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My mane is Autunite, and I am a Crystal Pony. Mare, to be specific. I am writing this letter just for you, anonymous reader, as somepony advised me that it would be smarts to keep something to be remembered if I die. The thing is, good Ponies don't die! Only the really bad ones like King Sombra. And I don't know what else to write for now, so have a doodle.

>You finish the let's call it a letter with a nice doodle of your smiling mom and dad. They are nice Ponies and you love them very much. You hope to write to them soon, maybe at the next stop?
>Then you pocket the paper sheet in your good-looking and stylish purple uniform blouse. Purple like your new Empress, Amethyst, who replaced Cadence recently.
>Crystal Empire for the Crystal Ponies and whatnot was the reason of this change, but you aren't really into politics. Arts and Crafts are way funnier than boooring debates and speeches you had to listen since the bloodless coup happened.
>>"What's this?" your friend, Thulecite, the regiment wizard, asks sticking her head right over your back. "Hey nice doodles, Auty! Can you draw me something too?"
"Oh sure thing!" you reply happily, nuzzling the skyblue twinkling mare. "What would you like?"
>>"Something like, abstract, Aut. Can you draw fractals?"
"Aren't these magically summoned or something like that?"
>>"No, of course not. Or maybe. I don't know, I slept on that lesson."
"And they made /you/ our regiment wizard" you chuckle but without any malice. "Off to a great start."
>>"Come on, just one simple fractal, give it any form you want!"
"Okay, fine" you sigh defeated, letting go of Thulecite "but don't get your hopes too high, fractals require some serious artisan skills. And I doubt..."
>>"Shhh" she puts her hoof on your muzzle, muffling you. "Stop doing that. Every artist does that. Your skills are fiiiine, Auty. Now get to it, and I'll grab us some snacks, okay?"
>Again, you sigh and get out another sheet of paper from your notebook, but before you can even whip out the pencil you already discarded, the high brass screams something somewhere in the distance.
>>"Ah damn" Thulecite seems genuinely disappointed, as she rises up and trots towards the ruckus. As a designated wizard, she has some responsibilities to take care off.

>Not too long while later you find yourself marching onwards, apparently South.
>The rifle you have strapped on your side is still kind of heavy. Even after the rushed training you still aren't used to the weight and shape of it.
>On your left side Crazy Agate marches along, whistling and sometimes whispering something to herself.
>You are quite sure by this point that something is no yes about her, she's quite not right in the head, but she never did anything to displease you, so you guess she's cool.
>On your right, trots your Sarge Andesite, some old fart in real, full fledged Crystal Guard armour. He looks really serious and the short training taught you to obey his every word. However, he cares for you and your friends. Like, he really does.
>One day he even had an argument with the cook because the soup was too salty. That's how much he cares. And you like him for that, even if he's harsh.
>The rest of fellow Crystals you just talk to from time to time, as you aren't really interested in making too many friends. That's Agate's job.

>The weather is nice. It's sunny, warm, the grassy plains smell of pleasure and tasty meal. From time to time you even see soldiers just grazing besides the road, before they get chased back into the ranks by their officers.
>Sometimes somepony starts a marching song, and everypony else gladly joins. The mood is cheery, like you are on a field trip back at school, with officers being your teachers.
>Slowly but surely the ranks divide to their respective units, and you with your regiment are positioned on a rolling low hill.
>You and your Crystal buddies have much fun trying to see who will get to the top of the hill first. Then you roll down in the soft grass and climb it again, despite your Sargeant getting angery at you and the bunch.

>Soon, everypony calms down and gets more serious.
>In the distance, you can see gradually forming stormclouds, definitely work of the enemy Pegasi.
>Pffft, enemy.
>You still can't believe you have to call fellow Equestrians your enemies now. They're Ponies like you, just some of them have wings and other have horns. And well, they don't twinkle in the Sun. That's the thing /you/ guys and gals do. And you're quite proud of it.
>Do you know how awesome this twinkling effect looks on the photographs? You made sure to send two of these to your parents.
>Anyway, the storm keeps annoying you and making it's presence known by distant rumbling. Each of these rumbles makes Agate tremble, like she is afraid of something. Why these Pegasi are ruining such a fine day? You're pretty sure they are asking themselves this question as well.
>All of the Sargeants and very rich-looking Lieutenant step forth. While the super important stallion keeps looking at the storm in the distance, the bunch or Sarges turn around to face the ranks.
>"Keep the formation!" Andasite yells in your general direction, repeating the same thing Lieutenant shouted seconds before.
>"On the sound of the drums, we shall march forward and reach enemy positions below! Any questions? No? Very good. Present!"
>Like you were taught, you get your rifle ready. You don't like the thing. It's metal and heavy and has knockback and it's uncomfortable to have it on you all the time. Still, you do it.
>"Fix bayonets!"
>Again, you and literally everypony else do as you are told.
>The drum starts to beat, giving you the march tempo.

>As you slowly descend, you notice the flagbearer waving as somepony, maybe his friend?
>The stormclouds are creeping closer and closer, covering almost half of the sky now.
>Then, you look in Equestria's direction, and after taking few more steps, you see a line of flashes in the distance, at their side.
>You take a deep breath, letting the pleasant smell of fresh, lush grass fill your nostrils.

>Then the gates of Tartarus open.
>With ear-piercing whistle, heavy shells land around you, instantly breaking the ranks and shredding the regiment. The ground is shaking, and you can't hear a thing in a momen't notice, just continuous detonations.
>The Lieutenant disappears, as something explodes right where he was standing a second ago.
>Andesite screams something, but you don't know why, and puts a whistle in his mouth.
>Then he's gone. Just like that.
>There's no smell of grass anymore. Only burnt scent now.
>Everyone breaks into gallop, chaotically moving forwards, right into the stormcloud.
>What do you do?

So yeah, it's done. A miniquest with monster of an intro. That's what you get for making me to start a thread. I wonder how fast it will turn to either autistic shitfest, or BF1 lookalike.
>What do you do?

Well, better get moving real fast before we evaporate as well. The training was about this, right?
Let's... not think about the fact that ponies you knew just turned into thin mist because of the shells.

>Think about ponies you knew turn into fine mist because of the /enemy/ shells.

Well, time to turn on those rage engines inside our head. Get the rifle ready, we will use it very soon. We can have shell shock and thousand yard stare later.

Sad, you glorious bastard. Making an own thread for this was worth it, and don't worry, as long as I am able to type, you will have at least one anon here to give proper directions.
>At first, you just kinda stay in one place, petrified, as the shells continue to fall around you, erasing literally every other sound.
>Oh wait no they don't.
>And this is when you realize you have been screaming for the whole time.
>Crystal soldiers gallop past you, trying their best to get to enemy positions before another volley will turn them into mush.
>Or into nothing.
>Thin red cloud, like Andesite. You subconsciously look for him, as if you were just reminded he should be here around somewhere.
>Except he's not.
"Sarge!" you call dumbfounded. "Saaarge!"
>>"What are you doing?!" Crazy Agate suddenly bumps into you, bringing you down to the ground.
>She is wheezing and showing her teeth, and her eyes... they are really large now.
>You rise up from the ground and look at her, and she wraps her both forelegs around you, pulling you into tight hug.
>>"G-get up!" she calls, prodding you with her hoof after releasing you from her embrace. "Get up, we have to go!"
>There are tears in her eyes.
>You get up. Where's your rifle?
>Oh damn, you think as you look around in panic. Then your friend hoofs it over to you. You must've dropped it.

>>"Go, go!" Agate pushes you forcefully towards the enemy lines somewhere out there, and you hear another round of deep blows.
>Shells whining in the air.
>Then, and only then you realize you should keep going.
>So you collect yourself, trying not to think too much about what's happening. About Andesite literally disappearing. Wiped off like he never existed.
>You shake your head as more shells start to detonate around, wrecking the almost non-existent formation completely.
>Run, you need to run.
>No wait, to charge.

>Without any more doubts, you start running onwards.
>Faster, Auty! Get out of the firing range of these canons!
>Running and yelling like a mad mare, you notice you are entering the stormcloud zone.
>Soon you almost slip on the wet grass. It instantly gets darker when the Sun is covered.
>Crazy Agate runs at your side, encouraging you all the time.
>Some Ponies pass you in the thick downpour that the Pegasi have created for you.
>Friendlies? Probably.
>Then one of them gets hit by a well-aimed, direct lightning bolt. Luckily thanks to rain you haven't seen his face, you just heard his short, painful yelp.
>Another bolt strikes somepony nearby. And another.
>When you look up, you see flying shadows among the clouds.
>What do you do?
Those are the enemies. Tell Agate to help you and shoot the shadows above.
This is the best we have? Some rifles against flying targets? We need anti-air defences.

This will be a sniping and that needs a spotter. Ask Agate how good of a shot she is. If she is better than us, we should spot targets fir her. If not, she spots for us. Though, we should not stop for longer than what it takes to aim and fire once.
"Agate, look up!" you warn your friend as another bolt sizzles trough the moisturized air, eliminating another poor soul.
>Your comrade does as you say, while you almost instinctively bring your rifle up and shoot, actually hitting somepony.
>A Pegasus falls down from the sky and plops into the ground headfirst not too far from your position.
>Your friend also shoots, bringing down another enemy soldier.
>>"Auty what do we do?!" she yells trough the sound of the rain, lightning and explosions. "What do we do?"
"Just shoot, Agate!" you call back, reloading your bolt-action and taking another shot.
>And you probably miss, as no Pegasus eats dirt now. Other Crystal soldiers stop from time to time to shoot up as well, definitely doing some damage.
>The bolts stop raining down from the sky and you can't notice more shadows for now.
>Did they... withdraw?
>So soon?
>You look at your friend Agate and chuckle softly, even if she can't hear it. And here you were thinking you'd need to become a sniper. Or help her in being one.
>Anyway, you feel like a very lucky mare now, as you rise on all four again, get yourself together and continue to advance.
>The ground gets way more muddy, filled with puddles and slippery places.
>These bastards must've been letting the rain pour in front of their positions for some time now.
>Some of your fellows passing by slip and land with their noses in the mud. There is a share of them who never rise again.
>But still, you and what has left of your regiment, carries on! Holy moly, this happens!

>Soon you exit the artificial storm, leaping right into full and wonderfully dry sunlight again.
>All this time, Agate is on your side, helping you out, preventing you from falling into the puddle and getting more dirty than you already are.
>You got out of the effective firing range of their cannons, you suppose, as there is less and less explosions the farther you go.
>In front of you, you can see the enemy trench, with sandbags and this new thing called barbed wire. As, barbed like Griffin dicks, you suppose.
>"Forwards!" some stallion in battered guard armour yells, passing you. "For the Empire!"
>Suddenly, you almost trip on something.
>Oh hey, it's your flag!
>Still held valiantly by the flagbearer. Even if he's unmoving, lifeless.
>You feel an impulse to pick it up and raise it high, as you are proud citizen of your nation.
>Well, do you do it?
>Making an own thread for this was worth it
I disagree. If it's just gonna be a mini there is no reason not to put it in the general.
I kind of doubt we really need a spotter for this.
Oh well. I should have keept reading when I first started instead of getting distracted by other stuff if I wanted to object to this post.
Some anons wanted it off of there.
Eh, still better than nothing. At least I'm trying.
Do it. Somebody has to bear the flag.
Sad, you forgot your name.

A flag bearer is an excellent target and a priority to eliminate. Grab the flagpole and throw it to a random fellow soldier, yell them "For the Empire!" and then march on.
Make sure to avoid barbed wire and keep Agate close, though.
We must remain vigilant.
Well I also disagreed, but I was outvoted.
So we either follow Satan or the careful argument post. I'll give it some time, and then I'll toss a coin.
Well lad, if you will toss a coin in the end, might as well just do it now. Save all of us some time.
I'm still kinda counting on a definitive vote, so I wouldn't feel guilty if the outcome was... grim.
I'm a little surprised there are only 2 players. People the last few months seem unwilling to give new quests a chance.
I blame secret.
Lurker here, glad that this isn't in the general or I wouldn't have seen it. Reading for entertainment instead of wanting the responsibility of getting us killed. But I'll break from that long enough to say "Use flagpole to smash down barbed wire, tightrope-walk across it."
If you left because of the iFag stuff that is mostly over. A minor relapse last week but it usually never comes up or is ignored if it is.
Please refrain from posting this name in this miniquest.

>Following the impulse you feel, you pick up the flag.
>Agate looks at you and is beaming with pride, ready to stand by your side.
>And instantly you feel better too. Less tired, not so scared, the thoughts of death pushed back into the confines of your mind.
>You even feel stronger and generally better, and the flag starts flopping even if the wind is minimal.
>Clearly it is enchanted and now you don't want to let go.
>Alas, even best enchantments can't really make you all dumb and suicidal. Despite the pride that flagbearer feels when he marches on for his nation, he is a target.
>The flag is high, colorful and easy to focus on, and all of these points refer to it's bearer as well. And you aren't too keen on dying yet.
>So with heavy heart - and you are not sure if it is thanks to the spell put on the banner or your own fellings - you get attention of some random passing guy and you toss the flag at him.
>Much to your own and Agate's disappointment. You literally can feel yourself deflating the second you let go of the hard, wooden flagpole.
>Your friend even takes several steps away from you, as if she was trying to catch the flag mid-air, but she suddenly stops and looks at you with relief, as if freed from a spell.

>Both of you move forth, following the new flagbearer more or less consciously, avoiding the prepared barbed wire barricades, thus following the way that had been set for you by Equestrian forces.
>Agate sticks close to you and you yourself stick close to her.
>The mare seems completely dead inside, focused solely on the trenches in front of you, and you can't exactly call yourself any better, you notice.

>Yelling ponies approach closer and closer, along with you and your friend.
>Fixed bayonets twinkle in the high Sun, just as you do. You notice some birds singing, then you realize that the shelling had stopped.
>"Fire!" you hear a distant stallion voice from the Equestrian side.
>And just as commanded, guns start to fire, mowing down rows and rows of your comrades in an instant.
>And not just regular guns.
>These are the new things, who fire many shots almost at once. Machine guns, they are called.
>Flagbearer, running in front of you, is pierced by several bullets before he goes down.
>What do you do.
>What do you do.

Take cover, take bloody cover! Behind a treetrunk, a rock, a dead soldier, a small indent in the ground, we must be out of sight! Pull Agate with us if we find an at least semi-suitable spot.

This was a trap, a trap all along. I felt like it was that but didn't make note of it... dammit.
The enemy must be pretty fortified, but they don't expect us to actually be able and fight back.

As soon as we are sure about that we won't get hit, look for the machinegun nests and eliminate them if possible. The more we snipe out the less morale the enemies will have.

This assault is turning really bloody, the only thing we can do to not only survive but win, is to demoralize our enemies so much that they abandon post. The pressure must be kept high.
I would have considered >>31704073 a vote for keeping the flag at least for a bit myself.
Keep pushing forward.
I did consider. QMing is hard sometimes and I am not omnipotent and without any faults. I'm sorry if you are feeling omitted.
Yeah it probably wasn't that easy a choice to make.
Although I should probably clarify that >>31704586
As much as I'd like to continue, I got distracted and now I need to go to bed. Good night.
Oh, what a bummer.
Take care, lad.
Well, I would look at this predicament this way: more time to think of a good survival strategy, that doesn't involve deserting. Also, Americans will have a chance to jump in too.
I had the fair impression that my strategy was good enough. I mean, you can tell which one is mine based on the bloody length of it.
But yes, perhaps the anons from the US can give us some input as well.
Oh of course it was good. The dropping the flag was good too, and I still got chastised for choosing it. Better safe than sorry.
Sometimes I feel like I'm literally the only person here actually putting effort in playing these quests. Oh well. Why are we doing this spoiler thing, by the way?
I'm not too mad. It could have gone either way I guess.
Oh-kay, time for suffering.

>Instinctively you plop right on the ground, face-first into the grass, behind some wooden construction with barbed wire.
>The fresh smell of grass hits you, easing your fear and anxiety with it's calming essence. Despite the stuff going on, the grass is still well.
>Of course you are somewhat careful to not get pricked, so only your uniform takes some harm you guess.
>And just in time, as several bullets buzz loudly right above your head and raised rump.
>Oh yeah, you hide your posterior too. You don't want to get it scratched, it must be kept safe for that colt down the street.
>As you take a quick look around to assess your situation, you swiftly notice that, oh shoot, Agate is not near you.
>She freaking continues to charge, the mad mare!
"Agate no!' you call.
>Then, despite the danger, you rise up and dash towards your friend to bring her down with you before she gets mowed.
>Yes! he didn't expect that, gives no resistance, and you successfully tackle her.
>Quickly you pull her towards a nearby bump in the ground.
>She looks at you deeply, and her pupils are really, really small. Are yours too?
"What the heck was that, what were you thinking?!" you half-awarely slap her.
>She doesn't look hurt, actually you can see gratitude in her calming expression.
>She hugs you tightly.
>>"T-thank you, Auty, thank you!" she whispers. "I-I don't know, I just..."
"Shhh..." you hush her, gently pushing your hoof over her mouth.
"Focus. We need to do something before we get killed!"
>As you then proceed to look around, you notice that common sense is not super represented in the Crystal ponykind. Several soldiers do as you and take cover, but way more of them continue to charge, one by one being gunned down by merciless fire. You can hear their screams in the gun banging and whistling.
>A single nest is not too far from you, just like 100 metres away.
>You start shooting at it, and soon Agate follows, but only when it's not firing or not facing your direction.
>You are not sure if you can deliver a nice grenade that far.
>So logically, whenever you can, you and your friend crawl closer and closer.
>When you are ready, you and Agate throw two surprises into the surprisingly improv-looking trench.
>"O-oh fuu..."
>The calls are very swiftly cut short by ground-shaking explosion. Some lumps of earth fall around you and one even hits your nice purple cap.

>And not only that.
>You hear another, much bigger one, preceded by a high-pitched whizz and static crackling.
>As you look to your left, you see another machinegun nest literally obliterated by green-reddish thick bolt of magic.
>It even sizzles around, incinerating nearby Ponies.
>Then you look away, from the grim sight, but sadly you can't cover your ears.
>The Crystal soldiers, those who survived the onslaught so far, renew the assault with vigor.
>They even cheer.
>What do you do?
Keep moving.

>Quickly recollecting yourself, you pick up your pace.
>Or more like, actually start advancing again. Dam that magical stuff was powerful. Yet, even if it was and you feel impressed, you don't really want to take another glance in that direction.
>At least the screaming of there unfortunates stopped.
>Assuming from the sounds, they got gunned down, so they wouldn't suffer anymore.
>In a fast, mad dash a certain very famous Pegasus would be proud of, you get into the trench.
>Almost slipping into it by accident.
>First thing you are met with is an Earth in a bright, somewhat dirty, tricolour Equestrian uniform, who looks at you fearfully.
>Agate already clubs somepony else with the butt of her rifle.
>What do you do?
>What do you do?
Yell out, as loud as possible: "Clear out their nests, lob the grenades and spells, Make them pay for our fallen comrades!" If we are going to finish this, we might as well do it with maximum morale!

Get ready for the next (and hopefully final) push, watch out for other machinegun nests and stragglers, keep low and move fast!
I hope the enemies did not install mines just yet.

Also, tell Agate to never lose sight of you, we must stick together.
Sad, slow down, I can't type this fast!

Follow Agate and knock the soldier out. Why waste bullets? Taking prisoners can be useful anyway.
Just don't forget, right now we are not facing another pony. We are facing an enemy soldier. So make it quick, before they could react.
Hit them.

>You don't want to do this.
>But if you don't, he will. So with regret crawling in the back of your head you smack him across the muzzle with your gun.
>He falls backwards, blood splashing from his nose and you really hope you just knocked him out.
>Agate isn't so subtle, she just bashed that other guy's cap in.
>Then, more of your Crystal comrades spill into the trench.
>"Flush them our, reach other nests!" somepony calls, and you hear a sharp sound of shot from the shout's direction.
>Generally the whole cannonade turned into a continuous set of chaotic shots, huffing, grunting and yelps.
>Soon screams of the dying and wounded join it all.
>The intense hoof-to-hoof combat continues, as you move to follow Agate. She doesn't wait long before jumping at another poor Pony, this time a mare, and piercing her with her bayonet.
>Another massive sizzling explosion fills your ears, this time more distant. The ground still trembles thou. Another nest dealt with.
>There's a short while to wonder if it's Thulecite doing that, cut short by deafening, almost non-Ponish roar.
>Two Crystals right on your path deeper into the trench are swept aside a cruel, vicious and strong strike. They hit the trench walls and slip don them, unmoving.
>Now, a behemoth of an Earth Pony stands before you, holding a massive, spiky club in his forehooves, his gun hanged across his back. His yes are filled with madness and anger.
>He takes a step towards you.
>Agate tries to shoot, but her rifle only clicks, and she looks at it surprised.
>What do you do?
Try to shoot the hulking pony ourselves, preferably in the head, and if that does not work, throw our bayonetted rifle at their head.
Also, call out for fire support. We must save Agate!
Move back as we try to shoot ourselves.
Why would you want to shoot yourself?
We ourselves should shoot the creature I mean.
I think he meant to write 'as we try to shoot him ourselves.'

>As the monstrous shape of a Pony steps forth again, you instinctively back off some too.
>Then you bring the rifle up to your eye.
>A-agate, you must keep her safe. She and Thulecite might be your only friends left alive now.
>Massive, bulky pony doesn't look even slightly scared. Only angery. Another step, he sets in for a crushing swing at Agate.
>You pull the freaking trigger, keeping your eye wide open, despite everything in you wanting to do otherwise.
>A bloody mark appears on his forehead, just below his maneline and blood spatters behind him a bit.
>His expression doesn't even change as he falls down in slow-motion caused to you by another big rush of adrenaline setting in.
>Agate is safe. You release the breath you were holding all this time.
>But then! you hear a piercing shout, full of sorrow, from behind the fallen behemoth.
>>"AAah! Pillar, no!" it shatters your ears to hear a mare voice. "Y-you will regret this, you savage wolf!"
>A dark pink unicorn charges at you, building up a spell.
>What do you do?
Random post about lore I'm literally making on the spot. A depiction of Empress Amethyst arriving to tell Candyass to fuck off.
Aaand I forgot the link. Silly me.
Bloody hell, fire again! She can't cast faster than a bullet! And if we are out, throw the rifle, bayonet side forward, at her! We are not going to die right after we saved Agate!
Let out a fearless war cry, stop her non-twinkling ass mid-charge! We are the ones to win this!
Hah, good one. You know how to set the mood, Sad.
Fire at her.
Step backwards as we do so.

>You take another step back, reloading your bolt-action, as the furious and deeply saddened mare continues to charge her spell.
>You don't even think about aiming too much, there's simply not enough time.
>So you fire at her, knockback you literally forgot existence of almost pulls your rifle from your hooves.
>She gets hit square in the chest, the skyblue part of her uniform now featuring a deep red spot.
>Her spell however, doesn't vanish. It's too much charged to simply disperse, so it turns volatile and unpredictable instead.
>The sizzling sickly livid ball of magic starts to jump around in air and blows up between you, Agate and the mare.
>You feel your fur and uniform catching slight flame quickly.
>What do you do?
Stop drop and roll.
>What do you do?
Quick! Roll around in the mud to extinguish the flames, but don't waste time, check on Agate immediately after! If we caught on fire, then she must have as well, so get ready to grab a hoofful of mud to smear on the flames!
Damned unicorns, so volatile, how did they even survive this far without doing something that would blow up half the continent?..
Stop. Hammertime.

>You stop, drop, and you start to roll in the disturbed soil as much as you possibly can to extinguish the flames.
>It takes longer than for the usual flames as these are lingering even after like ten seconds of rolling, and instead of burning you they drain your strength and stamina.
>Really hoping that Agate was smart enough to do the same you hear the mare you apparently only wounded yelling painfully, then whining and then she stops making any sounds. Quick glance at her reveal that she is, in fact, not even slightly burned.Even in her death, she looks deeply exhausted and drained. Flames disperse right away, instead of feeding on the Unicorn.
>Agate lies on the side, trying to put off the last flames. She also looks way more tired than she's supposed to be, but she beams at you.
>Panicked Equestrian gallops past you from the opposite side of the trench, being followed by two young Crystal mares.
>The battle still rages on, and you notice a fierce fight farther on, where the big Earth and the Unicorn mare stood moments ago.
>Another crackling magical explosion hits somewhere far in front of you.
>What do you do now?
Ask Agate if she is alright, then doubletap that unibitch - bayonet through the skull - and peek out from the trench. We have to get our bearings. Also ask Agate what she thinks we should do.

Looks like the assault is succeeding, or at least advancing enough to give us some breathing space. We should use that to get ourselves together.

"Are you alright?" you crouch by your friend.
>>"Fine, why do you ask?" she tries to joke, but then has to take several deep breaths. "N-never been better. And you?"
>You'd chuckle if you weren't tired, high on adrenaline, scared out of your wits and feeling the regret to even be alive.
>Heh. Heheh. That's it, you chuckled alright.
"I'm okay too. So, what do we do now?"
>>"I don't know" she shrugged, but assumed a very serious expression.
>Then, among all the noise of warfare and death, you hear a weak cry coming from somewhere behind you.
>>"Fall back!" a mare weeps, then her voice gains strength. "Fall back! Faaaall baaack!"
>She keeps yelling like that, and looking above the trench for a sec - you wouldn't like to get a headshot now - you see Equestrians going over and legging it from various spots.
>Every Crystal Pony around you starts to cheer.
>You can actually feel an overwhelming sensation of happiness and relief.
>Is it finally over? Can you rest now? Y-you don't want to fight...
>Wait, what's that sound?
>Hold on...
>As the sounds of war start to grow quiet and die out around you, you flick your ears to hear a distant, deep rumble.
>It's gradually growing stronger as it draws closer.
>Some commands can be heard from that direction.
>What do you do?

Now, here's the thing. We are at a good place to brainstorm the idea, as I can literally end this quest in one post right this very instant. In the beginning, it was supposed to be a miniquest. A mini like, I mean it. Maximum 50 posts and we're done. But it takes somewhat more. Some of you, or one, I don't know, suggested durning it into a bit longer thing, maybe even a full quest. Now it is time to discuss this as well as post suggestions. Or ideas. Comlains. Whatever.
>What do you do?
Look towards the rumble, what might that be? This is not over just yet, so prepare for the worst.

>Now it is time to discuss this as well as post suggestions.
Well lad, you know who I am (your lewds writing gulyásbro) and I suggested that the quest should be turned into a full onebefore. I would like to have that to happen. So as usual, I vote for continuing on, making a full quest.
That rumble? Tanks. So time to look for someone with explosives. Blow the tracks off and then just shoot in through the viewports. One bullet can kill literally everyone inside.

Sad, don't end the story now. Please.
File: 1441069239622.jpg (28 KB, 310x310)
28 KB
>ask important questions
>everyone sans my most faithful player stop posting
File: sadpepe.jpg (20 KB, 500x484)
20 KB
Well lad, I wish I could help. But alas, I am but one anon, even if I'm your most faithful player/lewds writer.
Feels bad, man.
I went to work.
I'm happy to end it here.
And if we don't end it here I would still want it to be somewhat mini.
Keep playing until the quest reaches 500, then shelf it for later. Maybe we can continue after Whiteout.

Loot the big gun on the dead earth pony
So yeah, apparently I have a little time to shitpost from work. Here's the thing, some more lore. It may seem as Ponies are depicted as fucking dumbshits here, but bare with me, I try to keep it somewhat WWI-esque, but also with Ponies. And Ponies in general are cavalry by default, but on steroids. So they sure do love to charge at everything, use mobility and surprise if they can do the last one. Also, all the flags, banners, and some drums and whistles are enchanted to keep up the morale and incite mad courage. The thing is, warfare has changed. I wish to know if I depict this change good enough so far, and I want to explore on it if I decide to keep the thing alive for longer. Thoughts, questions?
Well lad, so far so good.
I can practically touch the feeling of a 'young war' on them, of that our prot and even some others do not still realize the reality of the situation.
It will change with time, of course.
To be honest, this concept of yours is so good, it should be integrated into a WWII sequel, in which we see and play in an event that is a pony adaptation of the invasion of Poland, with the last cavalry charge of recorded history - against tanks.
Ponies would most likely go through the British way of tank making philosophy, with cruiser and infantry support tanks anyway.

All in all, you are doing fine, lad! Let us keep going, and as an anon said above, go for thread close and finish the quest after The Whiteout is done.
That should work.
Hey guys. Thanks for keeping the thread up, and sorry for starting late. Even if it's Friday I had, and still have, to run some errands. Also thank you for helping me decide. So far, we are going to use this thread as well as we can. Then we'll see if it stays mini or turns into a real thing.

>The fumes and dust raised by your violent and chaotic fight in the trenches, and by the assault as a whole, are setting down, but still you need to wait to actually see what was behind the rumble.
>For some reason first thing you thought about is a terrifying vision, maybe magically induced - a roaring vehicle contraption, a true landship, mobile fortress cruising trough the land, tearing it apart with only it's weight.
>With the corner of you eye you notice Crazy Agate regaining full composure and standing by your side.
>She's trembling like a dry leaf on the wind. in fact, you are too.
>Luckily, your magical daytime nightmare isn't true.
>As the rumbling gets closer and the ground shakes ever so slightly, you can hear the voices and calls coming from that direction more clearly.
>"Hold the formation!"
>>"9th company ready!"
>"8th ready!
>"10th ready!"
>As they call each other and do whatever else, rows upon rows of fresh and prepared enemy forces trot from the cover of the fumes at a moderate speed. You notice their flagbearers, officers in Guard armour.
>Even without really knowing and making assumptions just by the sight you behold, you are kinda sure the advancing Equestrians greatly outnumber whatever has left of the Crystal regiments taking part in the recent battle.
>They are coming at you in almost perfect tiraliere, grim silence soon taking over as the last, finishing commands die out.
>>"E-enemy advancing! Hold your positions! F-f-fire when ready!" a female voice barks orders somewhere on your left, and despite trying to sound authoritative, it comes off as a pathetic whimper.
>You prepare your rifle. Then, just to have that extra amount of firepower on your side, even if minimal, you get the gun formerly belonging to the hulking Pony you've killed.
>Agate follows suit, picking the weapon left by the side of Unicorn, finished off by her own magic.

>As the Equestrians come closer, but still keeping themselves far enough to get a decent momentum needed for actual charge, gunshots start to buzz and splash into the ground and wooden reinforcements.
>The Pony you knocked out earlier before wakes up, and, panicked, stands tall on all his four.
>Before you, or any of your comrades for that matter, can do anything to stop him or keep him down, a bullet hits him square in his muzzle, still somewhat covered with blood from your hit.
>He actually manages to look totally dumbfounded, like a foal, with his mouth taking shape of a perfect O before he goes down.
>>"Steady!" calls the same mare voice from before.
>Then, a terrifying, morale-shattering warcry leaves the hundreds of throats in the grassy field in front of you.
>Equestrians, urged by their officers and sharp, piercing whistles not even remotely sounding like these fine and beautiful instruments Crystal Army uses, pick up the pace.
>Soon they are charging at the recently captured trench. Bayonets shine in the Sun, ready to deliver death upon you and your only friend nearby.
>What do you do?
You thought other anons were keeping the thread alive. But it was me! Anon! You are welcome, lad.

>What do you do?
In medieval warfare - to which this is most similar to in the current turn of events - the biggest massacres happened when one of the sides began to panic and flee. We must avoid that. Yell out a strong "Hold the line!" and take aim at the flagbearers. Taking out their pride is the first step.
Meanwhile, remember where that hulking stallion and his unicorn degenerate friend came from: it must be a smaller, fortified room. When the situation turns too sticky, get in there and make sure Agate is with us! We might even find some extra supplies in there. As long as they don't throw some explosive spells or explosive devices in, we /should/ be fine.

Hopefully reinforcements will arrive soon.
Open fire. Try and aim for the officers.
Hey thanks much, my not anonymous at all friend. Yet, I am still pretty sure there are more people to give credit to.

>First think you do, is to yell on top of your lungs, getting attention of everypony around you. This fills you with courage you so desperately need.
>You are on a verge of mental collapse. Eyelid twitch.
"Hold the line!"
>>"Fire at will!" adds the mare you heard before.
>Did she just waved at you? Yeah, you could swear she did. Whoa.
>Then, the volley thunders through the battlefield, as everypony in this heartforsaken trench fires at the incoming enemy.
>The entire first row of advancing Equestrians, from the officers, Unicorns wielding sabers and strong, durable Earths to mere soldiers lose their lives in a blink of an eyes.
>They barely even make any sound as they die, nothing you could possibly hear trough the other noises. Just pass away instantly, like cut grass.
>Grassy fields around, and the scar of this trench running trough them. Why did the Crystal Heart even allow this to happen?
>The second row jumps over the crumbling bodies of their comrades. Just then all the charging ponies start to scream as they gallop wildly towards you.
>Agate just kinda drops her rifle and stands still, gazing upon the sky.
>What do you do? You have seconds to act.
>What do you do? You have seconds to act.

Grab Agate and pull her into that room the hulking stallion emerged from! It's just a few meters away, we can make it! Quick!

Well lad, those two bumps (10 and 9) were both me. There would have been an 8 and 7 too, if you were to start later.

>Agate having a breakdown? Nuh-uh, not on your watch, no.
>You swiftly grab her and pull her...
>I said: pull her.
>Crazy Agate gives credit to her name and actually resists.
>She wrestles you, but not to harm you. She just kinda awkwardly hugs you, pointing at the sky.
>>"Just look!"
>Sighing, you follow her outstretched leg and you see...
>From behind the slowly moving rainstorm the familiar green-reddish bolts zig-zag through the sky, arcing beautifully, like a really weird-rear rainbow.
>Then, the similar to lightning but way thicker bolts descend on the advancing Equestrians, even if they are close.
>Maybe not close enough for the...
>The ghastly, unimaginable noise hits your eardrums, making you cover your ears.
>Luckily, or not, your sight remained intact, as there was no blast really.
>The sizzling fake-lightning salvo touches the ground among the galloping Ponies.
>Those who were hit by lightning... well, you don't know much. The sizzling flames that were spreading eliminating machinegun nests when you were conquering the trench were nothing compared to this.
>You don't know if it was simply just really strong, or maybe the flamewave effect was way more effective on open ground somehow?
>The brave Pony soldiers, along with their Diarchy standards perish, simoly turned to ash. Much better fate than one of victims standing farther.
>The circles of volatile magical fire incinerated Equestrian troops around impacting bolts, burned them alive, seriously maiming them, many other things.
>You roll aside with Agate in your hug as a yelling, steaming hot, pink-reddish Unicorn devoid of not only his uniform, but even his very coat. When he hit the trench wall behind you, he didn't lose consciousness.
>He starts to scream horrifyingly and wiggle on the ground.
>Someone pulls you upwards.
>It's the mare. She's an officer apparently. She looks absolutely fucking livid, mad and extremely courageous. She pushes the flagpole right into Agate's hooves, literally shoving her.
>>"Everypony, over the top! ATTAAAAACK!"
>What do you do?
>What do you do?

Yell out for someone to shoot that flambéed unicorn, relieve him of his suffering, but not before joining in with the officer, letting out a courageous war cry!
Agate has the flag, she must be under the effects of the marching spell, it's time to show our comrades how it is done! Ready our weapon and look for any stragglers, now /WE/ charge!
Put the nearby enemy out of his misery and then charge

>You turn around to face the poor steaming Unicorn. He is... he's just a Pony, he doesn't deserve to suffer.
>Then you shoot, and with his life, disappear all your emotions.
>Now you machinally turn around, approach the wall, and start climbing.
>Looking forward. You are so glad you didn't have to see his eyes.
>Crazy Agate faithfully stands by your side as you go over the top, the officer and the other Crystal soldiers soon following suite.
>"Get them!" you cry out ferociously. "For the Heart! Heart! Heart!"
>You start to chant thing you learned from those Sombra's slaves who used to be Guards.
>Other Crystal Ponies join you almost instantly.
>"Heart! Heart! Heart!" they shout out in unison.
>You charge.
>Not too long after leaving the trench you reach the impact zone.
>The heated soil hurts your hooves a bit, it's so warm.
>The pillars of gray, ashy smoke and more black one raise from various spots, polluting the air.
>The very earth itself calls in pain, manifesting it as a slight, deep, vibrating underground hum.
>There are craters covered with literal ash everywhere, tens, no, no, hundreds of terribly disfigured by the fire Equestrian bodies.
>And not only dead, also the wounded, who are a-plenty. They writhe on the scarred and burned ground in pain, whimper, whine.
>This is the dominant sound now, screams of thee dying and wounded.
>Soon enough some of your comrades started to actively go for the screams and shoot Ponies who emitted them.
>Nopony seems to react, some even join.
>What do you do?
>What do you do?

We have lost our capability to feel emotions, might as well use this as a good and logical point of thinking ahead. These are enemy soldiers around us. The wounded are getting shot by our comrades, so basic logic would dictate that we join in.
Say no to that.
Take a deep breath and yell at them!
>"What are you all doing? Are we monsters? Stop killing the wounded! We are taking prisoners now! Prisoners of war!"
And with that said, seek out the nearest, most intact wounded pony, knock them out and declare them as your prisoner.

Unethical? Maybe. Useful for the Empire? Definitely. Perhaps that officer mare we have just met would have a thought about this, so, just to be sure, ask her if this is alright.

We are not monsters, after all.
If you read this whole post slowly and carefully in the state I currently am in, it's like a bait and switch. Let me think about it. Kinda, let it sink.
Not this.
It does read like that yeah.
Take up a guarding position and keep watch.
I have no idea what sort of mental state you might be in, lad. Regardless, making my post sound like a bait-and-switch was not intentional.

Then please be kind and explain to me. What should happen instead? I can understand that you are against my thoughts about what should happen, but why do you not offer a better substitute instead?
So what exactly do you agree on doing?
Lad, you know my vote.
I just wish these anons didn't just refuse others' ideas and then shut off like a malfunctioning computer.
>What should happen instead
Well that was minimalistic.
I also had no chance of knowing it was you, too.
So just stay and look?
>Well that was minimalistic
Prompts don't need a lengthy suggestion every time.
As in aim outwards and keep an eye out for any attacks while the others kill the wounded.
Alright anon, you go on with that. I will stick with my longer, more worked out posts.
Would you mind if I combined the two things into one for story purposes?
I am quite fine with it, lad. Go for it.
I'm actually glad I'm not the only one playing, the perspective of other players - however miniscule it might be, is always a welcome sight.
Suddenly turning into a psychopath is something I am not ok with.
How is not killing the wounded but taking them alive, nursing them back to health and then keeping them as prisoners of war in quite humane circumstances, making us psychos?
What you are implying is that killing a downed soldier, enemy or not, is what considered normal to you! Isn't /that/ something a psycho would do?

I don't quite understand this anon right now...
WWI was a different era. I bet you think of some Soviet/Nazi POW camps. This story is not about those.
Although I'm starting to think anon may have just writen his post poorly. I am fine with taking prisoners. Just not with shit like saying we are monsters for putting down wounded and the "prisoners now! Prisoners of war!" Line just comes across as fucking creepy.
The way you wrote that entire post made it sound like you wanted us to completely snap.
That was meant to take attention. I suppose it did not go well through translation.
The toubles of not being a native English speaker.

Now I understand the problem. As said just above, I was trying to take everyone's attention and spare the lives of those that is injured. The only way to properly get the battle-blinded's mind off of it is with yelling something even more 'interesting', so in our case, taking the enemy as prisoners.

I think I am too much into the role of the soldier on the front, goddamit.
Spare the lives is a bad way to describe it because it's not bad to put them down. It's putting out of misery.
But I'm happy to take them prisoner (if possible anyway, I'm kind of doubtful it's viable right now)
I do believe we could have a lengthy discussion about what's 'bad' and what's not. We should just let Sad decide instead.
After all, he is the one to take control.
I prefer to treat my players as partners to a degree.

I desperately, really need to sleep, so I'll head out to bed.
Alright lad, you have a good rest.
Although there is the fact it's kind of hard to take prisoners right now.
I say we ask a superior if they think it would be possible to take any.
>Perhaps that officer mare we have just met would have a thought about this, so, just to be sure, ask her if this is alright.

It's right there.
>>31716212 - I tend to think of about everything when composing a reply.
Oh right I forgot about that.
Although I also often take a lot of stuff into consideration.
Perhaps if you also wrote such longer comments as I do, re-read them a couple times and add some things you missed for the first time, we could give Sad more to work with!
This entire quest is basically ran by myself and 3 other anons, you included. We need more content and I can give only so much.
Not this.

Kill them all. Let god sort them out.
>"What are you all doing? Are we monsters? Stop killing the wounded! We are taking prisoners now! Prisoners of war!"
I don't know if the consensus is for or against doing something dumb in the midst of combat, but i really do not want to be bothered with going around saving any of the equestrians when we have something more pressing to do...like charging the motherfuckers with bayonetted rifle in hoof. For one they are killing all of our fellow crystal ponies, which seems to be hard to sympathise with them.

It would be best to leave the "saving" to the combat medics and someone above our pay grade.
>>31718321 cont.
You mind think I sound dickish for not wanting to save some of these burning ponies, but I don't want to risk anymore time out here and chance a stray bullet hitting us. Maybe we can save some after the Equestrians retreat to their side? Then again, some live PoW's would make good bargaining chips.
And this is why I have also included asking that officer we have met.
My idea might not be perfect, but I also included a second route.
Did you not read that part?
>You stand still, looking at it with your dead eyes.
>Some of the other Crystal Ponies do too, and you notice that actually, not too much others joined the wandering shooters.
>You also hear some more distant commands, but nopony else seems to really care, and your emotions are shut down, so you ignore this too.
>Okay, no, you don't actually ignore that.
>You turn back to face the direction the voices came from trough the thick blinding miasma the air has become after magical bombardment, and then you backpedal a little, cocking your bayonetted rifle.
>Completely following your instincts with the usage of uncanny, cold logic you acquired after shooting the Unicorn before, you aim.
>But for now, nothing comes, and you can only notice shapes of Equestrians who gathered enough strength to rise and flee.
>So not all of them are mortally wounded, you make a mental note.
>If you think about it, you could join shooting the wounded. It's literally putting them out of their misery, so it's technically good, right?
>Now, after seeing ponies actually trying to scramble away from the Crystals gunning them down, you have some doubts.
>Hmmm, having doubts again. That's a start, maybe your emotions are beginning to work again?
>In the meantime, Agate, standing nearby, also ready to defend you and her companions, starts to shake a bit.
>The officer mare simply kinda passes you, heading towards the sounds, but stands still few meters ahead of you.
>She fixes her purple uniform coat and, still having her sabre, equips the revolver in her other hoof.
>Then, Crazy Agate snaps. Her ears were flicking to every gun sound whole this time.
>She turns to you.
>>"H-how can you ignore this?!" she cries facing you. She casts the banner aside, clearly no longer influenced by enchantment. "How anypony can? How can /anypony/ do /that/? This is insane, where's the magic of friendship, or the love we were supposed to give to help the Crystal Heart? Answer me, Autunite!"
>She starts breathing heavily and her gun-wielding hoof twitches once, but she does nothing more.
>What do you do?

This may be a longer thing, so some stuff queued.
>What do you do?

Poor Agate. Pull her into a hug and tell her that this is a war, a new kind of war. We don't know the answer. We are but fodder.

Maybe we can calm her down enough to snap her out of it, then continue on with our duty.

>This may be a longer thing, so some stuff queued.
Wew lad, you sure did pick a strange turn of events.
Ignore what agate?

>You would feel sorry for your friend if you could.
>Sadly, you simply can't muster enough care about the happenings.
>But you do care for her and you know she needs a shoulder to prep herself on in this moment of doubt and fear.
>So you pull her into a tight hug.
>The warmth of her agitated body enables you to kinda start to feel again.
>Tears start to stream down your cheeks.
"I- I don't know!" you tell her back, holding a sob. You don't want to start crying. "Ignore what?"
>Despite coming back to senses, the last thing you say sounded really blunt.
>Agate looks you deep in the eyes.
>>"All of this" she replies, making a wide gesture with her leg. "And /that/ especially!" she adds pointing in the direction of your troops.
"I... we're soldiers, Agate" you start doing something between rocking and shaking her. "This is war, it's how it works... e-even if it's so horrifying!"
>>"We're not monsters Autunite!" she yells at you, using your full name again. "We're Ponies! They are ponies! We should help them, not kill them!"
"We're cutting their suffering short!" it's your turn to point at something, that thing were burned corpses.
>>"Not all of them are deadly injured, Autunite, you can't say that!"
>She pushes you back, breaking the embrace, drops her rifle and gallops towards other members of your regiment.
>She calls at them to stop shooting, and when reaches nearest one, she punches him in the muzzle.
>The officer mare turns around.
>What do you do?
>What do you do?

Go after her and hold her down. Tell the officer mare that Agate is about to break down and you need help to keep her in line. What else can we do?...

Sad, you cheeky bastard, you put my thoughts into what Agate is saying/doing. Am I inside her mind? Well done, lad.
Go hold her back.

>You get your rifle on your back and trot to get Agate.
>The officer follows you too, putting her weapons away. She picks up the discarded banner on her way and brushes it gently.
>In the meantime, your crazied friend trots to another soldiers, hastily disarms him and slaps the marebucker across his muzzle.
>The shooters actually stop doing their grim work, looking at each other awkwardly and with uncertainty.
>Alas, one of more battered-looking Crystal Pony suddenly jerks his rifle and aims at your friend.
>But before he shoots, the officer's sharp whistle signal gets attention of everypony involved.
>Right then you reach Crazy Agate and try to hold her down before she will do more stupid crap. And you also do that to cover her from the aiming stallion.
>>"Attention!" barks the officer, trotting between you and that other guy.
>She has the revolver in her hoof again and looks very serious.
>Instinctively most of you stand straighter.
>>"What is this, an army, Griffin slaughterhouse or a freaking kindergarten? Get yourself together, you pieces of horseshit! Form a tiraliere!, at once! Move it! We will continue the advance!"
>She then trots towards two closest Crystal soldiers, stunned with all her shouting, and makes them follow her.
>>"Arrest these two!" she points at the armed stallion and at Agate.
>The picked two approaches the still aiming stallion, and soon from the crowd other two steps towards you and Agate, who shifts in your hold.
>What do you do?
>What do you do?

Tell Agate that it'll be alright, and don't resist them. She only have to behave well. And that she need to listen. Give her a proper darn hug too, dammit.

After all that said and done, go to that officer mare and thank her intervention. We should probably discuss this whole topic of injured enemy soldiers around. Maybe ask for advice as well?
You brought this on yourself agate.

>You slowly let go of Agate and back off, actually feeling sad.
>Apparently this is the good moment for your emotions to return, you think sarcastically, as the two ponies reach your friend, who stands up.
>She doesn't resist.
"I am so sorry" you say quietly, sniffing this time. "You have brought this upon yourself, Agate."
>M-maybe nothing bad will happen to them?
>>"Have these two court-martialled for assault" declares the officer coldly, crushing your hopes and dreams like a rotten apple.
>Then the stallion, who still didn't drop his rifle, shot her.
>What do you do?
>Then the stallion, who still didn't drop his rifle, shot her.
>What do you do?

Wait, what? What? What?

He shot... wh...


>Initiate mentalbreakdown.exe

Wow lad, that's dark.
Shot back.
*shoot back.
Only do this if you want us get shot and killed by our own comrades.
It's kinda important if we'll shoot him or not.
A third anon will have to decide then.
Don't shoot.
Well lad, we have a winner. We are not shooting, as it seems.
>You aim for the soldier to gun him down before he reloads, but you hesitate and he uses this to his advantage.
>Strange thing is, nopony else shoots now.
>He is, however taken by surprise and tackled from behind, as he clearly forgot to check his sixes.
>He's disarmed, knocked out and taken away.
>Luckily, Agate get's more gentle approach as a reward for not resisting one bit.
>The self-proclaimed guards get the two Crystal Ponies away, and soon some other officer, a stallion this time, arrives.
>Some random Sargeant explains the whole situation and soon you are advancing again.
>Also, the medics shall arrive and help the poor souls, as they are Ponies just like us, even if wearing different uniforms, the officer declared.
>He declared them the prisoners of war, and you can proudly say it was due to your advice. You beam in pride as you move onwards.
>Soon you reach an abandoned, cleared out trench.
>Yes, another one. But this one was definitely not finished, only half a pony deep, steep and not reinforced with wood.
>Anything of any use was taken by the retreating Equestrians.
>You have won, you realized after good five minutes.
>Y-you did it. You survived the battle and you are victorious!
>You, along with many, many other ponies emit a strong, thundering cheer, as the flagearers proudly wave crystal banners
>The time to rest has come.

Okay, so now we've reached the end of first arc. I'm not sure about starting another one tonight, as it's growing late. I hope you had fun to participate. Post any notes or everything else that comes to your mind.
Since it was meant to be a mini how about a thread of whiteout and then after that thread do the next arc of this.
Well lad, this was a fun run for sure. But it's far from over. I'm not happy with how my intentions about not killing the wounded got misunderstood, but all in all, it's fine.

Personally, I would like to see a more slice-of-life kind of perspective as the next arc, or its beginning, visiting Agate or something.
Also, a view on how the prisoners are kept. Are they going to be just in some camps, doing nothing while being fed 3 times a day? Or are they going to do some sort of work? With magic in play I would imagine them bound by a spell to behave well or something.

Poor Agate though, she only wanted to stop this mindless massacre. I wonder how long will she suffer from nightmares.

Alright, I think I'm done with my thoughts, unless something else comes up.
I second this idea.
We need more content so I can write lewds that are better than just a what-if scenario.
Yeah, we can do that. So post stuff, and after all possible discussion is done, i think we should led the thread die. I was having fun.
I told you this should be more than a mini.
See? I was right, lad.
Do you feel I characterize Agate enough? For now, she's been the Pony closest to MC.
She started out as some named background character and developed from that, went through some nice buildup. So yes, I think you animated her well. I would assume that now, after we won the battle, Autunite... uh, /we/ will be worried about her. It's not her fault she has a mental condition. Why was she enlisted anyway, she's clearly not fit for service.

Regardless, her's is a likeable character.
Is there anything particular you'd wish to see in the next part?
Yes. These: >>31721757
I don't think i have anything else to add, lad.

Hmm. Maybe an explanation of the war's progress. Or more lore about why exactly it is happening. Everything else is already said.

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