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File: 1461436111601.jpg (176 KB, 1024x1363)
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"I Can't Think Of Something Clever" edition

Last thread: >>29740100

Story list:
untitled 7 (Member of the League of Assassins)- ch1: pastebin.com/P4Mawhsw - ch2: pastebin.com/pGJV6pUZ http://pastebin.com/AiBP87Si
(Now with 30% more retcon!)
treppahcs (Now the proud owner of three stories) - Therapist Anon - http://pastebin.com/0cit7eXM
Infamous - http://pastebin.com/ps2Ts8J1
Tonic - http://pastebin.com/xShn5AbX
superkeaton (Has genetic fever)- http://pastebin.com/u/superkeaton (all clearly organized in his Pastebin)
Spider-bloke 2099 (doesn't hate Civil War) - Blue Beetle Anon - http://pastebin.com/zANAAGcy The First Date (a Blue Beetle Anon side story) - http://pastebin.com/GVr7XGyD
/k/ Anon and Spider Shimm - http://pastebin.com/MNVQayk2
Defiant - Probability Anon http://pastebin.com/3Myw3t0h
Darkest Anon http://pastebin.com/gQyK64G2
Hearths Warming Green http://pastebin.com/caHJZndf
Elemental Anon http://pastebin.com/ty0rTQYR
Beans (Still doing the rewrite?) - http://pastebin.com/yNaJFuz0
3suns (has not posted in a while) - http://pastebin.com/u/3Suns
Red (Buried in Gotham)
The Captain (might be dead) - http://pastebin.com/77rsTRGZ

"all" Superhero Stories (needs to be updated):

mamorukusanagi - http://mamorukusanagi.tumblr.com/tagged/my-art
love the smell of a fresh thread.
File: 1491439699112.png (77 KB, 206x263)
77 KB
Sunset looks sexy in a choker.
>Sunset wakes up with a hangover and freaks out seeing that she is still wearing the spider suit.
"Morning Sunny."
>"Anon, please tell me I didn't do anything stupid."
>Anon turns on the tv.
What's on the news?
>Spider Woman makes a silly string face on famous newsman's house. More at 6.
>"-t appears that Spider-Woman was on a drunken tirade last night. A eyewitness video shows her drinking.
>"Are you sure can handle more Spidey?"
>A fully suited Sunset is on staggering about and slurring her words
>"Y-Ywa, Jus- put more stuff in the thing where uh uh the stuff goes in."
>You chuckle.
>Sunset glares at you
>Another video shows her trying to swing away.
>"Need to gooo, my peeeople need mee."
>Sunset hits a brick wall hard.
>You cringe.
>"Dun worrie everrrypon-one am fine."
>Sunset groans.
>"The final video shows her eating at our own Mr. Jameson's garden.
>Sunset looks at you.
>"I swear if you say anything."
>"There are reports she even ate the seeds."
"Oh my god, not even the younglings were spared.."
>"Anon please."
File: 1460911355005.jpg (152 KB, 715x1538)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
File: 1487645473409.gif (2 MB, 400x211)
2 MB
>"Oh my god, not even the younglings were spared.."
tradition was upheld!
Is it wrong I want to imagine Anon making Sunset watch the news for shit and giggles
When she does something silly? Oh yes, mercilessly.
Now I want to make some stupid short green on various news reports
If it gets the brain flowing for more of your regular story shenanigans then yes, yes please. >>29826872
made me spit up water.
It might. will try tomorrow
>put more stuff in the thing where uh uh the stuff goes in.
>"There is another video sent by an eyewitness."
>"Oh moon, I knew I shouldn't have drank Applejack's grandmother's moonshine."
"At least it won't be worse than the other videos."
>"Ayy Spidy whatcha doing?"
>"I'm going to home to ride my boyfriend like nooooo tomorrow! WWWWOOOOOOO!"
>"Ayyyoo go get em Spidy!"
>And now its Anon's turn to be mad now
Bad spider pone girl, never reveal that you have loved ones.
She didn't tell his name though. So he's good.
The only reason Anon why would be disappointed is that as soon as Sunset came home she puked in her mask and passed out. Instead of the riding promised in the video.
I feel Anon would ask for when he can expect that ride
bump from 10
That's fair.
Yes. Very yes.
File: Rubber Pie.png (179 KB, 1640x1724)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Some more Rubber Pie
Why did no one think of this before?
No one thought of it I guess.
M-Mind if I draw some more Rubber Pie?
Go right ahead. Always love new content.
Sure, maybe with Spider Shimmer
>Sunset finds out she is pregnant with Anon's baby.
What happens?
Is there going to be some kinky pics of stretchy Pie?
File: 1486415905150.jpg (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
If you want
Now I want an Anon with Hank Pym powers. Giant Dad Anon and stretchy Pinkie will be real.
File: Spoiler Image (260 KB, 1920x1080)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
>I came
why, the glory of Hydra, of course!
File: Pinkie and Maug Hug.png (311 KB, 2099x1985)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
Rubber Pinkie and Clay(?) Maud from the last thread hugging it out.
I think of Maud more as rock rather than clay.
Basically this>>29832421
still cute though.
Ah shit
But if you think about it, clay was a rock at one point
Still too soft though. Even if only technically.
What if she could harden or soften herself?
Still makes more sense to have her be a rock person....unless she was like a geomancer or something like that.
But Clay Maud is fun to draw and I can't draw rock for shit.
But Rock Maud would make more sense yeah
File: 1461674533598.png (744 KB, 2550x3509)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
You could also do Sandman Maud.
That's an option.
That was the I was referring too
Looked like clay to me, but sand works too
My mistake
It'll fall before you know it
Sorry i didn't post anything today. Internet was down. Will post something tomorrow
Thou shallst be forgiven
>Thou shalt
File: Sand Maud.png (141 KB, 1240x1792)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Sand Maud
Old english, trying too hard
Thanks. I'm gonna try that funny idea I had a day ago.
early morning bump
I find it so cute how Sunny drools in her sleep.
What other cute things do you think she does?
Chews her lip when deep in thought, easily.
Maybe she plays with her hair?
File: Spoiler Image (59 KB, 900x675)
59 KB
nervous: extend neck, ear twitch
threatened (outside of a fight): try to find better footing, move hand in neck to protect
threatening someone: curl upper lip
relaxed: eyes usually closed
content: leg crooked
annoyed: stiff body, unmoving

>pic related
the result of my CELA test came, woo!
I know she has a habit of chewing her thumb when she is distracted.
Source: Friendship Games
True but it isn't cute enough
She neighs in her sleep?
I thought that was common knowledge
But, I think it's cute thinking since she never had hands before she somehow has an urge to bite her thumb.
I'll give you that
She's adorable. I like your style. Love to see more
And you need to remind her that she's doing it.
Maybe. I want to see how she'll deal with all the teasing
Just a soft admonishment, maybe something as simple as saying "Sunset." and miming the action to make her realize she's doing it.
>"Mommy, why is that weird lady bitting her thumb?"
>"Don't look Timmy."
Also, I like to think that Sunset knocks on doors with her fist, like a hoof, instead of with her knuckles.

I also think she pauses before reaching out for a doorhandle to open it, having exclusively used telekinesis to open doors back in Equestria. Sunset strikes me as the kind of unicorn who would have used her magic for any occasion over using her hooves.
At least she can open doors with her webs now.
Oh, undeniably, she gets incredibly lazy with the webs. Anon know's its been a rough day when he opens the door and the living room is 70% webbing, all originating from a lump of blankets on the couch.
Then Anon gets webbed and pulled under the blanket for tired cuddles
It's inevitable.
>"Don't you /dare/ start humming Sounds of Silence while we're cuddling, colt!"
>'Colt'? Shit, she never uses the horsey words, today must have been really bad....
And she also has Twilight in there for reasons
>"I'll clean it up I promise."
>She says while shooting two more webs.
>Equestrian Twi makes a surprise visit to the apartment and Sunset tries her hardest to not shoot webs to hide her secret.
>Twilight looks away.
>"What was that?"
>"Anon did you hear anything?
>Sunset looks at you shaking her head sideways mouthing no.
>Be Anon and you’re in your apartment relaxing at the moment.
>Your roommate, Sunset Shimmer, is out doing who knows what with her little friendship group.
>She probably out doing her usual superhero stuff.
>Yes, you heard right.
>Sunset Shimmer, your roommate and friend, is a superhero.
>Spider-Woman to be precise.
>You’re willing to bet she's fighting some thugs at this very moment.
>Didn’t you already think of that?
>You blinked and look at the table to see two empty beer bottles with another that was half full.
“That’s enough beer for tonight,” you said while shaking your head.
>Getting up from your comfortable spot on the couch, you grabbed the beer bottles while walking towards the kitchen.
>Just as you entered the kitchen and put the bottle in the sink, the news theme came on.
“Must be something important to interrupt some crummy reruns,” you said to yourself while chuckling a bit.
>You don’t pay attention as one of the news casters said, “I'm News Speaker and we're here to give you the news. In recent news the elusive vigilante Spider-Woman continues to evade capture from Canterlot’s finest.”
>You shake your head while smiling to yourself at that.
>Sunset always did this as a form of revenge.
>Something about an unnecessary frisking you think.
> “But today we were able to get this hero to answer a few questions.”
>At that moment, you dropped the bottles, not caring if they broke, and rushed to the living to see Spider-Woman on Tv.
>You knew it was her from the look of the suit and the shape of her body.
>From what you could see, Sunset was fighting a few thugs a bit sluggishly.
“Is she…,” you began to say while watching the TV with baited breathe.
>Spider-Woman dodged a lead pipe and threw a sloppy punch at his crotch.
>The thug fell to the ground while moaning in pain.
“She is drunk,” you said, looking for the remote.
>Without wasting any time, you grab the remote and push the record button.
>You needed this for many reasons which you couldn’t explain at the moment.
>With one of the thugs out of commission, Spider-Woman started doing some crazy ass drunk fist moves before german suplexing another thug.
>She rolled away and shot a web at the last thug’s pants and pulled.
>This resulted in the thug getting pantsed and tripping himself which knocked himself out.
>The very next moment Spider-Woman threw hands up in the air while screaming, “TOUCHDOWN.”
>The person holding the camera moved closer to Spider-Woman while saying, “Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman, over here.”
>Your disguised roommate looked at the camera person and waved drunkenly.
> “Spider-Woman, what heinous crime did these hoodlums commit? A mugging? Grand theft auto?”
>Spider-Woman belched and drunkenly said, “They said i was fat and no one would touch me. Well the jokes on them, i got a roommate who's gonna touch me later. Ha.”
>You're not sure whether to laugh or blush so you settled on just continuing to watch.
>The camera waved his hand and asked, “That’s it?”
> “They also said i was a menace and spiders were stupid. Jokes on them, this spider can bite,” she said, waving her hands around like a crazy person.
> “Okay? So what will you do now?” the cameraman asked quickly.
> “I'm gonna find my bitches and some fun. We're going to space camp. WHOOOOOO,” she said, shooting some web at a building and swinging away.
>The video cuts back to the news reporter as you stop the recording.
“I'm gonna have fun with this,” you said, planning on what to do with this.
>Sunset’s drunk shenanigans always made everything better and fun.

Fun yet stupid green about Anon watching drunk Sunset. Hope you like it
You mean the aftermath?
>You are spending your 3rd anniversary with Sunset on the helicarrier there was a international crisis or some shit but it's done.
>The girls and the avengers are talking.
>The veteran heroes congratulate the new team of new blood heroes on their work.
>Tony Stark just finished a story about him being piss drunk.
>Anon puts on a shit-eating smirk.
>"Hey kid what's so funny.
"You know that reminds of another story."
>"Anon, don't you dare."
>"Dare what? Now I'm interested."
Oh i plan on another part. This was just what i got done
So is Anon and Sunny just roommates or are they getting to a relationship?
They just started dating but are taking it slow. Think of them just getting use to the fact
That's cool. I'm wondering how the funny story will play out.
It won't be long
Take your time though.
Quality > Quantity.
I will and it's not gonna end with the next few posts. It's just not gonna be like Therapist Anon or Tonic Anon
And I'm OK with that.
It's nice to have a funny story every once while.
That's good. I have a slight writer's block with my green so this might help
You're the writer so do what ever you see fit.
I beat mine but ran into "not charging my laptop"- problems, and now I need to play some banjo... I mean ukulele

But you guys can expect more updates again
File: rubber pie catches anon.png (240 KB, 1976x1836)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Ah jeez, thanks man
Understandable. I just have the small problem of linking the ideas together for Therapist Anon at the moment
My problem is more that I can't keep up withy ideas
it's supposed to be "with my"
You're in a creative word mood or becoming the newest villain, The Word
I'm more an Open Office kind of gitl, bug I wouln't say no to a retarded sidekick named WordPad
I can't type today
You see that but not Gitl?
What the...?
I give up.
It's what I get for mobileposting
S-shut up.
File: in private.jpg (484 KB, 1884x1184)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
>When Sunset uses her pony words towards you, you're in deep shit.
>she will never be defeated by sandmare
>Fifteen minutes later you and Tracey are both walking towards a helicopter LZ
>You are both wearing jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket
>You have your guns strapped onto your back, under your shirt, hidden by the jacket
>You assume Tracey has a gun and a giant knife hidden there
>Only thing that is a bit off is that metal collar she's wearing but she insists it might be necessary
>As you take your seats in the helicopter the co-pilot hand you a pair of headphones
>Putting them on, you speak to the pilot
"Drop us off at Hammer Industries building located in Canterlot. The security is informed about two VIPs coming, we expect no problems."
>"Understood." He says before taking off.
>The headquarters isn't very far from Canterlot city.so this should be a short ride
>You turn your head and look at Tracey
>She returns your look with a wave of her hand and a cute smile
>Someone who doesn't know her would think she's a nice person
>"What's wrong Anne?"
>You've been staring
"Nothing." You say as you turn away from her
>There is an idea you have in mind to stop her from killing your target
>You don't like it and she might not even be planning to kill him
>But Baron seems to believe this mission is really important, so you will not take any chances

>Be Anonymous
>You are having trouble deciding about where you want to look at
>Octavia just woke up and decided to welcome Vinyl with a very enthusiastic french kiss
>A very long and sloppy one too
>You are pretty sure Vinyl has no clothes under that lab coat because you can see her nipples poking out
>Anon Jr is at full attention
>You had no idea Vinyl and Octavia were... uh, dating?
>Goddamn they just won't stop huh?
>You panic a little when Octavia's hand starts to lift up the lab coat
>Thankfully the nurse intervenes
>"Woah! Woah!" She pushes them away from each other. "Enough kissing, okay?"
>Her face is a little red from the commotion
>Then there is Octavia's face when she realizes there are other people in the room
>You think she might be going for a purple-ish color there
>This Octavia is VERY different from the calm and collected one you came to know at school
>"A-Anon! Hi!" She stutters. "I was uh... We were just-"
"I didn't see anything." You deny your spectatorship
>"Yeah you did!" Vinyl jumps in, pointing at your raging erection
>You pull your legs to your chest in an attempt to hide your shame
>Meanwhile Octavia looks at her girlfriend, startled
>"How did you- You talked?!"
>Vinyl gives her a smug look accompanied by a nod
>"Oh, Vinyl!" She basically tackles her to the ground which exposes some of Vinyl's lower part
>It's only a side view but you can't help but stare
>"You like watching huh Anon?" Vinyl's voice brings you back to reality
"N-No!" You blurt out
>Now you understand why Octavia didn't translate everything to you

That's all for now. Really had fun with this one. Hope you guys like it too. Pastebin updated
File: 1491951982640.gif (1.97 MB, 376x345)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB GIF
What is Sunset saying to Anon?
Sorry for not posting anything yet. A family pet got attacked and needed to got to the hospital. Will read once i calm down
Shit man. Is everything okay?
Megan, the dog, is still active. Just waiting for a vet
Sorry to hear. I hope she gets better soon.
It’s mostly a few bites and little blood. The other dog isn't gonna be so lucky. She's staying in her crate for a long while
Shit man I'm sorry. I know how you feel about 3 years ago my cat was attacked by a raccoon it was so bad that vet had to put him down.
Luckily it's not that serious looking so she should be ok
That's great to hear.
Do you know what happened?
The other family dog attacked her. But that's not the worst thing. The worst thing is that this happened about 3 weeks ago by the same dog
How do you think i feel? I'm stressed from this
Good news. Megan is fine for the most part
Great to hear.
Now I'm $400 poorer and angry so on update on anything till I calm down
>"I'll give you horns!"
Lewd Vinyl is the best. And lewd Octi is a cute too.
I feel for you. Vets are expensive af. Still, it's good to hear that your dog is alright.

I'm glad you enjoyed it Anon
Yeah, I know that
bump from 9
File: medium-2.png (109 KB, 478x600)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
>"You don't have to stay up every night for me dummy."
But I want too, and there is nothing you can do to stop me. Just ignore all the monster energy drinks...nope still good, I can feel my arms. Go get ready for bed while I clean this up, we can crash together.
>Be Anon.
>It’s been ages since you woke up in bed with Treehugger watching over you.
>You’ve been hurt before, when you two went to camp in the Rockys a few years back.
>That was back when the world was okay.
>Or at least that was how it appeared.
>The world has always been shit, you just grew up and learned to recognize it.
>Well, ok, maybe the fate of the world never rested on a guy breaking up with a girl.
>“Welcome back to the land of the living, Anon.”
>You barely move, only look around to the source of the odd feeling in your arm.
>Treehugger has her hand around your arm and... fills you up.
>Last time she did that she transferred you more nanites.
>The bag of blood in her other hand would speak against it, but you couldn’t help but think so.
>“I’ve been thinking...”
>Her voice was low and ominous.
>“Have you felt different ever since the klyntar left you?”
>You frown.
“What do you mean?”
>“I ran a... sort of diagnostic on your nanites operating system, read the recent events. And as it’s a self learning program they might have seen the klyntar do things and are now behaving differently than they had been half a year ago when we last met.”
“You’re diagnosing me frequently?”
>“I’m not letting an oddly mutated version of myself run around unchecked, but then again, it’s what all parents to,” she chuckles and gives you a warm smile, “I’m just a little bit more... paranoid. Do you feel like that invaded your privacy?”
“I- no... I mean... I didn’t even know about it,” you sigh, “you kept so much from me.”
>“I know...”, she sighs as well, “and I’ll take some things to my grave.”
“If they affect me or the fate of the world in any way, don’t I deserve to know?”
>She remains quiet for a while and finishes up on your blood transfusion, quietly cleaning up for a moment.
>“What do you want to know?”
“The reason you traveled back through time.”
>Her smile fades, “You’re not pulling any punches, are you?”
>“Very well then... We were meant to create a... no... We... saved someone. Someone who was dead beyond compare. As if the grim reaper himself had beef with that person and cast his soul into... I’m not sure I can describe it properly. We meant to stop a conflict, but we failed.”
“And how do you think such a person wouldn’t create butterflies to be stepped on?”
>“We didn’t change the timeline back then. And-”
“How bullshit of an excuse is that?”, you gesture in disbelieve of her story, “‘We tried to change the past but failed to do the one thing we wanted so we thought we had changed nothing at all.’”
>“Now that’s a bit of a strawman, Anon...”
“It’s not. That’s how it sounds. That’s what you just said.”
>“We observed then tried to stay low and-”
“Staying low, like sacking in the shield of Captain America and dismantling secret societies when you please? That’s not staying low! You’re lying and we both know it, why do you insist on that version of the story?”
>Treehugger looks away, going through a range of emotion.
“And what I’m pissed at is that you just presented it to me as the truth after everything I thought you’d finally – I don’t know – not lie to me anymore.”
>“No, you’re right,” she nods, before looking back to you.
>“I trusted the brilliant scientist duo who came along, what we can do and what we can’t do. Fate finds a way and some roles can be filled differently, like the newest Equestrian princess being their Twilight Sparkle, and not Sunset Shimmer.”
>“But our reality has affected another, and we’re right at the verge of this timeline to spread apart vastly from the one I’m from. At this point I do not care anymore, Anon... What’s left of my desires is that you’re save and happy.”
“I’m kinda far from happy right now.”
>“Are you?”
“I- what?”
>“The conflict, you’re a brilliant kid... a brilliant man. You were bored your entire life. I know that, I saw.” Treehugger gives you a smile. “Well, not what the media conveys what happy means, more... fulfilled. You’re living life, you’re not on autopilot...”, her smile fades, “you can’t go back, can you?”
>You look off.
>You’ve thought about that a few times already.
>Going back to a mundane life?
>“You see?”, she gets your attention again, “I’m in a dilemma here. The two things I want seem to contradict one another.”
“Therefore you neither let me in, nor shut me out,” you finish her thought.
>Treehugger smiles once more, “You are smart after all.”
“I want in.”
>It’s her turn to look off again. “I know...”
>She continues to stare at the wall.
>“Then we are going to get ourselves a magical container,” she looks back to you, “Retrieval, stealth. Just you and I.”
>You nod eagerly.
“Sure, yeah.”
>“Stealth means no witnesses.”
“I- I see,” you bite your lip.
>This is what it means to be a spy.
“I don’t know...”
>“It’s not like you haven’t done this before. Some of those Irish mafiosi died.”
>Butt cheeks are clenched.
>You’re a killer now.
“That- that was the symbiote.”
>“It was you being careless, which makes it the worst possible reason. In the heat of the battle, and cold blooded are different. And we need to be prepared to do the later.”
>You keep chewing on your lower lip, but eventually nod.
“Yes. I- Don’t make /me/ do it, but I’m okay with... fuck. I’m okay with killing witnesses.”
>All that’s left of Treehugger’s mouth was a thin line.
>She looks like she bit into a lemon.
>Eventually she nods, “Let’s prepare then.”
>it’s what all parents to,”
have a small version of themselves run around
I mean to* isn't the right word here>>29849740
I don't understand your comment. Also throughout a lot of your update you kept letting run on sentences continue, space out complete thoughts between characters properly man.
>I mean to* isn't the right word here
oh yeah

>Also throughout a lot of your update you kept letting run on sentences continue, space out complete thoughts between characters properly man.

>I don't understand your comment.
what do you mean?
Your response here>>29849749
is nonsensical.
yeah, I assumed you meant something else and tried to clarify, yet we talked about something entirely different, so... yes, nonsense
Nonsense is always good
File: 1491883778922.jpg (76 KB, 900x1200)
76 KB
Game night on campus?
File: 1458502027390.jpg (92 KB, 596x656)
92 KB
>Sunset has an ass that warps space and time confirmed.
One of the best superpowers.
File: 1486008624875.png (142 KB, 292x257)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
This can turn into a cute green if used properly
Dub dubs of correctness, damn shame we cant seem to attract more writefags though. We just have more writefags than the >IT HURTS thread.
Writefags are just normal people mate. This thread is my first time writefagging. You should try your hand in it too. Who knows maybe people may like what you write. If not, you don't have to keep writing. Only downside is that people don't comment on what you write very often which leaves you wondering whether your writing was good or not.
Fair enough, tried my hand before and couldn't shake off bad habits, I take up my time editing peoples stuff now.
Still a cool thing to do.
>editing other's stuff
I don't even proofread my own stuff
Noticed, also checked.
This desu senpai tbqh family

Checked both
Maybe you can put it in your drunk Sunset green I dunno.
I just might. I need a reason for Anon to stay up late anyways
There just knocked out two birds with one stone.
>Be Su
>You've been keeping busy with the tub in Rainbow girl's bathroom
>The plug doesn't seem to leak any water
>Which means you won't be losing further mass from your common body with Anon if you want to go for a deep sleep
>Not that it matters too much, he would just need to drink more water
>You are about to go downstairs as you feel Anon's gloomy mood
>Maybe you can pay him a visit and cheer him up
>You settle into the plugged tub and allow your mind to pass the veil between two realms
>You see Anon sitting under a tree as your body loses its form
>It's one of her favorite mindscapes
>You take the tree's place behind Anon, embracing him from behind
>He's leaning into your body now
>"Hey Su. I thought you were going to check the tub." He conveys
>The tree reappears behind you and you lean back before responding
"I did. I was going downstairs to watch some TV but you were being a buzzkill. What's wrong?"
>He tilts his head up to look you in the eyes
>"Su, in the future, if I get very old and cannot die... I want you to assimilate me and allow my body to die."
"You think too much about this." You answer. "I'm sure you will die eventually, but if you get impatient with it I'll help you out."
>"Thanks." He lowers his head and looks back to the endlessly stretching greenery. "You are warm."
"I thought it would help you relax."
>"It does."
~Guys I'm back and I got the icecream!~
>It's Rainbow girl's voice
>You look down at the man laying in your arms
"Mind if I..." He snorts with laughter
>"Go for it, I'll be fine."
>Your body reshapes as your mind returns to its confinement and you leave the tub
>Rainbow spots you as you slither downstairs
>"There you are!" She turns around and points to a bucket on the coffee table. "And there is the icecream."
>That's a lot of icecream
>Maybe she's not so bad afterall

Another update for Elemental Anon, pastebin is updated. Hope you guys like it.
You have a few stilted sentences that could use a contraction. You also missed a couple of commas too.
Almost forgot to mention nice update. I want my own Su to snuggle under a tree now.
I always construct weird sentences when I write from the Su's point of view for some reason. I'll try to do better on that front.

Glad to see you liked it. Su would make a good waifu.
File: sunset awoo.png (157 KB, 680x785)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Su is worst girl
Enjoy your awful, shit-tier goo beast
Zombina is best girl, because she comes with the added bonus of immortality
Is* fucking typos
Soooo....she lives after your dead and cant cuddle her to sleep. Such a nice choice bud, 10/10, well thought through. Trump approved.
No, you casual fuck, she can GIVE you immortality by biting you if you're close to death!
>Wants to loose the pulse and warmth she craves
Duly noted.
>Not taking the immortality
You're a goddamn madman
Besides, she probably doesn't give a shit so long as she can still have insane, thrill-seeking fun.
I would disagree with the immortality thing
More when?
Working on it but it's taking time. Should have something tomorrow
>does not want to fuck a goo girl
Are you gay? Su isn't even goo, she's water.
File: 1452856105101.png (67 KB, 230x230)
67 KB
>We are now arguing about whether to fuck a puddle or a corpse.
Life sure is weird, isn't it?
I could imagine that feeling... interesting...
Is she, like, thick water?
More like Thicc water amirite.
File: 1486402950424.gif (2.96 MB, 280x154)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB GIF
>Water girl
Tell me more about this so called "Su"
Just another day on 4chan

I'm not sure what you mean by thick water but she can control her surface tension

She's basically a water elemental. I urge you to read my Elemental Anon story for further info.
goo > corpse
Spider Horse Girl >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
sure, but that wasn't the debate tho
But for real goo is greater than corpse.
Sand > your waifu

>calling the symbiotes "klyntars"

Bendis stuff should be ignored
>I wait this long to tell you about my superior opinion

It's ultimately meaningless I guess, I'm just being nitpicky.

I don't drop into this thread every day so that's the first time I saw that part of your green.
I think I named them around the same time keaton last wrote on his story, and then again every once in a while.
I guess you saw it before, but for the first time live.

Nope. Just saw it today.
the story is meant to be read in chronological order
Isn’t that how everyone reads stories?
Apparently not.
I dunno man. Would you wanna rub your dick on sand?
People fuck on the beach all the time, its like controlled sand crotch.
File: You Summoned Satan.png (598 KB, 772x825)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
Sorry satan. I don't trust you.
But I am super trustworthy, just ask Pence. And hell, Doctor Doom is just mad I'm his daddy now, don't mind him.
I'm just going to worm my way in here with something a little bit different.
>You soar through space far faster than something of your size should ever be able to travel. Planets zipping by you like flies on a highway.
>You scan the surrounding star systems searching for an inhabited planet that will suit your needs.
>As you do so, you take a moment to reflect on your recent failure during your previous cycle and wonder how exactly everything went so wrong.
>Utilizing your most valuable ability, you ask yourself 'What did I do wrong?'. A sizable chunk is drained from a pool containing your internal power and life force in order to fuel your inquiry. This withdrawal is not dangerous by any means, but it is still the most costly of your abilities.
>Countless variables are crunched, added, compared, and discarded in a fraction of a second, all combining into one response. As expensive as this power may be, it is as close to omniscience as you could possibly achieve.
>Hmmm...the resulting assessment is accurate and hard to argue, yet remain skeptical of the results of your inquiry.
>This power is near perfect in its ability, but its greatest flaw is one of user error. Its responses are universally correct and contextually accurate, it does not misread desires nor does it corrupt intentions. However, like any tool, it is easy for the user to engineer their own downfall.
>Except for you of course.
>You decide not to pursue this line of questions any further. You are do not have to resources to waste your ability on an irrelevant line of questions about the past. You sustained serious injuries when your last cycle failed and was forced to flee before replenishing your pool.
>You also lost some valuable shards you know for certain will come back to haunt you later.
>This does not bother you for you will by ready to face your pursuers by the time they manage to find you. But before you can do that you must begin the cycle anew.
>You spot a good candidate population and change course. Scanning the native inhabitance you find that they are a race of bipedal(a nice change after the last batch) creatures with multi-chromatic skin and hair. Their technology level is low but not quite primitive.
>They appear to have a history of faction-based as well as interpersonal violence. This trend of conflicts has been steadily on the decline and will likely continue as they become for advanced...this will have to be dealt with.
>You begin shifting shards to the surface of your being, selectively sorting ones you intend to use and infusing a portion of your energy into each one. These shards are the keys to your vast power; with their own isolated pools of energy, these fragments of yourself will be able to function independently of you as they empower their host and gather data.
>Once a gathers a sufficient amount of data, it will mature to a level where it can bud a new shard which will intern find its own host. They will also produce new shard through the host's offspring. Once the cycle reaches a critical mass, you will be able to reclaim your shards.
>As you approach your destination, you reach out with your power, sifting through a web of possible futures.You mark desirable outcomes, piece then together to forming a chain of events that will contribute favorably to your future goals.
>Wondering back to your previously topic, you begin to wonder whether you were too quick to dismiss the results of your previous inquiry. You can see how your handling of the previous cycle might hint at a central flaw which you are reluctant to admit.
>Small hazards here and there accumulating as the native species becomes increasingly aware of your interferences... little details that should have been addressed before the cycle even began...focusing too much on the bigger picture.
>All these things coming together to form a single conclusion, You are too reliant on your most valuable power.
>As you ponder this possibility, you are struck with the feeling that you are forgetting something important. You halt your precognition and initiate a new inquiry, 'Identify all immediate dangers'. A list of hazards both abstract and physical light up in your conciseness...
>You immediately realize your mistake as you begin attempting to change your course.
>It's no use you are too close.
>You begin forming a new inquiry
>'How do I land safely'...'How do I land while sustaining the least amount of damage'
>You dump several of your shards, reducing your mass in the process.
>It's not enough to land safely, but it will slow you down.
>You focus your remaining shards on producing an effect that will cushion your landing.
>As you land you push segments of your body into parallel dimensions in order to spread out the damage.
>Some of these segments are lost, however, this is not a problem. You don't exactly conform to 3d dimensional space anyways and as long as your main body is intact you can easily recover.
>Looking over the damage you seem to be mostly alright. in fact, the planet took more damage than you did.
>However, you were forced to release more shards than you had previously intended, some of which were valuable, and more were lost during the landing.
>Thankfully you had the mind not to approach the planet in the dimension you intended to start the cycle.
>Infact that's pretty much standard procedure for your kind, because your species is somewhat big, as in measured in solar masses kind of big. Anything short of parking in a nearby dimension would alert a species to the location of your true body using nothing more than basic knowledge of astronomy.
I fucking know right.
>You begin the process of forming an avatar that will oversee the maintenance of this cycle.
>Normally you'd only give this process enough attention in order to make sure it's robust enough to withstand any unexpected challenges from the host.
>This time, however, that will not be enough. You begin analyzing the phycology of the creatures known as...humans.
>If this cycle is to succeed then you will have to be more than just an anonymous observer.
>This cycle will require a more personal touch.
That's it for now, sorry its so short. let me know what you think!
Just a heads up for anyone interested the main focus of this story is not going to be the character introduced here. I will leave that as a surprise if I ever get the chance to continue this. I hope some of you were able to figure out who this is supposed to be and what cape story this is inspired by.
Sorry, still getting used to how posting works.
It's not that hard. I figured out how to do it when I was 12 in 09.
BTW how old are you?
Always good to have more green. Seems like it will be an interesting story too. I'll keep an eye open for updates.

I couldn't figure out the character though, sorry.
>It’s the next and you’re making breakfast in front of a hot stove.
>The smell of bacon, eggs, sausages and pancakes filled the air with a delicious smell, just begging to be eaten.
>You flipped the food, letting it cook just a bit more before putting it on the plates.
>You continued doing this for awhile until you heard the tell tale signs of Sunset walking towards the kitchen.
>She always groans while acting like a zombie.
“Morning Sunset,” you said happily, not even bothering to turn around.
>You felt two arms wrap around you as Sunset mumbled, “Morning. Smells good.”
“Just give me a moment and it'll be done,” you said gently as she squeezed you slightly.
> “Mmm kay,” she mumbled before letting you go and taking a seat at the table.
>As you start to dish out the food onto the plates, a dull thud told you that Sunset banged her head on the table.
>Smiling to yourself, you turn around to see a mass of red and yellow hair covering the table.
“You’re gonna have to move your head Sunset or else I’m placing your plate on your head,” you said, standing there with your hands full.
>A groan escaped her lips as she raised her head, allowing you to place her food in front of you.
>She takes a moment to smell the food in front her before saying, “I’m so glad we're dating.”
“You can compliment me later, Sunset. We have to finish breakfast quickly,” you said nonchalantly, taking a bite of bacon.
>She looks at you curiously as she cuts a piece out of her pancakes.
>Looking up from your food, you give her a confused look as you stop eating.
“Don’t you remember?” you asked.
>She still looks a bit confused as she takes a bite out of a sausage.
“You must have been tired from your patrol if you're this spacey,” you said, smiling slightly at your joke.
>You wonder if you’ll get a reaction from her or not.
>It was at that moment that her eyes go wide as she started to cough causing you to pat her back.
>Guess that answered your question.
>After a few hard pats, she stops her coughing while she mutters a “Thanks” to you.
“You ok?” you asked, wondering if this was the right time to tease her.
> “I'm fine,” she said calmly, hitting her chest while letting out a few small coughs.
“You sure. Was it something I said?” you asked, feeling a bit relieved.
>She nods but doesn't say anything else.
“Well if you're good then finish up what's on your plate. But take your time. We don’t want you to choke or eat too much and get fat,” you said nonchalantly as she started to drink some milk.
>She lightly sputters into her drink, spilling some of it on the table.
“Seriously Sunset,” you said jokingly, grabbing a napkin and wiping the spot clean.
“Seriously Sunset, you sure you're okay?” you asked, fighting to keep yourself from smiling.
> “Yeah, I'm just not to hungry,” she said, standing up and walking out of the kitchen.
“Well if you're done, start getting ready. We have work soon,” you said, hearing rapid footsteps growing quieter.
>You wait for her door to close before you start to chuckle softly.
“This is kinda fun,” you said quietly as you started to clean the dishes.
>But like all things, they must end and be put to rest.
“Then again, I still owe Sunset for being a blue balling tease,” you said, remembering the times when your girlfriend did a few things to you.
>You hope she gets drunk tonight.
All I have at the moment. Gonna work more later
File: Kraven Do.png (1.01 MB, 2460x2706)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
So therapist anon is on hold at the moment?
Gonna work on Therapist Anon today and tomorrow. I needed to work on something else to get some ideas for Therapist since I couldn't link ideas
I am excited to see Where Anon goes with this....and a little afraid.
He's just gonna tease Sunset. Not blackmail her
Oh I know it will just be in good fun, I just cant wait to see the weaponized puns.
Oh man. I'm making Anon say Adam West puns
You mad man, I love it, Sunset wont, but everyone else will.
Guys something bad and sad happened.
as long as it's not got anything to do with the season premiere, I'll take the bait and ask: what?
My grandma's cat has a litter of kitten and I was planning to take the calico (cutest one) once it was old enough.
I got a call that a possum or a raccoon ate the calico and left it's head where my little cousin found it.
I'm going to drive up now there with my uncle's AR-15 and go Anakin Skywalker on any of those fuckers I see.
I will avenge the kitten.
Execute order 66
My uncle has a full arsenal so I'm going to use his AR-15 and .44 Magnum then use my great-grandfather's trench gun as back up.
I'm also doing this so non of the other kittens get killed.
This gives me inspiration, Punisher Anon going after some fucks that killed his kitties. Make a fucking hat out of them raccoons.
Fuck 'em up! Kill one for me too. Show then true terror.

Do it Anon. Make it a green!
The thing that made me the most pissed is that my 6 year old cousin found the head.
The body couldn't be found.
So I am going off in a few hours.
To war my friend.
I'll be back later tonight. Hopefully I can read some relaxing green once I get back.
new ep rush bump
File: 1463522949296.png (1.19 MB, 2550x3509)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Shit, this board is getting fast. But then again the new season just started, so I really should have expected this.
Working on a long update bump. I'm motivated today
>Iron Mage
Twilight better as pony princess, Iron mage or Midnight?
I say Midnight cause Evil
you think she's a good phoenix force candidate?
Fuck. Yes.
Are you forgetting someone?
Twilight has an alternate personality we still see even after being defeated in legend of everfree
I know, but I think that the flame motif fits better.
I say yes just based on the 3rd and 4th movie
anyone else want to pitch into that question?
Continuing from the last Therapist Anon post

>It’s the next morning and you’re looking in the pockets of your hoodie while walking around your apartment.
“Where did i put those keys?” you muttered, trying to remember where the fuck you put them.
>You could have sworn you put them somewhere easy to find.
>Walking into the kitchen, you saw your keys right next to your cellphone.
“I’m an idiot,” you said, grabbing your phone and keys.
>Just before you could pocket your phone, it began to vibrate.
>Looking at the screen, you saw that Pinkie was calling you.
“Hey Pinkie,” you said as you brought the phone to the side of your face to answer it.
> “Hey Anon. Just wanted to call and tell you that we’re meeting at the food court in the mall,” she said in her usual fast paced tone.
“Sure, I’ll be there in a little bit,” you said, walking out the door and locking it.
> “Okies, I’ll see you in a bit,” she said, hanging up her phone.
>You exit the apartment complex as you made your way towards the mall.

> “You’re here. Now we can get this party started,” Pinkie said the moment she saw you enter the mall.
>You weren’t prepared when your pink haired friend lifted you above her head and ran to the food court.
>Thankfully Pinkie didn’t have to carry you for long and before you knew it, you were sitting in between Rarity and Sunset.
> “Just wait right there while I grab a drink,” Pinkie said, running to parts unknown.
>You could only watch as the pink party girl ran around the corner and through a store.
“.....She needs to lay off the wheaties and sugar,” you said in a flat tone, the girls around you either giggling or nodding in agreement.
> “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Anon. Remember the last time someone tried to take her treats away,” Sunset said, taking a sip of her soda.
>You a shiver crawl down your spine as that memory popped into your head.
“Yeah, I remember. Still can’t believe Pinkie clawed that guy’s face,” you said out loud.
> “It was a slightly amusing to see him avoid her like the black plague,” Twilight said, giggle at the thought.
“Yeah. Hey, where’s AJ, Dash and Shy?” you asked, not seeing the three with the rest of the group.
>It was strange not to see everyone in Sunset’s little gang.
>For you, it was like seeing half of a sports team showing up for a game.
> “AJ had to help with an order that came at the last moment While Rainbow had some homework she needed to finish,” Twilight said, matter of factly.
>That made sense.
“And Fluttershy? She doesn’t seem like someone to cancel plans for something like that,” you said, shrugging your shoulders.
> “She doesn’t darling, but Fluttershy volunteered at the shelter today and forgot about it till last night,” Rarity said, waving a hand in a strange way.
“Doesn’t sound like her,” you said, doubting the fashionista’s words.
> “We know but from what Fluttershy told us, she asked for this day,” Rarity said, looking at you with a neutral expression.
“Still a little strange but whatever. So what’s the plan for today?” you asked, wondering if you’re gonna be a pack mule for the girls.
>The last time you went shopping with the girls, you ended up carrying a pile twice your height before it toppled over.
> “Just a couple of stores. We went shopping just a few days ago and you know what happened that day,” Sunset said , looking away from you.
>You nod stiffly, still angry at them for leaving.
> “So we wanted to make it up to you for that,” Sunset said, smiling a bit awkwardly.
>That was a bit unexpected and out of the blue.
>It’s not like they don’t do you a favor every now and then but this felt off.
>Like they were planning something or they were going use you for some strange reason like Pinkie’s Cannon.
>The thought stays in your head for a moment before you forget the thought.
>Dealing with a few villains and what not must be messing with you.
>These girls are you’re friends and they wouldn’t do something nefarious to you.
>At least you hope.
“..... Maybe you could help me with something,” you said, smiling good heartedly.
>The girls all nod, happy that you don’t hold anything against them.
> “Sure. What do you need help with?” Twilight asked, generally curious.
“I would appreciate it if any of you girls could recommend a book or two on psychotherapy or on counseling,” you said, hoping any of your friends could help you.
>Everyone looked either shocked, confused or a combination of both.
>Guess they weren’t expecting that.
> “Is that what you’ve been studying, Anon? That was the subject you’ve been looking into?” Twilight asked, getting out of her stupor.
“Yeah. Like I told you girls, I was helping a friend with some relationship problems. After talking about the problems and helping with a solution, I found it to be a rewarding experience,” you said, smiling bashfully at the memory of the few you tried to help.
> “Must have something if you were able to help your friend,” Sunset said neutrally while looking at you.
“Well I figured it might be worth looking into. So can any of you help me out?” you asked, looking at each of the girls.
>As you thought, Sunset and Rarity looked a bit lost while saying, “Sorry.”
>Twilight on the other hand just smiled and said, “I believe i can help you with that, Anon.”
“You’re a lifesaver, Twilight. When can we get them?” you asked, wanting to get the books as soon as possible.
>Suddenly you and Twilight and pulled into a tight hug while being spun around as you caught a glimpse of pink hair.
>You didn’t need to guess who was hugging you.
> “You already have a plan?” Pinkie said, still spinning you around while hugging you and Twilight.
> “Yes?” Twilight said, her voice slightly muffled by Pinkie’s chest.
> “Then we have no tie to lose,” Pinkie said, running in some random direction as Twilight was trying to tell her where to go.
>Sadly you would be stuck in Pinkie’s hug for the next ten minutes.

This is just the start to my weekend update. I'll see if I can get more for tonight but it'll most likely be tomorrow when the next one will be posted
The deed is done.
Welcome back from your hunt.
I killed 19 raccoons and 7 possums But, it can't give the kitten I was going to take care of back.
She was only four weeks old, but hopefully none of those bastards would hurt anymore cattos or doggos in the future.
You are worthy of the name, make a good dinner out of their corpses.
Nah predator meat is greasy and doesn't taste well.
I threw all the corpses in a huge ass bonfire (I can do that since my grandparents live in a farm in the middle of nowhere.)
So they're just a pile of charred bones and ash now
I would of taking pics but, my phone died. I was so mad the little catto died in such as gruesome way I forgot my phone was at 4%
As soon as I got home I took an hour long shower to get all the shit of me then played Persons 5 for a bit, now here I am.
>Persona 5
Well, it worked out in the end, the sprit of the kitty has been avenged.
This isn't the kitten but, she looked close to this with different markings.
I was going to name her Kali.
> “AJ had to help with an order that came at the last moment While Rainbow had some homework she needed to finish,”
you have while* capitalized for no reason, either lower case it and put a comma after moment, or put a period after moment and keep while* capitalized.
> “We know but from what Fluttershy told us, she asked for this day,”
you need a comma before but*, as there would be a slight pause there when speaking.
>That was a bit unexpected and out of the blue.
this sentence is redundant, as both phrases mean the same thing. You only need one or the other here.
>It’s not like they don’t do you a favor every now and then but this felt off.
proper sentence spacing with a comma before but* here.
Those savages, may their ashes be used by worms and maggots.
Will correct later. Thank you for pointing that out
This therapist idea is really great. I wouldn't mind it being a real thing in the comics.

I salute you my friend. I almost felt sad for the critters until you posted that kitty. I'd sell their fur though, would make decent money I think..
I threw all the corpses in a bonfire after all there was almost nothing left since I mostly used my great-grandfather's trench gun he used in WW2 and my uncle's .44 magnum.
File: 1486259836433.jpg (10 KB, 200x200)
10 KB
Wait, you slaughtered a fuck ton of racoons with a trench gun? That is goddamn hilarious.
Anyone else thinking raccoons in SS uniforms?
good thing there are no raccoons in anyone's story
I wouldn't say that

SS uniform?
The most fashionable Nazi clothing known to mankind, say what you want about them but one thing they do well, its dress to impress.
Now I have that image in my head. Thanks
They spend an ungodly amount on making themselves look good, it was pretty weird.
had the anti-semitism not been nazi-germany would have been the greatest country ever
That was only half a coherent sentence, want to try again for a kek?
Nazi-germany would have been the greatest country ever had the anti-semitism not been.
Ah, well they wouldn't be as shit as they are now at any rate. So there is that.
Yep I just wish my phone didn't die so I would of taken pictures of the kills and bonfire.
You did good though
File: no gloves.gif (1.42 MB, 384x163)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
touching the Tesseract without gloves isn't that smart of an idea
File: pretty space.gif (1.16 MB, 384x163)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
at least you get a nice light show before it disintegrates you.
File: bad idea.gif (1.18 MB, 384x163)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB GIF
seriously, it's picking up his skin
File: spaaaace.gif (1.28 MB, 384x163)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
well, we have two space movies coming up this year, we can only hope
He got teleported.
no way?! that wasn't at all the point I was trying to make!
File: 358.jpg (18 KB, 600x600)
18 KB
But the real queston is, did he end up telefraging some poor ayy.
That's what Tesseract is generally used for.

I hope we'll see some things about that soon.
bump from 9
Was too busy to work on an update today. I'll have one for tomorrow though
File: image.png (414 KB, 1024x768)
414 KB
414 KB PNG
These guys are coming to kick your ass.
What do?
Call Sunny.
Or PunisherAnon with his trench gun.
I only know one truth
It's time for the Power Ponies...to end
Su would take them down. I don't think they can hit water.

I want a PunisherAnon story so bad.

Sounds like a sith to me.
>Be Twilight Sparkle
>You've succesfully followed Rainbow to her home without being seen
>By her
>You did get some weird looks from the people walking around when you hide behind a car or a bush
>Those books you read never accounts for people other than the target
>That doesn't matter now since you were able to achive the main goal
>You are behind Rainbow's house and you found a window with good view of the kitchen and living room
>Rainbow is standing in the middle of the room looking around for something
>Looks like she found it
>She says something but you can't hear from here
>Then something unexpected walks into your field of view
>It's that water thing that ran from the scene of the crash
>It must be holding Rainbow captive!
>That's why she was acting so weird!
>Police, yeah you should call the police
>You pull out your phone to dial 911
>Before you can do so however that water monster turns into a person, wearing a black hoodie
>You put your phone down and decide to investigate further
>Seeing Rainbow coming towards you, you duck under the window
>After waiting for a short time you get back up to peek inside
>Rainbow gives her company a spoon and opens the icecream bucket
>They settle on the couch and start watching TV while eating the cold dessert
>She doesn't seem to be afraid at all and actually punches the hooded figure in the shoulder
>There is definitely something more going on here and you will find out what it is
>You are pretty sure Rainbow will not just tell you though
>Hearing a motorcycle stop in front of the house, you walk to the front and see a pizza delivery guy walking up to the door
>That's it! You know what to do!
>You walk up next to the pizza guy and stand outside of the door's field of view, around the corner
"Hey!" You greet the delivery guy. "I just came here to visit my friend, what a coincidence!"
>How rude! He didn't even look at you.
>Well, you are not here for small chat. You have a mission!
>A moment later the door opens and pizza guy speaks
>"One large pizza with extra cheese, $17,99."
>You see Rainbow's hand giving a $20 bill
>"Keep the change." She says while taking the pizza
>Pizza guy walks back and now is your moment!
>You rush around the corner and hastily pass a yelping Rainbow
>"Twilight, wait!" You ignore her and quickly walk towards the living room
"A-hah! I... knew it?"
>You are greeted by an empty couch
>Without getting the chance to turn around and pressure Rainbow about what is going on, you are slammed to the wall by something wet and cold
>Losing all the air in your lungs by the force of the impact your try to draw a breath and find your lungs getting filled with water
>You see Rainbow rush in and scream something, but you can't hear what it is while you are under water
>Suddenly you are released from the wet grip of water
>You see Rainbow rushing towards you as you fall to the ground
>You can hear people talking as you try to get all the water out from your lungs, but you aren't sure who's saying what
>It feels like a backgroun noise
~Oh my gosh! Are you okay?!~
~Can you breath?~
~She's fine, just has some of me inside her. Let me help.~
>You are once again gripped by wetness
>This time it forces its way into you
>You can feel it moving in places it shouldn't
>Your lungs hurt like hell but just a second later it's all gone
>You can breath normally
>You've never realized how great it felt to breath
>You look around to see what attacked you but you only see Rainbow and that hooded figure from before
"What just happened?" You stand up weakly, Rainbow helps you to the couch
"What was that thing?" You ask as you keep looking for any sign of it
>"That would be me, I'm sorry about that. I though you hurt Rainbow."
>It's the hooded figure
>Sounds like a he
>"Are you alright?" Rainbow asks with a worried tone
"Y-yeah. Just a little jaded." You realize the blurry apperance of your surroundings. "I think I lost my glasses"
>"Here." A moment later, the guy holds up your glasses for you to take
>You take a better look at him after you put them on, which makes you scream and bury yourself into the couch
"Get away! Get away!" He puts his hand up and walks back
>"Okay okay." He walks out of the room and to the kitchen. "You girls talk it out. I'm gonna be in the kitchen."
>You turn to Rainbow after making sure he's no longer in the room
"What is happening here?" She bites her lower lip and looks at you somewhat abashed
>"You know how there was a guy that got hit by a car today?" You nod. "Then he turned into water and I followed him?"
>"Turns out he needs a place to lay low and I kinda let him hide here now."
>"I knoooww~ But please, you can't tell anyone about this! He's not a bad person."
"He just tried to kill me!" You object
>"He was trying to protect me and he let you go didn't he?" He looks at you with large, dilated eyes. "Pleeeeaseee?"
>Reminds you of Spike
"Ugh! Fine, I won't tell." You find yourself in a tight embrace
>"You are the BEST!"
>Her hair is really soft and she smells nice.
>Focus Twi. This isn't over yet.
"I still want to talk to him and make my own assesment." You remark
>"Yeah, of course. I'm sure he'd be fine with that." She turns her head towards the kitchen. "You can come now, Anon. We sorted it out!"
>As soon as you see him walking in you are reminded of the reason you wanted him out
>His face looks like it was squished under a hydraulic press
>This is going to be an experience
>You wish you didn't follow Rainbow now

That's all for this update. Hope you guys like it, let me know what you think.

And check'm >>29890222
>>Her hair is really soft and she smells nice.
that came kinda out of nowhere
I know :^)
Do you think it was too out of place? Should I get rid of that part in the pastebin?
depends if you want it to go anywhere or if Twilight's dykish tendencies do anything to the story or at least her personality, other than a single line of what you thought might be fun
I think Twilight having a cute little nerdgirl creepout after almost dying is just fine.
Little less extreme than this guy, but you get the idea. Also you forgot your ending punctuations again all over the story, and commas to properly space it all out. Otherwise you did good work mate.
I'll see about Twi. Maybe she can be make some spagetti in the future. Glad you guys like it.
Spaghetti flavored nerdgirl is delicious. May she get the water tentacles....Dash too. If she's putting up with what's going on so far I cant wait to see her search history.
File: agents of.gif (2.77 MB, 500x300)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB GIF
Well, that's certainly a thing.
File: 1492398842530.png (200 KB, 428x552)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Imagine Spider-shimmer swing through the city in that cause she forgot her suit
I got a weird question guys.
nightmare sequence when?

share with the class
I just got offered a bj from a guy. And I don't know what to do. Never happened to me before.
I'm not hearing a question
OK. What should I do?
get your dick sucked, I guess.
does he want money?
He doesn't want money.
Are you gay?
are you sure you're in the right thread?
just let him suck your dick if he wants to, nobody gets hurt
There's your answer. No blowjob for you.
Guess i know what the next drunk sunset idea is
File: Spoiler Image (36 KB, 1200x417)
36 KB
>"Anon, care to explain why you have this?"
in case of raccoons
>Rocket Raccoon somehow crash lands on Earth.
>Another date with Sunny had to end early because of an object entered from space and she is the closest to respond.
>Anon decided to come with because he had nothing better to do.
>They reach the location and found what looks like a escape pod but it looks like nobody survived the crash, until a little furry head popped up.
"Oh my god, Sunset it's happening. Raccoons are becoming intelligent and want to kill off all of humanity."
>"Relax, besides I got super powers what can a sentient raccoon do to me?
>"Hey, you two realize I'm here right?"
>Anon ignores the talking rodent in a crushed escape pod in a giant crater
"I dunno maybe they could engineer a super rabies virus that affect humans. Somehow turning you into a intelligent zombie, bitting my face off then you and the other infected superheroes eat all life on earth then go to space in a 50 year rampage killing all living things in the universe. Also you would be probably losing a leg and can shoot arteries instead of webs."
>"I love you but, that has to be the most stupid thing I heard anyone say."
>"Will you lovebirds stop yapping and get me out of this damn crater!"
>That Marvel Zombies reference
Next time on /k/ anon...
The only good racoon
>Rocket has to stay at Sunset and Anon's apartment until the other Guardians pick him up.
>Anon obviously is upset about this but, Rocket blackmails Sunset saying.
>"If you guys don't take me in I'll tell everyone who little Ms. Bacon hair is."

Wat do?
Make Sunny a nice raccoon stew. Not one made from Rocket, just a not so subtle threat is all.
Yessss, Raccoon themed dishes are fucking great. Make a good gumbo.
I wouldn't eat that. Might have rabies or something
Depends on where you get it from.

Gonna update tomorrow. too tired to finish what i'm writing
>You will never cuddle with Sunset on the couch with a cocoon of webs wrapped between the both of you while wearing nothing watching TV.
>The webs are surprisingly comfy.
how comfy are we talking?
File: bitten by.jpg (163 KB, 1112x576)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
slow on weekend and holidays, as always
Basically: "Fuck you, I'm Spider-Man"
That's a funny pic, why don't more super heroes and villains bullshit their abilities?
You have a good point. Why don't they?
Their all silly people? I mean it makes sense for the super soldiers to be open about it, they have paper work explaining what they can do, usually...and then the chemical accident ones are pretty self explanatory. Otherwise like I said, their silly people.
Would Sunset have organic or mechanical webs?
Would Sunset have organic or mechanical vagina?
Asking the real question here.
>Luckily for you, Pinkie was able to get you to a bookstore.
>After she ran around the mall, while hugging you, for just over nine minutes.
>She dropped right next to the aisle as your face met the carpeted floor.
“Thanks Pinkie,” you muttered, rising to your feet and facing the smiling girl.
> “No problem. If you need me, I’ll beat the cafe,” the pink haired girl said, skipping away from you.
>You watch as she turns around the corner and disappears from sight.
“There’s something wrong with that girl,” you said, taking a moment get the feeling back in your body.
> “I think it makes her unique,” Twilight said, smiling tiredly while breathing a bit heavy.
>You don’t comment on that.
>Instead, you made your way towards the bookshelves and began looking through them.
“So, what do you recommend?” you ask, pulling a thick book off the self.
>Before you were able to look at the book’s title, a feminine had grabbed the book from your hand and put it back on the shelf.
>You turn to see Twilight moving down the aisle, browsing through the titles.
> “If you’re looking for something on psychotherapy, you might want want to try this,” Twilight said, handing you a book that was titled “Theories on Counseling and Psychotherapy”.
>Taking the book, you open it up and take a quick glance at its contents.
>From the looks of it, you couldn’t understand half of it.
>Looks like you’ll have to study so you can understand this shit.
“Thanks Twilight,” you said gratefully.
>Twilight gave you a smile and said, “No problem, but you should also take this book. Maybe this one as well.”
>She kept on talking while pulling one book after another from the shelves.
>It didn’t take her long to go down the aisle and turn into the next one.
>You chuckle at your predicament, opening the book and looking through it.
>You were able to read the first paragraph before you felt someone tapping your shoulder.
>Looking up, you saw it was Sunset and Rarity.
“Hey girls. What's up?” you asked, slapping the finger away.
>Sunset gave you a playful look as she said, “We decided to look for you and Twilight. Luckily Pinkie called a few minutes ago.”
> “The strangest thing was that she called the moment Sunset asked where you two went,” Rarity said, looking at the books with mild interest.
>You don’t question that.
>It's not worth it.
> “Anyways, you seemed pretty into that, Anon,” Sunset said, pointing at the book in your hands.
>Looking back at the book, you shrug nonchalantly.
“I guess. From what I can tell, most of the stuff is over my head,” you said truthfully, not looking at the girls.
> “Oh? Guess your friend got you interested in this?” Sunset asked, giving you an unreadable look.
“Well it felt good to help her. Also it felt like it was a calling to me,” you said, smiling slightly.
> “I see,” Sunset said, nodding slightly.
>You looked up to see Rarity and Sunset with some strange expressions on their faces.
>It was pretty strange to you, but you just went with the flow so to say.
>Nothing else was said for a minute so you went back to reading.
> “I'm back and i was able to narrow it down to a couple of books,” Twilight said, coming back with a small bundle of books in her hands.
>You slam the book shut, annoyed that you couldn't just read one fucking page.

>After buying the books, the girls asked you to help with a couple of quick things like opinions on jewelry and stuff.
>It was a bit strange that the girls were giving you so kind of stare down the whole time, but whatever.
>Now you're walking home, dead tired, with a bag with a couple of books.
>Just as you were thinking about going to sleep, you heard something break.
>You quickly turned around to see if someone was following you.
>To your relief, you didn’t have anyone stalking you.
“What made that noise though?” you asked, looking around.
>When you looked into an alley, you saw the broken remains of a bottle by a dumpster.
>Against your better judgement, you slowly began walking towards the broken bottle.
“Hello? Anyone there?” you asked, taking your time walking.
>As you get closer to the dumpster, you tried to see what could have broke the bottle.
>From what you could tell, there wasn’t any kind of body or anything to break.
>Before you could question it, you heard something hit the dumpster and screech at you.
>That sound freaked you out and causing you to hit the wall.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” you said, looking at the thing on the dumpster.
>On top of the dumpster was a grey furred cat with light green eyes which was staring at you.
“Seriously? A cat scared me,” you said, taking a moment to calm down.
>The cat just sat there, watching your every movement.
>Pushing yourself off the wall, you slowly yet carefully walk towards the cat so you don't scare it.
>Surprisingly it didn’t move except for its head.
“Hey little guy,” you said, moving your hand towards its head.
>The kitty began to hiss as the hairs on its neck stood up.
“I mean girl,” you said hastily, waiting to see what happens.
>She seemed to calm down as she stopped her hissing and her hair went down.
>You moved your hand just a bit closer to her and started to pet the cat.
>She began nuzzling the hand, indicating she liked it.
>While the cat was busy with your hand, you looked at her neck to see if she had a collar or not.
>It was somewhat of a surprise that you didn’t find a collar on her.
“That’s odd,” you said, scratching the kitty’s ears.
>You pulled back your arm as the kitty looked you as if to say, “Pet me.”
>That look alone made you chuckle.
“You seem to well behaved to be a wild cat and you don’t seem like a stray either,” you said, trying to figure out what to do.
>The little kitty started to paw at your retreating hand, as if to grab it.
“So what does it mean?” you asked, confused as shit by the kitty.
>You stood there when something unexpected happened, the kitty jumped at you and landed on your shoulders.
“What’re you doing?” you asked, moving your hand to your should to stop the kitty from falling.
>You weren’t able to grab her as she moved to the back of your neck and into your hood.
>The next very next moment you heard her purr and rub herself on you hood.
“You must either like me or the hood,” you said, glancing at the kitty.
>You saw her curled up, looking like a ball of fuzz.
“I'm guessing you're gonna stay there,” you said, not expecting an answer.
>With a sigh, you scratched the top of her head and walked back to the road so you could go home.

That's all for now. Hope you like the update
That cat seems to intelligent to be a normal cat.
Too* God damnit.
Got that right. I have plans for the kitty
>I’ll beat the cafe,” the pink haired girl said
do you mean be* at* or is Pinkie going to mug a bitch?
Surprisingly it's the second one. Should have put "Someone at" in that sentence
.....yeah. You used strange* one too many times here bud.
That was intentional
>giving you so kind of stare down the whole time
some, not so.
Hnnnng, so who's the lucky lady with shapeshifting powers? Because that shit is adorable....and boner inducing when she inevitably turns back naked....well naked except for his hood obviously.
Trips mean Pinkie a thugalicious hunny
Ah, fair enough then. Just looked off to me.
First, thanks

Second, i gave a hint on the kitty’s appearance

Third, i like to make Pinkie interesting and wanted her to be the one you don't fuck with. If you want to live then keep her happy.

Fourth, gonna make it were Anon uses some different words later on to describe stuff
Very good then.
Well he's gonna try and sound better.
>Sunset will never take your textbooks from you and pucker up when you get close to her face trying to reach them.
>She will never smack your ass and watch amusedly as you get flustered.
>She will never help you do her homework, casually promising to let you give her a full body massage if you get an A.
>She will never be your lab partner, watching you listen to her explain things with genuine interest before suddenly distracting you by blowing in your ear.
>She will never beat the crap out of any other bully who tries to get at you because you're hers.
>She will never blackmail you into being her prom date because the girls won't let her go without someone trustworthy to keep her in line.
>She will never have a surprisingly good time with you at prom.
>You will never console her when Twilight wins Prom Queen by telling her that she has her own charm and that she's a lot cooler than her best friend.
>She will never stare at you with a girly blush and then ask if you want to get out of there.
>She will never carry you and swing into the sky, after unsuccessfully trying to convince you to go web-swinging with her.
>She will never take you to the isolated place no one knows about where she goes when she feels insecure or sad or scared.
>She will never grumble an apology about all the times she's bullied you and awkwardly try to explain that she only did it because whenever she couldn't get your sincere cuteness out of her head.
>She will never try to explain her feelings better before angrily giving up and pulling you into a passionate, forceful french kiss
>She will never break off the kiss looking all feminine and then immediately gut punch you, spit on the ground and threaten to do worse if you tell anyone.
>She will never swing you home and then nervously ask if you want to go to the movies this weekend.
>She will never briefly forget her tough girl persona and smile with excitement when you say yes.
File: 1486193716043.jpg (197 KB, 1011x1013)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
I hate you for making me feel.
>grey fur
>light blue eyes
Please be Limestone
File: image.jpg (25 KB, 320x240)
25 KB
>Keaton will never finish any greens
So you're saying you have plans for that pussy?
Guys, I stopped watching Agents of shield after the black pillar/gate thing. Should I return to watching that?
I think it got pretty good
It's not worse than any other show I watch.
plus MCU official lore
You'll have to wait and see
File: 1492610444968.png (259 KB, 436x772)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
>Ceiling Sunset watching you fap.
>You are Aryanne
>You and Tracey just arrived at Hammer industries building and are exiting the chopper
>You see someone waiting for you at the landing zone
>A man wearing a white suit, carrying a suitcase
>As you and Tracey walk away from the LZ and toward the entrance he runs ahead and hold the door
>Once you are inside he greets you appropriately
>"Welcome. It is great to have visitors from our partners." He reaches for a handshake which you accept.
"I'm afraid we will not be staying too long," You remark. "as you are probably aware."
>"Of course, duty first." He gestures to an elevator door. "This way, please."
>Following the man, you two board the elevator and allow him to lead you to the ground floor of the building
>He keeps walking as you two follow him through some scientific personnel, workers and security
>Once you are outside the building he finally shows you to a car
>"We had this prepared for you, completely disposable so don't worry about keeping it safe."
>While it is not too luxurious, the car is not very cheap looking either
>It is also somewhat dusted so it doesn't draw attention at all
>"Of course, if you prefer something more mobile," the man adds, "we can get you a couple of motorcycles instead."
>You shake your head
"No this is just fine, thank you." He gives you the keys and hold the suitcase for you to take
>Your questioning look is returned with an explanation
>"This is a prototype, portable railgun. No bigger than a pistol but much more silent." He clarifies. "It had performed perfectly on every lab environment and we'd like you to give it a field test, if that's possible."
>You don't really want to risk anything by testing a prototype, but something silent might be good to bring along
"I will see, if an opportunity presents itself." You take the suitcase.
>"That's all we ask." He says, taking a few steps back
>You unlock the car and nudge Tracey to get in which she obeys immediately
>Sitting behind the wheel you start up the engine and start your way towards the provided address
>Time to make sure Tracey doesn't kill the guy you're after
"Tracey?" You call without taking your eyes off the road ahead
>"Hm? What?" She asks nonchalantly
"Remember how I said I would punish you if you killed our target?"
>"Yes~?" She sounds perky
"I changed my mind." You can just feel her mood drop even though you aren't looking
>"That's okay." She speaks with disappointment. "I mean, I wasn't going to deliberitaly kill him or anything, Baron was really serious this time, but I was hoping for an accident."
>Huh, maybe you misjudged her self-control
>She might not need an incentive afterall
>"You should trust me more, you know?" She bemoans. "You break my heart sometimes."
"You don't have a heart. Literally." You object
>"Not funny." She sits back in her seat looking through the side window
>Now you feel kinda bad, she does always obey your orders
>Albeit with some childish complaining sometimes, but that's kinda her thing
"Tell you what, if you do a good job on this mission, I'll get you a new knife."
>"I don't want a new knife, I like my knife." You sigh
"What do you want then?" She turns around and looks at you
>"I want you to stab me." You can hear her grin. "In the chest, repeatedly."
"Goddammit Tracey!" She just giggles like the fucking lunatic she is
>"You'll do it though, right?" Sudden seriousness in her voice would startle you in your early days with her
"Yeah, I'll do it." You say while you step on the gas pedal a little harder in frustration

Hope you like the update. I might have overdid it with Tracey but I really want her to be an unstable, unhinged maniac of unheard proportions.
I think that fits Tracey
I...is it weird I think you made Tracey adorable? Also no glaring grammatical errors, good work mate.
Glad you guys like it. I am trying to make tracey somewhat childish and naive, good to see it works.
File: 1492346290717.png (191 KB, 779x1332)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
trips confirm fitting Tracey
Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy GET
progress report follows
so far the music from the trailers didn't give me nearly the same feel as the MCU version did.
*I'm only doing this because my laptop is at the doctors again I totally did not ditch you for another general where I took another name, don't search for me
That sounds suspicious....where are you.
Shoot! Didn't even realize! Check'em and this too >>29905922
Also I'm stalling because the last update I did write is playing inside someone mind controlled's mind and it's confusing
When you mix up tenses for words like that, I can see why.
>I did write is playing inside someone mind controlled's mind and it's confusing
someone's* mindcontrolled* mind, that way the emphasis is on the right portion of the problem. Just saying for future reference. Good luck....and I cant help but notice the dodge here>>29906703
>When you mix up tenses for words like that, I can see why.
>>I did write is playing inside someone mind controlled's mind and it's confusing
>someone's* mindcontrolled* mind, that way the emphasis is on the right portion of the problem. Just saying for future reference. Good luck..
Thank you
Trips are common for me
>You and 5.4% of Players...
Well that's a new one

I can recommend the game, already like it better than their Batman
It's still %1 possibility trepps, you showoff.
I allow myself to showoff three times a year. This was the second time
Bump from 9
>When ever Anon watches Sunset kick a couple asses he plays this:
>And it pisses of Sunset.
Why would she be pissed? I thought she loved the classics...or at least the cheesiness. Why would she date Anon otherwise?
It might not be the best time to play the song
Can we get some comfy Hydra green for 4/20?
Maybe I can write something with Aryanne and Tracey. Should I?

I have classes though so it will take a while.
Not to mention I need to come up with a new idea for it.
Do it.
>You don’t even know who you are.
>You’re pacing around.
>Of the people whom you see only one of them is real... you think.
>“Calm down, Twilight,” Starlight tells you once more.
>“Yes, calm down, we need to get to the bottom of this,” someone else immediately adds to it.
>You haven’t seen /her/ in months.
>Not since Spike... went away.
>The little devil on your shoulder, whispering into your ear.
>Almost literally.
>She’s regular sized, and she’s not whispering either.
>But you know she’s not real.
>“She’s right, you know? We need our mental capacities to figure out what has happened.”
>Your eyes go to the new speaker.
>Princess Twilight.
>Or whatever figment of your imagination has taken her form.
>As if you’d need a devil and an angel.
>What’s worrisome is that the two of them agree.
>Therefore you know it’s not what it seems to be.
>They don’t agree with /each other/, they agree with Starlight’s words.
>She’s messing with your head.
>She’s trying to get you to do things.
>It’s not /her/ you’re seeing, it’s not the Princess you’re seeing, it’s Starlight invading your head.
“Get out...”
>You mumble too quiet to even hear yourself over all the other thoughts running through your head.
>Your hands on your ears, as if to shut them out, even though they are already echoing within your head.
>“What you need is not to calm down. Get angry.”
>That voice.
>She’s not only calm, she’s almost gleeful.
>That’s the real Midnight’s voice.
>“Take back control!”
>You open your eyes once more to look over to Starlight, who now seems confused at your renewed mental restraints.
>As badly as you want to avoid Midnight’s influence, you know at least she’s... you.
>Starlight, however...
>You stare at Starlight, hate in your gaze.
>In the corner of your eyes you see your own Midnight stabbing her hand through the fake one.
>A gorefest happens in your mind as you stand up, facing Starlight while Midnight dismantles the spell weighing on you.
“You tried to control me.”
>You nod to yourself, and smile wickedly as Starlight begins to panic by how fast her spell’s fading.
>“I- No! I- I tried to get you on track. Just to- to calm you-”
“You tried to control me before that already.”
>Confidence surges through you as the scenery settles down and only you and Starlight remain in the room.
>She’s going in a defensive position and backs slightly away from you as you press on further.
>“I needed to get out of there, Twilight. I-I was imprisoned, okay. I’m sorry I used you, but I needed to get out of there-”
“You did use me though.”
>“They used you too! What did they do to you?”
>You pause.
>You haven’t even noticed your hand reaching out for her.
>Yet, as you take it back you notice the change in complexion on your arm, and a glove you recognize having worn before.
>It was the glove Midnight had worn while she had shown up during the Friendship games.
>“You don’t know, right?”
>You put your hand forward again, pushing Starlight back with magical energy and pinning her to the wall, without even touching her.
“You used me, now I’m going to use you.”
Nice quads m8, do you have more parts? It's just that I'm done with the 4/20 short.
I have about the same size on another part, but it's unfinished.
I also have my laptop back
Nice to hear! I'd hate if anything happened to mine.
The Cloak and Dagger Trailer looks pretty... teen romcom "supernatural as in meyer's twilight", ah fark
Here comes the 4/20 short

>You are Tracey Cage
>Walking down the halls of Hydra Canterlot HQ, you feel thrilled
>Today is an important day
>You've worn your shiny Hydra uniform just for this
>Apperantly you are being assigned to a new SO
>Gotta make a good impression
>Your last one got shot one too many times, so they decided to reassign all members of your team
>You did asked them if you could be the new SO of your team, but your only answer was an incredulous look
>You didn't like your old team anyway
~You cannot just jump on people Tracey~
~Stop stabbing the dead guy we gotta go Tracey~
~No, you can't bring the head with you Tracey~
>A boring bunch really
>You were hoping to teach them how to have fun in a mission
>Still, maybe your new SO wouldn't be such a bore
>You arrive at the room where you are supposed to meet the SO
>It looks like an interrogation room with two chairs and a small table in the middle
>It seems the other party didn't arrive yet so you take a seat
>Not even a minute passes before you hear the door open
>You quickly stand and raise your right hand
"Hail Hydra!"
>In comes a woman who's a little shorter than you
>You would consider yourself tall for a woman so she's not short by any means
>She has light blonde hair along with ice blue eyes and like you, she wears a Hydra uniform
>"Hail Hydra. At ease." She walks toward the unoccupied chair
>Putting the dossier she's holding on he table, she sits down and gestures you to do the same
>"Tracey Cage, right?" You nod
"Yes, ma'am." She looks at you with inquiring eyes and reaches for the dossier and flips some pages
>"Here it says you are unstable, sadistic and generally disruptive in many missions." She closes the dossier and pushes it aside to lean on the table
>While it is true that you are assigned to her, she can refuse you
>Which she seems to be thinking about right now
>It's not the end of the world but if too many people refuse to be your SO, you might be taken off the field and put behind a desk
>A nightmare
>"I am inclined to be lenient with your oddities. However I want one thing from you and this is non-negotiable."
>Her eyes are fixed, looking into yours
>Makes you wanna stab her, but you do like the color of her eyes
>"You will never disobey me." She finishes. "Can you do that?"
>Thinking just for a moment, you decide that this woman sounds way better than your old SO already
"Yeah, of course!" You say enthusiastically. "You seem like a great boss!" She narrows her eyes, "...ma'am."
>She gives you a smile. "It's okay, call me Aryanne, Aryanne Degurechaff." You shake the hand she offers
"How about Anne? Can I call you Anne?" She shrugs
>"I don't see why not." She gets up from her chair so you also do so. "Lets get out of here, we'll be late for celebrations."
"Celebrations?" She gives you a surprised look
>"It's Führer's birthday, don't you know?" She says as she opens the door and holds it for you
>Once you are both outside she looks around to make sure no one's around and whispers. "We got some booze inside. There is a party in the bomb shelter tonight."
"Does this happen often?" You heard nothing about any parties before
>"Yeah, like a few times every year." She talks as you make your way downstairs. "Christmas, easter, halloween... I heard that some celebrate Valentines Day too but you need a valentine for that."
>You can hear a little resentment there, not as much as yours though
>No one on your team told you anything about parties! If you see those sonzabitches at the party-
>"Why did you get all mad now?" Aryanne put a hand on your shoulder. "Don't start a fight in there."
>Normally you'd slap that hand and carve some faces in the shelter
>You still might do the latter if you drink enough
>But her hand somehow quenches your temper
"Yeah, yeah. I'll be good." You sigh
>"Good, now come on!" She quickens the pace

>A couple hours after the party started, you are sitting on an empty liquor crate, leaning to the wall behind
>You didn't drink too much, just enough to make you tipsy
>Aryanne on the other hand...
>Let's just say she likes dancing a lot, but she's terrible at it
>There isn't even any music so higher ups don't hear the noise
>Drill sergents are here too
>You'd imagine everyone would notice this thing went down in the morning if they weren't involved
>You did see your old teammates and gave them a finger to the throat along with a death stare
>You are pretty sure one of them immediately left the party
>"C'mon Trayssie, danhs wid me!" Aryanne thugs on your arm for the hundredth time
>You catch her just as she's about to fall on her ass
"Alright, dancing stops now, just sit here for a minute." You pull her down and place her butt on the crate, just next to you
>"Booo, yourre no fun!" She speaks, trying to get up but failing
>You leave her to her antics and pop open another bottle
>Before you get to the half of it though, you feel a weight on your shoulder
>You turn your head and see a sleeping Aryanne with her head on your shoulder
>Leaving your bottle on the ground, you shake her a little but she doesn't seem like she'll be waking up
>You smile
"I guess that's all for the party." You stand up and pick Aryanne up in your arms. "I guess I'm the designated driver, huh?"
>You shift her weight a little and start walking towards the shelter doors and from there to the wards
>You don't mind carrying her to her bed, even though you just met her today
>Plus, she looks cute when she's asleep
>On the way however, you notice a problem
>You don't know where Aryanne sleeps and you cannot ask her
>What to do? What to do?
>There is not much to do really
>She'll be sleeping in your bed
>Along with you
>It's going to be uncomfortable but you can't just leave her
>With a sigh you take the route to your room
>Placing her on the ground for a second, you adjust the covers so you can put them over her
>Then you lay beside her and pull the covers
>You should take off the uniform but you really dont feel like it, so you don't
>As you close your eyes, you feel Aryanne's arm and leg wrapping around your body
>Once again, instead of slapping them away, you just let it be
>It's actually warm and comfy
>You are glad your SO died or you wouldn't be this... happy?
>A small smile creeps on your face as your mind drifts off to soft and gentle darkness

Well, hope you guys like it. HBD2U der Führer.
Hype to hear that big guy,>>29912222
Also hyped.
>You did asked them if you could be the new SO
asked* is incorrect in this tense, ask is the correct option here. Did* before asked* changed the emphasis on the tense word.
>You were hoping to teach them how to have fun in a mission
in* is....okay for the sentence, but on* would work better here. Also, ending punctuation marks go on the end of EVERY sentence, not just the ones where someone was speaking.
>Putting the dossier she's holding on he table
...is the table a dude? Not that I wouldn't put it past them, just checking unless you missed a t* there.
.....the cuteness here has made me overlook the few small mistakes. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get a heart transplant.
File: 61487446.jpg (113 KB, 400x400)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>“You used me, now I’m going to use you.”
File: 0ed.jpg (55 KB, 600x618)
55 KB
>“You used me, now I’m going to use you.”
I was trying to do what >>29913266 did, point out how overtly sexual the line was, but okay.
Yeah I always do that "Did+past verb" thing. I'll try to be more careful.

You'll never get me to add punctuations everywhere because I find them aesthetically displeasing, sorry.

Yes, the table is a dude.

Glad you liked it. I was sceptical about it since I planned and wrote it all in just a few hours.
>Yes, the table is a dude.
weird kinks are weird.
>You'll never get me to add punctuations everywhere because I find them aesthetically displeasing, sorry.
How did your English teacher not kill you?
File: 1467303310490.jpg (18 KB, 236x237)
18 KB
Heresy is still heresy.

What would big E.
Jokes on you, I was one of the best students.
File: wsGGvE8.jpg (56 KB, 638x636)
56 KB
Twi's brain is quite the pandora's box
Thanks for delivering
File: 1492635460773.gif (617 KB, 646x359)
617 KB
617 KB GIF
That nerd girl REALLY needs to get Sunset's help on her....thirst. With or without the sidekick(boyfriend/music man, cough cough).
"Sunset, what are you doing?"
>"I'm trying my 'distressed hero that has a moral dilemma to make' pose."
From the distance, one can faintly make out a Rainbow haired vixen saying.......NEEEEEEEEEERD!, followed by the clap of hands from a man about to be on the couch. Whose friend is also about to hang from her panties on the flagpole.
>Has super powers
>Still hangs people by their underwear on the flagpole.
Rainbow is the toppest of all the cunts.
She does run a lot, so by that logic then yes, she would have one of the toppest cunts.
That too.
File: 1492593391799.png (244 KB, 1000x1000)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
>Sunset will never let you play with and suck on her sweaty tiddies after she is home from a long night of fighting.
File: 1463346259594.jpg (74 KB, 293x300)
74 KB
>those salty sweaty nipples
Mmmmmmmm delicious.
Do they make a woosh noise when they pop out of her suit?
It makes like a sliding pop then the whoosh. Though it depends on how much she worked that night, and if she had Anon leave her a lube present in her suit,
But of course Anon. It's my pleasure. I hope it was comfy enough for you.
Yes, it was. Thanks once again.
Was pretty fun to read
Thanks, happy to see that you liked it.

How's Therapist Anon going?
Gonna work on the next update today and plan what happens next
page 9
File: 1492761471787.jpg (1.8 MB, 2421x3492)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
What story would you guys like updated next?

Probability Anon, Elemental Anon or Darkest Anon?
Probability, then Darkest, we got plenty of Elemental zombie Anon.
Probability Anon
Probability Anon it shall be then. Also them digits are really nice. (44-54-64)
>Be Vinyl Scratch
>You, Tavi and Anon decided to see how Spider Woman, or Sunset, is faring
>Now that you are in her room, you almost feel bad for walking away fine from this
>She has bandages all over her body and she's hooked up to so many machines she's covered in cables and tubes
>It seems like she lost some of her hair too, or maybe the doctors shaved it to clean the wounds properly
>You are standing at the side of her bed, Octavia hugging your arm and Anon is at the bottom of it along with the nurse
>During your small conversation on the way here you learned that her name is Clare Redheart
"Will she be alright?" You ask the her
>"She survived the first crucial hours, so we do not expect a full recovery." Redheart starts. "However, she still needs to be kept under close watch for the time being."
"How long?"
>She thinks for a while
>"Aside from what you can see, she has internal injuries and some bone fractures aswell, but from what we observed so far she's healing really fast."
>She looks at you with inquisitive eyes
>"Not as fast as you, but we expect her to be fully healed in about two weeks. She will be up on her feet in a couple days."
>That's good to hear atleast, but still, you know better than anyone that doesn't mean she'll walk away without a reminder of this event
"What about scars?"
>"Well, with her healing ability, she might not have any permenant scars, but there is no way to be sure." She curls the corner of her mouth in a weird expression. "Atleast electrocution scars look pretty."
>You nod and notice that Anon has been just staring intensely at Sunset this whole time
"Anon?" His snaps back from his thoughts and looks at you. "Are you alright?"
>You are Anonymous
"Uh... Yeah. Yeah I'm fine."
>You're not fine
>You did this
>Your wish to help Vinyl led to someone else getting hurt
>You cannot even say that you didn't know this would happen
>You were okay with stabbing someone for it
>Why not electrocute someone? Is it okay as long as they don't die?
>How did you even know that no one would die?
Vinyl almost died
>What you did was right, but how you did it...
>Does the goal justify the means?
>You want to say it does but could you say that to Sunset?
>Some more indistinct conversation finds its way to your ears as you get lost in these thoughts once again
>You realize she was calling your name for a while when you finally perceive Octavia's words
>"Anonymous? Are you sure you are alright?" She looks worried. "You seem really out of it."
"Don't worry about it." You say plainly. "I'm just a little shook is all."
>She looks back at Sunset. "I know what you mean." Then looks back at you again. "Ms. Redheart was saying that we could have some breakfast in the cafeteria. Are you coming?"
>Breakfast huh? Has it been that long?
"You go ahead. I'll catch up."
>"But you don't know where the cafeteria is." Nurse objects
"I'll ask around." That sounded a bit too harsh even though you didn't mean to say it like that
>Some weird looks are exchanged between the trio before Octavia talks
>"Alright, see you there then..." She says before they all quitely leave the room
>You wait a few seconds before talking
"I'm sorry, Sunset. I didn't mean this to happen."
>You are not sure if she can hear you
>You are not sure whether you'd want her to
"I was just trying to help Vinyl get her voice back and everything just went out of control."
>You feel some tears welling up and stop for a moment
>No need to raise anymore questions, so you'd rather not go to the cafeteria with red eyes
"I don't know what I can do but I'll make this right. Who knows? Maybe I can save your life without you even knowing about it."
>Thinking about you and her like a team brings a little smile to your face
>You start walking out of the room, but stop as you open the door to say a few more words
"Rest well and get better soon. And don't worry, I'll try to keep the streets safe for you. Somehow..."

That's all for now. Let me know what you think. Pastebin is also updated and 4/20 Short is added to the pastebin.
*we expect a full recovery

That's some mistake I made there huh?
Its cool mate, I'll get to read the rest of your story after I'm done making dinner....as soon as I find something to make.
Well, good luck on that and bon apetite.

I'm going to sleep, it's pretty late here. Good night everyone.
'Why is everything so fucking' bump.
That filled me with the good kind of feels.
Glad you enjoyed, my friend.
I always enjoy your work, I just don't always say it.
Thanks, y-you too.
stealth mission update soonish
dem episode hype rush
>She has bandages all over her body and she's hooked up to so many machines she's covered in cables and tubes
its a bit of a run on sentence, it could work if you add that* after machines.
>"Will she be alright?" You ask the her
wat? This makes no sense. Do you mean ask the nurse?
>"She survived the first crucial hours, so we do not expect a full recovery." Redheart starts.
Wait, doesn't that mean she should expect a full recovery?
>"Aside from what you can see, she has internal injuries and some bone fractures aswell, but from what we observed so far she's healing really fast."
as* well*. Need to space those apart.
>That's good to hear atleast
at* least* isn't one word, it needs to be spaced apart. You did it twice in this part.
>You cannot even say that you didn't know this would happen
cannot* is...incorrect in this tense, can't* is the correct word.
>Vinyl almost died
you forgot to make this line green
>You want to say it does but could you say that to Sunset?
comma before but* here. Standard sentence spacing.
>"Anonymous? Are you sure you are alright?"
You are all right is a mouthful, your or you're is the better word here...though I cant remember off the top of my head which one is better.
You say plainly. "I'm just a little shook is all."
shocked, shook isn't correct here.
"I'm sorry, Sunset. I didn't mean this to happen."
you missed for* in this sentence. It goes before this*.
>"I don't know what I can do but I'll make this right.
same old comma before the but* here.
The POV was a bit difficult to nail down on each character, and your opinion on using ending punctuations has been noted and ignored. The story looks half assed without proper grammar, the odd mistake or two with spelling is fine, but actively making it incorrectly is starting to hurt to look at, it isn't something you can just choose not to do. Would have done the review sooner, but I had some things to do.
Just remembered another tense for shook* you could have used, shaken*.
also checked.
Damn m8, you got me sweating here.

I'll be more careful about it. I must admit, I didn't know about at least and as well. I, for some reason always thought they were just one word.

I adressed the problem about recovery here >>29921121 and yeah I meant shaken, but I thought the past tense wass shook, although it is a word with similar meanin I think.

I write Octavia's dialogs mouthful on purpose, fits the established character in my head.

Thanks for the corrections. I'll try to be better next time, sorry.
Fair enough good writefag, its my job to do this.
bump from 9
File: spideraaaarrrggghhhhh.jpg (1.59 MB, 1988x3056)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
bump again
What would Sunny go "Aaaarrrggghhhhhhh!" For?
A spider in her hair.
Is anyone else having random pics they click on 404 and delete themselves?
File: nyaaarrggh.jpg (539 KB, 1870x1638)
539 KB
539 KB JPG
what can you tell her to make her go Nyaaarrgghh!
I lied
File: 1482660185309.png (419 KB, 850x480)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
This >>29930637 angers me far more than >>29930626
Sometime, i wish to kill myself.
So, I've been thinking about writing shit. Probably involving Rubber Pie/Anon cuddles, no ludes tho.
And also I've never written greens before

Anyone interested?
File: 1480994154325.png (198 KB, 410x427)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
DO IT!!!!!!!
File: 1463428826070.png (23 KB, 449x842)
23 KB
go for it
>Anon says something stupid.
>Sunset has to step out and go "NYAAARRGGHH"
Oh. Okay.

Any ideas for Anon powers? I could do unpowered, but a story about normie boyfriend would kinda suck.
Go ahead, someone will spellcheck you later.
....Some sort of retractable super steel skin, I only say that because I want to hear as many hard as iron puns as possible.
Like Colossus?
Kinda? Sounds about right.
So, I'm at a point in the first post where I'm kinda... Conflicted. Should I do Anti-Hero criminal Anon, or Superman's Number 1 Super Scout Anon?
I....don't understand the question.
Do you want to be Catwoman to Pinkie's Batman or a more traditional hero team?
Does Anon really need to be a "hero" hero? He could just be a firefighter or something like that. Also we do more Marvel stuff here, that's why your DC reference went over my head for a second there.
Well, he's gonna have a superpower. Since I don't like unpowered anons. And I can't really see a guy with superpowers NOT fighting crime in some capacity.
Then how about a morally ambiguous security guard for banks then? I'm not knocking the Anon having a power thing, just what he could do. Because every Anon we have is either a villain that gets kidnapped and fucked ragged by Sider Woman(and her sidekick semen demon of the day), or a super hero in some capacity. Or there's Darkest Anon, but we don't really have enough updates to see where he is going to go yet.
New thread when?
Any objections to this? I kinda like the idea.
Anon as the Luke Cage security guard of banks? That would be a cool idea. Plus that means Pinkie could make as many stretching and iron dick puns as she wants. Huh...if Pinkie has a Stretchy body power, does that make yoga redundant, or does she do it in tight pants to get a rise out of an embarrassed super serious Anon?
Maybe it's like Saitama. She just did so much yoga it became her superpower.
.....you know, if it was anyone else, I would say bullshit. But, Pinkie would be able to pull it off. I wonder what kind of weird tricks she would do to Anon in his sleep.
New thread when?
New Thread


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