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File: TOOMAD.png (424 KB, 1280x960)
424 KB
424 KB PNG

I'm angry, /mlp/. I'm so inexplicably fucking angry. I have been on the ride since 2012, but I recently got my roommate on the ride as well. I've been rewatching the series with him and having a total blast until motherfucking season 3 episode 7 (and regardless of this post, I still love all of pony. Every season best season). I like Lightning Dust. Always have, but I don't know if I was fucking braindead the first time I watched this or brutally apathetic because the injustice of what happened to her is so fucking great that I wish I could teleport to Equestria not to save the day with [INSERT WAIFU], not to make a life for myself, not to engage in fluffy pastel horse activities. No, I want to go just so I can punch Rainbow Dash square in her fucking special snowflake face.

Don't get me wrong, the cunt can fly, and boy is she good. And BOY is she fucking aware of it. It's no secret that RD's ego could eclipse the fucking sun, but the moment someone as good as her shows up, the moment somebody dares to "push herself" more than her, the moment somebody dares to actually fucking work for being a Wonderbolt instead of blabbing on and on about her entitlement to the position, she caves. She bitches and fucking moans about being made wingpony over Lightning Dust. Well you know what, you stupid little bitch, Spitfire made the two of you a team so you can push each other's limits. So you can get better. Imagine that, you horrible fucking person, you can actually get better at flying. You can actually try. Wouldn't that be insane? Wouldn't that be just the craziest thing ever? But through that, this slut still has the fucking GALL to go to Spitfire and request being made lead pony.

Entitled. Little. Shit.
File: STILLMAD.png (495 KB, 709x1019)
495 KB
495 KB PNG

Dash didn't fucking realize that she didn't get made lead pony not because of any bias, but because Lighting Dust is a better fucking flier. And you know what? I'm inclined to believe that Lightning Dust actually worked for it. That she actually fucking trained for it instead of lying around on a cloud all day like a fucking scumbag waiting for Soarin to whisk her away to a fairy tale land where you can become the world's greatest athlete by fucking right of birth.

Lightning Dust shows initiative and willingness to get better and what happened? She fucked up. Lightning Dust put people in harm's way and, unfortunately, she doesn't have Level 7 Plot Armor like Rainbow Dash does, so she gets kicked out of the Wonderbolts. One of the only two fliers in that entire platoon worthy of the name Wonderbolt got kicked out because she had repeatedly shown initiative. Was it reckless? Absolutely. Was it dangerous? Absolutely. So fucking reprimand her. Slap her shit. Make her fly laps. Act like a fucking proper coach. Spitfire even called the tornado and effective tactic before Rainbow Dash continued her rant. Don't demolish the notion of thinking outside the box and pushing yourself, you know, leadership qualities, and fucking kick her out. Yeah, kick her out, when she has so clearly worked harder than the stupid OC-looking, rainbow-haired cunt who does nothing but care about herself and has had every talent she ever boasted about handed to her on a garnished silver platter.
File: BEYONDMAD.gif (1.4 MB, 250x141)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF

And who did Lightning Dust endanger? The five ponies who went into the fly-zone of the most elite air team during training on an unauthorized visit? AND IT ENDED BADLY? HOLY SHIT. I WOULD HAVE NEVER FUCKING SEEN THAT ONE COMING. And through all of this, things got heated for Rainbow Dash, and you know what she did? She quit like the whining coward she is and cried until Momma Spitfire stepped in and kicked out the superior pegasus.

So the episode ends with a "serves you right!" and a "that'll teach you, you villain!" when people like fuckmothering Discord, a dude who has committed so many atrocities, gets a redemption for admittedly no reason at first other than "he'd be useful tho" (I love you Discord). The show that prides itself on painting nobody as wholly evil painted someone who wasn't evil at all in the fucking first place as wholly evil. Bam. Dreams crushed. Hard work ruined. Lesson learned, hard work gets you nowhere, trying shit gets you nowhere, making mistakes gets you nowhere (especially when nobody gives you the chance to learn from them), being a protagonist and bitching incessantly though, that'll get you anywhere in life.

Fuck you Rainbow Dash. Fuck you.
File: lightninghorse.png (255 KB, 985x1024)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
So yeah, anyway, post lightning horse.
>I'm angry, /mlp/. I'm so inexplicably fucking angry.
Great, just what we wanted, more inexplicable anger. Thanks for stopping by.
fuck off
File: 46925378.jpg (65 KB, 724x1024)
65 KB
But she's a good horse, Anon.
You really might be right here. Sadly, almost no one even cares about (background pilot #4), so you won't find much sympathy in all likelihood. That's the curse of the background pony- nobody gives a hoot. I'd post pics if I had any; do you have a favorite one that's be worth saving?
File: A_E48PyCEAAC93h.jpg (25 KB, 435x212)
25 KB
The original, uncut plot was kinder to her. She was made the wing pony instead of being given the boot.
File: laughing mares.webm (1.29 MB, 1032x672)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB WEBM
>when you go into full denial mode and make up a narrative in which green megacunt is entirely blameless for dicking over everypony else at every turn in a series of increasingly dangerous stunts while Rainbow Dash is at fault for correctly recognizing that her wing lead was a douchecanoe who would eventually get somepony killed

This is hilarious. Care to share more of your delusions?
File: Dash Flying.gif (1.68 MB, 720x405)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF

I like Lightining Dust too, but your whole rant lost credibility at the very beginning.
Really RD, pony who dedicated her whole life to flying, and train constantly, is just lying whole time on clouds, right?
(OP btw)

She's definitely not entirely blameless, that's for true. And you're right, her reckless ways would almost certainly lead to someone getting hurt, and I do think that she should have been severely punished, I'm simply stating that kicking her out was way too harsh and kinda anti-theme given what the show normally does.

Also, got a giggle out of "green megacunt."

She's rarely if ever shown training for the Wonderbolts role, and she certainly takes the whole idea less seriously than Lightning Dust. It's definitely her goal, like, RD is super obsessed with being a Wonderbolt, but I always felt like she got caught up in the fantasy and neglected actually being prepared for it because of her natural disposition of being a really good flier.
Yeah. I know this is a bit 3edgy5me, but I think it's neat.
File: gundust.png (570 KB, 1280x720)
570 KB
570 KB PNG
Whoops, forgot image.
File: 1356858646546.png (1.37 MB, 600x3974)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Also, obligatory.
File: 755832.png (936 KB, 4117x2653)
936 KB
936 KB PNG
I'm sorry to read your rant, OP. I've been standing for Lightning Dust since forever. If you look up in the archive, about a half of the posts saying "Lightning Dust did nothing wrong" are mine. Every time we got a synopsis about either a Wonderbolts episode or something mentioning an old character, I posted a reply saying that I hoped that it was Lightning Dust. I've lost the count of how many times I've said that she deserves a second chance, and that I'd be more than happy to see her becoming a Wonderbolt.

I understand that you need someone to blame, but I'm a Dashfag and I think that you're being extremely unfair. And I seriously can't understand why it took you four and a half years to realize that Lightning Dust was mistreated on the show.

I don't know if you're serious, or if you were just baiting, but I don't care. I still really want to see these two becoming friends and flying together with the Wonderbolts.
File: 1371851.png (952 KB, 3750x2250)
952 KB
952 KB PNG
File: 1276079.png (2.07 MB, 1500x1900)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
File: IMG_4346.jpg (2.42 MB, 1400x2154)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB JPG
And now she's a depressed alcoholic.
File: did nothing wrong.png (347 KB, 714x418)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
There's a middle ground there. Lightning Dust wasn't completely blameless, but considering the insane shit that gets forgiven in the show, if there was a character the writers care about in her place, LD would probably walk away scot-free as a Wonderbolts member.
LD being the lead pone was legit, but then she started pushing herself too much, to the detriment of her team members. She deserved punishment, but not being kicked out, unless it's a "try again next year" kind of deal, then it's okay.
But if Dash was in LD's place we would just see some bullcrap excuse like in Newbie Dash, because RD saved Equestria and farted a sonic rainboom so she can do whatever and will never be sacked.
I dunno, I always felt like RD is training a lot, she's often shown doing some stunts, her work involve a lot of flying, it's not like she has only "talent" and that's it, she worked a lot for her place in team.
Lightning Duts also has natural talent for that, like every other pony with flying related cutiemark.
Thats the real problem yeah.
there is no telling if a character will be forgiven or not.
File: howto.png (10 KB, 561x80)
10 KB
Sounds like it's your problem for falling in love with a fictional cartoon character, and not even some fleshed-out character, but a one-time villain of the week that nobody was ever going to develop. The story suggests that she was in the wrong because she chose career > friends and IIRC Mane Six could die because of her (I've never watched the episode again ever since it came out). That's it. No need to write five fucking paragraphs defending a secondary antagonist that was created to be wrong for one ep.
File: stormhorse.png (652 KB, 692x1024)
652 KB
652 KB PNG

I do blame Rainbow largely for what happened to her, but you're right, the two of them becoming friends and both of them becoming Wonderbolts is probably the best thing that could happen. I think it's disappointing that one of the only characters that could give Dash a run for her money and make her a seriously legendary flier got the ax. Spitfire definitely has a point: they'd be an unstoppable team!

That's an interesting thought. Hopefully the Wonderbolt academy didn't ban her forever and it's something to be redeemed. At the very least it can ease the pain in headcanon!

>Sounds like it's your problem for falling in love with a fictional cartoon character
Do you know where you are?
File: full.gif (1.28 MB, 500x281)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB GIF
File: 435679876543.png (893 KB, 1280x865)
893 KB
893 KB PNG
File: 1494039300263.jpg (81 KB, 528x729)
81 KB
Lightning Dust was my very first waifu. And she is the only canon poner I consider even remotely waifu-tier.
I hope she never comes back, the writers would fuck her up like they did with literally every single character they brought back.
Don't be sad that she's gone, be happy that they left her alone, S3E7 is where we see a great and beautiful pony who does her best, a real piece of art of a character. Not even the fandom really cares for her because she encroached on their favorite mary sue.
She was too perfect for even Equestria.
File: 1359327095920.gif (456 KB, 160x90)
456 KB
456 KB GIF
I usually think the rant threads that show up daily are pretty fucking annoying, but you have a point and it's rare to see anything constructive, ever. Lightning Dust needs a redemption episode

Yeah, while the rage is very real, I think it's really cool to see other poeple's opinion on the matter. Most of them have good points.
Spitfire's the real culprit. the writers obviously cannot into military institution, and Spitfire is the culmination of that.

She acts like short sighted jock or high school coach instead of a flight team captain. She was a little better in Newbie Dash, but not by a large margin.
Don't worry OP, Glim Glam will make your waifu great again when she joins the numane 6
>Sounds like it's your problem for falling in love with a fictional cartoon character, and not even some fleshed-out character
Go back to réddit faggot
>a redemption episode
Jesus Christ no.
What could possibly go right?
File: smilelightning.png (185 KB, 1005x1024)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
I agree. No drill sergeant worth anything would have ever done that something like that, let alone get pressured into something by a newbie. Sadly though, I think Spitfire is really really cool, so it hurts.

That's the theory I had. Lightning Dust would make an obvious candidate for a Rainbow Dash substitute for new 6 and with the upcoming Wonderbolts episode, it's definitely possible. Save me, Glimmy. I do worry they'd fuck it up though.
I'd prefer if they left Lightning alone. Of all the characters in mlp she was different, she faced real consequences for going on with real aspirations. Her skills came from training and hard work and creativity. Dash just has simulated perfection written in.
Of every single pony in the show, she was the most real. She almost felt real, even if by accident. She was a realistic character I think we can all relate to. I don't want the new writers to ruin her.
File: guard_by_wlop-d9kmnxu.jpg (166 KB, 1196x668)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
She's been my waifu for the longest time, mainly because she was the first and only smile I've ever cared to protect. It always seemed like she had shit stacked against her from the very beginning, and I don't think anyone should have to deal with that alone. She tried her best and got fucked over for it, no one deserves that, she lost her shot at being a Wonderbolt over something that really wasn't her fault.
And no one seems to like her except for a few Anons, everyone else takes Dash's side on it, she was literally made to fail from the start and all I want to do is make her smile and I can't because life is shitty like that.
File: 1412896662015.jpg (215 KB, 1383x1600)
215 KB
215 KB JPG

It's a fucking terrible injustice. Hence the rant. Damn you for making me feel, you glorious, white-knighting bastard.

We have to continue to protect that smile.
File: 500 GB of feel.jpg (87 KB, 627x576)
87 KB
File: 1456321722472.png (12 KB, 645x773)
12 KB
Spitfire is my waifu but you Lightning Dust fags have struck a cord in me
Let's be clear on one point. Lightning Dust was both unapologetic and dismissive about the ponies she nearly killed. Something is seriously wrong with her, and it's possible that this is why the Wonderbolts chose not to keep her around. That said, I want to see her again.
This. with the exception of Discord all the other redeemed characters showed remorse pre redemption
File: lightningsad.png (915 KB, 1307x720)
915 KB
915 KB PNG

That's hardly a fair judgement. Trixie showed no remorse for her actions and deliberately endangered all of Ponyville for horrible reasons, not to better herself for a noble goal, even if the methods were questionable. She didn't show remorse until a way later date/episode. Despite all of that, Trixie still got redemption. Lightning Dust didn't even get a chance to show remorse at all. She didn't even get to be present for the decision of her future. It was only Rainbow Dash and Spitfire that go to decide which makes absolutely no sense. All that happened was Spitfire said "You're right, Dash, fuck Lightning Dust."

She then ripped the Lead Pony badge off of Lightning Dust, and was ordered to walk away. And Lightning Dust looked like she felt fucking awful. Ask her if she would do it again while she was walking away and I bet she'd show great remorse. This is exactly why she should have been punished, and not just straight up kicked out.
File: 7658509775568.png (500 KB, 893x720)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
>deliberately endangered all of Ponyville for horrible reasons
What. That was snips and snails. Trixie did litteraly nothing wrong in boast busters
Reform Lightning Dust so I can get some closure.
Only if a good writer does the episode
Best pony
Anyone catch filly LD in the leaf episode just now?
Trixie didn't bring the space bear, two down syndrome ponies did.
File: 1494171630109.jpg (267 KB, 1920x1080)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
There's an earlier scene where she's in first place, but I don't have a screencap of it
Is that Derpy? She seriously got a medal? Wow.
Flitter>Cloudchaser confirmed.

Man Cloudchaser other than having a cuter name doesn't get any love.
Much in the same way we don't see Twilight study all that much, but we know she studies. I sincerely doubt Rainbow doesn't train hard like any other athlete.
It gets worse. First part of the scene had her literally in first place, eyes underped. By the time Dash worked to 1st, Derpy was near the bottom with very derped eyes. Combined with the hospital scene in Where the Apple Lies, she had a degenerative eye condition that halted her dreams of being a pro flyer.
I like this one.
File: 1494174361303[1].webm (1.47 MB, 1920x1080)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB WEBM
Lightning Dust held the title for awhile, actually.
t. Dashfag
File: image.jpg (72 KB, 500x504)
72 KB
You're mad that she's objectively better than your shitty waifu
I'd almost agree with if you if you weren't so delusional to completely support LD in this situation. What happened with LD was over the top but she did objectively make a shitty decision with no coercion and RD did not fuck up by ratting on her to their superior.

It's a team based position and she doesn't give a shit about the team. That means she is not currently ready to be a Wonderbolt. Maybe completely kicking her wasn't the best option but it was a serious fuck up and goes completely against the WB.
Trixie is a solo performer who is self employed. WB is an organization that has ponies putting their lives in each others hooves. If you're a sociopath, that's a much bigger problem for the latter. She didn't care about the lives at stake, she cared about being a WB. Crying because you're not a WB and only saying what you did was wrong because it doused your chances would only further seal the deal.
File: 1469547687595.jpg (106 KB, 700x700)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>Either of those two a good waifu
>implying it was a fuck up because of LD
Where is the pony FAA in this, ypu're supposed to call in flights beforehand if you're travelling through a military zone, but since the mane 6 all are the main characters the fault is never theirs
You can't almost accidentally six people and expect nothing to happen to you.
regardless of the presence of the Mane 6, LD made a bad decision, made it knowing that it could injury ponies, and did not show remorse. If every other pony in the world was Hitler, that wouldn't make what LD did any more of a bad decision.

The WB has a strict "don't endanger fellow ponies" rule. LD broke it and didn't care and that's immediate grounds for being kicked out. She could be the best flier in the world. The WBs care about safety.
Which is fine, I accept actions have consequences.

But the whole "your dream has now died, have a good life" ending just feels unpleasant for this show. As if it's leading to something else but it's never happened.
I have an idea for an episode but I don't know how to flesh it out into a full story.
I accept that the tornado and subsequent damage was an accident, and that the mane six had nebulous reasons for being there, but the decision to make the tornado came as result of continued reckless and unchecked behavior. The pony keeping score was almost hit by the tornado too. In the end, while I do agree being completely kicked out was excessive, her behavior and lack of empathy for both teammates and six random civilians do not bode well for a potential wonder bolt. Pushing yourself to the limit is no excuse to be reckless.
Maybe Spitfire should have actually done more than encourage her to be careless?
If LD learns to give a shit about others, I don't see why she can't be 'redeemed'. As for at that moment, I can completely see why they booted someone who is both physically capable enough to pull off life threatening shit, enough of a bigshot in a group of bigshots to coerce others into hurting themselves, and not caring enough about the lives of others to really care.
to conceptualize that better, and to tie in your prior Trixie example. You can act like a bit of a reckless cunt to others and people might forgive you in every day life. If you're a soldier and you point your gun at an officer, you'd be lucky if they made you a janitor let alone kicking you out on the spot. It's a different context where safety is far more relevant than everyday life.
Several people were accidentally vaporized during the testing of some of the first nukes, it was deemed an accident.
Regardless, Twilight broke the law by enterring restricted airspace, if anyone should be punished it's her and her friends.
File: Equestrian Sniper.webm (2.15 MB, 610x343)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB WEBM
Considering that after they entered "restricted" space and were allowed to stay on the tarmac, and with today's episode were Rainbow's parents just WALKED into the base, it's safe to assume that entering Wonderbolt HQ isn't a crime.
two wrongs don't make a right. Even if the mane 6 are executed for treason, LD is still booted for being a self concerned faggot.
File: PREPARE TO BE GUARDED.png (676 KB, 466x718)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
I really hope she comes back. Presuming she hasn't already; ain't seen the Treehouse eps yet.
As of Fluttershy Leans In all of the Mane 6 have at least one rival in their profession. And episode that teams them up as an Alt Six would be preddy sweet IMO.
Not even as "villains", just in a casual Slice of Life situation. Half of them are already on quasi-friendly terms with the MCs, set up some friendly competition. Maybe Trixie feels excluded from [insert team-based game here] so captains her own to show Twilight & co up.
Nah, I'd be hyping it if she was.
A strict rule against endangering fellow ponies that Spitfire had no qualms about deliberately ignoring until Dash threatened to quit.
File: KEKOS.png (77 KB, 280x261)
77 KB
Are you still arguing about this shit and trying to justify your bland secondary antagonist waifu's actions?
I guess /mlp/ truly is one of the most autistic boards out there.
Please be foreshadowing.

Yes, but in Magic Duel, something that painted her in a much worse light, it was all her decision, even if she did show remorse at the end of the episode where she for some reason got 0 punishment for what she did.

This is another thing. The lack of Spitfire's intervention feels a bit weird to me. Spitfire was totally on board with Lightning Dust's actions until Rainbow Dash convinces her otherwise. Maybe Spitfire didn't notice how dangerous LD was being in the examples prior to the tornado, but why not? Shouldn't she be vigilant for that sort of thing? And if she did notice, why not stop it there before Lightning Dust got convinced that it was okay and the best way to impress your superiors?


She's a great horse, anon.
File: recipe for disaster.png (817 KB, 1280x1440)
817 KB
817 KB PNG
>It's a team based position and she doesn't give a shit about the team.
Her team was her and RD.
If anything, she gave too much of a shit about her team being as unstoppable as Spitfire expected them to be.
Relevant new-ish fanfic:
Human-turned-filly in Equestria, gets adopted by Lightning Dust. The story has a ways to go yet, but it looks like LD will be getting some good character development along the way.
Derpy just happy to be there.

Also damn, Cloudchaser, you lost to her twice at maximum derp, no wonder you look so ashamed.
>Lightning Dust unseats Derpy
>Derpy gets more and more fucked up

Did... Lightning Dust DO something to Derpy? This is sketchy as fuck.
Here's your free (You)
That would be bad ass, but the fact that she kept getting worse afterwards suggests it's just normal little kid eye problems and that LD coincidentally got better as Derpy started getting worse.
>there's an alternate timeline where Derpy's eyes never went bad and she's the best flier in Equestria
>420 sonic derpboom everyday
maybe we'll get an episode where they meet up again. LD remembers they use to be cool but drifted apart when her performance dropped, even making fun of her and now feeling guilty about it.
File: 1358911250503.jpg (94 KB, 645x773)
94 KB

All of these episode suggestions sound great. I just want another episode, god damn it.
File: 1452474881914.png (417 KB, 1280x800)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
>I just want another episode
>Diamond Tiara demostrates what a good filly she's become by inviting Lightning Dust, Limestone Pie, etc. to her new friendship camp so all the remaining bitchpony waifus can be ruined at once
>She's a great horse, anon.
We don't really know that. They could make an episode featuring her and all of your headcanons about her personality could be ruined because that's how little we know of her.
>They could make an episode featuring her and give her a totally new personality because they're hacks who don't even watch the show
>I could accuse them of being hacks because I took miniscule actions taken by the character and interpreted them in a way the writers did not intend
>the writers can do whatever they want and you need to swallow it like a good slut because the writing is up for "interpretation"
File: 1462751045310.png (99 KB, 480x477)
99 KB
>tfw secretly hoping the writers forget that your waifu exists so they don't ruin her
File: 574893042.jpg (75 KB, 656x872)
75 KB
Rainbow Dash is the architect of Lightning Dust's bad attitude.
>Scootaloo paring down Wonderbolt Academy to a competition between Lightning Dust and Dash
>not Lighting Dust's public shaming and exile that allowed Dash to ascend her position and how she was better than Dash right up until she fucked up
I think the comics could work that better, i need to read the comics though
This actually kind of pisses me off. Why in the hell did they change it?
Jesus, what happened to Derpy?
I kind of got the feeling there doing what they did with Crysalis, teasing us with various cameos before bringing her back. If not this season then the next.

The newest episode showed her a lot, and even reminded the kiddies what her name was.
Yeah it annoyed me that they skipped over dusts evil as well.
File: dusty.png (479 KB, 1280x1024)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
>from her point of view, the Wonderbolts are evil
It worries me that there was a problem with the voice actor or that maybe they had plans for her but then decided on never using her again so they wanted something more final. Then again, even if you did think that way it wouldn't be necessary to kick her out. You could just have her show up in the background and stuff.
File: Spoiler Image (1.38 MB, 1724x1560)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
File: 22.jpg (78 KB, 448x436)
78 KB
Bitchpones a shit.
Your taste a shit.
Go back to anime.
File: 1.png (829 KB, 1280x720)
829 KB
829 KB PNG
there is any good green about her?
doubt it; she's a pretty niche character and her waifu generals don't normally last long enough to attract writefags
Not green, but >>30037360

She also gets a good amount of screen time in "Through the Well of Pirene", though she's not the main character by any means.
How can Lamebow Dash even compete?
File: fastyhorses.jpg (86 KB, 736x1041)
86 KB
Ah, fuck it.

>You are Anonymous
>And things have been better for you in the past
>But, you suppose things have been worse
>As time went on and you needed to decide on a stable career, you thought you'd join a security program and become a guard
>Seemed reasonable enough, you're much taller than the average pony!
>Your human physique seemed to have landed you a guaranteed career, how about that?
>Except, you're not really as strong as the average pony, especially the earth ones
>You're not really as fast as the average pony, especially the pegasi
>You have fingers which is pretty nice, but it hardly competes with unicorn telekinesis
>And upon realizing all of that half way through training, it dawned on you that you weren't the brightest creature either
>Yeah, this was a pretty shit decision
>However, it did awaken a sort of determination within you, something you had lacked before reaching Equestria
>You felt like you had to prove something
>You'd gotten enough shit through training and all it did was make you want to prove them wrong
>That being said, you had done absolutely nothing to suggest that they had no idea what they were talking about
>You had boasted about one day becoming a royal guard but the idea seemed to rot a little more each day
>Every god damn day
>Each job you had was more pathetic than the last, and the closest you had ever come to an actual fight was arresting a drunk pony who had had way too much to drink
>What was her name? Berry... something?
>Eh, who gives a shit
>You were pretty sure you had never even had to draw your sword
>Just when it seemed like things were about to take a turn for the aggressively normal, Rainbow Dash had landed you a job as a security guard while the Wonderbolts were on tour

>The Wonderbolts! Those guys are super important!
>You got Spitfire, Soarin, Fleetfoot if you're a weirdly obsessed fan, and the other ponies nobody cares about, but hey those first two are important!
>Turns out your dreams of grandeur as a Wonderbolts bodyguard were woefully inflated by your sense of adventure
>You should have really taken what Dash said at face value
>You were totally a security guard
>And this was boring as all hell
>You were little more than a glorified barrier rope, keeping the occasional fan from straying too far from their seats for their own safety
>These ponies could be insufferable at times
>During the last show, you had missed the finale because some pony was choking on the concessions
>Like, come on, just chew your food, you stupid horse
>Hay fries are gross anyway
>You stood there a while, listening to the cheers of the crowd as the routine you had seen so many times played out in your head
>You knew exactly where they were
>You scowled, maybe you had just become bitter
>Why would you care about missing the finale of the show anyway? You had seen it a dozen times now
>You were currently in Cloudsdale, marking the second to last spot in the tour
>Yep, Cloudsdale
>The Wonderbolts were going all out for this one
>Regardless, you weren't even paying attention
>Currently, you were propped up against the side of some bleachers, wondering how long you had before the cloud-walk enchantment you had on dissipated.
>Were you supposed to renew it every 30 minutes, or every hour?
>Maybe it'd be better if it just wore off and you met your grisly end at terminal velocity
>Well, that was dark. Maybe you should get out of here, surely there are some sweet bars in Cloudsdale
I'm interested.
>and the other ponies nobody cares about
but I swear I will fucking cut you.
File: zoom.png (680 KB, 1280x857)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
ok, I have to post this now.

>You thought only for a brief instant if you wanted to ask Rainbow Dash to go, before you immediately dismissed the idea
>Right. She was a full member now.
>You looked up, the familiar roar of the speeding pegasi echoing through the night
>You saw the rainbow trail behind one of the suited members and smiled
>As bitter as you were, it was nice to see some people achieve their dreams
>Inspiring, even
>In this day and age, too many people seemed content, and dreams were too often smothered
>If she could do it, why couldn't anyone?
>Enough of this, you need a beer
>The show probably still had an hour or two to go, maybe more
>You doubt anyone would care if you left your post, there are few jobs more boring than this
>You made your way across the stretch of clouds, marveling at how your boots molded to the white surface instead of piercing through
>You're pretty sure that's something you could never get used to
>You walked a short while, captivated by the soft light of street lamps on the flying city before stopping at a bar near the stadium where the performance was taking place
>You guessed that it would be relatively empty since the performance was completely under way and had been for a while
>You seemed relatively correct, there were a few ponies in the bar, more than you expected, but it would definitely make a nice place to stop for a drink
>The sounds of ponies in small talk struck you from all sides ad you entered and you surveyed the place for somewhere to sit
>Your eyes stopped at the right end of the bar where a green pegasus was sitting alone
>And damn, was she a trooper
>Several empty glasses were scattered below her face
>Her head hung low and she didn't seem to be making any movement
>There's absolutely no way this won't be interesting
>Besides, she seemed pretty from the back, maybe the face could match up!

>You walked over to her, a bit of confidence in your stride
>Think of all the stories you could tell her
>Like that time you roughed up that drunk mare and arrested her!
>Well... that's about the only story you got
>And honestly, the phrasing of that was pretty terrible
>God damn, you're lame.
>Her head moved up slowly, she must have heard the clink of what little armor you were wearing
>She turned, her yellow eyes looking over you before they rolled in disapproval of your arrival
>"Fuck off pig, I'm within my rights to be here."
>Well, she was pretty but you weren't off to a good start
>Story of your life
>You took a seat
>"Did my land lord send you? Look, I'm leaving tomorrow, I just gotta pack some things, okay? I'm not gonna be able to pa-"
>You didn't sign up for this
"I'm not here for any reason. I don't even know what you're talking about, if it makes you feel any better. I just want a drink. Is that okay?"
File: sosad.jpg (23 KB, 471x455)
23 KB

>A strand of gold hair fell in front of her face before she blew it to the side
>She swayed gently from side to side
>Your eyes fell upon the mound of empty bottles
>You didn't need guard training to know she was way beyond drunk
>She looked over you one more time, noticing the Wonderbolts symbol across your chest this time around
>"Yeah, I suppose that's fine. Unless..."
>She pounded her hoof on the table, gently rattling the glasses
>"Unless you're here to make fun of me! Are you here 'cause you couldn't get with any of the real Wonderbolts so you're looking to screw a dropout?"

>You were so confused
>Dropout? Of the Wonderbolts? What?
>Also Spitfire was hot and all, but you doubt you could ever do anything with her. She would break you.
>Hmmm, that is kinda hot th-
>She spoke again
>"Well... I guess I'm not really a dropout. I wasn't really one in the first place."
>Her eyes seemed to glisten as she grabbed the current glass she was nursing
>"And I guess I didn't really quit either."

That's all for tonight, it's 4:00am where I'm at, and for some reason 4chan is being fucky and not letting me post the story in larger chunks. Will continue tomorrow if anyone is interested!
That sounds fucking awesome.
I was unaware this was a thing.
I hoped, but didn't believe.
Thank you Anon.
Waifu #1
By not having a side-mouth.
Continue, that's bretty good so far
Keep going.
>Lightning Dust gets kicked out of Wizardbolt Academy for accidentally summoning a shoggoth
File: 2OFUbA1.gif (3.03 MB, 480x270)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB GIF
>Also Spitfire was hot and all, but you doubt you could ever do anything with her. She would break you.
>Hmmm, that is kinda hot th-
I want Spitfire to break me
please continue, this is pretty good
nah, do you guys think that Lightning Dust has a chance of coming back sometime in the future?
Possible, although there have been enough Wonderbolt eps that you'd expect she'd have been mentioned by now.
She had a nonspeaking flashback cameo appearance in Parental Glideance, so the animators clearly remember that she exists.
The real question is, do you want her to come back and be handled by the current batch or writers? I mean, really?
I would trust Nick to handle it
File: lightdust.png (173 KB, 891x1024)
173 KB
173 KB PNG

>She hadn't really given you a reason to, but you couldn't help but feel bad for her
>You searched your memories for Rainbow Dash ever mentioning a pegasus that got kicked out of Wonderbolt academy
>She had so much to say when she got back, it may have got lost in the excitement
>And she surely hadn't mentioned anyone like that in recent time
>How does one get kicked out of the Wonderbolts anyway? You'd probably have to fuck up pretty bad
>Maybe this isn't the type of pony you should be around
>To hell with it, you decided your rudimentary knowledge of combat could be enough to prepare yourself for whatever a drunken super-athlete could do
>At least then you'd have a worthwhile story!
"Well if that isn't you foreshadowing an 'It should have been me' speech than I don't know what could be."
>You thought it was funny, but it seems like she didn't agree
>Based on your one minute experience of her, you would have expected her reaction to be anger
>Her ears dropped down and her eyes met the floor of the bar
>"You're right... I guess I am a bit of a broken record at this point. Enjoy your drink."

So every time I try to make a post with more than a few lines of green, I get an error message. I've heard that posting stories has been fucky lately so I'll post a pastebin for those wishing to keep up with the story. I'll post when it's updated each time.
The story is here


Continuing when I can!
following eagerly
you need to manually click the [Post a Reply] at the top or bottom of the thread to post a full 2000 character post, the quick reply won't work for it
Testing this!

Continuing from Part 6 in the Pastebin:

>"How did you know about the tornado? I haven't even gotten to that part yet!"
>You should have really been listening
"Look, Lightning Dust, I didn't-!"
>She shot up with her wings, floating a few feet above the ground
>"You know my name too?! Dash told you all about me didn't she?!"
>Holy FUCK, you're terrible at this
>"I'll bet you two are best of fucking friends too! You and the Wonderbolts sit around all day laughing at me, don't you?!"
>You wouldn't say BEST of friends
>She was full on shouting now, and what few ponies there were in the bar had ceased their conversations to look at you
>Well, this certainly wasn't going to get any better, and you already look like a jackass so you might as well try something
"Lightning Dust, calm down! Nobody's out to get you! Nobody is making fun of you or has made fun of you!"
>Except last week, but she doesn't need to know that
>You recounted the story once more in your head, and while she had been a mighty bitch, what happened to her did seemed a little unfair
>Especially if it reduced her to this
"I think what happened to you was a bit much! I mean, you sure as hell deserved punishment-"
>Her eyes seemed to flare up with rage
>You back-peddled as quick as you could
"-But that doesn't mean you should have been kicked out! From what it sounds like, you were an incredible flier, the best, even!"
>She didn't seem to know how to respond
>It's like everyone had given her a hard time about it since the day it happened, so she expected the worst of you
>But you're not condemning her, not completely anyway and that has to count for something
>Maybe it's catching her off guard?
>Judging by her current drunken state, she clearly regrets it
File: happylightning.gif (145 KB, 900x900)
145 KB
145 KB GIF
You're the best, Anon.
I really like her mane.
File: angrydust.png (1.34 MB, 1279x1024)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG


>"Wait, r-really?"
>Her face softened
"I'm Anonymous, by the way."
>You smiled
>She shook her head, an angry glare returning to the forefront.
>"Well, Anonymous, I think you're full of shit! Leave me alone, okay?"
>You couldn't help but be a little frustrated
>If everything Dash said about her flying ability was true, it's a shame she is where she is now
"Can you really afford to think like that when you're like this? Do you even talk to anyone?"
>Clearly, you hit a sensitive spot
>Clearly, she feels strongly about where she is at in life
>CLEARLY, you just made her very angry
>"HEY, FUCK YOU, MAN! What are you trying to say?! I'm not about to get smack talked by the Wonderbolts' bellyboy!"
>You little shit
>She had knocked over two of her empty glasses
>They shattered as they hit the ground
>You were making a scene
>But fuck it, there was a point where you should have stopped, but here you are now
>So keep going, she probably needs to hear all of this anyway
>You stood up now as well, you've had experience yelling at people who were out of line, maybe it will come in handy here
>Was she really out of line though?
>What you said was kind of fucked up
>It doesn't matter
>And she did call you a fucking bellboy
"I'm trying to say that Dash DID tell me everything. And if you're half as great as she made you sound, then you must have fallen far to drink yourself into a coma when the team you should be performing with is putting the whole city in awe right over there!"
>You pointed in the general direction you remember the stadium being in
>If she could burst into flames, she would have done so now
>"Well I can't exactly do that now can I? It's not like I quit, dumbass, I got kicked out! Kinda hard to come back from that! And who the fuck is telling me this? I'm assuming you didn't grow up wanting to count tickets! At least I tasted glory, all you've ever done is lick the boots of your superiors!"
File: crylightning.jpg (171 KB, 1096x1024)
171 KB
171 KB JPG

>Calm yourself, Anon
>Or ya know, don't
>"Fuck you, Anonymous!"
>She stumbled in her drunken stupor, throwing an amount of bits on the counter that in no way added to what she owed them
>She passed through the door, every pony in the bar looking at you for answers
>You completely ignored them though, running after her
>You flew out the door and saw her only a few yards away
"You think I enjoy this?"
>You stepped onto the clouds, walking over to her
"You're right, I never dreamt I'd be in a position like this, I mean for fuck's sake I'm yelling at a horse right now! But I'm trying, God damn it. Dash mentioned how much you went on and on about pushing your limits, that's what made you lead pony in the first place right?"
>She took a step back
>You advanced
"Well I'm doing the same thing. And just because my limits are lower than yours, it does not mean you are fucking better than me! I used to talk so much shit about becoming a royal guard, and while I may be here as a 'bellboy' as you put it, I'm still somewhere! But you stopped. You gave up. Have you even tried to appeal to Spitfire for readmission? Have you tried anything since the day you walked away?"
>She was silent
>Two tears managed to escape her eyes
"I don't even have anything going for me! You ponies are stronger, faster and more versatile than I'll ever be! But you, you're fucking incredible!"
>Lightning Dust looked at you now, breaking the gaze she had on the cloud
>She looked slightly confused
"You beat out Rainbow Dash in the Wonderbolt Academy. RAINBOW DASH. The pony everyone thought was the greatest flier in all of Equestria! She's saved the world a bunch of times with her friends but you come in out of nowhere and impress Spitfire more than she did."
"I'd bet she'd give you another chance. I'd bet all of Equestria would. But you have to give yourself a chance first."
File: gl0mkIZOW6Nwc.gif (498 KB, 500x236)
498 KB
498 KB GIF
File: cloudsdalenight.jpg (49 KB, 1280x914)
49 KB

>Lightning Dust sat on the ground, sobbing
>She used one of her wings to cover her face
>You couldn't tell if it was because she didn't want you looking at her or if she didn't want to look you in the eye
>Even though this was probably all stuff she needed to hear, you felt like garbage
>You were trying to help, but she sure was tough as hell
>It seemed like the only way to get through to her
>You walked over to the drunk pegasus and sat down next to her
>She wrapped her forelegs around your neck and pulled you into a hug
>She was very drunk, you reasoned
>Between sobs you could hear her murmured acceptance
>"You're right! You're right. I'm a fucking failure. I don't even know what I am doing with my life."
>Yikes, this was bad
>And boy, did you suck at comforting people
>You hugged her back, not doing so would probably make her only feel worse at this point
"Lightning Dust, it's okay. You can still bounce back from all of this. And I mean it when I said I don't think this Wonderbolts thing is over for you. There's gotta be someway you can get back in."
>She sniffled
>"You really think so? But, I was kind of a... I was pretty mean."
>You chuckled
"Eh, you're not so bad."
>She laughed quietly
>It's a shame she'll probably kick your teeth in when she's sober
>Oh well, enjoy the present while it lasts!
>"Thanks Anon. It's been a while since I've really talked about it to anyone."
>Yeah, no shit
"Well, I'm glad I could h-"
>You fell
>A instant of pure white surrounded you as you passed through the cloud and into the night sky, wind rushing past you in a mighty roar
>That stupid fucking cloud-walk spell
>You totally forgot about it
>You could hear Lightning Dust cry your name once as you fell, anything else she was saying was lost to the wind
Will update when next I can!

Updated Pastebin:
File: 1428866.jpg (3.77 MB, 2461x2966)
3.77 MB
3.77 MB JPG
Wow I can't believe Anon is fucking dead.
Good stuff so far, I like it.
...DAMMIT now I really want the show to do Shoggoths.
File: Guilt.jpg (49 KB, 700x488)
49 KB
I agree. Hopefully, there's an episode where she ends up opening or joining a different kind of performance group that proves to be much more successful than Wonderbolts - if not, I'll have to write a fanfic. I swear, if they give Trixie another dozen of episodes but do not even give Dust a second one I'll be angry. And to think the original ending was so much better but they had to change for some retarded reason.
File: dead.gif (765 KB, 400x223)
765 KB
765 KB GIF
>You fell
I'm posting this to bump the thread, but also to help give some publicity to another thread on /mlp/ which can be found here >>30041720

The OP of that thread would really appreciate it if you could take a moment check it out and take the poll that they've made. You can find more information about it in the thread itself. Even if you don't want to take the poll, you can help out by using this copypasta whenever you bump a thread on /mlp/ until May 14th, after which point the poll will close. Please only use this copypasta if you were otherwise going to bump a thread without contributing content to prevent spam.
you know what the really sad thing is?
It's pretty obvious the Dust wanted to be friends with Dash. Maybe she'd isolated herself from others pursuing her goal. She was happy to meet someone who could keep up with her. Who understood her.

If the episode had been written a little better, she could have been the one to learn a lesson and they could become closer later in the series. Then Dash would a pegasus other than Flutters to hang out with.

>You supposed there were worse ways to die
>Odds are you wouldn't feel a thing
>Might scar a pony or two for life if they see you
>But it's no harm
>It's unfortunate that you just gave a speech about pursuing dreams when yours just vaporized due to being slightly forgetful
>Then again, how do you forget about something like that?
>Your back was to the ground
>You stared at the ever-shrinking city of Cloudsdale
>It really did look beautiful, especially at night
>You could even see distant fireworks
>Probably marking the end of the Wonderbolts show
>You wondered if they would even notice you were gone
>Maybe Dash would
>Your final thoughts were cut short as your eyes met a bright crackle of light within the clouds
>Could the clouds in Cloudsdale have lightning?
>Isn't that something the pegasi could control?
>Moments after the flash, an ear-shattering boom rang out through the sky
>Bursting from the earlier flash of light, a streak of green with a core of gold lightning began to race towards you at an unimaginable speed
>There's no fucking way
>Your eyes betrayed common logic, as the streak proceeded closer and closer to you despite the speed at which you were currently falling
>Even through the rush of wind you could hear the ever-approaching screech of a pegasus at mach speed
>You had always kept a fairly safe distance at the Wonderbolts shows, you had never been so close to that kind of power
>Guess she still had it, huh?
>As your savior approached closer and closer you thought to yourself
>Isn't she drunk?
>There's a good chance she could still get you killed
>Are there laws against drinking and flying?
>There probably should be
>Are you really in a position to argue though?
File: forestatnight.png (803 KB, 3500x2025)
803 KB
803 KB PNG

>Lightning Dust was next to you now, through the bright green glow, you could see her
>Tears flowed from her face as the wind ravaged her eyes, and her teeth were clenched
>She turned her head, and you made eye contact only for a brief moment before she grabbed you
>This probably went much better in her head, but in her drunken state she couldn't recover her balance
>What started as a grab turned into a tackle
>Her wings flapped in protest of gravity's will to kill both of you, to some avail
>You felt your speed dramatically decrease but you were still falling fairly fast
>You looked down, and the forest below was rapidly approaching
>Before you could do anything to help yourself, you passed through the canopy
>The branches and leaves passed over your body like whips
>Even in this brief moment of time, you were grateful for your light armor
>You felt Lightning Dust lose grip on you
>There's no telling where she was tumbling off to
>You flipped end over end at least four times before straightening out
>The brush had slowed you even more, but your collision with the forest floor was still incredibly painful
>You landed on your side, skipping like a stone before rolling for some time
>You ended up face down in a patch of grass, your limp body maintaining its stillness for fear of agony
>You dared to flex a few of your muscles
>Everything hurt
>Everything hurt a lot
>But nothing seemed broken or permanently damaged
>Your eyes went wide
"L-Lightning Dust?"
>You pushed yourself into a standing position
>It felt like magma shot through your veins as you grappled with yourself to maintain a stance
>You called out
"Lightning Dust!"
>No answer
>You called her name one more time
>Despite the agony you were in, you ran off, dashing around each tree and surveying the landscape for the pegasus
>She had just saved your life
>The least you could do
I honestly don't see why that can't still happen.

IMO they shouldn't bring her back bitter but apologetic. Make Dash the one who's bitter.

She was already shit in her episode, and she's EVEN MORE SHIT now that we know she actually knew RD all along.
This is retarded.
File: 354755.png (954 KB, 1600x1631)
954 KB
954 KB PNG
I'm liking this.
She lived in a different pegasus colony than Cloudsdale you stupid gook.
bump for green
File: 65789023.png (1.18 MB, 1360x768)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Quick update! Thank you for all of the kind words! I'm a pretty busy guy but I'll post when I can and I'll definitely try to at least post a couple of parts a day. Keep the Lightning Dust dream alive boys.
File: 1189185.png (821 KB, 1280x787)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
File: lightning dust goggles.png (261 KB, 1000x1000)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
Amending Fences 2: Pegasus Boogaloo
They just need to take all these villain ponies that got a bum deal cause they had to be the bad guy and put them in Glim Glams fuck up crew
Page 9 bump
File: 765454645752.png (1.25 MB, 1280x946)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG

>As panic began to set in, you found her
>A few of her teal feathers were scattered around the area
>A trickle of blood matted her fur in a crimson path along her face
>She wasn't moving
>Please be okay
>You ran over to her, kneeling by her side
>Luckily, in training they taught you plenty about first aid
>It was hard at first, taking care of a human was a bit different than taking care of a pony, but the same stuff applied in most cases
>Keep their insides on the inside
>Simple stuff
>Your pretty sure Ponyville would be easy to get to if Lightning Dust could just fly up above the treeline and give you a direction
>Clearly that wasn't happening any time soon
>Using bits of your clothing that you could, you managed to create some incredibly rudimentary bandages
>Just something to stop the bleeding
>Fortunately, as you looked her over, it looks like she suffered much the same you did
>Her injuries seemed mostly superficial, and while you couldn't tell if she sprained anything, there definitely wasn't anything broken
>Well, nothing obvious was broken anyway
>The only injury that stood out was the blow to her head
>She must have taken a direct hit from a branch while falling
>It was clearly why she was knocked out
>You hoped that there was no permanent damage done
>If you and her were lucky, it would at worse be a concussion
>If you were lucky
>It was a pretty nasty fall, after all
>You looked around the the forested area
>Dark as all hell
>There was no way you were getting out of here until she woke up, or at least until day light
>You supposed one night here wouldn't be so bad
>A few hours roughing it wouldn't kill you!
>You looked over to Lightning Dust
>You really hoped that your decision to stay here for the night wouldn't have terrible consequences

>It took only a few minutes for you to assemble a proper fire
>A few more to actually get it started
>You were actually grateful for Dust's unconsciousness at this particular point, you looked pretty fucking stupid failing this over and over
>Then again, if she were conscious, you wouldn't even be in this situation
>At one point, you had tried to climb a tree yourself to get a view but immediately decided against it
>Every single movement of your body still flared with horrific pain given the proper positioning
>Much to your pleasure, a fire eventually sprung into existence
>Given that there was nobody around for you to act cool around, you made the world know how proud of your success you were
>You were Anon, Master of Survival!
>You sat down in the triumphant aura of the burning campfire
>You didn't really have a bedroll or anything
>Neither did Lightning Dust
>Realizing your negligence, you stood up quickly, walking over to the pegasus
>As gently as possible, you slipped a hand under her head and picked her up
>She was surprisingly light
>Guess it'd be kind of strange if she wasn't, you reasoned
>How else would she fly so well?
>Doubtful in your ability to position her against a tree comfortably, you settled for sitting with your legs crossed, your own back to a tree
>You placed Lightning Dust into your lap, Making sure her head was propped up against your arm
>You didn't want the blood rushing to her head or anything
>You had already caused enough damage
>You had to fold her wings yourself to get her to fit, but eventually the two of you were properly cuddled up
>This was a little intimate wasn't it?
>Hopefully she didn't mind
>You looked down at her, the firelight dancing off of her green coat
>You had to agree with your earlier sentiment
>She was very

>She was very pretty*

Not sure why that got cut off.

>At least she was comfortable
>You thought back to what Rainbow Dash had said about her
>And more importantly, you thought back to what you said before you fell from Cloudsdale
>About how she'll kick your teeth in when she's sober
>Could she really be that bad?
>Against your better judgement, you didn't think so
>You had a canteen of water that you kept buckled to your side
>Removing it from your waist, you placed it next to you, a bit out in front
>She's going to be thirsty as hell when she wakes up, being hungover and all
>Hopefully if she woke up first, she would get the message that it's for her
>You laid your head back
>You've been more comfortable
>You took one last look at Lightning Dust before attempting sleep
>But, you suppose you've been less comfortable
>Your eyes shot open
>You leaned forward, groaning in agony
>God, kill you now
>The memories of last night began to trickle in one by one before turning into a flood
>You looked down at your empty lap
>No Lightning Dust
>You looked around
>No Lightning Dust
>The campfire had burned itself out
>The canteen was gone
>I guess she was fine
>You brought yourself to one knee, closing your eyes in pain
>She had probably gone back to Cloudsdale by now
>You stood, dusting your hands
>Yep, she sure didn't need you
>But that's good right? That means she was okay!
>She was just fine!
>Just fine without you
>You sighed
>Why did you give a shit anyway?
>Did you really expect anything to happen between you and that drunken has-been?
>You looked around only for a moment before deciding on a random path and began limping towards it
>"Hey, Ponyville is that way, smart one."
>You turned to find Lightning Dust holding your canteen a few feet above you, pointing in a different direction
>She was hovering, flapping her wings gently
>She was smiling

>"I uh... I found a nearby river and refilled it for you."
>She offered the bottle to you
>You took it from her
>You couldn't fight back a grin

Shit still getting cut off.
Pastebin updated: https://pastebin.com/PspmX734
File: 9ao.jpg (44 KB, 960x758)
44 KB
that's bretty good
Except physically assault three ponies during a "competition" and only after talking shit to everyone.

This is the problem with this board. A bunch of people who waifu a cute design on a horse and have to do mental gymnastics to legitimize shitty behavior I'm sure none of you would tolerate from a real person in your lives.
>physically assault
She just made them look a bit silly; it was all in good fun.
Besides, hecklers are trash and deserve whatever they get, and worse.
File: lightning dust crystal.png (1.76 MB, 4000x3569)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
good night /ldg/
File: 1421175.png (727 KB, 1000x1000)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
I hope you hate Big Mac too.
>This may become a recurring general
File: 731133_postable.jpg (1.45 MB, 5808x2302)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
You're doing quite a few mental gymnastics yourself when the most evident answer is "/mlp/ is full of assholes".
Those pones were trash and deserved what they got.
I want 7. I need this.

>She almost seemed a little upset
>"What are you smiling about?"
>You turned to walk in the direction she gestured to
"Oh nothing, I just think this is a little funny."
>She flew in front of you, backing up as you moved so that she could face you
>She was irritated
>You looked her over, she seemed to have removed the bandages you gave her
>Her fur was also lacking blood
>She must have washed it off in the river
>For the most part, she seemed relatively okay
>Save for a few scrapes and bruises and a particularly gnarly black eye
>She spoke a bit louder now
>"Well, what's so damn funny?!"
>You couldn't help but chuckle, which seemed to fan her flames
"I'm a security guard for the Wonderbolts, so I've clearly heard some things about you. Mostly from Rainbow Dash. They said you were pretty mean, yet here you are."
>You motioned to the water bottle she refilled
"I'd say you've been rather nice to me. Besides, you didn't have to stick around for me to wake up."
>She went red for a brief moment and crossed her forelegs as she stayed afloat
>"It'd be pretty harsh to leave you out here. I'm not that much of a monster. And... well..."
>She stopped, causing you to do so as well a few steps later
>You looked at her, waiting for the answer and your gaze couldn't help but fall back to the black eye she had
>She put a hoof over it and recoiled slightly
>"Quit it."
>She clearly wasn't proud of last night
>Which is pretty dumb, you reasoned
"Lightning Dust, thanks for saving me last night. I guess I got a little carried away with our conversation and forgot about the spell. I still can't believe you even managed to go that fast while completely fucking hammered."
>She laughed now
>"How do you forget about the only thing keeping you from falling to your death?"
>You had to admit, it was kind of funny

>But you're not gonna let her get away that easy
"So, what were you gonna say earlier?"
"Come on, where's the badass I've heard so much about?"
>"Shut up, Anon! This is just hard for me, okay?"
>You nodded your understanding but showed no sign of changing the subject
>"UGH. I just really liked talking to you last night. And yes, I remember everything. You said some things that hurt to hear, but you're right. I haven't done anything since getting kicked out of the academy. I just kind of... gave up."
>You sensed that there was more she had to say, so you remained quiet
>"I've been short supply on hope lately, it was really nice to hear some words of encouragement. I'm not sure how long I would have stayed in that bar night after night, but it definitely wasn't getting any better."
>She seemed to drop her guard some
>"Also, I don't really cry a whole lot. The whole thing still kinda makes me feel weird, considering I barely know you and all."
>She wasn't rambling was she?
>"And I totally remember calling you a bellboy and some other things I said about you and I really-"
>You hugged her
>Lightning Dust had been spouting insecurities since you met her, it was getting hard to watch
>To your surprise, she almost immediately reciprocated
>She nuzzled her head into your chest
"It's fine, Dust. I'm glad you're doing better."
>A little while had passed
>She had said nothing
>She backed away quickly, her eyes going wide briefly
>Her face was flushed
>You couldn't stifle a laugh

>The two of you shared a companionable silence before she broke it
>"Hey, you still need someone to guide you to Ponyville, right?"
>You looked around at the trees
>She had pointed you in the right direction but that was hardly useful information
>It would be easy to get turned around
"Yeah, that'd be nice. I have a place in Ponyville, so I guess I'll wait there until Rainbow Dash comes to tell me how much of a fuck up I am for vanishing last night."
>You began walking again and she flew to your side, landing next to you
>"You uh, you have a place?"
>You now remembered the first words she ever spoke to you
>Something about her not being able to make rent, right?
>Play it cool
>The hot pegasus you founder yourself in the company of just may have asked to stay a night with you
>And no alcohol was required to do so!
>...Sort of!
>Images of your home came at you in a barrage
>A bedroom
>A bathroom
>A couch, sort of
>It was pretty terrible
>Lightning Dust was a world-class flier
>It's a bit embarrassing taking a mare like her to your dumpster fire of a house
>Shit, you had been quiet
>What if she thinks you don't like her?
>"Are you okay?"
"Yeah! Yeah I'm fine!"
>You should just be honest
>Leave out details though
"I do have a house. But I'm a security guard, and the paycheck to match. It's nothing impressive."
>If it bothered her, you couldn't tell
>She giggled
>"Well, my place isn't very impressive either. Ever since I got kicked out of the academy, things have been pretty hard."
>Lightning Dust's famed bravado helped her out here
>What she was telling you bothered her, but the only reason you knew is because you were looking for it
>Who knows how long she had been putting up the act
Things are going places now.
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A bump for green is a bump for even more green
File: 714431.png (201 KB, 500x665)
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201 KB PNG
File: 4976974353459.png (329 KB, 804x1024)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
Deliver us, Uprising
File: 1128556.png (545 KB, 1366x768)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
>"I'll start my own flying team, where the great won't be constrained by the small!"

Glorious lightning horse!

>Some time and small talk had passed
>The trees had begun to thin and both of you welcomed the open air
>Lightning Dust couldn't contain herself
>As you passed the treeline she took to the air, executing a few flips and stunts you knew only a master flier could reproduce
>"Woohoo! We made it!"
>She landed in front of you
>"Look at us, braving uh..."
>She looked passed you to the trees behind
>"...some forest! I guess!"
>You laughed
"Yeah, but you could have left whenever you felt like it. The only reason we're still here is because I can't fly."
>She flew closer
>"I know, I know, but you gotta savor the victories when you can get them!"
>She smiled
>Every time she does, it makes you feel incredible
>You felt proud of it, as if it wouldn't be here without you
>Which is probably the case
>"So where's this luxurious suite we're gonna be staying in?
>Oh yeah, you were going to your house
>Well, this was fun while it lasted
"It's a little ways across town, it's gonna be pretty hard to miss, Dust."
>She laughed, and you could only hope that she could keep her good humor
>You weren't sure why but Lightning Dust seemed to lose the pep in her step as you entered the town of Ponyville
>She stuck to the ground, and generally stayed behind you
>Risking her embarrassment, you had to ask
"Is something wrong?"
>She looked up at you
>"Hey, I don't know how much Rainbow Dash blabbed about me! I'm sure the whole town thinks I'm a villain."
>You assured her that it wasn't that bad
>Rainbow Dash was very focused on her training as a Wonderbolt at the time, she wasn't a monster out to ruin Dust's reputation or anything
>"Also I got... you know."
>She pointed a hoof to her bruised eye
>Poor thing
"When we get to my place, I'll get you some ice for that. Promise."

>You looked at her a bit longer
>"And your welcome to a shower as well."
>She shoved you
>She was laughing so you assumed that you got her mind off everything for a moment
>"What's that supposed to mean?"
"It means you spent the night in the forest while drunk, Dust."
>She was amused, but pointed out your hypocrisy
>"You don't smell great either, hotshot."
>You took a moment to confirm what she was saying
>It certainly wasn't great
>The two of you talked more before finally reaching your humble abode
>Your very humble abode
>It was one flat color; single story
>While it wasn't much at all, you did keep it in good shape
>You never were a very messy person
>"Well? Aren't you gonna show me inside?"
>What was that look on her face?
>That smile, you felt like there was more to it
>You really hoped you weren't reading too much into it
>Quit being a bitch, Anon
>You walked forward, opening the door and ushering her inside
"After you madam!"
>She looked over to you as she entered
>Her eyes were half-lidded and her smile widened
>You felt your face go hot
>She giggled and you felt yourself die inside
>Keep it together, Anon
>You followed her inside and began ruminating on the events of the last day
>Despite everything you were told, Lightning Dust had been incredible fun to be around
>And despite how useless you were in any given scenario, you felt like you were helping her
>It was nice to be needed
>Man, you had completely fallen for her hadn't you?
>"This isn't so bad."
>Lightning Dust flew up and let herself drop onto your couch
>You heard something break and winced
>Your faithful couch had served you well
>She didn't seem to notice

>"It's a bit barren in here, but it's not dirty!"
>She was right, the couch, amongst a couple of other items was the only thing in this entire room
>You didn't really take the comment about how clean the place was as a compliment
>After all, it's easy to keep the place clean when there's nothing to clean
>She sat up
>"Hey Anonymous... can I tell you something?"
>Your heart began to race
>She moved, giving you ample space to sit down next to her
>You did so
>"I've been thinking a lot about what you said, and I have an idea."
>You believed that you looked relatively smooth, but you'd wager that your imagination didn't match up with reality
>Hey eyes lit up
>"I'm gonna start training again! What happened to me at the academy really sucks, but you're right. What if I can get back in? What if there's another chance for me?"
>That's great news!
>There's no way they wouldn't let her back in if she really-
>"And, I have another idea!"
>"You said you wanted to be a royal guard right? We could train together! We could give each other updates on our progress and bring each other up when we feel down. Just like you helped me out last night."
>That's a great idea!
>If you thought you were determined before, there's nothing that could stop you now!
>Lightning Dust looked over to you, a bit of mischief in her eyes
>Oh fuck
>"In case you were thinking of not going through with this, here's some extra motivation for you."
>She pushed you down with one hoof on your chest
>Right, she was a world-class athlete
>She was pretty strong
>For a little bit, it seemed she was just as nervous as you were
>But, she had always been about pushing her limits
>Closing her eyes she planted her lips against yours
>You thought your blood might ignite, but instinct took over
>You hadn't known her for very long but for the first time in a long time, something felt right
>You sat up and pulled her in close, eliciting a small yelp from her before continuing the kiss
She did nothing legally wrong. At least in the US.
t. Law student
You actually have a good point OP.
If a disgusting motherfucker like Starlight Glimmer can be reformed, then why not lightning cunt?
Wait where is this from? Sauce?
File: 482174369.jpg (86 KB, 507x338)
86 KB
here comes the airplane you little shit
Hey hey hey hey faggots
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File: 835663.jpg (365 KB, 2000x1124)
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365 KB JPG
I want to hug Lightning Dust until she feels better
>We don't see Twilight in her study all that much
We don't see that ANY MORE. Ever since Twilight ascended we haven't seen her do anything. It's a mystery what she spends her time on while off screen. She used to talk about studying non-stop, but now she dumps exposition and... I don't know what else.

Dash has shaped up to be awful, though. She's never at practice even though she's on the team, and when she's on screen she's behaving in a way that should get her kicked from the Wonderbolts. Changing the routines, pulling stunts, being self-absorbed and dangerous. She's not overly-ambitious, she's got a crippling inferiority complex that prevents Dash from working reliably as part of a group.

I think it's also fair to argue that the show bases its "redemption" criteria on how the audience received the character. Likeable villains get converted to mediocre good guys so they can regularly appear and have their own slice of life moments, which undermines them for the sake of screen time. We all loved Discord as a villain, so now we get to watch him suck up to Spike and Big Mac so he can play DnD. Granted, Discord still plays a villain most of the time, and I get the impression DeLancie is ad-libbing his lines because they're sometimes too blunt or funny to be part of modern MLP, but still. The whole point of his redemption was to neuter him and give him more screen time.
File: hmm....jpg (29 KB, 600x494)
29 KB
Can't be physical assault when you use magic.
>Likeable villains get converted to mediocre good guys so they can regularly appear and have their own slice of life moments
Diamond Tiara wasn't even that lucky; she's a fucking background pony now.
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metaphysical assault
File: 1165644.jpg (280 KB, 735x1088)
280 KB
280 KB JPG

Better late than never, right?

>Your hands traced the curves of her body
>This was amazing
>You had kissed mares, sure
>You had had one night stands, sure
>Hell, you even had a relationship once or twice!
>None of it lasted, though
>And even as you were in the moment, you knew it didn't mean much
>Even if you wanted it to
>But this?
>Something was different
>And for better or for worse, you weren't sure what yet
>Lightning Dust pulled away from the kiss
>Her forelegs were still wrapped around your neck when she opened her eyes
>A gentle smile was across her face
>The two of you stared into each other's eyes briefly before she flinched slightly, remembering something
>Her face obtained a hue of red as she placed a hoof over her blackened eye and turned away slightly
>Her other eye was looking at the floor
>You imagined the bruise definitely made her feel less pretty
>You would have guessed she would have thought the injuries made her look cool, but then again, there wasn't really anything cool about a black eye
>With one hand you removed the hoof covering her face and with the other, you turned her to look at you
>The red in her face became more prominent through her blue-green fur
>You had to admit to yourself, it was kind of funny to see someone with her reputation so nervous
"Dust, it's okay."
>Running your fingers through her mane, you pulled her back in
>With renewed confidence, Lightning Dust met your lips once more
>Almost aggressively
>After a few more moments, you pushed her away softly
>Her eyes opened
>You laughed
>I should go get something for your eye, I'll be right back."
>It's almost like she snapped back to reality
>"R-right! You should do that."
>You stood up and Lightning Dust moved back to the other side of the couch with a flap of her wings
>You found a simple wash cloth, wet it, and placed a few cubes of ice in it before making your way back to your new-found companion

>The pegasus smiled brightly as you returned
>You handed your make-shift ice pack to her and sat down once again
>She placed it on her damaged eye and sighed
>"Thanks Anon, that feels a lot better. I don't remember getting hit in the face, but it sure fucking hurts."
>After a few seconds she took to the air one more time and landed gently in your lap
"Do you walk anywhere?"
>The one eye you could see rolled
>"Fuck off."
>The two of you laughed
>You gently stroked her as she rested against you
>You really, really didn't want to give this up
>You braced yourself for any response other than the one you wanted
>She looked up at you
>God damn those golden eyes were your weakness
>You did your best to rally
"So are we like... a thing now?"
>Lightning dust swiveled around so that she was facing you and smiled
>"Well, do you want to be a thing? I got a feeling I know the answer, but I just want to hear you say it."
>You really needed to stop hanging out with the Wonderbolts crowd
>That damned ego
>Might as well give her the satisfaction
>You sighed
"Yes Lightning Dust, I really want us to be a thing. The makeout session was doing it for me, not gonna lie. I could use that on a regular basis."
>Her eyes adopted a more sultry look
>"I wouldn't mind that either. But not so fast, there's a deal we made, remember? You gotta train with me!"
>Improve your quality of life so that you have a better chance of getting laid?
>What's not to like about this plan?
>You gave her a quick kiss
"So, I have an idea too."
>She seemed amused
>"Is that right?"
>You nodded
"When I first came up to you, you snapped at me because you thought I had been sent after you for whatever reason."
>She was listening
"And you mentioned something about your landlord kicking you out, I think?"
>Her ears fell
>"Yeah. Like I said, I've had a lot of trouble getting back up on my hooves since the academy. I just kinda crash from place to place until they kick me out."
I guess flying isn't the only thing Lightning Dust does fast.
This is fucking adorable.

>You really hoped you weren't about to mess this one up
"I know it isn't the greatest place in the world, but..."
>She raised an eyebrow
"I mean, if you want. I don't mind if you'd, ya know... stay here."
>Her eyes went a little wide
>Hurry, Anon
"I wouldn't make you pay rent or anything. In fact, I normally have some cash to spare even as a freelance guard. The idea of you just going from place to place makes me sick. And I don't know what image is worse, that or you spending what bits you have left on drinks on a night when you're alone. Look, I... I just want to see you happy."
>What the fuck are you thinking?
>How long had you known Lightning Dust?
>A little over a day? If that?
>And before you met her, everything you had heard about her made her sound menacing
>What if she was playing you?
>What if this is some stupidly elaborate scheme to somehow get back at the Wonderbolts and she's using you to get close to them?
>Okay, maybe not that one
>Regardless, here you are, kissing a mare you barely know and allowing her to move in with you
>On top of that, Lightning Dust is woefully out of your league
>There's no way she would stick around once she got her head screwed on straight
>This whole thing was-
>Lightning Dust dropped the ice pack you had made for her in favor of bringing you into a hug that threatened the integrity of your spine
>"Do you mean it, Anon? I swear, if you're messing with me-"
>Her voice began to break
>Tears hadn't fallen yet
>She was clearly doing her best to act tough
"No joke! I promise!"
>You were ecstatic
"You said you had to be out of there soon right? Would you be comfortable flying over to Cloudsdale and getting your things?"
>She removed herself from your lap, flying well above you now
>"Yes! I don't have a lot, I promise! I'll go get my stuff and I'll be back before you know it!"
>She flew in and hugged you one more time
>"Thank you so much, Anonymous!"
It hurt doesnt it? When your favorite characters are done injustice and the writers are not doing anything.
File: 215153.png (293 KB, 700x650)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
File: 1474759258239.gif (418 KB, 500x282)
418 KB
418 KB GIF
you're gonna give me heart palpitations before long at this rate
Page 10
with blackjack and hookers
File: 294531.png (3.11 MB, 1920x1080)
3.11 MB
3.11 MB PNG
File: 1436764.png (169 KB, 1280x1493)
169 KB
169 KB PNG

"Well, go on! Don't want them throwing your stuff out, do you?"
>She laughed and zoomed out the door
>Damn, she was fast
>Hopefully this was the beginning of one of the greatest comeback stories Equestria's ever seen
>You chuckled
>Maybe you'd be an honorable mention in her autobiography when she became captain of the Wonderbolts
>You made your way to your room as you continued your fantasy about Lightning Dust
>Your ever-present sword buckled to your side reminded you of the other end of the deal
>What if you really did become a royal guard?
>Sir Anonymous, Commander of the Something'th Legion!
>There were steps to be taken, though
>You were fit, and your swordsmanship was okay, but neither were great enough to consider yourself a protector of the Two Sisters.
>Not to mention you lacked the general tact and charisma you imagined someone of such a position possessed
>But enough about those thoughts!
>You removed the pieces of armor that had been adorning you for the duration of this mini-adventure and placed them in a neat pile along with your sword
>Your eyes glanced to a series of photos pinned along your wall
>The friends you had made in the academy graduating along with you
>You smiled
>Of course, you were the only human
"I'll make you guys proud."
>You walked over to your closet, rummaging for anything that Lightning Dust could use during her stay
>You didn't have another bed, so that left the couch
>You weren't about to invite her to your own bed
>Just in case she might find it clingy and creepy
>Keep her options open, Anon!
>Eventually, you found a pillow that looked eerily similar to her coat color
>Maybe she'll find that amusing
>Shortly thereafter, you found one of your only spare blankets
>A bright pink one left by an ex-girlfriend
>You paused to remember the events of your break-up
>Daisy was a bitch, anyway
>She was just piggy-backing off of the success of Roseluck and everyone knew it

>Now was not the time to get bitter
>You placed the items you had salvaged onto the couch and frowned
>There really wasn't a whole lot you could do, huh?
>There was an empty room across from yours but it lacked furnishing in every sense of the word
>No bed or anything
>You placed one of your boots on the couch and pressed down
>It had more give than usual
>You knew you had heard something snap earlier
>You sighed
>She was worth it
>Having done all you could, you resigned to a shower and a meal
>You felt instantly rejuvenated after bathing
>Sleeping in the forest sucked
>That being said, you remembered how it felt to hold Lightning Dust as she slept
>If you were lucky, there were more of those nights to come
>The excitement of the last 24 hours had also made you neglect how hungry you were
>You opted for something a bit healthier this time around
>You were training for a pretty big position now, might as well start to act like it
>In the midst of your meal, you heard a loud banging at your door
>You made your way over at a brisk pace
>Dust was back already?
>She really was the fastest flier in all of Equestria!
>Even though it couldn't have been more than an hour, you were already excited to see her again
>You opened the door, smiling as wide as you could before it crumbled in an instant
>Rainbow Dash stood in your doorway, the mask of her Wonderbolt garb brought down
>Unfortunately, she looked very, very upset with you
>You supposed this had to come around at some point
>And there's no way this will get better once she figured out why you were gone
>She was yelling
>"Anonymous?! Where the fuck have you been?!"
>This is not good
Gonna be busy for a little bit, but I'll update when I can. Stay faithful, fellow Dustfags.

Pastebin updated:
everyone's day is about to get way worse
Does anyone have the link of a greentext in which Lightning Dust lives with her parents and watches Anon's life all day on a tv show called my little human and all of a sudden Anon appear and ask her if her favorite human is Vladimir Putin?

I swear it exists, no joke.
Shame the writefag couldn't be bothered to finish it.

PS Duterte is best human
Looking forward to more
>>Rainbow Dash stood in your doorway, the mask of her Wonderbolt garb brought down
>>Unfortunately, she looked very, very upset with you
File: There's still time.gif (188 KB, 670x473)
188 KB
188 KB GIF
>Rainbow Dash stood in your doorway, the mask of her Wonderbolt garb brought down
>Unfortunately, she looked very, very upset with you
well shit
File: 184192.png (536 KB, 3129x4421)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
File: IMG_2307.png (15 KB, 298x231)
15 KB
Why are tiny horsies so cute
File: 1435997.png (399 KB, 1280x1643)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
I wonder what the sideburns on the wonderbolt trainee uniforms are notionally for.
Lightning I brought blue and yellow, lemme smash
They kinda looked like at one point they could have been blinders. Mostly I assume it was an homage to the high necked uniforms of army in the 1800s.
Thank you Anon!

Totally agree
>at one point they could have been blinders
Another artifact of the true, secret history of Equestria.

>Maybe Lightning Dust's bravado was rubbing off on you, but you couldn't find it within you to care
"Why does it matter? Were you worried you'd have to actually count the tickets yourself without your bellboy?"
>Using the insult Lightning Dust used on you last night felt weird, but drove your point home nonetheless
>Rainbow Dash was not amused
>She brought herself inside your home, slamming the door behind her with her back leg
>"Are you seriously getting an attitude with me? You walked out on a job! A job that I got for you, you bastard! Do you know how that makes me look?"
>Oh yes, Dash
>Your life must be so difficult
"Your worried about how you look? Your a fucking Wonderbolt, Dash. There's only a handful of ponies in the world that can claim a status similar to yours. Forgive me for feeling like an absolute fucking idiot being your chaperone."
>Rainbow Dash flew up to you and pressed her face into yours, forcing you to take a few steps back
>"It took blood, sweat, and tears for me to get to where I am! If you can't be bothered with the little stuff, what makes you think you deserve a better position, you entitled prick?!"
>She brought herself closer to you
>You were starting to get angry
>You shoved her away
"I didn't want to walk out, okay?! I just left to get a drink while you and the rest of the Wonderbolts were flexing your extended routine for Cloudsdale. And... some unexpected things came up."
>Rainbow was not convinced
>"Like what? Did you find some other friend to exploit?"
>God damn it
>You anger began to match hers
>"No! Like I was saying, I left to get a drink and while I was there, I met a pony. We sort of hit it off. And I just lost track of time! I'm sorry I bailed on you, but I wouldn't have done it if I felt like it would have mattered if I stayed."
File: angerdash.png (176 KB, 1024x868)
176 KB
176 KB PNG

>Dash seemed to ease up a little bit, but her fury was still clearly visible
>It was always kind of hard for her to grasp why you didn't think of yourself like the way she thought of herself
>Your self-esteem hadn't been great for a while
>"You met someone? This better be the greatest pony I've ever met or so help me-"
>You heard a voice from behind Rainbow Dash
>"Anonymous? Why are you yelling?"
>It was Lightning Dust
>You were more sure of your death now than when you were falling from Cloudsdale
>This is about to get way worse before it gets better
>If it gets better
>Celestia, give you strength
>Lightning Dust walked into the door way, saddle-bags on either side of her
>Wonderbolts symbols were embroidered on satchels
>You took a moment to admire that even though she had been kicked out of the academy, she held onto them
>Deep down, she wanted to try again
>No time for that now
>Rainbow Dash's eyes went wide at the sound of her voice before she turned
>She was wrought with disbelief
>"L-Lightning Dust?! WHAT ARE YOU-"
>Dash turned to you, her wings flapping a little more vigorously now
>She looked disgusted
>"Don't tell me that this is the pony you met last night! Lightning Dust?! LIGHTNING DUST, ANON?!"
>You tried to speak
"Rainbow, she's not-"
>She cut you off, shouting
>"Did you forget about how she almost killed my friends? Or what about the time she endangered all of the other cadets? ALL of the times she endangered the other cadets?"
>Lightning Dust spoke up
>"Back off, Rainbow Dash! If you got a problem with me, I'm right here! That is, if you can spit it out without having to take a break to compliment yourself!"
>What did you do to deserve this
>Sick burn, though
>Rainbow Dash zoomed over to her
>Lightning Dust didn't falter
>She even had a slight smile on her face
>You hoped she hadn't been waiting a long time for this moment
oh boy, here it comes
File: 83840m20m1.gif (233 KB, 245x239)
233 KB
233 KB GIF
File: didyoujust.png (116 KB, 322x409)
116 KB
116 KB PNG

>Rainbow Dash wasted no time
>"Oh nice one, loser! How are you going to insult me? I succeeded where you failed!"
>She gestured at her Wonderbolts uniform with a hoof
>She pushed the assault
>"And I didn't have to kill a bunch of ponies to do it. Imagine that!"
>Your hands were white-knuckled
"Dash, that's enough."
>Lightning Dust nearly flinched at her words but came back
>"And what exactly did you do to earn that uniform, Dash? Did you kiss Spitfire's ass even more than you did in the academy?"
>Rainbow Dash was red in the face
>"Keep talking like that and I'll give you an eye to match the other, you bitch!"
>Lightning Dust bit her bottom lip and covered her face with one wing
>She had forgotten about her black eye
>You thought the air around you might heat to plasma
>Rainbow Dash continued
>"Stay far way from Anonymous! Stop ruining other people's lives and keep ruining your own, you worthless excuse for a pegasus!"
>It would seem that Lightning Dust had not properly imagined a rematch
>It was hard to fight back when Rainbow Dash had the moral high ground
>She laughed at her
>"I'll bet you were drunk when you met Anon at the bar last night! Do the drinks help you justify almost killing people to become a Wonderbolt?
>Dust was silent
>"Have you even made a single friend since getting kicked out?"
>Lightning Dust's angry expression was betrayed by a few stray tears
>You couldn't watch this
"Yes, she has"
>Rainbow Dash collided with the doorway, knocking her out of the air
>Lightning Dust gasped
>You stood there, arm outstretched and your fist clenched
>Rainbow Dash blinked a few times, her vision coming back to her and she touched a hoof to her nose
>Two small streams of blood flowed from her nostrils
>Your anger began to subside and the look of betrayal on Dash began the flood of guilt within you
>"D-did you just... hit me?"
>She stood up shakily, tears in her eyes
>She wasn't looking at you
>Two small streams of blood flowed from her nostrils
>Your anger began to subside and the look of betrayal on Dash began the flood of guilt within you
>"D-did you just... hit me?"
>She stood up shakily, tears in her eyes
>She wasn't looking at you
I feel bad for Dash but also I don't care because she was being a bitch
As someone who's not a dust fag, I just wanted to say that you're doing a great job with your story. It's nice seeing a different side to dust than the one dimensional take we usually get. Really like what you've made here, hope you keep it up!
Dude this great so far keep it up man!
>>Your anger began to subside and the look of betrayal on Dash began the flood of guilt within you
>>"D-did you just... hit me?"
>>She stood up shakily, tears in her eyes
>>She wasn't looking at you
Holy fuck, mang.
In the next episode, anon and lightning dust learn how to hide a body!
File: too late.gif (19 KB, 485x365)
19 KB
please continue toying with this guy's emotions, Uprising
Dude this is becoming one of my favourite greens of all time keep it up bro!
File: dustsalute.png (203 KB, 1024x1203)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
Thank you all so much!. I was worried at first that the green was gonna be too long, I just like really fleshing things out in favor of a short story, but you guys seem to not mind! I'm just going to be very busy and if I can update, it's late at night. I am having an absolute blast writing this story, so it will definitely continue. Stay tuned!
File: 1494957446585.jpg (18 KB, 300x300)
18 KB
Im pleased
File: IMG_0461.jpg (68 KB, 529x386)
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never leave
File: LDMLH.png (605 KB, 952x5016)
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605 KB PNG
Bumping with a little something
another faggot playing mental gymnastics.
I felt worse for trixie, LD can eat shit
>I felt worse for trixie
Yes, she's gotten manhandled by the writers way more; Lightning Dust is still pure.
Bumping dust
>Diamond Tiara, Lightning Dust and Limestone in the same episode

That might be too much bitch.
or is it not enough? we still need to invite Suri Polomare and Trixie
what about spoiled rich and harshwhinny?
>You felt beyond awful
>The only reason you hadn't completely turned into an apologetic mess is because you could easily argue that she deserved it
>You watched her wipe her nose, staining a portion of her foreleg red
>Okay, maybe it'd be a bit hard to argue that
>She stared at the blood on her foreleg, her eyes narrowing with rage
>A stream of tears flowed from either eye
>In her flustered state, Rainbow Dash couldn't manage any properly structured insult
>She yelled, her voice cracking customarily
>"F-Fuck you, Anon!"
>You wanted to say something, but found yourself speechless
>Your actions had spoken enough, anyway
>She stood up, her eyes wrenched closed
>She flew out the door
>You could hear the fading hum of her swift departure
>All else was silent
>You were pretty sure that if Rainbow Dash wanted to, she could kick your ass seven different ways
>You were a push over compared to an athlete of her caliber
>The fact that she didn't made you feel that much worse
>As you turned to walk away, Lightning Dust spoke
>"Anonymous? Are you okay?"
>You sat on your couch
>You grimaced as you sank lower than you were used to
>Dust had set her saddle bags to the side, gliding over to the seat next to you and landing gently
>You didn't turn to look at her
>"I really appreciate you standing up for me like that. I'm sorry that I caused all of this."
>From the corner of your eye, you could see her head lower
>"I'm sorry you had to meet me."
>Finally, you looked over to her
>A small smile crossed your face
"Oh shut up, Dust. It's not your fault. You didn't know Rainbow Dash was going to show up. Besides, she started it."
>You thought for a second
"Well, I guess I did technically by leaving my job while on duty and all of that."
>Lightning Dust smiled
>She seemed relieved that you weren't mad

>You flopped down onto your back, your arms spread across the couch
"I feel like a fucking jerk. I hit her, Dust! Like, how uncool is that?"
>Your staring contest with the ceiling was cut short as you felt hooves pawing at you
>You looked down
>Lightning Dust steadily climbed onto your chest, her forelegs outstretched past your head
>She got comfy and thought for a bit
>"Yeah, that's pretty messed up, but hey, what can you do?"
>You scowled
"Not helping, Dust."
>You felt her fidget some
>"Right, right. I'm trying to find some reserve sympathy for the mare who got me kicked out of the Wonderbolts Academy and then called me a complete failure in front of my only friend."
>You raised an eyebrow
"Only friend?"
>She seemed slightly embarrassed
>"Uh... yeah. Dash was sort of right about that whole 'no friends' thing."
>You found yourself building up anger again as your thoughts drifted to the things Rainbow had said to her
>You decided it was best to try and deflect such thoughts
"Wait a minute."
>She looked to you
>You adopted a humorous tone
"You got you kicked out of Wonderbolt Academy, not Rainbow Dash. She was being a total bitch back there, but that doesn't change what happened!"
>She pressed her head into your chest so that only the tops of her eyes were visible from your angle
>She was looking at you, her voice muffled as she spoke
>"Yeah, so?"
>She was adorable
>The two of you laughed
>You sat up quickly, causing a small, playful scream to come from her
>You embraced her in a hug
>She pressed her head against you, her eyes closed and a smile across her face
"For what it's worth, I'm glad I met you. You don't have to be sorry."
>She strengthened her grip
>"And for what it's worth, I'm actually not sorry at all that you met me!"
>She looked up at you, happy to be in the moment
>"You're kind the best, Anon."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm pretty great."
>You backed off from her some
"Well, I'm actually a total loser. I'm reasonably sure that nobody else in Equestria likes me, but if you think I'm great then that's fine!"
>She giggled
So what all did you bring with you?"
>She flew over and grabbed her bags before returning to the couch where you were waiting
>She sat down and rummaged through the pack
>"I didn't bring a whole lot. Necessities mostly. Along with some Wonderbolt merch I couldn't bear to get rid of, a dress, a couple of pictures of-"
>You had to cut her off
"A dress?"
>She immediately got defensive
>This had clearly been a topic brought forth to her before
>Tough girl/athlete stereotypes, you supposed
>"What, I don't get to look pretty every once in a while?"
>You put up your hands in a defenseless gesture
"I didn't say that. It was just surprising, that's all."
>She continued going through her bags, quiet for a bit
>You couldn't resist
"So, can I see it?"
>She looked up, a faint red across her face
>"The dress?"
>You nodded
>"I don't even know if it looks that good. I've never actually uh... worn it."
>She flapped her wings once or twice nervously
>"Well, I was always so busy training before hand, I didn't really have time for dating or formal events, not that I really enjoy formal events to begin with."
>She removed the dress from her bags, looking at it
>"And after I got booted from the academy and I stopped training, I thought it might be useful to put myself out there, ya know? Find a nice guy, and dazzle him with this!"
>She held out a portion of it
>Honestly, it looked fairly cheap
>Certainly nothing like Rarity could create for an event as important as the The Grand Galloping Gala
>You'd rather die than tell her that though
>It was various shades of gold, with the end of the dress fading into a white trim
>She looked up
>"But hey, I got you right? It's fine, really."
>She folded the dress, placing it back into one of her bags
File: death by cuteness.jpg (97 KB, 1024x768)
97 KB
heart status: muh
File: 1494159932949.png (227 KB, 635x661)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
>"F-Fuck you, Anon!"
>too much bitch
File: 1474589592276.png (103 KB, 1152x862)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
10/10 would rub belly
So fugin good!
Page 10.
I was about to pop in and write "sage :^)" behind spoiler text.
Bumping for this glorious green.
I bet a strong flier like Lightning Dust would give amazing winghugs.

>How could you not?
"Do you want to try it on?"
>Her faced scrunched for a brief moment before she blushed slightly more than before
"Oh come on, you just said you wanted to look pretty every once in a while, and you've never worn it! It's just the two of us. No more ponies are gonna burst through the door and yell at me. At least, I hope so."
>She brought the dress back out of her bag and looked at it longingly
>She rolled her eyes
>"Alright, alright, jeez! I'll put it on."
>She thought for a moment
>"Hey, I got an idea!"
>Oh no
>"You should dress up for me as well! There's gotta be something you can do. We can come out of our rooms at the same time and surprise each other!"
>How cliché
"Lightning Dust, that is so lame."
>It was no use, she was fired up
>She had a big grin on her face, and her wings were flapping excitedly
>"Too late!"
>Perhaps at a speed that is too much for indoors, she zoomed off to the bathroom in between your room and the empty one
>"The door slammed and clicked
>You could hear her voice from the other side
>"And give me a while, won't you? I wanna do my mane!"
>Where is the Lightning Dust you know, and who is this mare that has replaced her?
>You sighed, letting out an exasperated groan as you reluctantly made your way to your room
>There was no way you had anything that could be considered formal
>Come to think of it, you weren't sure if you had ever dressed up in your time in Equestria
>Well that's kind of depressing
>An idea popped into your head, causing you to move to your closet and surf through your clothes with rapidity
>You remembered that you still had your dress blues from your graduation at the academy
>And unfortunately, you also remember the hell you went through to get them
>Everything you owned had to be tailor made due to your unique physique, and the officers had a hell of a time deciding on what best matched the pony version of it

>You found the outfit, removing it gently from it's hanger before studying it more closely
>You couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic over it
>Even though you have really done nothing impressive with your training
>Fitting into the outfit took more time than you remember
>This thing was a god damned pain
>You felt like you spent the better part of your life finessing the buttons into place
>It felt tighter than you remember
>You went ahead and wrote that concern off has muscle gain despite great evidence of another explanation
>You took a minute to fix your hair
>You should really get this trimmed
>They made you cut it short while training so that the plate helmets you wore would fit properly
>Maybe you had gotten a little drunk on the freedom of not having to worry about that anymore
>You flattened out the creases on your suit
>You looked pretty good!
>Taking note of the time, you now realized that it had been about a little over ten minutes
>You poked your head outside your door
>Lightning Dust was nowhere in sight
>Guess that only meant one thing
>You knocked on the bathroom door
>"Dust? You in there?"
>"I said give me a bit, remember?!"
"Right, sorry!"
>You resigned to your ever-present couch
>You really needed to add a little something to the place
>About another twenty minutes passed before you heard her voice once more
>"Okay, I'm ready!"
>You were suddenly rather nervous
>Sure, the dress was cheap and all, but you would wager that she would be mind-blowing versus your rather sad form
>Your mind drifted to the thought you had earlier
>About Lightning Dust being woefully out of your league
>You really couldn't wait to start this training thing and wrangle some self-esteem
>"Are you behind a door?"
"Uh, one second!"
>You placed yourself behind your bedroom door
>You felt rather ridiculous
>Yet you couldn't wipe this dumb grin off your face
>you couldn't wipe this dumb grin off your face
p. much my reaction to this greentext
keep up the good work
Now we wait another day to find out what she looks like.
You know, I haven't lurked this board in about a year but this green has me coming back. Shit is good, mang.
>Now we wait another day to find out what she looks like.
>implying you don't already know
We've got the best waifu, don't we?
They do it to everyone's waifu, famalamadingdong.

Season 1 Twilight Snarkle, hilarious, perceptive, sarcastic, gets wings and turns into a neurotic gushy Disney Princess

S1E2 Woona the Woobie gets rewritten as paranoid raging cunt with no indoor voice, and then disappears entirely.

Celestia's the calculating chessmistress who arranged all of Twilight Sparkle's adventures as a series of tests, and made sure behind the scenes that everything would go right every time--that Luna would be rescued and redeemed from her evil Nightmare Moon alter ego, right? Nope! Turns out that was all dumb luck, and she really doesn't do much other than eat cake and fret all day, usually about the wrong things--fretting about Twilight Sparkle moving to Ponyville when she SHOULD have been worried about Nightmare Moon's impending return and the possible magical Ragnarok and Fimbulwinter that could have killed all life on the planet. Well, at least she's a super-powerful goddess who moves the sun, right? Nope, she got one-shotted by a Giger knockoff bug.

How about Queen Chrysalis. She's oddly attractive, strong-willed, single-mindedly determined, even if she's in opposition to more sympathetic characters. She must be a genius with an awesome plan, right? Nope, she's going to force ponies to love her. How the fuck does that work, exactly? If you grab the next person you see and start throttling him and say "love me or else" that's gonna improve his opinion of you and maybe even make him love you, right? Because that's how love and basic psychology work, right? Who even wrote that?

And that's even before the Mane 6 got hustled offstage of their own show by Starlight Poochie, just like Bernie Sanders got run off his own stage by Black Lives Matter hooligans, and it's now the Poochie and Friends Show.

It's almost like they're doing this to us deliberately.
>It's almost like they're doing this to us deliberately.
I think it's more an issue of them not having an auteur with a coherent vision of how things ought to be and a strong guiding hand to keep the show's trains running on time.
Different writers have their own interpretations of the characters and setting, and without someone with the authority to veto terrible ideas like S5's radical reinterpretation of how Cutie Marks work, the show becomes a free-for-all where continuity is established by whoever stakes a claim first.
I'm enjoying this, keep it up bruh.
Good shit man
Like a real waifu experience
File: 366073.png (132 KB, 800x800)
132 KB
132 KB PNG
I should rewatch so I remember what she sounds like
File: 344159.jpg (3.27 MB, 3543x4724)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB JPG
Page 10.
No, seriously, what did he mean by this?
Fast bump
>this thread
Thumbnail make it kinda look like she's peeing mid-flight.
I just gotten into this thread and I have to tell you, >>30121664, this is a very nice green you have here.
Keep it up!
Bump before sleep, dont die, please.

>"Okay, I'm gonna count to three!"
>You really need to work on your anxiety
>You slammed open the door to your bedroom
>The bathroom door was still closed
>You were bitterly confused
>You heard her voice from within
>"Why did you open the door?"
>What? Why wouldn't you?
"You said you were going to count to three!"
>"Yeah! One, two, three, GO."
>She emphasized the last word
"You didn't specifiy that!"
>"Because everyone knows that, idiot!"
>Are you actually shouting to a pony on the other side of a door about this
"But you're supposed to-!"
>"Just walk back in your room and do it again!"
>You walked back into your room, assuming the position you held moments ago
>You maintained that she should have specified, but that was an argument for later
>"Okay, one more time. I'm gonna count to three!"
"You mean you're gonna count to 'go'."
>"Why are you being like this?"
>You couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of this
"Why are YOU being like this?"
>You could hear her own laughter between the two doors, before she shouted
>You both slammed open your doors simultaneously
>Lightning Dust was floating gently in the air, making herself eye level with you
>Despite what you had thought about the dress earlier, she looked stunning
>She did a light twirl in the air before dropping to her hooves on the ground
>The varying layers of gold accented by her mane danced hypnotically with the light before her landing
>It was sleeveless, with a V shape across her chest
>But you supposed that doesn't really matter for ponies other than style, huh?
>Her traditionally swept back mane had a large portion of it pulled forward, with the hair being swept to the side, just a small portion of it covering one of her eyes
>You supposed it wasn't coincidence that it was the black one

>Her hair lacked the general spiked-front, with the rest of her going back down her neck
>Her mane gave her a gentler appearance, as opposed to the usual tough look she maintained
>You probably preferred her old mane style, and she clearly hadn't practiced with this one
>Although, it was likely she hadn't practiced doing her mane at all in a very long time
>Perhaps you were over analyzing, but you could have sworn she was wearing the slightest bit of make-up
>Mascara, maybe?
>An hour ago you would have said that hell would freeze over before Lightning Dust put on the slightest bit of make-up
>Even if it lacked proper execution in reality, you could tell she was incredibly excited with the result
>And you know what?
>She was beautiful
>"You um... you look really cute."
>You had completely forgotten that this was not a one-sided thing
>She was looking at you the whole time you were taking her in
>You suddenly became very aware of your posture and overall demeanor
>She giggled as she noticed you readjust
"Dust, you look absolutely amazing."
>She smiled, and her eyes met the floor
>She spoke surprisingly quiet
>"Thank you, Anon."
"You've never worn that dress before right? Well, I'm glad! If had, I probably wouldn't have met you while you were single."
>She blushed
>You could tell that she was not used to this at all, but that she was definitely having fun
>"No. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I really did anything like this."
>She flew in the air, over to you
>"You have no idea how nervous I was in there. Looking in the mirror at this stupid fucking bruise, trying to get the dress on just right, trying to fix my damn mane which I feel like doesn't really look that good..."
>She continued
>"...And on top of that you look really nice in your uniform, and I feel like-"
>You put your arms around her and pulled her into a kiss
>She flapped her wings in surprise, but shortly thereafter, she used them to pull you two closer in your embrace
Gonna try to get a part done later tonight, sorry for the wait everyone.

The dream never dies, Anon.

Pastebin updated:
>explains why in a multi post rant

Not him, not a lawyer, and I haven't seen that specific scene, so take this with a grain of salt (or the whole carton).

If I understood him correctly, he was saying that while Lightning Dust's behavior in that scene was inappropriate it did not, in his opinion, legally rise to the level of "assault" under the laws of any state or commonwealth with which he is familiar.

Under US law--well, there are 50 states in the US, all theoretically sovereign nations that share a free trade zone and a centrally minted currency, and it's an oversimplification to say that this is sort of like nation states in the EU, but maybe that's a starting point for thinking about the concept--yelling at you, running quickly near you, may be obnoxious, and it may even get you arrested for "disorderly conduct" if you do it in front of the cops after the cops ask you to stop. But it isn't assault. If I touch you without permission--if I shove you, kick you, try to drag you, THEN, under the law (and remember there are 50 states with varying laws and details can vary), THEN it becomes "assault." And if I do this with the intention to harm you, and it's unprovoked, not happening in the middle of a fight--well, let's say I kick you, trip you, or punch you, or try to push you down stairs. Then in most states the charge may be "assault and battery" and if I pick up a stick or a brick and try to hit you with it it may become "aggravated assault," "assault with a deadly weapon," or even, depending on what the witnesses say, what kind of mood the city prosecutor's office is in, and the exact details of the law, the charge could even be "attempted murder."

Again: I'm not a lawyer, I've just read a lot of stuff. I may be wrong in some details. But I think this is the gist of it: Lightning Dust's behavior in that scene was bad behavior but not ILLEGAL bad behavior and would (probably) not get her arrested or charged, at least in the US.
>angry enough for a multi-post rant
>over the mistreatment of a villain-of-the-week by the show's first really bad writer
Seems like an inexplicable level of anger to me.
I mean, I love Lightning Dust and all (because she's S1 Rainbow Dash), but we're talking about a pony with a total of maybe five minutes of screentime in an episode written by the woman who brought us The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well.
Expecting reasonable behavior and good morals in a Merriwether Williams episode is setting yourself up for disappointment, especially when it comes to punishments meted out to villains who, due to the nature of the show, more often than not have done nothing wrong.
File: Vc1ou9K.jpg (84 KB, 1280x635)
84 KB
I feel like this artist missed out on an obvoius opportunity.
Looking forward to more
File: 1442045.png (83 KB, 204x320)
83 KB
>Yes, but in Magic Duel, something that painted her in a much worse light, it was all her decision, even if she did show remorse at the end of the episode where she for some reason got 0 punishment for what she did.
She did it as revenge for being treated so badly by the mane 6 before.
Is it just me or does it seem a bit weird that Spitfire and Fleetfoot were fillies at the same time as Rainbow Dash and yet seemingly have been wonderbolts for years before her?
Especially Spitfire, who is the leader.
Even if she's a few years older than RD, it seems weird that she's able to become the leader of the wonderbolts before RD even gets into the academy.
I remember somebody saying that RD was the only junior on the pic.
Yeah, but even so she can't be more than a few years younger than the others at most.
>Even if she's a few years older than RD, it seems weird that she's able to become the leader of the wonderbolts before RD even gets into the academy.

Maybe she's just that good.

The show has been playing with audience expectations like that. Rainbow Dash was the best there is by a very long shot, the first ever to do a sonic rainboom. No, wait.

Twilight Sparkle is the one-in-a-generation mutant freak powerhouse unicorn who astonishes the Princesses by doing the impossible over and over again at an age when most fillies haven't learned to read or not to eat the paste yet, through a combination of terrifying intelligence, willpower, and insane incomprehensible magical raw brute force, a living magical atomic bomb who rivals millenia-old alicorn princesses for knowledge of magic and sheer raw power. And then we meet Sunset Shimmer. And Starlight Glimmer. And Moondancer. All of whom are around the same age and seem to be Purpledrank's equals at the very least... because a writer decided the plot called for it. And so on.
I guess she could be some sort of flying prodigy and just ascended the ranks super quickly.

>And Moondancer
Has Moondancer ever been shown to have any exceptional magical talent?
>The show has been undermining its own mythology like that.
Power creep is a cheap ass-pull for writers who can't come up with any way to create drama besides "more".
It's nearly always a sign of an IP's decline.
LD rape monkey D when?
>LD cuckqueaning Dash until she likes it
>a filly who has no idea what her future holds

>She pulled away from you, and you opened your eyes to find her warm smile once again
>You turned and noticed that the sun had finally set to make way for Luna's night
>You realized just how tired you were
>The night before you had slept with your back to a tree
>Not the greatest night of sleep you've ever had
>You looked back to the pegasus
"We should get some sleep, I don't know about you, but I got nothing out of last night. Not to mention I've been sore all day. There's nothing comfy about the forest."
>Lightning Dust shook her head, roughing up her mane so that it began to resemble it's natural style
>"Good, I was getting sick of this look anyway."
>She looked down at the dress
>"I feel pretty and all, but it's just not really my thing."
>The two of you shared a laugh and agreed to part ways for a moment to change into something more comfortable
>you threw off your regal clothing, piling it in the corner of your room to be hung up at a later date
>You thought a second about how the suit would look horrific after not being hung up properly
>You shrugged
>You were too tired to care
>You threw on a shirt and some sweat pants before exiting back into the hallway to meet Lightning Dust
>You looked over to her and couldn't help but be a little embarrassed
>Lightning Dust saw your expression and raised an eyebrow
>"Is something wrong?"
"It's just, I saw you in a dress a moment ago and now you're not wearing anything. I know that's standard fare for ponies but humans wear clothes all the time. It's still hard to get used to, that's all. Well, when they're hot anyway."
>She giggled
"This sounds like only an advantage for me. That being said, I'll be right back!"
>She zoomed into your room and closed the door behind her
"Hey! What are you doing?"
>Before you had time to manage to say anything else, Lightning Dust came back out, with one of your shirts draped over her

>It didn't fit her at all, draping well past her hips
>She looked down at it, straightening herself in the air to get a good look at the full length
>"Ha! Look at me, I'm wearing my coltfriend's shirt! Can't say I've ever done this."
>She attempted to fix one of the sleeves that kept falling past her shoulder before giving up
>"This is pretty comfy. I get why it's a thing. And it's a little sexy, don't ya think?"
>She twisted to the side and pulled up part of the shirt, revealing her cutie mark
>She gazed from her cutie mark to you, her half-lidded eyes taunting you
>Somehow, this was far more lewd than her just being naked all of the time
>She giggled
>"Don't faint on me now! So where am I sleeping?"
>Perhaps now more than ever, you wanted to invite her to your own bed
>You did your best to compose yourself
>Don't creep her out, Anon
>Or are you making yourself look horrifically oblivious, by not inviting her?
>Why must you be so lame?
"I uh..."
>"Oh! These must be for me! I didn't even notice."
>She zoomed over to the couch, where you had placed the pillow and blanket you found earlier
>"Aw, it's even the color of my coat!"
>It sounded almost mocking as she grabbed the pillow with both forelegs and hugged it tight
"I just thought you might like it or something."
>She flew up to your face and kissed you quickly on the cheek
>"It's cute. Thank you."
>She laid down on the couch and slipped under the pink blanket
>She sighed
>"This thing is super comfy. Definitely beats the forest!"
>It's true, your couch was awesome
>Which is largely why you were upset she broke it earlier
>"So why do you have a pink blanket anyway?"
>You rolled your eyes as you remembered
"It's left over from an ex."
>Lightning Dust threw one hoof in the air triumphantly
>"I win! I'd bet I'm hotter too!"
>You chuckled
>You enjoyed her company so much

"Yes, Dust. Yes, you are. Do you need anything before I go pass out?"
>Lightning Dust yawned
>"Nah, I'm good! I'll see you in the morning, Anon. Good night!"
>You bid her good night and made your way to your room
>She called out to you
>"Sleep well okay? We got a big day ahead of us tomorrow!"
>You closed the door before flopping onto your bed, swiveling your head to one side as to not suffocate yourself
>You spent the better part of the next hour with your mind wandering
>What an insanely wild two days
>Your thoughts drifted to Rainbow Dash
>And how you hit her
>You were so disappointed in yourself
>But at the same time, you couldn't help but be a little proud
>Dust looked fairly helpless before you decked her
>As if she really needed your help though
>You'd bet that as soon as Dust got her act together again, she'd realize how much better she could do than you and leave
>Then what would you do?
>It's been 48 hours and you already can't imagine living without her
>Oh no, you're in love aren't you?
>"Anon? Are you awake?"
>You hadn't even noticed her enter
"Yeah. Yeah I'm awake."
>She crept in, one hoof gripping the blue-green pillow
>"I... I was thinking about last night. When we were in the woods."
>She had your attention
>"When I woke up, I was in your lap. You had held me all night. You made sure I was alright."
>You remembered this well
>She laughed nervously
>"I guess the couch doesn't beat the forest in every way."
>You smiled
"You want to sleep in here?"
>She nodded
>"I-If that's alright with you."
>She set down the pillow, crawling into the bed and sighing as your arm draped around her
>She scooted even closer, nuzzling her head into your chest
>Her eyes fell closed as you stroked her gold mane gently
>Her warmth against yours gave you a feeling of safety and comfort you hadn't known before
>You kissed her gently on the forehead
"Good night, Dust."
>"Good night, Anon"
>She smiled
>Maybe she wouldn't leave you
I probably won't be able to post tomorrow, I got a hell of day starting at 3:00am. Keep the dream alive!
this green is comfy af, keep up the good work
Bumping for more. Anon kinda did punch an Element of Harmony in the face, though. Plus since Dash is halfway up Spitfire's ass he probably doesnt have a job anymore. I'm sure the next day will be intersting.
this green is super comfy my man, we'll be sure to keep the lights on for you
>imagine breeding that
Just imagine the effort the writers had to go to to create a character who is an even bigger cunt than Rainbow.
She's just S1 Dash.
Character development is a hell of a drug.
>still no clop greentext yet
You say that as though it were a bad thing.
>giving you a private air show, flying in formation with your growing brood of pegasatyrs
Antagonist Anonomous

Starlight could open with what she did, making them feel better about themselves immediately, because nothing can top her fuck ups.
Well, I guess all good things come to an end. It was a good thread while it lasted!
Writefag'll be back today.
File: IMG_2884.png (50 KB, 209x193)
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>even when she's a friend rainbow treats her like a cunt
>last resort
File: 1437329.jpg (2.34 MB, 4032x3024)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB JPG

>Your eyes shot open as you heard Lightning Dust's voice shout to you
>The sun was shining through your window, signifying a brand new day
>You swiveled around so that you were laying on your back
>You realized that Lightning Dust was no longer in the bed with you
>She flew up slightly and dropped on you
>It was rough, but you couldn't help but laugh playfully
>"We got a long day today! Today we begin our training!"
>Her wings flapped excitedly
>With each word she spoke, her face got closer to yours until her snout was pressed against your own nose
>"Aren't you excited?"
>About being worked to death?
>Not necessarily
>But seeing Lightning Dust so excited was more than worth it
"Sure, let's go with that."
>She beamed with happiness
"How long have you been up anyway?"
>She pushed herself off of you with her forelegs, her hind legs straddling you
>You willed yourself not to blush
>"I've been awake for a little while. I got up before you yesterday too, remember? I kinda just have that internal clock. I'm always up at 6:00am or so because of getting up early to train my whole life."
>Your mind drifted to your days off
>If you were up before noon, something was definitely wrong
>That being said, you realized you felt like somebody had just ripped you out of your grave
>You were very tired
"Dust, what time is it?"
>"7:30, why?"
>Maybe Lightning Dust couldn't live with you after all
>No no, this is good for you
>You sat up groggily
>Lightning Dust moved as you did so
"Alright, I'm up. I'm up."
>"Awesome! Now, I haven't forgotten my routine from when I was gunning for the Wonderbolts. Are you going to be alright without me for a while?"
>You had your own routine as well
>You may not have touched it in ages, or have used it that much to begin with, but you had an idea of how to handle yourself
"Yeah, Dust. I got it covered."

>She gripped you in a hug before releasing you
>"This is going to be so great, Anon! We're gonna crush the competition, I can feel it!"
>Was being a royal guard even a competitive position?
>Maybe you should actually look into that
>"I'm a little rusty, but with you around Anon, I feel faster than I ever was!"
>The words she spoke rung through you for a second
>You just now remembered something
"Hey, Lightning Dust..."
>You stood up now, getting dressed into the light armor you wore while on duty
>It seemed sensible enough to train in it
"Do you remember when you saved me from falling off of Cloudsdale?"
>She smiled and seemed to take on an air of pride
>"Heh, it was pretty cool wasn't it?"
>You laughed
>"Yes, it was really cool, but how much of it do you remember?"
>She looked up to the ceiling as she thought for a moment
>"Not a lot, I was pretty blitzed when I did that. You should try going that fast when you're drunk. It's pretty dizzying."
"When you raced after me, there was this insanely loud noise right after a bright flash of what looked like lightning. It all happened right where you flew from. What was that?"
>She thought deeply for a moment
>"Are you sure that happened?"
"Oh, I'm sure. It was pretty insane to see you catch up to me."
>She seemed very confused
"What you're describing sounds similar to a Sonic Rainboom, or at least whatever a Sonic Rainboom would be with a little Lightning Dust flare added to it! But I don't think that's possible."
"Well, why not?"
>"I- I guess it isn't necessarily impossible, but I've never done anything like that."
>You walked over to her and smiled
>Your turn to be cocky
"Maybe you just needed the proper motivation."
>You leaned down and kissed her
"I'll see you later today, good luck with everything!"
>She seemed flustered
My writing may be agonizingly slow, but I'm not done just yet!

Clop is fine, as long as it doesn't delve into some weird fetish nonsense that shatters the realism/flow of the story and all that. If the goal in the first place is to have a legitimate story, that is. It just hasn't had a place with this story so far. I guess I'm not a big fan of writing stories with clop as the only thing it has to offer. Besides, I can't help but feel like if something happened between Anon and Dust in this story that a "fade to black until the next morning" type thing would be pretty weak.
File: bravo.jpg (93 KB, 640x427)
93 KB
liking it so far
>"fade to black until the next morning" type thing would be pretty weak
Hey, don't bash skipping clop, it's an incredible way to mess with your audience!

>"Anon... I love you."
>I felt a deep pang in my heart. Sure, others might have said the words before, but this felt different.
>Dust blushed, and ruffled her wings nervously.
>"Anon, I... I want you-


>"Wow Dust, that was the best night ever!
>The end.
File: IMG_2986.jpg (48 KB, 754x960)
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cool, I can be patient.
File: brilliant (1).jpg (58 KB, 795x595)
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how deliciously evil
File: 1413254194495.png (191 KB, 392x336)
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191 KB PNG
You madman!

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