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File: Anon be like.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
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126 KB JPG
Well, you did it. You made it to Equestria. The promise land. A utopia. A world without strife.

And you hate it.

It nothing like you expected. Things are too different. Not the way they are is the show. For whatever reason, everyday is a living hell to you. You barely get by, with just enough bits to feed yourself and not much else. You don't click with any of the ponies and none of them have gone out of their way to befriend you. Most days are lonely.

To make it worse, reminders of what you gave up on earth are cropping up everywhere. No matter where you look, you see something that makes your heart ache with homesickness.

A mother and her foal? A reminder that your own parents are gone now.
A young couple on a park bench? You see nothing but yourself and your last lover, but know it's not real.
Some laughing friends exiting a late night bar? Pain in your chest, as they all sound eerily like YOUR old friends.

You can't even try to earn your attention, as it seems like every adventure happens too far away, and human talents pale in comparison to magic.

It finally happens. No matter how strong you are, you are just one man. And you are a man who hit his breaking point. You though it would never come to this, but you see the ultimate sin as the last choice.

You prepare to commit suicide. Something totally unheard of and unthinkable in Equestria.

But even that can't go right, as you are happened upon by a pony, who forcefully stops you at the last moment.
Roll with post numbers.

0. No one is there to stop you, but your body is found shortly after. What are the results?
1. Twilight
2. Rainbow
3. Applejack
4. Pinkie
5. Rarity
6. Fluttershy
7. Luna
8. Celestia
9. All of the mane 6
dubs = Your choice
trips = the whole town

What happens?

Previous thread: >>29889265
File: 1462989628696.png (273 KB, 1081x1048)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
>inb4 suicide general
Okay, I wasn't paying attention and fucked up the thread title.

Gonna go kill myself now.
You save anon life >>29910000

Uh oh, three 8's in a row...
It's Celly's turn now
> A human says off hand that "Luna is the greatest light in his life."
> Celestia gets super fucking salty.
> Other humans agree when she goes around asking 'What their shining beacon of hope was"
> The moon becomes brighter with every day a human finds hope in the night.
> Eventually its brilliance is akin to the sun itself.
This time for sure. Time to end this.
Rollin for another prompt
For an extra bit of fun you could also use this.
Fuck... I fail grammar. Gonna kill myself.
Luna causes Nightmare Star to happen because she started being a better pony than Celestia.
If I get to choose, I want Rarity
File: i deserve this fate.png (123 KB, 500x520)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Here we go again.
> Rarity walks in on dead anon's mummified corpse
> Is amazed at how much weight he's lost, and is hype to make new clothes
> never realized he was dead.
> Takes him to a fashion show where everyone else does when his head falls off.
> She loses everything, and discord was responsible for everyone thinking he was alive.
Oh shit, this can be good, let's roll.
> someone gets Tirek
You're gay now. Kill yourself.
Where's my dude Cranky at
>mfw luna is #40...
Oh great, i'm been infect by YOU, No wait, let me kill myself.
Oh no, not again, I have to kill myself.
Rollionni Rollionni give me a poniolli.
File: Luna's other ocupation.png (409 KB, 2000x1500)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
I can't draw a line to save (or end) my life, but had an idea for an image.

Would a real drawfag do this but better?
rolling for sweet release
Hah, you got stuck with the oc of that fat chick who's got a boner for bronies.
File: 1488370021527.jpg (992 KB, 804x1181)
992 KB
992 KB JPG
>"Baka yourself darling~"
I want asian Rarity to
do my laundry.
File: 1491273315555.jpg (66 KB, 1024x1024)
66 KB
It's already perfect. Just needs luna saying something along the lines of 'not today, fucker.'

It's a sign that it's time to kys myself.
>Day 236
>Of year 3
>The first few weeks were a rocky start, but you thought it would get better
>It never did
>The first time you were left out of a holiday you didn’t think much of it
>The second time, it hurt
>The third time wasn’t any better
>Seeing everypony happy together, and leaving you all alone was pretty painful
>After about a year and a half, you made like a tree
>And moved to the everfree
>You found a nice little cave by the river and gave it a door
>A pile of vines made for a surprisingly comfy bed
>As for food, the everfree had a lot of edible plants
>Back when you went to town, you had read up on the place
>Scary monsters and harsh conditions (for most ponies) aside, the place was pretty easy to live in
>Plenty of food to gather and fish to eat
>You never were one to hunt game
>Not that you didn’t before, but without the ponies around, you’ve had a lot of spare time
>To keep from going insane, you’ve kept your hands busy
>Between making the wall/door, table and chairs, you’ve taken to woodcarving
>Not to brag, but with as much time as you’ve had to practice you’ve gotten pretty good
>Little figurines that are a little bigger than your hand can be done in an afternoon now
>You’re working on one right now
>Your hands idly carving away, no particular form in mind
>You found yourself a cliff with a nice view near one end of the town
>When you found the place, you made it a point to watch the sun set almost every day
>It was also a great place to let your mind wander
>Although you have started to wonder if that’s a good thing
>Lately your thoughts have wondered somewhere darker
>Like why should you keep going in life?
>You take a break and down some more of the bottle of moonshine you’d swiped from Aj’s barn
>There were a lot of bottles in there
>One less wouldn’t make a difference
>Not like you’d be punished if it did
>After one to many lonely days and nights, you’ve decided to end it
>No more suffering for you
>Just the sweet release of death
>You’ve finished carving it seems
>Looking down, you see what you’ve made
>A falcon, mid dive
>A small twinge of pride washes over you as you see that you got the details on the feathers right
>Practice makes perfect you suppose
Time to get this over with
>You mumble
>Tossing the carving to the side, you down the rest of the moonshine and stand up
>Then you prick your finger
>You barely feel it
>A small smile appears as you realize that at least there won’t be more pain
>Dusting the wood shavings off, you straighten your shirt and tie
>Wouldn’t do well to meet your maker looking sloppy
>Tossing the bottle over the edge, you hear it shatter a few seconds later
>With a nod, you turn around and put your back to the edge
>The setting sun makes a lovely orange-purple colored sky
Goodbye cruel world
>You softly proclaim
>Spreading your arms out, you let yourself fall back
>Time seems to slow down as the earth races up to meet you
>There’s an owl circling above you
>There’s also a purple shape running towards the cliff
>You close your eyes and wait for the impact
>But all that comes is a soft bump
>Slowly, you open your eyes
>“Omygosh, Anon! Are you ok?”
>You take a drunken look around and realize you’ve landed on an unusually thick bed of grass
What happened?
>You grumble as none other than Twilight Sparkle comes to your side
>“You fell of the cliff! I know magic doesn’t work as well on you so I made the grass grow to cushion the fall”
>She declares, a hint of pride in here voice for managing the feat
>“Are you ok? What were you doing up there?”
>You have to think for a moment
>The alcohol is really getting to you
>You manage
>The look of confusion on her face is almost adorable
>“What do you… That was on purpose??”
>She shouts as the realization hits her
>That you were trying to kill yourself
>“Bu… wh… Why?”
>She manages after some stuttering
>You start
>The feeling of tears welling up tells you that an emotional moment is coming
>Try as you might, you can’t stop them
Dou you have any idea how hard it is?
>Twilight stumbles a bit trying to reply
>But you don’t give her time
When everypony treats you like you don’t exist
When everypony finds an excuse to be away from you
>The tears are flowing now
>Damn alcohol
I tried so hard to be friendly!
To be nice to everypony!
And what do I get?
Ignored! Never let in to parties or holidays!
It hurts Twilight!
It hurts to be all alone away from everyone you ever knew, never able to go back!!
>You sob/shout
>Twilight swoops in and hugs you tight
>“I… I never realized… All this time…”
>You now cry uncontrollably into her soft fur
>You can’t stop now
>The floodgates have opened
Why do I have to be alone…
>You whimper, letting all your pent up emotions out
>You barely even hear the response
>“It’s ok… I won’t leave you…”
>Twilight says as she pulls you closer
>You just let the tears run their course at this point
>You think you tried to mumble more words, but it’s all becoming a blur as the moonshine takes its hold
>The last thing you remember is a teary eyed look at Twilight
>Who was looking back at you with empathy
Using >>29913040 chart

>Aloe trots outside the steam room at the Ponyville Spa, getting ready to close for the night. She notices that the steam has yet to be shut off as she peers into the small window in the door. And as she looks closer... she sees a figure that appears to be laying down. Hmmm... that human that came in before... did she ever see him leave?
>She opens the door and sees you, laying down on one of the benches. You've been laying there for hours, your skin has wrinkled from the moisture in the air, and your body is covered in sweat.
"Meester Anon! Vat are you steel doing here! Ve thought you left hours ago!"
>You lie there and say nothing. You hope that she might think you're dead and go away. You wish you were dead by now, but suddenly realize trying to die of heat stroke in a spa steam room probably wasn't the smartest plan you could have come up with.
"Ve need to get you um...! How you say it, umm... r-rehydrated?"
>Aloe turns back to the door.
"Meester Biceps! Please to be comink here now!"
>You hear thundering hoofsteps coming down the hall. Oh, dammit, not this guy. Bulk Biceps gallops in.
>He gasps as he sees the state you're in.
"Ve need to get zis man to a cool place and re...uh... hydrate him!"
>Bulk grabs you in his front legs and carries you quickly out of the steam room. Why... why can't these ponies just let you die in peace?
>He lays you down on a massage table. Aloe soon comes into the room with a big glass of water and a bucket.
"Just relax, Meester Anon, ve have saved you. It is alright. I vill keep you hydrated until doctor arrives. Bulk, get doctor!"
>Bulk runs out of the room to go get a doctor for you. Aloe holds up the water glass.
"Here, drink, please. I will be pouring ze cold water on your body to make you feel better..."
>You take the cup and gulp down some water while Aloe starts cooling you off.
>Some time later, you wake up
>A hangover starts to creep up on you as you groggily try to figure out where you are
>You feel more rested than you have in a long time
>And the bed is softer than you remember
>As your vision clears up, you realize you are in Twilight’s castle/library
>You also see a small table next to you with a bowl of soup and a note held down by the falcon you carved
>Groaning as you sit up, you take a whiff of the soup
>It smells divine
>Taking a spoonful, you pick up the note
>It reads
> Anon,
>I took you here last night after you passed out. The things you said… Well I want to help make it up to you
>If you’re reading this, I haven’t gotten back from getting groceries. I want to talk about what you’ve been doing all this time.
>As the princess of friendship, I feel like I’ve failed. I want to help you, if you’ll let me
> Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle
>P.S. Have you considered selling wood carvings? You’re very good at it
>You set the note back down as you down the rest of the soup
>It’s delicious
>It also seems to be holding back the hangover
>Picking up your handiwork, you turn it over in your hands
>If you had a hot stick, you could probably do some wood burning and make it even more realistic
>Twilight might be onto something you think
>You hear a door open down a hall
>A voice can be heard
>“You think he’ll be ok Twilight?”
>“I don’t really know Spike. He’s been through a lot…”
>A pause
>“But I want to help him”

i tried
I read that in their voices, continue.

Pretty good m8.
File: 130497674645.jpg (67 KB, 587x635)
67 KB
RIP last thread, rolling to join it.
You did good.
>Luna as Godot
Luna strikes me as more of a Franziska von Karma.
File: 1454642369922.jpg (37 KB, 365x400)
37 KB
Do you want to die? Because of ~ / no adventures /
Do you think that next year you will have the same life as now?
Life is a great adventure and a miracle that you exist and you can live and enjoy yourself and others here :)
Do not think stiff schemes now is the change of the Fish Era on Ere Aquarius
and hence?
The human soul wakes up and the energy disturbances of the body are caused
You are once plagued for any reason
And once depressed and sad
This is due to an enegetic change
You have to survive to stabilize
Do not forget it you You need this world to change it for the better
Because if you want to harm this world you will revenge in the spiritual form in this life or in the next
Regards /x/ ~ men :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjxSCAalsBE
Are you have a stroke? What the fuck is this
I suggest Seeking professional help for your Delusions.
You do not start the Aquarius Age and the people are going to withstand tensions breaking down the power lines / stone circles / speeding up and the people are depressed for any reason: / you have to be strong because the time is increased the awakening time of the souls energetic changes induce the eccentricities of the body. What is going on ? You have heard of a climate like Devid Icke himself
File: 1491171557179.gif (1.07 MB, 266x268)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB GIF
When did /x/ become /newagehorseshit/?
/ become /new age/?
2012-21-12 Age OF Aquarius
>You don't click with any of the ponies and none of them have gone out of their way to befriend you. Most days are lonely.
so exactly the same as now. I never thought being alone may be a such problem for normal people.
File: 2186693.jpg (36 KB, 500x456)
36 KB
File: 1405682319096.jpg (187 KB, 500x500)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
You must beware of false belief systems, because it is mind control
It's great, please go on.
Love it.
>Turns out the only reason pinkie didnt go out of her way to befriend you is that you've been missing each other by seconds like one of your japanese / neighpone animes.
>She doesnt even know you exist.
>You just assumed she was like everyone else and didnt want to sound or look pathetic.
>Because the rest of ponyville is so racist nobody bothered to even mention you as you weren't scary gossip like zecora.
>Pinkie only heard of you today because Twilight mentioned an overdue geopraphy book you have from the libary.
>Gets super butt-mad that nobody told her somebody new was living in ponyville but puts those feelings aside because she has to greet a new friend!
>Surprise house party out, everypony else is being a meanie pants.
>Day's almost over, not enough time to bake a cake.
>Hot cocoa! Everypony loves Hot cocoa on a chilly night!
>Unfortunately by the time she finds you it's gone cold, tracking you down into the middle of the everfree forest took a long time!
>Oh, and it also spilt, it's hard to keep two mugs balanced on your back when you're running to catch a human that just swandived off a cliff.
>Winded, bruised and holding a small pink missle that's attempting to crush you with her hooves, you try to make sense of the situation.
>"Anon! My names Pinkie pie, please dont do that again unless you're doing it into water, or jello, or maybe cake. But definitely not ground! It's made up of a bunch of dirt and rocks and i should know because i grew up on a rock farm with my three sisters and my mom and dad. my sister maud, the other two are called marble and limestone they're really nice but anyway maud reallyreallyreally likes rocks she even has a pet one called boulder this one time he got lost and we [this continues several times over the character limit]"
>Your attempt fails, but you hold her closer and try to listen anyway, it's a cold night.
>Tomorrow looks like it's going to be a bit warmer though.
I agree, but that image was made prior to Luna having any sort of personality beyond "Was nightmare moon."
Continue dammit
rolling rolling rolling
Using this
>ITT: Luna realises she cant keep up with the amount of suicidal anons.
I don't think Rarity will be able to save you, unlike other anons.
The Luna has been doubled.
File: 132623496090.png (119 KB, 955x1063)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>Clones herself after realising almost everyone else is fucking awful at protecting anon's smile.
>Day 293
>Celestia expects nothing, despite clone#22 and anon#91 descending into spouting old memes at each other over dinner after the clone questioned the validity of the dessert.
You know what's weird?

Is it weird that this is starting to feel like a bizarre religious experience?
>>After about a year and a half, you made like a tree
>>And moved to the everfree
I'm sure Zecora would love him.
I was gonna try and quote Time Cube at you mockingly, but it's too fucking crazy for me to find a coherent enough quote.
>kek is god of repeating digits
>Luna is god of 7
Inb4 a new religion offering her our 7s as tribute.
>"See there, Anon? Next to thy own footprints are mine own hoofprints. We were with thou, even whence thou could not see us."
"But what about those times when there were only hoofprints?"
>" 'Tis from when thy wert, as the children say, a 'little bitch' and We had to carry thou on our back."
I love you
So has anyone made a screen cap collage of all the 7's in the last thread?
File: flutterscream.png (139 KB, 310x368)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
ZoOmEd WoRdS
>Eventually its brilliance is akin to the sun itself.
>the brightness of the sun and moon correlate to how many true supporters each respective princess has
I like thing
>The amount of adoration causes it to be perpetually day time, the planet is slowly roasted.
>The sun and moon begin to dim in correlation to the population dying out.
File: Comfy moon.jpg (213 KB, 1280x964)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Fuck it, going to start praying to Luna, worst case scenario i get called a faggot in the afterlife.
>I pray to Luna every night, thanking her for the life I have been given
>"Luna is love" I say "Luna is life"
File: 078.jpg (99 KB, 640x758)
99 KB
>suicide hugbox general
You really should off yourselves you bunch of beta cucks
eh fuck
>No 7s in his post number
Luna has abandoned you.
h o l y f u c k

All in praise of the Lunar goddess herself
>You are anon.
>You've got your head in the noose and are about to kick the chair.
>You didn't write a note...
>No one will even read it so why waste the time.
>You move your foot forward and down aiming for the chair.
>You can't fuck that up... Right?
>The rope is untied by a blue aura and you're tackled down off the chair.
>You look up to see a blue alicorn staring at you with sadness.
>Princess Luna.
"Why did you come here?"
>"Anonymous, i saw your dreams full of sadness and came to see how i could help you. But... I didn't expect to see this. I am sorry to ask but, why? "
"Why what? "
>"Why would you take your own life?"
>She moves off you.
>You sit up and look at the floor.
"I can't take it. Everywhere I go I see happy faces yet when I try to make friends all I get is a pony looking at me like I have a third head. I'm an outcast, nobody wants to be friends with the freak.
>You put your head in you hands and sob.
>"I know how you feel. "
"Huh? "
>"When I first returned from the moon nopony wanted to be my friend or even talk to me. The only one I had was my sister and even she was not sure about me. It took me going to ponyville on one Nightmare Night to make friends and show ponies I wasn't bad anymore, and even that took help from another pony. "
>You remember that episode. Pinkie pie and all the colts and fillies kept running away from Princess Luna. It took twilight and the gang to show everyone she was good.
>"Anonymous, if you will let me I'd like to help you too. "
hey Luna
what if I made a shrine to you?
"Why would you help me though? I'm from a completely different world, you don't know whether or not I'm dangerous or harmful"
>Your sadness gives birth to anger and you sneer
"I don't need your pity, Princess"
>Your gaze softens as you look downwards
"Just.. leave me be"
>Silence reigns in the few moments you both were still
>You hear a slight clop before the ruffling of feathers fills the air
>You feel the wing press gently against your side, bringing warmth
>and strangely... Comfort
>You involuntarily lean into the Night's Goddess, catching the scent of lilac.
>She speaks softly and carefully, stroking your back as she does so
>"Anonymous, I am very, very old, and in my time I have seen some things that you would have trouble understanding."
>She shuffles closer, leaning her head on your shoulder
>"Not that you wouldn't be able to, with dedication and time you would. I have seen others like you, and some I was able to help, and others..."
>The sudden silence brings your answer, but you stay quiet, opting her to continue
>"Anyways, I myself have been in the same place as you, Anonymous. I know it feels like nobody understands, and I know it hurts but it does get better"
>You move to speak before wing covers your mouth, ushering you back to silence.
>Luna stands before walking to the front of you, taking your hands into her hooves
>"That cold, lonely feeling in your gut right here"
>She prods your diaphragm before moving the hoof back to your hand
>"Its an aching cold that spreads and devours everything in it's path, seeping into your bones, sapping your energy, your will to fight, and eventually."
>She cups your cheek with her hoof
>"Your will to will live, leading you to extinguish the fire that keeps you moving"
>She leans closer
>"That keeps you breathing"
>You can feel her hot breath softly trickle down your face, tickling your senses
>"That keeps you FEELING"
>Her grip tightens slightly, and she stares intensely at you with a pained look in her eyes
>"It is a terrible thing not to feel, Anonymous, I myself know exactly what you're feeling: to be brought into a place you no longer understand; a place where everyone fears you for the monster you are not."
>"If feels as though the fire inside of your very soul is dead, I understand, but believe me when I tell you that it is merely weakened, turned to a simmering pile of softly glowing embers, waiting for the fuel to reignite it."
>"You say you have nothing to live for, if so, come with me, and allow me to show you that the world can indeed be a beautiful place full of magic and wonders"
>She smiles kindly at you before lowering her hoof back into your lap
>You stay quiet for the moment, taking in everything around you.
>Living in shambles was humiliating, being mocked and jeered for being who you were even more so.
>Sure it hurt, but did you really want to die?
>You look past the Princess, staring at the broken noose and chair
>You know you felt regret
>But it can be better
>The pony in front of you was a walking example
>If you have nothing to live for, then what are the risks?
>Luna shatters the peaceful quiet by softly speaking your name
>You look up at her, directly into her beautiful azure eyes
>Eyes with knowledge and wisdom as vast as the ocean, and as deep as it's trenches.
>You nod your head softly before speaking
"Yes, I would love that"
>The biggest grin you have ever seen splits her face as she does the cutest little cheer
>complete with a fist pump and a little woo~
>"Oh we are gonna have a marvelous time together, Anonymous!"
>Both her front legs and her wings envelop you in a cocoon of hug before releasing you
"Lets take it a little slow though"
>You stand and stretch, breathing deeply to relax
"I still need to get over myself a bit"
>She smiles and nods curtly
>"I understand. Now!"
>She points a hoof to the sky
>"To the castle!"
>And bright azure light clouds your vision before everything goes dark

>Its still dark, however, you know you're awake
>You can feel your hands at your side, your breathing, your slightly weakened knees.
>You can even feel the coolness in the air and the smell of incense along with it
>It was refreshing and sweet, and you took a moment to take it in.
>Sighing, you try to look around once again before speaking up
"Princess Luna? Where are we?"
>A gasp pierces the atmosphere before a blinding white light takes hold
>"I am so sorry, Anonymous, I keep forgetting that everyone else isn't as accustom to the dark as I am"
>You rub your eyes before attempting to view your surroundings once more
>The room you were in was quite spacious, softly lit by the pseudo moon and the tapestry of stars above your head
>To your right was a king sized bed, complete with midnight colored comforters, large, plush pillows, and a blacked out privacy canopy that enveloped the bed
>The were numerous bookshelves on the wall across from the bed itself, all filled to the brim with knowledge
>Maybe even recipes
>You've been wanting to work on your cooking
>You shake your head before looking directly ahead of you at the massive window that dominated the wall
>You walked forward, gazing out into the land of Equestria itself
>Beautiful forests illuminated by pale moon above
>You could see the mountain ranges and their snow glimmering at the peaks
>Lakes seemingly made of crystal danced to the song of stars
>Wonder found its way into your heart and a smile to your lips
>Is this what you've been missing out on?
>"Do you enjoy what you see?"
>You jump slightly, having forgotten that the Princess herself was standing at your side
"Y-yeah, I do, Princess"
>She smiles before scooting a little closer to you
"You do amazing work with night sky, Princess"
>Her smile widens before she opens her mouth to reply
>"Thank you Anonymous"
>The two of you sit silently for a moment until the Princess speaks up again
>"Can I let you in on a little secret?"
>You look to her and quietly respond
"Go for it"
>She looks around before leaning in, cupping her mouth with her hooves, whispering
>"I know my work is beautiful, and many ponies love it."
>She pauses for a brief moment
>"I know you love it"
>You smile as she leans back, lowering her hooves
>She begins to speak normally
>"But sometimes, I don't enjoy it that much"
>A frown touches your lips
"Why is that?"
>She looks to you, then to the lands below
>"Because, and the reason is quiet foolish honestly, more often or not, I misplace a star, or leave an area of the sky dark, and it muddles the beauty of it to me. That paired with the fact that I create the night sky well.. every night, if it isn't perfect, then I can't look at it the same way as eveypony else."
>You chuckle before looking to Luna
"You know they have a name for that, right?"
>"I don't believe so"
>She turns to you
>"what would it be?"
"I have no clue!"
You grin
"But I have experienced that same feeling before hand, spending hours and hours on something you created only to grow bored or embarrassed of it"
>You stand, making your way to the bed and take a seat
>Such soft
>You feel as if you're sinking before the Princess places herself next to you
>You take a small breath before continuing
"In your eyes, your work of art has lost its luster and beauty, however, this is not the case with others around you"
"While you can see the full picture in your head, and you know exactly what you want it to look like, small minuscule mistakes look as if they would break the deal"
"But to others? They can't see the master piece you've conjured up in your mind, they can only see what they've been presented, they can't see the tiny flaws, but the massive work of art as a whole"
>You lean forward onto your knees, once again lost in the sea of stars ahead of you
>You begin speaking once again
"The true beauty comes when you see that look of amazement on someones' face; when you know that your art is being appreciated"
>You lay into the bed, allowing you body to settle into the soft blankets and mattress
>Crossing your arms behind your head, you can feel yourself drift off slightly before Princess Luna's warm voice stirs you
>"This is true, I always have this amazing feeling of accomplishment when I hear my ponies talk about how amazing the night sky looks every evening"
File: 132623479132.png (97 KB, 405x383)
97 KB
The 7's have spoken and i depart for slumber as anon posts a Luna green.
Blessed be the night princess, her chosen and our dreams.
>"And to be honest, I couldn't help a smile when I saw how captured you were by the stars"
>You feel the bed move as the Princess lays by your side, draping a wing over your chest
>You turn your head at your name, and find yourself eye to eye with the Princess
>Her wings and fur were soft as fleece and the way her hair flowed tickled your face
>Her breathing was soft and once again you catch that sweet lilac scent emanating from her form
"Yes, Princess?"
>"Thank you for trusting me enough to come with me"
>She pauses before beginning again
>"This night has been one of the best nights I've had in a while, and the conversation we had was quiet refreshing."
"I agree"
>You turned to your side to fully meet her gaze
>"Can I ask one small favor of you though?"
"Anything" you reply with half lidded eyes
>You cough
"Within limits"
>She smiles and shakes her head
>"Do you think you could just call me Luna?"
>You smile gently and respond
"Only if you call me Anon"
Praise be luna.
Ganonside your self
File: 1492482287032.png (215 KB, 1066x736)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
>After being rejected by most ponies, Anon says fuck it and moves to the Everfree.
>Meets some foreigners travelling through and begins to trade shit with them on a regular basis as thy pass through, so he doesn't have to walk into Ponyville.
>Snowballs as he starts a little trading post, that grows into a village within months, where outcasts like himself congregate and settle.
>Place is relatively discrimination-free.
>Luna catches wind of this and meets him.
>They talk, strike up a friendship, and she sponsors the budding settlement officially.
>Anon is now a de facto noble, as he leads a settlement.
>Ponyville begins to notice a dip in trade and that jazz.
>Sparkle's face when Ponyville is slowly being pushed into irrelevance.
>Luna decides to settle in Anonville with Anon, catching Celestia's attention as the usual smell of used tissues, hot pockets, and other "Luna smells" vanish all of a sudden.
>>29913500 nice digits
>>29914355 ayy
Aw thanks guys
It's nice that so many people like my green!
Curious though, what do you like about it?
I liked it because, for one thing, you didn't write like an idiot. No lowercase "i" when a character refers to themselves, no run-on sentences, and you used "P.S." with the correct number of periods. You described everything with enough detail, and the way your characters acted (ie. consistently) made them feel real. You also avoided the common pitfall where the writer makes his characters do what he wants them to do instead of doing what the story and their personalities would dictate they do.
Had an idea -

Anon tries to hang himself, but is saved by Moonbutt.

However, he's now in a currently permanent coma.

Ponies feel responsible because their acting like cunts drove him to this -- including Celestia, who accidentally brushed him off when he came to her for help.

They want to put him in the hospital under care, basically hidden away.

Luna, however, says fuck no: she's not going to allow them to hide away their shame.

She looks after him personally in Canterlot between duties, and as she's the only one able to communicate with him through dreams.

Strikes up a friendship/romance over time.

Eventually, Anon wakes up.
File: moonpony.png (203 KB, 751x800)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
>Luna turns the settlement into a rehab center
She's a recovered chocolate addict herself
Basically >>29915153 this. It was pleasant to read and it had a nice flow to it, smooth reading and imaginable dialogue, played it in my head easily.
File: 1483124839773.png (263 KB, 946x611)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
sounds cozy
Write dat shit bro.
Tirek pls
Wow, even better. Much better.
You basically described Alone in Equestria (except of suicide attempt I think), I recommend reading it if you haven't. Only it ended much darker than this.
(actual spoilers)
Anon never woke up from the coma and Luna took his barely alive body and left Equestria, sustaining him with her magic, living the rest of her life in his mind for them to be happy together
>Luna spends Friday evenings with Anon, snuggled up in warm pyjamas under a blanket and watching old movies on TV
As for that first bit, I do cheat a little by using word (with > as bullet points, copy it all to notepad, recopy and paste back into word, replace all the indents with nothing, and bam green)
The second part is always harder. I feel like the endings may be too open, but I don't want to stretch myself too far
Or, ya know, just use use Notepad++.
Rolling, ready to get Luna
>muh ms office pro 2013 that i got for free back in high school
Anon, Luna is like Nanny McPhee. You can only have her when you need her, but do not want her. And when you want her but no longer need her, the Luna has to leave.
But what if you become suicidal because of her leaving?
Then the cycle repeats itself. Worst case scenario, the arrangement with her is permanent you get to tag along with Luna when she does her other suicide-preventing cases.
Come on dubs
rolleroni papa toni
no i don wan luna, reroll.
File: 1424113613302.png (2.37 MB, 1400x1400)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
>doesn't want Luna.

have you not read the thread? You get Luna whether you like it or not.
nice man, nice
Nice one.
what the fuck are you doing with your spacing asshole
Anon, he can do whatever he wants to do with his spacing asshole. The spacing asshole is the most sacred hole in the body, and what goes on in his bedroom is none of your business.
he was spacing it in public anon, not just in his bedroom
File: 1491607184118.jpg (52 KB, 368x557)
52 KB
Let me go
Fuck me, alright I'll write something
File: aloe_by_90sigma-d6v9ael.png (266 KB, 1600x1660)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
>"You... you should have... left me in there..." you croak out weakly to Aloe. The water gave you just about enough voice to speak in a little more than a whisper.
"Vat?! Vhy would you say such a think? You might have passed away if I did not look in and see you!"
>She's trying to cover your body in the cold water while wiping away the sweat.
>"Dammit... I... just wanted... a way out... I don't... belong here..."
"Ah! Meester Anon! Do not say such things! You are lucky to be alive after being in such heat for so long! But ah... forgive me, I do not understand vat you are meaning? You do not belong?"
>You lay back and look up at the ceiling. "No... I'm the only human here... I wanted all my life back home to come here... but now... I just want out..."
>Aloe stops washing you and looks down at you, a worried and saddened expression on her muzzle.
"Meester Anon... I do not zink I know exactly how you are feeling... but I maybe know a little..."
>You look back at her, suddenly interested in what she's saying. She takes it as an invitation to continue.
"My sister, Lotus Blossom and me, ve come to Ponyville from our home town in the north looking for better life. Ve sometimes feel like I do not belong with other ponies in town. But ve make friends with some of our regular patrons: Mees Rarity, Mees Fluttershy and Mees Rainbow Dash, and ve learn that you can belong in new place when you make friends."
>She places her hoof onto your hand.
"If Meester Anon is feeling alone... then I vill be his friend."
>Of course. Of all the ponies willing to get close to you since you got here... it had to be the background pony with a vague accent. But... she does seem sincere... and really, if you can't die right now, it's better than nothing.
>"OK, Aloe... We can be friends..." you answer finally. You actually begin to feel a lot better. Besides the heat exhaustion that is.
File: 1491905977620.jpg (60 KB, 540x360)
60 KB
File: mlfw3665_medium.jpg (44 KB, 640x354)
44 KB
lets get it.
ayy. not what i wanted, but it's still best pone.
File: 1488867131374.png (263 KB, 507x469)
263 KB
263 KB PNG
thanks for that
File: flutterheart.png (85 KB, 480x750)
85 KB
Real talk: this thread is comfy.

I hope no anons here are actually suicidal, but either way, it's nice to imagine that somepony would care about you enough to not want you to die.
rollin rollin rollin
The biggest problem I have with this thread is that the prompt itself is a huge climax, and huge climaxes need build up to really be good. Otherwise they just feel empty.

I'd love to see an indepth fic of Anon going down the road of depression (either due to actual distaste from ponies, or him not being aware of his own growing anti-social behaviors), and eventually reaching his breaking point, all along the prompt pony forming a growing fondness for him but not realizing his inner turmoil.
File: v38lUxs.png (172 KB, 515x1225)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
I smell a celly fag
Nah, I wanna go down in a blaze of glory. I'd love to die flying, personally.
>best night sleep i ever had
>couldnt remember anything from dreams beyond the sensation of a hug.
Well fuck, hope this rabbit hole doesnt end with me killing myself but now i need to work on my recall.
File: 1418026847954.jpg (186 KB, 1024x1024)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
She is always there to watch over your dreams, Anon.
Okay, rolling.
This pony helps me on my journey to find the golden chicken nuggets
Could easily be simple homesickness like OP describes.

Equestria has enough anachromisms to be unsettling if you lived there, sort of like the uncanny valley effect.
Could be the nicest place ever, but still cause you no end of grief because it causes you to remember earth, all the people you left behind and the fact you're the only human in a world for ponies.
In that sort of situation the amount of people that will 'get' you is slim to none, and that can seriously fuck you up.
Even this is a form of socialising with peers, and most humans need that on the same level as food or water.
'This' being shitposting anonymously on the internet.
>most humans need that on the same level as food or water.
>shitposting on the internet
its true though. Interaction of any kind is better then none.

theres a reason isolation is used as a punishment.
Oh yis, rolling
We're social animals anon, something inside most of us just breaks if we're not able to interact with something that can understand us.

Right now even if you think i'm being an autistic fag who's talking out of his arse, we're still two people having an interaction rather than just one person on his own.
Its why you so often see or hear of people that are stranded alone somewhere having religious experiences or psychotic breaks, your mind will straight up imagine other people to interact with if you dont find a way to mitigate that need.

Even most antisocial people have that need, albiet at a greatly reduced amount.
>thread is kill because no one cares enough to write what they roll.
>anon is kill because no pony cares enough to talk to him.
It's like poetry.
Luna cares.
File: this is it.jpg (15 KB, 636x368)
15 KB
The last thread was just about them finding the body, this one is about prevention.

I think too much about killing myself, so I don't want any reasons not to.
>"If Meester Anon is feeling alone... then I vill be his friend."
muh heart
I endeavor to kill myself even harder.
File: 1491750755044.jpg (24 KB, 640x480)
24 KB
Let's see now
Nice, I get a drinking buddy, then we go hang ourselves together
Ravioli ravioli who will stop my suicidoli?
choose Luna.

maybe if we run her ragged til she passes out we can tuck her into bed so she can get some sleep.
File: Sleepy moon.png (364 KB, 1280x720)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>Anon will never tuck her in with updates on what the various humans are doing.
>The particular anon picked for this honor is decided by raffle, finding significance in a repeating sequence digits is a hard habit to break.
>Hey Luna, how you want your room decorated?
>Just night time that shit up senpai.

dammit Luna you autistic goddess you really couldnt think of anything else?
>mfw haven't seen this thread in almost a year
Roll me up BBY
Here's hoping for bugbutt
Jút one.
Well lets see who I get
Rolleroni Rolleroni, who will stop my attempterolli
File: aloe2.png (157 KB, 900x973)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
>The doc said he'd never treated a human before. No small wonder. But he did give you a mostly clean bill of health. Despite how you felt in the steam room, you weren't anywhere close to being dead. Just a very severe case of heat exhaustion that can be treated easily.
>Aloe insisted on bringing you back to her house, saying that she won't let her friend spend the night alone. You're still not at 100% just yet, so you agreed. Anything is better than spending another night by yourself.
>"Hey uh... I'm feeling better now... I think I can walk on my own." You're being carried by Bulk Biceps. You wonder if Bulk gets paid overtime for doing this for Aloe.
>You look out ahead past Aloe to see a small house. Aloe comes up to the front door and unlocks it.
"Bulk, please to be putting Meester Anon down now."
>Bulk places you down on the ground. Aloe gives him a look, and he promptly leaves. Probably to go clock out, you imagine.
"Please, Meester Anon, von't you come inside my home?"
>Aloe asks you as she opens the door to her house. You walk inside. It's very cozy in here, decorated in a very inviting way as well. It's definitely nicer than the spare room in Sugarcube Corner.
"I am afraid Lotus Blossom is out of the town, so it vill be just me and you here this night. Is there anythink I can do to make you eh... comfortable, Meester Anon?"
>"No, it's alright, thanks Aloe. And enough with the 'mister' stuff, just call me Anon."
"Oh, yes, yes, of course, Meester An-- so sorry... Anon."
>She looks flustered. To be quite honest... you are too.
"U-ummm... Do you like tea? But no, no, hot tea is no good for you now uh... I make you iced tea, OK?"
>"Sure, thanks Aloe. And I don't think I thanked you for offering to put me up for the night either."
"Oh ho, no no. It is no trouble at all, Anon. That is what a friend does, is it not?"
>She gives a meek grin before trotting into the kitchen to start preparing your drink.
Rolling F A M
fuck it why the hell not.

if its someone i hate im only dying faster.
Even then, you don't just immediately get home sick. It'd be nice to see see it develop, to see how someone goes from being happy to being crushed by the weight of their own despair.
Nice, more Aloe.
File: 133920283635.jpg (65 KB, 784x960)
65 KB
Oh definitely, i'd kill for an fic that dealt with psychological issues like that.
Only one i know of that comes close is 'background pony', but thats a whole different kind of feels.
File: 1483725489411.jpg (29 KB, 528x543)
29 KB
He'd have to be grounded to something like the faucet, or he'd have to use a bigger toaster to actually kill himself.
No bubu


the OP is also riddled with typos and other errors
File: 1456771355596.png (355 KB, 1174x1024)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
O fug my waifu. Yeah I can do this. Once I get back home I'll do a short.
there was an attempt :)
She smell like folo
We dead
Roll for 0
File: 1486187310523.jpg (118 KB, 1024x1024)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Another one saved.
File: 1363073050198.jpg (30 KB, 400x600)
30 KB
No u.
>Knowing it could mean his death, with only his forgotten corpse to be found after he has shuffled off this mortal coil, anon chose to bump the thread.
>For amusement?
>To keep the feels flowing?
>To serve as inspiration?
>To give time for another to mark his mark on this strange tapestry?
>To allow his fellows to make the same gamble that he himself undertook, in the hopes they would win where he lost?
>Few will thank him for it and even less shall know his reasons, yet his sacrifice on the 8th page will change the fate of at least one >>29929707 this day.
this sounds suspiciously like my current life, OP.

0= I strapped a nuclear arsenal to my chest. Let Equestria feel my wrath
Dubs= Rarity, who helps me kill myself
>I hope no anons here are actually suicidal, but either way, it's nice to imagine that somepony would care about you enough to not want you to die.

I'm depressed as fuck, but simultaneously too afraid of oblivion to consider suicide.

Knowing my luck, if I ever get successfully treated, I'll get run over by a drunk driver or shot by a gangster or something.
File: 131455849596.png (341 KB, 800x700)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
>One off from 0 and dubs.

>Darhling that explosive is absolutely garish, we simply must replace it with something more suitable to your complexion, being inappropriately dressed for a funeral is quite disrespectful.
>Rarity i cant really bring myself to care about being inappropriately dressed for my own funeral, why would you even have one of those for me anyway when you all hate me?
>Dear you had three mares and a stallion drooling over you on your way here and your fanclub is in the triple digits, you're quite the opposite of hated.
>Let me guess, you didnt read that book on equestrian body language that Twilight loaned you.
>Dont judge me, it has hardly any pictures, wait a minute if i'm not hated, why are you trying to help my attempt at suicide?
>I assumed this was an elaborate roleplay from 50 shades of neigh, your use of liquid rainbow and mentos was lifted straight from chapter 18, i was hoping we'd get as far as chapter 19 before my sister came home.
Are these allowed?
I am depressed as well but I really shouldn't be. I have been and am continuing to do very well at my military college(about to graduate in May) and I am already looking into the State Department and DoD for employment (had an interview(s)/recruitment event(s) two weeks ago). Though the one thing that really has me hung up on is finding some-one to date then marry etc.... Guess the problem is ( and I have knew about this years ago...) that going to a military college more or less = everyone is here for something and there is no real fucking about. It is wise to not build a relationship here since so many are looking into aspiring careers themselves. Hell I was more or less dating someone and I had to more or less say no and it tore me up inside, she was already had a gig lined up out west for what she wants to do and for me I have to stay on the East Coast. Had a very drawn out conversation about views and "long distance relationships" and in the end she agreed with me. Sometimes I wish life wasn't such a tease...
>liquid rainbows and mentos.

best homemade nuke ive ever heard of.
Writing something based of what I rolled earlier in the thread.

>You are Anon.
>And you’re about to do it.
>You’ve tied the noose and hung the rope from the ceiling fan, and right now the setup is taunting you from your seat on your ratty, secondhand couch.
>Because if killing yourself is what brought you to Equestria, you’re hoping it can get you out of it.
>You thought a utopian world filled with candy-colored ponies would be the perfect place for somebody like you.
>But all it took were a few minutes with Twilight Sparkle, Ponyville’s resident princess, and any hopes you had of living a normal life here were thrown out the window.
>For one, she treated you like a stray animal when she first saw you.
>Only when you told her you were from another planet did she start to get curious.
>”Normally, I’d call you crazy, but you don’t look like any animal I’ve ever seen before. I’ll have to get Fluttershy out here to take a look at you.”
“I’m not an animal.”
>”You can come back to the castle and stay there if you like. I don’t know how many other ponies would take you in.”
>Once you got settled in, she asked you for a rundown of your world’s history in exchange for a summary of Equestria’s, and her depiction of this world had you a little uneasy.
>”After Nightmare Moon was banished, Equestria fell into a period we call the Dark Ages. Princess Celestia helped give Equestrians morals, but it was Princess Luna who patrolled ponies’ dreams to make sure there weren’t any deviants. Without her, Celestia’s moral code almost fell apart. It took almost two centuries to rebuild Luna’s Dreamguard enough to bring morality back to Equestria.”
“What sort of moral code are we talking about here?”
>”Oh, it’s all written down right here! You can look through it while I ask you a few more questions.”
>She levitates a small book into your hands, and you sit down and start reading.
>The first few chapters are mostly what you’d expect: don’t commit crimes, be kind to others, and so on.
>But it all seems a little off.
>”The backbone of Equestria is comprised of the loving families that nurture and care for foals so they can become productive members of society. Every able-bodied mare and stallion in Equestria should think strongly about starting a happy family to ensure that Equestria’s next generation is fruitful and prosperous.”
>”A family must be stable and pure so foals can grow up to be the best they can be. There are countless examples of ponies growing up in imperfect families and becoming unproductive and abnormal. These usually stem from a poor choice in mate. If you notice ponies with an abnormal interest in mates, you should avoid interaction with them or their foals, lest you be influenced by them. Leave it to Equestria’s mighty Dreamguard to locate these impurities.”
>As you keep reading, you start to notice the tone of the text changing.
>It starts to sound less sugary sweet and more like some kind of propaganda.
>”A good citizen of Equestria does not just strive to isolate their own imperfections; they also should stay on alert for deviants and ponies with un-Equestrian ideals. These ponies must not be allowed to spread their dangerous ideologies. Until a member of the Dreamguard can help them, they are to be avoided at all costs.”
>When you finish reading, you’re left almost speechless.
>You want to figure out what all this actually means, but you’ve got to find the right way to go about it.
“So, Twilight?”
“What exactly is a deviant? This doesn’t actually say what they are, it just says they’re bad.”
>She tenses up.
>”And they are. A deviant is somepony who goes against everything that Equestria stands for. They’re ponies who don’t like other ponies and spend all their time by themselves. They don’t associate with their own species, like they’re embarrassed to be an Equestrian. They’re mares who date mares and stallions who date stallions.”
“So they’re bad because they’re different?”
>She nods, smiling.
>”Now you’re getting it!”
>You sigh.
“Does that make me a deviant then? Because I’m not a pony?”
>You spare a glance at her, and notice that her eyes are as wide as saucers.
>”I– I didn’t think of that.”
“You what?”
>”Listen, Anon, I don’t think you’re lying when you say you aren’t from Equestria, so I can’t blame you for not knowing how things work here.”
>She sighs.
>”But if other ponies—or worse, the other princesses—decided you were a deviant, you’d be through. There has to be somepony there for you.”
>She looks around the room, trying to find anything to focus on besides you.
>”I’m the Princess of Friendship. When I was coronated, I was placed in charge of most operations to reintegrate Equestria’s deviants back into the community and turn them into productive members of society. That means it’s my job to decide who needs to be reformed and who doesn’t. ”
“And you’ll make sure ponies won’t avoid me like they avoid the deviants?”
>You don’t like saying that word.
>Because you know you are one.
>”In a nutshell, yes, It’ll be an uphill battle, and I can’t speak for all ponies when I say that having my blessing will make other ponies treat you normally. But you’re not a pony, and that’s not going to make things easy.”
>And the pieces start to fall into place.
>’Deviants don’t associate with their own species, like they’re embarrassed to be an Equestrian.’
>You’re not their species.
>Hell, you’re the only human on this planet, so you’ll never find another member of your own species to associate with.
“Thank you so much for offering to help me, Twilight.”
>”You’re very welcome. I don’t want to think about what would happen to you if I just threw you out and left you to fend for yourself. I have to do something.”
“And what are you going to do?”
>”I’m going to help you find a job, and get you a house, and help get you settled into Ponyville. And if I introduce you to my friends, and you make friends with the other Elements, then ponies will treat you nicely.”
“The Elements?”
>”I’m one of the six bearers of the Elements of Harmony. The other five are Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy. Together, we’ve helped save Equestria countless times, and, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but we’re kind of national heroes. If they like you, everypony will. And if I can get you a job as one of their assistants, then you’ll have a good job, too! It’s foolproof! Let me gather them all up and I’ll get you acquainted with them right away.”
>She jumps out of her seat, before looking out the window.
>One look at the pitch-black sky makes her change her tune.
>”Maybe tomorrow. It’s much later than I thought. Let’s get you some food and a place to sleep. Tomorrow, you’ll start down the path to becoming a productive member of society!”

And that's all I have for now. I'm trying to include quite a bit of backstory before actually getting to the suicide part. Thoughts so far?
A thorough setup is always nice, liking it so far.
File: JEWS.gif (64 KB, 434x434)
64 KB
>Anon didnt join the Dreamguard and become it's most efficient enforcer due to being so steeped in it he can recognise the early signs of colt cuddling at a 50 yard glance.
Bretty gud alternate equestria, good backdrop for a suicide.
You know? I like fluttershy rape me when i was dead.
i like it, interesting idea for sure.

looking forward to more.
I like it, Dystopian Equestria

This feels like an old green I've read before. Down to the wood carving even...
eat a muffin
NO ONE TO STOP YOOOU, but derpy delivers her love letter post mortem, it just took her a long time to find your house
If your death is certain, then it's time to burn out, not fade away.
Make a pass at Celestia- and follow through. Rob a bank like you're the Joker. Start a pie fight with Pinkie. Hit the streets of Canterlot like you're in a Tarintino flick. Ask about Megan. Find the source of magic and fiddle with the settings. Don't just _die_, _force_ Death to come get you to stop all the chaos.
continue mister
Oh? Do tell.
I thought I came up with it all on my own
>force_ Death to come get you to stop all the chaos.
I would start to research all of Equestria's ancient arcane artifacts and do everything in my power to obtain at least one. No matter how much damage could be done, no matter the pain, at that point, you can only go up from there if you don't die.
Luna approves, just be sure to have some good stories to tell her upon your return from adventure.
File: 1375332319576.png (123 KB, 900x882)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Luna DOES love her adventures.

>you press the record button on one of the few possessions that came with you
but at least 3 years for sure
Is it?...
yes, now you remember the three Christimas that you spent freezing alone.
these ponies can go buck themselves with their stupid words
aaand you used another one
>you risk your map with some chalk
Field 14-G cleared.
>you stop recording
>you call back "your" diamond dogs
>not sure if using them is ok but better ask for forgiveness than for permission
>they don't seem to be bothered now
>they either got tired of trying to escape or call for help, developed Stockholm syndrome, or realised they earn a lot more when you're in charge
>guess they have never eaten meet before you
>you lock'em up, pack the crystals and make your way downtown
>walking fast
>faces pretend you're not there
>some familiar ones wonder how you aquire such amount of precious stones.
>you're gonna trade all of them as always
>and thats how you get your bits
>mission accomplished, time to buy supplies
>and even though you know they charge extra for you, there's still a sensation that they rather keep them over handling to you
>nevermind they just don't want to see your face
>it's not like you would still come if you didn't need it
>the librarian had a book on the everfree consumable plants but you seen allergic to all of them
>and by home you mean a cottage near the cave where you used to live
>you toss the supplies on the balcony and go to your desk check your tasks for the day and week
>get money, buy supplies,feed the dogs,etc.
>all done before bedtime
>time to relax
>which means contemplate how your life got so fucked and why should you keep trying
>hope of returning home: gone
>hope of finding another human: gone
>sense of responsabity as functioning member of society: gone
>you usually look over the closest things you have to a dog, wanting to believe they need you
>but after today it just won't work
>today, the only time you openend you mouth was to record progress, they knew exactly what to do as soon as we arrived the site, from terrain demarcation to digging formation
>you go over to them
>they look confused, they know today's work is done and it's too soon for dinner
>you release them but they don't move, instead, they start to wag their tails
I came to realise that all of you already know how to do by youself everything I obligated you to do for me.
>*wag stops*
You can go now
>they look over that open door, then back to you and again
>after 5 seconds of silence, the smaller one get up and starts walking to the door, and another one, and another one, and soon they all vanished
>you keep the door open for a minute, but nothing happens so you decide to just close already and go to bed early.
>you wisper to yourself
I didnt tough you'd leave
File: 1378940953818.gif (288 KB, 450x247)
288 KB
288 KB GIF

>the next day you decide to spend some bits on rope
>on the way to the hardwarestore, a white unicorn start to move in your way
>what an odd statement
>she doesn't have the "last night i came up with an brilliant offense and was just waiting to trow at your face" look. She's more like "lets get bussines ovr with look".Will I finally received an oficial ban from this village? Maybe I can get a free execution!
>still far
>is she staring at your...nope just a thousand yard look
>as she gets closer, she closes her eyes for a second before looking up
Hello! What can I do for you?
>you say in tone way too kind for what you're used to with this specie
>guess the rage ended with the will to live
>"Good morning, Sr. I w-"
>Sr? what?
She blinks a few times
>"I assumed you were male"
No, i mean, yes I'm a man but...nevermind, go on
>"I would like to buy my stones directly from you. Would it be possible?"

Out of luck lady, i came yesterday with the last one
>"Oh! Nonono. It's not urgent. I noticed you arrive almost every week to trade bags full of them and id love to buy the next one."
>*imperceptible smile of irony*
Sorry. There won't be anothe-
>"Wait, dont finish It! Took me so long to find out the supplier of my supplier, but I can't afford what he is charging now and I need those gems! Please! I'm sure I can cover what he was paying you!"
>Looks like she really needed those gems
>her ears drop , she bites her inferior lip and her eyes begin to form tears
>Maybe you can help one of them before you're gone for good. Afterall you kept a few gems that you liked. Guess you won't need them anymore
Come back here in 2 hours. I'll bring your gems.
>she jumps at you, you startle at first but realise its just a hug
>the embrace of her hooves on your thigh was really warning but her head was dangerously close to your
Okay. Okay. Lets move on.It will take longer if I can't reach them.
>"OH! So sorry, darling, you must be so busy."
>she say while wiping her eyes with her hoves. Had born begins to glow
>"I'll bring my purse"
There's no need to-
I tell her when she comes back. There's plenty of time to buy...that...install...and bring the stones.
>hardware store
>you forgot the right height to break the neck, so you just trow your money and ask to give everything in a rope that pointed in a display along with other samples
That one should do the work
>unsuspicious, the old stallion goes to the back and, after a few minutes, reappears carrying the product ready
>he tossed over to you with an familiar expression
>you put on your arm and make your way out
>its heavy, maybe it was to much, you check the note again and try to recall the coversion
Uh...something around...40 meters?...good to know it's cheap
>you begin the walk back home, but you stop, for outta nowhere
>another pony has appeared, and looking you dead in the eye
>she says with a loud and clear voice
">Sorry, fella, but I need your rope
>you badly have time to raise an eyebrow and she jumps and grab it from your shoulder. Then, she quickly moved her hooves around it and a knot appeared fast as herself
Heeey that-
>she runs fast into the nearest tree and tie one side there and trow the knot in the air while you hear someone yealling, getting louder
>you turn around and freeze
>its coming fast
>two figures
>the closet one for sure is a pegasi folowed by another one
>no time to even focus your eyes to see what it is
>you get knocked down, but taahe orange pony was fast enough to toss you to the side before that cloud could hit you
>what a lost opportunity
>wait, cloud? resembles it but this one is full of parasprites attached to it
>still on the ground you turn your head around to watch
>the pegasi pass through the knot like in a circus but the enormous cloud get trapped into it and half a second later, when the role is fully stretched, it lifts part of the ground around the tree almost ripping it into the air, but it stops there
File: 1438743529631.jpg (60 KB, 512x384)
60 KB
>A family must be stable
Except I always get little boys
File: 1477405413626.png (185 KB, 500x644)
185 KB
185 KB PNG

>Saved only to develop an unhealthy attachment/attraction to my savior that they don't return.
>Fall back into depression and try to off myself again.
>get saved
>asked made you tried to take your own life again
This is gonna be awkward.
File: bump.gif (1.5 MB, 640x360)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB GIF
Dont do it thread, you still have so much more to live for.
File: 1491766580059.png (678 KB, 1280x1061)
678 KB
678 KB PNG
>Welcome back asshole now kill yourself
Just a small step and I will be free from this mortal coil.
File: 1434165660866.png (706 KB, 1600x1000)
706 KB
706 KB PNG
>"Wanna fuck before you go. I could use someone tending to my needs right now."
Fuck it, why not.
File: MaudBoop.png (166 KB, 1280x946)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
>"Maud, what the fuck are you doing?"
>Okay maybe trying to kill yourself by dropping a heavy rock onto your head wasnt the best of ideas, but apparently there's some royal decree that humans need a license in order to buy rope, there's no cliffs big enough nearby to guarrentee a painless death and you're too much of a pussy to slit your wrists so you're working with what you have.
>In your defense the plan was pretty fool proof, find the biggest rock you possibly can on the local rock farm, prop it up using sticks and then collapse the overly complicated frame while lying under it.
>Only you didnt count on one of the farms residents preventing you from getting under the damn thing.
>"Normally i would press my hoof against your nose, but you are quite tall, so your knees will have to do."
>"You are being booped, it is what me and my sisters did whenever we were feeling sad and pinkie had not discovered her talent yet.."
>"I dont think my problems can be solved by a boop maud."
>"It's not supposed to solve your problems, it's supposed to make you feel better."
>"How in the fuck does that work."
>"I dont know, but you havent pushed past me yet so it must be doing something.
>You drop to a seated position in disgust, not having an answer.
>To be honest the idea that anyone would even bother stopping you didnt cross your mind, you figured they'd find your body a few days after completion of your genius plan, give it an unmarked burial and forget you existed within a week.
>Instead your masterfully crafted plan was foile*Boop*
File: MaudProfile.jpg (393 KB, 830x1024)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
>"Is it working?"
>You tried your hardest, you honestly did, but the noise her hoof made on impact, your silence and her deadpan question combined with the entire situation was simply too much.
>Her face remaining completely impassive through out only makes you laugh harder.
>Throwing your head back and roaring with laughter you feel it beginning to rain, odd, you thought that was two days from now.
>Dimly, you're aware of something crawling onto you and wrapping it's arms around you.
>You bury your head into it's shoulder, trying to muffle your laughter.
>You absently note they're getting wet too and that you should probably get out of the rain, you've even starting to tremble from the cold.
"Ssh, ssssh"
>You dont know why your back is being patted, you're not choking on anything.
>"It will be okay."
>You hug the pony tighter.
>She likes rocks, so she doesnt mind being yours for a little while.
File: 1405134412752.png (148 KB, 900x834)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
I want to sniff Applejack's sweaty fartbox
I remember this shit thread. Why does it keep getting posted? No one can really be this over sensitive about not being liked?
>As you leave the death boulder, you trip and drop it on Maud
> It turns out it wasn't actually made of stone, but a conterfeit wooden replica of a boulder that got sold to the rock farm and they just wanted to pass it on to some schmuck.
> Since it isn't stone, maud is powerless against it and is crushed to death.
> Now instead of being an hero, you are a murderer.
File: Fwee.png (91 KB, 1085x1024)
91 KB
>Solid wood
>Being stronger than solid rock.
>Being strong enough to bash rocks just because they're part of your special talant somehow means you're weak to everything else.
Anon i know you're suicidal but you dont have to be stupid.
>No chance at waifu

roll anyway
Lemme see...
thanks, auntie
File: 0002387644_10.jpg (142 KB, 858x621)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Rolling Nigga
>tfw They realize that I planned to blow up my home and everything in at as part of my sucide
>tfw the timers aleardy started and it's got literally 4:03 mins and seconds on the clock
>Tfw when I'm blasting this song
>tfw even in suicide I'm a meme spouting gook.
>tfw when whoever shows up wastes time criticizing my choice in music.
>tfw when the bomb goes off anyways.
>4. Pinkie
I'm glad I could take that awkward fucker with me.
I die happy.
She isn't able to bash stone because she is strong. She is able to bash stone because its stone. She isn't weak to wood, but she has no special affinity for it, and it is super heavy.
(I got 1 (twilight), wrote this yesterday too lazy to end it)

hopefully this one would take place s1/s2

>about to make the knot.
>you realize you don't know how to tie a knot.
>you go to library
> you see twilight and explain you need a book on knots,
>"I got lots of those!" she hands you a pile, you say thanks and leave.
>after you leave Twilight finds another book about ropes.
>"I got nothing else to do this afternoon" she says to herself and follows you from behind.
>Once she gets to your house she waits a couple minutes before going inside.
>During this time you tie the knot and you are about to do it.
>About to put your head in the hole when you hear knocking on the door.
>You reluctantly open it to see Twilight.
>"Hi [Insert name]!, found another book about knots and ropes, thought you might need it!"
>"Well, uh... thanks."
>You see her happy face and feel a bit sad that she when through so much trouble to give you a book that you will probably never return,
>"Please, come in"
>you pull out a chair on your wobbly old brown table
>some royal decree that humans need a license in order to buy rope
I bet that was Luna.
Let's see who shall find my body.
Haven't seen this pasta in a while
>be reminded of your parents
>be reminded of your last lover
>be reminded of your friends
Dude 27y/o virgin without friends or contact to family here
Literly nothing would change except my tinancial situation
Tho I wouldn't want aj to see me like this
Page 9 save for rainbow anon, he'll get home from work one day.
Don't ask, gimme more

Even the my autism is triggered by the thought of a teleporting rarity
When nothing is familiar, you reminisce of earlier times, possibly child hood even. The mind really likes being sad.
>The ground vibrated and shook violently; the decaying wooden walls around you threatening to collapse under the force of the shaking.
>Infront of you was a large, crude looking machine with pistons and wires jutting out of it, and a mirror as tall and as wide as you are.
>The machine began to spark and the pistons began to violently start pumping, making the tremors become more and more violent as well.
>A small amount of black smoke began to rise from the back of the machine, but you weren't worried; it would explode only after running a few minutes, and by then you'll be long gone. Gone without a trace. Nobody.... Err.. Nopony can follow you.
>The reflective surface of the mirror began to shimmer and glow a brilliant neon green, which lit up the entire room in a green hue, and you could feel the energy in the air coming from the mirror-turned portal infront of you.
>You sighed.
>Looks like the portal works, just like it did on Earth.
>Of course it was made with even more unstable, inferior components than you had used on Earth, but the plan should be the same.
>Escape this shitty world, and the portal behind you destroys itself leaving no trace.e
>What a god damned joke.
>You look around one last time at the once beautiful wooden cabin you had built.
>Anon, the first interdimensional traveler.
>The human who spent years researching other dimensions and technology for the one purpose of going to the My Little Pony universe.
>What a great goal.
>Turns out the universe has a sick heart and Equestria isn't what it was cracked up to be.
>Everypony was afraid of you, hated you, attacked you...
>Well. Fuck em.
>You don't need them. You don't anybody.
>The portal infront of you glowed more and more vibrantly, as the tremors began to increase and the ceiling began to crumble.
>You smiled.
>You have the entire universe to explore.
>Fuck Equestria.
>You enter the portal.
and thats how rick sanchez started doing interdimensional travel. i hope you enjoyed my autism.
oh yiss
>inb4 it's Luna
Luna won't be saving me tonight
nopony will
Looks like Fluttershy will, actually :^)
But 6056 is the roll for Nine Inch Nails
Luna stop please
File: 1490299640319.jpg (152 KB, 865x1400)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
File: 1395249225760.jpg (71 KB, 343x269)
71 KB
Fuck you, I'm just drunk enough to do this.
> not rolling luna
File: 1382522224981.jpg (99 KB, 445x397)
99 KB
I thought that was the plan...
Good thing it was a part of his master plan.
>"Well congratulations Anon, you got yourself saved!"
Rolling to kill myself
Here we go
File: 1378590616345.jpg (83 KB, 900x675)
83 KB
>That's the only word for it. You're tired of this miserable ride through technicolor pony land, and all the garbage that it had it to offer along the way.
>You look back at it all, and think about all the things you lost just to be in such a supposed paradise: you family, your friends, your home...
>Hell, even your co-workers were starting to seem pretty above-average, and that was when you knew you had hit rock bottom.
>Of all the things you had that you missed, though, it was your car.
>There was nothing like firing up that engine and taking to the back roads, barreling along at break-neck speeds and fish-tailing through every turn faster than good sense told you was safe.
>If there had ever been someone coming the opposite direction, there was no way you would ha-- oh wait... that's how you GOT here.
>Regardless, you died doing what you loved, and you were prepared to die again without it.
>Maybe you'll end up in a world of talking cars?
>That is a terrible idea.
>Creating that idea alone is reason enough to off yourself.
>And so, you stoke the flames. Those flames of the rather large fire you set in the middle of your meager "home," which is less dangerous than you would imagine, when you have a dirt floor.
>No no, we're not looking for immolation here. Rather, you're looking to just slip away to carbon monoxide's effects on a small room with a large fire. Or the smoke. You weren't picky.
>A few stolen towels soaked in water help seal the cracks under doors and around windows.
>You briefly wonder if this would have helped last winter be a little less miserable by eliminating some of the drafts, but then you remember WHERE you were spending winter, and you doubt it would matter.
>Stupid sky horses wouldn't even let it snow out by your hovel, so all you got was grey skies and dead trees.
File: 1385324092756.jpg (33 KB, 456x599)
33 KB
>Who was that annoying blue one that would just stare at you from the clouds? Your mind is getting about as hazy as the room, which means things are progressing nicely.
>It won't be long now. Any moment, and death will be knocking at your door.
>Your door that just flew off it's hingest with an abrupt crash.
>The only thing that's more piercing than the sunlight through the door is the voice that follows it.
>The outburst is followed by a coughing fit as Applejack attempts to make her way into your home.
>Any remark you would have made was lost to a mix of shock and oxygen deprevation.
>There was a buzzing sound, and the darkness that surrounded you felt like it was swaying. It was hard to tell where the sound was coming from, but it was the first thing you noticed.
>There was something else, though. Something not quite as constant. Varying tone, occasionally interrupting itself.
>A voice? Was someone talking?
>It slowly became clearer as you focused, as did the motion around you. It was more of a back-and-forth rocking, coupled with the dull pain of someone shoving you on the shoulder over and over.
>"--up! Wake up, dag nabbit! You got yerself some explainin' to do! I hear you groanin, now get up!"
>Truth is, you weren't groaning, but it's hard to speak clearly when you're face-down in the dirt. Otherwise, you would have delivered a very eloquent profane response.
>Instead, you just fumble at trying to push the jabbing hoof away from you.
File: 1387096225449.jpg (13 KB, 204x178)
13 KB
>"Well, look who's all spry n' lively... Ya mind tellin' me what's the big idea behind you tryin' ta turn yer own home into a smoke shack? Shucks, if it hadn't been fer Dash, you'd be nothin' but a cinder by now."
>"D-" is about all you could manage before you attempted to remove some excess carbon from your lungs. "Dash?"
>"That's right. She saw the smoke comin' from yer home, but wasn't quite sure what to do, so she went fer help. That's when she found me, 'n I told her to head to town to get the others while I went to see what all the fuss was about.
>"Wasn't--" *cough* "wasn't sure what to do? It's a house fire, not advanced trig..." you remark as you roll over.
>"Panic has a funny way of makin' some do funny things."
>"She can make RAIN. Does she know how fire WORKS?"
>"First of all, that's a lot of sass toward the messenger got yer rear out of the fire... if you'll pardon the expression. Secondly, there weren't no fire outside yer house. Infact, that fire looked pretty well managed fer what it was."
>Ah, crap. You sit upright as you go into defense mode. "What's that supposed to mean?"
>"I already told ya. You got some explainin' to do, Anon."
>AJ stared you down, conveniently at eye-level.
>"It's like you've never heard of a fireplace."
>"Ya ain't got no chimney."
>"It was a practice run"
>"Mm hmm, and the wet rags?"
>You receive an incredulous look.
>"...I was multi-tasking."
>"Anon..." AJ lowers her glare. "The others are on their way. You can tell them whatever ya feel like when they get here; that ain't my business. But I--"
>She hesitates for a moment, looking off at nothing in particular.
>"I'd appreciate you givin' me the truth, because ya haven't so far."
File: 1381829046348.png (143 KB, 877x910)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
>The two of you sit silently for a moment. It's pretty evident that AJ knew what was going on, but she's giving you the opportunity to redeem yourself.
>However, the moment comes and goes. In the distance, a commotion can be heard as several other technicolor horses approach, a small fire wagon in tow.
>"Welp, looks like the cavalry's here. Reckon I better get along; work to do."
>AJ turns to leave.
>You suddenly feel the urge to do something, reaching out toward her.
>You begin another coughing fit, losing balance and falling forward.
>AJ turns, catching you just before you hit the ground.
>"Easy there, sugarcube."
>It was the first thing she said that didn't sound angry. Not that she didn't have the right to be mad, what with wasting her time on your little stunt and putting up with your entry-level lying.
>Infact, it was the first true moment of kindness that you rememebered receiving in... wow you are dizzy. Let's just say a long time.
>"Can... can we talk about this later?" The words were barely audible coming from your mouth. You were having a hard time even scheduling a future date to getting around to admitting the truth. Anon: a man's man.
>"I'd sure appreciate it, if ya promise t' tell me everything."
>You look up, a bit surprised at the answer. AJ's expression was one of genuine concern with a touch of compassion.
File: 1377567757870.png (178 KB, 300x298)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
>"...Everything. Promise."
>"Then it's settled," AJ said as she eased you back into a sitting position. "First thing tomorrow mornin' as we get yer house back in order."
>"You're gonna--"
>"Ya don't reckon I'd let ya do all that work yerself, do ya? I know a thing 'r two about tryin' to take on too much work yerself, and I ain't gonna let it happen to you, neither."
>All you can do is stare.
>AJ drops onto her haunches and gives you a deadpan look.
>"Shucks, Anon. Don't you even know what the word 'thanks' is??"
>"OH, yeah. Thanks. Really."
>AJ snorts. "Well, I'll be doggone. He CAN show a little appreciation."
>You give a small chuckle-cough as your moment is interrupted by Dash's shouting for the others to hurry and catch up.
rip anon
Deez buts
fuck it. ill roll.
Shit man do you live on the moon or something, its been three days.
Maybe he's a part of a Trucker team
File: 134088944657.png (771 KB, 850x1200)
771 KB
771 KB PNG
Final bump for his waifu.

>turns out he died on the way home
>he's writing his story in real time.
> Rainbow just couldn't keep up
File: Friendship nuke.gif (1.09 MB, 324x182)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
>gif related is suddenly a lot more depressing.
File: 1394700.png (2.56 MB, 1920x1080)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB PNG
Luna saves
Let's do it.
Getting caught definitely wasn't a part of my plan
Roll for trixie
Back again.

>You get up from the ratty couch in your dumpy house and stop thinking about your first day in Equestria.
>You don’t like thinking about it at all, really.
>You were so optimistic about this place; you thought you’d fit right in.
>But as the week went on, you started to learn firsthand what it meant to be completely different from every other pony you saw.
>To start, none of Twilight’s friends were really receptive to the idea of taking you in as an assistant.
>When Twilight sat you around the large, round crystal table in her meeting room, the other five Bearers all tried to stay as far away from you as possible.
>Each time you spoke, they winced, and they’d glance to you, then to Twilight, then back to you, then to one of the other ponies, who’d return a sympathetic look.
>After none of them volunteered to help you, she had to pick.
>”Applejack! You’ve been talking about how you need another hoof on the farm. You should let him help you.”
>”Ah said a hoof, not whatever he’s got. Besides, he’d scare Applebloom.”
>”At least see what he can do. You haven’t even given him a chance.”
>She huffs.
>It’s funny having ponies talk about you like you’re not in the room.
>”Fine. But if there’s even ONE problem with him, Ah’m dragging him back here.”
>It doesn’t take long for her to drag you back to the throne room.
>”He can’t buck trees, he can’t plow a field for horseapples, and he can hardly lift half of what Ah can! Ah ain’t got no use for him, so you can take him back.”
>Twilight looks at you, a little surprised, and you just sigh.
“She’s right, I’m not cut out for farm work. Who’s next on the list?”
>”Pinkie Pie. She loves everypony! There’s no way she won’t like you.”
>”He’s just so slow! It takes him forever to clean up when I could make the whole bakery spotless in five minutes!”
>Pinkie tosses a charred lump of what should have been a cookie at Twilight with alarming accuracy as she walks out the door.
>”And he can’t bake!”
“Who’s next?”
>”Absolutely not. None of Equestria’s elite would ever set hoof in my boutique again.”
>”I-I don’t think Discord would really appreciate the c-company…”
>”How is he supposed to kick clouds if he can’t even fly?”
>As Twilight goes all the way down the list, she slowly goes more exasperated.
>”How could none of my friends find something for you to do?”
“Because they didn’t want to?”
>She sighs.
>”My friends aren’t normally like that. They’re good ponies, I swear. They just don’t want to, um, how can I put it lightly…”
“Associate themselves with me.”
>”Yeah. Well, no! Not like that! They’re just not used to you.”
>She turns away from a bookshelf to try and meet your gaze, but you’re sprawled out on the too-small couch, staring up at the ceiling.
>”Look, you can stay here with me for as long as you like. You can help in the library to earn your keep and I’ll see about getting you a place of your own and a good job in due time.
>She turns around, expecting you to still be upset about her little slip.
>But you’re not.
>Well, you are, but you aren’t going to show it.
>You smile.
“Thank you.”
>”I’d do it for anypony. It’s just part of being the Princess of Friendship.”
>She returns your thankful smile before getting back to her daily routine.
>And she makes good on her promise.
>You sleep in one of the castle’s spare rooms, organizing the library and cleaning up after her all-nighters in your copious free time.
>And, as the weeks go on, you start to notice that nobody’s coming by the library anymore.
>And, as the weeks go on, you start to notice that nobody’s coming by the library anymore.
>You checked the library’s ledger, where Twilight records which books are checked out, and before you showed up, anywhere from thirty to fifty ponies stopped by.
>Now, it’s down to about five a day.
>And anyone who notices you cleaning among the bookshelves quickly finds an excuse to come back tomorrow.
>Under normal circumstances, it’d leave you livid.
>But it’s pretty much par for the course at this point.
>And, soon, the anger turns into a sort of resignation.
>You’re used to it now.
>Once she notices that ponies are avoiding the library like the plague, she finds the bits to get you a small house on the edge of Ponyville.
>It’s not a very luxurious place, with only two rooms, a primitive bathroom, and a kitchenette, but it’s still a place to sleep without having to hear Twilight snore through the crystal walls.
>But, of course, your troubles don’t stop there.
>Why would they?
>It starts the day you move in, when you try to go to the market with some bits Twilight gave you to stock your pantry.
>You don’t know what you were thinking.
>Naturally, ponies closed up shop when they saw you walking down the street.
>You think you felt a rock or two hit your back, too.
>So, as a sort of reminder of who’s keeping you off the streets, Twilight sends Spike over to your house each day with a small basket of food.
>Each day, he looks a little less uneasy when he shows up at your door, and each day, you thank him for the food.
>Until, one day, he asks to come inside.
>”So, what do you normally do during the day?”
“Oh, I mostly read. Sometimes I exercise a little. Why do you ask?”
>”So you don’t really hang out with anypony?”
>Gee, thanks for the reminder.
“Not really. Again, why do you ask?”
>He pauses.
>”Is it okay if I come in for a minute?”
Fuck, didn't mean to copy that line twice.

>You move out of the doorway and shut the wooden front door, only to catch the gaze of a particularly obnoxious mare making a face at you.
>Spike, having found your oversize couch, didn’t notice.
“What do you need?”
>”Mostly an excuse to stay out of the library for a little while. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight and all, but sometimes she’s a little…”
>Spike laughs.
>”Yeah, I guess that’s the word for it. Anyways, I noticed I never saw anypony else around when I stopped by each day, and I figured you could use some company.”
“Well, I appreciate it. I don’t have much to do here, though, so you can just leave if you get bored or something.”
>”I’m not a baby, you know.”
“You’re not?”
>”Dude, I’m fourteen! I’m practically an adult! Look, I just wanted to tell you that I know how you feel.”
>No he doesn’t.
“You do, huh?”
>”Yeah. When we first arrived in Ponyville, about five years ago, ponies didn’t really like me either. They thought I was some kind of deviant, too. The only reason they don’t avoid me as much as they used to is because I’ve had Twilight’s seal of approval from day one.”
“And what’s making you say all this?”
>”Twilight was talking to me about how you said you were lonely or something. If you need somebody that gets you, just say something when I stop by.”
>With that, he gets up.
>”I should probably get back to the library. Twilight’s gonna be worried if I’m away for too long.”
“Alright, see you later then. It was nice talking to you.”
>”See you around.”
>As he leaves, you can’t help but notice how much better you feel after having someone else to talk to for even a few minutes.
>Especially someone who understands your situation, even if he isn’t aware of all the details.
>You must be going insane if your idea of good company is a fourteen-year-old, purple and green dragon.
>A few minutes after he leaves, you hear the sound of a pebble striking glass.
>You get up and give the mare across the street a one finger salute before drawing the blinds and resuming the book you were reading.

And that's all for now. Hopefully the next update won't take quite as long as this one.
Looking forward to more of this.
File: 1475694989464.png (352 KB, 960x540)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
this is great, continue my man
found it
That fast.
neat and hot
Just dead.
File: MUY MAL.png (203 KB, 500x367)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
>suicide thread
>just dead
>no one comes to save Anon
>no one cares he even died
>they are disturbed sure but don't miss him
>fuckin pone racism and sheet
>Anon decides to haunt the ponies of Ponyville
>Mane six ghostbusters?
>shenanigans ensue
>blah blah blah suicide is sad
Very yes.
Twi is Egon.
Dead... i need rope
Luna's going to tie you up with that rope until you stop being so depressed anon.
quack quack
File: 132769574365.png (45 KB, 280x350)
45 KB
>"Princess when i said i wanted to hang myself this isnt exactly what i had in mind"
>Dangling from the ceiling with the rope tied around his torso, anon glares at the moon princess who apparently disagreed quite strongly with his suicide.
>"We merely wish what is best for your anonymous, and ending your life is most certainly not on that list."
>"Who are you to tell me whats bes- Did you say list?"
>"Certainly, Ms Sparkle helped me organise a list of activities which are guareenteed to help you see the joy of living."
>"I fail to see how i can particpate while hanging from the ceiling like this, even if i wanted to you crazy horse!"
>"Language, anon, and first on the agenda is watching a series on painting, followed by trying it ourselves!"
>"I shall attempt to contain my enthusiasm."

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