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you can trust her

Fuck you I want to see the end
It doesn't matter if she's open-minded. (one word by the way) All that matters is that you stop larping like this. Nigger. *Flies away*
Sugarcoat is a bitch.
Try to argue against that
Spoiler: You can’t
File: 1490148353308.png (87 KB, 200x273)
87 KB
Glad someone got us back up and around, just got done updating the pastebin


will try to get the next post out a little later
Sorry you're so insecure that the mere act of someone calling you on stupid shit you do means they are a bitch.
she's perfect
File: 1561245.jpg (159 KB, 1280x1792)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Who’s calling me out?
At sucking dick
No one, I was referring to Sugarcoat's theoretical comment that would cause you to call her a bitch.
Uh okay are you okay anon?
>You watch as Sugarcoat starts to blush
>"Th-thank you Anon, I'm glad you liked it" She says quickly turning and wiping her face with the towel "It has been sometime since I've practiced in front of anyone"
>You noticed a bit of a wistful tone in Sugarcoat's voice
>And now that you think about it this is kind of weird
>When you think about dance practices you imagine rooms like the one filled with a bunch of girls and an instructor
>And yet Sugarcoat's folks paid the owners here to let her have the whole place to herself
>It didn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out something was up here
>"Well, when I was younger I had...problems dealing with the other girls in my class" Sugarcoat admits as if sensing your connection "Eventually it got to a point where none of us wanted to practice with the other, but I still loved dance so my parents paid for private lessons"
>Now over the last few days you hadn't exactly batted a hundred on reading Sugarcoat's moods
>But right now even you could basically read the big neon letters of CHILDHOOD TRAUMA flashing over her right now
>You needed to try and cheer her up
>The key word being TRY
"Well yeah, that does sound like it really sucked" You said getting her attention "But hey, who needs girls like that anyway" You say falling back on the ancient Burnout way of FUCK THOSE GUYS "Plus if you can dance so good that even a guy like me can't stop watching I'd say you did pretty damn great"
>It was quiet for a few second where she just stood there staring at you
>You really weren't any good when it came to motivational speeches
>But just as you were thinking of the best way to apologize you saw a smile creep across her face followed by a small tinkling laugh
>"Why thank you Anon" She says her smile widening "But you don't have to worry, I'm more than fine with the way things turned out" She went on as she brought a finger to her lip thoughtfully "But I do regret not having a partner to practice things with"
oh yeah it's back
Aw hell, It's footloose time.
What type of cinder blocks shoes are those.
Those look more akin to to the box-style shoes puritans attributed to Witches to be honest
>At sucking dick
Why is this a bad thing?
Cause that’s all she’s good for, not the motherly type more of the hit it and quit it type, other then that she’s nothing more then a cum dumpster.
>not the motherly type
So you're saying you mother isn't good at sucking dick? Because that's not what I've heard.
Also how the fuck should I know, I could care less of what my mother does.
>I could care less of what my mother does
Well, if you could care less, why don't you?
This spiralled into insults and mother bashing rather quickly
File: 1490912524366.gif (41 KB, 500x520)
41 KB
It will be a while before I can get to today's post, I have to drive all the way into the city to pee in cup, then drive back

Try not to kill each other while gone kids
No promises
File: sugar n scitwi.png (227 KB, 831x750)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
meh, pretty standard I'd say.

I wish they'd give her some more screentime in the shorts and specials, maybe explore her and Scitwi's dynamic, they seem to imply that they were at least kinda friends in the movie.
>Oh no
>You did not like where this
>Cause you might as well be a cat
>Cause nigga you sure don't dance
>Not unless you considered drunken skanking a dance
>Or that time you punched that hardcore dancer for fucking up a mosh pit
>Good times
>But back to the present
>You did not have a good feeling about this
"I'd love to help you out there 2M, but I'm not exactly the uh...graceful sort"
>"Oh no, I wasn't suggesting that, you don't even have the proper shoes for that" She says making a point to gesture to your boots
>That was true
>There aren't many ballerinas who can twinkle their toes in a pair of work boots
>"But now that I think about it you might still be able to help me" She says as you see her eyes gleam as an idea begins to form
"Oh, okay, what you have in mind" You ask glad you dodged the dancing bullet
>"Tell me Anon, about how strong are you?"
>That was an odd question
"Uh...I dunno, I bench around 130. maybe 135 on a good day...squat around 160" You say hesitantly
>Suddenly the bad feeling was back again
>"Perfect, then you can help me practice a move I've never done before" She says with a big smile
>"Oh...what kind of move?"
>Reeeeally starting to not like the sound of this
>"Oh, I doubt you'd know the name of the actual term" Sugarcoat seemed to enjoy drawing out your sudden unease as she turned away from you and took a few paces in the opposite direction "But if I were to put it into Layman's terms you could call it a Leaping Catch and Raise" She says turning back towards you with a determined grin
>It was only then you realized she was just far enough away to qualify a running start
>Ooooh no
"I think this might be a bad idea"
>Sugarcoat just grinned wider "Only one way to find out"
>And like that she ran several paces and leapt right at you
>Well now this was happening
>It happens so fast that you barely register as you catch her and hoist her over your head as you drop to one knee
>How does this stuff keep happening to you
>>"Oh, I doubt you'd know the name of the actual term"
they are literally just called lifts.
I don't know dance terms, I thought it would be something in French, so sue me
File: 1510398337513.gif (1.65 MB, 245x255)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
Shitposting to keep the thread going, so here

Have a gif. of the look Sugarcoat and Aria give to each other whenever Anon isn't looking
I love those two
File: 1487640404288.gif (893 KB, 500x277)
893 KB
893 KB GIF
Yeah, even after everything runs it's course and we get where we know we're going, Aria and Sugarcoat will never be "cool", at best the will be civil

Sugarcoat and the other Dazzlings will be varying degrees of whatever, but those two will always basically be in the same place they were in the library
I don’t know.
Anyways good conversation that happened 3 days ago and sugarcoat still sucks.
>135 and 160
Im just gonna say it. I don't even lift a shit ton and I think anon's a total lightweight.
>Now this was a new physical experience or you
>You'd spent the better part of a year learning how to knock people down
>Lifting them up was a whole new can of beans
>You felt the muscles in your back, arms, and shoulders strain as you focused on keeping Sugarcoat aloft above you
>She on the other hand was focusing all the muscles in her core to keep herself stretched perfectly straight in your arms
"Um 2M, how much longer?" You ask doing your best to insinuate that you can't hold this position for ever
>"Just a little more" She says sounding like she was concentrating on this just as much as you "And...done, you can put me down now" She says as you feel her relax slightly in your grip
>With great care you lower her back down to the floor
"Okay so how about we nev..." You begin only for Sugarcoat to reach down and help pull you back up to your feet and then wrap her arm around your neck pulling you into a hug
>"Thank you so much Anon! I always wanted to try that so much" Sugarcoat uncharacteristically squealed
>You just kind of stand there in shock for a few seconds not knowing where to put your hands and trying not to focus on how Sugarcoat is once again pressing her chest into you without noticing
"Oh...that's, um, great" You mumble "Just maybe give me more of a heads up next time" You laugh nervously prompting her to giggle too
>That puts you a bit at ease
>Which was funny
>Because at that moment you felt Sugarcoat go rigid in your arms as she realized she was hugging you and your faces were only a few inches apart
>She quickly jumped back letting you go and busied herself trying to smooth some non-existent wrinkles from her top
>"Well that should be enough practice for now" She says looking down to hide her blush
>It was kind of a shame
>You really liked when she dropped her whole "Proper and no nonsense" act like she had during the movie
>But you also liked seeing her get fluster like this
>You'd call this a win-win
Oh Sugar when will you just admit you want to show Anon just how much you can bend.
>bench around 130. maybe 135 on a good day
jesus christ, my starting weight when I first started lifting was 180 for bench
what is anon a twig?
File: 1489977133724.png (235 KB, 500x357)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
I'm basing Anon on myself in highschool, a high ADHD medication limits weight and muscle gain...just saying I had no problem taking down a 200lb tight-end with a bench and squat like that while in the weight room 5 times a week....they're just number after all
>I had no problem taking down a 200lb tight-end
he must have not known how to fight then
It's all in the technique, there's more than one tackle a guy that you don't see in an NFL game, it's why you run tackle drills at the start of every practice, they beat it into you

He was taller than me so instead of trying to just drive him to the ground I did it like how it goes in the >Green, I dug my shoulder in, hooked behind his knees, jerked him off the ground, and twisted with the momentum

At that point it's gravity

Everyone on the team told me good job and we all went back to our shit and now I make a living lifting heavy shit for people to pay my mortgage

You don't gotta drink your protein shakes, eat right, and go to the gym to build muscle, but it does help

But now I'm gonna go back to drinking before I have to get up at 8am and function with a hangover for 12 hours
>starting at 180
You obviously must have done some other form of physical shit outside of just normal life crap though, 180 isnt exactly crazy high but it isnt light either and i'd say most people start at like 100-135 range.
I do
I need the sugarpussy
Be on later tonight to post, stay with me
She can open more than her mind ifn youre catching what im throwin down winkwink nudgenudge
I could watch her dance her way out of Page 10 any day!
"So, what now?" You ask deciding to see what new surprises Sugarcoat has in store for you
>Though honestly not too big of one you hope
>Your heart could only take so much
>"Now, you'll go outside and wait for me" Sugarcoat said firmly as she worked to compose herself again
"Okay, why?"
>"Because I'm not going to to my book club covered in sweat" She says walking to her bag and pulling out a change of clothes "And just because I let you wash my underwear doesn't mean I'm going to let you see me in them" She added with a smirk while you blushed
>The last thing you needed right now was more images of Sugarcoat floating in your head
>Luckily her ever present snark helped keep you focused
"Are you ever gonna stop giving me shit about that?" You ask trying to keep a straight face
>Sugarcoat giggled "Not anytime soon" She said pointing towards the door "Now go on, I don't want to be late"
>You roll your eyes and head out of the room making sure to pull the door closed behind you
>It wasn't that the thought of sneaking a peek hadn't crossed your mind
>But the part of your brain that hadn't been mostly overwritten by all the thoughts of Sugarcoat in various positions was very loudly reminding you that
>A). That was some real creeper shit to do
>But more importantly B). She was still blackmailing you and no matter how cool she'd been about it so far, it would be supremely retarded to risk pissing her off by trying to get a look at her changing
>So you just stood there in the hall killing time
>That is until a glimmer of light caught your eye from the room across from you
>The door was slightly ajar so you couldn't see what was shinning at you
>But there couldn't be much harm in taking a peek there, unless things suddenly went full anime and you accidentally barged on some other random girl alone and changing in this empty studio
>But not even your luck was that bad
>So you walk in and there spaced through out the room were shiny metal poles from floor to ceiling
>>But there couldn't be much harm in taking a peek there, unless things suddenly went full anime and you accidentally barged on some other random girl alone and changing in this empty studio
>>But not even your luck was that bad
Oh Anon there is this thing called 'tempting fate' have you ever heard of it?
So, who shall be inside? Sour? Or Dazzling pole dance party?
damn what I wouldn't to for this adorable face
>Damn what I wouldn't do to sugar-coat this adorable face
I prefer a cream filling but a nice glaze is just fine
Damn what I wouldn't do to this adorable face
Sour Sweet finding what the phrase 'air tight' really means.
I think the Anon from my last Green officially tempted ALL OF THE FATE, he suffered for all future Anons' sins
Emergency Sugar bump
File: 1508514913655.jpg (55 KB, 500x600)
55 KB
Oh i wish i wish for a fish
>Stripper poles
>Fucking stripper poles
>Talk about the last thing you imagined you'd run into today
>Though maybe you were wrong
>Maybe you were totally misjudging these completely innocuous polished steel poles
>Maybe these were for training aspiring firemen
>You look around and by the door you came in by and there on the wall was a small bulletin board of picture with chicks swinging or hanging from poles
>Yeah nah, these were totally stripper poles
>"Why am I not surprised you found your way to the pole dancing room"
>You whip your head back towards the door and see Sugarcoat staring at you with a hand on her hip
>She changed out of her her work out clothes and now was wearing a purple skirt over pink and white stripped leggings, an open shouldered pink top, and a denim vest
>It occurs to you this is actually the first time you'd ever seen her in truly casual clothes
>And boy did she look good
>But didn't she just ask you something
>Oh right
>Stripper poles
"Oh, um, I didn't mean to...I just didn't know that this was that kinda place" You say nervously
>"Why not, it's a pretty popular way to work out and lots of women find it quite empowering" Sugarcoat say walking in and resting a hand on one of the poles "I've even taken a few classes myself"
>Straight-laced, no nonsense, straight A's, Smartest girl in school Sugarcoat
>Knew how to work that pole
>Even your imagination could not begin to picture this
>And if you'd learned anything in the last couple of days
>It's that when it came to Sugarcoat you had a very active imagination
>Your disbelief must have been pretty visible too because Sugarcoat gave you that look where she scrunched up her face in annoyance at you
>"What, you don't believe me?"
"N-no, it's not that I don't believe you it's just that...well..."
>You couldn't believe her
>"Fine then, just watch" She said indignantly tossing her bag to you, dusted of her hands, and then grabbed on to the pole
File: 1502334512678.png (116 KB, 430x324)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
>Now you had seen some shit
>Like seriously, last semester you'd driven to what was basically the school from High School musical
>Spent two days competing with them with everything thing from baking, to math, to fucking motocross and roller derby
>And capped it off with some chick you'd maybe seen actually go class like three times ascend to demon-hood and try to take over the world
>And once that was all over you met a guy who looked just like you and offered you a cigarette and magical survival counseling
>And this of all things was the thing that was what was blowing your mind
>But then again you were a simple man
>And Sugarcoat straddling a pole in a room with just the two off you was quite the site
>But you're getting ahead of yourself
>You'd watched as Sugarcoat sauntered up to the pole
>Reached up above her head
>And with strength you never knew she had hoisted herself up and wrapped her legs around the pole in a way that almost made you jealous and began
>Now earlier when you saw her dancing you'd thought about how that was pure art
>And now you were thinking the same thing
>Just not the same kind of art
>Like there was no vases or plinths for starters
>But still she had all the moves
>She started by moving to gods only know what kind of music she had in her head
>But hanging on the pole she bumped and grinded effortlessly as she spun and moved from position to position
>Hanging from the pole either by her arms or her legs
>At the end she flipped herself back and stared right at you with the biggest and most confident smile while hanging upside down and holding a splits for several seconds
>"Now do you believe me?"
>You believe in the beauty of God now
>But all you manage to say is
"Uh-huh" As you nod not caring that your mouth is probably hanging open in wonder right now
>"Good" She says wrapping her legs back round the pole, effortlessly pulling herself back up, then sliding down
File: 1486610334489.jpg (33 KB, 392x500)
33 KB
So I'm pretty drunk so you get two posts today, but not sure when I'll get to the next

Found out I get to start my new job next week so I'm spending the next 7 days of freedom getting fucked up for the holiday

also bonus points to whoever gets the stupid reference in this>>31409319 post
>you met a guy who looked just like you and offered you a cigarette and magical survival counseling
Could this be sleepover Burnout? This makes sense, There are 2 Burnouts...but witch one is the pony version? Maybe they are long lost identical twins and we'll get a crossover fic someday? The possibilities are mind bending...

also, UNF
My dick.
File: low effort meme.jpg (69 KB, 709x709)
69 KB
nope, sorry brah
>"Here" She said picking up her bag and handing it to you "We've just enough time to make it before my book club starts" She said heading for the door
>You just nod and follow
>Not much else you can do
>You're still coming to terms with the fact Sugarcoat knows how to pole dance
>"It should go without saying, but you're not allowed to tell anyone about this, for obvious reasons"
"Fair enough" You say dumbly
>Hell, who would believe you
>Well maybe the Dazzlings
>But you knew they were probably the last people you should tell
>"Good" Sugarcoat said as you made it to the front door "You should consider yourself lucky, yet again you're the first boy I've let see something so personal" She chuckled as the two of you stepped outside and she relocked the door
>Thankfully her sarcasm was enough to pull you out of your mental slump
"Does this mean I should tip you a few singles?" You asked meeting her sarcasm as you let her lead the way
>She isn't even fazed, "No, but I'll settle for you paying for lunch" She says with a smirk
>Lucky you
>Though honestly lunch seemed like a small price to pay when you considered everything Sugarcoat had let you see today
>You just hoped she didn't pick anywhere too pricey
"So, what do you want me to do while you're in book club?"
>It seemed like a fair question
>You hadn't read the book, and it would be kind of weird to just sit there while they all talked about it
>But out of the corner of your eye you see Sugarcoat freeze for a second
>Now you'd sort of gotten better at reading her expression
>But you'd never seen this look on her face
>It looked kind of like a mix between worry and surprise
>At least that's what you thought before she picked up her pace and started walking ahead of you
>"O-oh, that, you can just wait outside until I'm d-done" She said hurriedly as you moved to keep up with her
"You sure" You ask pretty confused
>"Of course, and besides you said you had no interest in romance novels anyway didn't you?"
reminds me of that scene from sym-bionic titan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5ZJrPVEkkA
More when?
Link to the last thread.
File: knrP2D3Z.jpg (24 KB, 387x387)
24 KB
>Okay this was weird
>Sugarcoat was the kind of girl who usually didn't mince words
>But here she was stuttering and talking like a mile a minute
>And it wasn't like other times like when she'd cuddled up with you during that movie
>All this over you going to her book club
>Something you hadn't even wanted to do
>And yet here you were
>Trying to keep up with an almost frantic Sugarcoat as she nearly tried to jog ahead of you for some reason
>What the hell
>"And here we are" Sugarcoat announced only slightly out of breath as she came to a stop in front of a small book store
>Seemed nice
>Kinda cozy even
>"Okay, you just wait here for me and when I'm done we can get some lunch" She said hurriedly as she gave you a weak smile and fished the book you'd seen her reading the other day out of her bag
"O-kay...sounds like a plan" You say figuring you might as well let this slide until she decided to tell you about it
>"Great, I'll see you in a little while" She said before hurrying into the bookstore
>So much for thinking you were starting to figure her out
>Least you had your headphones and smokes
>You put down Sugarcoat's bag and post up against the store front and set your music to random as you light up a smoke
>You bob to the music and enjoy your smoke for a while realizing that if you were in any other part of town you'd probably look like a drug dealer
>But you were so close to Canterlot cops were more likely to give you a wave than to haul you in
>After a while you peek in through the window and spot Sugarcoat sitting in a circle of girls you didn't recognize all holding the same book
>You can't really see anything that would make her act so weird, but who knew
>That's when you realize that one of the girls is pointing at you and now all the girl's in the circle including Sugarcoat turn to look at you
>You can't tell what they're saying
>You just give a wave
>with the hand holding your cig
File: kdsq0xzg35qy.jpg (59 KB, 706x485)
59 KB
Just an FYI, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving there's only a 40% chance that I'll have time to post another update tomorrow

Will check in on the thread when I can, but I'll mostly just have my phone with me and typing up a post on that is a real bitch so fair warning guys
Fuckin KEK
Cool man, have a happy one!
You can't keep embarrassing Sugarcoat like that Anon.

She chose this fate


Same to you as well as everyone, enjoy the holiday and if you're in retail I hope you're getting time and half my brave friends
>as she spun and
stripper poles have a motor which maked them spin
/she/ is not spinning
Sugarcoat is just that talented
You guys taking on new writers?
After the quality of your last green, I'd like to read something from you.
I gladly welcome other >green writers, if you wanna go man go right ahead, I'm too drunk to write anything until tomorrow anyhow
I'd love to read what you have to write.
How about you finish that glimglam green you said you would finish?
Normally I would say yes, but not if it means less Candy Hearts...
More Sugarcoat is always appreciated
Y E S. Do it faggot.
>Just great
>You turn back towards the street as casually as possible
>Well you probably just fucked up again
>It was one thing that you'd probably already done whatever it was Sugarcoat was afraid you'd do
>But now you also showed her you were smoking
>Which meant another lecture
>But then again what did she expect you to do while you were out here
>oh well
>Might as well just try to keep your cool and brace for the nag fest to come
>You settle back in and listen as the song changes
>You sit back and watch as people mill around on the sidewalks and work your way through your pack of smokes
>The patch of sidewalk by your feet was starting to look like a stubbed out cigarette graveyard by the time you heard the door to the book shop open and you saw Sugarcoat come hurrying out
>You were about to say something when you saw her look down at the mess of spent butts and make a sour face "Really?" She said with more than a hint of irritation in her voice
>You chuckle nervously as you kick the butts aside with your foot and shrug
>Only to realize you still had a lit one between your fingers which you quickly flicked towards the street
>Sugarcoat just let out a sigh "What am I gonna do with you?" She asked as she moved to her bag
"So..." You say hoping to lighten the mood a little "How was your book club"
>"It was fine" She said hurriedly as she stuffed her book back into the bag and stood back up shoving the bag back to you "Now let's go get lunc..."
>"So it is true" Came a gasp from the direction of the door which seemed to make Sugarcoat freeze
>You looked in the direction of the voice and saw some mousy and frumpy looking girls and
>Is that the fucking chick who turned into a demon!?
>Twilight whatever
>Didn't she transfer to another school
>Before you could think anything else Sugarcoat had whipped around and stepped in front of you "Oh hey girls, sorry but we must really be going"
pls, but don't forget about Candy
File: 1450734045787.jpg (8 KB, 184x184)
8 KB
something good is going to happen
>Sugarcoat's friends seemed to have the collective social awareness of Neon Lights
>Which meant they all totally ignored what Sugarcoat just said and came out and surrounded the two you
>You finally realize what it's like to be a bunny at the petting zoo surrounded by toddlers
>Except you're also low key terrified of the chick who tried to take over the world who apparently Sugarcoat hangs out with every weekend
>It's about then you tune back into what they're saying
>"I'm so glad you're learning to make friends"
>"Is it true you get in fights all the time?"
>"Have you ever been arrested?"
>"I can't believe you're really dating a delinquent like in the book"
>Wait what?!
"Whoa, whoa, whoa I take offense to that" You say holding up your hands to halt all the questioning "I'll have you know I'm a Burnout, not a delinquent thank you very much" You say firmly noticing Sugarcoat straight facepalm besides you
>You notice one of the girls, a frumpy looking one in a baggy sweater with red and purple hair pulled back in a ponytail, raise her hand before asking "Is there really a difference?"
"There is!" You say defiantly
>That's about when your brain decided to finish processing the rest of that last sentence
>The much more important bits
>Like the words "dating" and "like in the book"
"Datin..." You begin to say turn to Sugarcoat only for her to wrap her arm around yours while subtly stepping on your foot
>Not enough to hurt, but enough to let you know shutting up was the smart thing to do
>"Yes, dating, we're still new to this whole thing" She said to her friends
>So word had gotten out to more than just Crystal Prep it would seem
>Good to know
>But there was one more thing that needed answering
>And given the way Sugarcoat was acting you could probably get way with asking about it
>At least for now
"What did you mean by 'like in the book' ?" you asked
>You watched as the other girls all blushed and Sugarcoat's grip on your arm tightened
>You notice one of the girls, a frumpy looking one in a baggy sweater with red and purple hair pulled back in a ponytail, raise her hand before asking "Is there really a difference?"
No be mean to the Moonie

Also, are you going to update that "anon is basically in a harem" green anytime soon?
Don't worry, Moon Dancer is just here because I needed girls for the book club

As for going on with the other Green I have no idea, hell with my new job starting Monday I'm gonna have enough trouble finding the time and energy to keep up here

Plus n one ever seemed that interested in me going on with it
I am, and Octove is, and this >>31436176 Anon. But no one seemed to interested when i tried to revive the Lewd Sleepover thread a few months ago...I'm enjoying the shit out'a this though, so its all good
Incest thread is dead. Mods are scruffing and handing out bans
yes but not for the thread but for stupid op
incest thread moves fast as compared to other threads
New thread is up now. I guess it remains to be seen if it was a one-time janitor sperg-out or a permanent thing. If it lasts, we'll probably end up relocating to Fingerbang, at least until it blows over.
>Plus n one ever seemed that interested in me going on with it
I only noticed there was a sequel to the party last night, but definitely want more
>"I'll have you know I'm a Burnout, not a delinquent thank you very much"
>"Is there really a difference?"
>"There is!"

Haha....call backs
>Well you'd just managed to crank the awkward levels of this conversation up past 11
>But as you suspected
>There was still one girl socially retarded enough not to pick up on any of this and answer your question
>And surprise surprise
>It was ol' Twilight whatever
>"Oh we've been reading Dusk on the Wrong Side of the tracks" She happily explained holding up the book you'd seen them all reading
>The cover was like a PG-13 version of an old romance novel with a guy with slicked back hair, leather jacket, and chewing a toothpick looking at some girl who you'd say looked like how every girl here, besides Sugarcoat and Twilight of course, wished they look with her wire frame glasses, flowing silky hair, and modest yet form fitting sweater
>"It's all about this girl who finds herself having to tutor this down on his luck ruffian with two strikes on his record and how slowly they find they have feelings for each other that transcend their differing social classes" Twilight continued to rattle off
>You look over to Sugarcoat and immediately two things become evident
>One, she's blushing so hard right now you're not sure if her heart can keep up
>And two, you can see her visibly fighting the urge to curl up and die under the weight of her own mortification
>You realize Twilight has kept going with her little synopsis of this apparently Young Adult masterpiece and is now wrapping up and looking to you
>You did ask after all
"Huh...that does kind of sound like us, doesn't it?" You say turning to Sugarcoat
>Of course only if were willing to get considerably liberal with things like "facts"
>But to be fair that hadn't stopped the two of you so far
>Sugarcoat just looked back up to you with that forced smile "Yes, it really was quite a happy coincidence, wasn't it" She said gripping your arm tighter
>Oh yeah
>There was going to be a talk after this
>"So, how did you ask her out?" one of the girls asked
>Say what now?!
File: 1509663708409.gif (3.83 MB, 480x395)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB GIF
I hope burnout anon returns soon someone else is trying to update his story.
>you wake up
>it was all a dream
>but something's wrong
>there's someone else besides you
>a girl
>with very long silver hair
>and very naked
>and you notice there's a dozen used condoms lying around
>oh shit, you totally fugged her!
The end
>with very long silver hair
File: 1487685405746.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
Mah nigga, you have fine tastes

That last post was me, my comp updated last night and reset my 4chanX preferences or something so it forgot my Tag
First green i ever read, great memories
Good taste in green
awaiting more
File: 1486755550992.jpg (43 KB, 720x720)
43 KB
Okay so I've been going for over 15 hours straight on 2 hours sleep and a can of NOS with a sinus infection on my first day at a new job, unless I get fucked over and can't sleep for a second night in a row there's not really a chance of an update tonight

Sorry guys
File: Picard-Deal.gif (1.67 MB, 366x288)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB GIF
Take it easy, relax, don't push yourself.

We'll be here when you're ready
We can wait for tasty green
appreciate the support, expect the next post in about 13ish hours
Off work bap
I been gone a while, what happened to the other SC green? the one where anon was bullied by the shadowbolts?
>Oh great
>These girls were so starved for fulfilling social interaction that now romanticizing shitty fictitious teenage romance stories weren't enough
>Now they wanted to romanticize YOUR Shitty Fictitious Teenage Romance Story
>Which you honestly wouldn't mind them doing
>Except that it was Fictitous
>There was a reason Sugarcoat hadn't actively addressed the subject at school
>It was one thing to acknowledge people were spreading rumors
>It was another thing to tell those people the rumors were actually true
>Even if they weren't
>Because once someone thinks a rumor is true they ask questions
>Questions you weren't prepared to answer
>like this one
>"Did you offer her flowers?" One girls added in with a look that screamed "Like I picture my husbando doing for me"
>"Of course he didn't, he looks like the type who pinned her to her locker and told her he'd pick her up at 8" Insisted another who looked like the type to claim she only read "Realistic" hardcore Yaoi fanfiction
>Luckily though this sparked a heated debate among the girls which bought you some much needed time
"What should we tell them?" You muttered under your breath to Sugarcoat
>"I don't know, I was honestly trying to avoid this" She muttered back still doing her best to keep her forced casual facade up "Why don't you think of something?" She hissed gripping your arm tighter for emphasis
>Which was A) Not all that hard given your differences in strength and B) Much more distracting than you were sure she was aware of
>Was she even wearing a bra?
>But you had an idea
"Fine, but you gotta promise to go along with me and not get mad" You say as you prepare for what comes next
>"I can promise you at least one of those things" She said as the girls started to lose steam in their arguments
>Well hopefully this goes better than the last time you tried talking yourself out of a problem
>You doubted you could salvage this problem by tackling Twilight to the ground like you did Gloves
Aww come on, tackle the SciTwi
I think we all know who Anon would rather tackle
I'd like to see Midnight show up, scare the piss out of Anon, then congratulate Sugarcoat on finally getting a boytoy, much to everyone's mortification
File: 1517380.jpg (126 KB, 454x800)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Trixie? Pinkie? Rara? RD? AJ? Oh, wrong Burnout.


Seconding this, I want more Lood Sleepover. That shit was hot as fuck
God fucking dammit stop trying to guilt trip him and shit
Let him finish this one first and then do it all the fuck you want
But when he finishes this one he'll vanish into the eather like he did when the lewd sleepover threads died. We have to guilt trip him now, while he's here. He can finish this though. I like it.
>He must finish this one first though*

And if he vanishes simply make a new thread with his name in the OP.
Most writefags search for mentions of their names on desuarchive on a weekly basis anyway.
>Most writefags
I don't...but thats because i didn't think about doing that...now I have something to do on Friday nights. Thanks!
You guys know I'm still here right.....this is getting weird
I know what to do with my evening now, thanks mane.
File: heeeyyyaa.gif (2.21 MB, 500x281)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB GIF
Kamen Rider!
Ayyyy. *finger guns

we love you Burnout
This thread is one of the last places i expected to see this show up
Morning boop
Trips prove linking to previous thread is a must.

Always love me a Kamen Rider shoutout.
Finally home, will get on the next post in a bit
"Ladies" You say pouring as much Norman Rockwell wholesome charm into your little facade as possible
>Why you were channeling Norman Rockwell while preparing to talk to a group of girls who all saw you as a bad boy rebel without a cause you didn't know
>But then again you also didn't know you were apparently a bad boy to begin with
>So why start questioning things now that you'd gotten all of their attention "If you really want to know I could just tell you"
>There were several excited gasps as well one girl squealing "Tell us, tell us, tell us!"
>Well here goes nothing
"It's actually kinda funny, we met at school, she found me smoking behind the bleachers, she told me it was against the rules, I told her I don't fuck with no rules, she told me it was bad for my health, I said so were nosy girls with pigtails" You went on deciding the best way to lie was coloring the truth up "We started getting into fights with each other all the time, the kind with words I mean, and then the fighting led to flirting and the flirting led to...well...let's just say the next thing I knew Sugarcoat was telling me I was taking her out Saturday. Between you and me girls I think she just wanted the chance show off a little for me" You say with a wink before turning to look at Sugarcoat with your best fake lovebird look
>She returned it while also pressing her foot down slightly harder onto yours
>You guess that means she wasn't a fan of your little story
>Fair enough
>But her friends were eating it up
>"That's so romantic" the girl with red and purple hair sighed
"Isn't it though" You said trying your hardest not to let the sarcasm dam break "But we still have a lot to do before I take her home so if you don't mind.." You trailed off turning with Sugarcoat and slowly making to leave
>The rest of the girls waved and said their goodbyes
>And all the while you and Sugarcoat just smiled and waved back until you were a safe distance away
>"Are they still watching?" Sugarcoat asked
Sugarcoat is either going to reward or murder Anon and I can't wait to see what happens
Morning boop
>>So why start questioning things now that you'd gotten all of their attention "If you really want to know I could just tell you"
shouldn't his speech be black?
tasty green was worth waiting for
We shall soon see, about to start on the next post

Glad you like it

The medium itself is flawed and so am I my friend
"I don't think so, but we should probably duck around that corner just to be safe"
>"Sounds like a plan" Sugarcoat agreed as the two of you tried to hurry towards the corner without her letting go of your arm
>As soon as you rounded the corner your breathed a sigh of relief
>Which was quickly cut short by Sugarcoat pulling her arms from yours and slapping you in the chest
>"Nosy girls with pigtails" She angrily quoted at you
>Now normally your first inclination wasn't to be the bigger man
>But the smarter part of your brain liked to remind you how Sugarcoat could get away with the shit you got put through around her because
>Lest you forget
>But something about that whole scene back there rubbed you the wrong way
>And Sugarcoat getting mad at you about all of this
>That made you finally find the mute button for the smarter part of your brain
>And by that point all your built up pettiness was ready to flow
"Oh, I'm sorry, did you not like that part" You say pouring on the sarcasm "I was a little caught up pretending to be a DELINQUENT who you're bragging to people that you're dating"
>You watch as Sugarcoat shrinks back for a second at your little out burst
>But instantly recovers and fires back with "I wasn't bragging, Twilight told them that"
"How the hell would she know"
>"Because she's friends with all of my friends, one of them probably told her"
"Fine, but since when does that make me a delinquent?"
>Sugarcoat looks shocked "You've always been one" She shouts in disbelief
"No I haven't" You shout back
>Great comeback
>"Yes you have" Sugarcoat rebuts "You sit in the back of the class, you don't care about your grades, you sneak off whenever you can to smoke" She counts off on her fingers before grabbing your hand and holding it up "And you get into fights"
>Well this was enlightening
"2M that doesn't make me a delinquent"
>"Oh, then what does it make you?"
"A fucking public schooler" you sigh
Their first real fight. Anon better pull it back a few notches since Sugarcoat is in fact blackmailing him.
Every day is leg day
File: 1509120528983.jpg (898 KB, 5100x3850)
898 KB
898 KB JPG
I am become death....there is only a 50% chance of an update tonight guys
Feel better Burnout!
Such a colorful cast
Angry Sugar is cute
Take your time my fren, get well
get better soon Anon
Maybe you should just take a nice soak in a warm bath.
File: coremedals.jpg (32 KB, 500x282)
32 KB
Live Burnout damn you, live
>You obviously caught her off guard with that as the look of anger on her face seems to evaporate leaving only confusion
>Oh boy
>Well in for a penny
"2M, where I used to go to school I wasn't considered some kind of anti-social brooding bad boy who got into fights...I was the nerd" You say surprised you would even have to explain something like that to anyone "At my old school delinquents were kids like these guys I used to know who got expelled after trying to steal the a cop car while they were being arrested"
>Sugarcoat just stares at you in disbelief "Anon I'm not in the mood for jokes..."
"Look at this face" You cut in pointing to your face, which in a rare turn of events, is totally devoid of humor and sarcasm "Is this the face of someone who jokes"
>You realize that technically it is
>It is your face
>You like to joke
>You're a funny guy
>But not now
>The funny is dead
>This is your #realtalk face
>Sugarcoat picks up on this and let's you go on
"I never actually broke any rules back in the day and I only started smoking to deal with the stress of trying to get into a better school so I could have a chance at going to college" You say with a sigh
>This is why you didn't like #realtalk
>It had a habit of getting way too personal real fast
>Hell you'd only ever talked about this stuff with the Dazzlings
>And that was only because you'd been drinking
>Well fuck it
>You were here now
>Might as well keep going
"As for getting into fights, sure I've been in my share of them, but never because I wanted to, and I only learned how to fight back cause I got sick of getting beat up"
>By now Sugarcoat wasn't looking mad anymore
>If anything she looked sorry for you
>Which wasn't any better
"Listen I know I'm not exactly the poster kid for a school like Crystal prep, but I damn sure ain't some modern day Bender from Breakfast Club"
>There it was
>You said your piece
>Now to get yelled at
>Or worse
>You wait there for a few second, and then
>"I'm sorry"
>Anon gets pity sex
Dosen't matter, had sex
I'm bumping this thread
well done Anon
With no survivors
More when?
Whoa bump
Why is she the second token whore?
Please don't talk about my wife that way
Your waifu a slut
>I damn sure ain't some modern day Bender from Breakfast Club
I'm not entirely convinced of this assertion.
>You hadn't been expecting that
>She actually apologized
>"I didn't mean to...I mean...perhaps I have been a bit quick to judge you" She continues seeming to pick her words carefully
"It's okay" You sigh
>Damn fucking crush
>What are you supposed to do if you can't stay mad at the person who is blackmailing you
>"No it isn't" Sugarcoat said firmly "I know our relationship is...complicated"
"You're blackmailing me" You cut in
>Not very polite
>But you feel it needs to be said
>"Complicated" Sugarcoat reiterates testily "But it was never my intention to put you in situations like this or the one with Golden Gloves" She says looking back down at your bruised hand "Looking back on it, I can see I may have been more than a bit short sighted, so I apologize for putting you into those situations" She said looking back up to you
>She really did make it kind of impossible to hate her
"Fine, I guess it was kind of stupid to get mad about you letting your friends think you're dating a delinquent" You say scratching the back of your head
>That's when you see Sugarcoat blush as her cheeks puff out
>"I told you I wasn't the one who told them we were dating" She says stomping her foot
>Okay that was just too cute
>And since it felt like all the energy had gone out of your fight, you might as well have some fun
>And teasing Sugarcoat seemed like a much better way at getting back at her in all honesty
"Really, then why didn't you just tell them we aren't dating like all your other friends?" You say crossing your arms and giving her a smug look
>You grin as you watch her blush deepen
>"That's just...well...because"
"Hey, I get it" You say "You just really wanted to brag to your friends that you could totally find an emotionally vulnerable bad boy of your own, just like in your book" You say remembering your conversation the other day in the library
>And while you totally didn't agree that you were a bad boy
>At least you were her type
Okay, who the fuck thought this was a good idea

Shit, you should've waited for me to fix this mess and post it on fimfic first dude
I feel shame
Anon's getting ballsy considering he's still blackmailed.
I'd bet a paycheck she deleted that picture within 24 hours of taking it
B u m p
Just got home, will start on the next update soon
>"I told you I'm not interested in bad boys" Sugarcoat protested cutely
>This was nice
"Hey, it's okay, we all have our little fantasies" You joked "In middle school I wanted to date goth girls"
>You were making sure to enjoy every second of this
>Lord knows it would be back to usual routine of her taking the piss out of you soon enough
>"For the last time..." Sugarcoat began
"Okay, okay fine" You say putting up your hands in a calming gesture "Just one question, would it be better if I rode a motorcycle?"
>"Anon" Sugarcoat said in an irritated voice "If you don't stop this right now lunch isn't the only thing you're going to be paying for"
>And that was your cue
>It was fun while it lasted though
"Yes ma'am" You say comically standing at attention as Sugarcoat began massaging her temples still blushing from a mix of anger and embarrassment
>"I'm beginning to question why I put up with you" She says halfheartedly as she motions for you to follow her
>You've been wondering that since day one
>Too bad for her you'd already moved past that phase into irrational affection
"On the bright side it's these same qualities that make me all yours" You say deciding to keep up with the banter to lighten the mood
>Sugarcoat just chuckled to herself as a small smile crept across her face
>You knew she couldn't resist trading sarcastic one liners with you
>"Wouldn't that mean no one else wants anything to do with you"
>A harsh, but fair point
"All great art goes unappreciated in its lifetime" You retort earning a snort of laughter
>"Yes, truly you're an abstract masterpiece"
"Hey now, I like to think of my self as more of an impressionist thank you very much"
>In fact you did a great Groucho Marx and Rodney Dangerfield
>Especially when Sugarcoat was involved
>Cause she gave you No Respect
>"Well I'll admit you're surprisingly culture...in your own way"
"Wow, was that an actual compliment?"
>"Don't make me regret giving you it" She warned still smiling
More when?
When burnout's ready
No update today, had to stay late at my job, going straight to bed
File: 1508903631580.jpg (152 KB, 800x800)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
So are you saying you're burned out?
File: Shadowbolts movie night.jpg (943 KB, 1723x1278)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
>End of a long day, just after midnight, about to turn in for the night
>Get message on cell
>Text from your girlfriend Sugar
>"The girls and I wanted to say goodnight."
>Attached is a pic of Sugar and and her friends, arguably the hottest girls in the school, all cuddled together on Sugar's huge couch, wearing various types of sleepwear, some more revealing than others
>You receive another message, this time from Sour
>"You enjoying my cute, little nightgown, stud? And how well it shows off my sexy thighs?"
>You picked up a nearby rag and started dabbing the sweat off of your brow when you get a second message from Ms. Not-So-Sweet
File: Vl8k7JI.jpg (203 KB, 1920x2160)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
So uh..wheres the continue on burnoutanon goes to a sleepover? I've been waiting for a while now..and I just want to read my favourite green again
see >>31455586
File: rVbqK6M.jpg (22 KB, 405x405)
22 KB
Thanks amiga
File: Spoiler Image (453 KB, 900x636)
453 KB
453 KB JPG

Ouch, wtf dude?!
>Anon wakes up in the morning to find another message from Sour Patch Bitch
>"Care to guess what we were doing while you spent the night in your cold, lonely room?"
>Followed a few minutes later by a message from Lemon Zest
>"Thanks for sharing nonny"
Next post almost done gents
"I think we both know it's too late for that" You smile smugly while following along "So where we headed now?"
>"To lunch of course" Sugarcoat says matter of factly
"O-oh, great" You say remembering how Sugarcoat had said you'd be the one paying and hoped you had enough cash
>You weren't exactly Mr. Moneybags to begin with
>But you did have some walking around money on you, plus the money you had planned on spending on booze for weekend hanging with the Dazzlings
>That is until a certain cute, sarcastic, and very very flexible whirlwind had swept you up
>So you could afford someplace nice
>just not TOO nice
>"Don't worry" Sugarcoat said not even turning to look at you "The place I have in mind should be comfortably affordable"
>There she went again
>How did she read your fucking mind like that
"Good to know" You say hoping Sugarcoat's amazingly timed telepathy hadn't caught some of your more suggestive thoughts "Any place I'd have heard of?"
>"I doubt it, but it's one of my mother's favorite places to eat though"
"Oh, food must be pretty good then" You say remembering the decor of Sugarcoat's place and figuring if there was anyone with richer taste than her, it would have to be her mom
>Sugarcoat made a weird face "The food is good, but I think she rather more prefers the...ambiance"
>That didn't put you at ease
>What kind of place was she dragging you to
>Though aside from the awkward meeting with her book club and sharing a smoke with Sour Sweet you'd so far come out enjoying all of Sugarcoat's surprises today
>Especially the pole-dancing one
>Really hope she wasn't reading your mind right now
>You turn a corner and see the gaudiest place ever
>Someone had turned what you think used to be an old Chinese place into a kind of monument to England
>Complete with Union Jack flying and poorly constructed Big Ben made out of plywood out front
"Man, get a load of that place" You say with a snicker
>"Ahem" Sugarcoat says with a small blush
Fish and chips it is
>It's her shameful secret
>She can never say no to any of her friends' sexual dares or advances
It is seven bong after all
You wouldn't happen to know the artist to that pic?
Unfortunately half his shit is anthro
>SC's an anglophile
That does fit with the general perception of teenage girls
>Complete with Union Jack flying and poorly constructed Big Ben made out of plywood out front
They better be served some Fish and fackin' chips! by Bongtavia
>Well your mom always said you needed to try new things
>You just never thought one of them would be eating at a place as British as Princess Diana and twice as much a car wreck
"It seems...nice" You say trying your best not to outwardly cringe "I can see why your mom must like it"
>Sugarcoat sighs as she blushes
>She's obviously having second thoughts on this
>"My mother has always been rather...obsessed with British culture" Sugarcoat admits making her way across the street towards the cafe "She thinks of it as the pinnacle of sophistication...even when it's presented as over the top as this"
>So she's a total Tea-aboo
>Now this makes sense
>Superior British Tea boiled over a thousand times and all that shit
"Huh, must have been interesting growing up with that" You say doing your damnedest to bottle up all the terrible jokes you were currently coming up with
>"You have no idea" Sugarcoat said with a tired sigh "Hello Octavia" Sugarcoat said greeting the hostess station just outside the front door
>"Hello Miss Sugar, it's great to see you again" Said the girl with a decently thick British accent
>You wonder if that's natural or if they make her do it for the job
>"It's so good to see you again" She says before noticing you "And you brought a...friend" She said using her accent to draw every last syllable out of the word while giving Sugarcoat a sly look
>You were hoping you could get through your meal without having to keep this shit up
>"Yes I have, is our usual table open?" Sugarcoat asked mirroring your tiredness and pushing past the subject
>"You got here at just the right time love, follow me" Octavia said grabbing a pair of menus and leading the two of you towards the outdoor seating
>And only a few feet away from Big Ben
>You were so lucky
>Octavia waited until you were seated then handed you the menus before heading back to her podium
"She sure seemed friendly" You say trying to make conversation as you look over the menus
>You just never thought one of them would be eating at a place as British as Princess Diana and twice as much a car wreck
Dude, I haven't done a spittake that quick into reading a post in a loooong time.
File: 1458756193790.jpg (131 KB, 525x809)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
>You just never thought one of them would be eating at a place as British as Princess Diana and twice as much a car wreck
You owe me new sides
File: 1500766669979.gif (391 KB, 250x189)
391 KB
391 KB GIF
How close is this story to ending? I prefer reading finished or near-finished greens.
File: 1.png (305 KB, 762x530)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
This must be your first Burnout green...I suggest you get comfortable son
If you want a good one that is about finished go check out the Queen Umbra thread. He is wrapping up soon.

Burnout will be on this a while
>Queen umbra is ending
I never even bothered trying it, seeing how long it was
How is it? How's the romance? How's the smut?
What is it even about?
Is good. That and Heart of War are the only things that keep me visiting this board every day. When they are over I'll probably only come by once in a while to see if any of my other faves are writing. This place is pretty much shit now, with just a few good gems, like this thread.
>Queen umbra is ending
Just checked and holy shit that story's been going for 3 years now. Where did the time go?
The older you get the faster it goes
File: FB_IMG_1508967169726.jpg (6 KB, 294x229)
6 KB
I haven't been this addicted to green since Homecoming Anon, good shit Burnout!
I'm always surprised when people find my jokes in these funny, I mean they make me laugh, but I hardly believe anyone else would

>pic related...I named this to make me laugh every time I go through my reaction images

Yeah...sorry friendo, whether it's fanfiction or greens,I never write anything short, I think my back up word document for this is sitting between 80-100 pages...and we still have a good ride left

Thanks mate

Will try to get an update out tonight, but it's been a long week and the bottle of vodka beside me is calling my name and promising sexual gratification...if not I will post at least twice tomorrow, maybe more if things go well
Every time someone makes a joke involving the word "burnout," the story size automatically increases tenfold.
File: 1503198713811.png (323 KB, 523x345)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
Okay, so I gried to do an update but I', way to drunk, so you're getting atleast 2 posts tomorrow

if that wAS the case then I'd astill be doinf the original sleepover green dude
Nah, You'd eventually...burn out
File: IMG_3410.jpg (119 KB, 288x298)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
we already made that fucking joke in this thread fagggggggot
If it made Hitler uncomfortable then I'm glad i did it
File: 1512254550264.gif (1.79 MB, 450x254)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB GIF
I'm sure these jokes will burnout eventually
File: 1504310335795.jpg (9 KB, 244x200)
9 KB
>"My mother and I come here several times a month so we've become rather acquainted with the wait staff" Sugarcoat said simply
>Several times a month
>Just how big of a Brit nerd was Sugarcoat's mom
>Either that or the food really was that good
>But British food and good weren't words one typically arranged in the same sentence unless it was spoken with heavy sarcasm or broken up by a "is not very"
>So you'll just treat this as a learning experience
>" 'Ello guvs and welcome to the Queen and Country, the finest public house on this side of the Thames. My name is Pip and I'll be your server, what can I get you and your lordship today Miss Sugarcoat" A small cockney boy rattled off popping up beside the table seemingly out of nowhere
>Little dude nearly gave you a fucking heart attack
>And what was up with the way he was dressed
>kid looked like as soon as he was do taking your order he was gonna go audition to play Oliver Twist
>Sugarcoat doesn't seem to be fazed by any of this either
>She just glances down at the menu before ordering
>"Hello Pip, we'll have an extra large order of the fish and chips to split between us" She said handing him her menu "Does that sound okay to you" She asked
"Uh, yeah, sure" You say realizing that was probably the only British meal you knew off the top of your head
>"Very good mum, and will you be having your usual to drink?"
>"Yes I will"
>"And you sir?
"Oh..uh..I'll just take a soda"
>"Very good, I'll be right off to fetch your order" Pip chirped happily before scurrying off inside
"Dear lord that kid was so cockney it hurt"
>"He really is good kid" Sugarcoat said with a faint smile
"Yeah, I bet, so...you're mom's super big into British stuff huh"
>"Oh yes, in fact we've been to England about 8 times since I was young"
"Cool, so I guess she must be into the BBC and stuff" You say as an idea pops into your head
>"Indeed, I grew up on a lot of British programming"
"Okay then I have a question for you..."
"...Doctor Who or Red Dwarf" You say lacing your fingers and watching Sugarcoat intently
>"Pardon?" Sugarcoat said raising an eyebrow
"It was a simple question, which do you think is the superior show?" You ask
>Sugarcoat just looks at you for a second then begins looking thoughtful for a few moments before finally answering "Blackadder" with a smirk
"Ooooh, good choice" You say not expecting her to surprise you like that "But you didn't answer my question"
>"But I did, you merely asked which I thought was the superior show and I answered you" She said confidently
"Spoken like a true Rimmer" You say crossing your arms and leaning back in your seat
>"Rimmer, me?" Sugarcoat said sounding mildly affronted
"Hey, if the forehead letter fits" You say shooting her a grin
>"I am NOT a Rimmer, if anything I'm a Kochanski" She said firmly
"Ha, that's a total Rimmer answer" You say teasing her
>"Oh, so then who would that make you"
"C'mon, isn't it obvious" You say holding out your arms theatrically "I'm a total Lister"
>Sugarcoat rolls her eyes at you
>"More like The Cat if you ask me" She says with a smirk
>Now that hurt
"Hey now, I am nowhere near that vain"
>Or that sharp a dresser now that you think about it
>"Really, and just how much work went into picking out that outfit" She asked with a giggle pointing to your clothes
"Incredibly little considering yours was the only laundry I got around to doing this week" You say snarkily
>Sugarcoat let out a pretty little laugh "Then I suppose I should consider myself grateful"
>The two of you trade banter some more until Pip, the Cockney wonder waiter, returns with your food placing a basket of fish and chips between you along with your soda and a cup of tea for Sugarcoat
"Wow, this is really good" You say between bites as the two of you begin eating
>"I told you the food was good" Sugarcoat smiles
>This was nice
>And so far nothing had come along to ruin it
>"Hey, is that Anon over there"
File: 1491253258517.gif (1.47 MB, 480x336)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
there you go boys, now I'm off to drink more, try not to murder each other over horrible puns on my name while I'm get riggity rekt
Speaking of which, today I burned my soup while reheating it in the pot.
It was so bad I had to spend twenty cleaning out the bottom of the pot, even adding vinegar so that the acidicty would dissolve the buildup.
Took me a while, though I finally managed to get the burn out.
You stop that right now motherfucker
File: 1486526712200.png (1.15 MB, 900x1200)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Reminds me of some trouble i had a while ago, i stutter pretty badly and this dude was being a dick to me about it. I finally decided to say fuck it and push back a little. I thought of this great comeback but i kept stumbling over my words. It was worth pushing through it though cause he looked pretty pissed once i got that burn out.
File: IMG_2878.png (262 KB, 900x900)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
>"...Doctor Who or Red Dwarf"
What about Keeping Up Appearances, Are you Being Served, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Poldark, Peaky Blinders, or The Crown?

My answer would be Downton Abbey. Greatest show ever!
There was a reason why it was originally between Dr.W and RD, but I had to cut the line because of the character limit

it would have been something along the lines of

"There can be only one long running British Sci-fi series with focus on time travel"

Or something, it's hard to remember with my hangover right now
I understand.
That's a tough choice tho
>Doctor Who or Red Dwarf

Should have asked Classic Who or New Who.
All the same to me, I'm only about The Boys From the Dwarf
While we're on the subject of red dwarves, did you know that, of all the kinds of stars, red dwarf stars take the longest to burn out
delet this
>What were the fucking odds
>Of all the people in this town
>Why did it have to be them
>You hunch down in your seat and try to hide your face with your arm
>"Anon" Sugarcoat says to you with a worried look "Is everything alright?"
"Al-alright? Of course everything's alright, why wouldn't things be alright" You say trying to hide your nervousness
>Maybe they hadn't really seen you
>"Well, well, well" Came a voice from the sidewalk "So it really was you loser"
>There was no mistaking it
>You'd recognize that raspy annoying shit eating grin of a voice anywhere
>"What's the matter Anon, ain't you gonna say hi to your ole pal Gilda?" Said the girl in question as she hopped the small fence that separated the outside of the cafe from the sidewalk and strolled up to your table
"H-hi Gilda...fancy meeting you here" You say straightening back up
>You knew better than to show fear around her, especially while her two croonies hung back by the fence to watch
>"Things ain't been the same since you went and ran off to that fancy pants rich kid school"
>You hadn't felt this grateful to be stuck in Crystal Prep since your acceptance letter came in the mail
>I guess every cloud really does have a silver linning
>Now things at your old school hadn't been all that different for you than at C-prep
>You'd been a social outcast that no one really wanted to hang around with
>But you'd leaned more along the lines of the nerdy kid who wrote stories and dreamed of a better life rather than the cynical jaded misanthrope who kept to himself and hoped for a ticket out of this town
>And while you'd learned over the years how to fight and keep your head down
>You weren't able to keep your head low enough for Gilda not to get a hold of you
>She may not have been the sharpest light bulb in the crayon box
>But she knew that you were smart, liked to run your mouth, and kept out of trouble
>And she could use that
>Now your time with Gilda and her crew hadn't been all that different from your early relationship with The Dazzlings
>Except for the part where you all moved on from a I'll watch your back if you watch mine mentality into genuine friendship in the face of immeasurable teenage dickishness
>Gilda on the other hand saw you as a few steps above a gofer/punching bag
>Her and her girls would have you tell jokes, keep your ears open for any trouble coming their way, and smooth talk/distract/outright lie to any teacher if they got themselves into trouble
>You were basically a weird cross between a lawyer and an alibi
>You weren't really part of their crew
>And they never really bullied you
>Of course they'd been shitty, just in the way that it really wasn't worth the effort to make you totally miserable
>But they did make sure you were aware that it was always better than actually having no one watching your back in a school like yours
>And despite how much you joked C-prep could be like a prison at times
>It was nothing compared to your old school
>S you went a long with them
>Helped keep them out of real trouble and put up with them talking shit about you
>Least til you got your acceptance letter
>You kept that a secret and planned to just disappear into the sunset and leave the bitches hanging when they realized you wouldn't be there to cover their asses for them
>Of course that BEEN the plan
>Until your English teacher wanted to make a big deal about how you won the Scholarship ride out of that hole
>Gilda hadn't really liked that
>But English was at the end of the day so you managed to get your shit out of dodge before she or her goons could get their claws into you again before you left
>It had seemed like a good idea at the time
>But now
>Now you were questioning the idea of burning bridges based on your ability to out run the flames
>But hey
>Hindsight was regularly a bitch like that
"R-really now, well you guys like like you're doing alright"
Anon you really have a mess on your hands this time.
>on one condition: she has to share the vids and pics
Gilda is for hard rape and midbreak
Hey guys, posting from my phone, there's been massive blackouts in my area so not sure if I'll be able to post tonight

I'm sure no one will be furious at you for not being able to post because of a blackout, just take it easy.
Good luck with the blackout, burnout.
Maybe a transformer had a burnout
Alexa, put energon on my shopping list
What kind of motherfucking pussy doesnt post despite the circumstances. I post in -30C weather without gloves on from my phone so that raging autists get to beat their floppy meat to my horse words in their mom's basement while their tendies are in the oven (375, a little crispy). Only a little bitch would let a lack of internet keep them from posting their sweet, delicious, sexy time sugar fucking. God it's like you're not even committed to your craft. Just fucking give up on writing if you're not constantly pushing your limits by writing with your toes on an old nokia while doing a handstand at the peak of everest. It's like you've never written mid squat so that your high test gains flow into your writing and thus into the lard tards reading your story to further the betterment of all the NEETs here. What a fuckin pussy. Good stuff Burnout
If I do one will he include something deviant?
Well I only just got home from work...so give it a minute
>"Oh yeah, we've been doing just fine" Gilda grinned as one of her flunkies hooted an affirmative and the other gave a sarcastic thumbs up before she leaned down and leered at you "But we could always be doing better"
>You weren't sure what kind of idea the slow moving gears in Gilda's head had been cranking out
>But You'd given her the whole Summer and a good chunk of this semester to think up something
>It was then you saw Gilda's eyes travel down towards the table and notice your still bruised knuckles
>"What do we have here, has our little Anon been getting into fights?" She crowed to her friends reaching down faster than you expected and grabbing it, gripping tightly across the knuckles as she held up the hand for emphasis
>Shit hadn't hurt that much before
>But then again you hand tried putting your hand in a vice either
>You'd forgotten that Gilda made up for her less than stellar IQ by being pretty damn strong
>"See, I was right, it's not safe for a loser like you to go around without someone watching your back" She said leering back down at you
"Ac-actually I've been doing..."
>"Anon, you can't go letting people walk all over you, you need someone like us so things like that don't happen" Gilda said sweetly despite the predatory glint in her eyes
>"So why don't you just go ahead and give me your number so we can..."
>"Excuse me" Came a flat irritated tone from across the table
>Oh shit
>You'd forgotten about Sugarcoat
>And if looks could kill you wouldn't be having a Gilda problem right now
>She was sitting there, arms crossed, and glaring up at Gilda
>And she did not look happy
>You'd thought she'd looked cute when she was mad, but there was nothing cute about how she looked now
>"Oh, is this one of your nerdy little friends" Gilda asked smirking back at Sugarcoat while squeezing your hand a but harder
>You took that as your cue
"This is Sugarcoat, she's..."
>"I'm Anon's Girlfriend"
>Say what now
based sugarcoat coming in with the save
Is this thread Shadow 5 exclusive
>Still hoping she secretly a taekwondo black belt
File: Sour Sweet ass.jpg (78 KB, 500x550)
78 KB
It's Sugarcoat exclusive right now, but I'm sure you could change some minds if decent green is offered.
pls don't hurt the sugar
It's called sugarcoat but yeah, kinda, when I asked about me writing about Sour sweet people said they were more than okay with it
What do you have in mind?
If you want one of the m7, there's fingerbang or any of the shitposts flying around, and if you want dazzling, well, there's their general

But hey, people don't know what the fuck they want anyway, just give decent green and see what happens
File: 1419032463192.jpg (168 KB, 1024x1024)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
If you wanna do another green in this thread be my guest, save me trouble when I'm busy from work and stuff
>not best SB
>not even good SB
SluttyBolts Bump
I just wanted to see something other than the main characters from the films. They’re great and all, but a whole arch similar to the Normal Norman threads written about the background characters from CHS/CPA/anywhere else in the city would be nice to hear about.
File: 1475893975695.png (337 KB, 530x591)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
So bad news guys, my PC died on me while I was away at work so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do for the next few days

Will see if I can get my laptop up and running but it was on it's last leg too last I used it

Will try to keep you all updated
>my PC died
Of course it did. You were writing a pony greentext.
File: Princess Adagio.png (703 KB, 3032x2144)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
I'm 99.99% sure it's never gonna happen unless you do it yourself.
As unfortunate as that statement is you’re very much right. I think most have probably moved on to other places or just dissolved into these boards to cover a smaller yet more established set of characters since the world building would be simpler. Nothing wrong with that, but those were defiantly the days of great background character content.
File: 1491314644327.jpg (120 KB, 720x900)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Good news everyone, after a few hours of fiddling I got my PC back up and running, the bad news is I have to get up early tomorrow so I can't post now

will post tomorrow I swear
Is there any links to an archive of those? I've heard of them and would like to read them.
If Gilda had a feminine bone in her body I would say she had a crush on Anon.
>PC died on me while I was away at work
I guess a component decided to finally burnout
You guys overuse this. One of these days, these jokes will burnout.
You know what they say. It's better to burnout then fade away.
I don’t know off the top of my head, there are somewhere pastebinned and that I know of.
>What followed were several incredibly long seconds of absolute silence
>And when you say it was silent
>You mean it was SILENT
>Like someone just popped a boner in the locker room silent
>You knew Gilda wasn't the "Quickest wit"
>But you were sure even her and her friends could manage to handle the concept of you having a girlfriend
>Gilda and her friends all burst out laughing
>Okay, yeah
>They seem to have grasped the concept
>You also think you might have heard a high pitched girlie squeal from over by the main doors
>That was probably Sugarcoat's hostess friend
>But you had bigger problems right about now
>"O-oh, that's good, that's good" Gilda said finally getting a hold of herself "I almost thought you were serious there for a sec. So Anon, who is she, one of the little losers from your Chess club or..."
>"I already told you" Sugarcoat cut in tersely not letting go of any of her irritation "I'm Anon's Girlfriend, and frankly you're ruining our date"
>Now there were a lot of things you'd like to say to Sugarcoat at the moment
>Like "Hey, aren't you laying the whole we're dating thing on a little thick" or "2M now's not really the time" or more importantly "Sugarcoat, please don't poke the angry bear girl with a stick"
>But you were too busy being floored by the fact she was standing up to Gilda of all people
>Which you knew for a fact only stupid or horribly shortsighted people tended to do
>Or people who, unlike you, hadn't seen her fight before
>Though High School seemed to have mellowed her out a little
>She hadn't gone for a diving headbutt across the table yet
>Still you could tell she certainly wasn't laughing anymore
>"Oh really?" Gilda hissed actually letting go of your hand and turning all the way to face Sugarcoat "Well I'm real sorry Sugarcube or whatever your name is, but me and Anon have got some business to settle so why don't you take a hike and powder your nose or something, I'll give him back when I done...maybe"
Been nice knowing you Anon
File: OH_SHIT_NIGGA_ANIMA.gif (1.73 MB, 268x167)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB GIF
Is....Gilda gonna rape Anon?
>rape sugar

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