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You can still trust her

This is not another general, I swear
File: 1487992540575.png (329 KB, 500x375)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
Where's my Sugar green at?
It would be nice to get some confirmation from either of our writefags.
>A ballerina who can canonically ride a dirt bike.

How could anyone ask for more?
She also wears the shortest skirt out of the Shadowbolts.

If you behave, you just might see her without the leggings.
File: 1492731211290.png (204 KB, 1280x721)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
Do you think that Sugarcoat prays on Freshman boys?
File: Sugarcoat_windy.jpg (282 KB, 1280x1856)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
Best daughteru, would not even molest.

I would, however, spank her when she was misbehave and hope she doesn't notice daddy's boner.
Sour Sweet is better tho
Why not both? Or better yet all of them?
>'not' lightning dust
>sunny flare
It depends how autistic she is about fallout
Who the fuck knows? Is she simply an 'evil' ponk?
Sonata 2.0?

Yeah, but Sour is certainly the possessive kind so...

>All of them
You're saying you wouldn't want to establish aclothing optional comfy compound down on a beach on the pacific coast south of the border with the shadowbolts?
Eh, it'd be a fun two weeks, maybe, but what then?
Fuck that, maybe a threeway relationship could work but six is just way too much
I'd rather get with Sour and only sour, graduate, let her kick my ass and help me pull through all the bullshit, find a stupid job, marry and give her two kids, maybe three
File: downloadfile-81.png (39 KB, 780x900)
39 KB
Sunny is autistic about Fallout, it's her prosthetics.
File: Rin.jpg (317 KB, 1920x1200)
317 KB
317 KB JPG
Oh, there are worse headcanons out there, and Rin was best girl so...
But what's her thing again, isn't it generosity?
How is she generous?
File: Sunny Flare.png (747 KB, 1440x5316)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
she was suppose to be an analogue for Rarity, but she had interaction with her at all. She also had the fewest lines out of all of them. She had so little presence that they made Sour Rarity's analogue instead.

A shame, she looks nice.
Yeah, I would've liked for them to go deeper with the 'analog to the EoH' part, since Sour and Sugar are really interesting characters and take on kindness and honesty
Not sure how you could make generosity work a different way than... well, being generous
>finally a pic of SC with loose hair

Burnout were r u?
Been a long weekend

Here's the pastebin will try to type up some tomorrow
It's cool dude, we just wanted to know if you were still alive
File: 1486755550992.jpg (43 KB, 720x720)
43 KB
I'm a Burnout, literally the thing I'm best at is just being alive
Why would you do that to a burger?
For sharing.

Sharing is magic you dumb man-prostitute.
Because it's the manly way to do it
It's to make the meat crunchier
File: Spoiler Image (27 KB, 400x122)
27 KB
Because it's the cleaver way to do it
Damn it
File: Spoiler Image (138 KB, 350x350)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
You had to 'axe'
File: 1503109557910.jpg (385 KB, 2313x2280)
385 KB
385 KB JPG

Sorry for being late to the party, y'all. Still settling in at college. Classes start soon so I am warning you guys that things will be updating a lot slower than they were at first, but as long as I can, I will update when I get the chance
It's nice knowing that you're still with us anyway.
>You could barely sleep for the rest of the night, just kind of lying in bed, thinking about how lucky you were to actually have everything work out for the best
>You and Sugarcoat were together
>Sort of
>Her friends approved of it
>Kind of
>And the two of you were going to be going on a real date pretty soon!
>Now that all that was actually settled, you were actually kind of looking forward to going back to school on Monday
>For probably the first time in your life, you wanted the weekend to be over with so that you could go back to Crystal Prep
>Speaking of school, you still had all that work for the project on your desk
>Sugarcoat probably had a bunch of stuff done also, so not doing anything at all tonight wasn't a huge deal
>In fact, you would be surprised if anybody else had as much done as the two of you
>But still, if you knew Sugarcoat, that project would take precedence over a date
>Which just motivated you to do even more work over the weekend, just so that you would be free to actually do stuff with her
>You always heard that a girlfriend would make you a better person, but you never thought that it would have such sudden results
>Regardless, by the time Monday rolls around, you've probably done enough work to actually do the full project yourself if it came to it
>You've never done this much by yourself
>It's exhausting
>How do the smart kids do it all the time?
>Finally, the day arrives and you can finally head back to school and see Sugarcoat
>You even text her on your walk over to her place, asking if she would like to meet outside or at your locker or something
>But as you look up from your phone, you notice that somebody is already waiting for you at the front entrance of the school
>Indigo Zap
>You hadn't seen her since she and her friends tried to jump you before your date with Sugar, and now that you have, you notice that you roughed her up just as much as she did you
>Her missed tackle has left deep scratches along her hands, arms, and knees
>You can see that one of your kicks did manage to land on her calf as she's sporting a wicked bruise there
>She does not look too happy to see you as you make your way to the door
"Uh, y-yeah?"
>Your bitch voice was quivering again
>"I heard you went to Sugar's over the weekend."
>It wasn't phrased like a question, but you nod anyway
"Look, Indigo, I-I don't want trouble. From you or the others."
>Indigo looks you up and down with a scowl, then grabs your arm in a vice grip and drags you through the doors into the school
>"I don't give a shit what you want, Anon. We told you to stay away from Sugar, but you didn't listen, you're either the stupidest motherfucker I've ever met..."
>This is it. This is how you die
>Man, you really wish you had finished your will yesterday
>"...Or the ballsiest dumbass I've ever seen."
"I'm sorry?"
>Indigo dragged you by the arm down the hall
>Thankfully, there were other students and faculty inside, which means that Indigo couldn't kill you without witnesses
>She continues pulling you down a hall of lockers and you can actually spot where she is leading you
>The rest of her friends
>Again, sans Sugarcoat
>Man, you wish she were here
>Even if it meant she would have to bully you to keep up airs, at least you could look at her during it all
>Indigo Zap shoves you hard enough to make you stumble into the locker next to Sour Sweet and Sunny Flare
>They also don't look happy to see you
>No surprise there
"Hi girls," you say timidly
>"Hi Anon," they all say, their voices dripping with malice
>Except Sour Sweet, but that was even more menacing
>"You didn't listen to us, dearie," Sunny Flare said, pinching your cheek
>"The thing is, we talked to Sugarcoat after you left her place the other night," Sour Sweet continued
>You know that, you were there They didn't know that though, and they didn't know that you knew that they didn't know
I'm surprised that nobody's here.
If you have to specify it's not a general, you've already lost.
Welcome back dude. Thanks for continuing the story so quickly.
Anon is going to be kill rip
Pussy ass bitch nigga better not go down without breaking some noses and kicking in some cunts.

Literally, aim for their cunts.
>not getting on your knees and worshipping them instead
>Still settling in at college
First year or?
Honestly can't remember if you mentioned this before
Don't reply to me or my posts ever again.
File: kys.png (273 KB, 1110x864)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
Fuck off my board and I'll think about it, memester master
Remember anon, under the terms of the Geneva convention you are only required to provide your name, rank, and serial number
File: 1490978237231.jpg (133 KB, 623x414)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
File: 1498587778682.png (268 KB, 545x597)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Best way to make us stop is by making us read something!
Especially something sweet like a story about a beautiful tsundere-ish ojou-sama making Anon her plaything and treating him like a lost pupper
I mean, I'm just saying tho
File: 1497662797684.jpg (148 KB, 623x414)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>You have to jog a few blocks but manage to catch a bus heading your way
>It's a bit of a long way, but you may as well get used to it
>You figure if Sugarcoat went to the trouble of having you walk her home and introducing you the guards she's probably gonna expect you do it everyday from now on
>She seems like the kind of girl who sticks to a routine
>It takes you an extra twenty minutes to get back to your side of town but you get there just fine, make the usual trek up 6 flights of stairs until finally you get to your apartment
>After a day like today you can hardly believe you made it back
>You wander in to find it unsurprisingly deserted
>Mom Anon has already left for work and Pop Anon was attending some conference out of town
>Which meant yet another night of reheated dinner and shit-posting online
>You drop your backpack and realize you still have Sugarcoat's gym bag with you
>Oh right
>You sigh and pick the bag back up
>Might as well get this done now before Mom Anon got home
>That would lead to some awkward questions
>But you weren't folding it
>You had to draw the line somewhere
>You head into the small nook your landlord had managed to shove your washer and dryer into and start unloading Sugarcoat's clothes
>A couple of t-shirts, some tight fitting runners shorts that probably turned a few heads when she wore them
>A small part of you kind of wishes you shared gym with her now
>And finally...
>You close the bag
>There's no way that was what you thought it was
>She wouldn't....right?
>You open the bag
>With care you pull out two modest sports-bras along with a pair of lavender boyshorts and an honest to god pair of anime-esqe blue and white striped panties
>Who does that
>Did she think she had you under her thumb enough not to worry about giving you a bag with her panties inside
>That was more insulting than anything she'd put you through today
>About then you hear your phone go off
>It's Sugarcoat
>What the Actual Fuck!?
>not folding it
File: 1465893661327.jpg (37 KB, 460x297)
37 KB
>she'll never call you a baka inu for washing her panties even though it's her fault for having left them in the bag
life is suffering
>You frantically pull up your messages
>SC: This is Sugarcoat, you should have my number now, make sure you put it under your favorites
>Now under normal circumstances you would have responded with a simple "K" or possibly asked "Why do I have to put it in my favorites?"
>But given the situation all you could think to respond with was
>Perhaps you could have worded that better
>But you feel it's still a valid concern
>It takes a minute or two before she messages you back
SC: For you to wash them of course
>She'd also added a custom emoji that looked comically deadpanned
A: And the thought didn't cross your mind that this might not be a good idea
>She was much quicker to respond this time
>SC: Anon remind me, you are still my assistant correct?
A: Last time I checked, yeah
>SC: And given the nature of our relationship the last thing you'd want to do is make me angry correct?
A: I have been trying not to do that yes
>You weren't any good at that, but it was the thought that counts right
>SC: So I would be safe to assume that you would not be foolish enough to do anything with my unmentionables besides clean them, yes?
A: Well yeah, when you put it like that
>You sigh
>It should be illegal for one girl to screw with a guy this much
>SC: Good, though I'd venture that you weren't the kind of boy to do anything strange with my underwear now were you
>You could feel your face heating up with embarrassment
A: Of course not!
>You mean sure
>You were about as perverted as the next hormone addled teenager
>But you had standard
>If you looked for them
>SC: That's what I thought
>She punctuated her text with a smug smilely face before sending another text
>SC: You should be happy, you've now seen more of my underwear than any boy in school
>SC: Of course you're not allowed to tell anyone about this, but I'm told boys enjoy this sort of thing
>....the fuck
File: 1471711125357.png (1.78 MB, 1516x1052)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Oh fuck, I suddenly got massively TRIGGERED over this post until I realized the script like character interaction was because of texting.

Yeah it's way easier to do text convos that way brah
Sophomore year, actually. TV/film major

Fucking great green btw
>Now you were having some conflicting emotions
>On the one hand your brain was talking to you
>He was saying "Okay Anon, it was one thing to think Sugarcoat was cute. She is and there's nothing wrong with appreciating it when you're with her. But fantasizing about the girl who was blackmailing you, specifically picturing her in the underwear you were currently holding in your hands, was dangerous"
>On the other hand not all of your blood was flowing to Mr. Brain right now
>And Senor Dong was also making some compelling visual arguments of his own
>Very, very compelling
>Luckily before you were forced to broker a peace between the two Sugarcoat sent another text
>SC: Stop thinking about me like that
>Was she fucking psychic
A: I wasn't doing that
>It was then that you realize it had been a couple of minutes since your last reply
>And she was still smarter than you
>SC: Sure you weren't, just make sure you get them and the rest of my clothes washed
A: Yes ma'am
>You hope she can read the sarcasm in that
>SC: Good, now I have a lot to do before tomorrow, but I want you to leave your phone on. I'll be calling you in the morning to arrange a pick-up so you can be at school on time
>You badly wanted to point out that any time before the first period bell was technically on time, but you know better by now
A: Fine, anything else 2M?
>Figure you'll give her new nickname a spin
>SC: No, that should be all
>This time she had added an Emoji that looked very pleased with itself
>SC: And don't forget your homework, you should be able to get it done quickly. As long as you don't let your mind wander that is
>You could fry an egg on your face you are blushing so hard right now
A: How much are you enjoying this right now?
>SC: I have no idea what you're talking about, see you in the morning Anon
>If it wasn't hard enough to dealing with that pic she had of you
>Now she had this
>You see you're still holding her panties and quickly throw them in the wash
Thanks m8, yours is good too
>You start the wash and decide to listen to Sugarcoat's advice about the homework
>And not because you are trying not to picture certain things involving certain girls with pig-tails
>You had standard damnit
>You're like 90%...okay like 65%....alright maybe 40% sure you had them
>So you grab your bag from where you dropped it and throw it into the living room then head into the kitchen and make yourself a sandwich
>No use toiling on an empty stomach
>You pull out your papers and books and start filling out the first worksheet with some chill tunes playing
>About the time you start on your second assignment your phone buzzes again
>What could Sugarcoat want now you wonder
>But you see the familiar group pic of you and the Dazzling indicating they were pulling you into a group chat
>Shit, you forgot you told Adagio you'd hit her up after you got home
>You let them know you managed to survive the day
>You spend the next hour working on homework while pausing every couple of minutes to tell them what happened or answer some question
>You end up telling them everything
>Well everything except the stuff about the panties
>Because you had a feeling they'd never let you live it down
>And because if Sugarcoat found out you told them of all people she wouldn't let you live
>Though they seemed pretty interested in the idea of you doing Laundry
>You pointed out this was only because you were being blackmailed
>Adagio said that wouldn't be a problem
>You had to also point out friends don't blackmail friends
>Especially friends who know who pulled what fire alarm, planted which stink bomb on the cheerleaders' bus, and who jumped Suri Polomare and shoved her out of the locker room naked
>They conceded these were all good points
>Sonata argued that you'd get to handle all their panties
>And you countered that if they ever lost a pair they'd kill you and then probably find them under their bed the next day
>It was a good talk
uff wanna brush her hair for hours
You'll need to make a story about the dazzlings someday dude
Maybe honestly whenever I thought of doing a Green for the Crystal Prep girls they always popped up because not enough people who go there would be caught dead with the type of Anon I write, but the Dazzlings are always dysfunctional enough to believably fuck with the somewhat snarky lovable loser type
Well I'd love to read more about your snarky lovable loser Anon argue and start stupid shenanigans with the fishgirls, especially if it ends up in hand-holding and knees threatening balls and whatever
I mean, not THIS Anon, but you catch my drift
Such a shitty nickname for her.
yeah, it feels like burnout searched for a while to get a good nickname but couldn't find anything
2M isn't even 'dorky', it's next level autism
>sugarcoat becomes marshmallow
>marshmallow becomes 2M
not really important to the story, yet at least, so who cares but it still sounds weird
File: 1490925918599.jpg (196 KB, 1107x1023)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
Will try to do a few more posts later after I get done having dinner with the family, see you guys then
I'll be waiting
Bumping for Burnout
>The Dazzlings finally let you go about when you finish your last bit of homework
>You're surprised
>This is the most productive you've been in years
>Sugarcoat was having an effect on you
>You weren't sure how you felt about that
>Though you were sure she'd be real smug about it
>The ding from the dryer pulls you from your thoughts
>You head back and put her clothes back in her bag
>Taking good care not to linger too much with her panties
>Once that's done you head for your room and stash the bag under your bed
>Last thing you need is for Mom Anon to catch you with some girl's underwear
>That would lead to a lot of questions there were no good answers to
>You slump down in your chair and turn your PC on
>At least with your homework done you could watch your stories (anime and toku shows) without a care in the world
>At least that was the plan
>But your eyes kept wandering back to the shock of pink in your otherwise drab room
>And once your eyes wandered there then your mind started wandering as well
>And you couldn't even enjoy it for long because you knew she was expecting you to do just this
>And the last thing you wanted to deal with with a boner was mind games
>Damn it
>You hop on /a/ to try and distract yourself
>First thread is all about which Twin-tail waifu is the best
>Fine, if you were gonna beat your meat it didn't have to be to her
>Head to /s/
>First two threads are Boy-shorts and striped panties threads
>Fucking hell was the universe taunting you right now
>You close out your browser in disgust
>Might as well hit the hay early
>At least tomorrow was Friday
>Just one more day of dealing with Sugarcoat and then you could spend the weekend clearing your head
>Maybe you could hit up Adagio and girls and have some drinks at their place
>You flop down on your bed with your phone on your chest
>You hadn't really realized how tired you were til your head hit the pillow
>It had been a long day
>Hopefully tomorrow wouldn't be that bad
>You're pulled from your sleep by the sound of your phone going off on your chest
>What the fuck
>Who the hell would be calling you this early
"Ugh hello?" You groan rolling on your side to try and see what time it is
>Shit you forgot to set your alarm
>"Anon, it's Sugarcoat. Where do you live?"
>It was too early to think so you rattle off your apartment complex's address as you try to find the will to get out of bed
"What do you need my address for" You ask groggily
>"To pick you up of course, we should be there in about 15 minutes, perhaps 20" She said simply
"Oh okay" You say trying to rub the sleep from your eyes
>You sit bolt upright
"Say what now?"
>"I'm having my driver bring us around to pick you up, this way I won't have to spend the morning waiting for you" She said simply
>Of course
"You could have given me a heads up" You snap back into the phone as you jump out of bed and head for the bathroom trying not to wake up Mom Anon who probably only just got off work a few hours ago
>"I did, I told you last night I'd call you in the morning about picking you up remember?" She said sounding a bit testy
>You vaguely recall something like that
>Though in your defense you remember being distracted at the time
"Okay fine, I'll meet you out front" You say throwing on the hot water in the shower
>"Good, I'll see you then"
>She ends the call
>Great, you had zero time to get ready
>You dive into the shower and do your best to soap up and brush your teeth at the same time
>The second you're free of suds you hop out and grab a towel rushing to your room
>You're like a tornado as you pull on random bits of clothes
>Soon as you're decent you grab Sugarcoat's gym bag and run into the front room
>You stuff all your shit from last night into your bag and then rush out the door as soon as you have your keys and hat
>You check your phone
>You've got 2 minutes til she gets here
>And 6 flights of stairs
>You sigh before taking the stairs at a run
>It was way to early for this shit
>You hop the banisters on the last few flights and manage to make it out front just as you see a expensive black car for this neck of the woods leisurely driving up the block
>That would be her
>You hunch over and try to catch your breath as they pull up in front of you
>"Good Morning Anon" Sugarcoat says rolling down the back window
"Wh-what's...so...good...about it" You pant
>Sugarcoat just rolls her eyes at you "Just get in already" She huffs scooting over
>You open the door and slide in next to her
>As you get in the driver gives you a little wave
>He seems pretty young
>"Nice to meet you Anon, heard a lot of good things about you"
>"Be quiet Joe, you'll just give him a big head" Sugarcoat says
>"Whatever you say ma'am" He chuckles as he pulls onto the street and turns the music on
>Well you hadn't been expecting that
>Not that you were complaining
>But as you listen to the beat you get the feeling things are a little awkward
"Your driver's got some good taste in music" You say nervously
>Sugarcoat just gets red again as Joe the driver laughs
>"This is actually Miss Sugarcoat's playlist" He says as you whip your head around at her in surprise "I'm more a Snoop man myself" He chuckles
>There's another few seconds of silence before Sugarcoat crosses her arms and asks "What, can't I listen to this kind of music" She huffs
"N-no, I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, like I said good taste in songs" You say blushing nervously "Oh here's this" You say handing her the gym bag
>"Oh you can just leave that in the car, Joe will take it back to the house" She says gesturing at the floor
>"What you got for me?" Joe asks
"Her laundry" You say without thinking
>The look Joe gives the two of you tells you how stupid that was
>"Girl why you got this boy doing your laundry" He asks looking back at Sugarcoat
File: carter.jpg (80 KB, 1280x720)
80 KB
>"Gurl, why you got this boy doin your laundry?"
File: 1490126593136.gif (2 MB, 390x271)
2 MB
You know I imagined him black but I wasn't imagining him like that...but now Joe is full Chris Tucker
Yeah, not sure why I instantly thought about him with his two last sentences
But I'm more than okay with this
>>"Nice to meet you Anon, heard a lot of good things about you"
wew lad
File: Argyle_relaxing_in_limo.png (822 KB, 1934x818)
822 KB
822 KB PNG
I imagined Argyle
>Yeah, the thought occurs to you that this would be very hard to explain away
>"It's a long story Joe I'll tell you later" Sugarcoat says looking embarrassed
>Which kinda looks the same as when she gets mad at you
>In fact it's kind of hard to tell the difference you think
>"Okay, okay, that's cool. I mean it's just your gym clothes right? Not like you got your boy there handling your drawers or anything"
>The silence that followed was probably worse than if you had risked saying anything else
>Joe's head swings around to look at the two of you
>"For real? Damn girl you wild!" Joe just about shouts
>"Joe just drive" Sugarcoat says trying not to look at you
>"Fine fine, whatever you say" Joe said turning his eyes and muttering to himself under his breath
>You spend the rest of the car ride thankful for the awkward silence
>"Okay here we are, last stop, rich ass school" Joe says pulling up in front of the main door "Now you gonna want me to come pick you and Anon here up after school Miss Sugarcoat?"
>"No, I think we'll walk home again today" Sugarcoat says as Joe passes her her bag out of the front seat
>"Oh? Ooooh, I see you. Don't worry I got you girl" Joe says pointing to Sugarcoat and winking
>She just growls and grabs you by your blazer and drags you out of the car with her
>Joe leans outside the driver's side window and tips his cap at you two before driving off
"He's a...real character huh?" You say trying to lighten the mood
>"He's lucky he's such a good driver" Sugarcoat grumbles
>Fair enough
>You feel like there's more there than you were picking up, but from the look of Sugarcoat it would be for the best if you didn't ask
>You turn towards the school and it is only then your realize all eyes are on the two of you
>That's when it hit you
>Yesterday Sugarcoat started dragging you around out of nowhere
>And now she was driving you to and from school
>Whatever the word around school was, it was bound to get a whole lot crazier
I don't know who the fuck this is
You've never seen Die Hard?
I ain't seen a lot of things, always meant to watch it, never found the time
I already like Joe
File: lol.gif (2.51 MB, 286x258)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB GIF
Now make Jackie her bodyguard or some shit and we're fucking golden hahahha
Then make the time.
It's a Christmas classic.
Pretty much this
Sorry for the wait, been busy, will try to post some after giving my uncle and Landscaping estimate
File: 1498931821583.gif (278 KB, 250x381)
278 KB
278 KB GIF
we'll wait
>Now to her credit
>Most people when they realize they have something like 30 pairs of eyes watching them from all angles might get self-conscious or nervous
>Those were people who listen to their survival instinct
>YOU were one of those people
>But not Sugarcoat
>She was used to being the center of attention
>She didn't even pay your little audience a glance
>Instead she shoved her bag into your arms and grabbed you by your blazer then started marching into school
>You were getting used to this part
>Might as well sew on a handle since you feel like a walking purse
"So um where are you dragging me to this time?" You ask as you pass a group of whispering cheerleaders
>Sugarcoat stops and turns to look down at her hand before letting go of you
>"We're going to class of course" She says like it should be obvious
>You glance up at a nearby wall clock
>It's only 7:02
"Why? We have like 20 minutes til first bell"
>"I told you I like to get to class early" She said poking you in the chest
"But wouldn't you rather like...I dunno...hang with your friends or something?"
>Even Sugarcoat had to know about all work and no play
>"You don't have to worry about that, we share first period with them remember" She says turning back down the hall and motioning for you to follow
"Oh, yeah sure" You said
>Damn you really were bad at remembering who all was in your class
>Your eyes go wide
>You were going to be spending the next class with all of Sugarcoat's friends
>Sure Sunny and Indigo were indifferent to you
>And Zest seemed okay with you
>Or at least your taste in music
>But that left Sour Sweet
>And you remember your last encounter had been more of the former than the later
>You just hoped she'd cooled down a little
>Cause this time there wouldn't be any Adagio around to save you
>You walk into the mostly empty classroom to see them huddled around some desks
>"Hey Sugar" They chorus until they see you "Sup Anon" Zest says with a wave
>This was going great
>Well you've had worse receptions
>But not by much
>You give Zest a little wave back and decide to keep your head down
>Or you would if it wasn't for Sugarcoat
>She waltzes over to one of the empty desks and sits down next to Sour Sweet
>"Sorry Sour, but do you mind scooting over a seat, I like to keep Anon close by" She said nonchalantly
>OH C'MON!!!
>Sour Sweet just smiles "Sure thing" She says sweetly
>When Sugarcoat isn't looking she shoots you a look complete with the creepy eye-twitch
>It makes you really miss your seat in the back of the class
>But since you're not sure who to be more afraid of you just sit down and hand Sugarcoat her bag
>"So you're still doing this whole assistant thing?" Sunny says leaning up against the teacher's desk and vaguely gesturing towards you
>"It's been less than a day, why would I change my mind so soon?" Sugarcoat asked "Besides, Anon's proven to be quite good at his job so far"
>Wait really?
>Aside from doing her laundry you've basically just been her pack mule
>And why did she sound kind of pleased with herself
>"Oh really" Sunny said looking amused "Maybe I should try him out" She chuckled
>"Sorry, but I'm not sharing him" Sugarcoat shot back coldly
>"Now Sugarcoat" Sour Sweet cut in forcing sweet tone in her voice "Shouldn't that be up to Anon" She ask putting a hand on your shoulder and squeezing
>Lord she had a grip like a vice
>You heard Indigo chuckle as she leaned towards Lemon Zest and whisper "This will be good"
>"Well Anon" Sunny smirked "Who would you rather work for?"
>Now there was a loaded question if you ever heard one
>But it didn't matter, you already knew your answer
"Um thanks for the offer, but I'm fine with helping Sugarcoat" You say as sincerely as possible
>Which is pretty sincere
>Not just because she was blackmailing you either
>But because she was probably the best one of the girls to be a slave too
>Except for Zest, but you'd call yourself lucky for now
>Relatively speaking
>While you were spiraling into some kind of crazy mess of a thought experiment, it seemed like the girls were trying to tell you something
>Indigo Zap actually caught your attention by snapping in front of your face
>"Hey, Earth to Anon! You listening?"
>You startle and look around
"Uh, sorry, wh-what was that?"
>Indigo huffs, rolls her eyes, and crosses her arms
>Her entire appearance is shutting herself off from you, which was kind of hypocritical since she was trying to get you to listen to them
>You consider suggesting a public speaking course to fix the problem, but that might lead into another fight
>"As we were saying," Sour Sweet speaks up, "Sugarcoat mentioned an old friend of ours, someone that is unfortunately no longer with us. And it enlightened us."
>This was such absolute bullshit
>Twilight would never be friends with these bitches
>They were never close, and they never would be. Saying that they changed because her name got brought up the other night was such absolute horseshit
>"We really don't want a repeat of what happened at the Friendship Games, Anon," Indigo explained
>"That's why Sugar took pity on you," Sunny Flare takes a step out from the lockers and turns sharply to face you directly
>"She's worried that we've been a little... harsh on you. So we figure we should try again. Maybe all the way at the beginning, yes?"
>Sunny clears her throat and holds her hand out to you, "Hi, my name is Sunny Flare. It's just so nice to make your acquaintance."
>These girls were really trying to just get over all the shit they threw at you over the years?
"Why do you care?"
>That weird feeling was back
>These girls really had no idea that their actions had consequences
"You really can't expect me to shake your hand like it's nice to meet you just because Sugarcoat said Twilight Sparkle's name. Now you're all friendly?"
>"Well, Anon," Sunny Flare said, retracting her hand and speaking calmly.
>It looked like she was trying to restrain herself so that her friends would keep a similar attitude
>"We really do want to put the past behind us. I understand that you are a little wary considering what we put you through-"
"Yeah! You guys have tormented me for years. You think that just because you're worried about me becoming the next school demon, you get to be my friend?"
>"Because you have so many of them, right?" Indigo growled at you
>You briefly consider giving her a few more marks for that comment, but as you step forward a half inch, you remember where you are
>A fight in the middle of school would get you suspended for sure. And against four people, you'd probably come out worse for wear
>You satisfy yourself with turning away from them and heading down the hallway at a quick pace, muttering obscenities to yourself all the way
>As you make another turn, you hear a quick trot coming up behind you
>You spin, worried that one of them was actually ready to fight you
>But Lemon Zest actually slows to a stop a few feet from you, her headphones around her neck rather than perched on her ears as usual
>"I was just wondering if you were still sore from the fight?" She holds up her leg to show a pair of high socks covering most of her calf, "You gave me a bit of a shiner down there."
>You roll your eyes and turn back down the hallway
>A change of tactics wasn't going to change your mind
>They weren't going to get away with what they did that easily, or at all
>Honestly, you don't even really know why you've forgiven Sugarcoat
>She bullied you just like the others
>The only difference between her and the other girls was that you had made out with Sugarcoat
>Maybe you could forgive the other girls if it involved that...
>Nah, that would be a bad idea
>Most of those girls seemed pretty possessive and you doubt that polyamory worked in real life anyway
>You head to class, hopefully you can kind of avoid this problem for a little while longer
So much green
>She holds up her leg to show a pair of high socks covering most of her calf

Bump for interest
>"I want him close to me at all times,"
>"And I'm not sharing him, he's mine,"
i love crazy girls
I need pantyshots pleaseeee
I really like your story and it's just really sad that I get to have small updates. Keep up the good work though
>"Well you're no fun" Sunny pouted turning to Sugarcoat "But at least he's loyal"
>Yay, such high praise
>And yet again you feel like you basically were Sugarcoats new puppy
>"We'll see about that" You heard Sour mutter under her breath next to you
>"So Anon, you really on the football team?" Indigo asks leaning back in her chair
>"He is indeed" Sugarcoat answers for you
>You wouldn't normally be okay with this, but since you weren't sure what Sugarcoat had told her friends about you, you were fine with her handling things with them
>"Then how come I haven't seen you play or hanging around with the other guys on the team" She asked eyeing you suspiciously
>You caught Sugarcoat give you a glance
>You figure this mean you're actually supposed to answer this on your own
>No pressure or anything
>"Well I haven't been playing for as long as the other guys so I only just made the team, I only really count for second or third string, but I get along okay with a few guys on the team, but we don't really hang outside of practice"
>Which was true
>You were invited to one party though
>But that was before you knew the Dazzlings so you'd spent the night getting drunk by yourself and then dipping out after a few uneventful hours
>"Huh, just find it hard to believe seeing how you're so scrawny and all" Indigo said offhandedly
"Hey, I may not be as big as some of the guys, but I lift and practice with the team same as anyone else" You say a bit annoyed
>Which probably wasn't a good idea
>But even you had some pride
>You worked hard on the team and had the bruises to prove it
>"Really? The prove it" Zap said looking interested
"Sugarcoat can I borrow your bag for a second" You say not looking away from Zap
>"Fine, just make it quick"
"Thank you" You reach down with one arm and lift the bag over your head and hold it there
>"That's it?" Zap laughs
"You try" You say simply holding the bag out for her
>"Piece of cake she says moving to take the bag"
>You watch Indigo's grin as she grabs the bag by the handle
>You just keep a straight face as you let go
>Now you know a bigger man doesn't take pleasure in the failings of others
>But you were not, as Zap had pointed out, a bigger man
>So you try to keep your grin small as you watch her smile drop as she barely keeps her knees from buckling under the weight and immediately grabs the bag's handle with both hands to better hold it
>"What the fuck Sugar, what are you keeping in this thing" She groans trying to not drop the bag
>"Just the usual" Sugarcoat says failing to hold back a small smile
>You weren't sure if she was proud of you or just amused at Zap's display
>Her friends were less kind
>Sunny and Zest both burst out laughing as Zap stands bow legged trying to lift the bag higher
>You can almost hear Sour Sweet's scowl behind you as she mutters "So he can lift heavy things big deal"
>You figured it would take a lot more to win Sour over
>But you could live with this
>You reach out and grab the handle again helping Zap with the weight
"I may not be huge, but three sessions in the weight room a week plus practice has it's advantages" You say taking back the bag and setting it carefully on the floor
>Luckily Zap was still the sports star she was
>You only just remembered Sugarcoat kept a laptop in that bag
>And you sure as hell couldn't afford to replace that if the bag got dropped
>Zap just laughed and punched you in the arm "You aren't half bad Anon" She grinned "But you're still a loser"
"Thanks" You say as the first bell rings
>Might not have been a great compliment
>But you actually think you might be doing okay with Sugarcoat's friends
>Even Sugarcoat had on a small smile
>Maybe she was proud of you
>You weren't sure why
>But if she was happy then maybe she'd take things easy on you
>Things quieted down after that as more kids entered the class
>You decided to take out your home work
>"Oh? You actually did your homework? I'm impressed" She smirked
That's all for tonight, I'm too drunk and have to spend my day tomorrow doing work on my uncle's property

Will try to post at least once or twice tomorrow, but I'm not sure how much time I'll have
Glad you enjoy
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Burn out seems to always like to tease the Rainbow Dash of any green....I approve of the bullying
File: 1504775052580.jpg (213 KB, 600x1125)
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File: Spoiler Image (196 KB, 367x367)
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Not to get to personal, but I know that feel.
I want SC to sit on my face!
I want to contort her flexible little body into as many positions as I can think up while plowing her senseless in a steamy shower.
Huh. The art/animation might not be anything to write home about, but you can tell someone on the team at least cared enough that they took the time to make little touches of realism like that little bounce when she shifts positions.
It's really dangerous to go all acrobatic in a shower, Anon
Trust me
>ywn mercilessly plow the sugarcoat
>turn her and push her and pin her, fuck her from behind, from the front
>go doggystyle, pull on her hair doing so
>switch position again and go for the mating press, knowing how flexible she is
>squeeze her inverted nipples out of their hiding place to bite them, making sure to leave the mark of your teeth around her huge areolas
>groan as you feel your climax coming
>give her pussy the messiest creampie you've ever given her, before you grab her hair and force her to bend in half
>she obviously knows what you have in mind, and submissively complies
>and you force her head against her snatch, making sure her lips kiss her petals, and order her to clean herself up
>ywn see sugarcoat sucking and licking her pussy clean from the cum you just gave her
Do you guys smell that?
It's coming from sugar and it smells like failure and disappointment.
What do we do should this thread die? Move to fingerbang?
Anon in Eqg thread.
We can keep this one going, I will try to post tonight after work
Keep it up, if burnout disappears for a few days, I'll man up and write some more too
File: img.jpg (2.79 MB, 2000x2000)
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2.79 MB JPG
We should have went to the Sadowbolts thread that was up when it was still alive. They actually needed writefags, and it's starting to look like this story needs a place to go to.
What if we let this thread live, and when we reach bump limit, instead of making a new one, we revive the shadowbolts general?
You know that the people browsing shadowbolts are browsing here right
The OP doesn't change shit
>You roll your eyes
"Is it really that hard to believe?"
>"After what I saw yesterday, yes it is" She says pulling out her own homework "And I had expected you to be somewhat distracted last night" She says smugly
>Was she really bringing that shit up in public
>Fuck, Joe was right, girl was wild
>You couldn't help but blush
>There was no way you were gonna talk about this in class, especially with Sour Sweet next to you
>"Oooh, sounds juicy" Sunny grinned leaning forward in her seat behind Sugarcoat
>"Not really" Sugarcoat said nonchalantly "Just a small inside joke I have with Anon"
>"So you're telling jokes now?" Sunny beamed "My Anon, you really are a miracle worker" She teased
>You could have sworn you heard Sour growl at this
>She had a real Mad-on for you
>And right now Sugarcoat and the rest of the girls weren't helping
>Wow, you never thought life would be easier if a bunch of beautiful girls hated you
>What a strange new world you find yourself in Anon
"If by joke you mean her making fun of me then yeah, I'm real good at that" You say trying lighten the mood
>Judging by the way Sunny, Zap, and Zest laughed and it felt like Sour was trying to kill you with the power of her sheer spite this didn't work
>Damn your charm and wit
>Luckily the teacher entered the room just as the second bell rang and got the class started
>Now he could be the center of all the attention and murderous thoughts
>As the teacher droned on you drifted in and out of paying attention with Sugarcoat occasionally nudging you like yesterday
>That is until you felt the sharp pain of someone kicking your shin
>You manage to not shout in pain long enough to notice Sour shove a folded piece of paper into your lap
>"Read it" She hissed
>You open up the paper and start reading a pretty script
>SS:I don't know what you're up to
>The rest of the note looked like it was in horror movie font
>You look up to see that she is in fact glaring at you
>You lock eyes and nervously nod your head
>On the inside you're screaming
>This was some yandere-ass shit right here
>Still you shove the note in your pocket and now have no problem paying attention in class
>Anything to keep your mind off what just happened
>When the bell rings Sugarcoat gathers her things quickly and hands you her bag "Come along Anon"
"Right behind you" You say eagerly, thankful for any excuse to put distance between you and Sour Sweet
>The two of you walk in silence for a bit as Sugarcoat leads the way through the halls
>Which is fine by you
>Gave you time to think about the newest bit crazy in your life
>"So are you going to show me the note?" She finally asks out of the blue
>You stop dead in your tracks
>This was not your day
>There was no way you could show her that note
>Sugarcoat just turns around and looks at you impatiently
"N-n-note? What note?" You stammer trying to think of a way out of this
>"The note I saw Sour Sweet give you last period" She says as bluntly as ever
>"Whaaaat?" You say acting casual, or as casual as you can muster at the moment "Why would Sour pass me a note?"
>Okay, now she was narrowing her eyes at you
>Which looked surprisingly menacing and cute at the same time
>"Anon, what did I say about making me angry?" She asks carefully
"That doing that would be a very stupid thing to do" You say in a level tone to mask your fear
>"Yes, and it would make me very angry if you started lying to me" You gulped "So I'll ask again, will you show me the note Anon?" She repeated holding out her hand
>When you put it like that
"Fine here" You say handing her the wadded up slip of paper
>"Thank you" She said taking the paper and glancing over it "Oh, I see"
"Yeah, I don't think she likes me very much"
>A bit of an understatement, but you figured Sugarcoat wouldn't like your other option of "Bitch is Coo-Coo for Cocopuff"
>"I may have to have a word with her" Sugarcoat mused to herself
Sugar mama got yo back
So when will anon be comfortable enough to call her sugar tits?
what is she open minded about?
I'm really sorry. I was planning on updating tonight, but my roommate drank way too much and i had to help with that.
He's fine now, and i can try to continue tomorrow, if i get the chance. Thank you for your patience
File: 1490976514865.jpg (129 KB, 623x414)
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129 KB JPG
Yay for alcoholic roommates, I know that feel bro
Alcoholic roommates sure are much better than alcoholic parents.
Bumping for more greens
>greens for bumps
>For the first half of the school day, you actually manage pretty well
>None of the girls shared a class with you until just after lunch with Sugarcoat
>You really tried to focus on your studies instead of what they said
>You know that you liked Sugarcoat quite a bit
>And it seemed like she liked you too considering what was going on the other night
>And she also defended you and managed to convince her friends to try and make nice with you
>But was that just because she pitied you?
>Or was worried that you might blow up the school if she turned you down or something?
>Pity wasn't exactly the best way to start a relationship, in your opinion
>Whether it be sexual, romantic, or platonic
>Besides, you needed those girls about as much as they needed you
>And besides, none of them actually liked you
>The only one who seemed that way was Sugarcoat
>And, now that you think of it, Lemon Zest at least seemed earnest in her attempt to befriend you
>The others were somewhere between going through the motions and being outwardly hostile towards you
>When the lunch bell rings, you actually find yourself dreading what was to come
>Right now, you would have gladly accepted skipping the one break CPA got if it meant you wouldn't have to see those girls again
>You brought a bagged lunch today, so you actually didn't need to go to the cafeteria at all, now that you think about it
>So you avoid the potentially awkward situation and head away from the lunch room where Sugarcoat was inevitably going to jump you again
>You make your way to the back of the school, propping open the door and taking a seat on a set of steps, taking out your lunch
>It wasn't the first time you had eaten here
>Whenever you really needed a break from people, you would come around here and avoid all the harassment and loneliness for a half hour or so
>This was also the way you usually walked home too since it avoided the bottleneck at the school gates
>You consider going home right now
>Just ditching class for the rest of the day so that you don't have to see Sugarcoat or the rest of her friends
>You could always just leave and let what happened between you and Sugarcoat fall away
>Forget like it was some kind of dream
>It was only fair, the two of you didn't really come from the same area
>She was well off, had friends, was smart, well taken care of, cared about
>And you were
>Well, it's in the name
>Nobody knew you, cared about you, gave a shit what you did
>If you wanted to, you could leave right now and there would probably be no consequence for your actions
>But as much as you found yourself yearning to stand up and run away from what has been going on, you were anchored to where you were
>The bell rings, signaling the end of your lunch break
>You had barely touched your food
>You stand up and stretch your arms to the sky with a sigh
>Why couldn't you move forward?
>Every ounce of your being was pushing you to take off and leave whatever feelings you had for that girl behind
>Drop her and her charity
>Screw her friends
>Fuck this whole school and everyone in it
>But you couldn't go away
>You actually found your body acting on it's own and turned your back on the prospect of escape
>You turn to face back into the school building, knowing you didn't have much time before you would be late for class
>With your pontificating aside, you stride forward towards European History
>It doesn't take too long to get there, and you walk over the threshold just as the late bell rings
>Quickly, you move to your seat and drop your bag beside you
>The teacher tells everyone to split into their groups and start practicing their speeches for the project
>Sugarcoat comes to you and takes a seat next to you as the sounds of scraping chairs, reorganizing tables, and the shuffling of papers fills the room
>"You weren't at lunch today. Are you trying to avoid me, Anon?"
>There it was, that blunt attitude of hers
>It pissed you off, but it was also somehow... endearing?
>You turn to her, ready to be mad, ready to call her out on what she said to her friends, and how they treated you for all this time
>But you stop when you actually take a good look at her
>Sugarcoat's face was usually unreadable
>A stoic mask of flat boredom behind those glasses that hid all her thoughts in a marshy quagmire
>And that hadn't changed
>But that's the thing:
>Nothing had changed
>She was still the cutest girl you could think of
>She was still bossing you around and picking you out just the same
>And her face was still flat and unmoving, not betraying what she was really thinking
>But you could guess
>She wanted to know where you were because she had wanted to talk to you
>She actually asked you if you were avoiding her because she actually thought you were, and it hurt her feelings
"Uh, I just figured I'd eat outside today. I sat on the back steps. It was pretty nice out there, y'know?"
>Sugarcoat nods, "Anon, my friends told me about what happened this morning."
"Oh yeah?" You chuckle nervously, "What about?"
>"They said that they were trying to be nice to you but you got upset at them."
>Before you could speak up in defense of yourself, Sugarcoat raised a hand to cut you off and keeps speaking
>"I know that they probably deserved it, we are hard to get along with for most people. I'm just sorry that I didn't get to clear things up with all of you. They acted without my accord, and it lead to a rift between us. I'm sorry that that happened."
>Sugarcoat was pretty elegant with that
>Real professional too
"You know, Sugarcoat, I just don't want them to be friends with me just because you told them too. And I don't want you to..." You take a look around to make sure that everyone was speaking loud enough not to overhear your conversation, "To like me just because you're worried I'll end up like Twilight."
>Sugarcoat shakes her head, her pigtails flapping around her ears like a dog shaking water off it's fur
>"Anon, that's not why I like you. I like you for my own, personal reasons. I don't know how to phrase it, especially to my friends, but I wanted to get to know you better than I did. Now we can. I think that we should try to understand each other better. All of us."
>You sigh and rub your eyes, it was nice to have that load cleared off your shoulders
>But seriously, you didn't really want to get to know her friends
>She was one thing, but them?
"Yeah, but your friends are just so difficult. I'm not sure if we'll be able to get along."
>"I have an idea."
>You perk up a bit and pay attention, this doesn't sound great
>But then again, the last time she suggested something that didn't sound good, you got a handful of Grade A Sugar Butt
>So maybe you should keep an open mind
>"You should join us today. We were going to go to Sugar Cube Corner after school and hang out for a little bit. It would be a nice way for you to get to know my friends a little bit and I'll be there to keep them in line so that they don't bother you too much."
"I can stand up for myself, you know."
>Sugar rolls her eyes, "The last time you did that, you ended up with a rock in the face and Sunny almost beat your skull against the pavement."
>She's got you there
"Yeah, so what if that happens again?"
>"Don't worry, Anon. I'll be there."
>Sugarcoat reaches out and places her hand on yours
>Even though you guys had spent hours cuddling and making out that weekend, this might have been the lewdest thing she had ever done
>She was practically holding your hand in public. In the middle of class, no doubt
>When you try to interlace your fingers with hers, she pulls away quickly and turns her head with a huff
>You could just barely make out a blush as she turned away from you
>Damn she was cute
"Alright, I'd love to go. Meet you guys out front at the gates?"
>Sugarcoat nods, "Don't be late."
Alright, I think that's all I have for tonight. Thank y'all for being so patient for the updates.
I hope y'all are having fun with it. Good night, will try to update soon
Fantastic update like always.
you're doing god's work
"Hey, not that I don't appreciate the idea...but are you sure that's for the best"
>Because you sure as hell weren't
>The way you saw it this went one of two ways
>One Sugarcoat tried to work the same magic she used on Power Lifter on Sour Sweet
>Except Sour is just as popular and scary as she is
>Plus crazier than a bag a live ferrets
>Which meant after she found out you told Sugarcoat she'd probably come looking for you and her knee would be far less gentle with your balls
>Snitches get stitches after all
>She could tell Sour everything
>And suddenly two people are blackmailing you and holding your academic future in their hands
>Neither option looked very appealing
>"What do you mean Anon?" Sugarcoat asked innocently
"I mean, are you sure you should tell her about...y'know, what we've got here" You say choosing your words as a group of girls pass you in the hall
>"Tell me Anon, do you trust me?" Sugarcoat asked turning around and starting to walk away
>Yeesh, this girl loved to walk and talk
"I mean...kinda" You admit catching up to her "At least as much as someone can trust the person blackmailing them can, I guess"
>That had sounded better in your head
>"Good,because a relationship like ours is based on trust" She explained
>This was starting to sound like one of those speeches at the end of an episode of Jerry Springer
>"What I mean is I won't tell anyone your secret no matter what" She said confidently
>Wow, maybe she really wasn't so bad after all
>"Provided you don't give me a reason to that is" She adds quickly
>Spoke too fucking soon
>"But you don't have to worry either way"
>Say what now
"Say what now"
>"Even if I told Sour Sweet the truth about you and me there's no way she could get that picture"
"And why is that?" You ask nervously
>"Because I moved it off my phone and onto my hard drive last night" Sugarcoat said simply "It's safer for both of us that way.Though I did think about making it my phone's background" She smirked
>Well shit
>That actually was some good news
>Relatively speaking
"Well thanks...I guess"
>It's fine, just leave Sour Sweet to me" She insisted
"If you say so" You say deciding to put your faith in your blackmailer "I'm glad you didn't put me as your lock-screen by the way"
>"Maybe if it had been a better picture" She says offhandedly while coming to a stop"Ah, we're here"
>You stop beside her and look around
"What are we doing at the library?"
>"Isn't it obvious?" She asks only for you to answer her with a blank stare "We have Study Hall this period Anon"
"Yeah...so what are we doing at the library?" You ask again
>"To study of course"
"But why though?"
>"Because that's the point" She said with a huff of irritation "What do you even do if you're not studying?" She asked impatiently
>You roll your eyes
"A free period where I can go anywhere in or out of school and no one cares what I'm doing, what do you think?" You say this time giving her the isn't it obvious treatment
>She doesn't look any less annoyed
>Or cute
>But that was besides the point
>"So you're telling me you spend this whole period smoking?" She asked tapping her foot angrily
"Hey I do other things too"
>And you did
>Like napping, playing on your phone, or even meeting up with the Dazzlings for a rousing game of "Chuck Rocks at the Dumpster"
>Good times
>"Well you're going to be spending your time more productively from now on" She said in a strict tone before stepping into the library
"Great, I can hardly contain myself" You groan before pushing through the doors yourself
>The library was huge
>Which it should be considering how many rich parents made donation to the school
>It had books about just about everything
>Even some crazy old books on magic
>You'd thought about sneaking out a few once
>But then that crazy shut-in chick, Twilight Something, turned into a demon and tried to blow up the world
>Kinda took the fun out of wanting to be a wizard
>For now at least...
This reminds me of you "Element of Nicotine" but from your last green
Just make a Sugarcoat General
>You follow Sugarcoat through the rows of shelves until she finds a small hidden table just big enough for the two of you
>As she sits down you set her bag on the table before dropping yours on the ground next to your seat
"So what are we, ugh, studying?" You say in disgust
>Who just spends time studying when there isn't a test or a paper due
>"Well we won't be studying too much today really, for now I'm going to teach you how to color code my notes" She said plopping down the familiar massive binder on the table in front of you
>Oh shit
>You'd forgotten about this thing
>You remember seeing a few pages the other day
>So marked with highlighter lines that the pages barely showed white
"How did you even have time to do all of this?" You marvel flipping through some of the pages
>"It was a bit challenging at times I will admit, but now I'm lucky enough to have you for that" She smirked placing several highlighters down next to you as she began explaining what each color indicated
>The next twenty minutes were painful
>You spent as most of your time trying to figure out if something was important enough for pink or orange with Sugarcoat leaning over you to tell you that you highlighted the wrong section
>It was like being in 4 classes at once
>And every time you messed up or asked for help Sugarcoat would scoot her chair closer to yours so she could see what you were doing before going back to whatever book she was reading
>Didn't look anything from school
>Judging by the back cover that you could see, it was one of those crappy teen romance books
>Study hall was for "Studying"
>She seemed pretty into it though
>About then you noticed a mousy little nerd type coming running out from behind the shelves nearby and head straight for the doors
>Not long after you saw the last person you ever expected to see here
>You then notice a couple of worksheets in her hand
>Ah, that made sense
>Homework shakedown
>"Anon? what're you doing here?"
All I have time for right now, will try to post one or two more tonight
Can't wait
I'd have to know you at all, which unfortunately, I don't.
File: Spoiler Image (40 KB, 239x208)
40 KB
Who's gonna be the first one here to work in flexible Sugarcoat into their green, Burnout or SCWritefag, taking bets now
File: 1489112899884.png (113 KB, 839x646)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>sugarcoat general
There probably won't be enough anons to bump it
A shadowbolts general would seem better
>Aria finishes walking towards your table and notices Sugarcoat
>"Oh you're with HER" She said putting extra emphasis on the last word
>Aria never was that subtle
>"Yes, he's with me. Is there a problem with that?" Sugarcoat asked glaring at Aria
>"I was talking to Anon, last time I checked he could still speak for himself" Aria challenged walking right up to your table and slapping her hands down on it
>Yeah, Aria really WASN'T subtle
"We're just here to study Aria" You say quickly trying to defuse the situation
>Aria turns back towards you looking confused
>"Studying for what?"
"Just studying...in general" You say not even sounding to sure yourself
>This was still as much a foreign concept to you as it was to her
>"But why?" Aria asked mimicking you from earlier
>"Because Anon has better things to do than waste an entire period smoking and loafing about" Sugarcoat cut in sounding more than a little testy
>Which for a smart girl, was a really bad idea
>Because Adagio wasn't here to stop Aria from doing something stupid
>Like beating up one of the most popular girls in school
>And the one who was currently blackmailing your good buddy Anon
>So you were probably gonna have to be the smart one here
>"Oh really?" Aria said turning back to glare down Sugarcoat "Why don't we ask Anon what he thinks then?"
>"Perhaps we should" Sugarcoat agreed not backing down from Aria's stare
"Anon thinks we should all chill the fuck out for minute" You say making both whip their heads in your direction still with looks that could kill "Please?...You did ask" You say leaning back in your seat a little
>There was a tense few seconds before both girls let out a sigh seeming to calm down
>"Fine, do what you want Anon" Aria said with a huff before turning back to Sugarcoat "But listen, Anon might be fine with letting you walk all over him for now, but if I hear you or your friends do anything to him" She flexed her fingers making her knuckles crack "We're gonna have another talk"
That premise sounds familiar.
Keep up the good work guys. I hope you know how much it's appreciated.
Bump this bitch
Aria is best guardian angel
>guardian angel

I swear if Aria/Sonata somehow stops them from kissing or something, I'll be extremely peeved
>"Then I hoped you're prepared to wait for that talk, because that's not going to happen" Sugarcoat said sternly
>Aria just chuckled
>"We'll just have to see won't we" And with that she stomped off towards the exit
>You let out a breath of relief
>Was there something in the water here or did you just give off a pheromone that attracts super territorial women
>You just hoped no one decided to start marking you as their territory
>"So, you told those three about our arrangement?" Sugarcoat asked coldly
>This was bad
"No...I mean, I didn't...Adagio figured it out and..." You try to explain only for Sugarcoat to hold up a hand
>"It's fine Anon" She sighed "But from now on can you refrain from telling people abut our little secret?"
"Yeah, shouldn't be a problem"
>Because you'd basically told all your friends already
>"Good, though I must say your friends are rather...rough around the edges"
>You get the feeling Sugarcoat just realized she was wrong word away from Aria jumping across the table at her
>She was a bit shaken up
"They're not that bad when you get to know them"
>They were still pretty bad though
>But you'd learned to live with it
"Plus it's not like I had much of a choice in who I got to be friends with around here"
>"So they are JUST friends after all?" Sugarcoat asked sounding curious
"Uh, yeah, why?"
>"Well she sure seemed pretty possessive for someone who was just a friend" Sugarcoat pointed out "And there were a few rumors about you and them"
>And the Dazzlings
"What? No, I mean yeah they're all possessive like that, but I'm not dating any of them" You say not sure why you suddenly feel embarrassed "We just hang out and sometimes drink a little on the weekends"
>"Well that's fine then" Sugarcoat said seemingly in a better mood "Then as long as they don't do anything over the line I don't think I'll have any trouble with them"
>Sugarcoat really didn't know the Dazzlings
>You'd probably have to talk with them
File: 1469332304666.png (181 KB, 740x682)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
I like Aria. Aria a good girl.
File: 1483832600934.jpg (304 KB, 1000x836)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
>SS actually does nail him in the balls once because she's a cunt like that
>Aria comes tearing down the hall like a fucking bat out of hell and knocks her flat on her ass
>starts stomping on her cunt
I'd laugh pretty hard.
File: 1497224695211.png (144 KB, 612x553)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
>marking you as their territory
yeah, that'd be like, so weird haha
what kinda cuck would love the idea of a super possessive girl peeing on him to make sure other girls don't even come close
so disgusting
I'd sell tickets to that fight

If you're looking for that kind of Green you may wanna try /trash/
File: sonata unf.jpg (174 KB, 366x470)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
aria a shit tho
Hey now, all the Dazzling's bring something to the table my friend
File: 1504485661198.jpg (724 KB, 2289x1435)
724 KB
724 KB JPG
But I see no table, I guess we have to settle for the floor.
File: sonata's thighighs.png (278 KB, 995x666)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
oh yeah, of course, she brings the shit
File: girlznight.jpg (979 KB, 1749x2925)
979 KB
979 KB JPG
When I've set up a table, but no friends come.
But Aria's the muscle. She's the one who delivers beat downs to other girls.
i got a muscle that'll deliver the beat down to other girls gnomesayian
haha, good one!
I'm hoping for flexible sexual, but I'd be happy with
>Anon has to show up at Sugarcoat's house at 7 in the morning on a Saturday to help her properly stretch before ballet class
>Keeps teasing him throughout the session
>'accidentally' flash him her tits
"Why aren't you wearing a bra?!"
>keeps her pokerface and explains to him that it's easier to move without and/or that you don't wear bras under that type of tops and it would only give you more laundry anyway
>that was retarded
>but whatever
>finish the session
>"I'll go take a quick shower and we'll be on our way to school,"
>But you can see the slightest hint of a smirk around the corner of her lips
>Makes you follow her to her room, because she's got her own bathroom connected to it
>You sit on the bed and wait
>Until you see her arm come out of the doorframe
>And she throws you something
>Her fitting top and tight pair of mini shorts she just used
>Still moist
>And warm
>"Here, you can use those to take care of 'business' while I take my shower, but be don't take too long~,"
all of my yes
>not just taking her in the shower
That's not up to you to decide, civilized people (and by that I mean whites) prefer waiting for the girl to ask for it, nigglet
File: medium.png (221 KB, 424x600)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
What do you anons think your chances with Sugar would be? What characteristics of you do you think she would enjoy the most?
File: 1493513589396.gif (1.61 MB, 463x343)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
2. There was a girl like her I sat near in sophomore english who said I was nice and talked to me about her plans for formal.

What was the question again?
Yeah, huh...
Maybe if we'd have met when I was a kid, idk, like around 12 or something... maybe?
But right now? maybe 5%
Yeah, five sounds nice

And I have no idea
What would a girl like sugarcoat even like?
We don't even know what she's really like, what's her relationship with her parents like?
Her idea of the perfect man could range from the perfect apollo, super serious, super ambitious, good grades, not too bad at sports that plans on becoming a lawyer or a politician or some shit
To the perfect bad boy archetype, the guy that smokes at recess and responds to the teach and drink and drives a bike and lives in the moment and don't give a fuck about what happens next etc

And I'm neither, so, fuck me
I'd cross my fingers and hope she likes my autism and laughs at my vulgar/sarcastic humor

But to be honest I wouldn't even get close to Sugarcoat
Sour is more my speed
File: Spoiler Image (440 KB, 499x618)
440 KB
440 KB PNG

>Sour is more my speed
An insane bipolar bitch that would probably constantly treat you like shit and cheat on you six months into your relationship?
>cheat on me
Really? Why?

Also she's not bipolar
Just kinda moody

TLDR; yes, way more my speed
Nah, she's an atheist.
>Though now you were curious
"So what about you?" You ask as you try to figure out how to highlight these math notes
>Sugarcoat looks at you confused
>"What do you mean?"
"I mean do you have a have a boyfriend?" You explain trying to figure out if you're looking at one or two equations
>"Wh-why would you a-ask that?" Sugarcoat stutters making you look up
>She's blushing super hard and fidgeting in her seat
>Your heart almost stops from the over-powering levels of cuteness
"Well I just figured you asked me if I was seeing anyone, so why not ask you" You say turning back to the notes so you don't get overwhelmed by this new side of Sugarcoat "I'd guess you're one of those girls who has a secret college boyfriend right" You say offhandedly
>"Wh-what?! I do not" She continued to stutter
>Now you should have really stopped there
>But this side of Sugarcoat was just too fun to tease
>You wish you could take a picture
"Oh, then maybe you're holding out for some emotionally vulnerable brooding bad boy like in your romance novel" You joke pointing to the book
>Sugarcoat snatches up the book and puffs out her still blushing cheeks
>"It's NOT a romance novel, it's Young Adult fiction" She insists
"That just so happens to be about a girl falling in love right?"
>For once you were the one smirking
>Usually you were the dumb one
>But when it came to books and writing you were in your element
>"M-maybe, so what if it is?' She snapped back
"Hey, it's no big deal if you're into soppy unrealistic romance books" You joke
>"I am not some unfulfilled romantic, I'm just reading it as part of my book club" She said "And what is taking you so long? You've been staring at that one page of my notes since before your friend showed up" She says changing the subject as quickly as possible
"I'm just...debating if this particular equation is really important enough to remember" You say pretending to know what you're talking about
>"It's the quadratic equation" She says confused
>She's so open-minded, she doesn't recoil in disgust when her friend Indigo tells her about the time she used a dating app to meet some 38-year-old turbo-virgin and let him fuck her in a crowded movie theater
>she's so open minded she only raises one eyebrow when Indigo tells her it was at a matinee showing of the emoji movie
I remember that green
File: 47 oil up.jpg (38 KB, 600x891)
38 KB
repost right now that ones gold
honestly i would had fapped to that story if it weren't for indigo being a living septic tank
>With that being said, the rest of the day passed relatively pleasantly and it wasn't long until the last bell of the day rang
>You make your way through the throng of students who are making a break for the exit
>If this mad dash to escape the pressure of school didn't sum up why the system was stupid, you didn't know what would
>You eventually manage to find a spot just outside the front gate where you can lean up against the wall and wait for the others
>Why were you always one of the first out here?
>Maybe because your last class was right near the front of the building?
>Actually it probably had more to do with the fact that you never used your locker, and instead opted to lug whatever relevant binders you might have to every class
>It wasn't hard since you didn't think many things were relevant in classes
>"Hey Anon!"
>You take a moment to glance up at Lemon Zest before scanning the area quickly to see if she had backup or if Sugarcoat would be there soon enough to save you
"Hey Lemon, what's up?"
>Lemon Zest just shrugged and leaned against the wall next to you
>"Not much, wanna listen to some jams while we wait for the others?"
"Do they usually take very long?"
>Even as you didn't respond to her question, Lemon was already pulling up a playlist on her phone
>Lemon shakes her head
>"Nah, but why wait to get the party started, amirite?"
"What song is this?"
>"My theme song, Anon. Try to keep up."
>You decide to drop it. You didn't want to get on Lemon's bad side already and you guys haven't even gotten to the Corner
>Just as the song was about to end, you feel someone's fist connect with your shoulder
>Indigo Zap laughs at your pain and connects the same fist into Lemon's waiting fist in greeting
>"Sup Anon?"
>It was kinda scary the fact that this girl was able to sneak up on you out of nowhere
>Especially when she hits that hard
>"Got any requests for the list, Zap?"
>"Put on my theme song."
>Lemon nods and adds something to the playlist
>What was with these girls and their theme songs?
"Do all of you have theme songs?"
>Lemon grins wide and you can see her eyes glow with excitement
>"Yeah! It's great! We find songs that define us and then we can listen to 'em whenever we want!"
>Well that seemed obvious, you had gathered that much already
"Yeah, but why? Like, I can think of songs to define myself, but I don't really do it for other people, or share them with others."
>"Is it because you don't have friends to share it with?" Indigo Zap said, a smug look on her face
>You had to remind yourself that you were doing this for Sugarcoat. This was supposed to be the start to you and these girls getting along or something
>Zest actually elbowed Indigo in the ribs before you could do anything though and whispered something to her
>You guess that Sugar had a talk with them about being nice to you for the day
>It's nice to see someone holding up that idea
>Indigo rolls her eyes and mutters something that sounds like an apology, albeit a halfhearted one. But you suppose that's the best you were going to get for now
>"The point is that we get to listen in on each other's thoughts. It's like we're reading minds or something!"
"Whatever you say," you shrug
>You still don't get it, but you suppose this might be one of those things that changes between friend groups and you might as well learn to not question it
"So what's your theme, Indigo?"
>"It's about to come up, actually," Indigo says, glancing at the playlist as Lemon waves towards the other girls that are coming your way
>You actually tune in to what the song is about for a little bit. It seemed to make sense, considering Indigo's ego
>But when the other girls show up, you forget about it and turn to them
>"Hi Anon," they say
>"You ready to get going?" Sunny asks the group at large
>With a chorus of affirmation, you make your way to the Corner
Nice to have you back.
>As the lot of you make your way down the street, several of the girls request songs for the playlist, though the only ones who actually seemed to use the real titles were Lemon Zest and occasionally Sunny Flare
>Lemon made sense, but you suppose that since Sunny is the one suggesting all the popular, top 40 songs, she just likes whatever is on the radio
>Often you'd hear them say something like "Put on the song from the eclair incident"
>Or "How about that one time we went to the lake?"
>You think you were starting to kind of get it
>The songs themselves weren't exactly important, but maybe the messages behind them, or more often than not, from times that they were hanging out together
>Which sounds nice, you never really had a crew to kick it with for things like that
>But who cares?
>That loner aesthetic was part of your charm, right?
>Why else would Sugarcoat like you?
>Pity? Maybe
>But you try to avoid that for right now
>It was nice to walk next to her, even if the both of you weren't exactly being too affectionate because of her friends
>Your mind keeps wandering back to both the night you shared with Sugarcoat and when she was holding your hand earlier today in class
>They were both very intimate moments that the two of you shared, but both very different
>It's weird because it seems like your relationship is working all out of order
>You guys were enemies, then you almost had sex that night after a deep conversation and now the both of you were on an awkward first date kind of deal
>But this wasn't really a first date since her friends were here
>At least you were going to the Corner, which was a popular date spot
>It was also just a popular hang out spot for after school stuff
>Actually, as you get closer to Sugar Cube Corner, you realize just how many people come to the place every day
>Since it was crowded just like the front gate, you tended towards avoiding it
>But you were here today
>And kind of stuck to stay
>At least since you were with the most popular and powerful girls in school, it was pretty easy to get a table
>The lot of you set down all your school supplies and take a booth for yourselves
>Lemon Zest was even nice enough to shut off her music so that she wouldn't disturb the other patrons
>Although once she did, she made a beeline towards her headphones to cut herself off
>Sugarcoat taps the table in front of her, grabbing Lemon's attention
>She taps her nose and Lemon nods, folding her hands and putting them in front of her on the table, focusing on the friends she had around her
>Indigo stands up and points to you, "It's my turn to get drinks. What do you want?"
"Uh... I guess just a chocolate shake. How much do I owe you?" You ask, going for your wallet
>"Oh please, dearie, my treat!" Sunny hands Indigo a couple of bills, way more than was enough for two drinks
>The girls apparently took turns paying for drinks just like they did ordering them
>How well coordinated
"Who came up with the rotating responsibilities idea?"
>The remaining girls don't even say anything, but all raise their finger to point at the petite girl next to you
>Of course it was Sugarcoat, who else would it be?
>"So how was your day, Anon?" Sugarcoat asks
>You weren't expecting this
"Um, it was ok. Kind of boring really."
>"Isn't school always boring though?" Lemon Zest said, rolling her eyes and drumming her fingers on the table
>"Zesty, you love music class," Sour Sweet chimed in
>"Well yeah, but that isn't really school. I already know all that stuff already!"
>"You're not wrong," Sour mutters
"What about you Sour Sweet?" You find yourself asking, "What's your favorite subject?"
>"Huh? Why are you asking me?"
>Why were you asking her? She'd probably bite your head off before hold a decent conversation with you
"Well, I could've guessed Lemon's from a mile away. But I kind of want to get to know you also."
>It looked like Sour was about to snap at you
>But before she let a word out, she glanced over to your side and seemed to catch the eye of Sugarcoat and softened
>"Well Anon, my favorite class is Shakespearean literature. I enjoy it because of the beautiful writing and the second meanings beneath every word. Do you have any other questions? Maybe my favorite color? What my middle name is? If I could have a brand new puppy, what would I name it?"
>At this point, Indigo sat down with a tray of drinks and started dishing them out. You note that Sugarcoat got a vanilla shake
>"Are we talking about dogs?" Indigo asks, "I like dogs."
>You are very grateful to latch on to the new subject
"Yeah! Dogs are great, very fun. Make for good pets, right?"
>"Yeah! I've always wanted a rottweiler!"
>Why were you not surprised?
>"I like pugs," Sugarcoat spoke up, adding to the conversation for the first time
>"They have cute squashy faces," she said, squishing a metaphorical face between her hands
>Goddamn this girl is cute
>"I like pitbulls!" Lemon interjected, "My uncle had a pitbull and it bit a cop when he tried to arrest him and then got sent away."
>The rest of the table went kind of quiet at the reveal of that information
"Wh-what did he do?" You ask, deciding to break the silence
>"Oh, he stole fourteen thousand dollars worth of birthday cards."
>"Yeah, he just-" She snaps her fingers, "Stole a bunch of birthday cards."
"H-how? Why?" You were in utter disbelief
>What on earth would push a man to steal that? How would you even steal that?
>What was this man's secrets?
>Lemon Zest just shrugs, "I don't really know. He was always the weird uncle."
>"Was this the one who supposed assassinated the fourth prince of Sudan?" Sunny Flare asked
>How were these girls so nonchalant about this?
"An assassin? What does an assassin need thousands of birthday cards for?"
>"Maybe they were for his clients," Indigo suggested
>"Or maybe he was just an ordinary serial killer and birthday cards were his calling card or something," Sugarcoat added
>"What, does he kill people on their birthday?" Indigo chuckled
>You were pretty sure they were messing with you at this point
"Do you even have an uncle?"
>Lemon Zest stuck out her tongue at you
>Of freaking course
>But as everyone started to laugh, you couldn't help but feel it bubble out of your chest as well
>It was strange, not often do you feel this sense of camaraderie with people
>And you would never have guessed that this was the group that would make you feel at home with them
>Even when they were making fun of you like this, it was kind of fun
>It was different kind of teasing from what they used to do, this one wasn't malicious, just good fun
>It was a nice change from what it used to be, and you were actually starting to see why Sugarcoat might be friends with these people
>And... you actually didn't mind the idea of being friends with them
>It actually made sense
>And now you were actually looking forward to spending time with them, getting to know them better, and eventually revealing your relationship with Sugarcoat
>You wondered if it was too soon to ask for your own anthem to be added to the playlist
>You wonder what the girls might give you as a theme song
>Or if there would be a song to commemorate this occassion
>You hoped there would be
>And that you would be there to listen to it when it comes
>Maybe you and Sugarcoat could listen to it while on a date
>Or maybe the both of you will get a theme song for your relationship
>A new feeling kind of overtakes you
>Something that was even older than the sense of belonging
>Something that you aren't sure the last time you felt it
>Honestly you wished you felt it for your schoolwork sometimes but it never came
>You want to work for this relationship
>You want these friendships to be a thing
>You didn't want to just be another Twilight Sparkle anymore
>You wanted more
Das alot of green
I know right, leaves the rest of us enough time to get drunk and watch our stories
>You wanted more
You wanted to get inside Sugarcoat's teeny tiny panties
For a moment there, I thought she was pissing herself.
Lemon Zest almost had one.
Worst background villains always have their own almost-generals, just like Sonata.
I'm surprised that this thread is still a thing.
thread will stay a thing until Sugarcoat is pregnant
How many babies would Sugar want?
>As soon as she gets one she wants another.
>She has twins, she tells you that wants another because having a odd number of children annoys her OCD.
IMO she'd want one girl and one boy
If she got twins, then yeah, she'd try to get two of the opposing gender
Even number of sons and daughter sounds nice
>>It looked like Sour was about to snap at you
shit nigger
why even bother with this whole farce if all it takes is a simple innocent question to set everyone off on him
File: 1491329049593.png (1.31 MB, 882x767)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
>getting this hopeful
>the only reason they haven't kicked the shit out of him and broken bones yet is because Sugar won't let them
File: 1455676790193.jpg (38 KB, 480x309)
38 KB
File: 1376428806284.png (43 KB, 699x600)
43 KB
>not being able to read signs
>being autistic

>oh no I'm sure she didn't mean to throw her still warm, somewhat wet panties into my face
>I'm sure it was an accident when she left the bathroom door wide open while she was showering
>oh dear she's laying naked on my bed I guess I'll just sleep on the couch tonight
File: laughter stops.png (382 KB, 890x640)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
>she's not testing you to see if you're not just another impure degenerate
>her teasing you and throwing you 'a sign' means she's ready for sex
>she's a girl right, and all the girls want this! they want a strong alpha male to pin them down on the bed and rape them right?!
>white knights are this deluded
File: bangbangbang.png (352 KB, 674x444)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
holy shit
Are you lost?
File: 1481423849914.png (54 KB, 416x405)
54 KB
No, are you? Think rebbit might be a bit more your speed, champ?
I guess that every general needs its very own fit of autistic shit flinging.
But can't ours be about something comfy? like what kind of panties Sugarcoat finds the most comfortable
>autistic shit flinging
I can smell the new rolling off of you.
She prefers none
>"Oh, come on, Sugar! We're all friends here, right? Why don't you just tell your boy-toy to lose those swimming trunks and join us in the hot tub? I'm pretty sure it'll help us all grow closer, if you know what I mean..."
I'd cum inside Sugarcoat. And I'd do it again, and again and again.

I'd even do it before classes and have her go through school with jizz leaking out of her puss into her panties.
>into her panties.
But anon, she doesn't wear any
Even better, that means she has to keep her legs crossed so it doesn't drip down her thighs and become obvious.
"God isn't real, Sunset."
When little green fagboi gun get cucked?
wow rude
She just likes to feel free is all
All of them
Sour isn't no slut

She's pure and perfect
Pure fucking crazy

I like that kind of crazy...I have a problem

Unrelated to shit posting, been so sick I nearly shit myself, will still try to get a few green posts done in a bit
Well, if you ever feel like writing about her wanting to hold hands and slap his shit with Anon, go ahead

I'm not going to whine about the fact that there's barely any content for her, but there's barely any content for her

And we're not going anywhere anyway, take your time
You do have a problem, that kind of crazy is seriously unhealthy and will lead to nothing but bitterness and hate for each other several years down the line.

That is if she doesn't divorce you and take half of your shit first, or accuse you of rape.
They are the type of women whom I attract, even the girl I'm trying to date now takes prescription anti-psychotics

on the upside she has great tits
Her tits will fade with time, her psychotic personality however will not.
t. psychotic bitch
I fucking wish
Life would be so much easier
t. mentally ill tranny
File: hehe.jpg (59 KB, 573x594)
59 KB
Shit, my secret identity!
Revealed on a laotian image hosting service, whatever am I going to do
probably kill yourself considering the suicide rate for trannies
But how am I going to complain and falseflag as a normal person on /mlp/ if I do that
"Yeah, I knew that" You say squinting at the equation "But is it really THAT important....really"
>You can tell by her expression that she isn't buying your bullshitting routine
>Honestly she looks kind of worried
>"I didn't realize you had this much trouble with math" She says almost sounding sorry
>Now she pitied you
"Listen, it doesn't matter if I suck at Math or Science. I'm in the English Program, all I need to do is pass" You say as you definitively reach for one of the highlighters
>That is until Sugarcoat stops you by putting her hand on yours
>Also what the hell
>"I told you that you should try to apply yourself more and if you really do need help then maybe I could give you a few pointers" She offers
>She doesn't look you in the eye, just stares down at her hand on top of yours before moving both of them over to a different highlighter
>"But we don't have time for that now, this is the color you should be using by the way" She says closing your hand around the marker
"W-wait, are you serious?"
>"We'll talk about it later. Now pay attention, this is the main formula that's why we're marking it in pink..." She explained sliding her chair even closer to yours
>The two of you spend the rest of your time carefully going over each page of her math notes until the bell finally rings
>Sugarcoat gathers up her things and leads you out of the library an on to your next class
>Neither one of you really say anything
>Sugarcoat seems off in her own little world
>Which is good because it gives you time to think
>Why the fuck did she care if you did good in school
>This wasn't the first time she'd talked to you about it either
>And now here she was offering to tutor you
>The guy she was blackmailing
>But you couldn't really say no
>Because A). She was still blackmailing you
>But also B). You were running out of room to bullshit your way through math and science
>If she really wanted to help you weren't gonna say no
now shes finally starting to sound like an actual human being
>Hell she might even be a really good tutor
>You try to picture what Sugarcoat would be like as a tutor
>That is until your mind starts to wander
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMPlPJP2brw starts playing in your head
>Now all you can think of now is Sugarcoat leaning against a desk wearing a tight fitting blouse and skirt smacking a ruler against her palm
>Bad Anon
>This is not the time for that
>Luckily you feel your phone buzz in your pocket pulling you from your thoughts
>It's text from Adagio
>AD: Aria's pissed, what did you do
>She doesn't sound pleased so you message back quick
A: I didn't do anything, she the one who walked in on us
>Ad: Oh my, Anon I didn't think you were such an animal
>You realize just how what you texted sounded and quickly send another
A: We were just studying!!!
Ad: Is that what you two call it?
>You can't help but blush at the implications
>"Who are you texting?" Sugarcoat asks
>You look up and realize you're more than a few steps behind her
"O-oh...um, well Adagio wanted to know why Aria was so mad" You say figuring honesty was your best option
>You notice a small smile tug at Sugarcoat's mouth
>"Fine, but don't fall behind and try not to get your phone confiscated okay" She says before turning around and motioning for you to follow
>You sigh with relief and jog to catch up while texting back
A: Very funny, but seriously all I did was stop her and Sugarcoat from going at it in the library
>Ad: Well that explains why she's calling her a stuck-up bitch and saying she's got you whipped
>You roll your eyes
A: You guys know we aren't dating right, I remember telling you
>Ad: That's not what the school thinks Anon, so what were you two doing in the library
>You give her the run down as you make it to class, even the stuff about her offering to tutor you
>Ad: Oh my, what an interesting development
A: Yeah, it's weird right?
>Ad: Oh Anon, you're so cute when you're stupid
A: What's that supposed to mean?
File: 1449542474519.png (201 KB, 426x517)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
I'm liking the Dazzlings being in an overprotective and possessive big sisters role towards him.
>forgiving bullies just like that
wish I could forgive myself just like that.
File: 1504920296781.jpg (79 KB, 570x549)
79 KB
The way I see it they went from having a school of adoring zombie servants to having one guy who doesn't mind putting up with their shit and being kinda nice to them while their stuck in a school full of people who think they're better than them even though they're technically thousands of years old magical minor deities from a realm of magic horses

So yeah, they are protective of their shit at this point And Anon is their shit, they see him as like two steps above an object...like a more useful toaster that's fun to tease/flirt with and likes to drink and gossip with them

Too bad this ain't a harem story am I right guys
File: 1434686851942.png (147 KB, 726x697)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
what are you planning
>on the upside she has great tits
post them, you know you want to
No! Fuck harems, this is great

Just make a harem story with the dolphin puss next if you feel like it but leave sugar mama out of this
File: sugarcoat lemon zest.png (1.01 MB, 2206x2248)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Start with these two.
Y'all niggas reply more to my shit posts than to my actual green

No, but I will say she's rocking a solid DD-E cup AFTER a major breast reduction...so I'm more than happy with them

Thank you
Well, it's not like I've got much to say
Unless you want me to give you a dozen "UNF" here and there, because that resumes everything that's happening in my head as I read you green dude
>No, but I will say she's rocking a solid DD-E cup AFTER a major breast reduction...so I'm more than happy with them
I don't think that makes sense in context
I believe it was meant for >>30958533
You are correct, also will try to knock out some posts later

Also I legitimately can't tell if the majority want this to become a harem or not at this point and the loudest people will decide the fate of this green
File: Indigo lemon guitar.jpg (120 KB, 500x500)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Depends on the potential members of said harem.
Maybe leave this one with just him and Sugar. The next story can be Anon fucking the Dazzlings in every room in the school. And Aria kicking the shit out of other girls.
Anon doesn't want a harem but Sugarcoat suggests a legal one and denies Anon's request for a prenup..
>and denies Anon's request for a prenup.
red flag
shes taking him for a ride
How do I get Sugercoat to pack an umbrella?
>Sunny find your phone in the cafeteria.
>you didn't put a password on it
>she looks up your browsing history and find out you have a massive amputee fetish
>she tells you she found your phone but its in her room and she wants you to go with her to give it back to you
>she walks over to her bed and you nearly jump ans she takes off her hands
>so that's why they looked weird if the light caught them just right
>she sets them down in front of her and gives you this look
What do?
File: 1504621466871.jpg (171 KB, 616x448)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
pls no
Harems and herds require autistic headcannon when it's horses, it wouldn't work at all for humans.
I have no idea since I don't have an amputee fetish
What's hot about it?

Rin was best girl because she was top cute, also no hands mean 10/10 feet

So... idk, not realize that I had porn on my phone (who the fuck does that?) and do the normal thing to do, ask her how and what happened and since when and shit
Then hope she takes the lead when she sees I don't really plan on realizing what exactly is happening
Heard you all loud and clear

no harem
File: 1442864858156.png (1.4 MB, 2049x890)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
anyone have the link to this green?
Fine with either, as long as we get some flexible sugarlewd
>she's a lot richer than him
I want to plow her steamy shower.
>mentally ill tranny
The "mentally ill" is kinda redundant.
This pic makes me want to rub my dick in Sonata's sweaty buttcrack.
shes just bitch enough to take all his shit just because she can
Personally, I'm really loving the dazzlings in this, so I'd certainly be up for a bit of them getting involved.
File: GO TO JAIL.gif (249 KB, 500x330)
249 KB
249 KB GIF
File: Feels.jpg (33 KB, 720x266)
33 KB
let her know it might rain soon. you're very thoughtful anon.
File: rage.gif (90 KB, 330x330)
90 KB
you're a terrible person
>Ad: I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually Anon
>You rolled your eyes at the text as a another buzzed in
>Ad: Though I think I'd like to have a little talk with Sugarcoat now
>You definitely didn't like the sound of that
A: Are you sure that's a good idea?
>Ad: You worry too much, I promise I won't do anything rash
A: Your track record would prove otherwise
>You can remember the catfight the Dazzlings got into a few weeks ago with half the cheerleaders over one of them scuffing Adagio's new shoes
>It had been fun to watch, but didn't put your mind at ease at the moment
>Ad: Just leave this to us, trust me
A: Us!? What do you mean...
>Before you can finish typing Sugarcoat nudges you in the ribs
>"Put it away" She whispers to you as the bell rings and the teacher walks in
>You stuff you phone away and hope you'll have enough time to talk Adagio out of whatever she's got cooked up
>Though you might not have to
>You see your teacher walk in wearing sunglasses, looking like death, a dragging a familiar rolling cart
>Hung over teacher
>Which meant you got to spend the period watching a movie
>God Bless the American Educational system
>You reach for your phone again only to get another prod in the ribs
>"Don't be stupid" Sugarcoat hisses to you as you look back up and see the teacher scanning the class before turning off the lights "It can wait til after class"
>But she was right
>You could get away with texting in class back when you sat in the back of the room
>But now you were only a few feet from the teacher's desk
>You sigh and decide you might as well just enjoy the movie
>The teacher gives a halfhearted excuse that this is based on a book or something before putting in the dvd
>As the movie starts up you hear a squeak from next to you
>You look over to see Sugarcoat eyes wide with the biggest smile you've ever seen her get
"You okay..."
>"I love this movie" She squeals grabbing your arm
So I'm sick, gonna lie down down
Okay, that's like the third time in two months I see people talk about this fucking movie, guess I'll have to give it a watch
Suddenly I feel less insecure about not seeing movies

But yeah, watch it, it's a classic comedy and the perfect date-night movie girls love it more than the Notebook and it's far less painful to watch
>>"I love this movie" She squeals grabbing your arm
how adorable
Sugarcoat has good taste in movies
open-minded enough to let me stick things into her butt?
Sugarcoat gf, Dazzlings FWBs.
Open-minded enough to let you stick things into her peehole.
close one
I hope our original writfag is doing alright.
Do you mean me or BurnOut?
Probably you bro, I'm always the second best green poster around
Aww, you're too kind
How you feeling now? Still sick?
Not as bad as yesterday, but still not great
That's too bad, man. I'll try to provide some green tonight. My IP address was banned for a few days because some jackass on campus got stupid on /ck/
>You look over at Sugarcoat as she sips on her shake
>She glances back at you, a little confused look decorating her face
>You simply smile back at her and turn to your drink, taking the straw between your lips
>The other girls were talking and not exactly paying attention to the two of you who weren't exactly in the conversation
>That's fine, you didn't have much to contribute right now as they were talking about their days at school
>The typical fair of complaining about homework, gossiping about who was dating who, and dishing out wild rumors about teachers had suddenly taken on a new perspective
>These girls were the top of the food chain at CPA but they still faced the same problems that you did at the bottom of the ladder
>A shiver ran up your spine as you felt a cold hand lay on top of yours
>Whipping your head around, you stare wide eyed at Sugarcoat
>Her gaze was fixed unblinkingly at the rest of her friends
>Her fingers slowly intertwined with yours beneath the table and you tried to follow her lead, dropping the surprise from your face and trying to focus instead on the girls' stories
>But damn was it hard
>A pretty girl was tickling your palm with hers as she sucked down a milkshake in front of her friends
>Glancing out of the corner of your eye you were surprised to just see her stoic expression that was normally there adorning her face
>Considering how much she was blushing the night the two of you spent together, it was impressive that her pale face was staying that way
>Meanwhile, you were sure that your face was probably beet red and you were worried that the girls might comment
"I have to go to the bathroom," you quickly mutter out
>You keep your head down as Sunny lets you out of the booth before sitting back down
>You can feel their eyes boring holes into your back as you quickly make your way to the bathroom of the place
"What the hell, Sugarcoat?" you mutter, rubbing your eyes as soon as you are inside the bathroom
>You look into the mirror, grabbing either side of the sink
>Why was that simple thing such a big deal to you?
>It wasn't like she asked you to raw her on the table, or even kissed you in front of her friends
>But you thought that she wanted you to keep the thing a secret?
>You suppose she did keep it under the table, so it was at least a little discreet, and she managed to keep a straight face
>But what about what was going on under her facade?
>Did she really want to hold your hand so badly that she couldn't stop herself from doing it, despite what would happen if the both of you got caught?
>You sigh as you splash your face with some water
>It was refreshing and the shock of the cold water helped cool off your face so that you could shake your thoughts out of their stupor
>The longer you took in here, the more suspicious it became, so you turned back to leave the bathroom
>As you stepped outside, you looked at the table where all the girls were sitting
>They were talking to someone with spiky hair and a leather jacket
>He looked like an edgy jerk, but considering his dress wear, he definitely wasn't a Crystal Prep student
>You made your way back to the table just in time to catch what sounded like the end of a conversation
>"Yeah, I mean, hey, you all should come," said the new guy
"Did I miss something?" you ask as you step up
>"Oh, hey Anon," Sunny said with a grin
>"Not much, Flash was talking about this show his band is putting on in a few weeks," Sour Sweet explained, "You would've heard it if you waited a few minutes to go to the bathroom."
>"It's going to rock!" Lemon Zest practically shouted
"I don't think I met Flash," you say, eyeing up the guy standing next to you
>He looked much better than you
>And he might have even been taller, dammit
>"Oh, yeah I was one of the people in the Friendship Games. On the CHS side. I got kicked out pretty early though, so you probably didn't notice me," he chuckles lightly and rubs the back of his neck shyly
>Fucking hell this guy irritated you
"Yeah, that's probably it."
>"Aren't you going to introduce yourself, dearie? It's the polite thing to do."
>You glanced down at Sunny Flare who was leaning her elbow on the table, propping her cheek against a fist, just basking in this moment
"I'm Anon."
>"Nice to meet you, man, I don't think I saw you in the competition though."
>"That's because he wasn't," Sugarcoat bluntly explained, "CPA only allowed the best students in their subjects of expertise to compete. Anon isn't really all that good at anything."
>Thank you, Sugarcoat
>Man, even your own girlfriend kinda person was putting you down in front of this guy
>"Oh!" Flash seems kind of surprised and just gives you a lopsided grin, "I bet there are plenty of things you're good at, just not school related, right?"
>You really didn't want to put yourself down right in front of the girls who were bullying you just last week and your prospective girlfriend, but you also hated this guy enough to not want to agree with whatever he said
"I guess," you shrug
>"Well, you're more than welcome to come to the show also, Anon. I won't take up anymore of your time, or the time of these lovely ladies."
>The jackass winks at the entire fucking table and then walks away
>Sunny lets you back in the booth between her and Sugarcoat who has put the hand closest to you back on her milkshake
>That hit you harder than you expected, now you can't even get reassurance from her that everything was all good
>That guy was such a buzzkill
>For the rest of your time at Sugar Cube Corner, all the girls would talk about was that dude and his band
>Lemon Zest was very excited about it and was already setting up plans to go and see it on her phone
>Indigo was looking over her shoulder to see if her schedule with sports would allow it
>Meanwhile, Sour and Sunny were going back and forth on how the guy actually looked
>"Do you think he's single?" Sunny asked, "Because I know someone who's looking"
>You glance over at Sugarcoat, who has by now finished her milkshake, having been the only one quiet enough to focus her mouth on that instead of talking
>She was looking back at you, almost expectantly
>What were you supposed to do?
>Did she want you to do something?
>Was this a test or something?
>Something set up by Sunny or one of the others to try and get you out of the picture?
>If so, that means that they took this Chad from the rival school and asked him for help on dating Sugarcoat
>Which is pretty low for the top brass of CPA
>Not in terms of morality, but in the way of humiliation
>They must really hate you to set this up
>"Are you ok, Anon?" Sugarcoat asks, tapping your arm, "You seem ill."
"I'm fine," you force a smile on to your face
>Damn, was it that obvious that you were bothered by that guy?
>Whatever was left of your milkshake was now melted and left a mess in a cup that seemed incredibly unappetizing to you
>Thankfully, the girls were starting to realize that that applied to their own drinks and started to gather up their stuff to get going
>The lot of you were outside and everyone was starting to split off, walking in slightly different directions, promising to talk later and see each other tomorrow
>The only ones who stayed underneath the awning for Sugar Cube Corner were you and Sugarcoat
>"Sugar?" Sour Sweet called out when she realized she wasn't being followed, "Are you coming?"
>Sugarcoat jumped a little bit and blushed briefly as she looked up at you
>It looked like she wanted to say something to you
>But she bit her lip, briefly shakes her head, and turns back to face Sour Sweet
>"Just a second!" She calls out
>Sour looks rather pissed that she was asked to wait, but you feel a little shocked that Sugarcoat wanted to stick with you a while longer
>She turns back to you with a softer expression on her face than she normally wore around school
>"So, what do you think?"
"What do you mean?"
>Sugarcoat gestures over her shoulder where Sour Sweet was waiting, tapping her toe and looking at her watch
>"About my friends, Anon. Do you think they can be yours too?"
>You think for a little bit, that was a complicated question, Sugarcoat seemed to want this to be a simple solution where the lot of you just suddenly got along because you were exposed to each other
>But it wasn't ever that simple, really
"I don't know Sugar. I just think that it might be harder than you th-"
>You just so happen to look Sugar in the eyes and realize that you made a huge mistake
>From how close she was standing and the height difference, her eyes looked huge
>The fact that she was sticking out her bottom lip and looking at you over the rim of her glasses wasn't helping to keep your thoughts straight
>She looked adorable and she fucking knew it
"I mean, maybe I learned a bit about them."
You sigh, "I'll keep trying. But Sugarcoat, they don't like me. They only resisted biting my head off because you made them!"
>Sugarcoat seemed actually confused by this
>"Yeah, that was the idea?"
>Ouch. Another blow to your masculinity right after that Flash guy showed up was not what you needed in front of the girl you liked
>"Look Anon, there's no way that they'll get along with you without a good reason around. Remember, this is for us."
>She reaches out and lays a hand on your arm gently
>You can't help but smile and you start to lean in for a kiss but you hear a loud ahem
>Glancing up, a girl dressed like a magician is trying to get past the two of you
>"If you don't mind, the Great and Powerful Trixie has places to be."
>You and Sugarcoat back apart and let the weirdo go, sporting huge blushes
>"I should get going," Sugarcoat says, giving you a small smile and wave before she rushes to catch up with Sour Sweet
>You watch as they walk down the street, a little swing to Sugarcoat's hips that you aren't sure is meant for you, but God do you hope so
Lil cuckboi gun get cucked.
>becoming friends with your bullies
>being bullied
>not planning ahead and using your relationship to get revenge
Becoming friends with bullies is beta.
Making your bullies become your subordinates is alpha.
Fuck off with your beta bullshit, let the writers write what the fuck they want faggot
nobody ever got revenge on me :^(
>nobody ever got revenge on me :^(
what a gamma lmoa
you need to NOT be the """nice guy""" to be the A. there are times you think one could possibly get tired of being the A. at least for a little while. not that you would know :^)
>"I don't think I met Flash," you say, eyeing up the guy standing next to you
>>He looked much better than you
>>And he might have even been taller, dammit
>inb4 Flash steals Sugar
>inb4 Sugar's friends take advantage of that and beat the shit out of Anon for laughs
File: CMC tattoos.png (701 KB, 1000x920)
701 KB
701 KB PNG
>Indigo tells Sugarcoat entire story in the library
>CMCs overhear every detail, from "frosting the seats" to "fisting a jar of mayo" and "movie theater truffle butter"
>They are now convinced the best kinds of sex always involve food
can i get an answer to this?
Cucking you.
I want Sugarcoat to give an honest critique on the flavor of my cum.
She'd tell you it's disgusting and makes her want to throw up
Before she leans back down and cleans you up, making sure there's not a drop left in your over sensitive member
Whatever you write for a green, fag.
shes a good friend you can talk to about whatever she won't judge
She regularly browses /d/
She started browsing because she was planning on writing an essay on modern society's degeneracy but got hooked and now she furiously shlicks herself to sleep every night looking at horsecocks and browsing /gfd/
Sugar a shit
u a shit
>"We prepared a bath for you, Anon! Get in while the water is still warm."

I don't think I want to know
File: 1468610.png (231 KB, 682x1800)
231 KB
231 KB PNG
>no Juniper
Finally got around to watching the specials. Juniper is fucking FINE. I'd adore her, if you know what I mean.
idk Anon
>meet her
>she's just another teenager that wants to be seen
>certainly daddy/parents issues
>eh, she's fine
>start going out with her
>everything goes well
>she tries to get into the big scene
>it's hard, but you're there to support her
>it's her dream, it's what she lives for, she'd do and give everything to do it, to get there
>you love her at this point
>thing is, she comes back one day smelling like another man
>good old casting couch
I'm sorry but I just can't see her say no
Girls with ambitions are dangerous things to fall for, especially if their ambitions involves something as nasty as hollywood
Pedophilia galore.
I just want to fondle Juni while she's wearing her cute usher uniform.
>She's lightly bouncing up and down in her seat as she pulls you by your arm closer causing both your chairs to slide closer together
>This caught you of guard
>By a lot
>Aside from the Dazzlings girls really weren't too keen on touching you
>Not like you were gross or anything, you just weren't on anyone's radar
>So you weren't sure how to handle Sugarcoat as she wrapped her arm around yours and leaned into you with her eyes happily on the screen
>That's when you hear the whispers
>You're able to crane your head just enough to see a few girls pointing you two and muttering
>You think you even hear one giggle
"Um, 2M, you really..."
>Sugarcoat whips her head towards you pushing a finger to your lips
>"Ssshhhh, it's only just starting" She hisses at you
>"Ssshhh, just be quiet and enjoy the movie" She orders you before going back to leaning against you and watching as the old Jewish man tries to narrate the movie
>You hear more whispering, a few more giggles, and possibly the snapshot sound of someone's phone camera
>Well now as far as the school was concerned it was official
>You and Sugarcoat were going out
>Didn't matter if it wasn't true
>With the way things looked to anyone on the outside it would be hard to explain it any other way
>On the upside this would probably do wonders for your non-existent street cred around school
>On the downside it probably ruined your chances at getting a date
>Oh well
>This was all stuff you could worry about later
>For once Sugarcoat had the right idea
>Movie days were a special gift in school you should treasure
>And despite how oddly nervous it made you feel, you didn't really mind Sugarcoat resting against you
>At the moment she'd gotten comfortable and was even resting her head on your shoulder
>She was so close you could smell her shampoo
>It was oddly sweet
>Like Marshmallows with a hint of lavender
>So you relaxed yourself a little and sat back to watch the movie
>Least it was almost to the sword fight
Sugarcoat? More like Sugarcute.
>On the downside it probably ruined your chances at getting a date
Nonsense! Nowadays it's known that girls like the ones who're already taken. "All the good men are taken" yadda yadda.
Glad you like it, that's what I was going for

This is actually true, my freshman year I was in a long distance relationship, and that's the one time girls were actually into me, too bad I was too loyal to capitalize on the action I was getting, oh well live and learn
File: 1506039035494.png (759 KB, 1920x1080)
759 KB
759 KB PNG
I swear if they end up holding hands I'm calling the ponice on your ass burnout
File: 1506020448141.png (298 KB, 800x800)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
Whats wrong anon
You sound like a dirty jian lover
what did he mean by this
She's the Applejack of Shadowbolt.
Prove me wrong.
Pro tip: you can't.
Digits wasted on already obvious fact.
dub quads.
Easy, she doesn't as easily blend in the background as applejack
Autists 1 Atheists 0
>Willing to try different dancing styles to help balance and coordination
>Bonus side effect: She learns how to really work them hips
No shit. Sugarcoat's honest to the point of being brutal, Sour Sweet's kind and nasty by turns, Lemon Zest is oblivious to other people's laughter or happiness and gets lost in her own. Oh, and there's two others who have no personalities.
Don't die.
>The Leggiest
Dear Lord I forgot how short her skirt was compared to the others
File: 1504248218969.png (321 KB, 556x734)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
rescue bump
>You could say this about being a lackey for Sugarcoat
>It did wonders for your resume
>In two days you could say you'd been a pack mule, a secretary, a dry cleaner, and now a pillow
>But it wasn't all bad
>Somehow you even found your current situation oddly relaxing
>Only thing that could make it better was if you had a cigarette
>And maybe a stiff drink made with vodka
>But otherwise this was still pretty nice
>Sugarcoat was in her own little world next to you
>She kept giggling and squealing at different parts of the movie
>And occasionally nudging you and whispering "I love this part"
>There she goes being too cute to ignore
>You really hope you aren't developing a crush on her
>It's okay to dream
>But the last thing you need is to start catching those feelings for someone who was blackmailing you
>No matter how cute she is
>Or how nice she smells
>Or the way you like how she doesn't realize she's pressing her chest into your arm
>What were you thinking about again
>You decide it was safer to just focus on the movie
>Oh hey Billy Crystal
>A few minutes later the teacher's phone alarm goes off and they nearly fall out of their chair as they wake up and fumble for the remote to turn off the movie
>You hear Sugarcoat whine a little "It was just getting to the best parts" She huffs
"Hey, just be glad we got to watch it"
>"True, it was a nice surprise" She says turning to you
>It's about then she realizes she's still clutching your arm and leaning on you
>You watch her get exceedingly flustered as she tries to untangle her arm from yours
>Too cute for u
>Plz nerf
>"D-don't read into this, I-I was just ca-caught up in the moment" She insists as she get's her arm out and starts riffling through the notes she left on her desk
"It's cool" You say trying to be nice while taking the hint
>"I-I'm sure you'd think so" She says still flustered and blushing
>Nothing there
>Beware catching the feelings man
File: Sugarcoat 000004.png (451 KB, 812x1329)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
>That feel when you have that movie on your phone, but no qt genius classmate to snuggle up and watch it with
ayo now page 10
we wuz page 10 an shieet
I'm gonna try to post another update tonight if I get time
>The bell rings and you decide to leave subject alone
>Sure you managed to get away with the occasional sarcastic quip or bit of teasing
>But you figured it would be best not to push your luck with Sugarcoat while she was this flustered
>At least it was time for lunch
>You follow along behind Sugarcoat through the halls noticing people pointing and looking at their phones
>Looks like what happened last period has already gone viral or something
>You're not sure if you should mention this to Sugarcoat
>Might just be for the best if you don't or at least let her find out on her own
>Less a chance of her getting mad at YOU about it that way at least
>You make it to the cafeteria before it gets too busy
"Soooo, you just want me to wait for you while you get your food again?" You ask kind of missing your old routine of ditching the first half of lunch for a few smokes then coming back and talking shit with the Dazzlings
>It sure beat the hell out of idea of spending more time around Sour Sweet
>"There's no need" Sugarcoat says motioning for you to follow her to towards her friends' usual table
>You see it's empty as the two of you sit down and Sugarcoat pulls two brown paper bags from her back pack and places one in front of you
>Now you know it's a stupid question, but still you had to ask this
"What's this?" You say looking at the bag
>"It's your lunch of course, knowing you, you probably spend most of your lunch smoking and don't eat" She said unpacking her own lunch "That's bad for you, so I packed you one and I expect you to eat it" She said firmly
>She was right
>About you skipping lunch at least
>But it was still kind of nice of her
>So you could see what she packed
>You carefully pull out the contents to reveal a juice box, an apple, a banana, and a...
"Yeah, not to sound like a jerk, but I don't do pbj's" You say nervously setting the sandwich aside
>"Why? Are you allergic?"
"Uh, no but..."
>"Then you'll eat it" She say more firmly
Look at her face, she has the best legs and she fucking knows it.
Well shit. I used to skip lunch all the time too.
>"No buts Anon, Peanut butter is good for you. Now eat" Sugarcoat ordered turning back to her own lunch
>You really didn't like Peanut Butter, you were indifferent to Jelly, but there was just something about you and Peanut Butter
>But you didn't really have a choice here
>And you had to admit Sugarcoat had been pretty nice to you today
>She'd offered to tutor you, made you lunch, and spent most of the last class rubbing up against you
>Well she hadn't really done the last bit on purpose, but still you'd count it as a point in her favor
>So it would be a pretty douche move not to force down the sandwich
>Hell, you even see she cut off the crusts
>So you fall back on one of the little known skills of a football player
>Eating something as fast as possible without tasting it
>A good skill to have when you're on a team of scholarship hopefuls who eat food for fuel rather than taste
>While still trying to look like you had manners you devour the sandwich in a couple of huge bites and quickly wash it down with half the juice box
>"Now was that so bad?" Sugarcoat asks sarcastically
"No ma'am" You shoot back with the same amount of sarcasm
>Sugarcoat just smirks "Good, now just try to finish the rest slowly." She said pointing to the fruit "If you you keep eating that fast you'll get indigestion"
>You were starting to feel like on of those husbands who had to ask their wife what they could and couldn't eat all of a sudden
>Then again there could be worse things than a future married to Sugarcoat you muse
>"My don't you two look cozy" Came a voice approaching your table
>You turn to see Sunny Flare and the rest of the girls heading towards the two of you with trays in hand
>Including Sour Sweet who was glaring at you as the rest of the girls took their seats
>"Though not as cozy as you were last period from what I hear" Sunny adds grinning at both of you
>"I-I don't kn-know what you mean" Sugarcoat stammered out blushing
No, don't bully flexible marshmallow waifu
She exists for bully
Sweet revenge.
No, she's for teasing lightheartedly until she's all flustered before she reverses the tables on us and won't stop until we squirm under her touch begging for her to let us go
sounds like trash
Get back to your rgre general, Chad
File: 1480541172555.png (64 KB, 231x243)
64 KB
i think you might be retarded my nigga
File: 1406680708876.png (848 KB, 930x602)
848 KB
848 KB PNG
>hey guys look I'm sayin nigga, am I fitting in yet???
And I believe you might be lost
you definitely are retarded my nigga
>Peanut butter is good for you
Isn't it practically a sugar and calory bomb?
I can't imagine that stuff actually being healthy.
>cut off the crusts
Why would you ever do that?
Those are the best part of bread!
It's actually good source of proteins and vitamins and off-sets pre-disposition for Alzheimer's and memory problem

It's also good for helping maintain diets

Hey, a lot of people don't like them and I thought it would be a cute thing to do, so sue me

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