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File: 1499164994454.png (624 KB, 2000x1048)
624 KB
624 KB PNG
Blood Succ Edition

All Dazzling lovers are welcome. It doesn't matter if you're an Adagio, Aria or Sonatafag, let's all join in one place. Post anything of the Dazzlings: drawings, discussions, stories, fetishes, re-edits, gifs, re-made songs (written or, if you had the guts to, sung), anything you like. Come here and show that you're under their spell!

Story Pastebin/Archived Threads:

Art Compilation:

For aspiring writers:

Steam group:


Old Shattered Gem: >>30450826
New bread

I know it's a little niche but does anyone else here find the idea of mosquitoes sucking blood from your erection kinda erotic?

The Buzzlings.
File: rage.gif (419 KB, 287x216)
419 KB
419 KB GIF
>That edition
System tried to stop this but we refused and now our sins have manifested.
File: Darkest Dazzlings.jpg (465 KB, 1920x1080)
465 KB
465 KB JPG

So the Dazzlings want to violate us with their proboscises?

Sounds familiar.
File: loli grump.jpg (195 KB, 900x900)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Grump is best
Did they ever fix the multiple bugs and loading issues?

I dont know. I played it a good bit a few weeks back and did not notice any bugs, but i might have been lucky.
File: 1449987271718.jpg (615 KB, 1074x1517)
615 KB
615 KB JPG
Haven't been here in a while.
How's this place been doing? Also, you guys got any good cute cuddly Dazzle stories recently preferably involving Sonata?

File: punch.jpg (27 KB, 320x242)
27 KB
I can confirm this
File: Buzzling 21291268468.png (27 KB, 800x600)
27 KB
File: Buzzling 12076080543.png (35 KB, 800x600)
35 KB
File: Buzzling 3-931605706.png (24 KB, 800x600)
24 KB
The initial idea was to draw the girls from the nipples up next to eachother doing ahegaos and having "The Buzzlings" written over them implying that they're using dildos, but it's past my drawing ability.
File: 1426612394438.png (125 KB, 495x344)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
File: 1486591298281.jpg (21 KB, 145x145)
21 KB
This would have been a better time to have posted that mosquito short I'm so mad at myself.

Repost it fgt
My Sonata is to pure

I actually really like all of these mate

...So now all we need is for someone to make a pitch to Bad Dragon
Not Sorry.
Would love to see a colored version of theses.
Who's ready for Tumblr dazzlings
File: 1494660625276.jpg (49 KB, 640x601)
49 KB


I saw that shit last thread and I thought it was just an autistic one-off, but of course it has to be a full tumblr

absolutely disgusting
File: 1494920834735.jpg (686 KB, 4523x3000)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
Not enough chocolate
File: 1472837139862.jpg (27 KB, 453x482)
27 KB
Which one is trans? My guess is sonata.
File: xmfxd0sr8o9z.jpg (39 KB, 750x563)
39 KB
File: 1445832060927.png (141 KB, 290x290)
141 KB
141 KB PNG

looks like aria is black and a tranny

double tumblr points


the fact that so many of these especially broken human beings exist in this day and age, and that we coddle it, is a great indicator of the health of our societies
>the fact that so many of these especially broken human beings exist in this day and age, and that we coddle it, is a great indicator of the health of our societies
That;s usually the indicator of a soon to be dead society. Hope the great war gets rid of those sub humans.

I love how these people are so far disconnected from the nature of things

I always have to imagine that deep down these sorts have some understanding of the truths of reality but they just bury it deeply and make excuses to rationalize their own mentally ill perceptions as being somehow correct or "beyond" nature. I feel like it stems from the idea that humans are somehow special and distinct from other animals.
File: 1499071376593.png (108 KB, 621x414)
108 KB
108 KB PNG
how about talking about how triggered we all are we get back on topic?
Bring up a discussion then.
all right then fine.
i hope we get the dazzlings back in a future movie or as actual recurring antagonist in some kind of EQG TV show.
I like that skin color on Sonata
File: medium.png (194 KB, 480x600)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
There's no hope Anon.
File: 1431147606849.jpg (51 KB, 480x380)
51 KB
i think they could at least adagio back give who her VA is.
They could do Aria too by that logic. Issue is the fags in charge aren't talented enough to do them justice. RR was probably a fluke judging by everything else.
Still Not Sorry.
I wonder why I'm not in the Story Pastebin?
Anyways, I was thinking about cracking at my alt-ending or getting to the paranormal green sometime tonight.
> Which do you guys prefer I do?
I don't think the paste bin been updated in a while

And do an altending
I don't think its been updated this year at all.
Is Patebinfag dead? If they are we're prolly gonna need to make a new one pretty soon.
Damn he just had to ruin it with dyke shit
File: thumbsup.gif (2.39 MB, 480x270)
2.39 MB
2.39 MB GIF
I guess the Epilogue starts now (get fucked Alt-end)
> Your story continues five years after the Battle of the Bands.
> After realizing that they have real talent and no need for magical aid, the Sirens became a singing group.
> Soon enough, they tried out for Equestria's Got Talent and got themselves a record deal.
> Joe went on to become a criminal-defense lawyer, getting himself a family by settling down with a certain Ms. Blaze along with a son and daughter.
> Sonata currently sings with her sisters and has developed an unofficial relationship with the greatest actor of our time, Mark Wahlberg.
> You could never be more happy in visiting the Dusk household.
> Adagio and yourself tied the knot four years ago, spawning a son soon after. Being the talented songstress she is, she conducts both business management along with tour management and booking deals.
> Then there's you, where are you right now?
> As of right now, you're experiencing a father's pride with your son walking beside you through the children's park.
> The excited little boy runs to the playgrounds while you sit onto the bench, the moms looking at you with an ostracizing gaze but you pay them no mind.
> "Hey daddy, watch this!"
> He yells, awaiting for your attention before preforming a high-speed rush down the slide.
"I'm watching, little buddy. Go ahead!"
> The act is done, once he lands on the ground his little head looks up at you for your acceptance of his works.
> You shoot him a thumb's up and he returns to the other children.
> You marvel while they play with indifference, pure acceleration among all of them involved in their games.
> The phone in your pocket vibrates, signaling a new message.
> You check to the sight of your wife's name along with a message.
> "Adagger-Dazzle: How's the park?"
> Your thumbs tap the screen to their desired choice of lettering.
"Me: Never better."

File: Suicide_Jack.jpg (52 KB, 1280x720)
52 KB
>tfw no "little buddy" to take to the park.
Doing a little dump of old Wubcake doodles I'm pretty sure she's not posted anywhere. They're sitting in a folder of mine and I thought I'd dump them now before I delete it
more sirens woo
Yea I'll start one before the next bread so we can update it
>old Wubcake doodles
Yea you dont need to waste our image post limit
aaand that's pretty much all of them
Thanks m8. I like some of her stuff so these are nice to see.
Yea glad to see your still not over wubcake, mayde.
Mayde, we can't be friends anymore.
File: 12425.jpg (172 KB, 1280x716)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Aw yeah boy. Thanks for the epilogue.
Some dumb horse fame bitch that always has to be brought up in our threads
File: 1480522065790.png (240 KB, 857x1500)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Sounds dumb. I'm gonna post Dazzle instead. Any requests?
No problem man, I was gonna do the alt-end but halfway through writing it I felt SUPER depressed by it. Then the epilogue was born with good feels.
> thicc Dagi
Comfy I enjoyed it
File: 1477520993592.png (2.38 MB, 2480x3507)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB PNG
Is that a req?
File: 1500167261401.gif (312 KB, 640x360)
312 KB
312 KB GIF
>loli dump in a friendship thread
>thicc Dagi in this one
This is one perfect night.
It's not denial.
I enjoyed your enjoyment.
Post rare smiling arias
File: 1417485032123.jpg (254 KB, 1300x1300)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
I never see this one posted.
Apparently you missed the last thread's event.
File: 1480996141968.png (446 KB, 1267x969)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
Pick them up before it's too late.
>masterbin has been updated
show yourself pastebinfag
Morra but with less giant fucking tits
File: Hell Yeah Nigga.png (92 KB, 178x203)
92 KB
I did indeed.
You know it, MS Paint is the tool for these.
That was... Not bad actually.
I was thinking more along the lines of thick qt Dagi but thick haired cutie one works in a different way.
File: Over.jpg (56 KB, 576x432)
56 KB
Here's that meme you wanted >>30529411
Subtle Smile?
File: PiccoloInjured.png (388 KB, 640x480)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
Here's another for good measure, shine on you crazy diamond.
An oldy but a goody
Thanks friend
Dammit, clop. I need something more lewd.
File: 1412055750220.png (609 KB, 700x990)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
Not quite thicc, but still pretty shapely dagi.
Jesus man you really are a loser.
File: 1434671261860.jpg (237 KB, 1399x1600)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
I do like Aria.
File: Nut (2).jpg (179 KB, 720x405)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
I got another but it won't send, it keeps saying "Connection Error" every time I try. I'll give it one more go.
Shapely is all the same for me dawg.
Soy Un Perdedor my dude
Hey it worked!
>Soy Un Perdedor
I hate getting your references but at the same time, no one else does references like that.
He looks like he's about to jerk his dick.
That's the point
Yes, he's fisting the point.
File: cooldagi.jpg (159 KB, 1280x960)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
I'm chipping away at it bit by bit. Got lazy about updating it for too long a streak there.
I really fucking hate you System. I really, really do. Here's my list on why:
>Dry humor
>muh fight
>Obscure references that few people would get but to everyone else just looks like retard dribble.
>Liking Dragonball ever
>Making long ass fucking green
>Expecting us not to look past possible fakers instead of tripfagging.
>Being a double-nigger
>Abandoning your SciTwi green
I don't like you and I never will you fuck. See you at ComiCon you queer.
>tfw no one cares about Dazzle lewds
When did things change?
File: (You).png (566 KB, 890x388)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
I'll be sure to keep that in mind.
> Dry humor
I am not funny.
> muh fight
Fighting is cool, people like it,
> Popping up
I like /mlp/ and the threads in it.
> Obscure references
I'll give you that one.
> Liking Dragon Ball ever
One of the most influential and popular manga/anime of all time.
> making long ass green
Green is fun to make.
> Being a double nigger
There's no fixing that.
> Abandoning SciTwi
The story was going FUCKING NO WHERE how many times do I have to say it?
> See you at Comicon
>Being this mad at a writefag who didn't want to continue a green you like.
You do understand that this guy is human right? Just because he could give us daily updates doesn't mean he can do it every time he does a green.
File: 1444265390687.jpg (400 KB, 855x898)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
I like you System
Thanks bud, I like you too.
Not him, but only Dragonball is good. Z is
when it started to get lame.

I also enjoy writing long green.

Might I recommend writing out the general plot before you write the story? It could help you to avoid writing yourself into a hole like that.
> general plot
I usually have one but the "Twilight Harris" was something I worked up just to see if I could work with a prompt so outlandish and stupid.
> Z is when it started to get lame
But Z has Vegeta?
I've done that before. I started writing some green without a plot, then tried picking it back up a few years later after some newer seasons. Trixie's story changed over the past two years.
Dragonball had Yamcha and his panty search. Also, Z had those episode long charges. Filler was insane in that.
Some guy came in and posted porn of each dazzle and said something along the lines
>"I heard you like porn!"
>"So do I!"
> Filler was insane
True but when the shit went down, it hit hard.
> Also good Gazorpazorp Aria in your last post.
>mfw I missed it
Wait, I remember that now. Wasn't it at the end of the thread?
It was alright. Watching Cell get laid out was nice though.
>good Gazorpazorp Aria
Thanks. I just liked the Ariabella.
>tfw your nutpouch will never be Aria's fidget toy

Man I wish the guy who posted this continued it.


>Pastebinfag is still with us

Cheers mate.


Z was utter shit. The support cast was vastly outclassed, every villain did the same "smug bastard into surprised bastard" routine, TATATATATATATA was cringey and grating as fuck, and characters fighting so fast that you can't see them was a dumb excuse to not have to come up with and animate fighting scenes in a show about fighting. Plus all that filler like >>30529905 said. Goku was chilling in a healing tank for like half a season.
I should say that Saiyan saga was good. It felt enough like Dragon Ball, and even the Namek saga is worth a watch. Afterward it's mainly just for certain fights.
The moment ends though I feel winds
So you're saying he likes something you don't like?
>Making long ass fucking green
Who in their right mind would complain?
>Being a double-nigger
Good point :^)
>Abandoning SciTwi to write for us
WTF I love system even more now
jesus this general has gone to shit. page-long arguments about nothing, shitty greens and fucking dbz discussion

And you added a whinny bitch to the list. Nice work there buddy. Also you're a newfag if you don't know that we used to be like this.
Now then, write us a good green.
>system or mistakeanon are considered "good"
bar aint set exactly high faggot. at least greens from before decent.
>system or mistakeanon are considered "good"

That's not what I said. What I said is that rather than just whine about a situation you should work to change it. Contribute a good green. Perhaps you'll show others how it's done. Also I called you a whinny bitch.
Complaining is not really gonna change anything you bitch.
Besides mistake is pretty high quality and system is pretty enjoyable too
Are you this much of a newfag? We used to have page long arguments per day. The only difference was there were more trip and namefags getting chased off.
Yea we really don't need to chase off more content creators.
Although I'm pretty sure this is just bate
It is. As long as people know how to ignore people like him.
I want aria to play with muh balls

>You talk to Aria and make an innuendo about going out after school and playing with a stick and balls
>"Why wait?"
>Aria puts her hands in your pants and starts playing with your balls
"I was actually inviting you to play pool later."
Yeah dude System is shit

Eh, I`ve heard good things about him.
I like him and his green
File: IMG_5267.jpg (2.03 MB, 2592x1936)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
Yup, make a request and I'll try to get it done as quick as possible. Rules are stated in pic.
Draw Sonata being absorbed by The Poof™

Sonata and the Poof fighting for dominance. Who will win the sweet spot on the couch?

Adagio on the other hand is oblivious.
File: open your legs.jpg (191 KB, 894x1200)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
what's happening in this pic?
Dyke shit
File: TieGgpL.png (80 KB, 845x478)
80 KB
animated a stupid no-point dazzle thing :V

i don't fucking know either.
I like the poofster stuck in her own poof.

I dont have a problem with Adagio getting it on with a woman, i am pretty sure she would make out with a chair if she was feeling frisky.

Far more annoying is when characters such as Sunset Shimmer who have only ever shown interest in men still have 98% lesbian art.
the real question is: what's happening in my pants?
On it.
Not enough hips for that kind of chocolate.
That's pree good mane.
File: IMG_5268.jpg (1.55 MB, 1936x2592)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB JPG
First draft
File: IMG_5270 (2).jpg (2.52 MB, 1936x2592)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
There it is boi.
Thank you for drawing this. You're a true, true friend.

Well now, this is a hairy situation indeed.
Adagio's pubic hair
File: juniper.png (511 KB, 1600x1883)
511 KB
511 KB PNG
>tfw still part of the series
The Dazzlings? More like The Literally Whos
You know it friendo.
Please stop
If I wasn't on my phone I'd put the Daniel Bryan Yes gif
Fuck yea bud.
I love pubic hair.
no idea why shaved is so popular in porn now a days.
i can see it.
>tfw watching the Kids Choice awards and wishing that the Dazzles were among the celebs that were competing
Will they ever be in media again?
Maybe someday homie
Pretty good shit post friendo
Where are my boys? No one is here tonight. It's a bit sad to see my favorite general so silent.
File: 1432929934113.jpg (107 KB, 900x1000)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Sorry, anon.Still a bit drunk from kicking it with my sister. Have some music to cheer yourself up.
File: Spoiler Image (208 KB, 512x494)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
File: 63907528_p0.png (204 KB, 824x1167)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
This makes me curious, how did you all spend your Sunday? I helped my sister move a couch and some other things, helped a strange couple move their van and chilled with my sis and watched EEnE. How would the Dazzles spend their Sunday?
Today was cool, I went out with some friends and hung out here later. The Dazzles would probably just chill depending if it's pre RR or post RR.
File: ohhellyeah.png (171 KB, 480x462)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
> Three Six Mafia
Just for this, I'm hoping for no hangover.

Adagio is palming SciTwi's clam.

>You are walking in the hallway when you come across those two girls you know
>Twilight "SciTwi" Sparkle and Adagio Dazzle
>Both make your monster grow for different reasons
>SciTwi is adorkable and not very intimidating
>Adagio is a woahman
>And it seems like they're being themselves together
>Adagio has SciTwi pressed against the wall, touching her, telling her lewd things and giving her erotic stares
>She's rubbing her hard knee between the nerdy girl's soft thighs
>SciTwi looks like she's about to cry. Which is understandable because she also looks like she's about to get raped
>The two girls notice you at the same time and tell you the same thing with a glance
>"Help me."
>If you help SciTwi you might get into a relationship with her. It will be romantic but not really sexual
>If you help Adagio you might get to participate in a threesome

Who drew that?


Hue, I did the same back in the army

>Another private and I have names that imply we're from a certain place
>I am, he isn't
>I'm not very sociable and have a temper
>The other guy is passive aggressive and gets his kicks by going to people and infuriating or stressing them while remaining calm
>Walk into the barracks one evening
>A private I was kinda friends with is talking to a few others and hasn't noticed me
>"People from x place are jerks."
I put my arm on his shoulders and say "Yeah, they're fuck ups."
>He looks at me and freezes
>I go away to do whatever
Kek ArmyAnon
Spent the whole Sunday painting a house, then grilled some steaks. Fell asleep tired as a dog and now I'm somehow up by the time sun's rising.

Might as well start writing.
File: Freedom milk144384563.png (79 KB, 800x600)
79 KB

I prefer Army Manly. But nah, it's just Sal.


Worked out, made some 3D, went out and generally took it slow.

I spent most of the time playing the POE beta.

Then i went outside to get some fresh air and promptly got a painful muscle knot.

Lesson learned, i returned home and sat my ass in front of the computer again.
Spent my Sunday working on my DLNA sharing system.
Same as most days, taking care of my crippled bed ridden mother.

Sorry to hear that. Have a laugh.
I want a taste of freedom milf
Reminder that irl adagio is black
File: bust.jpg (59 KB, 1080x988)
59 KB
here's a laugh my guy
Is there any green of dazzle /k/ommandos?
Pretty sure someone has written a good short based on that aria pic.
But I don't think it's in the pastebin.
Picking adagio seems win win.
Maybe she'd included you in future rape adventures
File: 1410660045324.png (446 KB, 1280x720)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
>tfw no hangover
Thanks, Clop.
Sorry, anon.
File: MaMwM.png (175 KB, 1000x490)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
How about some Mistakes for Monday?

>You open the door and immediately a cloud of cigarette smoke hits you in the face.
>An array of nostalgic smells from faux-fur seats to the old wood follows after.
>That old neon sign at the back of the bar is crackling on and off, barely hanging on.
>After all these years it looks like The Brick has not changed one bit.
>It was a small dive bar up U.S. 75, right on the border of Independence.
>Hell, even the tagline of the place was: “Last Call on your way out of Independence.”
>You can’t even remember how many nights you hung out here, either with your friends or with your father and his ‘friends.’
>The tacky longhorn skull staring down anyone willing to come in, the unwashed flag on the wall, the dusty bottles lining up the wall behind the counter… it had all remained unchanged.
>Looks like memories were everywhere in this small town.
>From inside, you can hear the sweet, forlorn melodies of John Lee Hooker being played.
>Those slightly clumsy hands could only belong to one person.
>You’ve heard Crystal Ship play an acoustic guitar before.
>Looks like he hasn’t gotten any better.
>Another thing time hasn’t changed.
“Grab yourselves some seats. This shouldn’t take too long.”
>You say that to the people coming after you.
>A whole lot of girls whom most look like they’d have no business being in a place like this.
>It’s ironic, though, that it’s not their appearance that causes a silent hush to fall over The Brick.
>No, it’s you who causes that.
>All the local patrons stare at you, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.
>Guess the word has yet to get around.
>Too bad you’d be long gone by the time it would.
>The interior of The Brick is a simple one. A counter at the other end of the room, few tables here and there, lots of stools and a small stage for any aspiring musician.
>Add a complete disregard to smoking laws or serving to minors, and you get a good picture what sort of place The Brick is.
File: thelaststop.png (723 KB, 800x600)
723 KB
723 KB PNG

>The only point of interest is on the wall opposite of the entrance, near the doors to the restrooms.
>There, a couple of band shirts and a single gold-coated record hang like trophies.
>Well, that’s what they are. Trophies.
>No matter what happened, Star Generation was the pride of Independence.
>They wouldn’t let go of their fifteen minutes of fame.
>One shirt in particular catches your attention.
>It has a set list printed on the back of it.
>A set list that also served as the track list of the first and only album made by Star Generation.
>Starting with the fast-paced acoustic track ‘Bite the Hand’, followed by regret-filled ballad ‘Pyrrhic Change’, and so on.
>Your eyes lock onto track number nine.
>Yeah… that’s what you’re here for. One last thing before you hit the road and ride into the night.
>As the girls head to the counter, you switch your attention to the stage.
>Your shoulders feel tense, most likely thanks to all the stares upon you.
>Only one guy, other than your friends, doesn’t give you the stinkeye.
>That’s Crystal Ship who’s currently doing his best to mimic the soul-crushing loneliness of a blues musician.
>You want to tell him he’s way too middle class for that, but you hold your tongue.
>You’re not here to start another fight.
>You flag him down and Crystal acknowledges you with a slight nod.
>Looks like you’re up after this song.
>Still… if you’re gonna pull this through, you’re gonna need some help.
>Thus you turn back at the group of girls who followed you here.
>Unsurprisingly, it’s Adagio, Sonata and Aria who are first at the counter.
>Perhaps inspired by the song, they order one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.
>Well… if they’re on that path, it might be best to pass them up for now.
>Instead, you approach the group’s newest additions, Chrysalis and Babs.
File: 1394784.png (507 KB, 1024x2740)
507 KB
507 KB PNG

“Hey, Liz. Might I ask you two a favor?”
>The phantom leader of local El Forastero takes a sip of her beer and cocks an eyebrow.
“I remember hearing it in the passing, but you said something about Babs knowing how to play an accordion?”
>The short redhead smiles from ear to ear and nods.
>”Yeah. Been a’while since I played, but if ya want, I got ya covered. Just gimme a instrument an’ I’ll strike any melody ya want.”
>Satisfied, you turn back to Chrysalis.
“What about you? You still keeping up your old skills?”
>Liz grins at you wickedly, her eyes twinkling in the darkness.
>”Shu-wah. It’s not like I had much to do aftah you got put in the slamma.”
>The Boston native taps her nose knowingly.
>”So what’ll it be? Guitah? Drums? Wicked tin whistle?”
“You’ll be up on the mandolin. At least, I think I saw out the back. Should be enough for one song.”
>Chrysalis’ eyes widen in surprise.
>She looks around, suddenly very conscious of the bad looks the locals are throwing your way.
>”Wait, wait, wait. Aftah all this, you bettah not be planning to-”
“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m planning to.”
>You return Liz’s earlier expression right back at her, grin plastered on your face.
“I mean, Crystal told me he was going to play tonight. I’m not gonna pass up this chance.”
>Leaving the biker mumble something in her incomprehensible accent, you glance around the room.
>Soon enough you spot Gilda, who’s about to down a shot of what you can only hope is whiskey.
“Hey, Sugar Ray, put that down!”
>The boxer nearly drops her shot glass and shoots you a confused expression.
“You’re up on the drums tonight. I need you sober.”
>The announcement comes so out of left field that Gilda’s left utterly speechless.
>Lemon Zest doesn’t miss this chance and swipes the whiskey from her, downing it in one go.
File: 1180819.jpg (38 KB, 344x960)
38 KB

>Too bad greed cometh before the fall.
>About two seconds later, you see Zest hurrying towards the toilets, holding her stomach.
>Looks like it wasn’t whiskey after all.
>One never knew what this place had in those bottles.
>Still, it’s not only Gilda who’s left restless after what you shouted.
>The whole bar is now filled with an anxious murmur, mostly coming from the locals.
>Some of it is disbelief, some of it is outrage.
>Even the bartender looks like he’s considering throwing you out.
>Hell, the only local who doesn’t seem furious is Crystal Ship.
>He simply winds down his song, mutters a quiet ‘thank you’ in the microphone and wheels to the side of the stage.
>From there he motions you.
>Time to begin.
>You nod towards Chrysalis, Babs and Gilda, before pointing your thumb towards the stage.
>The girls give a nervous look to each other.
>You can’t blame them. This isn’t exactly the best atmosphere to start a gig in.
>And the rest of the group isn’t faring any better.
>Judging by Adagio’s hand signals, she’s either directing you down to runway six, or wants to know what the hell’s going on.
>Better act before she moves from chopping the air to chopping you.
>Together with the trio you jog up to the stage.
>A dead silence falls over The Brick.
>Crystal Prep students and Twilight are glancing around worriedly, almost as if preparing for a bar fight.
>CHS students, on the other hand, look at you all with a mixture of doubt and trepidation.
>Some, like Trixie, probably can guess what’s coming.
>Wait, scratch that. It’s not only Trixie.
>Lemon Zest, who just emerged from the toilet, looks like a kid on Christmas Day.
>A kid on the onset of alcohol poisoning.
>But the way her eyes are shining with giddiness makes you think that, just maybe, this wasn’t a bad idea.
File: 805055.jpg (47 KB, 640x640)
47 KB

>”Well, look what the cat dragged in.”
>Crystal Ship comments dryly as you arrive on the stage.
>”You have a song in mind, hotshot?”
“How about we go with track number nine?”
>Crystal arches an eyebrow at that.
>”You mean from the album?”
>After a moment of silence, of hesitation, he nods.
>”Alright, if you say so.”
>As Crystal starts to get his bass guitar ready, you instruct the three girls on what song’s about to be played.
>All but Chrysalis look surprised at the prospect.
>They do know how to play it, though, and so the hasty preparations begin.
>Instruments are plugged into amps, tuned and retuned, and the microphone is calibrated to your height.
>While this is going on, the hostile murmur of the bar patrons grows louder and louder.
>Now that you’re up on the stage they all can see your new, overblown jacket.
>Especially the logo on the back.
>It’s not enough that you’re here to remind them of what you’ve done, you’re also serving as a reminder of your father.
>Chrysalis grimaces as she looks upon the crowd, fingers nervously twitching on the strings of her mandolin.
>“If we get outta heah alive the next round’s on you.”
>You chuckle and plug in the old, beaten up Les Paul. Just like all the other instruments, they were on the loan from The Brick.
“I hear you. Consider it my payment for this gig.”
>From the corner of your eye, you can see Babs giving you a thumbs up.
>The accordion’s ready. And judging from the sounds, so are the drums.
>You glance at Crystal, who tests each individual string on his bass guitar.
>The then proceeds to tap onto the second microphone that’s been lowered to the height of his wheelchair.
>You both wince at the feedback, and you can hear Crystal mutter some choice words for the sound technician.
>Sound technician who is non-existent at this case, but what the hell.
>It’s a time-honored tradition among musicians.
File: forthelasttime.jpg (32 KB, 672x372)
32 KB

>”Looks like we’re good to go.”
>Crystal’s words are like keys turning to rev up your engine, and you turn your eyes towards the audience.
>Half of it are your friends from Canterlot.
>The other half are locals with a bone or two to pick with you.
>... In all honesty, you couldn’t ask for a better crowd.
>When was the last time you felt this exhilarated to play in front of a crowd?
>A sense of excitement, dread, fear and unbound energy ready to burst…
>... It’s almost like back when you first performed at Grimey’s old place.
>In a sense, you could argue this is a new beginning.
>You’ve finally shed away the demons of the past, the memories that have haunted you so far.
>Even after you were released from juvie, they were always there.
>Reminding you of your sins.
>But now? Now… you feel almost free.
>Not because you’ve abandoned it all, but because you’ve accepted it and moved on.
>So… this is it, Anonymous.
>Just like back then, all those years ago.
>With same unbridled energy.
>With same ferocious drive.
>With same wild abandon.
>It’s time to play, free like you never were before.
“Ladies and gentlemen.”
>Your rumblings words silence the bar.
>The Brick goes completely quiet and all eyes are on you now.
>Love you or hate you… you’re reminded why you were obsessed with basking in this attention.
>But such juvenile pride falls off your back like water.
“Feast your ears for tonight, and tonight only, it’s our one-last-time return gig.”
>You fingers hunger for the strings of a guitar like those of a gunman at high noon hunger for a trigger.
>A simple, rough, primal sound emanates from your instrument as you let your feelings loose.
“And we…”
>The bass joins you, along with pounding drums who build up the introduction.
>Your guttural guitar riff rises to the heights and you feel a wild grin take over your face.
File: 1488399.png (488 KB, 1000x1000)
488 KB
488 KB PNG

>This is you.
>Both the Anonymous from years ago, and the Anonymous of today.
>The man born to be on this stage.
“We are Star Generation!”
>For a moment, just for two seconds, the stage grows quiet again.
>You breathe in. You breathe out.
>You click your fingers.
>Thus, Chrysalis’ mandolin jolts alive with a vibrant, haunting melody from her home.
>Accordion in the hands of Babs paints over it immaculately.
>And so… you sing.
“When on the road to sweet Indie.”
>It’s an old, old song.
“Hurroo. Hurroo.”
>Something that Liz originally introduced to the lot of you.
“When on the road to sweet Indie.”
>Sunset had always loved it, however.
“Hurroo. Hurroo.”
>The forlorn tone of it, the sweet bitterness permeating it.
“When on the road to sweet Indie, returning from the big city.”
>But now, it gains a new meaning.
“A whimper did this fair blondie…”
>As you make the song’s words your own.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya.”
>So does the whole band explode into a song, each instrument bellowing out their very own part.
>E minor to G, B minor to G, before sliding into the latter half of the chorus.
>It was deceptively simple, but when translated into modern instruments, it was powerful.
>Oh so powerful.
>Powerful enough to cause shocked faces all around the bar.
>Sension the power that was building, the bartender hurries to flick the lights on to the stage.
>You are suddenly bathed in red and green spotlight which lazily move back and forth.
“Where are the eyes that looked so mild?”
>Crystal and Chrysalis lean into their own mics, adding their voices to the symphony.
>“Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>Though blinded by the lights, you are able to see Sonata.
>Silently, she mouths the words with you.
“Where are the eyes that looked so mild?”
>Next to her, Aria does the same.
>As does Adagio.
File: 477927.png (1.26 MB, 1065x1500)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG

>”Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>Watching them, you feel a sparkling feeling rise up from your chest.
>It’s like the sweetest of ales.
“Where are the eyes that looked so mild when my poor heart you first beguiled?”
>It’s that stunning feeling that you channel into your song.
“Why did ya leave me in the wild?”
>And bellow out with all your lungs.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya!”
>As you push onto the chorus once more, your lyrics and those of your makeshift band join together.
>But they are not alone.
>All around the bar, your friends, your comrades, no longer stay silent.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>They raise their voices and their glasses.
>“Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>The locals watch them in shock, but none of them cares.
>This song is for no one in this building.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>It’s for one the one who is already long gone.
>“Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>The last tribute for the Sunset Shimmer you knew.
>The last tribute to Star Generation, the band you built and destroyed with your own hands.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>This is why your voice is a mixture of anger and pride.
“The enemy never slew ya!”
>And deep sense of loss that flows from the strings of your guitar.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya!”
>As you fall back onto the basic melody, Gilda takes over.
>Her frantic beat, like frenzied marching feet, builds up.
>It’s a countdown to your take-off.
>From this town, from this song.
>Sweat upon her brow, she pounds those drums with all her might.
>And as it ends you immediately rev up the next verse.
“Where are the hands with which play?”
>The breakneck speed of the song can no longer be held back.
>“Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>It’s like a freight train that is out-of-bounds, heading straight into the wilderness.
“Where are the hands with which play?”
>Your fingers scream for mercy, but you’re all out.
File: itdoesnottakemuch.jpg (172 KB, 1500x994)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

>That same sparking, exploding power from your heart is filling your head.
>“Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>It’s like your head and your hair are on fire.
>But even if you were to burn to ashes now, you wouldn’t care.
“Where are the hands with which play, now too much does the guitar weigh!”
>Perhaps that is why the streaks falling from your eyes feel boiling hot?
“No longer can they even pray!”
>They sign your skin, but only in your mind.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya!”
>As you ascend once again to the chorus, you see it is no longer just your friends who are slamming their glasses to the wooden tables.
>No, here and there, everywhere and near, people in the bar join in.
>From old to young, the patrons weave their voices together.
>That simple, yet addictive, war cry.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>The Brick echoes with a song it had nearly forgotten.
>”Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>You feel like you’re melting under your jacket, but you push on.
>All limits are forgotten now.
>No, it’s as if they never existed.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>After all it’s as if you are born again.
>A phoenix rising with the dawn.
>”Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>Your right hand separates from the strings and punches the air to emphasize your words.
>Dozens and dozens of fists from the audience rise with you.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>This is music; an universal language.
>Something everyone can, no matter what has happened, understand.
“The enemy never slew ya!”
>Even someone hated can be understood with it.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya!”
>Chrysalis and Crystal warp the melody and bring it to the solo.
>Your hand flies back to the strings and you strike the chords with all of that pent-up regret.
>All of those emotions you want to let out, to move on from.
>They are channeled by this beaten up guitar and released in waves.
File: 1404270.png (604 KB, 791x1024)
604 KB
604 KB PNG

>Then… it happens.
>As your vision blurs and your body moves only through muscle memory, your exhaustion catches up with you.
>A red spotlight blinds you momentarily, shining straight into your eyes.
>It is when you can see again that you understand.
>You’re hallucinating.
>Crystal Ship is standing. He looks as old as before, but he is standing.
>His bass guitar circles around your guitar riff, pushing it ever upwards.
>Behind you, Kozmic Blues slams the sticks against the drums in a primal fury.
>Her face is full of determination, as if knowing this was her last moment.
>Her last sound and fury.
>On the other side, Purple Haze carries you all with his accordion.
>There’s an exhilarated, almost manic, smile on his face.
>As always, he is the carrying force, allowing all of you to set up the perfect fanfare.
>And… right next to you.
>Sunset Shimmer.
>The one this song is dedicated to.
>Her flaming hair swinging back and forth.
>That pure happiness shining bright in her eyes as she creates magic with her melodies.
>Her fingers fly up and down on her mandolin, it’s vibrating tone almost akin to chaotic energy of some sort.
>Upon her she has a leather jacket.
>Just like all of you.
>One with the image of a snarling wolf, painted with the colors of Old Glory.
>Yes… this is what could have been.
>The future that was never meant to be.
>Star Generation that will never come back.
>But… you’re just fine with it. At long last, you got to play this one last song with your irreplaceable friends.
>This truly is the last gig of you and your friends.
>Which is why you do not even try to stop the tears when a green spotlight hits your eye, driving away this phantom pain.
“Your eyes so blue, your hair so red!”
>You jump back into the song, letting your words reverberate across the room.
File: 1148026.png (339 KB, 666x1000)
339 KB
339 KB PNG

>”Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>You can see something nearly burst from your head.
“Your eyes so blue, your hair so red!”
>Two points of white-hot metal.
>”Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>Similar, scorching feeling runs down your long hair.
“Your eyes so blue, your hair so red, those I lost on the day that I fled!”
>In the heat of the moment, it feels far longer than it actually is.
“Even lost the promise to be wed!”
>This truly is a concert of mirages.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya!”
>This time when the chorus hits, there’s no denying it.
>Everyone, from the bartender to the bouncer, is bellowing out the words as loud as they can.
>It’s a shared trance between all of you.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>Raised pints, broken glasses, bloodied fists.
>”Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>Those who love you and those who hate you forgetting their differences.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>You’re not the only one crying anymore.
>”Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>Sonata can barely blubber out the words.
>Meanwhile Aria is constantly wiping her eyes with her arm.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>And Adagio?
“The enemy never slew ya!”
>She’s staring at you as if haunted, clear streaks on her cheeks.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya!”
>The cymbal announces a sudden silence.
>The stage and the audience are taken over by grave quiet.
>It’s almost hallowed, but only for a moment.
>Without missing a beat, your words and Liz’s mandolin break it.
“I'm happy for to see ya home. Huroo. Huroo.”
>Your voice cracks.
“I'm happy for to see ya home. Huroo. Huroo.”
>Gently you caress the side of your guitar as you draw a deep breath.
>The lyrics you speak finally reflect the truth.
>The accordion whispers a bitter refrain to accompany you.
“I'm happy for to see ya home… though you are six feet below.”
>And as the drums start again, you grab your guitar with enough force to break it.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya!”
File: thepathfinallyconnects.jpg (147 KB, 800x600)
147 KB
147 KB JPG

>It’s an utter chaos.
>Every single person in the bar is shouting, screaming out the words with you.
>No longer does anyone care of who you are.
>They know.
>They know this is your apology.
>An apology given in the only way you know how to.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>You guitar howls and your fingertips bleed.
>That mysterious power growing within you finally releases, shining through your eyes.
>For some reason, you’re sure that suddenly the stage is bathed in golden light.
>It’s like a tidal wave of energy that sweeps over everything.
>”Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>Some jump to the tables.
>Some sing through their tears.
>Some search support from the person nearest to them.
>The voices are hoarse both on the stage and in the audience.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>It sounds like Babs’ accordion is dying. This pace is too much for it.
>You’re pretty sure you heard a string snap from the mandolin.
>Yet this song powers through it all.
>It’s a beautiful, utter cacophony that masquerades itself with your emotions.
>And in the middle of it all, you see them.
>The three sirens, hand-in-hand.
>Singing, no, almost pleading you.
>Almost cursing you.
>With red lights shining brightly at their necks.
“Hurroo! Hurroo!”
>Their red light, and the golden light from before, mix and twist and fill the room.
>In your feverish concentration it feels almost as if you were floating off the ground.
“We had guns and drums and drums and guns!”
>And then.
>The words you were waiting for.
>The truth you are now ready to admit.
>The lyrics that differ from what everyone else sings out.
>For you, they are simple.
>Yet necessary.
>The words that are...
“It was I who slew ya!”
>The truth.
>Followed by another, equally sad, truth.
“Sunny, I hardly knew ya!”
>The song that nearly tore this bar down ends without a fanfare, the players collapsing to their knees, exhausted.

>There is one more thing you must do.
>Sweat pouring from just about every inch of your skin, you stumble back to your feet.
>It’s more akin to crawling, but you get yourself down from the stage.
>You should probably be hearing something.
>At least it sounds like people are saying something to you, congratulating you.
>Even your friends are doing it.
>But as you look in their eyes, you can see something’s not right.
>Trixie raises her hand, looking like she wants to help, but Starlight pulls her away.
>Lemon Zest looks like she’s about to freak out, and not in a good way.
>Limestone and Lightning Dust are arguing about something.
>It… it’d help if you could hear something.
>But all that’s in your ears is an overbearing tinnitus and the pulse of your own heart.
>Shaking off any doubt in your mind, you sluggishly approach the back wall.
>Your feet are like lead.
>Perhaps this was a mistake. There’s no way you’re driving tonight.
>But… but it had to be done.
>Just like you have to do this.
>You grab a roll of duct tape and a permanent marker from the nearby table and shamble to the place that’s awaiting you.
>Where the golden record and the T-shirt lay, stabled to the brick wall.
>When you get there, you tear a piece from the duct tape and slam it onto a specific spot on the T-shirt.
>It’s to cover up a name that read there in a certain song.
>You erase ‘Johnny’ from the songs.
>To you, to Star Generation, that name no longer belongs to that song.
>Instead you uncap your marker and draw there the new name.
>The name that you want to remain instead.
>Once you’re finished, you take a step back and admire your handiwork, blurry though your vision may be.
>’Sunny, I hardly knew ya.”
>From this moment forward, for you, this is the true nature of this song.
File: theresnoturningback.png (637 KB, 1280x720)
637 KB
637 KB PNG

>Slowly but surely even your hearing starts to return.
>It starts as a small noise of static, growing steadily into its true nature.
>You start to hear applause and cheering.
>With a tired smile, you turn to look back at the scene.
>It is a far cry from when you entered The Brick.
>Instead of open hostility, you are now enveloped in warmth that you couldn’t think possible.
>You collapse to a nearby chair.
>For a moment, just for a moment, you need to rest.
>Alas, such luxuries are denied of you.
>Three shadows fall upon you.
>You look up and are unsurprised to see the three sirens there, gazing down at you.
>Adagio quietly wipes her eyes and offers you a smile.
>”Anonymous. That was…”
>She searches for a fancier word, but comes up with nothing.
>”... It was beautiful.”
>”Yeah. Didn’t think you had it in you, Roadie.”
>Aria’s snark is strong, but you can see she’s feeling just as emotional.
>”You really are the best, Nonny.”
>Sonata’s not even bothering to hide the fact that she’s been crying.
>But amidst all of this, you have an odd, nagging feeling.
>Why do they seem so… scared?
>”Still, I think we have a problem.”
>Adagio’s words draw your attention once more.
“... That being?”
>You sound like a dead raven.
>”Just… just take a look in the mirror. You’ll understand.”
>Confused, you look to the direction where Adagio’s pointing. There stands an old, dirty mirror.
>It reflects your tired, sweaty frame in perfect detail.
>Yet… there’s something off about it.
>For some reason your hair is long, longer than it should be.
>It’s like an untamed lion’s mane stretching to the ground, tied up with a leather band in the middle.
>And on your head…
>... You have ears.
>Not human ears.
>Something more akin to animal ears.
“... What?”
>”It looks almost as if…”
>Adagio seems to be, once again, searching for the right words.
>”... As if you ‘ponied up’.”
And that's it for this update of MaMwM, and indeed, for the Kansas Arc. Questions answered, questions raised, I guess?

Next time:We return to Canterlot,
though we may be too late.

Pony magic OP, Pls nerf.
And now I have a mental image of redneck!Anon going through the same magical-girl transformation scene.

Not sure if aroused.

It all depends on if there is a pretty dress involved.
File: Nodlings1690143654.png (282 KB, 480x2321)
282 KB
282 KB PNG

No because I can't be arsed to write one except for pic related during which I came up with the idea for the pic. There's also a green about an operator kidanon.


>Aria is always bullying you and touching you inappropriately
>Time to get back at her
>You follow her around school until it's just you and her
>You get behind her and shove your hands under her shirt
>"What the hell?"
>She tries to turn around and hit you, but you turn with her
>"Anon you faggot, what the hell are you doing?!"
"I forgot my milk money today."
>You lift her shirt and let out her purple boobs
>The other two were mocking her about lactating the other day when they thought they were alone
>You milk Aria's boobs into a shaker with nesquik powder
>*Fshhht!* *Fshhht!* *Fshhht!* *Fshhht!*
"You've already touched my balls and stuff so I thought we're like fwb now or something."
>"A-asshole!" she says flustered
>She's stopped struggling by now and she's just leaning against the wall with her elbows
>Once your shaker is full, you brush your finger against Aria's nipple to wipe some breast milk off it, causing her to flinch
>You put your finger in your mouth
"Nice taste."
>But not really because it's warm
"Thanks for the milk. I'll be getting back all the milk money you stole from me. Later!"
>You walk away briskly before Aria comes chasing after you
File: lewdness.png (107 KB, 600x600)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
>muscular redneck anon
>pretty princess pony dress
I need this
Hell yea bud
wait, where did Anon get magical pony powers from?
if the Dazzlings were kicking someone in the face, who would it be?
Nerds, of course.
File: smile 7.png (161 KB, 369x608)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
I wanna stick my penis between her fingers
File: madskilz.jpg (170 KB, 1144x1012)
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170 KB JPG
File: 3.png (249 KB, 982x873)
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249 KB PNG
Guys, is it just me or since System left us for the JoJo thread, it's been kinda dead here? Don't get me wrong, Mistake is good too but I could really match with System's humor and relate with his green
>family is either estranged or dead and all I have left are my friends.
It just feels like a wasteland here at night.
It's only been a day, anon. Sometimes people like to do other things.
Fix that.
File: 1420903907406.png (244 KB, 870x869)
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244 KB PNG
>we dead again?

No but seriously this is normal
That's something I dislike. We all like the three best characters yet we never talk about it or to each other. Usually we're arguing, image dumping, waiting for green, or Sal is arguing about nothing with no one. We should talk more, be more creative, interact with each other, stuff like that. Let us be what everyone wants to be, you know?
We've had 200+ posts in under 3 days were.
/mlp/ is a pretty slow board in general any way
>We should talk more
What's up? Working on anything? Anything interesting going on in your life?

Usually people in these generals join a chat group of some form and talk on their where it's easier.
> Do we even have a group chat?
We should make one just in case, like a kik chat or something.
> What's up?
Nothing much, just finished making that stuff for the JoJo thread and thought I'd stop by.
> Working on anything?
Yes. Green ideas for you guys and art for the JoJo thread.
> Anything interesting going on in your life?
Trying to get over a rough break-up but otherwise just hanging out.

What about you?
> What's up?
> Working on anything?
> Anything interesting going on in your life?

I hate to hear about your family and I'm happy I brought you entertainment for so long.
> Left us for the JoJo thread.
I would never leave you guys, you're where I started. You're my home away from home. You guys are the best threads on the board, how could I leave anyways, aren't I under the same spell you all are?
At least we're coherent and surviving. It's a lot better than being /b/ where threads die in a night or in /s4s/ where things have no general meaning at all. We're the only board dedicated to a specific television series and sub-culture, we're not expected to be as fast as places like /a/ or /b/ because we're one of the smallest minorities on the site besides /t/.
We use Discord on this site, sir.


Is it the same story, or that spooky fic you and I were talking about?

Ouch. Sorry, man.

>What about you
Fell asleep for a few hours and am now up watching old Spongebob.

Thinking about either working on this game some more, or watching some more spookies.

About to go to a college orientation on Thursday. A party with an old coworker the day after, and hanging with a good friend the day after that. Hope I don't have a hangover, which I didn't today.

/b/ threads usually die within an hour. Maybe if we were on /trash/ we'd be faster. This chill pace is cool though.
File: safddsfsd.png (262 KB, 1600x1200)
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262 KB PNG
> Discord
I've never really used it before, I'll have to get into it.
> Same story or spooky fic?
Considering that the same story is done and complete, the spook-fest is all I got besides the Aria-Sonata Love Triangle idea from the other Anon. I've been making plot lines for both.
> Ouch.
Eh, it's alright I guess. Sometimes shit just doesn't work.
> Old SpongeBob
> No hangover
I feel you there, bro. An Anon had the same deal going last night.
> Chill pace
Yeah, I'm a fan of it as well.
>Sal is arguing about nothing with no one

Have a (you) because you said my name. In addition I make three kinds of crappy content, toss around ideas, feedback and keep the thread bumped. No need to thank me.
People used to throw trigglypuffs whenever anons chummed it up here or talked about our crappy lives. This drove the interesting people away and put potential contentfags off. If you dislike the situation then you should do something about it. You could create something alluring and advertise it around the fandom to draw folks here. You could become an amazing contentfag and inspire lurkers to participate and try making content themselves. At the very least you could come up with prompts or start conversations.
That's pretty cute. How old is it? I don't think I've seen it before.
>I'll have to get into it.
It's better than Skype, and several general's have them.
> the spook-fest is all I got
Sounds good.
>Sometimes shit just doesn't work.
Yeah, that's how it seems. Well, there's always someone new. Just keep looking and things tend to get better.
Can I say plants from Texas are dumb?
>An Anon had the same deal going last night
That was me. Had some straight liquor and a beer cooler. Feels good that I wasn't in pain.
>I'm a fan of it as well
Nice that I can go to sleep, and the thread will still be up when I awake.
Doesn't System already somewhat do that since, to quote >>30529710 ,
apparently he's in "EVERY FUCKING THREAD"?
> I mean sure, the dude is semi-popular in other threads so couldn't he just do that kind of shit?

>I don't like situation
>Someone else should do something about it

No. He is doing his part, you do yours.
> Better than Skype
Idk man, I'm pretty cool with Skype. Didn't my Skype get leaked here or something in the last thread? I remember someone on this board posting my Skype name one day but I can't remember where.
> Always someone new
Probably Anon, probably
> Texas are dumb
The girl I just broke up with was from Texas, fucking irony amirite?
> That was me
Oh shit, I'm happy shit turned out good.
> Thread will still be up
That's a great thing about this board, shit is chill until you bring up Starlight Glimmer.
I don't think everyone knows me as the guy from /dzg/. I'd like things to be that way though, we need more than just me since eventually people would start to dislike me basically being a promo for the /dzg/. There needs to be a few of us making green, a few doing art, a few doing other fan-based shit and in no time we'll be right as rain.
>I'm pretty cool with Skype
Skype is pretty bad. It works, but it's not the best medium.
>Probably Anon
Just have to go out there and meet them.
>fucking irony
Nah. You were just saved from being nuked and hogtied.
>Oh shit
Yeah, pretty good as I had a kid to deal with today. Two acually.
Glim is alright with me. People will stop with the autism like they did with EQG.
>me basically being a promo for the /dzg/
It'll pass. People come and go constantly. Especially since we're mainly normal folk and life gets in the way.
I'd really like to see this thread alive and dominant, pumping out the best shit on the board. Like I said before, this is our place to really do whatever but unified by the /dzg/. We could bring in a lot of traffic and be something great if we put our minds to it.
> I know one thing for a fact, this has been the best conversation I've ever had in all the years I've been on 4chan.
Those days were pretty good. You're a year or so too late for all of that though. Maybe if people remember how to ignore the shitposters and more content is created we could be more active again.
>tfw I remember the Trapdagio debacle
That was legit like from thread 30.
We've had write fags come and go.
Remember hype
Time is the only thing that separates the loyal from the hype
Yes I do. I remember goof, Capitalism King, and even Dazzle Quest. . Good days, but very chaotic. Point is we were at our best when the shitposters were ignored, in fact it's why we're still around. Remember MTG?
Well mate I think we need some more action.
Rather than going on about what could be.
File: Billy.png (931 KB, 835x1311)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
daily reminder
File: 1499836677200.png (16 KB, 207x239)
16 KB
File: Spoiler Image (34 KB, 538x419)
34 KB
Well that was a surprise. A pleasant surprise, mind you, but a surprise nonetheless.

I'm anticipating the ride back to Canterlot. Any chance we'll stop by Laramie once again?
I think the group will stop there on the trip back, but honestly I think it's best the story is moved back to Canterlot already. The Kansas Arc took way longer than I thought it would.

The plot needs to kick into high gear, in other words.
File: 1309014.png (212 KB, 1000x1000)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
We should all discuss why Poof is the most magnificent thing in existence, yes.
If could marry a women half as beautiful as the poof.
I'd die a happy man.
Yah bummin' me out, man. I'm tryin' to write my green and balance my real "life" and my drawing projects, alright. It's hard, maaaaaaan. I get so tired.
just drew it before i posted it, silly goosh

>Starswirl casts the sirens across time and space
>The sea beasts turn into humans
>They have hair for the first time
>Aria and Sonata freak out at their new forms
>"Wait, where's Adagio?"
>They find Adagio rubbing her brand new poof on her face and purring

My headcanon is that Starswirl's magic doesn't turn equestrians into their human counterparts, but instead turns them into pretty highschool girls.


With great looks comes great attention. Adagio soon finds herself sexually beleaguered by her two lackeys, which is unfortunate because she's straight. She has no choice but to get herself a big bad mate who'll keep her safe and undistracted from her goal. Are bad enough dude to "save" the poof?
File: 1483079.png (2.28 MB, 2344x3125)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
>do you like my new dress?
File: 145326235231000.jpg (120 KB, 750x932)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Oh yeah bby
>Are bad enough dude to "save" the poof?
shame, I wanted Strongheart to become actual part of the group
File: IMG_0078.jpg (347 KB, 1518x1454)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
File: sozesty.png (433 KB, 998x794)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
"You fucking know it, bitch."
>you was amazing last night
>was amazing
I'm 100% sure that this artist has never had a relationship with a real woman or even a conversation with one.
File: 445362363212312.jpg (335 KB, 676x485)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>Expecting ayy lmao porn drawer to have any experience with actual women.
pretty sure I have this fag filtered on derpi.

Please kill yourself.
File: MLP_LoM07-coverA copy.jpg (498 KB, 1054x1600)
498 KB
498 KB JPG
Is it presently occurring?

hope its not just an irrelevant alt cover
I hope not. The last one was shit.
It couldn't get worse than the last time they were featured in the comics.

Just remembering it hurts.
File: IMG_0079.png (1.02 MB, 1700x1700)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
File: 1278226701449.png (2 KB, 149x124)
2 KB
It wont be as bad as the first one.....right?
>Ties into the finale of MLP Season 7!
You don't think they're gonna...
File: 1467618696417.gif (55 KB, 233x166)
55 KB
God I hope not.
God I hope so.
You make it look beautiful.
I wanna bang all three of the dazzles at once
Thanks wee for the big titty Sonata

Is it magical? Cause it just made my monster grow. In my pants.




Bad art, overly infantile story.

And a massive missed opportunity by dumping them just a few years back. Thats the big one for me.

I mean they could have Dazzling Vikings, Dazzlings in the French revolution, Dazzlings and the great Train Heist and so forth. But no lets lets just make the most boring choice possible.

Boring for you. For me having the Dazzlings being comically responsible for humanity's breakthroughs or tragedies, and having them acquire neither wealth nor maturity after centuries of screwing around would be utter crap.
I mean remember Bill and Ted, Animaniacs, Il était une fois l'homme (to a much lesser extent), Sport Billy and the like where the show has the cast go back in time or living in a past era and witnessing historical events? It was motherfucking cringey. It'd hurt to see the Dazzlings get the same treatment.
>Sonata and Aria's (+Adagio) Excellent Adventure
I'd watch it

If they are in the spirit of the movies. You know what else would be fun? Wayne's World with Sunset and Pinkie. Dash would also fit in place of either but she's an ear-splitting cunt.
File: index.jpg (158 KB, 1280x720)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
MLP COMIC DUB 'The Dazzlings, They Float Above It All'
>New minis announced
>No Dazzlings

We won't be seeing them in the next piece of media either. Shame, they're doing a beach theme.
File: page9.jpg (236 KB, 1280x1656)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
File: 1703251038545205.jpg (160 KB, 495x1030)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Saw this on a store the other day and thought a Dagi edit might look nice.
File: 1455958738809.png (186 KB, 617x745)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
File: image.jpg (33 KB, 403x299)
33 KB
> Tonight marks the beginning of a new green.
Get ready fuckers.
> Bad Influence
Deltalima comic continuation
Do dazzles like facials? Where do they like to receive their rewards?
File: MrN3Coa.png (43 KB, 1350x1800)
43 KB
I want to fuck her poof.
Sauce on pic???
It doesn't go any lower. Join us in our lamentation.
>"My butt is down here, Anon."
>"No thanks. I've made my choice."
File: 1499530669051.png (1.63 MB, 2000x2615)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
>there's STILL no Aria/Sonata minis
I want my grumpy Aria mini to pet already, goddammit.
File: 83848234234.png (310 KB, 743x910)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
The poof is superior, that's why.
File: 1636557474474.png (202 KB, 540x800)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
What's the point of not making all three though? I can't complete my collection with just Adagio.
File: 934693496.jpg (55 KB, 640x615)
55 KB
How would Jotaro react to finding out the Dazzlings are actually fish monsters?
File: thumb akko.png (157 KB, 301x273)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
>fatty dagi
the dick is pleased
File: IMG_0084.png (2.88 MB, 2380x3920)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB PNG
File: IMG_0083.png (2.34 MB, 2030x5120)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB PNG
File: IMG_0081.png (2.05 MB, 2010x2730)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB PNG
File: PEPE_GUN_REE.gif (160 KB, 390x379)
160 KB
160 KB GIF
>dyke shit
>dazzle incest
>shit brown dazzles

File: MaMwM2.png (202 KB, 1000x490)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Can't sleep so decided to write some more MaMwM.

>The drive back to Canterlot City was not as… eventful as the trip to Independence.
>You did stop by Laramie to sleep at The Shack once again.
>Of course, Little Strongheart grilled you for information about what happened.
>As a compensation, you grilled her 50$ steaks as a compensation.
>Nothing like an outdoor BBQ. Her bitter tears provided just enough salt for seasoning.
>... Though in all honesty, it was rather embarrassing how proud she was of you.
>Rara, of course, wasn’t around. She had gigs elsewhere.
>She had left a message for you, though.
>She promised to visit Canterlot City next week to catch up some more, and see your new apartment.
>Strongheart somewhat implied she might catch a ride with her.
>You’re not exactly sure whether to look forward to it, or dread the day.
>In any case, it was nice to see the young bartender, as well as her father.
>That hulking brute all smiles when he saw you.
>Sonata later commented how hilarious it was to see someone who made you look tiny in comparison.
>Well, we can’t all be made of muscle and steroids, can we?
>Even if you wanted to.
>Aria did not want you to.
>Something about ‘already being too much for the eyes’, whatever that meant.
>So the next morning you hopped back into your Buick and headed out west, meaning to reach Canterlot by nightfall.
>The atmosphere in your car was… odd, to say the least.
>The Dazzlings weren’t exactly quiet, but you could still feel some tension in the air.
>Not to mention that touchy-feely as they had been lately.
>Sonata practically jumped out of her skin when you patted her on the head at the gas station.
>You had just wanted to tease her a bit!
>Once you got back home, you’d get to the bottom of this.
>... Huh.
>It was rather weird to admit it but… yeah.
>Canterlot had become a home to you during these odd few months.
File: 1059457.png (267 KB, 1000x1000)
267 KB
267 KB PNG

>You couldn’t wait to get back to see if snow had already settled in.
>October 29th. How the time flew.
>Just two days till December.
>Then it be another 22 days and Winter Formal would be here.
>22 days…
>That was the time limit for your big plan.
>You had your outsiders, Gilda and Lightning Dust.
>You had rest of your crew.
>You even had some Crystal Prep students in your corner.
>Their excited talk and ribbing about the upcoming Friendship Games had given you some ideas.
>You’d probably need to talk to Twilight to get a message sent to their teacher.
>Principal Cinch, was it?
>Few carefully selected words from their prized star-student should swing things in your way.
>The games themselves would give you a perfect setting to execute your plan.
>Take the games themselves off the table, stack the stakes with the Winter Formal, add in… wait.
>Those games did have some sort of prize, did they? Like a cup or a trophy or something.
>You make a note to yourself to research that.
>Symbols were important.
>If you were gonna pull off what you called “The Punk Maneuver” you’d need something with symbolic meaning and… to be honest, you weren’t exactly fit to wear Winter Formal Crown.
>Then you’d need your inside man. Or a woman, most likely.
>There were awful lot of girls in Canterlot High, after all.
>You had an idea for that too, but such an authority figure would require some… persuasion.
>Thankfully you had some ideas regarding that as well.
>It had been bugging you since you visited the supermarket with Aria, but you think you could connect the pieces.
>A little blackmail about street-illegal vehicles never hurt anyone.
>But before all of this you’d need to… ugh, apologize to Baconswirl.
>A thankless task set upon you by Principal Celestia.
>Maybe now, after what happened at Independence, it wouldn’t be so awkward. Or so you hoped.
File: 1481624.jpg (496 KB, 1150x935)
496 KB
496 KB JPG

“Looks like a busy month, yeah…”
>Adagio cocks an eyebrow at your sudden comment.
>”Did you say something, Anonymous?”
“Nah. Nothing important.”
>You drum the steering wheel with your fingers.
>Checking your rear-view mirror, you can see Sonata curled up against Aria, both girls sleeping quietly.
>Looks like the best of Phil Collins put them out like a couple of Miami thugs.
>Right now it’s just you and Poof who are awake.
>She’s staring at the dark shapes of Lassen National Park, the trees adorning the veil of the approaching night.
>The headlights of other cars are reflected as glints in her expressionless eyes.
>For a moment, you lose yourself in them.
>That… honestly seems to happen more lately.
>It’s another thing you should sort out.
>What it is that you feel for these three… and the situation with Gilda.
>You just hope this isn’t a powderkeg waiting to blow at the worst possible moment.
>You rip your focus off of the copperhead and stare at the yellow lines of the road flowing under your vehicle.
>So, to sum it up.
>The battle plan so far is looking something like this:
>Apologize to Baconswirl by Monday.
>During the next week strike a deal with Principal Cinch, find your inside man and search for a fitting trophy.
>On 10th, Monday, finally strike along with the outsiders. Plant seeds of rumors about the third man.
>Give it a few days to let the rumor mill really get going, then bring out your ‘third man’.
>Move swiftly so the Rainbooms start to panic. That should make sure they don’t see the ruse before it’s too late.
>Once ‘she’ arrives because of their pleas, draw her and the Rainbooms into this new Friendship Games & Winter Formal.
>Deal another blow with your inside man and divide the school as much as you can.
>By the time the actual day of the battle comes, the battlelines should be drawn clearly.
File: 1424318.png (704 KB, 1000x1000)
704 KB
704 KB PNG

>On the games’ eve things should be ripe for ‘The Punk Maneuver’. It should weaken those loyal to the Rainbooms as well. They can’t be all mindless sheep, after all.
>Drive them to a corner, and if all goes as planned, crush them.
>Your friends deserve one victory after all they’ve been through.
>And now that you’ve got ‘her’ here, see how she makes ‘It’ work.
>Once you have that, you’re set.
>After all ‘It’ is what you’re really after.
>Not being a villain, not helping others grow through adversity, not even avenging your friends.
>You’re in this convoluted mess because you want to grant that one unspoken wish they all share, but which you can see in their eyes.
>You glance at Adagio once more.
>A small smile rises to your lips.
>Her breathing has grown quiet and her eyes are closed.
>So Ol’ Phil claimed another victim, huh?
>Honestly you could gaze at that sleeping face, devoid of all the malice she usually exhibits, for a far longer time.
>But… it’s best you focus on the road.
>You need to get these three back home safely, after all.
>You roll your shoulders and sigh contently.
>It’s easy to lose yourself in the sight of the road rolling by.
>Just an hour or two and you’d be back home.
>You’d sleep as long as you wanted to. You’ve skipped a few days, one more ain’t gonna hurt you.
>Seriously, it feels like this Kansas trip exhausted in so many ways.
>Least of all not being what happened to you.
>You scratch the top of your head, almost expecting to feel those fuzzy, feline-like ears.
>This ‘ponying up’ business was more than you bargained for, seriously.
>Twilight promised she’d look into it, but still… it was so freaky.
>Your ears were in a completely wrong place and your hair was almost like a tail.
>A very, very unkempt tail.
>We’re talking about Cats Musical level of unkempt, like you had become Rum Tum Tugger or something.
>Hideous. Absolutely hideous.
File: 829968.jpg (21 KB, 437x394)
21 KB

>The teenage scientist hypothesized it had something to do with your emotions and the music, but you weren’t completely sure.
>It had certainly not happened any time before, and you had done plenty of gigs.
>Maybe it had something to do with Canterlot High?
>That place was filled with magic, after all.
>From what you understood, this ‘ponying up’ was something the Rainbooms were capable of, too.
>The Dazzlings had had an experience as well, but theirs… didn’t go so well.
>Plus there was something about wings.
>You’re so glad you didn’t get wings.
>Yes. Glad. Not jealous.
>No matter what Aria crudely implied, you weren’t jealous that you didn’t get wings.
>Not. One. Bit.
“Bah. What am I even thinking?”
>Perhaps it was because how morose things had gotten in Kansas, but right now, you felt oddly liberated.
>All the baggage you had left behind had evaporated, leaving you with the things that were truly important.
>The wishes and dreams you and your old friends had.
>And the wishes and dreams you shared with your new friends.
>Not to mention the wish you yourself had for the sake of these new friends.
>If only you could get your heart in order before Winter Formal.
>It’d be wise to talk things through with Gilda this weekend.
>The moment you think that, your fingers feel slightly numb.
>What were you even going to say to her?
>After what she had shared with you that night at Laramie…
>It’s not like you hated her. Far from it.
>But was she truly what you were looking for?
>And these conflicting emotions you were feeling… were they worth pursuing?
>Especially now that you had achieved a balance with the Dazzlings?
>Maybe you should call Shining Armor, go to a pub with an actual male friend.
>He had a girlfriend, right? He might be able to help you.
>God knows you had been out of the game for too long.
>Thinking these things, you whittle away the hour and drive.
File: tooearly.jpg (774 KB, 2560x1600)
774 KB
774 KB JPG

>You thought you had things well thought out.
>You really did.
>Perhaps it’s just because of that it comes as a such a shock.
>Some time after Palo Cedro, just after going under an old overpass, something odd enters your field of vision.
>Something that freezes the blood in your veins.
>Something that makes you hit the brakes violently, causing the tires to screech and jolting the car backwards with enough force to wake the three sirens.
>”Ow! Roadie, what the heck!?”
>Aria groans painfully, sprawled in a big pile with Sonata.
>You don’t even answer her.
>Instead you fly out of your car and flag the rest of the vehicles coming behind you to stop.
>It’s then that you notice.
>Apart from your Buick and the various vehicles the other girls have, there’s no one else on the road.
>It’s… worrying.
>Even if it’s late evening, there should still be other people on the road.
>But no.
>There’s no one.
>Just you and your friends.
>”Nonny! What’s the big idea!?”
>Sonata is first to follow you out of the car, the other two following en suite.
>”Why did you stop the…”
>Sonata’s words die off.
>She must’ve seen the agitated look on your face.
>To be honest, you’re no longer in control of your facial muscles.
>Ice cold sweat is creeping down your spine and it feels like every inch of your skin is shivering.
>You can just stare at the sheer impossibility that looms in the distance, looking so massive it almost blends into the night sky.
>”Anonymous? What’s going on?”
>Adagio walks up to your, clearly sensing your distress.
“Look. Look at Canterlot City.”
>You point towards west, where the road leads.
“W-what the hell… is that....?”
>You almost have to force those words out.
>Not because they’re hard to say, but because you can scarcely believe it either.
>No. You don’t want to believe it.
>It’s like something out of a nightmare.
File: thisistooearly.jpg (81 KB, 600x917)
81 KB

>Adagio looks to the direction you’re pointing and squints her eyes.
>”What? I don’t see-”
>Her jaw snaps shut and you can see her go rigid.
>Her eyes bulge and for a moment she sways, like the vertigo just hit her.
>”By the Abyss, what… what *is* that?”
>Aria and Sonata say nothing.
>They’re too shocked to say anything.
>It’s not until the other girls exit their vehicles that you start hearing human sounds again.
>Twilight is the first one to reach you.
>”What are you three doing!? We nearly ran into you!”
>You simply shake your head and continue pointing.
“Hey, Twilight? You’re supposed to be a scientist, right?”
>She snorts at you.
>”Usually people add ‘mad’ to that title, but yes.”
>You have no time for her jokes.
>They sound shrill and unwelcome in this absurd atmosphere, this surreal horror that creeps from the direction of your hometown.
“Then explain to me what *that* is.”
>Twilight follows the direction of your finger and is about to answer…
>... Only to shriek and fall to her rump out of shock.
>The other girls react in quite the same way.
>There’s cursing.
>There’s words of astonishment.
>There’s clear denial because what the lot of you are seeing just cannot be real.
>No, it should *not* be real.
>Laws of physics do not work that way.
>Something that should not exist in this world of yours is staring you all in the face, laughing at your broken minds as you try to comprehend it.
>If it was something smaller, it’d be easier to explain.
>But in this magnitude the effect is instant and decisive.
>”Is… is that a mountain?”
>Twilight’s whisper echoes in each of your minds.
>That’s exactly what it is.
>You realize it too, but your brain tries its damnedest to assure you it couldn’t possibly be one.
>After all…
>When have mountains been upside down?
File: denyit.jpg (837 KB, 1920x1080)
837 KB
837 KB JPG

>A mountain.
>One that stretches from the blue of the sky, from somewhere above where you can’t see.
>You can’t see the root of this mountain.
>It lies somewhere above the curtain of clouds.
>But that snow-covered spearlike top of it pierces that veil, plunges downwards and has buried itself deep into the soil of Canterlot City.
>It’s a warped reflection of how a mountain should really be.
>And that’s not all.
>Even from so far away, you can see waterfalls on its slopes, rapidly coursing upwards.
>Upwards from your perspective. Yes, waterfalls that go up.
>Another impossibility.
>Yet the most striking feature of that mountain is the city.
>A metropolis of spiraling shapes and gentle colors, like something out of a fairy tale grimoire.
>Purple, white and gold, all dimmed by the gown of evening light.
>This city, jutting from the side of the mountain, is upside-down as well.
>It hovers just above Canterlot City like it was some sort of eldritch reflection on the surface of a pool.
>Pool that’s in the sky.
>The highest tower of that city, one emerging from a grand castle, touches the ground gently.
>It hits an area where you know CHS is.
>Still, the mountain, the waterfalls, the city… none of those are surreal enough to cause this absolute feel of dread.
>No, what makes fear grip your heart is the fact that there are no signs of destruction or panic.
>It’s as if mountain coming from the sky was the most normal thing ever.
>Lights are on in the buildings of Canterlot City, just as they are in the reflection above it.
>No fires, no sirens. Not even a single scream.
>Everything is silent.
>It’s as if *nobody but you and your friends find this odd*.
>You grip the sides of your face.
>The harder you grip, the more it feels like your world is breaking.
>This… this is an ERROR.
>This should NOT be.
>It’s too EARLY isn’t it?

>The mountain CANNOT be real.
>Don’t let it BE real.
>Deny IT.
>Deny IT Anonymous, or you’ll lose whatever measly hold of reality you have.
>It’s like a house of cards that comes tumbling down.
>No matter how tight you squeeze the cards, they refuse to stay where they should be.
>Curtain is pulled aside.
>The trick is staring you RIGHT IN THE FACE.
>That’s the PLACE you must never GO.
>Don’t let it be.
>Turn your gaze away.
>Spit at it. Spit at it. Spit at it.
>Somebody screams.
>It’s your scream ANONYMOUS.
>Your knees hit the asphalt and you howl towards the sky.
>There the arbiter of the end, what you know is waiting for you, stares back.
>That accursed mountain.
>That impossibility.
>Deny it. Deny it. Deny it.
>Please Anonymous deny it or everything ends right here and now.
>If you let it be real the box will open and it all is revealed too soon.
>Your voice is the only thing that’s currently real.
>The scream is what you repel the absurd sight with. You announce to this miserable reality that is about to fall apart that you will not accept this.
>Go back.
>Go back to what you were about to do.
>Go back to the reality that you were waiting for.
>Your phone rings.
>Somehow, even without looking at it, you know the caller.
>It’s that same string of numbers that bothered you while in Independence.
>Why do you know this?
>01010100 01001001 01010100 01001111 01010010.
>If iT Isn’t the Same cALler then helL is gonnA foLlow In the footstEps of the white horse.
>”_________! ____’_ _____!?”
>You hear a buzzing sound.
>Somebody is screaming your name.
>You don’t want to know anymore. You just want to make it go away.
>So you turn the switch in your brains.
>And fade into the whiteness.
File: Room2H-MrA.png (194 KB, 800x600)
194 KB
194 KB PNG

>In here there’s nothing.
>Just the aforementioned white.
>Emptiness where you can rest as much as you want.
>Hover in the void where nobody can hurt you.
>But if you’re ‘here’, doesn’t that mean you’re still ‘somewhere’?
>In that case where is this ‘somewhere’?
>If it is a physical place, that means someone could get to you, right?
>Why… why do your eyelids feel so heavy?
>Why is your breathing so raspy?
>Sheets? Why are you lying rigid under a bunch of sheets?
>You draw breath.
“... w-what…”
>And hear another heavy *click*.
>Light fills the emptiness that surrounds you.
>You realize you really are ‘somewhere’.
>Your eyes shoot open and you stare at your new surroundings.
>No, wait.
>There’s nothing new about these surroundings.
>You recognize this bedroom.
>In fact, you know this building.
>A place with white ceiling and beige walls.
>Not a single sharp corner anywhere and surprisingly clean and cold floors; sanitized, even.
>Over there is a window from where you can see the clock tower.
>The clock face is neatly bisected into two parts, black and white, and the time shown is 02:00.
>Snow gently falls from the sky on these subdued hours of the night.
>There’s nothing on your nightstand, as per usual.
>You kept nothing there because you needed nothing.
>”Well well. Awake now, are we? How good of you to join us, Anonymous.”
>A deep yet almost lilting male voice calls out to you from the doorway.
>The doctor you’ve become familiar with in recent years stands there, one finger on the light switch.
>So he was the one who caused your rude awakening.
“Ugh… what do you want, Dr. D? I was sleeping.”
>”Yes you were, once again. It’s becoming quite a habit for you, isn’t it?”
>Doctor D saunters over and you get another look at his garish fashion sense.
>Mismatched clothes topped with an ugly Aloha shirt and a walking cane adorned with a grinning face of… something.
File: Room2H-MrAnon.png (257 KB, 800x600)
257 KB
257 KB PNG

>Under his arm is a clipboard and a thin stack of papers.
>Doctor plops down to the stool next to your bed and begins leafing through said papers, giving you a scrutinizing glance over his half-moon glasses.
“Uh, you know that everybody sleeps, right? Why do you sound so accusing?”
>”Because it’s all you’ve been doing lately, really. For last month or two you’ve spent more time in bed than awake.”
>As he speaks he fishes out a pack of Lucky Bastard cigarettes from his breast pocket and offers you one as well.
>You both light your cigarettes up at the same time.
>Since this isn’t exactly a hospital, nobody is there to yell at you.
>Better get that ashtray from the drawer, though.
“What can I say? I prefer dreams over this boredom any day.”
>You vaguely gesture at the room and the door he walked through.
>Through it you can hear faint sound of people conversing.
>”Ah, yes. You’ve been experienced vividly realistic dreams lately, haven’t you? Was this yet another?”
>For a moment you have to think.
>What were you dreaming about again?
>You’re pretty sure it had something to do with… fish?
“I… I guess?”
>”Hmm, so was it yet another continuation? Let’s see, what was it last time…”
>Doctor D skims through his papers until he finds the handwritten report he was looking for.
>”Ah, yes, here we go. Two weeks ago you dreamt that you were a hired bodyguard to a… heiress of a mudflap empire? Somewhere in Oregon, I believe? There was also something about competing against two mystery-solving siblings or some such nonsense.”
>You’re drawing a complete blank, if you’re honest.
>”And a week before that you dreamt that you allied yourself with two aliens made out of light with mass? There was a short green one and a large orange one. You fought with them against defenders of planet Earth, I believe?”
>You have no idea what he’s talking about.
>It feels like your memory’s become a sieve.
File: Room2H-MrAnonymous.png (256 KB, 800x600)
256 KB
256 KB PNG

>For a moment Doctor D stares at you with a flat expression. He then adjusts his glasses and continues reading in silence.
>An uncomfortable moment passes as he rifles through the papers.
>He spoke of dreams you have no memories of and honestly, there’s nothing weird about that.
>Who remembers their dreams after a day or two?
>So… so why does this make you feel so guilty?
>”You seem very content with the role of a villain in these dreams.”
>Doctor D suddenly speaks, causing you cough a few times.
>Grumbling, you take a drag off your cigarette before answering.
“They’re just dreams, Doc. It’s not like I control them.”
>You twiddle the hem of your hospital gown.
“So who cares?”
>”I care. It’s my job to care. Well, it would be if anyone paid me, but that’s neither here nor there.”
>He grins rather sardonically and taps his nose.
>”Still, why do you think you are so enamored with the role of a villain? Any particular reason?”
“I dunno. Aren’t villains always cooler than the heroes?”
>”That may be correct in movies, but this is real life, Anonymous. Nobody really thinks of themselves as a villain.”
>You do.
>Wait. Why *do* you?
>It almost feels as if… somebody said that you’d make a perfect villain.
>But who was it?
>”I believe the closest you got to being a ‘good guy’ in your dreams was when you… let’s see here…”
>He switches to another report.
>”When you dreamt of being an ally to an interdimensional female being who hopped between realities by tearing holes into thin air by using scissors, I believe? There was also something about Mexicans using karate.”
>Doctor lowers the paper and gives you a long, hard look.
>Those red eyes of his seem to bore into your core.
>”This obsession with being a villain wouldn’t have anything to do with guilt of some sort, would it?”
“N-no. Why would it?”
>Why does it feel like such an obvious lie to say that?

>Dr. D sighs and rubs his neck.
>He glances at the door separating your room from the rest of the building.
>”Can I ask you something, Anonymous?”
“Go ahead, Doc.”
>”When was the last time you talked with your friends? Other than a murmured greeting when getting food from the fridge?”
>That makes you go silent.
>Your eyes are drawn to the door as well.
>You practically stare a hole through it, listening to the voices coming from the other side.
>There are seven of them and they are… very, very familiar.
>So many emotions run through your mind as you listen to them.
>Dye of nostalgia clouds your mind momentarily.
“What does it matter? We’ve been here for so long I can have a little break from them, can’t I?”
>It’s clearly not the answer he was hoping for.
>Shaking his head in disappointment, Dr. D rises from his stool and walks over to the door.
>He puts his hand on the knob but doesn’t turn it.
>For an awkward, silent moment he simply stares at the grey surface, as if deep in thought.
>He most likely was.
>Underneath that sarcastic demeanor lay a wickedly clever mind, after all.
>”You know, Anonymous, some people say that dreams are the only place where we are not bound by rules of time.”
>Doctor turns back to look at you, his face slightly apathetic.
>”If we’re to believe those people, it could mean that what you’re dreaming about aren’t merely dreams. They could be just vision of the future.”
>He makes a wavy gesture with his hand like it was rubber.
>”But since future is not fixed, it’s always fluctuating. That’s how you could one day be bodyguard to a child heiress and an alien invader on another. Well, it’s mere theory anyhow.”
>What is he trying to say?
>That the dreams you’re so fond of aren’t actually just dreams?
>But something more real?
>That sounds ludicrous yet at the same time so right.
File: MedicalProfessional.png (700 KB, 757x975)
700 KB
700 KB PNG

>”But even if that were the case, is it still alright?”
>He points his thumb towards the door.
>”There’s already a reality here. Even if you keep chasing after a future that might be real, you’ll be abandoning something that is most definitely real. Real as it can be.”
>The air grows heavy with melancholy.
>”Can you really justify leaving your friends behind?”
>Your attention is once more drawn to the voices on the other side of the door.
>Laughter and quiet conversation.
>It would be so easy to leave your bed and go join them.
>”Go through that door and be part of this reality you already have. Or stay in that bed and dream of a future that might possibly be true. It’s your right to make that choice, but… I still worry.”
>Doctor’s shoulders slump and for a moment, he seems much older than he really is.
>”We all worry, Anonymous. It’s been so long since we lost the valley, yet you… Well. You continue to do nothing but sleep.”
>For some reason you feel a sudden wave of exhaustion wash over you.
>Like you had been on a long, long journey for a very, very long time.
“Sorry Doc, but… I’m just tired. Tired of this place, tired of being stuck in these rooms.”
>”You know why we’re in this institute, Anonymous.”
“Yeah, yeah! That doesn’t magically make it better.”
>”So? What will you do? Go back to sleep? Or finally get out of that bed?”
>Your mouth answers before you can even think.
“Sorry. They need me.”
>”Who do?”
>You grasp for the names, squint your eyes and try to wrack your brain.
>Suddenly, three names come out.
>Names you’ve never heard before.
“A-Adagio. Aria and… Sonata.”
>”I see.”
>The light switch goes *click* once more, and blessed darkness returns.
>Doc opens the door and slips through it.
>His parting words remain.
>”I hope they’re worth it.”
>As your head hits the pillow, only one thought runs through it.
>They are.
>You don’t know why but… they are.
File: astory.jpg (12 KB, 640x480)
12 KB

>The night falls once more.
>That night, you saw a dream.
>In that dream there was a landscape which you had never before witnessed.
>A strikingly blue sky above, straight lanes of clouds cutting across it.
>Innumerable spears holding aloft banners of myriad colors and heraldries.
>They quietly wave back and forth in the wind that you cannot feel.
>So many weapons marring this vivid grassland, these infinite rolling hills of green.
>Had a war, long ago, happened upon this landscape?
>A crisp breeze courses through this forest of banners.
>It brings with it the fragrance of a land long lost to the legends.
>Yes… this land. These hilltops of spears and lances.
>They continue to the horizon, and each of them carries an unique coat of arms.
>Truly, you cannot even begin to count them.
>Ten, twenty, one hundred… it does not matter how many you single out.
>Without a doubt, there are infinite.
>Yet, even though they stand here, well-forgotten by time and men, none of the banners are frayed; none of the polearms are rusted.
>For this Sea of Blazonries refuses to bow down.
>Even though you… think it looks more like a battlefield run over by years.
>And at the center of this landscape of parting colors, on top of a hill much higher than yours, stands a figure.
>You shield your eyes from the sun and glare up at him.
>It’s a creature unlike any you’ve seen before.
>A four-legged being clad in red armor.
>His blue, tattered cloak billows in the gentle wind as he quietly gazes into the horizon.
>Framed by the polearms rising from the ground, he is like a knight.
>No, he is a knight.
>You know it for sure.
>And as you gaze him you feel his emotion caught by the same wind.
>It carries them to you.
>For a moment, a brief blink of an eye, the soul of that equine knight lays bare before you.
File: ofaknight.jpg (10 KB, 640x480)
10 KB

>His is a sad fate.
>There was no one to understand him. Not his motives, not his wishes, not even what drove him forward in his struggles.
>But who can blame others? It’s not as if this knight ever spoke of what lay in his heart.
>For others he was just what he appeared to be: mysterious and quiet.
>Aloof to a fault, to the point of being misunderstood.
>When he drew his weapon, his eyes were merciless.
>Yet when he spoke of peace, his countenance was gentle.
>Juxtaposed, his ways of behavior were too extreme.
>There seemed to be no rhyme or reason in the eyes of a common person.
>Mayhaps that was why he was feared?
>It is ironic but there is no denying he was shunned by almost everyone.
>Not once did he attempt to explain himself. Even when it was demanded of him he stayed quiet, offering no justification.
>He did what he saw best, expecting others to naturally come to the same conclusions as he did.
>Even after he was knighted, made protector of the realm, he was no better.
>Nay, that new title just made him even more alien to the masses.
>And thus did resentment and worry grow in those who watched his actions.
>He had his uses but they were not as many as his faults.
>Slowly but surely even those he saved turned away from him in suspicion.
>Why would someone like him help anyone?
>Was he not as bad as the evil he opposed?
>Surely he must be, thought the commoner.
>It would not make sense otherwise.
>If the knight did not embody the values the society around him so cherished, what reason would he have to uphold them?
>His foreign nature beget uneasiness in the crowds and few were those who followed in his footsteps.
>Common sense yearns for easy answers, yet this had knight none of offer.
>He had no answer to give were someone to ask him the simple question of why.
File: whomethisend.jpg (31 KB, 990x480)
31 KB

>Uneasiness turns to distrust, and eventually, distrust turns to betrayal.
>But, this foolish knight paid it no mind.
>He cared not if he was betrayed.
>What sort of person accepts betrayal as a matter of course?
>It would have been better were he to rage against that injustice, demand retribution or even fly into rage.
>But he did none of that.
>He bore it all with that gentle, stoic smile of his.
>Even when his world fell apart, when the ruins were dyed red and his weapons were broken, he kept that smile of his.
>It would have even been better to cry.
>But that knight knew not how.
>He had never learned to cry.
>That was why he let it all happen, no matter how much it hurt him.
>The only thing that anyone taught to him was how to protect others.
>In any way he could he protected others, especially those he had sworn his oath to.
>It was blind faith in his way of life yet… it was all it took to satisfy him.
>You want to smack him on the head, yell at him that no one could be happy living life the way he did.
>The simple unfairness of it all makes your blood boil.
>Like a child that knight believed in his duty.
>It was all he had, which makes you even angrier.
>After all, as the years went by, his life took its toll on him.
>He had his duty.
>But he no longer knew why he had it.
>He no longer remembered the reason why he saw that duty as important.
>Like a machine he performed it until the bitter end.
>Despite the world spitting him in the eye he never got lost on that path of his.
>Such stubbornness can only make you angry.
>Thus this is where he had his final battle.
>On these hills of banners.
>The knight that lost it all can only find peace here, at the end of everything.
>It’s frustrating.
>So frustrating.
>Which is why you’re glad when Ms. Cheerilee wakes you up in the class by throwing an eraser at your sleeping head.
>And you wake up to another day at CHS.
And that's it for tonight's MaMwM. Time for a new arc. I guess this'd be 'A School Divided Arc' or something equally fancy. Also I think I broke my neck from the whiplash of going so fast from melodrama to deepestlore.mp3.

Next time: We return to life at CHS and maybe even apologize. Also fret over porking a girl.
>tumblr dazzlings

Go kill yourself

Damn I'm behind an update or two now.
Thanks for the update tho.
I need to catch up
>tfw arrived at a hotel earlier
>have green to read
Pretty good feeling.
File: aymyWVgAiDk.jpg (188 KB, 1024x679)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Why isnt there more drill aria fan art
God, I want to fuck those hands
fuck off Lucy

This picture always makes me sad.


She'll probably let you if you give her some food.
but why tho
That is some deep lore. I'll have to read over it a few more times.

I noticed a small error in >>30557819 at the top. We should be in November heading into December.

"Hey Aria, nice drills. Row row figh-urgh!"
>Aria punches you in the dick
>You fall down holding your nuts and shaking
>Aria stomps away angrily
>Phil Ken Seben pops in from offscreen and points at you
>"Ha ha haaa! Nutcracker."
Ah, crap, you're right. Must've accidentally written that when trying to map out the dates from the beginning to this update. Will fix it for the pastebin. Thanks man.
Okay so I get the first dream is a reference to Gravity Falls, but are the other two referencing something as well?
Star vs the Forces of Evil
What the fuck is this? I see now it's about time I get a tripcode. Jesus Christ.
> Bad Influence
That's fucking retarded
> "Yare yare daze, I should've fucked one when I had the chance."

Who the fuck puts a space inbetween the greentext and the actual text...
Deltalima comic continuation
I do, I know how to actually do it but doing it this was just feels better to me. I guess someone must've caught on and tried to make you guys think I was delivering last night even though I didn't even get on last night.
Full Res:

I used to not have a trip with the intent of not getting attached to the name (and writefagging in general) and to be able to throw it away. But then I pissed some people off so hard that they started using my name. At least one anon got so obsessed that he studied and mimiced the way I talk. So instead of throwing the name away I decided to keep it and harvest the salt.
Oh right, I've been meaning to watch that. Is it any good?
File: hotlinedusk.jpg (67 KB, 502x796)
67 KB
have a procrastination doodle thing of sonata in hotline miami
I'm so sick of this shit
Why do you do this to us enjoyfag
>"Do you like poofing other people?"

those alternate hairstyles are really cute.

the world could use more Drillhair Aria and poofless Adagio.
File: getoverit.png (29 KB, 621x316)
29 KB
>Mayde posts 'Wubcake doodles! teehe!!'

>Writes a tweet telling people to move on. Which is obviously about himself.
I'm back, fambalam. Sorry for the long ass time with no updates. I've had tons of Normie stuff to deal with. Let's continue.

>”Who won?”
>Aria gave Trixie a shit-eating grin
>”I won 3 of four.”
>trixie slaps her shoulder
>”Trixie is still better at high rounds than you!!”
>Aria pats her on the head
>"All that salt won't help you get better."
>trixie slaps her hand away
>the two tussle a bit before adagio starts to play ----
>you should have expected that
>she LOVES Halestorm
>you didn’t care for them
>this song was particularly irritating to you
>fortunately enough Adagio’s voice is a lot more listenable than Lizzy Hale’s
>she almost made the song bearable
>all the while sonata is squeezing down in from of the couch next to you
>she snuggles really close to you with a lusty look in her eyes
>the chorus comes and she starts mouthing the words to you
>you figured she bites
>guess we’ll see how hard
>the song finally ends
>sunset gets up and goes next
>fucking hell you really wanted to play your song
>sunset tunes the guitar a bit and starts the song on her phone
>you instantly recognize the song it
>and start jamming
>this song came out when you were a seventh grader
>right when you and your three friends started jamming together
>you had such a pleasant relationship with this song

>you surprisingly found yourself mouthing the words
>and taping your foot to the bass drum groove
>her voice sounded mixed surprisingly well with Brian Fallon’s
>she sees you jam
>you shoot her an “Okay” hand gesture
>she winks at you and flips her hair back
>she hops up and shreds through the solo
>this girl really loves her rock music
>the song ends and you all applaud
>you look over and see your girl next to you
>arms crossed and pouting
>before Aria or Trixie get up you reach for the guitar
>you give it a quick tune
>you look at your phone
>you wanted to play Parallelism
>you look at Sonata no looking at you
>guess she hasn’t approved of your presumed fondness of Sunset
>though she was an interesting individual, you had no intentions of ending any relationships tonight
>you shuffle through your music for a bit and find the perfect song
>you sang it to her when you asked out to prom and to be your girlfriend
>she LOVED the song
>she had told you numerous times it was in her top 3 favorite songs
>maybe she’d at least give you a blowie now
>she immediately perks up
>its having the effect you expected on her
>she was swaying lightly from side to side and tapping hand on her crossed legs to the beat
>it helps that this dude’s voice is right in your comfort zone
>you could even see Aria enjoying herself
>tapping her foot and bobbing her head with a half-smile on her face
>she usually didn’t get into your music
>guess you found an exception

>you make it to the final chorus
”You make me feel”
>you thought you heard Sonata sing that last bit with you
>you close out the song looking at her
>she has the largest smile on her face
>so goddamn adorable
>she squees and rapidly claps
>you and Aria simultaneously get up and you hand her the guitar
>you sit down next to Sonata
>she lays her head on your shoulder and you wrap your arm around her’s
>well you’ll at least get a blowie if you don’t go all the way
>Aria tunes the guitar and starts her song
>it surprises you only for a second
>the band surprises you
>you had no idea Aria was a Drowning Pool fan
> it doesn’t surprise you because the song does suit her attitude
>the song closes out and trixie goes
>Aria sits
>trixie gets up and goes through the same routine
>she picks her song
>interesting choice
>you haven’t heard a lot of 10 Years’ music
>Aria scoots down next to you on the floor
>”Would you want to try something in zombies later? Since you’re not as bad as I thought you were.”
“Thanks. You’re…
not to bad yourself”
>you’re intrigued
Good to have you back, man.
Lol I saw that the other day and was thinking the same thing
Fuck your normie shit gibbe me green.

Good to see ya back bud
I think it's supposed to be GF, SU and Star Vs. Dunno what the hell it means, though.
Seems she's the one whos moved on not him
hate how he posts about her when he knows nobody wants to hear about it.

>"Guys look at me I'm over her so here's some stuff of hers lookey I'm cool cause I can post about her and not cry about it"
Not Sorry.
You never stop surprising me. It's a shame that this is coming to an end. I will miss your green.
Fuck off, faggot. We say kfr here.
Too be fair, she's probably getting her gorrila poon stuffed regularly by random autists, while his walrus ass is drying out from his hand.
File: 345345345.png (619 KB, 660x1060)
619 KB
619 KB PNG

Mayde's a nice guy though

Too bad he's a filthy Aria-fag and doesn't praise the poof.
That's pretty savage anon.
Wtf are you doing with your life?
My head hurts. Just that the hell is going on. What was all that? I really hope this all ties in somehow. Just like with the strange wheelchair apparition from the beginning, I hope this makes sense later and is not just forgotten.
All of that went over my head, can you explain those references. I wonder what other subtle stuff have I missed.
From what I gather the "Heiress in Oregon" part references Pacifica Northwest, season 1 villain of Gravity Falls. The aliens sound like Peridot and Jasper, early Steven Universe villains. And if the other Anon is correct, then the "interdimensional female being" is either the protag of Star Vs, Star, or a demoness with same sort of scissors, Hekapoo. All are from somewhat recent cartoons in any case.
Not Sorry.
Not to worry, Anon. We might have passed the halfway point, but there's still plenty of story to go. No sense in worrying about the end yet.

Everything should (hopefully) be clear in the end. Incidentally you might want to take a look at the small scene after the wheelchair apparition. Should make more sense now, after this update... 'sense' being a relative term here.

From the thumbnail I thought the pic was referencing EoE.
File: ara ppm.png (128 KB, 630x787)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
trying some new things out with linework and body construction. simplifying it so i can doodle faster for animations and shit.

fug paperman is gud
Damn I wasn't expecting that

Adagio is to gluttony

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