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File: Christian Shim.png (316 KB, 548x720)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
"Pious Little Sister" Edition

Previous thread: >>30444502

Pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/pTAqfjD6
Baptists are wrong.
Now, if only we had a writefag or two.
Of course they are.
They're Protestants.
I was promised bread. Preferably about corrupting my Christian sister Sunset. And if something results from our sinful coupling, she can always claim to be like the virgin Mary.
That pic triggered so many when it was created kek
>page 8
>still no writefags

Fuck. Maybe inspiration for green will come to me in my sleep.
File: Dance Dress.png (239 KB, 877x1024)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
>"What do you think of the dress I'm wearing to the Church dance, big bro?"
>"It's modest enough for Jesus, but still pretty enough for the boys."
>"Do you think they'll think I'm pretty in it?"
>"D-do you think I'm pretty in it?"
File: downloadfile-118.png (206 KB, 501x756)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>You will never have a Aunt cop that used your cock as a stress reliever after a long day.
Jesus, did you really need to? wish I hadn't opened my big mouth
>"Listen, dweeb. Your mother didn't send you here for the summer to create a new imprint on my couch and eat all of my Doritos. Bedroom, now. And no complaining this time. If I tell you to eat my ass for an hour, you're going to do it and like it."
File: 1499532416863.png (188 KB, 395x784)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
You ain't getting nun
>Sunset is sweating and writhing on top of you, praising the lord and breathlessly reciting psalms
You should feel bad for making that pun, even Satan is disappointed in you.
>lets you look at sexy evidence
>rigs up some kind of fake scared straight program where you get to watch the lady prisoners having a hot catfight
>Copper Top will never be based sexy cop aunt.
I wonder what happened to the Fluttershy guy.
>Pious Little Sister
Is she a sister of battle, pious and unrelenting?
File: flutterpic.png (1.19 MB, 800x976)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
>the Fluttershy guy
That's me, right?
Writing has been difficult as of late because reasons. I'm not leaving the green unfinished, I'll hopefully get back into my groove soon enough. I'll be lurking these threads in the meantime (and maybe even anonposting, but ya'll won't know), I never stopped doing that.
>Go to strip club
>hotty your daughter's age starts giving you a lap dance
>It am your daughter oh man
which one would it be? I think Fluttershy
>go ahead and take liberties you wouldnt with a normal stripper because you know she'll let you
no rush, glad to know you're still here
Maybe you can have a one off story to get the juices flowing.
That sometimes helps me.
>Applejack and Big Mac pressure Applebloom into having kids
>Because they wanna fuck those kids
>They even tell Bloom this is why
>they want to fuck kids
>they don't just fuck apple bloom

Oh they do. They just wanna evade those birth defects that come with inbreeding too hard.
They're sensible folks looking forward to future crops, not just the current harvest
also who do you think is going to give her said kids? obviously big mac
while applejack sucks her nipples
There's more of a thrill in inducting an outsider into things than not doing so. Plus deferring pleasure tends to make it ultimately feel better.
so they'd contact Braeburn, have him come over, then conveniently there's noplace he can sleep but apple bloom's bed?
Only if Braeburn himself isn't inbred. They don't need things getting so insular that Bloom's foals look like the banjo kid from Deliverance.
File: 1495998010383.jpg (281 KB, 651x729)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Sunny is the purest waifu.
File: 1487884803558.jpg (91 KB, 554x655)
91 KB
We must corrupt her!
Yes. Corrupt her with femdom.
i mean it's not like you don't see kids like that everywhere
File: QleaObH.gif (857 KB, 240x228)
857 KB
857 KB GIF
Your fetish is shit
File: 1497477759705.png (264 KB, 942x664)
264 KB
264 KB PNG
>you will never fight side by side with your sister to purge the enemies of the Imperium
>you will never meet up with her after the battle and sneak off to hide in the motor pool
>you will never do arguable heretical things with your sister in the back of a Rhino while she takes the Emperor's name in vain
>"We want you barefoot n' pregnant, Sugar Cube."
>"But ah'm already barefoot, isn't that good enough?"
>"That's only onna counta we caint afford t'bah you shoes yer only gonna grow out of in a week anyway"
>"Also it's hot"
>"Yeah, what Big Mac said"
File: eqgchrysalis.png (499 KB, 1191x3850)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Does anyone remember that brief glorious story about Chrysalis being anons lover, but Sunset as his sister gets jealous and decides she wants him. Guy who wrote it literally wrote half a chapter, and bailed when it was getting really good.
My nigga.
Shit, that's a shame. Sounds like some real good green. Maybe we can get another writefsg for it?
Would you go along with your little sister Derpy's plan to pretend she's super retarded and get you established as her caretaker, with stipend money and you get your own place together and she doesn't have to go to school and the two of you just make mad wet fuck all the time?
Well someone has to find the original first, and then maybe finish it?
File: FUCKING HERITIC.jpg (92 KB, 640x640)
92 KB
>implying sister fucking isn't pure
File: BABY!!!.gif (886 KB, 450x189)
886 KB
886 KB GIF
you damn straight it's not pure unless you want to spend eighteen years or more raising a derp baby
nah my sister didnt win any of the same genetic lottos I did. If i tried breeding my daughter though.. the cataracts and autoimmune problems would make the poor offspring pretty miserable. Can't think of anything else in my genes that wouldnt be great if it was doubled up, though
File: mkay to much info.jpg (44 KB, 1280x720)
44 KB
Bump for onichansfables
bump for Jeff
Good taste
>All the Heresy in this thread.
Bump it up for everything that you've got to lose now rock your socks off
Bump for Apa no one should be left out
>"Big brother, big brother!"
>you are hugged from behind by your little sis Sunset Shimmer
>"We just had the most brilliant mass today. It was a shame you missed it."
>Your sister was the most jesus loving, goody two-shoes, straight edge Christian for a thousand miles
>Never drank, never smoke, never said a curse word in her life, and certainly never went down
>She probably barely even knew the name of her own sex organs
>She always made she to dress with the modesty of a nun
>Long skirt
>Long tee shirt that covered the chest to her neck
>The only bare parts of her skin where her face, hands, and a little bit of ankle
>but even that was covered by knee high wool socks and much of the time she wore gloves if it wasn't summer
>She knew her place as a woman: in the kitchen and being soft spoken, elegant, feminine
>Until she was around you of course
"Yeah sorry about that. The flight really took it out of me."
>You had been away for some time
>you were attending a yuppie Christian university your parents made you go to
>You gearing up to become a priest and studying theology
>You'd just returned for summer break after nearly 2 years
>Sunset had really matured since then
>As she hugged you, you could feel her newly blossoming breasts squeezing against you
>It gave you plenty of weird, uncomfortable feelings
>Sunset giggles
>"It's perfectly fine brother. I know that late night flight was really hard on you. Have you been well?"
>It was surreal to see how much she'd matured since you left
>two years and she was already speaking like a full grown woman would
>She would make a fine housewife for which every lucky guy got to marry her
"I can't complain honestly. School is going well as usual. Where is mom and dad?"
>"They won't be arriving till late. You know father, always working hard."
>One of the consequences of coming form money
>Plenty of cool toys but neither of your parents were ever around much, especially your dad
>Heck you barely knew the guy
>She always made she to dress with the modesty of a nun
made sure* to?
>housewife for which every lucky guy got to marry her
>One of the consequences of coming form money
>You may as well have grown up without a father altogether.
>Your mother was a bit different
>Like Sunset, she was the perfect obedient housewife
>Strong, feminine, beautiful (about 30 years ago)
>Unlike Sunset however, she was a strict, harsh bitch and very controlling
>She was determined to turn Sunset into a clone of herself
>Scolding her for being too joyful, putting her through classes so that she could be a good wife when she came of age to marry off
>You wouldn't know it, but Sunset was very depressed a lot of the time
>"Here. Allow me to prepare some water for you."
"Thank you Sunset. I'd very much like that."
>Sunset scurries off into another room
>Her butt was really filling in
>Ever through her skirt you could see those perfectly shaped buns
>You shake your head
>Not good Christian thoughts
>Sunset runs back with the water
>"Here you are sir- I mean brother. I deeply apologize."
>She was really internalizing those lessons
>"Please punish me."
"Punish you?"
>"Yes. I spoke out of turn. A lady should handle herself with grace at all times and should never be too abrasive with her opinions. I believe a fit punishment would be a slap."
>You shake your head
"Sunset I would never hit you. I'm your brother."
>"But how else will I learn?"
"It didn't offend me Sunset. Just relax. There's no need to be so uptight around me ok?"
>"S-sorry. I'll remember that in the future."
>Those lessons were really kicking the spirit out of her.
>It sucked to watch
>"Here. I prepared a room for you. Your old one, just the way you liked it."
>Sunset lead you up to the third floor of your parents' grand estate, one of many
>Christian symbols of all types adorned the halls, from crosses, to paintings, to bibles
>The two of you finally made it to your room, the sixth to the left
>Sunset opened the door for you and lead you inside
>"Is it too your liking?"
"Of course it is. Just as I remembered it being."
>You turned back to her and noticed her staring longingly at you before quickly averting her gaze
>"S-sorry. It's improper for a ladies gaze to linger."
"Sunset are you alright? Is something on your mind?"
>"N-no. I'm perfect. Not a care in the world."
>Before you could get another word in she scurries off
>You needed to find out why she was acting so standoffish
>You sneak out f your room and tiptoe behind her, watching as she walks into her room
>She quickly closes the door behind her
>You press your ear to the door and listen
>She's panting
>You can hear her softly moaning to herself
>You listen really well until the door flies open from you putting too much weight against it
>You couldn't believe what you saw
>It was Sunny, her skirt up and her frilly white panties for you to see
>She had a finger on her crotch, a large wet spot forming
>She quickly yanks her skirt back down
"Sunset what were you doing?"
"You weren't... you know..."
>She turns her head in genuine curiosity
>You forgot that you hadn't learned about sexual stuff till you were 18
>She was only 15
>She probably didn't even know what she was doing
>You lock the door behind you and grab your sisters hand, sitting her on the bed
"Do you know anything about what you just did?"
>She turns a deep shade of red
>"N-no... it just... felt good."
"How long have you been doing this?"
>She turns her head away
>"A-about a year."
>You feel a deep sense of primal lust take hold of you
"Well I can teach you. It's perfectly natural what you're doing."
>"They never tell us anything at the school. Just that the lord doesn't want us preforming acts of lewdness."

Ready to get blue balled? Because you're getting blue balled. At least for now.
Huh, so we got a new writefag? Where did you migrate from m8?
I go all over. I mainly write for the /dazz/ and /shim/ but sometimes I'll go to other generals and write. Did a piece for /rgre/, for /scilight/ and a few others. I'm felling incest tonight.
>Cock teasing
you bastard. Teach that girl how to cum, teach her hard. Then proceed to use those juices to fuck with their moms laundry.
File: 1497634193445.jpg (31 KB, 500x566)
31 KB
>tfw you have an idea for Christian sisters green
>tfw you don't have time to write now because you're getting ready for freshman year of college
>tfw by the time I have anything to show, this thread will be dead and on to the next edition
I think I remember you from the dazzling general. You were doing the dazzling daughter green if I remember correctly.
File: AWOO.png (474 KB, 778x1078)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
yet you have time to post about not having time
write something that pisses me off less instead
Rarity a CUTE
Pick on and only one.
Pick on what and only what?
sauce on the image?
Demanding sauce
Looked on Derpibooru for an hour but couldn't find it, sorry guys.
Check John Doe on paheal.
Nah, sleep now.
File: 1499402938892.gif (612 KB, 735x625)
612 KB
612 KB GIF
Would she be a good daughter?
would she be open to me slowly curing her of her fashion disease, converting her into a naked hippie instead?
and also curing her haughtiness and turning her humble and sweet instead of full of herself?

So basically you want to take away everything that makes her Rarity? Where's the fun in that?
>wanting her to be a dirty, smelly, jobless hippie instead of a hard working proper lady with good prospects for her future
Do you even daddy?
The best
you're the one that brought her up and asked. if your answer was 'no' i'd say no. or at least, someone else should be her dad and not me
I was thinking a hardworking natural girl with nerdy inclinations rather than a spoiled princess who is probably looking for a guy to do all the work for her
one who is going to get shat on by the world, like me, rather than get everything because she plays by the 'proper' rules.
Rejoice, for I deliver the sauce!
>spoiled princess who is probably looking for a guy to do all the work for her

>business owner of a fashion train, working mostly by herself to create clothing articles for some of the highest names in the country/empire
The world shits on everyone Anon. The best you could for her is trash her to persue her ambitions and work hard (like she already does) rather than teach her that her highest ambition should be to smoke weed all day and let the government take care of everything for her.
let's be realistic, that isn't what would really happen.
I dunno why you jump to that conclusion
File: medium.jpg (103 KB, 800x449)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Rarity was fuckin' lucky, and all her success comes from kissing up to people that I also don't like, by being that kind of person I don't like. i'm just sayin that's not how I'd raise a raraughter
File: Nude Treehugger.png (1.39 MB, 2000x2400)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG

She'd be wonderful.

>naked hippie sister
Already have one of those.
yeah but i'd rather my daughter not be completely deadbrained stoned either.. though the calmness would certainly be nice. i'd expect more of a Twi.
she needs to laugh at my dumb dad jokes but also laugh at my obscure nerd jokes about valence and shit
I can't right at the moment recall what you describe. When was that posted, and was it in these threads?
Feel free to write and post it at any time in a future thread. It's not like stories posted have to match the current edition.
>BG9 is writing
>It's a Sunset story
>in the incest thread

Can't get any more excited about this
File: Spoiler Image (3.21 MB, 2400x3000)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB JPG
>your little sister will never bring her friend over to "play"
File: medium (5).jpg (306 KB, 600x600)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
They'd both make perfect daughterwives.
File: cmc bikinis.jpg (896 KB, 796x1200)
896 KB
896 KB JPG
>You are Anon (no shit), and you have to babysit your little sister
>Your parents went on their monthly rent-a-cheap-motel-room-for-a-weekend-and-fuck-each-other's-brains-out-without-the-kids-around trip
>Which became your I'm-secretly-in-an-incestuous-relationship-with-my-sexy-little-sister-and-we're-going-to-fuck-each-other's-brains-out weekend
>She usually wants to keep you for herself, but tonight she has to share you with her best friends
>She accidentally blabbed about your special relationship, and now they want to use you as their personal fucktoy
>But, like, you know... nicely
File: Scootaloo downblouse.png (1.83 MB, 1824x1626)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Shit, forgot to mention
>Scoot's your little sister
I mean, it's pretty obvious
>Rarity's so nosey, you'd never get away with plowing Sweetie around the house
>Apple parents
>Rarity's so nosey, you'd never get away with plowing Sweetie around the house
Unless incest is her fetish and she's secretly been fanning the flames between you and Sweetie Belle for years without you realizing. She would always insist the two of you take baths together as kids to "save water" and do nothing to stop you from continuing to do so even after the age when most kids would start to become embarrassed about being seen naked.
She would secretly listen at the door every time the two of you took baths or showered together, hoping to hear moaning and being disappointed every time she overheard you just engaging in casual conversation or asking each other to pass the shampoo.

When you were old enough to get interested in sex, you were already used to seeing each other naked all the time, and the road to experimentation was a short one. It started with you feeling her up in the shower and her asking if she could touch your dick and quickly escalated to mutual masturbation.
By the time you were both 14, it would have developed into a full-on sexual relationship.
Every time you made love in the shower or bath tub, Rarity would be listening at the door schlicking furiously until she squirted all over the bathroom door.
>Rarity doesn't get involved
7/10, pretty good but not perfect.
yeah but technically rara doesn't live with sweetie, except when she does.. so the main reason that wouldn't be the case isnt that rarity's too nosy but that your parents would send her to rara rather than leave her with you
File: image.png (283 KB, 592x1082)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
>"Now Anon, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring until I've properly proposed"
>Unf, your sporty little sister wont make a competition in the pool to get you off the fastest.
> A soft, hesitant knock on your bedroom door drew your focus away from your suitcase.
> Sunset stood just outside your room, peeking around the door frame.
> Her bonnet and Prairie dress were perfectly clean and pressed. She was the perfect image of what your family said a girl should be - modest, humble, and reserved.
>"Hey," she said softly with a forced smile.
>Her eyes went to the clothes piled up on your bed next to your suitcase.
> There was a long, pregnant pause.
>Both of you just sort of stared at each other for what seemed like forever.
>”Can we talk Anon?” she finally said to break the silence.
“Of course. Come on in.”
>You know you don’t sound nearly as confident as you hoped, but she doesn’t seem to notice.
>At least, she didn’t show any signs of it.
>She stepped into your room and went straight for your bed, sitting herself down on it.
>You joined her, sitting at her side.
>The awkward silence returned, and again, she broke it first.
>”I heard you, mom, and dad all yelling at each other. What happened?” she asked.
>You hung your head, hunching forward and putting your elbows on your knees.
>”That doesn’t seem bad enough to warrant a fight like that.”
“I didn’t question them. I questioned God.”
>You don’t look at Sunset.
>God is very important in your family.
>He was equally important to you, until recently.
>Part of you was afraid you’d see the same anger and contempt in her reaction as you’d seen in your own parent’s eyes.
>”What…did you say?”
>You keep your eyes down so you can’t read her face, but her tone sounds more curious than upset.
“The short version is I was thinking about the Original Sin the other day. God made Adam and Eve curious, right? Curiosity is part of our nature. So why was the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the garden in the first place? Then I started wondering, could Adam and Eve have understood it was wrong to eat from the tree without the knowledge of good and evil already? The entire thing smells like either a trap, or a mistake. So…is God malevolent, or imperfect? More questions just piled on from there.”
>You dare to look up at Sunset again.
>To your relief, she doesn’t seem angry.
>She just seems worried.
>”And why do you have the suitcase out?” she asked, gesturing to the open bag.
“When I couldn’t drop the train of thought, mom just got more and more upset. She just kept telling me it ‘wasn’t my place,’ and ‘you can’t use logic on God.’ So today she gave me an ultimatum. Repent, or leave. I have until tomorrow evening to gather my things and go.”
>Sunset gasped, a hand flying to her mouth at the news.
>”You couldn’t just let it go?” she asked in shock.
>You just shake your head.
“Once you think of something like that, it’s not going to go away any time soon. Even if I did do what mom asked, it would only be skin deep. Living a lie is no way to live.”
>Your hands tighten into fists.
“I’m staying the course and sticking to my conviction. It’s the only thing that feels right.”
>A third silence falls over both of you.
>Sunset suddenly leans in and puts her arms around your neck.
>”Hush,” she says curtly.
>You decide it’s best to just let her hug it out, and probably a good idea to go ahead and hug her back.
>She soon pulls away from you with a little smile.
>From the shine in her eyes, it’s painfully obvious just how hard she’s trying to look strong.
>”I understand why you need to go. I just wish you weren’t forced to choose. Mom and dad might be sending you away, but I’ll always be there for you.”
>She takes your hand and gives it a gentle squeeze.
>”Write me a letter some time, okay? You're still my favorite brother, after all."
“That doesn’t mean much. I’m your only brother.”
>”Best out of one is still the best.”
>Despite yourself, you smile and squeeze Sunset’s hand back.
>All of the sudden, life doesn’t seem so bad.
>Maybe things will work out.
>Maybe you’ll be okay.
>Maybe –
>”Sunset Shimmer.”
>The harsh tone of your mother’s voice brings reality back to you.
>She’s standing at your door, looking none too pleased about what’s happening here.
>”Leave your brother alone. He needs some time to pack, and to think about what he has done.”
>Sunset casts a quick, sorrowful look at you before standing and going to join your mother.
>Mom’s gaze doesn’t leave you the entire time.
>Once Sunset has left your room, she slams your door closed.
>You heave a heavy sigh and get back to your feet.
>Might as well get back to work.
>Not that there’s a need to rush or anything.
>You only have to leave everything and everyone you know and love behind tomorrow.
>No pressure.

Here, have some green. Hope you like it. More to come latter.
This is dumb and I hate it.
Go write your blog somewhere else.
Why do I like religious Sunset so much?
I can understand this Anon more than pastor whatever Anon above.
Ah, the "good ol Christian folk" treatment. Never trust glorified Death Cults kids, it doesn't end well when people by into garbage.
buy* into
This Anon is much better than paster thing, gonna suck when he figures out he was mentally crippled into being useless as an adult. At let him get lucky with a roommate.
>Cant find good image of pony in fedora
whatever, you know who you are
File: image.png (1.62 MB, 5000x7930)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Your words cut deep
"You know what, fuck it. If I am gonna have a stalker, fine. Come on in this time."
"But if you steal my TV I will kick your ass. So how do you want to do this?"
File: image.jpg (22 KB, 236x295)
22 KB
>I just want to hold you again...
"Okay, then go wait on the couch and I'll make some hot chocolate. Its pretty cold out so you can spend the night with me"
File: image.png (596 KB, 1024x768)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
(It's her house anyway)
File: 1453753986689.png (533 KB, 800x1236)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
Not since Anon has being paying the bills, with her gone there was no one but him.
And his sexy maid assistant he met on the street one day.
Meant to spoiler the pic, but oh well.
Is there a nude edit of this?
File: image.png (258 KB, 1024x768)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
Who the FUCK is that bitch and why is she making googly eyes at Daring's baby boy?!
"She is my...assistant. And helped me keep the house up, if you have a problem with her, then you can go ahead and leave again. She is rather important to me. Deal with it."
>"She is my...ASSistant
File: image.jpg (256 KB, 1280x1826)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
You're not really being fair to Daring mom. In fact, you're being a dick, and not in a good way
She leaves me all alone in the house, with no way to keep the lights on, working at a young age to get fit and keep the building up, that's her problem. If it continues then I will just have my assistant escort her to the bathroom and prepare her for a dicking she wont forget. There is a reason Sunset doesn't take a paycheck from me, and Daring is about to find out why.
She's out hunting for treasures and risking her life for (you)!
File: sunset titty window.png (225 KB, 600x600)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Because deep down, you want to corrupt her, physically and spiritually.
I want to cuddle with Sunset on a cold winter night and kiss her on the cheek as she falls asleep in my arms
I more remember the green about Chrysalis and Anon being adopted by Shiny and Candybutt and her increasing thirst.
"Oh hey that's pretty coo-"
Yo what the FUCK
File: image.jpg (62 KB, 517x733)
62 KB
Gai boi should've stuck with Daring mom
File: 1437109927416.png (77 KB, 1000x1000)
77 KB
Got you covered senpai-
Absent moma needs some competition, and someone to show her what her boy likes.
So did Archer's mother, and look how he turned out.
File: image.jpg (40 KB, 360x490)
40 KB
Fine then.
What if Sunny is his secret halfsister?
His dads illegitimate daughter, conceived with the house keeper just after Anon was born and Momma Daring, itching to return to adventure, abandoned them for a year.
Momma gets some too, she just has to earn it
More like early teens so they have plenty of time to...experiment.
No see, she was kept a secret from them but she knew and she wants some bro cock. Enough to make up for the years she missed out on.
Ohhh that's good, but when Moma Daring comes by again after all the years of neglect, she starts dropping hints that its just some stalker, and gets really passive aggressive to her when she is around. It all ends with Anon making the take a hatefucking for each other.
Mom is always out and about, but she is doing to protect her sons smile and cock. Anon uses little of what his mother sends him, opting to earn his own. Uses the funds to get a housekeeper. Its his secret sister, they start hitting is off. Momma finally comes home, maybe for good. Daring dislikes Sunset because shes after her son, and for some other reason she cant place. Sunset hates Daring for abandoning her brother.
File: image.jpg (1.16 MB, 4496x3800)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
She literally did NOTHING wrong
Barging in on Sister Belle in the bath!
I remember that one too. It was pretty good. I wish that writefag would continue it.
>As you barge into the bathroom, about to piss your pants, you are greeted with the sight of your younger sister Sweetie Belle sitting on the toilet, a loud hissing sound emanating from the bowl
>Apparently she forgot to lock the door
>She looks at you in surprise at the intrusion
>"Anon? What the..."
"Emergency! Spread your legs, or you're gonna get wet!"
>you quickly state, hurriedly unzipping your pants as you run over to the toilet
>Fortunately, she complies and moves her legs apart revealing a powerful yellow stream shooting forcefully out from between her legs and into the water below
>Having finally gotten your dick out, you aim directly at the gap between her legs and unleash the yellow Niagara falls from your bladder.
>Today was a bladder emergency kind of day.
I like this concept a lot. A lot of people will write it off as fetishwhatever, but it's straight up comfy to share a practical-but-usually-personal part of life like that, and there's a geometric wonder to the fact that it's possible for one male and female to use it together in a way that has a superficial resemblance to how sex works
In hindsight, it should have been
>Today was a crossing the streams kind of day
Thanks anon I looked everywhere to find it but couldn't.
Comfy and hot is a good combination.
File: 1456715712297.png (293 KB, 400x600)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
After the dickings, of course.
FFFF great

what if sisterbelle wanted to taste your mouth? just to see what it tastes like
>she grabs you and pulls you in for a makeout session while both of you are still peeing, causing you to lose your aim and pee all over her thighs and crotch
no, see now you're-
let's not make that any mo-
look, for one thing youd still be pointed into the toilet, unless she's waay shorter than you and then it's going on the floor
>Momma Trixie will never use you as her fucktoy
Or she gets up to make out with you, in which case she'd probably be pissing all over you as well.
people are being pretty patient at the moment, let's not strain that
File: downloadfile-74.png (870 KB, 1107x800)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
>"Come on son, pull aside Trixie's bikini and make love to me~ This isn't a request.."
>Anon's mom is Trixie
>Constantly gives him orders to do sexual things to Trixie
>He knows her as Mom. Has no idea who this Trixie person is.
>Her insistence upon third person makes it impossible to explain
>Starlight thinks it's so hot watching her best friend getting bred by her child.
I remember that. It stopped right as Sunset tried to choke herself on Anon's cock to prove that he doesn't need Chrysalis.
Nice tits.
Fuck me, Sunset's mom is a real piece of work. I hope Anon fucks the bitchiness out of her.
Catholic here. They're basically the same, only we've got the guy with the big hat.
>Trixie loves it when she wakes up to her son kneading her breast and pinching her nips.
>Daring Do leaves frequently during Anon's younger years and she's gone for months at a time
>One day she comes back home and Anon doesn't recognize her
>Hides behind his nanny's legs and asks "mommy" who the strange lady is
>Daring Do cries herself to sleep that night
well of course you'd say that
We also have the all-girl schools with the sexy uniforms.
Holy shit it took longer to get this out than I thought. Anyway, here's more Aunt Coco, thank you all for being patient.


>That night, you sleep in your aunt's bed again
>This time, however, she doesn't accidentally roll onto you and near-smother you under her breasts
>Which is a relief, as far as self-preservation goes, but you can't help but miss it a little
>Instead, she snuggles up with you in her arms, cradling you like she would a human-sized teddy bear
>You lay your head on her shoulder, slowly hypnotized towards sleep by her gentle breathing
>"You comfy, little buddy?"
>"That's good. After I quit my job, we'll have a little party, okay? Just for the two of us."
"That sounds really fun."
>"Yeah. And guess what?"
>"I'm gonna get you a present."
"For real? You don't have to."
>"I don't, but you deserve it. You've helped me out a lot. I can't remember the last time anyone said..."
>Coco trails off
>You feel something warm drip onto your face
"Are you crying?"
>"H-huh? No, of course not. Just got something in my eye, haha..."
>She sniffles
>"Anyway, I... I have something important to tell you tomorrow. After you get your present."
"You really don't have to get my anything..."
>She kisses the back of your head
>"I don't. But I will. Gotta keep that Most Awesome Aunt Ever title somehow, right?"
"You've totally earned it already."
>Coco lets out a watery giggle, and another tear falls into your hair
>"Well, I do try my best."
oh be still my heart and erection, jefe'
>Anon is living by himself for 5 or 6 months
>One night he hears a frantic knocking on his front door
>When he opens the door, Sunset crashes into him and starts sobbing into his chest
>Anon notices a suitcase behind her
>She chose him
>You both laugh at that, and while your laughter fades, the warmth in your chest doesn't
>Coco kisses the back of your head, her breath soft and pleasant against the back of your neck
>Neither of the two of you says anything more, but there's a shared communion of gentle breathing, body warmth, and reverberating heartbeats as you snuggle together beneath the covers and sink slowly into sleep

>When you wake up, the bed is empty
>Your aunt is seated on the floor in front of it, still dressed in her Vader pajamas and staring at the wall
>"Morning, little buddy."
"Uh, hey."
>You scoot to the edge of the bed, peering down at her
"You okay?'
>She nods, smiling
>"Just trying to get myself fired up. It's a big day!"
>Coco jumps to her feet, doing a sort of excited little twirl
>"I'm gonna march right into Suri's office, and when she tries to yell at me, BAM! I'm gonna crane-kick her right in the face!"
"Uh... maybe that's a little far?"
>"Oh, yeah. I, uh... I'll metaphorically crane-kick in the face! With my impassioned speech about how I'm not going to suffer anymore! I can't wait to see the look on her face! I'll bet she cries!"
"Ha, yeah!"
>"And then I'm gonna march right back out, and I won't look at her ever again! Not even if she BEGS me to come back!"
>Coco jumps in the air, throwing karate chops at imaginary foes
>"From today onwards, nobody's gonna trample over Coco Pommel ever again!"
>The two of you high-five, hurriedly get dressed, and then sprint out to the car
oh i'm not saying there's not some good parts.
>confident and enthused aunt coco
pls don't hurt us here ok

>For the entire duration of the drive to Manehattan Alt-Couture, Coco plays Dragonforce on full blast


>"I'm so pumped!"
"I know, right?"
>The two of you are full-on bouncing in your seats by the time you get to the MA-C headquarters
>Coco jumps out of the car, doing a little pre-emptive victory dance
>She grabs you by the hand and pulls you into the office
>The moment you step into the building though, something seems off
>Suri is nowhere to be seen; usually (at least, on the times you've been here), she's always been ready at the front door to berate Coco
>However, today, the main floor is empty, aside from a bored-looking secretary hunched behind her desk
>Your aunt, however, doesn't seem deterred by this at all, and marches right up the secretary
>"Hi, Janine! I'd like to talk..."
>She clears her throat, then poses dramatically
>"...to Ms. Suri Polomare!"
>The secretary doesn't even look up from her nails, which she's currently filing into deadly purple points
>"Good luck with that. She got canned this morning."
>"Um... what?"
>A little bit of Coco's fire seems to deflate
>"Yeah. Her designs are doing terribly. Why'd you think she was so desperate to get that magazine off the ground?"
>"I, um... didn't know, actually."
>Coco looks a little pale, not to mention confused
>"Well, it burned too. So management kicked her out. She might still be in her office, if you want to check."
I think we both know what's going to happen
God save the Coco greens
oh. sneaky.
gosh I hope Coke doesn't feel responsible
>"I... yeah. I'll go do that, I guess."
>Coco looks at you, but you just shrug
>Guess that just made your job a lot easier?
>Although you can't help but feel like it was a little anticlimactic
>The two of you wander through the halls which, in comparison to the lobby, are bustling with activity
>Designers and models push past each other, each buried in their own personal little schedule
>Suri's office -- or former office, you guess -- is nestled at the back corner of the building
>Coco pushes the door open, and you half-expect a furious Suri to come barging out
>But the place is deserted
>Inside the office, there's only a simple mahogany desk and a few leisure chairs scattered around
>Atop each of the chairs and piled on the desk are the remains of Suri's things
>Huge stacks of fashion catalogues, design sketches, framed awards...
>It's all there, and most of it looks broken
>The designs have been torn in half, and most of the magazines have pages ripped out
>Pieces of glass are scattered all over the place, leftover from the smashed frames of Suri's awards
>Coco takes a step into the room, her petite sandals crunching on the glass
>"Oh... oh my..."
>She picks up a handful of torn-up designs, examining them
>"These were... these were some of her favorites."
>Your aunt leans back against the wall, staring straight ahead
>You step around her, picking up some of the smashed frames from the corner of the room
>They read:
[Junior Fashion Stars, Third Place]
[Minor Fashion Circuit, Fifth Place]
[Upcoming Designers, Honorable Mention]
[Manehattan Community College, BA in Fashion Design]
>Turns out, most of them aren't actually awards
>Only the top pieces of the pile are
>Beneath them are pictures of people you don't really recognize

>It's easy to tell they're fashion models, though
>All of them are slender men or women in their twenties, dressed in ridiculous swathes of multicolored fabric that seem to blow behind them in the breeze
>It's pretty gay, not like the legit-cool stuff your aunt makes
>All of the framed are shattered, and some have flecks of blood on the broken glass
>All of them, that is, except for one
>And speaking of your aunt, she's in it
>The only picture that Suri didn't smash is one of Coco, looking slightly younger than she does now, wrapped in a simple blue dress
>Even with your limited fashion knowledge, you can tell Suri designed that dress
>It compliments her well, and she looks adorable in it
>You glance over at Coco, wondering if she noticed
>However, she's staring intently at one of Suri's ripped designs, her hand shaking
>"This one... she was really proud of it..."
>A single tear runs down your aunt's face
>"I didn't want this to happen to her. I just wanted her to stop being mean to me! I didn't think... I didn't want her to... to have her life ruined..."
>She leans back against the wall, wiping her face
>You tuck the picture behind your back, figuring it would probably just hurt her more

>As it turns out, Suri's being fired means that, as her assistant, Coco's been terminated by proxy
>She could just re-join as someone else's designer, which Janine says would be pretty easy
>But Coco just glumly shakes her head when she hears the offer, and the two of you head back out to the car
>Coco sighs, plopping into her seat
>All the energy of this morning is drained from her
>She just looks guilty, sad, and really, really tired
"Aunt Coco? Are you okay?'
>She nods
>"I'm fine. Just... I don't know. Let's get some lunch."
Alright, gonna pause there for now. Will be back to updating this story daily now, so there should be more green out tomorrow.
File: smj.jpg (53 KB, 640x392)
53 KB
>she's sad again
gosh hecking DARN IT
wait why wouldnt she... take the new job..
Good to hear, glad to have you back Jeff

Nothing that can't be fixed by some hot, young boy hugs
You do realize we're going to hold you to that, Jeff
She was going to quit anyway, and try to get a new drawing career off the ground.
yeah but.. for reasons. which are now gone
still need money to start new thing
You're putting more thought into it than the author did. Just wait for the little kid to mind break his aunt with his huge cock or some such.
>You're putting more thought into it than the author did.
Have you read any of Jeff's other stories?
File: image.png (399 KB, 786x1016)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Why does my grandma keep waving a gun around and shouting about someone called Charlie?
File: sh1.png (30 KB, 145x250)
30 KB
>"What do you think, brother? Does it look good?"
>Everything on the table looks edible as far as you can tell.
"Yeah, sure."
>Your sister clears her throat, sitting over the dinner table.
>Picking up the fork, you notice her glaring at you, clearing her throat.
>"I'll say grace."
>Awkwardly putting the fork back, you clasp your hands, waiting for her to start.
>"Lord, thou who art in heaven, please bless our parents on the road, my friends from school..."
>She continues listing off a bunch of names for 'the lord' to bless, eyes closed.
>Your little sister has had some weird phases before, but this one really takes the cake.
>It started a couple of weeks ago with her insisting on calling you 'brother', apparently to be formal.
>Then she ditched her t-shirts and started wearing sweaters inside.
>That must be uncomfortably warm, but when asked, she just mumbled something about modesty.
>None of this made any sense until she started openly reciting bible verses and prayers in your face.
>The only welcome thing about this development is that she now cooks for you sometimes, for whatever reason.
>"...and bless the lettuce and the hands that pulled them from the ground. Ah-men."
>She clears her throat again, eyes drilling holes through your head.
"Uhh... ah-men."
>"Thank you."
>Apparently that's the historical pronunciation, or something.
>You chomp through the food, quietly impressed by her skill.
>As genuine as she seems, the length of this phase is starting to worry you.
>She doesn't hang out with her friends much anymore, instead engrossed in back-to-back bible readings.
>"So, brother, how about it? Will you go with me tomorrow..?"
"I'm not going to church, Shim."
>She looks at you as if you're a lost puppy.
>"Is that video game really more important than your soul..?"
"Well, it's a really good game."
>You ignore her look of disapproval, chomping on some more food.
"I actually think you'd like it, it's about reclaiming the holy land."
File: sh2.png (603 KB, 1050x1100)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
>"Thanks, brother, you're the best!"
>She gives you a quick Christian side-hug before running up the stairs and into her room.
>Who'd have thought she'd be so excited about a copy of Crusader Kings 2 as an early birthday present?
>You follow her into the room, figuring she's going to need some help.
"Alright, how's it going?"
>"This is... complicated."
"I'll give you a hint, start as an Irish duke."
>You spend the next couple of hours going over the basics with her, which she absorbs with ease.
>You quite enjoy the mentor role. What better feeling is there than being useful to someone who looks up to you?
>Looking at the screen, you notice her heir and his twin sister just came of age.
>Taking over the mouse and checking their profiles, you notice they're both geniuses.
"Whoa, lucky you. Check the marriage menu for others with a genius trait."
>She filters the list, showing no results.
>"It's empty... does that mean I can't have- I mean, my duke can't have genius babies?"
>She actually looks sad.
"Well... there is one thing you can do..."
>Her face lightens up.
"I mean... you can just marry your twins..."
>"Yeah, but to whom? The list was empty."
"To each other."
>A moment of silence passes, both of you looking away as you notice each other's blush.
>"Isn't that... bad..?"
"One time should be fine, just don't do it too often."
>"No, I mean... is that allowed, in the church?"
>Figures that's the angle she's worried about.
"Yeah, I guess. Royalty did this all the time in Europe."
>She doesn't look convinced.
"I'm pretty sure the Old Testament borderline endorses this kind of thing, too. You'd know better than me."
>A bulb seems to light above her head.
>"Woah, you're... right. It kinda does..."

Writing this short while I get through my writer's block with the Fluttersis green, since I like the OP edition.
Oh shit son.
How would she react to her little brother playing a game that has the character killing angels like Bayonetta or Darksiders?
Well, I mean, if the bible says it's okay...
old testament no longer applies tho
Well don't tell Sunset that.
Well you can't have a new testament without the old testament and vice versa.
Deus Vult
Issues and Jeff back at the same time, am I in heaven?
>"Anon turn this off right now!"
"How about no."
is this how muzzies feel when HASSAN CHOP kinda shit comes up on tv?
Rule 1: just because someone in the bible does it doesn't mean it's okay. 90% of the content is "how we fucked up"
Then its 90% lets continue to fuck up because sky daddy didn't tell us to stop.
Look, Sunset's faith in the bible (old and new) is the only thing that's going to allow her to fuck Anon. Stop looking gift horses in their mouths.
But Derpy isn't there, she is sleeping with her twin after a long night at work, and Dinky is at a friends house, so they don't have to be quiet. How could you look in her mouth?
that's special horse, not gifted. and that's gifted, not gift.
"Theoretically Sunset there could be another you. It could be anything like a unicorn version of you that somehow finds a portal of this world and becomes a human too.
>"Anon, you need to stop reading those sinful comics."
File: 1487719506836.png (182 KB, 942x1024)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
I want to be Sunset's perverted little brother who tries to sneak peeks of his hot older sister.
Replace sister with cousin and that was me 20 years ago
File: Kt119isl[1].jpg (38 KB, 617x463)
38 KB
>Bobby, it's perfectly natural to want to see a woman nekkid, but I am your cousin, and if I catch you again you are going to Hell
File: IMG_0107.jpg (32 KB, 215x235)
32 KB
File: 1170519.png (36 KB, 1260x679)
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I think it's hotter with a sister, especially an older sister.
>AppleJack realizes Pear Butter won't be able to teach you the facts of life
>Decides to do it herself, just the same way Mama did
>Neglects to factor in that she MIGHT have taught you a little differently because you're a boy
>after seeing her bits, briefly, one at a time, in a clinical manner, you start needing to see the whole thing
Older sister sunset? Don't mind if i do.

>"Sure, but I mean it's not like 'I' started it."
>Sunset tried to explain her situation to the girls
>Everyone seemed a bit offput by the idea of her prancing around the house in her panties, in front of you
>"Hey, when he was a little kid he was always trying to steal my underwear or sniffing my sweaters. It was annoying then but..."
>She looked out the window at the figure that was you, washing your car shirtless on a hot summer day
>She bit her lip as you waved at you
>You waved back unknowingly and went back to work
>Twilight started before Applejack jumped in
>"Ya'll are kin. Care ta explain da baybees?"
>"Whoa, nobody said anything about that. I just want to flirt with him a little you know?"
>She sat up on the windowsill a bit to show off her butt and started playing with her hair
>"And weren't you the one who said if braeburn wasn't your cousin you'd jump his bones?"
>AJ grew red in the face
>Everyone looked uneasy once more before she bowed her head
>"Ah told ya dat in confidence..."
>"So it's settled? You'll all stay out of my way and not much things up with me and my little bro?"
>Applejack resigned herself with a defeated sigh while Rarity and Fluttershy just continued to blush
>Twilight was still flabbergasted but Pinkie just jumped for joy
>"Eeeh! I can't believe you love your brother THIS much. If me and my sisters weren't close already i'd probably date one of them too! Oh, I wish mom and dad had another baby."
>Sunset still didn't seem fully content since there was still one hold out
>Rainbow blew a hair out of her face as she mulled things over
>"But i want something in return!"
>"Ugh, what?"
>"You remember that sick guitar down at the music shop? It sure would look nice in my room don't ya think?"
>"Oh, alright."
>"Awesome! Let's go!"
>"What you mean now?"
>"Why not? I mean you're brother's right outside?"
>older sister
Got you my nigga
[Autistic screeching]

>"Come on!"
>Without a second word Rainbow took Sunset by the hand and yanked her outside
>"Oh, Anooon~"
>Looking up you see your sister and friend coming up to you
>One less enthusiastic than the other
>Standing up to your full height you look down at the two of them as they stand at arms length
"What's up?"
>Rainbow smiles wide as she slaps Sunset's back
>"Me and your sis here wanted to know if you could take us to the music shop downtown?"
"Oh, ok."
>"You see we had a bet that-wait huh?"
"I said sure let's go. I just need to hose off the car and we'll be set."
>Her smile transformed into a shit eating grin as she nudged your comatose sister in the ribs
>"Hey you should go inside and get us some freezy pops, it's hot out here."
>"On it. Hey Sunset, why don't you help your brother hose off?"
>She ran inside the house giggling like a mental patient
>But you shrugged it off and opened up on the Anonmobile leaving it spick and span
>Your sister didn't move an inch the whole time
>Of course your eyes couldn't miss the paper thin top she had on
>A twitch of your dick and you 'accidentally' spritz her a bit
>"Pbbt, pfft. H-Hey! You-you jerk...face!"
>You smiled as your sister came back to life to insult you in the cutest way possible
>That water should also work its magic in the next few seconds
>Just then Rainbow came back out with three, count'em THREE freezy pops
>"Alright we're all set, let's head out! Oh, noo. Sunset what happened to you?"
>She tried her best to sound either surprised or concerned but it was an obvious ruse as she started giggling again
>"Oh, well i guess you can just air dry on the drive over. Let's go!"
>The three of you hopped in the chevy/trans am/ pick'em up of your choice and headed out
>'Air dry my ass' you think as put the car in gear
>Instead you close up all the windows and blast the AC
>You could already see her lazy bra, but you wanted Moar
>"Hey, anon what's the point of having freezy pops if you-"

>Rainbow shut her yap as soon as she caught a sight of her
>Sunset was very obviously trying to play it off, nibbling on her frozen treat, as her nipples nearly pierce her shirt
>"Oh, I get it. Heh, guess they'll last longer this way, right Sunset?"
>She leaned back down in the backseat and happily munched away
>You weren't sure if she knew or not, but you loved it when Sunny kept quiet around you
>It was almost as if she knew
>Didn't matter, you caught an eyeful whenever you had to make a right turn
>You made sure to make plenty on the way there
>Finally after what seemed like a driving tour of the city you made it to the shop
>"Geez, that only took forever. Okay, I'll just give the guy your name right Sunset?"
>"To put the guitar on your tab right? You still got credit with these guys right?"
>She winked at her before stepping outside
>"You just sit here with your big little brother and make sure he stays out of trouble, or other places"
>"Rainbow Dash."
>She slammed the door shut and ran through the door
>Sunset breathed a sigh of relief and bashfully turns toward you
>"So Anon...how was military school?"
>You smile and flex your arms and chest for her
"Pretty good now that you mention it."
>You watched her hungrily take in every bit of sinewy goodness as you flexed this muscle and that in the limited confines of your car
>Speaking of which, once your done you lower all the windows and turn off the car
>"What are you doing? It's like a million degrees out?"
"I know, but i forgot to fill up so i don't want to waste gas just sitting here."
>"But you've got a whole quarter tank of gas left."
>You shrug as the heat encourages you to open up your half melted freezy pop
>Of course this is the one thing they didn't prepare you for, sealed plastic
>You thumb it over and over again until Sunset reaches over
>"Here let me get that for you twerp."
>Sunset folds her hands over yours and you feel it again
>The Swole
Some of us grew up as the oldest amongst our siblings

The few friends I had who did have big sisters, did not have even remotely attractive ones
>As she tightens her grip on yours you twitch again and accidentally tear the damn thing in two
>"Oh, Anon! Now look what you did!"
>Juice spilled all over the console, seat, steering wheel...and you
>Mind you you're still shirtless at this point
>Practicality overrides your hormone driven mind somehow and you start to look for those gas station napkins your always stuffing in the sides
"Hang on I've got some paper towels...here...some...."
>Sunset wasn't paying attention to you
>She was focused on the little drops of red juice that ran down your hardened stomach and collected in a puddle in your belly button
>Before you could ask what she was looking at she slowly started going down on you
>You felt her warm breath on your abs followed by her hot tongue as she lapped the juices away
>Her wet kisses slowly drained the reservoir from your stomach
>Lapping up sweat and sugar from your abs she made eye contact with you as she continued upward
>Her hand found its way onto your chest and caressed you
>You looked at her with less concern than lust
>"I know..."
>She continued to kiss your abdomen as she slowly made her way closer to your face
>"You've always had a thing for me. Right?"
"But you said-"
>"That was before Anon, you were just a little kid."
>Her other hand found the lump in your pants
>"You're all grown up now."
>You focus all your might into your hand and slide it up the backside of her legs into her skirt
>She whimpered as you squeezed your own treasure
>Sunset gave you a little nod before you lowered your hand a few inches
>You felt heat and wetness and ran your finger along the middle
>Sunset squeezed her thighs around your hand as you started fingering
>In turn she rubbed your swollen genitals and cooed with every turn of your finger
>Instinct soon took over and her hips started swaying to a smooth and steady rhythm against your hand
>She bit her lip as she studied yours
>"Ah, A-Anon...do you think..?"

>You bent forward and locked lips with your older sister
>Instantly you tasted her sweet and salty saliva as she furiously dug her tounge into your mouth
>A few passerby's turned their heads to see the show but continued walking by
>It was damn hot
>Soon her shirt clung tightly to her chest and her nipples were no longer erect because of the cold air
>You felt them rub against your chest as she lay herself against you
>Her hips bucked and you knew the time had come
>Tearing yourself away from her you strongarm against the steering wheel
>Her breaths coming hot and heavy as you continued to work on her
>Soon she wasn't just breathing hard but whimpering and crying
>In one swift motion you pull her panties aside and feel her natural womanhood against the palm of your hand
"Hey sis, what do you think about this?"
>You slowly pierce her tight wet snatch to her surprise
>She could only grip your hand hard in protest as she felt her little brother make a woman out of her
>Squeezing tighter against your hand Sunset cries out in pleasure as you increase your own rhythm
>Within seconds she's bucking her hips again without pause or relief
>It soon becomes a contest between which sibling wants to be the one to grant her release
>Wanting to seize the upper hand you lean forward and start sucking on her nipple through her shirt
>She screams again and holds your head against her chest as she feels her pussy tightening around your finger
>You finish her off by nibbling her little hard nub and she actually jumps a bit off your hand as her pussy unleashes a torrent of nectar on your hand
>Her thighs like vices around your wrist as she bucks and twitches and pants and thrusts
>In the confines of your car she presses herself against the roof before falling onto you again
>You spend a few seconds feeling her pussy still convulsing before you pull your finger out and hold it in front of her to see
>Her pussy juice smelled good to you and you wanted to prove your dedication to her by sucking it clean
>Sunset had other plans it seemed
>Seizing control of your hand she slowly licked your finger from bottom to top
>Leaving the other side unclean
>You smile as you lick her off your finger as well and stare into her eyes the entire time
>Sunset smiles back and is soon planting soft kisses on you lips again
>"Mmmm, you have no idea how good that felt."
"O rly? I've been waiting for this for years Sunny and all i wanted to do was peek at you and jack off."
>She smiled at you as you heard a bell chime in the distance
>Sunset sat back in her chair and lowered her skirt.
>"I promise Anon, next time, (You)."
>Rainbow hopped back into your car one guitar richer
>"Heh, thanks again Sunset. I'll make sure to keep your little secret quiet."
>She winked at her and you couldn't help yourself
"What secret?"
>Sunset spoke playfully
"Oh, right. That you have a crush on your little brother."
>Rainbow's jaw dropped
"Don't worry Sunset, I won't tell anyone."


Hope you guys enjoyed it, this was my first true beginning to end fapfic. Or at least the one i most enjoyed writing
>She bit her lip as you waved at you
File: image.jpg (105 KB, 718x1016)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
You walk in on your completely innocent nun sister schlicking.
Wat do?
Then write your own green instead of bitching about it
It's not the way of the lord. She would have to pray for forgiveness and speak to the Padre about how better to devote herself to Christ.
"First, show me how you sinned. Yes, show me all of it, that's good. Faster"
>Care ta explain da baybees?
applejack quickly morphs into babs seed, horrifying everyone
>pie sisters foursome
yes please
>freezy pops
you and I are friends now
Christianity is a doomsday cult.
>not just biting your freezy pop open
do you even teeth
>spilling them
ugh that is the stickiest shit EVER. and the red ones are the worst! they always leak in the first place.
unless we're in a desert and water's at a premium, that is the most solid technique to staying pure. do you even?
>in b4 sin of onan
which was tricking his wife instead of just telling her he didnt want kids.
File: 1400742835612.gif (294 KB, 480x270)
294 KB
294 KB GIF
You mean, this whole horsefapping cult we're in is totally compatible with Christianity?
Reminder that /mlp/ is a Christian board.
Allahu Ackbar.
I dunno. Does the bible say anything about masturbating to horses?
edgy memes aside, crack it open once in a while. bible's a good read, and most of that shit you think's in there isn't in there. the rest of it is, but it's being told to people in a desert who are going to die without some kind of austerity measures.
just as long as you ignore all religious practices from the last 1700 years and look at it from that context it's good shit.
From now on this will be my personal quest - to find out what God thinks of pony fapping. Wish me luck, brethren.

All I ever got about it was series of crazy-long chain of translations and the dudes who were recommending it were totally weird. I do understand that it could be at least a significant history artifact like Odyssey or Beowulf and at least could be up to average epic-fiction level, but it's hard to read due to faggots, demanding to print it in unreadable old-ass rhyme style with numbering and shit. And I also lack a giant amount of their background, when I'm listening to some historian speaking of their lifestyle, current governments, ongoing wars and all that - it magically starts to make sense, but when I read it as it is it's like I'm reading someone's marijuana trip - only "the thing happened", and no context whatsoever.

Totally would do the same if I was a priest back then. Uneducated idiots are so much easier to deal with when they're not trying to murder each other.

From what I've heard, religious practices are even not described there that much, the rituals must be kept in separate book, what-s-it-name, with dates and tables and stuff. At least it is in my local orthodox christian churches, but they are retarded in that interesting way, when they accept paganist holidays on a par with christian, maybe they really had to have separate catalog of rituals since it grows bigger.
Well, you get who I was answering to.
*tips fedora*
File: sh3.png (416 KB, 2250x5000)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
>The next morning, the Sun wakes you up.
>Performing your usual waking-up routine, you notice your sister's Steam profile is active.
>Which means she didn't go to church this morning. Success!
>Deciding to check on her, you knock on her door.
"Shim, are you in there? How's it going?"
>The door opens, revealing your sister.
>Her hair is completely ragged, her eyes have bags under them, and she's wearing a t-shirt and no pants.
>"I did it, Anon... I mean broth-ugh, whatever."
>She waves you inside, pointing to the screen, looking triumphant.
>Well, you'll be god-damned. Not only did she get the Jerusalem title, but she also formed Britannia.
>"Those Muslims didn't know what hit them."
"Did you stay up all night?"
>Seeing her falling down on her bed answers your question.
>Noticing her king's three chins, you check his profile, revealing the most horrific monstrosity you've ever seen produced by this game.
>A weak, inbred imbecile, ugly and clubfooted, and infirm on top of that. An impressive cocktail of negative traits to say the least.
>His parents are siblings. As are his grandparents. And great-grandparents. This entire family tree is just a ladder.
"Shim... how in the f-"
>She wraps her arms around you from behind, dropping her head on your shoulder.
>"Can I ask you something..?"
>Damn it, her face is way too close.
>"Will you be my husband?"
>Your hands go limp as you sit back into the chair, giving your little sister a raised eyebrow.
"You need to go to sleep."
>"N-no, I-" A yawn cuts her off. "I don't!"
"Okay, well, I should, uhh... get going..."
>Your words trail off as your sister begins tracing patterns on your chest instead of releasing you from the hug.
>"You know, I think we have some matching traits..."
"What's gotten into you..? Do you have a fever?"
>You reach for her forehead, feeling her warm, smooth skin against your palm.
>"See? I'm fine."
File: sh4.png (382 KB, 586x1000)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>"So will you do it?"
>She sits back on the bed, fluttering her eyes at you.
>What monster have you created?
"N-nobody will marry us, Shim."
>"I'll do it."
"You'll... marry us? Does that even work?"
>"Anything is possible when God wills it, Anon."
"How do you even know that?"
>She pats the bed beside her, summoning you by her side.
>She jumps on you and sits on your lap, arms around your shoulders.
>"I'm sure of it. The Lord sent me the signs using this game, and it's telling me that you are the one."
>That's some quality Christian logic right there.
>You're done arguing. You know she's too stubborn to have her mind changed, and you've been dreading the day she gets a boyfriend anyways.
"Fine... if you insist."
>That's a one-way ticket to hell guaranteed, but the overjoyed look on her face makes it all worth it.
>"A-alright!" She springs onto her feet, dragging you with her.
>She hands you a piece of paper, looking excited.
>"Recite this."
>Looking at the words written, an entire leg's worth of blood rushes into your face.
>You're supposed to say *this* to your sister..?
>Looking up at her, she's waiting for you to start.
"Uhh... I, Anonymous take you... Sunset Shimmer, t-to be my... w-wife..."
>You gulp, hand covering your face in shame. It only gets worse from here, but it's too late to back out.
"I p-promise to be true to you in good times and in bad..."
>Looking up, she's drawing circles on the floor with her foot.
"...in s-sickness and in health..."
>Your eyes meet, the awkward contact breaking immediately as your eyes go back to the paper.
"I will... loveyouandhonouryouallthedaysofmylife, DONE."
>You hear a giggle as you catch your breath, the vow finally done with.
>"Alright, my turn."
>She takes a deep breath and recites the entire pledge in a single exhalation, not skipping or mincing a single word.
>Ignoring your speechlessness, her eyes close and her hands move behind her back, puffing out her chest.
>"You may kiss the bride..."
Will probably finish this in the next sitting.
Nice update.
Yo it was 2 am and I was too tired to care about proofreading
Actually no, I don't teeth I knife
Google exists, just look up bestiality
Cool blog post m8.
haha, you did it, reddit
>>"Those Muslims didn't know what hit them."
A sister after my own heart.
Good stuff, Issues.
>Someone doesn't like my unpopular opinion.
>Haha reddit amirite guys that will show them.
all of my uplikes, brodawg
You're just making it worse on yourself.
File: 1484328504781.jpg (82 KB, 900x1344)
82 KB
I felt that from here
>feeding trolls
It's like you've never been here before.
>chain of translations
oh shit well there's your problem. gotta go with the one that starts with the dead sea scrolls

>The two of you head down a few blocks, swerving into a random, slightly-upscale Manehattan neighborhood
>On both sides of you, the streets are lined with perfectly-trimmed pine trees and the neat, squarish lawns of well-to-do suburbanites
>Near the end of the suburb, Coco pulls into a small diner, and the two of you head inside
>The place is all red-plastic and neon signs, giving it a weirdly retro feel, like the kind of place your mom would call "gaudy" or "uncouth"
>You and your aunt sit together in a plastic booth in the back corner, neither of you speaking to each other
>Coco's looking around the ground and chewing at her bottom lip
>It's easy to see she's feeling guilty, but you have no idea what to say to her
>After the waitress comes and leaves with your lunch orders, Coco's phone buzzes
>That makes her jump, and her hands shake when she pulls it out to check the message
"What is it?"
>"Work again. They're trying to get me to come back. Asking if I'm sure about not re-applying."
"They must like you a lot."
>"You think?"
>That seems to genuinely catch Coco off-guard
"Why else would they ask?"
>"I don't know."
>She sighs, trailing her pointer finger through a little spilled water on the table, spreading it into a crude heart shape
>"It just... it wouldn't feel right, if I'm not working for Suri."
"What? But I thought you hated her?"
>Coco shakes her head
"But she was so mean to you."
>"I know, but..."
>She sighs
>"Things weren't always like that. It's... hard to explain."
sympathy for the devil. always good.
File: 1401165748593.png (158 KB, 751x1063)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>She has the same tone of voice that your mom gets when she wants you to stop talking about something
>But you can't let this go
"What do you mean? She didn't always make you feel bad about yourself?"
>"Well, not really."
"So... what?"
>"I told you, little buddy. It's hard to explain. She was the first person who ever gave me a chance. And even though she yelled at me, she still... she still at least gave me a chance. She'd still, you know, talk to me. Even if most of it was yelling."
>Coco takes a long drink of her water, unable to look you in the eye
>"At least, in a weird, mean way, she still *wanted* my work."
"But she... she..."

>There come, in every kid's life, a few crystallizing moments where our understanding of the world (good people are good, bad people are bad, good always wins, etc.) peel back, and we get our first glimpses of the complex, messy, ugly stuff that actually lives inside human beings
>One of those moments hits you when you see the look on Coco's face
>The sheer unfairness of someone as nice as her pining after a witch like Suri hits you with so much force it makes your head spin
>You lean back in your seat, feeling simultaneously far-away and way-to-close to the tiny scene at the diner's booth
>The image of that picture of Coco -- the only one not smashed, in Suri's office -- keeps coming back into your mind
>Should you tell her?

>"I know it probably doesn't make sense, little buddy. But that's just how I feel, I guess. I was hoping she'd ask me to come back, if I quit. It would've made me like I'd finally done something right..."
>Coco sighs
>"Guess that's not gonna happen."
>She drops her head for a moment
>And when she lifts it again, she's trying really hard to force a smile
>"Oh well. It's not all bad, of course not. No, not all bad. Now I can finally try to get my art out there, right?"
>it resumes
Part 2?
>inb4 Coco's relationship with Suri is ever more unhealthy than it seemed
>Coco meets with Suri at a later date and Suri absolutely slams her and makes it clear in no uncertain terms that she doesn't want Coco to come back
>Coco gets drunk and kills herself
>Anon is devastated
>Suri is not affected and doesn't care, possibly laughing at Anon when he confronts her about it
>Story ends
I've read your other stories, Jeff. I know how this goes.
File: Spoiler Image (90 KB, 538x302)
90 KB
You forgot the part where Anon gets raped.
File: 1401164047821 (1).jpg (209 KB, 735x1035)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>You try to sound excited, but it's pretty obvious Coco's enthusiasm is just about dried up
>As lunch goes on, she just looks more and more glum
>She continues drawing in the condensation of her water glass, making little stick figures, hearts, and tiny animal faces, before wiping them away with the back of her hand
>Eventually, she stands up from the table and excuses herself to the restroom
>And that's when you do something stupid, because something about the look on your aunt's face has made you desperate
>Coco left her purse on her chair, and you've been with her long enough to know that that's where she leaves her phone
>So you lean across the booth and fish the pink-cased device out, checking around to make sure she's not back yet
>There's no password on the phone, so you just unlock it and start scrolling through her contacts
>There's not very many: just your mom, Coco's mom (your grandma, here), someone named Rarity, and Suri
>You pull up her message history with Suri, and type out a quick message
[I'm at the Manehattan South-Central Diner. Can we talk?]
>And then you toss the phone back into the bag before your aunt comes back

>When she does, the food's already arrived, but it's clear she doesn't have much appetite
>The two of you just sit together, her picking at a basket of fries while you eat your sandwich in slow, methodical bites
>You realize that, once her phone rings, she's going to see that you texted Suri
>This was a terrible idea, wasn't it?
>Your sandwich-eating slows down to about one bite a minute, and nervous sweat starts to break out along your forehead
>What if this just makes Suri even angrier?
>You engage in a tiny staring context with your aunt's purse, starting to hope that Suri just doesn't respond at all
>"Anon? You okay, buddy?"
F-fine! Totally fine, heh..."
>You take another bite of sandwich, still watching the bag
>If that phone goes off, you're gonna look like a total--
Jefe' isn't faggot13, h-he wouldn't hurt us like that
you forgot your name
File: GOT DANGIT.jpg (14 KB, 552x539)
14 KB
>if that phone goes off-
>cuts off
File: 1401421910978.png (252 KB, 500x462)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>Bells jingle at the front of the store as the main door opens
>You and Coco turn around, as if subconsciously predicting what's about to happen next
>There, standing silhouetted by plate glass and afternoon sunlight, is Suri Polomare
>She's dressed in a stern-looking blouse and skirt, with plenty of plaid and flared lapels
>Her hair is starting to pull out of the perfectly-rolled buns you remember it being in, leaving her with loose strands dangling in her face
>And judging by the red tiny to her eyes and the faded makeup streaks down her cheeks, she was crying at some point today
>She only takes one quick scan of the place before her eyes settle on you and your aunt
>Coco goes pale, protectively placing herself between you and Suri
>"M-Ms. Suri? What are you doing--"
>"Quiet, Pommel."
>Suri prowls over to your table, glaring at Coco
>"You called me here, 'mkay. So what is it? You trying to gloat, or something?"
>"N-no! No, of course not! I... wait, I called you?"
>You shrink down into your seat, trying to look innocent
>"Yeah, ya did. Still can't remember anything from more than a minute ago, huh."
>"S-sorry, ma'am."
>Coco shrinks down, bowing her head and looking admonished
>You reach under the table and grab ahold of her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze
>Something about your touch reminds her of exactly what she was planning to say to her old boss earlier
>Your aunt glances across the table at you, and finally meets your gaze
>And she gives you a real, non-forced smile
>Coco jumps up from the table and jabs a finger right at Suri's face
>"You know what? N-no! I don't remember calling you, but... but if I did, it's because I'm worried about you! For some s-stupid reason, I still care about you! But maybe... maybe this is what you deserve. Maybe you don't deserve to b-be happy."
>Coco takes a step back, and falls back into her seat, exhausted
>She doesn't even look at her former boss

Pausing here for today.
>Ever thinking that this was going to be a happy story
The story is sadness experienced over the course of several weeks.
File: 1498959821107.jpg (44 KB, 1280x720)
44 KB
File: HAT PONY MAD.gif (1.6 MB, 400x225)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
shut up shut up SHUT UP!
Shhhh.... Just lie back and think of England. It'll all be over soon. Especially for Coco
File: 1483359646072.gif (65 KB, 502x503)
65 KB
So if I don't get caught I can still make it to heaven. Got it.
Yeah, but I didn't have an older sister. Just a hot cousin 3 years older than me
File: DEUS_VULT.jpg (27 KB, 480x360)
27 KB
Luanne is not the brightest bulb or the greatest theologian
it's funny how on tv nobody ever does things like.. explains themselves or clears up misunderstandings
we do need more fun scenarios like this though. curious younger brothers or cousins who just want to clinically look at women so they dont end up all warped from being deprived of something normal like that
>You are Fluttershy I guess
>You keep waking up and your little brother has climbed on top of you, wrapped his arms around in a hug, and fallen asleep
>It's really cute, especially when you were on your back and his face is resting on your pillows, but recently you have started feeling his morning wood poking between your legs
>You mull over what to do, and finally you sit down with him and have a talk about him sleeping on you
>You open your mouth, and for some reason what comes out is "I think you need to start sleeping in the nude."
>The hell was that? That wasn't "you're getting too old for this!" Okay, try again.
>"I'm going to do the same, and I want our skin to touch while we're sleeping"
>FFFF where is this coming from? Okay, focus!
>"Sorry, uh.. Let me start over.."
>You can do this. One word at a time.
>"I.. don't think.. you should.. sleep in my bed.."
>There you go! let him down easy
>"Unless you're okay with me seeing you naked"
>Oh god dammit, he agreed. Mouth, if you're not going to listen to me, then I'm just going to leave
>"Go head and get undressed now so I can get a good look at you in the light"
>That's it, I'm out of here. Maybe Pinkie Pie could use a new brain. You just sit there and giggle and drool, Fluttershy's body!
It's a lost skill anon, don't bother.
>>You open your mouth, and for some reason what comes out is "I think you need to start sleeping in the nude."
>>The hell was that? That wasn't "you're getting too old for this!" Okay, try again.
>Goddamn you, unconscious mind!
>Stop revealing my deepest and darkest desires!
>And judging by the red tiny to her eyes and the faded
tiny* red*, you flipped them by accident.
England is dying a quick death, so its not really applicable here.
Lie back and think of whichever country you feel most patriotic to. If you are Canadian, close your eyes and picture Justin Trudeau smiling down at you.
I assume that was "tint"
you might have bled a little when you tore off that huge bloodsucking parasite called everyone-in-the-EU-other-than-Germany, but it's still for the best.
Okay, that's.. that's a lot of blood. Maybe.. put a bandage on there. evidently they left an anticoagulant behind...
okay, well, it seems the wound is infected, because you let China in there.. but we're all working on that particular pathogen right now. Give it some time.
I'll give you a hint: it's the same thing that'll be used to cure North Korea.
that may or may not be necessary. Remember that bizarre movie Osmosis Jones, and how at the end they fucking.. rescue the piece of DNA that the red death removed, and reintegrate it into his medulla or wherever?
there's this little place called Taiwan with a certain democratically-elected rightful-chinese-government-in-exile..
>checks thread
how did we.. anyway, uh, ponecest. I would like to poke Maud's poon gently. I imagine she's write me a nice straightforward letter, saying how she was okay with doing sexy things with me, then some clumsily-worded attempts at romance by saying I'm her favorite brother..
What. The. Fuck?
File: doggo.jpg (30 KB, 480x490)
30 KB
was I being too obscure? I was just suggesting reversing the chinese communist revolution and putting the legitimate government (the one in exile in Taiwan) back in place
And here's the difference: it's not about horse*fucking*, it's about horse*fapping*. And about definition of the beast, to think of it, if church somehow stops seeing them as demons.

Gotta read fast.
Jesus said that if you commit a sin with your eye you commit it with your heart. intrepret that as you will
I need to find a source of that in original formulation and name it heresy
How should I even understand it? If i see the sin then I'm a sinner too, or thinking of sin is considered as equal sin? Even if it's second, I can fap without imagining me fucking a horse, I just think of some abstract dick, flying in air, fucking a horse, it's not connected to me anyway. Like that dude on TV who fapped on trees, rocks, grass, nature in general, I just enjoy the view.
>I see a Coco
>"Heh, what if it's Mr. Pres-"
>It is
God fucking damn it, Jeff, your waifu is trash.
That was a great movie. I even watched the cartoon series when it came out later.
Jesus also cursed a fig tree for not producing fruit outside of fruit-season. He's not the go-to guy for sound reasoning.
I want to see a more cringey Coco. For god's sake, she's got a fedora with a feather in it as a cutie mark. Maybe she wants Anon to eat all the eggs.
File: sh5.jpg (187 KB, 685x1058)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>How the hell did it come to this?
>You just wanted a sister you could play video games with, instead of that absurdly devout nun.
>On her toes and arching up her chin, your sister is standing as tall as she possibly can.
>It seems to have worked, but this... this was beyond your expectations.
>Sure, she's cute, but this is your little sister, not some cheap skank off the streets.
>This is the adorable fire-headed little girl who always insisted that the only place she could hide from thunderstorms was in your arms.
>Or she was, at least.
"Is this really necessary..?"
>"This is part of the ceremony, Anon. You're a man, aren't you?"
>Her eyes still closed, she looks like she's losing her balance.
>Not amused by the implication, you grab her be the shoulders somewhat roughly, eliciting a surprised jolt.
>This is totally normal in France, right? What's the difference between a kiss on the cheeks and the lips, really?
"I can't do this with your mouth closed, you know."
>"Heh, right..."
>Her mouth hanging open, you throw caution to the wind and ram your tongue into her orifice.
>Closing your own eyes as you probe around, your image of your surroundings changes.
>Suddenly you see a big, decorated podium, and a beautiful young woman in a frilly, white dress in front of you.
>Your heart falters, shocked by the vividness of the fantasy.
>Is this divine intervention? Is 'God' showing you the way?
>Breaking the kiss, you submit to a sudden urge to wrap your arms around her back.
>"There's... one more thing."
>Dragging her panties down to her knees, she backs up against the wall behind her, dragging you along.
>"Consummation. Now."
"What? Is that even still a thing?"
>"Yeah, the pope can nullify our marriage if we don't do it."
>Putting aside her blatantly absurd concern, you drop your pants on the floor and kick them away.
"Okay... stay still."
>Moving your hands up under her shirt, you hold her against the wall by her sides.
File: sh6.png (48 KB, 498x496)
48 KB
>"Pfft... that tickles."
>Getting your aim right, you figure you should give her some kind of warning before doing the deed.
>You're not some kind of savage, after all.
>Jamming your erection into her holy land, the first crusade against your sister's virginity is a resounding success.
>You make out a mumbled plea to continue, following her initial yelp and the sound of her head banging the wall behind her.
>Pulling almost all the way out, you commence the second crusade and then the third in quick succession.
>"Ahh... m-more-"
>Every sound from her lips eggs you on further, chipping away at your self-control.
>Your restraints now completely gone, you move a hand further up her shirt and find your fingertips in unobstructed contact with a perked nipple.
>Your arousal peaking, you thrust another two centuries' worth of papal war declarations inside your sister in a matter of seconds.
>"Y-yes... unf~"
>Seeing her tongue peeking at the outside world, you enter her mouth in for a second taste, all the while continuing your holiest of duties.
>Soon feeling your sister starting to slide down the wall, your arms wrap around her to keep her upright.
>"Ahh... alm-ahhh... almost..."
>Unleashing your final series of thrusts, you suppress a groan as your mission ends with three spurts of your goo, the final one landing outside as you pull out.
>Your sister, meanwhile, makes no attempt to muffle her satisfaction, loudly moaning your name while failing to stand under her own weight.
>Also debilitated by the wave of euphoria, you simply fall down on the floor with her.
>Breathing heavily with your sister in your arms, you notice her resting a little too peacefully.
>You almost forgot she didn't get any sleep tonight.
>Standing up, you pick her up and lay her down on the bed, careful not to rouse her.
>Signing the cross on your chest for the first time in years, you exit the room, a true believer once more.
finished and pasted

I swear I'm going to continue the other thing now.
File: 1418234233030.gif (298 KB, 300x199)
298 KB
298 KB GIF
File: Ul6GQHx3wNc.jpg (22 KB, 416x342)
22 KB
My goddamn sides
File: my sides.jpg (6 KB, 160x160)
6 KB
I'm not a fan of the whole religious Sunset meme, but this is hilarious!
>interpret that as you will
or, interpret it reasonably: that if you want to do something bad, you are a fucked up person whether or not fear of the law keeps you from doing it.
It doesn't mean anything you imagine doing, you're guilty of. It means anything you'd be WILLING to do, if only you wouldn't get caught.
it's not that fucking confusing, yknow?
that was a metaphor. a tree can get away with that, you can't.
it also works in reverse. Jesus could get really craft with messages sometimes
One time he said 'if your hand/eye forces you to sin, cut it off. it's better to go to heaven missing body parts'
a small minority of mindless religious crazies would take this literally, fedora types would brush it off as moronic dogma.. but someone with a bit of sense says "wait a minute, you don't do something because your eye or hand made you do it"
fucking -exactly-. quit blaming your body's urges for shit YOU did. don't say "i couldn't help it, it looked too good". of course you could help it. If you couldn't, the right thing to do WOULD be to blind everyone.
It's the kind of message we need nowadays more than ever, in our fucked up 1984-ass world. but he was a little too clever, I guess, because even his own homies took decades to fully understand it. Til then, they just repeated it and trusted it would make sense someday.
>1984-ass world
Mane, you're trying too hard. Nobody finds you cool.
Dude come on. There are people walking around right now who think women need to put on more clothes to avoid being raped, but even worse there are people who think looking at a picture hurts the person the picture was taken of. That is some thoughtcrime bullshit right there.
for god's sake let's get back to pony. I had some ideas in bed, let me collect 'em
You're talking about complete outliers. You seem to be addicted to memes and sensationalism.
>I had some ideas in bed
The first thing that popped into my head was that you had a pony plushie that you were fucking.

>Anon is in the early stages of puberty
>Gets caught by Mama Sunset humping on of his pillows/whatever
>Mama Sunset now has to teach Anon how sex works the only way she knows how: hands-on experience
Addicted to doing away with them, maybe. If you think that's not that big a problem, maybe I need to relax. But I sure see that shit everywhere.
Okay that sounds adorable. I was thinking something about RD's parents being super into incest and always wanting to fuck their kids or something, so they agree to stay together long enough to have Dash and Anon, and then go to town
>RD and Anon's parents make a bet on who will give in and fuck their respective parent first
>They spend years raising their kids trying to sneak in intimate moments to hurry things along
>Their mom insists on helping Anon bathe; getting naked and scrubbing him down using only her hands
>Their dad is always there to give Dash a post-sports massage, which always puts his crotch at eye-level with Rainbow
>One day they come home and hear grunting and moaning coming from one of their kids' rooms
>They creak open the door only to find Anon and Rainbow fucking each other, working off the sexual frustration brought on from their parents teasing them all the time
>Both of their parents admit defeat and put their bet money into their kids' college fund
wait what?
>that idea also occurred to me. damn my imagination
that's what they get for not raising them that way in the first place. though there's no challenge there.
Whoops. I meant to quote >>30509173, where he was talking about Osmosis Jones.
that IS a good movie. Definitely seemed like shit when it came out though.
how heretical
ur trash


>You spend the entire walk up the front steps grumbling to yourself
>Why'd mom have to make you visit your weirdo older sister this weekend?
>You've barely seen her since she moved out, and most of your memories of her involve her shutting herself up in her room and making weird noises
>So, when you finally reach the front door, you knock with all the trepidation of a man who knows he's going to his doom
>The door creaks open almost immediately, and a single aqua-marine eye peaks out at you
>"H-hey, little bro..."
"Hey, Coco."
>She pulls the door open a little wider, wide enough for you see her skinny body huddled behind the frame
>Your sister's wearing only an oversized t-shirt, which drapes down all the way to her upper thighs
>Her bare feet are ringed by food trash and scraps of once-shiny cloth
>Coco stares up at you, her eyes sparkling with excitement
>"W-wow... a r-real life boy is actually going to b-be in my house..."
"Uh, yeah. I guess that's happening."
>You glance closer at her
"Are you... drooling?"
>She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand
>"S-so, you should totally c-c-come in now."
>She grabs you by the hand, and pulls you into her house
>Well, "den" would probably be a more appropriate word
>The walls are plastered with posters of shirtless, dreamy anime-boys, and nearly all available space is taken up by either bookshelves or racks of half-finished dresses
>Your sister circles her arms around yours, clinging to your side
>Despite being six years older than you, she's barely half your size
>"S-sorry, I don't really have a place for you to s-sleep... but you c-can share my bed... it's n-nice and cozy, I p-promise..."
Go on...
Please. Go on.
>>The walls are plastered with posters of shirtless, dreamy anime-boys, and nearly all available space is taken up by either bookshelves or racks of half-finished dresses
It's at this point that Anon should have realized that he had walked into a an awkward sex dungeon.
Whether I want to do something or not is not of God's concern, it's about remembering why I shouldn't do it in the first place. You cannot run from instincts, for example, if a neighbour's wife gives you boner, there is no such saint who would not want her.
that's some unexpected hnngh
right. instinct is fine. the difference is, you wouldn't actually do it, even if you could get away with it. wouldn't be right.
the hilarious thing is the catholics and their kooky seven deadly sins concept gives us a perfect way to define sin, since almost all of them are normal everyday things to do. It's just selfishness. eating is awesome, eating someone else's food is gluttony. being horny is fantastic, wishing some chick married you instead of that bum she ended up with is not cool, and trying to get her to leave him is worse. sleeping in is literally a commandment, sleeping instead of going and helping somebody that needs it is 'sloth' or whatever. etc.
it's also why a healthy fantasy life is so important. you can 'want' something in a healthy capacity, separated from ever actually doing it.
I should go healthy fantasize about horsefucking then.
damn straight
you probably wouldn't have that fetish in the first place if some well-meaning but fucked up crazies hadnt tried to make you feel bad for even thinking about it
I am a simple man, if I see fap pics, I fap. And I fapped to Joseco's applehorse 2 years before even knowing about the show itself, how would anyone's opinion even matter when the pic is obviously sexy? It's not like you're fapping in public, you're in privacy of your own house, for God's sake, why do you even bother.
File: downloadfile-60.jpg (639 KB, 900x1277)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
File: downloadfile-87.jpg (569 KB, 1200x1140)
569 KB
569 KB JPG
I think this whole 'keep things out of public' is one of the most insidiously amoral things done in the name of decency. privacy is inherently devious. it gives a feeling of forbidden naughtiness to everything you do alone, and encourages you to keep bad things to yourself instead of just not doing them
but that's easy for me to say

"No! I'm not going to "loop," or whatever it is, with you. Can't we just do something normal like, uh..."
>You look around the house, but fail to find anything that could be considered normal
>"It's c-called LARP-ing. And it's really fun! I c-can be whoever you want me t-to be..."
>Your sister clings tighter to your arm, nuzzling her face against your shoulder
>She hasn't let go of you since you got here
"I kinda just want a normal sister. Can you be that?"
>Coco looks up at you, her eyes narrowing
>And with that, she lets go of you, and walk down the hall to her room
>You hear the door close, and you're left alone in her darkened living room
>She wasn't lying about there being nowhere to sleep
>The couch is completely covered in sewing supplies and still-unopened GunPla models
>It'd take you all day to clean it off
>So you just push aside some of the junk on the floor, lay down, and try to get some sleep

>When you awaken, everything is hazy, and it's too dark to see
>But you can tell from vague black shapes around you that you're someplace other than where you fell asleep
>When you try to sit up, you can feel that something silky, but incredibly strong, is tied around your wrists and ankles, keeping you pinned down
"Huh? Hello?"
>"Oh, g-good. You're awake."
>You recognize your sister's voice
>"Hey, l-little bro."
>You feel her skinny body crawling up next to yours, and her hot breath wafts across your cheek
>"You wanted a normal sister, right? I've read enough Doujins to k-know that this is w-what a good sister should do for her b-brother..."
god bless those doujin
>You will never LARP a IRL incest brother-sister doujin with Aunt Coco while incesting your her at the same time.
My dick has ascended space and time then went beyond this realm of reality.
Im excited as fuck for this to happen. but you're still a nigger for that blue ball. hope to see more soon m8
Oh god, yes.
Don't stop now
>"What? No, little brother, I'm not IN LOVE with you. Jeez, get over yourself." Silver Spoon explains
>"I just wanna see your dick!"
"Why? Oh.. fine. There, you happy? Now let me get back to my threa-"
>"No, I mean I wanna see it all the time! every day!"
"The hell do you want me to do, go around naked?"
>"It's the least you could do, getting to live in the same house with me"
"What do you think Mom and Dad will think of that?"
>"Tell them you're going green or granola or whatever. As long as I don't object, Daddy won't say anything.. and as for Mom.. I don't think you'll hear any complaints"
"You're even nuttier than usual"
>"I don't think you're listening, Anon. Get those pants off right now or I'll scream!"
Writing prompt!
>Anon is a hormonal as fuck 13 year old who goes on /soc/
>checks out the many hot girls exhibiting themselves and beats his meat several times a day
>One day he sees this incredibly hot milf with flesh bulging out in all the right places
>Even though she doesn't show her face, he recognizes that pinkness, that boingy darker-pink hair, and especially the way she types
>he falls for mama ponk hard, but realizes he's only getting one shot at this. He uses anonymity to slowly plant the idea in her head
>Calls her a milf, asks if she actually is a mom, suggests if she has any sons they must be pretty lucky to have that walking around, etc.
>nudges her to show more skin, see what happens. bet she can get some of that hot young dick action
>it works beyond his wildest dreams
>Maybe she looked on his computer and knew it was him all along. actually, would a different computer in the same house have the same ID code on /soc/?

this would also work pretty well if it was a sister
Inb4 the little brother fag shows up.
she just calls him that, but he's actually her big brother.
File: 1456904357574.jpg (24 KB, 370x278)
24 KB
oh I forgot to mention Pinkle is like 31. so she's still totally young and hot.
>Starts hanging out in Anon's room in a towel a whole lot and talking randomly about the fact that she's wet
>he doesn't pick up on how this is working too well, at first, because it's Pinkie and she's a goofenstein.
>"Anon, I wet my bed!"
"That's great, Mom."
>"You know what that means?"
"You need help with the laundry?"
>"Ima sleep in YOUR bed tonight! Move over!"
>Momma Ponk will never ride you while watching Saturday cartoons or playing Mario Kart.
>I can honestly see Ponk playing vidya with her son like Nintendo or Crash Bandicoot, but anything beyond that is too complicated for her.
>"You're gettin' so BIG! Mama's big boy.."
>"I'm pretty sure I can post pictures of BOTH of us online and not get arrested!"
>Digits confirm that Ponk can post pics online with out getting arrested.
>Trips confirm that in place of a bedtime story, Pinkie plays truth or dare with Anon every night.
>She dutifully does any dare without question, but the truths end up being a fun kind of bedtime story of their own.
>The truths she gets out of him include all of his fetishes, and by his birthday and christmas she has exactly the right presents to give
>Pinkie blatantly pours a cup of water all over herself.
>"Oops! Guess I can't wear this shirt any more!"
>Pinkie proceeds to strip nude
Kek agrees that Ponk is best mom to incest.
She seems like she would be totally devoted to your happiness
>Ponk is best mom
That's all you had to say, Anon.
And Anon would be devoted to her happiness.
>Anon tells Ponk that he loves her and wants to give her another child as soon as he turns 18.
why the fuck would he wait that long? her good babymaking years are nearly over. it's already an incest baby, don't put additional strain on a structure that wasn't up to code to begin with
She's 31 when Anon is 13 so when he's 18 she's 36. or start breeding her when he's 15 or 16.
Big Brother, you're giving yourself out.
And privacy is about other people mostly, God sees it anyway.
sure man. or maybe at 14. or maybe 13, yknow? Like maybe right away.
i'm just saying, people should be cool with seeing things. Now if you're not cool with the thing itself, it shouldn't be okay just because you didn't see it.
Well excuse me for liking round butts and not preferring someone's favourite bit titties. Same situation about horses.
>>"I just wanna see your dick!"
Tomoko Approves
File: 1495093015503.gif (85 KB, 500x351)
85 KB
Need dat Aunt Coco before work, Jefe'
File: 1499376454023.png (1.03 MB, 1200x1440)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>"Hey Nonny, how do you like this? I am surprised it still fits after all these years."
File: Spoiler Image (271 KB, 720x749)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>Momma Ponk will never poke holes in her suit and Rarity will never ask how did that happen.
I think one of us got lost. we're talking about anon's age here.
>>When you try to sit up, you can feel that something silky, but incredibly strong, is tied around your wrists and ankles, keeping you pinned down
>somehow slept through this
yeah ok
Dude, we were talking about christian Shimmy sister, and you're confusing it with Ponk mom

This shit is actually legit. I sleep so tight I cannot wake from anything but the same alarm clock I've used for years, not lawnmowers, not falling from bed, nothing. And if you know your way with ropes it can even be comfortable.
I'm following the reply chain and it looks like i had it all along, it must have been you that got confused. it happens
I wonder why we cannot have both
fuck yeah dude. The more the better

What if someone.. hmm.. let's say Twilight.. is your cousin whose family died or whatever and she has to come live with you, even though your house is small and you don't have a lot of extra money, so she has to share a room with you
College sounds easier in any meaning
>Aunt Coco is back
"What the hell is a douj--"
>You feel Coco's shirt drop down onto your face
>When your sister lays down on top of you, her body is naked, lithe, and positively radiating lusty heat
>She drags her tongue along your neck, leaving a slippery trail of her saliva from your collar to your ear
>"Just l-let your big sister take care of you, okay?"
"B-but... ah!"
>You yelp when her hand touches your crotch
>"Aw. Am I a-already getting you hard, oto-chan?"
>She is
"No! That's just from the, uh..."
>Coco's hand closes around your already-stiffening member, making your entire body flinch
>She starts flicking your tongue in and out of your ear, slathering it in her saliva while you writhe on the bed
>Her mouth trails over your cheek, and you can feel her breath on her lips as she tries to kiss you
"Stop..." you protest weakly
>Your sister lets out a tiny, hungry laugh
>"You don't s-sound like you want me to stop."
... daddy?
File: IMG_2798.jpg (102 KB, 640x360)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
you know, this meme has always annoyed me AT BEST. but this.. this is a good one.
File: 23154523523.png (294 KB, 861x1024)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
>You get into a really bad fight after school
>And of course being the weak kid you are, you lose it
>Bruised, torn shirt, blood on all your clothes
>You manage to drag yourself home, heart stopping when you hear the TV blaring
>You were hoping mom wouldn't be home to see you like this
>You open the door and walk in
>You mom is sitting on her recliner and watching TV, she doesn't notice you
>You try to sneak to the stairs but the TV turns off
>Your mothers eyes turn to you, scanning your damaged clothes and injuries
>"Once again, my kid walks into my house beat to shit."
>She will never turn back to the TV and turn it on
>"Go to your room... I'm not buying you another shirt"
>You quickly make your way upstairs and lay down on the dirty, unwashed bed sheets
>You try to hold back the tears, listening to your mother constantly going to the fridge and back to the chair
>Eventually after about her 12th trip she turns off the tv and you hear her footsteps on the stairs
>She opens your door, eyes glossy and an empty beer bottle held in her hand like a club
>She eyes you up again
>"Take off your shirt."
>You comply wordlessly, not wanting to add another bruise to today
>"Take off your pants too, make yourself good for something"
>You start to take off your pants as well, tears finally flowing free as your mother talks about that abortion she should have had
every so often I worry I've accidentally written things a little TOO femdom just in an attempt to write a super extra thirsty sister
thankfully it seems i have little to worry about, comparatively.
This is it you're a prince.
Shame it never got finished.

The "I'll have you as a lover quote" was hot as fuck.

This one
Exactly...was a pity
File: boo.gif (985 KB, 853x480)
985 KB
985 KB GIF
Damn he didn't update the pastebin either. There was like another paragraph or describing the blowjob, and Sunny saying, "if I can't have you as a brother, I'll have you as a lover", and cutting off right before the climax.

Why do the good writers always blueball?
No offense to the amazing writers currently going strong by the way. Didn't mean to say only the good writers. I know it's hard to keep going and find inspiration, just seems to happen a lot.
File: 1498713376164.jpg (229 KB, 1280x2353)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
File: Pinkie panties.png (367 KB, 672x758)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
>I'll never get to sneak into Ponk's bedroom while she's showering so I can sniff her sweat-soaked panties after a long day at the bakery
Why keep going?
Because we're madmen?
File: Thicc Pinkie bikini.png (539 KB, 700x1200)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
>"You don't think it's too revealing, right Nonny?"
"Jesus Christ, Mom..."
Page 10
File: 1495398043608.png (899 KB, 1484x898)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
That's like the perfect size for momma Ponk.
Nothing makes her more happier than her son's party cannon inside her.
what I'd give to be her son right now...
Scenario prompt
>your gf is Rainbow Dash, but your cute little sister Fluttershy confesses that, while she's happy for you, she needs to let you know about the feelings she's always had
>Dash overhears and says she'd be cool with threesomes, as long as you go with the obvious roles of who's in charge
>Breed both of them?
Give your little sis the liquid love
what if in the future, dash's kids dominate their half-siblings who came out of fluttershy?
Is onichansfables dead?
>tfw Double Little Sister Sunsets is dead
I really wish someone would take that idea and roll with it. Preferably resulting in a double-Sunset harem.
Would be nice.
Dumping/continuing an old daughter Rarity >green I was working on when Incest thread died for a while. I'll also be doing the same for a Ponka Mom green I was posting in a thread for CIA guy while we waited for him to finish his (which never happened)

>17 years
>It's been 17 years now
>You were there when your wife, Cookie Crumbles, gave birth to your daughter
>You were only 16 at the time, your wife (or girlfriend at the time) was 18
>To this day, it still blows your mind that your shining angel, your beautiful gem, was older now than you were on the day she was born
>You had stood in that hospital room for hours, your feet screaming in pain, but you didn't care
>Cookie was her mother, and she deserved all the time in the world with her new daughter
>But eventually, it was time
>Your lovely (now) wife looked at you and asked
>"Do you want to hold her?"
>You said nothing in return, but merely reached out to take your daughter into your arms
>You'd been preparing that moment with Cookie for years
>And it finally came true
>As you looked into your daughter's beautiful blue eyes, you could tell that a difficult road full of heartache, sleepless nights, and worry would be ahead of you
>But it would all be worth it
>And now, as you look upon that same daughter, all grown up, you can't help but smile
>You've come as long way, and so has she
>She notices you in the doorway, and puts down her little pony doll
>She smiles at you and does the little finger wiggle wave she does, which you return
>Amazing how a girl her age still plays with figurines like that
>Then again, you've been teaching her from a young age to never give up the things she loves, even if people tell her she's outgrown them
>Her more mature pursuits include making
>She does want to be a fashion designer, after all
>But she'll always have that spark of childishness in her
>And so will you
>She turns to her toys and asks
>"Hello, father, would you like to play with me?"
Is Cookie still around? Or is that something to be revealed later?
She is, and she will be very involved with the story. I plan for it to be a mix of feels, comedy, and some >lewd down the road
Sounds like a great combo. Looking forward to seeing more.
Zepher is shit, why would you post this here?
this is cest thread right?
No it's not
Yeah, but we prefer Anon on X. Try somewhere else.
Kek, the trips have spoken.
File: Daisy Lily Roseluck.png (1.26 MB, 1840x2066)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
>You will never wake up, after sharing your bed with them during a particularly frightful thunderstorm, to your triplet sisters whispering to each other while staring in awe at the massive tent you're pitching with your pajama pants
>"I wonder what it smells like?"
>>"I wonder what it feels like?"
>>>"I wonder what it tastes like?"
>her more mature pursuits include making
dude screw that, we need more of the few existing male characters involved in this stuff.
but not zephyr. he sucks
I look forward to your story then.
Well let's see.. Big Mac isn't fun to write about.. but Shining Armor is. I wrote some about him once.
It was already done as a shitpost, and no one has cared otherwise, if your lucky you might get one or two, but don't bet on it. Only thing I can think of is Big Mac trying to protect his sisters from their sexy cousin Anon from the city, whom may or may not have brought along his bootyliscous sister Babs Seed. Those city types are into weird things, and Big Mac doesn't need to even have the fetish, just be the antagonist to the story main view Anon, who is just confused when Bloom and Applejack hit on him and his sister in the hopes of getting some. Thirsty country bumpkins FTW.
>I wrote some about him once.
Link me pls
I... believe it was.. the one where she talks him into taking her virginity because she wants her first time to be special.
Where the fuck did you go?
I want to fuck my tiny neet sister, damn it
Looks like all writefags have fucked off.
Bumpo for Jefe and Bumperino for Issues
I'm just fresh out of ideas except for simple prompts.
I look forward to you story then. I know you're shitposting, but I'll humor you.
Heppens to all threads eventually anon. Rl is a bitch.
the fuck, what about my post seemed insincere?

>It had been happening for four nights now
>Four nights straight of waking up to your little sister fondling you under your sheets
>It wasn't a good feeling
>As you wake up for fifth time you throw off you and onto the floor
>"Oof! Anon I can explain!"
>She didn't need to, ever since your mother found your porn stash you've been hiding them in the /fit/ magazines you started reading for massive gainz
>In hindsight it was a really stupid idea
>"I already tried to help you pray away the gay but you just won't help me help you."
"Sunset, for the last fucking time-"
>"Anon watch your tongue!"
"Sunset, shut the fuck up, and I'm not fucking gay!"
>"But you were sinning in the bathroom! I caught you, and again in the laundry room, and in the basement, and in-"
"Why? Why do you insist on hounding me everywhere i go when i just need a yank?"
>"Because I'm your sister and I love you!"
>A booming voice floated over from the next room
>"Keep it down in there!"
>Your dad was familiar with the problem
>You hushed your voice for this next part
"Is that you keep trying to jack me off?"
>Sunset grew redder than the bacon in her hair
>Even her chest started to burn
>"That's just..."
>She twiddled her thumbs
>"I just wanted to make it my mission, as a good christian, to make sure you could get excited with a woman in the same way those magazines make you."
>Her nipples started poking through her nighty as you noticed she wasn't wearing a bra
>"And because i can't any of my friends to seduce you I figured i was your soul's best bet into heaven."
>You watched as she drew up the hem of her gown past her knees to expose her thick luscious thighs
>The pale light of the full moon cast a silver glow around her quickly moistening panties
>She bit her lip as she drew a breath
>"A-anon, I think it's working..."
>You knew it was working
>She crawled forward on her hands and knees until she came to rest her head on your swollen junk
>"I think i feel your heartbeat"
File: 1470765766170.jpg (791 KB, 1006x1308)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
>Your sister wasted no time as she undid the buttonhole on your boxers and whipped out Anon jr
"What the fuck are you doing?"
>You tried to push her head away but her faith was too strong
>Her warm breath delighted your dick and you felt yourself on the verge
>Throwing caution to the wind you grab tightly by the hair and pull back
>As you did she stuck out her tongue in preparation and in one fluid movement licked your dick from the base up to the head
>Feeling a sensation well up inside that you had not felt since breakfast that morning you take second look at your sister
>Eyes half closed and mouth wide open waiting for command
>Hips swaying seductively from the mild pain in her scalp
>You couldn't help but notice she looked like one of the girls in your magazine
>"Pl-please anon, let me help you"
>She wrapped her hand tightly around your member and started pumping
>The same voice
>"What'd I just say?"
>You ignored that voice as you slowly lowered your sister's mouth onto your dick
>"You won't regret this brother~"
>She sucked it like a tootsie pop
>Somehow creating a vacuum with her lips around your dick and drooling all over it at the same time
>She gagged at first but before you could ask she just went right back to work
>Sunset moaned and pined over your dick as you felt your balls about to explode
>Suddenly her hips bucked forward and you remembered her showing you her wet pussy
"Hey sis?"
>She "Mm-hmm'd" without pause
"Don't you think the 'natural' way is better for me to kick the gay?"
>For the first time since she started she sat straight up releasing your dick with an audble 'pop'
>"The natural way? You mean?"
>She stood up and lifted her nightgown over her head.
"Yeah, that's it."
>You lay back in your bed with your cock pointing straight up into the air
>Sunset in the meantime finished throwing her gown onto the floor
>"But anon that's not the natural way"
>"As a woman, you have to take dominion over me"
>As you wake up for fifth time you throw off you and onto the floor
Dude you make the exact same mistake every time
>Sunset hopped on the bed next to you and lay on her back
>"This way anon."
>She spread eagle
>"This is the best way to beat the gay."
>So did as she told and turned over on the bed
>Lining up your dick just right in the dark room you fidget with it, teasing her pussy as you did
>Sunset covered her mouth and whimpered as you slowly found your way into her entrance
>She looked down at you and slowly gave you a nod
>Never having done this before you forego any formality and just shove your dick into her lovehole
>Sunset nearly screamed as you did but she bit her tongue
>Instead she grabbed tightly onto the sheets and held you in a leglock as you pumped furiously
>The pressure on your sides only added to the intensity of the ecstasy you felt coming on
>It seemed the faster and harder you fucked your sister's wet snatch the tighter and more powerful her grip became
>With tears in her eyes Sunset arched her back and squeezed your dick within her walls
>You felt her muscles tighten and twitch around your member
>The simple thought of having driven your little sister to orgasm brought you to a climax of your own
>You let loose a torrent of cum into her, urged by her tightly wound legs around your back
>By the end you were weak and sweaty, your sister looked at you with joyful eyes and the pretties smile you ever saw
"Sunset...we cannot tell mom about this..."
>"But...but anon...We can't lie..."
"The hell...we can't..."
>"But...but what about...the baby...?"

End cause i feel like it
nigga im tired and horny and don't feel like proofreading, hell i just typed it in the chatbox
>"And because i can't any of my friends to seduce you I figured i was your soul's best bet into heaven."
cant get*, and capitalize the I*s
Fair enough. Still wont stop my reflex. Carry on.
File: Ptyzk.jpg (59 KB, 253x750)
59 KB
File: Fleur lingerie.jpg (199 KB, 554x960)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Beauty Bump

>Her flight leaves at 8 A.M.
>That's when her career as the next big fashion model begins
>Her poise, her grace, her immaculate beauty, will all belong to the rest of the world
>But that's tomorrow
>As for right now, she's all yours
>This illicit, lascivious affair you've had with your gorgeous older sister must end tonight
>If word ever got out about how the newest face of the modeling industry was having intimate relation with her little brother, her career would be over before it ever got started
>So here you are, in the presidential suite of some hotel you can't pronounce, with literally THE most beautiful girl in the world in front of you, and she's wearing nothing except the happiest lips and the saddest eyes you've ever seen from her, and you know why
>She knows you're both about to have the greatest night of your lives
>She knows something very special between you two was about to come to an end
>She knows this night will be one neither of you will ever forget

>Browsing this thread while wearing pants
That is a sad story.
Dunno, I read it at work between builds. Cannot fap to text port since 15, just read for the plot or occasional DEUS VULT.
File: 1497858121818.jpg (50 KB, 723x518)
50 KB
Anyone got the green about for fluer accidentally falling for her cousin while trying to get the tabloids off her back about being single?
Wasn't it just a bunch prompts, kinda like that Gilda one?
No someone made green. There were 2 if I'm correct
I was in that thread. It was weaksauce distantly-related incest, but it was still a good idea.
>Browsing this thread while wearing pants
he's obviously unzipping his dick
If only my office had some sort of fap pod, my life would be much easier.
>Flurry Heart comes back from her first sleepover and asks Shining Armor why he isn't fucking her like the other dads
>This erects the Shining
File: 14159854311880.png (910 KB, 1280x595)
910 KB
910 KB PNG
That green gave me diabetes.
it's supposed to be "designing and making clothes"
more Soon™
>Of course you could never pass up an opportunity to spend time with your little girl
>Or your not-so-little girl now
>She's nearly as tall as you now
>Surpassed her mother by a few inches
>You sit down and grab a pony doll
>Purple, with a horn, but no wings
"Based on the playset you have out, as well as the Twilight doll with no wings, I'm gonna guess we're playing the 'invasion of Canterlot' scenario"
>She nods gently, grabbing a nearby box of figurines of the highly disposable, deplorable bug creatures known as "changelings"
"And I'm guessing you want me to be the bug queen."
>She gives you a challenging smile, before grabbing the "mane six" as she calls them
>"I WILL defeat your invasion someday, and when I do, THEN you'll get your turn playing the heroes."
>Eh, Fair enough
>Maybe you should let her win just once
>... Nah
>If this were any other campaign, you would
>But you are Chrysalis, conqueror of worlds, and you shall never relent!
>The two of you open your smartphones to the Parades and Princesses 3.5 handbook, and begin setting up the field

>After about an hour of smashing her Canterlot soldiers, she pauses on her next room
>You're about say "Snake, what took you so long?", but before you do, she speaks first
>"Daddy?" she says, looking down at the floor, worriedly
"Yes, angel?"
>She looks you in the eyes, and you can see something in her face
>She's been building up to this, and it's something big
>"Was I an accident?"
>Sighing, you climb off the floor and sit on Rarity's bed
"Come on, Rarity, there are some things I need to explain to you."
>Rarity hangs her head, but nonetheless obeys you
>She can tell that the short answer is "yes", she's suspected for a while
>As she sits next to you, she tries her best to put a smile on her face for you
"A long time ago, your mother and I met. We were young, we didn't really know what we were gonna do with our lives."
>Rarity leans her head onto your shoulder, and you reciprocate by placing an arm around her
"We were only sure of one thing, that we loved each other. We knew we planned to get married one day, have a couple of kids, settle down in a nice house."
>She's surprisingly calm, her breath steady and her pulse beating at a normal resting pace
"Of course, they say no plan survives first contact."
>She can't help but crack a smile
>You always knew how to push her buttons, after all
"So, the thing is, Rarity,"
>You take her head in your hand and tilt her face up to you, looking deeply into her eyes
"I don't think of you as an accident, just an... early arrival."
>For the first time, you see tears start to build up in her eyes
>But she doesn't break down
>She doesn't sob or cry
>She buries her face in your chest
>You feel her own chest heaving against you as her deep breaths stave off the sobbing she's so desperately trying to keep at bay
>After a while, she looks back up and you, smiling once again
>But this smile isn't the forced, broken smiles she was giving you during your talk
>It was genuine, a smile that showed she really was happy
>She wipes the tears from her eyes and does a small, dainty laugh
>"I'm sorry daddy, for making you do this. I just... I needed to hear that from you."
>You wrap your daughter in your arms and speak, nearly whispering to her
"It's okay, baby girl, you didn't do anything wrong. Just know that your mother and I love you, and we always will."
>You look into her eyes again before planting a kiss on her forehead
>She responds by pecking you on the cheek, like she always does
>Except, this one wasn't just a quick peck
>She eventually pulls away, and gives you a wink
>"If you keep treating me like this, I might just have to steal you away from mom"
>Ah, memories
>When she was young, she would say that she was going to marry you
>After you told her that she can't because you were already married to Cookie, she boldly told you that she was going to steal you from her
"Don't be silly, sweetness, there's enough of me to share, right?"
>Suddenly, Rarity's expression changes rapidly
>First to one of confusion
>"You mean you-"
>Then one of pure delight
>"Oh my goodness! I can't believe you really-"
>Then one of shock, complete with her signature gasp
>"But will mother really-"
>She suddenly jumps off the bed and bolts for the door
>"I'll be back daddy, I need to go talk to mom about this!"
>But before you can reply 'about what?', Rarity is gone
>What in Equestria is that girl talking about?
>The last thing you two said was that she was gonna steal you from Cookie, and that there was enough of you to share
>Oh no
>Rarity wasn't being serious still, was she?
>She didn't think you meant you could be 'shared' in THAT way, DID SHE?!
>You need to find her, and your wife
Can't incest... too many daughteru feels.
My fetishes are incest, and sex that actually means something as part of a loving and feelsy relationship
This is pure author indulgence tbqh, Childish Fambino
I am liking this slightly out of touch rara
File: downloadfile-51.png (2.43 MB, 1500x2100)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
>"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, mom cousin?"
>mom cousin
shoot, i thought MAH family was messed up
And of course my phone translates "mon" with mom. My laptop died sorry I don't mobile post but only if I have to.

>Anon has no clue what the fuck his cousin is saying.
>Fleur uses this to get away with telling him every depraved thing she plans on doing to him.
>Fleur will never use her unknown American cousin as her beard.
>You will never hear the doorbell ring over and over again while playing vidya. After three more rings you finally get up.
>"Je veux plonger ma tête chauve dans l'huile et la frotter sur tout votre corps"
once again I must point out that this particular song lyric is an overly formal way of literally asking would you like to lie with me, the point being the irony of the distance inherent in someone doing an intimate act for money. just saying.
do not get me riled up if you aren't prepared, anon. i HAVE french-speaking cousins. They were freaking adorable little girls the last time I saw them, and I guarantee they have grown up smoking hot
absolument dégoutant
>over 100 posters
Is one of you posting from 30 different IP addresses, or was this just a good thread?
Wouldn't it just look like wipe if it wasn't good?
File: 1500367031455.jpg (170 KB, 755x1057)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>Redheart will never be your hot cousin who is the nurse at your school.
You know, rapidly bumping with post with no actual content, just copypasta and pictures, so anything useful is wiped away. If you spam one-post threads, slow generals can fall behind 9th page and be auto deleted, thread wiping just pulls it to bumplimit without actual posting.
Is sliding the same thing then? /mlpol/ used that term during the April fools merger and I never did find out what it was.
Could be. Was there a lot of threads, as if it was a robot dumping the picture folder to board?
>She will never gush over on how old you getting.
>Redheart well never tell you that you are growing boy and it's natural to have certain urges
>"Even in class if you need any "help" come over here. I don't want you to get distracted with your studies just because of some girl."
Couldn't very well say anon. I don't venture over to /pol/ that often, but from what little I understood it served the same function of forcing threads off the board.

>Have super-conservative parents
>Got garbage home-schooling, so you get super confused by your first boner
>Aunt Redheart has always been nice and she knows about this kind of stuff, so you ask her about it
>"Oh dear, your WHAT got hard? Drop your pants, I'll give you an emergency examination."
File: 1498403208991.jpg (754 KB, 1995x1298)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
What should be the next theme for the thread?
I vote for Octavia mom and her girlfriend.
Cousin Redheart
Abusive mom Chrysalis
less common characters...
Halloooooo nurse!
>Redheart will never be your cousin that is 8 years older than you that works at CHS.
>You will never lose your virginity to her in the back of car in school parking lot during your junior year.
>Her car.
my mistake.
If she's that much older, she might as well be an aunt. That fits her character better.
All right let's kill this thread.
I wish this one was alive to begin with.
My mom will be home any minute, Aunt Luna
So all in favor for cousin Red for next thread? I want to make sure before I post it.
who even is that
Nurse Redheart.
Should i post it now or wait a bit?
Just don't make the OP image too saucy, we've already had a thread baleeted once.
You could wait until the thread gets to page 9 or 10, but I don't see any point really. It's past bump limit so we might as well move.
We hit the bump limit. So post it now.
I'm planning to do either
or pic related
I made the thread:

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