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Welcome to Dadonequus! Where the premise is about a human brought to Equestria by Discord himself, in order to fulfill an ulterior motive.

Enjoy stories more in tune to the show! We usually refrain from any lewd or edgy themes/tones. So come in and experience some of the greatest stories with some of the most apathetic readers on the board!

Are you a newfag? Below are pastebins of stories currently in the making with a synopsis on each one. See which one suits your interests and give it a read!

Any unactive greens can be found in the archive link with a library of stories.

Please feel free to comment, discuss, and give writers feedback! And don't be afraid to create art or start your own story!

All Stories / Archive:
Archive of stories: https://pastebin.com/RiguRjdM

Active Writers:
Ben Dover ( https://pastebin.com/u/Ben__Dover ) - An adorable colt must save his father after being turned to stone by the princesses.

Elo ( http://pastebin.com/u/Elohemian ) – Science man gets taken by Discord to be Celly and Luna's son, where he lives a new life as a prince.

JekyllorHyde ( https://pastebin.com/u/JekyllorHyde ) - A godlike-figure forces Discord to adopt short-fused Cyborg Anoncolt

Laskurvel ( https://pastebin.com/u/Laskvurel ) - Discord brings an unwilling femanon with anger issues into Equestria as a filly.

Speed Weed ( https://pastebin.com/u/manofass ) - Beach bum Anon gets turned into tiny colt and does some funny shit.

Zenco ( https://pastebin.com/u/zenco1 ) - Pepe Anónimo is brought into Equestria as a secret agent for an organization called SMILE.

Wand of Inferno (https://pastebin.com/u/Wand_of_inferno) - An unreformed Discord adopts a little Mexican colt named Alberto as part of his plan to take over the world


Anons who want to join our Discord channel,fuck off,we're full https://discord.gg/KeusDZ2
Last thread: >>31424209
That Eris looks so weird, dude
no, u!
I like this. Seriously, color it and it's our fucking banner
Ben! Update your story!
no u
It will come soon, my friend. Soon...
What if Discord was the son, and Anon was the dad?
Eeeeeeh nah
We should have a Anoncolt and Anonfilly christmas special
mods will just trash the filly
Are the mods still trashing anything related to the filly?
File: 1513492915404.png (4 MB, 3000x5000)
4 MB
Update when
“Dang… I feel like truck just hit me…”
>You were awakened by a gentle breeze… and a horrible headache. Not only that, but your throat was sore, your limbs were numb and everything was a spinning blur. Geez, you can’t wait to go back…
“Home? What… what happened?”
>You rubbed your temples and shook your head to regain some of your senses. Well… the spinning was one, but the blur was still kind of there… hmmm, it seems like you didn’t have your glasses. Dang.
“Am I… in the Crystal Empire? But how? Hnng! My head! Ugh… this sucks, man”
>Seriously, last thing you remembered was Chrysalis draining your love at the hive and now… you woke up in a cozy bed, inside a room with expensive looking furniture and walls made of bright, cerulean crystal.
>Even more confusing, your moms were here too. The two of them were sleeping peacefully on both sides of the bed. Which… made you feel scared at first…
>Memories of Chrysalis’ attempts to control your mind came rushing to your mind. Her using your mom Celestia as a way to trick you, her scary cackling, the horrible sensation you felt every time that she pulled you out of that cocoon.
>You wanted to wake up your moms and hug them like you never have done before, but the fact is that you were… frozen. The possibility that everything you were seeing was nothing but an illusion put so much fear in you.
>But… you had to be strong… you… looked down at your hooves… the memories… the fear… they were too much… you couldn’t…
>As your fears started to increase, a hoof suddenly pulled you to a warm embrace.
>”My sunshine, all of this is real, you’re with us, Chrysalis has been defeated. There’s no need to be afraid anymore.”
>You started to feel your eyes swelling as you nuzzled into your mom Celestia’s chest.
“Mom? I-I was so scared…”
>You felt another body hugging you and a muzzle nuzzling into your mane. It was your mom Luna who spoke with a very soft voice “So we were… When that monster ordered for you to be destroyed… I…”
>Seeing your mom Luna cry made your heart ache, and while you wanted to cry… You tried your best to comfort her.
“It’s okay… I-I’m here now! Everything is okay”
>Your mom Luna sniffled, you could feel her tears dropping on your mane as she hugged you tighter “No, it’s not… I did not know what to do… it was as if my whole world was about to end… if Celie hadn’t stepped in… I-I don’t want to think what would have happened then”
>Your mom Celestia heavily sighed “You’re giving me far too much credit, Luna. It’s not like my heart didn’t sink either, or that I couldn’t sleep thanks to all the nightmares I had, it’s not like… I….” She then cried out “I was terrified too, you know?! For Pete’s sake, our son was about…! My little colt…” She… was sobbing… oh… “My sunshine, I’m sorry…”
“F-For what?”
>Your mom Celestia gently caressed your cheek as more tears flowed from her eyes “This should be a happy moment. After all what happened we should be celebrating that the light of our eyes is back with us but instead… I’m sorry…”
>Your mom Luna slowly nodded as she wiped her tears and gulped “Celie is right, she’s absolutely right” She then kissed your forehead “This terrible nightmare is over and by all the stars in the night sky, I haven’t feel so relieved in my entire life”
>Yeah, you couldn’t keep it anymore. As strong as you wanted to appear, this just made you sob.
“Moms… I-I was scared too, b-but everything is fine now, right? Equestria is safe, Thorax saved his hive, and Chrysalis… She told me something but… that’s not important right now. We won, and I’m here so please… don’t cry”
>Both of your moms basically sandwiched you in a big hug… it was kind of hard to breathe but… this is the best feeling you’ve had in who knows how long.
>After a long time of family hugging and silent crying. Several questions popped up in your mind
“M-Moms…uh… what happened to Thorax? Is he alright and how did I get here? Wait… How long have I been out of commission?”
>Your mom Celestia wiped her tears and chuckled “Alright, my curious sunshine. In that order. The changelings were quick to appoint him as their new leader and yes, Thorax’s a bit overwhelmed with his new role but he’s doing fine. In fact, there is a medal waiting for him”
>“And for you too, my child” Your mom Luna then continued “As well as for everypony involved with your rescue.” She then sighed “Which I think, bring us to your other questions… Initially, Discord brought you to our castle but…”
>Woah, why was your mom Luna getting so angry all of the sudden? “Celie… Would you mind to continue for me? You know that this particular subject still enrages me”
The Leaks confirmed Spike knowing that Discord loves Fluttershy and it's most likely an end game in S9. It's time to canonise it in the greens.
>Your mom Celestia nodded… and despite trying to hide it, it was clear that she got bothered too “Sure… it’s not like that bunch of featherbrains don’t make me want to blow something up”
>She then cleared her throat and turned to you with a forced smile “My sunshine, you have been sleeping for a little more than two weeks.”
“WHAT?! Oh c’mon! Did Chrysalis drained that much love out of me?!”
>Your mom Luna sighed and nodded “Yes, the state that you were in was…” Her face became filled with sorrow for a moment before she shook her head “Suffice to say, even the spirits of chaos were hesitant to leave your side, and I am certain that there is no power in Equestria or Tartarus that would have separated them from you… except for a little guard with a big mouth who leaked the story to the press”
“Oh, no… Did you crashed the moon on them?”
>Your mom Celestia shook her head as some of her mane started to combust “Nope… We were very close to do it though.”
>Oh dear, now her entire mane was pure flames “What? Did you think that I would stay calm while those third rate paparazzi tried to snatch a photo of my unconscious son?! Oh no, no, no, no! They should be thankful that patience is one of my many, many virtues!”
“Uh… I-I think it would be better if we drop the subject”
>Your mom Celestia said with a creepy smile “Yesss… I think you’re riiiight” She then sighed combed her mane, putting all the flames out and making it go to its usual rainbow colors “So, after that… incident. We took you to the Crystal Empire while Discord and Eris are back home pretending to be us”
“And they agreed to help just like that?”
>Your mom Luna answered with a shrug “To be honest with you, my child. We didn’t even have to ask. When the spirits of chaos saw the circus that was happening outside the gates of the castle, they scared everypony away by transforming into gigantic fire breathing sock puppets” A mischievous smile was drawn on her face as your mom Luna chuckled “It was glorious”.
>“Personally I liked the mutant squid and demon octopus combo a bit more, that said…” Your mom Celestia rolled her eyes “Even with most of the paparazzi gone, we couldn’t take any more risks. That’s why we asked Cadence if we could bring you here.”
“I don’t want to sound rude, but… that ain’t gonna solve anything, in fact, I’m now nervous about Cadence. I don’t want any of those jerks bothering my cousin while she’s waiting for her baby girl to be born.”
>Your mom Luna rubbed the back of her head “I suppose we can call ourselves lucky that the baby has already been born and is the center of attention of the entire Crystal Empire.”
>Your mind went blank. Seriously, you couldn’t think of anything.
“Could you… repeat that again?”
>This time, it was your mom Celestia who answered “I think it would be better if the parents are the ones who tell you the news. Wouldn’t you agree, Cadence?”
>She then turned to the room’s door and opened it with her magic revealing none other than Cadence who was clearly eavesdropping in your conversation

Good, I was already going to jump that shark.
>Cadence quickly regained her composure and gave your moms a big awkward smile “S-Sure! I… c-couldn’t agree more! Uh… Good morning, Anon. I know how this looks but… ah… I’m actually very happy to see that you’re getting better! Heh, heh… ”
>Despite the angry glare from your moms, you couldn’t feel angry at her. C’mon, she already had made enough for you.
>So you happily waved at her
“And I’m happy to see you too, cousin! Lemme tell ya, you look… uh… yeah… sorry, I was gonna say you were looking smashing but… y’know… I’m not very fond of lying.”
>Oh my, Cadence… what happened to you? Geez, her fur had lost a lot of color, he had these massive eye bags and her mane… man, it was a complete mess, heck, there even were some gray hairs in it.
>Cadence let out a long and tired sigh “I’m gonna give you a big advice, Anon. Enjoy your sleep while you can because once you become a parent, that becomes a thing of the past” She then shook her head and smiled at you “But hey! Now that you’re finally awake, that means that you can meet your new niece!”
>You rubbed the back of your head and let out a chuckle
“Oh, man. Hope that I don’t scare her… I must look even worse than you.”
>“Don’t worry about that, little bro. She has already seen your sleepy face plenty of times” Shining Armor then entered the room, pushing a pink truckle bed with his magic… and he somehow looked worse than Cadence.
>Cadence nodded as she gently pushed the truckle bed closer to you “Mhm! She really likes to come here… and she also has sneaked her way to be with her cute uncle plenty of times... I’ve no idea how she does it though”
>You felt your heart racing as you jumped out of the bed and started to get closer to the truckle bed. Man… don’t screw this up. Please don’t screw this…
File: 1500828468317.png (322 KB, 800x600)
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322 KB PNG
That's it for tonight! I'm gonna sleep yo!
And then... PhD dies. Nice update Elo.
>the older version
When the op rushes
This was a cozy update, despite the dark undertone of the previous situation. It was still fun, and I can't wait to see adorable flurry.
We need to do a filly and colt christmas speshul!
And then his corpse is eaten by Celestia
No. Go back into your hole.
File: 1513636942774.jpg (33 KB, 720x676)
33 KB
>older version
>last one posted in the thread
>last one posted in the thread.
>pointed lip on eris
Fug, forgot
>implying op isn't someone from the discord

I didn't thibj lurkers made the OP
stupid boy
Is the filly still banned from 4chin?
What if Anoncolt accidentally starts a fight at school?
The school explodes, sending Equestria out of orbit into the sun. Celestia has to do evasive maneuvers in order to save everypony, but it is too late, as half of the continent is turned to molten soot and lava. That's what we call the badlands, so everypony behaves in school, or else they get another badlands.
Wasn't that what happened with phd?
no, ruffle truffle instigated a fight
And PhD got his ass handled to him. That nigga fucking sucks without his magic
PhD needs to die
This shitposter needs to stop before thw mods target us for a similar reason to Anonfilly.
Post proof you fucking faglrd
File: 1512111376600.gif (477 KB, 441x443)
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477 KB GIF
true ship is Discord x Trixie
I like Dislestia
Fuck off kim
File: 1512966898957.gif (493 KB, 400x263)
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493 KB GIF
I want Luna to dress PhD as a cute santa deer
Too bad we don't have a writefag
stop being a cuck
Sure. I'll even throw in that qt wittle eris you guys want sooo badly.

I'll have it finished by next thread if this one makes it to the bump limit.
Depends on the Anon
File: file.png (332 KB, 880x836)
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332 KB PNG
it is alberto riding the spike
Shit senpai that's adorable
>Her entire body except for her head was covered with a cute pink sheet with snails plastered all over it. But man, it felt as if the world had stopped completely.

>The baby was a beautiful pale pink unicorn, her purple mane with cyan stripes was all puffy. Her big blue eyes were looking at you. That was enough to make all the terrors you endured at the changeling hive to go away, at least for the moment.
>Oh man, you could feel your heart melting like butter and your eyes swelling but quickly washed any tear away as you gently nuzzled your nose against hers and whispered.
“Hello there, pretty girl! I’m your uncle Anon. What’s your na-“
>The baby quickly jumped out of the truckle bed and basically attached herself to your face with a mighty, for her age, hug.
>Cadence and Shining Armor sighed and said at the same time with a tired tone “Flurry, we talked about this!”
>Then your mom Luna said with a dismissive tone “Please, calm down. You are behaving as if this was something unexpected. The little Flurry Heart is simply greeting her uncle like she has done ever since she saw him for the first time. Isn’t that right, Celie?”
“Oh… so… she saw me while I was unconscious?”
>Your mom Celestia giggled and nodded at you “That’s right! I was actually wondering how long that was going to take.”
“Well, now I know what Discord feels when I do the same to him, and hey! Now I know her name. Flurry Heart, huh? I love it!”
>It didn’t took long for the little Flurry to climb from your face to the top of your head, where she remained firmly attached
>You would have found that as a super cute thing if it wasn’t for the fact that you saw something which made you worry about the state of your mental health, an “extra” thing in Flurry that you just noticed.
“Uhh… guys? Maybe I’m still hallucinating things, because I could swear that Flurry here was a unicorn, not a Pegasus”
>Cadance let out a chuckle and shrugged
>Cadance let out a chuckle and shrugged “Well Anon. Since we all know how smart you’re, why you don’t figure it out by yourself? I will even be a nice cousin and give you a little hint. What kind pony has both wings and horn?”
“An alicorn of course, everypony knows that. I dunno what that has to do with… ooooh! So Flurry is…an alicorn?”
>Cadence nodded as she displayed a proud expression in her face “Mhm! And according to my aunties, Flurry Heart is the first alicorn to be born in Equestria.”
“Okay! There’s only one thing that I can say about this…”
>You looked up and saw Flurry’s adorable face. She was giving you such an adorable and innocent smile that you could only return it with one of your own. For some reason, you also started to gently and slowly rock your head from left to right.
“Whoa, Flurry! You’re the most awesome foal ever! Seriously, you’re out of this world and I can’t wait to see all the incredible stuff that you’ll do when you get older!”
>Certainly better than your long list of, that’s for sure…
>Your little depression was dispelled when Flurry let out an adorable giggle as she hugged your head a bit harder and nuzzled her entire body into your mane.
>Yeah… she already knows how to make you feel better.
>Meanwhile, Shining Armor looked down to the floor with an expression of utter defeat “Oh, man! I just lost another bet”
>Cadence looked at him with a very annoyed expression “I still can’t believe you did another one of your dumb bets.”
“Geez, bro. Don’t you get tired of losing bet after bet?”
>Your mom Celestia gave Shining a smug smile as she shrugged “Apparently not. I did tell him that it was a bad idea to think that you would have the same reaction as Twilight, though.”
>Your mom Luna rolled her eyes and shook her head “I did warn you about the dangers of betting against my sister, Prince Armor. Not to forget the countless times that Princess Cadence asked you to not do it. The only thing left for you to do now is to apologize to your wife for making such a stupid mistake.”
>Cadence smiled at your mom “Oh, don’t worry Auntie Luna…” She then shot a cold glare to Shining “There’s nothing that a month of sleeping on the couch won’t fix.”
>You let out a chuckle and looked at Flurry who was happily hugging your head.
“Well, Flurry, I think that this a valuable life lesson. Never take an advice on betting from your dad. It will only lead you to absolute poverty.”
>Flurry Heart started to giggle a lot, but that stopped when she saw how sad her father was. So, she tried to levitate a snail plushy that was in her truckle bed to give it to him.
>You should put an emphasis on “tried”, since the poor thing kept dropping the snail plushy every time that she used her magic.
>Oh no… she was getting sad! You couldn’t let that happen!
“Hey Flurry, there’s no need to get teary eyed and you know why?”
>So you gently placed Flurry by your right side and adopted a “heroic” posture, or well, something that would look cool, despite the constant giggling from your moms.
“It’s because your awesome uncle is here to save your day! You just gotta follow my instructions. Focus your mind into… uh… what’s the name of your little friend?”
>Shining Armor raised an eyebrow at you and said with a confused tone “Uh… lil’ bro? I don’t think that’s…”
>“Hold on, Shiny kisses… I want to see where this goes” Cadence quickly shushed him and looked at you with curiosity “The name of our little snail friend is Whammy”
>You gave Cadence a casual salute before turning to your adorable niece.
“Thanks! Okay, Flurry! What you have to do is to gather your magic around your horn while you think very hard on making Whammy fly, just… like… this…”
>Your horn lit up with your magic as you levitated Whammy to Flurry. The little thing looked at her toy and then at you with utter astonishment.
>You let out a chuckle and gently rubbed your nose against hers.
“Now it’s your turn. Show me what you got, Flurry!”
>Furry hugged your muzzle and nodded before turning to her toy, and very slowly and with lots of effort…
“Hah! I can already tell that you’re gonna be better at this magic thing than me! Now, you just gotta imagine Whammy flying to your dad so he can give the poor guy a big, big hug!”
>AND SHE DID IT! YES! Shining Armor grabbed the toy and looked it before turning to Cadence “You know, Candy kisses? Now I feel bad for doubting my lil’ bro. I bet that the little guy could’ve prevented Flurry from blasting the Crystal Heart to pieces.”
>You gave Shining a smug grin as you shrugged.
“What can I say? I’m the very definition of… wait… THE CRYSTAL HEART WAS DESTROYED?!”
>Your mom Celestia rolled her eyes and sighed “I didn’t think it was possible, but there’s a pony who’s worse at handling news than you, my dear sister.”
>Your mom Luna crossed her hooves and muttered “You are never going to let go of that, aren’t you, Celie?”
>Cadence slapped her face and groaned “Way to go, dear.” She then sighed and looked at you with a tired expression “Anon, don’t worry, we repaired the Crystal Heart, everything is fine now”
“Huh… never thought that it could be broken in the first place… How did you manage to repair it?”
>Your mom Celestia stood up and interrupted Cadence “My dear niece, why don’t you let our guests to tell the story? After all, THEY are the responsible for saving the Empire”
>Cadence looked at your mom with confusion “Uh… Auntie? What are you talking about? There’s nopony in this room except for us”
>You leaned closer to Flurry heart and while pointing at your mom, whispered into her ear.
“Okay, Flurry. This is another advice from your awesome uncle. If my mom Celestia says something that would sound kinda impossible, don’t think she’s crazy because she is gonna be right and that impossible thing is actually happening”
>Your mom Celestia smiled at you and said “I think that the same principle can be applied to you too, my sunshine.” She then turned at the room’s entrance and said with annoyed tone “Twilight and company, I appreciate your concern, but if you don’t pull off that invisibility spell, I swear that you and I are going to have a pretty serious talk”
>Immediately after your mom said that, Twilight, Glimmer and some orange unicorn popped into existence.
>That third guy… he looked kinda lame. He had these big glasses, a cape, and a frickin’ goatee… eww. His only redeeming quality were his hooves. They had white these sock-like white splashes, just like Cherrywood.
>Cadence looked at the three unicorns and then at your annoyed mom and said “Well…” She shrugged “Seems like that’s our cue.”
>Shining Armor gulped and rushed towards the truckle bed “Couldn’t agree more! C’mon Flurry, it’s time for your nap. You can see your uncle later”
>Shining Armor gently picked Flurry, but she immediately latched to your hoof. D’aww, she didn’t want to let go of you!
>Well, to be honest, you didn’t want her to go either, but… holy blazes! The look in your moms’ faces! Yeah… this is something that Flurry shouldn’t watch.
>With a heavy heart, you smiled at the little Flurry and rubbed your nose against hers one last time.
“Flurry, you’re like the best niece ever but right now, your uncle has to deal with… uh… some royal stuff. Don’t worry though, because after you take a well-deserved nap, I will be here to teach you more cool stuff”
>Flurry reluctantly agreed, but fang… she looked so depressed when Shining put her in the truckle bed. You couldn’t help but to raise your hoof and wave her goodbye for now.
>When Shining, Cadence and the little Flurry left the room, your mom Celestia closed the door behind them and raised an eyebrow at the three unicorns “And well? What do you have to say for yourselves?”
>Twilight was the one took a step forward. She had her head hanging low when she said “I’m sorry, Princess. My curiosity got the best of me and I dragged my friends into this”
>The orange unicorn quickly stepped forward and tried to cover up for Twilight “A-Actually, it was me who suggested using an invisibility spell, so… uhm… all the blame should be placed on me”
>Seriously though… who was that unicorn? Your curiosity got the best of you as you walked to your mom Luna’s side and whispered to her.
“Uh, mom? I know it’s a bad idea to interrupt when you’re angry, but I gotta ask… Who’s the weirdo with the goatee? I don’t think I’ve seen him before, but if I had to bet… He looks like he could be Twilight’s coltfriend or something”
>Your mom Luna gasped “Princess Twilight’s…?” The tense atmosphere was dissipated when your mom Luna laughed so hard that she shed a couple tears.
>Your mom Celestia raised an eyebrow at her and asked with confusion “Luna? What’s so funny?”
>“Ah…” Your mom Luna smiled as she rubbed the back of her head “It was another one of our son’s occurrences. He asked if Sunburst or as he put it “The weirdo with the goatee” was Princess Twilight’s special somepony”
>“Oh… I see” Your mom Celestia kept silent for a couple seconds before she started to laugh too “I can see Sunburst being Twilight’s type!”
>Twilight was cringing hard and barked at you “What?! Of course not! Sunburst and I are not… ugh! I’m not even interested in that kind of things!”
>Starlight was trying her best to not burst out laughing as she waved her hoof dismissively and jokingly said “I’m going to have to side with Anon on this one. I think the two of you would make a cute couple!”
>Sunburst on the other hoof was a bit confused, so he adjusted his glasses and tried to politely correct you “O-Oh my… I appreciate the compliment but… Uhm, Twilight and I are just friends. My name is Sunburst by the way.”
>Your mom Celestia sighed and shrugged “Well… I Guess this is the end of our little prank, huh Luna?”
>Your mom Luna snickered and nodded “Seems like you are correct. It was fun while it lasted though”
>Twilight looked at your moms with utter confusion “W-Wait… so, we’re not in trouble?”
>You rolled your eyes and shook your head
“Duh! Of course you’re not!”
>Her royal hotness just looked away and grumbled to herself… man, even Chrysalis had a better sense of humor than her, but whatever, you didn’t want for Twilight to be grumpy all that.
“Twilight, c’mon, it was just a simple joke. I kind of need to have a laugh after taking the Chrysalis’ wild cocoon ride”
>Twilight cringed a bit when she heard that name, but ultimately shrugged it off and sighed “I still haven’t thanked you for defeating Chrysalis. If it wasn’t for you, I… well, I guess we wouldn’t be here talking”
“You do know that I didn’t do it on my own, right? I had a lot of help from a lot of wonderful ponies, changelings and draconequus. Besides, you don’t need to thank me Twilight, I’m a Prince remember? Helping others is part the job… buuuuut to be honest, I’m still nervous about Glimmer.”
>Twilight raised an eyebrow and asked with confusion “Huh? Why?”
“I mean, it’s not like I don’t think you two have become best friends or anything, but y’see… Glimmer was under Chrissy’s control ever since we got her out of that spooky jail. For all I know, she’s still mad at me for kicking her flank back at Ponyville”
>Starlight gave you a stoic glare “One. You didn’t kick anypony’s flank, it was Discord who punched me with that blasted toy boxing glove and two…”
>You quickly interrupted with a smug grin
“Yes, but as I told you back then, my strength comes from the ones I lead, and I did lead my goat-faced uncle into punching the lights out of you, so in a sense, it was me who kicked your flank”
>Starlight rolled her eyes and shook her head as she groaned “Whatever! I wanted to say that yes, Chrysalis hypnotized me, but the times we spent together were a hundred percent real. I mean…” she gave you her own smug grin “How could I forget the time when you charmed a certain alicorn filly?
>Your mom Luna burst out laughing while your mom Celestia hid her face in shame… just like you actually.
“You win this round, Ms. Glimmer... by the way, what I told Twilight goes for you too. There’s no need to thank me. Seriously, don’t do it, please.”
>Starlight let out a chuckle and nodded “How about I teach you that flying spell and we call it even?”
>That’s right! You had totally forgotten that was a thing!
“You drive a hard deal, Glimmer. I suppose you got yourself a deal… oh yeah! I almost forgot about Twilight’s coltfriend!”
>Twilight slapped her face and groaned “You’re never going to stop using that joke, are you?”
“Not until I find a better one”
>You teleported in front of the orange unicorn and extended your hoof to him
“Sunburst, right? Name’s Anon. A pleasure to meet ya!”
File: 1470627125468-mlp.png (481 KB, 1500x1400)
481 KB
481 KB PNG
That pic is adorable, just like you bun.

Well gotta sleep but please stay tunned for the next chapter!
File: 1512836699091.png (356 KB, 1213x1024)
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356 KB PNG
File: WE ARE FILLIES.png (1.66 MB, 1613x821)
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What if Discord adopted one of the CMC instead of anon?
Why didn't you just say what if Discord adopted Scootaloo?
PhD acting like some sort of teacher to Flurry Heart was adorable. I can't wait to see how those two grow together like seriously, I giggle when picturing an adult alicorn PhD mentoring Flurry Hearr like Celestia did with Twilight.
I can already see it.
>My faithful student Flurry Heart.
>Stop being a NEET and make some friends.
>t- Prince Anon
That's actually super cute
chaos filly scootaloo when?
To be honest, I don't see the point of including Sunburst into your story. Everything with Flurry Heart was super adorable though.
Yeah and it's happening in my story
File: IMG_2894.jpg (450 KB, 1027x1136)
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It's so fucking hard to post some kind of substantial material? This is just bump and bumps
Welp, looks my story is dead now.
Thanks mods.
Or I could just make a new version getting rid of the filly.
How long until delete? 6 hours so far.
Of course not. This thread is filled with retarded lurkers
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I like bat fillies
Happy Christmas!
File: 1511745192862.gif (1.1 MB, 480x270)
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1.1 MB GIF
Took a week break, expect an update soon
But your story was one of my favorites
File: 1514144658430-v.jpg (871 KB, 850x1100)
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871 KB JPG
Elo here!
File: 1502081565199.png (1.21 MB, 2000x2000)
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What a bunch of fucking retards
File: bunch of retards.png (6 KB, 357x126)
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This thread fucking depresses me
It is very dissapointing to see how little activity this thread has in spite of the writers and that one artist doing their best. It is depressing to see that this is the only thread in the board where content creators are abundant but actual posters are scarce.
It's Christmas time, everyone is busy
>And the both of you walks out the theater
“The coast is clear”
>He sighs for a moment but then starts to dance and boy, he’s fucking talented! He swing her hooves with a majestic tenacity and following a complex patron of steps that would destroy a DDR dance pad. But if wasn’t enough he moves from his spot next to you to a light pole and spin around it ala Singin’ in the rain style.
>You drop the whistle from your mouth keeping your eyes wide opened, but then you shake your head “It was good… but I don’t understand why are you so feared of fail, it’s obvious that you don’t have any problem with dancing”
>He drops his ears “I don’t know. Sure I can do it good now, but what if I fall on my legs or I forgot the steps at the stage?” and then he starts to hyperventilate.
>You put your arm on his neck
“That’s not going to happen… I have an idea”
>“What is?” he says keeping his anguish
>”Close your eyes and listen me carefully”
>And he does “Okay, now what?”
“Just imagine you being on the stage, in the spotlight”
>”No! I can’t move”
>”They are staring on me!”
“That’s right, you know why?”
“Because they are waiting to see a majestic show”
>“I can’t…”
“Of course you can…”
>”No… they know… that I’m a failure”
“A failure?”
>”Yes, the public… is laughing at me!”
*Tssk* *Tssk “They’re dead wrong, because you’re gonna shine tonight”
>”No, they are right” and he start to drop tear through his closed eye
“No, no, take it easy!”
>And he opens his eyes with fear, sweating and exhaling fast.
“I think we should take another approach” and you pound for a while
>A light bulb pops on the top on your head cause you had a great idea
“I got it! Wait me here!”
>He nods and you run searching for a shop in particular and you find it, The Carrousel Boutique.
>You enter inside it making ring that little bell at the over the door. Instantly a familiar white unicorn appears in front of you “Hello and welcome-”
“Yeah yeah I know, can I rent a dress?”

“For me madame… where do you have them?” and she point at a corner of the shop, you look through the different ones.
“Great! This one match perfectly with my eyes, but I think it makes look my butt bigger”
>It’s a light green wrap dress with a with white sewist
>”I think…” she says confused with the whole situation.
“Hey, can you borrow me lipstick and a brush?”
>Quickly, you paint your lips and brush your mane
“Maybe I’m not Miss Universe but it’s going to work”
>”Work for what? Do you need to talk about something darling” says Rarity preoccupied.
“What? No! I’m just helping out a friend”
>”OK, If you say so. But remember if you need any help you can always come back…”
“Don’t worry Rara, I’m just right” and you gave her some bits and you run back to the coward colt.
>Once there, you get close to him
“Teehee~ why hello there…” and Tender turn his head to take an expression of confusion.
>”Anom? What are you doing?”
”Anom? Who’s he? My name is Glamour Amor~ and I came here to ask you to be my partner at the graduation dance” and you wink him
>“What are you doing” and he start to giggle “Why the dress and that” now he laughs louder “the lipstick! You look like a clown” and he burst in laugh
“That’s how treat a lady?” and you slap him with a handbag on his face, making you fall on the floor “So you learn”
>He stands up again ”Why was that for?” he now is bothered
“Sorry sorry, I let go myself…”
>You take off your dress and clean your face
nice to see you update! comfy story
Like your mum. I like your mum.
Yayya hello
I will update in a few
>“The pleasure is all mine!” Sunburst readjusted his glasses before shaking your hoof with a meekly grip “And let me tell you, that’s quite the advanced spell for somepony of your age! Strarlight told me a little about your magical skills but I’ve to say that I didn’t believe it until now.”
“Yeah… about that… better not get your hopes high, buddy. I’m still having troubles with the amount of magic I use for my spells”
>Sunburst let out a little gasp in excitement “Oh! Then I can be of help!”
“Really? How so?”
>The guy smiled as he cleared his throat “You see, I helped Princess Flurry Heart was having a similar problem, only that in her case, it got so bad that she destroyed the Crystal Heart by accident and… heh, heh, almost buried the Crystal Empire under a never ending blizzard”
“I’m gonna make a wild bet here, you got this magical advisor job because you came with a spell that fixed the Crystal Heart and another one that helped the little Flurry with her magic problem, right?”
>Sunburst nodded nervously “Pretty much, yeah. My point is that I can use the same spell to make you get rid of your problem. What do you say, Anon? It wouldn’t take long and I can tell the Princesses how to cast it.”
>So with this spell you could finally use your magic at will and not worry about having stupid magical short-circuits when using a simple spell, it did sound tempting but…”
“What you’re telling me sounds super awesome, but… you also said that you could teach my moms the spell, so I’m gonna use my cooltastic mind again and deduce that this is something that needs constant patching.”
>Sunburst nodded again “That is correct, the spell wears off more or less after a week of being casted.”
“Then I’m gonna have to decline the offer. Don’t want to sound rude or anything, I trust my moms with my life but… yeah, I want to be able to master my magic because I earned it, not because somepony else is constantly baby-sitting me.”
>Your mom Luna walked to you and caressed your mane “I completely agree. I am proud of you, my child”
>Your mom Celestia placed her hoof on your shoulder and gave you a wink “You made very wise decision, my dear. Just like your dear mother would have”
“And I did it without being as old as you… ARGH!”
>Your mom Celestia gave you a pretty hard bonk on the head and groaned “Don’t ruin the moment, please”
>Everypony in the room laughed as you rubbed your head. You let out a frustrated groan but ultimately joined them in their laughter.
>After that, all of you spent the rest of the day just talking about all sort of topics. Glimmer told you that she and Sunburst were childhood friends as well as her plans to go back to her town once spring arrived.
>Your mom Celestia took the time to write a bunch of letters and send them to Canterlot Castle, or so you assumed. Meanwhile, your mom Luna and Twilight asked you a bit about the hive, the changelings and even Chrysalis, but they always took caution of not getting into darker territories.
>And hey! Shining Armor and Cadence did come back with your now favorite foal, Flurry Heart! Of course, things had to end at some point.
>When your moms lowered the sun and raised the moon, everyone else started to leave the room. Twilight, Sunburst and Glimmer decided to go to the Empire to grab a knack and buy some books. Cadence and Shining had to basically rip the now sleeping Flurry Heart from your head since she attached to it harder than the strongest tick.
>While your moms did stay a bit longer, they still had work to do, so they tucked you in bed and gave you a goodnight kiss.
>And so… you were sent to a nice dream, free of worries and filled with hopes… or so you would’ve thought.
>No matter how much you tried, you couldn’t fall asleep. Now that you were alone in the darkness of this room, many thoughts started to linger in your mind… and they weren’t exactly pleasant.
>Your failure to detect the real changeling’s plan, endangering and most surely traumatizing Royal Blood, your friends’ minds becoming Chrysalis’ toys, the horrible cocoon treatments… Cherrywood seeing all of that…
>It was like your chest was being crushed by all of your mistakes and the suffering that was caused because of you… and with that, came the hypothetical scenarios.
>What would have happened to your moms had Chrysalis succeeded? Heck, what would have happened to Flurry Heart? You didn’t want to think about it, it was too scary and yet… your mind kept bombarding you with horrible images of the future that you almost provoked.
>You rolled in your bed and hit your head time and time again, trying to make these images go away, but it was futile, every time you tried they came back with a worse scenario, and every time, the conclusion was obvious, it would’ve been your fault.
>At the end, you gave up on sleeping and buried your face in the pillow so you could scream and cry without anyone hearing… or so you thought.
>Because in the middle of your pathetic sobbing, you felt something caressing your mane. It wasn’t a hoof, not by a long shot, it felt like a claw or rather, a talon.
>Then, you heard Discord’s voice talking to you with a soft tone “I was under the impression that when a big bad villain gets defeated, you ponies throw a big party with confetti and streamers and sing a cheesy pop song. Seems like you decided to break the norm, my little prince”
>You didn’t lift your face from the pillow nor stopped your crying. You only shook your head and said with a miserable tone.
“Those things are for actual heroes, Discord. It was my fault that all of this happened. I almost got everypony destroyed or enslaved. I don’t deserve anything… I tried my best and…I’m sorry… I’m a failure.”
>You heard Discord sighing heavily, then he patted your mane and said “Do you really plan to spend the rest of your life burying your head in that pillow?”
>You slowly nodded and hugged your pillow even harder
“Yes, I will do less harm that way!”
>Discord groaned this time and said with a more annoyed tone “I really don’t like the prospect of talking to your back, so I promise you, my little Prince. If you don’t take that silly face of yours off of that pillow in this instant, then I will transform you into a midget emu!”
>Discord growled this time “Well? Do you want to live in some poisonous desert, too?! Because trust me pal, I can pop that thing into existence!” Man, he was angry
>You sighed and replied with a defeated tone.
“Alright Discord, you win”
>When you looked at him, the first thing that was obvious is that you weren’t in the Crystal Empire anymore. Nope, you were at the Canterlot Castle’s throne room.
>On a quick glance, you were sitting at your mom Celestia’s throne while Discord was in front of you, looking down at you with a very stern face.
>That was impressive to say the least, or so you would say if his chaotic shenanigans were still new to you.
>So you wiped off your tears, and sniffled a couple times while looking down at the floor.
“At least get your biology facts straight… Ostriches are the birds that burry their heads in the sand. Emus are just giant gooses that can run super-fast.”
>Discord crossed his paw and talons and huffed “Don’t get all smarty-pants on me! I can make Emus bury their heads in hot chocolate if I want them to!”
“I know…”
>Discord let out a tired sigh and rubbed his temples. Then, he snapped his talons, making a chair made of black seeds to appear by his side.
>He didn’t use the darn thing of course, Discord ate the chair and then sat in mid-air, crossing his legs.
>Finally, Discord rested his head on his paw and asked “Anon, do you really think that these things always go so smoothly? Like do you really believe that you are the only pony who has had a hard time dealing with a big honcho like say… a certain draconequus that has the power of bending reality at will?”
>While continuing looking at the floor, you frowned and shrugged.
“I dunno…”
>Discord floated to the middle of the room and in a bombastic way he said “Of course not, boyo!” Geez, he even made confetti to explode behind him
>The lights went out completely, only to be followed by a bunch of reflectors that highlighted the stained glasses.
>The heroic scenes were now changed for some serious bad situations, all of them animated in a very poor way.
>A much brighter reflector illuminated Discord who was now wearing a yellow tuxedo, and holding a cane with a cartoonish replica of Twilight’s head.
>Then, he winked at you and pointed at each stained glass “Take our dear Twilight for example. The amount of times where she was almost defeated is hilariously high. Nightmare Moon? She won that by a pure luck realization. Chrissy? Puh-lease! Cadence won that by casting the all mighty power of cheesy love. King Sombrero? It was literally a lucky throw. Moi? HAH! If Celestia hadn’t cheated she would be a lovable gray sour-puss by now… well, she would be gray. Oh! And don’t get me started about your mothers… I mean… our lovable Princesses. We would be here the entire week if I had to list all the times where they blew everything up!”
>You let out a sigh and shook your head
“Where are you going with this, Discord?”
>Discord rolled his eyes and chuckled “Isn’t it obvious?! Every time that something bad happens in pony-land, the so called heroes has messed up things royally. Heck, Tirek almost transformed Equestria into a giant parking lot thanks to a tiny slip-up from yours truly”
“Oh yeah… I remember hearing something about that before the chaos carnival”
>Discord pinched your cheek “Yep! And if you want my not so humble opinion, your little rodeo with Chrissy is one of the smoothest save-the-kingdom shenanigans this draconequus has ever seen. The fact that you are still a little weirdo colt makes it all the more impressive”
>You leaned back and thought on Discord’s words… and well… you felt dumb now because he was one hundred percent right. Not only that but…
>You also realized that, if you kept blaming yourself for everything, then everything that you told to Chrysalis would have been nothing but empty words.
>You messed up, sure, but now you had to get back on your hooves and learn from your mistakes. To accept that there were things out of your control and that even with all the difficulties, you still made a pretty good job.
>Thorax and the changelings were now free to live however they wanted to, Chrysalis kind of opened up to the idea of getting help, Flurry was safe… everything was fine now.
>You gave Discord a smile as warm as the sun and nodded
“Well, guess my weirdo uncle slapped me back into reality once again. Thank you, Discord, I really needed that. You really are…”
>Discord held his talon and gave you a smug smile “Ah, Ah, Ah! Save the cheesy speech for other time, my little prince, because I still have one last thing to tell you!”
>You raised an eyebrow and made yourself comfortable in the throne
“You want advice on how to win Fluttershy’s heart?”
>He shook his head “Nah, I have that figured out” For just a second, Discord’s face became as red as a tomato, but he shook it off and gave you a stoic look “Funny boy… No, I was going to say that I have a surprise you… and it’s right behind curtain number uno!”
>You heard drums redoubling as the reflectors highlighted a red curtain with a neon number “1” floating above it. Then, Discord snapped his talons, making the curtain to disappear in a pink explosion.
>When all the… purple smoke went away, your heart raced at a hundred miles per hour, your mind went blank and your mouth wide.
>Because Discord’s surprise was a very confused yet cute looking Cherrywood.
>She was looking super cute with your goggles on her forehead and a red handkerchief around her neck… “A-Anon?”
>The moment your bat saw you, she became teary eyed and flew to you as fast as her wings allowed her to “Sweet Luna! It’s really you!”
>As she snuggled her head under your chin… Cherrywood started beating your chest pretty hard “You idiot! Featherbrain! Dummy! You know how worried I was about you?! Don’t you ever dare to do that again!”
>Despite the beating, you hugged her back and nuzzled your chin on her mane. Then you whispered into her ear.
“Glad to see you haven’t lost your attitude… and I’m sorry… Out of anypony in this world, you’re the last one I want to worry”
>Cherrywood snuggled into your now wet chest “I’m so, so happy to see that you are okay… when I heard that… WAIT” She jumped out of your hug and gave you a baffled look “Did you just say… Anypony?”
>You raised an eyebrow at her and slowly nodded
“Yes… I did… what about it?”
>Her confusion suddenly changed for complete worry “What the heck is wrong with you? You don’t say “anypony” like, ever! Oh, no! Chrysalis must have fried your brain!” She then lookd at Discord “Mr. D, can’t you do anything to fix Annony’s weirdo brain?”
“What?! No! My brain is still the unstoppable machine that has always been! It’s just that I now want to say anypony, everypony and that kind of stuff!”
>Cherrywood cringed hard by what you said and her worried face changed for one of disgust “*HIIIISSSSS* and it’s freaking me out, Anon! So change it back, BEFORE MY HOOVES MAKE YOU!”
“But why?! Why are you so bothered with me wanting to talk and act like a normal pony?”
>You suddenly felt something playing with your mane, and a super sexy voice replying to your question “You just answered your own question, dork. It’s simply not in your nature to be normal.”
>Eris was comfortably “resting” in mid-air and looking down at you with a wide grin on her face. You raised an eyebrow and gave her a stoic face.
“Good to know that everypony I know thinks that I’m a massive weirdo…”
>Cherrywood immediately threw herself at you and started shaking you pretty hard “*HISSSS* I TOLD YOU!”
“Alright! Alright! You win!”
>“Good! And you better keep it that way! Now, move a little! This throne actually looks comfy” Cherrywood nodded satisfied before pushing you so she could sit at the throne by your side.
>You rolled your eyes and let out a tired sigh.
“Geez, it’s like everyone thinks that if I start acting like a normal pony then I’d explode or something”
>Eris shrugged “I dunno, dork. I don’t really know another guy who would go through the ex-Queen bug’s beauty treatment, take it like a champ and then try to make friends with her” Then, her entire body started glowing with different colors like a Christmas tree “And let’s not forget about the walking light show that you become at times.”
“Oh yeah… uh… Discord, mind telling me why my cutie mark shot another light to who knows where? It’s starting to make me nervous”
>Discord let out a chuckle and shook his head “And spoil the surprise? HAH! I’m sorry, my little Prince, but that’s not how this draconequus roll… besides this is one of those things that you have to discover on your own. Is it frustrating? Sure! Is it cryptic? Of course it is! But it’s important that you are the one who uncovers the secret”
“C’mon, man! Why do you gotta keep this as a secret!”
> It was actually Eris the one who answered this time. “That’s the way the chaotic cookie crumbles, my cute little dork.” She quickly slithered her way to Discord’s side and gave you a wink “But don’t worry, I’m sure that you’ll find your answer sooner rather than later.”
>You rubbed the back of your head and shrugged
“I can’t win when it comes to you guys…”
>Cherrywood hugged you very hard and happily said “Of course not! Now you better sit tight, because you are gonna tell me everything and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that happened in the changeling hive, and don’t you dare to spare any details!”
“Alright, but only if you tell me how you managed to make the drone’s power cell to survive Chrysalis’ anti-magic throne”
>Your bat giggled and waved her hoof dismissively “I just used an empty crystal and charged it with that Thorax’s guy magic, then I asked Mr. D. to put a bunch of antennas around the anti-magic field and other places so the signal would be strong enough to transmit to our lab”
“Huh… so that is why Discord went missing in the first place”
>Cherrywood shook her head “What? Of course not! Mr. D. was thinking that he could take on the entire hive without his weirdo magic! What a dummy, right? Anyway, I stopped him right before he poofed away and asked him nicely…”
>Discord crossed his talon and pawn and huffed “More like forced me…”
>Cherrywood rolled her eyes and giggled “Whatever! It stopped you from becoming a gooey wall decoration, and that’s what matters!”
>Eris let out a heartedly laughter and slapped Discord’s on the back “Seems like you’ve been had, Daddy-O!” She then shook her head and shrugged “But seriously, that little drone will be missed. Dunno what would have become of pretty little me without that ting… and the crazy blue laser pony’s magic… and my little dork over here.”
>“Yeah, Yeah! We all were close, those are old news!” Cherrywood said with an annoyed tone before looking at you with expectation “I want to hear everything about the hive! That Thorax only told me boring stories”
>And so, the night went by telling stories, laughing, playing, yelling… everything was fine now. There were still many questions left unanswered, sure, but at least for this moment, you were just going to enjoy your life and try to not put so much blame on you.
And that's it! Next update will be a travel to the crystal lake's camp
Thanks elo!
File: turtle.jpg (93 KB, 720x960)
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Good update!
I am sad that no one is posting but I loved Discord in this
So your post
so is your life
Fuck all the lurkers
Goddamn assholes. At least comment on the fucking stories
File: 1464060948678.jpg (144 KB, 629x629)
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144 KB JPG
A heartwarming ending for a tragic event. Although the ending was cut short and seemed rushed at the end, it was generally pretty good. Can't wait for the time skip.
Basically this, it was a bit rushed towards the end, but I can see why he didn't want to drag on things.
File: 1511783041743.jpg (120 KB, 600x813)
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File: 1475806222574.jpg (71 KB, 587x558)
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Don't forget to join our super cool ass Discord server!

Fuck off we're full
This fucking board has been so slow in the last days
Fuck you
I want Ben's update
never ever
No give Ben's update now!
File: 1504547951117.jpg (1.43 MB, 2714x2967)
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1.43 MB JPG
Top tier discord
Ok I lied, update will come after new year's eve
Ben is a major PECK NECK
We don't use cuss words around here
File: 1514330967523-mlp.jpg (1.23 MB, 1280x879)
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1.23 MB JPG
Happy new year!
Happy New Year!
Yes I am
Stop randomly dropping the inv you shitty ass McFucknuggit.
Update when PECK NECK!
File: 1512344587943-mlp.png (792 KB, 1280x835)
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File: 1474780944236-mlp.png (696 KB, 1800x1400)
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696 KB PNG
>“I still can’t believe that Princess Celestia allowed me to go with you to this school trip thing. I’m very thankful though. Some vacations is just what I needed to get rid of that nasty indigestion and my back problems. Ahhh! Isn’t this great Anon?”
>The sun shone high above the fields located in the outskirts of the Crystal Empire, the wind made the crops to dance graciously with its gentle touch, the snowy peaks of the faraway mountains looked like they were made out of diamonds.
>Everything was brimming with a simple yet delicious beauty, proper of the spring season. It sucked that you weren’t able to enjoy any of that.
>Nope, instead you were stuck in a very large “carriage” that for you, was nothing more than a glorified wagon. No, in fact, the best term you could use for this wooden cage was a “school bus”.
>Sure, it had a very pretty golden paint coat in the outside, and of course, the seats were comfy enough. But being stuck with the entire fifth and sixth grades in such a confined space was hardly your ideal way to spend the spring break.
>Not everything was horrible though. Your moms did give you permission to bring Thorax with you, with the only condition that he had to keep a disguise at all times, y’know, to not scare anyone.
>So instead of the psychedelic bug-moose Thorax, the one sitting by your side was “Crystal Hoof”. An eart-pony colt with a blue coat, black mane and tail, and the complexion of a starving roundworm.
“Crystal Hoof, my man, I’m a very patient pony, trust me, but if you say “isn’t this great?” one more time, I’m gonna use your moose horns to tear this frickin’ oversized wagon apart.”
>Thorax rubbed the back of his neck and replied a bit depressed “Gee… I’m sorry, Anon. I had no idea that field trips made you so grumpy. Look it on the bright side though, getting out of that dank laboratory and mossy library will do wonders for your health!”
>You looked at him with a stoic face and shook your head.
“For your information, my laboratory is lit in a super aesthetic way and Moon Dancer worked super hard to clean most of the moss from the royal library. Secondly, I have no problems with going outside”
>Thorax looked at the seat in front of him “Then…” He turned to you with a small smile on his face “What’s the problem?”
>Immediately after your friend asked that question, some idiot sixth grader colt popped from the back of your seat and basically yelled into your ear “Hey, dude! How hot was Chrysalis?”
>A filly from your grade popped up right beside him and slapped the colt in the back of his head “Stop asking him that, you massive perv!” She then turned to you with a massive smile on her face “Oi, Anon! I bet the hive was super scary, huh?”
>Of course, frickin’ Ruffle Truffle couldn’t keep himself away from this one. The grey idiot was sitting in the seat in front of you after all.
>So he tried to appear as “macho” as possible by flexing his hooves and said with a triumphant tone “Oh, please! The Ruffle would’ve beaten that Chrysalis chick with two of his hooves tied behind The Ruffle’s powerful back!”
>Of course, it didn’t stop there, basically the entire “bus” surrounded your seat and started parroting the same dumb questions they asked ever since you returned to school.
>”What is the changeling hive like?”
>”Are the changelings’ cocoons comfy?”
>”How hot is Chrysalis?”
>”Did you use your magic on the changelings?”
>”What color do the changelings prefer?”
>”Seriously dude, how hot is she?”
>You let out a groan and looked at Thorax with an annoyed face.
“Do you see the problem now?”
>Thorax slowly nodded and gulped “I-I’m afraid so…”
>You rolled your eyes and rested your head on your hoof as you looked outside the “school carriage” window again.
>And as you passed a crop field, you swear that you saw something odd. It was a pony, but not quite like it. Almost like a shadow moving across the fields… and it was going in the same direction as you.
>That… that wasn’t right, so you squinted your eyes to see a bit better… but you were interrupted by Thorax who was shaking your shoulder
>When you turned to him, Thorax asked with a worried voice “Anon? Is everything alright? You kinda look as if you had seen a ghost.”
>You looked at Thorax and pointed at the window
“Did you see that?”
>Thorax raised an eyebrow and tilted his head “See what?”
“Are you kidding me? There was a massive shadow…”
>But when you turned to the window… there was nothing but the green fields
“… Following us…?”
>Thorax looked at the window and then at you with worry “Anon… I think you are suffering from claustrophobia. I know how it feels, sometimes I have very bad attacks when I’m in the hi… higher tower of your castle… yeah”
“I’m telling you, man! I saw this giant shadow chasing us at a super high speed!”
>The entire bus was silent and looking at you with baffled looks. That is, until Ruffle Truffle starting to laugh at you “Har, Har, Har! Look at this nerd! He’s afraid of clouds now!”
>After the foals got a heartedly laugh at your expenses, Miss Sunny Hill disbanded the crowd “Alright, that’s enough. Everypony go back to your seats, I have an announcement to make.”
>The crowd laughed at you a bit more before they followed Miss Sunny Hill’s order. You looked at the window one more time to be sure… yeah… no shadow or anything…
>Thorax gave you a pat on your back “Maybe you are still a bit agitated about what happened with Queen Chrysalis, but don’t worry, because your friend Tho… Crystal Hoof knows the perfect way to deal with these kind of problems! It’s something that we’ve been doing back in the hi… home, and we call it “feelings forum””
>You let out a tired sigh as you shook your head.
“Thanks man, but I already got over what happened at the hive… maybe… I’m just tired, you know? We had to wake up super early for this and some guy didn’t let me sleep all night because of his indigestion or something like that”
>Thorax let out a nervous chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head “Heh… I wonder who could’ve done that”
>You raised an eyebrow and gave Thorax a smug grin
“Maybe you saw him on your way to the castle. It was this guy who looked like a psychedelic moose”
>Thorax was blushing pretty hard now, he just looked away from you and said “M-Maybe it would be better if we listen to what your teacher has to say”
>You let out a chuckle and shrugged
“Whatever you say, my man. But hey, maybe we could-”
>“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Sunny Hill angrily looked left and right to make sure that no one was out of their seats.
>When Sunny Hill made sure that no one was moving or making a sound, she nodded to herself and cleared her throat “As all of you may know, our annual school trip will be a tad different this time. Instead of the usual chateau located in the outskirts of Manehattan, this year we will be heading towards the no less spectacular “Camp Crystal Lake”…”
>As Sunny Hill continued with her description of the place, Thorax handled you a small note that read “Didn’t she tell us this like five times already? I think your teacher is getting old.”
>You chuckled as you wrote in the back of the note “Man, I think she has been around longer than my moms”
>When Thorax read what you wrote, he let out a giggle and handled you a different note that said “She was this old when Queen Chrysalis was still an egg”
>You and Thorax continued passing small notes and giggling.
>That is, until Sunny Hill walked to your seat and shot a murderous glare to you two “Is there anything you want to share with the group, Mister Anon?”
>Thorax froze in place, shaking like a wet dog, but you? You simply shook your head.
“Nah, you’re free to continue, Miss Hill”
> Sunny Hill glared at you one more time before turning with a “Hmph!” and continuing with her explanation “As I was saying, the location is not the only thing that will be different this year. For, you see, my dear students. The Princess Twilight Sparkle had a wonderful idea on how to improve this traditional trip during her last visit to our prestigious school”
>The entire bus then was filled with gasps of surprise and voiced proclaiming that this was going to be the best thing ever.
>Except for you and Thorax. The two of you had first hoof experience with how “great” Twilight’s plans usually are.
>Sunny Hill smiled proudly and calmed down the excited voiced “Now, now, I know these are great news but at least let me tell them to you. As many of you should be aware, our school has had a long time rivalry with another center of education in Canterlot. I’m of course talking about the prestigious “Ms. Gwynyvere’s Royal School”
>When Sunny Hill mentioned the name of that school, the cheerful mood got absolutely destroyed. Now everyone was murmuring angrily about that place.
>Others, like Ruffle Truffle, voiced their opinions more loudly “Pffft! Those dudes think they are hot stuff because they beat the Ruffle’s team at the hoofball finals last year. Well, let the Ruffle tell ya something. They ain’t!”
>Sunny Hill rolled her eyes and nodded “Yes, I was expecting that kind of reaction, but you see, Princess Twilight Sparkle had the fantastic idea of changing our bitter rivalry for sweet friendship, but, you may be thinking, how is that possible? Well, it’s quite simple! Our schools are going on a field trip together!”
>Not to your surprise, the entire “bus” started booing super hard the moment they heard the news.
>Sunny Hill was now dealing with a bunch of angry foals, except for you and Thorax of course, the two of you were chillin’ on your seat, looking at everyone protest at Twilight’s “brilliant idea”.
>Twilight Sparkle, man… you respected and still kind of liked her, but that gal should open her own school.

>Thorax turned at you and raised an eyebrow “Hey Anon, everypony in here is angry as heck but you on the other hoof… well, I can sense a lot of joy coming from you. Why’s that? Do you have a lot of friends in that school or something?”
>You made yourself comfortable on your seat, placed your hooves behind your head and shrugged.
“Kinda, most of the foals who go there are a bunch of arrogant, snobbish jerks but hey, Cherrywood also goes to that place… the only thing that kind of bother me is that she never told me about this… but neither did my moms.”
>Thorax tapped his chin “No offence, Anon, but that doesn’t seem too weird for me. In my experience, the Princesses are the type of ponies who really like to keep secrets and surprise everypony later on… and uhm… your marefriend was kinda like that too… only way bossier”
“Yup, that’s why I ain’t too worried, and hey, between Cherrywood, you and me, we will have the best camp stories this side of the Crystal Empire, and we can also…”
>It worked wonders of course, every single foal was back to their seats in the blink of an eye and the “bus” was now more silent than a grave.
>Sunny Hill furiously looked left and right, and she made sure that everything was under control, she nodded to herself and cleared her throat “Right, as I was saying, our two schools will go on this field trip together, and to ensure that everypony actually gets to known each other and avoid a segregation, the cabins will have two ponies from our school and two ponies from theirs. Selection will be at random, of course”
>Every foal in the bus collectively said in dissapointment “AWWW!”
>Sunny Hill didn’t care though, she shrugged it off and dismissively said “This is a very important moment for our school, so I expect the best behavior from all of you, but if you have any socialization problems, you can always rely on your dear classmate, Anon”
>You immediately jumped from your seat and protested
“Wait, why me?! Why can’t Twilight take care of that?! She’s the frickin’ Princess of Friendship!”
>Sunny Hill chuckled and gave you a huge grin “Because, Mr. Anon, Princess Twilight won’t be able to join us thanks to certain complications in Griffonstone and as a Prince it is your duty to give guidance to everypony who needs it”
“Ooooh! That’s something I would’ve expected from Discord… or my moms, but not from you!”
>“With age comes experience, Mr. Anon…” She then turned away from you and chuckled “And you have three months of detention for getting out of your seat”
“Aw, man, and I just had finished my last sentence!”
>You angrily returned to your seat, crossed your hooves and huffed.
>But it certainly didn’t stop there, because Ruffle Truffle of all ponies popped from his seat and actually tried to comfort you “Hey, nerd. If ya start seeing things… just close yer eyes and count to three or, ya know, try to think on the nerdy garbage you like, okay?”
>Okay… now that was weird.
“Why are you telling me this? I thought you hated me.”
>Ruffle Truffle nodded as he gave you a shrug “And that is right, every time The Ruffle sees your nerdy face, he wants to Truffle it but… The Ruffle knows that if ya hadn’t played the hero at the bug hive… then… yeah, it would’ve sucked pretty hard for everypony… so… yeah… just try to keep your cool for the team, dude.”
“Uh… Thanks?”
>Ruffle Truffle held his hoof and shook his head “Can it, nerd. The Ruffle is just being nice ‘cuz you saved Equestria and ‘cause we’re counting on yer nerd flank now” And with that, the guy returned to his seat, leaving you confused and slightly disgusted.
File: 1326775175174.gif (3.86 MB, 960x540)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB GIF
First green of the year! Hope you like it!
Fuck you
It was basically the set up, but hey I love seeing more of phd and thorax's friendship
I think you mean Starlight x Trixie friend
I think you mean Thorax x PhD my friend
File: 6986098.jpg (510 KB, 1280x996)
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510 KB JPG
Will the stories here adjust to Fluttercord being canon or at least Discord being into Fluttershy?

Spike is just implying that. Discord wasn't saying that he is or isn't into her.
Elo literally did it. PHD teased Discord and the guy kind of accepted the thing
That means jackshit nigga
When side character point that stuff it's usually mean the truth, And he didn't really denied Spikes accusation.

It's basically a matter of time now. S9 is destined to canonise them in the end.
Shit, you're right!
I decided on getting on that boat after discordant harmony
Fluttercord is never going to be canon you assholes
Begone, ilovekimpossiblealot,
Get rekt fag
kim, please
Who's that guy?
Okay I looked into it and I regret it
File: medic's laugh.jpg (50 KB, 415x340)
50 KB
I bet you didnt know the worst of her
Just another fat thot "reviewer"
File: 1420844045751.gif (1.06 MB, 700x900)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
Yeh, gal really wasn't born for making that format of yt videos.
What would PHD do if he gets back home and sees this?
She just tore the fandom apart because of a fucking OTP she doesn't like.

That thot needs to be gone at once!
>implying the fandom wasn't already being torn apart by that ship anyway
>implying that ship is OTP and not NOTP
You mean Dislestia? Never got that ship. Those two have only spoken to each other like 3 times in 6 seasons. It doesn't make sense at all.
Wasn't Dislestia the one she liked?
or is my memory feeding me false information?
File: 1500172391923.jpg (443 KB, 953x1057)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
It is and is a retarded ship
at least it's not as bad as discoshy
nah m8 Fluttercord is canon
It always escalates.
File: 1513827456846-mlp.jpg (440 KB, 1276x1426)
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440 KB JPG
What's your opinion on this?
Trixie reading that newspaper is very interesting.
Yeah, I didn't knew she can read
That hat is pretty chill
Don't forget she made slaves who worked for a minor pay and not the enough attention she got for the videos.
The pony looks good
The humans looks so... cringy, agh. I hate it so much.
the story board art looks better than the EqG hasbro abominations
“Twilight’s plan may have sucked hard, but man, the place she picked up for this whole fiasco is incredible… wanna bet that it was Cadence who told her about it?”
>Thorax shook his head, his mouth was still wide open but he still replied nonetheless “I traveled far and wide across the Crystal Empire but I never saw something like this”
“No kidding, now I know why my moms wanted to keep the surprise as a surprise”
>Maybe it was a good thing that you didn’t pay attention to Sunny Hill’s explanation because your surprise when coming out of the “bus” was huge! Seriously, you couldn’t be more impressed even if you tried.
>Since the “Camp Crystal Lake” was located in the northernmost part of the Crystal Empire right in the limit of the Crystal Heart’s reach, the landscape was actually a beautiful forest covered in snow rather than the greenery that you saw before.
>It was kind of surreal, you could see a violent blizzard raging on the horizon, but the camp and everything before it was still bathed by your mom’s sun.
>Despite you wearing the jacket that your mom Celestia gave you… as well ass your cool goggles and necklace… you could feel the chill wind starting to get you… dang man, that blizzard was no joke.
>That said, this particular trait gave the most outstanding element of the camp an extra bonus
>As it turned out, the “Crystal Lake” name wasn’t some cheesy poetic thing. Nope, the “lake” that this camp was literally a massive chunk of the same crystal that the Empire’s castle was made out of, and just like that place, this “lake” shone like a crazy diamond.
>The one thing that you didn’t understand was why this place had the word “camp” in the title. Instead of tents, campfires and small cabins, you basically had small but super luxurious cabins connected by an actual road lit by street lights, and at the end of the road, you had a huge mansion.
>Honestly, calling those things cabins was an understatement, you swear that they were the size of houses, the road was on par with what you’d see in the Crystal Empire or Canterlot, and that mansion? Man, not even Blueblood had a place like that.
>What you wanted to say is that nothing in this place looked like a camp! Heck, they even had frickin’ butlers taking the luggage off of the “bus” for Pere’s sake!
>Speaking of buses, you could see another glorified wagon right by the huge mansion. The difference with yours is that… well… it clearly had a much higher budget.
>So that means that Cherrywood was already here. Oh, man! You couldn’t wait to see her! If you were lucky to get paired with her… which probably won’t happen because you had a terrible luck.
>Dang it, you were gonna get paired with some class A jerks, weren’t you? Well… at least you still had Thorax, because there was no way that Sunny Hill would sent him to a different cabin than you… right?
>Aw, screw this! If any of those idiots tries to mess with you, then you will give them a test of your magic! After all, you had a couple spells that needed some target practice…
>Oh, man… what if they also start nagging you about Chrysalis and the hive? Or about your everyday life as a Prince? Ugh… you wish that some of your mom Celestia’s patience had rubbed on you because… dang it, this was gonna suck.
>Well, darn it. Your mood had gotten destroyed by your own overthinking… and your schoolmates weren’t looking too peachy either. Most, if not all of them had their heads down and a look of utter disappointment in their faces.
>Like Ruffle Truffle, who walked by your side holding a disgusted look on his face “Pffft! Looks like the lame-o’s from the Stink School got here before us. You wanna bet, nerd? Then The Ruffle bets that those dudes are gonna rub that in our muzzles too!”
>Thorax poked you to call for your attention and whispered into your ear “I can feel a lot of negative feelings coming from your friends. I think that this is the perfect moment for one of Anon’s patented speeches”
>You looked around and dang, they did look incredibly down. So you leaned closer to Thorax and whispered back
“Dunno, they looked pretty bummed out. Do you think that it will work?”
>Thorax let out a small chuckle and gave you a little tug “I mean, if you want me to bet, then I’m betting all in the colt whom speeches kind of changed the mind of an ancient evil Queen.”
>You rolled your and shook your head as you let a chuckle of your own.
“Yeah, she just drained my love dry and put me in a two week long sleep instead of destroying me, but alright my man, I don’t want to lose all my bits to you, but… let’s wait a bit, alright? At least until everyone isn’t scattered around”
>Luckily, the wait wasn’t long, because once the butlers took the luggage wherever Sunny Hill told them to, she ordered everyone to gather around in two lines.
>Sunny Hill was holding a paper sheet on her right hoof, same that he read a couple times before she looked left and right and cleared her throat “Alright, my little ponies! When you hear your name, please go to your assigned cabin so you can meet your new friends. Don’t worry about your luggage, the wonderful staff has already taken it there”
>Okay, this was your chance. You quickly got out of the line and walked to Sunny Hill’s side. Of course, she looked at you with annoyance and asked with a similar tone “Mister Anon, if you want to talk to me, please wait until the end of the cabin assignment, please”
“Actually, Miss Hill, I want to say some words to my classmates before they go to their cells… I mean, their cabins. Y’know, do my job at giving guidance and all that”
>Sunny Hill raised an eyebrow at you but ultimately shrugged it off and rolled her eyes “Very well, Mr. Anon. I’ll just ask you to make it brief, please.”
>You let out a small chuckle and nodded at her
“Whatever you say, Miss Hill.”
>Okay, this is one of the few things that you were actually good at. So, there was no pressure to blow this up like you usually do.
>You then turned to your classmates, closed your eyes and sighed. When you opened your eyes again, you had a much more serious but powerful look… or well… as much as you could. You still couldn’t imitate your mom Luna’s super cool looks.
“I’m not going to ask you how you’re feeling today, because it doesn’t take a genius to see that all of you are in pretty low spirits. I’m also not going to ask you the reason for your sad mood, it is pretty obvious too. What I’m going to tell you however, is that you have nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. Despite the reputation those guys have, they are ponies just like us”
>One filly from your class said “Yeah! But they are a buncha jerks who think they’re better than everypony else!”
>And everyone else followed her with a “YEAH!”
>You took a long sigh and nodded.
“I know there are certain ponies who love to look down on others, but my friends, that kind of abuse only works if you let it happen, and we’re not going to let it happen. Do you know why?”
>Your classmates looked at each other and shrugged
“Let me ask you something, what’s the name of our school?”
>Gale Breeze, from your class, rose her hoof and quickly asked “Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns!”
>You smiled at her as you waved your hoof
“Exactly! And what does that mean?”
>Melodica, another gal from your class, quickly responded “That the name makes no sense ‘cuz we have earth ponies and pegasi too?”
“Well… yeah, I dunno why we still have that name when the school stopped being unicorns only like two hundred years ago but whatever, that’s not the point. What I wanted to say is that while we may not have a high budget as them, or be as rich as them, but we’re still the school with the highest level in Equestria! And you know why that is?”
>Your schoolmates looked at each other, only that this time, with slightly higher spirits. You took this opportunity to walk among them and deliver the hook of your speech.
“Because you guys are the most talented foals in the entire kingdom! Just look at you! I can see the next top hoofball players, alchemists, journalists, musicians, researchers, wizards, weather engineers…”
>You could see your classmates becoming more and more confident. Some eagerly nodded, others jumped in their place, the point was, they got their spirit back up which was pretty cool.
>When you returned to your initial spot, frickin’ Thorax said “And the next best Prince!”
>That made you stop dead on your tracks and fall completely silent. Best Prince? Nah, your moms were as good as a royal could get, and you still had a whole lot to learn and…
>Sunny Hill placed her hoof on your shoulder and whispered on your ear “Just say yes, Mr. Anon. Otherwise, you will plunge the morale into a lower place than where it was before”
>So you rubbed the back of your head and shrugged
“I mean, the competition is super tough but… sure. I’ll try to be the best Prince I can be for all of you”
>Your classmates cheered with a super loud “YAY!” Sunny Hill patted your back but told you to go back to your place if you didn’t want to get an extension for your detention time.
>When you returned to your place in the line, which was the last spot, you pulled Thorax to you and whispered into his ear “Best Prince? C’mon, man! That wasn’t funny! You almost made me screw my speech up!”
>Thorax nervously shook his head “B-But it wasn’t a joke! I really think that you are the best prince I’ve ever met!”
>You rolled your eyes and let out a groan before letting Thorax go.
“That’s because I’m the only Prince you’ve ever met”
>Thorax shrugged “I don’t know why you’re acting so grumpy. I’m not the only one who thinks that, I mean, the Princesses said the same about you like a thousand times, even Discord thinks the same thing!”
“That’s because they are my moms and uncle! Of course they will think that of me!”
>Thorax rolled his eyes and gave you a teasing smile “Alright, Mr. Grumpy McGrump. Whatever you say.”
“…shut up…”
>After Sunny Hill calmed everyone down, she pointed at the huge mansion at the end of the road and said “Before I assign everypony their cabin, I have to give you one last instruction. In approximately two hours, a welcome meeting will take place in that beautiful building, after that, we will have a five star dinner provided by the staff. Please be aware for when the announcement is made”
>Your classmates nodded and cheerfully replied in unison “Yes, Miss Sunny Hill!”
>A big smile appeared in Sunny Hill’s face as she nodded and looked at her paper sheet “Very well, Comet Trail and Melodica! You will be staying at cabin A-1…”
>Pair after pair of foals were sent to their respective cabins, and every time they said something like “Let’s do this!” or “Let’s show those guys who rules!”
>Thorax and you were the very last ones to be mentioned, and while that was kind of annoying, at the very least you still got paired with your friend.
>Everything was fine and dandy now, even more since you were the only souls walking down the “camp” road. It gave you the chance to talk to Thorax more naturally.
>As you walked to your cabin, Thorax was gleefully hopping around you “Oh, man! I could feel my indigestion coming back when your teacher was reading that sheet, but hah! I got the same cabin as my best friend! Yay!”
>He then stopped dead on his tracks and nervously started looking at every direction “Uhh… I actually didn’t hear where we are staying… o-oh dear… I feel a party going on in my stomach!”
>You rolled your eyes and looked at your friend with a teasing face.
“Gee, I can’t believe how good the ruler of the changelings is at paying attention. Really, that’s some top tier attention span you have there, my man”
>Thorax rubbed the back of his head and gave you a nervous smile “Sorry… I was listening to one of your friend’s stories about her latest slumber party. I’m sure that it can be super useful for my feeling’s forums!”
“Man, that’s super weird, even for me… Anyway, our cabin is F-5, the furthest one from the mansion and the bus, I can imagine this was another one of Sunny Hill… jokes…”
>From the corner of your eye, you noticed something odd happening at the other side of the lake. A group of shadows dancing around, and some lights on the distance…
>Huh, maybe it was some illusion caused by the raging blizzard happening near there. You squinted your eyes and… nope, those were shadows, you couldn’t tell what creature, but that definitely was no optical trick.
>When you walked a bit closer to the lake to see a bit better, Thorax suddenly placed his hoof on your shoulder, making you jump in fright… and accidentally use the frickin’ Canterlot voice.
> Thorax had the same reaction as you, since he immediately jumped away “AH! S-SORRY! I-I was worried because you just spaced out!”
>Thorax shrugged and said “I don’t know! But… uh… how can you yell so loud?”
>Your friend rubbed the back of his head and raised an eyebrow at you “So… are you angry?”
>You cleared your throat a couple times and shook your head
“No, no I’m not… I just… c’mon, you had to see them too!”
>Thorax placed his hoof on your shoulder and asked with a worried tone “What do you mean, Anon?”
“Look at the other side of the lake, man! Those shadows that I saw are real and they followed us here!”
>Thorax looked to where you were pointing at and then at you “Yes, that blizzard looks pretty bad, but you don’t have to worry about it. The Crystal Heart will keep it at bay.”
>When you turned around, the shadows were gone… of course they were. To make things worse, when you looked back at Thorax, you could see some of the foals peeking outside their cabins.
>Thorax was still worried about you “Anon? I think you are a bit too tired from the trip. What do you say if we head to our cabin and rest?”
>You let out a sigh and looked at the other side of the lake where you only saw trees and snow.
“I’m telling you man, there were a bunch of shadows there, and they had lights too!”
>Thorax let out a small giggle as he placed his hoof around your neck and gave you a gentle tug “Whatever you say, Mr. Grumpy McGrump. I still think you are the best Prince ever though… and the weirdest too.”
>You narrowed your eyes at your friend and let out a groan
“… Shut up…”
>After some walking, you and Thorax arrived to the cabin where you were gonna spend the weekend… and unlike the others, this actually looked like an old cabin in the woods.
>Gee, the thing looked like it was going to fall apart. The place may as well be a tools shed.
>Thorax was standing in front of the cabin, looking at it completely baffled. He raised an eyebrow and said confused “Anon… I think that your teacher hates you.”
“No! Sunny Hill hates me? I would’ve never suspected that!”
>You shook your head and sighed as you walked past your friend and placed your hoof on the cabin’s door.
“Let’s just end with this and meet the other poor idiots who got scammed into coming to this… field… aw man…”

And that's it for tonight! Hope you enjoyed it lads!
Once again Thorax x PHD is the true OTP
Sweetie's up to something
Mmmh... Mixed cabins. That only works in Ponyland. Nice Update, Elo. Nice Thorax and PhD dialogue!
Thorax X PhD double fuck tag team
I'm pretty sure the mixed cabins stuff will only last while they are kids. Kinda risky to do with teenagers
summer camps are weird
americans are wierd
I do agree summer camps are awful
Never heard of a mixed cabin. Even younglings know about sex, can never be too careful
yeah, but this is horseland
File: IMG_20180106_143816.jpg (1.49 MB, 3840x2160)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
How it's going your weekend my fellow friends?
File: 1506613438030.jpg (64 KB, 654x620)
64 KB
Here, have a night bump
File: 1513582511476.jpg (1.16 MB, 1024x2048)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
2 years writting for this thread. I love you guys and I love my story as shitty as it can be sometimes. Hope you are doing well.
This is true
ily my niggas
So guess what? I didn't upload a new chapter today, but I certainly updated my pastebin! So check it out!

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