads)
http://pastebin.com/nPrGHki0 (Eris and Cadence find that they really like each other, set up for Thorax, the most recent one)

Again, sorry for forgetting about the pastebin so often. Also, I seriously hope that you guys are looking forward for Thorax. I know that he's not very well liked, but I'm doing my best to actually make him sympathetic. Have a good night everyone!
I summon thee, Erf. Finished work to go to bed then wake up in 5 hours to go to work and my only wish is for some green.
"Discord...If I tell you this. You have to SWEAR not to tell anypony else"
>Discord holds his paw up "I swear"
>You roll your eyes
"Now do it without your talons crossed"
>"Hrnnn....fine" Discord shows you his talons as he holds up his paw again "I swear"
"Tail fur..."
>"Aren't you observant...fine" Discord shows you his tail as he once again gives you his word.
"And how about that third paw you got hiding behind your back? Also your horns. I see some ends of your antlers crossed"
>Discord just stares at you as he snaps his talons. Turning himself into a simple floating cube. one end comes out as a goopy hand and raises itself. "I swear. is this fine?"
>You look around the cube. It seemed fine. You don't know why you kept this up yourself. It was obvious he could probably find another reason to say something. But you had a feeling he wouldn't, he was just fucking with you, and for some reason you just obliged him.
>"Good" Discord flashes as he returns to his original form. "Now go on and tell me already. whatever it is, it simply MUST be juicy!"
>...Here we go. Once you tell him. There's no going back.
>And so you do. You tell him everything that happened in the meeting in Canterlot. You then tell him how you felt and how you didn't wantr to lose Chrysalis as a friend.
>Discord doesn't say a word at all as he listens. He snaps his talons instead. Returning everything to normal and plopping you back on your bed.
"So....what do you think?
There is a God and his name is Erf.
Hmm, wonder if Discord is going to be sincere with this.
>He stays silent for a moment longer as he gives you a stoic stare, stroking his beard as he pondered
>"Anon, did it ever occur to you that maybe you made your life a tad more busy then it should be?"
>What kind of answer was that?
"what do you mean?"
>"I mean sonny boy, that I only intended for you to make friends with ponies and cause a bit of mischief here and there. Not throw your life into total turmoil because you decided to make friends with a villain."
"Well, what do you want?we became friends, that's all there is to it. Do you even remember how it started? You're the one who locked her up in here in the first place"
>What was he even talking about? Even if thats what he intended. Things still went awry and changed. If he didn't want this. He shouldn't have locked her up in the house.
>"Of course I do. But aside from what I may have said. I only intended her to stay for just a little while for fun. The only reason I've kept her around is because of you Anon. Sure, she's fun to toy with. But she's not the type of company I like to keep. Never been a fan of the royal snooty sort...unless it's me of course"
>So that's it? He didn't get rid of her because of you? So he was just being your friend.
"So you won't help me then?"
>Discord smirked at you, and shook his head "Don't be so hasty Anon. On one paw, I don't care to stay as a host to our ungrateful guests. But on these talons I see a phenomenal chance to cause some real chaos. Of course, it depends. What exactly do you need me to do?"
>You got off from your bed and hugged him tightly.
"Thanks for being a bro Discord, Thank you so damn much!"
>Discord slowly pulls you away with a serious look on his face "Don't thank me yet Anon" The entire room started to turn darker as his face became scarier "for if this causes any harm to Fluttershy, you shall suffer one thousand years of spankings in the span of five hours. Do you understand?"
>Uhhhh, holy fuck. You gulped at that, even shook. That was fucking scary to even hear much less feel with the air turning cold as it turned darker. You slowly nodded. Still feeling confident despite the sudden worry.
>Then everything turns normal as Discord grins and clasps his paw with his talons. "Good, now what do you need me to do Anon?"
"I'm not exactly sure. We can't keep the princesses away forever though. Then again, they expect your help with this when the time comes so...."
>"Make up excuses?"
"Make up excuses...but we need something else. Celestia can be pretty crafty. And Twilight has a knack of noticing when things are off. Even if it clobbers the hell out of her, like when she couldn't believe in Pinkie's Pinkie sense"
File: 1489378743603.jpg (71 KB, 919x720)
71 KB
i demand more than this, don't fucking tease me
>"Hrnnn" Discord pondered "This is quite the conundrum. Because if I know Celestia, she might get desperate enough to tell Fluttershy what's going on. And then?" Discord shrugs "It'd be over. I'm in no way willing to do anything to Fluttershy if it escalates to more than turning her away."
>At least he was being honest.
"Excuses is all I have right now anyway. I don't want to hurt anypony. But I also don't want Chrysalis to find out. And apparently Celestia wants to help with getting something set up for me and Chrysalis to be away while she tries to reform the changelings. So I guess you can prevent that from happening too, right?"
>"I can, but as I said. There's a limit. We need something permanent." Discord produces a long beanbag chair under himself and plants himself on it with his back. "But that might be impossible. Ponies are persistent Anon , ESPECIALLY Twilight. Eventually they'd catch on to the fact we're trying to keep them out and then Celestia would get all noble on us and complain about the fact we're preventing her from doing something "Just". "
"..I know, they all would. The only thing I have as back up is you making absolutely sure Chrysalis wouldn't be banished."
>"Easy, but if she knows you're involved at all. You could kiss that friendship goodbye. I'd have no idea how you'd be able to make up for the fact that suddenly her entire hive would be against her. Then again, would it really be that bad Anon? Need I remind you that she wants to conquer all of Equestria?"
"...And you only care about that because it also involves Fluttershy, right?"
>"Yes...BUT! It involves you too. Anon, you're startlingly way too involved with your friendship with Chrysalis. Take a lesson from your Daddy Discord. I made the mistake of making friends with an evil villain once, and that mistake nearly cost me everything. Chryssy could in fact just be using you to get what she wants. And if she isn't, all she wants from you would be your obedience as she takes over all pony kind. Is it really worth risking so much just for her?"
>Was it?
>"Need I remind you of your other friends? Especially me. How am I supposed to explain to Fluttershy that you actually want to protect the changeling queen? How can I protect you when you are seen as a monster? What about dear Diamond Tiara's heart when she finds out you are as much as Chrssy's prince as you are hers? Not to sound like Twilight Anon, but..." His head and voice changes to Twilight temporarily "But you might be making a mistake, one that puts your entire life at risk, is it really worth it?"
>And the worst part was, he was right. Things would come crumbling down on you...wouldn't it?
>No matter what you do. You'd be risking something...
>You put your hoof to your face and start rubbing up and down until you came to a final conclusion. But it was hard. No matter what you could think of, it'd just end up pissing off someone.
"....Stalling for time it is. Even if I can't reform Chrysalis, maybe she can trust me enough that when Celestia does pull off her plan. I won't actually lose her as a friend. Maybe even, I dunno. Make up a situation where she "tricks me" into telling her whats happening while we're out. It'd give Celestia some time to try, and Chrysalis might not just break her friendship with me when I tell her....maybe"
>Discord shakes his head at you. He was looking at you like you were losing your mind. It saddened him. "That won't work.You can certainly try, but it won't work. I may not have a full handle on friendship yet. But I certainly know how I'd feel if that happened. If you go through with that plan. You'd end up making everypony angry. Unless of course Celestia somehow managed to reform the changelings in like five minutes, in which you're back to an angry queen. But.." Discord lets out a soft chuckle "Good luck with that. I'd actually give up my powers for a whole day just to have a front row seat of seeing Celestia trying to reform them because nothing she could do would get them to reform in that amount of time. Chryssy suddenly showing up would be gold. Imagine it, a battle of epic proportions that wouldn't work out due to my barrier. Turning everypony into living pinballs. Hilarious really"
>Discord. You could tell. Was trying to deter you while seeming in with it. It was his own way to protect you. You could tell, you've lived long enough with him to tell when he's thinking something different from how he's acting.
>He probably crossed something while he was in cube form. You were sure of it.
>You sighed
"You're not actually going to help me, are you?"
>Discord's smirk left him as he slowly rested on his back and looked up at the ceiling as it turned into a sea of stars. "Yes and No. No, because it's still my final decision and I'm worried about you. I have noticed that you care about her because you're able to connect to her on a humanly level. If she wasn't such a hated scourge I'd completely reconsider..."
>Dammit....Even Discord was siding with Celestia. Christ, you couldn't even challenge that. Even Chrysalis has said just how evil she was and could be.
"..then why the yes?"
>"The yes is because I'd love to see all the princesses faces when I keep denying them their request to enter my home. If they don't know that I do know, then I can get away with turning them away a few times. Most likely with side splitting results. But eventually they'll catch on, and well..you know the rest"
>So that was it then.
>You started to tear up again. Your ears drooped. You actually climbed and wobbled up onto Discord's beanbag chair and starting cuddling your face onto his side as you whimpered.
"...I'm a monster...Discord, I really...r-really fucked up."
>Discord at first. tenses up. But he gently takes you into his paw and talons and holds you to his chest as he gently strokes your mane. He could feel you shaking from your utter depression. "I really am sorry Anon. Sometimes fate is very cruel.But is it really so bad? Is the guilt really that soul crushing?"
"...I just. It's not like I don't like everypony else thats my friends Discord. I just...it's tough. if it was back on earth, I probably wouldn't care, things like this happen all the time on earth...Relatively...but. Here? This entire world runs on friendship. And m-maybe it was a mistake being Chrysalis's friend. But sometimes Discord, a lot of the times. I get tired of being a kid. Sometimes I just want to talk to a friend I can relate to."
>"Can't you relate with Twilight Two? What's her name? hmmm.."
>He meant Starlight...
>Starlight. That's right..she knew your secret.
>She knew your secret same as Chrysalis more or less.
>Dammit, you really could have had a near similar friendship with Starlight that you could have with Chrysalis. Could you?
>Even then, the painful part is the fact you were Chrysalis's only real friend. She liked you. And you liked her. And the guilt of crushing all that over official royal business was hurting you really bad.
"...Yeah but. Chrysalis is still a good friend. even if she is evil. Maybe you're right. Maybe it would have been better if I didn't befriend her...but it's too late now. And really? Wouldn't you feel terrible if you lost me and Fluttershy? Or really...just Fluttershy"
>You hear Discord sigh from that "As if you need to ask that question...Still, all I can do for you is stall Celestia and the other princesses for awhile and try to make absolutly sure she stays locked up in the basement. What Chryssy herself decides to do thereafter is entirely up to her. For all we both know, she could end up like in one of those horror books. A creature stuck in a basement who goes mad. That's all I can do for you Anon.."
>He just continues to hold on to you and stroke your mane. If you looked at his face, you'd see that he looked utterly crushed about it.
"...it's ok. I'll just have to try to do my best...Look, when we end up doing those classes. Try not to overdo it on her. Alright?"
>"I suppose I could try. Speaking of which Anon, I actually came looking for you to see if you'd accompany me on checking out the classroom today? To see if it was on the up and up"
>...you were way too depressed to do that
"Discord...I don't think I'm up for it"
>"Come on Anon" Discord enthusiasm slowly increases as he holds you up like a cat and smiles at you "We'll be going tomorrow anyway. We really should see if this "Muffin Top" is worthy to teach the great spirit of chaos and his son of mischief making. It'll get your mind off of things."
>You sigh at him
"I really don't think so..."
>"Anon, I'm going to do my best for you here. If there was less riding on this then I'd turn Celestia to stone until she agreed to leave it alone or something like that. Well, maybe not to stone. Perhaps just trap her on a luxury cruise until she gave in. Those massages are nothing to sniff at. But I know Fluttershy is tied into this so this is the best I can do. So, come on. Let's go, check things out, and try to get your mind off this ridiculous and depressive slump"
>You look at him with big sad eyes. At least he was trying.
"Do you really mean that? That you're doing you're best?"
>He nods "Of course I am. You know as well as I do that having any kind of chance to mess with royalty is not something I'd just give up."
>You believed that
>You believed him
>It just meant you'd have to think of something else if you could...
>For now, Discord is probably right. chrysalis probably felt the movie was what got you down. But if you stayed depressed around her at all times. She might eventually catch on...and then who knows what might happen.
>Fine...You'd do it.
"Alright...let's go"
>Discord doesn't jump up in happiness or say anything to exclaim his excitement. Her just gently places his paw on your head and gives you a warming smile "Don't worry to much Anon. There's always a chance things might just work out. I can't guarantee is of course. But I'll keep everything I have crossed, and hope for the best for you"
.You give him another hug
"Thanks Discord....Thanks for understanding"
>And with that, and with a pat on your head. You both vanished from the room.
Discord acting like a dad towards Anon is always really cute and heartwarming.
Morning bump
What are the downsides of trying to get Fluttershy to accept Chrysalis?
We trust in you mang
Chrissy is still a bitch and could easily hurt or manipulate her.
a shame the princesses had to come and fuck everything up
guess they lost a lot of sympathy and kindness towards him when they found out what he really was before discord brought him there
I was told I have to do an update this year.

>You get up.

There; see y'all next year.
Better than what I've posted in the last 72 hours
>When a beaner makes a better cadence and ass armor than the show writters themselves
>Anon actually feeling defeated
Jeez this is sad, has it ever happened before?
at least once or twice
Previous: http://pastebin.com/rP4J0sHV

>A changeling
>A very bizarre, weird and curious-looking creature
>To anyone who has seen one on the show, they couldn’t look menacing
>There’s a difference between a nice looking colorful children cartoon character on the screen and having a being who’s supposed to be a drain from your most elemental source of life there before your eyes
>How does it look?
>Well, it’s like a small horse without a coat and with a cold bright skin cold as steel, with a green cocoon in its back and two mirror reflective wings. Weirdly enough these wings aren’t transparent like in the show, but are mostly silver with veins like house flies. The head has two big blue deep and empty voids for eyes, as if the creature doesn’t have any soul and only possess of one aim to steal all the love you have.
>Even the most tough creature in this world has even a little
>What is it like being out of it, absent of love itself?

>Your pony instincts kicks extremely hard to run out of its presence
>But your determination screams that you have to resist
>Fear is not an option
>You would prefer to perish like a warrior than live like a wimp
>You resist your urge to run and instead you get up on two legs and then you twist, falling on your back to smash the damn bug. Weirdly enough he doesn’t fight you.
>He looks weak, starving
>He faints
“Discord, can you start telling me what’s happening?”
>He’s in a beach bench eating popcorn “Bravo Pepe, you’ve done a good job. I was expecting nothing but you running in circles and screaming like a chicken”
>You feel proud that somehow Discord thinks positively of you but still, you want some answers
“Thanks Discord, but again, why do you have a dying changeling in your basement?”

>”Because if he was fed, he would be a danger to you. It would be interesting to see you in a real combat situation, but… another dead partner in my conscience would a heavy burden on me”
“Okay, let me reformulate my question, why do you have a changeling in your basement?”
>”To get information from him, you surely know that these bugs are plotting something big, and I think that our new friend could help us to our purpose seeing success”
“I’m gonna guess that you didn’t say a word to SMILE about your personal quest”
>”Why would you doubt I didn’t, Pepe? In fact, they gave me this bug to make him talk, but the stubborn creature keeps babbling on about how he doesn’t betray his queen and such nonsense. I’m sure you can share a bit of your love with him and make him speak a little more”
>You have some pity for the wretched meek, if a bit scary, creature
>Sure you have some fear from the horror of having your love ripped from your still warm heart

>But he didn’t choose to be a predator
>And there he is laying on the cold hard floor with the mouth ajar trailing a thin stream of saliva with the tongue rolling out and the eyes half-closed, his breathing is a forced and shallow wheeze
>You approach the creature
“Hey mate, what’s the buzz?”
>The changeling prepares to talk and with much strain demands “You… are partner of that… idiot?”
“Yes I am, but I also want to be your friend”
>”You can’t *cof*cof* fool me, you want to destroy my queen!”
“Maybe, but you are dying, aren’t you?”
>”Leave me *cof*cof* alone”
“You know, I can respect a determined warrior, but I feel you’re not fighting your own battle”
>”It’s my battle. I’m the hive and the hive is me”
>In middle of this conversation something bothers you, the pill is wearing off. You hope that this works like a benefit to you and not against your plan
”You’re kinda cute, you know that?”

Fuck Gumball
Marry Gumball
Kill Gumball
Youvare improving, good work
Sorry just got off of work from that last time last night. Only read a few Erf green on the shittier. You know the saying, boss makes a dollar I make a dime and that's why I shit on company time.

Overall holy shit my heart aches for him. Honestly I'd play my part then Russian roulette afterwards.
Also shitter instead of shittier.

Overall the stakes are too high for someone that can't change their ways. She's in the minority and nobody will stand behind you.
Both are fucked beyond belief
>Overall the stakes are too high for someone that can't change their ways
Gave her all of a week to change something that's been an integral part of her life for possibly centuries.
>When you both reappeared. You were in some sort of empty classroom.
>The only thing around was a desk, a blackboard, a front door with a window on each side beside it. And two doors near both ends of the blackboard. On the left is a normal looking door. And while the right is also the same. You and Discord can smell something good and buttery on the other side of it.
>Above the blackboard is a wide picture frame. Holding a picture of what seems like a fishing dock. There's a few ponies in the picture as well. On the left side were two swanky looking pegasi males. Each grinning while they wore some nifty red vests. They both had well groomed black manes and peach fur. They had their eyes closed so you couldn't tell their eye color. But they were definitely twins. They stood beside a much older, kind of portly pegasus pony wearing red glasses and sporting a tied top mane. The mane color was both a darker brown and a greyish white. Her eyes were emerald green but you couldn't get a glimpse of any of their cutie marks due to standing so close to one another. On the furthest right was a very young Earth mare with cute overalls and a backwards red cap. She was closing her eyes with a happy little grin and also featured a grey coat with a black mane. Next to her was a very fat yet young earth stallion in the same attire and same fur color but with a mopley brown mane. And finally was an equally fat old earth pony with a golden fishing rod beside him and a huge beard adorned his chin and a messy mane on his head. Also with the same attire as the two ponies on the right and sporting a gold tooth in his grin. They must have been a family.
>The desk had a few things on it. papers, pens, and a...wedding photo in black and white. If you were right, they must have been the two most middle ponies from the family picture. Except the fat guy with the golden rod was wearing a tux and had no beard. And the old pegasus pony was slim, her mane was beautiful and flowing, with some covering her right eye and just like the family picture. They looked very happy
>"Ohhhh, I could already tell this is going to be really boring. How am I supposed to work my magic when everything is so drab? I might have to offer my services as a masterful interior decorator to get this place looking a little more lively." Discord was lifting up the wedding photo and taking a look before putting it down. "I mean seriously, is this a classroom or a house sale we just so happened to miss. There's nothing here."
>You sighed, you were still thinking about Chrysalis. Even thinking some dangerous thoughts. some extreme thoughts to get your way. While battling yourself to not think them as they bordered on evil itself.
"I guess"
>"You guess? Come on Anon, don't be this way. Take it from me. If you stay in a slump you won't be able to think of anything that can help you.with your problem. And then that problem becomes my problem. And then it becomes annoying. And then I'll be in a slump because you're in a slump. And then who is supposed to bring the real fun and joy to Equestria? Pinkie Pie?! Pffft, nope. She's can't handle that pressure. She has no talent for it"
>But you just couldn't muster anything up.
>"Anon..." Discord sighed "If you can't do it for me, do it for Fluttershy. You don't want to break her heart do you? If you can't pull yourself out of this now, you won't be able to do it later."
"I know...Give me a second...please"
>You tried. You fucking tried. You sat there, pondering, if you could think of just one thing. It might lift your mood.
>But what? Discord could only stall the princesses and that wasn't good enough.
>But...wait. He mentioned Starlight.
>And although Starlight seemed against having Chrysalis around. Maybe if you discussed the situation with her. She could help you think of something. She was pretty smart after all, she did manage to take over an entire town and come up with some insanely ridiculous spells like cutie mark removal. Maybe through her, you could have some hope.
>But would she help you wondered. Maybe not, but it was an option. In fact, You'll have to see if she's still in the town tonight or if she went to the Crystal Empire already.
>You just had to hope
>And that hope was really little. You wre still having trouble smiling or being upbeat.
>And then you heard a soft gentle humming.
>The portly pegasus mare from the family picture came into the room from the door on the right, with mitted wings as they held a silver plate with six fresh baked muffins on top. She was humming a gentle song as she placed the plate onto her desk and whipped her wings to remove the mitts and have them fall to the right of the plate.
>She took a sniff and smiled at her work "How heavenly, I'm so glad the baking class let me use their ovens. A bunch of sweet kids don'tcha know." She said to herself with a giggle, her voice was a motherly yet Canadian like..or maybe something else? It sounded northern at least. But the most curious thing about her was her cutie mark. It was four playing cards. Diamond,Spade,Club, Heart.
>That must be Mrs.Muffin Top.
>When she looked up. She noticed you and Discord. And instead of being frightened. She just smiled at the both of you. "Oh, hello there. I don't mean to upset you two boys but class is tomorrow don'tcha know. Or did you have a few questions about it? Either way, I don't mind answering any questions you might have"
>Discord turned back in surprise. He wasn't expecting her to show up. But the way she acted so nonchalantly at his presence irked him. He gave her a slightly menacing glare as he coughed into his paw and stepped closer to her. "Excuse me, but you're attitude surprises me. Don't you realize who you're talking to?"
>She nodded with a pleasant smile "Mhmm, you're the spirit of chaos. Mr.Discord. A pleasure to meetcha don'tcha know. I've seen you in the papers and Princess Twilight has gone over a few things about you already. Even asked me to be careful but.." She tilted her head as she smiled "I happen to think parents are the most wonderful and most trustworthy type of ponies and griffons and anything else that knows the joys of children. So all I have to say is welcome to my class and would you like a muffin?" She slides the plate towards him "Their freeeeessshhh!" She exclaims in a sing songy way
>Discord just looks down at one, then at her, then at one again and stares. "I don't even know where this has been."
>"The oven" She smiles at him, and then finally, she notices you. Bent over and depressed. She immediately notices and comes out from behind the desk and walks over to you "Oh dear, you look so sad. What's the matter hun?" She already looked incredibly worried.
>You looked up at her, and that sweet face. Ogh, why did she have to look at you like that? She didn't know you.
>She didn't touch you. But instead planted her butt right in front of you and began to speak with you in a concerned tone. "What's wrong hun? What's got you so gloomy?"
>Discord crossed his arms. Feeling a strange sense of jealousy. He let out a "hmph" as he stared for a moment before speaking "My son is dealing with a very complex issue at the moment. Something that the likes of you has no way of fixing. In fact, if you want to see how it's really done. Why don't you step aside while I work my magic." Discord was feeling both protective and competitive about cheering you up. He's failed thus far. But he wasn't going to let his "Teacher" and "Judge" see that he was a bad father.
>But there was something about her. She seemed so sweet and caring. And that soft motherly touch. Just like with Fluttershy. It really got to you.
"I-I'm just worried about something..that's all"
>"Ohhh, well hun. Don't you worry. Momma Top is gonna fix that frown. How would you like to have a muffin? Or would you like two? You could have as many as you like don'tcha know. I don't mind, I only made them for practice anyway and they sure do smell good. Then we can talk about what's bothering you" She must have had one hell of an instinct because she instantly cared about how you were feeling just by looking at you.
>Discord scoffed, unaware he was being ignored "Bribery? hah! How elementary. How could you even hope to understand the complicated feelings he's feeling right now? Now step aside. And let me show you how it's really done."
"I can't talk about it. It's just something I need to personally deal with"
>"Oh, I've heard so much about you already don'tcha know. The heroic little colt. Dont'cha worry hun. If you don't want to talk about it you don't have to. But I don't want unhappy children in my classroom. So why don't you tell Momma Top what she has to do to get you up and running again? It can be anything. I'm even willing to bet two hundred bits to your happiness that I can get you to smile if you at least give me a hint." Her smile was sweet but....holy fuck did she just..?!
"U-uhh, a-are you serious about the bits? I mean, I don't need them but isn't that a lot?"
>"Hun, Me and my hubbie are pretty successful in our own right. I'm even willing to go double on the bet just because I'm feeling pretty confident that I can get that grin. Either way, you're gonna be pretty happy don'tcha know. So what do I have to do?" She looked pretty confident and yet still motherly about it.
>"Oh ho, I'm going to pull out a chair for this disaster" Discord literally makes one appear as he sits and watches "Maybe I'll buy the classroom from you afterwards and have my own class"
"Look, I don't think there's anything you can do ma'am. I shouldn't have even come here. I'm sorry."
>"Hmmm" She pondered for a moment as she examined your face "Trouble with a friend. He or she might be a trouble maker but you care enough to not want to do anything to hurt them. But you're afraid something might or is going to happen. Ohhh, and it looks pretty bad to with the way you're muzzle is turned. Am I somewhere in the park?"
>....da fuck? Who was this mare? She was mostly right. How did she?
"..How did you-"
>"Know? t's part of my old profession don'tcha know. And I was a master at it. Really good. but enough about me hun. Let's talk about you. What's the problem?"
>Maybe you could tell her a little bit. If only because you were interested in what the fuck she was doing to figure that much out.
"W-well. I'm good friends with somepony who not a lot of other ponies like. In fact, something is going to happen that's good for everypony except her thats going to make her hate me and be angry for a very very very long time. I want to stop it. But I know I'd lose so many other friends if I did. I just don't know what to do"
>"Hmmmm, now that's a toughie." She was paying close attention to your face. Was she, reading it somehow? "I might actually lose this one. I don't think I've ever seen such a complicated face on a colt before. This must be a pretty heavy secret dont'cha know. Well, Momma Top is going to take a crack at it anyway. I feel your friend doesn't fit in regular society. Given that your father is a spirit of mischief and chaos. I can take a guess that this isn't your garden variety friend. Maybe even somepony that's hated among others. But let me tell you something Anon, listen to ole Momma Top. Sometimes there are things we can't control. Now I'm not saying it should or shouldn't happen. But it being out of our control is something that does happen. But I'll tell you this hun. Friends who truly care about you last forever. And no matter what, if things were out of your control they will understand. And if they don't, they'll come to understand eventually. And then everything will be honky dory, If they can't understand that it wasn't your fault then they weren't a real good friend to begin with."
>You sigh, you felt she was off.
"It's more complicated than that. She has-"
>"A lot riding on what she does. I can tell, I know how it is hun. Doesn't look like what she does is something I'd call legal though. I won't judge though. I'm not here to judge sweetie. I'm here to help you. That's all I want to do. Now let's see. If your friend is a friend that only really likes you but doesn't like other ponies and vice versa. Then this might be something that's pretty big, I'm not surprised considering who you rub hoovsies with.But you look distraught, and as a mother of four it hurts to see such a young colt hurting so badly. Because it looks like you really don't have any kind of control over it whatsoever. Anon, what I can tell you is this. Don't do anything you might regret, and put trust in your friend. If you put trust in her, she'll always see you as her friend, even if it won't be for awhile after whatever happens happens. So what you have to do Anon. Is make her feel more than a friend. Treat her like a sister. And I'm sure things will work out in the end."
>Treat her like your sister?
>Just let it happen? And just hope?
>You already knew that...but
>Why is it when she tells it. It feels right? It was like she knew. Like she was some kind of fortune teller.
>But would Chrysalis really be your friend? No...Muffin Top can't possibly understand. She can't-
>When you look up at her. She looked meloncholic
>"I know I can't understand hun. I know it's tough. I know my answer might even be wrong. Oh sweetie, I wish I could give you a definitive answer. But even if I can't. I can tell you're a smart enough colt to figure something out. But you have to trust in your friendship too. If there's no trust and you just let yourself fall apart. then you'll definitely lose your friend"
>D-dammit. You've only known her for a few minutes and she was already close to something. Your mind was close to breaking. You didn't know if she was right or wrong. Even if you heard it before. The way she just was figuring things out. It made you doubt yourself and yet it made you believe that maybe Chrysalis WOULD forgive you in the end.
>You fell forward, you didn't even realize Muffin Top had caught you and held you close, hugging and comforting you like a mother would.
"She's already like family to m-m-meee. I don't...I d-don't want to lose her. S-she's practically my sister. I-I don't care if s-she's bad or hated. I d-don't want to lose any of my close friends. They are closer to me than anything I had in m-my old world, e-every single one..I don't want to lose one..not anypony...no matter w-what!"
>Muffin Top didn't understand what you meant by "old world". She just assumed you meant orphanage. But her heart was broken. She just rocked back and forth as she did her best. "Shhhhh...let it all out hun. I know it's hard. Oh sweetie..oh oh sweetie. Momma Top is so sorry, I wish I could do more for you" She started to tear up, and cry with you.
"D-don't cry"
>You look up at her, teary eyed, sniffing. You didn't mean to make her cry....it was your soft spot for the motherly or soft. You never wanted to hurt ponies like Fluttershy or her. They were too pure. Well, you didn't want to hurt anyone you liked. But ponies who were soft you felt bad about because they didn't have thick skin like tougher friends like Lyra and Bonbon would.
"L-look, I-I'm smiling. see?"
>You force a smile. You force a smile for a pony who was really trying to help. a pony you never met who felt like someone you knew for awhile.
>"Ohhh hun. You poor dear" She smirked at your smile, but still felt fairly awful "You're so cute. Now I know why your father chose you. You have such a big heart don'tcha know. I'm glad you'll be in my class tomorrow. But listen to me, don't ever smile if it's not a real smile. Ok? You have to be honest. We may have just met, but I always feel a connection with everypony that steps into my classroom." She then slowly turns to Discord "That includes you too Mr.Discord. I can see on your face that you're faking being a smuggy mcsmuggenstein don'tcha know. I know you really want to help your son. So listen closely, because this is your first lesson. Be there for your son. Help him. Even if you want to be somewhere else. Help him"
>Discord sat there. He still had that smug smile but his eyes were so watery that his eyes began to slowly melt."....Do you even understand what you're talking about?"
>"Not completely. I'm here to help, that's all I can do. Is try to lead families down the right path don'tcha know. As Anon's father, it's up to you to do your very best for him and help him. Not your best, but your very best. Even if it compromises your values." She said as she held you tightly and gently stroked her hoof along your back.
>Discord said nothing at first.He didn't even know what to say. Then he stood up and walked towards the window as he stepped towards the window and stared outside. He was thinking about you, about Fluttershy, how utterly fucked up things had gotten. Even beyond his control. And how you were so hurt over someone you shouldn't care so much about. "I'm heading to Canterlot"
>That wasn't even keeping in line with things. You felt natural in saying it.
>"Chaos, is my game Anon. I don't know if this will make things better or worse. But I'll have a little chat with you-know-who. I'll give it my very best try. But let me ask you this. You won't hate me if I make things worse...right? I won't try to make it worse. But you know me, you just never know what will happen" Discord slowly turned his head towards you with an honest and serious look. What the fuck was he thinking.
>You nod towards Muffin Top and she let's you down. You walk over to Discord. He was talking crazy. He can't do this. Celestia will mulch him in a batle of words. And then who knows what the fuck will happen.
>But you felt so touched. You've never seen him so serious to protect you and someone he can care less about.
"You can't do this. ....I'd rather just do what Mrs.Muffin Top said and just be a family. That just..might be best"
>"And so I'm reduced to doing nothing? Hrn, Anon. That won't do. I said I'd do my best and I've heard enough of what this pony has had to say. Believe it or not it pains me to see you so broken up over this.And so..." Discord snapped his talons, causing the entire area to fizzle out to black. It sounded like an endless void now. Only you could hear him speaking and nothing else. And that would mean he can only hear you. He was keeping it private. "I will have my own discussion with Celestia. And don't worry, if I do somehow lose. I'll just go back to my stalling tactic"
"Discord...D-dad...If Celestia finds out you know. I..."
>"You don't even know what she'll do Anon. Celestia has been declawed and defanged for quite some time. She's more of a softie than she's ever been and the only reason she's doing this is to make sure nothing happens to her precious ponies. Well, I have a few ponies I need to protect too. Even if I don't care for the bug you yourself are protecting.."
"You're just going to go, no matter what I say. Aren't you?"
>"Bingo! That's the plan. I just want you to trust in me Anon. I, well, it's hard to say this. But I just want to feel what it must feel like to be as cared about as much as you care for somepony who, need I remind you, tried to off you several times before"
"Discord...I...Did I make you feel like you weren't as important?"
>But he said nothing
"....Discord I'm sorry...I didn't know. I didn't mean to make you feel like that. I didn't mean to make...anypony feel like they did...Discord. You're...You're the best Dad,bro, and friend anypony could ever have. I mean it, I mean it more than anytime I ever said it before. So much so that life wouldn't be worth living if something happened to you"
>He still said nothing
>Then you heard a soft chuckle "Oh I'm here, I was just letting that sink in. So does that make me better than Chrysalis, right?"
>"Well, that answers my question. If you're serious then that's surely a yes. Well, I have a princess to defeat in the art of debate. Wish me luuuuuuck Anon! And try to finish up with this pony. You're too emotionally attached to a ludicrous amount of ponies already. Ta-ta!"
>D-discord...that lovable cuntbag. He played you just for that answer. And yet...he was such a great guy.
>But did you really make him feel uncared for in anyway? Maybe you were the cuntbag. Even after all the lessons you learned. You still fucked up. You needed to get better. You needed to make sure all your friends knew you cared. But at the same time, you had to make sure you didn't lose chrysalis...or anyone...not one single friend.
>And then, you reappeared back in the classroom with Muffin Top
>..Good luck, Dad...
Nice update. Anon needs more dialogue in your story.
File: 1487196557036.gif (2.31 MB, 279x350)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB GIF
>don'tcha know
Erf and elo have some fuck ups here and there
I wouldnt consider it a fuck up, more being that character is just annoying
This was a really cute update, senpai. I like this new pone.
I hope that everything turns out for the best for erfanon
Well, i did semi base her off bobby's mom in her manner of speech. who said "dont'cha know" ever other sentence
File: sunset mermaid.jpg (686 KB, 1000x1173)
686 KB
686 KB JPG

AWw yeah, things getting even more complicated, this is beautiful; man!

heh, the conflict between Shiny and Ageia is nice stuff. Eris being able to taste magic is interesting world building too.

Short, but sweet.

And it came!

Also page nine isn't fine, have a bizarre sunset for it.
teensy tiny little update

>Someone picks you up and puts you on your hooves
>Someone shoves a torch in your face and you grab it without thinking
>Someone is pushing you towards the stage
>The stage, now charred and broken
>Smoke and embers rise into the morning sun
>You look down at the torch in your tiny hooves
>The fire is slowly creeping down the handle
>You don't want to imagine what might happen if a blaze were to spread from inside the crowd
>You barely got out of Station alive, and that shithole wasn't filled with manic autists who probably would'nt realize they're on fire
>You hoist the torch above your head
>It's surprisingly light
>It doesn't take much effort to lob it into the pyre
>You glance around, desperate for an escape route
>But none are in sight
>All this heat is starting to make you itch
>Probably should've bathed with Timber when you had the chance
>The dried urine on your belly irritates your skin
>Rubbing against all these bodies, surrounded by all this warmth
>You're going to get a rash
>Hodgepodge's corpse disappears as the stage collapses completely
>And just like that, the chaos stops
>Some ponies continue to mourn, but most go back to business as usual
>It's over so fast
>Like it's just routine
>With everyone spread about the camp again, you have your opportunity to fucking peace it
>And fucking peace it you do
>The forest has an odd lull to it
>No birds chirping
>No squirrels skittering
>No bugs screaming
>Even the wind seems dead
>But at least you're away from goddamn Aum Shinrikyo
>You've been walking for a about an hour
>Ought to be a few miles away by now
>Maybe a little less on these stubby little legs
>Your stomach grumbles
>Did you even eat last night?
>No, you didn't
>Probably for the best, who knows what horrors they laced those onions with
>You've come across a small clearing and
>O shit, is that a potato plant?
>You hurriedly dig at the small white flower, pulling it out when the dirt is loose enough
>They're tiny little bastards, but they're edible
>Looks kinda like a peanut crossed with a tomato
>You bite a single spud directly from the root
>Tastes like sand
>The potatoes weren't very filling
>And you don't have any water to wash the sandy taste out
>It's been a few hours and the flavor still lingers
>It's infuriating
>At least with rotten dumpster food you get that special sourness you can't get anywhere else
>You don't even mind the food poisoning anymore
>Hell, at times the moldy fruit even tastes better than otherwise
>But this
>This is terrible
>Not even accented by anything, like a hint of body odor or the methane of rat droppings
>It's just straight up sand
>Maybe that's what muslims have to deal with
>Maybe that's why they're always getting into trouble
>You'd be pretty angry, too, if you had to deal with this all the time
>Something squirms underneath your foot
>You yelp and leap off, expecting to have crushed a cockroach or stepped on a snake
>But nothing seems to be there
>You eye it for a long time, to no avail
>This particular patch of ground does seem a bit higher than the surrounding forest floor, though
>Inching closer, you cautiously nudge the pile of leaves and sticks that cover the topsoil
File: fists.png (204 KB, 592x259)
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204 KB PNG
okay, fucked up posting that the first time around

now back to my weebshit
>Eating raw potatoes
File: 1471969402151.png (628 KB, 1260x700)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
potato tastes okay raw sometimes
File: 1489447413357-v.gif (1.04 MB, 414x310)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
File: 1473482391253.png (198 KB, 390x344)
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198 KB PNG
i said potato tastes okay raw sometimes

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