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File: Armored Flurry 2.png (1.33 MB, 3435x4260)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
Previous thread: >>31094455

Act XVIII Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/jt1mMQAm
Full Pastebin:

HoW Spinoff's:
Spooks are over. Back to business.
>'If you take him out the whole nest will fall.'
>Yeah well how am I supposed to do that?!
>The changeling on/in his throne opens his eyes.
>"Hello Roxelana."
>At his words, all the beasts encircle you and the pool.
>The ones on the ceilings jump down and land on outcropped ledges while others hover to the ground assimilating into the mob.
>One however doesn't hover.
>It dives.
>At your angle it looks like its headed straight towards the throne.
>Like an arrow in the wind it dives downward.
>Quickly darting past the more slowly descending beasts.
>Before it could get any closer, he's knocked out of the air by two other monsters.
>He lets out a horrific screech before being tackled by over a dozen beasts.
>Stomping him into the ground, they then toss him towards you.
>It's that changeling.
>You notice that his sail is shortened?
>Not shortened, but completely ripped off.
>There's a large scar replacing where his sail was.
>The changeling booms from his sunken seat.
>"That's a clever trick you pulled off, but me loosing control over one simple drone like you is nothing short of a minute setback."
>He gets up and roars at the changeling and several hundred beasts surrounding him roar back.
>"Look around you, you're beaten. I've won. There is nothing you can do to stop me now. What I was going to do was force you too eat her, only to release your mind mid chomp, but things never go according to plan. So I'll just watch you two get torn to shreds. Maybe that will be satisfying enough."
>You and him look around the room.
>Completely surrounded.
>Each beasts fangs eagerly reach out from their jowls.
>He transforms back to his changeling form and gets close to you.
>His face is still mangled.
>Wings are torn through.
"That was your plan? Rush the throne!"
>He gives a grunt from the pain.
>"If you say it like that it sounds almost stupid."
"That's because it is stupid."
>"It got us together didn't it? I still need you."
"You used me as a distraction so you can try and take control for yourself! You are just like any other monster."
>"Roxelana I need you!"
>You are set back by his sudden desperateness.
>His eyes show sadness at the thought...of displeasing you?
>So lost in your thought that you are again surprised by the changeling in the thrones outburst.
>"Are you two done?! Let's get this over with, I have a nation to ransack."
"Great. I get to die with a rouge bug. What a way to go."
>"Hopefully we won't die. You still have the dynamite?"
>The throne begins to light and Maverick closes his eyes.
>"If you do everything I say, I promise we will be walking out of here."
>You stare at the gazes of a hundred snarling beasts.
>Then at the warm reasuring smile of him.
"Live like a lion or die like cattle. Let's get out of here."
>Also dying in an explosion or escaping is ten times better than getting eaten.
>So win-win really.
>"Follow my lead."
>He dashes towards the throne again.
>Quickly you follow hot on his heels.
>Instantly every single monster in the room charges at you two.
>"Light it!"
>You light your pack on fire with the torch and toss it aside.
>Several of the beasts are distracted by it, but not enough take the bait.
>One tries to grapple you with its fangs, but misses.
>Jumping atop the head of one, you run over the backs of the beasts.
>The changeling transformed itself into a ferocious bugbear and is plowing himself a path directly to the throne.
>With claw and stinger he strikes down many of the monsters.
>It seems their underbelly isn't so strong as their upper skin.
>At the very fringe of the pool, he is halted.
>It seems every beast not going after you is now after him.
>Running over you try to buck a couple off, but there's too many.
>The great wall of beasts overtake his bugbear form and he changes into a centaur.
>Using his great horns he breaks through the wall, but he falls to the ground and they begin slashing at his back.
>A fang wraps itself around your two back hooves and pulls you to the floor.
>You try to kick the fangs off you, but their grip is too tight.
>He sees you fall and turns into a gargoyle.
>Flying over he rips out the fangs and throws you over his back.
>"Hang on."
>He jumps high knocking a few of the beasts away, and again dives for the throne.
>Mid air he changes into a heavy chimera, all three heads roaring their respected animals roar.
>All the beasts fly upward and try to tackle him.
>A stray one knocks you clean off his back.
>Charging through, he makes it to the throne.
>And you land in the thick muck.
>It feels disgusting.
>Before you can get your bearings, a beast tackles you deep into the muck.
>You struggle for breath and gag as the stuff enters your lungs.
>Opening your eyes you swim up to the surface.
>You don't see where your friend or the one in the throne went.
>Actually the throne is gone!
>There's a bright orange light coming from the muck.
>However another light holds your attention.
>The flame from your pack.
>For a brief second it's in the jaws of a beast.
>Then it explodes.
Ahh, there you are.

I was about to start organizing search parties
Anyone do anything for Nightmare Night? I went to sleep cause am early-bird wageslaver.

Also Thing's pol.
Ate some candy and watched WaxWorks stream 7th guest.
Was fun
Thought it would be better to make the thread after the holiday.
Waxworks from the horror thread streams? Nice
I need to finish reading his space one.
Yeah, usually on weekends. He has a soothing voice
Hit the gym then ended the night with some comfy animu Black Clover is bretty gud so far
I got smashed and still tripping, spooky stuff mates.
Good to see you luke, I got a bit worried there.
Check, there's one.
Now where oh where is dear ol Thingy?
We must not fail again!
About time. You guys had me worried there.

>Early morning.
>It will be a couple of hours before the sun rises.
>In a back alley between the walls of apartment complexes waits a small group of ponies.
>A squad.
>A coalition of military and police forces.
>They wait breathlessly for orders.
>Their mission.
>A raid.
>Just on the other side of that wall sits the Kelpie Court Apartments.
>Inside the apartments is one of the last remaining MID in all of Equestria.
>It's not going to be easy.
>Six stories high.
>The actual safehouse is on the third-story.
>Scouts say the first two floors are a mix of civilians and informants.
>An unknown variable.
>Behind every door.
>Around every corner.
>There is a potential for conflict.
>To make matters even more difficult, an MID defector revealed the top two floors are filled with die-hard traditionalists.
>Ponies stuck in their ways still thinking the former Princesses are infallible.
>When Canterlot fell, those few lesser-nobles and Royal Guardsman took refuge with the MID.
>There will be no surrender if the assault grinds into a full battle.
>You are Cpl. Elder.
>A unicorn with a eggshell white coat and a salmon mane.
>Despite what your name suggests, you aren't actually that old.
>The troops under your command are about half a decade older than you.
>There's a reason for that though.
>You're the only one who knows how to stand up to your Sergeant.
>Your Sergeant, is reckless.
>Her name is actually Reckless.
>And she definitely lives up to her name.
>Always charging head first into danger, but not without a plan.
>It was chaos under her.
>It IS chaos under her.
>Manageable chaos.
>A chaos you quickly became familiar with.
>Serving under her during the Second Coastal War gave you insight into her understanding of things.
>Every objective given to her was always achieved with minimal casualties.
>No matter how strange or unusual an order she would give, you'd follow it.
>Even if fit would seem certain death you'd still follow it.
>Cause in the end she would always come through.
>Quick to discipline misconduct with a tongue of venom to back it up.
>But when the stress and fatigue got to somepony, she would console them and always give a listening ear to their problems.
>She is an enigma.
>She seems insane at times.
>Your superior.
>A leader.
>A leader with a strange accent you could never quite pin down.
>A leader who you will follow to the depths of Tartarus and back.
>A leader who you are idly waiting behind along with the rest of your squad.
>Just waiting for the signal to strike.
>Waiting for her to lead the charge yet again.
right here buddy
I was going to revive the thread tomorrow or Saturday. Had an unusually busy week.
in the night? The same thing I do every night drink
but earlier between classes I flirted a bit, waiting for next week to see if anything'll come from it.who am I kidding. Of course it won't.
Fuck, don't remind me of it. It's been out of mind for a long while, and I'm sure if I looked back at it, I'd just pick out stuff that I hate and should have done better. Like not switching to play format halfway through

Also, I'll make sure everything pastebin related is up to date tomorrow.
>haven't read anything since anon found the airboat
>can't seem to find the motivation to catch up
>instead just drink and sleep and do nothing
Its been neat friend. You should read it

The king has returned!

>Thread theme
File: WITNESS_ME.png (408 KB, 746x1024)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
Page 10? Not if I can help it.
Page 8 not gr8
He's alive
>A pegasus silently lands behind the line of ponies.
>Reporting to Sgt. Reckless, you see it's Sgt. Moody.
>Squad Leader for the pegasus detachment assaulting from the roof.
>An older pony, with a graying goatee and shaved mane with a southern Appaloosan drawl.
>Red warpaint spewed across his face.
>A welcomed veteran of the Second Coastal War.
>"Capin' sends his regards. Y'all set?"
>"Foley? Why Captain coming?"
>"Wants to see firsthoof how my squad will steamroll straight to the center faster than your ground team can."
>"That a challenge wingmare?"
>You see a sneer come across your Sargent's face.
>"Twenty bits say ground squad will be getting their first."
>She extends a hoof.
>Moody complies ensuring the bet.
>As they shake hooves, Moody takes his hoof and gives Reckless twenty bits.
>"Remember to leave some agents for the rest of us alright."
>As he turns to fly away, Reckless pockets the money.
>"See you on the inside wingmare."
>You watch him fly to an unusually large cloud cluster.
>Then disappears inside one of the clouds.
>A young private behind you mumbles to himself.
>"I can't believe I'm stuck on the ground.I wish I could be up in the clouds."
"Believe it private, unless you sprout wings. It's only six stories, you're not gonna miss much. Just shut up and do your job."
>Reckless silences you both with a single glance then looks back to the sky.
>From that single cloud Moody entered, a lighting bolt goes off.
>Go time.
Tell her you're a professional writer about horses and you will add her into your novel if she will go out with you.
>Moving forward, you break a lock on the gate.
>You all advance in a single file line through the courtyard.
>It's quaint.
>There's a small rose garden.
>A small little pond with fish and a fountain.
>Getting to the wall of the building, you all line up beside it out of sight from any windows.
>Around the corner should be a doorway left unlocked from a bribed janitor.
>Sgt. Reckless peaks her head around, but quickly pulls back.
>She gives a quick signal.
>There's a pony sitting outside the door.
>Lucky enough though he facing the other direction.
>She points a hoof at a unicorn in the back.
>One of the police force.
>"No harm."
>He moves to the front and charges a spell.
>Jumping from around the corner he unleashes a purple bolt of magic.
>The stallion drops to the ground.
>The only thing he's going to feel is a mild headache come a couple hours.
>Passing by the snoozing stallion, you quickly crush his still lit cigarette.
>Before entering the building, you quickly look up.
>You see about a dozen pegasus silhouettes disappear onto the rooftop.
>Hopefully the janitor also remembered to unlock the roof door as well.
>Entering through the maintenance door, your group finds themselves in a break room.
>A coffee maker and refrigerator sit alone alongside a table and a couple fold out chairs.
>Already Sgt. Reckless is pressed against the door listening if anypony was coming.
>She motions her hoof for you all to line either behind her or opposite of the door.
>"Let's move."
8 aint gr8 m8
does /HoW/ have an opinion on the Manos Green?
Who is he and where is link to green. Can't judge without seeing first.
Alright, I'll be able to write in 3-4 hours, and I promise most of my evening will be focused on the story.
I'm not drunk enough to accept that as good advice.But on the bright side, she drinks the same types of liquor as I do
Invite her to drinks at Applebees?
>Entering into the main hallway, all is quiet.
>There are six doors on either side of the hallway.
>At each end is a door for an emergency exit and stairs leading upward.
>Just to the right is the main entrance.
>Sgt. Reckless motions you all to reline against he wall.
>She motions Hardling, the unicorn wishing he was born a pegasus, to position with a little whistle.
>"You spring a leak Sarge?"
"The numbers knucklehead!"
>He pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket.
>"13, 14, 22, and...um-"
>Sargent is getting that impatient tone.
>"17. Sorry. Hornwriting is pretty bad."
>As you all press against the wall, the unicorn in your group begins his work.
>Lighting up his horn, he starts quietly working on unlocking the doors leading into the suspected tenants rooms.
>"Remember, no harm. Detain for holding until mission done."
>With a simultaneous click from the mentioned doors, you all separate into pairs and begin the detainment.
>The room you enter is small.
>There's a small kitchen in the corner with an oven and stovetop combo.
>A window sits with its curtains fallen, but a sliver of moonlight slips through.
>In the center of the room is a coffee table with a couch beside it.
>Pvt. Birch Grower, a mare earth pony, points to a doorway with beads draping down where a door should be.
>Looking through the beads, you see an earth pony sleeping on a mattress on the ground.
>Two empty bottles of liquor, one standing the other on its side, is beside where his head is resting.
>A thin looking blanket covers a single hoof.
>"Must'a kicked it off while tossin and turnin."
"Let's get this done."
>Walking through the beads, their rattling doesn't seem to bother the sleeping pony.
>You each move to opposite sides of his mattress and pull out your supplies.
>Rope and duck tape.
>Silently you motion your hoof to take him on three.
>She gives a nod and cuts a decently sized piece of tape.
>She wraps the duck tape around his mouth while you try to tie his hooves together.
>He wakes up instantly feeling the tape wrap around his face and begins to flail.
>He tries to scream, but the tape does its job and it comes out muffled.
>Too low for anypony to hear him.
>As he scrambles, she holds his hooves together and you quickly tie them.
>With a sigh of relief, you get the knot into place.
>The pony on the ground gives out muffled screams realizing what just happened.
"That should hold him. Good job."
>"Job ain't over yet Corporal."
>You both exit his room and see the others are already waiting for you.
>Sgt. Reckless is already at the stairs leading to the next floor.
>"Branch Butcher."
>The earth pony you were with steps forward.
>Reckless deemed her name, along with many under her command, wasn't tough sounding enough.
>"Yes Ma'am."
>"Stay. Move all detained into one room and guard with your life. Keep a keen eye, make sure there no funny business."
>"On it."
>"If the neighbors get curious, send them away saying it official state business. If they continue to press matters. Have them join their fellow tenants. Everyone else, onward and upward."
More like you, me, a movie, and a bottle of bourbon.
>Holding onto your sword, you take a moment to phase out all the surrounding noise.
>The crowd is nearly bursting with whispers.
>But a louder voice catches your focus.
>”What’s going on out here!”
>You see a trio of large stallions in suits approach.
>Some of the bouncers hired for the evening.
“Personal combat. What does it look like?”
>The lead guard looks puzzled.
>He has his protocol an orders, but isn’t sure if they apply to you.
“Go on then, scurry back to your posts.”
>The lead stallion looks over to an ally, who immediately shakes his head ‘no’.
>And then over to the other, who promptly replies:
>“I didn’t sign up for this.”
>With a sigh, the lead bouncer starts walking away.
>”… past my pay grade.”
>Good lads.
>You look to the space you have now that the crowds have pushed back a bit.
>Pretty circular, maybe a twenty foot radius.
>And it’s clear too.
>Just you and Astéri.
>The ground is pretty level- the cobblestone is tightly packed.
>There’s a bit of a gap!
>A slice of dirt is visible between two of the stones.
>You glance to the Duke.
>The Maretonian looks at his spear for a moment before spinning the shaft in a flourish.
>Yes, yes, showing off.
>When he finishes, he brings the spear to face forward, cradled in his raised right arm.
>The shaft runs parallel with his forearm, the blade pointing forwards, and the end of the shaft sticking back past his elbow.
“Alright then.”
>You spin your sword around in your hoof, and stick the blade down into the small patch of dirt.
>Taking a few steps over to the right, you then continue.
“Go on, hit me.”
>Astéri is taken back for a moment.
“It’s a fight. No wings, no magic. Hit me!”
Got side tracked a bit, more tomorrow
>You arrive home after a long day at the base.
>Just meeting after meeting, and papers to sign.
>You hear a voice ring out:
>”In here!”
>Before you leave your entranceway, you toss your officer’s cap onto the table next to your door.
>Sounds like it came from the kitchen.
>And something smells absolutely great.
>Heading through your hallways, you soon peek your head over into the room.
“What’s cooking?”
>”Just a little treat for the two of us.”
>Hold on.
“It’s quiet, where’s our squirt?”
>”The sleepover was today.”
“Right… that was today.”
>Your wife heads over to sit on the nearest chair.
“The twins still being a pain?”
>”I can’t wait for the due date… that way you’ll have to put up with them too.”
“Can’t be that much worse, honestly.”
>”Oh really?”
“I’ve got to deal with you, and you’re even worse with two in there.”
>She give you a light punch to the shoulder.
“Love you too, Winter.”
>A ear-piercing crack wakes you up.
>Huge crack of thunder, and pretty close to you.
>Getting onto your hooves, you shiver a bit.
>Pretty cool out here tonight.
>You are in the mountains though…
>But it’s probably going to be raining soon, you should look for better shelter.
Welcome back.
why would you make me feel this feel
it's good to see that thunder's still alive though
He has gone rogue. Years from now ponies will tell stories of the horse gone savage.
9 is even worse.
8 is gr8er than 9 m8
>A single hanging bulb with a shade illuminates the narrow stairwell.
>You are all lined up before the door leading to the second floor minus Pvt. Birch.
>Reckless at the head, you right behind her, Pvt. Harper and the two police officers pulling the rear.
>He's ready this time.
>"All the doors on the left half of the hallway plus one on the right at the very end."
>Reckless gives out a sigh.
>No combined takedown this time.
>Gotta clear one by one.
>"Corporal, keep watch. Me and Harper will deal with first door."
>Harper unlocks it with ease and the two disappear inside.
>You watch the hallway while the two police stay behind you.
>One of them speaks up in a whispered tone.
>"Hey soldier."
>"Right sorry."
>You turn to look at him.
>He's a young unicorn.
>Clean shaven face with a dumb smile plastered across it.
>Sparkly blue eyes with a low cut mane.
>Just short enough so his officers cap can fit snugly on his head.
>Cutie mark is a courthouse with a shield next to it.
>Defender of justice.
>I guess he found his calling.
>"I just wanted to say it's an honor being chosen to be a part of this team sir."
"It's not over yet. Keep your guard up."
>The other unicorn, the one who incapacitated the pony from outside, gives out a scoffy exhale.
>Before you can reprimand him, you hear a door open and an unfamiliar voice sounds out.
Just getting home, but I've got a pretty short day tomorrow so I'll write when I get home
I'd think of something that rhymes with 9 and 8, but I'm too drunk right now.
A simple bump will suffice.
Im gonna stop alcohol for a while.
doot doot

Crunchyroll passes anyone?

Good to hear mate, moderation is key.
You do you thing
GLaD you're deciding to get a handle of your situation.
>Looking back into the hallway, you see a colt standing alone.
>The door on the left side of the apartment is cracked open.
>He's big.
>Maybe in a year he'll become a stallion.
>Light blue with a golden mane.
>Has a cutie mark of a telescope.
>That could mean a variety of talents.
>Your heart stops.
>It sickens you to think that this young pony could be a pawn for the agency.
>Calmly you step out into the hallway and greet him.
"Hello young one. My name is Cpl. Elder. These are officers Equity and Hazy."
>The two unicorns follow in behind you.
>Equity gives a smile at the young pony.
>"Don't be afraid, just doing a little inspection is all."
>The colt is very much afraid.
>You see him take a step backwards.
>Don't do it colt.
>Just go back inside.
>Cloudy then moves forward.
>"Why don't you go back inside. Get some sleep. We won't cause you any trouble."
>His tone is sincere, maybe even caring, but you can feel he is building up another stun bolt in his horn.
"Just go back inside son, we won't be long."
>As you finish speaking, Reckless and Harper come out of their room.
>She doesn't even acknowledge your three's existence.
>Her attention shifts directly to the lone pony at the other end.
>The colt bolts to the opposite stairwell, but Officer Hazy is quick with his horn.
>A burst of purple explodes from his horn and hits the young pony in his flank just as he was getting through the door.
>You hear tumbling.
>Reckless runs to the stairwell with you hot on her hooves.
>Passing through the door, you see what has that thumping.
>The magical bolt sent him reeling down the stairs.
>He lays dead on the intermediary step between floors.
>His neck turned forcing his head sideways.
>A voice comes from overhead.
>It's older sounding with a stern commanding tone.
>"What is all this noise? We told you all you can bring your families if they behaved! Not to play games in the stairwell! By Celestia if I slip on another toy we will throw you out! I don't care about the buffer any-"
>As he rounds the corner of the stairs, he stops at your sight dropping his cup of coffee or tea in surprise.
>The three of you stare deadpan at each other.
>Then he screams at the top of his lungs.
I'm having Metro Last Light flashbacks
>Metro:Last Light
I think I played that campaign over two dozen times.
I've played it multiple times, and 2033. Great games
I miss Tiara.
She's off on her own grand adventure. She has a unique opportunity being the only ship to make it way out there. If a cartographer was with her crew, this could be the start of something magnificent.
The first colonizers would probably have to be 90% military for how dangerous it is.
9 bump
Almost a whole week now without an update. Is everything okay?
Dont worry mate, thing would tell us if somethings up. From his last post it seems like he's busy, or will be busy whatever.
A rest now and then is good to help refresh the mind.
>He scrambles back up the stairs repeating his outburst.
>Reckless gives chase immediately.
>You turn back to Cpl. Harper and the two police officers.
>Harper gives a nod and lights his horn.
>All the doors on the floor simultaneously glow and the knobs lock themselves into place.
"Hold here Harper make sure nopony leaves their room. You two move your flanks!"
>"What's happening?"
"No point in hiding now, we woke the neighbors."
>A pounding starts coming from a few doors lock.
"And here they come. Harper you good."
>He has a strained look on his face as his horn's colorful aura emits his magic.
>"Peachy. Go find Reckless!"
>With the second story secure, you run for the stairwell to try and catch up with your Sergeant.
>There's no time to check on Birch.
>She should be fine.
>First floor is already secure.
>Getting to the stairs, the fire alarm goes off.
>The sprinklers above you all spring to life and lets out a shower of turbid water.
>"Should we evacuate Corporal?"
"No, we keep moving. Reckless needs us. Up the stairs go!"
>Making your way up the stairs, you come to a flat area just before entering the door separating you from the actual outpost.
>Just outside the door leading in, there's a reception desk.
>In front of the reception desk, Reckless and the other pony are wrestling on the ground.
>She has his hoofs pinned down, but he gives her a quick headbutt.
>As she looses her grip, he escapes her grasp and tries to run through the glass door.
>You try to tackle him down, but miss landing behind the reception desk.
>As he bursts through the door, an explosion blows him back out.
>He slams his back against the metal guard rail and falls face down lifeless.
>They booby-trapped the door.
>Through the smoke a voice calls from inside.
>"Ha! How do you like that traitorous scum!? Long Live Celestia and Luna! Hail to Princess Cadence!"
>You lighten your horn and cast a spell of sight on your eyes to see through the smoke.
>Instead of a hallway, the third floor is a big open room area with dozens of cubicles.
>There are two enclosed areas separated from the main floor.
>Must be private offices or storage.
>In front of the door, maybe four yards away, there's an overturned table with two ponies behind it.
>Because of the blast, a desk was also overturned directly to the right.
>Perfect cover.
>Need to move fast before the smoke clears.
>Getting to Reckless, she's a little wide-eyed from the blast.
"You alright Sergeant?"
>"Fine, just need to catch breathe."
"No problem, rest here for a sec."
>Going over to the officers, they also look a little shook up.
"There's a table with two ponies behind it directly through that doorway. I'm going to rush in and draw their fire, once my flank is out of your sights, light that table up."
>They give a nod and you line up beside the doorway.
>The things you do for Equestria.
Hey man, thanks for worrying. this guy >>31367135 too.

I just kind of hit a rocky spot where my drunkeness tipped a bit to far into proper alcoholism (as in an actual problem) and needed to take a bit to detox. I drink very often, but for a couple days it was really bad, beyond just a vice.

like >>31344890 said, I needed a few days off to get back into a healthier drinking mentality where I stop at a healthy buzz instead of getting fully shitfaced.

Also, I'd like to thank luke for keeping the threads alive as I fell off the wagon so to speak, but everyone who's kept these threads up as I've had my issues.

TLDR: alcoholism hit bad, It's dealt with, I'll get back in the groove tomorrow or the day after.
stay safe
Good to hear you able to acknowledge it and get back on track, thing. Too many people fall down that hole without ever getting back up. Stay safe brother

Glad to hear you're doing ok Thing, Hope you start to feel a tad better soon!
Gosh darn-it all, forgot to delet.
We'll always be here for you bud.
>The voice from inside calls again.
>"Is that it? Is that all you got?"
>At the end of his sentence you burst through the cloud and dive behind the table.
>The two unicorns unleash a torrent of lightly colored beams of magic.
>One of them bursts through the table just inches from your flank.
>It leaves a large burning hole where it shot through.
>Combustion magic.
>As they unload all their magic in your direction, the two officers outside begin their attack.
>You hear a scream of pain come from the overturned table.
>Then nothing.
>The only sound is the ringing fire alarm bell.
>The two officers walk through the doorway and give you a hoof up.
>Officer Equity sees the bell and zaps it, silencing it for good.
>Looking behind the desk, the two unicorns are lying on the ground.
>There's a purple mark on each of them.
>One has a mark on his neck, while the other has one on his chest.
>"They're still alive."
>Officer Cloudy steps forward.
>"Unlike the pony outside, these two are going to feel a lot more than just a mild headache."
"Good work. Now they can face trial. How's the Sergeant?"
>"Just fine."
>There's a small bruise under her right eye.
>"Nice work Corporal, now let's finish this."
>Moving past the overturned table, the rest of the room is completely deserted.
>"Where is everypony?"
>Every single desk is unoccupied.
>There a papers spewed about on every worksite.
>Half drunken coffee mugs litter each table.
>"Where could they have gone? This place couldn't have been run by just the three."
>Suddenly a bang comes from one of the unexplored rooms.
>Sounds like somepony dropped something.
>The four of you trot to the door.
>Officer Equity reaches a hoof out to open it, but your Sergeant slaps his hoof away.
>"What if it's wired?"
>You all step back and Cloudy slowly cracks it open using his magic.
>It's dark inside.
>The only thing you can see is a single pony with his back to you all.
>In front of him is a small fire coming from his trashcan.
>He carefully takes a mouthful of paper and tosses it in the burning can below him.
>He's mumbling to himself in a frightened manner, oblivious to the world and his surroundings.
>With every bite of paper, he trembles with fear more and more.
"We can take care of him Sergeant, can you take Equity and see what's in the other room."
>She obliges your request and takes Officer Equity with her.
>You shake your head feeling pity for the stallion.
"Come on Officer, let's bring him down easy. I don't want him flipping out on us. Last time our team ran into a broken die-hard monarchist, he went berserk and jumped from the fourth story window we were in."
>"That's rough Corporal."
"They're just sore looser who can't face reality that they've lost."
>Cloudy gives a dejected sigh.
>"Let's take care of this and find out where everypony else went."
>As you and Cloudy enter the room, the door swings shut and locks itself.
File: 52165498.png (1.66 MB, 2100x1805)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
I have no clue what this thread is about but I see it getting bumped a lot so have this
We appreciate it.
Can you draw other things?
>The pony turns around and his flame goes out.
>Cloudy disappears in the darkness and you feel left alone.
>You illuminate your horn making a small circle of light surrounding yourself.
>No response.
"Cloudy where'd you go?"
>You unsheathe your short sword and listen in the darkness for movement.
>There's a thump just outside your circle of light, but it's too dark to see.
>You try to find the walls of the room, but nothing comes to view as you slowly back away.
>Turning around the doorway is gone.
>This isn't good.
>Cloudy and you must've waked into a spell-trap.
>You're not well versed in mind manipulation spells.
>Most of your training was about physical manipulation or controlling bursts of magic into projectiles.
>There's another thump in front of you.
>It sounded really close.
>Nothing to be afraid of.
>Just the spell taking its effect.
>A bump in the night to try and scare you.
>As you push forward, a gush of cold wind engulfs you and the light from your horn goes out.
>Then you feel a barrage of pain sweep through your entire body.
>It feels as if a hundred knives just pierced you all at once.
>You crumple to the ground in shock from the pain.
>It's agonizing.
>A horrible sensation of something cold slowly diving deeper and deeper into your body.
>Suddenly though, everything stops.
>You open your eyes to a bright room.
>There's filling cabinets on either side with a desk at the end of the hall.
>Those details don't concern you however.
>The thing that catches your attention more than the surrounding setting is the three ponies that are before you.
>Officer Cloudy is biting down on the horn of a unicorn.
>He uses his free hooves to hold him down and give punch after punch to the base of the unicorns horn in hopes of breaking it off.
>Every slip Cloudy's jaw gives on that horn, you feel the spell return trying to bring you back into that void.
>You try to regain yourself and are able to get to your hooves and take up your short sword.
>"Get him off! Get him off!"
>The unicorn pleas to his comrade in between blows don't go unheard as the pegasus takes a wooden chair and slams it into Cloudy's back.
>Cloudy reels from the blow and collapses to the ground as the chair breaks into three large pieces and several smaller ones.
>The unicorn screeches in pain and cries as a slew of orange magic bolts pop from his horn.
>Or what's left of it anyway.
>For the force of the chair hitting Cloudy caused his jaw to slam down on the unicorns horn breaking it off.
>As the unicorn cries on the floor over his broken horn, you see the pegasus turn his attention to you.
>Then suddenly, even with the horn damaged, the magical aura still spouting from his open wound still has an effect on the trap and you find yourself back in the void.
>As suddenly as you were in it, you are back in the real world.
>Even though the magic trap is still activated, it's uncontrolled.
>So you are quickly transported back and forth between the real world and the void.
>It's almost like watching the world through a slide show.
>And with every slide you see in the real world, the pegasus takes a step closer to you.
Oh boy, this is getting fun!
did you forget about Ocean of Sand, Luke? Your horror is top notch
I have decided with due deliberation that I shall devote my full energy to finishing one story at a time to insure best quality for each story.
I love Costco but fuck me and holiday season for forced overtime. I have almost no time for writing here let alone multiple threads.
Thats understandable. I feel you on the forced overtime. I work 60+ hours a week year round. The money is great but not when you don't get time to enjoy it.
Bumperino friends
No updates today.
How you doing Thing?
Just got shafted with a busy week, haven't been home before 10 since monday, and it's looking like I won't be home till 11 at the earliest today.
We'll wait for you bud.
>Working on weekends
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Bumperino, good luck ThingFriend!
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Cool. Green and food this week. Monday is looking up.
You better not kick the bucket before you finish this!
>The world is saved and all is well at last
>Anon returns to Equestria
>Thingfag gets a heart attack right before he can post the final part where Flurry and Anon finally hook up and spend a hot night together
Pls no anon
This is our future...
Maybe Luke will finish it for us?
>Implying I can even finish my own stories let alone take up the reigns of Thing's novel.
>You take up your short sword and swing wildly in an attempt to make the pegasus wane his advance.
>Through the lens of two worlds, you see your hoof switch between keeping your foe at bay,
>To it swinging wildly at nothing in an empty dark room.
>You need to escape the confines of this trap.
>As long as that unicorn's magic keeps sporadically powering it, you'll be stuck like this forever.
>Or at least until this pegasus finishes you off.
>Steadying yourself, you slow the movement of your hoof til you have the tip of the blade pointing directly at the pegasus.
>He's staring at you with patient eyes, waiting for an opening.
>In his hooves he holds the armrest from the broken chair.
>It's ornate arm ends in the shape of a chimera's paw.
>Painted gold with intricate little markings making the claws more defined.
>He swings it back and forth below him just waiting to see what you'll do.
>The tips of the claws scrap the ground making an unsettling scraping sound.
>They're real.
>Officer Cloudy lays still on the ground.
>You think you see the tip of the unicorns horn peak out from his mouth.
>If you weren't seeing darkness every other moment, you might be able to concentrate and see it more clearly.
>The unicorn has now huddled himself against the wall lying on his side.
>One hoof over his broken horn trying to hold in a flowing stream of blood.
>The other hoof he bits down hard on in hopes to stifle his screams and lessen the pain.
>With one lucky toss, you can pin him to the wall.
>But if you do that, you'll be defenseless.
>There's even the option the pegasus will deflect the sword out of the air and you'll be defenseless and still have the handicap.
>Switching to the darkness, it stay's just a little longer than last time.
>Is he beginning to control his magic even without his horn?
>You don't want to risk it.
>If you get trapped again, there's no way you'll be walking out of this alive.
>There's no time to loose.
>Only thing to do is to force your way through him.
>Taking up your sword, you charge at the pegasus.
>Between the sporadic intervals of your vision, you see he has a surprised look on his face.
>You caught him off guard.
>Swinging horizontally, you attempt to slice off his head.
>Using his wings, he daintily flies upwards and you barely miss his tail.
>With gravity on his side, he lets himself fall and tries to hammer down the wooden armchair onto you.
>Diving forward you land beside Cloudy.
>You hear the claw smash into the ground just behind you.
>Taking your rear hooves, you buck him into the door.
>He slams into it hard and you think you saw that his right wing got crushed on impact.
>You notice the door is glowing the same color as the unicorns magic.
>Then a pounding comes from it.
>"Corporal! Corporal! We're trying to get inside, but the door is jammed. Hang on!"
>It's Reckless!
>Checking on Cloudy, you now confirm that it is indeed the tip of the unicorns horn that's in his mouth.
>Putting a hoof under his muzzle, you give a sigh of relief.
>Still breathing.
>You take the horn and a couple chipped teeth from his mouth and leave him be.
>Taking your sword, you turn to finish off the unicorn.
>Before you can though a scream interrupts you.
>It's the pegasus.
>Charging straight at you.
>He swings wildly.
>His blunted armrest smashing into the filing cabinets and wall leaving dents and holes in the drywall.
>You try to dodge them as best you can, but he is too fast.
>One after another he slams the paw into your chest and back.
>You can feel the claws dig into your skin.
>They may be real, but they're not sharp.
>However the force from getting hit with an armrest is enough to knock the wind out.
>You keel over loosing your breath and he stands over you ready to give the final blow.
>Gasping for air you look up.
>He has the most arrogant smile as he looks down upon you.
>For the moment, you would prefer to just be in the dark space.
>Taking the armrest, he slowly raises it above his head for one final blow.
you can do it Luke! Uncle Stan has faith in you.
If you keep posting like this I'm gunna have a fun Thanksgiving
At this rate, I've got another year or two before complete liver failure.
Luke, if I ever go for multiple weeks without checking in, I entrust the rest of the story to you.

On the off chance my liver fails/drunk driving accident (jk,I don't drink and drive) before I finish the story

Again, thank all y'all for putting up with my shit
Don't fucking talk like that. You better finish the story bro. Only you can finish it the way it should be finished.
Now we know you're tougher than that.
>13 hours has passed
>Only on page 8
Has the board really been that slow recently? Or did someone just delete their bumps so this thread doesn't get filled with bumps?
Most bumps get deleted here, keeps the thread nice and tidy
A clean thread is a Christian thread.
>Christian thread
Lest we forget about the anon-tiara hookup parody...Which I TOTALLY didn’t fap to btw
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It was hot though.
i did
How'd everyone's money spending day go?
I bought a Calvin & Hobbs book for 9 bucks.
That's it.

But I haven't made it home to my Xbox yet
Thing where you at?
He died in the black friday sales, may he rest in peace.
I'm alive, just Thanksgiving/black Friday hungover.

And by hungover, I mean still drunk in the morning. Should be sober enough to write tonight
Hype for the duel!
It makes me happy to see that this thread has stayed alive for so long.
Keep up the good work Luke and Thingy. Hope ya'll stay alive until the end.
Cheers to that, bump
More tomorrow. Just a quick piece of green from me for today I'm afraid.
>As you wait for your demise, you are given a reprieve.
>Officer Cloudy jumps in front of you just in the nick of time.
>The claw digs into his shoulder and he gives out a yell.
>With the pain from the injury and adrenaline flowing through his veins, he goes into a fury and tackles the pegasus.
>The armrest falls to the ground in front of you while Cloudy smashes the pegasus into a filing cabinet.
>In response, the pegasus counters by flinging him into the wall.
>As they brawl it out, you slip into that other place again.
>This time however everything is distorted.
>Instead of a complete black room, there are random streaks of colors with cracks seemingly standing in the world.
>The trap is falling apart.
>Getting to the real world, the sporadic visions finally ceased.
>However the room is still sealed.
>Taking up the armrest you make your way to the unicorn.
>He's sitting upright against the wall now.
>Hooves limp at his sides.
>Eyes half-lidded.
>Magical sparks sporadically pop from his broken horn while the blood flows downward over his face and onto his chest.
>He lets out an agonizing drawn-out groan.
>You almost feel sorry for him.
>You DO feel sorry for him.
>Being a unicorn yourself, you can't imagine what type of pain he's going through.
>Not to mention loosing the appendage that makes you unique.
>Dropping the club, you carefully use the claws to cut off some of his clothing to make a rag.
>Taking it, you press it down on the open wound to try and stop the bleeding.
>He doesn't say anything, but as he opens his eyes wider, they have a look of gratitude on them.
>You can feel the magical aura in the room retract as you press harder onto the base of his horn.
>As the seal breaks, so too does the door.
>With Sgt. Reckless along with Sgt. Moody bursting through it.
Just wishing I was better at time management. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
look, you're doing better than I am.

just give me another couple days to get my life together people.
We're not going anywhere! We love you Thing!
You too Luke!
>"On the ground now!"
>The pegasus stops hitting Cloudy and shoves him aside ignoring Sgt. Moody's order.
>Trying to make a run for it, he topples more filing cabinets but to no avail.
>Being in a room with only one exit, he's cornered and is easily apprehended.
>Sgt. Reckless holds him down with his face to the floor while he screams vulgar obscenities at everypony in the room.
>Most of those words were directed to the unicorn you were tending too.
>Getting tired of his profanity, your Sergeant gags his mouth with his neckerchief and sits him up against the wall.
>"Officer Equity, you can come in now. Everything's all clear."
>At Sgt. Moody's words, Equity walks through the door with a squeamish look on his face.
>"Do you know any healing spells?"
>"I'm afraid not Sir. Medical spells always eluded my skill set."
>Sgt. Moody gives a scoff.
>"Things can never be simple. Go and get a couple of my stallions, they will easily help you transport your police friend to a hospital."
>"I'll live."
>Cloudy rises to his hooves bracing himself against a desk.
"Cloudy take a breather, you've done enough today."
>He slumps into the chair next to the desk with a relieving sigh.
>"Will do."
>While Sgt. Moody goes to check on some leftover documents not yet burned, Sgt. Reckless approaches you.
>"Who your coltfriend? Kind of old for you don't you think?"
"He's the unicorn that tried to kill me and Cloudy."
>"He dead?"
"No. We're going to need another medical transport though."
>"He can't walk? What, too weak to walk off a little brawl?"
"Ma'am he's in excruciating pain. I know he's one of them, but he's not going to cause us any trouble in this state."
>"You're responsibility. Anything happens-"
"Yeah, yeah it's on me."
>She gives a chuckle at your interruption.
>"Be careful eolin-i. You getting more and more like me every passing day."
>You never understood what she meant whenever she called you that.
>You'd just assumed it was her way of pronouncing Elder, but the word difference is too great.
>Come to think of it, she'd never addressed you as Elder.
>Usually just Corporal sufficed when on missions.
>You're going to have to ask her about it one day what it means.
>A voice speaks up.
>It's weary and aged, but still has some vigor in it.
>"I'm not going to try anything."
>You look down and a weary smile greets you through a bloodied face.
>Sgt. Reckless rolls her eyes and goes to help Moody searching the unscathed documents.
>"Thank you."
"For what?"
>"Not killing me."
"We are here to bring you all to justice, not be your judges. After you recover, the ponies will decide your fate."
>"Let them judge, we already know what fate awaits us. We've seen the camps outside of Canterlot."
"You're only going to get what you deserve. Nothing more, nothing less. Depending on your crimes you can either be executed, an allotted time in the dungeons of the Crystal Empire, or maybe just community service."
>"I'm just glad before destiny takes me away, I can share with you one last bit of information."
>You eye him suspiciously.
>"Out in the badlands, there's a hidden lab only accessible by air. In this remote outremer, we stumbled upon a most magnificent discovery. A hidden changeling hive."
>You gasp at his remark.
"Impossible! The last hives were hunted down and destroyed by Field-Marshall Anonymous!"
>The unicorn laughs at your ignorance.
>"This was no ordinary hive, in the cocoons there were horrifying monstrosities. Beasts as big as Timberwolves. Thank Celestia it was dormant."
"The public should've known about this."
>"The only thing that would come up from revealing this news to the public would be a panic."
"And for good reason too! Have you forgotten what those things have done to our lands and citizens? What would you ponies think would happen if this dormant hive were to awaken?!"

>"We did not forget! How could we? It was this reason why we kept it under wraps. We set out a special team of scientists to undertake the responsibility of finding out what makes these creatures tick. A controlled environment for research. With success maybe even awaken and control these dormant creatures to use to our benefit in case another 'conflict' should arise."
"And arise one did. You ponies make me sick!"
>"Which is why I am gifting you this gem of information. The work our researchers did proved fruitless in their endeavors. It even costed the lives of two of them. Their bodies remain at the site. None of them would give any reason as to why they left so sudden or why their comrades bodies stayed behind. Time and time again we would bring it up, but no matter how many times we pressed the matter onto them, they would remain stone faced in their determination to not give us any more information. I want you to go find that hive and give me some sort of solace as to what really happened."
"How can I even trust you?"
>"I am Pioneer Sunrise, the pony in charge of this outpost. If you don't trust my words you don't have to. You can trust the records."
>He shakily raises his hoof and points to the desk.
>There's a small messy pile beside it half singed from the fire.
>"Those documents show the location where the lab is. He wasn't able to burn all of them."
"You're coming too then."
>"I'm in no position to travel, besides I know somepony who actually has been there."
>He points to the pegasus tied against the wall.
>"I've only received the reports. Star Kicker was actually on the team I sent into the Badlands."
>Hearing his name, the tied up pegasus looks towards you two.
>"Take him along, if you get lost. He will know the way, he'll just need a bit of 'persuasion'."
>He gives a wheezy chuckle at the end of his sentence.
My mouse died and had to finish posting from mobile.
>Burning hatred is in Star Kicker's eyes as he gives out muffled yells at the unicorn.
>"Should've told me the truth punk. Now YOU'RE going to get what you truly deserve! Show them the horrors I've only witnessed through those pictures you erased with flames."
>Star Kicker begins struggling in vain to escape his binds, but he only manages to fall over to his side.
>As you rise to go tell your Sergeant, the unicorn grabs you.
>"Please. Remember me. I don't ask for any dampening of my punishment, but please tell me what happened to my two missing agents. For what it's worth they were good ponies. Unlike headquarters, I treated everypony under my command as if they were my own sons. All I want to know is the truth. Then I can be at peace."
>He has the most mournful look on his face.
>You kneel back down and take his hoof.
"I can't give you a promise old timer, but I sure as heck will try."
>"Thank you soldier. May Celestia bless you in your efforts."
>Now it's your time to give a scoff.
>He really is old fashioned.
"Celestia's busy. This is on us."
>"Celestia's busy. This is on us."
That line sums up most of this epic...world...you guys have built.
I like it!
>You leave him there and he lays back down.
>Closing his eyes, he begins to sleep awaiting for aid and transport to take him away.
>Getting to the desk, the Sgt. Moody is ecstatic looking through the different documents while Sgt. Reckless idly flips through some other papers.
"Hey Sarge, what you got there?"
>"There's an endless fountain of information here. Take a look."
>He takes a couple papers and shoves them in front of you.
>"Saddle Arabian Extremists and Nationalists. Members to the Neo-Equality Cult. Changeling Spies. Diamond Dog Sympathizers. Corrupt Nobel's and Bussinessponies of Canterlot. The lists go on and on."
>On each page there's either a mugshot of a pony or a picture of them in public no doubtfully taken without consent.
>Beside their profile is a picture of their cutie-mark if they have one.
>Next to the picture is the pony's name, last known location, and a description of their daily routine along with known close acquaintances and friends.
"They sure are thorough, I'll give them that."
>"Look at this Corporal! They have a spy in the Griffon Court!"
>He begins shaking the page he's reading excitedly.
>"This is unbelievable, the Illumihawks are real!"
>"It's not what you think."
>Pioneer Sunrise's tired voice chimes in.
>"They're just a couple of old rich griffon families who, in the event of a catastrophe, will bail out the nation if it were to fall into financial chaos. They don't run the government, they don't create propaganda to make their citizens bit hoarders, and they definitely don't control all the wealth in the world. Hardly a threat to Equestria."
>Moody's face drops in disappointment.
>"Way to ruin a good conspiracy theory."
"Well in any case,"
>You reach down and grab at the pile Pioneer pointed too.
"I think I found our next mission."
Emergency bump
Try going a month without alcohol. If you feel you can let it go for a month, you should be fine. If you can't please talk to someone.
We love you Thing. And we don't want anything bad to happen to you.
Updates tomorrow.
^^A good idea.^^
I had to do that. A month off helps.
Take as long as you need senpai, your health is more important than green. Should ya ever need help there is more than one fag here willing
Went to Golden Coral and lost track of time.
>You quickly regale the two Sergeants of the new information you acquired.
>Reckless looked overjoyed at the idea.
>Moody on the other hoof seemed more reserved, almost uneasy at the thought.
>"I don't know 'bout this. It would be better if the Capt. were here."
>"Here for what Moody?"
>A copper colored pegasus with a silver helmet walks into the room.
>Everypony in the room, aside from the two captured agents, stands at attention.
>"As you were."
>Everypony returns to their normal place and Foley approaches you.
>"Here I am coming to congratulate the ground team on such a magnificent job, and I overhear you all talking about going out on a raid already! What's this all about?"
"Sir, I would like to have the honor to introduce you to Agent Pioneer. Head of this outpost. I believe he can best explain the situation."
>With help from the documents, Pioneer quickly explained the situation to your Captain in the same format and fashion he did with you.
>Foley shook his head and gave a whistle.
>Two pegasus with a stretcher entered the room wearing the same silver armor as his.
>"Take good care of him. Get the best surgeon in town. Wake him up if you have to. This pony is important."
>The two give a nod of understanding and exit the room with haste.
>As they exit, Captain Foley gives a sigh and turns to face you all.
"So what do you think? Can your pegasus squadron handle another incursion?"
>He has a vexed expression on his face.
>"To go into lands so feral and savage will be too great of a risk I am willing to take. Banditry runs wild and there are still reports of Diamond Dog Raiders aloof."
"Sir, the payout is worth the risk! This hive can bring mayhem to Equestria. If we can stop it now while they are still inactive, that will be one less threat to worry about."
>"We are spread too thin as of right now. Even with all the volunteer recruits, civil disobedience is at an all time high. The ponies are demanding blood for what the MID put them through. Not only that, many of the 'ethnic' residents; the Arabs, Griffons, and even a few dogs and Zebras. All who stayed loyal to their citizenship of Equestria are being heavily persecuted by many radical mobs who rally a cry of hate to anything and all foreign. If it weren't for the garrisons in the bigger cities, riots would probably ensue. I say we will have to wait to consolidate our forces after things have calmed down."
"A large force would attract such belligerents, a small taskforce would be perfect for such a mission."
>"And who would be part of such taskforce? Unlike your ground assault, our raid from the roof didn't go so perfectly."
>He stamps his hoof at the end of his sentence.
>"An ambush. They somehow knew we were coming! They collected the majority of their agents to choke points. Almost all of my squad members were severely wounded, and the ones unscathed will have to hold down this building and help process all the new prisoners."
"That explains the nearly empty third floor."
>He gives out a sigh.
>"We just don't have the horsepower at this time. That is-"
>He gives a little sneer.
>"unless you all would like to volunteer."
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Bump from 10
For Equestria!
Still with us friend? How have you been?

I just recently caught completely up with the story. I just wanted to say that I was in tears when Anon said his final goodbyes to the crew of the Avalon, and was angry that he never ended up fucking Diamond Tirra. Also, where do you get off fucking up Thunder's life like that you piece of shit.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.
We all are Anon. We all are.
It's been a hot minute for sure.
Just gotta be patient.
>This is his favorite little quirk.
>Asking for volunteers.
>With Reckless's unending desire for action made filling those vacancies pretty easy.
>And Foley knew it.
>Over half the objectives we were assigned during the war were purely voluntary thanks to your Sergeant.
>And this time won't be any different.
>"My team can do it Captain!"
>You swear you see stars in her eyes every time she does this.
>Cpt. Foley smiles.
>Even if the odds seem bad, he knows he doesn't have to worry.
>Moody steps forward.
>"I wish to volunteer also."
>"I'm surprised Sergeant, usually you like to lead not follow."
>"They need a pegasus to get atop that rock, you are needed here and I'm the strongest flier in the squad who can carry another pony."
>Reckless steps beside Moody and gives him a jab.
>"Don't think that just cause you a Sergeant I go easy on you."
>"That's exactly what I expect from a reckless hardflank such as yourself."
>Cloudy jumps from his chair filled with spirit.
>"I can walk, I can fight!"
>Equity steps forward too.
>"I volunteer also."
>"I admire your spirit Officer's, but I'm afraid the Badlands are out of your jurisdiction. Also we need pegasi not unicorns."
"Many hooves make the load light. We can still use the magic support. Worse comes to worse we can use them as porters."
>With a shrug Foley begins to take his leave.
>"Whatever you say, just make sure you all make it back in one piece."
>He stops short of the door.
>"I'm going to make a report about this little crusade you all are going on. You have two weeks to find out whatever the buck happened to the 'sons' of Pioneer. After that bodies or no bodies, I want you all to double time it back to Dodge."
>He begins to exit, but is stopped by Equity.
>"Is that it Sir? You're just going to leave us to our own devices? What are we to do now?"
>"I suggest having a little talk to him."
>He points to Star Kicker still laying on his side.
Bump for both Luke and Thing.
We're still rooting for you ThingBro

What happened to the earlier posts in this installment of your story? It seems to pick up sometime after where the pastebin leaves off, and the earlier post is deleted.


File: 1447519925604.png (98 KB, 401x577)
98 KB
God I love you bumpfriends.
>As the his threats and shouts begin to tire out, Officer Equity speaks up.
>"What are we going to do now?"
>Sgt. Moody walks towards the tied down pony.
>He takes a hoof and forcibly lifts him to sit up.
>"Now son, Im'a give you two chances."
>He kneels down to get eye level with the pegasus.
>"Where exactly is this lab of yours?"
>"Up yours you quacking old gelding! Long live the Royal Sisters! Long live the MID!"
>Sgt. Moody gives out a sigh.
>"Just make this easy on yourself. Chart us a map, give us a landmark, anything. You just might be able to cut your sentence down by helping us. Believe me, things will get a lot messier if she gets involved."
>He motions his head towards your Sergeant who is idly standing by.
>A smirk creeping on her face.
>Star Kicker hocks up a lougee and spits it on Sgt. Moody's face.
>It drips down his nose and smudges his warpaint.
>With a smile he turns to Reckless.
>"All yours Sergeant."
>Giving a nod, your Sergeant pulls out a a knife and slowly steps towards the pegasus.
>Seeing her knife, Star Kicker freezes.
>"H-hold on now. W-what do y-you think you're doing with that knife?!"
>She stares coldly at him.
>"Elder, hold out his wings."
>You obey without missing a beat and stretch out his wings as far as they will go.
>His right wing is indeed broke like you suspected so it doesn't protrude as high as the other.
>Got him good with that buck.
>The whole room watches in silence except for the pegasus who continues to plea for mercy.
>Officer Equity stares with horror about his face.
>Cloudy looks on unsympathetically to his former assaulter.
>Sgt. Moody simply turns his head away.
>"I warned ya."
>"T-this isn't right! You can't do this!"
>Equity steps forward.
>"Sergeant, what do you intend on doing?"
>"We're just going to talk Officer. Get to know one another. Simple things."
>Her tone is colder than the frigid mountains of the Yaket Range.
>"In the Extended Entries of the Friendship Journal by Her Majesty Twilight, she provides guidelines and instructions on how to passively get information from fellow ponies. This seems wrong. Apostatic even!"
"Shut up Equity."
>"Cpl. Elder? You can't possibly agree with-"
>"Yeah shut it! Let the Sergeant have her 'chat'."
>"Do you think THEY followed any of Twilight's teachings?"
>He looks to floor unable to bring an answer.
>"That's right! They didn't! You and I watched as our own citizens disappeared from our town thanks to these monsters!"
>Clody gets up from his seat and marches in front of Equity.
>He puts a hoof to Equity's chest and gets in his face.
>"How many of our friends vanished without a trace?! How many families torn apart because they were 'suspects of interest' huh?!"
>Equity keeps his head lowered and Cloudy continues to yell at him in anger.
>"Oh but we found them now haven't we?! Yeah we found them! Found them all rotting in that bucking cesspit near Canterlot under THEIR HEADQUARTERS! How many bodies do think they have been pulled out so far hmm? Hopefully by the years end they will be half way done!"
>He slams his hoof into Equity knocking him down onto his flank.
>"If you ask me, we should hang them all and let the carrion birds deal with the cleanup."
>Equity stays on the ground, his head still slumped downward.
>"Officer. Let me ask you something."
>Reckless voice pierces the air.
>It's soft. Soothing even.
>The voice a mother would use to comfort her crying foal.
>"Where is Princess Twilight now?"
Alright bitches, I'm back. Updates coming in a few hours
I'll go right now to make sure all the pastes are current
here you go, sorry bout that
Holy fuck, it's been a month since I've updated.
(I actually had a dream a couple nights ago where I was writing and posting an Anon in the east chapter)

Seriously, thanks all y'all who've kept this alive, especially Luke.
Just this one post tonight cause I'm tired, but more coming tomorrow and sunday.
>Astéri takes a quick step to either side, testing the field.
>He hesitates, so you begin to pace to your right, leaving your sword behind.
>As you begin to circle around the impromptu arena, the Duke matches your steps, always remaining opposite you.
>Eventually he reaches the area that you started at, so you stop.
>You remain silent, watching his eyes.
>And his are watching yours.
>He drags his front left hoof across the cobbled ground, preparing the charge.
>You hear him exhale deeply from his nostrils.
>There is dead silence among the crowd.
>As Equestrian high society watches the encounter, not one of them makes so much as a peep.
>That’s a first.
>You must have blinked or slightly grinned at the through, because he began his charge.
>He’s quicker than you expected.
>It’s barely more than a moment before he’s closed the distance, the spear aimed right to your center of mass.
>With your right hooves, you push off and pivot on your front left.
>Twisting on the leg, you see the tip of the spear push through the air where your chest was just at.
>You let the Duke rush past you, taking a moment to reassess your stance.
>He’s quick to slow down and turn.
>If you had been armed, he’d be dead.
>And he better realize that.
>The tip of his spear then comes slashing towards you, parallel to the ground.
>Ducking your head away from the blade, you avoid the strike.
>As you glance up at the spear tip and haft that swings over your head, you could end this here.
>But where’s the fun in that?
>Her words give a shock to everypony in the room including yourself.
>Twilight's disappearance caused a great deal of strife in Equestria.
>However with all the wars and conflicts, more important matters grasped the attention of the public.
>Only in times of solemnity does she usually get brought up.
>Lonely nights when a soldier has time to think.
>Would war still have broken out if the Beacon of Friendship disappeared?
>These questions don't need answers for they aren't important.
>There's no time for what-if's.
>What is important is what's happening now.
>"I don't know Sergeant."
>"Then what she doesn't know won't hurt her."
>She gives a little chuckle.
>"Besides, we're not doing anything wrong. We're just hanging a little chat."
>Reckless kneels down in front of the bound pegasus.
>She takes the knife and dances its tip up and down Star Kickers chest a belly.
>"Where is your lab?"
>Even with you and the rope binding him, his trembling forces you to tighten your grip.
>"P-please don't hurt me. I-I wasn't a part of those abductions! I-m j-just an observer. I had no idea of those experiments at HQ!"
>She stops the tip of her knife over his heart.
>"We can talk abut those later, I just want to know where your lab is."
>"P-please. Please it's not my fault! I was just following orders! You understand? Orders!"
>She presses down a little, not too hard to break the skin, but hard enough to make him squirm.
>"The lab Sky Kicker. All I want to know is where."
>He whimpers out cries for his mother and you swear you think he's crying.
>"I grow impatient with you. THE LAB!"
>She presses harder and the tip pierces the skin.
>This breaks him.
>Immediately he begins to spew all the information.
>Hidden trails.
>Specific landmarks.
>And more importantly.
>There's secret hatches all over the inner working of the mesa.
>A welcome thought for Sgt. Moody who would've had to carry everypony to the top hatch.
>"That's everything. Everything I know, now let me go and rot with Pioneer."
>With tears in his eyes he drops his head in shame.
>With a cheery smile, you see your Sergeant open her eyes wide.
>This is one of the few times you see them so wide.
>It's unsettling, even for you.
>"Not good enough Agent. You're coming with us."
>"Yes. Yes I understand."
>"And just to be sure you won't do anything stupid, turn him around Elder. I want to see those pretty wings."
>This time Sgt. Moody breaks his silence.
>She turns and gives him the most innocent look.
>"What are you planning on doing?"
>"Oh nothing."
>She twirls her knife around as if it were a toy.
>"Just trimming the hedges his all."
>"Reckless, Pegasi wings are delicate and sensitive, you just can't clip them as if they were like some bird!"
>He extends his own wings to show his clean pruned feathers.
>"You can cause serious damage! It's Reck-"
>He stops realizing what he just said and she simply smiles back.
>Slashing the knife at full power, she cuts off almost all of his feathers on his left wing in one clean blow.
>Star Kicker pisses himself out of fright wetting you in the process.
>"Sorry Corporal, but it was necessary."
>You try and shake some of it off, but it's futile.
>Oh bucking well. You've been through worse.
"A little piss never killed nopony. Let's go."
>"That's what I like to hear, but we'll stop back at the station to shower and rest for the day. We'll get you a brace for your right wing Agent, get it set right. Tomorrow morning, we head out for the Badlands."
Good to have you back, bud. Hope things are going well for ya

Hahahahaahah, Yes. Very good to see you again friend. I was worrying about you.
Great to see you back Thing!
We missed you.

I have been waiting a long time to see a Pegasus get their wings clipped. Thanks. That was Awesome!
File: 1458700164687.jpg (153 KB, 1000x1333)
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153 KB JPG
Why are we dying?
Because the Raiders can't get a touchdown.
It's the day of rest Anon.
Bumpin an bumpin an bumpin
We're not dying, just going through a dry spell friend.

Keep believing, it's all we have left

If you don't want us to die, contribute. Make a spin off story like Luke or do what Thing has been asking.
Make some art.
Celestia knows this thread deserves it.
It's amazing how the thread is still up even after almost three weeks of not checking up. It's great that the community is this loyal. Hopefully Thigfag didn't kick the bucket yet tho.
>Make some art.
>Celestia knows this thread deserves it.
This. It baffles my mind how this story has not gotten any art yet after such a long time.
He was here a couple days ago. Said he would post the next day, something must've come up.
still alive
It's finals week right now, my bad. Got caught up with some final papers.
you're telling me...
Good luck Thing!
File: Branded Guard Sketch.jpg (129 KB, 500x666)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

I'm not a drawfag, but I recently found and read the whole story over the course of a few days, so this is the least I can do.

This is my sketch of a disgraced Royal Guard, and his brand. Even though it's not canon yet.
I swear to all that's holy that I'll write at least a couple updates after my one final tomorrow.
It is canon (Jesus, nice memory man):

“I say inform the old Royal Guard about the situation, then offer an ultimatum. If they join the common ranks, say they can’t get a position higher than corporal, but once the conflict is over they can return to their families and everything will be forgiven. They’ll have to be split up and unable to contact one another, and all of them will have to accept a visible brand. Maybe a ‘C’ for Celestia on their cheek, to remind everypony about their status in the civil war. Otherwise, they rot in the PoW camp indefinitely.”
>Lancer responds:
>”A brand on their face, that’s pretty drastic.”
“It’s their choice to take the offer.”
>Better idea.
“Wait, how about each of them gets a brand. Same offer, but we brand anypony who joins up with a ‘I’ and anypony who doesn’t with an ‘II’. The ones will only have the one mark, so can be absolved in the eyes of the world, but the twos will always bear that they chose to abandon Equestria in its darkest hour."

Seriously though, thanks m8. you say you're not a drawfag, but it's still better than I'd have done. (also, welcome to the ride)

Thank you! I'm gonna draw more at some point. My last exam is tomorrow, too. And then I'll be free to lower myself back into the pit of horses and isolation.

I have a couple questions, I dunno if you'll be able to answer them or not. Does Equestria's regular army wear the same armor as the Royal Guard? And what is Flurry Heart's cutie mark?
Man, I completely forgot about that part. Pretty cool.
i hate schoolfags that abandon the board to study
Just kidding
Something short today.
I almost miss being a schoolfag.
>Morning air blows its cooling breeze through your mane.
>It has been about three hours since you all departed from Dodge.
>The sun isn't out yet, but its shining rays just begin to creep over the horizon.
>When Reckless says morning, she really means when the moon just passes its peak.
>You all are marching through the desert in a short diamond formation.
>Reckless leads the way while Moody and Star Kicker follow close behind her.
>Equity and Cloudy march opposite sides of the road and you take up the rear.
>Officer Cloudy sure is one tough sonofa' bugbear.
>His face and body are a bit black and blue, but he acts as if yesterday was just a normal Tuesday night.
>Equity is calm.
>However he hasn't said a word since we left.
>He just keeps staring off into the Badlands.
>Star is tense.
>We were told that Reckless was less than an inch away from cutting into his sensitive nerves.
>One little prick and he would've been grounded for good.
>His other wing is braced open stretching out the bones into place.
>Moody marches a pace behind him.
>He keeps his saber at the ready just to be sure no funny business happens.
>"Up ahead, just past that rock formation and over the dune is a spot for us to rest."
>Star Kicker points a hoof over to a long weather beaten rock.
>"We used to call it the 'beak' cause it used to look like a beak of a griffon."
>Once upon a time it could've looked like a work of art.
>"Now it's, ehh..."
>Everypony knows what it looks like.
>Nopony just has the will to say it.
>The tip of the 'beak' has been rounded out.
>Below it, the shaft has been smoothed out thanks to the sandstorms.
>Only its base looks to be somewhat the same, even then it just makes its new form more clear.
>After you all are done staring at it, your Sergeant decides to say the unspeakable.
>"It look like a giant diamond dog cock to me."
I know how you feel man. College was fucking awesome compared to the working world.

"Equestria Lives, and Marches On!"

A brand new picture. Not super happy with how anthro-y this looks, and the face and wings are kinda wrecked, but to be honest I don't really know how else a pony would hold a sword and shield. I stayed up until 8 am to finish this. I want to die.
Thank you Anon. You're doing a great service to this thread. We appreciate anything and everything that your artwork contributes to the story.
Alright, I'm done with classes for a few weeks.

Writing now
>Still wearing a sun and moon
Really though, still a lot better than I'd be able to do.
As for how ponies hold weapons, the show is kind of iffy if hooves can actually be used to grasp things or non-unicorns have to use their mouths. I've just been assuming that (front) hooves can work as hands
Royal guard types are as in show, regular army wears less ornate armor and more suited to the environment of the operational areas (not a lot of full plate in Saddle Arabia, and such). The Royal Navy in keeping with the 'royal' bit had more ornate stuff to use in boarding actions and the like.

>Flurry's cutie mark
Honestly I never really solidified one in my head.
>A crystal heart like Cadence's, but Shining and Twilight's main star thing is recessed into it, and all surrounded by small snowflakes like the wind is blowing them around the heart.
>Shining's shield, but the heart replaces the star in the center, and the three smaller ones on top are snowflakes.
>Dead griffons and yaks.
Take your pick.
Eh, I was originally gonna give him a flag draping over his shoulder, but I didn't want to take my chances with properly doing a folded up flag. So he gets a sash thing with all the princess cutie marks instead. And I guess you could just pretend he's from an earlier conflict or something, before the civil war.
just joking with ya, any contributions are great.
>As Astéri charges once again, he lets out an angered screech.
>This has been going on for a few minutes now, and he hasn’t even gotten close.
>Alright, let’s change things up.
>The tip is pointed right towards your left shoulder.
>Astéri is distraught at the show the crowd’s been getting, and his lack of success.
>But his spear is still steady.
>And he’ll be expecting you to dodge.
>As the spear tip reaches your torso, you lean to the right and grab the haft just beyond the blade with your left hoof.
>Letting his momentum close the distance, you then use your right hoof to uppercut into his jaw.
>Staggered by the strike, you take the time to trot away.
>With a smug grin across your face you then turn to face him as he spits out blood onto the ground.
>As he furrows his brow in anger, you follow up:
“Don’t worry, by my count that was only the fourteenth time you left yourself open for a killing blow. No, sorry: Fifteenth.”
>”Is this just some kind of game to you?”
>Taking a moment to step over to your sword, you place a hoof on the grip.
“Not anymore.”
Might stay up a bit later to write more
>Astéri whistles over to one of his guards as he tosses the spear to the side.
>The Maretonian soldier then promptly steps from the crowd to offer him a sword.
>The blade is rather plain, no gilding or ornamentation.
>Three feet long, a slight curve to the final few inches.
>Feeling the weight of your own sword in your right hoof, you begin to approach Astéri.
>Once six or so feet away, you begin to circle each other.
>He’s waiting to strike.
>But you’re not letting him get that opportunity.
>Charging, you take a single step straight towards the Duke.
>Before tossing your sword into your left hoof.
>As your right hits the ground to continue the charge, you shift your direction to the right.
>Your right, his left.
>Thrusting your sword into his upper chest, you release the grip and continue to run past him.
>Don’t want to ruin your dress if he managed to connect a swing after the impact.
>You hear the sound of steel clanging against stone, and turn to see that Astéri is still standing.
>But his sword is on the ground.
>All he does is turn slowly to face you.
>You can see some shock on his face, but mainly fear.
>His mouth opens as if to speak, but no words escape.
>Then as his left hooves start to give out, he collapses onto the ground.
>Well, that’s that.
>Now you’ll need to speak with Astéri’s brother.
>And apologize to the owners of the estate…
File: Spoiler Image (1.17 MB, 550x400)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB GIF
tfw rekt
>Sitting in the boat, you let auto pilot take you further through the jungle.
>You’re putting more bullets into the empty magazines you’ve got.
>Had to waste a lot of lead on the gators you passed last night.
>You ran out and had to fix the bayonet onto the rifle.
>Harvey gave you a magic engine for the boat that could work for a century or two, but the bastard gave you a gun that needs to be reloaded.
>He’s currently sitting across from you, leaning back and napping.
>Or at least acting like he’s asleep.
>Having brimmed the last magazine, you tap it against the side of the boat’s hull to help the bullets settle.
>Then set it down and reach for Three-Leg’s flask.
>”Anon, it’s barely noon.”
“Thanks to you, I don’t need sleep. Only difference between day and night is how dark it is.”
>You open the flask up and hold it in the air towards Harv.
>As you take a sip of the moonshine, he starts talking:
>”You know, back when I was in the academy, we would follow every toast with a song.”
“You never went school.”
>”Come cheer up my lads-“
>You reach for your knife with your free hand and hold the tip against your temple.
“I will lobotomize you right here and now if you sing one more word.”
>”You sang with the Avalon crew all the time.”
>You take another sip.
“But for you, I haven’t had nearly enough of this.”
>”Alright, alright.”
“So how much longer on the bayou?”
>”Not long. We’ll be soon entering a desolate and rocky stretch of land, and then you’ll have a choice.”
>You wait for him to continue.
More tomorrow
>”Oh, yes. The boat will take us to a mountain range. There should be a large waterfall, and I doubt you’d like to see if it can fly. Now, you could attempt to scale the cliffs or attempt to go through the caves in the area.”
“What’s quicker?”
>”Assuming you don’t get lost, the caves.”
“And what’s more dangerous?”
>”Dangerous is a relative term over here.”
“Caves it is. My knees don’t need rock climbing. Two questions though.”
>”And those would be?”
“What’s in my next care package?”
>”That would be telling.”
“Figures… These caves natural, or mined out?”
“So no fire demon on a narrow bridge?”
>”Oh I’m sure you’ll still have fun.”
“Really though, when do I get super powers?”
>”That’s your fourth question of two.”
“I’m punching you the second you’re back into your body.”
>”Love you too honey.”
>You tap the tip of your knife back against your temple.
>”Okay, noted. That’s the line.”
“Hey Harv.”
>He cocks an eyebrow.
“Keep us on auto, but bring up the white room.”
>As he snaps his fingers, you find yourself in the usual blank void.
“Well this won’t do.”
>You force a small bar into the void, complete with two barstools and a stocked selection of liquor.
>You take a seat in one of the stools, and reach over for a bottle of whiskey.
>Pouring two glasses, you slide one over to Harvey.
>He takes the other stool.
>He clinks his glass against yours as it’s offered.
>Now let’s see if you can remember the instruments…
>There’s the strings.
“Kind Captain, I’ve important information. Sing Hey, the kind commander that you are. About an intimate relation. Sing hey there merry maiden and the tar.”
>Harv then steps in as the Captain.
I love it when Harve quotes Jean-Luc
I feel bad for Asteri.
I don't.
You don't challenge Xena...I mean...Flurry the Warrior Princess.
>Feeling bad for someone who wanted to trick you into marrying him and have his kids just because you are a princess and nothing else
I don't feel anything but hatred for him.
Morning updates
>”So what happened then?”
>Metal clangs against metal as you deflect the blow.
>But he’s quick to follow through, pressing forward with another pair of slashes.
>You manage to parry them with your own blade, but have to jump backwards as he lunges towards you.
“Well, first thing I went over to Efedrikós and congratulated on his inheritance. I then had a private word with him and Amethyst Shower, the host and the soon to be mother-in-law of our new Maretonian Duke.”
>You swing, but he catches your blade.
>The swords grind against each other before he pushes you away.
>”How much did you tell them?”
“Well, I made it clear that Astéri had to go. Even knowing what’s happening with Tartarus, he came in here and basically tried to extort a political marriage out of it. Efedrikós explained that technically the duel was completely legal, and she eventually came around.”
>He feigns a lunge and comes in with a heavy slash down towards you.
>You catch it with your blade, but it’s thrown from your hoof.
>He follows through with a slash back towards your right.
>You jump back, then kick off to roll in the direction your sword was knocked.
>Grabbing the grip, you reaffirm your stance and prepare for the next blow.
>”Anything else fun?”
“Well, Rarity was a bit shocked at it, but I reminded her about how he was a two-faced suitor that cared more about prestige than love. After that she was just happy I didn’t scratch or get blood on my dress. Oh, and our minotaur ambassador tried to pick a fight with a security guard, but I was able to stop it before the poor guy got hurt.”
>Lancer eases from his fighting stance, placing the tip of the blunted training sword onto the ground, resting on it like a cane.
>He glances over to Brairheart and Wave
>Wave speaks first.
>”Her form is still too sloppy.”
“Thank you General.”
>Escapes in a condescending tone.
>Wave then looks over to Lancer:
>”His was worse.”
>You let out a decent chuckle at that.
>Brairheart then offers something:
>”We’ll have to watch and make sure that the brother doesn’t mind the death of his elder. Yes, we gave him a political favor; however, we don’t know if he’ll resent us for it.”
“The Maretonians are still in the city, let’s bring him in later tonight to talk business.”
>Lancer then speaks to Wave:
>”Hey Red, swap out?”
>”At least Offense stayed in practice after his promotions.”
>Wave walks over to you, and stretches out his right hoof.
>You grab the dull blade of the sword, and offer him the grip.
>As you leave the center of the sparring room, you head over to Brairheart on the sidelines.
>Wave is quick to put Lancer on the defensive, sending a trio of quick slashes.
>Blades then are locked as they wrestle to push the other away, but Wave gives a left hook with his free hoof to stagger Lancer.
>Wave then swings and stops the blade just in front of Lancer’s neck.
>Lancer then nods down, to show that his own Sword is pointed up, ready to go into Wave’s lower chest.
>”How’s that for sloppy form?”
>”You’re still dead.”
>”Just like you.”
>They then each take a few steps away to reset.
>Brairheart then speaks to you:
>”So where is our minotaur friend? I haven’t seen him all morning.”
“Still in bed I think. He pretty much bankrupted the hosts with how much he ate… and drank.”
>”Of course he did.”
>After a few rounds with Harv, you decided to head back into the real world.
>Still in the swamp.
>But you can see something in the water up ahead.
>Reaching back to the throttle, you slow the boat down.
>Three white swans are sitting in the center of the river.
>They’re not moving.
>Reaching down, you grab at your rifle and check to make sure a round is chambered.
>Holding it with your finger on the trigger, you reach back with your left hand to pilot the boat manually.
>You try to give the birds a wide birth, heading around them to the right.
>As you approach, they remain utterly motionless in the water.
>Getting closer, you can see that their bodies reflect a bit of light, almost glowing on the water.
>You pass by the small cluster, maybe ten feet away from them.
>They don’t have eyes…
>Or wings.
>Then the closest one turns to face you, the water remaining completely undisturbed.
>Those aren’t feathers, either.
>It’s a wet skin, like a pure white salamander.
>On its back, you can see a small pair of holes… nostrils?
>Turning up the throttle, you decide just to go your own way.
>But you notice that the ‘swan’ follows you, increasing speed as the boat does.
>Alright, that’s enough.
>You swing the rifle around and go to aim at it.
>But it’s gone.
>You fire off a single shot into the water, hoping the noise will spook it away.
>As you scan the water for any sign of the creature, you glance at the water down river.
>Then reach down to slow the throttle.
>The ‘swan’ is in the water, fifty or so feet from the boat.
>However, the boat can only slow down so much, and you quickly reach the animal.
>As you do, the ‘swan’ rises from the water, tipping away from you.
>The shiny white skin gives way to a dark grey.
>The swan was merely a crest of sorts atop it’s head.
>The head being almost as wide as the boat.
>A hinged jaw, that’s currently closesd, beady black eyes that are widely separated.
>It rises further, a pair of stubby arms coming off of its body.
>It was at that moment you decided to start firing.
>You quickly bleed the gun dry, as the beast slams the front of its body down onto your boat.
>It doesn’t tip the boat over, but the head is barely two feet from you.
>The swan like crest sticking up into the air, like a top hat that only covers half of the head.
>The jaws open up, revealing rows of small needle like teeth.
>You shakily stand in the rocking boat, and jab the rifle’s bayonet down into the creature’s head.
>It barely fazes the giant salamander, but as it wriggles its head, it almost sends the rifle flying out of your hands.
>Pulling back the rifle, you toss it into the boat, and reach for the four-bore you had made.
>Running low on ammo for both weapons, but that’s not a problem for today.
>The creature rears back up in the water, preparing to crash down once again.
>You cock one barrel, and take aim for the center of mass.
>As you fire, after the ear-shattering boom dies down, you hear the beast grunt, but it’s still there.
>So you cock the other barrel, and aim for the head.
>Feeling the mule of a shotgun batter your shoulder, you see the creature slink back into the water.
>Maybe dead, maybe not.
>You’re not staying around to find out.
This will probably be it for the morning.
“Hey, Harv?”
>He pops up in the seat across from you.
>”Well done.”
“What was that?”
>”I don’t know.”
“Thanks Harv… Thanks a lot.”
>He snaps his fingers.
>”A Swanamander!”
“What’d I say about you naming things?”
>”That you love my names, and once we get back, we’ll co-author an autobiographical tale recording the species encountered here.”
>He then pauses for a second.
>”Just think about it: Harvey and Anon’s Voyage into the Unknown!”
“More like Harvey and Anon’s Bogus Journey.”
>”Oh come now, Anon.”
“And it’s Anon and Harvey, not the other way around.”
>”Oh we can deal with the trademarking later.”
>You then decide to ignore the voice in your head, and get to taking stock.
>First thing is to wipe the blood off of the bayonet.
>Then you flip open the footlocker and start counting bullets.
>Got three full magazines of twenty.
>Popping the empty one from the rifle, you start to fill it.
>You can only find eighteen spare rounds.
>Damn, Harv gave you what, three or four hundred?
>How bout for the four bore?
>Twelve shots left…
“Hey Harv?”
“How much farther?”
“Give me an estimate, jackass.”
>”Maybe a tenth of the way there in terms of distance.”
“Well I hope you left plenty of goodies along the way.”
>”Just wait until we hit the desert and savannah.”
Thanks for huge update.
Wait, how is Amethyst Shower the Duke's mother-in-law?
"soon to be mother-in-law of our new maretonian duke"
the younger brother is betrothed to her daughter, it was stated as one of the reasons why Aesteri was at the salon
got to make up for the drought somehow
Also, really got into the groove today
>You sit in the meeting room with Lancer and Wave.
>Eventually, you hear a knock at the door.
>That should be Brairheart and Efedrikós.
>As the door opens to reveal the two, the Admiral returns to his seat while the Maretonian remains standing.
>White coat and a curly brown mane, just like his brother.
>Shorter though.
>He has a wider jawline, but lacks a beard.
>It is the younger brother after all.
>And he’s not wearing any Maretonian garb or regalia.
>He bows his head before speaking:
>”Your Highness.”
“Duke Efedrikós, please take a seat.”
>He walks over to the nearest chair around the table, and sits.
“Now, I believe we can be frank here.”
>”If I may, your Highness?”
“Of course.”
>”I understand fully why my brother is dead. He was a brash and rude stallion. Honestly, he was a bully to many around him, including myself. But he was still my brother, and I cannot forgive you for it. However, I will work with you to protect both of our people.”
>You see Lancer and Brairheart share a glace.
“I respect your position, and also your sheer nerve.”
>”Then let us begin.”
“Astéri tried to woo me with fifty thousand battle hardened veterans, and another fifty thousand men in training. A number I find to be overestimated.”
>”He did like to boast. Maretonia currently has roughly ten thousand soldiers on call, with another forty thousand veterans or abled bodied stallions ready to volunteer if requested. Beyond that he intended to conscript the remaining fifty he promised you.”
“At this point I’d like to avoid conscription. Given the severity of the situation, I don’t think volunteers will be in short supply.”
>”A reasonable idea.”
“Now, I’m ready to completely exempt you from paying the taxes stated in the treaty between Maretonia and Equestria for three years starting now. After that every year they will be incrementally increased back to the original rates.”
>”A generous offer, what do you want in return?”
“First, the Maretonian army will remain a Maretonian army, but your military leadership will take orders directly from Equestiran high command in this conflict. In older wars, your leaders had the final say on troop movements and engagements. Not anymore.”
>”Acceptable, on the condition that a large enough force of Maretonians will be allowed to stay within our territory to protect it.”
“Very well. One more thing. Maretonia has large food stockpiles stored up. I want half of it to be able to be transferred to the rest of Equestria if required. After Celestia’s conscription policies and having to feed so many troops after the past few years, we only have enough to last for two or three years unless this season’s harvest is particularly large.”
>”And if transfer is not required?”
“Then it’s still yours.”
>”Is there anything else?”
“Not from me. Generals? Admiral?”
>Brairheart speaks:
>”I’ll see to it that a logistical aide is sent with you. If your soldiers need anything in terms of equipment or armor, we’ll make sure they have it.”
>”Thank you.”
>Efedrikós scoots his chair out, and rises.
>”Then I will take my leave.”
>You’re not sure what to make of his face as he bows.
>Hate, respect, and fear in equal parts.
>As Brairheart heads to the door to see your guest out, you stop Efedrikós before he leaves.
>He glances back at you.
“I do respect your forthrightness.”
>He gives a nod before following Brairheart out.
>Once the doors shut, you speak to the generals.
>Wave starts:
>”His boldness was an act. He entered this room knowing that there’s nothing he has that we couldn’t take.”
>Lancer counters:
>”But he knew that we would waste more resources taking than what we would gain.”
>He then addresses you:
>”For what it’s worth, I believed him. Seemed like a decent lad… at least compared to his brother.”
“I’m just happy that this is over with… now we can focus on more important things.”
>Lancer then jests:
>”Personally I liked the diversion.”
“So, has there been any news from other nations?”
>”No sight of any Tartarus breeches in Saddle Arabia. The minotaurs and griffons have also said it’s clear for now.”
>”Never responded to our envoys.”
“Didn’t we also send word over to the bison?”
>”Yes, that chief near Appleoosa said he would send word further west.”
“If Thunderhooves said he’d keep in contact, we’ll know as soon as anything happens… but by hoof any word will come in pretty slowly. See to it that a few squads of pegasi scouts are sent his way. If something happens out west, we’ll need troops out there as soon as possible to help.”
>Wave then offers:
>”Anon had four forward forts built. The Royal Navy is still camped out on the coast in Shipbreaker, but I’ve had the other three properly manned. If anything happens out west, there will be a sizable force ready to respond.”
“How large?”
>”Currently there’s a full corps at each of the three. When we get back to full capacity, I intend a full army at each.”
>Sixty thousand to a corps.
>Three corps in an army.
>Two hundred thousand per army when you include support divisions.
“Last I remember we had less than three hundred thousand men in service.”
>Lancer then answers that question:
>”Between returning veterans and fresh blood in training we’ve doubled that. If current rates keep up, we’ll have our million man army back within a month.”
“Who will be leading the armies with Anon gone?”
>”Wave will return to commanding the 3rd, Offense will take the 4th. Anon used to personally oversee the 1st, and I used to lead the 2nd. If you’d prefer to solely oversee the armies, I’d step into the 1st.”
“Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ll oversee the army. I am the ‘Princess of War’ after all.”
>”Maybe one of the only things Astéri said that I agree with.”
More tomorrow
>Lancer then continues:
>”However, I’d prefer to command the 5th. Anon specifically made it as a national defense army. It’s divisions will be spread out through our territory for immediate local defense before reinforcements can arrive. If these pits arise in multiple areas, somepony will have to remain here to oversee everything, and I could lead it from Canterlot.”
“That’s fair enough.”
>”The 1st will remain in the immediate area around the capitol, and remain ready to reinforce any fields foreign or domestic. The 2nd will be based out of Fort Expanse out west, the 3rd at Fort Gateway in the south, and the 4th will be posted at Fort Snowbound in the north.”
“Who will be commanding the 2nd?”
>”I think it’s time to promote Colonel Arrow. He’s a good officer, and the clear choice among the colonels.”
“What do you think about that Wave?”
>”It’s either that or bring in one of Celstia’s old generals. And there is a reason why Anon let them all retire once given full control of the military… no, sorry. There are many reasons.”
“Do Brairheart and Offense agree?”
>Lancer then takes over again.
>”Brairheart does, Offense voiced that Major Thunder be promoted. But given that he’s inexperienced with leading larger units and still hasn’t returned…”
“Alright. Bring Arrow in.”
>”We’ll have him here within a week.”
Damn, thunder cucked again.

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