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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.

Previously on PTFG,

Cuddly Doom by Geoffrey-McDermott:

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Fond Memories by Ranger:

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Archive of over 300 stories, as well as additional links and materials:

Unrated TF image dump thread:

Below are some suggested writing prompts.

>A significant portion of a population undergoes drastic physical changes into small equines, with unknown implications if the changes are contagious. Follow a group of survivors or perhaps one recently changed through the continuation or aftermath of the epidemic.

Celestia's Broodmare
>Celestia will let you come to Equestria, on the condition that you will carry her children. Once every five years, she will turn you into a mare, fuck you, and impregnate you. You will give birth eleven months later. Do you take the offer?

Awful /soc/-type chatter's in https://discord.gg/tfAjenN

Previous Thread:
Transformation into Nyx
File: horse nun.jpg (43 KB, 500x507)
43 KB
Hey-diddly-ho ponies, do shitposts got ya down? Well, how about a story update to wash your troubles and humanity away?
kys urself
>I struggled against my bindings, my misshapen limbs struggling against the straps that held me in some kind of repurposed dentist’s chair.
>My captors giggled through clenched teeth at my pointless struggle, their faces unmoving masks of psychotic joy.
>I tried to burrow into my seat as they pulled out tools and implements more suited for working with stone or wood, than flesh or bone.
>”Oh don’t worry Pink, that’s what they all say, and then we just pull that little dissenting part out, and fill their heads with sunshine and rainbows. They all thank us afterwards. Each and every one.”
>I looked over at Beelzebun as she gestured over to a table stacked with cotton balls and fairy floss as she said “sunshine and rainbows”.
>Oh god, they were literally going to cut me open, and replace what’s going to probably wind up as large chunks of my grey matter with fluff and candy.
>I continued to fruitlessly struggle against my bindings, until Frost Doom wrapped her forelegs around my head in a vice like grip, putting my struggle to an end.
>I could barely wiggle even an inch as another pony lined up what looked like a heavy duty masonry drill with my my eye, and powered it on.
>”Shh, Shh, this is only gonna hurt once, it’ll be like, just a little pinch, and then it’ll be over, and you’ll be one of us.”
>I tried to scream, but the hooves around my head reduced that to only a muted mumbling, leaving me to only stare as my doom crept closer, the chants of “one of us” in the background growing louder and louder…
how about horse flu? Starts with flu like symptoms and then turns you into horny mares.
>I gasped as I bolted straight upright in bed, staring at the blank wall across from me.
>For a moment, I just stared at that wall, and panted, both relieved that I wasn’t going to die by taking a power drill to the eye socket, but also terrified that I was still neck deep in this shit.
>I eventually let my body lie back down on that stiff, shitty little cot, and stared at the sundial at the far end of the room.
>The little golden mote that had been present during the day had been replaced by a muted silver speck, that, if I was right, showed that I had just woken up in the middle of the night.
>I pulled my pillow from out under my head, and hugged it to my chest as I felt the first tears from what would probably be a long hard sob well up in my eyes.
>I was going to die here… I’d likely fuck up, or piss off the wrong person, and get hauled off to that chair, where they’d cut me open, and pull out the parts they found disagreeable.
>There was only one way out of this hell, and that was by being let out once they made me a “pony inside”.
>Otherwise, if I tried to escape, there were guards patrolling the halls, my absence would be noted immediately, and any pony that found me on my miles long trek out of the country would immediately turn in the “dangerous criminal”.
>The hot tears soaked into my cheeks as I hugged my pillow over my head.
>The only way out… getting strapped into that chair as they cut out everything that made me, me, and letting that brain-dead marionette mindlessly wander around these halls.
>Honestly, the only options were looking like death, or a different kind of death.
>I felt one of my ears turret as I heard Snugglebun shift in the bed across from me.
>”Kid, what… Something wrong?”
>I tried to go still and hold my breath.
>No. She can’t know. If she knows, she’ll send me to the chair.
>I curled up into a ball and let out an involuntary whimper as I heard her hooves hit the hard marble.
File: nyxpunch.png (119 KB, 618x639)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>Please, no, just go back to bed, just leave me be, I don’t want to be a pony, I don’t…
>I felt a soft, feathery wing drape over me, then give me a nudge.
>”Kid, please, we’re here to help you, but I can’t help you if you don't say nothing.”
>I barely managed to hiccup a response out.
“Just back to bed, I don’t want any of your “help”.”
>I felt the wing covering me draw back.
>”What? Kid, what’s going on?”
>Fuck, She’s on to me, she’s going to fucking drag me kicking and screaming to that room, to that chair, and kill me.
“Please, I don’t… I don’t wanna die…”
>The silence reigned for a moment, before I heard Snugglebun’s response.
>”Kid please, we aren’t gonna kill you. We just want to help you.”
“Yeah, help me by turning me into one of those monsters roaming the halls?”
>I felt a pair of forelegs wrap around me.
>I meekly wriggled in her grasp, my will to fight against the sea of troubles set against me was all but nonexistent at that point.
>”We aren’t gonna do that to you either, kid. Well, unless you’re in the habit of killing ponies, or doing other such shit.”
>I quieted down, sure I wanted out of here at the first available opportunity, but killing someone, even if it was a pony?
“I… I don’t think I could do that…”
>My sobs were starting to quiet down into a bout of hiccuping, my doom was seeming slightly less inevitable.
“So, uh, you aren’t going to strap me down to a dentist's chair, and drill my skull with repurposed power tools?”
you anonfillyfags deserve nyxposters
>I felt the hooves gripping me squeeze slightly tighter.
>”Oh kid, you musta had one hell of a nightmare there. I mean, the… brainwashing thing or whatever Sister Praise does isn’t anywhere that nightmarish, and, well, she only uses it on people that woulda gotten life or worse back on earth anyways.”
>I felt a little relieved, but again, I didn’t know how much of this was truth, and how much of it was just Snugglebun telling me what I wanted to hear to calm me down.
>I had to keep my guard up, this place might seem a lot less terrifying, but that might just be a thin layer of pastel paint over the grim cage I found myself in.
>Then again, I’m pretty sure Snugglebun and Frost Bloom weren’t monstrosities made out of teeth and eyes, animated by boundless rage, and barely given equine form by the shadowbolt uniforms they were wearing.
>Which doesn’t excuse the fact that Equestria still has some form of corporal punishment specifically designed and wielded by someone anti-human.
>And given the way she was doling out those punishments in Celestia propaganda 101, I’d find it hard to believe that even the entire class rushing her would be able to overpower her.
>Not to mention that there were trained royal guards, the “sisters”, the other instructors, hell, probably the entire world would turn against me the moment I stepped foot out of here without explicit instruction to.
>I pulled my pillow over my head and tried to suppress a whimper as every escape plan I could think of ran into the same inescapable reality.
>There was no way out of this hellhole, unless someone vouched that I was a “pony within and without”.
>Which raises the question, just what the fuck does that even mean?
>Was Snugglebun a “pony within”?
>Hell, could she have been lying about being a former human?
>I clutched the pillow against my head as my myriad doubts weighed heavily upon me.
>All I had to go on was their word alone, and if there was anything that all my years on earth had taught me, it was that words mattered for neither jack, nor shit.
>Not that I could authentify any documentation either, they could just use some other former human’s drivers licence, or whatever, and I’d be none the wiser that the pony was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
>Even that unicorn who was teaching us to use magic, and something that could probably be used against them...
>I considered my train of thought, and let out a long suffering sigh.
>It seemed like everything here was built from the ground up to make no fucking sense, no matter which way you looked at it.
>Trying to puzzle this conundrum out felt like trying to solve some kinda tesseract rubik’s cube, with more colors than sides, on top of having more than a few pieces missing.
>Like everything was trying to hammer home as quickly as possible, that we sure as fuck weren’t in Kansas anymore
>I peeked out from under the pillow at the sun, or, moon? Thaumidial?
>The bullshit magic clock was showing that I had quite a significant amount of lost night-time.
>I grit my teeth, and tried to force myself to relax, there wasn’t much use to losing valuable sleep over the broken 5th dimensional jigsaw puzzle that my life had become, when it was pretty clear that I’d likely find more pieces to try and puzzle out just what the fuck was going on in the morning.
>Which was rapidly approaching in a way that was neither comforting, nor conducive to taking advantage of the dwindling hours before sunrise.
>I must have eventually passed out due to exhaustion, because the next thing I knew, Snugglebun was bellowing out another good morning.
>The shout is followed by few screams, but there’s clearly less than the first time.
>I would try to think about the situation, if 90% of my thought processes weren’t being consumed by trying to remember the lyrics to a song.
>It took a minute just to gather my thoughts enough to remember to move my limbs, and get out of bed.
>I could tell that today was going to be hell, even if my life was already beginning to become a sisyphean trial.
>I followed in the back of the convoy, blankly staring as two feathers, illuminated in pink danced to the tune that played in my head, the two pirouetting and spiraling around each other, inviting more and more to join in the dance…
>I snapped my head over to Snugglebun’s concerned face, causing me to look around the room at the massacre of a few pillows, and a even a few cringing pegasi recruits, rubbing their stinging wings.
“I, uh… did I do that?”
>”Yeah. You did. You might wanna stay here for a bit, try to get some more sleep in, you’re looking like you’ve stayed up a straight week. Nightmares probably didn’t help neither. I’ll let Showoff know you’re gonna be late.”
>I nodded my head, and looked down at the floor, christ, day two, and I was already fucking up.
>Although it seemed like nightmares were pretty common around here, I could complain about the night god of dreams not sorting that shit out, but she probably was at odds with helping ponies who were supposed to be solely worshiping her sister.
>Either that, or it would be like a group of small town firefighters trying to put out a thousand acre wildfire, or a star, or some shit.
>Like she might be doing a bang up job with the ponies out in the rest of Equestria, but I’m sure ponies haven’t seen anything like the fucked up shit humans come up with just for fun.
>At that moment I realized I had been standing stock still, and staring blankly at the wall, while my thoughts just went all over the place.
>I sighed, and dragged myself back to bed, and almost instantaneously passed out the moment my head touched the pillow.
>It seemed like no time had passed, but a quick glance at the clock told me otherwise.
>That and the feeling like a angry little leprechaun was trapped in my head, and was desperately drilling through my skull to escape.
>I reached up to rub at the migraine on my forehead, and winced as I hit my horn.
>Yeah, right, fuck, I somehow plucked a bunch of feathers, and made them dance around.
>I have no clue how or why I did that, but I guess when your subconscious is on a walkabout with the keys to your fancy new mind powers, shit generally tends to happen.
>So, again, it seems I have some sub conscious control over feathers, which has to be the lamest superhero power ever, aside from making rings of grass pop up around you whenever you feel too hard.
>I mean, that might be useful for making feather pillows, or using feather quill pens, or something, or maybe preening birds, or some shit?
>I dragged myself out of bed, and started to make my way towards the classroom, where I assumed all the other ponies were already.
>It was a short walk, but all the stares from the sisters, and the fact that I was all alone convinced me to try and run there.
>That and I was already late, which didn’t help matters.
>Despite being alone, I somehow managed to get the classroom without incident.
>I skidded to a halt in front of the classroom door, and tried to slip inside as carefully as possible.
>I took a look around, and yeah, things seemed just as hopeless as before, although one or two ponies were starting to figure out basic levitation, if the glowing horns and flickering fields were any indication.
>I wonder if either of them are as concerned as I was that this shit was just one more step towards their inevitable ponification.
>I headed over to Showoff, who had probably been gloating about how good she was at drinking, given the empty bottles scattered around her desk.
“Hey, uh, I’m here.”
>Showoff looked over at me, and given the dark circles under her eyes, it had apparently been another hard session, although I’m pretty sure she gloated about how it was harder for her than anyone else.
>”Hey, Snugglebun told me you had a hard night. You get enough sleep?”
>I nodded, and felt my magic grip at the feather I had apparently remembered to tuck behind my ear.
“Uh, yeah, and, uh, I think I mighta figured out levitation, or something. And right after I woke up the first time today, I kinda went a little overboard with it, you mind if I have some of your headache meds?”
>Showoff scooted over a full bottle of the stuff with a hoof, she was probably still having trouble figuring out how magic worked, due to having to explain how it worked, and that making it not work.
>Not wanting to stress my probably already over-exerted magic, I tried to grab it with a hoof, but only succeeded in bumping it with my fingerless appendage.
>I stared at the damned pink thing for a moment, and flexed it, maybe if I tried grabbing the bottle with the joint, that might work?
>There wasn’t exactly a thumb there to keep it from squeezing out of the grip I had on it, but it’d be better than nothing.
>I grabbed the bottle in, what, the fetlock, or something? And put it to my lips, drinking down the bitter medicine.
>It tasted like crap, but if it’d make it stop feeling like my horn was having a violent coup to try and secede from my body,
>I rubbed at the base of my horn, grateful that the pain was starting to subside.
>”Alright, the pain should be starting to go away, I’d say take it easy, levitating a single feather’ll probably be as much as you should do, at least until your magic gets its strength back.”
>I thought about what exactly my magic “getting its strength back” meant, but then I decided against it.
>First rule of magic is that thinking about it makes everything worse.
>I mean, when I was struggling to form a coherent thought, I was pulling shit that was straight outta fantasia.
>Well, of course, I had a blow out right after that, but still, the point stands.
Transformation into cum after being cock vored
File: Just don't reply.png (5 KB, 230x102)
5 KB
>I trotted over to the corner, where a familiar red mare was seething with rage, and staring at an immobile piece of string.
“Well, looks like we’re in the same boat today, I fucked up my magic with that little feather trick, and you’re still too smart to break the laws of physics.”
>”Pink, I don’t need your shit right now, I can do this.”
>I looked between the string, and... fuck, she didn’t even have a nickname yet.
>Hell, I think I might be the only one of the recruits with anything close to a name, and that’s only because I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
“Alright, I don’t think actively trying to force your magic’s gonna work, how about we try something reactionary.”
>I watched as the feather moved out from behind my ear, scooped up the string, and deposited it over the other unicorn.
>... why didn’t I just levitate the string?

And that's all for this update Neigh-boreenos, and remember just hide the shitposters, don't respond

Special thanks to those who volunteered to edit this, may you become the ponies you were meant to be
File: ponk nun.png (357 KB, 1000x1000)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
Pastebin updated
Thanks for the update. I love this story.
What current stories are worth checking out? Want something interesting to follow. Haven't checked out this thread in ages.
File: 1484935378585.jpg (33 KB, 480x747)
33 KB
>tfw you thought it was Pon-E but it was actually the invigorating taste of Monster Energy™ Zero Ultra™
they all suck.
What are your tastes?
You've got Cuddly Doom, if you want something like a zombie apocalypse but with intelligent ponies.
The recently updated Pony Story is good.
Heiress of Chaos if you want an Eris TF.
These are all still ongoing stories. Recently updated stuff gets linked in the OP in general so you can find other options there.
How so?

I suppose I'm into more fun stories. Nothing against grim dark stuff, but I think stories with a more light atmosphere are my style.
Probably the best fit out of the recent stuff.
>Eris tf
Personally cannot recommend this one. It's poorly done, not in line with what this thread wants, and the main character is utter garbage. Literally not worth being in the OP (which makes sense, seeing as how it keeps getting taken down from the OP). Don't waste your time, read some actual pony stuff.
Something like Flu Season then.
Which could also be a fun story for >>30666024 if you count sexual fun. Disregard the guy that hates Eris. He's an idiot that doesn't speak for anyone but himself. The story wasn't in this OP because there's finite room and and the story wasn't updated in the previous thread.
Couldn't even bring themselves to update for an entire thread. That's pretty pathetic don't you think? Granted, I'm not surprised they can't manage to churn anything out. With such an uninspired and dull story, you can't squeeze much out before the general audience catches on to how awful it is. I'm sure the only reason anybody actually likes the garbage is because the author inserts users from the thread into the story like a shill.
File: 1496541830582.png (561 KB, 1400x906)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
It's been too long since we had an update to either of those
Flu Season, sure. Eris? Hasn't been long enough, I still have that horrible masturbation scene burnt into my mind.
Energy drinks that turn you into an energetic little pony.
File: anongryphon.png (105 KB, 2633x1107)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
How excited would you be to take her place as a pony?
>Purple autistic horse

Not Ideal, but being a Mary sue wouldn't be so bad

Do I have to be the same pony or can I be someone different because I'm not sure I'm ready for more autism.
That anonfilly color is terrible and whoever colored it should feel bad.
Still better than 90% of them.
It's not so bad at first. But then you meet people who turned into tastefully designed OCs and your self esteem takes a dive.
Any story not about pony tf is a waste of space. It's PTFG not MLPTFG. Plain and simple.
File: Gilda.jpg (157 KB, 1024x768)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
I'll reiterate my point of this thread being the Pony Transformation General. Goddamn.
How do they suck? Well, it's pretty much all cliche escapism fantasy for every green that isn't cringe emo shit. Ponies with mental ailments turning random faggots into horses in the apocalypse? Fucking dumb man. And that's one of the more regular, popular greens around here. Shit's rough here man.
That was one of the last things posted on the dragon thread I can remember outside of Purple's doodles and Mage's stuff.

Takes me back.
Pon-E secret recipe:
1 part Molly
1 part Percocet
Mix thoroughly and snort
Put a mask on
Fuck it, mask off
Represent your neighborhood
Snort again
Chase a check
DO NOT chase a bitch
Snort only percocet
Snort only molly
Snort mixture again

If you don't die, you'll probably become a pony
Another horrible cliche. How many unoriginal Pon-E stories are there? Too fucking many.
>"I say old chap, it would appear we've been turned into little fillies. What a spiffing bit of luck."
Those dragon fags were twice as retarded. I'm glad they aren't spreading their filth anymore.
File: dragonessgreentext.png (100 KB, 800x534)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
>TFW RABGAR will never turn you into a pony to add you to his harem
Whats the worst? Which one is the grandpappy of PonE?
Notice how it's just a post long and obviously no longer being written? Because nobody really cares about non pony stuff here. Learn your audience people.
The first one written by someone other than the original author.
File: Eat a dick.gif (686 KB, 805x444)
686 KB
686 KB GIF
>Constantly saying things are shit without being constructive about it.
Unless you're not the eris anon, this is mostly directed at that guy.
Write an original Pon-E story then.
Or an original TF story.

Or at least suggest something, if i can crap out a random "Anon and Chad try to get the former some pussy" prompt then surely a person of your undoubltly fine taste can crank out something.
Literally anything can spawn entire fucking epics, that princess AJ thread has been going for years based on a shitpost of all things, just write!
File: 1501631747992-trash.png (208 KB, 848x723)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
So you don't even know? How many PonE stories have you actually read?
How do you know I haven't posted prompts? Just because I post with no name (something you also do) doesnt mean I don't shit out content. Plus, even if I didn't, my opinion on Pon-E being cringey and overused isn't invalid. People need original concepts, they just piggy back off of something somewhat novel and can't be fucked to even change a name.
No, I don't remember the name of a generic bland story from a while ago. I only tend to remember stories that have a form of staying power.
File: drug.png (634 KB, 1200x681)
634 KB
634 KB PNG
I like you and your attitude. Pay him no heed, it's just his scheduled time to show up and try to sow discord.
I seriously do not understand Princess Applejack one bit.
>sow Discord

But he hates Eri~
Oh wow, circlejerking in face of someone having an opinion. Nice. Great effort.
File: rick pony.png (329 KB, 930x833)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
File: Pony_In_A_Jar3.jpg (756 KB, 906x1024)
756 KB
756 KB JPG
you're just mad you became the tiny pony
Fair enough

Pon-E does see a lot of use, but it's also been made an open concept by it's creator
Really there's no point in changing the name when you are talking about a pony transformation drug

Also just because it uses the same idea for drug does not mean a story is automatically boring. there are tons of other stories that heavily involve drugs like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, ect.
The important thing is that the don't do the same thing from the same perspective, one looks as a Pon-E dealer, another an addict, and so forth
As someone who has written several of them: pet pony stories are far more over used, because they are almost always from the perspective of the pet and the only real variation is what kind of relation they have with there master.
But in the course that the original idea has been used, a lot of it has been played out. We've seen addicts, dealers, doctors, and so on. In a thread with such an open concept, seeing another "anon is involved with a bottle of pills" story is disheartening. Because in stories about drugs, the drugs themselves provide something different. Meth and Marijuana are vastly different and thus less to different stories. Pon-E is always a pill with the same rules. No variance in the basic concept leads to monotony. There's not much room to be inventive when your main selling point is do established. It's like slasher movies. You see Freddy Krueger so much through different films that hes no longer fresh. His rules are all known and there's nothing there to be surprising anymore. You'll see the same basic story with a few details swapped around.

At least you're taking tje time to debate instead of just labeling me as a shitposter, that's respectable.
File: 1487484796340.gif (706 KB, 600x600)
706 KB
706 KB GIF
You are right, I wouldn't mind seeing some more variation in the drug based tf stories my self.

Pon-E has been done a lot, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that there is no room for fresh ideas out of it. There is always the potential for some one to come a long and come up with a new way to bring it into their story, and even if they don't involve it in a new way they could always do something different with the rest of their story (think about tropes like time travel, and zombies, they can be done in a way that we've seen hundreds of times before, or they can change up the rules/character arcs and produce something new)

It may very well be time for new pony tf drugs to be used, but I don't think is fair to assume that any story that still uses the Pon-E rules or calls the drug Pon-E is automatically trite

Have a cute
When I see a new Pon-E story that does something fresh, that would be welcome. It's just that Pon-E has bread a very niche kind of story without much variation. I'm not saying it's impossible to make it fresh, but that nothing fresh is currently coming from it. Something can always revive something and give a different take on a tired concept, but that hasn't happened here. Hell, I've even toyed with Pon-E stuff before and never came up with something fresh feeling. For me it comes from Pon-E being as widely used and well established. Take that away and drugs could open up so many different ideas. Maybe a stoner winds up finding a cursed strain and turns into a pony who's always blazed. Or some pushers start lacing their goods with a strange new compound that ponifies the user and makes a killing on an upcharged antidote they sell to the teenagers too scared to admit to their parents they've been experimenting. Or an LCD based drug that causes an anon to hallucinate being a little horse in Equestria, leading to wacky hijinks for a light hearted story or sober dismorphia if going with a darker tone. And that's just a little bit of the ideas possible if you strip away Pon-E. The concept has room to be creative, but more unique stories would arise without Pon-E being so dominant.
That's what using a phone gets me.
File: KOhQ6cU.png (704 KB, 825x882)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
Transformation into a mare when exposed to cold water.
Ranmare 1/2
>Anon has been living in Equestria for years, and things are going great
>He has a house, a good-paying job, and lots of friends
>When a Magical Mishap™ irreversibly turns Anon into a little mare, he doesn't really expect much to change
>Ponies are kind, good-hearted folk; they embraced him with open forelegs when he was a weird monkey-alien, why would they treat him different now that he actually fits in?
>Except they do
>Friends who were drawn to him by his uniqueness start to drift away while others who steered clear of before are now much more accommodating
>As he watches old friendships slowly wither and die as new ones sprout from the ashes, he learns a valuable lesson about just how much appearances truly matter
It's a little sad to think you could lose friends by becoming a cute mare.
File: l9M61MJ.png (173 KB, 950x708)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
You are turned into a pony in Equestria, the catch being that you have agreed to an arranged marriage with a mare or stallion you know nothing about.
Not the anon you were replying to, but Ranger's writing a pretty unique Pon-E story that isn't all about the drug, if that's what you're looking for
File: Sunset_Shimmer8.png (619 KB, 2446x2382)
619 KB
619 KB PNG
>Be anon.
>You became the mare a few months ago.
>You look exactly like the stock Anon pone.
>Green fur, black mane, question mark for a cutie mark.
>The town loves you, they accepted you pretty much instantly and tried to help you adjust to living there.
>In the course of doing that, you've found that you're really good at listening to others.
>Your former social autism has melted into you being a shoulder for friends to cry on.
>And then one day you wake up in a different body.
>Your coat is a dark midnight blue and your mane is a soft lavender.
>Your cutie mark has even changed to a brain enclosed in a heart.
>When you try to think about your name, all that comes to mind is "Rippling Empathy"
>You're freaking the fuck out.
>Approaching your pony friends, they all cheer when you come out.
>"Finally! You did it!"
>Turns out that half the background character ponies are all former Anons.
>When they first arrive, they're in a stock body until their pony-self begins to form.
>So you went from strange green horse from another world to fully acclimated unicorn overnight.
>You're now the local pony therapist too.
>Sounds pretty good to you.
Things are getting interesting, not to mention a bit intense, too! Great update.
Not Eris, but have some green, courtesy of your's truly.

>You are Anon.
>Yeah, weird name, but your parents were not the most normal people.
>Their reasoning was that it'd "make you feel more relatable."
>Whatever the fuck that means.
>But your name is probably only the second most interesting thing about you.
>The honor for the most unordinary thing would have to go to your place of residence.
>That place being Ponyville.
>How you got here, you still have no idea.
>But you're here, and it's been pretty great.
>No pony has ever seen a creature quite like you.
>You're tall, bipedal, and from another world without magic.
>To small technicolor horses, that's probably the most crazy thing they've ever heard of.
>You haven't had to pay for much of anything, they even built you a human sized house expecting nothing in return.
>At most you've had to do a few odd favors and go on a few comical adventures.
>Other than that, not a day of work.
>It's pretty great, the ponies definitely put you on some kind of pedestal.
>Everything from your food to clothes is provided for you.
>And you thought they thwarted Glim Glam's socialist dreams.
>Kidding aside though, you can't think of much that you don't like here.
>Sure, you're missing a lot of the comforts from Earth and you had friends, but people would kill to be in your spot.
>And you can't say you blame them.
>It's a pretty average day.
>The bright, technicolor world around you makes every morning feel warm and inviting.
>That is, unless there's some villain of the week bullshit going on, then things can get bad outside.
>But that happens less than you 'd think.
>Ponyville as you know it is like if you took the show and stretched it out.
>It's like life, everything's a filler episode.
>You've witnessed first hand the gripping drama of Applebloom losing her bow and Rarity being out of silk.
>More obsessed fans would probably eat that shit up, but you could care less.
>You're more into the adventurous stuff.
>Being a big, imposing monkey man, you tend to be a pony's first pick for getting help with more risky things.
>"Hey Anon, there's some rogue Changeling's outside of town."
>"Hey Anon, there's a very important book hidden in some swamp."
>"Hey Anon, Discord got bored and turned half the town into foals, care to help?"
>Stuff like that.
>You know it's them using you, but it's fun.
>That and it justifies you having everything handed to you for free.
>Usually you have a few day's notification before being sent out to go do something.
>Which means most likely it's going to be a do nothing day today.
>Days like that tend to mean you sit around inside all day or wander into town when you get overly bored.
>It's kind of disheartening when you know your day is going to be a filler day.
>But that's just a part of living here.
>Sighing to yourself, you look through the Earth stuff you have.
>The items that were on your person followed you to Equestria, and luckily you had a backpack on at the time.
>You've got a wallet, a long dead phone, a small lighter running low on fluid, a dead laptop, a paperback copy of "Dune", an old notebook you've used as a diary, the bag itself, and the remnants of the weed you were on your way to sell before you wound up here.
>It's going to be a very sad day when your stash runs out entirely.
>Thankfully you've managed to pace yourself decently.
>Other than these things, everything else you own is from Equestria.
>If you knew you'd be moving to a different world, you'd have packed some other stuff.
>Like your memory foam pillow or some more books.
>But you've managed to piece together new belongings.
>Everything from a deck of cards you swiped from Trixie to some Equestrian literature.
>A shame that they don't really have sci-fi.
>It makes sense seeing as how this is a fantasy world at heart, but still disheartening.
>Nothing can be perfect you suppose.
>Although stuff like your phone and laptop have absolutely no value anymore, you still like holding onto it.
>They serve as something of a keepsake.
>Something to remind yourself of home.
>Because as much as you enjoy living here, you don't want to lose touch with where you're from.
>After all, you're still you.
>Not wanting to just sit around all day, you decide to make your own adventure.
>You toss some shit into your bag and sling it into your shoulder.
>Heading out the door, you start walking down a random direction.
>You're bound to find something interesting along the way, you don't leave town for stuff besides work so it's not like you've explored everything.
>You could go camping out in the Everfree or something.
>But that would require you to sleep outside.
>And you have learned the hard way that mosquitoes are still a thing in happy horse land.
>Never again.
>Shuddering a bit to yourself, you notice something from the corner of your eye.
>A cave.
>It's a large looking cave, the entrance seems clean cut and artificial.
>You've never in your life seen it before.
>Odd considering that it's only a few yards away from your house.
>Literally a stone's throw away.
>Maybe somebody has started a mining operation nearby?
>Although you haven't heard any work like that at all.
>Regardless, it's definitely given you something to do.
>Approaching the cave, you can't help but feel odd.
>You can't put your finger on what it is, but something feels off about this place.
>And that only serves to make you want to explore it more.
>The cave's insides are relatively small.
>It's a perfect circle, a sort of dome of rock.
>In the far back you can see what looks like an altar of sorts.
>The altar is around average pony height, carved in a dark black stone.
>Your best guess is obsidian or something.
>Upon closer inspection, there's an indentation in the altar filled by a small sphere.
>The light filtering in from outside shines on everything in the room, but the sphere does not reflect that light.
>It's like a black hole swallowing up everything.
>And what do you do with strange, light swallowing artifacts?
>Grab that shit.
>Granted you aren't normally that impulsive.
>Something is just pulling you towards the thing.
>You reach out, placing your hand on it to pull it from the altar.
>It's impossibly cold, sending shocks down your spine.
>Recoiling, you notice your hand is stuck to the sphere.
>Fear welling up in you, you desperately try to free yourself.
>All the while you can hear faint, unintelligable whispers in your head.
>Your vision begins to blur and darken, everything feels heavy.
>Maybe this was a mistake.
>Hindsight is an absolute bitch.
>As you begin to slip out of consciousness, you hope that Twilight can help you when you wake up.
>If you wake up that is.

Yep, I've decided to reboot Lexi. Initially I was going to let the story die, but Synergy convinced me to give it another go with some help from them. So, here's a short intro to my rewritten, hopefully longer green. Eris is still going to be my main project, but Lexi is back.
bad story and you should feel bad
okay i'm sorry that was a joke please don't feel bad
>Wake up, am pone
>Specifically a pregnant mare
>Specifically a VERY pregnant mare who already had a life before you had overridden their conscience
>Soon, you are forced to give birth
>Turns out the original mare's conscience and knowledge somehow got pushed into the foal
>You are now the mother of your body's original owner
>mare was working on an immortality spell she could perform on rich ponies for lots of money
>turns out it didn't work quite the way she wanted
File: WWExcellent.gif (1.92 MB, 500x390)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB GIF
Thanks, anonymous poster, who is definitely not my editor, I'll take your carefully worded advice into account.
>Lexi reboot
Aw yeah, I was disappointed when you stopped Lexi originally.
Looking forward to more.
Fuck. Yes.
>the sheer number of background pony clones in season 1 are all anons prior to discovering their special talant.
>thats why there are a metric shit ton during Twilights party and that one sun celebration in canterlot.
I want to be the quiet, small, gentle mare. I want other ponies to treat me delicately because I'm a delicate little pony.
Anon made a big mistake fucking with her.
I'm glad to see you're giving this idea another chance
>Turns out that not only did your fire die out, your foxhole got blown in as well
>Breaking free of your snow prison like a zombie from the grave, you see the sun’s up again
>It’s onto day two, and you’ve got to get a move on, that is unless you want to be dinner
>God, it’s a good thing you don’t have a vore fetish right now
>You move into a clearing in the woods and look around for anything that could possibly help
>You spot a cave a little farther up the mountain you just came down
>You facepalm so hard when you notice that
>Putting on your game face, you trudge back up the mountain to the entrance of the cave
>Looking into the darkness, the warm air of the cave billowing your tie and jacket
>If you weren’t in such a bind, it’d almost be bad-ass to look at
>You step into the cave, your eyes slowly adjusting to the lack of natural light down here
>Walking and stumbling through the oppressive air of the cave, your foot hits… something
>You pick it up, and hold it towards the entrance
>You drop it and it shatters to pieces, fragments of bone scattering all over the floor
>You hear something make some noise further in the cave, but moments later, a loud snore rumbles through
>You really wish you didn’t have to go deeper, but your love of not dying compels you to go on
>You see sunlight shining through a crevasse, and right in the middle is a sleeping Manticore
>Sliding off your jacket and making it into a super-sized rope, you take your time and sneak over to it
>You’re going to have one chance to pull this off, Anon
>Jumping onto the back, you wrap your jacket around it’s neck and pull as hard as you can
>As you strangle the ever-loving hell out of it, you flail your legs around to keep that tail busy
>Man, if only Applejack could see you now!
>The manticore falls to the floor, thoroughly asphyxiated, almost crushing you beneath it in the process
>Well, Anon? Do you feel like a hero?
>You did what you had to in order to see the day after tomorrow
>As you walk out of the cave, you stand at the entrance and watch the sunset over the horizon, the valleys between the mountains quickly filling with shadows
>You pull down on the rod tied to your neck, a blindingly bright neon green light burning from it as you drop it on the ground and head back inside the cave
>You slump beside the manticore that *You * strangled and just ponder on your actions
>That was until you feel a harsh thump of something landing on the other side of your kill
>A large pair of eyes glowing, glowering at you over the corpse as you peek over it, it’s body silhouetted in the low light of the cavern, the tail held high and ready to strike
>It’s another one, and this time you don’t have the advantage of surprise to help you
>As you slink back downwards, a loud roar nearly deafens you as the sound rings throughout the bone-riddled cavern
>You look upwards as the enraged manticore vaults over its dead mate, then turns around snarling and dripping saliva as it sees not only it’s next meal, but vengeance as well
>He’s blocking the entrance, and seeing as you don’t have wings, the only exit as well
>There’s no running away from this one!
>You try to make some distance between the two of you, rolling around the body on the floor, and getting to your feet
>A blast of air blows hard from behind you as the only light leaking into the room disappears, only for a moment as he come bearing down on top of you, pinning you to the cold hard rock
>You flail around, reaching for something, anything as the manticore slashes your torso with his claws, blood pooling inside of your coat
>Feeling a big bone in your hand, you grab and swing it as hard as humanly possible, getting a nice, clean hit on him as you see part of it break on the manticore’s thick skull
>The beast stumbles after the hit, allowing you to attempt to slip out of it’s grasp
>Seeing an opportunity to escape, you run with all your might towards the exit, your stomach gushes out blood as you do
>Right before you go into the smaller tunnels, you feel yourself getting impaled and your limbs grow heavy
>Seeing the world and the manticore upside down makes you want to puke as your blood drips down your body
>Looking around, your vision quickly blurring, You thrust your broken bone into his eyes as best as you can
>As the manticore reels back in pain, you feel it’s stinger pull out of you, dropping you to the ground
>You shakily get back up to your legs and shuffle towards the now-blinded manticore, dragging a bloodied bone across the ground
>Letting out one last scream of fury, you plunge the bone deeper into it’s skull and pierce the brain, the bone severing the connection to it’s body as you flop against it
>Laying on your side and resting your head on the forepaw, you drop the bone and raise your finger gun
“See Y-you l-later, space cowboy” You stutter out as your pretend to fire as your eyes close and your limbs feel cold
>You wake up
>Your head pounds as you feel bandages wrapped tightly across your multiple wounds
> “Look at who just woke up!” You hear a familiar deep voice call out as your eyes try to focus on who said that
> “Not every day you see anything take that much of a thrashing and live to tell the tale” You see a gryphon with a purplish-pink highlight say
“What the hell happened? I thought I was done for” You say confusedly as the two of them stare at you
> “Well, We had a bargain to uphold. Gilda flew you out of that cave and straight here” The Male Gryphon replied
> “Nice going by the way, monkey. You bagged three of them before passing out” Gilda said, a little impressed
> “But there were only two..” You question as you raise a hand and grimace in pain
> “One of them was pregnant. It’s a good thing too, we can’t afford any more of those beasts roaming around, it’s bad enough as is” The guy responded, passing you a wooden cup full of water
>Boy, does that water taste sweet as you chug it down
“What did you say your name was again?” You ask, after settling down the cup on the bedside table
> “I didn’t, but you may call me Gilliam” The golden brown gryphon with the leopard spots says with a bow
> “Now come, on your feet, it’s been a long time coming” Gilliam says as he walks towards the doorway
>You attempt to get out of bed and stand up, but you fall then pull yourself onto your feet, each step a little more confident than the last as they move to support your weight
>As you walk down the streets with your entourage, you notice that the streets are empty
>You and your party walk into Gustav’s place and it explodes with celebration
>You’re awestruck at the sight of dozens of gryphons packed in here all cheering
> Gustav runs up to you, and places a set of golden jewelry around your neck
> “I’m surprised to say this, Anon” Gilda says with the tone of a proud bigger sister “But welcome to the pride”
Nice work.
Glad you took my advice on the reboot! Hope it appeals to your creative sense more this time around. The nugget of the change and alteration of perception for others was intriguing, and I look forward to seeing what we discussed and whatever surprises you have planned play out.
>More obsessed fans would probably eat that shit up, but you could care less
Couldn't care less

Good job Gumo. Also, unlike a few opinionated folks, I enjoy and will continue to enjoy tf into non-pony equestrian races as I have since this thread's inception years ago, and look forward to Eris returning. That third act is gonna be good.
Aww yis. Incoming catbird tf?
Damn, in my sleepiness I made one of my most hated grammatical errors. Thanks for all the help again on both getting this rolling again and listening to my Eris ideas.
Be a good mother to her and hopefully she won't resent you for stealing her life.
I think someone already wrote this on fimfiction but it's not very good.
PoppedAnon where have you gone?
Good question.
Here's a link to a story I did as a trade with Sential in which a rando turns into Queen Chrysalis. It's actual prose instead of greentext and is in a different vein than my normal stories. It contains body horror and ovipositing so if you don't like that stuff I wouldn't read it. It was an interesting challenge to try and write.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/11npmdhVniJSa4yPXxxM-J3-AL4ITVybK3XBEldSaI_I/edit?usp=drivesdk here's a link courtesy of my burner Google account. The system thought my shortened link was spam so tough shit.
OK. This should be interesting.
Hopefully. Sential liked it but more feedback always helps.
too lazy to read through the archives, recommend me some good stories.
Avoid Eris, you'll be fine.
No, read Eris, you'll be fine.
Any themes in particular that you want to read or avoid?
Try https://pastebin.com/x5gDSY9F
I know exactly why I have this boner
Something long and interesting, preferably.
>"Oh fuck off! I hate being the little filly! I can't grab shit with those hooves and my dick is gone too! And for god's sake, stop calling me chap!"
>Anonymouse was not the most clever of young unicorns. Hell, to be honest, she couldn't even stand Miss Cheerilee's prattling about long division and algebra, and had dropped out of Ponyville school this fall, as was her right.
>After all, 'Nonny' didn't have any parents or any family, so she basically made her own decisions. It was a luxury many fillies and colts envied.
>However, they wouldn't envy her empty stomach.
>Nonny had always been hungry. When she slept, she faintly remembered times of a cold room, a bright screen in an often dark room, and hopes for a future.
>Those dreams guttered out against the creeping cold.
>Ponyville at its coldest was not that bad, she reasoned, but she still loathed winter and prayed for Winter Wrapup to arrive as quickly as possible
>However, for those ninety hateful days between the last leaf's descent to the ground and the most blessed of holidays, she had a problem most fillies and colts didn't think twice about.
>Her stomach and its near constant rumbling were a reminder that she couldn't just curl up in her blanket pile and wait for the day to end.
>So she plotted her latest and best endeavor: a raid on the place with the sweetest and best treats in all of Ponyville.
>Sugarcube Corner.

>Anonymouse knew the failure of most of her plots had more to do with lack of planning than 'bad luck'. The ne'er-do-wells in Ponyville Prison blamed bad luck.
>So this time, the gray coated filly had worked out her plan. Scrounging together enough bits for hot chocolate, she moved out.
>Sugarcube Corner was a long way from her shack on the edge of Ponyville. It was more time to rehearse. Mr. and Mrs. Cake were nice ponies. Of course, stealing food from a baker wasn't a real crime.
>She stepped in through the door. Mrs Cake was on duty. The mare was proof that the family had no problems eating, despite Mr Cake's lean and hungry look.
>”Good morning, Mrs. Cake.”
>”Hello, dearie.” She smiled, a proper businessmare, but nonetheless the filly could see her eyes narrow a little bit. Most ponies didn't come out and accuse Anonymouse of thievery, but every pony knew that the poor ponies didn't often have the bits for luxuries. “What can I do for you?”
>”A cup of hot chocolate, please.”
>Easily enough done. Taking her drink, Anonymouse posted up on a table near the wall and waited.
>The sound of the foals crying upstairs told her everything she needed to know.
> “I'll take care of it,” she calls back to the kitchen, heading to the stairs. Anonymous smiled at her as she passed.
>Mr. Cake was in the back, then. Once Mrs. Cake was upstairs, it was easy to slip behind the counter. Grabbing a to go bag with her magic, she filled it with a day's take. A loaf of bread. Ten cookies. A few cup cakes.
>Carefully slinging the bag over her shoulder, Anonymouse finished her hot chocolate on the way out and stepped out into the snow.

>Job well done, Anonymouse, she told herself.
>The chill was unnatural, even though her warm belly fought against it.
>Her mind went to that darker place for a moment, and she just barely stepped around Rarity.
>Rarity was a pony after Anonymouse's own heart, she despised winter and the cold. As such, she was usually in to much of a hurry to say more than a hurried hello in this weather.
>”Hello, Anonymouse.”
>”Hello, Rarity.” Anonymouse did her best to hold her ground. Trying to run would only show guilt.
>She narrowed her eyes. “That is an awfully big bag of treats you have there.”
>Of course, Rarity knew. Now there was no reason to worry about showing guilt, of course.
>Anonymouse broke and ran.
>If there was one thing she had confidence in, it was her ability to give somepony the slip.
>Of course, she found, that Rarity wasn't chasing after a while.
>She slowed down and sighed. Thankfully, no pony really wanted to be out in this cold, and no pony wanted to cough up a lung from having to sprint in it either.
>All of a sudden, a wave of magic washed over her.
>Her body levitated in the air, and suddenly she felt a clarity of purpose as she looked back to her blank flank to see a black ski mask there.
>She felt ill. Was this what she would be doing for the rest of her life?
>Anonymouse finally made it back to her shack and smiled. It was small, but it was warm and it was home. Easing herself inside and putting the hook in its eye with her magic, she finally set the bag down. About a day's worth of food, more or less. She even got her cutie mark, even if it wasn't the happiest cutie mark to get.
>She could finally-
> “Hiya, Nonny!” shrieked her pile of blankets.
> “Oh buck me.”

>”Hi, Pinkie Pie,” she said with so little amusement. She should have known. Pinkie Pie wasn't there, which meant she was lurking around a corner.
>”Whatcha doing?”
>”Taking home the treats I bought from Sugarcube Corner.” Anonymouse lied, laying herself down on the cushion that was her one other piece of furniture.
>”Oh, nice! Can I have one?”
> “N-” She clacked her teeth together fast before she could spit that out. “Sure!”
> Maybe if Pinkie Pie got a treat, she'd leave. So she opened the bag and suddenly Pinkie Pie's face was in there.
> “Oooh, you stole a lot,” she said nonchalantly as she plucked out a cookie.
> Anonymouse went still for a moment. Was she so utterly transparent?
> “I saw you run from Rarity, silly...and you got your cutie mark, too. Congratulations, by the way!” She threw the cookie into the air and swallowed it with one chomp of her maw.
> “Yeah...hey, Pinkie Pie?”
> “I'm sorry, but I kind of want to be alone right now.”
> “Okay, Nonny. Don't worry, we'll have a nice party about this when the weather gets better.”
>Pinkie Pie bounced out of her home, and Anonymouse made sure she was locked up tight before she crawled under the blankets and fought the tears.
>She was going to have to steal for the rest of her life?
A lot of people seem to be into Cuddly Doom.
Behind the Wire by WallMixer

Five Score by twisted spectrum

Radiance by Zero & Infinity

Zephyr by Zephyr

Anonymous Bosch by Pony Samsa

Our Town by Ranger

and CuddlyDoom By Jeff
Poor Anon. I'd be interested in learning more about her backstory.
Pinkie's too astute a pony to deceive that easily.
And added to the google doc!

Have you read Five Score?

Cuddly Doom is also good and still updating twice a week (link in the OP) and most of this list could work in fact >>30674786
File: 1492189413246.jpg (64 KB, 894x965)
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you are terrible, terrible cancer and a plague for this board
File: 45158.jpg (42 KB, 250x245)
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File: 1499192106304.png (473 KB, 1943x1959)
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473 KB PNG
Seems like a win to me.

I admit I didn't put near enough thought into it. I was just taken by the idea because today was a nice and lazy day for writing.
”I’d love to have dinner with you tonight, but I have an appointment.”
>Your boyfriend makes a noise of discontent.
“Look, you knew what I did for a living when we got together, you’re just going to have to get over it.”
>”Yeah, yeah, but would it kill you to set aside some me time?”
“Me time doesn’t pay for this condo Jerry.”
>”Fine, whatever, have fun.”
>He hangs up on you abruptly.
>Rolling your eyes, you hang up the phone, setting it aside with your magic.
>Sitting back, you pour yourself a glass of red wine.
>Living without hands is surprisingly easy when you have telekinesis.
>Ever since you’ve become a horse, you realized a lot of people want to fuck a small pastel horse.
>So you became a pony prostitute.
>At first you were fucking neckbeards from 4chan, but they were small time jobs.
>You’ve always been ambitious after all.
>That’s why the moment you had enough cash, you decided to pack up and move somewhere else.
>At first you considered New York or LA, but you had a much better idea.
>Politicians are always seemingly getting caught in kinky scenarios, or at least having their sexual proclivity leaked.
>Surely some will pay top dollar to fuck a little horse!
>So you moved to DC
>Clients are always very eager to meet you.
>It’s not surprising, you are a pony after all.
>Still, it can be grating to play to their wants.
>If it didn’t pay so well, you doubt you put up with it.
>You like sex, but usually with partners who are a tad bit more competent in bed.
>It’s shocking how so many politicians are completely inept in bed.
>They fuck the country hard, but are like fucking babies with an actual partner.
>Old, musky babies.
>You groan upon seeing a text from your client.
>”I’m outside. Ready for your pleasure Cruz?”
>Gagging, you reply.
“Sure, I’m up for a Ted Talk.”
>”Oh Kiss and Tell, you’re so perfect!”
>It’s for the money, it’s all for the money.
Because when I'm bored, shit like this happens. I could be productive. I made a similar shitpost on the Discord a while back, thought I'd adapt it for the thread. Because why the fuck not?
Smart move to ingratiate yourself with the politicians.Turn them into champions for pony rights.
>Anon hates Nyx
>Like, way too much, to an unhealthy degree
>The cosmic force that controls the multiverse (probably Twilight) decides to teach him a lesson or whatever by turning him into Nyx and forcing him to live out Past Sins
>Anon is overjoyed
>Now he can destroy that autistic piece of shit fanfiction from the inside!
>Anon proceeds to derail the story in various shocking and humorous ways as Twilight has to struggle to somehow make it work and bring the story to its intended conclusion
File: Ling.png (577 KB, 900x2000)
577 KB
577 KB PNG
No SpaceWolfe today?
>Anonymous Bosch by Pony Samsa
this is a great story, is it still going?
It's complete. Here's the second half of the story: https://pastebin.com/LkW3Kkc5
Vinyl Scratch TF/TG- SFW version.

Variants underneath:
http://i.imgur.com/nZKVdWk.png - half TG'd
http://i.imgur.com/vkzTvoA.png - half TG'd w/ cum
http://i.imgur.com/DtEjELX.png - full mare
http://i.imgur.com/oYdv5iI.png - full mare, wet
Full mare is the way to go.
I wonder if there are any other ponies on the playlist.
It's always a good time for writing

Hell yeah. Just like it's gonna be a great time for researching and writing my book this coming Monday.
That's a good green!
File: excite.gif (374 KB, 440x342)
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374 KB GIF
holy shit you used my edit
Glad you enjoyed it, Anon.
I did. Thanks for making it.
File: 149913877315_6.png (1.29 MB, 1200x800)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
I hope this book is about becoming a pony.
File: 1502086865310.png (504 KB, 598x447)
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504 KB PNG
You can't turn me into a pony...
File: soonmare.gif (160 KB, 500x355)
160 KB
160 KB GIF
I hate this "meme"
But it won't do shit. Congress is full of old men who solicit guys and trannies for sex in their off time, then fight against their rights on the job to keep their constituents in the dark as to their proclivities.
If fucking a pony was taboo, you bet your ass that by night your average Ted Cruz type would be paying a mare for sex and by day would be decrying such interspecies relations and pushing legislation to limit pony rights. It's the only way our closeted congressmen know how to act.
If you're an earth pony, you can hide a camera in hammerspace

instant blackmail
I like the way you think.
Just don't allow any TF of Ted Cruz

none of us want to see tabloids on the Poniac Killer
I'm impressed that Snowfall managed to resist as much as she did.
Part of me wanted to see James feeding her sugar cubes in the traditional way followed by some mare-on-mare cuddling.
File: 1502087838691.png (185 KB, 780x439)
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185 KB PNG
I'd love to see an outbreak of this. Hopefully it's just temporary.


It's about magic in 1830's America.
Why would Big Mac want to create a copy of himself?

He'll need help around Sweet Apple Acres when Applebloom and Applejack start satellite farms elsewhere
File: PICKLE.jpg (171 KB, 600x800)
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171 KB JPG
There had better be some horse magic in it.
File: OctaviaTFTGFinalSFW.png (593 KB, 1440x960)
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593 KB PNG
Octavia TF/TG followup. SFW post, with marebit versions in imgur:
Neat. Wouldn't it be great to become the little lesbian mare.
You might be interested in this story by the same author, https://pastebin.com/eyu3TuJD
File: HORSEPUSSY RICK.jpg (244 KB, 800x600)
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Her freaking camel toe is so lit HNnnnNNg
Best part of being the little filly.
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>Tune in next week for the exciting continuation of Cuddly Doom, updating on the evening of Monday August 7th!
Awe yea, update day!
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Current chapter (continuing from >>30655688) can be found here: https://pastebin.com/heBdiwMw
The story’s full chapter directory can be found here (the derpy.me link is down): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By-iGM4MXF8lSS1HcUM5OVFZMU0

>Once the machine shop’s door had silenced its own teetering creak and shut behind me, I sighed and gently trailed my fingers along the crease where the metal barrier met its frame
>A lingering temptress was still whispering to me from my tugged heartstrings, encouraging me to open the door and go back to Snowfall for just a few more minutes… just a few more…
>It was alluring, but I shook my head in an attempt to chase away the thoughts, levelling my gaze down the dim hallway as I refocused on the mission with which I’d tasked myself
>Staring into the gloom, my eyes followed a few lost rays of daylight that wandered through a window to illuminate the row of doors, any of which could be withholding food
>Which ones, though?
>My wariness of unseen ponies nestled among the shadows drove up my heartbeat a bit, but I tried to ignore the concern as my sweaty palm wrapped around the first doorknob
>Jiggling the cold metal, it persevered in firmly resisting my grasp, prompting me to let out an annoyed sigh and ultimately accept that it was locked
>Well, I’d found only two unlocked doors on one side of the corridor, but that had been enough for a place to sleep and a bit of food and supplies…
>One locked door among many wasn’t the end of the world, especially when I still had this OTHER side of this hallway to explore, and countless similar halls within the building
>After shaking out my arms in preparation for the semi-arduous task ahead, I rubbed my hand against my shirt and planted my feet at the entrance to door two
>To my surprise, the knob rolled open with a faint click, and much like its caddy-corner complement across the hall where I’d slept, the yawning door revealed a small office as it opened
>Meager light from the hallway spilled into the modestly furnished room, and I was forced to keep the door open as I rounded the office’s desk, one hand now hovering over my knife
>Fortunately, no ponies lay in ambush amid the darkness – but unfortunately, my dismay grew with each passing second as the office failed to offer anything justifying my foray
“Come on, give me something here…”
>In the span of a couple short minutes, the room descended into calamity, and as the last haphazardly retrieved book subsided in a pile beneath an empty drawer, I wiped my brow
>While leaning against the desk and surveying the irreconcilable mess that hadn’t yielded a single morsel of food, I let out a long, ragged sigh of defeat
>I silently prayed the other offices around here would be different, but as I proceeded down the hallway, my hope gradually turned to despair
>Four of the doors amongst the row had been open – a veritable disaster in terms of security – but it had all been for naught, as each proffered very little of value
>Scattered among the piles of now-worthless research and data, the few packets of sugar and peanuts I found made for a paltry meal, and actually educed a feeling of insult in my gut
>Well, maybe not insult so much as piercing, agonizing hunger, but each hurt in its own right, and the latter was compounded by how I knew my best friend was suffering through the same
>Shutting the final office door in my wake, I walked into the spacious stairwell at the corridor’s end, its regal marble steps guarding the pair of hallways converging at its base
>While I could’ve spent hours rooting through the five labyrinthine hallways on this single floor of the engineering building, curiosity drove me skyward as I stared up the steps
>Amid the distinct lack of hooves echoing from above, my shoes gently thudded against the marble while I set a course for the upper hallways that lines the building’s eastern façade
>Even if I couldn’t find any substantial food by the time I reached the top floor, at least it would give my an opportune vantage of the campus through the stairwell’s slim windows
>Some reconnaissance couldn’t hurt, as watching the Pegasi meticulously inspecting the university gate earlier had been… concerning…
>While I shuddered to admit the fact, it appeared as though the ponies were not only actively looking for me, but also narrowing down their search with each passing hour
>I wanted to formulate a counterplan, but with hunger clamping my stomach, my cascade of priorities seldom allowed me to think beyond basic scavenging instincts
>Far gone were the exciting apocalyptic fantasies of outsmarting the horde with cunningly placed traps… I would be ecstatic just staying human, having a full stomach, and not getting lost
>Making a mental note to keep careful track of my bearings in the academic maze, I climbed into the uncannily familiar rows of doors lining the next floor’s corridor and grasped a doorknob
>Its ceaseless resistance against turning was a harbinger of things to come, considering I progressed past nearly every other office on the floor without any unlocked door granting entry
>I was already inhaling in preparation for a definitive sigh of failure when the final doorknob rolled open with a soft grinding of metal
>As if to compound my surprise, the room within was far more than a simple office, and rather, some sort of storage room, its floors lined with endless racks of old electrical knickknacks
>Shutting the door behind me, the only illumination was midmorning sunlight slanting through cracks in the window blinds, the golden rays causing the metallic stockpiles to glisten
>I had only cursory experience in differentiating the varied resistors, capacitors, diodes, and fuses protruding from the abandoned boxes and breadboards, but I still found myself enamored
>My eyes slowly drifted downward along the rack’s palette, from the glistening yellows of sunlit chrome on the top shelf, to the dull grey of tarnished components, to the vivid blue of…
>A frozen chill ran up my spine as a small patch of blue fur disappeared behind the shelf a few yards away, the subtle shift accompanied by a soft click of hooves against tile
>The prospect of bolting was suddenly extremely tempting, but even with adrenaline surging through my blood, I realized that may have been the worst possible course of action
>I was in a closed room with this pony, who had no visible points of egress except for the door I was guarding, so I at least had SOME control over the situation
>Maybe the pony didn’t see me when I entered?
>The chance of that actually being the case was stupidly slim, but either way, making a run for it now would give them free reign to alert their friends…
>My steps gently carried me across the front of the room while I inspected the cramped aisles of rusted metal, my calmly spoken whisper bouncing among the shelves
“Hey there, little pony… There’s no need to be afraid… I just want to talk…”
>With my heart hammering, I relaxed only slightly upon recognizing a familiar pair of eyes nestled a few yards away at the far end of one aisle, their pupils darting about studiously
“Sky Meadows? Is… is that you?”
>Surveying the rest of her disquieted body, the bandages wrapped around the mare’s faintly trembling barrel provided undisputable confirmation even in the room’s dim shadows
>After a few moments of tense silence with no response beyond a few clicks of nervously shifting hooves, I leaned down and whispered to her again
“Sky Meadows? What’s wrong, dear?”
>As I moved to the mouth of the aisle, Sky Meadows pressed herself against the far wall, which caused me to realize just how badly I was upsetting her by cutting off her escape
>A pony like her had no recourse in the manners of flight or magic, so it dawned on me that her anxiously tensed muscles were justifiable given the situation
>She remained in contact with the wall but allowed her breathing to calm once I took a few steps back, taking a seat with my feet crossed and my eye level lowered to her own
“Sky… I just want to talk… Sky, please…”
>Her ears flicked with each instance of her name, but the only other visible response was a wary step toward the side of the aisle, her eyes quickly wavering between me and the shelf
>With a feeble kick from Sky Meadows’ hoof, a shiny tin box about the size of a soda can came to life and skipped down the aisle toward me, skating to a stop against my shin
>Picking up the odd gift initially divulged little of its purpose, until I noticed the pull tab adorning its top, much as one would find with canned fish or deli meats
>My brief analysis was interrupted by a renewed clattering as a second, similar tin asserted itself among the stocks of metal and slid forward at Sky Meadows’ impulsion
>Comparing it with its counterpart, I found the second had a brassy finish, and its pronounced teeth marks led me to realize that both containers featured such blemishes prominently
“Sky, why are-”
>“I heard your stomach growling even when you were out in the hallway. I promise you: pony flesh doesn’t taste that good anyways. You wanna call us even and go our separate ways?”
“Cut it out, okay? I’m trying to tell myself I’m not the bad guy, and you’re definitely not helping”
>“Then who IS the bad guy, James? I’m trying to sit here calmly and have a nice conversation with you, but I’m kind of terrified to do so after all I’ve heard about you”
“Well, you seem pretty calm…”
>“How am I supposed to be?! Daisy told me all about how you lied to her over and over again, and nearly gave Typhoon Twist and Cobalt a heart attack – by feigning one of the very same!”
>I passively dropped the tins of food to the ground with a thunderous crash, freeing up my hands to spiritedly enunciate my body language
“You don’t understand! I… I wanted to help, honest… It’s not like I had any choice in the matter; I wasn’t going to become a pony and end up dooming Alexan…”
>My voice trailed off and I faltered halfway through clenching a fist, my gaze wandering away from Sky Meadows amid a long inhale
>I didn’t know whether my bitter response was directed at the ponies for forcing my hand, or myself for abandoning Alexander, or the mare before me for trying to convert my friend
>Maybe it was a convoluted combination of the three, or something different entirely, but least of all, I couldn’t bring myself to fault my friend who said he ‘slipped up’ in earning pony ears
>“You cared about him… You cared about him as much as you cared about yourself…”
>I labored swiftly to untie the knot in my throat before coughing the first words of my response
“He… H-He was my best friend… I thought you and the ponies valued friendship… I thought… I thought, seeing how close you and Storm Cloud were, that you’d understand…”
>“James, I never intended for this to happ-”
“Save it for your fucking diary, Sky; you knew exactly what you were doing!”
>“Blooming apples… I thought I was helping him and I would’ve been more than happy to help you! You treated me wonderfully; why would I want to do anything to hurt you?!”
“Last I checked, infecting people with a species-changing contagion wasn’t the best way to show your gratitude!”
>“Your friend could hardly see straight with that hangover of his! And besides, he started the transformation! I thought when he brushed up against me with exposed skin, he was cuddling!”
>I released a long exhale through my nose, allowing my eyes to wander among the rows of electric components for some time before reestablishing eye contact
“Damn it, Sky… That really doesn’t make me feel any better… Couldn’t you tell he probably did it on accident?”
>“It’s not like there was anything I could’ve done to reverse it at that point… And it would’ve been no problem at all to befriend you as well… It… It still wouldn’t be a problem to do so now…”
>I ran a glove through my hair and let out a long sigh, its pitch falling as my annoyance rose
“I get that it’s ‘pony instincts’ or some bullshit driving you in that direction, but you’re still selling something I ain’t buying…”
>“Please, just hear me out…”
“You really don’t understand that I’m perfectly content remaining a human, as if everything I’ve already told you wasn’t enough”
>“Sweet mercy, James, nopony is going to be giving you that choice! Nopony… nopony except me…”
>As her voice lulled to somber serenity, I felt a shiver race through my body
>“James… I’m… I’m scared for you… I’m so scared…”
>Her lips parted slightly for a few wordless seconds, a telltale sign of the she was circling around the kind of questions that kept her awake at night
>“You’ve become a lightning rod for everypony in town, especially after you kind of confirmed what they thought about humanity being nothing more than depraved remnants of their past…”
“Didn’t you tell them about how I was treating your injuries? And surely they remember all the GOOD that humanity has done?”
>“I tried, but since joining the herd, none of us recall the full extent of human evil, and we jump to thinking the worst… Sure, you helped me, but only because another human sliced up my gut…”
>I always knew that certain ponies had specific individual reasons for assimilating me into the herd, but this revelation that the collective tide of opinion flowed as such was newly disquieting
>No wonder the single Pegasus sentry I’d seen yesterday had swelled to a flock of five upon a single rooftop, and in the span of only a few short hours…
>Trying to distract myself from the situation’s gravity, I rolled up the sleeves on my hoodie and pried open one of the food tins, exposing a deliciously glistening slab of salted meat
>My stomach languidly roared as I expeditiously inspected this heavenly instance of the age-old distraction that food afforded
>Throwing my head back and swallowing a piece of the container’s contents with minimal chewing, I fought to sway the solemnity written in Sky Meadows’ expression
“So what you’re telling me is, I’m the bad guy – I’m the nail that needs to be hammered down with brute force”
>“But you’re not, James… Not to me… I’ve seen the real you, and I don’t want you to… get hurt… Not any worse than you already are…”
>My lips drew back and I slowly let my hoodie sleeves drape back down to my wrists, submerging the crimson bandage wrapped around my forearm in grey fabric once again
>“If we were to snuggle, you know that would be healed immediately, right?”
“I’ll survive…”
>“James, one way or another, you’re going to be befriended within the wrought iron cage of this campus fence – it’d take a miracle or the might of a seven nation army to sidestep that fate”
>“I’m offering you the chance to do so in the loving hooves of somepony who sees the good in you and wants to help you across the threshold because she feels the need to return a favor”
>“When Storm Cloud and Daisy befriended me, they were smiling through it all… the only bad part was that Storm Cloud’s excitement led her to ruin a perfectly good shirt and pair of shorts”
>“It was about making friends to play with… Back then, it didn’t carry the weight of protecting our herd the way it does now…”
>“It feels like that was so much more than two days ago… All too quickly we had to put on masks and build the dams we prayed would hold back our imagined torrents of blood”
>“I’ve set my mask aside for you, but I don’t know what lengths these other ponies are willing to go to in order to befriend you before they’d be willing to take off theirs…”
>“I can’t… won’t… force you to do so, but I’m asking you to peacefully throw away your clothes, join us, and let us go back to what life as a pony is supposed to be, sooner rather than later”
>“It’d be a wonderful thing for us to snuggle, James… All we ever wanted to do was play…”
>Sky Meadows fell silent, and the whole room followed suit for what was likely a full minute, with nothing except my own beating heart providing any audible rhythm in the timeless serenity
>I mean, I couldn’t be faulted for wanting to stay human, especially when things in my life had actually been going quite smoothly up until Friday evening… right?
>Decent grades, good health, I paid my taxes and tuition, and to cap it all off, my history with Carmine Ambulance meant I was a great EMT, with no indications that any of that would cease
>I would’ve been just fine if not for the ponies, and their intrusion into my life was a perfectly valid thing to resist!
>And it was ridiculous to think that every reshaped man, woman, and child in this town now bearing four hooves would’ve desired that fate to begin with
>They’d forsaken their own lives of waking up for school and work every morning, and to what end, exactly? Friendship, or some swill like that?
>I was vindicated in raging against the herd until my final human breath, considering it was simply a pyramid scheme of fuzzy hooves, and to become embroiled in it was a grievous tragedy!
>Just… don’t pay too much heed to the fact that the ponies are so… friendly and jovial once it’s done…
“Sky Meadows, tell me, what are…”
>My voice started cutting through the stillness like a hot knife through butter, but rapidly cooled and subsided to nothing as I realized this wasn’t a question for me to debate with her
>She had asserted it best when she’d pointed out that it was a decision only I could make
>I didn’t meet Sky Meadows’ eye contact even though I could tell she was looking intently at me, instead opting to bow my head and contemplatively rub my palms together
“I’m sorry, Sky… I wish the best to your herd and every one of the ponies in it, but I’m just… not ready yet… I’m not ready to give up my humanity and join you… I’m sorry…”
>It took me a few moments to notice that she was sedately nodding, staring at the floor intently as though it were a window to the alternate universe in which I’d agreed to join her
>“There’s no need to apologize, James… I just hope that whoever does befriend you isn’t too harsh… You’re not a bad person… You’re… You’re peachy keen…”
“I… I needed to hear that… Thanks…”
>After shooting her a weak smile, I was interrupted by my stomach’s continued protests, as the single piece of salted meat had discernably not been enough to fully sate my hunger
>Once I’d downed the rest of the first tin’s contents, I pried at the tab of the second unlabeled container, its weak lid shearing unevenly around the deep teeth marks dotting its surface
>Sky Meadows’ prior interest in the secretive tin was apparent as light started streaming into the colorful interior, its gloom now giving way to a generous helping of green beans
>Faint guilt tugged at my heart, as the boxy figure of the tin had falsely led me to believe I’d encounter some nourishment that would’ve been inedible to her anyways, likely meat or fish
“Woops, well, how about we split these green beans fifty-fifty, seeing as you found them, but I was the one who got the tin open”
>I held out the opened tin and began to tip it to its side, but Sky Meadows shook her head, curtly chuckling before my wrist had made it beyond dripping a bit of juice onto my finger
>“I’M not hungry, but I can tell that the meat wasn’t enough to fill your stomach by itself. It’s all yours”
“Are… do you mean it?”
>My stomach softly grumbled as if to question why I was doubting her, causing me to faintly blush
>“James, of course I do. The ponies are having no trouble at all finding food – I don’t say that as, like, a temptation for you to join us; I’m just saying, we’re good on food”
>The ponies, maybe, but my mind drifted back to the famished friend awaiting my return in the machine shop as I folded the tin’s lid neatly back in place and clutched it at my side
>Snowfall may not have been fully equine yet, but if her altered taste buds had been any indication, the infection had probably already done a number on her inclination toward meat
>These green beans, on the other hand, would hit the spot
“Thanks, Sky, I’m going to save these for later and eat them then”
Sky Meadows paused, cocking her head to the side inquisitively before issuing a response
>“You know, I was wondering whether you’d found Snowfall – whenever we were talking, she made it sound as though you two are a very happy pair”
>Don’t tell her anything just in case she intends to finish what she started…
“I thought… I thought she was with you… Well, anyways, yeah, thanks for the green beans…”
>She let out a pleasant giggle at my humiliatingly unconvincing lie
>“Oh James, I know you wouldn’t want to be carrying around that tin unless you were bringing it to her”
“Maybe I’m just not hungry enough to justify eating them right now – I’m saving them for later; why would you believe that’s so crazy?”
>With a heartfelt grin, Sky Meadows fluttered her lashes and spoke with a warm sweetness that would’ve given Christmastime dessert a run for its money
>“I think it’s really delightful that you’d be willing to remain a bit hungry just so she can have something to eat… No wonder she ran after you… You two belong together…”
>I stared at my feet for a few moments and inattentively drummed my fingers on the side of the tin of green beans
“Sky, you didn’t finish befriending her like I’d thought you would…”
>“If the notion bears any weight, you and she can befriend each other… I offered myself because I hadn’t known whether you’d found her and thought it too sensitive to bring up”
>As much as I still wanted to implement every reasonable option to stay human, the idea that had been proposed by Sky Meadows was alluring, if ponification were truly inevitable
>“And after taking the plunge, you could celebrate with me; I live…”
>Sky Meadows stopped and drew her lips back, suddenly skeptical about whether she wanted to divulge the place where she slept, reclined, and was generally her most vulnerable
>“You can find me in the dean’s office on the top floor of the sciences building most of the time. Apples taste amazing as a pony and we have a whole crateful there”
“You better hope I don’t end up as a Pegasus because you’re going to make me too fat to fly with all this food!”
>“Ah, well, what’re friends for, right?”
>We were both smiling and chuckling, but I still found myself wiping away an appreciative tear with the sleeve of my hoodie, in light of her marvelous generosity
“Sky, I’m in your debt; I mean it. I would give you a big ol’ hug if it didn’t… you know…”
>I reached into my pocket and pulled out a couple of sugar cubes, rolling them in my hand as Sky Meadows watched from her vantage a few yards away at the aisle’s end
“This is the very least I could do… Snowfall tells me these taste really good to ponies, though I can’t speak from experience…”
>“Holy cow, you have no idea! They’re amazing!”
“Someday I’ll know… Just as a show of good faith…”
>I reached across my body with my free hand and grasped the pocketknife clipped at my side, prompting Sky Meadows to shift back ever so slightly, the mare acting mostly on instinct
>With a fluid flick of the wrist, the folded knife arced through the air across the front of the room, crashing into the tile and loudly clattering to a stop amid the shadows of a back corner
>However, almost immediately after it’d vanished between a pair of dusty computer monitors, a different, rhythmic clattering rose up in the other direction from where I’d been looking
>Turning my head to investigate, all I saw was the slender beam of light from the ajar door and a purple blur before something violently crashed into my stomach, knocking me to my side
>Finding my lungs abruptly voided of air, the only sound I could make were a few seconds of labored gasping while a pair of animated female voices spoke up
>“Good work on getting him to throw away his knife – you could be, like, a police negotiator!”
>“Storm Cloud, what the hay are you doing?! Leave him alone!”
>“Relax, he won’t be hurt when this is all done”
>“I’m serious, stop, stop!”
>As I sluggishly reacquired my bearings, my head rolled from its slack position staring at the wall, eventually bringing into focus the muzzle of a familiar purple Pegasus
>Not only had she and I already been acquainted, but as I made a half-heartened effort to move my hands, I recalled that this wasn’t the first time I’d found myself pinned by her either
>“At least you’ve learned by now that you’re not escaping from me… No point in moving your hands… There, there, that’s a good boy…”
>Storm Cloud slyly smiled, the glistening of her pale teeth standing out starkly against the dull backdrop of the grey speckled ceiling overhead
>Sky Meadows cautiously approached her aggressively breathing friend, gently setting a hoof against her side as the warm scent of the Pegasus’ last meal wafted down onto her prey’s face
>“Storm Cloud… Please… Get off him…”
>“No worries, Sky – I’m just messing around a bit”
>“You don’t have to do this, why is it that whenever you meet a new human you have to do this? Every story you’ve told me it’s always like this”
>“Oh, come on, Sky, it gets boring after nineteen of them! Way back when, making friends with you was at least fun…”
>“You’ve been keeping track? Nineteen?”
>“Well, sure, I’m trying to close in on Clementine Breeze because she says she’s got twenty-two, so I’m practically there at this point!”
>“You’re unbelievable! These aren’t toys for you to play around with – he’s a person with a heart, mind, and soul! He’s just as special as you and me and we need to look out for him!”
>“And soon he’ll be a pony, and he won’t have to worry about any of what I’ll have done to him. Plus, don’t worry, I know he’s special… I know aaaall about the things he’s done…”
>As Storm Cloud spoke with ominous confidence, she shifted her weight forward, driving her hooves into my gloves with more and more force until she elicited a weak yelp of agony
>The cry that resonated through the room was much like that of a dog biting on a chew toy, and to say that she paralleled the dog in the metaphor… wouldn’t have been inaccurate
>“You’re hurting him! Stop, stop! Just because he’s going to be healed and ultimately forget about this doesn’t make it okay!”
>With an annoyed groan, Storm Cloud shifted some of her weight back onto her hind hooves, relieving the worst of her draconian torment
>“Alright, alright, here, I’ll get it over with. I’ve been wanting to try this: you get a drop of spit and let it drip down toward ‘em, and it’s fun because you get to watch ‘em squirm for a sec”
>My eyes went wide and my legs weakly kicked at nothing in particular, but I knew the strength stored in Storm Cloud’s equine muscles was too much of an opponent
>I silenced my breathing upon realizing that each of my short, desperate breaths was accompanied by a pitiful whine, which for all I knew was half the fun for Storm Cloud
>“Come on, that’s nasty… Spit? Really? Why would you ever come up with that?”
>“What? You can do a lot with it. You can, like, swing it back and forth like a pendulum, and then when it hits them and rolls down the cheek, you get to see what color of fur they-”
>“Storm Cloud! I say this as your friend: please get your hooves off of James. I promise he’s not going to run or fight. Promise”
>The purple Pegasus shut her mouth, briskly waffling her gaze between her friend and the origin of her disdain underhoof
>Eventually she leaned close to me, keeping her mane a few inches away as she met my terrified expression with narrowed eyes
>“I don’t know how you convinced her to help you, but you get out this time…”
>After a moment’s pause, the weight lifted from my hands, and as the purple titan above me shifted to the side of the room, I groaned and began rubbing my aching hands
>Sky Meadow’s calculated hoofsteps brought her to her friend, a stern expression written in the blue pony’s face as her friend’s wings flared out slightly
>“James didn’t ‘convince’ me of anything – he was about to put in the stitches on my injury before you came barging in here with all the feather-fluttering manners of a schoolfilly!”
>I couldn’t recall ever seeing Sky Meadows so angry, and moreover, I couldn’t tell to what degree she was acting for my sake as Storm Cloud backed up and flattened her ears
>“I didn’t… I didn’t mean…”
>“Yeah, you better not have! Just hope that James’ hands are still okay to do this. James, you’re okay, right? Your gloves aren’t torn or anything?”
>Without verbalizing my response, I gave a nearly imperceptible nod of affirmation, which Sky Meadows returned in kind with considerably more conviction
>“Then let’s get this over an done with”
>Sky Meadows shooed Storm Cloud to the far side of the room near the door, the Pegasus’ wings pressed against her barrel and her tail tucked culpably between her legs
>I rose to my knees and unzipped my EMT pouch to fish around for the supplies I would need, taking my time as I noticed that I was still in a daze from Storm Cloud’s harsh treatment
“Sky, is it okay if I pick you up? Like, lift you? Just to verify that my math is right when it comes to the anesthetic dosages?”
>“Yeah; do what you need to do, James”
>Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised by how cooperative Sky Meadows was through the whole procedure… Years of treating a lot of drunks and combative humans had left me jaded
>Still, as I planted my feet and briefly lifted her about her barrel, I was struck by how calm and trusting she felt, with not a single unrelaxed muscle to be found while in my grip
>The pattern of good faith continued as I changed gloves, removed her bandages, administered the local anesthetic, numbed the region surrounding her lacerations, and made the first stitch
>Doing my best to ignore the curious and exceedingly concerned pony watching from a few feet away, I gradually worked to banish the band of crimson to its rightful place below her fur
>A few leery minutes later, Sky Meadows’ wounds had been effectively closed, and the last of the alcohol from a barely mired cleaning wipe had already predominantly evaporated
>With a sigh of relief from every mouth in the room, the procedure had been a smashing success, and was complete save for the healing process that lay ahead
>Where red lines had once snaked across Aky Meadows’ stomach, a fresh bandage was now burying clean blue fur with a few faint zigs and zags where the sutures resided
>I could only wonder whether I’d still have my hands when it came time to remove them in a week or two…
>“I can stand up, right, James?”
“Yes you can, Sky. Walk about all you want; you did great”
>After quickly swapping my gloves again and zipping up my pouch, I plunged a hand into my pocket and returned with a sugar cube, gently holding it in front of her eagerly glistening eyes
>Sky Meadows stuck her tongue out and tamely brushed against the sweet morsel before tenderly gripping it between her teeth and shutting her mouth around it
>With a cheery smile, she let out a murmur of pleasure, her jaw perceptibly shifting while her tongue played with the tasty treat
“Storm Cloud, would you like one too?”
>The Pegasus responded with a distant gaze that definitely wasn’t focused on me, and the more I studied her, the less she seemed to center on Sky Meadows either
>“I’m good. Sky, we done here with what he needs to do?”
>Sky Meadows, still basking in the bliss of the sugar cube’s taste, trotted to her friend with a lingering smile
>“You heard him – it went great! He’s an excellent surgeon and a good guy, from head to foot!”
>The Pegasus dropped her head, agitatedly rolling it back a moment later to look at her friend as her mane draped into position
>“Okay, cool, so we don’t need him for anything else?”
>“I mean… I… I guess not?”
>“Awesome, so am I befriending him, or do you want to?”
>Sky Meadows didn’t break eye contact with her friend as she let out a long, audibly irked exhale through her muzzle
>“Storm Cloud… What’s the rush? We can wait, like… a day or two? You’ve seen the kind of guy he is… He’s clearly not going to hurt anypony…”
>Storm Cloud reached out with a hind leg and nudged the room’s door shut, its knob sliding into place with a faint click
>“We’re doing this now. So do you wanna do this or am I? I certainly wouldn’t mind closing the margin between Clementine Breeze and myself…”
>Sky Meadows swallowed the sugar cube and sighed, briefly hanging her head before chewing on her lip and reestablishing eye contact with the impatiently waiting Pegasus
>“Storm, you and I are the best of friends, and you’re generally pretty forgiving, right?”
>“Yeah, why do you ask?”
>“What if I were to tell you that it’d be better to let James leave this room, fully human? Like, as if… maybe we misjudged him?”
>“I’d forgive you for doing whatever crazy drugs you’re on… Why, is that… is that what you’re about to say?”
>“No… No it’s not… But… in that case, as your friend, please forgive me for this…”
>Sky Meadows stepped close to her friend, wrapping her hooves around the other pony’s barrel between her wings and neck
>“Sky, I don’t understand… what…”
>Storm Cloud was cut off as her co-cuddler’s hug tightened, not with any visible intent to hurt her, but with a grip composed of tensed muscles that shown no intention of release
>“Sky, that’s a little tight!”
>With a shuddering crash that sent a couple small boxes of electrical components tumbling to the floor, Sky Meadows’ legs buckled, bringing the pair of ponies down in a heap
>By now, Storm Cloud was flailing her limbs in an attempt to break free of the embrace, her wings smacking and twitching in every direction amid a fruitless contribution to the effort
>“Sky, let go of me! Knock it off!”
>The Pegasus bucked against a shelf, sending a horrifically loud crash of metal echoing through the room, but doing nothing successful to escape Sky Meadows’ grasp
>As the two shifted on the floor, Sky Meadows’ eyes turned enough to steal a glance at me, her stoic expression saying a single word that her gritted teeth wouldn’t

As is standard, Cuddly Doom will continue its Monday/Thursday schedule with its next update on the evening of Thursday August 10th.
I hope you all have a splendid week, little ponies!
>tfw you're 100% right about it not being an innate compulsion to transform people.
Fuck yes, further solidifies my opinion on throeing myself to the herd.
Storm cloud is a massive dick though, would not cuddle/10.
James got turned on like we expected

Man these ponies can be dicks
>tfw some monkey medic is less of a cunt than your best friend
tough break.
I'd call Storm Cloud top cunt if it weren't for her alluding that Clementine is somehow even worse.
Daily reminder all little ponies should be completely willing transformees
File: 1485644740972.png (414 KB, 564x784)
414 KB
414 KB PNG
Big improvement
By the time james becomes a pony, we'll probably have colonized Mars.
The idea is to have the horse pussy, not be the horse pussy.
and found the portal to equestria that's there
or ripped and torn our way out of hell
File: 225591.png (818 KB, 1680x1050)
818 KB
818 KB PNG
I think that was the plot of Doom
It's a 50/50 chance and the more dangerous things are on the moons
File: Anonfilly45.png (388 KB, 1456x1473)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
every fucking day
I'd be angry too if I became a green and black filly.
Nice. I hope Pink doesn't get too depressed. She's gonna have a great special talent, tickling ponies with feathers.
They should be. Because who wouldn't want to be the little pony?
I don't think AJ would ever leave her farm. Appleboom on the other hand will be out of there at the earliest opportunity.
Big Mac would do better making the guy into the tough hard-working mare.
Just like Equestria
File: BzGZfoR.png (995 KB, 1440x932)
995 KB
995 KB PNG
>You become a pony

>But you still feel dead inside

Would it be worth it?
Makes me think, what we need is some Anonmare forced into a sexy magician's costume by Trixie and made to act as her assistant on stage. Presumably Anon agreed to this as a condition of being turned into a pony and brought to Equestria.
Ponies and humans alike should be happy.
Two new hypnosis files: one for becoming a pet pony and another for becoming Zephyr

Petfags enjoy
File: zephyr.jpg (230 KB, 1594x1409)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
I find the idea of a (transformed) pony having their freedom taken away a tad disturbing. Nevertheless I'll give this a listen out of curiosity.
You become the main character in the last MLP story you read. How fucked are you?
>Behind the Wire

As fucked as a Gelding being fucked by Moonglow is
File: IMG_0091.png (84 KB, 300x169)
84 KB
Does that include stories on this board?
Cause the last story I read was Cuddly Doom.
So what you're saying is, you're perfectly fine
All the better if it comes from this thread.

I'm so sorry.
I guess I'm okay in the company of the nun ponies.
Well fine is a matter of who's body I just highjacked?
Post more ideas, prompts and green, guys.
The original pony.
Have a fetishy prompt.
>A group of friends get a chance to become the little mare in Ponyville from Discord.
>What they didn't know until they took the deal is that they get to be the little mare because a group of stallions are looking for subservient wives.
>If they get bred by one of those stallions, they are forever bound to them.
>However, if they manage to stay unbred for a certain amount of time or are the last one left unbred, they get to live their life as a mare freely.
There's always a catch. It could be interesting to read about the group's varied reactions to discovering it. There could be one who's into it immediately, one who quickly accepts their new role as wife and mother and a couple competing too be the free mare.
Can i be the subserviant stallion to a qt mare?!
>Anon is an author
>He hasn't really hit the big times or anything, but he's put out a few positively-received books
>While trying to think up his next one, suddenly the idea to write a children's book about ponies comes to him seemingly out of nowhere
>He comes up with a protagonist, a mare named Creamy Treat who sells ice cream in a town called 'Ponyville', but gets stuck and calls it a night
>He has a rather vivid dream about Creamy Treat and uses it as inspiration to write the next morning
>This continues on for a short while before he starts to notice that he's been losing track of time lately
>And the dreams are becoming much more vivid
>Sometimes he gets confused about whether he's Creamy or Anon
>The dreams start getting lewder and lewder to the point that his manuscript becomes hardcore fetish porn as he writes
>Sometimes he's woken up by phonecalls from family and friends who haven't seen him in days, and he's beginning to see his pony counterpart in the edges of his vision
>He gets sick of it and trashes what he's already written and tries to just forget about it
>When he falls asleep, he's dismayed to discover that he's still there little mare in his dreams
>And even more so when he learns that his new masters won't let him wake up
There's also the question of how they discover it. Is it told to them once they arrive, or do they slowly figure it out after some of them are picked off by stallions.
File: Sgt_Reckless4.png (824 KB, 2400x1800)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
Kimmy releases his new weapons on the dastardly capitalist: Pretty Pony Potions
So, CV's last story, except it derails into smut?
Is losing your mind worth it to become a pony?
File: Epona9.png (443 KB, 935x1024)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
I want to be ridden
A rose by any other name anon. Having your mind altered like that would be your death all the same, even if your body lives on. Shit like cuddly doom is one of my worst fears because of this.
Absolutely not. A minimal amount of mental change might be acceptable, a few horse instincts and the ability to use your new body properly but no more than that.
What if all those Pinkie Pie clones were inhabited by the souls of Anons who wished the be the little pony? (they weren't killed or anything too dark, just sent back where they came from)
Wet dreams matter too.
As long as I'm not the insane pony.
You could be the insane pony right now and not even realise it.
>relationships with cute stallions in particular grow extremely close.
>Bonbon no longer lets Lyra hang out with Anon.
I like the idea of having to prove your worth before graduating to full pony status.
Good start (again). I'll be interested to see what you do differently this time.
I wonder what the effects of manticore venom will be. There were other hunters right? Presumably still out there.
File: IMG_0248.gif (499 KB, 500x281)
499 KB
499 KB GIF
I'm patient zero? Dude that sucks.
Nothing sucks about watching proudly as your herd grows from nothing to dominate the globe.
Right about the time when they get trotted out, lined up, and then hit on by their respective stallions.
File: IMG_0154.jpg (354 KB, 605x900)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
It kinda does when you wanted to be a survivor fighting off the horde. Instead it gets to be my fault that the human race goes extinct.

To an extent, some sacrifice of some aspects of your mind would be necessary...but, I'm...already crazy, though.
Disturbing but pretty well written. Could have explored the characters reactions a bit more deeply. Pronouns were a bit mixed up at points.
What is it with your characters and getting into trouble in caves?
File: IMG_0133.jpg (31 KB, 540x221)
31 KB
To become a pony, not worth it. Maybe if you throw in unlimited power then you've got a deal.
>Anon's girlfriend gets him turned into a pony
Anonfilly here we're officially merging with you guys
Welcome to the party.
>a pretty trap gelding
Girlfriend decides she'd prefer Anon as a cute filly. Sounds okay.
That would explain Twilight's opinion,
File: 361171.png (214 KB, 1414x1000)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
But now that you've written this idea you're going to find yourself dreaming it and then living it.
File: 1499533125930.jpg (424 KB, 755x977)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
Wait. Holy shit this thing is still going? And to be honest those pony designs are very OK
The comic? I have no idea.
No offence, but this story needs a proper title.
Would you be okay taking suggestions from the thread?
And let's continue this, shall we? It's a bit of a slog recapping everything, but there were changes I wanted to make so recap I must do. I'm basically to the point where Lexi got the first time, give or take some extra green I'm reworking anyways.

>You do thankfully wake up.
>When you come to, you’re sprawled out on the ground, lying on your belly.
>Almost instantly you notice the small muzzle in the bottom of your line of sight.
>Going to touch it, you find your hand has been changed into a small, tawny hoof.
“Fuck, again?”
>The soft female voice that escapes your mouth all but confirms the situation.
>You woke up as horse.
>When you went pony the first time, it was due to Twilight practicing a body double spell.
>She wanted to see if it would work on other species than ponies, and sure enough you spent the day as Twilight.
>It was weird, but not exactly unlikable.
>After that you had become a pony three other times, this being the fourth instance of ponyification.
>First time you’ve had a coat this color though, you’re usually a green color if you aren’t an existing character.
>Oh well.
>Sighing a little, you pick yourself up off the ground.
>Twilight is probably going to scold you about the dangers of exploring alone before she gives you back your body.
>Annoying but you can’t use magic so you can’t fix things yourself.
>And Twilight is by far the most easy magically skilled pony to talk to.
>Princess of Friendship and all that, you know?
>Looking around the cave, you make a startling discovery.
>You can’t find your bag.
>Losing your bag would not be good at all considering your belongings from Earth were in there.
>It’s definitely nowhere in the cave itself.
>Maybe it went to the same weird subspace your clothes went to?
>Those aren’t here either and usually disappear in magical transformations.
>So hope now, panic later.
>Sounds like a plan.
>Best case scenario it’ll be right back on your back once Twilight is done nagging.
>Worst case?
>...You should just go find Twilight.
>The walk from here to town is pretty quick.
>Passing by a few ponies, none seem really surprised about your appearance.
>Granted, they probably don’t recognize you.
>Makes things a little less awkward you suppose.
>Once in town you catch your reflection in a shop’s window.
>Tawny fur, a chestnut color mane, crystal blue eyes… and a horn to top it all off.
>Pretty cute.
>Curious, you peek at your flank.
>The symbol on there is a big black book, opened to some random page in the middle.
>Not normally what winds up plastered on your ass, usually you get a little question mark or something.
>After a minute of looking yourself over, you tear yourself away from the reflection.
>Cute it may be, but you need to fix this.
>Doesn’t take you too long to find Twilight.
>She’s milling about town, mingling with others.
“Hey, Twilight, I need your help!”
>”Oh hey there! I thought you said you were busy today.”
>You blink.
>Did you tell her that?
“Um, sure. But, uh, I need you to do me a favor.”
>”Sure, what do you need Lexi?”
>Twilight frowns slightly, cocking her head.
“What did you call me?”
>”Lexi! Your… name.”
“Hey, quit messing around! We both know I’m Anon.”
>”What’s an… anon?”
>She’s got to be fucking with you, right?
>Although it’s really not in her nature to do something like that.
>Your ears droop a little as you try to think of something to say.
>”Are you feeling okay Lexi? There isn’t some weird spell on you, is there?”
“A sp-spell? Um, no…”
>”Then what’s wrong?”
“I’m uh… just tired I guess… feeling a little under the weather.”
>She thankfully seems to buy that.
>”Why don’t you head on home? I can bring you some lunch later.”
>Nodding, you turn back towards your house.
>”Lexi… your house is that way.”
>Twilight points a quaint little pony sized house a little ways off in the distance.
>Blushing, you scurry past her and towards the house that is most definitely not yours.
>Approaching the house, you notice a little sign on the door.
>”Scribbled Lexicon’s Residence”
>Pony names have always been a little weird to you.
>Actually having one is a million times worse.
>It’s a miracle that you have a normal sounding nickname…
>You shake your head.
>You don’t /have/ a pony name.
>Twilight is just confused.
>Hell, the actual Lexi is probably sitting in this house right now.
>That however is quickly proven false.
>Looking inside, there’s not a soul in sight.
>The house looks almost nothing like yours.
>Big shelves line the small walls, each full to the brim with books.
>The actual house is rather small, a little parlor area, a kitchenette, and a door you assume leads to a bedroom.
>What is going on here?
>Never in your life have you heard of a pony named “Lexi.”
>But here’s a fully furnished house, one you’ve never seen.
>And Twilight treated you like an old friend.
>Maybe that sphere had a bit more to it than you thought.
>It’s a scary thought, but something is definitely different here.
>That’s when it occurs to you.
>Your house should still be right where it was, right?
>In an instant you bolt out of the house.
>Running at full gallop makes the trip to your house a quick one.
>But there is most definitely no house there.
>It looks exactly like it did before the house was built.
>Uncleared, untouched, not a sign of anybody ever even coming over here.
>You feel numb.
>A part of you wants to run off frantically and ask any and everypony if they know the real you.
>That would probably only cause more concern though.
>After all, if Twilight had no idea who you are and your house doesn’t exist…
>Clenching your eyes shut, you desperately don’t want to think about it.
>Whatever is going on, you’re going to have to fix this.
>But that is easier said than done.
>After all, asking anybody for help could lead them to thinking you’re crazy.
>That damn orb messed things up badly.
>The orb.
>If you can take Twilight to it, maybe she’ll know what’s going on!
>It’s worth a shot at the very least.
>However, as you approach the cave, you’re met by nothing but a smooth rock surface.
>It’s not surprising, but it is devastating.
>Takes a lot of effort to not break down right there.
>But you do manage to slowly trudge back to “your” home.
>You’ll think of something eventually.
>Won’t you?

And that's the little update. As always any and all feedback is more than welcome. And, I've got to ask, what would you like to see next? Another Lexi update or an update of Eris? Just wondering which one is in more demand right now because I have ideas for updates for both ready. And also, the paste bin to "Lexicon" https://pastebin.com/puFZbjM2
Added to the google doc. Remember those shorts you were writing? They deserve pastebinning too.
yeah, I'm not gonna even pretend I can come up with any sort of decent name for anything, so sure.
Nice. I'd say work on whichever you feel like, but if I had to choose I'm enjoying the thrill of this story being back too much to say no to it.
More Lexi pls. I never got to see where it went the first time around, so I'm eager to get a second chance now.
Harem mare TF
File: Epona5.png (581 KB, 1280x900)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
Pony riding on an adventure TF
File: 1501372217634.png (340 KB, 819x1024)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
>been living in horseland for years
>one day out in the middle of the market the memories of your past life suddenly return
File: Daring.jpg (157 KB, 1280x848)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
>Adventurer accidentally turns into a pony.
>Must complete his quest while getting used to that and trying to find a way to turn back.
File: 1491180900916.gif (2.48 MB, 746x600)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB GIF
Between this and the Discord, looks like Lexi will get one more update before chaos reigns yet again.
File: 1479610263044.gif (2.55 MB, 1920x1080)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB GIF
Awesome. How about Celestia?
Should have been a reply to >>30694257
>Due to a mix up, two guys receive the wrong plushies.
>They become each other's little mare OCs.
>They track each other down and meet awkwardly.
Would it be narcissistic if you fell in love with your own OC?
File: Twilight_Sparkle39.png (377 KB, 1080x1024)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
>Ywn be pancake
Not if you didn't devise said OC with the intention of turning into her. She could be a simple story character, not originally intended for transformation.
was meaning in the context of >>30695580
I should've been more specific the first time around and now I kinda want to see that happen outside of a game of WU;AH
I love this picture (and story).

Now that story is still dead. It took a lot of convincing and brainstorming to get Lexi back, so this is hardly me reviving all my dead stories.
>you will never be fed a hearty pancake breakfast by Twilight after she transforms and adopts you.
Has Nonny lost her human memories? Will she be stuck with a bad cutie mark for the rest of her life?
>You get seated at the head of the table, and your vision goes a little blurry for a few seconds,
>It’s been a while since you’ve felt this emotional, so you close your eyes to get the tears out of them
>When you open them again, everything seems a lot sharper! Looking around, you can * really * notice all the small details in the jewelry from the fine engravings etched into it, the details are more vivid as you trace your fingers over the outer edges of it, the more recent carvings bringing a newer story
>You smell Gustav hard at work in the kitchen, the spices and smoke in the air giving you a teaser of what’s to come
>While the main course is being dealt with, your new fellow pride members nuzzle and congratulate you as you all nibble on various appetizers laid out
>You clench your face and draw in a deep breath as your legs and back burn up in pain, the muscles tightening and extending, forging themselves into something strange, but at the same time familiar
>When the pain subsides, you’re more sure of your step
>A slight breeze rolls in from a window, and your lower half feels more free as the wind flows across your legs, a blissful feeling coming and going in waves with the bursts of wind as something dangles behind you, feeling like an extension of yourself, but with a mind of it’s own
>It’s been a long time, that suit of yours is like a second skin by now, heh
>You see Gustav pop his head out and quietly rope a couple into helping him
>As they pull out the roasted manticores, you lick your lips and drool a little
>It smells so good, your hands are itching to rip into them
>Literally, in fact! You scratch the back of them and they feel sharper and sharper as you do, but they don’t feel as soft as they were
> “Since you went to all of the trouble of bringing them down, it’s only fit that you get the first pick” Gustav motions towards the mountainous platter of carved meat
>As the night goes on, You hear stories about their first hunts and all of the shenanigans they got into
and the parties they had like this one
>Like the time when Grandpa Gruff had to drag a bear back to his camp uphill both ways, with a broken wing, in the pouring rain and howling winds
>You stroke one of the girl’s heads, Gabby, you think her name was, and notice your hair is feeling a lot more feathery as you do
>Gilda stands up, and starts telling of her story
>Turns out, Her and Rainbow Dash were together during her first hunt, but at the last moment, Rainbow had “chickened out” and was being a wuss about bringing the final blow to the Owlbear they’d taken down
> “I guess some just don’t have the ‘Instinct’ to do what’s right, unlike you, Anon” Gilda said as she traced her talon along your chest, the fur wrapping around her finger as she swirled it in the red plumage adorning your chest where your tie was
>You stretch your arms out and your feel your wings pull out farther and farther out, every inch of soft, delicate feathers lining bringing your body to ecstasy as your body shifts into a more agressive four legged stance
>As everyone looks on in awe, You look into a mirror
>You see a Gryphon with green tipped, white feathers looking back at you, with a dark body with a white and red tuft at the front
>Staring back at everyone, You are now one of them, for better or for worse
>You get pulled into a side room along with a few other guys by the girls, and your body knows only one thing at this moment, and a fire burning down below needs to be put out
> “What are you waiting for, dweeb? We’re all in heat!” Gilda huffs out
> “Besides Anon, We all have a duty. Yours is to breed us until we can’t walk anymore, at least for tonight...” Gabby says with a deep red blush that makes the light blue purple
>As You mount her, the room fills with the pungent smell of sex as their partners quickly get spent and fall asleep
>But you carry on, with every thrust and stroke soaking the ground beneath you and her quiver in bliss, every stroke pushing her and further
>You clamp on on her neck with your beak as her body clamps down around you, trying to milk your dick for all it has
>As you pull out, Gilda lets out a very content sigh, a long string of your and her juices leaking not only from you, but onto the floor as well
>Seeing your little show, the others want what she had, and you’re more than willing
>You mind fogs as the only thing you know is pleasure from these lovely ladies
>The night is well spent as the entire village goes on and off as the boys wake up and go at it again
>After an eternity, it seems like you’ve had every girl in Griffonstone on you, and you finally fall asleep, your balls emptied
>When you get up, you find your self nestled in a pile of feathers, fur, warmth and a growling stomach
>You guess the hunt never ends as you step outside into the morning sun and burst into the air with a powerful flap and a screech

>You and your party walk into Gustav’s place and it explodes with celebration
>You’re awestruck at the sight of dozens of gryphons packed in here all cheering for yourself
> Gustav runs up to you, and places a set of golden jewelry around your neck
>You fall to the ground, your vision blurring and tears fall to the ground as your body bubbles and grows in size, bones crack and your suit tears itself to pieces as two bat-like wings
>Your fangs grow longer and longer as a scorpion-esque tail grows, potent venom dripping from the tip as fur grows and claws come out
> “What’s going on?!” One of the gryphons freak out as your transformation continues
> “The anti-venom didn’t work! Anon’s turning into a manticore!” Gilliam says as he pounces onto you
>You swipe at the annoying morsel as the only thing that matters is an all-you-can-eat buffet in front of you
>Plates crash, tables get smashed as the flock of gryphons attack you, slashing and pecking, as you plunge your sharp, monstrous teeth into the feathery flesh, drawing blood
>You are the apex predator here, not these flying bird-brains!
>You roar ringing out across the valley, the mountains themselves quake as the snow avalanches down them
>All of a sudden, You feel nothing below your shoulder as you see blood splatter across the wall
>It feels… so cold as your body goes limp
> “Add another one to the feast, Gustav” Grandpa Gruff scoffs at your corpse
File: 1480437.png (1.34 MB, 2000x1294)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
And that's that! Thank you all for reading, and thank >>30689887 for the idea for the alt ending

Also, since I know some of you might rage for it not being a pony story, that was the intent

After all, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, it's gonna get boring after a while
File: TooMuchTFsmol.gif (562 KB, 745x1080)
562 KB
562 KB GIF
Here you go, you fags.

Fuck off.

Good otherwise tho.
File: TooMuchTFNoPickle.gif (550 KB, 745x1080)
550 KB
550 KB GIF
Here you go, sweetie.
That's intensely awesome. Thanks.
Sounds like a good party. Neat story.
>Apparently upstanding politician turns into nympho mare by night for secret orgies.
>By day, they're making speeches decrying pony freaks and the menace to the fabric of society that they pose.
I like it
>your accountant advises you to spend a year as a pony for tax purposes.
God I wish that was me
File: DDf7Rd9XkAAnkCE.jpg (204 KB, 2048x1152)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
To anyone awaiting a Cuddly Doom update tonight, I'm going to be away from my computer overnight,
and will be unable to post the update until tomorrow afternoon, around 4:30pm US Eastern Daylight Time.

The Monday/Thursday update schedule shouldn't otherwise be affected heading into the future. Thanks for your patience.
Added to the google doc
File: free shrugs.jpg (272 KB, 1116x612)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Okay. We'll be patient. Good luck with whatever it is you're doing.
>ywn become the White House pet
>ywn hack emails with Barron
>that stallion
Sucks for Anon that he has to pay the price for gryphon incompetence.
File: IMG_0119.jpg (135 KB, 700x1000)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Awe man, there goes my Thursday. Oh well I guess I can wait till tomorrow.
>Anon, on an ill-advised trip into the Everfree, is accosted by a lonely manticore.
>He soon succumbs to its sting.
>Awakening he finds himself as a breedable female of the species, the mantic-whore.

On an unrelated note, the correct procedure for handling a manticore can be found about half way down this page, http://adamcadre.ac/17lyttle.html
File: Pizza_Pone.png (1.45 MB, 2082x2008)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
I think I know what pony she is
Pick one
>Be the stallion and fuck the hot mares
>Be the hot mare and get fucked
>Be the cute filly with the uncertainty of whether or not you'll become the hot mare
>become the hot trap gelding slave
Be the cute filly so I can get fucked as the cute filly.
>And get spit roasted by Moon Glow and Master
I'd be happiest with mare.
Filly certainly has its merits too, and would definitely become a hot mare, but why wait for that to happen?
Go directly to mare, do not pass filly, do not collect two hundred bits.
>not wanting Master to put you and Moonglow in pretty diapers
File: 7372.png (291 KB, 1300x800)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Wait a few years and enjoy the tea parties first.
File: 1501789261616.png (206 KB, 700x700)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>What do you think anon?
>It's a new transformation beauty spell I've been working on
File: 1501950442653.png (123 KB, 700x700)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
You've turned me into worst pony, is what I think.
>Anon comes to Equestria
>He's welcomed with open forelegs
>As he meets with various ponies, he quickly deduces that he wasn't the first human to show up here
>Nobody seems to know what happened to them; they just seemed to disappear one day
>Twilight won't talk about it, but it's obvious that she knows something
>While snooping around the Crystal Treecastle Playset™ looking for clues, he stumbles across a secret passage
>In the room beyond is a creature stuck halfway between a pony and a human
>It freaks out upon being discovered, and hides itself as Twilight pulls Anon away and closes the passage
>She explains that the human who came before you wanted to be a pony, despite Twilight's insistence about the dangers
>When she refused to help, they simply found someone who was more cooperative
>And considerably less skilled in magic
>Now they're stuck this way until Twilight can figure out how to fix it
>When Anon asks if there's anything he can do to help, she hesitates
>In order to either reverse or progress the transformation, she'll need to study transformation magic
>And in order to do that, she'll need a guinea pig
>Anon has to decide if he's willing to risk becoming an abomination in order to save someone who already went down the same path
That's quite a big risk for an Anon who doesn't even want to become the pony to take.
For that kind of selflessness, I hope they both get to be the cute pones.
It may be a bad meme but it does raise an idea or two

>You turn yourself into a pony, prudently having prepared an antidote for later.
>Everything's going great until your friend swipes the antidote as a prank.
>Now you're stuck.
>And time's counting down until the transformation is permanent.
I want to be a big stallion, for you
>He will never force you to be his pet for a day and beg for the antidote like a dog
You become the pony of your dreams, but horse instinct makes you deathly afraid of any predator tier animal. This includes dogs, cats, humans, etc.
it makes the spankings even better
Humans don't look like predators at all, so it would have to be something more complicated than just instinct.
File: cat on horse.jpg (627 KB, 1920x1440)
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627 KB JPG
Oh noes! The horse is in danger!
File: manwich.png (682 KB, 2000x666)
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682 KB PNG
>Ywn be sandwich
>inanimate tf
Do you have any more of the stallion in your style?
File: 784393.jpg (252 KB, 889x1280)
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252 KB JPG
>ywn be booze to wash the sandwich down
Nope. I almost never draw stallions, I had trouble just drawing that one.
please draw more then, s-senpai. he's adorable
W-wait. Where's Cuddly Doom?
See >>30697360
how does one live with such shit taste?
File: 422.jpg (169 KB, 2000x666)
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169 KB JPG
Here's the real version of that picture.
>I glance back over my shoulder to see if he’s still there
>Fuck, why did I think a walk would be good this late at night
>I try to discreetly pick up the pace, not like it matters
>They probably have someone waiting for me back at my apartment
>A sudden break of terror forced me into a run
>I can hear the man behind me shout into a radio
>A van cuts me of as I make it to the end of the block
>I skid to a halt and turn around just in time to see my tail fire a tranq gun at me
>The sedative hits fast as the world begins to blur around me
>I lose my balance and fall to the ground
>wasting no time, my tail and his accomplices in the van quickly surround me
>One of the men holds up a bright pink syringe
“N-no, please. I can pay I just, I just need a little more time”
>They don’t respond, injecting the solution into me
“p=please, I don’t want to be the pet’
>I feel the drugs taking effect, an over dose of Pon-E
>Enough to make it permanent
>My body tingles as my new coat comes in
>A dull pressure on my forehead signals the beginning of my horn
>I can feel my hands and feet start to cramp up
>My fingers and toes are meting together into hooves as my feet adjust into my new digitigrade form
>The men start cutting my clothing off, making room for my body to shift into its new form, leaving me completely naked save my new coat of dark blue fur
>”Well, someone’s going to be very happy with their new stallion”
>I close my eyes and sigh, at least I’m still male
>”Get him into the van, we’re done for the day”
>One of them hoists me over their shoulder and lugs me into the van
>There is a kennel installed in the back of the van, just like an animal control van would have
>Several other ponies are locked in cages, some crying, some laying there with blank expressions, and others surprisingly happy
>The man slips me in to one of the cages, securing the latch with a click
>Without a word, he goes to join the others in the cab
>A few seconds later the van starts moving, taking us to our fate
>The tranquilizer was strong enough to fuck me up, but not strong enough to knock me out
>I was still awake by the time we got to our destination
>”Alright, lets unload ‘em and go home” one of the men said as he pulled my cage from its rack
>They carried us into a large building, and take us to what looks like a veterinarian’s office
>My kidnaper hands me off to a woman in scrubs who then sets me on an exam table
>”Let’s get you out of there”
>She opens my cage and pulls me out, securing me to the table with a collar
>I lower my head and being to sob
>She offers me a quick pat on the head before placing a stethoscope to my side
>Once she’s done with that she sets about poking and prodding me
>she feels my ribs, my thighs, nothing is left unchecked
>All I can do is shudder as she goes over my body somehow finding a way to make me feel even more violated
>She murmurs to herself as she works “the barrel came out well” “very nice coloring on the fur”
>she lifts my hind leg and inspects my hoof
>Her cold finger presses into my frog
>”no deformities…”
>She lifts the leg up and mounts it into a sling, leaving my underside exposed
>I feel her cold hand fondle my sack
>With a great deal of humiliation I start to get an erection
>I shudder as her other hand runs over the incredibly sensitive flare
>A metal rod is presses against it
>”Not bad”
>I feel my stomach churn as I realize what she’s doing
>This doctor is appraising my value, like someone looking over a piece of furniture
>The quality of my fur, how shapely my legs are, even my temperament is going to be distilled down to a price
>The vet nods and jots something down on a clip board
>There’s a sharp pain in my shoulder
>turning around I see her pulling away a large needle
>”GPS chip” she states flatly
>She clips a leash to me and unhooks the tether tying me to the table
>”This one to the kennel”
>Without another word I’m lifted up and carried into the next room
>A series of stalls line either side
>The man carrying me stops in front of a vacant one
>He lays me on a pet bed and undoes the leash with a click
>”You’ll be fed and watered tomorrow morning, for now get some sleep. If your good, you’ll be out of here in no time”
>I try to stammer out a response but before I can form a coherent word the man shuts the gate and returns to the exam room
>Dawning myself up on trembling and unfamiliar legs I step forward and glance around the kennels
>The stalls are what you would expect in a dog shelter
>Large enough to move around in and cinder block on three sides
>The other ponies are already asleep
>For a moment I contemplate trying to escape
>Even if I did get out of the building, where would I go?
>there’s no way to become human again, and anyone who sees me would call animal control on my ass
>Fuck, even if I did have somewhere to hide they could track me with that chip
>I choke back a sob as I slide into despair
>There’s no way out of this
>No way back
>I’m going to be sold to some rich asshole and spend however long turning tricks and licking their boot
>I flop down on the bed and press my face into it as I start to cry myself to sleep
>The vet nods and jots something down on a clip board
>There’s a sharp pain in my shoulder
>turning around I see her pulling away a large needle
>”GPS chip” she states flatly
>She clips a leash to me and unhooks the tether tying me to the table
>”This one to the kennel”
>Without another word I’m lifted up and carried into the next room
>A series of stalls line either side
>The man carrying me stops in front of a vacant one
>He lays me on a pet bed and undoes the leash with a click
>”You’ll be fed and watered tomorrow morning, for now get some sleep. If your good, you’ll be out of here in no time”
>I try to stammer out a response but before I can form a coherent word the man shuts the gate and returns to the exam room
>Dawning myself up on trembling and unfamiliar legs I step forward and glance around the kennels
>The stalls are what you would expect in a dog shelter
>Large enough to move around in and cinder block on three sides
>The other ponies are already asleep
>For a moment I contemplate trying to escape
>Even if I did get out of the building, where would I go?
>there’s no way to become human again, and anyone who sees me would call animal control on my ass
>Fuck, even if I did have somewhere to hide they could track me with that chip
>I choke back a sob as I slide into despair
>There’s no way out of this
>No way back
>I’m going to be sold to some rich asshole and spend however long turning tricks and licking their boot
>I flop down on the bed and press my face into it as I start to cry myself to sleep

I managed to hammer something out, lets see if I can take this story anywhere
Glad you're not dead
Would you draw an anonpony (filly, mare, stallion, doesn't matter which) freaking out immediately after transforming?
That's fine. Pony should be in the company of other ponies.
good freak out or bad freak out?
It's good both ways.
There's no danger in horse pussy.
I love the idea of the ponies keeping score of the humans they've transformed.

Great update. I can't wait for tonight's.
Sales Transformation - I
Updates ideally* fortnightly Sunday evening (New Zealand Standard Time
*Offer valid only when circumstances permit. All sales final: no exchange or refunds permitted

>You’ve only been awake for fifteen minutes; having slumbered well into the early afternoon, according to your bedside clock.
>Having felt particularly refreshed on your rousing, curled up tightly into yourself, perhaps in part due to your earlier exploratory sexual escapades, you were staring up at the tacky stucco ceiling of your bedroom with lazy half-lidded eyes.
>In particular, you’ve been rather preoccupied, tracing your eyes over the hideous and tacky yet mesmerizing patterns idly whilst deep in contemplation.
>The yellowing ceiling had a quite a retro look to it, and given the inexpensive construction of this apartment building back in the mid-70s and general lack of comprehensive renovations, you suppose that it was only natural it would still be in place decades later.
>God, you hoped it was not asbestos.
>Does asbestos even harm horses?
>If so, you were totally horsed.
>You were never going to stop these equine puns, given you were now a pastel pony.
>An adorable one, but a pony nonetheless.
>The biggest questions, “How?” and ”Why?”, were pretty much an unknown at this stage.
>Your suspicions were largely linking your...current disposition to the consumption of cheap Asian noodles.
>The vodka was the only other possible contributor.
>You had managed to largely dispel your initial hypothesis that you had suffered a magnificent drug-induced trip, based on your lack of likely exposure to any potent narcotics, as well waking up sprawled atop your bed and coated in your semen.
>Additionally, you couldn’t think of any other independent variables that you could point a hoof at.
>In all honesty, your first clue probably should have been the packaging, adorned with small non-Hasbro licensed coloured equines.
>The squiggles that constituted writing on the plastic packaging could have said anything, ranging from “Horse Cock Noodles” to “Novelty Food: Do Not Eat.”
>You suspected you would need to make your way back to the vendor, Kim’s Grocery - better known as the asian shop you now held so suspect.
>It also had not escaped your notice how nonchalant you were about all this.
>You would probably say that, based on how little you remembered from your semester of psychology, your Blasé approach to all this could be a manifestation of shock.
>Or you were you just cool, calm and collected enough to roll with it for now?
>Given you were certainly a fan of aviator shades, you were more than cool enough.
>Or are you too keen to accept something new?
>All were perfectly fine theories, but ultimately, analysis paralysis contributed nothing to your plight.
>With a groan, you break free from the neigh-insurmountable gravity of your bed, taking to your hooves to jump clear of the bed and find a comfortable sitting position before the mirror.
>Taking pains to ignore your matted fur contributing to your dishevelled appearance, you bring a forehoof in front of your face, examining both it and exploring your shoulders, its range of motion.
>Rather, reins of motion.
>These ‘puns’ were not improving.
>You unfurl your wings, the movement coming naturally and unconsciously, noting a modestly long wingspan, colouration of your feathers seamlessly matching that of your fur.
>Trailing from tip to base of your wings through the mirror, you catch your eye in the mirror, giving you another opportunity to admire your fine equine features.
>You were pretty damn cute, in your immodest opinion, even if your new face was one that would take a bit of time to get used to.
>That may be it. Your life was one of playing it safe, of practicing avoidance where possible.
>Throwing yourself into your work, hobbies, and interests…to be honest, it was less of the latter two and more of the former: you were pretty engrossed in your job to an unhealthy degree, utilizing it as a vehicle to as a means of escapism, to the stark fact you had no concrete plans or career aims - despite your assurances to the contrary to friends and family.
>But being a pretty, small equine?
>This was freedom from your adult responsibilities.
>No need to agonize over making targets, earning your wages, paying taxes.
>Bigger: you longer having to slave away for rent.
>Though, considering it: food is still going to be important.
>Hay is cheap, though, right?
>If it really came to it, surely you can graze on grasses to subsist too?
>You sure hope it's not as insalubrious as ramen.
>You knew you were oversimplifying it, but you would no doubt puzzle though it gradually.
>Throwing a glance at the coloured sketch of your pegasus OC, your remarkable similarity to it was not something you had overlooked and certainly warranted investigation.
>But honestly, that was more a secondary concern to the whole ‘being a quadruped equine’ thing.
>At last deciding the morning will look better with a shower, you find yourself in an effortless canter to the bathroom.
>Your apartment itself was not large, perhaps 300 square feet, With your route to the bathroom placing you through the modestly-sized living area, which was well-filled with great shafts of sunlight streaming in through the large windows.
>Perhaps the one design aesthetic you liked about your accommodation was the design consideration of having wide windows, made to maximize the impression of available space, complete with authentic 80’s-era vertical blinds that you may generally neglect to draw from their stored position.
>This place was a piece of shit, but you loved it for its aesthetic.
>Nuzzling the partially ajar door open with your snoot, you cannot help but marvel at how tall the sink and countertop seem to you
>Or perhaps that's on account of how short you are.
>You could not have been more than four feet tall from your hooves to the tips of your ears.
>Equally curious on your exact dimensions, you move to your towel cupboard, and struggle with your hooves to grasp and pull open the horizontal-handle at the top of the cupboard door.
>After several failed efforts with your hooves, you resort to gripping the handle in your teeth and pulling it open, opening easily enough and allowing you access to your prizes.
>A nice rose towel for your shower - but also your bathroom scales.
>Having discovered what seems to be the most efficient method of manipulating items in your quadruped form, you move the scales out of the cupboard and set them on the floor.
>You step on the scale, and watch as the electronic scale attempts to calculate the mass of its oppressor.
>After several seconds of processing, the scales’ LED screen dutifully reported its determination that your mass sat squarely at 22.3 kilograms.
>That was one way to lose weight, as you were now a quarter of what your weight had been just yesterday.
>Had to consider the loss of two feet of height too, though.
>You certainly were not salty about that.
>Stowing the scales away in their proper place, you hop into the shower, having to stand on your hind hooves with forehooves propped against the shower wall to reach the shower handle.
>It takes a frigid deluge that thoroughly soaks you until your panicked hooves manage to manipulate the handle to the “hot” position.
>Mercifully, hot water is quick to flow down onto you, with you spreading your wings for maximum exposure to the glorious warmth, cleansing you as it follows your contours down your frame and running off the fur on your underside.
>A wonderful idea to shower, let the steam fill the air, clear your head and get you thinking straight.
>And the hot water was absolutely delightful on the wings. Was this bliss?
>You couldn’t remember the last time you had so deeply enjoyed a shower as a human.
>The fur coating your body, so sensitive and responsive. A truly welcome change to feel so...alive, for a lack of a better word.
>You supposed that was the other thing: what even if your state was something you could not undo?
>You kind of doubted you could easily explain this all away, given the cute new frame and the set of magnificent wings.
>Probably would be a stretch to see your change as something to successfully exploit.
>Though, a career in sales may still be possible: surely people would be more inclined to buy phones, computers, electronics and warranties from a small equine.
Not the worst idea.
>Your voice was a little deeper than it had been, though not massively. Still no Tom Celleck.
>No, you would likely be left jobless and classed as an oddity by your family and friends.
>Not even to think about the whole scientific and University scene becoming rather hell bent on conducting research on you, given you were a small sapient species of equine.
>Though, you admit you would be little interested to see some empirical data.
>Being subjected to vivisection? Perhaps less keen on that.
>On the plus side, your cash reserves would be able to cover rent and utilities until your lease ended. Then you would need to find another place. Or someone to let in on this.
>Having lost track of how long had been showering and being quite certain you were thoroughly cleansed, you finally shut off the gloriously-hot water, whilst minimizing how much cold water leaked free of the showerhead onto you in the process.
>Stepping free from the shower onto the bath towel, you immediately take note of the cooler air against your wet fur, motivating you to go for your towel.
>Attempting to towel yourself dry proves to be a more difficult task than expected, given your hooves made it difficult to grasp and manipulate. You at least manage to drape it over yourself, not that it seems to have helped much.
>The only success being had currently is actually the bath-mat under you is doing wonderfully in its job of drying the bottom of your hooves.
>Changing tact, you decide to simply shake yourself like your childhood dog tended to do after being subjected to a bath.
>You at least have the foresight to drop your towel and step back inside the shower before vigorously shaking free the stubborn dollops of water from your frame.
>You follow this effort up with your extending your wings and fluttering the worst of the moisture away.
>Whilst still damp, you were not absolutely saturated, and a quick roll on the towel you had left strewn on the ground helps to remove the bulk of the moisture from your pelt.
>Unable to reach the towel hooks, you instead leave the bath mat where it lay and throw the towel itself onto the bathroom counter; before you make for the living room, mentally assigning food and then damage control to your list of things to accomplish first.
>You cast your eyes over the debris of earlier that morning, taking note of the shredded uniform, table knocked askew, and your beloved Toshiba laptop left strewn on the floor where it had fell.
>The state of your living room triggers you - or rather, your fine sense of tidiness, leading you to feel compelled to set everything back up the way it was.
>This also necessitating you to reprioritise food as less urgent.
>Ignoring your castoff clothing (at least for now,) your focus (and concern) falls upon the wellbeing of your Toshiba and the contents of its hard drive. There also existed the concern regarding potential damages, the viability of repairing it in your finger-less state, as well as the price of replacement components...actually, that was a valid prime concern.
>As Toshiba had been struggling fiscally in the consumer laptop market for a number of years, they had finally retreated from said market in near-entirety.
>This and the redirection of Toshiba’s manufacturing plants away from production of laptops directly would affect you as reliable repair components were becoming harder to source. Already, older models being returned for faults were being sent to suppliers for repair, with the supplier providing long wait times to order in legitimate components from distant lands.
>This meant abdicating its market share to its competitors, being filled by the superior Asus and Samsung brands, along with the much more inferior Acer, HP, and Lenovo brands.
>Laptop sales were hard to be excited about when the pathetically spec’d Acer and HP bodies were all that consumers seemed to seriously look at, with purchase decisions based on price alone and not the (in)capabilities/future-proofing provided by upmarket hardware.
>You were always proud of your market insight. Thank you, strategic management, for providing you enough understanding to see corporate posturing.
>You drop to your haunches, and pick up the laptop gingerly in your hooves, placing it back on the table and lifting its lid.
>The sounds of resuming playback of Knight Rider fills you with confidence that the built-in accelerometer had pulled the hard drive heads away from the 5400RPM drive whilst taking its plummet in order to prevent damage.
>Turning off the volume does prove to be more difficult, as any attempt to tap a key with a hoof seems to end up with you mashing multiple keys on the keyboard.
>You deftly move to the pocket of your torn collared shirt, retrieving your favourite Samsung (Quantum LED!) pen with a soft rubber stylus at the non-writing end, grasping the body between your teeth.
>The rubber nib proves to be a much more effective means to interact with your computer, allowing you to tap the volume mute button on the body of the computer and then key in your laptop's password letter by letter.
>Tapping enter, your computer logs in, screen cutting to an open and now-muted instance of VLC.
>Finding your hoof lacks any effect on the trackpad regardless of the pressure applied to it, you attempt to utilize your stylus on it.
>This, too, nets you truly shittastic performance, with a total lack of fine control whilst attempting to manoeuvre the arrow about the screen.
>Troubleshooting the problem mentally for several seconds with no immediate clever ideas, you ascertain its probably pertaining to tactile feedback. Thereby, digging out your shitty old Microsoft mouse would do away with that in its entirety.
>Abandoning your Toshiba temporarily to return to your room, you seek out a transparent plastic container, unobtrusively tucked away in the corner.
>Digging through a vast sea of loose obsolete and specialty cables, in addition to a variety of small electronics (is that your old Creative Zen V you spy?) - and a rather absurd amount of micro USB cables, you finally find your prize.
>Mercifully, the rubber wired USB cable was spooled tightly about the body of the mouse it was affixed to, saving you the agony of untangling it from the untold number of cables occupying the container.
>Grasping the unit loosely between your teeth and setting it down outside the box, you reposition your hold on the mouse to be just on the USB plug; unspooling the cable wrapped about mouse until it drags behind you as you return to your computer.
>Returning to a sitting position before it, you release the plug from your mouth, and after a number of attempts learning to manipulate small objects between your hooves (as well as discovering the USB was facing the wrong way,) manage to plug in your mouse.
>Retrieving your mouse, you place it on the table next to the computer, and find it to function adequately well for the task at hoof?
>Pulling open the ease of access bar, you enable the onscreen keyboard. With a little testing, using the mouse on the digital keyboard proves to be a much more effective method compared to manually tapping key by key on the physical keyboard.
>This made your next goal (that of actively researching into your state) both less laborious, but more time efficient.
>You at least were open to yourself that there was admittedly little you could look into, and it was not likely to show up much, especially on the foreign lettered packet of noodles, but you had to try. *Ipsa scientia potestas est,* after all.
>Plus, the worst that you could do is come up empty...hooved.
>...you were finding that your choice of adjectives needed some work, but at least your sense of humour had not been put out to pasture.
>In preparation, you retrieve your abandoned coffee mug from where it lay beside the couch from last night, placing it on the table, before making for the kitchen to retrieve the ramen packaging.
>Not before looting the pockets of your torn garments for your wallet and now-dead phone, throwing the clothing across your back.
>You find the scrunched up packaging amongst refuse in the moderately sized half-filled rubbish bin. Attempting to remove it with hooves prompts the realization you lack dexterity to manage it.
>Cursing the well-ingrained habit of keeping your kitchen clean and with more than a little distaste, you contemplate simply knocking the rubbish bin over and sorting through it, but you would suspect that would just make a rather large mess you would still need to dig through.
>Given how unuseful you had found your hooves so far, you rather doubted your abilities to cleaning that up anyway.
>Resigned, you realize there is only one tool you had available to retrieve stupidly flimsy plastic and foil remnants from the repugnant chasm of the bin.
>Your horrifically versatile muzzle.
>Cantering to and fro before the bin for a minute in abject frustration at your small, useless meaty hooves, you finally muster up the internal fortitude to just fucking do it.
>Scrunching up your muzzle, you hastily poke your muzzle over the black plastic bagged-coated edge of the bin and into the poorly lit abyss.
>With a great deal of care, collection of the packaging does occur with minimal contact with...undesired refuse.
>Disgusted (and at least temporarily repulsed from the idea of any form of food), you throw your shredded clothing into the bin.
>Depositing your salvage next to your computer setup, you return to the kitchen and stand on your hind legs, with your forelegs able to just clear the top of the countertop.
>You spy the half-filled bottle of Smirnoff, the only other potential culprit for your vertically-challenged stature.
>Additionally, perfect to take the edge off of your uncertainties of your changed body and future.
>Bracing your forehooves on the counter, your rear legs flex to prepare for a jump.
>Your powerful muscles propel you from the ground whilst your forehooves press against the counter in an effort to pull yourself atop the surface.
>At some level subconsciously, you realize you were on the wrong side of your centre of balance, you find your wings fluttering in conjunction with your hooves pawing for grip at the slick tile of the countertop.
>You eventually flounder your centre of mass just over the gently-curved corner of the countertop.
>Consciously aware of the absolute failure of any form of coordination, but glad to see that your wings were more than just for show, you rise to your hooves to claim the bottle of vodka.
>Next time, you were just going to push the bloody table over to the kitchen and clamber up the counter atop that.
>You grip the bottle between two hooves, biting the screw cap and cocking your head aside. With a little effort, you succeed in unscrewing the bottle.
>Leaning back the bottle to make a large victorious gulp, you wince at the unusually harsh taste – possibly your new palette – with the standard shudder/head shake reaction from the first slug of the admittedly-vile drink.
>Gently setting the bottle back down, you attempt to hone your dexterity, resealing the cap with only hooves. While more time consuming than using your mouth (and with a little fumbling and swearing on your part), you do succeed.
>A wave of delight rushes through you: gradually, you were gaining competence over your new body.
>You knew you were going to have to try to puzzle out how to use your wings, and live out your Top Gun fantasies.
We gotta get up there, Mav...
>Laying the bottle down on its side, you grip the neck of the bottle in your muzzle, lifting it with a little effort; wincing at the strange harshness of the curved glass between your teeth.
>Carefully jumping from the counter to return to the table r, you pull a pillow down from the couch to sit your haunches on.
>Food can wait, your curiosity overtaking your appetite. Alcohol was always a fine substitute anyway.
>After all, eating was cheating.
>You pull open Firefox, eyes focusing on the steady pulsating blinking of the text cursor on the Google search bar causes you pause.
>Your internet history was about to get very weird quite fast.
(New link for the Pony TF omnibus: https://pastebin.com/BD8uaYXd)
File: IMG_0131.png (266 KB, 440x600)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
>I love the idea of the ponies keeping score of the humans they've transformed.

Dude, not cool. Those were people who had their humanity stolen from them and they're making out to be a game.
And you're not dead either. Fantastic.
>A group of ponies start to feel guilty
>They form the Coalition of Ethical Ponification
>They only Ponify people who want it, and offer sanctuary to anyone who doesn't
>Sometimes they can't help themselves though, and they just need to Hug a Human™
>Such incidents are met with swift and immediate punishment:
>They are sent to bed early, with no dessert, with no goodnight kiss, and they definitely aren't tucked in
And Celestia help them if they think they get snuggle buddies
File: IMG_0300.gif (1.81 MB, 480x200)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
Or if the ponies want to make human extinction a game maybe I should start my own game. I'll call it Speed Bump, 10 points for every one I run over, and I'm going for the high score.
Maybe I like the idea of them as Legolas and Gimli, competing for high score.
>When Sky Meadows ponifies a particularly challenging hulking body-builder of a man into a cute little mare, Storm Cloud pouts and points out that it still only counts as one.
File: IMG_0267.png (309 KB, 1200x800)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Chapter 2
We're not keeping track.
>“And I’m sure you just think of us as a group of… senseless horses… who don’t care about you as anything more than another tally mark etched on a scoreboard somewhere”
>“I guess… maybe you think that we’re just itching to send out a telegram”
>“You know, ‘one fewer of them, one more of us’”

Chapter 6
Nah kidding dude we're totally keeping track.
>“Oh, come on, Sky, it gets boring after nineteen of them! Way back when, making friends with you was at least fun…”
>“You’ve been keeping track? Nineteen?”
>“Well, sure, I’m trying to close in on Clementine Breeze because she says she’s got twenty-two, so I’m practically there at this point!”

And y'all wonder why I'd fight back till the bitter end.
>transformation is purely a e s t h e t i c
>bodybuilder Anon becomes filly, still stronk
>becomes nighttime hero, just like in the comics
>magics overpower the STRONK
>gets fillyhole wrecked by unicorn criminal
File: 1481169685236.png (449 KB, 2200x1400)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
>James wakes up and realizes it was simply his brain trying to rationalize his slavery and gelding
File: 1501943936980.png (64 KB, 855x505)
64 KB
>Everyone saved by Herofillyanon gets laughed at for needing a mere filly to save them.
File: 1481702991625.png (26 KB, 959x734)
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File: oct.jpg (7 KB, 164x307)
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>There's meat on that sandwich
What fuckery is this?
Current chapter (continuing from >>30682036) can be found here: https://pastebin.com/heBdiwMw
The story’s full chapter directory can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By-iGM4MXF8lSS1HcUM5OVFZMU0

>With the help of a nearby shelf, I hastily kicked myself to my feet, the hollow echo of my shoes against the ground barely registering against the backdrop of the scuffling ponies
>Clutching my hand along the side of my thigh, I was relieved by the faint rustling of my EMT pouch, but dismayed to realize my pocketknife was veiled in the shadows at the room’s far end
>Naturally, when I tossed it aside as a show of good faith to Sky Meadows, it’d cleared several boxes littering the ground and cleanly slid into a tight space among some computer hardware
>The window of time for me to escape was closing rapidly, and the precious seconds spent laboring to retrieve it might’ve been the difference between escaping the herd, and joining it
>Once Storm Cloud broke free of Sky Meadows’ grasp – and it was only a matter of time – she would be more than appetent to demonstrate how much of a worthy opponent she truly was
>No more games… she had her nineteen conversions, and she’d already milked the tentative twentieth for all the fun it was worth
>As adrenaline surged through my blood, I quickly stepped toward the room’s currently shut door, crushing a generous heap of scattered green beans underfoot in the process
>Sky Meadows had driven her friend far enough away from the door to grant its opening, but Storm Cloud was neither unaware, nor apathetic, of what that meant in regard to my getaway
>Desperately, her wing crashed into a shelf that proceeded to spill several cartridges of old magnetic tape onto the pair of ponies, but did nothing to roll the entanglement toward the door
>As Storm Cloud drove a hoof into her friend’s foreleg, Sky Meadow howled in pain, but proceeded to tighten her hug further amid the flailing
>“Sky, think about what you’re doing! He’s a human! He’s going to go out and hurt somepony, and their blood’s going to be on your hooves! Lives are at stake!”
>“You don’t know him! Even if you’re not going to give him a chance, at least I- ow, ponyfeathers!”
>With a gut-wrenching crash, a line of fresh crimson began searching for the ground as it flowed from a newly opened wound on Sky Meadows’ cheek
>Years of medical instinct drove one of my hands to the unmoved zipper on my EMT pouch, but my persuasive decades of survival instinct obliged the other hand toward the doorknob
>The zipper remain silent and the door rolled open, filling the hallway with the cacophony of the wrestling adversaries as I spared one last glance and prayer
>Storm Clouds’ eyes were pinched shut as she bucked her legs, while Sky Meadows had opened her eyes a crack, the misty orbs instantaneously commenting a thousand words of regret
>It was uncanny reminiscent of Snowfall’s expression upon acknowledging the slip-up had had ultimately led to her pony ear acquisition, and my heart became heavy for the friend I’d left
>In my reluctance to tune in for three rounds of bare-hooved pony wrestling, I threw the door shut, its latch definitively clicking as the tussle within vanished from view and grew muffled
>Despite their incessant shouting, the mare’s voices became fainter with each passing moment, as I raced back toward the stairwell from which I’d entered the corridor
>Given Storm Cloud’s impeccable hearing, breaking line of sight with her might not be enough once she left the room, and in order to maximize my chance of escape I…
>My blood went cold as a flurry of grey fur and feathers ahead filled the stairwell’s far wall, the inquisitive head of Pegasus halting halfway through his descent from the next highest floor
>Dim sunlight from a nearby window illuminated his foul, self-satisfied grin as he peered down at the unfortunate soul for whom he’d been searching
>If ever there were such a thing as a cautious sprint, I employed it as I approached the stairs that would lead me down toward the lower hallway, and ultimately, the machine shop’s door
>Cobalt, on the other hand, had another fate in mind for me
“Cobalt, leave me the hell alone! I’m unarmed, dude!”
>“Oh, well, that certainly does make this easier!”
>Before I even had time to process the ramifications of my own damning words, Cobalt’s wings snapped outwards and a grey blur filled the stairwell, rapidly swooping downwards toward me
>I pivoted to avoid him in front of the final office door, succeeding in doing so except for a single hoof that clipped my shoe, sending me sprawling while I slid onto the stairwell’s marble floor
>Adrenaline drowned out the newfound pain signals, and as my hands pushed off the floor, I could only stare longingly into the dim abyss of stairs a few inches to my side
>If Cobalt’s approach to the circumstance was anything like Storm Cloud’s, and by all definitions it probably was, then hypothetically tackling me on the stairs was more than acceptable
>Not to mention, he could probably glide down four flights in the same time I descended one, unless I did so with reckless abandon and didn’t mind breaking my ankles at the base
>With a couple ragged gasps, I dove into the darkness of another hallway behind a utility door, my own frenetic breathing managing to drown out the trailing scramble of hooves quite well
>Landing myself in the new hallway just beyond the door was less than ideal, but as I slammed the solid door shut and braced myself against it, I could at least agree it beat the alternatives
>Near-certain ponydom lay in every other direction, so maybe here I at least stood a chance…
>My briefly illuminated glimpse of the gloomy corridor offered a glimmer of hope… a faint one…
>I didn’t know where I was given my limited knowledge of the engineering building, but assuming each floor roughly resembled its counterparts, I was one floor and one hallway from my target
>Now if only I could see further than my hand, six inches in front of my face… Clearly, this hall depended on artificial lights in its heyday…
>With a faint slip and a muted crash that metallically echoed through the darkness, the steel door shuddered as Cobalt semi-successfully came to a stop against the barrier
>The door’s latch was secured by a horizontal push bar just above waist level, meaning that I could audibly discern Cobalt rearing on his hind hooves in an attempt to open it
>Although his prodding foray was remarkably unsuccessful against the terrified human braced on the other side, the repeated clicks of the bar meant he wasn’t beyond scrutiny and siege
>If I were to leave the door alone, he’d easily be able to swing it open quite easily… or force it open if he had a bunch of extra friends to help him…
>“James, I know you’re right on the other side of this door. It’s unlocked. Come on out here so we can talk. I know you don’t want to be a pony and that’s okay. I just want to talk”
>His voice was stern and unsettlingly devoid of compassion, prompting me to remain as silent as possible to the point that even my formerly harried breathing slowed to a halt
>“James, I can wait here all day, here at the eastern utility door to Hallway 2-C, but both of us are strapped for time. Let’s just talk”
>A gulp, a cough, and an anxious sigh did little to prepare me for the weak response I soon issued forth
“W-We… We can talk through the…”
>“Through the door. Yes we can. Although I’d much rather if you were out here”
“I’m not going to do that… please, what do you want?”
>I was fully aware that Cobalt was probably stalling, especially given the strange manner by which he’d identified the hallway in which I was hiding, as if speaking to an unseen entity
>However, without any visual cues amid the darkness of 2-C, and with the intermittent probing of Cobalt’s hooves against the door’s push bar, there were no preferable options
>“James, you’re a good guy, right?”
“I’d like to think so… but clearly YOU don’t believe that’s true”
>“I do, James. Through all of this, you’ve only been doing what you need to do, right?”
>That was essentially what I’d told myself while scurrying amid yesterday’s muddy downpour, but the more I pondered the question, the more I needed to ask myself what I truly ‘needed to do’
>I didn’t need to stay human… I’d survive as a pony…
“I… I guess so… I haven’t gone out of my way to hurt anypony, and I’m… I’m so sorry for what I did to your marefriend… really… I’m sorry…”
>“You regret telling her she was going to die?”
“Come on Cobalt, you know that’s exactly what I’m saying… I didn’t mean to cause any unneeded distress… I just… I didn’t want myself or the people I care about to be ponies…”
>“And as I understand it, that’s still the case. That’s fine by me. But can I ask you something? If you could apologize to Typhoon Twist, would you do it?”
“Of course I would… I can hardly imagine what mental anguish she went through…”
>“You didn’t want to put her through any mental anguish, James. Don’t blame yourself. She wants to forgive you for what you did, except, well, I don’t know how interested you’d be”
“What, are you serious? I feel terrible for not returning to the store! The chance to m- Wait… Wait, she wants me to show her forgiveness with a big ol’ ponifying hug, doesn’t she?”
>“It would mean a lot to her – the opportunity to show that she’s gracious and welcoming to those who set aside their evil, or in your case, lying, selves for the good of their fellow ponies”
“I get that, but surely I don’t need to reiterate… well, you understand…”
>“I do, James. You don’t want to be a pony. You’re not necessarily in the wrong for thinking that way. After all, it’s not like it’s a crime to do… um…”
>Cobalt cut himself off mid-sentence as the tinny ringing of his voice through the door gave way to a few heavy seconds of silence
“Cobalt… what’s with the patronizing language? Why do I feel this is more than a friendly, casual chat between a human and a lone Pegasus?”
>While his ensuing sigh didn’t come as much of a surprise, the fact that it was so loudly audible through the door caused me to furrow my brow
>“Okay, you got me. I don’t know exactly where I’m trying to take this conversation. In retrospect, it was a fool’s errand considering my friends took away a lot of my practical experience”
“I don’t follow…”
>“I’m no longer familiar with how negotiating tactics are really supposed to work in practice… I probably used them a lot while on the force, but they were never exactly good memories…”
>I could practically hear Cobalt shrug as he spoke, the Pegasus discernably arriving at a verbal impasse
“Wait, were you, well and truly, a police negotiator before you became a pony?”
>And not a particularly good one, at that…
>“Well, James, I don’t know how often you kept up with local news outside Carmine’s campus, but if you ever saw references in the newspaper to officer ‘Bill McAverlee,’ that’s… was… me”
“Okay, so you weren’t specifically a negotiator…”
>“Yeah, well, I can at least tell you I didn’t work as one of those full-time”
“Okay, what kind of things did Officer McAverlee do, then? Take a seat, tell me your story”
>I was hopeful if I could get Cobalt talking, he would stop probing the door’s latch enough for me to take a quick tactile survey of my surroundings amid the unforgiving darkness
>Much to my dismay, as I remained braced in the sealed doorframe, a weak click of the door’s push bar signaled that I wouldn’t be afforded a search any time soon
>“I can’t remember much, and besides, the fact that you’re running around here has me worried that time is running out”
“Of course time’s running out… There are, what, like, a dozen ponies probably looking for me in this one building, right?”
>“No, this isn’t about you… I wasn’t talking about YOUR time running out. I’m talking about my son… he’s… he’s gone missing…”
“Well, he’s gotta be ONE of the foals running around here, and the transformation could’ve made him a girl if you haven’t considered looki-“
>My head was knocked from its spot against the door as a mighty shockwave rippled through the metal, the distinctive report of hard hoof keratin confirming that the door had been kicked
>Even though my vision had briefly gone blurry and I’d found myself in a mental daze, the door remained firmly shut, as Cobalt hadn’t engaged the latch at the moment he struck
>“Ponyfeathers, that kinda hurt…”
>A disheartened rhythm of hooves clicked to the floor as Cobalt gathered the emotional shards that my overly simplistic observation had left scattered, dripping with heartless disregard
>“Please forgive me for losing my temper… James, I’ve done everything I can do at this point… Everything… I just… I miss him so much… My patience is wearing thin…”
>I rubbed my forehead with my mind straining to formulate a coherent sentence, as a dull cerebral pounding still faintly lingered from Cobalt’s outburst
“You’ve talked to all of the other ponies in your herd, and none of them have seen anything?”
>“Word’s gotten out to hundreds, if not thousands of ponies at this point. Just in the past hour, five Pegasi I’d never met flew here with news… but no good news… nopony’s found him”
>Cobalt let out a long, heartbroken sigh behind the door, which spurred my sympathy enough to elicit a similarly strained exhale as I considered Cobalt’s somber situation
“Shoot, I’m so sorry to hear that… I can’t imagine what you’re going through… I don’t suppose there’s anything I can do to help?”
>“I mean, if you could tell me where he is…”
“I’m sorry, Cobalt… I wouldn’t even know where to start looking…”
>“Is that the truth, or would your answer change if you suddenly had hooves?”
“Are you, what, doubting my truthfulness? I told you, I’m sorry about what I did to Typhoon, and I learned from it…”
>“I just figure that since none of the current PONIES, out of hundreds, know where he is…”
“You… You can’t be serious… Cobalt, I want to help ponies… What the hell would I have to gain from kidnapping your son? I’m giving you my utmost honesty!”
>“Know what I think? I think you want to use him as a bargaining chip to get yourself out of joining our herd, as a deterrent of sorts”
“You know as well as I do that such a plan wouldn’t work… As soon as you hypothetically befriended me, wouldn’t I immediately tell you where he was?”
>“Sounds like you’ve put a fair deal of thought into this… did you at think far enough ahead to have a deterrent against us simply befriending you?”
“You think I’d put your son on a dead man’s switch? Cobalt, you’re absolutely insane if that’s what you think!”
>“Is there some sort of weapon on a timer in one of the abandoned classrooms?”
“For the love of God, if I knew where your son was, I’d tell you!”
>“Did you set up the door to him so there’d be consequences to another pony entering the same room as him? Some kind of trap?”
“Knock it off!”
>“Am I getting warmer? Or did you just now figure out that your plan is scrap without… what did you call it? A dead man’s switch?”
>I passed up the pause, its opportunity goading me to humor his worst-case scenario fantasies, and instead opted to weakly sigh and consider my own situation with newfound clarity
“Cobalt… Fuck… You’re not even interested in quote-unquote ‘being my friend’ any more, are you? Please, I know you miss your son, but please… please tell me you have limits…”
>Except for the diligently intermittent clicking of the door’s push bar, silence was the only response I received, the unsettling respite gradually working to confirm my worst fears
“You don’t really want to incur the scars of another pony… or… or worse… just because you think it’ll…”
>I trailed off, only to find that the Pegasus beyond the door was unwilling to pick up the discourse in my wake
“Cobalt! Come on! There has to be some way I can show you that I’d never do anything like what you’re imagining… I don’t want anyone to get hurt… Not him… Not you… Not… Not me…”
>The curious scrutiny of the door’s latch proved much more vocal than my conversation partner… click… click… click…
“Are you still there?”
>“Well, obviously… I’m still prodding the door in the hope that you’ll open it… It’s only me out here right now, and as I said, all I want to do is talk”
>I continually found myself questioning whether Cobalt had made up the very existence of his son in order to justify his line of actions, but his emotion-laden pleas bid me to pause
“Think about it, Cobalt… a dead man’s switch would only work if I told you I had one. I don’t. And above all else, I don’t know where your son is…”
>“James, we both know what it’ll take to convince me that you’re being honest”
>Burying my head in my hands, my head throbbed anew, not from the previous shock of Cobalt’s hooves against the door, but rather the straining exertion of contemplating my options
>I couldn’t run out into the darkness before me without Cobalt pursuing, and I couldn’t go back through the door without confronting him either
>Could I at least calm him down enough to grant me supervised passage to the machine shop, rather than forcefully befriending me on the spot?
>At the very least, I knew for certain that Snowfall would be kind to a ponified rendition of myself, with her tender hooves more than willing to embrace her friend even-
File: alleyebitavia.png (128 KB, 491x1222)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
where do you expect all his meat to go?
>I found myself distracted as a speedy clamor of hooves echoed up the stairs just beyond the door, followed by the hushed yet commanding voice of an unseen stallion
>“Hey Storm, since Cobalt’s in the middle of talking to him, could you remind-”
>He was met by a cacophony of hushed whispers
>“Not so loud, featherbrain!”
>“Quiet down!”
>“He’s gonna hear!”
>A harried series of shushes echoed forth from the three or four distinct ponies just beyond the door, but they came too late, as their deception had been revealed
>“Sorry… she couldn’t find the hallway… You said 2-B, western door?”
>“2-C, eastern!”
>“Oh, hayseed, sorry!”
>I braced myself with renewed strength against the door as it dawned on me that no fewer than three ponies were mere inches away on the steel barrier’s far side
>My heart raced and I held my breath as the push bar clicked in again, only to click out a moment later without the ponies making a concerted effort to force it open
>At least, not this time… Fuck, this is not good… this is not good…
>There was only mild relief to be found in the fading reports of one set of hooves, as the inquisitive stallion departed to decree his correction, which still left three ponies behind
“Cobalt, I thought you said it was just you out there!”
>And for that matter, what the hell else were you lying about?
>I received no verbal response, instead being met by the push bar’s rhythmic reports amid the eerie silence of the pitch black corridor
>Click… click…
“Look, I’m eager to meet the rest of your friends, I just didn’t know they were out there!”
>Click… click…
“I’m not mad at them, I’m sure they’re very wonderful! Can I please talk to one of them?”
>Click… click…
“I have some sugar cubes if you guys are hungry or anything… I… They… I heard they taste pretty good! Do any of you want one?”
>Click… click…
>I wiped the sweat from my forehead and shifted into a new position against the door, pivoting to alleviate my aching muscles without letting up pressure on the door for even a moment
>Glancing down at my shoes, I planted the unseen rubber soles into the tile in preparation for when the ponies did try to bust through, which could’ve happened at a moment’s notice
>Oh, wait, never mind about not being able to see… I actually can see my shoes a little bit considering my eyes must’ve adjusted – there’s the edge of my shoe, at least…
>Actually, I take that back… it’s still kind of hard to see…
>No, wait, my eyes are having a really, really weird time adjusting to this darkness… there, yeah, I can see the outline of the shoe and laces against the pale tile here, but…
>Never… never mind?
>Warily leaning my head against the door, I found it necessary to cock my head to the side, just below where the door’s push bar resided, in order to avoid bumping the fixture
>As I cast my gaze curiously across the dim region where I expected there to be a hallway, my ear rested a few inches from the push bar, its reports now much more pronounced
>The edges of the hall were momentarily illuminated – dark, dark greys against black, but still greys, nonetheless – before flickering out
>The walls were briefly awash in a dull blue glow, almost too dim to discern, but the two or three seconds for which the color persisted had been enough
>The blue glow returned with slightly renewed brightness for a few seconds, only to flicker out and plunge me back into darkness
>I felt a cold chill race up my spine, particularly given the markedly lacking presence of daylight warmth that had otherwise characterized the town’s radiance since the blackout
>As if to confirm my fears, another click of the door’s push bar was met with the glow and a faint twinkling noise, much like that the unicorn once known as ‘Ryan’ had made with her horn
>Cobalt wasn’t necessarily trying to open the door… he just needed to provide a homing beacon…
>A faraway corner of hallway, now bathed in a pronounced blue glow, provided the illumination I needed to steadily hoist myself to my feet as I studied as much of my environment as possible
>The walls were dotted with framed pictures, glinting plaques, long arrays of doors, and, most importantly, a singular stairwell to the side about fifty feet ahead
>As the unseen unicorn approached the far corner and let his magical glow die away, my muscles tensed with the ambitious proscpect of escape
>One foot remained planted at the base of the metal door so that Cobalt couldn’t throw it open too soon, but as I took a sprinter’s stance, clearly I didn’t intend to keep my foot there long
>As the door’s bar reset and the unicorn became silhouetted in the dim glow of his own horn far ahead, I took off running toward the stairwell
>My shoes pounded the tile violently as the unicorn responded to me with blindingly intense radiance, his horn swiftly cascading blue light through the hallway and all its features
>The emergence of heavy footfalls broke Cobalt’s rhythmic prodding, and within a couple seconds, I heard the door behind me explode open with the bellicose kicks of several ponies
>With the ponies closing in on me from ahead and behind, I let out a primal shout mid-run, the distance to the stairwell rapidly closing as my muscles strained
>Thirty feet… Twenty…
>Grasping at the stairwell door, I dove inside and didn’t even bother to slam the cursory barricade between myself and the ponies
>I barely broke stride in the process of leaping down six or seven stairs at a time, a sharp lance of pain striking my ankles as I impacted the floor and stumbled forward
>Somewhere above me, a clamor of hooves rushed through the doorframe into the stairwell, while several indistinct shouts and wingflaps heralded the inevitable arrival of my fate
>When I burst into the ground floor hallway, I could hear hoofsteps coming from at least one other direction, but with blood pounding in my ears, I was in no position to say exactly where
>At this point, locking the door to the stairwell behind myself was equivalent to plugging a pinprick-sized hole on the Titanic, but it provided the slightest piece of mind
>As Cobalt’s irate expression disappeared behind a façade of thick steel, I tried to consider my options, or at least that’s what I told myself I was doing as cold feet and paralyzing fear set in
>Shit, can’t really go outside, can’t stay in here long with the way they’re already starting to swarm…
>Cobalt’s just going to fly back upstairs and flank around...
>I clenched my fists and glanced at the door from which I expected him to appear, which also happened to be the door in the direction of the machine shop… and Snowfall…
>No, come on, please let her be the one to do this… they’re going to fucking crucify me… please…
>“Hey there, James!”
>With wide eyes, I spun around to find myself face-to-face with a beaming orange Pegasus a dozen yards away, her wings flared outwards as if to declare that escape route blocked
>Despite my refusal to break eye contact with her, I lifted a foot and tried to take a step backwards towards the machine shop, but was struck down before my foot reached the floor
>Amid a sickening crash, I fell to the tile and gasped as the voice of a stallion behind me spoke up, exuding confidence utterly atypical of one who just tackled someone twice their height
>“Holy cow, look at you! You’re quite a sight for sore eyes!”
>I fought to regain my breath as a warm drop of thick blood slowly rolled down my face, the stallion now keeping me pinned with such might that it hurt to even move my head
>As one of his forehooves dug into the back of my torso near my shoulder, another hard, dull point snagged on the base of my shirt and gently pushed it up, exposing a small patch of skin
>As the cool air filling the hallway began to gently whisk away my sweat, I tried to discern whether fur had begun to grow from my back from such a perfunctory touch
>I couldn’t feel anything at the moment, but if I didn’t get away from these ponies, well, that would happen soon enough
>“Clementine, I don’t believe we’ve met – I’m sure you’d like to befriend this one?”
>“You bet your apples I would – got twenty-two friends just like him – but something tells we you’re going to be less than cooperative in handing him over”
>As the stallion and mare spoke, I tried to seize on the conversation as an opportunity to wriggle free, but the stallion pressed his hooves into my back with renewed force
>While I let out a dispassionate cry of pain, he lifted the edge of my shirt up a few more inches before letting it snap back into its native position around my waist
>The orange Pegasus craned her neck and agitatedly flicked her wings and tail, but she didn’t advance towards the successful hunter and his prey
>“Sorry, Clementine, but this one’s mine”
>I made one last plea and kicked a leg at the unseen assailant in a desperate attempt to break free, but I may as well have been lying utterly still
>“Hey, whoa, stop fighting, I’m one of the good guys”
“Fuck you! Get off me! Get away!”
>“Calm down, you’re going to be alright”
>As I contested his detention, I found myself hyperventilating to the point that stars had begun to fill the corners of my vision
>“Just relax, alright? Nothing bad’s going to happen to you”
>Abruptly, I noticed the faint presence of two weights on my back near the base of my shoulder blades, the pair of spots growing more pronounced with each passing moment
“No, please! At least let me take off my clothes, or something! You won! Stop, stop! You won!”
>“Sshhh… not so loud…”
>His warmly spoken words only served to excite my breathing further, pushing my vision into darkening tunnel vision
>Oh no, is this what it feels like to grow Pegasus wings?
>Well, I guess it’s better than ending up as pony without wings or a horn…
>No, don’t try to rationalize it! They’re killing you! They’re stealing the person you’ve lived your whole life as!
>My name is James, and I’m a human! My name is James, and I’m a human! Human! Human human human!
>Human… hu… man…

With that, Chapter 6 of Cuddly Doom draws to a close.
Chapter 7 will arrive on the evening of Monday August 14th; I look forward to seeing you all then!
Have a wonderful weekend, my little ponies!
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>leaving it there.
You utter bastard.
I feel like we should know who the stallion is.
Cant wait for monday.
Rip James
It's probably Morning Star.
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731 KB GIF
>>No, don’t try to rationalize it! They’re killing you! They’re stealing the person you’ve lived your whole life as!
File: 1500472689295.gif (46 KB, 600x450)
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N-no! It can't end like this, can it? What about Snowfall!?
Wait, nevermind. He says he's never met her. Can't be him.
File: Goofed.jpg (48 KB, 600x800)
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pic related
Fuck you for ending it there you bastard.

>“Holy cow, look at you! You’re quite a sight for sore eyes!”

So this is a male pegasus that recognizes James? It could be Ryan's girlfriend from chapter 4. She turned into a male pegasus.
crunchtime. Doomed to live in a story that will never end.
Isn't Cobalt James' dad?
No, why would you think that?
Also I'm pretty sure James would have reacted to his name if that were the case.
File: Twilight_Sparkle21.png (976 KB, 4000x3857)
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976 KB PNG
Will he be his "Daddy"?

>that pic related

File: 130227424920.jpg (97 KB, 600x600)
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I just want you to know: I love you all for writing here. please don't stop
I adore the idea of being a pony but seriously these ponies are fucking monsters. If I were James I would have legit started killing by now. Don't toy with your prey, good lord. I'm so irrationally angry right now.
>Anonfilly getting raped
>"Ah! Fuck yeah!"
"Hey! You darn thug watch your language!"
>"Shut up."
"I'm sorry sir, but this is a christian server, if you say another bad word I'm going to ban you."
"The hell are you saying?"
>Anonfilly's eyes light up
"t h a t s e n o u g h b u d d y , i w a r n e d y o u a n d n o w y o u r e g o n n a g e t b a n n e d ."
>Rapist pony blinks out of existence
>A sign appears for a few seconds, reading "Player has been banned from Life"
File: 533430_2.jpg (76 KB, 630x630)
76 KB
It's time
File: keyboardmasher.png (428 KB, 888x787)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
I share your pain.
>I sit at the edge of the bleachers as the crowd roars around me
>”And California Chrome crosses the finish line!”
>I was counting on this race to pay of my debs, now I’m even further in the hole
>What the fuck am I supposed to do now? I’m Over ninety thousand dollars in debt
>Just then I feel a firm grip on my arm
>”Don’t worry buddy, You’ll pay us back”
>A sack is shoved over my head as I’m lifted up over the man’s shoulders and hurried away
>The next thing I know I’m in a stable, in front of a full mirror
>My captors are nowhere to be seen, yet I can hear them clearly
>”Now, since you like the horse races so much, we figured you could be in them”
>They jab a syringe into my shoulder
>An agonizing pain sweeps through my entire body
>My hands and feet cramp up, crushing themselves into nubs
>And itching burning sensation covers my body as blue fur starts to come in
>A crushing pain rips through my chest as my torso contorts into a barrel
>I grimace as my face is crushed and flattened into a long muzzle, my ears pulled upward by some unseen winch
>the entire time I’m able to keep my focus on the mirror
>I’m forced to watch as my humanity is slowly ripped away from me
>”now there’s a fine pony, you may not end up glue after all.”
>A branding iron passes in front of my face
>”Now we just need to mark our property”
>I open my eyes just as my flank stings under the searing heat
>After a moment flailing franticly I return to my senses
>To my dismay I’m still in the kennels, and still very much a pony
>At least I haven’t been branded, yet
>I sniff at the water and oats they have left for me
>There is something about eating out of a dog bowl that revolts me
>Despite being quit hungry I don’t feel like eating
>No, all I really want to do is lay in bed
>I want to lay in my bed
>My shitty ass bed in my shitty ass apartment until I have to go to my shitty ass job
>I slam my head into the padded side with some force, drawing the attention of one of the workers
>She eyes me, probably trying to decide if I’m about to try and hurt myself
>I let out a sigh
>Better eat that food sometime soon, I’m sure they would have no issues force feeding me if they thing I’m on a hunger strike
>Just as I’m about to fall back asleep I see someone come in
>It’s a man, dressed far too nice to be one of the employees here
>And at his heels is a little grey mare, all done up with a pink skirt and makeup
>I stand up and move to the front of my pen
>I’ll be adopted sooner or later, may as well try to end up with a good looking mare
>I put on my most pathetic face, not hard considering how humiliated I feel right now
>It seems to get the mares attention
>”Aw Master, look at him”
>She paws at her owners pant leg as she speaks
File: 1489283294912.png (621 KB, 1000x716)
621 KB
621 KB PNG
>”He’s certainly a good looking stallion…” the man remarks as he heads towards me
>”Well little guy, how long have you been here?”
“J-just a night”
>Its surprisingly hard to talk
>The man nods
>”You’re a good looking pony, and Lightning here seems to have taken a shine to you”
>He pats the Pegasus at his side
>”Lightning here has been feeling rather lonely, how would you feel about keeping them company?”
“I would love to” I blurt out
>Fuck how deprate am I
>He chuckles “You sure are ready to get out of that cage aren’t you”
>I nod
>”Well, do you want me to get you out of that cage?”
“Yes, please yes”
>A smug smile comes across his face
>”Now how do you address me?”
>I knew damn well what he wanted to hear
>Swallowing hard I respond
“Yes… Master”
>It’s all I can do not to grit my teeth as I say it
“please take me with you”
>He chuckles
>”you remind me of Lightning when we first met. You’ll come to love calling me that”
>He glances at a sign pinned to the outside of my cage
>”Well Moonglow, do you know any tricks?”
>My ears automatically flatten themselves against my neck
“I can probably do any tricks you want”
>He claps his hands together “Be a good boy and sit, while I go do people things, I expect you to be right there when I come back”
>Without another word he turns on his heels and leaves the room, taking Lightning with him
>Hopefully he isn’t bs’ing about buying me, and I can spend my slavery railing a good looking mare while he’s away…
Damn it, took me a second but Lightning is a trap, isnt he.

>you will never meet a qtmare that will help you learn to be a good pet.
I'd be entirely okay with this.
File: 1478750331843.png (799 KB, 1280x1559)
799 KB
799 KB PNG
File: 1502332065951.png (244 KB, 1080x840)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
Thanks, pinks
That pic makes me feel all warm inside.
File: IMG_0092.png (269 KB, 800x533)
269 KB
269 KB PNG
Although I totally agree, James is an EMT and as such his Hippocratic Oath promises that he must “first, do no harm” or “primum non nocere,” the Latin translation. And as stupid as that might be during an apocalypse I can respect that he still honours that oath.
File: IMG_0109.png (310 KB, 630x547)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
>PInkie found a way to apply Cuddly Doom to the whole world at once.
File: 1478642921837.jpg (273 KB, 1541x2183)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
Everyone who wants to be a pony becomes a pony, at the price of everyone you see knowing you're a degenerate
Conversely everyone who wants to stay human does so at the cost of everyone knowing that they'll never be cute.
File: 1488332501146.jpg (216 KB, 1299x1107)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Huh. That'd be odd, just living your life one day before suddenly feeling phantom hooves holding you firmly but gently, the scent of cotton candy filling your mind as you relax into the feeling of pure and simple platonic love.
File: update_the_story.jpg (180 KB, 535x398)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Two weeks from now simply cannot come soon enough.
Odd, yes, but also very comforting.
File: 1490241188231.png (691 KB, 1000x689)
691 KB
691 KB PNG
Come back to us, Alycornanon
File: more pony nuns.png (122 KB, 464x551)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
Hidey-ho gang, Cardholder here with another story update
>I stared at the string that was resting on the barb of the feather, and wondered why I had chosen to use the feather to pick up the string, as opposed to simply grabbing the string.
>I switched my magic over to grabbing the string, and let the feather drop.
>The feather fluttered down to the counter, as that familiar pink glow encapsulated the string, and while I was managing to successfully levitate it, I couldn’t help but feel that it was… slipperier?
>Like my grip on this tiny bit of string wasn’t nearly as strong as it was on my feather, and on top of that, I could feel the dull roar of discomfort building up at the base of my horn, that could blossom back into a migraine at any moment.
>I quickly moved the string into position over the small nameless red mare, and let it slowly float down at her.
>Oh, how she scrunched, and screwed up her eyes, and flared her horn, but in the end, the only result was the string resting triumphant across her muzzle.
>She stared at the string like a bull staring down a Matador, and I honestly felt a little worried that the string would burst into fire under her withering glare.
“So, uh, did you feel anything that time?”
>”No, no, and more fucking no, this shit’s im-fucking-possible”
“Are you sure about that? I coulda sworn I saw your horn light up a few times, maybe if you keep at it, you’ll get it sooner or later.”
>The small anonymous mare managed to tear her eyes away from her adversary to look at me, but then let her gaze droop.
>“I can’t believe they built this shit out of a catch-22. You have to not think about it to do it, but if you don’t think about it, you can’t do it, I mean, that shit’s the definition of impossible.”
“Well, yeah, of course it’d be impossible, if you were using the laws of physics, but you aren’t. This shit’s magic, it uses it’s own rules, and you sure as fuck better not be expecting an explanation any time soon.”
>The small red mare looked at me, then blew the string off her muzzle with a puff of air.
>”You know, I would have thought you would have enjoyed the whole ‘breaking reality’ thing, but hearing that from you, I’d swear you’re even more pissed that you can use it.”
“Yeah, that’s about right. I mean, I think half the reason magic does what it does is to thumb its nose at sensible physics, and the other half is a secret, and I’m pretty sure it prefers things to stay that way.”
>Tiny stopped trying to pick up the piece of string off the floor with an appendage-less hoof, and stared up at me.
>”Wait, are you saying this shit’s like, a living thing? Are we playing with Cthulhu's willy or some gay shit like that?”
“Ok, maybe, and no, get your damn mind out of the gutter. And I dunno about it living, but I do know that analysis makes it not work, like, I dunno, dissecting a fish kills it. Sure you understand how fish work more, but the one you’re working with sure ain’t gonna do much more than float dead at the surface.”
>Small stared intently at the string, her horn giving a wavering glow that flickered in and out of existence.
>”But to further your analogy, wouldn’t there be countless other fish in the sea? Couldn’t you use one of those to power your magic, or do whatever with it?”
>I put a hoof up under my chin, and looked around the room at the all the various states of unicorns trying to learn how to use their magic.
>It seemed like I wasn’t the only one to figure out levitation, but it was clear that I was still in the minority.
”Well, either there’s just one big ol’ source, and understanding things weakens your link, like analyzing magic makes it not be magic anymore. Either that, or everyone only gets one fish, and it’s like, some part of your brain, or something.”
File: IMG_0303.gif (1.64 MB, 384x216)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF
>I stared at the flickering aura surrounding the string, causing it to occasionally shift as if it were caught by the wind.
>I leaned a little closer to my small red friend, and whispered to her.
“Say, uh, are you worried that learning magic might just be a conduit for them sucking the humanity out of us?”
>Small red looked away from the string, but I noted out of the corner of my eye that her magic was still glowing around the twine.
>”Honestly, at this point I don’t care if it sells my soul to the devil, just so long as I can manipulate something with more finesse than these dumb ass hooves.”
>As Reddish looked down at her hoof with anger and disappointment, I saw the string start to snake up into the air behind her.
“Well, yeah, I guess, but aren’t you the slightest bit worried that, like, you’re gonna lose who you are to all this magic bullshit, and by the end of this, you’re just gonna be one more fancy prancy pony?”
>”Yeah, because being an uppity little cunt who can’t use magic and staying stuck in this hellhole for all eternity is so great, right? Like seriously, the moment Sunbutt caught wind that I was human, a torch and pitchfork mob basically materialized out of thin air to hunt me down, strip me of my fingers, and drag me here.”
“But, like, don’t you care about Earth at all?”
>”I didn’t care about it enough to stop myself from drinking bleach, and I definitely don’t care enough to drag myself back.”
>I opened my mouth to respond, but then immediately closed it.
>I had to admit, she had a point there, Earth might have been my home, but there wasn’t exactly anyone back there that would have given two shits that I had died.
>And, well, what exactly was I going to do back on earth, assuming I managed to get back there?
>It sorta seemed like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one, unless, that is, I just gave up, and capitulated to whatever demands they wanted from me.
>Which is honestly looking like more and more the only option here, given it’s either fight the whole damn world, or sit down, learn some history and how to use my horn-horse brain powers.
>”Alright, if you’re done trying to get us both lobotomized, I’d like to get back to- hey, where’d the string go?”
>I looked up at the string, which was wriggling about in midair, cloaked in a yellow aura that matched the one emanating from the small red mare’s horn.
“I, uh, think you’re doing it. The magic thing.”
>”What? You fucking with me here, Pink?”
>I shook my head, and pointed at the string, and watched as Little’s gaze followed to where it was floating.
>”Wait, what? Are you sure that’s me, and not someone fucking with us?”
“Nope, that’s all you, I had the exact same feeling when I first figured out my magic, hell it took until the second time I used it to realize that I was the one actually doing the magic-ing.”
>Red looked between me and the string a few times.
>”God, that is so bullshit, I swear, that’s like going through an adventure game level of moon logic to find a key, just to figure out the door was never locked. That’s just so bullshit.”
>I wrapped a hoof around Tiny’s withers and chuckled.
“Welcome to magic, it’s probably only going to get more shit from here.”
>Little Red wriggled out of my embrace, then stood in the middle of the station and stared at the bit of string that was flailing in the air like a broken unity asset.
>As I watched Red struggle with her first steps into magic, I took the opportunity to think about just why I was so reluctant to accept whatever “help” that these horses were offering.
>I mean, the turning us into horses bit was a little weird, and the “history” had a definite pro-Celestia bias to it, but, well, this was a religious school, it would be naive to believe that it wouldn’t be.
>Then again, when they’re basically spoonfeeding us propaganda, there’s definitely something fucky going on.
>As Red ran in circles from the magically animated piece of string, I remembered one point I had made during my worried ramblings last night, specifically, wondering if Snugglebun had ever been human.
>I wasn’t still 100% sure if this place was just some innocent school for integrating unwilling immigrants, but if I could somehow prove that any of our instructors was one of us, that’d be a big step towards that conclusion.
>I couldn’t prove anyone’s identity from paperwork, but if they could show that they knew something only a human would know, maybe remembered something about how being a human felt?
>I thought about it, then devised a simple test that I considered mostly foolproof, and wondered which of our instructors I should test it on.
>I looked down at where the voice was coming from, and noticed that Shorty had somehow managed to hog-tie herself with what was probably only an inch or two worth of string.
>I stared between the string binding her legs, and the blank expression on her face.
“I... what, how did… you know what, just sit tight, don’t try and use your magic, and I’ll be back with some scissors, or something.”
>”Well, you know where to find me, not like I’m going anywhere anytime soon.”
>I turned around and headed for Showoff, who, of course, was showing off that she could levitate something that was heavier than a piece of string, and didn’t come from a wing.
“Hey, uh, red… guy somehow managed to hogtie herself.”
>Showoff looked up at me from her book, then looked over at the corner where Tiny was struggling against her bonds, then let out a sigh.
>”Stay here. I’ll get the scissors.”
>I sat down by Showoff’s desk and considered using my test on her, but then decided against it, given the kind of person that Showoff was.
>I wouldn’t be surprised if she gloated to the other instructors about how “human” she was, and how she was fooling us all with her “human” antics.
>Yeah, no, I couldn’t use the test on her, I’d need some other rube to try it on, and I already had one in mind.
>As I watched Showoff snip shorty out of her accidental bondage, I considered that Snugglebun might even be a perfect target, given that I could disguise my test as idle conversation.
>I drafted up and refined the question I’d ask Snugglebun as I waited for Showoff to get back, knowing that I’d be facing serious consequences if I fucked this up.
>”Alright, I managed to cut her out, try and keep her to feathers, otherwise I’m sure the next time I look over there, she’d be smack dab in the middle of some kinda gordian knot.”
>I wondered for a second how Showoff had heard of that particular turn of phrase, but I wound up brushing it off as Showoff being a showoff again.
>Of course she’d know about stuff like that, and be more than happy to show off her “human” knowledge.
“Alright, yeah, probably for the best. Any idea how she managed to do that with just a finger’s length of string though?”
>All Showoff could offer me was another bit of showing off, this time the “human” gesture of a shrug.
>”It’s magic, trying to figure it out’s a fool’s errand. Doesn’t stop some people, but you’re better off just not trying in the first place.”
>Again with the ‘it’s magic, you shouldn’t explain shit’ line, although I was already getting used to it, for all that it mattered.
>I mean, you don’t have to know how friction, or how your tendons work in your hand to be able to use it, but then again, figuring that stuff out didn’t make you unable to use said hand.
>Which again, falls under the ‘Things in Equestria just don’t make any goddamn sense’ rule.
“Alright, yeah, sorta kinda already figured that one out.”
>I turned to head back to the corner, where Red was furiously stamping on the bit of string, then had a second thought, and turned back.
“Say, uh, is there any advice you can give so I can use my magic better?”
>I figured that if I was gonna be stuck like this, I might as well learn to use what they gave me.
>What exactly was I trying to prove by shooting myself in the foot and not using my magic?
>Showoff held a hoof to her chin then gave her reply.
>”Well I’d say try levitating something other than feathers, or maybe levitating multiple feathers at once, or even trying to use feathers to manipulate objects. I mean, once your magic gets a chance to recover.”
>I nodded, remembering that trying to levitate a piece of string nearly kicked my migraine off again.
>I headed back to my workstation in the corner, where Red was cowering from the piece of string, that was sitting inert in the middle of the floor.
>I looked between red and the little bit of twine, then nudged the string with my hoof.
“That good, huh? I have no clue what happened back there, but I’m pretty sure that if you keep at it, you might be almost back to the level you were, back when you had hands.”
>”Yeah, real encouraging, Pink.”
“Yeah, yeah, but at least we’re better off than the dirt horses.”
>I looked down at the string, and considered picking it up, but then thought better of it, and instead levitated two of the feathers off the table, and used the pair as a sweeper and dustpan.
>Red little continued to stare at the bit of string on top of the feather like it was a deadly serpent, posed to strike, as I shuffled it off to a nearby garbage bin.
“By the way, you got some kinda nickname you wanna use? I’m kinda running out of synonyms for “small” over here.”
>The tiny mare’s face scrunched up as she trotted up to me, and gave me a look that could have sent dragons packing.
>If it weren’t on a small, adorable horse that would have had trouble coming up to my knee, when I was human.
>”You calling me short?”
“Why yes I am, Napoleon.”
>I chuckled at the tiny red mare as she started making “ree”-ing noises, and calling me a “fucking normie”.
>I mean, it was vaguely insulting, but not entirely inaccurate, and a sure sight better than just calling her “red” or short or something all the time.
>I kinda wished I had a nickname that was more than just the color of my coat, but honestly, at this point it kinda seemed like it’d be more trouble than it was worth to try and change it.
>I looked over at the clock, and tried to gauge about how much time there was left to class, but a familiar voice coming from down the hall told me all I needed to know.
>It was still too distant to make out any specific words, but with the way that Snugglebun was belting out marching cadence, it was pretty clear that she was headed our way to pick us up.
>The reaction from the group was mixed, from a few sighs of relief that they could stop putting themselves through mental torment, to a few that seemed annoyed that they were getting cut off right as they were figuring things out.
>I wondered when would be the best time to put my plan into action, and considered which time would be the best to put my plan into action.
>I could save it for if Snugglebun does that “hanging out and bantering” thing again, but I couldn’t be sure when that was going to happen again.
>And if I did suss out Snugglebun’s secret, that she was actually a pony pretending to be a former human, I would rather have a bunch of actual humans at my back to keep me from simply getting disappeared immediately after that.
>So I guess I was doing this at lunch today, which was after what would be the second shower for today.
>I didn’t understand why we all showered when we woke up, then again when we finished training, but I just marked it down as some kinda sun-cult thing, along with skipping breakfast.
>I mean, what the hell was with that?
>Didn’t anyone tell these horses that breakfast was the most important meal of the day?
>I headed for the door out, and lined up with the other unicorns as we waited for Snugglebun to pick us up, and take us to the showers.
>And from there, it was basically the same old “pick us up, cower as the sisters looked at us as if we were nothing more than a piece of meat, and head on down to the showers”.
>I could tell that it was going to get real boring, real fast, but at least routine made planning my escape just that little bit easier.
>I was expecting the showering to go about the same as yesterday, but apparently fate had other plans.
And that's it for this update, have a great weekend folks.
Pastebin updated
by the way, if anyone could come up for a name that's better than "Pony Story" that'd be great.
File: spanishinquisition.jpg (140 KB, 620x449)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
"Nobody expects the Human Equisition."
Good shit.
"Equestrian Inquisition" was actually my first idea for the name, but if I named the story like that, then it wouldn't exactly be unexpected, would it?
Equine conversion therapy
"Humans in Equestria: Nun Allowed"
I haven't come up with anything yet. I'll keep thinking.

That's so terrible, I love it.
Apparently I have a really specific taste and it's really hard to find a story that pertains to it. Anyone mind helping me out?
Basically just any sort of human to pony scenario where MLP isn't really canon - at least not in a way the main character knows of. Best one I've ever found was Hail to the King on fimfiction, but I'd love to know if there are any other good ones out there.
It's been on hiatus for a while though.
Roll with it
also, you missed out on a pun with Neighpoleon
But when you make horse puns, THEY win
I'd say give it some time
That's the thing, they do it unknowingly
How about Humans in Equestria: Equine conversion therapy: Nun times in Canterlot?
Today is update day, only after church
File: heretic.png (494 KB, 1000x1008)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
>You turn into the little pony
>The human inquisition is now hunting you

Worth it?
Shit, 4Chan's derping. Delivery on Doc.
Would you mind linking to said doc for us peasants?
Am I looking at the right thing? I don't see any new material since the last update.
Okay. I hope I get the comfy chair.
I think I remember a story in which the ponies were all actors (transformed if I remember rightly).
Anyone know the one?
File: 1494765584935.png (1.55 MB, 1504x1444)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
File: 1462986423383.png (160 KB, 748x1036)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Childhood is reading Zephyr's Tale and thinking it is a body horror fic about a man caught up in a grotesque enslavement plot.
Growing up is realizing Autumn was the mastermind all along.
File: 1473236535106.png (85 KB, 644x605)
85 KB
Achieving enlightenment is realizing the Zephyr was the mastermind manipulating Autumn into manipulating Armstrong into starting the pet pony kidnapping ring and then allowing a story to be written about it to gain more willing recruits.
File: 1465329729486.png (274 KB, 1062x941)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
A S C E N D I N G EVEN FURTHER BEYOND is realizing that Armstrong was still working with the government secretly, and the pet pony sales were being used to fund Project Blacklight that was started by George W. Bush so he could create the immortality selector, but the lizardmen got to him first so the money is going to MKUltra now, and the Zephyr was being manipulated by some government fellow through Armstrong to eventually, in secret, broadcast her story out to some unknowing MKUltra sleeper cell by furiously tapping out code on a homebuilt radio.
The events of Zephyr's Tale are very real and it goes so much deeper than you'd think. The real manipulator is hidden in the shadows.
>Soros is the one who makes us pretty ponies
I'm not sure how to feel
File: 1502301930615-a.jpg (25 KB, 320x304)
25 KB
go to bed parker.
>Pony-pill his grandson.
>Said grandson channels all his jewgold into making literal pony pills.
All according to keikaku.
It all began in the 40's
The alien shiptgat crashed in Roswell was a package from the moon
The moon isn't real, it's under a disguise spell to look like a moon
You see, the moon is actually Equestria
In the spaceship was blueprints for electronics and specifically, specialized ponification nanomachines.
We studied them and created cellphones and radio tech, but couldn't create the nanomachines
In '69 we went to the moon, Neil Armstrong landed in Equestria and became infected with a specialized virus that would activate the nanomachines
The virus wouldn't work without tye nanomachines, which was the goal of Project Paperclip, to create the technology for it
In 1997, they succeeded, George W Bush funded the project to do it, but they never knew what would happen
CCCP collapsed before they could weaponize the virus, data taken by CIA
Autumn and Zephyr, and Geoffry Armstrong, grandson of Neil and carrier of the virus, all work for the CIA or are sleepers
New thread,


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