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>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been 5 years, how is this thread still alive?
A perverse mixture of Necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?
Use your imagination, you nitwit. Additionally, brush up on your grammar and abandon your standards.

Writing Guides:
Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories -- https://pastebin.com/GGBkxi7e
Driverbang's Writing Guide -- http://pastebin.com/uXvpYYzS
Navarone's Writing Rules -- http://pastebin.com/bnMmZ2T3

For additional information, visit the /Writefags' Guild/ for help and feedback on your works.


Author List: http://pastebin.com/eG8iY7Wy
FIMfiction Group: http://www.fimfiction.net/group/211640/flutterrape
Request Bin: http://pastebin.com/rZU1Hbqy

Thread Archive: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/search/text/Flutterrape/

Old thread: >>30547732
That is a perfect OP image.
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Yeeah, work that grill baby
Hello all, Vinny will be going to Bronycon to represent the Flutterfriends of the Flutterrape Thread! He will be having a snapchat extravaganza, so let him know if you want his snapchat to follow up with him first hand there on the scene.
Please don't do anything to embarrass yourself. Otherwise, have a good time, and if you start namedropping people from this thread in conversations with normies I'll fucking find you.
File: Fluttershy0002.jpg (65 KB, 960x547)
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Spread 'em wide if you venture out among the denizens of our fine city; we are having a baby oil shortage.
Say hi to Flutterpriest for me, I wouldn't be caught dead at a con.
Who knows maybe this con will get Priest outta this slump he's in.
A foreword before I post the next part of Flutterrape LTD:

The parts I posted last thread are naturally on the pastebin and can be found here:

Though I feel it's only fair to let you all know about changes I've made to it.
I never intended for the FR LTD story to get this big, as I mentioned before it's literally my biggest story to date. To make up for this unexpected outcome, I've gone back and tweaked a few of the earlier parts of the story. I haven't changed the core story in the slightest, I've just amended a few sentences here and there to tie the whole thing up a bit tighter. If you've been reading the story up until now please don't panic; you haven't missed anything and the story is still exactly the same.

I was just reading through it the other day (that's why this update has taken so long) and noticed a few inconsistencies, as well as spelling errors, so I went through the entire story again (took 5 hours) and fixed what needed fixing so that there aren't any contradictions or (too many) grammatical errors.

Thanks, buckos, now for horsefiction.
>She's getting slower.
>Not that Fluttershy was particularly fast to begin with, unless she was mad.
>Mare could move mountains if she was mad.
>But as you watch her struggle to even hover above the ground you feel a knot in your stomach.
>It won't be long now before she gives birth.
>And life won't slow down so that you can readjust.
>You're set on this course now, and you don't know where it will ultimately lead.
>Cadance won't disappear. Twilight won't vanish. Milky won't fade away.
>The problems you think about on a daily basis will still be present, they'll just have a baby added to them.
>The real question is; will Fluttershy be more or less furious after she's had the kid?
>You're hoping she'll be less angry.
>Would be a nice change of pace.
>Though through all your concerns and woes, what you're concerned with at the moment are two things.
>One is getting the sugar down for Fluttershy.
"Come on, shift, I'll get it."
>The mare huffs and moves to the side as you reach for the top cupboard and retrieve the withered paper bag of cheap sugar she wanted for her tea.
>You take the liberty of assembling her drink, the pony looking on contentedly.
>She nuzzles your leg after you give her the mug and she carefully exits the kitchen, gingerly balancing it on her hoof as she goes.
>Your second problem is a bit more delicate.
>Heading back to your cubicle, you mull over what you're going to say to Shorts.
>She's quietly working away as usual, bobbing her head slightly to her music.
>Her tired eyes skim over what she's written so far and she leans back a bit, stretching.
>She notices you watching and offers you a welcoming smile.
>"Hey," she says as she removes her earphones and casts them onto her keyboard nonchalantly, "what's up?"
"Just wanted to talk."
>You drop heavily into your swivel chair, the whole thing creaking in protest.
>You're not fat, the chair's just old.
>Fluttershy would tell you if you were getting fat.
>Your companion waits for you to continue, her hooves resting on her lap and a patient, attentive look about her.
"It's not exactly a secret around here that we're involved with Milky Way."
>Shorts' expression darkens slightly.
>"Yes, it's uh, well. Odd."
"Even by our standards?"
>"Well sure, I remember Fluttershy mentioning that we had a connection the mob, but I thought that was just a regular old street gang, like the Nyx Squad or the Glimglam Boys."
>She rubs her hooves together nervously.
>"I didn't think it would -actually- be Milky Way herself until she walked in the other day."
"You're nervous?"
>"Sure I am; she's bad news, isn't she?"
"Yeah, but she's no threat to us, she and Fluttershy are close friends."
>"It's not us I'm worried about, well okay, I -am- worried about us, what if the cops find out?"
"They won't, she's careful."
>"Even so... will we get in trouble if she's found and we're linked to her?"
>You mull over this for a moment, watching Shorts closely.
>The mare's eyes study your hardened face before falling away, the mare evidently uncomfortable.
>Finally, you give her a reassuring look and a faint smile.
"We will," and after a short pause, "but you won't."
>She looks up, about to ask something, but you hold up a hand to stop her as you speak.
"Milky's been involved with this company since before you were brought on board. If the cops -do- link the company to her, you have an alibi."
>Shorts waits, a hesitant look on her face.
>When you don't continue, she wets her lips and leans forward.
>"And... what about you?"
"What about me?" you say with a shrug, "I'll get thrown in prison for harbouring a dangerous terrorist."
>Shorts mouths an 'oh' and leans back again.
>You reach forward and pat her on the knee.
"Chin up, Shorts, I've long since resigned myself to this fate, I had my chance to leave and I didn't take it."
>You think for a second before coming to a realisation.
>Shorts, the mare visibly struggling to deal with this new reality, even in the face of everything she's seen so far, absently plays with her ponytail, her gaze and mind elsewhere.
>She just wanted a job.
>And she at least has a future outside this place.
"I didn't take the opportunity," you start slowly, "but you can."
>She glances at you, her eyes reflecting her unsure thoughts.
"You can leave, Shorts. Put all this behind you. It was a fun little adventure, but if you're scared of being lumped in with the rest of us degenerates then you can bail and find somewhere else. Somewhere normal, you know?"
>Shorts nods slowly.
>"I'll... think about it."
"Good girl."
>"But what about you, will you not want--"
"I can't be saved at this point. I'm in too deep. I have to ride this thing out until it ends, whenever or however that may be."
"You're a great mare, Shorts. Sure, you're weird, and have serious issues with your mother, but you don't deserve to rot in a place like this. On a tangent, have you been doing stuff with Fluttershy when I'm not here?"
>She goes stiff as a board, a look of panic on her face.
"Ah. Thought so. She offer you a raise?"
>"Um. Yes?"
"That explains why you're getting paid as much as me now."
>She looks at you hopelessly.
"I process most of the financials now, Shorts, including the odd pay-slip when Fluttershy forgets to."
>"Oh... I'm sorry--"
"Eh, don't be. In any case, is doing lewd stuff with your boss normal?"
>"It is here."
"But is it at other places?"
>"I guess not..."
"Nope. I know you're pretty jaded to most things nowadays, but that doesn't mean you're irredeemable."
>She hesitates to answer, then lets out a short laugh.
>"Hah, how did we even get onto this? Weren't we talking about the mob or something?"
"We were, but it's still related to what I'm saying. You don't have to stay here for when our thing with the mob goes tits-up."
>You sniff and shift yourself in your seat, a distant, though serious look gripping you.
"I feel like this is all gonna come to a head sometime soon, Shorts. Like something big is coming. You might wanna get out whilst you still can."
>She looks upset, so you try to reassure her again.
"Things might start happening, but I'm sure they'll be fine, don't worry about me and Fluttershy."
>"I'm not worried about Fluttershy, just you."
>She sighs.
>"I kinda like you, Anon. I know you've got a thing with Fluttershy, but I like you anyway."
"Now Shorts, I'm your manager; fraternising with me is inappropriate."
>The two of you share a quiet laugh at this.
"Well I appreciate it, but you know why that can't happen."
>"I know, and I don't expect it to."
>She shrugs, giving you a sly look.
>"Maybe I should just pin you down and get some of that magical jizz of yours in me, that'd seal the deal."
"Oh fuck off with that," you say with a chuckle, "so are you quitting or not?"
>"Eh, I dunno," she seems to cheer up, a familiarly mischievous grin stretching across her tired features, "I kinda like watching you suffer."
"There she is, back to her old self!"
>"I can't help it, your suffering amuses me."
>She keeps smiling, but her eyes retain a shadow of melancholy.
>"But I still worry about you, Anon."
"Well don't, I'll be fine, please trust me on that."
>"I don't trust you for a second, but okay."
>She laughs and turns back to her computer.
>"Anything else you need, mister manager?"
"I need you on my desk and oiled up in five minutes, Miss Shorts, and a schoolmare's outfit is mandatory."
>She snorts, but gives you a playful look.
>"You know, the weird thing is that I actually still have my old school uniform~"
"I doubt it still fits."
>"...Are you calling me fat?"
"Not fat, just... well developed."
>"Yeah, okay, what I said before about liking you? We're done."
>You both laugh it off, the mood now lifted.
>She goes on to rant about her mother again, and you listen, nodding and agreeing where appropriate.
>In the back of your mind however, you can't shake your own dread.
>The future beckons, and you don't like what it has to offer.

Woah but hold on there, friendos, I have not one but -two- new parts of the story to dump.
>"Want some coffee for when you get back?"
"Sounds magical."
>Shorts nods and shuffles away to the kitchen.
>It's been a few weeks since your little talk, and she seems intent on staying.
>Fluttershy isn't doing much better. She's got a huge bump now and most of the time relies on you carrying her everywhere.
>She also sleeps in her office these days, since the trek from home is a bit too much for her.
>You swing by her apartment every now and then to feed her bunny and make sure that everything is in order.
>Though you apparently don't need to, since that rabbit seems to be perfectly capable of looking after itself and the spacious apartment it now inhabits alone.
>It was waiting behind the door with a baseball bat the first time you walked in.
>Angry little bastard, but pets take after their owners, as the saying goes.
>Said owner gives you a huge stack of papers and sarcastically calls you "teddy bear" as you trudge out of her office.
>You call her a bitch over your shoulder and tell her to blow you.
>She replies saying that she's done so many times, and that you need to eat more pineapple.
>The mare tells you that a lot, but you're not sure what it means.
>You drop the huge stack on your desk, causing Shorts to jump.
>She glances at the papers, then at you.
>"I don't envy you, Nonner."
"Awful nickname."
>"You think so? I was thinking either Nonner or Anoony."
"How about 'Anon', that's a good one."
>"Hey, you call me Shorts all the time."
"Because that's your name?"
>"Yeah but you look like you're thinking of pants whenever you say it, and I don't like that."
"...The fuck?"
>Before she can elaborate, a noise causes the pair of you to go silent.
>The banter between you both dies.
>With great reluctance you look towards your second monitor.
>A purple haze can be seen on the static-ridden image.
>A loud, grating buzzer sounds again from the single speaker you have set up.
>Shorts gives you a fearful look.
>"How many purple unicorns do you know?"
"Just one."

>It's a long, painful silence.
>You stare down at the pony stood at the front door to Flutterrape LTD.
>She stares back, her demeanour as determined as ever.
>The mare still smiles whenever she sees you.
>She likely still hopes the two of you can be friends.
>And despite everything you desperately want to be hers.
>But things just didn't work out that way.
>"So... hi."
"Hi, Twilight."
>"Just come to, you know, check up!" she trails off with a breathless laugh.
>You hold back a sigh and step to one side, the unicorn trotting through the door and past you into the cold, lifeless entrance hall.
>Shutting the door with a heavy 'thunk', you turn to her, hands in your pockets.
>She cranes her neck to look around at the grey walls and ceiling.
>"So uh, your everything is still peeling."
>"Still not got a painter?"
"Not had the time."
>"Right, right. Sooo you -have- had the money, though."
>You narrow your eyes at her odd choice of words.
>She catches your look and forces a smile.
>"Soo, wanna go upstai--"
"Down here's fine, Twi, we don't want to cause any drama."
>"Okay, sure, sure."
>She clears her throat and looks you in the eye.
>You gaze back with a tired expression.
>"So how are things around here?"
"They're fine."
>"That's good! So I hear--"
"Apart from Fluttershy getting pregnant."
>Twilight doesn't react, confirming what you already assumed.
"Of course you already know that."
>She keeps her composure, her face neutral.
"No doubt because your good friend Cadance told you."
>Twilight's brow furrows.
>"I told her not to do anything reckless."
"Oh come the fuck on, Twilight--"
>"I told her, not to do, anything, reckless!" Twilight punctuates her point by stomping a hoof on the pale tiled floor.
>"Before you ask, yes, yes I -did- ask Cadance for help, alright?"
"What, you had her set up her own company and everything just for -this-?"
>"No. She already wanted to start up her own business here in the city, I just told her about my problems and she did the rest. She's the reason she's across the road, she already had a thing with Frank Priest, she's responsible for everything since."
"Nice abdication of blame there, Twi."
>"I'm not abdicating blame! I-I just told her that I needed help -convincing- you and Fluttershy to give up on the company! To cause disruptions, to dig up dirt, anything but--"
"Dig up dirt?"
>"Well sure! Any information that I could use against you!"
>You put two and two together, and your anger smoulders to the surface.
"They were rooting through our bins."
>She doesn't say anything.
"First thing you mentioned just now was money."
>Twilight holds your glare, as always.
>She never did feel afraid of you, then again the two of you were ever so close once upon a time.
>Calmly, she straightens up and opens her saddlebag with magic.
>Documents float out and hover before her.
>She adjusts her glasses and skim-reads the stained papers, talking in a smooth, controlled voice.
>"I really don't know why these of all things were in your bins, but here we are."
>You tighten a fist, then unclench it.
>"Bank statements; they show something quite interesting."
>She looks up at you.
>"Nothing but transactions out of the company accounts, then suddenly a huge injection."
>Her look turns frosty.
>"Six million bits, to be precise."
>The back of your mind is screaming at Fluttershy's incompetence.
>"I found that weird when I first read it, and I wasn't actually able to trace the source of the payment. The company whose name it's under doesn't actually exist, indicating either a now-dead company, which is unlikely, or an illegal cover."
>She removes her glasses and regards you with a firm look.
>"I've been hearing other things as well. I'm sure you've heard what happened to Zecora the other month."
"Yes. A real shame."
>"Hm. Not just Zecora either, lots of smaller businesses have seen record lay-offs and job losses."
>Her lips draw thin, and her expression hardens.
>"Anon. We haven't seen unemployment trends like this since Milky Way."
>Her eyes are searching you for anything.
>You feel like she's trying to pick apart your thoughts.
>Not wanting to be put off, you straighten your posture and look down at the unicorn with a cool indifference.
"Looks like Milky Way may be back in the City, yes, what does that have to do with anything?"
>Twilight's face says it all.
>It's like she's silently pleading with you, and you know in your heart of hearts she can read you like a book.
>In the quiet of the entrance hall you can hear a pin drop, save for the odd bit of traffic outside.
>Twilight takes a step closer.
>"Anonymous, you're my friend."
>You fold your arms defensively.
>"I want you in my life, and I miss you."
>She glances at her papers again.
>"But if you're doing deals with Milky Way to keep this company afloat, I'll get the police involved, and you know what that means for you and Fluttershy."
>She hesitates to continue, so you fill the gap for her.
>"But. But if... there's a way for that to -not- happen, I mean."
"Which is?"
>She gives you a weak smile.
>"Come work with me? Let Flutterrape die? It's just not worth it anymore! It's been -years-, Anon! Years with no real content, no grand projects, no writers of any real note... it's just you! You and Fluttershy!"
>You've heard it all before, but it never stops being any less true.
"And if I leave, Fluttershy will be broken. You know that. She was your friend once too, you know."
>She winces.
"And thanks to your bitch of a friend it's just not that simple anymore. She's pregnant, and I'm the fucking father."
>"I... It wasn't part of the plan! You have to believe me! Cadance went way over the line! She wasn't supposed to go that far--"
"So rooting through our bins for old bank statements, was that part of the plan? Fucking Christ, Twilight Sparkle, just look at yourself. Just leave us alone! You have -everything-!"
>You take a step forward, towering over her.
"You sit in a literal ivory tower! You have everything! The biggest corporation in town! The most stories put out, the highest traffic, the most competent staff, the most stable management, you have EVERYTHING."
>She doesn't back down, she never does, but she listens.
"So why the fuck would you ever want to bother with a company like this? You're a lion trying to hunt a rat, and rats aren't worthy prey. You're-- you're a big fish, and we're a tiny fish, or something!"
>You let out an exasperated noise.
>The two of you don't speak for a while.
>It's just the outside world you can hear.
>"...I miss us." she finally says.
"I miss us too. We were great together. Everything was better when we were all one big happy family."
"Then I fucked it up by planting that stupid idea in your head."
>"It's not a stupid idea, Anon, it was the future. A brighter future than what was waiting for us."
"We were fine the way we were."
>"We were destined to stagnate. When you brought up the idea of Anon In Equestria I thought you were a genius, I thought you were on board with me one hundred percent-- heck, I thought -you- would be the one to split first. And you know what?"
>She wipes a hoof across her dampening eyes.
>"I-I would have followed you. Instead here we are, arguing in some... -fucking- warehouse because you're too stubborn to leave and my stupid plans made Fluttershy pregnant!"
>She sits on the floor, trembling.
>"I just want us to be partners again. We'd be successful! Rich! ...Happy!"
"I'm sorry Twi, I just... can't."
>She sniffs in response.
>You stand over the mare, now so small, and with none of her previous prestige.
>Her tear-stained attire looks dreary in the poor lighting of the entrance hall.
>Finally, her horn lights up, the faint violet glow the only real light in the room.
>The papers that had fallen to the floor are quietly deposited back in her bag.
>She rises to her hooves and looks at you longingly.
>"Leave Flutterrape, Anon. Heck, bring Fluttershy with you. Leave, or I'll give this evidence to the police and they'll start investigating the company, and... yeah..."
>She trails off.
>"Can I ask you something? Before I go?"
>You simply raise an eyebrow.
>"Why her? Why Fluttershy? She was never nice to you, not like I was."
"Didn't plan it, it just happened. I feel too guilty to leave."
>"But that's... illogical, you have nothing to be guilty for."
>You shrug reluctantly.
"That's me. I've got issues, Twi, I'm not gonna try and hide that from you. But so has she, and if I leave then I don't know what will happen to her, and I don't want that on my conscience."
>Twilight glances at the street outside through the glass.
>"Well if you ever get over your conscience, come and find me."
>Her expression twists into a mixture of affection and sadness.
>"Because you can reject me as many times as you want; I'll always be there for you, Anon, even if I have to do things I don't like to make you see things my way."
>To her surprise, you chuckle.
"It's that sort of attitude that made you perfect for Flutterrape to begin with."
>Her smile becomes more genuine.
>"Guess so. Goodbye, Anon."
"Bye, Twilight."
>And she's gone.

>tfw you just wanted to shitpost a quick meta story about Anon and his angry boss and it spiralled out of control and became an entire story with arcs n' shit.
Neb that just proves you're probably the greatest shitposter of our time.
You should be proud of writing the flutterrape equivalent of the epic of Gilgamesh.
Good shit, keep it up
i really love this story
thank you, Neb
does anyone feel like maybe
après ça, le deluge
Oh, I see how it is. Keep it up ok?
I should have visited those flutterrape threads way sooner

This shit is actually good
File: 1492645909221.png (47 KB, 686x502)
47 KB
Lee Sin is the best character in the game
I want the snap.
>lee sin
>not ashe
fuck off
I don't have Snap.
But I'll create one if you post your dicc
File: flutr.jpg (49 KB, 496x452)
49 KB
thank you, neb
You can find this boi at vinnyvididvici4. I await your pony.
File: 13462442227.png (210 KB, 496x452)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
You're welcome.
File: weaver8.png (51 KB, 539x562)
51 KB
File: IMG_2914.jpg (86 KB, 1280x720)
86 KB
When Fluttershy is dragging your unconscious body to the janitors closet.
File: 1502023426923s.jpg (3 KB, 125x122)
3 KB
>Now I will know what it's like to feel you inside me.
>Even if it is just once
File: 1486108145775.png (53 KB, 650x588)
53 KB
Not that story again there's a reason why I didn't read it again.
File: 1485474695132.png (118 KB, 713x482)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
I think I gotta go back and read that one again.
File: A_RapeNuts_Kind_of_Day.png (539 KB, 712x1007)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
File: what even is this.png (638 KB, 1280x720)
638 KB
638 KB PNG
Is this even a fetish?
What story
Just once, It's something Priest wrote.
"Wow. I know you tend to talk out of your ass but this is taking it way too far."
>"Why is loving you so difficult, Anon?"
I don't know how you guys can read that story it's so fucking disturbing for me I can watch fucked up shit but this is something completely different I can't even think about it probably because this is what Fluttershy would actually do.
Honestly this story's pretty tame, it's only the ending that does anything even close to unsettling.
The ending fucks me up the most.
I'm all for Flutterrape with funny reasons for rape but this fucks me up.
I can see that, I've always been partial to yandere stuff so I guess that's why it doesn't bug me much.
Would eat desu/10
no one cares
That's pretty fucked up, but it's a good kind of fucked up.
>You can't believe you actually invited Fluttershy over.
>All the years of pitifully planned rape attempts, and here she is- sitting on your couch, drinking tea you actually made for her.
>"This is nice, Anon. I'm so happy you finally invited me over for a date."
>You lean back in your recliner and give her a flat look.
"This isn't a date. I am never going to date you."
>Ignoring this as usual, Fluttershy smiles serenely and sips her tea, "Why else would you invite me over, other than to take advantage of me and u-use my body like your own personal-"
>You hold out a hand to shut her up.
"Fluttershy, I invited you over because... Because I need your... Help."
>That almost hurt to say.
>"I knew it. You need me. You need me to suc-"
"I need your help with my GIRLFRIEND. Just advice. That's it."
>Fluttershy blinks, then shakes her head.
>"Anon, you don't have a girlfriend though."
>Here we go.
"Yes, Fluttershy. I have a girlfriend. You know I started dating Maud Pie last month. I tell you this pretty much every day."
>Fluttershy chuckles and rolls her eyes.
"ANYWAY... I need your help because you're the only pony I can talk to about stuff like this."
>Fluttershy seems proud of herself and ruffles her wings.
>This is definitely a mistake.
>"Stuff like what~?"
>You huff and look down at the ground.
"I need to know the best ways to turn a mare on..."
>You swear Fluttershy lets out a little moan.
>"Oh, that's easy. First you pin her down with your b-big strong arms and then y-you whisper into her ear- you say, if you scream, I'll make sure you never-"
"Fluttershy, I need to know how to turn Maud Pie on, not how to RAPE her."
>Fluttershy seems confused.
>She obviously wants to ask what the difference is.

"I mean, I've tried everything and nothing has worked. I just don't think I'm doing it right. Yesterday, I tried to kiss her and she mumbled something about granite, then just walked out of the theater. And Marble Pie keeps asking when I'm going to put a foal in her sister. Things are just getting difficult."
>Fluttershy sits in silence.
>Finally she tilts her head, "Oh, Anon. Maud is just autistic. Didn't you know?"
>You grit your teeth.
"My girlfriend is NOT autistic."
>Fluttershy nods and sips some tea.
>"Actually, she is. Everypony knows that. Maud Pie has never been with a colt because of her impairment. I thought you knew this? Why do you think she is so obsessed with rocks?"
>In your mind, you know this is most likely true.
>But you don't want to admit it.
"She's not autistic, she's just awkward."
>Fluttershy chuckles, "Okay, Anon. If that's what you believe."
>Fucking Fluttershy.
"Okay Fluttershy, thanks for nothing. Now if you would leave, I have to take a shower."
>"Oh, I could just wait here until you finish."
"Hell no. Please leave. Maud is coming over soon and we're going on a date."
>You get up and hold the front door open.
>Fluttershy gets up and walks past you.
>"Um, if you wanted, I could show you how to mix a love potion that would make even an autistic mare like Maud crave your d-di-"
>You slam the door in her face.
>Sliding your back down the door, you sit on the floor and sigh heavily.
>Out of the corner of your eye, you see several rocks below the table next to the door.
>There's also a piece of paper below one of the rocks.
>Leaning over, you pick up the paper and see fine writing on it.
>'Anonymous, this is very important.'
>You look away from Maud's note and down at the five rocks under your table.
>Oh God.
>You drop the note and place your face into your hands.
>You're going out with an actual autist.
>Fluttershy's voice comes from outside your door.
>"Anon? Are you going to start the shower?"
>Fuck Equestria.
This could be a good premise for an ongoing story. I'd endorse it.
I'll write some more throughout the night
File: 1495289415750s.jpg (7 KB, 250x203)
7 KB
Cool beans, I'll keep a look out
File: Maud in love.png (939 KB, 1280x2612)
939 KB
939 KB PNG
>In the next chapter
>pic related
File: Are you aroused.png (85 KB, 1024x624)
85 KB
I'm agree with him>>30683290.
File: 1460052911339.png (214 KB, 640x480)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>I culminated four times already
Whatever happened to that drawfag?
He went to college or something.
He went to college, made a pretty good game and then ded.
It was a good drawfag and Incestria girls always gave me a chuckle.
Why isn't Fluttershy getting pissed about anon giving the D to Maud but not to her if anything Fluttershy should be the one trying to kill or injure Maud.
Cuckold is her fetish
She already knows tsun isn't Anon's.
She's probably just in denial.
"Ugh, I didn't expect for those fast acting roofies to work that fast!" You talk to your unconscious lover.
>You are fortunate enough to do it around lunchtime and managed to taint his water bottle when he wasn't looking.
>Now that everyone's at lunch and Harshwhinny left you alone with Anon -- even though she issued him a detention for falling asleep in class, but everything does come with a price -- you can drag him into the janitor's room and finally get what you deserve!
>"Hey, Fluttershy!"
>You stop and look behind you.
>Oh no, it's Pinkie Pie.
>Act cool, there's no need to escalate this.
>"What's going on?"
"N-not raping Anon, that's for sure!" You instantly snap when beating a sweat.
>Oh crud...
>"Pfft!" She raspberries while smiling. "Good one, Fluttershy!"
>She waives her hand but does notice you dragging Anon across the floor.
>You weren't really good with jokes, but it looks like you were lucky this one time.
>Then again, this is Pinkie Pie...
>"But, really, what's wrong with Nonny?"
>Now's your chance, don't mess it up!
"I-I'm not sure. He just collapsed in class and the teacher wants me to take him to the nurses office."
>Another drop of sweat slides across your face as Pinkie looks at you and Anon, raising an eyebrow as she moves closer to Anon's unresponsive body by poking his chest a few times.
>"Eesh, I know that feeling." She gets back up meet you, face-to-face. "Too many parties and I go out like a candle!"
"Isn't it light?"
>"Same thing!" She waives it off. "Anyway, it looks like you need help dragging this one." She crouches down to grab one of his arms, but you stop her as you tug on him.
"N-no need! I got this, really!" You nervously answer.
>"We're friends, Fluttershy! We help each other out!" She cheerfully answers when forcing Anon's left arm out of your grasp.
"Pinkie, I know that you're busy with planning parties, so I think that you should just go." You calmly retaliate.
>She snorts at the preposterous idea.
>Why isn't Fluttershy getting pissed about anon giving the D to Maud but not to her

>You open the door to your cottage, thinking about ways to make Anon yours as you do so.
>To your surprise, Maud is stood on your doorstep.
"Oh! Maud! How are you?"
>She blinks and addresses you in her usual monotone.
>"I want to talk to you about Anonymous."
>You smile.
"Really? What's the matter? Anything I can help with--"
>"I had sex with him."
"Oh. R-right, and?"
>"And I just wanted you to know that."
"Um. Okay?"
>"I had sex with Anonymous and you did not."
>"We repeatedly had sex in numerous positions; sometimes we did it in the bedroom, other times we did it on the sofa, sometimes we did it on the kitchen table."
>"I do not typically express myself very well, but I must admit that during our unrestrained, animalistic sexual encounter, I moaned at least once."
>Your wings begin to unfurl at her lewd descriptions.
>"At the apex of our mating, he asked me who my father was, and I did not say that it was Igneous Rock Pie."
>She pauses for what you can only assume is dramatic effect.
>"I said that my father was actually Anonymous."
>Your front knees tremble as your orgasm explodes out the back of you like a cannon blast, nailing a passing Angel Bunny in the head and ragdolling him over your living-room table.
>Maud remains expressionless.
>"I wanted to inform you of this, since it was likely relevant to your interests."
>She leans closer.
>"And also to tell you to stay away from my man."
"Y-yes Maud."
>Without another word she turns and walks away, leaving you a quivering, sweaty mess at your front door.

Maud is a scary poner.
File: 1465603545551.png (48 KB, 544x457)
48 KB
>"I wouldn't skip a chance to help out my friends!" She begins to lift Anon up.
>You quickly go under Anon's other arm to keep him from hitting the ground.
>Shoot, shoot, shoot!
>This wasn't suppose to happen.
>Unless you get Pinkie Pie out of here, you will get into serious trouble, but most importantly, lose out having some personal time with Anon!
>As you and Pinkie Pie see the nurses office, you hatch an idea.
"Okay, I got it from here, Pinkie."
>"That's silly, I want to make sure that you and Nonny make it there safely!"
>You start to excessively sweat as the door comes closer.
>What's worse is when the rest of your friends come around the corner.
>"There they are!" Rainbow calls out.
>"Oh my goodness, what happened?" Rarity questions out of genuine concern.
>"Anon partied out too hard last night and fell asleep in class!" Pinkie Pie answered, saving you a bullet now that they are wondering the nonsense she spout out.
>"Really? Poor fella." Applejack leaves out her sympathy for Anon.
>"Why are you two helping out this loser?" Rainbow Dash insults your soon-to-be boyfriend.
"First off, he isn't a loser!" You shout at Rainbow. "And I was the one who decided to take him,not Pinkie!"
>Your friends look at you in shock.
>"Are you alright, Fluttershy?" Twilight points out your sudden aggression.
"I'm fine. It's just, I wanted to do this alone, and then Pinkie Pie came around and demanded to help!"
>"Well, she is your friend and what are friends for?" Sunset sides with Pinkie on the topic.
>"Thank you!" Pinkie Pie barks out.
>"Fluttershy, are you sure you want to do this alone?"
"Yes! You guys go, I'll be with Anon."
>"I don't know, something's off about this." Sunset's speculation drives a bit of fear into you.
>"Didn't you hear her? If she wants to be alone, then let her have her wish." Rainbow somewhat bitterly sides with you.
>"I mean, if she's fine with it, then we have no point in botherin' her." Applejack joins with Rainbow.
I am almost certain that Angel deserves that and more.
Oh man can't wait to see where this is gonna go.
>This thread
Well, you've got a female-dominated society, from what I've seen.
File: maud-15.png (227 KB, 775x750)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
>"Anonymous?" Maud calls out from the front of your house in her monotone.
"I'm in the bedroom!"
>Okay, if this doesn't work, nothing will.
>This has to be the ticket to advancing past awkward hoof-holding with your girlfriend.
>You wait nervously as she makes her way down the hall to your bedroom.
>"Anonymous, I have come to spend time with-"
>Maud pushes open the door and stares emotionlessly at you.
>In your room, there is now a boulder.
>A giant fucking boulder.
>On top of said giant boulder, you lay wearing nothing but your underwear.
>It's uncomfortable as hell.
>Maud seems un-phased.
>But you notice her eyes widen ever so slightly.
>She opens her mouth, closes it, then licks her lips slowly.
>Now you can see her legs begin to shake.
>"Anonymous, what is this boulder doing in your room?"
>A slow blush begins to spread across her face.
>Her eyes quickly scan over the boulder.
"I thought we could use this."
>Maud looks up at you.
>"Use the boulder?"
>You snap the band on your underwear.
>Jesus, this is cringey as shit.
>But it's for her.
"Anything you wanna-"
>"Get on your knees and lick the boulder."
>Your mouth hangs open.
"Uh, what?"
>Maud is now breathing heavier.
>"It would bring me significant pleasure to see you lick this boulder."
"Ah, o-okay..."
>You get off of the boulder and onto your knees in front of it.
>Maud moves closer to watch.
>Highly unusual, but this seems to really be getting her worked up.
>You lean forward and give the boulder a slow lick.
>It's really coarse.
>This is not very pleasurable.
>Maud whispers into your ear, making you flinch.
>"Now give the boulder two kisses and spank it. Spank that boulder with deliberate force."
>Oh damn.
File: 13d.png (104 KB, 645x600)
104 KB
104 KB PNG

>You follow her orders and kiss the rock twice. Then slap it hard.
>Maud makes a noise like a hiccup-scream.
>You look back at her.
>She seems to be completely back to normal.
"Are you okay?"
>Maud nods slowly.
>"Yes, after watching your intense act of passion, I have successfully climaxed sexually. Good job, Anonymous."
>She reaches forward and pats your head.
"Uh... Glad I could do this for you."
>Did she really just cum from watching you spank a rock?
>"That was highly unusual, but ultimately satisfying. Next time, I will use the boulder for you."
>You stand and rub your neck.
"If that's what you want?"
>Maud flares her nostrils, giving you a serious look.
>"I want mac and cheese."
>With that, she leaves for the kitchen.
>You stand in your room in your underwear with the boulder behind you.
>What have you gotten yourself into?
>Maud pokes her head into the room again.
>"Anon, I don't know the instructions for making mac and cheese. I want mac and cheese."
>You sigh.
"Okay, I'll be there in a minute and I'll make you some."
>Maud does her nostril flare again and holds up a hoof.
>"Good job, Anon."
>She leaves for the kitchen again.
>You start to get dressed and stare at the fucking rock in your bedroom.
>It will be a while before Marble gets that niece or nephew she wants...
File: 1479062690523.gif (1.57 MB, 260x289)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF

>I want mac and cheese

Of all the lines this one fucking got me, god it was just ridiculous and jarring after a scene like that. I shouldn't be snickering but it got to me. Thanks for that laugh, I needed that.
File: 1495642473973.gif (162 KB, 500x277)
162 KB
162 KB GIF
My dick is confused. Is she perhaps voyeurist?
She's autistic, Anon.
File: Spoiler Image (92 KB, 359x479)
92 KB
>"If our friend wishes to be alone with Anon, then we should respect her decision. What do you think, Twilight?" Rarity send the spotlight to her friend.
>"We should just leave her. If she's determined to do this by herself, then we should allow it."
>"But hey, you are the Element of Kindness after all, huh?" Rainbow Dash winks at you before walking away.
>"We'll leave you to your duty, Fluttershy." Rarity waives at you before joining with Rainbow Dash.
>"Come on, Pinkie. Nothing that we can do for her now." Applejack commands her as she and the rest of her friends join in with Rarity and Dash.
>"We lost our spots in the lunch line to find you. Now come on!" Applejack lets out her frustration.
>Pinkie sighs as she slips out of Anon's arm and beings to walk away.
>"Good luck, Fluttershy." She says in a low voice before walking away to catch up with her friends.
"I don't need anymore luck." You mutter under your breath as you begin to drag Anon down a different corridor and head to the janitors closet.
>You open up the door and take a good look around as you pull Anon inside.
>Rope, duct tape, and some boxes containing rolls of paper towels.
>Perfect for what you are going to do to Anon for the rest of the lunch hour.
"Not when I have everything to be happy."
>You close the door and prepare for a great time with your partner.

There you are. More skinny jeans wearing Anon soon!
I like it
It's actually really good
Are you going to continue it?
Never mind.
Switching it up here

>Saturday night.
>Crystal Palace.
>Princess Cadence's
>Cadence and the mane six all sit in a room with various pillows and snacks.
>"Alright girls," Twilight speaks up suddenly, looking up from her sleepover book.
>"Let's play a little game."
>This seems to snap Rainbow Dash and Applejack from their boredom instantly.
>"What kinda game?" Rainbow Dash asks.
>Rarity and Fluttershy stop messing with Cadence's mane and hooves.
>Pinkie Pie oddly just nods.
>Twilight holds up a hoof and smirks.
>"Everyone has to say who they like. And why."
>This seems to send an ominous wave through the room.
>Applejack chuckles nervously, "Heh heh... Ah reckon I can't say I got feelin's like that for any stallions. R-Right now ah mean!"
>Rainbow Dash smirks and nudges Applejack's side, "SURE. Right now. Yeah."
>Applejack flushes and glares, "Oh like you're one ta talk!"
>Cadence suddenly clears her throat.
>"I can go first!"
>All the mares stare at her, confused.
>"Uh, Cadence?" Twilight speaks up, "We already know who you like. You're married."
>Cadence smiles wickedly, "That doesn't mean I can't still look."
>This draws a collective gasp.
>Rarity loses it, "OH! DO GO OOOOOOON!~"
>Cadence twirls her mane around a hoof.
>"You know that human that works at the post office in Canterlot?"
>Fluttershy finally nervously speaks up, "A-Anonymous?"
>Cadence's eyes seem to glaze over and she bites her bottom lip, "Yeah... Sometimes I go down there, even if I don't have anything to mail."
>This is beginning to make Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack and Rainbow Dash uncomfortable.
>Rarity and Pinkie seem to be hypnotized.
>"I mean, have you seen his butt in those pants he wears? Talk about winking!"

>Fluttershy covers her ears.
>Twilight accidentally rips a page from her book.
>"Sometimes I think I may have married too early, if you know what I mean... If I wasn't spoken for, I'd fly down there tomorrow, tie that human up and see just what he's PACKING under those khakis.~ Whatever he's shipping, I'm accepting."
>Twilight crumbles the page in her hooves, her face flushed, "Cadence! What about Shining Armor? Your HUSBAND?!"
>Cadence waves a hoof, "Oh, he can watch if he wants. I'm sure he'd like that sort of thing..."
>The mares all sit in stunned silence.
>Cadence finally giggles, "I'm joking, girls!"
>The mane six all laugh, most uncomfortably.
>Rainbow Dash tries to get her wings to go down, "Why don't we play a b-board game or something?"
>The others mutter in agreement while Pinkie Pie gets Life out.
>As the game is set up, no one says a word.
>Cadence finally mutters with a frown.
>"We're all thinking about Anon's butt now, huh?"
>Fluttershy spins the spinner.
>That night, the girls all sleep in separate rooms.
I like how I was ranting about how much Just Once story disturbs me and you just had to make another one thanks for fucking with my head fifty.
Great story 10/10
>"Oh, he can watch if he wants. I'm sure he'd like that sort of thing..."
She's just helping with your blue-balling fetish?
I think she meant Shining could watch.
>Shining could watch.
That fucking Netorare.
Don't you just hate when a random orgasm nails you in the head?
File: Seal_of_Approval.png (464 KB, 804x804)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
Good work, 10/10, thanks
We could always use more stories like this.
>Implying Shining isn't the one who's cheating.
I bet half of the guard mares call him daddy.
File: 1496630104916.png (102 KB, 877x898)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Well she's a cute drunk I'll give her that at least.
File: Spoiler Image (110 KB, 960x1280)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Here's an original(tm) drawing by me
hope ya like it.
**ya dorks**
>I fucked up and posted the version where she has no whites for her eyes
Kill me
the lower part of her mane looks a bit to high, other than that its great
That's really good anon.
Will you post it here when you're happy with it?
Pls post the story
I hope priest won't mind if I write an...addendum to his story posted earlier.
I'd just like to write it just out of boredom I suppose.
if you're reading this priest it's gonna get wrote.
Who knows maybe he'd add it to his fimfic thing as a guest chapter.
>I wanted to feel our connection again.
>I wanted to share my first of few with you, and be only yours.
>We had something so wonderful, something I thought I'd never lose.
>But tonight, I took back what was mine.
>I proved to you how far I was willing to go to call you mine, and to have you call me yours.
>You screamed no, and tried to thrash about, but your body said yes, it was almost as if you were putty in -my- hands for the first time...
>You were -mine-, and nothing could change that.
>Atleast I thought you were mine.
>When it was all said and done you told me I was crazy.
>That I was a monster.
>That I had changed.
>It was you who changed.
>You stopped looking at me anxiously with care in your eyes.
>You stopped enjoying and caring for my attention.
>You left me alone when I cried in the hallway over you.
>And when I offered my body to you because I didn't know what you saw in her and you refused.
>Your hair smelled so nice that day I begged you to just be my friend again and we cuddled in your car.
>It almost smelled as nice as it did when we...

>But now isn't the time to be thinking back on the moments we shared.
>Now's the time to make as many moments we can with you inside me.
>These are the memories you'll grow fond of Anon.
>You don't think so, but I know so.
>Maybe even if we're lucky we'll have kids after this.
>You're just not seeing the bigger picture.
>I know we can work out!
>The pleasure I bring you proves you still care for me...
>Even if it's unwanted, you have to feel something to want to be this intimate with me right?
>Your body can't lie.
>The night is young Anon, and you've already reached your peak twice now but...
>I need more.

if it's shit bully the fuck out of me, if not, then good job me.
File: Oh_no.jpg (67 KB, 540x960)
67 KB
good effort, friend. danke fro sharing.
d-does that mean i did a bad job?
nope. it could use a little polish, but I like the concept and the POV was interesting. Maybe a little more expansion into how she sees Anon or the set-up of the actual flutterrape so that we buy into them as characters a bit more. Overall a nice effort. Glad you posted it. I've only posted once and got horrid feedback, none of which on my actual writing, so I said never again - I stick to my pastebin stuff.
but this wasnt my story, this is an addendum of sorts to Flutterpriest's story.

this was more or less a little bit of a way for me to heat up my writing machine.
Gotcha, still glad you posted it. Good on ya.
The next day, Anon and Maud discover Fluttershy had been hiding in their closet, wearing a Superman costume while they were rutting.
Not bad, I think it's a pretty decent follow up.
Even though that it was short, I enjoyed it. I sort of expected more, but this is nice, almost as if I was reading Priest's work.

It's most likely because of a very bizarre fetish on why I liked it. Regardless, spot on work, lad.
File: 1422904658729.png (830 KB, 792x792)
830 KB
830 KB PNG
>Fluttershy crouching on the floor
>Her boobs don't hang even though they clearly have a bit of weight to them.
My mind saw that image and instantly thought she was going to stab herself with that fork because of the lack of hanging tiddy
Back in the day, those animators were trying not to start controversy or some shit. Nowadays, they don't even care anymore.
if you want baka I can write some more, even from Anons perspective desu
Please do so.
Jesus Christ man stop please stop.
I don't feel right my gut and my head are fucking going crazy now and I don't know why just stop.
ignore this man I demand more yan
Have a cookie.
File: Fluttershy.png (445 KB, 760x650)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
I don't even have shit I don't care. I really don't.
More yandereshy is always good.
File: stumped.jpg (178 KB, 676x487)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
I liked this. Noice
>You're sitting at your kitchen table, absent-mindedly not giving a single shit. So it's just like every other day. There's absolutely nothing better than you could be doing, sitting at this table, staring into space, waiting for something to happen.

>Then there are three gentle knocks at the door.

>You get up from the table, walk across the room, then throw the door open to see Flutterbutterstutters. What a mother fucking surprise. Who would have thought that after five years of this bullshit, it never fails to shock you that Fluttershy is on the other side of the goddamn door.

"What the everlasting fuck do you want?" you ask the yellow horse as she smiles proudly at you. Today she's wearing a saddlebag, which means that today is a prop based fetish guess. At least it adds some level of mystery to the whole ordeal. Let's she what she's got.

>"I-I think you'll love what I have for you today. I-it's not a fetish guess."

>Wait, what?

"Wait, what?" you ask.

>"Mhm!" she hums proudly, reaching her face into her saddle bag and pulling out a thermos bottle with her teeth. She twists the 'Mug Topper' off, as well as the cap, and pours a strange, thick green liquid into the cup. She then pushes the mug toward you with her snout, like that homeless dog from the movie about dogs falling in love. You know. All of the Furry Movies.

"I'm not drinking that."

>"Why not?" Fluttershy asks.

"That looks like vomit."

>"It's not vomit."

"You want me to drink your voimit. That's not my fetish," you say flatly.

>"Well, I can cross that off next week," she says happily. "But that's not my puke."

"That's Flutterpuke and you can't convince me otherwise."

>Fluttershy sighs and picks up the handle of the mug using her wing-fingers or however the fuck those even work, and takes a big gulp of the stuff. A rosiness grows on her cheeks as she gulps it down happily.

"That's gross," you say. "You're gross."
>"There, now try it!" the irritated mare says.

>Sadly, you know exactly how this shit goes. She won't get off your porch unless you give in to her stupid request. So you take a deep breath, and realize that there is also a remote chance that drinking this will get you one step closer to the sweet embrace of death.

>You take the mug, and take a big gulp.

>And nearly throw up all over the mare.

>The substance is warm, thick and... almost chunky. It has a remarkable bitterness mixed with a sort of salty-sweetness. But it's also harsh. It slides around in your milk like a coagulated cream. You close your eyes and down the substance before it can rest in your mouth any further.

>Sadly, that was also the wrong move, because the aftertaste was arguably worse. It has one of those near 'rancid' smells that you can taste. You know what I'm talking about, something that smells so bad you can taste it, but it's in reverse, that it tastes so bad that you can smell it. You feel it try to force itself back up your throat, as your body physically rejects the substance. You take a deep breath, count to ten, before coming back to your surroundings.

"What, the everlasting fuck, was that?" you growl.

>"Did that taste like your cum?" Fluttershy asks innocently. "I-it's my own recipe. A half a cup of creme, coffee ... because you drink it a lot, sugar, salt, some minced spinach to match your skin color, and a shot of unfiltered alcohol! I figured it would taste just like you, and I just wanted to make sure."

>You feel your hands ball into fists.
"There are so many things wrong with this, but let's start with the basics. What makes you think I know what my cum tastes like?"

>"Everyone gets curious at least once," she says reflexively.

>An awkward silence falls between you two.

"Okay, it checks out," you say. "But next, My cum is not the color of my skin. I don't know how your weird horse cum works, but if Big Mac is shooting red, then he needs to see a fucking doctor. Also, I'm suing you. Go away."

>You slam the door in her face before you decide that you might actually swing a punch at the fucking horse.

>Then, your body decides something very critically important without your consent. That it's time to remove this abomination from your system. It looks like it's just another day where you are going to fucking vomit for hours, all thanks to Fucking Fluttershy.
Not bad, if this is Priest just wanted to say I've really been enjoying that current storyline you cooked up/
File: IMG20170711105801-2.jpg (174 KB, 1224x1632)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Man, I just can't hide, can I? Heh. That's what I get for using best pony as a picture.

Thanks friendo. I'm having a lot of fun writing Red Returns. It's really refreshing to work on tiny daily chunks again. It's so relaxing.
O wow
Okay I'll just sit here alone.
It's okay anon, yandereshy is just really popular because there aren't too many people that write it.
Am I the only one who thinks the extra spaces makes reading awkward as fuck?
Maybe its because of the laptop resolution
So does anyone have the FIRST ever Flutterrape? The archive only goes to Feb 2012 and it mentions a prior Flutterrape green text .
Impossible to say. FR just kind of 'appeared', it's like asking what the first AiE story was.
its probably talking about Rainbro related things honestly.
Who fucking knows
maybe driverbang does but he is kill
File: weaver story.png (539 KB, 928x3514)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
It might be these but I'm not entirely sure.
Is this from that comic Vinny was doing?
I really hope he goes back to that at some point.
File: golly.png (195 KB, 1200x1000)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
True, but it disturbs the fuck out of me.
It's okay anon.
You asshole.
File: 1486403982904.jpg (344 KB, 1881x1314)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
You know, the more I see this image and the more I think of it... I kinda want a toilet installed in my shower...
You already have a drain...
Yeah, but it clogs easily.
I don't particularly wanna crush shit down it with my foot, and sitting down in the shower would be nice with a seat.
So doing several things at once like that..
>It’s 3:40 and you’re sitting on the field near the school.
>You have been waiting on the soccer pitch for the last half hour, still expecting Rainbow Dash to show up.
>Maybe she bailed and thought that what you said back in the hallway was nothing but shit.
>You look at the empty parking lot, then at the cars passing by the school.
>Maybe she bailed?
>You turn around and see Rainbow waiving at you. What trails right behind Dash is her friends, all awkwardly trying to look away from your general direction. You approach them with caution, wondering why they are here.
>”I know, you’re wondering why they are here. It’s because they have something to say to you.” She moves aside and watches them try to make eye contact with you.
>”I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable.” Rarity apologizes with discomfort.
>”And I’m sorry for getting touchy with you.” Pinkie chimes in.
>”And I’m sorry for treating you like cattle.” Applejack throws out her countryism.
>Fluttershy stares at the ground, but forces herself to look up.
>”And… I’m sorry for--”
“I’m the one who should be apologizing.”
>All of them look at you in shock.
“I’m sorry for the way that I acted with each of you. Being a dick that didn’t properly thank you, smashing your window, driving a wedge in your family, and most of all, making you cry back in the mall.”
>None of them know what to say, so you break the ice with them.
“Everyone’s at fault here.”
>”Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Rainbow Dash declares for her friends. “I swear, they way that they acted, and the way that you acted is just weird. All because of a pair of jeans?”
>”But you need to see him wear them!” Pinkie defends her irrational behavior.
>”It’s just divine to view him model such a pair of fabric.” Rarity goes on.
>”It is a sight to see, Dash.” Applejack follows along.
>Fluttershy mumbles something while hiding behind her hair.
File: Dash Blushing.png (1.55 MB, 1024x768)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
>”What was that, Fluttershy?” Rarity asks from the other side of the group.
>”I...” The rest was barely audible.
>”Louder, sugarcube.”
>”I wanted to…”
>”Out with it, Shy!” Rainbow impatiently demands her to properly say it.
>”Iwantedtofeelit!” She hesitantly speaks out.
>She tries to cover her face when everyone begins to stare at her in shock.
>”Wh-wait a minute; what did you guys truly mean about Anon back in the group chat?” Rainbow jarring asks her friends.
>”Well, the things is that… how can we put it delicately?” Rarity twiddles her index fingers while thinking about the issue.
>”That fella has a nice rattlesnake inside his britches!” Applejack answers without a problem. Now everyone is focusing on her instead of Fluttershy. ”What? It’s the truth!” She angrily stands her ground.
>”Okay, this has been the issue for the last week?”
>”Yes!” The four girls unanimously answer Rainbow Dash.
“So, you girls came out here to apologize?”
>”And to tell Rainbow the truth.” Rarity adds in.
>”It was more than an apology.” Pinkie Pie continues on why she’s here. “We just so happen to hear about some kind of an outburst between you and Dash, and we couldn’t let you guys fight over our mistakes!”
>”It was, at first.” Rainbow Dash turns around to look at you. “Turns out that lover boy here likes me.”
>You can almost hear four hearts simultaneously break when they hear about the news.
>”Y… you like--”
>”Rainbow Dash!?” Rarity furiously cuts off Fluttershy’s bewilderment. “WHY!?”
>”Hold on, maybe this devil with a pipe cleaner might have an answer.”
>”He likes a lot of things about me that people don’t like.” She smiles and blushes before turning back around to see her friends. Many of them quickly stop their disappointment/disbelief and are stunned to witness Rainbow’s different appearance.
>”I suppose… whatever Anon does see is true.” Rarity reluctantly gives up on the whole subject.
>”Well I’ll be.” AJ mutters out.
>”Dashie and Nonny sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i…” As Pinkie teases you and Rainbow, you look over to see Fluttershy trying to hide her tears away.
>It barely moves you, even though your suspicions on her certainly weren’t wrong back at the mall.
>Still, it does eat a part of you on how you made her cry twice.
>No matter, she’ll get over it. At least, you hope that she does.
>What grounds you is when Rainbow smacks Pinkie on the shoulder and tries to put on a serious face while doing so.
>”What?! I like the idea of planning your wedding!” She cheerfully shouts out before getting another, much more harder smack. “Ow!”
>Fluttershy winces in the corner of your eye, still hiding behind her friends.
>”I still can’t get over this.” Dash brings out the old topic that should’ve been left dead. “Pants?! I need to see this.”
“Not in a million years.”
>”Come on, not even for me?” She teases while her friends watch out of amusement.
“You’re really eager about this, aren't you?”
>”Hmm, tell you what--” She bends down to take out a soccer ball from her backpack. “Best two out of three wins.”
“What do I get if I win?” You cross your arms, getting suspicious over her argument.
>”We go out on a date. Time and place is all your choice.” She holds the soccer ball in an intimidating manner. “If I win, you show off those pair of jeans my friends keep on bragging about.”
>It’s a tough pill to swallow, but if you want to take a chance with Dash, than this is it.
>”So?” She holds the soccer ball in her left arm, extending out her right arm to demand a handshake.
>You grab it and give it a shake.

Still working on that alternate route. For now, here is the update and the link: https://pastebin.com/Y6VUhdVF.

Anytime, lad.
Take your time on that alternate route, don't try to rush it just to appease anyone.
Fluttershy isn't done is she.
The >rape never ends
Good job as usual, keep doing what you do.
File: Spoiler Image (12 KB, 236x354)
12 KB
You mean like this? Get yourself Recreational Vehicle, son.
File: 1488473202919.png (86 KB, 606x610)
86 KB
File: 1493686884129.gif (3.91 MB, 480x324)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB GIF
>Flutterslut makes my boxer briefs reek like squash soup
>"Oh dear, looks like I'm wearing your precious underwear, Anon. What -ever- shall you do to me now? Nothing too gentle, I hope, I've been such a naughty filly, are you going to punish me~?"

>"Fluttershy Victoria Steinberg, you are hereby found guilty of breaking-and-entering, as well as aggravated theft, sexual misconduct, and being generally weird. You are thus sentenced to fifty years in Ponyville minimum-security prison where you shall spend your days getting back-rubs and playing with puppies."
>The judge bangs his gavel.
>You don't know whether or not to cheer.
>Neither does Fluttershy.
>The Equestrian legal system is weird.

Equestria is horse Sweden then. Good to know.
This must be one of those revolving door prisons.
File: fluttermilk.jpg (231 KB, 744x1398)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
She gets less than she deserves.

At least in her eyes.
What kind of monster would go through all the food.
Make no mistake, she's a monster.
File: 1498427958365.gif (405 KB, 576x324)
405 KB
405 KB GIF
Story ideas and requests? If they're any good I'll try to write them.
File: don't go.png (372 KB, 1426x942)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
Anon goes on vacation to try and take a break from Fluttershy's shenanigans.
"There it is, Thunderlane."
>"What, the tree behind Fluttershy?"
"No, Fluttershy."
>"...What? No, I mean the monste--"
"Yes, it's her."
"Fluttershy's the monster."
>"I'm not following you; did you ask her out and she said no or...?"
"No you dunce, I mean she's the monster I was telling you about, she's the demon that haunts my nightmares."
>"Anon did you ever go and see that therapist like I asked?"
"No, shut up, this is real--"
>"You said that about the hobgoblins."
"The hobgoblins are a real and present thread to this world, but Fluttershy might be worse."
>"I have... like, a little brother to watch today, can I please get back to him? I feel like if I'm away for too long he'll try and get under the kitchen sink again, and he's got it into his head that if he drinks the 'magic bleach' there he'll get to go to some fictional world full of loveable characters and live amongst them."
>Thunderlane clears his throat.
>"I think there might be something sexual going on there, but I'm not sure."
"Thunderlane for fucks's sake, your kid brother doesn't matter in the face of evils like this," you gesture an outstretched palm towards Fluttershy, who doesn't notice you both from your spot in the canopy of the tree, "she's a villain!"
>Your friend sighs and looks at her again.
>"So? What has she done? I know she's saved the world and made her own animal sanctuary, is that really that bad?"
"Cut the sarcasm, watch this."
>Fluttershy, who is currently reading a magazine under a tree of her own a good way away from the pair of you, coughs into her hoof.
"See! Biological warfare! She's trying to spread pathogens!"
>"Yeah I'm gonna call by Rain Cloud's clinic and see if he can't book you in for a session--"
"I don't need a therapist I need divine retribution directed at that pony!"
>"Anon come on, let's just go, Rumble's probably drinking bleach and touching himself as we speak."
"But she's a monster--"
>"Anon, buddy, please."
>You look despairingly at your friend, who watches you with a worn-out expression.
"...Alright, but you just watch, we'll live to regret this, if we survive at all. Her machinations will bring about misery like we've never seen before."
>"Sure, Anon, sure..."
>You slide out of your tree, Thunderlane simply gliding down and hovering alongside you as you start to head towards town.
>Giving one last look at Fluttershy, she turns the page on her magazine.
>A stallion suddenly approaches her, and they start talking about something, the stallion clearly excited about it.
>Fluttershy seems more reserved, and looks around the area as he speaks.
>She doesn't see you or Thunderlane.
>So it comes as a surprise when, in broad daylight, her eyes begin to glow crimson, her teeth become fangs, her feathers fall away to reveal bat-wings, and she lunges at the pony before her.
>He doesn't make a sound as she crushes his throat between her jaws and sucks the life right out of him, his thrashing body quickly becoming still.
>His desiccated corpse slumps to the ground and turns to dust before your very eyes, the innocent mid-day breeze carrying away the evidence of what just happened.
>Fluttershy wipes her mouth and shakes her body off like a wet dog.
>Once finished, her eyes, teeth, and wings are completely normal once more.
>Then, she goes back to reading.
>Thunderlane's jaw hangs open.
>He turns his head shakily towards you, lost for words.
>You frown.
"Fuck, I hope this doesn't mean I was actually right about the hobgoblins."

Goblins are real and they're scary.
I heard about them on Alex Jones.
What a twist, great work as usual Neb.
File: a little too far.png (1.19 MB, 1500x2122)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
File: 1497761102202.png (391 KB, 644x836)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
Tell us if you meet Chris-chan while you're there.
File: 1486306124041.png (142 KB, 600x521)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
File: 1501138730940.png (207 KB, 400x400)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
>Chris Chan will be there
Sweet baby Jesus
Looks like somebody might've already found him.
File: 1488330141091.gif (845 KB, 200x150)
845 KB
845 KB GIF
God fucking damn it, why does he keep appearing in the most autistic of places?
Why couldn't he stay in the Sonic fandom?
rip Vinny
When Chris' mother dies I think it'll be the most exciting season of the Chris-Chan anime yet.
File: Nebs magnum opus.png (751 KB, 600x800)
751 KB
751 KB PNG
File: 1501027945094.gif (2.83 MB, 268x301)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB GIF
>Have you ever been sucked by a dick before?
Homeless saga when.
File: wwwwwwwooooooowwwwww.gif (3.6 MB, 480x270)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB GIF
>Chris-Chan anime
>with high production values
>and sonichu fever dreams
Why is this not a thing?

I need this in my life. Please.

Anon loves animals and Fluttershy has to bribe him to her bed. The animals don't like being pawns.
File: 599.png (288 KB, 792x792)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Hey Neb do you think you could do a story where Celestia and Luna get bored and decide to spend some time with anon learning from him about Dungeons and Dragons they become really excited about it and make the game real and also involving the main six they become the dungeon master and tell them the only way to end the game is to defeat them and on their way rapey shenanigans happens.
Also, I kind of got inspired to say something by this I could see Fluttershy being the elf and anon the Hobbit
File: 20170810_174039.jpg (1.2 MB, 3264x1836)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Good morning Flutterfriends! Vinny is at BronyCon about to maked it all happen. Add him on snapchat for the live updates and otherwise sit back and know your boi is out there representing it for all you who would be here for it.
Don't be naming any of us, or I will find you.
You know what, I'll take that back. Dont go naming anyone unless they themselves tell you it's cool to do so.
File: Meme Queen Color.png (210 KB, 600x800)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
>Thanks Leaf
File: Meme Queen Color 2.png (191 KB, 600x800)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
Is anyone from Flutterrape even remotely autistic enough to be at a Bronycon?
Don't live there nor do I plan to ever go to one so there's that.
Flutterpriest and Vinny, apparently.
Mane 5 rape on anon COMING SOON!
Vinny's there,
And he found **HIM**
Vinny found Chris-Chan
I seriously thought CWC was fake
He's real
>Fluttershy is actually a mercenary
>A merc who has a crush on an alien human
>Her most recent contract involved a nuclear bomb and a really bad village that had to go away
>She sits down and enjoys the blast with Anon, whom does not know how to feel about all of this
That sounds pretty good.
File: IMG20170715003758.jpg (228 KB, 1224x1632)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Yeeeah. I met Vinny. Hype. I have two panels I'm running tomorrow.
File: Spoiler Image (1.33 MB, 2592x1944)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
I got a pic~
I thought we were one of the most autistic generals around?
Has something took our place?
File: Spoiler Image (23 KB, 337x320)
23 KB
My first guess would be bats
Also my second
File: 1346613816175.png (14 KB, 679x427)
14 KB
My third guess would also be bats.
That's a design on the shirt.
You sure? It looks very... natural?
File: 1491501267592.jpg (131 KB, 728x546)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
How did you do this? Like what did you say to him, "Hey you're that guy from the internet. Let me get a picture with you."?
That's just tit dirt.
File: 1492023437022_copia.jpg (113 KB, 448x321)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Really cool I thought you guy might be like no get that crap out of here I have a couple of other ideas but I can't write for shit.
File: 20170811_110404.jpg (2.17 MB, 3264x1836)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
H-hey... frick you
File: CokSu4J.jpg (115 KB, 900x644)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Every time I see him I see that video....god why did I watch it .....WHY DID I WATCH IT!!!!
What video?
We've had two Dungeons and Dragons stories that I can think of. Neb wrote one of them, too.
Does anybody here remember a story about Fluttersy trying to force anon into marriage using a squirt gun full of acid?
I thought Slasher wrote it but I can't find it anywhere.
the sex change
Thank you do they have Celestia and Luna in them?
No but they are both pretty good.
are there rapey shenanigans involved?
Yes iirc.
File: 1486241354504.gif (2.8 MB, 768x432)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB GIF
Good shit from Nebs, laughed the whole time.
Anyone have other Flutterrape stories where the molesting runs alongside other shenanigans? Those are the best.
File: 1502463619523.png (52 KB, 135x186)
52 KB
And then Fluttershy woke up
Where do you get these?
Also when anon gets Stockholm syndrome. He does whatever she ask of him to do to her.
Do you know any good stockholm stories, I've only seen the one Priest wrote.
I named everything I could "Nebby" in that game.
Made the whole thing hilarious and confusing.

Glad you liked them, bud.
>Flutterrape stories where the molesting runs alongside other shenanigans?
I think that's... all of them? You might have to be more specific.
And someone else might have to answer you because I'm literally about to walk out the door and go to work.
Well shit, that was a little too broad of a request. I mean something along your DnD oneshot where it didn't focus entirely on FR but instead offered comedy from elsewhere. Usually requires multiple characters or above-average length.
No haven't found one but there is one about Fluttershy trying to give anon Stockholm syndrome but fails but I forgot what the green was called.
Well thanks for trying to help maybe I'll be able to find one today.
Shit like this is why Luna can't get any sleep.
File: 20170812_124104.jpg (1.4 MB, 2592x1944)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Vinny and Priest writing in a tree S H I T P O S T I N G
Glasses 'n Goatees: The Convention.
File: 3 outta 10.png (117 KB, 563x489)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
File: bath.png (126 KB, 788x657)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
File: christmasshy.jpg (148 KB, 926x1024)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
File: bedhead.png (307 KB, 532x644)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
File: PG.gif (1.62 MB, 300x170)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
Now that's just funny.
I'd stuff it
Would you enjoy this routine?
I move better than that whorse
File: Jenga.png (352 KB, 900x662)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Tfw I remember writing that story
Tfw everybody got feels from it.
Tfw nobody remembers it now
You should repost it, it's probably pretty good.

It's not even that good hue
Well I appreciate it either way, thanks.
File: 20170812_221850.jpg (1.53 MB, 3264x1836)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB JPG
Vinny saved the /mlp party, whilst Priest responsibly stayed to his Brony events in the normie house. Can I get a Ree, amirite?
Prove me wrong
What was the shitposting hallway like?
He died?
He's not dead but he doesn't really have time to do art now that he's making shark waifu games.
File: 20170812_225406.jpg (1.23 MB, 3264x1836)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
Bretty bood bro
good work
File: 1488824706361.jpg (114 KB, 776x776)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>shark waifu games
>designated shitposting hallway
You just made my day, fuckers.
File: y-you too.png (80 KB, 855x519)
80 KB
Not bad.
>Anon learns that Fluttershy takes dinner seating very seriously.
>"Everyone gets curious at least once," she says reflexively.

I've tried it. And I'm only degenerate enough to be able to masturbate to pones.
Fluttershy is convinced she and Anon are the last two on the planet and they need to repopulate it.
Harshwhiny >rape
no silly, she rapes anon!
File: moondancer.png (740 KB, 962x2076)
740 KB
740 KB PNG
ShoutingIsFun is my spirit animal.

Clearly not when >>30697267 exists.

She's just trying to guess if formal situations are anon's fetish.
File: lewdshy.png (660 KB, 1280x1097)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
That's hot.
File: burger relish.png (73 KB, 523x368)
73 KB
File: Flutterexcelente.jpg (79 KB, 858x722)
79 KB
Wasn't Shouting ded?
No, he may or may not have had a second kid so he's just slow now.

Nah. Maternity leave so now he can't make images any faster.

I'm sure he'll be back.
File: 1475284097649.png (265 KB, 444x1024)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
>Having kids
Good god, it's like he's normal or something!
File: doggo.jpg (6 KB, 249x242)
6 KB
Thanks Anons.

I also have an Anon Jr fag

Remember the goal is to have 5 virgins in the shape of a pentagram so you can either summon your waifu from Equestria or teleport yourself there to replace a random poner.

That's the only reason to accept human women these days. Might need a mormon to achieve the goal tho.
File: sacrifice.png (3.45 MB, 1436x1370)
3.45 MB
3.45 MB PNG
Are you telling me I fucked my circle up?
Where is the Bad Dragon™?
File: 1477361114792.jpg (126 KB, 1920x1080)
126 KB
126 KB JPG

Seriously though, good for you.

Are you implying Pinkie is a virgin? We all know what those 'late night parties' entail.

So I assume everything went well and you've lost yet another 4 hours sleep every night from the demonic crotch spawn that child birth inevitably produces?
File: ponk.png (205 KB, 799x1000)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
I don't know what I was thinking.
Normal? Let me tell you a story.

Three years ago two things happened.

One of them was that my youngest child was born, and the other was that this account was made.

My daughter was born on May 3rd 2014, and this account was created on September 22nd 2014.

I made this account during a wave of theme accounts that was going on. Originally I made it only in reaction to Evilhomer and I thought that I would abandon it soon after. As you can see, I did not, and I have grown accustomed to this account so much that I have not even logged into my original account for a very long time.

This past Sunday, July 23rd 2017 was, what I hope, the worst day of my life.

My daughter, the youngest of four, died.
She went on ahead to save you a spot in Equestria, bruh.
God, do I love Shoutingisfun and his "Anon's Couch" series. He can make any pony look cute.
I'm too drunk to take a stab at this now It's not for nothing I go by the handle "Angry Wino" but I think I like this idea enough to make something of it tomorrow after I get some shit done.
File: bananananananananana.gif (137 KB, 250x250)
137 KB
137 KB GIF
delet this I don't want feels
File: 1490921645572.jpg (42 KB, 500x500)
42 KB
I guess cancer or something else entirely if so anon I'm not fucking around or anything but I feel for you I don't have a child but I have pondered the idea of hooking up and having one but then I imaged what would happen if she or he died on me probably wouldn't want to continue my life.
File: 1346659071588.jpg (49 KB, 315x480)
49 KB
I'm sorry to hear that, Anon, I really am.

And I don't know what else to say, so I'll leave it at that. I sincerely hope that things get better for you over there.
Sounds good, looking forward to it.
>forcefully loving
That's awful anon and I'm sorry something like that happened to your family.
File: the forest.jpg (27 KB, 1280x720)
27 KB
Stumbleine - An Alternate Path

I will be posting a take on my story, Stumbleine had Anon taken a different path
This story is not related to The Index
I will be able to post the first part in a couple of hours
I hope you enjoy it

Oh fuck this is gonna be good.
File: 1497600761185.png (3.67 MB, 2000x1651)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
>this development
It begins once more.
Bless you, Slasher.
File: Everfree.jpg (63 KB, 1920x1080)
63 KB
Stumbleine - An Alternate Path: Path I


>Your name is Anon.
>You are eleven years old.
>You have found your way into a strange world.
>A colorful world.
>The colors seem all too bright to you.
>Even the trees that surround you now seem... Cartoon-ish.
>Currently, you are lost in a cartoon-ish forest.
>As you stumble forward between the large pines, you hear the distinct cry of a wolf in the distance.
>Or is it a coyote?
>Several more cries call in the distance.
>You decide to head in the opposite direction.
>After a few minutes of awkward trudging, you can see a break in the trees.
>There's more light up ahead.
>You increase your pace and finally come to a stop as the trees give way to an open field.
>A sight stops your victory of clearing the forest short.
>A horse sits in the field just beyond the trees.
>You hide yourself behind a tree before you can be seen.
>The horse is talking.
>Actually, muttering to herself.
>You have officially lost it.
>This has to be a dream, right?
>To test, you pinch your arm.
>It doesn't wake you up.
>This is real.
>The howl of the wolves echo again, this time sounding closer behind you.
>Your body moves on its own and you come tumbling out from behind the tree.
>The horse gives a yelp of surprise, then comes trotting over.
>Along with her gentle voice, you notice several other things about her.
>The horn.
>The wings.
>"Are you okay?" She asks.
>You pick yourself up from where you fell, feeling embarrassed.
"Uh, yeah. I'm fine."
>The horse seems just as interested in you as you are in her.
>"My name is Twilight Sparkle, what's yours?"

>After some brief introductions, you tell the purple horse (or pony, as she tells you) about how you had simply woken up in the odd forest and found her.
>This makes her even more interested in you.
>She seems a bit too interested in you.
>A bit creepy.
>After answering as many questions from her as you can, she offers you information about your current whereabouts.
>She tells you of Equestria and Ponyville, ponies, magic and the creepy forest you came from.
>"Well, I think the most logical option would be to take you back to Ponyville for now..." Twilight mutters, looking off into the distance behind her.
>You notice she has a habit of flicking her tail to the left when she's thinking.
>Like a nervous tick.
>Back to Ponyville...
>For some reason, the thought makes you feel uncomfortable.
>A whole town full of talking horses?
"I think... I think where I come from might actually be on the other side of the forest?"
>Twilight blinks and flicks her tail.
>"Really? Well, that would make more sense. There's a lot of places and species beyond the Enchanted Forest that I have still never seen."
>She seems to be lost in thought again, "This could be a wonderful opportunity for some further studying... I'd need supplies. And maybe I should tell the girls? No, that's just unnecessary..."
>Your stomach growls, interrupting Twilight's muttering.

>She blinks then giggles, "I suppose you're hungry, huh?"
>You scrunch your face and nod.
>Twilight uses magic and pulls an apple from her saddle bag, "This was my snack for this little study trip, but you need it more than I do."
>You take the apple and examine it.
>"Okay, Anon!" Twilight unfurls her wings, "You wait here and eat. I'm going back to Ponyville real quick to get some stuff and tell my friends I'm taking off. I'll be back real soon, okay? Don't go into the forest by yourself!"
>You take a bite of the apple and nod.
>Twilight shoots off into the sky.
>She seems nice.
>A little weird, but eally nice.
>You look back into the forest.
>Even though it seems to be about mid-morning, the forest seems dark.
>You move further away from the forest and sit on a large boulder.
"I hope Twilight comes for me soon..."


>Your eyes snap open.
>Without even knowing, you had fallen asleep.
>Looking around, it appears as though you weren't out long.
>The sun is still bright, and Twilight is nowhere in sight.
>You swear a voice woke you up...
>A faint whisper behind you makes you jump.
>Turning around, you face the forest.
>It's dark in there.
>Maybe it's nerves, but it seems an ominous presence is coming from within the forest.
>You definitely heard a whisper from within the trees that time.
>The hairs on your neck rise and your blood runs cold.
>A growl behind you makes your legs lock.
>Turning your head, you make out what you feared standing behind you.
>A wolf.
>Without hesitation, you run straight toward the forest.
>Panicked sounds escape your mouth as you enter the dark wood.
>Looking back, you see the wolf is now chasing you.
>There's something odd about it.
>It appears to be made of wood.
>A howl escapes its mouth.
>The blood-chilling sound echoes deep into the forest.
>To your horror, several howls respond in the distance.
>You have to climb.
>Quickly, you jump and grab the first solid branch you see.
>It holds and you hoist yourself up into a large pine.
>As you scramble to a second branch, the wolf arrives.
>It slams against the trunk of the tree, growling and gnashing its teeth in a blind rage.
>You stop climbing and watch.
>The wolf is actually bashing its head against the tree.
>A foam has built around its muzzle.
>With a mighty roar, the wolf smashes its head against the trunk.
>There is a loud crunching sound and the wolf falls to the ground.


>For several minutes, you stare at the wolf.
>Now a dead carcass.
>Blood has begun trickling out of the corner of its mouth, making a pink foam.
>It was strange enough that there was a wolf made out of wood-
>But there was something terribly horrifying that it would kill itself in rage...
>Finding a point where two large branches meet, you take a seat.
>Your heart is pounding so hard, you can feel it throughout your body.
>Though it was sunny outside the forest, the inside is very dim.
>A faint mist seems to drift along the ground.
>Several birds chatter around you, though you see none.
>Will Twilight Sparkle come looking for you?
>You ran pretty deep into the forest...
>What if she doesn't find you?
>What if she doesn't even look for you?
>You hug the tree and take a deep breath.
>Tears begin to well up in your eyes.
>You wipe them away with an arm.
>This is a nightmare.
>But you have to be brave now.
>There has to be a way out of this.
>A deep growling noise almost makes you fall.
>Gripping the tree tightly, you look around below you.
>Like with the birds, you can't see the wolves.
>But you know there are multiple below.
>Lurking in the dark.
>Their panting fills the air.
>Your voice cracks as you scream in panic.
>The birds and wolves stop making noise.
>Silence surrounds you.
>Closing your eyes tight, you put your head against the tree and weep.
"Twilight... Help..."

>Opening your eyes, you see a white light begin to engulf the area below.
>You look down.
>Suddenly, the light is too bright and you close your eyes.
>Shielding your face, you squint and see a figure step into the clearing below.
>Screams of birds and wolves echo around you.
>You can see the shapes of four wolves run away into the woods.
>Numerous grotesque shapes screech and take flight all around you from the trees.
>Those weren't birds...
>The light begins to fade.
>Looking down, you finally see the one who saved you.
>Another unicorn looks up at you.
>This one is quite a bit larger than Twilight Sparkle.
>Her coat, mane and tail are pure white.
>Bright yellow eyes look up at you curiously.
>A gentle smile spreads over her face.
>Unlike with this forest, you can feel a calming sensation coming from this pony.
>This was the voice calling out to you.
>Though, when not whispering magically, her voice is quite soothing.
>"You can come down. It is safe."
>Hesitating, you swallow hard.
"Who are you?"
>The unicorn nods, "My name is Rain. I live in this forest."
>Images of those scary creatures flying from the trees fill your mind.
>You decide to climb down quickly.
>Once down, you turn, keeping your back close to the tree.
>Rain stands in front of you, still smiling warmly.
>She's taller than you.
>Close up, she actually looks a bit intimidating.
>Her white horn is long and looks sharp.
>Her legs are very long.
>But the comforting aura still surrounds her, along with a slight light surrounding her body.

>Her head turns slightly and she looks at you with one yellow eye.
>"Child, what is your name?"
>You wipe a sweaty palm against your cargo shorts.
"I'm Anonymous. Anon. I'm a human and I'm lost..."
>Rain curiously leans closer.
>You flinch back against the tree.
>Her face comes within inches of yours.
>She sniffs twice, then snorts, ruffling your hair.
>"I have never heard of a human. Where did you come from?"
"E-Earth? I come from a little town called- well, I don't really think I'm even in the same world anymore."
>You must sound crazy to her.
>But she's the talking unicorn, not you.
>Rain straightens up and looks around.
>Her mane and tail are very long and straight.
>It looks like the purest white silk, almost brushing the ground below.
>You notice an image on her flanks.
>Twilight told you this was called a Cutie Mark.
>Rain's is an arrow in flight, surrounded by rays of light.
>She looks back down and follows your gaze to her Cutie Mark.
>"My special talent is purification magic. You witnessed that with those foul creatures."
"What were those?"
>Both of you look down at the wolf carcass beside the tree.
>"Timber Wolves."
>Her horn begins to glow with white light.
"And Wendigos."
>The wolf carcass starts to dissolve in magical light.
>"The Timber Wolves are easy to escape from. The Wendigos are a thing to fear. Shape-shifting flesh eaters. I was not aware they came this close to the edge of the forest."
>The wolf is now completely gone, making you feel a little better.
"That wolf killed itself. It smashed its head until it died!"
>Rain seems concerned.
>"I have never seen a Timber Wolf in such fury. It seems these creatures were driven mad to get to you..."
>Shape-shifting demons were in the trees just feet from you.
>You shiver.
>"I will take you to safety, Anonymous."

>You follow Rain through the forest.
>She walks slowly with her horn lit.
>In the murky dimness, her comforting light seems to push back the horrors of the wood.
>Out in the darkness, you can hear them.
>The sounds would be maddening if not for Rain's aura.
>Chattering, squealing, clicking, panting.
>Your voice makes its way through the darkness.
>"I'm Anonymous."
>"Human... Human. HumMmmAN..."
>It sounds like your voice, but not.
>There's a guttural rasp to it that makes your skin crawl.
>"The Wendigo will try to imitate your voice to lure you," Rain speaks softly, "Fear not, Anonymous. They will not come into the light."
>Her tail flicks back against your hand.
>You grab it tight.
>A warm sensation spreads up your arm and fills your chest.
>You exhale in comfort.
>"Hold tight and steel yourself to the wickedness of the Everfree."
>Though now less scared, your mouth feels dry.
"Rain? I'm sorry, but I'm pretty thirsty."
>She keeps walking, looking forward.
>"I know of a pond nearby. We will go there."
>Suddenly, she stops.
>You almost run into her.
>"Anon, get on."
>She lays down quickly.
>Her tense voice makes your fear spike once more.
>Without asking, you scramble onto her back and wrap your arms around her neck.
>She stands and takes off at a gallop between the mossy trees.
>"Do not look behind us! Whatever you do, do not look behind you, Anonymous!"
>You bow down, burying your face into her mane and close your eyes as the forest flies by.
>"Keep your eyes closed! Hold tight and do not open your eyes!"


>"Most ponies call it The Hollow."
>Rain keeps watch of the area as you kneel and cup water from the pond into your hands.
>You suck up the water greedily, panting.
>Once at the pond, Rain had purified the water for you to drink.
>"Though there are many names for the... Being. It is the embodiment of fear and madness. It is the ominous presence you feel from the forest. The whispering you hear. The Hollow is said to prey on the young, luring them into the forest."
>You stop drinking and look around, your eyes wide.
>"There is no need to fear now. My magic may have no effect on that being, but The Hollow will never come near a body of water."
"What does it look like?"
>Rain looks down at you and grimaces.
>"It is hard to say for sure. Once you look upon it, your feelings of panic and madness are amplified, causing you to look away. If one were to gaze for too long, they will surely lose their senses of sight and hearing..."
>What is this place?
>"From what I have seen in my three encounters with it, it seems to have empty holes for eyes and a gaping mouth that is too large for its body. And many long, skinny appendages..."
>You shiver and stand.
>"For now, let's not think about it. It knows when you are thinking of it. We must get back to my dwelling."
>She bends down again, allowing you to get on her back.
>Once you touch her, the warmness spreads through you again.
>You sigh and plant your face in her mane, inhaling deeply.
>She stands and begins walking.
>"It won't be too long before we are there. You should rest."
>How does she expect you to sleep?
>Your question is answered when her horn glows and a deep sleepiness overtakes you.
>"Sleep, Anonymous. I will protect you until we are home..."
>Her voice fades as you drift into the arms of sleep.
>Images of Twilight Sparkle fill your mind.
>She must be worried.
>"I will protect you, child."


>"Wake up, child."
>Your eyes flutter open.
>Rain's pure white mane is all you see.
>You pull yourself up on her back and rub your eyes.
>"We are almost home."
>For a moment, you are excited.
>But that joy is quickly dashed.
>She does not mean YOUR home.
>You are still in the forest.
>The mist hovering just above the ground has increased now.
>Dread fills you once more and you grip Rain's neck.
"How much longer?"
>Rain's light magic increases, fighting off the mist.
>"Not much. Relax your mind."
>Taking a deep breath, you loosen your grip on her a bit.
"Sorry, I'm just... Scared."
>Rain steps over a fallen tree.
>"That will fade soon."
>Ahead, you see a cave opening.
"Are- Are we going in there?"
>She nods, "This is the entrance to my home. Have no fear."
>Easier said than done.
>Your breath is coming in shallow, rapid pants.
>Now you can feel your body shaking.
>Rain enters the cave and you duck down, pressing hard against her body.
"I don't like this..."
>Rain says nothing.
>Her horn stops producing light, casting you into darkness.
>You yell out in fear.

>A faint green light begins to glow ahead.
>"Anonymous, climb off of my back."
>You only squeeze tighter, staring at the green light that is growing.
>With a whimper, you drop down off of her.
>Your feet hit the hard ground and your legs almost buckle.
"Rain, what is tha-"
>The green light seems to explode, filling the cave.
>You fall onto your butt.
>Now several glowing green crystals protrude from the stone.
>They seem to grow from the rock of the cave.
>You try to scream at the sight before you, but nothing comes out.
>Your silent scream is met with a loud buzzing of wings.
>Hundreds of black creatures surround you.
>They look like twisted versions of ponies.
>Though they have insect-like wings, big blue eyes and fangs.
>They hang from the ceiling and along the walls, staring at you menacingly.
>Their wings all buzz angrily.
>You reach out for the unicorn, but notice she is glowing in that creepy green light.
>Scooting away, you watch as Rain glows and begins to transform.
>When the light fades, Rain is gone.
>Now, another one of those creatures is staring at you from where she just was.
>"We're home, Anonymous."
>It still uses Rain's voice.
>You can't move.
>The creature looks down at you sadly.
>"I am sorry, Child. I wish it didn't have to be like this..."
"No... Rain... You're not..."
>She spreads her tattered wings slowly.
>"I am a Changeling. And this is my hive. I didn't want to bring you here- but my Queen-"
>The sound of a shrill scream pierces your ears from deep within the cave.
>"My Queen is so hungry..."


To be continued.
You always did have a knack for unsettling imagery.
Nice work, Slasher, I look forward to what else you have planned for us.
I think I get why you were trying to find info on changelings last halloween.
I like how he just appears from nowhere and vanishes.
File: 0037-1382088054536.png (251 KB, 1160x900)
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251 KB PNG
Just like some guy who lives in a remote part of your office
The guy in my office doesn't bring me fanfics. Just paper work to sign that inevitably has coffee stains on it.
Waoh man i am now deeply unsettled this was a great first part cant wait for more
This was definitely worth the wait.
Can't wait to see what you do with it.
File: Slasher Science.jpg (95 KB, 400x400)
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File: 1398885373295.png (112 KB, 465x424)
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File: What if Slasher.jpg (19 KB, 400x242)
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How many times would you have to wake up to this before you burned your house down?
File: 1487526533522.gif (61 KB, 283x306)
61 KB

>You pause midway through brushing your chompers and rest your head against the bathroom mirror in solemn resentment.
>It's almost as if her timing is getting worse.
/Welp, maybe she'll run away if it looks like I'm foaming at the mouth./
>With this plan in mind, you continue brushing as you stomp from the bathroom to your front door.
>Clad only in boxers, t-shirt, and socks.
>In spite of the reaction this normally provokes from Fluttershy.
>And you with only a toothbrush to defend yourself.You unlock and open the door, revealing Fluttershy waiting patiently for you.
>"Good morning Anon-Oh! Are you feeling okay?"
"Why do you ask?"
>She flinches a bit from the foamy spittle flying from your mouth, but catching a whiff of its minty fresh scent apparently serves to reassure her.
>So much for that idea.
>"So I was just wondering... are rocks your fetish?"
>You notice that your garden has been artfully decorated by a variety of rocks, in varying sizes and colors.
>You remove the toothbrush from your mouth so that you can enunciate more clearly.
"Is that seriously the best fetish guess you could come up with this morning? Rocks?"
>"It, um, had the benefit of not having been tried yet."
"Is Pinkie's sister visiting today?"
>"She, uh, might have stopped by recently."
"This was her suggestion, wasn't it?"
>"M-m-m-maybe... so...?"
"No, Fluttershy, rocks are not my fetish. To clarify and save time, neither are stones, minerals, gravel, pebbles, boulders, or masonry."
>"What about sticks?" she asks, holding up a stick with a hopeful grin.
"ONE fetish guess per day, Fluttershy. That was the agreement."
>"Can't you just give me a hint?"
"No hints. Also in the agreement."
>"Just a little one?"
"Right. Okay. Here's a little hint."
>You lean down and get in her face.
Looks great so far.

>She recoils a bit from the verbal onslaught and takes a step back in anticipation of the daily Slamming Of The Front Door.
>And you grab the edge of your for and slam the FUCK out of it.
>When you slam a door, by God, it fucking STAYS slammed!
>Except this time it doesn't.
>The latch fails and the door simply bounces off the jamb, revealing a mildly startled Fluttershy still staring at your scantily clad person.
>Cursing, you take advantage of the opportunity offered to offer additional instruction.
"BUGGER OFF!!!!!!"
>And you slam the door again, holding it with your hand this time so it stays shut.
>The latch is toast, so you throw the bolt.
>Just for good measure, you seize the nearest piece of furniture, an innocent nearby chair, and prop it angrily against the door.
>Daily Fetish-Guessing Ritual thus completed, you stomp back to the bathroom to finish brushing your teeth.
>So intent are you on completing your morning ablutions that you entirely fail to notice Discord loafing about on the sofa in your living room.
>"Well. I suppose we shall just have to see about that then, won't we?"
>And with a snap of his clawed fingers, he is gone.

>Later, ablutions completed, and now dressed somewhat more presentably than you were when Fluttershy came calling, you lock your front door and head into town.
>A good day's work down at Town Hall is just the ticket to burn off your surplus aggression.
>Honestly, you have no idea how Mayor Mare managed to find ANYTHING before you started working there.
>It's almost as if organization was a completely foreign concept in Ponyville.
>You take a deep breath, trying to enjoy the warm sunny day and fragrant breeze.
>Well that's a bit odd.
>The schoolyard is empty.
>At this time, it's normally recess, and the schoolyard is fun of noisily playing foals and fillies.
>Today? Nada. Zilch. Bupkus. Diddly.
>Bugger all.
>Maybe they're taking a test or something.
>You've got better things to worry about right now.

>For instance, where is everybody?
>Where is every pony?
>You're just now coming into Ponyville proper, so there should be a few of them about.
>But you haven't seen one.
>Unlikely, but statistically inevitable, you suppose.
>Once in a while, you're just not going to see any ponies out.
>There could be any number of reasons for the deserted appearance of Ponyville's streets.
/They could be watching an important match on television./
/Or maybe Princess Celestia is giving a speech./
>This line of thought is abruptly terminated when you remember that Equestria hasn't discovered or invented television yet.
>You look around nervously for any sign of danger that may have driven them indoors.
>Not a sausage.
>The absence of danger doesn't;t make you relax, because an empty Ponyville is a whole lot creepier than you ever thought it might be.
>Silence answers your plaintive call.
"Any pony?"
>Once again, nothing.
"Okay, ha-ha. Very funny. You got me. You can all come out now."
>Absolutely no answer to your call.
>In retrospect, this would be an enormously elaborate prank, even for Pinkie Pie.
>Perhaps you're just imagining it.
>Somewhere, a garbage can is knocked over.
"If this turns out to be another zombie survival dream, I'm gonna be so fucking pissed."
>Nonetheless, you can't help but quicken your pace until you reach your destination, Ponyville Town Hall.
>One of the few structures where you can come and go without ducking to avoid bashing your head on the lintel.
>Letting yourself in, you cast a glance across the street towards Sugar Cube Corner.
>It appears to be deserted as well, but you're not going to verify that.
>You slam the door shut, and on further consideration, shove one of the waiting room benches up against it.
>The Town Hall does not have locks.
>Your cabin is the only structure in this burg with a lockable door.
>Because Fluttershy.
"Mayor Mare?"
>She doesn't answer.
>You check the clock.
File: 1490070524327.jpg (21 KB, 607x342)
21 KB
>Bugger off
Kek, so British I can hear the bongs (that won't return for some months now)
File: 1448031065508.jpg (29 KB, 748x748)
29 KB
Going to continue?

>The Town Hall should have opened for business now, but there isn't another soul to be seen.
>You check the Town Clerk's office and the Mayor's office and even the Janitor's closet.
>No one.
>You are getting seriously creeped out now.
>The archives, where you work trying to impose some semblance of order on Ponyville's haphazard filing system, beckon forebodingly.
>You take a step in that direction, but stop short when you hear a noise beyond the closed door.
>Something is in there.
>You grab a bentwood hatstand to defend yourself with.
>Deciding that your best bet is to maintain the element of surprise, you quietly creep towards the door.
>There is another noise beyond.
>You haven't even had any coffee yet and you're shaking like a leaf in a gale.
>You reach out and grasp the door knob.
>Deep breath.
/Ready... steady... ... ... ... ... GO!!!/
>In you burst, brandishing the hatstand like a war club.
"AAAAAAAHHhhhhh... Fluttershy?"
>"Oh, ANON! Thank GOODNESS it's YOU!"
>The butter-yellow pegasus flies up and clings to your chest, weeping with relief.
>Nomally, under similar circumstances, you would probably have hit her with the hatstand.
>Instead, you find yourself trying to comfort the distraught mare, setting the hatstand down and stroking her mane.
"Sh-sh-sh-sh, it's all right. You're safe. What's going on here?"
>"I-I... I don't know! After you slammed the door I went to Sugar Cube Corner to have some tea and talk to Pinkie, but then..."
>She gets visibly upset.
/Then what? Alien abduction?/
>"When I came to Ponyville there wasn't any pony here!"
>So, same experience as you had, in other words.
"Do you have any idea where they all might have gone?"
>"No, do you mean you haven't seen any pony else either?"
"None except for you..."
>"Oh Anon! Let's make out!"
>You unceremoniously drop her on the floor.
>"Well, I mean, it IS our duty after all..."
File: no brakes.png (1.34 MB, 5000x4959)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
I can only see her making this face during that last line.

"Beep-beep, back the truck up. What's our duty? And whaddaya mean we?"
>Fluttershy hovers up to you now, flashing that trademarked sultry smile of hers.
>"Why, to repopulate Equestria, of course!"
"Repopulate it with what?"
"You're a pony, I'm a human, last I checked with Twilight we were genetically... STOP TRYING TO PULL DOWN MY PANTS!!!"
>"It's up to us to bring back the pony race from the brink of extinction!"
>You struggle trying to keep your clothes in place even as the pegasus mare desperately tugs at them.
"What sort of a crazy-pants world do you even live in? Leave my zipper alone you nutball!"
>She stops, and fixes you with a gravely serious look.
>"Anon, what if we're the only two beings left on the planet? We have to perpetuate the species!"
"CUT IT OUT!!! Discord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
>"Oh pits, was it that obvious?" the Draconequus' voice seems to come from nowhere and everywhere at once.
"Not until you confirmed it just now. COME OUT!"
>"You have to admit, it did make for an interesting social experiment."
"Where are they?"
>"They're perfectly safe. More to the point, did you have any fun?"
>"Not yet," Fluttershy replies, tugging at your jeans again.
"FIX IT!!!"
>"Pfft. You and Twilight are cut from the same cloth. BORING."
>And he snaps his fingers, and suddenly all the ponies are back, as though they had never vanished from existence in the first place.
>"There. Satisfied?"
>You pick up Fluttershy, breaking her grip on your belt buckle.
"Go home, Discord, and take THIS with you."
>Fluttershy pouts at you.
>"So saving the pony race from extinction isn't y-"
>Discord and Fluttershy are both gone.
>"Are you alright Anon? Who were you talking to?"
"A couple of weirdos."
>"Maybe you should take the day off."
>Yeah, maybe you should.
>There's gotta be booze around here somewhere.

Too tired to carry on, but kinda sorta amusing, yes? (THUD)
Not bad Wino it's good to have you back, if only for a little while.
The ending was a bit abrupt but overall the story was pretty enjoyable keep up the good work.
File: Wood and Nails.jpg (133 KB, 245x500)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
[The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me]

This story was originally called "Wood And Nails" when I started it
Then it turned into something else
It has become so long though, I am forced to split it and post the first part now
I'm still finishing it
I have worked on this on and off for a long time
This story has become my favorite story of mine and I have become very attached to it

I hope you enjoy it.

The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me - Not The Sun


>"He's been here for less than a month and he's managed to get you under his hoof!"
>Twilight turns her face down to the ground at Applejack's words.
>She didn't like what she heard, but this was why she chose to speak with Applejack, instead of one of her other friends.
>Applejack's words hurt like fine-tipped arrows, but they were true.
>And yet-
>In the depths of her ever-busy mind, Twilight heard a turbulent voice of resistance.
>"I'm not under anything! He's serious about this. Anon may be... Foreign in manner, but what he does has every good intention and more!"
>Applejack snorts and continues loading supplies into her saddle bag.
>"That why he drinks more than a fish? Do you think it's healthy for mah little sis to be around that?"
>Twilight sighs quietly and consigns to defeat.
>"Fine. Alright. I'll ask him not to come around here anymore."
>She turns and begins to walk away.
>"Aw, come on! Don't make me out to be the bad mare here! Twilight! Wait!"
>Applejack's voice sounded sincere, but she doesn't try to give chase as Twilight walks away.

>Ever since you had arrived in Equestria, you knew.
>You knew something was not right.
>Earth was a century away, and you were a decade too late.
>Everything here was too bright.
>Much too bright for your shadowed eyes.
>The kind of eyes that held bags like a grocer in the night.
"Jesus Christ..."
>In stark contrast to all you had ever known; Equestria fit the mould fairy tales quizzically etched into so many childhoods.
>And there was only one answer to what it all could possibly mean.
>So tidy.
>So slick.
>That palpable pipe dream that seemed to laugh in the face of reality-induced jade.
>Every piece had a place in the puzzle.
"Jesus Christ, that's a pretty face."
>As you sit outside the Ponyville Cafe, a very dapper looking unicorn passes near your table.
>Around her body, you can see the faint outline of a tarnished aura.
"Not so tarnished, but still worth saving..."
>It all made sense.
>Finally, something that made sense.
>More than bottles.
>More than food.
>More than death and dreams.
>You were put here to save.
>Because what other explanation was there?
>As you stand up from your table to make your way to the unicorn, a different pony speaks out.
>You turn and see Twilight Sparkle trotting up.
>"Anon, hey!"
>Instead of waiting, you throw some money on the table beside your empty glass and look for the fancy unicorn.

>Twilight's voice fades away as you stride in the direction of the unicorn.
>There are so many bristly brands in life, seeking to suck you down.
>"Anon! Wait!"
>She said you could use someone to lean on.
>And then she was always there.
>Twilight just didn't understand.
>So many souls to save, and she had not the eyes to see even one.
>The unicorn turns down an alley and you follow.
>As you turn into the alley, your foot hits a can.
>A metallic noise fills the alley and the unicorn looks back.
>Her eyes are orange.
>Her eyes are pure orange...
>Her eyes are orange and wide, staring at you.
>Then she runs.
>As she gallops away, her look of sudden fear is etched into your mind.
>She is afraid.
>They are always afraid.
>You grunt and take off, running after her.
>"Anon, wait!"
>Twilight is following you.
>She's probably a demon, that one.
>The unicorn turns down an alley to the right ahead of you.
>At this rate, she'll get away.
>There's already a stitch in your side.
>The cafe served extra whiskey in your drink.
"Damn it."
>You turn down the alley-
>And come face-to-face with the unicorn.
>She chose a dead-end.

>You stop and look her over with wide eyes and heavy breath.
>She backs up all the way against the brick wall, looking alarmed.
>They're always dismayed.
"What's... What's your name?"
>Your breath is labored from exertion.
>She is also out of breath, but still looks ready to run.
>Her coat is a creamy white and her mane and tail match her creamcicle eyes.
>"Please! Let me go!"
>She looks around wildly for an escape.
>You take a deep breath and stand up straight.
"That's what I'm trying to do. What is your name?"
>She is starting to hyperventilate.
"It's- my name is Luca!"
>Her back presses to a brick wall.
"Luca. That's a pretty name."
>You raise a hand and gently caress the tainted aura surrounding her.
"Luca, I will fix you."
>The unicorn squeezes her eyes shut, "Please... Don't do this."
>No different from humans it would seem-
>These ponies resist salvation.
>You close your eyes and concentrate.
>The tainted bit whisps away and you open your eyes.
"Thank you, Luca."
>You turn and leave the confused pony in the alley.
>Twilight had been watching.
>She stares at you in silence as you pass her.


>The bread you throw into the water is instantly gobbled up by the ducks you're feeding in the park.
>Ponies generally avoid you as you sit in the grass.
>The sun beats down on the back of your neck.
>"Why are you doing this?"
>You don't look away from the water and keep tossing bread pieces.
>Twilight moves the empty cider bottle from beside you and takes its place in the grass.
>"I feel as though I deserve an explanation."
"What is it you wish to know?"
>You can feel the frustration emanating off her.
>If she's frustrated, she should scream.
>You light a pre-rolled cigarette.
>It's hard to find good tobacco here.
>"I need to know-"
"You need to resolve your neurosis."
>"I NEED TO KNOW, why is it that you live like this?"
>You exhale smoke and wipe your hands after throwing the last bit of bread.
"Tell me how I live."
>"You live like... Like a hobo!"
>Like all the rest, the ducks want more.
>"You sleep in this park every night, you won't let Rarity make you new clothes, so you wear rags and sandals! You spend every bit you get on alcohol and tobacco, you never smile, you are always giving away what little stuff you do have, you barely talk AND YOU CHASED A PONY THROUGH AN ALLEY TO WAVE YOUR HAND IN FRONT OF HER AND THEN THANK HER!"
>Twilight is screaming now.
>It's good for her.
>She pants and wipes her mouth.
>You finally turn and look her straight in the eyes.
"I can see the auras of every living thing."
>Twilight looks baffled and scans your face, "What?"
"Every living thing has an aura about them. I can see them. Touch them. The tainted ones, I can clean. And I must clean them. It's what I was put here to do."
>Twilight shakes her head, "Okay, even if that's true, why do you think it's something you have to do?"
>You stand and run a hand down your scruffy face, looking up to the birds flying in the distance.
"Because I'm dead. This is Purgatory."

>I used to be such a burning example. I used to be so original.
>These were the things you told yourself in a past life.
>That's all your time on Earth is now.
>A past life.
>You used to think so highly of yourself.
>You used to pray that God was listening.
>Maybe you didn't pray hard enough for God to listen...
>Thus: Purgatory.
>Twilight would never understand your plight.
>Though not an idiot, she was a product of...
>Environmental Design.
>This place can only shape what is allowed.
>How desperately this miserable truth is etched upon everything in existence.
>This place can only shape what is allowed.


>She summoned Celestia.
>The Princess stands behind you as you feed the ducks you so slightly love.
>Do organisms produced by purgatory die?
>Or were these organisms not produced at all, and merely here to dwell as husks, akin to the likes of you?
>Celestia hasn't spoken since she arrived.
>You can feel her eyes upon you.
>Watching you feed the organisms that may have done God some sort of slight.
"Either way, it seems to give them some sort of comfort."
>Celestia finally takes a seat beside you.
>"They seem to like you."
>You turn and give her a tepid smile (as much as you have to offer).
"They seem to."
>The two of you watch the ducks greedily gorge themselves on the stale bread you have offered.
>"Twilight Sparkle tells me you are here often."
"I am. This is where I sleep."
>"Is it where you want to?"
>You look at the Princess.
>The aura around her is tainted.

>Auras are shimmering fields of colorful light that surround all beings here.
>The color of the aura depends on the being.
>You believe it has something to do with their personality.
>Once an aura has been tainted, you can tell by the sludgy miasma that whisps about it.
>Depending on what is troubling the one afflicted, the sludge can be large or small.
>The smaller ones, you can disperse with a simple touch.
>Like with Luca.
>The miasma shrouding Princess Celestia is monolithic and venomous.
>The only way to purge this mess will be for her to resolve her own issues.
>As with Twilight, those seeped in tainted auras can only save themselves.
>And still-
>Even though you may not be able to cast out the vileness, it draws you in.
>Any tainted aura you notice becomes an itch so intense, you cannot ignore it.
>It's why you simply have to visit Twilight every day.
>Her tainted aura has you trapped.
>And now, Celestia has become your new obsession.
>Her aura is more sickly- far larger, than any you have encountered thus far.
>Whatever troubles her, has permeated deep for some time.
>The most obvious answer that comes to mind is her sister.
>You know from Twilight about the ordeal with Princess Luna's banishment.
>However, the two now live together once more.

>Celestia does not seem bothered by the amount of time the two of you have sat in silence since she asked a question and you had not answered.
>The ducks have swam away to the other side of the pond.
>"Twilight tells me you are able to see auras. Can you tell me what that means?"
>You stand up suddenly and pat your backside free of dirt and grass.
>Celestia watches without word as you raise an arm in front of her.
>Her filthy aura shifts and bends away from your hand.
>It seems she's locked something away deep.
>Perhaps why the tainted aura is so large now.
>You lash out with your hand and grasp the aura.
>Celestia tilts her head in confusion at your actions, but does not speak.
>Though you may not be able to dispel such a monstrous blight, you have the ability to interact with it.
>As soon as you grab the aura, your mind is filled with images.
>Images from Celestia's mind.
>Every single one of Celestia's worries, embarrassments and fears are now a part of your mind.

>You let go of the aura and let out a mighty sigh.
>Celestia tilts her head the other way, her mane floating lazily in the sun.
>You open your eyes once again and gaze into hers.
>Though she is so troubled inside, her facade is supreme.
>It's sad, really.
>Celestia is the ruler of the land.
>Yet, inside she is quite a maelstrom of misery, loneliness and anger.
>Inside, she is weak.
>Really, less than you hoped for.
>She will have no answers for you.
>And yet-
"I have to save you."
>Finally, Celestia seems a bit exasperated.
>"Anonymous, will you tell me what is happening here?"
>You open your mouth to speak, but stop.
>The malformed aura surrounding the Princess of the Sun begins to stretch.
>A tendril of murky sludge breaks free and extends toward you.
>You back away.
>Celestia takes a step toward you, "Anonymous?"
>The tendril of sludge lashes out and wraps around your body.
>You cry out.
>Though there is no pain, the storm of emotions bound within Celestia begin piercing your mind.
>Celestia now seems to be in pain.
>She throws her head back and steps away from you.
>The aura releases you and seems to buzz angrily.
>It moves like a gas around the Princess-
>Then begins seeping into her mouth.
>You watch in shock as the sludge pours inside Celestia.
>Her eyes widen and she tries to shake her head, not being able to see what is actually happening.
>Then it's done.
>The two of you stand facing each other in confusion.
>Celestia now no longer has her ethereal mane and tail.
>They are also pink as well.
>Her coat is now a normal white, no longer seeming to shine with the sun.
>No longer having her large body, she has seemed to reverted to the size of a regular pony.
>And her cutie mark is gone.


>Princess Luna seems to be in a fury that will not be sated any time soon.
>Celestia sits beside her at the large table, still looking shell-shocked.
>You sit at the end of the table, having just explained to the best of your ability what had happened.
>By now, there were all sorts of crazy rumors spreading around Equestria.
>Rumors of Princess Celestia losing all of her powers.
>Because a Human stole them.
>Of course, that isn't true.
>Celestia is now a normal pony, purely of her own doing.
>Not only did she no longer have her cutie mark; it seems as though Celestia is unable to cast even the simplest of spells, or fly.
>Luna slams her hoof on the table.
>"SO! You're saying that an AURA created by my sister's emotions, something we have never even heard of until now, went inside her and stole her magic?"
>How rudimentary.
"I have never seen an aura so tainted, so I don't know exactly how this has happened... But I would think the manifestation is simply feeding off of Celestia's magic."
>You gaze around the room, looking at all of the artwork.
"No one or thing has stolen her magic, so to say."
>Luna slams her hoof again, trying to get your attention back on her.
>"And why has this never happened before?!"
>You finally look Luna in the eyes.
"I admit, my touching her aura may have given it some reason to react."

>Now you look at Celestia.
>She seems scared.
"But it was inevitable. Had I been there or not."
>Luna looks at her sister, then back to you.
>"Inevitable? Why?"
>You rest an elbow on the armrest of your chair and lean your head against your palm.
"Because your sister is seriously messed up in the head."
>Luna flinches back in shock that you would say something so bold.
>Celestia looks down at the table in embarrassment.
>Your eyes narrow at her.
"She's miserable and completely pathetic. So wondrously lonely and ashamed of herself. Rotten really, like fruit left in the sun- only the fruit is her mind and the sun is reality. She's categorically petty and callous. Perverted and insincere. She's-

>Luna actually sends a magical wave of wind in your direction.
>You sit still and frown as your tattered robe billows around your frail body.
>She could easily blow you away.
>As much as you didn't like bad-mouthing anyone, it was necessary for what you have in mind.
>You remove your tobacco case from your pocket.
"Do you mind?"
>Even though you ask, you light a cigarette before either Princess can answer.
>Luna looks ready to bury you.
>Celestia touches Luna's leg with her hoof, making her fall silent.
>"Luna... It's... It's true. Everything he says is true..."
>Luna looks taken aback, "Sister, wh-what do you mean? Surely you won't accept this human's foul description of you!"
>Celestia slumps in her seat and looks back down miserably.
>You see tears begin to well in her eyes.
>Resting your head back in your palm, you watch the sisters.
>"Everything he said has been pretty much- no, EXACTLY how I've been feeling on the inside."
>Celestia looks up at her sister, tears now dripping down her face.
>"I f-felt it growing every day! I *hic* I didn't know what to do!"

>This is the proper Celestial form.
>As it looks outward, so within.
>She looks feeble; a normal pony sniveling with tears and snot running down her face.
>The tainted aura seems to have completely taken hold of her mind and body now.
>Luna hugs her sister and lets Celestia sob into her mane.
>You clear your throat.
>The two separate and look back at you, Luna glaring and Celestia wiping her face with wet sounding noises.
"So, there you have it."
>You let some smoke stream from your nostrils and give Luna a hollow stare.
>She seems to be about to pop a blood vessel.
>"THAT'S IT?! What are we supposed to do about this?!"
>You stand up and put your cigarette onto the saucer in front of you that holds the untouched tea a maid brought you.
"You don't have to do anything, Princess."
>Luna watches you carefully as you walk around the table, your dried grass sandals slapping softly against the marble floor.
>"What do you mean?"
>You stop beside Celestia and smile warmly down at her.
>She looks up at you with several emotions playing behind her eyes.
>Worry, confusion, sadness.
>And hope.
"The only one that can help Celestia now..."
>You extend a hand and point at Celestia.
>Then turn it so that you are pointing at yourself.
"Is me."


>Luna had to be convinced by Celestia for several hours before she gave in.
>The Princess of the Moon would now be in charge of all royal duties until Celestia was back to normal.
>And the thing that took so much convincing-
>Was your intention to take Celestia away from Canterlot.
>It would be necessary that she leave this castle if she hoped to cast out the tainted aura.
>You sit on Celestia's large bed while the Princess storms around her room, throwing her belongings about in a flurry.
>She seems extremely energetic and happy now.
>The aura is really affecting her moods.
>"It's been AGES since I've been on a vacation! I don't even know what to pack! Should I pack for cold weather?"
>You shrug.
"Probably. I think we'll be going somewhere cold first. What you bring is up to you. I'm only worried about getting rid of your affliction."
>And stopping the damn itch of your duty to her.
>Celestia pokes her head out of her closet and gives you a pouty look, "Why are you being so mean to me? Aren't you supposed to make me feel better?"
"I'm supposed to help you. But only you can make yourself better."
>Celestia huffs and goes back to stuffing things into a suitcase, "You're not very good at helping, Anon."
>It's not like you asked for this.
>You light a cigarette and lay back on Celestia's bed, hoping she finishes soon.
>The castle is uncomfortable to you.
>It seems gaudy.
>Celestia pulls the cigarette from your mouth and throws it out of her window.
>"Please don't do that in here. And I'm ready."
>She gives you a glare and drops her suitcase on the bed next to your head.
>You narrow your eyes and stay laying down.
"Are you sure? Don't want to take some of those priceless paintings downstairs with you?"
>Celestia flushes and huffs, stomping out of the room.
>"I'm going to say goodbye to Luna. Wait for me at the castle entrance!"
>You hoist yourself off the bed and grab Celestia's suitcase.
>This new Celestia isn't that bad, you think.


>Celestia sits opposite you, looking out of the window wistfully.
>The two of you are riding the train.
>After her tearful goodbyes with her sister, Celestia's mood had taken a morose turn.
>"How long will we be gone?" She mumbles and glances at you.
>Her hoof pushes her mane out of her eyes.
>It seems she's not quite used to her non-magical body.
"It depends on you."
>You pull your flask from your pocket and take a drink of whiskey.
>Celestia dawns an irritated look.
>"You know, for someone who sees the 'auras' of others and tries to fix them, you don't seem so happy yourself."
"A keen observation, Celestia."
>You wipe your mouth and take another drink.
>Celestia's muzzle scrunches, "What about your aura? Isn't it tainted?"
>You cap your flask and put it away, crossing your arms and laying your head back on the seat.
"I don't have one. And even if I did, I have proper control over my emotions. Unlike you, Celestia."
>She seems embarrassed and glares out of the window at the passing landscape.
>A silence fills the private cart.
>You close your eyes.
>"Why don't you call me 'Princess' anymore?"
>You open an eye and look at Celestia.
>She still glares at the window, though her cheeks are tinged red.
>"Not that I care or anything. Just... Curious."
"Because you are not a Princess."
>Celestia looks incredulous, "But I AM! Nothing's changed except-"
"Except you can't use magic. Or even fly."
>Celestia looks hurt now and stares at her hooves.
>She looks so much younger now.
>Opening both eyes, your turn your head lazily and gaze out of the window at the cloudless blue sky.
"You are no Princess. You're not even a proper pony, Celestia. You are a husk."
>Before she can be mended, she must be torn down to the root of her being.
>You close your eyes again and begin to fall asleep.


>The first destination of your journey is a place Celestia said she has wanted to visit for a while, but never had time to.
>Far beyond the Smokey Mountains, there is a range of larger mountains that lay in the Undiscovered West.
>On a mountain range called the Arctic Spine, there is a snowy village called Upeke.
>It's where Celestia had visited years ago to speak with some diplomats from the far west.
>The two of you step off the train and onto a snowy platform.
>Snow falls in lazy silence from the sky.
>The station is empty and ahead, you can see the small village of Upeke.
>It appears to be sort of Bavarian in design.
>Celestia wears a large pink scarf around her neck and ear muffs.
>Yet, she is still shivering.
>You had finally let Rarity give you a jacket and some fashioned shoes before you left.
>It's still freezing.
>You pull out your flask and take a swig.
"What's wrong, Celestia? Miss the sun?"
>Her teeth chatter and she quickly brushes her pink mane from her face, flinching as she brushes some snow against her cheek.
>"W-W-W-Without my p-powers I'm c-c-c-COLD!"
"Let's find somewhere warm."
>The two of you set off toward the town, the train whistle fading behind you.
>You hope this small place has whiskey.
>The flask is almost empty.
>"Anon l-let me h-h-h-have some."
>You look down at the shivering pony shuffling beside you.
"My whiskey? You won't like it."
>"I know I w-w-won't! But it will w-w-w-warm me u-up!"
>You offer her the flask.
>She sits in the snow and pours the rest of the alcohol into her mouth, then swallows forcefully.
>She grimaces and gags, but holds it down.
>The two of you look at a pony trotting up to you.
>She seems to be fully dressed and wearing snow boots.
>Her mane is as white as snow and her coat is a light grey-ish blue.
>She is a unicorn as well.
>Floating magically beside her are two steaming mugs.
>"Welcome to Upeke!"


>The mare named Fox Glove owns a small coffee shop in the middle of the village.
>You sit inside at a table with Celestia, next to a roaring fire.
>Fox Glove gave you both free hot chocolates.
>"I still can't believe you're named after Princess Celestia! And you look like you could be related to her!" Fox Glove pokes at a log in the fire.
>Celestia sips her hot chocolate greedily, still cold and shaking.
>"Y-Yeah... My mother had high expectations of me I guess."
>Fox Glove puts down the fire poker and smiles at Celestia's jittering, "So what brings you two to Upeke? We don't get many visitors in the spring."
>You light a cigarette and Celestia glares, "We're just traveling. I came here once before and remembered how beautiful it was."
>Fox Glove looks at you, seeming to be curious as to what to think of you.
>You reach out and brush away the smidge of tainted sludge sullying her blue aura.
>Celestia raises an eyebrow at you.
>"Are you two... A couple traveling together? That's so romantic!" Fox Glove swoons.
>Celestia chokes on her hot chocolate and her face flushes.
>"A couple?! W-With him?!"
>Celestia looks at you, waiting for you to say something.
>You shrug and scratch your chin.

>"No, we're not a couple. We're not even friends. Just traveling together."
>Fox Glove smiles at Celestia, then winks at you, "Riiiight. Just traveling. Can I get you 'travelers' anything else?"
"Do you have any whiskey?"
>Fox Glove chuckles, "You don't play around, huh? If you want spirits, you'd want Henry Tappenhoof's, two doors down on the same side of the road."
>The two of you finish your warm drinks and listen to Fox Glove talk about the points of interest around Upeke.
>Celestia leaves Fox Glove a generous tip and the two of you leave.
>After getting a bottle of whiskey from Henry Teppenhoof, you store it in Celestia's saddle bags.
>She groans, "I'm not your pack mule, Anon!"
"This is for both of us. You will need it."
>Celestia tilts her head, "Why will I need your gross alcohol?"
>You turn and point to a point of interest Fox Glove had told you about.
"Because we're going there."
>Celestia looks up at Fang Peak and gulps.


>Fang Peak is a place of legend among the villagers of Upeke.
>It is said several hundreds of years ago, a group of powerful unicorns journeyed to the perilous peak to slay a giant snow wolf there.
>The wolf was said to be the size of a house and able to create blizzards with its breath.
>It is said the snow wolf's fangs still litter the peak, making it in a constant blizzard state.
>Few venture there.
>"Are you CRAZY?!"
>Celestia stamps her hooves and shakes her head, "There's n-n-no way I'm going up there like this! We'll d-d-die!"
>Her teeth are chattering again.
>The wind picks up and billows her mane.
"We'll have to get proper gear first. Well, you will. I have very little money."
>Celestia squeaks and tries to bury her muzzle into her scarf.
>"Why do you w-want to go up there?!"
>You look down at her.
>She stares back in genuine fear, her legs trembling and teeth chattering together.
>Your eyes sweep over her blank flank, then to her pink mane flailing around, unchecked in the wind.
>Her eyes are tearing up and there is clear fluid running out of her nostrils in the cold.
>Looking away from the woeful sight, you gaze back up at Fang Peak.
"There's some stuff you need to resolve. I'll explain when we get up there.
>The two of you head to the largest building in the village.
>The clothing and equipment shop.


>With Celestia's money, the two of you have acquired proper snow gear, as well as some other supplies.
>The clothes didn't fit you so well, being Human, but at least you have pants and a hat now.
>You have simply tied off a pair of pony hoof gloves at your wrist to keep the fingerless covers on.
>Celestia now looks like a pink marshmallow in all of her snow gear.
>She has a pink toboggan hat on and has tied her mane into a long braid to keep it from flapping into her face.
>The store clerk looked worried when you told him you planned on climbing the Fang Peak.
>He still sold you everything you needed.
>You examine the ice axe Celestia bought, then sheath it in a holster at your waist.
>Celestia shakes her head and mumbles from behind her scarf, "I still think this is a bad idea. Anon, I can't do magic. What if something bad happens?"
"Something bad will happen, most definitely. But we will live."
>Before she can question what you mean, you leave the shop and head for the gondola that will take you to Fang Peak Base.
>Celestia has to scurry to keep up with you, her new boots kicking snow everywhere.
>"You're welcome for buying everything, by the way."
"Yeah, thanks."
>Celestia almost falls on some ice.

>You reach down and steady her.
>She flushes and pulls away, "Twilight Sparkle told me you live a life of modesty back in Ponyville. She said you make all your own clothes and only spend money on food, tobacco and alcohol."
"My only luxuries are my vices. I just need to survive."
>"Yet, you have no problem taking coin from the Royal Treasury..."
"I don't like taking hand-outs from ponies. As I said, I just need to survive. I have no problem with you funding this trip though. This is your problem, Celestia. I'm just obligated to be here. And as I have also said, you are no longer a proper pony."
>The empty gondola looms ahead.
>You gaze through narrowed eyes at the metal wires sloping up the mountain in the howling wind until they disappear into mist.
"You are a husk."
>Celestia seems to be pouting beside you.
>She has to come to terms with her current form before she can change.
>"You know just how to make a girl feel special, Anon."


>The two of you sit on the enclosed gondola as is creaks along up the mountain.
>There's not much to see outside, as the blizzard raging blocks all view beyond a few feet.
>Celestia is still pouting.
>She sits opposite you, picking at her scarf.
>You take out your flask and uncap it.
"Hey, let me get the whiskey so I can fill this."
>She kicks her saddle bag over to you and huffs, "Here."
>You roll your eyes and bend down to get in the bag.
>"Are you sure my stuff will be alright back in town? I have some important things in there..."
>She had left her suitcase with Fox Glove at her coffee shop.
"I'm sure Fox Glove is trustworthy. And even if you do lose your things, you have the money to re-purchase them, Celestia."
>She grumbles and flicks her tail, "I have SENTIMENTAL stuff in there, things bits can't buy."
>You finish topping off your flask, then take a pull from the bottle before closing it.
>That old familiar burn in your throat and stomach gives you solace.
"It would do you well to part with some earthly possessions. They don't really matter."
>She seems irritated, "Maybe to you. You don't have friends. You don't have a family. You have no idea what matters to me, Anon."
>Your narrow your eyes dangerously at her, a cold mist escaping from your nostrils.

"Let's get something straight, Celestia."
>You put some venom into the last word and she seems to shrink back.
"I am not here to make you feel good. I am not here to treat you like some Princess, because most assuredly, you are NOT one anymore. I am here to help you regain your unsullied aura and return to your life of luxury in that gaudy castle of yours. I'm here because I have to be. My conscience will not let me leave your side until that filth inside of you subsides."
>Celestia flushes and whips her head to the window, staring into the blizzard in a frustrated glare with her cheeks puffed.
"I see this as a job. And I can not complete that job unless you are willing to help yourself. Until you are willing to listen to my advice. This will all go a lot smoother if you just understand this and quit trying to fight me. For both of our sakes."
>Some tears start to well up in her eyes.
>It must be hard not having all of that power anymore.
>Being trapped in a body that is really a broken vessel housing sickness.
"I am not your friend. I'm not your lover. I'm not your family. Understand this, and start fixing your fragile psyche, Celestia."
>The two of you ride to the base of the mountain in silence.


>The wind whips around your body, blasting flurries of ice around your face.
>You reach up and pull the scarf closer to your burning face.
>Behind you, Celestia is struggling to keep her legs trudging through the deep snow.
>It's pretty hard to breathe up here.
>You can feel your lungs burning in your chest.
>The only sound is the haunting roar of the blizzard raging on all sides, limiting your vision.
>You stop and pull out your flask, taking a gulp.
>Celestia comes to a stop beside you, huffing and puffing from her work.
>You hold out the flask to her.
"Drink. Not too much."
>She gasps and grabs the flask, taking a sip and shaking her head with her eyes squeezed shut.
>"Anon, we've... We've been climbing for like an hour now. How much further do you think it is?"
>You pull a map from your pocket and unfold it, holding tightly so it doesn't fly away in the polar wind.
"We should be close. Maybe another ten minutes or so."
>Putting the map away, you take the flask back from Celestia and have another drink.
>She seems scared again.
>A howl cuts through the wind from somewhere in front of you, making the hairs on the back of your neck raise.
>Celestia presses herself closer to you, "Did you hear that?! What was that?"
>Your hand instinctively goes to the ice axe at your hip.
"A snow wolf."
>As if on cue, several more howls answer the first on all sides of you.
>It's impossible to make out anything in the white-out.
"A pack of them. Stay close to me."
>You begin walking again, Celestia bumping into you as she scurries and shivers.
>"What if they attack?"
>Ahead in the snow, a white figure emerges from the mist.
>A snow wolf is running straight at you, fangs bared.
"Celestia, stay behind me!"
>You pull the ice axe from its sheath and take a stance.

>This ice wolf is the size of a regular wolf.
>You can see the glow of its light-blue eyes cutting through the mist.
>Adrenaline pumps through your body and you cock the ice axe back as the wolf surges through the snow toward you.
>About ten feet away, it jumps into the air, sailing for you with outstretched claws made of actual ice.
>You swing the ice axe around-
>And bury the blade into its skull.
>The ice wolf yelps and you dodge to the side, tugging on the axe.
>Celestia cries out as the body of the ice wolf flies past her, sliding in the snow before coming to a rest.
>Its blood oozes out into the snow.
>Before you can check it, movement catches your eye.
>Several more ice wolves emerge from the mist behind you, running and snarling.
>You grab Celestia's horn and pull her up.
>The two of you start to run up the mountain.
>"Anon! They're gonna catch us!"
>Thinking quickly, you reach into your jacket pocket and pull out a small charcoal disk.
>A defense from the ice wolves Fox Glove had given you.
>You snap the charcoal disk in half and throw it behind you toward the wolves.
>A wall of fire erupts in the snow, forcing the wolves to skid to a stop.
>The two of you stop running and look back, out of breath.
>The wolves are frightened by the fire and nervously back away.
"Celestia, come on."
>You turn and continue stomping through the snow.
>Celestia tries to keep up, gasping and coughing.
>"Anon, we have- we have to get off of this mountain!"
>Ahead, you see a cave appear in the mist.
"There. Ahead. We have to get into that cave."
>Celestia suddenly falls into the snow, sobbing.
>"Ow! I can't! I can't keep going! I want to go home!"
>You swoop down and pick Celestia up into your arms, carrying her on toward the cave.


>The two of you sit in the cave, staring at the small fire in front of you.
>Fire Coalisks were what Fox Glove had called the charcoal disks she had given you.
>A specialty of Upeke, made by unicorns.
>Once cracked, the magically imbued charcoal would burn for hours in any condition, save for water.
>Celestia sits huddled next to you, shivering.
>Outside the mouth of the cave, the wind roars and you can hear the distant haunted howls of ice wolves.
>Celestia flinches every time she hears a howl.
>"Why... Why did you bring me up here?"
>You light a cigarette and move your bare feet closer to the fire to warm them.
"I told you, you need to work some things out."
>"And we had to come to a mountain perpetually in a blizzard and infested with ice wolves to do that?"
>You smile a bit.
"Yeah. Listen."
>Celestia looks up at you, the fear obvious in her eyes.
"When I made contact with your aura, I could see everything in your mind that has been troubling you. Everything that made your aura become tainted in the first place."
>Celestia looks embarrassed, "Everything?"
>You nod.
"I know what fears have been eating away at you. Those fears are one of the many symptoms that have tainted your aura. Only one of the many things that have made you the husk you currently are. Over the years, you have become so frightened of your responsibility as Equestria's ruler. Over all of your failures and the failures to come. Your emotions are in complete disarray and fully in control of you now."

>Celestia gazes into the fire dolefully, knowing you are correct.
"You only have yourself to blame."
>This makes her squeeze her eyes shut in pain.
"At least, that's what you think in your mind. This fear, this is why we are here. It is something you need to overcome if you ever want to return to normal."
>Tears begin rolling down Celestia's cheeks and you can see her hooves trembling.
>"I've tried! It's not that easy though! I'm ALWAYS afraid! And I don't even dare show it. What would ponies think, seeing the Princess is actually as scared as a filly on the inside?! "
>She shakes her head and sniffles, wiping her eyes.
>"I've messed up so many times! Countless times! I'm older than almost every living being, and yet I constantly have to rely on my students and my sister to fix my messes! And now I have to rely on someone I only just met to fix yet ANOTHER one of my messes! How do I just stop worrying when they are always looking at me?! Always watching! They expect me to be a God or something!"
>You pass her the flask.
>Celestia wipes her nose and takes a drink, not gagging this time.
>You don't speak and let her down another drink to numb the cold inside of her.

"I know how you feel."
>Celestia stops drinking and chokes a bit, "How can you know how I feel? You hate how I feel! You've shown nothing but contempt for me! I'm work to you. Just another job, that's what you said!"
>You begin putting your boots back on.
"I know how you feel, because I experienced your mind first-hand. My mind was filled with every bit of fear you feel."
>Once your boots are tied, you hoist yourself up and throw your cigarette into the fire.
"You may be a job that I have to get done..."
>You look down at Celestia and offer a gentle smile.
"But I never let my emotions blend with my work. Maybe I should have told you not to take my words about your character with such conviction. After all, you are the master of your true self. I don't hold any contempt for that. Only for an empty husk of tainted aura. You are ultimately in control here. It's what got you here in the first place. And why you are the only one that can help yourself, Princess."
>You open your canteen and pour water upon the fire.
>All light in the cave vanishes, sending the both of you into darkness.
>You can hear Celestia scramble in the dark, "Anon?!"
>Leaving the ice axe on the ground near where Celestia is flailing blindly, you take off at a brisk pace toward the cave entrance.

>"Anon, where are you?"
>The howls of the ice wolves scream in desperation.
>They are coming closer.
"Help yourself, Celestia. You have to overcome your fear. Meet me at the train station!"
>You pull your scarf tight around your face and take off at a run out of the cave and into the blizzard.
>The last thing you hear from the cave is Celestia screaming your name.
>You do your best to fight the urge to return to her and run straight forward along the path you originally came from.
>Pulling a silver whistle from your pocket, you put it in your mouth and blow.
>A shrill note fills the area, bouncing off the mountain for miles.
>You know the wolves are now in pursuit of you.
>Gasping for breath, you slip and slide in the snow.
>You have to get to the gondola as fast as possible.
>If the wolves catch up to you, not only do you no longer have the ice axe for defense, you also left the remaining three Fire Coalisks with Celestia in the cave.
>Howls pierce your ears.
>They're not that far behind.
>You give another blow on the whistle.


>Ahead in the swirling snow, you can see the gondola station.
>It took far less time to get down the mountain than it did going up.
>Your legs and lungs burn from running.
>Though the howls of the wolves stopped some time ago, you still move with a purpose.
>By now, you hope Celestia has at least moved from within the cave and begun her descent.
>Hopefully, she will know to use the Fire Coalisks to fend off any ice wolves she encounters.
>You slow down to a walk and catch your breath, pulling your icy scarf away from your face.
>If Celestia can make it down the mountain on her own-
>A sharp pain shoots through your thigh, making you drop to a knee and hiss.
>You spin and fall to your back, kicking out blindly.
>Your foot connects with the head of the ice wolf that bit you.
>It yelps and jumps back, shaking its head.
>The area where it bit you is numb.
>Frozen, yet still dripping blood.
>The wolf advances upon you, its hackles raised and icy teeth bared.
>Its light blue glowing eyes seem to bore into you.

>Crawling on your back slowly, you have trouble moving your numb leg.
>The wolf slowly stalks you, then jumps.
>Your bodies collide and you use a hand to push its gnashing muzzle away from your face.
>It's surprisingly light.
>With a grunt of strain, you grab the wolf and throw it back over your head.
>Scrambling over, you stand up awkwardly.
>Ahead of you is a large chasm.
>A chasm you almost inadvertently crawled over in your panic.
>You can hear the wolf howling from below as he sails down into darkness.
>Coughing, you grab your injured leg and collapse back into the snow on your rear.
>The sound of several wolves howling in the distance behind you makes you flinch.
>With immense difficulty, you pull yourself back up again and begin to hobble toward the gondola.
>Once inside, you close the door and slam your hand against a lever.
>The gondola begins to move, descending down the mountain.
>You fall forward onto the floor, panting against the cold metal.


>You sit at a table in front of the Upeke station.
>A steaming cup of coffee rests in front of you.
>Fox Glove sits beside you, staring up at Fang Peak.
>Once down the mountain, you had gone to her.
>She had taken you for medical care for your leg.
>Though now wrapped in bandages, you have regained feeling in your thigh.
>It hurts.
>You pour some whiskey from your flask into your coffee.
>Fox Glove fidgets, not taking her eyes from the mountain.
>"You two are definitely the most interesting visitors we've had in a while..."
>You take a drink and join her in gazing at the misty mountain.
>"Are you sure she will be okay?"
"I'm sure. She's stronger than she thinks. It's all up to her."


>The two of you wait for another hour.
>Eventually, Celestia shows up.
>She plods along the road, looking disheveled.
>Fox Glove jumps up and runs to her, wrapping a blanket around her body.
>Celestia walks up onto the platform and comes to a stop in front of you.
>You look up from your drink and lock eyes with her.
>Her gaze is emotionless.
>She is tired.
>Behind her fatigue, you can see that the fear is gone.
>She mumbles, "I did it."
"You did it."
>Tears well up in her eyes, "All by myself."
"So you did."
>Her facade breaks and she melts into a sobbing mess.
>She throws her legs around you, crying into your jacket.
>"I was so scared! Those wolves chased me a-a-and- You left me! You l-left me all a-a-alone!"
>You turn and wrap your arms around her, pulling her closer.
>The stripe of green has returned in her mane and tail now.
"Are you still scared?"
>Celestia sniffles.
>"No... I'm not scared anymore... I'm just... Sad."
>You push Celestia away from you and stand up.
>Holding a hand out to her, you lift her suitcase up with your other hand.
"Good. Let's go."


>The landscape had changed from mountainous and snowy to tundra a while back.
>Now the train carries you through a large forest.
>Celestia sits with your flask in her hooves, gazing out of the window.
>Though she asked for a drink, you didn't mind that she had not taken one and instead decided to space out.
>Your eyes focus on the green stripe that has returned to her mane.
"What was it like?"
>Celestia pulls her face away from the window and looks at you, "What was what like?"
>Now she takes a drink of whiskey, shivers and passes it back to you.
"Up on the mountain. Tell me how you overcame your fear."
>Celestia brushes the green of her mane in thought.
>"Well, After you left, I made another fire. I sat there for a while um... Crying."
>You roll your eyes.
>"Th-Then, I thought about what you had said. About how only I can help myself."
>"And about how I was so scared. Then I made myself leave the cave."
>Celestia looks back out of the window.
>"Without my powers, I finally realized what I had been missing all those times I relied on others. I was too wrapped up in myself. What I could and couldn't do. That's where the fear came from."
>You lay your head back on the seat.
"The expectations of others. Worrying about what you were able- what you were allowed to do as a Princess. A Ruler."
>"Yeah... That messed with my head. The thought of failure and letting others down."
"If you don't bother in the first place, no one can see you fail."
>Celestia cringes, "Yeah..."
"So you pushed your fears onto others. To Twilight and her friends. To your sister."
>Celestia shakes her head.
>"If I didn't try and fail, they wouldn't see how weak I really was."
"You are not God. But it's nice to have others think you are, huh?"
>She seems to deflate.
>"It was selfish of me... I didn't want them to see my imperfections. I had to distance myself from... The Mundane."
"You had to play God."


>Celestia has fallen asleep.
>You look at her as she snores.
>Her fear had come from her God complex.
>It was a fear of expectation.
>A fear of performing a role she created for herself.
>It had consumed her.
>You cannot see her aura now, but you know that inside, a portion of the filthy sludge has been expelled.
>You look back out of the window as the train chugs along through the night, carrying you through a desert.
>No one can be God but God.
>Your tumultuous relationship with him has been fickle for some time now.
>There is a part of you- most likely rooted in your subconsciousness that desperately wants to believe in God.
>Needs to believe in God.
>But at the same time, a part of you is viscously fighting that belief.
>Maybe it's the Devil.
>But that same part would have you believe otherwise.
>Belief or not, it feels as though the Devil and God are raging inside you.
>You take a drink from your flask.
>And here you are, in what seems to be purgatory.
>Cursed to walk the land, helping others with their sordid issues.
>The need to act upon a tainted aura is ingrained into you.
>Once one appears, that itch to dispel it won't go away.
>It is why thoughts of Twilight Sparkle's own tainted aura constantly flitter across your mind.
>Even in your dreams.
>Her issues are different from Celestia's...
>It will take some time before you can approach her with help.
>"Where are we going now?"
>Celestia speaks, but her eyes remain closed.
>Outside, nothing but empty wasteland passes by.
"Even stronger than your fear, you have a terrible sadness inside of you, Celestia."
>Her eyes open slightly and she leans her head against the glass.
"We're going to have some fun."

File: Celestia.png (360 KB, 1280x661)
360 KB
360 KB PNG

>A long way away from the Arctic Spine, is a town called Freyal.
>Past the Yooma Desert lays Freyal, a town unlike any other in Equestria.
>This is a town that sits in the middle of the large Dragon Gulch Lake, upon an island.
>The train tracks run across the lake, through the town and out the other side across more water.
>You arrive and disembark the train with Celestia.
>Now that you have beaten down her God complex and she has overcome her fear, Celestia seems to be in a perpetual state of sadness.
>The two of you get off the train and step onto the busy platform.
>Celestia peers around her sullenly.
>"I have never visited this place..."
>You stretch, glad to be in your tattered robe and grass sandals once again.
>Being close to the desert, the weather here is dry and quite warm.
>From all around, smells of food, sounds of music and laughter assault your senses.
"This is Freyal. I read about it in a book once."
>The two of you start walking.
>Unlike other towns, this place seems to be filled with an even mix of races.
>There are a mix of ponies, griffins, minotaurs, dragons and all sorts of other creatures running around.
>They all seem to be in a state of bliss.
>You can feel the magical effects of the city seeping into you.
>It makes you shiver and pull out your flask, taking a large drink.
>Celestia glumly reaches up to you, "Can I have a drink? I don't feel too hot..."
>You cap the flask and put it away.
"Not here. No alcohol. You have to let the Aesthetic Mesh work into you. Alcohol repels its effects."
>"Aesthetic Mesh? That sounds familiar."
>You hold out your arms and look around.
"Freyal is a special place where all come for one specific thing."
>Celestia looks around at the tall buildings surrounding you.
>Everywhere you look, roller coaster track winds between buildings.
>There are carts and booths offering food and games everywhere.
"This entire city- It's one big eternal party. And everyone comes to experience the joy."

File: Big Book of Dicks.png (95 KB, 945x734)
95 KB
Fell asleep at my computer.

Yeah, I started too late and I was seriously flagging as I went on. Even for an off-the-cuff story, I'm not too happy with it. Might revise it in my pastebin later.
Not sure why this is in Flutterrape but I like it.
Well revising it can only help.
That was really good, I can't wait to see what's next.
Huh. That Flutterrape LTD series is going to shit bricks, two Slasher Science things in fairly quick succession? Shit, I'm hoping they get distracted by more vent-based shenanigans, flashbang jokes are neat.
At this rate it's like they won't even need to get their money from the mob.
Neb is gonna have a heart attack seeing you back.
From something unsettling to something adventurous and intriguing.
I can see why this story is a personal favourite of yours, Slasher, it's one of the most genuinely engaging greentexts I've ever read.
Marvellous work, I'm excited to see how you conclude it.
I recall it but no idea who wrote it, sorry.
And here I was thinking you could only write horror stories, that was incredible Slasher.
This is some good shit man, very unique. Like it a lot.
You truly are a master
File: chewbacca.jpg (61 KB, 768x1024)
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File: 32983-3-1278996048.png (700 KB, 1025x768)
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700 KB PNG
I will be posting the second part to Stumbleine - AP probably in the morning, once I finish it

Flutterrape LTD update when?
Whenever Neb gets done watching Priest sleep.
Working on it, buddy. I'm having to be careful now, the longer a story gets the more likely it is that I'll fuck something up or contradict myself.

At the start I could fling about whatever updates I wanted to, but when an overarching narrative began to form the perfectionist in me started to worry about consistency and making sure the eventual conclusion to the story was worthwhile and respectful to the people that read it.

Again, this whole thing is just glorified shitposting, but if I'm going to shitpost I'm going to shitpost with standards.

That was one time.
Better hurry. They're talking about doing RGRE Flutterrape stories over at RGRE right now. We're going to be out of business.
I would probably read that mash-up.
File: k.png (3 KB, 147x128)
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>RG** Flutterrape stories
Fuck no. brb gotta post bats and satyrs
We just need green.
It's okay Neb, everybody has their vices.

Don't worry about it. Our greentexts are still better on average.

RGRE is meant to be reverse gender roles but it doesn't really read like that. It's a really REALLY under cooked idea that could, and really DOES , work in MLP because they are matriachal anyway.
File: 595.png (235 KB, 649x602)
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235 KB PNG
>Our greentexts are still better on average
This is actually going to be delayed
I apologize
Which writefag is your least favorite?
It's okay stuff happens.
Your favourite.
It's between Neb and Driver
Oh, fun fact.
Driver's still alive >>30738567

Glad to see he's alright. Shame he's not with Flutterrape anymore, but what can you do.

Raritan. :^)

Raritan is lord of unfinished stories.

Then again there's a shitton of unfinished writefaggotry on the Flutterrape pastebin to the point I consider Neb the best purely because he gets shit done. That's outside of his decent quality stuff ofc but at least I don't get blueballed by every fucking story I read.
I'm glad I got a chance to let Driver know how much I enjoyed his work, never thought that would happen.
File: fluttermat.png (58 KB, 1012x335)
58 KB
>Outside of your door is Fluttershy screaming like she's going to explode.
>Naturally, there's nobody to witness this lapse in brain function so you're left to just deal with it.
>She's screaming not in volume, but with such force that her eyes threaten to escape their sockets and rape your mouth.
>But first.
>"AAAAH! Thank goodness, anon. I was starting to worry that you weren't going to mate with me."
>And then she's suddenly cute again.
>You're getting a pain between your temples.
"What the everlasting fuck are you doing this time?"
>"Oh. I just thought-" Fluttershy looked intensely at the welcome mat that was turned upside down, dragging her hoof along it. "I just thought that your fetish would be seal calls."
>You channel your inner Carl, putting your hands on your hips and snarl at her.
"You fucking animal. Why would you ever do such a thing."
>"I have a really good excuse."
>She pulls out some pictures from hammerspace in a panic and flies them up to your face.
>It's you.
>In your living room.
>On the pony internet.
>Jacking off.
>"I searched your browsing history, and apparently you like seal mating calls."
>She's making the smug grin that she's been making a lot lately.
>You prefer her back when she was actually shy.
"You fucking idiot. I delete my history after I do my business. Then I got bored after and watched some cute animal videos."
"Yeah. Um. Get out of my yard. And my home. And my life."
>You grab her by the scruff and punt her.
>As she flies off to the town dump, you realize something.
"Wait a minute."
>Fluttershy talks to animals.
>And that seal video was a mating call.
>Welp, that ruins every cute animal video you ever watched.
>fucking fluttershy.
File: pegasi mating call.png (50 KB, 1008x2705)
50 KB
That was pretty funny, at first I thought she was going to be doing some kind of pegasus mating call when she started talking about the animal videos.
File: kissy_kissy.png (13 KB, 871x644)
13 KB
File: That_tangy_zip.png (163 KB, 600x600)
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163 KB PNG
That's not how you eat mayo you clingy fuck.
File: Losin it.png (102 KB, 1087x790)
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102 KB PNG
File: suggestive yellow.png (86 KB, 775x600)
86 KB
Still the best art.
File: Pretty_please.jpg (9 KB, 300x169)
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File: Bump.png (117 KB, 600x521)
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117 KB PNG
where all mah bumps at?
Since you asked nicely okay.
File: Ay_Carumba.jpg (1.46 MB, 3000x3508)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Gracias, amigo!
File: Cherry_Bomb.jpg (276 KB, 1280x720)
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276 KB JPG
Jesus fuck anon why post this shit?
Trying to give me nightmares.
Holy shit this thread went fucking FAST! AND I GET TO READ SLASHER THINGS!
Welcome to the FR renaissance, kiddo, you get a complimentary stale beer and roofies.
Fluttershy would never use stale beer. Only brand new bottles of Applejack Daniels, magical roofie herbs and a baseball bat called 'Momma's problem solva'.
But if the bottle is brand new how would she get the roofie herbs in without opening it?
By hitting you with her problem solva when you try to open it. Then she force feeds you the herbs and sticks the bottle in the butt.

Anally absorbed alcohol IS your fetish, right?
I want to absorb Fluttershy with my rectum
File: photoshoot.png (404 KB, 1280x749)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
>You grit your teeth and clench your fists, quivering with fury.
>Fluttershy stands atop a hilltop, lording over you.
>"At last! I have it! I finally stole your virginity!"
"Curse you, Fluttershy! Give it back!"
>She throws her head back and laughs.
>"Not likely, lover-boy! I stole it fair-and-square, it's all mine!"
>Pinkie Pie, who was stood next to you apparently, cries out in shock.
>"Wait! Fluttershy! You're not holding Anon's virginity! You're holding liberal media!"
>Fluttershy screams in fear and drops the hideous dripping rainbow-coloured mess in her hoof.
>It shudders, a malformed mouth forming across its surface; broken misshapen teeth parting to unleash an unfettered, wretched shriek that rends the delicate morning air like a vuvuzela sellotaped to an air-horn.
"Oh god! Fluttershy get out of there!"
>Fluttershy tries to scramble away, but the 'thing' on the floor vomits a barbed, gooey appendage after her, grabbing her rear leg and croaking out a gurgled scream again.
>Fluttershy, tears streaking down her face, begs for you and Pinkie to save her.
>The two of you sprint up the hill, Pinkie grabbing both of Fluttershy's front hooves and tugging whilst you busy yourself repeatedly crushing the horror's face with your boot heel.
>It roars in protest, but you don't let up until the thing bleeds its prismatic blood.
>With Fluttershy freed, you all flee from the scene, Fluttershy held tight in your arms as she sobs into your chest.

>Twilight stares at you.
"I swear that's what happened."
>"Stop doing drugs, Anon."
>You laugh and do another line of coke off Pinkie Pie's spine as Fluttershy lies backed out next to you covered in magic mushrooms.

Those wacky ponies.
I gotta admit nothing could've properly prepared me for this. 10/10
>The day was opposite day.
>At least that’s what Fluttershy told you.
>That’s why you were outside knocking on your own door, and why Fluttershy was the one answering instead of you.
>But that wasn’t why she was also wearing your pajamas. You didn’t give her permission to do that at all.
>But at least she had the sleeves and legs rolled up all the way so she wouldn’t drag them while she walked.
>That was thoughtful of her.
>She still didn’t have your permission at all to wear your pajamas, but at least she wasn’t getting them dirty on the floor.
>“Good morning,” she said to you.
Yeah, yeah . . . Shouldn’t we be doing this at night, since you usually come to guess my fetish in the morning?
>“Oh. Um, I don’t know.”
Whatever. It’d be better if we didn’t do anything at all I suppose.
>“But that’s not in the spirit of opposite day.”
I’m still not sure whether or not that’s a real holiday. It’s not even on the calendar.
>“Well if they put it on the calendar then that wouldn’t be in the spirit of opposite day either, would it?”
But they don’t make the fucking calendar on opposite day. That’s what I’m saying.
>Fluttershy frowned. “You promised you would be nice.”
>You frowned back. But it is true: You did promise to be nice.
Okay, fine, I’ll try harder.
>Fluttershy smiled. “What kind of fetish guess do you have for me today?”
>You performed your role dutifully, but you did it wearing your best stone face and speaking in monotone.
I was just walking by the meadows this morning when I saw this beautiful dandelion that reminded me of you. So I picked it for you.
>You pulled the crushed, coming-apart and pathetic dandelion out of your pocket.
>It was the best you could do on such short notice.
>Not that her guesses are usually any better, but she just came to you that morning with this whole opposite day thing, so you had to improvise.
>Fluttershy looked at the crumpled flower in your palm that you said reminded you of her with bright sparkling eyes which seemed to have been touched with the mysterious miracle of pure human happiness.
>Unperturbed, you continued to act like Buster Keaton for a time.
And I was wondering if this dandelion, in any way, shape or form, resembled your fetish, or possibly was your fetish, or—Fuck, this is stupid.
>You looked at her suddenly stunned face incredulously before tossing the dandelion into her open mouth.
>While she was spitting, you said:
The hell is wrong with you that you really do this shit every day? Don’t I suffer enough, being the only one of my kind in this world—and I got to deal with you, too?
>She wiped her mouth and mumbled something. When asked to repeat, she said lamely:
>“That’s not in the spirit of opposite day.”
Who cares? Opposite day is stupid.
>“Does that mean that you actually think opposite day isn’t—”
You shut up!
>She silently scrunched her muzzle.
If this wasn’t opposite day, which I’m still not sure if it is or not, then we would’ve already been done with your fetish crap by now. You would’ve come over and asked me if—fuck, I don’t know—grass was my fetish, I would’ve said no, you would’ve tried to sneak past me to go inside, and then I’d have slammed the door in your face. That’s it. Simple. And yet you continue to needlessly complicate this already ridiculous and devious practice of yours for reasons that seem clear only in that they cause me more suffering.
>Fluttershy stared up at you sadly, her ears pinned behind her head.
I mean it’s not like you’re ever going to win me over or anything, not after all the damage you’ve done. So why can’t you just stop? I’ve tried everything at one point or another, haven’t I? Even Twilight couldn’t help me, seeing as how the law is helpless in cases like mine. You don’t listen to me, or to your friends that ask you stop, or to the law or to anything at all but your own sickness—and even that isn’t getting you any closer to ending this farce of a romance between us.
>Fluttershy started to tremble somewhat, but you still bent down enough to be at eyelevel with her and asked her bitterly:
Does any of that sound right to you?
>She couldn’t answer at first.
>Then, pointing weakly at the soggy, nearly-destroyed flower, she said:
>“All you had to do was offer me the dandelion and ask if it was my fetish . . .”
>Your eyes went from her nervous face to the dead flower on the ground.
>Sighing, you crouched down, picked the flower up between the ends of your thumb and forefinger, and held it pinched out to her.
Is this dandelion your fetish?
>She broke into a broad smile. “Oh, how did you know?”
>Then she leaped forward quickly while you were still stunned and wrapped her arms around your neck.
>She kissed and licked you all over your face and closed mouth for nearly a minute before you could lift her over your head.
>Then you had to hold her down while you stripped her of your pajamas, or else she would have trotted away with them still on.
>When you got the bottoms off, you noticed that they felt strangely cold.
>A moment later you were holding them pinched between the ends of your thumb and forefinger, while Fluttershy looked up at you with a fierce blush on her face.
You just had to soak them, didn’t you?
>“I couldn’t help it. They smelled like you.”
>Fucking Fluttershy.

>Now it was the day after opposite day, but even though it was a new day you kept thinking about opposite day, and what you had done.
>It wasn’t much; you simply reversed the roles you and Fluttershy normally played.
>But you felt it do you a world of good to actually take an active role in the sick ritual that the two of you shared.
>To for once be the instigator, it made you feel not so helpless and anxious about her daily visits.
>Why the thought even occurred to you that you could have left that morning without knocking at all.
>You wouldn’t have done that of course, as Fluttershy would have made a mess of your house, but what’s important is the feeling of knowing that you could have freely done so all the same.
>And that’s why, on the day after opposite day, you were knocking on Fluttershy’s door and she was answering, while wearing her own pajamas.
>It was a nice set. They were pink and had little white bunnies on them.
>It suited her well, you thought.
>At first she was surprised.
>“What are you doing here?”
>But then she started to smile.
>“Are you here for a reason, like, you need somepony to take care of your morning needs?”
>Even though she was now staring at your crotch, you smiled back.
Hey, Fluttershy. Something smells good in there. Is it pancakes?
>“Well, yes. But it’s also breakfast time for the critters.”
>You looked past her and saw that her animals were all eating in their respective corners.
>Suddenly you started yawning. It was pretty early, the kind where the sky is blue but the sun isn’t out yet.
>“Are you tired still?”
Sorry. Not used to being up at this time.
>“Why are you here? Not that I mind, of course. Did you have a sexy dream about us like I did?”
>Fluttershy locks her eyes onto yours while her hoof moves to the top button on her pajama top.
>“Should I take this off now? I mean, if we’re going to, um, you know . . .”
No. I have a surprise for you.
>“Oh, um, okay. What is it?”
That’s just the thing. I’m not sure what it is yet. We’ll have to find it.
>Fluttershy looks on confusedly as you intently scan the area around you.
>Once you saw the lawn you said:
Ah! That’s perfect.
>You bent down and picked up a handful of grass.
>With delighted eyes you looked at the ripped up grass in your hand and said:
Simply wonderful. Fluttershy, do you know what this is?
>She looked in your hand. “Um . . . yes.”
You’re right. It is grass. Great! We’re halfway done already. Now onto the next part.
>Fluttershy looked around nervously like she was paranoid that she was being set up for something.
>You held out your hand closer to her so that it was all her eyes could see.
Look at the grass, dear, and answer me something. Is this grass my fetish?
>She looked up at you suddenly.
>“Excuse me?”
I’ll repeat. Is this grass my fetish?
>She stared at you for a while, unsure of what was going on.
Please take as long as you like. Boy, something sure does smell good in there. Is it pancakes?
>Fluttershy, slightly confused, tried to answer:
>“No, it’s grass—I mean, your fetish—no, wait, I . . . What are you doing?”
Just waiting for you, dear, and thinking of those pancakes. You know, I haven’t eaten yet—
>“I mean why are you asking me if this grass is your fetish? That’s now how it works. I’m supposed to find your fetish. You can’t find it on your own.”
Most do find it on their own, I believe.
>“But you can’t find it on your own by asking me about it. Oh, no, no, no, this is all wrong. You can’t do this.”
Look, do you think the grass is my fetish or not?
>“Oh, I don’t know. How would I know that?”
Come on. All that time you spent stalking me and you can’t even afford a guess. Have you learned nothing about me?
>She started to look hopeful. “I do know something. I know how big your penis is.”
Big deal. So does my ruler, but that doesn’t mean we’re in love.
>Fluttershy frowned and then looked into your hand again.
>You said some encouraging words to her:
Come on, Fluttershy, the grass ain’t getting any sexier with you taking your time like you are.
>“I guess I would say that, no, the grass is not your fetish.”
>At first you didn’t confirm whether she was right or wrong.
>You just smiled crookedly while she started to get anxious and bite her lip.
>Then you brought your hand up to your mouth and blew the grass off.
>You started wiping them on your pants.
Well done, Fluttershy. I feel as though congratulations are in order, as it looks like you knew enough to correctly guess that grass isn’t my fetish.
>“Oh, um, that’s nice,” she said, trying but failing to sound proud. “Can we, um, never do that—”
What is closer to my fetish would actually be those pancakes of yours that I can smell in the kitchen.
>You stepped past Fluttershy and entered her home just as she was saying, “Oh, well, I don’t think I have enough . . . Okay.”
>Fluttershy only had a table for two in her kitchen.
>Sitting in one seat was Angel, who was eating a small plate of carrot-covered silver dollar pancakes when you came in.
>He was about to put another forkful in his mouth when he suddenly spotted you standing in the doorway, staring at him with a wide smile.
>He put his food down and started waving at you to go away.
>A moment later you were closing the kitchen window, after having had to open it briefly, and walking back to the table to sit in your new spot.
>When Fluttershy came in you were helping yourself to short stack.
>She looked at you and asked, “Where’s Angel?”
Don’t know. Doesn’t matter, rabbits aren’t my fetish anyway. Sit down and eat with me.
>You pointed to the chair across from you with your fork and Fluttershy eventually sat there.
>She served herself some pancakes and you both ate in silence for a while.
>From the corner of your eye you could see that Angel was at the window, waving his arms and trying to get Fluttershy’s attention.
>This sort of relieved you as it had been five minutes since you threw him out and you thought for sure that he would have tried something like this much earlier.
>Honestly, until you saw him just then, you were starting to wonder if maybe a hawk hadn’t got him.
>Before Fluttershy could see him you said:
Can you get me some milk?
>She shook her head. “No. You can get it yourself.”
What if I told you that milkmaids were my fetish?
>“Well are they?”
You tell me.
>Fluttershy looked at you, blew some air out her nose, then dropped her fork onto her plate so that it clattered noisily and got up to get you some milk.
>Angel started hopping up and down, trying to get Fluttershy to see him before she turned around.
>Then on one jump his foot slipped out from under him and he hit his bottom jaw on the windowsill before falling to the ground.
>You smirked to yourself for having the bright idea to spread butter on the windowsill before closing it.
>Fluttershy turned around briefly, but then turned back when she didn’t see anything.
>When she came back with a full glass you thanked her, but she just looked impatiently at you.
>You raised your glass.
So are milkmaids my fetish?
>Fluttershy made a serious face, as though she were thinking; then you said:
No, they aren’t.
>“This isn’t going to work,” Fluttershy said, frowning severely. “You can’t guess your own fetish.”
I think I can.
>“But you never will, not unless I guess it for you.”
Do you even hear yourself right now? How do you think you’re going to guess my fetish for me? Oh, by coming over to my house every day I suppose. We all saw how well that worked.
>“There’s nothing wrong with what I was doing.”
Actually, there is. Fluttershy, you’re terrible at courting. Like, you are literally the worst.
>“I am not.”
You are. There are fat cringe-worthy anime fangirls in their tweens that have more game than you do.
>“No. That’s not true.”
How would you even know that’s not true? You don’t even understand half of what I just said, do you?
“I understood it.”
No, you didn’t.
“Yes, I did—”
No, you didn’t. You didn’t understand a word of that because I was referring to a type of person that only exists back on my world. So shut up and stop saying that you understood it.
>Fluttershy scrunches her muzzle and timidly looks away from you.
>“You’re right. I’m sorry. But, um, what you need to understand is that I’m never giving up, and that it’s only a matter of time before we’re together.”
Not with you behind the wheel. The truth is that I could probably court myself for your benefit and do a better job wooing me than you could ever by trying to win me over on your own.
>You looked over at her confused face and shrugged.
So I might as well, right?
>“Might as well what?” she asked slowly.
Try to guess my own fetish.
>“But that’s not how it works.”
>Fluttershy snorts and stamps her hoof on the floor.
>“I’m supposed to guess your fetish. Me! You don’t even know what your fetish is.”
Even though that’s true, the odds are good that my choices, even if deliberately opaque, will all say something about the way my mind works simply because they are my choices this time and not yours. You should keep a list of my choices—start with grass—and see if you can detect any patterns in my mind that might lead you to what my true fetish could be. Even if I don’t intend to, I’m sure that I’ll leave all sorts of subconscious hints not only with what I choose, but also on what day of the week it happens to be, what the weather is like—there’s all sorts of factors.
>Fluttershy’s face was blank.
>She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but all you did was ask her whether or not she was writing everything you said down or not, as you did not want to repeat yourself.
>Fluttershy groaned and held her head in her hooves, covering her ears as though she were having a massive migraine.

>Fluttershy and Twilight were seated next to each other in the throne room of Twilight’s castle.
>Fluttershy looked a nervous wreck.
>Her eyes were grey and baggy, her mane seemed to be thinner, and she kept shaking and looking all around her, as though she were paranoid that someone was after her.
>Twilight could only watch her friend sadly in this state.
>“You’ve got to help me, Twilight. He comes over every morning and makes me guess his fetish. Then he tries to come in and eat whatever I’ve made for breakfast, and if I say no he gets really mad at me. It’s scary. It’s been a month now and I don’t think I can take any more.”
>“I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do,” Twilight said. “I already went over this with him a long time ago.”
>“What about a restraining order? He stalks me all the time. I know it.”
>Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Why would he stalk you? I thought you were the one that had the crush on him.”
>Fluttershy shook her head.
>When she spoke next, her eyes opened up wide so one could see the strained red vessels in them, which branched out along the whites of the eyes as though they were red cracks in a fragile egg.
>“He follows me. I see him everywhere. He’s in my dreams. I think he made a deal with Princess Luna or something. He asks me whether or not things are his fetish in my own dreams.”
>“Well where is he right now?”
>“I don’t know. He comes over every day. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know what I’m going to do if this keeps up.”
>“Isn’t there any way that we can stop him?”
>“Only if we guess his fetish, I suppose.”
>“You mean do the thing he’s already doing to torture you back to him? I don’t think that’s such a great idea.”
>“Well it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. He makes me keep these lists, and—”
>“Lists,” Twilight said suddenly, “like, cataloguing stuff, detecting patterns, that sort of thing?”
>Twilight’s eyes started to twinkle with determined excitement.
>“Bring me those lists, Fluttershy. We’ve got a fetish to find.”

>Then one day, weeks later, you, Fluttershy and Twilight (who now looked just as bad as Fluttershy did) were all standing outside your house.
>It was early in the morning. Fluttershy went inside while you stood on your doorstep.
>Twilight went behind a bush close by with a scroll of parchment levitating before her and a quill poised over it at the ready.
>You could see her violet eyes peeking out at you from the leaves.
>“Is every pony in position?” Twilight asked loudly.
>Fluttershy waved from one of the windows. You rolled your eyes and said:
Yeah, yeah.
>“Okay, remember, it needs to be an accurate reenactment of what happened that morning on opposite day. If we do that, then I think this experiment will truly yield some results.”
Opposite day totally isn’t a real day, by the way. I checked.
>You could hear Twilight shushing you from the bushes.
>Then, after a moment of silence, she said:
“Okay, begin.”
>Irritated that you have to go through this again, you knock a bit too loudly on the door, shaking it in its hinges.
>Fluttershy answers, and just when you got her smell out of your pajamas is when she ended up getting permission from the Princess of Friendship to wear them again.
>“Good morning,” she says.
Yeah, yeah . . .
>You both run through the script, except this time you speak entirely in monotone and with Buster Keaton face on.
>The whole exchange between you and her questioning the validity of opposite day seemed especially banal to run through again.
File: 1439786874283.jpg (189 KB, 1100x1400)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
>Much to your surprise, you found that you were growing angrier and angrier as you were forced to relive the entire opposite day experience.
>So much that when you had pulled the dandelion out of your pocket and got to the fetish line, you said:
And I was wondering if this dandelion was your fetish—Fuck this is stupid. Did I really do this shit to you every day for a month?
>Fluttershy dropped her smile.
>“Hey!” you heard from the bushes. “Stick exactly to the script, word for word.”
No, I don’t think so.
>You could see it already.
>There was a whole new type of harassment coming from Fluttershy down this path, one that involved her friends all helping her.
>They would experiment with you, toy with you, question you.
>You would have six ponies bothering you instead of just one.
>You had taken a misstep.
>Everything felt wrong, being there on the porch with her, reliving the one moment you had with her that had made you feel good.
>The experiment had to stop.
>You turned towards the bushes and pulled out the folded script from your pocket.
Here’s what I think of your script.
>You then started to eat it.
>Twilight pleaded with you to stop, saying that she only had a couple of copies made, but you kept chewing the paper until it turned to a tasteless mush in your mouth.
>Then, suddenly from the bushes, Twilight shouted:
>“The plan’s been compromised. Fluttershy, initiate manual control and begin Plan B.”
>Fluttershy got a determined look on her face that made you shiver.
>She lunged forward and swiped the dandelion out of your hand with her mouth, making sure to lick your fingers, too.
>Then, while still chewing, she said both your line and hers:
>“Is this dandelion your fetish? Oh, how did you know?”
>It sounded like gibberish of course, since her mouth was full, but so did your words when you said:
Fluttershy, I swear to God if you jump on me—
>She jumped on you, and, wrapping her arms around your neck, kissed and licked your open mouth.
>The bits of dandelion that were in her mouth were mixing in with the spitballs of wet paper in yours.
>Your throat started to itch.
>You felt like throwing up and, ultimately, you lost your balance and fell backwards into the soft grass of your lawn.
>Fluttershy screamed into your throat and finally separated her mouth from yours once on the ground.
>One of your hands went to her bottom and you could feel she had gotten your pajamas wet again, but the dampness was warm and you did not move your hand.
>She started to blush and look down at you.
>You stared at her.
>Her lips were covered in tiny clumps of wet paper and the shards of little yellow petals.
>With tender movement you reached out to her lips with your thumb and cleaned her mouth.
>She then let go of your neck. Now you realized was your time to escape, but you could not.
>The world suddenly felt like it was gently wrapping itself around you as your soul swooned into a mysterious warm plane.
>She took your hand in her hoof with intent to kiss it, rubbing her lips softly across the skin before pressing her mouth down.
>In a brief vision you could see that her yellow sunshine lips were kissing your heart.
>You cupped her cheek with your palm and then, smoothly moving your hand to the back of her head, smoothing over her mane until you settled in the nape of her neck, you gently guided her to you.
>“It worked!”
>Twilight jumped out of the bush, then said to herself in amazement, “My hypothesis was correct. I can’t believe it. I’m here seeing it with my own eyes and I can’t believe it.”
>The two of you could hardly listen to her now as both your crotches were getting wet by rubbing against each other.
>“So do you want to know how I figured out that this would all work? . . . Uh, hello? . . . Hey! Would you two stop kissing for a second so I can explain? . . .”
>Twilight impatiently watched you both embracing in the grass for a while longer until, folding her ears and blushing, she said:
>“Fine! I won’t tell you then.”
>Twilight started trotting away, muttering about how the princess would definitely want her to report her findings today and that the two of you thankless jerks could suck the air out of each other for all she cared.
>Whether or not she actually wrote to Princess Celestia about her wingmare duties, you aren’t sure.
>The only thing you know for sure is that only on opposite day could it ever be possible that you would end up hooking up with Fucking Fluttershy.

sorry, i'm terribly slow when it comes to posting my stuff. anyone could beat me in a race if they tried
I loved it, the twist was great and stories where one cant see the ending from the beginning are rare around this parts.
Truly a masterpiece
This is really something else, I feel like anything I could say about it wouldn't really do it justice.
I don't get it
You wouldn't happen to have a pastebin would you?
Better than anything I could write Anon.
You deserve this (You).
File: gift.jpg (89 KB, 769x1024)
89 KB
>It's a miniAnon
File: voodoo doll.png (146 KB, 1520x378)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Thanks for reading, friendos.
Sorry if I misled you, but there isn't much to get about this one.
Blame it being written on opposite day. But I still appreciate your reading all the same. Maybe my next story will be one that you like better.
>Fluttershy tries to rape Anon.
>He defends himself with extreme aggression.
>Fluttershy spends several weeks in the hospital.
File: 1388787922267.jpg (33 KB, 500x343)
33 KB
Aaaaaa that was really fucking good. Great work, Anon.
File: roleplay.jpg (137 KB, 780x600)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
when you need more rabbits but don't have enough bits to buy them
Fluttershy has no needs for money outside Anon. Her hypnotic voice allows her to control the entire forest to supply her with new 'pets'.

I assume those rabbits are purely for the Anon meat factory.
I miss that fucker sooooo badly.

Where is my Storyteller.
Whom? Clever Dick? He's gone...
File: 1397967311044.png (383 KB, 1505x868)
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383 KB PNG
File: 1503025564922.png (624 KB, 1024x927)
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624 KB PNG
File: CEO_Shy.png (126 KB, 900x638)
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126 KB PNG
Flutter boss is cute.
Flutterrape LTD anon has the best Fluttershy
I can only imagine this scene.

File: 1502567753414.jpg (282 KB, 800x784)
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282 KB JPG
File: shrugakari.png (114 KB, 258x258)
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114 KB PNG
I had a dream that I was at some sort of convention-thing and I went to go see Picklehead, but he wasn't home so I just used his bathroom (y'know when you need to actually pee so you keep dreaming about it) but then, like, his mom came home and asked if I was him through the door and I had to awkwardly explain that I was a friend of his and had to try to gauge his real name from conversation cuz surely she wouldn't be impressed if some weird internet friend who didn't even know his real name showed up and pissed all over her bathroom by accident.

Miss you guys.
File: bigshy.png (465 KB, 866x1024)
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465 KB PNG
W-we miss you too.
Pls come back and write more stories.

She looks just as angry as I envisioned her to be.
File: 1407538163799.png (1.45 MB, 1500x2000)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
Jibber needs to come back too.
Much love Nebby <3
Pone really isn't part of my life anymore, but maybe someday, if my style/stuff hasn't been phased out of the current meta, I'll write something again.
You're a goddamn champ for being here this long, though. Truly deserving of the utmost respect.
File: snakes suck.jpg (71 KB, 768x1024)
71 KB
That's a big mare.
File: 1368914394233.png (331 KB, 1000x1000)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
It'd be awesome to read a new Theseus greentext sometime.

Also how come Pickle doesn't have any pone stories in his bin? They were there before, right?
"Boop, back up young lady."
Normally this response is justified however this anon doesn't appear to be in a position to argue.
More's the pity.
File: 1369029119663.png (343 KB, 1000x1000)
343 KB
343 KB PNG

>She spreads her wings
>you realize she's the superior specimen and should be in races
>she just wants to rape you and possibly get kids from you
What the absolute fuck.
File: Whoa mama.jpg (24 KB, 688x792)
24 KB
>Don't touch that ass.
>Don't touch that ass.
>Don't touch that ass.
File: 1485924107452.png (72 KB, 953x648)
72 KB
This thread went quickly, and with lots of good greens, too.
File: 1492665710966.jpg (341 KB, 894x575)
341 KB
341 KB JPG
Necromantic Rennaisaunce Era mah nigga
New page
>kidnap and leave to die just to fap at a pic
>but not rape
Well, that's a waste.
>touch that ass

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