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>who the fuck is Mike Vogel?
A Hasbro supercomputer that went out of control and is now trying to corrupt and diminish all the good of MLP.
File: vogelfag_samefag.png (188 KB, 1027x1363)
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You gonna samefag your thread like all the others?
You gonna suck that dick today or you going to start with my balls first?
Have you considered visiting a psychologist?
Have you? Why do you have naked pictures of some guy's shitposts? Are you some secret admirer of his?
File: -9OydUul6kE.jpg (9 KB, 192x192)
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Fucking what
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>When you shitpost so hard that not even the Reddit immigrants can keep up with you.
Except you literally have no proof it was him.

From what i see, it is story editors who edited his script and didn't put their names on it since it wasn't forced upon them.

MA Larson also rewrite the script in Make New Friends But Keep Discord and he never credited his input into the episode. In this case, they just did like 80% of the work instead single scenes.
>Except you literally have no proof it was him.
The creative vision is in charge of everything, that's why he's called the creative vision. You don't even know what it is, do you?
File: images.png (10 KB, 236x213)
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>He not only added the anthro cat, but he wrote him too. He won't even let his writers do their job.
Why is Brian Goldner allowing this? Why even waste money on writers and directors if he just to ruin their scripts and scenes?
The biggest higher up of Hasbro who is aware on whats going on with ponies is Stephen Davis. Goldner doesn't see a difference between Monopoly and MLP and which of them got a cartoon.
Probably a non-shitposting thread died for this you fucking mongoloid.
I'm not sure where you're getting this creative vision thing from.
He didn't even write for season 7.
Suck a throbbing viking cock if you consider this thread shitposting.
Is there someplace we can meet you in real life, Vogelfag?
I'd fuck you up badly, you little shit. Russians aren't fat christians.

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