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File: acoustic Bloom.jpg (143 KB, 634x700)
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Not done Bloom Loving just yet
Love is in Bloom (completed)

Love Bloomed

Other stuff
I want to kiss bloomy
File: boxing1.jpg (546 KB, 904x1031)
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File: cute.png (69 KB, 163x256)
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what is it about boxing girls that's so cute? I think it's the boots.
They sure help. But that confidence sure is endearing
File: comic apples.jpg (384 KB, 636x696)
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384 KB JPG
Showering with Bloomy for the first time
oh fuck yes. especially with a practical excuse such as limited hot water.
>go into it intending to flip a coin
>apple bloom wins but then not so subtly suggests you should just share it because you're both sweaty and she's gonna suffer one way or another otherwise
>down here?
File: Snow Apple Bloom.png (133 KB, 415x268)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
> “Ah hahahaha!”
>Apple Bloom guffaws a mighty guffaw as she spies the roll of fate: another railroad, under her belt!
>You beam with pride at the pretty industrialist’s growing enterprise.
>That’s your girl!
>Furthermore, she’s beyond the realm of your businesses, leaving you free from the threat of having to charge her.
>It wasn’t that big of a deal, but you couldn’t really help it:
> you didn’t want her to land in that kinda place.
>Granny smith takes her turn next, peacefully meandering over to the local jail.
>She didn’t go in, but rather sat on the sideline, just visiting her grandson.

> “How ya doin’ in there?”
>She asks sweetly, completely genuine.

> “Been better,”
> he comments, with his characteristic, subtle sense of humor.
>You hadn’t been playing the properties game with Big Mac long, but you had an eye for the competition, and you had a feeling that he was one of those types that laughed without laughing.

> “Oh, Ah’m sorry dear.
>”You’ll get out of there soon enough.”
>Soon enough isn’t soon enough for Big Mac, who soon sees that the next tumble of chance fails to grant him a reprieve.
>His eyes flicker, remembering the political clout of one of his opponents.
>If only, if only, dear Big Mac.
>AJ takes her turn, stealing up the last light blue property, lingering far behind everybody.
>Poor girl, she’s setting herself up for quite a ride:
> most of the upcoming properties have been claimed, so she’s still got quite a few traps set up for her.
>But for this turn, she’s successful, so her mood stays the same.
>Next up is yourself, and lady luck gives you a mixed bag.

>In a spontaneous fit of freespiritedness, the kind that defined you back in your college days, you meet up with your number one girl and take a ride on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

> Of course, you lose a bit of money doing so, even more in potential losses of the ventures you might have taken.
>Three new avenues had opened up in Orange County, all of which promised a fair amount of profits, should anybody arrive to take them up on it.
>But that could wait, you tell yourself.
>Life is about more than money, more than winning or losing at the stock market.
>To hell with this!
>You toss the heaps of paperwork off your desk, shoving them in your drawer.
>Today, you’d do something else.
>You don’t know what, but something, with the one person in the world you hated doing things without.
>So, you inform your secretary that you’ll be out for the day, and to set up some meetings for tomorrow, preferably in the O.C.
>She’s a little surprised that you aren’t going to see them today, but she keeps her peace.
>As you think of the potential plans ahead of you, a burst of giddiness soars through your chest.
>You swing dance down the marble steps, and waltz over to your town car.
>Hopping in the back, you holler at your recently arrived chauffeur:
> to home, my boy, to home!
>He follows your instruction without a word.
>Polite boy, you know; you’d give him a raise when you got back.
>The city can’t rush by fast enough.
>The door barely greets your eyesight when you dash up to it, throw it open and call out:
> Apple Bloom!
>A nearby maid reminds you of where she is today, and you grin.
>Oh, that’ll work just fine.

> Another swift cab ride brings you to the newly erected Pennsylvania State Railroad Station, the second of a line your beloved wife had been working on.
>She had been the brains behind it all, and you’d given her half of your funds right from the get-go.
>She knew things you didn’t, and wanted to get into the market, so why not give her the shot?
>It wasn’t as if you were particularly passionate about it.
>Apple Bloom was a genius at school, refusing the traditional role of a woman, choosing instead to go wherever her instincts took it.
>It might have made her a flighty burden if her incredible charisma and intelligence hadn’t made most of those spontaneous ventures (adventures?) incredibly successful.
>And that was exactly what you had wanted; not those wealthy trollops your father had shoved at you.
>Besides, not that it really mattered, but a woman like this would probably expand your assets even more than any of those dainties could.

> You’d hired an out-of-work actor friend to dress up as a manager and sit behind a desk and take messages.
>He was to act as if he had little to no authority, and all decisions must be made or passed by your office.
>But instead, they merely went to the nearby, slightly smaller office of his secretary.
>Here was where your wife worked, posing as a busy secretary.
>It wasn’t ideal, but it was the only way you could give her the power she deserved in this community.
>You drop your cane at the manager’s door, and inform your pal that his secretary would be gone, probably for most of the day.
>No problem, Anonias!
>You shut the door and walk down to the next office.
>Hello, darling!
best board game fantasy ever
heheh, yeah this is pretty fun!
File: IMG_0010.png (393 KB, 1280x954)
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393 KB PNG
File: Hug Me-Applebloom003.jpg (2.91 MB, 6320x4032)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB JPG
We're back, Bloomlovers!
Well that certainly was an experience. Not one I'd like to go through again.
but it was fun
File: 1099167.png (402 KB, 1280x1677)
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402 KB PNG
I don't get it. How is this image different from >>29774085 apart from being smaller and crappier?
File: 948396.png (337 KB, 1024x775)
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337 KB PNG
So, when Applehorse finally begins puberty, is it going to be normal, shorter than normal, or just "growing like a weed until amazonian-sized horse or even bigger/curvier mare" because her body goes wild wanting to be the big pone?
hoo, well >>29782424 sure looks right

> Her head is tipped over her desk, the red hair falling before it obscures her face.
>She immediately perks up at the sound of your voice, only to find a secondary obstacle in her curtain of hair.
>She pushes it to the back, then ties it up in a bun in one swift motion.
>Her hair always had that habit of falling every which way, but she never liked tying it down.
>A grand smile crosses her face, and she nearly leaps across the room to hug you.
>Apple Bloom!
>You bend at your knees a little before you catch her, then wrap your arms around her waist.
>As soon as her arms are secured tightly around your neck, you lift, hoisting her into the air.
>You give her a quick spin, twirling in circles while gazing happily into her eyes.
>Gosh, you loved this woman.
>You slow down the spirals, and then stop, letting her fall into your arms while you give her the kiss to top it all off.
>Darling, I wasn’t expecting you today?
>Well, the train’s up and running, isn’t it?
>Yes, as of yesterday;
> we’re still giving it a few test runs though, but it’s definitely done.
>Well, that’s perfect!
>Let’s get right on!

> She’s still a little surprised at you being here, planning the day, but she’s not one to focus on the disruption.
>As much as she loved her work, she loved you even more.
>A couple stray seconds were spent figuring out how to get out of work for the rest of the day
> -thankfully, the day’s work would be sparse nonetheless-
> and push it over to tomorrow.

>Successfully creating a new set of plans, she nods vigorously, already growing more excited to spend the day with you.
>The two of you exit and enter your pal’s room.
>Hey, tell them we’re doing the final test run, me and my husband.
>No problem, Mrs. A!
>He hops up and leaves the office, going to inform the necessary parties.
>As the two of you wait for him to return, she falls into your chest, turning her head to nuzzle you more properly.
>I’m glad you came.
>Me too.

> Mrs. A! They said it would be alright; they’ll be ready to leave in a quarter of an hour!
>Excellent. Thank you, Earnest.
>My pleasure, Mrs. A.
>You two have fun now, y’hear?
>You both chuckle:
> of course.
>You walk over to the docking station and enter the open doors.
>The general area is acceptable looking;
> you’re not one for fashion, or at least not this kind of fashion, but the ambient sits well with you.
>You’re tempted to lead the way, as you often do.
>But this is her area, her train.
>So, you take a step back and wave your hands towards the next door, asking:
> why don’t you show me through?
>She giggles happily, and takes your hand in acceptance.
>As she brings you through the different cars, she speaks exuberantly about the spatial organization, the type of décor, and so forth, most of it flying over your head.
>Just like you figured it would.
>Still, there’s enough you understand to nod and ask questions sincerely.
>But beyond the light amount of attention you give to the content, just enough to make sure she’s being listened to and knows it, you focus mainly on the sound of her speaking.
>It’s a beautiful sound, a lighter tone filled with all the gaiety of youth.
>All the wisdom she’s gained in her years hasn’t stopped a note of that;
> she sounded as light and carefree as ever.

>Finally, the engineer’s compartment is found, where a burly older man sits patiently.
>Ready to go, sir?
>You look at your beautiful wife, and see the order in her eyes.
>You nod at the man, passing on her message.
>And with that, and a few levers and buttons, the train roars to life.

> The two of you head over to the little shop in one of the cars, and help yourself to some of the stock.
>There’s a pretty nice view from the dining area, but she insists you follow her to another car.
>Oh, you’d forgotten about this one.
>It was one of the nicer cars for the wealthier clients, but the shades on one side had been drawn.
>In your fascination with her voice, this was one fact you’d overlooked: the curtains were massive.
>She pulls them back with a string at one end, and reveals that nearly the entire side was a great glass window.
>Criminy, this must have been the biggest window you’d ever seen!
>The other side of the station was visible through it, along with the place where the clients would stand, buy tickets, and so forth.
>This is amazing!
>Isn’t it?
>You turn and see another grin on her perfect face:
> she’s so excited to see you pleased with her work.
>There’s a lurch, and suddenly the station begins moving to the right.
>No, it’s the train that’s moving.
>You step closer to the woman beside you, dressed in the more or less unappealing outfit of a common secretary.
>She belonged in something statelier than that, but somehow still managed to look marvelous in it.
>Bracing yourselves, you hold against the increased acceleration of the train as the scene before you begins to slip away.
File: apple_bloom_prettier.jpg (61 KB, 580x800)
61 KB
Me too.
I wonder how much of this sweet daydreaming is visible to the family
nice blanket, apple bloom
i will miss my youthful flattummied filly, but she'll probably be like her sister. still hot.
>Anon never leaves fantasy, is taken to the crazy house
bump for apples
File: 1422251476603.jpg (519 KB, 904x1031)
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File: 1422251610644.jpg (533 KB, 904x1031)
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533 KB JPG
File: 1422251843488.jpg (508 KB, 904x1031)
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508 KB JPG
File: 1422251914397.jpg (536 KB, 904x1031)
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536 KB JPG
File: 1219565.png (3.48 MB, 3369x1962)
3.48 MB
3.48 MB PNG
>what are you waiting?
the artist didn't want to redraw you, that's what we're waiting.
File: big smile.jpg (1.09 MB, 1833x2201)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
File: doc bloom.png (2.05 MB, 3346x1986)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
>"It's Penis Inspection Day, Anon!"
that time already? Man, the month flew by.
File: 847390.png (311 KB, 560x700)
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311 KB PNG
Is this apple horse related to the American apple horse? Are there even more apple horses involved here?
File: love apples.png (333 KB, 1280x1600)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
apple bloom is 100% red-blooded american foalita
Currently watching the first episode and oh my god there's an entire family of them

oh man, you get to enjoy it fresh and new
enjoy it
Right now the ponies are going to the temple to get the chaos emeralds and there's a pomp dragon with half a mustache, this show is okay so far
that sea serpent was great. his fan name is Steven Magnet! based on something the auto-generated closed captioning said

I'm just letting you know that now because it's kind of an important part of the fandom.. that may or may not be referenced later

I really miss these days in the show. it seemed like an adventure show. wish it could have stayed that way.
You one of the /pol/acks from /mlpol/?
File: reading (1).jpg (188 KB, 1920x1080)
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188 KB JPG
I wish we'd have more "nothing happens" real slice of life episodes that are pleasant to watch, more about the characters than the mean, conflict-driven plot. I just want to see Bloom be.
File: Capture.png (422 KB, 624x597)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Yes, now on episode 3

Also, why/how does Spike deliver the mail, does the queen just teleport letters into his mouth or is it just a convenient plot device?
File: 1489384558573.png (71 KB, 255x326)
71 KB
>Does the queen just teleport letters into his mouth or is it just a convenient plot device?
Yes. It gives him a purpose beyond being a measly assistant, and butt of a joke, the latter of which becomes really awful a couple of times.

Also she's Princess Celestia. They tried to have her called a Queen, but Hasbro intervened because 'queen' apparently means evil thanks to Disney. The fact that they're the same people who are responsable for 5 Michael Bay Transformers films will give you a further sign of the quality of their other interventions in the show's story; you'll know exactly what they are the moment you see them.
File: bads.jpg (9 KB, 165x163)
9 KB
>No, not baked goods, baked BADS
hey those movies are great. and there's only been four.
but yeah hasbro is a bunch of dumbfucks for sure. look what they did to zoids
I've never seen one of those movies outside of reviews, but if this show features transforming pony mechs I don't think I'll complain too much

The next episode is "Griffon the Brush Off", I was going to take a break for a bit but I heard that the Griffons are jew analogues, confirm/deny?
>if this show features transforming pony mechs I don't think I'll complain too much
man neither would i. Sadly, it's not to be. though there were some kinda cool monsters once that never appeared again, made of wood

but that's why we have FANDOM! Check this shit out. and I did!
it's more like that friend you have who just doesn't know how to shut his fucking mouth, and embarrasses you around your other friends.. and when you try to explain it, he just turns into a cunt because he resents having to censor himself (understandable) and now he's saying even more cringey shit around your friends, as if trying to get them to stop liking you so he has you for himself.
happened to me maany times.
Tiny adorable Apple crotchteats
oh hell i would nibble them. i would just live down there for a few hours.
Those are the best episodes for sure
File: CreeperBloom.png (759 KB, 1024x1024)
759 KB
759 KB PNG
>comes up behind you
>"Ah blew up yer house, Anon."

> The view is brilliant, a gleaming city smiling back at you the moment the station goes past.
>Hours of trips marked the height of these steaming goliaths of glass and iron.
>Girders covered tightly with stretched stone swung up to the sky.
>The monolith offices of men and woman shielded themselves with reflective glass, lighting your vision to almost painful levels.
>You squint in the oncoming rush of light, physically unable to look at the bright vision ahead, and at the same time spiritually unable to look away.
>If it only didn’t look so damn beautiful, you think against the outcry of your strained eyes.

> You find yourself grasping the hand of your lover tighter, overcome by the inexplicable need to be sharing this moment with her.
>It’s as if you were some child tightly knit with his brother, who had found some new toy and, after the initial investigation proving it fun, sprinted off to bring that dearest friend into the experience.
>The soft texture of her hand shrinks a little under your squeeze, and a subsequent pressure gives you her answer.
>She wants to be with you too.

> The city soon falls away into a darker suburb of odd houses and shops, most colored some bright, gaudy color.
>It wasn’t the cleanest part of town, but it did have some of the sharpest, most unique pleasures in the odd shops you’d found there;
> and as you’re seeing for the first time, it had a certain beauty to it.
>The brazen colors you found distasteful when up close had this strange way of working together from a distant angle, a pattern from the bird’s eye view.
>There were semi-distinct over-arching regions, filled with buildings of a primary color or another closely related chroma.

> This falls away too, giving you over to a more natural area, a verdant forest spliced together with a tamer version of those suburbs.
>Clumps of houses and chains of stores arose occasionally in the trove filled area, a grove with busy scarecrows of beige and neon.
>Sometimes they would rise and fall in between miles of trees, like vacillating waves moving up and down as they’re pushed along a moving horizontal axis.
>Other times they’re sprinkled amidst the rows of isosceles evergreens, like sprinkles on ice cream.
>The image gives you an odd feeling, as if each little cluster or loosely gathered residences were some halfway version of an isolated wilderness cabin.
>As if some community had all decided to brave nature’s front as a unit.
>A small, warm feelings floats in your upper chest, a resonance with their love of the outdoors.
>You’d take Apple Bloom out here soon.

> The minute settlements thin out as the rush of greenery soars by.
>Soon, the whole forest has swept up the last traces of humanity like some hurtling bird of prey snatches up its dinner.
>The trees themselves es make up their own civilization now, with their overpopulated orders controlling the area’s real estate.
>Each emerald triangle collides with his brothers, hugging them close as a family reunion squeezed into poorly planning, RV-renting uncle’s ironically immobile home.
>The overcrowded populace creates the illusion of a fully clothed and trunk-less wood, like how a crowd of brown-haired people might more closely resemble a moving mat than a collection of human beings.
Eventually the third-world home of a minor forest begins to open up, the loners standing visible feet from each other.
>Deeper depth fills your perception, telling you of the less touchy members of the floral family.
>A few miles take your perception to an area where the distance goes down to the lower points of the trees, and finally to a barren plains.
>The immediate transition, especially after the suggestion of a gradual spreading, is almost shocking to your invested eye:
> it’s like where a blading person’s thick hair thins within a centimeter, then immediately turns sparse and barren.
>A grassy field meets your eyes, with a rocky stream running through it.
>The final separation from, barring the visitation of a wasteland, is achieved:
> you’ve reached the countryside.
>In the distance, a minor resurgence occurs, grabbing your eye.
>It’s a small house, with a red barn beside it.
>On the other end are fluffy blurs poking out of the ground, surrounding the idyllic sight.
>It’d never happen, but it reminds you of a fantasy you occasionally have, of living the simple, honest life of a farmer along with your sweet, adventurous, peppy wife.
we must go beeper
File: 1373978489490.png (948 KB, 728x1097)
948 KB
948 KB PNG
yeah that's more in-character for her
Holy shit StayedGolden, is that you? How long have you been writing Applebloom stories? I remember you from so long ago.
So when do they sex?
after they get married or maybe after they get engaged. we couldn't begrudge them that
File: IMG_0014.png (1.01 MB, 1024x1024)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: Bloom and winona.png (174 KB, 800x600)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
File: right2.png (846 KB, 844x1080)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
Please, season 7, give us some good Bloom things.
i want an episode about apple bloom having her first really bad period cramps and sweetie has to fetch her a hot water bottle to lie on while scootaloo tells her distracting stories
I want the CMCs to finally be shown physically grown up. At least a little. It's getting ridiculous.
>When the Cutie Mark Crusaders discover that Big Mac has his first crush, they vow to help him win Sugar Belle’s heart before Feather Bangs does it first.
Pretty similar to Hearts And Hooves Day.
Something tells me that they'll give the solo-CMC episodes mostly to SB and Scoots this season.
wait i'm confused. if he has a crush why are they worried another girl will catch his eye?
also is that sweetie belle's cousin? if it's not, that'd be weird.
As much as I see other CMCfags angry at Apple Bloom for getting more episodes, SB and Scoots are rarely excluded from her episodes. I hope Apple Bloom plays a little role in this Sweetie episode coming up. About not being little fillies anymore, I'd love to see Bloom there.

I don't even need or especially want a focus episode, anyway. Just let her be around and have her own feelings and stuff going on, like in Leap of Faith and Hearthbreakers. I'd much rather have 3 supporting things like that than one focus episode that provides intentional shipping fuel.
I want more scoots too
sweetie needs to grow a personality before i will care about her. I mean yeah she's cute and squeaky and has a marshmallow vulva, but i need more. let her become a singer or something
For sure. Scoots is already interesting and likeable enough to deserve more than a couple of feels episodes, and it shouldn't be hard to give her that. But then again, Sweetie does need a bit more development, herself.
maybe something with magic. Maybe she finds out she secretly likes zapping people and joins the horse army
and has to deal with how unladylike it is in Rarity's eyes, but she apprentices under Shining Armor and so Rarity has to move away forever
Sugar is one of the ponies from the equal village.
No clue if Feather is a competing colt or mare wanting Mac, but I'd say the latter.
I mean former.
ohh now that i reread it. that makes sense. i forgot it's 2017 and people will act like feather bangs is a bad thing on dudes, because they wanna take that testosterone level down to zero so no more womyn get hurt and the birth rate can drop to zero where it belongs
File: extra.png (2 MB, 1920x1080)
2 MB
File: squaredancing.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
i wanna say that's a line-dancing outfit

Hey, mate. I stopped for a few months, and just started this epilogue up a few weeks ago. So, not super long.
File: a lot of fun.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
abbles is a WHOLE lot of fun
secret butt fun
File: 2012-07-20.jpg (194 KB, 800x581)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
oh that's cute as balls
File: 378181.png (156 KB, 1000x1000)
156 KB
156 KB PNG

> “Anon?”
> “…Anon?” Two questions and a prolonged nudge push the view out of the way. You can almost hear the warm whispers of the family that could be, asking you to take your gol dang turn already.
> “Take your gol dang turn already,” harrumphs AJ, who’s more bothered than her family members at your prolonged, blissful, half-lidded staring at her younger sister. Of course, some of that may be the result of her very poor luck. You flutter your eyes, each blink washing away years and millions, until you’re just a young, semi-wealthy boy again. The scene reenters your mind, and you shake your head. The half-real memories of your former life as a wealthy oil baron fade til there’s almost nothing left. Apple Bloom is blushing heavily after who knows how long you’ve been staring at her. Vaguely embarrassed, you shrug off your delirious stupor, and toss the dice into the center. Oh hey, a red. Right on! Apple Bloom follows suit, picking up something after you. The lot of you make your way across the board, all passing Go within a few turns of each other. Another round brings wealth and a fuller wealth of properties to everyone involved. Except for AJ, of course: she started off with a rough streak of landing on properties, and never had a whole lot of money to her name. So she never got a whole lot of properties, and was more or less devoured by the vicious cycle of wealth. As the rich got richer, she got poorer: a school fee tax demanded a hundred and fifty she didn’t have. And even with the kind loan given by her elder brother, the subsequent landing on his demanding orange monopoly, she had to exit the game. She was less than thrilled about this.

> You and Apple Bloom had been teaming up to the best of your legal ability. That is, you had been blessed enough to have your rolls and decisions somehow work together. You didn’t land on her, she didn’t land on you, and she gave you the last card you needed for your red monopoly in exchange for your own, completing Marvin Gardens. She beamed when she put her first house on it, and you felt happy for her. It wasn’t often that you felt this way towards a competitor, but hey, this was Apple Bloom. A part of you wanted her to win, though not a large enough part to throw yourself. Still, you’d give her a monopoly or turn a blind eye here and there. She landed on one of your pink places, now a monopoly after a deal with Big Mac, and she tried so hard to casually hand the dice away. All you could do was snicker into your hand as you struck up an equally non-casual conversation with Big Mac. He might have bought it, for all you know.

> Granny Smith, who had been the subject of two crippling landings on hoteled areas, courtesy of you and Big Mac, had not managed to get back up in time to avoid Apple Bloom’s three-house jumble. She wasn’t out, but all but one house was gone, and most properties were mortgaged. It came down to who she’d land on next; because they’d get as many properties as she needed to pay out the debt (by the family rules of trading properties). Basically, the wealth was quartered, with Big Mac holding almost half of all the assets, and you and Apple Bloom holding half each. Your older brother-figure had a little less than half, since Granny had taken a couple choice properties out of his hands, as well as the spacious light blues. In the end, she was keeping him from two whole monopolies, which made her fate even more important to the survivors. It wasn’t clear if it was luck or skill that reliably brought Big Mac big wins, but he certainly wasn’t someone you often saw lose. Maybe it was- Hey! Yeah! Yeah, baby, yeah! You stop your thoughts right in the midst of the train when you see Granny Smith land smack dab in the midst of Apple Bloom’s yellow peril. Boom, baby! Apple Bloom proudly collects Granny’s small set, in exchange for letting her stay rent-free. She’s now almost completely out of the game, holding only one light blue property and fifty dollars. And team not-Big-Mac has gained tremendous ground. You can even see the little widening in Big Mac’s eyes as his threatening siblings rise to a new level of power.
File: 1214658.png (252 KB, 1024x1024)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
h'aww! yeah, that's what I was waiting for
File: naked child.png (198 KB, 1024x1384)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
File: 851964.png (463 KB, 2500x1562)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
heh, family rules. that's so true.
File: pose.png (2.06 MB, 2009x3000)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
File: never feel again.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB PNG
File: EVERY THREAD v2.png (208 KB, 690x387)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
File: rough day.png (441 KB, 974x1024)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
Nothing tonight guys. Sorry.
File: smile.png (168 KB, 500x500)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Don't sweat it, buddy. Take care
you have nothing to apologize for
in your stead I will maybe brainstorm some story ideas for either of us to use. let's see..

apple bloom races bikes with scootaloo.. her muscly farmgirl legs cause her to actually win, the only time that ever happens in something athletic

apple bloom finds a waterfall and insists anon take a shower with her, with sexy results

AB and anon go fishing, with sexy results
File: sleep.gif (2.89 MB, 885x709)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB GIF
good night Bloomy
>"Mah name is mud"
>"But call me Appabammy Devadander Abercrombie that's long fer' mud-"
>"So ah been told."
File: IMG_0017.png (1.11 MB, 1500x1200)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
File: IMG_3426.png (1.32 MB, 2347x2509)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
File: 1063432 hug.png (57 KB, 1197x822)
57 KB
File: i-it's because of you.png (207 KB, 1366x768)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
What are the chances of this "CMC help Big Mac get the gf he wants" episode having Apple Bloom focus, compared to the other two? If it had some Apple sibling bonding and she's the one really pushing it because she cares about her brother. Could be nice.
oh shit, that is a made for sex applebloom
File: 62252789_p0.jpg (296 KB, 600x1200)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
HNNNNNNNGH are you trying to kill me anon
The chances are about as high as you going to equestria right this second
I have a little faith that they could do something nice like that, rather than having it be just "CMC try to do something" like they're one mind. Shown from Brotherhooves Social that they care about their relationship some
File: pregnant.jpg (842 KB, 1876x2920)
842 KB
842 KB JPG

The game is determined in the next three turns.
>First, Big Mac lands on a red hotel, then a yellow one, followed immediately by a green one.
>In the meantime, you and Apple Bloom had skirted past his gauntlet of rent, and given nothing back.
>His minor stack of cash, ruthlessly expended upon vicious properties, had come back to bit him.
>Immediately he had to sell a large portion of his material army.
>So long as neither you nor Apple Bloom had any continuous unlucky streaks, he wouldn’t receive enough money to keep his high-risk, high-reward kingdom afloat.
>And sure enough, by the time you and Apple Bloom landed on his property each, he had fallen back onto your more expensive properties twice.
>He remains for a few more turns before his lordly reign is snuffed out once and for all.

“Yeah, baby!”

> “Down with the king!”
>You and Apple Bloom exclaim excitedly upon his counting his insufficient funds aloud.
>You’d done it!
>But before you can applaud yourself, you remember how the game goes:
> you aren’t partners.
>You’re gonna have to fight her to see who wins.
>You’d forgotten that somewhere along the line. With new eyes, you surveil the new board.
>Apple Bloom’s Marvin Gardens had been the space that tore down the capitalist king, so she had inherited most of Big Mac’s properties.
>Already she was outfitting them with a handful of houses each, to be swelled with each unfortunate step you take.
>Oh, dang:
> her properties are far outnumbering your own, even with the lower amount of properties atop them.

>This sucks, you think to yourself.
>And sure enough, whenever she takes a hit from your real estate, you take two.
>And those add up fast.
>As the houses disappear from your areas and pile up on hers, you begin to give up hope.
>The final straw is when you land on her newly hoteled boardwalk.
>You wipe out the last of your buildings and mortgage half of your deeds.
>It’s over now.
>You get a bit of juice from passing go and her falling on a barren red, but it isn’t nearly enough to save you from the high rents of a light blue and an orange.
>Game over.

> She woops and hollers, glad to have finally found success against her older brother.
>He always had a habit of winning
> -especially when she made him promise never to throw-
> and so for her to overcome him was pretty special.
>She didn’t show it too much during those intense last moments, but she was getting pretty worried that Big Mac would be knocked out, but she wouldn’t win, which had happened a few times before.
>But she’d won, fair and square.
>The house rules and minor pushes you’d given her might make that victory a little less genuine, but they didn’t pack too much of an effect, and you’re sure the other guys did the same thing.
>You clap Apple Bloom on the back, congratulating her.
>The wide grin she returns to you is consolation enough for having gotten so close.

> You’re feeling pretty darn tired, so you tell them you should probably head to bed.

> “But what about the brownies?”
>AJ asks you, right before your cell phone timer goes off.
>Jeepers, you’d completely forgotten about them!
>Not that you could be blamed
> -the game was pretty intense-
> but you were still a little surprised you could have forgotten such an important detail.
>You run into the kitchen to retrieve the goods, opening the oven immediately.
>A wave of hot air blows right in your face, steaming you something fierce.
>Remembering mitts, you reach over to the drawer and extract two and putting them on with lightning speed.
>You drop the burning hot pan onto the top of the stove, then inspect the brownies.
>Aw, heck yeah.
>It’s not all puffed up, like it does when you put it in too long and it loses all flavor;
> no, this one is nice and low, and you can just tell it’s gonna be moist as all get out.
>Grabbing a knife, you softly stab the center, and pull it out.
>The cleanness, showing nothing wet is sticking to it, tells you they’re fully cooked.
>Now, all you’ve got to do is wait for these boys to cool off.
>You head into the main room to tell them the good news.
>But then something catches your mind:

“Hey, aren’t we staying up a little late?”
“Like, we still got chores in the morning, right?”
>You feel as if something’s been said on that, but you can’t remember.
>So you might as well ask.
>The rest of the family looks at you in confusion:
> “Hon, tomorrow’s Saturday. You ain’t got anything to do, except a few dishes maybe,”
> informs Granny Smith.
>cutting them right out of the oven
you madman, the protein and starch hasn't set yet!
oh, you're just testing the middle. does that work? i've never known anything to stick to stainless, done or otherwise.
>"You have to take responsibility now, Anon!"

I think it works. It's what I do, and I'm basically the king of brownies.
I end up having to make a few in a given oven with a given pan to zero in on how long it takes. i miss brownies, haven't made 'em in a while. liked to mix coconut and pecans or walnuts into that shit. maybe toffee bits.
With pleasure, for the rest of my life
File: fillyzilla.jpg (478 KB, 1196x1178)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
Bloomposting is still fun
she is best waifu
File: 795341.png (503 KB, 1000x1000)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
File: pies.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
>"..Got dangit, Applebobbeh."
I like watching King of the Hill with Apple Bloom. It always feels so nice, I know she likes it too.

I'm talking about my plushu.
>Apple Bloom stole three pies
>three pies!
>That's as many as three ones
>And that's okay because she's a growing filly.
File: Classy.gif (1.6 MB, 480x270)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
File: dummies.gif (1.03 MB, 428x480)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
File: 1187482.png (573 KB, 741x806)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
bunnybloom is good
You going to make me eat something now?
There's no way the artist drew this without the intention of making Apple Bloom incredibly sexy.
it's hard to avoid making apple bloom sexy
I think that if there are any small horses around humanbloom she would treat them sweetly and feed them apples.
So what's the problem?
Very good point, but he did a really good job with it, for one that's not remotely suggestive. Like, this is better than most porn. I really enjoy that sweetness, too; it's so Bloom. It's a really good pic!

> What? You didn’t know that. You think back over the day, trying to remember some semblance of a week-based date. The whole day you’d had your nose in your work, without a thought as to the weekend. It was an easy trap to get into here: even if the weekend was a break from the work, you were never unhappy enough to long for it like you used to. So, while it was still generally more fun than a weekday, you were content enough in the latter to ignore the advance of the former. But now that you’re scouring the day past for traces of chronological distinction to gain some footing, you recall a weekend-based excitement that stirred within the morning’s you. Huh. Guess they were right. The realization of the advent of the weekend sinks in, and you join in the excitement shared by the rest of the party. The weekend’s here! Oh man, what should you do? There were about a hundred different plans you and Apple Bloom had made together, each of you picking one to do every other weekend. Among all the adventures lined up, you weren’t sure what to pick, so late in the game. The two of you would take turns picking, even though you tended to be thinking of the same thing. It made it hard to remember whose turn it was, since the suggestion mirrored the choice very often. Was it even your turn? Huh. Well, if it was, you could just cede the choice to Apple Bloom and take up the next weekend’s adventure, since she’d probably have come ready with a choice/suggestion. You turn your gaze to the gorgeous girl sitting beside you and meet her fireplace eyes.

> They burn low, like glowing embers still churning out all the warmth they could. She was getting a bit tired, you could see; her smile always sagged to one side, and it was doing so now. She’d never admit it, though. She was a firm believer in staying up late, despite the necessities of early and long sleeps that came with running a farm. That passion of hers burned to brightly to accept the fact that she needed to lie dormant for whole hours, when grand adventures were overflowing from her future plans. It was a robbery of sorts, and one that not all people come to accept. But your thoughts aren’t of biology’s crime, instead being focused on the little, lazy smile your jewel is giving you. You put your hand on her back, partly to give her a small, comforting rub, and partly out of a minor sense of possession. It was nice to hold her, to touch her; it made you feel a bit more connected than you did when apart. Guess that was obvious, you think to yourself. Her back is warm on your hand, the sweet girl always managing to give the illusion that there’s some blazing furnace within her, filling her to the brim with heat and energy. Though this time, it was more geared towards the former. You inform your beloved family of the brownies’ readiness, and the lot of them set out to the kitchen. Big Mac gives a kind instruction to remain, and he’d bring them out. Oh yeah, good plan. Why hadn’t you thought of that? Suddenly, you grow more cognizant of the dreariness that hangs on your eyelids, and the slight blur of your unfocused eyes.

> Maybe Apple Bloom’s not the only one getting sleepy. A spontaneous yawn seizes your mouth, opening it wide to make its escape. Soon after, it’s brother makes its own flight from Apple Bloom, and then the whole family is releasing the imprisoned air. That’s the effect of routinely going to bed early, you guess; it made your body resistant to the occasional times you had to stay up. Big Mac returns to the room of open-mouthed Apples, and drops the tray of freshly cut brownies in the middle of the table, right beside the cold battlefield of a successful monopoly. Another game is a must, but with all the weariness seeping in the cracks, you’re gonna need some sugary defenses. You seize a piece of the helpful chocolate goodness, and devour them quickly. Spurred on first by the desire to stay awake, you’re compelled to reach for another by the overwhelming taste. It explodes like a cocoa fountain, a tropical jungle of deliciousness exploding into your senses. The moistness is perfect, the double fudge flavor is moving you blissfully towards the fulfilled heart attack you know awaits you. Oh, chocolate glory, return once more! You dive in again, grabbing another immaculate square, and banish the fading of the taste. The empty remnants of the failing flavor are whisked away, the fresh bite returning you to the glories of a sensual utopia. Everything is good and perfect here; there can be no pain in the brownie zone.
I definitely prefer cute and pure sweetness to most modern ideas of sexy, yeah. i think most people in history would back me up on that.
ah man, weekends with someone to do things with..
this family has a bad habit of preparing meals right before bedtime. that'll give you some weird dreams, and if you already have those in the middle of board games...

> The munching, intense as it is, eventually subsides. There’s only so much room left in your stomachs for the superfluous treats, and their glorious residence on your taste buds does have its limit. There can only be so much angelic ecstasy before you accustom, and the sweetness falls by the wayside. Fortunately, the conversation brewing is almost fireside-like in its comfortable intimacy, and takes the reigns from the sugary delight. Nothing is spoken of in particular: just minor thoughts on the day and days to come. Futures and pasts pass idly through the air from the prophets and historians across the table. New stores, mayors and businesses are planted in the conceptions of Ponyville’s imagined tomorrows, watered by the growing talk of them. Friends are summoned and entertain through revisited stories and moments; they disappear along with their foibles, but not for naught, as they leave behind maintained laughter and still-warmed hearts. Soaring pathways through the woods bring themselves onto the table as one particular Apple-Orange adventure graces the ears of Apple Bloom’s listeners. The pain of a unnecessary fall recurs in your mind, and you absent-mindedly rub your hip while others giggle at your misfortune. The early night speeds slowly into the past, the drawling tales somehow seeming to last in perfect continuum, while the clocks skips ahead. At the same time it feels as if every moment lasted forever and as though you’d only just begun. There was no feeling of time lost, yet you still gave a small wonder as to where it had gone.

> The group had even forgotten to play the second round of Monopoly; the hour, having grown far into the double digits, had barricaded the option of the game’s recurrence. Still, the missed opportunity was left without remorse, for the place-taking speeches had satisfied all desires for that night. The night was filled with words and stories you’d forget the next morning, but would itself remain long after it was due. The substance had been of community, of roots deeper than blood. You smiled to yourself in the dim light of the few sources in the dining room. It was a good night. Granny, already beginning to succumb to the sandman’s call, stands straight up. In doing s, she secures both a momentary escape and the attention and following of her family. She leads the way to her bedroom, where prayers commence. You and the others, upon explaining your plan to sleep, ask God to keep your souls, and to bring you to heaven if some unstoppable, mid-night obstacle to living should present itself. The five of you sit in a circle around the bed -though with the fifth, Granny, being in the bed and sitting up straight- and think of the best and worst parts of your day. Big Mac and AJ are at the east and south side, respectively, you and Apple Bloom are almost shoulder to shoulder on the east side, and Granny rests against the north-facing headboard. The game, Hi-Low, begins with AJ, who offers to go first.
File: Boop practice, day 2.gif (613 KB, 590x332)
613 KB
613 KB GIF

Bad news, my dudes. Not only do I have a busy weekend of visiting relatives, but I also straight up forgot to pack my laptop charger. So, I just have this shorter, un-formatted bunch for you guys. Hope you'll still like it.

Have a good weekend, you Bloomloving soldiers. Sleep sweetly, and dream sweet Bloomdreams.
maaan gotta keep that charger on you.
anyway enjoy yourself.
Spoiler's making me smile a lot and blush a little. Thanks, buddy! I hope you have a nice time.
alright who made her mad
File: IMG_0029.png (399 KB, 1000x1000)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
File: IMG_0030.png (169 KB, 700x804)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
where do people come up with this stuff? it's so cute
File: loopde-hoop.jpg (135 KB, 775x818)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
File: howdy yandere eyes.png (190 KB, 900x900)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
File: giggle.png (2.34 MB, 1920x1080)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG
File: 1376165695209.png (242 KB, 1280x1156)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
I want to sniff Apple Bloom's fart box
she probably just smells like sunshine and hay.
I'd like to shower with Apple Bloom
yeah I can't not like that idea. bathing is just not a single-player game. you have to have someone to help reach your areas. if you just rub those two areas together, you get clean even faster.
Yeah! Then after you're done and it's time to get in bed, you can continue to touch her, feeling her clean fur as you rub her ears. And nice things like that
File: singing 1105891.png (96 KB, 1600x817)
96 KB
I love Apple Bloom!
i want to marry her

She'd make for a wonderful wife and mother, for sure. A whole life by her side is the dream. Sharing the satisfaction with her of being a true Apple and making more of them.
I wouldn't terribly mind if she wanted to move off the farm and try something different to be honest
File: colors.png (493 KB, 429x600)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
Yeah, I imagine it'd be great, too, regardless of what she wants, so long as she really wants it. Can still do that family-making wherever else.
File: IMG_0032.jpg (318 KB, 2157x3472)
318 KB
318 KB JPG
File: IMG_0033.png (769 KB, 2800x2200)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
In the Apple parents episode, if they're gonna do flashback(s) again, It'd be nice to see her as a younger filly
File: fault.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
aw hell yes tiny blank blank applebloom
judging by the pool, that is a bikini, but I choose to believe she decided to go out in shimapan and an open shirt
Either way, it's real nice to see. Always nice to see an artist who's not afraid of having human Bloomy be a little suggestive and waifuy
yeah. she needs to be a good-hearted, highly moral, and heavily sexual girl with strong urges and an even stronger urge to satisfy those of others because they'll be happy.
File: 1279467.jpg (365 KB, 2195x3368)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
With "others" being her singular husbando (you/me), I'm totally behind that!
well she's a good girl and she holds herself back. but the urges are always there.
and if she sees someone needy who isn't her hazubando, she still hopes he finds someone to suck his peepee. then she thinks about that for a while and gets all blushy and distracted.
File: angry EQG Bloom.png (1.84 MB, 1220x1875)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB PNG
File: birds v3.png (2.58 MB, 1124x1500)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
File: heart eyes 911357.png (80 KB, 1100x1100)
80 KB
washing Apple Bloom's feet!
yes please! It would be a pleasurable honor to scrub between those adorable toes.

I don't have a foot fetish; I have an Apple Bloom fetish.
honestly my mind was on that farmgirl hotty from that hilariously crummy TNG episode with the space irish.
File: silly filly.jpg (45 KB, 600x724)
45 KB
>adorably lanky
>hilarious face
>hair looks like polished mahogany or tiger's eye
I like this artist I tell you what
so I just found out that the actual NAME version of anonymous should be anonymus.

bet you ten ponies that'll never take off
File: IMG_0034.png (359 KB, 1218x1269)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
File: Bloom's prayer.png (2.3 MB, 2000x1125)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
File: 744353.png (1000 KB, 2000x2000)
1000 KB
1000 KB PNG
File: eating 1227592.jpg (608 KB, 1118x1315)
608 KB
608 KB JPG
but.. is she chewing on a mocchi or.. anon's socks or underwear?
File: bloom in a box.png (842 KB, 576x768)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
File: I remember everything.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Very good with words. Fun to read as always
File: 623 real lesson.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
I have to say again how much I appreciate her confident/smug expressions in this episode. Disappointing and discouraging as it was that she wasn't in the flashback, these moments make the episode worth a lot.
wait a minute, was there a new episode this weekend?
fuck, to the internets!
No, episode 623, Where the Apple Lies
oh oh right, okay, flashback. right.
so we might still get a flashback with her in that upcoming episode.
File: hat filly.png (278 KB, 900x800)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
We can still hope, yes! See a very young Bloomy, like we saw 5-year-old Sweetie in Sweetie's dream episode
i bet she was an absolute rascal at that age
and the accompanying humanbloom was one you couldnt keep clothes on
File: 1461915113840.jpg (286 KB, 963x482)
286 KB
286 KB JPG

Semi-related, I still love "untitled apple neighbor girl exhibitionism adventure" and think about it sometimes.
me too. it's rare that i can fap to my own stuff.
File: fall.png (934 KB, 600x1419)
934 KB
934 KB PNG
daw wearin a little coat
i want to warm up a cold apple bloom on a fall day where i didnt need a jacket but she was bundled to fuck because she's wee and thin.
just take her inside and warm cuddles under a blanket
and then hot cider and cocoa and shit.
File: 1210899.png (452 KB, 555x700)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
File: cute zap.jpg (105 KB, 900x771)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Every episode without Apple Bloom is an episode wasted. She just has so much character potential, plus she's the biggest cutie in the show. Of course, I'm sure she'll slowly diappear like Zecora because the show staff is incompetent.
>dem loose straps
this looks like she should have a missing baby tooth
Apple Bloom or Maud. or at least Scootaloo
File: 1448059813024.jpg (145 KB, 1280x1000)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
I did find myself uninterested in most everything else in season 6, after a point. Dreadfully bored and disappointed by episodes she should have been in but wasn't. It didn't help that we didn't have a very consistent way of being able to guess what Apple Bloom was even up to in that frame of time. To see her even getting even cute secondary/minor roles like in "Leap of Faith" would have been very pleasing and reassuring, to see her doing Bloom things.

At least they should do something good with her in this upcoming "Maud maybe moves to Ponyville" episode. They'd better. Their friendship's adorable.
File: 1420015504799.png (1.57 MB, 1400x2000)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
i want to give apple bloom my water doggy
two best pooones
oh shit, Kwerki mode. that's beyond cute plus puffies.
Maud's first episode was good, but her subsequent appearances have been decent at best. She can't go on as a joke character (blunt, emotionless personality and obsession with rocks) and needs development. More AB-Maud interactions could be very good for both of their characters if implemented well (I'm doubtful it could be done though).
the gift of the magi episode was neat though
showering bloomybloom 'bating to thoughts of you

not bad! keep arting
oh I wish. I just bought the lineart as a commission then colored it. Very pleased. Love me a freckled Bloom
It's not bad

“Mine was those brownies my little sister and cousin made. You guys did a fine job with that.”
>She tosses you and Apple Bloom a smile, the earlier defeats having been put in the past.
>You give her a smile while Apple Bloom throws her a thumbs up.
>You look down on the sweet girl sidling up to your side, and flash her the same grin:

“Good job, teammate!”
>She returns the look, then gives you the goofiest grin:

> “Ya did good, pardner.”
>And with that, she slaps your back heartily.
>You can’t help but chuckle at that, despite the smack hurting a tad.
>AJ, after allowing the giggles to subside, continues.

> “My low was when you guys tore me up at Monopoly.”
>Well, that was pretty obvious.
>She did get hit some rough luck there.
>Big Mac takes the lead away from her, so to keep her from staying on that bad note.

> “My high was that first win. Sure didn’t expect you guys to give it to me like that.”
>AJ sticks her tongue out at him, but he only chuckles.
> “Low was when you two-“
> he points at you and Apple Bloom, now with arms wrapped lovingly around her-
“stole that last win from her. Ah had that in the bag, y’hear.”
>Now it’s Apple Bloom’s turn to stick her tongue at him, while you try to hold back a smirk.

> “Well, Ah guess my high’s gotta be taking that away from you now, doesn’t it?”
>Apple Bloom pipes up, rubbing the victory in his face.
>It would have been mean if he wasn’t some paragon of victory;
> it was nice to get one on him now and then.
>And of course, since it was so rare, you had to make sure to make the most of it.
>So, what the heck, you follow suit and stick your tongue out at Big Mac.

> “My low was that whole mess with the pigs today. That was plain awful.”
>You nod your head somberly in agreement.
>Even though you weren’t there, it sounded terrible.

> The line moves onto you, and you’re caught.
>Oh geez, what do you say?
>You usually think yours out ahead of time, but they’d moved too fast this time.
>The immediate answer is, as usual, Apple Bloom.
>But you can’t just out and out say that Apple Bloom herself was the best part of your day.
>It had to be something tangible, something that sounded fun.
>Ok, so what did you do with Apple Bloom?
>Ok, so you could say that eating them was your high.

“Making brownies with Apple Bloom!”
>Oh, you said making the brownies.
>Guess you just enjoyed doing that more than having the actual results.
>Better own up to it:
“We did a little dance number that you guys didn’t see. The brownie-stir-shuffle. It was rad.”
>Apple Bloom looks up questioningly, her shiny eyes reflecting the overhead light.
>Whispering, she asks you if you mean the way you and she had sort of slow-danced before the bowl.
>You nod, and she grins, wide as the sky.
>Gosh, you loved that smile.

“And, uh, my low…”
>You take a moment to think about it.
>Was anything really bad?
>You guess the painting you’d done on the barn was pretty tough.
>Nothing else really bad happened, except losing at monopoly.
>But you didn’t really care too much about that.
“I guess painting the barn.”
>Big Mac’s eyes widen in recollection, followed by his head nodding slowly in agreement.
“It was a real piece of work. Glad we finally got that all wrapped up.”
>Another nod affirms your sentiments.
>You look over to Granny Smith, waiting for her to take her turn.
>Her benevolent eyes had been fixed on you, but as she speaks, they turn towards the elder Apples.

> “My high was all of you getting along like family. Ah didn’t know if y’all noticed, but this has been the one year anniversary of Anon arriving here.”
>Wow, really?
>You knew it was around that time, but you didn’t know it was the actual day.
>Granny’s about to continue speaking, but AJ unintentionally interrupts her:

> “Wait, really? Ah thought it was tomorrow! And Ah had that thing all set up-“
>She looks down as she shares this last bit, disappointed that her surprise is misplaced.
>Big Mac cuts her off with a quick, stern look.
>You can make his whispered words:

> “Quiet! We can still do it tomorrow.”
>Oh man, now you’re curious.
>What was it?
>AJ only nods, and looks back to Granny.
>Wait, you can’t just leave that mystery there!
>Give me something more!
>But instead of fate offering further threads, your gift is Granny’s speech.

> “So he’s been here with us a year.
>”When you first got here, I could tell you needed a home, and I could tell by the way my three took you in that day that you were gonna get one.
>”They way AJ talks with you, Big Mac works with you, and Apple Bloom is with you, I can see you’ve gotten along just as well as I’d hoped you would.
>”I know you’ve had a rough go of it, Anon, but I’m glad we could be here for you.
>”And since you’re still here a year later, I think I can I can say you feel the same.
>That’s my high.”
something just occurred to me
did the phrase big mac exist before mcdonald's? i mean i assume they named their sandwich AFTER something (though it was the third name it had) rather than just 'we're mc, so it's mac, and it's big, and that sounds good'
surely our big macintosh isn't named after a burger
oh man, a surprise!

i would rape applebloom until her vagina would have to be surgically removed due to internal trauma
File: grass.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1000)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
gently cuddle your Bloom to sleep
well yeah she needs your arms around her duh
File: IMG_0042.png (41 KB, 1432x1469)
41 KB
File: visit.png (3.1 MB, 4201x3040)
3.1 MB
3.1 MB PNG
File: witch 1264240.jpg (395 KB, 1000x1500)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
File: 1105244.png (78 KB, 1500x1000)
78 KB
File: OH NOES!.png (269 KB, 1280x720)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
would you help AB pull out the more stubborn baby teeth that sometimes need a good yanking?
File: 526034.png (74 KB, 585x557)
74 KB
I wish people would draw solo romantic things of her. It seems that the popular and skilled artists who do stuff like that, waifu lying in bed and blushing at you, see AB as forever-a-baby and unlovable. All this cute art is great, but I can get pretty jealous about all that romantic mane 6 art.
hmm maybe I should draw some bedtime bloomers
maybe people need to commission me dammit it's hard to make time for anything else

> You smile as wide as the sky at the conclusion of her love-infused speech.
>She’d touched on a lot of things you hadn’t really noticed, things you’d gotten used to, and sort of took for granted.
>From the start, you’d felt like you fitted with these people.
>Even if you didn’t have that instant connection with AJ and Big Mac that you did with Apple Bloom, you still felt all right around them.
>And as you spent more time with them, you almost immediately started finding similarities between you, and the times passes easily.
>AJ and you were in the same grade, and ended up spending a lot of time together at school.
>The couple classes you’d had with her with made much better by that, as well as the friends she’d pushed your way.
>You helped her with math and science problems
> -funny, since you weren’t exactly a whiz at that-
> and she took the lion’s share of home ec’s workload.
>She didn’t have time for much after school stuff, except baseball, so you sat with her on the long bus rides out to your family home.
>She was pretty different from you, both in the way that she was raised and the way that she just was, but when it came down to it, you were proud to have her as a sister.
>That first day, she told her friends that you were her distant cousin, but more like a brother, so they could just call you that;
> ever since then, you were branded as Applejack’s other brother.
>It was one of the best gifts she could have given you.

> Big Mac was kinda similar:
> you didn’t quite connect with him less than AJ, but it was much more downplayed.

>There weren’t a ton of times you spent laughing and joking around with him, both due to his shy nature and him being a senior and all.
>But you had gotten together for a couple of projects here and there, when one of you asked for the other’s help, which wasn’t always necessary.
>He was a good guy to work with, somebody you could feel comfortable around, mostly because he didn’t have many expectations of you.
>Or maybe it was that you already met his expectations;
> he’d given you a few compliments since you’d been here, and those went pretty dang far.
>Whatever it was, you knew that he liked you and felt pretty comfortable around you, since you were fine with him being quiet.
>Not everybody was like that, and he got tired of people pestering him pretty fast, except when that person was family.
>You liked him just fine, and you felt the feeling was mutual.
>So, you got an older brother who always had your back;
> the kinda person you could rely on.
>It was nice having that.

> Granny was like the grandparent you never had.
>Both sets of your grandparents were either dead or lived way far away and never visited.
>And since your parents weren’t really ones to visit others, you didn’t go see them either.
>So, they were just figures you’d heard stories about and pictures on the wall.
>But Granny was as wise as the storybooks promised a grandparent would be, and just as kind, too.
>She’d always listen whenever you had something big on your chest
> -because you don’t want to always be relying on Apple Bloom for that stuff-
> and would give advice that somehow managed to make it through your thick head.

>You’d spent more than a few afternoons baking in the kitchen with her, making treats that managed to all taste unique and delicious, despite being based in only a few root ingredients.
>Ha, you can still remember that time that she made you do all this crazy stuff with that small batch of weird apples that were only good for a few days after being picked.
>You were pretty confused at first, but Apple Bloom told you to just trust her;
> you’re still not sure how everything helped, but that jam she made was definitely worth it.
>She was a little weird, but it wasn’t any kind of senility:
> if anything, she was just an older kind of Apple Bloom, just a girl who never stopped being herself, despite what others might have thought.
>In that way, you were thankful to her, not just for what she did to you, but for raising the family that she had.
>She treated you just like parent would, which meant more than anything to you.

> Most of the time, you got so wrapped up in Apple Bloom that you forgot to fully appreciate everything else about the apple family.
>She was amazing, the best thing that ever happened to you, but she was far from the only thing you loved about your new life.
>Because it wasn’t just Apple Bloom you were in love with:
> it was the Apple family.
>Granny was like the grandparent you never had.
>>Both sets of your grandparents were either dead or lived way far away and never visited.
so she's the far leg on the cousin-grandparent W-diagram? interesting. reminds me of that time Angelica spent a day with Didi's parents and was like "They're Tommy's grandparents, not mine!" but by the end of the day she assimilated their hilarious jewishness anyway because she was 3.
File: bed.jpg (441 KB, 2731x2400)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
well of course you can crawl into my bed. you didn't need to ask.
File: 1156530.jpg (255 KB, 1516x1791)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
File: 1149604.png (163 KB, 1156x811)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
File: IMG_0586.png (238 KB, 1280x960)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
I know this derivation of Abbleplom all too well. I actually remember doing something with the creator of her. It was for Christmas.
File: blush (2).png (1003 KB, 1530x1080)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG
There's some good moments like this where you just know the animators/art people are being kind to us with some moe. They have at least some grasp of that concept and use it well at parts, I think. Pretty much everything she got in Where the Apple Lies is also like that.

Hopefully they understand it well enough so not to think they'd be pandering to the fans by having affectionate expressions be towards potential love interests and not just solo-shots like these.
File: 604 Blush.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
File: wagon.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
I'm sure we'll get more of it this year, too
File: pest control vacuum.png (545 KB, 1023x1207)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
it's mistletoe, you can't fight it!
don't you just wanna make a basket out of your arms and have her sit her rump in it so you can carry her around
Who else hopped on the mistletoe bandwagon last Christmas?

By the way, there are more of these I think. I'd have to find them.
File: Apple Bloom (2).png (964 KB, 1213x1735)
964 KB
964 KB PNG
I do!
File: green apple (2).png (2.25 MB, 3200x2400)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
I really care about her
File: fall.jpg (620 KB, 1600x2036)
620 KB
620 KB JPG

You beam around the room, letting your thankful gaze rest on every member of the family.
>The expressions in their faces are equally loving, every set of eyes set upon you with an acceptance you’d never dreamed of before.
>You breathe in deeply, then out.
>It was almost too much to bear, even if it was all good.
>You rub your eye, preventing the threat of a tear from being realized, then focus your attention to Granny.

“Thank you.”
>You look around the room in a sweeping motion.
“All of you: thank you.”
>Apple Bloom straightens up and kisses your cheek, while Big Mac and Granny nod and AJ just grins back at you.
>The corners of your mouth have slowly been rising straight up, without you even intending to smile.
>Now, they’re almost stuck in the highest position, unable to be budged from the spot.
>You take another sigh, drinking the moment in.
>With nothing more needing to be said, Granny continues:

> “Can’t say I really had a low today. Suppose losing at the game was as bad as it got, even though I figured it’d go that way anyway.”
>Everybody nods to her last statement, not fully focused on what she’s saying, but trying to be polite nonetheless.
>The game’s over, and the tiredness growing within the family begins to express itself.
>AJ surrenders first to the swelling yawn, which is quickly caught by Big Mac and you.
>The rush of the day, even the week, has weighed pretty heavily on the elder Apples, who soon slump down and yawn again.
>They rouse themselves to action, using all the strength they’ve got to lift themselves up and carry their weighty bodies to the doorway.

> “Goodnight guys. Love you.”
>AJ says from the doorway, accompanied by Big Mac’s characteristic nod.
>You return both salutations along with Apple Bloom.
>Then you notice something in her voice:
> she doesn’t sound tired at all.
>It’s just as excited as always, without a trace of the sluggishness you found in the others.
>After they leave the room, you let your focus fall to Apple Bloom.
>She’s sitting straight up, her face inches away from yours.
>You pull your own head away regretfully, but still not wanting to look too intimate in front of Granny.

“What’s up?”
>She beams at you, a secret hidden in her expression.

> “Wanna do something?”
>She bites her bottom lip, looking just a little bit anxious in the midst of all her excitement.
>Now you’re even more curious.
>Knowing that the only answer you’ll get is of the experiential kind, you shrug your shoulders and accept.

>Some of the nervousness exits her expression, but there’s still a little bit there, a slight delay in her smile.
>So she wasn’t just worried about you saying yes, you figure;
> what was that other part?
>She stands up and says goodnight to Granny.
>You follow suit, giving her a meaningful gaze.
>You really do care for her.
>You whisper another ‘thanks,’ and see her nod her head at it.

>She wishes the two of you goodnight, and not a moment later a small hand finds yours and yanks you out the door.
>You’d forgotten how strong the tough little girl could be, and follow along the unavoidable pull.
>Hallways and stairs rush by, almost in a blur, until the warm ambience of the Apple house disappears entirely.
>Instead, your vision is cloaked in the deep blues of night, sprinkled with the tiny notes of stars and warmed by the light of the home behind you.
>The temperature takes a dip, but not so far as to be uncomfortable.
>It’s the summer nights that had greeted you when you’d first come here:
> warm and intimate.
>The faint smell of apples greets your nose, a subtle scent still remaining through the year you’ve spent getting used to it.
>It was an experience that had grown on you:
> it meant coming home.
>Every time you returned from some event or hangout, it was the first thing to catch your notice.
>True, you usually saw the trees first, but the smell was what really drove it home.
>If you had a bad day, it was like a comforting hug;
> if you’d had a good day, it was like the completion of it, the dessert at the end of a good meal.
>You breathe in the night air and all the smells of the different apples.
>Oh yeah, the Zap Apples are gonna be ready for harvest soon.
>You’d know the aroma anywhere.
>After blinking your eyes contentedly, you turn towards Apple Bloom.

“So what are we doing?”
>It's time
File: lion 1132202.jpg (976 KB, 1981x1761)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
my heart is ready
O shit it's happening!
File: SisterBloom.png (338 KB, 1280x720)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
applebloom are you crossdressing and also a furry again
File: 549652.jpg (245 KB, 1024x768)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
File: 343119.png (320 KB, 481x610)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
File: 1273146.png (360 KB, 610x642)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Apple Bloom's so adorable and beautiful in both forms
File: page 2.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
i aint even sure what i like best
i suppose it is humanbloom
maybe i should draw centaurbloom as a nice compromise
I hate to sound like a broken record (no I don't), but boy would I love to use my mouth on her adorable filly teats right about now

hehe works for me
you've only said that once before. i think it's a valid desire. she has wee little teats and they arent going to suck themselves.
File: Nice Blooms.jpg (70 KB, 620x644)
70 KB
her friends Sweetie and Scoots could each take one
File: really.jpg (307 KB, 1068x1000)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
just waifu the filly and love her, yourself.
do you think that's inappropriate for friends?
File: Spoiler Image (178 KB, 448x608)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
do I really gotta explain?
uh.. isn't scootaloo the one that's a chicken?

> Taking your hand in hers, she walks you over to a nearby well, one that sits just in front of the beginning of the orchard.
>It’s an old well, one of a few that they used over the years, though not recently.
>It’s the old, stone kind, the one that you could imagine a child falling down and requiring a dog to send for help.
>There’s a little roof over the top of it, probably just for looks, and probably about ten bucks of change thrown down it.
>There’s a little hook on it that you can hang a lantern from, and hanging on that hook was a lantern.
>Apple Bloom, still silent, takes the lantern off the hook and turns around.
>She holds it under her face, so weird shadows fall over it, helped by the gargoyle impression she’s undertaking:

> “Ooooh.”
>Uh oh.
>A small pit opens up in your stomach, though not necessarily from the hideous visage that’s overtaken Apple Bloom.
>About eleven months ago, maybe a little earlier, definitely during the summer though, she took you on a walk around the orchard around midnight.
>You’re pretty sure she meant it to be romantic and all
> -she was even wearing a little bit of makeup and a dress you’d complimented-
> but you couldn’t help but be straight spooked.
>It’s a darn orchard, in the middle of the night, with all the swaying and stuff making scary shadows in the lantern light.
>You were still pretty new to the farm at that point, so you ended up being freaked out by it.
>And of course, Apple Bloom saw through your charade of bravery.
>Turns out clinging to her arm like a piece of driftwood in a storm kinda turns someone on to that.
>Anyway, it ended up being kind of a bummer, not just cause it was rough and short, but also because Apple Bloom was pretty hyped about it and got disappointed.

> But now, it’s been a pretty long time, and you’re feeling more confident.
>It’s fully possible that you’re just fooling yourself so you don’t disappoint her again.
>No, you aren’t really feeling that nervous, even if there’s something there.
>You take a breath and smile at the girl still making faces at you.

“So, we’re going on a walk, I guess.”

> “Correct!”
>She stops making faces and snaps a finger gun at you, exactly like a certain math teacher at Canterlot High.
>You chuckle a bit at the inside joke, then take the lantern from her.
>Its rays illuminate the nearby wall of apple trees swaying slightly in the wind.

“Alright, but I’m holding the lantern this time.”
>That way you can make sure to keep it somewhat still, and avoid all the bouncy shadows that happen when it’s swung.
>Just gotta take the advantages that present themselves, y’know.
>The glowing halogen bulb doesn’t make much of a difference in light of the house’s amber hues extending to the edge of the field.
>Once you get onto the pathway, you should start seeing your field of vision diminish to the small sphere of the lantern’s projections.
>You take her hand this time, feeling the soft warmth of it along your own.
>She has such small hands, but they hold onto you so tightly.
>You can feel every shape of it, the fingers, the palm, even part of the wrist that touches you.
>It’s a firm, definite reminder that she’s with you.
>And even if this isn’t as scary as you expect, it’s still nice to have that reassurance.
>Taking another breath, filled with both nervousness and excitement over all the possible moments to come, you take a step.
daww. I love how this anon is a well-rounded person

> And stop.
>You can’t remember exactly where the path through the orchards is.
>You hesitate, then glance over to Apple Bloom.

“Uh, where are we going again?”

> “To the same- oh. Guess you never actually got there. C’mon.”
>She starts off, chipper as can be.

“Wait, have I not been to the place before? I mean, is it gonna be someplace I haven’t been?”
>You’re skeptical of the possibility;
> you really have been all over the farm.
>She turns her head back to you without stopping.

> “Sort of. You haven’t been there at night, and it’s a lot different then.”

“Oh. Got it.”

> “It’s a place Ah like to go a lot in the summer. Ah spent way too many nights out here when Ah was younger; AJ couldn’t stand it.”
>You chuckle softly, thinking of a young Apple Bloom sneaking out to this mysterious place.
>It must have been scary for a young girl to be out this late at night with all the rustling trees in the dark.

“Where you ever scared? I mean, how’d you end up here?”
>She pauses, making you wonder what she could possibly be thinking.
>Maybe she’s just trying to remember.

> “Ah’ll, uh- Ah’ll tell you when we get there.”
>At this point you’ve gotten to the dark parting of apple trees, an empty dirt walkway about six feet wide.
File: hmm interrogation mark.png (426 KB, 1024x1024)
426 KB
426 KB PNG
I'm starting to suspect that we're not on our way to a shower
my guess is sweet cuddles in the dark and looking at the ridiculously starry skies in the country where you can see fuckin nebulae and shit
of course, the steamier things get, the better
File: tree.png (614 KB, 500x640)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
gonna be good and wonderfully sweet, I'm sure. hoping for more heartbeat enjoyment

I wsn't sure how to say it, but this is closer to what I've got than than sweet lewds. Sorry if that's disappointing you guys, but I'm really not comfortable writing stuff like that.
I thought she was holding a gun in pic related before coming into the thread.
you're alarmingly good at it for someone uncomfortable with it.
you write whatever the hell you want, if we want things to get sticky we'll just write our own. which we do!
gotta defend the farm from varmints and cattle rustlers
No problem to me, probably. Again, I'm sure I'll adore however it goes, and be left satisfied. If minimal lewding means sweeter and purer romance, I'm sure I'll remain a big fan of what I'm getting
File: sleep.png (922 KB, 1280x720)
922 KB
922 KB PNG
File: 484402.png (148 KB, 500x459)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
Waking up to her excited grinning face, full of plans for the day
File: [nervous laughter].png (223 KB, 414x480)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
File: false alarm.png (959 KB, 1146x1080)
959 KB
959 KB PNG
Hear we go again. Season 7.

I'm not ready to go through this again, it's scary. Please be gentle to us this year, horse cartoon. Give her good attention
File: 1218680.gif (564 KB, 722x508)
564 KB
564 KB GIF
new ep today? aw maaan time to get on the good foot and grab me a vimeo link
File: what do you think.png (1.73 MB, 1920x1080)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
Cutie. As much as I would have loved for her to physically grow and start finally being viewed as being as old as she should be, a girl in her mid-teens, I don't mind her remaining a filly either. So long as they don't forget her great, developed personality that's been growing so well
wait what? she wasn't in it
Yeah, hence my heightened discomfort over the show's future and worry that this'll be more of season 6, rather than season 4+5 that had her getting lots of attention. Just making up for it by thinking about what an adorable filly she is, is all.
she really is the dorbs
I wanna do stuff to Bloom's mane. Like petting it. and braiding it. and kissing it.
holding, brushing, sniffing
best easter would be with fillies
especially easter photos
File: search.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
this is cute
I really appreciate this moment, showing how smart she is and how seriously she takes things. Really into her ideas and plans. Took the time to draw out that whole cute map.
it's a lot better than her other drawings. i wonder if she actually made that
File: easterbloom-nobow.png (224 KB, 429x789)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
>You're the father!

> You pass through without a second thought.
>The dirt beneath your feet is rough, reminding you of the absence of shoes.
>The trip down here had been too fast for any acquisition, so you ended up tumbling outside barefoot.
>Makes sense, since Apple Bloom is the leader of this trail, and prefers walking naturally.
>The soft grass of before hadn’t made much of an impression in light of the new discoveries, but the sudden texture of dirt snaps your attention downwards.
>It’s actually not as uncomfortable as you would have thought.
>It’s dry, with a couple little rocks here and there, but mostly soft, like walking on a solid mat.
>Sensing it’s one of those important moments, you close your eyes and breathe in deeply.
>Time seems to slow, and all you can feel is the cool dirt underneath your soles, the tight grip of Apple Bloom, and the slight wind gently caressing your shirt.
>The slow curve of a smile makes its way across your lips as you surrender to the moment, the perfect feeling overtaking you.
>You’re not scared of any shadows here.
>As the next couple of steps go by, you can feel the shifting of Apple Bloom’s hand on yours.
>The sudden pull of your attention towards the held hand fills you with the overwhelming urge to look at her.

> You open your eyes, to see the illuminated back of her.
>She’s leading by a step, so your lantern, though still showing the path ahead, is mostly shining on her back.
>You can see the billowing folds of her shirt, and the pretty tight fight of her jeans.
>Oh man.

>A very slight blush rolls into your cheeks when you realize you’re staring at Apple Bloom’s backside.
>Still, you can’t turn away.
>The jeans fit the small rear really well, showing the shape of her curves as she takes each step.
>And it’s just like, damn girl.
>If your hands weren’t full of hers and a lantern, you’d be giving her a little spank.
>As it is, you increase your pace just a little more, so you’re side by side with Apple Bloom.
>She turns to you, her face shedding the darkness in favor of the increased light.
>Her determined expression allows a cute little smile into it.

> “Almost there.”
>You nod, silently.
>There’s not much to say now.
>Only the growing anticipation of the spot you should have seen a year ago.
>Absent-mindedly, you let your gaze wander over to the trees passing by.
>Weird shadows flicker over them, the space between them creating a strange depth to the swinging light.
>The shadows of one branch are posted on that of the tree behind it, and so on, as if you were set in some deep, arboreal labyrinth. In some places, a cluster of trees will block out all the light in only a few rows.
>From other perspectives, however, that same cluster would seem sparse, spreading out to reveal trees nearly a dozen rows behind it.
>The thinner trees could reveal all the trees behind it with the overgrown shadows of its leafy arms, and the thicker ones would try to obscure the shapes behind that persisted in poking their unseemly shapes from behind its cover.

>It was fascinating to you, this fantastic, convoluted display of lighted green and sharp, blackish emerald hues.
>But this was only the allure of a still picture:
> as you walked, the shapes were obscured and revealed with the new perspectives that it offered.
>Dozens of trees could fold into one and spring out just as the next step fell.
>All at once it felt as if the orchard were alive, swaying along to the beat of your footsteps and the gentle swinging of your lantern.
>It was incredible.

> And you aren’t scared.
>You only notice when, minutes into the walk, you notice a couple of shadows merge into a vaguely human figure.
>It looks more like an abstract representation of one, and disappears almost immediately, but it still sends a minor chill down your spine.
>The stroke of fear slowly vanishes, replaced again by the wonder of the green, brown, and black kaleidoscope, but one thought stays in your mind.
>You aren’t scared.
>It took the minor reminder to bring the notion of fear back in your mind, which suddenly reveals it’s previous absence.
>It isn’t really clear what happened in the year past; maybe, you’d just become familiar with the orchard, allowing it into your heart as you did the rest of your home, and suddenly the dark, fantastic underside of it became familiar as well.
>This wasn’t some strange field of trees, swaying ominously in reminiscence of every rural-based horror film.
>This was your home, even to the extent that it drew sharp, fantastic figures out of a bouncing light.
>apple bottom jeans
man I just realized I've never been in any kind of thick forest when there were leaves to speak of on the trees. I'm only familiar with the spidery imagery of the bare branches

They're really pretty and cool, except that it's less easy to defend yourself against sudden murderers or woodmonsters
boy I read that filename differently for a tic
File: 2893.png (89 KB, 576x432)
89 KB
File: 1058620.png (1.19 MB, 1920x1920)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
File: look at me would ya.jpg (596 KB, 2048x1087)
596 KB
596 KB JPG
Bloom in this story not doing (very) sexual makes fine sense. She's a good Christian girl who waits for marriage.

Gosh, marriage talk in the story would be pretty great.
god dammit I was using those sides.
for the full-on impalement, sure. but there's a whole week before that shabbat, activitywise.
don't you want somepony to love
don't you need somepony to love
apple bloom desperately needs your snuggles to live
File: insecure.png (654 KB, 696x888)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
I'd give her all the affectionate reassurance she requires so she doesn't get lonely or scared of being abandoned. I could never stop loving my Bloom.
File: mirror.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
the show being airing, with no Bloom to be seen makes me more desperate to see her than ever. Come on, horse cartoon! So long as I know that she's in-mind and cared about for the staff, I'll be able to appreciate other episodes too. But first I'll need to know she'll actually still be around and not forgotten until it's a CMC episode
It took them like 5 years to make an episode about characters people had been obsessing over since the first episode, so.. I dunno. maybe they'll get faster.
they definitely seemed to pick up on our love of Maud. I'm surprised they werent terrified someone would get offended by her
File: 314876.png (770 KB, 1024x768)
770 KB
770 KB PNG
File: EQG feet.png (669 KB, 1000x1200)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
>"You.. you think ah'm cute, Anon?"
>Now you've gone and done it.
>"Ah thought you only thoughta me as a friend. Ah'm nothin special to look at.."
>"Feelins? For me? Oh gosh, ah don't know what to say! Is mah face turnin' red?"
>"Um, Anon.. You can hold mah hand if you want"
Happy Easter!
I love you
very much!
we all love you too staygy
File: Painting EQG.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: 897014.png (225 KB, 1000x935)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
File: 651081.png (1.95 MB, 1800x1601)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
>a red hoofprint! we've just found another of Bloom's Clues!
>Hmm, it's on a pregnancy test. what could that mean?
File: Pink e photography.png (1.22 MB, 1280x720)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
File: 1484350217998.png (105 KB, 900x672)
105 KB
105 KB PNG

File: 1210600.png (244 KB, 904x664)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
so peaceful
>flashing because love
as it should be
File: bloom.png (400 KB, 901x775)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
raspberry that tum tum and tell her that's not how little girls ought to act

when others are around
looks to me like she's setting a good example I hope the others will follow
except for that whole wearing-underwear thing

> You squeeze Apple Bloom’s hand, suddenly feeling as if the connection between you and her had grown stronger.
>You weren’t caught in some terrifying legion of dancing oil, holding onto her for dear life.
>You were caught in the wonder of a monochrome carnival, a lightshow never before dreamed of.
>But most of all, she was there too:
> and unlike last time, you were seeing the same thing, being in the same place, together.

> She looks at you, with the slight nervousness from before written on her face.
>Then, seeing the awe and thankfulness on yours, it vanishes completely, turning into the biggest grin you’ve seen tonight.

> “You see it, don’t ya?”
>You nod quickly, eager to show her your newfound courage.

“Yeah. This is incredible, Apple Bloom!”
>You can’t keep your voice down, the vivid display too fantastic for muted appreciation.
>Her grin matches yours excited that you’re finally able to experience this with her.

> “Check this out,”
> the excitement dripping from her voice.
>She begins swinging the lantern from left to right, then after gaining enough speed, spins it in circles.
>The shadows begin to change faster and faster, growing to monstrous heights and then to the size of mice in a moment’s time.
>Finally, the speed is set, and you can tell the pattern, which starts whenever a new revolution comes about.
>Then she lets it slow, and finally fall to a low sway.

>She giggles, just loud enough to hear, then grabs your hand.

>Instead of walking again, she skips along the path, making the lantern, and subsequently the surroundings, to quiver and shake.
>The skipping is kinda wearing you out, although that might be the result of the increased grade of the path.
>It’s going uphill;
> in fact, it’s been going that way for a little way, but until now, it’s been too subtle to notice.

“Hey, are we close?”
>You’ve been walking for a while now.
>Well, maybe only about five minutes or so, but still.
>It makes you wonder exactly how far you’re going.
>After all, the farm is actually pretty darn big.

> “It’s not too far from here.”
>She stops, and looks around.
>Holding up the light, she stands on her tiptoes.
>Seeing something not too far off, she lowers the lantern again.
> “Actually, we’re pretty much there.”
>Another short stint of skipping, and you can see the end of the path coming closer, marked by a carpet of grass.
>You make your way up the last few yards, nearly trudging up the final incline.
>It’s a small circular space, surrounded by a ring of trees.
>There’s nothing here at all, besides the entryway that you’d come through.
>The dirt pathway had ceded to a layer of soft grass, feeling much more comfortable beneath your bare feet.
>Rubbing your feet on the grass a bit wipes off all the pieces of dirt and rock that had been sticking to the bottom of them.
>The border of trees is actually kind of thin up here, and upon inspection, all the rows behind them are lower.
>You’re on a hilltop, overlooking the rest of the farm.
>It’s this place!

>You’d been here a few times with the Apple Bloom and the others;
> when you were working kind of far from the house, this would be where you’d take your lunches.
>But you’d never seen it at night;
> not even the pathway, which was probably why you didn’t figure out where you were going in the first place.

> Apple Bloom walks into the very center, and falls flat on her back.
>You follow suit, sidling up to her, so your left arm is touching hers.
>Immediately she scooches closer to you, ducking under your arm and resting her head on your shoulder, so she can easily look at both you and the sky.
>Her right arm is tucked between you and her, and her left arm is draped over her body and yours, the hand falling on your stomach.
>It’s still pretty warm, but the wind up here’s just a little bit stronger, so sticking close together is the best way to regain that little bit of lost warmth.
>It’s definitely not because you want to cuddle or anything.
>Looking up, the ring of trees obscures only the very edges of your vision, allowing you to see the wide expanse of sky, while at the same time making it feel as though you were peeping out of some hole in a dense forest’s roof.
>Apple Bloom shuts off her lantern, and the sky explodes with stars.
>It’s just like when you were looking out from the kitchen window, only now there’s not even a trace of earthly light present to dim the cosmic fireballs.
>It feels like the sky you’ve known for years has doubled, even tripled the number of glowing dots within it.
>Juxtaposed with the black outlines of apples trees framing your vision, the speckled tapestry seems to glow even brighter.
that is exactly what it's like. maan.
File: SleepyBloom.png (165 KB, 800x600)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
File: 362963.png (1023 KB, 2900x2800)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
File: IMG_0044.png (479 KB, 3280x3460)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
File: 1292194.png (371 KB, 1050x1225)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
File: approval.gif (918 KB, 300x300)
918 KB
918 KB GIF
I like Apple Bloom
File: fear.gif (2.02 MB, 368x360)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB GIF
File: reflection.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1080)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
File: 7002451.png (421 KB, 1280x720)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
awwww she's not feelin so well.
>What're 'ankles'?
>Ah don't know. Some kinda math thing?
okay that is some excellent hair on that humanscoots
>Ah made you some fries, Anon. An' here's a glass of apple juice to have with it.
>It's mah special apple juice..
7 I know you're fucking in here. chat is back up
File: the sweetest horse.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB PNG
please don't let this be the end of her getting focus in the show.
File: IMG_0045.png (195 KB, 1280x1385)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
File: 493194.png (300 KB, 800x800)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
File: 967780.png (97 KB, 629x629)
97 KB
there is an upcoming cmc episode so we'll see
uh-oh, she's spotted us
File: leader.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
File: serious magic.png (1.67 MB, 1920x1080)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
look at that happiness on your adorable young mare's face, blissfully pleased by the love of her family and lover. And her sister, who will be your sister one day, too.
it's funny, prior to this scenario I always fantasized about hating my girl's family and it being mutual. Like that way i'm taking her away from them and never have to see them. i guess because that's how it was in my family
File: smartBloomer.jpg (98 KB, 639x688)
98 KB
why is this so endearing
>Giving Apple Bloom a piggyback ride!
File: changes things.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
I was a little worried about this upcoming Apple parents episode, but maybe it could fit well with the perception that Apple Bloom's abandonment complex comes from her having been old enough when they left for it to have had a significant impact on her. If they show up and she knows who they are and has an emotional reaction, it could be a sweet and good thing, and totally make up for Where the Apple Lies.
your Apple filly wife going to a sleep-over with her friends and staying up late, telling them all about the kinky stuff you do together, enthralling the two inexperienced fillies
cmon now
File: 1246605.gif (1.88 MB, 358x372)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
Pony scoots seems like a pure and cute girl to me, not as vulgar as some humanizations. Just a tomboy filly in Ponyville. But I wouldn't say anyone's waifu is a non-virgin unless it's confirmed.
I didn't say she's been sullied (though if the setting was a bit less sunshine and cupcakes, it wouldnt be unrealistic), but.. I still wouldn't use the word inexperienced. those hooves have handled a pickle or two
File: IMG_0047.jpg (303 KB, 2007x3472)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
File: IMG_0049.png (254 KB, 1099x1112)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
File: appolbunny.png (338 KB, 870x768)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
File: Bloom w plush.png (1.39 MB, 1781x2310)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Seeing a new Bloom by them always makes me happy. The rarer instances that human Bloomy is treated waifuishly are appreciated.

I've thought it'd be great to see her in a business suit, like a real one.
File: napping.png (679 KB, 2800x2410)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
>sneak up and kiss her nose
File: 1087570.gif (891 KB, 288x288)
891 KB
891 KB GIF
I can like Babs because Apple Bloom loves her so much now, but going back to One Bad Apple, I just can't accept this. None of this was alright.
I feel like she needs to be knocked down a peg and/or get a coltfriend with a firm hoof. then I can like her
that is a cute-ass picture
i just realized how badly i now need to see her in robot boots and gauntlets
>Ah started that fire
> You spend a few moments surveying the heavens, as if you were some astronomer landed on a distant world, seized by the opportunity to chart new stars and planets. The massive blanket of lights is almost completely unprecedented, only rivaled by the shows at planetariums and the like. But some low, fake picture of the sky could never truly compare to the vision spread before you. The infinite blackness of space, marked by those twinkling points of light give the idea of infinity beyond that half-sphere imposter’s ability. But as your meagre efforts of star-charting are just getting underway, you’re distracted by your companion.
> She snuggles closer to you, her chest pressed against your side and head softly nestled in that place just below your shoulder. Your upper arm is still acting as her headrest, but you move the forearm so it doubles back, resting your hand on her head. The soft feel of her hair envelops your hand as you absent-mindedly begin stroking it, letting your fingers sift in and out of the rosy tangle. There’s a few knots and tangles in there, which you gently brush out before continuing. Her chest rises and falls with her breaths, pressing further into and away from you, letting you feel each one. And just below and to the left, you can make out the quiet sounds of that breath escaping over the surface of your chest. Her hand, as she enters further into the snuggle, extends to your right side, pulling you closer.
Sorry about all this, guys. this is all I got right now, but I'll get back on it and finish it this weekend.
more than adequate, duder.
I'm going to imagine they lay out butt-ass nude in the grass because it's dark anyway and it feels nice.
>Anon feels a bare leg.. aaand a bare hip. wha. bare waist. what's going-
>"Ah felt like gettin more comfortable. Caint see anythin' anyway. And I know you're a gentleman so you won't cop any feels you oughtn't"
>Apple Bloom has severely underestimated how well his eyes have acclimated to the dark, and anyway he chickens out joining in
or something like that.
When Apple Bloom is around, being called a horse's patoot is a compliment
File: IMG_0050.png (1.01 MB, 1024x1471)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
b-but sweetie is marshmallow pone..
File: 1305226.png (1.04 MB, 1088x871)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
You're right! Apple Bloom's strong, big in better ways
File: butt shake.gif (1008 KB, 964x907)
1008 KB
1008 KB GIF
File: Making AB laugh.png (52 KB, 1377x378)
52 KB
I'm real glad this epilogue started when it did, I almost would have missed it in favor of distancing myself from fandom while trying to enjoy the season as well as I can. It's really nice, having this going on again.
File: moritoakira.png (366 KB, 729x550)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
love this artist
File: 47597966_p1_master1200.jpg (589 KB, 1200x900)
589 KB
589 KB JPG
File: 1094350.png (122 KB, 480x292)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
File: comforting.png (118 KB, 611x663)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
overalls-and-just-overalls bloom is the best bloom
File: here's your Bloom.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
>not sure if playing magician or resurrection

> She feels so good against your body.
>Every shape, every one of her contours feels like it fits perfectly with you, like a puzzle piece snugly connected to its destined partner.
>You focus on the little pressures of her fingers, which are contracted and spreading lazily, each one slowly brushing up and down your chest.
>There always something about her hands that captivated you, this constant desire to have her touch you, to see them on your body.
>Everything about the tender caress seemed infinitely valuable to you, like you wouldn’t trade it for the world.
>It was a silly feeling, you knew, but that didn’t stop it from feeling so true and genuine.
>There were times where you could just stare at Apple Bloom and watch all the throbbing emotions surge beneath your skin.
>It was like you could see everything happening inside you as you saw here:
> your whole body seemed to relax, like a man gasping for air, then, upon being satisfied, returning to a normal rate of breathing.
>These tensions that you carried in your body, all the little demons and stresses that caught you, were banished by her, without even necessitating her noticing them, or even you!
>She could be touching you like this or staring off into space, and the very sight of her was like a balm to you.
>There was something else too, something you noticed as you watched yourself travel through the previous year.
>Those demons and stresses?
>They didn’t come around too often anymore;
> and when they did, they were shadows of their former selves.

> All the anxiety that had defined your life had withered away.
>You used to wake up with this sunken feeling in your stomach, a worry that ached so much you actually had trouble eating in that first hour of waking.

>And it wasn’t just confined to a sunrise dread:
> every time you heard something that could be construed as majorly bad -which, to your assumptive mind, was quite a few things- that iron grip would clench around your stomach.
>Even when you were outwardly or mentally calm, ready to take what life through at you, you would always feel sick in the face of the future.
>But that hadn’t been happening lately.
>You can’t remember when it had stopped, since it had done so in minute increments.
>But you did know that, at least, you didn’t wake up that morning.
>And now, as you thought of the rising summer before you, you only felt the pleasant fluttering of excitement, not the weighty, sickening dread of your past self.

> The same goes for your other issues.
>For longer than you could remember, you’d felt isolated, alone.
>And as you’d noticed more and more recently, you had more than a little pride.
>You were an outsider, partly because of your own awkwardness, which was helped tremendously by your standoffish nature.
>Being a dick didn’t help your chances with the few people that approached you, and when you inevitably got sucked into a clique (or whatever that group was), you still didn’t fully feel like you were a part of it.
>But now you had a family, and a decent amount of friends.

>And as you learned more about what having good friends was like, you just kind of shed your more jerk-ish tendencies.
>Thinking of those old issues, the voices in your head telling you you’re alone, to act like an asshole…
>Well, they’re still there, but it’s as if it were a radio turned down.
>Here, with this girl on your chest, you listened to the inner workings of your heart, and found that, for once, nothing was wrong.

> It was like in the old days when you lost yourself in music or video games, and felt like everything was ok, since there wasn’t anything but the sounds and games.
>Only this time, there wasn’t the undercurrent of fear that it was going to leave, and your paradise was going to vanish in the face of the same old problems.
>Right now, you felt like everything was okay, and for the first time in a long time, like it would stay that way.
>Tilting your head to the left, you lean down a place a small, grateful kiss on Apple Bloom’s head.
>After all, she was the one most responsible for all of this.
>Originally, she’d just been like those fun distractions, where you felt perfect around here, but anxious and troubled apart.
>But through this past year, somehow, she managed to fix something, maybe you, maybe something else, in such a way that even when she was gone, you still felt alright.
>Maybe she wasn’t directly responsible, but you figure that the main reason you’re where and who you are now is because you’re living here, and the main reason for that is her.
it's also nice he isnt beating himself up over how he used to be. goodstory
bump for Apple Bloom's knees
maybe with a band-aid
Can I get a rundown of the epilogue so I know what I'm getting into?
so far theyre just kind of hanging out and dealing with some emotions, yknow?
File: 196456.png (2 MB, 1289x1301)
2 MB
File: giggle.gif (1.72 MB, 480x560)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB GIF
File: Apple bloom is two words.png (2.35 MB, 2400x2400)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG

> During your internal monologue, she’d been lifting her head and scooting upwards, inch by inch.
>Eventually, her head was side by side with yours.
>This new position, combined with the fact that her body was half-draped over yours, meant for easy, quick kisses.
>You only break out of your thoughts and face her for a moment, just able to see the radiant grin in the slowly adjusting dark before being kissed again.
>Getting lost in your own thoughts, even to the exclusion of all surroundings, was still something you were prone to doing.
>But like all other problems, or even most inconveniences, Apple Bloom knew how to solve that.
>Her lips find yours in the dark, bringing you into an infinitely more passionate union than the kiss on her forehead allowed.
>You respond immediately, completely, letting yourself fall into this girl.
>Her tongue delicately requests entry, is granted such at once, and quickly makes itself at home.
>This was definitely a skill she’d gained, helped by many instances of your instruction.
>She explores every part of your mouth she can reach, then settles to mingle carelessly with your own.
>Her lips feel incredible on yours, a sensation you can’t get enough of.
>In the meantime, she’d slowly begun crawling on top of you.
>The kiss stops for a moment, and she suddenly realized where she’s gotten.

> “Oh geez, sorry.”
>She immediately slides back off to the side, back to the cozy position of before.
>It’s nice…
> but you’re still left wishing for a little more.
>Maybe if you just…

“It’s alright. Kinda liked you there.”
>She giggles a bit, her words hot and breathy in your ear.

> “Ah know. Ah did too.”
>She gives you a small kiss on your cheek before continuing.
> “But not yet.”
>She’d mentioned once that she planned on waiting for some special moment to…
> well, she never said what she was referring to, but you did have a guess.
>She always said you’d get ‘there’ once you were part of the family for real.
>It wasn’t exactly clear what she meant, since you were pretty sure you were already in the family, and didn’t know where you could go.
>You mean, it’s not like you were actually gonna get married to each other, were you?
>Was there something else, some placeholder, going to tie that knot for you?
>The questions begin to pile up, but all you can let out is that first, initial one:

>Again, you can see her smile nearly glowing in the dark.

> “Tomorrow. Ah’m not s’posed to tell you, but it’s part of the surprise.”
>Well, that certainly changed things!
>You could definitely wait til tomorrow.

“So, can we do this again then, after… whatever’s happening?”
>Her hand brushes down your chest, still stroking your chest.

> “Yeah. Ah’d like that.”
yeah but one word just sounds better sometimes
what happened to her shoulder?
a thirsty bloom is pleasant. this is some of the hottest kissing writing i've ever read
ooh, now i'm really intrigued
File: 1273184.png (147 KB, 213x446)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
my hero
>Anon, does mah vagina look normal t'you?
It's surely beautiful and delicious, tasting Bloom-like. Apple-like.

Hopefully with a nice amount of red pubes too
with a wee appleseed at the top.
yeah I assume the pubes would be tufty, silky, mostly on the mound with just mild fluff on the labia. but I'm not sure if AB would be more the puffy lips type or the kinda spread-petals type
jezus, my beetus
would definitely put my tongue in her navel
even if she didn't clean it properly. i'd forgive her.
File: 2948.png (742 KB, 1000x718)
742 KB
742 KB PNG
Damn cute pony.
File: steampunk.jpg (260 KB, 438x467)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
File: hammer 1193053.png (331 KB, 1150x1150)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
weirdly awesome. i would play an applebloom beatemup game
File: cupcake.jpg (182 KB, 638x825)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
File: marry the cousin!.jpg (270 KB, 599x599)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
damn right you marry the cousin

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