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File: 1473452538191.jpg (334 KB, 1024x1318)
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"New Troubles Edition"

Excelsior, true believers! Welcome to the Superhero thread, formerly Spider-Shim and her Amazing Friends.
All mlp/superhero green, art, and discussions are welcome.

Last Thread: >>30389046

>Sea Urchin: https://pastebin.com/u/Dracononymous
Stranger than Reality - https://pastebin.com/av18B6BZ (XXXX lines - WIP)

other active story list:
>untitled 7: https://pastebin.com/u/reallyUntitled
Spider-Shim ch1 - the Superior Spider-Man - http://pastebin.com/P4Mawhsw (8530 lines)
Spider-Shim ch2 - Meet the contestants - http://pastebin.com/pGJV6pUZ (4240 lines)
Spider-Shim ch3 - The great and powerful - http://pastebin.com/fYHRDTA3 (XXXX lines - WIP)

>treppahcs: https://pastebin.com/u/treppahcs
C.A.P.E.S. - https://pastebin.com/1Ae9AFN4 (XXXX lines - WIP)
Vilainess' Delight and Therapy - Anon md - http://pastebin.com/0cit7eXM (XXXX lines - WIP)
Tonic - http://pastebin.com/xShn5AbX (XXXX lines - WIP)
Infamous - http://pastebin.com/ps2Ts8J1 (3455 lines - iced)

>Defiant: https://pastebin.com/u/TheDefiant
Probability Anon - http://pastebin.com/3Myw3t0h (1967 lines - WIP)
Darkest Anon - http://pastebin.com/gQyK64G2 (263 lines - WIP)
Elemental Anon - http://pastebin.com/ty0rTQYR (543 lines - WIP)

>RooRooRoo: https://pastebin.com/u/TripleRoo
Black Cat Anon - https://pastebin.com/VkBgWFvG (1024 lines - WIP)

>Spider-Bloke 2099: https://pastebin.com/u/Spiderbloke2099
/k/ Anon and Spider Shimm one-shots:
https://pastebin.com/MNVQayk2 (112 lines)
https://pastebin.com/TLDRQrCm (65 lines)
https://pastebin.com/s0gigZLE (84 lines)

various one-shots: https://pastebin.com/9NJNYmHh

writefags who may or may not still lurk:
superkeaton - https://pastebin.com/u/superkeaton
Red - https://pastebin.com/hTFVft7x
Beans - https://pastebin.com/u/Fui

mamorukusanagi - http://mamorukusanagi.tumblr.com/tagged/my-art

Storylist and Thread archive: http://pastebin.com/AiBP87Si
File: 1499225572372.png (256 KB, 865x1544)
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256 KB PNG

that's not >pic related

do you enjoy this power?
Woops, my bad, forgot to add him. Its like 3:32 where I am, so I'm kind of tired. Plus side, kept up the tradition of fucking up the OP.
Good morning thread! How's everone's day going?
My day's pretty good so far. Gonna mow the lawn then work on Drunk Spider Sunset today
What if Sunset's nickname for Anon is cutie or sunshine?
so you're not even gonna repost pictures from the sunset shimmer thread but text now too?
Hey I liked the idea that's all.
Not that Anon, but what's the big deal? It's not like he's claiming that he wrote it like that other Anon.
Didn't someone last thread say Anon needed a new nickname other than "Tiger"?
We talked about a few nicknames for Anon like Sumset stealing Pinkie’s nickname of Nonny
Nonny sounds like a Ponk thing though.
What would Sunset use? Dummy, cutie or sunshine?
Hard to say. I say Sunset would call Anon cutie or something like that
>Spider-Shim will never kiss your cheek and call you cutie.
Anon-kun because she's a weeb.
>Secretly weeb Spider-Shimmy.
All of my yes.
Not the other guy but crosslinking goes a long way, I'd bet that if you'd linked the post first then put your comment the other guy wouldn't have even bothered to make a fuss. Next time there's a picture you like or some text, crosslink it, it isn't exactly hard.
I'm the guy who wrote it in the Sunset thread. I don't mind if other Anons bring it here or other threads and discuss stuff. I only have problems if they claim it to be their own.
Another shorthaired Sunset for Untitled.
I like this idea
File: 1499565531386.jpg (91 KB, 554x655)
91 KB
>After a long night of crime fighting there is nothing that Sunset loves more than getting fucked on the couch by her boyfriend.
How else does she relax from everything
Its not even secret, aside from people in town cannon, that she works in a Sushi shop. She is open weeb, which considering she is an alternate demission god weapon/equipment thief, it would be prudent for her to learn of other possible worlds that might show up.
Weebset is lewd, VERY lewd.
>ywn be thicc enough to suit up in skin tight spandex and go beat up some criminals with a big metal disc
Why even live?
There was a special with the EQG girls dressed like the power ponies. Anyone have a link please?
Go to dailymotion.
What should I search? I want to do art for the thread
File: RICH PIANINI.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
Mirin' pecs. n-no homo

I feel your pain m8.

Movie Magic
It's Movie Magic.
Got some good material. Thanks guys
File: Functional Strength.jpg (66 KB, 500x570)
66 KB
>Mirin' pecs
>Feel your pain
pic related.
Belly rubs and leg massages, or shower sex by cuddling under the stream. Hotter the water the better.
So more physical activity is how she relaxes after a night of exhausting physical activity? Can't fault that logic, especially considering how whiny women are when tired...
Try, begging Anon for more while she power bottoms.
She is a horse girl so she has energy. Some nights it's rough sex on the ceiling frustrated that villain got away and she needs you to fuck her anger away. Other times it's a slow anal fuck against the table. She also loves a nice romantic cuddlefuck on the couch with the TV as the only source of light during the weekends while whispering sweet nothings to your ear.
>"I won't mind if you cum inside me, cutie."
She does get maternity leave...though I would be worried if Shield sent someone that isn't too bright and they accidentally blab why Spider Woman is away.
Thirsty Spider Horse Girl is still best girl, especially when she is a weeb that knows some fun fetishes.
>Sunset also likes being fucked while wearing her costume, but has to explain to Rarity while there are holes and stains on it.
>Rarity finds it hot.
>"Not a problem Darling a girl deserves a night of fun. So who came with the idea you or Anon I want all the juicy bits."
File: unf this is hoawt.png (750 KB, 1024x2731)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
Just a little something I wrote in under an hour, but cozy af

>Be Sunset Shimmer
>And this?
>This is hard.
>You tear out the paper from your notebook and crumple it into a ball.
>You toss it into the garbage can.
>Your aim is perfect.
>“Three pointer. Nice,” remarks Anon, lying on your bed.
>You roll your eyes with a tired sigh.
“Thanks,” you grumble.
>You drag your hands down your face sleepily, groaning as you do.
“How’m I gonna do this, Anon?”
>He scoffs.
>“I dunno. I’m no lyricist.”
>Wow, really supportive boyfriend you got, eh?
>Your nostrils flare, grab your pen once more, and stare down at the empty notebook.
>The white void stares demandingly, almost as if it orders you to place the tip of your pen on it so that you may proceed writing sweet, sweet music.
>Unfortunately, that not happening.
>You wrack your brain like a tennis ball, desperate for any bit of melody or words to rise from your creative spirit, yet like a broken vending machine, that shit’s not gonna give you anything.
>You go to all the ideas all go to at first, but shrug them off; they’re far too dull to use.
>You know what?
>You’ll just write something.
>You don’t know what, but you’ll just fucking do it!
>Yeah, there we go, Sunset!
>Let’s see…
>You scribble your pen at the top of the paper, words making their way out.
“You never…know…what may…um…uuuum…”
>You tear the paper out, crumple it, toss it, and bury yourself under your arms, sighing into the table you rest on.
“This isn’t working,” you say.
>Anon, takes a breath.
>You can’t tell if it’s a sad one or a bored one.
>Doesn’t matter.
>He stands up — you can hear the bed’s springs as his large, muscular body no longer burdens it with his well-earned weight.
>Then, the floor makes a sound at the heavy steps that cease once they’re behind you.
>Two hands place themselves atop your shoulders — you dare not shrug them off.
>They’re nice hands.
>They have a good weight to them…a good size, too.
>The touch they give is grounding, the type that makes you calm down within seconds like a heavy blanket or tarp placed upon your back.
>Nice, warm, strong hands…
>They begin rubbing your shoulders, sliding under the collar of your shirt.
>You purr.
>You care not if his massive forearms stretch the fabric of the shirt collar.
>You’re far too exhausted to refuse this sort of treatment from him.
>“You should go to bed, Sunset,” says Anon.
>His voice crinkles in it’s quietness.
>You love that raspy crinkle.
>You love the ‘quiet voice’ he makes.
>His hands make there way to the back of your neck, his thumbs working the tight muscles in small, relaxing circles.
>“Seriously. Do this in the morning, ‘kay?”
“Mm…I can’t,” you tell him. “Band was s’posed to have a song down a week ago.”
>“Oh? Tell me more,” he says.
>He’s a good listener.
>You tell him more.
“Well…Rainbow was gonna write something,” you say, voice lowering as his hands rise from your neck and to the back of my scalp.
>His strong fingertips massage the sides of your head.
>It’s delightful.
>Ah, Anon’s ‘totally patented for my spidey-widey’ cranial massage…
>It always makes you shudder.
>“Uh huh. And?”
File: spider shimmer.jpg (108 KB, 675x1200)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
“And…well, she forgot,” you say flatly. “Fluttershy said she’d do it, though…”
>“And let me guess…she forgot too, huh?”
“Mm. No. Jus’ busy…” your murmur, melting at his touch. “Volunteers couldn’t make their shift for the rehab place she interns at. She took their shift instead. Something ‘bout a raccoon or something, I dunno.”
>“Ah. Makes sense. So then what? You had to do it?”
“No,” you say. “Applejack offered to.”
>You feel his fingers stop.
>“Oh. Oh boy.”
>They resume, pulling your hair back from your forehead in a pleasant manner.
“Yeah, my thoughts exactly. She wrote something, though. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. She can’t write lyrics, though. At all.”
>“Like you?” he says, a smug grin in his voice.
“Watch it. I’ll bite you.”
>“Will I get spider powers too?”
“You’ll get two nights without my ‘totally patented for my Nonny-Wonny’ Shimjobs.”
>“Shutting up.”
>He resumes his ‘totally patented for my spidey-widey’ cranial massage.
“Thank you…but yeah, so AJ wrote something, it was okay, but not good, y’know? So, Twilight tried it.”
>You laugh a little.
“It was literally a song in Shakespearean prose about how Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity.”
>You hear Anon laugh.
>“Of course it was. Of fucking course it was.”
>He presses his fingers gently against your skull at pleasurable points.
>A fluttering sigh erupts from you.
“Oh…oh, that’s good…”
>“Thank you. Please, go on.”
“Right, right…so, after that, the girls, they’re all like: ‘Well, that’s not gonna work,’” you explain to him, “to which I’m then about to say: ‘I’ll do it!’”
>You grumble.
“But I couldn’t say it. Know why?”
“Because fucking Doctor Octo-bitch crashes into the fucking school, declaring that if Spider-Woman doesn’t show up, she’ll kidnap frickin’ Vinyl!”
>You scoff.
“And Vinyl was totally into it, too.”
>“Why am I not surprised by that?” mused Anon.
>His hands leave your scalp and make their way to your upper-back.
>An unpleasant sound escapes him.
>“You’re tight,” he says.
>I smirk.
“Tell me something I don’t know.”
>“No, like, your back is more rigid than a divorced business woman in her fifties.”
>Always with the analogies, your boyfriend…
“Shut up and keep rubbin’, will ya?”
>“Yes, ma’am.”
>He resumes.
>Shit feels good.
“So anyway, Doc’s got Vinyl in her robo-arms, Vinyl's trying not to friggin’ blush and smile, being all cute and shit with her fucking captor, and what do I have to do? Go to work. Have to fucking find somewhere to friggin’ change into my costume, then go fight a wannabe cephalopod.”
>You blow several raspberries.
“After finally fnding a space to change — the boy’s bathroom’s gross, by the way — I go out, fight Doc, get my ASS robo-handed to by the fucking nut, and kick her ass. She leaves, drps Vinyl, and I go back. Then school’s out and I don’t get to say that I can write the song.”
>Just then, Anon’s hands go down your back.
>The depth at which his strong fingers reach your tense muscles is incredible.
>He’s good at pampering you like this.
>You fight through the relaxing sensation as you let out a large yawn.
“A-and then, when I get home, I found out that Rarity now wants to try her hand at writing.”
>“She doesn’t write anything the next day, does she?”
>“Of course. So that left you, right?”
“Yep,” you yawn again.
File: tfwmfw.png (503 KB, 1280x720)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
>You sink into the desk a liiitle bit more.
“Yeah, and, um, I then said I’d do it. But I suck, apparently. Thought some web-slingin’ would do the trick to get my creative juices flowin’, but I only found more bad guys to web up an’ stuff.”
>Again, another yawn.
“Then, I came home, called you over, and now we’re here. And I still can’t write…”
>Your eyes are heavy.
>You feel yourself getting lost in Anon’s massage.
>You let a brief moment of silence pass.
“…I know what you’re trying to do, you know.”
>“Yeah. I know.”
“I told you I can’t go to sleep,” you say with a trailing yawn.
>“You need it. Trust me.”
“Anoooon, stop it…”
>He pulls you out of your chair, removing you from the desk.
>You don’t resist.
>He carries you, bridal style in your red and blue suit to your bed.
>He tucks you in.
>His smile, endearing and charming as it is soothing, puts you at ease you wish you didn’t feel.
“I hate you.”
>“Get some rest, okay?”
>He kisses your forehead.
>You grab him by the arm, and gently pull him down to you.
“Nuh-uh. Least you can do is give me a real kiss,” you murmur sleepily.
>He smirks.
>Your lips touch.
>All is black.
File: Spider hips.png (117 KB, 600x1000)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
>The crack of dawn shines through the blinds of your windows.
>It seems that despite them being shut they fail to conceal the rays of sunlight as they currently land atop your eyes.
>There’s a warm mass next to you, fuly clothed, warm, large, muscular…
>It holds you tenderly.
>You open your eyes.
>You look to your bedside.
>From night before.
>Sleepily, you grab it.
>Stupid Anon…not letting you write your song…
>Opening the notebook to where you were, your brows raise.
>In none other than Anon’s very own handwriting are several blocks of text.
>You read it.
>It’s a song.
>It’s nothing extraordinary…but it can work.
>You like the title.
“Go get ‘em Tiger”
>It’s shit like this that makes it worth being a super-hero, songwriter, high schooler, inter-dimensional traveling unicorn, and former super-villain…
The End.

File: Spoiler Image (457 KB, 638x900)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
Would like more in the future.
File: downloadfile-27.jpg (472 KB, 1150x2413)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
File: 1497532529522.png (1.01 MB, 825x910)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: 1495686120346.jpg (87 KB, 640x640)
87 KB
Last one for now. Remember Beans.
More green for us = more hips for you.
>inb4 untitled fucks you up
...I kind of want to post a NSFW pic with this specific idea done with Spider Gwen...but I'm not the madman.
so I take it has nothing to do with what your supposed to be writing right now right? Beans, you were told this. Write your damn, or shut up.
Unf, Babs is so deliciously thick
damn story*
Will you people stop encouraging his bad behavior he needs to finish his first job.
>so I take it has nothing to do with what your supposed to be writing right now right? Beans, you were told this. Write your damn, or shut up.
I'm writing it. This is what you get in the meantime. That goes for >>30482459 too.

Point is this: I'm writing my story still. I'll post small stories so I;m not completely inactive.
Heck, this whole thing I just wrote was inspired by me thinking of which song I wrote to incorporate for a part of my Spider-Shim green. It was to motivate me.
Whatever, plus side is there is actual improvement in your writing style, so silver linings I suppose. And dude>>30482470
both those posts are me, pretty obvious.
And you shall be drowned in thick hips and yada, yada. You get the drill Beans, do your thing you should be doing.
File: 1499461372055.jpg (82 KB, 620x760)
82 KB
And my tired ass forgot your bait. My bad.
Right-o. Will do. Your a good fellow.
Delicious. Like fine wine. Kek, I don't drink tho.
Just doin my job when I'm off from my job.
You do like hips, so close enough.
Shit, I forgot to post this yesterday. It's dedicated for the bestest drawfag in the world....

>I lied upon Mamorukusanagi’s mattress in his bedroom, whistling a merry melody off the top of my head as he sat in his roller-chair,sketching out his next masterpiece.
“Hey, Mamo~wanna have some fun.”
>“Oh not again,” said Mamorukusanagi, sighing a tired sigh. “Beans, get out of my house.”
>A smile crept its way upon my face.
>Leave his house?
>Why would I do that?
>Have you seen his fridge?
>It’s, like, incredible.
>Has iced-tea in it.
>That shit good.
“C’mon, Mamo! Don’t be such a prudy ol’ fart,” I teased, patting the side of his bed, “just a quickie?”
>“I’m married,” droned Mamorukusanagi. “I’m a husband.”
“Married, husband, prudy ol’ fart… I mean, aren’t they all the same thing?”
>Mamorukusanagi turned from his drawing, shooting me a glare that said something, like: “gurl, you serious?”
>I nodded eagerly, declaring that yes — yes I was serious.

>At that, he placed his pencil down atop his table and sighed into his hands.
>“How do you even get in my house?” he asked. I giggled.
“The window, silly. Besides, no barriers can protect you from my love. God, you should fucking know that by now.”
>“But my windows…I-I always keep ‘em locked…”
“You’d be surprised by how much love can liberate the things in our lives. Like locks to your windows. Love liberates locks now.”
>“Beans, this is going too far…”
>I gasped at this.
“Too far? Too /far/!?” I repeated incredulously. “Why, Mamo, we haven’t gone far enough! Y-you haven’t even taken my throat-virginity!”
>Mamorukusanagi couldn’t help but grimace upon hearing such vulgar words escape from my delicious mouth.
>Then, as he pondered for the briefest second, the contorted grimace, one that wrinkled his brows and squinted his eyes, soon formed into an expression of confusion.
>“Wait a minute, Beans…Weren’t you raped in multiple ways? Like, orally too?”
“Hush…” I whispered to him, “we can pretend like we’re first lovers again.”
>“...Uh, no. Let’s not.”
>I rose a finger to retort, but found myself frozen before uttering a single word.
>“...O-oh. I see.”
>It wasn’t long after I cried myself to sleep on his mattress.
>His wife was soooo confused, lol.
The End.

I don't need hips for this one. This is a gift to Mamo.
File: 14jqgjl.png (400 KB, 520x517)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
Beans....you have hit the point where you should stop writing. So stop now. Because this is some eldritch confusion that Deadpool would ask what the fuck your talking about.
just woke up, I need to watch dragon ball super first because I'm a manly man
but I can tell you I already laughed out loud at the visualisation of one of his mistakes
I mean, that was the idea, so I'll consider it a success.

it was a fun mistake, not an awful one... alright, here it is

>>Your nostrils flare, grab your pen once more, and stare down at the empty notebook.
I too remember that time when my nostrils flared and then proceeded to grab my pen.
My nostrils can do things like that too
File: you cheeky fuck.gif (928 KB, 344x297)
928 KB
928 KB GIF
Oh. Jesus, how'd I miss that sentence. Chuckling hard right now. Best mistake you've caught me make yet.
File: YOUYOUYOU.jpg (40 KB, 210x539)
40 KB
>pic related
don't do that
you not only have the same sentence structure for almost all sentences (X does Y) but, jesus fucking christ, you even have the same word to begin your sentences

the only part where it really fits is this one:
>>You know what?
>>You’ll just write something.
>>You don’t know what, but you’ll just fucking do it!
but it's still messed up because the "you" from "you know what" is from a rhetorical question and meant to be addressing the reader.
Visually it's also fucked because two lines underneath "you know what" you have "you don't know what"
and it looks so ugly
While this sequence works, it looks displeasing

>[...]and stare down at the empty notebook.
>The white void stares demandingly,
you have the same verb two times in a row and did not pick up on the opportunity to make these sentences reference one another.
I think you planned to but you didn't do it

>>The white void stares demandingly, almost as if it orders you to place the tip of your pen on it so that you may proceed writing sweet, sweet music.
This is all over the place.
Either decide if you want to make it creepy or if the muse is trying to seduce her.

>You wrack your brain like a tennis ball, desperate for any bit of melody or words to rise from your creative spirit, yet like a broken vending machine, that shit’s not gonna give you anything.
I already get the feeling that you have no idea how writing music works

>You scribble your pen at the top of the paper, words making their way out.
with your pen
but then it still sounds super weird

I always get bored halfway through even thinking of how to fix your sentences that I question myself why I even bother and last time I haven't had Ganon to defeat, so I leave it at that again

dialogue is the best part, but you still can't describe what's going on.
Again, I believe that's because you're used to scripts where you only read dialogues and get plain actions which the actor has to fill in
File: uncle_phil.jpg (48 KB, 640x360)
48 KB
Omlette du fromage
I mean it, I really have ganon to defeat
I have no idea how to dodge Windblight Ganon's attacks, but I've had so many healing items that I just tanked it and beat it on my first try
>doing chest flyes
>wanting to tear your pecs
Bad workout m8. A full ROM bench gets the same stretch as a fly except you don't run the risk of overloading the muscle and tearing it.
I would entertain that if I didn't watch a human girl outrun her
>but it's still messed up because the "you" from "you know what" is from a rhetorical question and meant to be addressing the reader.
>Visually it's also fucked because two lines underneath "you know what" you have "you don't know what"and it looks so ugly
>While this sequence works, it looks displeasing
I see. So instead of this: "Fine. You know what? You'll just write something. You don't know what, but you'll just fucking do it!" would this be better instead: "Know what? You'll just write something. Have no idea what it'll be -- you'll just do it and see if anything good comes."?

>I think you planned to but you didn't do it
Exactly what happened.

>Either decide if you want to make it creepy or if the muse is trying to seduce her.
Agreed. That sentence is a mess. Definitely forgot to decide what vibe to go with it. Probably should have rewritten the sentence as a whole.

>I already get the feeling that you have no idea how writing music works
For the most part. I've written songs before, but never the notation. I'm used to writing lyrics and collaborating with an artist, helping them get a definite feel for what they're song is going to be. Dude writes great music, but struggles for lyrics. I try and help. I've written my own songs without notation, memorizing the music itself in my mind. Folks song, typically. They have simpler structure. But no. I'm mostly foreign to music despite reading the book "Introduction to a Philosophy of Music" by Peter Kivy.

>with your pen
>but then it still sounds super weird
Yeah. It does, doesn't it? Maybe I should've made it so his nostrils did it with his pen. Yeah. That'd be better.

>I always get bored halfway through even thinking of how to fix your sentences that I question myself why I even bother
Which makes me all the more thankful to you.

And as for the script comparison? 100% correct. I'm used to giving a visual of a scene, conveying how the characters talk, and so on.

Kick Ganon's ass, my friend.
>*I'm used to giving a simple but specific visual of a scene, conveying how the characters talk, and so on.
Does Sunset listen to any music while fighting?
File: kek.jpg (53 KB, 474x595)
53 KB
I'd like to think she'd listen to music while web-slinging. Then, when a baddy's near, she unplugs her earbuds/headphones and gets ready to kick ass.
What would work better Rorschach Anon or Comedian Anon?
>There is a riot in New York Sunset and the Power Ponies are having a hard time because they don't want to hurt people despite them throwing rocks and molotovs at them.
>Then Anon comes out of nowhere with a shotgun loaded with rubber shells and tear gas listening to 70s music.
Hentai Kamenon
>The masked green guy starts smiling and laughing as the crowd disperses as he pumps rubber shell after rubber shell to random persons then pulls out his grenade launcher, fires tear gas towards the running mass.
>The initial shock wore off as Sunset angrily marches to him.
>" Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing?"
"The Comedian and your job."
>"You shot those people!"
"With rubber, they're not too hurt. Maybe a few broken bones here there."
>"That's not how w-"
>Sunset was interrupted by the masked man peering at an alleyway.
>"I'm talking to yo-"
"HEY! I see you son of a bitch!"
>Sunset looks towards where he is yelling.
>There is a man with a hoodie on carrying a can of spray paint.
>Sunset hears the distinctive sound of a shell getting loaded.
>She was too late a 'thump' filled the air and the canister hits the protester directly on his back as he lets out a pained scream and falls on the ground hard.
I'm not familiar with the source material, only the movie
from what I've seen is that they are just different flavoured psychopaths
Continuing from Darkest Anon pastebin

>Your hastily assembled mercenaries stop to gather themselves as the last of their enemy twitches on the floor
>"Are you alright, Fluttershy?" Roseluck questions her companion with a worried tone in her voice
>"It doesn't burn anymore, but it still hurts a lot." She seems rattled, her armor corroded where she was hit
>"Oh my gosh, look at this!" Rainbow points at her injured leg
>The skin of her leg looks flayed away, leaving her discolored flesh exposed
>"This thing went inside your armor?" She pushes. "We should turn back!"
>Fluttershy hangs her head before looking up with determined eyes. "No. I will continue. This is just the first battle we faced. This is what I've been trained for. If I turn back now, how can I claim to be a bringer of light."
>Applejack smiles. "She speaks true. Steel yourselves my friends. These were just beasts we faced. We will fight much worse."
>Her words seem to find support as the others' expressions change and they all once again start walking
>"I'll keep you alive." Roseluck says with a smirk and Fluttershy smiles in return
>Walking through the gloomy and frowsy hallway, you stop in front of another wooden door
>Pushing the door open, Applejack leads the group into an empty room
>Everyone exhales as they allow their muscles to unwind
>There are two more doors out of the room which leaves your group with a choice
>Roseluck and Rainbow crack open the dors, trying to make them squeak as little as possible
>"There is literally nothing here." Rainbow says. "It's just an empty hallway."
>"I think I see a trap." Roseluck informs. "Maybe Rainbow wants to play with it."
>She earns a glare from the highwaywoman

A rather short update, probably the shortest I ever put up, but as you may remember we decided that you guys will have a choice on junctions of the dungeons. Choose wisely.

Sorry for not updating more. I had this weird urge to make youtube videos and I am studying C++ for the next semester.
Hit the character limit.

Luckily I have the system down for video so they won't take much time anymore unless I need to make editing, which I rarely do.
Good premise.
I wonder how Ponk would react since she doesn't find the Comedian funny.
Shit meant for this.
>Windblight Ganon
God damn it I'm still only up to the Goron and Zora Divine Beasts. Probably 'cause I'm obessed with getting EVERY spirit orb, korok seed, fully upgraded armor set, and picture for the Hyrule Compendium in the Sheikah Slate, in addition to completing EVERY shrine, shrine quest and side quest.
I have 12 Heart Containers and 2 Stamina Circles yet no Master Sword.

I might have a problem lmao
More Black Cat Anon when?
Will Have Drunk Sunset posted in a couple of hours
N I C E.
Drunk Spider Girl a cute.
Praise the madman, PRAISE!
I bet she is fingering her to the beat of the music.
Anyone else remember the old Bathhouse threads, with Anon getting a Blowjob from Lemon to the beat of the music? Good times.
Got any more Madman?
I'd be more interested in Rorschach Anon. Comedian gives too many opportunities to turn into "let's see how many crazy and wacky ideas I can write before the sex scene today". I imagine Rorschach Anon's insanity and social issues could be funny in their own way while keeping the story grounded and even relateable.
Most likely next week.
I had my fun bathing in my newfound surplus of free-time, but now it's time to write apehorsespider manuscripts.
File: 1454054056605.png (742 KB, 1765x1468)
742 KB
742 KB PNG
>Lemon has another target; Spider-Woman and that little boytoy she brings around.
File: 1499649972996.png (922 KB, 3120x4160)
922 KB
922 KB PNG
>"Y'know Anon the that suit isn't the only one Rarity made for me."
I would join that Hellion so hard...

But boys, you need to choose a direction for the party to push on.
Drunk Spider Sunset rime.

>It’s the middle of the night and you’re watching the news.
>That means you’re Anon.
>You’ve been going through all of the things you need to carry out your plan.
>It was going as smooth as it possibly could for you.
>You had various clips and the program you need to bring the plan to life.
“I just need a little more to complete it,” you muttered, looking at your progress and seeing that there was still room for more.
>This left you in a bit of a pickle since you wanted to make this as long as possible.
>The problem was that Sunset needed to be drunk for that to happen and you’re sure that she wasn’t meeting with anyone tonight.
>While getting up to stretch, you heard a tapping on the living room window.
>Shaking your head, you walked towards the window and opened it so the next part of the story can happen.
>A red and black hand grabbed the window, showing you that it was obviously Sunset returning.
>Unless it was those clones again then it might get sexy strange.
>Luckily, or unluckily depending on the view point, it was just Sunset crawling through the window.
>The surprising thing was that she had Matterhorn, aka Twilight Sparkle, on her back as the two toppled to the floor in giggling fits.
>Crouching down to help them, your nose caught a distinct smell of alcohol lingering off them.
>They’ve been drinking which meant that they might possibly be on the news momentarily.
>Good thing you set up everything to record.
“Had fun, Sunny?” you inquired, helping your girlfriend to her feet.
> “Sure did and Twiley is gonna stay over,” Sunset slurred, leaning on your shoulder.
> “Sleepover time,” Twilight giggled, standing up and wrapping her arms around your waist.
“Yeah yeah. Let’s get you girls to bed,” you suggested, carrying the heroes into your bedroom.
>Once inside, you pulled the covers aside and laid the two on the bed.
>You were wondering if you should remove their suits, but decided not to.
>At the very least you removed their masks and covered them up with the bed sheets.
>You watched as the cuddled each other, making you a little jealous that it wasn’t you in between them.
>With that taken care of, you quietly left the room and returned to the living room to see the news was on.
> “Spider-Woman continues to appear fighting evildoers in the most unconventional ways. We have video proof of what transpired mere minutes ago from one lucky citizen,” the reporter explain, the video taking up the screen which almost caused you to laugh out loud.
>On the screen was a drunk Sunset, in her Spider-Woman outfit, sloppily dancing around a downed Songbird and Psylocke.
>Her dance partner was an equally drunk Twilight in her Matterhorn outfit.
> “This is the way we beat the bad girls. Beat the bad girls. Beat the bad girls. This is the way we beat the bad girls so late at night,” the heroes sang, circling around their foes.
> “These are the ones who defeated us?” Songbird grumbled, blowing her white hair out of her face and away from her glasses.
> “They beat us fair and square,” Psylocke began, “BUT DID IT HAVE TO BE THESE TWO PAIN IN THE ASSES.”
>The camera shook while Sunset and Twilight stopped their dancing and got on either side of Psylocke.
> “You want a pain in the ass? We’ll give you a pain in the ass,” Sunset uttered, grabbing the downed villain and placing her over her knees.
> “What’re you doing?” Psylocke wondered, trying to kick the heroes away.
>Her efforts were futile as Matterhorn raised her hand and…
>Bought her hand down on Psylocke’s ass.
> “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” Psylocke screamed, desperately trying to break out of Spider-Woman’s grasp.
>This went on for a while as Psylocke’s screaming death threats turned into sexualized moans as she begged for more.
> “What’s my name?” Spider-Woman and Matterhorn questioned, watching the villain squirm.
> “Spider-Woman and Matterhorn,” Psylocke moaned, wiggling in Sunset’s lap.
>That answered earned her another smack on the ass.
> “Got that right,” Spider-Woman cheered, dumping the aroused yet humiliated villain next to her companion.
>Psylocke groaned while Songbird just stared at her.
> “I don’t know you anymore,” Songbird sighed, looking away from her abused comrade.
>With their enemy defeated, the two heroes started to do the macarena in celebration.
>At this point, you were equal parts aroused and confused which was unsettling.
>Luckily it didn’t take long for something stupid to happen as Matterhorn started to float while Spider-woman fell down.
> “I’ve fallen and I can’t see,” Spider-Woman slurred, her face in the ground as Matterhorn tried to swim back to the ground.
>That alone might be on your top five list.
>Muffling your laughter so you don’t wake your guests, you watched as the two got up and looked at the cameraman.
> “This is what you get when you mess with the Spider-Momma,” Spider-Woman yelled, pointing at herself.
> “But your name’s Spider-Woman,” a random person mentioned.
>Spider-Woman or Momma just looked at the guy and pointed at him threateningly like some evil monkey.
> “I’ll remember this,” Spider-Whatever yelled, shooting a webline and began swinging away.
>The cameraman zoomed in to see Matterhorn tried to swim after Spider-Whatever.
> “Wait for me, Spidey,” Matterhorn yelled, breast stroking through the air trying to catch up to her friend.
>She didn’t have to go far since Spider-Woman came back and grabbed her before swinging away.
>With the heroes gone, the cameraman turned back to the captured villains to see them watching the whole spectacle with wide eyes.
>That ended the news causing you to turn off the TV and flop on the couch.
>You don’t know what you’re gonna do with that clip, but you’ll figure it out in the morning.
>All you wanted to do was sleep right now, but that proved to be a bit difficult since you saw Sunset having a threesome every time you closed your eyes.

Ok so this wasn't as funny as i wanted it to be, but i still have a few more part to this before it ends.
It was pretty funny. Spanking was a good touch. Nice read.
Thanks. I wanted there to be a strange arousing part in this story and it was either Sunset molesting a villain or Spanking
I wonder if the villain that Sunset groped and spanked is now questioning her sexuality.
You'll have to wait for the next update to see
Can't wait. Is it later tonight or some other time?
Tomorrow if I can get it started in the morning
S-sunny please
>Sunset will never power bottom you while wearing her 'other' suit.
What do you mean?
File: 1475447948929.jpg (160 KB, 646x584)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>Un-Unf...."sweating intensifies"
>All you wanted to do was sleep right now, but that proved to be a bit difficult since you saw Sunset having a threesome every time you closed your eyes.
Exactly, fuck, Fuck them long and hard while they are drunk so they taste you in the morning. How they do so is up to the party girls in question.
And the golden apple of both came and gave you inspiration, Bravo sir, bravo.
Welp, my brain is gone, be back soon.

>She whips out her cherry red flip phone and shakily dials the correct number.
>The police arrive in a short twenty four minutes, all geared up and ready to apprehend the sorry criminal slime.
>The blaring sirens of their black and white cruisers assault your ears.
>Subatomic Sam rolls up along the street.
>Little Johnny, the adorable rookie he is, is leaning out the passenger window cheering about another bozo off the street.
>”Another one for Captain Canterlot,” he shouts.
“Good afternoon, boys.”
>You reach down and grab the black man by his wrist.
>He groans as you drag him along the damp alley ground and toss him to the feet of the police.
>They cuff him up and none too gently shove him into the back of the cruiser.
“Another day another crime stopped.”
>”That’s right, Cap. Hey, you’ve been working hard. You want to grab a drink with us after work?”
“Sorry, fellow citizens, but this Captain doesn’t drink.”
>”That’s fair.”
>”I drink a lot. My wife says it’s a real problem.”
>”You can’t just drop that kind of stuff on someone, man.”
>”I can’t drop the bottle either.”
“That is quite the burden to carry. I know a few self help groups that could lighten the load on your shoulders. Why don’t you come on with me, son?”
>”Gosh, you mean it, Cap?”
“Alcoholics Incognito is just around the corner. Let’s go; I’ll put in a good word for you.”
>Subatomic Smith holds out his hand.
>You grab it and give him a firm shake, then pull him close against you.
>The both you wrap your arms around each other and begin the short stroll, leaving Little Johnny with the newly apprehended scum.
>Soon enough, you reach Alcoholics Incognito.
>”Wow, it really was just around the corner.”
>Subatomic Scott makes way for the front door.

>After forfeiting his twenty seven bottles of various alcoholic substances to the suited man guarding the building, Subatomic Sean enters and disappears from your sight, leaving you with nothing but a thumbs up before the doors shut.
>It’s starting to get late now, so you ramp up your pace to cover as much of the city as you can before the night comes.
>Several times, you happen upon small time crimes. All it takes to stop them is a stern talk and a slap on the wrist.
>Finally, the sun sets and delivers the city unto darkness.
>You didn’t mean that how it sounded.
>All you mean is that school is definitely out by now and most people are making their way off the streets.
>A large number of businesses have closed up for the day too, leaving only a few night clubs, the pharmacies, the corner store, an adult video shop, the McDonurado’s, and of course, Sugarcube Corner.
>The dull blue street lights lining the path keep you company as you trot along the cracked sidewalks of Canterlot.
>The center for confectionary creations stands tall, pink, and waiting.
>Its doors hide nothing of the inside from you.
>Beyond the glass, you can see the herd of teenage girls chatting absently about something or other in the back corner.
>It’s probably boys or schoolwork if you remember your high school days well enough.
>The poor things are probably stressed about their finals.
>You push open the door and enter, chest puffed out.
>”And then he just cut its neck open with an axe. It was pretty cool.”
>”Wow, Sunset, you sure went on some neat adventures in Equestria.”
>”Don’t even get me started on what he did to the hydra. That was something else!”
>Ah, it’s not schoolwork.
>They’re talking about video games.
>Whatever one they’re on about though sounds pretty violent.

“Hello, ladies,” you announce so as to alert them to another presence in the room.
>It wouldn’t be right to stand there while they talked about their personal lives, oblivious to an extra ear.
>The group, collected on a small sampling of chairs and couches resembling a coffee shop from the early 90s, jerk their heads in your direction.
>”You’re earlier than I expected,” shouts Pinkie Pie, scrambling off the fluffy looking couch and for the kitchen.
>Metal bangs against metal just beyond the wall.
>A large part of you wonders what she’s doing back there.
>An even bigger part mulls over what to say next.
>Now, you came in here knowing full well what you were going to talk about.
>Of course being in the situation is different.
>If they were kids or adults, it would be easy. They’re so simple.
>Teenagers are a different story entirely. It’s been a while since you were one, but even you remember how chaotic their minds can be.
>Look, just ease into things.
>They seem to be moderately intelligent on the surface, and given the types of people that this beautiful city can run through its school system, they’re probably even smarter and more vibrant on the inside.
“So, tell me. How did you all come across these powers?”
>Oh, well that answers that. Moving on.
>Wait, magic?

“Silly girls, magic isn’t real. You must be mixing up pseudoscience and alien technology with the forces of fantasy. So what was it? Is there a chemical spill I should know about or did Dr. Van Schliffenstein get out again?”
>”No, it was magic.”
>You can’t help but let out a hefty laugh.
>Ah, the stories teenagers weave.
>Next they’ll be telling you their phones run on magic.
>Oh, no, it’ll be a set of journals magically connected to one another so that whatever is written in one appears in all of them.
>”What’s so funny?” prods the blue one.
>”Do you doubt us?”
“No, not at all. I just think it’s pretty gosh darn funny how well you’re sticking to this joke. Why, with the serious looks on your faces, I might have thought it was true if I weren’t absolutely 100% sure that magic doesn’t exist.”
>”She’s a horse from another dimension and I have a split personality that wants to rip apart the fabric of the universe,” states Midnight.
“Oh, so it was interdimensional shenanigans again. Darn those space pirates. How many times do I have to tell them to stop messing with the space-time continuum?”
>”No, it’s not the space pirate hordes from Planet 9. It’s magic.”
“You keep saying that word.”
>Just then, Pinkie Pie reappears from the kitchen.
>In her hands is a tray of some golden brown chocolate chip cookies, still smoking even.
>”Sorry I’m late. I didn’t have long to prepare them!”
>Oh gosh.
>Yesterday was your cheat day, but those cookies do look good.
>”Help yourself, Captain!”
>Her smiling pink face gets scarily close to yours as she shoves the hot pan against your chest.
>Well, she is offering.
>As a guest, it would be rude to refuse.

>You lift your hand and scrape a little morsel off the baking apparatus.
>Its heavenly, sugary smell wafts into your nose.
>The scent grabs you and pulls you forward until your open mouth closes around the crumbly yet gooey treat.
>Your eyes widen as the full taste hits you.
>Melted chocolate combined with perfectly mixed dough assaults your tongue.
>”Do you like it?”
“Like it? Why, it’s…”
>Magically delicious…
>”Yeah, you see now?”
>The smugness on Zap’s face, no matter how pure and filtered it is, cannot detract from the wizardry that is this cookie.
>You could melt right now if this skin tight spandex suit wasn’t holding your chiseled muscles together.
>”So that answers one question, I guess.”
You have to finish chewing before you can answer Miss Conception.
>Actually, before that, you have to take that tray of cookies from Pinkie Pie.
>She’s happy enough to hand it to you and goes back to sit next to her friends.
“I have many questions about magic, but let’s continue on with the initial probing first.”
>They all nod as you pick up another cookie and hold it close to your lips.
”I’d like to know your reasons. Why are you engaging in heroics? Why would a bunch of high school girls throw on such revealing suits and march right out into danger like you lot?”
>Their answers better not be fame and fortune.
>You can roll with a lot of motives, but the type of selfishness inherent in those hungering for fame and fortune always leads to tragedy.
>A few of them shrug.
>”Wayll shee-oot, ah dun didn’ e’er think y’all wah gonna ask ‘at sorta question. Ah jus’ dun diddy thought ’at people ‘a go’n do this sorta thang ‘cus it’s the raght thang ‘a do.”

>”She means that with great power comes great responsibility, and because we’ve all been chosen by the magical stones of the great forest from beyond, it’s our duties to protect others.”
“Well why didn’t she just say that.”
>”Ah did, more ‘r less.”
“I appreciate the translation, Midnight.”

>”Please, Twilight will do. Twilight Sparkle.”
>”And I’m Rainbow Dash, but you can call me your number one fan.”
>”That’s Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy. I’m Sunset Shimmer.”
“And I assume that your motives, young ladies, match that of Applejack and Twilight.”
>”Sure do!”
>You take a bite of another cookie, soon realizing that half of the dozen is now gone.
>Curses. You’re going to have to run an extra ten miles tomorrow to burn this off.
>Well, they didn’t get their powers from some shady deal with otherworlders, they’re all in the game for selfless reasons, and everyone is of age.
>That’s about all you wanted to cover.
>Yep, nothing else at all.
>You scarf down another cookie as you scan over the girls.
>Your eyes land on Zap, er, Rainbow Dash, and you squint.
>Something is off about her.
>Great galaxies, how could you forget?
“Rainbow Dash, you’re underage.”
>Her gaze drifts to the floor.
“By how much?”
>She mumbles something, toying with the furs of the carpet her keister is planted on.
“My power isn’t super hearing. Speak up, young lady.”
>”Three months.”
>”Rainbow Dash.”
>”Three and a half,” she snarls at her friend.
“Oh, well that’s not so bad at all. Three and a halfs months is child’s play.”
>Your eyebrow dance doesn’t lift her spirits.

“Look, I’m not saying you have to stop crime fighting. You just have to postpone it. In another three and a half months, feel free to join your friends.”
>”But why can’t I do it now? Manehattan has, like, eight teenage super heroes!”
“Manehattan is the farthest thing from an example of good ethics. As long as I’m on these streets, there shall be no costumed minors putting themselves in harm’s way. The second you’re old enough to vote is the second I trust that decision to you. Until then, you’ll just have to listen to the Back Alley Boys while your friends are out beating up muscular fellows twice their age.”

>”But that’s not fair!”
“It doesn’t matter if it’s fair. What matters is that it’s right and as long as it’s right, it’s the only reason you need.”
>The other girls nod as-a-matter-of-factly.
>Pinkie even taps Rainbow Dash on the nose, covering it in frosting.
>With the essentials settled, you remove the shield from your back and set it down on the floor, bulge up, so as to sit down on it.
>Criss cross applesauce, of course, as is the most polite way to sit.
“Now that that’s all out of the way, I must admit I’m rather curious about magic. I have a few minutes before bedtime, so please, do enlighten me.”
>Apart from small anecdotal bits thrown in by a few girls, the only ones to really speak at length about it are Sunset and Twilight.
>Twilight seems to have it down to a science, breaking down the most complicated magical theorems into numbers and probabilities.
>Sunset, on the other hand, is much more romantic with her approach.
>What comes out of her mouth sounds more like what one would find in a children’s book.
>In a cute way, though. You didn’t mean it as an insult.

>You understand how some people may take it as such, but all you meant was that she’s very passionate in the same way that a children’s book filled with fantastical pictures paints a whole world for any wide-eyed young boy sitting in a cardboard box for a bed wondering why his daddy won’t stop drinking for one night to take the time to congratulate him on winning the school art show and instead threw the whole thing away and sent him into his room without dinner or a hug again for the twelfth week in a row.

>And on that note…
“I think it’s time for me to go.”
>You place your hands firmly on your knees and stand up, wiping yourself off in the process.
>”Oh golly gee, already?”
>”Gosh, that sure does stink. I almost had the second batch of cookies done.”
>You smile and pet the pink poof on her sticky, sugary head.
“Next time, young lady.”
>”You mean you’ll come back?”
“Well, I meant when I see you on the stre--”
>”No way, we get to hang out with Captain Canterlot again?”
“No, that’s not what I--”
>”This is the best day ever!”
>”I’m going to wear my good shoes!”
>”I’m going to change my shoes!”
>”Ah maght jus’ haft’a hootin’ hog tah mah Winni-fred ‘n bring’er along one naght jus’ so y’all ‘ken hoe down hee haw rattler snakes doggie.”
>”She means she’s excited Cap will come back.”
“I never said that…”
>You scan their starry faces.
>Oh gosh, they do look pretty happy.
“I never said that...I wouldn’t come back. Because I will.”
“Yes, full of awe. Well, goodnight, young ladies. Justice never rests, but we fleshy mortals must, even those with skin as tight as mine.”
>Before they can say anything else, you dart out the door and book it for your apartment.
>Oh, Anonymous, what have you gotten yourself into?

And that's it for this one. Hoh boy, that took a lot longer than it should have. I guess as an apology, I should drop this fully updated pastebin and hope nobody is mad https://pastebin.com/av18B6BZ
File: Spoiler Image (40 KB, 480x115)
40 KB
>Anon and Sunset go to lunch with her friends the day after.
>For some "reason" Anon can't walk straight and the girls can hear the crunch of ice in his pants every time he moves.
>Rainbow gives Sunset a fist bump while the other girls blush after realizing what the ice pack is for.
>Except for Pinkie who has ascended above space and time due to a sugar high.
Nice to see you back. It's always good to see a wall of green.
File: WAKE ME UP.jpg (60 KB, 412x627)
60 KB
>need to sleep because I have an exam tomorrow
>Sea updates
File: snakepft.png (18 KB, 195x172)
18 KB
>>”And then he just cut its neck open with an axe. It was pretty cool.”
>>”Wow, Sunset, you sure went on some neat adventures in Equestria.”
>>”Don’t even get me started on what he did to the hydra. That was something else!”
Is this a Sea Urchin reference!?
I can imagine Sweet humping Lemon's hand as she fingerblasts her.
Which way do you want the party to go? We decided that it was up to the thread. There is a junction, the way Roseluck scouted or the way Rainbow scouted. Which one do you choose?
Hmm, well, Rainbow will likely lead us to better loot, but Roseluck will be more keen on trying to keep the party's collective limbs attached... let's follow the slightly more sane lady.
Ehhh, since we are playing this as the game, as well as possible without going to the /Qst/ thread anyways, so lets go with this>>30488604
So Roseluck, right?
>the two heroes started to do the macarena in celebration.
I would honestly pay money to see a drunk Sunset and Twilight do that.
Same here
File: lickylick.gif (1.95 MB, 418x419)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
I am both honored and frightened by this. Though I have some interesting art ideas now for thread.
Marvel: Let's stop being SJW with Secret Empire
DC: hmm... Marvel was SJW, let's try that


“We know Joker's a genius, we know he's relentless, and we know he can play the crowd, so why not make him a politician?” said Murphy in DC's press release. “Why not strip away the psychosis (the thing that's holding him back) and let him challenge Batman unimpeded? And to make it even scarier, what if he did it legally and without breaking any rules, so that Batman couldn't stop him?”
>"Let's take the Joker...and make him not the Joker anymore. And let's remove literally the one shred of suspended disbelief. And then, hold on...let's do it the same way as Marvel did when their sales started dropping like leftists when faced with real world issues. That will totally be the best comic ever."
>A streak of yellow shoots towards Midnight- no.
>You only realize what has happens after it had already passed.
>Midnight is swept from her feet.
>Before she hits the ground the wind is knocked out of you as well.
>Your vision blurs as you start to speed backwards.
>What’s going- oh.
>Fleetfoot, who had grabbed a hold of you starts slowing down and lets you go lightly to stand on your own again.
>You recognize the color, and that particular power.
>At super-speed Fleetfoot had tripped Midnight and carried you out of harms way.
>From her perspective at least.
>You shake your head, this had been an unpleasant experience
>Your new surroundings were behind one of the ‘landed’ air carriages.
>“Princess Sparkle secure,” Fleetfoot informs the others.
>As soon as you manage to stand by yourself again you move around the carriage to look for Midnight again.
>She too just got up again and has taken to the air.
“No! Don’t do anything to her, I was just about to get through to–”
>A shot rings out.
>Midnight twists around in the air and drops again.
>“Confirmed hit,” you hear from the top of the carriage.
>Kara was laying on her belly before a long thin tube – no, it was one of their weapons.
>A weapon which looks significantly bigger than any of theirs you had seen so far.
“No!”, you shout.
>Worried, you look over to Midnight again who was holding her side, and examining something in her hands.
>She was too far away for you to see anything properly.
>“It was just a tranquilizer, Princess, don’t worry.”
“You don’t understand. Midnight, she is–“
>In a flash Midnight teleports– straight towards you.
>Having figured out from where the projectile came she chose not to retreat but to attack further.
>Her hands are ignited in a purple aura.
>They wrap around your throat before you had much of a chance to defend yourself.
>You can feel poison and fire elements imbued into her hands.
>The poison clouds your mind.
>The fire chars the wound.
>Healing won’t be easy.
>You had been wrong.
>She is going for the kill.
>You flare out some energy and throw her off you.
>Her ascend was quickly stopped by the ceiling and she comes down on you again.
>As she hits you, you lose the rest of the air in your lungs.
>Your throat burns, but at least you know where that sensation originates.
>Your head, however...
>When did you hit your-
>You’re lying on the floor.
>A floor.
>Not some muddy lake bed.
>You look around hazily, taking in your surroundings.
>Through the pounding pain in your head you still manage to figure that Midnight had teleported the two of you away.
>And she is...
>Knocked out.
>Not good...
>Nothing about this situation is good.
>You’re poisoned and burned, you can’t breathe.
>Not your forte.
>Starlight is so much better at healing magic than you are.
>But avoiding death is a good motivator to bundle the rest of your energies.
>This time nobody will come for you.
>With your magic you pick apart the poison and recreate the scarred tissue.
>As soon as your throat allows it you enter a coughing fit.
>You don’t want to die in a bloody workshop.
>You’re not going to anymore, you know that.
>But through your coughs you only get tiny bits of air which keeps you barely on the edge of suffocation.
>By the time you finally manage to get your airways free you were drained of all the energy left in you and darkness envelopes you like a nice comforting blanket.
I swear every 5 years or so they change quality.
>DC fucks up, Marvel comes out with Ultimate Alliance and Wolverine Unchained.
>5 years later
>Marvel fucks up DC makes good animation and Arkham comes out.
>5 years later.
DC fucks up.
File: 1499707897110.png (1.08 MB, 1200x1800)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
*cough* *cough*
You're the good shit, my friend.
You'll always be 'hip' to me
I was the one who uploaded it look at the filename and time. 1 minute apart roughly.
Take that stick out your ass and stop being assmad.
So...is it a swimsuit, or a sexy "uniform" that Rarity made for Sunset in her spare time?
Rarity knows that a girl needs to have "fun" and impress her man.
Yes that is understandable, even expected, still doesn't explain what it is though. Which is the primary concern for my autism. I am supposed to be getting off to a Swimset, or a Schoolset?
Why not both?
File: Spoiler Image (3.36 MB, 1000x1240)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB GIF
That'll do.
Wow someone who actually has some common sense to cross link.
File: outage map.jpg (40 KB, 770x449)
40 KB
Spectrum shit itself.
File: 1497328214000.png (1.31 MB, 5377x5571)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Sunset's little mannerisms are so cute.
What's your point the exact same thing was done here>>30482697, uploaded in the Shimmer thread then linked here. The only difference is one decided to post the image a second time rather than more efficiently linking to it. Why take the extra time to upload again and use an image when the same can be done by linking?
Why do you care so much when it doesn't matter? Its a sexy horsegirl pic, enjoy it.
See? Mister Trips gets it.
Stop being an autist just let people upload pics.
And I know people in this thread don't visit/like the Sunset thread, I don't blame them. So I want to show Anons pics or art that they might not have a chance to see.
Just gonna drop this here before work.
File: 1499622028221.jpg (173 KB, 1024x516)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Is there a Civil War brewing between Beans and Untitled?
>implying we were on the same team to begin with
Whoever wins, we all lose
this isn't game of thrones
File: 1499708533513.png (209 KB, 800x900)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
It wasn't a game of thrones reference you dunce
>"Any second my friends are going to bust me out."
"Do you still hear the screaming of the lambs, Clarice?"
"Have you even danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" Twilight wondered, looking you in the eyes.
"No I haven't."
> "Then we'll have a hell of a time," Twilight explained, her glasses becoming blue flames as wings sprout from her bsck.
>Twilight was never the same after the kidnapping case she investigated three years ago.
The man is a meme machine and a pedo.
After the events of Mirror Magic, Starlight is staying in the human world for a few days which begs the question. Will she stay at Sunset and Anon's apartment? If so would Sunset tell Starlight about her spider powers or not?
File: image.jpg (26 KB, 1280x720)
26 KB
"I swear, I'll find a way to prove your innocence"
>That smug ass smile.
She knows exactly what she did.
>DC: Let's make The Joker into old school Lex Luthor!
I wonder why Twi is in prison in the first place?
File: wew bby.jpg (33 KB, 512x443)
33 KB
W-was getting caught part of her plan?
File: Spoiler Image (71 KB, 350x350)
71 KB
Who kills a mare before putting her in the electric chair?
I hate myself.
Gonna post Drunk Sunset in the morning. Almost done with the update but need to go over some of it
That kinda works since Sunset's VA plays characters on multiple animes.
File: good job anon.gif (989 KB, 250x188)
989 KB
989 KB GIF
I know I'm late but still. Thanks for the update m80
Yeah just want to make sure it's good before posting
>It’s the end of the next day and you’re still Anon.
>What else is new?
>Well there’s plenty of things that happened since Sunset’s last night adventure.
>Sunset seemed to be quiet about something as the day went on.
>If you were a betting guy, and thank god you’re not, she must have remembered most of the night.
>Whatever she remembered, it made the plan even sweeter to finish.
>You could practically taste it and you’re not gonna stop until you get a bite of the main course.
>These food analogies are starting to make you hungry.
>Thankfully your dinner was almost done cooking.
>Dishing the proper portion, you gazed at your masterpiece of a dinner.
>Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken with cheesy penne pasta and broccoli.
>One of the best meals you've made to this day.
>Taking the time to cut up your meal, you heard the news jingle that signaled that there was an emergency of some sort.
“The one time I didn't want to the news to happen,” you grumbled, walking into the living room to see the news anchor on the TV.
> “Breaking news. We received word from the local authorities that a bank is being robbed as we speak,” the new anchor explained, looking at the camera with a forced smile.
>The image changed to a simple looking bank with police cruisers forming a barrier around it.
>You ate your dinner while watching the show unfold.
>It didn’t take long for a bunch of robbers being flung out the entrance doors, one by one.
>The next to exit the bank was obviously Spider-Woman, aka your girlfriend Sunset.
>It was the way she exited was surprisingly funny as she moonwalked towards the downed robbers.
>Once she was within a couple of feet near the robber pile, Spider-Woman spun around twice then grabbed her crotch in the process.
>It took all your willpower to keep yourself from laughing while you ate.
>With her impression of a dead king of pop done, one of the robbers got up and pulled out a knife.
> “That’s it? A wittle knife against me?” Spider-Woman mocked, swaying from side to side while pointing at the weapon.
>The robber, in his infinite knowledge, leaped at Spider-Woman with the knife raised.
>Spider-Woman just stood there all relaxed and drunk as the robber got closer and closer to her.
>Suddenly the robber was thrown away from her by a very unlikely person.
>Psylocke in her blue unitard like outfit and katana strapped to her waist.
“Wasn’t expecting that,” you confessed, taking another bite of chicken.
>The once defeated villain unleashed a barrage of energy blasts, hitting each robber and knocking them out.
> “Woooooo. Girl Power,” Spider-Woman cheered, jumping up and down as her assets drew your attention.
>Guess Sunset doesn't wear bras under her suit.
>Good to know.
>After her little cheer, Spider-Woman rushed over to Psylocke and hugged her from behind.
>Her hands landing on Psylocke’s chest causing said woman to blush.
> “Could you lower your hands, Spider-Woman?” Psylocke questioned, her blush getting more clear as time went on. “It's getting a bit annoying you fucking tease.”
> “But this is how Girl Power says hello to its members,” Spider-Woman gushed, groping the breasts with vigor.
>This was getting a bit unusual as you began to wonder if Sunset was bisexual or not or if it was the beer she drinks.
>One of Spider-Woman’s hands lets go of Psylocke while sliding down her body, towards her hip and slaps it.
>You decided not to question Sunset’s sexuality anymore.
>Too much of a headache.
> “But I'm not a member of, um, Girl Power,” Psylocke stuttered, trying to break free of Spider-Woman’s grasp.
>This was looking very familiar to you as Spider-Woman squeezed Psylocke a little too tight.
> “If you’re not a part of Girl Power,” Spider-Woman began, flipping her captive onto her knees.
> “THEN IT MEANS YOU’RE AGAINST ME,” Spider-Woman yelled, slapping Psylocke’s ass.
>This was the exact same thing that happened the other night, except Spider-Woman was doing the slapping while Psylocke begged for more.
>This went on for awhile as Spider-Woman went from slapping the ass to using it like a bongo.
> “I don’t blame you for trying to sneak into my club. It's just natural that you want to join the best thing in the world. I would do the same thing in your shoes and I did when i was a wee lass. But that’s in the past, now we need to commence your initiation,” Spider-Woman slurred, pulling out her cellphone and dialing a number.
>You watch as Spider-Woman sat there with a moaning girl in her lap while she had a phone in her hand.
>That painted quiet the image in your head, but you couldn’t understand what you were seeing.
>Spider-Woman didn’t have to wait long as the person on the other end yelled, “HHHHHIIIIIIII.”
> “HEEEEYYY, I need your help to bring a new member to our group,” Spider-Woman slurred, sitting like nothing was wrong or out of the ordinary.
>In the very next second, Filli Second, aka Pinkie Pie, zoomed onto the scene with a drunken smile on her face.
> “What’cha need, Spidey?” Filli wondered, “Does it involve this meanie?”
> “She wants to join us and not be a meanie anymore. We need…. The Stuff,” Spider-Woman mentioned, leaning forward a little bit.
>Filli gave Spider-Woman a sloppy salute while her friend stood up with Psylocke in her arms.
> “Got it. TO THE STORE,” Filli yelled dramatically, posing like a cheezy hero.
>The group ran and webswinged away as the image returns to the news reporter, causing you to turn off the TV.
>With that out of the way, you started to walk back to the kitchen to clean up when you heard someone knocking on the door.
>You made a uturn, wondering who could that be at a time like this.
>Once you reached the door, you opened it ready to tell the person that you weren’t interested in what they were selling.
>It happened too fast as you found yourself looking at the ceiling with someone laying on your body.
>Looking down, you saw that your attacker was Filli Second, Spider-Woman and Psylocke.
>All of whom were drunk from what you could tell.
> “Sleepytime,” the three girls muttered, snuggling into you.
>Spider-Woman used her web to close the door as they all feel asleep.

New update and it's 1 step closer to ending
Who's Psylocke?
She is the 90s.
Psylocke is Sour Sweet.
Was gonna make Psylocke Sunny Flare but figured that being Morrigan in C.A.P.E.S. was good enough
Makes sense. So I assume Songbird is Sugarcoat?
Yup. I just made her that just for the hell of it.
Is she going to join "girl power" too?
I wonder how Sour Sweet would react once waking up?
Possible on her joining. I'm just having a ball when writing this shit.
She might like it since Sunset explained a few things to her. Plus would you turn down someone who can cook?
I think it would be funny if Sour freaks out on Spidy for having a boyfriend.
>"You bitch, I thought what we had was special."
Yeah but then she reluclently agrees when she tastes his food
What happened to Twi?
This is the next day and Twilight left to go home.
She's a lightweight and wasn't feeling good
During the night or did she at least stayed for breakfast?
Gonna post a small thing that'll happen the next day, later
but where are the animals come from?
>Trixie will never take you hostage by threatening Spider-Woman that she is going to "suffocate" her little boytoy if she doesn't back off.
>After some consideration, the group decides to proceed in the direction Roseluck laid out
>Old and rusted trap that Roseluck spotted proofs to be not much of an obstacle as you just walk around it and head for the door ahead
>Carefully walking inside, you are met with a knight standing in the middle of the room
>He makes no moves as your group tenses up, readying for a fight
>A few moments later Applejack motions you to pass the torch and moves closer to the armored figure
>Illuminating fire of the torch reveals an antique knight armor colored brown in some places, a courtesy of passing time and lack of maintanence
>Applejack reaches to wipe some of the dust that covers its shoulder guards
>As she does that it becomes apperant that time treated this insturment of defense even more poorly than it seemed
>You cover your ears as the armor's hold on his sword releases, dropping it on the floor along with its headguard
>Falling metal chimes violently as it bounces on the stone floor, making everyone cringe in discomfort
>When the echoes finally subside, you look toward the knightess and see a pale white light around her
>Light slowly fades away as she turn back to the group. "You were right, Sir Anonymous." She says. "Your ancestors do want to help us. Even beyond the veil of death."
>"What just happened?" Rainbow asks with concern
>"We are protected." Applejack answers. "Even in this darkness, there are spirits that watch over us."
>"I don't believe in such superstition." Roseluck comments. "But it is a comforting thought nonetheless."
>"Sacred Light touches every heart." Fluttershy responds in kind
>"This is all great, but can we find something to kill already?" Rainbow complains as she looks out the exit door. "It's too dark to see anything. We'll go in blind."
>"Still, we will press on." Applejack speaks as she takes the lead once again

Get ready for a fight next time. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Can't wait

Why do i see this as a crazy love triangle thing?
Its Trixie, she likes both of them but has a hard time expressing it properly, one big hostage brawl is the equivalent of asking them out.
>You’re Anon at the moment and you can still feel some pain in your cheek.
>The reason why your cheek hurts is that one of your guests wike up and saw where they were.
>No it wasn't Pinkie
>When she saw the damage, she decided you needed healing cuddles for some reason.
>It did feel nice and made you feel better.
>It was your other guest, Psylocke, that caused you this pain.
>The moment she woke up, she's been doing nothing but ranting, complaining or just insulting you while introducing herself as Sour Sweet
> “I thought what we had was special,” Sour cried, a few tears running down her face.
> “That was the beer talking. I swear,” Sunset explained, tried to while pulling her hair crazily.
“Answer carefully or else you won't get the best ending,” you chuckled, chopping a couple of peppers.
> “You’re not helping,” Sunset groaned, glaring at you.
> “Is breakfast almost ready, Anon,” Pinkie wondered, giving you a happy smile as her stomach grumbled.
“Just another minute or two,” you commented calmly, getting the last few ingredients to finish the omelets.
>You’ve had to deal with some much crazy in the last year or so that nothing really fazes you anymore.
>That made you wonder if you should see a therapist or something.
>Pushing those thoughts aside, you put the finishing touches on everyone's meal and started to place them in front of everyone.
> “Just leave this scrawny shrimp. I can do things that you wouldn't believe,” Sour gushed, looking at the food in front of her cautiously.
> “I'm not leaving him just because you know a few things,” Sunset groaned, putting her head in her hands as you set the food below her.
>In an instant Sunset grabbed her fork and started to eat.
>When you got to Pinkie, she happily took the plate out of your hands while giving you a kiss on the cheek as thanks.
>Shrugging your shoulders, you grab your own plate and start to eat while looking at everyone's reaction.
>Pinkie and Sunset seemed have blissful expressions on their faces, but Sour was looking at the food in confusion.
“It's not gonna bite,” you smirked, watching your guest cut a small piece of the omelet and take a bite.
>Sour’s eyes went wide once the food touched her tongue as the next moment she started to eat like Sunset and Pinkie.
>After a couple of minutes, everyone finished devouring the food as you got up and started to clean up.
> “So that's how you got her,” Sour implied, looking at you.
“Maybe,” you guessed, not really paying attention to this craziness.
> “Then that means you’re my rival,” Sour pointed out, doing a weird pose.
>You couldn’t say anything while trying to figure out what she meant.
> “It all makes sense. You're basically a culinary master, tempting my Spider-Woman with your delicious food and into your clutches. Well two can play this game. I won't rest until I know all your secrets and then I'll sweep sweep Sunset off her feet as you watch in despair,” Sour declared, grabbing the few things she had on her, “You'll see.”
>She left through the front door leaving a horrified Sunset and a giggling Pinkie in her wake.
>You on the other hand.
“Did i trigger an event flag for your ship or mine,” you smirked, looking at Sunset.
>You were enjoying this more than you should.

Another small part done. Kinda liked were i went with this.

I like this idea
>The both you wrap your arms around each other and begin the short stroll
How many Subatomic dudes are here, you changed his last name 4 times already.
>You have to finish chewing before you can answer Miss Conception.
missed a green line.
Eh, Applejack isn't that inept in speech, but seeing as its done as a joke, I can let it slide.
File: unamused twiggles.png (465 KB, 542x525)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
>How many Subatomic dudes are here, you changed his last name 4 times already.
You're kidding, right?
Fuck that sounds tasty.
Unf, poor wittle Psylocke has too play in public, oh the horror...how are the cops not just masturbating right now?
Hnnng, at this point she is just too tired to demand sleep groping, it must be done.
Excellent taste.
>Old and rusted trap that Roseluck spotted proofs to be not much of an obstacle as you just walk around it and head for the door ahead
An* old and rusted trap, proves*
Otherwise its a cool update, we get a buff. Hmmm, what would the cost have been if we went to the fight I wonder?
Well between that post and the previous one he did it four times.
>The reason why your cheek hurts is that one of your guests wike up and saw where they were
> “That was the beer talking. I swear,” Sunset explained, tried to while pulling her hair crazily.
“Answer carefully or else you won't get the best ending,” you chuckled, chopping a couple of peppers.
> “You’re not helping,” Sunset groaned, glaring at you.
Sunset is unconsciously creating a harem in her drunken haze, Pinkie figured it out already is extremely excited to be a part of it. Its not often she finds a guy that snuggles as well as he cooks.
And your execution of the idea is perfect, by the way. Did you watch Food Wars or something?
It is. I mostly like the recipe I found of a Pork chops with bacon, corn and marsala wine

They're professionals, but they will get the videos out of the cameras in their cars later.

Yup plus she'll get her gropes later.

Thank you. I like to try out different ideas.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Yup. Pinkie doesn't mind Since she loves all of her friends. Got that right.

Thanks. I don't watch Food Wars but I do look up recipes from time to time to give me something new to make
Does Anon and Sunset get to have sexy time?
I might work on something but I make no promises
Ah yes, the good ol car cam, lucky those guys got it all in one shot, I bet at this point they have one guy on standby every time they come out to catch the lewd shit.
Soon tm, like Beans soon. Trepp doesn't do smut that often.
But if you do I can assist with it as well.
>Sunset and Anon start making out and stripping each other.
>Sunset looks out the window and sees Sour "Psylocke" Sweet with a boombox.

Oh I want to do lewd. It's just that I can't write it everytime or I get bored too quickly. This is why It's taking me so long to do that Infamous Anon lewd

Fair enough, I cant start lewd for shit, or even get character communication down for it, but by god as my witness I can get some great scenes rolling. And don't worry about the Infamous lewd, most people know you aren't planning to go back to it, so they expect you to get the scene down even less. Your like a better Beans in that regard, where you don't tease it all the time just to turn up with nothing.
And don't thank me for helping, it should be done for everyone, by everyone, or at least as many people as possible, some just don't have that spark though. So its up to us to make everyone happy...which is ironic as this is a superhero thread.
Thanks but I did say in a thread that I'm gonna try and bring back Infamous Anon sooner or later.
Just lost motivation for at the moment
That's cool, you got other fun things going, and we still get Tonic so its not like the big stories are gone. Have a random pic while I clean up my folders.

>You make it to your special alley and disrobe, stuffing Captain Canterlot into the bag and once more donning the title of Anonymous, your average everyday citizen, inconspicuous in every way.
>Once inside your apartment, you toss your bag into the corner of the dusty livingroom and make a beeline for your bed.
>The stiff collection of springs and stuffing beckons to you.
>”Anonymous,” it whispers. “Come sleep. The city needs you tomorrow.”
>Yes, little bed. It is time for sleep indeed.
>You collapse onto it face first, not even bothering with the blankets.
>Your super body needs super sleep to function, so in the next three or four seconds, everything begins to shut down.
>The tenseness in your muscles leaves you in the form of a hot and heavy breath.
>As you loosen up, darkness closes in around you, enveloping your sculpted form and wrapping you in its own cool blanket.
>Lady Sleep steps up to your bed, her mallet of slumber in hand.
>She raises the weapon high over your head, her head, and swings it down, sending you into the land of the unawake.

>It stinks in here.
>You hate it.
>You snarl, bringing a green bottle to your lips.
>It’s the only thing in here not painted red.
>Tipping it back, you guzzle down the last of the golden elixir.
>Once empty, you throw the bottle across the room, shattering it against the red, dripping wall.
>Its shards land on the corpses of this bar’s patrons.
>Outside the establishment, police sirens blare.
>”We have the place surrounded. Come out with your hands up.”
>Hands up?
>You grab a knife and the ex-bartender from behind the counter.
>They want hands? You can arrange that.
Forgetting the name REALLY rustles my jimmies.

>Your eyes shoot open and you push yourself off the bed, sending yourself flying across your tiny bedroom and slamming into the already disheveled wall.
>It cracks against your back, and some of the ceiling falls out from above you, conking you on the noggin.
>Your whole body is covered in sweat that sticks your clothes to your skin.
>You can’t seem to catch your breath either.
>The air passes in and out of your lungs so quickly you almost choke on it.
>Grabbing your chest, you squeeze it tight.
>The iron-like nails of on your fingers cut through your shirt and dig into your flesh.
>It hurts. This isn’t a dream.
>Closing your eyes, you try to form some words and begin to count down from ten to take control of your breathing.
>Your body calms down, and when you reach the number one, you take a deep, cold breath, and exhale, draining your body of the stress.
>It’s fine now, Anon. You’re not in danger.
>Everything is fine.
>Golly, that dream sure was a doozy.
>It must have been all those cookies before bed.
>You know what they say about taking in large amounts of sugar before sleep.
>...Ok, well, you don’t actually know if they say anything about it, but you’re sure that somewhere, someone made the connection and said something.
>If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s at least one person having done something at least once.

>You examine your form and are immediately disgusted by the sweat soaking through your clothing.
>You brush the drywall off your shoulders and begin to strip, pulling the sticky cloth off of your rippling muscles.
>In the safety of your own apartment, going in the nude shouldn’t be a problem.
>After tossing the dirty items into the corner of your bathroom, you begin the morning ritual.
>Another bathroom break, another shower, another personal record, another marathon, another breakfast, another walk out the door, another costume change, and finally, another day on the streets.
>Every single day for more years than you can count on two hands, you’ve done the same routine the same way.
>It’s as simple as breathing. At least, it should be.
>You thought you had settled down from waking up, but you just can’t seem to get comfortable in this skin.
>Maybe you’re just not drinking enough water.
>”Hey there, Cap,” shouts a familiar voice.
>It comes from behind you, so you throw on the biggest smile you can muster and turn around.
“Why hello, Subatomic Simon! How do you do?”
>The uniformed officer breaks into a jog and holds his hand out, which you firmly grasp and give a manly shake to.
>Subatomic Seth uses his free hand to point to a small little badge on his nipple pocket.
>You squint and lean in, getting a better view of it for your super eyes.
>It’s a golden piece of tin with “AI1” written on it.
>”The guys at Alcoholics Incognito gave it to me for my first day. They said I was the worst case they’d ever seen and that I need all the help I can get!”
“Hot dog, good on you!”

>You slap the badge and laugh as he reaches into his pocket.
>The man pulls out a small bottle of whiskey and pops the cap off.
>Your eyes widen as he brings it to his lips.
>Before you can snatch it out of his hand, he stops and looks at you curiously.
>”What’s wrong? Oh, do you want one?”
>Subatomic Stephen rummages around in his other pocket and pulls another, slightly smaller version of his current drink out.
>”Here you go. I’ve got plenty.”
>With your hands on your hips, you give him a stern glare.
>He raises an eyebrow and unscrews the top on the new bottle, then brings that to his mouth too.
>You grab them both and close them up, then put them right into a nearby, city-sanctioned trash receptacle.
>”Hey, what was that for?”
“The badge, my friend.”
>”Oh, right. Silly me.”
“You have to stay on top of this, Subatomic Spencer. Alcoholism is in itself a very dangerous addiction, but what’s worse about it is that it can also be genetic. You have to set a good example for your son, lest he start on the same path. You never know what bomb may be ticking away in his DNA.”
>”Gosh, you’re right. I’m going to go to Alcoholics Anonymous right now and tell them about what just happened. Thanks for saving me, Cap.”
“All in a day’s work, fellow citizen.”
>Subatomic Stan waves to you as he walks away, heading for the very same center of addiction you took him to yesterday.
>What a stand up guy.

>Such a great start to your do-gooding day takes all the negative Nelly emotions from this morning right out of you.
>Your chin, raised as high as your hopes, carries you on down the streets.
>Today, like any other, you stop a few small time crimes and rescue some kids from texting drivers.
“Always look both ways before crossing the streets, kids,” you tell the beaming youngsters.
>The say their thanks and make way back to the sidewalks, leaving you free to chase down that car.
>Not soon after you start, the driver notices you catching up to him and slows down his tiny beige box of a car.
>The window rolls down, revealing a--oh, isn’t that funny?
>”Morning, Captain.”
“Keep on, huh?”
>The round gentleman in the seat tilts his head.
>The entirety of his slicked back hair follows gravity, but not one strand falls out of place in the motion.
“Do you know why I pulled you over, son?”
>”No, I can’t say I do.”
“We both know that’s a lie. I don’t know about you, but I don’t quite like being lied to.”
>Sweat begins to bead on his forehead and his eyes dart to the uPhone 11S sitting in his cup holder.
>The screen flashes, showing a new text message.
“Oh, don’t let me stop you. Go ahead and answer that.”
>”Are you sure?”
“Totally sure,” you draw out. “As long as you’re alright with telling the mother of the next child you hit that you weren’t paying attention to the road because you couldn’t pull over to answer a text.”

>”Aw, gee, Cap, thanks. You’re the man.”
>He reaches for the phone as the buick rolls forward.
>This is some kind of joke, right?
>You grab the door and hold the car in place as the ball of a man leans on the gas pedal.
>”What’s up with the car?”
>He tears his eyes away from the screen long enough to see your hand denting the metal as you keep the roaring vehicle under your control.
>”What’s the big idea, Cap? I thought I was free to go.”
“And I thought sarcasm was a universally understood language. I suppose we were both wrong today.”
>”Oh, so you don’t want me looking at my phone.”
“That’s right. And can you tell me why?”
>”It’s bad for my mileage?”
“It’s a public hazard. You almost ran down two children back there. If I hadn’t been around, you’d be in store for a new red paint job you wouldn’t be able to see for the next ten years.”
>”No way. Really?”
“The law is important, but nothing is as important as a human life. Mind the rules before you end up taking one, or else our next conversation will be in the back of a police cruiser,” you state.
>The man hangs his head and nods.
>”I understand. Sorry for the trouble.”
“Don’t say sorry to me. Just be glad you didn’t hurt anyone yet.”
>”Yeah, yet. That’s it.”
“Alright, then. Have a good day, fellow citizen.”
>You unhand the car, letting him roll along without a worry.
>Before he makes it far, you hear screams in the distance.
>With hairs standing on end, you break into a run toward the sound.

That does it for now. See? Not every update has to be 3 weeks apart. I'll even try for more tomorrow. In the mean time, thanks to any dear readers keeping up on the green. I hope you're all enjoying it. As always, here's a fully updated pastebin https://pastebin.com/av18B6BZ
File: jojojojojojojo.png (302 KB, 578x790)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Thanks for the update negro
>it should be done for everyone, by everyone,
I only rver notice a back and forth between one anon and trepp
Wohm else are you doing this for?
I do it for all the writefags in the thread, unless Untitled beats me too it, I got a job recently so I cant do it as often, and I do it for Alone in Equestria Girls Verse thread too. Actually run the OP and bin list there when a new one is needed to be made. Just not as often there either.
Very true
And folders are set, grabbed every character concept pic I have, aside from a few specific ones.
Is it just me or does it sound weak for what you are trying to convey?
I believe I'm having a "show, don't tell" issue with this section too.
You dryly describe what's happening and not how it feels for the protagonist.
I imagine if I wake up like that (from vision of past life, precognition, ptsd, whatever) the first thing I'd notice is not the sweat but that I can't get air.
First it's "can't catch his breath" then he's "almost chokes"
You gradually increase the severity of his symptoms so it doesn't feel like a big deal.
At first it was fun how he woke up and jumped via superpowers against the wall but when I reached that poing I was not sure how to feel.
We continue with evidence that this isn't the first time this had happened and that we should worry about the protagonist, and then you make fun of it again. (cookies and stuff)
It goes up and down and up and down.
I get that the last part is Anon seemingly being in denial about it and it's the comic relief to defuse the situation again, but it falls flat because we, the readers, didn't really judge the situation as severely as it was.
>unless Untitled beats me too it
Like this, I usually am pretty good at spellchecks for others, but Untitled gets more detailed with his reviews than I do. Also thanks for that check.
>thanks for that check
I was just poking fun at you.
At first I wanted to say that you can review the stuff I have had too.
four eyes see more, but I guess a regular spell/grammar check needs to be done only once, so unless I miss something
and I think what this >>30502171 Anon meant was that treppahcs engages in conversation with you, hence getting ~20 posts related to his story, whereas say... I don't get one on my last update
It does sound weak, but that's on not entirely unintentional. I just got off a heavy story so I'm not really looking to hit any heart strings this time around. Despite popular belief, I don't inject suffering into my veins. I'm just having some fun with capeshit right now, so forgive me if it's not as deep or well thought out as my other pieces. I do appreciate the criticism though. I'll keep it in mind when I go for something serious again.

Although, for conversation's sake, I'll also say I don't agree with one of your points. Personally, if I just woke up from a dream like that, my breathing wouldn't even occur to me. I'm sure my mind would be racing with thoughts of "what the fuck was that?" and "am I safe?". That's not even an issue with your criticism, but more of an issue with your personal taste getting mixed in with objective points. What you're saying is, for the most part, factually correct and could be backed up by any editor or English teacher. Then you start to trail off with your own views which takes some of the umph out of your post because by then it feels more like a review than a critique.
I something for yours...nevermind, your update came out fine. I guess I just forgot to respond to it, this style of reviewing>>30502961
is something I am terrible at unless it is so horrendous that literally everyone is complaining about it too. But if you want to try your style I guess I can give it a go when I got some time and you post another update. Though we usually don't have conversations often, I cant quite put the thought down as to why though.
I thought* I* did* something.
Technically speaking any review is also a critique, it just that people tend to feel about it differently when it does come up. Well as far as I have seen at any rate. Though I suppose that's more the point of anyone focusing on a specific thing that bothered them, which could be something important or just autism getting in the way.
Which is why I have difficulty doing >>30502961
review style and not just spell checks. I tend to focus on odd bits, and have trouble telling if its just me or not.
>Personally, if I just woke up from a dream like that, my breathing wouldn't even occur to me. I'm sure my mind would be racing with thoughts of "what the fuck was that?" and "am I safe?"
Yes, yes. But of all the physical senses I would immediately notice a lack of air than a surplus of sweat.
And yes, anything I say is through the lense of my opinion and personal tastes. I really shouldn't have made a claim like "we, the readers," that was bullshit on my part.

in any case, thank you for your service
I personally see a difference between a review and a critique. I feel like a review is a more personal description of a work from somebody's point of view whereas a critique is an objective description, like how movie reviews are people talking about what they liked and didn't like about a movie as opposed to a coach critiquing their fighter's form so they don't leave themselves open in a match. To each their own, though. I'm not trying to attack your posts or anything. I'm just...reviewing them.
Oh that's fine, I didn't see it as attacking, just critiquing. I do this thing for writers so its expected to be corrected every now and again. Its kind of why I usually focus on spellchecks than anything else, unless I can help think of a way to help the story or ask where its going. Then provide ideas on that if needed.
No prob, I just fixed my on explanation here>>30503075
so its cool. Its kind of like when talking with Trepp or just anyone in general about silly ideas. Like the time with lewd Pinkie Speed Girlfriend subconsciously training Anon into getting turned on before she comes home with a new girl to "help" into the apartment complex, or the time we had the Eldritch marathon, or the DS thing last thread.
We could always use silly ideas for the thread
File: 1461453331888.png (681 KB, 600x700)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
Which brings me to the next topic of my day before I go to bed and get rested for work. I am thinking about writing for the thread again, and I need something to do my writing on or at least something to get it down on. My computer cant handle the updates to be useful for anything to be downloaded, so something simple would be appreciated. If it doesn't work out I will continue making silly prompt ideas and spellchecking.
That's great. Can't wait to see what yo do
Still need something to write it down first, I vaguely remember something about gogldocs, but I don't know what that is.
Googledocs is like Microsoft Word, just free if you have a google account.
Cool, I'll look for it later, goodnight thread, or good day, whichever comes first. Does it have a way to count individual characters? Because I want to fit it into posts as easily possible.
for google docs, you can make whatever into them and as long from what I can see
Yeah. Wasn't even thinking about doing that
Sunset had a unusually rough night fighting crime.
>"Don't worry Anon, with my healing factor this should be gone about a 12 hours."
>The problem is that her friends don't know she is Spider-Woman and think Anon is abusing her.
>It doesn't help that Sunset comes up with poor excuses like "I fell down the stairs or I ran into a door." to explain her injuries.
oooooooooh snap
I kinda want to do that
>Her friends think he's abusing her
>If only they one how much she actually abused him
>He's a masochist though so its all good
>Then Appul and Rainbow decide to spy on Anon at the wrong moment talking to his friends recording the conversation with one of their phones.
"Yeah I hit her once and she was down just like that."
>"Shit man."
>"No way."
>After having conformation they left to show the other girls.
>The conversation continues.
>"I didn't know you could even headshot Ash, her hitbox is so small."
"I guess I'm just lucky."
>"You guys want to play more Siege tonight."
"I might hop on little later than usual I got a surprise date planned for Sunset."
>"Are you finally going to reach home base?"
"I'm going to wait until she's ready for that."
do it.
You know, I know it's trying to be funny, but I fucking hate situations like these. Like, just listen for 5 more god damn seconds. Don't run away once you have what you "need".
I kinda want to see this happen but it alternates between them. Like one week it's Sunset, the next week it's Anon
While in reality, they are just dropping their spaghetti. Trying to keep her secret.
>Anon got a black eye by tripping on one of her webs and hitting a wall.
>Anon wears sunglasses the next day.
>Anon's friends think Sunset is abusing him.
>Sunset's friends think Anon is abusing her.
>Having friends
Has there ever been a green where an Anon dating Sunset develops a massive complex and trains so that he can go be a hero too?
There's similar to what you're thinking, but with magic instead of superpowers.

>As you reach city center, you begin to pick up on a lot of oddities.
>For example, you never noticed that stop signs were shaped like giant, upside down cherries.
>You’re also pretty sure that mail boxes were never--
>Your feet come out from under you as you fall onto your back and slide several feet down the soapy road.
>No, not soapy. Soap.
>Boy, these city planners sure are getting creative.
>That, or evil is afoot!
>You scramble to stand back up and topple over again.
>Clearly walking isn’t going to work, Anon.
>Laying down flat on the ground with shield in hand, you jam it into the soap road and pull yourself toward it.
>Continuing on like that, you reach your destination in only a minute.
>Good golly, if you thought the road on the way here was bed, town square is something else.
>You gasp, taking in the unholy sights.
“What happened here?”
>The poor citizens of the city are huddled into several small pockets of screaming masses as large, bodybuilding bunnies close in on them.
>The furballs bare their razor sharp fangs, pushing the people even closer to the new candy colored walls behind them.

>You set your shield flat on the ground and use it as leverage to pull the rest of your body up into a handstand.
>From there, you shove off the ground and launch into the sky, high above the roof line.
>Your shadow looms over the bunnies, and they turn away from their potential victims long enough to see you reeling your arm back and throwing your shield.
>It whirrs through the air, colliding with one of their heads and bouncing off it and hitting another.
>Like a fleshy game of pinball, your weapon makes its rounds through town square, clearing the path.
>From your vantage point in the air, you’re also able to spot one man in a very bright suit with more patches sewn into it than a boyscout’s sash.
>He stands behind a flipped bus, laughing maniacally and stroking a rather large, glowing fun with “Super Dooper Fun Ray” written on the side.
>Yep, that’s all you need.
>As you descend, your shield flies back up to you and you snatch it out of the air.
>Once you land on the soap road, you spin, digging your fingers into it to give you some traction, and release your shield once more.
>It cuts through the air like a hot knife through melted I Can’t Believe It’s Still Butter.
>The man’s eyes almost pop out of his head when he sees you and your shield.
>He scuttles away before it can hit him.
>Instead, it clangs onto the ground and bounces away, out of reach of you.
>”Nice try, Captain, but that won’t stop me!”
>You can’t stand without risking falling, so all you can do is snarl and hope that he doesn’t make any sudden moves with his cleats.
“I should have known it was you, Discord.”
>”Should’a, would’a, could’a. But let’s not worry about that, Captain. Let’s worry about what kind of animal I can turn you into today!”
>He aims the gun at you.
>The glass tubes on either side of the barrel glow intensely as a bolt of pink lightning fires from it.
>Egads! If you’re hit with that, it’s game over!

>You flatten yourself against the ground, letting the energy fly over your head and strike a lamp post instead.
>The metal lighting fixture turns into an oversized twizzler and begins to sing in unison with the other talking street appliances nearby.

>”You know, I was worried you would show up today, but now I think I’m pretty happy about it. After all, this is the best chance I’ll ever have to get rid of you!”
“If this is the best Lady Luck has to offer you, you better never set foot in a casino, villain.”
>He pulls the trigger again and fires.
>In an instant, you spread your limbs out and make a star out of yourself, then push off the ground with them all at once.
>You’re able to jump high enough to avoid being hit once more.
>Instead, one of the bodybuilding bunnies is hit.
>Their muscles seem to deflate as every other violent trait leaves it.
>Its red eyes turn back to black and its fangs retract halfway and begin to broaden, forming a single square in the front of its mouth.
>Its small, puffy tail elongates and curls, growing bushier and bushier.
>What’s left is a little brown squirrel that, when its senses come back to it, scampers away.
>”Stop dodging me!”
“Alright, Discord. I’ll stop dodging you. Go ahead and turn me into an animal, but answer my question first.”
>He raises an eyebrow and lowers the gun.
>”That sounds easy enough. What do you want to know? How I keep my white hair so silky smooth? My tailor’s name?”
“I want to know your plan.”
>”Oh, well that’s easy,” he laughs. “I’m going to take over the world.”
>In that moment, Discord looked as if he had been stabbed.
“Yes, how? How are you going to take over the world?”
>”I,” he starts, “Well, I’ll…”
>He begins to stroke his beard.
>”I guess I didn’t think that far ahead.”
>The suited man lowers his weapon and begins to walk away.
>”I’ll have to get back to you on that. See you later.”

>Perfect! With his attention off you, you remove your gloves and use your nails to drag yourself over to him.
>Before he can round the corner of town square and vanish, you close the distance and grab his ankle.
>You heave, throwing him across the street and sending him crashing into a local bike shop.
>He smashes through the window and lands, defeated, on a pile of tires.

>His gun sits directly in front of you, which you grab and fire at the road.
>The soap evaporates and leaves good ole’ concrete in its place.
>You sigh in relief and stand up, confident that your own two feet can support you now.
>One by one, you turn his twisted creations back to normal, bringing beauty back to this technicolor city and putting the citizens at ease.
>Just like clockwork, the police arrive on the scene and apprehend Discord.
>He’s stripped down to his skivvies to make sure there are no other weapons hiding in his pockets.
>Of course there aren’t though. With all the work that went into this gun here, he must have felt confident that it would be all he’d need to take over the world.
>Shrugging, you raise it up and then break it down over your knee, snapping the cursed thing in half.
>”Not a bad show, Captain.”
>Someone’s hand lands on your shoulder and pulls you around.
>Your eyes meet the shining blue orbs of none other than Sunset Shimmer.
“Young Miss, what are you doing out of school? First period has already started, hasn’t it?”
>”Yeah,” she groans.
>Your eyes trail down and find your shield in her hand.
>Her veins are bulging out as he shaking arm slowly lifts it up to you.
“Let me help with that.”
>You reach out and take it out of her grip.
>After giving it a flip, you holster the thing on your back.
>She wipes her forehead and huffs.
>”Jeez, that thing’s not light.”
“You’ve yet to answer my question.”
>The woman crosses her arms and turns her gaze to the ground.

>”First period started for students. Apparently I’m not allowed to go to school anymore. There’s some law against people over twenty five being allowed to go to high school.”
“Ah, yes. Civil Schooling Code Article IV section VIII, subparagraph two. What a fun read.”
>”I can’t believe it though. I thought all humans went to school until they found a job.”
“I have no idea why you would ever think that.”

>You place your hand on her shoulder and give it a firm squeeze.
“Don’t be too down, Sunset. You’ll find something to fill your time. Maybe you could be one of those people to get a job.”
>She looks up at you again with her shimmering eyes.
>You’re locked in place, unable to turn your gaze away.
>”Say, could I follow you for today? You know, go on patrol?”
>Go on patrol with someone else?
>The thought never crossed your mind.
>What would that even be like?
>You know other heroes go out on the streets with partners all the time.
>It seems to work out well enough for them, but for you?
>It’s odd, but…
>Maybe it would be nice.
>Yeah, having someone to talk to while cleaning up the city doesn’t sound so bad at all.
>Coming to this decision was easier than you thought.
“Sure,” you answer at last. “I’d be happy to have some company.”
>”Cool, I’ll go get changed.”

Another short update today. I don't really have anything to ramble about in this section this time, so I'll just drop the updated pastebin to verify my identity and call it a day https://pastebin.com/av18B6BZ
Nice to see Sunset in this
She's been in since like the 3rd post bruh
I know. I'm just interested to see were he goes with this
Heroes are born from tragedy. I can only imagine what sort of Hellish nightmare Anon must have lived through to become such a pure and good person.
File: 1459090460724.jpg (168 KB, 1031x1324)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Well I thought it was funny
I really hope this becomes a green.
>"It's not so bad Anon, just a broken or two it should mostly heal up while sleeping."
Will write tomorrow
Mirin' throwing technique
Shield's abit plain looking, but other than that it's fucking top notch.
File: neat.gif (1.22 MB, 230x268)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
Looks good senpai
>meh color scheme
>bad contrast

you dun good
Did you mean whoa?
>stroking a rather large, glowing fun
gun* not fun.
>”I,” he starts, “Well, I’ll…”
>He begins to stroke his beard.
>”I guess I didn’t think that far ahead.”
>The suited man lowers his weapon and begins to walk away.
>”I’ll have to get back to you on that. See you later.”
Wat? Is this real life?
Did...did he read the entire civic code pertaining to students when he found out about the girls, or did he just read the whole thing?
pretty cool
Good morning to the both of you, and the rest of the thread too.
Well we've seen almost his whole journey since he met them and there's been no mention of him reading it so it would have to have been before. Besides, would you really be surprised if he read the whole thing in his free time?
File: 1499961468264.png (256 KB, 2250x1657)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
I'm going to repost a little something I wrote in the Sunset Thread.

>Sunset somehow turns back into a unicorn while sharing the bed with Anon.
>She panics seeing this causing her to run to the bathroom and slamming the door shut which wakes up Anon.
>He walks up to the bathroom door and lightly knocked on it.
"Sunset, are you okay? Is there something wrong?"
"It doesn't seem like nothing."
>"It's complicated. You wouldn't understand."
"Sunny, you were trapped in a mirror last week, creatures from Greek mythology attacked the school last semester, and the camp counselor turned into a real life Poison Ivy. I doubt that this is more complicated than any of those things."
>"You promise that you won't freak out?"
"I didn't freak out when your grew horse ears or that time your vagina turned into a horse pu-"
>"Fine I get it."
>The door unlocks as a weird wooshing noise fills your ears, when it opened the bathroom was empty as you look around.
>"Down here."
>Your eyes follow the voice and see a pony that is a head taller than a medium sized dog wearing Sunset's favorite pajamas which are comically too big for her current form.
>"This is the real me."
"Well this is a bit unexpected."
>"I knew I shouldn't have shown you. Now you're probably going to leave me. Right?"
>Her eyes started watering up.
>You kneel down to Sunset's eye level and grab her hoofs which are in the arms of her pajama shirt.
"Sunset listen to me, I don't care if you are human, unicorn or a giant alien squid a madman made to kill half of New York."
>"That's oddly specific, but go on."
"My point is Sunset, I will never leave you even if you can't change back to human. I love you Sunset no matter what happens."
>Sunset starts crying then lunges at you and giving you a biggest hug.
>"I love you too Anon."
Now she fights crime as spider pony
It would be pretty interesting to see Sunset still do the spider thing while both Twilights figure out how to change her back.
It would be novel but if she had any sense she'd stay well hidden. A superpowered individual warrants attention and monitoring from the higher powers (governments, shadowy organisations, etc.) but a talking horse doing the same? I'm pretty sure that'd be the point they'd swap from monitoring/subtle actions to straight up capture for experimentation/vivisection.
I would laugh if Sunset could pull a'Clark Kent' with her friends. That they could put two and two together
>"She sounds like Sunset, but can we be certain?"
>"I mean look at her suit darlings there is no way for Sunset to fit into that tight."
>Sunset was planning to add some baby weight early on before Anon marries her.
>It had the unfortunate of just making her thicker in all the right places to the point of obscenity
>Rarity knows its Sunset but calls her fat out of jealousy for not being as delicious
>Rarity's horse powers only let her breasts get bigger.
>Anon is completely fine with it either way, and plans to get a bigger ring for Sunset....and some insurance for their hips.
>It was a loud night at the Anon apartment, even Fluttershy couldn't sleep through it.
>Rarity had icecream the entire night.
....I feel obligated to make a Spider Pig joke, but that might be tasteless.
File: 1499616403759.jpg (235 KB, 650x800)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Would Sunset with baby weight be this size roughly?
>"But I'm eating for two, Anon."
"Not for two adults, you're not!"
And that's how Anon slept on the couch for rest of the week.
Yessssss, the breeding hips wont quit.
>Not liking magically thicc horsewife
fite me
File: 1734576-wong.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
>"Well Anon if you're going to make fun of me until this baby fat goes away get out of my room."
"Stay in room? You so fat, you stay all around room HEHEHEHE."
I would say so
Baby weight Sunset is best.
Wehen she looks like that then yes
I'm surprised there isn't a green where Spider-Shim discovers she had a happy mistake with Anon.
>12 years later
"Hey Anon jr do you want to know what your mother's powers and you have in common?"
"They both happened on accident."
That's just cold.
Couldn't get anything done tonight. Wrote a bit for 2 different things
Take your time.
What did you work on?
>tfw you will never obsessively carry plump Sunset through the streets when she is in costume whenever possible so she doesn't loose the weight.
Its cool, I just got off work and plan to start writing my thing now. Random question though, aside from Mysterio, does Spider-Man/Woman have any other magic based enemies? I plan to do a build up thing that may crash an burn or go spectacularly.
>Anon and Anon Jr laugh their asses off at the joke
>Sunset smacks them both upside the head for being mean
>Then she demands group cuddle pile for movie night.
>She will web them too the couch if she has too.
>She will never whisper.
>"I want another."
did a bit of Drunk Sunset and the short green of Sunset getting her costume and name

Demogoblin is the only other one I can think of
>>tfw you will never obsessively carry plump Sunset through the streets when she is in costume whenever possible so she doesn't loose the weight.
"It's for the baby I swear."
It would be funny if the villains poke fun.
>"Hey, I'm trying to have a damn baby and my doctor said the little extra weight would help it."
>You will never gain the strength of an unstoppable dick
>Hurtling through the streets to take your mare home
>tfw you will never knock out any and every super villain in your path of blind love
Hmmm, I am planning on using Eldrich things in the story, so I will have too look him up, I don't know if the Anon I am going to right is going to turn out as the bad kind of cheese, or good kind of cheese like Sea Urchin's. I also don't want to risk making him a special snowflake....I'll work something out, just have to think of a way to properly describe his abilities and how he got them.
Demogoblin is like Green and Hobgoblin, just with a magical glider and hellfire
Hmmm, I will need to look up finer details, but I might need to find another villain or make one up if necessary, if I could nail down a way to end the story it would be a lot easier. But so far I just have beginnings and middle bits for how it could go right now. Not to mention pairings. Thankfully I have some skill in smut ideas, so it shouldn't be too difficult to write out proper smut for the thread to enjoy, might take awhile to get to it though. If I start I wont know how to stop properly.
You can use other villains from X-men and other things. They tend to crossover comics like that
True, guess I will do something like that, still leaves me with my biggest concern being how I portray Anon. The power is kinda op if overused, and I cant think of a way to handwave not just using it at every opportunity without heavily nerfing it. And I plan to add at least 2 or 3 others to complete it. Should be pretty obvious what I am going for when it comes up, but how to justify it properly is the hard bit.
Do you think Sunset would be an over protective mother at first?
>"Truth be told Anon I never thought in a million years that I would go through a portal, have mammaries on my chest, get spider powers, and birth a hairless ape baby, but damn it, that's my hairless ape baby and I will do whatever it takes to protect him."
The human brain is messing with the horse brain, and the spider dna is mucking around with both of them. One minuet she is desperately nuzzling Anon asking for headpats for her and the baby, second she is willing to bite the babysitter's head off for touching her son, third moment she wonders what baby taste like. Then goes off to eat a tiger to get it out of her head.
>Then Anon calls Flutters again.
Only she can handle shit like this.
Fluttershy would make the best baby sitter, if only someone was around to make her a broodmother.
File: Spoiler Image (16 KB, 600x600)
16 KB
She would, but under circumstances like this Fluttershy has a failsafe whenever Sunset tries to eat a tiger.
It's surprisingly very effective.
Does she hiss like a spider or a pone? Both?
That would be fun to see
Should I focus on Drunk Sunset or do the green were Sunset is trying to get her Superhero name?
File: IMG_1233.png (122 KB, 854x1200)
122 KB
122 KB PNG

Kamen Rider Anon with Kamen Rider Shimmer as his Secondary Rider?

It's an Elseworld. This shit doesn't matter.
>sunset is not canon

Yes and?

I'd rather DC's stupid shit be shunted off into Elseworlds so I can pretend it doesn't exist.

Instead of Marvel having most of their stupid shit in the main continuity.
Drunk Sunset.
File: Soul of Cinder.jpg (67 KB, 457x750)
67 KB
Can we have some of Anon having Soul of Cinder's powers?
what an original idea, we never heard that one before
I'm no lurker but I just wanted some. Don't know if it has already been used but still wanted to see it. I'm shit at writing.
File: 1500000072372.jpg (56 KB, 625x351)
56 KB
>I'm shit at writing.
File: index.png (138 KB, 800x800)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
last threads wordcloud
I'll get on that then
Huh, neat.
this needs to be fixed for next thread
hail hydra, hail hydra, hail hydra, hail hydra, hail hydra

also update soon, but you guys not gonna like it
>Anon is chucklefuck S.H.I.E.L.D. agent #666
>Going on an adventure to shofar the Power Ponies
>Go to ancient ruins overtaken by A.I.M. agents
>Anon holds back and watches the car, taking potshots at non powered A.I.M soldiers
>BBEG and Power Ponies enter the monologue mode Capes are known for
>Take a shot at freaky artifact that BBEG was going to use to end the world, blowing it up
>Fire and earthquakes start up where Anon stands, dropping him and the ride into the Darkness.
>Wakes up an hour later with no idea where the power ponies are, surrounded by a field of ash
>Makes status updates in a blackbox he carried out of the car to keep himself calm, comments on how he has no idea how is able to see anything
>Notices a light in the distance, and moves over to investigate
>Sees some old corpse sitting in front of a bonfire
>Looking closer revels it to be almost stonelike in nature, and seems to be clutching something in its hand
>Reaching out the corpse suddenly comes to life, jumping onto Anon and pushing him to the ground
>Then a wheezing voice that sounds like it came out of a gravel pile says to never let the fire return, and the corpse pushes the thing it was holding into Anon
>Anon blacks out and everything is starting to burn around him, yelling in the distance vaguely heard coming into his direction
How does this work?
That looks about right.
Spellcheck is a bitch, sue me. Shafer
Sounds about right
>Be Synergy.
“Forgive me father for I have sinned.”
>After that sentence you had not said one more word.
>Father Landon reassured you that it is okay and that you can take your time.
>But it’s time which is weighing on you.
>You haven’t been to confession in a while.
“Let’s begin with the ten commandments. I used the lords name in vain, I lied, I desired someone elses property and spouse, and I did acted upon it, so I stole and broke wedlock.”
>You count down most of your sins like a grocery list.
“But I think the thing that I should confess is that I don’t rue them... or that I don’t rue most of them. I- I was careful. I never took from anyone who couldn’t afford it and I only took what I needed, or is that just- No. I lived comfortably. I had fun while doing so, too.”
>“You don’t rue your actions,” Father Landon states, “yet here you are in confession.”
>You nod even though he can’t see you.
“It’s ahh... my lifestyle that is... not going the way I want it to anymore. I wanted to change, and then- There’s this new family. A guy and his mother. And they’re rich. Like rich-rich...”, you trail off and bite your thumb
>“What about them, Sunset?”
>Removing your finger from your mouth you continue.
“By percentage I barely took anything from them, by value, however... ‘Take’,” you repeat and shake your head, “No, it’s- they are giving it free stuff to me. Or rather, I went shopping with Treehugger – the mother. But it’s like- Father, before I came in here you’ve saw the clothes I wear. I even felt like committing a sin of grave vanity entering a church of all places.”
>“They gave these clothes to you, you didn’t take them by force nor deception, did you?”
“But I usually do deception...”
>“You said you usually don’t rue it, or have second thoughts. What is it that makes this case different? The mere property value. You claimed it’s nothing to her.”
“I’m not taking what I need. This-” you pull your shirt. “This is luxury, not a comfy place to sleep or warm meal. I don’t need this.”
>“Hmm... You don’t need it and she doesn’t either. You should not feel bad about it.”
“I- Yes, but... no, I guess it’s not the monetary value.”
>“Sunset, this woman, Treehugger, she gave you money to buy these clothes, but money is not a valuable resource to her. On the other hand you said you went shopping ‘with her’. Now here’s a resource of which we all only have a very limited amount of.”
“Time...” you state the obvious.
>“She spent time on you. Time to bring you luxury, and some joy, did she not? From your words I could gather that only here, in church you had second thoughts on your purchases.”
>You don’t respond.
>Treehugger- she had fun too, right?
>Well, on the shopping part, but that’s not what the valuable items you actually mean to talk about.
>She gave you a suit responding to your magic and batons made of some vibranium alloy.
>That’s valuable, even to her.
“I think she wants to buy me.”
>“Buy you?”
“My loyalty.”
>“Your loyalty...” the priest thinks for a moment, “is it something you are not willing to give? Do you think you are deceiving them by taking their presents yet not giving them what they want?”
>This time you don’t know how to respond, so you cite.
“Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the innocent.
>“Mose to the Israelite’s, Exodus, I don’t remember the exact-”
>“23:8,” he repeats after you and chuckles, “have you looked it up in the bible before coming in here?”
“Googled bribe verses.” you admit.
>“Ah yes, the all mighty Google. Has it provided you with much insight to the question you seek? Or context to the quotes it presented you with?”
“I- No, it did not.” you admit to him once more.
>“Let me ask you this. Do you know what it is she wants you to do?”
>“Do you know what the reason is why you will do what you do?”
>He’s not asking you if you are taking the bribe.
>You took it, so much is clear already.
“I know what I need to do, what is the right thing to do.”
>“Does the fact that someone wants you to do something affect your judgment?”
>You know where this is going.
“Non conformity,” you say as would it be the answer to his question. “I guess I’ve always been my own person and made my own decisions, so I guess... Like, I want to do it, but as someone else wants me to do it as well I suddenly don’t want to anymore.”
>“Yet you come here for guidance, Sunset.”
“Yes, but you- you don’t have any selfish intentions.”
>“Sometimes the selfish agendas of people align with what is the right thing to do. You have to ask yourself, would you rather go down the righteous path or spite a person whom you deem to partake in bribery and corruption.”
“I see... I should not make decisions based on hate.”
>“You are a good person, Sunset. You’ve already made your decision when you came in here, have you not? You only sought confirmation.”
>You smile.
“Thank you, father.”
>“I’m happy to tend to my flock, Sunset.”
>There is a lot more you’d wanted to talk about.
>Like... Anon.
>Meditations have come hard to you today, you were barely able to recharge your energy today.
>But you have peace of mind again.
>You’re able to go on your way again.
>You make your way down the churches steps towards the fancy new car.
>A special model Tesla to house a wheelchair easily.
>The door was unlocked, of course as Treehugger was already waiting for you.
>She’s on the back seat, a laptop next to her which she just put away.
>“Have you found what you were looking for?”
>You shake your head.
“I know what I’m looking for now.”
>“I see,” she nods, “Ready to move on with our plan?”
“Of course.”
>You get into the car and put on a nice chauffeurs cap.
“Next stop, Wonderbolt Tower of New Yoke City.”
File: 1499320838849.png (1.22 MB, 3300x2550)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
I wonder if I scare Sunset she would whinny then involuntarily shoot webs.
File: jesusthumb.gif (1.48 MB, 350x263)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB GIF
How would Anon's kid react to hearing that not only his mother is a super hero, but also a horse?
I would say it would be like that skit from Robot Chicken with Darth Vader and Luke
>"Alright mom I believe you're Spider-Woman, but there is no way you're a horse."
>"Horse shit, I know you're joking."
I meant the one that goes from luke being "WHHHHAAATTTT" to "huh"
File: IMG_0848.jpg (168 KB, 620x1102)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>Sunset walks up to the portal back to Equestria
Sunset: "With everything on this world dead, Equestria will be easy! We Will Kill Everything In That Wretched Place!"
>Sunset walks through to find that she's in what was Celestia's throne room
>There's burly Anthro Caribou being brutalized by a human in green armor
>Around the room is sexually themed decorations
Sunset: "I don't remember Equestria being under Caribou control, but-"
>A head splatters against the wall right next to Sunset Carnage with two antlers sticking out of the wall
>The Caribou are now dead, and the human looks over to Sunset
Sunset: "You mean nothing to me! I Will Rip And Tear-"
>The human seems to draw a gun that's as big as him, and the weapon charges
Sunset: "Th-that's an awfully big gun you got there."
>The gun fires, and a large green ball is launched at Sunset Carnage
>The symbiote boils away, and Sunset's blood boils with it
>Sunset and the Carnage symbiote are now boiling red spilled on the floor
>The human thinks nothing of what happens, and reaches out to a closing portal that's near him
>He literally tears the portal open wider with his hands, and walks through

>"I'm Spider-Woman."
>"What? Really? I thought you and Dad had some weird thing going on."
>"Moon damn it Junior how do you know that stuff you're 14."
>"Well where I came from there was no internet."
>"Did you grow up in a 3rd world country or something Mom?"
>"I'm not actually a human either."
>"I was born a unicorn in a place called Equestria."
>"If you're unicorn why are you a human?"
>"Long story short I came through a magic mirror that's actually a portal between worlds. Which gave me a human body and somehow made me about seven younger. Then I met your father in high school and during a field trip to a science lab. I got bit by a spider that gave me powers."
>"Wait, aren't you 35?"
>"Thanks to the mirror yes, but in reality I'm 42."
>"Look mom if you're not going take this serious, I'm out."
There we go
>"So wait you said you and dad met when you were both 17 so that means you were actually 24?"
>"Did dad know this?"
>"Actually Rainbow texted him that right after I told them."
>"I bet you were mad."
>"I was, until she got a response back that said "even better" on all caps. Then a week later that spider bit me."
>"You and dad are weird."
>"Well you're technically speaking you're a hybrid between an equine and an ape so you're weird too. But you're my weird hybrid baby."
>But you're my weird hybrid baby.
That was oddly sweet.
File: 1500057360625.png (1.22 MB, 900x900)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Not to mention he has spider DNA in him too.
>You will never have a weird human-spider-horse hybrid with Sunset.
Then he asks if he can be a hero

We all want this
It's good. Can we get Anon with Soul of Cinder's ability set and look in a power ponies greentext? Maybe the SoC is his secret identity or something?
If he shoots webs or lifts huge weight he shouldn't be able to, then yes.
And we just want weird super hero babies...or our own kids in general. But besides the point, what super power would you try to get for your kid. And what villain would you be willing to try and shack up with to make it happen?
You don't quiet get how that soul works do you? He would have literally every combination of powers that is possible to acquire in the souls universe with the possible exception of Fire Sorceries...and maybe pyromancy if you want to be technical, but everyone uses that so I would assume he gets it by default with that soul. As for the SoC as a secret identity, that doesn't even make sense in context. There is no one alive with the possible exception of Lady Death that would know just what he is. Hell, with his very presence walking around it would be the equivalent of Galactus taking a morning stroll. Someone really high up on the food chain would start looking into him, and that isn't even considering his bosses knowing what he came into contact with from the blackbox, or the villains that knew what the were kinda looking for. At best they would have an extremely bad translation that they still misunderstood as a super weapon or something, and don't actually know what he came into contact with. But seeing as A.I.M. is rather intelligent(relatively speaking), they would notice random nobody with no power suddenly becoming the equivalent of a mortal god. And there is no other answer to that kind of power, you become a god. But unlike previous holders of the title the dude isn't an undead. So it might be...difficult to properly use it to its full extent. Though there is no doubt in my mind he was filled with enough Dark to trigger a transformation into a Undead. Which brings up...what the hell would he use as a costume?
>"What? Really? I thought you and Dad had some weird thing going on."
"Well son, you're not exactly wrong."
>"What do you mean Dad?"
"Even though your mother is Spider-Woman that doesn't mean we didn't have fun with her suits.
>"EW Dad."
"Have you ever wonder why that one suit has holes?"
>Sunset walks in finishing on putting on her suit with her mask on seeing her husband with a shit eating grin and her son covering his ears.
>"What's going on boys?"
"Oh nothing hun."
>Junior looks at her and says.
>"Make Dad stop, he's telling me how I was made."
>Even though her face is covered with her mask, Sunset had her mischievous smile.
>Sunset vocalizes sternly.
>"If I remember correctly isn't Junior standing over the ceiling where we conceived him.
"You know I think you're right."
>"You know I think I'm wearing the same suit too."
>Junior runs into his room and locks the door.
>"Well dear, I'm off to 'work' I'll probably be back later tonight."
File: 1474905234559.jpg (190 KB, 623x414)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
That tickles the nice sadist in me.
File: 1460548913729.png (238 KB, 400x350)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
It's unlikely, they don't even whinny in the show, they barely make horse noises outside of playing for laughs. That and you'd have to sneak up on someone with super senses, good luck with that.
I'd read it.
have something new

>There are some sirens in the distance.
>You’re Anón and you’re on your way home, but as you walk along the streets you get closer to the noise..
>It’s nothing unusual to hear sirens in a big city like Chicago, and you’re usually not one to seek out disasters, but if it happens to be on your way...
>You make a detour down an alley and draw closer to some rising smoke, and are soon met with firetrucks in the street.
>Late December. An educated guess tells you it was a Christmas tree who caught fire.
>Some gawkers have gathered and need to be held back by police for the firemen and paramedics to do their jobs.
>This is... not your problem.
>Why did you even come here?
>Just turning around immediately would look stupid, so you continue down the road.
>There’s still a supermarket a little further down which you can visit.
>“Where’s Kathy? Have you seen her? Did she get out? ...”
>You overhear a woman crying out for someone through the noise.
>That’s not your problem.
>Just keep walking...
>“Sir, please, my daughter- where’s my daughter?!”
>You clench your butt cheeks as she begs one of the firemen.
>It’s not....
>...your problem.
>You look back towards the burning building.
>There’s a kid in there...
>Fuck fuck fuck.
>You close your eyes.
>Filter construction steel,
>Filter concrete.
>Filter wood.
>You open your eyes again and reflexively shut them down immediately after.
>Every time you use your abilities it overwhelms you and you never learn.
>Carefully you open your eyes again and let them adjust to your new sensory input.
>A see of flames floats where the building had been.
>For you it was now almost transparent.
>Cloth of carpet and curtains, copper, aluminum and plastics from the plumbing and electricity grid, and a lot of other materials you can’t even properly place are now seemingly floating in the air.
>But your filters work, there was no more construction steel, concrete, or wood in your vision.
>You can see some firemen walking around inside, dispensed in the air, and-
>There she was.
>A girl, pre-teen...
>She’s cowering on what you assume to be the floor
>Is she still alive?
>You close your eyes once more.
>Enhance, Zoom.
>You get the feeling behind your eyes of your nerves growing closer together.
>As you open your eyes again you can see her quite clearly now.
>You’re even able to read the “I love ...” stitched onto the teddy bear in her arms.
>What you assume to be “... you” was obscured by her.
>She’s still alive.
>Barely so...
>It’s not your problem.
>These firemen will do their jobs and save her.
>Yes, there’s one coming right now.
>He’s going through the apartment –
>He’s walking straight past her.
>What? Why? She’s right there...
>No, she’s slightly elevated over the floor.
>Close eyes, remove wood filter, open eyes.
>There are some shelves and window sills now obscuring your view, but as you walk a few steps to the side you can see a cupboard where the girl should be.
>She’s hiding.
>She’s fucking hiding.
>Fuck fuck fuck.
>She’s not going to get saved.
>She’s not going to get saved...
>You look over to the fire chief and back to the girl.
>Second floor, cupboard...
>Anything more specific?
>You can’t tell the apartment number or anything.
>There’s nothing you can tell the police chief, without –
>There’s only one thing you can conceivable do.
>You run.
>It’s the only thing that comes to mind.
>You even startle a woman who was next to you as you begin to run.
>But in the end you can’t help it.
>You are not that kind of person.
>When you arrive at your destination you immediately get down to business.
>You throw up your stomach’s contents onto a pile of garbage in some alley where nobody can see you.
>You’re not a here.
>You’re a fucking coward.
>You’re not a here.
I can tell, heroes* would run in suicidally. So do it anyways.
Looks promising
Go on.
Hey everyone, imma try and write another "Anon is a superhero" story. I'll post what I have in a bit.

I'll go by another CYOA like system. I'll be asking at different intervals which of the Mane 6 should get to do the dirty with Anon. I'll be doing all six, but I wanted some input from you all

First Poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/13443244

Poll will be checked for final results in 3 hours
Go away

You eant to make a story and thats the only thing which should be of interest?

But thats just a question of who to fuck
>Cosmic Butthole
Holy shit man it's been awhile.
Hey anyone is welcome to make a green. Give the guy a chance.
I just wanted some community input. I've got the basic story plots all matted out, and wanted to get you all involved
To be fair, we haven't exactly had good luck with greens that used polls in the past.
Still working on Drunk Sunset and making it a decently long post
How about SoC disguising himself as anon then? Just have the armor in the Bottomless Box like how the chosen undead does in DS1. Because the Chosen Undead linked the fire and became one of the Souls then the SoC would have the box. As for his powers, we could say he used a sorcery akin to the Hidden Body sorcery to hide himself among the living.
>gookmoot broke 4chan again
I guess that could work, and if necessary he can show up as a phantom.
Who are you?
yeah, just will post it later since I need sleep
Goodnight...or morning as the case may be.
File: DB7yfT-UQAI5ORw.jpg (98 KB, 800x1142)
98 KB
whom do you think?
I'd let her hail my hydra
...did SJWs fuck with the punisher when I wasn't looking or is this something else?
I think it's just rule 63. But give it some time and they will.
fanart both times, but I think it's the Marvel Knights 2099 Punisher

for a 616 female Punisher we have Rachel Cole
other female Punisher would be the weebverse one who's also the principal (?)
>Be Anon cause who else would you be.
>It’s been three days since the sleepover and right now you’re in an interesting predicament.
>After Sour made you her rival of love, she started to watch both Sunset and yourself.
>It made sense to watch Sunset, but watching you made no sense.
>You asked Sour about this when you found her, spying from the other room and go a simple response.
> “If I'm gonna win over my Spider-Woman, then i need to know how you ensnared her,” she explained when you asked, “I also need to know how you make such delicious meals.”
>With that said, you told Sour to get in the kitchen if she wanted to learn a few things.
>Now she was coming by for dinner everyday to learn how to cook.
>If you were honest with yourself, Sour wasn't half bad.
>She just needed a few pointers and a little bit of advice on certain things.
>Right now you were showing her the right way to make Weeknight Pepper Steak with rice.
“Make sure you measure all the ingredients correctly,” you instructed, washing a cutting board and a few knives.
> “Got it, Anon,” Sour cheered, following your advice, “Would never guessed that, Einstein.”
>You nod and go back to cleaning as you’ve gotten use to her personality.
>Just as you were putting the last utensil in the drying rack, you heard silverware clatter.
>Turning around, you saw a knife sticking out of the cutting board.
“Got a bit frustrated?” you inquired, mentally noting to get a new cutting board.
> “No,” Sour snarled before calming down and saying, “Yes.”
>Luckily you were prepared for this as you walked towards the cupboard and pull out another cutting board.
>You had to get a few since Sunset tried to cook a few dishes.
>They came out good, but most of the cooking utensils were damaged beyond repair.
>You even saw that Sour was cutting the ingredients a bit too big.
>Taking the old cutting board and placing the new one on the counter, you motioned for Sour to stand in front of it.
>Walking behind her, you grab Sour’s hand and made her grab the knife.
“You need to cut them smaller,” you stated, making her cut smaller portions.
>Letting go of her hand, you moved away from her and watched her.
>She started to cut the ingredients smaller while blushing slightly, but that wasn’t important.
>Once you threw the destroyed cutting board away, you walked towards Sour’s side to see how she was doing and you could say she was doing great.
“Looking good. Let’s continue before it gets late,” you commented, letting her finish up.
>After the preparations were done, you instructed her to combine the right ingredients at the right time and let the meal cook.
>Twenty minutes later, you and your apprentice/rival were sitting at the table and eating the meal you prepared.
>Cutting off a piece and eating it, you gave her your honest opinion.
“Acceptable,” you praised, taking another bite.
> “You’re damn right it’s acceptable,” Sour gloated, feeling superior as she ate her own food.
>Seeing her happy like this made you chuckle slightly.
>When dinner was finished, you collected the plates and silverware and put them in the dishwasher to clean them.
“If you’re up to it, I can show you some other things tomorrow,” you offered, not paying any attention to your guest.
> “Not afraid that I’ll steal your girlfriend like this?” Sour wondered, walking around behind you for some reason.
>You had to stop and think about her question.
>It didn’t take you long to get an answer.
“I’m not afraid cause I know you won’t do that. Not until you have everything you need to win and you want a legit win. That’s something I can respect,” you informed, getting back to washing the dishes.
> “Aww that’s so sweet of you to say,” Sour gushed, “Doesn’t mean you’re not a moron.”
“True. Just give me a call if you want to learn a thing or two about cooking,” you chuckled, finishing your cleaning and turning to see your guest standing in the doorway.
“Like I’ll do that, moron,” Sour grumbled, “But I’ll be back for another lesson, teach. Toodles.”
>Sour then left your home, leaving you alone to do whatever.
>Taking a brief moment to think of what to do, you decided to watch a bit of TV.
>Walking into the living room, you took a seat on the couch and grabbed the remote.
“Wonder what Sunset is doing?” you asked curiously, turning on the TV.
>The very next moment, you were greeted with the familiar jingle of a news report.
>The news report said their name, which you didn’t care about and that it was breaking news about Spider-Woman.
“At least I’ll get an answer to my question,” you admitted, waiting to see what kind of mischief Sunset got into.
>The reporter shows a video clip of Spider-Woman with the villains Vertigo, Silver Sable and Iron Maiden with their arms over each other’s shoulders.
> “Na na na na. Na na na na hey hey goodbye,” the four sang, swaying from side to side.
>That alone made you chuckle.
>Only Sunset could get drunk ad befriend a few enemies.
>Spider-Woman stopped her walk and turned to look at the wall.
>In the next moment, she began to move her hands in every direction while shooting webs at the wall.
>After a little while of Spider-Woman looking like she's trying to swat a fly, she stopped and started to giggle.
>The camera moved to show that Spider-woman did some web graffiti on the wall.
>On the wall was that crazy Jameson person getting a wedgie from a spider.
>Spider-Woman even had the words “Spider-Woman and Girl Power Rulez” under the the graffiti.
>You started to chuckle as Sunset and her posse danced like cheerleaders.
>You started to chuckle as Sunset and her posse danced like cheerleaders.
> “This is the best day ever next to the time were my boyfriend made me a quivering mess,” Spider-Woman slurred, hugging herself.
>At that point, you stopped laughing while placing your face in your hands.
>The video was edited as every word Sunset said was bleeped while the other three girls listened with bated breath.
> “You mean he does that,” Vertigo stammered, removing her pink headphones from her ears in shock.
>Spider-Woman continued to tell them all her sexual exploits as the girl’s eyes went wide.
> “Dude, that’s awesome. Wish I could get some of that,” Silver Sable admitted, blowing some of her blue hair out of her face.
> “I sure we all want that, dear. It’s been awhile since any of us received any,” Iron Maiden confessed, typing something on her arm computer.
>They began to discuss their love lives, but Spider-Woman seemed to be looking at something you couldn’t see.
>Or she could be just spacing out.
> “I’ve got an idea,” Spider-Woman exclaimed, getting everyone’s attention, “Let’s go talk to my cutie of a boyfriend.”
>The others looked at her for a few moments and began to smile.
> “Might as well since I can use a good workout,” Silver Sable agreed, flipping a knife in her hand.
> “I would be nice, dear,” Iron Maiden admitted, typing a few more things.
> “Yes. Let’s go meet your boytoy and get fucked beyond belief,” Vertigo yelled, jumping excitedly.
>Spider-Woman looked at the last villain while tilting her head.
> “I meant that we go and talk to him. Maybe have him couch or give you a therapy session,” Spider-Woman confessed, looking at all the villains.
>You let out a sigh at Sunset’s quick thinking.
> “But that sounds like a great idea,” Spider-Woman cheered, giving Vertigo a high five.
>The video ended as they foursome left for parts unknown as you got up to prepare for Sunset’s arrival.
>There’s no way she’s surprising you with this.

New update and new problems
Oh boy Anon is going to be sore tomorrow.
He might not be
Good News. Gonna get the Sunny Succubus pic
Unf, looking forward to how that turns out.
All I was able to get was the sketch and I'm waiting for the Email to get it
Well its a start.
Here it is
Unf, turned out well. Even if it just looks like the regular character its based on with short hair. Saved
Yeah. Shonuff44 does busty characters but for Sunny I wanted her to be normal per say.
I see her having a body that she knows how to use instead of an extremely busty body
Sounds about right
Now I want a drunk Sunset and Twilight doing the Macarena.
Plus it's hard to get that just right spot for the chest
But i still like how it came out
True, too big and it looks like a pair of balloons, too small and she looses a asset.
That’s what i meant.
I did a lot of busty pics, but it felt like the best idea to not do busty unless i was doing that boob villain, mighty endowed.
Still gonna see if i can get Sunny and Spider-Sunset colored
>spying from the other room and go a simple response
Accidentally seducing the Sour girl. Smart man.
>“Like I’ll do that, moron,” Sour grumbled, “But I’ll be back for another lesson, teach. Toodles.”
missed a greenline.
>Only Sunset could get drunk ad befriend a few enemies.
and*. Huh, I wonder where the hell she gets all the booze from.
>Maybe have him couch or give you a therapy session
> “But that sounds like a great idea,” Spider-Woman cheered, giving Vertigo a high five.
Poor poor Anon, at least he has the porn logic powers to survive it...barely.
>The video ended as they foursome
>unless i was doing that boob villain, mighty endowed.
Can you please elaborate on this subject? Also checked.
And those colors are going to look tasty.
Will make the changes later.

What i mean is that Mighty Endowed is a DC villain that hypnotizes people by making her chest grow.
If I were to do a buaty character for the hero thread here then it would be her since obvious reasons.
Gonna try for Sunny and my Spider-Sunset pic to get colored.
Should it be EQG skin or normal skin?

I'll get around to that some time
>...hypnotizes people by making her chest grow.
WHERE THE HELL WAS THIS AT, AND WHERE CAN I FIND IT?! Oh, and am I right to assume the SJWs removed her or something? As for coloring....hmmm, well, this is EqG in superhero verse first, so probably their EQG skin, with spattering of people with normal colors around. Mix it up.
As for another question, who would she be?
Mighty Endowed was in Teen Titans ir Young Justice, surpisingly.
For Sunset it wouldn't be a big deal since she basically passes for normal skin color. It was Sunny i was debating.

As for who would be Mighty Endowed, i say Fleur but only because I can’t think of a better idea. Maybe Applejack's singer friend or that unicorn looking Fluttershy that likes fashion
>Or that unicorn looking Fluttershy that likes fashion.
>A California valley girl becomes a super villain.
This needs to happen.
>"Like literally why are you not hypnotized by my BREASTS are you like gay or something?"
To which anon replies
>"No, I'm just an ass man."
Delicious flat chest/ass combo bitch.
Yeah, her. Also I'm a bit sleep deprived so sorry if i got the wrong description for her
>TFW no millennia year old cheese poof womanlet gf.
It's a rather esoteric feel isn't it?
So you want to see Sunset do the drunk macarena?
I can tell he's not used to drawing characters with regular sized breasts but usually does baloon animals.
Sketch even looks like you had to tell him 'no, i need it smaller' one or two times.
He has a regular sized breasted character and I never said anything about Sunny's breast.
Gonna start writing the next drunk Sunset part soon
Nice can't wait. Is it going to be posted tonight or tomorrow?
I'm gonna say tomorrow but itcould be tonight. I make no promises with this.
But I'm a bit motivated since i got the pic last night
>Be Anon.
>It’s good to see Sunset smile again.
>She barely wanted to leave Twilight’s side, but kinda had to as your lich friend was interrogated for the whereabouts of Midnight.
>Lich because she’s has the dead body of a magic caster, zombies are something else.
>You shared a few laughs as you compared different types of undead creatures, and for a moment in time it was as if things were normal.
>Then you got informed what happened in Europe.
>Misty Fly was apprehended successfully, but a third party, Midnight, showed up to kidnap Princess Sparkle.
>Which means the Wonderbolt’s pool of Twilights stayed the same.
>But as you have an Earth-Twilight back and Midnight’s hideout is known, you do not have any further part to play in this story.
>You don’t even have a proper reason to be with the Wonderbolts and Sunset and Twilight anymore.
>“Mr. West? Miss Shimmer?”
>You divert your attention from Twilight going through some sensory tests ans look over to the person who just came into the hospital room.
>“You are asked to come to the conference room.”
>“Conference room?”, Sunset questions.
>“Your aunt, and your sister are already there,” the nurse says to each of you respectively “and you have a few people on hold... the director among them. If you’d just follow me,” she nods you to come.
>Aunt and sister?
>Treehugger and Synergy?
>Sunsets look was much more confused than yours, but you nod her to just go along.
>“We’ll be right back.” she tells Twilight.
>“I’m not going anywhere,” Twilight chuckles.
“See ya.”
>You enter the only conference room the hospital wing has on this floor.
>Inside, as suspected, was already Treehugger and Synergy at a table, as well as Sombra on a TV-screen.
>He has the label ‘New Yoke – Tower Base’ and the local time displayed too, which was kinda redundant, as he was... in the same building, but you understand the effort.
“Uhh... ‘sup?”, you casually greet the group.
>“Anon!” Treehugger smiles politely and nods to Sunset, “Miss Shimmer, good to see you again.”
>“Hey Anon. Sis.” Synergy has a confident smile and nods to you both.
>“Sis?” Sunset questions for a moment, “right. Hey.”
>“Miss Shimmer, to fill you in, Mrs. West is an old agent of ours and showed the wish to come out of retirement for she has some information invaluable to us” Sombra starts explaining.
>There are enough half truths in there to make it quite plausible but you get the feeling that Sunset doesn’t believe any of it.
>As they go on you also hear out that more people will join the conference call (Spitfire among them) and things will get complicated.
>There are too many parties involved having different information and different assumptions about what the others know or at least assume.
>The one with most information is Treehugger.
>Okay brain, analyze, what factions do we need?
>Spitfire’s group, Sombra’s Hydra, and Treehugger’s group.
>And you who’s again has different knowledge than each.
>And, of course, also the ‘official’ story which the world will be told.
>Spitfire soon joined in the call, as well as a member of the World Security Council and one of the SPA (the US’ Department of Super Power Affairs)
Official Story:
>Twenty years ago Treehugger, Sombra and a few others were Hydra members and helped bring it to fall, they worked together with the CIA, FBI, SPA, the US Army and Air Force, and a clusterfuck of other agencies.
>Out of this the Wonderbolts were founded, named after a then existing team of super heroes.
>Treehugger, whose health was declining back then, chose to retire and go into witness protection, but never really quit keeping tabs on the world of espionage.
>Over the course of twenty years she frequently placed anonymous tips and sometimes even called Sombra or Spitfire directly for some things.
>Now, what everyone assumes is that both Sombra and Treehugger did some bad stuff during their time in Hydra.
>Treehugger especially.
>But they brought so many people down that the CIA back then were able to cut her a nice deal which actually included that she was to cease doing any espionage work.
>It’s also now matter of record that she broke that agreement.
>But she hadn’t been caught, she turned herself in because she has new and vital information.
>She’s selflessly incriminating herself in order to protect the people of this world.
>The information she has is pretty much everything that the Wonderbolts already have, she’s a skilled technopath after all and can access any computer system with ease.
>What she can offer is the whereabouts of seven of the FBI’s Top Ten most wanted list, and one alter-dimensional goddess named Trixie who stole the Tesseract.
>Wait what?
>The freaking Tesseract got stolen since two days ago when you talked about how it should be protected.
>Anyway, Treehugger contacted Sombra the day before yesterday and she, ‘Scarlet Shimmer’ and you stayed in the Wonderbolt Tower for one night.
>Treehugger says she’s willing to share what kind of item the Tesseract is and that she has a fair idea what Trixie’s plan might be, and that heavy casualties are to be expected if Trixie is not stopped in time.
>In return for that information she asks for immunity of crimes past, present and future for you all, as well as proper passports and documentation for those who need them.
>‘You all’ in this case includes the four people physically present in the room, Sunset and Scarlet Shimmer, and Treehugger and Anon West.
>And ‘immunity’ means that you cannot be investigated or prosecuted for a crime, you can still be stopped in the act, arrested and held for 24 hours, but it will not go on any permanent record or land you in prison.
>Any and all illegal possessions like drugs, weapons or super hero gadgets, like web shooters or costumes can be seized.
>Unofficially this means that each one of you gets a free pass on super-heroing.
>You get none of the perks that a Wonderbolt would have, but neither are there any negative repercussions.
>Except from being stopped and having your stuff taken away from you, but you can always try again the next day.
>This is what everyone knows to be on the table.
done for the day
great update and a little backstory
File: 1481425.png (1.17 MB, 1600x2600)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
>World building.
As thanks, have a short haired Shimmer.
I don't know if this was asked, but with Sunset having long hair how does she get it in her Spider mask?
I'm thinking either a hairbun or she cut her own hair.
Is anyone still going to write this?
The clever use of a hood.
Maybe we should ask a girl how they would put on Spidey's mask?
It'd make sense for her to cut it short. If you want to keep her basic design out of costume, though, I recommend a bun. I personally like my Spider-Woman with hair following her every movement as if she were followed by fire.
>You wake up at night to see the bathroom light on.
>It's 3 am which is the usual time Sunset gets home from doing in Spidy stuff in the summer since no school and her job at the café doesn't start until 10. Which gives her about 6 hours of sleep.
>What's odd is that it has been 13 minutes and she is still in there.
>You might be going crazy, but you can hear what sounds like snipping followed by little yelps of pain.
>You decide to check on her, as you get closer the snipping gets more clear followed by a yelp then a "Damn it".
>You walk in worried.
"Sunny, are oka-woah."
>You see Sunset, the left side of her hair is short with it barely reaching her chin standing by the mirror with scissors in her hand in the progress of cutting the other half that is still long and wavy.
>As your eyes trail down towards the sink it's filled with her hair that makes it look like it's overflowing with ketchup and mustard.
>"Oh, hey there cutie I didn't mean to wake you up."
"I don't mind Sunset, I thought you were hurt."
>"Sorry, it's just these stupid split ends. They get stuck together and they're a bitch to get out."
>She cuts another slowly.
"So why are you cutting your hair this late?"
>"I'm just tired of putting it in a bun every night before going 'out' it also snagged a lot in the mask for some reason it was annoying as hell."
"Makes sense, so uh, what are going to do with all the hair?"
>"I'm going to donate it at the local children's hospital so they can make a wig for a kid that has cancer."
>Heart boner activated.
"You are such an amazing person Sunset."
>>"I'm going to donate it at the local children's hospital so they can make a wig for a kid that has cancer."
Muh heart and dick.
Pretty comfy
>She is not only a hero as spider-woman, but also a hero as Sunset.
I like to think if she has a slow day she stops by the hospital dressed as Spider-Woman and gives the kids treats.
File: 1500336594058.jpg (295 KB, 1361x1700)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
I'm surprised there isn't a green with Appul as Mistress Mare-velous,
Excellent hips, my good friend. Simply excellent.
>Sunset visits the children's hospital during a slow day bringing cupcakes from Sugarcube Corner that Pinkie made.
>She also does cool stuff like shoot webs into designs and tell stories on how she stops bad guys in G-rated form.
>After a few hours she has to leave because the kids got to take their medicine, but not before a little kid that can't pronounce his Rs asks her.
>"Miss Spidew, wre you a mommy?"
>"Not yet Timmy, why do you ask?"
>Timmy wraps his arms around her legs and hugs her.
>"Well I tink you would be a gweat mommy."
>Unknown to little Timmy, Sunset eyes start to water up as he says it.
>When Sunset leaves she makes a straight b-line towards her and Anon's apartment as she talks to herself.
>"But, I will be one by the end of tonight.."
That was sweet, thank you for that.
>>"But, I will be one by the end of tonight.."
Muh dick
No update tonight. Will have one tomorrow
>You will never have you head leaglocked between her thighs.
Why do you torture me with the lack of sexy villain sexual harassment?
File: 1459224908281.jpg (13 KB, 235x196)
13 KB
Villain, hero, those thighs are not around my head, and I didn't read the entire name the guy made up.
>Made up.
That's actually the name aj has in power ponies.
Neat, didn't know that. Is she thicc in costume?
Probably. The suits look skin tight.
>And you who’s again has different knowledge than each.
This is a bit of a word salad, do you mean whom* and each other*? It feels like your missing a word or two here.
Yes, Everyone's outfit would be tight
Like you even have to answer that question.
Wow wow wow, that's not Shia, is it?
Spam thread in a classy way, i dont have much more time to make a new one
File: 1500145129654.jpg (454 KB, 1300x2016)
454 KB
454 KB JPG
You got it boss.
File: 1498202370164.png (48 KB, 498x496)
48 KB
File: 1498020515031.jpg (460 KB, 705x905)
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File: 1498164696926.png (360 KB, 1645x1170)
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360 KB PNG
File: 1498160547098.jpg (532 KB, 750x1132)
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532 KB JPG
File: 1498159496703.png (592 KB, 1500x2000)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
File: 1497849678016.jpg (207 KB, 590x787)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
File: downloadfile-87.png (2.81 MB, 2400x1800)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB PNG
File: 1497229421144.png (189 KB, 395x600)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
File: 1497891155041.jpg (153 KB, 834x1172)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
File: 1497308199424.png (513 KB, 909x1346)
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513 KB PNG
File: 1497231398265.jpg (108 KB, 960x544)
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File: downloadfile-64.png (67 KB, 500x600)
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I look away for a second and you already got it,
new thread soon, no messing up this time

I'll go see Birdman and Spider-Menace today
new Thread:


memo to self:
14 lines rule only applies when the op image is higher than it is wide
does not count as a fuck up, I learned something new!
OP changelog:
>added note for homecoming spoiler free zone
>replaced Sea Urchin with this Anon >>30523096
>moved Sea Urchin down to active Writefags
>added Drunk Sunset in treppahcs list and call for pastebin
>upgraded Beans into active Writefags with his recent one shot
>updated all pastebin lengths
>questioned TripleRoo's wellbeing
>killed Red and superkeaton

most importantly:
>changed color of writefags and stories, black to green and reversed,
feedback is welcome

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