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File: large (6).png (755 KB, 768x1024)
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I feel like there's not enough BE content on this board. Let's change that.

I'll start a written CYOA with one of the premises below. Any and all of them can be included later depending on where the story goes.

1) After another day of back breaking work, you, a sex-starved Big Mac, receive a contraption from the Flim Flam brothers, promising to "soften" your domineering sister.

2) Late one night, you, Button Mash, find out why your mother never, ever drinks milk.

3) Twilight's tits have been swelling since her ascension, alienating her from friends and family. You, her only human friend, must help her get back to normal... or will you?

4) You, a human "message therapist", have wormed your way into Princess Celestia's confidence, offering her daily relief from the stresses of the rule. She accepts with no idea [i]permanent[/i] that relief will be....

5) Write in
From the idiots who brought you huge humans and bimbos, comes "h-heh, boobs!"
>I feel like there's no enough BE content in this fandom
wait, would these actually be pony crotchtit stuff and you just picked an unfitting image, or are your descriptions really misleading and these are humanized???
With hooves or not, this is what I've been waiting for!
Why not both?
isn't this basically what huge humans is at this point?
Is this thread dead on arrival?
File: 1482335178144.gif (39 KB, 301x362)
39 KB
>Trying to make another fucking general
Literally go to fucking trash for your fetish.
You're right, time for another HIlarious IWTCIRD thread instead
File: jkyt.jpg (30 KB, 851x479)
30 KB
File: 1482818657425.gif (933 KB, 960x720)
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933 KB GIF
>Fetish general over the occasional shitpost
wtf I guess we need more generals now
File: 495915.jpg (990 KB, 1230x1120)
990 KB
990 KB JPG

literally >>30435317

that said, I like ideas 2 & 4
File: 1497670332726.jpg (74 KB, 807x802)
74 KB
Haha wow look at this uhhhh pone tiddies fetish thread haha lole
File: 1427829.png (217 KB, 681x646)
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217 KB PNG
They're called teats sweetie
Curious, why do you make it a point to bump shitty threads that are about to 404
I liked, I'm not curious, you're a fucking nigger and should kill yourself for being so fucking cancerous
OP here.

Up to you guys. Default will be humans.

I like GTS but kinks like mind break, immobility, domination of the target don’t seem to be the focus of Huge Humans.
I find those kinks much more prevalent in BE content.

Thanks for the bump.

Thanks. As said above, I want to focus on BE and not GTS.

Once a few more votes come in, I'll get cracking.
>I liked
Then why so angry?
why not an expansion in general? keep fat out, though.
This deserves a chance.
go to bed dobby
I would like to order a #2 with a side of lactation.
Extra incest, and easy femdom. NO SCAT!
votes for 1 or 4

vague requests for casual arbitrary mix of ponies and humans (not determimed along gender lines); request against the uniform subjugation of all females (maledom is fine, but the fall of equestria 'all mares deserve being enslaved' doesn't work for me)
Maybe I’ll have some butt/thigh expansion later. I’d prefer not to start veering into inflation for now.
Weight gain in specific areas is fine for me.

>> 30633668
I appreciate the support.

You have the right tropes in mind. Scat will not be featured in the story.

Mixing pony and humans is interesting. Can you elaborate?

I agree that the kind of slavery in “fall of equestria” is unattractive. A fantasy for edge-lords, as someone once described it to me.
My take on subjugation will be a bit less cringey.

So, it’s a tie between 2 and 4.
Assuming no more votes, I’ll go with “Tricking Princess Celestia into breast expansion" but will try to find a way to work in 2.
>Mixing pony and humans is interesting
Traditionally, it's done as "stallion on human female" where all the boys are ponies and all the girls are humans.

I agree with >>30633867 about a "casual arbitrary mix" where it's humans and horses living together - some mares, some human women, some stallions, some human males.

I vote #2: Human mother, colt Button

I'd also vote against skewing negative: mind break, immobility, domination and non-con are negatives in my book.
Pony/Human is basically as >>30635727 said, like, Celestia is humanized, Luna's an alicorn; Twilight and AJ and Rainbow and Fluttershy are ponies, but Pinkie and Rarity are humans, etc etc. How does their society and genetics work? Don't think to hard about it, it's just porn.

Agreed with colt button and human mom if/when that comes up.

I definitely appreciate mind-break and dub-con and just generally very unhealthy and awful kinds of sex, but understand if audience as a whole wants to take it lighter than that. Ultimately you're going to be the writing it, so make sure you work in what gets you off and I'm sure someone else will enjoy it. We're just here to provide some direction and motivation and inspiration.
I've always liked 3, hope you go with that.

And keep it humanised of course.
okay so his thread is allowed to stay, huge human is allowed to stay, mind control is allowed to stay, Wardrobe Malfunction General, Incestuous Relationships Thread is a-ok

but the janitors just remove the bimbo thread that also covers this threads subject. Why are they so inconsistent with their work
>“Tricking Princess Celestia into breast expansion"

consider contagious expansion
I did not mean to change your plans. think about it: "does it make my butt look big?" - "not big enough." love me some hour glass. do your thing, though.
just a piece of advice - it's been almost two full days and there's still no actual writefaggotry in the thread. even if you still want to hesitate on starting the cyoa, you might want to write a snippet of something to prove you've got the discipline to, before we let the thread die out of apathy.

I'm actually kind of inspired by one of the prompts, and might try my hand at it some point, especially if you don't, though

Buttoncest will be included later if this thread succeeds. I won't be going full-on grimdark with this CYOA, but let me know if anything gets too unpleasant.

Interesting, thanks for the explanation.

Indeed. I write for me, then I write for others.

Me too. Twilight's own growth will be alluded to in the main story.

BE as a result of an airborne virus that the infected propagate promises great, erotic struggle. Noted and stored for later use.

I was planning on minor expansion, no worries.

>not big enough

I hear you. Update coming later tonight.
Can't wait
bumping in hopes of promised delivery
File: large (10).png (501 KB, 903x842)
501 KB
501 KB PNG

“... Acupuncture, chiropracty, stone baths, cold baths, hot baths, neighponese baths; hundreds kinds of therapy I’ve tried, and you claim Breast Growth is the answer?” Princess Celestia asks, raising her eyebrow for perhaps the 5th or 6th time during this interview.

“For you, absolutely,” You say, as calmly and with as much authority as you can muster.

Inside you is a different story. Even though you are the only other person on this patio overlooking scenic Canterlot, you feel like you’re standing in front of an assembly. All of whom are taller than you by two feet, with long flowing beautiful hair, thighs that could crush a man’s skull, cerulean eyes deeper than the hole into Tartarus. An assembly scrutinizing your every word, your every motion--

“Not so for my sister.” That assembly wrapped into a single goddess stirs her tea, fixing her one visible eye on you.

“Her Highness’s complex was about her wings,” you remind her for the third time.

“And my “complex” are about my breasts?” she says, pointing at her petite rack, completely covered up by her gown.

Keep eye contact. Don’t get distracted

“Yes. The technique I performed earlier signals that Chi has accumulated in that area,” you gesture at her chest without sparing it a glance. “Enlarging this complex temporarily, like I did with Luna’s wings for the last month, will likely give you instant stressful. That’s how we professionals do it on Earth, you know,”

Bullshit, of course, but now was not the time to tell the secrets of your art.

Celestia sits back into her chair, its cushion gasping under an ass one and half times the national average in size and width. “Your proposal is... very foreign to me” she says.

You tense up.

“Large breasts. Larger than what I already have,” she continues, “How could anyone be pleased with or want...?” Her eyes waver for just a second and she bites the corner of her lip “It’s morally wrong.”
What anon said

Equestria’s worst taboo in the flesh: big breasts. It makes no sense why the vast majority of the people and ponies see big tits as sexually unattractive— but for now you’ll have to work around it. You can’t let her linger on that.

“Princess Luna said the exact same thing about growing her wings, actually.” you say and before she can interrupt, you press on.

“Allow me to be crystal clear,” You say with a polite wave of your hands .”I am offering you a quick treatment and therapy sessions over one month, in the hopes of curing what ails you. For thirty days, we’ll take it slow, at your pace, under your direction, hands-off.”

Princess Celestia frowns just a little. You lean in.

“I can’t guarantee results, but I do guarantee my best. Princess Luna and Princess Twilight Sparkle gave me that chance, and I have relieved them. And now they’ve asked me to try it with you. I wouldn’t be here if they thought you were satisfied with the current methods of relaxation. So here I am with one of my own.” You say, and this time you meet her gaze full straight on, “I want to help you.”

“You want to make me bigger,” Celestia says, cutting through your pretty words with an unreadable face.

You can’t be sure if it’s an accusation or a statement, but you decide to shoot straight and hope hits in the mark.

“No, you need to be bigger.” You say, perhaps a little too honestly and then clumsily, add. “For a bit. To be happy. Your Highness.”

At those words, Celestia breaks off her stare and looks out to the horizon.

You take the hint and wait for her next words in silence.

This woman has outlived countless con-men, liars, cheats, suitors, and low-lives thronging her court. She’s the leader of the country; she’s the nation’s mother.

And you want her. To add flesh upon flesh to her mammaries, to do with the sovereign of the country as you please, without anyone stopping you. To grow her as as much as she can be grown, as much as her destiny will allow. That has been your singular, simple, noble and, admittedly, impossible goal since arriving in this strange land.

Fortunately, you have three aces in the hole.

The first is that you’ve already treated Luna and you really treated Twilight. Both have vouched for you and Celestia trusts their word above all others. That alone gained you a seat at the table and a standing higher than most.

The second is that you’re incapable of magic. From your very first days in Equestria, you were considered mostly harmless by the unicorns, pegasus, even the earth ponies. Thus, fearing nothing, she forwent the royal guard for your first meeting with her, and has even neglected to probe the specifics of your art.

The last, and the most important factor of all: you’re sincere. Absolutely committed to giving her more pleasure than she’s ever had for the past thousand years combined. Not a conventional drive, sure, but still far from the typical world-domination scheme to which she’s become accustomed. Based on how she’s handled those villains in the past, you are convinced with your basically-good intentions she will be inclined to listen to you, and certainly not write you off as insane.

Unlike Twilight, you recall faintly. Unlike Twilight.

“I have more questions,” Celestia snaps you out of your reverie, uncrossing her legs “, and conditions for this “breast expansion” therapy.”

“Of course, your Highness. I can— ”

“So I’ll pose them when we begin tomorrow.” She stands up and the metal of her chair whines in relief.

You blink a few times, “Your Highness, you mean— ”

“Please prepare your materials for tomorrow morning at 9:00a.m.” Celestia says, calmly.
Your eyes light up but her stance is somehow colder and stiffer than before. No sign of good humor nor the warm motherliness that she shared with everyone else. It as though she just barely decided against over the railing.

Her gaze wanders to the sun halfway to setting.

“Now, I have to return to my court. Our workload is quite… heavy this time of year,” she says, closing her eyes. “Very, very, heavy.”

“Of course, your Highness.” you stand up and take a bow.

“I will also outline the conditions tomorrow, more thoroughly,” she says flatly.

Didn’t she just say that?

“... I won’t fail you,” You decide to say, feeling her eyes still boring down on her head.

You expect her to walk off but instead another moment passes by in awkward silence.

“...30 days of growth, is it?” you hear her murmur.

“Yes, is there— ” You begin to say but a brush of air signals her departure. You look up and she’s already beating a rather stiff, somewhat hasty retreat. Noticeably, her butt cheeks, each almost a foot in width, seem to clench the white fabric, holding it tight. You can’t confirm if it’s a trick of light, for she turns a corner and the goddess disappears from view.

After waiting a few seconds more, you collapse back down in your chair.

That was… something. Celestia kept her thoughts close and her feelings closer. Was she annoyed? Disgusted? No, angry? No, she couldn’t be, otherwise she wouldn’t have accepted your offer in the first place… right?

You clasp your hands and breath in the temperate weather. Exhaling, you look out to the skyline where a few airships pushed lazily along and beyond the clouds.

For now, you silence your inner doubts. You won the first round and your prize was 30 Days.

30 Days in the castle surrounded by the protectors of the princess.

30 Days to plan and execute the culmination of months of work.

You grin.

30 days to turn Princess Celestia into your personal milk factory.


This portion is the prologue. Tomorrow, I'll post a shorter update with actual choices.

I find the character limit to be a little annoying, but I suppose that there's always FIMfiction if this format proves unworkable.

Let me if you'd prefer I switch my prose to a simpler greentext style.
File: flatlestia.png (451 KB, 472x695)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
No, don't change to greentext, this is a much better read. Good setup, too!

So she's very tall and very flat?
Ah, a picture that conveys her chest size.

Very tall, yes, but Celestia's breasts are likely on the large side for polite society.

The DD-cups and above are pressured to hide their size.
File: 1501643468427.jpg (257 KB, 1050x900)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I'm liking this. Sorta reminds me of what huge humans used to be before they got more about macro.
wow, really glad i held out for this. fantastic start, eagerly looking forward to more
File: forbidden donut.jpg (219 KB, 750x900)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>The DD-cups and above are pressured to hide their size.

>Diamond Tiara has only seen Twist's full, unsuppressed chest once
>ever since, she's been obsessed
>she doesn't know how, but she knows that somehow she must end this injustice and let the hyperbusty go free
alternate take:

>Diamond Tiara goes off the deep end
>wants Twist to be even bigger
>lures Twist to her own personal mansion
>traps her
>Silver Spoon gets jealous
>"I mean, you can be huge too. There's plenty to go around."
bump for more
Don't make me give you an eleven.
thread life injection
Day 1, 5:00 a.m.

Yellowed wallpaper was peeling off the gray, concrete walls.
A single dim light flickering on the ceiling.
Cold, gray cobblestone floor.

Whereas Luna’s staff had offered you a regal quarters, complete with a private bathroom, Celestia’s had squirreled you away, far away from her wings. You now sat in the middle of a dilapidated “guest-room” attached to a forgotten hallway with no soul save for the occasional patrol. Even now, you can hear clanking metal boots in the distance, their echoes easily permeating your thin, makeshift door.

Alone yet watched.

You were certain someone wanted to convey that you were less-than-trusted . At best, an insensitive mishap by some low level functionary. At worst..

You do a double-take at your surroundings. With no windows, you knew you had to be underground. And the doorway— well, there are circular holes placed inches apart on its header. Where you could easily see bars fitting…

You grimace. Last night, you were both too exhausted and too elated to focus but now, here, sitting on your crotchety bed, sorting through your limited valuables, Canterlot’s dungeons feel all too close for comfort.

Who put you down here? Celestia? An aide? If you are so untrusted, why are you allowed the freedom to roam around the castle?

You push those questions and their children to the back of your mind, as input the key code for your luggage containing your valuables.

Magic limiting rings, rope, cuffs— you chose not to carry them with you, lest you invite suspicion at the gates. If necessary, you could procure them from someone, somehow in the castle.

But not the Formula. The Formula was unique and could only be manufactured in Ponyville.
You unlocked your luggage and sighed in half-relief: 20 gallon sized flasks, nestled carefully in linen, each holding a purple-tinted white liquid. You told the Royal Guard they were body lotion for massages, and even offered them a fake to try out; a replica that smelled like soap with the consistency of yogurt. A few deep magic scans revealed nothing and so you were let into your castle with little scrutiny.

You grinned at that memory. You had smuggled the Formula, an incredibly revolutionary substance in Equestria straight into their capital, into their very headquarters, right under their nose. And soon, it will be flowing into the stomach of their very matriarch. And then her breasts.

All 12 gallons, 192 cups of it.

You jiggle one flask to test for leakage. The purple liquid does not move, as filled to the brim as it was when packaged more than a month ago.

Thank you, Twilight.

You test each flask carefully, recalling its properties. Ingestion of one cup of Formula increases the diameter of a woman’s breasts by two inches; one for inch breast. Most of the growth, is fat and nerves, and the rest are the globules, from which milk comes from. Lactation will commence after growth to a certain size, becoming more and more frequent and vigorous in the sizes achieved thereafter.

Strictly speaking, Celestia lactating is not necessary to win .

No, the prerequisite for victory is to getting Celestia to “the tipping point”.; the moment in which she realizes she never wants to stop growing. When her desire strengthens beyond a want, beyond a need. When she falls to pleasure. When her will-to-growth transcends being a drive among many and becomes the woman’s almost singular raison d'etre.

Pure, nearly-all-consuming addiction.

“Turning into a cow” as Twilight Sparkle had paraphrased. Screaming and moaning.
As you remember vividly: once they’ve passed this point of no-return, the cows will then strive to expand as much as their flesh allows. And a few days or weeks later— they will inexorably become milk factories.

Unfortunately, being the shepherd for the process is far harder than being the cow.

The first complication is knowing a woman’s tipping point. Your research indicates it’s somewhere between 0 and 96 cups. Meaning, after consuming 96 cups of Formula, each of the woman’s breasts will be at at most 96 inches in diameter right before they “tip”.

In fantasy, Celestia would tip after a few cups. In reality, Celestia is a goddess and her body will likely resist the changes more readily than most others.

Even doubling the volume of the Formula you brought along is only one part of the solution.

The hardest part of the solution will be convincing her to drink it. And keep drinking.

Celestia will notice when her breasts become more... distracting. Moreover, as yesterday’s meeting prove, she has a remarkable capacity for control, unlike Twilight.

Move too fast and Celestia will stop before the tipping point. Move too slow and she won’t tip in 30 days.

It’s a dicey situation, and if you didn’t prepare, 30 months wouldn’t be enough to tip her But you did prepare. Thanks to Twilight, you now know, with absolute certainty, that Princess Celestia, Diarch, Solar Invictus, can be turned into a cow.

Accordingly, while you’ll have to be more cautious and flexible than you were in Ponyville, you know the the outline of the solution:

> Get her to the tipping point without getting caught

Nodding to yourself, you lock your luggage, hiding the flasks.

You check the time.

5:30a.m.. You have 3 hours and 30 minutes until your appointment with Celestia. You can move around the castle to any public spot of your choosing, albeit with guards likely watching your movements.
First, you’ll set your objectives. Then, you will carry them out.

[ ] Don't give her any Formula today.

-- or --

[ ] How many cups of Formula should you give her today?
[ ] How should you get her to drink?
---[ ] Over Tea (Drinking)
---[ ] Cake (Feeding)
---[ ] Bath (Drinks while bathing)

Write In
[ ] Write in questions, thoughts
I like the enthusiasm but it doesn't affect the speed at which I post, if that is your intention.
2 cups over tea.

The reason for 2 cups:
in the pharma field, doctors sometimes do a "loading dose", which starts the patient on a more potent dosage of drug to quickly get them to their therapeutic effect. Afterwards, they dial it down to avoid OD.
Even if 2 cups doesn't do anything, we at least can get idea how resistant Celestia's body is to the potion.
I agree with an initial dose of 2, but I think it's important to set a ritual and control the environment. Let's see how she feels about a trip to the sauna:
- Nice and relaxing
- Good for circulation
- She'll wear a nice loose-fitting robe, so no clothing related awkwardness
- or nothing at all if she's so inclined
- We'll join her to to talk her through the therapy. If she believes we're here to address a psychological concern, we'll need to discuss with her.
- She'll be ever-so-slightly off guard by being out of her chambers.

We've got a decent amount of time before the session and not much prep is needed. Let's find out where we can get some fresh towels and robes sized for us and her. We'll probably want to discuss our chambers at some point as well.

It's probably necessary to keep the thread alive
>Breast Expansion Thread
i thought it said 'Breast Explanation Thread' for a second
Aren't people more on-guard when they're out of their comfort zone?
Agreeing with two cups, over tea.

That shouldn't take the entire day - write in suggestion of getting to know some guards or maids or some part of the staff. Keeping to ourselves is the fastest route to coming off as suspicious to Celestia, whenever she has the slightest doubt about our intentions. And who knows? An actual ally could do us wonders, but a secondary subject could be fun, too.

(your writing is great, many compliments)
This style looks familiar, but I can't remember who it is. Anyone know?
File: 1079160.png (865 KB, 796x2117)
865 KB
865 KB PNG
Cake is power

I know its a meme with her, but gosh darn it people like cake.
>not beginning at 020.0%
I'll give this a bump.
Ah, "loading dose" didn't know that. Nice.

This is a solid idea. Saunas even have precedent as tools of diplomacy, like, in the cold war for meetings between the Soviet and Finnish heads-of-state:

You should raise this option again at a later point.

I would imagine that, given her workload, Celestia intends not to stick around too long.

Interesting idea for MC to develop relationships with others in the Castle; it would be worth bringing up that later on.

I still need to spend more time proofreading. I will attempt to do so in future updates.

Not this time but another, provided we don’t get Anon defenestrated. Or squished


All voted for 2 Cups of Formula .
2 votes for tea, 1 vote for cake, 1 vote for sauna.

Tea time with Celestia, it is.
Hey, we who write on /hh/ are influenced by what gets requested and what prompts get thrown out there. Breast expansion is still very much welcome there.
Bump for interest.
File: fwoomp.png (406 KB, 637x700)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
I feel like straight up BE has fallen out of favor in /hh/
which is a shame
/hh/ feels a tad bit stuck up to me.
Which is ironic given that it was originally a BE thread and only became huge humans after combining with a a few other much smaller threads and going by the name huge humans because of concerns about janitors.

At least, I think that was part of the rationale for that name.

I can tell you though that breast expansion will always be a main focus of mine when I write there.

And I do understand that sentiment. We have some strong opinions on that thread about what are the 'right' kind of stories in keeping with /hh/.

Alas, that may be partly because we have had a lot of 'comfy' stories that focus on growth and don't get into a lot of other weirder things or get too sexy.

I myself have written quite a few of those so-called comfy tales. But despite that I am not opposed to seeing other types of stories.

I'm liking what's being written here, for instance.

Anyway, please don't let a few people scare you off of /hh/ just because they aren't getting the exact OC they think the thread needs.
File: big marshmallow.png (452 KB, 814x850)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
Yep, that's pretty much exactly the history. As I recall it spun off from an oppai Sweetie Belle thread into general BE, and that mixed in with overall bigness of both ladies and stallions.

I like to think we're accepting of all expansion aside from bimbo stuff.
But realistically that just isn't the case.
I was actually referring to how bimbo is treated.

Like anytime there's overlap it's like "get that trash out of here".
File: bird tits.png (859 KB, 1600x1173)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
hah, yeah, you'll have that.

But we're in neutral territory here. Sell me on the idea: I don't care for the aesthetic and I find the idea of making someone dumber a hard turn-off.

Beyond that, I haven't given it much of a chance. Is that all there is to it, or what am I missing?
Where to begin?

I've explained in past bimbo theards that bimbo (as it's usually used in the thread) is interchangeable with slut.

Bimbos are all about sex and sex appeal about being the center of attention having all eyes on them they love to show off their goods flaunting and flirting teasing and taunting.

Body modding is usually part of the process T&A expansion long flowing hair legs that just go on and on though there is room for variants.

There can be a number of types of bimbos; tall or short sporty or chubby motherly or domineering.

Mentally speaking I know bimbo is usually used to refer to someone of low intelligence but like I said it's more used for someone that's extremely promiscuous.

At least that's how I like to see it I don't like to push some absolute definition because people have there own tastes and opinions on what might be a bimbo and it's like as long as it's about a chick who's chief desire is getting laid it's a bimbo.

To me personally it's the appeal of some plain Jane becoming a bombshell that makes all the necks go rubber.
spotted the homosexual
Bird tits and cat ass, fucking sex bombs right there
Well, I can't speak for others but it's certainly still welcomed by me and I did a fair bit of writing for the last two /hh/ threads.

The next thread we have will see me (hopefully) continuing one of my unfinished stories like Carrot Top's Bounty or Mother to the Nation. Both of which are focused entirely on breast expansion and lactation.

And see, I've always written what I've wanted to for those threads. If a prompt appeals to me, I follow it up with a short (or sometimes long) green. If something doesn't appeal to me then I walk on by and don't say anything. (Unless I'm giving a technical critique to try and help the writer improve).

I do like growth and age progression so I do tend to mix them into my stories but I do like pure BE too.

Yeah, bimbo does get shouted down quite hard on /hh/.
I mean I get it. There is the whole mental aspect and trashy clothes thing. I dunno, I've written for both threads so a little bleed over doesn't bug me that much. Although I do have a clear picture of what is bimbo and what isn't.

I think some people are just scared of things they like getting overwhelmed by other things. I mean, I think it's fair to say that the bimbo thread is more popular than /hh/ at this point. Certainly more content.

It's a bit frustrating that we don't have more people at least try to make OC for /hh/ but then complain about this or that.

Just my two cents.
unf nice.
Dangerously close to 404ing bump.
I get that, but it's mostly down to it having a particular comfy tendency that's hard to find anywhere else. I don't like bimbo, mind control, domination, etc, I like my big girls to be mentally and emotionally stable and generally speaking the picture of mental and physical health. It's quite hard to find stuff that's relatively pure and benign and anti-degenerate in those respects, and if it's not protected the thread wouldn't take long to deteriorate into being like everywhere else.

that said, BE is totally fine, it's just we seem to get relatively little stuff that doesn't involve proportions getting really silly, height's quite neglected.

Day 1, 9:00 a.m.

Tea-room 10

Squeak, squeak, squeak.

In comes the tea trolley.

You and Celestia sit facing each other at the white table. Unlike the patio from before, this room is an enclosed space with two set of doors: one behind you and the other behind Celestia. It’s identical to the nine other tea-rooms: engravings on the wall, moldings on the ceiling, a garish painting to your left that’s probably worth more than a lifetime’s income.

You wear your normal business suit and a smile.
Celestia wears her customary toga and a stare.
A stare of what? You don’t know, her cerulean orbs are impenetrable today. You do note the bags below them have deepened and darkened since you last saw her.

Squea—- k.

The wheels of the glass trolley come to a halt by the table. Porcelain cups and a teapot have been prepared, the former in the upper left corner, the latter in the bottom right corner of the tray.

Good. The staff paid attention to that last minute detail you demanded. It almost makes 2 hours of running around the Celestial Wing worth it.

You have the tea ready, the Formula ready, and a flower ready. The flower will be for fun.

The chambermaid pushing the trolley sets the tray down in the middle of the two of you.

Squeak, squeak, squeak.

She silently turns the trolley around and pushes it out of the room.

Celestia waits until the door behind you is completely closed before speaking.

“Through the door I entered, you will find one of my servants waiting for you.”

Her eyes harden and you blink.

“She will lead you to your quarters, where you will collect your belongings. Then, she will escort you off castle-grounds to the train to Ponyville.”

You blink twice.

“By that time, you reach the second station on your trip back, 10,000 bits will be deposited into your account.”

“Only if you choose to leave in the next ten minutes,” Celestia says.

“...You’re giving me the chance to back out? Now?” you say. Even after you said we would begin today?

“It is only equitable,” she says.

You wait for an explanation that does not seem forthcoming.

“Do you offer deals like this to all your therapists?” you say.

“Only the ones that want to — “ Her eyes flicker for a split second at her chest, one of her teeth grazes the corner of her lip “— change my body.”

“Okay, perhaps before I decide on running away, I could hear your conditions first? Please?”

Celestia’s mask of serenity grew ever slightly strained. “... On top of the contracts you’ve already signed, with particular emphasis on the Non-Disclosure Agreement, I have two rules for this treatment going forward,” she says with perfect enunciation.

“The first condition: you will not handle my person with your hands or with any indirect method, unless you gain my explicit permission. And even then, only for specific acts.”

A legalistic way of saying she doesn’t want to you touch her.

“Your highness, my treatment is hands-off, as I believe I said before.”

“Not even a tap,” she warns nonetheless.

“I’m a therapist, not a masseur.”

“Yes, you are most certainly not,” she says with emphasis on the “not”.

Your smile thins.

“Second,” she continues, “If your treatment does not deliver upon your promises, subject to my discretion and definition of “deliver” and “promise”, then you will remove immediately all effects on my person.”

“Your Highness— I agree.” But this time you sharpen the edge in your voice, “But, I have to warn you: once growth has been taken away, it cannot be given again.”

“Meaning?” she says.

“You won’t get a full relief if we end this early.”

Celestia crosses her legs, and the chair groans. “... Is that so?”
dobby is trying to fire
“No do-overs,” you nodded. “The expansion must be thorough.”

At this comment, her gaze drops slightly to her breasts. Could it her caution is because someone objected?

“Princess Celestia, did your doctor voice her or his concerns regarding my proposal?”

“What.” Celestia blurts out, snapping her attention back onto you.

“When you discussed my treatment with him or her,” you say. “What did he say?”

Another awkward pause, though, like a practiced diplomat, her face tells nothing of her thoughts. “... No, he had no objections.”

“Really,” you tilt your head in actual surprise. “Luna’s had all sorts of questions—”

“None,” she says, a bit too quickly.

“Nothing? Did someone— ” you say.

“No objections or concerns or inquiries,” she says.

“Then why— “

“Let us return to the matter at hand,” Celestia says. “10,000 bits if you leave now. Or 10,000 bits in 30 days.” She slows her voice by just a hair. “If you stay, transgressing against my conditions and/or the contracts of the Castle will incur the full range of penalties as dictated by Equestrian Law. Do you understand?”

“…Yes, I understand.”

“Your decision then, please.”

You spent hours preparing for all pesky medical questions and… nothing?
If you were crazy, you’d think she didn’t even talk with her personal physicians or anyone about your proposal.
Perhaps she’s merely foregoing the advice given?
Or could Twilight have said something to her?

“Twilight won’t be happy if I go home without doing my best.” you say to Celestia, putting your thoughts away for the moment. You shake your head at the door behind Celestia. “I want to help you.”

I want to make you huge.

Against your iron-will, Celestia’s face drops for but a second. Without missing a beat, she closes her eyes and relaxes.

You grip the flower in your pocket.

“No backing out?” she asks.

“Perish the thought,” you say.

She opens her eyes with a frown.

“Very well then, Anonymous. I do need relief,” she says. “30 days of treatment under the conditions I’ve stipulated begins now.” She raises her hand near her left breast and then extends it out to you, “How should we… proceed?”


It’s the end of the beginning.

And to start, you can either play a fun trick on her, in the hopes of engendering some trust.
Or you can go exactly by the book…

Celestia fixes a look of consternation at the tea pot.

Well, what should you do?

[ ] Be a bit silly. Do your small, harmless prank first to relieve her stress.
[ ] Don’t be silly. Don’t take the risk and simply administer the Formula in the tea.

[ ] Write In


[ ] What is the name of the MC? (Optional, default is Anonymous)

Also, I’m curious if anyone has theories so far.
Celestia and Luna both desperately need their new master Anonymous to give them a good hard dicking before they can relax?
there's basically no chance it's going to be taken well, but I still vote for mild prank

And yeah, might as well stay Anonymous

anon that's lewd
I don't think she's in the mood for the prank, maybe tomorrow.

And anonymous is good.
This is much more interesting than I thought it would be.
I vote
>Don’t be silly. Don’t take the risk and simply administer the Formula in the tea.
Just pour that shit in

She gave us the go ahead
I second
I agree, it's not the time for silliness right now.
agreed, silliness can wait
Page 9.
page 10
page 11?
We're on page 10 again.
Flipping writefriends...
File: beachday.png (381 KB, 1494x893)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
Rarity inflates her friends
File: shared magic.png (638 KB, 800x800)
638 KB
638 KB PNG
and I guess some time her friends inflate her
You let your flower lie inside your pocket. No, for now, you won’t prank Celestia in the hopes of building trust.
She might be more receptive to shenanigans later on; for now, you’ll be professional.

You stand up and go to the right of the table.

“Let’s begin with this,” you say. “A solution created in Ponyville, and prepared today in one of your many kitchens, as tea.”

You hold it up, feeling the weight of the white, gilded pot. About the same. heft as when you filled it up earlier.
You then pour all the contents of the teapot into the two cups before Celestia.

“Today is simple. Please drink these two cups. Depending how your body accepts the first dosage, we’ll modify the treatment over the next 30 days, okay?”

You stir the cups with a spoon, and they stay a creamy, amber, color.


“Your highness,” you say. “Please take this tea your own pace. After ten to twenty minutes, we should see an effect.”

You set the first cup down in front of her. Without taking her eyes off you, Celestia loosely rings her thumb around the handle of the cup.

“Only ten minutes?”

“Less or more depending. Science, you know,” you say.

Celestia looks like she’d start line of inquiry in that but instead sighs asks. “Fine. How should I sample them?”

“Like you would any other drink,” you say, and you step back over and into your seat.

She raises the cup, inspects it, and gives it a whiff.

“Vanilla,” she says.

She brings it close to her lips, and takes in the scent more fully. Quietly, you produce your pen and notepad from your back pocket.

“Vanilla extract,” she corrects herself.

Celestia brushes some of her wavy hair out of the way and tilts the cup to her mouth. She says something under her breath that you can’t quite catch. A few words that could have been a complaint, a worry.

Maybe even a prayer.

She takes one sip, pinky out like a proper nobles, and lets the solution linger in her mouth. Her brow furrows and she swallows slowly, once twice.

“This taste…” she begins and then frowns. “Very sweet. Not medicinal at all.” She samples the tea again and her eyes soften. “Strange. It has soft fragrance but an impact all the same. Subtle but powerful. ”

“Well, her Highness Twilight Sparkle had many opinions about what makes great tea. So, she decided put them into action.”

“Twilight made this?”

At the mention of her favorite student, Celestia raises an eyebrow.

“She mentioned helping with the production of my solution in her letters. Didn’t she?” you say.

“Not specifically,” she says and her tone softens. “But I should have known. My faithful stud— I mean, the Princess of Friendship is always trying to improve upon the tea of conversations long past.”

Celestia grips her cup, and seemingly set at ease, finishes the rest of the cup at a leisurely pace.

“I dare say she succeeded,” she says, setting her cup down.

Celestia then attends to the second with more gusto.

Yes, drink it. Keep drinking it. Don’t ever stop drinking.

Despite your inner thoughts, you keep your gaze halfway between the painting and her. Staring too much would arouse her suspicions yet again.

Within a minute, the connoisseur of all things tea polishes off both cups with ease.

“Mmm”, A tiny murmur of satisfaction escapes Celestia’s tight lips. “Exquisite. It even has that peculiar dairy aftertaste of the milk and cookies we would share.”

Her lips, prettied with faint pearl wax, would look wonderful with a hose stretching them, you think.

“Twilight said, once she formulated a better version of that tea, we would have it together again.” Her gaze drops to somewhere vaguely in the center of the table. “She and I would be the first to drink it, she said,”

Her tone lowers. “Together.”

And then she gives you a look. “A little funny, isn’t it?”

“I beg your pardon?” you say, refocusing on her.

“It’s been more than a month since she last wrote to me,” she states.

“I suppose; she hasn’t spoken to me in a while too.”

“Yes, it was around the time you arrived in the Castle?“ Celestia says, her eyes unreadable. “That’s the last I heard from her.”

Your mind prepares a thousand excuses.

“Would you happen to know why— “ she starts to say, and then suddenly halts mid-question.

“Your Highness?” you say.

She winces and shoots a pained look at her breasts. She brings her left hand an inch above the left orb, uncertain to touch or to point.

It couldn’t be—

“Warmth. I feel warmth in them,” she says.

At that you knew: her growth was beginning.

So early? So quickly? The fastest happened after ten minutes. It had scarcely been two since she started consuming the Formula-soaked solution.

“Impossible,” Celestia says, her eyes flicking between you and her breasts.

At least, her mind is off Twilight Sparkle.

“No, your Highness,” you say with a fake, forced calmness. “The expansion of your complex has started.”

“No, you said ten minutes,” she says. You see the fabric above her breasts push in and out, as if a soft breeze blows up from her torso to her head.

“Sometimes it happens earlier.” you lie and rearrange your notes in an idle fashion, hopefully conveying expert-nonchalance. “Can you please describe the sensations for me?”

“Excuse me?” she says, looking up from the slowly rising toga.

“For our record-keeping,” you waggle your pencil and notepaper.

“I— ”

“So we can adjust the treatment later on.” You say, “It’s all safe, just relax.”
She bites the corner of her lip and says, “Ah. The warmth is building,”

“Can you be more bit specific?” you say, jotting down lightly what she was saying.

“Pinpricks on my skin, a tightness beneath my skin, A tingling around my… ” Celestia trails off, and looks away from you, the barest of blushes reddening her pure white cheeks. “... my areola.”

“How about your clothes?’ you say.

“What about them?”’ she says, covering them with both hands.

“How do they feel?”

Her voice gets an eighth of an octave higher. “They’re... tightening.”

True, the upper part of her toga begins fill out. They started as inconsequential bumps, but now you can see their upper curvature, like balloons being inflated under a loose blanket.

“That’s normal, it’s all going according to plan,” you say.

Actually, it’s going far, far faster than planned. According to typical Bra Measurements, she’s already jumped from a B cup to a solid C. Her rate of expansion seems to be double the normal pace!

She holds the edge of the table with one hand, as though to steady herself, and her free hand traces over her breasts.

“I can’t believe this,” she says, trying to keep a straight emotionless face.

No easy task, since the fabric of her toga grows tighter around her growth; you can now see the imprints and outlines of her bra straps through it.

“Has any other sensation changed?”

“My undergarment is getting quite...” She uncrosses her legs and shifts in her seat. “... tight.”

Yes, you can hear its metal wires whining.

Yes, the growth should be stopping now. Or rather, a few seconds before now.
“A little light-headed,” she murmurs. “Ah—”

But it’s not stopping. From looks-alone, she’s already gone well above a C. Her once form-fitting yoga is straining across the tips and tops of her tits. Below that, the fabric hangs loosely like a tablecloth over a table.
Or a shelf.

You can’t be sure. You can’t gauge their perkiness or volume with her clothing in the way.
Unless she takes off her top, there’s no way to measure her growth accurately.


The tiniest gasp came from Celestia; her breasts gave one final push and crossed, what you believe is the border of a Double-D cup to an E. A full quarter-inch in a second, you guess.
From tennis balls to honeydew melons in a minute or two.

Her bra makes awkward, final creak, and then silence.

You blink once, scratching your chin at your notes and then to the Goddess, the immortal, normally-unflappable sovereign of a country, who is regarding her new developments with wide-open eyes.

“I can’t believe it,” she says quietly but not quietly enough.

“Congratulations, your highness. Your first growth is finished for today. Well done.” you say.

An orange aura comes over her breasts and dissipates a few seconds later. She was attempting a magic-dispelling spell, probably,

“Oh, they’re quite real, alright. So, how did it all feel— “

“I need to go change,” she says and stands up. Her newly grown breasts follow suit, jiggling up and then down, even under her bra’s and toga’s restraint. That momentary motion does not go unnoticed by either of you.

Her pupils shrink.

Uh oh.

“Your highness, wait— ”

“Thank you for your services. I must be on my way,” Celestia says. An aura starts forming around her.

[ ] Let her go. Don’t push your luck on the first day.
[ ] Figure out how to deal with the ramifications tomorrow.

[ ] Put your foot down and stop her before she does anything hasty.
[ ] Examine her growth?
[ ] Ask her to take off her toga to measure her.
[ ] Don’t ask to her to take off her toga.

[ ] Write In

Future (Optional)
[ ] How to handle Celestia’s probing about Twilight?


I wasn’t expecting the community choice to be "not silly". That will make things interesting.

This update came out longer than expected
with a bit less proofreading as a consequence.

I aim for meaningful choices at the end of my story segments. But I can try posting them in batches if that means we don't have to bump every few hours or so.
Ugh, formatting fix for the choices:


[ ] Let her go. Don’t push your luck on the first day.
--- [ ] Figure out how to deal with the ramifications tomorrow.

[ ] Put your foot down and stop her before she does anything hasty.
--- [ ] Examine her breasts?
------ [ ] Ask her to take off her toga to measure her.
------ [ ] Don’t ask to her to take off her toga.

[ ] Write In

FUTURE (Optional)
[ ] How to handle Celestia’s probing about Twilight?
Is this a sequel to something? I don't know what happened with Twilight.
Give her the foot.

And just for the far future, for us to achieve the growth rate of infinite, we're going to have to go beyond than just formula being made at an industrial rate later on, even at house-size level. We need to do better!

But that's just assuming on my part. Can't wait for more
Not a sequel. The text doesn't say yet what exactly happened to Twilight, but it is alluded to.

An optional question, in any case.
Feck off. >>>/d/
I can't really have any idea how to handle Celestia's probing about Twilight if I don't actually know what we did and if it's defensible or something that could be kept secret. Can you either just tell us or not force us to make CYOA decisions about it until more has been revealed?
She's obviously worked up, let's not make her more uncomfortable by trying to press the issue.

I think it's pretty clear that it's something Celestia won't be comfortable with at this point
if I had to guess, the formula is Twily's milk.

stop her, but don't try to get her to undress

If we were to write a letter to Twilight, would she respond in a way that might ease Celestia's concerns?
>not knowing /mlp/ is blue /d/
>If we were to write a letter to Twilight, would she respond in a way that might ease Celestia's concerns?

Potentially. The MC hasn't elaborated on his past with Twilight for good reason

I wonder what's happening in Ponyville
Put your foot down, but don't make her take off her toga. She can do her own measurements.
t. gay

Votes tallied.

> Stop her, examine her, but don't undress her.

I'm open to suggestions for how Anon should stop her. If none come up, I'll just roll with what I'm writing.
Something about how she can change if she's uncomfortable, but she can't just walk (or teleport or whatever) out of the first session.
Sets a terrible precedent.
go to bed dobson
Haha, good one!
for those who don't check out the VN thread there's a bunch of BE going on there too

Page 10.
File: 1505692.png (3.05 MB, 5000x4065)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
This wasn't the encore I was hoping to see, you know.
File: adventurer expands.gif (2.82 MB, 2234x3108)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB GIF
>huge boobs are a social taboo
>but Daring Do keeps finding blessed artifacts from a forgotten era
>they're getting harder and harder to suppress for polite company
How about big dicks, too.
Big dicks are mandatory.

There are regularly scheduled Penis Inspection Days to ensure everyone (stallions, colts, futas) are up to code.
Anyone under par is referred to a local sorcerer or alchemist for state-funded remediation.
Yeah no.
Tabbo big dicks are funnier.
fine, fine. The plights of the overly-endowed:

>Snails, Big Macintosh, Fancypants trying to keep themselves decent for varying forms of polite company

>Prince Blueblood making no such effort to conceal his mega dong

>A locker-room prank on Rumble - a jokester replaces his normal jock strap with one that blows him up to elephantine proportions
“Princess Celestia!” You raise your voice, as high as you can without shouting.

That catches her attention and causes Celestia’s aura to dim slightly.

“Do you want this to be our last session together?” you ask in a more level tone.

Since she just about towers over you, you have to crane your neck to maintain eye contact. She looks down at you, and you press on before she can reconsider.

“If we want to have successful treatment for thirty days, I need to examine your after each session. To do any less, risks your health.”

Celestia narrows her eyes, but her aura wavers even more.

“I refuse to do that, to set that precedent with any of my clients.”

You bring up your notepad and pencil, with a coaxing smile.

“So, let me examine you first. Let me make sure all is well.”

Celestia’s looks to her side and says after a moment’s thought, “How much longer?”

“5 minutes is all I ask for.”

Celestia’s aura fades away and she takes one step away from the door.

Her panic is gone but in its place is kind of forced emptiness.

“I thank you for your patience,” you say.

You bring your black bag on top of the table; stuffed with various little tools that you always carry your sessions. You root through it and you spy exactly what you need.

“First, we’ll start by measuring your growth.”

That unusually strong growth. Out of the corner of your eyes, you see that her toga, that skirted the floor when she walked in, has risen to her ankles in the front.

You pry out your tape measure from the mess in your bag, and bring it right in front of her.

Celestia’s face twists as you give her a small bow, and offer it to her.

“If you would be so kind as to perform your own measurements—-”

She gives you a look, and then probably realizing that her own conditions prevent you from helping, reaches out.
Her delicate, white fingers, takes the tape from the bottom, avoiding touching your own finger at the tape’s top.

“Good! Hip, waist, bust first,” you instruct with a clap of your hands.

She immediately questions you with her eyes and you answer gamely.

“We’re checking that the expansion stays localized in your mammary glands,”

With another moment’s hesitation, Celestia drapes her tape around her firm buttocks. She starts from the top portion, and you immediately correct her.

“Your Highness, you need to center the tape. Raise it too much and the measure won’t be accurate,”

You gesture with your hands on your own hips and take one step forward, into the edges of her personal space.

Silently and with one thumb on the “0” she loops around the measure and you observe the number that comes around on the top.

“45 inches,” you jot down on your notepaper, leaning in some more.

Huge for the average Equestrian. Just large for you.

“Waist?” you glance up to her, though her face is somewhat obscured by her hair.

She tries to bring it around her waist, and like with her ass, gets it wrong.

“Ah, you can’t let it slacken, it has be an inch above your belly button” you say.

Even with her superhuman dexterity and hand-eye coordination, you can tell she hasn’t measured her sexual characteristics in ages.

Well, she’ll have enough experience soon enough.

The measurement comes up.

“25 inches,” you say, nodding at the number. A rather thin waist for a rather large bottom; her past lovers must have all taken her from behind.

“And now your bust.”

Celestia moves her hands up, and with your own mental permission, your eyes stick to her breasts, analyzing every tiny tidbit the fabric permits. Which isn’t much at all; you’d ask her to undress if it didn’t beget the loss of your head.

Celestia pauses again with the measuring tape— and this time you need to push her to continue.
“Your highness. Your bust.”

At your words, Celestia rigidly moves the tape around herself and then pulls rough on it. The tape jolts up to the top, well above her nipples, and you tut.

“Around the fullest part. The middle,” you gesture around your own chest, without looking up to her.

She follows your example but this time, you can see the her boobs distort somewhat under the force of the tape.

“No, no, you’re putting too much pressure. Firm but loose, okay?”

She adjusts the pressure but just as she’s about to circle it around, you shake your head.

“On second thought your highness, you’ll need to loosen your bra. It’s getting in the way.”

Another pause and then she fumbles with the strap in the back. One click of a hook and the bra comes loose, giving her breasts breathing room— pushing out half an inch more. They’re definitely a shelf; losing their primary support did not affect their perkiness whatsoever.

Her nipples, you note, seem proportional and haven’t swelled abnormally.

Celestia measures, slowly but correctly, and produces the measurement.

“47 inches,” you hum

You had expected 38, perhaps even 42, but 47...

They’re melons in shape and size; ten or so inches away from small watermelons.

You reflect more on the potential cause for the overgrowth, while staring at said overgrowth. Theories float around and you try to tease out the answer.

“Although, technically you’re supposed to keep your arms at your side when measuring...” you muse under your breath. “Otherwise, the measurement can go off by an inch or so…”

You feel a growing heat above your head then.

You look up and see daggers. Revulsion and indignation burn in her eyes, aimed and pointing you. An orange— not pink — color on her cheeks.


Perhaps you got a little too close. Perhaps you forgot to settle your eyes on the painting.

“Do you like what you see?” she says with a low tone, each word laced with reproach.

A tiny lump forms in your throat.

“Do you take pleasure in the sight of me burdened by these… things?!”
[ ] “Of course not.” (Wheedle your way out)
[ ] “Of course!” (Suicide with a smile)
[ ] “Eh, I’ve seen better.” (Be honest without revealing the full truth)
[ ] “Do you?” (Attempt psychological reversal)
[ ] Say Nothing. (Maybe it’ll work itself out!)
[ ] Write-in (Feel free to combine options)


More was to be written but I decided this was a fun choice moment.

Watch out for BAD ENDS
How much freedom do we have with the write-in?
Keep it clinical: "Do you?"

Unless >>30694718 has a better idea
Follow your dreams, mad-man
>[x] Write-in
Call it necessary discernment after observing her reaction to the first session. Acknowledge her discomfort with the present situation and say that you're considering how best to make this less stress inducing for her in the future, since it's currently running counter to the ultimate goal -- as far as Celestia is concerned -- of stress relief.
Follow that up with an opportunity for her to open up about how she's feeling about the process so far, in order to facilitate discernment. If she presses hard enough, lightly acknowledge that she proved to be very physically receptive to the process, and that ought to be taken into account as well to ensure stability between physical and mental states.

Write what you think is fun and sensible.

I'll refine the style but not the substance of what the community wills.

Anything too random or silly will probably not be taken well by Celestia.
Yeah, I'm good with this
go with this
seems fine
File: glimmerchest.jpg (135 KB, 917x989)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
nuce bump
I think this should merge with /hh/ when that thread comes back.

We already had a discussion about this:


/hh/ is great for general expansion of humans but definitely isn't a fan of the "extreme" stuff. At least not without giantess mixed in.

Also, both threads are active; it's not like either of them are dying.
File: plumpershy.jpg (233 KB, 1000x1250)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Is that where we landed on that?

I'm with >>30699994

It may have fallen out of favor (read: gets bitched about by whiners) but straight up BE stuff is totally /hh/ content.
File deleted.

Yes, there's overlap between just BE and /hh/.
That doesn't meant /hh/ will give breasts the size of minivans a standing ovation.

Far from it. I think I've seen this pattern a few times on other boards.

People like Fetish X but there's a more popular Fetish Y which includes Fetish X. So Fetish Y comes in saying we own Fetish X, come to us to post Fetish X. People who post exclusively for Fetish X eventually leave because Fetish Y doesn't do all the things Fetish X does.

Fetish Y wonders why people don't post as much and then sees Fetish Z. Fetish Y invades the Fetish Z thread demanding people join Fetish Y.

Wash, rinse, repeat.
File: megashim.png (425 KB, 1114x1681)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
>breasts the size of minivans
alright, you lost me
Anyone else like breast inflation and balloon tits?
not enormously, I like them healthy but healthy
>breast inflation
>balloon tits
File: flitter's boobhat.jpg (141 KB, 520x883)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>Cloudchaser wishes she were as well-endowed as her sister, but knows the added mass would interfere with her duties in the Wonderbolts Reserve. Then again, Spitfire's boobs are way bigger and she's as light as a cloud. What's her secret?

>Diamond Tiara wants a pair of big buoyant bolt-ons just like her mom's. She's only slightly upset when her wish is granted on Silver Spoon.

>Twist wishes the illusionary bra that hides her chest also did something about the weight. A mysterious new candy from a foreign land promises big things, if she's reading this translation correctly.

>Mrs Cake doesn't mind that her lactation hasn't waned a bit despite the twins growing up, but she has started to sag more than she's comfortable with. That hip new carbonated drink all the kids are asking about gives her an idea.

>Human Lyra researches an inflation spell after she hears that ponies like balloons. Pony Bon Bon initially dismisses this as another one of Lyra's weird quirks, but ends up having a pretty good time.
4 would be great, especially if it involves incest.
I second this

"Pound cake, I need you to test out mommy's drink and tell me what you think?"

"Mmmm, Mommy's gotten so big and wow, Pound , I really need a big pair of hands and a big dick . But your father is neither here nor there... Anyway! I can't reach that amazing new drink, would you be a dear and buying mommy another crate?"
File: flutterswell.jpg (199 KB, 718x957)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
File: 213848.png (300 KB, 1200x2598)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Fluttershy is a very expandable human

File: 130420637463.jpg (37 KB, 415x688)
37 KB
>Fluttershy is a very expendable human
aw come on
that's mean
>Mrs. Cake lactating champagne for her anniversary
>hits a rough patch of road on the way home
>as she gets shook up, carbonation makes her swell like crazy
>"It's true, uhm, I'm just a a pair of t-t-tits. A cow that needs to grow and make milk or else I'll... I'll... "
File deleted.
Nah. This guy >>30708482 gets it, Shy a hucow.
File: 249440.png (218 KB, 400x532)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Whoops, must have hit the up key.
Keep the professional illusion going.
Worried about her health and safety first, her joy and happiness second.
File: twiskirt sparkbra.png (972 KB, 800x1200)
972 KB
972 KB PNG
>Publishing the Friendship Journal inspires a generation of young fillies to seek princess-sized boobs
I really hope that this thread is gonna survive this episode.
Oh, shit, is the hiatus ending? When's the episode?
Hours ago.
FYI: Having some health issues so update will be a bit delayed for the CYOA.

>They all start going overboard
>The fad solidifies into half-epidemic, half-social movement.
>Starlight figured she'd save everyone a bunch of time and effort and just make the growth spell short-lived but contagious
>She didn't expect magic feedback of "victims" passing it back and forth between themselves
>Feedback loop starts as accidental, but eventually becomes intentional.
>Starlight rushing to correct her mistake with Trixie experiences this firsthand.
> "No! I can't let Trixie infect me again. I'm already having trouble walking, let alone standing. I can't, I can't, I... ohhh, aah, it feel so fucking good!"
whoops. guess I've got that to look forward to in the morning.
File: glimmer-jericoanon.jpg (316 KB, 681x1000)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
>"Where'd you get this spell, anyway?"
>"I... may have made humongous breasts a requirement of joining my village"
> "The spell was designed so that all breasts in my village were equally sized at watermelons. This spell though... doesn't have that limit. None. And I don't know how to stop it!"
>"... Starlight!"
>"I can feel the pressure building again."
File: gemnerd.jpg (242 KB, 1017x1200)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
File: rarity's magic.jpg (101 KB, 370x580)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
big bump
holy shit batman
>these threads
Why didn't somebody tell me about this sooner?
File: makopie.gif (1.4 MB, 1137x633)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB GIF
We've been trying to get ahold of you, but we don't have up to date contact info.

But now you're here and we don't have to wait any longer! Go on, tell us what you're up to!
So, are we going to keep this thread alive, let it die and wait for writefag to make another one or should we move to bimbo thread?
keep it alive and make some content while we wait for OP
>huge humans

I'm waiting for Weight Gain to come in here and tell us to join their ranks.
Well bimbos dead so there's your answer.
Bimbo thread got deleted again by fucking jani
Not really surprised
Well I confirmed something at least. Slutty pony thread was fine, but bimbo pony thread got deleted.

It's the word bimbo that's suddenly banned.

Seems kind of arbitrary.
Wait a couple weeks and just make another VN thread, bimbros
Not really, just means we're on someone's shit-list.
Pretty much this, give it three to five days and try again. Post in similar threads and create content lol in the meantime. We're all in this mess together anyway.
that is how they are. it seems.
>no work to convince someone
>more popular
not everyone can be patrician.
no. they have whole body plus mind modification and we only care for a specific part. we would be better in the huge humans thread but they prefer tallness now. it seems.
I wish Marthuul could draw faces better.
Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by

>no work to convince someone
>more popular

Please elaborate.
The sweat on her forehead is wiped away with a subtle burst of magic.

“I recognize that you’re a bit uncomfortable— ” you begin and she raises one finger.

“Answer my question.”

“Surely that was rhetorical— ”

“Do you enjoy seeing me like this?” Celestia says.

“Of course not, I want my patients to be comfortable in their treatment.”

You ready a speech about discernment, stress relief, and so forth but she continues.

“No; seeing me with this large chest? Do you like it?”


“Do you like my breasts? Do you like the way they look?”

Ah, she’s not just flustered, she’s suspicious.

But why?

“I am a professional,” you try bloviating, “ What I like does not factor in— ”

“Do you like the way I look?” she says.

“I want you to have relief— ”

“Please, speak freely,” she says with warning tone..

This is very strange; Celestia couldn’t have gleaned your true desire when you were staring at her breasts.
You were far too focused on the strength of the growth to be aroused.

Weren’t you?

You sigh, “I’m not of your society. I don’t share the same taboos. So if you want me to say, not as myself, but purely in terms of what my society and I finds attractive… you’re normal.”

“Normal,” she says, unable to keep disbelief from cropping up.

“Yes, where I come from, the size of your glands are considered average. Exceedingly so.”

“Average.” she repeats and she traces her hand along their curvature. “These are average.”

Confused, Celestia’s anger smoulders and she tries to reel you back in.

“Bu what when they’re,” She swallows. “huge? I mean, ah— huger than I am now,” her orange blush begins to turn red.

“I certainly hope I don’t come across as that small of a man,” you say very seriously.

She searches your face for the slightest hesitation or lie, but can find none.

Of course, you’re not that small of a man; you’re a man who wants his women to fill rooms, castles, valleys,

“No,” the daggers in her eyes slip behind a shroud. “I just have many questions abuot this treatment”

Lucky you. Oh, if she was just the slightest bit more specific. If she had defined “huge” as 10 times or 20 times her current size, you’d have no way to deny your love for that; you’d have thrown your head back and cackle.

Much like with Twilight, stopping you will require more than superhuman intelligence and courage.
She would need an expansive imagination. If Celestia had one— one not hemmed by centuries of royalistic prudishness— she might have realized that her “huge” was your “tiny”.

“Then, tell me, why did I grow so fast?” she says, trying a different tact.

“Evidently,” you take on a pseudo-scholarly air, partially to hide your glee from escaping her grasp yet again, “You were far more physically receptive than calculated.”

“Why though?”

You make show of flipping through your notepad .“Well, based on past experience.. it’s highly likely your existing mental receptivity influenced your physical receptivity, which then accelerated the expansion.

You continue without giving her a chance to question your laughable make-believe.

“In layman’s terms, you must have prepared your mind very well for the today. It can’t be anymore difficult than other regiments you’ve gone through. Yes?”

A simple misdirection; imply that the treatment is nothing compared to the trials she’s endured and she’ll be inclined to agree.

“Even then, this was very… very unexpected,” she says.

She holds her right arm and her eyes settle on the painting to the right.

“I don’t see how I’m receptive at all—”

“Let me assure you,” you say with a homely smile. “A little discomfort is to be expected in the first session. It’s natural, and based on this one experience, I can devise a more effective method for our next one. “

“M-More effective?”

You nod with zeal. “Stress-relief is the end goal and I will get us there safely and quickly. Without too much excitement.”

She purses her lips and sighs, with the rest of the lingering fury dissipating, “I suppose I may have overreacted,
A tiny bit.”

“I’m glad you understand.”

You’ll say. Perhaps because of something in her past or something in her head…

You steal a glance at her seat.

…Or something in the upholstery.

“Yes, we do need more understanding. We need discernment. So if you’ll allow me to ask again: as the last item for today: how are you feeling?”

You raise your pen and notepad, and you hope that she’ll finally open up.

But she doesn’t; your words have merely returned her to how she was before the flare-up.
Calm, opaque, and eyes tracking to the door.

“Five minutes have passed. I will be on my way”

She opens the door and takes one step out. You set your notepad down with a sigh.

“But to answer your last question,” she says and you perk up.

“The treatment was a little relieving. It was. But, this side-effect bothers me.”

“Your Highness.”

Her hand digs into the door. “It is wrong for a woman to be this endowed. “

She frowns at her breasts again. “Very, very wrong.”

“Ah, wait, before you go, can we schedule our next appointment—-”

“Please confer with my maids, Doctor Anonymous,” and then she goes out the door.

You stand there, and let a rather chilly air blow in from the hallway.

With that, the treatment of day one is over.

“With pleasure, your highness,” you mutter to yourself.

You survived and you also gave her a nice rack.
But you know your standing hasn’t improved with her.
Far from it, she went from flustered, to panicked, to placid, to infuriated, and to placid again?

You wonder what…

You look at where she’s standing and then her chair.


You close the door.

You kneel down and stroke your index finger on the carpet where she stood. The tip of it comes up dry.

You then go and do the same to the chair she sat on. It’s dry too and smells vaguely of dust cleaner.

Damn. So close,

You put your hand on your knees and get ready to pack up shop. You put one hand on your bag and then you recall…

Celestia didn’t wipe the sweat off her body. She used magic. Could that mean—

You go through your bag and take out a simple dispeller.

Spike used it to clean up after Twilight’s experimentation, before he “gave” it to you.

You spray the chemical on the chair, and then, after a few seconds of letting it sink in, a dark spot appears.

A stain. You touch it.

It’s wet. Sticky. And then you go to the carpet where she stood.

Spray. Touch. Smell.

A salty squid smell same as the one on the chair.

“Cum,” you say.

Ah, now you understand.

A laugh you had been long suppressing claws its way out of your throat. You allow yourself a tiny chortle.

“Far more than 'just' relieving, wasn’t it, Celestia?!”
Day 1, 10:00p.m.

You have completed the preparations for the next appointment and have some spare time.
So you’ve gone to the Castle Bar, a common refuge for castle workers, diplomats, guardsmen, and even normal canterlot civilians.

The night is bright, Canterlot on the horizon hums with light and life.

But you’re not here for fun.

You’re hunting for information. Celestia left the room with her knockers bouncing around. You want to know how she handled it in her daily court. Those who’ve been around her long enough can likely see through whatever facade she puts up.

You spy three potential targets out of the crowd tonight.

The first is a group of guardsmen centered around a table, gambling, who you know are situated relatively closely to her throne. They’re dumb brickheads who won’t recognize the depth of your interest with their sovereign. You calculate small risk and equally small reward.

The second are dark lunar guardswoman, drinking up a storm at a table near the window. Although these moderately breasted women are nowhere near Celestia during her duties, gossip flies through them like bats in a cave. If there’s anything juicy in these castle walls, they’ll sink their teeth into it. Medium risk, medium reward.

And the final, a plain-faced secretary with pink hair, a super-flat-chest, being romanced by some overbearing diplomat. You’ve heard that she acts on Celestia’s behalf for trifling affairs, so she could provide all you need to know. But, that means you’ll have to be extra careful not to incur suspicion. High risk, medium-to-very-high reward.

So which will you go for?
Start with low risk low reward, if there's nothing useful there try the lunar guardswomen. Only approach the secretary if you're very well prepared to deal with her.
It would be real nice to get in close with the secretary and get her nice & big, but I'm sure she's unquestionably loyal.

I say go buy a round for the Lunars. They'll probably know what's up, and if they don't they'll at least know how to have a good time.
File: raven blinks.gif (390 KB, 295x370)
390 KB
390 KB GIF
Grunts are going to be a waste of time, unless anyone has an idea of what exactly they might be good for, we should skip 'em.

I think we have an opportunity to save the secretary from her unfortunate 'date', but it's a gamble because we haven't been formally introduced and Celestia may have warned her away from us.
It might be worth trying to get her free just to build rapport for future leverage.

That said, we do need to schedule our next session and she would be the one to make that happen.
I posted >>30738117 as a vote for the Lunar Guards and I'm fine to stay with that. But when I think more about it, getting on the secretary's good side makes more sense.

plus, she's cute
Yeah, either lunar or secretary.
Page 9 save
Go for the Secretary first then the Lunars. They'll be talking all night but the Secretary might be a bit more cautious
if we do secretary we should be very very careful not to do anything dangerous
do not get me wrong. everything is fine with bimbo. but bimbos are inherently easy to convince when you fulfill certain physical rquirements. also they would possibly be the only ones who would little convincing into BE and would be less probable to freak out when something like that happened accidently.
The important part is how much time we have. And can we preform multiple actions tonight.

In which case secratary > bats > guards.

Otherwise the bats outright. Get some of them a drink or two, maybe drug one if we feeling frisky just to show an example to sunnyd how a size change really brings the best outta people.
Another vote for secretary.

But keep it as professional as possible. Don't give her any ideas about increasing her own bust.
Tell the secretary about how your treatment'd get all the boys to her yard when you'd've been finished with her.
Is kill?
Or not. In Equestria, flat is justice and cowtits are unattractive. Possible angle to work if she's really tired of getting hit on.

Votes tallied.

Secretary first, then Lunar Guardswoman.

Update coming soon.
forgot to add trip.

Actually a pretty good idea.
File: IMG_0265.jpg (24 KB, 221x228)
24 KB
Hype bump
secretary bump
File: 1464060229792.jpg (129 KB, 1000x958)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
File: 1503120649322.png (325 KB, 1280x1415)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
Page 9.
Ember's friendship glands
File: twistsuit.png (164 KB, 729x760)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
File: grumptavia.png (97 KB, 800x1250)
97 KB
File: 754387.png (187 KB, 1000x857)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
marthul sure does like his octavia.
>You know how older women go through menopause? Mares have the opposite. They go through a second puberty. They gain a lot of mass and a lot of hormones.
the perspective on applebloom's right arm makes it look deformed.
Wahey there, page 10.
Two bumps.
File: 1361409.png (424 KB, 1177x1673)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
>through sheer force of will, Diamond Tiara had grown up to be just as busty as her mother
>until one day she came home to find her mother had something of a growth spurt

>"Mom, how could you!?"
>"It's not like I wanted this! And... Diamond darling, the doctor says I have more spurts to go through."
>"... How many more spurts, Mom"
>"Oh just a.. a few."
>"... Could you go down to Sweet Apple Acres and ask how much a barn costs to build?"
File: It begins.gif (129 KB, 500x281)
129 KB
129 KB GIF
>She was going to Sweet Apple Acres, alright
>but she wasn't about to ask about barns

>"Apple Bloom, we're friends right? I need to know your secret."
>"Mah what?"
>"You've got big tits and your sister has big tits. I know it's not genetic because I've seen old photos: your mom was flat and your granny was too until she got her 'second round'. So spill it. How'd you get so big?"
>"I'm not sure if you've looked in a mirror lately, but you're pretty busty."
>"Ha ha. Yes, I am. But I'm not growing any more and that needs to change. So what's your trick? Some kind of cow steroid? Magical potion? Massage technique?"
>"Yeah, sure, that's exactly right. I skim a little bit of the magic potion we give our cows then spend the day playing with my breasts. Happy now?"
>"Yes! Or, I will be when you give me some."
>"Will it get you out of my hair and off our property?"

>Later, at the CMC Clubhouse
>"So I gave her a flask of water from the back faucet and sent her off!"

>Back in town
>"Heyyy Twist! We're friends, right?"
File: ABSOLUTELY HALAL 2.jpg (80 KB, 640x539)
80 KB
>yfw the assorted shite people give her to make her fuck off coincidentally combines to make a ridiculously potent growth potion
File: silvermom.jpg (593 KB, 1800x1800)
593 KB
593 KB JPG
Nah, it's just a series of highly effective placebos

Except Silver Spoon's, hers really works.
Her secret is her mother's milk.
What's the context for that image? Did she use to be younger and flatter and then got bustier as she got older?
Pregnancy did a number on her


>"Mom, can I stop drinking now? I'm feeling so full."
>"Not yet, not yet. I need you now I love you more than mother should a daughter. My breasts need you now I want to keep growing and lactating Won't you help your mother for a few more minutes?
> "F-fine, mom, J-just for another five minutes, okay?"

Incestuous breast-expansion mother/daughter addiction.
Like mother like daughter


>Meanwhile, completely unbeknownst to Diamond Tiara, her mom is throwing away the milk she's producing by the gallon.
>"The doctor says I have to dispose of it as soon as I can, Maybe I should ask someone to help me?... No, no, Spoiled! You can't let anyone know of this condition! You'll just let it run its course in a temporary barn and then you'll be back to normal in a fortnight or two."
>Doctor misdiagnosed her growth
> t's actually going to be be permanent.
File: ohdear.jpg (3 KB, 124x123)
3 KB
will she able to surpass Celestia's growth therapy? How will she sustain herself with her "infinite" growth
This thread is good.
Update coming later today.

It is quite long, so I'll post it in batches over the next few days.

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