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After saving the world quite a few times, the Mane 6 are probably well known in Equestria, and many ponies would like to know their story. If they were to make a movie of the Mane 6, what would be the best moments of Rainbow Dash? Would she want to perform as herself?

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Previous thread: >>30967888

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723: Secrets and Pies - (Oct 14) - When Pinkie Pie thinks she sees Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst - that Rainbow Dash secretly hates her pies; Pinkie Pie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies.

Friendship Is Magic #59, sequel to Secrets and Pies
Storytimed here: >>31071597


Reminder that in the previous thread, "TenochtiCon" by Rosenkreutz came to an end after over a year with us. Don't forget to check it out if you missed it.
First for Dashie
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Happy Dash for all.
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What was this gif from again? I know I've seen it but I don't remember the name of the video or the song that played.
So far as I know it was snipped from a bit in one of the anthologies. I try to post it in each thread just because it's one of my favorite gifs of Dash.
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2.09 MB GIF
Another favorite

Why do you guys hate both 28 Pranks Later and Newbie Dash?
What you write an episode of MLP where RD marries Zephyr Breeze for $500 million dollars?
Sure. That's a lot of cash.
And dream sequences ending in Dash waking up screaming are an easy fix
File: 1503771894646.gif (3.04 MB, 400x338)
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Thank you
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use the established lore anon. it was all a vision that dash got when she looked through that door of your worst fears in the crystal empire castles basement
File: 1461810584015.gif (2.42 MB, 251x200)
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2.42 MB GIF
Sorry, Anon. You're right.
>After visiting the mirror pool on a dare from Fleetfoot, Rainbow thinks nothing of leaving her double after a night of sports challenges and general debauchery.
>Not long afterward, one Zephyr Breeze discovers the slightly less dynamic version of his heart's greatest desire.
>Only three months of courting and he lets slip the big question.
>Rainbow Dash Redux and Zephyr Breeze marry happily under an arch of singing birds and scented flowers.
>Their mincing offspring become the gypsies of pony society.
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Cum inside
Page 10
What do you all think of RD in the movie if you've seen it? Personally I'm surprised that she along with Pinkie are the second most impactful characters. I got the feeling that af few of the mane 6 could be replaced with anyone, but Dash is by far the most useful throughout the movie.
If this is true I can't wait to go see this shit with my friend tomorrow

Dash was very well executed in the movie. Lots of screentime, all of it good. Even the half-second-long background animation nods like her covering her less battle-experienced friends were top-notch and on point.

The same with Pinkie, although not really to the same extent. On occasions she even came across as dangerously unhinged more so than lovingly random to me.

I love that they put so much focus on those two, and it makes sense that they did from a marketing perspective (Twilight, Dash and Pinkie are the most popular ponies), but it's a bit of a shame that Fluttershy never even got a chance to shine. From the 20-minute mark onwards she can't have more than a handful of lines at most, and almost no relevant background contributions other than "hiding scared". Applejack isn't far behind Fluttershy in being a literal background pony.
And I'm saying that as someone who doesn't give a fuck about AJ or Flutters.
Loved her in the movie, her fly-by cider snatching was hilarious at the start.
The rainboom was a silly thing to do but she was in the moment and enjoying herself and twi screwes up a lot worse
The rainboom was fucking beautiful though
Yes, the extra level of detail made it awesome.
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I've come to understand Dash a little better through Newbie Dash. It seemed weird to me at first thought that she would skip to acting like her friends to try and get her out of what she saw as a bad situation, but when I thought about it more, she did the same exact thing in flight camp. She was friends with Guilda and while Dash still has some of the feisty-ness, a bit of that was a ruboff from Guilda which is why she acted differently in Newbie Dash than what we were expecting.
No one is confident when surrounded by their heroes. They're larger than life, built up in her head as the pinnacle of everything she wants to be. They were literally the only thing that could intimidate her, and her response was to ask her friends (inside her own head) how they'd handle the problem.
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2.98 MB WEBM
Page 9
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New mirroredsea!
File: 1496816425323.jpg (2.47 MB, 2500x2800)
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I want to grab that sexy butt
File: Spoiler Image (168 KB, 666x666)
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She's 20% cooler and cuter doesn't she.
She'll understand why not to talk.
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Hey guys, this just came in. The entire season has been leaked in HD.
Thread: >>31097453
For interest, Dash and Pinkie's episode, Secrets and Pies, was written by Josh Hamilton (Parental Glideance), the finale was written by Josh Haber, and I think that Dash isn't in any of the other episodes. I'm downloading them right now and I haven't seen them, but some anons already confirmed that they're legit, and there are some screencaps there, so be careful if you don't want to see spoilers.
I think I'll wait to see them on their original dates, I'm already waiting until December to see the movie, I don't want to run out of pony so soon. Fuck. What the fuck is wrong with all the leaks this season?
Not this again...
I’m just going to watch them as they are aired, don’t feel like starting the hiatus sooner then it needs to start.
File: Page_35.png (1.91 MB, 2550x3300)
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1.91 MB PNG
Even more leaks! Every season 7 script and the Show Bible, which was supposed to be ultra confidential.
Thread: >>31098518
It's really, really interesting. The Art book (or was it the Elements of Harmony book? I'm not sure) was obviously inspired by this, and there are some verbatim quotes, but many things have changed. I guess I'll post Dash's pages here.
File: Page_37.png (973 KB, 2550x3300)
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973 KB PNG
And the other one.

For the record, to convert the PDF to PNG I'm using ImageMagick, the command to extract a page is
convert -density 300 -colorspace sRGB "Show Bible.pdf"[34] -alpha remove Page_35.png
(my version of ImageMagick crashes when I try to convert the entire PDF at once, and I'm too lazy to investigate why, but this works fine enough)

That's certainly interesting, you can clearly see the influences and just how much of it ended up in the show, but how things ended up in the show is definitely better all around.
File: 1502018265161.jpg (1.04 MB, 2304x1728)
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All of these reviews calling Rainbow Dash, a male pony. Top Kek.
why don't you watch the leaks so you don't get left behind on discussion and then also watch them as they air? that's what I'm gonna do, that's what I did for the movie and it didn't even ruin the movie for me, in fact I was more hyped when I saw the movie and it still felt just as fresh
kek. I remember people thinking that back in S1 as well.
File: 1472732424976.png (111 KB, 720x422)
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111 KB PNG

For real though my man, I wouldn't hace went to see it in theaters if I had watched it prior. It wasn't very good. I had it downloaded on Wednesday but held off till Friday to see it in theaters so I couldn't make excuses not to go.
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File: 183997.png (1.4 MB, 1200x1000)
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i didn't used to like rainbow dash, but over time she has become my #2 pone. love dashie now. it's a rookie mistake not to.

It's easy to glance over her when you take her actions at face value and just assume she's a dick. Just like the rest of the main six, there's a bit more than the surface layer of their character and none of them are garbage.
Writefag here if anyone has any requests.
File: rd_ass_edit.png (402 KB, 643x787)
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402 KB PNG
>EQG anon getting bullied by Rainbow Dash on the daily at school
>Horny as shit at home, call escort service
>Rainbow Dash shows up at door
Freaky, but it's all I've got.
Anon and Dash argue over soccer vs football and their daughter takes Anon's side

Anon and RD have something between friendship and friends with benifits. The occasional fling left on good terms. Wanting something more, Anon has to convince Dash that he wants something more serious.
Well shit I hate playing favorites. Post numbers 1-3 is first, 4-6 second, 7-9 third.
Escort dash plox


I think he was rolling with his own post. Looks like it'll be daughteru time.
Aww shit. I'll read tho.
Sí, but I'll do the escort one next.
File: rainbowdash.jpg (291 KB, 2092x1730)
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291 KB JPG
i love speed horse
File: 1549515.jpg (1.11 MB, 2600x2200)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
got dat dashing cyan mary from bd
it's good but the cum lube from the site dries too quick, have to keep applying it
it'd be easier if the lube were a bit less sticky
Awesome anon! I ordered mine last week along with the dashing color rowan (butthole). Super excited to get them!
File: 1502018927995.png (1.26 MB, 1131x1709)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
File: 1554926.jpg (56 KB, 528x653)
56 KB
File: 1476520066985.png (1.22 MB, 1600x871)
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1.22 MB PNG
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390 KB PNG
File: 1503280106726.png (274 KB, 616x834)
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274 KB PNG
File: 70615.jpg (109 KB, 825x681)
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109 KB JPG
With Dash’s complex mane scheme it’s nice to see how different artists handle it, this is pretty good.
>You walk in the front door of your home after a long week at work.
>It wasn’t the first one you’ve had and it’s not going to be your last.
>Your quarters were made for someone half your size. Your co-workers always seemed to get the attention despite doing half the work you did. And your boss was more concerned with his own career than he was with the well-being of his subordinates.
>You may not have the prestige, money, or business smarts to set you apart, but you had one thing that no amount of good fortune could ever account for.
>You spin around and take a knee just in time for your multicolored blur of a daughter to rocket into your chest.
>“Hey Skittles!”
>Your hardened features break into an uncontrollable grin as the tiny filly hugs you with all her might.
>Her tiny pair of cyan wings unfurl to hug you twice as much.
>She pulls off you with a beaming grin.
“Didja see what mommy got me!”
>“Oooh she got you something did she? Go get it and show me!”
>She giggles and gallop-flaps around the corner with unparalleled enthusiasm.
>She may be a spitting image of her mother, but she wasn’t the natural flier Dash was.
>Speaking of which…
“Heya Anon.”
>You meet the smiling eyes of your wife and loyal companion.
>A quiet gaze is shared between you as you trade fuzzy emotions—the sum of years of practice.
>At this point words were almost superfluous.
>You close the distance simultaneously and wrap each other up in a mess of limbs.
>She smiles and blows some hot air out of her nose in a reserved giggle.
>Your lips meet and in that instant the stresses of your life melt away under a beam of radiant love.
>When you first made your vows you promised yourself you’d never take these moments for granted…and you never have.
>Whether it was the magic in this strange land, or the ticklish fur around her lips; the feeling of kissing her still made your heart skip just like the first time.
>When she pulls away and meets your loving eyes you know the same is true for her too.
>She kisses you again…just as tenderly as before but with her tongue acting as an extra player on the field.
>To most stallions at this point in their lives, that would be an indicator that their partner’s in heat, but you’re proud to say that’s not the case with you.
>This was commonplace with Dash.
>Thus her heats always sort of snuck up on you…or tackled you in last month’s case.
“Eeeew! That’s so gross!”
>You both look at your daughter standing next to you with her little muzzle scrunched up.
>Dash finishes her kiss unfazed before pulling off with a loud pop.
“What’s up kiddo? Are you showing dad your skates?”
>You snort and grin at Dash’s handling of the situation before turning to Skittles.
>You were always afraid having a kid would make her divide her love between you, but you’d underestimated how awesome your partner was.
>If anything her affections had steadily increased over the time you’ve known her.
>The miniature pegasus snaps out of her trance pretty quick—she was no stranger to your affections.
“Yeah daddy check ‘em out! Aren’t they totally rad!”
>You chuckle as she straps them to her hooves.
>Picking one up, you can see that they’ve each got four tiny wheels on the bottoms.
>“They are pretty cool! Have you shown your friends yet?”
“Yeah they all liked them except for Zipper, but mommy said I should just buck his face in if he bullies me again.”
>You share a brief smirk with Dash before holding her a bit tighter to your chest.
>Skittles finishes tying her skates and starts skating shaky circles around the room.
>“Sounds like mommy knows what’s best. Just make sure it’s your last resort like we…talked…about…ok she’s not listening.”
“A-hahahahaha! Whaddaya expect she’s your daughter!”
>You nuzzle Dash’s smiling muzzle.
>“Don’t try and pin that on me ma’am she got that from you.”
“Nice try, but we both know who the real—“
>Your heads snap around and yell out in unison.

>An hour later you were done with dinner and were fixing to relax on the couch with some popcorn.
>Friday night was family movie night, and tonight was extra special.
>You were going to watch The Sandplot.
>You were pretty eager to see how the Equestrian counterpart stacked up to your favorite childhood baseball story.
>After a few minutes of finagling with some wires you finally get a picture on the screen and move back to take up a spot on the couch.
>Dash leans on your shoulder and Skittles lays between the both of you.
>You ruffle her multicolored hair—careful to avoid the knot on her forehead from her earlier run-in with the wall.
>She was exactly what you’d expect for someone who carried Dash’s genes.
>Thrill-seeking, hot-headed, and independent.
>She’d yet to express any of your traits apart from your knack for skepticism.
>Fortunately she could handle herself pretty well and had one of the fiercest guardians you could think of. Dash’s transition to the Wonderbolt reserves a few years ago made sure she was around as much as she needed to be.
>She planned on going back to active duty once Skittles started elementary school.
“Is this gonna be a sports movie?”
>“Yep Skits, it’s about baseball.” One of the few sports that retained its name across the cultural gap.
>The story starts with a young colt who’s new to the neighborhood. He quickly befriends a bunch of other colts who proceed to show him what a good summer break is all about.
>As the movie drones on, Dash migrates from your shoulder to laying across your lap—her one fore hoof around your girl.
>Your hand had been swimming in her sea of fur, savoring the simple touch with your mate.
>Suddenly Skittles pipes up.
“I wanna do sports.”
>Dash’s ears immediately perk. This was one of the moments in parenting she’d rehearsed extensively for.
>You know because she practiced conversations with you for hours on end during her pregnancy.
“What kinda sports squirt?” She asks, picking her head up off your lap. You knew Dash had an idea of her own, but she wanted to see where her daughter’s interests naturally lay.
“Umm…” You can feel Dash’s muscles tense as she anticipates her response, “…maybe…uh…I don’t know.”
“How about hoofball?”
>You just smile in your lounged position.
>This was Rainbow’s time to shine and she was eating it up.
“Well…maybe…do you get trophies for winning?”
“You bet you do! I think you’d be pretty good at it too, that’s what mommy played when she was your age you know.”
“Really?” Skittles asks, looking back.
>Rainbow nods with a smile.
“Were you really good or just ok?”
>Both of you chuckle at your daughter’s bluntness.
“You’re mommy was on the best team in her district Skits.” Dash responds as you stroke her neck. Your daughter's cerise eyes light up in admiration, “So whaddaya say squirt? I know the local coach and we can get you signed up tomorrow if you want.”
>Her face suddenly contorts as if deep in thought.
“Can Flitter do it too?” She asks, referencing her neighborhood friend.
“Well we can certainly talk to her parents about it. I think it’d be good for you do join a team with your friend.” Dash responds.
>Her cyan face scrunches up once more.
“Whadda you think daddy?”
>Suddenly the lively pair of magenta eyes turned to you screaming, ‘don’t you dare ruin this you oaf.’
>You definitely didn’t want to get on her bad side…especially considering Skittles was spending all day at her grandparents’ tomorrow.
>Dash had never withheld sex from you before, but you weren’t about to test her limits.
>“Yeah Skittles, I think hoofball sounds fun. Running around and uhh…scoring touchdowns and stuff…”
>Dash’s brow suddenly furrows.
“Wait you mean goals right—“
“—Yeah I wanna do hoofball! Mommy sign me up for hoofball pleeaase!”
“Uhh…heheh, squirt I’m sure you’ll do great! But uhh…you know what hoofball is right?”
“Sure mommy, its the one with the touchdowns and the field goals and the hallmary’s.”
>“Hell Mary’s.” You correct.
>Dash looks mortified.
“Nonono sweetie, hoofball is where you dribble the ball down the field and score a goal.”
>There’s a brief but very tense moment of silence in which you become vaguely aware your daughter’s response is distantly linked to your own fate.
“Hehe, silly mommy that’s soccer!”
>You’re so enamored by the fact that the movie retained the ‘you’re killing me Smalls!’ quote, word-for-word, that you don’t immediately notice Rainbow glaring at you.
>You continue stroking the fur of her back, but eventually the silence tips you off.
>Your eyes find her stern glare.
“How many times have we discussed the differences between the terms hoofball and griffin hoofball.”
>“Umm…probably ten or twenty—“
“—And how many of those times have I emphasized that hoofball is the original name for what you like to call ‘soccer’ and that griffin hoofball is a completely different sport and a fraud and isn’t worthy of the term hoofball?”
>“Uhh…ten or twen—“
“—And if I recall correctly I suggested that under no circumstances were you to taint ponies’ minds with the idea that it should be any other way.”
>Dash’s words were hushed but packed full of frustration. She avoided placing explicit blame on you in front of your daughter, but she still found a way to speak her mind.
>“Now I don’t think that’s fair. First of all language is the fasted evolving aspect of any society and it changes to reflect convenience and cultural trends.”
“But that doesn’t mean it can’t be wrong.”
>Skittles rolled on her back to watch the TV upside down while her parents continued their heated debate.
>“No, but is it really wrong if the majority of people consider it to be right?”
“The majority’s not always right!”
>“Yeah, but that would mean every evolution in language is wrong.” You adopt the most pompous old-english accent you can muster, “Would you have me feather the tapestries for supper and company in the morrow darling? Or do you want me to dust the curtains so our crib looks tight when your parents come over for dinner?” You drop your accent for the last half forcing your daughter to giggle a bit.
>Dash can’t hide her own grin, but she presses on.
“That’s not heh…that’s not what I mean!”
>“Then be a dear and enlighten me madam.” You respond, pinching her cheek.
>That earns you a smile and push from your mare, “Stop it!”
>Skittles laughs some more.
“No, I’m just saying if you call griffin hoofball, hoofball, then what are you going to call real hoofball?”
“No! You can’t just…ugh!”
>Your daughter finally speaks.
“I wanna do hailmarys.”
>Dash was fighting an uphill battle, “Skits, it’s not what you think. It’s rough and dangerous and…there’s not really a good fillies team nearby…”
“But I wanna tackle ponies!”
>You pat her belly and she kicks at you hand gleefully, “That’s the spirit.”
>Dash shoots you a look to tell you to ‘freaking stop.’
“Skits, have you seen griffin hoofball? Players get injured all the time and you don’t even run that much unless they pass to you, in which case you’re probably going to get injured.”
“But mommy, you said I was the toughest filly you know?”
>Dash pauses while you continue stroking her mane, you really had no stake in this argument other than your desire to give her a hard time.
“Yeah, I did. And it’s the truth…” She nuzzles into her daughter’s belly, “…I just think you’d have more fun playing hoofball.”
“You mean soccer?” She responds innocently.
>Dash takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, “Yeah. That.”
>Time to intervene.
>“How about this Skits, dad’ll take you to hoofball practice and mom’ll take you to soccer practice for a little bit and you can decide whichever one you like better. If you want to do both then we can keep taking you to both, that’s alright too.”
>Dash gives you an interested look.
“Sure thing, but only if you call it hoofball and not soccer.” Dash jibes.
>She looks up at her mother’s loving smile, “I can do two hoofballs?”
>You give her belly another pat, “My daughter can do however many hoofballs she wants…as long as she gets her homework done.”
“What’s homework?”
>“Oh it’s nothing…only the best thing you'll ever do your life!”
>Dash snorts.
“Really! Can I do some now!” She squeaks.
>“Heheheh, hold up Skits, you’ll have plenty to do later I promise you.”
>She hums contently and leans back to stare at the TV with a smile on her face.
>Dash gives you a look of admiration.
>You’d rarely gotten those before you became a father, but since then they’d been some of the best rewards you’ve ever received…right up beside Skittle’s refrigerator paintings.
>You finish the movie snuggled up with the two most important mares in your life, and by the time the credits start rolling your daughter’s eyes are hanging heavy.
>Silently you agree to shut things down in the living room while Dash get’s the kid tucked in.
>You exchange parting cheek kisses before she gets up and follows Dash to the bathroom.
>Parenting was one of those things that was scary in the moment, but in hindsight every day was the best experience of your life.
>It was adventurous—like solving a puzzle, but instead of a semi-useful sidekick, you had the one mare that understood you and loved you more than anything in the world.
>Every moment with your daughter was a reminder of the love that’s shared between you, and as such, any disagreements that arose never drove you apart.
>If you really think about it you’re an incredibly lucky guy. Most stallions couldn’t even imagine having such a wonderful home life.
>As you walk down the hall you pass the bathroom where Dash was brushing her teeth with Skittles, then past your daughter’s bedroom in all its colorful mess.
>You complete your routine and crash on the mattress just in time to hear Dash finishing up a bedtime story.
>You lay there with your eyes closed, listening to the affectionate scene across the hall unfold as it had every night for the past few years.
>Finally, the sound of hooves plodding on carpet snakes into your room.
>The lamp clicks off before Dash burrows into the covers.
>Her torso lays across your supine one and you feel her breath on your face.
>“She tucked in?”
>Your eyes open as your lips part.
>Fingers start stroking through her mane.
>“Dad’s taking her fishing tomorrow from what I hear.”
>Dash lets out a relaxed breath and lays her head on your chest.
“Yeah…mom’s also taking her over to build-a-critter, she’s been wanting a Spitfire plush I guess.”
>“Heheh…not a Rainbow Dash one?”
>Dash sighs, “I don’t blame her, she’s got the real one at home.”
>Your mane stroking turns into a scalp massage and the mare starts grunting from the stimulating feeling.
>“Maybe I’ll go with them and get a Rainbow Dash one…you know, for business trips and stuff.”
“Hmm-heheh, I’m starting to molt, you could just glue together all my loose hair and feathers and—“
“Shhhh! She’s sleeping!”
>“Sorry, that’s just…that’s funny.”
>She wasn’t lying, the white sheets had a distinctly blue tint from her hair and you’d recently gotten pricked with some loose down feathers.
>Silence pervades for the next few minutes, the only indication Dash was still awake were the quiet grunts and glint from her moist eyes studying you in the dark.
>“Hey, I’m sorry I made you mad about the hoofball thing, I didn’t realize she picked up that much from us watching the games together.”
“No, dude you’re fine! I just, I guess I wanted her to play hoofball, it didn’t really occur to me that she’d ever want to play something else.”
>You sense the sobriety in her voice.
>”Hey, it’s an easy mistake to make, my dad did the same thing with me when I was a kid and I still enjoyed it.” Your fingers stroke her affectionately, “You’re the best mom anyone could ask for, believe me.”
“Th-thanks Anon.” She seems to take it to heart.
>But she stays quiet for a moment.
“Geez, if you still think I can get mad at you I’m obviously not rutting you enough.”
>”Heh, is that a hint?”
“Not really hinting at much there big guy.”
>Her hips maneuver over yours and her hind hooves work your boxers down.
>You pull her head into a deep kiss before parting with a smack.
>”I think I love you enough that I won’t call it soccer anymore.”

File: 1496359948841.jpg (269 KB, 964x902)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
That was comfy and cute. Thanks my dude.
I know it sounds bitchy right after a Dash-related episode but I wonder if Rainbow will ever do anything noteworthy again. We get a cute scene every 5 episodes or so but they're not making a good use of her wonderbolt status. A bit of a waste. At least give her something cool to do.
File: 1501616650658.gif (905 KB, 507x508)
905 KB
905 KB GIF
Mobius! It's so nice to see you.
Super cute green, great work, man.

It sucks, yeah. After they reduced her most important celebration moment to literally two seconds, the scene in the OP, I thought that they'd do something else with her. But it doesn't seem like it. Fluttershy got her sanctuary in an episode, and cured a fatal disease in another one. Pinkie is an honorary Yak. But I'm starting to think that Dash's chances to shine are on hold since the s5 finale. Maybe they decided after the episode that making Dash responsible for the future of Equestria was too much, and they've been limiting her importance not to make her look like a Sue. I don't know.
File: 1436914659974.gif (106 KB, 316x281)
106 KB
106 KB GIF
File: that's so cute.jpg (111 KB, 1064x644)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
File: 1550950.png (901 KB, 6020x6000)
901 KB
901 KB PNG
douse all dashfags
File: 1502973651669.png (157 KB, 553x791)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
too cute, well done
Cute concept but I just couldn't get into it. It's obviously AiE but is he still human or was he transformed into a pony? The whole pony and human have a kid together really breaks any kind of immersion and brings the story down; human & human or pony & pony works but not mixing as it is pretty jarring.
File: 1404217960502.png (149 KB, 829x1018)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Fund it.
File: 560874.gif (2.59 MB, 320x239)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
>Dash is a bully
>Dash is a escort
Did you run out of ideas to make her completely out of character? I think you can come up with an even more cancerous prompt if you put some effort into it. Add something like "Dash betrays her friends and kicks Scootaloo in the face" on top of it. Or, even better, kill yourself.
File: 1544668.png (95 KB, 600x500)
95 KB
>pony & pony
I personally don't have any problem with that and I'd like to read some pony-Anon-in-Equestria stuff, but like two or three threads ago, a few people admitted that they can't self insert into ponies. To each their own, I don't like satyrs, so even if it doesn't make any sense, I'm all in for a filly daughter. My headcanon is that humans and ponies can't have (natural) offspring, and a man can only impregnate a mare thanks to some kind of magic, whether it's a temporal transformation or some kind of shit that only affects his balls, either way resulting in a pure pony child.
Not to suck Mobius's dick too much, but I have to say that I really enjoyed this because I'd like to imagine that these are "the" Anon and "the" Dash from Excuses, and they having a child is an epilogue to that story.
Well tough luck buddy, human on mare impregnation is the hottest thing around
Kill yourself, barbiefag.
you want more Excuses? Well... Sit tight friendo
File: 1504990491867.gif (1.25 MB, 409x476)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
OR here, that was perfect, thanks dude
I personally would've gone the other way, with Anon wanting her to do soccer because football would be too dangerous but, hey

Not sure about calling her SKITTLES tho
File: 1504376281543.gif (261 KB, 562x562)
261 KB
261 KB GIF
could it be?
>Not to suck Mobius's dick too much, but I have to say that I really enjoyed this because I'd like to imagine that these are "the" Anon and "the" Dash from Excuses, and they having a child is an epilogue to that story.

I wish I could find a story as good as this one. It was really good and never felt forced.
Are anti-EQG autists still frosty over the leak, cry some more you little bitch.
>tfw this sexy bitch is canon
Can you do >>31105650 but no escort.Just Dash bulling anon and she decided to have change of heart one day started dating anon!
I actually like this , tsundere Dash is awesome.
Barbiefag pls kill yourself
You too.
That's really cute
File: (orgasm).png (332 KB, 541x529)
332 KB
332 KB PNG

And >>31118156
Escort is shit, bully is good
File: 1474688263000.png (242 KB, 713x777)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
do et, just tsundere/bully Dash, without escort
I really love this frame of Dash, I don't know why but the facial features are really interesting to me, even if it is a disguised Changelings, and it makes me wonder what would have to happen to make the real Dash look this way
Yeah he's still human and I agree that its pretty outlandish. But I think transforming into another creature entirely is right up there with it if not harder to believe than a little bit of magic balls. I don't really see a believable solution to it other than adoption.

Thanks! I just thought of something to describe small and colorful.

It's ok I don't get the suck irl. But seriously thanks. I kinda wrote it with that in mind. I'm glad to give back to the dash community.

Can confirm. It'll probably be centered around their 'honeymoon' and pretty clop heavy. I know that'll disappoint some but it's more of a lead up to where I wanted to take the story to begin with and it would be harder to get there without it. Also clop

I'll work on it when I've got some time. Personally not a fan of humans because I'm a raging autist but to each their own.
File: 1482298951777.jpg (188 KB, 1210x1378)
188 KB
188 KB JPG

>Can confirm.
oh boi, I can't wait

>I'll work on it when I've got some time.
Well you can always just write some classic tsundere Dash, with her being pony not human.
File: 1556314.jpg (1.4 MB, 2480x2169)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
How would one go about writing tsundere Dash? Dash isn't tsundere
How do you know that?
We never saw her interacting with a love interest before
She totally fits the tsundere archetype too
there are even some stories about it (they are short tho) both greentexts and I think that I saw something like that on fimfic
It depends on the subject. She's proven herself quite "tsundere" regarding anything nerdy, soft or girly. Anything that doesn't align with her perception of what awesome is supposed to be, even if she herself does believe the subject in question is awesome to her. With girly stuff in mind, I don't think it's a stretch at all to believe she'd act tsundere over the thought of being somebody's wife.
She wouldn't act tsundere if she were with some jock or something like that, but she'd go full taiga the second Anon starts calling her cute in public and go mushy on her.
The thing is, tsundere isn't just something you magically transform into in the presence of someone, you have the tsundere traits that are then exaggerated in certain circumstances. Dash doesn't really have that. She might be awkward around a love interest, or she might get really cocky, but I don't really see how one could reconcile her canon character with a tsundere character.

I've seen a few stories that attempt it, but all the ones I've seen (like... total of 3) have been dogshit greentexts that write a tsundere character first, and then use "replace" command to insert Dash in all the places the name should go, and replace all mentions of hands with hooves, and call it a day.
That's more something Scootaloo would do, Dash has no problem at all with PDA and what have you, as we've seen many times.
Well, we don't have that many stories but there are tons and tons of pictures where Dash doesn't really know how to accept affection with blushing etc.
File: 1486477135718.jpg (1.34 MB, 3000x1818)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG

Yeah, it's much easier to accept a still image than it is a story or an animation. Pictures aren't as serious, I guess? The picture you posted, just like this one, are cute, but no one would try to argue they're very accurate to Rainbow Dash as a character.
No, as I said there >>31119439 you have no canon evidence of this
We don't have any either mind you, but as I also said, she totally fits the archetype
And she does go 'ugh, more hugs?!' more than once, and that's only between friends
We don't know how she'd react towards a love interest

And then we get this kind of autism, the exact kind that goes 'reeee Dash wouldn't like punk reeee' and get proven wrong by the show not two weeks later
Good shit
File: 1487482980888.png (434 KB, 1050x1350)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
It's probably because pictures are a hybrid medium for this purpose. Pure visuals, and conveyed ideas. As long as the characterization doesn't stray TOO far from Dash, (like with SmittyG's infamous Pet Dash, for example) we can usually accept it, because the visuals are enough of a connection.
The same isn't true of a story, which can only work through conveyed ideas, so as soon as you try something like making her tsundere it immediately feels OOC.
Anon, are you having an aneurism?
Who's reeeeing here? And why wouldn't Dash like punk?
Another pic from Mostwanted
File: EndMySuffering.jpg (538 KB, 1920x1080)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
I don't see the point of that whole discussion, she doesn't need to immediately go fully tsundere, she can just act somewhat "tsunderish", it isn't something that would be too out of character for her.
In the end everyone prolly has slighty different perception of her, it isn't like there is some one ultimate "Dash character" that everyone compares their own versions of Dash, what we know from show doesn't really translate into knowing how she would behave in different situations, we can only assume it.
File: 1492979833587.png (207 KB, 450x634)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
That's the beauty of a character thread: character analysis and getting to know the character as well as possible. Everyone's perception of Dash is faulty, because no one can memorize the entire show, so we help each other out, analyzing, discussing, and improving, to the point where don't just have to assume how she will react in a certain scenario, but can predict it with a degree of accuracy.
No, that's just your headcanons and you trying to force them
You're the only one with a faulty perception
File: 1492763336137.jpg (61 KB, 500x500)
61 KB
But there isn't really one "good" Dash version and others "bad".
It isn't about memorizing show, but about our perception of said character.
Anything that isn't in the show is just our own headcanon, and isn't true or untrue as long as show doesn't show it.
Some assumptions suit her character better, some are more popular than others but they aren't 100% confirmed.

We don't know how she will react to human, we don't know things like if she wants to have foals or not etc., it's just what we think about her.
And people here often just forget that ohers have different perception of Dash, eveything that isn't exactly like their version is evil and needs to be corrected.
I think he's on about the tards who freak out whenever any kind of Dash, be it pone, human or EQG, is posted with any kind of look that is remotely 'alternative'. The last time it happened the episode where Rarity get's the punkish hair that Rainbow gushed over shortly followed.
File: mtbpw_happy_dash.jpg (140 KB, 750x650)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Heh, actually I posted it here >>31101791, but I'm glad you liked it.
File: 1555556.png (600 KB, 1024x576)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
File: full.gif (1.7 MB, 960x540)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF

You're forgetting a very specific display of public affection that was in the show that we can take from for the way she might act in public with you. Sure, we can't say for certain that she would treat a relationship with her special somepony in the same fashion, but it's the best thing we have to go off of.
Huh, I somehow missed that, yea it’s cute!

There is also this
Tank got mad game.
Not very Tsundere, except maybe in the literal sense of the word. Her relationship with Fluttershy or Scootaloo are probably more indicative, but whatever.
fuckin cute ass blush
>Not very Tsundere, except maybe in the literal sense of the word
what did he mean by this

But scoot isn't overly affectionate, she's 'tough' and she plays it 'tough'
Nowhere near how one of us, or at least I, would act near Dash

Again, she doesn't show any affection towards Fluttershy
She pushes her out there and save her ass, and she loves her very much of course, but it's not like FS goes out of her way to hug her etc
You could compare it to ponk tho, but Ponk does it so much that she got used to it, like everyone else
And it's really just friendship, nothing that comes even close to lovey dovey mushy 'lame' stuff

I guess you got me if we're talking the literal meaning, which is what we should go by. I feel like the meaning has become pretty loose to describe anyone afraid of showing PDA or their feelings in a public venue, but privately they are much warmer and enjoy those sorts of things.
File: Karate Dash.png (175 KB, 966x1024)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
>>Watching kung-fu movies with her and trying to copy the moves<<

"Dash, I don't think you being a black belt in karate for ponies means you know about how to train a human to do kung-fu."
>"Hey, you said you thought it'd be awesome to be able to do a roundhouse kick like Hoof Norris."
"Doesn't mean I'm ready to start kicking trees'n shit!"
>Be Anon, practicing kung-fu with Rainbow Dash just after watching what can be considered the pony equivalent of "Enter the Dragon."
>Oddly named the same exact thing.
>Kinda makes sense if you think about it. What with Dragons being a real thing in this world and all.
>More importantly Dash told you that if you'd let her train you, you'd be kicking big bangs in no time.
>Whatever that means.
>She even took the time to put on her robe, black belt, and whistle.
>"Just focus. Position yourself and concentrate on executing the technique."
*sigh* "Alright. I'll get it right this time..."
>You inhale and spread your feet shoulder-width apart and take your combat stance.
>Hard as fuck yo.
>The tree barely shakes. Only a handful of leaves falling.
>"You call /that/ a kick?"
"Yeah well..."
>"You need to mean it. Put some 'umf' into your strikes!"
>She blows her whistle.
>You glare at the tree, sizing up your opponent.
"Hmmmm..." You reset your position and breathe deep.
"...Dammit! That fucking hurt!!" You fall to the ground, holding your leg. "Ohhh, ahhh, ehh!"
>"Hey, at least you managed to get a few apples down this time!"
>Dash blows her whistle again.
>"O-kay next lesson!"
>>Teasing her and laughing when she gets mad and pouts<<

>"Stop. Laughing."
"Laughing? Pfft, I would never!" *snicker*
>Dash's face turns red and she grits her teeth at you, growling an adorable little growl.
>"It wasn't funny!"
>She had been arranging clouds around town to prepare for a rainstorm Ponyville had due for the afternoon.
>While moving one of the larger storm clouds she sneezed and accidentally headbutted it, causing it to give her a quick lightning shock. Parts of her mane and fur were streaked with black.
>Even had little fumes of black smoke coming off them.
"H-honestly, Dash. I'm not laughing!" you take a deep breath, "I'm just uhhh, /shocked/ you'd let that happen!"
>She huffs, blushing even harder now and trying to fix her zapped mane.
"I mean really, you did kind of seem... ex-/static/ about today!"
>You can't help but antagonize her, seeing her so flustered was just cute.
>"Yeah?! Well... s-shutup!"
"Oh come on now Dash, no need to get all, /amp'd/ up!"
>Her eye twitches while a tiny stream of black smoke rises from one of the singed ends on her mane.
"You know what," you wave your hand, holding yourself up by your knees, "you know what? I'm done, I'm done."
>You breathe deep and compose yourself, wiping a tear away.
>"Good. Because it wasn't funny!" She brushes herself off.
"Well, I suppose my remarks did kinda.../spark/ a little anger in you?"
>She says nothing, only slowly turning her head at you.
>"Anon!" She clops her hooves together, "Don't make me hurt you!"
"Oh c'mon now, that not nice." You grin, "What would Mayor Mare say about your, /current/ behavior?"
>"That one didn't even make sense!"
"Shocking isn't it?"
>"E-NOUGH! Enough with the stupid puns!"
"Okay okay I'll stop."
"...They were getting a little /static/ weren't they?"
>>Playing sports with her<<

"I'm telling you Dash, there is -no- way a little pony like you could beat me in a wrestling match." You wave your hand, "Your way lighter then I am, it just wouldn't be fair."
>"Size isn't everything ya'know," She scoffs and crosses her forelegs, "sometimes the one with better technique is the one who wins."
>This conversation about size in sports started getting heated only a few minutes in.
>It was Monday night, also known as "cider, pizza and watch wrestling" night.
>Still working on a name for it...
>Your attention is brought back to the TV, standing on it's little plastic stand on the carpet. You had lived here a good solid minute, however being a guy; furnishing the place from top to bottom wasn't really in your peak interest.
>Save for a few knick knacks here and there, the place was mostly empty.
>Lucky for you, Dash didn't seem to care either. Came off as odd at first considering the damn mansion she lives in.
>However you figured better not to question it and just be glad shes your friend.
>Both sitting on the couch in your barely furnished apartment, you watch the ongoing match between the main event's two opponents. Only thing separating the two of you was a pizza box, half empty and with a slice that had a bite mark in it.
>The two wrestlers, one of which was a minotaur, went by the name of: "Bicentennial Bison" and his opponent, an Earth pony simply called: "The Nature Stallion, Rock Flare".
>Even in this world wrestler's names make almost no sense.
>"Ah-HA! See?" Dash says, pointing at the screen, "Size isn't everything!" She crosses her hooves and puts her chin up.
>Rock flare had just ducked and weaved out of a clothesline from Bison, causing his momentum to send him flying over the top rope of the ring and into the audience.
"Okay, no." You interject, "That happened because hes an overconfident idiot."
>"Just face it Anon," She says with confidence, "technique always beats brute strength. It'd be like me against you. Yeah, you may have size and weight but I'm way too athletic and would get out of anything you could throw at me!"
"Oh really-"
>"Yes. Really."
>Oh its on...
"Care to back up those claims there Dash?" You smirk.
>She jumps on the couch cushion and crouches down like shes about to pounce, "You wanna go!?"
>You look up at the clock, hanging just above the TV.
"Lets see," you scratch your chin, "about 7, 8, 9... yup. Its go time!"
>You hop to your feet and widen your stance like a sumo wrestler.
>Dash accepts your challenge, ducking down for momentum and leaps directly into your chest, knocking over the half empty pizza box that sat between you.
"Hah!" You catch her, "See? Too light!"
>You toss her back too the couch, gently enough so not to risk hurting her.
>"Hey! Don't go easy! I could tell that was for my sake!"
"Oh I'll be sure to play for real now..." You say with sarcasm.
>She growls and throws herself at you gain, this time aiming for your head.
"No fair! I can't se- ahhh!"
>She takes you off balance, making you fall to the floor.
>Now in a headlock, your confidence begins to waiver.
"N-no fair! I couldn't have seen that coming!"
>"Ready to give up yet?" she says, keeping a tight grip.
>You quickly pick yourself up and back to your feet.
>You grip her hoof around your neck and pry it open.
>Now free, you use your superior thumbs to keep your grip on her forehoof and toss her across the room.
"Ha ha! Give up!"
>"Nope!!" She catches herself in mid-air, flaring her wings out and looking more determined to win.
>Good! So are you...
>She winds herself back and flies at you full speed, nailing you right in the gut and sending you back into the wall.
>The impact knocks the wind out of you, along with knocking the back of your head against the wall with an audible clunk.
"Ughh..." You grab the sides of you head, "Owe my... ass."
>"A-Anon? you okay?"
>You slowly slide down to the floor, only having so much traction from your socks on the carpet.
*cough* "Ughhhh... That, didn't hurt."
>"Anon! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you like that!"
>She hovers over to check on you.
>"You okay?" She says, biting her lip.
"I... I can see stars..."
>She looks worried now, her eyes shrinking to half their size.
>"Oh Celestia! What have I done!" She begins nudging you shoulders, "Anon! I'm sorry! Don't die on me!"
>Oh yeah, shes really worried. Gonna use this to your advantage...
"I... can see someone. At the end of a long tunnel."
>"A tunnel?"
"I'm not long for this world..."
>"Oh Anon! I'm sorry!" She hugs your chest, "If I knew humans were so fragile..."
"Shhh... its okay Dash. W-wait... I can see who it is at the end."
>She sniffles, looking into your eyes.
>You keep a straight face, trying to fight back the shit eating grin...
"Its...beautiful. I can see him!"
>"Wh-who do you see?" She asks nervously.
>You eyes meet with hers, a great deal of concern in her gaze.
"Its..." You quickly grab her and hoist her over your shoulders.
>You get back to your feet, and run into the bedroom, giving Rainbow an "Attitude Adjustment" right onto the bed.
>"Trickster!" She says, bouncing on the bed with her hooves failing about.
"Alls fair in love and wrestling Dash." You cross your arms, "Admit defeat! I've outwitted you!"
>"No way! You have to pin me!"
"Your right! I do..."
>"Uh-oh, wait!"
>You give her no time to recover, leaping on top of her and holding her shoulders down on the mattress.
"Pfft, so?"
>She scrunches her muzzle in annoyance.
>You smirk, looking down at you defeated adversary.
>As you look down, your smirk begins to fade. Never seen her face so close like -this- before.
>Has she always looked... this good?
>Your breathing begins to grow steady as you continue gazing at her face, seeing every little detail.
>The small, little beads of sweat forming along her forehead and running down the side onto your bedspread.
>Time feels like its stopped, your whole world, focused on her right now. Gazing into her eyes, her magenta eyes just barely covered by her mane drooping over the side of her face.
>She looks back, brushing her mane behind her ear, "Uhhh...Anon? You okay?"
>You have no words, too lost to really even hear what shes saying.
>"Uhm...Anon?" She begins to blush, "Wha-whats wrong?"
"Huh?" You snap out of it, "What?"
>You lean back, seeing the pink hue in her cheeks and her confused look.
>She says nothing, only blinking nervously.
"Uhhh... S-sorry." You lean up, letting her loose.
>She gets back to her haunches and scratches the back of her head, trying to hide her blush.
>"S-so uhhh, wanna finish watching TV?"
"Yeah, lets do that."
>The evening ends with you both back on the couch, doing your best not to make the night anymore awkward.
>Still the best night you've had since getting hear though, and at least it was with her.
So in the last thread an Anon posted a bunch of little things to do With Dash and I said i would see if I could do anything with them. this is what I've got so far out of the like 15 of them hah.
In other words I'll probably be doing those for awhile. And for the record I get the last one isn't really "playing sports" with her but it seemed cliche to do like football or something.
And I can't believe I forgot to space that shit. Fml.

I like it. These are the kinds of things that make for fantastic thread bumpers.
File: 1555439.png (330 KB, 970x1229)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
These are nice. Good work, Mshake.
File: 1504974200146.jpg (578 KB, 2328x2188)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
File: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.png (461 KB, 1000x1000)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
Happy Anniversary, /dash/!
File: 1504352157519.png (1.59 MB, 842x2548)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB PNG
how would you celebrate your anniversary with her /dash/?
File: 1382803033188.jpg (110 KB, 588x600)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
I cringed
Kill yourself newfag
File: 1498428580525.png (13 KB, 308x363)
13 KB
try harder
So cute
File: DashieBoop.png (226 KB, 1515x1655)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
File: 1149052.png (332 KB, 856x731)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
File: DashieBoop.png (224 KB, 1453x1592)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
Fixed version
She's so hot in her suit. How does she do this ?
File: 1337110638170.png (247 KB, 4682x2042)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
I honestly don't like it. Blue spandex or whatever it's meant to be doesn't really do it for me.

Now, the black one on the other hand...
File: Dash cat suit.png (380 KB, 573x331)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
fugg, I love her spy suit
I don't blame you
It’s like seeing a human naked, but with ponies naked being the norm then them wearing things is seen as hot
File: 615736.png (621 KB, 3500x3500)
621 KB
621 KB PNG
>Dash and you were going to do something special today.
>It's your anniversary, and you had everything planned.
>A dream night. A visit to the open-air theater, a dinner at the most exclusive restaurant in Ponyville, and a walk to end up the day.
>But everything was ruined at the last minute.
>You're now in your room, sitting on your bed, annoyed. Just a few minutes ago, the weather ponies announced that due to some logistic problems, there would be a massive storm all night. Now it started raining, and it's indeed a terrible storm.
>Needless to say, today's play was cancelled.
>You look at the clothes you were going to wear. Your suede suit, Dash's delicate silk dress. A drop of water would wreck them, and then Rarity would wreck both of you.
>No theater, no fancy restaurant, no walk under the stars. Dash didn't seem upset, but you're really disappointed. Your perfect night is over. You close your eyes and lean on the bed.
"Sorry, Dash, I failed you", you whisper.
>"Don't be sorry, and grab this."
>She appeared out of nowhere while you were dwelling on your failure to throw a backpack at your stomach. It was kinda heavy.
"Ouch! What is this?"
>"It's a backpack, duh. You carry it, on your back. Now let's go."
"A-are you kicking me out because I failed you?"
"I can change, Dash!"
>"Uh, what are you talking about, Anon? Come on, it's late!"
>You put the backpack on and follow her to the door. She's putting her yellow raincoat on.
>"You should wear yours too, Anon", she smiles.
"Right... what for? I mean, why do I should wear it, where are we going?"
>"There's no time for this! Move, move, move!"
>Dash opens the door. You're still struggling with your raincoat and the backpack and the cold air makes you shiver.
"Are we really going out? This is the worst storm I've seen in months!"
>"Yup. Come on, don't be a slowpoke, slowpoke!"
>Ugh. You finally get ready and follow her. She's already flapping her wings under the rain.
>"It's about time! I was afraid you died!", she giggles.
>She turns around gracefully and starts flying down the street.
>You can see some ponies looking at you through their windows. By the look on their faces, they all seem to think that you two are crazy. No one would go out with a weather like this.
>After following Dash for some painful minutes, you arrive at the park.
>Like everywhere else in Ponyville, there's no pony in sight. There's nothing in sight, actually, the rain won't let you see anything.
>In a clean spot, Dash gives you her saddlebags.
>"Here, hold this."
>She flies straight to the cloud and punches it.
>A sun ray illuminates the spot, and the rain stops falling where you are.
>Carefully, Dash makes the hole bigger. A sunny day in the middle of a fierce storm.
"That was awesome!"
>"Heh, I know. Don't move, finishing touch coming through!"
>She spins quickly around the sunny spot, drying both you and the ground with a mini tornado. Before you can react, she takes a blanket out of your backpack and puts it on the ground.
>Dash grabs her saddlebags and pulls out a couple of cucumber sandwiches.
>"It's not our fancy dinner, but at least we'll have a special celebration today!", she says, giving you one of the sandwiches.
>You look around you and now that the rain isn't an obstacle, you recognize the spot immediately. It's where you first told her "I love you". A special place indeed.
>You sit on the blanket next to her. If there wasn't a curtain of rain just a few steps from you, it'd look like a lovely autumn day at the park.
>It still is, even if it's just for you two.
>With the last rays of sun as your only company, you have the most intimate anniversary dinner.
>"Happy anniversary, Anon!"
"Happy anniversary, Dash."
File: 799918.jpg (176 KB, 800x671)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
>Celestia finally lowers the Sun, and with the night comes its cold.
"That was lovely, Dash, but I think we should go back, this is getting cold."
>"What, do you think that all my plans for today were a measly dinner?"
>"Dude! Lame! The park is ours, no one is coming here until tomorrow. Now help me."
>Dash opens your backpack again and takes out a camping tent. Uh, that's why it was so heavy.
>While you start setting the tent, Dash ventures into the rainy zone to get some wood.
>Not without a bit of difficulty, you light a campfire. Sitting next to a fire surrounded by water falling everywhere feels surreal.
>Hours pass by telling stories. Mostly hers. You never get tired of hearing her.
>When it's too late and you're tired, Dash asks you to get into the tent.
>"Hold the door open."
>You get the idea. Dash flies to the sky again, and closes the gap in the clouds. Rain starts falling down over your spot, damping down the fire. In less than two seconds, she gets into the tent, and closes the zipper.
>"I hope you don't mind the noise. Technically I shouldn't go around opening holes in the clouds, I didn't want to let it as it was while we were sleeping, heh. We'll be fine here until tomorrow, the storm will stop at dawn and we'll be ready to go home, K?"
>The rain falls over the tent. Its sound is relaxing.
"It's perfect, Dash."
>She smiles. Even as fast as she is, some raindrops got into her wings. You hug her to keep her warm. She hugs you back.
>You sleep together while the rain cleans the traces of Dash's transgression of the weather rules.
>You couldn't have imagined a better anniversary.

File: Rainbow_Angel_S1E3.png (298 KB, 1280x720)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
(with my sincere apologies to Amy Keating Rogers)
File: 1148569.gif (2.28 MB, 842x560)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB GIF
Cute, Happy Anniversary!
For some reason I think her relationship with her boyfriend would be normal even to outside viewers if the way her normal sister-like relationship with Scootaloo is any indication.
Won't happen but it would be funny if we ever got a definitive proof that Rainbow knows about these things. Some writers have her completely clueless.
File: 1183558.jpg (2.81 MB, 3232x2552)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB JPG
That's cute Anon.
You could have focused a little bit more on the cuddles though

Even her relationship with her pet is secret
File: 1557126.png (1.57 MB, 2353x2500)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
More like Rainbow Bitch.
Green when?
File: Untitled.png (158 KB, 612x600)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
What the hell happened to her
>you will never get to touch Rainbow Trash's stinky wings
Bump before bed
File: 1367432.png (1.39 MB, 2011x2479)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
File: 1558143.png (239 KB, 843x1000)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
Xieril is awesome
File: 1558312.png (425 KB, 1200x1200)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
Pinkies degenerate fantasized
File: 1557868.jpg (125 KB, 950x1024)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
File: family.jpg (156 KB, 1000x800)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
>the only way to make eqg dudes and pony dudes happy
File: 2pt.png (129 KB, 399x339)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
more? please, it's one of my all time favourite greens
her unusual speech made me laugh
still absolutely cute
>random voice crack
Where does this come from ? Doesn't remember the episode.
Secrets and Pies
It's not aired yet. I will wait until saturday.
The rest of the season was leaked in 1080p
But I’m sticking with the official schedule.

The sooner it ends
The longer the wait for next season
File: Spoiler Image (3.68 MB, 509x600)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB GIF
Movie Spoiler
File: poor RD.png (246 KB, 639x327)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
>literally eating dirt
Just how far would Rainbow Dash go, for some cider?
By the way, that's from Hasbro's official PMV of the song that was released today. Here's the link in case someone missed it.
I thought it was from some ad for the movie, thanks
Page 9
File: 1525451.jpg (73 KB, 796x639)
73 KB
File: flawless.png (74 KB, 880x480)
74 KB
I was skimming through the leaked scripts (>>31099613), and it's interesting to see that there are some differences between the "final" scripts and the scripts that were actually used to produce the episodes, the most significant change being the lyrics of the songs, I guess that Daniel Ingram rewrote most of them to fit the music better.
Here's Dash's part on Fame and Misfortune. The line "My confidence comes off as cocky but it gives me the courage to fail", that was one of the most commented things about the episode in this thread, was actually one of those last-minute changes. It will never not be weird to realize that something that seems an important part of a character can be completely incidental, only because it has a good rhyme.
I believe it goes the other way, Ingram makes the first lyrics that fits the song, then the director works with the writer to see if they can change them to fit the script and episode better.
It would make much more sense, at least.

And about the courage to fail part, it doesn't change anything really, it's not like changing the lyrics had any other impact other than changing the lyrics. She'll certainly never say those words again or be described as such.
Well, I have no idea desu. Ingram is credited as lyricist, and I remember that AKR's lyrics for Smile, Smile, Smile were changed after she wrote the song. Given that the rhythm was different too, it was probably a musician the one who rewrote it, and that makes me think that Ingram himself makes some changes after the writers finish their episodes.
But then again, Ingram's version of We'll Make Our Mark was changed too.
So it seems that there are many people meddling with the songs.

Anyways. I don't think that that line was really that important, but I remember that someone came to the thread to post that the line changed the way he saw Dash. And while I think that that's an exaggeration, I can't help but think that maybe other insignificant details like that one can be unexpectedly meaningful for some of us. Kinda like my thing with the scene with Fluttershy in 28PL, some people don't give a fuck about it, but I loathe the episode because of it.
File: 1557272.png (308 KB, 1016x840)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
I want to crush her pinions and leave her bleeding and flightless in an undiscovered jungle.
How can the pony even compete?
File: IMG_0208.png (413 KB, 1136x1136)
413 KB
413 KB PNG
by having hooves
by not looking like a fucking downs retard
>Dash in compression shorts
Basically instant hardness.
Isn't that the truth.
Kill yourself.
Barbieshit again...
File: Spoiler Image (491 KB, 4108x4604)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
Though there is one thing that's better. Rainbow Dash with her shorts pulled down.
Those digits don't lie.
File: 58819989.jpg (480 KB, 2450x2450)
480 KB
480 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (3.62 MB, 1378x2279)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
How about biker Dash, dressed all in leather.
File: 2386.png (165 KB, 638x705)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
File: 1504659447315.jpg (33 KB, 268x265)
33 KB
Imagine how uncomfortable and clingy that gets when she starts sweating. It must stink!
File: sports outfit5.jpg (310 KB, 1500x2000)
310 KB
310 KB JPG

File: 849576.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1136)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
File: Spoiler Image (499 KB, 700x850)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Well if you think that's the case you better take a shower with her.
File: 982639.png (18 KB, 300x300)
18 KB
No other character look nearly as good as Rainbow Dash in shorts.
A tank top and underwear is also fine.
File: 980768.png (521 KB, 3026x3914)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
>Implying she needs tight clothing to look attractive
File: 944678.jpg (1.78 MB, 2900x3400)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB JPG
File: 1449873.png (781 KB, 793x1000)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
File: 894855.png (2.76 MB, 2500x2500)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
File: 1098686.gif (1.82 MB, 1000x1333)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
File: 1114988.png (945 KB, 668x900)
945 KB
945 KB PNG
File: 1155637.jpg (335 KB, 2000x2200)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
File: 1127658.png (2.79 MB, 3557x5491)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
Cute. We don't have nearly enough Dash and Scoots green here.
File: 1136512.png (433 KB, 762x818)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
So for the longest of time I thought this thread was becoming the Nightly Rainbow Dash Thread in everything but name but seeing the makes me happy that's not the case. Here's hoping we stay like this.
For fuck's sake, stop being a retard and ignore the shitposter, he has the attention span of a baby.
File: 1289197.jpg (2.53 MB, 2039x1378)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB JPG
Fuck off. There's nothing wrong what what either are doing, I'm getting new pony and human art and this has been the best thread in a long time. Because of dipshits like you its no wonder people are thinking like this>>31144600.

If you want to be a close minded fuck and only want pony create a thread for it, though good luck getting it to stay up seeing as the other one is basically on the mods shitlist.
File: 1548342.png (188 KB, 664x774)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
File: 528954.jpg (422 KB, 905x1089)
422 KB
422 KB JPG
File: 1357184.jpg (769 KB, 1920x1175)
769 KB
769 KB JPG
File: 849370.png (807 KB, 1500x1400)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
I wish there were more stories or pics of her getting a preening. It's so cute.
File: 1436142.jpg (93 KB, 853x1024)
93 KB
Could have sworn there used to be one in the OP.
File: 432710.gif (483 KB, 433x628)
483 KB
483 KB GIF
I didn't say anything about humans, mongoloid. These two imbeciles are fighting each other to see who gets the last pic. If "the best thread in a long time" is a thread where two turbo autists fill the thread in a couple of hours and bury any possible discussion, well, I don't know what to say. But I beg to differ.

Kill yourself, this is your fault.
File: 1527109.png (239 KB, 464x719)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
I mean, this thread used to be just an image dump with barely any discussion tho
If we get to image limit just make a new thread, don't really see the problem desu
And nothing stops you from discussing anyway
I'd honestly rather have this than the pony vs human/eqg shitfest that seems to come up on a thread by thread basis. At this point I'm almost surprised the mods haven't started targeting this like it's the NRDT.

At the end of it I don't know if it's a vocal minority, given that the response seems to be a variation of "die/kys barbiefag" I'd hazard a guess that it is but hey you never can tell with a grade autism.
File: 1401655557540.png (332 KB, 988x1426)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
I think a lot of people seem to forget this is an image board. Besides, as you say, nothing stopping folks from having discussions seeing as you can post both images and texts. That and there's nothing autistic in the OP along the lines of XYZ not allowed or XYZ OUT REEEEE!!!
File: 1451043.jpg (82 KB, 800x875)
82 KB
>Made a song about how she's awesome and everyone sucks
She is unadulterated Rainbow Dash, I love her
File: 729054.png (623 KB, 2000x2000)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
Subjective opinion, but if you want to swallow the furry cool-aid rather than the monster high cool-aid that's your choice and you're entitled to it.
Nobody says otherwise, but some people just blindly hate the latter while it's not half as bad as they portray it.
I personally prefer it to be honest. Barring the latest season I've personally found FiM becoming worse and worse as it goes on, it just doesn't give me the comfy feeling it used to when I started whereas EQG does. I personally don't care what people prefer, that's what having an opinion is, as long as you're not a cock womble I see no problem.
But FiM being "furry" isn't a problem. EQG being a sad attempt to capitalize on the monster high idea while bringing almost nothing new to the table is the problem. The only good thing about EQG is bacon glimmer, the songs, and sometimes the porn when I'm feeling normie enough, but that isn't enough to save it.
Sorry, but the MLP Movie combined with all of the good episodes in the show is better than all of the EQG films combined.
File: 1559490.png (2.03 MB, 4088x2956)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
>I'm a furry, my opinion is right yours is wrong. FiM is only better when I cherry pick the good stuff just ignore the bad stuff that doesn't support my point.

I'd say never go full retard Anon but you're long past that point, did someone ruin your fursuit to make you that salty?
File: 1502945564353.png (177 KB, 403x368)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>'reeee Dash wouldn't like punk reeee'
I know right, kek.
>projecting this much
I would tell you to go play with your barbie dolls and cry like a bitch when you realize nobody really likes your favorite barbie show except for normalfags and newfags on a pony board made for the show "My Little Pony" (Note the word "PONY", which you probably reee about) but I'm not going to do that.
If any writefags are still around I agree with this statement
Which one is better FIM or EQG Dashie?
The spandex one.
So this one?
You got me.

Both versions satisfy my fetish.
File: 323029.gif (61 KB, 500x900)
61 KB
Actually, there's a green by Church whose title is literally "Preening Dash", https://pastebin.com/tDdLHn8c, but if someone else wants to write his own version, it'll be welcome.
Anyone have that pic of rainbow with bump in it a drawfag did a while ago?
File: 337466.jpg (208 KB, 1280x1280)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Do you remember how it was? I can only remember two "bump" pics, and both are quite old. This one--
File: 720742.png (16 KB, 945x753)
16 KB
--and this one, which by the way wasn't tagged "bump" on Derpi.
File: 565625.png (287 KB, 1280x956)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Finally, this isn't a "bump" pic, but I remember >>31150047 incorrectly being more like this, ie, Dash looking more "suggestive" than annoyed, so maybe this could be the pic you were thinking of.
File: 1433511.png (1.99 MB, 1831x2436)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
File: 1560002_cropped.png (340 KB, 1400x1400)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
File: 1559858.png (3.15 MB, 3000x2600)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
File: 1557675.jpg (3.31 MB, 4122x4500)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
Thinking about it it might not of been bump.
I know it involved a word rainbow painted like “hi anon” or something

But thanks for looking
I would really like LD to come back in a moondancer like episode.
I've seen this strip so many damn times, but it never fails to warm up my heart.
File: green.png (134 KB, 950x700)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
>a word rainbow painted
I drew something vaguely similar some time ago, but I reckon the pic wasn't especially memorable. Posting it anyway because I have nothing else.
I think I remember something like Dash painting on a canvas on a easel, but I can't find it in my collection, and using tags on Derpi I can't find anything either.

Same. I'd really like to see her again.
Yea that’s it, it was a cute pic and I thought I saved it.
I'll give it a shot in a bit
File: 1507935208071.jpg (164 KB, 1200x1200)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Any anons willing to make a dash edit?
Green as promised.

>Between school, a part time job, and your painful attempt at a social life, the biggest problem in your life is the location of your locker.
>To anyone else it would’ve been an advantageous spot to have being close to the classrooms and possessing one of the newer installed combo locks that didn’t freeze up.
>But to you it wasn’t worth the convenience.
“Hey…what’s that?”
>You don’t even need a glance to know who it is.
>It’s your uncomfortably close and exceedingly sadistic locker neighbor.
>In a rush you shut your locker and hurry off to your next class—hoping to disappear into the transition period crowd.
“What’s up? Don’t want to talk or something?”
>You sigh.
>”No, I’m just in a hurry.”
“To do what? Be an egghead?” She jibes, smacking her gum loudly.
>You look over to your tormenter with a nervous but tired expression.
>”I have a presentation to get to so just leave me alone.”
>The rainbow haired girl just smirks at your snakiness.
>Despite her attitude she’s actually pretty cute…and she definitely takes care of herself.
>And in spite of all the shit she’s put you through you’ve developed somewhat of a crush on her.
“Oooh lemme see!”
>She snags the model of a vintage wagon off the top of your pile of books.
“You think this is going to get you a good grade?”
>You go to snatch it back but she holds it from your reach.
“I should really just toss it and do you a favor you know.”
>”Quit it!”
>She just smiles at your fruitless efforts to gain a height advantage on her taller frame.
“…Nah…I think I’ll let you get a bad grade instead. It’ll teach you to spend all your time in books.”
>For a moment, hope fills your eyes and she surely revels in the sight of it.
>But before giving it back she jerks it away again and fishes her gum out of her mouth.
>You let out an exasperated sigh, “Ohh come on!”
>She mashes the gum onto the canvas cover of your wagon and grinds it in with her palm.
>The sadistic girl tosses your project over her shoulder as she walks away laughing and you stumble to catch it.
>You look at the deformed and discolored model of a wagon that you spent meticulous hours making.
>How could she do something like that?
>And why does she just pick on you?
>At first you were ecstatic when you thought she might’ve had a crush on you too.
>But after years of systematic teasing and bullying you’ve long since lost that hope.
>You head to your class with your head drooped—dropping your poor wagon in the garbage can outside of the room.
>Class starts as usual and when it’s your turn to present you admit that you forgot to do it.
>The only reason you covered for her was because you didn’t want to endure the social stigmas associated with being bullied by a member of the opposite sex.
>As if your chances of getting a girlfriend weren’t slim enough already.

>The next day you go out of your way to avoid your locker at the same time Rainbow was at hers. You hover by the water fountains, pretending to be part of a conversation while all the while watching her out of the corner of your eye.
>To your surprise she actually stays a bit longer than she has to.
>Her magenta eyes scan the crowd but she finds no Anon to pick on.
>Not today.
>She sticks around until the traffic starts to thin noticeably and you’re afraid your cover is going to get blown.
>But she finally turns around and heads to her last class of the day—leaving your path open.
>This game of cat and mouse continues for the better part of two weeks.
>You became a reverse stalker of sorts.
>You learned her schedule like the back of your hand, when she went to practice, where she met for her carpool home, the whole nine yards…just to avoid her.
>You actually got pretty adept at it, so much so that you almost forgot you were doing it.
>But all that ends one day when you get lazy and take a short-cut by the soccer field stands.
“Hey! There you are!”
>Oh no, you recognize that voice.
>Without a second thought you take off in a dead sprint towards the road but the athlete catches up to you in a matter of seconds.
>Before you know it you feel her wiry arms hook around your neck and tackle you to the soft grass.
>You wrestle with her for a moment, but she predictably gains the upper hand.
>You were not a strong man.
>Her hands pin yours to your chest as she straddles your stomach in her workout shorts and tank top.
>In the second that you look up at her your anger turns to something very different as all of your long-suppressed emotions about her start bubbling up.
“Don’t run I want to talk to you!”
>To be honest, you had no plans to anymore.
>You suddenly register the warm feeling of her sweat-soaked crotch and legs wetting your shirt.
>The heat coming off her tight butt is particularly noticeable.
>Damn these teenage hormones.
“Look, I uhh…I just wanted to say…I kinda feel bad about your project…”
>Her strangely sympathetic tone of voice is the only thing that could possibly snag your attention at that point in time…and it does.
>You look up to see her seemingly genuine eyes.
>She can’t be serious, she’s just waiting for you to open up before she tears you down again.
“And umm…I knew you wouldn’t believe me so…”
>She swings her tiny athletic pack off her back and opens it up.
>You take the opportunity to sneak another peek at how much of her legs were revealed by her extremely short shorts.
>Even if you could speak to the bizarre turn of events, you wouldn’t.
>You have nothing to say to her.
>You win the inner struggle against your puberty and make up your mind.
>You’re not letting her do this to you again.
>But just as you’re about to cuss her out with some expletives that you’ve never used before out loud, she does something unexpected.
>She pulls your model wagon out of her bag.
>The same one you threw away…but it looked brand new.
>She hands it to you and you take it with a suspicious hand.
>As you examine it you realize that it was indeed your wagon and it had been painstakingly fixed to look untouched by her vitriol.
>“Umm…is this a joke?”
>The question makes her visibly wince.
“I uhh…I kinda had some second thoughts about, you know…how I’ve been…t-towards you.”
>Her powerful thighs clamp your torso a bit tighter as she gets nervous.
>Or as nervous as that girl could get.
>”Yeah. Sure.”
>You move to push her knee off you and she doesn’t offer much resistance.
>Still, she wasn’t exactly cooperating.
>”What do you want from me? Do you get off on this or something?”
>Your previous anger had returned with a vengeance and you were done with this girl.
>You’re too motivated to notice her hurt expression as you push her off you in a show of force.
>You sit up and for a moment you’re both on your asses looking at each other.
>Then she moves.
>Every instinct you had told you to square up for a fight, but something in you just can’t bring yourself to lash out.
>She’s past your defenses in an instant and hurriedly plants a kiss on your mouth.
>You stay that way for a few seconds, leaning back on your palms with the soccer player invading your private space.
>Whether it was hormones or something else, you can feel your brain start to rewire itself from the stimulation.
>She breaks away and locks eyes with you for a brief second.
>She looks just as shocked as you feel.
“I want to go out with you.”
>You stare at the stunning girl who was your archenemies not a few seconds ago.
>”Y-yeah, sure.”
“Pick me up tomorrow after school.”
>You just nod.
>And with that, Rainbow finds her feet and runs back to her team who had been anxiously waiting her return—and who’d seen everything that just happened.
>You can hear the girls giggle in the distance, but for the first time it doesn’t make you feel bad.
>Sure they were giggling at you…for obvious reasons, but…you just got your first kiss.
>And that wasn’t a high easily conquered.
>For a split second you think it might’ve all been a ruse.
>But the look in Rainbow’s eye somehow promised you it wasn’t.
>You gather your things strewn about the grass and head home.
>You had a lot to do if you were going on a date.
This is pretty good
Can't wait to read more of this
File: 1507956966227.png (748 KB, 1200x1200)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
Here you go.
File: 1560657.png (827 KB, 800x1000)
827 KB
827 KB PNG
That's good to hear. I still have the editable original, if you want another version with different text, it shouldn't be a problem. I feel tempted of redrawing it from scratch, but I'm not sure if I really want to confirm that I haven't improved one bit.

This is supercute, saved.
>>You take the opportunity to sneak another peek at how much of her legs were revealed by her extremely short shorts.

Also wasn't this supposed to be bullying Dash turns out to be an escort?
So cute
This is going to be good
Sex with spandex shorts girl pls
File: dashcake.png (595 KB, 1016x568)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
"Apparently the fan fiction writers got it right: she can't bake at all."
File: 1507994147460.png (208 KB, 363x566)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
Nothing to do with it but look at that fucking figure, shit is nice.
Goddamn these ponies are round
File: Spoiler Image (723 KB, 1920x1080)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
>waiting an entire week to post spoilers barely a few minutes before the episode
For what possible purpose?
Besides, cartoon logic, she can't bake /pies/ because she hates pies, that scene doesn't mean that she can't bake at all. Not that I like her because of her cooking abilities, but you're just wrong.

Did you like the episode, /dash/? I didn't see the leak, and this was a really pleasant surprise. I have to say that overall I enjoyed Dash's episodes this season much more than during season 6.
>Besides, cartoon logic, she can't bake /pies/ because she hates pies, that scene doesn't mean that she can't bake at all.
I'm almost sure this is more than fanfiction... Maybe a CMC episode in S2 shows Dash can't cook?
>waiting an entire week to post spoilers barely a few minutes before the episode
For what possible purpose?

I legit thought the episode already aired by the time I posted that
Oh my god
the crazy laser eye dash wasn't some crappy fanart
That was on purpose.
Great episode, slapstick, dash was very cute in it, fuck the "cuntfags" overanalyzing shit like when she dispose of it in her house.
I liked the episode.
Dash was so cute and she wasn't a cunt.
File: cutestest.png (680 KB, 990x1080)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
>Maybe a CMC episode in S2 shows Dash can't cook?
I can't find that reference. I can't find anything that proves otherwise either though.
The only scene that I remember where she's preparing food is when she helps Fluttershy with the burgers in Trade Ya, but technically Fluttershy is the one cooking them. I've been through the transcripts and the only mention of cooking that I found is in Daring Don't, "We could help her with her laundry, buy her groceries, cooking her meals, whatever!", but then again, it doesn't necessarily mean that she would be the one doing the cooking. I'd say that there's still nothing official either way
I do, however, prefer to think that she can cook. She lives on her own, it'd be unnecessarily mean if we were supposed to believe that her meals at home are all like that Sweetie Belle-tier pie. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that she definitely can't do is to bake pies.
Still very cute, wasn't it
File: 50525.png (1.36 MB, 1000x1191)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG

It was a reference to that fanfiction about Dash that can't be named
File: wash.png (566 KB, 1041x586)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
>a bunch faggots think Dashie doesn't wash because Ponkers said she hates doing it
I hate cleaning my house but I still do it. Funny how that works, huh?
I've never seen someone say this

crusty cunt has been a meme much longer than that scene
No shit, it's the "confirmed" part that is new.
Its just the weekly shitposting. Ignore it.
the the fuck is wrong with her forelegs?

One is fine, the other looks like the artist forgot how to draw them halfway through the image
File: 1504050980456.webm (1.46 MB, 898x506)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB WEBM
Not exactly related, but thinking about Dash and water I've remembered this scene in Campfire Tales. For some reason, one of the recurring topics of this thread was whether or not Dash can swim, and while she isn't exactly swimming here, this strongly suggests that swimming shouldn't be a problem for her if she dives into the water like if it was nothing.
It's weird that I didn't think about it until now, but if I recall correctly, no one else mentioned this either after the episode.

Anyway, there's a screencap thread for today's episode. There were a lot of cute moments.

I always imagined that pony would have a hard time swimming (even though it's been proven multiple times that they swim fine) because hooves aren't suitable for moving water in a way thay would make it easy for them to stay afloat. On top of that, pegasi in specific I think would have even worse of a time due to their wings create more drag and would hold too much water between the feathers that they would sink faster than the other two races. Hell, I think it was proven in Dash's case way ealier than this episode that she could swim, but I can't think of which episode at the moment.
She's been shown swimming a number of times throughout the whole series.
File: 1499906420990.png (286 KB, 2563x2175)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
>>>Letting her pin you so you can feel her body pressed against yours
Flipping her back over so that you can stare into each other's eyes<<<

"Three minutes? Your so full of it."
>"Yeah your probably right. It'd be more like two."
"My ass!"
>Another day, another friendly debate slowly turning into a competition. What started out like any other day in the Ponyville park, was beginning to devolve as they normally do.
>You had been discussing with Dash on what would be more important in a fight: strength or agility.
>You've had this conversation with her before.
>Eleven times as a matter of fact.
>This time however, was becoming more heated.
>Whether it was because she was just trying to get more of a rouse out of you or it was just because she was being herself.
>Hard to tell sometimes, but it would at least make it to where there was never a dull moment around her.
"I know I'm not the biggest dude around, but there is no damn way you could pin me in a match of any kind in only two minutes." You cross your arms, "I'm calling shenanigans right there!"
>"Hah!" She scoffs, then taps her chin, "Actually Anon, your right." She looks you up and down, "It wouldn't even take one."
>You stop dead in your tracks in the middle of the park trail with your jaw hanging, and she just keeps on walking.
>Other ponies walk by looking at you strangely. Not everyday the friendly neighborhood human gawks at ponies in the park.
>Such arrogance! How could she make such assumptions?
>This travesty will not stand!
>You know for a fact you can last longer then a minute!
"Hold it!"
>She stops and looks back with a cocked brow.
"I challenge you! Right here, right now!"
>"Oh yeah?" She says with a grin, flying back to you at face level, "In what?"
"Since were talking about who could pin who, how about a wrestling match?"
>She crosses her forelegs, "Alright then tough guy, see that open flat open spot in the grass over there?" She points to her left.
>You nod.
>"Meet me over there in ten minutes, and you know what? Lets make this interesting."
"A wager?"
>She begins fluttering in circles around you. Dash crosses her forelegs behind her head while doing so, as if sitting in a chair.
>"If you can pin me within two minutes, I'll admit that strength alone can be useful in a fight. I'll even admit I was wrong, but if you lose..."
"Go ahead!" You shout, "Name it!"
>"You gotta be my servant for the rest of the day. -And- you gotta refer to me always in third person."
>Maybe you should think this throu--
>Balls. So much for thinking.
>fuck you, right?
>"Awesome!" She stops fluttering in circles and hovers just over your head, "I'll be waiting, and I hope you enjoy doing house work!"
>With that, she's already at the spot she pointed out, drawing a big circle in the grass with her hoof.
"Hmph. Hope -your- ready to admit that I'm right."
>The ten minutes pass like nothing, but they don't go to waste.
>You spent the precious moments stretching and prepping yourself while Dash just sat up in a lone cloud watching you.
"What? Like what you see?"
>"Just thinking about how useful it will be having my own personal assistant following me around all day."
"yeah well don't entertain the idea too much there bluefast, I intend to win!"
>She rolls herself off the cloud, slowly floating down.
>"Don't worry Anon," She says landing, "I'm sure you'll make a great servant."
>Oh we'll see you little...
>"No really," She begins to stretch her legs, "You'll do fine, there plenty around my house that needs cleaning. Like Tank's food and water bowls, my Wonderbolts uniform needs washing..."
>She continues stretching, showing off her flexibility.
>It was pretty noticeable that her body was a bit more tone then the other ponies in town save maybe for AJ, but this was making it obvious.
>"My room needs re-organizing..."
>She continues on, naming off random tasks.
>But your long past the point of hearing anything shes saying, and at the point of staring at her showing off.
>She leans forward, stretching her core and legs. Her muscle tone being made easily visible under her coat in the process.
>She begins making circles with her head, limbering up her neck and wings.
>Every rotation she huffs, grunts, or moans.
>Would be much easier to focus if this wan't so damn...hot.
>"Mmmm yeah, thats the stuff."
>"Just a few more circles..." She whispers to herself. "Ahhhh..."
>Suddenly being her servant doesn't sound so bad.
>Wait, no!
>Must, contain, boner! Th-think about something! Anything!
>Baseball? Old nuns!
>"Alright!" She poses, "Are you ready to lose?"
>Maybe you should just...
"Whats that?"
>"I asked if you were ready!"
>Oh, right! The match part has to happen.
"Y-yeah! Shut-up!"
>Dash only looks at you, shaking her head.
>Great, she probably figured out your were totally checking her out.
>Its all good. You got this! No problem...
>"Well if your ready, here I come!"
"Wait, what?"
>Rainbow Dash wastes no time, charging at you full force.
>She spears your mid-section, knocking your ass down to the ground.
>Your shirt pulls and tugs against your shoulders as you fall backwards in the grass.
>Dash releases her grip and takes a step back, "Hah!" Dash places a hoof on her chest, "Told you I wouldn't even need a minute!"
>Picking yourself up to your knees, you attempt a sneak attack.
>"Whoa!" She flies up, dodging your attack.
>You eat a face full of dirt. Lucky you.
"Ya see Anon?" She says giggling, "There's no way you could beat my speed."
"Yeah? Well since when is it fair to fly when I have no wings?"
>"When its you I'm against." She says with her forelegs crossed.
"Yeah well I'm still here! I'm still ready to go! Remember you said if you can't pin me in 2 minutes..." You nod with a grin, "I win!"
>For the first time, her confidence waivers.
>"I didn't forget!" She lands to the ground hard, crouching and ready to pounce, "I still have plenty of time!"
"Well then..." You wave your hand, "Lets go!"
>"I don't lose!" She grits her teeth.
"First time for everything..."
>She growls, winding herself back and expanding her wings as far as they could go.
>"Well see about that!"
>She lunges forward, too quick for you to even react.
"Wha--oh shit!"
>Never thought you'd live to see the day where a roughly 3 foot little Pegasus would hit you with enough force to put you on your ass.
>"Hah! I got you now!" She says panting, little beads of sweat forming on her forehead.
>Rainbow has you held down by your chest, her hooves holding you in place.
>Her mane dangles just above your face, tickling your nose as it waves from side to side.
>You glance down, seeing the lower half of her body pressed against yours. Her tone, firm body...
>She felt...warm yet, soft. Her coat against the bare part of your skin being exposed by her pressing against your shirt, it was as if her coat were acting as a blanket.
>Keeping your bare skin protected from the cool wind.
>The situation seemed to grow more intimate with each breath you each took.
>You glance back up, seeing the still determined look in her eyes. Those clear, magenta eyes.
>Rainbow begins to calm down, being this close you feel her breath on your face.
>The warmth, it's scent, and moisture made the breeze feel cold against your cheeks.
File: 1504657823373.png (37 KB, 455x495)
37 KB
>A little bead of sweat drops off her forehead onto yours.
>Oh yeah, you could easily get used to this.
>"Guess I win, huh?"
>Her body moved slightly when she spoke, grinding against your waist.
>Once again its as if you didn't even hear her, too lost in her gaze.
>Yeah...talk some more please.
>Slowly but surely, you begin feeling a certain part of your pants tighten up...
>Boner, NO! Not now! You can't make this of all moments awkward and fuck up your relation with her!
>You buck your hips quickly to get her off.
>"Whoa! What the?"
>You free your left arm in the second you bought yourself and use it as leverage to turn the tables, flipping her on her back.
>Now it was you who had her pinned. Or rather, trapped underneath you.
>"No fair! I had you!"
"Yeah," you nod, "but there was no ref to count to three. So it doesn't count."
>She says nothing, only glaring at you.
"What? I'll still help you around your place if you really want..."
>Her ear twitches at that, "Oh! Uhhh, y-you don't have to. I-I mean uhh, I didnt actually mean..."
"And if you really want, I'll even wear a maid outfit to prance around your house in." You smirk, "I'll make sure to get the most -revealing- outfit I can find."
>She blushes, meeting her eyes with yours.
>You rest on your left arm, looking down. A moment goes by, just looking at each other.
>"I uhh, never n-noticed..." her blush grows.
"Noticed what?"
>"Your eyes."
"...What about'em?"
>"N-nothing." Her eyes dart to the left, then back to yours, "I uhm...like'em. Thats all."
>You cup her cheek with your free hand.
"You too."
>She gently grabs your arm with her hooves, nuzzling your hand.
>"I uhh, I think maybe just this once I can call it a draw..."
>With your thumb, you gently pet her cheek.
"Yeah, me too."
Welp, that'll about do it for this short. Will maybe but I dunno have the next one maybe two doubt it
up tomorrow.

Also, here is a paste for the ones I have so far:https://pastebin.com/jFxeUd1d
Please see
top cute
File: dash.png (13 KB, 751x193)
13 KB
File: 1560948.jpg (103 KB, 744x900)
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103 KB JPG
It's been a while since I watched the episode, when did it say Dash didn't like washing? I don't recall anything like that being mentioned.
How disappointing.
The full size and nude version of this is going to be glorious.
File: brainwashed.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB PNG
That was really nice, Mshake. Pretty good mix of sexy and cute. Just like her.

Ponk mentioned it twice. "has she been brainwashed by a pie-hating evil queen? [beat] You make a good point. Rainbow Dash is too stubborn to be brainwashed. Plus she hates washing."
As a non-native speaker, I'm really confused with this. I thought that "she hates washing" has two meanings, to clean something ("why won't Dash wash the dishes?", "she hates washing!"), and to clean oneself ("why won't Dash take a shower?", "she hates washing!"). When I watched the episode I assumed that the joke was that Dash hates washing [things like the dishes], which has absolutely nothing to do with being brain-washed, and therefore Pinkie's remark was completely random. But everyone seems to be assuming that Pinkie can only mean that Dash hates washing [herself]. Is it so? Must Pinkie's words be interpreted that way?

>the post with this pic has been removed from the discussion thread
>all the bait shitposts are still there
Ugh. Not that those imbeciles posting stale memes deserved your attention, but if you've been banned for defending Dash, wear that medal with honor, Anon.
File: 1561019.png (356 KB, 960x540)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
File: 1545962.png (410 KB, 1159x934)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
>Must Pinkie's words be interpreted that way?
No, you're right about the two different meanings. And I think your first intuition was right as well; anons are misinterpreting things for the sake of shitposting as per usual.
File: 1561097.png (940 KB, 2000x2000)
940 KB
940 KB PNG
Makes sense, thanks.
It is not disappointing. I don't my wiafu to be a whore
File: selfie.png (1.2 MB, 1200x900)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
Yeah but then someone posted >>31118156 and I thought it was the op. guess not
> ayylmao
I'm bummed too, I at least wanted her to be somewhat of a naughty athlete.
I myself would prefer a naughty athlete that isn't a whore
File: 1561638.png (666 KB, 4000x4000)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
Kys shitfag.
Don't be mad because EQG Dash is fucking awesome.
That's hot.
> hurrr duuurrrrr im a retard look at me
Barbiefags as is.
I'm sorry you're retarded, Anon
It happens, it's not your fault
>barbiefag falseflagging as a hater so that the barbiefags can post more of their barbiefag shit
barbiefag plz
File: yummy.gif (1.91 MB, 790x820)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
I've just realized that I posted this in the screencap thread, but I forgot to post it here too. Not that it matters cause it's on Derpi now, but whatever.
if you want more eqg then write your own shit faggot
OMG! this is beautiful
<3 Her eye freckles
>>>Protecting her from bullies even though you know she can handle herself<<<

>"So whaddya think so far? Best place in Equestria don't ya think?"
>Rainbow's confidence in her home town of Cloudsdale being the "most awesomest place of awesome" in her words, were actually... somewhat true.
>The architecture, the pillars of white, the liquid rainbows flowing from cloud to cloud like streams of rainwater on leaves in the sky...
>It really was a marvel to behold.
>Nothing even remotely close to this existed on Earth save for ancient Greece.
>The similarities with the structures and artwork in their buildings and stadiums was a spitting image of the old Greek places...
>"Well?" Rainbow says impatiently, "I'm waiting!"
"You weren't kidding." You say in awe, "This place is a hell of a lot more aesthetically pleasing to the eye then most of the other places I've been to so far..."
>Rainbow crosses her forelegs, floating just to your right, in triumph.
>"I -told- you it would be! Its where I'm from after all."
>Easily the best.
>Twilight had been letting her friends give you the tour of various places they had traveled to. Or at least the notable places that were safe enough.
>Manehattan, Canterlot, even Neighagra Falls.
>The names in this world, its hard to tell whether they /knew/ what they were doing with them or it was all just a coincidence.
>Regardless, today's location was where rainbows are made.
>In a literal sense.
"I tell you one thing, sure is way better seeing this place for more then a second before falling through the damn gr- err clouds...?" You look down at the cloud-made sidewalk, "Whatever."
>"Y-yeah... I was just excited is all."
>Your first trip here fell short, in her excitement to show off her home town she completely forgot to mention the cloud walking spell needed for non-pegasi to walk around freely on clouds.
"Honestly, I have never come so close to turning gay in my life. Falling straight down? Nah, done." You say sternly, "Fucking wake up this morning, Twilight tells me I'm going to the city in the sky, I thought that meant she snapped and was gonna murder my ass..."
>You and Rainbow continue making your way along the road, getting the occasional weird look from passers by. Being the only walking monkey thing in town and all...
"And low and behold there is an actual city in the sky!" You raise your arms, gesturing at the marvel surrounding you and then glance at Rainbow, "Only to be rushed all morning and then get brought all the way up here just to fall back down because 'magic'."
>Rainbow simply rolls her eyes.
"Oh hey Anon!" You impersonate Rainbow, "Your gonna love Cloudsdale! Your totally not gonna almost fall to your death!" You clap your hands together and flutter your eyes.
>"Hey, I said I was sorry!" She glares, "And besides, you got to see me in action when I totally saved you!"
>Rainbow nods, patting herself on the back.
>"If anything, you ought to thank me. Not everypony gets a free skydiving ride like that, only to be saved by the fastest flier in Equestria y'know."
"Well, had I knew you were -that- fast I probably wouldn't have freaked out so bad."
>"And now you know." She cocks her brow.
"Yeah but still--"
>"Your welcome."
>You let out a drawn-out sigh.
"Whatever, lets just get today over with." You rub your forehead, "Whats first on the tour?"
>"Oh, I know!" She says with excitement, "I gotta show you the Flight Colosseum! Then, the weather factory, then my old flight school, then..."
>Oh lord.
>Time flies by, going form place to place.
>Heheh, "flies by". Get it?
>Because of the clouds'n stuff?
>Fuck you
>In what only seemed like an hour, was the entire morning gone.
>Dash showed you all around Cloudsdale. Every notable place of interest she thought would be cool to explore.
>The Colosseum, her old school, and now, the weather factory.
>Awaiting by the entrance at the front, you sit on a bench for your tour guide's return.
>She had explained that in order to venture inside, a white coat and hardhat are needed to avoid any head injuries from the machinery.
>Not to mention the fact that this place is pumping out literal clouds of thunder, you had no protest.
"Ya'know, I'm not even mad anymore." You talk to yourself, staring at the roads of cloud, "Today started pretty shitty sure. But I think this is making up for it so far."
>Looking up, you can see the blue in the sky so much clearer then on the ground. Or even ever then back on Earth.
>So serene...
>Your attention is brought to the factory doors and out comes Rainbow wearing a white coat and hard hat, carrying another one of each on her back.
>"Sorry for the wait," She hands you a coat and hat, "I had to take a minute to find one that would fit you."
"S'all good!" You run your arms through the sleeves, "Fits well enough. Shall we?"
>As you make your way in, you hold open the door to let her in.
"Ma'dam..." You say in a British tone.
>All sophisticated'n shit.
>"Pfft, very funny Anon." She rolls her eyes, "I don't need you to--"
>"Hey! Check it out!" You hear a voice call, "Its the Wonderbolt's newest member! Rainbow crash!"
>You look back to see three Pegasi, each of which looking kinda big. For a pony anyway...
"Friends of yours?"
>"With them??" Rainbow asks in shock, "No way!"
>"Hey Rainbow crash!" The taller one calls out, heckling Dash, "We heard about your first day in the Wonderbolts! Maybe we should re-name you Rainbow -Trash-!"
>Oh damn. Bullies exist even in this world.
>"Well at least I'm still in!" Rainbow fires back, "Better then anything you three have ever done!"
>"Oh, OH! Don't crash into us!" The stockier of the three chimes in, "We know that your most fatal attack!"
>They begin laughing in unison, leaning on each other to keep themselves up.
>"HNGG!" Dash growls, "Lets just go, Anon!"
"Yeah. Alright, Dash."
>You both walk in and let the door shut behind you.
"The fuck was that all about? Who hell are those idiots?"
>"Who cares!" She whips her tail, "They're not important!"
"You sure?"
>"Yeah..." She sighs.
"Wanna talk about it?"
>"No, Anon." She huffs, "I can take care of myself."
>Not like you were doubting that...
>You shrug, probably just one of those "drop it and leave it alone" kinda things.
>She leads you in. Pointing out all the cloud scientists in their adorable little lab coats.
>"See all this?" She waves her hoof, "This is where the snowflakes are made!"
>"Yup!" She continues, "Each one is unique and special."
>You gasp.
"Oh god!" You bring your hands to your mouth, "Liberalism! Its spreading!"
>She giggles and turns her head, "Yeah, okay then." She waves at you to follow her, "C'mon, watching the storm clouds get filled with lightning is the best!"
>The rest of the tour goes without any further incidents. She laughed when the lightning generators going off in the assembly lines made you jump.
>Damn reflexes...
File: 1504700608130.jpg (161 KB, 800x800)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>A little while later she takes you to the food court outside the Cloudsdale shopping center.
>Sitting at a table for two you have good vantage point of the rest of what look like a mini strip mall.
>Various booths and stores littered the area with souvenirs and the like for sale.
>"So whaddya think so far?" She asks, sipping from the cup of orange juice.
"I think Applejack is gonna have a heart attack if she sees you drinking that." You smirk.
>She squints and then looks at her drink, "Hehehe, thats okay. She doesn't have to know."
"Well to answer the question its been great so far. The Colosseum was damn huge and the storm clouds at the factory were pretty bad ass, not gonna lie."
>You pause, scratching your chin.
"Still, though. What was up with those dudes from earlier?"
>"Uhmm..." She totally deflates, "I used to know them from flight school. They kinda bullied me." She quickly gets up in her chair, "But I never let them get the better of me!"
>Oh, so thats how they knew her.
"Well hey, screw them. Like you said, " you tap your finger on the table, "your a Wonderbolt now and them? They probably aint shit. Your great, Dash!"
>She blushes slightly, trying to hide her head in her shoulders while holding the bottom of her cup on the table with her forelegs.
>"Th-think so huh?" Her eyes dart across the ground as she hides her embarrassment, "W-Well yeah! I mean, I told you so didn't I?"
"Sure did!" You sigh, "Well, I think I'm gonna grab something to eat, want anything?"
>"I'm okay!"
>You get up from your seat and walk over to one of the food stands. It had a sign over it, reading: "Fine eats from the corners of the world".
>A griffon stood behind the counter, leaning against it on his elbow.
>He notices you walking up, "Welcome. No free re-fills."
"Y'know it can't be good for customer satisfaction if the first thing you say is 'no free re-fills'."
>"Listen monkey boy,"
>"What took you?" She looks down at your hand, "Oh. You didn't go to that griffon dude did you?"
"Yeah, why? Griffon food can be good. It has meat I mean..."
>"Yeah that dude overprices -everything-."
>Great... At least your feeling of getting ripped off wasn't for nothing.
"Oh well, hopefully it'll be somewhat worth--"
>"Well hey! If it isn't Rainbow -trash- again!"
>Recognize that voice...
>"Ugh, not again..." Rainbow sinks in her seat.
>"Hey Rainbow trash! Make sure to throw away yourself along with your cup when your through! Don't wanna give the Wonderbolts a bad name by littering now do we?"
>The same three hecklers from before sat a few table behind from where Dash was facing.
>Seems like they can't pass on an opportunity to be typical jock assholes.
>Rainbow doesn't say anything, just grits her teeth and grips her cup.
>"Yeah! Hey Rainbow Trash!" Another calls her out, this one having a barbell on his ass, "Might wanna put on a sign or something on your back, so ponies don't mistake you for the garbage can!"
>"Why don't you just leave me alone?" Rainbow turns, "Why is it every time you see me you gotta try and start something huh?!"
"Hm!" You nod in agreement.
>"Oh, WHOA!" The taller one exaggerates his amazement, "Don't crash into us! Whatever you do! Quick! One of you grab a trash can so she'll instinctively fly into that instead!"
>They laugh, banging their hooves on the table.
>Rainbow turns around looking back in the corner of her eye.
>"I'll show you..." She wipes a tear away.
>"Nawww," He continues, "Wheres your parents, Trash? Too bad they aren't here too call you 'world's biggest crybaby'!"
>Dash looks down at the table. A single tear trails from her cheek and off her chin, falling in her cup.
>Yup. Fuck this noise.
>I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more!
>You get out of your chair, burrito in hand.
>"A-Anon? *sniff* What are you doing?"
>You power walk your way to their table.
"HEY! Asshole!"
"Hungry? Eat, -THIS-!"
>You throw the burrito right in the barbell ass's face, getting the sauce in his eyes.
>"Ahhh! What the?" He wipes his face, "I can't see! It burns!!"
>Before he can even react you kick out the tan one's chair out from under him and use the momentum of him falling to grab his head and slam it into the table.
>The shortest of the group, the grey one, is paralyzed in fear.
>You wind your fist at threaten like your about to deck him in the snout.
>"Nyuhhh!" He covers his face.
>Thats right. Bitch.
>"Ahh my eyes. I-hey, HEY!"
>Grabbing him by the collar of his lab coat, you drag barbell ass over to Rainbow.
>She sits there, jaw gaping.
"Apologize. Now."
"Now!" You shake him.
>"Alrightalright!" He grunts and sighs, "I'm sorry..." He looks away, hiding his shame.
"Bullshit, make it sound authentic."
>"Hey, fuck you--oweOWE!"
>You pull back on his mane.
>Dash just stares, partly in total shock. Or entirely. Either way shes getting a well deserved apology.
>"Okayokayokay! I'm sorry, Rainbow -Dash-."
"Good." You drop him, making him grunt as he hit the ground.
>Rainbow brings her hooves to her mouth, trying to the huge grin she was sporting.
>"Anon, I--"
File: 1499864564041.jpg (141 KB, 736x1164)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
"Yeah we should probably leave before security shows up."
>"Oh, right!"
>You both take off towards the nearest road.
>A quick jog later and the coast is clear. No sign of security of cops of any kind.
"Well, that was uhh..."
>"You didn't have to do that y'know." Dash says, scratching the back of her head.
"Hey, those assholes had it coming. Besides I sure as hell wasn't gonna just sit there and let them berate you like that."
>"Th-tha, uhhh..."
>She hovers in place, forelegs behind her back fidgeting.
"Something on your mind?"
>"Thanks!" She surprise hugs you.
>You return the hug, rubbing her back and petting her head.
"Uhh, yeah. No problem, anytime."
>"Normally... I'm the one who stands up for her freinds." She tightens her grip she has around your chest, "Nice to have somepony else do it for a change."
>Heh, she called you "somepony"...
"Well, hopefully neither of us have to do it again anytime soon, right?"
>"Y-yeah! Definitely." She releases her grip, hovering back to the ground.
"Well, that was my lunch I threw at that dude." You look around, "Is there any other places to get food around here?"
>"Are you kidding?" Dash replies excitedly, "Theres plenty! I'll take you to a fancy place. My treat."
"Hell yes!"
>Your tour guide just turned into your hot date. Nice.
Full disclosure, I know I could probably have two, but this one turned out taking longer then I expected. Hopefully that compensates.
That, and I more then likely won't have anything else for a couple days.
Here is da paste for joo guys!: https://pastebin.com/jFxeUd1d
File: 1505959154823.png (242 KB, 499x583)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
Thanks lad
File: 1442361606732.jpg (67 KB, 880x533)
67 KB
Loved it. A little constructive criticism, though:
You use "your" rather than "you're" in this and the other one you posted this thread.

>In what only seemed like an hour, was the entire morning gone.
The sentence structure is a little awkward here, I would would word it like:
>In what seemed like only an hour, the entire morning had disappeared.

Other than that, I think it's my favorite one shot I've seen in a few months.
Nice work
All these were great!
So fast
RD a good friend.
If you read this in the green then I apologize for the little segment that was missing. When I copy pasted I was a little over the character limit and deleted a few lines. Luckily it didnt take away so much that it made it unreadable. Will pay closer attention in the future.
fuck I suck at editing
Had a dream where I was Rainbow
The only part I can remember, and the part that woke me up, was when I had just walked into some huge square mining cavern. The type where you literally can't see the bottom, you know. I decided it'd be fun to fly around, so I jumped off the ledge and just fell for a solid five seconds and hit the ground. God, it felt so fucking real, there is no way to accurately describe it. Not even just the falling part but I could literally feel and move my wings and my ears like it was natural, I swear. Freaking shit.
Thats cool.

I've only had two pone dreams and both were about Rainbow. The first one we were just really enjoying eachothers company and she let me ride on her back as she flew up to her cloud home in the evening. The last thing I remember was her smiling at me as we walk up to her front door, then it ends. I felt so good when I woke up and the rest of my day was like I was on cloud 9.

The second dream was fucking horrible. I got a letter that Rainbow died in a training accident, and then it went into detail about how she died. I literally woke up sweating and teary-eyed and nautious, and barely made it to the bathroom before dry heaving for a minute. Cried myself to sleep and was fucking depressed for a month after.

I just want a nice dream with her. We don't have to fug or kiss or even talk, I just want to see her smile again. I need to learn how to lucid dream so I can see more of her and keep her safe.
>That last episode that she was in that last airred.
Damn is she typically this retarded?
File: 1485332399352.png (715 KB, 1920x1080)
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715 KB PNG
File: 1560659.jpg (285 KB, 1184x914)
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285 KB JPG
Cute. You did good.
File: 901811.png (466 KB, 681x900)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
That image is fucking adorable
So while I wasn't the biggest fan of secrets and pies, I could overlook most of the stuff I didn't like and enjoy a fair bit of it. One thing that I'm suprised to not see you guys talking about is the fact that they had Dash KNOWINGLY feed Tank pies after taking him to the vet for health issues and being told it was because of the pie. Why the fuck would they ever do this? I've been able to stand up a bit for Dash's actions when she's under pressure or is highly emotional (i.e. acting like her friends to the wonderbolts, freaking out before her compitition, etc) because she can be really hasty, but in this case it's a repeatedly known thing that she does to put her pet in danger, the same one that she blew up a giant facroty for (another unexcusable act). How could they do this and justify it while writing tge script?
File: 26055.png (858 KB, 962x947)
858 KB
858 KB PNG
I feel bad for posting this here, but maybe someone can help. Apologies in advance. Anyway, maybe you remember that about half a year ago, fearingfun drew a pic of Dash being beaten and raped, and I posted a non-rape edit here
The original image was part of a paid pack, but it's on Derpibooru now
https://derpibooru.org/1560449 [rape]
I'd like to upload the non-rape edit to Derpibooru, but I'm physically unable to talk about this pic with the artist, so I'll do the next best thing I can do, and I'll try to upload an /acceptable/ edit and hope that it'll be good enough not to be deleted. Since only the pic with text is on Derpi, and the textless version is still paid-only, I guess I should upload a version with the dialog balloons, but I have no idea what to put on them. So, if someone has an idea, any idea, it'll be more than welcome.
For the sake of not derailing the thread with this, if someone has an idea, I'd appreciate it if you replied in the Clop thread instead of here. Thanks.
File: 1554389.png (400 KB, 1521x1361)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
Not sure how many of you watch the RBD presents guys' stuff, but have you seen his latest pone related video and how do you feel about his perception of Dash and her fans?
File: sandwich.gif (189 KB, 528x500)
189 KB
189 KB GIF
>another fag of the fandumb talking shit
Aw no how will we ever recover etcetera
So cute and sweet!Will you write more?I want bully Dash to give forgiveness cuddles to anon!
File: -_S5E8.png (1.1 MB, 1920x1080)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
>Rainbow Dash is arguably the stupidest character in the entire show
>Doesn't argue the point, goes on a weird-ass tangent that fits neither the characters nor the tone of the show just for the sake of taking the piss

This is why I stopped following Dawnsomewhere.
I get the point, it's meant to be satirical, but along the way they lost their edge somewhere. It's GTA "Twatter" vs. Saint's Row's purple dildo flavor of satire, far too often they're merely punching down instead of exalting. Either because it's easier, because they've burnt out, or because they despise their audience. If I had to guess I'd pin it to a combination of several. It really shines through in most of their work.
Or maybe it's all just meant to be ironic? The OC they use to present the video certainly is. Maybe it's some great ironic statement on something I didn't care to catch. "Twatter" again. Who fucking cares. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, even if it's done in the form of a youtube video.

I'd still forgive it all if it was in any way funny, but it isn't. I'm not seeing it. I like offensive comedy but there's just no comedy here. The best bit I see is the "flash puppets aren't reliable" bit towards the end.

So while he is over the top in his conviction and ignores the plot and moral put in front of him for the episode, there is something to be said on how Dash does just give up. A way they could have done it to stay more true to her character would be something like her being taught by Twilight and crew, failing, apply for a make up test, and then finding the way she does to learn the information. It would have kept her dedication to things she cares about while still showing the same moral and letting her get into the Wonderbolts. I don't think Gregs video tried to make any real solutions other than dumb down the character, kill the moral, and put too much adult humor in. It shows that he doesn't care about what the show is and wpuld rather see exactly what he wants to which is suprising because he's usually more interested in fixong the plot in a way that it doesn't change the whole dynamic of the show.
File: 20637.png (404 KB, 1024x1024)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
Page 9
File: 1515377.png (99 KB, 923x1113)
99 KB
>A way they could have done it to stay more true to her character would be something like her being taught by Twilight and crew, failing, apply for a make up test, and then finding the way she does to learn the information.
Isn't that more or less what happens already, minus the retake of the test? While I really enjoyed the episode and thinks Testing, Testing 1,2,3, is among the top 10 episodes in the show, it suffers a bit from the standard issue in that it's held back by the 22 minute time limit. I'm not sure if spending more time on the buildup would have made for a better episode.
Dash isn't stupid, and she's no Applejack. Applejack will continue trying to buck the apple field alone out of pure stubbornness, while Dash is smart enough to realize when something is unachievable and eventually does give up. Hurricane Fluttershy is a good example, Dash tries everything in her might to convince Fluttershy to help, but when nothing works, she eventually gives in and leaves her be. Maybe they could have done a better job of demonstrating just how insurmountable the test was for Dash without her having to retry it, but again, episode time limit often leads to too fast pacing.

She's never really attempts to learn or focus on the ways she's taught. She just stares and somehow is shown to absorb absolutely nothing from any of the lessons where any single person/pony would have been able to absorb some level of knowledge, even what EUP is because it's so mind-numbingly stupid. They made her insanely inattentive and idiotic in the episode for the sake of teaching a lesson about learning even though they could have done the same thing while not sabotaging her character. Greg didn't really give any kind of reasonable suggestions of change in his video which isn't something he normally does, but it doesn't make his point invalid that Dash is so utterly shit in the episode that it's kind of frustrating.

Sure, the episode has a lot of cute Dash moments and we all know Dash is able to remember/debate/think, but she has always been shown to be brash, hasty, inattentive, and lazy in anything that isn't insanely important. The problem is that being a Wonderbolt is insanely important. The failure of the test lets them communicate that she tried the regular methods of studying and needed to learn her own way without her just acting idiotic through the episode.
File: 1563407.png (1.05 MB, 5600x4000)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
>The problem is that being a Wonderbolt is insanely important
Different anon. I think that the problem of the episode isn't that being a Wonderbolt is important, but the fact that the things she was trying to learn here were things that she should be eager to know. It's hard to believe that Dash doesn't want to know who the first Wonderbolt was or what kind of moves they did.
Everything would have worked perfectly if Dash had to learn something /incredibly/ boring. Like "how to fill the Permit A 38 out" or something. It's not hard to imagine that learning some bureaucratic stuff is a real part of a test like the one Dash has to take, and it's even easier to imagine that she would hate it. You wouldn't even have to change anything else in the episode, she wouldn't pay attention because even if she wanted to pass the test, it'd be impossible for her to get interested in something like that, she would fail every answer to Twilight's quiz, and she would come to the conclusion that she can't pass the test. It would look much more natural, and no one would be calling Dash an idiot.
But then you'd have a much more boring episode. An episode where Pinkie raps the difference between the beige permit and the blue permit, and what regulations affect each one of them, would be ridiculous. So instead you have an episode where the boring stuff isn't really that boring, at the expense of making Dash look a bit more of a featherbrain. Honestly, I don't even think this is bad writing, these are the limitations of the medium, they've always been there, and I refuse to get riled up because some retards are using a malevolent interpretation of the episode to push a narrative that has been proven false more than once.
I mean, for fuck's sake, there are still people who think that Dash's behavior in Tanks for the Memories was malicious, when it was literally spoken out loud that she was acting out of love. If you were to listen to every idiot, you'd hate every Dash episode.

At that point isn't it just bad character writing though and a solution was given in my post to show the moral of the episode as well as not shit all over good character writing. You're right, I should have stated that she would want to or should already know about Wonderbolts history because she loves them so much. How did you feel about the fact that after writing her willingness to commit insane crimes for her pets health that she was just willi g to continuesly feed him pies and make him sick knowingly? Should that be swept under the rug too?
File: 1563243.png (1.83 MB, 900x1156)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
But that's like saying that she "willingly" sealed a cave making it impossible to remove the rocks, while she and her friends were inside. Both that scene in Campfire Tales and the thing with the pie were sudden decisions ("act first, think later") made in a moment of stress, where her only concern was to protect her friends, and she didn't think about the immediate consequences. So no, poisoning Tank wasn't a willing decision, it was an unfortunate side effect of her trying to get rid of Pinkie's pie.
I have to point out that, as questionable as some of her sudden decisions are, making them is a vital part of her character. It's literally the key moment of Sonic Rainboom, she doesn't think about it twice, she just jumps to save Rarity. If anything, one could argue that it's kinda disappointing that her ratio of successful-to-unsuccessful sudden decisions dropped significantly from Sonic Rainboom (or Secret of My Excess), probably to make her more "human" and less of a superhero, or maybe even to balance her with Starlight since her character is prone to sudden decisions too. But anyway, without Dash's sudden decisions Rarity would be literally dead. Until all her bad sudden decisions have a combined outcome more negative than Rarity's death, her sudden decisions will keep being a positive asset.

I'm not complaining about her brashness or impulsiveness, I am complaining that she has a tube that she knows goes straight to her pet that has gotten sick multiple times from and she continues to do it. It is woefully ignorant that someone who went to such lengths for her pet is willing to do that and not change its structure or seal off that method but continue to use it.
File: 1481852.png (439 KB, 1024x768)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
I really doubt that it happened more than twice. Doctor Fauna mentioned that Tank had been sick for about a week, but she only mentioned one single pie. There's no reason to believe that Tank ate more pies between the first one and the one in the episode. I don't know what Dash has been doing with the tube, but I'm pretty sure that she hasn't been using it to get rid of all her pies, at least it's never implied that she did so.
Why does she have a secret hatch that connects her bedroom and the kitchen? Well, we know that she's been living in her Cloudominium way before she got Tank, maybe the tube served a completely different purpose back in the day, she stopped using it when she put Tank's food tray there, and she only remembered the tube when she had to hide the second pie, without realizing that she would poison Tank again. Not to mention that if she didn't use the tube with the first tube (and we can't know if she did), the connection between "throwing a pie in the tube" and "poisoning Tank" would be much less obvious in a moment of stress.
File: 1563713.jpg (242 KB, 1024x1583)
242 KB
242 KB JPG

I appologize. I was incorrect in thinking that she had taken tank in multiple times for the same incidet. After reading the transcript, it does make more sense that it was a hasty descision on Dash's part and she hadn't put two and two together with the pipe.

I still stand by my critisism of Testing Testing though.
File: 950662.jpg (244 KB, 600x667)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
File: 1563884.png (604 KB, 2000x3500)
604 KB
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