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File: 1492347466599.png (598 KB, 901x885)
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Previous thread: >>29816970

Fluttershy's Lactating Tits edition

Pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/pTAqfjD6
>Fluttershy suffers from Galactorrhea.
>Because of this she produces milk even she isn't pregnant.
>Her breast are enlarged and swollen worse she leaking milk
>She asks her little brother Anon to help her.
>What little brother wouldn't help his sister in a dire need.
>EqG happens
>Anon is EqG-Sunset's cousin; Horse-Sunset doesn't know this
>When Anon runs into who he thinks is his cousin and acts all huggy and familiar, Sunset assumes that her EqG-self was friends/lovers with Anon
>Horse-Sunset starts coming onto Anon
>Equestria doesn't consider being lovers with one's first cousin to be that big of a deal, and Sunset just shrugs and goes "yeah, so?" when Anon nervously points out that they're related
someone better deliver this shit
File: lenny baxter ppg.jpg (85 KB, 630x1200)
85 KB
>pie sisters is kill forever
Pie sisters might be kill, but the concept of Anon-brother on the Rock Farm isn't dead.
File: 1370636062449.jpg (73 KB, 500x500)
73 KB
let me milk it
>"O-Oh, no!"
>Your sister clutches her hands to her chest, tightly holding them against her breasts.
>A pink tinge makes her cheeks glow, and it's slowly turning a deep red.
>Fluttershy glances at you, and she looks terrified.
>"I-It's... Anon, my b-breasts..."
>You instinctively glance down and watch as a single pearly-white drop escapes through her fingers.
>When you look back up, your heart nearly breaks at the sight.
>Fluttershy is in tears and looks absolutely humiliated.
>"I-I don't... m-my pumps are broken..."
>She sniffles as tears begin to pour down her cheeks and she leans forward into your chest (still clutching her own) for comfort.
>"It... it hurts, Anon!"
Man look at those fantastic funbags.
File: 1445444877804.png (350 KB, 745x1024)
350 KB
350 KB PNG

She looks very smooth and plush.
Also I can see a hint of vagina there.
Man, this thread made me realize I have little to no humanized saved
File: 1460160393286.png (451 KB, 826x1000)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Sorry for deleting my post but I didn't want to be banned. Have a replacement pic.
File: 1481530561938.jpg (29 KB, 500x591)
29 KB
That's my favorite pic of eqg Fluttershy. I much prefer pony myself.
>Anon tries to touch her breasts, hoping to milk them with his fingers
>Squeezes them too and just makes them hurt more
>Panics and starts sucking on them
File: 1459728302574.gif (1.52 MB, 400x266)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
Sistercest is best. I want to put big sister Fluttershy to the test.
I'd absolutely love to hear how Fluttershy would try and justify having sex with her little brother.
She's doing it for him because she's a loving older sister who cares about her little brother.
Also she's a brothercon.
>"Oh, my..."
>Fluttershy lightly traces the length of your cock, from the base to the pre-leaking tip.
>"That looks like it hurts, sweetie."
File: 1403312485850.png (251 KB, 1981x624)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>Your big sister will never love you this much

This thread really starts to hurt when I remember that I don't get along with my siblings at all.
File: 1356370905827.png (22 KB, 700x782)
22 KB
I don't even have siblings.
File: 1485669188950.png (180 KB, 508x720)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>He doesn't even know the pain of knowing that you wasted all your opportunities for you and your siblings to forgive each other and behave like a family together
L-Look at this p-pleb here, guys
File: 1492260218479.png (328 KB, 514x600)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
How long do you think her tits need to be sucked?
Until she cums.
>When she cums a whole bunch of milk comes out at once.
Also what would her nips and milk taste like?
She must be massaged and milked at least twice daily for her breasts to not be sore and over sensitive.
>She also feels more comfortable doingit naked,
>Flutters also likes when her little brother holds her ass too.
>cuddling in bed naked while you milk her into milk bottles
>stored in the fridge for later use in cooking and baking
Where would you even do it to avoid making a huge mess?
Just have her sit on your lap in the bath tub while you massage her tits?
>Do it while taking a shower.
>After school in her room.
Have her sit naked on a pillow on a hardwood floor and take a shower afterwards.
>"Oh Anon can you please hold me t-there it's more comfortable."
In the shower would work too I guess.
Kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak.
She gets relief without any mess, and you both get clean at the same time.

I wonder what the parents would think about similarly aged opposite-sex siblings taking showers together...
>Rainbow Dash catches Fluttershy and her little brother Anon.
>Flutters also likes when her little brother holds her ass too.
Hey man, it's for support. So what if he sometimes gets in a lil' squeezy squeeze?
Catches him milking her?
Do it after school so they won't be caught and if anything else happens it will wash the evidence away.
>What happens?
Dash starts regularly massaging her breasts to induce lactation.
She joins them in the shower, since she just came from the gym.
>Little Brother Anon on one of Flutters' nipple.
>Dashie on the other nipple.
>Twice the efficiency and unf.
>Rainbow Dash also happens to be you and Fluttershy's cousin, because why not
aint nobody touching her nips but me
>Rainbow Dash begins blackmailing Anon and Fluttershy
>First, she just uses Anon to carry around her heavy sports stuff
>Then, she catches sight of his above-average cock
It's the incest thread after all.
She better get a fast fetish for cuntbusting cuz I'd be stomping on her gash real quick.
>Rainbow will never tell you that she can suck more milk than you.
>You and Rainbow will never see who can get the most milk out of Flutters.
>"If you lose you got to kiss my ass cheek."
>Lose on purpose.
>you will never milk your sister Fluttershy by titfucking her in the shower, while eating out your cousin Rainbow Dash's sweaty post-workout pussy
why did it have to turn into this

all i wanted was to milk fluttershy
Do you have a link to the original pic you posted?
>tfw double-Sunset is dead
Here's my update again. For those who didn't catch it in the last thread.

> On your first day of suspension you wake up like it’s any other day, but instead of riding with Dash to school you jog to the fitness center you and Dash workout at. After that you head home and make yourself some lunch.
> Man without any work, school or sports to keep you busy you’ve essentially got nothing to do. Maybe that wasn’t so bad though. It would give you some time to contemplate this whole mess about you sister.
> You look at your phone and see that it’s just past noon. You also notice that you’ve got a text message. It’s from Dash.
~Boss called in to work tonight. Can you bring me something to eat?
> ~Sure. I’ll swing by about 6.
> You reply back with.
> Later that night you walk to the gas station about twenty minutes away. Not surprisingly it was pretty empty.
> “Guess who?”
“Oh thank god you’re here I’m starving.”
> She jumps over the counter right as you were about to hand her the lunch box.
> “You don’t mind if I hang her and keep you company do you?”
“You sure there’s a whole lot of nothing going on here.”
> “Yeah, but I want to keep you company.”
“Thanks bro. Come on let’s go out to the car.”
> Following her outside she turns on the car. Pumping both the heater and the radio. Leaving it on the first station that comes on.
“So how you’d enjoy your first day off?”
> “Eh. It wasn’t anything really. How’s work?”
“John keeps nagging me about being nicer to customers. It’s not my fault that a ninety year old grandma can’t make a single decision like a normal human being.”
> Yeah you’ve heard the horrors of working in retail. Which is why you were going to avoid it at all cost.
File: Rainbow Dash (Human) 57.png (1.43 MB, 1280x960)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG

> “As long as you’re nice enough to keep your job you shouldn’t worry about it.”
“Yeah. It’s just a pain that’s all.”
> As you both sit there in relative silence. You gaze at your sister with a mixture of mystique and curiosity. The softness of her lips and the captivating color of her magenta eyes.
> It’s hard to imagine that you’ve kissed her. She seemed so perfect, so out of your league. Not just because you were her brother.
“I’m surprised you didn’t want to go over to Derpy’s after this. Everything still going alright?”
> Yeah about that…
> “Yeah it’s fine. Just wanted a day to myself that all. I’ve had a lot on my mind.”
“Oh, care to share?”
> “Just about how I lost control and really hurt that guy yesterday.”
“Really you don’t usually care about dirt bags that you beat into a bloody pulp.”
> “This was different though. He was just picking on me. Not actually hurting me, and I almost killed him.”
“You’re overreacting. I’m sure the guy’s fine.”
> “Yeah you’re probably right.”
> Thank god she bought it. You shouldn’t have said anything at all, but you had a feeling that she would have noticed something was bothering you.
> As Dash’s shift goes on the two of you talk the night away. Not a lot happens; until…
> “I’m going to run to the restroom real quick.”
> As you make your way to the back of the story three peculiar gentlemen enter the story.
> You round the corner and wait just out of sight. Just in case.
“Hey there Skittles how you been.”
“I thought I told you guys not come here. I’ll have the next payment by tomorrow so buzz off.”
“Well I just thought I’d let you know that the payment has doubled.”
File: Rainbow Dash (Human) 73.png (1.56 MB, 1500x2656)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG

“WHAT!! Why! We had a deal.”
> Oh no not again.
“Hey I’m just a messenger. If you want to know what’s the deal. You know who to talk to.”
> The bell of the door rings. Signifying that they’ve left.
> Dash must have rung up some more debts, or maybe some new big dick cheese is looking to collect on her old ones. She’d probably never tell you about it if you ask. She’s always trying to take care of her messes on her own. A noble thing to do, but she’s always getting in over her head.
> Without a second thought you take the back way out of the store, and quickly find three gentlemen walking away from the store.
> After following them for a block. They turn to face you.
“You looking for trouble tough guy?”
> “No. I’m just interested in the arrangement you have with Rainbow Dash.”
“Rainbow? You mean Skittles? What’s it to you?”
> “I want to pay off her debts. All of them.”
“All of them?”
> “That’s what I said.”
“That’s a lot of cheese my man. You have that on you?”
> “No, and even if I did I wouldn’t give it to you. So how much does she owe exactly.”
“A thousand bones.”
> God damn it.
> “Done. Tell me where to go.”
> The three stooges tell you where to go, and you make a quick stop at home.
> Reaching underneath your bed you pull out a shoe box. Inside was your secret stash of money that you had saved for a new computer. Just over a thousand dollars.
> Guess you’ll just have to wait another year.
File: Rainbow Dash (Human) 24.jpg (224 KB, 1024x1024)
224 KB
224 KB JPG

> Walking down an all too familiar street you enter the shady abandoned building you and Dash got yourselves arrested in.
> Finding the same old office with the same old boss in the same old chair.
> “Never thought I’d have to see your face again.”
“The feelings mutual. I assume you have the money.”
> “I do, and I have your word that you’ll leave my sister alone.”
“As long as she doesn’t ring up any more debts you’ve got nothing to worry about.”
> “Good.”
> With that taken care of you ponder what you should do next. Head back to the gas station and tell Dash the news, or go home and let her figure it out for herself?
> Maybe you’ll just go home and wait it out. Give yourself some time think of some excuses.
> As you lay on the couch watching bad television all you can think of is how mad Dash is going to be when you tell her what you did.
> You felt guilty that you stepped in like that, but you wanted to avoid another incident like last time at all cost.
> The front door opens and you and your sister’s eyes meet instantly.
“There you are. Where’d you go? You didn’t even message bro?”
> “I just took care of some things. You should be thankful.”
“Me? Why what did you do?”
> “Like I said you don’t have to worry about it. Let’s just put everything behind us.”
“Anon you’re creeping me out tell me what you did.”
> You let out a long exhausted sigh. Bracing yourself for the worst.
> “You don’t have to worry about those debts anymore. I took care of them.”
“What!!! You mean- those guys from earlier, and you-”
> “Paid in full. Now you’ll never have to see those thugs again.”
> At first Dash doesn’t say anything, but you could tell that she had about a million things on her mind that she ‘did’ want to say.

> “And before you tell me that you were going to handle it yourself. I’m going to say that you shouldn’t try to do these things on your own. They may be problems that you created, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help.”
“I-I you.” Dash stutters in half anger half uncertainty.
> “Go ahead let me have it. You say standing up with your arms wide open.
> Dash however does something you didn’t expect. She hugs you.
“I hate you. Why can’t you just leave me alone. I don’t deserve your pity.”
> “It’s not pity sis. Nothing is more important to me than you. It’s always been us against everyone else. We survived because we had each other. If we go it alone neither of us will make it.”
“You’re lying. You can handle all those punks at school. There’s nothing left for you to overcome.”
> “You’re wrong. The fear of losing you haunts me every day. You’re all I ever think about, and the thought that I can’t help you terrifies me.”
> “You were always the one forging ahead when we were little. Saying that you were the greatest at everything, and you were. Then you started hanging out with Gilda, and they made you question your own worth.”
> “Well let me tell you something. Nothing has changed. You just have to believe in yourself like I believe in you.”
> Dash doesn’t say anything for the longest time. You both just stand there holding each other not sure whether or not to let go.
“Did anyone ever tell you you’re an idiot.”
> You stay completely still. Unsure how to respond.
“But it’s okay because you’re my idiot.” She says finally looking at you.

> You hug her again. As her head rests against your chest.
> Your heartfelt moment however is abruptly interrupted by a growling noise. A noise that originates from Dash’s stomach.
“Hehe. Guess I didn’t get enough to eat.”
> “Then it’s a good thing I threw a pizza in the oven huh?”
“Oh my god you could have just said that and I would have forgiven you.”
> You both chuckle.
> You’ve both had an exhausting day. Physically and emotionally. All you wanted to do was eat some pizza, take a shower, and hit the sack. Scratch that, just hit the sack, and maybe take a slice of pizza with you.
> After crawling into bed you hear a knock at the door.
> “Yeah?”
“Can I come in?”
> “Sure.”
> Your sister sneaks in. Closing the door behind her.
“This may sound weird, but could I sleep with you tonight?”
> Under normal circumstances you would have said no, but it’s been a long day.
> “As long as you can keep your hands to yourself.”
“Hey that’s my line!”
“So you’re okay with it?”
> “Come here you big baby.”
> With a silent pout Dash crawls into your arms. Having admitted defeat.
> “Goodnight.”
File: Rainbow Dash (Human) 1.jpg (179 KB, 1200x690)
179 KB
179 KB JPG

> A week comes and goes, and you’re no closer to figuring out whether or not you’re in love with your sister or not. You keep telling yourself that even if you did love her she’d never feel the same way about you.
> She has a boyfriend and you have a girlfriend. Well, she had a boyfriend. Things with Quibble were short lived. Dash never said anything about why they broke up, but you could tell that he pissed her off a lot.
> That whole week you had off you contemplated telling Derpy you wanted to see other people, but you didn’t want to break it off before you even approached Dash about your feelings. And how were you going to approach her about that?
> Nothing in your whole life could have prepared you for this. When you daydream all you think about is your sister. When you’re on a date with Derpy Dash comes to mind for no reason.
> You felt awful. Derpy was really into you, and you really care about her. You loved her in fact, but you weren’t in love with her.
> Somehow you needed to subtly suggest to her that you were interested, and then what? Ask her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with you? God what were you going to do?
“Come on Anon, or I’m leaving without you.”
> “Coming.”
> Rushing out the door with your gym bag you jump into Dash’s car to go to the gym.
> “We going to do both legs and back today?”
“Sure. Won’t be going anywhere tomorrow that’s for sure.”
> “Yeah no kidding.”
> There was a winter storm being forecasted later tonight. Anywhere from six to eight inches. School was definitely not happening tomorrow.
> When you arrive both you and Dash warm up before moving to the leg machines.
> Not five minutes into your workout you noticed some guys ogling your sister with their eyes.

> On the surface you didn’t show any emotion, but underneath you were really agitated. Every time you come here this happens. Don’t people have any self-restraint or decency?
> Then, you had an idea. After Dash finished a set to switch machines with you. You planted a firm slap on her ass.
> “Nice work.”
> “What?” You say with complete innocence.
“Wh-why’d you do that?”
> “No reason. Just wanted to tell you you’re doing a good job.”
“Well you could have just said so.”
> “Yeah I could have, but you seemed to like it.”
“Shut up.”
> After that the other guys didn’t really pay much attention to Dash.
> Mission accomplished.
> You continue to subtly mess with Dash throughout the workout, and she gets a few jabs in at you. Telling jokes all the while. It was fun.
> You wish you could always be like this. Just you and your sister working out and telling jokes. It wasn’t much, but it was something.
> Then again, did you want this? If you really loved her wouldn’t you want more? To be able to talk to her openly about EVERYTHING.
> What would she say if she didn’t feel the same way. What would she say when she inevitably turned you down? Could you still live the way you were doing right now? Could you both forgive and forget like every time before now?
> But you already knew that answer, and it was no.

> Be realistic Anon you’re talking about falling in love with your sister. People would never talk to you, not that people went out of their way to engage you to begin with, on top of socially sandbagging you.
> The best thing you could do was to forget about your feelings, and move on with your life.
“Anon. Hello earth to Anon.”
> “I’m sorry what?”
“Geez what’s with you? You’re spacing out on me. What do you have on your mind that’s got you so out of it?”
> “Oh it’s nothing.”
“Come on bro you’re terrible at lying. What’s on your mind?”
> Great. Do you try and make something up, or do you just stone wall her?
> “I really don’t want to talk about it.”
“It’s that tough huh? Well, let’s wait until we get home to talk then.”
> No please just drop it.
> For once in your life you wish your sister would ignore you. In the past she was always there to cheer you up, but now.
> The whole car ride back all you could think about you were waiting for her to say something. Thinking of a million different ways to answer every possible scenario. At one point you remember what Fluttershy said to you, but quickly shoot that option down.
> This wasn’t some Disney movie where you’d confess your love, and that person would like for story reasons. This was real life. With your real sister.
> Dash pulls up into the driveway, but she doesn’t say anything. Did she forget? No way, she’s just waiting for the right opportunity to ask.
> You both shower and plop onto the couch, but before you can turn on the TV Dash grabs the remote.
“Oh no you don’t. Talk first, shows later.”
> You take a deep breath and sit up.
> Welp. You guess you’re doing this.

> You take another deep breath.
> “I know you won’t believe me if I say I can handle it, but trust me when I say I can handle it.”
“Okay. Are you going to tell me what IT is?”
> …
> “There’s another girl I have a crush on.”
> Dash doesn’t respond immediately, but you could tell that she was surprised.
“Another girl! No way! You’ve never been interested in girls until Derpy started crushing on you. When did this happen?” Dash asks excitedly.
> “I don’t know. I might have been a long time ago, but I’ve never put the pieces together until now.”
“What is she like? Is she an athlete?”
> “Dash I don’t want to talk about this. I’m having a hard time thinking what I should do.”
“Wait are you considering dumping Derpy for this chick?”
> “It’s crossed my mind.”
“Ah man you must be crazy about her. How did I not know about this? Wait… is it one of my friends?”
> “No, but it doesn’t matter. I know she doesn’t feel the same way about me.”
“Wow wow wow slow down. You just said that you’re in love, but you’re not going to even try because you don’t think she’ll be into you?”
> “I know she isn’t.”
“Why is she seeing someone?”
> “Not that I know of.”
“Anon come on. You might be a smart guy, but you’re totally clueless when it comes to women.”
> Ain’t that the truth.
“You’ll never know if you don’t give it a shot. Besides, you’re one of the best players on the baseball team. All chicks dig jocks.”
File deleted.

> This was so weird. Talking to your sister about this. Part of you just wanted to tell her the truth, but the rest of you knows that’s not a good idea.
> “I really wish it was that easy Dash.”
“It is though. All you have to do is walk up to her and ask if she’s interested, and if by some chance your right and she isn’t you just keeping dating Derpy.”
> “I guess.”
“Well you’ve got today and tomorrow to think about it.”
> She tosses you the remote, and takes a seat right next to you.
> “I actually don’t feel so hot. Here.”
> You hand her back the remote and go to your room.
> What a mess. What you wouldn’t give to back to your grade school days where everything was so much simpler. No romances, no fights, and no worries.
> Just the innocent little kid moments with you sister.
> You only come out of your room once mom comes home to have dinner. Once you were done eating you all sit in the living room and watch a movie together.
> Things haven’t been this nice in forever. Did you really want to jeopardize all this for your own selfish reasons?
> Why not? Don’t you deserve to be happy? All your life you’ve been miserable. Making sacrifices for everyone and getting nothing in return.
> You look over to your sister laying on the couch. She’s completely enraptured by the movie. Blinking only occasionally to prevent her eyes from drying up.
> Just looking at her beautiful eyes and pillow like lips.
> Why couldn’t she be yours? It was just like Dash said all you have to do is ask if she’s interested, and when she rejects you just act like nothing ever happened. What have you got to lose?
File: Rainbow Dash (Human) 77.jpg (2.06 MB, 2385x3395)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG

> The next morning, to no one’s surprise, snow had completely enveloped your neighborhood. Plus, a third of the state of Illinois.
> Mass school cancellations would indefinitely leave you alone at home with your sister. That is until your mom phoned in saying she wouldn’t be able to make it in to work. Not that you should be surprised. Any form of travel right now would be dangerous.
> Not exactly wanting to make a scene with mom home you decide to wait for another time. By the mid afternoon your mom suggests you go get a Christmas tree. Since the roads had been cleared and she had the day off.
> You both agree and drive to the local mini mart. You agree on one and strap that six foot shrub onto the roof of your car. Spending the rest of the day listing to Christmas music on the radio and decorating the tree. Just like the good old days.
> Your mom goes to bed early to get up for work the next morning, but you and Dash stay up.
> Should you do it now?
> Now isn’t exactly the time you had in mind, but then again no time would be perfect. All you needed was a setting where you could be alone together, and no one would know what’s been said.
> You give a soft knock on her door.
> “Hey it’s me.”
“Yeah what’s up?”
> “Can I come in?”
I think I'm going to finish this sequence tonight, but I have to do homework first.
File: 1433476662376.jpg (158 KB, 432x619)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
File: Rainbow Dash 24.png (609 KB, 1024x1172)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
Okay, so I'm not going to finish this update tonight, but tomorrow for sure.
No worries Onii-chan. I appreciate what you've written so far. Really as gotten me invested in the story. I look forward to your next update.
File: time for the D.jpg (79 KB, 570x549)
79 KB
nah, fuck off dashfags
this is Anon and his nee-chan's exclusive special time together
Can you please upload your RD folder?
I need it for reasons.
>"C'mon, Anon! Hurry it up!"
>Gilda's voice cuts through your concentration, making you accidentally drop her heavy duffle bag.
>It's stuffed absolutely full with Gilda's clothes, sports equipment, sanitary products, and God knows what else.
>It's so full that, when the bag impacts on the ground, the strained zipper snaps over with a soft -click- and the contents spill out, like rising dough that has too much yeast in it.
>Gilda marches over and cuffs you over the head.
>"What the hell is wrong with you!?"
>She points her her ruined bag.
>"Pick that up!"
>You sigh and begin to and scoop all sorts of Gilda's bullshit into her bag.
>...it's too much; you'll have to stuff some of it into your own bag.
>Grumbling unflattering things under your breath about Gilda, you shimmy off your backpack and start to place them on top of your homework.
>"What was that!?"
>Unfortunately, you seem to have been grumbling too loudly, and Gilda heard something.
>She crouches down so that she's at eye-level and glares at you.
>"Quiet down, short-stuff. You don't want me to 'accidentally' let it slip that you're doing something naughty with a certain pink-haired girl, do you?"
>You reluctantly shake your head 'no'.
>"Someone might even try and separate you. There are laws against that sort of thing, aren't there?"
>You don't say a word. Instead, you glare at the purple-tipped, white-haired bitch.
>Gilda reaches forward and roughly pats you on the cheek.
>"Clean up and follow me."
>She stands back up and leans impatiently against a locker.
>"I've got a match against Dash in half an hour and you're slowing us down."
>Just 6 more months of this, Anon.
>That was the deal; 6 months of being Gilda's "assistant", and she promises to forget what she saw you and Fluttershy doing.

File: 1490712539921.jpg (112 KB, 800x875)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
I want to bump my cutie great-grandma Sonata, if you know what I mean.
Hey guys working on my update right now, but I thought I'd share this thing that I made in my Laser Cutting class.
File: thumbsup.jpg (35 KB, 301x267)
35 KB
Those are some pretty thin lines on the cloud.
Damn accurate laser.
I want to have vaginal intercourse with my mother's mother's mother, if you catch my drift.
>With a whoop and a cheer, Rainbow Dash claps you on the back as hard as she can, wrapping her arm around your shoulder before you can collapse in pain.
>"You sly dog! Congrats, bro!"
>And with that, Rainbow Dash departs from the street corner and your life as quickly and as unexpectedly as she arrived.
"...The fuck what that?" you mutter, rubbing the stinging pain out of your upper-back
>Dash is almost never this...
>You don't know...
>She's really more of your sister's friend than your own.
>You mean, you'll talk over beer once in a while if everyone else is drinking too, but you don't go to the mall and have fun like your 1990's sitcoms would suggest you would be doing.
"Fuckin' weirdo..."
>You start walking home again, eager to see Fluttershy again.
>She's the best big sister you could ever ask for.
>She's kind
>She's loving
>She lets you stick it in her...
>The best.
>You haven't made it 30 feet before the sound of approaching banjos announces Applejack's presence.
>Your heart skips a beat when you see how deadly-serious she looks, glaring at you underneath the brim of her stetson hat.
>She looks you up and down, eyes briefly fixating on your crotch.
>"Ah didn't think y'all had it in yah, Anon," she drawls, patting you on the shoulder, "Keep me an' the girls posted, y'hear?"
>On what.
>Posted on what?
>You nod dumbly and give her an unsure half-smile, which she returns with a nod.
>"I'ma get back to the farm now. Ah'm sure Mac'll tan mah hide fer bein' late."
>She winks and smirks.
>"If Ah'ma good cowgirl, that is."
>You fucking what.
>With one final pat on the shoulder, Applejack walks off in the opposite direction that Dash ran off to.
>...did she just confess to fucking her brother?
>Oh man, oh geez, oh man, oh geez
>You step it up and start jogging home, hoping that maybe Fluttershy can shed some light on the situation...
>...only to fall flat on your face when a car honks its horn about 5 feet to your left.
>"Oh, Darling!" calls an unfortunately familiar voice as you try and find the teeth you surely left on the pavement
>"Be a dear and come here, hmmm?"
>You limp over to Rarity's car and glare at her for making you fall.
>She opens her mouth as though she wants to say something, but instead she just freezes.
>Rarity doesn't say a thing to you; she just stares at you.
>...and stares.
>And stares.
>...now she's blushing...
>And now she's biting her lip.
>And with the screeching of tires, Rarity zooms away.
>When you finally make it home, you find Fluttershy waiting for you on the couch.
>Next to her is a box full of....
>Your heart skips a beat.
>It's a box full of pregnancy tests.
>Fluttershy's ears perk at the sound of your approaching footsteps, and she leaps off of the couch and bounds over to you.
>Before you know it, your big sister's got you in a bone-crushing hug.
>You don't need to see the pee-stick to know what this means.
>The two of you proceed to have a very emotional exchange (which is interrupted about half-way through by an intense bout of fucking).
>You didn't think that people actually cried in happiness in real life, but today you proved that belief wrong.
>Before too long, you and Fluttershy find yourself cuddling on the couch.
>Your big sister is laying against your chest, and you're resting your chin on top of her pink head.
"Not to kill the mood or anything, but we're gonna have to think of a story to explain away our baby."
>Fluttershy stiffens in your arms, and you comfortingly rub her back.
"I know, I know. But we can't just tell our friends that you're having my baby, you know?"
>Fluttershy suddenly sits up, looking alarmed.
>She looks between you and the pregnancy tests, looking genuinely confused.
>"S-So what you're saying is that I SHOULDN'T have t-told all my friends?"
>You're too shocked to yell, which Fluttershy takes as a good sign, laying back down and burying her face into your chest.
>"B-By the way, Anon, Rarity says she wants to w-watch next time."

it's shit but it's better than "bump" post
>Shining Chad catches up to you and mentions how he'll have to hit you and your sis up sometime for a 'brother sister versus' match
>Anon draws the line when he starts singing "I'm a sister lover; you're a sister lover"
I'm picturing Shining as being the type to use the word "bruh" a lot.

>Wears an expensive sleeveless shirt
>Has a crystal around his neck that he says focuses his chi
>Likes organic smoothies and working out at the gym
>Fucks his sister into a drooling mess every night and isn't shy about it
>"B-By the way, Anon, Rarity says she wants to w-watch next time."
>my fetish
Don't stop now.
With bumps this good, who needs content? Keep bumping.
>"I'll be like a ghost, darling; completely silent. You won't even know I'm there, save for the glowing ember of my cigarette."
>"Go a little deeper Sweetie~ good girl~ Oh was I too loud?"
>"Hnng~ Ah! Oh... M-My goodness, you two..."
>schlick schlick schlick schlick schlick
>>You haven't made it 30 feet before the sound of approaching banjos announces Applejack's presence.
>"At this rate Sweetie you can a have that sleep over at the house."
>What does Sweetie think while eating out her sister?
>>Fluttershy's ears perk at the sound of your approaching footsteps
hol up
>ywn huff lil sister moonie's sweater
>You will never watch Rarity make Sweetie Belle eat her while you fuck big sis Flutters.
File: 1491634877290.png (263 KB, 364x596)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
Oh fuck, I need it.
>Sweetie pulls away showing her face covered in her sister's juices with some dripping off her chin.
>Rarity grabs her by the back of her head and forces Sweetie on her cunt again.
>Anon in EqG
>Has a sister who died a number of years ago
>Arrives in Equestria via shenanigans
>Discovers that his family has counterparts in Equestria
>Unfortunately, his pone-self died in the past while pone-sister lived
>Cue tearful pseudo-reunion
>something something incest
Sounds cute. Write it.
>Moondancer catches Anon
>Anon admits that he likes the way she smells
>Moondancer gets all flustered and stammers that he should bring it back "when you're done with it"
very nice
I'll bet he's constantly cheerful and is always there with a cheerful word of encouragement (most likely along the lines of "we're all gonna make it, bruh") and a firm part on the back, as though he actually believes in you. He's spiritual without being religious, and nothing cheers him up like a nice jog around town (second only to fucking Twilight).


He actually sounds like he'd be a good friend. God, I'm lonely.
>She asks in such a small, hopeful voice that you barely even heard her.
>God, she sounds exactly like Fem.
>Same eye colour, too.
>You try and swallow, but it's hard; your tongue feels like it's ten sizes too big.
"Hey, F-Fem."
>The tiny pony gasps, and it hitches in her throat.
>Tears begin to pool in the corners of her eyes, and she takes a hesitant step forward, as though she were afraid that you'd disappear if she moved too quickly.
>You try not to cry; you really do.
>It's not her.
>You know that; in your head, you know that your sister is dead and buried.
>But you can see her in this pony.
>See the same light in her eyes.
>You can hear your sister in this pony's voice.
>It's not her.... just like you aren't her Anon.
>But it doesn't matter.
>She's got the same soul your sister had.
>You aren't sure who moved rushed forward first, but the next thing you know, you're holding onto this sister-pony as though your life depends on it.
>The two of you are crying, and not the regular crying.
>Both of you are taking big, heaving breaths and you're probably dribbling snot out of your nose.
>You're making loud, ugly wails but neither of you care.
>"Anon! M-My little A-Anonymous!"
>She nuzzles your face so hard that you won't be surprised if you find bruises on your cheeks tomorrow morning.
>You stay there for a long time, just holding each other.
>You're lucky that your living-room carpet is so comfortable, because your emotionally-draining day eventually tuckers the two of you out, and you fall asleep in each other's arms.
>Also, you accidentally grabbed your horse-sister's butt.

This was the only good photo of horse-femanon I could find where she didn't have dicks in her
bedtime bump
Have some princest
>Ywn comfort little Luna's nightmares by telling her your own stories about a magnificent princess and her stalwart champion
>She will never cuddle up to you under the covers when her dragon plushie isn't enough to combat the darkness
>She will never refer to you as her champion and go on after school adventures
>She will never secretly wish to be your princess to stay with you forever and have her own fairy tale ending
I need more of this.
my heart
File: 1479758983014.jpg (94 KB, 519x533)
94 KB
That is fucking adorable
File: 1492452735861.jpg (204 KB, 1600x1142)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Sagiri is the savior of anime.
Page 9
File: writefag needed pronto.gif (3.67 MB, 642x360)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB GIF
is this happening or not
no milking/10
For a moment I thought I had a /a/ thread open on my phone.
I just started reading that manga yesterday.
File: 1490414431621.gif (85 KB, 378x301)
85 KB
The paint I'm experiencing because this isn't happening to me is unreal.
>Luna's friends will never make fun of her for still hugging and cuddling her older brother all the way through high school
>Luna will never tell them that they're just jealous
File: [autistic screeching].jpg (46 KB, 500x405)
46 KB
>princess of the night, the guardian of dreams
>going to the peasant high school
Your fan-fiction doesn't make sense.
I don't know, man, what kinds of schools do humans go through?
you should know that as a human

HIGH SCHOOL. Why are we arguing about this?
hmm. really made my almonds activated
what are we arguing about?
I'm not quite sure.
File: bedevilled by evil twin.jpg (685 KB, 2091x1067)
685 KB
685 KB JPG
File: Need For Shekels.jpg (43 KB, 600x606)
43 KB
File: 2jZM1w4.gif (3.42 MB, 450x246)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB GIF
That's the joke.
Don't spoil it for everyone else.
If I don't get more green I'm going to make a threat that turns out to be an empty promise.
Don't make me do it.
File: 1362359738475.jpg (182 KB, 817x768)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
What the fuck. This is like some kind of April fools shit right?
I've no idea. I'm guessing it's photoshopped, but I don't know. All I know is it's hilarious.

Either it is photoshopped or someone sent in this for shit and giggles and the Dear Thelma people never got the joke.

Sure there is a minute possibility for it being real too, but this is basically start of 50% of incest stories.
I refuse to believe this is real. The backlash they'd receive would be unreal; not because of how callous she was towards the boy, but because the newspaper column dismissed a possible case of incestuos male-on-female abuse because you know that's the only way they'd be mad about it
Probably not, but still funny as hell.
I mean, the answer is basically exactly what everyone is going to be thinking while reading the question, but absolutely not what you'd expect it to be.

anon thats rape
Technically, but let's face it, most of us would give anything to have a sister like that.
>sister that constantly lies to get her way and is willing to fuck your life over if she doesnt
She wouldn't need to do that if he wasn't being so gay though.
File: 1371528250383.gif (25 KB, 400x400)
25 KB
True. I'll bet you a hundred dollars that he wouldn't have submitted that article if his brother had been giving him handies instead of his twin sister.
>Blessed with hot qt twin that wants to sit on your dick and lives in a real life hentai. Basically guaranteed a wife that will love him unconditionally.
>Rejects her because "It's not normal."
Why do normies ruin everything?
I know, right.

Time to step out of the fetish fantasy for a second and look at how SHIT of a person she would be to be around. Good thing its fake.
Yeah. Like, as a joke (or a piece of fiction) this would be hot as shit. But for realsies, I'd be very disturbed if my big sister one-day started touching me. I like incest as a fetish, but I have zero attraction to my family.

Now let's all stop getting hung up on an article and start thinking about mlp-sisters boinking Anon.
Why do people like this have these blessings, but not the ones that actually appreciate it. Hell I bet she offered not only herself to him but, probably her friends as well and tells them how big his dick is. Causing them want to try as well.
Just like your waifu
File: 1487654790123.jpg (35 KB, 484x497)
35 KB
She's real to me, Anon. She's real to me.
>everyone talking about no hooves AND non-EQG shit
>past 20 to 30 posts aren't even related to related ponies at all
Can we just get back to MLP-related relationships with relatives?
File: Spoiler Image (878 KB, 2091x1067)
878 KB
878 KB JPG
It's fake btw
Ban non-pony threads now.

You have a million other boards you can post on. We don't.

Stop bumping pony threads off the boards you pathetic fuckers.
>"Stop bumping pony threads off the boards"
>Doesn't sage
I guess it's more believable when the characters are human versus "Hey I'm Anon, better bang my sister who is a pony for some reason"
Keep crying, faggot; no one's going to miss your poochie spam
It's MLP-related, though the past 50 or so posts haven't been. The only other place for MLP-related incest porn is /trash/, and they move so fast the thread would 404 or hit bump limit in a couple days at most.
File: brodo faggins.png (214 KB, 400x399)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>I like incest as a fetish, but I have zero attraction to my family.
We're not all poser faggots here, normalfag loser. I'd give anything to love my little sister forever and have it be reciprocated.
>Anon in EqG
>Sister Rainbow Dash is molesting him and nobody believes him when he asks for help
>Mostly because everyone's pretty sure that she's a dyke anyway
File: 1491808027834.jpg (46 KB, 476x475)
46 KB
>You will never lovingly milk your sister's tits
>Aunt Sweetie Belle will never have a threesome with you and Rarity
>Great Grandma Sonata will never flash her tits at you
It hurts.
File: cheerilee.jpg (54 KB, 404x414)
54 KB
would you fug aunt Cheerio
why would you read something that's coming out as an anime right now
My first ever green, be gentle:

>"Are you sure the two of you will be alright?" your mom asks nervously.
>"Mother," you say, "I'm an adult. You and Dad go have fun."
>"What about your sister? We've never left her alone before." she pipes in.
>"She's not going to be alone. I'm here."
>You know that your mother is just being your mother, but you're starting to get annoyed.
>You are Anon. Your parents are off to see your younger brother before going on their second honeymoon.
>You shudder at the thought, but they deserve it.
>"Well, okay...make sure you and your sister get enough sleep and don't starve yourselves."
>"Mother, Dad looks a little impatient." Your dad actually looks worried, too. But that's your little secret.
>Your mom sighs and pulls you into a hug. "Okay, we'll see you in a few weeks. Love you."
>"Love you too, Mom." With that, goodbyes are said, and your parents are off, away for a long time.
>"Well," you say, "maybe I should go get Flutters." You say to yourself, grinning as you head up to your room.
>Reaching into your closet, you pull out a large box and open it up. A smile comes to you.
>You pull out a pink full-face helmet with a dotted outline of a butterfly on it.
>With a chuckle, you can't wait to see her face.
A few weeks ago.

>"Sorry, Flutters, none of my old helmets will fit you." You lie, pulling the black helmet off your sister.
>"I thought they fit alright." she counters. She's clever, but its not time yet.
>"Trust me, they're too big for you. And no proper fitting helmet-"
>"-means no riding." she finishes. She's heard your philosophy on helmets so often that she points out helmetless riders with a cry of "Squid!" just like you do.
>Honestly, you're surprised your sister wants to ride with you so badly. She's so timid, you'd figure that she'd be scared to even see you ride.
>She sighs and puts her head on your shoulder. "Its just...whenever you go on a ride, Zephyr starts acting like a jerk."
>You bite your lower lip, if there is one person you alternatly love and want to stab with a soldering iron, it's your little brother, Zephyr.
>Family is Family, but man if he isn't obnoxious. And the way he gets a laugh out of messing with Fluttershy is the next-level of annoying.
>"Sorry, Flutters. I'll keep riding to a minimum until Mom and Dad send him off to that boarding school." You say, gently patting your sister's head.
>"Okay." she says, smiling lightly at your pats.
>Pulling up to the High School, you look down at your watch. They should be letting out anytime now.
>A couple of people have given you odd looks at the pink helmet tied down behind you, but you shrug it off.
>Suddenly you hear the familiar sound of the High School's bell go off and a flood of students pouring out.
>You hope that Principal Celestia told Fluttershy you were getting her today.
>Soon you see her and her friends walking out the doors, they're looking around, probably for your car.
>Your sister sees you.
>You can practically hear her squeal from across the schoolyard.
>She runs up, her friends in tow, and stops just beside you. "A-Anon! I thought you were picking me up!"
>She's terrible at hiding the fact she knows whats coming.
>"I am." You play along, untieing the pink helmet and holding it out to her. "Happy -Late- Birthday No. 18!"
>She smiles widely and starts to put it on immeadiately. Her friends seem happy for her, some of them saying things like "Best Brother Award."
>As they walk to their buses, Fluttershy turns to you. "Uhm...Anon? How do the straps work?"
>You laugh and have her bend down so you can get the straps tied. Past them, your eyes widen as you notice the immense amount of cleaveage.
>You silently thank the stars for your mirrored visor as you notice your eyes shooting back to her cleavage over and over.
>-Bad Anon, that's your sister!- says the little voice in your head.
>Shaking yourself back to your senses, you give the helmet a wiggle. Firm, no looseness. "Anywhere feel really tight, Flutters?" you ask.
>"No, Anon, its actually quite comfortable!" She says excitedly.
>With a laugh, you point behind you. "Hop on, sis."
>It takes a moment for her to get on comfortably. You forgot she wore a skirt today, but her dignity shouldn't be threatened, now that you've gotten things taken care of.
>With a quick check to make sure its safe, you pull out and are riding down the street with your sister behind you, arms wrapped around your waist
>Damn, that voice is back. Its hard not to notice their incredible softness with how she has you in a death hug.
>Nevertheless, your focus is more on the road, where it should be anyways. You're riding dammit.
>Soon you pass by your favourite ice cream place. Oh a whim, you pull in and find a shady spot for the bike.
>You motion Fluttershy to get off before putting the kickstand down. You pull your helmet off before noticing Fluttershy struggling.
>"You'll get it down eventually, sis." You say, undoing the straps and pulling it off, a cute squeak from your sister as it pops off her head.
>You find yourself stifling a laugh. Your sister's helmet hair is RIDICULOUS. She notices your grin and gaze, and looks in one of the bike mirrors.
>"Oh my!" She exclaims, before trying to fix her hair.
>You, the newest recipient of the Best Brother Award, pull out her comb from home. "Here, Flutters. This should help."
>"Oh, thanks Anon!" She exclaims, fixing her hair quickly. "How's that?" She asks, a loose hair slipping out of her hair clip.
>You smile and put the hair back into place. "Byootiful." You say with a thick joke accent.
>Once the two of you have your ice cream, you sit on the grass next to the bike. Fluttershy looks over at you. "I thought you didn't ever want to let me ride with you. You don't seem to like passengers."
>You shake your head. "I always said I'd never let some girl just ride behind me. You're not 'some girl'."
>Fluttershy blushes and gives you the smile that you could die to.
>You pat her head and say in your softest, most sincere voice. "You're my little sister. The most important girl in my life."
>She squeaks and covers her face with her hands, flustered.
>You let out a laugh.
>Once the two of you finish, you start getting ready to go, this time you walk Fluttershy through the straps on her helmet.
>"How do you like riding, Flutters?" You ask.
>"Its a little scarier than I thought...but its really nice once you're really going." She responds.
>"Good," you say motioning behind you again. "because I hope you'll be riding with me a lot more."
>"Of course!" she says, getting on. "Anon?" she asks once she's behind you.
>"Yeah Flutters?"
>She wraps her arms around your waist, her helmeted head resting on your back. "I love you, big brother."
>"Love you too, little sister." You say, taking off down the street.
>You opt to take the long way back home, let her get more comfortable being on the bike.
>Partway through, you notice that familiar softness on your back is now...moving?
>Fluttershy is rubbing against your back, or more specifically.
>-Stop it, pervert! That's your little sister!-
>You're starting to wonder if you should see a psychologist about this damn voice.
>"Flutters? You good back there?" You ask as you pull up to a stop sign.
>"Y-yes Anon, why do you ask?" She says.
>"Just wondering. Its your first time, so I just want to make sure you're comfortable."
>You start heading home, still feeling her rub against you. At one point her grip seems to tighten.
>Once you are home, you pull the bike into the garage, and Fluttershy dashes into the house, not even stopping to take off her helmet.
>You get yours off and walk inside, seeing her on the couch, a pillow pulled up to her chest, and her face redder than you've ever seen."
>"Flutters?" You ask, sitting next to her. "Is everything alright?" You're afraid that she actually was scared during the ride.
>"N-no...I'm not." She says, almost sounding as if she's in pain.
>You take off her helmet and feel her forehead. Normal there. "What's up?" You ask.
>Fluttershy whimpers and looks away. "It's embarrassing."
>"You can say if the ride made you nervous. I'll understand." You say.
>"Its not that...I loved the ride. Just..." she buries her face in the pillow and says something muffled.
>"I didn't quite catch that, sis."
>"Meebuh ah riddle bee dou merch."
>You pull the pillow away gently and are about to ask her to repeat it when you notice it.
>Dark splotches on your sister's white top. Her face completely red and her bottom lip quivering.
>"M-maybe a li-little bit...too m-much..." she said after an eternity of silence.

And that's all I got for now. Hope its acceptable.
File: 1432656681566.jpg (35 KB, 661x720)
35 KB
File: 1492282700720.png (143 KB, 672x434)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
I was about to say "Wait. What?" then I remembered what edition this thread is on. Very well, proceed.
File: IMG_2444.jpg (239 KB, 1144x1600)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Any chance that update will be done anytime soon?
Goodnight /incest/. I love you almost as much as you love your sister.
Jokes on you, sis loves me most.
Does she, Anon? Or does she only say that to make you go away?
>Cousin Cadence fancies herself a match-maker
>Deludes herself into believing that she has a sixth sense for knowing if two people are meant for each other
>This ability may or may not actually be real
>Hasn't seen her cousin Anon since before this "ability" made itself known
>Sees him, hangs out with him for the day, etc
>Then suddenly, her alleged sixth sense for romance lights up and it hits her like a train
>She and Anon are meant for each other
>She knows it
>She just KNOWS it
>Now all she has to do is figure out how to make Anon see her romantically
Because it's more convenient. I might watch the anime eventually.
I liked it a lot.
Was kind of weird reading 'mother' and 'sister' so many times without using their abbreviated versions. Other than that it was a quality read. Would love to see more.
File: 1356934374956.png (872 KB, 900x900)
872 KB
872 KB PNG
This is both really fucking adorable and lewd. I like it, you better be writing more for this.
File: Cadence weird sweater.png (234 KB, 500x1020)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>"It's the newest fashion craze, Anon! Everyone from Prance is wearing it this season. What do you think? Do you like it?"
File: 1492351081810.jpg (90 KB, 640x360)
90 KB
File: 1466410961419.jpg (41 KB, 460x297)
41 KB
Continue this please.
You guys know who ELSE likes this thread?
File: 1476240995252.png (120 KB, 803x677)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
Okay, that's actually pretty funny.
File: 2fRD6PZ.png (205 KB, 500x333)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Don't you dare.
If you say "my mom", you're fired!
I'm not done with you yet
Sorry for the lack of content, incest thread. I said that I'd finish this, and I haven't been making good on my promise. I won't blogpost at you, but I've got some things going on that are slowing me down right now


>You jump, startled, and turn around.
>Behind you in the street is a girl with red hair, bracing her legs wide and pointing at you dramatically.
>"You?" she asks, sounding confused, "Wha-no, not you."
>She's about a foot shorter than you are, making this entire encounter with her a mite bit less intimidating than she probably thought it was.
>Her tiny, high-cut leather jacket stops at around the bottom of her rib-cage, and she looks as though she picked a jacked that was two sizes too small.
>Then again, the sleeves reach all the way down to her wrists, so it could just be some kind of designer jacket.
>Either way, there isn't enough loose material in the back for it to flap dramatically in the wind; instead, it buzzes rapidly like a sleeping dog's ear over a floor vent.
>Underneath her jacket is a simple outfit of teal shirt on top of a yellow, semi-transparent number.
>The both of them are stretched thin and tugged down over her hips, and they almost give the illusion that the girl is wearing a skirt.
>Underneath her shirt-skirt and leather jacket combo is a simple pair of jeans and some black boots.
>You try not to look at the way her body-shape is like, but your eyes are already silently judging her choice in clothing, and clothes can generally be found on one's body.
>This is to say, you can't help but notice the lack of flare around her hips or any kind of swelling on her chest.
>She looks like she's probably still in high school.
>Why do you seem to attract the attention of 16-year-old girls?!
>The redhead blinks in confusion and peers at you as though she only just noticed you.
>The redhead frowns as she examines you, narrowing her eyes suspiciously as she looks you up and down.
>"Who are yo-ugh."
>She rubs her face, eyes closed and grimacing in frustration, and then points at exactly the same place as last time.
>It takes you a moment to realize that she's pointing over your shoulder.
>...right at the sirens.
>Sonata looks frightened and takes an anxious step backwards, nervously wringing her hands in front of her chest.
>Adagio's expression crumbles into that of grim determination, and she grabs Sonata by the shoulder and pushes the blue girl behind herself.
>Still staring at this new girl, Adagio blindly swings the arm closest to you around, grasping at thin air.
>When her hand comes in contact with you, Adagio grips your jacket tightly and pulls you back with surprising strength.
>Sonata doesn't even respond when you stumble and bump into her, other than to grab onto Adagio's shoulder to keep herself from falling over.
>Nobody moves for a long five seconds.
>Five seconds stretches into ten.
>Ten, to fifteen.
>Sonata relaxes a bit and goes from hiding behind Adagio to peering curiously over her shoulder.
>Adagio's grip on you finally loosens, but she still keeps her arms outstretched.
>Fifteen seconds become twenty seconds.
>Then thirty seconds.
>The redhead's arm is beginning to shake from the effort of being held out straight for so long.
>Sonata's gotten bored and has started to shuffle her feet awkwardly.
"This is stupid."
>Adagio's hand shoots out to grab you as you step around her to confront the newcomer, but an unexpected duck allows it to sail over your head.
>By the time Adagio grabs at you again, you've already walked out of arm's reach.
>You take a few steps towards the redhead and then stop when you're about the same distance away from both the sirens and the girl.
File: daggi1.jpg (223 KB, 1280x1005)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
"So," you drawl, glancing between the sirens and the redhead, and making sure that nobody bum-rushes anybody else, "I'm guessing you know each other?"
>This seems to finally break whatever tension was in the air, and the redhead finally lowers her accusatorily-pointing arm so that she can glare at you.
>"No," she deadpans.
>You glare right back.
>Well, fuck you too, little child.
"Well, you know, I was trying to think of a polite way of saying 'what the fuck is your problem', but

>Adagio's hand shoots out to grab you when you step around to confront the newcomer, but the unexpectedness of you walking in front of her dulls her reflex and delays the snatch by a whole half-second, allowing you to deftly dodge around it.
>"Anon!" she hisses, "Wait!"
>You take a few lazy steps towards the redhead.
"I'm guessing you know each other?"
>Redhead just looks at you as though you were a stupid idiot.
>"No." she deadpans.
>Well fuck you too, little child.
"Sorry," you reply with a glare, "I was trying to think of a polite way to say 'what the fuck is your problem'."
>The redhead's eyes widen, and she looks taken aback by your words.
>She recovers quickly, though, and gestures at you.
>"So, who are you, anyway? Are you their friend?"
>You open your mouth, and then immediately close it.
>You mean, maybe?
>You just met them less than a week ago, and all they've done is ask you to impregnate them and spill their drinks all over your nice carpet.
>Who ARE you to them, anyway?
>...that's really about it.
>Sonata's pretty friendly, Aria left before you could really connect with her, and Adagio seems to be more or less there to keep the other two from fucking up too badly.
>If they want you to fuck them, does that mean you've bypassed friendship entirely?
File: wait oh shit.png (194 KB, 470x600)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
>Can you be lovers without being friends?
>You must look pretty indecisive, because Adagio and Sonata are starting to look rather offended.
>Sonata in particular looks sadly at you.
>Adagio rolls her eyes and takes over.
>"Apparently not," she deadpans, glaring at you.
>She takes a few steps forward, subtly putting herself between you and the new girl.
"Don't worry about him, Sunset," she says casually, waving her hand around dismissively,"He's just some gu-"
>"Nonny!" cries Sonata with a slight whine in her voice, "How could you SAY that?"
>She marches over to you and grabs your hands, cupping them tightly and bringing them to her chest.
>"We're FAMILY!"
>The dead silence that follows Sonata's words is broken by the slap of Adagio's hand on her own face.
>"Celestia... DAMNIT, Sonata," she groans.
>"You're family?"
>The girl - Sunset - looks between you and the two sirens, wrinkling up her nose as she scrutinizes you.
>"Huh," she says, "I can see the resemblance. I never would have noticed unless I knew that I should be looking for it, though."
>She levels you with a piercing glare, and a small part of your mind notes that there has been a lot of intense looks exchanged today.
>"So, where'd you get another siren? I thought there were only three of you."
>"Y-Yeah," stutters Adagio, visibly sweating, "He's our... cousin."
>Without another word, Adagio marches over to you and thrusts her hands onto yours and Sonata's, breaking the blue girl's grip on you.
>"Well, boys and girls," she says hurriedly, forcibly lacing her fingers between yours and Sonata's, "It's time for us to go."
"W-Wait! Who's this gi-"
>Adagio interrupts with a jerk of your arm and a powerful squeeze of your hand.
>"Later, Anon."
>She turns and shows you her sharp teeth.
>"LATER, Anon!"
>You throw a glance over your shoulder, thoroughly confused.
>Sunset is standing right where you left her, and she's staring you dead in the eyes.
>You've got a bad feeling about this.
Like I said, it's a small update, and it's a bit shit. I look forward to being able to write freely again, because this thread is a lot of fun. Y'all have a hell of a lot of good (and sexy) ideas.
>"Well, you know, I was trying to think of a polite way of saying 'what the fuck is your problem', but
This is why you proof-read before you post, boys and girls. Fuck me.
God fucking dammit. I've fixed it in the pastebin and made it so that it doesn't look like a retard wrote it. It's been a long day, incest thread.
Not even a writefag fucking up can save us now
File: IMG_2217.png (200 KB, 326x315)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Onichansfables seems to be our last hope
Sunset is going assume the worst isn't she?
So is the top half of this going to be fixed in the pastebin? I imagine the first entire paragraph of this post shouldn't be there right?

There might be kidnapping and beatings in the future.

You're sweet, Anon. Though I think you're getting a bit too excited considering that ball I dropped.

Yup. I was editing it in a document and forgot to get rid of the old part. Just about from "This is stupid" to the "Adagio's hand shoots out to grab" line.
You'd best keep goin, my dick aint gonna get lathered up for a wee bit of titty juice but it certainly like's where this is going.
not today, dammit
File: 1457164514978.png (201 KB, 812x630)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
Fucking hell those breasts are perky, I have a massive urge to squeeze them.
File: hootershy.png (75 KB, 417x600)
75 KB

>"W-well I guess you can if you really want to, Anon... They h-have been feeling a bit too full lately."
Hands or mouth, Fluttershy? I can do both, if that makes the decision easier for you.
>Your big sister blushes and hides her face behind her hands.
>You're used to Fluttershy's shy periods, so you do what you always do when confronted by a bashful big sister
>You walk over to her, wrap your fingers around her wrists, and gently pull her hands away from her face.
>She's bright red.
"I didn't catch that, 'Shy."
>"I-I said..."
>She takes a deep breath and puffs up her lips, trying to psych herself up.
>"B-b-both, p-please, Anon..."
File: slmglmg.jpg (307 KB, 926x456)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
No worries friendo. Thanks for the update. Write and post when you can. I get the feeling this thread will be here a while.
Would you milk Fluttershy into a handful of milk bottles and store them in the fridge?
>Your adorable little daughter Celestia will never grow into an six and a half foot tall Amazonian Sex-Goddess

>Not drinking every drop straight from the source
Why is the pastebin so poor? You should at least include links to some old Oedipus and Button's Mom stuff.

File: GOOD DAY.png (151 KB, 540x404)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
Fucking shit, what good are those links when Bill Dauterive's pastebin is still fucking empty
There's not enough father daughter stuff in here. I read the scootaloo one from the pastebin and it had me diamonds.
Does it have the rarity is anon's daughter one?
Been looking for that pastebin forever. Based.

>Celestia and Luna are adopted
>puberty is kind to Celestia
>way too kind
>by the time she's graduated high school she's noticeably taller than you
>she was always a daddy's girl, frequently hugging you, kissing you on the cheek, and getting jealous of any woman who showed interest in you
>that hasn't changed even as an adult, which makes things awkward now that she has a body most men would drool over
>Celestia knows this and purposefully makes things weird
>when you actually manage to find a woman you're interested in, she panics and you wake up one night with her on top of you in lingerie
>she begs you not to leave her and she's willing to do anything to keep you all to herself
>Besides making her feel relief Fluttershy just wants her sweet little brother Anon to happy.
File: YouGay.jpg (45 KB, 225x350)
45 KB
I've seen a different version of this where the part the boy asks is the same, but this Thelma person actually gives solid advice on how to stop it. So I know at least that part is shopped.
Or it's all fake, who knows.

All you in here like "Sh- she's bad, no. Bad sister ech." Fuck y'all niggas gay as fuck.
File: downloadfile-51.png (2.43 MB, 1500x2100)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
>You will never find out a French supermodel is your distant cousin because she traveled to find you.
Travelled to find me? With what context?

>Press is bothering her about being single
>Wants to find a beard (minus the lesbian aspect) only without the risk of an actual relationship
>Solution: find some boy who would never EVER fuck her
>Problem: She's a French supermodel
>Solution 2: Electric Boogaloo: Find some boy who is related by blood to who, b-because who fucks family, r-right?
>Her family is pretty well-known, so she has to find someone who is distantly-related enough that her spotline never once shined on him
>Looks through the yearly-updating family tree and finds the perfect distant cousin: Some guy named "Anonymous" who lives overseas.
I'll take solution 2 for 300.
>Be Fleur
>Find some kid from overseas who is your 3rd cousin 4 times removed or something
>Hang out with him, go out for ice cream (low-fat, non-dairy for you, thanks), see movies where you clutch his arm like a schoolgirl
>Try and ignore the repeating faces following you around and distracting your poor cousin when you start to hear camera clicks
>He was pretty weird at first and was nervous about hanging out with you, but you can't really blame him. Family or not, who WOULDN'T be nervous spending time with someone like you?
>A few days go by while you stay with him at his apartment
>No silk sheets, but beggars cannot be choosers
>Gotta make it look convincing, though
>Gotta get him out of his shell
>Be patient, encourage him to have fun
>He even starts cracking jokes - he's got a better sense of humour than you expected
>This isn't so bad.
>He gets more comfortable around you
>Laugh so hard that you snort
>Have so much fun that you forget that the paparazzi is following you around
>Have so much fun that you even splurge on your diet and buy some regular full-fat ice cream
>Have so much fun that, just for a split-second, you forget that he's your cousin, and you kiss him on the cheek
>As you press your lips against Anon's face, you're hyper-aware of that distant -click- of a camera
>Anon just laughs and gives you a bit of a shove
>He doesn't see you blushing
>Y-You guess the paparazzi won't have any trouble convincing people back home that Anon here is your boyfriend.
>You sling your arm over his shoulder and pull him close
>Might as well make it look convincing
I could go for some Cousin Fleur while waiting for Cousin Bonnie to return.

Where for art thou Cousin Bonnie? That was the image and green that lured me in here in the first place.
Ask and you shall receive.
>Pic related.
More please?
Aww, thanks friendo. Eyup, that's the one. She sure is a qt in that pic. I could see my younger self falling hard for her.

Indeed. The premise has promise. I can see her starting to crush on him without realizing it. My only fear is his heartache when he finds out her initial intention was to just use him as a beard.
File: 1473958473052.png (621 KB, 733x1100)
621 KB
621 KB PNG
Buddy, if you need to cut blood relations from your daughter to get into this, then you really don't belong here.
this NBR faggots should hang themselves
sounds cute

>You find yourself a little tongue-tied. It takes a moment for everything to click into place.
>"Flutters...why are you..?" You ask, looking up into her lightly watering eyes.
>She looks at you, and she whimpers out. "I-I don't know...it just started a few weeks ago..."
>Suddenly, she lets out a pained whimper and she seems to shiver. She looks up at you, a single tear rolling down her cheek.
>"C-can you help me?" she asks suddenly. Her eyes meet yours, unwavering. She's serious.
>Your mind shuts down completely. What was happening to you right now? This was not something that happened in real life.
>"Wh-what do you mean by help?" You ask. You find yourself sitting down on the couch as well, your face feeling warmer than usual.
>Fluttershy crawls over to you and sits down in your lap. She bites her bottom lip as she sobs out quietly. "Th-They feel so sore...I think they need..."
>She leans into you and cries onto your shoulder. She grips your shirt and looks up at you.
>"Please...it hurts...don't make me say it out loud..." She says.
>You feel the damp spots on her top pressed against you. Your mind is racing. That damn voice is screaming gibberish at you now.
>All you know is your sister is crying, and your job as her big brother is to help her.
>"H-how do you want to do this?" You ask, swallowing in order to try to keep your composure.
>My only fear is his heartache when he finds out her initial intention was to just use him as a beard.

>Fleur tells Anon the whole story after he has a run-in with some paparazzi
>Anon stands stock-still, thinking deep
>Fleur is almost surprised when she feels the strong urge to cry now that she's surely ruined her friendship (or whatever it is; her feelings for her cousin are confusing), but holds it in
>She's a professional, dammit, and holding back one's emotions is part of her job
>Without warning, Anon turns around and hugs her
>Fleur decides that she doesn't have to be a professional today
>Fluttershy blushes and before your eyes, slips her top off and wads it up. "I'll have to wash this anyway...we'll just use it to catch my..." she turns redder as she stammers out, "...m-milk."
>You feel your jaw slack. Her bra, with its own dark splotches, came off as too small for her breasts.
>She squirms slightly and leans forward. "C-can you...unhook me?
>You finally just ignore the voice and reach around. Somehow, you unhook her easily.
>Her bra falls off her body, leaving her completely exposed in front of you.
>Her nipples catch your attention. Those perfect little buds at the peaks of her incredible breasts, dripping ever so slightly with her white, pearly milk.
>You look back up at her to see her look deep into your eyes. "Flutters...they're...amazing..." you blurt out.
>Fluttershy smiles slightly and holds her already stained top beneath her large breasts. "I'll catch...you..." she's too embarrassed to tell you that your the one milking her.
>With a deep breath, you reach up and take her breasts into your hands.
>You squeeze gently, pulling a gasp from her as you take a moment to familiarize yourself with their weight and softness.
>You move your thumb and index fingers to her nipples, gently rubbing them at first. Fluttershy shivers on top of you.
>Taking her nipples between your digits, you squeeze lightly and pull, the motion coaxes more of her milk out from her nipples, as well an incredibly sensual moan.
>She catches the white streams with her top, and you repeat the process. Each time your sister seems to get louder and more milk is released.
>A few rounds of this and you are milking your sister in earnest. She looks over at you, her face red and her eyes half-closed.
>"A-Anon..." She stammers out.
>You look back up at her, continuing your milking motion. You always thought that you had a pretty sister, but looking at her now you realize pretty was an understatement.
>Between her soft, delicate features, her gorgeous cyan eyes, and her incredible body, she was so much more than just "pretty."
>She was sublime. "Are you doing alright, Flutters?" You ask.
>Fluttershy moans and puts one of her hands on your chest. She smiles and runs her hand down your chest, "O-of course...aaah...it feels so good to have you..."
>Her eyes widen and she lets out a loud moan as you accidentally squeeze a little harder than you have been.
>"S-sorry sis! I didn't mean to-!" you start to apologize.
>Fluttershy drops her now soaked top to the floor, pulling her body close to yours. "Its alright Anon. I feel so much better now. Thank you so much."
>Its at this moment you realize that milking your sister has given you the hardest erection you have even had.
>She looks down and notices the tent pitched in your pants. You hear a gasp before she gets off of your lap and onto her knees in front of you.
>"A-Anon...did that...turn you on?"
>You feel a pang of guilt. You aren't supposed to be in this kind of situation. You were supposed to take care of her, be responsible.
>And now you're in this sexual position with your little sister before the end of the first day.
>You're snapped out of thoughts by the feeling of your member being freed.
>Fluttershy is staring wide-eyed at your cock.
>"Anon...you're much bigger than I hoped." She says, her eyes running over every vein. What a second...'hoped'?
>This choice of words echoes in your mind for a breif moment before Fluttershy leans in and kisses the tip softly.
>"Anon...you helped me feel better. Now I'll help you." she says before opening her mouth wide and taking as much of it in as she can.
>No return now. You're not sure how or why, but this feels too good to let go. Even if she is your sister, her technique is phenominal.
>"Flutters...where on earth did you learn to do this?"
>She pulls away for a moment. "Popcicles." Is all she says before going back to it.
>You remember a time when you watched her have a popcicle race with her friends.
>She won.
>You also remember her looking over at you while the race was happening.
>She pulls away and moans lightly. "Take control, big brother."
>Oh, that's how she likes it. With a deep breath, you hold the side of her head. With gentle motions, you guide her mouth down onto you.
>She lets out a loud moan as you guide her on the exact speed and depth to take. Her cyan eyes meet yours, and she continues to suck gently while you guide her.
>If this is wrong, you don't want to be right anymore.
>Fluttershy must have noticed you're resignation to allowing this to happen, because she pulls away and smiles up at you.
>"I think we both know what we really want to do."
>The moment those words leave her lips, you pick her up and carry her upstairs.

All I've got. You guys are going to hate me for cliffhangers.

Guess what? Pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/718PCEsE
I'm liking this idea. If I may add / add to

>The paparazzi encounter is confusing. Have some comedy.
>Maybe draw out the processing of the reveal with Anon going over feelings of being used; betrayed.
>They don't speak the rest of the day possible until the next day.
>Anon notices Fleur facade starting to crack when she thinks he's not looking.
>A Rarity-type friend of Anon's explains what Fleur puts up with back home in Prance.
>something something something soul searching.
>Fleur decides to return home before she breaks down totally in front of Anon.
>Anon stops her mid-sentence with a hug when she tells him she's leaving.
>heartfelt conversations about feels the way they are now.
>tears of relief and joy are had
>decide to 'see what may come'
>face new challenges together.

there you go all writefriend senpai; plenty of outline to use as you wish. I'll go make sure I have popcorn and tissues ready.
went from 0 to 10 in a single line my nigga
>ugh! Blueballed by green text.
Nice Yama. Looking forward to reading the rest.
File: 1486779996407.jpg (31 KB, 600x600)
31 KB
Best position would obviously have her in your lap, hilted to the base inside of her, face in her breasts sucking the milk out.

No contest.
File: 1461301642184.jpg (122 KB, 518x710)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Who could resist? No one, that's who.
File: XbXSi6h.jpg (21 KB, 231x497)
21 KB
I was having a tall glass of milk whilst reading this. Best fucking glass of milk I've ever had.
>Im in my house, and it's 9:00pm but I decide to dress up and I put a couple dresses on and found a medium length dress, that just happened to show my huge boobs, I look in the mirror then, I hear a knock on the front door, I'm hesitant to open it, after a fess seconds I open the door and Mike is there, but he's starts acting weirder then usual, he keeps saying ".....d-diamond....can i-i....come..i-in.......I'm s-so....c-c-cold......" his face is blue it's so cold, so I let him in. We sit on the couch and I can't help but notice that he's staring at my dress so I ask him "do you like it? I just found this, and its brand new" he starts to blush and he hesitantly replies "......y-y-yes.....I-it looks.....g-g-g-good..." I thank him and I make him some coffee, I return with two cups of coffee and set them on the table, I look over at him and his face is so much redder then what it was. I sit back on the couch and say "here I made some coffee for us" he looks at me, his eyes widen and he says "I was t-t-thinking of something e-else that could w-w-warm me up" I try to think of what that's something else is, but I can't think of anything. Then he got off the couch and walked over to where I am sitting and sat back on the couch and sat right next to me, and at this point I noticed his was really red, I could feel him looking at me, so I looked over at him, and before I knew it, he climbed on top of me. i start blushing and say with a calm voice "w-what are you doing?" He puts his hands on my chest, my face begins to become really red. His soft, gentle hands feel around my chest, I start to moan and breath heavily, his hands gently caress my breasts, he says "t-t-there..s-so.....B-b-big.....and...t-the-ere so....s-s-soft..." his hands start gently sqeezing and rubbing my breasts. The more satisfying and intense, the louder I moaned. His hands slowly start going down my chest, he looks down and slowly puts his hands in my dress, I start to shiver.
Linefeeds exist for a reason. Use them.
But who was phone?
Part 2: then he starts caressing and rubbing my vagina, I shiver and my moaning gets even louder. I pull away and take off my dress and get back on the couch and sit on mikes lap, and I can feel him getting erect. I then start to rub my vagina on his penis, and he once again gets on top of me, he then puts his hands in my underwear and Carrys on rubbing my vagina. It feels so good, he then pulls his hands out and there covered in pearly delicious secretion, he then licks it off and proceeds to rub me, then he starts fingering me, and it feels good. He sits back up, His hands are covered in secretion. I look down and see how erect he is and i ask "c-c-can...i....t-t-take y-your...c-c-c-clothes o-off?" He replies "y-y-yes" I then take his clothes off, I then Neal down on my nees and see his penis and say "i-I-I-it's so b-b-big" then I kiss the tip of it repeatedly, then I sit on his lap facing him and say "w-would you do the p-p-pleasure of taking my laundere off?" He then slowly takes my clothes off and I once again rub my vagina on his penis and I get secretion all over it and proceed to rub and while I do so he starts doing a circular motion up and down. And he stops, I shiver, and then I get on my nees, and start to slowly lick the secretion off his penis. I can feel him shiver and moan. I then start to rub mikes penis, after awhile I forgot that i had bad asthma, and I pass out, Mike puts my clothes back on me and puts his clothes on, and gently picks me up and brings me into bed, tucks me into bed and leaves. THE NEXT MORNING: I wake up, and at first I didn't remember what happened but then I did and I rushed to the bathroom and did a pee test, and it said positive! I idmidiatly text Mike and tell him to come over right away! He gets there doesn't even knock and just rushes in the door and says "Rose what's wrong?!" I reply "........I'm..........p-p-p-pregnant!" THE END!
0.1/10 please leave.
Do this thread a favour and never post here again. It should be obvious that there is a format to follow. If you're so dumb to not notice as much, then stick to lurking.
I think it might have been bait. If you can answer "yes" to the question "does this post look tailor made to make me angry", well... I mean there's this dude who posts cuck stuff in rgre and it's incredibly obvious bait, but none of those dumb motherfuckers have picked up on it. pardon my French; I won't bring up rgre here again.
>Clingy mother Chrysalis will never sabotage your dates and welcome you back home with open arms when things inevitably do not go well
>She will never reach down and give your bum a squeezy squeezy

you could just look him up on desuarchive

File: 1359252003017.png (685 KB, 1007x3205)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
found a twimom story in a archive
To that one anon that wanted that Lightning Dust story from Bill Dauterive, here's the thread of that story.
Nope, im interested though.
biiiiig meik
File: 1430783716684.jpg (102 KB, 640x888)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>all this fluttershy
>all this lactating fluttershy
i cannot possibly get any more erect
File: 1491625496126.png (616 KB, 1000x1000)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
File: 1491703307236.png (456 KB, 784x466)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
Aww cmon that's it?
File: IMG_1028.png (1.54 MB, 1592x1849)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
>You will never reach down and give her bum a squeezy squeezy
File: 10.png (765 KB, 2200x1600)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
>Little sister Trixie will never confess her feelings for you
>You will never hesitate and take a step back in shock
>She will never think that you are about to run away
>She will never cry out, tears streaming down her cheeks, begging you not to leave her alone
>You will never lunge forward and pull her into a hug
>Your drunk relative will never molest you
File: downloadfile-6.gif (691 KB, 480x270)
691 KB
691 KB GIF
>This whole thread.
File: Spoiler Image (23 KB, 349x309)
23 KB
>Later that night
>Be Fluttershy's fraternal twin.
>Share her shy, quiet nature: not very confrontational, have a hard time maintaining eye contact with people and you don't handle crowds well, but otherwise you can force yourself to do what's necessary.
>Though you cease to function if interacting with any girl that isn't your twin.
>Naturally, due to your shy natures and comfort with each other, you do pretty much everything together, including the volunteering at the animal shelter.
>Often get mistaken for a young couple when helping people or families pick out a pet.
>Many red faces are had
>Spend Valentine's day working at the shelter
>There's no way any of you could actually date someone.
>But due to the mood of the day, you two start talking about romance.
>Your face visibly sours when Fluttershy mentions how some of her friends pester her about getting a boyfriend or to stop hanging out with you so much
>After talking about partners as well as giving opinions on each other while tending to some puppers, the two of you realize that such an intimate relationship, while nice, is just not possible when you consider just how uncomfortably embarrassing getting friendly with the opposite sex, let alone being intimate with someone, would actually be for the both of you.
>Why bother, right?
>Besides, who needs anyone else when you have each other, right?
>You know your quirks and have seen each other at your worst.
>You two kinda match each others desired traits anyway
>You two share a look as you come to the conclusion that the best possible match is right in front of you.
>On the forefront of your minds is the fact of how little this actually bothers you two, in fact it feels kind of right.
>During break, you decide to sneak into the storage room and trade a few clumsy kisses.
>Be Fluttershy's fraternal twin
>Naturally, due to your shy natures and comfort with each other, you do pretty much everything together, including handholding
There's a lack of mentioning french accents that I find disturbing here
File: 3.png (117 KB, 900x720)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
this is relevant to my interests
File: 1489906806077.jpg (21 KB, 400x400)
21 KB
Sounds like the best feel.
More of this. It's cute.
Says you... her husband was RIGHT fucking there...
Why is incest so hot?
File: yosuga no sora kiss.jpg (60 KB, 500x281)
60 KB
Absolutely based my friend. My heart requires more sweet gentle loving twincest.
File: 1491590700113.png (86 KB, 599x363)
86 KB
That anime was fun. Many faps were had
File: 1490891930102.jpg (98 KB, 430x350)
98 KB
>tfw your hot cousins live far as fuck and are already married to chad dudebros
I can't write french accents. I just end up making them german accents.
>dead again
>[ree'ing intensifying in the distance]
File: Oxv9Wv9.jpg (105 KB, 1200x795)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

This is for great grandma Sonata.
Witnessed and saved.

God speed.
Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
>Ignorance of Sonata chan!
Thank you, google translate app that uses the camera.
Witnessed! In honour of my fallen Anon, y'all will hear more from great-grandma 'Nata before this thread is out!
Those tiddies and hips are god-tier.
Those nips are asking to get sucked and pinched.
I don't care how close I am related to someone. If she has nips like that, then I'm willing to risk it.
Do EET. Those types of nips are meant to be pinched.
Here's one of my favorite brother sister stories.
File: 1363287526703.jpg (90 KB, 324x540)
90 KB
>>Be Fluttershy's fraternal twin.
I know it's sappy and unrealistic, but I'm a sucker for a good "finding your soulmate" story.
File: 1492811745773.png (279 KB, 724x1024)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
>"It's not like I love my nerdy cousin."
>You will never plow your 15-year-old niece in her ass in the back row of a theater showing the latest Disney movie
File: 1492823278927.jpg (388 KB, 720x1000)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
>Cool big brother Anon
>Rainbow Dash idolizes him; tries to be "awesome" like he is

Sister fangirl when?
I'm surprised this is lasting as long as it has.
File: 1477594707173.png (216 KB, 694x941)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Mods can't deny those perky nips. Or sexually tormenting bitchy and bitchiest.
oh, I sure hope so. I'm digging the grand- mother/aunt sirens story.
>you will never have Little League for a little sister

>Be Fluttershy's fraternal twin.
>After that fateful day at the animal shelter, things didn't change much from before, even after becoming romantically involved.
>But there's no denying that doing the same things you did now carried a different feeling: a rather relaxed, more mature and content feeling, but, still having emotional highs not before experienced.
>The relationship was kept under wraps, you two weren't naive enough to believe people would understand.
>In a way, it was quite easy to keep it a secret, you two never were the type to advertise personal things, to openly talk about such things and besides that afternoon at the shelter, you two preferred the privacy only granted by home to openly express your feelings, just the two of you and no prying eyes to make it stifling, and considering how close you've always been there was nothing suspicious about the time you two spent together.
>A testament to how close you two already were before.
>Though you had to admit, you two still kept it wholesome, there still hadn't been any mashing of flesh bits or anything of the sort. Though the thought was always in the back of your minds.
>It wasn't that the two of you were embarrassed about being naked, you've seen each other naked plenty of times when bathing together, which, lets be reasonable here, is the best way to bathe; not only does it save on the water used, but it also makes having a clean back so much easier.
>If there was a single person on the planet that you didn't mind to be naked in front of, it would be your twin.
>It was just that you two were content enough to just be together like you always did that sex was never priority number one.
>It was just a matter of who took the lead first though.
>And it turned out to have been you, though Fluttershy would later argue that it was mutual.
>It had been after a bath to get the smell of animals off of you, on a particularly cold night of spring.

>Due to you sharing the same room past puberty, many would say it was bound to happen.
>However, your parents always were enablers, though thankfully, you two never demanded of them anything more than being loving parents.
>Perhaps had they known, this would have been when they drew the line?
>Then again, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, even if they are even less confrontational than you.
>Chances are, they would turn a blind eye, out of not wanting to get involved in such a thing rather than actually accepting it.
>Suffice it to say, the vacant room that was supposed to be for one of you was left as nothing more than storage for old family furniture and knickknacks.
>Your sister's pet rabbit had been fed, and everyone had retired for the night.
>Fluttershy's bed was left empty as she took to sleeping with you on yours.
>It was during this cold night that you drew extra close for warmth.
>Innocent at first, but somewhere along the line, it became less about finding comfort to sleep and instead more about dousing the fire building up at your center.
>That night would be the night that you took yet another first from each other.
>Memories are a blur as you tried to get as close to the most important person in your life than actually physically possible.
>In some cultures it is believed that twins share the same soul, so wouldn't it be natural that these two separate pieces would want nothing more than to finally form a whole?
>You recall the tiny, quiet moans of your twin under the sheets as you explored her body.
>You remember her tearful bright eyes as you plucked her flower. "B-be gentle, please." she had whispered...
>It felt like a long time, yet at the same, it felt like no time at all had passed as both of you tried to get closer.
>The worn mattress' springs would squeak lightly as you moved.
>Your sister would squeak out your name as well, as she wrapped her legs around your waist...

>It was soon after that you had reached your limit while still deep inside her, and collapsed at her side, your bed somewhat wet around the middle.
>No more words had been said, the closeness you two shared the rest of the night was enough.
>The next morning, nothing had really been different; you woke up to each other, you helped each other get ready, you said your good mornings to your parents, you ate breakfast... indeed there really wasn't much more to this relationship, there didn't need to be anything more as long as you two were together.
>People seem to put out the image that love is a strong fire that must be constantly fed with constant action or else it would die out.
>But really, for you two, love is just a humble flame atop an unassuming candle, content in just burning slowly, the presence of air to breathe all it needs to keep going.
>Love isn't the highs of each others bodies - though you have taken to indulging quietly every night before bed - love is the calm catharsis after such things, of simply being together, even during quiet times where nothing is said.
>And just like oxygen and the flame, all you two need is each others presence for your love to thrive.
>Be Fluttershy's fraternal twin.
>After that fateful day at the animal shelter, things didn't change much from before, even after becoming romantically involved.
File: feel.gif (17 KB, 418x500)
17 KB
I want this feel to be real.
File: 1491113114059.png (264 KB, 540x429)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
literally never my dude
He's the star of the football team
>she's the freshman
He's mister popular
>she's the tomboy outcast

But what the student body doesn't know....
Is that their brother and sister

Find out what shenanigans they get up to tonight on Brother in Sister
Mom pls! I'm married now!
>Stupid Anon, he knows I can't eat this...but if it's from him.....
File: penko.gif (2.07 MB, 334x380)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB GIF
>picture of Shining Armor and Chrysalis
>Mom pls!
That... was beautiful.

>Twilight Velvet isn't actually a real pony
>She's always been Chrysalis
>Twilight and Shining don't know they're part-changeling because of a spell she put on them that keeps them in their pony forms permanently
>Night Light doesn't know either and has been cheating on her for years
>The lack of love in her marriage is why Chrysalis looks so raggedy
>The entire invasion of Canterlot at the end of season 2 was a cover for Chrysalis trying to marry her son in Cadance's place and get all that sweet love
Anyone have the Sonata pastebin?
File: 1488231319562.jpg (25 KB, 468x272)
25 KB
I'm not crying; YOU'RE crying. Sh-shut up.
>Fleur straight-up kisses Anon on the lips; repeatedly, for several minutes
>Anon finally has enough brain power mustered up to ask what the fuck his cousin is doing
>Fleur bullshits up some lies about French culture and how it's okay to be intimate with family
>Immediately goes back to kissing
Grandma Sonata? https://pastebin.com/M8j69iSD
Welp, I'm never going to write as beautifully as you. Time to kill myself.
Come on now, i liked it too but it's not that good.
thanks that's the one
Let me have an excuse, Anon. It's something I can write on my suicide note.
Fleur this seems very off.
>Anon please, it my culture~
But even this seems very extreme
>do you doubt my love for you?
Well no but....
I won't lie Anon, I don't actually know how French people think.
She's probably counting on Anon being an ignorant stooge.
>Half-hour family sitcom with occasional hardcore incest fetish porn scenes
[Fund it]

>Suicide note ends up being most beautiful thing ever written

The same as us, just with those ridiculous accents.
File: 1491780450274.png (51 KB, 250x167)
51 KB
>Fleur tricks Anon into making a sex tape.
>It goes viral
>Anon becomes famous for bedding the hottest model on the planet despite being a nobody.
> Anon still doesn't realize that French culture doesn't mean humping your cousin

Talk about doing the French mistake
File: 1439388229778.jpg (5 KB, 251x240)
5 KB
>tonight on Brother in Sister
>Brother in Sister
>>Half-hour family sitcom with occasional hardcore incest fetish porn scenes

>Characters: little sister Little League; big brother Anon
>They live alone together for reasons that are never addressed
>Start episode:
>Little League tries to bake Anon a cake
>She doesn't want to get the clothes she's wearing for Anon dirty
>Uses sitcom logic and decides that the only course of action is to bake naked
>An hour later, Anon gets home
>In that time, Little League somehow manages to get cake and icing everywhere.
>On the kitchen walls, on the floor, and all over herself.
>Anon and Little League stare at each other for a silent 15 seconds while the audience laughs
>Anon makes some vague hand gestures and croaking noises that every sitcom character ever uses when they're confused
>There's a wet -SLORP- and a mash of cake and icing fall from the ceiling directly above Anon's head
>Anon stares at Little League in disbelief
>Little League shrugs and grins sheepishly
>"That's my Little League!"
>The next 15 minutes are devoted to Anon licking his sister clean and fucking her on the kitchen table
>They spout horrible baking puns the entire time
>Theme song, fade to black, credits roll
Someday, when i'm a millionaire, i will make something like this a reality. That is what i'm pledging to you, Anon, on my honor.
> he's so cool girls, he's been in the Air Force, he's flown fighter jets, and he even gave me his old flight helmet.
That's nice darling
> and and this one time he even broke the sound barrier!
That's nice sugar cube.
> his tour is almost over when he gets home he said he's going to take me to dinner!
Uh huh
> it's going to be so much fun my big brother Anon is finally coming home. And now that I'm old enough I'm going to fuck him!
Errr.... What.
File: 1492731211290.png (204 KB, 1280x721)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
File: 1429363857960.jpg (18 KB, 496x280)
18 KB
So how hot is this Fleur de Lis if she's a model?
Because lets be honest, have you guys actually seen runway models? Whatever face they might have is negated by them being Skeletor mode.
>sunken cheeks because starving.
>Flat as a board; no tits, hips, or ass. No thighs either, were they not so tall they'd have the lanky body of a twelve year old boy.
>Ribs so exposed, you could play them like a xylophone.
Considering Fleur fanart, she seems more like the magazine kind of model, the kind that has pictures taken of her in seductive poses in various states of dress rather than needing to starve herself or get breast reduction surgery to keep herself at the required weight of a sack of potatoes.
Dash sperging out about how awesome her brother is and blatantly telling her friends how hard she'll ride his dick all the time should be made into a story
File: ay.jpg (26 KB, 453x500)
26 KB
Okay, that's actually really funny.
>she seems more like the magazine kind of model

>Be Anon at the doctors.
>Nothing serious, just a routine checkup.
>Be in the waiting room bored out of your mind.
>Start reading one of the random magazines to pass the time.
>There's an entire section with some kind of interview/commentary to accompany the pictures of a familiar pale girl at the beach wearing nothing but a sundress and a large hat, that gets progressively more saucy.
>Sweating intensifies
>[My producer had often remarked that I didn't show much emotion for my age, that there was a certain "je ne sais quoi" that I lacked on set...] Picture of the girl sitting with her legs tucked holding her hat while the wind blew.
>[I didn't like this very much, I guess my perfect girl persona must have caught up with me, because I couldn't stand being lacking.] Picture of the girl gripping the hem of her sundress and wetting her feet in the water.
>[I started watching what other girls my age had that I didn't.] String bikini, applying lotion. [Really, I went so far as to take a vacation with some family overseas, much to the dismay of my producer, hahaha.]
>There's a few more pics of her frolicking at the beach interspersed with some more text.

>[I was about ready to give up, but during my stay with the family I met a boy named Anonymous; a bit shy at first, but the more we spent time together, the more he came out of his shell: he was a goof, albeit a charming goof, that always had a good joke ready when my mood soured from not being able to relax with cameras following me around. I don't recall ever laughing so much besides the time I spent with him.]
>[Quite the comedic cowboy, like in the old American films, only without the dirty, gruff exterior and with a sharp wit rather than a six shooter on the quickdraw...] The girl faces the camera still in her swimwear, pointing a finger gun at it and winking seductively in good fun. [I don't think he had enough wit to realize what was happening however, hehe.]
>[I came to the conclusion that what I was missing was "le coeur d'une jeune fille", a young maiden's heart: having gone into modeling at the earliest I could, I kinda skipped on ever having these stifling yet freeing feelings, certainly this experience wouldn't last unfortunately and I had to return home, but the memories I made in Canterlot with him make me feel lighter, he surely helped, my producer has praised me on this new feeling around me, even saying I look 10 years younger! She's quite silly, I'm only 19!]
>The last picture is one of Fleur's incredibly genuine smile as she enjoys herself at the beach.
>[Will I return to America? Of course, as soon as possible, I also hope I can one day bring my petit ami Anonymous here as well.]
>There's a call for your name in the room, though you pay it no mind as you mull over all this.
>What does petit ami mean?
"Wait... cousin Fleur is a model!?"
I like thing.
File: 1491881989171.png (325 KB, 1000x1410)
325 KB
325 KB PNG

>She constantly puts up a cocksure front when saying those things.
>One day after school, Anon drops by to pick her up.
>Her friends size up this fabled big brother Anon creature.
>They then watch Dash with curiosity to see how she acts after all that boasting.
>She's an awkward mess, she's like Fluttershy.
>"Sup Dash, had nothing to do, got hungry, so I thought "why not take best girl out for some subs at the usual place?"" Anon looks to her friends "You guys are welcome to come too, my treat, any friend of Dash is a friend of mine."
>The girls stifle their giggles at Rainbow and politely decline the offer.
>"Okay, but I'm gonna tell you right now, at one point in time that Italian bastard's subs saved my life." The girls are intrigued, but they held strong. "So what do you say Dash, wanna come?"
>She just nods bashfully, causing Anon to smile and pat her wild multicolored head, something the girls expected to get her annoyed but to their surprise she leaned in closer.
>"Great, can you go get the car warmed up? I'll just be a sec."
>"Aaand there she goes." Anon says after Dash practically blinked to his car. "Thanks a bunch for putting up with my little sister, it means a lot to me that she has people looking out for her while I'm away..."
>"Don't men-"
>"I know she's not really, uhm... sociable? a normal girl? Anyway, thanks for looking past her issues."
>Anon turns around and leaves, waving behind him at the girls.
>Turns out, Dash is such a sperg around her brother that even he thinks she has the assburgers or something.
>The sound of harpies could be heard around the school grounds, they laughed that hard.
>After all that big talk
>Resident tomboy, captain of the soccer team and lead guitarist of her own band Rainbow Dash, reduced to a puddle of mush in front of her crush.
>Like a wild tiger turned submissive declawed kitten
>How... girly of her
>How cute.
>The girls vowed to never stop teasing Dash for this.
File: my n wordd.jpg (22 KB, 530x482)
22 KB
Oh my god, that's so fucking adorable.
>Sugarcoat "accidently" puts herself in situations where her ass is sticking in front of her little brother.
>Then she calls him a pervert.
>It escalates just like my Japanese animes
>"Look at you, Anon, you're such a pervert. Getting aroused by your big sister rubbing your hard penis?"
Are those pantyhose?
This has potential.
>"Wow you're such a loser Anon. Only you would cum on your big sister's ass."
>"Getting turned on by your big sister rubbing her dirty sweat-slicked pussy crack on your cock? Wow, you're such a disgusting perverted loser!"
"Yeah, I wanna sleep in your bed tonight, dummy. Who knows what sort of lecherous things you'll do if I'm not around to keep you occupied?
>"Cumming inside your own sister's pussy? You're beyond hope, Anon."
>Marrying your big sister Anon? Wow just when I thought you couldn't get more sad."
>"You love me? W-Well, I mean.... I g-guess if it means you aren't b-being a pervert to anybody else, I... l-love you too."
>"You asshole! What kind of perverse bastard do you have to be to get your big sister pregnant".
>"You better take responsibility for this." She says while hugging you close inbetween her breasts so you won't see her tears of joy.
File: just no more.jpg (29 KB, 736x636)
29 KB

If anyone here wanted shitty jap dialogue with this particular story setup, they would've looked up one of trillions of shitty japanese incest mangos, since they literally all are exactly like this with no deviation.

Can we please go back to Earth where the characters act at least a little like actual people? Am I really the only one super tired of the same fucking uninspired tsundere lines being repeated over and over as an excuse to not have to write an actual character?
File: thumb.png (31 KB, 236x250)
31 KB
Calm down, faggot, they were just fooling around. It isn't like anyone's gonna write it anyway. But yes, let's go back to Earth where characters act like actual people and engage in casual acts of incest. You know, like real life.
File: You don't get it.jpg (5 KB, 265x200)
5 KB
At what point does a conversation like that become normal to her friends and they all become desensitized to Rainbow's casual incestuous discussion?

>"...and then he grabbed me by the hips and he POUNDED ME over and over and-"
>>"Wait, sorry, I was doing something else. Is this before or after your brother made you cum with his tongue?"
>"After. He always makes sure I'm soaking-fuckin'-wet before he fucks me properly."
>implying casual incest never happens in real life

this is a sad world you describe. I'm glad I'm not part of it
After the point where Dash told them her anal experience after turning her brother on the Holy Grail supplement plan and reenacted it with three Gogurt tubes and Fluttershy's panties.
>If anyone here wanted shitty jap dialogue with this particular story setup, they would've looked up one of trillions of shitty japanese incest mangos, since they literally all are exactly like this with no deviation.
That's the joke.
Not him, but if you're having casual incest, I'd like it very much if you could share your story with us.
>Not liking hentai dialogue
First of all how dare you.
>Fluttershy awkwardly trying to fight past her anxiety and insecurities to seduce her semi-oblivious brother
>Goes out to the mall with him, gets a slice of pizza for lunch
>Tries to hold the slice in a way that the cheese stretches and drips into her mouth, all while staring Anon dead in the eye
>Makes the angle too steep; the cheese and all the toppings slide down onto her shirt
>One more failed seduction attempt by Fluttershy
>Such is life
>the cheese and all the toppings slide down onto her shirt
>she happened to be wearing one of those shirts with a hole in the front, and the hot pizza toppings fell into her exposed cleavage
>while panicking trying to get them out before her tits get burned, she accidentally rips her shirt wide open
>as she notices everyone staring at her, she remembers she didn't wear a bra today
Can you fast-forward to the part where the spaghetti falls out?
I think the metaphorical spaghetti was already spewing out of her every orifice by the time she realized she was standing in the middle of a pizza shop with her tits exposed to a small crowd, covered in pizza sauce.
m-my heart
Would read
I thought you were going to end with Anon panicking, thinking that his sister is getting burned, and frantically digging away at her cleavage to get all the gunk out. He'd end up pulling her breasts out of her sweater and be left holding them in his hands.
File: 1478344430190.jpg (204 KB, 945x945)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
made me feel feelings/10
>He'd end up pulling her breasts out of her sweater and be left holding them in his hands.

>Later that day, Mr and Mrs Shy get a phone call from the local police.
>Apparently there were kids nearby and some of the moms... they didn't like that.
>Both Anon and Fluttershy were being held for indecent exposure as well as gross indecency.
>It was completely an accident! You just worried she'd burn her chest!
>Thanks to it being a small town, your parents knowing a lot of folk in the force, and you two having no priors or string of deliberate bad behavior, you kids got bailed out without anything getting filed, because God knows none of you need Registered Sex Offender haunting you for the rest of your lives.
>The ride home was somewhat awkward, with your sister clutching your jacket - the one you offered to her to hide those sweater puppies from public eye - tight around her, the least you could do after kinda ripping her top.
>Again, it was a complete accident.
>There's no scolding to be had, you two ending up in messes like this is nothing new.
>The police call you Bonnie and Clyde, not because you're criminals or rob banks or anything! but because you're always in one of the holding cells at least twice a month for clumsy mishaps and accidents alright...

>Also, you two actually robbed a bank once.
>BUT NOT ON PURPOSE! It was an accident!
>You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and well, being so kind and unassuming, the actual criminals actually recruited you on the spot, complete with masks and a bag, so you could kindly ask the hostages to put their belongings in the bag like some kind of charity drive, while the rest went to work on getting the actual money...
>Thankfully the cops arrived just in time and you two were free to go after they saw you were just kids and were forced by the actual criminals to do what you did.
>Mr and Mrs Magoo is also another moniker for you at the precinct, because it always turns out fine in the end for the two of you...
>You two are just a pair of clumsy people alright?
>The clumsiest on the planet!
>If there were two people that would trip and end up having sex together it would be you two.
>It was a complete accident! Fluttershy fell, you went to help, slipped and then penis in vagina!
>But that's a story for another time...
>>The police call you Bonnie and Clyde, not because you're criminals or rob banks or anything! but because you're always in one of the holding cells at least twice a month for clumsy mishaps and accidents alright...
>"Alright, who've we go today... Oh, hey Clyde."
>You sigh, wondering how it came to be that you're on a pseudo first-name basis with most of the officers on the force.
"Hi, Officer Moore."
>"So should I be expecting Bonnie in any second for indecent exposure?"
"That was an accident! She just... forgot to put on underwear that day."
>>If there were two people that would trip and end up having sex together it would be you two.
>>It was a complete accident! Fluttershy fell, you went to help, slipped and then penis in vagina!
>Anon and Fluttershy legitimately keep having sex and kissing each other by accident
>Especially in front of their friends
>None of them believe Fluttershy or Anon when they say they didn't mean to
>The actual law looks the other way when multiple repeating cases of mutual indecent exposure come their way from the brother and sister
>The siblings are so earnest in their "it was an accident" stories that the police legitimately believe them
>"You know, Clyde, if it were any other brother and sister, I'd have the both of you in jail for incest."
File: 1468090632417.jpg (363 KB, 1760x1500)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
I would totally read the wacky and highly lewd adventures of 'Clyde' and his sister 'Bonnie'.
File: 1490244147896.jpg (31 KB, 720x408)
31 KB
>Haha Fluttertwins Bonnie and Clyde wouldn't that be cool
>Not using BonBon
File: 1437819221940.png (15 KB, 754x406)
15 KB
I remember that green, did anon finish it?
But contextually it makes sense here, while with BonBon it didn't really make much literal sense, you know? Not that that's bad, I'm just saying you need to calm down and enjoy the fun incest times, Pein.
Besides Bonnie and Clyde are the most well known criminal couples, so yeah people would start calling them that if they ended up down at the station often.
>Fluttershy and Anoncousin
>People say that she and Anon make a cute couple
>Fluttershy doesn't want to rock the boat, and decides that just saying "thank you" is the quickest and easiest way for the matter to drop
>Fluttershy's small town is full of old ladies who have nothing better to do than gossip
>Soon enough, everyone with a social life knows about Fluttershy and her "handsome beau"
>It's gone too far now; Fluttershy nor Anon can stop it
>All they can do is grin and bear it
>And wouldn't it look suspicious if they never kissed or did boyfriend/girlfriend stuff in public?
File: 1488344657998.png (104 KB, 1000x1000)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>Write a bunch of green ITT
>Ctrl+F (You)
>29 results.
Sure, a few are mine from multiple post greens but this, this is what I live for.
Also, send help
It feels good to be a writefag.
You didn't know? It's the most open secret in Canterlot.
File: 1479644704315.webm (1.06 MB, 720x1280)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB WEBM
Can't get over that fucking chin.
File: 1488940333978.png (840 KB, 750x1125)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
Sunset Shimmer is my daughteru.
If I ever have a daughter I'm putting her in a chastity belt until she's 21.

Wearing chastity devices long-term is pretty dangerous Anon. Besides, you should give your daughter the chance to explore and learn about her sexuality with you.
Onichanfables. You still alive?
It also feels good to have writefags. Keep writing.
The problem i have with writefagging is that everyone responds to my nonsense one-shots and when I do something serious I must be glad if someone points out my typos
I guess that's because silly one-shots leave more room for expansion.

In the case of full stories, people are more likely to just read them and enjoy them rather than go wild and try to expand on them.
Daughters are for making more daughters. Fact.
Found Craster.
I'm amazed it's still up
Well, I mean, he's not wrong.
Nope, Craster was living the life.
your green is my most anticipated right now, has been for a couple of weeks now
Strong jawlines run in Fleur's family. It looks good on the men..... but not to much on the women.
Anon's not-chin genes might compensate for Fleur's genes; their children would be beautiful
or inbred monsters

one of you guys surely knows the statistics for getting handicapped children when inbreeding, right?
Requesting more mute sister vinyl
Of course, but that generally happens after more than one generation of incest. First generation incestuous breeding has around the same odds of deformities as a woman over 40-45 having kids normally. You don't get swamp monster offspring unless you inbreed a few times.
File: 1479252263146.jpg (149 KB, 530x600)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Nigga, that shit gets discussed plenty of times in these threads.
Anons discussing it, with statistics and reports, have come to the conclusion that having offspring with your cousin carries the same risk as a completely unrelated woman in her late thirties to forties.
For sisters it is obviously higher, but it all depends on stock genetics and her age when she gets pregnant, not to mention medical science advancements can permanently take care of the most common of issues that might pop up.
It is only through repeated generations that you start having the shit people immediately picture when thinking of inbreeding happening.

TL;DR: First generation incest is pretty safe, so it's okay to put your sister to the test.
I'd read a story where Anon accidentally gets his sister pregnant, and the two of them spend 9 months worrying that the baby is going to have 6 toes on each foot... only for it to come out completely normal. It ends with them tentatively wondering if this means that they could have more children if they wanted to.
>Nigga, that shit gets discussed plenty of times in these threads.
but I wanted to be spoonfed, not lurk into past threads
It's fine. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. The other half is fucking your sister.
File: 1425086217376.jpg (273 KB, 1138x1024)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>TL;DR: First generation incest is pretty safe, so it's okay to put your sister to the test.
gave me a giggle
>having offspring with your cousin carries the same risk as a completely unrelated woman in her late thirties to forties
Isn't that first-generation having offspring with a sibling?
I thought cousins only had a very marginally higher chance of defects than an unrelated couple.

>In April 2002, the Journal of Genetic Counseling released a report which estimated the average risk of birth defects in a child born of first cousins at 1.1–2.0 percentage points over an average base risk for non-cousin couples of 3%, or about the same as that of any woman over age 40.[193] In terms of mortality, a 1994 study found a mean excess pre-reproductive mortality rate of 4.4%,[194] while another study published in 2009 suggests the rate may be closer to 3.5%.[7] Put differently, first-cousin marriage entails a similar increased risk of birth defects and mortality as a woman faces when she gives birth at age 41 rather than at 30.[195] Critics argue that banning first-cousin marriages would make as much sense as trying to ban childbearing by older women.
>Anon's friend, Cadence, wants to set Anon up with some redhead girl he's really close to; some chick named Sunset
>She can see the attraction between them as plain as day
>They hold hands, they have no trouble talking to one another, they're almost always together, etc
>Cadence thinks it would be a crime not to bring those two together
>Is extra-sneaky so that neither Anon nor his friend know that Cadence is working with both of them
>Slowly but surely turns their attention towards each other
>Proudly watches from the bushes as they share their first kiss
>Happily goes along her way without ever realizing that Sunset and Anon were cousins
this tickles me down there
File: cad1.png (1.42 MB, 2484x2893)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB PNG
>"Good morning, baby~"
>Something soft presses against your lips, and you barely resist sighing.
>Fucking Cadence.
>You regret ever giving your cousin a copy of your apartment key.
>Without even opening your eyes, you address your weird cousin.
"Cadence," you growl as best you can for someone who just woke up, "Get out of my bed."
>Cadence pushes you arms off of her, making you realize that you had been hugging her this entire time.
>"But Anon!" she coos, slipping her arms around your neck, "You only just woke up!"
>She kisses you on the cheek, letting her soft lips linger on your unshaven skin.
>"And, I mean.... You're in bed; I'm in bed..."
>She giggles and starts to run her fingers through your hair.
>"I can think of something we can do while we're both here, love."
>That line might have gotten a blush out of you if this weren't the 7th time this scene had played out.
>Still with your eyes closed, you let go of your cousin and reach your arms around your head.
>After a brief search via touch (a search made longer by your cousin's insistence of playing a hands-only version of footsies), you grab Cadence's wrists and pull them off and away from you.
>Cadence just giggles and lets her arms go limp, allowing you to easily push them back against her body.
>You pull back and sit up, finally deciding (despite all the reasons you have not to) to open your eyes.
>Cousin Cadence is laying in your bed, dressed exactly as she usually does when she sleeps; which is to say, not at all.
>Her breasts are bigger than a handful and have some heft to them, which is something you regretfully discovered before you caught wise to her tricks and she could no longer fool you into groping her chest.
>Be it from arousal or the crisp morning air (you forgot to close your window last night), Cadence's nipples are perky and hard.
>Thankfully, your blanket comes up to about the level of her belly-button, meaning that her crotch and all that can be found there remain covered up.
>You bring a hand up to your face and rub at your forehead; you just woke up but you can already feel a headache coming on.
"Why do you keep doing this?"
>You stopped being angry at about bed-sneak number 4.
"What is so god-damned amazing about your own cousin?"
>Cadence rises, sliding her bare ass up towards your pillow.
>Now at eye-level with you, she reaches out and cups your cheek.
>"We get along so well, Anon," she says, "Don't we? It's so easy to talk to you. You always find a way to make me laugh."
>She leans in close.
>She pulls her hand back and pats your cheek fondly.
>"You put up with all this, right? You could be yelling, or screaming, or throwing me out of your apartment; but you don't."
>She finally swings her legs over the edge of the bed and stands up, teasing you with a light shake of her defined rump.
>"You let me snuggle up with you in your own bed because you love me."
>Cadence walks over to your dresser and pulls open one of the drawers, pulling out one of her blouses.
>You groan when you realize that you forgot to empty that thing of her clothes the last time she snuck in.
>This must be her plan; leaving stuff in your home every time she visits.
>Slowly but surely, she's moving in without you even realizing it.
>Cadence finishes dressing and strolls over to your bed.
>Before you can stop her, your cousin darts forward like a snake and steals a kiss from you.
>"Take it from the 'Love Princess', Anon," she giggles, cheeks pink.
>You regret ever jokingly giving her that stupid nickname.
>"We're meant to be~"
>With one last parting kiss blown your way, Cadence walks out of your bedroom.
>A few moments later, you hear the sound of your front door closing echoing through your apartment.
>Why do you keep putting up with her?
Sounds promising. Please continue.
I'd put up with her, if you know what I mean.
Go on, Anon.
File: 1458088437789.jpg (27 KB, 300x300)
27 KB
>Mug in pic says best mom
>She's actually a cousin in the green.

"Why did you buy that? There's no way people will believe you're a mother with a waistline like that anyway."
>She doesn't move the mug from her face, but she sways her hip to the side and winks at you.
>"Thank you for the compliment Anon, but well... when I saw it I couldn't resist. Just consider it me already being prepared~"
"For the last time, we're cousins, I'm not going to "make you a mother""
>"Well, you say that today..."

Anyway, please continue or write more.
We need to incest Candyass more in these threads.
>An old crone-some sort of representative from Crystal Prep-looks you up and down as she practically eye-fucks you.
>Cousin Cadence grips your hand tightly and puts on a strained smile.
>She can't tell her boss's boss to fuck off, after all.
>...you mean, she COULD, but there would be consequences vis a vis her continued employment.
>"My, my, my," drawls the old hag in what you're sure she thinks is a seductive tone, "Just who is this tall glass of water, Dean Cadence?"
>You open your mouth to speak, but your cousin beats you to it.
>"He's my boyfriend."
>You can practically hear the acid Cadence spits when she says that.
>The old woman in front of you looks displewhatdid she just fucking call you?
>Before you can stop and think, you blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.
"Wha-no, I'm not."
>Cadence looks at you.
>The old woman looks at you.
>Cadence looks tense.
>The old woman looks confused and slightly aroused.
>You stumble around mentally and try to think of something to save the situation.
"I-I'm her fiance."
>Cadence sags in relief but disguises it by leaning into your side.
>You look over at the old woman again - she looks a bit sour, but she plants a false smile nevertheless.
>"Well, I suppose I should congratulate you two."
>Cadence grabs your hand and holds it her her chest.
>"Yes, thank you very much," she says, subtly wiping the sweat from her brow, "Anon and I are very much in love."
>She turns to face you and winks with the eye not facing old what's-her-name.
>"Right, darling?"
>You're still reeling from that bomb you just dropped.
>But you can't back down now.
"Y-Yes, of course," you stammer, "We-ju-buh... I-I can't imagine a d-day without my Candy."
>Cadence smiles lovingly, and this time it's genuine.
>You think you can see tears beginning to form at the corners of her eyes.
>"Oh, darling..."
>Your cousin closes her eyes, puckers her lips, and leans forward.
>This isn't what you wanted.
>>This isn't what you wanted.
This is what I wanted tho.
>The smell of coffee rouses you from your sleep, and you immediately know that Cadence is in your home again.
>You're so used to this sort of casual home-invasion that you've grown numb to it.
>You briefly consider spending the rest of your day in bed, but the curiosity is starting to get the better of you; why isn't your cousin laying naked in your bed this time?
>It's something you never would have thought you'd think about while feeling any emotion other than relief, but at this point it's a genuine concern.
>Cousin Cadence never passes up an opportunity to lay snuggled in your arms, giving you a warm body to embrace as the two of you wake up; nor a loving (if sleepy) smile to give to you and only you.
>...that got weird.
>Not too long after you decide that solving this mystery is more appealing than laying in bed and experiencing confusing thoughts and feelings, and you get out of bed and head to the kitchen.
>Lo and behold, Cadence is standing in the middle of your kitchen with a mug of coffee in hand as she leans up against a nearby counter.
>Her hair is messy and the colours are blending together, which is something she'll fix after a shower.
>Her black bra is visible, bleeding through the white of her thin tank top, which is peculiar; she almost never wears clothes in your apartment, let alone a bra that covers up her breasts.
>"Do you like'em?"
>This snaps you out of your early-morning "I haven't had coffee yet and cannot brain properly" haze (at least somewhat), and you blink sleepily at her.
>Cadence grips the leg-holes of her heart-patterned boxers with her fingertips and plays with the hem.
>"I think they look rather dashing on me," she says with a giggle that she hides behind her mug.
>You feel things in your head slowly chug to life, and you realize after a long 5 seconds of silence that Cadence is wearing your underwear.
>Your DIRTY underwear, if you forgot to wash your clothes again last night.
>You glance back up, and your cousin winks at you and takes a sip of coffee.
>You don't respond.
>If you respond, it means she wins.
>You know and SHE knows that she's leaving this apartment with those underwear in her possession, and you refuse to give her the additional pleasure of reacting to her shenanigans.
>Cadence putters around for a moment and pours you a cup of your own.
>You guess that's proper social protocol for when you break into a man's home and make coffee using his own ground-up beans.
>After a few sips, your mind is just about at 100%.
>You notice, for one thing, that she's using a mug that you KNOW you don't own.
>You know this because you only own 4 mugs, and none of them say "BEST MOM" on them.
>Because that would be strange and factually incorrect.
>You look back and forth between the mug and your cousin.
"That's not very subtle, you know."
>Cadence shrugs.
>"Well," she says in a sing-song voice, "You never know when you need to be prepared~"
>"-For the inevitable~"
>Your blood pressure audibly rises, and you can feel what promises to be a monster of a headache build up behind your eyes.
"I'm not gonna.... we're cousins, Candy."
>Cadence grins and takes a few steps forwards so that she's within arm's reach.
>"You say that now, sweetheart," she coos, rubbing the back of her hand against your cheek, "But I expect a certain bun in a certain someone's oven, someday soon."
>She darts forward and pecks you on the lips.
>"And who else but my 'fiance', hmm?"
>You groan and massage your head.
>You knew that would come back to bite you.
"I swear to God, Cadence..." you grumble, losing the rest of your sentence into your mug as you drain it of coffee.
If you actually knew how to write a sentence you might actually get something.
>tfw all the big writefags died except Onii Chan are dead.
"...The fuck what that?"
try again.
What color is the paint and what was used in making it, because if your heart is hurting like that you need to see a doctor.
Link. Your. Fucking. Posts. Together. You. God. Damn. Newfag. Seriously, are people just trying to act this stupid?
Yo, so what's got this nig nog's panties in a bunch today? Settle down, friendo. We're just posting cartoon horses on this Vietnamese Underwater Basket-Weaving board.
>Being this upset because you don't have a willing brother to have gay sex with
File: tLj14wx.png (249 KB, 1280x721)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
I'm surprised I'm not banned yet.. So why the hell not, round two.
File: BRSS5YT.png (408 KB, 954x1500)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
RGRE is dead, the idiots let it die. Again.
This is hilarious. They drove all their writefags away with their horrible nature, and now they only have one dude who regularly writes for them. You know how RGRE has a discord for writers? RGRE-Discordfag here, all the writefags despise the thread and its posters.
>Fluttershy's panties
Wait a sec, does that mean Dash borrowed Flutter's undies, or did Fluttershy get into a threesome and had him use her panties on her and Dash somehow?
Borrowed them. There's no way Dashie would even consider sharing ger btother with anyone else
Uh huh, would have anything to do with calling yourselves writers and then not delivering? Because then it would be your fault too. Though you actually being a writefag would be funny.
You mean the part where the writers went silent for months and didn't make a single post? I thought that was a pretty good indicator that they weren't writing any more. But hey, reading between the lines is hard.
That's what the thread was upset about? They lost their shit because some of their writefags stopped writing? The fuck is wrong with rgre?
Then just saying their done would have been better, would have saved the shitshow the thread turned into. But everyone was wrong and now a great board is dead due to irresponsible shits. Oh well, time for some taco fish.
Nah they stopped writing and people assumed they were fucking around in the Discord doing nothing. Though if this guy is right>>29939709
then it might have ended differently. Shit sucks because no one is actually communicating anymore there....or anywhere else for that mater. They didn't say anything to the ones that came out and said they were quitting, just the ones that went to the chat then stopped.
This. Anon is a one woman man and that woman is his sister.
There was also a few shitposters that subverted the thread for random shit their own threads didn't feel like producing, so that also took up space, and then there was the no hooves people reflexively dropping in to bitch. But they were mostly ignored, aside from a few people taking the bait.
But what if Flutter's fetish was watching her friend getting plowed with her panties on? What then?
And that's why out-of-thread chats are a bad idea. It just encourages out of thread hugboxing and circlejerking, fracturing the community and taking content away from the actual thread.
I wish the discord man had said it like that in the beginning. I remember when he first appeared and all he did was spit acid and it made people resent him.
People will suck up to tripfags and namefags for any reason if there is the slightest chance of getting content....even when they don't deliver. Its a sad thing to see, and even sadder when writefags don't call the whiteknights out when it happens. Its like watching a railroad spike being driven into a thread. Damn shame is what that is.
>aside from a few people taking the bait.
RGRE was never known for not taking the bait.

>But what if Flutter's fetish was watching her friend getting plowed with her panties on? What then?
Then she's going to have to watch from a distance without Anon or Dashie knowing she's there.
I remember him making the argument once himself then several people making it later, but everyone was so assblasted about being right while being wrong they kept ignoring the issue and just kept bitching. It didn't help the guy fell for the bait and getting pissed at the guy's encouraging the Discord to exist. At this point people should have saw the problem as self evident as it was and delt with the problem accordingly, but by then, everyone was in to deep, and it was too late.
>But what if Flutter's fetish was watching her friend getting plowed with her panties on? What then?
>Then she's going to have to watch from a distance without Anon or Dashie knowing she's there.
Good thing she's friends with Pinkie, I bet she knows all the best places to hide out.
Yeah, I feel you. Like you said, it stopped being about the issues a discord chat introduces and started being about being right. I wish the writers had said something, and I also wish the thread hadn't reacted the way that it did. It says something that this is the calmest discussion I've ever had on the subject of RGRE. You haven't told me to kill myself or nothin'.

>Good thing she's friends with Pinkie, I bet she knows all the best places to hide out.
I'll bet she teaches Fluttershy how to hide in spaces that are too small to physically fit her body.
What if Anon hasn't been converted to the cause of dicking his sister yet?

She's morphs into a socially awkward sperg around him, he has no idea that she is actually trying to get in his pants.

Would she consider sharing with her best friend if it meant actually getting to ride her brother for the rest of her life?

Besides, Flutterhsy is her cousin too, they're still keeping it in the family y'know?
I cant see Flutter being able to pull a full Pinkie, but I can see her being able sneak around even harder than before. Besides, Pinkie is the only rubber girl around that can pull the shit off
This is the best idea ever, MAKE IT SO!
File: 1395126651531.gif (2.09 MB, 546x720)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB GIF
That's cute. Really cute.
>"That's not very subtle, you know."
I kekd
File: 1485197843561.jpg (6 KB, 250x204)
6 KB
In the process of writing some green bump.
By the way, there's a shameful lack of humanized Cadence art.
>there's a shameful lack of humanized Cadence art
I know.

>Cousin cadence comes to live with your parents and you for a while, because yours is closer to school and her parents don't want her making such a long commute every day.
>You used to be inseparable when growing up.
>Not that you had a falling out or anything, you just grew up and kind of just shifted priorities.
>Not her though, she's still has clingy as you remember.
>It was sweet in short bursts, but now that you deal with it everyday, it's pretty annoying.
>Doesn't help that Cadence is the queen of Stacies.
>Always peppy, friendly and bringing her girl friends over.
>These fucking walls were not designed to contain such volumes.
>She's also a highly regarded babysitter in the neighborhood, uses most of the money to give to your parents as thank you for letting her stay, would have given it all if your parents didn't force her to keep some for herself.
>The only thing she could add to her diabetes inducing sweetness is wanting to become a teacher, which she does.
>She also constantly sneaks into your room at night without you noticing and gets in bed with you.
>She's also annoyingly playful at the worst moments, just to get a rise out of you, like she wants to get caught or something.
>Getting caught was bound to happen eventually with her shenanigans
>Like one particular Saturday morning.

>You wanted to get comfortable and sleep in, but a weight on top of you prevented such action.
>The weight stirred and gave a light yawn before raising her upper body from under the covers.
>"Good morning Anon~"
>Why must you be a heavy sleeper? You can't even lock the door even if you wanted too.
>You glare at the figure, now practically straddling you, through a single eye, the other still too tired to even function right.
"Is that one of my shirts?"
>"Yes, I always wanted to do girlfriend stuff like this..." Cadence presses her hands on your stomach and leans forward slightly, accentuating her bosom. "How do I look?"

"Like someone about to be thrown off the bed."
>"Aw~, at least act like you can't tear your eyes away from me." She pouts. "About every single boy in school would kill to be in your position right now, you know?"
"And why isn't even a single one of them in it, then? Shining Armor practically doesn't shut up about you."
>She gives you a light boop on the nose with her finger. "Silly Anon, I only have eyes for you, besides, judging by the way I'm being poked right now, I think I've also caught you under my spell~"
"Don't flatter yourself, it's just going through its morning routine."
>She leans on you. "Maybe I can help it?"
>"Anon, there's being hard to get and there's being unreasonable, it can't still be about the cousin thing, right?"
>It's precisely the cousin thing, regardless of the fact Cadence has gone to great lengths to teach you both about the legality of it in your state and also about the barely existent issue of possible defects if you had children.
>When questioned how she knew all this she responded with "No affairs concerning love are beyond the love expert"
>You'd wager internet, hopefully she had the forethought to clear the browser history.
>You two hold a stare down.
>She sighs "I guess it can't be helped... but don't think I'm giving up, I know deep down you love me too."
"And how do you figure that?"
>She gets closer to your face.
>"I have a sixth sense for this, there's a reason why my matchmaking is next to none..."
>You gulp down your saliva, unsure of what she's saying, but you do know she never goes wrong with her predictions.
>"Also, if you really hated this, you'd kick me out already."
>She giggles at your furrowed brow before surprising you with a stolen kiss.
>Her face scrunches.
>"Maybe you should brush your teeth?"
>What did she expect? You just woke up!
"Serves you right, besides, you're also quite bitter for someone that's always so sweet."

>"D'aww, a complement from grumpy Anonymous? Thank you~"
>What? Wait, you didn't mean to say she's normally sweet! The point was that her breath also stinks!
>You feel some heat on your cheeks, you were about to say something and hopefully not dig yourself deeper, but you are instead interrupted by rasping at your door.
>It's dear old mum.
>Oh fuck.
>"Anonymous, honey, Cadence isn't in her room..." The door opens slowly "I've searched every room bu- Oh my!"
>The scene in front of her must clearly tell a different story from what's actually happened, what with your cousin on top of you, wearing nothing more than your shirt and a pair of panties.
>A quite flattering case of bed hair and her hands against your bare chest...
>It doesn't help that the bedsheet is low enough to just cover her derriere from sight, leaving whatever may or may not be happening down south up to the imagination of the one clearly misunderstanding.
>"Good morning, Mrs 'Nito."
>Your mom quickly retreats and closes the door again.
>"The two of you. In the kitchen. Now."
>That was all she said before quiet reigned supreme again.
"You were hoping something like this happened weren't you?"
>You quickly scramble out of bed, causing Cadence to slide of of you and into the feet of it.
>You quickly put something on, you want to dispel any notions or misunderstandings your mother might have!

>Thank God your dad leaves early for work, didn't want even more awkwardness to be added in the kitchen
>At least it's awkward for your mom and you
>Your cousin doesn't seem very affected as she walks around the kitchen, still only wearing one of your shirts, as she brews some coffee
>At this point you just want to crawl back to bed and die, Cadence must derive some form of sick pleasure from this.
>After the brew is done she fills up a mug and brings it to your mom
>"Thank you."
>You wanted to ask Cadence why she didn't think of you after she sat next to you, but then you remember you aren't a fan of coffee, and you know she knows it as well
>Your mom takes careful sips of the hot beverage, seeming to ruminate on how to best start delving into this clusterfuck.
>"How long has this been going? God, your rooms are right next to each other... You... You've been using contraception right?"
>Nothing happened! It's all a misunderstanding!
>Is what you wanted to say, but you could only facepalm at the surreal situation
>"Don't worry Mrs 'Nito, no matter what it looked like, nothing of the sort happened."
>Mom takes a sip
>"Not for lack of me trying though..."
>She barely contains her spit take
>"Anon is very stubborn."
"What? You're the one always sleeping in my bed even though I told you to stop!"
>"Well aren't lovers supposed to sleep together?"
"Lov- don't dig us deeper!"
>"Well, you never actually refused me, "honey", you just kept putting up mock resistance, a girl would assume she was wanted when she wasn't actually denied the warm bed."
"That right there, that's the logic of a rapist!"
>"Anon, at least don't deny me my morning cuddles!"
>This back and forth would have lasted longer but your mom broke it off by laughing
>"Just like when you were little... honestly I thought you two were playing when you told everyone you were married..."
>Oh god, don't bring that up...
>"To think you two would actually be like this, you're actually doing it, crazy kids"

>"You ARE doing it right? Because I won't stand for hedonism in this household."
>"Yes, I love Anon and want to date under the assumption that we'll marry!"
>You can't really... your brain is full of fuck right now.
"But we're cousins!"
>"Anon, I can't stop you two even if I wanted, it's legal in this state, besides, I know what it's like being your age, if I forbid it you two will just push back and make it worse, the only thing I can do as a parent is support you" Sip "... and to also tell you that while you are under this roof I want you to behave, if I see any belly showing on that girl before you're out of school and in your own home, so help me God I will end you."
>You can't fucking win with this can you?
>It's not like you're actually relieved that your mother basically gave you her blessing and support!
>You just groan in exasperation and leave the kitchen.

>"It's cute how he isn't honest with his feelings, yet is so easy to read."
>"Cadence, could you be a dear and clean up here? I'm going to give the hubby a call, he just won 200 dollars."
just thought i'd let you know that this is some fresh dank shit

I really liked this. The writing wasn't awkward, you used proper grammar and punctuation, and your characters acted more or less the way I expected them to. It was also very VERY cute, you write cousin Cadence very well.
Also is there an age difference between Anon and Candyass?
Kek, the husband sounds like a fun dude.
>Husband spends some of the money he won from his wife on condoms and lube
>Gives them to Anon and Cadence while staring at his wife with a big smile on his face, just to rub it in
File: 1430065998716.png (2.1 MB, 1920x1080)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
>"That right there, that's the logic of a rapist!"
Nope, they grew up together so I pictured them being around the same age, maybe one year apart.
They are both in high school in this green.
The bet wasn't between husband and wife, she didn't actually take little Anon and Cadence seriously when they were little, also it doesn't really make sense since they share finances so those 200 would have been already his to start.
It was either between Dad Anon and CandyAss's dad or another family member
>"Not yet, it isn't."
File: 1459771649676.jpg (108 KB, 735x720)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Thanks for the kind words, my dude, but I feel like the points you praise shouldn't at all be praiseworthy and more of a given; if you aren't trying to have proper writing or have the characters act at least somewhat like one would expect from the context of the situation, then what the hell are you doing writing green? Anyway, thanks for the (You)
Don't know senpai, there's a reason why I give the greens open endings, I don't like writing large stories because then the possibility I'd flake increases the longer I do it, I'm kind of a flaky bastard, that and I don't like feeling the pressure to deliver that writefags with long on-going greens probably feel, so I do short complete greens I can expand upon if the mood takes me, rather than long ones with a large possibility that I'd never finish and leave incomplete.
This Cadence one was mostly done because I wanted to write some more for you faggots before the thread reached bump limit, a lot of the green a little passed the halfway mark in this thread was already me anyway, haha Help
>Anon is a student at Canterlot High who lives with his mother, his sister, and his aunt
>All three women lust after Anon's dick (for various reasons), and they all know how the other two feel about him
>They end up competing with each other to seduce Anon and get exclusive rights to his dick
>The only reason Anon remains oblivious to how his family members all vie for his attention is because when one makes a move, the other two undermine her efforts and pull the rug out from underneath her.
>This cycle continues until Anon happily announces that he's found a girlfriend at school
>All three women form a truce and agree to work together so that they can chase Anon's girlfriend away and have Anon all to themselves
>The other girl is their cousin
Glorious. Simply glorious.
Are you going to write more?
Kek, does Anon know about it or would it be a surprise.
A cousin he's never met before maybe?
But his mother and aunt recognize her immediately...?
Oh shit, they cant hate her game for trying because they want it too, but by god will they try to fuck it up anyways. inb4 the cousin is secretly trying to get the other three into a fivesome with him, only for them to screw up their own plan. All with Anon non the wiser.
>"Anonym, vee must secured zhe future of our race! Forget about zhe otter degenerate girls already brainvashed by zhe Jüdisch Unterhaltungsmedien! Zhey are undeserving of your superior seed!"
"Aryanne, please, did you come to America just to cockblock me?"
>"Nonsense Liebling, vee belong together as future husband and wife, I vill never allow you to fall prey to zhis disgusting "hook up" culture and hedonistic debauchery perpetuated by zhese loose schlampen like gud little goym. As your future wife, I vill gladly take care of your needs, exclusively. Zhe vorld of men lies outside, but the vorld of women iz zhe household, and zhe men cannot take on zhe vorld vithout zhe strength granted by a strong household."
"Aryanne, we're cousins, it seems counter productive for the "Future of our race""
>[German eugenics noises]
Awww, poor Nazi girl, she needs a good fug.
>Aryanne comes back a week or two later with a stack of paper; pages from the internet she printed out that have all sorts of information about inbreeding between cousins
>"Anonym, I haff found zhe solution!"
>She drops the papers into your arms plunges her hand down your pants.
>She leans in close and puts her lips to your ear.
>"Zhe final solution."
>She drops the papers into your arms plunges her hand down your pants.
what? If you cant write you cant breed. The final solution joke was kek worthy though.
No, you certainly "cant", can you?
File: Handy.gif (2.98 MB, 360x203)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF
pretty good
Would Aryanne let Anon fuck her ass or would that be a waste of his seed?
even i think thats a waste so of course she would
But she said she "vant to make Anonym happy."
>Implying Anon wont be filling every hole she has one way or another.
Plebs, that is why she loves her brother.
File: perfect QT sister.jpg (94 KB, 826x1660)
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too cute
Since this thread is almost done what should be theme of the next one?
"Sweaty Tomboy sister."
Or "Cousin Candyass?"

Cousin Candyass.
Hmmm. I vote for Candy Vag in the hope of getting some lewd out of it.
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Cousin Candyass. Can I count on one of you to make a new thread soon?
S- sauce?
I'm on mobile at Uni and not near a PC so I would prefer someone else do it because I don't want to mess it up.
I'm on it.
New thread


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