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File: 1123841614191.png (850 KB, 1024x768)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
The Queen Chrysalis and Changeling thread.

The "I'm afraid of change" edition!

Previous thread:

/bug/ pastebin:

Discord Chat:

IRC Chat:
irc.canternet.org on port 6666 at #bugpone

To connect to the /bug/ IRC chat, go to https://client.canternet.org/ and join #bugpone

IF YOU HAVE AN EXTERNAL CLIENT, then to connect to canternet, you join the host irc.canternet.org through port 6666, then join #bugpone as normal.
First for vavacung draws the best changeling porn
File: shit.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Second for rainbow changelings a shit
yeah, it's pretty great
I wonder whether the writers have any overarching plan to redeem Chrysalis, for whatever values of "redeem."

A "Chrysalis" can be strange, angular, spiky, ugly. But eventually it cracks open and something pretty comes out.

Of course, some of us prefer the Luv Bug just the way she is.
I wanna fug that bug
File: IMG_1034.png (330 KB, 600x381)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
File: Changeling Party.gif (2.32 MB, 480x270)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF
More like "Back from the dead edition"!
Jesus Christ this thread was gone for a long time. Thank God it's finally back.
File: 1365440884.png (1.22 MB, 1024x939)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Ditto, I was really starting to miss /bug/.
I really don't think they have a plan. If they do, it probably won't be very good.
I think they plan to redeem her. They ended the S5 premiere the exact same way as they ended the S6 finale. I think the outcome with Chrysalis will be the exact same as with Starlight. Plus Twiggles needs a new student.
I missed this thread
Luv Bug is best bug.
shitty pic, accurate statement
Does anyone know of any good bugfic anywhere?

On Fimfiction I'm reading "Chrysalis Visits the Hague" and I'm not sure what to make of it. It has to do with an alternate world in which Equestria popped into existence in the Pacific just after the first attempted Canterlot invasion, in which the Princesses bundled Chrysalis up and sent her to the UN with a letter requesting to make formal charges of "war crimes" against her.

It's mainly a courtroom procedural story that nonetheless manages to be grimdark as FUCK.

It's also incomplete.
AFAIK, it gets semi-regular updated
Wasn't there a really funny clopfic about Shining Armor and Cadence getting drunk and somehow convincing LuvBug to forgo her revenge plot in favor of a threesome?
True. It's also dark enough that it gives me pause and leaves me kind of disturbed after reading it.

Chrysalis is put into US custody for transport to the Hague--and gets chained up, beaten and kicked, tortured with electric shocks, and worse, while in their custody, as though she were a circus animal that had bitten its handler and is being taken to be put down.

Meanwhile, the ponies are shown to be liars and massive fucking hypocrites at every turn. They accuse Chrysalis of "creating an apartheid state," even when the ponies actively hunt down and expel, and, it is strongly implied, even kill every Changeling they find in their society. Even as the Equestrian military gears up for the final war of extermination against the last Changeling nests that have held out, they accuse Chrysalis of "waging an aggressive war." And worse.

Both sides are portrayed as--well. Chrysalis is portrayed as cruel and capricious, having no regard for the lives of ponies her drones kidnap to use for whatever the magic draining cocoon thing is. The ponies are gung-ho about exterminating the Changelings to the last and making an example of Chrysalis herself with what they think is supposed to be a Stalin-style show trial, and genuinely don't understand the idea of "rule of law," or even that a court that is supposed to have moral authority can't turn a blind eye to the torture inflicted on Chrysalis while in US custody.

It is well written and I can't stop reading, but it makes me sad. This is all going to end tragically, probably for everyone.
pls see https://derpibooru.org/506242 and note the link in the image description
BTW, what's your favorite Chrysalis ship?
Prince Blueblood.

...no, seriously, I want her for myself. I don't "ship" her.
LuvBug/Anon also counts as a ship
File: bugpone.jpg (142 KB, 819x662)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Yeah, but we don't see that one so much outside of short comic greentext. I've written some myself, but I want somewhat more serious material, if that word can be applied here.
One of my all-time favorites
File: 1494964000719.png (1.04 MB, 1096x1024)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
File: 1490760892504.png (196 KB, 700x679)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>"hOi!! im thorax!!!"
File: 1417711087438.png (127 KB, 900x669)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
That sounds pretty fucked up, although it definitely sounds interesting enough to keep the reader hooked.
>discord and irc
it's like double the autism
I didn't even mention the worst things.

1. While in US custody, a veterinarian--they couldn't even be bothered to find a doctor--subjects Chrysalis to a series of pretty disturbing medical experiments. Despite the fact that she is of a previously unknown species, and her body chemistry is unknown, he doses her with larger and larger doses of an assortment of veterinary horse tranquilizers in an attempt to "control" her, apparently not caring that this could have caused her permanent brain damage or even killed her. At one point when being transferred between aircraft Chrysalis gets loose for a few seconds and bites his hand off. He deserves it.

2. meanwhile, in Equestria, a Serbian war-crimes investigator and pathologist named Edith is with a party of the Royal Guard, looking through what seems to be an abandoned Changeling nest in the Everfree Forest. In her presence they act like racist assholes to Zecora, whom they have conscripted into acting as their guide. Then there is a cave-in and she is badly injured. The ponies take her to a hospital, where Edith--a devout Christian--begs them not to use magic on her, especially not magic affecting the mind. They pat her on the head, knock her out for surgery, perform the surgery, then, while she is still unconscious in the recovery room, one of the doctors--it isn't even known who--decides to "do her a favor," "for her own good," and uses God only knows what kind of mind-magic spell to seize what UNIX guys would call "root" access to her brain and literally write memories of the Equestrian language into her head, at the very least. And no, this is not one of those stories where the Equestrians magically speak English. Anyway, when she finds out after waking up, she says "meh," suggesting it's possible they used mind magic to brainwash her or worse. Since Chrysalis is formally charged with "violation of the sanctity of the mind," among other things, that's sickening.
Discord link's broken.
We have a bot that connects them, so it's effectively the same chat.

No it's not.
Then I got banned. Though what for, I know not.
Caught these posts scrolling by on a page, dropping in to say that it's a pretty damn good story. I wasn't sold at the beginning, but the more I read the better it kept getting. It actually manages to establish moral ambiguity, where what starts seeming like a cut and dry good-versus-evil situation is rapidly turning out to be every bit as messy and horrifying as any human conflict. The most alarming bit to me is the implications that the Princesses may not even be aware that ponies are (maybe) the instigators to the whole mess.

Also, you missed the most recent part where it seems that the ponies may have inserted a magical compulsion in Edith to destroy any evidence of their wrongdoing should she actually manage to come into possession of it.
I haven't read all of it yet. But yeah God only knows what they did to poor Edith's mind. The fact that they can do this so casually, even while they complain about Chrysalis "violating the sanctity of the mind," is frightening and disturbing. In Edith's place it would be valid to question whether she's dead or alive--whether someone went into her head, into her mind, and erased the personality that was there and wrote a new one that would be more convenient for them. This amounts to murdering Edith version 1 and sending a brainwashed zombie out using her reanimated corpse to do who knows what. But maybe Edith version 2 was programmed not to think about it. Our memories are what make us who we are. Our minds are sacred.

Speaking hypothetically, as though the story were a factual retelling of events: in that circumstance, if I knew the ponies could just zap anyone, murder their original mind and replace it with a new one for their purposes, I'd be terrified and enraged and demand that there be no ponies allowed on the same continent with me. Such a power would be such a threat to all of humanity that this new island Equestria might just end up getting nuked, because humanity can't share a universe with beings who have such terrifying powers. It'd be tragic--in the story the ponies we see are, with the exception of Lyra, a bunch of absolute assholes significantly worse than Chrysalis, but one presumes there are good ones, and there'd be so much to learn from them. What could we learn if we had the tools of magic to use alongside science? But if the ponies have that kind of mind-rape magic then no human anywhere is safe while even one of them still lives. I'd rather have Chrysalis as a neighbor, and this version of Chrysalis is a cruel arrogant bombastic cunt. At least she doesn't lie about what she is or what she does, and she didn't brain-rape anyone and turn them permanently into zombie meat-robots to do her bidding. Poor Edith.
I just finished it.

It's a very nice, very well done story by someone who unfortunately seems to have quit doing horsewords and abandoned his account shortly after posting that story. Thanks.
Im happy you found it enjoyable.
Here is a fic about what happens when changelings decide to go to space, but dont know how.
Its still live, but updates slowly.
I love how lings decided to make her that spacesuit including holes matching ones in her legs that had to be patched and sewn shut because they defeat whole idea of a spacesuit.
Its just the thing bugs not knowing a thing about space flight would do.
I love the Skylab solar panel "wings" on her back.
Changelings will into space...eventually.
File: bug fucker.jpg (168 KB, 1171x1175)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
any ”anon is a bug rapist” stories?
>Interviewed later, the changeling in question informed us that being the humans bitch was an improvement over being the queen's bitch because, and i quote: "She never cuddled afterwards."
And now i'm imagining a changeling going to pony prison for Conjugal visits.
what they eate now?
>changelings decide to go to space, but dont know how.

new headcanon: Changelings come from Poland
File: bugdonkadonk.jpg (113 KB, 704x1000)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
>implying Top Bug wouldn't cuddle

I know this isn't actually a pony-related or pony-ish art, but the more I look at it, the more it seems plausible to me that this is what a humanized Changeling Queen would look like. If anyone wonders it's artwork from an old pen-and-paper RPG called "Tekumel: Empire of the Petal Throne." Maybe elegan/tg/entlemen will recognize the name.
Anyone else picture changlings being zerg-like? I love the zerg and changlings are right up my ally
Nah, there are no lings here.
Or are they?
So what are you going to ask her for /bug/?
I would probably ask her to recommend me something as its my first time here.
I'd ask her to set me up on a date with the Queen.

PLOT TWIST: Bugbutt is in the back in a little office, behind a desk piled high with paper, adding figures on an old hand-cranked adding machine. She really doesn't want to be interrupted.
He's literally the only artist I drop money for to get early access to his sets.

mostly for changelings though [\spoiler]
File: bda.jpg (110 KB, 1000x750)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Good humanized Chryssy is indeed hard to find.
It's fortunate that I find her lovely even in her quadrupedal form.
File: EQG Chrysalis.png (499 KB, 1191x3850)
499 KB
499 KB PNG

I had a character that I wrote in an Abathur-esque manner in a story I had been working on.
I really should get back to it now that /bug/ is alive again.
>a story

By all means, give us some greentext.

I have an idea for a story of my own but the more I think about it the more I think no one will like it. I get depressed and my creativity, if that makes sense, wants to wallow in it and rub the reader's nose in how miserable I am, resulting in things no one is going to enjoy reading.
File: 1412553.jpg (660 KB, 2520x2700)
660 KB
660 KB JPG
A green about an anon who takes in a renagade ling, only to find its infested half of his house with creep and various fleshy furnishes
File: 1469171478858.jpg (171 KB, 991x717)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I hope Chrysalis gets impeached or assasinated
File: Chrysalis_speaks.png (253 KB, 800x599)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
>I hope Chrysalis makes Changelings great again
Yes, I'm still mad.
I hope Chrysalis kills off a main character before being banished forever.
File: Chryssy-goo.jpg (24 KB, 438x384)
24 KB
I don't dislike any of the characters so much as to want to see them die onscreen. I would like to see Bugbutt get more screen time, though. I've almost reached the point of thinking of her as a waifu, and yes, I'm aware of how sad that is. If I could have multiple waifus I'd certainly want to add her to the harem--though she'd probably not get along with the others.
Her entire life was basically destroyed last season. She's probably got the most justified case for terrible vengeance on Starlight/Thorax out of all the villains and antagonists on the show.
File: Trixie_vs_Chrysalis.png (219 KB, 1000x1000)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
I've read at least one darkfic in which Chrysalis pays a visit to Celestia after that battle, just to talk, and tells her that Changelings have TRIED the "we're gonna share our love and live on that" bit before, and they always die, because one of the magical laws is that emotion-powered magic cannot be created nor destroyed, but there are always losses--analogous to entropy increasing in a closed system--when it is used. And that means Thorax and all the rest who went that route and got the fluorescent recolor are going to think they're okay for a few weeks, but they're all going to die, slowly and horribly, because they also cut themselves off from "normal" Changeling magic and made themselves unable to siphon love/magic from ponies. She says she's seen it over and over again, and it horrifies her every time, because they're all her children. That she's cruel because she has to be, not because she enjoys it--though she will admit to having a sadistic personality, she's centuries old and she wasn't always that way.

pic is funny because Trixie and Chrysalis are both voiced by the same voice actress, Kathleen Ball

Link? I need to read this; it sounds good.

It doesn't have a "Dark" tag but it's one of the sadder stories I've read on FIMfiction.
Hopefully Starlight Glimmer.
Who are you? It could be a mistaken ban.
That actually sounds really good, I'll have to read it when I get the chance.

I had an idea for a similar story after the finale, except it involved Chrysalis visiting Starlight and informing her that the changelings' transformation breaks their lifecycle and makes them effectively sterile. Thorax and company may have broken the cycle that left them perpetually hungry, but have doomed themselves to never reproduce and slowly die out.
File: Spoiler Image (1.93 MB, 400x225)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF
That's a better idea than one I got and decided against writing a while back involving Celestia summoning a "demon"--actually a human--to protect her from Chrysalis, who sadly, apologetically, grabs Chrysalis and appears to break her neck like a twig, though she gets better, see picture. The summoned human says that he is bound to obey Celestia's true desire, not her words, which gives her plausible deniability, sort of, as she starts screaming and weeping and saying she just needed him to subdue her, and ponies start freaking out because invasions and monster attacks are pretty common but usually no one dies or even gets badly injured. Cut to scene of human, standing beside deep hole he just dug in the castle garden, touching Bugbutt's apparent corpse sadly on the cheek and apologizing for killing her, when she comes back to apparent life, untwists her head, and flees, possibly with a clever quip I couldn't think of.
Thank you.

Have one of my favorite bugbutt stories in return: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/183617/a-persimmon-spring
that was good
That was also good
File: Chrysalis_awesome.png (187 KB, 557x1000)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
That's beautiful. Thanks.
There was a story I read a while back that had a similar premise, only Chrysalis chose to keep harassing everyone for kicks in the mean time.

Can't remember the name of it though, if anyone knows a link would be appreciated.
one in which nulings explode if they try to feed or something?
Yeah! That shit was funny as hell, I love an ironic punishment.
Was it the one where it turns out that Discord is the one sending all the insulting, harassing letters to Sunbutt instead of Chrysalis?
All I remember is idiot nulings exploding like grenades and nearly killing thorax.
Not that one, then. The story I'm thinking of is Celestia receiving a series of letters that are all signed "Queen Chrysalis," in which she offers an alliance, then when rebuffed, resorts to threats and insults. In the last scenes, though Chrysalis and her hive are deep in a magically fortified portion of the badlands where unicorn and alicorn magic do not work, she is astonished to look into the distance and see an enraged Celestia about to throw an entire literal mountain at her that she's ripped out of the earth's crust by the roots. While she's trying to figure out what Sunbutt has up her ass now, Discord appears, and says "remember that bet we made, where I told you I could destroy you and your kingdom with nothing but a pen and paper?"
File: W O W.png (345 KB, 438x625)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
File: Changling Army.png (1.22 MB, 1280x914)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
File: 854x480_80803.jpg (51 KB, 854x480)
51 KB
>Allez les bouges!
File: raid.jpg (12 KB, 271x186)
12 KB
Back away! I will deal with this changeling slime myself.
File: 1427042775434.png (204 KB, 800x596)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
File: bughorse.jpg (104 KB, 800x800)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
if you know where that story is I have to read it.
Not him, but here you go.
It was in 'also liked' of >>30113371 fic.
I don't suppose you have a link or know the name for this story?
File: Chrysalis_milkshake.gif (278 KB, 140x150)
278 KB
278 KB GIF
All hail the Luv Bug, whose milkshake brings all the ponies to the yard.
I want to have sex with a changeling drone but not nu ling, fuck those
I want to make worshipful love to Chrysalis herself, in her true form. No otherling will do, nu or otherwise.
I don't like Chrysalis much as waifu
Maybe some fucks to make a hundred of eggs but that's it
But drones are not for sexual.
No, sorry.
You're on your own on this one.
Im not even sure if it was here or on Fimfiction.
I guess you can try looking through bastebin itt.
File: 20170328_003957.png (465 KB, 1440x1079)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
But Chrissy, youre my waifu.
Don't say that, she'll divide by zero.
>implying self-impregnation isnt my fetish.
what if pharynx brings back sexy
File: 1419651208499.png (203 KB, 594x850)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
I'm scared to think of what might happen with him.
I'd read that.
File: 1472007953402.jpg (1.68 MB, 2388x3444)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
File: 1434810310254.png (233 KB, 686x1024)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
I wanted to see more changelings wearing pony clothes/armor and integrating with their society.
I imagine he's going to try and get the hive back into raiding when they really want no part in it since they can actually wander freely in Equestria without worrying about love starvation.

>wait where are you all going
>what do you mean you two are going to a Sapphire Shores concert?
>We should be kidnapping and disguising as her backup dancers, not cheering with the crowd!
File: Dark light.png (743 KB, 1920x1080)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
File: 1420499497059.png (243 KB, 1280x917)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
File: 1417000589692.png (599 KB, 1000x1000)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
File: 13416156135151.png (174 KB, 845x945)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
Story time bitches!

Its been awhile, so I think I better post a recap.

The trio of changelings--Thorax, Knives, and Gaster--finally discover edthe lair of the hag
While scouting ahead, Knives came across some troubling news, instead of there being just one hag, there is actually a coven
To make matters more complicated, the group stumbled upon a guard pony searching the cave for a missing foal
After some heated discussion, Thorax convinced Gaster to spare the guard pony and use him to fight the hag.
The group finally assaulted the coven. Two hags were quickly disposed of, but before the third could be slain the hag activated the dreaded mind altering beam of light, driving the changelings crazy in a frenzy to fly towards it!

Continued from:


>“YES! Fly towards the light you mindless drones! Fly until it roasts your chitin right off!” The green hag yells.
>Her shrieking voice brings you to your senses.
>You are a royal guard, alone, surrounded by a horrific scene of carnage.
>Turning from the hideous sight of the impaled sea hag, you look to the green hag at the end of the table.
>Her clouded eyes are staring right at you.
>You freeze.
>A large smile forms upon her lips, exposing her vile, yellow stained teeth.
>Behind you the changelings scream out in pain, flying maniacally in and out at the bright beam permeating across the room.
>The hag stands still, listening.
>Her smile slowly disappears.
>“Sisters?” Fear is present in her voice as she hesitantly turns her head from side to side.
>Your heart fills with relief, she doesn’t know you're still standing here!
>She must have thought you were one of the changelings under the effects of the beam.
>With a front hoof cautiously outstretched, the blind hag begins to approach the violet hag lying upon the ground.
>“Sister… are you alright?”
>Her front hoof bumps into the hag’s corpse.
>“Sister?! Say something!”
>She’s distracted...
>You can end this!
>Right here right now!
>You begin to slowly pull your spear from the disgusting maw of the sea hag.
>The green hag continues to blindly feel upon the ground.
>The spear isn’t budging.
>You attempt to pull harder, but it is still firmly implanted in the grotesque carnage.
>“Sister! SISTER!”
>The hag screams out in terror as she steps into the pool of blood forming around the violet hag’s head.
>You give the shaft a quick yank-

>The wooden shaft lets out a loud snap as the spearhead snaps off and falls onto the table.
>Your eyes open wide in terror as the green hag turns to the noise.
>You stand paralyzed in fear, unsure of what to do as your only weapon lies broken in front of you.
>The hag begins to feel the corpse of the dead sea hag lying upon the table.
>“Help me!” The filly whimpers to you from the clutches of the deceased hag.
>Hearing this, a sense of purpose fills your fear stricken mind.
>She’s the reason you came here!
>You can grab the filly and bolt out of this cave of horrors before the hag even notices!
>Now is your chance!
>With both front hooves extended you spring forth.
>“Get over here you revolting brat!”
>The hag scoops up the filly and pins her against her chest.
>Your metal hoof guards clang against the table as you just barely miss her.
>The hag’s clouded eyes stare angrily in your direction.
>Her horn begins to glow white.
>Slamming yourself to the ground, a load clap of thunder nearly deafens you as a bolt of lightning shoots out from her horn.
>The hag’s hideous face comes into view as she rounds the table, death and anger shooting out from her eyes.
>You run for it!

>Another bolt of lightning rips out from the hag’s horn, narrowly missing as you dart towards the passageway.
>A dark blue magical field immediately materializes at of the exit of chamber, blocking your path.
>“There is no escape!” The hag yells from behind you, charging her horn for another attack.
>You veer left.
>Spotting a large steel vat you immediately lunge behind it for cover.
>“Hiding is useless! You have nowhere to run and I can hear your every move! ...Especially in the bulky piece of armor you're wearing!
>You curse at your gold barding. It never fit right. Despite it being the smallest set of Royal Guard armor available, it was still too large and clunky for you.
>She shoots out another bolt of the lightning at the vat as you continue to hunker down in fear.
>A wisp of green smoke fills the air as the changeling blood begins to boil from the intense heat.
>“I don’t understand… No changeling should be able to resist the effects of the light!”
>She continues to walk closer to where you are hiding.
>“Wait… you’re not one of those insects... are you?”
>Her clouded eyes squint at you inquisitively.
>“Surely that can’t be a guard pony lumbering around in that metal barding… can it? Oh… of course! You’re here for the filly, aren’t you?”
>“EEHHH!” The filly screams out in pain as the hag tightens her grip.
>You yell, sticking your head over the vat.
>Just as you yell, another lightning bolt shoots forth from her horn.
>You quickly duck-
>The bolt strikes the top part of your helmet, completely burning away the blue ornamental fur.
>The scalding hot metal sears your face and scalp.
>Pain stinging across face, you collapse to the ground, yelling in agony.

>“Yes... scream! SCREAM! You shall pay for what you’ve done to my sisters you Royal Guard scum!”
>You tear off your helmet and throw it to the ground, tearing of bits of fur and flesh in the process.
>Panting in and out heavily, you clutch your charred face in pain as your body curls into the fetal position.
>Shivering against the cold steel vat, you feel someone breathing against your raw, charred skin.
>Cringing in fear.... you hesitantly force your charred eyelids open.
>The hag stands directly over you, a sadistic grin on her face.
>“Your time is up pony...”
>This is it…
>She has you…
>And there is nothing you can do...
>Tears stream down your face, stinging against your seared skin.
>“I can hear your sniveling you pathetic coward! You cry more than the little one does! Speaking of which...”
>The a field of dark blue magic envelopes the terrified filly. She is quickly thrown across the room into a steel barred cage. The metal door slams shut behind her.
>“I’ll deal with the little brat later… as soon as you a properly /disposed/ of...”
>She smiles a toothy grin, exposing her sharp yellow teeth.
>You scoot backwards in an attempt to get away, but bump against the immovable steel vat.
>“But know this… before you die this day, you shall be the first pony to bear witness to my... transformation.”
>Her front hoof slams against the side of your disfigured face.
>“There is magic in those vermin’s blood…” The hag motions to the changelings flying about the room.
>“A powerful magic... And one that can be harnessed! Do you know what this means you blubbering coward?
“M-mercy... plea-”
>“It means that soon those unworthy princesses of yours will no longer the only beings in Equestria that possess alicorn magic…”
>The hag spreads her grotesque, sinewy wings.

>“Each day my power grows stronger! I can /feel/ the magical energy coursing through my veins... It’s just a matter of time before it is finally complete!”
>The hag continues to tower over your trembling body.
>“Now… bear witness to my new magical abilities!”
>The hag extends her front hoof into the air.
>Her expression shifts to pained concentration.
>A bright flurry of green flames erupts from her hoof, causing you to flinch back.
>“Through the blood of changelings… not only can I bear the wings of an alicorn…”
>Her green coat begins to sear off as thin fragments of bone and sinew begin to protrude from her hoof.
>“But also... I possess the power to grow the claws of a DRAGON!”
>The green fire extinguishes revealing four thin, long claws protruding from what once her front right hoof.
>Drops of blood fall from the horrendous masses of bone and flesh as small trails of steam emanate from her new appendage.
>“Impressive… aren’t they?” She says with a pained smile.
>As she dangles the razor sharp claws in front of your face, you cringe back, preparing for the worst.
>The hag slowly places her claws upon the steel vat, just inches above your head.
>“Today these claws shall rip through your flesh… and soon enough... they shall tear into Celestia herself!”
>The hag’s head points upward, rejoicing with a smile.
>“I can almost hear her screams now...”
>The hag slowly drags her claws downwards against the steel vat, letting out a gut-wrenching squeal.
I'm unworthy to changelings
>insert sad smiley

>Something nudges against your front hoof.
>Something warm.
>Something... metal?
>It's your helmet! Surrounded in a magical yellow aura!
>Further back you see a filly in the confines of a steel cage--her horn glowing bright---struggling to move your helmet towards you!
>You grip the helmet in your hoof and delivery a solid blow to the unsuspecting hag!
>She screams in pain as several of her pointed yellow teeth fall to the floor.
>Invigorated with adrenaline and courage, you quickly jump back to all four legs as the impact of your blow wavers her off to the side.
>Holding the helmet with both of your front hooves, you swing at her again with all the strength you can muster!
>Her claws shoot out and meet your helmet!
>Pieces of metal clang to the ground as her talons rip through your headgear with ease.
>All that exist in your hooves now are two small curved pieces of your broken helmet.
>Looking up at the hag, she stares at you furiously, blood dripping from her mouth.
>“I shall disembowel you for that you insolent-”
>You toss both pieces metal at the hag's face and bolt for the other side of the room.
>Another bolt of lightning shoots out from her horn, narrowly missing you.
>You quickly gallop to the other side of the chamber zigzagging left and right as more bolts ring out.
>Stray bolts ricochet off the stone walls, floor, and ceiling as the hag shoots wildly in a fit a rage.
>You dive behind the only piece of cover you can find, the stone pedestal holding the glowing crystal.
File: Enchanting.png (457 KB, 600x1000)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
File: 1338848583969.png (212 KB, 900x854)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
I want a story where Celestia makes Queen Chrysalis pancakes.
> Twilight realizes there is a way to save them still.
> But it'd require using all of the power in the crystal heart to rewrite the very essence of changeling magic.
> The princesses have to choose between exiling an entire kingdom, or saving an entire species.
File: Spoiler Image (258 KB, 1000x750)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
>I want a story where Celestia makes Queen Chrysalis pancakes.

o rly
That could be done pretty well.

Then again that kind of moral choice--depending on how grimderp you want to get, it's possible to interpret Chrysalis's multiple invasions of Canterlot as more than just Saturday morning cartoon villain level buffoonery. If ponies--or changelings, for that matter--died as a result, if Chrysalis is still holding pony hostages, this becomes a difficult decision to make, and maybe even Luna (because in my headcanon she was always "bad cop" to Sunbutt's "good cop") could argue, pragmatically, "They attacked us. Ponies died, who looked to us to protect them. Oh, the Changelings are dying off now? Good riddance." That's a bit dark, and a bit adult, for a show primarily written for nine-year-old girls. And from one point of view, it's an entirely rational, reasonable argument, if you assume that Changelings must always be implacable foes of ponies, and that the Princesses and their government only have obligations to ponies, not to Changelings. It could be argued that by cutting off the Changelings who were trying to change their ways, the ponies would give up any pretense to moral superiority, and they have always thought of themselves as being kinder and more merciful and more civilized than the more warlike species that surround them (and, realistically, if not for their control of the Sun and Moon--well, one imagines that the only ponies left alive would be in the Minotaurs' and Diamond Dogs' slave pens, which the Griffons would periodically raid for snacks). But there are heavy costs both ways. What happens to the Crystal Empire if you do away with the Heart?

And, because I can't stop myself:

>"What would happen if I took the Crystal Heart?"
>"It would be extremely painful."
>"You're a big kingdom."
>"Was getting caught part of your plan?
>"Of course. Queen Chrysalis refused our offer in favor of yours, we had to find out what she told you."
Delete this
Sombra would come back and the north would be plunged into eternal winter. Hence why everyone there would have to leave.
I thought he died onscreen and was turned into a Sombra-shaped shadow on the ground and a pile of ashes, Hiroshima style, by the power of love. Apparently love is like nuclear weapons in Magic Hoers Land.

But maybe the characters didn't notice and his fate is not officially known.
Oh, well it could just be a return of eternal cold then and no sombra. Just unhospitable winter wasteland.
I like winds of change, both but the twi/chrys one is the one I think features more of her. theres also changeling heart of the new moon

And finally, RE:changeling. don't be fooled by the autistic art and broken premise, The story features twilight in a passive observational role of chrysalis, and both she and the supporting changeling in this fic are wonderful to read about their character development through her eyes.

Its far from perfect but its very worth reading if you want to see chrysalis shown in something of a positive light without compromising on brutality
Magical Fimbulwinter is not much better than the return of a tyrant, is it? The inhabitants would have to leave their homes, presumably, and flee to Equestria.
Thanks. I'll have a look at those.
That's the point. Do you save the Nulings and free all changelings from a life of predation and loneliness, but exile an entire kingdom... Or keep the kingdom and damn the Changelings.
Would it even free the Changelings? Maybe the only way to fix it, the only thing even the power of the Crystal Heart can do, is turn them back into warped hole-riddled black cockroach-horses who can only skulk in the shadows.

Other fanfic authors have talked about this. What the Changelings need isn't a magical change, it's a change of plan. Of course there are stories where this idea, which seems pretty obvious to me, is raised and shot down for whatever reason, usually boiling down to Chrysalis being paranoid and not wanting to make her people dependent upon the ponies for love, not realizing they already are, that that's what parasites are, and that maybe with help they can become symbiotes instead.

A couple of fanfic writers have gone into detail. Since the Changelings have the power to mimic ponies of any race, they also can mimic, at least within some limitations, what those ponies can do. Which means they can seek honest employment in Equestria and be tremendously versatile, because they're not bound by cutie marks or species as to what they can do. Changeling Drone #17 can be a weather pegasus for two days this week, helping out with an emergency rainstorm that was ordered up to end a drought for some farmers, then for two days more he can be an Earth Pony and pull carts in Manehattan, and the fifth day of the week he can be a unicorn and help out in the High Energy Magical Research department at the university. Their power to simulate any other ponies also mean they don't have to skulk in the shadows. They can do anything anyone else can, and get paid for it, and become well liked and respected colleagues on the job. And if someone says "but no one will love them," why wouldn't they, if they are honest and work hard and treat everyone else around them with respect, why would they be any less lovable than anyone else? Aren't most of us half in love with Queen Chrysalis herself already, scenery-chewing bombastic supervillainess though she is?
File: Night Crawler.png (2.52 MB, 1920x1080)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG
No not like that!
File: chrysmoon is best ship.jpg (274 KB, 2048x1536)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
Would Daybreaker finally be a match for bug queen?
File: Threadly cute THorax.gif (254 KB, 724x529)
254 KB
254 KB GIF
File: 1471734828989.png (601 KB, 1945x2416)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
>Thorax will never be cute again
Worse. They're potential honeypots.

And 4chan isn't a potential honeypot?

Are you retarded?
File: The Horde.jpg (1.65 MB, 1900x1200)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
File: 1483733735.lymen_honey.png (1.91 MB, 3507x2480)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
What if changelings were potential honeypots?
>10 and no one bump
You know what? You right.
>honeypot changelings
File: 1485479590111.jpg (69 KB, 736x694)
69 KB
They gotta keep all that love somewhere, right?
Still waiting clop greentext.
they eat each other out
Colorful paint chips
Keep bumb the fucking thread or i will left it die
>glass tube CRT TV set with "rabbit ears" antenna

I'd better check myself before I kek myself.
File: Laughing_Ling.gif (174 KB, 216x325)
174 KB
174 KB GIF
waiting also
>entire hive watches on a giant screen inside the biggest chamber
>caravans hearing the screams and sounds swear the gorefest is some fucked up shit
>in reality its just about everybug screaming like little foals
How's their voice sound effect called?
File: Dark Queen.jpg (50 KB, 1024x622)
50 KB
File: 1432571406315.png (596 KB, 1135x1068)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
You might be thinking of those two greens that were started by anons right after the S6 finale. I think I have the one you're talking about, though it was never finished.
This is the other one: https://pastebin.com/6PqjcfSV
If it's the one that has that scene where sharing love between them causes them to go off like a 40mm then that is possibly it.
File: 1483213272959.png (131 KB, 634x506)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Here you go

Kinda short but still funny, too bad the anons writing this and the other one stopped after a while.
That's the shit, thanks a bunch I needed that chuckle.

Too bad this is all.
Isn't it just reverb added to the vocals?
Only Chrysalis had it though, in the wedding episode.
So why did they get rid of that voice effect? Were they too lazy to add it again or did they just forget?
The opinions I am forming of the current writing crew based on the episodes I've seen are that it's most likely they just forgot. There seems to be little or no continuity--I'm surprised they haven't forgotten to put Purplekorn's wings on half the time--and it seems to be a free-for-all, with no one in charge and no overarching vision of how things are or how the fictional world works.

See also,


No one's in charge, and they just don't care.
File: 1418292947635.png (79 KB, 600x500)
79 KB
File: 1418882672746.png (709 KB, 1200x1000)
709 KB
709 KB PNG
File: RAPE.gif (2.36 MB, 800x450)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB GIF
File: Chrysalick.gif (207 KB, 400x450)
207 KB
207 KB GIF
I love the Luv Bug but I have to admit she has no concept of personal space. Maybe it's a Changeling thing.
I'd let her invade MY personal space...
File: 1436036511107.png (180 KB, 770x568)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
Changelings don't spend enough time in polite society to learn these things.
File: Changeling Growth.jpg (156 KB, 1368x584)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
File: full (3).png (518 KB, 2016x1872)
518 KB
518 KB PNG
I would say castes.
Worker, Soldier and Behemoth
>Worker, Soldier and Behemoth
Bitch bug, buzz killer, and doom buggy
File: Laughing Queen.png (131 KB, 406x500)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
File: Armored Changeling.png (192 KB, 1024x1234)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
what do changelings looks like with their wings down? they never show this in the show
I kinda like the idea of changeling castes. Like some are just trained for labor, some get to be infiltrators and a few are big warriors for when they have to steal love by force.
I still have to wonder about that "we're gonna force you to love us" bit.

I get that the Changelings are supposed to be a kid-friendly mashup of vampire, succubus, doppleganger, and demon. But "we eat love and we can force ponies to love us" is gibberish. If I threaten to hit someone if he doesn't love me, that ain't gonna make him love me--it's gonna make him hate me. Emotional response isn't voluntary. It's not something we choose.

I love the Luv Bug and the character design is good enough and the voice acting hits all the right notes. This does not change the fact that the underlying premise is nonsensical and the scriptwriters should have been asked to discard the scripts altogether or start over with something a little more logical, like "they are biological organisms and they eat food, they have no inherent magic of their own but they can impersonate ponies to get those who trust them into a vulnerable position and drain their magic, which they can then use for their nefarious purposes." Which still hits all the right notes, without being word salad.

>The hag stops firing as she realizes where you are, her enraged face scrunching up in frustration.
>“Why must you continue to delay the inevitable!”
>She cautiously begins to approach the pillar, carefully listening to your every move.
>You might be small and quick, but you know it’s only a matter of time before she finally hits you.
>One direct hit and you’re done for...
>The burns upon your scalp begin to sting as an uncomfortable heat radiates upon them.
>You look upwards.
>At the top of the pedestal stands the large translucent crystal, emanating both a bright light and an intense heat.
>Following the beam you see three changelings maniacally flying in and out of the scalding ray.
>Their chitin is beginning to develop severe burn marks…
>...just like the burns across your face.
>You let out a deep-hearted sigh.
>There’s no way you can fight this hag on your own.
>You need their help just as much as they need yours.
>Your attention turns to the gleaming crystal.
>Destroying the source of the beam is the only way you’ll be able to free them.
>Firmly grasping the heavy crystal, you being sliding it off its holder.
>Light continues to shoot out, causing the changelings to veer left and right each time the beam shifts.
>A dark blue aura shoots out from the hag’s horn as she attempts to grab hold of the crystal.
>As her magic comes in contact with the gem it immediately gets absorbed and vanishes from view.
>The beam of light immediately becomes brighter.
>“Cursed stone!”
>She can’t use magic on the gem!
>Invigorated by her failure, you continue to lift the crystal with all your might!
>The heat radiating from the crystal begins to soak through your metal hoof guards.

>“WAIT! That crystal is an ancient artifact from the days of old! It's the only one of its kind!”
>You continue to strain as you attempt to lift.
>“It once stopped the changelings swarms from controlling the entire realm! It’s far too powerful a weapon against the changelings to destroy!”
>You look contemplatively into the crystal.
>An artifact like this could defend the entire city of Canterlot from another changeling assault...
>Actually… this crystal would be of a immense benefit for all of Equestria!
>The hag begins to slowly approach.
>“Alright... alright… Surely, you are a wise pony. You know that the changelings are not to be trusted.”
>You look to the changelings as they continue to hiss and scream.
>“WAIT! Wait! Hear me out pony, please!” The hag wipes the blood from her bleeding mouth as she continues to speak. “I assuming they tricked... or coerced you into helping defeat me? Surely you understand that even if you destroy that crystal and we’re able to slay me, the changelings still wouldn't let you or the filly leave this cave alive.”
>A small grin forms in the corner of the hag's mouth.
“The thought… crossed my mind, yes…”
>“Well… what if I told you there is a way that you can make it out of here alive?”
>The hag smiles, her bloodied yellow teeth sliding against her curled lips.
>“Why don’t we make a deal?”
File: Changelings the movie.jpg (417 KB, 788x900)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
File: 1403410720944.png (541 KB, 883x522)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
There's an idea going around that one of the new writers, either Josh Haber or Mike Vogel, was responsible for a lot of the parts of S6 that people didn't like, including the nu-bugs. Changelings haven't been explored much on the show but what we saw in the finale was really weird and not thought out.

The upcoming two changeling eps might clear up some things and maybe retcon back the "all changelings are permanently transformed" idea, but I guess it depends on who is writing it.
That would be nice.
Oh who am I kidding, there will be no going back to normal changelings, all is lost, Chrissy will be joining them soon in the finale.
File: 1468584725795.jpg (73 KB, 680x680)
73 KB
It could happen, this season's been a real question mark so far. I feel like they're probably keeping the show in a holding pattern for now, not wanting to do anything too dramatic since the movie is imminent. That would explain all the new writers and the lack of a proper season premiere two-parter.

All Bottled Up showed that the nu-bugs can still transform and are still living in the bombed-out ruins of their former hive. If the Pharynx episode brings back a normal changeling that refuses to mutate it'll keep the old bugs alive in canon at least. But if Vogel's writing it all hope is probably lost and it'll just be him solidifying his shitty headcanon.

Also I dunno if cheeselegs is gonna show in the finale, all bets are off as to what DHX is planning, if anything.
There's a small sliver of hope left inside of me that they'll allow orginal changelings and nu-changelings to live together and have something like where changelings decide if they want to stay as best changeling or nu-changeling.

I mean really, sharing love doesn't HAVE to mean transforming into a rainbow mess, right?
>I mean really, sharing love doesn't HAVE to mean transforming into a rainbow mess, right?

something something Gay Pride parade
Having hope is first step to disappointment.
File: Sketch164121756.png (331 KB, 720x1280)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
>Queen Chrysalis will never turn you into inanimate objects to help her
kiwi bugs
But why would the changelings want to live in New Zealand?
Legal weed.

Also, New Zealanders fuck sheep, so they'd obviously be open to giving their "love" to other creatures with four legs and hooves, unless of course the fact that Changelings are actually intelligent, thinking, speaking, reasoning beings frightens them off.

I kid, I kid.
You know, for kidding, those are some surprisingly valid points if the sheep thing was still true these days. Not to mention that NZ is generally a pretty nice place.
File: Horny Bugger.jpg (8 KB, 221x228)
8 KB
File: Chrysalis_all_day_errday.jpg (201 KB, 1024x1023)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>move to NZ for the legal weed

Sure, why not?
File: Changelings prepare.png (529 KB, 497x300)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
At least they aren't moving to Russia for cheap krokodil
>At least they aren't moving to Russia for cheap krokodil
>implying thats not the reason why they have all of those holes
Someone call the burn ward.
File: 1459799453866.jpg (428 KB, 1275x1617)
428 KB
428 KB JPG

>You stare at her reluctantly.
>You are running out of options and she has a point, the changelings definitely can’t be trusted.
“I’m listening…”
>“Put down the crystal, leave this place and never return. I’ll do you no harm.”
“The filly! Let her go too!”
>The hag’s smile disappears.
>“You slayed my sisters! I need to rebuild my coven! The filly stays with me!”
“Then no deal!”
>You begin to raise the heavy crystal into the air.
>“Wait! WAIT! What else is it that you desire! I can offer you wealth, power-”
“I came here for the filly, I’m not-”
>“Your voice… You seem rather young.”
>“And a little on the frail side, are you not?”
>You cautiously stare at the hag, unsure what she is scheming.
>“Ahh yes, of course you are” She says as her clouded eyes stare into yours.
“Yeah… I’m small, so what!? What do you propose, make me larger?!”
>“No… that is not what you really desire…”
>The hag continues to stare at you.
>“I see much pain in you, my little pony…”
>You scoff.
“See? I don’t think so.”
>“Ha!” The hag snickers to herself. “These eyes may be blind, but that doesn’t mean they cannot /see/. They offer me glimpses of what was… but more importantly… what can be.”
>She continues to stare into you as the flames of the braziers flicker upon her eyes.

>“You don’t get a lot of respect from the other guards, do you?
>You stand there, bewildered.
>“You don’t have many friends either…”
>“Nor do the mares pay much attention to you.”
>“But that’s why you are down here… isn’t it?”
>You tenses up.
>“To rescue this filly so you can return home a hero!"
>“That’s why you left home, is it not? You traveled all the way to Canterlot to become a Royal Guard. You want to do something noble so that other ponies will like you for once in your life!”
“Th-that’s not true! I… I’m here to rescue her because… because it's my duty!”
>The hag begins to snicker to herself.
“What are you laughing at?”
>“Hehehe... Who are you lying to? Me… or yourself?”
“I… I’m not-”
>“Enough! I don’t even need my sight to show me this!”
>The hag points a single claw at you accusingly.
>“You are down here by yourself! No guard pony would be stupid enough to search Everfree Forest for a missing pony all on their own! That is... unless they wanted all the credit for themselves!”
>You shamefully look upon the ground.
>She’s right.
>As much as you hate to admit it, she’s right.

>“Here’s what I propose my little pony. I will let you rescue this filly.”
>Your face perks up.
>“I will let you take her back to Ponyville. You will become a hero. You will finally earn the respect of your fellow guards. Mares will flock to you. You will have all the friends you ever desired.”
“Y-you would do that? You would let me rescue her?”
“Then fine!”
>“Come back to this cave in one week's time. You will find her at the entrance.”
“One week… I can’t take her now?”
>“No! Come back in one week's time. She will be there, you have my word.”
>Why would she want to keep her for a week-
>Your heart sinks.
>The hag wants to complete the ritual.
>She wants to…
>...consume the foal.
>“Do you still accept these terms?”
>“P-please... Help me-”
>“Shut up you revolting brat!”
>A wave of magic shoots out from the hag’s horn and strikes the filly, forcefully slamming her against the steel bars of the cage.
>Letting out a short yelp, the tiny pony falls to the floor of the cage, her body silently quivers in pain.
>“Ahh… That’s much better…”
“You… you monster!?”
>“What? Are you really concerned about THAT?”
>The hag points a long, sinewy claw at the filly.
>“You don’t care about her! She is but a means of getting what YOU want, nothing else! Her fate is sealed! Yours however…” The hag points her vile claw back in your direction. “depends on what you decide in the next few moments…”
>The warmth of the crystal has become almost unbearable as your metal hoof guards continue to absorb more and more heat.
>Your legs strain beneath the heavy burden of the crystal.
>You won’t be able to hold it for much longer...

>“So what’s it going to be pony? Live the rest of your life the way you always wanted…”
>You could have everything!
>No more of the abysmal existence you struggle with day by day.
>You reflect upon your years of loneliness.
>Being the runt in a large family, constantly bullied by the other ponies for being small.
>Enlisting in the Royal Guard thinking you’d form a brotherhood with your fellow guards, only to have things turn out like they were before.
>None of them wanted anything to do with you.
>You continued to be alone, just as you had been your entire life.
>“...or will be it certain death?”
>This is your chance to make it all change.
>You can have it all!
>All you need to do is-
>You look to the imprisoned foal.
>Her tear-filled eyes are staring at you in defeat… almost as if she already knows what decision you are going to make.
>The filly lies still in the lair of the vile hag, surrounded in a cesspool of despair and horror.
>She’s completely alone…
>Just like you.
“I accept your terms…”
File: 1418067607879.png (500 KB, 900x563)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
File: 1471722106682.gif (74 KB, 641x618)
74 KB
I love Bugbutt, I love the voice acting for her, I love the character design.

At the same time, though, it seems to me that the holes in the mane and tail--holes that are impossible unless she's just wrapped green cloth around her head and dock--suggest to me that her appearance might be unkempt.

Do you think she'd clean up nicely, /bug/? She'd still have the holes in her legs and her horn would still have that crooked, angular look. But it might soften her appearance, and make her look more conventionally pretty. Maybe?

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