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Previous thread: >>30648685
(Archive Link: http://yuki.la/mlp/30648685)

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.
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you are not jingles
recently updated are not updated.
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Don't forget to brush your slave.
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Anonymous 08/10/17(Thu)14:44:00 No.30697820 ▶
>>30697815 (You)
What if I make clop of Trixie selling herself into slavery to pay debts?

Is one begin
Then we can explore and expand the possibilities for a good story
This thread needs ponies sold for meat.
>forgot to change the number
rip, knew I fucked something up. I guess that's why I don't do thread starts.
Scat, diaper, vore, lactation, fat, inflation, fart, piss, etc, are not welcome here. But if you want to show what happens in those dreaded "glue farms", without veering into SiM territory, it would be welcome.
Slaves are okay for spanking though right?
File: Spoiler Image (562 KB, 745x1080)
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pickle slaves
>not forcing your slaves into diapers
it's like you want to clean up shit
File: 1501775520550.gif (1.99 MB, 325x222)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Make sure to tuck in your slave pony for the night.
>Twilight did not willingly subject herself to research, and is not willingly contained by the US government. Any positive outlook from her stems from some combination of tired resignation and Stockholm Syndrom
Don't rush on our accounts but i'm really looking forward to that part, sounds nice and traumatic.
It's like you want to change diapers
We got this thing called a toilet.
Spanking is up there with diapers for treating ponies like little foals.
Implying they aren't our cute little babies to cuddle kiss and occasionally discipline.
What better way to break them than to humiliate them? To make them feel as though they are as completely under your heel as a child is to an adult by dishing out foalish punishments?
Why not just use fur paint then and make shaming messages?
thats stupid. make them do their buisness on an open tarp, have them move the tarp away to be processed for manure or whatever else pony poop can be used for if not that. even if nothing, make it something. turn their private movements into a humiliating gesture that denies them their privacy and personal attachment to the action and forces them to be seen by humans and their peers.

This accomplishes the same level of violation that affects the interruption of the bowel cycle without the inefficiency of diapers and the disgusting cleanup factor.
I forget AspiringWritefag's schedule, is today an update day? IIRC it's like Tues-Thurs-Sat
He told either Thursday or weekend. Considering that that's fucking Friday where I am, he's not making it untill weekend.
Well, there is one about non-sad, but totally confused Trixie ongoing, if you are interested.
That is a well-reasoned argument. Someone has put a disturbing amount of thought into this.
read nana to kaoru
What happens if the poner is an exhibitionist?
Or Equestria is already used to public use?
>exhibitionist poner
They wear clothes, like a human. Perhaps even underwear, or stockings!
Realpone a cute.
Yes they are.

I would love to read a story about a pony that is forced to live with "normal" ponies because its owner is an idiot who sees no difference
>Pony forced to live with 'normal' ponies in its captivity
I'd second this premise, that sounds funny/interesting
Something similar happens in The Horse and his boy by cs lewis
Pony wears the saddle!
Pony pulls the wagon!
Pony wears the saddle.
Pony bears the weight.
Pony obeys her master,
or pony gets ate!

Pony pulls the wagon.
Pony obeys the rein.
Pony delivers the cargo,
or ponies in a world of pain!

>or something like that...
>You'd spent the next few hours after breakfast sulking in front of the TV.
>You don't want to go! It's not fair and they totally can't make you get up from this couch.
>"Appointment is in an hour Twi so be ready to go."
>Evil human is on mental mute for his crimes.
>"Twilighttttttt helloooo."
>He waves his hand in front of you obnoxiously.
>"Get dressed or you're going outside with this on display."
>Normally you'd be pretty ok with him poking your butt, maybe even enjoy it a little, but not right now.
>You whip your head around and bite at the air where his arm used to be.
>Damn he's quick or maybe he just knows you too well.
"I'm not going!"
>He raises and eyebrow and just stares at you.
>Stop doing that.
>You squirm uncomfortably. Why he is doing that.
"I mean it, I'm not."
>The conviction in your voice is gone already.
>He's done that thing where he cocks his mouth to the side and just stares at you.
>Humans aren't as expressive as ponies in your opinion but you know that's a disapproving sign.
>The idea of disappointing him hurts more than you expected.
>"We're going and I think you know that already. Now do you want to dress yourself or do I get to put that maid outfit we talked about the other day on you?"
"You didn't..."
>"You told me I could."
>Uh oh here he comes!
>You jump up and violently scramble over the back of the couch before he can pick you up and carry you away to a lewd dress up adventure.
>He's gotta be bluffing. There's no way he actually bought you a maid outfit.
>You duck into your room to grab a hoodie and some socks you know will reach all the way up.
>Socks are cute.
>Scratch that, you are cute with socks.
>It's the mare that makes the clothes after all.
>Rarity will probably want to put something on two so you trot to Anon's room to change instead.
>Mmmm socks feel nice hugging your legs and this is your favorite hoodie.
I always loved the "horse spanish" thing that happened in this thread with weld pone. The idea of a language barrier is a good one.
>Technically it's Anon's but one of his first kind gestures was letting you borrow it when he saw you were cold.
>Naturally you kept it forever.
>It makes you feel warm and fuzzy, just the emotions you'll be needing once a certain medical professional gets her claws on you.
>You risk peaking into Anon's closet for the aforementioned maid outfit.
>Not here, he's so full of crap.
>There's no way he'd dare, oh wait nevermind.
>It was off to the side.
>No way this things covers your backside.
>Oh it's ok it has panties.
>Holy shit he bought you panties.
>Should... should you wear them?
>Would he like that? Clearly so right? Are panties sexy? These are kinda cute you guess...
>You step into them and pull them up experimentally.
>Panties are a human thing so the way they seem to hug everything takes you a bit by surprise.
>This could take some getting used to.
>Maybe they would make a nice surprise for him at some point?
>Then again he mentioned dressing you himself.
>Wait why are you even thinking of giving him sexy surprises?
>Oh man is it hot in here?
>"Twilight let's go!"
>Crap! No time for this now!
>You put the outfit plus panties away and trot back to the living room.
>Might as well try to get out of this one more time now that you've got your cute socks on.
>Stopping a distance away you scratch the floor and try to look pathetic.
"Please Anon I don't want to go..."
>Plz take pity on poor pony.
>Instead he huffs in annoyance before walking over and grabbing you by the collar.
>"Stop being difficult we're going to be late."
>One problem with socks is the lack of traction, you slide on the hardwood floors easily as he drags you towards the door.
>Your attempts to backpedal don't accomplish much.
>Vet is bad! Don't want to go!
>Poor foolish Rarity waits by the door ready to go, if only she knew what she was in for she wouldn't be so cooperative!
>You notice she's got on a reasonably simple blue and white dress to cover her shame as well.
>Simple by her standards at least, it's got some frills and fluff but not too much.
>"Twilight stop being difficult!"
>You thrash your head back and forth but his grip on your collar is far too strong to escape.
>He'll never take you alive!
>Or so you think until he pulls back on your collar instead and WHACK!
>The firm dose of human hand on your sore rump makes you jump and dash forward on instinct.
>He hit you!
>You're supposed to be the favorite! He's supposed to be your strong protector but he swatted you!
>"In the car, go!"
>No need to tell you twice, you gallop out to the waiting vehicle and scurry into the back seat instead of your usual front seat.
>The hand print on your backside stings and sends your mind into a tizzy.
>He hadn't disciplined you in forever, it almost felt like the two of you had moved beyond it.
>Clearly not though if the hand shaped warm spot under your hoodie was any indication.
>You've of course had much worse but it hurts your heart more than your seat.
>He's silent as he climbs in and starts the car.
>Is he mad at you? You didn't mean to upset him.
>It's a few miles before anyone breaks the silence.
>"I get that you don't like the vet Twi but sometimes we all have to do stuff we don't want to."
>Engage sulking.
>Truthfully you're more upset about him hitting you than the vet, you knew you'd have to go deep down.
>"I'm think she learned her lesson master."
>You can't tell if she's smirking or not.
>She's probably glad to see she's not the only one who can get whacked by 'master'.
"Yes sir..."
>If your shortness upsets him he says nothing.
>The radio keeps the silence away until you all arrive at the vet.
>Shock the lobby is full of things cats dogs and birds in kennels and cages instead of sapient creatures like yourself.
>When Anon goes to sign in you go to find a comfy chair to curl up in so you can continue to ignore him.
>Rarity lays on her side in the chair beside you.
>"I'm sure he didn't mean anything by it dear. He just didn't want to be late and you were being rather difficult."
"I really hate the vet but he didn't have to hit me..."
>She rubs a hoof on your back.
>"Shh it's ok, I'm sure he feels bad about it."
>Maybe, he did seem a bit subdued.
>When he'd disciplined in the past it's been in the heat of the moment.
>This was more deliberate situation but then again you didn't openly defy him often.
>"Mr. Anonymous?"
>You hop up and walk towards the nurse while Anon stays behind.
>Catching up to you Rarity looks back at Anon still in his seat.
>"Is he not coming with?"
"He'd just get kicked him out halfway through anyway. You know when things get more... personal."
>You shiver, it's coming.
>You're gonna get freakin molested again you can feel it.
>The nurse doesn't seem to care either way and leads the two of you to an exam room.
>It's not quite like the exam room back at Diamond's in the Rough. Instead of a fancy bed covered in paper the vet has an adjustable metal table you'll soon be expected to hop up on.
>For now though there's a bench you stretch out on. Usually it's for the owners while they watch the vet pokes and prods their poor animal but you see no reason to not use it while you wait.
>Also the table is really cold.
>Rarity climbs up on the other side.
>"This isn't too bad so far right?"
"You haven't met Angie yet. She's not mean, just way too used to working with animals that can't complain about her bedside manner."
>It's only a few more minutes before the woman herself arrives.
>"Twilight Twilight Twilight there's my favorite neighbor!"
>She across the room and goes straight for the kill!
>One hand scratching your ears the other shoving that damned sugar cube up to your mouth.
>Why's it gotta be so stupidly good?
>You can't help but lick it right out of her hand while she smiles.
>"And who's this? Rarity was it? Oh I just love what you've done with your mane!"
>she quits scratching your ears to instead gentle pick at Rarity's mane.
>"Oh well thank you. Yes I'm Rarity it's a pleasure to meet you."
>Of course she's basking in the attention.
>Angie guides her head to one side then the other to get the full view.
>"What a lucky man. Anon sure does find some pretty mares! Why don't you hop up on the table beautiful and we can get started."
>Phew you didn't want to go first.
>For her part the praise seems to have lulled Rarity into a false sense of security.
>She happily climbs up on the table putting herself at eye level with Angie.
>"Good girl, now say ah."
>Angie gives her the usual checks for her eyes, ears, nose and throat.
>"Elegant and obedient what a prize you are."
>"You're too kind Mrs. Angie."
>Yeah we'll see how long you two get along so well.
>Angie puts down her instruments and gives Rares a quick rub on the side of her neck for a job well done.
>"Well SOME ponies don't do as well with being examined as you sweetheart. Can you get undressed for me? Your outfit is adorable but it'll be in the way from here on."
>Oh wow yeah SOME ponies prefer dignity.
>"Oh. I-um yes yes of course."
>And so it begins.
>Rarity slides out of the dress with practised ease and a noticeable blush.
>Her eyes catch yours for a moment and she gives you a nervous smile.
>Nervous is right. You just shrug back at her.
>"Oh no not again."
>She's caught sight of the naked unicorn's flanks.
>"Here let me see."
>She turns your friend so she's facing you with her backside towards the vet.
>And so it begins.
>"Ugh that man. Bend down a little bit for me your poor thing."
>Hm yep now she's top down bottoms up.
>Hot tag but you can already see Rarity's discomfort growing.
>"Umm Mrs. Angie could you not-"
>"Was this recently? Looks like the brush again, can you sit?"
>Based on Rarity's eyes widening Angie's getting a bit personal back there.
>"Ah careful please!"
>Ok Angie's really getting into that, or rather into her, time to step in.
>"Angie please Rarity-"
>She peeks up at you over your friends tail like she forgot you were there.
>"Oh no you too Twilight? Get it off I want to see."
>She gestures to your hoodie.
>Ok first of all how did she know you were sore too also wtf it isn't even your turn yet!
>You hesitate and squirm further back into the bench.
"Nevermind just ignore me."
>"Take it off young mare."
"Don't wanna..."
>She huffs but smiles at your obstinance before walking around the table and scooping your curled up body into her arms.
>Maybe if you curl into a tighter ball she can't undress you.
>She deposits you onto the table with Rarity and tries to coax you into cooperating.
>"Twilight come on, be a good girl like Rarity here."
>Yeah because butt up Rares really looks like she's enjoying cooperating.
>You just bury your head in your hooves.
>At least until a well aimed poke to your vulnerable side makes you spring open like a windup toy!
>"It's a good thing you're so cute you know that?"
>You try to curl back up but are treated to another poke every time.
>In the end you can only blush and look away as she pulls off your socks leg by leg then lifts up your hoodie to reveal your spanked flank.
>You whimper a bit as she runs a hand over your sore cheeks.
>"I'm getting worried about this girls. Does he do this often?"
>"I wouldn't say so Ma'am, this is my first one from him."
>You look to your side. Rarity is still stuck in the awkward position with one hand on her flank as well.
>Needless to say she doesn't look very comfortable about the whole situation.
>Whether that's the whole 'being striped naked and inspected' thing or the fact that your flanks are her doing and not anon's you aren't sure.
"It's pretty rare."
>"I know you like him Twilight but that doesn't mean you should let him abuse you. If he's beating you for no reason he can be reported for that. I don't like people that are mean to their cute little ones."
>Pft you don't like that guy, he's a bully who smacked you just an hour ago.
>Really this is an opportunity to get back at him by telling her some kind of sob story and getting him investigated.
>Seems like a bad idea though, if you get taken away from him you know you'd regret it.
"He-he's not like that."
>"You told me that last time too and yet here I find where he's done it again. Were you naughty?"
>Fucker. You're only options are to tell her you were a brat who earned her spanking or you aren't and therefore Anon is abusive.
>Trying to explain that Rarity did most of it might just confuse her plus the giant handprint is 100% anon's work.
"Yes ma'am..."
>Rarity squeezes your hoof comfortingly.
>"You aren't just telling me that are you? What did you do to earn all this?"
>Ugh stupid human!
"I was defiant ok? He's a good man and I'm a bad pony!"
>"Aww it's ok everyone makes mistakes. What about you Rarity?"
>"I was out of line as well. Twilight tells the truth he's not unreasonable, you've just caught us on a bad day."
>How does she manage to make it sound dignified while you make yourself sound like a bratty filly?
>"Alright but if this keeps happening I'll have to make a note. What about the other thing we talked about last time Twilight? I had a poor mare just last week who was being forced to sleep with her master. Still good there?"
>OMG you're getting so tired of everything accusing Anon of being a rapist.
"No nothing's happened!"
>"Well you do sleep with him darling."
>WTF! You shoot your friend daggers! Thanks for throwing you under the bus!
"We cuddle that's it!"
>"So you sleep in his bed?"
"Yes but nothing happens."
>"Are you a virgin Twilight?"
"No... but i-it wasn't him..."
>Go away brain this isn't the time for mental images!
>"Are you sexually active?"
"Not in like a month..."
>"With Anon?"
"With a neighbor stallion!"
>"Oh I didn't know they were trying to breed you. Did it take? We should do some tests."
>If your face gets any redder you just might pass out.
"No! He's just a friend we use protection!"
>"That's a shame foals are so cute."
>Yeah with their cute little hoofsies and their teeny tiny - ok stopping now.
>"It really sounds like your hiding something from me though, I'd like to check just to be sure."
>No no no not again!
"It's the truth I swear!"
>Oh no it's too late she's already got a speculum! She's gonna pry you wide open! Evasive action!
>You tense to run away but Rarity's hoof on yours interrupts you.
>"Mrs. Angie I've known Anon for quite a while and I assure you he's very kind and protective of his little Twilight. He'd never do anything to hurt her outside a little discipline."
>She looks back and forth between the two of you for a moment before putting down her tool of vaginal destruction.
>"Alright fine, I've just seen too many poor ponies afraid to say a single bad word about their owners. It's a little suspicious when a single guy buys a lot of pretty mares but he's always seemed like a good man to me. Someone has to look out for you girls."
"I appreciate it but he's nice I swear."
>"Aww you're such a loyal little cutie, I hope Anon knows how lucky he is!"
>Oh another sugarcube, tasty.
>"What about you Rarity? Sexually active as well?"
>She's taken the opportunity to lay down on the table when Angie wasn't looking.
>"Haha oh no it's been quite a long time I'm afraid."
>Angie huffs.
>"Not passing along that beautiful mane color? For shame!"
>"I'm afraid I'm no good for foaling anymore, not since the operation."
>"Oh no they didn't!"
>Flipping through her papers for a minute she slumps when she finds it.
>"You poor baby. I'm so sorry, I didn't know. I think that's just wrong especially for one so pretty."
>If Rarity is sad about the whole sterile thing she doesn't show it. She actually seems to be eating up the praise, scratches and treats.
>"And you aren't on any estrogen? Would you like that? It could help with some mood issues you may be experiencing."
>That perks her ears up.
>"Oh yes, yes actually I would like that."
>That thought had crossed your mind.
>Why didn't she take any before though? Perhaps she thought a tougher personality served her well in her past role.
>Having a more emotional Rarity back sounds nice even if she could be a total drama queen.
>"I'll write you a prescription then. That's enough talk now though, let's keep going so we can get you two back home."
>She stood Rares back up and continued with the exam as stated.
>Heart rate, respiration, reflexes blah blah.
>The only other issue was temperature.
>Less intelligent animals can't be trusted to cooperate with oral thermometers so they only had one kind here.
>Yeah that kind.
>You held Rarity's hoof as Angie did it.
>And now she understands why you didn't want to come here.
>It of course only takes a minute but it's still super awkward having a glass rod put up there.
>She manages with only few small noises of protest.
>You're a little jealous, you've never managed to remain that calm and collected.
>Unfortunately that means Rarity is done and you're next.
>Bad news is you're already in grabbing range up on the table so there's no escape.
>You're good for the normal parts of the exam, even letting her touch your sensitive ears without fidgeting.
>You're not so great with the temp part though. Rarity ends up putting a hoof over your back to hold you still.
>Gods how expensive can a mouth thermometer be!
>After only one eternity the trauma is over and you're both allowed to get dressed.
>"So here's one prescription for you and another treat for both of you."
>What is this your 3rd sugarcube? Gonna get fat but who cares?
>"You two be good now. I'll see you next time."
>Rarity waves her goodbye but you just leave and head towards the waiting room.
>Sure she means well but she's still not your favorite human by any stretch.
>As soon as Anon sees the two of you he joins you at the counter to pay.
>Forget this you just want to leave.
>You poke his pocket where the car keys are with your horn.
>He fishes them out and hangs the ring on your bony magical protrusion.
>Haha very funny. you float them off and go to hop in the car.
>Rarity stays behind talking with him about something.
>You'd defended him in there when under pressure for some reason.
>You wanted to stay mad at him for hitting you but you couldn't let her do anything stupid either.
>The other two climb in the car.
>"Ok now I get why you put up such a fight."
"I told you. Thanks for backing me up by the way. You know when she wanted to 'check'..."
>She shivers.
>"If it goes where I think it goes then I didn't want that thing near myself either."
>She looks a little traumatized.
>What a baby, she only got it up the butt this time. It could have been a lot worse.
"Yeah well welcome to the pet life."

>The three of you had stopped for pizza on the way home.
>Pizza always lifts your mood so you upgraded anon from the silent treatment to the cold shoulder.
>You still run off with your laptop when you get home instead of hanging out in the living room with him.
>He's in the doghouse until you get an apology for this morning.
>Midnight rolls around with you still in his bed shitposting.
>You ignore him as he bumps around the room getting ready for bed.
>It gets harder to ignore him when he climbs in and gathers you up in his arms.
>You growl a little but he isn't discouraged.
>"Still mad at me?"
>"For making you go to the vet?"
"You hit me!"
>You turn your head to give him the stinkeye.
>"And you were being unreasonable and you know it."
>>30700254 (You)
"You didn't have to hit me."
>"Twilight I was literally having to drag you out the door. Even Rarity was ready to go."
"Only because she didn't know what she was getting into, she hates the vet too now."
>"Hey listen to me."
>He said listen but not look so you turn your head away stubbornly.
>"Me and you need to be on the same page here. Rarity's out of practise on this whole slave thing so you need to be the good example. I'm sorry I hit you but I can't have her thinking what I usually let you get away with is normal."
>Yeah like you get special treatment.
>Well ok you do get kinda special treatment but that's not the point.
>"I need you on your best behavior until she's more settled in. You can still be your cute snarky self but no open defiance ok?"
>"Are you still mad."
>He said he was sorry so not really.
"A little."
>"How can I make it up to you?"
>You light your horn and move his hand from your stomach to your cutie mark.
>Oh shit it feels so good when he digs those fingers in!
>Fine he's out of the doghouse.
>For now.

Ok that was longer than expected but that's fine. A bit more actual plot this time and more cuddles. I'm just here for the cuddles
>>"And you aren't on any estrogen? Would you like that? It could help with some mood issues you may be experiencing."
>>That perks her ears up.
>>"Oh yes, yes actually I would like that."

>>Rarity stays behind talking with him about something.

This can only lead to good things. Not for Twilight though.
Me too, good times
File: inimaginable.jpg (556 KB, 981x1024)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
>I'm just here for the cuddles
Welcome to board marine Vega!

I came for the stories

Worth waiting for a good update

The hardest part is waiting for the next

Twilight evolved from a home cat to a Tsundere pony? It's not that I do not like the idea.

I hope that in the future we will have more participation of old and new characters

Meanwhile we leave her and Anon "reconciled" while they review the terms of the peace treaty

I do not have a fixed schedule, but rather just write a little each day. When there's enough I post it.
Some days are slower than others, though, plus IRL gets in the way.
Update should be up tonight (~12 hrs from now).
Also, this green is a bit harder to get right (as I had expected), so I tend to read and edit quite heavily. Next one will be somewhat easier, I think and shoul be posted more regularly.
Fuck that, give the slave pegasus chainsaw legs and coat yourself in birdseed.
seems like its time to write again
stop stealing my ideas
>Emotional drama queen Rarity back
>Probably in heat whiny Rarity too
Anon is gonna be in for a surprise
Do spayed mares on supplemental estrogen have periodic heat cycles?
>asking for a friend
File: 1502465991777.png (994 KB, 744x2790)
994 KB
994 KB PNG
That's where the estrogen comes in
Same for guys that take supplement testosterone to get boners and their sex drive back
There's gonna be a cat fight if she tries to move in on twilight's man.
Androgens promote lust, ya. But would a steady dose of estrogen result in the periodic heats, or would it be steady? Would, or should, Rarity adjust her dose to simulate them or turn her libado off and on for convenience?
>friend is still curious

> Do nothing; she is an irredeemable monster and deserves whatever he sends her way
this because she probably oppress ponies long enough

Also a bit mind fuckery would not hurt, but only to repress Haute's will to fight/slash out
She's getting more bold. Kissing when?
She's fighting her feelings
Rarity actively defending Anonymous is a huge moment of character development, honestly. Yes, we can say she was self-serving and wanted to protect the one now looking after her - but she went further than just denying anything had been done to her, and that's a huge step from "all humans will rape a pony if given the chance".
File: maga.png (235 KB, 1000x1000)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>Ten minutes later, I’d removed my newly-acquired uniform and stood in the foyer, waiting patiently with the other ponies and a hastily-composed list each of wants and needs. Jewel possessed a similar shopping list, as did Lopez when he emerged from his room. Last to join us were Wilcox and the Major, the latter also finishing up a short list of his own.
>”Everyone ready?” the officer inquired, locking eyes with each member of his team in succession. “Alright, then. Back into the truck with you all.”
>We all resumed the same seats as before, although the back seat was significantly less cramped as Wilcox and I each made a bit of room for the unfortunate pony between us. A few minutes later, the dirt road opened up onto a paved one, which soon connected with successively larger and busier streets.
>I could only restrain myself for a few minutes before unceremoniously pressing my face to the glass window, my eyes glued to each new passing example of human civilization. The homes were enormous, the roads absurdly wide, and everything meticulously planned with future growth in mind. Automobiles, feats of precision engineering unlike anything ponykind had ever achieved, roved the streets far more commonly than any form of carriage or chariot in Equestria. The humans seemed to have a remarkable grasp on transportation infrastructure, especially for a race never gifted flight or magic.
>But what surprised me the most was the sheer size of their settlements. Our trip to the store was not a particularly long one, but we easily traversed a distance exceeding the entire diameter of Canterlot or the Crystal Empire. Perhaps this was why the humans spent so much time and engineering prowess on engineering, the incredible scale of their cities without wings or horns to shorten the gaps between. And while even that distance seemed far to me, to look out was even more awe-inspiring. A quick drive over a hill revealed a city that stretched farther than the horizon and a skyline barely within the bounds of vision. And the place likely carried on even farther than that!
>But awe turned to fear the moment I saw the first of my kind. Not dressed in military uniform, not facing down a human as an equal, but held on a leash by a mere child. I’ve no idea if the mare was unhappy or not, but I didn’t imagine she could enjoy being reduced to the status of a pet.
>These roads, homes, this city, how much of it was built on the backs of my kind? Could I have prevented this, guided them in another direction, instead of… no. The past happened, and I couldn’t have done anything about it. Simply an unfortunate set of events.
>And yet it frustrated me. At the very least, I should be somewhere out there with them. My mane slick with sweat, my eyes weighed down by bags, my magic sputtering out from sheer exhaustion. A leader should not sit idly by as her subject suffer. But that option was already proposed by those who hold my contract of indenture, and they received a firm rejection of that suggestion.
>My thoughts were quieted as we pulled off the road into a large, paved parking lot. “Hey sir,” Wilcox commented, “there’s an In-n-Out across the street. Think we should eat first?”
>”No, because I know you’ll all get this shit done faster if you know we’re eating after. So go in, get what you need, and get out. Then, we can go eat. Jewel, you go with Wilcox. Rockheart, you’re with Lopez. Sparkle, you’re going to be with me. Any questions?”
>”I’ve got one, sir,” Wilcox said, raising his hand.
>”Can I trade the pony in for a Playstation, or something?”
>”You know, we have plenty of MRE’s back home, if you want.”
>”Alright, point taken. No further questions.”
>The truck pulled into a parking spot, and each pairing got out, quickly going separate ways. Upon entering the store, I was at first overwhelmed. After so long without even the slightest hint of contact with the outside world, it was startling to enter a store larger than any I’d seen before. But I was once again grounded by the plight of my former subjects: ponies could be seen around the store, mostly in cleaning and restocking capacities. Interestingly, none of the cash registers or bagging stations were manned by ponies. Perhaps customers preferred to avoid any ponies touching their purchases.
>The Major opted to go through my list first, since it was a bit longer than his. First up would be toiletries. Curiously, there were pony-specific products laid out below those targeted to humans, but any differences between them seemed superficial beyond price.
“Sir, what does this do differently from the others?” I asked, holding up a tube of ‘Pony-Wow! Toothpaste’ for him to see.
>”Nothing. Welcome to the capitalist heart of the world, Sparkle,” he remarked, throwing a tube of regular toothpaste into the shopping cart. We continued on, gathering hygiene products, critical personal belongings, and a few food items to be kept in my room.
>”Huh,” he remarked as he crossed off the last item on the list. “Not a very big list, eh?”
“Just the necessities.”
>”No kidding. Most ponies go crazy when you let ‘em buy stuff. Sure you don’t need anything else?”
“I’m fine, thank you. Even back home I never had too many things. My castle was enormous, but always empty save for the library and laboratories.”
>”Alright, then. You think of anything else, just let me know. Remember, you’re part of a team, not just some government asset. It’s my job to look out for ya.”
>The Major’s list proved equally short. But then again, he’d brought a suitable number of belongings with him. Once each of us had what we needed, there was still yet one more set of items to checkout. Our little facility had been freshly refitted for our purposes, and was utterly lacking in common items beyond the bare essentials. Everything from air fresheners to a flatscreen television and Playstation was loaded into the now-packed shopping cart, until Johnson finally had me carry some of the less breakable items with my magic. Briefly, I thought of using a spell to temporarily shrink them, but decided that might not be proper for unpurchased merchandise.
>When we at last made our way past checkout, we found the rest of our team impatiently waiting by the truck. “Hey, sir,” Lopez called out with a grin, “You’re late!”
>”Hey, you think you can buy all the toilet paper and Kleenex quicker, be my guest.” Eager to get moving toward a food source, they all helped to load our goods into the truck bed, where Chuck resumed his usual place, carefully watching over the items to ensure their safety as we drove off. Ultimately, we simply pulled out of the parking lot and went directly across the street, where a standalone building proudly displayed the name In-n-Out on a colossal signpost.
>”Oh for fuck’s sake,” the officer bemoaned as we drove by the restaurant. “Drive-thru’s packed. Fuck that, you all just wait here, I’ll go inside.”
“I see tables, can’t we just go in?”
>”We can,” Lopez answered, “but you can’t. In-n-Out likes to cater to a bit snobbier, bit more sensitive pack of burger-munchers. That means no ponies tainting their eating experience.” The officer took orders from each of us, before hopping out and heading into the eatery.
“So, is this common practice, then?” I asked, suddenly curious at just how much this world. “Are most businesses closed to us?”
>”It honestly depends,” Lopez answered, his face pensive. “Most businesses just care about what’s going to be best for their customers. Sometimes they like to keep ponies out to bring in more humans, sometimes they embrace ponies. There are plenty out there treated as pets or even just roommates, and it can be good business to cater to them and their owners. I think most places just allow their presence, as long as a human’s with them.”
>”Lots of ponies have good owners,” Chuck added from the truck bed through an open rear window. “But good owners usually don’t have a lot of ponies. Aside from big companies, it’s the tough ones that take whole groups or lots at a time. I’m betting that’s where our jobs are mostly going to be, factories and farms where the owner’s mindset has gone back to the 19th century.”
“You know I’ve been kept away from the public for a long time now,” I said, questions now running in and about my head at a breakneck pace. “And even after they were… done with me, the media and information I could receive was all heavily censored.”
>”Whatcha want to know?”
“How are ponies treated, on the whole? Is abuse common, encouraged? Or are most people more levelheaded?”
>”It happens, and everyone knows it happens,” Lopez answered, his face neutral. “And in a lot of cases, it needs to happen. I guess you could say that owners need to discipline their ponies, given the situations many are in.”
>”Need to discipline them?” Jewel interrupted, her brow furrowing.
>”Well, yeah. I mean, you can’t just fire a pony, you hold their contract. You own them. Work needs to be done in a factory, sometimes they need firm encouragement. You remember why this whole system exists, right? The pony population would be unsustainable if they didn’t work. So, yeah, within reason people expect physical punishment to happen.
>”But,” he continued with a raise of his finger as I opened my mouth to speak, “that doesn’t mean people support abuse. There’s a difference between keeping ponies in line and using them as a punching bag. Most states have laws against it, and they can be pretty strict. But more often than it should, people slip through the cracks, since ponies either can’t report their troubles or the government can’t prove anything. Sometimes they might not even technically be doing anything illegal, just morally wrong. That’s where our team is going to come in.”
>”Much as I hate you sissy-horses’ guts,” Wilcox chimed in, “I can’t deny that some real fucked-up shit goes on. You see it on the news sometimes, some guy gets busted and they interview the ponies who lived through the fiasco. Kinda hard to tell if most of you work in stores, factories, or people’s homes, since they can never seem to figure out exactly how many of you there are.”
“Seventy-two million, six hundred five thousand, one hundred forty-five, at last year’s count. Plus an estimated fifty thousand escapees and three hundred thousand out-of-country.” The truck’s passengers all looked at me in surprise. “I asked the General one day, and he told me. Never forgot that number.”
>”That’s a lot more than any estimate I’ve seen,” Wilcox grumbled.
>”There’s gotta be a ton working in labor, then. No way more than a third are in people’s homes, and even less work retail,” the other human commented, his expression pensive.
>A quick glance up found the Major walking back to our vehicle, paper bags hanging from his left hand. With a set of initials scrawled on each bag, he quickly tossed each person and pony their meal. It occurred to me that, having skipped breakfast and been on a flight during lunch, this would likely be my first meal in a full 24 hours.
>I still don’t know why we used hay for so much of our food in Equestria. Potatoes and vegetable patties were far superior in flavor and texture for fast food, and more complex dishes never failed to profit from humanity’s substitutes. I could only imagine culinary masters brought to this world, suddenly unable to use their main ingredient but finding even greater success in raw materials that had lain at hoof’s reach all their lives.
>But in all the DFAC meals I’d had in that depressing underground laboratory, nothing could compare with that first real taste of human food I had that day, crammed in the back seat of a truck with two tired, starving individuals even more desperately in need of a shower than I. Suddenly, diabetes and obesity rates were entirely understandable. In short, it was a good veggie burger with fries.
>By this time, the sun had begun to set. It was always interesting to me that Equestria’s celestial bodies operated on entirely different principles than those of Earth. Many now think Celestia’s movement of the sun a farce, and reject her as a fraud, since it now moves overhead of its own accord. But, having once done it myself, I can testify that not only must the Equestrian sun be moved manually, but it very much likes to remain in place. Even after millennia of rising on a tight schedule each day, the thing was almost impossible to move. I never envied Celestia’s job after that day.
>It wasn’t until much later that I learned Arizona was famed for its extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, thanks to dry and clear air coupled with complementary landscapes. I still remember that view, through a thin window still slightly smudged from my earlier pressing against it. I’d never seen a sunset so gorgeous, or with such a range of colors.
>This world was beautiful, I thought. But of course, I would soon realize how rotten it could be beneath the skin.
File: twi5.jpg (183 KB, 1280x904)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
End update. OK, things start happening soon. Promise. Still might move flashbacks and/or background elaboration forward a bit, it honestly might fit better in a more forward position in the story. Already 7500 words in here, thats like 15% of a book.

No update tomorrow or probably Sunday, got military stuff to do. After that it should be near-daily for the foreseeable future.

Feedback and comments always appreciated! Thanks for reading.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/6iL2wQNc
>it (Equestrias sun) now moves overhead of its own accord
What controls it now; did the humans on Equestria take it over or something?

>how rotten it could be beneath the skin
Fascinating to see her perspective on our big complex planet. The most interesting thing about Twilight is her immortality. The planet as a whole will undergo unusually rapid changes over the next 1000 years, but only one being will be able to appreciate them and she's not even from here.
I need my fix of Space Celly fám
kill yourself

> On and on the heavy, meaty thuds go.
> Haute's cries turn from the initial high notes of shock to a regular, keening wail as the pain of her beating sets in.
> And still it goes on, like a marching drumbeat against her hide.
> A familiar leaden, sick feeling begins to grow in your stomach.
> Sympathy, for this pony?
> Who had only moments ago been threatening your daughter?
> Or perhaps it's less that and more fear at the anger that seems to drive Randall's unceasing blows.
> Not even just unceasing, but barely showing signs of slowing down despite Haute having been reduced to little more than sputtered, gasping sobs.
"Randall, stop!"
> Struggling up, you pull free of Anonymous' grip - which he releases with little effort - and lurch forward towards the two.
"Please, Randall, no more!"
> Stopping with his cane raised in mid-swing, Randall's head twists around to face you in that eerie, not-quite-looking-straight-at-you way.
> "Why?"
> Voice reduced to a breathy whisper, his shoulders heave with each heavy breath.
> "She - she lied to me. She hurt my Posey-"
"Because you're angry. You want to hurt her, but - you can't let yourself. It's not justice. Whatever she deserves, a beating in anger isn't it."
> Looking down at Haute - now reduced to a trembling ball of pale coat and crimson mane - you sigh softly:
"Not any more than when I attacked her. I was wrong then, and so is this. Let your anger cool, and then give her just desserts."
> Hand trembling, Randall eventually lets out a sharp breath and drops the cane back to his side.
> You, too, release a breath you hadn't even known you were holding.
> Gaze dropping to Haute, you try to properly compose yourself.
> Her head had barely begun to emerge from beneath the protective cover of her hooves, but she peers back up - emotions rapidly flickering over her face.
> Fear, anger, pain, confusion.
> She truly doesn't know what to make of this situation.
"Haute Glamour..."

> Leaning down, you study her with a mix of sadness and residual anger flickering across your own muzzle.
"You know, I think I understand you, Haute Glamour. I think... I scare you. Because, I think somewhere - buried down deep within you - there's still a good pony. A pony who wants to believe what she is doing is right."
> An hateful hiss is her only reply, apparently still hurting to much for a proper reply.
"That's why you were so glad when you thought I 'proved you right' at first, and why you tried to destroy me when you found out I wasn't cruel like you. Because as long as I am succeeding here you're scared that all the cruelty, all the pain you inflicted... it all might be for nothing."
> This time, she recoils as if a venomous snake had leaped from your mouth.
> Satisfaction fills your chest - followed a moment later by shame.
> Cruel as she was, Haute doesn't deserve to have her world shattered like this.
"But it's not that easy. We have to all make up for our mistakes... and as much as I want to hate you, some part of me hopes you can find it within you to change."
> Your part said, you back off.
> After a moment, Haute heaves herself upright and faces you on trembling legs.
> She presents a wretched figure - bruises already starting to form, her perfectly-kept mane a ragged wreck, a little blood oozing from one nostril where an errant blow had fallen.
> Yet still a fire blazes in her eyes, and is given voice by her lips:
> "You... you disgust me, 'princess'. You think you're so pure and noble, but in the end you're lying to yourself - clinging to the gravestone of a dead nation."
"I do no such thing!"
> Smirk growing, she shakes her head - ragged crimson mane swaying like a bloody waterfall.
> "Keep telling yourself that. These humans will turn on you eventually, and then you'll get to see how much-"
> Yelping, Haute Glamour collapses again as Randall once more brings the cane down on her.
> Only once, though; after that he speaks up:

> "Anonymous, I hope you don't mind - I'm going to need somewhere to put her until I can deal with her."
> "Not at all. Let me call a couple of the security staff up here to come get her. What're you going to do with her?"
> Somehow managing to lift her head, Haute utters a sharp bark of angry laugher:
> "Yes, what are you going to do? Whip me? Beat me some more? You won't do anything to me in the end; you need me to keep your house running!"
> "No."
> Randall's voice is deadly soft.
> "Anonymous, I think you may have had the right idea. There is nothing I can do to fix this kind of... poison. I'm going to sell you, Haute."
> The mare freezes, eyes dilating down to pinpricks.
> She must have thought herself safe from sale; as she herself had said moments earlier, Randall 'needed' her.
> Or, it seems, he did not.
> "No..."
> "Yes. This is too far, Haute. I gave you a home, I gave you respect and care... and you've been tormenting my ponies and sabotaging my work as thanks. You're done."
> "NO!"
> Confusion turns to a shriek of desperation, and you understand.
> Haute desired control, and Randall was going to put her into the one place where she had none whatsoever.
> Nodding, Randall's blank eyes still narrow in anger:
> "Yes. You're going on the market, with full reports of all you did."
> For a moment you expect Haute to try and charge Randall, but instead she snaps in another way.
> Completely dropping to the floor, she lays there limply with eyes staring dead ahead into nothing:
> "No, no... you don't understand! I'm pretty, I - if you do that, I won't be worth anything! They'll /use/ me!"
> The meaning of her words is clear, and despite the fury still burning in your chest your heart does a flip.
> Randall, however, is completely unaffected:
> "They may well use you. Just like you used me."
> Words fail Haute; she can only give a terrified, heaving cry and remain laying on the floor in utter despair - even when the guards arrive to remove her.

> Once the door slams shut, again leaving you all in privacy, it seems as though all the tension in the room had been shut out as well.
> Randall carefully twists about, then drops to one knee with a hand outstretched:
> "Posey?"
> With uncertain steps the nervous mare approaches, until she can brush her cheek against his fingers.
> Breath hissing out, Randall seems to sink down into himself.
> "I'm sorry, Posey. I've not been a good Master to you... I spend so much time with you, I knew something was wrong, but I didn't even once think to really try and push in to find out what was wrong."
> That is, you think to yourself, one of the great evils of slavery.
> He had not thought to check, and Posey could not simply have left - or even threatened to.
> She was trapped.
> And yet, the pain in Randall's voice was so real...
> Full of very real anguish over what had occured.
> Posey chooses to pay attention to the latter; eyes damp, she nuzzles in against his hand.
> "I forgive you, Master. Whatever she did, you've always been good to me."
> "Thank you..."
> Randall's whispered response draws a shake of Posey's head.
> "Don't thank me. There's a pony here - um, Sunburst? He was the one who started talking to me. Told me about how much better things are here."
> Anonymous shoots you a look.
> He knows - and you'll be discussing it later, no doubt.
> "I will have to thank him, yes."
> Slowly he runs a hand down Posey's damp cheek, and you're left with the sense there will be many long-overdue words between the two of them as well.
> Then Randall stands, turning to face yourself and your master:
> "Anonymous, Cadance, I think I owe you an apology both. I brought Haute in, and she has only caused you trouble. This will, obviously affect things between us-"
> "No, it won't."
> Shaking his head, Anonymous stands as well and folds his arms.
> "Like Posey said - whatever she did, you've been nothing but a boon. We're still going forward."

"If I can ask, what will you be doing with her? Do you really intend to sell her to - those markets?"
> "I..."
> Frowning deeply, Randall pauses.
> "...I'll think it over, when I've had a chance to calm down. She will be gone no doubt, though."
> That, you think, might be for the best.
> Even after all she'd done you aren't comfortable condemning her to a lifetime of rape.
> Unable to produce anything to say, you settle for a simple nod - only belatedly remembering that of course he could not see the gesture.
> After a moment, though, Anonymous breaks the awkward silence:
> "While she might have been dealt with, we still have one big issue to deal with: These investigators she brought down on us."
"Two issues, Anonymous. Justified or not, I attacked another pony in my anger. That is no small thing, especially after what I just did to two ponies for that same thing."
> "That isn't the same, and you know it Cadance."
"Same or not, it's the truth. I let my anger take control of me, and..."
> Your head sink, eyes falling to your hooves.
"...I can't be above them. I can't hold myself to a different standard, or everything Haute said will be true."
> Anonymous shakes his head.
> "Well, I mean, I didn't see you lay a hoof on her, did you? I just heard raised voices, and we went to investigate."
> But that was a lie!
> He'd caught you red-hoofed!
> "No, I didn't see anything at all. Did anyone else here see her attack Haute?"
> "I-"
> Randall's sightless eyes crinkle with amusement.
> "-saw nothing whatsoever."
> They're going to cover for you.
> Lie for you.
> No one else had seen; the camp would never have to know.
> Maybe...
"No - I - that's not right! Whatever anyone knows, I still attacked her. I am still guilty."
> "Anonymous, if I may handle this?"
> Tilting his head questioningly at Randall, Anonymous nonetheless nods.
> "Go ahead."
> "Cadance, if you would turn around?"
> Uncertain yourself, you do so also without question.

> The cane feeling its way from your hind-hoof up to your haunches only gives you a moment's warning:
> "Is that in the right place, Cadance?"
> Despite now knowing full well what he intends, you nod.
"Yes. It is."
> Being struck with his cane is nothing like a whip.
> It is solid and heavy; the impact actually makes you stagger forwards a step despite preparing yourself.
> While it is not accompanied by the immediate, searing pain of the lash you are quite certain your haunches will be sore for a good while.
> "There. Punishment. As much as you deserve; the rest, waived on account of the good your actions. Now, as Mr. Anonymous said... we saw nothing."
> Honestly, it does not feel like it.
> One different decision from Posey, and everything could have fallen apart.
> You cannot be that impetuous.
> Princesses do not let their emotions run away from them.
> Behind you, Anonymous coughs softly.
> "Well, then, if we could get back work..."
> ...
> Over an hour later, you finally follow Anonymous from the room.
> Without a word, he turns and heads for his bedroom and you follow.
> No order is needed to know what will follow.
> Glancing briefly at the heavily-stuffed chair, Anonymous instead turns for his bed and collapses into it with a hefty groan - kicking off his shoes.
> Staring at the ceiling, he stretches both arms out to either side - one dangling awkwardly off the edge of the bed.
> "Did you plan it, Cadance?"
"No. Well - sort of."
> "Explain."
"I told Sunburst to try and talk to her, yes. I did hope Posey would eventually find the strength to speak up. But happening right then, in front of everyone like that? No; not planned."
> Nodding - or more accurately, rolling his head where it lays on the bed - Anonymous sighs.
> "I'm a little relieved. I was afraid suggesting Sunburst to teach your daughter was just a ploy - that you'd played me to your own ends."
> No, you think.

> Playing Anonymous to your own ends was more in line with Sunburst's other task.
> "I'm glad you weren't, though I also have to admit you scared the ever-loving shit out of me back there. I thought you'd completely lost it, going after Haute like that."
"...I'm sorry..."
> Approaching with a softly-lit horn, you lift the dangling arm and return it to his side.
> A moment later he reaches out again - this time to cup your cheek lightly, stroking along your jaw.
> "If anything I owe you an apology. I shouldn't have jumped on you so quickly; I know you better than that."
"No, you were right to. I lost control. It was just like when I discovered that guard raping Cotton Cloudy; a kind of - of pure rage just took me over."
> Your eyes close and ears fall, and a tremble begins in your wings.
"If Posey hadn't spoken up... I would have lost everypony here, lost my daughter - I would've ruined everything for you."
> Tugging lightly, Anonymous guides your head in towards where he lays.
> Dropping down to rest your chin on his chest, you let it rest there.
> The question of when exactly you became so comfortable with physical contact with your owner, your captor and tormentor, is a question only briefly pondered before being swept away by the storm of heavier thoughts.
"I just went through with torturing two ponies for letting their anger drive them to violence. And it's the second time for me too; one stroke... it doesn't feel like enough."
> "You have by far the biggest drive to be a martyr I have ever seen... What do you want me to do? Go get a whip and put you through a bit of penitent scourging? Put you in a bridle and chains?"
> The thought of that awful, burning pain coming down on you again was enough to send a shudder from your nose to tail-tip.
> But it does not dismiss the sense you have that simply hiding it was wrong.
> Hands gently lift your muzzle, turning your head until you're looking up at his face.

> "Did you do wrong? Yes. But the right outweighs the wrong in this case."
> So he says.
> You can't help but feel shaken, though.
> Right outweighing wrong was not a zero-sum measurement; that good had been done did not negate your mistake.
> And you were not a mere pony but an alicorn, a princess even in exile.
> Rulers, you remember your aunt telling you often, are held to different standards.
> Even if the camp never knew, you would know in your heart.
> And it could tear you apart.

What does Cadance do? Accept that this is not Equestria, but a messier world with messier rules? Or retort that this is her heart that is telling her this, not some rules - she needs some punishment for this. If so, what is it going to be?
>> "Did you do wrong? Yes. But the right outweighs the wrong in this case."
>> So he says.
>> You can't help but feel shaken, though.
>> Right outweighing wrong was not a zero-sum measurement; that good had been done did not negate your mistake.
>> And you were not a mere pony but an alicorn, a princess even in exile.
>> Rulers, you remember your aunt telling you often, are held to different standards.
>> Even if the camp never knew, you would know in your heart.
>> And it could tear you apart.
>What does Cadance do? Accept that this is not Equestria, but a messier world with messier rules? Or retort that this is her heart that is telling her this, not some rules - she needs some punishment for this. If so, what is it going to be?
Be Anon's maid for a week. (only in the mornings)
What's Bon Bon up to these days? Besides, you know, slaving? When we spoke last she was bitter because Anon was giving us special treatment, letting us sneek visits with Flurry, and we were a bit short with her. She might still be loyal to the Princess we were, but we need her respect as the slavedriver we are now more than ever! Lets ask her for advice, and judgment. If Randalls single blow was enough for her, it's good enough for us too.

And if it's not, we buy her and the camps respect however we may.
I feel like I'm crazy... but here goes.

This is the second time she has done something like this. It could have literally ruined everything in this whole camp. EVERYTHING. I dare say that the end effect of her actions would have been worse than the end effect of even Autumn and Comet's actions.

This guilt has been building up in Cadance's mind for a very, very long time. She's already starting to break from it, and this WILL eat at her conscience just like everything else still is. I think she realizes that she needs to feel penance for everything weighing on her, starting all the way back from the escape attempt and Corona.

I'm going to suggest something crazy: have Cadance volunteer to spend one day in one of the cells...with Eric. It would be rest assured that totally brutal methods like the cattle prod or anything that could lead to disfigurement would be off the table, but it would still be hard to take.

It's a very severe penalty, but Cadance would come out on the other end a pony perhaps absolved of a lot of guilt. And she would never do something like this again.
Sorry, Erics busy with another project right now.
This idea is crazy enough to work.

Word of her spending a day in the cells would spread, and anyone saying Cadance has special privileges and treatment would be shut up. Maybe they would respect her if they didn't before.
What pony is hardly in enslaved greens and why is it Pinkie Pie?
I feel like her sisters would make great slaves.
Maud would be flat out deadly. One kick from her can shatter a person's entire body.

This would be intense. I would be fine with Cady just taking a lashing in private, but this is more personal and reminiscent of what happened to Corona. It feels like a bit much though, but then again Cady isn't stable now either.
I'm fucked up too, I guess. Cuz I like this plan.
I agree with you that something has to be done, but this... yeesh. I've got two big points of hesitation about this specific idea.

First, I'm not sure impersonal punishment at the hands of a professional torturer is going to "do it" for her guilt. Anonymous is the one she almost ruined, he needs to be the one to punish her. With Eric for guidance, to make sure he doesn't go to far? Sure, but mainly with his own hands. Besides, he's gotten kind of protective around her lately.

Second, this will need an explanation for everyone else in the camp. Something that wont spark a fresh rebellion by her followers.

Also, whether or not we do this we also have to address the root cause of her guilt, or it'll just come right back.
For the explanation, I have two cents to offer. Maybe Cadence could tell the ponies herself? Say she did something that put the camp in jeopardy and could have led to everyone losing everything, and that she volunteered to take a punishment that would have been imposed on anyone else if they had done the same.
>Anonymous is the one she almost ruined, he needs to be the one to punish her.

He doesn't seem to want to right now. But if she really showed desire to pay through something like this I think he could still do it.

I'm thinking of something, kind of an ultimate irony: Cadance gets punished by Anon because she feels guilt over jeopardizing the whole camp by not controlling her anger... but meanwhile, Anonymous has to control himself when punishing her. Unlike with Corona or even Comet, where he had to be stopped.

They both get redemption/penance in a weird ass way.
Yo, didn't you say Rarity owned Coco?
Or is she owned by the company?

> You didn't want to see Pearl, but she came anyway. She was a shameless suck-up and the worst pony you had ever met.
> Her casual tone with the human, her laughter at his inane jokes, even her feigned concern for you - they all made you sick.
> And she wouldn't leave you alone.
> "Please, Lavender," she was saying, sitting beside you on the bed. "You can change it. It's not forever. Anon said-"
"Buck Anon! Buck you! Buck the war! And buck this entire world!"
> It wasn't very original, or polite, but you didn't care.
> "Lavender, you have to keep your head down and survive until we can go home to Equestria."
"Buck Equestria!"
> Pearl persisted, entirely ignoring your swearing. "I know you hate everything right now, but at least try to work with him? He really does want you to be happy."
> You opened and closed your mouth a few times, trying to come up with words that would do justice to how you felt. But you failed.
> Instead, you turned the argument around.
"He's a bucking monster! You saw that. You know that first-hoof! How can you be so chummy with that... thing?"
> The pegasus laid a hoof on your back. You briefly considered pushing her away, but decided not to bother. She would just come back.

> "I know these things, Lavender. But I grit my teeth and act nice."
"Act? That wasn't acting yesterday!"
> She had the decency to look ashamed. "I just- he reminded me of how it used to be. For a moment he became the friend I had known all that time ago, again."
> It occurred to you that you had achieved what you set out to do. From what you could see, Pearl Shine was whole again. She had moved past the tragedy and was working on becoming happy.
> She would need a long time to truly put it behind her - sometimes, when she remembered, you saw it all on her face. The horror, the pain. Even the guilt.
> But she had forgiven Anon. She was talking about what happened. She was mourning.
> Except that her forgiveness had come a little too quickly for your taste.
"So what? You just bow and scrape and forget what he's done? You forgive him just like that?"
> "No. Not just like that. But I want it to happen, someday. And to do that, I need to give him a chance."
> You groaned and put your hooves over your ears. The mare was just too damned nice!
> "Lavender," she said quietly. "Why do you hate him so much?"
> That was the stupidest question you had ever heard. You snorted derisively.
"He beat me until I wanted to die!"

> "Are you sure that's all?"
"Do I need more?!"
> You turned your head sideways and stared at the idiot pegasus. You couldn't decide if she was serious or not.
> "When I first came here you were acting different. What changed?"
> There was accusation in her voice and it made you reel.
"Nothing changed! Why are you defending him?"
> Of course she refused to believe you. The pegasus brought her face nearer, so she could peer into your eyes from up close.
> "Are you sure it's him you hate?" she asked.
> "Or maybe you're just using him as an excuse for what happened to you? Being captured and brought here?"
> "It would be tempting, wouldn't it? Rather than blame yourself, you have a despicable human as a scapegoat."
"Ye- no! I don't blame myself!"
> You weren't even sure what you were supposed to yell anymore. Your heart was hammering and your breath came in short, panicked gasps.
> With a trembling hoof, you tried to push Pearl away, but you didn't seem to have any strength in your limbs.
> "You can go back, Lavender. Back home. Anon promised and I believe him. You just have to wait out the war."
> This time you managed to keep your mouth shut. But the pegasus saw the flicker of fear in your eyes.
> "Wait. Lavender, do you even want to go back?" she asked slowly.

> She refused to believe it. "You're still running away," she accused you.
> Even your voice was shaking. You didn't notice when your horn lit up and your magic enveloped the pegasus.
"Go- go away! I don- don't want to t-talk to you!"
> Her eyes filled your vision and you couldn't look away.
> "What are you running from, Lavender Falls? Something in Equestria-"
> You screamed, a mix of rage and fear. The pony flew away and impacted the far wall.
> There was a dull thud as she hit the floor. She wasn't moving.
> You were by her side in a flash and rolled her over.
"NO! No, no, no, please don't be dead! I'm sorry!"
> Tears were streaking down your face and blurred your vision, but you ignored them. You put your head against Pearl's chest and sagged in relief.
> She was alive.
> "What the fuck happened?" came Anon's voice from the door.
> In that moment, you were really glad to see him.
> ...
> The blue pegasus was cradled between you and Anon on the couch when she woke up.
> Despite Anon's insistence that nothing was broken, you watched her closely until her beautiful eyes opened.
> The relief you felt was like a sunrise and you genuinely smiled for joy.
"Oh, thank Celestia! I was so worried!"
> At your words the human glanced over, but didn't say anything.
> Pearl Shine focused on you. "Wha- what happened?"

> You leaned down to nuzzle her cheek and rub her back with your hoof.
"I... threw you."
> It was hard to admit and your face colored in shame.
"I didn't mean to and I'm so sorry, Pearl!"
> The pegasus partly stretched out her wings and turned them this way and that experimentally. Then she carefully tested her legs.
> The human's diagnosis was correct and the mare smiled up at you.
> "I'm fine. No harm done."
"No harm?! Pearl, I could have killed you!"
> She brought a wing over and laid the stiff feathers against your cheek in a caress.
> "You didn't. Besides, I probably pushed you too far."
> Her words rang in your head again. How could the pony have guessed the things she had?
> "Lavender," her voice broke your train of thought. "I think it's time we talked about it."
> You shrank back from her stare. You glanced up at the human, who was watching you with a curious expression. Your heart began racing and you averted your gaze.
"A-about wha- what?"
> "You're hiding something. What happened to you back home?"
> It was something you had tried to repress.
"N-nothing! I jus- just didn't want to be the castle alchemist in the Crystal Empire!"
> Even as you said it, you felt your ears fold down, betraying your lie. It wouldn't have mattered with the human, but Pearl knew how to read your body language.

> "Come on. You can tell us the truth, Lavender," the mare insisted. "There's more."
> You felt yourself shaking your head, but this time not even the human believed it anymore.
> Anon slid from the couch and knelt on the floor next to you. His hand sough out your trembling ears and gave them a scratch. You didn't pull away.
> "Come on. We're all friends here," he said. It wasn't true, but the pegasus smiled up at him as if it was.
> You looked from Pearl to the human and back. They were both smiling. Your hoof rose up and pointed at the pony.
"Her. I'll tell it to her only."
> It was obvious that the pony would quickly spill your secret to Anon, but you didn't care. You just didn't want the slaver looking at you while you revealed your deepest heart.
> "Sure. I'll go take a shower," he said and stood up.
> You waited until he was gone. The pegasus was watching you expectantly.
"I- I didn't leave the Crystal Empire because of a job."
> The first admission was easy, but they would get harder quickly. You felt Pearl's wingtips caress your face and let them pull you closer, until your noses were touching.
> The gesture was intimate, normally reserved for lovers. But you didn't mind. It was immensely comforting.
> It made it easier to go on.
"I e-eloped. To Manehattan. With a young stallion - he was a noble's son and I thought..."

> Even now the memory hurt and a tear escaped your eye.
"I thought we would stay together forever. My- my parents were against it, but I thought his would accept me. Accept us."
> You drew a shuddering breath, remembering those heady days, full of hope and love.
> And disappointment.
"Th-they didn't. They c-cut him off..."
> The wings around your head tightened and you felt Pearl's hoof on your foreleg. The pegasus was silent, but listening attentively. Her face was full of concern.
> Despite everything that had happened to her, the pony still felt bad for your tragic love story.
> "What was his name?" she asked, gently. Her question brought forth more tears, but you answered anyway.
"Opal Gleam. A u-unicorn."
> For a minute, all you could do was fight against the rush of memory. The way his pristine white horn shone in the morning sun as you stood on the shore of Manehattan and watched the sunrise over the ocean.
> His cyan eyes reminded you of clear summer skies. His mane, brilliant white, almost matched your sparkling coat.
> Even the smell of his shampoo - pine needles with a hint of mint. Everything you had been trying to forget since you were captured, rushed back.
> Pearl let you cry for a while before lifting your chin with a wing.
> "What happened?" she asked, kindly.

> That was the difficult part of the story of your failure.
"W-we fought. It fell apart just like my father said it would!"
> His prophetic words came back to haunt you. "You're not ready," he had said. And: "You can't live on love alone!"
"Money was tight."
> You gave a derisive snort.
"Of course it was! We had nothing! I opened a herb shop to try and earn a living and he became a kitchen-hoof at a restaurant."
> You felt your hot tears running down your face and dripping on the couch.
"H-he resented me because at least my work was something to do with my cutie mark!"
> "What was his?" the pegasus asked.
"A sextant. He was supposed to be an astronomer. But his father sent word around. No observatory near Manehattan would hire him."
> You saw Pearl's expression and it was filled with anger. A long time ago, you had been angry too. But now, you were just sad.
"Every night..."
> The words were interrupted by a sob.
"We fought every night. And then I realized I was blaming him. For the hard work. For the misery. And I- I couldn't stand it. B-but I just yelled harder!"
> Her wings, brushing your back were helping, if only just a tiny bit. Her hooves around your also felt nice. But neither prevented you from crying.

> You cried harder than after any beating from Anon. This pain had underpinned your entire life. You had pushed it far away, glad for the excuses slavery has brought. But now it was all coming back up.
"Pearl! He called me a harlot! And a temptress! He said he never wanted to see me again!"
> Even the pegasus was sobbing. "I'm so sorry, Lavender," she whispered as she nuzzled you.
"I slapped him and told him to get out. He... he broke my heart, Pearl."
> There was no stopping the waterworks now. Both of you clung to each other, lost in the misery of that story.
> There was just one thing more to tell.
"I couldn't go back home. I got a letter from father. They never want to see me again."
> An old remnant of your anger flared up.
"But *he* got to go home! *His* parents took him back. And I was left in the dirt!"
> Your face was a mess of tears by now and you barely noticed that Pearl had begun cleaning you with her tongue.
"And- and I couldn't leave. There was no money. I was in debt. The shop was failing. And I had to sleep in our bed every day and force myself to smile for the customers."
> The embrace tightened again and Pearl's hoof was slowly petting your mane.

> Finally the pegasus found words to speak. "I'm sorry, Lavender. I didn't know. You don't have to-"
"I d-don't know how it's possible, but I both hated and missed him!"
> You heaved a sigh and your voice grew silent. The pegasus had to lean in closer to hear.
"He was su-supposed to be my spec-special somepony."
> It was finally out. You tried to hold on for a few seconds longer to thank the pegasus for listening, but couldn't hold on. The world was lost in a blur of tears again.
> You felt she knew, somehow.
> Nothing more was left to say and you let yourself wash away on a tide of sorrow. You clung to Pearl to keep yourself from drowning, but you weren't really aware.
> A long time later, you felt strong arms pick you up and take you to you bed. But you weren't afraid because a wingtip rested on your cheek the entire way.
> You were gently laid on the mattress and covered with a blanket. A moment later a soft, feathery body climbed in next to you.
> The warm hug was welcome and you gratefully nuzzled the pegasus.
> You didn't hate her, not anymore. Not after sharing that with her. You were just happy she was by your side.
> But then you remembered she was going away and you started to cry again.

I was going to post yesterday, but I noticed it was shit, so I took some extra time to fix it.
Still migth not be quite there, so please let me know!
I have anther crazy idea.
Lets try to convince Anon to buy Haute from Randal.
what an insufferable hypocritic cunt. someone, please shoot her already.
By this point, I think Pearl counts as a therapy animal.

This explains a lot about Lavender's recent treatment of Anon. It's not just anger over being captured and enslaved, and it's not just resentment over the way she was treated when Anon was trying to break her. Somewhere along the way Anon became an outlet for all her leftover feelings for Opal and her parents.

There's something else about it that's bugging me, but I'm not sure what. Maybe it'll come to me after some sleep.

>"We fought every night. And then I realized I was blaming him. For the hard work. For the misery. And I- I couldn't stand it. B-but I just yelled harder!"
Too real. That kind of thing is a lot more common than you'd think. Communication skills tend to disappear once emotion sets in, and it gets worse and worse from there.

While it would probably be the best place for her, it's also likely she'd keep to her old ways and just set up another power structure to be queen of. It's a little cruel, but it might be best for her to get shoved to the dirt for a while. Let her reevaluate her life when she's at the bottom, gain some perspective and humility. It's not a great solution, and it's unlikely for her to improve as a person, but that might be outside of what we can do without turning to the dark side and magicking up her mind.
I think Anonymous is right on this. We fucked up a little by snapping, but what separates our situation with the prisoners' is the context and end result. They did what they did to create chaos in the camp to spite Anonymous. Their end result was more suffering for other ponies. We did what we did because she threatened us. While that doesn't necessarily excuse flying off in a fit of rage, we did still expose her wrongdoing which could have threatened the camp in any number of ways, this investigation not withstanding.

The right absolutely outweighs the wrong in our case. We can't start beating ourselves up over this, and just accept the judgement that's been passed on us by not only Anon, but by Randall, too. The consensus is that we did good enough in the end to not deserve punishment. We should leave it at that and get back to focusing on the ponies out there who need us at our best.
And now for the self-loathing because even if anon is an ass, she made it up to him stomping his feelings into dirt right when he was most unstable. With a cherry of not having a place to return on top. Please let Pearl keep the secret, anon can prove to be nice to her even without such leverage. Make her value this little that she has now, even better when something feels undeserved.
It all hangs together quite well. Thanks for the update!
Assuming Manehatten was invaded while Lavender was living there alone. Slavery might have not been that bad a deal for her, at least it comes with room and board, and something to do every day. Time for Lavender to decide what she wants and start running towards something, not just away.
>"I'm fine, no harm done."
This seemed off. Recovery from concussion is not like waking up! Brains really don't like being knocked out and they take quite a while to work properly after.
The only reason we're feeling guilty like this at all is because we are already feeling guilty before, about lots of other stuff. We've been hurting for a long time now and it hasn't let up. Now, they're just trying to tell us to forget about it? How could we?

The only reason why we are so bent on needing punishment right now is because we've felt like we've needed it for a long time coming. We can't ignore that fact, or it will inevitably destroy us. So... I say we take a punishment. The harsher (up until a certain point, of course) the better. Little magic pills or even a mere rump whacking will not cut it, not for something that would have crushed Flurry Heart.
It's a very reasonable response for a concussion too. First time I expirienced this I felt fucking sick but the first words to come out of my mouth without thinking was "I'm okay." of course I collapsed trying to stand and was taken to the hospital.
>she needs some punishment for this.
Anon's cuddle slut for a week.
How would peole feel if I invoked tanks and ponies stealing them during the invasion?
Don't know how people would feel, but the ponies would feel very cramped and uncomfortable! Tanks are big on the outside but small on the inside. Being operated by anything but a smallish and flexible human would be a real challenge.
> but small on the inside
They are actually comfy and just big enough to operate without hitting anything with heads and hands. It just takes some time to accept couple of thinks hanging from the ceiling. And that's about russian tanks, Abrams would allow for a tea party for 4 guests and a dog.
Aye, but the rebels skipped the kettle.
Challenger is where it is at.
The only reason anything right happened is Posey, not Cadance. If Posey weren't there it would have been over. I don't think Cadance did a good thing at all, but because of Posey's courage it worked out. That's not the same to me.
Or Randall could sell it to one of the investors we met during the gala dinner, maybe the ponies trainer because Hautte will be a challenge, the woman looking for ponies to breed maybe, but she would have problems with her attitude, the pervert Bank owner? BAD IDEA, Hautte could be in the hands of an abuser and sex torturer or worse, use his tricks to convince him to impose it as his representative on the property and thus ruin the life of Candance and Anon
Cadance knows what she needs. But if she is going to be punished, then it can't be half-assed. That will just make the guilt worse than if nothing happened at all.
>page 9
If nothing else, we gave her the chance to speak out. She was sitting around and saying nothing because she was too scared, and she would have continued standing by while Haute kept abusing ponies, so if nothing else we inadvertently helped spurn her to finally speak out.
I swear no one comments anymore. Aspiring and vega got like 4 (you)'s for pretty big updates and , Jew got literally 1.
>>”Can I trade the pony in for a Playstation, or something?”
I laughed, looking forward to more.
Feedback can greatly shape a story and help a writer but if you bring this up you get called an attention whore.
I cannot answer Jew right now since I'm catching up with previous stories. Aspiring goes better than when I desperately needed to point something I refuse to understand, and Vega is too busy rising insulin pills sales, he literally did everyone asked him to do and we're waiting what happens next.
One day vega will quit teasing us and lewd the pony.
Haven't read any of those yet.
His cuddles are so much, I think I'll be dissapointed to see an actual lewd. You know, when so much happening as pre-cuddle, you expect it to be either cock rampage or at least confession on the top of pile of defeated megazords. Any lewd that is possible to describe by human kayboard is way below what should be written to matchall this foreplay and fullfill the prophecy.
>"I slapped him and told him to get out. He... he broke my heart, Pearl."
didnt she fuck up his relations with his family then blame him for everything

am i missing something
File: twi.png (3.37 MB, 2255x2808)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
But anon teasing forever is just mean, ponies have needs too.
This slow burn feels soo good tho, I fear climax will spoil potential rest of the story as nothing will be able to top it.
Or he can just have them fuck at the very end, followed by short epilogue stating that they lived happily ever after or something, I dont know.
Thats why I dont write green.
We should either start to treasure this comfy tease or calm our tits before the thing happens. Because like >>30713471 said, it would ruin the whole long thing. It's like when you sit down to fap, and you're that close, but here's another whole lot of fapcontent you've prepared and you don't want to waste it so you just hold back, again and again, and after an hour or so of unease bathing in the warm feeling all planned is over, climax is as dissapointing as becoming an adult, the piles of junk food and transformer toys are worthless now.

Or even vagely saying that it'll happen after ending, like when Twi and Anon ride away from portal and hate country music together in what's-its-name recent-finished green.
Please that mare
Oh, would I please that mare
I'm going to have to go for the punishment route, too. Other Anons seem to want something really bad, but I'd be fine with something like a caning for poor Cadance. It certainly does seem like I'm outvoted, though, and Cadance might end up in Eric's clutches.
"White lightning... like the lube right?"
>you asked in a somewhat jokingly manor
>your sense of humor fell on deaf ears however
>the white little pegasus next to you seemed to squirm uncomfortably, almost afraid to even breath let alone respond to you small talk
>you try to clarify
"like for lubricating bike chains and ball bearings and.. no? nothing?"
>she trembled
"anything at all? I mean if you're just going to sit there and shake-"
>your small talk was bad taste you suppose
"forget it I'm just being an ass I apologize"
>it seemed everything in this world frightened the timid creature
>you noticed the air coming from the vent in the van was uncomfortably cool so you turned it off
>with the faint road sounds and quiet talk radio inaudiblely peaking through static left you can hear her breathing up a storm
>if she could sweat through her coat she would
>the long drive ahead to highlands would be an awkward one
>maybe in due time the pegasus would come to enjoy your conversations
>you never knew how these things would go
>"hey I need to piss"
>your insurance in the back seat quipped with a bit of laughter
>you tossed an empty power aid bottle from the front back at her
>"It's kind of hard to aim with your driving skills ya'know dumbass"
>the crudeness and the fact that your little pone snap swore at you seemed to terrify the white pegasus
>she seemed to recoil towards the edge of her seat farthest away from you
>you imagine she expected you to hit snap for her foul language or for disrespecting you
>it's probably all those bastards engrained in her down at the shelter
>she had no post history on record either so you imagine she was sexually abused as well
>private shelters loved to lose paperwork on past owners with enough cash between them all

You have my attention.
File: Spoiler Image (189 KB, 1134x1215)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
>you mindlessley pulled off the freeway into one of those gas station towns that harbors the single high school football state championship as its claim to fame
>you park at a 7-11 gas station closest the freeway and instruct the two to get out and piss, stretch and do whatever
>snap clasps her collar on before trotting in towards the building
>you reach in and unbuckle lightning from her seat
>she absolutely petrified
"look, this is your first shot at a better life... I know you're scared and all and there's nothing wrong with that"
>snap was back tugging at the heal of your jeans
"don't you have cash?"
>"I spent it all"
>"look that's not important right now, what's important is that the bastard won't give me the key to the mares room unless I buy something"
>she was starting to dance in place
"well go use the power aid bottle n-"
>"asshole give me something!"
>you sighed and looked at the white pegasus as some comedic effect in prolonging snaps relief but she only seemed to tremble with those big blue eyes of hers
"...fine buy me something too then"
>reaching across lightning you fished a couple dollars out of the cup holder and folded it up so snap could grab it with her mouth
>looking back at lightning she was frozen
>poor little mare
"what did you get me?"
>snap tossed a candy bar at you from the back
"anything for lightning?"
>instead of tossing again, snap carefully lobbed some sort of wafer cracker at her with her muzzle
>"hope you like strawberry cause that's all they had"
>the mare seemed to acknowledge it but made no effort to touch it
>for the first time since the shelter she spoke, her voice barely audible above the air conditioning
>"t-thank you"
what a cutie
That's ginger snap right?
File: Spoiler Image (92 KB, 447x485)
92 KB
>since lightnings behavior and absence from conversation was to be expected you focused on your mare snap
>while merging onto the freeway you broke the ice
"so how was your piss?"
>snap seemed to choke a bit chuckling with a mouth full of chips
>"blood.. blood and piss just everywhere it was a war scene"
"well good, did you remember to wash your hooves like a big girl?"
>"oh shut the fuck up"
"I heard-"
>the candy bar she got you was almost too sweet and made your teeth hurt
"I heard one time this mare didn't know she was pregnant.."
>"hoW the hell do you not know you're pregnant?!"
"look I don't know this is just something I heard alright?"
>"was she really fat? she had to be fat there's no way-"
"I don't know I don't but like, this poor human teenager goes to clean this bathroom at this gas station in modesto and he finds this mares still born foal in the toilet"
>"what the fuuuck!"
"I knooow like, how's that for a piss! fucking.."
>you seemingly forgot the sensitive mare in the vehicle
>she shrank into her seat with everyones banter and seemed to remove herself from the reality of the situation
>you kept the conversation going
"now that... that was a war zone, having to piss or shit super bad for a bunch of months or whatever and a fucking foal pops out"
>you and snap were having all too much fun with the idea
>"maybe that's why those fucks made me buy the key with snacks, so they don't have to peel after birth off the toilet seat"
"Fuck that's gross"
>you pretended to gag
>"it's probably what they put in those slushies too!"
>looking over you saw that the white mare was visibly nauseous
>chuckling a bit you change the conversation
>after a while the commotion of your little pit stop dies out
>snap puts her headphones on zones out
>you set the cruise control and flip through stations until you find something bearable
>as you drive on the sun sets and with 3 hours left in the drive you prep yourself for highlands
>lightning would love it there
this thread just keeps getting more and more edgy
and you wonder why people are leaving
Sorry about your safe space :(
>using emojis unironically
>people are leaving

Nigga wut
It's getting edgier than it was before? [Citation Needed]. Toilet Slave haven't updated in forever!
This thread is as edgy as it has ever been, dude. I've been here since the beginning and if anything, it's a little less edgy.
People are trying to rationalize/justify torture, and encouraging it in the CYOS. There is no reason for this other than straight up sadism.

You people need professional help. You are a threat to society.
>threat to society
Um... You get that we are here to tell stories about magic talking ponies who are enslaved, right? That none of it is really real, or serious, that it's just for fun, right? You need to give your head a shake, take a deep breath, step away from your screen, and go outside for a bit. Take a walk through the park, or better yet a bike ride. You will feel better.

>but Cadance requesting Eric's services is not the way Slaveventure should go; that is getting kinda weird.
Nice cherry picking. Some stories are cute and some are heavy. Filter what you don't like and ignore bait comments.
File: Spoiler Image (1.29 MB, 744x557)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB GIF
>snap was very mellow since your arrival back at highlands
>she has hardly said a word when you got there
>even as you both retired to the bedroom for the evening she was remarkably quiet
>after all the paperwork and checking in was done for white lightning she had sat neatly by the exit door, patiently waiting for you to finish up and hand the reigns off to the night watch
>you figured she was tired, despite sitting on her ass for most of the trip traveling for that long is particularly degrading for anyone
>you only see her smile again when you both climbed in bed
>as you snuggled up, snaps soft fuzz tickled your chin
>your arms drape around her midsection, hands tracing her belly and chest as she melted in your grasp
>the ceiling fan above you idles at a slow speed and drapes both of you in a gentle breeze
>the wall clock mounted on the opposite side of the room ticks by quietly
>everything is perfect as far as you're concerned as your little mare tucks herself deeper against you one last time before dozing off
>everything is calm
>you're about to drift off to sleep yourself when she tosses and turns a bit before spinning around to meet your gaze
>"was that really true?"
"was what true?"
>"the mare... with her"
"her foal?"
>you took a deep breath and sighed
"Yeah- "
>"that poor mare"
>nothing but the sound of the clock filled the room for quiet some time before snap spoke again
>"I can't even imagine, the horrors of it all.. it's fucked up"
>you dwelled on it
>"t-the way lightning was trembling... it was like she was that mother for a moment in my head, so afraid of everything"
>"I know we joke and everything but"
"I know"
>you gently caress her before bringing her into a kiss to pacify her
>for a moment all her troubles disappear
>she lingers there, feeling up under the crook of your neck as you embrace her again
"I'm sorry"
>"I know"
Hey, don't look at me, I was just wanting Cadance to ask for a caning from Anon. Maybe she suggests the whole Eric idea and Anon firmly speaks some sense into her before they then reach a compromise to just pick up where Randall left off with her, so to speak.
>Actually reading that trash.

You are part of the problem.
break out your filters friend.
>part of SPGs problem

Slaveventure IS SPG! What are you even here for if you don't like it?
File: 1478809.gif (3.12 MB, 400x437)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB GIF
Are you delusional? CYOS is fucking great.
What greens do get your stamp of approval anon?
Non SIM shit?
So which ones? Actually curious.
Literally all of them that belong in this thread.
>can't name a single story.
Do you even read this thread?
Mate, he's baiting. It's as simple as that. He can't name a single story because the point of it is to keep you riled up and responding, not to have actual discussion.
>the white-knightyist thread on the board
It's the current year, time to stop using stale memes to describe things you don't like.
It's literally the only reason I follow this general
No, it's not.
Yes, it is.
Nope. There are authors posting as rapid as CYOS and do much better job at it.
Nice opinion faglord, are you going to eventually get around to presenting any actual argument for your position?
Nive try, cancer kid. When should I expect you to realize that there's more than 1 visitor who does not read CYOS?
All arguments were presented before, like, 3-5 threads ago. Main is "I dont like when author has no imagination and relies on idiots to think of a plot for the green".
and yet CYOS gets the vast majority of (you)s compared to anything else posted here

you're in the extreme minority opinion
File: 1419256075532.jpg (297 KB, 1109x1078)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
You're retarded. We make choices in the story, but that doesn't write the plot for him. We didn't tell him "now have a big party scene where Anon has to convince investors" or "okay, now make a sub-plot about Mocha getting beaten" or "now make a twist where investigators come to check out the camp". The author came up with the majority of the plot, us making choices and steering where it goes is not relying on us to think of the plot, you fucking simpleton.

>all arguments were presented before
Saying "the arguments are back there somewhere, I just don't feel like digging them up. Go find them yourself" is not an argument. I'm not going to go present your argument for you, you lazy shit. Your opinion is poorly and pathetically thought out and generally shit. Judging by all the replies you received when you claimed CYOS is trash, I'm not the only one who thinks so. It's the most popular story in the general, even if that makes you mad
> hey guys what do I do now
> hey guys, I know what to do, here's an update

Do you not see a flaw in that comparison?
Keep telling yourself that. Author that can be bullied in a major plot twist does not have the control of the plot, majority of cosmetic changes over important ones does not change the fact that all the concept is about writing what readre likes, not what author indended to write.

No, that is saying "we've had this argument so many times I am too lazy to write another poem to another newbie flying by". I do not blame you for liking something I dont like, but please, do not consider CYOS as the single thing this thread produces, this is so not true. And stop confusing me with the dude that started this yesterday, clearly my wording is different from his.
Actually, the author still has total control in a cyoa. They decide the events leading up to a choice, the events that happen after the choice, as well as most importantly what options make up the choice itself.
The benefit of the system is that it makes the events feel more personal to the reader because they have a hand in things and therefore feel responsible and more attached, but if the author wants then they can set things up so that all the roads lead to the same place. Figuring out how to get the best ending in situations where they don't however, is why visual novels and the like are so popular.
Seems at least balanced, if not my thing. But, you know, my prejudice for this type of fiction did not came out of nowhere, unfortunately, so I'm still cautious not to enter those who give me that feeling. It's all fun and games till someone gets a nam flashback.
Well, Aspiring and Vega had a response to some of my thoughts, hell, I even saw my entire phrases there lol.
>someone gets a nam flashback
It sounds like you were involved in a CYOA that went horribly wrong, and it put you off the whole idea. Tell us the story, and we will laugh at your misfortune, and perhaps avoid something similar happening.
File: 2017-07-24.jpg (250 KB, 650x606)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
Well, just like you mentioned, author did what everyone wanted and the story turned to complete shit, if you remove whiteknighting and torturing characters that were just giving the attitude, but were so much useful for the crew unlike Mary Sue, what would be left will only contain weather reports.
I remember distinctly when people were saying how torturing Corona was way too edgy, but it actually added a lot to the story.
File: 1500227438449.jpg (15 KB, 162x311)
15 KB
Stop bitching, it was not even mlp story.
This was cute
You are crazy. Cadance maybe deserves some more of the cane, but I don't think Anon would dream of Cadance doing that. You intrigue my darker side, but my vote is something less severe.
$0.02 on this idea, wanna see for some reason
Lavender is complex to me. I feel very bad for her, but at the same time I somehow still want to smack her upside the head or on the backsisde sometimes. My reaction is conflicted, but I think that's good.
Snarky asshole Snap is super cute.
>feeling around snaps fuzzy belly you peel your phone out from under her
>it was remarkably warm from all the body heat, its plastic case acting like the slickest butter you've ever encountered
>you drop it on her by accident as she continues to snooze but the impact doesn't wake her
>you wait for a groan or a hoof kick but nothing ever comes
>as you stare off into nothingness preparing a little apology through your morning stooper you remember your why you grabbed your phone
>it was early morning, 5am in fact
>the phones brightness burned your eyes
>punching in your password you roll through a series of texts from the night shift
>[all houses clear]
>[medication for rose and gold wing taken care of]
>[the usuals in the cafeteria]
>[new guest not handling orientation well but has eaten and retired to her cabin]
>[everything accounted for]
>laying the phone down you go back to cuddling yourself over snap
>after smelling her mane and stroking her chest you clutch her and drift off to sleep once more
>if only this moment could last forever
>Randall apologizing to Posey
Awww. That was really sweet. Hopefully this experience will help him realize a bit more like what Cadance has been teaching to Anon, the balance of trust between slave and master
>That solid, single cane stroke to her rump by Randall when she insists upon punishment
Kek. Might be a funny story to tell Flurry her mother was punished by a cane to the rump like a school filly

>What does Cadance do?
For once, I think we do have to take in Anon's Martyr complex argument into account. Cadance just wants justice for herself, to show that no pony is above the rules if she made a mistake that got Crescent Moon whipped hard (attacking out of emotion), but I think what she might realize is that there are also consequences to consequences. If she gets whipped for this, it might send ponies the wrong message. What if they take her being whipped as a sign that Anon will still punish the slightest offense? What if they take it as a reminder that Cadance is still now and forever under his heel?

I admire Cadance's desire to do the right thing, and accept the consequences of her actions And my dick tempts me to suggest going with other anon's suggestions that she be made his maid for a week as punishment for a fairly light action But I think Cadance also needs to think about her role as leader. Skipping out the punishment in this case, if it were even warranted (which there are arguments for it not being, given the offender was not seriously injured, she was not a guard/human, and she had intentionally provoked her), would not be because Cadance is above the rules, but because there's a bigger issue with her image that they need to think about.

My opinion is, let Cadance accept Anon's offer to leave this alone this time, but with the promise that the next time a pony does a small offense, something that would normally constitute a short whipping? Offer them leniency as well. (1/2)
Use this opportunity not to save her own skin, but to use it as leverage so that the next time something like Crescent Moon ever happens, she has an excuse to forgo their whipping and spare them that sort of pain. I'm not quite sure if this is the right call, maybe the best thing IS to let her be punished so that it sends a message that she does not consider herself above it all, but, I think drawing attention to it will only destabilize the camp more, personally. Let's let this one slide, it's not as though Celestia herself always punished her subjects for every offense that earned one.

>Asking bon Bon
I kind of like this idea a lot, it lets us try to re-bridge our relationship with our former fellow rebel, and get some insight as to what one of her detractors would do.

I would also recommend asking Crescent Moon: she was also whipped for lashing out due to her fear and attacking a guard, so what should she think?

>Time in the cage with Eric
I have to vote no on this idea as well, I'm afraid. It's definitely original but I think being subject to THAT sort of punishment, incarcerated and beaten for a day? Is beyond this level of grievance for one, and might send her subjects into a flurry for two.
I'm with you on this one anon.


This, more or less. I get that Cadance desperately doesn't want to become "above the law" so to say, but given the context of this particular offense... I think she needs to accept Anon and Randall's judgement and just let this one go.
I wouldn't have it happen for any price

I'd shoot the person who offered for free, though
File: 1499466276392.png (64 KB, 499x635)
64 KB
I'd kill the person and hide their body for fear of them trying to steal her from me and do it anyway when I refused.
Fuck, used a touchscreen on my laptop and accidentally put in for no punishment when I meant heavy. Fucking captcha clicking
File: results.png (51 KB, 973x488)
51 KB
Daily reminder not to let your fetishes make your choices for you
It's not about a fetish for me. She wants a punishment and both Randall and Anon are keen on brushing it under the rug. s seems like the only listed good common ground.

I'm almost pulled towards a harsher punishment but we can't afford to have Cadance take a day off from running a camp. She's the only one we can count on and a lot of things can go wrong in a day.
Why is there no rape option?
>My fucking head. Handle it, Anon, you can do it…
>As I come out in the kitchen, light turns on.
--Good morning, Alexander. It is 8:00 AM, August 7th--
>Is it this early? No shit head hurts that much.
>And throat.
-- Weather is 17 degree in Celsius, sky is cloudy--
>So, he got some nice stuff in this penthouse.
>I hope he had some mineral water too.
-- News for today: Crimean People’s Republic agreed to ease up military control of Black see, allowing free trade through it.
>Well, that is really nice way to say “stop raiding”.
>And looks like I’m lucky. Two bottles of Essentuky rest on top shelf.
-- News from Kharkov: Novorosiya legalized usage of bitcoin currency in official deals, including for taxes.--
>Looks like that man was really interested in our western borders. To set program prioritize news from out there…
>Oh, now it is gonna be easier. Head finally clears.
--News from Beijing: Chinese government called placement of Isca--
>So this is control panel, I guessed it right.
>Finally this thing have shut up.
>Anyway, looks like 3 hours was enough. Hardly I could got asleep now, so at least I need some coffee.
>Strange noise filled the air. It repeated, I assume it is doorbell.
>As I grab handgun on my way, I look in monitors on the entrance.
>One woman stands on other side, no signs of others neither in hall nor on stairs.
>Vasya could use such surveillance in his apartment. Maybe I wouldn’t need to save him that often.
>As I open the door, young gal in red dress that ends right on thighs, with fancy handbag, triangle-shaped earrings and cut-off ponytail looked at me with her deep blue eyes while blushing.
”I’m sorry, girl, what is your name?”
>”Hello, -uh, I’m Stella.”
>Right, so she is…
“Sorry, you are little late already. I can still let you in, but you know. I cannot offer that much.”
>As I move out of door hinge, she comes in. Her heels click on the floor with every step.
>Sure it is a shame she haven’t come in time. Surely, she is nicer than those I slept today with.
>They are beautiful and all, but this one – she is attractive as crazy.
>Surely, she should bring a lot of money to pimp.
>Anyway, she came to the kitchen with me, on some distance. I put gun back on the shelf.
“Want some coffee?”
>”Oh, thanks. It is nice of you. Can I sit down?”
“For sure. Get comfortable.”
>Submissive one, eh? Just my type. I really like how she plays her role.
>As coffee gets ready, I grab it and sit down too next to her.
“I’m sorry, but all people here are sleeping, and I’m not in the mood…”
>”It is okay, I can come later.”
”That is fine, I would like to return you for trouble coming any way.”
>Well, it better be long than not.
“Okay, show me what you got.”
>As I said it, she looked at me from below her forehead, grabbed out some notes out the handbag and searched something in them.
>The fuck?
>”So, you are the Anon? You own… Trixie, right?”
>The fuck is she doing?
“Well, yeah.”
>”My private informers passed me information that she owns the company, which contacted with Islindish-”
”Who are you?”
>She looked at me with humble smirk on her face.
>”I thought you remember me. Stella Malkina, Octopus Press. You agreed yesterday to answer some questions.”
>Oh, so she is not prostitute?
>Well, journalist in not that different profession, after all.
>”So, do you know where head of Russian chapter of Islandish disappeared?”
“Is this an interview?”
>”No, it is investigation. I understand that you don’t want your name figuring in news connected to this, so all I need is just advise on where to start looking, since you promised you know something.”
>Once more, strange sound echoed.
“One moment.”
>As I went to entrance, I seen on Trixie on monitors with some jockey boy.
>Stairs were clear once more, so I opened the door.
>She stood with messed hair and half dressed off suit, with scar near the right ear shining on furless skin.
>”Thanks, now you can go.”
>Jockey boy turned to the elevator and hit the button.
>As she entered in, she went directly to the kitchen.
>Here she found half-emptied bottle of Essintuky and quickly finished it off.
>”So, what about Islandish?”
>Trixie looked at Stella amazed, it was clear she hasn’t noticed her and her question got her out of guard.
>”Anon, why you talk with prostitutes about business?”
>Journalist froze in awe.
“Trixie, mind the language, she works on press.”
>”Even worse. When our pony journalists tried to investigate how we question prisoners, we used to “mistake them for combatants”, if you get what I mean.”
>Stella cleared her throat and responded.
>”That is another proof why your country should not exist.”
>Of course, Trixie wasn’t happy to hear these words.
>”Excuse me, wannabe-”
“Trixie, go get yourself in order. You look like shit.”
>”Same to you. You even haven’t even got dressed. Why do you think I thought she was a prostitute?”
>Wait, I’m what?
>Oh, really, I only have pants on me, which aren’t even zipped. Why then journalist haven’t… oh.
>That is why she reacted that way.
>God damn it, Anon. Making innocent gals blush again, just like on your prom.
“I’m sorry if I made trouble for you with my appe-”
>”It is fine, just… zip it.”
>As I did, Trixie left the kitchen.
”Well, about Islandish… After we contacted him, he seem troubled, so my bo- I observed what he will do next, just in case. Turned out nothing really bad – he just took a plane in Goa. Looks like he wanted to fresh his mind.”
>”And is this due to lost of OilProm stocks by them?”
“Wait, how did you knew that?”
>”Just a guess.”
>Now this journalist got her head up and looked straight in my eyes.
>We calculated everything, but we forgot about the press.
“How many people hold information you have?”
>”Just me and my informer. But it cannot be hidden for long, even in Moscow City.”
>These walls are soundproof, so we could…
>No, Anon, stop. Death of journalist will raise only more questions.
“I get it, you want sensation, but do you understand that all we did was legal, and the only thing you will achieve will be-”
“What if, instead of short-term gain, you will have long-term one?”
>Think, Anon, think.
>”I’m listening.”
>Okay, what if…
“What if I would provide even more sensational news in a week? We will contact you firstly and give you private interview with as much details as we will be allowed to give you.”
>Yes, Equestrian contact is what I can offer to her.
>”Sounds like a bluff.”
“Look, you are the one who have what others don’t. If we don’t give you what we promised – just post what you have. You will post it if we succeed too, but with more details. Plus, we will grant you one international level sensation. Again, with private interview.”
>She looked in ceiling for some time, then turned back.
>“I’ll be busy for three days with my current topic anyway. But in 4 days your deals will go public anyway, and half of federal channels belong to Company, so I cannot guarantee anything besides these 4 days.”
“So what is your answer?”
>While Anon needed to resolve some more questions, I and Vasya went to the office of OilProm.
>After some fuss with the security, they got what is happening and let us in.
>As we elevator doors closed, Vasya moved his tie.
>”Firstly, we need to visit accounting department.”
“Why so? I thought we had a lot of shit to learn first.”
>”Yes, but Anon got into this mess first off to wash off money. Let’s solve it right now.”
>In accounting department, Vasya pushed them hard.
>He made it clear he knows about some oil was sold to Chinese on incredibly low price, hence making it legal by adding some zeros to the numbers will only solve problems.
>And then, one another woman visited department.
>Dark colors of breeches, jacket and skirt, short-heels shoes reflected strictness together with square small glasses and bright-red coloring on her modest in size lips…
>By Celestia, looks like yesterday kinda affected me.
>I wonder how old is she.
>”Vasiliy? What are you doing here?”
>Looks like they know each other.
>”Mariya Somova, I’m accompanying new main holder of company.”
>”Is it a joke? Answer already!”
>”Well, as I said…”
>This woman grabbed radio from her pocket and shouted.
>”Security! Unauthorized personal in C-10!”
“Wait, we got it clear on security. I’m owner of main stocks-”
>”One pony without magic restriction! I repeat, pony with magic!”
“Listen, Mariya.”
>”I don’t know what you got in mind, but you know what we do with corporate spies, Vasya! Don’t even try to escape.”
>”I’m not spying! Quite the opposite, I had InfoBase of all people employed by The Company!”
>Woman finally moved radio from face.
>”Then what are you doing here?”
>”As I said, I accompany new main holder. I have permission from owner.”
>“And who is it? This pony?”
“Yes, I own 60%, and we have all the documents are with us to back it up.”
>Woman bitten her lower lip and placed her right hand on forehead.
“Okay, I’ll check them, and if this is true, then… I don’t know what happens with Russia. Come to my office.”
>As we followed her on other floor, we came to her cabinet, as she closed the door.
>”Who is your owner, pony?”
“My name is Trixie, and my owner is Sticher.”
>”Sticher? Who is that?”
>Looks like it was not the place for nicknames. Vasya moved front.
>”She means Anonymous.”
>“Anon? That lawyer you contacted with my father?”
>”Yes, now a lot changed. He now does part of his former business.”
>“So, you are from Marinovsky?”
“No, but we checked everything with him.”
>After these words she grabbed the telephone and called.
>”Yes. Hello. Look, some Company’s employee and pony came to our offices. Yes, Trixie. So what they say is true? Okay, but how… No, it is my business! Okay, I got it. Good luck.”
>As she hanged the call, Marina collected her slim hands and looked right side from her.
>”Okay, can I ask one question?”
>Vasya looked at me.
“Of course.”
>”Why- No, how you got it? I know stock prices of our company are lowest on the stock market, but not that low!”
“Agreements with needed people.”
>”Of course! We work on government again? Six month, six month we stayed independent, and now…”
“We will do some services for them, but only them. We are not going to cooperate with them on long-term.”
>”Of course! I heard the same words in 2001. God damn it.”
“Look, you are…”
>”Technical director. It is written on the door! While last months stocks were changing the owners, no one of them actually did something. I, it was I who runs this place.”
>”Marina, let’s be honest, you got this place only due to your fath-”
>”And what? Haven’t I proven my effectiveness? Ugh!”
>After hitting the table, she stood up and approached her bookshelf. Form there, she got out glass and bottle of jinn.
“Marina, I see you understand we have a lot to discuss.”
>”Okay, we dealt with your Anonymous’s cash. Let me tell you, after four or five years it will be investigated for sure, you are risking with OilProm name. So you have done it only for half a billion dollars?”
“Not quite. You see, after some time stock owners will change-“
>”Of course! Why wouldn’t you? Buy in crisis, sell while prices go up! Some geniuses you are!”
“Let me finish!”
>Sarcastic smile washed of Mariya’s face.
“And we are here to give OilProm direction in which it will go after we sell our part to needed people.”
>”So, you are proxy owners for now, or what?”
“Well, not quite. We plan to make good for two countries, while also getting reward for that, of course.”
>”So who is that? Cosohex, XMKX? Considering the speciality of Vasiliy?”
“No, we… Okay, I’ll just tell it directly: we plan to end war between Russia and Equestria.”
>After long second of silence Marina bursted with laughter.
“What is funny?”
>”It is just… oh wow… I thought we run for profits there, not for good of people! Crazy thought, right?”
“Look, i-”
>Vasya came into the cabinet.
>”Okay, I finished with headhunter. What are you laughing at?”
>”Vasiliy, are you… Ha-ha… Are you seriously gonna use OilProm for ending war with Equestria?”
>”Yeah, sure, it will give profits both to us and to OilProm.”
>Mariya stopped laughing, as Vasiliy sat next to us.
>”Wait, this is serious? Why then we don’t end civil war in Ukraine, since we already started peacekeeping? Or resolve Caucasian question?”
“Because it is not profitable. Ukrainians couldn’t offer us magic and new ways to excavate, after all.”
>Now smirk disappeared too.
>”Wait, so you are planning to get for company some alien tech? Make ponies work for us?”
“Both. Of course, it would involve a lot of lobbying and pushing narrative on mass population, but we will get equal rights for human and ponies in both countries.”
>”So, you have connections in Russian government?”
“Kinda accidentally, but yeah, we got some. We still need to do some favors for them-”
>”But what about other side?”
>What does she mean?
>”Look, who can guarantee, even if it is possible to arrange, somehow, that Equestria will agree?”
>What she thinks-
>Well, she is kinda right. Even if, and this is big “if”, Luna is on my side, there is three more-
>Two more princesses to deal with.
“I heard one my friend got high position through that war. Since we are on the same wave of thinking, it looks like government of Equestria favors position of ponies like me.”
>”Still, I see it hardly working. Equestria is more profitable as colony than as partner, even with all that magic.”
>Vasyliy decided to put in his penny.
>”If you are about their economy, then don’t worry, we took that into the account.”
“I think, in a month or so, their economy will change drastically.”
>Marina leans with her body towards the table.
>”Look, I don’t think you get it. You don’t get the scale of our company. Whatever you are planning- it is huge. Really huge. And you plan to do it in short time. While we have tons of problems we need to deal right now. You understand why you even got the possibility to buy such huge stocks? Because they were bought by former owners while oil was 36. Now it is 43, and they got possibility to sell stocks higher, and why wouldn’t they? Economists predict another fall, in next months.”
“And that is exactly what we were thinking.”
>”Don’t you get it? We will be lucky if we contain our current clients.”
“It will be not that hard when Company goes bankrupt.”
>Now again it is Vasya’s chance to shine.
>”Mariya, you see, they have no government subsiditions. Plus, their witch-hunt on middle-levelers like me will stab them in the back. You got the base of many people willing to change the workplace, thanks to me. Moreover, I was the one who contacted for them Cosohex. I know what to offer to them.”
>She doesn’t look decided.
>”You understand that is not enough? There are tons of-”
“And that is why we need you. I planned to work all weekend, getting to know all of shit we need to deal with, get clear picture. Vasiliy is my advisor, for now, but it is not enough. Could you handle it, get us all major reports and analyze with us?”
>Mariya poured some jinn in glass, grabbed it and looked in for some time.
>”Like I ever had a weekend last year… Of course.”

”So, Trixie, are you coming or not?”
>”Anon, can we visit Gubkina first? I need to solve some stuff with their rector.”
“Look, embassy probably can wait, but patrols on the border – not.”
>”Right, right. I am just…”
>As she came into the car, Trixie removed her tie.
“Look, this is really important. We don’t go there on our only behalf, but also on behalf of those who couldn’t get this admission. Minister of Economic Growth asked me for a lot of favors for his connections.”
>”Why he couldn’t do them himself?”
“Because if he tried to resolve it himself through Foreign affairs, it would be governmental act. But we are private agents, so no one will ask government for that.”
>As I start engine, we drive out from the parking lot and move directly on highway.
“And please, put this thing on. I don’t want to have problems with patrols.”
>Trixie put on her horn magic repressor, on which Techie played a little, and opened window.
>“I want my old life. Not stage one, I don’t hope for it already. Really, organizing partisans was less stressful than this.”
“Well, you agreed on the conditions yourself.”
>”Why the fuck Caucasus is so fucked up? Why they continue endless wars? How I gonna run business with this shit going on?”
“Oh, they aren’t that different from Slavs in that regard, at least now.”
>”Don’t even start with Ukraine, I’ll fucking kill you if you do it. And Chinese fucks! They find a way to cause us troubles without even wars! At least I have Vasya to deal with that shit.”
“Have you slept today?”
>”Yeah, six hours. I needed to be in good shape today, since embassy is finally available. I will probably meet some Princess, and I must show them Great and Powerful Trixie or some shit. Fuck.”
“You curse a lot today.”
>”Because I’m fucking tired! I watched my mouth 24/7 due to corporate ethics and shit. Give me a break. I will have embassy to deal with too.”
>As we move to the entrance in “contested zone”, first gates open.
>After quick check, they watch our luggage. Since we reglamented all of this, and all of this was given to us by different officials through Minister, they granted us pass for eight hours.
>As we passed second gates, “contested zone” started.
>And we are first “private agents” to enter it.
>Roads are even worse than in a countryside, which is hardly achievable.
>”Why you have such huge contested zone here? I doubt that Equestrians had claims on them.”
“Well, you see, in areas of explosion some anomalies happen. Vasya loves mentioning “Roadside Picnic” not without basis on this theme. Of course, there are no artifacts, but it is obvious that we still don’t know whether it is safe to live here again.”
>Destroyed buildings, big chunks of concrete lying on the roads. And empty, burned skeletons of cars.
>And I remember driving those streets without any back thought.
>Finally, we came close to what used to be traffic jam when shit hit the fan.
>Line of Czech hedgehogs of cars on the whole center.
“Here we will go on foot. “Country that does not exist” is half an hour away.”
And that is all for now. Pastabin is updated.https://pastebin.com/wgaVqQ0u
Yeah, but with the level of built-up anger that she's expressing I'm really just not sure that time just serving as a maid is going to "do it" for her.
I'm really down for anything that doesn't take Cadance out for a whole day. The magic restriction thing has me paranoid too. What if more angry ponies decide to take advantage of weakened Alicorn Magic?

Maybe a good lashing with Anon's belt will do best. Short simple, and not as harsh but will still make it hard to sit for a while.
Was there any story involving Anon as a slave to any of mane 6? I'd really love to read it
There surely are somewhere, but this is Slave Pony General, not Master Pony General.
>post if you find them, would read
What if slave got lashed, but the cut took a slab of flesh with it?
Would you finish the sentence and administer aid post, or halt immeadiaely?
>Applying aid at all.

Medicine is expensive, ponies are cheap. She'll power through it, but the loss will be minor if she doesn't anyway.
This was my concern, too. The maid option just seems a little bit like a joke.

And what if other ponies see her in the maid outfit? Remember how they reacted to her outfit during the big dinner? Imagine how they would react to Cadance being his personal maid.

BAD idea, even if it's cute. I personally chose heavy punishment, but really anything else other than no punishment is good with me.
Cadence can go for the maid part, seeing it as a valuable chance for plot, only to be reminded they need to keep it together until then.
Cadence is still the leader.
>Lavender knocking out Pearl
Shit. That is certainly going to be used against her in the future when Anon brings up the level of trust yet again. Thankfully I think she held back enough to avoid doing real harm but maybe Lavender might take this to see about how little control she has over herself, ironic given she's literally a slave and thus that being something that applies to her entire current lifestyle.

>Lavender's backstory
Really feeling for her. She lost everything for following her heart and after being abandoned by her fiance AND her family, even if she did hate Anon and wanted to return to Equestria, what is there to return to? Something, I'm sure, but, she doesn't know what yet and that uncertainty is eating her up from the inside. The fact that the stallion's family took him back but her own family wouldn't really gets me, that is awful. I hope Pearl keeps it a secret and Anon has to learn it himself through gaining her trust but shit. Poor Lavender.

Great update, AWF. I am really going to miss Pearl once she's taken by Anon's sister, I don't know how Lavender/Anon will be able to cope together without her. Despite the hardships in her own life she's a very empathetic and caring horse.
britanon when
File: 5CfQUO7KD0Y.jpg (66 KB, 600x480)
66 KB
File: berry_punch_hungover.jpg (153 KB, 798x1001)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Writing some more tonight, not sure when it will be up. Been a little busy with work and a fucking apocalyptic sesh which trashed the joint so I been repairing walls and stuff and haven't had much time or energy to write.
Poor Cadance, seems like she might end up going through the wringer. :(
Err... if something like this goes through, and it looks good/bad that it will, it needs to be made clear BY CADANCE HERSELF that she VOLUNTEERED herself for this because of what her actions could have resulted in. Tell them that she is doing this because other ponies have gone through just as bad if not worse for essentially the same kind of thing. She doesn't have to go into specific details, but this should be made clear.

This isn't like with Cotton Cloudy being raped. This was physical violence on her part, spurned by mere words. And it technically could have destroyed the camp. My stomach is turning thinking about what could be coming, though.
Ooh, can we run her wings through a laundry press?
Figure of speech m8
Heavy punishment is just such a terrible idea in general. It doesn't matter if Cadance 'makes it clear' it's her decision: ponies will misread it as Anon FORCING her to say that and will take it as a sign that if anyone raises a hoof against any pony even once they'll get the same treatment, it will do nothing but spread fear unease throughout the whole camp that it doesn't need right now. Subjecting herself to torture will serve no purpose other than to serve her own ego and will result in her own supporters radicalizing themselves to fight an injustice done to her.

Humiliating herself in a maid outfit is preferable to this.
But we can make her wings a figure 8, put some jet engines on her, and rent her out as a ground effect cruise missile chucker as her punishment.
The Erkonomare, now in pink alicorn form.
Sooo many (You)s from this one!
If Cadance wants to be treated like any other pony, she should be. That means mounting the stage, possibly on a leash, being bound to the post, and taking some number of lashes in front of the whole camp; just like the those before her. The only question in my mind is how many who from. A single token, due to extenuating circumstances? A whole lot, due to the potential harm? From Haute, as the injured party? From Randall, as the owner of and thus the actual injured party? From Anon, like last time? There are others who might volunteer to take a crack at it...
The maid thing or Anons private torture dungeon seem weird: there is precedent here that should be followed unless there is good reason not to.
I vouch that Randall should layout a punishment, but in the you owe me sense.
Everyone gets almost reset, but now there is a feeling of foreboding like realizing that you just got into the line for a rollercoaster and need to pee.
The maid thing just doesn't even compute as a real punishment for me. It's cute and boner, but honestly it makes less sense than anything else.

I feel like precedent is both the fact that this is a repeat offense, that the pony leader of the camp is the one who did it, and that the outcome of her actions could have been worse than anything else before. Posey saved the day.

And Anon could be the one to do it himself, but with significantly more held back. This isn't Corona or Comet.
>And Anon could be the one to do it himself, but with significantly more held back. This isn't Corona or Comet.

Slave box? Suspended from chains? Whipping/caning? Sensory deprivation, gingering, waterboarding...

Nigga it's gonna be bad no matter what, even if he only does a couple of these things, even one of them. I don't know if Cady knows what she would be getting into. Anon, too, he likes her a lot now. It would be hard on him, and even if he agrees he would probably cut it short.
It's a good time amount after CYOS last post, so he may have already made his decision.

It's probably meta to ask and feel free to tell me to fuck off, but are you cool with these options being the way they are now, CYOS? I don't want someone to feel like they have to write something if they really don't want.
Samefag here.

Cadances power, and value to her owner, is the respect the camp has for her. It is this that Hautes scheming has put in jeprody, and it is this that must be safeguarded for everyone's sake. Prancing around in a maid uniform and serving Anons tea will have the opposite effect, although the dick would not mind taking the story there anyway. Disappearing for a day or three and emerging all beaten up will also not have the intended effect, no matter what the strawpoll says. In order to be successful the punishment must be both public, appropriat, and proportional.
>>30728996 >>30729030
"Shark?" You pull yourself back to the grass faster than you knew you could. "What kind of shark."
"The kind that bites." She says at first, while checking the edge of the smaller spears once more, then she adds. "Half domesticated from how it moved. But it's better than the city's hunt."
"Remember the ponies that swam the other way?" She pauses near the edge of the grass. "It must've escaped it's cage. And it's angry."
"Someone's pet." You aren't sure of how valid it is, but it's one of the first things that comes to your mind.
She seems annoyed by this, "It's a shark, Leaf."
She jumps to the water, having left her large spear behind to hold tree smaller ones instead.
Wrong thread.
>but it does look like a cool story...
>The outcome of her actions could have been worse
COULD have. But weren't. They came out for the better as a direct result of her blowing her lid because a rotten pony was rooted out.
>the pony leader of the camp is the one that did it
This is all the reason to lessen the sentence, you have to consider the consequences of locking of Cadance in one of those terrible cells with a torturer might have on her followers

There is not even any point to going this far, if we were going to punish her it would be no worse than Crescent Moon got for assaulting a guard, not the box
So harsher then?
You guys just gotta calm about this whole cadance thing. Have a pancake princess and relax the chapter is probably half written anyway.
File: sfd.png (368 KB, 1280x853)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Is Applejack the best slave?
File: appul .png (270 KB, 997x1083)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Is Landscape Anon the whitest knight?
I just am hoping CYOS is doing fine and not hating these ideas' guts and feeling like he has to write them if he doesn't want.
He took in a viciously abused, mentally broken, and starving pony into his house and has only ever tried to console her and get her healthy. He dealt with more than one total mental breakdown from her and has clung to her to prevent her from killing herself.

He's pretty damn white.

Ya: no pressure, Slaveventure! I have my favorite and good reason for it, but you can build a story around any of them. We comment because we care, but we trust you to make it great no matter what.
>almost checked those almost quads
Good god that story hurt so good. I miss it so much.
I miss clear skies
I miss space Celly.
We need s.t.a.l.k.e.r. ponies green
What is something highly innocent to you, but would be devestating to a slave?
Not being cute snuggly horse
RIP in peace Landscape. :(
My sweet liitle Glimmer popping a boner at a surprise moment.
Its okay though, I enjoy butt stuff.
File: 1452533249170.png (405 KB, 1280x1186)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
32 hours since green
File: 1498035416637-1.png (106 KB, 323x280)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
I am trying not be a faggot but it is very hard for a giant faggot like me.

>tfw sober 3rd day in a row

> ~~~~

> It was the big day. Maybe, in a small way, you had never truly believed it would come. You had trained yourself not to think about the future, because it always seemed to get worse.
> But now, it was getting better.
> Anon and Lavender. You didn't know how you should feel about them. Maybe they'd be okay, or maybe they would tear each other apart. It was out of your hooves.
> You had gone from one to the other - from the pony to the human and back. You had talked to them. Listened. Tried to steer them in the right direction.
> They would just have to work it out between themselves.
> First, they would need to stop ignoring each other.
> Maybe you could have done more?
> The train of thought was derailed when you heard the knocking.
> You quickly looked yourself over. Freshly showered, your blue fur smelled mildly of Aloe. You couldn't see your mane, but unless it had gotten tangled in the past five minutes, it should still be okay.
> The wings were trembling a little in your nervous expectation, but you firmly folded them against your sides.
> You were as ready as you would ever be.
> Your ears turned to the sound of her voice as it took you into the past. Linda- so very much like her sister and yet so different.
> She hadn't warmed up to you, not right away. Mel had gotten a few lectures when Anon first brought you home.

> But the woman had a kind heart. You had seen that straight away. It had been only a matter of time before you'd gotten her to smile.
> Still, she had never introduced you to her daughters. Mel had explained it - newspapers and TV had been full of fear. Every day, a pony seemed to attack their master.
> However much Linda had liked you, she would not risk her children like that.
> It had made both of you sad and the woman had promised to introduce them when they were older.
> By the sound of it, Linda was smiling and excited to meet you again. The snippets of her banter with Anon which you'd overheard sounded pleasant.
> There was another voice.
> "Mom, can I see the pony?"
> It was a child's voice and it almost made your heart stop. For Linda to have brought her daughters was a display of deep trust.
> Now if only you knew how to deal with children.
> Mal had always said you were great with Sara, but that had been a long time ago.
> You heard Anon answer, followed by small footsteps running.
> "PONY!" the girl screamed at the top of her voice the second she laid her eyes on you.
> It wasn't easy to keep your smile. Thankfully the little human didn't know how to read pony expressions. You realized your ears were laid back in fear and worry.
"Hello, little miss!"
> You were grateful there only seemed to be one of them.

> The cheerfulness in your voice was forced, but she bought it. A few more steps, a jump and the creature was on the couch with you. She was staring with wide eyes and open mouth, but it looked like she was afraid to touch.
> That simple fact helped immensely. It was just a child. You quickly took control.
"What's your name, little miss?"
> You asked that despite the fact that you already knew.
> The question made her shy and she looked down at her hands. "Tabby," she mumbled.
"It's nice to meet you, Tabby. I'm Pearl."
> Now that she was face to face with the object of her desire, the girl didn't know what to do.
> Your memories of Sara were still muddled and unclear, much to your regret, but you recalled some things.
> Very carefully, not wanting to frighten or jostle her, you pushed your muzzle against her hand. As soon as you bumped her knuckles, the palm opened and she instinctively stroked the soft fur.
> The smile was harder to keep still with the way your heart was racing. You were grateful your wings were pressed firmly against your sides, where no one could see them shaking.
> But it was all worth it. The child looked up in wonder, meeting your eyes. She gave a small, tentative grin, which warmed your heart and quieted your fears.
> A moment later, she was hugging you around your muzzle, her small cheek pressed against your forehead.

> It was a bliss you had forgotten and it quickly got you lost in memory again.
> You barely registered a weight on the couch behind you. You almost didn't hear the woman speak.
> "Hi, Pearl. I see you've met Tabitha."
> There was no way you could answer right away, but Linda undoubtedly saw that. Her hand found your mane and gave it a ruffle.
> But however much you wanted it, the moment didn't last forever. Tabby drew away and giggled.
> "She's so soft, mom!"
> All was not lost, though. Her hand went back to your face, petting clumsily.
> "Can we really keep her?"
> You felt yourself nod slightly, even though it wasn't really your decision. Whatever Anon had said, your ultimate fate still rested with Linda.
> "What do you think, Pearl? Could you handle two of them?" the woman asked with her customary kind smile. "Would you like to come with us?"
> It went against everything you had experienced since the accident. It sounded as if she was giving you a choice.
> There was simply no way to prevent your eyes from tearing up. You turned your head away so the child wouldn't see and focused on the woman.
> A small hand quickly found your ear and tugged, but you simply ignored it, however unpleasant it was.
"You're giving me a choice?"
> Your voice was choked up. There was no doubt the woman noticed it. Her hand slid from your mane to your cheek and the other found your hoof.

> "It's about time you had some of those, isn't it?"
> You could see the sorrow in her eyes. Linda knew what had happened to you. Of course Anon wouldn't keep it a secret, not anymore.
> All you could do was nod.
> "Well, Tabby seems to adore you," she went on, "and I'm sure Clara will be just as taken."
> Then she looked to Anon. You hadn't even noticed him, standing at the door, a faint smile on his lips. The Master seemed happy for you.
> "We can trust her, right? I know what she's been through - she'll be fine with the kids?"
> Before he could answer, you placed your free hoof over Linda's hand, squeezing it. You put just enough pressure on it to draw her attention.
> You looked directly in her eyes, unblinking.
"Linda. I swear on my *life* you can absolutely trust me with them."
> She believed it, but maybe it still wasn't quite enough. She frowned a little and drew her hand back to fix a lock of hair which had slipped its place.
> "I know what you've been through, Pearl. You don't just shrug something like that off."
> You were starting to feel fear. Maybe she was worried that you were damaged. She wouldn't want something like you near her children.
> Lowering your head, you heaved a sigh.
"I understand."

> Meanwhile, the child was done with your ear and was now poking at your wing. You let her unfold it a little, so she could run her little fingers over your feathers.
> A brief glance showed you her face full of wonder as she pulled the limb gently this way and that.
> "I didn't mean that," Linda said quietly. "We'll still take you. But I want you to sleep in your own room in the start. And I have a good friend who's a therapist. I want you to go visit him with me and talk it out. Deal?"
> You were doubtful how much a human shrink would be able to help you. But you would do anything to earn Linda's full trust.
"Of course."
> The woman smiled at the note of wild hope that had crept into your voice.
> "Don't worry, we're still taking you in. I just wish I had thought of it back when-"
> You saw it was still hard for her to say.
> "...when Mel died. Maybe you wouldn't-"
> That was the best she could do, but you understood. The woman felt sorry for not asking about you. Maybe she even saw herself as partially responsible for what you'd had to endure.
"Hey. None of that was your fault!"
> You poured as much certainty as you could into the words.
> Suddenly Tabby interrupted your conversation. It was perfect timing too. Both of you were starting to go down unpleasant roads.
> You made a mental note to steer away from that conversation with Linda.

> "Can I get a pony ride?" the child asked.
> Again, her mother looked at you with the question. It was unimaginably flattering to be given the choice.
"Of course, Tabby! I'd be happy to give you a ride!"
> You carefully disentangled yourself from both the child and her parent and slid to the floor. The couch was a perfect height for Tabby to reach you.
"Hold her steady."
> The instruction was for Linda, but it was unnecessary. She was already holding her daughter by the hand as she clambered on our back. As soon as he was in place, you hunched up your wings to steady her.
"Good. Just grab onto my mane, Tabby. Don't worry, it won't hurt."
> She was heavy, more so than you had imagined. Plus, you were out of shape.
> But her delightful giggle removed any trace of hesitation you might have had.
> The first step was the hardest. You nearly lost your balance, but luckily Linda was still holding the child's hand and helped steady her.
> Then you quickly got into the rhythm. You walked around the couch a few times, then made your way to the kitchen and back.
> You spared the briefest of glances for Anon. Your best guess at his expression was pride. It felt good and you pushed yourself harder than you should have.
> By the end, your breathing was labored and your muscles felt weak. Linda noticed and picked her daughter up from your back.

> As the weight lifted, you sighed in relief.
> The girl quickly came around the pet your face. Her smile slipped when she saw your expression.
> "Are you okay, Pearl?" she asked with concern. "I- I didn't mean to hurt you."
> You quickly brought your wing around and rested it against her cheek. Then you gave her a big smile.
"Don't worry. I'm just out of practice. We'll have to do that a lot so I can build up my strength again."
> It caused her to squeal with delight and she quickly threw her arms around your head.
> "Thank you pony! That was super fun!"
> You just let her hold you for a long time, while Linda and Anon talked about the final details.
> The Master left for your room and returned with a bag you had packed.
> There wasn't much in it. A couple of collars and leashes. A few different brushes. Your shampoo and feather oil.
> There were also some photos from Anon's old album. Pictures of you, Mel and Sara.
> Something to remember them.
> Linda took the bag and reached down to ruffle Tabby's hair.
> "Okay, dear. Let's go home, shall we?"
> The girl released your face, but she kept her hand in your mane as she walked beside you.
> It seemed the little miss didn't want to let you go. You were perfectly fine with that.

> Only one thing was left. You looked at the child.
"Wait. I just have to go say bye to a friend. I'll be right back, okay?"
> She nodded, but it still took her long seconds to release you.
> You hurried to Lavender's room, where the unicorn was sprawled on the bed with a pillow over her head.
"Lavender. Please look at me."
> She slowly obeyed. Her eyes were red with crying and her face was a mess.
> You leaned in to give her a quick lick.
"I'm sorry you didn't want to join us. I think you'd like Linda and Tabby."
> She didn't answer. She had begged you to stay with her, but the choice had been made and you had to disappoint her.
> The poor mare really needed you. It broke your heart to be leaving her like that and you vowed to visit as often as you could.
"I'm sorry," you repeated. "This isn't forever."
> She just laid her head down again, determined to ignore you some more.
"Look. I haven't told Anon anything. But I think you should. Sit down with him and talk. Please?"
> There was no response.
"He can't help you if you don't work with him, Lavender."
> She almost gave a scathing remark, but thought better of it.
"I mean it! I'll try to visit soon. If you still hadn't told him by then, I'll smack your ass, got it?"
> It wasn't the best threat, but it was effective. The unicorn stared at you incredulously.

> "What?"
"You heard me. Get it together. You're the only one standing in the way of your happiness!"
> Her face twisted into a sneer.
> You'd had enough. You reached up and grabbed her face with your hooves. You made her look in your eyes.
"You wanted to save me, Lavender. You did. I'll never forget that. So trust me when I say this: I want to help you in return!"
> She slowly nodded, withering under your gaze.
"Get drunk with him, if you have to. But start talking. Understand?"
> Another nod.
"Good. I'll see you soon, Lavender."
> You planted a kiss on her nose, mindful not to poke your eye out with her horn. Then you leaned further for a quick nuzzle.
> Too much time had already passed and your new owners were undoubtedly impatient to be off.
> You hurried out the door, failing to see that Lavender had started to cry again.

There we go. I wanted to get in a bit of comf before Anon and Lavender have their falling out. I'm not exactly sure yet how that will go, but I do know how I want it to end up.

Hold tight. Oh, and I also updated this: https://pastebin.com/NFvpWPVm
Nothing like a cute scene with poners and a little kid! Pearl's reaction to Lavender was fascinating, she really is taking charge. I was just as shocked as Lavender when she threatened to smack her ass, loool

This fallout is going to be nuts. Lavender needs a wakeup call, but she also needs to let Anon have it. Might get a REAL ass smacking for it, but despite being exasperating you really can't blame her for hating Anon. He needs to have his views on his own morals adjusted.
a cute
Why does spanking always seem like THE perfect punishment for slave poners?
I prefer to run my slave's wings through a dough press.
Birdie bodies heal fast, but the pain is fresh each time.
I mean we see this with Dash, she gets a boulder on the wing and it does nothing permanent.
anyone else worried about somewritefag? he's just disappeared, he hasn't even been in discord
He was part of the probe into Trump Russia, specifically the meeting with Kisylak
Best hope is he is in protective custody, worst is he is in the protective embrace of Gaia.
Nobody cares about your faggy little fuckbuddy or his shit story. Fuck off. I legitimately hope he committed suicide.
It was just on the end of her wing. And we all know wings are horrendously sensitive on pegasi.

Youse a troll, but for pegasus slaves things involving stressing the wings and hurting the main spines of them would constitute pretty severe treatment, even if the wings themselves aren't damaged.

Cadance has wings, sooo...
This. Dude's a literal faggot. He probably ran back to homo horse to role play getting his ass fucked and shot up with huge poz stallion loads.
Sad little fagfag is having a bad day

I really do hope he is okay, in all seriousness.
I mean given how much she stretched them then and later, I'm not even sure pega wings are feathers as much as weird fluid filled sacks of flesh.

Great, I just realized pegasi don't have wings as much as wing shaped tentacles.
And thus why they need magic, but can use them for manipulation.
Well you're partially correct.
Nigga they have feathers, they just have Adobe Flash

Speaking of feathers, has anyone ever thought about inflicting tickle torture on a pony's hooves instead of, you know, mutilating them with whips?
Nope, I'm sticking with wings being part of a tentacle fetish and you will see Fluttershy pleasing an anon with wing sounding.

Samefag alert

"That's not enough, Anonymous..."
> You head tries to droop - and when the support of his hands on either side keep that from happening, your gaze drops to stare down at his chest instead of looking him in the eye.
"You said you were afraid I'd plotted the whole thing out behind your back. In some ways, I wish I had - then I could tell myself that I didn't just almost ruin it for you."
> Some part of you wishes he would actually yell at you - yell, grab, even beat - do something!
> Anything to show he understood just how massive this mistake was!
> All your comment evokes is a soft snort, though.
> "You did, Cadance - almost. Not actually. And you need to recognize tha-"
"Yes! Yes I did actually! I didn't turn things around; that was Posey - I don't know why you can't see that!"
> Tail lashing angrily, you pull from his hands and stalk in a slow circle.
"Why are you so insistent that I didn't do anything wrong?! I'm not a foal; I don't have to be coddled!"
> "You know the last thing I am going to do is coddle you."
> Snarling at his perpetually calm and understanding tone, you spin around to re-fix him with a fierce glare.
"Then why aren't you listening to me?! Look at what I did to Crescent Moon and the others! I took had her whipped and an inhibitor put on her!"
> "And?"
"And?! That was for just fighting a guard! If I was any other pony and just did what I did, I'd be going under the lash right now too - or considering what I just did to Autumn and Comet, even worse!"
> "Oh for fuck's sake, Cadance! Is that what you really want me to do? Throw you in a cell, beat you, have Eric work you over?"
> Freezing mid-step, you rear your head back with nostrils flared.
> Was it?
> To face a clear punishment and be done with it?
> To have some acknowledgement of how badly you had screwed up?

> It was a tempting thought, though the mention of that man - the one who'd been responsible for so many other brutal punishments, who seemed to know just how to break down a pony - was enough to send a fresh spike of fear through you.
> Your consideration of the idea must have been obvious in your expression; Anonymous' look of frustration fades, being overtaken by concern.
> He sits up again, elbows resting on his knees and brows knitted.
> "God damn, Cadance. When did you become such a masochist?"
"It's not masochism. I can't hide from the responsibility of what I did, and if I try to it'll tear me apart. That would hurt me even more."
> "Your responsibility is to me; I am your owner. And I am saying you don't deserve that."
> Snorting softly, you can't help but roll your eyes in a very un-princesslike fashion.
"Is that supposed to help?"
> "It's a fact."
"Since when has that ever changed what I feel in my heart?"
> "...okay, fair point."
> Anonymous is unable to help but crack small grin entirely at odds with the gravity of the discussion, though it soon fades with a shake of his head.
> "I think you're completely insane, though."
"Do you remember what we talked about, the first night after the escape? Everything has repercussions. I have made so many mistakes, and now this - I can't go unpunished forever. I wouldn't be a leader then, but just your figurehead again."
> "And do you remember what I told you when we talked up here after the party? You're my partner in this. Besides, what the hell am I supposed to tell everyone else in the camp? I start beating you, they're likely to revolt."
"I will tell them."
> "Will they listen to you?"
"Yes. Maybe not understand, but they will listen."
> "I'm not sure that will be enough. It could incite a riot."
"So could my facing nothing. This will silence anypony left who still thinks I'm abusing my authority."

> With a sigh, he again reaches out to touch a hand to your cheek.
> "I knew how to deal with you when you were fighting me, but not like this... If I hold you to account for what you did, will you be able to keep working afterward?"
"I... think so, yes."
> "Then I'll take it under consideration, on two conditions: One, I am not doing this to you right now. We've got investigators running around, opening the rec center, probably a re-negotiation with my investors after this... I can't take you out of action for a day or two. Second... not Eric."
"Why not?"
> "Because you belong to me, not to him. If you're upset because you almost ruined me, then I'm the one who should punish you. If this is your responsibility, then you're my responsibility - and I think the ponies know that. Just like the last time you demanded I punish you, I'll carry it out."
"That... makes sense, I suppose."
> "Your voice is trembling."
> So it is.
> Yes, the thought of going through with something to recognize the monumental scale of the mistake you'd made was alluring.
> Or perhaps it was the hope that once through with it, you'd be able to let it go.
> But at the same time, to suffer through one of his punishments...
"I'm sorry, I-"
> "Are you sure this is what you want?"
> Your voice is almost whisper soft, and his hand - still cupping your cheek - tenses.
"But I am sure I need something. Or this will build until it eats me from the inside out."
> "Alright then. But like I said, not today - and if you take that time to reconsider, I will understand."
> You won't be reconsidering.

> Marching through the cell block seems by now to have become a regular thing, a required part of your duties as a guard.
> Or at the very least, something that you'd become used to.
> You had taken that day off as Cadance had ordered - or, more accurately, taken a day "on duty" but mostly socializing with the camp's ponies.

> 'Engaging in outreach', if anyone asked - a phrase you'd heard come up before - but if anypony was being reached out to it was yourself.
> After that repeated interrogation, a reminder that there were still live ponies in the camp who even appreciated what you did was sorely needed.
> That was then, though.
> This was now.
> The investigators, their questions seemingly satisfied, had eventually vanished after another two days of poking around the camp.
> A judgement on the whole matter, you understood, was still to come.
> Your thoughts lay elsewhere, though.
> Staying off your actual duties was only possible for so long, and this, you thought, was something you needed to do.
"Open it up."
> It'd be impossible to miss the noise of the cell door opening, but only one of the two ponies within reacts to it.
> Autumn Frost raises her head, looking at you with an expression of tired resignation.
> "It's our time, isn't it?"
> That one word is all that is needed.
> What more would anything else add?
> Leaning over, Autumn nudges Comet Tail with her nose; her wings were bound and legs hobbled, precluding any other method of contact.
> "Hey, Comet..."
> Her voice is low and gentle, the softest you'd ever heard it.
> "It's time for us to go."
> Two more nudges are needed before Comet rises to his hooves.
> The stallion seems utterly lost in his own world, having remained completely still when the cell door opened and once upright continues to stare dully off into the distance.
> Not even when the chain linking him to the cell wall is removed and transferred to a strap you take between your teeth does he respond.
> Just marches forward, hoof in front of hoof, through the cell block.
> Signs of what they had been through are obvious; each still bears a gauze pad carefully strapped down over where they had branded, and another pad was taped to Comet Tail's forehead.
> Missing too were the tips of Autumn Frost's feathers.
>oh yes, master, I fucked up terribly, please torture me!!!

This has gotten unbelievably retarded. This thread is full of morons.

> That was enough to send a fresh shiver down your spine.
> To have every single flight feather damaged like that was an act comparable to implanting an inhibitor in a unicorn.
> It took not just flight but the flow of magic that a Pegasus always felt through their wings - a sense as subtle or tempestuous as the wind itself.
> At least, you thought, mere clipping could be undone.
> Another harsh, buzzing tone and the door in front of you slides open.
> Cold wind lashes your face; the morning had come blustery and chilly with gray skies and the promise of rain later.
> Out into this you push the two prisoners.
> The space beyond is fully enclosed by the twisted wire of a fence; springy and strong - difficult for even a mighty earth pony to tear.
> For these two, it is an insurmountable barrier.
> Even so, their leads are quickly clipped to a bolt sunk into the concrete pad that forms the floor and left there while they wait.
> "Thunderlane, if you want a moment alone with the two of them-"
> Nodding up at the guard, you give a quiet affirmative huff.
"I'd appreciate that, if you could."
> "Sure thing. We'll be watching, if you need help. Or if the truck pulls up, that'll be it."
> Stepping back in through the door into the security building he slams it shut - leaving only the three of you and the chill, biting breeze.
> "Looking to get your own lumps in, since you missed our torture? Put your marks on us too?"
> Gone is Autumn Frost's gentle tone; for you, her typical acidic bite has returned.
"If I were going to beat you, back in the cells where no one can see would have been better. Not that I am anyway."
> "What, then? If you're looking to talk, forget it."
> Yes, she'd always been the quieter of the two.
> And Comet... his loquaciousness is still absent, replaced only by that distant, empty look.
> Finally noticing your attention after several long moment, he makes a small, unhappy noise somewhere between a whinny and high whine.

> "They took my magic, Thunderlane..."
> His voice has utterly lost its confident, cocky tone; instead it has a sort of breathy lightness that suggests each word is an effort.
> "I can't feel it at all. I keep reaching for it and expecting it to be there but it's not, and I don't know where it is..."
"What did you expect, going after a pony close to him? And right after he ordered inhibitors on ponies who'd lashed out in fear too?"
> "That he would see... he can't crush us."
> A fresh tremble runs through Comet from nose to tail.
> "...guess we were wrong about that."
> Fixing you with a fiercely accusing glare, Autumn Frost does not even need to speak to make it clear what she thinks:
> You are responsible for this.
> You were the one who found them out.
> You chose to turn them over.
> Responsible.
> Just like that investigator had tried to make you responsible for Chrysocolla's death.
> But this time, you have a choice.
> This time, you can argue back:
"No. You don't have to respond, but you do have to listen to what I have to say."

I know we've been waiting for a chance to lay in to these two for a while, so: Before they go, what are we going to say to Autumn and Comet?
Cadence is a retard, nothing new.
"Ur fagets, l8r"
Now, if I can ramble for just a second:

This choice is probably the most divided one the story has had yet. Ultimately the choice was made, and a number of good arguments were made as to why Cadance would not settle for a lesser or half-hearted punishment. I judged that I could make use of those and write this without crippling the story or turning it into complete shit.

That said, a number of also extremely well-thought-out counter arguments were raised, pointing out why this option would have serious negative consequences. I hope I've managed to successfully blend those in as well, showing that Cadance is clearly not thinking straight and Anonymous is not gung-ho about torturing her - well aware of the dangers and difficulties that would be imposed by his going through with this, to say nothing of his personal feelings. If anything he's hoping she'll kind of wake up. I've already got a way to develop exactly why Cadance would be acting so irrationally and similarly I don't intend to just write off the potential consequences of this either; again, hopefully I can carry this through to a meaningful conclusion despite characters not always being perfectly rational creatures.

If you think this one choice ruins the story, I'm sorry. If you choose to continue reading despite things not going the way you'd hoped, I appreciate it. Feedback - not just on choices, but also commenting on what I do well or do poorly - is always helpful as well. Thanks.
I have to agree that I think this was a stupid decision we made. This serves no purpose other than to fulfill Cadance's personal matryr boner and stroke her own ego that she isn't above other ponies, and the results of it would likely do more harm to have other ponies witness their leader undergo a day of torture in a cell for getting into a fight, causing either continued rampant fear for their every action or a loss of faith that Cadance is suited to lead them.

She could have held on to this, used it as an excuse for the next time a minor incident occurs that would normally mandate a whipping, mercy could be shown to them in turn. Now it's wasted for showing that rules are ironclad and unbendable and if anyone breaks them they're in for it, jesus even Celestia wasn't above bending the rules.
You could do a LOT worse than this aND I wouldn't stop reading your story, you say you have good ideas on how to incorporate this choice using Cadance's distressed state of mind and building off both her guilt and Anon's extreme reservations, I believe it. I look forward to the development.

I just still think it was a dumb idea but votes are votes.
I seriously can't understand or get why Cadence wants to be punished here. Legit don't understand.
CYOSAnon just acknowledgedon't it could be anice irrational choice made in haste by Cadance's, I'm not that keen on it either but let's just see where goes, the writer is awesome and hopefully can make it work. can't win every fork in the road.
*CYOSAnon just acknowledged it could be an irrational choice made in haste by Cadance's recent moral dilemmas, I'm not that keen on it either but let's just see where it goes, the writer is awesome and hopefully can make it work. can't win every fork in the road.

Sheesh fucking autocorrect. Sorry, I should stop phone posting
When you look at Cadance's fucked up psyche it makes more sense. Objectively it's, like Anon said, waaaay too much. But as Cadance has said, this is what she feels in her heart. And after going through this, you bring up the mercy precedent, right? After something like this, Cadance probably won't ever have a "martyr boner" again. She'll be able to refer back to the one time she didn't have mercy with herself and suffered so badly, and she'll never wish that upon someone else. Good can come out of this like what you've described.
Y'all gotta calm down and remember that he agreed to try it and looks like he's expecting her to chicken out. We're not turning into sadism central yet.

It's 100% possible they'll get into the cell and one or both of them won't actually be able to go through with it. When the writefag says he thinks he can use this choice, it's possible he means use it to develop something about their characters without actually having her be tortured ruthlessly.
>We're not turning into sadism central yet.
We turned into sadism central long ago when we wanted an innocent mare to get a cattle prod to the teats so fucking hard she pissed herself.
Autumn and Comet were broken by the slavers the second they resorted to attacking a filly, one of their own, and someone who only knew slavery her whole life.

Along with that, also tell them that Mocha fought for the inclusion of the artifacts in the museum. Tell them she wanted to do more work with the field ponies because she didn't want to get special treatment. Tell them that the reason Rumble became friends with her was because everything THEY thought about Mocha was wrong.

They not only beat someone innocent, they beat someone who was trying so hard to help make things better and influence Anonymous in a positive way.
I love Tabby! Seeing the innocence of a child in these stories, and the way they just adore ponies and view them as true friends, is heartwarming. There's hope for free ponies as long as the hearts of children are around to grow up with them.
>It's 100% possible they'll get into the cell and one or both of them won't actually be able to go through with it.

It's also possible they won't make it "all the way" so to speak.

Anon does not want to see Cadance break. He doesn't want to do it at all. This won't turn into Anon cackling evilly and giving Cadance the next cattle prod.
>Autumn and Comet were broken by the slavers the second they resorted to attacking a filly, one of their own, and someone who only knew slavery her whole life.

Maybe just that part. short and simple. Cadance already said something along the lines of that other stuff earlier and all they did was act more cunty.

If you really want them to feel like shit, mention something about Autums kid being in the same predicament as Mocha, and if more ponies thought like that you could only hope for the safety of her foals.
I'm going to repost a little something from a few weeks before to dig into Autumn and Comet

>1. Mocha is was 15 years old. The three of them ganged up and put a fifteen year old on death's door. One that, for all their desire to return to the lives they had, had little to no real memory of that life due to being enslaved at an early age. All of the times everyone in this camp took for granted in Equestria, Mocha had only a FRACTION of, so how can they blame her for being coerced towards the humans side when the humans were the only one to show her any sort of kindness? Her own kind shoved her away for the crime of being trained for a job that put her in the house, she had no choice in what she was being made to do.
>2. She was not their enemy. All the crimes they accuse of helping Anonymous doing are completely inaccurate, she wasn't stealing any of their history nor helping to 'destroy' them when she was following his orders, she was RETURNING items that Anon had only wanted to inspected just like he promised he would. For God's sake, she was the one who practically CONVINCED Anonymous to let the ponies have a museum in the first place, because for as little as she had to remember, Mocha wanted to remember it. She was a huge reason of why so many ponies are now allowed to remember their past now and these bastards tore into her over that and still justify themselves on something they damn well know by now is completely false?
>3. They aren't heroes fighting a war. They're not freedom fighters. The reason they're in this situation is because other ponies, other REBELS, thought what they did was fucked and turned them in because they could fight without losing their moral fiber. They're hate-filled brutes who don't really care about making a pony pay for choosing sides, or trying to hurt them. They wanted an excuse to get their anger out and picked Mocha as a target close to Anonymous, hurting him by proxy because they don't have the nerves to do anything else. The only thing they got out of Mocha was making themselves every bit as bad as the slavers they loathe so much and alleviating their anger for a few brief moments. Comet Tail already admitted that Mocha was 'just a casualty'. Which means half of their justification IS bullshit and they know it, they might even realize Mocha didn't deserve it but did it anyway because it hurts Anon.
sorry longer than I remembered
>4. That Autumn has a son is very intriguing. Because I wonder if he found out about what his mother could do, if she thinks he'd be proud of her? If he could look her in the eyes after knowing how much cruelty she was capable of? Or if she has any sort of empathy for how Mocha's parents must feel, if they are alive as well, not knowing their young daughter had been brutalized to the point of crippling injury? Autumn had a chance of meeting her son again. There was a damned suggestion box open for asking for help anonymously and Anon had managed to find Flurry for Cadance, wasns't he? That or just generally keeping your head above water until the time comes you can look for him yourself. But this? You basically threw any chance you had away so that you could break a few legs of an innocent mare who did you absolutely no wrong, who had no way of fighting back. If she ever does see her son, husband, or parents again, I truly hope she can face them. Because when they speak of the horrible things they saw ponies subjected too, you will have to know for the rest of your life that you contributed to them.

>If this doesn't teach them any sort of empathy, then so be it. They have made their choice and had every opportunity to think differently.
Basically this. Feel free to dig a little deeper (not too deep, we don't want her to get so flushed with anger she doesn't hear what we say) with the son angle too because, fuck. Knowing she's a mother and still has no regrets doing this to a child is borderline unforgivable.
But that was when Anon was taking vengeance. This is different, and I doubt he'll ever forgive himself if he did something like that to Cadance. I was worried about this going grimderp and I picked the option with Cadance being a maid, but CYOS managed to make shocking Corona in the teats somehow not seem grimderp, not to me anyway. This is dramatic shit and after reading this new update I'm starting to think the choice can work.

But I'll be happy if they both back out of it though, too.
Cadance is fucked in the head right now from guilt and stress. I always pick from the POV of whatever person/pony it is that the question is being asked about. I got sold on this idea because of that.

I'm a moron, I suppose.
You fucking are. Guilt and stress don't make you fucking beg to be tortured.
He said he's been having some issues and might be facing homelessness. So, either he's focusing really hard on life, or he got fucked by whatever was going wrong.
File: 8EDUwoM.png (17 KB, 952x78)
17 KB
He told me he left the discord because he "felt like he didn't really belong there anymore".
What I think he meant by this is that it was most likely because he was inactive and rarely interacted with others.

Yes, SWF was facing possible homelessness but things for him have gotten better for the time being.

Yeah, it can. It can make people beg for death, too.
They do, though. Extreme guilt and stress frequently leads alcoholism, needlessly risky behaviors, poor life choices, and often suicide. If you, for example, fuck something up and your child dies? You don't just walk away from that the same person. Unless you're a sociopath. Cadence's situation has been building for a long time so it's going to go differently, but the resulting mental state is more or less the same. Things have become twisted around in her mind to the point where she thinks this is the right choice, despite Anon as the outside party disagreeing at every step.

That's nice to hear. Even if he's not going to write anymore, it's never good to lose an anon.

Don't forget, it's summer. I'm not saying their opinions aren't valid, but there's at least a couple people here just to shitpost and disrupt stuff, and sometimes it's hard to tell that apart from people who know the context and culture of the thread. Especially for a decision like this, where you have to look at the story as a whole, and the discussions that've been going on between posts for months. Hell, I was conflicted enough that I didn't vote this time.
>They do, though. Extreme guilt and stress frequently leads alcoholism, needlessly risky behaviors, poor life choices, and often suicide.
None of those are on the same level as approaching someone and literally saying "please torture me physically and place me in excruciating agony"
>What does Thunderlane say?
"You two are responsible for Mocha and yourselves, this IS mercy."

Thunderlane knows very well he cannot hog all the credit for running these two down. Crescent, 'Batpone', Cadance, the other guards, even Bon Bon had a role. If he had ignored (or even helped!) them it was only a matter of time. They know this.
Even Anon is constrained by outside forces, and the punishments they complain about are the lightest he could practically give. More permanent modifications were very possible; Anon left them with hope when it would be cheaper and more practical not to.
Scold these asses!

I know you want to wrap up the 'Autumn and Comet' arc, and you are reluctant to let us readers escape the perimeter fence ourselves, but I want to know where they are ultimately going. Just seeing them roll off to the auction is not enough.

> Marching through the cell block seems by now to have become a regular thing
Perhaps he could drop in on Haute when he marches back out? No reason for him but curiosity, but she will have recovered from the shock and will be scheming all the harder. And muh dick: "Let's see haughty Haute all tied up!"

> "...guess we were wrong about that."
A little tidbit for Mochas husbandos. Thanks.

>continue reading despite things not going the way you'd hoped
I'm one of these, and I absolutely will! The right choice for Cadance might not be the right choice for the story. I trust you and can't wait to see that 'meaningful conclusion'!

A welcome break of comfie in all the grimderp. Kids are cute, but they are also stupid little psychopaths. Hope Linda and Pearl know how to set limits!

>No green
Then 16 green pages dump
Not really sure why everyone is panicking so much when literally nothing has happened yet. I believe.
File: IMG_1342.jpg (2.32 MB, 4032x3024)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB JPG
Only page 8, but this Sweet Pig of Guinea is eager to get back to her pig pen.
I wanna scratch her nose
What would be your favorite way to make your ponies scream?
This is what I was hoping for, but now I almost regret it because the thread seems to be totally divided. I thought the idea was interesting and weird and had a lot of potential to make things between Cadance and Anon even more close and complicated. But I think my curiosity and everyone else who voted for this pissed the rest of the thread off. Sorry CYOS.
Ice cream! We ALL scream for ice cream!
Tickling until she's gasping for air.
Cadance doesn't feel she can show mercy with herself unless she's evened the score. She had other ponies flogged for less and their magic inhibited, and the overarching consequences of their actions would not have held a candle to hers in this instance.

Imagine saying something like this to someone: "I punished them harshly instead of letting them off with less, and I still regret that. But now that I'm guilty of an even worse thing, I think I understand that I need to be able to forgive such transgressions and that punishment isn't needed. So I won't be punished."

Imagine being someone like Bon Bon hearing that. Doesn't it sound awfully convenient? Doesn't it sound like a massive, flaming hypocrite?

Cadance couldn't take this position with herself, not yet. She feels she has to even the score, and after subjecting so many ponies to the non-merciful option(which we the readers have picked repeatedly for other ponies!) do you honestly expect her to feel right forgiving herself in this moment? I don't.
Injecting formic acid into their frogs, then putting them in thick stockings so they cant massage them.
Harmless pain and screaming sexy.
More torture is counterproductive when we're trying to move AWAY from cruelty and show ponies that we can be fair and just.

Her feelings don't matter here. It's not practical or wise to do this just to ease her fucking conscience, because you're sending a message to the rest of the ponies that they can and will be tortured horribly still. That is not the message that needs sent right now.
Put it out to the ponies to vote.
Anon will abide as will Cadence.
Alright, point taken. But now let's tweak the statement:

"I punished them harshly instead of letting them off with less, and I still regret that. But now that I'm guilty of an even worse thing, I think I understand that I need to be able to forgive such transgressions and that punishment isn't needed. So I'm going to show mercy to myself, so I can show more mercy to others in the future."

Insert Bon Bon and others like her. How is someone who already doesn't like Cadance supposed to believe that she isn't merely doing this "mercy precedent" thing to save her own ass? To someone who doesn't know better, it does sound like Cadance is just masking a getaway from punishment with something that sounds virtuous. Being punished, however, is something that will shoot that idea down before it can even really take flight.

And while Cadance is taking an extreme stance for herself, I still think the only precedent Cadance would be establishing by avoiding punishment is that she can bend the rules in her favor when it seems convenient for her... and let's be honest, it does seem that way if you were an outsider.
This nigga
Good old fashioned whipping. With a belt, horsewhip, extension cord, cane, etc.
Not at all, Anon! I made a good argument against you, but I don't mind loosing. The comments back and forth are half the fun, and Slaveventure would not have picked you if he didn't think he could make it work! I suggested 'Megans Bad Pony Interview', and that worked great despite the weirdness.
Reminder that whipping the butt is better than whipping the back.
Why not both? Give that pony stripes from her withers to her hocks.
It's better to be unable to sit than unable to stand.
Constricting hugs in a pillowfort that reminds them of the last embrace from their parent in the bombed out shell of Equestria.
Tracking down their old friends and family. At least putting them in touch, even if I can't permanently reunite them. Also makes them cry, sob, and promise to serve you better.
All of these.

Cadance just finished having to brand her own people and is faced with having now committed a serious crime, the idea that she is driven to 'redeem' herself through any means necessary to prove to others (and herself) she isn't above the law is believable. She's in a difficult state of mind and while I am not a fan of the vote (I was going for NO punishment), I am a fan of putting yourself in her position and voting as such.

This could end up leading to something really good with Anon trying to break through her guilt or it could lead to feels in the cell when Anon has to 'carefully' take her into his charge again, the first time he's done it to anyone since Corona, it isn't ideal but sometimes it's better to try something radically different.
Fucking her right in the pussy
I don't think a lot of the ponies want to see the first instance of fairness and justness being given to Cadance, a pony who they likely think gets special treatment. I'd rather have that happen with another pony first, as would they. It won't seem like Cadance is only serving herself if that's the case.

Remember when Cadance volunteered herself to be flogged toward the very beginning of the story, and remember how that earned her the respect of a lot of the ponies. So much so, in fact, that Anonymous became angry at her.
Just started rereading CYOS from the beginning. And... wow.

The literal first dilemma, the first choice given to the readers, is a decision on whether or not to punish Cadance in the place of the escape ringleaders as she had begged Anon to do. Readers chose to punish all of the ringleaders and deny her request.

Cadance has been holding this stuff in, all this time, carrying it with her as it continued to build up and up and up.
I miss trainer anon
In summary, this is what I think.

Cadance should tell everybody what a lot of Anons here have basically said. She fucked up, majorly, and has eluded real penalties for a long while befire then. She wants to treat others with kindness and mercy rather than with punishment, but in light of what she just did, it just isn't right for her to be the first to excuse herself from the punishment she earned before anyone else. That would be so unfair to the other ponies SHE had already punished for the same thing. And right now, there's a penalty she needs to pay.

This is her choice, and hers alone.
I agree, but the punishment should be a good 'ol public whipping, just like those other ponies received from her. The multi-day ordeal in Anons private torture dungeon with Eric is the weird part here, and I'm sceptical of it.
One, it's not multi-day, it's singular
Two, it's not Eric. It's Anon himself
"Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done."

What are Cadance and Anon getting up to in that private dungeon? A cozy tea party? Some bizzare horror show? The good 'of public whipping settles the heards mind, which is half the point.
Her condition afterward will attest to that. She'll have whip scars, other indicators of pain, etc.
One day, not with Eric. The magnitude of her grievance being terrible and similar to the offenses that landed others in cells is also a good reason why.
>What are Cadance and Anon getting up to in that private dungeon? A cozy tea party? Some bizzare horror show?

This is why they are unfortunately going to have to be pretty intense in there. And given that she's going to the cell to begin with, if she comes out with bruises and whip scars and rope burns and whatever the hell else, no one is going to doubt what happened.
This. And she ultimately forced her way into being part of that anyhow.
>"Punish me instead of them!"
>"Okay, then punish me with them, and give me both the punishments I assigned them too!"
She's had this martyr streak from the beginning. Anon giving her authority to decide the prisoners' fates at the beginning was still a good choice, but that responsibility also weighed on her too. At this point she's been forced to dish out several punishments to others since then - is it any surprise she's falling back on what is ultimately a kind of self-harm again?
>no hooves
Whipping is preferable.
I apologize but unless you can point it out, Derpi has no pony Cadance in a maid outfit of quality
File: 590780.jpg (84 KB, 500x643)
84 KB
Not that anon, but >hooves art of Cadance as a maid is really thin. This is literally the only one I could find that is postable here.
I saw this one but I feel it's just really not the same without the dress
>Maybe it was being sensually massaged to sleep in his arms.
>Maybe it was your lack of any quality time with a stallion in a while.
>Either way your dreams were... spicy.
>Dusty is a nice stallion but pretty vanilla.
>You on the other hoof went through puberty and beyond as a total shut in. When you've got only your books and hoof to keep you company you mayyyyyyy develop a kink or two.
>There'd been many a night you'd missed your old collar.
>Ok sure you have a collar all the time now but there's a difference in a 'fun' collar and a 'this is your life now' collar.
>The blinder and gag that came with your dream collar told you which kind this one was.
>He was behind you firmly making you his, claiming you in a primal way.
>His powerful hips slammed into yours as he went on and on! It must be over three minutes already!
>Every stallion has their limits though and your dream stallion is no different.
>Just when it seems like you'll get your well deserved reward he pulls out completely!
>Your cry of dismay is cut short when his plan becomes clear.
>He's undoes your gag, the impressive member now dominates your narrow field of view.
>Oral was never your specialty but you're his to command at this point.
>You open wide and moan as he slides himself deeper and deeper into your muzzle.
>It's so big! You wrap your tongue around it and work it in and out of your mouth as best you can.
>It's so salty, shouldn't it be sweeter since it's covered in your-.
>"-light. Twilighttttttt helloooo."
>No! The dream collapses, returning you to the not nearly as sexy land of the living.
>Naughty dreams are fun! Come back!
>Wait. It was just a dream... right?
>If it was just a dream then what this in your...
>Your slowly look down your muzzle in terror.
>There's a hand right in front of you, at least the back of one.
>Unfortunately the fingers are umm... the term suckling might not be inaccurate.
>You're tongue is lewdly wrapped around the two fingers your sleeping self decided were for you.
>"Having fun?"
>Ok you've done weird stuff around him before but this is a new low.
>He makes no effort to remove the fingers and you're too frozen to do anything about it yourself.
>"Are you awake in there?"
>It's ok he's pulling them out.
>It's less - ok nevermind he's pushing them back in!
>You DO NOT moan as he toys with you.
>He's slowly pushes his fingers in then back out out. Leading your head this way and that just to see how pliable you are.
>The answer is very. Something in your brain must have shorted out because you don't even think about stopping him.
>You lower your eyes and ears and give into the lead.
>It's his collar around your throat right now anyway.
>His collar that's feeling more and more like a 'fun' collar by the minute.
>You've already been his in body for years. If the two of you are to be a united team for Rarity's sake then maybe it's time for him to have even more?
>The line is saliva between your lips and his fingers as he pulls them out makes you shiver.
>Judging by the breathy quality of his voice it's starting to get to him too.
>"What did I tell you about teasing me my cute little troublemaker?"
>The possessive term makes you smile and open even wider for him.
>Instead of giving you something else to suckle he runs his wet fingers over your cheek.
>It's gross and lewd and you don't care at all.
>"Let's see how you like having the tables turned."
>He's not bluffing! His spare hand snakes around under and around behind you to gives you a squeeze!
>You whiny as he pulls you closer to him with the arm now encircling you. At this range there no hiding from the fingers he pushes back into your open muzzle.
>Is this it? Is it finally going to happen after all these years?
>Once upon a time the idea would have filled you with terror but not now.
>You bob your head on the digits and wiggle your backside in a way you hope is enticing.
>You're too far gone to care what exactly he does just as long as it's him doing it.
>"I know your heat's over Twi. No blaming that this time."
>You take his fingers as deep as you can and really put some effort into the tongue.
>He's right. This time you have to accept that you actually want this. Not from your heat but from your heart.
>Or maybe a combination of heart and throbing libedo. There's no time for details like that right now.
>He has to work hard but manages to extract his hand from your mouth.
"No heat. Just me."
>Words. hard. when. out. of. breath.
>"Admit it huh? We should talk about this first before going too far. It's complicated and you know it."
>Stupid slow humans. It's nice he wants to do right by you but come on.
>You just grab his hand in your magic and put it back where it belongs. If he's not gonna do something productive with the limb you will.
>Your actions spark an instinct in him he struggles to ignore.
>His hand under the sheets gets more aggressive making you squirm in delight and go limp when he hits just the right spot.
>You can't say you're dissatisfied with the way he draws your trembling form up into his chest in response.
>He's still holding back on you though. Aren't males supposed to have worse self control?
>At least he's started to move his fingers on his own, if only a bit.
>It's a little mean when he pulls the glorious digits out and makes you reach for them, but teasing from him is something you're used to.
>Being this close to him is fun but the fire in your belly begs you to push for more.
>Fingers are nice but not as 'filling' as other parts.
>Unfortunately instead of more he gives you less and pulls the fingers out completely.
>"Little strumpet. Don't you try to distract me, we really are going to talk about this first."
>He pokes your muzzle with the wet fingers making you blush and giggle.
>His is truly the iron will if that didn't seduce him. Guess you'll have to do things his way after all.
>If he's gonna mess with you though then you're gonna mess with him.
"Strumpet? We using Ye old english now m'lord? Me thinks I do recall a time when you's was quite opposed to the olden speech."
>"Oh my god no! We are not going back to your old english phase!"
>Ha sucker. The Old english phase was super fun! You may have got a bit overboard speaking it exclusively for a few months after he'd introduced you to human fantasy novels but whatever.
"Phase m'lord? Whatever do you meanNNNNNN!"
>Tickling! He's tickling both sides! Mayday mayday! abort!
>You practically scream as his fingers dig into your sensitive sides! You hate tickling! Make it stop!
>"Master? Master don't you have that company picnic today? It's already 10:30 you'll be late."
>He pushes you off and practically flies out of the bed.
>"Crap crap crap! We'll talk about this tonight Sparkle, I promise!"
>He gets no response, you're too busy gasping for breath as your sides still tingle from the few moment of torment.
>What a bully. The beast slips off towards the bathroom and closes the door behind him.
>It takes a while for your breath and heart rate to return to normal but that gives you time to think.
>You'd basically admitted your feelings to him and he didn't reject them outright.
>He probably had a point anyway. This could be a big change, it's not really something to jump right into tail first.
>Sooner than you'd expected the bathroom door opens again.
>He doesn't waste a second heading to the closet and getting dressed.
"Poor planning m'lord."
>"I swear if you start this again no cuddles for a month."
>As walks over to you as he finishes buttoning up his shirt.
"Fine. You're no fun you know that?"
>Grinning he leans down and kisses you right on the snout!
>"No fun huh?"
>He kissed you!
>Well on the snout but still!
>You're brain must have shut down for a second because before you can think of a response he's already gone.
>Ok he wins this round.
>A growl from your stomach distracts you from your humiliating defeat.
>Some honey nut cheerios are calling your name. You head to the kitchen, grab a bowl and sprawl out on the couch.
>"So I heard some noisessssss."
>Oh yeah she lives here, the gossip queen herself.
>Rarity's head pops over the top of the couch with a devious looking grin.
>She knows. She has to know.
"It was nothing..."
>She just raises and eyebrow.
>"That was some very loud nothing."
"We were just messing around."
>"Having a moment then? An intimate one?"
>You blush and break eye contact.
>"One you wanted."
>Now she's just teasing.
"Yeah he's... nice..."
>Wow that was lame.
>"You are ok right? It's your choice too?"
>It's easy to see the concern in her eyes when you look back.
"Yes I promise. I'm safe with him you have to trust me."
>She leans further over the couch to give you a familiar nuzzle.
"You know you're safe with him too right? Like you can trust him, tell him things, I think he'd like that."
>"I'll try, it's just all so different. I'd expected to be in charge to some way. To be trusted and responsible, to have drive and purpose. I lost my company, my mares, everything but I had you. You were my drive, to protect you, to guide you, to be there for you. But I guess I messed even that up. Now the only thing I'm responsible for is dinner."
>She doesn't look down but the bubbly happy aura she had moments ago is gone.
>You reach up, put your forelegs around the back of her neck and pull her right over the back of the couch.
>She squeals at the sudden fall but the strong hug you pull her into helps.
"No reason we can't still be there for each other. Braid my mane?"

>Most the day is spent on quality time with your friend.
>Mane/tail braiding, cooking, even just watching TV.
>You didn't solve all the world's problems in a day but you were both happier in the end.
>Anon had texted the both of you he wouldn't be back until later that night. Some more business stuff no doubt.
>A couple hours ago it'd have bugged you, this upcoming conversation had you more than a bit nervous.
>Spending some time mending your friendship had been good for you though. It had given you time to step back and think about the situation. Evaluate it with your head as well as your heart.
>The more you think about the more you understand his reservations to just jump right in.
>Realistically you know relationships like this rarely work. The difference of slave and master is far from a healthy joining of equals.
>But you also know he doesn't treat you like a slave a lot of the time. You benefit from freedoms that would make a lot of ponies green with envy and a shockingly casual relationship with your master.
>You need to talk it out with him. Go over rules, expectations and boundaries with a fine toothed comb.
>Waking up horny and throwing yourselves at each other probably wouldn't have been the best start for all that.
>You glance at the clock. It's getting late, he should be home pretty soon.
>A somewhat happier Rarity had retreated to her room to read about half an hour ago so you might as well return to yours.
>You climb up on the bed and spin around a few times to get the spot just right.
>Should you do something special for when he gets home?
>No doubt this morning will be on his mind too. You aren't the most graceful pony but you try to find a way to arrange your limbs and tail to be tantalizing without going over the top.
>Could put on the maid outfit. No you don't want it to look like you're trying too hard.
>Could put on your wizard outfit. I mean it would piss him off instead of turn him on but it would be funny.
>Nah no outfits, a nice pair of socks is the perfect way to draw attention to places without it being trashy.
>Eventually you settle on a position that offers a generous view of your *ahem* assets but covers all the important bits with your tail.
>You classy now.
>Good news is classy Twi can still screw around on her laptop until he actually gets here.
>Human politics are stupid and easy to get sucker riled up about.
>You almost pity them for not having a benevolent god empress to rule them like the savages they are.
>You'd whipped them into a frenzy when you hear the door open.
>Showtime! Head high, smile, look confident and happy to see him.
>After bumping around somewhere else forever he finally opens the door.
>Aaaand now he's frozen staring at you.
>Thats a good thing right? Stunned by your beauty?
>Ok do something dude. He's kinda making you nervous now.
"Umm welcome back."
>"Well hello beautiful."
>Beautiful! Not cute but beautiful!
>He puts a bag on the floor before walking over and giving you a quick chase kiss right on the lips!
>"Surprised? You looked like you were expecting something like that."
"I didn't think it would work so well!"
>"What can I say? You just know how to get to me!"
>You let out a loud happy whiny as he slaps a hand onto your presented flank and gives a firm squeeze!
>So forceful!
>"That's for trying to seduce me for the 2nd time today."
>His grin is infectious but you still stick your tongue out at him.
>"Now first things first, I got you a little something while I was out."
>Gifts!?! You don't recognize the company on the bag but it looks fancy.
>"I know your current one bugs you a bit and funds are kinda generous right now sooooo, I got you this."
>Your breath catches in your lungs.
>The collar is one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen.
>Your current one is bulky and asymmetric with all it's electronic components. This one is a gorgeous sleek dark leather band fit with a gold plated nameplate and even a single amethyst.
'Twilight Sparkle'
'Property of Anon'
>Your name took front and center inscribed in larger more elegant script than anon's.
>You have to have it! Exposing your neck you wait for him to do the honors.
>He fiddles with the buckles on your old collar for a moment. That was one thing you always hated about it. It reminded you of a dog collar.
>Sure it was loaded down with fancy gizmos but it was clear form took a backseat to function in it's design.
>This new one though? Not even close.
>Finally he pulls the old one off and drops it on the bed.
>To your surprise he doesn't pick up the new one though. Instead his hands go to your neck, to the sensitive fur usually underneath the collar you hadn't taken off in years.
>The old one wasn't too tight but the fur was matted and messy nevertheless.
>A hands on both sides of your neck make your breath hitch and your heart jump.
>The throat is a classic weak point for any animal, even more so for a prey species like ponies. Exposing your neck before had already sent chills down your spine but having your throat held and massaged was a step above.
>You must have trembled as he pulls your head back down and looks you in the eyes.
>"You ok?"
"Just sensitive."
>"In a bad way?"
"No. No it's fine, you don't have to stop."
>He gives you a smile and a tap at the bottom of your chin. The message is clear and you lift your head once again.
>It feels weird not having anything around your neck. At first you'd hated collars but now you feel completely naked without one.
>Doesn't help that he's giving the spot so much attention.
>Seem's he considers the job done and your neck ready for it's new long term accessory.
>Wow It's even prettier up close.
>"It's got the same features as your old one just with improved accuracy. Plus it can read vitals and call for help if there's something wrong and has a programmable near field connection you can play with."
>This means a lot.
>The thing must have cost a fortune and he spent it just on you, just to make you prettier.
>Hell even the amethyst is authentic and the perfect shade to match your mane.
>"Do you want to do it?"
>He's offering it to you? No it doesn't carry the same weight that way.
"You please. I wasn't very grateful the first time you gave me one of these so I want this time to be different. Make me your vassal."
>He rolls his eyes but chuckles anyway.
>"I claim thee Twilight Sparkle to be my servant evermore."
>All messing around aside the way he says it makes you blush and smile. It really is a claim. A binding contract that you literally belong to him. This time though it doesn't make you sad or afraid, it makes you really really happy.
>It snaps around your neck with some kind of electromagnetic lock.
>This thing isn't one size fits all, it was definitely made just for you.
>The weight of the gift and the feelings behind it are a bit overwhelming. You rush forward into another chase kiss.
"I love it thank you."
>A finger on your lips keeps you from saying more.
>"Anything for my mare."
>Only by force of will do you fight the flagging your tail wants to do at being called his mare.
>He pushes his forehead to yours for a moment before breaking away and walking over to his computer.
>Pulling his chair over he gets comfortable and looks you right in the eye.
>"Now I told you we'd talk about this so let's talk about this. It's really important I get the honest truth here ok? Nothing you can say will upset me, nothing you can say is wrong."
>He waits for your nod before going on.
>"I know we've been teasing each other and messing around for awhile now and that's fine, hell it's been fun. Then things got heated this morning and then I came back this afternoon to find you so ready and waiting for me; we just need to be sure we're on the same page here. Do you like me?"
>You both smile broadly but he tries to keep a serious face.
Great! after reading this now need the return of Corona!
>"Ok, you like me and I like you. That's great and I'm crazy happy about that. But! You and I both know this is tricky. No matter how much we like each other we aren't quite the same. This can't change how the house runs or who either of us are. If things go south we can't just break up. We can barely even have a normal argument like most couples. I like to think I already value your opinion but I still need to be the head of this household."
"I understand and I don't want any more special treatment, you give me plenty of that already. I'll still be your vassal."
>For some reason that term comes a lot easier to you than slave.
"I'll still work hard around the house and If I mess up you'll still discipline me. I just... I think you're a really kind and wonderful guy. That's all"
>You nicker when he runs a hand through your mane and cups the side of your head.
>"Sounds like we both get each other then. What do you say we take this slowly? Work's crazy right now, we're about to move, Rarity is still getting settled in and getting started on this new medication. Maybe it's not the time for us to rush."
>You nod into the warm hand and smile.
>"We'll keep rooming together, keep playing around i'm sure, but maybe we don't go too crazy yet? Just for now."
"And you call me the tease. I at least demand another kiss!"
>He laughs and takes your chin in his hand, leaning closer and closer.
>"Your wish is my command."
Ends up I'm awful with old english but the idea was cute so oh well. It took so long because I kinda rewrote it like 3 times so hopefully not so long until the next one.

Oh and pastebin caught up: https://pastebin.com/rJhtA082
My only real issue right now is that story lacks conflict, currently. I love sexy Sparkle time as much as anyone, and her lewdness in this is so damn cute and hot, but I'm not sure where things are really headed from here.

but don't get me wrong, I do kinda still want to see Twily get fingerfucked into orgasm and his dick rammed up her plot, though, fuuuuck. She seems veeery into anal in your story
Rarity is gonna hear more noises and tease Twilight about it.
Candance has the need to assume the role of Martir whenever in his opinion makes a mistake, she believes that way you can pay your faults and those who failed to keep the feeling that it is not a failure and a traitor to his people and beliefs
>'It was worth it?'

>Hitting a filly to show to Anon their threats could not intimidate them?

>One of us, just a bit older than Mocha Cream prefer take his own life because she was too scared to face his actions?

>You two lose their gifts maybe forever and now they expect a fate worse than they ever thought they could suffer in this place?

>Tell me! I was worth it or not?
File: want some fuk.png (431 KB, 1024x1024)
431 KB
431 KB PNG
I'm looking forward to the issues that the power difference between Anon and Twilight will cause in their relationship. It may not become a big problem for a while, but if they get into an argument, they definitely will not have equal voices.Rarity may also start to feel like Twilight is getting special treatment.If the relationship doesn't end up working out, this could end very badly for everyone in the household.
Anyway, looking forward to the next update, hoping to see some more lewd and cute Twilight.
Rarity will probably tease her about her new collar and maybe feel like she getting special treatment.
I want to buy my pony slave a pet bunny. Give them a couple months, wait until she's super attached to it.

Then one day, calmly summon her, holding the rabbit in my lap. Take out a large hunting knife, and gut it alive right there in front of her. Tell her that if she ever, EVER thinks about disobeying me, betraying me, or running away, this is what will happen to her.
SiM plz go
thats really retarded and edgy for the sake of being edgy

you come across as an emo sixteen year old
you are an actual nigger, fuck off and die
>This could end up leading to something really good with Anon trying to break through her guilt or it could lead to feels in the cell when Anon has to 'carefully' take her into his charge again

This. Am I the only one that is actually on the edge of my seat for how this whole thing is going to go down? It's going to be an emotional ride, and I seriously want to see Cadance and Anon make it through this and for something of value to come of it. And CYOS said he had things in mind, so I'm willing to wait and see!
no, it's fucking retarded
how the flying fuck do you "carefully" torture someone?
you people need professional help, your perceptions of reality are warped beyond measure
>perceptions of reality are warped
Welcome to Slave Pony General, newfriend!
Pretty sure "carefully" was already put in quotes bud. He meant it ironically. Basically, "careful" just means "not Corona". Pretty sure the cell is still gonna be fucked up.

Hopefully Cadance sees the light beforehand. Or at least, afterward.

>your perceptions of reality are warped

This thread is about owning slaves, and most of the time, also about punishing them. And spanking them. We've had debates on here before about which Anons are the most "virtuous" slave owners. It's SPG. It's always warped because it's a fantasy world about enslaved talking poners.
>>It's always warped because it's a fantasy world about enslaved talking poners.

>calling out bullshit plot elements is not okay because it's all a fantasy world anyway!!!

Kill yourself.
On the otherhand it is kinda nice to not have a story that is always beset by conflict. Too many a green seem to always have something *horrible* happen all the time and it becomes exhausting to read. We've solved one prob- Oh look something else just fucked up. Better go fi- Oh shit we gotta add more conflict.

Not specifically a critique of SPG but more of the board as a whole. As long as it doesn't dwell on this slice of life stuff for too long it's fine once in a while.
Right now we're kinda in a transition period. Until recently the driving conflict was Rarity's house of horrors but with her fall from grace things are changing. Like >>30742761 said there will be relationship problems from within and without. It's probably socially frowned upon but accepted that people sleep with their slaves but I imagine very few call them their girlfriend.
File: posee.png (808 KB, 1021x1024)
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808 KB PNG
Great update Vega

I liked that both decided to think things better instead of giving in to their impulses and feel guilty later, I must admit that it is a step that they took, but both know each other enough to face what comes in the future
This was such a sweet little update to give us a little comfort before what is sure to be some heavy trauma going through for lavender. To see Linda and Tabby was nice, but even more so the sheer hope in Pearl's life. She's being given choices, not forced to do anything she isn't wanting to do, the people are nice and she's being offered therapy to help her through the rest... man. Hasn't been that long around the house, I still would have preferred if she could have been here long, but it has been good change for her.

Her goodbye with Lavender was so sad too. The pony saved her life and she absolutely wants to return the favor, but here she is leaving her alone with the person she hates most in this world right now. Pearl has her right to happiness though and as much as she begged, I hope Lavender eventually understands she'd be asking Pearl to sacrifice hers for her own. Still if she doesn't quite grasp that yet, I understand. I can't wait to see now that' it's just back to her and Anon again, if she feels betrayed or conflicted or just sad at having lost her only friend after both shared so much. I am rooting for Lavender's happiness by the end
File: 1494601.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Nightmare's rule is over, and the treasonous ponies who aided her in bringing Equestria under her brutal, totalitarian rule must now face justice. So as they tried to seat a monarch on Equestria's throne who would have crushed all ponies beneath her authority, now must they suffer in turn: Stripped of their citizenship her former Night Guard are exiled in chains, sent to foreign lands to live out the rest of their lives in servitude.

Would you take pity on them? Buy one or two and treat them with kindness, understanding that however cruel or traitorous their actions were they were driven by the best of intentions - only to lose their homeland for the rest of their lives? Or does their support of their would-be Queen and her cruel policies erase any sympathy you feel for them, regardless of what their reasons for acting were?
File: 1425465505-b52d7.jpg (70 KB, 400x671)
70 KB
Anyone but a sunbutt if you ask me. All of my funds to sponsor another rebellion, especially if I could buy Luna out of slavery.
How foreign are these lands?
Locking Equestria in an endless night would leave other side of the world baking in the sun for days: evaporating clean water sources, killing crops, melting permafrost, all sorts of bad shit. Lots of folks could resent them just for being involved at all.
What would you do with a slave actively trying to murder you?
70 lashes and a week in the slave box.
>Evaporate all the water
>But also melt all the permafrost

I dunno, it sounds like that problem solved itself.
Tie her hooves to the bed posts on both sides with a big pillow under her waist and spank her hard every day.
Snuggle the shit out of her until she stops being silly.
File: Spoiler Image (411 KB, 447x342)
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411 KB GIF
Everyone here is so tough on the girl. We're here to make their lives better, and show them that we'll treat them kindly if they don't rebel. The girl clearly needs someone to love her, something to show her that I'm not a bad guy. For that reason, I think I would have to treat her to a nice day at the filly brothel.
this meme stopped being funny a long time ago
I'm rooting for Lavender too. I don't share the opinion she's a bitch, I think she's a deeply hurt pony who desperately needs kindness, too.
Cut his leg tendons and put him outside as a free stallion for any mare in heat or just really anything adventerous enough to use him.
Lol edge
Magical cock rings are great for that.
No matter what is done to him, he is prevented from orgasming
He tried to make me a skeleton, so I killed his boner
Okay, I kek'd.
Speak for yourself
I, too, was seen to kek.
File: IMG_1339.jpg (2.46 MB, 4032x3024)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB JPG
This Sweet Pig of Guinea came as a pet for the other pet. They really like having another one around. Would you get a slave-pone just to be a companion for your other slave? Would you take her to the auction and let her pick it out and everything, or would you make it a surprise? If you let her buy it, what would she be looking for?
I would let her choose the pony, then kill it with a charcohl brazier in its roon a week later.
The next ine would be drowned in the bath.
An unfortunate cooking incident kills 3 when the gas oven leaks.
Four is crushed when a boulder slips.

I am all my slave needs, and now withe elemental sacrifice if the slaves she loves, immortal to be with her forever.
File: 132312640964.png (42 KB, 373x377)
42 KB
Wtf dude
Only Human Sacrifice gives immortality. Pony (or piggie) sacrifice does not count!
Or at least that's what the voices tell me...
I'm SiMmy, I know. But I'm curious about how exactly Anonymous is going to torture Cadance.
Rapid-fire mushroom stamping
I'm hoping little cuts in the wings, paper cuts, that just bleed and sting a lot.
Who knows what CYOS has planned? Maybe he won't give too much explicit detail, or maybe he'll go into it more like he did with the first whipping scene with a lot of description.

Safe to say a whip is going to be involved though. Maybe the box and the sensory deprivation hood... aaand other things. I voted for the maid punishment, what the fuck is wrong with me and why am I thinking about this so much
What if she starts begging for it to stop? Will he?

Knowing Cadance she'll probably tell him beforehand not to stop no matter what. She's messed up in the head, poor thing.
if twiggles and anon can separate the two relations that they have with each other it can work
or rarara does a lot of housework around and gets bossed by tiwggles
Rarity need strogens... and on stallion
not knowing how to kill a rabbit/any animal
you pleb
good luck gutting it alive...
File: 1435421347878.jpg (67 KB, 900x900)
67 KB

*estrogen you fagtron
File: 1433101271062.png (1.01 MB, 1887x3000)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
What is you problem?
File: 1433780067650.png (524 KB, 600x600)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
File: 1452328912980.jpg (34 KB, 545x568)
34 KB

where do i start
File: 1438542567024.gif (556 KB, 292x311)
556 KB
556 KB GIF

3 words Anon: Look for Help.

Do not do something that you do not have the opportunity to repent after
Rarity could use estrogens and a good stallion dick up her pussy. Think about it: after so long without estrogen and suddenly getting it, Rarity is going to be insatiably horny and dripping everywhere from her swollen red pussy.

Time to make a call across the street!
>implying that she won't start fantasizing about fucking anon due to Twilight's screams of ecstasy
No, I'm pretty sure you're the worst tease here, Vega. That was damn, damn close to going all the way.

I do agree that the story is a little lacking for conflict at this particular moment, but you've shown to be more than capable of managing an excellent conflict so I trust you're aware of and are fixing this issue.

Man, I sort of feel like Twilight should be having some rather more conflicted feelings about this, though.

Oof, wow. I almost wish we'd seen the spat that was about to go down between Pearl and Lavender; as someone who's had some critical words in the past, this is the exact kind of thing I wanted to see Pearl do. That said, setting up her departure went very well: Not just the cuteness, but also the heartbreak at /still/ not being trusted even after all of this. Once more looking forward to where this goes.
>Man, I sort of feel like Twilight should be having some rather more conflicted feelings about this, though.
She finally got tired of lying to herself about how much she wants him.

>I do agree that the story is a little lacking for conflict
Cat fight over Anon incoming >>30748671
Cat fight over Dusty might be more fun.
>"That meatloaf is MINE!"
>"but you don't even eat meatloaf..."
Well I imagine Anon might not want Twi seeing dusty anymore so free game right? Right?

>That white bitch is trying to steal your backup man.
>Destroy her.

Worse, during intercourse have recurring memories of his time at the breeding farm, where she was forced to mate with several stallions to have ponies of good breed to sell to the highest bidder, then reacts and realizes she did not have one but several foals but only one of them could survive to be sold, then it reacts violently by trauma and hurt the stallion and Anon
too much /drama/ not enough /comfy/
>A good slave, what is a good slave?
>You had to think on that.
>Were you a good slave for getting out of it?
>Was Bash a good slave for just being willing to do as ordered?
>Thoughts crept in
“Steady now, steady.”
>A clawed hand held your shoulder as you reeled, nauseated, and weary.
>Your magic had been suppressed ever since you had been captured, humans having known very well what they needed to do to stop it.
>But now you had earned a few minutes of release from the implant.
>Just a touch of freedom for turning in 5 ponies, proof that the deal was real.
>It was, terrifying. Wrong. Exhilarating. Words kept coming up in your head.
>Then your lunch came up.
>Tobias released you as you heaved and sunk in on yourself, mindful that you didn’t fall into it all.
>This wasn’t right, the world wasn’t right.
>Magic was broken, reality sundered, and it was all crashing into you.
>Equestria was wild, chaotic, a writhing sea of veld, but here on dirt, it was a smashed mirror, endlessly turning in on itself and shattering further.
>The magick was wrong, the world was wrong, your life was wrong.
>Everything here was wrong.
>The only thing right you knew was turning in ponies to be free.
>You couldn’t work, no couldn’t live without magic and now here you were acting like it was poison.
>Maybe it was poison, perhaps that’s why humans had to suppress their magic.
>You felt a pip, and the world drained away of occatrine.
“I know you were promised more time, but you don’t look too good there.”
>The crotchety old griffon shuffled over on his peg leg.
“Here, let me help you up, you look greener than before. You want to go to medical?”
>”Broken, it’s all broken”
>You passed out in his grasp, the last you heard were his screams for help.
>”You could, uh, you could…”
>You hated anything that reminded you of the camps, you were a human not a slave, those memories were best forgotten.
>Bash stared dutifully, hanging on your words.
>Yes that is all that was needed.
>”Just do as I order. That’s all.”
“Yes, master.”
>”Now let’s get you acquainted with where you’ll be tonight.”
>You got up and trotted to the back door, cleaned up slave in tow.
>You pulled a collar from the supplies, no need for anything fancy right now, and went out into the night.
>”You’ll be sleeping out here from now on. This will be your quarters.”
>You gestured to an old doghouse that had been there with the property.
>It was an old wood structure that was weathered, but had a shingle roof and concrete pad.
>The chain and stake next to it made clear though it was not something a slave would get far from.
“This, this is for me?”
>It wasn’t much, but you didn’t trust a slave on the first night alone in the house.
>You’d probably warm up later once you cleaned out a linen closet.
>”Yeah, not like its much.”
“I get a house, all to myself?”
>That was new, it was hovering in the air on its wings.
>Oh buck, it could fly, right.
>You magic up the chain and connect it to the collar.
>”Yep, now hold still. Should have done this inside.”
>You pull the collar tight, your slave obedient, and now legal outside again.
>”Lose the collar and LAPD will tag and bag you. Fuckers love a chance to roll into someone’s yard.”
>You knew most of the time it was because there was a shottie pointed out the front door, but why not let the fear work?
“So I’m sleeping out here? In the open air?”
>”If you want, the chain is how far you can go.”
>You tug out a dilapidated blanket from the darkness of the shanty, and drape it over the slave.
>”Don’t stay up to late, you are on my schedule.”
>You walk back to the house and close the door, figuring there was going to be something once you left.
>You stole over to a window and waited, unsure whether it would run or just crawl in.
>Instead you got a bat pony shaking its hooves and kissing a crappy bit of wooden structure.
>Must mean a lot to it to have something meant for a pet as its own.
>What intrigued you on the way back from brushing your teeth was how it had settled in for the night.
>The blanket was wrapped around it like you expected, but it was out in the open on top of the shingles, looking up at the clear moonlit night sky.
>Weird, you’d expected after the happy dance it’d be tucked up inside.
>Whatever, that it hadn’t run off in the few hours was enough to let you sleep the night away.

Does Lyra sleep soundly or not?
Don't sleep soundly. Wake up periodically to make sure she's following orders. Have to establish precedent by coming down on our slave right from the start if they do anything.

but i don't wanna
>deep throating his fingers
>simply because she wants his cock in her mouth so bad

Twily you naughty girl.
Lyra doesn't sleep soundly, and she does get up several times to check on Bash. She tells herself that she's being a good slavemaster: super vigilant on this first night to establish a good precedent.
The truth is she can't believe how far she's come, and she's half afraid she's dreaming a slaves fantasy right now, only to wake up with that chain hooked to her own neck! This is the best day of her recent life and she just can't let it be over.
Seconding this. It sounds like something she would struggle with.
>They're never getting off the boat.
File: boat ride.png (163 KB, 600x640)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
At this point I'm pretty sure all boats are evil.
The ride never ends
But the thread does. 8
8 is an eternity number
>Implying they were going to get off the boat anyway.

That story ends with everyone going down with the ship and you know it.
They should just head to BC and be refugees. It worked for the Tamils, and they have a great case with the whole slavery thing. Victoria is literally right there!
>Going there on a motorcycle / scuba dive trip next month. Will visit my friend who had a real pony!
I mean does this need to go bad?
No, but you have to make sure of what you're working with.
This not Berserk mate
I'm so anxious about this upcoming CYOS update. I'm wondering just as much about how Anon is going to take it as I am about Cadance.
Meh, what will be will be. Cadance will just take what's coming to her and that will be that. More looking more forward to: Flurrys flying lessons (where Cadance gives Megan a ride!), the off-site vacation if that ever happens, the end of the punishment period for the other escape leaders, Rumble screweing up and needing Thunderlane to betray everyone again, Mochas return and recovery, outside investors 'suggestions', or other random shenanigans.
Anon's really protective of her and seems to like her quite a bit now. I wonder if he'll try to go easy on her or if he'll go all out just so she never wants to do this again.
>Mochas return and recovery
The formal education of the one pony Anon trusts personally as something more than a menial maid was discussed before. Masseuse, secretary, and more exotic skills were mentioned. Self defense might have been handy... No better time than now, when she's off-duty anyway. She might not fully recover, but she could still come back more powerful than before.
Mocha giving Anon a massage would be a dream come true for her. She's head over hooves for him.
page 9...
as if
She's pretty naughty in vega's stuff in general. Maybe a different kind of spanking is in order for such a dirty pony.
>All this pressure
Would you kill me if I said I'm not going to jump into that immediately?
Spank her with his hips?
Fuck no, I wouldn't kill you dude! No pressure, just anxious
But just giving someone a back rub is not the same thing as being a real masseuse. You have to go to school and study anatomy and stuff. It's the difference between the 'happy ending' and the 'covered by insurance' sort of massage. I think both we and Anon would prefer the latter.

Anon said "two or three days", I think. They and the story itself have no reason to rush, a lot can happen in that time. It's such a sprawling plot you can always find something else to show us. My vote: "Auction Day". Anon, Megan, Comet, and Autumn all go to the sale together, and learn about the magic of slavery. The difference between a good pony and a good slave. A good person and a good slavemaster. The compromises an imperfect world demands of us all. And how do those dreaded glue farms make a profit, anyway?
>but that might be ambitious, comfie flying lessons would be great too
>Implying the glue farms are real
I'm 90% sure they're a myth, possible made up to enforce obedience and possibly by terrified/rebellious ponies themselves. Either way, owners found it a convenient myth to take advantage of and allowed it to prosper - the idea that it could always be worse is a powerfully motivating one.
She seriously is a filthy little thing. I do not know how Anon can possibly resist giving a long hard smacking to that cute little tush of hers every single day. I know I couldn't. Wily Twily would have to have a mandatory red rump at all times in my house.
>Implying labor camps are real
In other stories like Fire And Sky ponies owned by individuals, however cruel, dread being sold to big corperate places like Slaveventure. They see their friends go in, but nopony ever seems to come out. They spend their whole (presumably short) lives working until they die inside the fence. We can see that at least here it's not all grimdark all the time, but outsiders can't, so rumors proliferate.
Even if the glue farm stories aren't quite real either, SOMEONE must buy the resistant and violent ponies Slaveventure sells. Who are they and how do they make it pay?
File: 1493171612556.gif (574 KB, 550x600)
574 KB
574 KB GIF
This has actually been done for a couple days, I know it's short but it's a chapter end so I might as well post it separate. If thread dies tonight I'll post it again in new, probably with the start of the next chapter.
>By the time we arrived back at our abode, the sun had set below the horizon, with only a faint blur of gray remaining as any indication of its former presence. For the first time in years, I could peer up to the heavens and watch the stars. Yet these stars were different from those I had long been accustomed to: they were cold, lifeless, merely spots of light on a black canvas. Stars in Equestria had meaning and purpose behind them, these were merely celestial bodies. I did not dwell on this fact; merely watching them was an experienced I’d long missed.
>”Hey Sparkle,” Wilcox called from the barracks doorway, “we sleep indoors on earth. Just so you know.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be in in a minute,” I called back, keeping my head firmly craned upwards.
>After a few more moments, I readied myself to head inside, but stopped myself halfway there. It occurred to me that I’d not done anything with my magic that day beyond basic levitation and the spell cast through the curious enchanting device. Out of curiosity, I decided to do a quick magical spell, and perhaps see if any other curios lurked in this compound.
>Immediately I was taken aback. As the spell illuminated sources of magic and existing spells, I was met with the blinding light of a vast and complex array of magical devices. Many different spells were present, from mundane cyclic functions to an impossibly strong and invisible shield surrounding the entire facility. Magical wires of some sort danced between buildings and devices, always following direct and logical paths. Many things I couldn’t describe to you even today, as their specific functionality and purpose remains too complex to understand by sight alone. Perhaps most startling was the as-of-yet unexplored building, which shined brightly with magical devices of all shapes and sizes arranged both above and below ground.
>And always, magic followed the uniformity and rigidity so common in human engineering. No signs of style or augmented functionality marred any of the spells or contraptions I witnessed: they were all machine-pressed, interwoven with nigh-impossible complexity but without any of the artisanship typically required for such daunting tasks. Generators, always crafted in a painstakingly individual manner in Equestria, were identical and separated for each building. Such an intricate system, reduced to a common blueprint and replicated at will! It was as much a violation of magical artisanry as it was a paean to insightful research.
>”Sparkle, the Major wants you in here. Are you hurt? Do I need to come over there and drag you the hell in?” Wilcox’s voice, rough as sandpaper, instantly severed the concentration needed to keep up the magic visualization spell.
“I’m coming, I’m coming.”
>Despite having eaten their fill not an hour prior, Lopez and Jewel were seated in the kitchen/dining area with fresh plates of pasta between them. And to think the researchers said I was a chow hound. I had nothing on these guys.
>A room over, Wilcox joined the Major and Chuck on a wide couch to watch the nightly news. Curious, I worked my way over to them and took a seat in one of the room’s plush armchairs. I’m not sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t the unabated stream of negativity I soon bore witness to. Perhaps it was simply due to the sheer size of the city, but humanity seemed to have a far darker news cycle than any I’d seen in Equestria.
>Murders, arson, terror attacks, wanton Equestrian abuse; there was plenty of misery to go around. At least most of those featured on the program were already caught and soon to face justice.
>Aside from horrific crimes, humanity’s happenings tended to be of a similar breed to those in Equestria. Artistic endeavors, sporting events, celebrity drama, none of it was new to my ears. Of course, none of those featured in such segments were ponies. That would most likely incense the viewer base.
>Soon overtaken by disinterest, I left the common areas for my room. The purchases I’d made, noticeably sparing when laying in bags on my bed, were quickly organized and tucked away. For a bit, I regretted my hesitation to ask for more, as the complete lack of entertainment sources had by then become unusual to me in the humans’ world. A bit later, though, I recalled the set of half-read spellbooks shrunk down and hidden away in my locker, and these sufficed to capture my interest for the rest of the night.
>Interrupting my story
get out
>It still surprises me how much knowledge was gained in those days about pony magic. Even with the vast majority of unicorns heavily restricted or entirely cut off from their magic, spells and magical techniques were being developed at a pace unimaginable in Equestria. Here was a full set of five volumes of advanced spells, with three volumes composed of entirely new magic. Some had been developed by government sources, no doubt using data gathered from the vast array of tests done on me. Others, typically the most creative and most useful, were attributed to a multitude of private firms. It astounded me that such discoveries could be made so quickly, and by a magicless species to boot.
>It was late into the night, long after light had ceased slipping under the door and voices had quieted in the hallway outside, that I finally laid my head down and drifted off to sleep.
File: twi7.png (356 KB, 1105x1024)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
End update I guess. I'll be back later when next thread rolls around.
They're probably the kind of place that just shocks or beats them senseless until they break completely. Or drugs them - ponies would be so doped up that they can't really think of a proper plan to resist resistance, but still lucid enough to be given basic tasks that are beyond machines but not complex enough to need skilled labor. Narrow profit margins, but probably making some of it up on having basically no comforts of any kind for the ponies.
can't wait
>A magicless species is capable of copying pony magics to machines and create entire books full of new spells they made at an extremely faster pace than the species who invented the art in times where there entire schools dedicated to pioneering magic/spells, basically outclassing them in every aspect
Why are humans so much better at magic in four years than the ponies who actually created it over millennia (and in some ways still don't full understand it)?
Do not forget the premise of this story. That's all I'll say.
>The premise is ponies and humans working together to tackle abusive slavers outside the law
So like, through unicorn wizards who didn't have their magic stripped combining their talents with human engineering/technology to arrive at speedier results?
>realize you said that's all you'll say, just expressing a theory
Simplest answer is computer sims, just like how we humans are better at biogenetics than the actual organisms.
Simply the ability to form a codified framework for testing as well, note how mus Twiggles likes to show actual science for magic, but we don't see this applied by other horny ponies.
Optimism is nice, and has a well-loved place in my writing style.

The internet is a powerful thing.

Also it isn't like the humans would be working from nothing. You enslave a race and you get to plunder their libraries. Written knowledge is a great catchup mechanic.
From a pony's perspective I would find the act incredibly vulgar. It must be bad enough the vast majority of unicorns aren't allowed to keep their magic, but even worse is that humans steal it. They don't let you keep it but delight in appropriating your kind's most precious artform and using it to better their own kind while yours stays in chains. And to add insult to injury, they do it far better than your kind did, as though they needed show of superiority justifies their position over you.
>Humans find a way to harness magic.
>The ponies scoff at first, you need love and friendship to make it do anything worth while or it might explode in your face.
>Human eros, love of country, and love of power works just as well, turns out it's all in point of view.
>Shit, shit, shit, fuck.
Oh shit that's hot. I'm sure Rarity will notice the smacking noises coming from their room every night when he gives her her daily tushy warming. Judging from the sounds she can tell it's a slightly different kind of lesson than before and take the initiative to make Twi a bridle all on her own.

>"Perhaps he'd be pleased to see you've prepared for him tonight darling? A good mare is ready for her master after all."
>One embarrassing fitting later she's waiting for master to get home bridled gagged and leashed to the bed.
>First Rarity hears the usual smacking followed by >>30754446 'smacking'
>At least her new accessory keeps her quiet so Rares can sleep while Twiley moans.
>so doped up that they can't really think
>basic tasks that are beyond machines

Of course this is the obvious approach, but I can't quite see it working. What sort of tasks are beyond machines but can still be done by crippled and drugged zero-skill no-hands labor? And how can it pay enough to support all the overhead: slave purchase, shocks, beats, drugs, enough care to stay healthy, very tight security, public relations, political lobbying, etc? Can't even see sex work: Mr. Happy is not getting anywhere near anything with that 'biting jaws' brand!
Perhaps the story is best served by ignoring the question. All we really need to know is they buy ponies cheap and they're not good places to be.
>hard smacking
Spank fetish only goes so far for me, and Vega has already been very diligent. Now that he's replaced her 'this is your life now' collar so stylishly, he might get her a new 'fun' collar (really a bridle) as well! On the other hand, why buy something like that when his new slave specializes in exactly this sort of work?

>"Rarity, never mind the dishes. I have a special fashion project for you."
>"It's been a while since I cut the fabric myself, Master, I've missed it. Thank you"
>"Think less 'fabric' and more 'leather', and make it match my old ballgag."
>Um, master, who is this for?"
>Rarity does not have her equine dress form, has to build the project right on Twilights head.

Sorry for interrupting, HJ! Mobilfaggotry may have been involved, but I deleted it.
I want Rarity to find out that anon likes wearing socks for a few days before swapping them out due to the stretch making them comfy.
She reacts absolutely horrified to this and has to now guide anon in the proper method of sock wearing and uses Twiggles as a guide for this.
>Anon's attention quickly shifts from the the lesson and instead focuses on how well those high rise socks frame Twi's tailend.
>Soon has Rares fleeting the room as he grabs a handful of purple flank and pulls his mare in for a kiss.
>Twi wears socks to bed every night from then on.
>Trailing little kisses up the socks until he puts one final one directly on her horsepuss
>Or just teasing Twilight mercilessly, going up and down but never actually for the prize
I think she'd have to beg for it.
>Anon plants that one quick kiss, somewhere mischeif, somewhere mind tells him he needs it, and something completely not thinking where that spot right up is
>Twiggles wings just flare
>An adorable eep shows and anon is pulled by magic
>Twilight just blushing and wanting more, anon finding that a small peck of a kiss is now more passionate
File: animane.png (3.7 MB, 1500x6000)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB PNG
>496 posts
File: dash_perfect_lighting.png (1.94 MB, 1685x1600)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
File: 1490828156340.png (485 KB, 1000x800)
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File: time.png (52 KB, 1020x876)
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thred ded

let's go jinglels I'm not doing it again
New thread: >>30755597

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