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Idea for an episode: Spike tries to get Ember, Thorax and Big Mac to all be friends, but they don't like each other.

What happens from there?
Anon swoops in and takes spikes shota butt for a ride in a back alley.
Episode ends just as Anon bust a load in spike.
Roll credits
10/10 episode.
How about Thorax changes into Rarity and lets Spike have sex with him as a thank you for all Spike has done for him?

You can't tell me Thorax wouldn't do it. He totally would.
That whole scene would take up 15 minutes of screen time.
When would Anon come in and take spikes butt cherry for a ride?

Anon would voiced by kevin heart fyi.
Just make it into a three way. And ad a scene while the credits are rolling of Spike and Anon double teaming RarityThorax.
This sounds like a hasjew compromise.
Our artistic visions can't both succeed. Not unless it's a 2 part episode.
Let's do a 2 parter!
Spike hooks up with Ember and almost never sees his friends or pseudo-family. Timeskip like a month when he realizes how much of a bitch she is and he misses everypony. He leaves her and returns to Ponyville to write Princess Celestia a letter about the importance of "bros before hoes." Good moral, happy ending.
But does he get his shota butt rocked?
I'm not seeing the kids buy in on the episode.
Remember we market to children.
Yes, absolutely.
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