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There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

New Years Edition.

A collection of miscellaneous greens since the first thread.

Old thread
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First for Celestia
File: 20171231_193457.jpg (225 KB, 810x1080)
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Excellent taste in horse, she a cute
File: Spoiler Image (1.18 MB, 1600x1600)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I like Flitter more.
File: MLP - Cloudchaser2.png (256 KB, 1206x662)
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256 KB PNG
She's a cute too... It's a tough choice, but the eyeliner does it for me.
can I get some derphorse?
I dunno, can you?
Are you asking for green, or what?
sorry. may I get some derphorse?
anything is nice, thank you
File: 1513870239644.gif (1.97 MB, 281x211)
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1.97 MB GIF
>impregnate mare waifu
>drink her milk
sounds nice
File: raracheese.jpg (395 KB, 1256x3408)
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395 KB JPG
>make some cheese
File: Derpy origin.png (593 KB, 1280x720)
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593 KB PNG
Sorry anon, she's celebrating new years at the moment.
The portal will be opening soon...
File: 1365565565510.jpg (142 KB, 467x312)
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142 KB JPG
are a cute
i wish to have many fillies and colts with my waifu
But what if ... you put a filly into the filly ?
That's twice the amount of filly per ponyspace.
Ergo, pregnant filly waifu are the optimum for maximum cuteness.
You truly are a genius, Cave Johnson.
File: 1513378873491.jpg (31 KB, 400x600)
31 KB
>be young
>taking horse riding lessons
>brushing mare off
>hit a ticklish spot
>she nickers and looks back at me inquisitively
>young me thinks it’s funny
>do it again
>louder nicker, she suddenly side steps toward me
>body presses young me up against the stall
>can’t move
>start to tell her she’s a good girl, lots of pats
>she relents, lets me go back to brushing
>that was 12 years ago
We need to go deeper.
Where was the ticklish spot, out of curiosity?
3D mares are beautiful
File: AppleJack.jpg (35 KB, 378x581)
35 KB
How can women ever hope to compete?
under her tummy
>Now you're not the one to rub one off in a shower, you'll leave that to others, but that does remind you.
I really hope the guy who wrote that story isn't upset by that scene becoming a bit of an in-joke.
I mean, it was clearly a very effective moment for it to have stuck with us the way it did.
File: X-Ray exploitable.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Tummy as in her barrel or further back towards the oven?
Because you might have been stroking her nips there champ.

I remember how there was discussion about Anon rubbing one out in the shower while Insight rubbed herself out while smelling his clothes. All without knowing what either was doing. That arose dong, alright.
Barrel, was nowhere close to her nips
Not merely on the physical level either
They can be so sweet
Not sure on mares but i know thats a hot spot for stallions since it's what gets rubbed when they assume the position, or something.

He passes the mare test so he cant be a nigger.

>The following days, you spent time with your dear wife as she recovered from bringing Sandlight into the world.
>That, and it was a couple of days before you were able to leave with Insight and the newborn foal.
>Just needing to make sure the both of them were healthy enough to leave.
>Better to be safe than sorry, right?
>With such precious things as Insight's health and the foal's condition, you'd be willing to wait.
>It felt wonderful to finally be able to return home, no longer constrained to that hospital.
>You could have left at any time, really.
>It was not an option to abandon the two most important ponies in your life, though.
>Spending time with your family was all you desired, at the moment.
>Finally being able to leave, your wife and you left to return home.
>As she trotted beside you, you elected to carry Sandlight back to your humble demense.
>You would never let go, now that you held your daughter in your hands.
>Well, you would let go when Insight asked to hold her once more.
>It wouldn't be very kind of you to deny Sandlight's mother a chance to hold her as well.
>It wasn't long before you returned to your dwelling, entering it to see that everything remained in order.
>Granted, you'd expect there to be a very thin coating of dust on any shiny surface after being gone for a day or two.
>Coming back in, your dearest Insight requested to hold her foal once more.
>You obliged, handing Sandlight over to her.
>Insight left for the couch, doting over Sandlight.
>You couldn't really blame her.
>In the meantime, you made yourself a little breakfast.
>You hadn't eaten in a while, and you wished not to upset the foal with angery stomach noises.
>Mid-eating your loosely-defined food, you heard a slight gasp from Insight.
>"Husband, dearest, come quickly!"
>She didn't deliberate what had caught her attention and demanded your presence as well.
>All you knew was that you were kinda interested.
>Setting down what food you had, you investigated.

>Singular Insight was laying with her back legs and belly to the side, with her front in more proper posture.
>Beside her was Sandlight, who had been attempting to stand up.
>From a human standpoint, it would be amazing to see a relatively newborn child start to walk so soon.
>However, Sandlight was a pone.
>It would make sense that she would start walking sooner for quadrupedal reasons.
>Her little legs quaking as she attempted to stand.
>Remembering a certain letter, you recalled a certain promise you made to family back home on Earth.
>You had some pictures that needed taking of your little babbu.
>Rushing to retrieve your camera, you return to get to snapping photographs.
>The instance you were able to catch was with Sandlight's eyes open.
>From the looks of it, Sandlight possessed teal eyes that had a gradient to a slight green towards the bottom of her irises.
>The cool colors blended together quite well, and just how rich they were...
>They really popped when she looked right at you.
>You didn't turn on the flash, thank the Lord.
>Besides, there was plenty light in the living room.
>You didn't need to summon a white-hot blinding sun of fury to brighten it up any more.
>Now, to get that picture processed...
>Setting the camera off on a table or something, you come to Insight's side.
>As you had, the little foal's legs couldn't support her weight anymore, and Sandlight plopped down onto her belly.
>It would take some attempts to get it down pat.
>You decide to give gentle encouragement.
>She might not understand it, but you were gonna do it anyway.
"Come on, Sandlight...you can do it."
>Her little ears twitch gently as they listen to your voice.
>Giving it another go, the little foal stands once more.
>Her legs still quake, but she's able to stand on her own.
>Pride for your daughter swells from within you, rising as a tide.
>"You performed quite admirably, sweetest Sandlight...how you have brought your mother pride and jubilation..."

>Insight gave the foal a kiss on the forehead, likely feeling the same emotions you had.
>Feeling familiar contact, Sandlight made her way over back to her mother.
>She was careful to make sure her footing was sure, each step as careful as it could be.
>The cushioning of the couch didn't allow her to sink in too deeply, but the filly wasn't going to take any chances.
>Slipping was instinctually unpleasant.
>As Sandlight came to be against Insight, you heard a slight 'eep' escape Insight's lips.
>Looking around to see what may be the cause, you determine it was the foal.
>Sandlight had latched her lips against one of Insight's swollen, milk-dribbling teats, and had begun to suckle.
>Little thing must be pretty hungry.
>Your wife, Insight had begun to blush slightly.
>A bit flustered by the sudden actions of the foal, having not expected the suddenness of it all.
>"I s-suppose she has been awaiting breakfast for some time, has she not?"
>That seemed pretty reasonable to you.
>The logic checked out as well-founded.
>You give Insight a kiss on the cheek, then follow it with ear scritches.
"Even now, she's a growing filly."
>Your mare's ears slightly twitched in response to receiving scritches.
>Insight accepted your reasoning, letting Sandlight nurse from her.
>Seeing such a display, you did have to admit...
>There was something quite intimate about it, the bond between mother and child during these early years.
>As Sandlight continued to feed, you decided that it would be a good idea to finish off your meal.
>You took a seat nearby, wanting to be close with your family.
>You were sure to ask Insight if she would be craving anything.
>She declined, not feeling much a need for sustenance at that moment.
>Perhaps a curious observation, when you think back on how Insight gained an appetite during the course of her pregnancy.
>Though she could subsist without much of a diet for a long while, the feeling of hunger struck when she was with foal.
>How curious.
Stallions don't have nipples. Neither, incidentally, do male rats and mice. They are unique among mammals for the males not having them.

>For the rest of that day, you and Insight spent it together, doting over how precious Sandlight was to you both.
>The foal brought into your lives after eleven months of waiting.
>Only a few days old, and she was already having such an effect on the both of you.
>It was a good sensation.
>Even as much as you were enjoying the day, it felt as though it passed by both quickly and slowly.
>It was strange.
>Eventually, however, night fell over your household.
>There would be no more running around.
>Just time to fall asleep, and have some bomb-ass dreams.
>At first, it was following down exactly such a path.
>Then, a shrill noise awoke you.
>The crying of a little certain someone between you and Insight.
>The both of you were awakened to it, wondering what had upset Sandlight so.
>She was safe, kept in the loving embrace of both her parents.
>Was she hungry?
>You didn't think so.
>Insight had fed her, what, a few hours before bedtime?
>There wasn't a foul stench anywhere.
>As the cries continued, Insight gently held the foal close, and a sound you never heard before followed.
>Your beloved wife began to sing Sandlight a lullaby. https://youtu.be/EDOHj_CXDp0
>Each word sung gently and calmly, trying to bring the foal peace.
>You weren't exactly sure what she was saying, but it seemed to calm the little one down.
>Soon, her cries quieted, the lullaby having brought Sandlight back to rest.
>Carefully and quietly, you whispered to your mare.
"You have a beautiful voice...it's probably the first time I've heard you sing."
>Tiredly, she responded after laying back down.
>"You flatter me, husband, dearest..."
>Exactly what you were good at.
>You wanted show her just how much you appreciated her.
"What were you singing, dear? It really seemed to have calmed her down..."
>Feeling her soft plumage drape over both you and Sandlight, Singular Insight responded.
>"I cannot recall where I learned such a song...it is familiar, amongst hazy memories."

>Probably lost to time, where she learned it.
>No real harm done, however.
>It's not a ground-shattering deal for you to know.
>Cupping her cheek, you wish her goodnight once more.
>Hopefully this time, without any interruptions.
>Her voice echoing in your ears, you close your eyes.
>Insight's lullaby helped rock you to sleep just as much as it had for Sandlight.
>Unto the realm of dreams, your ship departed once more.

A New-Years' update for all you anons, hope it was well worth the wait. For those of you who are new to the story, or just wanting a bin to go over it again, here it be: https://pastebin.com/8EPf7h9H
File: I'mComingElizabeth.gif (2.29 MB, 576x324)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB GIF
>The instance you were able to catch was with Sandlight's eyes open.

Jesus fuck you son of a bitch dont scare us like that.
Anyone got that fic with neet luna and anon?
That is fucking...HNNNNNGGG!
Good shit
>captcha: mayo medimare
File: 1514354233928.jpg (147 KB, 700x1244)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>captcha: mayo medimare

>men and mares can produce offspring, but only via IVF because the sperm sample has to be enchanted before fertilization can occur
>Nurse Redheart has no husbando, and hates, hates, hates her job some days
File: 1377115384738.gif (251 KB, 500x500)
251 KB
251 KB GIF
>things you will never have:the story
Between the boots and the leg spread, this is a very lewd horse.
File: 1514777036567.jpg (449 KB, 1107x1581)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
thats only after marriage
till death do you part
The thread, really.
It's wish fulfillment, but it's the sad kind of wish fulfillment because the wish, to love and to be loved in equal measure in return, isn't prima facie unrealistic or fanciful.
File: 1503859323859.jpg (11 KB, 272x339)
11 KB
>>men and mares can produce offspring, but only via IVF because the sperm sample has to be enchanted before fertilization can occur
>prima facie
there’s phrases for everything, I’ll be remembering to not forget this one
Obvious trick question is obvious. They can’t.
In addition to boots and leg spread, that tail braid is a lewd.
Calm your tits, dude, it was just a joke about Redheart being sad and alone and being viscerally reminded of it every day when she goes to work and jams turkey basters full of husbando juice up other mares' hoohas so that they can have what she can't.
File: 1477204272079.png (168 KB, 1000x813)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Constantly tempted by fantasies of "borrowing" some for herself just so she can at least have a foal of her own, but not desperate enough to give in, not yet, but it's been so long since she sent in her application, and she's so alone....
Still nice and peaceful.
Though I can see his parents seriously doubting that the filly is his. I can see that hurting anon even he knows it is. I can see him understanding what they mean.
I don't think nurses can be both competent and happy. It gets trained put somewhere, I've certainly never met one with both.
File: 1514006225678.png (707 KB, 747x1024)
707 KB
707 KB PNG

It's like the Peter Principle, but instead of getting promoted until they fail they just get dumped on more and more until they want to die
I'm shitfaced, and no one will ever love me.
Happy fucking New Year, fellow foreveralones.
File: spitfire_by_xebck-d9ib1ts.png (660 KB, 2396x5000)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
Name one (1) mare that isn't perfect.
Name a woman who is perfect.
File: Happy New Year!.png (563 KB, 1600x1422)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
Happy New Years my dudes
It's the imperfections that make them interesting.
Perfect women are fucking boring.
And really high-maintenance.
File: 1511757702267.png (322 KB, 422x628)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
Zesty Gourmand
But that's a pony.
File: 1481784259836.png (1.48 MB, 1800x2400)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Yes, she's perfect.
File: 1511846799755.jpg (342 KB, 1280x973)
342 KB
342 KB JPG
Absolutely perfect.
Yeas but its a pony, are you telling me you want to date a......pony?
File: 1487518086107.png (361 KB, 1280x853)
361 KB
361 KB PNG
Oh hey, is this the threadly 'I don't see the appeal' poster?
>Pones have sperm donation banks for the unlucky mares who don't get matched, just because of their sheer numbers
>You decide you want some cash on the side, and what better way to make money is there then jerking off?
>Since they pay bi-weeky, you decide you'll come in every day for two weeks. Might as well make the most of it
>There's a nursepone who follows you around to provide magazines and little plastic bottles for collection every time you visit
>Two weeks have gone by and you've gotten your paycheck. Not much more is thought about it
>A month or so later and you come back in for another cash boost
>Your nursepone aid is pregnant
>Wait, so is the receptionpone
>...And so is that one nerdy-looking technician mare
>They all act abashful around you and "coincidentally" got pregnant at the same time
>The same time as your first visit
What do
>There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

Fucking State of Wisconsin didn't think so. Now I have two years probation and monthly psychiatric visits!
Begin my Haram.


You're damn right this is absolutely haram.
Uber-Satan, I think you already know the answer to your question. Ask them why they didn't let me fuck them instead
But goatfuckers are all about multiple wives
>>Pones have sperm donation banks for the unlucky mares who don't get matched, just because of their sheer numbers
>sperm banks
Get the FUCK outta here with that pure fucking cancer.
>He doesn't want dozens of mares to subversively impregnate themselves with his seed
If any mares are getting impregnated with my seed it will be done personally in a loving relationship.
File: 1424745363173.jpg (489 KB, 904x1024)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
This man gets it.

The fuck outta here nigga.
File: crying.jpg (23 KB, 395x638)
23 KB
All those poor mares, anon. They'll never get a match themselves, but they're beyond desperate to have a kid with you. Denying them your seed? Just cruel.
Your damn right I'm denying them a life of single motherhood. It's a mercy.
>perfect women are boring and high maintenance
>ideal entity has negative traits
You seem confused, anon.
Reminder that love between humans is beautiful too
Not in the magical land of Equestria it's not
Especially considering there's no real support structure for single mothers in ponyland.
I mean, it's either True Love or bust.
File: Clevertitle.png (1.04 MB, 1024x768)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
>literally looking for the closest thing to stab him in the back with
What going on under that mare's pelvis?
File: heart hoof.png (342 KB, 512x505)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Happy new year fuckers
File: Spoiler Image (49 KB, 640x480)
49 KB
Sorry I'm too busy pumping my waifu full with home-brand mayonnaise instead masturbating into a jar.
File: 1481084095996.png (67 KB, 165x228)
67 KB

>Some of the mares who selfishly decided to knock themselves up eventually get their matches through the portal, due to a backlog in processing applications.
>Now their human partners are (literally) saddled with the prospect of raising another man’s child.
>The program is hit with the worst possible PR disaster as these unfairly cucked men demand rematches, abandon their mares, or go full stallion and give the foals up for adoption - or worse.
>And all because you wanted to indulge your disgusting herd fetish.

Men like you don’t deserve Equestria at all.
That all hinges on the assumption that there's a backlog in the first place, or that one can form period with however the process works. And the purpose of the post wasn't for herding shit, that's gay as fuck.
File: trixie_yawn.jpg (64 KB, 1024x679)
64 KB
There's nothing more pure than being pure horse spunk
File: 1505425087325.png (386 KB, 1665x2218)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
mares in cloths
Anon, impregnating multiple ponies (even artificially and without your consent/knowledge) is specifically herdshit and cheapens the thread. Especially with them acting all bashful around you after the fact.

There are no Single Parents in Equestria unless one of the two died due to misfortune, magical beast attack, or other mishap.
and honestly, if you just want to fulfill your breeding fetish, go to the preggo pone thread and start self-inserting as a sperm donor for mares with sterile/infertile husbands.
These threads should be archived, has anyone saved all thee Man and Mare Threads since they started? Will they post them somewhere?
Here, have a tale I wrote in prose a little over five years ago.

File: 1503185051000.jpg (344 KB, 1092x1230)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
This was a pretty outfit.
Go nuts.
>The Mail should've arrived hours ago.

>You are Pop Top, a Salespony and you are tending the desk of the local village shop which coincidentally is your home too. It is a usually slow day.
>Watching the pickled vegetables slowly ferment might as well be your highlight of the year.
>Nothing ever interesting happens in this Village never mind to you.
>Only the creaking door and the clopping of hoof on wooden flooring almost rouse you from your quasi meditative boredom.
"I hope you have ANY news, Bulletin", you groan with a pleading sigh.
>Bulletin is your childhood Friend and local Mailmare.
>She was always a rough rider, wild and untamed; she embroiled you in countless schemes and pranks one of which was just as much as tossing a bucket of water on ol' McGee and running away from trouble as fast as one can.
>In the end though, you two could never outrun the consequences.
>"Its one of those days isn't it Poppy?" asked Bulletin with the dirtiest smile on her face.
"Yes, it's Wednesday.", you answer, wary of her intentions you secure your footing and scan her for possible threats.
>Blue Hat: not bulging, lies normally on her head. Check.
>Uniform: pockets are empty, mail badge is not a squirt flower. Check.
>Satchel: brimming with letters, might lose some if she is careless. Check.
>Wings: no Kick-Me-Letter, no creepy fake bugs, normal cotton white color so not smeared with paint. Check.
>While you eye her leerily she hands (mouths(?)) you some letters.
"You are not planning to prank me, are you?"
>the door slams open as you barely finished your sentence.
>The sudden bang inspired you to jump with the elegance of a cat who fell into a bathtub full of water.
>A large black hooded biped blocks the entrance.
>You eep behind the counter only as much as your eyes poke out to watch this creature.
>Normally Diamond Dog incursions are dealt by the royal garrison!
>Horseapples! Nopony told you what to do in such situations.
>"Surprised to see me Pop Top?", asks that .. Thing .. with thundering voice.
>"Like the fleas in your fur I keep coming back!"
>How does everypony know. You only had fleas once! And that was in Kindergarten!
>"Four years I spend alone in this big World and I missed you~.
>So I organized a little gathering"
>his voice chills you to the very bone, well until he pulled back his hood and revealed his familiar human facial structures.
>Now you are just petrified.
>"Like a birthday Party, except ... not at all like birthday party."
>His toothy smile, baring his canines, gives you more than just the heebie-jeebies.
>"And look all of your friends are here, you are so very popular~.", he finished, plunging the store in oppressive silence which promptly gets pierced by howling laughter from Bulletin.
>"After four years getting my arse kicked in kitchens all around the World", he continues after the laughter died down a little while ... disrobing himself?
>Oh, he has clothes under the clothes, chef's whites to be precise.
>"I can finally present to you the fruits of my labor! Your Friends and I worked very hard for our Reunion!"
>Still perplexed by the Events that unfolding before your very own eyes you start to uncontrollably smile as you realize that Anon, your match, your Love, has returned from his voyage to master the culinary arts.
>Lost in your thoughts you suddenly feel two arms embrace you and the side of a round head press against your neck.
>You place your hooves around him and rest your head on his shoulders. Before you close your eyes to bask in his affection you catch Bulletin sheepishly watching you two.
>The feeling is like Butterflies flying in your stomach. Butterflies made out of the warmth of a hearth fire. Cozy and Comforting.
File: Crowd_cheering_S1E13.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1080)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Pony is excited to meet you
>You press him closer to you, closer to your heart so that he might feel it beat with joy.
>This reminds you how your father would hug you when you were feeling down as a little filly.
>you sigh contently until the realization of what you just said caught up to you like a burning lava wave splashing across your face.
>Your face might as well melt.
>How will you live on with this embarrassment?
>Bulletin will... oh... no.. NO!!
>You feel the embrace breaking.
>You muster all your courage to meet Anons gaze, his eyebrows are scrunched together with a soft smile on his face.
>Shifting his gaze slowly to Bulletin.
>She on the other hoof is quietly giggling answering Anons confused look with a quick shrug and your piercing glare with a zip-motion across her mouth.
>She knows that if she blabbers her life is forfeit.
>As you turn your head to meet his hazelnut brown eyes again you get surprised by two soft lips pressing against your cheek, a soft whisper slides into your ear.
>"Let us Ketchup later~..."
>Really, REALLY?
>First he scares you to death!
>Then he embarrasses you in front of your best Friend and now he's making foodpuns!
>That's it, he has it coming!
>With all of your might you punch Anon, he flies across the Room cracks the wall with his impact and lies broken on the floor the Pickle Jars still intact .
>But in reality you only managed a soft tap against his shoulder and your frown quickly got replaced by a smile while falling into his arms again.
>"No I am serious. Folks are waiting outside and I cooked a buffet that would put the Grand Galloping Gala to shame."
>Right now you don't care, they can wait another minute or ten.
File: 1459716835352.jpg (45 KB, 600x600)
45 KB
>That musical choice
>“Anon, If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.”
You knew exactly what you were doing.
You fuck, why would you give me so much feels with this?
File: Crowd_cheering.png (589 KB, 1280x720)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
So excited.
File: ahegao.jpg (22 KB, 208x196)
22 KB
Amethyst Star is REALLY excited.
File: Lyra Jump.gif (253 KB, 499x549)
253 KB
253 KB GIF
Super excited.
Just think anons, any one of these mares could be the one waiting for you.
File: Berry_Frost_ID_S2E18.png (182 KB, 459x367)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Pony is excited to meet you
Thanks for the green, anon.
>She came literally just from the mere mention that she'd be matched
I bet she's a freak in bed.
What the fuck is she like normally, then?
>If you hug her she leaks marecum like a faucet until you stop
>A single touch near her genitals and she falls into an orgasm-induced coma
>The moment contact is made with your dick she keels over and dies from lack of bodily fluids
Obviously she'd stabilize after the crushing and oppressive loneliness wore off.
>Trixie considers you an equal and starts referring to you in the third-person as well
File: 24mlfw7579.jpg (34 KB, 640x352)
34 KB
fuck that's cute
File: Apple_Stars_ID_S2E18.png (187 KB, 573x465)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>Cuddling your waifu
>Foreign touch is alien to you
>Super sensitive to it
>tfw waifu cuddles are true nirvana
File: 131375712610.jpg (30 KB, 600x338)
30 KB
>tfw Trixie has been reduced to "Sassy comedic relief for Glimmer."
She didnt deserve this.
Not the cat thing though.
I'd say that's a big upgrade from annoying grudge holding failure of a pony. She's actually enjoyable now.
Thanks. Glad you liked it.
I was just thinking about a situation where an Anon is trying to get another Anon home to his pony wife like in Planes, Trains & Automobiles and it made me think of the ending.


Pretty feelsy to think about. How do you go on if your waifu dies?
Man, you've made me all teary eyed, Anon. Didn't see that movie in ages.
>How do you go on if your waifu dies
Try to cope by dedicating my life to our children. If we have none by that point I'd probably try to off myself.
It'd be extremely sad, but I'd still have our foals and our friends and my memories of life with her.
Part of the appeal of Equestria is that you never have to be alone unless you really want to be.
AJ looks like she is mid-sneeze
Oh man that gets the creative juices flowing
One of, if not THE, first Anons to be matched has lost his love.
He channels his grief into ensuring other Anons find their own matches by any means necessary.
This includes crossing the portal to Earth to act as the voice of the crystal heart on our side. Fighting beasts in wild lands to guide the wayward loves to each other. Making personal sacrifices so that the matched pairs can find each other etc.
Moments of heartbreaking realization come to the Anons he helps once they realize the truth.
File: 1463696754233.jpg (39 KB, 455x472)
39 KB
You don't ever move on, she's your entire world. Unless you have foals you go back to the way it was here. No love, and nothing will ever be able to fill the waifu-shaped hole in your heart. Without her, you'd crumble because for once you knew what it was like to be loved and now it's gone.
Just like she'd do if you died.
What lovely mares. I just want to hold one.
Even if it isn't my waifu I'd take any cute mare as a match
You'd never "get over it", let alone find somepony to replace her, but you'd find a way to carry on, because that's what she'd want.
I'm not sure if I could. I'd have already left everything behind for [her] at this point.
>girl (mare) is perfect and loves you
>she dies
>I guess things aren't really that different in Equestria after all
this ties into the whole "better to have loved and lost" thing because so long as she lives in your memories and your heart, she'll never die.
And with magic, you can make sure of that. Necromancer Anon adventure ahoy
>I'd have already left everything behind for [her] at this point.
And built a new, better life with her help.
Your friends and her family would help you cope.
It'd be rough, but still way better than Earth.
But anon, she's gone. No more sweet mare to hold, or to sleep next to, or to laugh with, or to cry with. She's gone, and (You) are alone again. Just like home.
>he won't even try to pull an Orpheus
>only he won't fuck up like Orpheus did
don't even deserve her, broham
>Just like home.
But that requires Equestria to be just as shitty as Earth (except for the presence of [her]), which is wrong.
A lot of people are going to be upset by this, but there's more to life than just your waifu.
This. It is at least something. Even if you don't have kids, you'll probably meet her friends and family along the way and they'll at least try to help you, because ponies care. No matter what it will be better than here.

Adding to the premise, I'd pledge my life to the Initiative. Surely they'd need help with something and human volunteer with barely anything to lose anymore would come in handy. If that betters other people's lives with their mares I would try to help in any way I can.
File: 1511825004261.png (423 KB, 904x1024)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
Oh my, she's kind of a kinky one.

>Each waking day with your daughter, Sandlight, was a new adventure.
>A new chance to learn what she might turn out like.
>Even as but a newborn foal, she gave you insights into what she would grow into.
>What you learned so far was that she really, really didn't want to be in a room that had mirrors when it was dark out.
>When she couldn't speak words yet, she would cry with such intensity.
>You hadn't known exactly why, but when she could finally speak, she mentioned that there was 'something in the bathroom window.'
>There were no windows in your bathroom, however.
>It took you quite a while to piece together that she meant the mirror.
>Ever since, you've made sure it was covered after the sun went down.
>Sandlight had never elaborated on what she saw, though.
>It worried you from time to time, but if she couldn't see it, you hoped it wouldn't see her.
>Another thing you learned was that Sandlight inherited Insight's blood.
>The violet, viscous, sanguine essence that perplexed you.
>You hadn't observed her utilizing magical ability quite like Insight, though.
>You only learned this because of when she would get a scrape against the pavement.
>Sandight did heal pretty quickly, though, which made those accidents less arduous for her.
>She had not inherited the issue with intense nightmares or lucid daydreaming that plagued Insight before you came into her life.
>That let you breathe easier, for sure.
>On a more positive note, she was growing up healthy and at what you assumed was the natural pace for foals.
>Sandlight's legs were quite slender when compared to other foals of her age.
>Her wings, though, were developing quite normally.
>Today was going to be spent teaching her how best to fly.
>Your wife, Singular Insight had chosen a good spot out in the country.
>Wide open, and perfect for earning one's wings.
>The wind was favorable enough for Sandlight to practice her flight skills.
>Right now, you were sitting down, only but a few feet from them.

>You thought it would be best to bring food with you as well.
>Flying was a task that demanded plenty of energy, and while Insight might not require as much sustenance, Sandlight did.
>Also, you might get a little bit puckish while watching Insight showed her daughter how to fly.
>At the moment, it was fairly basic stuff.
>Wing movements, instructions on how to handle the current conditions, etcetera.
>Insight did her best to make her lecture more integrated with actually doing something.
>She wasn't there to bore Sandlight to death.
>The motherly Pegasus simply wanted their daughter to learn what was special to Pegasi.
>Alicorns could do it too, but that wasn't part of the conversation here.
>After spending time teaching Sandlight, Insight gave a practical example of what she was talking about.
>With momentum, your wife took to the skies, her majestic wings lifting her into the air.
>It always captured your imagination when ponies took to the skies.
>There was just something...magical about it all.
>Perhaps playing into the dreams of men taking flight that led to the invention of airplanes was inspired by similar things.
>Watching things as delicate as butterflies gently take off from flowers.
>Gazing upon the breakneck maneuvers of birds of prey.
>It felt humbling, in a way, to watch these winged pones join with the great blue sky.
>Sandlight must have been amazed upon seeing Insight flying.
>You supposed this was the case because she had begun 'clapping' with her two front hooves.
>It was cute as fuck.
>Her little giggles of happiness made you acutely aware that these ponies must be partial to sugar.
>How would you explain the feeling of inching closer to the Type 2 every time they did something cute?
>Your pone wife played along with her daughter's theatrics, doing a little bow mid-air before her hooves connected with the ground gently.
>It would now be time for the younger of the two to take to the air.
>Singular Insight would be right there.

>Taking inspiration from her mother, Sandlight spread her wings.
>Gaining velocity, she galloped forth and attempted to fly.
>The first time...wasn't that successful.
>She had gained some air, but came to rest against the ground after an arrangement with the grass.
>Sandlight wasn't hurt too bad, but it was enough to activate Insight's maternal instincts.
>She was over there quicker than you could have been, making sure her daughter was A-Okay.
>The smaller Pegasus did her best to dissuade her mother from being overprotective.
>There weren't any cuts or bruises, just temporary pain from making contact with the ground.
>After being triple-sure that her daughter was okay, Insight let her make another attempt.
>Standing back in proper position, Sandlight prepared another go at making it to the skies as her mother had.
>She focused deeply on the task at hand, as though it were the most important thing she could be doing in that moment.
>With another galloping start, Sandlight spread her wings and made her run for it.
>All eyes on her, she began to fly.
>Slowly but surely, she had left the ground and made it higher than before.
>Had she done it?
>Well, not exactly.
>Sandlight could not hold the steadiness of her flight, and soon came back down.
>This time was more gentle than before, her hooves drifted against the grass and starting to dig into the dirt.
>So close, too...
>The childish 'swear' words like phooey and darn were tossed around by Sandlight, but she still had confidence for one more go.
>She said she knew she could do it.
>If her mother could, she had the confidence she was able enough for the task.
>Headstrong, she most certainly was.
>If there was a task she felt she could do, Sandlight damn well was gonna give it her all.
>It was admirable of her, you did have to give her that.
>Coming back to her starting position, Sandlight planned her third attempt as flight.
>Would she take flight this time?
>Or would it be longer before she got her wings?

>Only one way to find out.
>You and Insight awaited with baited breath, waiting to see if your daughter would take off.
>Looking up to the great beyond of that cobalt-blue sky, dotted with clouds, Sandlight knew it was her time to shine.
>With her third galloping start, she let her feathers feel the billowing and roiling of the wind beneath her.
>Following a strong flapping of her wings, she took to the skies.
>You and Insight encouraged her all the more, watching as she seemed to get the hang of it.
>With each flap of her wings, she gained air.
>Soon, she was flying all on her own, sailing through the air with...grace.
>Yeah, that's what you'll call it.
>Seeing how her little girl was performing, Insight took to the air once more to show her Sandlight just how much she approved of her success.
>Which was a warm, jubilant hug.
>Sandlight, though surprised, welcomed the embrace of her mother.
>In that moment, you felt such pride for her.
>Your little angel gained her wings today.
>It was near impossible to say just how much the foal had delivered joy into the lives of you and Insight.
>A delight that neither of you expected to take part in.
>It simply could not be said just how much an impact it had on your life.
>While some parts of rearing a child were...not as enjoyable as others, you felt it was all worth it.
>A net positive that you would not trade for anything.
>All of the gold in Equestria might as well be sand in comparison to what you had.
>A family of your own.
>While they were up in the sky, you called for them to come down.
>You didn't want the lunch you'd packed to go uneaten.
>Sandlight might be hungry, as well.
>A little something you may have not recalled earlier, while they were practicing flight...
>It seemed that Sandlight had also inherited something from her human father.
>She was much more omnivorous than most ponies.
>Granted, ponies did on rare occasions dabble in more carnivorous foods.
>Meat was not plentiful in Equestria.

>Mainly because too much of what there was to eat kinda talks back at you.
>You doubted such creatures as ponies would eat something they could develop a friendship with.
>Back to the topic of biology, Sandlight needed more than simply a little bit every blue moon.
>You and Insight found this out when she started looking a little anemic and sickly after being weaned off mother's milk.
>She wasn't getting enough protein, and there was really only one way to rectify that.
>You bought meat from shops that catered more to humans, bringing in said meat from Earth because animals there didn't possess the same kind of sentience.
>At least Insight wasn't taking that kind of news too hard...
>Probably because it wasn't anywhere near as horrifying as what she had endured.
>As they came back down, you gave them both a big hug.
>You made sure to mention just how proud you were of your little angel.
>For taking the time to learn how to fly, she even got herself a couple of sweet treats.
>A whole two cookies.
>Though not a whole box, it was surely enough to see her jumping with joy.
>At her age, some sweets were like being told you got a promotion.
>For now, she wouldn't have to worry about grown-up things.
>It was just spending some time with family, enjoying a lunch out on the countryside.
>Away from the congestion of the city.
>Just the three of you, together.

An update on New Year's day, for all you wonderful anons out there. I just want to give all of you a big thank you for your kind words, and your feedback. It's always a pleasure to see what you have to say about the story. Another thank you goes out to those drawfags who made my Christmas even better.
I need some drawings of Sandlight with her family for heart reasons
Thank you as always, your update consintency is something I've come to rely on but I try to not take it for granted. It's nice to see another lighthearted and comfy update and the last week or two has been nothing than that, for which I am really grateful. The good vibes you bring are of high value for me these days. Also good to see you still post on this day unlike certain someone who's just coming off the hangover on top of fighting writer's block
time for a second foal
Then a third, and fourth.
File: Cheers!.png (350 KB, 1280x617)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
Here's to one more year of cute ponies and adorable mares.
Cheers mates.
Cute, I’ve got a weird stance on being called Daddy in a romantic relationship, but it’s not a negative one.
The timescale on this story is making me really curious about where it's ultimately going.
We've gone from Anon showing up and meeting his waifu to their first foal talking and flying, so it must've been, what, 2-3 years or so?
And with no indication of what, if anything, it's building towards.
That said, it is really comfy and I'm always looking forward to more because it's so good.
Why the eldritch entities finally seeing him and pulling him into the void, never to be seen again, of course.
While the story is really comfy and well written, I think you might be forgetting about what makes Insight special: Her unnatural magical powers which she apparently must have gotten from some elder being. And Im sure that being surely hasnt forgotten about her and has kept its many watchful eyes on her. I think her bearing a foal from an alien would have surely attracted its attention in some way or another.
>>You made sure to mention just how proud you were of your little angel.
This line and everything after was just high powered good feels straight to the heart. This entire update in general was phenomenal, I want to start a family so badly, a mare wife being the clearly optimal choice. This place gets me, and you especially do.
one dozen
File: good horse.png (121 KB, 900x900)
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121 KB PNG
could I get some comfy & loving green of my favorite pony?
Caretaker by Zauberelefant
In order:
File: 1503856850987.png (729 KB, 1600x1300)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
All I want for my Birthday today is to be with Celestia.
File: BirthdayPresent.png (1.01 MB, 900x900)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>The portal spell has some...odd effects on alicorns.
>someone with whom you can grow old with
that's cute
File: 1514791538213.png (595 KB, 1000x1000)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
I'd wreck teenlestia.
I sure hope there's a portal back to Equestria just out of frame.
I'd almost rather both of us be alone than for my waifu to be stuck here on Earth.
File: image.jpg (221 KB, 2400x1599)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
>There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare

what do apes have to do with this

What if the portal turn the man into a kid when he enter to equestria?
That picture must be shooped. The father is still there.

Your wife turn into your mom
File: Twi kissing Anon.png (206 KB, 699x514)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Soft, warm and sloppy pony kisses.
sharing breath with your waifu
File: 1428472174378.jpg (370 KB, 1166x1280)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
Breath softly flowing across your face as she gently brushes her velvety soft cheek against yours, holding you warmly in her embrace.
Have an entertaining pone thing
File: Twilight snuggle.png (194 KB, 847x1024)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
>Though the method varies between each mare, the most common forms of entrapment are softly spoken words accompianed by a strange sort of stare, a combination which seemingly paralyses the man.
>Having immobilised her chosen mate, the mare will gently embrace him and proceed to administer mouth to mouth contact, directly pouring her emotions into the man.
>Her soft fur and mane will prove irresistable to him and he quickly return her affections, wrapping her in his embrace.
>By now the man is lost to the equestrian and it is imperative that all attempts to seperate him from the mare are ceased lest you provoke a violent reaction.
>Though mares are almost universally gentle, a man seperated him 'his' mare during this stage will stop at nothing to reunite with her, his instincts driving him to protect his mate with animalistic ferocity.
When you phrase it like that it sounds liked mindcontrol and that's the worst.
Hah, jokes on you I'm an apathetic husk.
File: Yep still salty.png (748 KB, 1029x1206)
748 KB
748 KB PNG
>Twilight finishes writing her "report" with a small flourish
>it'd never be published, especially without any first-hoof trials, but... a mare could dream.
>There would have to be some reason humans were so attached to their mares, right?
>Sighing, Twilight put her things away, all in their proper locations
>maybe the response to her application to Cadence's service would come tomorrow
It's not ponies' fault that humans don't have any immunity built up against genuine affection, any more than it was Columbus's that the Indians had never encountered smallpox before.
I want Celestia to smother my face between her pillowy soft thighs.
File: 1513954927573.jpg (27 KB, 117x216)
27 KB
*between her pillowy soft teats
File: 1462552306826.png (77 KB, 316x316)
77 KB
>You know that your chances of being matched to a named character, let alone a main one are slim to none.
>And you're fine with that. You're a normal guy and a quiet life plus a loving wife sounds divine.
>Monsters, demons, gods, and other deadly nonsense? No thanks.
>But when an armed contingent of guards are your escort through the Husbando Embassy, you know something is up.
>You're lead to a private room where you're told your match is on her way.
>And not a minute later, a hopeful Princess Twilight, THE main character and the mare with the single most turbulent life ever seen walks in.
>And she's not there to introduce someone else.
>Oh shit
Thats what i was going for, imagine what husbando hunts would look like from an outside perspective.
>Be the steadfast rock that helps keep her stable amidst the craziness of her life.
File: Excited purple.gif (735 KB, 350x374)
735 KB
735 KB GIF
>this is the face she's making
>What could possibly go wrong?
File: woah.png (169 KB, 329x347)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
great shit anon, just finished reading it, thank you
File: 1514829468757.png (55 KB, 254x373)
55 KB
File: 1392537920973.png (16 KB, 631x660)
16 KB
>implying I wouldn't
>implying she'd even have to say anything
>implying she'd even have to say anything
She already knows the answer, she just wants to hear it, for pair bonding reasons.
>mare finds someone she really cares about deeply, they make love
>lifelong bond via love magic sets in as they bask in the afterglow
File: 1478211369139.png (107 KB, 472x539)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
>tfw you will never have a lifelong unbreakable bond with your waifu
File: spanishbat.jpg (867 KB, 2228x2954)
867 KB
867 KB JPG
I want to ___hug__ a bat pony
File: 15118250048824.png (225 KB, 939x1024)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Bats are very hugable.
File: 1490196910297.jpg (51 KB, 1024x576)
51 KB
One of the first head-turner ponies for me.
This anon knows what's up. I haven't heard enough people talk about her eyeliner.
File: full.png (138 KB, 640x748)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
And how!
File: 1386548338830.png (57 KB, 861x819)
57 KB
Batties are significantly more aggressive and straightforward than your usual Equestrian. Would you be able to handle the in your face affection and, likely lewdness, all at once and right from the beginning?
File: 15118250049090.png (385 KB, 816x1024)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
>Cadence has you waiting for your match to arrive
>Soon enough she does, a bat mare walking through the castle double doors, her piercing eyes immediately tracking you
>As soon as the words "this is your match" leaves Cadences mouth, the mare is upon you, practically wrapped around your head as her lips mash into yours, lewd moans and drunken giggles trilling from her throat
Remember kids, always be ready around bats.
I've had aspiring thotties come on strong to me before and every time something in the back of my head told me that something was wrong, that the way they spoke and acted hinted at an underlying problem. I suspect someone falling hard in love and wanting to show it would be subtly different from the way that desperation looked and felt, and of course her being a mare would make a huge difference in the guarantees department.
So yeah, I would a bat. Let me get some earplugs in first though
File: 988303.gif (2.59 MB, 640x360)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
>"I can't believe you're finally here. I can't believe this is really happening!"
>"All of my research, all of my expectations, I can't wait to see if it's really-"
>"Ah, no, what am I saying, I mean..."
>"Sorry, it's just so, I'm so excited, this is my first time having a husbando."
>"No, wait, that came out wrong, I mean it's my first time being r-romantically involved with anypo- anyONE, I mean, eheh."
>"Is it true that humans- No, nevermind, this can wait for later."
>"I have so many things I want to do together with you, I have it all planned out for the next couple of months."
>"I'm sure you'll love it. With me as your partner you won't even notice you've left Earth. I mean, in a good way, of course."
>"It's gonna be great, I'll be the best waifu ever to you. We are, after all, just perfect for each other. If Cadence said that it must be true, and besides, I personally calculated our compatibility - 98.9288%."
>"If you think that's impressive, just wait and see what I have in store for you later."
>"Oh, we're going to have so much fun!"
Hey goys, Insight's writefag here. While I'm still awake and downing some cold, crisp sodie pops, I had a thought cross my mind. Eventually, I'll have to end the current green with Insight because I don't want it spiraling off into its own general as it continues to go on forever, and I have a few prompts I'm not sure to choose between. So, I'll just drop them here for you guys to give feedback and help decide what I'll be doing next

>Door #1: An Anon gets matched, though not to a pony in Equestria. As it turns out, he is matched to foreign nobility. Still a pone, though.

>Door #2: An Anon gets paired with a mad scientist pone, being recruited as her henchman as they embark on petty schemes right out of his north american animated television shows.

>Door #3: An Anon gets matched to a Royal Guardsmare, with a relationship building slowly as he figures out how best to approach such a stoic mare.

>Door #4: An Anon gets paired with a strange waifu, with you guys deciding what exactly that strange waifu is. I quiver in uncertainty at what you goys will suggest

>Door #5: Taking inspiration from that Ship CYOA imageset that was posted from a few threads ago, An Anon awakens to find himself aboard a ship, with a wAIfu informing him of the world he has awoken to. This will probably involve the most interaction with you goys out of all these prompts, and behave a bit like a CYOA in and of itself.
To be completely honest with you, I don't feel in any particular way about any of these. If I have to choose, I'd go with #1. Exploring a culture that may be sceptical to the whole magic of love thing, that doesn't necessarily believe in the same things as Equestria's ponies. Maybe this matching thing is even frowned upon there or it's hard to arrange the whole thing from political standpoint, even if the pony herself isn't against it. Maybe she's even torn between her own desires and her place in society, or maybe she's an ambassador herself so she has to represent her people's values that go against her ache for human arms to hold her. So yeah, I'd read that.

Door #1 I like because Saddle Arabian qts

Door #2 feels a little too soon after Slothman’s batmare tbqh, but that doesn’t mean I would be adverse to this choice. Just sharing my thoughts on the matter

Door #3 appeals to me because I imagine her being open and warm enough, just maybe a little too caught up with work, which she’s aware of and trying to fix especially now that she actually has her husbando

Door #4 really depends on what we can come up with here, though seeing how you’ve done with Insight I trust you to handle whatever we throw at you well enough. My vote is for a mare that leads a different life during the time she’d be “asleep”, one that doesn’t even need to be anything grandiose, she could even be her simple half. Her nighttime (or daytime, if mare and Anon have nocturnal schedule for whatever reason) self has no awareness of her wakeful half. With all possibilities for Anon that brings, such as two of the same heart he could win, his mare growing increasingly tired and neither of them know why until he learns, how to solve this issue, etc.

Door #5 sounds like a big one for you, but Insight is pretty substantial so I guess par for the course.
I'm pretty sure I read a series of greens about option #2 before, for a different thread.
Twiggles was the madmare
But they weren't a couple and it wasn't romantic in the slightest, just hilarious.
#3 probably has too much overlap with the guardmare thread, although they would likely appreciate the content.
Another anon gets matched to Sandlight
guardsmare would be nice
Either number 3 or number 5. If you do number five I want some cool dead space/alien esque spooks
>Jojo's bizarre adventure: Mare edition.
#2 for sure. Anon and The Pone sounds pretty great.
File: Super Puke.jpg (31 KB, 750x501)
31 KB
Get out.
Doors 1 and 3 sound the most conventionally interesting, with 4 being a bit of a wildcard depending on what sort of strange waifu we decide on.
With 3 I'd be concerned about the guard mare's reserved personality being too reminscent of Insight's.
This is adorbs.
File: 1499092978380.png (22 KB, 700x1000)
22 KB
Are you groovy enough for your mare, Anon?
Guardsmare sounds could could crosspost it to /RGM/.
Id have to say either 2 or 3, but 2 seems a little too soon after the other batmare green.
This. Why not just write for royal guardsmare thread in that case? I think other choices seem more original and would fit here better.
>The villain of the week stiffens and then falls over, out cold. The magic macguffin rolls out of the villain's claws.
>The Elements all blink in surprise and at who is standing behind their foe.
>... Twilight's husband? Is that a baseball bat in his hands?
>The human turns and looks at the villian's startled mooks.
>"Okay unimportant lackies. Do you see the goddess over there?"
>He points to Twilight, who blushes a deep red.
>"Your boss was getting too rough. I don't like that. Just have your fun, get beat, and go home. No more."
>One of the grunts steps forward with a scowl. "Where do you get off ordering us ar-"
>The grunt jumps back with a yelp, barely escaping a hole to the foot.
>The human holds up a crudely machined pistol that Twilight identifies as an M1911.
>"You go beyond TV-10, then I'll make this unrated and uncut. That means no werewolves, no vampires, no demons, no goblins or goblin darts. If you think I would say no then I'd probably say no. Now shuffle off you little jerks before I actually get angry."
>The man turns and walks towards the Six, not even bothering to look at the panicked, scattering mooks.
>Twilight squeaks when he picks her up and hugs her tightly, then blushes when he buries his face in her chest tuft. "A-Anon..."
>"That enough adventure for a while," he says through the faceful of pony. "It's time to go home."
>Beside them Rarity huffs quietly. "When is MY application going to be answered..."
File: Spoiler Image (284 KB, 1500x997)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
What w-what do you mean?
I-I've thought you were into dungeon crawling?
File: 1363089787399.png (238 KB, 1000x1000)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
>Twilight misunderstanding your interests but makes an effort anyway.
>bringing guns into Equestria
I know they're the great equalizer and how we, as humans, would be able to do much of anything against shit like bugbears and other monsters, but it just doesn't seem right.
It's like repurposing the party cannon to shoot actual cannonballs instead of Fiesta Shells
It's like being a refugee. Fleeing a war torn and corrupt nation only to bring your culture with you which made your nation corrupt and war torn in the first place.
which is a very rough and somewhat unfair simplification but you get my gist
Aryanne looks pretty pissed in that picture. Can't say I blame her, zigger probably stole that.
The good refugees assimilate, anon.
Are you telling me you'd pull a full rapefugee and refuse to assimilate to pony culture? You'd make your pony wife sad.
File: Spoiler Image (64 KB, 1419x1015)
64 KB
Good, Celestia or Luna need as much time with you as possible.
It's not rough or unfair at all; most refugees are shit.
That said, we're better than that, and would happily assimilate to Equestrian culture to the best of our abilities, right?
>The portal to Equestria is like the time machine in Terminator.
>Only organic things can get through.
>Only difference is you can't cheat it like the robots did in the movie, it will disintegrate anything that's not supposed to get in, but somehow knows if it is a thing vital to your health.
>Naked husbondos.
Nah mate, I would enjoy their matriarchy.
I would be a stay-at-home dad, cleaning the house, cooking meals and best of all spending most of my time raising my children
>Luna gets matched with one of those Anons shrunk by the portal
>lets him grow up elsewhere, to maintain decorum
>when they finally meet in person, he pulls a Sleeping Beauty quote and asserts they've met once upon a dream
>Luna is actually incredibly weak to schmaltz and cheesy romance
>Not introducing Pinkie to the wonder of funs
What are you, gay?
/rgre/ raus >>31641605
The Element of Laugher would probably be the one most interested in them
From how the gun was described as "crude" I'm willing to bet it was handmade in Equestria. It's not impossible and having a powerful and we'll connected wife would speed up the process.
Look, as long as they're tactical popguns or confetti-throwers, I'm fine with it.
But when you upset the balance of things by bringing in actual, lethal ordnance, then it stops being fun pony stuff and turns into /k/'s bizarre pony adventure of skinning your way across Equestria (with the side trip to fuck all the deer in Whitetail woods).
The problem is that it is only being used as a tool for violence and will encourage an escalation to once again "balance" the scales of power. Mages aren't shit with a bullethole in them, but when other races start turning fireworks into RPGs the magic is gone.
Even if it wasn't you can't expect that a literal Alien can find a job that can support a family.
Also how do you fare in a (job) market where they are all natural experts/extremely talented in their respective field?
Pls no guns or other human technology in Equestria.

>a crudely machined pistol that Twilight identifies as an M1911
Wew, this'll end well.
The whole point of "Marks and Recreation" was that Cutie Marks are fucking meaningless and have no bearing on your abilities or what you do with your life.
It's fucking stupid, but it is what it is.
A human wouldn't be at any particular disadvantage in finding emplyment, except as limited by not having hooves, magic, wings, etc.
Ah sorry didn't know that only watched up to Season 5.
>not watching the show
Your loss. Missing out on a lot of cute mares.
File: 1514780892274.png (156 KB, 500x521)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
>Get into fight with another autist over waifus
>He said yours a shit
>Now you gotta curbstomp him
>He unsheathes his poorly-smithed homemade katana
>You unsheathe your shitrigged homemade gun
That's OK.
Like I said, it's fucking stupid.
The whole point of Cutie Marks is that you get one when you figure out what you want to do with your life that sets you apart from other poines, and the CM you get reflects that (S1E12, Call of the Cutie), and ponies who lose their CMs lose a chunk of their ability to do their thing (S5E1+2, The Cutie Map), so things like ponies not knowing that their marks represent (S5E06, Appleloosa's Most Wanted; S5E18, Crusaders of the Lost Mark) or being afraid of accidentally getting a CM for something they don't want to do (S5E04, Bloom and Gloom; S7E21, Marks and Recreation), and M&R's idea that ponies can do whatever theywant with their lives regardless of their CM are DYEWTS-tier bullshit that fanfic writers would be embarassed by.
The whole Cutie Mark issue is a fucking mess, and is one of the areas that would've benefited the most from the show having an iron-fisted auteur keeping the writers in line.
File: 1439910366152.jpg (121 KB, 664x839)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>your collection of trophy shoddy weapons grows as you win more and more waifu "arguments"
>your mind, however, deteriorates because of all the inane shitflinging and autistic screeching
>you don't even know who's right or wrong, you don't care, your waifu is good and you have weapons
>at least your legs are okay
In all forms except physical, my legs are okay.
[acquires Brouzouf]
File: Sad hug.png (242 KB, 928x1024)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
>Wanting to be a stay at home dad means you want to be the female of the relationship.
Never quite understood this.

Personally i thought that episode was terrible on multiple levels.
>Cutie marks involve a skill only and cant mean something more vague despite multiple examples to the contrary.
>Antagonist is such because of the above.
>Protagonists forgot almost their entire character development involving cutie marks, what they mean and how they effect their relationships.
Notice the only thing /mlp/ took away from that episode was Haiku filly, who was admittedly a qt 3.14

A lot of the show would have benefited from that.
Finding out they didnt even have a show bible to refer to during the MMC fallout was pretty damn depressing.
>tfw their gods made them and dont care.
>tfw we're probably in a similar situation.
>tfw our only solace is with each other.
File: Spoiler Image (74 KB, 540x540)
74 KB
>the whole world is uncaring
>you're just a little cog in a massive machine
>they say that your close ones and family care about you
>but ultimately you don't care that they love you
>feeding back that the world is uncaring
>tfw you realize you are part of the problem
>I don't get how wanting to stay home with your wife's kids doing household chores while she's at work is a reversal of traditional gender roles
u srs m8
File: IMG_5306.jpg (236 KB, 1280x890)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
More Celestia green when?

When the writefag has enough to drop an update with :^)
File: 1492284870514.png (1.01 MB, 1020x1072)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Right now.
File: 1492991725790.png (38 KB, 409x529)
38 KB
>Seems like you've satisfied both pleas of the night princess.
>First of all, no disturbing dreams that you can recall, so maybe there were none.
>And second, Celestia is looking really happy in the morning when Luna enters the dining hall.
>She looks really tired but a warm smile soon forms on her muzzle - her sister is in high spirits at last.
>The night princess also notices that you're really sleepy, poking at your food with bare minimum of effort.
>You're not used to waking up so early. You much more prefer to stay up late at night and wake up at lunch time.
>Today, however, marks the beginning of your new life. And honestly, if you're gonna wake up every single day like today, you're willing to get used to it.
>Celestia gently woke you up before it was her time to raise the sun. Waking up next to her was certainly something else.
>For a moment there you couldn't believe it. That had to be a dream.
>But it was real. Her magnificent eyes staring deep into your soul made you realize that this is indeed happening.
>A moment of hesitation in her actions made you think that she doesn't really want to get out of bed.
>If it was up to her, Celestia would stay with you more. But instead, today she has more work than usual. Just because she took time to properly greet her partner.
>Her own human. Her match. Something only three ponies in all of Equestria have.
>Oh, how she craves to just indulge herself, to finally relish the feeling of being with someone.
>But she's not the one to get depressed over something like this. Instead, she decided to turn it into something positive.
>"I'm looking forward to being reunited with you later today, Anon."
>At the time you were barely comprehending what's going on and you just smiled at her.
>Celestia didn't need much else from you though, so it was all good.
Being a stay at home dad does not run counter to the idea of masculinity.
>The mare looked gorgeous in the light of the newly raised sun. Her regalia already on her, the combined shine of its gold with her natural bright coat made her look like a heavenly body herself.
>"Now come, I have a very special something planned for your breakfast."
"Is it pancakes?"
>The mare looks surprised for a moment but then asks you with a little giggle:
>"How did you know?"
"Cadence was feeding me pancakes for a week. Is it something all royalty here enjoys?"
>Celestia actually takes time to think about it and then she nods, confirming your suspicion.
>"Looks like it. I'm sorry, should I prepare something else for you?"
"No, no need to. I didn't say I dislike it."
>"Wonderful. Get dressed and we'll be off."
>Agreeing to eat Celestia's pancakes was a good idea, now that you think about it. You've got a stack of plump, thick pancakes complete with whipped cream, berries and a little smiley face made with orange wedges.
>She's really into this, isn't she?
>It's hard to eat all of it, so by the time Luna arrives you're already full and it seems like you just don't want to eat. You just hope Luna won't interpret it this way.
>Soon you learn that she's not a fan of big breakfast meals herself, as the princess of the night just takes a few fruits from a big arrangement of them that Celestia made just for her sister, and leaves.
>But not before whispering something to the sun princess. Something that makes her smile and nod.
>Luna is smiling too and for just a moment you catch her throwing a glance at you.
>Was she talking about you? You may never find out, seeing how she walks away to finally get some rest.
>You are left alone with your waifu.
>"Anonymous, I wanted to talk about your stay here."
"What's up?"
>"I thought about it for a long time but I want to know your opinion on it. I'm sure Cadence had spent some time getting you to know at least some things about Equestria, but certainly not on the level of proper education."
"I guess you could say that."
>You could also say that Cadence was more interested in keeping you sane for the first couple of days, sometimes spending hours with you to ease your mind, dismissing your doubts (mostly about Equestria being real) and calming you down.
>By the time you got more stable you weren't really interested in history lessons or anything like that.
>"So I thought that maybe you wouldn't be against getting to know this place. At the very least, learning to read and write our language may come in handy."
"Yeah, I think that's a given."
>"So I might have a few ponies on my mind already that can give you a crush course on our society and history. Would you be interested in that?"
>Now that you don't really have to worry about your life conditions and your own mind, it's time to put your time to good use.
>It was hard to admit it, but it seems like your daytime here won't be spent with Celestia. Not today, not any time soon.
>You could NEET it up hard but that was straight up missing all the opportunities that suddenly opened up to you.
>Celestia voices another concern:
>"It can also improve ponies' attitude towards you. If you're a man of culture and class who respects their world and accepts their rules, they might see you as something more than just an alien."
>This makes sense to you so you nod to the princess.
>"But at the same time I have to ask something of you."
>Your resolve makes her giggle just loud enough for you to pick up on it, but she continues with her usual calm tone:
>"I'm going to have to ask you to stay in the castle's area for the time being."
"What do you mean?"
>"I don't think it would be good for you to travel anywhere just yet, that includes traveling with me, not that I'm going to have to go anywhere any time soon, but still. Just for the time being, Anon, I want you to stay here."
>This request is a bit strange to you and Celestia looks a bit nervous asking this from you.
"Sure, I wasn't really looking to go anywhere. But why?"
>"Well, it's just..." She sighs deeply, as if to collect her thoughts. "I want to keep you close at least for now."
"Wait, what? No, I mean, of course, I'll do it, but why do you worry about me leaving?"
>"It's not about leaving, I know you won't leave. But I just want to... I want to know you're waiting for me every day."
>She doesn't even give you time to raise your eyebrow and starts explaining in a hasty manner:
>"I know it's selfish to ask this, but something like this is very important to me and I want to know that-"
"Wait a second, how is this selfish? Where else do I go?"
"There's nothing I want more than to stay here with you, Celestia. You never had to ask such a thing."
>She looks away, obviously a bit embarrassed about worrying about this.
"I'm here for you, just for you. To think that I'd ignore you or outright leave you alone is, well, out of question."
>It's almost insulting, really.
>"Thank you. Looks like I'm worrying for nothing then."
"You are. And, by the way, I think you can afford to be selfish."
>She is skeptical about it but something stirs inside of her when she looks at you. Perhaps a hope.
>A child who's been promised ice cream after a long tiresome trip.
>Such a stare coming from Celestia seems strange but oddly cute. Like she depends on you to be allowed to do something, even though she's the one calling the shots in this whole country.
>Maybe it is why she reacts this way? You'll think about this later.
"Well, what's stopping you?"
>"Nothing. But that doesn't mean I should be like that. I want you to be comfortable here, that's all."
"Then I'm gonna tell you that this won't be a problem."
>Celestia doesn't respond to this and by the looks of it she's thinking about what you've said.
>Her thoughts lead her to no conclusion and once she finishes her breakfast it is time for her to go without any answers in her mind.
>"I'll meet you later, Anon."
>You leave your seat first and walk up to the princess who's watching you with a curious expression.
>It's nothing much; you just want to give your pony a hug.
>She sighs happily when she feels your arms around her neck and your face in her mane.
"I'm gonna miss you."
>It is but a whisper but Celestia react immediately by touching your hand with her hoof - or, rather, with the cold metal of her elaborate hoofpiece.
>It's strange to even call these horseshoes at this point. You wonder how it feels for her to wear them for so long.
>"I'll miss you too, but you'll see, this day will fly by so fast..."
>She sounds like she wanted to add something to it, maybe to call your name.
>Maybe even a sweet and gentle word that would signify great care. But that doesn't matter. If that was the case, she will without a doubt return to saying it later.
>You believe in her. Though you yourself wouldn't bring yourself to calling her "sweetheart" or "dear" just yet, so maybe it does take time.
>That's the plan though. All the minor displays of affection add up in the end.
>When the princess leaves, looking back at you one last time, you return to finish your meal.
>It was sad to let her go. And you certainly would like to spend more time with her. Preferably all of it.
>Maybe she should make Twilight the ruler of the land and flee with you to live a simple life somewhere in the country?
>Nah, that's way to cheesy. Besides, it would definitely be unlike her to do that kind of thing.
>Celestia works against the circumstances. She makes them work in her favor.
>In this situation she'll try to find a way to pull through her limitations, there's no doubt in your mind.
It kinda does.
File: 1489522130199.png (2.99 MB, 1214x1949)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB PNG
>Maybe this is why she wants you to be an educated man of high culture? So you can spend time with her publicly and not embarrass her and yourself.
>Well, something tells you that she wouldn't be embarrassed for you, but the point still stands.
>What is her endgame here? What is needed for you to spend all of your time together with her in the open and so others wouldn't hate you for that?
>A few ideas go through your mind but they are rather daring, even for a princess. Especially for a princess who's been without a spouse all her life.
>But that's just a stray thought. It would be better to focus on today's problems.
>You need to see what you already know about her to plan your next move.
>Diving right in was a good idea last night. Celestia also trusted you with seeing her as she is, without all the metal binding her.
>Even though it was a bit scary for you to shed every bit of fabric that protects you, she accepted you unconditionally.
>It resulted in a happy comfy night. It just confirms that she appreciates you being honest and straightforward. Not being afraid of her.
>That was reinforced by her great response to this hug right as she was about to leave.
>She seems to be a bit nervous about you accepting her so you should focus on that first.
>So far she, however, had no problem accepting you, so every step you take towards her is met with appreciation.
>Maybe she really is afraid of being selfish or overbearing. In that case you need to show her that it's nothing to be afraid of, and do it as soon as possible. Maybe today.
>Lost in thought you soon realize that you're still not eating.
>The pancakes are already cold and you're sitting all alone at the giant table.
>Well, you'll take what you can.
>Still better than your Earth.
>With these kind of thoughts instead you finish your meal and decide to head out.

That's it for today, I've been busy these days so I apologise for small updates and inconsistent posting.
File: Bath time.png (236 KB, 480x640)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>With your wifes kids
u wot m8.

Traditional gender roles yes, but the reason they are that way was because of a mixture of factors which are either being phased out in our society due to technological advances, or wouldnt be an issue in Equestria because of fundemental differences between woman and Mare.
Put it this way, would you expect Rarity to take indefinite maternity leave?
Or Celestia?
Each partner does what they do best, with the other pitching in where appropriate.
Look at AJ, you'd sure as shit be pulling your weight on the farm and she's not about to suddenly stop bucking apples.

Comfy update anon, our boi's gonna be a man of class by the end of this green.
File: IMG_4279.png (2.76 MB, 1790x1428)
2.76 MB
2.76 MB PNG
Thank you for the update, lovely as always. Cant wait for more
Celestia is best waifu
>Each partner does what they do best, with the other pitching in where appropriate.
I guess I just have a bit of a blind spot on that point, since for most women "what they do best" is almost literally nothing.
It'd be great to have a partner who loves you and can pull her weight in the relationship.
Here’s a prompt.

>Instead of Prime Equestria, Earth makes contact with the Crystal War Equestria created by Starlight’s time fuckery.
>The good guys won and Sombra was defeated, but it was a hard fought war in which thousands of innocent ponies lost their lives on the battlefield.
>In this AU, Cadence’s Matchmaking Program is a way to help both the traumatized war veterans and the lonely human men heal.

Would you love your match even if she had PTSD or had serious injuries from her time in combat?
tfw no blu-rays
I mean the show's rendered in 1080p, so even if they've lost the source files the only thing stopping them is a lack of will.
A match is a match.
Condense wouldn't throw anything at me I can't handle.
joke's on you, that's my fetish
File: 1073695.png (931 KB, 2000x2000)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
I want to help Rarity get her creative spark back despite the horrors of war still holding the world in practical state of mind that seemingly has no place for her art. Beauty is forgotten between scarsity of resourses and fear for one's life, but for everyone to leave that fearful ideology after the war is over, there needs to be inspiration to draw out everything good left in them, since the beauty on the inside hasn't died yet, together with craving for all things pretty and serene. At some point you have to stop using ALL your fabric for bandages and camouflage, even if you think you need to prepare for the next war you're now certain will happen even if there's no threat right now.
>You've got a stack of plump, thick pancakes complete with whipped cream, berries and a little smiley face made with orange wedges.
You mean like these?
File: 5mdQcv5f6iU.jpg (53 KB, 700x1000)
53 KB
Oh hell yeah.

Those look as plump as a pone waifu's plush posterior.
File: 1488117431271.jpg (191 KB, 900x1600)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
Someone's gotta post that thicc butt-shaped pear with Pear Butter's head shopped on top of it
File: Wartime Rarity.jpg (172 KB, 1223x1006)
172 KB
172 KB JPG

>Rarity has become paranoid of future conflicts since the end of the war, and spends most of her time preparing for the one she's convinced is going to happen next.
>She has a hidden bunker underneath the Carousel Boutique where she's stockpiling supplies.
>She intends to hide and wait out the next war with her family and close friends.
>Getting her to start pursuing her passions again is like pulling teeth, due to all the bloodshed still being fresh in her mind.
>To her, every minute spent not preparing increases the chance that she or someone she cares about won't make it out alive.
>Now that you're added to that list, she's only more determined to save the few bright spots left in her life.
Are those rice cooker pancakes?
>She has a hidden bunker underneath the Carousel Boutique where she's stockpiling supplies.
Great, wartime Rarity's match will probably be from /pol/
Fund it. A pone in a situation like that needs to find happiness and comfort.
>not from /k/
nah, you just gotta MAN it up, eg.

You take a break from splitting wood with your shirt off to check the barbecue, the veggie skewers are doing alright but your steak needs turning, after some barehanded meat flipping you see your ponebabby return from the woodpile with a fresh log.
"Is Mom home yet?"
"Not yet, but she shou" you're interrupted by a door shutting noise and a tired sigh, "There she is."
You re-equip your shirt and load dinner onto a platter. "Just in time babe, grub's ready."
ponewife is hugging ponebabby, she gives you a tired smile and asks how your day was. "Eh, same old, same old, I fixed that wobbly dresser, how about you, you look like a wrung out dishrag." Wifepone regales you with tales of her work, which is inevitably filled with lazy assholes. "Well, you're home now so don't worry about it."
File: fD8s8T7.jpg (164 KB, 720x410)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Everyone knows in case of emergency /k/ goes inna woods not bunkers
What about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s Anon, those fuckers are everywhere.
>convincing your mare that there's more to living than just surviving
Would be hard, since I'm not sure how many of us would be able to pull that off.
But, all we'd need is for the Right One to do it.
No idea
Does it have to be after the war?
>a British infantryman gets ripped from 1916, thrown into a pony version of the Somme without his kit
>finds a mare separated from her unit
>they team up in order to find their way back to friendly territory, dodging Sombra's drones and magic shells all along the way
I'd read the fuck out of a story like that.

>tfw you will never die on the cliffs of ponipolli for your waifu

>In the case of certain ponies, registering for the Matchmaking Program is mandatory because they've been assessed to be at high risk for a violent mental breakdown otherwise.
>Rarity is one of those ponies
>Anon is warned ahead of time by Cadence to be very careful, but also don't be afraid to show her the love she so desperately needs.
>Anon, having learned what she was like before the war, wants to see that generous and vibrant mare for himself.
>Rarity believes she doesn't have time for romance anymore, but also isn't going to refuse an order from one of the Princesses.
>She shows up at the Crystal Empire to meet Anon.
>She's polite of course. The war hasn't crushed her perfect manners at all.
>However the entire time she's trying to think of ways to get out of the arrangement without being rude to this man who came all the way from another world just to meet her.
>But over the course of the mandatory dates she starts to click with Anon, and they become friends.
>He certainly isn't the prince charming she would have wanted in the past, but the war has given her an appreciation for the crude yet practical.
>Anon isn't an optimist who thinks everything will be alright in the end, but believes no one should have to live focused SOLELY on survival.
>Rarity is aware of what he's trying to do, but is touched rather than annoyed by the potential distraction.
>She mentally adds him to the list of people she wants to live when another war breaks out.
Go for it, Anon.
WW1 fighter ace pilot Anon
burst through the sky's of equestria after a brutal dog fight over France.

His plane is in flames and he's losing control of the plane as blood drips down onto his aviator googles. The only thing he's thinking as he's plummeting to earth is "I wonder if it's tea time?"
File: 1514634440084.png (512 KB, 1100x799)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
I gotchu senpai
File: smol lel.png (409 KB, 600x677)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
File: 1514353591934.jpg (1.97 MB, 2400x3600)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
>You get matched to Lyra Heartstrings.
>She's just as memetastic as everyone thinks she is and just the thought of her own husbando once made her cream herself right in the middle of the street.
>Hell, she was the first one signed up.

I know we all say we can handle whatever mares throw at us, but could you really stand up to a whirlwind like Lyra?

I might have to hold onto those bodacious flanks for support.
>next thing he knows, he wakes up to a qt nurse poner passing out tea in the infirmary
File: 1489686897945.png (834 KB, 1280x987)
834 KB
834 KB PNG
Lyra is the PERFECT mare.
File: 1943st_bw67.jpg (32 KB, 500x373)
32 KB
>a mare trying to piece her life together after the war ripped her soul inside out and bleached it in blood of those she had to witness die
>she can't accept him because that would just make things worse for her
>but she can't reject him either
>she is afraid to piece her life together with him since it could be so easily shattered again
>all she imagines is being with him and having children
>and then losing all of it
>so she can't allow this to happen, they'll get to her and then they'll get to her husband and her kids
>but she feels something long forgotten when she's with him
>a distant music of a party and dressed ponies swirling in a dance instead of dimly lit lamp in the night and fear of sirens going off at any minute
>the smell of hot cocoa on a winter morning instead of scavenging ruined houses covered in snow while everyone still sleep
>a rainbow pattern on an outfit instead of reapplying blood-soaked bandage because there's not enough dresses to rip apart for more fabric
>in the deep of night she now see it and it makes her even more afraid as those images of war
>afraid to lose it all
>she'd check on Sweetie once again, third time a night like every other night since war ended
>but tonigh she just wants those thoughts about him out of her head so she thinks about drawing something to pass time, she doesn't feel sleepy at all
>after a few minutes she realizes she's drawing a dress
>a perfect gown to grace a ball room in Canterlot
>Sweetie would look so nice in it. She herself would too. And he'd be at her side...
>furious at her own thoughts she leaves to sleep, because this clearly isn't working
>damn that Cadence, forcing her to date that alien
>she won't succumb to this
>she won't lose anything again
>if you don't have anything aside from necessities, there's nothing to lose
>so that's final
>damn that Initiative for making her hope again
File: 1508983593181.png (380 KB, 1280x632)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
I don't like war torn and misery Equestria.
I agree. It's something that should never be. Pone is for happy only.

Quite frankly I suggested it because generic 'man gets matched with mare and they fall in love' sounds like it would get boring very quickly to me. Cute, fluffy, slice of life is good but every story starts to look the same if that's all we allow this thread to be about.

However having problems within the relationship itself goes against the thread, so why not have external problems that affect the relationship? It's not like it still wouldn't have a happy ending anyway.

Tell me the idea of helping a cute mare broken by the horrors of war learn to enjoy life again with love and support from you doesn't sound appealing.
No, I get where you come from and I'm not against it, I just think that in general it's so heartbreaking to see realities of war applied to ponies. I'm all up for it (I myself suggested >>31655163) if it really helps making the mare happy.
>I just think that in general it's so heartbreaking to see realities of war applied to ponies.

That heartbreak is why it would only be more meaningful when they can become happy again, because you know everything they've been through.
File: whenponiesgotowar.gif (1.14 MB, 883x694)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF
>crystal war timeline i-is d-dark
I know. Doesn't make the fact that they had to suffer so much they're broken now any less sad.
>Hug Lyra when you first meet her in what you think is just being friendly.
>She stiffens, goes red in the face, and grins in a loopy way.
>You look down and notice her tail is flagged high and clear marecum is trailing down her leg.
>She laughs nervously. "Ha... I know this is really awkward, but I'm THAT happy to finally meet you..."
Gimme moar of those greens love 'em.
Dash must be pretty fragile to have gotten so fucked up in a girly slap fight.
Well, some writefriends were interested in picking up something some threads ago, maybe they're still around to take on this.
She got slapped be King Sombrero himself.

And she didn't turn into crystalized fast?
File: Rainbrutal Dash.jpg (137 KB, 500x464)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>get bitchslapped so hard you lose a limb and part of your ear.

>not pimpslapped
Rainbow Dash is fast
Anyone got a pastebin/post/namefag for the batmare green? I ended up missing it like a loser.
linked wrong post
I'm a conservative romantic at heart, but one shouldn't fight the natural course of things. I'm sure the wedding dress can be tailored to accommodate a bit of a baby belly.
Probably her wing got crystalized and because of it had a hard landing.
File: 1435637439615.png (258 KB, 600x475)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
>>She laughs nervously. "Ha... I know this is really awkward, but I'm THAT happy to finally meet you..."

File: 1500819006806.jpg (409 KB, 1200x1185)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
Shame of being easily aroused arouses the mare even more when she sees that you don't really mind it.
File: 1399163928966.png (88 KB, 816x738)
88 KB
I'd have to stop myself from arousing her even further, then teasing her about it, then making her even more aroused in an infinite loop until she pops.
File: dongus kongus.gif (558 KB, 367x265)
558 KB
558 KB GIF
File: 1495077710391.png (100 KB, 257x216)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
>teasing Celestia to the point when the power of the sun inside of her fueled by a thousand years of loneliness can't be contained anymore and it's all focused on you now
>teasing Twilight to the point when she just snaps and uses magic to get everything she needs out of you
>teasing Luna to the point when her demeanor sompletely drops and she takes you into a dream where everything she wants from you comes true
At this point if you're matched with any single princess you're completely fucked in every sense of the word if you tease them too much.
>Implying this is a bad thing.
File: 1461935936636.jpg (521 KB, 1280x1601)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
>not flipping them on their backs and ravaging their bodies when they can't take it anymore
File: 1481546889010.png (249 KB, 1280x1021)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
That's the plan. Teasing without release is just bullying.

>celestia in that pose

File: 1500013663909.png (159 KB, 1280x720)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
File: 1480016030300.jpg (948 KB, 1000x1248)
948 KB
948 KB JPG
>she enjoys feeling powerless in your arms, letting you take full control because she knows you only have her pleasure in mind first and foremost
fucking unf

Would've been even better with outstreched wings

>As time went on, your little angel, Sandlight grew with its passing.
>Her wings were coming in nice and healthy.
>You and Insight did the best you could to help with preening when she first started to molt.
>It was important to learn these life skills, though you did want your baby girl to remain as such for the time being.
>Another curiosity beyond inheriting Insight's violet blood and your human diet was that she some different teeth than a pony.
>While some were quite easily distinguishable as such, others reminded you of human canines.
>Though a gift from heaven and the sweetest little foal you knew, you could not help but marvel at such a peculiarity.
>Your fascination, though, was cut a bit short when they were coming in pretty badly crooked.
>A little mild crookedness in teeth may not be too much of a concern, but it was looking pretty bad.
>So, as a concerned father, you had her get braces to correct the severe misshapenness.
>Sandlight may not have been the happiest foal at that moment, and you felt kinda bad when she complained.
>You didn't want to delude yourself with the whole 'greater good' ripping yarn.
>You worried you'd become a horrible father should you use that for every excuse.
>But it was what you were doing.
>It would pain you just as much if your little angel suffered because of her peculiarities.
>To assuage your concern, her braces did look pretty cute.
>They matched her coat and mane colors, with blue for the rails and orange for...
>Whatever the fuck those things were called that stuck to the teeth themselves.
>Sandlight also didn't complain as much as she got used to wearing braces.
>The only remaining complaint was that she would mention it hurt, every now and again.
>There wasn't much you could do about the pain, sadly.
>All that was left was to weather the time needed to adjust her teeths.
>That began a few days ago.
>Today, not much really had happened.
>Daylight passed, and it was eventful.
>In a good way, of course.

>Nothing bat-shit insane or taxing on your mental fortitude.
>It was as it should be.
>Right now, it was nightfall, your wife and yourself were sleeping rather comfortably.
>Sandlight had her own room now, after much insistence that she could handle it.
>Some nights, she would still sneak back into your room and cuddle with her parents.
>You didn't complain, though.
>It was always nice to hold your little angel close, and know that she was safe.
>You were certain Insight appreciated it as well.
>As you rested comfortably, you felt stirring beside you.
>Rather fervent stirring, too.
>This dragged you out of the realm of sleep, to find Insight hyperventilating.
>It took a moment for Anon to fully boot.
>Realizing something was wrong, you jumped into action.
"Insight, sweetheart, what's wrong? Did something happen?"
>You set a hand gently on her withers, concern palpable in your voice.
>She stiffened at your touch, the first time in so very long.
>Glancing around, Insight found the source of the sensation against her shoulders.
>Your dearest wife, Insight, looked panicked.
>After a moment of slowing her breathing, you felt her forelegs lock around you.
>Insight hugged you nice and tight, quaking breaths all that were uttered by her.
>Perhaps she didn't wish to speak in that moment.
>You sighed, keeping her in your embrace as your arms encircled her in a gentle hug.
>What spooked her this badly?
>It had been so very long since you've seen her in such a state.
>Whatever the case may be, you let her calm down first.
>Insight'd surely speak up about what may be troubling her when adrenaline wasn't coursing through her.
>Slowly but surely, she did calm herself.
>Locked in a comforting embrace to drive away the fears.
"...Are you feeling any better, sweetheart?"
>You ask, just to be sure Insight was no longer in the throes of hysteria.
>Slowly, your wife nods.
>"Yes, husband, dearest...I believe myself in a better condition in this moment..."

>You begin to run your fingers through her lengthy mane, showing your appreciation for her.
>It was much better knowing she wasn't in full delirium right now.
>Though, your curiosity got the better of you.
>You had to know what terrified her so in that moment.
"Good, good...if you're feeling better, Insight...can you tell me what got you so riled up?"
>Your mare rested her head against your chest, nodding slowly as she began.
>"It was a night terror that I had experienced, my dearest heart."
>Bad dreams?
>It had been a while since you recalled such a thing happening.
>It would make sense, though, unfortunately.
>Waking up in a cold sweat and erratically breathing...
>All the things you prayed had been laid to rest.
>Insight was okay now, though.
>She was here, safe and sound.
>Right there, in your arms.
>That's among the things that mattered most to you in this world.
>Ever more curious, though, you feel the need to ask what about the nightmare scared her so.
"What was it about, sweetheart? Can you tell me?"
>If Insight was looking at you before, she certainly wasn't meeting your gaze now.
>"My night terror was...there were visions of what lay beyond the horizon of what we know. It was there, observing everything in recent memory."
>Your heart dropped deep into your stomach.
>Your blood ran cold.
>It was still there, the gibbering maws in the void that watched on.
>This monstrosity let you know it was still out there, watching everything as though it were a rapt audience to everything going on.
>For what purpose?
>Was it there to see how its altered pone was fitting into society, or was it there to taunt you?
>What did it want?
>It would drive you mad to wrap your head around the desires and intentions of this...thing, that was at the edge of understanding.
>All that you knew was that it remained there, letting the both of you know just how it could still reach into the world.
>An enigmatic observer that lay in wait, its warped fascination evident.

>As you held your wife there, in your arms, all you could ask yourself was 'why?'
>Why was it still there?
>Why must it remain there, plaguing your lives?
>And when you thought it fucked off, too...
"Insight, dear? Do you know why it's doing that...?"
>She shook her head, taking a deep breath.
>"Husband, dearest...to comprehend what its machinations are is for a mote of dust to comprehend equine thought. We cannot hope to understand it in its entirety. As aforementioned, it has a particular fascination with all things living."
>The reminder was all that as needed to remain in confusion.
>Neither you nor Insight could hope to understand why it did what it did.
>Only that is was, is, and will be.
>It frustrated you to no end, but you supposed there was little hope in comprehension.
>While you festered in thought, Insight moved a little bit forward...
>And planted a kiss on your lips.
>You were a bit surprised, given the dour mood tonight had been in quite a stark contrast.
>Seeing your surprise, Insight gave her rationale.
>"We shan't dwell on the howling nothingness. We have not experienced the happiness of our relationship through remaining timid and terrified. As much as it inspires terror, to rest our thoughts there would not be productive. We should return to rest."
>You would propose a counterargument to putting off your fears.
>You would say that anything that threatened your family activates protective instincts.
>But what Insight said had a truth to it.
>Whatever it was, you might not have the power fight it.
>And besides, if this was what it did when it was fascinated with something...
>What might it do should it become royally pissed?
>Angry that something was fighting it?
>That uncertainty seemed much more terrifying a possibility.
>You sighed, giving gentle scratches along her scalp.
"I guess you're right, sweetheart. It's just...we've been free so long. Not with one incident like this for years."
>You spoke with a feeling of defeat.
File: 1512333274794-1.png (850 KB, 1460x1061)
850 KB
850 KB PNG
>Luna only wants to fug while dreamwalking
why do people always assume this?

>Insight nodded, knowing it didn't feel good to be revisited by what had changed her.
>"Every day without fright has been a blessing, Anonymous, my dearest heart. I deliver a promise unto you, that we shall brave this. It is but another tribulation to be overcome."
>Singular Insight spoke with an optimism that you thought she might not possess regarding this.
>She had endured this onslaught of terror for aeons.
>All alone in the cold darkness of a cell.
>Now, she had you.
>She had a foal of her own.
>And she loved the both of you with all her big, sweet pony heart.
>With both of you at her side, Insight believed this wouldn't be anywhere near as awful as before.
>She whispered a goodnight to you, wrapping you in her wings.
>A blanket of love.
>You sigh, giving her a goodnight kiss.
>You close your eyes, praying to any who'd listen to shine countenance upon your wife.
>What you had not seen were two little teal-green eyes watching from the threshold of your room.
>The little one whom watched left soon after, down to the living room.
>She felt that you and Insight might need something to cheer up with.

So ends the update for today. Thank you all for responding to the prompt roster and giving your feedback. I'm busy considering my options, and how I would want them to unfold. Your feedback, as always, is a delight to read.
>However having problems within the relationship itself goes against the thread
I wouldn't mind relationship problems as long as they're the kinds of problems that push you closer together rather than driving you apart.
Relatively minor stuff that isn't really anyone's fault and can be patched over pretty easily as long as both parties want to (which, of course, you both do because you truly love each other)
Stuff that wouldn't be out of place as a friendship problem on an adult version of the actual show.
>All that lewd talk earlier.
Reminder that commonly accepted headcanon for pony height puts them roughly level with your waist.
Secondary reminder that your scent is particularly concentrated in your pits and crotch.
If you're not making foals, why would you ever fug IRL when lucid dream sex that's just as good and unbound by physical constraints is an option?
>If you're not making foals
That's a breddy big If, anon
Honestly I'd love to see some romance greens centred around humans helping ponies in war, mainly because one of my favourite greens was from the War in Equestria thread when it was still up https://pastebin.com/akijSbQE but also because I legitimately think it has great potential
11-month gestations leave a lot of room for guilt-free recreational sex.
File: IMG_3076.jpg (312 KB, 640x629)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
>fucking a pone the size of a large dog
>not 4-5' masterrace
I thought more of a situation where she's had enough of your teasing and uses her magic to put you in a half-lucid dreamlike state, basically a massive daydream where she can finally get everything she wanted while you were teasing her. Of course in that kind of forced fantasy she still has power so she can tailor it perfectly for you both to enjoy.
Then it sure isn't a fucking my LITTLE pony then, is it?
File: 1509647559158.png (200 KB, 900x556)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
File: absolutely disgusting sb.png (1021 KB, 1593x1206)
1021 KB
1021 KB PNG
wtf that's as big as a normal pony
File: Shine bright.gif (384 KB, 400x371)
384 KB
384 KB GIF
Great stuff, as always. I'm glad to see that you're planning to add some tension and drama to the comfiness. Can't wait how this will play out.
I already know how I would continue from there, but I dont wanna influence you too much, so I will keep my mouth shut.
3 1/2 feet is the perfect height for a pony, fight me.
Great stuff my man, not even this mild tension can dispel the comfy vibes.
Dick height or slightly above is patrician tier height
File: 1498219325800.jpg (287 KB, 1200x1054)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
Pone is just the right size to look you in the eyes when you breed her. She's also just the right size for you to spoon her right after. In that position her ear is just close enough for you to whisper sweet nothings to her as you both fall asleep.
File: 1457175659931.jpg (269 KB, 1152x823)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Literally perfect.

>Anon manages to find the one dress Rarity made pre-war that wasn't cannibalized for bandages or camouflage.
>It's the dress she made for her thesis in fashion school. What she considers her first piece of professional-level design work.
>The one dress she couldn't bear to destroy in the name of survival because it's so near and dear to her heart.
>It was hidden away in a secret room of the Carousel Boutique that Anon accidentally managed to stumble into.
>It's proof that the horror of war hasn't completely devoured her love for beauty.
>Naturally, Rarity is furious that her privacy was invaded in such a way even if it was an accident.
>However Anon knows that because of this, she can still be reached.
>They get into an argument about why she didn't destroy the dress if she's so dedicated to only the bare necessities for survival.
>"Do you think I wouldn't destroy this dress if I ever needed to?! Do NOT test me, Anonymous!"
"You're bluffing. Even if you aren't, you and I both that if you did destroy it, you would absolutely hate yourself for the rest of your life. You don't need to be ashamed of something you love!"
>"I am not ashamed of it!"
"Then why hide it away? It's something beautiful that deserves to be shared with the whole world."
>"BECAUSE IN WAR, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR BEAUTY! Anything that can't help you survive is only something that could potentially get you or the ponies you care about killed!"
"News flash, the war is over!"
>"There will be another war! There always is! Your race's own history proves it!"
"That's true. I can't deny that. But right now there isn't a war. Wouldn't this time of peace be better spent enjoyed rather than being constantly afraid of a war that you won't even know will happen anytime soon?"
>That stops her for a moment.
>"I-I.. I can't, Anonymous. It could happen at anytime, and if my parents or Sweetie or ANYPONY I cared about died because I wasn't prepared for it then... I don't think I could go on living."
File: 1406396262513.gif (441 KB, 245x302)
441 KB
441 KB GIF
The aftermath of war brings forth some unbelievable pieces of all kinds of art. Rarity with her talent and empathy would greatly add to eventual cultural renaissance of the post-war Equestria because of how deeply she herself was wounded. She would be Shostakovich of fashion.

I would very much like to see this continued to the very end since I feel like no matter how bitter it is it can also be rather sweet by the time she's fully healed.

"Do you think they would be happy watching you deny yourself the things that you love because it would keep them safe?"
>"No, but they would understand that I was only doing it for them."
"Sweetie told me she's worried about you."
>The unicorn filly had asked you to try and help her sister.
>She and their parents had tried but the former fashionista refused to see reason.
>"She shouldn't be. I'm the older sister. I'm supposed to be the one worried about her."
"Family worries about you even when you don't want them to. That's what they're supposed to do, Rarity."
>She turns to you with a haunted expression that spoke of horrors no one, human or pony, should have to see.
>"I can't stop, Anonymous. Every time I close my eyes I see the mangled corpses of the ponies I grew up with. Princess Luna does her best, yet sometimes when I sleep those corpses turn into those of my parents and Sweetie Belle. I don't blame her, thousands of ponies must be experiencing similar nightmares all over Equestria and she's only one mare. But I have to do everything in my power so those dreams don't become a reality."
>She starts to break down, tears appearing at the edge of her eyes.
>You're unsure at first, but you decide to kneel down and hug the mare who had unknowingly wormed her way into your heart.
>She flinches at first, but after a moment relaxes into your embrace.
"Just... take a break, at least. One day where you do nothing but relax. That's all I ask of you. It's counterproductive if you work yourself into the hospital, right?"
>"I don't know how anymore..." she says, her voice full of pain.
"What did you do before the war?"
>"I'd go to the spa with a friend or two, but the spa was destroyed... Aloe survived, but she hasn't been the same without her sister."
"Anything else?"
>"I'd eat ice cream..."
"Then I'll get you so much ice cream that you'll gain 20 pounds by the time the day is over."
>Even now she cringes at the thought of gaining so much weight.
File: IMG_3656.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
>"I'd go to the spa with a friend or two, but the spa was destroyed... Aloe survived, but she hasn't been the same without her sister."


File: 814612.png (474 KB, 1100x1200)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Sometimes you need to realize how easily it can all be broken to appreciate it more.
>Anon learns how to massage from the remaining twin
>this inspires her to live for both her and her sister's sake, and she reopens the spa
>it's hard going at first, but an unexpected boon comes when Aloe is matched with her own human
>after a few years, a new set of twins is running around the spa
>>it's hard going at first, but an unexpected boon comes when Aloe is matched with her own human
>>after a few years, a new set of twins is running around the spa
File: 1426616976662.jpg (21 KB, 256x268)
21 KB
>after a few years, a new set of twins is running around the spa
That was really cute
File: The Broken Carousel.png (1.17 MB, 1280x720)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
I dare you to try and stop me, Anon.

"So what do you say?"
>"I'm not sure."
"It'll probably get your family to stop bothering you for a bit?"
>Left unsaid was the fact that you were collaborating with them, and the both of you know it.
>She sighs, "Fine."
>You grin, releasing her from the hug.
>"But just one day! That's it!" she said.
"Okay." you said nonchalantly, standing up and walking out of the room.
>"I mean it, Anonymous!" she insisted.
"Sure you do, Rarity."
"I'll see you tomorrow!" you say as you exit the Carousel Boutique for the day.

>You are Rarity
>You already feel like you've made a great lapse in judgement.
>You huff as the alien you've been forced to interact with leaves your home.
>You have better things to do than waste time when you could be acquiring more supplies for the bunker!
>But... you suppose ONE day wouldn't hurt.
>Anonymous and your family would be happy, then you can go back to being productive.
>You missed ice cream too.
>You raised a foreleg and sniffed, your face scrunching up at the smell.
>You could definitely stand to start bathing regularly again too.
>There's nothing wrong with that, right?
>Bathing isn't wasteful. It lowers the chance of catching diseases.
>You turn to look at the dress that had sparked your current predicament.
>You really should hide it in a more secure place...
>Maybe there's enough space in the bunker? Perhaps if you did some renovations you could fit it in as well as everything else on the list.
>Still though, you sigh.
>Anonymous had you. You couldn't destroy this dress even if it meant life or death.
>Too many hours spent fussing over every little aspect of its design, worried that if it wasn't absolutely perfect then you would fail.
>But when you passed, it was the happiest day of your life second only to when you first got your cutie mark.
>Like your family, it was something you deeply cherished left over from a happier time.
File: 1457091948515.jpg (648 KB, 1500x1611)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
Oh man, I'm sick as hell and have no waifu to cuddle. Why does the world wish me to suffer so.
I really like this green and appreciate your determination.
Almost as importantly,
>no waifu to coddle you
File: 1403726712285.png (128 KB, 435x633)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
>tfw no thick wing blanket to keep your chills away

>You are still Rarity
>It's odd. You felt a lot better after last night.
>It was as if the bath had washed some of your stress away in addition to the dirt.
>Add in a dreamless sleep and you felt better than you had in a while...
>Not pre-war good, but it was nice.
>Breakfast was the same as it had been since the war stated, tasteless oat rations.
>Normal food production was slowly starting to pick up again, now that Sombra's forces weren't constantly burning down farms anymore.
>You wondered where Anon would even get ice cream. Luxury foods were expensive now.
>Would he somehow import it from his home world?
>You were seated at your kitchen table, wearing your pink bathrobe and slippers.
>The newspaper was held before you in your telekinetic grip.
>You had already escorted Sweetie Belle to school.
"Huh, so it appears Commander Sparkle got roped into the Initiative as well."
>Twilight Sparkle, an alumni of Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns, had been something of a shut-in for most of her life.
>However when the war broke out, she did her part by applying her brilliant mind and talent for spellcrafting to the battlefield.
>She rapidly rose through the ranks for her tactical skills, becoming a war hero in the same vein of Commander Rainbow Dash of the Air Squadron.
>She was also the younger sister of the esteemed Captain Shining Armor, proving she was no less skilled in warfare
>See, now THERE'S a pony you could agree needed to be dragged into this damned program.
>A brilliant and powerful unicorn like her going crazy? She'd end up as bad as Sombra was.
>You could see Cadance's logic there.
>You on the other hand? You were just a dressmaker who failed to make it big in Manhattan, got drafted into making uniforms for the war effort, and had to go crawling back home after everything was over.
>Your eyes perked up as you looked up from the newspaper.
>"Rarity?" you heard a familiar male voice call from outside.
File: 1452474881914.png (417 KB, 1280x800)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
We live to suffer, to prove our worthiness.
>>She was also the younger sister of the esteemed Captain Shining Armor, proving she was no less skilled in warfare
glad you referenced him
File: 1496267660864.jpg (22 KB, 480x910)
22 KB
>two seasons left
>no Limestone episode in sight
>Due to their relatively abrupt arrival, humans have almost zero defenses against illnesses in equestria.
>Fortunately, this lack of resistance allows latent equestrian magic to infuse their bodies with various side effects, one of these being a supercharged immune system, easily able to thwart any harmful invader.
>Unfortunately, while safe from deadly diseases, this defense manifests as a nigh constant flu as the humans body desperately tries to adapt to it's new enviroment.

Not sure if its a memey HFY thing but i've heard our immune systems are ridiculously tuned compared to other animals.
>a nigh constant flu
Man fuck that, I think I'd rather off myself.
It's probably for the best.
It's awful having a bitchpony waifu and constantly worrying about the writers getting a wild hair and deciding to scoop out her personality in the name of "redemption". RIP, Diamond Tiara
If only the writers were competent; an ep featuring AJ and Limestone exploring their parallel life situations would be amazing.
You're right, DT getting an episode was the absolute worst thing that could have happened.
I mean, she had to learn about noblesse oblige and get over her beef with Apple Bloom eventually, but CotLM was a fucking trainwreck, like MMC: Filly Edition.
The filly who worked with the CMC to turn the Foal Free Press into a relatively serious paper with adult readers in multiple towns and the filly who wanted to replace the schoolhouse's playground equipment with a giant gold statue of herself may as well be two different characters.
It could have been handled so much better, if only they gave a shit.
>It could have been handled so much better, if only they gave a shit.
Might as well be the shows tagline.
#3 definitely. The RGM threads have some comfy green.
File: 1514364364548.png (1.08 MB, 1400x1400)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
>>See, now THERE'S a pony you could agree needed to be dragged into this damned program
>>A brilliant and powerful unicorn like her going crazy? She'd end up as bad as Sombra was
way to go, you've just given a lurking, lazy-ass writefag an idea that he probably won't follow through on
the lazy-ass lurking writefag is me

>Anonymous? Here so early?
>You get up from the table and walk to the front door
>You open it to see the human male with a grin on his face, carrying a human sized backpack looked filled to burst and a shoulder bag in similar condition.
>You raise an eyebrow.
“You’re here early.”
>And you don’t smell anymore.” he countered.
>You scoff, rolling up the newspaper and bopping him on the forehead with it,
>”I’m not lying am I?”
“Oh, shut up in get in here.”
>Anonymous does so, crouching down to fit through your pony-sized doors but eventually making it inside.
>”Where’s your freezer? I need to put these tubs inside before they melt.”
“In the kitchen. Here, I’ll do it for you.”
>You remove his shoulder bag with telekinesis and place it on the kitchen table.
>You unzip the bag and walk over to see what the brought.
>The sight of it all confuses you for a moment.
>Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio, Cookie Dough, Cookies & Cream, Butter Pecan,..
“How much ice cream did you get?”
>he shrugs, “I didn’t know what flavors you liked, so I got one of everything that the store had.”
>Ugh. In the past you would have been simply flattered but now you just felt guilty about all the money he had to have spent.
>You know they don’t pay the factory workers at Sweet Apple Acres all that much.
>While he had an additional stipend from Princess Cadance due to being part of the Initiative, luxury products like this weren’t cheap anymore.
>You stare up at him with a frown.
“How much did this all cost?”
>He waves you off, “Don’t worry about it. Oh, that’s not all I brought with me either.”
>Anonymous pulled off his backpack, unzipping it to reveal these strange thin rectangular containers.
oh, fuck it.
green coming sometime tomorrow about post-war Commander Sparkle
File: Portable DVD Player.jpg (33 KB, 500x436)
33 KB
>You pick one up and look at the cover. It depicted a blonde female human in a blue dress staring into the eyes of a brown-haired human male.
>In the bottom left corner there appeared to be three mice, and in the background was a castle and a carriage in the distance.
>Across the top of the container there was a logo that read-
>You open the container to reveal a small disc with artwork similar to that on the cover.
>You look up at Anonymous, confusion probably clear as day on your face.
“What is this?”
>His smile widens, “That, my dear friend, is a DVD.”
>You roll your eyes.
"And what, pray tell, is a DVD?"
>"A movie."
>Movies were this new fad that started to take off just before the war. Unfortunately, like many things in Equestria it was repurposed to serve the war effort.
>You had seen a few of them in Manehattan on your rare days off.
>They used to tell lighthearted fantasy stories, but they had rapidly become propaganda pieces encouraging ponies to join the army and fight against Sombra.
>You stopped going to them after that.
"Is this some kind of minature film reel?"
>"You could call it that. I brought these from home I heard you ponies had movies?"
>You nod, curious.
"Yes, but how are we supposed to watch these without a projector?"
>Anonymous reaches into his bag again, and pulls out this black device with a clamshell design.
>He opens it, and you notice that it has a screen.
>"On this. You just put the DVD inside it, and it plays the movies on this small screen. I brought it and my DVD collection with me from home when I signed up for the Initiative."
>You were gaping.
>You had heard that human technology was advanced, but portable devices that you could watch movies on?
>"I brought a bunch of movies I thought you'd like. I figured we could watch these while we watch. What do you think?"
>You needed a moment to gather your words.
"I think..." you began, "We should probably get started."
And... done. Probably going to continue this on Friday, seeing as I have work all day tomorrow and Thursday.

Criticisms and suggestions are appreciated.

Go for it, Anon. I'd like to see other people's take on this idea.
Can't wait, the Crystal War timeline is not really touched on as much as it should, and having Anon husbandos help veterans re-adjust would be a good way to use the setting. I'm guessing she's still a unicorn?
I'm guessing she's still a unicorn?

That was my intention. Don't know where the other Anon is going to take it.
All of this war-talk has been giving me many an idea for stories. Looking back at the responses to the prompt roster, a couple of these stories might go well with some ideas swirling around in muh brain. I'll be delivering a better pitch for the couple I'm going to be working with as Insight's green comes to a close.

Are we namefagging now? I mean, I'm not averse to it, but just a bit of a curious question for you anons on whether us writefags really should.
>I apologise for small updates
It's ok, you're still doing excellent.
File: 1513999952130.png (31 KB, 520x390)
31 KB
I don't want her to cry
Well I have a pastebin that at some point I'm going to put the green into. Might as well keep it and all my other stories in one place so I don't lose track of them.

I only really namefag when writefagging or giving response about my story anyway. I'd love to hear your pitch.

I'd l
If I may make a suggestion? I wouldn’t have this Twilight still be Celestia’s personal student. She can still get into Celestia’s School For Gifted Unicorns, because the headcanon that the egg test was designed to fail to see how prospective students react to failure is a good one.

But without the magic surge caused by the Sonic Rainboom that actually hatched Spike, she didn’t get Celestia’s personal attention. So her true potential wasn’t really known until she joined the army.

I'll leave the question of namefagging up for now, not sure how I feel about it.

For the pitch, whenever I get through with writing Insight's story, I'm thinking of going with the first prompt of the roster, especially considering the feedback >>31653743 gave. I'll probably be tweaking a few things over time, but the idea of an Ambassador caught my attention. As of now, the current idea I'm forumlating is that Anon ends up matched to an Ambassador from a faraway foreign land. The people of this land are very skeptical of the magic of love and magic in general, though the noble that acts as ambassador would be willing to entertain the notion. From them, Anon would explore the strange, alien culture they possess and see things from a non-Equestrian standpoint. I still intend on keeping Equestria cute n' shit, but in this mysterious land of mystery and obscurified shit, strife brews until a cold crisis goes hot. I'm not sure what to do from there, but I think I will have the Ambassador and Anon be observers to this crisis.

Go for it. Worldbuilding is always fun.
oh boi
Excellent, so far this shapes up to be a nice story, eagerly waiting for more.

These sound pretty good too, a lot of potential here. I'd like to see these stories written as well.
Would there be some kind of pony thing that humans are susceptible to, other than disease? Like the natives and alcohol.
this sounds like something the princesses should be informed of. Maybe in the time she was locked away more has been found out about that thing. and shurly luna has encountered things like this in dreams.
Love the story I have seen so far. I would say, it could even warrant it's own thread, if enough showed interest. Maybe call it "After the War" or something, and give a basic premise behind the thread. Maybe help lay out some basics behind it/ why the Initiative story is there/ etc.
File: 1514244424234.jpg (30 KB, 480x461)
30 KB
You know what I meant. Don't tell me that, man.
To be loved by another is a foreign experience for me
To be touched kindly is the same
what if the heart/magic doesnt know what its doing, and just matching people at random, but it all works out because they think it has to
That would become pretty obvious quick
It could be reading out of a phone book for all I care. I just want the chance to make someone happy, someone who will love me back.
File: Spoiler Image (67 KB, 600x398)
67 KB
>not wanting to fuck a large dog
Help me /nmp/ you're my only hope.
Athough human women are no longer attractive to me, my dick still seems to respond to anthro mares.
Is this a tolerable amount of degeneracy or should i discipline myself towards mare only?
Ween yourself, my man.
An anthro mare is a corruption of the purity and perfection that is a mare. By extension, a perversion of the equine soul as seen through the lens of humanity. Go on fapping if you desire, but also be aware that what you view is tainted and cannot be cleansed. The womanly form will impress upon your benis in time, and weaken your resistance to the treacherous whims of the thot.
The real magic was inside you all along!
Can you give me some insight/tips on how you write your stories?
Do you make character sheets for your acteurs?
How many drafts do you write moreover so do you create a scene list?
I want to write entertaining stories, but I hate diving head first into uncertainty without a plan.
Let me give you some advice.

For the love of God, don’t go into a story without a plan. I did it once in the Dazzling thread, ran out of ideas after a week, and dropped the story out of frustration. It’s why I mainly write oneshots. They’re easy to do by the seat of your pants because no one expects you to continue them.

Admittedly I broke that rule again with this idea, but I actually have plenty of ideas about where the story could go and I have a little time before my next update to start jotting it all down and figure out a plot outline.

The fact that you know not to start writing without a plan is a good start. In my experience, writing entertaining scenes is a matter of copying what you think is entertaining. I’ve read and reread a lot of fanfics over the years, so I have a general idea how to not be complete shit.

Try doing that and see where it takes you.
Not him, but there's lots of ways.

>build the start and end goal
>List out what would have to happen, or what the core actions that you will go through to get from start to finish
>from here, build small sequence of events for each scene, so you have an idea of how to move around, or just start building scenes
This is just one way. Hope it helps.
I just start building scenes after the core actions, for my longer winded fic. For greens I just go with the flow with an end scene in mind for each section I do. I don't keep character sheets, either, but that's just cause I will end up going against it anyways.
Little mares are cute and perfect. CUTE AND PERFECT!
But I don't deserve the love of a cute little mare. I'd never subject something so beautiful and pure to my ugliness. I deserve to die alone.
File: Spoiler Image (677 KB, 1024x1482)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
What if the crystal heart matched you with a sweet little mule?
Man and MARE
A mare mule. Who are you to defy the crystal heart?
>he wouldn't fuck Matilda
Haha faggot
Then the crystal heart is obviously dysfunctional because it's supposed to match me with my perfect match.
File: Unfctavia.png (170 KB, 1024x850)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Unless it's Octavia the crystal can fuck off.
File: 1451621739018.png (366 KB, 940x786)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
>half anthro
Daily reminder that [she] loves (you) just as fiercely and unreservedly as (you) love [her]
When one loves into the abyss, the abyss loves back.
The concept of that is pretty difficult to grasp. Someone actually unconditionally loves me? Sure, buddy. I totally believe you.
File: Pout.png (136 KB, 571x310)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
>but that's the thing, isn't it? How can you expect anyone to love you, really love you, when not even you love you?
File: 1514878191354.jpg (48 KB, 447x589)
48 KB
>tfw don't feel love
k then
>when genuine love is less believable than dimensional travel
Humanity was a mistake.
Autists may rrreeeeee, but you should only fap to what your dick tells you, not others. Anthro is a thing, despite local beliefs, and you are in free part of internet, not in kwangmyong. Being scared of dying furries fandom is local degeneracy, not something based on reason or relatedness.
File: Maud yawn.png (136 KB, 373x310)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
It's the extremely simple things like holding [her] that tend to hurt the most in their absence.

Love is giving someone control of a dagger poised over your heart, and then fighting tooth and nail to keep it there.
>Get taken to Equestria to meet your match
>Cantdance stops half way through the portal, in the infinite darkness of the Between, looking unsure
>"Alright, this is him," she says into the void
>The void answers back with a giddy squee
>Out of the abyss a poner darker than midnight gallops, mane like roiling nebulas and with the silvery eyes of a total eclipse
>She flings herself into you, buries her face in your chest, hooves tight around your waist
>She's deathly cold, and when she speaks her voice is a lilting toll of mourning church bells
>"I've watched so many of you pass," she says and fixes you with a look that could melt entire planets of ice, "all your life before cast aside - your world, your family..."
>A guilty look saddens her gaze for a second
>"... sometimes even yourselves - for the chance of meeting someone, somepony no less, you may never even have heard of that you could love and be loved by in turn. I had never known jealousy or longing before then, as I had never felt mirth until now, until you."
>She nuzzled back into your chest as you floated near to the dimensional bridge you'd come in on, the infinite locks of her mane floating all around, a bit of it tickling your nose
>Cannedants isn't sure how you'll react, and for a moment neither are you until you look down and see her, eyes screwed shut, trying to wrap as much of her little self as she can around you
>You return the hug and run a hand through her mane, the texture hard to describe, like touching the very essence of silk
>Voidpone sighs happily at your touch, and feels just a bit warmer than she had before
>Cadance breathes a sigh of relief before beckoning you two along to Equestria, wondering all the while where the hell the Heart keeps finding these strange mares
File: Elderitch gf.jpg (60 KB, 858x664)
60 KB
>The void answers back with a giddy squee
My heart.
File: 1493179402984.jpg (118 KB, 1100x618)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>Cadence is doing another batch of matches.
>Then she stops when an odd result pops up.
>She does a redo to be sure the Heart was right.
>Then her own heart sinks when the result is the same.
>The Heart matched a human...
>...To herself.
>She tries to redo it at least ten times with the same result.
>It throws everything she knows out of whack. She's married already! How could she possibly make this work? How is she-!
>Wait. She recalls Twilight saying something about a magic cloning pond. The mirror pool or something?
>Yes... It's perfect.
>When you were told that your match was a little unusual, you weren't sure what to expect.
>With magic ponies, it could be anything.
>But you certainly weren't expecting a grinning Cadence to introduce you to... Her eager sister?
>Even in the rather abridged version of the Equestrian history book you got, it should have mentioned another princess...
>What the fuck is going on?
Anon, I hate to piss on your parade, but the heart only really matched unhappy/lonely ponies, not the ones who were married.
Even with the cloning pool handwave, I'm going to have to call shenanigans on this one.
Else the heart knows their time is over, and in 4 years she will find herself awake at 3 AM eating squeeze cheese directly from a can and contemplating the jealous murder of cadence the second.
I'm not just going to stand here and let you turn this into a softcore NTR general, Anon.
There's more than enough of that shit here.
Just because Shining and Cadence are great together doesn't mean they could not fall for others if they never met or something. It's a crafty move on Cadence's part to use a perfect clone so she can keep her unbroken match streak going without trying to add a 3rd wheel to herself and Shining.

>It's New Year's Eve in Equestria, and so you've been invited to Twilight Sparkle's party at the Castle of Friendship.
>Well, dragged to her party, more like.
>Princess Twilight Sparkle is still dismayed at your continuing lack of progress in making new friends.
>In fact, she told you to your face that if you didn't come to her party promptly at 9PM, she would personally hunt you down and teleport you to the party herself.
>You hate teleporting.
>Four times out of five, it results in you tossing your cookies.
>So here you are, at a party full of candy-colored ponies.
>Only seven of whom you know personally.
>Eight, if you count Spike.
>Pinkie Pie, naturally, has been prodding you to join into the activities.
>Occasionally dragging you into them by the hand.
>Applejack has made sure you always have at least a half-full cup of cider in your hand.
>Not that cider does much for you anyhow.
>The only reason you're still wearing the garishly decorated party hat that Rarity presented you with is that Twilight gives you a look every time you try to take it off.
>Rainbow Dash was late to the party.
>Yeah, she can be late, but you can't.
>You didn't know Starlight Glimmer very well, and thus far she has awkwardly attempted to strike up a conversation with you three times.
>The conversations never went anywhere because your responses were equally awkward.
>So here you are in the corner watching the party, with a cup half-full of ineffective cider and pockets full of spaghetti.
>The magic hour of midnight is fast approaching, but you don't really feel like joining the pony conga line in progress.
>In spite of Lyra's repeated requests for you to put your hands on her.
>There are just a few stallions here, but they quickly cliqued up in little pools of conversation about stuff you really can't find it in yourself to care about.
>Seriously, the gender balance in this town is way out of whack.
>It's no wonder then that-
>"Oh, h-hey there Anon..."
>Speak of the devil.
>her clone falls for Shining as soon as she sees him
>even though she's supposed to be with her match, she thinks about him a lot, envious of the "real" Cadence
>meanwhile the "real" Cadence notices she can't resist her match as well and starts to think it was a mistake making a clone just for that
>the cycle of cuckoldry is complete
Okay first off, fuck you.
The Heart matching an already-matched mare is completely counter to its purpose.
Additionally, by matching an already matched/married mare, it implies that their True Love is somehow deficient. And if True Love can be "deficient" then it's not really true love, now is it?
And that just fucking opens the doors to a guy getting a letter saying "yeah we know we matched you to your wife with a 99% happiness rating, but a 100% match showed up so hit the dirt". And honestly, fuck that line of thought entirely.
File: The Yellow Menace.png (367 KB, 3000x3000)
367 KB
367 KB PNG

"Hello Fluttershy."
>What a surprise.
>She wouldn't try anything on you with all these witnesses around.
>You hope.
>You have so far managed to steer clear of "spin the bottle" and "seven minutes in heaven".
>Even when Pinkie tried to shove you into the closet herself.
>"So... are you enjoying the party Anon?"
>Fluttershy is so shy and quiet that if she hadn't of spoken up, you might have forgotten she was there.
"I'm not really comfortable with big parties full of people- er, ponies I don't know."
>"Oh, I understand. You're the type that prefers intimate little gatherings."
>She looks up at you with a hopeful smile.
>"Like, just for two, maybe?"
>Yeah, the last time she had managed to get you alone had ended with you running away as best as you could with your trousers at half-mast.
>Under that shy and kind exterior, there lurks a wild pony full of desire.
"Depends on the pony."
>You keep your answers non-committal, in the hope that she will get bored and wander off.
>No such luck.
>"So have you... found a pony you like yet?"
"No, not really-"
>You clap a hand over your mouth to shut yourself up, but the widening grin on Fluttershy's face tells you that ship has sailed.
>"Everypony! The countdown has started!!"
>Twilight's enthusiastic announcement is met by a round of cheers from the assembled ponies.
>"Well, if you're not formally dating anyone, maybe you would reconsider my-"
>"HEY there Anon! Making any New Years resolutions?"
>Saved by Rainbow Dash, of all ponies.
"I hadn't really thought about-"
>Rainbow playfully pokes a hoof into your soggy midsection.
>"Maybe you ought resolve to get in better shape, dude!"
>Gee thanks, I needed that.
"I'll think about it."
>"Awesome! The magic hour is almost here, you'd better find a partner to kiss!"
"Wait, what?"
>But it's too late, she has dashed off to another corner of the party.
>True to her name.
"What is she talking about?"
>"It's an old tradition." Fluttershy explains.
File: Weapons-grade cute.gif (53 KB, 1154x950)
53 KB

>"At the stroke of midnight, every pony shares a kiss with someone they love."
>Suddenly Fluttershy's purpose in seeking you out at this particular time becomes all too clear to you.
>Your brain goes into overdrive as you try to think up a way out of this situation.
>"FIFTEEN!" a number of ponies cry out in unison.
"W-well, that's not what we do where I'm from..."
>You lie like a rug.
>The volume grows as more ponies join the countdown.
>Fluttershy looks at you inquisitively.
>"What do humans do on New Year's Eve?"
"Um, well, we find someone we... think of as a friend, and we..."
"...boop them on the nose."
>Wow, that was just lame as hell.
>"We're friends, aren't we Anon?"
"Well, yeah, when you're not trying to..."
>You find yourself unable to complete that thought out loud.
"I suppose we are."
>You finish half-heartedly.
>"You can boop my nose, if you want to..."
>Well... if it's just a boop, that might be kinda cute.
>You find yourself imagining how cute Fluttershy's scrunchy face would look when you boop her.
>Maybe Fluttershy doesn't have any lewd designs on you tonight.
>It would be a welcome relief.
"Alright Fluttershy. Here comes the boop."
>You prepare your booping finger and slowly move it towards her nose.
>In her typically cute, timid way, Fluttershy recoils slightly from you, her eyes fixed on your finger.
>The sound of the ponies voices reaches a crescendo as the climax of the countdown inexorably approaches.
>With a sudden smile and a gleam in her eye, Fluttershy parts her lips and leans forward, closing her lips over the tip of your finger.
>You stiffen at the contact.
>In more ways that one.
>Balloons and confetti drop from the ceiling as Fluttershy slowly sucks on your finger, leaning further forward until she has taken it in her mouth all the way up to the knuckle.
File: She made it weird.gif (793 KB, 451x284)
793 KB
793 KB GIF

>Your protest is drowned out by a sea of cheering ponies, as Fluttershy slowly leans back, gradually releasing your finger from her mouth.
>The tip comes free with a soft pop.
>You're too shocked to move, a state which Fluttershy gleefully takes further advantage of.
>Poking her tongue out of her mouth, she slowly drags the warm, moist, quivering appendage up the length of your your finger and the back of your hand.
>Deciding that enough is enough, you start to pull your finger away.
>But Fluttershy seizes your wrist in both of her fore hooves with a grip kinda like iron.
>If iron didn't work out regularly.
>Fixing her eyes on yours, she starts sucking on your finger again.
"Dammit Fluttershy! I said boop, not oral sex! You made it weird!"
>"Hey Fluttershy! Does Nonny taste good?"
>Of all the times for Pinkie Pie to show up...
>Bouncing over to you with wild abandon, the pink party pony leaps up and wraps her fore hooves around your neck.
>Pinkie Pie sticks her tongue out and licks your face.
>She takes her own sweet time doing it too, in spite of your attempts to pry her off of you.
"Pinkie Pie! Fluttershy! Let me go!"
>You feel a pony grab your other wrist, and see Lyra gleefully rubbing your hand all over her face.
>"Happy New Year Anonymous!"
>She licks it too.
>Starlight Glimmer emerges from the crowd, rears up and wraps her forelegs around your waist, nuzzling your chest.
>"Happy New Year Anon!"
>It's as though someone threw a switch.
>More and more ponies converge on your position, adding to a growing cuddle pile.
>Almost all of them mares.
>Fluttershy has, of course, claimed the prime spot atop your crotch, which is beginning to feel very damp.
>Dammit, Twilight Sparkle planned this!
>You cry out for help as you slowly sink beneath a sea of equine, feminine expressions of affection.
>And it was all started by...
>Fucking Fluttershy.
I gleefully await your calls for me to fuck off and take my off-topic green with me.
>>The void answers back with a giddy squee
Kek. I want a voidpone green now.
>Every story in which any marriage doesn't work out is a NTR story
Sure. sure, why not, I won't argue about that one. However, saying NTR is using a reference to a specific video game which not everyone knows about in order to communicate with actual humans and I so do wish you wouldn't. In either case, though, the demand exists.
>but it doesn't fit with the heart's function!
The heart is a source of knowledge that knows better than the ponies. Disobedience against it can only bring ruin. A situation where cadence tries to fight it and loses and suffers is the only logical conclusion.
>but it doesn't fit my arbitrary interpretation of the theme of the thread!
The stated theme of the thread is "man and mare = pure", not "mare + stallion = pure". It is literally a thread about genetically /pol/TM cucking all of pony kind. It is already soft core NTR.
>listen, I just want my particular kind of story!
cool. Define it and maybe someone will shovel you a green. As it happens, my actions and words have no bearing on this matter and neither do yours. As such, your accusation about my actions is garbage.
Normally I would just be happy about more green, but
Shining and cadence cannot possibly be a match made by the crystal because they were married before the crystal empire was taken back.
File: 1492232796524.png (614 KB, 1280x720)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
I was planning to do something like that but instead got into writing about Celestia. If no one else takes in the meantime I'm still going to do it later.
Okay, fine. Let's say, for the sake of argument, the heart can and does match you with married or otherwise attached ponies.
Is it morally right to go in and ruin what has been, up until that point, a happy family? A loving, stable home?
Is it right to rip a mother from her children just because some magic rock said so?
I'm sorry, but that's shit I will not accept. If I wanted to see women abandon their families in order to chase some new guy I'd stay on Earth.
>There is nothing more pure than love between a man and a mare.

State of Wisconsin doesn't think so.
>Prompt posted.
>Rather than not think about it too hard because "lolmagic" nmp decides to shit the bed instead.
The heart would be hard pressed to find any kind of female for the autists here.

>A mare having a 2nd 100% match is extremely rare but does happen sometimes with the sheer number of humans.
>Cadence typically waits for another available 100% to show themselves or offers and incentive for likely matches to sign up.
>She never expected herself to be one of those few to have a 2nd 100%.
>But some quick thinking with the mirror pool gives her a sister and keeps the poor human off the waitng list.
>It helps greatly that Shining and her new soon-to-be brother in-law get along, completing the odd little family without a hitch.
>The "Hey bro good taste in mare" joke got old fast though.
This uncanny seeming ugliness is what happens when you include absolute knowledge of any kind. Our understanding and morality is, to an absolutely huge degree, based around accounting for what we do not know and are not egotistical enough to claim to know. You either believe that the heart knows better than you, in which case you should listen to it always, or you believe the heart does not know better than you, in which case you should never listen to it ever because your normal creature guesses have a higher chance of being right then the arbitrary and stupid whims of some rock.

Also, your argument is "I don't like to think about the result, so the logic must be bad."
Honestly, I'm not sure if I would trust the rock either. So I would probably ignore it if it told me to drop a happy relationship, and I would probably just have to hope that it is wrong.
Or, the heart doesn't account for external factors other than raw matchability and we can acknowledge its straight data but make the final decision on our own. Don't get philosophical about this, because then you have to address why the rock is pairing us up in the first place. The answer to that is that this is all wish-fulfillment and no matter how much you want to twist it, it's literal cuck bullshit and you need to get out of this thread.
If you really want a "being the bull in an NTR/cuckold situation" fetish general, Anon, you're welcome to start your own.
on >>>/trash/ where it belongs.
>Or, heart not account for external factors - make final decision ourselves.
sounds like you agree, then. We either trust the rock or trust ourselves.
>Don't get philosophical about this
why not?
>because then you have to address why the rock is pairing us up in the first place
... again, why not? That sounds interesting and detailed and deep. Ohhhhh, you just don't like thinking about things.

if not with me, then must be a member of the opposition is coming out in full force tonight

Also, a lot of my argument was based on the idea that the heart spit out matches "mirror mirror on the wall" style, rather then making weird excel spreadsheet percentages. Given my new knowledge, the important bit of information that would make any of this relevant is Cadence checking her compatibility percentage with shining and finding a 33% or something worrisome like that, which could also happen.

Given the percentage format, it doesn't even seem reasonable to demand that every match is a 100%. Really, we ought to just settle for the highest percentages available. Imagine being a person who's highest match is like 50%. (The resulting relationship would almost be like regular life as the average human.)
File: (you).png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
>It is literally a thread about genetically /pol/TM cucking all of pony kind. It is already soft core NTR.
You're obviously shitposting to have missed the fact that the majority of us want Foals or that a common theme in the majority of these stories is that there isnt enough stallions.
You cant cuck somebody that doesnt exist.

It's a shit prompt and cuckoldry is a disgusting perversion of this threads purpose, no matter how much you window dress it by saying it's a clone.
But for the sake of argument, lets go with it.
>Mirror pool is used.
>Clone is as unintelligent and paper thin as the pinkie clones.
>If it has even a fraction of her powers, things gets fucked really quickly, possibly literally.
In addition, lets assume that everything with the clone and her anon is perfect and think about what other effects this prompt could have.
>Cadence now has a seed of doubt about her and shinings relationship, which would colour her interactions with him.
If she uses the heart to determine HIS perfect match and discovers it isnt her, but instead a random mare that shiny has never met before, what then?
Does she ignore it and settle for the fact the love she and her husband share is, for an absolute unshakable fact, not the best it could be for either of them?
Does she find the mare so that she can be matched with her soul mate?
Does she remove the clone and takes it place?
What about Flurry heart?

>Black and white fallacy.
Fuck off.
If this equestria you imagine is the type of place where a mare would leave a happy marriage just because she is more compatible with someone she has literally never met then it's one you can keep it to yourself.
File: mare.png (10 KB, 518x313)
10 KB
Mare could be a pony, Saddle Arabian, donkey, mule, zebra...
File: 1514242927221.png (670 KB, 1280x720)
670 KB
670 KB PNG
>reeeeeeeeeee I'm mad that ideas about unlikely events are breaking my wish fulfillment stop thinking you morons
File: A handy chart.png (330 KB, 624x621)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
>zebras/donkeys being horses
we wuz pones and sheeit
>is accused of black and white fallacy
>makes an impatient snap-judgment response accounting for only part of what was said

"Also, a lot of my argument was based on the idea that the heart spit out matches "mirror mirror on the wall" style, rather then making weird excel spreadsheet percentages"

>you're shitposting because we want foals
I said polTM cucking, which is to say raising the genetic material of other races. In that way, you are cucking the ponies as a species. This is what I was referring to.

and your responces to >>31660623 are also all "The results of the prompt make me uncomfortable, so it's wrong."
>or other equine animal
>or other equine animal
>or other equine animal
>or other equine animal
>You cant cuck somebody that doesnt exist.

Then they must be MADE to exist, so that they might be cucked!
Proper term for donkeys/mules would be jenny
you've got me on zebras, though.
honestly arguing semantics is better than giving the shitposter attention.
A mule can't give you foals. I would demand a do-over. I want foals, lots of foals.
>Does she ignore it and settle for the fact the love she and her husband share is, for an absolute unshakable fact, not the best it could be for either of them?
>Does she find the mare so that she can be matched with her soul mate?
>Does she remove the clone and takes it place?
>What about Flurry heart?
These are interesting questions that cause personal struggle with unclear, grey-area morality and interesting philosophical and psychological answers.
File: d4dd0x3.png (159 KB, 907x881)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
>Cadence checking her compatibility percentage with shining and finding a 33% or something worrisome like that, which could also happen
Now you just have to explain it why WOULD it be like that in the first place. That would actually imply that she's shit at her own special talent if she, the princess of love, couldn't see that she and Shining are a meh couple. Sure, you can say that her whole life with him is just a charade, the smiles, the actual, tangible love magic that was so strong it managed to BTFO Chrysalis, the child they have now - it's all actually a mistake and she chould've done better. Or maybe she's actually broken inside just waiting for someone better to come by: maybe she's settling for the time being, or maybe she doesn't know better yet, until you come along. Sure, she's the princess of love, why would she know anything about it.

But why would you assume any of those things in the first place? Sure, we all do a lot of assuming. You can say that there's no indication that any mare is actually lonely too, even those who've been adressed in the show like Cheerilee, so it's all our fantasies at work and nothing else. And that would be correct. It's all wish fulfillment here. But the truth is, these fantasies fit into the thread, while cuckoldry of any level just doesn't. It's that simple. If you want to imagine Cadence as a simple-minded thot who's actually unhappy in marriage and looks for an excuse to drop her family for you, even in a convoluted ways of cloning and such, go ahead, but don't reee at us when we don't applaud that line of thought.
you want to completely destroy your little mare's pussy? she'd never feel the same after the first foal
Then a mule is, factually, not compatible with you. That's a 0% match.
Before you know it griffons are going to say they're 1/128th pony and are entitled to free ficki ficki

we wuz 1/128th pone an shiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeet
>We either trust the rock or trust ourselves.
What part of this are you not getting? We can trust the rock to give us raw computational data, but since it doesn't account for external factors you have to account for them yourself. As the other dude said, not black and white
>why not?
>.. again, why not?
You retarded? Did you even read my post? Because this world isn't a real place- it's purely wish fulfillment that varies between people- there are no hard facts to base your NTR fetish shit on because once again it does not exist. If I say "The rock, every twenty four hours, magically spawns twenty quadrillion tons of cow shit" and then expect you to debate it, defending vehemently the obvious scat fetish bullshit, it is an exact comparison of what you're saying & has the same level of validation
File: Ready to clam slam.png (634 KB, 1536x642)
634 KB
634 KB PNG
To be fair, a mare's vagina is incredibly muscular and would suffer no ill effects of repeated birthing.
If anything, it would become stronger.
>hippogryphs are half pony
>gryphons start claiming they're half-hippogryph, therefore 1/4th pony
>the first gryphon admitted to the program gets matched with a 40-year-old parrot
I honestly wouldn't mind being matched to a qt little hippogryph mare.
File: 1514495558150.webm (285 KB, 656x720)
285 KB

Hippogryphs are qtp2t.

Are does fine, too?
File: Sea salt chips.png (186 KB, 579x594)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Hippocampi (seaponies) would also be somewhat related and in that gray area of "do they count or not".
>Winged niggers ruin a good thing
Seems about right

Does are deer, and therefore notpone.
So no they don't count.
File: 1514447085272.jpg (81 KB, 419x480)
81 KB

>Now you just have to explain
No no, that's for the writer to do.

If you are asking me, however, to come up with a hypothetical, I will. It wouldn't even be that hard. Shining is a military man and cadence knows him from babysitting twilight. They get along perfectly well, but haven't been in such tight quarters for so long and now have to deal with running a country and raising a daughter, which is new. They could get along because they are young and horny and it could be that the moment that their honeymoon phase wears off they will start passively aggressively chipping away at each other. In reality, that kind of thing is incredibly common.
>fish pussy
I don't think I'd be okay with this
File: 130906353226.jpg (33 KB, 419x490)
33 KB
You're right, apologies.

You're correct, try starting your own thread with that premise as this isnt the place for it.

They're made of marshmallow anon, marshmallow and love.
Even Limestone pie

>If anything, it would become stronger.
>"Mare giving birth to her 13th foal: I am growing stronger."
>In reality, that kind of thing is incredibly common.
>In reality.
Found the problem.
We're talking about Equestria and being with MARES, not women on earth dear, do keep up.
>w-w-well they're TECHNICALLY p-ponies so it counts...
>And this other things TECHNICALLY counts...
This type of slippery slope is how the fucking rock pairs you to an actual animal.

Mares or death. No compromise.
I wanna write some green. Anyone have a premise for one that hasn't been done? Or a request?
File: Sad little seapone.jpg (42 KB, 368x387)
42 KB
Dolphin, technically, since they're mammals.
>you will never be Anon's little mermare
...shit, if i could write, that'd be a possible story. Seapony pulls a Little Mermaid, only without the "selling her voice and father's kingdom" part. Transformative magic is canon, after all.
>swimming around in a vast cesspool of hers and other creatures' shit and piss
She'd have to give up ocean life permanently. I ain't even about that shit.
Can't find limits if you don't question them, Anon.
And that's why you wouldn't be matched with one.
Besides, you say that like a match with a seapony wouldn't have set up some kind of seaside tank option like they do in aquariums.
>>More and more ponies converge on your position, adding to a growing cuddle pile.
That's pretty cute and cozy.
File: 1511637574528.png (479 KB, 1073x2000)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
AnonxMeadowbrook maybe?
File: Infinite Taco Fiesta.gif (39 KB, 206x478)
39 KB
AnonXPonk where she's clueless about love and lewd.
File: 1431525015641.png (325 KB, 690x891)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
>>You cry out for help as you slowly sink beneath a sea of equine, feminine expressions of affection.
Man, I don't know why he's complaining. Never understood why Anon never just fucked the crazy out of Fluttershy in these stories either.
>finds a particular pony either unattractive or just not to his taste
>lol why don't he fuck her
File: 1481530561938.jpg (29 KB, 500x591)
29 KB
Could've just said he was gay, Anon.
I don't want to be matched with Flutters, I can't even imagine the jealousy from Discord.
File: 1513405800713.png (381 KB, 960x1024)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
As long as you don't cut into his occasional tea time with her, there should be no problems. Maybe you could even come to tea time with her to Discord's place once or twice, see how it is.
Meadowbrook probably has a stinky pussy.
File: unf.png (29 KB, 500x494)
29 KB
>That mane
>That voice
>Great with animals
Be still my aching dick.
File: 1511712023318.png (806 KB, 1280x987)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
I feel it
>not having a smelly marepussy fetish
Even if he would be cool, I still would be uncomfortable around that ... thing.
File: 1445863186835.jpg (103 KB, 728x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I think Discord would be a pretty fun friend to have.
trips why
Meadowbrook is a healer, she has to have at least some level of hygiene
but look at that knotted, greasy, nasty mess of a mane
if she can't even keep her mane presentable what hope does her pussy have?
Keep posting, kill this thread.
I don't care how nasty my little mare's pussy is, I'll still love her. I'll bathe her and clean her down there before we make love.
>be walking along the path to flutter's cottage
>suddenly your entire body is a duck's
>he spends a good 10 minutes making duck puns and quacking at you before you get your normal body back
He's a walking existential crisis, is what he is

As long as it's the sexy kind of stink then we're good. No fungal rot pls.
New thread
>You retarded? Did you even read my post? Because this world isn't a real place- it's purely wish fulfillment tha
this bit right here
this is where you see me thinking and say "autist" and I see you NOT and I say "brainlet"
is that "no compromise" as in "all equine females" or as in "all horse females"?
which one is supposed to be the compromise

god damnit, you are missing the point of a prompt. The scenario does not determine the outcome. If the rock matches cadence with someone else, then her resulting questioned resolve is a perfect opportunity for you to express the benefits of her resolve in the face of those particular doubts. If you actually believed in the purity and strength of marriage, you would be overjoyed to receive a hypothetical green where a woman is offered an opportunity for thot-ery and rejects it.

Further, in basally all scenarios, the magic stands for something real and/or works as a .puzzle piece for some intelectually stimulating mystery or fight.

When you described the shit production thing, my immediate thought was "what would they do with all that shit." My secondary thought was "Wait, that's violating conservation of mass." and my next throught was "I wonder how the heart would handle attempting to fill an area with no remaining room? What would be the maximum density and what happens in case of inability to expel the shit?" Hypotheticals have meanings and results, that's what lets us even comprehend them in the first place.
File: ashitmaymay.png (104 KB, 500x446)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
>Hugging her brings a familiar, but long forgotten feeling in your chest as it loosens up.
>That was true love right there.
>You care for her, and she for you.
>Too good to be true.

Anyone else had text related? It was literally the worst and best thing in my life.
And before you ask, I believe it was Twi.

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