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Lusty "little" sister edition

Previous thread: >>30671052

Pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/

"D-do you like them big bro?"

"Like what?"
>"Y-You know. THEM?"
>You give your lil sis a quizzical look
"The pillows in your chest?"
>She gasps
>"They are not pill-"
>You grab her "chest"
>Her cheeks shoot to a hard light red
>You grab them, shake them a bit to loosen the cushions from her bra, then reach up her sweater and grab the pillows
>With a couple quick flicks, you pull out two small-ish throw pillows
>Your little sister is still blushing, now grabbing her marginally smaller chest as you drop the pillows and begin to walk to the sink with your hands held out
"Don't know what guy you are trying to impress, but trust me, he would have noticed it too."
>She mutters something as you wash your hands, having been in CLOSE proximity to your sister's body
>What you don't see later is her too washing her hands, but for completely different, stickier reasons.
File: 1498877332258.jpg (29 KB, 342x342)
29 KB
> as you wash your hands, having been in CLOSE proximity to your sister's body
If I were her, I'd be offended just by this.
File: IMG_2012.png (172 KB, 1076x722)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Holy shit
Ya fucked up the pastebin op...
File: lol.png (72 KB, 200x200)
72 KB
> Pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/
Well, this is not entirely wrong, but
File: 1491868849275.png (157 KB, 750x1000)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
File: NiggaYTho.gif (216 KB, 300x167)
216 KB
216 KB GIF
>Little to work with in the prompt.
Truly, we're off to a great start.
File: 1486327550974.png (352 KB, 780x553)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Uh... Fuck.

>You and your dad were eating breakfast downstairs whilst your stepmom was still in bed and Fluttershy was taking a shower.
"Mm?", you ask, mouth full.
>"When are ya gonna impregnate your sister?"
>You spit take your cereal back in to it's bowl as you look to your dad incredulously.
"What the hell, dad?!"
>"Hey, I'm just being direct with you. Isn't that what you wanted when we got in to this? To be a more honest family?"
"'Honest'? Really? I didn't think you'd mean this!"
>"Look son, I've been in love with your stepmom for the past three years and I've seen the way you look at Fluttershy."
"Come on! What the hell?! You meaning to say-"
>"Yep. Thought I'd make thing easier for all of us by doing this."
"That's disgusting!"
>"What's disgusting?"
>Fluttershy makes herself known peeking from the staircase wrapped in only a towel, leaving a lot to be seen with a lot of leg and a hefty amount of cleavage - breasts desperately seeking to pool out over her grasp of her hand keeping the towel wrapped around her.
"W-We were just talking-"
>"-About how nice it was after the wedding ceremony was over."
>"What was 'disgusting' about it?"
>"I was just telling your brother here about how me and your mom-"
>And just like that, Fluttershy was running back up the stairs, beet red.
>"That should do it."
>You decide to stay quiet just in case someone else decides to come down and resume with eating your breakfast, eyeing your dad cautiously.
>He just gives you a devious grin.
>Dirty old man.
>"A-Anon! Uh, I need some help?"
>What was it this time?
>Your dad just signals for you to get up with his eyes and go see what's the matter.
>Resigning to your role as older brother, you get up out of your seat, placing your spoon back in it's bowl.
>You knew dad liked to pull a food prank every now and then, but you weren't feeling hungry anymore.
>Up the stairs you go.
>Turning a corner, you see your sister still clutching on to that towel around her, just standing outside of the bathroom.
>Avoiding directly look at her, you ask what the problem is.
>"I-I seem to have... misplaced my clothes?"
"I'll go get 'em for you."
>With a sigh, you make your way down the other end of the corridor towards Fluttershy's room.
>Looking slightly back in her general direction,
"May I enter?"
>"Yes, go ahead."
>You enter her room.
>It was in a relatively tidy state and you find that she's left her clothes just on her open window sill.
>Silly girl.
>Doesn't she know that she should be more careful about keeping her clothes there with the window open?
>Reports had been surfacing of a thief who'd been going around, stealing garments from people's houses after leaving openings for them to climb in through.
>She'd better take more care of herself and you'd better instruct her about maintaining her own safety.
>Carefully making your way over, you crawl on to her bed to reach the window sill and grab the pile of freshly clean clothes.
>Just then, you hear the door creak open behind you.
>"Ah! Sorry!"
"There's no need to be standing outside the door. This is your own room, after all."
>"R-Right. Excuse me."
>Rolling your eyes, you make your way off the bed and approach your still, towel-covered sister.
>Looking away, you hold out the pile towards her.
"Here. You left them on your window sill."
>"Ah. Thank you."
"You know, you really shouldn't be leaving your window open all night - or at all whenever you're away from your room."
>"Nngh, I... I know. I just like the breeze... that comes in at night. It helps... freshen up the room."
>You hadn't been paying attention but you'd soon glance over at your sister to find her having dropped the towel exposing herself as she began slipping on her fresh clothes in front of you.
>You feel like your eyes are bulging out of their sockets.
>She'd opted to go for bottoms first and was struggling to pull up her pants.
>With her leaning down, you could only watch, fascinated by the breasts that were freely swaying and jiggling lightly to and fro, backwards, forwards, side-to-side.
>"Nngh... could you... nngh! Give me a hand?"
>Snapping out of your daze, the shock seems to be taking over quietly.
>She still appears to have her mind focused on getting those tight-fitting yoga pants on.
>"I just... wanted to get some stretching exercises done before I went out for a morning run... but, nngh! I-I can't seem to get these on...!"
>Slowly, you find yourself making your way behind her.
>She had placed the rest of her clothes on the floor just in front of her as she continued to focus on those pants.
>"Just... just grab the back for me... and pull them up."
>The only thing she'd managed to get on her before was her panties.
>A light pink with darker, circle patterns with the face of a teddy bear on the back.
>She'd barely managed to get the pants up to her thighs.
>"M-Maybe I'm just getting to big? N-No... that can't be it..."
>You take the waistband of her dark blue yoga pants and try to stretch them outwards, pulling them up, slowly curving around her ample figure.
>"Th-There we are! Thanks!"
>Letting go, the waistband snaps in to place, sending a jolt up her body that made it jiggle slighlty.
>Your brain had been long gone on vacation at this point as your boner had taken over and pressed itself against the fabric of her yoga pants and crevice.
>She turns around to see what it was and finds you standing there, looking completely dazed.
>She casts her gaze down and realizes her chest had been exposed this entire time, which had her glowing a beet red once more.
>Her gaze travelled further and met your twitching erection, concealed beneath your pants.
>This only caused her to glow even brighter red, eventually steaming and losing control of her legs, slumping down to meet it at eye level.

>Her switch had been flipped.
>She presses her face in to your crotch and take in a deep breath of what little scent she could pick up on.
>Raising her arms to grab the waistband of your pants, she does her best to find the button and zipper to open and unzip to make taking them off that much easier.
>With one arm, she slowly pulls down your pants whilst the other finds it's way going up your shirt, caressing your body.
>She presses her face deeper as her eyes roll back and saliva begins to pool up and over her lower lip.
>The scent you were giving off was overwhelming to her.
>Your pants coming down alongside your underwear, the very moment your dick started coming in to view she was right up in your business, licking and sniffing rapidly at every little bit of it as it was gradually growing more and more exposed to her.
>You'd lost the battle of reasoning as your mind decided to pop back in for a visit as it just took off upstairs to watch the action from a display elsewhere.
>You'd began caressing her hair, pressing your hands against her head and feeling her wet, silky hair cling to you, the pink strands only making her face and expression pop out more to you.
>Your erection, having been fully freed from it's prison, was promptly sucked in to Fluttershy's throat as the insides of ger cheeks rubbed against your length.
>Your length continued to travel as it got even bigger down her throat.
>She took you to the base and just like that she pulled herself off, leaving a long strand of saliva connecting the two of you.
>With her other hand up your shirt, she slowly stood up and pulled you over to her bed.
>She released her hold of you so she could shimmy herself on her back, laying horizontally across her bed with her feet hanging off the other side in the space between the bed and the window sill.
>She lowered her head over your side of the bed and reached out to grab you.
>You approach to find her hands grasp at your hips, pulling you in as you find her wild expression grow further.
>Mouth opened wide, she welcomes your length with a rough entrance, yanking you as far in as she could pull you without you toppling over her.
>You felt yourself hit the very back of her throat as your sister struggled to keep you in.
>You could feel the foam bubbling up as she pushed you out of her to take a breath.
>With a loud gasp for air, she quickly yanks you balls deep back inside her waiting throat as you grasp at her legs to find some semblance of balance.
>Instead of pulling you all the way back out, she pushed and pulled you in and out of her in short, rapid thrusts.
>The sensation was undescribable.
>Your body was beginning to take over in the motions as strength built up from within as your felt your thrust get wilder and wilder with abandon.
>Fluttershy didn't seem to mind in the slightest.
>She downright seemed to be enjoying it from the crazed expression you could barely make out from her struggle to keep you inside her throat.
>The mess she'd make from foaming and puking would be immense, but not a single time did she want to stop.
>You'd finally blow your load down her throat as she swallowed as much as she could.
>Pulling out slowly, the full mess came out like a fire hydrant.
>She'd gasp for air as large bubbles formed around her mouth from the foam.
>Once she had enough air to breathe and send oxygen back in to her brain, she'd send little flicks of her tongue against your dick to clean it up.
>The floor and the side of her bed, needless to say, was a mess.
>Once the two of you had more of a chance to collect yourselves, neither of you let any despairing thoughts sink in as you had both long since fallen in to the depravity of it all.
>She spun herself around on the bed and rolled over on to her belly, looking back at you with her messy face.
>Wiggling her jiggly butt at you, you lurch forward, reaching for the yoga pants.
>Grasping at her crevice, you rip the fabric around her mons pubis and upwards, exposing her sopping wet pussy.
>You clamber on top of her and assert your dominance, pressing your newly-energized erection full-length in to her depths, her insides clinging and sucking you inwards even deeper until you reached her cervix where you would be spending a lot of your time pressing up and kissing against, seeking entry.

>Your dad was right.
>Why hadn't you impregnated her yet?
File: 1491148316980.png (208 KB, 712x659)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
captcha: through hills
>"Anon, my friends say my breasts are too heavy. Hold'em in your hands for me and tell me how much you think they weight. No, I don't believe you, try again. One more time. Okay, I think my sweater is throwing things off, so I'll remove it. Now try again."
File: 1485240531191.png (142 KB, 605x484)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
My dick says thank you.
File: Fluttershy pokies.png (598 KB, 901x885)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
As much as I like a nice Sluttershy, those knockers look way too big.
I like them this big, desu.
And I also like her head of human size, not weaboo insectoid alien-size.


Doesn't count as incest
File: opinion.png (377 KB, 2550x1650)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
File: trees.png (191 KB, 500x500)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
>Claiming a fact as an opinion.
Were you born this stupid?
"Fucking necromancers..."
>your fighter died last night
>he'd been with you for years, it wasn't fair for him to go down like that
>you step through the gate in front of your house, unlock and open the front door
>At least I'm home
>Sweetie's on the couch in here nightgown, watching some saturday morning cartoons
>"Morning Anon!"
>the sun is barely up and she's as awake and chipper as ever
"Morning, Sweetie." you reply as dejectedly as possible, heading into the kitchen
>"What's wrong?" she asks, picking up on your mood and following you into the kitchen
>you come your dad's booze cabinet, grab a bottle of vodka and two shot glasses
"A good friend of mine died last night, Sweetie."
>Sweetie doesn't say anything as you fill the two shot glasses
>tiny arms wrap around your waist from behind you
>"I'm sorry, Anon. Are you ok?"
>you turn around and kneel down to return her hug
"I'll be fine, Sweetie. Just give me a bit."
>"Okay... What are you doing with dad's drinks? You know we're not supposed to drink those."
"Pouring one out for my homie, Sweetie." You stand up and turn back towards that glasses
"Go watch your cartoons, Sweetie."
>she lingers in silence for a few seconds before walking away
>you grab a shot in both hands and hold them out in front of you
"You were a better man than I'll ever be."
>you quickly down one shot and pour the other into the sink
>it burns
"RIP in peace, Throgmarius."
>you place the glasses into the sink and put the vodka back in the cabinet before heading upstairs to your room
>getting back into bed sounds awfully good right about now
>as you open the door to your room, your ears pick up the sound of snoring
>the room is dark, but the faint glow of the still on television is enough the illuminate things for you
>Rarity is curled up in your queen-sized bed, cuddling with one of your pillows and drooling

>guess she stayed up late playing, and decided to just crawl into my bed when she was done
>it cant help but bring a smile to your face
>you pull out your phone and record about 20 seconds of her snoring and drooling
>you know, for perfectly legit reasons
>certainly not black mail
>you plug your phone into its charger and strip down to your boxers
>gently, you tug the pillow out of her arms and put it next to hers
>almost immediately, her arms begin looking for something to latch onto
>she whimpers when she doesn't find anything
>climbing into bed, the second your back touches the mattress, her arms are around you, pulling you closer to her
>you just let her do her thing
>Rarity has always been like this
>she had some bad nightmares as a kid, and your parents had let her sleep with them almost every night
>now she can barely sleep at all without a big stuffed animal or something to hold
>kind of a cute quirk, but kind of sad too
>she gently rubs her cheek against yours
>you decide to wrap your arms around her and return her affection
>she seems happy
>you feel bad for bailing on her, she just wanted to spend time with you
>if you had stayed, Throgmarius Boulder-Balls would still be alive too
>as you drift off to sleep, you decide you'll make it up to her

>you open your eyes, but you can't see anything
>something is covering your face, and you feel preassure from your torso down to your thighs
>it's dragging itself up and down across your body
>whatever it is, it's quite soft, and smells of vanilla
>you reach out with your right hand, trying to feel out what this thing is
>righty fumbles around towards your thighs for a bit before landing on something soft and smooth with an audible smack
>the rubbing becomes more intense, and more focused towards your groin
>it is at this point that you become aware of your throbbing morning wood
>because something wet is vigorously rubbing against it

"Uh, Rarity?"
>no response
>rubbing intensifies
>there's a preassure building in your loins
>shit, you can't handle this much longer
>being the degenerate you are, you actually want this
>rarity is one of the hottest girls and school, and you can't even try because she's your sister
>you want nothing more than to roll her over and paint her insides just as white as her outside
>but this just feels wrong
>she's your sister, you can't take advantage of her, not like this
>if she found out, she'd never forgive you
>your find her shoulders and gently lift her off of you
>you face had been firmly entrenched in her sizable breasts
>one of her nipples is threatening to slip out of her nightgown
>sliding out from underneath her and gently lowering her down, you grab some sweat pants and make for the shower
>just as you make it to your door, Rarity lets out a whimper
>you turn around to see her eyes clenched shut, her mouth in an anguished frown
>she's shivering
>despite the fact that she was trying to make you cream in your boxers a second ago, you can't help but feel a pain in your heart seeing her like this
>she's like this because you left her
>you grab your pillow and gentle nudge her with it
>she grabs it right away, clutching it tight
>you lean down and push her long, luxurious skin away from her face
>her frown has been replaced with a small smile
>softly, you plant your lips on her forehead and whisper to her
"I love you."
>her smile triples in size
>That's better
>you watch her snooze as you back out and quietly shut the door
>you don't want to open your eyes
>the pillow must have slipped out of your hands again
>why are you cold?
>something nudges your arm, and instinctively you grab it
>it's the pillow
>it smells like him
>you cradle it, just like you did to him when you were younger
>a hand brushes the hair from your face
>soft lips are planted on your forehead
>"I love you."
>a door closes
>stifling tears, you open your eyes to an empty room
>you curl up, attempting to squeeze the pillow as close to you as you can
"I love you too."


Here's my new paste if anyone missed last thread and want's to read it. Once again, I'd love to hear any constructive criticism or concerns. Hope you guys enjoy.
I love it. Are we going to see more?
Yeah, it isn't over yet. I'll let you know.
File: 1492659209204.jpg (59 KB, 500x493)
59 KB
>you lean down and push her long, luxurious skin away from her face
File: downloadfile-106.png (442 KB, 698x1280)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
Jesus christ. I'll make sure to work on my proofreading.
>ywn tell your sister you love her even if she doesn't have her skin
File: downloadfile-71.png (285 KB, 630x1120)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
>TFW no older nerdy sister.
File: downloadfile-54.jpg (2.52 MB, 2448x3264)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB JPG
>Moondancer will never want her little brother's dick all to herself.
>She will never tell you how she wants to have a family with you.
It's milking time.
>When your sister needs her moral compass readjusted
File: downloadfile-56.jpg (798 KB, 1280x2184)
798 KB
798 KB JPG
>Moondancer and Anon are alone for the afternoon
>Moondancer "forgets" that her brother is around and sits around the house in her underwear
>When she gets "caught", she throws on her sweater and acts all flustered and panicked
>Said sweater barely comes down to her waist and doesn't cover her panties at all
>Moondancer runs into a wall in her haste of trying to run half clothed to her room
>"You ok there, Urkel?"
>"'M-me'! That's you. That's what you sound like, nerd."
>'..I didn't think you were home.'
>"You never leave your room so I'm not surprised."
>"Going out to smash for the night, tell mom & dad I've got a designated driver an shit. Don't have too much fun with your gay vietnamese flipbooks, k?"
>'...I w-wish you'd smash me, big bro.'
Fucking link your posts together you savage.
That guy draws every character with the same body and face
For a show that uses the same character models between the mane six and swaps out wings and horns between them with the only differences being manes, tails and eyes, are you really surprised?
Oh my god, they're all colour swaps.
Ponut Joe?
OP's pic
I'm watching RSS of this DA account for a year and it's all she draws. Having someone's mouth closed on her arts is like Christmas. I cannot stop laughing even after a year, and people still pay for that.
wait, from that context, is she a stepsister?

by the way it's a good idea to link posts together so it's clearer which ones go together.
hey, don't blame us. we like our heads big. it's the anti-weeb crowd that's been shrinking them
true but still hot and a great fantasy
Then don't blame them for liking big boobs.
File: good parents.jpg (141 KB, 602x370)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
cmon, Anon. get with the program
Do not rush, pipsqueak, the big fish takes its time.
"Moony, why are you wearing just a bikini top?"
>"That's how they do it in Europe, right? Oh dung, did I get it backwards again?"
just because there aint no variety doesn't make it bad. You get the same big mac at every mcdo- okay bad example, but you know what I mean
Wasn't me. I never begrudge anyone their oppai even if I prefer me some pettanko
Burget does not pretend to be different. Dennybutt pretends, but she cannot even draw different face expression
File: 1501531771210.jpg (192 KB, 1000x1000)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
She's not actually related to him by blood, so does that mean he could legally marry her? But at the same time, they're legally step siblings. But no blood relation.

Think of it as an upgraded relationship than a downgraded incest relationship.

You no longer have the blood chains binding you, you are free!
This artist specifically claims to be making different faces?
Doesnt drawing different characters imply at least different facial expressions? At least once in a year?
No, it doesn't. again, the show.
If this artist chooses to make sameface and the face looks good (I don't terribly like it) then your only complaint can be opinion-based. there's no factual violation
Is Frosty dare I say, dead?
File: 1483437875831.jpg (171 KB, 591x591)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror
I cannot live
I cannot die
Trapped in myself
Body my holding cell
> again, the show
In the show Pinkie and Dash always show open and tall poses, and Fluttershy always keeps feet closer, looks towards the ground and rarely even opens her mouth. That has nothing to do with idiotically smiling clones in the same 3/4 rotation with bent foreleg pose. Not to mention they can (ohmygod) look in different directions. Just look what she used to draw, don't you find it indefinitely more alive than this 2 weeks old group drawing couple of replies upper?
I have neve rnoticed any of that. anyway, the toys.
I'm not denying for one second that some people dont like things being identical, I'm just saying it's a thing. it's not laziness (well it is in a flash cartoon or toys, but not in hand illustrations, since it's actually hard to keep things consistent)
If it is unclear, I apologize: I do not give a damn about flash animation assets they use, I just have concerns about facial expressions that even third-rate paper-waisters do better. In dennybutt's arts, not in the show.
yeah and I think these faces are fantastic. they are all the same, and I don't like them, but objectively that's fantastic art
File: 1417988586542.png (455 KB, 600x504)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
I agree, what she draws the same she perfected. Still seems bummer, some of commissions were fantastic back in the day.
>Male pony
>Tiny human-style glasses
>Mane looks exactly like a human hairstyle (as opposed to a human hairstyle modified to fit like a horse's mane)
That's the artist's self-insert OC, right? I remember finding a guy on derpibooru who had one. His OC shared the same name with his account name, it was super muscular, and almost ever picture that featured him involved his OC fucking at least one mare. When I hid his self-insert, his gallery pages shrunk from 7 to 3, it was hilarious.
>"Why aren't y-you at home filling my w-womb with your cum, Anon?"
>You will never paint big sister Flutters' walls white while you almost suffocate between her tiddies.
What the fuck are those legs

File: image.jpg (4 KB, 300x57)
4 KB
That's a commission, so probably it's customer. And half of mane styles in the series are same designed too, just take the human wig and place it on a horse. Rarity, Inky Rose, Scootaloo, you name it.
Yes, this is known sort of amusement I sometimes dive into.
File: image.jpg (86 KB, 640x480)
86 KB
>pictured doxys fluttterslut while reading
All of my nut
>90% tights and 10% calves
File: 1415922075207.png (98 KB, 500x500)
98 KB
Fluttershy was in a car accident.
>Your sister glances over at you, looking disinterested.
>After a moment, she turns back to her game on the TV.
>"Keep it down, Anon. You're distracting me from killing this boss."
>Without looking away from the screen, Moondancer reaches down to her lap and casually scratches her bare privates.
>"What's your problem?"
>What does she mean, what's your problem?
>That should be immediately obvious.
>You shouldn't even need to bring attention to it.
"Y-you," you stammer, trying not to stare at the shock of hair (thankfully) covering up most of her cunt, "You kinda forgot your pants, M-Moondancer."
>Moondancer pulls a confused face and pauses her game, and then looks down between her legs.
>"No, I didn't forget."
>Fuck you.
>She looks up at you with a rather careless or apathetic expression.
>If eyes could shrug...
>"It's hot, so I decided not too wear any."
>You mean, that sure is an answer.
"And you don't see anything wrong with that?"
>Moondancer grabs her controller and unpauses her game.
>"You've seen way worse in porn, Anon."

>You are Moondancer
>Anon didn't freak out when he saw your bits, so you're already way ahead of schedule.
>You just have to go without your pants every day for a few more weeks, and then you'll be able to get away with full nudity without pushing your brother too far and making him freak out.
>Convincing Anon to fuck you is going to be a cakewalk.
>For once, those faggots on your favourite imageboard didn't give you shitty advice.
In case anyone missed it, here's the paste for my last story with Dash and her brother.


Boy, what should I do next...
>For once those faggots on your favourite image board didn't give you shitty advice

I fucking love these threads.
File: 1448841687656.png (451 KB, 826x1000)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
What's phase 2?
BabyLegs Bambina.
I'm always down for some big titty Fluttershy.
What happened to the Veteran Spitfire idea?
eh, I vastly prefer humanhaired pones.
tinyglasses a shit though
Forgotten? Pretty sure someone said they were working on it.
>Fluttershy was in a car accident causing how foot to be amputated.
>Anon has to help her around and remind his sister she is still beautiful.
perspective.. the bed is a LOT bigger than it looks
I never heard it? What is it about?
I love the idea that it was our idea
>Wounded combat vet spitfire gets shipped home
>Big/Little brother Anon is the only one there to take care of her
>Spitfire struggles to deal with her wounds/PTSD, feels alone
>Spitfire and Anon develop feelings for eachother
Phase 2 is initiating intimate physical contact. Imagine a pantsless (or naked) Moondancer sitting as close to Anon as possible, or leaning into him while they're sitting together. After that's it's just a matter of sitting on his lap and wrapping his arms around her bare stomach.
File: downloadfile-193.png (200 KB, 800x987)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
I like Phase 2
>Big sister Spitfire was in the air force top of the academy, but while she was deployed her fiancé wrote a dear Jane letter telling her that he found someone else.
>Spitfire and her squad nicknamed The Wonderbolts were sent on a bombing run, but she and the squad were shot down by heavy AA fire when she landed shrapnel got in her leg.
>Everyone died except for her giving her survivor guilt.
>She was rescued and had emergency surgery, the doctors took most of the shrapnel out, but had to leave the rest in to prevent further tissue damage.
>She needs at least two years of physical therapy to walk on it again without a limp.
>Anon who just graduated high school now has to take care of her.
>Spitfire loves her brother, but the fact that she used to be the top of her class and now needs help to even go up or down the stairs is demoralizing for her and the PTSD causing her drink.
Anyone got a coin for the jukebox?
I could see her wearing that thing backwards and claiming that she thought that was the way you wore it. She'd take those knot tassels (if they were longer) and drape them over her nipples.
I do so love when there's a spot of caring-for-someone to give you some naughty times
rehabilitation and demoralization are a little sad though, I sort of prefer 'arms in casts, someone has to help you undress and relieve pressure via masturbation'
File: 0aseydrslovy.jpg (36 KB, 640x695)
36 KB
>Big sister Flutters will never notice you having morning wood while giving you breakfast in bed.
>"Oh m-my Nonny you should of told me how full you were, I won't mind if you move my panties aside and p-put your cock between my cheeks so you can feel better."
>between my cheeks
nah senpai
other hole
>her labia are so puffy she calls them cheeks
>can completely envelop your dick between her vulva
>you will never be labia vored
>can only see your cockhead sticking out between them, pressing up against her clit
File: 1370112731270.jpg (68 KB, 550x627)
68 KB
wew laddy
This needs to be a full green.
This reminds me of a green about a crippled Dash in a wheelchair that was being taken care of by her brother. It was in this thread a long time ago. Anyone still have it?
If nobodys going to make some greens for this can I at least get some pastebin links.

It looks like a good read.
There is no greens based on this yet.
I'm tempted to try it since I actually have a little bit of experience in the military, but I still have to finish up this Rarity green on top of something I want to start for another thread.

Maybe sometime in the future.
It would be nice to have some accurate info in the greens.
Go for it I guess.
Finish the Rara green first, but don't rush it, then work on the Spitfire green.
Quality > Quantity
>Middle of an unusually intense winter in Anon and Moondancer's house
>Record low temperatures
>Their part of the country isn't prepared for this, and freezing pipes are being reported left and right
>A pipe bursts in the right above Moondancer's room, ruining the ceiling and parts of the floor
>Parents don't know how extensive the damage is or if it's even safe for her to sleep there
>Parents volunteer Anon's room for Moondancer to sleep in
>Anon and Moondancer awkwardly share a bed
>Each take a side of the mattress and put a pillow between them
>More often than not, they still wake up spooning each other
>Anon is ashamed at how much he enjoys it when he wakes up to find his sister with an arm clinging to his chest and a leg draped over him
>Moondancer gets just a little too excited when she feels Anon's morning wood poking her in the rump
I won't rush it. Like I said, though planning out something kinda big for another thread, so don't expect anything soon.
good, gooood
>Moonie also likes to grind her butt on Anon's morning wood while he sleeps.
>Moondancer says that it's too hot under the covers when Anon is there
>Proceeds to remove her pajama bottoms and starts wearing only a shirt and panties to bed
>Not long after, Anon (as awkwardly and unsubtley as his sister) says he also feels too hot and ditches everything but his underwear
File: 1444700651189.gif (129 KB, 500x281)
129 KB
129 KB GIF
Fluttershy's soft, cottony, tufty pink pubes!
bushy and long but almost transparent
File: eg4.jpg (32 KB, 314x237)
32 KB
>Walking deeper into the complex, you eventually delve past the reach of daylight, relying on torches on the walls for light.
"Mother, did I mishear, or did you say 'they'?"
>"I did."
>Adjusting her robes to sidestep a rock, your mother allows you to catch up, patting you on the head.
>"The family elected to send a pair of sisters, as they are close in age."
"Wait, so, will they... at the same time..?"
>Your aunt breaks into an amused giggle behind you.
>"Heh, this should be interesting..."
>Damn it all, does she not have better things to do?
>You reach a large door, decorated with centuries-old engravings, telling stories of past events that took place inside this ritual room.
>"Not to worry, my dear Anon. Your safety is guaranteed at all times."
>As if that's your concern.
>You're more worried that the tales of your impotence will end up engraved on the very door you're facing.
>But your mother had already made your predicament highly public, so how much worse could this get?
>A pair of guards push the massive door open, allowing you to walk past.
>The room buried deep underground, the air is cool and damp, lit by a central fire along with some burning torches along the walls.
>Walking near the center where a large chair stood waiting, you attempt to look as regal and authoritative as possible in front of the audience as you sit down.
>Though the audience in this case is meant to be you, the pressure of rule is ever-present in any venue.
>Two young girls, not much older than you, stand hardly clothed in your view, wearing only light silk garments along with some jewelry.
>Having fair skin as well as long, jet-black hair, you notice they carry themselves well, perhaps the result of their noble upbringing or their beauty.
>Or both, probably.
>Regardless, they're almost certainly going to leave disappointed.
>You've gone through this often enough already to know that this isn't going to work, but your mother insists that you keep trying.
File: eg5.png (696 KB, 1052x1000)
696 KB
696 KB PNG
>"*Ahem*, to reiterate..."
>Your mother clears her throat, standing tall over you.
>"As stated in the royal decree, whoever is first to awaken the young pharaoh's desires will receive the honor of being his first concubine."
>You really wish she didn't have to read this aloud every single time. You can sense your aunt behind you, snickering at the scene.
>"You will both share that honor, should you succeed. Any method is permitted, but..."
>Here it comes, the one part you can't get used to.
>"...be mindful that touching your pharaoh is an act of desecration. Do so, and this room will be your tomb."
>The confidence melts off their faces really quickly.
>It was bad enough that your mother released this humiliating decree to the entire populace, but this was on another level of callousness.
>The girls sent to test their luck always assume they'll be given an exception to the no-touching rule, only for your mother to threateningly reinforce it right in their faces.
>Not exactly the optimal environment for an erotic performance.
>You weren't about to allow their execution in the event of a misstep, but overruling your regent was an uncomfortable prospect to say the least.
>Luna walks forward and leans on the other side of the chair, resting a hand on her chin with an amused grin on her face.
>"No pressure."
>Through monumental effort of your own and probably some divine assistance, your face only betrays a single twitch of your eye, while your insides are filled with despair.
>The only reason you put up with this is because of the stories you've heard from after your father's premature death.
>Apparently having a toddler ascend to the throne was a recipe for unrest.
>And apparently your mother's leadership, young as she was herself, was the reason you lived through those turbulent times, so you're more inclined to trust her than not.
>"You may begin."
>The duo nervously exchanges looks, before stepping forward.
File: eg6.png (924 KB, 2974x2846)
924 KB
924 KB PNG
>They start with a coordinated belly-dance, reminding you of the other reason you put up with this.
>Once the show starts, the unfortunate context of the situation always seems to diminish in importance for the time being.
>There's no denying the funny feeling in your stomach once you notice their hands carressing each other in their wild dance, at least.
>Your trance is broken by your mother's head invading your periphery, leaning down to stare at your bare crotch, her rack brushing your shoulder.
>Stealing a quick glance to your other side, aunt Luna seems to be enjoying the show more than you.
>Your eyes falling to her chest before returning to the duo, you imagine her in that dancing outfit, and that weird feeling returns in full force.
>Worse yet, you briefly mentally substitute the two girls for the women by your side, and suddenly your breathing hastens.
>All the signs of the coming of age are present in this moment, as described in detail by your tutors, but still, the last piece of the puzzle is missing.
>Your damn gardens simply keep hanging.
>Cold sweat starts forming as a frigthening thought hits you.
>Could this be a curse? Is your kingdom doomed to an era of strife because the gods saw fit to render you impotent?
>You gulp, suddenly finding it difficult to focus on anything.
>Hands forming fists, your eyes begin darting around the room.
>Maybe you should just name some distant cousin as your heir and throw yourself into the river.
>"Alright, enough."
>Your aunt's voice resounds throughout the room, surprising everyone in it.
>You most of all, upon seeing the serious look on her face.
>"Guards, escort these harlots back to their carriage and dismiss yourselves."
>Your mother raises her hand in protest, speechless at the intrusion.
>"Luna, what are you..?" She pauses, reading the atmosphere.
>Resigning herself to the order with a sigh, the guards are waved away, leaving the three of you alone in the room.
Might as well get some angst out of the way since I picked this edgy namefag handle for some reason.
More soon.
fun fun fun
but... if theyre doing it together, how do they know who ...
It's having an effect on me not the least of which because I haven't felt bonerastic in like 48 hours and i've been having fluctuating hormone issues. every time i wake up and the huevos are grapes, i just panic. they turn back to meatballs in the morning but it's worrisome. i miss my pubes.

>’It looks like this is going to be a record-breaking winter Amanda, with a high chance of heavy snowfall-‘
>Ugh, you hate winter.
>If it wasn’t blazing hot in the summer then it was freezing cold in the winter.
>’That’s right Arthur, I’d like to remind our viewers to take it slow on the roads the next few days-‘
>You huddle tighter in your blankets as you listen to the news.
>”Has Hell frozen over yet, bud?”
>Without looking up, fearing your blankets might fall, you answer your dad who was likely standing in the doorframe to your room.
“No, not yet. Almost there, though.”
>You both started to laugh when suddenly a loud *crack* stopped the two of you in your laugh-tracks.
>”Wonder what that could be-“
>Then the sound of shattering glass made him rush out of the room.
>You can hear him stomp over to Moondancer’s room, open the door and shout, ”Aw shit!”
>You jump out of bed, wrap your blanket around you like a cap, and follow Dad.
>When you finally get a look into your little sisters room, you gasp as you see a giant white pile.
>”I knew I should have just gotten rid of the damn skylight!”
>Getting closer, you reach out to touch the huge pile of snow that fell through the roof.
>Then a hand shoots out of the pile and you yell in horror as it latches onto your wrist and pulls you.
“Dad! Help!”
>He rushes over to you and grabs the hand trying to drag you into the pile of white death.
>With a mighty heave he pulls on the offending limb and a body comes out of the icy cold pile.
>Dad suddenly pats your back and grabs your shoulder.
>”Nice job, son. I thought Moony was in the bathroom, if you hadn’t screamed like a little girl I might have left her in there!”
>You wince at the compliment before Moondancer stands up and presses herself into your blanket.
>”S-s-s-s-so c-c-cold…”
>She stares into your soul with pleading eyes and you fight the urge to-
“Get in here before I change my mind.”
>>"...be mindful that touching your pharaoh is an act of desecration. Do so, and this room will be your tomb."
>>The confidence melts off their faces really quickly.
>You wrap your arms around her and shield her from the remorseless winter air that poured through the hole.
>And you instantly regret it as the ice on her skin touches you and turns your veins icy.
>”T-thanks, Anon.”
>You could feel her huddle her head onto your chest like a baby penguin.
>Glancing between Dad and the broken skylight, he points to the roof.
>”That’s like a foot of snow on the roof and I’m not ready for a snow siege, let alone try to replace that thing in the middle of one.”
>He scratches his head and looks at the snow.
>”Anon, could you clean up your sister? I’ve got to get this snow out before it fills up this entire room…”
>You nod and look down and see Moondancer still shivering in your arms.
>Leading her to the bathroom you give her your blanket.
“Yeah, Sis?”
>”Could you h-help me change?”
>Now you feel more awkward than cold.
>”Just help me get out of these pajamas, I’m FREEZING.”
>She leaned down to the sink and opened a drawer full of panties and bras.
>You never knew that drawer even opened, it looked more decorative than anything…
>Dropping the blanket she formed a t-pose.
>Her pajamas were wet all over and you couldn’t help but shield your eyes.
>”Hurry up before I get hypothermia!”
>You reaches for her chest and start unbuttoning her top, when you reach the final button she turns around allowing you to pull it off of her.
>She undid her bottom and let it drop to the floor and you put a hand in front of you to block the sight of her changing.
>Then a knock on the door made you jump and a voice called from the other side of the bathroom door,
>”Anon, your father asked if you could share your room until he fixes the skylight, could you?”
>You sigh and respond with a, “Yeah, Mom.”
>Moondancer suddenly pulled open the door, blanked wrapped around her, and left.
>You spent the rest of the day laying on the couch, Moondancer was probably in your room laying on your bed trying to get warm.
>And every minute you dreaded having to share a bed.
>The idea of spending the night on the couch was pretty tempting but you realized freezing on the couch was worse than being warm and awkward.
>Besides, you’d be asleep, so it wasn’t going to be THAT bad…
>Finally your heavy eyelids get the better of you and force you get up from the couch and head to your room.
>Moony was laying there, reading a book.
>She looked up and glew bright red.
>”Going to bed?”
>You nodded and went to the other side and laid on your back.
>She threw your half of the blanket over you and sank into her own half.
>Both of you were staring at the ceiling, trying to resist the urge to turn to face each other.
>She broke first and looked over before looking back up.
>Then you broke and glanced at her before looking back up.
>”I guess I’ll do it, then.”
>She grabbed her pillow but you stopped her before she could pull it from under herself.
“No, no, I’ve got it.”
>You slip out your pillow and stuff it between both of your waists.
>For an extra layer of safety, you turn over and face away from her before putting an arm under your head.
>It’s difficult at first, but eventually you fall asleep.

>Damn it, you can’t sleep!
>Anon keeps shifting in his sleep, the blanket didn’t cover a small sliver of cold air from hitting your side, and it was starting to get bigger the more Anon pulled the blanket over HIM and took your half!
>You’re going to have to make a compromise.
>You turned to him and saw him lying on his back with his mouth open and asleep.
>Scooting closer to him, you take out the pillow separating the two of you.
>It was just for one night, until Dad could fix your skylight…
>Just one time.
>Raising your thigh over him you press yourself into his chest again the same way you did when he chose to shield you from the cold.
>The cold air from before vanishes as you dig deeper into the blanket to get closer to him.
>Now you feel…Content.
>It’s really warm, HE’S really warm.
>You actually don’t mind this.
>But just one night!
“Just one… *yawn* night…”

>Something was stopping you from getting up.
>You look down and see Moondancer wrapped around you, her leg over your own and her arms wrapped around you.
>Was it getting hot under these blankets, or was it just you?
>Her breathing was slow and deep and was soothing, in an odd way.
>She smiled while she was sleeping, far away in her dreaming.
>You lay your head back and give in to this strangely sweet surrender.
>Gently pushing your head into hers, you nuzzle her hair.
>It feels like you could get lost in the moment for forever.
>And you realize that you need to treasure this moment spent with her.
>No, not just this moment, every moment with her is a moment you should treasure.
>Your eyelids begin to feel heavy but you don’t want to fall back asleep.
>Before, what you would consider awkward and uncomfortable, feels so right.
>You don’t want to close your eyes, worrying you don’t get to take in this warm moment with your lil’ sis.
>You don’t want to miss a single bit of it.
>And then you are lulled back to sleep.
I really wanted to make something comfy and so I hope I accomplished that.
Lewd soon.

How soon is soon?
super comfy and a very fun scenario. one i've read on asstr from time to time.
You definitely got my feels all warmed up.

Soon as in tomorrow. I hope.
Nice to see another writefriend here. Hopefully the Rarity and Moonie greens are not the only ones you make.
File: 1401393441312.jpg (97 KB, 669x839)
97 KB
>tfw can never imagine myself in such a position because I'd be a fucking horrible bedmate
fuck why'd you have to remind me of that. i roll constantly
>Hopefully the Rarity and Moonie greens are not the only ones you make.
I am insulted, sir.
I put a lot of love into the Sunsis Shimmer green from the last thread, too!
I didn't know you made a Sunset green. Do you have a pastebin for it?
Why Fluttershy tits triple G size?
I got you senpai.
Thanks man.
>Not wanting a big breasted Flutters.
who are you quoting?
>no mother/daughter incest
Utter shit general
File: 1388417522055.png (104 KB, 764x729)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>Not wanting a big breasted lactating Flutters you can milk
Fixed it for you
There's been a tiny bit of that. i could go for more

Still more sane then dating random ass people to spend the rest of your life with.

why i'm okay with Big Tit Flutterys than Pinkie with gigantic tits?
Right? I've always been disgusted with the dating game.
People used to know their neighbors and fellow villagers better than we know our family members now. it's no surprise.
Sorry I accidentally added you.
Well there was an idea of Velvet helping a sexually frustrated Twilight before school starts.
That would go nicely as a story that goes either back to back with or back and forth with twi doing the same with her son
File: 1452408336501.jpg (47 KB, 1033x679)
47 KB
Oh, shit, that was you? Nicely done, friend.

Why incest taboo in the US?
Why can't one of my anime romantic partners be my curious little sister with a crush or my lonely (but still young) mother who tries to tell me that I'm the only man she wants in her life? It just occurred to me that you didn't mean dating sim games when you said "dating game".
because the free love crowd inexplicably don't approve of it despite it being every bit as harmless as the things they defend.
Also because america was a young country, full of notorious bumpkins, and despite having more genetic diversity than most of the rest of the world, still needed to do something to boost their ego by looking down on others they considered more inbred.. that's why literally only US has a big problem with cousins.
as for why it's wrong in general, god said so. but it's low on the priority list, and obviously sometimes it's unavoidable. He handed that rule down at a time when the israelites were at severe risk of inbreeding, remember
I think both are very likely
>Big tits work for Flutters because of her motherly instincts and features.
>Big Tit Ponk works because all the candy and sweets she eats go to her tiddies and ass, but because she is so energetic and off the wall her body stays in good shape.
There's plenty of sister dating games, right? But yeah, that's why greentext is fun. It's like WRITING one of those games

>You're running late for school. As you hurry to the door with a piece of toast in your mouth, your slightly drunk mom Pinkie suggests you just play hooky today, as she needs you to take care of her instead
>What do?
Drunk in the morning? That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I'll put that on my list of things to do before I'm 30.
I was gonna say sick and I thought maybe drunk was more fun
maybe it's a bit of both. she thought a swig of cotton candy schnapps would help take the edge off of her flu
>mom Pinkie

Plow her of course.
still better than big titanic tic Twi, Big and Loose Rarity, and Still and Hard AJ.
Did people in the US married their cousin till the early 20th century?
how dangerous is inbreeding.
A few here and there, then they started getting slammed for it. FDR got off, but Charlie Chaplin didn't. I have to imagine it felt a bit like now, where standards change overnight but everyone insists on acting like they have always been that way and disagreement is unthinkable
Pretty damn dangerous if done consecutively.
Depends how many times in a row you do it, and what is or isn't in your gene pool
As some people have pointed out: that royal family where everyone had hemophilia? They would have no matter whom the queen bred with.
>disagreement is unthinkable
see presidential election 2016
>"Sorry Nonny *hic* the girls and I were having so much fun last night."
>You can see that since six of her friends are on the couch or the floor sleeping.
>The bacon haired one is running like a horse in her sleep.
>"An *hic* And since it's Friday, I figured why not let my sweet boy play hooky so he can play his games then have him help his mother and her dear friends sober up then reward him with some 'playtime' with one or two of my friends joining us."
it made me think of this.

>comical sproing sound and trombone notes
which sex is better sober or drunk?
File: tri.png (7 KB, 217x232)
7 KB
ud rea, ud sura rea
ji rea, ji bara rea
mu rea mu sura rea
ud ul nijdue pa ed'aba
ud ul nijdue mi zid dugga'aba
esh kalammaka ninda shu'aba
shurinna kalammaka nijtab ak'aba
an kita badabara'aba
ki anta badasurra'aba
mu namlu'ulu baanjarra'aba
like your offspring could live for ten years and then keel over?
couldn't I plow them just the way there are?
depends if you're talking about the man or the woman
no. like you might all have a recessive disorder like your blood doesnt clot or you develop cataracts early and need lens implants
however, outbreeding doesn't give you much better odds on these. due to the utter dysgenics in the last century or so, largely due to fuckups going too far the other direction and being dicks about it, you're gonna end up with one or another debilitating problem
Did Robin Williams meant the swimming pool or the Billboard?
Green please my dick demands it.
>It's like playing pool with a rope
Life comes at you fast.
>blood doesnt clot or you develop cataracts early and need lens implants

worst than Aids.
>Not wanting built-in contact lenses directly inside of your eyeballs so that you no longer need glasses, AND your cataracts are gone
It's like you hate being happy.
>You have spent the past year or so living with your stepmom and Fluttershy.
>It turns out that your dad had been caught by an undercover investigator having been involved in a drug ring.
>Shortly after, him and your stepmom broke up and since you had no other relatives, you were in her custody.
>It was around this time that Fluttershy had been four months pregnant with your child.
>Despite the shock of it all, you stuck with her and made sure that you would stay by her side - forever and always.
>Your stepmom accepted the relationship between you and her daughter relatively quickly given she grew to trust you over time helping out around the house and knowing her daughter's tendencies was relieved that there was a man around the house that could tend to Fluttershy and make sure that she wouldn't go flittering off with some man living on the streets.
>She'd made sure after your dad was taken away to sit the two of you down in the living room for a talk.
>She cautioned you more than ever that it was important that the two of you stayed together and advised that you'd take the more active parts of your love life to a room away from any space she would otherwise occupy throughout a normal day.
>Though you wouldn't be able to have proper sex with Fluttershy for a long time throughout her pregnancy, her lust and hunger for you grew tenfold.
>You couldn't facefuck her like you did the first time you clashed since a lack of oxygen would be detrimental to the wellbeing of the baby.
>So your only option was anal - which the both of you had grown used to.
>She didn't quite get off to it as much as she did her other holes and so it effected you in turn knowing that.
>When she went in for an ultrasound with you a while back, the two of you found out that she'd be having a baby boy.
>Ever since, she's been whispering suggestions about how your child is going to have to live in an environment with the two of you going at it like animals.

>You can't wait.
Legitimate question: do people IRL have much of an issue with step-siblings getting together? Because they're the product of two completely different marriages and aren't related to each other by blood. Like, if people have a problem with incest, then it makes no sense to think it's weird that you're fucking someone who can only be considered your sibling by law.
Mmm, peanut-butter aids.
English isn't your first language, is it
I don't understand why they have a problem with step-siblings.
Yeah the problem is A) eye surgery sucks nards (the worst is the gluey eyedrops that sting) and B) you lose your ability to change focus, so get used to reading glasses and say goodbye to doing anything small without magnification.
Unless you choose the kind that can focus, which are unreliable and don't correct your need for glasses (i was told I wasn't a good candidate for those)
also, massive expense. half of it's not covered by insurance even if youre flat broke.

HOWEVER they have just discovered that cataracts are caused by a hormonal deficiency, and they're rolling out hormone eye drops soon that cure them like magic, so.. yeah my kids won't have to worry. I wouldn't have either if I hadn't fucked up my hormones
Only if they were raised together from when they were little, and only because USUALLY that's enough to keep you from being interested
that and leftover "ohnoes if they're in the same house they might fuck!" paranoia that means nothing in this day and age
Stop ruining my fantasies of being a magic eyeball cyborg with your facts.
Great idea, but maybe with a different girl...
The future is synthesized biochemicals and DNA modification, my good man. Metal and plastic are fun but flesh doesn't really go well with it.
Awwww I would a pegleg scootaloo. I'd make all kinds of teases about her stump or getting a leg up on the pile
and she would know I loved her
>You will never protect your little cousin Scoots from bullies that call her peg-leg Scooty.
nah you just teach her to think of all of that as kindness and gentle ribbing
that way even if there's a legit insult, she just smiles and gives them a gentle rib back, and makes friends
I don't know that I've ever seen a green where Anon was actually impotent before.
that hanging gardens remark was really funny at first, now it's kinda sad
>>It turns out that your dad had been caught by an undercover investigator having been involved in a drug ring.
why this

do you people have daddy issues or something
it seems like the father in these stories is always dying in some horrible way or is some irredeemable dirtbag
>TFW no qt peg legged tomboy cousin.
>>Though you wouldn't be able to have proper sex with Fluttershy for a long time throughout her pregnancy
What? Why the hell not? Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean you can't fuck her. In fact it's probably better for her if you DO.
That's when you dress up as pirates for Halloween. And whenever the mood takes you.

>Since she has a real peg leg, she gets to be the Captain.
>Captain Lootaloo, scourge of the Seven Seas
>You're the First Mate

>And as a First Mate should, you acquired for her a gloriously fabulous feathered hat.
>All pirate Captains have to have a fabulous hat, it's in the guidelines.

>Soon, that Captain decides to take some liberties with her big brother
>What kind of First Mate would you be if you turned her down?
>That booty won't plunder itself.
>Older brother.
>Not cousin
>>and make sure that she wouldn't go flittering off with some man living on the streets.
Grade-A wife material right there. It's good to know that Anon can trust the mother of his child not to go out into the streets and fuck a random man, as long as Anon is there to service her.

>>advised that you'd take the more active parts of your love life to a room away from any space she would otherwise occupy throughout a normal day.
What the fuck does this even mean?
Unfortunately, it was just that, an idea
It's kind of hard to have a good time incesting if your dad's around. That's either his wife or his daughter you're trying to fuck around with. He's not gonna just let that happen

unless you have a dad like the guy in Kiss X Sis, but even those are stepsisters so his eagerness to see his son plow them isn't special
>You catch her screwing around on your computer
>Meh, you're not ashamed of it. If she sees all the skinny loli porn you have, maybe she'll feel flattered. The incest stuff won't hurt either
>Wh.. why is she crying?
"Scoots, what's wrong?"
>"You've got a thing for girls' feet, don't you."
"Uh, yeah. That's the one you're focusing on? I mean-"
>she sticks her prosthetic in your direction, showing her superior flexibility "I've only got one! Best case scenario I'm 50% less appealing to you than other girls!"
>You then spend the rest of the night massaging her other foot and assuring her you like her just the way she is
The authorities are extremely mixed on this, but almost nobody says "eh it's okay". It's either good for them or very bad for them, or first the former and then the latter during the last 3 months.
Either way what few people say but what is undeniably true is that DURING childbirth it's important to stimulate her as much as you can. Painkillers, lubrication, the whole system is just made for making childbirth easier. Coital pleasure is its secondary function
File: 1437374382251.gif (993 KB, 250x250)
993 KB
993 KB GIF
>>"When are ya gonna impregnate your sister?"
You need to not get my dick so hard that I get distracted from my original green. Please.

>You didn’t bother to look at the time.
>You already knew you woke up late, because you sure never woke up early.
>Walking into the living room, you’re met with a familiar sight, smell, and noise.
>Several women were laying strewn about the living room, all of them looked like they’d just keeled over and died.
>The smell of alcohol and some other odd scent made you cover your mouth and nose in disgust.
>And groaning, snoring, or light giggling was the only audible signs of life left in them.
>”Hey, sport~”
>A pair of hands grab your shoulders and hold on tight, you don’t dare try to push them off because they felt like they belonged to a professional athlete.
>”How about you *hic*… help me out with a little morning exercise, squirt?”
>Her breath reeked of alcohol and you turn away politely.
“Sorry, but no thanks.”
>She pressed a finger on your chest and tried to move it up seductively but it fell as she went limp onto your shoulder.
>”C’mon, you’ll have fun-k, I phromise~”
>From the corner of your eye you see another pair of hands but this time they’re on the athletes shoulder.
>She suddenly starts staggering towards the couch and falls over it and onto the cushions with a, “Whoa!”
>”Nobody touches my cinnanon bun, huh baby?”
>The new hands coil around your head and pull you into a two pillow-y mounds and hold you there.
>”Momma Pinkie ishn’t letting you go until you shay the magic…*hic* word!”
>You sigh and push her away.
>She lets go and stumbles back, stops herself, and boops your nose.
>”That’ll doOo~”
“Mom, you’re still drunk.”
>She throws an arm around your neck and drags you over to the kitchen before pointing at another woman vomiting into the sink, one of her friends holding her hair up for her.
>”THAT’SH drunk, I’m mererely pretending to be drunk…”
>She giggles before sitting on one of the stools at the kitchen counter.
>”Help momma sober up, honey bun?”
>You turn around and open up one of the cabinets and grab a giant bottle labeled “Pinkie’s Ice Bucket” and open it for her.
>She reaches in before you can take out any for her and takes out a few white pills before throwing them down the hatch and chasing them down with a glass of what you hope is water.
>Mom shivers as whatever was in the pills works its magic.
>Suddenly she slams her head onto the kitchen counter with an “Owie” and a groan.
>She reaches out and yanks you to her with one hand and give you a peck on the cheek.
>Putting her arm around you again, you help her off the stool and she leads you back to the living room.
>”Hmm. Who’s the prettiest one here? Out of all of them?”
>You look at all the middle-aged adults in the room.
>One of them had frizzy red and yellow hair and seemed like she was teetering on the brink, facing an abyss.
>Another had a hat covering her face and was without a doubt snoring, asleep on the couch.
>Then the woman from earlier was laying on the couch, groggy and groaning.
>You were almost certain one was in the bathroom, vomiting their brains out.
>The two at the sink were preoccupied, the one with glasses swapping places with the pink haired one.
>None of them seemed to be in their finest moment.
>And none of them certainly seemed in any way appealing.
“Probably you, Mom.”
>You feel your face get hot as you realize what you just said, then something pulls you into her face again.
>This time, you feel her lips connect with yours and she gives you a more passionate kiss.
>When she finally pulls back with a “mwuah!” she looks at you with a big smile.
>”That’s my boy!”
>She scans the room, looking at all of them.
>”Pick one, I’m serious! Pick one you really like. Or the best one out of all of them. Or least vomitty.”
>You give them all a glance over once again.
>Did you really have to choose?
>Of course you did, Mom always made you do this after every party.
>”If you really like –just- mommy, then that’s ok. Picking me is a little cheaty.”
>But something feels different. Off.
“I don’t know, Mom. What’re you going to do?”
>She chuckled and waved a hand at you.
>”Who do you want to help get sober first? I don’t have enough ice-cubes for everyone!”
>That makes sense, you think.
>You nod your head to the one Mom pushed over the couch.
“She’s not too bad, I guess.”
>In truth, you kind of wanted her out already.
>But at the same time she seemed like she’d be very nice if she wasn’t absolutely smashed.
>Mom moseys over towards her room, pulling you by the collar of your white t-shirt.
>Now something was REALLY off.
>Normally you were forbidden to go into her room, it was one of the things Mom was REALLY defensive about.
>She’d let you get away with just about anything EXCEPT going into her room.
>As she pushed you in, your eyes were met with pink.
>Just pure pink.
>Pink curtains, bed, dresser, everything.
>This was the definition of Pink as Hell.
>”Dash! Get your ass back here!”
>You can hear someone stumbling over the couch, running through the hall on their way and *slam* the door open.
>”Yeah, Pinkie? What’s up?”
>Mom grabbed her by the vest and led her over and threw her onto the bed.
>You could hear her as she leaned in and whisper-yelled,
>”You’re gonna show my son a good time, Auntie Dashie, don’t you mess this up for him!”
D-did you just write out bits and pieces of I Don't Want to Miss a Thing?
>She sat on top of Dashes belly with her legs supporting her so she didn’t squish the drunk underneath her, Mom then took you by the hands and led you closer to her.
>She pulled you in for another deep kiss and stroked your head,
>”SHhh, you’re gonna enjoy this.”
>Mom reached down and held her legs up, revealing the blue panties they hid.
>”Go ahead an pull ‘em off! Consider this me making it up to you.”
“Making it up to me? For what?”
>”Missing school, duh! Now go on, I think she’s waiting…”
>You could feel your heart pounding in your chest as you lifted up the cloth all the way to her feet and tossed them aside.
>Next, Mom pulled apart her thighs for you.
>”Go ahead and drop the pants, big guy, you don’t have to wear underwear if she’s not!”
>Whatever’s making your heart race is making you unbutton and drop the clothes and you take a moment to soak in what Mom was doing for you.
>”Is he big? I forgot my lube at home-“
>Mom turned around, mouthed something to her friend, and turned back to you.
>”C’mere, this is my favorite part.”
>She pulled a small bottle out and dabbed quite a bit of clear syrupy liquid onto her hand.
>She reached down and wrapped that hand around your stiffness and began to rub, the cold liquid sent a shiver up your spine before a nicer feeling took its place.
>”Does that feel good, buddy?”
>You bit your lip and nodded as she coated the entire thing with the liquid, being extra thorough at the tip which made you moan against your will.
>”I bet it does, who’s a good boy? Who’s a momma’s boy?”
>Suddenly she removes her hand and rubs the rest of the liquid against her friend’s mound.
>It was her turn to moan and the sound of a girl moaning made sure you didn’t lose any vigor.
>She brought her hand back to your tip and pulled with a gentleness you didn’t think was possible for someone so hungover.
>Leading you gently and slowly, you finally find the patch of warm flesh that caused her friend to moan.
>Mom leaned into your ear and began to whisper orders,
>”I want you to push inside her, try not to finish too fast. If you do really well we can try something special after. Really go at her, OK?”
>You nod quickly, wanting to hurry and thrust inside of her already.
>”She can handle it, make Pinkie proud.”
>A surge of warmth runs through your body as you slipped yourself into Dash and the two of you let out moans of pleasure.
>You reached for Dash’s thighs, but the angle of your hands felt odd.
>Pushing into her as Mom wanted, you start to feel a pressure build as more pleasure waves through you.
>Maybe that’s what Mom meant by ‘try not to finish’?
>Trying to find a better grip, you try several different spots before Mom guides you again.
>”Here, try holding onto me.”
>She brought your hands to her hips and your hands finally felt snug.
>Then she pulled your head to hers and you began to kiss, this time her tongue pushed into your lips and you couldn’t find the will to resist and let her in.
>The taste of alcohol and something sweet was strong as the two of you pushed hard into each other’s mouths but not as hard as you pushed in and out of Dash
>Looking down, you could see Mom using one of her hands to rub against or finger her own entrance.
>Every so often as you drilled into Dash, Mom would pull away and whisper nothings,
>”Fuck her harder, I want to feel you from on top of her.”
>”Don’t look at her, look at mommy, I’m the pretty one remember?”
>”You can do better than that, stuff her full of batter!”
>To which you always moaned, “Yes Mom”
>Finally you couldn’t hold in the pressure and felt something hot and sticky shoot out of you and into Dash, she cried out in pleasure with a loud, “Oh YES~!”
>Then the exertion hit you like a hangover hits Mom and you fell forward and onto her.
>You sank deeper into Dash as a result but also landed with your head over Moms shoulder.
>Her hands coiled around you in a warm embrace.
>”That’s my little cinnanon bun, warm and creamy~”
>You felt so out of breath, too out of breath to respond, or move.
>Slumped over her, she reached a hand down and pulled your length out of her friend with a *Shlrk* and pulled you on top of her.
>Feeling concerned about Dash, you glanced over and saw she had slid over to the other side of the bed and was breathing just as heavily as you.
>”Do you think you have enough left for Mommy?”
>You wanted to nod so badly even though you couldn’t, to make her happy, so that she wasn’t left out.
>Closing your eyes, you smiled as two dots connected in your brain.
>You really were like your mom, in that regard.
>”Maybe after a little rest, you did really, really, really good!”
>You shook your head in defiance and tried to push yourself up but got nowhere.
>”Aw, that’s my boy. Here, I’ll do it for you.”
>She rolled you off of her and sat on you.
>Her hand reached down and teased you flaccid length, reviving it.
>”My son’s no quitter, is he?”
>You let out a drawn out sigh and shook your head again.
>”Hmm~ Good.”
>You watched as she positioned herself over your now erect member and felt the same pleasure as before.
>This time, however, it seemed to be more drawn out and longer as she slowly sank your tip and shaft into her.
>She leaned over you and pushed her lips onto yours one last time, much more passionately and lovingly than before.
>Her hands slithered down and gripped yours, and the two of you interlocked in the ancient ritual of handholding.
>She rose up your shaft and then plummeted back to your base, you feel the same contractions you felt inside Dash when her own pressure became too much to contain.
>sobering pills
is.. is that a thing? do they make you randomly slam your head on things every time?
>After a few minutes, Mom threw her head back and moaned, “Anon” as her insides tighter around you and squeezed out the last bit of seed you had.
>You could practically feel each drop she milked out of you, seeping into her and getting lost in her own warm fluids.
>Mom laid on you, not even trying to pull you out of her.
>Then you looked into each other’s eyes, smiled, and laughed.

That's it. No more getting me erect and making me post at 11:50 PM
Back to our Moondancer story tomorrow, probably later in the day.

Is it possible we can get a sequel sometime?
This but Pinkie makes Dash have Nonny's child.
>"Remember best friends forever Dashie, now you're carrying my grand child! We're like related now!"
File: image.png (1.05 MB, 1024x768)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
>"D-does this makeup make me look purty, cousin? I know you like them fancy girls"
>came balls deep inside Rainbow Dash
She's gonna get pregnant
I want this to happen.
I think you're a little confused, AJ. You look like a man. Let's get in the shower and wash that offa you
>"But Pinkie I'm 33 and Your kid is 15."
>"How do you think people would react to a professional soccer player getting knocked up by a kid?!"
>"Well Dashie you have to figure that out because I don't want my grandkid to be a prison baby. Well I got to go to the store now, lalala~~"
Sounds like an ACME product.
File: 1194726.png (100 KB, 1147x1024)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
>Pastebin link: http://pastebin.com/
This is so comfy I want some of it too.
> the ancient ritual of handholding
Good news: We're getting a flower sisters green Soon™.
Bad news: I'm gonna be the one writing it (unless a good writefag picks up the idea before me).
I mean, it's a legitimate question.
>Sister [waifu] is a nymphomaniac
>Therapy doesn't help
>Drugs won't help
>Your parents, with heavy hearts, decide that they need someone they can trust to try and sate [waifu]'s desires and keep an eye on her so that she doesn't run off and do something crazy
>Someone they love like family
>Someone like [waifu]'s brother
>You are Anon, and it is your duty to fuck your sister; to give her an outlet so that she can function in a semi-normal life
>"AJ, you look like you asked a 7-year-old girl to dress you up like what she thinks a hooker looks like."
Anon is already a self-insert, now I'm supposed to self-insert my waifu on top of that? What is this algebra shit?
File: large.png (651 KB, 724x1024)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
>"Looks like it still fits Nonny."
"I think you're missing something there, mom."
>"There's no pants in baseball, Nonny."
"I'm pretty sure ther-"
>"There's no crying in baseball either, kiddo."
>Mom's lucky she fucks like a champ.
>"You silly billy this isn't a baseball outfit this is my rapper outfit."
>this threads theme song
>"They called me 'Pie in the Sky', and I dropped all sorts of hot beats and sick lyrics."
>after your shower, you find that Rarity is awake, eager and ready to continue her adventure
>hell, the second you walked back into your room, she yanked you over to the TV
>Rarity had managed to get past the Taurus demon without your help, although it took her a few hours
>she was proud of it, and you were proud of her
>you were pretty suprised she hadn't gotten frustrated and quit
>you guided her across the Hellkite bridge and into the Undead Parish
>you opt not to tell her about the drake sword, that shit's for scrubs
>after getting rekt by the armored boar and parried by a few baldur knights, you point her to the nearby bonfire and blacksmith
>and then you spend about 10 minutes trying to explain this games cryptic-as-fuck upgrade system as she browses the smith's wares

"...so for now, the best you can get is a +5. To get any higher, you'll need to find an ember and bring it back to this dude."
>"What about those 'boss weapons' you mentioned?"
"Eh. From what I've seen, they're mostly gimmicky, mediocre, and require a lot of investment. We're gonna ignore those for your first playthrough."
>"Oh. Are they truly that bad?"
"Well, by the time you can get your hands on one, I won't be able to tell you if it'll be worth the resources or effort. Besides, in my opinion, most of the best weapons drop off of normal enemies or have static locations."
>"I see. Well, where should I head now?"
"You got a few options, but only two of them are really good. Below you is Darkroot Garden. There's some good stuff there for you, but it might be a little more rough than what you've been going through."
>"I see. What about the other option?"
"You head back to the parish and fight the gargoyles."
>"A-another boss so soon? Am I even ready?" She looks to you, her eyes wide
>She looks stressed, maybe even a little scared
>you wrap your left arm around her and pull her towards you
"Listen here, my young padawan." You grab the end of your bed sheets and drape them over your head, forming an makeshift Jedi robe hood. "From the moment you started this adventure, you were ready for almost every challenge this land could offer. All you need is to win is the serenity to accept defeat, and the willpower to pick yourself up and try again."
>a weak smile forms on her face
>"You really believe in me, don't you?"
>you decide to drop the Jedi Master act
"Rarity, if a blind man can beat this game with a Guitar Hero controller, I'm pretty sure my big sister can. It's not that I don't think you can't actually beat the game, I know you can. I'm banking on you getting stuck, lost, or frustrated, and then quiting."
>her soft smile turns into a smirk
>"I'm going to make you eat those words, little brother. I'm not planning on giving up any time soon."
>her arms wrap around your torso, returning your embrace
>"That said, I do appreciate your faith in me, Anon. You're a good brother."
>hearing her say that makes you smile
>her arms tighten around you, and you do the same to her
>letting out a quiet sigh, she whispers into your ear
>"I heard what you said this morning. I haven't heard you say that since we got different rooms. It was nice hearing it again. It reminded me of when we used to tell each other goodnight."
>Shit, you woke her up when you got out of bed
>Wonder if she remembers humping you in her sleep
>fingertips lightly rub up and down your back
>"Do you think you could start saying it again? I had forgotten how good it feels to hear it."
>a pang of guilt hits you in the heart
>Why did you stop? You're a shitty brother
"Yeah. I don't think I should have should have ever stopped. I'm sorry."
>"It's quite alright, Anon. Can I ask you to do one more thing for me?"
"Sure, what is it Rares?"
>"Can you hold me? You know, how I like when I sleep?"
>the size of your smile doubles
"Of course."
>you both break the embrace, and you spread your legs as she scoots back and leans into your chest
>you wrap you arms around her thin stomach and rest your chin on her shoulder
>she grips your crossed arm in her right hand
"I love you."

Thinking about shifting updates to every other day. I only sit down to write for a little bit each day, and I think it'd be nice to give out some bigger updates. Lemme know if you have a preference.
though it's been said, many times, many ways:
Okay, stick with me here, this one's a little off the usual path and the actual-incest is only described.

>The year is Pony-Exty-Six. Eight years after President Molestia introduced the KIT Initiative (Keeping it In the Family).
>Studies had shown conclusively that A) 80% of all families were engaging in some form of incest, and B) its mental health benefits were indisputable.
>This generation is the first to grow up not having to hide the love their parents and siblings show for them. In fact, anyone refusing to participate with their offspring can be charged with neglect.
>This came as just one part of Molestia's sweeping reforms, including the desegregation of all locker and bathroom facilities, removal of stalls and privacy barriers, rescinding of all public indecency laws, criminalization of any form of rating system on media, erasure of the concept of age of consent, and (curiously) banning of birth control without explicit medical recommendation.
>A tax on swimsuits was considered, but ultimately proved pointless as they quickly went the way of the corset.
>>"Do you think you could start saying it again? I had forgotten how good it feels to hear it."

also where the hell are the invaders fucking her day up
>You are Anon, one of the last virgins. Sadly, all this came about when you had just turned 18 and moved away from your family. Oh sure your mom and dad send you some hot pictures of them, that's nice and all.. but it's not the same.
>You weren't sure how to talk to girls before, and it sure isn't easy now. You have to compete with their dads and brothers for attention.
>And of course, prostitution disappeared overnight when Molestia was elected. Why pay for milk when you're surrounded by cows with sore teats just begging for it?
>You pause your listless attempts at jerking off to the latest episode of Season 16 of Adventure Time. Marceline blowing Finn only reminds you there's no qt vampire babysitter in your life. He's a damn orphan and he has no problems.
>It finally clicks. You dumbass! Adoption!
>With birth rates finally back on the rise after sharp declines last decade, the standards have changed somewhat. It would be easily possible for a single guy to adopt an orphan and give her the love she's been craving.
>Also, you can give her some of your food! You have too much of that anyway. Eating economically as a single guy is hard, there's always extra and then you just eat it anyway and then you feel like a fatty.
>You strap on your pockets-belt and summon a robocar to bring you to the nearest orphanage.
>After an extensive psychological evaluation to prove your dedication to loving your new daughter in every possible way, you go out to the common room where the orphans are all playing or lounging around. You notice they're all naked, and realize the government wouldn't bother providing something as unnecessary as clothing. Still, no pockets-belt? For marbles or jacks or oh god it has been a while since you've been a kid hasn't it.
>Obviously it's a different situation regardless. You see several of them just casually making fuck, one girl eating another out, a few bros playing videogames together. You realize that in all your pining for wishing you'd had a sister to canoodle with, you also would like to have had a bro for bro-ing out.
>Shit, should you adopt one of each? You're not into lads, and it would probably just make you a third wheel. But like...
>"Hey, dude. Nice dick." a lanky orange girl walks up and pokes your half-chub. "Hi, I'm Scootaloo. I'm 13. So uh.. what kinda kid were you lookin' for?"
>You almost couldn't tell. That's 13? Are they feeding her okay?
>As you sit and have a chat with this orange cutie, she explains that she was a street rescue. That kind of explains it. Amazingly, she's a virgin too. Just felt like she wanted to wait for it to be special.
>"Oh I've done everything with hands and tongues and shit, but that's it."
>This isn't as uncommon as you think, but you're out of touch. Truth is, with no taboo on behavior, there's no pressure to take things to any particular degree.
>You are feeling less self-pitying every second talking to this girl. There's a real and honest warmth about her. More than just the warmth of her hand which has been feeling you up as you talk. It's in your armpit right now.
"Searching for treasure?"
>"I've just never felt this much hair before. It's soft." she nuzzles her face under your arm.
>Trying to keep your heart from melting too rapidly, you try to talk about the important stuff. Interests, hopes, dreams, what she wants in a dad, etc.
>Hot damn, Scootaloo is into videogames, monster trucks, violent movies... Kind of looks like you can get your bro and your ho in one go. You didn't say that out loud, thankfully. Nobody says ho anymore.
>"But mostly... I just want to stop feeling left out on Family Day at school. Everyone brings in their favorite lover from their families and shows off their favorite positions.. Sweetie Belle's got this great dad with a hilarious cop stache, fuckin' Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are always lording their pregnant bellies over us.. Even Apple Bloom, I mean her parents are dead but she's still got that gigantic big brother to give her a good pounding."
>Being as inexperienced as you are, you balk slightly thinking about that concept. You only ever masturbated in public that one time, and it felt too weird so you never did it again.
>But then you look down into her big giant purple eyes and realize you'd climb through Godzilla's bowels to get her a birthday present. If she wants to show you off, you can risk the performance anxiety.
>You ruffle her fluffy purple hair
"You'll never have to miss out again, Scoots."
>"Oh dang! You mean it?" she leaps up and hugs you. You gesture to the orphanage personnel.
"You don't have to wrap this one up, I'll be wearing it home."
An thas like all I got.
I'm calling the police.
when I thought of it, it started out in the classroom with sweetie and AB and such getting their sweet lovin' in greater detail. So that was the proper cest in there. but I couldn't figure out how to make that the story, unless the POV character was scoots.
Weird, but I like it. I know it's not technically incest, but parental figure on adopted child is a soft spot of mine.

>you will never adopt a lonely girl and give her the love no one else would ever accept
>she will never take your love into her heart and her womb
File: Spoiler Image (164 KB, 1913x1346)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
>You will never cuck your sister's girlfriend
Reminder that those tits belong to Discord in canon.
I feel like you had the quotes right the first time
File: 1468301275425.jpg (97 KB, 770x577)
97 KB
yeah, i'll stop posting now
Here's a (You)
The story would have been half angry screaming and nonsensical swearing if they included invader encounters.
I thought about including one or two invasions and I suppose I totally still could, but generally when I replay DS1 I do it offline, and I guess I just forgot to clarify.
ge this hothead outta here
>not joining her In the shower

Do you even care?
>AJ actually is a man.
>Anon is a cousin of Applejack
>Goes to their farm for the summer because his parents think that hard work will build character
>Is exhausted after a hard day's work and is so tired that he can barely remember where his room is
>Finds the door he's pretty sure is his, opens it, finds the bed, and crawls into it
>Hears something that sounds like a person muttering, but he's too tired to deal with it
>"That's well-rested future-me's problem for tomorrow morning."
>Wakes up however-many hours later to the sensation of someone nudging his shoulder
>"C'mon, cousin 'Non, we got work to do."
>Anon looks around and realizes that this bedroom looks nothing like the one he's been sleeping in
>Applejack crawls over his body and out of the covers and heads out the door
>She stops and turns around, shooting him a sly grin
>"You was awful handsy last night, cousin." If y'all were lonely, you could have just asked."
>With a shake of her hips, Applejack walks out of the bedroom to get ready for the day
>Anon is suddenly wide awake as he realizes that he picked the wrong room last night and he spent the night in his cousin's bed
still delusional i see
Yet another thread gonna get enriched by cuck posting. Because dozen threads a day isn't enough.
I'm not a Fluttercuck I'm just tired of seeing the same thing over and over again.
Speaking of Discord, we should get a Eris green in here.
You know, bitching about alicorn Twilight ceased when everyone accepted the wings. Now it's time to do the same with fluttercord.
Nobody talks about her being a princess anymore but you can't mention fluttershy without an avalanche of cuck posting.
real enough.
I said let's get in the shower, didn't I?
Where in my post did I bitch about it?
Well, Anon being Fluttershy's sister isn't canon but I don't see anyone complaining when he's playing with her big milky tits. Nitpicking about not following canon doesn't make sense in this thread.
I was actually thinking earlier discord could be the one responsible for wiggling reality so suddenly everyone in the area is down with incest
and maybe an out of town cousin gets called in and at first he's like wha and then the wave of discordreality hits him
>Discord has always been the PG Trickster
>Eris is the lewd one, and she'd prefer things got a bit more X rated around here.
>Maybe if everybody else is shagging their relatives, he'll be less likely to brush off her advances this time.
I don't think anyone has really accepted the wings, just learned to cope with it.
I'm still trying to cope with the loss of the treebrary.
>Sad about all those books
Nerd. I bet you kiss girls too.
But the memories, anon
More like he legitimately doesn't understand, and just thinsk he's inducing better family togetherness
now I need to go look at ask fluffle puff.
File: 1390685250100.png (446 KB, 650x700)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
Oh my

Not even Discord can escape it.
discord has a sister, eh?
>Anon and Sunset are siblings
>Anon is trying to watch TV and is just altogether uncomfortable with his sister (whom he has only platonic feelings for) trying to do things like sitting in his lap, cuddling with him, and sneaking in kisses when he isn't paying attention
>Also, dick-grabbings when he least expects it.
>Worries about what brought this sudden change on
>Wonders if Sunset felt loved him like this for a while and is just now acting on her feelings
>Gets a sinking feeling in his gut at the idea of one of his parents walking in on them and then freaking their shit at the sight of their children kissing
>Anon is unsettled at how he's slightly okay with this situation
>They encounter a situation with their parents where they're in the room with Anon and Sunset, and Sunset is acting casually intimate around Anon and keeps dropping hints about what she wants to do with his dick later tonight
>Anon's silently having a heart attack and tries to downplay what his sister is saying, desperately hoping that mom and dad aren't picking up on the obvious sexual subtext that Sunset's pumping out
>They don't say anything or react to what Sunset's saying, so Anon figures that they're either dumb as rocks or he miraculously managed to make his sister's flirting ("I'ma beat that dickie up, Anon.") seem like it's all a big joke
>Meanwhile, Anon's parents don't say anything because as far as they're concerned, Sunset fucking Anon's brains out is completely normal and not worth commenting on
>Anon doesn't realize that this "incest is super cool" attitude goes any further than his sister until his mother goes to kiss him goodnight and does her best to find out what his tonsils taste like
>Sunset tries to sleep in Anon's bed with him
>Anon knows where this going (he's seen enough of my Japanese animes) and tries to kick her out
>Sunset whines that she'll tell their mom if he doesn't let her in
>Anon takes this to mean "I will tell our parents that we're touching each other inappropriately and you'll probably get in more trouble than I will" and practically trips over himself to hold up the edge of his blanket and invite Sunset in
>Meanwhile Sunset can't believe that whining about getting mom to tell Anon to behave actually worked
>Sunset uses this in the future to get kisses from him
thats real shitty
she is right to be upset if you wont give her kisses.
To be fair, this is normal behavior for her. In reality, Anon wouldn't get punished for doing something as normal and socially acceptable as kissing his sister, and Sunset has no way of knowing what Anon's thinking or why he's freaking out over it. It would be like if your sister was utterly convinced that she'll get beat if she doesn't give you the remote for the TV after you jokingly say "I'll tell!". You have no idea or any way of knowing how she felt unless she told her what she was afraid of, and she wouldn't breach the subject because she thinks that being hit for not sharing the TV remote is normal behavior. She assumes that you think it's normal too and are knowingly threatening her, which you aren't.
>Not letting your sister snuggle with you under the covers while you tenderly kiss her good night
You don't deserve her
>Momma Trixie will never make you drain your balls in her so you can focus on school.
File: 114.jpg (51 KB, 839x199)
51 KB
I mean when I was a kid I'd get in trouble if I rebuffed my sister's advances when she wanted to sit next to me and bother me.
"Mom, Sunset's trying to kiss me again."
>"Well, let her."
"What? Dad, did you hear that?"
>>"Listen to your mother, Anon."
tsh. if only it was that mild.
In retrospect the way I got nothing but shit and she got away with murder really did result in me being a better person but completely alone and failurey, and her learning (quite correctly) that the world would give her whatever she wants for being a cute girl.
Well, shit. Do you get along with your sister now that you're adults?
>"Trixie read an article that one of the main reasons why boys your age are unfocused in school is because they are distracted by their natural urges."
"Uh, mom why are you telling me this?"
>"Because my sweet pea, do you know who is the top your class?"
"Anonymous Sparkle. The kid who has the same name as me."
>"Exactly, even through I named you 'Anonymous' first then she decided to name her brat that too."
"Maybe it's just a coincidence mom."
>"No it's not!"
"Ok, where are going with this?"
>"Well the problem is son is that purple bitch's brat is the top in the class and you're not I'm going to change that."
>Trixie unlatches her bra.
"Mom what the hell?!"
>"Son, the only way I can get you to focus is to get better grades, and I am sure that Twilight is doing this too, well two can play this game! Trixie is on to you Sparkle and I will prove who has the best same named son!"
Things got way, way worse for a while in early adulthood, then better, then kind of.. worrisome, and just recently the worst they've ever been for literally no reason. I think all her shitty upbringing is catching up with her, all the selfishness, now that she's gettin murried it's full-on bridezilla and she's screaming at everyone
Haha, I love it
Hunley, we need you.
Poor bastard. In the programming biz, there's a saying: Garbage in, garbage out. It seems as though that applies to child-raising techniques as well.
I have a saying that seems on the surface to be sour grapes, but it seems to be true: you can't develop as a person without being rejected.
People who are always popular never develop as people.
People who start out persecuted but then find a group willing to treat them right.. give up everything about themselves and start carrying mao's picture..
People who start out popular then lose it become desperate to get it back, or resentful and destructive. They lose their firm grip on what matters as the whole world starts to seem flimsy.

huh? oh, uh, ponecest. I'm still waiting for broken-arms Pinkie who is just wriggling like mad because she's such an energetic fuck, and needs Anon to satisfy her urges.. be they making cakes or frigging the fuck out of her juicy, puffy loins.
You've gotta do it! or she'll vibrate clean through those casts and possibly end up with an irreparable injury
>You will never help your extremely flexible sister properly stretch before a gymnastics meet
>huh? oh, uh, ponecest. I'm still waiting for broken-arms Pinkie who is just wriggling like mad because she's such an energetic fuck, and needs Anon to satisfy her urges..

>Pinkie is full of energy
>Feels like she's going crazy not being able to do anything with her arms
>Is restless and has trouble sleeping at night
>It's up to Anon to fuck the excess energy out of her
I'd read it.
yeah but slow burn, for a start you just rub her kitty because she cant for herself
>"Plant your hand right on my crotch, Nonny."
>"No, that's my belly; lower."
>"Lo-yeah, that's right: your palm should be right on top of my vagina."
>"Heh, I know it's kinda awkward. Don't worry about it, okay? You're helping me stretch and you're doing the same thing my girl friends do when I'm working out with them."
>"Alright, just give me a bit of a push, okay? I want you to really get a firm grip so that I don't slip."
>"Hey, you're doing great. Okay, now just-what?"
>"What do you mean, it feels slippery?"
>"Oh, that's just how the female body reacts with this sort of physical exertion."
>"Yeah, this sorta thing happens all the time! Did I ever tell you about how I broke my hymen back when I first started out stre-
>"Oh, uh... yeah, I guess you don't want to hear about your sister's vagina.
>"Hey, don't sweat it, I understand."
>"I mean, I don't hear you telling me about how gross and sweaty your junk gets after you go for a run, right?"
>"And I certainly don't see you tryin' to get me to rub you down there when you get back."
>"You fuckin' prude..."
>"What? Yeah, no, I was just muttering to myself. Don't worry about it, Anon."
>"Anyway, I'm always a little bit wobbly after a good stretch. Mind giving me a hand at scrubbing me down after we're done here?"
File: Spoiler Image (160 KB, 846x874)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
>6 months later...
File: 1484256652258.jpg (68 KB, 720x552)
68 KB
>>"You fuckin' prude..."
>Incest fueled by life long rivalry.
Green when?
>you're doing the same thing my girl friends do when I'm working out with them."
File: 1502516004374.png (475 KB, 720x720)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
>TFW no sweaty cousin appul tiddies to fondle.
Don't get much Blossomforth green

I'd like to see more if possible. She's acutie
what's she about
I pop in every 2 or 3 days hoping for father-daughter stuff, which is honestly the only sort of incest that does anything for me. But it's rarely even mentioned here.
The threads have a hard focus on mothers, aunts and older sisters.
Hm who would your ideal daughter be? Sweetie? I might could think somethin up
Apple Bloom, no question. Cutest filly around.
Except if satyrfaggotry was on the table, whole other story then.

Inbreeding is a definite plus if you do make something. But that's just me.
I mean I like writing monsters. did that harpy stuff a while back
it's really fucking with canon to be AB's dad though. it feels wrong somehow.
oh wait. then again.. if only pearbutter died.. then that could work nicely as a little tweak to the story. yeah. Hmm.. I'm thinking..
File: Spoiler Image (490 KB, 1037x2545)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
Well, it hasn't stopped the thread before, but I suppose with the reveal of her parents fresh in the community's mind, it might be that one that's different.

If you'd rather avoid working around that, and you've written stuff like harpies, Peach is a top notch daughteru to breed. Her pa should give her lots of kids, as befits a member of the Apple clan.
hmm, OC huh? I dunno
yeah I think maybe just dead mom but alive dad might work. though I can't think of anything right now. plus I need to sleep

but by all means imagine Apple Bloom shuckin' her clothes and climbing into bed with her Pa
onna counta he's lonely an' cold.
I should read Minnie n' Slug for inspiration here. and some shit with some slutty southern girls like Hounddog and shit
>You were laying on your bed, sprawled out and enjoying the space.
>Moondancer was looking into a mirror and was untying her hair from its ponytail, getting ready to go back to her own bed.
>”Someone looks happy.”
>You refused to acknowledge the compliment by looking at her but you answered anyways.
“I’m going to miss waking up in the morning to one of your amazing kidney punches.”
>She was flustered by your insult and you can hear her stomp on the floor.
>”Well maybe you shouldn’t have tried to cuddle with me when we agreed to keep to our own sides of the bed!”
“If I recall correctly, you were the one cuddling ME.”
>She rose a hand to retort but then the door to your room creaked open and Dad poked his head through.
>”Moondancer? I know I promised but it’s going to take a few more days before I can patch that hole up in your room.”
>Sis turned and her jaw dropped,
>”I don’t have anything around the house to cover it up but as soon as the ice on the roads melts I’ll head out and get something to fix it right up.”
>Dad reached down and brought up a thick folded-up blanket and quickly handed it to sis.
>”Just for a few more days, honey. Besides, when was the last time you actually talked to your brother?”
>He turned his head to you and announced,
>”You better talk with your sister while you can before she goes back into being cooped up in her room all day.”
>He left and shut the door, Moondancer holding the extra blanket in disbelief.
>You rolled back over to your side and sighed,
“I don’t want this any more than you do.”
>”You move around too much in your sleep.”
“At least I don’t talk in my sleep.”
>She climbed onto her side of the bed and gave you a quick glare.
>”I do NOT talk in my sleep.”
>You chuckled as you turned the lamp on your nightstand off with a *click*.
>It was black as pitch and you could feel her throwing the new blanket over the first one.
“If you really don’t want to cuddle you should have used the blanket instead of the pillow.”
>”Shut up! It’s warm enough in here already now go to sleep!”
>You shrugged it off as she rolled over, you could tell she was too embarrassed to even face your direction. Even if it was in total darkness.
>Forcing your eyes closed you try to get some shut eye.
>But what she said was beginning to prove more than true.
>It started to get warmer and warmer in your bed and eventually you resorted to flipping your pillow over just to feel the cold side.
>The extra layer of blanket sure didn’t help and neither did the extra body in the same bed.
>To make matters worse your pajamas start to feel as if there’s ants in them with how hot it’s getting.
>Having had enough, you make a desperate attempts at cooling off and getting comfortable.
>You slide off your shirt and drop it out of the bed as calmly as you can.
>Then came off the other half and as soon as they did a surge of relief swept through you.
>Moondancer will be trying to keep away, so you should be fine in just your boxers.
>You may not cuddle tonight, but at least you won’t melt in your own bed.
>Now comfortable and cool, your eyes shut and you drift into sleep.

>This is even worse than last night!
>You should have just left the blanket on the floor!
>The blanket didn’t make you feel any better, if anything, you were getting too hot.
>Are you going to have to sleep in your underwear?
>Ugh, you hope not.
>Especially not with HIM in the same bed as you.
>And if things went south, you’d be in an even more awkward position than last night!
>A stirring breaks your train of thought and the blankets rise and fall as something on Anons side of the bed moves.
>What’s he doing?
>Whatever it is, it’s making it hotter in here.
>With a deep sigh you patiently wait for Anon to stop rustling and finally lay still.
>Then you wait for any more signs of him being awake, you can feel the very slight rise and fall of his chest and hear the very faint slow methodical breathing he had last night when he really was asleep.
>Now was your chance and you quickly and quietly stripped to the bare minimum and throw out the clothes.
>It certainly feels better than before and you let out a sigh of content.
>At least it wasn’t so-
>You feel a hand and an arm wrap around your waist and a chest push against your back.
>His legs connect with yours and the words ‘little spoon’ ring in your head.
>There was no WAY he was awake, he wouldn’t DARE.
>With a poke and prod and even a, “Anon? Are you asleep?” you confirm your assumption.
>He pulled you in closer to him and her nestled against your back, his every breath was tickling the back of your neck.
>Maybe you could…
>NO. N-O.
>You push the thought out before you can even think it!
>Forcing your eyes closed you try to make yourself go to sleep.
>It’s not easy but you do eventually succumb to sleep. For a while, actually.
>Until something VERY hot and VERY hard starts pressing against the back of your panties…
>You bite your lip in terror and in an ugly form of excitement.
>And to make this even more of a nightmare Anon began to…
>’rub’ against you.
>Somehow his boxers had come undone and you felt his raw, uncovered passion pressing and messaging your behind.
>Of all the things to happen, BOTH of you undressed in the SAME bed.
>A poke interrupts your thinking and brings back a thrown-away thought.
>And you were considering it…
>Should you?
>He would never know, would he?
>Even if he grew suspicious you could somehow turn it around on him.
>That’s if he doesn’t wake up of course.
>A quick sudden jab later and Anon slipped right into your thigh gap.
>Your skin shivers in delight and you get goosebumps from the unplanned pressing and rubbing.
>He felt so hot, even through your panties.
>And his animalistic humping was enough to make you start questioning your mental health.
>Carefully you pull your underwear to the side of your young flower, you had to be careful not to wake him up at all times.
>Reaching down in the dark, you felt around and eventually find his tip and move it towards its intended target.
>His steaming hot tip moved uncontrollably as he continued his sleeping assault on your thighs and it gave you one last moment of thinking.
>Are you sure you wanted to go through with this?
>Having your brother enter you?
>A warm feeling spreads from your heart and to the rest of your body and you decide, “Yes.”
>Pulling his member up it finds your entrance and inserts itself with ease thanks to your natural lubricants.
>Two sensations attack you at this point.
>One of intense pleasure as Anon begins to clutch you tighter in his arms and pull you closer in embrace to hopefully get deeper inside of you,
>And one of stinging pain as he stretches your opening and snatches away your virginity.
>Your body starts to spasm as you near what, if you remember correctly from that awkward sex-ed class, orgasm.
>You let out an “Ooo~” as he hilts you repeatedly and without relent.
>Biting your lip again you feel influx after influx of ecstasy and bliss ride through your body as Anon rides you.
>An abrupt shock hits you and your heart begins to race as you realize what Anons quickened thrusting meant.
>Shutting your eyes closed you make no effort to stop the sudden, final, thrust or the warm, hot, substance he buried deep into your field.
>Slithering a hand down you messaged the skin just below your waist and just above your inseminated organ.
>You relaxed your muscles and body and let him pull you closer like a teddy bear or doll.
>Just before you fell asleep, you could feel an impromptu smile on your face and could only imagine the smile on his still dreaming face.
>The deed was done and you fully intended to take advantage of however long you would share this bed.

>You stretched out your arms and let out a loud yawn.
>You’ve never felt so great in your entire life but you didn’t let it show.
>Looking over you saw Anon putting a pile of clothes on top of a towel he was holding.
>He saw you and quickly looked away, seemingly embarrassed.
>”Hey, did you… Did we do anything last night?”
>Rubbing one of your eyes you shook your head.
“No, unless you mean actually staying on our respective sides of the bed for the first time.”
>He nodded quickly and threw a pair of underwear into the pile.
>”I just had this dream. Is all.”
“Did you know some scientist believe there’s a correlation between a person’s dreams and their subconscious thoughts? Maybe you should tell me about it, I’d love to hear it.”
>He looked at you with a little worry, but then, with a smile.
>”Yeah, maybe I should.”

So concludes this addition to the incest thread.
I'm spending time with family so I may be posting less frequently but any ideas or prompts that seem interesting I'll put on the shelf and consider what I'll make of them.
Taking father-daughter into heavy consideration.
>He pulled you in closer to him and her nestled against your back,
he* nestled
File: sp.png (12 KB, 612x145)
12 KB
>one and a half year old wip pastepin
>not 800 lines
>fetish thread

I know writefags who put out 500 lines per week of a serious story who are underappreciated
Thanks m80
That's part of the joke. The other part is my writing itself. I mean I literally posted a screencap of myself shamelessly self-plugging my work while merely pretending to be retarded by leaving my name on. I've become naught more than a self-parody at this point.
Very nice.
>father daughter
Do it. That shit is great, and there's not enough of it around.
Someone please do this.
File: eg7.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
>"It was working! I saw it twitch!"
>"Are you sure you didn't just tug at it yourself by sheer force of will?"
>You shrink back into your chair, not wanting any part of this argument.
>"You are being ridiculous."
>"Speak for yourself, Tia. If you stared less at his tool and more at his face, you would notice that this farce is a drain on his faculties."
>Your mother pauses. Having no response, she looks to you.
>Seeing you cowering at the scene apparently strikes a chord with her, if her surprised gape is anything to go by.
>You don't really feel like affirming Luna's point with a nod, so you simply avert your gaze.
>But apparently that's confirmation enough for her, as she drops to her knees and pulls you into a bone-shattering embrace.
>"I-I'm sorry... I didn't notice..."
>Squeezing you tighter, you suddenly become very conscious of the mounds of flesh pushing against your chest.
"Hrrnnghh... is... -kay..."
>Still locked within your mother's embrace, your aunt approaches and lays a hand on your head, smiling guiltily.
>"As am I, I suppose. I could probably have fixed this myself long ago, this whole thing was just too amusing."
>Your mother stands back up, releasing your breathless body back into the chair.
>"What? How?"
>Luna giggles, back to her more mirthful self.
>"Like I said, just observe where his gaze tends towards, and the answer becomes obvious."
>You both pause, not seeing any supposedly obvious answer.
>"Well..? What is it?"
>Your aunt's grin begins exposing teeth as she walks towards her sister, reaching out her hands to move the multi-hued hair behind the perplexed woman's shoulders.
>Surprised by the sudden invasion of her personal space, your mother warily backs away, only for your aunt to grab her by the wrists to close the space between them.
>"W-wait, Luna, what are you-"
>"Don't fight back, I don't think he's into that."
>Their faces move closer as you sit further on the edge of the seat, not believing your eyes.
File: eg8.png (1.8 MB, 1869x2380)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
>The sounds of their breathing are cut off as their lips make contact, replaced by muffled moaning noises from your mother.
>Taking a step back to regain her balance, your mother's eyes are open in shock.
>Every one of her attempts to move back are met by an equivalent move forward, not allowing for any kind of retreat.
>You can see you mother's hands attempting to flail around, only to be held down in submission.
>Luna's forcefulness seems to break through her sister's defenses with remarkable ease, allowing the invasion to probe deeper.
>Your aunt continues with a fervour you can only describe as cannibalistic, as she appears to be attempting to eat your mother's face.
>Not knowing if the continued moaning is coming from a place of desperation or pleasure, the idea of stopping this display crosses your mind.
>A hundred different instincts overwhelm you all at once to protest the thought, telling you instead to keep watching.
>A couple of seconds pass and Luna finally pulls back, several strands of saliva connecting their still open mouthes.
>The sounds of heavy breathing fill the room, not least from yourself, images of the scene freshly burned into your memory.
>Your mother steps away with a heavy blush, her composure completely shattered.
>Not used to this kind of indignation, she looks a mixture of upset and confused.
>"D-dungeon. Now."
>Your aunt responds by pointing at you with a triumphant grin, much to your initial confusion, until you see the exact spot she's pointing at.
>Your eyes wide as saucers, you didn't recognize this odd sensation amongst all the other ones flooding your head until now.
>It's completely stiff. Arisen. Hanging no more.
>Suddenly the metaphors all make sense.
"I-i-it worked..!"
>Your aunt walks over to lean on your chair, looking smugly back at her older sister, who for the second time today is reduced to a state of speechlessness.
>"See? What did I tell you?"
Only have this two-post dump for now, plus the paste is up.

By the way, wtf is this?
File: 1499124086811.png (191 KB, 600x560)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
One of these days I'm going to pull off your mask like a Scooby Doo villain and reveal a bunch of different Anons.
oh now I remember, I was going to add that someone had added a ton of aphrodisiacs to the water supply and when it was discovered, nobody cared
>You will never have sci-Twi as your sister
>She will never have a dubious set of morals
>She will never slip some experimental aphrodisiacs she's developing into your drink to see what happens
>3 days later, she will never stumble out of her room: naked, covered in sweat, and leaking your fluids out of every orifice
>She will never crawl over to her clipboard and mark down "experiment success" before passing out from exhaustion
Oh god, that is such a DAD
Alright I thought of something in bed
>Bright McAnontosh catches AJ and Big Mac in the throes
>Decides then and there to just be cool with it, gives them a thumbs up. Doesnt stare but doesn't close the door, and tells them not to bother gettin dressed afterwards
>has a chat with them about how he realizes he's been in love with wee Bloom for ages and asks whether maybe they have some indications she reciprocates because he'd never try to screw up his little girl
>they say she HAS been staring and blushing whenever you walk around in your underwear
>and has also started doing it herself
>etc etc profit
top quality sleephumps
>I literally posted a screencap of myself shamelessly self-plugging my work while merely pretending to be retarded by leaving my name on.
Oh chum, that is going too far.
Farewell, madman.
So... Left one goes into liver, second one - somewhere in the guts where duodenum starts. Are these - the source of energy for cannons?
uh yeah, what did you think your liver did?
Cleaned some blood after yesterday's strange brewery. And does duodenum generate not only shit, but also plasma?
Yes, cleaning your blood and then using its blood plasma to power giant energy cannons. And your villi generate important electrical current for the forcefield on that reinforced shield. Why else would your intestines be carpeted on the inside? Think, son.
I am still confused about power amounts per year
File: 1485747106510.jpg (29 KB, 526x397)
29 KB
more pls
Well that depends on your diet doesn't it? If you want to shoot more lasers you have to eat light snacks, just like they recommend.
File: Spoiler Image (963 KB, 197x208)
963 KB
963 KB GIF
>feeling confident and safe in your grasp, Rarity makes her way back up to the parish
>as she kills the three hollow soldiers outside the church, you notice something
>the path down back to the smith is covered by a fog door
>oh no
"Hey, uh Rares. I think you're getting invaded."
>"What? Invaded?"
"Yeah. So, a another player is about to show up and try to kill you, and since this is a very popular grief spot, there's probably no chance you're going to win."
>"What should I do?"
"Just let him do what he wants to do and he'll leave."
>Invaded by dark spirit Xx69SWAGMAZTER69xX
>A red, naked bald man runs out of the church and towards Rarity
>He's dualwielding bows, and it looks like he keeps reaching into some non existant back pockets or something
>What the fuck is this guy doing?
>he runs up to Rarity, inches away from her face, continually reaching into his ghost pockets
>this goes on for about thirty seconds before Rarity breaks the silence
"Um...Darling? What is he doing?" she looks to you for answers
>she doesn't find them
"I, uh... I've never seen anyone do this before. Maybe just try to ignore him?"
"O-oh. Okay then."
>she steps inside the church, but stops when she sees who is waiting for her inside
>a giant of a man, clad head to toe in heavy steel armor
>in one arm is a colossal great shield, and the other a great mace
>"Oh, my. He's quite the large fellow, isn't he?"
"No, you're not saying it right."
>"Saying what right?"
File: dark souls community.gif (349 KB, 177x200)
349 KB
349 KB GIF
>your red friend runs up to the Big Guy and does the dance of his people
"Welp, get to work killing this dude. I'd recommend grabbing his attention and running outside into that small courtyard."
>you poke your index fingers into her soft sides, spurring her on
>she cries out in suprise "Ah! Anon, don't do that!" she fumbles the controller
>causing her to step into the Big Guy's line of sight
"Better run, he can see you now."
>you poke her again, and she squirms and pushes her body into yours in response
>"S-s-stop! You are so lucky I can't pause!"
>she runs out of the church to square of with Big guy
>dancer bro follows behind
>Big Guy comes at Rarity with a heavy overhead swing, which she narrowly dodges
>she comes out of the roll behind him and lands a few blows on his back
>he catches her off guard by backhanding her with his giant shield
>she backs off to take a sip of her orange juice before jumping back into the fight
>she cleanly rolls under Big Guy's incoming horizontal swing and lands behind him, unleashing a flurry of blows with her scimitar
>but she gets greedy, and catches a mace in the face while trying to get another quick hit in
>she backs off to take another drink
"Alright Rares, you almost got him. Don't get greedy. Just one or two more hits."
>Big guy decides now is a good time to heal, and pulls out his OJ and tries to take a big gulp
"Oh, he's healing! GO!"
>she takes a few steps before being teleported back to her original position
>a sword thrusts out from her chest and her health bar drains
>kicked off of the blade, she falls to the ground
>Why, dancer bro?
Updated paste for anyone new.
File: batmanhorsey.jpg (88 KB, 400x435)
88 KB
> >"Oh, my. He's quite the large fellow, isn't he?"
> "No, you're not saying it right."
> >"Saying what right?"
> "Nevermind."

File: 1494344356.jpg (55 KB, 480x480)
55 KB
> >"Oh, my. He's quite the large fellow, isn't he?"
I cannot stop kekking

What ever happened to that guy? Did he check back in after his one-year CNS probation?
>Your sister and your mother will never compete to see who can get into your pants the first
>"I know you like your sister's pussy, but have you ever gotten a boobjob from someone with tits as big as mine?"
File: 1464534384594.jpg (47 KB, 352x338)
47 KB
>Sleep in the same bed with Moondancer all the way through your teen years because mom and dad are cheap as fuck
>They have the gal to be surprised when they find out that you and Moony have been fucking for years, to say nothing of how they reacted when Moony's stomach started to grow
>Twilight Velvet is aware that her children, Anon and Twilight, are fucking
>Sees cum stains on her daughter's panties when she does the laundry
>Velvet doesn't want to become a grandmother before she's 40, so she decides to seduce her son away from her daughter before it's too late
She's below 90 degrees and above 0
Has there ever been an incest green where the affection-receiving party was hesitant to reciprocate? Maybe Chryssa-mom is lonely and wants some special attention from her son Anon, but the poor guy's just generally uncomfortable about being intimate with his mother, and now it's up to Chrysalis to ease him into some special loving.
You probably could find one but stuff like this is pretty much a prompt fodder.
That sounds like pretty much every single one of my greens to some extent, lol
Are you going to do an update tonight?
Unfortunately not, I'll probably have the next one done by early next thread.
fuckin glitches or else something else I don't know about
Invader pulled out a sword and backstabbed her
File: National geographic.png (432 KB, 765x999)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
Friendly reminder that Zecora comes from a tribe and has very little understanding of "age of consent," and would therefore see nothing wrong with marrying and breeding her 12 year old cousin.

mods pls no bully, all the naughty bits that make Jesus cry are cropped out
>Autistic REEEing breaks glass worldwide.
I know that feeling.
I just want to make comfycest green and art with favorite satyr daughter, but the satyrs troll throws an absolute tantrum over it every single time.
File: 1501640061890.jpg (60 KB, 640x480)
60 KB
>Cousin Zecora offers to babysit Anon while his parents are out
>Takes breaks from fucking him only to make sure he eats dinner, has a bath, and gets to bed in time
>...which she then crawls into so that they can continue to have sex
>"No pajamas; there, your member is freed. Now lay down, cousin, it's time to breed."
>The next morning, Anon is practically glowing when he talks about how much fun he had with his cousin
>Parents decide to bring her over to watch Anon every time they go out
>"Ugh. It isn't enough that I'm having my brother's baby, but now Anon wants to fuck me in the ass?"
Should this be the op pic for next bread?
I like it
You know, everyone says how like, batman's mask wouldnt hide much because you can tell someone by their chin, but... when you use the fucking molded rubber mask, it really could be anyone
no denying that, you pythagorean motherfucker
Turns out it's hard to know who someone is when you cover up 80% of their face.
I meant the teleport part
basically was it a sync issue?
ignore them and do it anyway. i'd read it. i have never been to one of the satyr threads and have no idea what goes on in them, nor do I care, but I like any kind of monster waifu
Well not most of the time, when the mask is relatively featureless, but in a situation like this where it has molded facial features it sort of... becomes a face. you can't ignore it and look under it
it's like how hard it is to see eyes frowning if you hold a piece of paper with a smile over the bottom of your face
>Incestuous thread: National Geographic edition
Do it.
I think Batman knew that, so he wears an additional mask underneath his mask. It's latex rubber that forms over the bottom of his face and makes it different than his actual face looks like, which throws his enemies off when they think "well we can see part of his face, so figuring out who Batman is shouldn't be too hard.

He's a man who carries around kryptonite just in case he needs to kill Superman; surely he's thought this far ahead.
That makes so much sense. It also explains why adam west amd burt ward's masks looked so shitty. if they were carefully tailored to their faces it would have been too obvious. Yeah, that's it.
>Adam West Batman is actually best Batman
My god. The anti-shark bat spray (which he stored away in his bat-helicopter) was just a distraction. His shitty costume and strange white eyebrows were to throw his enemies off.
>"Hey there, kiddo. Your favourite aunt Spitfire's here! Yer mom's out for a few hours and guess who gets to hang out with the coolest little guy there is? That's right! I do!"
>"I think I know what we can do to pass the time, little buddy."
>"You wanna go see a Wonderbolts derby? I know a certain captain who just might be able to give us the go-ahead to meet a few stars after the show. What do you say, kiddo?"
>"Wh-what do you mean, 'no'?"
>"The Wonderbolts aren't COOL any more?!"
>"Y-You don't know what you're talking about, kid! If the Wonderbolts aren't cool, then who is?"
>"Who told you that?! You're crazy, Anon."
>"No, I'm not being a grumpy old lady! O-Or ANY type of old lady!"
>"...32 isn't that old..."
>"Stop laughing! Why do the children always LAUGH?!"
>"...I'm NOT old."
>"I'm NOT."
>"If I were some wrinkly old crone, I wouldn't be able to do things like have sex whenever I wan-"
>"You know what, Anon? How about we do something that young people do?"
>"Yeah, only the COOLEST of cool do this."
>"Let's go up to your bedroom, okay? No, I know you didn't clean it. No, I don't care; I'm not lame and old like your mom is."
>"Heh. Yeah, that's right. He's not laughing at ME this time."
>"So just run up there and take off your clothes, alright? I'll be-"
>"Shut up, this is EXACTLY what the cool kids do."
>"I'll be up there in a second, alright? Alright."
>"Hmph. 'Old'. 'Uncool'."
>"We'll see who's and old crone when you pass out before I do, nephew."
Ewww no thanks old hag
>Not wanting incest in incest thread.
Auntie, why is your head so abnormally small?
>"Sorry we got caught, Batman. I've got no peripheral vision!"
>"It's worth it to hide your identity, old chum"
>"Holy Halloween! But golly, who'd know me from Adam?"
...that never occurred to me. Those masks must really fuck with their field of vision.
>"My head ain't small, kiddo. My tits is just huge."
>Not "Ew, no way hag."
Missed opportunity.
No, it has nothing to do with your breast you genetic freak, look at your fucking hand to face ratio, you look like that photoshopped image of a babies head onto an adult males body
File: doggo.png (1.46 MB, 1018x728)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
File: IMG_3865.jpg (42 KB, 310x310)
42 KB
Well, I might cross-posted incest stuff from there if there'd be readers.

>I like any kind of monster waifu
Pic related. Best daughteru.
Does anyone have that cousin Flutters green?
File: Laughing.jpg (28 KB, 801x534)
28 KB
Always give me a chuckle
normally it's something you can ignore, or even with some cuts, not a problem at all,
but burt's mask wasn't REMOTELY cut properly. he couldn't see forward
then again they also hired a stunt double that looked nothing like him, used real dynamite in some scenes, gave him dick-shrinking pills.. so that was probably the least of his problems
File: Rules of Nature.png (137 KB, 1540x1618)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
Incest related memes
>Your dad catches you in bed with Grandma
>Starts giving you the business
>"Hey, I never object when you fuck MY mom!"
File: 1497576653828.jpg (30 KB, 600x494)
30 KB
I already like this Anon
File: 1492045848921.jpg (321 KB, 1137x2000)
321 KB
321 KB JPG

Anyone have spoiled Tiara green?
The Epic Of Gilgamesh
What the hell is that?
>"I'd be careful there, little guy. If I'm a genetic freak, then you're a genetic freak's nephew; you ain't exactly winning any beauty pageants yourself."
>gave him dick-shrinking pills
Batman, why? Isn't it bad enough his parents are dead?
File: image.png (283 KB, 592x1082)
283 KB
283 KB PNG
Remember Daring mom, nonny?
Who are you, miss?
Who dis bitch?
>Leave for adventure so frequently during Anon's formative years that he hides behind his nanny's legs and asks, "Mommy, who's this lady?"
>Spend the following night crying and drinking
>Spend the morning after dealing with a hangover and trying to figure out how to fix this
I wish
File: image.jpg (1.16 MB, 4496x3800)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Why do you have to be so mean to her?
It's what happens when you go to arimaspi lands, a place they gave their own spot south of Equestria on the official map, and knock up one of these.
File: 1495996725587.png (853 KB, 1440x1440)
853 KB
853 KB PNG

>"Was that a rail car?"
>"No, that was TWO rail cars."
>"Oh god, why does this keep happening?"
>"I swear, if I make it back home, I'm going to wrap up my Anon in a hug and never ever let him go."
>"If anybody out there is listening, I promise I'll even... I don't know, have a child in your name or something if you let me get out of this alive."
>"In fact, fuck it; I'll even have ANON'S kid if it makes you happy, mister hypothetical deity."
>"I'll move all his stuff into my room, and he'll sleep in my bed, and we'll make love every single night, and-"
>A third rail car falls past Daring Do's head, the wind following in its wake tears her hat off of her head.
>She curses as she tries in vein to snatch it out of the air.
>"Son of a bitch, Anon bought me that hat!"
>To her immense surprise, the rail cart Daring was holding onto starts to rise; the carts that fell seemed to be weighing her side of the train down, and now her side was the lighter side.
>With an unimaginably loud groaning creak from the tearing metal of the train, Daring is flung up into the air like the tip of he whip.
>After a terrifying moment of freefall, Daring Do lands (mostly harmlessly) onto the edge of the cliff.
>She turns around just in time to watch the train split in half and crumble into the abyss.
>Daring stares down at the train as it gets smaller and smaller.
>There's an enormous -BOOM- as the train collides with the ground, and the resulting rush of air from below blows her hair out of her face.
>After a few silent seconds, Daring's hat flutters up from the edge of the cliff and lands at her feet, completely unharmed.
>For a long moment, Daring Do stands at the edge of the cliff, before reaching down and grabbing her hat and putting it back on her head.
>She glances up at the sky and nods.
>"Reading you loud and clear, boss."
>Daring Do turns around and walks away, patting her stomach absentmindedly.
>"I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl..."
>Huh. Probably should have seen that coming.
>Rarity doesn't show any reaction, as if she's still processing what happened
>five seconds
>ten seconds
"Uh. Hey Rarity? You still in there?"
>you give her stomach a squeeze
>you lean around her to look at her in the face
>Holy shit, she looks like the sun from Super Mario Bros. 3
>you snap your finger in her face
>in a second, her expression changes from one of endless rage to one of slight confusion
>"Huh? What happened?"
"You got backstabbed by the invader, and then you just spaced out for a bit. Are you okay?"
>she rubs her hand on her forehead
>"Ooh... I've just gotten the worst headache.I think that's enough for today."
"Oh, I see. Giving up already?"
>you jab her sides with your fingers again and she stiffens up
>"Anon! If you do that one more time, I'm going to make you regret it."
>"Argh! THAT'S IT!"
>she tries to throw an elbow back into you, but you're so close you only catch a little bit of her upper arm
>when she realizes that she's powerless in your arms, she struggles to break free
>but it's no use
"Just say it, Rarara~. Just say 'I give up', and this doesn't have to happen."
>"No! You wouldn't dare, let me go!"
>Rarity caught firmly in your grasp, you scoot both of you away from the TV and into the center of the room to prepare for the oncoming battle
>battle? more like slaughter
"Last chance, Rarity. I know all your weak spots, and I'm not afraid to use them."
>"You... you RUFFIAN! This isn't fair, LET ME GO!"
>she's flailing her arms and legs around, trying to loosen your grip, but it only makes things easier
>you slip your right hand across her chest, brushing against her soft breasts, and entrench it under her left arm
>initiate the tickles
>"AH! A-anon,sto-stop! Ahahaha, stop it, stop it, S-STOP IT!"
>you managed to slip your left hand under her right arm, doubling the tickles
>"Ehehehehahahahaha, p-p-please, Anon, plea-he-hese!" She sounds like she's practically in tears
>you let her go, and she desperately attempts to crawl away, but you catch her by the ankle and begin a new assault on the underside of her knee
>she rolls over and sits in an attempt to stop you from hitting another tickle spot, but you just grab her other ankle and pull her back towards her
>you straddle her, locking her legs in place with your knees
>she throws a few limp-wristed girly punches at you, but you find both of her wrists and pin her arms down above her head
>and then you gaze down at your trapped prey
>her chest is heaving, her breasts demanding attention
>your member stiffens
>glancing up, your eyes meet her deep, blue pools
>you lose yourself in those eyes
>you don't notice yourself drawing closer to her face
>you dive in, and her soft lips meet yours
>"Mmph? Mmmm~..."

Once again, let me hear any constructive criticism. Updated paste.
>That cliffhanger
Ach mein Gott.

>you just grab her other ankle and pull her back towards her*
I think you meant towards you*
Shit, yeah, I'll fix it in the bin.
File: 1491341346564.png (205 KB, 930x826)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
WEW LAD. That escalated quickly.
Jesus this thread is dead.
To be perfectly honest letting it die and then trying again next week or maybe even later wouldn't be a bad idea.
Not as dead as fingerbang.
>claims thread is ded
>4 days for bump limit
there are generals which go 2 weeks
Are you fucking kidding me? Every time I finish my morning coffee at the office and start to work you dildoes start to write all type of bullshit here, including mind-breaking fapcontent, and now, in the middle of the fucking night, someone starts to whine how dead the slow-by-definition thread is? It's like everyone who creates something or at least comments it is located somewhere in the western Russia and we all could just drop the act and start talking cyrillic.
Лизaниe двepных pyчeк зaпpeщeнo нa дpyгих плaнeтaх. Пpидepживaйтecь eгo!
Boт тaкaя хyйня и пpoиcхoдит, кoгдa юзaeшь гyглoпepeвoдчик.
we're only having fun here
This is actually fun. The closer english-speaker comes to form correct sentences, the funnier it sounds. I bet it's the same dun on your side
>The closer english-speaker comes to form correct sentences, the funnier it sounds
either "an english-speaker comes" or "english-speakers come"
but nice try, russiafag
Oh! And "they" because you used the plural of "sentences", then they are not an "it" anymore.
Keep learning, I know English is not a nice language.
The first one, thanks for noticing.

Well, it's the sentence which sounds funnier, not a dude, so "it", isn't it?
>You will never spend a lazy Sunday morning in bed, between your twin sister RD and your newly adopted sister Scoots
I can't take credit. it's literally a millennia-old joke. I just felt like sharing
We had a short awhile back of Anon being her big brother. He visited her for her birthday only to find she was drunk and a emotional wreck, after getting a lapdance he carries her to bed and cuddles her to sleep and helping her prep for the hangover. Anon proceeds to wake up to a thank you good morning suck an fuck, after which he offers to let her move in with him after she makes up with her friend Silver. Fast forward a few weeks he finds her on his doorstep with Silver to watch/join them in the comfy threesome married life. It was pretty feelsy as well as lewd.
Kek, I do like this one.
File: SlbEBL46BKY.jpg (6 KB, 183x183)
6 KB
Bin, possibly?
>Not twin sister Dash and little cousin Scoots.
is there a way to resurrect this thread
I wish, but it might be on the list somewhere. Or someone screencapped it. Its been awhile though so I'm not sure.
Apparently concerned groups wrote them every single week complaining of Robin's bulge, or in its absence, the worrying potential thereof
What the hell is wrong with her head?
Top quality. Could have used more foot tickling but I understand fetishists may have ruined that. Kinda sucks when you can't get a side of peas on your plate because there are weirdos eating big heaping plates of peas.
>Rainbow Dash will never be confused when she feels upset that her brother Anon has started dating
>She will never unwaveringly believe that none of Anon's potential girlfriends are good enough for him
>When a date is agreed on, Rainbow will never corner the girl and tell her that she'd better treat you right "or else"
thats cute
>You picked her out yourself, getting the adoption agency to tink you were the parents
>you both promised to molest her equally
File: Spoiler Image (45 KB, 500x290)
45 KB
>loli stories
Bring it.
>Ask if any of them have a past of being mildly sexually abused, and still act in inappropriate ways as a result
>Find one and promise you'll give her the sweet consensual lovin' she craves every since her well-meaning but indiscreet dad did some stuff and she got sent to the aloney bin
>One of you's a girl so she feels better about it
File: 123432141234.png (262 KB, 723x1024)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>You finally spot your cousin step off the terminal, struggling with two big suitcases
>You quickly walk over to her, excited since you haven't seen her in nearly a decade
"Octavia, hey, recognize me?"
>She looks up at you, her eyes beaming
>"'Course I recognize me ol' china plate! Oi, could ye help me git me crowded spaces down these table and stairs?"
>You stare blankly at her, blinking a few times
>"Me crowded spaces ye septic tank, ey're 'eavy, could you help me"
>You finally catch on when she starts bouncing her luggage up and down
>You let out an audible "oh" before grabbing them and walking down the stairs
>"Geez Anon, ye need to pull yer loaf oot af yer khyber pass... An git yer mince pies aff me bistrols"
>You don't understand a single word she says, but at least she's... Grown into a fine young woman
File: punished doggo.jpg (180 KB, 811x1082)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>mfw Catfood is ded.
It hurts
File: 1498629748090.png (58 KB, 445x405)
58 KB
>Octavia yammers on to Anon the entire trip back from the airport to Anon's place
>Anon can't understand a god-given word she's saying, but still makes affirmative noises like "Mm-hmm" and "Oh yeah?"
>Octavia's mule-like laughter blindsides Anon more than once and he narrowly avoids losing control of the car more than once
>When they pull into the driveway, Octavia steps outside and pulls Anon into a rough embrace
>Thanks Anon for listening and comments that she's never connected with someone so well before
>Grabs her bags and goes inside
>Anon has no honest clue what she even said during the entire journey home
>>Octavia's mule-like laughter blindsides Anon more than once and he narrowly avoids losing control of the car more than once
fuck. I think it's time to sleep, I'm forgetting what I'm saying as I'm typing it.
It's her laughter. it messed with you.
File: Celestia Luna scouts.png (155 KB, 324x370)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
>You will never share a private cabin with your trailblazer Momlestia and I-only-joined-the-scouts-because-your-Grandmother-made-me LunAunt
>"Slut. Slut. Idiot. Slut. HUGE slu-"
"Sister, put down the binoculars and stop creeping on the girl's cabin."
>"I'm not creeping on ANYBODY, Luna. My little Nonny's at the age where he's going to want to date girls, and it's up to me to make sure some little bitch doesn't sink her claws into him."
File: 1415724307585.gif (1.85 MB, 250x188)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
>Expect it to be great sandwiched between two old but finely aged busty women
>Momlestia just spends every waking hour droning on about the badges she earned when she was a scout
>You ask her to help you with your knot tying one day, interrupting her talk about getting her "pull a leech of your genitalia" badge
>"Sure Anon! Let's get started"
>As she finally finishes up the thrilling story of getting her "emptying the septic tank" badge there's a noose hanging eight feet off the ground
File: Spoiler Image (396 KB, 1024x2144)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
>The next day, it's too hot for regular activities, so it's mostly anything water related
>Anon is swimming with a bunch of classmates, mostly girls
>Luna sticks around to keep an eye on the "little skanks"
>Unfortunately, she fails to notice who her nephew is keeping his eye on
>"Dammit, Luna!"
>Your sister points at the lifeguard on duty.
>"It's the huge slut!"
What's the next thread gonna be called? Something about Octavia? Moondancer? Overprotective and sexually teasing mom and aunt Celestia and Luna?
Remember to use the National Geographic pic senpai
File: 23154523523.png (294 KB, 861x1024)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
>Your mom Chrysalis comes come from work one night
>It's really late and you're already in bed when you hear her stumble in
>Only a few moments later your door opens as your mom stumbles in, one of her high heels falling off as she nearly falls over
>You can tell she's really drunk, you're about to get out of bed before your mom practically falls on top of you
>"Heeeeeeeeey Nonny~, hows my favourite man?"
>She pulls you into a bear hug, kissing your cheek several times
>"Only good man in my life, fucking Thorax"
"Uhhh, mom, are you alright?"
>"Meeee? Oh, I'm fine anon, never-"
>She starts to gag a little
>pls no
>To your relief she swallows
>"-Been better"
>She absolutely reeks of alcohol, her suit a slightly damp mess of sweat, spit, and spilled whiskey
>You start trying to tug her jacket off
"Uhhh, mom, maybe we should get you changed and into bed"
>She gets up, not completely off you though as she straddles you, waist lined up perfectly with your
>"Anon, are you trying to strip me? Oh you naughty little boy~"
>She quickly throws off her jacket and starts unbuttoning her shirt
>"How did I raise such a pervert?"
"M-mom, I-"
>"But that's okay Nonny, I'm okay with my son being a pervert~"
>She finally gets to the last button and pulls off her shirt, revealing her smooth stomach and large but still overfilled bra
>She stares down at you for a few second with a smile, her hand reaching down and gently touching your cheek before she vomits all over you, falling on top of you immediately after and snoring loudly as you desperately try to push her off
that reminds me of a fun prompt I had before.. you and twin sister have to share a cabin because you went to camp and it was oversold and there was no room, just one more one-person cabin meant for a counselor.. and you have to share a bed.. but it's okay you're twins, no problem right?
then you also have to share a shower etc..
>then you also have to share a shower
Why couldn't you just shower one after the other?
Does Anon carry her up to the bathroom and give her a shower...and shower fuck? While she is asleep she wouldn't remember, and waking up satisfied would be a great feeling for her, and she DID get you messy. Its only fair to return the favor.
Presumably Chrysalis is too big and heavy for anon to even push her off himself, carrying her might be an issue.

I mean, if we translate her size in the show compared to other pones into average human sizes, bitch would be nearly eight feet tall.
And a one!
And a two!
And away we go!
We're will going with this for the new thread, right?

I want to cut of her boobs off and fuck the shit out of her open vains and lungs and I want the blood to drip down my cock and pants and finally when I release I can mix it in with her blood and her ribs so that I can always be inside of her.
I knew it veins that's what I get for typing fast.
Kek what the hell are y'all smoking?
It's been like 4 days and we already made it to bump limit and need a new thread right now. The hell do you mean dead? Nigga we are moving sanic fast right now. If this thread is ded then by that logic about 90% of the whole board is ded.
File: 1458111615473.png (675 KB, 4512x5000)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
Thanks for sharing.

>90% of the whole board is ded
It kinda is. /mlp/ was, at one point, among the fastest moving boards on 4chan, and a lot of people remember it like that.
Alright well fine I'll give you that. But this thread sure as hell isn't dead compared to most of the board if it's all going through a dry spell right now.
I'll make the new thread.
Don't forget to fix the pastebin link.
Are their any business Chrysalis bins?
File: KIDS ARE CRUEL, JACK.jpg (639 KB, 839x1216)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
>gentle ribbing
>makes friends
pic related
the shower is just in the corner, no stall
It's tables and chairs, morron and even then it's more likely to be called "the apples and pears"
I don't think the end is serious

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