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Previous thread: >>29764570

Auntie Sweetie Edition

Pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/pTAqfjD6
File: downloadfile-37.png (96 KB, 867x847)
96 KB
>You will never marry Auntie Sweetie.
File: downloadfile-38.png (175 KB, 799x807)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>"Do you like it? Your mom made it to make the honeymoon extra special."
File: 1489343014077.png (358 KB, 1200x1800)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Of course you won't.
Because Mama Rarity is going to first.
What do think the age difference between Anon and Aunt Sweetie is? I'm thinking between 8-9 years.
Let's say Sweetie is 27 and Anon is 19 or something.
>"You may have him Sweetie but, my son's virginity is mine."
I think so. If Rarity is old enough to own and manage a successful business all on her own but Sweetie is young enough to still be in tiny baby school, then I'd say that Rarity's parents had Sweetie pretty far down the line. I can see Sweetie being really excited to come home from school so that she can spend time and play with her little nephew.
>15 years later she goes home and "plays" with her nephew.
>Rarity catches Sweetie touching her son
>Red-faced and sweating, Rarity gives her sister a half-hearted scolding and retreats to her room
>Masturbates furiously
>The next time she hears Sweetie doing something to Anon, she doesn't try and stop her
This thread is going a good direction.
>Rarity prefers this because she doesn't want some slut at school brake her darling boy's heart.
>"Family is forever, you know. You can never stop loving family."
>You and Auntie Sweetie will never suck on each of Rarimom's breast while she runs her hands on both of their hair.
>Rarimom can cum just by nipple stimulation and having two tongues against her nipples makes her leaking like no other.
You guys know it's possible to have these two as sisters, too, right
>Not wanting Celestia to be your mom that drains your balls every night.
>Not wanting Aunt Lulu to call you to your office and fuck her on your desk.
>Not wanting Cousin Candy to leg lock you?
/mom/ is already a thing, just figured I'd propose it differently since the theme here seems to be sisters and cousins
>Luna standing outside your bedroom door, naked
>Giving herself a pep-talk
>"C'mon Luna, we're royalty. Royalty does this sort of thing all the time."
>"I'm not like those creepy old aunts. Anon and I understand each other heck I'm not even ten years older than him."
Nice. Is this from a story? And who's the artist?
File: 6QaaU02g.jpg (55 KB, 728x726)
55 KB
>who's the artist?
Stop before you hurt Nayaa's feeling.
File: MERCY.jpg (24 KB, 700x385)
24 KB
I'm just new to this thread. Please, I'm and honest, god-fearing peasant, really.
File: pYd9xK4.gif (980 KB, 200x200)
980 KB
980 KB GIF
>I'm and honest
File: downloadfile-42.png (667 KB, 2721x1967)
667 KB
667 KB PNG
>Big Sister Rainbow will never teach you how to breed a girl.
Muh dick
I need a short one shot smut of this
>"My little brother won't be a one pump chump not on my watch."
>Rainbow is a power bottom making her little brother fuck her.
>since the theme here seems to be sisters and cousins
The theme here is incest.
>"Ungh, I'm not some delicate freshman, Anon, POUND me!"
>"Fuck me like how you want to fuck one of my friends! I saw how you look at Rarity's and Applejack's asses Maybe if you do good I'll try to convince one of them to fuck my little bro."
four words.

Underwear when, and Rape

>You are Anon, and your big sister has called you to your room.
>It's Saturday night, which means that your mom and dad are out for dinner with some of their friends, leaving the house to you and Rainbow Dash.
>You can still remember the look on Rainbow's face when she found out that you've never had sex before.
>Sure, you've had girlfriends; what kid your age hasn't?
>But you've never...
>...you know...
>...gone all the way before.
>When Rainbow found out, she said that she'd help you somehow.
>You don't really know what she had planned, because you were too embarrassed to pay attention to what your big sister was saying.
>"Okay, champ! You can open the door now!"
>You enter the room and barely stop yourself from walking right back out.
>Your brain can't even comprehend what's going on right now.
>Rainbow Dash, your big sister and enormous pain in the ass, is laying spread-eagle on her bed, and she's completely naked.
>And apparently she doesn't trim.
>Despite exposing herself to her little brother, Rainbow's still got that confident smirk on her face (even if it is diminished slightly by her bushyoumeanblush)
>"C'mon, lil' guy. You don't wanna disappoint the next woman you trick into fucking you, do you?"
>She spreads her pussy lips using both hands, exposing the pink interior.
>Is it just you, or do you see some glistening down there?
>"Tell you what, Anon. I'll let you practice until you can make it a whole 15 minutes without coming inside, 'kay?"
>You don't know what it is, but there's something about coming inside of Rainbow Dash that just appeals to you.
>"Anaawwwn~" calls Rainbow in a sing-song voice, "Don't keep your big sister waiting!"
>If all this hadn't convinced you to fuck your big sister, the way she brought a tit to her lips and started sucking on one of her own nipples did.
File: 1489263388434.gif (1.99 MB, 330x275)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
>Traditional incest

Muh dick
Go on...
>Training sessions allow Anon to go for 15 minutes without cumming
>Rainbow demands payment for the training in the form of access to his bedroom whenever she wants to fuck; day or night
>Anon has gotten used to waking up in the morning to his sister giving him a sleepy smile, and he feels no inclination to start fucking anybody else

I'll bet Rainbow is a closet romantic. She probably kisses him and then blames it on the heat of the moment.
File: IMG_1785.jpg (46 KB, 480x388)
46 KB
>"C-Cum inside, Anon..."
"But you -hng!- you said you w-weren't using any protection, Auntie!"
>Aunt Luna pins your arms down when you move to push her off and grinds her crotch against yours
>"I'm not."
>Mom, sitting behind your head, strokes your hair and gazes at you lovingly.
>>"Sorry, baby. It's up to us to keep the bloodline pure, okay?"
>She leans down and kisses your forehead, just like she used to do when she'd read your a story and tuck you in at night.
>As the sensation of your orgasm overtakes you, you hear her whisper in your ear.
>>"It's gonna be my turn as soon as Luna starts showing."
No wonder Flurry is retarded.
File: IMG_1892.gif (688 KB, 664x714)
688 KB
688 KB GIF
File: IMG_1893.gif (318 KB, 300x127)
318 KB
318 KB GIF
Curses. Why did I click that spoiler?
Just imagine it isn't there.
She probably overheard Rarity talking about stuff like waxing and thought that shaving down there was something that only prissy girls do. Nobody ever said she's known for thinking things through.
Or the daughters of King Anonymous
I like stories where Anon fathers the royal sisters.
>"If you fuck me good maybe I'll have Pinkie Pie come over and "play with you" does that sound good little bro? But, I'll do it only if you give your big sister a good pounding."
File: smug_anime_girl.jpg (16 KB, 218x206)
16 KB
>Momma Rarity's shaved, prim pussy
>She also has Auntue Sweetie waxed too at the spa, and request the "Rarity" special for her and her younger sister.
>Where Lotus and Aloe specialize with tongue massage therapy.
this is an incest thread not a lesbo thread
>They share the room with each other Rarity and Auntie Sweetie hold their hands sometimes kiss each other.
>Not appreciating the way she carefully dyes it so that it matches her hair
Would it not just grow that way naturally? Or does she die the hair in your headcanon as well?
I dunno. They didn't really cover pubes in EqG so all I have to work on is guess work.
File: 1488498298380.png (223 KB, 1000x1000)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
>Anon is sick with the flu
>Enter Fluttersis
I vomited after seeing this.
>Not wanting to fuck your sexy aunt that is 8 years older than you.
I vomited after seeing this.
File: 1488240815831.png (364 KB, 900x600)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>"C'mon, little bro. Movie night!"
"Wow. Hey, uh, could you... could you maybe put on some pants? Or...?"
>"No. Did you bring the popcorn?"
Flutters has the subtlety of a plane crash.
C'mon, man, that was the best non-nude solo humanized Sweetie picture I could find in the five minutes I took to make the thread.
>"Look, Anon! I bought a kitten! I know what we should do - we should let her sleep in your room until she's gotten used to her new home. I'll sleep with you so that she can get to know both of us at the same time, okay?"
"...I'm almost certain that that isn't a cat."
>"S-Sure she is. She, uh..... was the runt of her litter?"
>The purple thing in Sunny's arms gets a big mouthful of your sister's hair and tugs.
"Sunny, I love you and everything, but that purple thing isn't going anywhere near my bedroom."
>The tiny purple animal 'harumph's and glares up at your sister.
>>"We're not gonna be able to touch him in his sleep, Sunset. I /told/ you this was a stupid idea."
Fluttershy doesn't need subtlety when she's got breasts that big. She's probably really soft-spoken but has a filthy tongue.
File: This week on.png (310 KB, 669x659)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
>tfw you wanna write green but it's 2AM and you know it wouldn't be any good.
Why must all my ideas come right now.

And thats when Twilight cast the Want it, need it spell on Sunsets tits.

That day is known as the "Day of a thousand restraining orders" in the local courthouse.
Knowing Fluttershy, this is after she welcomes Anon home with a loving hug and a kiss on the cheek.
File: Sunset wants the D.png (216 KB, 960x1440)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
>You will never tease her back by wearing nothing but boxers around the house, and leaving the crotch hatch unbuttoned so your pubes and the base of your shaft occasionally pop into view
Does this end with Sunset sitting in your lap or with the two of you violently fucking each other?
File: Slutty Sunset.png (859 KB, 1280x1707)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
>Sunset smooshing her naked ass onto your barely-covered crotch
>Your hardening cock pokes her square in the taint
>The two of you desperately trying to maintain the blase "I'm not bothered at all by my hot sibling walking around mostly naked" facade
>Both of your efforts last about 10 seconds before you shove your dick right where it belongs
>you will never get in a tease war with your sister
>you will never escalate from cheekily undone clothing to full blown nudism in the house, opening masturbating in front of each other to make the other give the slightest ground
>you will never refuse to fuck each other, as that would mean admitting defeat in that the initiator was seduced
>you will never subsequently live your entire life incest free because of sibling rivalry
thats pretty funny actually
>>you will never get in a tease war with your sister
>>you will never escalate from cheekily undone clothing to full blown nudism in the house, opening masturbating in front of each other to make the other give the slightest ground
I am 100% on board with these parts.

>Moaning each other's names in ecstasy just to make the other one hot and bothered
>Starts with masturbating from across the room
>Escalates to masturbating together while sitting on the same couch
>Finally leads to mutual masturbation and your sister giving you a clumsy handjob with a sticky, shaking hand
her face looks retarded
I'm not lookin' at her face, Anon.
File: 1488225553788.gif (118 KB, 898x794)
118 KB
118 KB GIF
>"Quit talkin' animes at me, Sunny."
>sister Sunset
>not daughter Sunset
I can still fap to this.
Judging by the fact her tail in FiM is rainbow i think that would translate to EqG.
So, tail = pubes for EqG? So, does that mean that Pinkie Pie...?
Why not both?
>"Hey, Anon... remember when we used to play 'house' when we were kids? I'm thinking, maybe we should start playing again, but just kick it up a notch."
Because I'm a massive faggot who wants to be older than the person I'm incesting.
>Anon and Sunset are twins
>Anon was born 4 minutes earlier than Sunset
>Anon and Sunset justify it that, being twins, they're basically the same person and that having sex with each other is just masturbation
>Anon and Sunset purposefully have a poor understanding on the different types of twins in order to have an excuse to have sex with each other guilt-free
Yep, fluffy ass pubes. Could honestly go to sleep on em' after you eat her out.
>>Anon's siren relatives teach him how to speak ancient Equestrian so that, if they ever go back to Equestria, he can talk smack to Celestia and Luna without anyone else knowing what he's saying

>You and your grandmothers/lovers finally made it to Equestria.
>Sadly you didn't get turned into a siren, nor did the others.
>Also from the way the locals act you're actually really hot here.
>You've made your way to Canterlot because the princesses wanted to meet the four random humans that just appeared.
>So here you are.
>The moment of truth.
>"Ah, you must be Anon and-" Celestia doesn't get to finish.
"Ah no kal me soka mon sokah dova flitsh folka howse."
>Translation:" I have heard about you and your cake fetish filthy whorse."
>"Von tease!?"'You what!?' Celestia says on instinct as the Luna and the sirens giggle.
>as the Luna and the sirens giggle.
>the Luna
Is that her wrestling name?
Doe she announce herself as THE LUNA?
That's adorable
>Using her crotch to lay your head and sleep
Second only to using her tits as a pillow.
>Not mother
That one story by ApA comes to mind
File: 1478571628255.jpg (23 KB, 480x478)
23 KB
The Sunset movie night one?
Where anon impregnates his own mother. I just realized it's in the pastebin. Derp
Because you're a nasty ass ho. Love you sis
Because there's a period of time between seeing you and taking my clothes off that keeps me from shoving my cock into your warm depths.
File: 1483398970037.png (616 KB, 1000x1000)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
>"Do you ever regret it?"
>Taking your clothes off
>Not fucking her through your clothes right then and there
The layer of jeans and underwear act as a natural condom.
>her fetish is humiliation
>this only gets her wetter for you
I was thinking more like they're so close that they can call each other the vilest shit without the risk of hurting feelongs
How about giving you an innocent stealth handy on the morning school bus ride?
Typed the sirens first. Deleted sirens forgot to delete the.
Why does he wear the mask?
Because no one cared who he was before he put on the mask.
If we take it off will he die?
It would be very painful
This is one of my favorite pics ever. Thanks for reminding me of it.
I fucking love this website
>be Anonymous
>you work hard
>life isn't easy
>working the late shift can be tough
>especially when you get all the overtime you can
>you don't really want to, but it's the only way to make ends meet
>someone else is counting on you
>you trudge through the door at 6 am
>you smell bacon
>that's odd
>at the sound of your voice, she come running
>your daughter, the best thing to ever happen to you
>she throws her arms around you
>even though you have yet to wash off
>she's sweet like that
>"Welcome home, Daddy. I made you something to eat."
>you put your arms around her and return her embrace
"You did? Why?"
>"Because you work hard and you deserve it?"
>she raised her head to look up at you
>that sweet smile melted your heart every damn time
>you just couldn't help but smile back
"Well...can't let that bacon go to waste, can we?"
>Sunset smiles and takes your hand, leading you to the kitchen
>you take a seat and see what's on offer
>scrambled eggs, bacon, buttered toast
>basic, but it might just be the nicest thing anyone's ever done for you
"Thanks Sunny. This really is-"
>you stop
>Sunset moved up behind your chair after you sat down
>she's massaging your shoulders
I have an Aunt who is only four years older than me
>your qt sister Sunset will never sit on your lap wearing nothing but a loose T-shirt
"Sunset? What are you doing?"
>"I told you already. You deserve it."
>a little bell in the back of your head starts ringing
>this is a little too close
>this is wrong
>so why did it feel so nice?
>a little hum escapes your lips
>her fingers are magical
>maybe it wouldn't be so wrong to just enjoy this
>so you do, eating your breakfast and enjoying her working the knots from your muscles
>when you finally finish, she leans against your back
>her lips gently kiss your cheek
>"Did you enjoy it Daddy?" She whispers into your ear
>that was too close
>you can already feel something in your lap
>it had been a long time since a woman had given you some personal attention
>her voice in your ear and hands in your shoulders were the only bit of intimacy you'd experienced with another person since her mom up and left both of you
>even if it was your daughter, your dick didn't care
>it had been long enough, and it was ready to go
"I did...thanks Sunny."
>you try to play it cool
>don't freak out
>just get out of here
"It's been a long day. I should probably hot the shower and then the bed."
>you quickly get up and leave the table
>best put some distance between the two of you
>there really is nothing like a hot shower after a long day at work
>it was a great way to relax
>you let the warm water flow over your body and try hard to think about anything other than Sunset
>what had gotten into her?
>was all of that innocent?
>it was hard to imagine it wasn't intentional
>it certainly didn't feel false
>it felt like a woman trying to seduce you
>granted, it had been a while, but you liked to think you remembered what that was like
>your thoughts were interrupted when you heard the door open
>"Yes, Daddy."
"Is something wrong?"
>"Well...not really."
>she pulled back the curtain
>not a piece of clothing was on her
>"I just missed you Daddy."
File: sweaty man.jpg (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
File: 1490998170606.jpg (8 KB, 240x240)
8 KB
I'm not a machine woman! I can't just "turn it on!"
I hope it ends with impreg.
Does it piss her off when you call her "aunt" or "auntie"? I'm in my 20s and if I had a niece or nephew, I'd feel old as shit if they called me uncle.
I don't know about the other anon but I have a niece 5 years younger than me and she's called me uncle her whole life
Sounds hot. Do you spend much time with her?
File: C8rFLKhVwAA16Nx.jpg (56 KB, 626x626)
56 KB
I think it might be an American thing, and that's why I've never experienced it, cause I've genuinely never referred to a family member as 'bro', 'sis', 'aunt' etc.
I've just always called them by their names. Saying anything else would be weird.

Secondly though, I've got a nephew that's older than me and an aunt that's younger, so maybe that's why. Our family tree is weird as hell.
I've also got one of those generic anime cousins whos wanted to marry me since she was five.
Too bad I'm thousands of miles away now.
>I think it might be an American thing
I'm guessing you might be on to something.

I'm from a non-English speaking country, and it's rare for anyone except maybe very small kids to refer to their relatives by their relation like that when speaking to them. That's almost exclusively used when referring to someone else. Referring to siblings as brother or sister within the family is practically never done - only names are generally used. The only time you would describe them as your brother or sister would be if you were telling someone else about them who didn't know them.
>I've also got one of those generic anime cousins whos wanted to marry me since she was five.
>Too bad I'm thousands of miles away now.
Does she still want to marry you?
american here, my siblings still call me 'brother' on occasion
Fuck. I slammed this out on my phone at my breaks at work because I was bored. Now people noticed it and I'll feel bad if I don't update.

Looks like it's time to pull out the laptop and make another post or two before bed.

I'm not promising it will.
I'm not promising it won't either.
Whatever happens, it was hot. It's nice to have small teasers like that in between stories even if they aren't always expanded on. Gets the fantasies going.
Canadian here. I call my siblings and my cousins by their names, but I preface my aunt's and uncle's names with, well, 'aunt' and 'uncle'.
We're waiting bucko
It's not like I want you to like my green or anything, b-baka...

>no no no no no no no no no
>your hands fly to cover yourself on instinct
>you want to avert your eyes, but you find them oddly transfixed
>smooth skin over a nicely hour glassed figure with just a hint of muscle tone
>you never really noticed before, but Sunset had a nice body
>you immediately mentally kick yourself for thinking such a thing
“Sunset, what the hell are you doing?”
>not particularly elegant, but it’s the first thing you can think to say
>she doesn’t respond right away
>instead, she steps up into the tub
>you step back, shock into silence and do anything else
>there’s barely enough room for the both of you
>her chest is nearly against yours
>”I’m coming to show my daddy I love him.”
File: 59.jpg (12 KB, 210x210)
12 KB
>her fingers alighted on your upper arm and gently glided down
>she used the tip of her fingernail to gently trace the muscles that had grown from day after day of hard labor
>the contact made you shiver despite the heat of the water
>two tiny voices, perhaps best visualized as an angel and a daemon, were having a debate in your head
>it was clear to everyone in the imaginary audience that the angel was losing
>”I hate that you have to work so hard Daddy. You always come home exhausted and worn down.”
>she looked up at you with a soft pout
>her hand left your arm and moved to your abdomen instead
>she traced back up, from your abs to your pecks
>”I know you have to do it for the money. But there’s another reason, isn’t there?”
>her hand stops on the left side of your chest
>she places the palm of her head over your heart
>”You do it for me. We could cut corners, live without you working as hard as you do. Just living isn’t enough though. Not for your little girl You want me to have everything I could want. Isn’t that right Daddy?”
>she waits for an answer
>your mind suddenly reminds you you’ve done nothing to stop her
“We shouldn’t do this.”
>”You’re right. We shouldn’t.”
>Sunset cracks a smile
>”But we’re going to. If you wanted me to stop, you would have told me to by now.”
>your heart nearly stops as your daughter lowers herself down to her knees
Even the Japanese know incest is the best choice.

Japan has always known that. That's why my Japanese animes have always had incestuous undertones.
Gonna have to blue ball you all here. I need my sleep. I work again tonight. Goodnight all.

I'm laughing too hard to fap to this
>"Why would you be here you silly cockslut?"
I can already tell this is going to be a wild ride.
File: xs05qrL.png (114 KB, 359x319)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
File: 1472812253163.jpg (67 KB, 627x620)
67 KB
Lewd When?
>Luna mom
>Deep sleeper
>Bedroom door is unlocked
>Anon can sneak in, crawl under the covers, and gently fuck her without waking Luna up
Moar pls?
>page 8
Not as much as I used to just because she's in that rebellious teenager phase.
>Anon is the middle child in the Rarity household
>Little sister Sweetie in her goth/rebellious stage
>Stereotypical rebel without a cause
>"Sweetie, don't jump off from the very top of that tree! You'll hurt yourself!"
>One night, Rarity is telling Sweetie Belle stories about her friends
>Tells the story about how Shining Armour and Twilight Sparkle each thought that the other wanted to have sex via misunderstandings, like a bad episode of FRIENDS.
>Rarity must have thought she looked interested, because she sighed and uttered the words, "No, Sweetie, you can't have sex with your brother."
>Sweetie didn't say anything, but late that evening she was in her room, angrily muttering "you can't tell me what to do" under her breath
>Sneaks into her brothers room and straddles him while he sleeps
>Anon wakes up to the sight of his little sister jacking him off
>with this new hardware ponykind can finally launch an expedition to Uranus
my fucking sides also went on an expedition to Uranus
>page 8
Stay alive for me tonight, thread. I'll have something nice for you tomorrow.
File: dis gon b gud.gif (1 MB, 350x191)
1 MB
What is it, senpai?
It might be some hot grannies.
File: Spoiler Image (216 KB, 694x941)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
I live!

>Sunset takes your hands and starts to pull them apart
>you try to resist at first
>that doesn't last long
>the mischievous grin she sends up to you breaks down your urge to fight
>once they're out of her way, Sunset gently wraps her fingers around the base of your shaft
>she gently pumps, the shower water giving her all the lube she needs
>fucking hell, her hands are soft
>a shuddering gasp slides out of you
>Sunset beams
>"Do you like this Daddy?"
>she gives your head a gentle kiss
>jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt your steel beam
>>Rarity must have thought she looked interested, because she sighed and uttered the words, "No, Sweetie, you can't have sex with your brother."
>>Sweetie didn't say anything, but late that evening she was in her room, angrily muttering "you can't tell me what to do" under her breath
>Sunset pouts
>"I know you're enjoy this. Why do you keep fighting?"
>she reached up to your hand
>her fingers interlock with yours
>her hand feels so delicate
>"A man like you, who gives everything for what he loves, at least deserves a woman's touch. You earned this. Enjoy it."
>she squeezes your hand gently and smiles warmly at you
>then she closes her eyes
>her lips part
>she leans forward
>oh dear Lord
Sweet Christmas this is hot
>She and the other sirens all wear tasteful and slightly out-of-date clothing
>Also a black lacy bra
I have I have two nieces and one nephew that vary from 1 year inlet than me to 5 years younger. I'm in my 20's and I feel old when that call me uncle so we general just say cousin.
Older not inlet. I'm an idiot.
>Sonata bases her fashion and behavior on that one time she watched a few episodes of The Honeymooners
Do you think that the Dazzlings ever miss the ocean /incest/?
>you will never take your grandmates on a family trip to the beach so they can enjoy the ocean again
>you can't help but moan as her mouth welcomes you inside
>the corners of her mouth turn up
>that was exactly what she wanted to hear
>she begins to gently suck, staying at the end for now
>her hand gently pumped and twisted at your base
>any urge you had to fight melts away
"Fucking hell, Sun Bun..."
>your hand reaches out and your fingers slide into her hair
>now she knows she's doing well
>encouraged, she begins to work her way deeper
>her tongue slides out along the underside of your cock to make room
>as deep as she's trying to go, she'll need it
>the sound of her gagging around your shaft sends you to a whole new height of pleasure
>she's running out of room for her hand on your cock so she places them on her knees
>her body rocks as she slowly fucks her own face with your dick
>your hand begins to tighten on a fistful of her hair
>she stops, now unable to move without you tugging on her hair
>she looks up at you expectantly
>it takes you a moment to realize what she's waiting for
>you've gone this far already
>your other hand mirrors its twin on the other side of her head
>your hips begin to pump slowly
>each thrust gets a little faster
Page 8 bump
It's morning.
The thread lives.
Grandsirens when?
pls return ;_;
I just woke up, Anon. Patience is a virtue.
File: DONGERS.gif (894 KB, 300x167)
894 KB
894 KB GIF
Why can't hurry the fuck up be a virtue?
Ssssssssssh. No tears. Only dreams now.

>this is it
>you’re facefucking your daughter in the shower
>you’re going to hell and you know there’s no way out of that now
>somehow you just can’t bring yourself to care
>maybe it’s because of Sunset’s soft moans that occasionally slip through the gags
>maybe it’s because she started fondling her own breast and rubbing between her legs
>she’s loving this
>you want to deny it, but you can’t
>you’re loving this too
>you love her warm mouth closed around your cock
>you love the way she gags for you
>you love the feeling of bumping up against her throat
>after so long alone, this was exactly what you needed
“I love you Sunset.”
>you aren’t sure where it came from, but it slipped out
>after a moment of consideration, you don’t regret it
File: feels goodman.jpg (20 KB, 414x389)
20 KB
>nothing lasts forever though
>you can feel the edge coming
>your breathing and your heart begin to speed up as you get closer and closer to that final drive
“I’m getting real close, Sunset.”
>it’s only polite to warn her
>she seems unfazed by the news
>her hands leave her own body and come up to rest on your thighs
>she just keeps sucking while you keep pumping
>you expected her to pull back, or tap out, but she just keeps taking it like a champ
>and then you finally reach that sweet release
>a long, stuttered moan fills the bathroom and your cock paints Sunset’s gullet white
>she doesn’t stop sucking until you stop twitching
>Sunset only pulls away when your orgasm is over
>a small string of saliva connects your shaft to her mouth for a moment, before the water pouring down your body washes it away
>she tilts her head back and looks up at you with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen
>”I love you too, Daddy.”
File: my tower is erect.jpg (28 KB, 169x383)
28 KB
>you pant softly as you recover from the orgasm
>damn that felt good
>you fucking needed this
>you reach back for the shower faucet and turn it to off
>Sunset cocks her head curiously
>”All done?”
“With the shower. Not with you.”
>you offer a hand to her
>she bites her lip and takes it
>once you get her on her feet, you step out of the tub and help her out after you
“Hold sill.”
>you grab a towel off the rack and begin to dry her off
>your hands slowly explore the contours of her form
>over her hips, then up her back, down her arm
>you made sure to get every last drop
>Sunset squirmed and mewled as your hands roamed all over her
>”I wish that towel wasn’t in the way.”
“Have a little patience and it won’t be.”
>you give her a playful swat on the ass, making her jump
“Go wait on my bed. I’ll be there once I dry off.”
>Sunset met your eyes and licked her lips
>”Yes Daddy.”
Oh yes. Go on.
File: son2.png (722 KB, 1200x1700)
722 KB
722 KB PNG
Continued from: https://pastebin.com/M8j69iSD
I hope y'all still like siren-grannies. Because I sure do.


>You are Anon
>It's been a few hours since your great-grandma flashed her tiddies and verbally leg-locked you, and you're feeling MUCH much better.
>You've never had a hangover go away this quickly; it MUST have been the soup.
>You don't care if the sirens used their gypsy magic or if Adagio squatted over the pot and masturbated over it.
>You've escaped from the clutches of a hangover in record time, so you're happy.
>You'll have to do something nice for Adagio for this; Sonata too, considering that she was the one who made sure you ate.
>And who showed you her tits.
>That last one counts for something.
>"Oh No-nny~!" calls Sonata in a sing-song voice, "Come to the ki-tchen~!"
>The blue girl had left you alone shortly after she had fed you your soup and went off to wander around the house.
>You don't really know what she did in the meantime, because you fell asleep not too long after she left.
>But now that you're feeling better, you're in a much better mood; there's no harm in throwing off your blanket and seeing what Sonata wants.
>You putter across the carpet (being careful not to step in the stains of various origins) and out of the living room, making way for the doorway that separates the kitchen from the rest of your apartment.
>You stand in the threshold and take in the sounds of utensils hitting bowls and wet things spilling onto hard surfaces, and you hesitate to walk into the kitchen.
>The sound of bare feet on linoleum flooring greets you, as well as the occasional -SPLAT- that leaves a bad feeling in your stomach and makes you start to if you should have gone back to sleep.
>"Baking is romantic, right?" asks Sonata from just out of view.
>A headache begins to make itself known, and you groan out your answer.
"It... CAN be, Sonata."
File: SON1.jpg (377 KB, 2362x3472)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
Oh, shoot, I hope I'm not interrupting someone.

>You're already picturing splatters of food all over the counters and the walls, and piles of dirty dishes you'll have to help clean up.
>You decide to bite the bullet and take a few steps into the kitchen.
>Sonata's easily the kindest and most easy-going of the sirens, and she's fast becoming your friend, but you're having trouble trusting her absent-minded nature.
>Especially when it comes to things where one has to keep track of more than one thing at once; IE baking.
>It isn't hard to spot your great-grandma.
>But then, your kitchen is small and the girl has an impressive head of blue hair.
>Your heart skips a beat and your face warms up in record time.
>Sonata whips around when she hears you, and she smiles brightly when she sees your face.
>She's clutching one of your big mixing bowls to her chest, supporting it with one arm.
>You can't help but notice that the batter inside is a very suspiciously-coloured pearly-white.
>A dripping whisk is in Sonata's other hand, and she wastes no time; she thrusts it into the bowl and immediately begins to stir the mixture inside vigorously.
>Batter starts splattering out over the edges of the bowl and gets all over your kitchen floor.
>...but, most importantly, the white goop gets all over Sonata's face and upper-chest, too.
>It looks like a scene straight out of your Japanese animes.
>By now, you've begun to notice what Sonata is wearing; because it sure as shit isn't her usual pink outfit.
>In fact, it's hardly an outfit at all; it's more of a question of what ISN'T she wearing.
>All she's got on is an apron; one that is barely containing her breasts.
>Sonata's grin widens when she hears your shaky voice, and she takes this opportunity to stick her tongue out and sllooooowwly lick away a bit of batter that landed just above her lip.
>"See, Nonny?" she asks, smacking her lips, "I TOLD you I could be romantic."
File: son3.jpg (1.82 MB, 4200x3300)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB JPG
>You swallow thickly, completely unprepared for this encounter with a half-naked girl covered in cake-cum.
"Sonata, please."
>Sonata's smile takes on a smug, victorious tilt, and her eyes lower until they're seductively half-lidded.
>"Please... what?" she coos, slowly taking a couple of steps towards you while she shakes her hips, "Please what, Nonny?"
>The collar of the apron stretches across Sonata's ample chest, squishing her tits and making them bulge out around the edges on the sides and the top.
>Since everything from the fabric of the apron to the light-blue flesh of her tits were stretched so taut, this meant that every little movement sint jiggles through the bulging bits of breast that were poking out from the too-small garment.
>Unfortunately, the lower part of the apron was a good deal wider than the chest part of it, meaning that it wrapped around Sonata's rump without exposing a single inch of bare hip or ass.
>However, Sonata's breasts were large enough that the blue girl had needed to hike the apron up just to have enough cloth to cover her chest.
>The end result is that the apron, which was supposed to go down past one's knees, now barely passed the mid-thigh mark.
>Your chest constricts and you honestly can't fight down a quiet, throaty whimper.
>Stupid sexy Grandma.
>As subtly as possible, you shuffle your feet and try to adjust your hardening member so that you don't poke anything solid that will painfully halt your erecting.
"S-Sonata," you croak, "I-"
>Sonata's smile widens and she takes a step forward... only to be intercepted by Adagio.
>You don't know when she got home, but to be fair, Sonata had provided you with a very effective distraction.
>Adagio marches over to Sonata from the back and grabs her bare shoulders, spinning her around to face her and looking her with a mixture of amusement and exasperation.
>"Sonata? Honey?" groans Adagio, "We talked about this."
File: son4.gif (1.37 MB, 512x384)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB GIF
>Sonata tilts her head to the side like a confused puppy.
>"Yeah, I know. We're supposed to make Nonny love us, right?"
>It's about this time when it finally registers that you've got a bare ass staring you right in the face.
>Your eyes are drawn down to the naked blue backside that Adagio inadvertently presented to you when she turned Sonata around.
>Sonata's ass isn't anything special; especially not compared to Aria's, but it's still a woman's ass and it's almost within grabbing range
>...and it's also your grandmother's behind.
>You feel so conflicted.
>On the one hand, she's related to you; on the other hand, she's nude and in front of you.
>"We are," Adagio says, "but-"
>"-But nothing, Adagio!" chirps Sonata.
>Sonata spreads her feet a few inches to brace herself and then starts pushing herself up and down using her toes.
>Scratch what you said; she's nude, she's in front of you, and she's BOUNCING.
>Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK.
>You can't keep doing this, man!
>You aren't made of stone, dammit!
>Great-grandmother or not, you swear to God...
>You try and jam your hands into your pockets to help stave off the temptation to squeeze Granny's ass, but your hands are shaking and it takes a couple of tries to get them in there.
>Sonata continues talking, happily oblivious to the effect she's having on you and the state she's left you in.
>"I know we don't have our gems anymore, but we can still do this!"
>Sonata suddenly clutches her hands to her chest and balances on her heels, thrusting her ass backwards and her face forwards.
>You're pretty sure that you just got a sneak-peek at her pussy lips.
File: son5.jpg (87 KB, 1100x618)
87 KB

>"We've been doing this for a long time, so we've got to have learned a thing or two about seducing guys, right?"
>Sonata grabs Adagio and pulls her into a one-armed hug, rubbing her cheek against her sister's and smearing batter all over the orange siren.
>Adagio looks annoyed, but you can see her face twitching as she fights against a smile.
>"Besides," continues Sonata, "Nonny already likes us."
>With her clutched firmly against her, Sonata turns around and faces you.
>She's got the biggest, dumbest, most sincere smile on her face that you've ever seen.
>"Don't you, Nonny?"
>Now that the two siren's attention is on you, you become aware of what you're doing.
>You've got your hands shoved into your pockets and belatedly realize that one of them is wrapped around your cock.
>Not only that, but you're biting your lower lip so hard that you're surprised you don't taste any blood.
>There's a stinging, rhythmic pounding deep in your sinuses that tells you that you're blushing so hard that you're about to get a nosebleed.
>Sonata glances down at your crotch, and then back up to your face; she looks confused, but pleased.
>Adagio takes in your reaction with raised eyebrows and an impressed expression on her face.
>Wordlessly, she pats Sonata on the back.
>"Yup," says Adagio, popping the 'p' sound, "I'd say he likes us."
Well, I hope this short little thing was enjoyable. I'm not sure what else to say. Doing these little "AND NOW: MY STORY" and following it up with "OKAY I'M DONE, EVERYONE ELSE CAN POST NOW" always makes me feel weird. Whatever, I hope you guys liked it.
Are you planning to do other greens like maybe Cousin Bon-Bon or Auntie Sweetie?
I don't see why not. Those sound like a lot of fun.
Awesome I can't wait.
File: Veni Forever.jpg (69 KB, 274x427)
69 KB
Awesome. Looking forward to the next part.
That was fantastic! Thanks for the update. I was already crushing on Sonata and your depiction of her here only pushes me more so towards her. Dagi is coming in a close second though.
This too was very good. I hope you write some more.
File: 1469728816053.png (904 KB, 959x1280)
904 KB
904 KB PNG

File: dreg.jpg (8 KB, 213x117)
8 KB
>All these (You)s
It feels like so many sempais are collectively noticing me~~ You're all too sweet. This is more than me and my silly little greentext deserve.

Calm down, Anon. Now is not the time for sex. That comes later.
These Sunset posts are making me a little hot under the collar, Anon.
there was so much promise
File: dear.gif (919 KB, 400x226)
919 KB
919 KB GIF
Please, I'm already going through withdrawls man. Just a lil' more I can't take it.
I'm just glad none of my siblings have kids yet. They're certainly old enough, but nothing yet.
Is onichansfables dead or?
I just said I'm crushing on her then you show me this! Are you trying to kill me? [Spoiler] Can I have some more please? [/Spoiler] Thanks! That is an excellent pic.

Clop aside. Your writing is good. Each siren as a distinct personality and you have a good ability to paint a scene in my mind. I'm loving the humor as well and BONUS; we have a drawfag who has already illustrated one of the first funny scenes. Keep it up. I look forward to where the story goes from here.
File: 1451417355626.jpg (373 KB, 900x2328)
373 KB
373 KB JPG

Sorry I keep blowing you guys off. I'm still writing I promise. It's just that I'm at the most critical part of my life where I'm graduating college in the next month, and I have to find an ACTUAL job that isn't the crap retail job I have right now.

There's a massive update in the works, and I will let you guys know when it's ready. That being said I don't think I updated my pastebin. Can someone tell me if I posted more of my story than what is currently in the pastebin; because, I really want to know.
File: 1488090176178.jpg (74 KB, 480x640)
74 KB
>Anon's sister <canon-pone> is a relentless slut
>Has gone through most of the male population in Canterlot high and seeks a challenge
>What guy would fight tooth and nail to avoid having sex with her?
>It dawns on her.
>Her little brother, Anon.
>Cue increasingly desperate and elaborate seduction attempts with an uninterested and weirded-out Anon
File: Get tehe tefue.png (622 KB, 1067x804)
622 KB
622 KB PNG
I'd rather not get 8 types of HPV or aggressive ghonorrea when fucking someone.
File: DELETE THIS.png (330 KB, 894x672)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
A few threads ago. If I remember correctly you did post more of the story but never updated your pastebin
We can only hope
I think I'm just going to post it again when I update since it's been so long.
damnit, I just can't get the spoiler tag to work on mobile for some reason.
Don't put the "/" in the tag
It has to be all lower case
That's gotta be it. Auto-correct is capitalizing the "S". duh!
No worries. IRL stuff can be demanding. I'm sorta new to the thread and have not read your stuff yet. I probably will soon though. Good luck with the job hunting.
So begins my long visual to keep the thread alive through the night.
>now you had some space and time to recover
>the refractory period is a bitch
>while your cock came back, so did your morality
>this was so damn wrong
>she's your fucking daughter, you piece of shit
>what the fuck were you thinking?
>you weren't thinking, your dick was in control
>you had to stop this now
>you finish toweling off and follow after Sunset
>she closed the door behind her
>you pause, think about what you're going to say, and open the door
>Sunset is laying on her back
>her hair, still a little damp, is fanned out around her head
>it draws the eye right to her face
>she's watching you with half lidded eyes
>she raises her arms spelt over her head and parts her legs to open up everything she has to you
>"What took you so long?"
>whatever you planned to say, it's forgotten now
File: 1487037139393.png (136 KB, 473x462)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>you approach the edge of the bed in what seems like show motion
>your eyes roam over her every detail
>she starts to wiggle excitedly as you draw closer
>you place your hands on her hips and pull hard
>Sunset gaps in surprise as you yank her right up to the edge of the bed
>keeping hold of her with one hand on her hip, you bring the other down to her crotch
>you aren't going to just go for it without prepping her
>you love your daughter after all
>she coos and runs her hands slowly over herself
>"Mmmm...rough and gentle all at once. I think I could get used to this."
Well, I just binge read all 2488 lines. Pretty good stuff. You've done a good bit of world building and I like the direction it is going. I look forward to reading your update when you get the chance to post it.
>your little sister Moondancer will never try to seduce you into dating her and having sex with her

>hfw her new makeover worked
>hfw you say yes
>tfw no qt introverted sister-gf
I can't decide if I want normal curvy Moondancer, or introverted Moondancer who will lay naked on my bed because she honestly cannot think of a more subtle/more appropriate way to get my attention.
File: 1459042203179.png (285 KB, 377x768)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
>had a dream I was getting forced into an arranged marriage
>with my niece
>by my own family
...was she hot?

"Oh, come on honey, she is such a sweet girl and...You know very well that her family is loaded."

"Of course she is a sweet girl! She is like nine!! We dont even need the money. What does even Auntie Elizabeth get out of this?"

"Oh, she`s always been wanting the secret rhubarb pie recipe that grandma gave me."

"...And you are sure this is in no way related to some insane incest fetish you and her might have?"

"...Of course not, honey. Now calm down and lie down on the bed and tell mommy all about your issues."
File: 1392243071829.png (388 KB, 543x659)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
>mfw her family actually IS loaded
>inb4 that anon is your niece
File: drink break.gif (1.56 MB, 800x449)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB GIF
>you will never be Sunset's Oniichan
File: 1485902132460.png (470 KB, 788x471)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
My niece is actually fifteen so nah.

>you and your sister will never debate having her getting a secret abortion so your parents don't figure out you've been fucking each other

Why live?
File: Larry Rage.jpg (37 KB, 500x429)
37 KB
no u
Can we have a Anon middle child story?
Holy shit, her eyelids blink sideways.
Huh. What do you know.
dont be racist
>You will never stand up to big sister Celestia when she starts thinking she's more important than Luna
>Cousin Cadence (aka "Lover of All Loves") (aka "the girl who isn't allowed into your house any more because she got caught watching your dad changing out of his bathing suit") will never tease you about living with two girls and having them all to yourself
>You will never call Luna by her hated nickname, Woona, simply because you know it annoys her
Wonder if Celestia was a real bitch in her youth? She seems like the type.
She was a total valley girl. It was like every sitcom from the 1990's were based off of her.
File: Celestia Luna scouts.png (155 KB, 324x370)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>You will never be dragged to the mall to help your sisters pick out outfits
>You will never be sat in a chair in front of the dressing rooms so your sisters can model different outfits and dresses to see your reaction
>You will never get increasingly uncomfortable as each time they come out, their choices seem to get skimpier and more revealing
>You will never reach your breaking point when Luna comes out in a black g-string bikini and Celestia in an almost transparent sun dress with nothing underneath
I want big sister Celestia to come into my room and offer to suck my penis.
Teen Celestia is a cutie.
If we take Celestia and Luna's interaction in LoE into account Celestia was the nergetic one when they were young and Luna was the snarky one
>Wonder if Celestia was a real bitch in her youth? She seems like the type.


>Celestia was the original Queen Bitch of Canterlot High back when she was a teenager
>She was essentially like Sunset Shimmer during the first Equestria Girls movie, and that's why she lets Sunset off easy at the end
>She only shaped up after a stint in Juvie that scared her straight
>Often regrets all the bullying and manipulation she did
>That extended even to her two younger siblings, Anon and Luna
>To the point where Anon legitimately hates her for it and moved far away from her as soon as he became an adult
>Luna forgave her in time, but Celestia wants to get along with her little brother again as well
>The next time he's in town to visit their parents, she manages to catch him before he leaves and apologizes as profusely as possible
>She also says he can punish her however he wants if it'll get her a step closer to forgiveness
>Discovers her inner masochist and starts egging him on for harsher punishments.
>Anon notices and his punishments start getting sexual as well.
"Wow, and here I thought you couldn't sink any lower Celestia. But you're actually GETTING OFF to your own brother hurting you, you freak."
>"You're right Anon. I'm a freak! I'm garbage, the scum of the Earth! Punish me for being a bad girl all those years ago!"

>Goddamn that Piston Rod! "Just stop Celestia. My ten year old sister could a better job"...She got braces!!" I just need practice.

-five minutes later-

>Heeeey, Anon. I need your dick for practice.

...Have you been raiding granny's medicine stash again, Celestia?

>Oh, shut up that happened three times... at most. Now, whip out that todger, i got some work to do.

Yeah, no. I dont trust you in your crazy moods, and i am certainly not trusting you to not mangle my fun parts.

>Let me rephrase that, Brother Dearest. You better free Willy or you will find out what happens when a seven foot woman decides to see just how malleable the body of her five foot brother is."

...I better not be regretting this or you will have to explain to mom why i wont be producing grandchildren for her.

-five minutes later-

"Hah, i am triumphant, i wrestled with the great whale and triumphed!"

...I swear to god, Celestia. Piston Rod`s sister does a better job than this. This blowjob had more teeth in it than the entire Osmond family.

Aaagh. Lost my > on the final Celestia line.
I don't know Anon, she seems like she would've had a sunny dispostion
File: 1483562687478.jpg (152 KB, 804x1024)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>Since forever and a half ago your big sister has had a revolving door of would be boyfriends
>Like she dates them for a week max, then dumps their ass
>Does it solely piss off Lulu, lords it over her head how she has had more boyfriends then Luna likely ever will
>Rumours have been spreading around the boys locker rooms that she never actually puts out
>When ever one of them got close to having some "cake" with her she would shoot them down an excuse
>Shit like "I have a headache." "I'm tired." "I want my first time to be special." It's usually at that point she dumps them
>So now she been slowed in her quest to "Find the right one" as she puts it
>it's kind of a shame seeing as she is hands down the hottest girl in Canterlot
>Even she is your sister
>That ass
>And with her being such a huge tease around you recently
>You're starting to wonder if she is setting her sites on you now
>You mean seriously? Who just bursts into the bathroom like that?
>In all her naked as the day she was born glory, knowing that you were coming out of the shower at the time
>She bit her lip as she turned around and ran, just so you could get a good look at that God's gift to penises she calls an ass
>It was obviously on purpose
>You repeat
>That ass
>And then there is the hole going around the house in revealing clothes
>If this shit keeps happening you don't know if you can stop yourself
>Mother has a business trip this Monday so for the next week Celestia is in charge
>God you hate Monday's

This is a promt so feel free to go in any direction you want with it.
File: Me in a gif.gif (14 KB, 88x117)
14 KB
>"The girl who isn't allowed into your house any more because she got caught watching your dad changing out of his bathing suit"

>You will never defend Daddy's Hot Cock of your horny friends.
File: 1490301753598.jpg (17 KB, 286x380)
17 KB
>>And then there is the hole going around the house
For a second I thought you were implying that Celestia was drilling holes in walls so that she could look into rooms she knew Anon would be naked in.
my bad.

...Although that's not to bad
>Anon ponders if that poster of some half-naked girl he has on his wall always had purple eyes that followed him whenever he moved
File: Me in a gif.gif (1.38 MB, 595x335)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB GIF
>You wil never defend Daddy's Fabulous Penis from your ruffians friends.
Feels bad girl.
>Your daughter will never defend your fabulous penis from would-be suitors
Just end me already.
does that mean she would keep him sheathed inside of her for the duration of their visit
Yes. That's how you protect Daddy's fabulous penis.
Good stuff
>Socially-awkward/unaware little sister Moondancer will never mount you in the middle of the night and try to use "protecting your penis with my vagina" as an excuse
>"protecting your penis with my vagina"
Protecting it from what?
Drying out in the absence of external moisture?
(Stealth response b/c it's been a whole day since the comment was posted, and this is beginning to feel a little bit too self-indulgent) Well thanks, Anon. I think I'm having a bit more success in keeping separate and distinct personalities in this story than I have in my other greentexts. I'm glad you think the humour is good as well; thank Christ I'm not the only one who thinks I'm funny. The drawfag is what really brought it together last thread, let me tell you. I can't get over how fucking tickled I was when he posted that. As for the clop, well... I think I'm gonna try and tone it down. I was going through my bin and I realized that nearly every scene has something sexual in it, even when it wasn't necessary. I'm going to save it for special occasions, like an expensive bottle of whiskey; only instead of liquor, it's about ten lines of text describing a man sticking his penis inside of a fish. Sorry for the disruption, please keep incesting.
>"From those f-fuckin' STACIES out there gettin' their b-bitchy claws into my brother!"
>Moondancer looks around nervously.
>like an expensive bottle of whiskey; only instead of liquor, it's about ten lines of text describing a man sticking his penis inside of a fish.
ehhhehehhehe double entendre
File: 1446843494923.jpg (273 KB, 570x960)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>Your supermodel older sister will never give you a private lingerie show
Oh my god just kill me already. My life is never going to be this good!
Is Anon also attractive, or did all the "pretty" genes go to Fleur?
Yeah, but if you die, your dream dies with you.
And you have to keep your dream alive.
The dream that someday you'll find out you have an attractive long lost relative that wants what you're packing.

She considers Anon completely adorable.
Anon's family, on average, is a 7/10.
Fleur got super lucky in the genetics department.
But the reason she's attracted to her little brother is because of said genetics.
They come from a long line of French aristocrats, and if you examine her family tree, you'd see that in certain places it doesn't branch out much.
So, knowing this, and with her needing to be "big sister" and take care of him, she's already come to the conclusion that she's going to marry Anon someday and love him like no one else could.
Meant to post pic as well as

>Your 'too hot to be real' older sister will never offer to clean your room wearing a skimpy French maid's outfit
Don't get me wrong. I like the clop as well. Just pointing out what else I like about the green.

>nearly every scene has something sexual in it...
but, it fits the story because of how the Sirens are behaving and the fact that they are some damn sexy fishes.

hnng, oh man don't I wish.
Wait... doesn't Fleur go to crystal prep?
Or maybe he did have a promising career in molding but unfortunate accident left him horrible disfigure. So to be never without his mask gloves and fully dressed not matter what the only person he's able to be himself is his sister.
Hello fellow incest lovers , don't you wish you were born a pony and also celestias son ? Haha I wish Celestia was my big sun mommy so I could drink milkys from her , and then when she wasnt paying attention I would sneak some wiffs from her marepucci and remember that I used to live in there and my Willy would get hard and she would be like " oh my little boy is a big boy huh?" And she would let me sniff her every day while I drink milky even when I'm a real grown big boy :D
Here is my reply. You won't find another one like it in the entire world. I have handcrafted this reply using skills taught to me by Indonesian monks over the course of a quarter century. I have honed these talents into the post you are currently reading. It is clear, concise, and best of all, a joy to read. The use of proper grammar and spelling is above and beyond any mere reading experience brought to you prior to this glorious moment. Indeed, no one has, or ever will, match the tenacity and sheer incredibleness of this post. There's simply no reason to even try. Hang up your posting boots, kids, the game's been won. This is the greatest reply ever posted in the entire history of the world. And you're welcome.
Graduated a few years ago, modeling career in full swing.
>>she's already come to the conclusion that she's going to marry Anon someday and love him like no one else could.
Hey everyone. Sorry for making you wait. That last post felt really sub par. So sub par, I didn't really know if I wanted to continue.
I felt a little burned out. I'm going to carry on though, just in case anyone wants more.
So here you are.

>you slide a finger inside to give it a feel
>Sunset’s back arches in response
>she stares at you with pure desire
>she wants you bad
>and considering how wet she is inside, she’s ready to go now
>you remove your finger and lean down over the bed
>you put your hands next to her shoulders to support yourself over her
>she wraps her arms around your neck and her legs around your waist
>her ankles hooked together to hold you in place
>she pulls herself up, bring your chests close together
>her lips met yours, and you kiss her back eagerly
>Sunset drags her fingernails down your back nice and slowly
>when her hand reaches your waist, she slides it around your side and down to your abs
>her fingers find your shaft and gently wrap around it
>she guides you to her entrance
>you can feel warm, moist flesh against your tip
>”Do it Daddy.”
>your thrust your hips forward
>you have entered the gates of Heaven
File: 100% solid.png (374 KB, 640x360)
374 KB
374 KB PNG
Leg lock incoming!
File: expand dong.jpg (41 KB, 383x750)
41 KB

>She promises to be a good girl and raise every child you put in her with the same amount of love and care you have given to her.
File: 1371849239120.jpg (268 KB, 816x816)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Fleur got them all and she's the only one who talks to her ugly brother.
File: fuck.gif (384 KB, 474x354)
384 KB
384 KB GIF
That fucking chin
>Innocent "I've fallen in love with X" incest love
m-muh heart
I need loving big sister Fleur in my life.
I want a green now.
>She will never make you breakfast in the morning and kiss your forehead then tell you how much she loves you.
what the fuck
this is retarded
It says she likes fencing, which is technically combat, I suppose. It is an odd choice of words though.

Also, digits checked.
>Sunset gasps as you spear deep inside her
>her legs tighten down around your waist
>”Oh fuck…”
>she pulls her chest right up against you
>you can feel her heart pounding in rhythm to yours
>”Come on Daddy…don’t stop there.”
>you aren’t going to tell her no
>one of your arms comes up to support her back as you begin to slowly pump
>she hugs you close, bringing her mouth right up to your ear
>you get to hear every gasp and moan in perfect detail
>every sound of her pleasure amplifies your own
>this isn’t enough
>your instincts demand more, and you let them take control
>both your arms close around your daughter and lift her off the bed
>she squeaks in surprise, holding on tight to keep herself against your chest
>”Daddy? Is something wrong?”
>she pulls back a little to look you in the eye
“Nothing at all.”
>you smirk before turning around and stepping forward
>Sunset’s back presses up against the wall
>and you begin to thrust in earnest
File: 1447734784671.gif (1.7 MB, 210x155)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF
my soul
I'm picturing her as a big, fat italian man with a really deep voice and a 5 o'clock shadow.

>"Oi'm a pe-yew-tee-full girl."
Any impreg?
>"And what about 'zis, Anon?"
>Your sister does a little twirl that shows off her hips and the sides of her breasts.
>You are Anon, and you aren't actually french.
>A few generations you were, but your sister's accent is about as fake as Dean Cadence's tits.
"It's.... it's really good, Fleur."
>When you say your sister's name, she giggles and leans forward to pat you on the cheek, exposing miles and miles of cleavohboy are those her nipples slipping out?
>"I love eet when you say my name, Anon. 'Fleur'; 'My flower'~"
>You can hear the sex in her voice as clear as you can see her wink at you.
>Fleur follows your eyes down towards her chest and spots her areolas peeking out
>"Oh-hoh-hoh! My gosh, Anon!"
>She covers the edges of her lingerie with her palms, hiding her little slip-up from view.
>"What a naughty boy, leetle bruh'zehr."
>Still resting her hands on her breasts, your big sister leans in close and smiles saucily.
>" 'Zat is for later."
>And then she kisses your nose.
kek and also an erection
File: Sunset fridge.gif (3.3 MB, 640x480)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB GIF
>Hey bro. I know I'm not really all that pretty, but...hypothetically...if I wasn't your sister...
>one of Sunset’s hands flew up, grabbing onto your hair and tugging lightly as you plowed into her
>her head fell back against the wall as her mind was dulled by intense pleasure
>her moans were nearly screams of pure bliss
>your breaths came hot and heavy, rushing over her neck again and again
>your hands moved down to cup her ass, holding her up
>you give her rump a squeeze, enjoying the feeling of her tight ass in your hands
>it isn’t enough to satisfy
>you want more of her body
>your lips find her neck and begin to explore it
>kisses and nips, little licks, all looking for her most sensitive spots
>her hands both go to the back of your head, holding you close to get more kisses
>she leans her head to one side so you can get to her neck easier
>she whispers softly to you
>”Harder Daddy…please, harder…”
>you weren’t about to deny her what she wanted
>Sunset buys dozens of whipped cream in a can because sucking on it is the closest thing she has to feeling her brother's cum spurt into her mouth
File: Sunset bukkake.png (1.45 MB, 1273x1124)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
>She fills a squirt gun with warm yogurt to feel what it's like to get a facial from Anon
he missed her breeding hole
*takes whipped cream from her*

All the days would be sunny, all your nights would be starry. I would love you like no one ever could. I would rip this whole damn planet to shreds if you asked it of me. We would have a house on sunset Blvd. With who knows how many children

> you places your hands on her waist and pull her to you
>sunset gasps and places her hands on your shoulders.
>"could this be it?" She thinks

You would never want for anything. The only thing I would forward to is seeing you everyday. Your cup would never empty. You would be my wife. We would be beautiful together.

>sunset brings her face closer to yours, her lips mere centimeters from your.
>you whisper more sweet nothing to her. Promises of European cruises and exotic vacations, extravagant gifts and the like
>sunset closed her eyes to seal the kiss she's wanted so desperately from you.
>but at the last second you turn your head and let you lips graze her ear
>she gasps and grips you shoulders

You would have all this and more...

>you bring your face back to hers and lean in
>she closes her eyes again and puckers her lips
>you kiss her forehead

If only you aren't my sister.

>you release her and walk away

Goodnight Sunset

>you leave to the sounds of her sniffling
>at least she won't hear yours

>Of course i would do you, Sunset. You know me. I would plow anything that is at least somewhat bipedal and can make sounds that at least potentially could resemble words.

>...You are ruining this for me.

>Nonsense. Remember that foreign exchange student last year? Behind all that hair and rage was a stunning body that could consume five pounds of beef per meal and drink vodka like it was tap water. And she was a beast in the sack. Anyways, my point is if i am willing to plow people of questionable humanity, why the hell wouldnt i tap my hot sister if she was offering me the chance?


>You bet your ass, sis...Speaking of ass, run upstairs and get the Vaseline. I got horizons to expand.
File: 1483914089238.gif (1.94 MB, 400x225)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
>You are Sunset
>Your brother has such a way with words
>You wish he wouldn't speak so brutishly about Trixie, though.
File: 1490105694453.png (46 KB, 201x160)
46 KB

Meanwhile Trixie is wondering just how she will be able to seduce Zangief when she struggles to kill a bear with her bare hands.
>"How can Trixie defend the western skies when she cannot even kill bear? Sometimes she wishes she were back with her little cabbage."
>Russian cousin Trixie Lulamoon visits Anon
>Heavy accent, doesn't shave, drinks vodka like water
>"You sleep in Trixie's bed, yes? Trixie's little cabbage needs to keep her warm during cold night. If Trixie does the groping, please forgive: she dreams of wrestling greatest of Russian heroes and sometimes makes with the squeezing."
>"Anon, you are soft like bear."
>"Shush. Put head between breasts, Anon. Cousin will keep you safe."
>"Goodnight, mine little cabbage. Trixie is to be loving you."
>Trixie slams your bedroom door open and storms in.
>Her face is filled with rage and a slightly drunken flush.
>"Who is being the one who cows you?!"
>u wot m8
>Trixie stomps over and gently grips your shoulders.
>"You are to be having a girl a school. She does the cow to you, makes you sad and hurt."
"You mean, she's a bully?"
>Trixie lets go of you with one hand and waves it around dismissively.
>"Is same. Your language is dumb."
>She takes grip once more and leans in closer.
>"Tell Trixie who does cow to you, little cabbage. Trixie breaks them."
File: 1488084127350.jpg (76 KB, 480x487)
76 KB
>Your family will never be politically powerful enough to be able to give you and Fleur a legally-binding marriage ceremony
>This is done by technically recognizing the two of you as 3rd cousins 8 times removed thanks to the brief periods of in-breeding your family has undergone in the past
>Fleur has never looked so happy
>When she says her vows to love and cherrish you, she means every single word
>And so do you
Not a lot of Luna incest.
>"soft like bear."
I was expecting this to end with Trixie suplexing anon whilst screaming chertovski pushistyy.
>Your sister comes back from a semester abroad in Neighlan at some modeling institute
>Can't stop walking like she's on the runway, swinging her hips and looking very focused on nothing in particular
>Worst part is all the nonsensical prench she's spouting
>[unintelligble honhon noises]
>"Yeah that's super, you're not a window, I can't see my game."
>[translated: 'Anonymous, brother, I just masturbated on your bed~']
>The constant vogue-ing and gibberish pales to her manner of dress, or lack thereof
>Some BS about the female nude being liberating and expressive of blah blah blah
>[female pepe le pew speech]
>"Put some fucking clothes on already."
>[translation: 'Am I being too subtle, brother?']
>"Hey bro. I know I'm not really all that pretty, but...hypothetically...if I wasn't your sister..." Sunset asks.
>You look up from slurping your midnight Reese's Puffs and see Sunset standing infront of the fridge, to find her kind of looking towards the ground and at you.
>She sprayed some whip cream on her finger to lick it off but now shes just standing there.
>Only the light from the still open fridge illuminates the room.
“Wot.” You ask with a mouthful of cereal, some milk escapes the corner of your lips and spill onto Theo table.
>You try lowering your head over the bowl beneath you but some of it falls onto the table.
>”Y-yea I know it's silly to ask but I…..I was just wondering.”
>You finish up the last bit that was in your mouth and regain composure.
“What are you asking.?”
>Her face gets a little red around her nose and cheeks.
>”I was just wondering….if I wasn’t your sister in hypothetical sense…..would I……be.”
>She trails off.
“Spit it out fool, my milk is getting warm.”
>”If I wasn’t your sister, would I be attractive to you?”
>You lean back into the bar chair and look at her.
“I never really thought about it.”
>”Yea, but just. What if?”
>She finally licks the whip cream off her finger.
“I mean….I guess. I don't know. Uh….Maybe?”
>Sunset seems to not like your answer.
>Now things are just getting awkward.
>What was suppose to be a good old midnight snack trip for you and her has turned into a silent awkward conversation.
>”That's not really a answer. But ok.”
>She turns around to put the whip cream back up and closes the door.
>Now it's dark.
“May I ask why you're asking me this?”
>You can't see anything but you can make out the outline of her hair.
>”I just having been feeling, you know, a whole lot attractive lately. And I thought I could ask someone who I'm always around.”
>Other then home she doesn't really hang out with you in school. Apart from the occasional wave.
>Did some guy reject her? Did she get put in the friend zone?
>The thought of your sister being put into the friend zone puts a slight grin on your face.
>”Is it funny?”
>She can see you?
>You must be blind or she has night vision.
>Sunset let's out a loud sigh.
>”Just forget it. I'm going to go back to bed. I'll see you in the morning.”
>Oh now you feel bad.
>If she wasn't upset before, she definitely is now.
>Quick, before she leaves.
“I find you attractive, so yea.”
>She stops before passing you.
“If you weren't my sister, I would definitely find you attractive. I don't know why most guys wouldn't. But it's more then looks sunset. It's probably what you have on the inside that would I would find cute.”
>You can see her now, since she's about a arms length away from you. Her eyes staring you down.
>”You're smart, one of the most smartest people I know. You're a born leader, and you know better then anyone how to find the good even in the most negative people.”
>You can see something glistening in her eyes.
>Small amounts of tears.
>Time to bring it on home.
“And whoever tells you otherwise probably doesn't know what they're talking about. You're a great person sunny, inside and out.”
>Now it's silent again.
>She's just standing there now.
>Feel a warmth on your hand.
>Look down and you see Sunset has laid her hand on yours.
She holds it.
>You give her a squeeze to tell her you're here.
“So uh, does that answer your question?”
>Sunset nods her head quickly.
>She smiles wide.
>Then she lunges in for a hug, almost knocking the chair backwards.
>You feel her hold you tightly, grabbing onto your back and your hair.
>”It was more then I could of asked for.” She whispers.
>You feel your heart get light and your throat knot up.
>You stay like this in the dark for a little bit.
“So is everything alright?”
>She let's go of you and wipes her face with her sleeve, shaking her head quickly.
>she has a hold of both your hands now.
>You don't know what to do. So you kinda just sit there, arms limp.
>”Everything's fine, just sometimes a girl thinks she isn't good enough and needs a little reassurance.”
“Heh, well ok.”
>You don't know what to say anymore.
>”Thank you anon. I'm going to go to bed.”
“Oh, well. Ok, I guess I'll see you in the morning.”
>Sunset quickly goes in for a kiss on the cheek and leaves upstairs.
>Now you're just left by yourself.
>And the sound of a clock ticking.
>Girls are weird.
>You look around and see your bowl of milk.
>Dip a finger in it, and find it's gotten warm.
“Man, I didn't want this to happen.”
>You slide off the the chair and empty the bowl in the sink and go back to bed.
>Tomorrow you'll have some more questions.
Looking forward to more.
Sounds good so far. Hope we'll get to read more soon.
Well, then make some.
Little sister Lulu needs some loving too.

What makes this funny in my head:
>Family's from Chicago
>She's trying to pull off sounding French with a nasally Midwestern accent
>"C-Can I sleep in your room tonight, Anon?"
"Sure thing, kiddo. Bad dream?"
>Anon hasn't spoken French in years and is really rusty
>Thinks that Fleur's words are completely innocent
>>[translated: 'Anonymous, brother, I just masturbated on your bed~']
>"...No, I am not a red apple."
>Fleur takes advantage of this and starts saying the filthiest things (true or false) around Anon
>Without her knowledge, Anon starts learning French again so that he can figure out what his sister is saying in nigger runes
>He listens to what she's saying and plays ignorant for a few weeks, trying to process what she's saying and why
>>[translated: 'Anonymous, brother, I want to suck your penis until you can no longer produce sperm.']
>[translated: 'Your room or mine, Fleur?']
>Babby sister Woona will never get a crush on Anon that will never go away
>page 9
writefags save me
Stay with me, incest thread. I'ma have something for you before the day is over.
File: IMG_0461.jpg (128 KB, 551x600)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>>Look down and you see Sunset has laid her hand on yours.
>>She holds it
>Try to write
>Brain is too full of fuck
I'm sorry I lied incest thread.
File: feel you.png (488 KB, 464x563)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
I get the same affliction when /mom/ comes around
File: Celestia sun goddess.jpg (1.2 MB, 1280x1242)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Speaking of which, did we ever discuss when someone was going to start a new thread?
Mother's Day (US) is more than a month from now, and I don't want to wait until then for my /mom/ fix.
I'm not the OP but he's usually good about posting it on the 20th - 22nd of every month.
I'm going to be so disappointed if there isn't some comfy /mom/ green on mother's day.
incest why
File: 1491808027834.jpg (46 KB, 476x475)
46 KB
I like this, I need more.
>Fleur wants more PDA
>Tells Anon to relax, 'this is normal for siblings in Prance'
And then he gets turned to stone
>"Monsieur Hefner offered me $100,000 and sent me zis très adorable bunny-suit! Should I take zee offer, Anon?"
>"It means he wants moi to play zee "dress-up" for him, no?"
>you push yourself right to the limit
>ever hard drive slaps your body against Sunset’s thighs
>she starts to go limp, leaving you to hold her up against the wall
>the one part of her body that holds strong are her legs
>there isn’t going to be any pulling out of her and you’re getting close
>she can feel you twitching deep inside her
>she tilts her head forward to make eye contact
>”Do it, Daddy. Cum inside me.”
>you can’t hold back now
>your mind is blown out by a surge of carnal pleasure
>you stumble backwards and hit the bed
>you fall backwards, bringing Sunset down on top of you
>the two of you lay there, panting for air after all the exertion
>Sunset raises her head, smiling up at you as she lays on your chest
>”I love you Daddy.”

>you were terrified when Sunset first told you the news
>the two of you sat up for a long time to talk about it
>eventually, a decision was reached.
>looking back now as your daughter lays beside you, gently stroking her swelling belly, you don’t regret it
>the two of you will do everything you can to give the baby a good life
>you’ll treat her with all the love and care it deserves
>just like you did with Sunset
>you place a hand on top of hers, holding it on top of her baby bump
>she turned and smiled up at you
>”Something on your mind, Daddy?”
“I’m just thinking about how much I love you.”

>be Anonymous
>you work hard
>life isn't easy
>working the late shift can be tough
>especially when you get all the overtime you can
>you don't really want to, but you carry on
>your daughters make it worth it

File: 1485294355759.jpg (57 KB, 365x390)
57 KB
pump her full
Safe sex is for faggots.

Here's the paste bin. I hope you all enjoyed my first exercise in erotic green. B-be gentle senpai. It took way to long to write because I'm easily distracted and I was kinda writing it as I went, but I had a good time doing it. So I've decided to namefag just in case I ever get around to writefaging again. For now, it looks like this thread is almost over. See you all in the next one /incest/.

Of course, but these threads are about incest, so same-sex siblings are rarely relevant.
File: face of man.png (16 KB, 93x120)
16 KB
>this feel will never be real
Post limit is 500, nigger.
I thought it was 400. Huh.
It's been 500 for years.
Bear with me, incest thread. For realsies this time, I'ma have something for you today.
I look forward to it.
Well, I'll be damned for abandoning my story for over 7 months now. But this night is the night that I'll finally post an update. I should've done this long ago, but I lacked inspiration and blah blah blah, boring stuff. For now, have the pastebin so you can refresh your memories on that. See ya in a bit with an update.
Of course I fucked up and didn't post the pastebin above. Go me
Bit of a short update, but we're on page 9. Continued from: https://pastebin.com/M8j69iSD


>"You see, Sonata? THIS is how you do romance."
>You are Anon, and you are decidedly comfy.
>You're sitting on your three-person couch, huddled up under a warm blankets with all the lights off in the room.
>The only illumination is coming from the TV across the room, which is playing some old movie you found in a well-used case.
>Your siren grandmothers have taken position on either side of you; Sonata is sitting next to you with her feet tucked under her bum, and she seems content to lean against your side and rest her head on your shoulder.
>On your other side, Adagio is fidgeting.
>She pushes her side of the blanket left, and then right, then pushes it down around her waist, and the she huffs and tugs it up around her shoulders.
>With an exasperated sigh, she pulls her part of the blanket up around her waist, exposing her pyjama bottoms and her bare feet.
"You alright there, Adagio?"
>Adagio grunts noncommittally and leans forward to grab the legs of her pyjamas, which she tugs up to expose her legs to the open air.
>" S'too hot," she grumbles, rolling the legs up and bunching them up above her knee, "My legs are getting way too warm."
>The orange girl looks at you unexpectedly, but you aren't quite sure what she wants you to say; 'Sorry'?
"Adagio, it's like 18 degrees."
>She shivers and pulls the thick comforter up around her uncovered shoulders, and then pins the edges of the blanket between her back and the sofa-back behind her.
>"I know!" she moans, "And it's freezing!"
>What does she even WANT?!
>Sonata pokes you in the shoulder and rolls her eyes when you turn to look at her.
>" 'Dagi's always been like this," she explains, giggling into her hand, "Sometimes her legs will get too hot or cold, and the rest of her body will feel the opposite."
>She gestures to her own blanket-covered legs and wriggles her feet.
>"It's like, siren biology doesn't 100% translate to human biology."
>Sonata looks over at her sister and shivers in sympathy at the sight of Adagio half-bundled up under the covers.
>"It prolly has something to do with how we used to be cold-blooded, right?"
>She snuggles into your side and grabs your arm, moving it manually and making it drape over her shoulders.
>"You have no idea how good you have it, Nonny," she mutters into your shoulder.
>You use your free, non-snuggling hand to wrap the blankets a bit tighter around your grandmother's shoulder, making her hum in appreciation.
>You look over to see Adagio glancing between you and Sonata with a look of revelation on her face.
>"Hold still, Anon!"
>Adagio throws back the covers and starts shimmying around.
>After a few moments, she ends up lying on her tummy.
>Her feet are dangling off the edge of the armrest furthest from you, and she-woah!
"Woah, hey, Adagio!" you cry as she starts to worm her way head-first under the blankets, "Dinner and a movie first!"
>Adagio doesn't respond, and instead busies herself in trying to maneuver herself under the blankets.
>You freeze when you feel her jam her elbow into your kidneys and sink her fingers around the sides of your kneecap in her quest to pull herself onto your lap.
"A-Adagio!" you grunt in pain.
>What in the world did you do?!
>Sonata looks up at you with clueless surprise from her position on your shoulder.
>"Nonny? What...?"
>She glances down at the shifting blankets on your lap and, after a brief look of realization blossoms on her face, scowls at her comforter-covered sister.
>"Adagio!" she hisses, swatting at her sister's blanket-covered head, "Be more careful!"
>Adagio mutters something, but her voice is too muffled by the blanket for you to hear.
>You choose to believe that it was an apology.
>You sigh in relieve when Adagio finally comes to a rest, with her head on your crotch and her arms draped across your thigh.
>Adagio is left with her cold upper-half covered up, and her hot lower-half sticking out of the blankets.
>Finally, the nightmare is over. Now the healing can begin.
>Of course, you aren't that lucky.
>Like a scene from that one space-monster movie you haven't watched in 10 years, an orange arm bursts out from under the blankets in between your legs.
>By the way Adagio's arm dangles and judging by its length and girth (ladies), the entire scene almost makes it appear as though you have a giant orange penis poking out of the comforter and pawing at the blanket around your knees.
>Adagio grabs at the air fruitlessly a few times, and you decide to take pity on the girl; you grab the comforter and tug it towards you, bunching it around your chest and leaving a big gap for Adagio to stick her head through.
>This lets her do all sorts of silly things; like watching the movie with you, or being able to breathe.
"Problems, Adagio?"
>Adagio huffs and starts to slowly kick her legs, bending them at the knee and alternating between raising one and lowering the other.
>"I was fine before you opened up a hole, Anon," she drawls, sending you a playful upside-down glare, "It was nice and warm down there."
>She looks back down at your lap and gently pokes your bulge with a finger.
>"It was just him-"
>She presses down on your hardening member just a tiny bit harder.
>"-and me."
>You blush at the sensation of the siren's hand on your groin and do your best to keep control of yourself.
"E-Easy there, Adagio," you warn, "Keep it in your pants.
>Adagio grins and opens her mouth to speak, but you beat her to it.
"Keep it in MY pants, too."
>The orange girl 'hmph!'s and deflates slightly, removing her hand and resting her head on your lap.
>You tuck the edge of the blanket behind Adagio's head and lower your hand so that it's resting on her side.
>Adagio tenses momentarily, but relaxes immediately after.
>"See, Anon?" she asks, sounding pleased, "We're not so bad; are we?"
>Sonata snuggles into your side, adding to you warmth.
"Yeah," you sigh, "I guess not."
>You're surprised to find that you can't say you hate this.
>Maybe it's that "sirens attract sirens" bullshit magic they told you about.
>Maybe Stockholm Syndrome is hitting you hard after just a few days.
>Maybe it's the way that Grandma 'Nata flashes her tiddies at you, sometimes.
>Maybe it's the fucking amazing soup that Adagio made for you.
>It might even be the way that Aria fuc-
"Where the fuck did Aria go off to?"
>Sonata nuzzles your shoulder and hums gently.
>"Don't worry about her, Nonny," she says sleepily, "Aria's gone away for a few days to make sure some of our investments are still profitable."
>She yawns and leans into you just a bit more, trying to find a comfortable position to relax in.
>"S'prolly why she tried to have sex with you so quickly," she mumbles, " 'cuz she wouldn't have a chance to beat 'Dagi and me at getting preggers."
>Your heart skips a beat at the word "preggers".
>Adagio pats your knee from her position on your lap.
>"Don't worry too much about it, Anon," she says dismissively, "If Aria had gotten pregnant, then she'd have phoned us by now to brag."
>She shuffles around and rubs your thigh.
>"Now shut up and watch the movie with us."
And that's it for now. I know it was short, and I don't think that the writing was as good (as far as 'good' goes for me) as the other parts of the story, but I've been in a slump for the last however-many days and I just wanted to get some writing out there into the open. If any of you have some critisism or suggestions for improvement (kind words are nice too), I'd like to hear it. I promise that things'll improve next update.
>If any of you have some critisism
Or even some criticism. I'll settle for either one, though.

Its nice and fluffy.

A cozy tale of how anon is getting molested by his grandmas.
Ok, I'm back with an update, after so long. I'm sorry to all Anons who were waiting for that. I just now had an idea of what to do, and I'll probably be stuck for a while again (hopefully not for that long again) since I've pretty much set up myself for writing a erotic part next and I'm not really good with writing those. Anyway, enjoyt the update!

>A few days has passed
>You and Twili enjoyed being able to act like a couple at home
>Spike either didn’t see anything more in your acts than usual or didn’t gave a flying toss
>You were kinda afraid to go and hang out with your friends though
>You told Twili to be a little less clingy in public, especially where there could be people you know
>Not that she listened, but then again, everyone who knows you and her, knows that you’re really close in general so they weren’t weirded off by her hugging you a little more than usual
>This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Rarity, who asked you about this a day after you hang out with the girls
>She sent you a text asking if you could meet in the park
>You immediately knew what was going on and talked with Twili about it
>At first she wasn’t keen of the idea of anyone of your friends to know anything
>It took you 30 minutes to assure her that Rarity can be trusted if things are that serious
>You then went to the park
>Rarity was waiting for you at the same spot you met her last time
>You both sat down and after making sure that there’s no one around, you told her the story
>You told her what happened at the sleepover
>“Well, I know about the kiss from Rainbow Dash, but I didn’t think anything more about it. So what happened later?”
“Well, after girls went home the next morning, we had a talk with Twili and…”
“Well, she told me that she has been in love with me for quite a while now. That really took me by surprise and I didn’t knew what to say”
>”I can’t really blame you Anon. I mean, I would be weirded out as well if Sweetie Belle suddenly said that she loves me that way”
>You see by her expression that she isn’t very pleased with that idea
>”Anyway Anon, what happened next?”
>You decide to leave out the part where Twili made out with you
“Next thing I did was going for a walk to think about the stuff and then I met you here”
>”I see…”
>She then falls silent for a while before asking
>”So what have you done after you got back home?”
“Well, I thought about what you told me and talked with Twili. I told her that we can give it a shot”
>”And what was her reaction?”
>You remember her smile and look in her eyes
“To be honest… I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy”
>”Well… I’m glad to hear that, Anonymous”
>She seems a little bit weirded out about the idea, and her face is sure showing it
“Rarity… you don’t hate Twilight or me now, do you?
>She looks at you surprised
>”How could you say such a thing? I mean, of course, this is… certainly an extraordinary thing to happen to say the least…”
>She then smiles
>”But if that makes you both happy, who am I to judge? Love is a beautiful thing, and as long as no one is hurt, it’s all good, am I right?”
“That’s right. I’m glad you think that way, Rarity”
>”Well Anon, if I didn’t, I’d have less things to gossip about, don’t you think? You have to be open minded if you wanna know what’s happening in town”
>You both laugh at that
>But she is right though. We live in times when many different things that were seen as bad, aren’t bad anymore
>And heck, incest was more common in the past
>Of course, there were problem with the children from that kind of relationships, but if that’s the case, there’s always option of adoption
>...Did you just thought of having children with Twili?
>Ok Anon, you gotta stop now, you’re getting way ahead of yourself
>”By the way, I don’t mean to be rude but… can I ask you one thing, Anon?”
>Rarity snaps you out of your thoughts
“Huh? What’s that?”
>”Have you done… well… anything more intimidate?”
>That question took you off guard
>But then again, Rarity is the kind of person that wants to know everything about the juicy details
“Not really… I mean, Twilight would probably love to but… I’m not ready yet for that. When I told her that we can give it a shot, my only condition was to take it slow”
>”I see. Well, if I can give you an advice… don’t let her wait for too long”
>Whoa there, that was unexpected
“Excuse me?”
>”Well, you know you her better than anyone else, so you probably know that she is…”
“More perverted than you typical girl?”
>She looks at you a little bit disgusted
>”I was looking for a more elegant way to put it, but yes, that’s what I was thinking about.”
>Of course you know that, and after the sleepover and some truths from her, you now know even more about it
>”So take that into consideration, and add the fact that woman has her needs… you see where I’m getting?”
>You’d have to be an idiot not to see that
“Yeah… Though I still have a problem with wrapping my head around it.”
>”No one said it’ll be easy, darling.”
>You remember the amount of lust you seen in Twili’s eyes
>She really wants to take it to another level as soon as possible
>Your body tells you to go for it every time you sleep with her
>But your mind is stopping you from doing anything
>You decide that if Rarity already knows about you and Twi, you can try and ask her for help
“That’s true. So… do you have any advice for me how to get to that?”
>”You mean to get to… doing -this-?”
>”W-well, it’s unladylike to talk about such things… but I’ll do an exception for you.”
“Thank you Rarity, that means a lot.”
>She takes a deep breath and starts talking again
>”So what is the problem? Most guys I know would just, colloquially speaking, jump right to the bed with any girl if they had a chance.”
>You’d lie saying you’re not at least somewhat like that
>But looking at your past experiences, being too fast with having sex in relationships was what made them to end
>You say that to Rarity, and while she agrees, she has an idea
>”If you don’t want to… go right into the thing so to speak, maybe start with little steps?”
“And how would I do that?”
>”Let’s see… I suppose that being naked around each other isn’t weird, since you always were close even from young age, right?”
>You nod
>”Well then, my idea is to… maybe start with just watching each other… making yourselfs feel good, to get you used to seeing more intimidate part of you?”
>You think about that for a moment. You imagine Twilight naked, her legs spread and her fingers sliding slowly into her...
>That’s a really nice picture… and it doesn’t seem that weird
“You know Rarity, that might actually work.”
>”I can see already that you like that idea. You might want to cool that blush down before you go home, darling~~”
>She looks at you with a smirk on her face and then laughs
>”I have to say Anon, I can see what Twilight sees in you. You look adorable when you’re embarrassed.”
“Oh shush you!”
>You look away from Rarity, but after a while, you can’t help it to laugh yourself
>After you calm down, you thank Rarity for her help and tell her that it has to stay between you and her
>”Of course Anon, it’s the same deal as last time, I won’t tell a soul about it. Though now I see why you wanted to keep it a secret the last time”
“Yeah. Thanks again Rarity. See ya!”
>After that, you start going back home
>You still have few days left untill your parents come back from vacations
>But then again, what about Spike?
>You wouldn’t like him walking in on you and Twi
>You just hope that he’ll be out on a date with Sweetie again for a night and then you can safely and calmly try something more with Twili
>Well, you never thought that you’ll be in that kind of situation, but hey, as long as it’s nice for both sides, then why not?
>You realise that you’re already in front of your home
“Well, there’s no going back now.”
>You say that quietly to yourself, and with positive energy, you open the door and go inside

And that's it for tonight. IT's past midnight here, so I'm off to sleep. I'll try to update again ASAP. Untill that time, stay safe Anons. Take care and see ya next time!
So I'm gonna have to go back and read this from the beginning to really know what's happened but what I can see my biggest complaint is gonna be that it feels like I'm being told everything that's happened seems like it needs more show, less tell.
Remember that "Fleur is Anon's hot sister" prompt?

>While Fleur looks absolutely gorgeous, Anon looks maybe a little bit above average at best
>They're close enough (neither is ashamed to admit that their best friend is their sibling) that they like to hang out in public, and people mistake them for a couple all the time
>Nobody at all believes it when they say that they're related
>Some of their friends and acquaintances even think that Fleur is lying and saying that Anon being her brother because she is ashamed of having such a less beautiful/handsome man as her boyfriend
>The entire process of denying their relationship and insisting that they're siblings is so exhausting that they start going along with it and start pretending to be a couple
>something something they do boyfriend/girlfriend things to keep the lie up
>something something it stops being fake
>something something incest happens
I'm sorry, incest thread. I'm very tired and it's difficult to express my ideas very well.
So less describing everything and more leaving it to the imagination? I'm not best at writing so every tip helps
Are any of the pastebins from the old oedipus/pony mom generals in here
It's a dream that all grandchildren have. Who doesn't look at their grandma and think, "I wish she'd show me her gross, saggy tits"?
It's good as far as I'm concerned. Looking forward to more.
Thank you, friend. There'll be more coming up in a few days - probably in the next thread.
File: 1434686851942.png (147 KB, 726x697)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
>>Maybe it's the way that Grandma 'Nata flashes her tiddies at you, sometimes.
Had me a good giggle at that.
Looking forward to it.
Except these grannies look like teenagers and have nice firm tits.
>Fleur tries to pull off the hot french maid look
>Starts to seductively clean up Anon's room
>Finds unwashed underwear and 2-week-old food wrappers
>"His dick makes this worth it. His dick makes this worth it. His dick makes this worth it."
It's worth it for the thrill of incest.
File: Sunny Cinch underwear.png (339 KB, 895x1525)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
>You and your sister Sour Sweet will never walk into your Aunt Abbie's office to find your Cousin Sunny laying on the principal's desk getting finger-blasted by her mother
>Sour will never latch on to your arm and say
>"Aw! I love seeing our family as loving and trusting as this!"
>And then hit you with a left hook to the jaw
>You will never somehow make it to your late teens or early 20's without realizing/noticing that your family is casually incestuous
>Anon doesn't want to fuck his sister
>His family is anywhere between confused and baffled
>"Why won't you have sex with her? She's pretty, she likes you; why not?"
>It's treated as though Anon inexplicably refuses to do something really mundane and reasonable
If my grandmother looked like a teenaged and liked to flash her tits at me, we'd have a very different relationship right now.
File: 1474864836990.gif (2.27 MB, 480x270)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB GIF
>you will never have immortal teenage grannies to love and breed.
>Your youthful grandma will never excitedly embrace you out of nowhere and cry into your shoulder
>You will never be concerned until you see how happy she looks
>She will never present a positive pregnancy test
>It will never immediately begin raining
What a thrrriilll.
File: 1491981249249.gif (1.41 MB, 350x197)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB GIF
Switch your pastes from private to public.
Question. Does it count if we aren't blood related?
Step-relatives are close enough if you want the thrill of incest without the risks and (as severe) social taboos.
Oh, sorry about that, it should be ok now

Hoping the thread will survive the series premier
File: lun1.png (22 KB, 434x554)
22 KB
"Aunt Luna!"
>"There's my favourite nephew!"
>You tactfully refrain from informing her that you are, in fact, her ONLY nephew.
>You doubly-tactfully also refrain from from informing her that you are, statistically, her least-favourite nephew as well.
>You do this because you're not an autist and you have some semblance of social awareness.
>Your aunt Luna rushes over and pulls you into a tight embrace, rocking you back and forth.
>You, of course, tilt left and right with her movements and let her enjoy her hug.
>She kisses you on top of the head and then grabs you by the shoulders, pushing you away and holding you out at arm's length.
>"It's been so long! Look at you!"
>Aunt Luna drags her eyes up and down your body a few times before focusing on your face, where she practically eats up the sight of you.
>"I can't believe my sister's kept you all to yourself for the last 6 months."
>You shrug and chuckle.
"Yeah, well, things have been busy," you say airily, "Mom never seems to wanna let me out of her sight these days."
>Luna growls like a tiger in appreciation, making your heart skip a beat in pure surprise and shock.
>Her gaze turns as predatory as her growl, once more turning downward to appreciate your body.
>"How selfish~"
>Okay, yeah, no thanks.
>Now you're starting to remember why mom didn't want you to be around aunt Luna all by yourself.
>It isn't until you try and pull away from your aunt that you realize that her grip on your shoulders is vice-like.
>"Ah, ah, ah~" she chides playfully, "Not before you give your auntie a kiss, Nonny~"
>Faster than you can react, aunt Luna simultaneously tugs at your shoulders and thrusts her face forwards, locking your lips in a heated kiss.
>By the time you gather your wits, aunt Luna's tongue has already been plunged into your mouth and is having fun exploring.
>You grunt and moan, trying to grab onto your aunt's body and push away with shaking hands, but you're too overwhelmed to do anything more than (unintentionally) caress aunt Luna's chest.
>Aunt Luna moan appreciatively and releases one of your shoulders, grabbing the back of your head and holding you tight.
>She frees up your other shoulder and wraps it around your back, and then pulls you against her body.
>Your hands are trapped between your's and her chest, and your elbows are bent at such an angle that you can't get any kind of leverage to push her away.
>The last thing you notice before the rest of the day disappears into a whirlwind of frantic kissing and desperate fucking is the way aunt Luna has begun to grind her front against you.
>You later had a very awkward conversation with your mother (which ended in a screaming match between her and aunt Luna) where the phrase "take responsibility" came up more than once.
>Aunt Luna now lives with you and mom "to make paying rent easier".
>Lately, your mom has been looking at Luna's bloating tummy with what you could almost swear is jealousy...
File: 1492207916195.jpg (152 KB, 707x500)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
File: 1487715748223.jpg (215 KB, 900x900)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>Celestia is jealous
Oh shit...
oh yes
>"See, Anon?"
>Adagio gently caresses the backs of her sister's heads, absent-mindedly running her fingers through their hair.
>Aria and Sonata cuddle into her sides; Sonata buries her face into Adagio's shoulder, and Aria replaces her usual glare with an intense, lip-biting gaze.
>Adagio barely reacts when Aria begins teasing her lips with a couple of fingers.
>"We're not so bad, are we?"
>Sonata whines pitifully as Adagio's hand slides down the back of her neck and down her back towards her panties.
>She teases the clip holding Sonata's bra on, loosening it just enough that the weight of Sonata's impressive bust alone will eventually tug it loose and let her breasts spill out in the open.
>"Not bad for a couple of old grannies, huh?"
>You tug on your belt as hard as you can, desperate to loosen it.
>This is the most aroused you've been in a long time, and you NEED to sink your cock into one of their holes.
>You don't care which hole, and you don't care who it belongs to; if you don't get off in the next two minutes, you're going to lose your fucking mind.
File: I ASKED FOR THIS.jpg (47 KB, 228x561)
47 KB
oh fuck.
>Aunt Chrysalis will never "steal your love" to spite your mother
>She will never love the attention you give her
>She will never be extremely pleased at how much "love" you give her; all for her, and nobody else
>She will never enjoy your orgasms almost as much as she enjoys her own
File: 1470660335637.png (489 KB, 750x750)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
>"The kitty-cat on my chest won't be the only pussy you see tonight if you play your cards right, nephew."
File: 1451373492526.png (179 KB, 800x400)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
>You stare at your aunt, standing before you in her cat-themed lingerie.
>She stares back.
>You stare at her.
>"...that means my va-"
"I know what it means."
The risk is where the "thrill" comes from.
>Cousin Chryssi will never go through her rebellious stage
>She will never make out with you as a "fuck you" to her parents
>tfw the yandere sister Chrysalis story will never be continued
>Cousin Chryssi will never steal her little cousin's innocence because she feels like it.
>Mom glares over at Luna, her expression a cross between irritated and thoughtful.
>Aunt Luna just smiles pleasantly at her sister, knowing that the mild gesture would irritate her further.
>"What's the matter, sister?" she asks, rubbing her round belly, "Are you getting flashbacks to when you were pregnant with Nonny?"
>Mom answers with a pout, and she crosses her arms under her ample, AMPLE chest.
>Stupid sexy mom with her dumb enormous tits.
>Aunt Luna eyes up your mom's chest and just barely holds back a giggle m8
>"Going without a bra? Tia, how scandalous! The only people who would notice your... assets are me, and Anon!"
>Mom mutters something (surely unflattering) under her breath and turns away from aunt Luna.
>"Do you miss it?" asks aunt Luna
>"Miss what?" snaps mom
>Aunt Luna just rubs her belly.
>"Or maybe you're jealous that Nonny's paying so much more attention to me than his is to you."
>Mom, her purple eyes flashing, suddenly scrambles off of the couch and onto her feet.
>She marches over to you and yanks you up off of the couch.
>"I'll SHOW you jealous!"
>She hugs you to her chest, cushioning your head in between her soft breasts.
>"He's MINE," mom hisses, "NOT yours!"
>She strokes the back of your head possessively.
>"I birthed him, dammit! That means I own him and all his rights!"
>m-muh christian values
File: 1433432618528.jpg (722 KB, 1210x1220)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
smug luna best luna
>You came out of my vagina so I own you
That's kind of hot
File: 1491184983348.png (140 KB, 858x805)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
File: Twilight fondled.png (584 KB, 787x1024)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
>You will never convince your cousin Twilight at a young age that being groped while your studying helps build your ability to focus
>She'll never believe you when you tell her it's akin to getting a massage and it'll help get rid of any tension and leaves your mind clear of any distractions
>You will never be called into her basement "Study Bunker" for a midnight cram session, even though it's in the middle of summer vacation
Study Bump
>"Hey Anon, can you help me with some studying? This subject never was my best."
"Well sure, Twilight. What are we going over."
>"Human anatomy."
"...why are you staring at me like that?"
>your sister Twilight will never attempt to seduce you for science, in an experiment to see how much it would take to break down the westermarck effect
>she will never finally succeed and realize that she has actually fallen in love with you, her own brother
File: 1489164244466.jpg (10 KB, 250x240)
10 KB
File: 1446919498072.jpg (103 KB, 854x599)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Where do i go if i need some Fluttershy onee-sama? There's nothing in the pastebin.
File: Fluttershy's knockers.png (328 KB, 514x600)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
>you will never be woken up by your sister Fluttershy and see this
>"Hi, little brother do you want some of big sis' milk?"
You'd have to knock her up before that.
No baby, no milk.
>Fluttershy suffers from Galactorrhea.
>Because of this she produces milk even she isn't pregnant.
>Her breast are enlarged and swollen worse she leaking milk
>She asks her little brother Anon to help her.
>What little brother wouldn't help his sister in a dire need.
File: writefag needed pronto.gif (3.67 MB, 642x360)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB GIF
And it's a sensual brother and sister thing to.
>Fluttershy moans in relief as the pressure of the milk inside her breast goes away as she strokes her sweet brother's hair as he sucks on her nipples and the creamy sweet milk enters his throat.
>Fluttershy noticed that Anon's pants are sporting a certain tent.
>Well she can't blame him after all it's only a natural response for a boy this age.
>Maybe once he is done Fluttershy could help out her brother too.
>"You want som-"

I'd fuck my sister if she had a body like that. Holy shit.
File: 1492182787039.png (252 KB, 721x688)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>"Hey, little brother, you don't wash your dick often enough."
>Fluttershy licks her lips and props herself up on one elbow so that she has a free hand to play with a breast.
>"I love that."
You can bump if you want to. You can leave your Anons behind.
I just figured there'd be a boost in activity after the new episodes, so it's best to stay safe.
Oh, man. If I had gotten more than 5 hours of sleep, I'd write some kind of comfy cuddling green between Anon and big sister Fluttershy.
File: Rainbow Dash (Human) 52.png (641 KB, 1032x780)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
Okay ladies and faggots today's the day.
Going to spend most of the day writing, and post sometime just before Toonami airs.

It will probably leak over the bump limit, so I'll repost the entire story in the next thread as well.
You can always do it later when you feel up to it.
Looking forward to it Onii-chan.
Same here.

File: 1455059607748.png (122 KB, 361x370)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
Yeah, okay, I'll try later.

Question for the thread: Since the first episode of a new season is airing after a hiatus, what'll happen to the thread? I can't remember if more people go onto the board or if fewer people do and threads just start having a tendency to slip past page 10.
File: 1429485374287.png (143 KB, 672x434)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
That is one attractive drawing of a humanized version of a fictional character, family.

I've been popping over from the Anonymous in Equestria thread just to read your story. Really enjoying it so far and the new part seems good to me. Then again I've enjoyed just about everything I've read of yours so you might just be too hard on yourself.
File: 1467303310490.jpg (18 KB, 236x237)
18 KB
i fucked up, i was looking for celestia dressed up and masturbating.
pls forgive for poor picture choice.
File: 1484861683434.jpg (35 KB, 476x579)
35 KB
why have you done this
>You and your sister will never have sex all the time
>Your sister will never be madly in love with you
>She will never be fully aware of incest is unusual and how low the odds are of you and her sticking together
>She will never be terrified of losing you
>She will never leglock you and force you to cum inside
>She will never use the resulting pregnancy as a way to "force" you to stay with her forever
File: 1492286093350.jpg (297 KB, 1920x1080)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
you fags watched the new episode today?
it's fucking dank, AOTS no contest
File: 1475114925570.gif (186 KB, 200x152)
186 KB
186 KB GIF
yes please
File: 133070313258.gif (497 KB, 300x126)
497 KB
497 KB GIF
Saw this in my news feed, thought of you poor bastards

>ywn meet the girl of your dreams
>ywn be madly in love with each other
>ywn plan your future together
>ywn try multiple times to start a family
>ywn see a doctor to find out why you can't make a baby together
>ywn have them reveal that you and your beloved are in fact biological twins
>ywn be overcome with so many conflicting emotions
>ywn go home with your 'sister' to discuss this revalation
>ywn have her embrace you and tell you she doesn't care and that she loves you with all of her heart
>ywn make passionate love that night and vow to never leave her and to love her for all of time
>ywn find a doctor to help you and your wife finally have the family you've both dreamed of having
>ywn drive home from the hospital with your wife and newborn twins
>ywn never die in a car accident that also claims the life of your wife
>ywn have your children taken into foster care and separated into different homes
>ywn watch them grow into happy and successful adults
>ywn never watch the cycle begin again

>ywn feel this feel quite like this lucky bastard
File: 1491332699733.jpg (64 KB, 349x416)
64 KB
>Cousin Cadence will never date Shining Armour to make you jealous
What a bitch, trying to steal femanon's boyfriend like that.

I know that's probably not what you meant, but the way you worded that could go either way. Also threesome when?
I want cousin Cadence to leglock me
What is the source on that, Anon?
>she will never marry Shining Armor while secretly having sex with you
>she will never let you impregnate her and make Shining Armor believe he is the father
>it will never be your little secret
>Then Flurry Heart becomes interested in her 'Uncle Anon'.
File: oh my.png (153 KB, 353x463)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
You guys ready?

> On your first day of suspension you wake up like it’s any other day, but instead of riding with Dash to school you jog to the fitness center you and Dash workout at. After that you head home and make yourself some lunch.
> Man without any work, school or sports to keep you busy you’ve essentially got nothing to do. Maybe that wasn’t so bad though. It would give you some time to contemplate this whole mess about you sister.
> You look at your phone and see that it’s just past noon. You also notice that you’ve got a text message. It’s from Dash.
~Boss called in to work tonight. Can you bring me something to eat?
> ~Sure. I’ll swing by about 6.
> You reply back with.
> Later that night you walk to the gas station about twenty minutes away. Not surprisingly it was pretty empty.
> “Guess who?”
“Oh thank god you’re here I’m starving.”
> She jumps over the counter right as you were about to hand her the lunch box.
> “You don’t mind if I hang her and keep you company do you?”
“You sure there’s a whole lot of nothing going on here.”
> “Yeah, but I want to keep you company.”
“Thanks bro. Come on let’s go out to the car.”
> Following her outside she turns on the car. Pumping both the heater and the radio. Leaving it on the first station that comes on.
“So how you’d enjoy your first day off?”
> “Eh. It wasn’t anything really. How’s work?”
“John keeps nagging me about being nicer to customers. It’s not my fault that a ninety year old grandma can’t make a single decision like a normal human being.”
> Yeah you’ve heard the horrors of working in retail. Which is why you were going to avoid it at all cost.

> “As long as you’re nice enough to keep your job you shouldn’t worry about it.”
“Yeah. It’s just a pain that’s all.”
> As you both sit there in relative silence. You gaze at your sister with a mixture of mystique and curiosity. The softness of her lips and the captivating color of her magenta eyes.
> It’s hard to imagine that you’ve kissed her. She seemed so perfect, so out of your league. Not just because you were her brother.
“I’m surprised you didn’t want to go over to Derpy’s after this. Everything still going alright?”
> Yeah about that…
> “Yeah it’s fine. Just wanted a day to myself that all. I’ve had a lot on my mind.”
“Oh, care to share?”
> “Just about how I lost control and really hurt that guy yesterday.”
“Really you don’t usually care about dirt bags that you beat into a bloody pulp.”
> “This was different though. He was just picking on me. Not actually hurting me, and I almost killed him.”
“You’re overreacting. I’m sure the guy’s fine.”
> “Yeah you’re probably right.”
> Thank god she bought it. You shouldn’t have said anything at all, but you had a feeling that she would have noticed something was bothering you.
> As Dash’s shift goes on the two of you talk the night away. Not a lot happens; until…
> “I’m going to run to the restroom real quick.”
> As you make your way to the back of the story three peculiar gentlemen enter the story.
> You round the corner and wait just out of sight. Just in case.
“Hey there Skittles how you been.”
“I thought I told you guys not come here. I’ll have the next payment by tomorrow so buzz off.”
“Well I just thought I’d let you know that the payment has doubled.”

“WHAT!! Why! We had a deal.”
> Oh no not again.
“Hey I’m just a messenger. If you want to know what’s the deal. You know who to talk to.”
> The bell of the door rings. Signifying that they’ve left.
> Dash must have rung up some more debts, or maybe some new big dick cheese is looking to collect on her old ones. She’d probably never tell you about it if you ask. She’s always trying to take care of her messes on her own. A noble thing to do, but she’s always getting in over her head.
> Without a second thought you take the back way out of the store, and quickly find three gentlemen walking away from the store.
> After following them for a block. They turn to face you.
“You looking for trouble tough guy?”
> “No. I’m just interested in the arrangement you have with Rainbow Dash.”
“Rainbow? You mean Skittles? What’s it to you?”
> “I want to pay off her debts. All of them.”
“All of them?”
> “That’s what I said.”
“That’s a lot of cheese my man. You have that on you?”
> “No, and even if I did I wouldn’t give it to you. So how much does she owe exactly.”
“A thousand bones.”
> God damn it.
> “Done. Tell me where to go.”
> The three stooges tell you where to go, and you make a quick stop at home.
> Reaching underneath your bed you pull out a shoe box. Inside was your secret stash of money that you had saved for a new computer. Just over a thousand dollars.
> Guess you’ll just have to wait another year.
It's storming really hard where I live right now. TV is down, but I still have internet for now. Will continue to pump out my story as long as I can.

> Walking down an all too familiar street you enter the shady abandoned building you and Dash got yourselves arrested in.
> Finding the same old office with the same old boss in the same old chair.
> “Never thought I’d have to see your face again.”
“The feelings mutual. I assume you have the money.”
> “I do, and I have your word that you’ll leave my sister alone.”
“As long as she doesn’t ring up any more debts you’ve got nothing to worry about.”
> “Good.”
> With that taken care of you ponder what you should do next. Head back to the gas station and tell Dash the news, or go home and let her figure it out for herself?
> Maybe you’ll just go home and wait it out. Give yourself some time think of some excuses.
> As you lay on the couch watching bad television all you can think of is how mad Dash is going to be when you tell her what you did.
> You felt guilty that you stepped in like that, but you wanted to avoid another incident like last time at all cost.
> The front door opens and you and your sister’s eyes meet instantly.
“There you are. Where’d you go? You didn’t even message bro?”
> “I just took care of some things. You should be thankful.”
“Me? Why what did you do?”
> “Like I said you don’t have to worry about it. Let’s just put everything behind us.”
“Anon you’re creeping me out tell me what you did.”
> You let out a long exhausted sigh. Bracing yourself for the worst.
> “You don’t have to worry about those debts anymore. I took care of them.”
“What!!! You mean- those guys from earlier, and you-”
> “Paid in full. Now you’ll never have to see those thugs again.”
> At first Dash doesn’t say anything, but you could tell that she had about a million things on her mind that she ‘did’ want to say.

> “And before you tell me that you were going to handle it yourself. I’m going to say that you shouldn’t try to do these things on your own. They may be problems that you created, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help.”
“I-I you.” Dash stutters in half anger half uncertainty.
> “Go ahead let me have it. You say standing up with your arms wide open.
> Dash however does something you didn’t expect. She hugs you.
“I hate you. Why can’t you just leave me alone. I don’t deserve your pity.”
> “It’s not pity sis. Nothing is more important to me than you. It’s always been us against everyone else. We survived because we had each other. If we go it alone neither of us will make it.”
“You’re lying. You can handle all those punks at school. There’s nothing left for you to overcome.”
> “You’re wrong. The fear of losing you haunts me every day. You’re all I ever think about, and the thought that I can’t help you terrifies me.”
> “You were always the one forging ahead when we were little. Saying that you were the greatest at everything, and you were. Then you started hanging out with Gilda, and they made you question your own worth.”
> “Well let me tell you something. Nothing has changed. You just have to believe in yourself like I believe in you.”
> Dash doesn’t say anything for the longest time. You both just stand there holding each other not sure whether or not to let go.
“Did anyone ever tell you you’re an idiot.”
> You stay completely still. Unsure how to respond.
“But it’s okay because you’re my idiot.” She says finally looking at you.

> You hug her again. As her head rests against your chest.
> Your heartfelt moment however is abruptly interrupted by a growling noise. A noise that originates from Dash’s stomach.
“Hehe. Guess I didn’t get enough to eat.”
> “Then it’s a good thing I threw a pizza in the oven huh?”
“Oh my god you could have just said that and I would have forgiven you.”
> You both chuckle.
> You’ve both had an exhausting day. Physically and emotionally. All you wanted to do was eat some pizza, take a shower, and hit the sack. Scratch that, just hit the sack, and maybe take a slice of pizza with you.
> After crawling into bed you hear a knock at the door.
> “Yeah?”
“Can I come in?”
> “Sure.”
> Your sister sneaks in. Closing the door behind her.
“This may sound weird, but could I sleep with you tonight?”
> Under normal circumstances you would have said no, but it’s been a long day.
> “As long as you can keep your hands to yourself.”
“Hey that’s my line!”
“So you’re okay with it?”
> “Come here you big baby.”
> With a silent pout Dash crawls into your arms. Having admitted defeat.
> “Goodnight.”
>"Uncle Anon, don't you wanna play with me?"
>Flurry Heart slowly slips her bathrobe over her shoulders, exposing miles of smooth, flawless skin.
>Who knew inbreeding made such perfect offspring?
>You take a couple of steps back away from your....
>That's who she is on paper, in any case.
>In reality, though?
>Not so much.
>You /might/ have done some inappropriate things with your sister.
>It /might/ have resulted in a pregnancy.
>And she /might/ have been involved with some dude at the time.... and still is.
>Shining Armour maybe might think that your incestuous pile of future psychological problems (if she ever finds out about who her real father is) is actually his own kid.
>You knew that you'd never be able to be a part of your kid's life as a father, but you did your best to be there for her as an uncle.
>Unfortunately, the apple doesn't fall too far from the sister-fucking tree and now Flurry Heart (Shining came up with the name, not you or Cadence) seems to have the hots for you.
>At this point, you aren't even sure that revealing to Flurry Heart that you're her father would convince her to back off.
File: Rainbow Dash (Human) 6.png (537 KB, 1000x1200)
537 KB
537 KB PNG

> On the surface you didn’t show any emotion, but underneath you were really agitated. Every time you come here this happens. Don’t people have any self-restraint or decency?
> Then, you had an idea. After Dash finished a set to switch machines with you. You planted a firm slap on her ass.
> “Nice work.”
> “What?” You say with complete innocence.
“Wh-why’d you do that?”
> “No reason. Just wanted to tell you you’re doing a good job.”
“Well you could have just said so.”
> “Yeah I could have, but you seemed to like it.”
“Shut up.”
> After that the other guys didn’t really pay much attention to Dash.
> Mission accomplished.
> You continue to subtly mess with Dash throughout the workout, and she gets a few jabs in at you. Telling jokes all the while. It was fun.
> You wish you could always be like this. Just you and your sister working out and telling jokes. It wasn’t much, but it was something.
> Then again, did you want this? If you really loved her wouldn’t you want more? To be able to talk to her openly about EVERYTHING.
> What would she say if she didn’t feel the same way. What would she say when she inevitably turned you down? Could you still live the way you were doing right now? Could you both forgive and forget like every time before now?
> But you already knew that answer, and it was no.
careful nigga thats anthro
>>Come on bro you're a terrible at lying
>tfw your thread gets deleted because of a writefag who can't even into grammar

> You take another deep breath.
> “I know you won’t believe me if I say I can handle it, but trust me when I say I can handle it.”
“Okay. Are you going to tell me what IT is?”
> …
> “There’s another girl I have a crush on.”
> Dash doesn’t respond immediately, but you could tell that she was surprised.
“Another girl! No way! You’ve never been interested in girls until Derpy started crushing on you. When did this happen?” Dash asks excitedly.
> “I don’t know. I might have been a long time ago, but I’ve never put the pieces together until now.”
“What is she like? Is she an athlete?”
> “Dash I don’t want to talk about this. I’m having a hard time thinking what I should do.”
“Wait are you considering dumping Derpy for this chick?”
> “It’s crossed my mind.”
“Ah man you must be crazy about her. How did I not know about this? Wait… is it one of my friends?”
> “No, but it doesn’t matter. I know she doesn’t feel the same way about me.”
“Wow wow wow slow down. You just said that you’re in love, but you’re not going to even try because you don’t think she’ll be into you?”
> “I know she isn’t.”
“Why is she seeing someone?”
> “Not that I know of.”
“Anon come on. You might be a smart guy, but you’re totally clueless when it comes to women.”
> Ain’t that the truth.
“You’ll never know if you don’t give it a shot. Besides, you’re one of the best players on the baseball team. All chicks dig jocks.”
I know, but I don't care. It's a lot easier to organize if it's under one listing.

That's one error out of this entire list. That's pretty good by my standards. Please let me know if I make any more mistakes.

> This was so weird. Talking to your sister about this. Part of you just wanted to tell her the truth, but the rest of you knows that’s not a good idea.
> “I really wish it was that easy Dash.”
“It is though. All you have to do is walk up to her and ask if she’s interested, and if by some chance your right and she isn’t you just keeping dating Derpy.”
> “I guess.”
“Well you’ve got today and tomorrow to think about it.”
> She tosses you the remote, and takes a seat right next to you.
> “I actually don’t feel so hot. Here.”
> You hand her back the remote and go to your room.
> What a mess. What you wouldn’t give to back to your grade school days where everything was so much simpler. No romances, no fights, and no worries.
> Just the innocent little kid moments with you sister.
> You only come out of your room once mom comes home to have dinner. Once you were done eating you all sit in the living room and watch a movie together.
> Things haven’t been this nice in forever. Did you really want to jeopardize all this for your own selfish reasons?
> Why not? Don’t you deserve to be happy? All your life you’ve been miserable. Making sacrifices for everyone and getting nothing in return.
> You look over to your sister laying on the couch. She’s completely enraptured by the movie. Blinking only occasionally to prevent her eyes from drying up.
> Just looking at her beautiful eyes and pillow like lips.
> Why couldn’t she be yours? It was just like Dash said all you have to do is ask if she’s interested, and when she rejects you just act like nothing ever happened. What have you got to lose?
File: Rainbow Dash (Human) 55.jpg (287 KB, 1280x720)
287 KB
287 KB JPG

> The next morning, to no one’s surprise, snow had completely enveloped your neighborhood. Plus, a third of the state of Illinois.
> Mass school cancellations would indefinitely leave you alone at home with your sister. That is until your mom phoned in saying she wouldn’t be able to make it in to work. Not that you should be surprised. Any form of travel right now would be dangerous.
> Not exactly wanting to make a scene with mom home you decide to wait for another time. By the mid afternoon your mom suggests you go get a Christmas tree. Since the roads had been cleared and she had the day off.
> You both agree and drive to the local mini mart. You agree on one and strap that six foot shrub onto the roof of your car. Spending the rest of the day listing to Christmas music on the radio and decorating the tree. Just like the good old days.
> Your mom goes to bed early to get up for work the next morning, but you and Dash stay up.
> Should you do it now?
> Now isn’t exactly the time you had in mind, but then again no time would be perfect. All you needed was a setting where you could be alone together, and no one would know what’s been said.
> You give a soft knock on her door.
> “Hey it’s me.”
“Yeah what’s up?”
> “Can I come in?”
Well I think I'm going to call it a night. Not exactly where I wanted to stop, but like they say always have your audience wanting more.

Like I said earlier I'll post the whole thing for the next thread since this one is about to go under. That being said what should we name the next one? I pitch my vote for older sister Rainbow Dash. What do you think?
Is good, mang.
File: buwom.gif (297 KB, 500x281)
297 KB
297 KB GIF
>>Unfortunately, the apple doesn't fall too far from the sister-fucking tree

File: imouto butts.jpg (586 KB, 1280x1440)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
Eromanga-sensei, it's by the author of Oreimo.
I remember requesting some anon to color that like 3 years ago.
It's that Luna sketch from KP Shadowsquirrel. There's a ton more like it.
Good stuff.
Fluttershy + incest + lactation?

When I get back to my computer I may write my first greentext.
File: Fluttershy pokies.png (598 KB, 901x885)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
Save it for the next thread.
Looks like we need a new one soon.
Remember to post link to new thread.
Never change, incest thread.
>Fluttershy's Lactating Tits edition
File: 1492349436750.jpg (28 KB, 500x113)
28 KB
make it happen lads


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