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File: Fit-Anon.jpg (104 KB, 539x761)
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Ponies Aroused by Anon's Physique thread

>Welcome Back /fit/ Edition

ITT: Anon's human body is a huge turn-on for ponies. Why? The reasons vary. Sometimes there isn't one. Either way, shenanigans ensue.

Resident Writefags:

Diskotek: http://pastebin.com/ur4SSynm
RiggyRag: http://pastebin.com/u/RiggyRag
Diatomic-ge's: http://pastebin.com/JKF7sPjc
Ladesko: http://pastebin.com/u/ladesko
IguessI'llstoplurkingandtrywritingsomegreen: http://pastebin.com/u/IGISLAWSG
Doinpexter's: http://pastebin.com/u/DOINPEXTER
butts: No known pastebin
Rojo: http://pastebin.com/sD6rU4JE
Eppy: http://pastebin.com/u/Eppy
The Oni: http://pastebin.com/u/The_Oni
Sleepy Bastrd: http://pastebin.com/HSwQumvK (?)
CAMP_OMEGA_CAMPER: http://pastebin.com/0Ds5cXJM (?)
>/fit/ anon
Ohhh yess
File: 1417016121286.png (238 KB, 534x2403)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
dumping what i have saved inc ase some based writefag gains some inspiration to make something new
Its been ages since ive last seen this thread
File: 1418442803499.png (698 KB, 800x3600)
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698 KB PNG
File: 1418581523687.png (221 KB, 479x2635)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
File: 1418591893569.png (2.02 MB, 1435x3192)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
forgot to mention that the main joke is usually that pones are attracted to anon and hes oblivious about it.
File: 1440977488664.png (1.5 MB, 1125x4219)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
File: 1421568016041.png (379 KB, 600x4000)
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379 KB PNG
File: 1421473261130.png (608 KB, 700x3207)
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608 KB PNG
OP here, when this thread 500, it's gonna be "Ponies Aroused by Anon's Physique 2"

>ITT: lard-leaking fatasses pretending to be /fit/
File: antfarm.png (321 KB, 800x502)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
File: 150122_Anon's Body.png (297 KB, 670x779)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
File: 1488140899318.png (90 KB, 238x276)
90 KB

It's back

Tell me again why this couldn't just be posted in AiE, Flutterblah, or Reversed Blah Blah Blah
Because it tickles your autism
File: She wants him.jpg (360 KB, 773x1200)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Because i'm /fit/ not a fat ass moron.
Sure, have another (You)
Pull your bottom lip up over your head, and swallow.
So this is what you want to do?
>implying implying implying
File: 35858.gif (3.72 MB, 896x504)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB GIF
>spike walking
>turns out the heaviest thing around is ponies and even they weigh pretty much nothing so you have to carry half the village on your back to get a good workout.
File: Dry up.png (28 KB, 968x801)
28 KB
that anon is straight up bearmode
File: slip hazard.jpg (233 KB, 829x820)
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233 KB JPG
Do you even lift?
File: stalkers.jpg (444 KB, 1165x847)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
File: Hate Bait.jpg (214 KB, 756x848)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
Someone will ree.
File: 1472416204688.jpg (64 KB, 600x437)
64 KB
He can keep her, I have a real waifu now.
File: Workout.jpg (192 KB, 987x750)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
File: BrambleDakiDaki.png (260 KB, 800x690)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
>see deer(s) in one of the comix
>wonder if the board will generate any lewd doe greens
>get gay bramble greens instead
wasn't even mad
Well this thread died quickly from lack of content. Anyone want to try knocking together some new shit?
truly the best outcome.
We need writerfags.
When you're on a holiday~
You can't find the words to say~
>"91! You're close breh."
>Thanks brain!
All the things that come to you~
Feel it…
>"100! You make it faggot!"
>You are Anon The Pusseh Punisher
>Or just Anon
>Most people call you Anon
>Fucking assholes.
>And you need to stop screaming in the morning
>Finally you do 100 push-ups in a row
>And you're the happiest man in the ear-
>The Sound of Silence.mp3
>Think in another shit Anon…
>Don't bring back the painful memories…
>"Do you remember 4chan?"
>"All the beautiful moments?"
>"All the fucks you give?
>"The Lunalicious thread?
>"You can't forgot that right?
>You get up and go to the shower
>You need to stay clean
>Today is gonna be a good day.
Let's go to the gym!
>"Hell yeah!"
>be Golden Hilt
>new recruit in the Equestrian royal guard!
>be so damned nervous you feel like your hooves are going to buckle out just from the shaking
>Princess Celestia has seen fit to issue a more battle ready battalion due to the recent rise in threats
>with a new battalion comes a new captain
>the reason for your current state of internal panic
>The princess actually managed to get one of the hu-manes to assist the guard rather than just galavanting about slaying anything monsterlike
>you've seen him before, he was the one that pinned a dragon midflight above Canterlot
>and as he stands before the new battalion today, your just thankful that your in the back
>in all honesty, your nervousness isn't so much about fear like the other recruits
>rather it-
"No more time for lolygagin, from this point on I am your captain! And I will mold you into an UNSTOPPABLE fighting force!"
"Behold the body of the warrior that you will one day become!"
>and there it goes
>in one swoop of his arm he tears away his chest piece, revealing the sculpted body beneath
>the pre you just shot could've blinded somepony you winked so hard
>dear Celestia help you...
I'm still in the army you fuckhead
Welcome back
Wow, they take autistic faggots now?

Tell me that's not our tax dollars at work
File: sidesinorbit.png (314 KB, 717x436)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
Best use of that picture so far
File: 1453847484244.jpg (668 KB, 2427x1904)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
Here's fixed version, no manlets allowed.
File: 1452290901150.png (166 KB, 1023x790)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
File: 1469469722272.jpg (223 KB, 1280x801)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
File: me and my filly.png (843 KB, 975x1800)
843 KB
843 KB PNG
thats gold
>ree worthy material
>someone will ree
Yeah no shit eqg homo
that pones expression is perfect
I can't believe it's back. How long has it been?
Long enough, I'd say.
5 million posts or so.
Yeah, I wish MY kid was just as good as you, but instead he's just stuck on that computer of his all day.
Thank you for your stereotypical response. Go soak your head.
>10 mile run
so you want to get even smaller than you are now?
>When she's not even canon
And that kids is why there are protesters outside my house demanding my "corrupting presence" be sent back to tartarus with the other incubus.
its shit that im going to have to edit out dash to pist this one on fit.
Put a black box over here and write on it definitely not porno.
They've always taken autistic faggots. Who else do you think would fill the ranks and take pride in it? Sensible people?
Cardio meme isn't true. Neither is the crossfit one.
They both are amazing for cutting.
yes, crossfit is amazing up until the point you are paralyzed. Actually, no, its not, its a combination of the most retarded exercises in the world done poorly by people who dont know how to do it under the supervision of retards.
First time seeing this. My god this is amazing.

Thank you.
That's what most crossfit boxes do, they charge you up the ass for tickets to snap city. Bad form is the norm.
but thats the whole point of crossfit, you get some random 'workout of the day' that some retards thought up, so no one at your crossfit box knows how to do it and cant instruct you, youve never done it before, and yet you have to do it. If you dont want to waste the day, you have to do it with relatively heavy weights, plus you usually do it for time, which is a one way ticket to snap city.

Anyone who has made any gains on crossfit has done so by ignoring the actual crossfit part, and just doing a normal lifting routine at the box, then claim its crossfit because its cool to do crossfit now.
so your saying the good crossfit instructors, dont follow the rules of crossfit?

good to know.
Different anon. There is a right way to do cross fit, but there is no quality assurance when it comes to trainers. The criteria is anyone with a 6 pack or a semi-fit 20 something.
Writerfags please!
It's impossible to gauge what she's thinking, as usual!!
>done reading pastebin
This is shockingly well written, and more than that, astonishingly well researched. I honestly was expecting something half-hearted and then I find this. I cannot say just how impressed I am and how much I look forward, avidly in fact, to the next chapter. As for time between updates, quality is ever better than quantity. Almost nobody on this site seems to understand this, and if you manage to keep this up, well, suffice to say I shall be very impressed indeed.
Until next time, kindest regards,

That Asian guy
T-thank you

Diskotek and RiggyRag, ladesko, Lap.
You are forced to post a sign in your gym, at eye-level for your equine visitors:

"Please don't leave puddles."
File: 10612516.png (215 KB, 552x406)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
"I got it! I fucking got it! Run like fuck! Go go go!"
>"A-Anon, slow down!"
>The image of Anon, going at a dead sprint across the ponyville
File: 1411475960373.gif (862 KB, 517x619)
862 KB
862 KB GIF
"I dunno Pinkie. I mean, I kind of train alone most of the time. I don't know if I have the expertise to train someone else..."
>Your excuse ridden stammering is halted as you make the rookie mistake of looking into Pinkie's big sappy baby blues.
>She doesn't even try to conceal her disappointment, and her pouting is nearly unbearable.
>You scratch the back of your neck, slowly realizing the awkward silence you're currently in.
"What I mean to say is... I..." you stutter.
>Pinkie lightly tilts her head to the side with that same puppy dog look.
>You sigh.
>You can't win this one. It doesn't help that ponies are so small to you, it makes their adorable expressions twice as hard to resist.
"I... can find some time to train you. But you gotta work hard!" you let out, trying to scramble together what little authority you still have over this persuasive pink pony.
>Immediately Pinkie's face lights up with a combination of pure joy and smug satisfaction. She knew that pout would work.
>"Oh thank you Nonny! I knew I could count on you!" she says with a small hop.
>You smile at her response. Making Pinkie happy always makes you happy.
>It's one of the few things you know about yourself that helps you sleep at night.
>If another being's joy makes you happy, maybe you really are a good person.
>If there's any pony that reminds you of that frequently, it's Pinkie.
>"OKIDOKILOKI! I am ready to rock Nonny!" Pinkie shouts with great enthusiasm.
>You look back down at her in awe. In the few seconds you looked away Pinkie has put on full workout gear.
>She has bunned up her mane, put on a head band and wrist warmers, and even a yellow tank top.
>You really don't understand clothing on these normally naked beasts, but you've learned not to question the pink one.
>It always raises more questions.
"Woah, Pinkie, I didn't say I had time now!" you respond quickly.
File: 1435004494460.png (382 KB, 966x957)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>Pinkie tilts her head once again.
>"I'm sorry Mr. Busybody! What are you up to now?" she inquires with a light inflection.
>You inhale to answer but catch yourself.
>You were about to go workout, and you'd prefer you didn't need to bring Pinkie along.
>Not that you don't like Pinkie, you just have a pretty intense routine at this point. It's several hours of hard cardio combined with an asslode of body weight exercises.
>You miss the days when you could lift actual iron, but all the weights they have around here are scaled down to manageable pony sizes.
>In the end, it's better to just go the extreme endurance route and do more each set rather than try to figure out the lifting situation here.
>And it works! Your body has transformed over the last few years into a sculpted beast! If your doughy butt from three years ago could see you now!
>But it comes at a big price. Your workouts are intense and take forever. You really don't want to scale back your workout if Pinkie comes along.
>And yet, if you try to lie your way out Pinkie will see right through you.
>She's got a sixth sense about that kind of stuff.
>You sigh.
>Well, if she wants to work hard, then you're gonna make her work hard. You're not going to compromise your workout for Pinkie's sake!
"I'm... about to workout actually." you say flatly.
>She squints her eyes.
"You can come, of course..." you mumble.
>She grins widely again
>"YAY! Lead the way Nonny!" she says joyously.
>You turn to face down the road out of Ponyville as the hot summer sun bakes into your skin.
"I hope you're ready Ponk." you say mischievously.
>Pinkie skips a little.
>"I'm alway ready Nonn-"
>Halfway through her statement you gun it past her.
>Your workout always starts with a tempo run for 8 miles at a steady 6 minute mile.
>Gets the blood pumping, the legs warmed up, and the sweat dripping.
>If Pinkie doesn't keep up that is her business, you told her she had to work it.
File: 1434349745578.gif (473 KB, 500x497)
473 KB
473 KB GIF
>You throw a quick glance over your shoulder as you head to the edge of town.
>Pinkie hasn't rounded the corner yet, and you don't anticipate for her to until you're a distant dot.
>You're not trying to dodge on Pinkie, but you're definitely trying to let her know what she's getting into.
>You snicker childishly to yourself as you think back to her face right as you blasted past her. pic related
>Mid-sentence she had no time to prep, there was nothing she could do.
>Your feet slam against the ground as you approach the open field near Sweet Apple Acres.
>The field lasts a little while before you reach the hiking trail you always run on.
>It's hilly, but has relatively few rocks to sprain an ankle on. And at a cool 7 miles to complete a full loop of it, it fits right into your workout.
>As your footsteps become more muffled by the grass of the field your sense begin to slightly sharpen with the increased heart rate.
>It's only now that you start to hear an oddly rhythmic thumping faintly behind you.
>Curiosity taking over, you peer over your shoulder one more time.
>Your eyes widen and you nearly miss a step as you're hit with the realization of what that thumping is.
>Pinkie wears a determined look on her face as she blasts down the trail and enters the field.
>Her expression is happy, but hardened. You can tell she is working hard.
>What makes you feel uneasy, however, is her pace. She is most definitely out running you at the moment.
>Her pace is incredible; it's like she barely touches the ground at all.
>And like a small pink torpedo drilling through the grass, she is gaining on you in a serious way.
>If your tempo was akin to a quick salsa before, now it's more like speed metal.
>Your heart beat quickens as your tempo skyrockets.
>You're not sure how many minutes a mile you're going, but it must be sub 5:15 at this point.
>And the scary part is, Pinkie is keeping up.
>implying ponies cant be aroused by manly belches
File: Determined.png (668 KB, 4040x3608)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
Hory shet. Last one of these I saw was #14 back in May of 2015.
i need more fit pie
File: 9796479.jpg (51 KB, 604x453)
51 KB
Damn it, made me laugh
That very good~
File: Pinkie mirin Anon.png (422 KB, 2000x1500)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Thank you! I will be writing more later tonight. Stay tuned.

It was this thread back in November of 2015 that gave me my start as a writefriend. A few novels worth of writing later, I still come back to pay my respects. The theme never gets old.

That picture brings back a lot of nostalgia, even if it looks pretty wonky.
File: 1489129755413.gif (461 KB, 2103x1998)
461 KB
461 KB GIF
How fucking pathetic am I this thread actually motivated me to finish my lifting today instead of stopping half way?

between this and /fit/s fat hate threads i might just make it.
do it for her
Full discloser, I only got serious about lifting and running because of this thread.
This is a good place.
>mfw you even lost a pie
>Yfw you have no face
>mfw you have question mask
File: Spoiler Image (2.8 MB, 768x432)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB GIF
Sometimes that's enough.
>mfw when my name is john and I wake up to the smell of fresh pussy every single day
you should take a shower ^:)
You are too old to still sleep with your mom john
>'drawing hands sucks..'
>'OH I KNOW, let's put a bubble over it! I'm a genius!'
hands a shit
I know anon, I was mostly projecting.
Fucking love it.
Keep it up writer.
I want newfag redditors to leave.
reminder that ponies being aroused by human is semi-canon
File: Swag.png (120 KB, 425x282)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
I guess you could say he's horny.
>Pinned a dragon midair
wait a second...you mean this guy?
File: Thingpone lifts.jpg (268 KB, 1186x947)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
With love from the Thingpone thread...
Who the fuck drew this?

something is really upsetting me about anons ass.

I cant tell if its because its drawn like shit, or im my mind is struggling to understand it because I want to fuck anons ass now.
it's less defined and more feminine than the rest of him.
>being this ass blasted
>upsetting me about anons ass.
I have the SAME ass anon.
File: 1411509170603.png (175 KB, 418x601)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
Alright, I'm sitting down to write for an hour before I need to go out. I'll try to get some updates out now, then a few later.
File: 1489867782035.png (814 KB, 1600x1127)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
Love you t-too.
File: 1414630593590.png (213 KB, 729x943)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Love you Anon <3
File: 1451820651621.gif (386 KB, 600x360)
386 KB
386 KB GIF
>You push yourself to stay ahead of Pinkie, but she doesn't make it easy.
>She manages to crawl up to a few yards behind you, and she doesn't show any sign of letting up.
>For awhile your attention is so caught up by the pony on a hot pursuit that you barely notice how far you're going.
>Your legs start to burn as you reach mile 5. You passed the halfway point of the trail a few minutes ago.
>Time flies when you're running seemingly for your life.
>You almost forget that Pinkie is a tiny equine, which makes this even more incredible.
>Doesn't she sit around and eat pastries all day?
>Where the hell does this girl find the time to train enough that she can run at a sub 6 minute tempo?
>Your lungs begin to reject your life's decisions, and it appears they are convincing your legs to do the same.
>This is the fastest tempo run you've ever stuck to.
>You're not even sure how fast you've been going at this point.
>After what feels like an eternity you break the treeline once more, spitting you back out onto the field you started in.
>You slow your pace gradually before finally coming to a stop and bending over.
>You struggle to recapture your breath after a push like that.
>It's a good thing to exhaust yourself, of course. You can't improve if you don't challenge yourself.
>You just didn't think the motivation would come from Pinkie.
>Speaking of which.
>"Wow Nonny! That was fun! I've never gone on that trail before!" she says in a cheerful voice.
>She skips by you gleefully.
>You can't help but let your jaw hang open a bit.
>She isn't even out of breath. It's obvious that she's sweating, but she seems fine otherwise.
>There must be something in the water. You knew horses were cardio beasts, but humans are supposed to the kings of running long distance.
>Especially at a rate like that.
"Haah.. haaah... how?" you gasp
>Pinkie smiles widely
>"How what Nonny? I worked hard like you told me to! Hee hee~" she giggles
File: 1440358176999.gif (2.7 MB, 1278x1535)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB GIF
>You take a seat on the ground and stretch your legs before continuing your interrogation.
"There's no way this is your first time training..." you say while cracking your neck.
>Pinkie stands on her hind legs and stretches her back.
>"Of course not silly! You think those rock will break themselves back on the farm?" she says with a small wink.
>You inhale to respond before a wave of clarity washes over you.
>That's right, you've heard about that before.
>She used to split rocks with her bare hands... hooves. Of course she's strong!
>But being strong and being fast are two different things.
"I don't imagine that the rocks made you chase them like you chased me. Last time I checked rocks were sedimentary- erm, sedentary." you say, stumbling over your words.
>Pinkie suddenly takes a seat, her fluffy mane flipping over her face as she does.
>After a second she starts to stretch her hind legs.
>"Oh, well um.." she says, starting to twirl her mane with her hoof, "What's the point in being strong if you can't run fast too?"
>You nod automatically.
>It's the exact same philosophy you follow in your training. Being a human means having a hard time finding important work. Physical work is the easiest to find, so you do that.
>And since you were working your arms and legs lifting and pushing, you figured you might as well become fast as well. Be well rounded.
>At first it was just a hobby, but in recent months you've really made it your life.
>You barely have any fat left on your body, and you don't even miss the junk food of your past.
>And without anyone to be attracted to your Adonis body, you feel secure knowing that these gains are all practical! No vanity at all.
>Well maybe a little vanity. You do like doing Johnny Bravo impressions in the bathroom mirror in the morning.
"I can respect that... how long have you been training?" you ask innocently.
>Pinkie flashes a small embarrassed smirk before answering.
>"Oh, I dunno Nonny! I d-didn't keep track."
diggin' it, bro

fits well with the fact she can run incredibly fast in the show, too
I want a Nonny Bravo part 2.
File: 1491861278552.jpg (145 KB, 900x711)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
OP here.

Thank for info. When this thread go 500.

Add this pastebin too.

Nonny Bravo in Equestria

Love and Powerlifting by Lap
https://pastebin.com/dceXJBTF Part 1
https://pastebin.com/kRYQdCWT Part 2

Anon of Olympia by ForestGuardian
Is this a continuation of something or
>"29900343" Is dead
What the fuck?
File: 1442816697684.png (211 KB, 500x596)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
Thanks Anons! I really appreciate it. Feedback helps me feel out where I'm going with a story.

Originally it was a short 3 lines of green text of Pinkie asking Anon if he would train her.
Unfortunately as >>29908123 pointed out, the poor sod appears to have been deleted.
I hope they are okay!

I'm back from going out and I'll be writing for a little while.
I'm confused as fuck now, am I missing something from the story that was posted or what? Is there an entire chunk of story that was deleted?
File: 1434548286870.png (68 KB, 208x201)
68 KB
I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood what you were asking.

None of the story is missing, just basically the prompt. The prompt was along the lines of:

>"Hey N-Nonny, you sure are a tough cookie, huh?"
>"Would you mind, maybe, being my personal trainer?"
>"If it's okay with you of course."

That's it, other than that nothing is missing. I kind of started off the cuff, I like doing that from time to time.

But just to be clear, >>29901339 is the beginning of the story.
Oh okay, thanks.
File: 1436927105808.gif (385 KB, 750x816)
385 KB
385 KB GIF
>Pinkie fidgets as she responds, finally returning all her hooves to the ground after an intense stretching session.
>You hop to your feet and adjust your shoes a bit.
>As you fix the sole of your sneaker you start to chuckle.
>Here you thought that you were going to work Pinkie to death, and she'd be playing catch up the whole time.
>Instead she ran you down like a damn predator.
>M. Night Shammyalammy wouldn't have been able to predict such a turn of events.
>Still, now your fear has subsided and an intense curiosity has taken over.
>You were always under the impression that, of all the ponies you hang out with Pinkie would rank pretty average when it comes to fitness.
>But after that display she would definitely beat Applejack by a long shot, and even give Rainbow Dash a run for her money.
>How could this tiny beam of pink joy beat out an athlete and tree-bucking farmer?
"Well, are you ready to move on Ponk?" you ask her playfully.
>She grins widely
>"Yessir Mr. Trainer sir!" she says with a small salute that makes her mane bob happily.
>You grin nervously.
>What the heck can you even teach her?
>You lead her to a spot where the grass is shortest. A lot of foals come out to play in this part of the field, so the town plows it extra short.
>Perfect for push ups and core exercise. Extra plush.
>Pinkie inhales deeply.
>"Ahhhhh~ I love the smell of cut grass, don't you Nonny?" she chirps cheerfully
>Your smile widens.
"Of course! Nothing smells quite as good as freshly cut grass on a hot summer day!"
>You get into push up position and Pinkie obediently follows without missing a beat.
>"Hmmm, what about a hot summer rain though? That smells pretty good too!" she says as she lowers herself with you for the first pushup.
>She continues the conversation without a bit of pause. She's clearly done a lot of push ups in the past.
>What kind of exercise do you need to do to break boulders, you wonder.
"That too! What about... a charcoal grill?" you ask
File: 1446851838628.jpg (610 KB, 864x1171)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
Pank as a hidden /fit/izen makes a surprising amount of sense. It's also hot as hell.
File: 1449330291591.gif (377 KB, 319x230)
377 KB
377 KB GIF
>She smiles as she lowers herself for another push up. By now the two of you have reached 10.
>"That's a good one! Or a bonfire!" she responds happily.
"Oh yeah, especially when your shirt or flannel smells like it the next day! How about sunflowers?"
"That fresh mulch smell!"
>"That weird smell that rivers and streams have in the woods? You know? It's like wet leaves in the fall but somehow summery? Leafish? Watery? Watery Leaves?" she says rapidly.
>You nod.
"I totally get you. What even IS that smell?"
>"I dunno Nonny! Maybe we should ask Twilight about it. She knows everything!"
>You don't know about that. You had to explain to her the concept of fingers once or twice.
"Maybe... The smell of dew in the morning?"
>"Or the ocean on those really cool nights on the beach!"
"The ones where you need a sweatshirt but can still wear shorts?"
>Pinkie looks a little confused.
>"I get the sweatshirt, but why the shorts?"
"Not all of us... can run around... naked..." you say, suddenly hit by heavier breathing.
>You were so caught up in vibing with Pinkie's conversation that you didn't realize how much the two of you sped up.
>You are doing more than one a second, and she was keeping pace right along with you.
>Her face starts to show signs of exhaustion, just as yours is.
>"I like... shorts... on you..." she says tiredly.
>Her eyes widen for a second as she processes what her tired lips said.
>"N-Not in that way! I mean, you're the only one around here that wears shorts so, I mean, I like it when you wear shorts!"
>She winces at her second statement.
>"I mean, I like shorts in general and I am glad to see them being worn."
>She inhales deeply to try to catch the breath she is wasting on her clarifications.
>"Soitreallydoesn'tmatterifyou'retheonewearingthembutyoudolookgoodinthemanyway." she says in one breath
>She flops to the ground without air in her lungs, deflating like a balloon.
>You stop as well, feeling the burn in your arms and chest.
The whole conversation about anon and ponk's favorite smells is cute and really well written. And a seamless transition to the "Aroused by Anon's Physique" portion. You're really good at this.
File: 1456540919136.png (167 KB, 411x500)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
>You lie down a little, sweating like a pig with heavy breath.
>You can generally do around 75 push ups in a row at that rate, and it took you awhile to get there.
>But you're pretty sure you broke a hundred on that last one.
>That's one set of four you intend on doing before the day is out.
>You'll definitely be more careful for the next few sets though.
>Pinkie lies face down in the grass like she fell out of the sky.
>You crawl over to her and prod her side.
>She makes a cute little squeak as you do.
>Alright cool, she's alive.
>She lets out a groan muffled by the grass.
>Mostly alive.
>You put your hand on her back.
"Pinkie? You alright?"
>She groans back at you.
>You begin to shake her a little.
"Pinkie do you need me to get you some water? Pinkie? Pinkie? Bueller?" you say in a monotone voice.
>She giggles into the grass, still very exhausted.
>You finally push her onto her back. She flops over like a dead fish; her eyes are closed and her tongue sticks out in an exaggerated way.
>"I'mmm DEADDD" she says in a long grunt.
>Her little chest falls and rises as she continues to rest off the difficult set.
>You lean over her a little to block the sun from her face.
"Get up Pinkie~" you say in a sing-song way, "You wanted training, right?"
>She opens one eye and smirks.
>"Just gimme a short break coach! Can't do it all in one set!"
>You chuckle at being called coach.
>As laugh you watch as a drop of sweat falls from your nose to Pinkie's forehead.
>The two of you stop for a second as you both process it.
"Oh. Gross." you say without a second thought.
>You grab the bottom of the front of your t-shirt and use it as a sweat rag for Pinkie.
>As you rub Pinkie's forehead with the shirt you feel just how hot it is.
>It's a good thing you blocked out the sun for now because she is REALLY heated up.
My heart can't handle it.

File: 1442872563709.png (364 KB, 1000x1000)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
I'm glad you like it Anon! I have a special place in my heart for this kind of thread. It's always filled with such wonderful people.
Like you!
File: 1434313168241.jpg (69 KB, 762x626)
69 KB
>You are Pinkie
>And you are as happy as you are sweaty!
>You have a lot of reasons to feel happy right now.
>Of course there's the normal things, like having such nice weather, and wearing such a cute tank top, and you saw Fluttershy earlier today! You waved but she didn't see you. That's okay though! You'll give her a hug next time you see her!
>Another reason would be how sore you already feel from working out today, and sore muscles are happy muscles because they get stronger!
>But most of all you are happy because your training with Anonymous is going super duper well!
>You stayed right on his non-existent tail the whole run, and then you just did enough push ups in a row to almost throw up your muffin from this morning!
>It's all going so well!
>Almost too well.
>Because Nonny's sweat on your forehead has given him the opportunity to totally paralyze you.
>You feel powerless as he grabs the bottom of his shirt and lift it up to your forehead, giving you a perfectly clear view of his bare body.
>His chest puffs out from just under where the shirt is creased. They are large, but completely firm. They are just big enough to lift his shirt off his body, but not enough to restrict movement.
>It flows into his core which is fully engaged as he leans over you to wipe your forehead. The mounds of his abdominal proudly hill and valley across his lower torso. They are as tight as a washboard with just enough fat over them that they don't look like an anatomy drawing, but still look defined as all heck.
>And all of this runs like a river down to the V leading into his shorts, tenderly hiding behind the elastic band around his waist.
>You feel a your mouth grow into a demented, anxious smile.
>This plays into your perversion far too hard.
>He puts his shirt back as soon as he pulled it off, thus ending the closest encounter you've ever had with Nonny's chiseled physique.
>Suddenly you think you're going to need to take a longer rest to get your heart rate down.
File: 1434549716574.png (62 KB, 450x340)
62 KB
Oh nice, got them double trouble dubs.

I love your reaction! WORK THOSE FEELINGS OUT BUDDY!

Okay y'all! I need to go to bed now!
I hope you enjoyed tonight's updates! I'll be sure to provide more tomorrow.

Tell me what you think! I'll see ya tomorrow!
>heels off the floor
>knees past the toes
File: 1491592881481.png (58 KB, 525x525)
58 KB
I love it Shhhhhh.....see you tomorrow.
Pump this thread up harder than iron!
>human music
Sweaty rarity is sexy
File: IMG_0999.jpg (40 KB, 449x262)
40 KB
I think you need to get back to writing, slave. We never said you could take a break.
Thank you for writing for us, I've been enjoying it a lot so far.
>"Yes Rarity now go back LIFT THE FUCKING DUMBELL!"
>be anon
>your landlord asked you to move some stuff around
>sounds reasonable
>you begin with the smaller objects, carrying them inside
>when it comes to larger ones, you can't help but to take off your jacket off since it got way too hot
>you notice your pathetic arms bulge in a sad attempt to move a cupboard, but you also notice something else
>what you thought were just passerby were frozen in place, watching something
>slightly worried, you stop your work and look around
>holy shit, there is a literal crowd here
>an audible groan of disappointment echoes through the crowd, and you notice they were watching you
>you stand there awkwardly and still, keeping the entire lot in some deranged mexican standoff of staring
>you finally give in and return to you work, only to notice cameras coming in
>ponies start taking your work pictures, some cheering wildly
>older, mature ponies near you to stuff bits into your pants and t-shirt sleeves
>young ones are just throwing them out
>you notice that a massive majority of the crowd are mares, with an occasional stallion
>bewildered, you start tripping up in your work
>you feel like you're about to fall over and start shitting and farting
>heart beating and autism about to flare up, you work faster and harder, much to the joy of the crowd
>"anon! I'm myron." you hear someone say
>what the fuck
>you turn to see its rainbow dash behind you, floating gently as she drools like a dog in heat
>"I said, I'm myron." she repeats herself
>"I heard you saying it all the time, you humans change your name when you're admiring things right? What's a myron?" dash asks
>what is wrong with this town
>he didn't know what is myron
For the love of god, if you make another OP take that off the list.
I made these, and these stories are incredibly difficult to stomach. I don't know what's more surprising, the fact that I thought they were good enough to publish, or the fact someone actually liked them.
Either way, it's not very good, so I'll eventually, hopefully, try to redeem myself.
Rood. Also wew.
>cant stomach your work others seem to like
congratulations, your an artist now.
Nah, but it's objectively bad.
Time to get pumped
File: 1390614064496.jpg (220 KB, 1040x1000)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
would you help turn chubby centaur celestia into fit centaur celestia?
File: 1489840800574.png (138 KB, 459x457)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
I know a fun way her and I could do cardio together. By that I mean fucking.
Actually I don't think that would actually do much for her. As a centaur or even regular pony Celestia, she probably doesn't move much during sex. Don't horses just kind of stand there and take it? I think they do. Regardless, the only way it could probably help her lose weight is if she does it instead of eating.
Awaiting more green nice double dubs
This was a nice thread. Why is it getting spammed by shrek cancer posting?
File: I love my O'hana.png (198 KB, 714x908)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Oh hey, this thing is alive again. Neat.
Because the /r9k/ faggots can't stand that /fit/ wants some of that horsepussy too.
Just ignore the dyel.
File: crossfit.png (3.09 MB, 1023x790)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
I did a thing, is it good?
Should have put definitely not porno. That way people will reverse image search and find the poner.
>is it good
no, it really isnt

I never compress shit when I'm working on it, and people always ree about quality whenever I edit things and it compresses badly

I did the hard part, feely free to compess it yourself nerd
File: 1492764415983.jpg (77 KB, 1023x790)
77 KB
here, les than 100kb
File: 1492772880664.jpg (17 KB, 1023x790)
17 KB
Now you're playing with pixels!
File: Br00TCn.gif (3.72 MB, 581x327)
3.72 MB
3.72 MB GIF
I don't get it.
not everyone has uncapped FTL internet. you can view 300 of those pics using the same data / in the same time as >>29917538.
Fuck you. I'm from /r9k/ and I love this thread. /fit/ is almost as autistic as we are and I respect their dedication to lifts as long as they spurn normies
well /fit/ is just r9k with (a bit of) muscles
>You're Zealous Soul, a missionary in the Celestial Witnesses
>To be honest, no one in the CWs really knows what Celestia Herself thinks about the whole thing, but your brothers and sisters in the faith understand that Celestia is the Way, the Truth and the Light
>Rumor (quashed) has it that she thinks it's actually quite hilarious; too many other ponies think you're all a bit annoying.
>It's fine, though, the Solar Paradise waits for you, complete with the Garden of Cake and rivers of wine and hard cider. And screw the scoffers, that's why Faust made Tartarus.
>You've learned of a strange, new creature who has recently made a home on the outskirts of Ponyville, Anon Y. Mous. A hyoo-mahn, he's called, from some other world or dimension or something.
>You'd asked a few questions at a local cafe about him. No one there knew very much about him, really, but you'd overheard a few whispers and some giggles from some of the mares. But you did get some directions.
>You've taken it upon yourself to share with the newcomer the Good News of Our Lady and Solar Savior, Princess Celestia, and if he is, as the mares said, the first and only one of his kind in Equestria, this will be quite a feather in your cap.
>You trot down the road toward his house humming an upbeat hymn to yourself. His house is larger than you'd expected, clearly scaled for a being much larger than the average pony. it's rough-hewn, but built with care and skill.
>You sit back and knock with a hoof on the front door, which towers over you. There's no answer. But you hear the a loud rythmic thudding behind the house, and after a moment, you decide to cautiously go to the back.
>You round the corner, and you see...
>He must be Anon the Hyoo-mahn. And you've never seen anything quite like him.
>The figure is tall, standing on its heavily muscled hind legs. it--no, HE--is bare to the waist, his lower half clad in belted denim pants that fit like a second skin. From the waist up his sculpted torso is bare, muscled and glistening with sweat in the bright sun.
>You watch as he carefully places a small log on the block with one muscled hand, and he reaches down and grips the handle of a woodcutter's axe. he lifts it and carefully swings it, and with a THUNK, the log falls into two pieces.
>You continue watching in wonder as he methodically, efficiently reduces the pile of seasoned oak into firewood, fascinated by the intricate play of muscles beneath his skin.
>And then the wind shifts, and your nostrils catch the scent. It's the smell of sweet citrus and woodsmoke combined with clean sweat and heavy musk and a delicate, alien, ineffable SOMETHING, something exotic and just a little predatory, and you feel your hind legs going weak.
>Suddenly you can barely stand, and oh sweet Celestia, your mind is flooded with a mental image of him standing behind you, those huge, strong, rough hands clutching your withers with brustal alien power as he pulls you toward...toward...
>"Ummm...can I help you, Miss?" Suddenly you realize he's staring at you with a bemused expression. Oh Celestia, how long have you been--"
>You fumble for your introduction. Oh sweet solar savior, your haunches are wet. Please please please don't let him have seen or smelled you..."H-hi, are you...you Anon? Anon Y. Mous, the H-h-hyoo-mahn?" you manage to stutter.
>"Yeah, I'm he," he says. He smiles, and it does things to that face, wonderful things. Why is he having this kind of effect on you? You've seen stallions before, even some damned good-looking ones, so why...? "So what can I do for you, ma'am?" he says politely.
>You feel your heart fluttering. Your face is flushed. Oh Luna's jiggly teats, he smells good enough to EAT. Another image swims unbidden into your mind of you doing just exactly that, and it's absolutely wonderful.
>You try to push it away, mostly successfully. For the moment. "I'm...ah, I'm with the Celestial Witnesses, and I was...was wondering if maybe you'd-like-to-talk-about-our-lady-and-savior-Celestia???" the last comes out in a single squeaky, breathless monologue, and it's all you can do to keep staring at his luminous, alien eyes and not his (oh Celestia) body. You pray that the wind shifts so his scent is away from you so you can think, even as another part of you hope that it doesn't.
>Please bright lady, save me from this unholy lust...
>The thought comes, unbidden, that you'd like to see if his taste is as good as that scent. You try to chase it away, and this time you fail.
>He smiles. "Well, I could use a break. Sure, why not? Feel like a lemonade? A cider? We'll talk over drinks." He steps into his house, and comes out a minute later with two glasses, filled with ice and what looks like lemonade. You barely care one way or another.
>He reaches down and you take one of the glasses, and your shivering hoof touches his hand.
>The feeling is electric. You can feel the relentless heat radiating from his body like a furnace, and you suddenly see him across your back, his breath in your ear and his heat baking into your grateful body, helpless before his might, gripping you tightly as he...as he...
>Your nostrils are flooded with his powerful scent. The world greys out in a haze of alien heat and musk
>With a squeak, you faint dead away.

I made this thing. This is a thing I made.

You are very welcome. I am very drunk.
File: top_bottom.gif (1.55 MB, 512x498)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
>put her on a diet by keeping her so busy fucking she doesn't have time to overeat
File: 1449286853786.jpg (26 KB, 514x357)
26 KB
Sorry I couldn't get back yesterday, I'll make up for it today <3

yes ma'am

I'm glad you're enjoying it! Thank you for reading!

Something about an uncomfortable and confused Anon always gets a chuckle out of me.

>greentext good enough to be published
I'm sorry, that really made me chuckle.
However I think I remember you MM, you were there way back iirc.

Coming soon! once I get out of work!

I love my O'hana

Okidoki! I am currently at work, but in a few hours I will be delivering grandiose greens to grace this thread with! Stay tuned!
File: parralell paradise.jpg (484 KB, 1106x800)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
This thread is reminding me of pic related

its not hentai btw
Heh, noice
Love it my man.
Y-you too.
what do you guys use to view pastebins?

can you change the text color if you have an account?
You don't need a program.
Pastebin is always black.
You don't need an account to read but you need one to post.
but greens that arnt green are just text.

I need it in blue and green to find any enjoyment in reading it.
I don't know what to tell you other then. Repost I guess.
But that might be cancerous.
File: 1491081942064.jpg (995 KB, 1280x1758)
995 KB
995 KB JPG
Back in the day that was all you needed.
What I do is paste it all into word or notepad++ and change it to the green font. Then I screenshot it and change the background color of the image to that of the board. It's pretty easy.
still tedious.

when I get time im going to make a small program that you paste a pastebin link into, and it shows the text identical too how it is on here. (with the different skins maybe).
File: scribbler.gif (683 KB, 500x500)
683 KB
683 KB GIF
Drunk scribbling is good scribbling.
>>greentext good enough to be published
Bad choice of words, but you know what I mean.
And yeah, I was around near the first threads, and I guess I just got overzealous.
I use the Stylish addon for Firefox to change the colors. There are a bunch of premade themes that you can download, or you can look into making one yourself.
>>knees past the toes
stfu manlet
I-Is my writefu a-alive?
File: 1446827487278.png (132 KB, 636x600)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
That's okay! Don't be so hard on your past self though, MM. If your stories are still bringing people joy then don't worry about it!

Remember, if you're embarrassed by your past self then that means you're improving. Be glad!

You should totally do it Anon! I'd download it, and I know a few others too. I love little programs like that.
Don't wait until you have time though, it might never come! Jot down some notes immediately on how you'd do it and when you're not working/studying hit the ground running! I believe in you!

Okidoki ladies and gentlemen, I'm now writing! I'm feelin' good today, let's see where this goes!
File: spooped.gif (230 KB, 300x276)
230 KB
230 KB GIF
W-What are you talking about?
Man, I remember when RiggyRigs the Rag was around, was good enough to be a writefag AND a drawfag. Then he kinda fell off the planet as far as I could find, damn shame.
File: Spoiler Image (169 KB, 500x500)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
I was hoping to stay under the radar for awhile longer but if you're popping up I gotta drop the fake name. How have you been?

I owe you a drawing and some green!
File: 1483490454807.gif (1.94 MB, 480x270)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
I've been pretty great, playin' some /tg/ with bros, hanging out with puppers. Decided to visit /mlp/ after an absence and I find this thread is back, been lurking for the past 100ish posts now and felt I should tripfag for ol' time's sake.

How 'bout you Riggy, how's life treatin' ya? I think I remember seeing you update your DA a couple times half-recently.
File: 4CxIaIH.gif (800 KB, 250x176)
800 KB
800 KB GIF
I'm glad you're back around Doc. You were one of the first people to give me some confidence on this site. I'm so happy life has been treating you well!

As for me, I'm graduating from college in two weeks. I'll finally be able to steer my life, more or less, and I can't wait to let the real world beat the tar out of me. It's going to be intense! But I have some loose ends on 4chan to take care of!

So I will be delivering that short greentext about the MLP cast in Smash 4, and the whole cast as Sm4sh characters. I never forgot ;)
>You finish wiping Pinkie's brow and let your shirt fall back down.
>Pinkie looks at you with a flustered expression.
>Her shaky grin betrays her wide eyes.
>Is this what an exhausted Pinkie looks like?
>You smile absently.
>Even when she is tired her go-to expression is one of joy.
>Maybe you need more of Ponk's positivity in your life.
"You all good Panko?" you ask with a grin.
>After a blink or two she snaps back to attention, her smile becoming much more deliberate.
>"Y-yeah! Of course? Why wouldn't I be? I mean, there's no reason why I wouldn't be fine!" she says before giggling nervously.
>You really hope she had enough to eat before this because she's acting a bit light headed.
"You sound like those push ups took a lot out of you! Need to take a break?" you ask politely
>She shakes her head as her eye turn to a more intense expression.
>"Don't be silly Nonny! I can do those with my hooves tied behind my back!" she declares proudly.
>Before you can correct her fantastically incorrect logic she gets back into the push up position.
>"But if wittle Nonny-wonny needs a bweak we can take one~" she says in baby-talk.
>You grin at her rowdy attitude.
>The tips of your fingers dig into the earth as you get back into position.
>A decision has been made. You have made up your mind.
>You aren't going easy on her today, you're going to push her to the breaking point.
>The next couple sets go by without much incident. The sets maintain the same speeds but the conversations start to pick up pace.
>Conversations flow from one topic to the next without much pause, and it pulls your mind away from your aching muscles as you push past your initial 75 per set and climb up to 125 by the end of the 6th.
>Yet even with the extra reps and sets, she keeps up. It's very impressive actually, her muscles have a visible shake to them after 75, but she pushes on anyway.
>It's quite remarkable to you that such a small being can push themself so hard.
File: 1471117302559.png (378 KB, 510x804)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
>good old thread is back
>good oldfags coming out of hiding
File: 1435386364883.gif (1.15 MB, 480x270)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB GIF
>You finally conclude the last set and stand again.
>Your heart generously pumps blood as you hop in place for a minute.
>Pinkie gets up with a bit of a wobble before trotting in place as well.
>You look down at her and smile.
"Oh honey I hope you're ready. That was just the appetizer!" you say stretching out your shoulder muscle.
>She cracks her neck and smiles right back.
>"I am EXTRA ready Nonny! The question is, are YOU ready?" she responds with her tongue out.
"Oh I am SO ready. I'm gonna make you SWEAT." you respond while running in place.
>"GOOD" she shouts excitedly, "I LOVE IT when you make me SWEAT!"
>You smile at her intense enthusiasm as she recoils.
>"THAT CAME OUT WRONG" she yells as well, unaware of her volume level.
>You look at her confused.
"So wait, you DON'T like when I make you sweat?" you say.
>Gettin' back at her for that 'Nonny-wonny' comment.
>"WELL, NO BUT, I, YA SEE, I, UH, ERM, EH," she continues to shout grasping at straws.
>You chuckle as she fumbles through her words.
>"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she groans, giving up on her previous sentence.
>You laugh out loud at her frustration.
>You're surprised when she jumps to eye level and boops your nose.
>"Shush! Let's get moving!" she says as she hangs in midair for longer than you thought possible.
"Alright Ponk, let's get movin'!" you say as you begin a light jog back towards the treeline.
>Pinkie follows behind with little delay.
>As you arrive at the tree you're looking for you leap into the air.
>Your tough hands lock around the branch you were looking for and your shoulder and back become engaged as you immediately pull yourself up until the branch passes your chin.
>Without hesitation Pinkie slams into the branch next to you and begins to echo your motions.
>10 pull ups fly by in no time, and as you round the bend of 20 you start to feel the burn again.
>Pinkie doesn't flinch as she follows right behind you.
>With every exercise she gains more and more of your respect.
File: IMG_0892.jpg (35 KB, 282x386)
35 KB
File: 1412573597580.gif (882 KB, 294x474)
882 KB
882 KB GIF
>The pull ups fly by and you reach your normal target of 35.
>But you didn't come here to do the bare minimum.
>Pinkie follows your lead as you continue to push yourself, and even as her gasps for air become deeper she doesn't give up.
>Between sets the conversation is replaced by labored breathing.
>The only thing exchanged between the two of you are cocky glances that shout, "Is that all you got?"
>After 60 second, however, it's back to the branch and the two of you go at it without an ounce of retreat.
>By the third set your arms felt like jelly, and you shook once you passed 25.
>But Pinkie's determination pushes you past your limits as you blow past your daily targets by a wide margin.
>After 5 sets you know you've reached your limit, and as Pinkie shakes wildly to get that last rep you know she is as well.
>And even if she isn't, you feel satisfied knowing you made her work today.
>Your feet hit the ground with a resounding thump as your back and shoulders get their first wave of soreness.
>You turn back to look at Pinkie.
>She shakes violently as she slowly pulls herself up.
>You changed your mind; she is definitely at her limit.
>As she finally gets her chin over the branch you put your hand on her back.
"Great job Pinkie! Got through that one like a champ!"
>She lets herself flop to the ground, scrambling on her hooves like a newborn deer.
>She giggles weakly as she spins around in an exhausted daze.
>Suddenly her legs give out and she starts to fall.
>You quickly grab her before she hits the ground.
>Holy shit
>She actually fainted.
Oh boy,an oldie thread!
Y'know what else we should bring back?
Anonymous Sex Hotline
File: 1455391025743.png (94 KB, 500x486)
94 KB
>You are Pinkie
>And that last workout was more intense than anything you've ever done before.
>You start to come to as the foggy haze of unconsciousness lifts.
>As you enter back into reality your senses begin to come back into focus.
>That smell...
>A summer rain...
>You open your eyes as the heavenly sound of a hard summer's rain fills your ears.
>You're still at the treeline connecting the forest and field.
>The dense tree above you shelters you from the down pour.
>You're lying on your side with your head propped up.
>Something gently glides over your mane.
>You look up and realize that your head is actually resting on Anon's crossed leg.
>He stares out at the summer rain hitting the field, absently stroking your mane.
>You can smell his sweat, and your eyes dart across his still pumped body.
>You feel yourself blush as you adjust your body a little.
>Your squirming brings his attention to you, and he smiles softly.
>"Welcome back to the real world Ponk." he says gently.
>You stretch your legs out in front of you. They are beyond sore, and they feel ten times heavier.
>You don't like feeling heavy.
"What the heck happened Nonny?" you ask with a groggy voice.
>Anon looks back to the warm rain.
>"You passed out from dehydration. Your lips were super dry and you had stopped sweating."
>He looks down at you with a serious expression.
>"You shouldn't make yourself go that hard without water. You were on the verge of heatstroke Pinks!" he says in a concerned tone.
>You look away from him, staring at the rain as it drips from one of the tree's branches.
>"I gave you some water and cooled you down. You have been delirious for a little while." he says
>He sighs.
>"It's my fault too though, I should have realized that humans handle heat much better than fur covered ponies. And I get dehydrated at much slower rate too. I pushed you too hard."
>You shake your head feeling a blush coming on.
"N-No! I should've known better and junk!"
File: 1449335568230.jpg (78 KB, 540x432)
78 KB
>Nonny looks down at you again, then back to the weather.
>He leans back on his hands, using those thick arms of his.
>You squirm a little more.
>"Well... whatever. You'll live, so it's all good," he says with a sigh
>He chuckles to himself.
>"That's pretty much all we need to do today anyway. The weather isn't cooperating even if we wanted to do more."
>You let out a sharp sigh
>The warmth of Nonny's muscular thigh on your cheek brings you a sense of comfort you couldn't fathom before now.
>It feels safe, but not for your body. It makes your soul feel safe, like for once you can be sure you're in the right place.
>You subtly cuddle up to him a little more, being careful not to garner too much of his attention.
>He continues to comb through your mane, quietly bringing you bliss with each gentle stroke.
>The smell of summer on your nose.
>The feeling on Nonny's hand in your mane.
>And of course the pitter patters of the rain filling your ears.
>Everything inside you becomes still, your thoughts frozen in place as you take a moment to just exist in this beautiful moment.
>Using every fiber of your being...
>...just to exist.
>"So, what's the deal Pinkie?" Anon's voice cuts through the white noise.
"What do you mean Nonny?" you ask without opening your eyes.
>He takes a moment to form his thoughts.
>"Well, you stuck to my routine perfectly. Even a pretty active athlete would have trouble keeping up with it, and I've never even seen you working out."
>He scratches his chin.
>"I guess what I'm asking, is where did all this physical ability come from?" he asks softly.
>You feel yourself blushing.
"Well... ya see..." you begin, trying to figure out how to approach the question.
>You think to yourself for a moment.
"I started really training a year or so ago..." you say weakly, "And you just... didn't see me... cus I did it in.... private?"
>He looks down at you with an unconvinced expression.
>"In private?"
"Y-yeah... you know? In secret?" you stutter.
File: 1449330514621.jpg (134 KB, 1024x1494)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
>You look down at Pinkie Pie and raise an eyebrow.
"Why in secret? Who don't you want to know about you working out? The girls?" you interrogate further.
>Pinkie looks away from you again.
>"N-No the girls are fine, it's just..." her words fade away again.
>You comb your fingers through her mane again.
"You don't have to tell me. It's just you really gave me a run for my money today. I couldn't beat you outright in any of my exercises."
>You scratch the back of your head.
"I guess I'm just really surprised, ya know? I figured those particular exercises were meant more for humans..."
>Pinkie curls up in a little ball by your side, keeping her gaze far away from yours.
>"... it was from you." she says quietly.
>You look down at her again as she lets the words slip out between her lips.
"From me? Why me?" you say with a slight chuckle, playfully rubbing the top of her head.
>She squirms.
>"Well... I mean... um." she stammers.
>You stop rubbing her head and tap her on the shoulder.
"Hey." you say quietly.
>She turns her head and finally looks back at you.
>Her blue eyes are filled with worry, but relax as you smile reassuringly.
"Just tell me why, don't worry about it. I won't be mad." you say tenderly.
>"Mmm O-ok" she says quietly.
>She rolls onto her other side so that she can face you more easily.
>With a deep breath she speaks once more.
>"I used to watch you when you worked out." she finally says quietly.
>All the high energy enthusiasm has drained from her voice, and it has been replaced by a understated compassion that gives her simple words immense emotional weight.
>"I mean, a lot of mares watch you when you're exercising these days but... I used to watch when you first got started."
>She looks at the ground as she speaks, but a soft smirk builds on her face as she reminisces.
>"You were so cute and pudgy back then, kind of like me!" she giggles, "But you weren't happy back then..."
Oh lord, those were ridiculous. And with so many new characters to the show since then, there are so many more scenarios to play out.
>"But you weren't happy back then..."
Time for a feel trip
File: 1449238017475.png (571 KB, 1024x1099)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
>"So I watched you do all these super crazy exercises and get super tired out,"
>You keep your eyes trained on Pinkie as she continues to explain. You didn't anticipate such an in-depth answer.
>"And you didn't know it, but I rooted you on from a distance," she fidgets some more, "I would say, 'Keep at it Nonny! You've got what it takes! You'll make it if you try!' and watch you fall over and over again.
>You remember those days very well. Years ago when you first started this journey into extreme fitness, it was more than a struggle.
>With no humans around to coach you, it took a lot of effort and vague recollections of what people were doing in the gyms of the human world. You had to judge your own form and adapt. It took forever to nail down how to do things.
>"The more I watched the more I admired you, Nonny. We only spoke sparingly before then, but every time I watched you pull yourself off the ground I felt empowered myself. I felt like I was right there beside you for the whole thing."
>She closes her eyes.
>"But I wasn't. I was watching from a distance... and when I figured that out it made me feel all funny. Like I was missing something... like I wasn't where I should've been. It fell really icky." she says slowly.
>She draws a little circle in the sand with her hoof.
>"I knew you were having enough trouble on your own, and you wouldn't want me there weighing you down..."
>A wave of guilt hits you like a truck.
>"So I helped in little ways instead... "
>You look out to the rain again as she speaks.
>"Like filling up your water bottle while you were looking... and putting more ice in it. Or trimming the tree a little so the leaves wouldn't bother you while you tried to do pull ups and stuff..."
>You raise your eyebrows.
>That was her? You just thought you jumped up to that branch so many times that the leaves were all knocked off.
>"But you went from needing help to being totally amazing! I've seen anypony transform like that!"
>I've NEVER seen anypony transform like that.
I accidentally deleted a word like a little dumbo
i luv u bby
Any more like this of Anon teaching ponies how to exercise?
File: 1449330058293.jpg (141 KB, 874x522)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>"You were so much happier around town after that, and ponies really seemed to notice. Especially all the mares who suddenly took an interest in your new physique and happiness. I was so happy for you Nonny!"
>She tightens up into a ball again.
>"And when I started watching you from a distance again, I realized I wasn't on my own anymore... I was just a face in the crowd admiring from a distance. And it didn't sit right with me..."
>She rolls violently to the other side with a huff.
>"I mean, I liked you before you became such a... big... attractive... muscle guy..." she struggles to find the words.
>She sticks her hooves out in front of her.
>"Those other mares didn't see you out there during the hardest parts! They didn't know all the work that went into getting strong like that in the first place!" she grumbles as she folds her forelegs, "And they certainly didn't give a dang before that."
>You smile at her kid-friendly swears as you let her speak uninterrupted.
>She sighs
>"Then I realized something really sad..." she says, her voice becoming more melancholy, "You didn't need my help anymore, and that little connection we had was gone. Just watching you from a distance wasn't special anymore, everypony was doing it!"
>She looks up at the rain.
>"The only way I could get close to you after that was to make a bond I knew nopony else could beat... I head to go out there and exercise with you. It meant so much to you, and I knew if I could prove to you I could keep up we could be besties and get super close!" she says with vigor, "So I decided then and there to start doing everything you did, then pushing myself so I could catch up!"
>She finally rolls back to look at you.
>"And after a long year and a half of secretly exercising right after you and nearly throwing up, I finally managed to catch up to you." she says calmly.
>She taps the tips of her hooves together.
>"And after a month of planning on it, I finally asked you to train with me."
File: 1434604639506.png (900 KB, 1000x1000)
900 KB
900 KB PNG
>You blink a few times as her story seems to wrap up.
>"I-I'm sorry, I went on a rant." she says with a blush.
"N-No worries Pinkie..." you say automatically.
>When you started prying you didn't think you were opening such a can of worms.
>You thought Applejack was supposed to be the honest one.
>Yet you can't help but feel a sense of joy tingle through your limbs and chest.
>Her kindness went entirely unnoticed by you, but how could you have guessed someone was filling your water bottle while you weren't looking?
>Then again, you do recall some seemingly bottomless bottles of water on some days back then.
>You thought you were just hallucinating from how exhausted you were.
>You take a deep breath as you meditate on all the things suddenly revealed to you.
>Pinkie pushed herself to become as strong as you just to set herself apart from the rest of the mares in town.
>Nobody has ever gone to such lengths just to make a connection with you.
>It's beyond flattering, it feels entirely undeserved. You've never done anything for Pinkie before. Come to think of it, you hardly think about the ponies in town either.
>Lately your focus has been on making enough money to get by and training yourself as until you collapse. It never struck you how few meaningful reactions you had with the ponies of town.
>Pinkie pursued your dream twice as hard as you, just to join you in something, to be part of something that made her feel connected to you.
>After all this, you choose your next words very carefully.
"Hey Pinkie?" you inquire her.
>Her ears twitch at the sound of your voice.
"Do you want to join me when I work out tomorrow?" you ask quietly.
>She turns to face you again.
>Her eyes are filled with a special kind of hope and glee that you haven't seen in far too long.
Kind of relevant for this thread:

Someone made a spectacular Johnny Bravo RGRE fic some time ago. Honestly one of the best things I've read on this board. Very similar in style to what's posted here

t. Future snap citizen
hey, you're the birb thread guy

i like the things you make. good.

What a beautiful piece of work.

We're always here, somewhere.

I just use Firefox, and it does what I need it to do .


This is truly a capital idea.
It's official then~
Someone should get an Anonymous Sex Hotline thread going
Fit and love
File: 1446690985009.png (1.33 MB, 1500x1500)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
>"Y-you mean it?" she asks with a bit squeak.
>You nod at her happily.
"Of course I do. Are you in?"
>She leans on your leg and brings herself up to your face.
>"YES! I'm in 100%" she says happily before flopping back down, her head more in your lap now.
>She snuggles into you greedily and gets comfortable.
>The rain comes down a bit harder for a little while.
>The two of you sit quietly letting the rain fill the silence.
>Pinkie breathes slowly into your crossed legs.
>Guess you have a gym buddy now.
>But the way Pinkie is acting makes you think she doesn't want it to stay platonic.
>You sigh with a smile.
>Well, she's already at your level of fitness. You don't mind at all.
>You could use her positivity in your life... maybe more than you realize.
>As you smile in the mist of the recent shower, the rain finally comes to an end.
>You sit a little while longer as the birds start to chirp before finally speaking up.
"Looks like the rain let up." you say quietly.
>"Mmm" she lazily responds in affirmation.
>You grin as she continues to rest in your lap.
"Well I for one need to take a shower. You want me to walk you back home?" you ask tenderly.
>"Well, you could do more than that..." she says in a tired tone
"What does that mean?"
>"I can't stand up Nonny. I've never done that many pull ups in my life." she says without opening her eyes.
>You laugh out loud while Pinkie giggles under her breath.
>With a delicate touch you pick Pinkie up in your arms and start walking her back to town.
>She snuggles into your chest and brings a burning to your cheeks.
"Next time, let's stick to the original routine."
>She doesn't respond, instead her slow breathing and light snores tells you how she's feeling..
>You hold Pinkie a little tighter.
>Nothing beats the smell of a summer rain.

File: faec.png (101 KB, 188x218)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
That was pretty feelgood my man.

Reading. And oh God, it's a work of art.
File: 11964849.png (78 KB, 447x370)
78 KB
And then the realization hits you where you know this will never actually happen to you
>Implying .
I have to deal with this bullshit weekly.
My body hurts from the creatine and water loss.
I just lift 150 kg today.
File: WussUps.gif (5 KB, 200x200)
5 KB
not another Anon-Will-Never-Measure-Up-to-Stallion-Cock thread
Lifting yourself doesn't count m8.
I literally cannot work out unless I'm actually getting shit done. Like chopping down trees and cutting up wood, tending an orchard, farming.

Which always leads to me getting horribly out of shape over the winter.
This thread made me want to give another go at getting into shape, and two quotes I found kinda stick with me.
"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor."

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”
Anons crave instant gratification. Browsing a thread for stories that pander to their specific interests is too taxing.
I know this picture. That straw is inserted into a penis.
That's my fetish.
File: man in the glass.jpg (265 KB, 1000x1333)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
Not strictly about lifting, but this poem always motivates me, and it one of the ~5 poems I can actually recite from memory.
>Twilight nervously looks left and right, struggling as she too seems to have just had her whole life, her purpose, ripped away from her.
>"But... Friendship... But... I... I understand that it's a grand goal to work towards, but-"
"You will be the first mare after Luna to join our herd."
>"You can count on me Princess!" She salutes, pushing her tuft out in front of her.

Top kek.
File: 1443629605900.jpg (49 KB, 780x439)
49 KB
My sides are in orbit

Y-you too.
W-Will we see more of this?
It's so beautiful.
File: 1441102634231.png (325 KB, 690x891)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
Glad you enjoyed it Doc! I'm pretty rusty, but I like how this came out nonetheless.

Maybe not with a pink little pone, but if you chase some goals people will take notice. All you can do is work Anon! I'll be rootin' for ya!

If you mean this specific story, then maybe. I might write an epilogue since I like the set up.
If you mean me writing another story, I had an idea for one while writing the last one. I have finals to work on, but I'll start writing it if I get enough work done today.

Wish me luck O'hana
File: 1485851960020.png (126 KB, 725x499)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>but if you chase some goals people will take notice
fucking dropped
Read >>29908072
It's time... workout.
File: DSC_0012.jpg (2.65 MB, 3840x2160)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB JPG
OP here. Rate my body
>op didn't lied about fit
I want to kill myself
I know there was one in a thread like 2 years ago, but did anyone ever do another one where Anon starts off as a slob/over weight, then finally gets fed up with the laughs behind his back?
They're fat and nerd anon.
File: 1488353208126.png (171 KB, 748x610)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
>Be an unattractive tubby beta.
>Still have friends though, because it's ponyland.
>Try and get closer to a mare you have your eye on.
>She's attractive by pony standards, Like Rarity or Fluttershy.
>Maybe it even IS Rarity or Fluttershy.
>Get shot down and become a laughing stock.
>Fed up, you strive to change yourself for the better.
>Rainbow happens by and offers to help, happy to see that you want to be in shape.
>With the guidance of a real athlete, you turn yourself around and get a svelte but defined form.
>Suddenly, ponies want to be around you.
>The mare who shot you down included.
>Try to be spiteful and hateful, but the attention is what you wanted, so it's a half-hearted effort.
>But over your transformation, Rainbow slowly gained the hots for you, and wants want she helped make to herself.
>She and the mare who rejected you butt heads.
>Shit man, who do you choose? The mare who helped you better yourself the last few months, or the one you've had your heart set on since day one?
>To make things worse, a few other mares get bold and try to muscle in.
>You're left as the self-aware and horrified harem animu protag.
File: 20170422_061544.jpg (1.49 MB, 2988x5312)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG

i mean, its good by mlp standards, but that not much.
Yes. I skip leg day anon. What about you?
na, im still skinnyfat, can only squat 200lb atm. decided to cut and can start seeing my penis now when I look down.
File: 1492625077351.jpg (27 KB, 300x300)
27 KB
Rainbro Dash.
Tell other pony to get rekt.
>wanting worst pegasus
Thou art a faggot.
>"Thou art a faggot."
>"Oh yes babe call me faggot once more"
When someone insult (you), your body and mind will go "DYEL"
File: 1235251665.png (12 KB, 122x128)
12 KB
It's a fetish anon
I'm not understanding what you're saying, m8. I called you a faggot for liking rainbow dash.
File: Nordpone.png (32 KB, 349x263)
32 KB
Today i just run 10km guy!
File: bf4.jpg (22 KB, 421x371)
22 KB
Me too!
File: 1489345020991.jpg (108 KB, 484x718)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>go for the mare who made you a laughing stock
>or the mare who put in real effort and helped you turn your life around
Hm, really a difficult decision.
We have choice anon.
Love it
File: 1371928796728.png (29 KB, 1000x800)
29 KB
Rainbow dash is the best pony~
File: apples.png (603 KB, 800x1000)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
>You hated working out or any form of physical activity.
>Back in the day-
>Ok, so it was only a year or two ago, you enjoyed sitting on the couch and wasting the day away doing nothing more than watching random shit on the tele.
>However, being a card carrying resident of horseland, that life or pastime was no longer an option.
>Not if you wanted to eat.
>Or have a roof over your head.
>Being the somewhat responsible adult meant paying rent, otherwise you'd end up on the street, or worse-
>Like moving back in with Twilight.
>And there was no way in hell you were moving back into Spergle’s castle of odd fetishes.
>That mare had issues.
>And not because she had a weird fascination with strapping you down to a table and seeing what made you tick.
>It was the poor attempts at coming onto you when you couldn't move.
>Those attempts at getting in your pants were bad, like grade school bad.
>”Anon! Will you stop lollygaggin’ and get these bushels in the barn.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
>Applejack, the element of honesty, was a slave driver of a boss.
>But she gave you a job, so you took the good with the bad.>You had to admit, it was a little uncanny how she always found you whenever you slacked off.
>It’s almost as if she had a radar to tell her the moment you even thought about slowing down.
>"Get a move on, Mac's got another cart coming!"
>Wiping your brow, you picked up the bucket and began your trek to the barn.

>Watching Anon walk away you couldn’t help but bite your lip.
>He may be a human, but he sure had some nice foal siring hips.
>He dropped the bucket-
>And was bending over to pick up all the apples that spilled out.
File: 1464207355249.png (628 KB, 607x638)
628 KB
628 KB PNG
>>He may be a human, but he sure had some nice foal siring hips.
I always enjoy this.
Riggy, for the record do you mind if people upload some of your art/sketches to derpibooru? Or, you know, would you rather just not have them there or that you would like them there but you would rather upload them yourself?

Here's what's on the site so far if your curious as to what's been uploaded there already.
File: 1481845180026.jpg (84 KB, 768x1024)
84 KB
Oh my
Top kek, i love your writing heli.
File: rara.jpg (92 KB, 628x600)
92 KB
“I don’t think this is really what I ordered.”
>”Nonsense darling, now change, I MUST see how it looks on you.”
>Damn you Rarity.
>The one day off this week that you were so generously granted by Appul, was being spent arguing with this clothing obsessed mare.
“But crotchless jeans? I can see at least three bad things happening to me by wearing these at work, and only one of those end with not having a bruised sack.”
>”These are the latest style, straight from Canterlots Fashion Show, most stallions go crazy over them. Now, no more talkie, more changie.”
>Grumbling, you nonetheless stepped into the small changing room.

>That poor stallion.
>Unknowing of the ways of the world.
>I mean what stallion doesn’t know about the latest fashions?
>”Rara, these are a little tight.”
>Anon’s voice carried over the small partition that hid him from view.
“Don’t fret over it darling, I can always alter them after.”
>You probably should make sure he was putting them on correctly.
>But being the gentlemare that you are, and Anon being such a naïve stallion, some could see that as taking advantage of the situation.
>Shuffling your hooves you waited patiently for the human stallion.
>And waited.
>Surely it shouldn’t take this long.
>Taking a cautious step towards the changing room yo kept telling yourself “I’m not going to peek” repeatedly.
“Anon dear, are you alrigh-“
>In an instant you were on the ground with Anon on top of you.
>Feeling your head hit the ground you were instantly disoriented.
>Eyes finally focusing after having the large human land on you, you realized which part of him landed where.
>Most importantly which part of him landed right against your muzzle.
>This was… this was his…
>Oh my

Thank you, always nice to hear that people enjoy it.
I don't remember where it started, but it always made me laugh as well.
>He dropped the bucket-
My side
File: 1480994154325.png (198 KB, 410x427)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
y-you too senpai
One for each of the m6, please.
Fucking love it
Thank you Heli, I love your writing style. If I ever decide to write a book and need a character that only exists to piss off the reader, I will write every line of his the way you do yours.
>foal siring hips
I'm using this.
How about when you:
>lift and do martial arts, you're in the best shape you've ever been in your life
>you have a beautiful gf
>you have a successful career in Finance & Banking
>you make a lot of money
>you have lots of creative hobbies
>you are an intelligent, well-educated person with a Master's Degree in Econ, soon-to-be PhD
>you got a book deal and you always dreamt about writing a book
>you have no social anxiety and make friends really quick, you like connecting with people
>learning anything is a piece of cake, really
>you have a great relationship with your family

... and yet you go to bed every night feeling like a piece of shit that wasted your life for some reason.
>you go to bed every night feeling like a piece of shit that wasted your life for some reason.
So it's never going to end?
Seriously my dude, if you have all that,
maybe aim a little higher?
File: flutters.png (71 KB, 382x394)
71 KB
“Go to town and get grannies medicine she says, we’ll handle the work, so you just go grab it and come back she says.”
>Any sane man would have raised an eyebrow at the displeasure of getting out of work to run an easy errand.
>But they might not have been privy to the information of just how far away from town Sweet Apple Acres actually was.
>It was pretty fucking far.
>Thankfully, due to your irrational internal bitching, time seemed to go by a little faster, hell you could almost see the town.
>And a white bunny hopping frantically towards you on the dirt path.
“Wait is that- Angel bunny? What shit are you doing out here?”
>Angel looked like he was hopping for his life.
>Was he being chased by something?
>There weren’t any reports of any dangerous animals in the area recently.
>Squinting your eyes you tried to look behind him for whatever abomination was chasing hi-
>The yellow pegasi was hot on his trail.
>As soon as Angel was within a few feet he took a mighty leap and clung onto you like his life depended on it.
“What’s she done now?”
>You and the white bunny got along pretty well.
>He was a little hesitant about you during your first meeting, but a few head scratches and the two of you were the best of buddies.
>But now-
>His eyes held fear unlike you’ve ever seen before.
>”Angel bunny, please come back.”
>Hearing her voice, Angel climbed onto your back, his head peeking over your shoulder.
>”Oh hello Anonymous.”
“Hey there, so what happened this time?”
>Fluttershy, all shy and flutterish, looked sheepish as her cheeks began to glow.
>”It’s time for Angels bath, but he’s being stubborn.”
File: fluttershy.jpg (433 KB, 724x1024)
433 KB
433 KB JPG
>You should have expected it to be something like this.
>Turning your head you looked the bunny right in the eyes.
“Don’t tell me something like a bath is what scares you? Didn’t you beat the shit out of a snake when he looked at you funny?”
>He flipped you off… maybe teaching him that wasn’t the best idea.
>To add insult to injury he quickly climbed up and inside the back of your shirt.
“Angel get out- hahaha- stop it! Hahaa- I’m ticklish you little shit!”
>The bunny kept moving around evading your hands using the inside of your shirt as his personal race track as you tried to grab him.
>Fuck this!
>Gripping your shirt you flung it off, Angel and all.
>No sooner did the shirt hit the ground did you see it take off as Angel made his latest attempt for freedom.
“Sorry about that, but you know him, he’ll be back. Flutters? You okay?”

>You watched as Anon threw his shirt to the ground.
>That should have been your chance to catch Angel, but-
>Your wings extended as all the blood in your body rushed to them.
>Momma like.
>Don’t drool, don’t drool!
>Scene after scene played in your mind of this human just taking you out here in the open, marking you as his.
>”Flutters? You okay?”
>Oh no, he’s coming closer.
>You tried to fly up, but your wings betrayed you.
>You took off back to your cottage as fast as your hooves would allow.
You have changed yourself
Now change the world
Fun fact, baths are lethal to bun buns.
File: 1478932686098.png (277 KB, 518x828)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
You did well.
File: BONER OVERDOSE.jpg (77 KB, 341x846)
77 KB
>wink, wink
The details make a comic
We /cbt/ now
Twiggles totally wants the HMD in EQG
File: 1484439992041.png (135 KB, 827x1169)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
Irrelevant to the thread, but Riggy do you think you'll continue your Between a Precious Stone and a Hard Castle story?
File: 1451050982859.jpg (15 KB, 325x346)
15 KB
>mfw he will never finish Hunter Anon
Was pretty funny, until he shouted for Suzy, then I got the feels.
I really don't mind at all! It actually makes me chuckle reading some of the responses on there. Glad my art is doin' something for somebody!

Feel free to post my stuff! It's bizarre because I keep seeing people coloring my work and junk on random sites across the web. It's fascinating!

(Story here for those wondering what we're talking about: https://pastebin.com/1QHGC9Zn)

Ya know, even though it was written for a Tsundere thread, that story might actually be pretty relevant to the thread. The Anon in it IS very fit and the mares DO get aroused by it. Especially AJ and RD.

The story was completed and even a Christmas-special epilogue was written for it.
If people want to read more of it, however, I do have plenty of ideas for that particular cast. If people show enough interest I'll gladly do it.

>pic is a drawing made for that story.
I forgot to say that I didn't draw this, some lovely Anon did.
Good evening gents, i discovered this here fine thread and i was wondering, is there perhaps a pastebin with all the author's and links to their own pastebins around?
Just add the rest of it.
File: Spoiler Image (1.34 MB, 900x2700)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
I am getting some GREAT progress done on my finals, so I will definitely be writing a little tonight!

Any requests for ponies to be in the next story?
File: Otaku Mare.png (110 KB, 488x894)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
File: 14129344846021.png (898 KB, 926x1067)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
She'd be 2fun to be around.
File: 1492487830594.jpg (91 KB, 786x1017)
91 KB
File: 1485387125747.gif (336 KB, 600x600)
336 KB
336 KB GIF
GHoly shit, why are ponies so fucking motivating?

because of them im working harder, excersising more, and now because of one of the stories itt, i actually want to go out and pick up chicks (usually im basically asexual and dont rrealy care about other people).

Not to mention they helped me out of my depresion during season 1&2.
>out of my depresion
>im asexual and blah blah blah
fuck off you planet gendered demisquirell transbian
File: 1481929130973.gif (946 KB, 476x524)
946 KB
946 KB GIF
I didnt then

>fuck off you planet gendered demisquirell transbian
i didnt want to use that term, but i dont know what you call someone who doesnt realy care about romance/sex/the opposite sex anymore that hasnt been turned into a tumblr meme.
This is amazing, just the right amount of memes, everyone exactly in character, good pacing, just great.

grammar error on line 1110 i think btw
Woops, wrong story, I meant Home is Further than I Thought.
File: Ponko.png (832 KB, 750x739)
832 KB
832 KB PNG
Ah, that would make sense.
I really do need to continue that story. I ran out of steam on it as college reclaimed my life, and I never got back around to it.
I had a lot planned for that one.

I'll be sure to jump on it after my finals are over.

Not sure who she is I could be wrong, but I suppose I can make something up.

You got it. I think they'll all work for the idea I've got.

I hear you! My experience was sorta similar.
Ponies were the entire reason I started becoming comfortable with being wrong and working on myself.
I joined the fandom at the beginning of season 2, and I originally disliked the idea of liking a show that was so feminine and innocent. I watched it on an ipod touch before going to bed every night.
But then I saw episode 25 of season 1 and that changed it for me.
That was the episode where Pinkie became Pinkamena because she thought her friends didn't like her anymore, and it struck a chord. I had a lot of social issues growing up, and a lot of friends became bullies.

After that, I started using a ponko keychain to latch my keys to my waist, and I rub her when I feel lost or existential.
5ish years later, I still wear the little pink pone.
Now that I think of it, this little pony has been with me for a lot of stuff. I had her on every day I went to the gym to get fit for the first time in my life, wore her for my Eagle Scout Project, my first paying job, throughout the relationships of about 7 different girlfriends, and she'll be on my waist when I graduate college in 13 days.

To be honest, I think ponies played a large part in steering me down the right path during those crucial high school years.

Thanks for reading if you did, just sort of ranted some thoughts there.

Anyway, I'll still be writing tonight. I've been working on finals all day so I deserve a break!

>pic is my beloved little Ponk
File: NOW hes not a manlet.png (891 KB, 2424x2076)
891 KB
891 KB PNG
>throughout the relationships of about 7 different girlfriends
wat da fug dude
wait a minute...
File: fastnon.png (466 KB, 1007x2023)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
>This was insane.
>”Five more minutes to go rookies.”
>Captain Spitfire’s voice echoed from her perch atop the cloud overlooking the training field.
>Her wings lackadaisically flapping to keep her centered over the field against the winds.
>The grin on her face evident from far away.
>This was not what you had trained for. All those hours memorizing flight patterns and maneuvers were useless here.
>You were a flyer, not a runner.
>And that feeling of being hunted-
>Your instincts told you to just fly away.
>Every cell in your body told you to fly away.
>But you couldn’t.
>One, because your spot on the Wonderbolts reserve team rode on you finishing this training camp.
>Two, and most importantly, the ropes that tied your wings down against your barrel prevented you from making an attempt for the safety of the skies.
>His cackling drowned out your inner thoughts.
>He was a monster, nothing on two legs should be this fast, there wasn’t any other logical explanation.
>But you had to push through the pain in your legs and the burning in your lungs.
>The first two recruits were the first to be caught, all in under a minute.
>They thought “it” was just some dumb ape thing that could be easily evaded.
>They were wrong.
>So very wrong.
>”Pick up the pace Swift Foot, he’s gaining on you.”
>True to her words, you could see the thing right behind, some ten feet away.
>Despite the mask he wore, you could tell he was grinning underneath it.
>Celestia help me get through this.
>You didn’t want the cuddles those first two mares got.
File: 1492837847394.png (501 KB, 1280x867)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
>”Five more minutes to go rookies.”
File: 1483452388530.png (238 KB, 400x350)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
My god Heli.
>Anon being fast
>Not using our evolved ability for pursuit predation and have him simply run them to exhaustion to the point they welcome the sweet embrace of his arms.
This thread killed the AiE thread...
File: 1483157868764.png (105 KB, 640x480)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>I've been working on finals all day so I deserve a break
Good night Riggy.
Yeah I've had a weird run with an odd variety of SO's. Having 7 over 5 and a half years isn't that bad though. Especially since 4 of those years were at two different colleges.

I'm also a wuss that hates disappointing people so I say yes whenever a girl asks me out.
I'm not gone yet baby! Writing is my break! Thanks for being kind to me though.
It makes me happy.

I'm ready to rock starting right now, so stay tuned!
File: 1477947585689.jpg (24 KB, 250x369)
24 KB
File: 1437965023811.gif (236 KB, 600x400)
236 KB
236 KB GIF
Let's goooo story #2!

>BEEP.... BEEP... BEEP... BEEP...
>Your alarm clock is a cruel beast.
>It doesn't care whether it is a Sunday or a Monday. It doesn't care if you went to be at 8pm or 6am.
>It wants you up at 7am no matter what.
>You reach your arm out in the direction of your audacious clock to no avail.
>It sits several feet out of your reach.
>For a moment you try to turn it off with your mind, hoping you've secretly been a jedi this whole time.
>But as the alarm continues to smash wave after wave of obnoxious beeping into your ears, you finally give up on that fantasy and flop out of bed.
>You smack the top of the alarm with great catharsis and go about your day.
>Sundays are your cleaning days, after all.
>You walk from your small bedroom into your even smaller bath.
>You lock your fingers under the window frame and slide it up allowing the warm spring air to flow into your otherwise stuffy apartment.
>Canterlot sparkles most in the young sunlight of a spring day.
>The street outside your humble complex has been up for hours now, and the little mom-n-pop stores and boutiques look as blissfully worry-free as the day before.
>All the stores have had great business now that the city has warmed up. More ponies come from out of town, and the whole place just feels so exciting.
>You push your head out the window, the breeze flowing through your uncut hair.
>As a lock or two falls into your face, you're reminded how much you need a haircut.
>However last time you got one from a pony barber and you came out looking like a butch lesbian.
>They don't understand the idea of leaving hair on the sides.
>You do some light stretches as you brush your teeth.
>Mild soreness haunts every ligament you've got.
>It's to be expected, you've been spending more and more time at the gyms since your work got a lot closer to home.
>You look out to the silhouette of the castle looming in the distance.
>Only a couple mile walk and you're right where you're needed.
nigga you just made my evening.
Best day ever.
>You look at the small plant sitting in your windowsill.
>It looks a little sad, a little droopy even.
"Don't worry little man." you say, filling a paper cup with water, "You'll be right as rain after this."
>You pour the water over the delicate stem and let it soak into its soil.
>As you set the cup down you feel a little more awake, and a little bit happier.
>Plants can't fend for themselves in a city like this, so you're glad you can take such good care of them.
>That's why you're the royal gardener at the castle, after all.
>You lean against the window, still brushing your teeth.
>Celestia gave you this apartment because you were doing such a good job out there. It's nice to feel appreciated.
>Especially since she's always keeping an eye on you out the window. You never know when she's watching.
>That could be nerve-wracking in any other profession, but when you're out with the smell of fresh soil and flowers, it's hard to be high strung.
>You finally rinse and walk out to your living room.
>It's completely covered in hanging vines and potted plants.
>Some are for work, others are just yours.
>It's hard to live in an apartment without something alive being there with you.
>So you fill the place with little green friends. At least then it feels like a home.
>But with every luxury comes a price. Every yang has a yin, man.
>And this yin comes in the form of dirty carpets.
>You track soil in wherever you go, whether it be from work or your personal projects.
>As a result, your place isn't exactly pristine.
>That's why you need to nuke the place with a deep cleanse every Sunday.
>And you know what, that's just fine. You really enjoy these quiet, yet productive Sundays.
>You open the front door to let in a draft.
>You're the only person on the floor since this "complex" is really just three story building that was adapted.
>It's cool living in what is effectively an attic. Especially since you can keep your door open without bothering neighbors.
File: 1411476328387.gif (154 KB, 500x400)
154 KB
154 KB GIF
I've got your back Anon!
>You sigh happily in anticipation to a good day.
>The closet door creaks as you open it, revealing your trusty vacuum.
>It's your workhorse, your right hand man, dusty destroying confidant.
>You whip it out, popping the chord into the wall and unraveling its lengthy cable.
>With a little hop you go to your room to grab some more supplies.
>From your drawer you summon pink apron, in attack mode.
>But that's not else, you also place orange bandanna in facedown on-your-head position.
>You tighten the two pieces of cloth on your body.
>Using your thumb you clean some dirt off the words on your apron.
>It says, "Party Girl" with a floral pattern underneath.
>You chuckle at it every time you see it.
>That was Pinkie's going away present. She nailed it, frankly.
>The last item sits charging by your bed.
>An old, cracked ipod touch.
>128 GB of storage filled to the brim with tens of thousands of songs.
>It was one of the only things you had in your pockets when you were sent to this pony land.
>You pick it up and plug the earbuds in.
>Alright, now you're ready to get to work.
>You hit shuffle on all songs and start vacuuming.
>The sound of radio static starts the song before it jumps into a familiar chorus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN3B_I4WA4c
>You bob your head to an old favorite of yours as the song slowly builds.
>You're a sucker for any kind of music, you can appreciate almost anything.
>No pleasure is a guilty one when it comes to music, and you embrace the song with your whole being.
>You shake your hips and start to get your entire body into it.
>The vacuum erases the soil spills across the room while you jump into a well practiced dance routine.
>This is your 'light' exercise on your one rest day of the week.
>And hot damn do you enjoy yourself.
>Your feet move under you like butter, and your joints feel almost weightless as you swing around haphazardly.
>You're weak to dance songs.
Girls ask you out?
File: 1478729121258s.jpg (3 KB, 97x125)
3 KB
>128 GB of storage filled to the brim with tens of thousands of songs.
File: 1449524632537.jpg (121 KB, 1024x768)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
My buddy had like 16,000 songs on one once. Maybe I'm just dumb
File: 1441994704146.png (669 KB, 1814x1754)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
Not sure if Riggy's done, but here's some more horrible horse words.
>”Three minutes to go, don’t let up now!”
>You couldn’t feel your legs, the burning sensation in your lungs didn’t even register in your mind anymore, all that was left was numb throbbing feeling.
>All that remained was the animalistic instinct to run. To not be caught. By that thing.
>How many were caught already?
>Three? Four?
>All your other thoughts might as well have not existed.
>Then it happened.
>Time itself seemed to slow down as you tripped over the most minuscule pebble.
>Tumbling forward head over hoof, you skid on the ground.
>Dirt and grass rising into the air as your momentum propelled you forward.
>Maybe he didn’t notice, maybe he was so busy chasing the others he hadn’t seen you go down.
>Raising your head and spitting out some of the dirt that had found its way inside, you looked around for the creature.
>It didn’t take long to spot him.
>His form loomed over yours blocking out the sun.
>This is how your dream ends.
>Not in some fantastic display of acrobatics in the sky, but by a stupid rock on the ground.
>You weren’t a quitter!
>Gathering whatever strength you had left you tried rising to your hooves.
>Your vision turned white as a lightning pain shot through your fetlock.
>Feeling your hooves give way from the coursing pain you expected to hit the ground.
>But it never happened.
>It caught you before that happened.
>”Hey now take it easy, you’re hurt, don’t go and make it worse.”
>His arms held you steady before bringing you into his lap as he sat down.
File: 1412269842496.png (190 KB, 640x543)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
>As the song comes to an end you feel yourself sweating through the bandanna on your head.
>All that hair makes the top of head a lot sweatier.
>Then again, you jammed really hard to that last one.
>Right on, dancing makes your soul feel good.
>As you slow down for a moment to look at your ipod through your locks you realize that you're not alone.
>In the doorway stands a familiar grey mare in a delivery uniform. One eye is locked on you, the other on the ceiling.
>You look back an smile at the unannounced guest.
"If it isn't my favorite mailmare! How we doin' today Derpy?" you say as you walk over to her.
>She doesn't respond at first, her mouth slightly open as she continues to stare.
>After a shake of her head she comes back to the moment and looks up.
>"H-Hey Anon! Just makin' a deliveryy" she says in her almost painfully genuine voice.
>She grabs a package out of her little leather bag. It's not too big, about the size of a basketball.
"Alright man, let's see here..." you say as you read the label.
>'Epona Fertilizer Co. Bone Meal (4-12-0)'
"Aw nice! I needed this for some of the roses at the royal garden!" you say looking down at Derpy's smiling face.
>You put the palm of your hand against her mane and ruffle it up a little as she giggles.
"Thanks for the delivery Derpy. You're the best mailmare in Equestria."
>After saying it out loud something about that statement seems off.
>"Awww. Thanks Anonn! I really appreciate it." She responds with a happy little blush.
>You scratch your chin.
"Yo Derpy, isn't it Sunday? Shouldn't this be delivered tomorrow?"
>Derpy's face contorts to a confused and concerned expression.
>"Is it really? I, I thought it was Saturday!" she says in a little panic, "Ohh not again!"
>You smile an kneel down to be at her level.
"Hey now, no worries Derp-dude. C'mon, no frowns in my place. It'll make the flowers wilt, we wouldn't want that would we?" you say in a comforting tune.
>Derpy looks down at her hooves.
File: 1444679518296.jpg (129 KB, 1000x700)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>”Hey Spitfire, she’s hurt. Mind sending a medic over.” His voice carried through the air.
>You tried fighting back the feelings that were coursing through your very soul.
>It wasn’t fair.
>You sniffled.
>”Hey now, it doesn’t look too bad. A little rest and you’ll be fine.”
“It’s over now, you caught me. My dream, everything I trained for, it’s over.”
>You watched as his head cocked to the side in confusion.
>”Say what now?”
>”I’m going to be kicked out because you caught me in this exercise.”
>The flood gates opened.
>Those arms brought you close against him.
>”Rookie this isn’t something we expel ponies for. Everypony gets caught eventually by this stallion. It’s meant to teach you to think on your hooves and adapt.”
>Captain Spitfire’s voice cut through your sobs.
“Does that mean I can stay?”
>”Yup, and Anon, don’t go overboard before the medics get here.”
>The sudden elation at getting to stay was instantly replaced with fear and realization.
>No not that- anything but that.
>Your position revealed to you the gravity of your situation.
>The shirt you were pressed against was soaked in sweat and clinging to his body, outlining the muscles underneath.
>Feeling your cheeks grow hot you smiled sheepishly.
“We can talk about this right? There’s no need for-“
File: 1487275709865.png (514 KB, 532x582)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
Dammit, sorry for that Riggy.
Snobbery, tribalism, and a howling lack of feedback killed AiE
File: 1439236471774.png (279 KB, 1280x1508)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
>accidental combo breaker

This is how god punishes us. Sorry Heli <3

Yeah on occasion. One actually tricked me into going on a date with her by framing it as studying.
I didn't assume it was a date because I barely spoke with the her prior to that. I was wrong.

Glad you enjoy it! That's a go to jam song for me. It really kicks a good mood into gear.
File: REKT again.png (244 KB, 1346x772)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
How cute, check this.
Now that's some bullshit, I mean good for you and everything, but I can't even get a compliment, I can't think of one, and when I ask a girl out I get stood up. At least ponies will never leave me.
My nigger!
File: 1416917032455.gif (45 KB, 770x770)
45 KB
>"N-No... I wouldn't want that..." she says with a little sniff.
>You smile at her even though she isn't looking at you.
>She always beats herself up like this when she messes up, probably because she's the only one that makes such bizarre mistakes.
>And this is the third time she's shown up on a Sunday.
>Still, it's nothing to get herself worked up over, after all the damage was just you. You're the first one on her route!
>And as you notice a little tear welling up, you know that she needs a little help like we all do time from time.
>You pull her close in a friendly embrace and rub the top of her head.
"DERPY! DERPY HOOVES! You can't be sad in my house, friend. It's against the rules!"
>You sigh happily.
>Let's share some of this beautiful mood with that sad little mailmare.
>You pull her into your apartment.
>She jumps a little at the sudden movement.
>"I'm fffine Anon, really. I'll remember for next time... I hope." she says unconvincingly.
>You plug your ipod into the little stereo you have on your kitchen counter and crank it all the way up.
>The faucet springs to life as you fill Derpy a glass of cold water.
>You bring her the water as she wipes her eyes.
"Well since you DON'T actually need to work today, I imagine you're free?" you ask happily.
>Derpy gingerly sips the water before responding.
>"I g-guess so." she says, still not out of her funk.
"How's about you stick around for a bit, huh? I'm just doing some spring cleaning. We can listen to some human jams and talk about life."
>You lift her chin up so you can look her in the eyes.
>Well, eye.
"How's that sound, muffin?"
>She finally smiles at her pet name.
"There it is! Come on Derpy, stay awhile."
>Her smile grows and she closes her eyes, still wet with fresh tears.
>"Okay!" she says with some genuine enthusiasm.
>You ruffle her mane again.
"Alriiight! No wilting flowers today hun!" you respond with a smile.
>That's more like it!
Ughhhhh.... my heart.
File: Its Okay Anon.png (287 KB, 1500x1000)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Ponies will never leave ya, that's for sure!
And to be honest those relationships are almost always superficial and silly. Take it from someone who has a lot of experience with relationships: 99.9% of the time it's better to be single.

When you're single you can actually focus on yourself and reach for some damn goals. Whenever I have a girlfriend they just take my focus off of what I care about and it impacts my discipline.

So just work on yourself Anon, and don't worry about stupid stuff like relationships. You've got time my man, so focus on making yourself a disciplined monster that can achieve anything they put their mind to. Everyone has the capacity to work hard, and if you do then that sadness from
>tfw no gf
will be replaced by an unrelenting need to improve.

I believe in you Anon! If you ask me I think you can really make something of yourself! I think you're a wonderful person and you've got a lot more going for you than you think!

I love you man! Keep up the good work, drop some bad habits, develop some good ones, and kick so much ass you need new boots every week!
>He was to good for this world... so god took him back
>Hope is lost
By the looks of it...

I guess you could say RGRE's dead.
>tfw no gf
Bro, get fit, woman will follow you.
File: 1434596318213.gif (375 KB, 396x386)
375 KB
375 KB GIF
>You hit play on your ipod and adjust the volume a little to minimize distortion.
>The sweet licks of a happy bass guitar fills the room https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B2zu3SOJU8
>The music hits you instantly as you wander out of the small kitchenette back into the main room.
>You clap your hands with beat and sing along with the first verse.
>Derpy sits on your couch with a curious expression as her ears twitch to the happy song.
>She rocks back and fourth a little, setting her cup of water down.
>You swing your arms around as you do an exaggerated walk to the groove of the music.
>Derpy giggles as you shake your rear and vacuum.
>You sing along and invite her to join in with a waving gesture.
>She waves a dismissively back, obviously a little embarrassed.
"Oh come on Derpy, girl! Who's gonna judge? The tulips on the windowsill or the cacti on the table?"
>She lets out a quiet giggle.
>You sing right to her with your arms out stretched.
"Come and get your loooove~. Come and get your loOOove~" you sing, rocking back and fourth.
>Your hypnotizing dance moves finally infect her and she starts to swing with a little more gusto.
>"Come and get your looooooove~" she sings along with you in her beautiful singing voice.
>It's got a sort of tone to it that makes it absolutely adorable to hear, and it heightens the mood in the room even more.
>She gets up off the couch as you approach her and she dances with you a little bit.
>Her moves aren't very refined, and it's obvious she's not used to dancing in front of anyone, but her bona fide joy makes it hard to resist.
>She ends up suffering from a laughing fit as the song fades out.
>It doesn't help you really cranked up the goof meter on your last few moves.
>She doesn't know who MC Hammer is, but now she knows what a hammerdance looks like.
>It didn't even match the song! You just thought it'd be a hit.
>And you were so right.
"Hey you're a pretty great dancer, muffin!"
>She blushes happily.
You're right man, I do need to work on me to be the best I can.

I don't care if we're just strangers on a peruvian pie chart forum, I love the lot of you for reasons most will never understand.
i have the stupidest smile right now
File: 1446088790890.png (215 KB, 500x500)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
That's the spirit Anon! Make sure every day you're closer to a better you, and don't stop until you've blown away all the expectations anyone has for you.
Your life is so subjective to how you perceive it. If you focus on things saying, "I've never had that," then your life will SEEM miserable.

But if you look on the horizon, grit your teeth, and work your butt off then you'll get to focus on things saying, "One day, I WILL have that."

Hey, I'm right there beside ya. We're family. Let's do this thing.

I love my O'hana
File: 1454377952090.png (164 KB, 600x736)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>"You're not too bad yourself Anon!" she says slowly
>The way she talks is a little slow, but that doesn't mean she's stupid.
>Just a little ditsy, and you love that about her. Such genuine thoughts filtered through such an adorable voice. It's another one of life's great yangs.
>You toss Derpy a feather duster.
"Hey wing-thing can you help me with the upper shelves? I'm sore as it is without stretching!"
>Derpy catches the duster in her mouth with a little salute.
>"Yesh shurr Messter Anon shurr!" she says with a minor drawl.
>You smile back at her.
"Excellent! Thanks hun, I appreciate ya."
>You get back to vacuuming as the next song comes on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjPqsDU0j2I
>As you realize what's playing you get excited.
"Aww HELL yeahh! This is what I was lookin' for this mornin'!" you yell as you hit the messy spots by the door.
>You look over at Derpy as she shakes her rump in the air while hovering around the potted plants on the top of your shelves.
>Doin' Sunday right, that's what's good.
>The song continues as you finish up the major vacuuming.
>Most of the hard spots are gone, you'll do one more pass over the entire carpet once you're done stomping around today.
>Just as you finish surveying your work the sound of a large crash pierces the happy tunes in the air.
>You look over to see Derpy standing over a broken potted plant with a defeated expression.
>Oh, you missed a spot of dirt over there.
>You jump over to the rescue where Derpy is.
>"I-I-I'm sorry Anon! I wasn't p-paying attention and I wasn't carefuly enough and-and-" she starts to stutter, "Oh geez, I'm really sorry Anon. I really didn't-
>You place your arm across her chest, as if to keep her from getting too close.
>You're nipping this thing right in the bud, not letting her get down on herself.
"Looks like an on the spot procedure if you ask me, EMT Derpy." you say to her in an authoritative voice.
>Well, as authoritative as a man in an apron can be.
File: 1429142148595.png (369 KB, 1000x1000)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
>"Wha-What?" she stutters in confusion.
>You grab Derpy's mailmare hat off the table and put it on to look somewhat more professional.
"I tell you what, 10 years of medical training doesn't prepare you for it when you're in the field." you say with great exaggeration, "But we can do this. I won't let this plant die on me! Not this time!"
>You do a backwards combat roll through your living room while making ambulance noises, knocking the coffee table over in the process.
"IS IT STILL BREATHING DERPY?" you ask while getting up from your dramatic tumble.
>"Uhm, I, um!" she says in a panicked tone.
"Hold on Derpy! We can do this! We're trained for this!"
>You do another backwards roll over the counter into the kitchen.
>Pots and pans loudly clank on the ground as you clumsily roll over onto your feet.
>You have successfully knocked all of your cooking implements onto the ground. Every last one.
>They needed to be washed anyway, so basically you just cleaned the counter.
>Two for one baby.
>You grab the box of bone meal packets and pour them out onto the counter top.
>Thankfully they are individually packaged, the box was just for transit.
"I'm COMIN' BABY, JUST HOLD ON A BIT LONGER" you say as you dive above counter again and combat roll back to the dirt on the floor.
>Derpy stares at you with a confused look.
>You think.
>It's hard to tell when one of her eyes is always fooling around.
>This is exactly what you wanted, she can't be sad if she's just puzzled by your actions.
>You look at her patiently.
>"What is going-"
"Great idea doctor. We'll use this box to recover the victim and get them back on their feet!"
>You bop her in the shoulder.
"Where would we be without you, muffin?"
>You carefully scoop the soil into the cardboard box followed by the rather unharmed sprout that was growing.
>You pat down the soil and give it gentle massaging so it can absorb water better down the road.
"She's stable, baby!" you say, lifting your hand for a high five.
File: derpymuffins.gif (741 KB, 500x281)
741 KB
741 KB GIF
>Derpy doesn't go for the high five, she's looking at the patch of dirt left on your carpet and the shards of glass littered within it.
"Hey don't think nothin' of it, love. It's an easy fix." you say tenderly, your hand still raised.
>"I know but... you wouldn't have to fix it if I didn't knock it over." she says weakly.
>You tilt your head. You know that tone.
>"I'm sorry Anon. I just made another mess. I showed up even though I don't have work today, and I broke your pot after you invited me in... I'm all over the place." she says in a melancholy summation.
>You shake your head.
"Hey." you say.
>She looks up at you.
>You motion for her to sit next to you.
>She looks up at you with sad puppy dog eyes, but you motion for her again.
>She finally shuffles her way next to you.
>When she does eventually sit down, you pull her in close next to you and take off her hat.
>You remove your bandanna and let your hair fall down, but you make sure to keep your eyes visible.
"Listen muffin, ya gotta stop taking things so hard. That ain't the way to live life."
>She doesn't say anything, she just continues to look away from you in two different directions.
>You sigh.
"Listen, why'd you knock over the plant?"
>Derpy blushes.
>"I was, um, distracted by something."
>You nod.
"Exactly! You didn't do it on purpose! Don't sweat it, hun."
>You bring the box full of soil closer to yourself.
"You gotta be like this little sprout, see? Even after such a big fall it just keeps on goin. So long as it has soil, sun, and good old fashioned agua, it'll make it through just about anything."
>You pet the top of her mane.
"It always springs back, and never makes itself its worst enemy."
>She starts to come around.
"So just be happy pony girl, nobody here is blamin' you for anything."
>She suddenly hugs the side of your body.
>"Th-Thank you Anon." she says into your shirt.
>You continue to stroke her mane.
"Of course muffin. You ARE my favorite little mail mare afterall."
File: 1456024244677.png (927 KB, 500x1248)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
Okay that's all for me tonight, friends. I'm already losing a LOT of sleep.
As always, I hope you enjoyed the story so far. More to come when I have more time.

Hey, if you haven't spoken to your parents in awhile give em a call. I bet they'd like to hear your voice and to hear you're doing okay! Assuming you have parents/a good relationship with them

Goodnight O'hana! I love you.
I like you wright friend, sleep well.
Good night Rag.
Mandatory digit checking.
The god has spoke with powerful number.
D-damn....Don't turn me gay,Anon.
>>So you fill the place with little green friends. At least then it feels like a home.
I'm getting intense Bob Ross vibes right now.
File: 1443993984502.png (76 KB, 500x500)
76 KB
my heart
So is he like a buff hippy or something?
But what if it was Rainbow I wanted to begin with?
Don't even bother with him. He's a non English speaker who thinks his English is good because nobody around him speaks English.
Try not being a faggot
The sweaty neet pone is Floor Bored, I believe. She's a mess.
She's basically Tomoko in pony form.
>Just finished a new RiggyRag story
The ride truly never ends. Fuck yeah.
I didn't even know how much I missed you man, glad to see you again.
>>Be an unattractive tubby beta.
File: Riggy says its okay.png (88 KB, 500x500)
88 KB
I like you too Anon! Thank you for reading so far!

Thanks friend! I slept in more than I wanted, but that's a-ok. I'm not late for anything.


Huh, I didn't notice the similarities until you pointed them out, Anon. I love Bob Ross so I don't mind at all!

She's such a cute pone. I hardly get to write for her!

Eh, hippies tend to be anti-establishment and have strong opinions in government stuff. He's just a guy trying to get by and enjoy himself in the process, my man. Of course, that's just how I see him! You can decide for yourself!

I looked her up when I woke up. She'll fit into this story perfectly!

I missed you too Anon! I alway miss my O'hana while college has me in its grip!
But it's good to be back, and as always it is good to see you. Thanks for sticking around Love ya

I meant to address this awhile ago but never got around to it.
Sounds like your external life is going great! You have achieved a lot in the real world!
But it seems to me that there's an internal struggle. If you asked me, I would say work on finding some way to find peace within your soul.
I found my way through meditation and hiking. Some activities help you put things into perspective and feel better about life for awhile. Feelings are, after all, temporary and always move on to the next one. The key is to try your hardest to keep your mind in a good place, understanding life is entirely subjective to how you view yourself.

Just my two cents, you've lived a full life already and I haven't been on this earth long enough to get where you are yet! so you can take all of this with a grain of salt.

I hope you can figure it all out Anon, I'm rooting for ya.

I'll be doing finals work all day so that I can write tonight! If I finish my work early, I might have a little surprise for the thread. Stay tuned!
Y-you too
Fuck off, abbo cunt
>implying I life in that shithole
im in africa
I'm so sorry
We're all gonna make it brah
probably not as much as me, actually wanting to get /fit/ now.
I can't spot it. Extra vowels are to signify that she's holding a note.
>nothing about you phoney
shouldn't it be 'nothing about you is phoney'
Ah okay, for some reason I was looking up way before that line.
File: you mirin.jpg (83 KB, 421x601)
83 KB
File: Fixed.png (801 KB, 2424x2076)
801 KB
801 KB PNG
I... I recognise that bulge...
A+ musical choices so far
>Anon has been a long-time resident of Ponyville by the time Twilight arrived
>Despite frequent interest from the mares, he waves them off, saying he's married
>No-one has seen his apparent wife however, and believe him to be lying to keep away mares' interest
>Frequently goes abroad and to far-flung regions of the world
>Anon is a shapeshifter
>Not a changeling-type, but a gob of shadows that can form up
>Changed when he was cursed by Sombra -- instead of being crystallized and shattered like his wife, his alien nature instead metamorphosed him
>Typically likes to assume his old appearance of, well, Anon
>He's married to the long shattered Princess Amore
>Has spent thousands of years reassembling his wife from every shard of crystal scattered by Sombra
>Needs the power of the Crystal Heart to restore her to life

>However, over the course of his quest, he has become cold and bitter
>When at the Crystal Empire to visit her family, Twilight is surprised to see Anon there
>And a troubled-looking Cadence soon after...
Sounds interesting
Dubs demand more green
File: 1446086788621.png (439 KB, 773x779)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Y'all are so good to me! Thank you :)

En route home. Be writing in around 30 minutes!
File: 1415264210260.png (324 KB, 1024x1024)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Wrrrrrrriting now!
File: 9eiMlEu.png (224 KB, 1000x787)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
>You pick up your pots and pans from the ground.
>Derpy said she would handle vacuuming the floor, and she's been doing a fine job of it.
>You toss the assorted metal into the sink just as the next song comes on shuffle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qU2MXeAz1E
>Another deep breath gets you back to being focused, and the more mellow tune certainly helps!
>The water pours over the pans and waterfalls towards the drain. You scrub hard with the soft side of the sponge to get the grime off, but not the non-stick stuff.
>You bob your head lightly to the music, your hair hanging down as well.
>Without your bandanna it's just gonna do its own thing.
>That's alright, you sweat right through that thing.
>Derpy comes into the kitchenette and sits on the stool at the bar.
>"That music is really goood, Anon." she says with a calm sort of joy.
>She seems in better spirits now that she had some time to just let her emotions out a bit.
>You know Derpy pretty well at this point, and she doesn't do silly things for no reason.
>The only times she shows up to work on Sundays is when she's really stressed. You get that. You used to be like that.
>No worries man, everyone needs a moment to steady themselves from time to time.
"This song was made by an angel, I mean it. Nothin' feels like it." you say with a smirk.
>Derpy rests her head on the freshly cleaned counter.
>"Mmm, I like it." she says before yawning.
>You look over your shoulder while continuing to clean.
"Late night Derps?" you ask with genuine interest.
>"Mhmm." she grunts, "It's been a long week..."
>You suspected.
>She sighs as the song fades away.
>After all this excitement she seems pretty bushed. When exhaustion hits you all at once like that it's almost impossible to break away from it.
>You place your hand on the top of her head, waking her up a little.
"Ya know Derpy I admire your work ethic, but you gotta rest too! Can't go at 100% all the time."
>Derpy blows a raspberry.
File: 1454259738643.gif (31 KB, 417x290)
31 KB
>"Like you would know Mr. Up-At-4:30am every day." she says with a grin.
>You chuckle and bring your head down more to her level.
"And I can only get up that early because I go to bed early. It's no better than anybody else's sleep schedule; just different."
>She snorts air out of her nose, not able to lift her heavy eyelids.
>You smile.
"Alright Derp, c'mon now. I'm not gonna let ya fall asleep at my kitchen counter."
>"Mmm why not?" she responds tiredly.
"Cus you can just use my bed instead. It'll be a lot easier on your neck for sure!"
>She half opens her eyes.
>"Oh kayy" she says, slowly getting down from the stool and making her way to your bed room.
>Huh, she just sort of bee lined there.
>You don't recall showing her your bed room, but hey it's a small apartment.
>No worries.
>She flops face first onto your unmade bed and tosses around for a moment before getting still.
>Well you didn't need to ask her twice.
>You get back to work, cleaning a few more pots and pans before drying off.
>As you dry you take a peak at the kitchen clock.
>9:02 am
>That's strange.
>You get onto your knees and press your ear to the floor.
>After listening intently for a few seconds, you realize that you can't hear anything in particular.
>Yup that's what you thought.
>You walk around the kitchenette and grab your keys off the shelf.
>You gingerly push the front door closed behind you and start to jog down the stairs to the second story.
>There are 4 apartments on this floor, 3 of which are inhabited.
>One of which happens to be directly below your kitchen area.
>You walk over to the door of apartment 05.
>You place your ear against the door and listen again.
>Still no sounds to report.
>You chuckle and shake your head.
>She's gonna make you do this every Sunday until one of you moves out.
File: 1411504255622.png (174 KB, 500x500)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
>You knock on the door.
"Hey! It's Anon!" you say loudly.
>You don't want to wake up any of the neighbors trying to sleep in.
>Well, except for this one.
>A few seconds pass before you knock again.
"It's Anon! Can you please let me in?" you say inquisitively.
>Still no response.
>You can't help but feel ignored.
>You sigh.
"Alright, I'm coming in." you say, going through your key ring.
>A little bronze key slides into your hand, identical to your apartment key in every way except the teeth and serial number.
>You slide it into the doorknob's built-in lock and turn it with a clunk.
>The door gives way, but only a little before it is stopped by a chain.
>Oh she is being adamant today.
>But you're not some two-bit alarm clock you can just snooze or unplug. No ma'am!
>You're twice as adamant about getting in.
>You use your fingers to carefully undo the chain.
>As you fidget with the security mechanism one of the other apartment doors open.
>An older stallion with a graying mustache and mane walks into the hall with a mechanic jumper on.
>He looks you up and down without surprise.
>"Mornin' Anon." he says with a smile.
"Gooooood Morning Mr. Shift. How are you this wonderful morning?" you respond with a smile, continuing to jiggle the chain.
>"Hee hee, I'm just fine sonny. Looks like she wants to sleep in extra bad this morning, eh?" he says with a raspy voice that shows its age.
>You shake your head and smirk.
"Every Sunday it's somethin' different, but I haven't lost one yet!" you say in a determined tone.
>"Hee hee, between the two of ya I don't need television, I tell ya what." he chuckles before descending the stairs, "Have a good day, son!"
>Just as he begins to leave you click the chain out of its path and get the door open.
"Same to you sir! Enjoy the weather!" you shout down the hall.
>You strut into the apartment and are immediately hit by a weird smell.
>The culprit appears to be the half eaten takeout on the coffee table.
File: 1448776956765.png (90 KB, 870x871)
90 KB
>The apartment is a lot like yours with two major differences.
> 1. The living areas are significantly smaller to make its square footage about half of yours.
> 2. Instead of having plants growing everywhere there's simply debris littering every corner.
>Everything from pizza boxes to clothing makes its way onto the floor. It's almost kind of impressive.
>Still, this ain't your habitat so you can't judge. Flowers grow in different conditions, people are just the same.
>Well, people and ponies.
>You make your way to the small bedroom which also has its door closed.
>You knock on that door with an overwhelming feeling of deja vu.
>"Floor! Flooryyy open your dooorryyy." you say in a sing-song manner.
>There's a faint shuffle behind the door, then silence.
"Floor Boreddd, open your Floorrr Doooorrr." you say in another song of sorts.
>Again you are rejected a response.
>You shrug.
>Guess she doesn't mind you barging in, then!
>You turn the door handle and open the door quietly.
>You stick your head in and see a little lump sitting in the middle of the bed under the covers. Some greasy black hair pokes out from the top of it.
"Oi Floor! It's time to get up hun."
>A grumble and some movement indicates that you are, in fact, being ignored.
>You walk into the room and put your hands on your hips.
"C'mon Floor. Time's a wastin', and you're not skippin' out on a day like today. It's gotta be the nicest day of the year so far!"
>"Grrrmg" grunts a feminine voice under the covers.
>Well you didn't want to do this, but it's time to call upon drastic measure.
>Activating wake up protocol, "Rock the Boat"
>You jump onto the bed with both of your bare feet on either side of the lump.
>She tightens the covers over her, bracing herself for whatever you have in store.
>But she could never prepare for "Rock the Boat," it's simply too obnoxious.
>You begin to jump up and down on the bed, being sure to get good air so that your next bounce plunges deeper than the last.
he actually did it

the madman actually managed to include a neet oc flawlessly
File: floor_bored.png (136 KB, 651x823)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
"IT. IS. SUN. DAY. YOU. NEED. TO. WAKE. UP." you say with every jump.
>Every time your weight hits the mattress it dips down a little further, and every time you leave it rebounds back with more umph.
>You continue to do this until finally physics does its thing and sends the little lump airborne.
>After two bounces like this, the little pony finally pops out of her cocoon.
>She's a little white mare with a deep black mane.
>Or at least she should be. Her fur is covered in little stains here and there, and it is an absolute mess.
>Her mane is greasy as always, and it looks like it was hit by a bus.
>She is wearing a white undershirt and a pair of panties, which honestly just confuses you more than anything.
>Her eyes look confused as she floats through the air against her will.
>With lightning reflexes you snatch her out of the air with her rump above her head.
>Then you let your feet launch you off the bed and back through the doorway to the living room's carpet.
>You land on your back with a thump, holding the little mare to your chest.
>"AHH, do you have BRAIN DAMAGE?" she shouts, trying to crawl out of your grasp and back to her bed.
"If I have it then I sure don't feel it!" you respond, quickly getting back to your feet.
>You pounce on her as she tries to gun it for her bed room.
>She claws fruitlessly at the ground as you pin her.
"No way, baby! You're the one that needs to get out more, and you're spending today with me." you respond, holding her down beneath your toned body.
>"GRRRRR, don't do me any favors ya monkey!" she yells, kicking you in the chest.
>You unpin her and start to roll with her away from the bedroom.
>She starts to fight back as the two of you roll around her floor, knocking over any garbage in the way.
"CRIKEY! This is a LIVE ONE!" you say, channeling your inner crocodile hunter.
>You almost need to, she's been known to bite before.
>Finally you stop her by grabbing her by her midriff
File: 1469303089556.png (165 KB, 1280x795)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Damn she is so touchably fluffy.
File: 1412263218623.png (84 KB, 426x406)
84 KB
I gotchu
"Oi she's a real fighta she is, but in the end this little sheila couldn't outrun a hunta like me!" you say in your best Aussie accent.
>After a few seconds of kicking she falls limp, out of breath and out of cares.
>Like a run down animal that has accepted its fate.
>"Okay, okay, ya got me. Please flip me back now." she says in a much more calm manner.
>That's the sign that she'll actually stay out of her bed.
>You set her down on the floor again and put your hands on your hips.
"We gotta do this every Sunday?" you ask with a chuckle.
>She walks into the kitchenette with a grumble.
>She hops onto one of the stools at her kitchen counter and begins to eat a bowl of cereal.
>You don't recall her ever pouring the cereal, however.
"You made that breakfast pretty dang quickly! What's your secret, love?" you say, leaning on her counter.
>"I think I poured these out and forgot about them last night." she says in monotone, trying not to look at you.
"Drunk?" you inquire with a tilt of the head.
>"Ohhhh yeah." she says, her eyes widening as she does.
>She munches on the dry cereal for a couple minutes.
>You stand up straight and feel a something weird on your chest.
>The tank top you were wearing is now... sticky.
>You pinch at the fabric with raised eyebrows as you watch it stick to itself like glue.
"Girl you need to take a shower!" you say, still assessing the damage.
>She waves at you dismissively.
>"I'll get there sooner or later."
>You remove the tank top, leaving only your apron around your waist with a pair of gym shorts.
"I don't even know how to wash this now, if I'm honest." you say with a laugh
>"I don't know. Just dunk it in water or some-" her talking stops suddenly as she finally looks up at you again, making her eyes widen.
>She inhales a fruity morsel of sugary cereal making her enter a coughing fit.
"You okay?" you ask in concern as she struggles through the pain of having food go down the wrong pipe.
File: 1429114622031.png (164 KB, 600x600)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
>She hacks one or two more times, making her greasy mane flop onto her face.
>"I-I'm good, I'm good..." she says before addressing you, "Gotta warn a mare before you start stripping down like that Anon!"
>You blow a raspberry her way.
"It's hardly stripping, hun. I'm not even doing my sexy hip movements. Now THAT would make it a show." you say happily
>Her face gets a little red, and she bites her lip.
>"You wanna try wrestling this little sheila again?" she says, leaning on the counter to puff her chest out a bit.
>You see her sensual stare through the bangs of her messy hair.
>You match it and raise your eyebrows, flapping around your tank top.
"You wanna try taking a shower instead? Just because you wrestle like a croc doesn't mean you gotta smell like a swamp."
>She leans back in on her stool again with a blush.
>"Ah you're no fun!" she says
"First of all, you know that ain't true. Secondly you gotta shower up and brush your teeth. You need to be somewhat presentable for your errands today."
>She sticks her tongue out at you.
>"Why do I need to do errands? Can't I do that some other day?" she says in a half whine, "Why can't I just spend my Sunday watching anime like I planned to?"
>You shake your head, tossing your shirt onto a stool to try and air it out.
"Because you always put off your errands and then I find you in my kitchen eating my food when you run out my dude. I mean, my doors always open but ya gotta be self-sufficient. Like a-"
>"Plant? A flower? A tree? One of those?" she interrupts, sliding her now empty bowl to the side.
"... I was going to say like an adult, but those too baby." you smile at her.
>She knows you too well, and the experience is painfully mutual.
>It takes you back to when you first moved onto this block and heard stories about the little mare at the end of the second floor hall.
>You hear the first tale from the kids on the first floor. They told the most outrageous stories about her.
>They thought she was a vampire.
>"You wanna try taking a shower instead? Just because you wrestle like a croc doesn't mean you gotta smell like a swamp."
I swear it makes me want to work out more than i do
File: 1439373101465.png (789 KB, 1000x1027)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
>But she was no such thing; just a lazy pony who happens to avoid sunlight like the plague.
>Fortunately you found that out yourself one day.
>Floor gets up and starts to head towards the bathroom.
>"Alright, I'll go get ready or whatever." she says with a yawn.
>You smile at your successful procedure.
>"BUT" she says with a hoof in the air, "You better not have a shirt on when I come out, pretty boy."
>You shake your head with a chuckle.
"How's about I just let you hold on to this tank top for awhile instead? Would that satiate your sinful urges, hun?" you say with a smirk.
>"You've got yourself a deal Mr. Anon." she says as she walks into the bathroom and turns on the fan,
>She turns around and looks through a crack in the door.
>"You wouldn't want to join me would you~?" she asks in another lustful tone.
"Do you want the shirt or do you want me to leave you with nothing? These are your option sweetie." you say, lifting up the shirt.
>She looks at the ground with a slight blush.
>"Shirt please." she says politely.
>You toss her the tank top like you would a piece of meat into the tiger's den.
>She snatches it out of the air and drags it in to the bathroom before closing the door.
>Rest in peace tank top. You're going to experience some unspeakable atrocities in there, you're sure.
>Floor's dirtiness isn't just on the surface, it's in her mind too.
>However, unlike most other ponies, she really wears it on her sleeve with you.
>She doesn't exactly shine while in social situations, but ever since the two of you have gotten know each other she doesn't hide her feelings.
>In fact she is the only reason you know ponies can find human bodies enticing.
>You're not sure how rare it is though, Floor might just be a deviant.
>... well she is definitely a deviant, but maybe her taste in humans is also unique.
>You grab a garbage bag and toss the big pieces of trash in.
>She doesn't comment when you clean her apartment for her, but you know she cares.
>You do too.
o-oh my
File: 1481649011400.jpg (352 KB, 1024x1820)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
Glad you're enjoying yourselves! It makes it all worth it!

Alrighty folks! That's all for me tonight!

Those of you who are currently reading, thanks for keeping me company tonight! I appreciate ya!
For those of you who are waking up to these updates, or maybe just getting home, enjoy! I'll be on again very soon.

As always, I love you all. Have a great night, and remember:
You're a great person who deserves great things. Remember to love yourself, and don't beat yourself up too much over the little things.

Goodnight O'hana!
I love you
File: 1429977371569.jpg (18 KB, 300x289)
18 KB
This thread isn't dying yet.
Finally, someone has answered my prayers of floor green. You are a godsend. Blessings of excellent future greens and sunshine be upon you.
Why do I suddenly feel like going to the gym again
A better question is why aren't you there right now?
Sorry anon, i was making this.
File: fit thread.gif (805 KB, 480x370)
805 KB
805 KB GIF
Ops forget add gif.
File: lee.png (708 KB, 1024x952)
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708 KB PNG
Actually, I had to take a penicillin test today and my arms are sore. Leg day was yesterday.

Post to >>>/fit/ and see what happens. I wonder if Barneyfag browses there as well
>/co/ and /9k/
I will laugh my ass off if they like /fit/
File: Save1.jpg (716 KB, 2000x1500)
716 KB
716 KB JPG
Done another one.
File: save2.jpg (722 KB, 2000x1500)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
Oh shit, fix.
/fit/ will rage more about the shitty 'dont skip leg day' meme than about the ponies.
File: Powerful.jpg (123 KB, 568x683)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>implying ponies never skip leg day

Celestia and Luna remember Amore's husband.

They all competed against one another for his affections, but Amore won out in the end.

After her 'death', Anon vanished.

He's been hiding in plain sight across Equestria all this time, with his latest residence being Ponyville, right under Celestia's nose.

When Nightmare Moon return, she spotted what she thought was Anon in the background, and though she kept up her hammy theatrics, she was disturbed a little on seeing a 'ghost'.

After being redeemed and recovering back to her S2 onwards state, Luna confides in her sister.

Needless to say, Celly's stunned.

When meeting Cadence, Anon remarks fondly that her face and eyes remind him a lot of Amore's, which makes Cadence a little uncomfortable yet intrigued about her distant ancestor.

On learning of his survival, the Crystal Ponies are divided: on the one hand, they're happy with Cadence and Shining. On the other, Anon is the original Prince Consort for having married Amore, and he brought a lot of growth, positivity, and innovation to the Empire compared to other civilisations at the time.

He was also well-liked by them, and his presence at Amore's side helped forge the Crystal Heart (through her emotions).
d-do I look ok guys?
Shhhhh... perfect darling.
fucking wristlits
Ok? sound like... you got a fetish with box.
I having a choke right now...

Love you too Anon <3

Thank you for your blessing Anon! I find the character cute, so I was happy to oblige!

Okay everyone! Same drill as always. I'll be posting later tonight hopefully so stick around!

Also! There aren't enough safe-for-board Floor Bored pictures at my disposal that I like, so I'm gonna start supplying my own. Starting with the pic on this post! A scraggly little doodle for a scraggly little pone.
File: Anon2.png (829 KB, 1241x800)
829 KB
829 KB PNG
Would Hunter Anon fit here? It's set on Earth, but the ponies love Anons body and it talks about how they're biologically affected by it.
File: pinkie_pie safe.jpg (210 KB, 750x628)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
Little late to the party but w/e
I was suspicious of you overwhelming positivity after like two posts. Then you dared to utter famiri and i knew it was you.

How long has it been, 2 years? I dont even remember, but its great to see you dude and im happy life has been treating you and the others who are popping out of the woodwork well.
I hope this thread, this gang can stick around for a while
File: RiggyKiss.png (615 KB, 1600x1200)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
Has it really been 2 years? I was in and out for a bit, so I guess you never saw the threads I was on for a few weeks.

I'm glad to see you again my old friend. It's always extra nice to hear from the O'hana that I haven't spoken to in awhile. I hope life is treating you well! If it isn't, I'm sure it's preparing for something awesome!

I'll be sticking around for a while! And if the first weeks of summer go as I hope then I'll be staking out a place for the O'hana to call its own! That way we don't all get lost to the void of random 4chan threads! Until then, I'll be writing, drawing, and maybe singing here!

Thanks for being part of it all Anon <3
File: Worksafe.png (1.55 MB, 1920x1080)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
File: JUST DO IT.png (455 KB, 1112x808)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
File: OhShit.gif (141 KB, 220x215)
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141 KB GIF
>Please for the love of all that's good and pure in this world develop a horse fetish i'll be disappointed at not ferrying your amazing ass (no homo) around all day but being your noble s̶t̶e̶e̶d̶ companion is going to net me an entire herd of mares when they find out you're unavailable.
>tfw you were that anon from back there
>why this feelings
That's something to look forward to, can't wait.
Glade to see this general has promise. /fit/ is back on /mlp/!
She's the perfect amount of sweaty neet. Any more filthy would be gross, any less wouldn't be a neet.
That's not a good server.
I'm not sure what you're feeling, but I hope it is happy in one way or the other Anon! I'd give ya a hug if I could!

I'll be writing very soon! Don't you worry!

She's sort of become my muse today. I've been drawing her non-stop.
>pic related
Drawing emotive faces is a load of fun!

I'll be writing soon, O'hana! Just gotta finish up some more homework! Stay tuned for more green and maybe some drawings.
>Anon is staying at Canterlot
>Ever morning he walks around naked on his palatial balcony
>Keks as Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight, and various pegasi crash into walls and shit
>Like a man walking into a doorframe when an attractive woman holds his attention
File: 1445356015964.png (463 KB, 500x872)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
Okay! Here and writing!
>Writes great green
>Art is top notch
What did we do to deserve you m8
(spoiler)Keep being a wonderful person,
you (/spoiler)
File: 1412570097698.jpg (65 KB, 640x960)
65 KB
>What did we do to deserve you m8
Y'all are wonderful, creative, and tremendously lovely people, that's what!
File: 1410271201474.png (301 KB, 900x731)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
>You can hear the water running through the door as you collect the last few items from the floor.
>Old paper cups with sugary drips coating the inside, pizza boxes with a few abandoned crusts, and other food containers get tossed into the black plastic void.
>Tank tops, t-shirts, and panties get tossed in the nearly overflowing hamper in the corner.
>You bought her that thing so she could do her laundry easily, not so she could put it off even more!
>It doesn't matter though, as long as she gets it done at some point.
>You go back into the hall with the trash bag and toss it down the trash chute.
>A handy little chute that leads to the dumpster out back, it has saved your butt many times.
>It's really nice to have something you can unapologetically pour old soil down.
>The trash bag clunks on its way down, but soon it is out of sight and out of mind.
>You give yourself a big stretch, cracking your back in several places.
>Things have gotten into motion, and it's not even 10am yet.
>You thump back upstairs to your apartment.
>The door opens quietly as you survey the apartment.
>Your bedroom door is closed and Derpy is nowhere to be seen.
>She probably closed the door after all the rough housing downstairs.
>You close the door behind you with a little less grace.
>You can be a little less discrete now that the bed room door is closed. It'll block out most of the sound.
>With that you hit continue on the ipod and get back to work.
>You take off your apron and toss it onto your couch.
>It has been compromised by Ms.Bored, but you don't really need it anymore. The majority of the dirty stuff has been taken care of.
>You grab the feather duster off the table and begin dusting around your plants.
>The stereo begins to play another sweet tune for you to enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3YR-RKrL1g
>And with that your hips start shaking again. Your knees bend effortlessly, swaying you back and fourth to the wonderful harmony.
That's cute my nigga.
File: 1437282196531.png (586 KB, 2560x1600)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
>The music begins to pick up the pace a little, with the sound of humans cheering at the beginning.
>In a way, this gets you more in the mood.
>You close your eyes, listening to the voices of your own kind.
>"Get a drink, have a good time now! Welcome to paradise!" the narrator says before the song truly begins.
>You sigh with bliss and begin to dance entirely, not even attempting to keep the illusion of cleaning.
>This song just has too much... humanity in it. You can't help but move.
>Your arms swing with grace, picking up the counter-movements of your legs.
>There's an airy feeling of weightlessness that overwhelms you.
>As you get more and more into your dance, you feel totally free. You're not in your apartment, or Canterlot, or even Equestria.
>You're at a festival in some far off place that you once called home.
>Surrounded by strange bipedal beasts; their colors only varying a little in different shades of brown, pink, and yellow.
>And as you jump off the ground those same beasts watch you in awe.
>The only thing that makes you stand out in the crowd is what you do, not what you are.
>Sometimes you miss that.
>The song fades away, and you start to come back to reality.
>Right as you're about to open your eyes again the next song strikes hard as a live recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBKNnzR4YP0
>It's a folk song, but it has an immense rush of energy right at the beginning.
>The crowd cheers the band on as they begin to play the song, and you find yourself swept away by it again.
>You imagine yourself out in the crowd, dancing to every slam of the kick drum and every note of the piano.
>You swing yourself around, masterfully dodging the furniture as you enjoy the tune.
>The song builds to the slow bridge. You've heard this song enough to know.
>You sing the words along with the band.
>"Mother. Mary. Heard us approaching the door, all thouuughh wee, didn't make a souuuunnddd"
>The band dives back into the upbeat nature of the song, making you spin on your heels and tighten your body.
>You spin a few times before dancing around a bit more, finally stopping as the song ends.
>You're surprised to find you're a little out of breath at this point.
>You stand up straight to let more air in, and soon you're breathing normally again.
>With one hand you push your hair back and off your face, letting your sweat drip down your body.
>There's no reason to wipe it off, you'll be showering soon anyway.
>That felt GOOD. It's nice to just have a moment like that to yourself.
>You look towards the shower to find your gaze half-met by a stunned little mare.
>Derpy looks at you with an open mouth as she sits in the bedroom doorway without a word.
>You look back at her with a slow blink.
"Welcome back to the real world love!" you say happily.
>She doesn't respond, she continues to sit slack jawed.
>You tilt your head.
"Somethin' going on with your wings, Derpy?" you say, gesturing to her outstretched wingspan.
>"Uhm, uhh." she stammers, trying to get her wings under control.
>You smile at her and shake your head.
>Even now you don't fully understand her.
>"Yeah, no, I'm with her for sure." says a feminine voice behind you.
>You turn around to see Floor Bored in the front doorway.
>She has removed her undershirt and dawned a grey sweatshirt instead.
>She also isn't wearing panties anymore, which strikes you as odd.
>Things are very strange here in small horse land.
"With her on what?" you ask
>Floor leans in the door frame.
>"Whatever THAT was. That was some great dancing." she says looking at your bare chest, "Grrrreat dancing..."
>You scratch the back of your head.
"Eh, it was just dancing my man. Nothin' special about it." you respond with a shrug.
>She shakes her head.
>"I disagree, and so does the mailmare from what I can tell."
>You look back at Derpy who continues to wrestle with her wings.
"Well I'm flattered. Why don'tcha come in Floor?"
File: 123145524.jpg (55 KB, 991x902)
55 KB
Jesus Christ, bless your writing.
File: 1436960799770.jpg (69 KB, 631x864)
69 KB
I hate to say it but I'm pretty burned out tonight, so I'm gonna call it right here for now. I'll be sure to provide extra green tomorrow night! Along with more pictures!

To make up for it, does anyone have any characters they want doodled tomorrow? I'll do a couple before class starts tomorrow morning!

Just reply to this, and if the thread hits 500 just repost the requests on the new thread.

Okay O'hana, I'll see you tomorrow with armfuls of content!

Love ya!
Love you too, see you next thread.
Riggy is the writefriend I wish I was desu
You're the best among us.
File: d49.gif (2.55 MB, 300x223)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB GIF
Huh? did someone skip leg day!?
File: 1355096839747.png (779 KB, 1280x719)
779 KB
779 KB PNG
>writefag AND drawfag
Yes, excellent.

Draw Celestia showing up at his door to exercise with him in leg warmers and yoga getup please?
I did
Nobody will run when we still sits.
Run fast anon.

Good night thread.

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