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Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses. Plus late night pink antics.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

If that isn't your style either, writers always need feedback. So tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - to help us improve.

If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask. We will gladly bring you up-to-date or explain anything you feel is unclear.

Thread 187! Looks like someone's on the way to heaven!
1 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/15714689/
2 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/15809561/
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186 desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/29659061
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First for Pinkie
First for sexy politics!
If Two ever BECOMES a NuLing I will fucking riot.

Two is pure as she is and does not need your tye dye changes!

Will 007 fuck it up?
While I also agree, I bet with enough time I could make her cute again... Maybe...
It's SEVEN. We should all feel lucky he made it this far at all.
N! O!
He's surprised us so far, but man, this is exactly what he was going for and then some....
Satan knows what were talking about... After mentioning Two no less. She invokes him!
>TFW he learns what being a flake really means.
Xth for let's hope we don't have to wait all thread for the next part!

>Tia? Gotta question.

“And I have a place you can go. Did you know no sound travels in space? True story! Let me show you, it’s so cool.”

>Ain’t as cool as learnin’ and growing.

“You are like the worst PSA come to life.”

>Mah’ question is, why didn’t Cadence ever take on a student? Ya’ wanted me and Twi to have one like in our second year, it ain’t like ya’ have standards.

“Applejack, I’m going to be honest here, I thought she’d have had at least three kids by now.”


“She’s the princess of love.”

>That ain’t what that means.

“Well I know that now!”

>Well, Ah’ mean, Shining is way older than Twi, why didn’t she have any students in the interim?

“Because I thought she was going to get married at any moment, even I’m stunned how long it took.”

>So ya’ literally let decades go by without giving her a student to help learn, passing by dozens of ponies who could have been helped, because she was pretty much always just meant to get married and have babies?

“Well when you put it like that-“

>She never had a student to teach to love and it’s all yer’ fault.



>Eating chocolates won’t escape me.

“I’m playing the long diabetic game!’

Too late. Also its never seeing the light of day, only i will ever know.
You'll know what you did
I know what I did, I preserved her while getting a glimpse. My sin and guilty pleasure.
This is surprisingly a hard choice. If he turns her down, I would imagine it had more to do with his animal friends than anything.
>Wanting CADENCE to have a student

Are you insane!?
Pinkie Preview Prophecies

>Applejack has become a master at origami.
>First, Pinkie is gonna need to find a pigeon.
>Blueblood laughs it off because he's white, but it's not racist.
>Luna asks Celestia who in their right mind would frost a cake with their butt!
>Harry could use a shave.
>Carrot Top would like to file a complaint.
>The Crusaders ask the black sheep if it has any wool.
>Boss fanservice!

>And you want it, you got it, it’s time to ask again “You know what’s awful?”


“The fact nobody actually asked for it, and you’re giving it to them anyway. You’re that crappy uncle who gives awful gifts.”

>You know what’s awful? Temptation! Just pick a road already, right? Isn’t that awful?


“For instance, your wife took one look at you and went “Nope! Not tempted at all!


>You know what’s awful? Continuity! Who can keep up with all these minor details! Isn’t that awful?


“Much like you and your wife, there’s just really no need to connect two parts together.”


>You are really focusing on Cadence right now.

“Funny, she’s never really done the same to you.”


>You know what? I’m cutting this episode short, and I’m going to go see her.

“Awww, but we were having so much fun.”

>I didn’t say you couldn’t come.

“HAH! Married and you still need a wingmare, I love it.”

>That’s all the time we have today. Parting, isn’t it awful?


So we started this arc mid January and it's March now. It's been 2 months already. I think the story has been happening roughly all in one day timeline-wise. How long is this arc going to take because I hope it's not another 2-3 months real time. I'm starting feel like I'm being held hostage since we can't progress.
2 threads at the absolute maximum, 1 if life goes well. We did the big reveal for the power source and the next two reveals are going to be HUGE, but happen at the same time roughly.

Sorry it's taken so long, but you know how it is.
>I'm starting feel like I'm being held hostage since we can't progress.

It's funny you say that because the arc is the only parts I feel ARE making progress, everyone else just wants to hitch AJ to it except for the writers making her fix stuff instead.
>we can't progress.

Progress with what?

The griffons are there...
I think he means progress with AJ because she's not in the big thing, which is a little rude. Sorry we can't all write that good.
File: sweats.gif (542 KB, 311x283)
542 KB
542 KB GIF
>Depends on if youre going to continue I guess?

Uh what?

Did you have an idea where you were going with Rarity joining in? Vague outline or thought? What was the core thought including Rarity, maybe we can help you build from that. You brought her in to build on ____?
I was excited initially for the arc, but now it just feels like it's dragging on partyland status and we can't even move on to the next day. It's been going on so long, I don't even remember if we were able to get to New Years. Is it still winter? Did spring arrive yet?
___The flagging rapport between Applejack and literally any of the mane 6.

After the last threads sort-of-weekly bombshell I felt I had to try and write Applejack in a non OOC or NC funny hah hah thing.

So I had her and Rarity ponder the gryphons arrival and something because there's a nice gap between their arrival and their actual emerging that I could squeeze in some ch*ar*cter d*vel*pment for the two of them.

I have NO idea how lineraly structured the story is and if whoever is writing it is foaming at the mouth now that Rarity is involved and ruining all their plans.
It's after New Years, yes still winter, no spring isn't here.

You can't really compare it to that in anyway except for time, that arc initially had the problem of nothing really happening for two of the three days. It wasn't just the length, it was the fact that most of it didn't really have anything going on during. All of themajor events happened at the last day which only lasted a week. Most of it was just silliness with nothing really going on.

This has shit going down every other day. Usually at least, an exception has to be made for last thread for...obvious reasons...
Good night threat
File: 653601.jpg (930 KB, 1600x1106)
930 KB
930 KB JPG
>...obvious reasons...
To be forever omitted from thread history... L.N. truly plays a dark, harrowing game with us.
Morning thread!

Oooh nice.
>Welcome to Not Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content does matter, but we have to show off our marbles!

"I'm the pretty one <3"

'I'm the grumpy one.'

>And I'm the crazy one!

>"'Now for our main guest...RAINBOW DASH!!!'"

[What's up?]

>Have you ever thought of-

Cadence gets peppered with paintballs.
"Ack! Ugh! Gah! Blagh! Argh! AHHH!"
Continues getting peppered with peppered with painballs.
"Ow! Lagh! Oof! Ageh! Hagh! Gragh! Rassle! Sprinkles!"
The barrage finally stops. Cadence slowly smears red paint on RD with her paint covered hoof.
"A...avenge me."
Cadence lays down pretending to be dead and covered in paint with her eyes wide open.

[...uh Pinkie is she-]

>Have you ever thought of weeing on somepony?


'Weeing on somepony. Like R Jelly did.'
DT wearing camouflage clothes, walks in and drags Cadence away leaving a blood-like trail of paint. Cadence's pretend lifeless eyes stares into RD's soul.

[I've...never thought about it.]
Sounds of bones crunching and knife cutting can be heard backstage.

>If you do it, make sure they're not underage.

[I'll...keep that in mind.]
Canned audience applause and cheering.

>That's it for this episode! We'll catch you all next time when-
Pinkie takes out a marker and slashes her own throat.
She lays down dead.

[...I don't know why I keep coming h-]
Freeze frame of Rainbow Dash getting hit in the face with a paintball.

Life in the dreamhouse~
>I'm starting feel like I'm being held hostage since we can't progress.
Write things progressing elsewhere or hope someone else does instead of whining about people developing the storyline for once. I've heard this sort of complaint before. It usually means the one complaining wants the writers to do something they'd prefer.

>Sorry it's taken so long, but you know how it is.
This is huge. This involves plans the antagonist it's laid out for months. This is the culmination of Chita ia's aspirations. Don't rush it because someone got vocal. You're doing great.

>the arc is the only parts I feel ARE making progress
Amen. Finally, something shaking up the stale status quo dammit!

>everyone else just wants to hitch AJ
>I think he means progress with AJ because she's not in the big thing
>...and you think the writers won't tie her I to the biggest finale ever? Oh you poor poor fool..

>which is a little rude. Sorry we can't all write that good.
More whining. Write something or sit down and shut up. Their story, their rules. If you don't like it, you can always join in or develop any other of the 100+ characters and ongoing storyline we have, dammit!

>we can't even move on to the next day.
Bitch, bitch, bitch. Whine, whine, whine. Do you actually have anything you want to get done if the day progresses or are you just so delusional you think DAILY UPDATES are too slow to progress a huge story arc as complex as this one?

>This has shit going down every other day.
The Triumvirate is going at a frightening pace. Writing this much so cohesively in such a short amount of time is really impressive. I'd give them all my support before they burn out on the effort of doing so much heavy lifting all on their own just for our favorite thread. This thing might shake up our current world building and it's gonna be one exciting future to look forward to!
You would think she would enjoy that
>More whining.

I guess I came off a little whiny, but I was actually pointing out I did do stuff with her with the guard captain thing, guess I just felt a little self conscious because I know it's not very big.
>I just felt a little self conscious because I know it's not very big.
Every contribution is appreciated, every effort made adored. Look no further than our header and you'd know that, dork! KKK loves doing it big. Others like doing super short sillies. Some like LNPP enjoy NC. Some want lewd. Don't compare yourself to other writers. Be glad they are here, because we are happy to have you here too! You have your own strengths and weaknesses. The hard captain mini was a good read and very much overlooked storyboarding. I liked it. Keep at it!
You know, more than ever, these do feel like dreams...

>The hard captain mini

Ohhhh myyyyyy

Not the other thing no affiliation to the other thing!
That was me who landed them, and I admit I have no idea what to do with Rarity there. Like, I get wanting more Main Six interaction, trust me I get it and thought about it, but I'm lost as to what part you wanted her to play here. Original intention was AJ getting another chance to fix what she messed up before, but Rarity never messed up in this area.

Like I would have understood if it was Shiny, since he too fucked up with the griffons hard and never got a redemption for that, or Celestia who failed to help AJ keep from messing up last time, but I'm not getting where Rarity fits into the overall theme of Roundo Two for AJ. None of this is connected to her past mistakes and she wouldn't offer much of a foil to AJ except maybe to take off the weight of some of the debate, but taking weight off wasn't the intention.

It wasn't ever really supposed to be linear in case the people who did the guard captain sillies wanted to join in and write some funnies along, but as far as the conflict or theme or whatever I've got no clue where Rarity fits. I'm not mad or anything, just don't know what to do with her, so if you had more of an idea where she fit in or why Rarity specifically I'd really like to know it, spoilers be damned. Or hell, if you do know how she'd fit and want to give it a shot and do the meeting I'd be down and maybe jump in if I see a nice spot to slip in.

Damn I wish I could just make everything fit without any effort sometimes...
>so if you had more of an idea where she fit in or why Rarity specifically I'd really like to know it, spoilers be damned. Or hell, if you do know how she'd fit and want to give it a shot and do the meeting I'd be down and maybe jump in if I see a nice spot to slip in.
ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffUCK I'M NOT KITTED OUT FOR THIS


>...You hate me, don't you?


>I feel a lot of hate here.


>Just, so much hate from this moment.


>I seriously fear for my life right now.


>You... you want me to...


>...From her specifically? Why her? We can go to whoever baked it and get it just the same, the exact, the one to one replica.


>It doesn't have to be that one!


>...This is because I didn't ask, isn't it?


>I'll be back.




>Celestia? I need to... borrow your cake.


>Uh buhhhh...
Wasn't The Triumvirate composed of:
KKK - KeiKaKuAnon
KKA - KidKuddlerAnon
LKA - LadyKillerAnon
I think it was KKA, since no anon in KKK.

KKA actually made a joke he couldn't talk about Kid Kuddler without talking in the third person

'...So then she just gave you the cake?'

>Yeah, turns out that unholy scream was something totally unrelated.


>I don't know what I was worried about, it's not like she's a terrible monster or anything.

'Actually says more about you that you assumed she'd be angry or something.'

>Right? I mean, she's not an addict and I'm not stealing her Poison Joke binge.


>Yeah, I was being stupid.

'...So she forced you to pay for it, right?'

>My wallet has never been so thin. One always underestimates the taxes put down on a half eaten cake...
"Flash + Various"

Applejack looks down from her bench, emerald eyes ablaze as she gazes upon the former Royal Guardscolt known as Flash Sentry.
He was one of a few that had been apprehended following a protracted scuffle, and it was time for him and those he served to face their punishment.

>Flash Sentry. Ah know what's been done to ya, and I can't rightly blame ya for turning yer back on the crown...

Though her words come out in a slow, powerful growl, the likes of which would frighten the stripes off a tiger, Flash's face expresses nothing.

>But what ya'll did to Spike...

Her words trail off as her voice chokes with a light sob and the mask of neutrality he wore cracks into a grimace.
It's at this time he glances around and catches glimpse of Twilight Sparkle, her eyes shut tight as tears stream down her face.
Grimace growing, he looks to where his allies stand, each bound by powerful locks, and looks at the two mares he'd sworn his life to.
One in particular-


Thoughts interrupted, his attention snaps back to Applejack, tears pooling in the corners of her eyes.

>Why'd you kill him?

"Because he tried to murder the mare I love."

Along with various others, Sunset Shimmer's eyes widen.
"Flash, I..." she starts, stomach aflutter with confusion and excitement.

"Might wanna hold that thought, Sunset... Because I'm pretty sure he's not talking about you."

Chitania's words tip the scales, prompting confusion to overwhelm excitement.
The audience of princesses and other ponies begin to chatter, prompting an equally confused AJ to pound her podium.

>Quiet! Now... not that I'm particularly interested in yer love life... But who the hell /are/ ya talkin' about?

For the first time in days, the guard's muzzle breaks into a smile and he rips open his furry chest.
Beneath it lies a surface of steel, upon which sits a tattooed declaration: I <3 BBC

"Oh! I was wondering why he had me make that."
Pfftt, okay, I laughed a little.
>Still has his soul

Made out like a bandit!

>Thank you for not drawing a dick on my face.

"WOW, okay, WOW! What part of our history together makes you think I would be cruel enough to draw DICKS on a cripple!?"


"Okay that came out wrong and I apologize."

>Apology accepted, I'm very much that. That is what I am.

"Please don't make me feel things, I'm not cut out for feeling things."

>Please feel things, I need to know I'm more than just a doorstopper.

"You're not a door stopper."


>...You are correct.

"Please tell me you timed that."

>I did not.

"That makes it hurt so much more."

>Please stop feeling sorry for me.

"I... I don't think I can do that."

>Can you try?


>How'd it work out?

"Did you just try to open the door back again?"

>I did.

"It didn't work at all."

>I know the feeling.

"...I'm going to go get you ice cream, and me ice cream, and we're going over to the couch and going to watch Aged Yowler."


"I need something happy by comparison."

>...you're a good friend.
God that's not depressing at all!
Why do you do this to yourself, anon? Just plan a little bit ahead and get an idea and THEN work with a story, you don't even need to have more than a vague outline or thought other than how you want the theme to work.

But just putting it together and then going "Okay, ___ is in this now... carry on and make your story from that." isn't helpful if the current writer isn't very good at rewriting on the fly. Some are, some aren't, neither are better or worse for it, but that's just how it is sometimes. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. If you have an idea, then at least that gives someone something to go off of, or even better, something you can continue with them for a much more cohesive collaboration. You can help out so much if you just stretch yourself a little further than the immediate story, in the event you want to do long term that is. Nothing wrong with one offs.

But yeah, I'd say just NC it if you didn't really have a reason for putting her there besides "I want more Main Six" Not to say we have to follow strict plans or anything, we sure as hell don't and won't, but slipping in front of someone without an idea just means more work for them, and that's no fun.

It won't happen again
Okay, since I have no idea how to work in Rarity and he didn't have a plan...

If she stood there any longer her legs were going to root into the ground, tree style, and then she was going to become Fluttershy's favorite friend.

>...Are ya'll ever going to actually come out of there, or do Ah' have to-

CLANG shook the world when the ramp suddenly snapped down and shattered her street beneath it's titanic weight.


'I told you it was important!'

"You didn't tell me it would do that!"

'You punched me in the-'

"You need to talk louder!"

'You need to...Ahem.'

She'd never seen a pair of griffons go from ruffled and screeches to the pinnacle of power and graceful stances in her life.

'Princess Applejack, it is nice to finally meet you. I am Gale Zephyrious of the royal Gryphonia, and I thank you for gracing us with your own welcoming presence.'


'I thank you for extending an invitation to us, it was a welcome surprise to see it coming, though I must admit using the term 'to the rulers of' and then listing a number of land coordinates was very odd. If there have been rumors of our deposure or loss of control, allow me to put them to rest, we rule as we have before, and we hope your measured tone was only of concern, not implications.'

"We're still in charge, asshole, so either address us as such or I'm going to take it as a hint of war."

'We understand you wish to resume trade with us and will be happy to discuss the matter, even if no promises may be made.'

"If you waste my time again I'm going to take it as an act of war."

'Well met, Princess, I hope this day proves mutually beneficial.'

"I still hate you."

It was like watching an angel and a devil on some invisible pony's shoulder talk at the same time, utterly surreal.

>...Nice ta' meet you-

"We've met you stupid little pony! How do you not recognize me!? Oh, we all look the same, right!?"

>Ah'... Ah' meant him?


"Oh so now you don't recognize him!? All the same, racist! I'm turning this airship around!"

'The ramp is broken.'

"We'll tie everything down!"

'...Ahem. Technically I saw you during the Fillydelphia incident, even if we didn't really speak.'

>Ah' know, but Ah' don't count it as a meetin' if we don't really, ya' know, meet. Don't reckon you act the same when yer' mom is lyin' in a hospital bed after fightin' a dang giant monster.

'Too true. However, that giant monster is going to be on the table for discussion.'

>Ah' figured. Thanks fer' coming, honestly didn't expect you to after all the other times.

'...Other times?'

"She's been trying to waste my time for months, you're the only one stupid enough to take her up on it."

The other griffon twitching his eye gave her hope. Tiny, meager little hope, but hope.

'Ah. Well, this just seemed an appropriate time-'

"He found the letter before I burned it."

'-to discuss matters, as our current economy is in growth-'

"Because we don't need you or want you and are better off without you."

'-and we would like to continue the trend. Shall we discuss matters in private?'

"Or we could leave, that would work too."

Applejack took a long, hard look between them, first to the smiling and open male, before sliding over to the scowling and hate filled matron.

>...she's gonna be like this the whole time, ain't she?

He didn't nod or speak in affirmative. He just let out a long, tired sigh.

"One more and I'm leaving!'

'...She's going to be like this for my whole life...'

Applejack had never been more sympathetic to another.

>Ah' know the feeling.

Maybe with some sanity there, things would go a little better.

"For the record I'm leaving the airship on."

Or not. Good or bad...

>Let's do this.

She was going to try.
I'm sure you don't mean it like it sounds , but that's good! Collaboration would be the best idea, seems like. Bounce off with the others and get a flow going to really sink in those ideas.
>She's going to be like this for my whole life...'

Awwwwhah, Zeppy, you are a treat.

I'd be down for that. Then you know for sure that you're not 'stepping on toes' and hey, maybe you've got a kickass idea I haven't thought of.
Bruh, I am a writer.

>you think DAILY UPDATES are too slow to progress a huge story arc as complex as this one?
Yes. It's like being stuck in traffic on a freeway. Sure I did advance, but not very far, or like Dragon Ball Z where it takes 5-10 episodes, so 5 mins could pass.

>Bitch, bitch, bitch. Whine, whine, whine
No, I'm complaining because it has been a long time. If I was going to bitch and whine, I'd do it a lot harder and I'd really let you guys have it. Because of my own creative differences, I don't actually have anything positive to say about kkk-anon's writing style. I just don't want to spend a 100 posts going back and forth making people feel shitty when I could be doing something else productive.

>Do you actually have anything you want to get done if the day progresses
Say I wanted to have Applejack approve a public works project like building a new bullet train line. I wouldn't be able to refer to that train line because we're still on the same day. It wouldn't make sense if the train was suddenly built within an hour. Stories would have to be written in the moment where you can see the immediate consequence like the griffons right now and you're going to have to reeeally stretch how much of this is happening in time, or you're going to make filler stories where nothing of real consequence happens. I like having freedom of ambiguous time. OoCO isn't quite the same, because then it's in this weird limbo of it sort of happened, but don't know when. It's sort of ignore-able, but if you refer to it, then it's sort of not and then it's awkward because you ignored the first part. Plus characters are being tied up. It's okay if they're not usable for a few threads, but then it becomes annoying after it becomes months. It's like you're letting someone use the community tupperware for a bit, but they haven't returned it for months and when you want to use it, it's not around.

That's all I'll say about it.
So... is AJ not going to be in the finale then? The fate of the universe goes off and she never even learned about it?

That's either really cool or really anticlimactic.
Wait no

That's terrible
I got some half decent color pencils and a new sketch book while my laptop is in the shop.

The use of color seems to be... Doing things to me... Like a limiter just fucked off and said "...well, get going!"


Can't wait to see what else comes out of it, I just did it on a whim for some color practice before the tablet gets here and the laptop is fixed.
Oh hey! I remember that project!

Nice to see you're still working on it!
>The use of color seems to be... Doing things to me... Like a limiter just fucked off and said "...well, get going!"

Excellent to hear! The Sunset pic was great, can't wait to see what else comes out of it.

I'm with that last line, AJ staying home and doing politics and princess work and missing the great big exciting battle would feel weird. I can't say anticlimactic, because the battle itself will be the climax and if she's there or not isn't going to affect that, but her showing up and ending it would be. That said I don't know if it would be cool or just different.
It'd be weird and just plain wrong to have such shenanigans be built up over literal months, for AJ to not be involved.

I get that we don't want to crowbar her in suddenly, but it's the worry that it was all planned WITHOUT Applejack in mind at any point... that's uncomfortable
Different one actually, same reasoning behind the anatomical changes, but a more fantasy themed project. Funny thing is, I'm not doing Pinkie this way at all, this one was just spawned from drawing and coloring the left arm and working my way into the torso and the head was last.
I recognize that body!

And I guess that is why. You are just becoming a master of those types of ponies
>It'd be weird and just plain wrong to have such shenanigans be built up over literal months, for AJ to not be involved.

It would be, I agree, but aside from our ideas of "bamf her over" I didn't see a way for us to realistically involve her. What's more worrying to me is the idea this was all planned with her coming in at the tail end and acting like it's her being relevant and important.

Like seriously? They do all the big stuff and then she shows up, fights the badguys and we're supposed to be like "That AJ! Getting things done and is important to all this!"

I dunno, I trust this guy to tie everything together, I'm just worried he'll cave to the pressure and include her just because that's what we say we want, not story reasons. I want her to have real meaning I guess, not reduce her down to fan service.
>I agree, but aside from our ideas of "bamf her over" I didn't see a way for us to realistically involve her.

...AUJ? Teleportal connection? Mindjacking her by something?

We're in the realm of Fuck Off levels of magic, it needn't require a pow zoop she's over there now, but at least have her aware and Oscar Mike
AUJ makes sense, and they do keep having her be fatigued and have headaches.
I'll agree with the fan service bit, her coming in at the end without much to contribute besides another action scene or sappy speech would feel hollow considering how hard everyone's been fighting and how much they've gone through, like she was just there as a secret bonus round or something, that's not very character building and not good for her overall story. But I will point out that it still could be entertaining if done right, and it could work for some emotional gut punch if she learns about Spike, but on the whole I'd feel let down if she just comes in after the grand battles and hard character choices.

TLDR, please, no "All of the friends are here, and Applejack too!"
If AUJ goes then I'd gather AJ follows out of inquisitiveness or "Somethin's foo-ey" or "What the fuck is she up to Twilight get a beeo boop on her Ah' need to make sure she doesn't genocide the Buffalos"
File: IMG_20170320_172919.jpg (151 KB, 1600x1200)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Yep, just all kinds of good!
oh HELL yeah
>36 minutes since last post

I can draw stickmen! Beat that!
I wanna derpibooru this

You got a name, bud?
If you must, Im Schmoe-Joe, you'll find me there already.
LOVE the bandana.
Now THIS is how we introduce her into the Big Plot

Well since you all wanted to jump the gun, I sort of have to give her one from now on.
...AUJ origins?

I only ask because the bandanna gives off the ribbon vibe
Well duh, but it was supposed to go WITH something!
Damn, that scowl. Look at her, she is PISSED
>AJ shows up where Spike is fucking dead
>Panics, tries to stem the bleeding with a Handy Nearby Cloth
>It no worko
>She gets angry
>She wants to be angry
>She ties that bloody cloth close to her
>Busts through the wall

>Our princess in color

That could work to point her in the right direction.
That's literally exactly wheat happens in the Bardock special. Literally, EXACTLY that, only he ties it to his head.
Well... go with that then... KKA?

No comment on if we will use it or not.
File: IMG_20170320_180941.jpg (174 KB, 1443x1125)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Cause why not?

>AJ tries to pretend she doesn't notice Rarity has been swapped with a goose in a wig
Resist! Resist!!!
>So much nope
Awwww, though this is really dark if what they wanted to happen happens.
... I just realized, has Joe ever done a Shiny pic?
File: IMG_20170320_182857.jpg (132 KB, 1423x982)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Down! Down girl!
bb-b-b-b-but she needs someone to love

They both need someone to love

I will write Rarijack into being, someway, I tells ya
To answer your question, no I have not posted one, its cursed. Everyone I did gets totaled somehow.
A fluttershy pic!? Holy shit!
>Everyone during PL
It took me a second to realize I wasn't imagining pink hair and yellow there.
To the wiki, IT GOES!
The only thing more elusive is the prismatic blue fast!
>Shippershy denied
>Threadghosts will let Satan hug a Two but not Shiny

What bullshit is this

>Weeaaarrr itttt...

"Ah'm wearing it."

>But you're not wearing it-wearing it, darling, you're just leaving it on like it's a piece of clothing.

"It is. That's what is is."

>Really wear it, darling, please?

"Ah'm wearing it."

>But are you really? Really wearing it?"

"Ah'm wearing it!"

>...You could start by looking like something other than a filly at school photo day.

"Ah'm not."

>Weeeearrr itttt?


>Oh, you know just how to make me happy!

Fizzle was not in the best of moods.


His face inside of the remains of the crumbling walls shook when it emerged and threw dust in every direction. His side still stung as badly as if he'd been hit by a fright train going a thousand miles an hour.

'Owww, you fucking bitch...'

His limbs shook a bit as he rose out of the shattered remains, eyes on fire and fangs clenched in anger.

'You fucking...should have stayed dead.'

With his eyes burning, he turned back around, and his muscles tensed as he prepared to unleash his anger.

'You should have... FLASH!'

All of that went right out the window when he saw his friend flying through the air, his left leg sporting new dents in it that sank so deep he could see the faux bones beneath the depressed fur. He reached out ready to catch him, but his claws would never meet them.


The rocket that slipped between the soaring pony's wings left no time to react or dodge before pain ignited in his chest and the shattered rubble he had previously created felt like a soft bout of pillows in comparison.


The shockwave and flames brought his flight to a sudden and painful stop, sending him slamming into the nearest wall so hard he was left lodged inside. His lungs depressed, forcing him to let out a pained gasp as his back struck to a painful stop.


His was already hearing warning signs in his head as his systems called out the danger he was in. He could already feel muscles weakening and technology working over time to compensate for the damage. He had almost all of what he needed to recover.

>How does it feel?

Everything except for time.


Time that the filly wouldn't give him before she suddenly appeared as a blur in his line of vision and struck him straight through the remains of the wall.



The room beyond, what had once been a storage closet, was left little more than a room of spilled liquids and broken plastic and wood. The bionic pony barely was granted a moment to let the nearest busted bottle of cleaner pour on his shoulder before his tail was suddenly seized and with one fluid motion hurled back out to the other side of the hallway.


Her rocket launcher fired of it's own accord, sending him through yet another chunk of building beneath a punch of metal.


It never exploded. The rocket carried him through room after room until it drove him straight into a support beam. Even then, it only continued to press forwards, crushing his chest painfully beneath it's full force. Had it not been for the artificial rib cage that bent beneath it's force, it likely would have simply torn through him like paper and continued on to spread his chest across the building.


She fired again, another dead rocket smacking him across the face and jerking his head before punching through the walls behind him.


Her next projectile split the instant it left her, the two halves curving in mid flight as they smashed through any barricade in their way and only emerging when they crisscrossed over his face, tearing off chunks of the new skin that had been repaired.


She fired again, her rocket splitting in a cross shape from the very tip. All four new projectiles split and battered a different limb, denting and cracking the artificial body beneath it.


She finally stopped advancing towards him, now so close that an adult pony could have easily reached out and touched both filly and the stallion hanging by a thread, his chest still being pressed down against the rocket that flew against him, every moment giving way more and more to it's force.

>...Then I'll make it stop.


She locked on again, TBDRLIATU hunting down his face with a careful and deadly precision.

>I'll make it all stop... like you tried to do to me. I'll make it stop... I'll make you stop...

The light on his barrel glowed and a helpful chime told her it had zeroed in to the wide eyed, gasping pony.

"...D-do it..."

His grip on the rocket on his chest faltered and slipped, almost coming off and letting it continue to crush him.

"Go ahead... play your-"

>Save the speech for someone who cares.

She fired.

>I've had enough of them.

She didn't even look when the ball of flames overtook the pony's body and consumed him in a wash of red and the booming sound erupting from it. She didn't even hear him scream beneath the roar of explosions. She didn't even look as she turned back to the way she'd come, leaving him to burn.

>I'll make you all stop...

She didn't expect to find someone waiting down that long, self made tunnel.


She didn't expect a wide eyed, shaking grey filly staring at her, looking at her with tearful eyes that dripped moisture on her spectacles.


She didn't expect her lifelong friend to look at her with absolute horror.


The screech is almost what did it, she saw legs start to twist and bend as if she was about to run, but she never made it. Silver Spoon fell face first onto her chin, gaining her very first wound by the little scratch on the bottom when she did so, her scrambling legs unable to find purchase and get up.


She cut herself off when a shadow came in close from behind the filly, a figure advancing towards her downed friend with haste.


Whoever it was never even made it close, or even made it into sight for that matter.


The singular rocket she fired into the wall blocking her friends attacker turned it into a bludgen of wreckage to the unseen foe.


The lack of flames or metal shrapnel ensured her friend was never even touched by the force of the blast, her expertly chosen pulse rocket doing exactly as she needed without a single direction from her part to it's choice. One blast that was all it took, and whoever had been charging her friend was blasted aside without so much as a scratch to her friend.


That's what made it even more strange when the filly looked as if she'd suddenly been hit with something far more powerful than any rocket.


Her friend curled into a ball, shaking so frequently she could easily have been mistaken for a rattling snakes tail. Tiny sobs escaped the silver filly on the ground as her legs locked upwards and the rocking began.


It enraged the armored filly, far more than it should. It made her angry.


It made her regret.

(I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I'm so worthless...)

It made her chest hurt.

>...S-Silver Spoon, I didn't mean it like that. Silver Spoon? Get up, you have to-

She never made it another step. Something powerful, fast and so very forceful struck her in the side.


Something that let out a metallic ringing sound when it hit her with enough force to pick up even her armored form, and send it sliding. She gasped with pain as the vibrations reached deep, the little force normally so small they wouldn't even be perceptible to the FillyBoom's defenses suddenly felt like a knife had driven right into her side, and twisted.



The pain was even more intense when the same metal came down hard on her head. No matter how much her helmet protected, absorbed the shock and diffused it away, she still felt ready to pass out from the pain and the stars that danced across her sight. Dazed and beaten, she stumbled about in a stupor before one final blow slung into her cheek and sent her straight down, through the floor beneath her, and into a bathroom stall just below. Even down below and with her head ringing, she could hear the words above. The last words she ever expected to hear, from the last voice she ever expected to hear again.


Her shoulder mount swiveled around when her opponent tried to drop down, realigning with him mid air and firing again. The blast collided, flames surrounding the thought to be dead pegasus cyborg once again.


This time, she could see why it didn't work. This time she could see the wave like magic wrapped around him, hugging him like a shroud and pulsating as it pushed away the blast. With the moment of clarity and understanding she had gained, she could finally make sense of his weapon as well. A rocket. More specifically, her rocket, the very one she had pinned him against the wall with.


It hurt her hoof something terrible when she caught it mid swing. It hurt her something even more terribly when her free hoof lashed out with the full power of her suit, and left a hoofprint in his chest where she struck. No shield, no matter how strong, could stop the full force of her strike. She was given another moment to appreciate the look of shock on his face before he flew past, shattering stall after stall before coming to a shattering stop against the previously immaculate glass and leaving it nothing but shining splinters on the ground.

>If you insist...

She didn't even wait for him to finish falling with the shards before she tried to aim.



She never got a chance before two dragon feet slammed down on her back.


She didn't.

>You first.

Her hoof snaked around his leg and swung down, straight through the floor below. She could hear his gurgled cries as he fell through before slamming to a painful stop on the next floor.

>You're next.

She caught the attack Flash had been so sure would be a surprise, painfully twisting him to join his friend without even the mercy of tossing him down the same hole he'd created. With both now prone down below her, she took aim and charged her weapon.

>Now, you both bu-

Her one line had barely begun when a strange feeling wrapped around her, blue waves suddenly dancing in front of her vision, and the whole world became a blur. She held on as best she could, but without any ground to grasp it proved useless as she was tossed through barrier after painful barrier, clear through the building and nearly to the other side.


Still prone on the ground, the dragon let his glowing claw fall to his side.

'I think... we might have to actually try with this one... you feel like going all out?'

The pony beside him choked out wads of coolant and other mechanical fluids in response. He likely would have glared too, had his neck not spasmed and whirred when he tried to move it.


Her high pitched squeal impossibly managed to shriek louder than the salvo of rockets that flew towards them, bending around corners with unnatural precision before twisting straight down.

"Let's make damn sure she's dead this time."

The entire building shook with the eruption.

(I want to go home...)

Even that was nothing to the shakes of the filly on her side, staring with blank eyes at the rubble directly behind her.

(I want to go home...)

Rubble of wood, drywall, stone, and one single offwhite, unmoving hoof sticking out from it all, still reaching for her.

(...I want to go home...)

That ending!
...Lot more interesting than "She's fast!" I'll give you that!
I like the tandem attacks.

I don't know why, I just think it's really cool that Flash and Fizzle are teaming up and working with each other and DT and TBDRLIATU are doing the same, this feels like a 2-2 even though it's 2-1.
Now that's what I wanted to see! Major improvement in the action. Well, most of what I wanted to see, I can't say I wanted to see that part at the end...

>Silver Spoon
>Hello darkness my old friend.
>I've come to talk to you again....



>...I don't mean to rush your very important choice or anything, but uh...


>...they're breaking a LOT of stuff down there.


>It's just losing a lot of value I can offer is all. At this rate your 'empire' is going to be a bent metal rebar and bunch of rocks.


>...they are loud.



"Thank god, that was driving me nuts! Now, to think about it..."

>Oh for fucks sake.
I think DT might need therepy
As opposed to whom!?
I think this song pretty much fits these posts.
>DT blasted SN


Just when you thought the pony murder had ended!
Let's face it, we all knew she was doomed.
Good night threax
Night anon
Ok this is cool but when do we actually End It?
Learn to read, you big baby. ( >>29705129 )

YOU won't end anything unless you write for this arc.
You guys haven't forgotten all the nameless Joes caught up in this mess down below, have you?

JUSTice for Blackbill when
Non-Canon Humanized
Human Pinkie, Cadence, and Diamond Tiara are in a club room with computers in it.
>Tada~ What do you girls think?

"I'm wondering how you got the equipment."

'So let me get this straight, instead of playing The Dreamworld from the comfort of our own homes, you want us to make a club, and play here.'

>Yep yep!

'This sounds dumb. I don't want to be caught playing a pony MMO. My reputation would be ruined.'

>But this would be so much fun to hang out both in the game and the real world here too.

'Cadence, you're high school faculty. What do you think?'

"Playing games at work sounds amazing actually."

>C'moooon~ You know you want to.

'I'm already in another club. The Action Club with Spike has plenty of club activities that-'

"Just join both. We need members."

'Even with the 3 of us, that's still not exactly enough members to form a club.'

Applejack and Rarity enters the club room.

{Hi hi~}

'...why are two members of the student body council here?'

[We're a part of the club.]

{Where do you think they got the computers?}

'Don't tell me you two play the Dreamworld too.'

{Mmhmm. We even have our own guild.]

{[The Fireside!]}

[Just because we're busy here doesn't mean we can't have our own fun.]

{We can't have a normie life all the time.}

>C'mon. We should all be friends in real life and not just the game!

"Peer pressure. Stop being a normie. Join the club."

>"[{DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!}]"

'There's no way you're going to convince me to join your club.'

On a talk show set. Everyone is a pony.
"I'm the pretty one <3"

'I'm the grumpy one.'

>And I'm the crazy one!

'...I can't believe you talked me into this.'

>Wait until I get Fluttershy to join!
I remember.

The question is whether what is happening to every Hoofington citizen right now is part of Sunset's plan...
You know its gotta be hard for Sunset to rationalise her whole "Imma kill god cos she's evil and allows bad stuff to happen" motive.

Given that SHE'S the one responsible for all the death and destruction happening.... right now

>Hello there Sunset my name is God and you just killed upwards of 100 of my children and sent them to me, would you like your eternal punishment to be Catholic style or Shia style?
She doesn't seem to know what happening, and nothing about this really fits her motives.

She probably has no idea God is actually alive believe her.
>has no idea God is actually alive believe her.
"...but, wait, is it that you-"

>Your fault!

"Because The death and distraction doesn't really help me, I just wanted to get in here, why is your thing –"

>Your fault!

"It just seems weird it's happening at all when I was trying to contain you-"


"....why does you existing kill everyone-"

>Look just accept it's your fault like everyone else.
BENEATH her, beneath.

Fucking you know what.
The fact that (possible) blunder on her side cost the lives of everyone in her 'kingdom' she was responsible for will either break or humble her.

The latter will be good for a final redemption. The former would lead to... I don't know. Sunset seems to fall completely apart into hysterics when something bad happens to someone she is responsible for.

She'd less fall into the 'remorseless zealot villain' and more into the 'life/soulless husk of a former pony' category.
>"....why does you existing kill everyone-"
Some Final Revelation/Judgement thing? Rapture, where God coming to Equestrian would mean all souls are judged and cast into Heaven or Hell? That's my guess. Why else would something from Faust itself kill everyone it touches?
That just feels like more... Faust fault.

Like how is that Sunset, she was trying to lock up the part of her down there, it's what broke loose and went on a rampage.
*knocks over a parafin lamp onto the hay floor, causing a fire to harm people*

>Lock up an eldritch being underneath a major population centre

Oh yeah gr8 foresight there
>a parafin lamp
Good point, even if you made it seem a bit abrasive. Ths blame really depends on whether that Fragment of God thing is a being capable of rational thought or is just a... Tool/Thing/Creature without a proper consciousness.
Didn't she say that the THING has been there all along, and she just stumbled upon it with just a bit of research into the matter together with Chitania's knowledge of ancient lore?
Yes, and that was literally the reason she couldn't move to a new location.

So it's more like someone put a bomb down in there, she was like "ho shit I better contain this so I can blast my way Into the fortress" then the bomb started eating people.

...I am not good with analogys

>And welcome to another episode of Fantastically Fixing Friendships, Featuring Fluttershy. It’s during this time content doesn’t matter, but this does. We’re trying again with Big Shot and Tracy Flash.

“Things got out of hoof.”

>Oh? Do you want to talk about it?

‘I took pictures of him.’

“I took pictures of her.”

‘Things got really bad around there when they got published.’

>Isn’t that illegal?

“That’s for the lawyers to decide.”

‘And they’re leaning towards yes.’

>You know, things would be a lot better for both of you if you would just stop, admit you were wrong, and go back to being friends.



‘…But then he wins.’

“And she wins!”

‘I’m not having that!’

“Me either!”


>Oh dear, it’s never a good sign when legal ponies have to get involved. I guess that’s al we have for today. Please, please stay kind.


>Oh dear.
I think we're forgetting something

The Fuck Offening and all the collateral inccured by it was started because Chitties heart rate monitor/vitals tracker/whatever bipped to 0

I have a theory, though obviously only the Tirbble would know for certain and will probably reveal it in story, but my idea is whatever the "thing" Sunset is planning to do with her pillar will at some point cut Chitty off from the world, either out of range or hide her or something, and that's the signal to turn the thing on and open the power to unlock the gates of heaven.

Now, obviously, she wasn't planning on Chitty getting shot and dying for a second, so the machine activated accidentally. What she didn't expect is after activation, the thing she thought was just power turned out to be alive, and instead of flowing as she thought it would it took on a mind of its own and tore off into the world.
You're probably close, whatever was supposed to happen had to be remotely activated at the right time, Sunset hasn't shown any indication she knew the thing down there was alive. Nobody expects thermal energy to suddenly start devouring people.
"Oh it's just a fragment of the Very Essence of God on High that I've hookes up to the powergrid, what could go wrong?"
Come to think of it, does Sunset know that happened? Does she know Chitty died for a sec? You'd think no, because the portal isn't on, so that begs the question...

Is the reason it got out because Chittys heart started again?
You'd think "eat people" would be low on the possibilities for a benevolent god...
More importantly... it apparently 'ate' the entirety of EVO's staff which had evacuated from the tower and most likely every single resident of the newly arisen Hoofington.

But... does it need to get into contact to take their souls? What I mean to say is: could it be it 'ate' the souls of Spike, PJ and now Sweet Note too?

IC, it might be some sort of failsafe in case Sunset or Chitania died. Meta-wise, this thing might be why the Triumvirate has been so readily willing to kill off main characters!
That's an interesting theory, if one goes "down" than it just scoops up their soul to bring them back. We don't know how much or little Sunny knows about this thing, it could be there to protect them in addition to portal juice.
IT would be a nice protection, if she can control it. It might also be there to save the town...
>it could be there to protect them in addition to portal juice.
Last I checked, ponies last moments and Blackbills were ones of agony and horror, so...

Well, if it gets to a point where we go bang smack to "Meanwhile in the Lost Souls zone, everyone's k" that'd just feel cheap and weird.

There's also the whole "It eats unnamed characters on contact but leaves the named ones well enough alone" thing which was stinking crap when it first came about.
>ponies last moments and Blackbills were ones of agony and horror
Fear of the Unknown. And, honestly, it's a given the average mortal isn't ready to witness GOD, right?

>"It eats unnamed characters on contact but leaves the named ones well enough alone"
Aaaand now I want to know what the fuck you are on about. No big name characters ever went undergoing to witness that thing's escape!
>Okay... Sunset, was it?


>Why did you have it so my promordial form would consume the building the moment Chitania keeld over dead? For what purpose?

"Ah.. well... you seeeeeee, I installed a little fail safe alarm system where I could be alerted to if anyone of my friends was.. killed.. incapacitated... in danger, you know, that stuff."

>Yes, I Knew

"So... I hooked it up to the system buuuut..."

>But What?

"I ....maaaaay have crossed the wiring just an eeeensy bit..."


"I....... MAAAAAAAY have accidentally wired the sensor ..... not the the alarm circuit..... but to the failsafe-Ragnarok-Dies Irae-Fuck-The-World circuit......"

>....I was Summoned... Because of... Shoddy Wiring?

"...Yeah kinda"

>.... Instead of Eternal Damnation and Voiding... I am Going to Sit you In the Corner...Forever


>That's just Dissapointing, Sunset
Oh sweet baby Jesus, now I want Faust to come down from above to scold everyone for being swlf-absorbed dumbasses like a caring, disappointed Mother.

That was just too endearing, and likely way less depressing that what will actually happen.
>Aaaand now I want to know what the fuck you are on about. No big name characters ever went undergoing to witness that thing's escape!
...Didn't you read how the vent shafts the A-Team were sat in were a-glowing?
1, that was in the building, and that's confirmed to be Love, not godjuice.

2, they were crawling loooong before the thing got loose. Pretty obvious since, ya know, Spike had to be out to cause it.
>that's confirmed to be Love, not godjuice.
Still looked one and the same until around a week or so after the Evil Bad Blue was unveiled, and we're handily told "Actually all the important guys get the Nice one, everyone unimportant gets the murder murder one"
>Still looked one and the same until around a week or so after the Evil Bad Blue was unveiled,

Right, but the thing wasn't OUT before that, is the problem. We saw it come out. It came out because Spike shot Chitania.

We know they're different now and that the blue stuff in the building is love.
They showed up at the same time.

Spike shot Chitania
Beep boop goes the machine
Splat goes Blackbill from the blue thing
Hurk goes Chitnia from actually I'm not dead
Womp goes the walls as blue thing shows up everywhere
La la la goes Sunset as she takes Chitania away
Splat splat splat go several redshirts from the blue thing
Splat goes A-Team in succession
Womp goes the walls still from the blue thing
Kablamo go multiple chunks of building into the ground from suddenly losing bits of foundation right next to them

And so on

It was the "Splat splat splat" that people went "Wait why are they getting murked from the Blue thing but not the main characters?" and the writers went uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And now we're at

Actually it's different Sez Sunset about that specific blue thing

Man, if only it had been coloured something completely different we woulda been just dandy
>Man, if only it had been coloured something completely different we woulda been just dandy
Blame the guy currently sitting in an insane asylum and smearing the DT VS EVERYONE fight storyboard against the wall with his own feces
>Womp goes the walls as blue thing shows up everywhere

Here's where it trips up, the blue was there since the start and following them, we literally saw it right on Spikes tail before he confronted Sunset. The god thing showed up WAY after they first arrived. Go back and check, before they even left the basement it was there.

Then during the 7 VS Sunset fight, they outright confirm its love from Equestria via the towers. The god thing is just why they chose Hoofington.

The same color was just a red herring to make you wonder "wait why are they so different for the other guys but not Spike?" Then TWIST! They're different and you just assumed.

If it was colored different it wouldn't be much of a twist. "Oh, so this different colored magic that acts different is different? No fucking shit."
“Guard 2”
‘Guard 3’

‘Okay, so after the fines, review tapes, and way more paperwork than you deserved, you’re on probation and your pay is getting docked for a month, but you’re free to go’



‘Aren’t you glad?’



‘What’s wrong?’


“Nothing at all.”

>Just… prison stuff.

“Desperate prison stuff.”

>You wouldn’t understand.

‘…what is that smell?’


‘Here’s your helmets, GOODBYE!’

>Ah’m starting to think yer’ doing this to annoy me.

“Yes. It’s that. It’s exactly that, you’ve caught me and I shall accept my punishment in the timeout place.”


“This is the timeout place”

>Under mah’ desk?

“Name a better place than where you can step on them. I dare you.”

>A corner?

“I can be seen in a corner. Which is bad, timeout place should only be seen by the timeout looker.”


“That’s you.”

>Are ya’ hiding from Cadence?





“Don’t let her know I’m heeeereee…”

>Ah’ hate mah’ life.
>They're all just nerds!
Quick, suck his dick!

She's enamoured by Shining getting loved by other mares! It's the only way!
File: IMG_20170321_133228.jpg (78 KB, 974x720)
78 KB
Doing my color practiceing and look who poped up to glare at me. Oh, I can't wait for the tablet, all my stuff can be colored!
The eyyyeeeee
Well, someone's pissed at the idea!
You and me both buddy!
Omg... I just realized something... I'm literally about to kill someone... Well... More like sacrifice one of our own to our dark patron, Satan...
That sounds bad.


Wait no is this kid-killer-anon please no don't do it
Satan would much rather prefer another Two plush so he can have teatime, true story.
Damn it, now "Eye of the Tiger" is stuck in my head...
File: IMG_20170321_141019.jpg (114 KB, 1063x1200)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Code Blues all around!
Oh god I've finally done it, they're dead!!! Forgibe me everyone!

Heart attack dude
You have no idea how as much strength of will it took not to post until you were reacted.
That was a beautiful synchronization.
Mother of god, yes.

Joe has, on many occasions, joked that he will kill us with cute.

Just once a beautiful thing happened and everyone decided to watch him react, it was amazing.
I don't even know if it was intentional but it was amazing to see all the same.

oh phew

Cos that typeface does not sound like Joe whatsoever
Some part of me wonders if, for just that minute, he actually worried.
And now that everyone else broke(I was considering waiting till page 9 to freak him out but you all were weak!) I want to point out how interesting that skin color choice was...
20 minutes of hell! I swear!!! I just kept waiting and I got that sinking feeling just a bit. Good show lads!
You know we do it out of love. Love and way too much dedication to a running gag
>I want to point out how interesting that skin color choice was..

Whatcha mean?

>Fizzle gets black out drunk and conks out in Flash's reluctant hooves

>13 smacks her head on a bookcase and making her woozy

>Sweet Note stubs her hoof

>Flash gets lost as his GPS shorts out

>Chitania falls asleep in the bathtub
Her face is very orange even if the rest of her is black

She's been black and white for so long I had forgotten her eyes are green instead of blue like all the other lings.
You're lucky I was watching an episode of Iron Fist, I would have posted in the first 2 minutes and ruined it.
Oh! Well my tablet camera is shit, so its hard to see that its light gray. I've always done my lings like that, light gray from the neck up, at the seam.
Ah, must be the lighting, she just looks really orange.
Once the laptop is fixed I'll scan it, for now though enjoy spray on tan Two... And there go the write friends.


>What have you done!?

"Ah' gotta tan!'

>You don't tan, honey, you're black.


>You are!

"Ah' know but Ah'm supposed ta' say that fer' some reason, the pony with the shaved head and the hotdog on a stick cutiemark said so."

>Why, oh why, did you think you needed a tan?

"So everyone thinks Ah' went on vacation."

>We can literally go on vacation right now! We're royalty! You've been to the beach!

"Yeah, but Ah' didn't tan over there."


"That's what ya' said at the movie store, and Ah' proved you wrong!"

>We're washing this off.


>I am NOT talking to Applejack with you in orange face....


>Get in the cart, and get my camera, we're going to see her.


...I wouldn't have known what anyone was doing and worried too.

I'm out of sync with my diabolical /pa/ls.
Cuteness! In color! I love it!
Above and beyond! I was not expecting it to be that good! Now, since were heading that way apparently, Apple Trump joke!
>Now Ah' know what yer' thinkin'. Ah'm not the most popular, Ah've never held an office this high, Ah've got no experience in this area, and Ah'm just a orange faced fun pony most times, but if Ya' make me a princess, Ah' declare we will make Equestria great again!

~~~Three years later~~~

>Turns out Ah' don't know how government works and the only reason Ah'm still here is most of mah' opponents are vain assholes who keep screwing ponies over.
>Fer the last time! WALLS WON'T WORK!

"We have to keep the illegals out!"

>Ah' agree, but the problem is they're GIANT BUCKIN' MONSTERS! That's not a play on words! They kick! A wall ain't gonna stop them! THEY'RE HUGE! We gotta put heavy artillery there! So Ah'm increasin' the budget!

"GASP! But what about education?"


How much time had passed...?

That’s what he wondered as he shuffled from the infamous bakery. He felt twelve years older, twenty years wiser, and exactly zero years more comfortable now than when he had first accidentally entered.

The world was foreign to him now, this new region that had once been Ponyville. Nothing looked like it had all those years ago… which, after a few glances around, didn’t prove entirely right as things did look exactly the same as before except for the few feet that chair over there might have moved, or the several inches of grass that might have grown on the ground.

But regardless, the sun paid him no favors as he stepped out into it. It burned him like an angry God, the wind smelt far too earthen for his previously sheltered nostrils; he had grown accustomed to the darkness, to the sickening sweet stench of confectionary.

A few steps out into this bright world yielded a newspaper, The Ponyville Times. Magic lifted it to his face and he beheld the date.


Not a single day had passed.

Only a few hours, six or seven at most.

>Odd. I feel as though I’ve been on a journey spanning the length of a thousand suns… but if such is the case, then….

The newspaper fell back from whence it came and a little slip of paper replaced it, a note of sorts with some scribbles and little pictures. He studied it. He studied the very thing he had spent what felt like an eternity trying to master, only managing to achieve something that could loosely be described as 'success’ in the final minutes.

He tucked it behind his ear, then gave himself a little shake just as a well-nourished, apron-clad figure appeared in the doorway behind him.

“Oh, but you’ll come back and visit us again, won’t you, dear?”


The first response that leapt to his lips was ‘never in a million years’ but of course that harsh bit of honesty would only shorten the amount of time he would have left to breathe, so he switched answers on the fly.

>Of course. I thank you for your understanding and your time.

“Not a problem, dear. Be safe, now!”

It baffled him just how sweet a pony could inherently be while simultaneously harboring a lesser seen side that would make a Timberwolf piss itself.

>I will.

But that was neither his problem nor his concern now, and he fixed his shades back onto his face, taking a few moments to adjust to the multitude of graphs and statistics that flashed before his vision, a readout of everything his eyes took in.


One hoof after the other, Jetset walked, inhaling at such length that his chest extended.

>Time to go pay that mare a little visit.

Holy shit he's alive!

I forgot all about him!
Jetset finally returns?
Ohhhh ho ho.
That's pure Threadghost
Boy is he going to feel unaccomplished...
Ugh! I can't figure out how much to cyborg flash... I also cant figure out the style! Help!
...can you ask in a more detailed way what exactly you want to know?
I would make it subtle, he wants to look normal after all. Unless he's battle damaged, then go all out.
I need a flesh to robotics ratio, wither its steam punkish, hodgepodge, futuristic, or modern in appearance and specific limbs and appendages that have or haven't been replaced.
Try magicpunk
He's supposed to look mostly normal unless damaged, but as stories goes on it's becoming less and less clear how much of him is even real anymore.
Sweetness! I like it!

So... Basically NuRobocop in terms of omg! Omg omg! There's nothing left! Omg! Cause that would be extra fucked, and I can work with that.
Just remember that the head designer behind how futuristic his robotics are is Sunset Shimmer, who pretty much knows our level of culture and technology.

Flash values his equnity and sound mind above all else. Sunset likes him and likely wouldn't make him suffer through feeling like a corpse due to her own bad experiences with being a sound mind in a dead body.

Fully confirmed as artificial are his skeleton, fur, mane, eyes. His organs might have been replaced or augmented, depending on whether Sunset works with pure cyber ware or knows how to culture bioware. Most of his circulatory and respiratory system seems to work with coolants, which has some weird glowy color when it gets out...

That's... everything I recall. Well, that and the fact that Twilight keeps most of his original body in her lab like some sort of freakshow trophy of her accomplishments/mistakes.
He's probably deus ex "my vision is augmented" tier in that he looks normal enough, but up close you can tell that he's not completely pony anymore.
I just realized why spike isn't the hero... He's the clean up man trying to get rid of everyone's mistakes. Twilight has Chitty and Flash. Applejack has Sunset and Chitty, etc. He's not a hero, he's the cleaner.
Don't forget Rarity, she has that entire mess with Chitty and Sunset and Celly fucked up with Sunset! Spikey is trying to get rid of their mistakes using the hero mentality to justify his actions! Good guys are bad guys confirmed!
File: apple disapointment.jpg (23 KB, 365x425)
23 KB
>None of the canon main cast can ever be the heroes in their own story, simply a supporting character


>He's not a hero, he's the cleaner.
That.... that sounds like the concept of a movie I've seen at some point.... Name eludes me, tho...
...but he just pointed out that Spike isnt the hero?

Spike is never the hero, neither is Twilight or Applejack




>"And together we form, LUMINOUS PONK!"

>...How did you make me do that?

"Same way I make everyone dance and sing my songs I just made up."

>And... how do you do that?

"Magic. Pony magic. My pony magic."

>Earth ponies don't have magic

"That's exactly what we want you to think."

>...Kay. Did you need something?


>I'll order some tomorrow.

"HA! But seriously I need an extension on my zoning form."

>Your hair lost color when you said that.

"Grownup work sucks."

>Depends on the profession.

"HO! Keep it kid friendly, my act is fun for the whole family."

>Meh, I'll wait for the spinoff in the future.

"Now you're catching on."

>Filed, by the way.

"Thanks, Shiny!"

>Is that all?

"Nah. Want to fight each other in bubbles?"

>...I do.

"HA! Silly fun, this is what ponies are really for."



>Darn right.

"Better! TO BATTLE!"
Sorry, no 7/sunset update today, a giant ass wave of hail just destroyed my power line and took out my power. Seriously huge chunks. I'm starting to think my "if life goes well" comment was a double dare.
Didnt you save the stuff?
Its probably on his PC, he probably on his phone or a public terminal.
Auto-saved to my computer hopefully, it usually is good about that. I don't know for sure, it's all on my tower and I don't have a laptop or anything for a backup. Even if it didn't, I was just putting the finishing touches on the last half of it, it's not an overly big update since it's very internal and personal. Should be posted tomorrow whenever they get around to fixing me.
Welp. Now we know for sure that the Triumvirate is cursed.
...Why you gotta spook me like that. How many ladies must I sacrifice to keep them at bay!?

Also, KKA had shit happen to him during the last leg of the CE invasion too, a lot of it apparently, I think the threadghosts just hate the finales of his arcs.
>How many ladies must I sacrifice to keep them at bay!?

I JUST realized the first thing you did after taking the DT battle reigns was crush Sweet Note.

I think you might have a problem.
Well! I think the alternative would have been kidkuddleranon throwing Silver or DT into the meat grinder... so... uh... pick your poison, I guess...
KKA has the weirdest allies for such a mostly harmless and kill-free guy...
I'd say Deus Ex levels
>keeps most of his original body in her lab


>Twilight? Ya'll in here?

Striding into her friend's lab, Applejack quickly spots the aforementioned princess huddled up in some corner.

>I was wonderin' if ya... Twilight?

Attention focused solely on some glowing container standing before her, Twilight remains unaware of AJ's approach.



She draws closer, head tilting a bit to look over her friend's shoulder.

>What are you- bah gawd...

Head spinning 180 degrees, Twilight comes face to face with her friend.


Eyes practically bulging out of their sockets, Twilight spreads her wings to cover up her the object of her shame.

"He-hey, Applejack! Fancy seeing you here! Heh..."



>...So. We both know what that is, but just humor me. What is that?

"...A monument to my sins."

>And did you... 'erect' that monument (of lust) yourself?

"... It does that itself..."


"Please believe me."

It had been ten minutes since they all sat down at the meeting room, and not a one of them had said a word.


Applejack was a trendsetter.

"Look, if you're not going to say anything-"

'She would if you'd stop cutting her off.'

"I do not!"

'You literally just cut her off before she could finish saying 'howdy'.'

"That word is stupid! And I do not!"

>Yes ya' do, that why Ah' didn't bother-

"This is stupid."

>Ya'll are makin' it really hard ta' talk to-

"Start offering or start shutting up."

>Three and a half percent reduction on our previous import taxes.


'Wait, why three and a half? That seems a random number.'

>It ain't, Twilight calculated that this was the exact amount where our overall GDP wouldn't suffer and we wouldn't be operating at a loss for local companies to compete with any prices.

The male griffon seemed impressed.

'Good to hear you've done the math-'

"Ten percent."

The other one far less so.

>Can't, if we go that low than ya'll can literally price out our businesses and cause a huge recession. Shouldn't even be going that low, but it's worth it to reopen immigration borders.

"As if we'd let you immigrate over to our kingdom!"

'Actually, immigrating some magic users would-'

"We have infusions!"

'...made by-'

"Someone I like! No deal unless it's ten percent!"


"You think you can out stubborn me?"


"Oh ho then... hallenge accepted.

Gwendolyn glared, Applejack glared right back. This went on for some time. And on, and on, and on, and on, and on...

'...I'm going to be here a while, aren't I?'

And on, and on, and on, and on...

'We're going to starve in this room'

>...Can do this all day.
"...Can do this all year."
>...Can do this all eternity.
"...Can do it till the day after that."
'I need to use the bathroom-'
Now now, DT and SS are both females, and he's kind of out of options...

>Now Ah'm on the scene, and Ah'm gonna... aw nuts...
He said LADY killer.

So hide yo' Rarities, Hide your Cadence, cause he's killin' everylady out here.
Late, to the party, never late enough to say how cute this is.
Goodnight thread
Night Thread!
File: tired apple princess 2.png (325 KB, 540x540)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
Some things you just can't hug away
>>29719784 4 instance stab wounds.
I feel like you were trying to be puny and almost made it.
>Welcome to Not Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content does matter, but hey buddy!

"I'm the pretty one <3"

'I'm the grumpy one.'

>And I'm the crazy one!

>"'Now for our main guest...RARITY!!!'"

[Hi hi~]

>Glad you can join us today, pal.

[Always a pleasure, darling.]

"Grrrl, why do you keep saying that?"

[I don't know what you're talking about, darling.]

'Homie, you know what we're talking about.'

[Darling, I have no idea what you're talking about.]

>It's the way you talk, pal.

[What's wrong with the way I talk, darling?]

"Grrrl, are you messing with us?"

[No, I'm not, darling.]

'Homie, I think she knows and is messing with us.'

[I can't tell if I'm messing with you if you're going to be vague, darling.]

>Hey, we're all pals here. If she doesn't know, she doesn't know, pal.

[Then I wish you'd all tell me, darling.]

"I'm not you're darling, grrrl."

[I'm not your grrrl, darling.]

'Chill out, homies.'

[Why do you sound like you're talking in dragon, darling?]

>Looks like we're out of time, so g'night /pa/ls!


Rarity wakes up.
[...I'm getting better at dealing with them.]

Top bitch!
>Ah'm sorry you tried to clean up mah mess...

>LOVEBUG! I have come to relieve you of duty! You may rest for the day while I and our considerable number of helpers get to work keeping the kingdom running smoothly, go free and in peace.


>Something wrong?

“That’s the first time you called me Lovebug.”

>Huh. Really?


>I could have sworn I said it before.

“Maybe once or twice, but never like that. It’s mostly Paperbug or something.”

>Oh. Well, do you not like it?

“No… just the opposite, I love it.”

>Well, good! Can finally get you back for calling me Shiny all the time.

“Yeah, you can…”



>Ahem. So! Relieved of duty?

“Right, right! I’ll be off. Thank you.”

>You know I’m out to make your life better.

“Yeah… you are. Thank you.”


Quietly, she gets up, and moves to pass him.

Just before she moves on, her head darts over, and gives him a long kiss on his cheek. Without another word, she scampers off, and leaves him.

>…Occasionally I get it right.
>Guard 1
“Guard 2”


“…Should we talk about it?”

>I dun wanna.

“Good talk.”

“That cannot be healthy.”

>What is health to me, anymore?

“At this point, probably about another month of your life?”

>Ah, yes, because of the crippling, I forgot.

“Well, don’t, you’re not well and you’re not going to get better at this rate, so stop making it worse. You’re not well enough to try the things you used to do, and you’re going to have to live with that until you are healed, so stop.”



>That’s the first time someone just outright told me to stop.

“Well you’re certainly not going to get any better otherwise! You’re hurt, you’re actually and truly hurt, and though the cause of it was noble you still did this to yourself, so only you can make it better. You did a good thing, wonderful even, but that’s not going to fix you. Nothing is but time, focus, and caring. You’re very lucky that you have a host of loved ones who will gladly bathe you and wipe your ass if you ever prove unable, do not squander it trying to prove something else.”



>…I liked it better when everyone tip toed over the subject.

“I’m not doing that.”

>I can see that.


>…Alright, very well, please help me out from under the ten pound weights.

“Those say two pound.”

>Look you don’t have to pretend what I’m doing is fine and I’ll magically get better, but at least don’t make me feel worse.

“Do you really need to pretend they’re heavier?”

>…no, I need you to help me get them off.

“There’s a good punchbug. You’ll be fine, just stick with it, and do your best to be healthy.”

>…can we fit milkshakes in there?

“I’m being blunt, not a lifesucking monster.”
... This should have come from AJ
>from AJ


Sorry, she's too busy being crowbared into even the slightest semblance of an important occurrence.

Even though this is, at best, a rather lackluster repition from when the Gryphons last parked their airship in Canterlot.

So, again, HAH!
Search your feelings, you know it to be true!


>Mommy? Ah’m not allowed in Canterlot, can ya’ show me how ta’ buggaloo? Two flick, not three. Ah’m not short enough for three.

“Several things wrong with what you just said.”

>Ah’m like a cake, Ah’ gots layers and Auntielestia is always happy ta’ see me.

“…I’m stealing that.”

>Words gotta be free!

“That’s why I’m not paying you.”

>Well ya’ gave me yer’ two cents, so Ah’m compensated.

“…Stealing that.”

>Ah’ just said it was free! Mah’ words are like a marchmalley, they ain’t made to be in the wrapper, but shared!

“You should write a book.”

>Ah’ can’t write yet, we’re still learning phobics.


>…Ah’ got a long road ahead of me.

“In the interest of time, why can’t you go to Canterlot?”

>Ah’ scare catbird lady.

“The Queen is there? Oh, dear… well, yes, best if you avoid her, she has problems and we want Equestria to have a chance to make things right”

>There ya’ go! Sooo… buggalooo scadoo?


>Gots a baby, gotcha. Forget sometimes.

“We can play Candyland.”

Two is shockingly good at that.

>Potsticker now?

“Look, discussions were had, things were said, plans were made, horrible realizations occurred, we’re stopping.”

>You sure?


>Alright, geeze.

“…So what do you think is going on in there?”

>Catbirds being assholes and stubborn princesses being stubborn.

“Knocked it out of the park in one.”

>It’s gotten predictable.

“How do you think it’s going to end?”

>I’ll put money on ‘optimistic’. You?

“I’m your dark side, so I say she fucks it up.”

>You are not.

“Am so.”

>I literally saw you try to eat a donut and get your hoof stuck to the box.

“The box of darkness.”

>I watched a lot of ponies die.

“…More, inner darkness.”



>…You’re probably right.


>Don’t rub it in…
Shut your nigger bitch mouth
>Even though this is, at best, a rather lackluster repition from when the Gryphons last parked their airship in Canterlot.

...You mean the single story thing that ended with her screaming and stomping off?

Oh, right
I was about to say "You don't have to cram her in everything', but this one instance I do think it would have fit a wee bit better due to character. Celestia is more tricky and vague with her teachings, she likes to play around with you and make you find the truth inside all along, AJ is the one who's like "There's yer' problem."

Not knocking the story, of course. It was a funny little piece of back and forth from a VERY rare pair, so I liked seeing them interact without Shiny in the middle, just agreeing with the sentiment that didn't quite mesh with Celly's history.


“That ain't healthy.”

>What is health to me, anymore?

“At this point, probably about another month of yer life?”

>>Ah, yes, because of the crippling, I forgot.

“Well, don’t, yer not well and yer not going to get better at this rate, so quit making it worse. Yer not well enough to try the things y' used to do, and y'all hafta to live with that until yer healed, so stop.”


>That’s the first time someone just outright told me to stop.

“Darn it! Yer certainly not going to get any damn better otherwise! Yer hurt! Y'all actually got truly hurt, and though it was all noble y'all still did this to yourself, so only YOU can make it better! Y' did a good thing, mighty wonderful even, but that ain't gonna fix you. Nothing but time, focus, an' caring will. Y'all are very lucky that y' gotta whole family who'll gladly bathe you and wipe yer ass iffin y'all can't, don't you squander it by tryna prove something else.”



>…I liked it better when everyone tip toed over the subject.

“I don't do that"

>I can see that.


>…Alright, very well, please help me out from under the ten pound weights.

“Those say two pound.”

>Look you don’t have to pretend what I’m doing is fine and I’ll magically get better, but at least don’t make me feel worse.

“Do y'all really need to pretend they’re heavier?”

>…no, I need you to help me get them off.

“Now that’s a good punchbug. Y'all gonna be fine, just stick with it, and do yer darndest to be healthy.”

>…can we fit milkshakes in there?

“Heck yeah we can, come on, I’m being blunt, not a lifesucking whatchimcallit.”
Spelling errors aside, that does fit weirdly better.
Nah, I liked Celly being motherly better.
That's my problem with the other, she's not being motherly and gentle. I mean, it's not bad, but it's not really kind and caring and 'the answer is inside you all along!' It's "As your friend, I'm being blunt here, this is your problem so stop being so damn stubborn.'

>Feeling good! I'm feeling good! Feeeling gooooood!

"Not in public, darling."

>Meh, I'm royalty, I can do it wherever I want.

"Well, I'm royalty, and I say you most certainly cannot!"

'And I say let the stallion skip, curse you!'



'...What? Princes got to stick together.'





"...You're outside the castle."

'O-oh? You uh, you both hadn't heard?'

>Heard what?

'Well, Auntie eventually... you know, I suppose I proved myself capable of at least some relief after all these years, sooo...'

"Celestia released you?"

'That is why I'm not being arrested, yes.'

>So, wait, are you back to being a prince?

'...Huh! You know, I never even looked into that. Probably not, right? It's not like Auntie Celestia would just let someone who tried to take over the world go right back to being a royal immediately after...'



'I'll ask about that. Hey! That means we might be royal buddies!'

>Don't call us that.

"Do NOT call us that."

'Oh come on, I think I'd be a shining new addition!'

>You did not!

'N-no, not Shining like you, shining like... you know, because Ha! I'm white, and you're white, and we're all whities!'



'In a color sense, not a race sense... though we all are unicorns-'


'We were all born unicorns.'

"Thank you!'

'...it's not racist if I find that weird, right?'

>Only if you don't think other races are inferior.

'Ha ha! I meant the white thing, silly! Who cares what race you are when color is so much more important! Like you, or me, or her before her wings, or even Fancy! All unicorns, but more importantly white

"...He actually does make a little sense with that and it scares me."

'See? Nooot racist!'

>You're colorist then.

'...I'm going to go check on that prince thing now.'

>You do that.

"Good day."

'Good day...'

He leaves

"...We're going to have to put up with him now, aren't we?"


"I'll get my wine."
>Blueblood is still a prince

It's compltely IC for Celestia and fucking hilarious.

Decisions had always come easy to the changeling before.

"Make a choice."

This time was different.

This time the path before him, even though it could only reach a few feet ahead, felt it stretched on forever.


He'd made a lot of foolish choices in his life. Choices he'd come to regret the instant they'd happen, and choices that had nearly made it the last regret he'd ever had. Choices that had short instant consequences, and choices that had not yet finished their toll on his life. He's made a lot of foolish ones.

He'd made quite a lot of good ones as well.

His previous choices had granted him allies, advancement to his cause, more knowledge than he knew what to do with, and quite a lot more at that. Some choices had left him shamed and half dead, yet some had taken him further than he ever thought.

All of them paled in comparison to the one that lied in front of him now.

"Time's wasting."

Now, everything he'd done so far, every brick he'd laid before, ceased to matter. Now, he could have so much more than he'd ever thought possible, even with the endless toiling and work he'd put into it so far. His every act was but a drop in the bucket compared to this, true freedom.

True Independence.

He would be a liar even a changeling would call foul if he'd said he'd never wanted to be more than an infiltrator. He'd be a fool if he'd ever claimed he was content to merely serve the Queen. He doubted any were, at least truly. He was loyal, he was dedicated to her cause, he was willing to fight, bleed and perhaps one day die for her, and even to him the thought that he would pass up the chance to be her superior seemed surreal.

He was loyal to his Hive as any could ever be, but he was no fool.

Yet even for him, this seemed extreme.


He could finally break free of any shackles of her rule, and the pony spoke nothing but truth when she said that he could easily sway a massive number of his kind to his new kingdom should it be built, so long as he could offer them safety, security, and an unending source of love. With the power that now danced beneath his hooves, even the smallest of solider would prove an insurmountable challenge to any in her Hive at present moment, and a hoard of them an unstoppable army that could fight back nearly any foe without effort.

He truly could be the very first Changeling King, ruler of the New Hive, and none could stand in his way.

He could match and defeat the Queen who would defy him, stand above those who would bow before him, become far more than he ever could with a thousand years of his current plan. Perhaps even one day, with this vast love given to him, unlock the secret of ascension she and her kind kept hidden so miserly. He could grow beyond his current form into true rule, true immortality.

Even so, he hesitated.

If he were to go this route, those in his Hive who denied him would never forgive him. Some, many even, would stay by their Queen through the darkest of times in hope of the brightest morning that one day she would surely bring. His Queen would exile him and bar him out of nothing but rage alone, on the off chance she dared not try to take his life.

That itself was doubtful.

She was an angry sort when she was at her worst, the hatred she was capable of was sometimes blinding, something obvious to even him. She would not hesitate to turn on him, seek his death, if only to use as an example to all others what fate would befall them if they too chose this path.

She would seek his demise out of self preservation, fear, and paranoia, and would not cease until he had died in battle or asleep in his bed.


To choose this path was a path of rule, and fear. Waking moments hoping that none had slipped past the barriers laid in their way to take him when his power was not absolute. No chitin, no matter how charged, could block all attacks, and the hulking beast at his side proved no defense was absolute when their insides still remained vulnerable.

He could defeat her, in time. Overwhelm her with attrition of an endless supply of love, overpower her by surprise when she woefully underestimates just how much he held, maybe even turn some of those very skills back against her and slay her in the night.

His body retched in an involuntary spasm of disgust when the thought of her lying dead at his hooves fluttered past his mind, but it would not chase away the image.

The thought of ever truly hurting her, slaying her, disgusting him to his very core, a fact he could not deny no matter how disgusted he felt at such an obvious and deadly weakness. Any could use him and toss him aside with such a glaring flaw in his abilities, any could easily and effortlessly defeat him if they only knew how pathetic he truly was.

Perhaps with this power, he could overcome it. Mind magics to erase the weakness, power flowing through to push past until the battle is won, there were ways if he chose to be the one to finally end the reign of all Queens, and usher in a Hive ruled by those who had made their own destinies.

It was a romantic thought the more he dreamed of it.

He still did not reach out and accept her offer, not yet.

Even aside from the strife it would bring, even aside from the loss of his Hive he would bring as he too became little more than a Flake, even aside from the lifetime of fear and the knowledge he would have to work to overcome his fault to truly rule, there was one final issue he could not slip past no matter how stealthily he tried to ignore it.

The gathering inside of Everfree Forest, who awaited his return.


If he were to take this path, he could not help but wonder what it would mean of Buttercup and the others.

He needed them now, as he was, to find the way to turn them into a means to never go hungry again, and never again rely on a pony to gain their power. Their use in releasing the shackles of the bindings of the magic of love could not be understated, and their abilities they brought with them could usher in a new era of magical development unlike any other for the changeling race.

With this, all that became completely unneeded.

What use was keeping up thus far unsuccessful research when the answer was so much easier and simpler? What good was doing all of the work himself with the new age was given on a silver platter with no input or toiling of his own? What point was there in struggling, fighting, failing and trying again and again and again to gain a new viable source of love when this one was so very fruitful and so very convenient?

He would have no use for them, any of them.

They could all be discarded and forgotten without a single thought, and their one purpose found a thousandfold elsewhere.

He would turn them away, back to what they used to be, mindless, instinct driven animals with no sapience, no idea of what they truly were more than the vaguest notions of sight. No more hopes or personality or aspirations.

No more dreams.

He could gain an endless and all powerful nation, at the cost of discarding all that he had built. All he'd worked for, all he'd studied, all he'd dreamed up and toiled, and it was simply pointless. All of this to bring him to this point, including the very ideals that had made him risk his life on such a deadly mission, all of it was now able to be forgotten and pointless.

So dies all he had built, and long would King Seven reign.


If only he took it, and damned the consequences that followed.


There would be consequences and a toll to pay if he let her go. For in the end, that's all he meant in this situation, if he were to clash against her, or let her go, nothing more.

His gain would mean her true victory, and all that came with it.

All that came with the Orb, and the horrors it could bring.


There was real danger in what she offered, that much could not be ignored. There were a great many possibilities of what could be found in the end result of the Orb of Variolus, and seldom few of them good. He'd not the knowledge nor the skill or wisdom to divine what she meant to do with it, her plans thusfar had completely outstripped his ideas and put even his grander thoughts to shame. He felt like an ant looking up at a dragon, seeing only pieces, only what his mind could understand, and knowing there was so much more, and it was so very deadly beyond what he imagined.

But he would have his kingdom all the same.

He would do just as he declared he would, all the same.

If she brought ruin to the world, he would have his kingdom.

If she brought salvation to the world, he would have his kingdom.

Simply put, however the chips fell from this experiment, whatever ending she wrought, he would lose nothing save those who tried and failed to fight her. He would fly on in victory, no matter what way the tower fell. She might wipe out all of the changelings who would fight, but many more would still remain. Chrysalis might hunger for his soul after she learned of his betrayal, but that soul would burn brightly with more power than she could find. All he had done so far could be left behind, burned away, and none of it would matter. All he could build would be over the ashes of what he had forged.


She might destroy all he knew, but it mattered so little when he could build so much more with what he would learn.

To let her succeed in assurance, and himself with it, and lose all that had come before for a bright new future as king.

To stop her now, continue his research in a mad gamble, pray that he found some answers while he would live beneath the rule of the Queen for the rest of his comparatively short life.

All he'd had before.

All he could make.

That was the choice she gave him.


When the last echo of her words sang through the empty hall, it had all come to an ending.

When the last of that long moment had finished and the hand of the clock finally turned, he found his answer.

Whatever the future may bring, it was over.


He made his choice.
"....So was that a yes or a no?"

>Find out next time ON PONYZBALL P

Okay I know this is technically just 'filler'(As much as actual CD could be considered filler) but holy shit I enjoyed the hell out of that. I love introspection pieces and especially lesser character ones. Seven actually has a huge moral dilemma here, and yet his reasoning still makes me think that no matter which one he chooses he's not 'the bad guy'. I love it when characters have hard, solid debates with themselves where both answers make sense in their own ways and that war between the selfish and the heroic selfless make it better.

Seven wants to be 'the hero of the changelings', but he has his own dreams and wants too. He hates the idea of actually killing or hurting anyone, but admits that otherwise he might never get out of his place in the world and really be important on a grand scale. This is good character design. Fucking. Love It.
"...Alright like, what? Alright you're saying yes to me, alright lets do this, or-"


"You son of a bitch."

For... Seven?
... I kinda like 007 now and I don't know how to feel about that. I've been making fun of him for years now, this is weird.
You just know something fucked up is going to happen next time.
AJ totally had something of this caliber before

Certainly more than once


Ehhh, it was "Two years of story development" with Apple Crazy, but aside from that yeah there's more than one of those, don't forget the Spike-Breakup.
Not "THREE YEARS!" aside from that time she debated her relationship with Spike.

That aside obviously, Cordyceps internal debate and Apple Crazy instantly spring to mind. She's very cerebral and very little action in a lot of this...
>I'm actually doing stuff now and really developing!

"Isn't that EXACTLY what happened to Spike before he got stabbed and thrown off a building?"

>...aw nuts.
>I'm probably fine-


~Hey, Sunset.~


~ I have killed a bunch of children today and want it to stop, but I guess I have to settle for this.~

"Shut the fuck up flash.
Mothers aren't always gentle you fool, they do what's best and some times that's a literal/metaphoric slap to the face.

>Huh. Am I still a prince?... Do... how do I find out about that? I mean, it should be pretty easy to figure out, right? There has to be official documents... then again I don't remember signing any... or signing anything... or a lot of parties. Wow, I was a bit of a mess back then. But surely there must be some way, right? Someone actually has to have the knowledge of that? Right? Right!?

"Why don't you just go to the Royal Registry Archive?"

>...The what?

"Down the hall sixth door to the right."

>That's not a broom closet!?


>That's... huh. Interesting!

"It is kinda!"

>One question though.


>How, ahhhh, how do you know that, Arana?

"...I see things in the vents."


"Lots of things."

>...Down the hall I go! Do you want to come with me?

"Sorry, can't! Mister Fister and Black Eye usually start arguing here, I don't want to miss the punches!"


>...This castle is much stranger than I remember.
>Mister Fister and Black Eye

...I... I don't...

>Even though this is, at best, a rather lackluster repition from when the Gryphons last parked their airship in Canterlot.

Obvious bait aside, I do admit I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Like, I've got an outline for where I want it to go, but filling it with funny and interesting turns is proving more of a challenge than I thought.

Ironically Applejack is the easy part, it's just trying to figure out how to make this twist into something unexpected that's challenging.
Not sure how to help there, but do remember not everything has to have a Twist to it.
I find it so strange and amazing how planning to color something in has effected my work. Consistency in my stylization, which is my biggest fault I think, is coming easier! Its not changing like a freaking lava lamp as much! I might even be able to take a crack doing the origin post comic again!

Actually I should just wait for the tablet for that... Wouldn't want to have to do it over twice, ya know?

Good for ya! How's Flash coming? I want to see his mangled body like you wouldn't believe!
God, you know how to hype man
I...! Haven't started, sorry. Its all still forming in my brain still. Once I have something a bit more solid, I'll putnit down on paper.

Hype-man! Do do dooo!
>I...! Haven't started, sorry.

And now I'm sad, you've dashed my hopes and dreams...
Night Thread!

>And welcome to another episode of fantastically… oh dear, it seems my guests haven’t arrived yet. I wonder what could be keeping them… hm? I’m sorry, mister producer, can you speak up?....Oh… oh dear! Oh my, that’s not good. How bad was it?...How many stitches?... Oh, that is a lot… hm… so when are they getting out of prison?... That seems a bit long….oh my, that’s just in holding?...oh… ohhh dear…


>…Please stay kind. Please, please, please stay kind… you never know what might happen otherwise.
Xcom Pinkie haunted my dreams last night, why must the other ideas plague my mind instead of the things I need to actually work on?
Such as?
Everything really.
Im assuming this is Schmoe, and if so, can I see? I really love the idea of XCOM Equestria, and no one fucking finishes their stories on fimfiction, so any kind of content is like a godsend to me. Please?
Sure thing /pa/l-o-mine! Just a heads up though it is my brand of anthro


>…So what kinda interviews do you think I’m gonna get?


>Well yeah, you can’t interview a ghost!


>Crazy even!


>The best!


>…But maybe we should get a puppy fluff piece, just in case.

So sad when BBB dies... Like for reals sad...
This is the second time I've seen this, are there plans to destroy best Robert? I see no point or gains from it at all.

>Harry? I’m home! Did everything go okay while I was out?... Harry?

When he opened the door, he could never have imagined what he would see.


Red painted the walls, chunks of meat dripping and oozing out it’s lifeblood in puddles all around. Hanging from every possible hook were the entrails that still held warmth and still pumped out the last of their final remains of fluids that mingled together in a congealed mess.


There, in the center, surrounded by the peeled bones and broken skulls of creatures big and small was the red stained, snarling bear, mouth foaming with a mixture of his spit and the pieces of still beating hearts that he clenched between filthy, disgusting teeth. When enraged and hungry eyes landed on the changeling he let back a deep snarl and with a sharp inhale of breath released a terrifying and angry guttural roar.


>…So did everything go okay?

The bear shrugged.

>Stained the carpet!?


>Harry, I have to get that steam cleaned!


>I know you didn’t mean to, but you did! That’s what matters!


>Fine, fine. Just so long as you didn’t stain anything else-

KNOCK KNOCK rang from the door.

~Hello? Mister changeling guy? I need to file a complaint about someone dragging a hellhound through my carrots!~


The bear shrugged again.


>Hair styling!?


>...You could use a shave.



“Grug grugh grug!”

He walked off, paws snapping up and down to mimic the mouth that would not stop nagging him, and with a huff he exited the abode, passing by a orange haired pony on his way out.


~Sixteen heads, it was weird.~

>Why didn’t he just sing at them?

~I think he’s dealing with some issues.~

>Oh, that bear.

Absentmindedly, the changeling brushed off a severed windpipe from his legs.

>What a silly old bear…
....cheer has a problem.
“Records pony”


“Trust me, I was just as shocked as you and planning to stuff this document somewhere unpleasant before you saw it.”

>…huh! That’s… neat?

“It’s really not.”

>I suppose this means I must go forth and regain my honor!

“Or you could give it up and go back to not existing like everyone thought you did.”

>To the love of my ponies that I shall win with grace, and soon they will know I give myself to them!

“Give us the receipt.”



“…I wanted to be a princess you know.”
Naw really?
Big Mac? Is that you moon lighting as a receptionist?
>Sometimes, he goes into her room, and puts on her tiara.
>He knows she won't mind, she doesn't like it anyway.
>Her dress too, but he's so careful with it.
>He just wants to wear them for a bit.
>And pretend.

>We’re not that white, are we?

“No, of course not!”

>I mean, we’re white, but we’re not white-white, right?

“Right! We’re completely relateable!”

>Yeah, we’re just your average joes.

“No different than any other!”

>Exactly! That’s why I only do a portion of my kingdoms paperwork, not all of it! I barely even do all the captain of the guard stuff any more. I may be the first pony ever to marry and be a father to an alicorn’s child, but that just means I’m more normal. Love! What’s not normal about being love?

“And I only run three successful businesses in three separate high class locations instead of four, I couldn’t do four, I have princess stuff to do!”

>Any average joe would understand that. Right?


“See? This fellow gets it. How is your flight training going, good white sir?”

~I wish I had more time between pumping my weights, but I balance it!~

>Good show! Anyone can understand weight lifting to the point your guns are bigger than actual guns, while also flying on the class of the highest tier of fliers with wings the size of dodo wings! It’s the pony dream!

“Just like making something beautiful!”

~Or being a leader!~

>We’re normal!

“Who says white ponies are overbearing and overworking success chasers?”

>Nothing but stereotypes.




~…You guys are cool.~

>My whitey!

“My whitey!”





>…You guys want to get milkshakes?

“Milkshakes sound wonderful!”

~Make mine protein shakes!~

>Oh, that normal white pony him!

“So normal!”
...stop making me realize things about the show I didn't want to know

>White ponies? Having clearer paths towards the upper elite? That's colorist. Stop being colorist,
Not the other guy, but this isn't that bad.

>Alright, time to get better... let's... DO THIS! AHHHHHHH!



{Images of her resting peacefully in a bed.}


{Carefully measuring a proper and varied diet


{Thinking about running but then she TOTALLY DOESNT!}










I should not be laughing this hard at the images of her doing all that in permawarface.

"Hey, Shining are you-OH NO!"



>Want some ice cream?



"...Is... is this a trap?"


"Ah. Thank you for being honest with me."


"It's just that you have the best ice cream, ever. i don't know where Shiny gets it, but if I'd know he was capable of finding it, I'd have married him shortly after we first met."

>Had your chance!

"I did... I did..."


"So what's in the trap?"

>Lots of me complaining about being fat. And ice cream.

"...ice cream is nice."

>Ice cream is VERY nice.

"...curse youuuuu..."



"Cuuuuurrseee youuu....nom."

>"I did... I did..."
I'm a huge opponent against anthro, but damn that suit is fine.
Remember guys, Applejack WILL be involved in the finale

The Triumvirate Minus One wouldn't disappoint us, would they?

{Brushes her teeth to keep from letting them rot}


{Reads in bed under a warm blanket}


{Considers boxing a giant bag... decides against it.}


{Considers eating unhealthy chocolate bars. Decides against it for something more healthy.}


Thanks! The 3rd armor deco of the body armor seemed perfect for Pinkie, having her in that as a heavy just seems right in my mind. Tell me, is there anything extra grating about my style that bothers you? I'd love some more critic on it, I want to fine tune it as much as possible.

Also on another note, I finally figured out how I'm going to do Flash. I'm going to literally butcher him piece by bloody piece and then build each part individually and once I'm done, I'll reassemble him. I'm going to be really detailed and "interactive" with it... connect with my inner Twientist!

Brace yourselves, this is going to get dark and weird!
>ell me, is there anything extra grating about my style that bothers you?

Honestly? Not really. Her proportions are pretty reasonable, except maybe the hands are a little too curved and look a bit like flippers with odd fins at the end. I guess if I had to nitpick the look on her face doesn't quite feel right with the hair, it's bright and poofy when she's happy but she's got this scowl on her face that isn't reflected in it and It might be the quality but I'm not sure what's going on with the V on the crotch there.

Fantastic news on Flash!
Awwww yeah, flash is gonna get freaky!
>Schmoe getting crazy

Dis gon be goood
Ah yes the hair, I kinda already did it before I realized it didn't work. Believe me it'll look better scanned, and thanks for the note on the hands.

I don't know if I would be more disappointed if they suddenly crammed her in or if she missed it completely.

Like, everything else is so damn crazy intricate that it would be a shame to watch her suddenly be the last episode seventh ranger and lose all of that buildup.
>Silver Spoon

>...I shouldn't be here.

She heard the building rock again.

>Nobody should be here.

She heard her friend cry out again.

>This is awful, all of this is awful.

She watched the blue on the walls pulse with a strange power.

>It's wrong.

She heard the crumbling outside continue as more pieces fell away.

>All of this is so wrong.

Everything about it was surreal. Her mind kept returning to the green fields, colorful buildings, simple words and simpler adventures back home. Back in Ponyville she could be safe happy and free, but here she found nothing but fear. Everything was wrong.

>This shouldn't be happening.

This wasn't the place she knew at all. This wasn't her world. She was in a place she didn't know, fighting someone she'd never met, and watching as everyone tried to tear each other apart in pitched battles she wanted nothing to do with. She was never meant to be here. She was never meant to be a part of any of this. Nobody and none of them were meant to be a part of this.

>How did this happen?

What she wouldn't give to go back to her world, the real world. The world with teachers and songs and school and making fun of blankflanks and safety. Even with monsters outside her town she'd never felt so worried and so sure the end was right around the corner.

>Why is any of this happening?

The world fell apart around her and all she could do was lie there as her friend battled literal monsters and cyborgs.

>...I'm sorry.

She reached out to the hoof still reaching towards her but could not reach it. She would have to get up to do that, and she could not find the strength.

>I'm so sorry.

All he could do was lie there and wait for it to be over.

>I want to go home.

Around her the world shook and she continued to wait.

>I want to go home...

Wait and hope that when it was all over, she would still be alive enough to leave.
WHY IS WRITING INTROSPECTION SO FUCKING HARD!? Seriously that took way longer than it should have and I'm still not satisfied with it, I just posted it because I was sick of laboring over it and wanted to get back to the DT VS Flash/Fizzle Fight. But damn! I wanted to really stretch my introspection muscles and feels like I fell super flat here. This isn't whining, sorry if it comes off like that, I'm just more venting and showing I respect that some other writers(in this thread or outside it)can actually pull it off. I'm going to stick to boom boom.
Welcome to my fucking life trying to write AJ.
I actually like the contrast to KKA here. He's got very deep and very introspective considerations of all sides, yours is very much see what is there and that's what it is.

It's not a soldier rethinking his life, it's a scared little girl who's in a warzone against dragons and androids and lasers and missiles. She doesn't need to think too deeply, it's called shitting herself in fear.
Okay what is the deal with that whole "Building is ripping off chunks" thing?

I'm super confused, I thought the building chunks were full of LOVE, which she needs, so it's literally removing sections of it's own power to... what?

I love the imagry of the building collapsing but this makes no sense.
Maybe it's unstable and Sunset doesn't know?

It did start cracking apart later, after the Godthing got loose...
I figure it's building up to a reveal. It's obviously Sunset's move, since it didn't go after the room Sweet Note was hiding in.
Jaysus... This might actually be the first NSFT set of images... WHO WANTS A PEEK!?
God I don't want to see it but I want to see it.
Has Joe finally fallen to the dark side?
Here ya go!

What do ya mean? I was always on the dark side!

LOVE the schematic feel.
I can't wait to see these get scanned, I feel like there's a lot of little details I'm missing and it already looks really impressive.
If you can keep it going for long enough, I'll be more than happy to cap it off with an... interesting dilemma.
I thought you meant something else and I'm not weirdly relived it's not that.
>Ghost in the Shell music begins
>Implying Two is too young to understand medical science

She is best doctor and you know it.
>It's just medical stuff

Cheeky little Joe.

You know what we were expecting.
I purposely left the top most part off though, where Twilight and the rest of his body is. Minus the recently severed limb.

You're right bout the minor details, like the edge of the peeled skin not covered in blood being light orange.
>You're right bout the minor details, like the edge of the peeled skin not covered in blood being light orange.

Huh... Why must you tempt us so? What, are we supposed to use our imagination?

Get outta here.
I get the feeling this is only a glimpse, and can't wait for more
Well you are very much correct.

Also, one off..
The true reveal is that Sunset was hopelessly oblivious to EVERYTHING that was going on around her after she picked Chitania, so that she finds her plan, literally in pieces around her, has collapsed with next to no actual input from hostiles, all cos she was too busy salivating over Chitanias half dead body

Fucking necrophiles, never trust them
>The true reveal is that Sunset was hopelessly oblivious to EVERYTHING that was going on around her
I know you were poking fun... but can you imagine that moment when she realizes out that the moment she had power, people and a small 'kingdom' of her own, she fucked up just as badly as any of the other princesses? That she isn't any better than them, despite her claims and thoughts otherwise?
>Ah' told you so
That would actually be pretty good
As soon as Sunset and Chitto step through the portal, destroy Cell's and Lulu's parents and become vengeful deities themselves.
Implying Chitty and Faust won't fight and stalemate without destroying reality, thus becoming respected opponents. And that Faust won't heal Sunsets heart and soul, since it was her foolish daughter and her disciples that kinda made it all happen and that she should learn to forgive again even if things will never be right with them. Every one dead becomes not dead and now Everyone can will and must work together to defeat Blue Luminescence and save the world together!

And thus the slate is wiped clean. This has been Schmoe Joe with implying, now back to Arts!

Now here, were going to paint this little happy bush...

>A big changeling with the work of One (1) unicorns magi-teck armour
>Being able to Kill God, The Mother Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth, of all things Seen and Unseen, and the Rest of the Nicean Creed that I Keep Forgetting
Come on, we're not Platinum and we shouldn't try to be
Why does every one say kill!? I never said kill, Chitty never said it either! Chitty just wants to fight and Sunset is the only way there, Sunset is the one with the kill boner for god death! Chitty is just piggybacking on sunny despite their relationship.
Ah shouldn';t have said kill

shoulda said

>Being able to even come close to God the yadda yadda

...How do they even know they won't get zorped by the mere presence of the Impossible and Neverwere Immaterium? What kind of tests can you run against what is beyond physical reasoning?
Mortals fight gods all the time, the princesses and Changing Queens are practically demi gods, they're more than enough to fight them. Thing is, Even gods have to play by certain rules, unleash your full might and reality or parts of it might be wiped from existence. She has to fight on their level, in the immeterium she might have more leeway than just throwing soap, redirecting vomit, and making sure you steal lost for a while. Hell she can barely throw a blanket over her exhausted daughter, and that might have been NC

>A big changeling with the work of One (1) unicorns magi-teck armour

I like how even Sunset in story is making fun of you for thinking that and it still keeps happening
>You see that psychotic and deranged Unicorn over there? You should believe every word she says
>Blue Luminescence

I'm staying out of the discussion, but god damn I love that name.

What a day! What a marvelous, resplendant day!

Blue was feeling green. The floor had spontaneously decided to be the far horizon. A squwaking flock of carnivorous rabbits practiced their origami folding technique in a small circle. Tress grew, their bark peeling back to reveal titanic bananas. And the many, maay, MANY clocks all hovering and floating around jointly protested against their working conditions by counting how often someone sneezed near them instead for once.

It was pure mayhem, it was disorder, it was... CHAOS.

Thus, it was just another snapshot in time of the realm Discord tentatively called 'home'. Or, well, 'refuge'. It was more of a refuge to him nowadays. Somewhere to retreat to when the orderly, clean and organized state of affairs the current generation of Material Worlders maintained bothered him just a smidgen too much.

>Mrhmhmhm... born in Canterlot... mbmblbmm...

The self-appointed Lord, Sometimes-Protector, Not-Owner and Not-Creator of said realm himself was lounging atop a small patch of AstroTurf adrift in an swirling ocean of acrylic colors. The distant fudge muffin shores were within sight and easily reached, if one of the extremely aggressive aquatic albino lions decided to drift a little too close to him. So the Trickster God felt no worry as he flicked through a worn, and torn, leather-bound tome. Upon the spine and front, written in inlaid gold letters, was a name.

~ Sunset Shimmer ~

>Daughter of... an earth pony! Dohohoho, one day! One day, I will have to ask her Lordempress on High of Equus herself why she made pony genealogy such a convoluted mess. She must have done it to spite me... or amuse.

He blushed, despite himself.

>Aah, first love. Fickle and intense.

1 / 4
Sunset still thinks she has something strong enough to contend with/weaken God in the wings, so the author using her to get meta about Chitania getting into a fistfight with Faust isn't going to change that Chitania is still going to get into a fistfight with God.

The train of thought and the goddess concerned was quickly forgotten, for Discord had a rather tiny attention spawn. Lazily, he stuffed his clawed fingers into the open maw of a nearby Largemouth Bass, then flicked onto the next page. His salt-and-pepper—colored eyebrows furrowed.

>Mother's maiden name... Sunshimmer!


Discord glanced aside at the warbling call of the winged Turducken reading the book over one of his scaled shoulders. The right corner of his mouth tugging upwards in amusement at its incredulous look.

>I know, right?! Someone should educate ponies on the possible variety of names and their meanings. Like Kevin! I always wanted to be a Kevin!

His expression darkens again immediately.

>And then I would ask Twipopple for the sweet relief of death. No one deserved to be called that.

The Turducken demonstrated its disdain by hopping off him and starting to graze on the small growth of scintillating fire crystals near his feet.

>Now, now, that's just rude, Sirra. She was quite a fine, young mare, she was.

He yanked the book up, tapping the magically animated picture of a dark-gold mare with a crimson mane and tail nuzzling and playing with her little unicorn daughter, who barely managed to waddle four paces before falling over, again and again. Still, the small foal radiated joy and happiness, for it was safe and loved.


It was diabetes-inductively sweet, so he swiftly slammed the book back down and flipped to the next page, grumbling to himself.


He didn't look up this time. He just sighed. Such a bothersome adventuring companion.

>Yes, yes, I noticed.

He didn't need to raise his head or gaze to see it.


>It won't stop on its own this time, I am afraid.

2 / 4

The huge, swirling cyclone of darkness that had started as a tiny pinprick of black in his colorful world was slowly spreading across the entirety of his plane, distorting it even further. It was hard to miss, as it ate away and disturbed the very fabric of reality he'd borrowed from the forces that were.


Discord jerked up, then swung around, pointing imperiously.

>Do not be telling me what to do, Ducky! I will have you know that matters have become worse whenever I was involved. Feelings were hurt. Ponies were hurt. I was YELLED at! So! No more. No Discord, no higher power to further complicate affairs!

He paused, glancing aside guiltily.

>Well, at least until I have straightened out past mistakes, at least.

“Bububuu buuuuu!”

His glare wavered under the scrutinizing stare of the Turducken. He lowered his finger.

>I... yes, well, you are right. Ignorance is no excuse in law, be it written or...

His eyes flicked up. He quickly tapped his fingers against his left shoulder, right shoulder, then the collarbone and finally his abdomen.


He snorted, poppy seeds raining out of his nostrils.

“You make a good point. If I am sensible enough to be holding back, I should have at least the dignity to make an appearance. Lest they forget about me. Me! As fi they would forget about someone of my importance and powerlevel. How laughable!”

He stood up tall, pointing at his chest. Somewhere nearby, a lampshade dropped into the acryl ocean. He glanced up and glared at the darkness within his realm.


Back down his gaze went, to the Turducken.

“Fine. A look. A single, inquisitive look. Just to make sure Princess Goldilocks and her merry band of adjutant princesses can handle it. But no more!”


A deal was struck, an agreement made. Hands and fins were shaken.

3 / 4

Discord snapped his finger, causing a map to pop into existence before him. With a smile filled with assurance in his victory and soon-to-be peace of mind, he unfurled the map onto the artificial grass. Handcrafted cut-out buildings, mountains and clouds popped up immediately.

Discord traced his fingers across some of the landmarks, fond remembrance making him smile.

>Good times....

And there, way, way to the Northeast of a mountain upon which 'Canterlot' had been scribbled in messy handwriting, was a small, glowing vortex of light and darkness, intermingling, staining the map. It was spreading, small crackling thunderclouds releasing energy down onto the map, scorching it.


Color drained from Discord's world. Colored drained from Discord himself. His expression darkened, worry etching deep furrows into his usually merry face. He reached out for the spot on the map, clawed hand halting midway. A moment later, he gathered his courage and wiped the clouds away, causing them to dissipate and reveal the name of the afflicted area.

>Oh bother.

A place he knew well. A place that had changed names a lot as time passed. Old memories surged up, of times long past. Of a time before princesses, of a time before there was order and justice. Of a time he barely remembered, for he himself had been young. Barely hatched onto this beautiful world.


With a sharp whip-crack, Discord's body surged upwards and he disappeared from his realm with nary a sound or any fanfare. The map dropped down, near a petrified amalgam of two creatures frozen in mid-step and a patch of withering, fake grass.

In the middle of the map, surrounded by light and chaotic discharges, was valley the dracoequus was headed for. Its had been written in large, bold letters to highlight its importance and countless margin notes had been written by him in chickenscratch to keep track of what was happening to it as centuries passed.

... seriously Sunset?

You seriously.

You have ways to stay hidden from him, ways to straight up stop him, and this ONE TIME you decide "nah let's leave it off. I mean, what's he going to do, bring over an entire army in a snap?"

You have PROVEN you can stop him from seeing you over and over and over and this ONE TIME, with the biggest event you EVER do, when you said over and over and over how much you hid from the princesses, how careful you were not to tip them off, this time you don't try to stay under DISCORDS radar. This time.

Look I get needing him in the plot, KKA, but when you break consistency like that so hard it opens up an utter fuckload of plot holes you usually try to avoid and makes no sense compared to past actions.

I'll trust you, you always seem to make it fit no matter how contradictory, but this better have a really good explanation because otherwise it's pure dumb for the sake of plot.
I think, don't quote me, but I think it's just a way for him to go warn everyone, not fight her himself, since he knows Sunset has the hairs/worked with that stuff that Chitty has and is out to Kill him.

I dunno, maybe we're going to cut back to Seven revealing he sabotaged whatever that magic thing was she used to hide herself/Chitty from setting him off back in the CE invasion? Or maybe the god thing is too big to be hidden? It might be that. Would be a little disappointing if that's true but I guess that's... a way to get AJ over there to do stuff? It's something. But then he wouldn't only grab AJ, so is this going to be an all out blitz? She'd just get lost in the shuffle if that's the case.
>Discord just brings over all of the heavy hitters.

This one is the most likely and is the only one that makes sense since whatever Sunny did to make sure he/the princesses wouldn't be warned until it was too late has obviously broken. If that's it, then yeah, AJ is not going to be doing much and that's alright. Face it, it would make no story sense for AJ to be grabbed but no others, since as far as Discord knows she's not got any special connection that Twilight doesn't have, and no story sense for Discord to try to take them on solo, he knows they have a counter to him. AJ is just going to be one of the hitters if they show up, not a heavy hitter, and that's alright. Better that then bullshit a reason for her to be the only one there.

But hey! All out fucking WAR, that's awesome!
>AJ is not going to be doing much and that's alright
>The locus point of all her failures (Alongside Twilight)
>The most responsibility for the Way Things Are
>Literal Endgame
>Not being front and centre

Come on man
She wouldn't. I mean, she wouldn't unless it was unbelievably contrived in a convoluted way that he would have to bend over backwards to make a lick of sense.

>Discord now knows what's going on boom wise
>Is going to grab EVERYBODY

What, is AJ going to push to the front of the line of superpowered badasses and be like "This is my story!" when the end of the world is happening? Nobody would let her do that, they'd be like 'Hows about we actually stop this big thing and then MAYBE if she's still alive you can have a chitchat? The fate of the universe is not up for 'maybe I can out talk her'. She's not going to be front and center and frankly I'd be more offended if he thought we cared so much about how 'important' AJ was over story that we'd let something like that slip by.
>We complained so much about AJ not being there in the finale he just said "fuck it, Discord... wasn't paying attention to the god thing until NOW, even though the thing has been going off for hours, there we go. He just was being silly, they'll buy that. And he's going to bring over everyone for the finale. There, now everyone gets to be in the finish! Everyone will like this!"

What have we done!?

...about that...

Well, uh, I certainly didn't expect this to pop up from someone, and it kind of throws a wrench into the future plans in a way I never took into account. But I can work with it! It's going to take some very major rewrites to pretty much everything from this point on, but I can include Discord's suddenly noticing. I admit, It'll be a bit of a challenge, but I'm always up for a challenge.

Sadly, that previous promise of 'next thread the arc is over for sure' will have to be shelved, and I can no longer give an end point, we can't just rush things over a big development like this that shakes up the entire story's plotline, especially when so many things need to be reconsidered and so very much needs to be changed. For instance, no, I don't expect all of you to buy that he just now noticed because Discord is silly, that's not good enough for you all and that's not good enough for me with all we did to write in he couldn't, but I'll flex some mind muscles and try to find a way to make his sudden divination fit.

In short, no, this wasn't planned, this wasn't expected, but I'll try to rethink my plot to change to this new and radically different course.

>y I'd be more offended if he thought we cared so much about how 'important' AJ was over story that we'd let something like that slip by.

Never dreamed of it for a second, so it'll take some work to deliver something satisfying, but I'll do my best!
The pit of my stomach just dropped.
File: Spoiler Image (499 KB, 640x640)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
>In short, no, this wasn't planned, this wasn't expected, but I'll try to rethink my plot to change to this new and radically different course.

Continue with Glass. No changes. Step SOMETHING STIRS is still Go.
Thank you so much for FillyBoom.
I had a half a thing written about how it would make less sense for her to try to push ahead than Twilight, who has just as much if not more direct connections with Chitania, and just as much failure with Sunset, but then >>29734076 popped up and I don't know what to think anymore. If he says he can handle it alright, and I'll never tell a writer how to write, it just sucks when he was obviously building towards a big finale that's now completely shelved for DISCORD OUTTA NOWHERE(and with 50% less meaning to the plot!) and it's especially sad since we're about to end this arc. But if he's willing to change it, then we gotta respect that.

You do you, KKA, you be crazy and wonderful.
...Kid Kuddler!?

You're okay! So happy to see you!
How do you know? Could be Ladykiller.
I'M Ladykiller! And I don't think KKA is talking to himself, and those are very specific codewords.

At least I sure hope not...
KKA don't go crazy for pone
Well glad to see you again! Hope you are feeling better.
Kid Kuddler, my man, at least I hope you are and this isn't me being silly. Glad to see you're still about.
>...Kid Kuddler!?


I am whole lot better now. No more or at least a whole lot lesssoul crushing psychological and physical child abuse. Let's wreck the world but let's also be more jovial about it!

Next part of The DT three way should be up tonight, so we can move on from there. We know KKA is about to clean up.

Things are going good.
Missed you guys. A lot. Thanks for picking up the slack for me.

How about we make our fellow /pa/ls happy and bring this ship back home on schedule~?
File: [D A M A G E D].jpg (25 KB, 300x249)
25 KB
>...about that...
But then, who was phone?!
Glad to see you're still kicking.

Lets do this.

End of next thread, for sure, it's alllllll over.

You guys will never know what hit you.
It's on!
File: index.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
Confidence restored!
>and I can no longer give an end point

Haha nah fuck that we're NCing that Discord thing
File: woah now.jpg (20 KB, 216x216)
20 KB
>Still no clue if/how AJ would get the confrontation on Sunset

>Still no clue if/how Twilight would get the confrontation on Chitania

Worrying over here
Only what he wants too.
>>Still no clue if/how AJ would get the confrontation on Sunset


>Never dreamed of it for a second,

Still worrying?

If KKA is setting something up, and he's not introducing a ton of plotholes or sudden bamfing to make it happen I'm onboard. And on that note-

Good to see you, KidKuddler, hope everything is okay and glad to see you're back to feeling better.
I'm worried that it won't be enough for her character, he probably is too

Unless he's one of those "Nah why bother with AJ I have way more better characters to mess with" guys

Please don't be one of those guys
...Are you new? If so, I understand, kind of a bit of history you'd have to know to know why that's silly, but hopefully you're up to date and here's all you need to know.

>He wrote Apple-Crazy, the arc with Applejack and the mind control apple, where her entire motivations, history, morality and work ethic and use were questioned before a balls out battle (I'm pretty sure)
>He wrote Spike-Breakup, the arc where Applejack rethought her entire perspective on love, life, and what it meant to be happy and in a relationship(I KNOW that one)

When he writes AJ, he gives 120 percent. He literally just said he's not willing to end the arc next thread if it meant he had to rush it because it required care.

He's not gonna short change her and that makes me wonder what overly massive thing he's got planned.
Today is a good day.

>...You got the stuff?

"You got the bits?"

>You're not seeing the bits until you show me the stuff.

"You're not seeing the stuff until you show me the goods."

>...very well.


>I like to think so. Now show me the stuff.



"I keep it looking good."

>Now this is only a one time thing.

"Just once, yeah. Maybe twice if it really works out."

>No more than twice unless it reaallly works out.

"I don't think it's going to work out that good."


"I have standards."

>So do I, I don't know if you've noticed.

"...proceed then."

>Very well. Open wide, and we'll see how well this works-



"...That went off a little early."

>Yeah, I didn't even get to tie the note around it's leg.

"It's a very pretty note."

>So where is it going?"

"To Cadence?"

>You trained it already?

"...You have to train pigeons before they go places?"

>Well, yeah, what did you expect a carrier pigeon to sniff her out? Even regular pigeons don't have good smell.

"...There's a difference between carrier pigeons and regular ones?"

>Besides the diseases?

"...oh crap. Uh, be right back!"


>I can never tell if this is part of the joke...
Had a nap and a crazy dream bout AUJ's Equestria and how Chrysalis went down and 42 made the last stand with the rest of the soldiers. I dreamt that during the commotion while Chrissy was dying it was Two that devoured her heart at her behest, though I could tell that she really didn't want too, but the others were occupied fighting. Thus becoming the evil being I sometimes imagine her as, it was amazing...

Its sad but the only Queen to that'll ever be is Evil Two.
>Evil Two.
I can't parse that. Seriously. I cannot. BrokenInside!Two/AUJ ooc moments kinda spoiled me
Wait, it was OOCO!?!?!?

>Now is the birth of the time of love.

“I’m terrified.”

‘Why did we agree to this!?’

~Why did we actively agree to participate in it?!~

(Why didn’t we just call everyone nerds and run off like Spitfire!?)

{Why are you in my seat? That’s weird. Stop being weird.}

>SILENCE! You have chosen to go into my land, my world, my very creation! You all have stepped forth into this grand adventure and it is far too late to back away now! Do not flee, do not fear, and behold as I take you on an adventure of love!

‘…What kind of love, and in which areas?’

>Romantic love.


~Can we do love of vengeance?~

>Is that romantic?


>Then no.

(Can we do passion love?)

~Passionately romantic.~


{Can we do snuggles?}

>Snuggles are allowed. They are romantic.


‘She meant in the game.’

{I know that!... Great, now I lost my train of thought.}

>Then think of it no more! For I ask you to join me, and follow along as we travel the world of romance, and adventure! You are tasked!

“Wow, she is really getting into this.”

‘I like it! HAH!’

~So commanding!~

(Mmmm, very commanding.)


>Now, in your path lies a door, and when you approach, they swing open! Behold, a hall of stallions lies before you! The luminous warriors of the Romare clan look up in alarm, caught off guard by your sudden entrance! Those who had foolishly taken off their armor had to make do with merely holding up their strongest of shields, yet they could not cover the oil slicked bodies that had been preparing for their daily wrestling ritual! Dozens of the Luminous warriors gather, and with massive muscles rippling in threat, they call to you to identify yourselves, or leave! Now I ask you, adventurers… dare you enter my magical realm?

{Snuggles are allowed, right?}


'~(I'M IN!)~'

"I think I'm going to go grab a drink..."


He said OOC.
He's right, >>2973541, I went back to look, I over reacted. However this did help me with one thing, it reminded me that I have to scan the Imprisoned Two picture. Heart break in high quality!


“Is it that bad?”

>I will eat your head like a gummi bear.

“I’m just curious.”

>Eighteen?... You don’t want this.

“…Well, I mean, I don’t want to rush but-“

>You don’t want this.

“I mean I wouldn’t mind-“

>You don’t want this.

“It would be worth it-“










“…but if he ever-“

>Then you will know regret.


“The west corner of the bridge, or we’re done here.”

>We ain’t letting you control the only means we have of transporting goods across the land bridge.

“Then no deal! We’re done!”

>Not happening.

“I will bar you from ever setting hoof outside of this land again! You will taste my war on your tongue!”


“This is an insult and I’ll stab and skewer you before roasting your pathetic will over an open flame!”

>Ain’t happening.

“You’re dooming your race to raids and thievery that I shall let happen!”


“You’re fat!”

>And ya’ll have an ugly beak.

“HOW DARE YOU!? See!? Insulting me! And yet you sit there silently like a coward!”

He was not silent. He was not silent at all. In fact, the THUNK, THUNK, THUNK that kept ringing out every time his head hit the table was quite loud.

“I’m not deciphering moose code here!”

>Actually, that was invented by ponies-

“Your face was invented by ponies!”

>You take that… back?


>…Is she always like this?

‘Are you!?’

>That there is offensive.

“He is in my top three of least favorite children.”


“…Where we we?”

>Ya’ll were being crazy and Ah’ was tellin’ you it’s crazy.

“Right… Doomed to battle!”


Remember when she used to be the only sane one?


“Let her handle it.”

>Ah. So thou did finally notice the griffons-

“I’ve noticed them since the beginning, as I said, let her handle it.”

>Then does thou have a plan to-

“Let her handle it.”

>And if she should once more thrust our kingdom into disarry and political chaos-

“Let her handle it.”

>I suppose there is nothing more thou shalt let us do on the matter? You know, we could use some diplomatic training ourselves.

“Let her handle it.”

>She’s going to kill us all-

“Not a chance. She will handle it, or she will not. I have plans for either outcome. Let her have her test unimpeded, please.”

>…very well.


>…Shalt we get some stress cake whilst we wait?

“PLEASE, I am so very tense.”
There's the manipulative cake bitch I know! Testing hicks and sharpening ice picks!

She had to find them.

>Which dang room did they go into!?

She’d only looked away for a second, and it had somehow slipped by. She’d just taken a single break in a long wait and that had been all they needed. She’d picked the worst moment, the worst time to look away, and now all had vanished.

Her self, the griffons, all of them were just gone.

>Okay, think, which rooms did we used to have meetings in? Come on, it was… it was…

She paused in her trot, and found herself staring with wide eyes into the vast castle.

>…Did Ah’ really never have a single meeting there?

She remained sitting, lost in the ever expanding hallways she knew but still seemed so very unfamiliar.

>Ah’ had to have met with… no, no Ah’ didn’t meet them… the yaks were in… and Ah’ never even… and the griffons, Ah’ just….

Everything was unfamiliar.

>…Who was the last one Ah’ met with?

She couldn’t recall a single one. No matter how hard she thought, she couldn’t think of a single one.

>…Just more proof that version of me sucks at this, Ah’ guess. Dang it, she’s gonna get torn up if Ah’ don’t do something!

She ran again, wild and unfocused, as she searched the castle halls.

>Ah’ have to warn her!

She would not stop, no matter what.

>Ah’ have to tell her… before it’s too late.

She would save this kingdom.

Just as she had saved another so long ago.

>They can’t be trusted.
>>They can’t be trusted.
Well, glad to know we have YOU on the case...
>>>They can’t be trusted.
>Well, glad to know we have YOU on the case...

>>You see that psychotic and deranged Unicorn over there? You should believe every word she says


...AUJ shouldn't be anywhere near Sunset in this or after. The outcome would be disastrous. Especially if Sunset confused AUJ for AJ...
Change of plans, DT VS Fizzle/Flash tomorrow

If I stop screaming
>If I stop screaming

Hah. I feel you.
Flanked by two aggressive young males, can Diamond Tiara come out on top? Or will she get roasted with a capital 'S'?
Find out next time on,
>Poor Little Pink Filly Part 2
>>Daddy's little girl gets the pounding of her life... again!
>Especially if Sunset confused AUJ for AJ...

...didn't.... didn't she show up IN FRONT OF Sunset?

Like, how is she gonna confuse her.
>The outcome would be disastrous.

Sounds to me like they should absolutely be a part of this and it would be crazy if they weren't.
Night thread
Same buddy's
Nobody but Sunset and Chktty know
, like you said, no reason to.
Do any of the a-team sans Spike even know about her at all?

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